Catalogue of the principal officers of Vermont, as connected with its political history, from 1778 to 1851, with some biographical notices, &c., by Leonard Deming.
Deming, Leonard, 1787-1853.

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Page  1 CATAL OGUE OF THE PRINCIPAL OFFICERS OF VERMTONT, AS CONNECTED WITH ITS POLITICAL HISTORY, FROM,778 TO' 1851 WITH SOMIB BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES, &C. BY LEONARD DEIMNING, MIDDLEBURY;, rT. i Trits catalogue embraces Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Treasurers, Secretatics of State, Speakers and Clerks of the House of Representatives, members of both branches of the different Legislatures, Judges of the Supreme and County Courts, Clerks of the Courts, Sheriffs, States' Attornies, Judges, and Registers of Probate, the several Council of Censors, and Constitutional Conventions since 1792, Senators and Representatives to Congress. Also the Judges, Marslhals, Attornies and Clerks of the Circuit Court, and District Court of the State of Vermont. MIDDLEBURY: PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, 1851.

Page  2 Entered according to Act of Congress, May 29th, 1851, by LEONARD DEMING, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Vermont.

Page  3 INDEX. Pafge.! Pfge.'Allen, Ethan 5 60'Lamoille County Officers, 97-99 Attornieys, United States 112' " Representatives, 20-34-46 A.ggregalt of the Census 11J2Lyon, Mpthew 26 Addison County Representatives, 17 to 33SLeland, Rev. Aaron 35 " " (Officers 75-88ILost, Children 6t Auditor of Accounts 14 LowrV, Hemlan 110 JBowker, Joseph 1001 Librarian, 14 Bell, Jonathan 110Members of Congress, Vermont 108 Bennington County Officers 74-88 Marshal:ls, United States 112. ". Representatives 17-33 01in, Henrv 21 Clerks of the House. of Representatives, 9 Orange County Officers, 74-88' Engrossing;' 9 " Representatives 19-20-47-59 Caledonia County Officers, 89-99 Orleans " Officers 89-99' "C Representatives, 17-33' Representatives, 48-59 Chittenden County Officers, 89-99 Paddock. Ephraim Judge 91 Representatives, 20-34-461 Pretace, 4 Councillors from 1778 to 1835, 12-131Peck, John 111 Censors, Council of 47-48 Probate, Registers Orleans Co., (in part) 104 Children, Lost 61 Painter, Ganmaliel 49 Census of Vermont, 108 Representatives before 1788, 17-20 Constitutional Conventions, ICO " to Congress, 108 Constables of Middlebury, 6 Redding, David 60 Crafts, Samuel C. 22 Robinson, David - 109 Chipman, John 110 Rutland County Officers, 74-88 Debentures, Legislative 10 " i Representatives 19-20-47-59 " Constitutional 105 Secretaries to Governor and Council, 10 District Jutdges and Officers, 112 Secretaries of State, 9 Election Serimons, Preachers of 10 " Senate, 14 Essex County Officers, 90-99 Speakers of the House, 9 " "L Representatives 17-18-34-46 Sergeant-at-Arms, 14 Edson, Joseph 111 Sessions, where holden, lo Franklin County Officers, 89-99 Senators from 1836 to 1850, 14-15-16'1 " Representatives, 20-34-46 Safford, Samuel 37-74 First Town Clerks, 6-33-46-59-72 SupremneJudges, 73.Fir st Officers now living, 34 Senators to Congress 73 Fletcher, Samuel 10o Scoti, Joseph 110 " Calvin It Scott, jr., Josepih 110 " jr., Asaph 111 Scdtt, Harvey 110 Fuller, Nathan 111 Smith, Israel 11 Governors, 9 Towns, names of altered. 3 Governors, Lieutenant 9 Treasurers, 9 Grand Isle County Officers, 91-99 Ve mollt, 7 ri" " Representatives, 34-46 Waslhington County Officers, 92-99 HIutchinson, Rev. A.a:on 75 "' Reprentatives, 60 to 72 c" Titus Judge 91 Windhanm " Officers, 74 to 88 Henry, Hlugh 35 " " Representatives, 17-18-60 72 Haight, Stephen 11 Windsor " Officers, 74 to 88 Hall, Prince B, ill " Representatives, 17-18-60-72 Judges, Sapreine Court 73 3Willard, Dubartus 89 Jefferson County Officers, 92 Webb, Greenleaf 111 In the following pages, fir Representatives, I have arranged the towns after the first insertion, by figures, alplhabetical, by counties, so that a person can easily follow a town.through, by observing its number'at the beminning, anll follow thesaame to 1850. Before 178.4, the Speakers are in small capitals, and after that are in italic. The fi gures before the county, officers, 1 denotes Chief Judge, 2 Side Judges, 3 Clerks, 4 Sheriffs, 5 State's Attorneys, 6 Judges of Probate, 7 Registers of Probate. Where inverted commas and a name are in one column, the person in the previous column served a part of the year.

Page  4 TO THE PUBLIC. It is expected in perusing a new book to find some reasons given why such a work i,' published, In this case an enquiry will be made, why is this work put forth when nothing new can be obtaiued from it, as the Journals of the Legislatures, Conventions, &c., and even Walton s Registers contain it all? I admit that if a person had those Journals and Registers at his command, he might learn many facts of which he is now ignorant, and will probably rclnaill so, if h1e depends on that source only for h'is information. You may go into any Town Clerk's Office ihn his State, and if you can find a complete set of the Legisla:ive journals, you will succeed better than I have done in any office or Library th.,t I have V\isitcde not even tlheState Librr ry contain the journals of 1786, but I found one in Rutl;nid. The j. urnal.s -are nearly all scattered "few and lalr betwccn." The University at Btrlingtoa have for many years been coilecting a perfect set of those journals, but a short time since, they not obtained theln. As for the Regi.Sters nearly every one knows, tlhat notwithstanding all the us.fu infoiinatiol tlherein contained, and that which every family otughlt to purchase yearly and preserve, is, soon aliterr Ncw year's day given to tile youngest child to destroy, or deposited in the attic for the mice, to shelter them fiom the rude blasts of winter., The President of the Antiquarian Society, and some otters within my knowledge, have been many years trying to gather up'a completo Set of Vermiont Registers, but as yet have not been successful. As Ibr obtaining the informalion herein contained, from Journals and lecgisters without costivg a person ten times the, price of the book, is folly to think of, But if a person does not wish for the information for himself or family, I have laid him under no obligation to purchase, as I ihave not a solitary subscriber in the State. A person may go into every town in this State that has been organized sixty years, and in nine out of ten lie will be unable to obtain from any source, written or verbal, whio have represented the town each year since its organization. And furthermore, such a bold and fearless body of men as first settled Vermont, and safely carried her through all her-various encounters With her numerous enenmies and safely landed her on the shores of this glorious Union with peace and plenty, deserve to have their names written in letters of gold and handed down to the last man of the last generation that shall inlhabit the earth. LEONARD DEMING. Middlebury, May 30, 1851. In arranging the following pages, I have endeavored to give the year in which the termn of cffice begtn. In taking from the journals I found no difficulty of getting it rilght, nor from the Regisitrs, only, I had to take theyecar prlevious. The term of office of the Legisilative ipp,intmeunts in n:narly ull cases commenced on the first of December of the same year, lbut in Clerks ot Couirts, aln' lR]egise ters of Probate, it has teen more difficult to get right, tas some of the Courts and some of the l'robat6 Coftrts do not sit till after the commenem:nent of the year following, and their appointinernts beingr made at. thtose sessions, my correspontlents have given me the wroitg year. ButI have remedied that in nmainy cases, by taking a political view of the Courts that mnade the appointments, and the time tlhefirst Court vwas holden after the Judges were alpointed. I have endea;'ored to give the facts as tlhev were, but I do not flatter myself to suppose that errors do not exist jn tlhe work wllhic I have not yet ascertained. Ihave already found some which will be mentioned in an I have in some instances had wrotgt information from correspondents, which they, have afterwards discovered, and rectified, but too late to prevent the error occurring. TOWNS, THE NAMES OF WHICH HAVE BEEN ALTERED. Alburh before 1786 name Mis-isco Leg. Chittenden in part 1816 " Pliladelphia Albany " 1815' Lutterloh. l)anville in part': 181') " Dewctslhurgh ]Bloornfleld " 1830 " Mineihead l)over " 1811 - Soutl'Wardsboro Briadford " 1788 " Moretown. Frarklin " 1817 " Htuntsburgh ]Brandoa " 1784 " Neshobe tGraftotl " 1791 " Tomlinson B3ristol " 1789 " Pocock Gtarand Isle " 1810 " Middle Hero 13Barre "C 1793 " Wildersburgh ( rantville " 1834 " Kingston Brighton " 1832 " Random Hartland " 1782 " Hertford Chester " 1766 " Flamstead&N.Fl'd Huntington " 1795 " New Huntington Chelsea " 17S8 8 Turnersburgh Isle La Mott " 1S30 " Vineyard Craftis)ury' 4790 " Mindtn Kirby " 1807 " Hopkinsville Chaarleston " 1825 " Navv Londonderry " 1780 K' Kent Chlreidoa' 1761 " Socialboro'&Dn)r'm Lowell -' 1831 " Kellyvale Coventry in 1842,3" Orleans Morgan " 1801 " Caldersburgh

Page  5 CONTINUED. Menilon:" 1827 t Medway&Park's'n Sutton " 1812 " Bi!vymead Mlount Holly " 1792 Jacksons Gore jTQroy " 1803 " Mlssiseo Mount Tabor " 1S05 " Harwick Vernon " 1802' Hinsdale Newport "' 1816 " Duncansborough IVineyard " 1802' Isle La Mott Peacham in p'rt 1810 " Deweysburgih Waterford' 1797 " Littleton Peru " 1804 " Broimley lWhitingham " 1780 " Cumberland Pltinfield " 1797 " St. Andrews Gore Waterville " 1825 " Coits Gore llymouth " 1797 " Siltash Wilmington " " Draper Sheldon " 1792 " Hlungerford Wutstmore " " Westf',rd Sherburne " 1800 " Killingtot Woodbury from 1838 to 1843 was Monroe ERRATA. Page 9 Ist column, 3d line from bottom for 45 read 48. L 18 5th " 3d1 n-ame " top " Silas G,odlich read John Gryv. cc'. " 4th' " " " Oliver Smith " Silas Goodrich. "c;' " " 9th " " C' " John Gray " () livclr Smith. " " " " t12th " "- " " Israel Slth " Joseph Ciark. "- "'C': 14th " " " " Burgess "' Ebcnezer Burgess. L" "( " " below Daniel Jewett insert Samuel Taylor. "' "' above Elias Well " John Davison. S':lik out yrcgate. " 20 " " between Noah Whlite & Blildad Anlirus, insert, Pelatiah Bliss. C "': " strike out Tiomas P. Loidt. lie. from Alburgh. " 27 2d' ]icltarIt Skinner:,hould be in Italic. " 33 last " 4th line from toi), for Calvin Eastinan read I-Henry M'Latghlin. " 34 11th line frin bottorn, for Jairtis 1:tll 1810: read, John Roberts 1817. 38 bottom long line, fbo 1786, tesa1l, 1781. c".53'" "' after tle word' tltat," read, declared Vepmont independent. 58 4th and 5th columns, Ebeneze! N. Brioggs should Le in Italic. C' 4 1st " Aaron Lelandl "'; 7:3 3d " for 1S43, for Daniel Kellogg, read, Wm. Hcbard, K. declined. CC " " for thie lottum 3 bult one, read 4': -73 7th line from bottom, for ElIisl:a. read, Aarlon,..6 C" " "'. Tile lirst Minister of, read, Of.:' i" 2,1 collumn for J,nthan Robitnson, ret(l, Josiah Fay. " 76 st " against 7 insert, Josiah PFaa "' " 2,1 "''C Jon'thallt Robinson till 1794. " 77 last' anid first on page 78 insert, Win, A. Griswold, to 1798. " 78 4th colunn' Jonatthan Hunt. "' 5t'; Atndrew Seldon to 1807, " 80 3d " " Jonathan EX Robinson to 1813. CL 81 4th1 " Charles Wrilght and Marshall Carter.' "ind 8'2 for 1815 and 16 " Orsamus C. Merrill. " Sand 3 " 1817 to 1820 and 22 " Uel M. Robinson. " 8:3 " 1821, 23 and 241 " Hiland Hall. " " " 1825 " Stephen RPobinson. 84, 85, 86, 87, to 1814 t William Hsuwell. 87 for 1845 " Samnel H. Blatkmer. 88 " 1846-7 " William Haswell.': " firo-n 1s4-8' A. B. Gardner. " 108 lst blank ulnder 1830 should be filled wvith 33.''th, " a tgainst G:)shen Gore North, same column, should be 200. C" "C Ilarris Gote, " " " " 19. and the footit.ts addldc to correspond, " " the last cotnlin: o:,:lnst Sheffield s1hoild be 797, the footing is tight. "109 tile b'ank;' na-aimst iEasthaven for 1830 sthou'd be 38 and same added to footing. " 111 last colutnD, 11il line from top fir 1787 read 1788. GENERAL ETHAN ALLEN, Was horn in Roxburv, Conn, in 1739. and died at Colchester, Vt., Feb. 15, 1789. Thefollowind is related of him as having taken place while a prisoner in irons on his passage to England, While closely confined to his cabin, he discovered that a pin or wire that fastened one of his handcuffs was broken. Extricating the pieces withi his teeth, he was enabled to loosen the bolt anti set one hand at liberty. by the aid ot which, and his teeth, he soon had both at liberty, and he was not long in liberating his fcet. But ftaring a discovery might lead to worse treatment, he replaced his irons, bolts

Page  6 6 "TOWN CLERKS. and pins before the arrival of his keeper. It soon became a fine recreation for the General to take off and put on his irons at pleasure. One lday the Captain wvishiig to afford the crew some merriment, ordered that Allen be brought on (leck. Hloping to frighten him, the Captain said: " There is a probability that the ship will founiler-if so, w\hat will become of us, especially you, Mr. Allen, a rebel against the Iing?'"Why," sa;1,1 Allen,' that would be very much like our dininer hour." " Why so?" said the Captain not refle:ting that Allen was not al owed to come on deck only when he the captain went lown into his cabin to dine. " Well, you see, atisw(red Allen, "I'd be on my way up just as you would be going be.'ow." Th'is answer (lid not please the Captain, and he began a regular tirade of a.buse gXairnst the American people. " In a short time," said the Captain, " all the rebels will be in tile same situaotion as yourself." This was too much for Allen, and raising his hands to his tctlh, soon snapspedt the bolts and pins, took off his irons and threw them overboard-seized the panic s!ruc k Cptnli' bIy) the collarv and threw him headlong upon the deck, then turning to the aftrighted crew, lie excl:aimnled in a voice of' thunder.;' If I am insultedl again during the voyage, I'll sinlk the ship and swim ashore." This exploit had such an effect on the Captain and crew, that no further insult was offered to the General during the passage. The following persons were elected Town Clerks-in the years set to them, and have continued in the office to 1851. Caslt, Thlomas Osgood and jr. 1802 Dorset, Heman Morse 1835 Elmore, M,rti, Elmore 36 Danville, Archelaits Sas 18'19 Woodeltock, Nahum tlaskell 18:i5 lopshan). Lnmuel Talor 34 Banerfield, Silas B. HtTaeltine 1821 St'rk-boro, W7illiam Worth 2d 1835 Flalifax, Darius Bullock 32.Baker.field, Silas B. ti~,ze ltin 1821 st. Aib ins, William Br,(ites 1836 Newfune, Nathan Stone j2 Middlesex, Horace Holdlen 1822 Wiliniigton. Stephen P. F'lagI 1836 St,ckbrd:, Rulif.- Lyon 30 Walden, Daniel Wooster 1822 Sto!we, Joseph It. Bennett 18.37 S nt idat, (Ieorle Psck 27 Salem, Samuel Blake 1822 Jericho, John Lyman, jr. 1837 Rye.-ate, James' VVWlitelnw 27 Iran, John Mason 1823 Wheelock, John W. Brown 18371 Lemiu eton, Mills De Forrest 23 Ira, John M;ason 182.3 flamtianid, E. M. Stocker 1838 St. At'a'ns, Jonsathatin oit 26 Fairfield, Joseph Soule 1824 Cornwal!, MalrcusO. Porter 1838i Rupert, -enryv Sheldon (one out)1824 Albany, Luther Delano 183%8ADDIjnIOVAL FIRST TOWN CLERKS. fts ewfan,, Otis Warren 1839 Bakeprfield, Stlplels Mayllan d 1795 Shaftsbury, H1iram Barston 185 Guilfird,.lohn Lynde 1839 Fieschers Elish Woodwooth 1790 Lunenburgh, Stephen 1Iowe, jr. 1825 Somersett, Ephiraim Rice 1839 1Ilihgate, Jonatliat Butterfield Pittsfortl, Samuel H Kellogg, 1826 syaltoi, OCtIvin Skinier2d 1839 S. Alba., Jonuatan Hoit 1788 Rochester, John Trask 1827 Sudbu'y.lumes K. Hyde 18391 Mlsttonn, Saiauel Barnumi 1736 Brsandon, Barzillia Davenport 1827 Blridport, Esviii E. (Grovenor 1839[Rutland, Joseph Hawley Shelburne, Lyman Hall 1839 Weybridge, -- Jackson Butla;nd, Ambrose L Blown 1827 Nothfie!d, Voluey H,. Avetill 1839a:Slioreham, Lei. Birchllard 1827 Newport, Sevinour Lane 18391 FIRST SU1PREME COURT CLERKS Barnet, John Shaw 1 827 Plyvmlouth, Thmas t Moore 1839 rN ADDISON COUNTY. VWthitingham, Hosea F. Ballou 1840N Brash. befolbre 1793 3Burke(, Aslhiel Bairington 18Q27 Harfortll, Geo. E. WF Bales 1840:Sarluel Paintir, from 93 to June 97 St. Joinsnil)tni v Jel'r l))ickerman 1827 S!lle.wsl)ury,liovwcl V".Gurnsey1840. I oyl t'ase, A it,. 2.1. 97 to J;l. 98 Isle La Mott, Ira Hill 1828 PaInton, George Srteecer 1840 Darius Mathses;v after that to 1819 Essex, Amasa Bir'ant 1829 Weybtrid% Isnac Drake 1]840; Craftsburiy Joseph Scott}jr. 182) a-vesdis, Otis RobbiDss 18411 CON'STABLES OF MTDDLEBURY. ~~~Cra~~ftsburN sehSotMiddlebuty', Jaines MX'Donald 184tMartin Foote, appointed in 1787 3Lushlow, Ariemnv SpAfford 1831 Newburi, David Johen-oa 1841Jjoseph M'Doaal 1796 Castieton, 01 ver i. Harris 1 S81 Baire, Alvanl Carter 1841,and s.t atus Hawley 1798 C ncordl, Hal ev G. Ii v 1831 (;rttF, Isiac N. Hall 18411 j.e tiow ii in,; tile two first in thlis Stockbrditle, Neli'rick Gtv 18.-2.sowilltlntottl Cisteer (Jibert 1841CtoiviG bert th4e ottier in (ambnil'e.ogan, Chartes Cuminsss 1841 Osit o lboll teen that ticht the office Moretown, Lester hinsley 1.3:.iJohnsollStouihton S. Pike 1841 of Ci,"islaltte since 1807, all but two G'~raftonein Benjmin H Bri n833t foreevedloneaslowCerk. eairhaven, Benjamii T. Gilbert 1833.oforesevd on er as'owlt Cerks. Of the niune Town Cletis that West Fairlee, Eiislia Thayer 5i Y havebeei electei siace 1786, two.-rwell, ostwell Botumn, jr. 1833 e' ]~T~~~~~~-qalrnct Ael Knapp 49,.:ly resmain. Siamuel Swil, apa~ncock Zertah Batr~nes l83 st-tee, Samuel' 45 p:t'te- inll 1819, and James MtieDoei:landolph!, Benianmiin T. Blodgettl s33 Wells Atsel G(oodsuleed 4 IId i. 18 41 Halifatx, Ruttls K. Henty 18.31 rattletoBoyte l'llt leeilefa Be tlis it mnay be inferretl that -Sha n, Salmulel Shnutleuorth 1834 North Hero,Natlluani Huocliins 39 eri isa-tends to lotgevity. -Shason, Samnel Shuttleworth 1834 Craftbuvi, SasiuelC.Ciaftc 37 "Pomfret, Otis Chaniberlin 1834 Hioesburg brastus ostotwicl3bt Br a letter which came alittle too late, I make the follo -ing additions to Windham County. Noah Sabin, Judge of Probate from 1781 till 1801, and Noah Sabin from anti after 1801, should be, Noah Saltin,;jr. Stephen R. Bradley was Register fiom 1781 to Ilarcil, 1791, Nohli ~a},in, j'.,!to Dee, IS)l, Phinehas W'~hite, to )ec. 1809, Elijah. Knight, Juilfgi and Register. to 1813, Hol:trce:Baxter, R. to 1814, Asa Keyes,to 1815, Horace Baxter, to 1,16, Stephen'l'yltr,'o I1), l)Daniel Kel-;loan, to March, 1820, Charles Phielps, tt May, 1320, I10oralc ct axter, tn 1~H211, Mulnnis Kinnei. to,1822, Charles Phelps and Ebenezer lHingiton, to 1823, A. Keyes, to 1824, I. BII.Bxter. to i825, Alexander S. Campbell, to 1827, Epaphroditus Ransom, to- 13;2. A. S. C(lranlphell to 1831, A. Keyes, to 1833, E. Ransom, to Oct. 2, 1834, James Crawflbtrl(to De., 1834, Dsavil L. Putnam, to 1836, James Crawford, to 1838, Charles Phelps, to 1841, James H. Phelps, to 1846, Abishai Stoddard, to 1849, Nathaniel Tracy Sheafe, t6 April., 1851, BenjaminVW. Dean, to -. In the above dates, Dec. lst is meant, when not otherwise mentioned.

Page  7 VERMONT. 7 The tract of country now known by the name of Ve;mont, was, previous to the American Revolution, known by the name of " The New Hampshire Grants," and was divided into four counties, by the Government of the then Colony of New York, viz.: Cumberland and Gloucester on the east, and Bennington and Charlotte on the west of the range of Green Mountains. But by a c reful perusal of facts of those times it does most plainly appear that the inhablitants of the Grants wecre not very obedient subjects to those New Yorkers who volunteered to rule over them. Soon after the Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia, in July, 1776, the Gren AlountainZ Boys, concluded they were not under the role of any earthly nation or government except their own. They therefore called a Convention of Delegates from ihe several towns, which Convention met at Dorset, July 24, 1776, but no records show what steps were then taken, only it was adjourned to Sept. 25th, same year, when it again met at the same place, as appears from the following record: NEW IHAMPSHIRE GRANTS. DORSET, September 25th, 1776. At a General Convention of the several Delegates from the towns on. the west side of the Green Mountains, the 24th of July last, consisting of fifty one mernbers, representing 3.5 towns, and holden this day by adjournment, by the delegates on the east and west side of the Green Mountains, the following members being present at the opening of the meeting: Capt. JosEPH BowK3WE, in the Chair. Jonas:Fay, Clerk. Towns. Delerates. Towns. l)elegates. Capt. Samuel Wright, Pon Mr. Neheniall Stow, Pownal, ~ Dr Obadiah Dunham. oullney, Mr. William Ward. [Mr. Simeon Hathaway, CGastleton, Capt. Jos. Woodward, Dr. Jonas Fay, Bridport, Mr. Samuel Benton. Bennington, Capt. John Burnham, Addison, Mr. David Vallance. 9 Nathan Clark, Esq. St/amrford, Mr. Thomas. Morgan. i Maj. Samuel Safford, Williston, Col. Thomas Chittenden. [ Col. Moses Robinson. Co'chester, Lieut. Ira Allen. Shaftsbury, Malj Jelemiah Cilark, Middlhury, MNr. Gamalie! Patilter. Joen lBurnham, Sen. Neshoe now Capt. Timrothy Blarker, Sunderlaaid, Lieut. Joseph Bradley, Brandon, Mr. Tlomas Tuttle. Col. Timothy Brownson. H,lad Capt. Joseph 1owker, Col. William Marsh, Col. James Mead. Manchester, Lieut. Martin Powell, Wallingford, Mr. Abralhm Ives. (Lieut. Gideon Ormsby. Tin Capt. Elietnezer Allen, Dorset, i Mr. Joh n Manlv, mou, ~ Maj. Thomnas Rice. Do r Mr. Abraham Underhil! D Capt. Micah Vetl,' RMpert, TMr. RWeuben Harmon, any, Mr. Wit ilm Gage. Rupert, Mr. Amos Curtis. Panton, Mr. John Gale. pawlett, Capt. William Fitch, Bromley or Peruz, Capt. William U'tley.. Maj. Roger Rose. Col. Seth Warner and Capt. Hemnan Allcn WVl~ells, 1 Zacheus Mallery, present. Ogden Mallery. Members from the east side of the Green Mountains: Marlboro, Capt. F. VWhittemore.'Rockisgham, Dr. Reuben Jones. Gui/forud, Col. Benjamin Carpenter, Duanmerston, Mr. Joseph Hildrick, u Maj. John Shephardson. Lieut. Leonard Spaulding, Windsor, Mr. Eben Hoisington. Mr. Joshua Webb, Kent, now sv Mr. Edward Aiken, Ws t Nathan Robinson, Esq. Londonderry;' Col. James Rogers. falifax, Col. Benjamin Carpenter. Wilminylon and Cumberland were represented by letters from some of the principal inhabitants. Among the proceedings of this Convention at that time were tlhe followino:''o take sui:ah1e measures as soon as may be, to declare the New Hampshire Grants a fIee and separate listrict, which vote passed without a dissenting voice. A committee of seven reported the wrongs and grievances suffered from New Ycrk, anid the impolicy of any further connection with tlh(m, directly'or indirectly. Resolved, Therefore, that this Convention being fn!lly convinced, ta:lt it is absolutely necessary that every individual in the United States of America should exerlt themselves to the utmost of their abilities in the defence of the libertiep thereof; theretore, that this Convention, may the better satisfy the public of their punctual attachment to the said common cause at present as well as heretolore, we do make and subscribe the following covenant, viz.: We, the subscribers, inhabitants of that district of land commonly called and known of New Hampshire Grants, being legally delegated and authorized to transact tle public a(nd polit;eal affairs of the aforesaid district for ourselves an1d constituents, do solemrnly covenantr at d1 ( g;'Fe, thl}:t for the time being, we will strictly and religiously adhere to the several r(solvcs -of tliis or on-.future convention constituted on said district by the free voice of the friiends to Amnlerican lil-erties, which shall not be repugnant to the resolves of the honorable the Continental Congress, relative to the cause of America.

Page  8 8 VE RM O N T. Thie Colventi,): met awnin at Westminster, January 15. 1777. The committee aypointed to brinr: in a dra'ugllt of a 1)etlaration ot Independence reported: R ght 1. That whenever protection is withheld, no allegiance is due, or can of right be demanded. The comimittee thfen after repeating the wrongs from New York, offered the following de( lar. ation:' This Convention, whose members are duly chosen by the free voice of their constituents in the several townts, onl the New Hampshire Grants, ii public meeting assembled, in our own names, and in behalf of our constituents, do hereby proclaim and publicly declare, that the digtrict of territory, comprehending and usually known by the name and description of the New Hampshire Grants, of right ought to be, and i; hereby declared forever hereafter to be considered, as a free and independent jurisdiction, or State; by the name, and forever hereafter to be called, known, and distinguished by the name of New Connecticut, alias Vermont. &c." This Convention after inftrming the Continental Congress of their doings, adjourned to meet at Windsor, on the first WVednesday in June. The above declaration brouaht down upon us the wrath of New York, but notwithstanding that those brave Green Mountain IBoys, whom any nation or people on earth. might well be proud of, fillowed up their declaration by the adoption of a Constitution the s;ime year, and a Lcgislative session il Malrch following. Itn February, 1779, the L2gislature passed an act in the face and eyes of' the New York laws dividing the Stmte into two counties, Bennington on the west and Cumberland on the east of the Green Moiintains, and divided eachl county into two shires each, Westminster aitd Newbunry on the east, and B3enninrgtonl and Rutlanrd on tie west. That division of counties remained till the extran session of the Leoislature in Feb. 1781, when the County of lRutland was inlcorporated, froln Bannintton, and W'indsor and Orange counties were incorporated from Cumblerland, and the name of Cumblerland altered to Windhamn. Zadock Thompson, in hi.s history of Vermont, says, that Chittenden County was incorporated October 22'd1, 1782, anld AddisonI County Feb. 27, 1787. This is a mistake as to both Counties, as will tbe seen by the following extract of a letter from Mr. Thompson to a friend, who had addressed him on the sultjcct: "While in Montpelier a few (lays since,.I was induced, by your suggestions, to examine the manuscript acts in the office of the Secretary of State, and I there found that Addison County was incorporated October 18th, 1785, nidl that Chittenden County was incorporated October 22ndi, 1787." This explanation explains a mystery which was hard to solve, which was, " hw caine Addlison County Court to set in Colchester at their Nov. Terril, 1786, and one of Chittenden County citizens for the first Sheriff, in 1785, and one of her citizens for side Judge 1785,and another in 1736," for such are the facts, and as appeared it was all (lone over one year before Addison Cotinty was incorporated. When the County of Addison was incorporated it included within its bloundatlies the present county, (except Granville and Orwell,) the whole of Chittenden, Fra:iklin, Grant Isle, antd Lamoille, nine towns from Orleans, and eight from Washington Counties, andl that was the size o thie County till Oct. 19. 1787, when Kingston, now Granville, was annexed to it from Orange County, and three days after by the incorporation of Clhittenden County. Atldison County wvas reduced to its present dimensions, except Sraksbluro' has been added Irorn Chlittenden, and Orwell from Rutland, and a part of Philadellphia in Rutland has been added to Goshen, and a par't of Goshen has been set to Roehester, and the town of Warren in 1829 was annexedl to Washington County. Avery's Gore has b;een annexed to Lincoln, altering no County lines. The first County Court in Addison County, was holden at Addison, on the first Tuesday in March, 1786, and continued to be holden there, (with the exceptilneof the November term ot that year wliech was held at Colchester,) till the first of April, 179t, and since that all the sessions have bee liolden at 5Middlebury. The Counties.of Caledonia and Franklin were incorporated Nov. 8th, 1796, thle former fiom Orange and the. latter from Chittenden Counties. The Legislature on the 2d day of March, 1797, passed an act defining the boundaries of eleven counties, including the whole State, but left the Counties of Essex and Orleans to be connected with Caledonia and liranklin for all purposes till it future Legislature should elect their County officers, which was done at the October Session, 1 797 as to Orleans County, and for Essex County, the County officers were appointed at the Oct. session 180o. Thus the State remained with eleven Counties till the organization of Grand Isle County. which took place in November, 1805. After the sessions of the Legisatutirewere established at Montpelier, and that became a thriving town, the Legislatule saw fit in 1811, to organize a new County of which Montpelier was near the centre, by the name of Jefferson, containing 15 towns firom the adjoining Counties of Orangre, Caledonia and Chittenden. In 1814, when the Federal party were predominent in every branch of the government, the namtne ot the County was changed to'Washington," and has retained that name since. In 1836, the County contained 19 towns by the addition of Elmore from Orleans, Woodbury from Caledonin, Roxbury from Orange, and Warren from Addison. In 1336, the County of Lamoille was incorporated by taking Stowe and Elmore from Washington, Mansfield, which has since been annexed to Stowe from Chittenden. Eden, Hydepark, Morristown and Wolcott from Orleans, and the other five towns from Franklin. and the State has remained in that situation since till 1848, when the towns of Windsor, and Montpelier twere divided intotwo towns each, West Windsor and East Montpelier, making 240 organized towns in the State.

Page  9 OFFICERS OF VERMONT LEGISLATURES. Years. Governors. Lt. Gov's. Treasurers Sec. ofState. Speakers. Clerks. En'g. clerk. March 12 1778 Thionifas. *.p Joseph Ira'Allen. T. ChandleJ Nathan Clark. Benjamin Baldwin O 78 Chittenden, Ili arsh p " PJoseph Fa' Thomas Chandler. Bezaleel Woodard 79 cc. pBenjamin p " 1) cc. i C.." Rposwell Ii6pkins. 80 " FJCarpeniitei. p " P: ". 81 " IlElisha Payne pN icalh Thomas Portter. 82 " t Paul p Townshend. tcmease Mosel'y. 83 " p Spooner. p' isac Ticnhenor. 84 " C'' Nathaniel Nilus. 85' "C'"C,85': p Stephen R. Brad86 Samuel' Gideon Olin. ley.. 87 Mtoks. 1p 87. p Joseph p iattoc. P "' 88 p (Robisnon'larsh. p " PR oswell " Stephen Jacobs, 89 Moses p- " plHopkins. 90 Thomas p Peter Olcott p lewis R. Morris. 91 Chittenden. 1;. P William Eaton. P] 92 i- i i' p 93 " P " c. P " Daniel Buck. Richard Whitney. 94." Jonathan I P ~ cc CC Thomas 95 IU Ut. P 1) cc Lewis R. Morris. " Tolmalt 96 " P cc P cC 97 Isaac Brigham. p CC Abel Spencer. 98 Tichsnor. p ii c p p, DanielFarranod. Samuel C. Crafts. c 99 " p " p p Amos Marsh. " 1800." " P Benjamin ccs cc Nathan Osgood. iC I c P Swan. p cc James Elliott. if 2 cc'" P " p " David Abel Spencer. ton. " 3 p "' P'Wing, jr. Theophi's Harring- Anthony Haswell.,, "4 " P " p P C " Aaron Leland. Matin Post. cc 5 cc 9cc cc cc 5 i P P o., - p *' (Smith. P p c P Thomas c C C 7 Israel p, cc p, pLeaverett. Orsamus c, 8 1. Tichenor. p 1) Pi' Dudley Chase, Merr 9 J.oas p ". " P,' William D. Smith. P P 10 Galus"a. p, p p., 11~~~ ~~ ~ ~, " pip s ii (( ~~~~~cc U 1(CI 12 I. CZ CS C cc cc cc cc 13 Martin William. " Josiah. Daniel Cipman Azro 14 Chittenden. Chamberlin. r Dunham. Loomis Dunam....oomi, 15 Jonas. Paul p'5 pr!i William William A.' Gris- " 16 Galusha. p Brigham. p tc'-Slade, jr. " wold. Timothy. 17 cc. 17' p I c CMerril 18;' i R lard Skinner) 19~~~~~~~~4C F cc cc 19 " Wmi A. Griswold. " 19 "' " " "' " ~VmA. A. Grci s od., 20 Richard pWilliam " Daniel A. A. Buck 21 Skinner.. p Cahoon. i " $2 Merrill. c 2 p Aaron Timothy Merrill. S Conant 23 Cornelius pLelaad. I " Normai George E. Wales. Oramel h. 24 P5 Van Ness p " I Williams, "1Isaa'c Fletcher. Sinith 25 ii c " Daniel A. A. Buck.." /' 26 EzraButler. p I"''' 27. c cc 27 p Henry Olin.;- " Robert B. Bates. cc 28.Samuel' ~' i' 29' C. Crafts. p p" [Richard Dan A. A.Buck 30 ((chard'C" " i aniel~A. ABuck, ~'''' 30''" - Mark' [ "'*. p Robert-B. Bates. cc Daniel p.. 31 W~illiam A. Lebbeus " pTimothy John Smith. Charles Davis. Thompson'~' to':i' Timothy' Ijohn Smith. 32 Palmer.. Edgerton.. pMerrill.' " Robert Pierpoint.,, 33' C, Me r r ill 33 P, p Augustine p " O.H.Smith 34 -" (Jenison. Clarke.,' Ebenezer N.Briggs Edward D. Barber, Daniel P. 35 no eloice Silas H.' p' P ]' Oramel H. Smith. Thompson 36 Silas H; p' DavidA M. p "(Wardune i Chauncey Clarlos Coolidge. Ahiman L. Miner. Ferrand F. 37 Jenison p Camp. p Allen L.- Knapp. Solomon Foot.. " Merrill 38 " Cp C.plHenryF. p'''''" Ferrand F. Merrill Oel Bilinga 39 c cc I 39'5'p Janes.. ]" Carlos Coolidge. 40 " - " pc ] 1 IC IC P P r -'41 Charles Waitstill R. John AlvahSabin " cc 42'Paine.' p Ranney. p Spaulding.p James Mc. Andrew Tracy. " Amb rose 43'John Mattoclks, Horace Eaton cc M. Shafter. ". L. Brown.44 William. p, p L p I 45 Slade. " " (Jewett. " Eben N. Briggs, Eno'hDavis 46 Iorace Eaton. Leonard Elisha P. " Norman 47'" Sargeant. George Solomon Foot. Durant 45 Carlos Robert Howes. William C. Kitt- cc 49 Coolidge. Pierpoint, Ferrand F,. " redge. Chalon F.'Davey,, 50 Charles K; p Julius p ". p " Merrill. Thomas E. Powers. None Williams. Converse, *Those witha p, added, were elected by the People. 9 P'`l'

Page  10 10o ESSIONS, DEBENTURES AND PREACHERS. Where holden. Began. Ended. Days. Debentures. Preachers Election day. Sec. Gor. & C. Windsor Mar. 12 1778 Mar. 26 15 Rev. Peter Powers JosephFay Bennington June 4 1778 June18 15.; WVindsor Oct. 8 " Oct. 24 17' Eden Burroughs." Bennington Feb. 11 1779 Feb. 26 16 it Windsor June 2; June "4 3 Manchester Oct. 14'; Oct. 27 14' Benaiah Root Westminster lMar. 8 1780 Mar. 16 9 ", Bennington Oct. 12 " Nov. 8 28 1,506 38 ~,. Windsor Feb. 7 1781 Feb. 23 17 1,178 44 44.. Apr. 4 " Apr. 16 13 1,377 48,. Benninaton June 13 " June 28 16 1,860 83. CharlestownN. -I. Oct. 11 " Oct. 27 17 Olcott Bennington Jan. 31 1782 Feb. 28 29 WV'indsor June 13 " June 21 9 ManchestQr Oct. 10 " Oct. 24 15 1 Gershom C.Lyman Win1dsor Feb. 13 1783 Feb. 27 15 Westminster Oct. 9 " Oct. 24 16'Joseph Bullen Bennington Feb. 19 1784 Mar. 9 20 Rutland Oct. 14 "' Oct. 29 16' Job Swift JosephFay Norwich June 2 1785 June S 17 Thonas Windsor Oct, 13 " Oct. 27 15' Asa Burton Tolman Windsor Oct. 12 86 Oct. 31 20'Peletiah Chapin JosephFay Bennington Feb. 15 87 Mar. 10 24 Newbury Oct. 11 " Oct. 27 17' Lyman Potter " Manchester Oct. 9 88 Oct. 25 17' Elijah Sill " Westminster Oct. 8 89 Oct. 29 22' Dan Foster " 4 Castleton Oct. 14 90 Oct. 28 15' Mathias Cazier " 1 Bennington Jan. 10 91 Jan. 27 18 "4 Windsor Oct. 13 "' Nov. 3 22' Saml Sbuttleworth " Rutland Oct. 11 92 Nov. 8 29' Caleb Blood' ~ Wiodsor Oct. 10 93 Nov. 4 26'Benjamin Bell " Rutland Oct. 9 94 Oct. 30 22' Samuel Williams Truman tWindsor Oct. 8 95 Oct. 27 20 5,180 42' Asa Burton Squier Rulland Oct. 13 96 Nov. 8 27 6,334 15' Dan Kent'4 Feb. 4 97 M ar. 10 35 Windsor Oct. 12'" Nov. 10 30' Samnel Whiting " Vergennes Oct. 11 98 Nov. 8 29'Dan I C. Saunders Richard Windsor Oct. 10 99 Nov. 5 27' William Forsvthe Whitney Middlebury Oct, 9 1800 Nov. 7 30 9,105 98'Benjamin Wooster " Newbury Oct. 8 1 Nov. 6 30 10,967 64'Nathaniel Lambert " ]Burlington Oct. 14 2 Nov. 12 30 11,483 41' Jeremiah Atwater " Westminster Oct. 13 3 Nov. 14 33112,449 58' Sylvester Sage William Windsor Jan. 26 4 Feb.1 6 1 2 4,489 92 Page jr. Rutland Oct. 11 " Nov. 9 30 111,007 52' Heman Ball.. Danville Oct. 10 5 Nov. 8 30 12,057 26' John Filch " Middlebury Oct. 9 6 Nov. 11 34 12,727 68' Thomas A. Merrill "i Woodstock Oct. 8 7 Nov. 11 35 12,841 63' Thomas Gross. Rollin C. Montpelier Oct. 13 8 Nov. 11 30 11.952 47' Tilton Eastman Viallary it Oct. 12 9 Nov. 8 28 110,973 04' Sylvanus Haynes Winm. Page it.; Oct. 11 10 Nov. 5 26 10'227 21' Chester Wright Rollin C... Oct. 10 11 Oct. 31 22 9,217 81'Thomas Skeel Vlallary.. Oct. 8 12 No"v. 9 33 13'057 42' Jsaac Beal It' Oct. 14 13 Nov. 17 35 13,838 42' Daniel Marsh Samuel Ot. 13 14 Nov. 11 30 12,177 06' Elijah Lyman Swift

Page  11 SESSIONS. CONTINUED 11 Where holden. Btean. Ended. Days. Debentures. Preachers. Sec. to Gor. & Counetl. "* Oct. 12 15 Nov. 13 33 13,129 69' Henry Davis Rollin- C... Oct. 10 16 Nov. 6 28 11,457 95' Samuel Austin Mallary.. Oct. 9 17 Nov. 7 30 11,480 75 s Phinehas Peck *.., Oct. 8 18 Nov. 12 36 13,258 01' Clark Kendrick *'. Oct. 14 19 Nov. 17 35 13,110 71' James Converse.... Oct. 12 20 Nov. 16 36 13,921 78' George Leonard Robert.. Oct, l 1 21 Nov. 16 37 13,536 68' Joshua Bates Temple ", - Oct. 10 22 Nov. 13 35 13,372 86' John Linsley " Oct. 9 23 Nov. 7 30 12,057 81'Joseph W. Sawyer Daniel," Oct. 14 24 Nov. 19 37 14,116 26' Amariah Chandler Kellogg, Oct. 13 25 NoTv. 18 37 14,631 58' Robert Bartlett c; c4 Oct. 12 26 Nov. 16 36 14,622 96' Wilber Fisk " Oct. 1 1 27 Nov. 15 36 14,830 05' Thomas Goodwillie " Oct. 9 28 Oct. 31 23 10,616 19' Jona'n Woodman George B. Oct. 8 29 Oct. 30 23 10,472 70' Charles Walker Shaw.. Oct. 14 S0 Nrcv. 11 33!12,443 20' George G. lngersol "[Barber Oct. 13 31 Nov. 10 29 12,291 87' Leland Howard Edward D... Oct. 11 32 Nov. 9 30 12,780 85' William S. Perkins George B. Oct. 10 33 Nov. 8 30113,286 22' Tobias Spicer Manser Oct. 9 34 Nov. 7 30 12.737 87' Warren Skinner "6.. Oct. 8 35 Nov. 7 31 14,895 31 This year ended the old Connecticut s Oct. 13 36 Nov. 17 37 18,392 031practice of all the Clergymen going to t i(,Oct. 12 37 Nov. 1 22 12613 02 Election, and dining at the expense of the State, and have a sermon from Oct. 11 38 Nov. 6 17 14,468 50 one of theni. Some of the most radical aet'Oct. 1(U 39 Nov. 19 41 21,003 84 members cametothe conclusion tlhatthe Oct. 30 313,016 69 money and time thus spent might be put Oct. 8 40 Oct. 30 23 13,016 69 to a better use. They therefore resolved 66 Oct. 14 41 Nov. 1'2 30 16,283 25 to have no more Election Sermons with Id Oct. 13 42 Nov. 14 33 17,270 65 accompanying expensesafter1834 unles, Oct~ 1" 3......o. "-'33_, 727 it should be otherwise ordered in fuiture (is Oct. 12 43 Nov. 2 22 12,236 40 This hasnotyetbeen done; but wheth. 46 Oct. 10 44 Oct. 31 23{11,536 70 eraly very materiel benefit has been. 9 45 Nov. 6 |2913.858 50 effected by the change is adoubtin the Ot9 41.58 ninds of maty- ifa Farmer hired a.. lOct. 8 46 Nov- 3 27 13.305 24 man to mow in his meadow six days, & Ad [,Oct. 14 47 Nov. 16 34116,063 6i he ishould go earley to the meadow and Oct 2 8 o. ( swing his sythe a few times on the sixth Oct. 12 48 Nov. 14 34 17,011 ) day. then quit and go home, there is a Oct,. 11 49 Nov. 1_ 35117,877 55 doubt whether that farmer would feel Oct. 10 1850 Nov. 14 36 23,552 84 disposed to pay full price for that last day. But if the man had taken his pay lor the six days, and quit on the fourth day morning. it might be some less IHON. STEPHEN HAIGiIT, doubtful how that farmer would act, but Of Monkton, commenced in legislation while young, he would he be apt to hire him again? first represented the town in 1812, and was elected each year to 1822, eleven years, and three years afterwards. He concocted in Caucus, and brought was four years judge of the County Court, and four years the legislature to a tie. Thus leSheriff, ending the last office in 1832. In the fore part of gislation stood nearly still for a his public life he belonged to the old Federal School in pol- week, but tampering with a repubitics,.and figured very adroitly in effectirig the election of lican member to carry a load to Martin Chittenden, Governor in 1813. The lederal mem- B6ston, at a great profit did not bers of the legislature and many others of the party met at stand so still, a few iederal leadMontpelier the fore part of election week, and there found. ers kept that moving, but not to on comparing notes, that unless some of the freemens votes much purpose, as he staid in the were rejected, there would be a federal majority of four in house and voted for Jonas Galu. the House, and a republican majority often in the Council. sha throughout, making a tie. 112 It was then found that rejecting the votes from Colchester each. After a number of ballots on account of a part of them being given by the U. S. troops, the votes were reported 112 fbr and altering the votes of a few other towns, it would elect Martin Chittenden. and 111 only three more federal members in the Council, and bring the for Jonas CGalusha. It has caused Joint Assembly to a tie, 112 each. The canvassing com- many conjecturesas towho was mittee with a large federal majority carried out the measures guilty, or negligent, as to that vote

Page  12 12. COUNCILLORS FROM 1778 TO 1835. March 12l, 1778 Jonas Fay, Ben. Timothy Brownsor Jeremiah Clark Ira Allen, Colche, - Benj. Corpenter, Peter' Olcott, Oct. 78 " nington Sunderland [Bennington.. [ te [(uilford. [Norwich. 79 & 80"' ~" - ohn Fassett,'jr. r'homa Chaldler,'81 " 3ezleIl Woodward " " [Arlington Peter Olcott,'82 1" "'rh os Porter [N.H i' " 83 " [Tinmoult; " " "'84 T"'homas Moredock. 85;Samuel Mattocks. Nathaniel Niles 86 " Tinmouth "Fairlee. ",'87 8&9 Isaac Ticheror John Fassett, Timothy Brownsot i,''90' Bennington.",. lJonathan Arnold, 91 " " ".Ebenezer Marvin, "92 Paul Brigham, ",','93 " Norwich ". ". " Jonas Galusha, Gideon Olin,'94 - " " " Ebenezer Marvin " Shaftsbury.'95' " Elijah Robins.on Sam'lWilliamns [Tinmoutli'96'" Weathers'd " I[Rutland " "'97 Stephen Jacobs " ~..'98 " Windsor "' " Timothy Todd,'99 " Abel Spencer " Elisha Allis,. [Arlington. 1800 ". [Brookfield. ":'1 " "Noah Chittenden " Beriah Loomis,'2 Eliskimn Spooner StephenWilliams " [Jeritchc tames Witherill,'3 &4 W"estm'ns'tr. Nathaniel Niles. [Fairhaveil A.saph Fletcher,'5 &6 "' " ".. "'' "c Cavenbish.'7 " [Thetford I".Samuel Shaw, Cast'S Jed. T. Buckingham Daniel Dana " Johii Ellsworth Chauncey Langdol. Asa Lyon, G. Isle.'9 Beriah Loomis Gilbert Denison, Samuel C. Crafts Apollos Austin, Haines French,'10 Thetford ": Guilford " & Pliny Smith, of " [Maidstone.':!t I " " "!''., Orwell. John Cameron,,12 William C. Bradley Wm. C. Harrington " i." [Ryegate. 13 " lait Richards " [Burlington Daniel Dana Gamaliel Painter, Solomon Miller,'14 Moses Robinson William Hall jr. John Eilsworthi [Wiltison.'15 Josjah Wright Mark Richards William. Cahoon Pimnotbv Stanley Joel Doolittle, Pirumnan Chitenden'!6.''Theoph's Crawford " 1:. Th'eoph's Crawf.rd [Lysidon " [Greehnboro " (do.'17 David Fay,Benning " Putiey "'18 -. " toil " " bel Tomlinson,'.'19. " ~20' " Charles Phelps Joseph Wariier t ienry Olin,'21. Joel Pratt, Manclies- " Townsend [Sudbury'22'" " Uriel C. -Hatch Ebell V,. Ju.dd,'23 " John Roherts t:hauncey Langdon Samuel t1. Hlley. ~ V'24 Orsamus C. Merrill "...Whitingham' - " [Bristol. I'.25 -.Bennington " " Samuel C. Crafts -' c'26', ~7'', I/John C. Thompson " Windsor.'28 Myron Clark [Burliiigton " Ira H. Allen Ezra Hoyt, Abner Forbes,'29 "Manchester " [ l rasburglh " [Newhaven Job Lyman, ~'30'.....'Henry F. Janes " [Middlebury William G. Hunter'31 John S. Pettibone John Phelps [Waterbury Jaspcr Robinson anamuel S. Phelps, sam'l. C. Loveland:32 Isaa. Sherman [Guilford B" "' iBowning' n Silas. H. Jenison,'I [Reading. "23 A: Austin Birchard,'34 " ~ " c T[Newfane ".. llen Wardner,'35 John S. Pettibone David Crawford' ilton Brown E.. Starkweather Harvey Bell, " ~ Windsor. ManchesterI [Putney [Worcester [Irasbu rgh [Middlebury. lackig. From an examination of -the Jounal it ciples as he'began,:. shold look no further to find might be readily inferred that Judge Kinne, a ie- where that missing voie didDnot come from. publican eminber from Plainfield, was at fault, but Whenever Mr., De. Forest, a federalist, or the although he was very feeble, and scarsely able to Speaker, did not vote, the. name of: the gentleman leaqe hiS lodgings, he did attend on the election of firomn -Bennington County would help up, the numGovdrnor and voted till all was done, and the fault her to 1i08 on all the test votes. And it is possible must lie at anothers door. There were four test that Mr. De Forest being unwell, retired before Votes taken during the maneuverin= to get the two the last vote was taken, beijg satisfied that hisold branches together, and one after, and at each the helper would help him again. federal vote was 108, and the highest on the other In the latter part-of Judge Haight's term of'legside was 1.03, and that only once. There was a islation he became quite radical, and was influenmember of the house that year Irom a small town tialin procuring the passage of a bill for ieducing in the southerly part of Bennington County, and the fees ofmanv officers, including the County lorlthe first time, and lastbut one, that was countee Court Judges, of which he was one.'When the with the republicans; but by an examination of Clerk of the court had counted out the amount due the five test votes as stated, he voted twice on the: each Judge at the end of a session, which was federal side, twice on the republican, and on the much reduced under his. own, bill. The -Judge other he did not vote, and if he carried out his prin- looked on the money as if in a quandary about

Page  13 COUNCILLORS' CONTINUED. I3''nhn Thrbop, Paul Spoonwr, Thomas Moredocki, Renjamin Emmons. Joseph Bswker. Jacob Bailey. *Ioses itobinson, " [Hartland [Norwich Elisha Payte,.N. H H [Rurt.,. "[BenUington. " Iohn Throop,' Beniaminin Ehmmon i, Samdi'l Fietcher. -..'."'. ".: -''" [Pomfret' tWoodstock.'. " [Townshendi ~.....' ~. Samuel Safford,'.. " [Bennington John' Fassett,, "c.s'. " s....''- [-BRnningto. EBen'r. Walbridg. ". John Stren,. Jonathlaus hunt. Jacob Bailey, "[Bennington " " Addison. " [Vernon. " [Newbury..' " "s.. ".....'-'," " Luke Knowlton' *. " " -'|' ~ ".. "'[N wfane_. c4'.'''. { l{' John White, ~..'~, ~ " 1~'~ "~ "~,~ "[Georgia. "-" ". s",, C orCornelius Lynde,. [' e VWm. Chamberlin, "'[Williamston. "c - ~ - "c.'" Solo~ou'* Noah Smith. ~ ~..Solomou Miller, llenjamin Burt. It'c. c. "' " Jonas Galusllha.', "' ~ ~ " - ~"c.',' "'John White. Eiias Keyes, E. ben'r Wiheelock. Sam'l Shepherdson,,.,'~'. Josiah J 7hright. " [Wliting. [Guilford c,. " Po'wnal "' Samuel Fletcher,.aniel Chipman,& Reuben Hatch!, Solomlon Milleer. Zelrih Wllulllo by -Josiah Wrigh t, Horatio Seymour, William Hunter, Ezra Butler. Frederlck Bliss.." [Middlebury I Lwin c ~...'... c.. ~ ~c. Si cc I cc I c " Samuel Fletcher.'' FElias Stevens, JamAs D. Butler, Zerabh Willourhby. John w. Chandler, Jia h HulFlatc Nicholas Baylies. Elias Keyes, Pliny Smith, Frederick Bliss, James Tarbox, William Hunter. iEzra Butler..... ~'.''," Georgia Daniiel Peaslee, Thomas Hailmo.,cl 1 " "' ",. ( "ss [washington. L'. [Pittsford. I Aaron Leland,,,. ~ - " [Chester. Joseph Berry,' Seth Wetmore, John I. Cotton, ~, [Guildhall. " St. Albans [Bradford. John H. Andrus22'-I c.c. 30Josi.h )ata,t [Danby... Jabez Proctor,.' " [Chllelsea. lsraei P. Dana. " Caveodish. "..' [Danville:". Robert Pierpoint,. " "'...... c [Rtland.. Lyman Fitch, "" John Peck. Benj'n. F. Deming, " " " [Thletford. David- HTopkinson.[ eo' Worthington [Danville. " " Jedediali H. Hiarris Samuel Clarlr, [] l.LMontpelier. Zimri 1Iowe, Joseph H. Brainard Daniel Cobb,'. Leavenworth. Richardson Graves [Lyndon lames Davis, [Straffbril.aBrattlhorod. ".' "[Castleton. " [St. Albans. [Strafford. George C. Cahool,..... Wm. A.: Gliswold' FSt. Albans. " n. *leorge Green, C [.. R. Beardsley, Walter Harvey,'rho. D. Hammnond " [Swantoen. Mlartin Fliht, Geoige P. Marsh, Richardso:t Graves LBarnet. Orweil.: Radolph:Burlingtot. IGuildhall.' taking it. Juade Olin observed, "'O! take it by have the facts, we ean"then act understandingall means, Judge, and nurse it upas it is one of ly", Mr. Fletcher of Lvynd6n'informed. the' yo'ur own children.,' house of a case within his knowledge..Mr. A In 182t he got a law passed for enlarging the had given a note to Mr. B for a good likely cow jurisdiction of justices of the peace to $100, and at a stated time, which wasnot paid, and a suit restricting appeals for a less -amount claimed brought, and tbe justice cohcluded that a good than $0 This law.very materialy affected the likely cow was'worth $17, and gave averdict attornies, as it much reduced their biusiness in accordingly, which was paid. Soon after.Mr the higher courts; add they tried to prevent.the A'found a justice who thouight that $15 was as passage of the bill, and to get it repealed after- much as a goodlikely cow was worth, and' he ward. In 1824 a violent effort was made tv re- gave out:a writ again'st Mr. B, and gave j'udgpeal the'5th. s ction,. which preven ed appeals ment that Mr. A recover-back $2 and cost, and. from a justice under $10. Judge Haight arose not appealable'as thelaw now stands, -Some and began,'Mr.' Speaker, we have heard much.other cases were mentioned and one by Esq. f.aid against this little 5th, section of the.act. of Bell of Walden, in his peculiar mode of deliv. 1821', and I challenge any gentleman upon this ery, akout an old saw, in Which it appeared.that'floQr, if he rnows of any injustice being done some injustice'had been done. Jutge Haight v-rler the operation cf that section, let the house wished to know whether'those corrupt'justice&

Page  14 14 ViERMONT SENATE, FROM 1836 TO 1850. 1836 1837 1838 1'839 1. 1840 BENNINGTON CO. ()Osarmus C. Merrill Nathan Burton William Hoyt Noadiah Swift Winslow C.Watsor, Heman Swift John S- Robinson ", Ahiman L. Miner WINDH.AM CO. l'hinehas White, " David Chandler Iavidl Crawford Wait'll R. Ranney. Calvin Townsley William Henry. John Phelps Laban Jones.' Emery Wheelock RUTLAND Co. T. D. Hammond, I Obadiah Noble. Isaac Norton Zimri Howe, Wm. C. Kittredge Orson Clark Robert Pierpoint, - Anderson G. Dana WINDSOR Co. Francis E. Phelps. Daniel Bowen, Abel Gilson Samuel W. Porter.. Ptolemy Edson, Barnabas Dean William Steele.' " Andrew Tracy Walter Palmer Julius Converse. Thomas P, Russell ADDISON Co. Eben. N. Briggs. Joseph Simonds Dorastus Wooster Jesse Grandey Ville Lawrence Is Elias B)ttomn Harvey Bell { I Samuel Swift Isaac Chipman ORANGE CO. A' B. W. Tenney Lebbeus Edgerton A. B. W. Tenney Lebbeus Edgerton Timothy Morse Thomas Keves Jonathan Jenness Simeon Short Daniel Cobb Simeon Short William Hebard Daniel Cobb William Hebard Jonathan Jenness Nathaniel Wheatly CItITTENDEN CO. John Van Scklin jr " Truman Chitenden Lyman Burgess Tbad's R. Fletcher Harry Miller " Joseph Clark Joseph Marsh, WASHINGTON CO. Arunah Waterman J,loseph A. Curtis Orion W. Butler Newell Kinsman, Israel Goodwin Nathaniel Eaton FRANKLIN CO. Nathan Smilie "I Joseph Waterman " Joshua w. Sheldon Timothy Foster Alden Sears't'imothv Foster Homer E. Hubbell Horace Eaton Homer E. Hubbell Horace Eaton " CALEDONIA, CO. William A. Palmer Robert Harvey Walter Harvey John Beckwith Joseph H. Ingalls Andrew M'Millan Elias Bemis jr, ORLEANS CO. Augustus Young It di S. S. Hemenway Jacob Bates ESSEX CO.I William Gates Wm. Heywood jr. is George E. Holmes Stephen Howe GRAND ISLE CO. Melvin Barnes - Joel Allen S, Samuel Adams SECRETARY to GOV George B Manser.,, SEC'Y to SENATE Norman Williams U D. W. C. Clarke ASSISTANT SEC'Y Edmond Weston William Weston d o Ed. A. Stansbury SERGEANT atARMS ]Milton Brown Abel Cal ter C Ware, R. Riker Edward H Prentiss Erastus S. Camp LIBRARIAN. Heman Carpenter to Jackson A. Vail " AUD. OF ACOUNTS David Pierce. ",. were now in office, and found they were Cushman, of Hartland, who said "Mr. Speaker, not. That is the best way, said thejudge, if the argument of the gentleman from Monkton you find justices that are corrupt, and do in. reminds me of a French King who kept a Jester, justice. turn them out of office, and let the law and this jester had offended one of the Lords of remain as it is. This brought tip Isaac N. the Court, and the Lord threatened to kill him

Page  15 SENATE CONTINUED. 15 1841 1 842 1843 1 44 1845 B3ENNINGTO2T CO. NoadiAh Swift Josiah Wright Leonard Sargeant Asahel Hurd Henry Sheldon. Benj'n w. Morgan " Black'r E Brownell WINDS AM Co. David Crawford Calvin Townsley William Harris " Ebenezer Howe jr. John Barrett Sam'l F. Thonpson, John Campbell Emery Wheelock Sandford Plumb " Reuben Winn " RUTLAND Co. Isaac Norton Eben. N. Briggs,.George T. Hodges Orson Clark Elisha Allen Frederick Button c,Anderson G. Dana Alanson Allen Joseph. H. Chitendn WINDSOR Co. Abel Gilson Hampden Cutts James Barrett Barnabas Dean John Porter. Thomas S. Barrett Walter Palmer Salmon F. Dutton Benjamin Billings Thomas P. Russell Abner Field Justin Morgan ADDISON Co, ])orastus Wooster Elias Bottom Peter Starr Davis Rich Isaac Chipman Harvey lunsill E. D Woodbridg ORANGE Co. - orig Calvin OBldgett,, Elijah Farr Horace Fifield Royal Hatch, Loren Griswold " Reuben Page Tappan Stevens [ Ebenezer Bass Levi B. Vilas CHiTTENDEN Co. T. R. Fletcher David A. Smalley')avid Read " Harry Bradley David French. Luther Stone " Daniel H. Onion WASHINGTOj Co.. Paul Dillingham jr Jacob Scott Oramel H. Smith Nathaniel Eaton Wooster Sprague 6 Rode'k Richardson FIRANKLIN CO.. Alvah Sabin William Green Alvah Sabin Moses Fisk Homer E. Hubbell George Green HYram Bellows Horace Eaton Jon. H. Hubbard William Clapp CALEDONIA Co. Daniel w. Aiken " George C. Cahoon Welcome Bemis Thomas Bartlett jr. " John Phillips William Sias ORLEANS CO. P S. S. Hemmenway David M. Camp " Enoch B. Simonds ESSEX CO. Moody Rih h Warner Bingham. George Marshall GRAND ISLe Co. William L. Sowle C. Wallis Mott H. H. Reynolds Lewis Ladd LAMOILLE CO. SOrion W. Butler " David P. Noyes SErCRETA~ry Gov. Harry Hale i t George H, Beaman c' SEC. to SENATE D. W. C. Clarke s e'c 44 AssIsTANT SEC, Ed. A. Stansbury " Enoch Davis " Frederick Billings SERG'T at ARMS Wnm. T. Burnham *' " " " LIBRARIAN A. W. Kenney " Gusta's H- Loomis " c AUDITOR David Pierce 9" Silas H. Hodges The.jester informed the King what the Lord had ence with him, but a very essential difference threatened. Said the King."ife kills youI will with me. Just so with the argument of the have him hung in fifteen minutes afterwards." I gentleman from Monkton, he would hang those do wish your Majesty would hang him fifteen corrupt Justices who have done injustice under minutes.e)faers, it would make no satritel differ- tis law; but I am for repealing that law uadif

Page  16 4 6 SENATE CONTINUED. 1846. 1 - 184.7.- 1848: 184 9 18.O B ENNINGTON Co. 1 Hernarn Mowrse ic George R:. Draperi John L; Wilmarth Joel Ranney:B 1,.. Brownell cc Francis Kidder c' Ira K, Bachelder "mINDItIAM Co. Ebenezer Howe jr. Larkin G. Mead Asa Wentworth John Kimball " c FrederickHolbrook Austin Birchard. Peter w l)ean John Tufts RUTLAND CO. J. George T Hodges Ezra June James K. lyde John Fox Jh ~ Elisha: Lapham J. H. Chittenden' Henry Stanley: Jon Crowley W INDSOa'. CO. Ar temas Cushman Oliver P. Chandler Harey Burton Joseph IW.Colburn. cc Robert B. Cram,. Solon Danforth, Daniel L Lyman )Dearborn H.Hilton Calvin French. arren Currier IADDISON CO..'Davis Rich Ira Stewart JoWl Rice illism Nash I,. Zuriel Walker - Edward Seymour Willi',am:Nash ORA;NGE- Co.'.. Horace Fifield Henry Keyes..'W. D Parker Reuben Page William Sweatt Simeon M.Bigelow Levi B; Vilas Jefferson P.: Kidder Stephen Thomas CHITTENDEN Co. Harry Bradley jamin Hamilton Lemuel B. Platt Daniel.H Onion Alexan'r Ferguson William Weston WASHINCTON Co.. Oramel H. Smith Nath'I. Bancroft Asaph Town Moses Ro'binsonLeonard Keith Mo~ses Robinson Nath'l,,r. Wlliam Carpenter Asaph TLonard Keith FRANKiLTN Co... George w.. Foster Jona. I. Hubbard Hmer E. oyc iram Bellos. Rufus Hamilton ~William C.Lucius R. Beeman' JacobWead William Clapp. John S. Foster CALEDONIA Co Sam. B. Matto'ks ~....... m~-;~.:,ris SnSamI.B. Matto.ks g.'',...' ~ JWmeo D Bemis Sewall Bradley Isaa N. all h'm Chamberlin David Goss jr. JmsDel,. Tll. John M'Lean ORLEANS Co.'. Eno'ch B. Sirnonds Elsha Whie Timo. P. Redfield LESSANX CO. Elisha Whit P.Redfield ElishaWhite Henry M- Bates ESSEX CO. David Hibbard jr. Oramel Crawford John Dw GRAN l......John Dewe' GRAND ISLE Co[ Giles Hairington Solomon J. Davis Frederick Hazen David Marvin LAiMOILLE Co. Frederick Hazen David Marin Burrell S. Miner. " William-W. White SEC. to the Gov. Robinson', Frederick Blllings. Geo. F. Houghton SEC. to'SENATE Rafs. Andrew's D. W. C. Clarke.. c ASSISTANT SEC. Thomas E. Powers c S M. M S.ERG. at' ARMs. Wm. T Burnham Luther Cross..,,ibrarian Gustavus HLoomis c C, N. Carpenter George Nichols AUDIrOr.'. Silas IH H)odges s. ".' - r'..F. E. Woedbridgeowhich theydo the inj istice." He afterwards removed to Washington City.,'rhe Judge. was subsequently admitted as an where he acted as an agent in the Pension at the Bar, and removed to Burlington, ness. He was a numberof timesappointed Serwhere fie vigorously advocate4 the election and geant at Arms, in the Senate, which office he mrasures af Andrew Jackson t' the Presideney. hellat his. death, January m 2, 1,841, e i8.

Page  17 REPRESENTATIVES BEFORE 1788, 17 YE9'NNTNTOr Co. March 12,. 1778 Oct. 1778 1779 178 PA 1781 ]Arlington lThomas Chittend'n John FasSett, jr. " Jacob Galusha Eli Pettibone Lemuel Buok Athan Allen Mathew Lyon " " 2 Bennington fNATHAN CLARlt Eben'r. Walbridge Vathan Clark Samuel Robinson Samuel Safford John Ia4ssett " Nathan Robinson Eben'r Walbridge Isaac Tichenor 3 Dorset Cephas Kent Abrahim Undes'hill Abraham Underhil " John Strong " 6 Mi anchester Stepli'n Washburn Martin Powell, " Gideon Ormsby "c", Lewis Beebe 8 Pownal Thomas Jewett JoWeph Williams 4biather Angel Joseph Briggs Jed'h Aylesworth Eli Noble Benj'n. Gardner Elisha Barber Benjamin Gardner io0 Rupelt Moses Robinson Wareham Gibls " " Reulben Harmon Stephen Pearl 11 Sandgate Reuben Thomas Bethel Hurd Abneer Hurd Steuben Thomas 13 Shaftsbury John Burnhamn John Millington John Burnham William Ward Peter Wright Gideon O David GalOlin 14 Stamford Jonathan Munger 15 Sunderland Joseph Bradley David ComstoCk Samuel Bartldtt Joseph Bradley WIN DHAeI Co. I Athens Abel Mattoon Brattleboro' Samuel Wells Samuel Knight John Sargeant * 5 Dummerstbn LeonardSpaulding Jonatharl Knight * LeonardSpauldlng John Duncan Grafton Miles Oatman Thomas Kinne 7 Guilford Benja; Carpenter Comfort Starr David Stowell I)David Thurber William Bullock John Shepherdson Levi Goodnoe John Noyes Levi Goodnoe John Shepherdsoa 8 Halifax Ed.ard Harris AC cc i " Hubbel Wells cc Hazael Shepherd Beniamin Henrry 9 Ja"maica William H.Chitrdh 10 Londonderry Edward Aiken it c 11 Marlboro' Samuel King Jonan Underwood Zadock Granger 12 Newfane Ebenezer Myriclc William Ward Ebenezer Myrick, Daniel Taylor t3 Putney Abner Miles " Daniel Martin Lucus Wilson Amos Hale cc Daniel J ewet 14 Rockinugham Joshua Webb cc,,, *c Reuben Jones c c c, Colburn Preston 17 Townshend Samuel Fletch8 - ". Silas Hayward Joshua Wood 18 Vernon Arad Hunt John Bridgmnan 20 Westminster Nathan'l Robinsoill ",, Benjamin Burt Steph'n R.Bradley 21 Whitingham S[ilas Hamilton t c. Moses Bratton Silas Hamilton 22 Wilmington Elijah Alverd William Williams James Flagg.Jese Cook WVINDSOR (.O. I Andover Johii Simonds 3 Barnard Edmond Hodges Asa Whitcomb John Foster Benjamin Cox 4 Bethel Joel Marsh 6 Cavesdish John Coffein John Russell John Coffein 7 Chester Thomas Chandler THo. CHANDtIR THO. CHANDLER TuO. GHANDLEit Reuben Jones Thomas Chandler, 8 Hartford Stephen Tilden Amos Robinson Elkanah Sprague, c 9 Hartland William Gallup " Elias Weld DaniJoseph MarsWeld 11 Norwich Abel Curtis ThomasMoredock Abel Curtis Joseph Hatch Elisha Burton Peter Olcott 13 Pomfret John W. Dana John Throop John W. Dana,, i4 Readin-g Andrew Spear 16 Royalton / Joseph Parkhurst Calvin Parkhurst Comfort Seaver, 17 Sharon Benja'n SpauJding Ebene'r Parkhurst Joel Marsh 18 Springfield John Barrett Sanmuel Scott Abner Bisbes john:Barrett 20 Weathersfield Israel Burlingame William Upham Israel Brlingame Walters Chilso 23 Windsor Ebenezer Curtis it,,., c Thomas Cooper Thomas Cooper it Benjamin Wait loel Eli gStepheD Jacob. 24Woodstock John Strong njtmin Walt Joel Eli Stephen Jao, Stephen Powers Warren Cottle " Phinehas Williams Nathan Howland John King Jesse Safford. ADr, SON Go. 4 Cornwall Nathaur Foot cc CALEDONI& CO. 1 Barnet Alexandef Harvey,c Alexander Harvey 11 Peacham 11 James Bailey Essex County. 8 Guildhall 3 Ward Bailey Timothy Nash 10.Lunenburgh 10 Reuben Howe 11 Maidstone:1 Abraham. Gild; *Supposed to be the first white person born in Vermont I-Speakers in' sma'l Caps.

Page  18 18 REPRESENTATIVES BEFORE 1788, CONTINUED. BENNINGTON CO. 1782 1783 1-784 - 1785' 1786 1787 I Jonathan Fassett Thomas Tolman 1 Mathew Lyon Lemuel Buck ". Nathan Canfield 2 Samuel Safford Henry Walbridge. 2 Isaac Tichenor LSAAC TICTHENOR" Isaac Tichenor'Jonath'n Rbbins0on Elijah Dewey. 3 Benja'n'Baldwin John Shumway Benij' Baldwin 3 John Strong Timothy Brown Abra'm Underhill' John Shumway Silas Goodrich John Shulnway 6 Gideon Ormsby ".. 6 Thomas Bull Timothy Bliss. Martin Powell- Oliver Sm"ith Gideon Oriteby 8 Benja'n Gardner Thomas Jewett John'Niles 8 -: - Behjamin Gardner1 - Benjamin Gardner Thomas Jewett 10 Moses. Rohin so' 10 Amos Curtis Richard Bailey David Sheldon Israel Smith David Sheldon 11 Edward Hurd. Jpseph Bristol Richard Hurd 13 Peter Wright' Parker Cole. GIDEON OLIN Bigelow Lawrence Gideon Olin I GIDEON'OLINi 14 Asa Hickock' Perez Deane.John Gray 15 Joseph Bradley Samuel Bartlett osephBradley Gideon Brownso WINDHAM Co... Samuel Bailey James Shafter 2 Ben'n Butterfield.. 2 Samuel. Knight I C; Israel Smith - 5 Alexan'r Kathan ~,i 5 Jonathan Knight LeonardSpaulding Hosea Miller Leonard Snaulding 6.. Burgass William StickneyBenja'n Carpenter Lovewell'Bullock 7 William Simalley Thomas Cutler. William Bullock William Bigelow Peter Briggs 8 Edward Harris 8 Joseph Tucker Hubbel Wells... 10 Edward Aiken,,: 11 Benjamin Olds Phinehas Freeman.. 11 J. Underwood., 12 Daniel'Taylor. Wm. WardFeb' 7 1O..86 12 William Ward Ot 86 13 LueusFW;IS~nWilso lia Ward Luke Knowlton 13 Noah Sabin DaielJewett Noah Sabin James Hale 14 Elias Olcott Roun Oliver Lovell Jehiel Webbh 14 Elias Ocott John Roundy.. eiel el 17 Joseph Tyler 18 Arad Hunt Jonathan Hunt Jos na wtood ~19 WAaDSBoa~o. John Bridgman' /Arad Hunt John Bridgman Arad Hunt 19 WARDSBORO'.'20 John Norton John Tuthil Aaron Hudson 2 H0 Elijah' Ranney S. Roe Br;adley S. R. BRADLEY Benjami. Burt John Sessions 21 Silas Hamilton Isaac Lyman -... James Roberts isaac Lynman 22 josialm Lock ". Chipman Swift'' Jesse Cook "' WINDSOR CO... 1 John Simonds Samuel Brown John, Simonds jr. 3 Benja'nStebbens Benjamin Cox. Aaron Barlow ~ Beriah Green Benjamin Cok 4' Rice Wheeler'Michael FlynnG BRIDWA Rice Wheeler Micael Fnn Joel Marsh Nathaniel Throop John Hawkins 5 BRIDGwATER...'"" John Ha;~;,kins.h, 6 Jonathan Atherton John Coffein 7 William GilkeY.., * Thomas Carroll Daniel- Heald Wl. 8 Joseph.Marsh Joshua Hazen' Thmas Chandler 8 Joshua Hazen Stephen Tilden,,.. Joshua'Hazen 9 Roger Enos' Roger.Enos 9 Elias Weld William Gallup. Elias Weld. " 11 Abel Curtis "' Elisha Burton 11 Thmo. Moredock Paul Brigham.~ Elijah Gates' Jacob Burton Paul Brigham Elisha Burton 13 Abidal! Smith William Perry.. Abidah Smith John Throop 14 Andrew Spear Joseph Sawver John Weld r John Weld ]6 Cal'n Parkhursl Elias Stevelns Silas Wiliams Elias Stevenis Calvin Parkhurst Eliag Stevens 17 Daniel Gillbert " Anthony Morse Daniel Gilbert James'Carpenter.'~ 18' - Nathaniel Weston "' Abner Bisbee Jotham'White 18 018 Elijah-obinn Simeosl Stevens Daniel Gibb 23 Elijah RobiCuion'. Walters Chilson- Hilkiah Grout' Joseph Hubbard Elijah Robinson 23 EBenjezr Curtis Bryant Brown Benjamin Wait Bryant Brown Charles Leavens c24 Jabez.Cottle PhinehasiThomas Jabez Cottle 24 John Strong esse 8affomd. CALEDONIA CO. "" Benjamin Enmmons 1 B.....E 11' ~Alexahder Harvey.12 RYEGATE. WmH Chamberlin ~EssEx co. Wm.. Wm. Chamberli n Wn Chamberlin'8.-' John Ricl. 10' -.. FSamulel'.Howe' s.' Eliezer Rosbrook "..

Page  19 REPRESENTATIVES BEFORE 1788. 19 RUTL.AND.CO. March, 12, 1778' Oct. 1778 1779 1780 1781 2 Bralidon'Thomas Tuttle josiah Powers- Timothy'Barker:3 Castleton' Zado'k Remington jesse Belknap Brewster Higley:5 Clarendon Ezekiel Clark roseph Smith r.. Abner Lewis. V Nebediah Angel Elilu. Smith Lewis Walker 6 Danby Thomas Rowley. Ebenezer Wilson 6 William Gage.aniel Sherman 9 Ira~ laac Clark George Sherman 14 Pawlet Zadock Eyerest Gideon Adams William Fitch Simeon Edgerton 16 Pittsford. Ilnathan Fassett Ebenezer Drury " 17 Poultney,. William Ward "Abisla Moseley 18 Rutland' osep!l Bowker Roswell Post William Roberts Robswell Post John Smith Smith Zebulon, Mead John Smith' Beljamn Whipple ~, 20 Shrewsbury Benedict Webber'22 Tinmouth Cnarles Brewsterl Solomon Bingham Samuel Mattocks L2... Charles Brewster Thomns Porter TaoMAs PORTiR 23. Wallingford Abraham Jackson,c ~ Abiaham Ives Abrahiam Jackson 24 Wells. Dalliel Culver. [thamer'Hibbert. Barnabas Moss Daniel Culver ORANGE CO. 1 Bradford Bejanmin Baldwin Steph'n M'Connell John Barron 1,'.... > " Joe Thurber 5 Corinth Joshua Nutting John Taplin 6 Fbailee. - ~. Icabod Ormsby Samuel Smith Icabod Ormsby, 7 Newbury lacab Kent, acob Kent 7 r' ~eJohn G. Bailey.... ohn G. Bailey 10 Strafford. rederick Smith ohn Powell Elijah Beaman 11 Thetford Tim. Bartholomew Silas Web Tw $' IsraelSmith From NEW HAMP.. sIeR. * 1. Charlestown,I William Page,, 2 Canaan- 2 Thomas Baldwin I Sam'l Witherbee 3 Claremnont:. 3 Mathias Stone 4'Haverbill 4 James Bailey 3 Oliver Ashley Benjamin Sumner 5"Cheste,rfield. 5 Samuel King., 6 Enfield'. 6 Bela Turner.5 Silas Thompson ", 7 Dresden Bezaleel Woodard 8 Hanover 8 David WVoodard 7 Eb'z'r Brewster 8 S J anath'Freemian 8 Jonathan Wright 9 Lebanon. o-huaWheatley. John House 8 sonath. Freeman 9.. Nehe'h. Estabrook 9 Elisha Payne ) Keene: 9Elil u Hyde ". 10. 10 Isaac Wyman 11 Cardigan 11 Elisha Payne 11 Sawyer Bullock 10 Ezra Stiles,12 Walpole 12 John Graves 12 12 12 Jonathan Hall 13 Westmreland. 13 Jonathan Cole 13. -- Archelaus Temple 14 Lyrme 144jonathan Child 14 15 Oxford 15 Israel Morey.15 Eben. Fairfield l14Ebenezer Green 16 A'cworth. 16 John Duncan 16 Peleg Sprague 17 Cornish,. 17 William Ripley 17 " 19 GBathw'aite Elisha Cleaveland 19 Guthwaite ~ 19 John Young 19 20 Landaff Nathaniel Rogers 120 Absolem Peters.21 Gilsun. Ebenezer Dewey 22 Plainfield.22 Jona'n Stevens 22 Francis Smith.23 Pieroont Abner Chandler 2 1Josiabh'Russell 23 Thomas Russell 24 Hinsdale.24 Daniel Jones 25 Richmond 25 Silas' Gaskill 32 ls5'.ed 25 Daniel Cass 526 Asteaod. Nath'l S'. Prentiss S Graftoyon,. 27 Moses Whipple 28-Russel Mason 3029 Marlowter. 9 Samuel Canfield 31 Lyrmapt..' 30 Elijah Frink.31 Newport L n 31 Nathan Hoedges Hmsie32pato Newporat 32 Benjamin -Giles'34 Orford'35 Saville.'Davenport Phelps 35 Moses True 36Surry. WalstonBrockway'y ain examination of SLADE'S VER- their. October session 1781, holden at Charles-,MONT STATE PAPERS, you will find the town, N. Ii, the connection was brought to an ~ particulars -of a Union formed by a part of New end. On this and the next page you will find.Hampshire, and-a part of-.New York,..with. the names of the representatives from those Vermont, for the extension of the latter; and two states, one of which was chosen Clerl in representatives, were admitted from those states- 1778, and. another Lieut. Governor in act in the legislature. a number of times, till

Page  20 20 REPRESENTATIVES BEFORE 1788. RUTLAND ce. 17821i 1783 t 1784 1785 1786 1787 1 BGesoa J l |1 Asahel Smith 2 John Mlott Nathan Daniels 3 Isaac Clark 3 Reuben Moulton Eli Cogswell Noah Lee Brewster Higley 3 Isaac Clark. 5 Ellhu Smith [LY Joseph Snmith Daniel Marsh 5 INCREASS MOSE- Thaddeus Curtis Abel Cooper 6 Thomas Rowley Darius Lobdell t Roger Williams Peter Lewis Edward Vail S Peter Lewis 7 Fairhaven Mathew Lyon cP L 8 Hubbardton 8 David Hickock Nathan'Rumsey 9 Lpmuel Roberts Joseph Wood Lenuel Roberts Cephas Carpenter tR 11 Middletown Joseph Spauldig Joseph pding 14 Sime'n Edgert'n Joel Harman William Fitch Let mel Chipman 16 Eben. Drury Jonathan Fassett Eleazer Harwood Jonathan Fassett 16Gideon Cooley 17 Titus Watson James Brookings 17 William Ward " " Thoma A shley 18 Roswell Post Samuel Williams - 18 John Stevens Samuel William 181.Benj. Whipple 20 leab'd Kobinsoli Benedict Webber Nathan Finney 22 Sam. Mattocks c 22 Thomas Poster Ebenezer Marvin Nathani'l Chipman Ebenezer Marvin 23 Ebenez Murray Abraham Ives Nathaniel Ives Abhraham Iackson Joseph Randall Stepheu Clark 24 Abel Merriman " Daniel Culver Abel Merriman. Samuel Lathrop ORANGB CO. 1 John Barron 1 Benjamin Baldwii " Noah White Bildad Andrus 5 N.he'lh Lovewell ". Reuben Foster 6:VAT5HANxI'L NILES Nathaniel Niles 16 Israel Morey Samuel Smith 7 Ebenezer White. 7 iJacob Bailey ohn G. Bailey Thomas Johnson 10 Heber G(ilbert 10 Elijah Beaman Enoch Bean Timothy Blake Heber Gilbert Samuel Bliss Alexand'rPennock 11 Moody Freeman Israel Smith 11 Beriah Loomis " Tim. Bartholomew Beriah Loomis 14 Vershire roel Walker 9 Randolpp 9 Asa Edgerton James Blodgett 9 James Steele Asa Edgerton ADDISON C. 1 Addison I John Strong Zadock Everest 4 Hiland Hall Samiuel Benton 15 Pantong 15 Zadock Everest. 15 Peter Ferris St 2 Cambridge 23 Samuel Beach 23 Whiting 2 Samuel Beach 2 Daniel Kinsley 2 Thomas P. Loid John Fassett 4 Colchester 4 Tho. Butterfield 4 Ira Allen Cs MembenW from June session, 1781 Oct. session, 1781 6 Ferrisburgh 5 Abel Thompson It NEW YORK. 9 keicester John Smith 9 Thomas Sawyer 1 Black;Creek John Shepherd 11 * Middlebnry Gamaliel Paintcr 2 Cambridge Phine's Whiteside 12 Monkton Ebenezer BaroPus 2 roseph Caldwell, 13 Newhaven Phinelas Brown Bezaleel Rudd 3 Hoosick. John Abbott Stutson Benson 14 Orwell Ebenezer Wilson 3Jenathan Walton 4 Greenfield Gideon Warren aonathau Walton 3 Brookfield Jonathan Pierce Timothy Cowle 5 Granville Asaph Cook 13 Tunbridge 13 Seth Austin 6 Little Hoosick Abraham Burdick It 17 Williamstown 17 Elijah Paine 6 David Ratidall.. 9 Burlington Samuel Lane Frederick Saxtou 7 North Granville Benjamin Baker 5 Esse, Dubartus Willard Timothy Bliss 8 South Granvolle Joseph Craw 8 Jericho Jedediah Lane James Farnsworth 9 Skeensboro' Aaron Fuller To Jrib CeSt Silas Child 11 Shelburne. 11 Caleb Smith 10 Schaghticoke'hiomat Benedict David Smith 15 Williston Jonathan Spafford 10. Bezaleel Phelps 4 Fairfax 4 Thomas Russell 1I1Saratoga Thomas Smith'' ll JSaratoga Thomas Smith.. 9 Highgate 9 Tho. Butterfield " 11 John Rogers 12 Ryegato James Whitelaw. *The town of Salisbury claim Judge Painter part which is now Salisbury village. as their Representative in 1787, in consequence The foregoing pages contain all the Repreof a new running of town lines, taking his house sentatives previous to the year 1788, that: a:e to unexpectedly, two or three rods south of the befound, The journals of March, 1778.and of south line of Middlebury, and the journals of October, 1786, do not contain a catalogue of the that year support their:claim; but I have not:members, but I think I have both nearly accuyet learned that they claim him in 1786,althoug;; irate. living in the same house both years. Nor haV' The remainder will be arranged by counties I been informed of their laying any claim to alphabetically, and will come as even as any Thomas Sawyer who represented Leicester in mode without dividing counties. By the figures 1787, 8 and 9, although he resided on the disput- before the towns, the reader. will be enabled to dL territory between the two towns, and on that follow any town througb Ibe work to 1850.

Page  21 REPRESENTATIVES, ADDISON, BENNINGTON, CALEDONIA 21 ADDISON CO. 1788 1789 1790 1791 I Addison Zadock Everest j " David Whitney Samuel Strong 2 Bridport Philip Stone Philip Stonre Marshall,Smith 3 Bristol 4 Cornwall Samuel Benton " Thomas Tolman Samuel Benton5 Ferrisburgh Abel Thompson.. 9 Leicester Thomas Sawyer " John Smith Benja'n Whitman I1 Middlebury Gamaliel Paintert 66. 12 Monkton Samuel Barnum " Joseph Willo'ghby 13 Newhaven Alexander Brush Phinehas Brown Fliiah Foot' 14 Orwell William Smith Ebenezer Wilson " 15 Panton Gideon Spencer Peter Ferris Benjamin Holcomb " 17 Salisbury Stephen Hard Eleazer Claghorn Stephen Hard 18 Shoreham Josiah Pond Josiah Pond James Moore 20 Vergennes Samuel Chipman Jabez Fitch Enoch Woodbridge 22 Weybridge Abel Wright " Samuel Clark 23 Whiting Samuel Beach Ezra Allen Ebenezr Wheelock " BENNINGTON CO. 1 Arlington Nathan Canfield Timothy Todd i 2 Bennington Elijah Dewey Jonathan Robinson T m h 3 Dorset William Dueton John Shumway William Dunton John Shumway 6 Manchester Thomas Barney Gideon Ormsby Job Giddings 8 Pownal Thomas Jewett. i 10 Rnpert Israel Smith " Moses Sheldon.11 I Sandgate Richard Hurd Richard Hurd " 13 Shaftsbury *Gideon Olin Gideon Olin Gideon Olin Gideon Olin 14 Stamford Benjamin Tupper Perez Deane Andrew Selden " 1.5 Sunderland Gideon Brownson " St i CALEDONIA CO. l Barnet Alexander Harvey James Cross Alexander Harvey " 3 Cabot 4 Danville Abraham Morrill Jesse Leavenworth David Whither Jesse Leavenworth 1 I Peacham Wm. Chamberlin 12 Ryegate John Gray 14 St. Johnsbury Joel Roberts HON. liENRY OLIN He had among his townsmen an old gentleman that had taken a dislike to the Judge, but being Came into Loicester at an early day. and politically agreed, he would support the Judge from his large dimensions and' rather awkward for office. On one occasion he came into meethabits, the people were not at first much prepos- ing while the ballotting was going on,-pushed sessed in his favor, But being of a strong mind himself through the crowd to the box and spoke and full of wit and anecdote, prejudices began out in a loud voice, " here Mr. Constable is a vote to wear away, and he was. chosen a Representa- for Judge Olin, hut I hope God will forgive me." tive in 1799 and continued to be chosen for During his services on the bench he had given twenty-two out ot twenty-six years. He was some offenceto one of the young attornies, that two years a member of the Council, and three has since disappointed many of his enemies. A years Lieutenant Governor, and one short ses- person informed the Judge that this attorney was sion was a member of Congress to supply the going to the Legislature to prevent him from place of' the Hon. Charles Rich, deceased. He beingre-appointed. Well, said theJudge, Ivill was one of the Assistant Judges of the County tell the company a story. When 1 first came Court for eight years, and Chief Judge fifteen into Leicester, I built a log hut and began utyears in succession from 1801 to 1824. ting down the forest east of it which enabled me When he first began legislation it was a new toseethe sun and moon as they rose, earlier business to him, and the sound of his own voice than usual. I had a little dog, and he seeing would sometimes embarrass him in that body of the moon lower down than he had before, and talented men. An anecdote is related of him as shining through the trees concluded some misfollows: He arose from his seat and began chief was on foot, and began to bark at the moon, "Mr. Speaker. I rise for information," and and kept at it, and paused. Well, says one, halted. Upon which another member arose and': what next?" Why, I could not discover that said: "Mr. Speaker I very much rejoice it had any effect whatever on the moon, that that tFe gentleman should arise with such a com- kept on its course the same as if the dog had mendable object, for no man needs it more." been silent, but I discovered the little dog was ~*Speakers in Italics.

Page  22 22'.. REPRESENTATIVES, -AD.., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. ADDISON CO. 1792.! 1793, 1794.. 5. 179 6.I IDavid Whitnieyl ":.. Jcsiah Clark Zadock. Everest Josiah Clark 2 Marshall' Smith' ". - 3 Jona.-Eastman Henry M'Langhlin.Jona. Eastnman Gurdon Munsill 4 Willi:m, Slade Joel Linsley. 5 Abe'l Tho:mpsonl ~.. 9 Benj. Whitman John Smith " Bienj. Whitman " 1i Gaml. Painter ": Joshua vde amalil Painter 12 John Ferguson Joseph Willougly I; John Ferguson 13 Miles Bradlev,William Eno Miles Bradley Elijah Foot. " 14 Jabez Warren:benezer Wilson'!Amos Spafford Jabez Warren Ebenezei' Wilsoin 15 Peter Ferris Edmond Grandey ".17 Stephen Hard''. " Eleazer Ciaghorn 18 James Moore Ephraim Doolittle James Moore Josiah -Pond 20 E. Woodbridge " Gideon Spencer. Amos Marsh 22 Samuel Clark Samuel Jewett'.... 23 Ebe'r Wheelock Joel Foster Eben'r Wheelock. BENNINGTON CO. 1. Nathan Canifield Timothy Todd:. Jonathan Baker 2-Jona. Robinson — Elijah Dewe 3'John Shnmway. Jona. Armstrorng Stephen Martindale John Shumway oa. DArmstrong Armtrng Shumway Jo.Armstrong 6 Job Giddings Matin PGwell: Gideon Ormsby George. Sextoi 8 Josiah Wright Solomon Wright 9 Readsbore' Samuel Thayer Elijah Bayley 10 David Sheldon Moses helden David Sheldon Grove Moore 11 Richard Hurd Samuel Bristol Sirneon H-azletine' Reuben Thomas' 13 Gideon Olin Gideon Olin Peter Wright' 14 Andrew Selden': -. Benj. Tupper 15 Samuel Bartlett Gilbert Bradley Lemuel Bradley 16 Winhall Asa BeebeCALEDONIA CO.' I A. Harvey;... Enos'Stcvens. 3.Janmes Morse Joseph Morse Samuel Warner-. 4 J. Leavenworth Benjamin Sias ". 7,Hardwick 9 Lyndon;: Josiah Arnold Daniel Cahoon "; I I W. Chamberlin ( 12: Josiah Page Joh-Gray siah Page 14 Joel Roberts J osias L. Arnold' o.JOel Roberts'16 Walden... Nathaniel Perlkins 1.7 Waterfford ~J -Jonathan'Grow' John Grow 18 Wheelock.' John Beane. some-hoarse for a few days, and I never knew.ION. SAMUEL C. CRAFTS him to bark at the moon ain,.. Is a son of Col. Ebenezer Crafts,..who began When:the Judge took his seat isd Congress iin the firs'tsettlement bf Craftsbur'yin 1788, though Dec.,; 1824, the weather was unpleasant and. very' hedid not remove his'mily there till February, differe'nt from what:he was accustomed to see, 791, butwas..:tbere himnself'ani experience.and but a short time to stay, his brother many of the hardships incident to a life in the members were not very anxious'for an o acquaint-. wilderness1 having to d'raw the female part o't ance, and he was lonely. One.of the memtes. is family, with otherswho camewith himit,fromi in conversation.with him, wished to know how abot, 18 miles.' on' hand sleds with snow shoe., he liked Washington as acompared w.ith Vermont. and snow four feet deep.'.The town was organTheJudge said he liked'some things in Wash ized'in'March, 1792, and Samuel C: Crafts was,ingtodn very well, but he preferred Ve imon't n the firs T ownClerkwhich officehe held, banimany, espec~ts, and onein partiqular, which is, nl electiostill March, 1829, in which Joseph, hee: you havewhite butter and yellow girls, and Scott (then Jun wa eiected and as ield it till in Ve rmont we have yellow butter and white F.eb, 1851.) Samnuel' C Crafts' was ltb'rn at girls..'Woodstock, in the county of Windharm, State: The Judge, removed to Salisbury in thle spring- of Conneeticut, on day of October,.'A. of 1837,' where.:he died the, salme y-ear,. aged D..1768.. He graduated'at Harvarrd University,:about.-.70 years. MasMsachiisetts, inJul Jy, 1790; and in the -wiiter.

Page  23 REPRESENTATIVES, AD.,, BEN:, CAL., CONTINUED. -2. kADDISON CO. 1797 1.798.:1799. "1800. 1801 a1 D.vid Whitney Levi anks'. "! Gideon SeHar Philip Ston' [ar al0.'" G o 2 Philip Stone Harshall Smith' " I Phinehas Kitchel 3 H M'Lauighlin Timothy Allen Robert Holley' 4 Joel Lin:slley William Slade oeJoel insley: 5 Abel Thompson. c. I'heolMiddlebrools Amos Thompson T. Middiebrolks 8 Hancock' Esaias Butts. Benj. Whitman Jon Smith Henry Olin. 10io iticoln.:. J: edediah Durfey 11 Samuel. Miller':.,ni' Chipman.Gama.liel Paintet 12 Jos. Wiloughby Josiah Willoughby SamueliBarnum Daniel Smith Samuel Barntur 13 Ezra HIoyt. William Eno Ejisha Fulle 14 JabezWarren Pliny Smith. " -' " -: 15 Edm'nd Grandy Silas Pond 17 E. Claghorn. Stephen Hard SAa"thiel B3tmp'' 18& Josiah Pond'Thomas Rich Josiah Pond Charleg Rich Josiah d 19 STak7sboro' John erguso John Feruson..20AAmos Marsh;.. os Mrsh.A mos' MAosarsh:s;22 S. Jewett',:.Simon Dickinson Samuel. Jewett Silas Wight 23;Joel Foster' -: ". *.. Aaron Beach. B3ENNINGTON CO.' 1 Jonathan Baker Aaron C' Collins Tyrus Hurd. Natha' Canfield Jonathan Baker 2 Jona. Rbinson'.. Jona. Robinson 3 John Shlumway.' ~ Jna, Armstrong Steph'n Martindale.5 Landgrove. David Carpenter Daniel Tuthil,6 George' Sexton Gideon.Ormsby " Jacob Odel'. Gideon Ormsby. 8 Josiah Wright ".'" Josiah Wright'.9. Elijah Bailey' 1':Grove Moore David Sheldon, -'. c -. II Richard'Hurd. Reuben. Thomas John Watkins 13 Peter Wright. Gideon Olin Jonas Galusha Jacob Galusha 14 Bethue'l Finney...'' c Simeon Stevens 15 Samuel Bartlett Lemuel.Bradley Gilbert Bradley. 16'RusseI Day' John.Bro6ks' Rissel D)ay, Asa Beebe Jr.Asa BeebJe 17 Wleoodford.. Elkanah Danfortli.' OALFDONIA CO.'1..Walter Brock'.. i.. James.M'Leraff 3 Samntiel Warner Horace Bea'rdslev..oseph Fisher 4 Benj.' Sias Jesse Leavenworth Benjamin Sia8s David.-D.unbar 7 Paul Spooner. Levi G'oodrich 9 Daniel Cahoon. "'. ~ II J.W. Chan'aler' Reuben'Blanchard David Elkins Jonathani Elking 12 John Cameron Wmn. Neiison Jr...'John Cameron 14 Joel' Roberts Joseph Lord'Joel Roberts Joseph:Iord 16 N' Nicholas' Gilman' Nathaniel Perkins. Nath' llarrington 17 John Grow. Asa Grow....'.. 18 Abra'am Morrill' John h.Beane' AbrahamMorrill....".... following, came with.his parents to Vermont. leans Colnty Court, on' its first organization inr He was soon after chqsen a delegate to a Con- 1800, and continued in: that office till' 1810, at ventionwhich formed the Constitution'at Wind- which.time he was appointed Chief Judge, and sor,'J uly.4, 1793,'and was the youngest.member held that office till December 1st. 1816, in which of that convention, and( is [elieved to be the on' year he was elected:a member of Congress. ly one of'that convention now living.- He was to commence' March 4, 1817,: and was three also. a memberof the House of Representatives times'subsequently elected and continued to in 1796, 1800,-1, 3, and 5. and Clerk of. the As- March 3d, 1825; when' he. was again elected sembly in 1798, and 9. He was a member. of Councillor, which' office he held for the two suc, the Coun'cilin. 1809. 1810, 1811, 1.812, and would - ceeding'years, In October, 18,25. he' was aphave been in 1813, had not the canvassing comn- pointed first Judge of the'County Court which mittee of that year viewed it be their duty to re-.he held till December, 1828, In 1828 and 1829, ject the votes returned from the town of C.ol- he was chosen Govern'or of the. State by the'peo, chester.': ple, and in 1830 was Governor' but. chosen by':He was appointed'irstAssistant Judgeof. Or the Legislature,.In the winter of 1842 he re-......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Page  24 Ai 1StPRESENTATIVES, AD,, BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. ADDISOI' CO. 1802 1803. 1804. 1805. 1806. 1 Gideon Segar." -,., 2 Phine'as Kitchel " Asa Hemenway # William Mvrick 3 Robert Holley,'4 Ezekitl Dunton 4 Joel Linsley David Foot " Benjamin Sanford 5 T. Middlebrook " " John Frasier The'l Middlebrookr 6 8 Esaias Butts Esaias Butts - B Henry Olin " Abijah Perry Henry Olin to EbenezerI)urfey Howland Deldng Ebenezer Durfev ii Daniel Chipman Garitaliel Paintet Daniel Chipman Gamaliel Painter Daniel Chipman 12 Daniel Smith "i., 13 E. Fuller.",, 14 P. Smith " " ~ 1.5 Silas Pond " Saml. Shepherd Silas Ponid. 6is 17 Salathiel Bump Reuben Saxton Salathiel Btimp Reuben Saxtoti Salathiel Bump 18 Charles Rich John S, Larabee Charles Rich " i9 John Fergusofi.( I Sawuel Hill John Ferguson 20 E'h Woodbridge Amos Marsh Samuel Strong " Thomas Byrd 21' 22 Silas Wright " " Samuel Jewett c -3 Eb'nr Wheelock David Brown - " Aaron Beach David Brown BENNINGTON CO. I Jonathan Baker * " t Tyrus Hurd 2 Moses Robinson Nathan Robinson Martfn Norton William IHenet Wmin. Henry Jr 3 Ste'n Martindale John Shumway "c Saminel ColliLs " 5 David Carpenter " DaniPl Tuthil Asa Utley Daniel Tuthil c 6 Gideon Ormsby Robert Anderson Nath'l Collins CC And'w Richardson 7 Reuben Bigelow c" 8 Josiah Wright Solomon Wright " Benj. Gardnei " 9 John Whitney Elijah Bailey " 4 " 44 10 David Sheldon c Josiah Rising 4 4 11 Reuben Thomas Richard Hurd " " t 13 Jacob Galusha " c " 14 Bethuel Finney " James Millard S. Wilmarth Jr Shubael Wilmarth 15 Edmond Graves " Gilbert B,3adley Ednotnd Graves " 16 Asa Beebe Jacob Hale " Asa Beebe Jacob Hale 17 Elka'h Danforth ] CALEDONIA CO. 1 Alex. Harvey " John Batchop David GoodWillie Wm. Strowbridge 2 Burke Thomas Bartlett it B Joseph Fisher " John W'. Dana Jr Joseph Fisher Pearly Scott 4 David Dunbar Saml. Chambetlain Joseph Moffet Christop'r Sargeant Joseph Moffet 6 Deweysburgh Stephen Crossiman Ford Placestead 6 Groton. Johla. M'Cumber Jesse Heath.... 7 Levi Goodrich;" SamuelFrenth " " 9 William Cahoon Isaiaih Fisk " William Cahbon Abraham' Sitith 11 Reub Blanchard. Jonathan Elkirs Winm. Chamberlain Jona. Elkins Jr. 12 John Cameron.... James Neilson jf 13 Sheffield Stephen Drown 14 Nathaniel Edson " " Pres West Nath'l Edson i5 Sutton Caleb Fisk " 16 N. Farrington " Nath'l Perkins " C i7 Jos. Armington C" " "i Silas Davison 18 Abram Morrill 1\ ". John Beane Abraham Morriil ceivedfrom the Governor the appointment of identof the Constitutional Convention of 1829. Senator in Congress, in room of the Hon. Sam- In all the duties he has perobrmed, "doing uel Prentiss, who had resigned on being ap- right " has been his principal object, and none tointed a District Judge in the room of Judge has been able to say that he ever swerved fromPaine deceased. In the fall of that year he was that. He still lives in Crattsbury, enjoying re. elected by the Legislature to fill the vacancy in maikable health and strength for one of his ageo the Senate till March 3d, 1843. He was Pres.

Page  25 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. 25 ADDISON CO. 1807 1 808. 1809. 1810. 1811. I Gideon Segar David'Whitney 2 Winm. Mvrick i (. 8 Aminos Eastman Ezekiel Dunton Amos Eastman Noble Munson Robert Holley 4 David Foot }Joel Linsley ritis Fenn Darius Mathews 5 Obadiah Walker ".. T. Middlebrooks 7 Joel Rice!Joseph Patrick.. ". 8 Esaias Butts. Zenas Robbins " Esaias Butts 9 Henry Olin (] I0 E. Durfey " David Corbin Ebenezer Durfey Joseph Delong 11 Daniel Chipman Gamaliel Painter,, Samuel Mattocks 12 Frederick Smith'Dlaniel Smith ". Jos. Willoughby Jr Daniel Smith 13 Elisha Fulle r;Ezra Hoyt Jonathan Hoyt jr. Mathew Phelps Jr 14 Pliny Smith | " Joab Smith 15 Saml Shepherd ".... 17 Salathiel Bump'Reuben Saxton " " Salathiel Bump 18 Charles Rich "..... 19 Samuel Hill tJohn Ferguson " Eliha Ferguson Samuel Hill 20 John H. Sherrill!David Edmond Amos W. Barnum E. D. Woodbridge 22 Samuel Jewett. *" Asaph Hayward John Brittol 23 Stukely Stone " Elijah Kirkum Jr Stukely Stone BENNINGTON CO. I Jonathan Baker Sylvester Deming. " 2 Wm Henrv Jr W W NVilliam Henry 3 John Shumnway Samuel Collins... 5 Daniel Tuthil " Peabody Utley Daniel Tuthil 6 Christ'r Roberts Joel Pratt 2d ". 7. Peter Dudleye ". 8 Benj. Gardrier " " " Samuel Wright 9 Elijah Bailey "( " " 10 Josiah Rising Asaph Sheldon Josiah Rising David Sheldon 11 Richard Hurd Sherman Prindle George Peck " 13 Jacob Galusha;, Charles Dyer 14 S. Wilmarth." " Otis Phillips 1.5 Edmond Graves "h " " " 16 Asa Beebe Jr... 17 E.Danforth "William Park D. Lyman Moses Robinson jr CALEDONIA COI Enos Stevens John Duncant " " 2 Thomas Bartlett Roman F'yler " Daniel Newell Abner Coe 3' J. W. Dana Jr - Damon Joseph Fisher Joha W. Dana Jr. Joseph Fisher 4 W. A. Griswold " " Winm. A. Palmer 5 Zenas Crossman " Set to Danville &Peach'm 6 Jesse Heath " Jeremiah Hidden " Jesse Heath 7 Mark Norris Amos PFarley. Alpha Warner 8 Kirby Theophilas Grout Leon'd Harrington iC 9 Abraham Smith William Cahoon ". William Cahoon 10 Newark. Eleazer Packer 11 John Maitocks Winm. Chamberlin Jonathan Elkins " Jesse Merrill 12 John Cameron... Hugh Laughlin 13 Jos. tH. Ingalls Reuben Miles Stephen Drown Jcseph H. Ingalls " 14 Pres West Ariel Aldrich " Calvin Jewett 15 Caleb ZFisk Jethro Sanborn Thomas Colby Caleb Fisk 16 David Gilman Nath'l Farrington J" oseph Perkins Nath'l Farringtcn 17 Jos. Armington Sylv's Hemenway " " Samuel Fellows jr. Abraham Morrill Edward IFifield C" Abner Morrill *The town of Weybridge, politically, has been about even. This year, Samuel Jewett was returned a member by one majority. He took his seat in the House, which was politically against him. and it was contested, and the Committee on Elections reported hhat he was not duly elected. The House accepted the report by a vote of 98 to.7. and the seat left vacant. The old gentleman remarked,!' I am on the gain, I had but one majority to. come here, and I have got twentyone majority to go home." 4

Page  26 26 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. ADDISOO* 00. 1812. 1813. 1814. 1815 81 6 1 David Whitney "t i Gideon Segar 2 Phine's Kitchell Benjamin Skiff John B. Catlin. Sanmuel Buck 3 Luther Blrnard Ezekiel Dunton Henry Soper Luther Newcomb Noble Munson 4 D. Mathews..' 5 Obadiah Walker The'l Middlebrooks " " Benjamin Field.6 Goshes Phinehas Blood " 7 J.ose#h Patrick' 8 Esaias Butts John Hartshorn ~', Esaias Butts.:9 HIenry Olin. " Isaac Morse.10 Ebenezer Durfey Joseph Delong E. Durfey Joseph Delong Jeremiah Hatch -1 1 Daniel Chipman Daniel Chipman Danael (Chipman Peter Starr Samuel Swift 12 Step'n Haight jr ", "' 13 Ezra Hoyt Levi Warner.14 Joab Smith.- Jas. Q. M'Farland " 15 S. Shepherd " Henry Chamberlin Abner G. Holcomb Samuel Shepherd;17 Reuben Saxton ( Jonathan Gibson,, 18 Charles Rich Elisha Bascom Joseph Smith Charles Rich Joseph Smith 2d ]9 Elisha ~Ferguson ~". Ezekiel Pease EP' erguson 20 A. W. Barnum David Edmond " E. D. Woodbridge 22 G. Cleaveland Samuel Jewett b,, 23 David Brown, -, BENNINGTON CO. I JoshuaJudson Sylvester Deming Nathan Canfield I,,:2 Elijah Dewey Noadiah Swift Stephen Robinson Aaron Robinson'3 Benj. Deming. John Underhill, 5 Peabody Utley Daniel Tuthil David Willey 6 C. Chamberlin Joel Pratt Elijah Littlefield Richard Skinner E. Littlefield 7 Peter Dudley Peter Dudley P. Dudley 8 Samuel Wright Thos- Birownal 2d Solomon Wright ( 9 Elijah Bailey Joshua Dupy ( Elijah Bailey Henry Davison 10 A. Harmon jr.. Josiah Rising Amos Harmon jr. Silas'Harwood II George' Peck Joseph Tuttle Thomas Tuttle Joseph Tutile Isaac Sherman 13 Charles Dyer I Gardner Barton. Elihu Cross 14 Otis Philips i Timothy Cook Otis Phillips 15 Edmond Graves Ethan Bradley Edmond Graves it 16 Asa Beebe Asa Beebejr Russell Day. Asa Beebe i( 17 M. Robinson Moses Robinson Oliver Perry Jona. Danforth Luther Park CALEDONIA CO. I Adam Duncan' t Alex. Gilchrist ",, 2 Isaac Denison Abner Coe Svlvester Hall Roman Fyler 3 Joseph Fisher John Damon Joseph Fisher David Haynes 4 WinVm. A. Palmer Win. A. Griswold l Mn. A. Griswold Win. A. Griswold 6 Jesse Heath Peter M'Lacklin!A.. 7 Alpha Warner Amos Tuttle,,, 8 Theo. Grout. Leon'rd Harrington Theophilus Grout 9 William Cahoon Isaiah Fisk 10 Eleazer Packer James Ball Eleazer Packer I1 Jesse Merrill Jonathan Elkins Nicholas C.Buswell John Mattocks -. 12 Hugh Laughlin James Henderson John Neilson James Henderson Hugh Laughlin 13 Stephen Drown Reuben Miles Joseph H. Ingalls ". 14 Calvin Jewett " " " Ariel Aldrich 15 Thomas Colby Ezra Child B Benj. Campbell Caleb. Fisk 16 T..Farrington Win. Montgomery a'mes Bell Thos. Farrington 17 S. Hemenway Svlv's Hemingway,. 18 Abra'm Morrill Samuel Fellows jr Elijah Sargeant Abner. Morrill Saml Fellows jr MATHEW LYON, Who first represented Arlington in 1779, &c., and afterwards Fairhaven many times, endeavored to. obtain the passage of an act giving him the exclusive right. of Slitting Iron in Vermont. He. had.couuted a member from a town very near Bennington, a political fiiend, as one of the suppoirters of his bill, but after hearing argument on both sides, the project looked like asking too much, and when his namnewas galled to vote on the question, he asked to be excused, reasons were

Page  27 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUE;S. 27r,ADDISON CO. 1817 1818. 1819. 1820. V182fI 1 Robert Chambqrs Aaron Merrill Robert Chambers " 2 Samuel Buck John B.'Catlin Benjamin Miner Jr 3 Henry Soper Luther Newcomb Henry Soper Noble Munson 4 Darius Mathews Aaron Delong " Tho's P. Mathews Benjamin Sanford; 5 Benjamin IField, Thomas Marsh Robert B. Hazard... 6'7 Thomas King " Benjamin Pinney oel' Rice';8 Esaias Butts Icabod Eastman Esaias Butts Omri Dodge''9 HIenry Olin William Gile c-:10 Jeremiah Hatch Ebenezer Durfey..., 11 Samuel Swift Daniel Chipman Jonathan Hagar Daniel Chipman" Stephen Haight jr. c" 13 Ezra Hoyt Silas Doud "O Othniel Jewett Ezra Hoyt 14 Joab Smith Jam's Q M'Farland Apollos Austin John Jackson 1 5 -Silas Pond Samuel Shepherd S3ilas Tappan,, - 17 Reuben Saxton SalahielBump ", 18 Elisha Bascom -' Joseph Smith-, 2d. Elisha Bascom John S. Larrabe& 1 9 Elisha Ferguson " Eber DBlodgett David Kellogg Elisha Fergason 20 David Edmond E'h D. Woodbridge William White David Edmond 22 Sanmuel Jewett Samuel Childs Samuel Jewett Asaph Drake 23 Eb'.nr Wheelock " " James 0. Walker BENNINGTON CO. 1 Danil Chunrch' Sylvester Deming Cyrus Canfield *. 2 Aaron Robinson Jonathan Robinson Moses Robinson 3 John Underhill ". Gideon Davis ~6 Joel Pratt Richard Skinner Elijah Littlefield Calvin Sheldon Joseph Burr;8 Soloinon Wright Benjamin Gardne I Stoddard Merchant Solomon Wright 9 Rich'd Carpenter John VWalker.' Jeremiah Amidon Jonath'n Houghton 10 Silas Harwood Nathan Burton " Seth Moore " 11 George Peck Isaac Sherman', Abraham Hurd John H. Sanderson 13 Elihu Cross Jonathan Draper Norman Hinsdell 14 Otis Phillips Levi Gilmore " John M'Elwain - 1.5 Edmond Graves Timothy Brownson William Landon,, ",16 Russel Day Reuben Brooks 17 Luther Park Jonathan Danfortli William.Palk Joseph C. Hollister David Weeks jr. -CALEDONIA CO. 1 Henry Oakes " WVm. Gilkerson,,' " 2 Isaac Denison Roman Fvler Abncr Coe Isaac Denisonr Coe -3 David Haynes John WV. bDana " Enoch Hoyt 4 Win- A. Griswold William A. Palmel Wn A. A. Grisold JoseDh Morrill 6 James Renfrew " Peter M' Lacklin - David Vance 7 Joel Whipple Joshua Cutler Levi Goodrich - Solomon Aiken 8 Theophilas Grout "' Ebenezer Damon:9 Isaiah Fisk " Isaac Fletcher Isaiah Fisk a10 Eleazer Packer James Ball Philemon Hartwell' 11 Nehemi' Bradlee Jesse Merrill Nehemiah Bradlee 12 Hugh:Laughlin Alexan. Henderson John Cameron John Neilson 13 Jos'h H. Ingalls Stephen Drown Benjamin Conner Joseph H. Ingalls'14 Ariel Aldrich " Pres West Abner Miles Ephraim Paddock:15 James Way " Caleb Fisk Jacob C. Morrill -' Wm. Montgomery James Bell. (", 17 Jos'h Armington Nathan Pike " Jacob.Benton' 18 S. Fellows jr. Abner Morrill Isal te called for, he said, " Mr. Speaker, I cannot in conscience vote. upon this question, my conscience till not let me vote upon it,and I must be excused." Thereupon arose a Scotch member from Caledonia County, and began, Mr. Spaker, I think the jointleman must have a werry coorious kind of a konshunts that'wont let him say ces nor noo.

Page  28 28 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. A DDISON CO. 1822.1 1823. 1824. 1825, 1826. I Rob't Chambers j David Whitney HIenry Brevoort " 2 Benj. Miner jr Phiinehas Kitchel " Benj. Miner jr' Calvin Solace 3 Henny Soper Luther Newcomb " Daniel E. Parmelee Henry Soper 4 AsahelBingham Bern. Sanford " Horace Janes it 5 Josiah Taft Stodard Martin. Dani-el Marsh 6 7 Joel Rice. " Joseph Patrick jr Benj. Pinney 8 Charles Church " Zerah Barnes Omri Dodge Charles Church 9 Henry Olin ( C Pearlev Enos (I 10 Nathan Page Robert Johnson "J John Bush Robert Johnson 11 Jonathan Hagar Robert B Bates Joel Doolittle R. B. Bates " 12 S. Haight jr John Smith Stephen Haight John Smith Johnson Finney 13 Elias Bottum Othniel Jewett Elzya Hoyt William Nash Is 14 John Jackson ". I Ira Smith 2d 15 Silas Tappan ". Jonathan Spencer Silas Tappan Enoch Kent 17 Salathiel Bump Harvey Deming, i Aaron Barrows 18 Elisha Bascom John S. Larrabee " Elisha Bascom S. HI Jenison 19 Elisha Ferguson " Myron Bushnell, Elijah Ferguson 20 Edward Sutton E. D. Woodbridge Amos W. Barnum 21 Waltham C. Denison jr " 22 Asaph Drake Samuel Childs Milo Stow,Wight. Chapman 23 Jas. O. Walker *, Josiah Simonds Esquire Brown James 0. Walker BENNINGTON CO. 1 Abel Aylsworth A, Aylsworth jr Asahel Hard Samuel S. Baker 2 0. C. Merrill Moses Robinson Noadiah Swift C. H. Hammond 3 John Underhill Reub. H. Blackmer Johnson Marsh Reub. H. Blackmer 5 JDavid Willey 6 J, S. Pettibone Josiah Burton Joseph Burr John S. Pettibone Major IIawley 7 8 L- Staunton Solomon Wright Lodowick Staunton Stod't Merchant Abel W. Porter Richard Carpenter Jedediah Amidon Jona. Houghton James Carpenter Henry Holbrouk 10 Seth Moore Myron Clark Elisha Hopkins Abram C. Sheldon 1 1 J. H. Sandersor. iSamuel Thomas i 13 Asa Mattison Nathan H.Bottum G. Barton jr N. H. Bottum 14 John W. Elwain Levi Gillmore James Millerd Otis Phillips 15 William Landon " Gideon Brownson James A Graves Joseph Bradley 16 Reuben Brooks Asa Thatcher jr Reuben Brooks Benj. Thatcher 17 J' C. Hollister David Weeks jr Perry Jewett " Hymen Tuttle -CALEDONIA CO I Wm. Gilkerson Walter Harvey " Henry Stevens 2 G. W. Denison Sylvester Hall Geo. W. Denison Ira Walter 3 Jer. Babcock It S i... 4 Joseph Morrill George W Drew Augustine Clarke Wm. A. Palmer,, 5 6 David Vance Peter M'Lacklin David Vance Peter M'Lacklin David Vance 7 Solomon Aiken Timothy P. Fuller {I Samuel Warner 8 Timothy Locke Ebenezer Damon i 9 Isaac Fletcher Isaiah Fisk I. Fletcher 4 days William Cahoon 10 Phile'n Hartwell " Miles Coe o 11 N. Bradlee John Mattocks " onathan Elkins Josiah Shedd.12 John Cameron Robert Whitelaw' " John Cameron 13 Stephen Drown " Joseph H. Ingalls Stephen Drown Joseph H. Ingalls 14 Calvin Jewett Ephraim Paddock "< " 15 Ira Goodrich cc Andrew Brown " 16 James Bell " " -; 17 S. Hemingway onah Carpenter S. Hemingway Silas Davison " 18 Abner Morrill Israel Porter Abner Morrill' IJosiah Lane

Page  29 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. 29 ADDISON CO. 1827. 1829. 1830. 1831. I Aaron Merrill " Marshall S. Doty r 2 Calvin Solace Zenus Myrick, Wilcox 3 John Howden " Harvey Munsill Rufus H. Barnard Harvey Munsil! 4 Horace Janes " Chauncey Cook William Hnmilton 5 Daniel Marsh David Hazzard Heman Barnum David Hazzard Heman Barnum 6 Abiathar Knpp Nathan Capen 7 Benj. Pinney Joel Rice Benj. Pinney Isaac Parker 8 Charles Church Nathan Claflin " C John Hackett 9 Pearley Enos, William Gile c John Bullock " 4 10 0. W. Burnham Hezekiah Hatch,, Isaac Houstin 11 Robert B. Bates Robert B. Bates Samuel Swift Robert B. Bates 12 John Smith Johnson Finney Daniel Collins John Smith Stephen Haight 13 David P. Nash " Elias Bottum Daniel Twitchell' 14 Ira'Smith 2d T. D. Hammond cc SamuelYoung 15 Enoch Kent William H. Smith IC Jesse Grandey. 17 Aaron Barrows " Jonathan Gibson Elnathan Darling Ebenezer N. Briggs 18 S. H. Jenison J. S. Hunsden 19E.F. sick at home Myron Bushnell Asel Wentworth Myron Bushnell 20 Noah Hawley " Philip C.Tucker Belden Seymour 21 B. Tomlinson Solomon Hobbs George Fields Richard Burroughs 22 W. Chapman Joseph Hayward IC Benjamin Wales ci Moulton Needham. John Branch', BENNINGTON CO. I Samuel Baker Anson Canfieled Martin C. Deming 2 Hiland Hall Noadiah Swift obhn Norton Saml. H. Blackmer Jedediah Dewey 3 John Cochran S. Martindale John Cochran Azel Morse 6 David Willey Simeon Leland Gideon Davis jr David Willey 6 J. S. Pettibone i Leonard Sargeant 7 Reuben Bigeloew 8 S. Merchant John Wright " " Samuel Wright 9 Caleb Bailey " Henry Holbrook James Carpenter Elijah Bailey 10 James Weed Seth Moore David Sheldon jr 4. Silas Harwood 11 Joseph Tuttle " " c; " 13 N. H. Bottum Hiram Barton Asa Matteson Jesse Blackmer c 14 D. N. Stroud': Joel Houghton " Thomas Bratton 15 Joseph Bradley William Landon " Noah Landon N. B. Landon 1 6 Nath'l Mellen jr cc" Nathaniel Mellen c 17 Hymen Tuttle Joseph C. Hollisterl William Park jr Joseph C. Hollister Joseph Knapp CALEDONIA CO. i Henry Stevens Hugh Somers 2d Walter Harvey William Gilkerson 2 Ira Walter Ebenezer Darling Joel Trull Elam White Jeremiah Babcock " Anthony Perry Nathan Wheeler 4 Winm. A. Griswold Augustine Claik William A. Palmer Augustine Clark George W. Drew 6 Septimus Lathrop David Vance " Peter M'Lacklin David Vance 7 Levi Goodrich Elnathan.Strong Timothy P. Fuller Orra Crosby 8 Ebenezer Damon Orin Carpenter g Job Randall La ze e 10 Eleazer Packer Philomen Hartwell a Obed Johnson it Josiah Shedd Jacob Blanchard Hazen Merrill 12 William Gray "!James Neilson jr 13 Jos. H. Ingalls James Townsend Stephen Drown [14 Ariel Aldrich David Goss jr 15 John Beckwith Thomas True " Jacob C Merrill 16 James Bell Nath'l Farrington N. Farrington jr 1 7 S. Hemingway Robert Taggard.18 Josiah Lane Abner Morrill... Israel Porter

Page  30 30 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. ADDISON CO. 1832 1833a 1834. 1 835 1836 I Henry Smith Lyman Clark Heman Converse 2 Paris Fletcher " Senaca Austin * ~3 Danl E.'Parmelee Abraham Gaige. Iratio Needham 4 Wm. HEamiltoa' Asahel Bingham.. "' Jesse Ellsworth 5 I)avid Hazard Zuriel Walker LuLher Carpenter 6 Nathan Capen 7 Isaac Parker " " Solon Clark ~ 8 Josiah P. Brooks John Hackett Josiah P. Brooks Charles G. Robbins sa 9 John Bullook William Gi-le tis Capron o10 Isase Houstin, Daniel Varney John Bush,, William W, Pope I1 Edw'dD. Barber Elisha Brewster." 12 George E Stor:e M. " Milo W. Kinsley " Laman B. Smith 13 Bela Eld ridge Adin Hall William Nash 14 T. D. Hammond. ( Linus Wilcox ~ 15 Jesse Grandey Enoch Kent K Putnam Bishop 17 Ebenezer. N. Briggsggs Ebenezer, N. Briggs Aaron Barrows 18 John S.Hunsden " Isaac Chipman. ( " 19 Theron Downey,, William Worth 2d. John Hill 3rd 20 John H. Sherrill E D. Woodbridge Jahazel Sherman.. 21'William Barton George Fisher Josiah Bailey Joseph Everts 22 Benjahini Wales Lauren Drake 93 John Branch BqTjamin Needham' " Moulton Needham BENNINGTON CO. I Asahel Hurd "- Galen Canfield c~ 2 John S. Robinson John' Robinson. hn oh Norton Jedediah Dewey Stephen Dewey 3'Sylvanus Sykes, Paddock Gray R B'4 Glastenbu~'y. Robert Bl'oomer 4 JGlaslenbury.Mark Hotchkiss A'sa G. YHewes l 5 Joshua Marsh " Cephas C. Tuthil iAmori Benson ~6 Aaron Baker John S. Pettibone Elijah Collins Aaron Baker 7 Peter Dudley. Bejan Barard. ar r. lPc.'; ~yod~retrMark Batchelder 8 Jacob Peck. ReynoldsCarpeiter Behijamin Stevens John Mooar B'nj'min F. Morgan 9 Elijah Bailey William Sanford' Win. Strafford, 10 Silas Harwood: Joseph Parker Simeon Risingjr. iI Ezra West Joseph Tuttle Theod'e Sanderson Joehn Tuttl 12 Seccrsburqh Luther Park - Jon oseph Ttotle John Kaapp TJoshua Morse jr. 13 Nathan L Cross Artemas Mattison Jesse Blackmer 14 Ste'n C. M4llasd " Alonson Cwles Houghton 15 Noah Landn Joel Kinney Wm. Landon EthanHougton 16 Reuben B'rooks Nathaniel Mellen adley 17iWilliam'Weed Joseph Knapp is "ENC. Simeon Morse CAL'EDONTA CO. 1 Cloud Harvey Wm. Shearer Hugh Somers:2 Elam White Sheldon, Coe ugh Somers William Shear 3 Nathan Wheeler Tristram C. Hoit Oliver A Warner 4 Augustine Clark Salma Davis Lewi John W.Da 7 Joseph Patch Silas Underwoodrri 6 I')avid Vance J " ~ ohn Darling jr. I mes M aorrill Joseph Patch Silas Underwood Timothy P, Fuller Isaac Pennock jr. Ethan H. Nichols 9 Job Randall:. -. Grin Carpenter James Church. 1 Ro ufusnKl nney "'. E- s Bi'ChaRe George C. Cahoon Ellas Bemis jr 10 Rufus Kinney. " Alpheus Stoddard James Dexter 1 t Hazen Merrill Asa Skeele 12 John Cameron James Neilson jr. oAlnson Stevens jr.. R-obert. Whitelaw 13 Jam's Townsend Ezekiel Miles e Robert Whitelaw S e 14 David Goss jr. - c Sewell Br,-.dley Samuel Bean Jonas Flint, David Goss Jr. E. Fairbanks Jr 15 Jacob C. Morrill. Thomas True Martin Wayoss r. 16 Daniel Wooster Mrtin Wy 1 Wheat'n Livingston N. Farrington jr 17 Robert TaggardlJonat'nD-toddad.. gb8 Be.njaminC~onnier re cc. Sylva's Htemingw'y1Lyman Buck's ~'..WilWiam Sanborn'

Page  31 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. 31 A:TDrsoN CO. 1837 1838. 1839. 1840, 1841, 1 Lyman Clark Joseph Hayward. " Hyder Barnes 2 Luther Corey Hiram Smith " Abel P: Skiff;3 H. Needham Philo S. Warner H. Needham Philo S. Warner Winter H. HoIlley 4 Jesse Ellsworth " " I Bbenezer Mathews " 5 L. Carpenter William Hazzard " Benjamin Ferris 6 Francis Brown Elnathan Knapp " JustusN. Dart.7 David Eaton " Charles Lamb " Joseph P. Ball 8 C. G. Robbins Zerah Barnes " Charles. G. Robbins 9 Otis Capron James S. Messer ( Moses Wright 10 Wmi. W. Pope " John Bush William W. Pope Isaac F..Caldwell 1il E. Brewster Ralph Gowdy ". Samuel Swift 12 L. B. Smith Lyman Smith " Russel Eastman - 13 Osmond Dond E" Eras's D. Warner " Alfred P. Roscoe 14' J..H. Chittenden " Ira Young " Horace W ilcox 15 Silas Pond Silas Tappahr Silas Pond, 17 Aaron Barrows Mark R. Weeks C, Franklin Bump 18 Davis Rich ( Elisha Bascom. " 19 Ira Bushnel"'. Almon Atwood Benj. L. Knight 20 Belden Seymoun For'ce Huntington " William T. Parker John Pierp6int 21 Joseph Evarts George Fisher Elijah Benton, Charles Bacon 22 Lauren Drake Sol. W. Jewett " Stow lijah G. Drake 23 5. T. Walker'Harman Strong Abel Walker~ CC Justus F. Brown BENNINGTON CO. 1 Julius Beebe c" Samuel Canfield Harman Canfield 2 George Briggs S, H. Blackmer Elijah Fillmore Isaac Weeks Asa Doty 3 Robert Bloomer Abiel Blanchard Chauncey Green Heman Morse W, L. Martindale 4 Asa G. Hewes. ".' CC 5 David Willey "Calvin P. Mead 6 Aaron Baker Ahiman L. Miner C " -Aaron Baker Leonard Sargeant 7 Israel Batchelder' Ben. Barnard John Davison - 8 Elijah Barber David. Gardner Elijih Barber Sebastian Wagar B. E. Brownell 9 Jacob Hicks Waters Gillet. Joel -Houghton; 10 Sterl'g Sherman " Joseph Hastings Seth Sheldon 11 Saml., Cogswell c Theo.'Sanderson Roswell Tuttle " 12 Joseph Eames (" Ashley'Stone'" 1 3 Jared Hayward;" - Simeon Martin. 14 James Hotughton Elisha Lake " Ranso'm'O. Dwyer Ira Stroud 15 F. M'Laughlin Edmond A. Gra-es F. M'Laughlin Edmond A Graves." 116 F. Kidderjr "'Beriah Wheeler " Fran is Kidder 17 H. Harwood Toseph Knapp William Alverson William Park William Alverson CALEDONJA CO. I Walter Harvey " ( James Gilchrist " 2 Joel Trull Asahel Burrington " Geo. H-.'Denison Lucius Denison 3 Jeremiah Atkins c " Robert Lance jr Robert Lance Alpha Webster 4 Andr. M'Millen Saml. B. Mattocks ";.'f Ebenezer Eastman,6 John Darlin " Isaac N'. Hall " Jonathan Welch 7 Levi Gooodrich' " Silas Underwood Daniel W. Aiken Samuel Davis jr 8 James Church Seth Burroughs Nathahiel Willis Jos. W. Carpenter'9 Elias Bemis jr Benjamin Walker " Stepheh MlcGaffy 10 Phil'n Hartwell Alpheas Stoddard " John Sleeper c 1 1 Moses Martin " Simeon Harvey Saml A. Chandler " 12 Thomas Nelson Robert Whitelaw Taule IHall 2d " " 13 Harris Smith " John P. Ingalls James Townshend ohn P. Ingalls' -14 E.Fairbanks Lamnbert Hastings 15 W. Hutchinson C Jacob Blake Thad(leus,Curtis. 16 N. Farrington jr Hiram Perkins Merrill Foster Hiram Perkins.. 17 Lyman Buck James Works " Richard F. Rowell " 18 JonathanNelson William Sanborn Samuel Bigelow -"': E. M. Magoov

Page  32 32 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. ADDISON CO. 1842 1843. 1844. 1845. 1846. I Junas N. Smith " Gideon Segar " Carlton E Miles 2 Abel P. Skiff Joel Rice " Joseph Frost ( 3 Royal W. Peake Titus B. Gaige William C Warner, 4 Daniel Sanford Calvin G. Tilden " Abram Foot " 5 Nathan L. Keese "c Noah P. Porter D Middlebrooks. 6 Rufus Towle,, Reuben Allen c Fiancis Brown 7 Joseph P. Ball Alonzo G. Allen Joseph Lamb " Hiram Ford 8 C. G. Robbins Zerah Barnes " " John Hackett 9 John G. Perry c rLeonard D Jenny John Bullock 10 I. F. Caldwell Wm. W. Pope Josiah O. Johnson Wm W Pope " 11 Joseph Warner ",, Samuel Swift: Harry Goodrich 12 Nathan Smith J, John A Beers 13 A. P. R.oscoe Oliver Smith, Seth Langdon jr 14 Ros'll Bottum jr Absolum Fuller " Chaun'y H Conkey " 15 Silas Pond George Spencer " Stephen Holland 16 Ripton Saml H. Hendrick Frederick Smith " Saml H Hendrick 17 Franklin Bump Saumner Biiggs " Samuel S Crook 18 Kent W1right, Bela Howe. M W C Wright 19 Theron Kidder Ansel S. Hawkins " Isaiah L Strong " E. D. Woodbridge Geo. W. Grandey' Villie Lawrence 2l Charles Bacon Nathan Grisw-old John P Strong Charles Bacon 22 Philo Jewett (, Milo Stow L D Gregory 23 J F Brown S muel T. Walker Linus Needham. Alvin B Needham B-ENNINGTON CO. 1 Harman Canfield Samuel Buck " Anson Buck E M Aylesworth 2 P. Harwood jr Calvin Gilson Elijah D Iubbell Norman Blackmer Perez Harwood jr 3 W. S. Martindale " 4 J. H. Mattison John Elwell [shmael R Elwell ( John Elwell 5 David Willey Gideon Davis " Wm WMartin " 6 J. S. Pettibone Aaron Baker Solomon Bentley jr Ahiman L Miner 7 Freeman Lyon George Batchelder; Jesse Rider 8 Noel Barber Wm. R. Blanchard lHomer 0 Merchant David Gardner Barber Thompson 9 e Jason P. Lord' Daniel Carpenter Joy Bishop jr I)P Carpenter 10 Seth Sheldon John Harwvood " Simeon Rising David Sheldon 11 Roswell Tuttle Augustus C Beebe " Heman Tucker 12 Joseph Eames Solomon Rich John N Squires Alfred Williams Solomon Rich 13 N. Wheelock David G. Cole Nelson Johnson Dennis J George 14 Jas. Houghton Jencks Phillips Thomas Bratten F John Pratt 1.5 Michael Judson F. M'Leauihlin Michael Judson F M'Laughlin 16 Beriah Wheeler Walter Williams c" Walter Williams 17 William Park " William Wood Anthony Stetson Lyman Bowles CALEDONIA CO. 1 William Lackie CC Walter Harvey Lloyd Kimball " 2 Lucius Denison Ebenezer Darling " Charles C Newell 3 Alpha Webster Caleb Fisher Salem Goodnough Allen perry 4 Asa Morrill cc Theron Howard Moses Wesson 6 Jonathan Welch Hugh Dunn Moses Buchanan Jonathan Welch Moses Buchanan 7 John L. Pope Amasa Goodrich William Blair ( David W Aiken 8 Nathaniel Willis A. W. Burroughs Benjamin Nutter c Charles H Graves 9 Benaiah Sanborni, Asaph Wilmarth,i Lucius Kimball 10 Alph's Stoddard James Dexter Eleazer Davis CC Jabez Smith 11 E._Chamberlain " Simon Blanchard " Schuyler Merrill 112 RobertWhitelaw " Thomas Nelson jr John Cameron 13 John P. Ingalls ( " Caleb Miner 14 H. Paddock John Bacon Joseph P Fairbanks 15 Stephen Eaton David Giffin W Wm Hutchinson John Ladd jr 16 N. Perkins jr Nathaniel Perkins Wm ]Farrington Nathaniel Perkins 17 Royal Ross,,. lDennis May 18 Hiel Bradley Sewall Bradley " Nathaniel Hart Richard Stevens

Page  33 REPRESENTATIVES, AD., BEN., CAL., CONTINUED. 88 ADDISON CO. 1847 1848. 1849. 1850. IFIRsT Towx CL'K. I Carlton E Miles John W. Strong George Wilmarth 2 John B. Huntley u Simon Z. Walker J.N. Bennett, 1784 3 H. Needham - Datus R. Gaige C Galvin Eastman, 89 4 Calvin G. Tilden " Rollin J. Jones Joel Linsley'84 5 Hartwell Powers cc Ira Tupper " Jonath'n Saxton, 86 6 William Carlylejr John Capen Wm. Carlylejr. John Capen 7 Alonzo G. Allen Joseph P. Ball Joseph Patrick, 8 Horace Robinson Charles G. Robbins Robert Clafflin c Zenus Robbins, 92 9 John Bullock William F. Wright Ira B. Farr William F. Wright Ebenezer Child, 86 10 Almon C. Allen Andrew Mitchell Almon C Allen Wiliam W. Pope 11 Harry Goodrich Ira Allen Joseph Warner Joshua Hyde, 86 Gilbert D. Eastman cc Lewis L. Beers " 13 Elias Bottum Alfred P. Roscoe William Nash Julius L. Eldredge Luther Everts, 85 14 Albert L. Catlin it Nathan Gale cc David Leonard, 87 15 John D. Smith it Loyal Kent cc Elijah Grandey, 84 1 6SamlH. Hendrick Charles L. Atwood Co John R. New Daniel Chipman 17 John Prout it John Colby EleazerClaghorn88 18 Alonzo Birchard c Kent Wright Bela Howe Eliakim Culver, 87 19 David Ferguson " Pearley Hill, Warner Pierce, 96 Edward Seymour Fred EWoodbridge George W.Grandey Sam'lChipman jr89 21 Josiah Parker,c Newton Rose,, Andrew Barton, 97 22 Sardis Dodge " Philo Jewett Edwin Hayward 23 W. F. M'Allister Allen Ketchum c Linus Needham John Wilson, 85 BENNINGTON CO. I Cyrus Hills Curtis Hawley John B. Lathrop Samuel Benedict RememberBaker 68 2 James P. Godfrey Morton Brock Paul M. Henry Henry G. Root Moses Robinson, 62.3 James Curtis " Jarvis Andrus Daniel G Williams Asa Baldwin, 69 4 John Elwell William M'Donald Asa G. Hewes Jeremiah M'Daniel Luman Hewes.1834 5 David Willey William W Martin James Martin c" Daniel Tuthil, 1800 6 Johnson RBurrett Aaron Baker Augustus C. Clark Amos S. Bourn Stephen Mead,L766 7 Ezra Dodge ". Ira K. Batchelder Edward Batchelder John Brock, 1802 8 JonaN Carpenter " Reynolds Carpenter Green Brimmer 9 John Runyen William M Stafford Benjamin S.Battles Elias B. Flint Joseph P Harwood " David S. Sheldon Thomas S. Bebee 11 Charles Sayre Burton Still, 12 Solomon Rich Timothy G. Crosier Joseph Eame, 33 13 Dennis J George CharlesE Houghton Philomon Bates Freeborn Johhson Thomas Mattison, 14 John Pratt Ira Whitney Ira Stroud l5Williamn Kelly Daniel King " 4 Ira McLaughlin Gid'n Brownson,69 16 Francis Kidder Silas Eddy SethTaylor jr. Asa ieebe jr. s9 Seth Taylorjr. sa Beebe jr., 1796 William Alverson Lewis Fox lonzo Fox CALEDONIA CO. 1 Obed S. Hatch John Harvey Bartholo. Gilkerson Walter Brock, 83 2 Daniel Beckwith c Erastus Humphrey Lemuel Walter, 9683 3 Allen Perry Thomas Lyford jr. " Daniel Gouldalter, 96 4 John A. Page Harvey T. Moore Abram. Morrill, 87 " Abram. Morrill, 87 6. James Renfrew jr. Daniel Coffrin Nathaniel Knight87 7 David French I Dustin Grow Daniel W. Aiken Paul Spooner, 95 8 Arunah Leach Charles H Graves Arunah Leach Merit Newhall Jonathan Lewis, 07 9 Lucius Kimball Stepheh McGaffy ( Thomas Bartlett jr. 10 Jabez Smith Hiram Allard " Jabez Smith William Mattocks " James Bailey, 83 12 John M'Clure Robert Cockran (" Iames Roberts Moses Chenev it 14 Moses Kittridge " Jerry Dickerman Jonatban Arnold,9 15 Jona'n Pillsbury John Ladd jr Nehemiah Shaw Lorenzo D. Hall Sere'o M'ntgomery ( Isaac Eastman Natha'l Perkins, 94 17 Joseph Ide I Barron Moulton Selah Howe; 1793 18 Nathaniel Hart Jefferson Cree Edward M.Magon 5~~~~Ewr.Mao~lhHw/19

Page  34 34 REPRESENTATIVES, CIIIT., ES.j FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. OCHTTENDEN CO. ~ 1788 1.. 789- 1790 1791 1 Bolton Samuel Bell -2 Burlington Samuel Lane Samuel Hitchcock c " 3 Charlotte John M'Neil. Danielo sford Jr 4 Colchester Ira.Allen~ "'' 5 Essex TimothyBliss Joel Woodworth.. 6 Hinesburgh Lemuel Bostwick. Elisha Barber 8 Jericho Lewis Chapin Mathew Coles Martin Chittenden. 9 Milton Aaron Mathews Amos Mansfield Abel WVaters: ~ 11 Shelburno Charles. Smith Wm C. Harrington --.: " 15 Willistonr Amos Brownson Jonathan Spafford, Amos Brownson ESSEX CO. 8 Guildhall Benoni Cutler David Hopkinson. 10 Lunenburgh Amasa Grout - Samuel Gates Samuel Phelps 11 Maidstone David Gaskill John Rich FRANKLLN CO. 4 Fairfax Josiah Safford Nathan Spaffrd " James Farnsworth 5 Fairfield Smithfield Clark Burlingame 8 Georgia James Everts Daniel S;annard John White. Benjamin Holmes 9 Highgate JohnKnickerbocker. ( 12 Sheldon Samuel B. Sheldon 13 St. Albans Jonathan Hoit Silas Hathaway t Jonathan Hoit 14 S~wanton..Daniiel Stannard GRAND ISLE Co. 1 Alburgh - William Coit'3 Isle La Mott Nathaniel Wales: 4 North Hero [Ebenezer Allen Nathan Hutchins jr 5 South HEero -Colonel -Pearl Ebenezer Alleni LAtMOILLE CO. 2 Cambridge John Fassett Amos Fassett John Fassett -' 6 Johnson I Noah Smith Jonat.h'n M'Connell FIRST APPOINTED OFFICERS-'OF VERMONT NOW LIVING. The first Governor of Vermont, Dliving in 1851', is Cornlius P. Van Ness,. chosen':i 1823. " Lieut. Gov. - David M, Camp, 1836 " Treasurer, " " Allen Wardner. " 1837 "Secretary of State, " William Slade " 1815 Speaker of the House,. " George E. Vales. 1823 " Clerk of the House, "' ~ Samuel -C.'Crafis.. 1798 E" ngrossing Clerk, Orsamas C. Merrill -" 180-8 " Preacher of'Election Sermon " Jeremiah bAtwater -"'.1802 " Secretary to Gov. and Council " - Samuel Swift " 1813"Members of the Council, Samuel C. Crafts & ~- -.:. -. /Horatio'Sevmour: " 1809 Judge of the Supreme Court " WilliamA. Palmer " 1816' Orleans County C ourt " Samulel C. Crafts U. 1800, " Essex." " Mills -De Forest " 1801'Rutland,''" Caleb. Hendee jr 1806 F' Franklin ". J.D.Farnsworth - 1807,, " Chittenden.a''":Heman Allen ofCol. " 1808, " -.Windham'' " Jairus 11al'.' " 181-0 -- * "( Addison - Samuel Shepherd ":t 1812 ~',, "Washington.' ~ Joseph Howes'.1818,, " Orange.'<' William Spencer "'1820 " Grand Isle 4. Samuel Adams. t'1823 " ". Bennington: "'.Myron Clark " 1824'"'"'Caledonia " " Wm. A.; Palmer " 1826 t Windsor " "' " SamuelW.Porter: " 1828 "' Senator to Congress " Wm, A. Palmer " 181.8 Representative'to. Congress " Win. C.Bradley' 1813 " Member of Council Censors" Joshua Y. Vail " 1820

Page  35 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES,, FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. 85 CHITTENDEN: 1792 -1793.. 1794 17 95. - 1796. 1 -. -" Samuel Bell Jabez Jbnes -. Robert Kennedy 2 Sam'l Hitchcock " William Coit Wm. C. Harrington Eathan Keyes 3 John.M' Neil David Hubbell John MNeil 4 Ira Allen John Law Ira Allen Joshua Staunton jr. Joshua Staunton 5 Timothy Bliss Joel Woodworth Robert Spelman. Timothy Bliss L emuel.Bostwick Thaddeus Munson Lemuel Bostwick Nath'nLeavenworth 7:James -Hall Jehiel Johns Amos'Brownsoa Jehiel Johns Sylvester Russell 8 M Chittenden N. o,... oah Chittenden 9 Abel Waters Amos Mansfield Mathew Cole 10 oZRichmond Chamberlin 11 W C Harrington;. c" Timothy Hurlburt 13 Underhill. William- Barney 14. Westford Jeremiah Stone John Seeley Jeremiah Stone 15 Amos Browlhson Jonathan Spafford EsSSEX C. 5 Concord Elijah Spafford Jonathan'Lewis c 8 David Hopkinson Benoni Cutler David Hopkinson. i 10 Samuel Phelps. Samuel Gates Amasa Grout Zerubbabel Eager Haines French James Lucas HIaines French FRANKN CO'.... 1 LBake'rsfield Jonas Brigham 2 Berkshire":' Stephen Royce 4 Thomas'Russell Jonathan Danforth.- Ross Coon 5 David Davis Edmond Town." -.IHubbard Barlow 6 Fletcher 7 Franklin Samuel Peckham Samuel Hubbard Samuel Peckham 8 Daniel Stantard Levi House John White Benjamin Holmes Reuben Everts 9. Jonathn Butterfield Orange Smith; onathn Butterfield 11 Richford Benjamin Barnett 12 Elisha Sheldon Elisha Sheldon. -' " 13 Jonathan Hoit Noel Potter. Silas Hathaway 14 Tho. Butterfield. i' "'.. Asa Holgate John Pratt GRAND ISLE'Co....1 David Staunton Elisha Reynolds Benjamin'Marvin 3 Nathaniel Wales William Utley William Goodrieh 4 Enos Wood Nathan Hutchins jr Nathan Hutchins i', 5 Samuel Mix Ebenezer Allen. William Hazen'LAMOILLE' CO. 2 Prince B. Hall Jonathan, Fisk James Gillmore Solom'n Walbridge Jonathan M'Connel REV. AARON LELAND, Was settled over the Baptist society in Chester in, 1788, and continued as their Pastor, till his -death in 1833. Hie took an active part in politics as well as religion, being of the Jefferson school, was frequently elected to the offices of Selectman, Town Clerk, &c. He was chosen to represent the town in 1801, and was chosen nine years after, making ten years a member of the House, three years of' which he was chosen Speaker, and.was four years a Councillor, and five years was chosen. Lieutenant Governor by the people. He-was eighteen years one of the. Assistant Justices. of the County Court.-The Parson was fond of a good joke, and he had one neighbor, Hugh Henry, who was a match for him. On a Sattrday evening, a' young man, and moneyless, called at the Parson's house for supper and lodging. The Parson did not see fit to comply with the request, and sent him to his neighbor Henry, and assured him that he would be well provided for, but still the man will refuse you at first, but you stick to him and he. will accommodate you.-. The young man called as diirected; and was refused.. I. was told you'would. refuse to keep me unless I stuck to you, which I shall do WVho told you that? said Mr. Henry. a large man at such a house. Well, if Parson Leland sent you here you shall stay, a'nd what would you lilke for supper? 0 -most any thing that comes handy, for I have no money topay you. But what would you choose if you had money. I should like a good warm supper had I wherewith to pay you. for to. be honest with you, I have had very little food to-day. A warm supper was soon provided, to which the young man paid his best respects, nor was he allowed to depart the next morning tillhe had -done justice to a good breakfast. The youngmanwas going to try his fortune in the western wilderness, and had a small dog with

Page  36 38 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. CrITTRNDRB 1797 1798. 1799 18001 1 Robert Kenuedy Jabez Jones " " 2 Elnathan Keyes Wm. C. Harrington Elnathan Keyes 3 John Thorp Hezekiah Barnes Nathaniel Newell 4 Joshua Staunton Joshua Staunton jr " " John Law 5 Abel Castle Nathan Castle Timothy Bliss e. 6 Lemuel Bostwick Wm. B. Marsh N. Leavenworth Lemuel Bostwick 7 Sylvester Russell John Fitch Sylvester Russell.. Elias Buel 8 M. Chittenden Thomas D. Rood ames A. Potter " 9 Abel Waters " William Parish Abel Waters William Parish 10 J. Chamberlin Joel Brownson Josh. Chamberlain.. 11 Tim Hurlburt Sturges Morehouse Benj. Harrington c 13 Udney Hay " " 14 John Seeley " Martin Powell John Seeleyjr Martin Powell 15 Solomon Miller Lemuel Bottum " ESSEX CO. 3 Brunswick Joseph Wait John Merrill 4 Canaan. James Chamberlin Samuel Beach 5 Saml. Wetherbee John Frye SamlI Wetherbee " 7 Granby Clark Curtis James Elliott 8 David Hopkinson Ezekiel MIIay Hezekiah May Daniel Dana it 9 Lemington Mills De Forrest Mills De Forrest 10 Samuel Phelps " " " Smith Williams 11 Haines French James Lucas Jacob Rich Joseph Worcester Isaac Stevens 3FRANKLIN CO. 1 Jonas Brigham Stephen Maynard Jonas Brigham. 2 Stephen Royce " Abel Johnson 3 Enosburgh- William Barber " " 4 Jona. Danforth " Joseph Beeman jr 5 Edmond Town HEnbbart Barlow " c Jos. D. Farnsworth? Daniel Bayley Lemuel Scott " 7 Samuel Hubbard Samuel Peckham 8 Benj. Holmes Step'n Fairchild jr Francis Davis John White Benjamin Hoimes 9 Sglvester Cobb John Croye Sylvester Cobb Mathew Sax 11' Jt Conathan Janes " " 12;: Elisha Sheldon Saml. B. Sheldon 13 Levi House Silas Hathaway " Seth Pomeroy' s 14 John Pratt J Jrames Brown John Pratt James Brown GRAND ISLE CO. 1 Benjamin Marvin Timothy Sowles John Babcock Samuel Mott nm. Goodrich Daniel Baker Daniel Baker Truman Clark " Hutchins jr! Ezekiel Taylor Nathan Hutchins Stephen Kingsley imothy Pearl Ebenezer Allen a Lyon " iAMOILLD CO. 2 John Fassett / David Safford Solom'n Walbridge 3 Eden C.John M'Connell Robert Balch Jona. M'Connell Wm. H. Larrabee cc lo Stowe Nathan Robinson 12 Wolcott: Thomas Taylor him. Just before he was ready to start, and being near meeting time, Mr. Henry informed his guest, that his dog was not a proper one to go into the wilderness with, and that he had a neighbor who had a large dog, and just the one for the woods among the wild animals, and he would like to exchange him for a small one, but no doubt he will refuse at first, and tell you to gq about your business, I do not swap dogs on Sunday, and the like, butyou stick to him and you will get his dog. The young man went to the house just as the Parson was starting for meeting and informed him that he had come to swap dogs, and received the answer that Mr. Henry predicted. Well I was told you would make such excuses, but that in case I stuck to you I should get your dog, and that, sir, you may rest assured I shall do, and went with the Parson to the steps of the meeting house. The Parson finding the man to be as good as his word, told him to go and take the dog, and be off in a hurry, and never trouble me again in this way. Mr. Henry outlived the Parson a few years, but their remains are both in one grave yard in Chester, and not far distant from each other as their grave stones show,

Page  37 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. 87' CHITTENDEN 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1 Jabez Jones "s John Pineo Augustus Levake 2 W. C. Harrington Thaddeus Tuttle Wmin. C. Harrington Stephen Pearl Win. C. Harrington 3 Nath'l Newell Samuel Rich Nathaniel Newell Ezra Meach Nathanicl Newell 4 John Law Joshua Staunton jr Benj. Boardman Simeon Hinds William Munson 5 Simeon Tubbs Timothy Bliss John Johnson Simeon Tubbs i 6 N. Leavenworth': c", 7 Elias Buel Jesse P. Carpenter Elias Buel John Fitch S M. Chittenden James A. Potter i Thomas D. Rood 9 John Jackson " Moses Davis John Jackson " 10 Joel Brownson I Jacob Spafford Joel Brownson Nathan Fay 11 Joshua Isham " Benj. Harrington Jedediah Boynton Timothy Hurlburt 13 Udney Hay c William Barney' 14 Samuel Mower Martin Powell " Daniel Hazeltine Ebenezer Bowman 15 Nathan Allen Giles Chittenden Jeremiah French Lemuel Bottum ESSEX CO. 1 Bloomfield Gaias Kibbe " 3 John Merrill Ithiel Cargill Ithiel Cargill David Hyde 4 Samuel Beach " 1 "s 5 Saml. Wetherbee " David Hibbard Saml. Wetherbee 7 Joseph Herrick James Elliott 8 Daniel Dana " 9 Mills De Forrest. 10 Smith Williams Levi Barnard Samuel Phelps * 11 Haines French " Jesse Hugh'FRANKLTI CO. 1 Jonas Brigham. 2 Abel Johnson Amh't Willoughby Elam Jewett jr Stephen Royce Elijah Littlefield 3 Stephen House.c. i 4 JosephBeeman jr " / Erastus Safford Asa Wilkins is 5 J. D. Farnsworth Hubbard Barlow Sol. Bingham j' Bradley Barlow Samuel Barlow 6 Lemuel Scott " John Wheeler Lemuel Scott John Wheeler 7 Samuel Hubbard Samuel Peckham! Samuel Hubbard Salmon Warner 8 Francis Davis Benjamin Holmes c John White jr Sardius Blodgett 9 Mathew Sax Sylvester Cobb Mathew Sax t Peter Sax 10 Montgomery Joshua Clap 11 Jonathan Janes Joseph Parker Robert Kennede cc 12 S. B. Sheldon I C C. 13 Levi House Seth Pomeroy Nathan Green 14 Silas Hathaway Ezra Jones Joseph Robinson James Brown,GRAND ISLE CO. 1 Samuel Mott Elisha Reynolds Lewis Sowles S Samuel Fisk Seth Emmons John Borden 4 Stephen Kingsley N. Hutchins jr Nathan Hutchins 5 Asa Lyon Timothy Allen Asa Lyon " LAMOILLE CO. 2 Solo'n Walbridge Elias Fassett Solo. Walbridge i 3 Thos' H. Parker A " Jeduthan Stone 6 Samuel Eaton Samuel Eaton jr George Westgate (I 8 Morristown Elisha Boardman, " 10 Nat'n'Robinson t Nehemiah Perkins Nathan Robinson 12 Thomas Taylor " 1Thomas Taylor HON. SAMUEL SAFFORD Was an early settler in Bennington, and among the early patriots who espoused the cause of Vermont in her controversy with New York, and the cause of the union in her revolutionary struggles with Great Britain. He was a Major in Col. Seth Warner's regiment, and served through the war, except he found time to represent the town of Bennington in the ILegislature in 1781-2. In 1783 he wias chosen Io member of the Council and was annually chosen to that office for twenty-two years

Page  38 ;38 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES.j FRAN., G.: ISLE, LAM. CHTITTENDE'UN 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1 Eliaki'm Howe.- " Augustus Levake John Levake: - John Pineo 2 Geo. Robins.n.- ~.... 3 Erl a Meach Nathaniel Nevwell Hezekiah Barns. Nathaniel' Newell' 4 Simeon Hine - Francis Child' Simeon Hine'" Roger Enos 5:Simoun T'ubbs "' " Timothy Bliss ".'6.Wim. B. Mairsh " N. teavenworth 7 John Fit.oh. c. 8 Salmon Fay James A. Potter Arther.:Bostwick Eleazer Hutchins. 9 Moses Davis Marshall Smith- " Heman Allen 10 Joel Brownson Abel Cooper Nathag Fay Joel Brownson. James Butler 11 T. Hurlburt Joshua Isham - Frederick Mack ". Joshua Ishsam 13 William Barney. "' Luther Dixon -- 14 E. Bowman Samuel Mower -. ~ Amos Partridgejr SamuelRice 15 T. Chittenden Jeremiah French Lemuel Bottum - Isaac French Lemuel Bottum E SSEX. Co. 1 - * Gaias. ~ Kiblzbe....;': John French,3 Ithiel Cargill".. c " John Walls 4 Micajah Ingham Oliver Ingham Micajah. Ingham Oliver In'gham 5 David Hibbard S. Wetherbee jr Richardson Graves...7 - " Joseph Herrick -" " Enos Cook:8 Elijah Foot Daniel Dana Elijah Foot,. 9 - Mills De Forrest "~. 10- Thomas Slade Levi Barnard Ebenezer Clark. Azariah Webb jr, Il. laines French Jesse Hugh. ~ Moody Rich J" esse-Hugh 1RANKLIN'... 1 Silas Hazeltine Jo. nas Brigham "..2 Elam Jewett jr Elijah Shaw' Elijah Littlefield Solo. Bingham jr cr 3'Stephen Hoube Martin D.. Follet.William Barber'Martin D. Follet John Adaml 4 Erastus Safford -~ -. i Benjamin Gale 5 J. D., Farnsworth... Joseph Bowdish. 6 John Wheeler. Lemuel Scott' oseph Robinson 7 -S. Httbbard.'.S. Peckham jr: " Hezekiah Wead 8. S l31odgett S,".f Benjamin Holmes: Elijah Dee 9 Peter Sax enjamin Going SimeonHungerford ". c 10' Henry Marble'Joshua Clapp Joshua Clapp Henry Marble 11 R.Kennedy'Amherst Willoby John Powell. William: Rogers S. B. Sheldon died Ebenezer Marvin jr Ebenezer Marvin David Sanderson 13 Lewis.Walker.'Asa Fuller Carter Hickok' ~ Nathan -Green Jonathan Hoit' 14 James Brown'iGeorge W. Foster., Benjamin Fay. Theo's Mansfield iGRAND ISLE CO..... 1 James W. Wood Alexander Scott'. Lewis Sowles Philyer Loop Alexander Scott 2 "Grand Ise Asa Lyon-. c:3 John'Borden.' ". William'Wait 4 Jona.:aynes' Nathan Hutchins Jedediah'P. Ladd: Simeon Robinsonjr N. Hutchins jr.5 Timothy Allen'Asa Lyon!Alpheas Hall ".'C" LAIMOILLE CO. 2 S.. Walbridge -,; C Salmon Green. James Gilmore, 3 J. Stone -' ". Abel Smith Jeduthan StQne.5 Hydepark.. 6 A. Waterman.."'.;8 E. Boardman -'.. Samuel Cook(, cc 10 N. Robinson Thomas B. Downer N. Robinson,, 12 Thomas Taylor'' C" Th0omas'Taylor in succession, which, added to the two years he was Representative makes twenty-four years'that he was a member in succession, which. is serving, longer in succession than any'other. person -,ni'the State. He.was Chief'Judge of the County Coirt f.rom 1786 to 1807, when by his advanced'age he declined any' further promotion. -.

Page  39 REPRESENTMTIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE., LAM. 39 CHITTENDEN, 1812 1813.. 1814. 1815.. 1816.. I John Pineo Samuel Webster. ohn Pint o 2 George Robinson "'. ", Luther Loomis 3 Nathaniel Newell Zadock Wheeler'.' Hezekiah-Barnes 4 Heiman Allen 5 Daniel.:Clark':'".-'. Richard Lamson Samuel Bliss 6 N. Leavenwort h c. Edrrond Baldwin Nat'n Leavenworth Edmond Baldwin 7 Jamie's Amblerjr.. Elias Buel Benjamin Derby 8 Noah Chittenden Hean Lowly Thomas D. Rood 9 Heman Allen' ( Lemuel B. Platt Hemtn Allen. 10 James Butler Joel Brownson William Rhpdes' Joln Fay I1 Joshua Isham. Joshua Morgan - Ziba Pier:on 12'St. George Lewis Highee' Reubeni Lockwood Jared Hipbee 13 Lther' Dixon Caleb Sheldon. Peter JMarin Caleb Slheldon 14 Samuel Rice, Amos Patridge jr. Samuel Rice ".' Ebenezer Bowman 15 Lemugl.Bottom Jeremiah French Lemuel Bottum Jeremiah French ESSEX... O. 1 John French Gaius Kibbe Joseph Clough " Daniel Holbrook' 3. John Walls (. " Thomias Schof Haines Schoff.4 Daniel Goss Oliver Ingham Moses Molrill Oliver Ingham 5 Robert Taggard Richardson Graves' Cornelius Judevine. 7 Elijah Bugbee Samuel Hart 8 Calvin Perkins Elijah Foot D iavid Denison. Chester Thayer Joseph Berry 9.,Mills De. Forest av c i Abraham Boynton Harvey Johnson 10 Levi Barnard'.. 11 Jesse Hugh oody Rich Richard Stevbns S. G. Hinman FRANKLIN CO. 1 Jonas Biighamamuel Maynard William Hiamilton Win. C. Esworth l ar 3 John Adams t Harvey Cl Samuel Ufford.. m.Holes Nathaniel Gi'iswo1d 4 Samuel' Ufford i:" "'.; |J oseph Holmes tephen Holmes: 5 Elijah Foot Bates Turner'Joab Smith Jos'h D.Farnswort 6 Joseph Robinson Samuel Scott'Nathan L.,Holmes Reuben Armstrong Daniel Bailev 7 Samuel Hubbard ~ "''' 8 Benjamin' Holmes'' "'' Elijah Dee jr. Hira tlill Solomon Bliss 9 Abel Dtury' Anthony Rhodes ~..- -.Siaieon Hungerford. 10 Seth, Goodspeed" "' " James Upham 11 William Rogers Josepbh Parker William Rogers John Powell " 12 Da-vidSanderson Chauncey Fitch Stephen oyce jr. 13 Abner Morton Benjamin Swift Abner Morton N. W,. Kingman 14 Jareb Jack-son (" cc, James Brown aIEAND ISLE CO. 1 Alexander'Scott Stephen Pettis Lewis Sowles Ephraim Mott 2 As'a Lyon; "' Enoch Allen-. 3 William Wait'Caleb Hill, Charles Carron William Wait Jesse A. Clark 4 Nathan Hutchins' Dan Hazen' Nathan Hutchins Dan Hazen.'5 Alpheas Hall' D. G. Sawyer. Alpheas Hall LAMOILLE CO.. 2 James Gillmore Truman Powell Frederick HIopkins John Fassett Enoch Carlton 3: Abel Smith':. Je/duthan Stone' ".4 Elmore. MartinElmore.' -' " 5 N' P..Sawyer. C ~ ", Joshua Sawyer. 6 David Boynton " Danieli Dodge "' 7 Mansfield Peter C. Lovejoy 8 Samuel Cook "'. Robert Kimball " 10' Asa Raymond. Nathan Robinson cc. 12. Thomas Taylor. Thomas Taylor ~

Page  40 40 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN.,';: ISLE, LAM. Cr[ITTENDEN 1817 1818 1819 1-.0 1821. I John Pirneo.ames Whitcomb " William Evarts James Whitcomb 2 Charles Adams C. P. Van Ness cc ", 3 Hezekiah Barnes Nathaniel Newell Ithiel Stone Nathaniel Newell " 9 4 Nathan Bryan William Hine, Jabez Penniman ". 5 Ezra Slater R i" Roswell Butler 6 N. Leavenworth " Erastus Bostwick N. Leavenworth 7 James Ambler jr B. Derby James Ambler jr Benjamin Derby,, 8 WV. P. Richardson c Thomas Chittenden.' Thomas D. Rood 9 Heman Allen Moses Divis John Jackson Moses Davis Jesse P. Carpenter 1o Joel Brownson John Fay Eli Brownson Edward Jones tI Zeba Pierson Burgess Hall Levi Comstock 12 Lewis Higbee ("'13 Peter Martin " LIuther Dixon Peter Martin William Barney 14 Eben'r Bowman Amos Partridge Ebenezer' Bowman Amos Partiidge 15 Roswell Morton M. Chittenden Chauncey Brownall Martin Chittenden ESSEX CO. I' Daniel Holbrook Chauncey Curtis 3 Thos. G. French William Marshall Haines Schoff 4 Oliver Ingham I cc 5 J. Woodbury jr. David Hibbard Jesse Woodbury jr James May 7 8 Joseph Berry Seth Cushman ( David Hopkinson 9 Mills De Forest Mills De Forest Mills De Forest J Levi Barnard Azariah Webb Azariah Webb jr Azariah Webb Azariah Webb jr 11 Moody Rich " " Daniel Rich FRANKLIN CO. 1 Joseph Barrett "c Silas B. Hazeltine. 2 Amherst Willoby Harvey Clark Nathan Hamilton Win. C. Ellsworth ( 3 N. Griswold Martin D. Follet c c "c 4 Erastus Safford Samuel Parmalee Elias Bellows Joseph Beaman 5 J. D. Farnsworth c c cc 6 R. Armstrong Zerah Willoby 7 S. Hubbard William Felton Samuel Hubbard,Joshua Peckhanm 8 Solomon Bliss Frederick Bliss Joel Barber Elijah Dee jr 9 Abel Drury Needham Drury Abel Drury John Averill 10 Jonah Johnson J. Goodspeed Henry N. Janes Jonathan Janes 11 John Powell Hezekiah Goff jr John Powell, " i 12 Samuel Wead " James Mason cc. i 13 J.K. Smedley Samuel Barlow Silas Hathaway Asa Fuller 14 Wm. Brayton James Brown " Daniel B. Meigs Timothy Foster GRAAD ISLE CO. I Robert Ransom Joseph Sewell L. Sowles Truman A. Barber Joseph M. Mott, 2 James Brown ( 3 Jesse A. Clark Truman Clark illiam Wait 4 Jonathan HBaynes Dan Hazen Solomon Hazen Nathan Hutchins 5 Stephen Davison Timothy Allen Benjamin Adams " Nathaniel Healey LAMOILLE CO. 2 John Wires cc U s cc cc 3 4 5 Joshua Sawyer cc ccc 6 Daniel Dodge cc c 7 Ivory Luce " " c 8 Samuel Cook Robert Kimball Samuel Cook " Luther Bingham, 10 N. Robinson Riverius Camp.. Asa Raymond 12 iTnomas Taylor

Page  41 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT'., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. 41 CHITTENDEN 1822, 1823. 1824. 1825, 1826. 1 James Whitcomb William Everts James Whitcomb *. * 2 George Robinson Eben'r T. Englesby Charles Adams Benjamin F. Bailey 3 Jeremiah Barton ( " Nathaniel NeweU William Xoble 4 Nathan Bryan.Jabez Penniman 5 Roswell Butler Bille B. B. Btler 6 N. Leavenworth Mitchell Hinsdell "C John M. Eldridge 7 Benjamin'Derby James Ambler jr. Benjamin Derby James Ambler jr. 8 Oliver Lowrey Wm. P. Richardson Gideon 0. Dixon C 9 Heman Allen Moses Davis Heman Allen 10 Edward Jones Amos B. Cooper' William Rhodes " 11 Levi Comnstock Garrad Burrett Burgess Hall 12 Reuben Lockwood 13 William Barney cc " 14 William Wood t Amos Partridge * Ziba Woods Ii Simeon Lee " Chauncey Brownell Selah Murry Harry Bradley ESSEX CO. 1 Joseph Stevene " John M. French 3 Daniel Smith William Marshall ( Thomas G. French,, 4 Jesse Cooper IPaiiel Goss Oliver Ingham. Caleb Ingalls 6 David'Hibbardjr. " Dyer Hibbard " 7 IJoel Bassett C 8 D. Hopkinson (" Erastus Cutler David Hopkinson 9 Ed. C. Spaulding Mills De Forest Noyes Denison Mills De Forest 10 William Gates "' Stephen Howe jr' 11 Moody Rich ( Moody Rich FRANKTLIN CQ, I Silas B. Hazeltine " Thomas Child c 2 Penuel Leavrtns Geo. w. Woodworth ( Cromwell Bowen Brainard Bradley 3 Martin D. Follett " Austin Fuller " Thomas Fuller 4 Luther B. Hunt ( Reuben Wood Lunther B. Hunt 4 Joab Smith Jos'h D.Farnsworth Joab Smith cc.. 6 Zerah Willoughby < Elias Blair " Reuben Armstrong 7 Reuben aFowlet Reuben Towle William Felton *. 8 Elijah Baker Ira Hinkley Elijah Dee jr. Joel Barber jr. Alvah Sabin 9 John Averill Abel Drury " John Averill Thomas Best 10 Samuel Lusk lvin House I Alvin ous 12 James Mason' Sterling Parker cc,', 13 Stephen Royce jr Joshua W. Sheldon s Jams asoJoshua W. Sheldon " " cc o Benjamin Swift " 14 Jonathan Berry " Benjamin Swift 4GRA ND IS LE rCO. "' c Stephen S. Brown James Platt GRAND ISLE CO. 1 John M. Mott Thomas Mott 2 James Brown Joel Allen Jedediah Hyde Melvin Barnes 3 Charles Carron " William Wait Ezra Pike jr. 5 EIrad Allen "' Abner Ladd Irad Allen 5 Elisha Boardman " Benaja Phelps LA&OILLE CO.! Belvidere Moody Shattuck 2 James B., Gilmore 3 John Warner Nathah Smilie " 4 51Abner Flanders o 6'Tho's Waterman S n 7 Daniel odge Solomon Balch 7 Ivory Luce Daniel Dodge 8 Llither Bingham " 10 Riverius Camp h 102 R r (m "' Benjamin Chapman Ephraim Ladd

Page  42 42 REPRESENTATITES, PCHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM, OZITTEIDi!UN 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831. I John Pir,eo J. I ames WVhitcomb Moses L. Colton 2 Benj'n F. Bailey. " T timothv Follett " 3 William Noble Nathaniel Newell William Pease " " 4 Noah Wolcott (,, Udney HPenniman 5 Marshall Castle Samuel Bliss Marshall Castle Roswell Butler C N. Leavenworth " Naum Peck,C Joseph Marsh 7 James Ambler jr John Judson' " cc Selah Ambler 8 Truman Galusha William APrentiss TrumanGalusha 9 Phelps Smith Levi Smith Lemuel B. Platt cc A. G. Whittemore 10 Nathan Fay jr. W. illiam Rhodes Edward Jones 11 Levi Comstock FHyman Holabird " Heman Barstow'" Reuben Lockwood Horace Ferris " Lewis H'gbee Reuben Lockwood, 13 Cyrus Birge William Barney John I-. Tower 14 Ziba Wood Danforth Wales David Hazelton Danforth Wales " 15 Truman ChittendeD ".( Alexander Lee ESSEX CO. 1 John M. French Adin Bartlett Martin French Arad Silver 2 Brighton I 3 David Hyde Haines Schoff Thomas G. French4 Oliver Ingham Jesse Cooper James Steele William Morrill 5 Dyer Hibbard Archibald Taggard. 7 Joel Gleason Joel Bassett Elijah Baker Benjamin S. Clark 8 Seth Cushman John Dewey David Hopkinsonjr John Dewey Horace Hubbard 9 Zebina Blodgett Joseph Downer Noyes Denison Abdiel Blodgett 10 Azariah Webb jr John Chandler Jonah Brooks jr. " 9.; 11 Jesse Hugh, Moody Rich Daniel Rich ".d'RANKLIN CO. 1 Silas B. Hazeltine Azariah Corse jr. " Thomas Child Harry Reynolds 2 Cromwell Bowen it Wm. C. Ellsworth, Nathan Hamilton 3 Jehiel R. Barnum I" Horace Eaton Oliver H. Robinson 4 Erastus Saffotd James Farnsworth James Bellows Joseph Kingsbury James Bellows 5 Joab Smith, Benjamin Wooster Joab Smith Joel Barber jr, 6 Elias Bingham Ira Armstrong 4 Ira Scott 7 Zeri Cushman " William Felton Philip S. Gates William Felton 8 Joel Barber jr Elijah Dee " Decius R. Bogue' 9 Thomas Best John Averill John Barr:10 Henry N. Janes Samuel Lusk " Selah B. Upham Daniel Barrows 11 Sterling Parker JonathanCarpenter " William Rogers Caleb Royce 12 James Mason " Alfred Keith i Levi Hapgood 13 John Smith it. cc John Smith 14 Timothy Foster " Stephen S. Brown James Platt Ruluff W. Green GRAND ISLE CO. 1 Thomas Mott William L. Sowles. 2 James Brown Samuel Adams " " " 3 Ezra Pike jr. Ira Hill Harry Hill " Charles Carron jr Benjamin Butler 2d (. Joel Allen Uriah Hazen 5 Benajah Phelps Bird Landon Benajah Phelps Calvin Fletcher LAMOILLE CO. 2 Nathan Smilie " " 3 Jonas Stone Eli Hinds jr. " Clark Fisk 4 Jonathan Bridge " Abner Dot I( Martin Elmore cc aa rl r TheopfilusW Fitch. 5 Abner Flanders TheophilusW Fitch Breed Noyes TheophisW it 6 David Boynton Solomon Balch Daniel Dodge Israel 0. Andrews I vory Luce It George Town 8 Asa Cole Luther Bingham (" ", 10 B. Chapman Daniel Moody " Philo G. Camp 11 Watertille Luther Poland Xmos Willey uther Poland 12 Ephraima Ladd Jonathan Smith Jes Whitey

Page  43 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE., LAM. 42'CITTENDEN 1832 1833 1834 1835 1836 1 M L. Colton Almond Whitcomb (" Sanuel B.Kennedy " 2 T. Follett Samuel Nichols JohnVan Sicklilenjr Nathan B. Hasweli " 3 Myron Powell " Noble Lovely " Pitt E. Hewitt 4 U. II. Penniman John W. Weaver Thomas Brownell 5 Amasa Bryant " Albert Stevens Thad's R. Fletchel Albert Stevens 6 Joseph Marsh Amos Clark. " Nathaniel Miles 7 Selah Ambler Jamnes Ambler jr Benjamin Allen " 8 ThomasChittenden Erastus Field 9 Joseph Clark. It Arthur Hunting " 10 Edward Jones John Fay William Rhodes John Fay Artemas Flagg 11 John Tabor cc Horace Saxton " 12 Horace Ferris Sherman Beach Lewis Higbee Sherman Beach (C 13 John H. Tower HIenry Oaks " William Barney Reuben Parker 14 John Allen David Hazelton John Allen (" 15 David French " " Nathan Stearns Ezbon Sanford ESSEX CO. 1 Arad Silver Martin French Jeremiah Jourdin Daniel Holbrook 2 Timothy Corey William Washburn Timothy Corey cc Harvey Coe.3 Benjamin Browi Haines Schoff Thomas G. French it John Schoff 4 Samuel B.Coope; Oaleb Ingalls William Morrill Samuel R. Dennett 5 Archi'l Taggard.. < Moses Hill 7 Benjamin S.Clarl, Joel Bassett " Ashley Appleton 8 John Dewey f Henry Hall Reub. W. Freeman John Dewey 9 Noyes Denison Xbdiel Blodgett 10 Jonah Brooks jl'hapin K. Brooks Stephen Howe tc (4 11 Joseph Gleason " Daniel Rich Gustavus A. Hall FRANKLIN CO. 1 Harry Reynolds Silas B. Hazeltine Thomas Child Azariah Corse 2 Nathan Hamilton M M. C. Stone Mitchell Stone John S. Webster 3 0. H. Robinson John Adams Horace Eaton 4 J. Bellows Joseph Lamrned Joseph Larned jr Alonson Webster Alfred Wheeler r) Joe. Barber jr J~ y Joel Bnarber jr Joseph Sowle Joel B3arber jr Joseph Soule i 6 Guy Kingslev Ira Armstrong Guy Kinslev 7 Philip S. Gates | William Felton Elisha Bascom 8 Solomon Bliss Alvah Sabin Elijah Dee 9 Jesse Carpenter t " Robert L. Paddock Chas. H Jenison 10 Darniel Barrows1Rufus Hamilton Samuel Lusk Richard Smithjr Rufus Hamilton 1 t William Rogers John HIuse John Huse { Alden Sears 12 Levi Hapgood William Green Joshua W. Sheldon " Fred. W. Judson 13 John Smnith John Smith Lawrevce Brainard John Smith 14 George Green cc Lewis Janes Bradford Scott GRAND ]SLE CO. 1 Giles Harrington Joseph Sewall John M. Sowles Geo. W Goodrich 2 H. C. Boardman 44 Samuel Adams 3 C. Carlon jr Reuben Pike " Minus M'Roberts William Dawson 4 Joel Allen Augustus Knight Benjamin Butler " Elijah HIaynes 5 Bird Landon Benajah Phelps Samuel Boardman 14 LAMOILLE CO. I Josiah W. Potter Alva Chaffee 2 N. Smilie James B. Gillmore Nathan Srnilie -Tarry Reynolds Isaac Griswold 3 Luther H. Brown AMartin Wheelock Luther H. Brown Walter Wheelock C 4 Abner Doty Martin Elmore Jonathan Bridge 5 Joshua Sawyer (C " I C 6 Thos. Waterman Moses Morse jr t ( Levi B. Vilas 7 George Town N. Butts Ivory Luce Elisha A. Town 8 David P. Noyes cc I c Joseph Sears 9 Slerlihg Asaph Kentfield 10 Uriah Wilkins U. Wilkins 2d Joseph H. Bennett Elisha Cady 11 Jesse C. Holmes. 12 Jesse Whitney Nathaniel Jones " Ephraim Ladd

Page  44 44 REPRESENTATIVES, CIIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. CHITTENDEN 1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 I John Pineo " Joseph Smith Moses L. Colton 2 Harry Bradley Carlos Baxter Wmi. A- Griswold 3 P. E. Hewett Samuel H- Barnes " Aaron L. Beach - 4 T. Brownell Arad Merrill John Lyon John T. Webster 5 Byron Stevens " Daniel Littlefield. Elijah G. Staunton 6 Steph'n Byington " Jedediah Boynton " Heman R. Smith 7 John Snyder Jdhn Judson Alex'r Ferguson " 8 Lyman Field Andrew Warner Zebina Bliss 9 George Ayres " Daniel H. Onion " Samuel Boardman 10 Artemas Flagg Jamnes Humphrey Ransom Jones " 11 Samuel Fletcher " Elnathan W. Spear Robert White 12 Reub. Lockwood Sherman Beach Silas Isham 13 Reuben Parker Peter Martin E. F. Hutchins. A. Narramore 14 William Wood " Artemas Allen " DanielJackson 15 David French William H, French Nathaniel Paiker Alson Landon " ESSEX CO. 1 Martin French Arad Silver Seldon Burbank Henry Fuller 2 Harvey Coe Elias Aldrich cc " John Stevens 3 John Schoff Thomas G. French HElaines Schoff Isaac Richardson 4 William Morrill Joshua Morrison " Alex. H. Morrill " 5 Moses Hill David Hibbard 3d " " Nathan J. Graves 7 Ashley AppletotL " Abram 7V. Rice " 8 John Dewey " R. W. Freemen Holace Hubbard John Dewey 9 John Bailey 2d Mills De Forest 10 Stephen Howe Jonah Brooks jr " Charles Ames " 11 Joseph Rich " Moody Rich Samuel DI. Merrill " 12 Victory L. oomis Wells 3FRANKLrN CO. 1 Silas B. Hazeltine Azariah Corse ( " Charles C. Stone 2 J. S. Webster Joseph Smith " Nathan Hamilton " 3 Jonas Boutell, Samuel Kendall H. N. Barber 4 A, Wheeler James'Bellows Lyman Hawley, J. H. Farnsworth.5 Joab Smith Joseph Soule Wakefi'ldW.Thorp s 6 John Kinsley D. H. Watkins John Kinsley J John Kinsley jr 7 Henry Bowman, Jona. HI. Hubbbard, 8 Elijah Dee Alvah Sabin William R. Warner Alvah Sabin Ira Hinckley 9 John Barr Luther K. Drury Joseph B. Cutler' " William Skeels 10 B. W. Fuller " " Asa Wheeler,' 11 Alden Sears John Huse " Nathaniel Sears Jay Powell 12 Cyrus Keith J. J. Beardsley Alfred Keith Alonson Draper " 13 John Smith A. G. Tarlton Stephen S. Brown Isaiah Netvton Cornelius Stilphen 14 Geo. W. Foster Joseph Blake John S. Foster " John Barney GRAND ISLE CO. 1 G. W. Goodrich Frederick Hazen " Nathan Kinsley 2 Samuel Adams iLewis Ladd Jabez Ladd 3 William Dawson Enoch Hall M "'arltin Reynolds " 4 BenjTamin lButler -Horace Wadsworth Jedediah Hazen 5 David Corbin 6H. lector Adams LAt'OILLE CO. 1 iiMoody Shattuc-k Sticksney 1Hodgkins R. P. Tiliotson 2 Oel Safford Willard Griswoldl Nathan Slmilic Joseph Baker 3 Luther H. Brown Edmond Clark'Clark Fisk " Eli Hinds jr 4 Peleg Schofield Samuel Bailey Jesse N. Perley George W. Bailey Seth Town 5 Levi Edgerton Lucius H. Noyes' Almond Boardman 6 Levi B. Vilas (Albert Stone i John B. Downer Asa Andrews 7 Elisha A. Town Ivory Luce Joshua Luce Et James Harris 8 Joseph Sears IDavid P. Noyes John Ferrin " George Small 9 10 Elisha Cadgy Orion W. Butler " Nathan Robinson jr. 11 Moses Fisk. " i "; D. H. Hulburd 12 Isaac Pennock jrl George H.Whitney Isaac Pennock Porter Crane -..

Page  45 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. 45 CHITTENDEN 1842. 1843 1 844 84.5 84 6 I Moses L. Colton Jesse Jewell jr. John Bedee " Samuel Morse 2 John V,n Sicklen Henry B. Stacy. " Charles Russell, BurkeLeavenworth cc William R. Pease it Abner Squire 4 John S: Webster Joseph E. Rhodes Jacob Rolfe, 5 ElijahG Staunton Joseph B. Weed Alonson Bliss'~ Samuel Thrasher 6 Heman R. Smith John S. Patrick " Lyman Dorwin - 7 Selalh Ambler. George Eddy.John Snyder 8 Zebina.Bliss Albert Lee " David Fish 9 Sam'I'Boardman Alb't GWhittemore c Benjamin Fairchild: Sylvanus Douglass " Nathan Fay, 11 Robert White Ira Andrews cc William Harmon,, 12 R. Lockwood Silas Isham William M Sutton Reuben Lockwood 13 H. A.Narramore John Story Frederick Fletcher CC C 14 Daniel Jackson Noah Tyler Amos Hobart. Reuben Farnsworh Amos Hobart 15 NathanielParker William H. French ESSEX CO. 1 Henry Fuller Jeremiah Wright Selden Burbank. Jeremiah Wright 2 Elias Aldrich John Stevens " Isaac W- Aldrich 3 George Marshall " Royal C. Belknap " Joel B. English 4 William Morrill Mathias Weeks " Harvey Hinman,' 5 Nathan J. Graves David Hibbard jr. " Harvey G. Fry 6 Easthaven John Walter jr. 7 Henry Hartshorn " Jonathan Mathews Jona'n Mathews jr. Charles Cheney 8 Allen Gould, c Oramel Crawford " Stephen Ames 9 John Bailey William C. Simms Richard Morgan' 10 Jonah Brooks jr. Stephen Howe':'. Reuben C. Benton 11 Leonard Walker' James Follansbee " Moody Rich 12 Loomis Wells Ransom Hall Harlon Keyes James Towle FRANKLIN O 1 H. T, Brigham Holloway tBrigh'm 2 Joseph Smith Henry Follett Elias Babcock Arza Andrus Homer E. Royce 3 H N Barber Bennett Eaton " Charles B. Mavnard 4 Asa S Gove Joseph Learned c' Reuben Dewey. 5 Joseph Soule Jonathan Sherwood Bradley Barlow Joseph Ellsworth jr " Ebenezer Bailey Lucas Holmes 7 Dolphus Dewing Philip S. Gates Isaac Warner Peter Chase Jona'n H Hubbard B Lorenzo Janes Solomon Bliss I Isaac P. Clark c 9 John Barr Luther Meigs - Luther K. Drury Philo F. Drury., 10 Joshua Cla pp John L. Clapp D Daniel I. Bailey 11 Jay Powell Josiah Blaisdell Alden Sears Harvey D. Farrar 12 Elihu Goodsill " Jacob Wead Lloyd Mason H'Cornelius Stilphen John Gates Orlando Stevens William Bridges 14 John Barney. ames Platt GRAND ISLE CO. INathan Kinsley William A. Ladue Solomon J. Davis 2 JabezLadd' Bemjamin Griffith Guy Reynolds Samuel Adams Guy Reynolds Eph'm A Holcomb " Elihu Holcomb "- Hiram Hall 4 Jedediah Hazen John Martin Jon Hazen William Wilsey 5r Wallis lMrott Lorsnzo Hall c Abner B- Landon Henry Robinson LABMOILLE CO. I Jerre Shattuck A. K. Whittemore Allen Chaffee Phinehas Carpenter 2 Joseph Baker Joseph B. Morgan Nthan Smilie 3 Eli HIinds jr. 4 George W Bailey Seth Town Hernan H. Elmore Almond Boardman Levi Edgerton Nathaniel P. Keeler. 6 7 James Harris Albert Luce Amander Peterson - 8 George Small Moses Terrill Ver. W Waterman Vernoa W. " Moses Terrill Zehina W Bennett Samuel Benson" Nathaniel Russell 11 O. M'Farland William Wilber A n Willi Pa el usell 12 Ephraim L~add Phin's S Benjamin

Page  46 46 REPRESENTATIVES, CHIT., ES., FRAN., G. ISLE, LAM. CHITTENDEN 1847 1848 1849 1850 FIRST Towx CL'K~ 1 Hem anl H. Pinne( " John DI). Stone Daniel Colton 2 W1llys Lyman David K Pangborn HenryLeavenworth Samuel Lane 1787 3 Ablner Squier Elanson H.Vheeler John Sherman,, John M'Neil 4 Jacob Rolfe A. C. Richardsoh Andrew J. Merrill Ira Allen 91 5 S. Thrasher Warren Williams Josiah Tuttle Holman Bates Elkanah Billings 86 6 Bial Boynton " Rufus Patrick i Elisha Berben 87 7 John Snyder William S. Hurlbut GeorgeW. Bromley Chas. Brewster 90 8 Hiram Day " Lucius S. Barney Lewis Chapin 86 9 H-Iector Adams A. G. Whittemore Rhodo's Sanderson I Enoch Ashley 88 10 [ddo Green " J. Chamberlin 95 1 1 Elijah Root Henry S. Morse " Elijah Root Caleb Smith 87 12 Colonel Smith William M. Slutton " Nathan Lockwood Jared Higbee 1813 13 John Story Hiram H. Dixon " Martin Wires William Barney 95 14 Jonas Hobart Hosea B. Bates Artemas Allen " 15 Wm. H. Frenclu Rufus Wailston " Roswell B. Fay Rob't Donnelly 86 ESSEX CO. 1 Jeremiah Wrighl Julius J. Holbrook " Samual N. Silver 2 Harris Brown Elias Aldrich Welcome F. Fisher Winm. Malada 1832 3 Joel B. English Elisha Webster J.Iohn D. French 4 Stilman Blood,. William Morrill William Trask 5 William B. May,, Jenneson Carruth cc Elijah Spafford 94 6 Abraham Powers " Horatio L. Walter Horace B. Root 7 Charles Cheney GershomCarpenter " Loomis Wells Jos. Herrick 1802 8 Stephen Ames Jonathan Benjamin John P. Denison Jonathan Benjamin 9 Richard Morgan M. De Forest 1802 10 Stephen Howe Mitchel- Silsby Reuben C. Bentpn David Hopkins 81 11 Charles Stevens Moody Rich Charles Stevens Daniel C. Kimball 12 James Towle Jonathan Hill James Towle,, Loomis Wells 1841 FRANKLIN CO. 1 Earl Smilie Charles C. Stone 2 Homer E. Royce Paschal P. Leavens David Nutting 94 3 Caleb E. Brewer James M. Dean " Henry Walbridge Isaac B. Farrar 98 4 H. E. Hulbell " c c t h Tomas Russell 87 5 William Sherman Albert G. Soule Bradley Barlow Edmond Town 90 6 Joseph King ( Guy Kinsley 7 Lathrop Marsh Eben'r Sanders 93 8 Alvah. Sabin Isaac P. Clark Reuben Evarts 9 Daniel Watson Jesse Cutler Arwin P. Herrick 10 D. H. Bailey Bethuel W. Fuller cc John L. Clapp Saml.Barnard 1802 11 H. D. Farrar Silas P. Carpenter " Caleb Royce Charles Wells 99 12 William Green " " Alfred Keith S. B. Sheldon 91 13 Win. Bridges H. R- Beardsley Benj.B. Newton William Bridges 14 H. W. Barney George Bullard Isaac B. Bowdish T. Butterfield 90 GRAND ISLE CO. I S. J. Davis Albert C. Butler " Job Babcock jr T. C. Reynolds 92 2 Abel Brown cc Samuel B. Gordon William Brown.James Brown 1809 3 Simeon Cooper "c Dyer Hill " ( Abraham Knapp 90 4 Wm. Wilsey David Harvey Asa Mooney N athan Hutchins 5 Lewis Mott " George Landon LAOITLLIE4; CO. 1 A. K.Whittemore Merritt W. Powers Moses Phelps John Brown 1815 2 Jason Crain John Fassett 85'3 Philo A. Mathews David Randall VI,Wentworth 1802 4 Joseph C. Bailey Crispus Shaw Joseph Leach 92 5 John C. Page Carlos Noyes Jabez Fitch 91 6 Jonathan C. Dodge 7 Ivory Luce Noah C. Butts Annexed to Stowe J. C. White 1814 8 Julius P. Hall Julius P. Hall Comfort Olds 96 19 1~Arad Baker John Boyce 1819 10 N. Russell Luke J. Town Jared D. Wheelock JosephHurlbut 97 11 Jos. D. Freeman Elias Willey.. Eliphalet Brush Moses Fisk 1827 12 Dan.G. Pennock Lyman Titus Samuel Pennock

Page  47 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND 47 ORANGE CO. 1788 1789 1790 1791 I Biadford John Barron AshurChamberlainli John Barron 2 Braintree Isaac Nichols 3 Brookfield Abel Lyman Daniel Kingsbury 4 Chelsea Theo's Huntington 5 Corinth' Peter Sleem an C C 6 Fairlee Israel Morey,, " Samuel Smnith 7 Newbury Thomas Johnson,, " Joshua Bayley 9 Rahdolph Asa Edgerton Israel Converse " " 10 Strafford Alex'er Pennock W WVilliam Denison " 11 Thetford Beriah Loomis< Israel Smith; 13 Tunbridge Seth Austin,' 14 Vershire Andrew Peters Ebenezer West Thomas Porter 17 Williamstown Elijah Paine, " Cornelius Lynde ORLEANS CO. 6 Craftsbury:RUTLAND CO. I Benson Asahel Smitht " c 2 Brandon Nathan Daniels Nathan Daniels Jacob Simonds 3 Castleton Eli Cogswell Noah Lee Eli Cogswell " 4 Chittenden Nathaniel Ladd c 5 Clarendon Daniel Marsh Elihu Smith " Abel Spencer 6 Danby Peter Lewis Lemuei Griffith Wring Rogers 7 Fairhaven Mathew Lyon Simeon Smith MaSthe v Lyon " 8 Hubbardton Nathan Rumsey " r ames Waelpley 9 Ira George Sherman Cephas Carpenter' George Sherman 11 Middletown John Burnham Ephraim Carr " " 13 Mt. Tabor John Stafford John Jenkins John Stafford 14 Pawlet Lemuel Chipman 6 " "C 16 Pittsford Noah Hopkins " Benjamin Cooley " 17 Poultnev James Brookins William Ward Thomas Ashley 18 Rutland Samuel Williams ( c 20 Shrewsbury Ichabod Robinson " Nathan Finney IEmanuel Case 21 Sudbury John Hall "c c 22 Tinmouth Ebenezer Marvin " " John Spafford 23 Wallingford Joseph Randall Abraham Jackson;' iThomas Randall 24 Wells lAbel Merriman ISamuel Lathrop " i " COUNCIL OF CENSORS. 1st 1785 2d 1792:3d 1799 4th 1806 5th 1813 In'se Moseley, Pres Saml. Knight pres c" Apollos Austin Nathaniel Chipman Ebenezer Curtis Daniel Buck Benjamin Emmons Ezra Butler Isaac'Tichenor Eben'r Walbridge Orl'do Bridgeman Elias Buel Loyal Case David Edmonds Benj. Carpenter Benjamin Burt Noah Chittenden [sa'ac Clark Daniel Farru;nd Stephen Jacob Elijah D)ewey " Josiah Fisk Ebenezer Clark Jonathan Hunt Jonas Galusha David Fay Thomas Gross Isaac Bailey Ebenezer Marvin Anthony Haswell Lott Hall Udney Hay Nicholas Baylies Elijah Robinson Beriah Loomis Jonathan Hnut Wm. Hunter jSolomon Bingham Joseph Marsh Samuel Mattocks Joln Leavel ett S. Huntington William Btall jr John Session Elijah Paine Nathaniel Niles John Noses' Luther Jewett Lewis Beebe Isaac Tichlenor Moses Robinson " Charles Marsh Jonathan Brace John White "c Mark Richards Elijah Strong M. Townsend Sec Ros'll Hopkins SeceJohn Willard Jamnes Tarbox Robert Temple The Council of Censors chosen in 1799, and 1806, did not order any convention to be holden, and no alterations were made in the Constitution by any convention betiween 1793 and 1829. The convention of 1829 made an amendment in relation to the voting of Foreigners, -that made it necessary for them t6 become naturalized before they were allowed to vote in fieemen's meeting. The convention of 1836 changed the old Council of 12, to a Senate of 30. The convention of 1843 made no alteration. The convention of 1850 changed the mode of electing County Court Judges, Sheriffs, High Bailiffs, State's Attornies, Judges of Probate, and Justices of the Peace, giving the appointment of those officers to the people of their several districts.

Page  48 48 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. ORANGE co. 1792 1793 1794 1795,1796 I Nathdniel Waite John Barron ( Micah Barron'" 2 Isaac Nichols Isaac Nichols John French " 3'Experience Fisk Elisha Allis Experience Fisk Elisha Allis " 4 Theo. Huntington Samuel Badger Joshua Elderkin Stephen Buchanan 5 Saml Hazletine " - " Mansfield Taplin 6 Samuel Smith Israel Morey a i 7 Daniel Farrand Joshua Bailey Thomas Johnson Daniel Farrand 9 Josiah Edson " Abner Weston Josiah iEdson 10 Wmin. Denison " Herber Gilbert William Denison Asahel Chamberlin ll Israel Smith Oramel Hinckley Ashur Charnberlin... 13' Reuben Hatch i Nathan'l Kingsbury Reuben.Hatch Elias Curtis 14 Thom-As Porter ",,," 15 Washington Thaddeus White Jedediah S. Skinner Thaddeus White 17 Cornelius Lynde, Joseph Crane ORLEANS CO. 6 Ebenezer Crafts Joseph -Scott Samuel C, Crafts 9 Greensboro' Timothy Stanley Aaron Shepherd RUTLAED CO. I Asahel Smith " Chauncey Smith Asa Furnam Chauncey Smith 2 Jacob. Simonds John Mott " Hiram,Horton,, 3 Eli Cogswell " Noah Lee,, Isaac Clark 4 Nathaniel Ladd John Bancroft Nathan Nelson 5 Abel Spencer " Abel Cooper Theop. Harrington Abel Spencer 6 Wing Rogers, Elihu Sherman Abel Horton Daniel Sherman 7 Simeon Smith Mathew Lyon " cc cc 8 James Whelpley c Nathan Rumsey James Whelpley Nathan Rumsey 9 George Sherman cc 11 Jona. Brewster Nathaniel Wood Jonathan Brewster John Burnham Jonathan Brewster 12 Mount Holly Abraham Jackson " Stephen Clark cc 13 John Stafford - ( Gideon Tabor Palmer Stafford 14 LemuelChipman " Joseph Haskall Nathaniel Smith 15 Pittsfield Thomas Hodgkins 16 BenjaminCooley Thomas Hammond Amos Kellogg 17 Thomas Ashley " Isaac Hosford (" Jon as Safford 18SamuelWilliams Nathan Osgood 20 Emanuel Case J ~a ta 21 John Hall Timothy Miller Amasa Blanchard ] Timothy Miller 22 Orange Train Samuel M'Clure Orange Train ccA 23 Joseph Randall -Asahel Jackson Joseph Randall William Fox Samuel M'Clure 24 Joseph Button Samuel Lathrop Joseph Button Samuel Lathrop, COUNCIL OF CENSORS, CONTINUED. 6th 1820, (7th 1827 8th 1834 9th 1841 10th 1848 Wm. Hunter, Pres, Asa Aiken, Pres, Joel Doolittle Pres. J D. Farnsworth p C.K Williams, Pres Charles Rich Wm. A. Griswold Stephen Robinson Peter Starr Joel Brownson Daniel Kellogg Win. Strong John A.. Pratt Keyes P.'Cool Joseph Scott John W.%Dana John Phelps Wallis Mott David Crawford Augustine Clark;Jedediah H. Harris Nathan-el Harmon Austin Birchard Salmon F. Dutton Isaac N. Cushman Obadiah Noble jr. Joseph Reed Martin C. Deming William Hebard William Nutting William Gates Alvin Foote Luther Carpenter Henry F. Janes John Phelps William Howe Robert Harvey Gordon Newell James Bell Joel Pratt Bates Turner E. H. Starkweather Heman Allen Augustus Burt Amos Thompson Saimuel S. Phelps Joseph Smith Alvah H. French Ira H, Allen Asa Aldis Leonard Sargeant David Hibbard jr Ephraim Paddock Henry Stowell Jedediah Hyde Joel Allen. Samuel W. Porter David Hibbard jr John Dewey Joshua Y. Vail Sec. E. P. Walton, Sec. William Hebard S Hez. H. Reed Sec. John N.Poimeroy S.

Page  49 REPRES.NNTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. 4-9 ORANGE co 1797 1798 1 1799. 1800 1 1801. I Micah Barron )Andrew B. Peters " William Simpson Andrew B. Peters 2 John French Isaac Nichols John Hutchinson Isaac Nichols jr. John Hutchinson 3 Elisha Allis " Daniel Kingsbury NathanielWheatley 4 Reuben HIHatch " Theop. tHuntington " Reuben Hatch 5 Mansfield Taplin Samuel Hazletine Mansfield Taplin Samuel Hazletine Mansfield Taplin 6 Israel MeIlorey Samuel Smith " Nathaniel Niles 7 Thomas Johnson Daniel Farrand' Thomas Johnson 8 Orange Ezra Goodell " Thomas S. Paine Ezra Goodell 9 James Taybox Aaron Storrs " Jaines Tarbox (( Asahel Chamberlin Benjamin Preston.. 11Oramel Hinckley Israel Smith, J. P. Buckingham Elijah Hammond 12 Topshamt, William Thompson 13 James Tyer' Elias Curtis 14 Thomas Porter " Ass Smith 15 Elisha Smith Thaddeus White Elisha Smith Stephen Strong Thaddeus White 17 Joseph Crane Jonathan Fisk ORLEANS CO. 2 Barton 2 Braolrtlwgton ]Elijah Strong 3 Brownin.ton 6 Joseph Scott " Samuel C, Crafts 7 Derbq Timothv Hiaman T m 9 Timothy Stanre y " John Ellsworth Timothy Stanley 44 15 INewport Luther Chapin 17 Troy 18 Westfield RUTLAND CO. 1 Chauncey Smith Simeon Goodrich i Reuben Nash Chauncey Smit' 2 Hiram Horton B..:Benajah Douglass 3 Isaac Clark. Samuel Shaw 4 John Cowee.. " 5 Abel Spencer Theoph.Harringtont " " c 6 Daniel Sberman Abel Horton " Abel Norton Edward Vail 7 Aiineon Smith James W.Vitherill (. " 8 Theophilas Flngw Mathan Rumsey Theophilas Flagg " t cc 9 George Sherman Cephas Carpenter John Andersoft 11 John Burnham Nathaniel Wood jr. athaniel oo 12 Stephen Clark Abraham Jackson Stephen Clark Samuel Shaw Stephen Clark 13 John Moseley Gideon Tabor (C (" " 14 Gideon 15 Thomas Hodgkins " " 1 GBenjamin Cooley Amos Kellogg Thomas Hammond.. 17 WVilliam Ward.. Thomas Ashley - 18 Israel Smith Samuel Williams ( Jonathan Wells Darius Chipman 19 IJohn Anthony " i 20 Emanuel Case William Marsh... 21 Timothy Miller ([ " " 22 Orange Train ( 23 William Fox {Samuel M'Clure 24 Samuel Lathrop Simon Francis i " HON. GAMALIEL PAINTER Came into Middlebury, from Salisbury, Conn., in company with John Clhipman; from the same place, early in the year 1773, with a view of making a permanent settlement. Before they arrived, a Mr. Benjamin Smalley had come into town with his family for the same object, and builta small house, the first erected in town. They settled near together in the south west corner of the town. Chipman had commenced a clearing of six or eight acres in 1766 and abandoned it, as no one lived within many milcs of him. When he returned he settled on the same lot that he first began upon, and where Jonathan Seeley now resides, Painter settled near a mile south of him on the south line of the town, as the lines are now established, and Smalley about half a mile west of Chip. man. Thus the settlement continued to increase till the ravages of the war caused them all to abandon their homes inr June, 1776, except Benjamin Smalley and a Mr. Daniel Foot, and they followed in September after. After the close of the war, in 1783, many of those who had left in 1776, with others returned to the town, and became permanent settlers. Thompson's Vermont, does not inform us whether Painter or Chipman returned or noL Gamaliel Painter and Jehn Chipm an re7

Page  50 i0'.REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. ORANGE CO. 1802 1803 1804 1805. 1806 I Daniel Kimball Andrew B. Peters " Arad Stebbins Daniel Kimball 2 John Hutchinson " Lyman Kidder John Hutchinson 3 Nath'l Wheatley ".... 4 Theo, 1Huntington Josiah Dana Elihn Hyde Thecp. liuntington Josiah Dana 5 Samuel Hazletine " Daniel Cook Joshua Tenney 6 Nathaniel Niles Elisha Thayer.. " 7 Joshua Bailey cc. Isaac Bayley James Spear 8 Thomas S. Paine John Stacy D D)avid Rising John Stacye 9 Abner Weston James Tarbox Dudley Chase Asahel Chamberlin... ",, 11 Ellij'h Hammond " j P. Buckingham William Childs 12 Wm, Thompson H,E.G. M'Laughlin J' P. Bn 13 Seth Paine John Rlddall. Nathaniel King, 14 Thomas Porter " 15 Daniel Peaslee,, ( " 17 Jonathan Fisk " " ORLEANS CO. 2 Jonathan Allyn,. Joseph Owen 3 William Baxter Elijah Strong "* Luke Gilbert W. illiam Baxter 4 Cha leston 5 Coventry Joseph Marsh John Ida jr. 6 Daniel Davison Samuel C. Crafts Royal Corlin Samuel C.Crafts Royal Corbin 7 Timothy Hinman. " 8 Glover Ralph Parker John llsor 9 Tiniothy Stanley JhnEllsworthb 10 Holiand Eber Robinson 11 Irasburgh Caleb Leach 15 Luther Chapin 17 Alpheus Moore Stephen Underhill cc Josiah Lyon 18 Jesse Olds " Anthony Burgess " Asa Hitchcock RUTLAND CO,. I Chauncev Smith Reuben Nash Chanacey Smith t 2 BenajabDouglass Uriah Horton Penuel Childs 3 Samuel Shaw 4 Joln. Cowee " " " 5 Theo. Harring.on Theophl's.arrington Daniel Dyer " James Harrington 6 E'ward Vail, " Abel Horton John H. Andrus " 7 James Witherill Oliver Church Isaac Cutler " Oliver Church 8 Theophilas:Flagg rElisha Wall er, 9 John Anderson - ( Preserved Fish 10 Mlendon 1.1 Nathaniel Wood Nathaniel Wood jr. John Burnham Dyer Le"fingwel 12 John Shawv JedelialiHammond ( e 13 Gideon Baker Gideon Tabor (,, " 14 Gideon Adams John Sargeants Fphraim Fitch " 15 Isaac Eddy " ( Zebedee Sproiut Thomas Hammond Caleb Hendee jr. i Thomas Hammond Caleb H1cnle'jr. Tim'y Cruttenden " Amos Thompson " 18 Abel.,pencer Abel Spencer Ezekiel Porter' Abel Spencer 19 Sherburne John Fuller. 20 William Marsh " " David Holden 21 Timothy Miller | " Joseph Warner 22 Zenas Allen | " Ziba Hamilton Nathaniel Chipman n 23 Samuel M'Clure Lent Ives W" illiam Fox'" 24 Simon Francis " Andrew Clark Simon Francis Andrew Clark 0 Philadelphia Elijah Segar turned in 1784, and took possession of their old lots,.where Chipman remained till his death in a good old age. Painter removed into the village in 1787 and built a saw mill and grist mill on the east side of the creek on the site of Wood's grist mill and the cotton factory. Judge Painter represented the town in 1786, 7, 8, 9, 90, 1, 2, 3, 6, 1801, 3, 5, 9 and 10 and was elected Councillor in 1813 and 14. He was a Judge of the County Court in 1785, 7, 8, 9,.90, 1, 2, 3 and 5, and Sheriff in 1786. He was a delegate to the Dorset Convention in 1777 that declared the independence ef Vermont at an adjourned meeting at Westminster.,e was a public spirited man and made many donations for various purposes, ie took

Page  51 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. 61. ORt&NGIE Co. 1807 1808 1809' 1810 1811 1 Daniel Kimball.. 2 John -Iutchinson J, Ionathan Bass John Hutchinson 3 Natha'l Wheatle 1 " " BarInabas Bigelow 4 Elisha Hotchkiss Josiah Dana. " Benjamin H. Oaks Elisha Hotchkiss 5 Joshua Tenney Joseph Ormsbee Nich0olas Hale William Spencer cc 6 Elisha Thayer Samuel Smith Elisha Thayer; cc 7 Jlames Spear " Joshua Bayley Benjamin Porter 8 John Stacy Dl Casr Timothy Thurston 9 Dudlev Cha se Dudley ClLase DzDudley Clase Dudley Chase 0oAsa'l Chamberlin... HJ edediah H. Harris 11. William Childs. " Lyman Fitch H.E.G M'Lauglhlin c" " Samuel Butterfield 13.Nathaniel King ( Nath'l Kingsbury jr 14 Asa Smith jr. (" " 15 Daniel Peaslee Jacob Burton ( ( " 17 Jonathan Fisk Cornelius Lynde John Campbell jr. Jared Kimball Jonathan Fisk ORLEANS CO. 1Albany Thomas Cogswell 2 John Kimball c' Oliver. Blodgett Jonathan Allyn 3 William Baxter ( 4 Abner Allvn cc Robert H. Hunkins " Abner Allyn 5 John Ide jr. ~ 6 Jesse' Ols Royal Corbin " " 7 T:imothy Hinman' Timothy I-Iinman Charles Kingsbury 8 Ralph Parker " " ~ " 9 Eli Austin Timothy Stanley Eli Austin " Timothy Stanley 10 Eleazer B. Wilkins 11 Caleb Leach " Reuben Willey.; 13'Lowell 14 M36orq/an Rufus Stewart 15' Amos Saw"yer J ames C' Adams cc 17 Thomas Wallace c. Jonathan Simpsun l8Mcdad HIitchcock Jonathan Simp' " 1 i~~~sAm~~edaJ~ Iitchcoe~lS~ i~ -.Asa Hitchcock YRUTLAiND CO. 1 Rcuben Nash Chanffcey Smithl Asa Standish Putnam Gleason 2 Penuel Childs Joel Green John Conant' Molin Arnold 3 Samullel Shaw. John Mason-' David Sanford Ebenezer Langdon 4 John Cowee Samuel Cooley " " Thomas Manley 5 James Harrington Eleazer Flagg " Thomas Stewart.a 6 John H,. Antdrus (" " 7 Oliver Church Salmon Norton " Oliver Church " 8 Elisha Wa'ker "' Gideon Horton Elisha Walker'9 Preserved Fish' ". " Isaiah Mason 10 Benj'n Farmer ( "' Philip Perkins JohnsonRichardson 1.1 John Burnham Jonas Clark jr. " Jacob Burnham Orson Brewster 1'Stephen' Clark~ John Crowley I C 13 Gideon Tabor "' 14 James Leach' a Benjamin Fitch t 15 Nathan Eddy' Asa Gaines' ~ 16 Caleb Hendeej: Thomas Hammond Caleb Hendee jr' r Thomas Hammond 17 AmosThompsor John Stanley " Asalhel Pond 19 John Fuller'. Nathaniel BI Fullel ( 20 D)avid Holden.CC I,,,, 21 Joseph Warner. " ", 22 Nath'l CChipman'". Obadia Noble jr. 23 William Fox " " Eliakim H'Johnson William Fox 24 Andrew Clark Samuel Mii Ira Mix William Potter Joseph Button 0 Elijah Segar tive part in all the improvements of thle villagc, and to his influence more th an any other person, rle the friends of Literature indebted for the establishment of the College in MIiddlebury; *and to his generosity are the town indebted,'bya free gift of the common on the easS side of the creek, and the Congregational Church are under a debt of gratitude to him for the assistance and funds he furnished in erecting their house of worship,

Page  52 52 IREPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. OnR,.Gnaf co. 1312 1813 1814 1815 1816 1 a. Kimball " John H. Cotton ". 2 Lypan Kidder " William Ford jr Lyman Kidder 3 Bna Bigelow Elisha Allis David Bigelow " Noah Paine 4 Elisha Hotchkiss " Elihlu Hvde Daniel A. A. A. ck 5 William Spencer Nicholas Hale Daniel Cook Joseph Ormsby John B. Corliss 6 Nathanel Niles A" As May Elisha ThaJer 7 Benjamin Porter Asa Tenney Isaac Bayley " Benjamjn Porter 8 Luther Carpenter " " Mason Bill Thaddeus Clapp 9 Dudley Chlase James Tarbox Ezekiel Story "' William Nutting 10 J. H. Harris Asah'lChamberlain J. H. Harris Daniel Cobb 11 Lyman Fitch Elijah Hammond Joseph Reed. 12 Saml Butterfield Jonathan Jenness CC Gilman WVhiteo 13 Nathaniel King " " Samuel Austin 14 Asa Smith jr.... 15 Stuart Brown Daniel Peaslee " " Stuart Brown 17 Thomas Howe Abiel Smith " Robert Seaver ORLEANS CO. 1 LEli Chamberlain John Skinner Daniel Skinner 2 Joseph B, Leland Samuel Works Ellis Cobb John Kimball F. W. Adams 3 William Baxter " I " cc 4: Ebenezer Cole "t Jonas Warren 5 Peleg Redfield 4"' " 6 Royal Corbin c" Joseph Scott Royal Corbin 7 Luther Newcomb William Howe. 8 Ralph Parker " John Boardman " Charles Hardy 9 Timothy Stanley J Willard Lincoln Peleg Hill C 10 Eber Robinson Jason Hiinman Parmenas Watson II Roger Enos Nathaniel Killam Joshua Johnson John Killam Samuel Conant 13 Asahel Curtis 9" " John Harding i 14 Ruffus Stewart Ira Leavens Jotham Cummings 14 James C. Adams Amos Sawyer Martin Adams Amos Sawyer Daniel Warner 17 Jona'n Simpson Thomas Wells (C c c 18 Thos. Stoughton Walter Stone Medad Hitchcock " RUTLAND CO. 1 Chauncey Smith " Allen Goodrich Samuel o-Iward Ohauncev Smith 2 Joel Green " ( " cc Samuel Burnell 3 Eben'r Langdon Chauncey Langdon cc Willard Pond (" 4 Thomas Manly Jonas Wheeler Thomas Manley Wolcott H. Keeler 5 Thomas Stewart ISeba French c David Tinkham ~homas Stewart 6 John H. Andrus " Zoheth Allen " John H. Andius 7 Tilly Gilbert Ethan Whipple Tilly Gilbert James WV. Rosman Thomas Christie 8 Elisha Walker David Barber... 9 John. Anderson " Isaiah Mason Math. Anderson 2d Preserved Fish 10 J. Richardson Zidon Edson John Shaw Rulfus Richardson John Shaw I1 Jacob Burnham fonas Clark jr D, Leffingwell Jonas Clark jr' 12 Jed. Hammond John Crowley JedediahIHammond " Nathan T. Sprague 13 Gideon Tabor " John Sweet Jonathan Hulett Gideon Tabor 14 Benjamin Fitch "c IJhnet Hollister 15 Asa Gaines c. "t EIrstus Holt 16 Thos,Hammond Caleb Hendee jr Wm. Harrington Caleb Hendee jr Win. Harrington 17 Asahel Pond Amos Thompson "C John Stanley Amos Thompson 18 James D. Butler " CharlesK.Williams " William Denison 19 R. Estabrooks Josiah Wood jr " Nathl. M~I. Fuller ( 20 Philo'en Adams' David Holden Bart. Chad'vick " 21 Joseph Warner c'... 22 0. Noble, jr Thomas Porter jr (" Obadiah Noble jr " 23 William Fox E B. H. Johnson William F'ox 24 Aaron Mosher " Shubael Lamb Aaron 3Mosher Woleott H. Keeler Howard Mitchell c annexed to Goshen & Chit'n Hc had buried two wives, and his third one survived him a few. years. He had two sons by his first wife, and one daughter by his second, all of wvhich were taken from him by death before his decease; his youngest son was drowned in June, 1797, aged 24. The Judge died May 21, 1819, leaving no heirs. In his will he left a few legacies tQ his wife, and faithful servants, and the remainder from 10 to $15,000 to Middlebury College.

Page  53 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. 63 ORANGE CO. 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821. I John H. Cotton " John Picket (" 2 John Hutchinson William Ford jr. Lyman Kidder ( William Ford jr. 3 IFreder'kGrisiwold " Moses Hubbard jr. c c 4 Daniel A. ABuck' Daniel A. A, Bzuck Daniel A. A. Buck 5 Peter Eaton " " William Spencer " 6 Elisha Thayer!P Solomon Mann.. Elisha Thanver 7 Simeon Stevensjr Asa Tenney Simeon Stevens jr. James Spear Levi RTgeres 8 Thaddeus Clapp Luther Carpenter:: Daniel Nelson 9 William Nutting (c Timothy Baylies "c Abner Weston 10 Daniel Cobb Jedediah H. H-larris " ( 11 Beriah Loomis Joseph Reed': Lyman Fitch CC Jonathan Jenness c, " C 13 Eli Austin Samuel Austin "c Samuel Austin 14 Asa Smith jr. Simeon Bacon " Nathaniel JoLnes jr. 15 Stuart Brown Jacob Burton Stuart Brown L I 17 Robert Seaver Enoch Burnham Robert Seaver Jonathan'Fisk Abiel Smith ORLMEANS CO. I William Rowell cc Simeon Spaulding William Rowell CC 2 John Kimball' Ellis Cobb John Kimball Ellis Cobb. 3 William Baxter William Baxter " 4 Jonan Warren c 5 Peleg Redfield cc c cc John Ide 6 Joseph Scott William Scott (c Hiram Mason Augustus Young 7 William Howe 9", Benjamin Hinman " 8 Charles Hardy ccc Cc 9 Levi Stevens Peleg Hill " Levi Stevens Stephen Sherman 10 Parmen'sWatson i1 Joshua Johnson Ira H. Allen cc Roger Enos 13 John Harding Asahel Curtis John Harding 14 Jotham Cumming, Ira Lcavens 15 Daniel Warner " " " Josiah Rawson 17 Samuel H. Hovey Thomas Wells George Flint 18 Walter Stone James Brown Jairus Stebbins IJames Brown Jairas Stebbins RUTLAND CO. 1 Chauncey Smith Reuben NTash 2 Samuel Burnell John Conant Samuel Burnell Samuel Buel John Conant Chauncey Langdor John Mason Chauncey. Langdon (C Reuben Moulton 4 Thomas Manley Howard Mitchell Jonas Wheeler Wolcott t. IKeeler 5 Horatio Beal " HIenry Hodges " c 6 William Hitt Zoheth Allen William Hitt cc James MDaniels 7 Moses Colton Erastus Coleman Oliver Church John P. Colburn': 8 Samuel Cheaver cc (c 9 Preserved Fish!: " cc 10 William Sabin Elisha Estabrooks Rufus Richardson c 11 Jonas Clark c - c Nathan T. Sprague Abel Bishop ( cc 13 Gildeon Tabor ( Caleb Buffum Gideon Tabor 14 Innet Hollister' Phinchas Strong It Benjamin Fitch 15 Erastus Holt "( 16 Caleb Hendeejr. Gordon Newell " Caleb Hendee jr. " 17 Joel Beaman i" Asahel Pond " Iarvrey D. Smith 18 Moses Strong Chauncey Thr1all Robert Pierpoin t Charles KWilliam~ " 19 Josiah Wi'ood jr. Josiah Wcuod jr. 20 Bart. Chadwick John White " Elijah Holden David Eolder, 21 Joseph Warner Barnard Ketcham " " " 22 Elias Post Eastus Barker Elias Post Obadiah Noble jr. Wait Rathbone 23 William Fox Ic Eliakim H.Johnson ci William FEcx 24 Shubael Lamb Ansel Goodspeed. Is I; Judge Painter was born at New Haven, Conn., May 22d, 1743, He was a Captain in the Revolutionary war, and a member of the Convention that formed the'present Constitution at Windsor, July 4th, 1793.

Page  54 64.REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. ORANGE CO.'1822. 1823. 1824 1825 1'826 1 Geo.W. Prichard John Picket Jesse Moerrill:2d " " 2 John LIutchinson William Fordjr John Hutchinson William Ford Lyman Kidder 3 Pred. Griswold Abtfl Lyman " John lWheadley, 4 Dtait A A. I.'ick -I.E G.-'ILaugghlin Benjamin Rolfe Daniel A. A. Buck Daniel A. A. Buck 5 Richard Smitll " h Willam Spencer 6.S:lomon Mlann Jesse Stoldard -Ioulton Morey " Phinehas Bailey 7 Charles Johnson John L. Woods " " Charles Johnson 8 Lulier Carpenter ( 9 ShIubaelConverse Dudley Chase. Lebbeus Edgerton 10 Martin Barrett " Daniel Cobb Nathan Young 11 Jo.epl)! Reed' Lyman Fitch''" Israel I, Sminith 12 Jona'n Jcnness.." James Pc trie Jonathan Jonness 13 Samuel Austin- Nathaniel King Samuel Austin " James H-utchinson 14 Nath'l Jones jr (" George W. Maltby hy 15 Stluart Birown iJacob. Bliss Stuart Brown Wiiiiam Kimball Daniel Peaslee 16 -TVest Fattirlee Samuel Gr'ves " Elisha Thayer. * ".17 Rober t Seave Bl3rladford Newcomb Darius Pride Bradfordcl N w corbl Darius Pride OR LEANS CO. I E.-Clanmberlain j William Rowell Eli Ch amberlaifl T. B. Clhamberlain " 2 Elilis Cobb Saml. Chamberlain John Kimball. Fred' W. Adams o3 - Wiiiliam Baxter Jasper Robinson William Baxter 4 -. - Jonas Allen " 5 John Ide cc 6 Agustus Youn ng " Joseph'Scott Agustus Young 7 -. (Benjamin uIinman at Dlavid M. Camp 8 John Boardman Charles Hardy... ~ John Boardman 9 Stephen Sherman "A ( S muel Hill 10 ~ ason Hinman Jason I-Iinman 11 Ira H. Allen Roger Enos Joshua Johnson Ira -I. Allen'13 John Harding John HIarling. " -. 14 Ira Leavens 15 Josiahl Rawson Nathaniel Daggett Samuel Warner 1 6 Salem 17 Ren!b.AWrasl-)lurn 3amuel Ii. Hovey.' " 18 Jairui; S ebbins " " * Thomas Hitchcoclk Jairus Stebbens -UTLAND CO. 1 John Kellogg Samuel IH-oward John KIellogg < Isaac Nolrton 2 Asa.lll June )Daniel Pomerov I 3 Cllau'ny Lan-loh lenu1en Moiu01lton 4 James Wheiellr -olcott H. Keeler c Warren Barnard Wolcott T-I. Keeler 5 Ienry I-lolges Lindsev Round. Silas;V. Hodges " Thomas Stewart G Jame, M,'Dinicls Kfns li3ack l in jr James MB'Daniels. David Yonng.. 7 Artomams WyVyman Johln P, Colbuin G " e Gorge Warren 8 Setht Wealla ce David Barber ( 9 Daeniel Graves Josiah Mason Preserved Fish " Leonard IMason 10 E. Estabrooks Rufus Richardson Nathan Fisher "'c 11 Jonns Clark David G. M'Clurc: Ionas Clark 12 N. T. Spralgue " "; Isaac Dickerman 13 Gideon Tabior 14 Benjlimii Fitch' Oliver Hanks " " 15 Warn er D l!'e(; e - Erastus Holt " Warren Durkee 16 C;aleb I-Inlee ji Jonlathayman GWarnger 17 H:Lrvelv D,Smitlh Joohn Ransom H iarris Hosford' 18 Edir'd Dourglas-.tobert Pierpoint Robert Temple " 19 All)ro Anthony -Josiah tbol Josiah Wood. 20 Zidon Edlson ienj.Needham jr.Zidon E(son. 21 Barn'd Ketchun: -.' Mason Knapen Josepll Warner Barnard Ketchum 2'3 Watit Rathbone Eastus Barker Theophilus Clark, c Paine Gilbert 23 John Fox Eliakim H.JolhnsoniAlexarder Miller 24 Jared Francis-. eth Blossom, Shubael Lamb 25 Westhaven Josiah Bascomb Artemas Wyman 101iyer HitchcQck Artemas Wyman

Page  55 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND 55 GRANGE CO. 1827 - 1828 1829 1830 1. 131 Georg'eWTPritchard Jesse XMerrill 2d Joseph Clark. jr. Jesse Merrill 2dd.-' John B. PIickett 2 1, H utchinson. William Ford Jonathan Bass Seth Riford Fr1ode'rik1 Griswold. John Wheatley Frcderick Grliswold lNa tha riclWThc. tlcy H.F.G.]M'Laugholin Harry Hale Daniel A. A. Buck'Daniel A. A. Buck!I.E.GMiLaughlin 5 William Spencer' Stephen Eaton " Vinthrop Green b 6 Phinehas Bailey " Isaac Farrington ] 7 Timnothv Shedd Peter Burbank 8 Luther Carpenter " Ntathan Foster Luther S. 3Burnhbam Na than Foster 9 Jacob KI. Parishl' Belcher Salisbulv.M i3.'lartin Flint 10 Nathan Young.' MIartin'Barrett EleazerBaldwin Martin:Barrett 11 Israel H. Smiith Simeon Short' " HlJonathan Jeniness James Petioe. Jonatlan J(nness James Hu-tcllinson Eli Austin Nithbuniel IKing E lijah Dicke'man Natthaniel -Jones jr. George AV. Maltby Simncon Bacon (..; 15 Asa Burton' II." " 16 Isaac Lyon " Jabez Laptn ar" 17 Darius Pride Abijah White ". D.arius Pride Jcdediah Smith o0RL EANS C -. 1 VJilliam Rowell Dyer Bill, John Fnirmnan 2 Ellis Cobb Jolmn Kimball E Ellis Cobb John Kimball 3 Jasper Robiason, George C.NWest "' JasI er cRobinson 4 Jonas All yn Elisha Biagham,, Tyler'lingl am " 5 Jolhn Ide Calvin Harmon Philip F1anders Calvin Harmon Isaac P rker 6 Hiram Mason.. Auoustus Youncg " RI1oy-l Corbin 7Bnjmi nman les ingsbry enjamin Hinman Jacob Bates 8 John IBoai;dclmean; Chtlarles Hardy H ll 9 Samuel- Hilull -Marvin Grow Sam uel Hill Truman Faircbildjr Isaiah Emerson "Ezra Hinman 11 Ira IHI. Allen E. H. Starkweather,,' 12 Jay Mad1lison Keith Ebeneze Sanborn i3 John Harding XVTilliam Colby Thomas Proctor Henry Smith " 14 Ira Leavens. John Halidiilg Ira Leavens 15 Israel H-. Scott Elias:Eastrlan Sam'u'el Warner. c" 16 1Ephraim Blake Noyes Hopkinson Josinh Lyon 17 Fiederiekl Fnller;Samuel l. Hovey Fredericlk Fuller " "' 18 Jairus Stebbins Silas Lamb RUTLAND CO. John Kellogg " " MIathew.vBirchard " Edward Jackson John A. Conant c:3 Reuben Moulton S ~ lah. H. Merrill Wolcott II. K:eeler Jonas Wheeler Johl Wnodluiy 5 Oziel H. Htoand F Frederick 3utton Linsey Round Iewis Wrlker 6 David Young James M1Daniels Ira Edmonds Seeley Vail 7 John P. Colburn Ira Leonard.. John Jonas Winm. C. Kittredge 8 Samuel Cleevrer Ira Jennings " c 9 Leonard lMason Joshua IHlarrin(rton. Whilpple Maitin 10 Nathaniel Fisher Amos Robinson Natliun Fisher Edwtard M Tussy Orson Brewstelr Allen Vtil Eli'lkim Pp ml AL 12 Isaac Diikermann N. i! athian T. Sprague 1Marvel Johunon' Samuel Bnldwin jr Silas IIH ther 14 Return Strong Milto on 15 Erastus.H iol t'lWiliam RH Blossom. c~ Ira Palrcols 16 Lyman' GlancerGermon,Hanmmond Jirah B3alow 17 Alnlon'Warn~'er D Dianiel Mlallary Joel Beaman 18 Geo. T. HIodges R ode(yly C. 1c'. i9 Josiah WVood'B. Eastabrools jr. " RTich'd i dastabiookl R. Eastabrooks jr 20 Elijah Holden John'Buckinaster 3Baalrd KItcllhurn 3Josepli WWarner 22 Paine Gilbert Thomas Porter jr Obdiah Ioble onah i W. Saiw y er 23 Amos Bucklin' Thicmas Hulett 24 Seth Blossom c Ansel Goodspeed Seth Bllosom William Potter jr: 25 Artemas Wyman Erastus Coleman Artemas Wyman David B Phippeneyl

Page  56 56 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. oRANGE CO. 183'2 1833 1834 1835 1836 1 Jesse Merrlill 2d " Arad Stebbins " " 2 Dariel Wait jr " Nathan Harwood Isaac Nichols 3 John Wheatly Thomas Kingsbury " 4 Justis Edson John W. Hopkins 4 Harry Hale Daniel A. A. Buck.. Harry Hale.5 Winthrop Green ( Plant Sawyer William Spencer George Sleeper 6 Phinchas Bailey Stephen Jenkins' 7 A. B. W. Tenney C. Simon Stevens jr 8 Nathan Foster Luther S Burnham n: ". Luther Carpenter 9 M5'ar.tiln Flint' " William Hebard Sylvanus Blodgett 10 Lyman Benson Eleazer Baldwin Albigence Pierce Ro" Ioval Hatch 11 Israel I-I. Simith resbury.Wet jr J. C. Hammond Lyman Fitchll 1'3JonathanJeni css James Petrie Sainuel Bachelder 13 Sarnu,,l Austin aElijah Dickerman Ebenezer Hackett c" Philip Farnam 14 llnlt'u-Bl'l'ancharcl' Simleon Bacon Stephen F. Spencer Simeon Bacon 15 W nl.linlninaton Stephen Burton Winm. IIuntington John Colby 16Wmi.L Chachlil llilitelhas Kimball George AMay 17 Jededilah Smith Enuch -Howe " William S. Beckett John Poor ORLtEANS CO. 1 J~abez P1arge'; Joln N. Hight Rufus B. Hovey JohnN Ilight 2 Irilrv Baxterr "'!Asa Kimball Richard Nevrton " 3 George C. West Elijah G. Strong Gilbert Gross " Alex. L. Twilight 4 Silas Gaskill " Ebenezer Cole " Elisha Binghalm 5 Charles Storey Isaac Parker Charles Storey Holland Thrasher Argulas Harmon 6 Agustus Young Joseph Scott jr. Joseph Scott jr:William J Hastings 7 Jacob Bates Om OinNewcomb David M. Camp Lo muel Richmonrd 8 Charles Hardy John Crane Charles Hardy " Joseph I-I DwsinnelI Ezekiel Rand Geor ge A. Morey " Stephen Sherman Willard Lincoln 10 Isaiah Emerson,Joshua French Jason Ilniman 11 Joseph;Viggins.Voody B. Kimball Ira H. Allen Sabin Killam 12 Elbenezer Sanborn Ebenezer Sanborn 13 John Harding Silas Lamb 14 John Bartlett' Shubael Farr John Bartlett 15 Samuel Warner Asa B. Moore Jonathan Frost; Asa B. MBoore 16 Nathaniel Cobb " Noyes Hopkinson 17 SamnuelH.lovey Ezra Johnson j Curtis Phelps Frederick Fuller 18 Guy Stoughton Chester Coburn 19 [I'stmnore John C. Page ", David Wilson RUTLAN D CO. 1 Joseph Bascomb " Rowland P. Coolerl' Milo W. Smith 2 C. W. Conant c 3 Selah H. Merrill Nehemiah IHoyt John Meacham 4 Jonas Wheeler John Woodbury Jonas Wheeler Thomas J. Leonard c 5 Lewis Walker Daniel S. Ewiings A. F. Campbell Chapman Giddings Jonathan W. Shaw 6 Benjaman Barnes " Daniel Bartlett C Rufus Bucklin jr 7 Tilly Gilbert Wm. C. Kittredge Ira Leonard Barnabas Ellis " 8 Ira Jennings (" Davi'd Barber 9 Whipple Mlartin John Mason " P. W. Wilkinson " 10 Edlward ussev. " Timothy Gibson EdWard Mussey 11 Mierritt Clark Orson Clark " EliakimPaul 12 Mi arvel Johnson " David French ( Rufus Crowley 13 Silas Hathern Gsdeon S. Tabor 14 Milton Brown Elisha Allen ( Sheldon Edgerton ( 15 Ira Parsons Levi Rix " Eleazer B,.Rockwell 16 German F. Hendee Samuel H. Kellogg 17 W. L. Farnham " 9 Almon Warner " Joel Beaman 18 RodnycC.Royce Solomon Foote Ambrose L. Brown I" Solomon Foote 19 Silas Colton it " R. Eastabrooks jr 20JohnBmuckmtraster "( Harry Holden John Buckmaster 21 John C. Sawyer James K. Hvyde C (I Isaac Ketchurn 1st'22 Paine Gilbert Noah W. Sawvyer Eliada Crampton C Jeffrey Ballard 23 Amos Bucklin Saml. M. Edgerton ".Amos Bucklin oward Harris 24 Caleb Monlroe William Potter jr Joseph Parks 9 s 25 Orin Church Willard Hitchcock John Offensend,, Horace Adams

Page  57 tREEPRESEINTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. 57 ORANGE CO 1, 83l.a381 ]1839 1840 1841 1' J. V. 1) Parker Arad Stebbins J. AV. D. Paiker Adams Preston Alvan Taylor 2 Elijalh Flint' Charles Brackett.: John Waite Charles Brackett Jabez Smith IAbel Bihrelow,. do A Cleavland jr. 4 Tllomas Dinslow. Levi B. Vilas 5 Georgc Sleelper R m.,. Richarl.. Smith David Dearborn " 6 Samuel Moore Alexan'l HGillnore Zebulon Norris 7 LincolnStevens jr lMoody Chamberlin A. AB,. Tenney. Louis F, Peabody Carlos Carpenter Louis. Peabody Carlos Carpenter Horace ifield 9Sylvanus BlodgettlSbeth Washburn Loren Griswold William, Hebard " 10 Royal HIatchl William Stinorln ( r Daniel Cobb 1 I He'nlry Gillett Morrill J. Walkei Harry H, Niles 12 David Corliss " "James F. Gebrgoe Charles Grow Charles B..Chanrdlc.. " John Ei,Dodgoe Joseph F'oster,, 14 Simeon Bacon. tufus Blanchard S T. Wiggins 15 John Colby Philip Sargeant John Colby John Emery 16 George May Stephen Thomas. David Robinson George May Wi;Vlliam 8. Beckett Robbins Dinsmore William S, Beckett Enoch Howe ORLRANS CO I Rufus B. Hovey Wells Allen Simeon S. Hlovey 2Amos C.Robinson;.. Horace Pierce Harry Baxter. Horace Pierce 3JeremiahHuntoon' ~ Elijali.G. Strong Elisha White (, 4Elisha Binghlam Silas Gilkey Stephen Cole Ebenezer Cole Stephen Cole 5 Argalus Harmon Samuel-S, Kendall Elijah Cleveland c c Wi~llinanui J Hasti n"s ( George H. Cook " Daniel Dustin 7Lemuel R1ichmornd Charl es Kingsbury ohn G. Chandler " 9 8 ChArles Hardy Willard Leonard Joseph H. Dwinnell Willard Leonard William H. Martin 9 George H.Page L. F. Waterman George H. Page10 Jason Hinman." Ezra Hinman'" 11. Ira H. Allen. " Timothy P Redfield ira H. Allen Charles W Prentiss George:Flint. Walter'Charlton.L o 13 Herod Farnum Sabin Scott,, Benjamin:Pickett Jotham Cummings Ira Leavens John Bartlett Cyrus Hemenlgwvay B 15 Asa B. Moore Sumner Frost William Moon Noyes Hopkinson Samuel Blake. Jos,ah Lyon Horace A. Warner David H. Bared *' Joseph BUrnhaim Jere Hodgkins Nathan H. Downs "' 19 David Wilson Peter Gilman Ethan Blodgett Peter Gilman RUTLAND CO. 1 William Field' " Isaac Norton Hdrace King, 7FranklinFarrington E( -dward Jackson Nathan T, Sprague s *3 Hyde Westover. ( Erastus Higley. William Sanford 4 Capen Leonard jr'. t. 5 En'och Smith Joseph A. Hays " " Enoch Smith 6 Rufus Bucklin jr Timothy Reed. Ira Edmonds Wm..C. Kittredge Adams'Dutton Irha Leonard Joseph Sheldon jr. 8 Seth St.John' Chaun'y S.Rumsey - James Flagg 9 Leonard Mason Oriel H. Round Russel Fish. 10 Timothy Gibson James K. Pearson " Timothy Gibson Samuel Caldwell 11 Eliakim Paul Jonathan Morgan Merritt Clark Eliakim Paul,, 12 Rufus Crowley hauncey Cook John Bryant - Caleb Buffam., 14 Joshua Potter David Blakeley " Horace Wilcox " EleazerB.Rockwell Amos Holt.Levi Rix Daniel.owe Samuel H. Kellogg g Henry Simonds " 17 W. L. Farnham Amon Bailey ~ Joel Beaman William P Noyes 18 Solomon, Foot Solomon Foot Getrge T. Hodges:" Francis Slason 19 Silas. Colton George -V Topliff So'omon W Adams 20 Harry Holden Elisha Johnson Jr. John Bnckmaster Benja'n T Needhamn Isaac Ketchum 1st John C. Sawyer James K. Hyde Asller Moon 22 Jeffrey Ballard Calvin Brewer,, Harvey Shaw', 23 Dennis Huiett John Fox IDennis' Hulett John Fox 24 Samuel Culver Allen Grover' David B. Lewis " 25 Horace Adams James Forbes I Hiram Coleman' S..

Page  58 68 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND. ORAN.tG Co, 1842 1843 1844 1845 1846 1 Alvan Taylor George P. Baldwin. 4.Arn1old Stebbius 2 Elij;a-h Flit Ira Kidder " Joseph Riford 3 4 Levi B. Vilas;'Perley C, Jones 5 Reuben Page jr. " Samuel Darling " Ephraimn Ward 6i Zebulon Norris John W. Lane Dyer Waterman Jerome B, Baileyv 7 TWilliam HCarter Simeon Stevens jr. John Atwood'James Buchanan l 8 Carlos Carpentel Timothy Hancock,, Artemas HoughtorL 9 William Hebard 10 Daniel Cobb SWilliam Sanborn tHarry HI. Niles William Kingman Joseph Gillett (, 12 Charles Grow Moses Jones'Caurlos P. Bill,, 13 Elizur I. Foster ".! Johln Lougee Elizur H. Foster 14 S, T. Wiggins Jacob Church 1.5 John lE~mery B 3. W.Bartholomew.Stephen Burton Daniel Fitts 16 Elisha May Elisha May Stephen Thomas 17 Enoch Howe Asa Heowe William S, Becket, ORLEANS CO, 1 William Rowell " William A. Boyce 2 Harris Smith Benjamin Smith " Hahrris Smith Luther Merriam 3 Gilman Esty " Elisha White William Joslyn 4 Isaac Brackett Amos Parlin Gardner Gage " 5 Thomas Guild J rosiah B-Wheelock t Elijah Cleveland 6 Daniel Dustin Stoddard B. Colby Abel,hWilder t William Nelson 8 James Simonads Amos P. Bean [saac B. Smith 9 N W. Scott Jabez Pinney lo Joshua Frencll Jason Hinman Richard P, Goodell " Jason Davis Charles W Prentiss Alexand'r Jameson George Bryant Henry M. Bares 12 Walter Charlton Bradley Stnborn 13 William S. Flinti B a Amos Paine 14 Charles Cumings Zenas Bartlett " Simeon Albee 1.5 Asa 13.3 oore Orville Robinson Samuel B. Rider.jr "t Losweil Prouty 1 6 Samue! Blake Josiah Lvon Samuel Blake 17 Curtis Ph elps Hubhard HTastinsobert Iy 18 Jere IHodgkins AITract Hitchcoek " IJere Hodgkins 19 John MI. Kibbey Ethan Blodgett Calton Cheuey John iV. Kibbey IOUJTLAND CO.' JEdwarld 5. Howard John Dickinson,, IPhilo Wilcox 2 Nathan T Spraguc Ebenezer N. Briggs,:; William Sanford C)iiver I~ Harris, Samuel Cheeveer, I)an'l B. Bogaue |. Capen Leonard jr, Tbomas Manley 5 Philin Briggs " 8 ranklin Billings Franklin Billings 6 Ira Edmonds Albert Bucklin " ( Isaac Ml'Daniels 7 Barnabas E3llis Asahel IH. Kidder ic Jonathan Capen,, 8 James Flasg Janmes W. Barber iReuben Balis, 9 Russel J'ish L eonard Mason James L. Gilmore Amos Tower 10 Samnl. Caldwell ILeland IIoughton Ethlln Tefnple CatlebB.Harrin'gton " Horace Clark Caleb BHarrington 12 Russell Barl oer 1John Crowley " " Abijah Cole 1:3 R. H. F. Hill David Bolster, Azel Kelly 14 Hliel Hollister ira, Marks Charles F Edgerton "( Ira Marks 15 Daniel Bowne reeo'n F Mathews Lvman Gibbs Samuel IT, Kellog. Thomn s F. B11ogrue Jeffrey Barnes William P. Noyves'Hfenry G. Neal i" Adin Kendrick 1S Luther Danniels " W \Tilliam Gilmore, Joel M. XMead Solomon W AdtmsL' " Benjamin Maxhan,, P.enj. T. Nee(lhan Wnm. Mathewson " Elisha Johnson William B. Brown'21 Asher Ioor iThomas JGoodrich "' Charles WV. Hurton " 22 Jolhn Cobb " Sampson Allen Royal Coleman 23 John Fox!;s a uelj'IEdgerton Harvey Button 24 John bBarden.. John S. Hulett' A Williami U'rcena " F Salmon P. Abel IHorace Adams Seneca Field

Page  59 REPRESENTATIVES, ORANGE, ORLEANS, RUTLAND..9 ~}RANGE CO. 1847 1848 1849 1850 FIRST TOWN'GI;', I Geo. P. Baldwin 11-ubbard Wri,2ht "4 "i S. M'Connell 17i7 2 Jtohn S. Nichois Joseph Ritord Elijah French 8a 3 Homer Hatch " Timothy Cole 4 Elihu HIyde E nllos Smith 88 5 Ephraim Wnrd John A. Ten.ney Georoge Bondfield 6 Lewis Jenkins " Stephen Chapman'William Child:';mamuel Smith 75 7 Samuel Grow "A B. V. W. Tenney " Jacob Kent 63 8 David Holbrook " Orange Fifield Jolhn Sloan 96 9 Benj. T. Blodgett Amrmi B3urnham J. Woodward 83 1 0 Royal Hatch 1 l). Chamberlain 79 1 I Joseph: fatson i nIoger S. Howard Josiah Coburn Abner Howard 68 12J. W. Batchelder " Hale Grow " Lemuel Tabor 90 13 Jeremiah Foster W lWilliam Putnam A. Stedran 6 14 Rufus Banchard |Jarmes Matthews Alndrew Peters 83 1r5 Daniel'itts " Elisha Tracy " -Jacob Bnrton 16JeromeB Slayton Alvah Beah r J. P. Southworth Elisha Thaver 97 17 Porter Martin " Miiton Martin Cornelius Lynde 87 ORLEANS CO. 1 George Putnam " William Rowell Benj. Neal 1806 2 Lvndon Robinson Benj, F. Robinson John Evans Abner Allyn 98 3 Jnlhn Bryant L. Chamberlain Thomas C. Stewart 4 Winthrop Cole Jacob Richards Abner Allyn 1 80o6 5 Isaac Parker " Wm,. I.lDickerman J foseph Marsh 1803..6 William J.I-Iastings " t Sanml. C. Crafts 92 7 Aaron HIilman " Levi L. Collier ( Tim. Hiinnian 98 8 Lvndal French " Isaac N. Cushman WilTard Leonard 9 Ezekiel Rand Jabez Pinney " Eben'r R. Rlandall 10 Micah bFerrin. Henry Pinney'" c Eber Robinsonl 805 11 HIenry M. Bates " " Geo.Worthingtonjr SamuclConantl1803 1 2 Orin Emerson Willard Walker 13 JohnD.Harding' Asalhel Curtis 1812 14 Simeon Albee. Mairson Leavens C (. Bartlett 1807 15 Roswell Proutrv William Moon jr Jonathan Frost Freeman Miller 6 Calvin S. Grow " Samuel Bllake Samuel Blake 1822 17 Curtis Elkins William C. Gilman Clurtis Elkins 1802 18 George Stoughton David F. Boynton " Jesse Olds 1802 19 I)aRvid Gilfillan C Calvin Gibson RIUTLAND CO. I Loyal C. Kellogg Isaac Dickinson " Loyal C. Kellogg Allen Goodrich 86S 2 Nat'n T. SWi,aue " William M. Field Gideon Horton 84 3 Timothv W. RTic " Ezr a S. Canr William B.Colburn Jesse Belknap 77 4 Win. H H 11rr ison Reuben Harris Wnm. H. Harl;ison Sailnl. VT. Harrisohi 5 Walter Ross Calvin Spencer Green Arnold Jose ph Congdon Stephen Arnold 78 6 Galen J. Locke WVilliiam Otis Harris F. ()ts Azariah Billiard Thomas Rowley 69 7 Win C. Kitte(lgc Wtn. C Kittredge Win. C. ICitltedqe Abram Graves Eleazer T)uldley 83 8 Pliny Holmes J;,ustin Jennings " David HIickcck 85 9 Amos Tower Lcrster Fish " Erwin Collins Isaac Clark 79 10 Jared Longr W sill in Hlarlkess " Jol-hn Osborn John Pnae 1806 11 H.rr is G. Otis XWXilliam N. Gray I Roswell Buel jr Joseph Rockwell 80 12 Abij lah Cole Jo,hn Crowlev John Ackleyv I Stephen Clark 92 13 David Bolster Benjanin B.1Britton David Stimson John Jenkins 88 14 Sheldon Edgerton; " Robert II. Smith Simeon Buirton 69 15 Calvin Joslvyn Orton Hatch Nahum E. Green Orton Hatch Thos. Hodgkins 93 16 Jeffery Barnes David Hall " Simeon Gilbett Benj. Cooley 70 17 Amnon Bailey J ".oselph Joslin Hleber Allen 74 18 Solomon o00ot Edwin L. Griswold CharlesK.Williams MVartin G. Everts 19 R. Richardson j r " Benjamin MIaxhan Amial Johnson Albro Anthony 20 David B. Jones cc Elislha Johnson William B. Brown 21 John C. Sawyer Henry H. Merritt cc Henry J. Horton 29 Dexter Gilbert (C George Capron jr i( CharlesBrewster 77 23 Stephen Hyde Isaac B. Munson R Robinson Hall Abtra'm Jackson 78 24 John S. Hulett Harvey Parks " C. Hopson jr John Wardl 73 a25 Seneca Field Harvey Bowes -" John H. Wyman jWilliam Wvman93

Page  60 60 gREI' S., WIASHINGTON, WHINDHAM, WINDSOR. WAt5tINTON Co. 1 83 1789 1790 1791 8 Middlesex. iamuel Harris 9 iMontpelier Jacob Davis 16 Waterbury.'Y ITN DIIA M CO. I Athens Joseph Bnllen Elijah E'mer James Shafter. Joseph Builcn. 2 Brattleboro' israel Smith Samuel Knight Gardner Chandler'' 5 D)ummerston lWilliam Seargeants Thomas Clark " Jason Duncan 6 Grafton William Stickney Charles Perkins Henry Bond Steplhen'Hayward 7 Guilford B3enjaminCarpentei William Bigelow Peter Briggs' William Bigelow 8 IHalifax Hubbel Wells Benjamin Henry.. 9 Jamiaca Silas Hayward... 10 Londonderry Edward Aiken Edward Aiken 11 Marlboro' Phinehas Freeman Benjamin Olds Jonas Wlhitney 12 Newfane Luke Knowlton'. Calvin Knowlton. 13 Putney Daniel Jewett J' John Campbell 4 LRockinghamn Jonathan HIolton Samuel Cutler Jehiel Webb Samuel Cutler' 17 Townshend Joshua Wood. " John Hazletine 18 Vernon Arad Hunt.'. 19 Wardshoro' Asa Wheelock " " 20 Westminster Stephen R.Bradley Lot Hall Stephen R. Bradle Lot Hall 21 Whlliting'nham James Roberts Isaac Lyman Jabez Foster 22 XVilmingtola Jesse Cook Chipman Swift -.. WINDso R CO. I Andover Frederick Rogers 3 Barnard.l oseph Foster ( Aaron Barlow " 4 Bethel Nathaniel ichael FlyTno Nathaniel Thr0op 5 Bridgwatet John Hawkins " ~ Benjamin Perkins 6 Cavendish Asaph Fletcher John Russell 7 Chester David Heald.", 8 Hartford -Joshua Hazen Elisha Marsh foshua Hazetn 9 Hartland William Gallup George Denison ()liver: Gallup Roger Enos I1 Norwich Elisha Burton " Joseph Hatch.- Paul Brigham 13 Pomfiret John Throop Abida Smith Barius Green Abida Smith 14 Reading John Weld. Elkan.ah Day " 15 Rochester Enoch Emmerson Eenjamln Eastman lt Royalton Calvin Parkhurst ) " aniel Tuller C' Parkhbrst 17 Sharon Joel Marsh. Anthonv Morse Daniel Gilbeit 18 Springfield Abner Bisbee Jotham White Nathaniel Weston 19 Stockbridge 20 Weathersfield Joseph Hubbard i. 23 Windor Stephen Jacob' Bryant Brown Benjamin Greene 24 Woodstock Jesse Safford Warren Cottle Jsse Shford Benjamin Emmrons DAVID REDDING AND ETHAN ALLEN. Jn the journals of the Legislature held at Bennington, June 6,1778, may be found the following: Voted, that the petition presented to this House by David Redding, be taken into consileration; and that a committee of five be appointed to prepare a bill, in consequefice of said petition, &c. Committee chosen, Mr. Webb, Mr. Alverd,'Capt. John Fassett, Ensign Harris and Miajor Olin. Redding had been convicted of enemicalconduct towards VermonDt which was considered, at that time, unpardonable by the multitude, and sentenced to be executed on the 4th day of June. Tlie euriosity which has ever been manifested on sucll occasions, was greatly heightened on this, as it was the first public execution ever witnessedu in. Vcirmont.' To this curiosity was added a strong feeling of intination nhich such a cime' was ca clatedn to escite in those days. A vast multitude collected to awitness thl execution. in the meanitinie.edrdin..,'s Cou'c; i I hdiSCd ils covered ae important delect in tee procceling s. Peddingo hadl been tricd by a jury of sis only, which was not, in accordance -witi the colnmorn law of Eng land, whicl r equ ire.- tlceve. On application to the ov i ernor and Council, the following reprieve v.was granted jtcl as the people loero asseimling n to view the execution' " IN COU.NtCIL,. June 4th, 1778. ~To Benjamin Fy, Esq., Sheriff of the County of.BeTninton..s'his Conicil have.taken into,onsideration, this lay, the petition of iavid l Reddin, now a?prisoner, under sentence of deathl. and do hereby, in Convention, reprieve hinm, thle said.David PRedding,, until Thursday next, the 1 Jth -intant, June, precisely at the hour of 2 o'clock, in the afternoon.o' btaid dvay. You are,' th're'"or, khreb? oriared to snepren.0 bi~ ex.ecntinon until that tin e. By order of Coanef;il Tc-lUo.A., C a,.rotny:: a'.x-:'

Page  61 REP'S. WASHINGTON, WINDIIAM,, WINDWOR.. 61 WASHINGTON 1792 - 1793 1794 1 795 1796 1 Barre Nathan [iartington Asaph Sherman. 2 Berlin John Taplin b".\bl Knapp ". 3 Ca[i/ios.?etcr Wht.,elock " 4 Duxbutry..enjamin Davis Jesse Arums 8 Seth Putnam Seth Putnam Josiah Hu1lbut Setill utn:;m 9 Jacob Davis' a.. 10 Mforetown Luther Mosely'Wright Spaulding 14 WTaitsfield Benjamin Wait 16 Daniel Bliss. Ezra Butler: " W;INDAAM Co. I James Shafter 2 Josiah Arms Samuel Wa'lner Josiah Arms 5 Jason Duncan Ianiel Taylor.6 Henry Bond Ezra Edson David Palmer Enos Lovell Amos Fisher 7 Wm. Bigelow " Peter Briggs 8 Benjamin Henry. 9 Silas. Hayward. Ezra Livermore Caleb Hayward Ezra Livermore s 10 Edward Aiken John Burnap Samuel Thompsoh 7 I James Whitney ("... 12 L. Knowlton Moses Kenney - Ebenezer Allen " 13 John Campbell.'' 14 David-Sanderson' " Samuel Cutler' 17 E, W'heelock " John Hazletine' Ephraim Wheelock 18 Arad Hunt John Bridgman Jonathan Carver J:ohn Bridgman 1.9 Asa Wheelock; t 20 Lot HaIl 1 Eliakim Spooner Benjamin Burt 2l Jabez Foster " James Roberts Jabez Fster 22 Chipman Swift Timothy Castle " Chipman Swift Timothy Castle RWINDsoR CO, 1 Moses Warner " Frederick Rogers Mioses Warner 3'John. Fote r Aaron Barber Jolhn Foster' stewart Southgate John Foster 4 Elisha Hubbard Joel Marsh Joseph Marsh Michael Flynn. 5 John Ha.wkins. Benjamin Perkins. " 4'Asapli.Fletcher James Smith. Leonard Proctor " 7 Abner Fie*d- Daniel Heald Waitstill Ranney Daniel Heald " 8 Elisha Marsh Joshua Hazen John Clark.:" 9 Oliver Gallup'c.: L 0 Ludlow Peter Read, Josiah F;letcher 11 Aaron Storrs Daniel Buck Dantiel Buck John Bush Ebenezei Brown 12 Plymouth.. ses Priest Asa Briggs 1-3 John W. Daua William Perry ".. 14 John Wel'd Aaron Kimball Abijah Stone Elijah Stone-': David Hap,,ood 15 Enoch Emerson' " Benjamin Eastman E, Emeison 16.Elias Stevens. Abel Stevens 17 Joel Marsh - EbenezerParkhurst Reuben Spaulding James Parker Ebenezer Parkhnrst 18 Daniel Gill Samuel Cobb Simeon Stevens Lewis R. Morris Lewis R. Mlorris: 1.9 John Whitcombi Elias Keyes; 20 Elijahl Robinson. Nath'l Stoughton 23 Benj. Greene ALldan Spooner iStephen Jacob William Hunter Zebina Curtiss 24 Benj. Emmons 1. Jabez Cottle Benjamin lmmons On the reading of the reprieve a clap of thunder would not produced hallfof the excitement'manifested. Reasoning was out of the question. The mass had pronounced him guilty, and were not in'a condition to understand how the verdict of the whole could, so easily, be set aside by the Governor and Council. Wllile they were agitating what-to do, and greatly excited with indignation.'ETHA.IN ALLEN., suddenly pressing through the crowd, ascended a stump, and waving his hat, ex-;. clainCed, "ATTE'NTION THIE WTEHOLE "-proceeded to announce the reason which produced the repricveadvised the multitude to depart peaceably to their homes, and return on the' day fixed forthe eecui:tiou,'in the act of the Governor and Council;-adding with an oath-You shall see somebodr hung at all events, for if Reddirtg is not then hung, I will be hung myself." -Upon this assurance, the people became quiet -and soon dispersed. Redding was.again tried on the 9th and executed on the 11th, so that Allen was spared to show an act of hunmanity two years afteiwards. LOST CHILDREN. In the town of Sunderland, on the a1-st. of May, 1780, two dau(ghters of Eldad Taylor, then of %underlrnd, butl aiterwardrs of Williston, Keziah aged 7, and Betsey aged 4 years, wandered into

Page  62 2,~RP'S., ASIIWNG-TON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. W r:\n:G TO 179.7 1798 1799 1800 1801 1 Bouj Wrllker Nathtaniel Killam Benjamin Walker James Fisk. 2 A!;e i KnlppP " Eleazer Hiubbard j: Abel Knapp 3'tear Wheelock ".. Abldial Bliss 4 M/oses Heaton ~ J..oseph Nash 8 Seth Pl'itn.inm " Henry Perkins 9 l)avid Wing jr " Perley Davis David Win( jr ( 10 Joseph Hazletine Roswell Smith Seth Munson Il vortilfield Amos Robinson 12 Plainfield Bradford Kinne Thomas Vincent 14 Benjarni.ln Wait " " Stephen Pierce Benjamin Wait 16 Ezad Butle George Kenuan Ezra Butler c c WINDUHAM CO. 1 James Sh-Lfter " " Willard Evans James Shafter.2 Samuel Kniglht John W, Blake Joseph Clark 5 Daniel Taylor.lason Duncan " Jonas Walker Daniel Taylor 6 Amos Fisher ITha'deus Taylor William Hall jr Thaddeus Taylor cc 7 William Bioelo "' John Noyes 8 Benjamin H1enry;Darius Btullock Benjamin Henry. (. 9 Benjamin Muzzy:Ezra Livermore " Benjamin Muzzy,, 10 John Woodhurnl lSamuet Arnold James Aiken John Aiken 1 Jonas Whlitney Ichabod King Jonas Whitney Ichabod King Sylvester Bishop I - Ebenezer Allen " " " e 13 Daniel Jewxett ";; Josiah Goodhue 14 Samuel Cutler " " " Daniel Sanderson 15 Soeiers-t!Daniel Rice,, 16 Stratton' Saimuel Boutell 17 Ep'm Wheelock " Ephraim Wolcott EphraimWheelock 18 Arad Hunt " " " o 1 9 i)aniel Reed Asa Wheelock " " 20 Benjamin Burlt. S. R. Bradley Mark Richards 21 J:lines Roberts " 22 Timothy Castle, Chipman Swift Jesse Swift Israel Lawton WINI)SO01 CO. 1 Aloses Warner Alvin Simonds Moses Rowell Moses Warner Alvin Simonds 3 John Foster Aaron Barlow Thomas Freeman jr " 4 NathanielThloop C. Stephen Cleveland,,.5 John Hawkins Phiinchas B enilliarns Bljamin Perkins John Hawkins James Topliff 6 James Smith cc " C. 7 Daniel'Ieald Jabez Sa rgeant " Aaron Leland 8 John Clarkl William Strong Benjamin Russ William Strong 9 Ebcnezer Allen ()liver Gallnp Samuel Perkins Oliver Gallup Elihu Luce 10 Josiah Fletcher Jesse Fletcher... Josiah Fletcher; 11 Roswell Olcott (, Elisha 3Burton it Peter Olcott 12 Asa BriggSs. C " Elias Williams 13 0. Hutchinson c" William Perrv c" Jeremiah Conant 14 David HIapgood Moses Chaplain " Solomon Keyes Elias Jones 15 Enoch Emerson " " " " 16 Silas Allen Jacob Smith Elias Sterens Jacob Smith Abel Stevens 17 Reub. Spaulding Anthony Morse Joel Iarlsh Reuben Spaulding Anthony Morse 18Jotham White'-' Samuel Cubb b " 19 Asa Whitcomb iElias Keyes. (; C 20 N. Stoughton Thomas iPrentiss (. 23 Zebina Cuitis Alden Spooner 24 Jesse Williams "Jabez Bennett Benjamin Emmons the woods. Not returning, the parents became alarmed and commenced a search, which, withl the aid of a few neighbors was continued the night. The next day a universal turn out renewved, and continued the search till the middle of the afternoon of the thirdl day, when it was unsuccessfully relinquished, and the people assembled who had been out, with a view of returning to their homes. Being about to disperse, a larae, stout man ascended a stump, and in a loud voice informed them that the search ought not to be abandoned. Soon every eye was upon him. In the usual manner of the man, after pointing to the father and mother of the children, now overcome with grief and despair, badeeach person present, and especially those who were parents, to make the case of those parents their own, and then say whether they would go contentedly home, and not make one more effort to save those dear little ones, who were, probably, now alive, but fast perishing with hunger, and will soon spend their last breath in crying to have father and mother

Page  63 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. 6 WASHINGTON 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 I James Fisk "" Iulher Holton Nathan Carpenter 2 Abel Knapp Elenzer Hubbard r Salvill Collins " 3 Joshua Bliss Gershom Palmer Lemuel Perry Gershom Palmer " 4 Joseph Nash Ebenezer Corse Benjanmin Davis Ebenezer Corse 7 lMaZrshlfield Stephen Pitkin', 8 Henry Perkins Seth Putnam " ( Henry Perkins 9 PerIev Davis Joseph Wbodworth Edward Lamb Cyrus Ware 10 Setl; Munson Wright Spaulding Seth Munson Cephas Caipenter "t I Amos Robinson " cc c 3 1 Bradford Kinne J " " onaathan RIinne 13 Roxbury Zebediah Butler 14 Benjamin Wait Bissel Phelps.. 16 Ezra Butler L" " George Kennan " WINDIIAM CO. I James Shafter' " Thad's Alexander James Shafter Thad's Alexander 2 John W. Blake Lemucl Whitney... 5 Samuel Porter ".. " Jason Duncan 6 Thaddeus Taylor John B. Wheeler Enoch Hale l)avid Palmer 7 John Noyes... Gilbert Dennison; 8 Darius Bullockc ".. 9 Benjamin Muzzy "... 10 EmersonHodges John Aiken (" Samuel Arnold " 11 Eli Halladay Sylvester Bishop Timothy Mather Eli Halladay Timotiv Matlher 12 Ebenezer Allen "( Luke Knowlton Luke KInowlton jr 13 James Fitch Daniel Jewett ( ". 14 Daniel Farrand Levi Sabin Alex. Campbell Elijah Knight Alex. Campbell 15 Daniel Rice 16 Samuel Boutell (" 17 Ep'm Wheelock " John Dyer..; 18 Jonathan Hunt Arad Hunt D a ne 19 Asa Wheelock Abner Perry " Daniel Reed " 20 Mark Richards Ephraim Ranneyjr MIark Richards " William C.Bladley 21 Jamres Roberts' Jabez Foster " James Roberts 22 Israel Lawton Timothy Castle Jairus Hall "' 23 Windh/am John Aiken WINDSOR CO. I Moses Rowell Samuel Burton Alvin Simonds William Stevens 3 Benjamin Clapp.. Tlhomas Freeman Thos. Freeman jr 4 S. Cleveland Nehemiah lNoble Stephen Cleveland Eli Noble iNehemiah Noble 5 James Topliff Phinehas Williamns " " 6 James Smith' di (" John G. Wheelock 7 Aaron Le and " Aaron Leland Aaron Leland Aaron Leland 8 Wil iam Strong William Perry " Sherman Dewey (" 9 Elihu Luce "': 10 David Lewi3s " Austin Penna Asahel Smith 11 Pierce Burton Hezekiah Goodrich " Pierce Burton Daniel Buck 12 Asa Briggs " " Daniel Brown " 13 JeremiahConant Joseph Perry " " Elisha Smith 14 Elias Jones. " " " 15 Enoch Emerson c"'.... 16 Jacob Smith Elias Stevens Nathan Page " Elias -Stevens 17 George Dana 1Jocl Marsh Paul W. Brigham: Reuben Spaulding 18 Samuel Cobb JLewis R. Morris Lewis R. Morris " 19 Elias Keyes Norman Webber "Rufus Lyon 20 Nath'lStoughton " Gregory Stone " " 21 Weston Alvin Simonds 23 Alden Spooner " Pascal P. Enos " Jabez Delano 24 Benj. Eammons Titus Hutchinson JJabez Cottle Titus Hutchinson give them some food to eat. As he spoke, his large frame became agitated, and the tears fast rolling down his cheeks, and in an assembly of several hundred bol) ( men of that dca, but few dry eves were among them. "I'11 go! I'11 go!" was soon heard fi-om every part of tle mnultitude. They soon took for the woods, and before night they were successful in restoring the lost ones to the arms of their parents. Need I inform you that that large man was any other than the brave and bold officer, ETHAN ALtIEN. The first night they laid down by a large tree, and the second o, a large rock. They found plenty of water but not mluch food but leatves, &'.

Page  64 .6j i 3REP'S., WASIIINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. WASHIrxTON' 1807. 1808 1809' 1810 1811 1 John Dodge a"ines ZFisk "; Nathian Stone 2 Eleazer Hllbbhard AbelKnapp " Samuel Smith Abel Knapp 3 Gershom Palmel c 4 Ja!nes Smallev Ebenezer Corse. " Curwin Wallace 7 Stephen Pitkin Georoe Rich 8 Setti Putnam. David Harrington "''" 9 Cvrus Ware I Joseph' Woodworth Timotlih Merrill 10 Cep's Carpenter., Seth Munson William M. Knight Joseph IHaseltine II Amos Robinson Gilbert Hatch Amos Robinson 12 Bradford Kinne,, - "' " 13 Samuel Rolifison Rhodolph's Willard 14 -Bissel Phelps Amos Slinner Amasa Skinner r Steplien Pierce 15 Wt7arren.' Thomas -Gerald Joseph W Eldridge;'16 Ezra Butler George Kennan Asaph Allen George Kennan John Peck 17 I.lo'odbury 1 8;Vorcester James Green Carpus Clark WINDHAM3 CO.. T. Alexander James Shafter. Tim'y H.' Whitney 2 Lemuel Whitney John Noyes Jonas Mann John Noyes,, 4 Doiter Amos Rice 5 Jason Duncan.:, 6 1, DPalm-er Thaddeus Taylor Thomas K. Palmer John Barrett 7 Gilbert Dennison ( John Noyes 8 D. Bullock Stephen Otis " 9 Benjamin.Muzzy, Amasa Howard 2d Benjamin Muzzy 10 Samuel Arnrold John Gibson.. 11 Elli Hallatlav." ~ Timothy Mather. 1 2 Elijah.Elmer Joseph Ellis -. Martin Field Sylvanus Sherwift 13' Daniel Jewett Daniel Leavitt "Willard Taft 14 Alex. Campbell 1 Elijah Knight David:Campbell * 15 16 Samuel Boutell " t 17 Samuel Fletcher Ezekiel Ransonm lohn Dyer ". 18 Arad Hunt..'Jonathan Hunt jr. 19 Asa W.'heelock ( (" 20 Wm. C. Bradley Lott Hall. Eleazer May (; Isaiah Eaton 21 James Roberts Ja'bez Foster A " masa Brown. ".22 Jairus Hall.' " " " 23 John Aiken " " " " NVINDSOR CO. 1 C. G. Persons Cyrus Smith Moses Warner 3 Thos. Frcenan jr Benjamin. Clapp "..c 4 Nehemiah Noble Joseph Wallace John Wallace Nehemiah Noble Jona.than Marsh 5 James Topliff " "', James Southgate 6 Randall Lovell James Smith tUriel C. Hatch'. " 7 Aaron L'esand'Thos. S. Fullerton' Aaron Leland (" William Hosmer 8 Sherman Dewey.. " Elijah Mason Nathar, Gere 9. Elihu Luce. " Laban Webster Elihu Luce 10 Asahel Smith - " ".. (. l1. Pierce Burton 12 Daniel Bro.n Ephraim Moor 13 Elisha Smith Daniel Dana Ignatius Thompson Daniel Dana Ignatius Thompson 14 Elias Jones " Lemuel Ide Solomon Keyes Jonathan Shead 15 Oliver Mason Enoch Emerson Lemuel Richardson' " " 16 Jacob Smi h " "'* 17 Reub. Spaulding James Parker': Oliter Lathrop James Parker 18 John Davis Lewis R. Morris James Davis Joseph Selden Asahiel Powers 19 Rufus Lyon ": " "20 Gregory Stone Reuben Hatch. Peter Robinson' " 21... CorneliusG.Persons CorneliusGPerson a 23 WilliamHunnter g" Jabez Delano I Joseph Winslow 24 T. Hutchinson. " c Joseph Wood. Betsey. the youngest, was married to Capt. Johrl Munson. and is now living in Burlington witki her husband. The other was the wife of John Jones, of AVilliston, who died somee years since, t; WVilliston.

Page  65 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHA'M, WINDSOR. 65 WASHINGTON 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 I Warren Ellis c " James Fisk Warren Ellis 2 Eleazer Hubbard Abel Knapp - Jabez Ellis Abel Knapp 3 Gildeon Wheelock it Samuel Fay Benjamin Pagoe c 4 Ebenezer Corse James Smalley Curwin Wallace Ebenezer Corse " 7 Stephen Pitkin CC Stephen Pitkin " 8 David Harrington Seth Putnam Seth Putnam (" 9 Timothy Merrill Joseph Howes Edward Lamb " Naum Kelton 1 OJoseph Haseltine John Foster Cephas Calpenter Seth Munson ( 11 Amos Robinson C.; Gilbert Hatch " 12 Blradford Kinne c Joseph Nye " Bradford Kinne Rhodolph's Willard Darius Spaulding.. c ( 14 Amasa Skinner Stephen Pierce Amasa Skinner Edmond Rice Joseph W Eldridge " C c" Amos Rising 16 Sylvester Henry. Dan Carpenter i C Elisha Benjamin jr John Bruce (. 18 Elisha B Green Carpus Clark Cyrus Brigham " WINDItI&t CO. I Thad. Alexander James Shafter Thad's Chamberlin James Bayley Tim'y H. Whitney 2 John Noyes Samuel Elliott ". Jonathan Huntjr. 4 Amos Rico cc Samuel Clark Amos Rice Gardner 1Howe 5 Jonathan Huntley ( c 6 John Barrett. Nathan Wheeler John Barrett 7 Aaron Barney Jonah Cutting John Phelps Aaron Barney Willard Martin 8 Darius Bu'lock " 9 Benjamin Muzzy cc Ezra Li-;ermcro.. 10 John Gibson Abiel Richardson.. Simeon Leland Sylvester Bishop Joseph )Olds Daniel Halladav 1 2 Luke Knowlton " John Brooks Luke Knowlton Sylvanus Sherwin Natha'l Chamberlin iDavid Leavitt Phinehas White. " 14 Henry Lake Joseph Weed Henry Lake Benjamin Smith jr. 16 Samuel Boutell " i 17 Ezekiel Ransom,' Amrnzi Doolittle jr. MunnisKinney 18 CyrusWaslhburn Zadock Wright Arad Hunt 2d. " Israel Johnson 19 Asa Wheelock (c Stephen Presson " 20 Daniel Mason cc ( Gideon Warner Rufus Hosley Ephraim Smith 22 Jairus Hall (C Jesse Swift. Jairus Hall 23 John Aiken. Luther Stowell A Amos Emeny WINDSOR CO. 1 Joel Manning John Wait Samuel Manning John Wait Samuel Manning 3 Benjamin Clapp S, CC. C. 4 Jonathan Marsh cc ( Samuel Lillieo, 5 Jrmes Topliff James Southgate " James Topliff James Southgate 6 Uricl C. Hatch C, C,, 7 William Hosmer Aaron Leland Joshnua Leland 8 Nathar, Gere Abel Barron, William Strong,, 9 Elihu Luce David H, Sumner " Elihu Luce,, 10 Asahel Smith Ariock Smith,, Elisha Ives (, Pilfrce Burton " Israel Newton 9on J. Brigham - 12 Ephraim Moor ( c ( 13 Jdhn 1Bridge " r Ignatius Thompson ( John Bridge 14 Jonathan Shedd William L Hawkins " Jonathan Shedd, Sewal Fullam 15 Enoch Emerson Oliver Mason " " Enoch Emerson 16 Jacob Smith Rhodolphus Dewey.' Daniel Rix jr. Elias Stevens 17 Reub..Spaulding it Samuel Steele 18 Asahel Powers John Holton. Leonard Walker " 1.9 Rufus Lyon (" Norman Webber " Branch Whitcomb 20 Peter Robinson Carlos Cowles Oliver Whipple " Lemuel Hitchcock 22 West Windsor Jabez Delano 23 Joseph Wiuslow Jabez Delano Oliver Farnsworth Zebina Curtis Jabez Delano 24 T. Hutchinson Hoary C. Dennison " " StephenFarnsworth 9

Page  66 ZG6 BREP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. WASHINGTON 1817 1818. 1819 l20 1821 1 Warren Ellis Phineas Thompson cc Warren Ellis Jacob Scott 2 Jabez Iris Charles Bulkley Joel Warren Israel Dewey " 3 Gideon Wheelock Caleb Curtis... Gideon Wheelock 4 Curwin Wallace IEbenezer Corse Cvrwin Wallase. " 7 Stephen Pitkin " William Martin " 8David Harrington Nathan Carpenter David Harrington Nath'l Carpenter David Harrington 9 Naum Kelton " Geo. Worthington Naum Kelton Arunah Waterman 10 Seth Munson " 9 Rufus Clapp " Paul Mason 11 Gilbert Hatch Abram Shipman;' Josiah B- Strong 12 Joseph Nye,, Benjamin Whipple Bradford Kinne JonathanF Ruggles Charles Samson " " " 14 Mathias S Jones (C " " Ralph Turner Joseph W. Eldridge Tehan Rising Joseph W. Eldridge 16 Dan Carpenter John Peck Dan Carpenter " " Nathan B, Harvey Benjamin Fowler - " Joel Cilley " 18 W1NDHAM CO. Timo'y H. Whitney cc. C 2 Jonathan Hunt jr, James Elliott " C Samuel Clark 4 Elijah Stearns - ". Amos Rice 5 Jonathan Huntley Thomas Boyden c cc 6 Nathan Wheeler cc John Barrett Barzilla Burgess " c 7 William Bigelow John Phelps Willard Martin Joseph Bodlen Aaron Barney 8 DariusBullockl; Russel Ayvery Darius Bullock Benjamin Henry;,Nathaniel Robbins Asa Stevens Nathaniel Robbins' Abiel Richardson Samuel Arnold Luther Stowell Samuel Arnold. Lther Stomell 11 Dan HalladayjrLuther Very: " c 12 Horace Dunham Luke Knowlton Martin Field Sylvanus Sherwin Martin Field 13 Phinchas White ( Joseph Winslow 14 Peter Willard Alex. Campbell " Henry Lake jr. " Hazleton Rice 16 Bille Mann Abel Grout Biile Mann 17 Munnis Kinney Peter R. Taft Dana Bailey Peter R. Taft Mtinnis Kinney 18 Isaac Johnson Samuel Sikes Arad Hunt. 2d. Samuel Sikes Elijah Stebbeus 19 Paul Wheeler': Pearley Fairbanks Abrer Holbrook 20 Gideon Warner Benjamin Ranney William C Bradley Samuiel Mason Ellery Albee Amos Brown John Roberts... 22 Jairus Hall "' (c 23'Amos Emery " Benjamin Pierce.. WINDSOR CO. 1 Joseph. Kirk Samuel Manning Oliver Farrar Joel Balch Oliver Farrar 3 Thonmas. Fteeman Zebina- Eaton 4 Samuel tillie Peleg S. Marsh Daniel Lillie. 5 James Southg ate James Topliff Jaimes Somthgate 6Uriel C. Hatch' Salmon Dutton jr Uriel C. Hatch Asaph Fletcher Uriel C. Hatch 7 Amos Heald Abner W. Field William Strong Ja-mes Udall. George E Wales 9 Elihu Luce, Simeon Willard (: " 10 Asahel Smith Jesse Bailey, Zacha'h Spaulding (. Don J. Brigham,. Aalon Loveland. 12 Ephraim Moor Asa Briggs ( Ephrain Moore 13 John Bridge Dexter Hawkins c ( c 14 Sewal Fullam.c.c } Jonathan Shedd Daniel Huntinglon Enoch Emerson William Powers c( CC 16 ).aniel Rixjr, Rhodolphhus Dewey Moses CuLtter Rhodolphus Dewey Jacob Collamer 17 James Parker;. h C 18 Asahel Powers Leonard Walker Bezaleel Wood Jonathan Whipple Branch Whitcomb Elias- Keyes Bran:ch Whitcomb 1Elias Keyes Joel Cooper Lemuel Hitchcock 0Carlos Cowles Amos IHulett...c 23 Jabez D)elano Asa Aiken Horace Everett Asa Aiken 24 S. Farnsworth D)aniel Dana H tiobwland Simmonss Titus Hutchinson

Page  67 REP'S. WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. ~7 WASHINGTON, 1822 182'3 1824 1825 1826 1 Warren Ellis Peter Nichols Dennison Smith. " Peter Nichols.2 Abel Knapp " Chester Nye 1srael Dewey 3 Benjamin Page Lovel Kelton, David G. Sheple 4 Edward Crossett Cc Ebenezer Corse Nathan Huntley, 5 Fayston Theophilus, Bixby Jotham Carpenter 7 William Martin Josiah Holister " Alonzo Foster'.8 Seth Putnam Josiah H-olden Holden Putnam - Arunah Watorman.. Samuel Prentiss " Arunah Waterman 10 Paul Mason John Foster Barnabas Mayo " David Belding -11 Joel Winch Abel Keyes ( John Starkweather 12 Thomas Vincent Benjamin Whipple Joseph Nye Thomas Vincent " 13 Robert Cram Charles Sampson " Isaiah Shaw. 14 Ralph Turner, Mathias S. Jones " Amos Rising,,, 15 Amos Rising James Richardson Amos Rising 16 ])an Carpenter ( 17 Joel Cilley Benjamin Fowler. Joel Cilley 18 Allen Vail Amos Rice Samuel Hu Samuel Iuboaria WINDHAM CO. o Acton Eben'r untington Lemuel Farwell Eben'r Huntington Timo'y H Whitney t i t James Bailey w Abraham Ball 2 Samuel Elliott.' " Jonathan Hunt James Bailey braham Ball 3 B1ookline - Benramin Ormsbee V William PerlIy jr. Benjamin Ormsbee 4 Amos Rice Gardner Howe Ebenezer Jones CCDavid Burr Ebenezer Jones 5 Jonathali Huntley Marshall Miller Josiab Taft B6 Barzilla Burgess ( " WilliamStickney jr Josiah Ta ftn heeler BurNathan Wheeler 7 Willard Martin -Amos Billings Joseph Boyden 8dmn James, Strk Willard Martin Dana Hyde jr. 9 Nath'l Robbins Zelotes Skinner Nathaniel Robbins 10 Samuel Arnold John Gibson Samuel Arnold John Gibson. 11 Simeon Adams (' G "s Sylvanus Sherwin Jasen Duncan jr.. Sylvanus Sherwin Wm..'H, Williams 13 Joaeph' Winslow Theoph's Crawford Asa Keyes 2d 14 Elleazee Albee Benjamin Smith jr William Hall 15 Sam'l Worthington Ephraim Rice 16 Abel Grout Bille Mann Richard Scott,,,, L7 Peter R. Taft Dana Bailey- Peter R' Taft Luke S. Rand Epaphro's Ransom 18 Samuel Sikes Benjamin Lee Samuel Sikes Nathan Wood'19 Abner Holbrook Jonathan -Robinson " Paul Wheeler Leland.. I airbanks 20 Ellery Albee Elijah Ranney jr. Mark Richards Gideon Warner Mark Richards 21 John Roberts. Amos Brown Horace Roberts. ( 22 Jairus Hall e R o( "t 23 Benjalmin Pierce " Amos Emery - Benjamin Pierce WINDSOR CO. 1 Joel Balch Edward Simonds " 2 Baltimore Benjamin Page " Joseph Atherton j r 3 John Foster Apollas Warner." Elijah Aiken -. 4 Daniel Lillie (. James Wallace 5 James Topliff' Isaiah Raymond', cW a,, 6 Jesse Adams " Levi Jackman " Edmond Ingalls 7 Abiel Richardson Stephen Field ( " E Jabez Sargeant 8 George El. Wales. George E. Wales George E. Wales Wllis Lyman 9 Simeon Willard Isaac N, Cushman, Robert Bartlett c 10 Asahel Smith " Moses Haven Asahel Smith.' 11 Aaron Loveland." Thomas Emerson "'C 12 Ephraim Moor iohn Lakin.. "c Joseph. Kennedy 13 ]Eben Snowv Dexter Hawkins Eben Snow John Bridge 14 Jonathan Shedd " Samuel C.Loveland, Abel. Gilson jr. 15 Enoch Emerson' Ephraim D. Briggs,; Lyman Emerson ~ 16 Jacob Collamer Rthodolphus Dewey c Oel Billings Nathan Kimball 17 William Steele James Phrker-. " William Steele JonathaU Whipple Phinehas T. W-les " Bezaleel Wood. Leonard Walker 19 Rufus Lyon Elias Keyes..' " Dwight Gay 20 Amos Hulett Daniel Bowen " Barnabas Dean " John Wait Henry Gray Amos N. Burton " 23 Horace Everett " Jabez Delano Abner Forbes 24 Jasper Hazen " Titus Hutchinson ". Richard M. Rasmon

Page  68 68 3REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. WASHINGTON 1827 1823 1829 1830 1831 lPhine'sThompson Peter Nichols Denison Smith Alvin Carter Lucius B. Peck 2 James Sawyer James H. Langdon " Jonathan P. Millerl 3 Lovell Kelton Pardon Janes ( " ( 4 Nathan Huntley Ira Arms " " Samuel Turner.5 JothamCarpentei errill Tyler William Sherman 7 William Martin i" Spencer Lawrence " 8 Holden Putnam Josiah -Holden " John Vincent William H. Holden 9 William Upham 6t Naum Kelton William Upham Azel Spaulding 10 David Belding John Foster H. W. Carpenter Stephen Pierce 1 J, Starkweather- Charles Paine " Lebbeus Bennett 12 Jeremy Stone " Israel Goodwin " " 13 Isaiah Shaw Charles Samson Nathan Morse Charles Samson Isaiah Shaw 14 Jenison Jones " Jason Carpenter "; " 15 Jas- Butterfield Joseph A. Hyzer MIoses Sargeantjr t " 16 Amasa Pride " Dan Carpenter Charles R. Cleaves 17 Benj'in Fowler ( foel Ci!ley " Ebenezer Bruce 18 Nathan Adams ".illon Brown c WINDHAMI1 CO. O IE. I-Iuntington Nathan Fisher 1 T. H. Whitney 66 Micah Davis 2 Lemuel Whitney Samuel Elliott.... Lemuel Whitney 3 Benj'in Ormsbee William Perry Jacob Burditt " Samuel Stebbins 4 David Burr Ebenezer Jones Wm. H. Hodges James Miner jr. 5 Josiah Taft Joseph Duncan; Asa Knight CC 6 John Barrett William Stickneyjl C" C 7 Dana HIyde Aaron Barney " Russel Hyde Ward Bullock 8 James L. Stark " Sanford Plumb " Darius Bullock 9 Peter R. Taft Alpheus Kellogg Nathaniel Robbins it NathanielCheneyjr 10 Samuel Arnold Luther Stowell Samuel Arnold 11 Simeon Adams Ht. H. Winchester'" ( cc 12 Sylvanus Sherwin Joseph Ellis i Henry Wheelock 13 Asa Keyes 2d David Crawford " John Campbell " 6 14 William Hall Alex. S. Campbell Manasseh Divoll " Alex. S. Campbell 15 S. Worthington Charles Morse S. Worthington c" 16 Richard Scott c" " "6. 17 E. Ransom William R. Shafter John P. Marsh 18 Nathan Wood Joseph Franklin Nathan Wood Eli Lee Cyrus Washburn 19LelandFairbanks Freeman Holbrook Nathaniel Ward 6 Silas Dexter 20 Eben'r Goodell Maik.Richards Daniel Mason Ellery Albee John'Smith 21 Schuy'rMurdock Simeon Morse ( Schuyler Murdock Amos Brown 22 Ephlraim Tyler Lancy Forbes " David Rugg 23 BenjaminPierce Daniel Cobb I 6 Harvey Burnap WINDSOR Co. 1 Edward Simonds "- Orin Hazeltine William Warner 2 Benjamin Page 3 John S. Bicknell EbenezerRichmond " c Levi Belknap 66 4 James Wallece cc Daniel Lillie John. Woodbury " 5 I. Rayvmond 6C David Thompson cc James H. Manger 6 Edmond Ingalls James Smith jr Levi Jackman 6 7 Jabez Sargeant Rufus Bruce Abel Richaidson " David Bates 8 Wyllis Lyman it cc cc " 6 9 Albe Lull Simeon Willard 6C Elihn Luce Is 10 Asahel Smith Jonas Dunn " Asa Fletcher " 1 IThomasEmerson " c Cyrus Partridge Elias Lyman jr Elias Lyman 12 John Lakin Samuel Page Levi Slack Samuel Page 13 I. Tinkham jr 66 Henry. Hewett Nathan Snow 6" 14 S. C. Loveland CC Simeon Buck cc 6t 15 D. Huntington Lyman Elmerson c( Ephraim D. Briggs Stilman Emerson 16 Jacob Collamer Harry Bingham 6 " Jacob Collamner Wm. Woodworth 17 William Steele c" 6 66 18SamnelW.Porter 6t William Thayer jr William Thayer 66 19 Dwight Gay Norman Webber Daniel Gay jr " 20 John Brown cc Joshua Uphaml 6 Cyrus Boynton 21 Henry Gray John Wilder Henry Lovejoy'Jonathan Webster 22ataner 283 Abner Forbes'Thomas Leland 66 Allen Wardner )4 Billy Browa R ichard M.Ransom Sylvester Edson Iysander RaymondlBilly Brown

Page  69 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDIAM, WINDSOR. 69 WASHINGTOR 1832 1833 1834 1835 1836 1 Alvin Carter " John Thwing J -acob S(cott 2 Josiah Benjamin Jonathan P. Miller Orren Smith 3 Shubael Wheeler " Pliny Curtis " 4 Samuel Turner Ira Arms L. C, Turner Horace Atkins 5 Peter Drew " " 4 Oerin Wheeler Merrill Tyler 7 William Martin " William Martin ",8 John Vincent Holden Putnam John Vincent Holden Putnam 9 Azel Spaulding " William Billings " t Lucius B. Peck 10 Calvin Clark C2phas Carpenter William Harris " C Ira Carpenter:11 John Averill " David Robinson Moses Robinson Anson Adams 1i2 John Vincent C " Baxter Bancroft c" 13 Isaiah Shaw " Nathan Morse " "; 14 ThomasPrentiss Jason Carpenter "9 "6 15 Joseph A. Hyzer Artemas Cushman " 16 Amasa Pride Paul Dillingham jr Thaddens Clough 17 Ebenezer Bruce " " Luther Morse Asaph Town 18 Milton Brown Daniel Adams Milton Brown Joel Newton " WINDHA1I CO. O Nathan Fisher 1 Joseph Tinkham " Tim. H.Whitney Lyman Alexander': 2 Lemuel Whitney Charles Chapin Lemuel Whitney Asa Keyes Lemuel Whitney 3 Samuel Stebbins Edson Higgins Thomas Crane Ephraim I-I. Mason c 4 LVman Howe " " c David Dexter It 6 Enos Leonard " Asa Knight " Joseph Duncan 6 Erastus Burgess John Gibson William Stickney John Gibson Ambrose Burgess 7 Ward Bullock Russel Hvyde Nathan Conant Ward Bullock " 8 Sanford Plulmb Benj. Woodward James L. Stark B. Woodward:9 Nathaniel Cheney Peter R. Taft T Timothy Goodale 10 Samuel Arnold Ruel White cc Sem Pierce " 11 H H.Winchestl " Simeon Adams Cotton Mather " 12 HenryWheelock GeorgeWilliams 2d " 9 Roswell M. Field " 13 David Crawford " Alex. Campbell " " 14 N. B. Roundy cc William Henry " Manncsseh Divoll 15 Elliott Morse (" Ephraim Rice 16 Stephen Ballard Benjamin Thatcher " David Iice 17 Waitstill R.Ranney Chapin Howard " " I8 Jolhn Stebbirs " Eli Lee Ebenezer Howe jr 19 Erm'y Wheelock Silas Dexter Solomon Newell 20 Mark Richards John Smith Mark Richards Eleazer May 21 John Roberts " Nathan Brown Obed Foster. 22 Alonson Parmerlee " Charles K. Field " 23 Timothy Sherwin Levi Kimball WINDSOR CO. 1 William Warner Edward Simonds Jerry Adams Joel Balch John B. Manning 2 Jona. Woodbury jr 3 ThomasFreeman " S. S. Hemenway Lorenzo Richmond 4 Elisha Fowler Julius Converse John Woodbury " James Wallace 5 J. H. Munger Lyman Raymond C " " 6 Levi Jackman Josiah Gilson Samuel Adams William Smith 7 David Bates Stephen Fields Dearborn S. Hilton Ptolemy Edson 8 WVyllis Lvman Andrew Tracy " " " 9 I. N. Cushman Wells Hadlev I John S. Marcy " 10 Ariock Smith Reuben WTashbburn Sewall Fullam jr... 11 Elias Lyman Alden Partridge " Cyrus Partridge 12 Samuel Page Cephas Moore Samuel Page John S, Fullerton " 13 Cvrus Snow it Isaiah Tinkham jr " Otis Chamberlain 14 William Felch Shubael C. Shedd " C BridgmanHapgood 15StilmanEtnerson Lyman Emerson John Trask " Joseph F. Tilden 16 CalvinParkhurst Nathaniel,Sprague Samuel Selden Oramel Sawyer " 17 John Baldwin " 18 John White Russell Burke " Abner Field Bezaleel Wood 19 John Leonard Daniel Ranney William A. Millett " Merrick Gay 20 Barnabas Dean Jonathan Lawrence Barnabas Dean " Jonathan Lawrence 21 Jona, Webster Parker Shattuck Asa B. Foster " " 22 Allen Wardner " Carlos Coolidge " Carlos Coolidge 24 Jason Kendall " D aniel Taft Lysander Raymond Tracy Bingham

Page  70 70 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. WASHINGTON 1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 I Jacob Scott jr'. Newell Kinsman Leor.ard Keith 2 James Currier O)rren Smith. Wooster Sprague Isaac T. Davis; 3 Joseph Lance. Alonzo Pearce' " Abdiel Kent 4 Davidl. Belding Lyman C. Turner, Samuel Turmler Lyman C. Turner 5 1errill Tyler Ira Richardson Jacob Boyce - 7 Welcome.Cole. William Martin Horace Hollister " 8 John Vincent William J. Holden Thomas Stowell Holden Putnam Leander Warren 9 Lucius B. Peck Royal Wheeler H Itoratio N. Baylies. 10 Ira Carpenter Joseph Sawyer Ira Carpenter Lester Kinsley, 11 Jesse Averill c Lebbeus Bennctt Moses Robinson 12 James Palmer Harvey Bancroft ~ James Palmer 13 Charles'Samson. Isaiah Shaw Charles Samson 14 R. Richardson jl Hiram Jones 15 William CardellU William B. Taylor Franklin AWright. 16 P. Dillingham jr (, William W. Wells. Eliakim Allen 17 Asaph Town- Ebenezer Bruce Abner Town " Ira M'Loud 18 Milton Brown Jac6b Cushman Farris Leonard WINDHAM CO. 0. Nathan Fisher. Nathan Fisher Set to Tofwnsend 1 Amos Davis Comfort Thrasher, Tisdalc Porter Mark Ball 2 Calvin Townsle " Ebenezer Wells Cyril Martin 3 William' Adams Ephraim Park William Adams Hiram Whitney 4 James Miner Lewis Hall William H. Jones 5 Joseph Duncan Clark Rice Samuel French " -. 6 Ambrose Burgess Thomas Hill B. H. Bridgman " 7 Ward Bullock-. John Lynde Ward Bullock' Isaac Brown 8 Isaac Warden. " "JameI s L,.Stark Rufus I. Henry ~ 9 Nathan Adams Timothy Goodale S. T. R. Cheney 10 Alfred'Pierce Steplien Smith Peter C. Atwood 1I H H. Winchester Simeon:-Adams Ira Adams William Newton r 12 James Elliott'a: Walter Eager Nahum Eager. " 13 Forris Moorle John Smith "' IIHenry N. Barton 14 John Seaver Asa Wentworth,' Wen tworth jr Samuel.L Billing 15'Hollis Town E pThraim Rice " " 16 David Rice. Joseph Blodgett David Rice A Ashbel Kidder 17 J. H. B.ngharn -... L Saml.H.Thompson.J M. M. Shafter 18 Eben'r'Howe jr ohin Stebbins Cyrus Washburn. John Stebbins 19 Em'y Wheelock " Solomonl Nrewell John P. Warren. c 20 David Allen S. S. Stoddard A lvin Goodale John' MTNeil Alvin Goodaie 21 William Bond jr Obed Foster Tames Roberls Elisha'Putnam ( -22 Charles K. Field - " zor Smith " Henry Eastabrook.23 Amos Emery'William Harris " " WIINDSOR Co. IT. B. Manning Joscph Dodge jr. " S(lomon IHoward 2 J. Wocidbury jr Lyman Litch Levi Iar iis William Davis 3 Eben'r Atwood jr " Hiratn Aiken Orin Gambell Hiram Aiken 4 Davi'i Woodbur3, Thomas P. RIussell James Woodworth Daniel Lillie 5 L. Raymo:nd Isaiah RPymond - " Alvan Lamb 6 Levi Jackmanai Josepll Whito Sttnamuel Adams' -" Zenas F. Hyde 7 Abner W. Fiecll 1-Iorace Onion Hugh -I. Henry Gideoxi M. Lee Hugh H. Henry 8. Andrewr Tray John Poyter c". 9 Daniel Ashlevy Hampden Cutta 10 S. Fallllm j. cc 11 Alden Partridge Thomas Hazen Alden Partridge- Aaron Loveland hIia Davis 12 Levi'Slack. 13 Henry Hewett:' Otis Chamberlain Ora Paul. 14 B. Hapgood Solomon Keyes Benonil Buck " 15 J. P. Tilden John Tra'sk Thomas Barnes... Barney..Coo per -.16fi David' Wheelock' Truman H. Safford 17 J. Baldwin A. F. Dean - Freeman Holt Lyman Tyler 18 Bezaleel Wood Abner Field Henry CIosson. ". M. Whipple 19 Samuel Eaton' Merrick Gay Paul W. Gay Justin Morgan 20 J. Lawrence Barnabas Dean ~ " Stephen Prentiss " 21 PerkinsN. Wiley - Thos. Wakefield 22 Care.Hopkins'' 23 Charies Hopkins "< Carlos Coolidge Carlos Coolidge Carlos Coolidg 24 John Moulton I' Oliver P. Chandlerl " "

Page  71 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM, WINDSOR. 71 WASHINGTON 1842 1843 1844 1845 1846 1 Leonard Keith David D. Wing " Webber Tilden Obadiah Wood 2 Pearley Foster Osmon Dewey " Schuyler Phelps 3 Abdiel IKent Charles Dudley Nelson A. Chase " 4 L C. Turner John Towle Chester Marshall Ebenezer W. Corse 5 John C.,Griggs " Eli Bruce " Burr Freeman 7 Horace Hollister Ira Smith " Step'n R.'Hollister 8 Horace Holden, Leander Warren ~ William X. Holden Joseph Hancock 9 Addison Peck Jerem'l1 T.Marston " Chales Clark 10 Micah B. Taplin " Calvin Clark Daniel Harris Barnabas Mayo 11 Nathan Morse David W. Hadley John L. Buck David W. Hadley 12.Mark M. Page Ezra Kidder " Nath'l Townshend " 1'3 Allen Spaulding Thomas R. Shaw 14 Hiram, Jones Ithamer Smith Artemas Cushman Thomas Sargeant Lewis Cardell (Moses Ordway 16 Henry Douglass William Carpenter Thaddeus Clough 17 Ira McLoud " Abner Town Ira McLoud 18 Moses Folsom " Allen L. Vail WI NDIIA3II CO. -. 1 John Austin 2 La Fayette Clark John R. Blake Gardner C. Hall Royal Tyler 3 Hiram Whitney Hubbard Eastman John S. Osgood 4 William -I.Jones Fayette Perry " 5 Reuben Smead " William 0. Miller 6 Wm. WThitcomb c; Abishai Stoddard 7 Elisha. l iel'l John Lynde Samuel L, Hunt 8 Winm. H. Sark Bcrij. Woodward Nicholas Clark William Plumb Stephen Niles 9 Solomon Newell Luke Howard Pliny Barrows 10'Peter C Atwood Ezra Dodge - Reuben Harrington li'a Willard Snow WmW.VWinchester VWalter Eager Otis Warren. Oliver P. Morse 13 Henry N.Barton Joseph T. Radway James Keyes W. P.:Richardson 14 J, S. Fullerton Henry Walker Daniel Kellogg Royal Earle 15 Ephraim Rice ". Hazeltine Rice 16 Jolhi N. Glazier David Rice Amos Parsons jr - Amos Parsons 17 J. M. M'Shafter Nathan Fisher Henry L. Aiken A. C. Howard 18 Ebhn'r Howe jr Jarvis F. Burrows.' Eli Lee. 19 L.:W. Johnson. 20 Joel Page Ira Goodhue John M'Neil [Ira Goodhue Ellery Albee 21 Harvey Brown. Rufus Brown Hosea F. Ballou Rufus Carley 22 FrederickL.Stanley 23 William Harris Amos Emery " Jason D. Jones WVINDSOR CO' 1 Solomon Howard " Joseph Dodge jr " Charles Sherwin 2 William Davis Jona. M. Boynton 3 Hiram-Aiken - Charles Walcott. Joseph B. Danforth " 4 Thomas P.Russell David Bosworth Oliver Hincher 5 Alvan Lamb Ovid Thompson: R. W. Southgate 6 Zenas F. Hyde William Smith Christo'r Webber Joseph Adams 7 Hugh H. Henry H Easkell Weston " 8 Shuhael Russ - ~ John Porter Allen Hazen 9 Daniel Denuison. Lewis Merritt. " Henry Shedd 10 Benj. Bi:lings " SUrrv Ross' 11 Ira Davis Ebenezer Spear 2d Shubael Converse 12 Levi Slack \1oses Pollard jr. Jared Marsh. 13 Gard'r.WinsloR "' Robert Perry jr 14 John Wheeler Rufus Forbush John Whieeler 15 Barney Cooper Thomas B. Martin T.. Thomas B. Harvey William B. Henry 16 John L.Bowma-n Hc enry Bingham John L. Bowrman Romanzo Walker 17 Lyman Tyler RoderiekDLathrop Roder'kD. Lathrop John C. Baldwin l8 0. M. Whipple Hiram Harlow " " James Whiljple 19 Paul W. Gay John R. Forrest, Asaliel Felch 20 AugustusTuttle John Spafford " Hvren Henry 21SolonRichardson " Edward S. -Barrett Jerry Adams Stephen Smith 22 23 Allen WVardner Horace, Everett Thos. F. Hammond. Dyer- Story 24 Andrew Tracy jAndrew.Tracy lAndrew Tracy JNathanT,Churchill.

Page  72 72 REP'S., WASHINGTON, WINDHAM,- WINDSOR. WASnINGTON 1847 1848 1849 1850 FIRST TOWN CL'I. 1 Geo.W. Collamerl Harvey Tilden Warren H. Ellis JcsedhDwight 1793 2 Asa Andrews " Orren Smith Elijah H. Covell David Nye 91 3 Shubael Wheele; Enoch C. McLoud c David B Fay Peter Wheelock 95 4 David Belding Ebenezer W. Corse ". Lorenzo Davis 5 Burr Freeman iMerrill Tyler Jacob Bovce 6 East Mlontpelier Nathaniel C. King " 7 Enoch D. Putnam fHiram Potter 8 Joseph Hancock John Poor, Mr. Wilson 88 9 Charles Clark Homer W. Heaton Jackson A. Vail c ZibaWoodworth 91 10 R. H. Kimball Don P. Carpenter i)enllis Childs " 11 Hein'nCarpentei cc George B. Pierce John Gregory N. Richardson 94 1'2 ReubenHnntoot; Daniel A. Perry Francis' 13B. Hall Ezra Kidder HarveyBancroft 96 13 Benj.Edwards jr t' Dexter Samson TlosHuntington96 14 Ithamer Smith Benjamin Reed jr Roder'kRichardsonMoses Heaton 94 15 Denslow Upham William Rankin Gideon Goodspeed Samuel Lard 98 16 Thad's Ciough Charles C. Arms Ezra Butler 90 17 Micb-aelJackson,' Benjamin Wells cc 18 George W. Leavitt Milton Brown John Young 1803 WINDHAM CO. I Lyman Alexdnder William Beal 81 2 John R. Blake George Newman " Samuel Earl jr Henry Wells 3 Asa Flint Joel Codd(ing Isaac Wellinan JohnWNVaters 95 4 Joel Lyman James Miner cc Reuben Dean 1811 5 Wni. O. Miller Winslow Dutton " George R. Miller 6 B. H. Bingham John L. Butterfield " Ambrose Burgess Aaron Putnam 80 7 Nathan P.Chapin " Aaron C. Barney J. Sheperdson 1772 8 Jonas Scott " Joseph Henry Amos Tucker Sam'l Woodard 72 9 John C. Butler " 4 Luke Howard Wm. H. Church 81 10 David Arnold. Winfield Wright. Abiel Whitman 11 Svlves'rWorden Zcbina Wallace John L. Roberts Wm. Mather 75 12 MalrshallNewton George Arnold Sir Isaac Newton,, Luke KnoA-qlton 74 13 W.P.Richardson W. B Richardson " C Mark Crawford. Lucas Wi!son 70 14 Benjamin Smith Asa Wentworth jr i Russel Hyde Joshua Webb 69, 15 Ephraim Rice Hollis Town Ephraim Rice Joseph AMorse 16 Amos Parsons John Underwood Rufus Lyman 17 A. C. Howard fames H. Phelps " William H. Joy Joseph Tyler 91 18 Jos. E. Franklin Eli Lee oseph E. Franklin Ebenezer Howe jr John Bridgman 70; 19ErastusPlimpton Justice Knowlton Levi Fitts, Aaron Hudson 86, 20 Ira Goodhue Ellery Albee Alvan Goodell N. Tracy Sheafe 21 Waters Gillett Eli Green Eliphalet Hyde 80 22 Stephen P. Flagg cc 23 Simeon Pierce Jason D. Jones William A. Chapin WINDSOR CO. I John Adams GeorgeW.Stickney John Adoms solomon Howard MIoses Warner 81 2 William Davis IJona. lM. Boynton Luther lM. Graves J;scephArtherton94, 3 Hiram Aikens Sebast'n R.Streeter Tho. I1. Vhite 78 4 Aug's P. Hunton AlmonDurkee Barnalbas StEo11g82 5 R. W. Southgate CharlesS.Ravmond ohn Osgood John HIawkins.84 C John F. Deane "' William Smith Josia Fletcher 77 7 Rodney Sherwin tA.BE. PrescottHealdWtT'hos. Chandfler 67. 8 John Porter, Allen Hazen Albert G. Dewey Elijah Strongr 68 9 H-tmpden Cutts Eben M. Stocker Ward Cotton Paschal P. Thft Zadock Wi-ight' 67 10 Wm.K.Manning Darius L. Green " Daniel A. lieald IJesse Fletcher 92' I1 Wm. Loveland Ebenezer Spear 2d Ebenezer B. Brown 1 2 Moses Pollard jr cc Levi S.lack Abraham S. Day Adam Brown 87 13 Oliver Leonard Martin D. Follett Joshua Vail Elisha Smith JohnW.Dana. 73' 14 Charles Buck " Solomon Keyes Luther Carlton Jed'h Leavens 80 15 James Wing 2d John W. Chaffee "4 16 R. Walker James Davis Daniel Woodward John-Coy Comfort Seaver 17 J. C. Baldwin Hiram Moore Benj. Spaulding 68 18 James Whipple Moses White Enphraim Walker jr t 19 John Wp, BennsW t c Zeb Twitchell 20 Hyren Hetry C. M4 Chamberlain John C. Harkell. Benoni Tuttle 78 21 Stephen Smith tC Asa B. Poster Alvin Simonds1800 22 Daniel R-ead c Gilm'aH.Shed:1849' 23 byer Story Daniel Reed HiaTm Harlow " Thomas Cooper 24 Julius Conversef, Tor eas E, Pouwes Joab Hoisington 73

Page  73 SUPREME COURT JUDGES FROM 1778 TO 1850. 7.. "'78 M. R obinson 1* JohI Shepardson 2 John Fassett jr. Thomas Chandier4 John Throop 79 $' Sl,; Q.s- 3 Paul Spooner' 5 4 80 " 1;Increase,6sely 4.. " 2 ".5 di " 2 Elisha Payne I 3 Bez. Woodward 4 Joseph CaldVell 5 82 1 l.ionas Fay 3John F'as-sett 4- Paul' Spooner 2 Pater alcott 5 8:3 " iE Thomas Porter- r - A 3 2. c 4 8:3~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " 4 Y4 Nath'l Niles 3, 4 2'. 5 85 3"' 5 4 ~ 2 Moses Robinson I 86 " 3 Nathil Chipthan 4 Lukb Knowlton 5..' 2' 1 87 ~" 2.,. 3 " ] 88. Step'n R.Bradley'.'. 2 1 89 and 90 N. Chipman'' Noah'Smith,.. 2 Samuel. light 3 91, 92 & 93 Eiijah Pat.. 1 Isaac Tickenor 3 94 and 95 Lott Hall 2. Woodbridgo 3. 96, N. Chipman 1.'. 3 97,.. " 2 Israel Smith I 98, 99 nn" 1800, 2 1 Noah Smith 3 1801 and 2 Jolla. Robinson 1 Royal Tyler 2 Stephein Jacob 3 3, 4; 5 and 6 1. rleo'sHarrinIton 7and 8 Jonas Gajusha.3..l 9,1Q,.11, and 12 David Fay " " 2'13 and 14 N. Chipman.1. Daniel Farrand 2 J H Hubbard 3 15 Asa A.ldis 11,Richard Skinner 2 Janes Fisk 3 16 C i C 16.. Win. A, Palnmer.3 1 ". 2 17, 18,19, and 20 Dudley Chase.1 Joel Doolittle 2 William Braton 3 21.. P. V. an Ness i 3 Joel Doolittle' 29. " 1 C. K. Williams 3 " ~ 23 R Skinner 1 sAse. Aien 3 24,': J.'IDoo! ittle 2 25 and.26 1 Saituel Prentiss T. Hutchinson.3 Steplhen Royce jr 4 27. 2' " 3 Bates Turner 4 28 " 1' 3'!'phr'nP.addock 5 29 C. K. Williams 31'" I S. R2oyce jr. 5 30, J. C. Thrompson 5 4 31 and 32. " Nicholas Baylies 4 -;Sain..B. Phelps 5 33.and 34.. 6 ] Jacob ollamer 4 John Maitltcks r'.. 35, 36, aind3 3 411 eac F Refied5 "' 38 aiidl;39 4 E' lo L.lennett 5 40,.41,.:, "1'"". i, 4 Stephen oyco'. 5 ~42-S. ss ~] William' Iebard 3S 4 43' 1 Daniel Kellogg 5 34.44.' 1 IWill. -telard 5 3. 2 4 45 ID. Kliellogg 5.'' 4 46, 47 Hlil'nd Hall 5 Cha le' Davis.6; 4: 48 &49 " 5 Luke P. Poland * C." I " 50., -.3". 50..3 Bya lawpassed in 1849, and which'.took effect in 1850, tlhe number of Supreme Court Judges were reduced to three, and four Circuit Judges to be elected, one fobr each of the Circuits to act as Chief Justices of the Cont Curts of their espectve Circuits, and in pursuance of that law, the follouwilg Jtdl(es werc appdinted at the'last session of thle Legislature. In the first Circuit,. Bnnington, Rutland anti Addison Counties, Rob)ertPierpoint was chosen. In the second circuit, Wirtdh: im, \Vindsor and Oranrge, Jacob Colliamertwas appointed. in the thuid circuit, Chittenden, Franllklii, L:irmoille and Grand'-Isle, Milo L. Beninett was elected' In the fourith circuit, Washingoton,, Caledonia, Orleans-and Essex, Lukle P. Poland was chos'en, By tVe above table it appears'that Stephen Royce, jr.,. and Stephen Royce, the same person, has received 24 elections of Jus'lge. Chatrles K. Williams 19.'Isaac. Redfield 16. Royal T.Vler 12. Milo L Bennett 12..'TIhcophiltis Harrington and Moses Robi'nson 10 each. Paul Spooner Titus iutchinson and1 Jacob Collarner, 9 each. John Fassett.;r., and Richard Skinner, 8 each. Daniel Nerlogg, Loit Hall, Samuel S. Phelps, Enoch Woofh)iidge, and Jo(Cel Doolittle, 7 each. Nlat a i 1 ~C.piipniin, and JonathanlRobinson, 6 each. Noah smith, IsaaC Tichenor, WAilliam Braytor, S mo ul Prentiss, alnd Samn el Knight, 5 each. iiland Hall, Nathaniel Niles, David Fo5y and lJudl(-i Ch:ss, 4 each' John Th'lroop, Peter Olcott, Thomas Porter, Eliijah Pairne find Eplhraim Paddeck, 3 each, and the remainder, a less number, making 60 Supreme Judges in 72 years past. _-. oo —SENATORS T1O CONGRESS FROM VERNIONT. Moses Robinson 1791 to 1796 Benjamin Swift 1833 to 1839'Jamnes Fisk''1817 to 1819 Isaac.Tichenor 1796 to 1797 Samuel S. Phelps 1839 to 1851 Wm,.A. Palmer 1819 to 1825 NathanielChipman 1797 to 1803.Soonlon Foot 1851'. Dudl'cy Chase 1825 to 18.31 Israel'Smith 1803 to 1807 Stephen R. Bradleyl91 to.1794 Samuel'Prentiss 1831 to 1842 Jona. Robinson' 1807 to 1814 Elijah Paine 1i794 to 1801 Samuel C. Crafts 1842 to 1843 Isaac Tichenor 1814 to 1821 Stephen R. Bradleyl801 to 1813 William Upham 1843 - Horatio Seymour 1821 to 1833 Dudley"Chase. 1813 to 1817 -The. fgures 1, 2., 4,, and 6 denot the ma er in Whih ther w.rleed,!,-Th, flngres 1, ~. $, 4, 5', and 6, denote thex marn ar in which thsy w~{'e.~eet~

Page  74 74 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. BEN. CO. MAR. 1778 JUNE 1778. OCT. 177& 1779 17 80 1 Jeremiah Clark O 2 Samuel Robinson " 9 2 Martin Powell John Fassett 2 John Fassett jr. " c 2 Thomas Jewett Gideon Olin 3* 4 Benjamin Fay 41 6. John Fassett 6 6 RMartin Powell 9. 7 Roswell Hopkins 7 James Miurdcck CUIBERLA ND CO. Westminstershire 1 J. Shephardson 2 Stephen Ti!lden " 2 Hubbell Wells Samuecl Fletcher By a law passed in February, 17811, tile election (f Coun2 Hezli1'l1'hionrl0|0Pn v ty Oflicers were given to the poIople of their r(espet( tive tdis2 NthII R iS Joshua t W rbb ie s, exctept thle Siate'S Aturltl'i3s. Ti;e law wasi \very iZUT'IAND SIII1E sillniila lo tile one 1now in i,(,cc, lherce arises thle dific.u ry i Jqsl}ph Bowkther T!homas Rowley`i -,f ascertainitll whlo our County officers were (lti, lor tlhe 2 Hehc1r) Ali'en.; continualncC of that law, as they were not to btc oulld on 2 Charles;-Brewster Theodus Curtis the Lcgislati:e Journals. 2 John Starks 2 Jonathan Fassett oi In the following pages, figufre 1 denotes Chief Justices, NEWBURY SHIiRE. 2. Assistatnts. 3, Clerks of the Courlts, 4, Slerift's. 5, 1 Jacob Bailey Deacon Smalley State's Attorneys, 6, Judges of Probate, 7, Rlegistcrs of 2 Jacol Burton John Burlett Probate. 2 William Heatoi " 2 Reuben Foster 2 John French Benjamin Baldwin The above are all the Judges of a Sl ecii'l Court that I can find were appointed previous to 1781 Nor have I been able to find by any county records tlat they had Clerks, C:heriffs or State's Attornevs till 1781.'It does, however, appear from other sources that Clerks, Sheriffs, antd States Attorneys were appointed previous to the time above stated. Slade's State papers inform us that David Reddling who was executed at Bennington, June 11, 1778, was, or had been in the custody,'f Ben. jamin Fay, Sheriff of the County of Bennington, (page 239.) By the same authlority it appealrs that Joseph'ay on the 10th of 1)ecember, 1778, was appointed Clerk of the Supreme Court for Bennington Co., and on the 26th of May, 1779, Stephen R. Bradley was appointed Clerk for Cumnberland County, pages 249, 251 and 252 we are informed that Noah Smith was appointed State's Attorney pro teat for Cumberland Co., in May, 1779, and in June, 1779, was splpointed State's Attorney for Bennington C,,unty. Thus it appears that those ufficers were appointed notwithstanding the court records do not show it. In Fehruary, 1779, a law was passed dividing the State ir to two counties. Bennington on the Nwest and Cuniherland on the cast side of the mountain. If it was divided as laid'on otn t' e laaw pullisl(hd in Sltldc', State papers, (pages 094-5,) the county of Cumlber!lanrd would lo( k rather aflspish, leCino, bht 6 miles widle near the center. but as there was then no town in the S'te l!,v tile name of Bradford, it is presuimed that Bartnard is the t)own on wihich the li;e shot-ildl be,!escri bedl as that wnuld be runningS a very proper course, lietween dlie last and next mentioned poionts. Since the above was in type, I have receiv dC a letter florn the (li erk of' the Court in B13 ri ncrtcn, w~hich says. "I e(culdl not find any Riecord, nor:,inytlhilr. else to sliow who were the Shl rift's of ttle County brcfore 1786i but I have jtust lind a contver.ttio;i withl Samitel Fa1, wh l, retides in th- house where the'" Council of S'feity" heildl its meetin(s ii. tliis town, andl lie svs that Beinjamint F iFa, his father, awas SheJ if two or three yearn, and the m. mle, cs wlcn hlie ltt ir, Pevlvint, i (dl wi flather's lime had expired Jonas Galusha took tie office, sld 11e cotlti dllE.i ill it till Ij)tavid Polilt)soll W: S p)pointed. He is now 79 years old, and has been D)eputy Sheriff 18 years and Sheriff 12, mnaking 30 yjears in the Sheriff department. lION. SAMUEL SAFFOP0D. Oni page 37 is a short account of thle Hon. Samuel Safford. I have since that was printed found that grandfather, Joseplh Safford, came from Englatid and settled first at Plvmouth, Mass. and rem(.ved to Norwich. Coonn., in 1723. Jousepli Safflrd,jr., the father of Samuil, was born at lpswich, Mass, in 1705. Samuel Safford was born tit Norwich, Conn., April 14, 1737, and died at Bennington March a1tbh, 1813, being very near 76 years of age. On page 38, line but one, for 1785 read 1751.

Page  75 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 76 BEN-NINGTON, 1781. 1782 1783 1734 17I5 1 Samuel SaffiSud ".. " 2 Gideon Olin C c" - s 2 John Strongl " Elisha Barber. ~4 2 Elisha Barber Gideon Brownson " 2 David Lee, jr. " iohl White " *' 3 Noah Sinith Lewis Beach " " " 4 Jonas (;Galsha l i s' 5 N;ah Smnith' " Jonathaan Brao'e 6 Nathaniel Brush Jlonas Fay " A' 4A 6 Malrtin Powell Ac " " cc 7 Roswell Hopkins Jonathan Robtuson o 7 Enoch WVoodbridge. " " WINDIHAMI CO. 3 4 5 6 Micah'ownsend 6 7 Micah Townsend' 7 RUTLAND CO. 1 Illcrease-Mosely * " S 23 Joseph Bowker' " Benjamin Whlpple 2 Thornas Porter Wiliiam Ward ":c;:u 2 Bevrjaimin V' hipple s Samuel Mattocks: 3 J. Brace [2 monlhs 3 Obabiah Noble 4 cc 4 AbrahamIves c cc c 5 Nathaniel Chipman cc cc DariusChipman 6 Joseph Bowker., Elisba Clark:' 7 Joseph Bowker,': ElishaClark " WINDSOR CO, 1 Joseplh Marsh. (C "' 2 Thomas Murdock " 4o 2 E lias Weld * 2 Elijah Robinson P ra' 2 Abel Curtis " Paul Brigham 3 Bryant Brown 4 5 6 Ebenezer Curtis. a 6 Paul Spooner " J, hI Throop." fi 7.)aniel Farran "a 6' 7 Paul Spooner " John Throop' ADDISON CO. 1 2 John Strong 2 Iamaliel Painter 3 Ira Allen 4 a~.mnnel Chipman Jr ORANGO 00. Noah Chitaenden 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 Is ael Smith. 7 led. P. 3Buckingham u REV. ELISHTA HUTCHINSON, The first minister of Pomfiret, had some singularities about him. lie was preacling a sermon in Hirtland at a private house, with two rooms. and Ihe sto',d in the do)or wav. WVhenl ab(ut half thron.h his?iscourse, Lieutenant Governor Spooner came in, upon wtichll, lie it;ormed his audience that heli;ad got abhout half through his sermon, hut as Governor Sjporner ihas come to hear it, I will begin it again, and looking at a woman near him says, good woman, get out of that chair and let Gov. Spooner havo a seat, if you please.

Page  76 78 COUNTY OFFICERS.FROM. 1773' TO 1850. CONTINUED:. a~ENINOTON 1786 1787. 1788 -. 1789 190 1 Saminuel Safford 1 Samuel` Safford 2 Gideon Olin 2 Gideon Olin 2 Elisha. Bnber: G 2 Gideon irownso 2 GideonBrownson John White 3 Natlhaniel Bikush' S Lewis Beach 4 David Robinson ". 4 Jonas Galuha Noah Smith E. Wood iide 5 Noah Smith 6 Jonas Fay 6 Niathan'n'ti IBrush 6 Enoch Woodbridge 6 Martin Powell. 7 7 7 Truman Powell 7 Tmanowell 7INDIIM C~. 7 Truman' Powell:.[ WINDIIAM CO. 1 Samuel Knight I Luke Knowlton'"' "'' 2Jlohn Bridemau 2 John Bridenane a ~' " " 2 Samuel Fliletcher 2 Benjamin Bnrt'Benjamin Burt 2 Hubbell Wells 3 3 4Elkauah Dav - Samuel Fletcher 4 E!kanah Day 6 Micah Townsend 6Micah Townsend John Bridgeafia 6 Noah Sabin 6 Noah Sabirn i" 7. Micah Townsend 7 Mi~ah Townsend Jon W. Blake 7. RUTLAD:: CO. 1 Inc rea:'o,. Moselen I Thomas, Porter Samuel Mattocks Ebenezer Marvih 2 Samulel Mattockt 2 Samue.l Matocks Ebenezer M arvin Lemuel Ohipman 2 Ehenezer Mlarvin WilliamWar. LemuWi-Chipmaa Simeon.Smith Samuel Wiiliams 2 Mitliew Lyon'3 Obadiah Noble.. 2William Ward 3 Obadiah Noble 4 Jonathan ell': " 4 Jonathan Bell 5 Darius Chipman' 5 Darios Cliipman Elislia Clanrk A 6 Elisha Ciark illim ard 6 William War'd' ~,' 6 7 Ellsha Clark 7 Ei sha.. Clark. 7 7 William Ward'4,'WINDSOR CO. I Joseph Marsh' ~ 1 TlJoma' Moredockl J h r. p2 llias W.ed 2Ihomas MuirdocL Elias Weld' Paul Brighm. 2 Eijah n'Robinson Eliis Wld. Elijah Ro"binson 2 Piti B. i~{',m~ 2Pauoi Ciaiidl' Biyant Brown'',,. BLewis' R. Morris 2Thonia, Chandler S Ioia y.,it Eroa'z " Paul, Brigham. William Sweetsor 3 1; y.ait Brown~ 4 I..' - 5; E'ij ah Rbchinson B6ryant Browin J h" 001) ~' 7 Trvat row:; JoIin'hroop ~ 6Jola Tl1:0op' -' "', ~ 71 Jkr Naqnt. B r ow Nt nt' B:',yaint IBrown' 7 Jo',n Tli;oop 7 B3enjaatnin Swvan:~ ADIDISON CO. i John.Strong I John Stiong.' c~' 2 Ira A.lBu Gamniel Painter " Abeul Th~lnpo?- G1 aliel PainteJohn"tro 2 vWilliain.Brush 2 Ael Tompson Hiland H,11 Abel Thompson' 2 Samuel Laneo 3 Roswell -Hopkins:. c 3 Roswell IHopkins 4 Saimue! Strong i Johh Chipmm an 4 (iamalisl Painter S S' 5 Seth StStorrs rs 5 Seth St,)yrrs, * 6 Joha St)ong. 6 John Strong ", 7 Juhn Strong 7 John.iStrong Seth Stdrrs bORANGE CO. 1 JacobBailey ~, * 2 Israel Smith ~. 2AlexanderHarvey...," 2 Israel Morey 2 Thomas johnson. 4John G. Bailey. Bale "~~ ~ ~ ~. - ~ Fry Bailey 6 T. Bartholomew..', 6 Jacob Ken& U..,'. ~~~6 *.'''' ~~~~ 6 tlijah Paine 6~~~~~~~~ 6E ~~~~~ben -. Judd. 7J. P. Buckingham U 7 Nathan Godard Daniel arrand "Daniel ~'arrand..,... *In October, 1790, Roswell Hopkins was appointed Judge of Probate, but 4id no official businee. Wsl ia January, 179J, Jolta Strong. was again appointed.

Page  77 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM' 1778 TO 185.0. CONTINUED. 77 BE3NNINGTON 1791. 1792 1793 1.79' ~1795. 1 Samuel Safford " I. 2 Gidcon' O1in ~ i. 2 Gideon B3rownson,'. " Jonas Galusha.. 3' ~ Samuel Robinson 3 Nathaniel Brush " cc. 4 )David Robinson c..'"..".5 Noah Smith Joshua Hathavay'.. " David Pay`.'Noah Smithi.6 Nath'aniel Brush.. Jonathan Robinson G6 la'Ati' Powell,, ", " Timothy Todd John Shum.-way 7-''7 Trumai Powell.'' Sila, Powell John Todd. John'Shuniway jr, WINDHAM CO. -' 1 Luke Knowlton'.. " Samuel Knight.. 2 John Biridgman.'... Benjamin Burt ~? 3. 4. iuel Fletcher. 6 Johni Ridgman "' "'" 6 NO9 tli"S'4iu...,.'., ~..''aI 7 John W. Bia ke.. 7. IUTLAN'D CO. I Ebenezer Marvin Samuel Williams 2 LernuielCi:ipmaln: Sauel Mattocks Abel Cooper 2 Smanlel William8s... Abel Cooper Ebenezer Wilson.3 Nathan Osgood 4 Jonatha-i Bell-. ~ "....5) ariu's Chi.pman 6 E lis'..Clrk C'. r": 6 William Ward Simeon Smith. William Ward ~7 Elisha Clairk,3'. 7Williain Ward. Chaiincey Langdon " "ohn:Brown.VIN_)SOR CO., I Josepl'MBrsh ~. 2rPhut Biig'ham''2.Eljre Robinson " "~' 3 Lisw. 1. Mor)is', "' 4.WillianmtWectsc'",-..' ~e ~.,.' ". ~''- "' ~ I.. ( 6 Elijah Rlbinison ".6 John.Thi'oop Paul' Brigham William Perry 7 Bryan't Brown: 7 Jo'hn'.Throop.. ".. ~ Benjamin'Swanri. ADDISON'CO.'1. Jbhn Strorg'.,2 Gainaiel -Painter ~ "~ ~ Abel Thompson' 2 Abel'T hompson'~';'. Joel Linsley -3.o'swell'Hopkins.'4.,Cliipman..:' "'' 5. 6 J6in Strong. " "' ", 7 Seth Storrs:..,'ORAANGPL Cbo. I Jaceob'Ba"ey Jonathan Arnbold israel Smith. 2 Israel Smith Alexander Harey Cornelius Lynde,~'(. -{Al exander Harvy 2'Alek. Harvey'Cornelius Lvnde Win. Chamberlain 4 Fry Bail'ey'.. j'.5 6 T.'Barthololaew ", 6 J 6,acob Ken t'"'.6 James Lueoas 6 Isregl'Converso,, 6E,'ben W. Judd'., J. P, Bu1ckingharn'. ~- 9 7 Isaac Bailey. S,,.

Page  78 78 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. BENN'TN GTON 1796. 1797. 1798 1799 1 1800 1 Samnuel Saffurd "...i' I 2 Gid(eon Oli'n " Solomon Wrilght " Gideon Olin 2 Jornas Galusha " ChristopherRoberts I" Jonas Galusha 3 Sam nel Robinson i" " 3 Nathaniel Brush " " 4 David Robinson " I William Cooley " David Rob;.nson.5 D lvid Fay'i Trmon Sq,,ire " David Fay 6 Jona. Rob-,inson " Timotlly Folleit Jolna. Rolinson f John Shumway Luther Stone Truman Squire " Christop'~ Roberts 7 7 Anson Shunmwayv Martin Roberts WINDH M CO. 1 John Bridgman 41 2 Benjimin Burt " " 2 William Bigelow " " 3 4 Samuel Fletcher " 5 Royal Tyler if 4 4" 6 John Bridgman c1 6 Noah Sabin. 7 John WV, Blake.. 1. 7 B UTLAND CO. 1 Samuel Williams T rheo's Harrington 2 Ebenezer Wilson. Jonas Safford Ebenezer Wilson " 2 Jonas Safford " Hiram Hiorton Jonas Safford " 3 Nathan Osgood L i " " 4 Jonathan Bell " c c 5 Abel Spencer LI 6 Elisha Clark t < 6 William Ward <' Chauncey Langdon 9" William Ward 7 Elisha Clark " cc Obadiah Noble jr Elisha Clark jr 7 C. Langdon John Brown Selah Gridley WINDSOR CO' S 1 Lewis R. Morris Stephen Jacob.,,, 2 Elijah Robinson " " 2 Jesse Williams. ", 3 Benjamin Swan..., 4 Lucius Hubbard " William Rice; " 5 Amasa Paine " " 6 Elijah Robinson " ", 6 William Perry " " Paul Brigham 7 Bryant Brown Isaac Green William Hunter,, 7 Benjmtnin Swani " Titus Hutchinson,, LI ADDISON CO. 1 John Strong "`' Abel Thomlpson "' "' 2 Joel Linsley'4,,,:J Roswell IHlopkins " ",. 4 John Clipmran,, 5 Seth Srorrs DanilClhipman,, 46 4,6 Joln Stronrg " ". c 7 Setlh Storrs Albon Mann c,,,, OORANG.E CO. I Israel Smith ICornelius Lnde Buck 2 Cornelius Lvnde Beriah L,oomis kingham 2 Win. Chamberlin Elisha Allis,., i.3,.4 Fry Bailey Josiah Edson,,,, 5 Daniel Farrand!Jed. PBuckingham Daniel Farrand Oramel Hinckley Charles Bulkley 6 Daniel Farrand iJed. P.Buckingham it,., 6 Aaron Storrs Ionathan ik 7~ IsaaceBailey IJ. Hinckley I;7 ii~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Page  79 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850, CONTINUED. 79 BENNINGTON 1801 1802 1803 1804 t 1805 1 Samuel Safford | " c 2 Gideon Olin " Jonas Galusha " " 2 Jonas Galusha l)avid Sheldon ". 3 Sam'l Robirnon 2 " f " " 3 Nathaniel Brush t Joel Pratt Co. Clk " " 4 David Robinson " " " " 5 Richard Skinner " " "t 6 Josiah Wrighlt.. 6 Christofr Roberts " " " 7 7 Martin Roberts. I NDTI.\IA CO. I Simoel Knight LukeKnowlton Samuel Porter,,'2 B,:njamin Burtt JImnes Roederts,, 2 Jason I)1 n(C:ll Lcbenezer Allen ilijuah Knight ( 3 Letn ul Whitncy 4 Sarmruel I lelchlc i t 5 Daniel IF irtiod " inVm. C. Bradley 6 John Bri(dgtmali Ebenezer Miller Sainuel i:'ortecr 6 No)all Si Sl " ", 7 J,lhn WV. Blake Martin Field Lcmuel Whitncy a 7 RITTLAND Co. I Tit.o. H-arinator " James WVitherill.. 2 Ebicwz,,r Wilso,, " " 2Etzrio Nafithan B. Graham 2 JI mes Withllrell " Nathan B, Gralla n Pliny Smith 3 Nat llan ()sgood' ", 4 Jonathan Bell Arunah W. Hyde (a obert Temple 5 Abel Spencer Darius Cliipman * c 6 Elisha Clark James Harrington Joseph andall 6 WVilliam Ward " 7 Elisha Clark jr, Nathan Osgood Jollhn Staley William WVardjr. Nthan Osgod WVISNDSOR CO. 1 Paul Brigham Elijah Robinson Eliaskees 2 Asaph Fietcher " Elmon eLeend 2 Jes.c Williams c Willian uLter i Aaron Leland William Hunter 3 13enj. min Swan ",. 4 William Rice Willia m Strong,,., 5 Amasa P ine Daniel Buck T 7'T'itus Hutchinson,I 6 William IHunter L' 6 Oliver Gallup J W Jesse Williams 7 Luther Mills'.,L 7 T'l'tus flutchliinson " f ADDISON CO. I Joel Linsley " I, 2 Abraham Dibble'eny Olin 2 11onry Olin Samuel Strong 23 Roswell ilopkins (( arius M athLews, o 4 William Slide if D,,, 5 Danliel Clhipman ": 6 Joln Strong Darius Mathews Loyal Case 7 Albon Mlannl Cliester Wright; I. ORANGE C). 1 J. P' Bue'kingliarn m " 2 Beriah Looliis ",. 2 Elis-ha Allis James Fisk MIoulton Morey,,,, 3 Isaac Baileyv " I, i f 4 Josi~;th Edson SMicah Barron t c 5 (Chairels Builkley Dudley (Chase - it 6 J. P Buckingl aml ",,, 6 Jonathaia Fisk. c 7 J. IHinckley L I I

Page  80 so80 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 177-8 TO'I1850. CONTINUED. BElNNiINGro'80. 1807''' 1809.1810.- 1 Samuel. Saffbrd Gideon Olin 2 Jonas GalItisha l)avid Seldo.Josiah Wright 2 David Shbldon Josiqh Wright Josiah Risi. S Sami. R6binsoi 2 3 Joel Pratt... 4 David Robihson:' 5'Richaird.Skinner. 6 Josiah Wright i " " 6Richard'Skinier. 7* 7 i ~ I I-~~~' "'" 7 Ezra Isham Calvin Sheldon tWINDHAM CO. 1 James. Roberts ~ " " 2,Jason Duncan. Alex'r Campbell' Jason.Duncan Oliver Chipin John'Aiken 2.Alex'r Campbell;Oliver' Chapin James Aiken John Aiken Jairus Hall 8.Lemuel Whitney.' 4 Mark Richa.rds ~, ~ " 5 WVm. C. Bradley 6 Gilbert Dennison " " 6 Noah Sa bin ". Elijah, Knight 7 Sami.Shepardson Samuel Elliott. John 7 RUTLAND CO. I Isaac Cl-ark * ".. 2 Caleb Hen/leejr Pliny Smith.. 2 JamesH"arrington Amos Thompson i 3 Robert Temple.. " 4 Arunah W. Hyde Eljazer Flagg:' 5 N.B Gra"am''"' Rollin C. Mallor2 6 Joseph Randall' Caleb Hendee jr 6 William Ward.. 7 Nathai Osgood I.. " William D. S-mit] 7 William Ward jr WINDSOR CO. Elias Keyes cf e 2 Aaron Leland.....''." 2 William Ilunter'"'' 3 Benjamin Swan.. 4 Wil:liam Strong PaslctIal P. Enos 5 Titus Hutchinson ]f it.'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ 6 William Hunter.. t.6 Jesse Willia-ms [ 7 Luther Mills.. " 7 Alex Hutchinson'. ADDISON CO. Joel Linsley Henry Olin Joel L'insley. " kiry. Olin *2 Henry Olin. Samuel Strong Henry Olin Clha:'les Rich 2 Samuel 8tron' Charles Rici ". Mathew Phelps j 3 Darius Mathews " "''n 3''artin Post Johnr S. Larrabeo 4 William Slade'..5 Loyal Case' David Edmond " oratio Seymour 6 Darius Mathews " " 7 Chester Wright John Simmons ORANGE CO. I Mpulton More.y f' ".. Jamb' Fish Elisha Hotchkiso 2 Be/iah Loomis'. " 2 ames Tarbox "'' " ". ".'K ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tc 3 Isaac Bailey." " 4 Micah Barron DanielPeaslee..' " 5 Dudley Chase, " ]Elisha Thayeir.. - 6 Jonathan Fisk " 7 William Wilea'' 7..

Page  81 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 81 }IWNNINGTON 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1 Josiah!l Wright " " Solomon Wright Josiah VWriglht 2 Josiah Graves " ETimond Graves Josiah Graves " c 2 Edmond Graves Grove Moore Edmond Graves 3 S. Robinson 2d. " 3 Jocl Pratt " ", 4 Sarnuel Fay " ",',,.5 Richard Skinner A:nson J. Sperry " Calvin Sheldon 6 Josiah Wright " Solomon Wright Jonathan Robinson 6 Richard Sklinner Grove Moore J ulohn Underhill 7 7 Calvin Sheldon " athan Burton HInry B. Moore Calvin Sheldon,VINDHA TM C O. 1 James Roberts l "'hinehas White Elijah Knight 2 John Aiken Jairus Hall " John Aikcn 2 Jairus Hall Luke Knowlton, " 3 Lemuel Whitney 4 Gilbert Denison J. onathan Barron; Aaron Wtales 5 Win. C. Bradley Yartin Field Phinehas Whito Samuel Elliott MArtin Field 6 James Roberts " Darius Bullock "; Gilbert I)enison 6 Elijah Knight C, Phinchas White Elijah Kniglit 7 John Phelps " Samuel Elliott " Royal Tyler 7 RIUTLAND CO. I Pliny Smith " ", o 2 Amos Thompson ",,,, 2 John H. Andrus Thos, Hammond John H. Andrus Chauneev Smith Tllos. Hnmmond 3 Robert Tcmple " C,, 4 Eleazer Fla-g Ralph Paige Estus tBarker Thomas Hooker Estits Ba rker 5 R. C. Mallarv CharlesK. Williams Rollin C. Mallory 6 Win. HJ-arrington... Obadiall eoblo C 6 William Ward Erastus Higley (, 7 William D.Smitl " William Page " 7 William Ward ji Chaunccy LangdoniSelah H. Merrill " rWINDSOR CO. 1 ZE1lias Kieyes (( I; e Ebenezer Brown Elias Keyes 2 Aaron Lelhand ",,, -2 Williain Hinter ", c 3 Benjamin Swan ",,. 4 Pasehal P. Enos <; Amos Ileald Solomon W. Burke 5 Titus Hutchinsor. " Horace Everett,, 6 William H unter ",',,,, 6 Jesse Williams ". Benjamin Clapp 7 Luther Mills ", c c 7 Alex IHutchinson " 7 Alex 11tltcllins')n Q. i Norman Williams Alex. Hutchinson ADDISON CO. I Henry Olin ",, s 2 Charles Rich Samuel Strong 2 Mathew Phelps jr Samuel Shepherd Ezra Hoyt " r 3 Darius Mathews r H ot,, 3 John S. Larrabe( Samuel Swift 4 Jonathan Hoyt jr John Willard Samuel Mattocks I Jonathan IHoyt jr 5 Horatio Sevmoum David Edmond Horatio Seymour 6 Darius Mathews a,, 7 John Simmons, ", t c, ORANGE CO. [ 1 Elisha Hotchkiss Daniel Peaslee J. P. Buckingham ",, 2 Beriah Loomis Josiah Dana Beriah Loomis "': 2 James Tarbox John H. Cotton c,,.6 3 Elisha Hyde H E G M'Laughlin s i, 4 Daniel P'easlee Joseph Edson H -arry Hale Joseph Edson 6 Elisha Thayer C 6 Jonathan Fisk {' a 6C 7 William Nile' I "'. 1' 7i

Page  82 S2 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED..flENNINGTON 181,6 1817 1818 1819 I 1820 I: Josiah Wright Nathan Burton " " 2 Edlmond Graves Johfin H. Olin " " " 2 Josi'lh Graves Edmnond Graves Stephen Robinson " "'8 (). C. Merrll.:3 Joel PIra;:tt S. & C. Clerk ".... 4 Sanuicll Fay: " 5 Calviin Shecld.on [ " Richard Skinner Calvin Sheldon 6 Jona'n ERo)inson "' David FPay 6 John UnderhIill John S. Pettibone 7 Calvin SIheldon Daniel Wellman Jabz P att w lEwln-,,I Co. I Elijahl Inight PhiichaRs White c John Roberts 2 Jotin Aiken Gilbecrt Denison J " Jairus Hall 2 Luke Knowlton John Rolberts' " Eben'r HBuntington 8 Lcmuel'Whitnce "4 3 j -.._Jlames Elliott " 4 Aaron Wales'i rheop's Crawford Jonathan Barron 5 Marlrin Field " " " 6 Gilblert Denison Lemuel Whitney A.. GElijah Knigllt "." Daniel Kellog 7 1oyal Tyler ".... RUTLAND CO. 1 Piiny~ Smibth c,.; Amos Thompson 2 Amos Thompson hoas Hammond 2''hos. IIammond; Hery Hoges 3 Roblert Temple m Robert Pierpoint 4 Estns Barker William PFay Estus Barker Jonathan D"yke ir 5 Jonas Clark " ".. 6 Obadiah Noble jr' <" " 6 Eriastus Hig!ey cc 7 William Page': " " 7 Selali HI. Morrill " " " " WVINDSOR CO' I Elias Keyes Wiliam Strong Elihu Luco 2 Aaron Leland Elihu Luce Aaron Leland 2 Williaami Strong Amos lcald Daniel Dana John 3idlge 3 Benj-.min Swan ". ".' 4 Solomon W'.BuIirk T AsapIl Fletcller jr.5 Horace Everett " Ats: Aiken r Jacol Colinle 6 Uriel C. Hitcell "''; " 6:Beijnlin Clap1)p) Et cc "Ienry C. Denison 7 Zenras Clark Reuben Washburn I" " 7 Alex. HIItchinson " Jacob Collamer Norman Willinms ADD) I SON. Co. I H-enry Olin " " " " 2 William Slade j'' "- " " 2 Ezra Hovr. Li Stephen Haight jr 3 Darius Mi athews. William Slade ir 3 Samu el Swift "'r, " c 4 Jonathan Hoyt ",. Abel Tomlinson 5 Horatio Sevmolno r. David Edmond 6 Darius Mathbews Samuel Swift 6 Jolln Simrimons " ORANGE CO. I Josi:all Dana " C W'illiam Spencer 2 Berianh Loomis " John I1. Cotton'I'imotli Balies 2 Johnt H. Cotton's Joseoh Reed " Jed. H. Harr is 3H.E.GM' Laughlin cc Edson " 5 Horace Bassett tcc Daniel A. A. Buck 6 Elisla Thllaver 1 " I 6 Jonathan Fisk Frederick Griswold cc 7 William Niles..... 7 1

Page  83 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 83,'NNINGTO0N 1821 1822 1823 1824 1825, 1 Natlhan Burton " 4 " Sylvanus Danforth No. 1 ends here 2 Johll TI. Olin i, " Sylvanus Danfort* 2 Samuel Wright " Myron Clark,, 3 Joel Pratt ":, t. 4 Samuel Fay " Josiah Burton ",, 5 Milo L, Bennett 0. C. Merrill Phinens Smith 6 William Henry Orsamas C. Merrill William Henry Nathan H. Bottum John H. Olin 6 John S, Pettibone'. " Milo L. Bennett,' 7 7 Jabez Pratt.. John Aiken VWINDt\AMI CO, I Jolhn Roberts',, c, 2 Jairus Hall, lJames L. Stark " John Roberts 2 Ebe'r Huntington,, rim'y H. Whitney Jona. Robinson James L. Stark 3 L W. S. J. E.C C. cc " c " " J. E., S. & C. Cl'k 4 Jonathan Barron Paul Chase jr " Paul Chase " 5 Mrltin Fii Samel Elliott " Alex.. S. Campbell 6 Lemuel Whitney, cc ", 6 Charles Phelps Dana Miller Charles Phelps Horace Baxter 7 Royal Tyler James Elliott " " c 7 RUTLAND CO. 1 Amos Thompson, Moses Strong 2 Henry Hocles.oses Stiong 2 Joseph Warner E'" John P, Colburn u 3 Robert Pierpoint IC,, ( 4 Jonathan Dykejr, c,,, 5 Jonlas Clark,,, " 6 Oba:l iah Noble jr,,, 6( Samuel Moulton Erastus Hilcy John Stanlev 7 William Page, c 7 Sclah II. Merrill', Almon Warner odney C. Royce WINDSOR CO. I Elihu Luce Jona. H. 1H-ubbard Aaron Loveland Abner Forbes 2 Aaron Leland Abner Forbes " John Bridge Abner Forbes 2 John Bridge it. Thomas Emerson' " 3 Benjamin C. 4 Asaph Fletcherjr,c C C. 5 Jacob Collamer " Isaac N. Cusbmarl 6 Uriel C. Hatch Jonathan Whipple " 6 Henly C.Denison,, ",, cc 7ReubenWashburnD Nomlas Cobb.. ".. 7 Not rnanWilliams Jasper Hazen ADDISON CO, I Henry Olin,, ( Dorastus Wooster 2 William Slade jr. Stephen Haight Elisha Bascom John S. Larrabee Dorastns Wooster 2 StephlenHaighlltjr Elisha Bascom Ezra Hoyt Daniel Collins Eben W. Judd 3 WV. S,. S SS.CC. S. S., S. & C. Cl'k 4 Abel Tomlinson c" Steplhen Haight 5 4DavidE E..D. Woodbridge " 6 Samuel Swift c,c cc 6 Ezra Hyovt " 7 John Simmons cc. i cc 7 Noah Hawley " ORANGE CO. 1 William Spencei c a 2 Timothy Baylies Jededia 1-h. Harris Timothy Baylies Stuart Brown Willia~m Spcncer 2 Jed'h H. Harris Stuart Brown " Daniel Cobb 3 HEGM'Laughlin It, 4 Joseph Et2son c" Abel Carter, s 5 D. A. A. Buck William Nutting cc cc 6 Elisha Thayer " c William Spencer c" 6 Fredr'k Griswold c cc -c cc 7 William Nile. sc Simeon Short cc

Page  84 84 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850, CONTINUED. BEN'NINGTON 1826. 1827 1828 1 1829 1SO 2 S. Danforth "!Nathan Burton 2 My'ron Clark Stephen Robinson Jona. E. 1Robinson Nathan HI. Bottuir t 3 Joel Pratt " Hiland Hall Henrv Robinson 4 Samuel Canfield " 5 Phineas Smith " " Hiland Hall 6 Jonathan Draper Sylvanus Danforthl " 6 Milo L. Bennett "t Leonard Sargeant 7 7 John Aiken *. IHenry Robinson WxINrDHAM CO. 2 John Roberts 2 James L. Stark. 3 James Elliott ( C 4 Paul Cllhase H enry Smith 5 Alex S.Campbell Daniel Kellogg A. S. Campbell "; 6 Lemuel Whitnec " " Samuel Elliott " 6 HIrl'ace Baxter'sa Keyes Horace Baxter " Pct1r R. Taft 7 James Elliott( 7 RUTL&ND CO. 2 Henry Hodges " " 2 Joln P. Colbutrn.... 3 Robert Pierpoinl 4 Jonatlhn 1)3;kc j).... ( 5 Jonas Clalrk cC Selah H. Merrill " 6 O)0hadiall Nobtle jl." "e Obaldiah Noble " 6 John Stanldey "c C John Meacham Almon Warner 7 Rodney C 1'ovce "C c " 7 Almon W1n7 me'r t (I Selah H. Merrill " WINDSOt Co. 2 Abner Poribcs " "c Samuel W. Porter 2 Thomas Emerson " Samuel XV. Porter William Steele ( 3 Benjamin Swan... 4 Asaph Flet(hcrj.. Lysander Raymond 5 Isaac N Cuslhma, WVyllis Lyman rJ bt P 6 Juna, \AlVipp"c J abez Proctor 6 Isaiah Raymond c". 7 Nomlas Cobb.. c. 7 Jasperl IIazen Lyndon A. Marsh ADDISON CO,. 2 l)orasitl1loostcl c - I 2 Eben XV. J1dd "sc Silas H. Jenison Si 3 Samunel Swift Sc cc ( 4 Stephen Hnigl't ( ymour 5 1E.D.W,, obll,ridgT George Chipman t William Slade 6 Satluel Swift " " 6 Ezra Hoyt.. Noah Hawley 7 John Simmons.. William G. Hookel -J. Winslow, jr. 7 Noah HaIwley " l"ohn larler ORANGE CO. 2 Willzim Spencer... c 2 )Daniel Col)b " " 3H.EG.M'Laughlin " cc 4 Abel Carter C William Barron 5 William Nutting Daniel A- A. Buck 6 William Spence. 6,Fred. Griswold " 7 Simeon Short 7

Page  85 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 85 nENNNIGTON. 1831 1832 i 1833 1834 1835 Nathan Burton 2 Luman Norton Nathan HI. Bottum " Luman Norton 3 HIenryv Robinson f,, 4 Samuel Canfield t 5 Hiland Hall Milo L. Bennett Leonard Sargennt " 6SylvanusDantorth b c Jesse Blackmer Aaron Rohinson 6 AMyron Clark " " Johln S. Pettibone 7 7 Henry Robinson 6 Reub. H, Blackmer Ahiman L. Miner wVINDmHAIM CO. 2 John Roberts " Samuel Clark Charles Phelps James L. Stark 2 James IL. Stark Charles Phelps,, James L. Stark Petel R. kTaft 3 James Ellliolt I " "1.. 4 Henry Stmith t " " " 5 jRoswell M. Field Alex'r S. Campbell Roswell M, Field I"'~ 6 Malrshalll Miller' John Ro erts Asa Knight cc 6 Pcier P. Taft " " Alex'r S. Campbell " 7 James Elliott " A sa Keycs "s 7 RITTLAND CO. 2 1lHenry Ho(lges 1" Nathan T. Spragut Wrn. C. Kittredge 2 John i'. Colburn WVm. C. Kit:rtdg(e " r Nathan T. Sprague 3 Robert Piexpoint " " " 4 Jacob Edrertonr " Jolhn A. Conant " Tra Parsors 5 Selalt H MeIcrrill " " lcnhen P. TlIral! 6 Robert Pierlpoi;tt Ambrose L. Rrown " W illiam Marsh 6 Altno WaV:rner ". " 7 Rodneyv C Rovcr VFred. W. Hopkins " I 7 SCelh I-I. Merrill " WTIN ISO(R CO. 2 Samuel W.Portcr " " " " 2 Royal M1.Riantom Saml. C. Loveland." Ephraim D. Brigg: " 3 Benrjamin Swan "c " " 4 Lysan'Ir Raymond " Daniel Bowen " 5 Carlos Coolidge " " " " 6 Jabez Proctor.. L. Nomlas Cobb rPhos.F. Hammond 6 Isaiah Raymond " 1 " " 7 Reuben WVasltlIn r " r Salmon F. Dutton 7 Lynldon A.Marsh E,~ winHutchinsoo n, Worman Williams', ADDISON CO. 2 Silas 1H. Jetison C rt amuel T. Holley 2 William Myrick " Samuel H. Holley Calvin Solaco 3 Samnel Swlftc " "' " 4 Marshall S. Doty Azariah Rood. " William B. MIartin 5 Ebcn'r N. Briggs " " " "A 6 Samuel Swift "c " 6 Noah Hawley Jesse Grandey " Adin Hall.a 7,. Winslow jr Samuel Swift c" Edward D. Barber " 7 Jo!hn Parker.. "c ORANGE CO. 2 )Daniel Cobb'~ Lyman Fitch Daniel Cobb Lyman Fitch 2 Daniel Jones " Luther Carpenter lThlomas Jones Jacob K. Parish 311E.G.M'Laulhlinr l Harry Ha;le " 4 Lyman Fitch I. H.'Smith A. B. W. Tenney Luther S Burnham 5 1). A. A. Back William Hebard Daniel A. A. Buck. William Hebard udmond Weston 6 WVilliam Spencer " " " l 6 Fred'k Griswold Calvin Blodgett Jacob E. Parish Calvin Blodgett " 7 Simeoa Short " ff ~ 7

Page  86 86 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. nBFNN1NGTON. 183C 1837 1538 1839 1840 2 D)arius Moore rLuman Norton Dar'us Moore Samclel Wi'ight Lumnan Norton 3 LunIan Nr ton i)arius Moore Green Blackmer Alexander Biiss B. B. Sonl hwor t 3 eLnry'Robinson " " Sam elHnBlackm e r 4 John N,)r;on:unrdin H. Smith " Richmollind Fisk GS'urdin H. Sm;idh 5 Leo ardlSIrge:il'an, uelfHBlackme ( Harmou Canlicld " 6 Aaron liobilson 1 krtemas Mattison c 6 1MartinC. 1)emii~t "o Loring Dean " ( 7 7'Iarmon Canfielk "A:himan L. Miner WINDU AMI CO. 2 Peter R. l'aft " Henry Wheelock " 2 Henry \\V heclol c William R. Shafterl. 3 lamnes Elliott Vlarshall Miller 4 Gates Perry jr " " " " 5 A S. (C'aipbell Tames Elliott ( Alex. S. Campbell " 6 Asa Knilght Dana 1-1vde " Henrv Smith Varshall IMiller 6 David L.Putnan'" Ellery Albee ~. 7 Asa. Keyes John Phelps Samuel Elliott Asa Keyes Lemuel Whitney 7 RUTLAND Co. 2 W. C. Kittrcdge it Zimri Howeo 2 N. T. Sprlgne c " Obadiah Noble 3 Robert Pierpointl F' " rced'k W. Hopkin; 4 Ira Parsons Asa Parsons Ira Parsonsc " 5 Solomon Foot." cc C 6 W illiam Hill "( Ambrose L. Brown William Hall 6 Almion Warner " I 7 Henry B.Tovsle( " F'red'k W. Hopkins Henry Hall c 7 S. H1. Me-rill Benj. F. Langdon " " WiNDS(OR CO. 2 Sam'l W, Porte David Pierce " " 2 Da-vid Pierce Reuben Washburn c 3 Benjamin Swan " " Norman Williams 4 Daniel Bowen John Pettis Joel Lull jr 5 (). 1'. Chlandler c Edwin Hutchinson j l enry Closson 6 T. F. HIammlond it c 6 Joh n S. ilarc( c James Udall Thomas P, Russell 7'almoni F.Dutton "t "' " 7 Oel Billings "c.A ) DrSONT CO. 2 Snm'l I1. Holley c -" 2 Calvirn S llace " Davis Rich " " 3 Samuel Swift J.. " " 4 Azariah Rood lEthan Smith " William B, Martin Adnah Smith 5 Ehcn'r N. Briggs. " )zias Seymour 6 Samuel Swift { c "c " c 6 Harvey Mnlnsill IC " c 7 Ed'rd D, Barber C - 7 John Pierpoint c. cc OJlANGIS O2. 2 Thomns Jones Daniel Cobb Simcon Short Daniel Cobb Jacob K. Parish 2 Calvin Blodgett L man Fitch JI;coh K Parikh Joshua Dickinson John W. Srnith 3 Harry Hale J' V. D. Plarkere ohn W. Smith Perley C. Jones 4 1Lenent Bacon Tappan Stevens'Lemcnt Bacon Asa Storey William Barron 5 Wiiliam Hebard Edmnond Weston Abel Underwood Elija'l Farr Abel IJiderwood 6 Spencer Simeon Soirco't 6 John W. Smith Calvin Blodgett William Hlebard Calvin Blcdgatt Willlam Hcbalrd 7 Simeon Short J. W. D. Parker " b Joseph Berry 7

Page  87 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 87 3BENNTNGTON. 1841 1842 1843. 1844 184.5 2 G. B Slurthwoltlh " Benjamin S. Olirl Ben1j. F. Morgan 2 Benj iamnil F. )Ol i John II. Sanderson, Major Hawley 3 S. H. Bl-ck lm er " " 4 Gllrulin I-1 Sm!it;h!J.V.D. S, M'Eowen " Ja.lsper Viall 5 HIarlloll Canfielld " Ahiman L. Mliner A. P. 1: L nlian 6 0. C.,(rriill Hiram Ill.l ilarton 6 Lorin Dean Leonard Sargeant c " Nathan Burton 7 7 Ahliman L. Miner Harvey K. Fowler Elias B. Burton IVNDlIAIM CO. 2 Hlenri Whceloek Wiliam R, Shafter Jolhn Smith Samuel Elliott 2Williinm R.S!laftel John Smith Emery Wheelock " c 3 IMarsh1i i iller "1 1" " it 4 Gatces Pelrl jr Russell H-1yde C "C Timothy II. Hall 5 R1oy al ITvlel John Kimball " 6 Xl.rshiall iM'iller Henry Smith Lemuel Whlitney " t; Fllery Al-Pe. e c " " "; 7 Luemuel Whitney " Asa Keyes Royal Tyler 7'RUTLAND CO. 2 Zimrni Howe ",, Ezra June " 2 Obadiah Noble " Ezra June Ambrose L. Brown 3 FP. W. Hopkins c " " 4 Ja ob Edgerton " " ". c 5 i, lIomn Foot Wm. C. Kittredge, Edgar L. Ormsbee 6 William Hall 6 Almon Warner " 7 Henry Illl ".' "'6 7 B. F. Langdon " " J. A.,VWarncr WI NDS(!R CO. 2 David Pier ce cc c Walter Palmer 2Reub-ien Wnshtb'uri T1Xhomas T.Barrett 3 TNorlman WTjilliam. c ". 4 Joel Lll jr Zenas F Hjd4,, David BosYworth Gilman Henry 5 F-lenry CiosCon Sewall Fuilum. Ju,itius Converse 6 T. F, I-lammond cc 6 ToLs. P..lus:.seli " George E.'Wales ( " 7 almon F l)ulto: c I " o 6' 7 Oel Billiog~s Lyndon A. Marsh A 1DDI SN Co. 2 S: 11iuIl H. IHolle Cal-in Solace Dorastus Wooster; 2 D avis ILob' Ford'ceHnu:l ington'. Grandey &V. L. Ville Lawrenc e 3 Samul Swift S 4 Ai( nah Srmilh Gaius A. Collamer David S. Chu!rh 5 ()ias Scv., our c George W.Grandei 6 Silis H Jenit con G" " W n 6 Harveyv l'lilnsilt,,, 7 Jed. S. Buslnell1 ( C 7 John Pierloint " " GRANGE CO.'2 Marltin Flint.. Tappan Stevens lFrederick Smith 2 Jtoshua l)ickinsor Daniel Cobb Tappan Stevens Frederick Smith John Mc Lane JlioltbinsDinsnlorl Pierley C Jones.. Calvin Blodgett 4 Asa Story Jacob Kent jr o. oel Sayrr.5 Elijah Far Etllond Weston Jefferson P. Kiddel " " " 6J. \V. D. Pllrkcr I.c.. " 6 William Ilebard John Colby Levi B.'Vilas John Colby Edmond Westoa 7 Stephen Thomas. 7

Page  88 88 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. BJRNNINGTOW 1846 1847 1848 1 849 1850 2 Benj. F. Morgan " " Perez Harwood jr 2 Major Hawhlev " Cyrus Farwell " " 3Shll11. 11. B1acklmer r " "; 4 Jasper Viall " " James S. Merrill " 5 A. P. Lvman W. S Southworth. Harmon Canfield ( 6 0. C Melrill John H. Olin B. E.Brownell Elijah Barber 6 Ahiman L.. Miner " " Elias B. Burton Leonard Sargeant 7 7 Elias B. Burton " Harvey K. Fowler " WINDH)IAM CO. 2 EImervy WheelockJrncs H. Phlelps Thomas Miller David Arnold " 2 James H. Phellps Thomas Miller David Arnold Henry Clark 3 Marshalll iller CC "l' 4 TimothVy. t Hall Marshall Newton Timothy HI. Hall Chandler Pratt " 5 RichlardiV.Smlidl Edward Kirkland George B. Kellogg 6 Royal Tyler fi Ellery Albefe D1aid Chandler " Abishai Stoddard It 7 B. D. Harris Fred'k Holbrook " " 7 RUTLAND CO. 2 Ezra June Gordon Newell. Isaac T. Wrighlt Elisha Allen 2 AmlhroseLBrown Isaac T. Wright Eliha Alen Samuel IH. lellogg 3 F. WV. Hopkins (" " " 4 Jacob Edleclrton jr cc (C I 5 Edgar LOrmsbee eWm. C, Kittredge " Ezra June o 6 William Hall C Harvey Button CC 6 Almon Warner (CC cc It 7 Henry Hall " "cc c 7 J. A. Warner Ailmon Warner. WI NI)SOR CO. 2 Walter Palmer cc Hampden Cutts - 2'rThos. T. Barrett C".: Calvin French, 3 NorlmalWilliams IC' o C 4 Gilman Henrvy cC cc. Lorenzo Richmond 5 Julins Ci,nvel'se Sewall Fullum, Luther Adams c 6 T.. Iam. nond CC" " Salmon F. Dutton c, 6 Geo. E. Wales " c Joseph B. Danforth. John Porter 7 Salmon F.I)utton " Clark H. Clapman Hera'y Closson 7 Lyndon:A Alarsh nc C, so ADS:)SoN CO. 2 Ville L twrence George Chipman " Calvin G. Tilden Nathan L. Keese 2 George Chipman Elias Bottum " Nathan L. Keese Calvin G. Tilden 3 S11amuel Swift George S. Swift 4 David S. Church. c:, ( 5 Geo. W. Grandey " John Prout " " 6 Silas HI Jenison Horatio Seymour cc" 6 Harvev Munsillc 7 Jed. S. Bushnell " " cc 7 John Pierpont "; " [ " ORANGE CO. 2 Frederick Smith Ariel Burnham Elisha Tracy Ira Kidder 2 John M'Lane George P. Baldwin I A. H. Gilmore'Gouldsb'nTaplin jr 3 Calvin Blodgett " ".cc Joseph bBerry 4 George Sleeper ( Oramel H. Watson L. D. Whitcomb'Oramel H. Watson 5 J. P. Kidder Philander Perrin J. P. Kiddeir Burnham Martin lAsa M. Dickey 6 Stephen Thomas "c CC Arad Stebblins Royal Hatch 6 Edmond Weston Levi B. Vilas 13. W.Bartholomew Philander Per'in 7 J. W. Batchelder Daniel B, James Simeon Short,Charles B. Leslie I'I

Page  89 COUNTY OFFICERS ftOAM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 89 CITTTTENDEN 17871 1788 1789 1790 1791 1 John'Fat.sett ".'. 2 John White' " " " 2 Samuel Lane " John McNeil ( 3 J. Knickerbockerl " Martin Chlttenden " 4 Noah Chittenden i " Stephen Pearl " 5Samuel Litchcock " " " Wm.C. Harrington 6 John MIcNeil " Mathew Cole 6 Jonathan Hoit " 6 Timothyv Pearl " 7 Isaac McNeil CHITTENDEN 1792 1793 1794 1795 I Jolhn Fassett " Ebenezer Marvin 2 John White oiohn McNeil John White 2 Jolln McNeil Mnrin Chittenden. 3 M. Chittenden Solornoh n Mi:illert 4 Stephen Pearl " 7;rW.C Harringtont.... 6 Mathew Cole..; 6 Jonathan Hoit ( 6 Timothy Pearl I 6 Ebenezer Crafts " 7 Isaac McNeil.. CITlTTENDDEN' 17961 1797 1798 1799 1800 I MI. Chittenden |. 2 Josh. Staunton jrj " Eiias Buel John Lawv: 2 John Lawn a Lemuel Bttum 3 Solomon Miller | " S. & C. Clerkl 4 Timothyv Pearl j!ames Sawver (C "' 5 EInathan Keyes Wm. C.l1arrington " 6 Solomon Miller I " " " " 0 7 Isaac McNeil; CALEDONIA CO. lWrn,Chamberlain "'C 2 Beniamin Sias "',, " David Wing jr, Dav;id Wing jr " "'John W. Chandler 3 D)avid Dunbar " e': 4 John Rankin' David Elkin.r5 William Mattocks..c.. 6 John W. Chandler. (. S. Chamberlin q James Lucas " " Daniel Dana " 7 Lemuel Dana " " Reuben Blanchard David Dunbar FRANKLIN CO' 1 Ebenezer Marvin "': " 2 John White " Samuel Barnard Isaac Smith Elnathan Keyes 2 Samuel Barnard " Silas Hathaway Elnathan Keyes Jonathan Janes 3 Seth Pomeroy S.C. for both': " 3 Samuel Willard 4 Prince B. Hall..... 5 Levi House " c... 6 Jonathan Hoit " " ": 6 Nathan Hutchins jrJ " " 7 Jonathan Hoit jr c cc'.. ORLEANS CO. DUBARTUS WILLARD, I Timothy Hinman Known mcre familiarly by the name of Bartie Willard, in an early day resid- 2 Sam. C. Crafts ed at Essex, and was a wbheelright by trade. He was also a satirical poet, and 2 Jesso Olds prided himself on taking some one off in a short wav. He was the first Repre- 3 Timothy Stanley sentative of Essex, chosen in 1786, but not afterwards. The next dav after ht 4 Joseph Scott was chosen, he welt to pay his respects to Gov. Chittenderi, and the Governot 5 Joseph Bradley had been informe' who was chosen from Essex, but thinking to give Bartie a 6 Ebenezer Crafts small shot —knowing it would be returned with interest, hc asked him who they 7 chose in his town for Representative? Bartie answered, for the want of better stock they took me. "6 Well," said the Governor. " It's a misfortune that we have got to be so poor in some of our towns about here, as not to be able to get iron, and have to use wood for wedges." " That's a 12

Page  90 '90 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. CHITTENDEN 1801 1802 ] 803 1 804 1805 1 MartinChittenden " Joshua Staunton " " 2 Elias Buel John Law Ezra Butler " " 2 Lemuel Bottom " " Noah Cllittenden " 3 Solomon Miller I " 4 James Sawyer " Daniel Staniford " 5 W.C.Harrington -.. 6 Solomon Miller... 7 Solomon Miller...; CALEDONIA CO. 1 Wm. Chamberlir " David Wing jr I " 2 D)avid Wing jr " John W. Chandler i " 2 John W.Chandler " Joseph Moffitt " " 3 )avid Dunbar lElkanah Phelps " 4 D)avid E lkins... " 5 WTilliamMattocks W in. A Griswold " " 6 S. Chamberlain " jReuben Blanchard " 7 David Dunbar " i\WVm. A- Griswold John W. Chandler FRANKLIN CO. 1 Ebenezer Marvin Jonathan Janes (" 2 Jonathan Janes Zera Willoughby (" 2 Zera Willoughby " Amos Fassett Frederick Bliss I " 3 Seth Porneroy. I, John White jr 4 Prince B. Hall " Thomas Russell 5 Levi House."' Asaz Aldis 6 Jonathan Hoit " " 6 Nath. Hutchins jr " " 7 Jonathcn Hoit.ji.. l-lorace Jalnes 7 oRLEAN'S CO. 1 Timothy Hinman " 2 Samuel C.Crafts... 2 Jesse O)lcds Timotlhy Stanley 3 Timothy Stanley " John Ells worth. 4 Joseph Scott " " 5 Joseph Bradley William Baxter, (6 Ebenezer Crafts ";, 7 ESSEX CO. 1 Daniel Dana " " 2 Samuel Phelps " Mills De Forest ( 2 Mills De Forest I " Samuel Weatherby ( 3 laines French I i 4 Joseph Wait,," 5 E'ijah Foot " Levi Barnard i G Daniel Dana.,, I "t GRXAND ISLE CO. I Asa Lvon 2 Nath' Hittchinsjr 2 Alexander Scott *Mv correysondent informs me that those eight persons named in the follow- 3 Alpheus Mall ingo pages have been Register of Probate, but does not ihform me how lon)ni rhilo- Be rl when each ones term began or expired, I have therefore divided the time be 6 H tween them as near even as I could without dividing years. 7 JeNediaaP.LHds fact, but misfortunes never come single," said Bartie, "it is a greater nm'sfortune that the State is s) poor as not to be able to procure a good decent made beetle, but be compelled to use an old basswood maul to drive them with 1) While st the Leoislature, he was found,by some of his brother members taking his rations at the bar before lhe had paid the wash room a visit. They insisted that he should either treat the cornmpany or deal out some poetry. Bartie concluded that asmoney was more scarce with him than poetry, he would pay the latter, and did as follows: "Our forefathers were like the goats, First wash'd their eyes, and then their throats But we their sons have grown more wise, First, wash onur throats, and then outr eyes."

Page  91 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 91 CHITTENDEN 1806 1807 1808 1809 18t10 I Ezra Butler " " "' 2 Noah Chittenden( " 2 James A..Potter " ". Hezekiah Barnes " 3 Solomon Miller William Barney 4 Daniel Staniford Heman Allen ( Heman Lowry 5 W. C. Harrington - " 6 Solomon Miller Joel Brownson " 7 Milo Cook " " John Brownson " CALEDONIA CO. IReuben Blanchard Cyr us Ware 2 Joseph Moffett John Cameron " C 2 John Cameron Isaiah Fisk (! " " 3 Elkanah Phelps Wim. A. Palmer " " " 4 David Elkins Joseph Armington Israel P. Dana 5 Wm.A. Griswold I (C' 6 J. W. Chandler Wm.A. P.almer John W. Chandler Gershom Palmer' 7 Reuben Blanchard " I, George Rich FR.ANKLIN CO. I Jonathan Janes " Ebenezer Marvin J, D. Farnsworth " 2 Frederick Bliss 4.'; 2 Amos Fassett J, I).Farnsworth (C Amos Fassett Joseph Beaman jr 3 John White jr Seth Wetmore c Jonathan Janes I 4 Thomas Russell Oliver Day " Seth Wetmore 5IEbenezerMarvinjr "... 6 Jonathan Janes' c C 7 Horace Janes "... Francis Davis ORLEANS CO. 1 Timothy IHinman' " Samuel C. Crafts 2 Samuel C. Crafts " " Timothy Stanley 2 Timothy Stanley " " George Nye 3 John Ellsworth " " 4 Joseph Scott. " " 5 William Baxter " (" 6 Ebenezer Crafts. Royal Corbin " " 7 ESSEX CO. 1 Daniel Dana " Micajah Ingham Daniel Dana Micajah Ingham 2 Mills De Forest Noah Sabin 4i Micajah Ingham Charles Cutler 2 Saml.Weatherbee Mlicajah Ingham Samuel Clark SamuelWeatherbee Samuel Gates 3 Haines French 4 William Hewes " " " " 5 Seth Cushman c " 6 Daniel Dana " " " Joseph Wait 7 GRAND ISLE CO. I Asa Lyon Benjamin Adams Asa Lyon Benjamin Adams 2 Nathan Hutchins Stephen Kinsley Nathan Hutchins Abner Keeler 2 Alexander Scott James W. Wood Lewis Sowles " 3 Alpheus Hall Jedediah Hyde jr Alpheus Hall Jedediah Hyde jr 4 Amos Merrill Melvin Barnes'" " 5 Philo Berry Solomon Morgan Eleazer Miller " Ass Robinson 6NathanHutchinsjr Thomas Cochran Nathan Hutebins jrl 7 Jedediah P. Ladd " Bartie was driving a team with a load of hay, and upset the load, and he came into a ditch so situated that he could move some, but could not extricate himself. A man, who had a short time previous sworn out of jail on a debt Bartie held against him, came along and iound there was trouble, went to work and removed the load, and out came Bartie fiom under it. Now Bartie, what would you have done if I had not come along and helped you out. I would do as you did, stayed th3re twenty days and swore out. JUDGE HUTCHINSON AND JUDGE PADDOCK. During the time the above named gentlemen were Judges of tle Supreme Court, then consisting of five Judges, they were travelling down Onion river in the stage. A few days before, a severe [Continued on 95th page.

Page  92 92 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. CFHITENDEN 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1 Heman Allen " " " ~Zadock Wheeler 2 Joel Brownson " " ZadoCk Wheeler Joel Brownson 2 John Jackson c " " TrumanChittenden 3 Daniel Staniford David Russell " " 3 John Johnson 4 Heman Lowry Jacob Davis Lowry 5 NV. C. HarringtorJ Lewis Johnson George Robinson Sanford Gadcomb 6 Noah Chittender; TrumanChittender 1' Solomon Miller Truman Chittenden 7 Thom.Chittender MIilo Cook Solomon S. Miller Chauncev Brownell CALEDONIA CO. 1 John Cameron Wm. Chamberlain Isaiah Fn8s' 2 Isaiah Fisk John W. Chand'eer... 2 William Cahoon Luther Jewett William Cahoon 3 Wm, A. Palmer.... " Curtis Stanley 4 Israel P. Dana Adamn uncan Jude Kimball 5 Wm. A. Griswold William Mattocks Tm. A. Griswold 6 Win. A. Palmer... 7 Wnm. A. Griswold " I FRANKLIN CO. 1 J. D. Farnsworth. William Brayton 2 Frederick Bliss " Zerah Willoughby " rederick Bliss 2 Joseph Beaman jr Martin D. Follett Chauncey Fitch 3 Jonathan Janes 3 Abijah StoneC.C'k Abner Miorto 4 Solo'n Walbride Joseph HI. Munson Benjamin Fay 5 Eben'r Marvin jr Ebenezer Marvin Ebenezer Marvinjr 6 Jonathan Janes " Frederick Biiss Abner Morton Seth Wetmore 7 Francis Davis ", Setl Wetmore ElnathanW. Keyes ORLEANS CO' I Samuel C. Crafts.. " 2 Timothy Stanlev ( George Nye Timothy Stanley 2 George Nye (. Nathan'lP. Sawyel Samuel Cook 3 John Ellsvrorth. C( 4 Joseph Scott " " Ellis Cobb. 1-arvey Scott 5 William Baxter; David M. Camp 6 Roy'al Corbin "' I Joseph Scott 7 ESSEX CO, I Micajah Ingham David Hopkinsoa Daniel Dana David Hopkinson 2 Samuel Gates i Ebenezer Clark " Oliver Ingham 2 Azarias Williams " Mills De Forest Moody Rich 3 Iaines French " " 4 Oliver Ingham David Hibbard jr' John Dean 5 Joseph Berry. Elijah Foot Joseph Berry 6 Charles Cutler Daniel Dana Isaac Cushman 7 GRAND ISLE CO. 1 Benjamin Adams; Asa Lvon Philyer Loop Benjamin Adams 2 James W. Wood Abner Keeler Caleb Hill Alpheus Hall c'2 Lewis Sowles Philyer Loop Jedediah Ladd Ephraim Mott 3 Jedediah Hyde jr. " 4 Jedediah P.'Lad-l Ephraim Mott Calvin Fletcher 5 Asa Robinson' James Davis Truman A. Barber 6 Nathan Hutchins ".. " 7 Thomas Cochran " " WASHINGTON CO. 1 EzraS Butler, Charles Bulkley Denison Smiith Ezra Butler 2 Salvin Collins, Seth Putnam Stephen Pitkin " 2 Bradford Kinne c" Stephen Pierce Warren Ellis 3 George Rich,:.Joseph Wing " George Rich 4 John IPeck: t Chapin Keith Geo. Worthington Chapin Keith 5 Timothy Merrill " Nicholas Baylies " Timothv Merrill 6 DavidHarrington Chapin Keith Abel Kiapp Salviu Collins 7 Joshuta Y. AVail.. Jeduthan Loomis George Rich

Page  93 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. 93 CHYTTENDEN 1816. 1817 1818 1819 1820 1 Zadock Wheeler " " " Joel Brownson 2 Joel Brownson " TrumanChittenden 2 T. Chittenden. Burgess Hall 3 David Russell (c c " 3 John Johnson Nathan B. Haswell Phinehas Lyman Nathan B. Haswell 4 Heman Lowryv " I " " 5 S. Gadcomb cs;. Timothy Follett 6 T. Chittenden Jabez Penniman (C c 7 C. Brownell Lyman Cummings Alvan Foote CALEDONIA CO. I Isaiah Fisk cc cc 2 J. W. Chandler John Rankin, John W. Dana " 2 William Cahoon " C " Pres West 3 Curtis Stanley Benj. F. Deming c" C " 4 Jude Kimball Nathan Fuller cc " " 5 W. A Griswold cc " Isaac Fletcher 6 Wm. A. Palmer John W. Chandler ".. 7 W. A. Griswold Reuben Blanchard C " Archelaus Sias FRANKLIN CO. 1 J. D). Farnsworth " " c 2 Frederick Bliss Zerah Willoughby c 2 Peter Fay " Peter Sax Amasa T. Brown " 3 Hoiace Janes " "... 4 Benj'imin Fay Shiverick Holmes.. " 5 Stephen Royce jr " r. P. Richardson: " 6 Seth Wetmore " " " " 7 Francis Davis Lither Brigham " Jonathan Janes ORLEANS CO. 1 William Howe (C " " 2 Timothy Stanley C ". C 2 Samuel Cook "cc cc 3 Ira H. Allen " " " " 4 Harvey Scott "': " 5 Joshua Sawyer C " 6 Joseph Scott " ". 7 ESSEX CO. 1 Oliver Ingham C C 2 Sanmuel Gates IC Benjamin Hunkins " 2 Jesse HEugh Moody Rich I Royal Cutler Azariah Webb 3 William Gates John Dean 4 Rich Stevens Henry Hall Rich Stevens 5 Joseph Berry " c, Bailey Denison Seth Cushrnan 6 Isaac Cushinan " GRIND ISLE CO. 1 Benjamin Adams'0. " 2 Alpheas Hall Joel Allen, 2 Lewis Sowles; " 3 Jedediah Hyde jr " c 4 Calvin Fletcher c C 5 Tru'n A. Barber- Amos Blodgett 6 Nathan Hutchins ",t 7 Thos. Cochran Chauncey Burgess,, WASHINGTON CO. 1 Ezra Butler " John Peck Ezra Butler 2 Stephen Pitkin Josiah B Stron 2 Warren Ellis Joseph Howes 3 George Rich J. Y. Vail Joshua Y. Vail 4 Chapin Keith c John Peck " 5 Timothy Merrill ":1'c " 6 Salvin Collins.. IJeduthan Loomis 7 George Rich....' IRoswell 2 Knapp

Page  94 94 COIUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1 778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. CRI'TETD N 1821 i 1822 182.3 1824 1825 I Joel Brownson Ezra Meaclh Timothy Follett No. I endedl. 2'1'. Chittenden Bulrgess Hall " Timothy Follett'2 Bargess Hall "Mitchell Hinsdell Nathaniel Newell 3 David Russell " " " 3 N. B. Haswell " " N. B..Haswell both 4 Heman Lowry " "', " 5 Timothy Follett Benjamin F.Bailey, " 6 M. Chittenden i George Robinsoon TrtumanChittenden 7 Isa-.c T. Hyde David French Nathan B. Haswell,c David French CALEDONIA. CO. 1 Isaiah Fisk,c Samuel Sias 2 Pres West Samuel Sias Timothy P, Fuller Augustine Clark Samuel Sias 2 Samuel Sias Joseph Morrill 2d Joseph Morrill Saamuel A. Willard " 3 Benj. F. Deming C(. I 0 " 4 Nathan Fuller c" " 5 Isaac Fietcher " ", " 6 Benj F. Deming c " 7 George B. Shaw " George C. Cahoon, FRANKLIN CO. 1 J. D Farnswortb h c Zerah Willoughby 2 Amasa T. Br'own Zerah Willoughby " Thomas Waterman 2 Thos. Waterman ( Joel Barber jr 3 Horace Janes " " - 4 Joseph Weeks (" 5 1. P. Richardson " Joshua K. Smedley (, fi Seth Wetmore "( ", 7 Jonathan Janes " Charles Wetmore )R2LEANS CO. 1 William Howe ( 2 Timothv Stanley " Nath'l P. Sawyer Samuel C. Crafts 2 Natli'l P. Sawyer a f John Ide William Baxter 3 Ira H. A!leln J I C 4 Harvey Scott / " ( 5 Joshua Sawyer augustus Young -6 Ira H. Allen George Nye 6 Salmon Nyg -ESSEX CO 13BenjaminTlHunkins Joseph Berry William Gate, 2Rltichardson Graves Moody Rich Dyer Hibbard Richardson Graves Noyes Denison 2 Daniel Edgery William Gates Richardson Graves Noyes Denison John Dewey 3 William Gates' " 4 Dyer Hibbard Elijah Hill Richard Stevens Azariah WVebb jr, 5 Joseph Berry Seth Cushman Joseph Berry Seth Cushman 6 Isaac Cushman " William Gates I, 7 GRAN-D ISLE CO. I Benjamin Adams " Lewis Sowles. 2 Lewis Sowles " Charles Carron " Lewis Sowles 2 Joel Allen " Samuel Adams Melvin Barnes Melvin Barnes jr 3 Jedediah Hyde jr.. Joel Allen It 4 Cal-;in Fletcher " " ",, 5Charles H.Perrigo Amos 1Blodgett " Truman A. Barbe B;3nj. I-I. Smalley 6 Nathan Hutchins, 7ChaunceyBurgess Augustus Knight ",t.AS fI NGTON CO. I Ezra Butler ", 2 Josiah B. Strong " Stephen Pitkin Ezra Butler 2 Joseph Howes " Warren Ellis 3-Joshua Y. Vail, C' (C 4 John Peck att Rawsel R. Keith 5 Timothy Merrill Denison Smith " Nieholas Baylies 6 Jeduthan Loomisl.N o B c 7 RoswellfI.Knappl " " an'lI.Thompson Dan'.Topo

Page  95 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850, CONTINUED. 95 CHITTENDEN 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 2 Timothy Follett I Alvan Foote i; {Eli Brownson 2 Nathaniel Newvell... Eli Brownson, J. Van Sicliln jr 3 NathanB.Haswell " " " 4 Reman Lowry Moses Bliss. 5 Benj. F. Bailey Charles Adams (" 6 T. Chittenden ",' William P. BriggsiTrumanChittenden 7 David French Chauncey Brownell', Luman Foote George B. Maucer CALEDONIA CO. 2 Wm. A. Palmer Samuel Sias " " 2 Tim'v P. F]uller " " " 3 Benj. F. Deming.. 4 Nathan Fuller < Silas Hougiton " 5 Isaac Fletcher " Charles Davis ". 6 Benj. F. Deming " " " " 7 Saml B. Mattocks c c FRA N IKLIN CO. 2 Joel Barber jr. Joel Barber Joel Barber jr. 2 Samuel Wead ", George Greene Joseph Smith 3 Horace Jaines " ". ". 4 Joseph Weeks Timothy Foster " 5 John Smith "' " " 6 Seth W etmolre C vWilliam Bridges 7 Ebenezer Barlow William Bridges; " Julhn Gates ORLEANS CO. 2 Samuel C. Crafts cc NathanielP.Sawverl 2 William Baxter William Howe Jasper Robinson D I)avidl M. Camp 3 Ira H. Allen...; " I I 4 Thomas Jamesonl "i 5 Augustus Young. E. H. Starkweather " George C, West 6 Salmon Nye., John Kimball Y Augustus Young 7 ESSE;X CO. 2 D. Hopkinson jr Oliver Ingham William Gates DavidHlopkinso n ji Richardson Graves 2 John Dewey Moody ic Noves Denison Nathlaniiel Beach inion Howe jr S William Gates oo 4 Rich Stevens Azariah Webb jr Henry Halil Chapin I. Brooks 5 Seth Cushman Dav-id Hibbard Jr 6 Royal Cutler William Gates lCoyal Cuter 7 GRAND ISLE CO. G RiNn D1 S L "E CO. i e " John M. Sowles 2 Lewis Sowles a Jh M ls 2 Melvin Barnes jr " Melvin ]3arnes Samuel Aiams 3 Joel Allen' t" 4 Calvin Fletcher:John IM. Sowles Franklin Robinson.5 Hector Adams { " " Frederick 13azen 6 Nathan Hutchinls Joel Allen 7 Augustus Knight G arv Whitney WASHINGTON CO. 2 Joseph Iowes Dan Carpenter cc c 2 Warren Ellis Shubael Wheeler. 3 Joshua Y. Vail c ". " 4 Rawsel R. Keitli.. 5 Denison Smith,W,Villiamn Upham PAzel Spaulding 6 Jeduthan Loornti. c Joseph,eed 7 D. P. Thompson. " l " freshet had carried away many of the bridges. At Middlesex the coach and horses forded the rive er and the passengers passed over in a small boat, which made tllrce or four loads. After Judge Paddock had got into the boat, the boatman gave Judge Htutchinson an invitation to get in. -He remarked that lie should not cross over the river in a boat with Judge Paddok, andt another got in, and all crossed safe. After the stage was reloaded and started, Judge IHutchinson asked one c,t the

Page  96 96 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. CH-ITTENDEN 1831 1832 1833 1834 1835 2 Eli Bronrcon iJohn Van Sicklin " " Joseph Marsh 2 J Van Sicklin jr ThomasChittendel." " Eli Brownson 3 Nath. B. Haswell " ( " 4 Roswell Butler George A. Allen R' Heman Lowry 5 A. G.Whittemore'" - 6 T. Chiltendtn William P. Briggs " TrumanChittenden 7 Geo. B. Manser David French George B. Manser CALEDONIA CO. 2 Samuel Sias " Tacob Blanchard Timothy P. Fulle Conner 2 Timothy P.Fuller Jacob Blanchard Svlva's Hemenway Benjamin Conner 3 Benj. F. Deming mos Paul c 4 Silas Houghton Charles Roberts c 5 Charles Davis..C.. George C. Cahoon 6 Benj. F. Deming " Samuel Sias C 7 S. B. Mattocks Amos Paul " S. B. Mattocks FRANKLIN CO2 Joel Barl her jr George Green " " t2 Joseph Smith,,Austin uller 3 Horace Janes,, " Joseph H. Brainerd 4 Timothy Foster,, Seyvmour Eggleston ( Jepta Bradley.5 John Smih,, Henr Amsoge V. ster 6 William Bridges Stephen S. Browrn Joel BAarbeGr jr 7 John Gates Aaron S. Beaman J. Allen Barber ORT,EANS CO 2 David M. Camp " David P. Noyes David M. Camp' 2 Jasper Robinson ( Isaac Parker David P. Noyes 3 Ira H. Allen " 4 Thomas Jameson ( " " 5 George C. West Isaac F. Redfield E. II, Strlkweather 6 John Kimball i 4... 7;SSFX CO. 2 Richardl'n Graves Jesse Cooper B3. WV. Freemrnan Richardson Graves John Dodge 2 Moses Morrill Reub'lnW.treerman Archel's Cummings Moses Morrill Samuel Curtis 3 Willianl Gates I " 4 Henry Hall Azariah Webb jr Greenleaf Webb Chapin K. Brooks Greenleaf Webb.5 David Hibbard- jr James Steele Wm. Hayward jr. James Steele 6 William Gates'." GRAND ISLE CO 2 John M. Sowles ",', (, 2 Samuel Adams / " 3 Joel Allen ", H H 4 Frank'nRobinsonarry Hill.5 Frederick Hazen Giles Harrington tIector Adams 6 Joel Allen cc 7 Gary Whitnev (y: " Henry White WASHINGTON CO. 2 Dan Cappelter ( (' Roder'kRichardson 2 Warren Ellis William Martin Israel Goodwin cc J Joshua Y. Vail.. ",, 4 Rawsel R. Keith Milton Brown Alvan Carter' 5 Azel Spauldi,.g (,, " Paul Dillingham jr 6 Joseph Reed ( Rawsel R. Keith C( " 7 D. P. Thompson,, Lucius B. Peck': Jerem'h T. Marston passengers if he knew why he refused to cross the river with Judtge Paddock, and was answered in the negative. " Well," said he, "Mr. D, I will tell you; we are going to Burlington to hold a session of the Court, and if the boat had upset, and both of us drowned, and any thing had befallen one of theother Judges so that he could not attend, no quorum could be had, and the rogues would go unpunished.

Page  97 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINtED. 97 CHITTENDEN 1 836 1837 18389 1840 2 Joseph Marsh William Wood... Francis Wilson 2 William Wood Stephen Byington Edm'd Wellington 3 TNathnBl.Haswell William Noble ".. 4 George A. Allen 0 ": " ".5 John N. Porneroy David French " George K. Platt 6 Charles Russell " " 7 William Westeo r (' " CA LEDONIA CO.o 2 Benjamin Conner Marcus 0. Fisher George W.Donison Marcus 0. Fisher Geo. W. Denison'2 Marcus ). Fishelr Geo. W. Denison Ezra C.Chamberlin Epaphras B. Chase Ezra C Chamberlin'3 Amos Paul Sam'liB Mattocks. " " 4 John Currier. a.'" 5 GeorgeC. Cahoon; Charles Davis Thomas Bartlett jr Bliss N. Davis 6 Sam'l B.Mattocks " Geo. B. Chandler Sam'l B. Mattocks " 7 Theron Howard Henry Mattocks Sam'l B. Mattocks Theron Howard Ebenezer Eastman ]LF ANKLIN CO, 2 George Green " Seymour Eggleston Cornelius Wood " 2 Austin Fuller Corne!ius Wood Jesse Carpenter Augustus Burt 3 JosephliHBrainerd 4 Jeptha Bradley' " Decius R. Bogue.5 GeorgeW Foster' Jerome J.Beardsley Orlando Stevens 6 William Bridges;" 7 Romneo H. HoytL': ORLEANS CO. 2 Portus Baxter Alvah R. French' Charles Hardy Isaac Parker 2 Alvah R. French John Kimball " Isaac Parker John B3oa0rdman 3 Sarnuel C. Crafts " Henry M. Pates -. 4 Jacob Bates, Sabin Kellum Merrill Williams 5 Charles Story, Samuel Sumner Jesse Cooper Samuel Sumner 6 Joseph Wiggins " George Nve 7 George Nye "; Heary M. Bates * ESS;X CO. 2 Azariah Webb jr Archelus Cummins David Hibbard jr Azariah Webb Jr IJesse Cooper 2 Brighamri Pike - Moses Morrill Spencer Clark 3 William Gates It "I, Lcius R. Webb 4 Greenleaf Webb:' George E. Holmes Greenleaf Webb 5 Wm. Heywood jr;, David Hibbard jr 6 Royal Cutler Joseph Gleason Royal Cutler 7 Winm. Haywood jr GRAND ISLE CO. 2 William Wait Samuel Adams Calvin Fletcher' 2 Samuel Adams William Wait ( Josephl M. Mott 3 Joel Allen, " 4 Harry B. Mctt,, " Gary Whitneyv 5 [tector Adams Frederick Hazenc " ". 6 Joel Allen " 7 Henry White,, " " John M. Sowles WASHINGON CO. 2 William Martin Rod'k Richardson Pliny Curtis Wm. AM. Pingrey John Spaulding 2 Nathan Morse Pliny Curtis Wm. M. Pmigrey Horace Hollisier Orson Skinner 3 Joshua Y. Vailt " Stilman Churchill c' 4 Alvan Carter "( John Starkweather " Isaiah Silver 5 PaulDillinghamjr,." Homer W. Heaton John L. Buck 6 Jason Caipenter Dan'l P.Thompson " Geo. Worthington 7 Jeduthan Loomis Jerem'h T.Marston " " Geo. B. Manser LAMOILLE CO. 2 Jonathan Bridge [. Isaac Pennack D David P. Noyes 2 Joseph Waterman,, Gardner Gates " Nathan H. Thomas 3 Philo G Camp cc.t (C 4 Almerin Tinker Riverius Camp Martin Armstrong 5 Orion W. Butler " Salmon Wires " Harlow P. Smith 6 l)aniel Dodge Sam'l A, Willard " Daniel Dodge 7 Levi B. Vilas B. W. Poor'. Samuel A. Willard IS 1

Page  98 98 COUNTY OFF1CERS FROM 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED. CHITTENDEN 1841 1842 1843 1 1844 1845 2 Francis Wilson John Van Sicklin " George A. Allen " 2 Edm'dWellington John Allen- C John I. Tower " 3 William Noble Henry B. Stacg E. A. StansurT 4 George A. Allen Rolla Gleason (' Horace Ferris 5 Geo. K. Platt HenryLeavenworth l I. P. Richardson 6 Charles Russell ( 7 William Weston " (C " CALEDONIA CO. 2 E. B. Chase " Calvin Moerrill Isaac N. Hall James Gilchrist 2 Isaac N. Hall James Gilchrist John P. Ingalls Calvin Morriill 3 S. B. Mattocks (' " " 4 James Roberts jr " Alexander Harvey Joseph Preston Oramel H.Freeman 5 Thos. Bartlett jr Theron Howard Bliss N. Davis Theron Howard Mordecai Hale 6 S.B Mattocks. " Charles D)avis 7 Henry WPalmer William Mattocks C. J. Davis Norman Davis " F3RANKLIN CO. 2 Augustus Burt Luther B. Hunt Augustus B-urt "'. 2 Cornelius Wood Joseph Smith James D)avis't Jona. H. Hubbard 3 J. H. Brainerd' ~ " (" 4 Decims R.Bogue " John S. Foster " 5 Orlando Stevens Homer B. Hubbell William C. Wilson Orlando Stevens 6 William Bridges James Davis 7 Romeo H.-Hoyt James Davis Joseph H. Brainerd' ORLEANS CO. 2 Isaac Parker " David M. Camp Elijah Cleaveland " 2 John Boardman Jairus Stebbins Alvah 1. 1French Harry Baxter 3 Henry M. Bates ". cc. 4 Merrill Williams Geo.Worthingtonjr cc Elijah G. Strong " 5 Samuel Sumner Jesse Cooper John H. Kimball' Nathan S. Hill 6 George Nve " It y (C 7 Henry M.Bates (C " cc ESSEX CO 2 John S. Nelson George E. Holmes Martin French Rleuhen C. Benton 2 Owen Browrn' Martin French Wairner Bingham William Morrill 3 Lucius R. Webb Allen Gould Isaac L.Cummings. 4 Geo. E. Holmes George W. Gates " Beach Blodgett 5 Wn. Hywdod. jr ". William T. Barron 6 Azariah lWebb j Moody Rich' Wm. Heywood jr 7 Win. Heywood ji.. saac Cummings GRAND ISLE CO. 2 Calvin Fletcher' Samuel Adams Ira Hill Wallis Mott 2 Joseph MN Mott " Ira Hill William H. Lyman, 3 Joel Allen " ": " 4 Gary Whitnei y s Abel Brown Albert C. Butler 5 Hiector Adams William W.White Frederick azen Win W. White Frederick Hazen 6 Joel Allen. ( " Jabez Ladd Augustus IKnight 7 John M. Sowl'es " " " " WVASHIINGTON CO. 2 -Horace Hollister Joseph Sawyer Charles Sampson Joseph A. Curtis 2 Joseph Sawyer Charles Sampson SheffieldHayvalrdj.r Ebenezer Brueo c 3 StilmanChurchili " DanielP'lhompson. Shubacl Wheeler 4 Andrew A. Swee... George WX. Barker.. 5 HlomerW.Heaton Oamel IH. Smith Newell Kinsman 6 D, P. Thompsor. Azel Spaulding. Jerem'h T.Marston 7 Lyman Bri:ggsg..... LAIIOILLE CO. 2 D)avid P. Noves John Warner " Nathaniel Jones': 2NathannH.Thomas Calvin Burnett " Moses Fiskjr Moses Fisk 3 Philo G. Camp " " ( 4 MartinArmstrong Nnth'l P. Keeler Horace Powers 5 Harlow P. Sniitl W. H. H. Bingham' W Luke P. Poland jr Luke P. Poland 6 SamelA.Willard Salmon vires. Lucius H. Noyes 7 Charie0 HParkel ( JHSarffod&Lyndejl n. W..White Harlow P. Smith

Page  99 COUNTY OFFICERS FROM, 1778 TO 1850. CONTINUED.. CFITTENDEN 1846 1847 1848 1849 1850 2 Robert White lfra Witters [. P. Richardson "t 2'U. H. Penniman " 1. P. Richardson Truman Galusha " 3 E. A. Stansbury. i [. B. Bulklev 4 Horace Ferlis Luther P. Blodgetl Edwin D. Mason Samuel W. Taylor *' 5 Fred'k G. Hill JeromeJ.Beardslev Hector Adams John G. Saxe 6 Charles R-iussell Charles Adams William H. Frenchl Charles Adams 7 William Weston Bradford Rixford L' E. Chittendeu Bradford Rixford " CALEOONIAr CO. 2 Moses Kittredge PRobert Harvey Walter Harvey Jefferson Cree 2 Lucius Denison John P. Ingalls Jefferson Cree James D. Bell Alden E. Judevine 3-Saml.B Mattocks " Gusta's A.Burbank' 4 0. H. -D reeman.Jonas Flint Hiram Perkins Sargeant F. Field Hiram Perkins 5 Mordecai:Hale George C. Cahoon Bliss N Davis Joseph Potts 6 Charles S. Dana SamuelIB Mattockl Theron Howard George B.Chandler Theron Howard 7 Pliny Moore G, A, Burbank Theron Howard G. A. Burbank " FRANNKLIN CO. 2 Aivah Sabin a 9 J. H. Hubbard. William C. Wilson " 3 J. H. Brainerd ( c 4 John S. Foster " Orson Carpenter " 5 HomneI E. Royce " John S. Royce Augustus Burt s 6 James Davis " Jeptha Bradley James Davis Will'ian Bridges 7 Geo. F.Houghton William Bridges Geo3 F. Houghton Jeptha Bradley ORLEANS CO. 2 Elijah Cleaveland Tames A. Paddock," Solomon Dwinnell " 2 Harry Baxter John Hardin Loren W. Clark 3 Henry M. Bates "" " Hubbard Hastings 4 Elijah G. Strong James Hamilton Hubbard Hastings " Elisha White 5 Nathan S. Hill Henry F. Prentiss " John L. Edwards Norman Boardman 6 Jacob Bates " " Isaac N. Cushman' 7 John H. Prentiss " Henry M. Bates; ESSEX CO, 2 Reuben C.Benton Horace Hubbard Samuel G. Babcock Timothy Fairchild'David Hibbard jr 2 Horace Hubbard Natban J. Graves denman'Nichols Elias Aldrich Oramel Crawford 3 Isaac Cummings John Dodge Wm.H. Hartshorn " " 4 Preston May Reuben C. Benton George W. Gates Greenleaf Webb h 5 WinVm. T. Barron Wm. H. Hartshorn Wm. Heywood jr' m. H Hartshorn 6 Jonah Brooks jr Isaac Cummings Jonah Brooks " 7 William Chandler: " Wm. Heywood jr William Chandler " GRAND ISLE CO 2 H H. Revnolds " Wallace Mott " William L. Sowles 2 Lorenzo H-all. David Marvin lDaniel Wait 3 Joel Allen Elijah Haynes,' " 4 David G. Dixon,, Thos. B, Fletcher ". Charles H. Clark 5 Frederick Hazen Giles Harrington "c Henry Adams 6 Jabez Lad-l Seland Whitney " ", 7 Augustus Knight " " rWASHINGTON CO. 2 Daniel Baldwin' Rod'k Richardson Enoch D, Putnam David W. Hadley 2 Henry I)ouglass " Enoch D. Putnam Franklin A. Wright Joseph Hancock 3 Shubael Wiheeler " " " Jackson A. Vail Shubael Wheeler 4 Addison Peck; Ira McLoud Joseph W. Howes Ira McLoud 5 Newell Kinsman Charles Reed " John L. Buck Stoddard B. Colby 6 Jerd. T- Marston [.. Heman Catpenter " Jacob Scott 7 Lyman Briggs " " Ferrand F. Merrill Pimothy R. Merrill Lyman Briggs LAMOILLE CO. 2 V. W. Waterman " -.John West Henrv Stowell " 2 Alpheus Morse:.John C. Bryant John Meigs ".3 Philo G. Camp " Harlow'P. Smith B. B. Sawyer 4 Jason Crain. George WV. Bailey V. W. Waterman " 5 Wm.-W. White.. FWhitman G. Ferrmn W, H.H. Bingham 6 Lucius H. Noyes jHarlow P. Smith ArunahW Ca&dwell Andrew Dow " 7 Harlow P. Smith l William W. WhitelCornelius Lynde W. G' Ferrin

Page  100 10-0 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. ADDISON Co. 1791* 1793 1814 1822 Addison John Strong David Whitney R Robert Chtambers Bridport John N. Bennett Marshall Smith N. B. Johnson Phinehas Kitchel Bristol Henry M'Laughlin Noble Munson Henry Sopel Cornwall Williarn Slade Joel Linsley Darius IMVathews Benjanmin Sanford Feriisburgh Abel Thompson Theo.Middlebrooks Robert B. -lazzard Goshen.Gridall Davis Martin Carlisle Granville Joel Rice Hancock Daniel Claflin Esaias Butts Charles Church Leicester John Smith BenjaminV hitman Henry Olin Henry OGin Lincoln Josel;h Delonb Ebenezer DIurfee Middlebury Samuel Miller John Willard* Daniel Chipm nn Eb. n. W. Judd Monkton John Ferguson Joseph Will ughby Thomas Smith Stephen Haight jr New Haven Oliver Pier Elijah Foot Seth Hoyt Natl an Barton Orwell Ebenlezer Wilson Amos Spafford J. Q. M'Farland John Jacksuil Panton tPenjamin Holcomb Thomas Judd HenryChamberlain Jonatlhan Spencer Salisbury Eleazer Claghorn Stephen Hard Reuben Saxton Salathiel Bump Shoreham Josiah Pond' Ephraim Doolittle Charles Rich Elisha B1s(ot om. Starksboro David Kellogg Elisha Ferguson Vergennes Alexander Brush Enoch Woodbridge David Edmond Anos W. Barnum Weybridge Samuel Jewett: Amos Marsh Samuel Chills Whiting Samuel Beach EbenezerWhe'elock David Brown Ephraim Moulton ]3ENNINGTON CO.. Arlington Timothy Todd Constant Barney Nathan Canfield Cyrus Canfie'd Bennii.gton Jonathan Robinson Samuel Fay Orsanus C. Merrill Dorset. John Shumway William Dunton Benjamin DeminJ' Sylvanus Sykes jr Landgrove Daniel Tuthill Manchester Martin Powell Isaac Smith IElijah Littlefield Peru Peter Dudley Peter Dudley Pownal Thomas Jewett': Samuel Wright Stoddart Merchant Readsboro Joseph Hartwell Elijah Bailev John Walker Rupert. Israel Smith Cephas Smith Josiah Rising David Sheldon Sandgate Reuben Thomas Nathaniel Jones Joseph Tuttle John H. Sanderson Shaftsburv Gideon Olin Jonas Galusha,Jonas Galusha Stamford' An~drew Seldon Oliver Smith Otis Phillips!Sunderland Timothy Brownson Gilbert Bradley Edmond Graves Ethan Bradlev Winbhall Job Leonard Reuben Brooks Woodford Caleb Moore Lebbeus Barney Joseph C. Hollister CALEDONIA CC. Barnet Alexander Harvey John Gilfillan Adam Duncan Burke Abner Coe Geo. W. I)enison Cabot Lyman Hitchcock David Gilman Jeremiah Babcock Danville Abraham Morrill Benjamin Sias Wm. A. Griswold Geo. W. Drew Groton Jesse Heath David Vance 1Iardwick. Samuel French Solomon Aiken Kirby Theophilus Grout Ebenezer Damon Lyndon Josiah Arnold William Cahoon Isaac Fletcher Newark Eleazer Packer Miles Coe Peacham Wm. Chamberlain Wm. Chamberlain Josiah Shedd Rvegate Josiah Page John Nelson Hugh Laughlin Sheffield Joseph H. Ingalls Joseph H. Ingalls St. Johnsbnry Jonathan Arnold JosiasL. Arnold Calvin Jewett Ariel Aldrich Sutton Ezra Child John Beckwith.Walden James. Bell Waterford Silas Davison IJacob Benton Wheelock. Samuel Fello~vs Samuel Fellows jr JOSEPH BOWKER, ESQ. In a late publication, in a note from the above name, I- find an account, fiom which I make the following statement: Joseph Bowker came to Rutland at an early- period of its settlement and was active and energetic in his opposition to the unjust claims of New York, and, twas among the first in effecting a general organizatiori of the inhabitants of the Grants in opposition to those claims. This opposition, in an organized form, was first effected by a convention which met at Dorset in, January, 177,6, at which time an association was formed and entered into "-to defend by arms the liberties of these United American States against the fleets and armies of Great Britain:." *This Convention ratified the United States' Constitution before her admiss on into the Union.

Page  101 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. 101.ADDISON CO. 1828 1'836 1843 1 850 Addison Stephen Spencer David Whitney Aaron Merrill Joseph Hayward Bridport Benj. Miner jr Senaca Austin David W'hitnev Calvin Solace Bristol Robert Holley Henry Soper Horatio Needham' Cornwall John Sanford William Hamilton " tarcus 0. Porter Ferrisburgh Theo.MiddlebrGoks Daniel Marsh Noah W. Porter Nicholas Guindon Goshen Nathan Capen Wm, Carlisle 3d Justice N. Dartt Silas D. Gale Granville Thomas King Joel Rice Jedediah Cl rk Amnasa Eaton Hancock Charles Church John Hackett erah Barnes Leicester Henry Olin Silas W. Stanley John Bullock Lincoln OliverW.Burnham John Bush William Mitchell Rufus Tabor' Middlebury Samuel Swift Jed. S. Bushnell Ozias Seymour Monkton Daniel Collins, Luman B. Smith Roswell Atwood Alson Collins New Haven Benjamin Field Elias Bottum Jonathan Hoyt:;lias Bottum Orwell Thos.D. Hammond Jos. H. Chittenden " Israel Smith Panton Silas Tappan Friend Adams, Putnam Bishop Silas Pond Ripton Daniel Chipman " ";,''Salisbury Eben. N. Briggs Prentiss Alden Sumnner Briggs Cyrus -Bump Shoreham Elisha Bascom Kent Wright Silas H. Jenison Davis Rich Starksboro Myron Bushnell Ira Bushnell Pearley Hill'heron Downey Vergennes Philip C. Tucker Villa Lawrence G' Geo. W. Grandey Waltham Solomon Hobbs Lyman E. Husted George Fisher Rollin Everts %Weybridge Asaph Hayward Milo Stowe Elijah G. Drake Edwin Hayward Whiting Benj. Needham ( Samuel T. Walker Abel Walker Whitfield Walker BENNrNlGTON CO. Arlington Anson Canfield Sylvester Deming Samuel Buck Hartin C. Deming Bennington David Robinson J. Vanderspeigle Alanson P. Lyman ThbomasM. Daniels Dorset, StephenMartindale Cyrus Armstrong Chauncey Green G. B. Holiv Glastenbury Asa G. Hewes John H. Mattison Asa G. Hewes Lanldgrove David Willev " James Martin Manchester Elijah Collins Leonard Sargeant Lyman Harrington Leonard Sargeant Peru Josiah Barnard- Samuel Stone Mark Batchelder Stephen Dudley Pownal Perrv Jewett David Gardner Sylvenas Danforth Wmn. R,. Blanchard Readsboro Henry Holbrook Jacob Hix. Isaac Esty: Rupert Seth Moore " " Nathan Barton Sandgate Joseph Tuttle Samuel Thomas Theod'e Sanderson Searsburgh ohn Knapp Joseph Eames Joseph Crosier Shaftsbury Nathan H. Bottumr Samnuel Ames " Stamford Stephen C. Millard Jenokes Phillips Obed Hall Sunderland William Landon )Fthan Bradlev Edmond A. Graves Winhall Reuben Brooks Francis Kidder jr Reuben Brooks Beriah' Wheeler Woodford Joseph C. Hollister Joseph Knapp Alonzo Fox C &LEDONIA CO. Barnet Walter Harvey William Shearer Mordecai Hale Frank'n J.Eastman B3rke Joel Trall Rufus Goddings Ebenezer Darling Benj. F. Belden Cabot John W. Dana Timothy P. Fuller John R. Putnam Danville Wm. A. Palmer " Saml. B. Mattocks Wm. A. Palmer Groton David Vance Thomas Bartlett Hugh Dunn Isaac N. Hall Hardwick Timothv P. Fuller < John R. Skinner A. E. Judevine Kirby Luther Wood James Church Timothy Lock Merritt Newhall Lvndon William Cahoon George C. Cahoon ( Thomas Bartlett jr Newark Alpheus Stoddard Laureh M. Sleeper " Peacham Jacob Blanchard John Mattocks SamuelA:.Chandler James Clark Ryegate James Nelson jr Ebenezer Morrill Hlrry Moore " Sheffield Joseph H. Ingalls James' Townsend Elisha Davis jr James Roberts St Johnsbury Ephraim Paddock Luther Jewett Calvin Morrill Gardner Wheeler Suttton IAndrew Brown John Beckwith ( Geo. WV. Roberts Walden IDaniel Wooster ( Hiram Perkins Daniel Wooster Waterford Sylv's Hemingwas Robert Taggard Jona. DO. Stoddard Barron Moulton Wheelock Samuel Fellows jr Edward M.Magoon Samuel F. Shattuck And this association wa~ declared to be independent and no way under the direction or advice of the Government of New York. A number of conventions were holden upon the same subject, and adopted measures to aid the GREEN MOUNTAIN Boys in their hard struggle with all their foes. Of all these conventions Mr. Bowker was Presidont, and Capt. Joseph Bowker in ths chair, is found

Page  102 102 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. CHIITENDEN CO. 1791 1793 1:8814 18.22 Bolton Samuel Bell Samuel Welster James Whitcomb lurl lilngton Samuel Hitchcock Stephen. Keyes George Robinson Wmr A. Griswold Charlotne John McNeil / John McNeil Nathaniel Newell!Nathaniel Newell Colchester Ira Allen John Law ]Eli Baker jr.;Nathan BrSan E ssex - Timnothy Bliss Timothy Bliss " Ro,,well, Btler Hinesburgh -i)lisha Barber Lemnuel Bostwick Wmin. B. Marsh N. Leavenworth Huintington Amos.Brownson'. Elias Buel' James Ambler jr Jericho - Mlartin Chittenden Martin Chittenden Heman:Lowry Noah Chittenden Milton Abel Waters Amos Mansfield Moses'Davis - Heman Allen Richmond. William Rhodes Eli Brownson Shelburne Wmi. C. Harrington Wm.C. Harrington Phinehas' Hill Ezra Mheach St. George Reuben Lockwood Underhill C ~'aleb Sheldon William Barney WV estford. Jeremiah Stone Ebenezer' Bowman Ebenezer Bowman Williston Thomas Chittenden Thomas Chittenden,eremiah E rench ChaunceyBrownell ESSEX CO. Presidents in Italics c Brunswick - John Walls Daniel Smith Canaan Daniel Goss Oliver Iligham Concord ornelius Judevine:Dyer Hibbard ~Granby. Noah Sabin Guildhall David Hopkinson Benoni Cutler Daniel Dana Henry Hall ZLemington. Richard Morgan Edw'dC. Spaulding Lunepburg Samuel Gates Samuel. Phelps Levi Barnard William Gates Maidstone John Rich Haines French Moody Rich Jesse Hugh F'RANKLIN; CO. Bakersfield Samuel Sumner Silas B. Hazeltine Berkshire Pearley Hall Penuel Leavens Enosbargh Eliphaz Eaton Fairfax. Joseph Beaman Thomas Russell Stephen Holmes Elias Bellows F'airfield Joab Smithb Benjamin Wooster YFletcher Reuben Armstrong Zerah Willoughby.Franklin Samuel Hubbard'William Felton,Georgia John White John White Frederick Bliss Elij.h Dee jr Hlighgate Abel Drury Ebenezer Starkwell M3Iontgomery Seth Goodspeed Richard Smith jr Richford Caleb Royce Caleb Royce Sheldon Zerah Willoughby Chauncey Fitch St. Albans Silas Hathawav Silas Hathaway N. M. Kin-man Steplhen Royce jr;S wan ton ~ Thomas Butterfield Shad'kHathaway jr James Brown,.GRND ISLE CO.' Alburgh Benjamin.Marvin Ephraim Mott Jireh S. Berry Grand Isle Simeon Clark James Brown Isle La Mbtt..Caleb Hill Charles Carron North Hero Enos Wood Nathan HIuthlns Dan Hazen Iald Allen' South Hero:: Ebenezer Allen Timothy Pearl D'niel G. Sawyer Benajah Phelps LAMOILLE CO. Belvidere. Moody Shattuck Cambridge John Fassett John Fassett Frederick Hopkins Enoch Carlton Eden Josebh Farlar Jedutha n Stone E.lmore Martin Elmore Martin Elin ore Hydepark Oliver Noyes Darius Fitch Johnson Jona. M"Connell Daniel Dodge D)aniel Dodge Mansfield..vory Luce Morristown Samuel Cook David P. Noyes Sterling M.' MIoses Vilas Stowe.Asa Raymond Philo G. Cat~ip.WVolcott'Thomas Tavlor at.the commencement of all their records, He was the first representative firom Rutland in the first legislature after the Constitution of 1777 was adopted, and in the forenoon of the first day of the session he was chosen Speaker, atd in the afteinoon it was found' clthat he was the first elected Councillor:by having a larger liumber of votJigs-than any o'ther person.' He was elected to the same ~office six times-afterwards- He wtas -the fii:st Jdge of Rutland Shire of the county,' or' Special

Page  103 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONYENTIOi'S. 103 CHITTENDEN Co. 1828 1836 184-3 | - 1850 Bolton John Pinneo S amuelB. KennedvlJohrl Pinnco Burlington Heman Lowry John N. Pomeroy Wyllys Lyman John N. Pomeroy Charlotte Nathaniel Newell Lyman Yale Everett Rich Joel S. Binghanm Colchester Thomas Browvnell James Langshore Jacob Rolle IHe(zeiah Bates Essex Samuel Bliss Ezra Slater Bill- B. Butler Jesse Carpenter Hinesburgh Edmund Baldwin Stephen Byington Lyman Dorwin Elmer Beecher Huntington James Ambler jr. Selah Ambler John Snyder John Work: Jericho Noah Chittenden Truman Galusha Jerome J-Beardsley Milton Lemuel B. Platt Daniel H. Onion Alb.G. Whittemore Hlector Adams Richmond Edward Jones Artemas Flagg Eli Brownson E. B. Green Shelburne Burgess Hall Ezra Meach Henry S. Morse Garrad Burritt St. George Horace Ferris Reuben Lockwood... Underhill Caleb Sheldon Joseph Wells Alonson Burroughs Martin C. Barney WVestford Ebenezer Bowman Danforth Wales John R. Halbert David S. Ilasleton Williston Chauncey Brownell " JonasG. Chittenden Eli Brownson ESSEX CO. Bloomfield Aden Bartleite John Stearns Jeremiah Wright S. W. Holbrook Brighton Elijah Bailev ~John Stevens: Blrunswick' David Hyde Dantiel Schoffjr BHaines Schoff John D. French Canaan Samuel Ingalls Elias Farnham Williaml: ich Concord Archibald Taggard Harvey G. Fry William B. May Harvey G. Fry East Haven Horace B. Coe Granby Joel Gleason.'Jonathan Mathews Guildhall David Hopkinsonjr John Dewev Royal Cutler William Hleywodjr Lemnington Noves Denison Stephen Harris Beach Blodgett Lunenburg Stephen, lHowe. jr. Reuben C.; Benton Maidstone Daniel'Rich Joseph Gleason Moody Rich Charles Stevens Victory WuIm. M. Stearns FRANKLIN CO. Bakersfield Azariah Corse jr Thomas Child William C. Wilson' " Berkshire- Cromwell Bowen Penuel Leavens Jasper Rand " Enosburgh Martin D. Follett |Theoph. Mansfield Horace Eaton Samuel H. Stevens Fairfax. Isaac/N. Soule Joseph ]}ear.nan:Fairfax.. Isaac N. Sone Joseph Beaman Homer E. Hubbell Asa S. Gove Fairfield Benjamin Wooster Joseph Soule Bradley Barlow IC Fletcher John Kinsley'jr. Ilira H atch Albert' Iinsley Reuben Armstrong Franklin William Felton'Orville Kimpron'John J. Deavitt Charles Felton Georgia Elijah Dee jr'Alvah Sahin Highihate Jesse Carpenter Robert L Paddock O. I', Robinson Benjamin Peake Montgomery Daniel Barrows B. V. Fuller Hiram Rawrvon Richllord Alden Sears'Arad W. Sears " Shbeldon Joshua W. Sheldon'Jamnes Mason Lloyd Mason Alf'ed Keith St. Aibans James Davis Luther B. Hunt " Swanton Heman Hopkins Lewis Janes Joseph Blake Isaac B Bowdish GRAND ISLE CO.. Alburgh Thomis Mott Henry H. Reynolds Joseplh M. Mott William L. Sowles Grand Isle Melvin Barns jr Jabez Ladd Melvin Barnes Norman Gordon Isle La Mott Charles Carron,I'a Hill Hiram Hall D. V. Goodsell North HIero Irad Allenr.', Elijah Haynes John Martin Augustus Knight South Hero Bird Landon Calvin Fletcner Hector Adams Orange Phelps LAMOILLE CO, Belvidere John Spencer Alva Chaffee A. K. Whtttemore PhinehasCarpenter Cambridge James B, Gilmore Hienry Stowell Nathan Smilie'Giles A. Barber Eden Eli Hinds jr Martin Wheelock Samuel Plumley jr Elmore Jonathan Bridge i'eleg Scofield George W. Bailey (" Ilydepark Theoph. W. 1 itch Russel B. Hyde Nehem'hWaterman Lucius H. Noyes Johlnson Charles WV. Taylot Levi B. Vilas Stoughton S. Pike Mansfield Ivory Lnce; Annexed to Stowe. Morristown Luther Brigham. oseph Sears Luther P. Poland. Horace Poweis Sterling Moses Vilas " Baruch Darling Stowe ~ Daniel Moody Orion W.:Butler Harry S.'Camp Orion W. Butler Waterville Moses Fisk Alpheus Morse Jesse C. Holmes Wolcott Jonathan Smith Thomas Taylor Nathaniel Jones Samuel Pennock Court, in March, 1778. The first Judge of:Probate for Rutland County, in 1781, the Judge of the Court he held till Dec., 1783,.and the Judge of Probate.till.his death in 1784. The year and place of his birthis unknown: and no stone marks the place where the stranger can learn where the re0~~~~~~~~~.

Page  104 104 MEMBERS OF THE C ONSTITUTiIONAL CONVENTIONS. OR NNG CO. 1791 1 1793 1814 1822 Bradlturd John Barron John Barton Pelatiah Corliss John Pickett Braintree Lyman Kidder William Ford jr Brookfield'Daniel Kingsbury Elisha Allis Frederick Griswold Frederick Griswold Chelse a Josiah Dana Thomas Jones Corint h Peter Sleeman Samuel Hazeltine. Peter Eaton " Fairlee Nathaniel Niles Israel Morey Nathaniel Niles Solomon Mann Newbury Daniel Farrand Jacob Bayley James Spear i Oran1ge Thaddeus Clapp Jonathan Emery Randolph Josiah Edson Abner Weston Dudley Chiase Strafford Peter Pennock William Denison Jed. H. Harris Martin Barrett Thetford Beriah Loomis Israel Smith Joseph Reed Elijall Hammond Tpsham onathan Jenness Saml. Butterfield Tunbridge Elias Curtis Reuben Hatch Samuel Austin Vershire. Thomas Porter Asa Smithjr Nathaniel Jones jr Washington Daniel Peaslee Jacob Bliss Williamstown Cornelius Lvnde Jonathan Fisk Joel Bass ORLEANS CO. Albany In consequence of a The only survivinpg William Rowell Eli Chamberlin jr Barton letter beilgseven days member of this con Samuel Works John Kimball'Brownington to M ~coming f omBur6ilgton vention, and th( George Nye William Baxter to Middlebury, after it Charleston took ttle carl,'T iave to youngest one of the Jonas WVarren Coventry polt the contelits out of whole, is Peleg Redfield John Ide Craftsbury its proper l)lace. Samuel C. Crafts Roval Corbin Joseph Scott.b:amuel C., Crafts was- n Derby and bRegister of hrobate fr and he wa s the on William Howe Luther Nevcomb Glover - Orleants district fror ly member from Or- Timothy Lyman John Crane Greensboro Dec.1796 to Dec. 1815. leans Co. Danie! Timothy Stanley Sam. Woodman 2d Holland Ira H. Allen. froin 1815 Chipman,the mem Eber Robinson IrashunrIl tCo 1821. Sallmal Nve her fiom Rutland, Joshua Johnson r rorn 1821 to 18,25. Ira Lowell vi. Allen trom 18255 t died April 23, 1850. Asahel Curtis John Harding Morgan 1826. Jo!lni -1. Kimball aned 83, and David Ira Leavens Newport irom 1826 to 1836. For Whitney, from Ad- Josiah Rawson Troy enemainderse the prop- dison,May 10,1850, Henry Corey Charles Conant Westfield pace aged 93. Walter Stone Thos. Stoughton R UTLAND CO. Benson Asahel Smith Oliver Parmelee John Kellogg Braandon Nathan Danicls David Buckland John Conant Castleton Noah Lee " Enos Merrill John Mason Philadelphia Howard Mitchell Chittetlden Sarmuel Harrison Thomas Manley Wolcott H. Keeler Clarendon Jonathan Parker Seba French Linsey Rounds I)anby Daniel Sherman Daniel Sherman John Il. Andrus James M. Daniels Fairhaven Simeon Smith Mathew Lvon Ethan Whipple John P. Colburn IH-ubbardtotn Janna Churchill Ebenezer Wallis James Whelpley Seth Wallace Ira George Sherman James Herrenton Preserved Fish Mendon Zidon Edson Elisha Estabrooks Middletown Jonathan Brewster John Burnham.Jonas Clark David M'Clure Mount Holley Abraham Jackson Jed. Hammond Abel Bishop Mount Tabor John Stafford Gideon Tabor " Pawlet Lemuel. Chipman. Caleb Allen James Leach 13enjamin Fitch Pittsfield Erastus Holt Warner D)urkee Pittsford Thos. Hammond Augustine Hibbard Win. Harrington James Barlow Pouetney William, Ward Isaac Hosford John Stanley iAsalhel Pond l Rut and Nathaniel Chipman )aniel Chipman Wm. Det ison Robert Pierpoint Shrewsbury Emanuel Case David Holden Zidon EdEso Sherbu!ne; Nath'l M. Fuller Sudbury Joseph Warner Elijah Blake John Jackson Joseph Warner Tinmouth!John Spafford Orange Train Estus Barker Wallingford Asahel Jackson Joseph Randall' illiam Fox Eliakim H.Johnson Wells, Samuel Lathrop Aaron Mosher Westhaven Simeon Smith mains of the man are deposited, which the people of Rutland took so much pride to honor while living; anld he left no descendants, nor is there any one living that is able to tell those less important iten.s in his public life.' I.hope and trust for the lionor of the-town, that the State, County, or town will in some suitable manner raise something to his grave that will cominemorate his memory,

Page  105 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS.' 1 ORI.NGE CO. 1828 1836 1843 1850 Bradford Jesse Melrrill 2d Geo. W. Prichard Seth Austin John B.Woodward Braintree Lyman Kidder Elijah Flint Jefferson P. Kidder Levi Tracy Brookfield Filederick. Griswold " Noah Plaine Fred'k G. Bigelow Chelsea David Wiggoin John W. Smith H.E.G. M'Laug(lin Levi B, Vilas Corinth Peter Eaton George Sleeper William Spencer 3Fairlee Thomas Stratton Phinehas Bailey John M'Lane " Newbury Moody Chamberlin Tappan Stevens'. John E. Ch-ambei'lin Joseph Atkinson Orange Renuben White Luther Carpenter PrestonChambeilin Luther Carpenter Randolph Lebbeus Edgerton Calvin Blodgett Jacob K. Parish Philander Perrin Strafford Martin Barrett Nathaniel Morrill William Sanborn Royal IHatch Thetford Simeon Short Lym7an Fitch Abijah I-Ioward Jr Lymrln Hinckley Topsham Jonathan Jenness " " John W.Batchelder Tunbridge Nathaniel King Elijah Dicklinson Thomas S. Paine Zebina Whitney Verslire Geo. W, Maltby Simeon Bacon William Bnardman WaVshington Ass Burton Wrim. Huntington John Colbv Lyman Perigo WTest Fairlee Isaac Lyon William Niles Stephen Thomas Williamstown Jedediah. Smith B. Newcomb Darius Pride William L. Beckett ORLEANS CO. Albany Eli Chamnberlinjr Enoch Rowell Perley Hyde Nathan Bedee Barton,James May CC Horace Pierce Samuel A. Willard Brownington Amherst Stewart (" Elisha White.John F. Skinner ChaTleston Abner Allyn Ebenezer Cole Kelton Brackett Elijah Robinson Coventry Argalus Harmon Philip Flanders Charles Story [saac Parker Ctraftsbury Samuel C. Crafts Joseph Scott James A. Paddock Nathan S. Hill Derby Luther Newcom b Timothy Hinman ElbridgeG.Johnson John L. Edwards Glover John Crane Warren Sartwell Isaac B, Smith H. S. Bickford Greensboro Stephen Sherman cc Ezekiel Rand HamiltonStimpson Holland Eber Robinson Jason Hinman Jason Hinman Irasburgh hRoger Enos John IKellam George Nlye Thomhas Jameson Jay Madison Keith Walter Charlton Willard Walker Lowell Abel Curtis H W. W. Miller John Harding Andrew Dodge Morgan Rewell Cobb Ira Leavens Simeon Albee Samuel Daggett Newport Nathan Dag gett Asa B. Mioore Orville Dangett William Moon Salem Noyes Hoplkinson Samuel Blake Noyes Hopkinson Troy Samuel H. Hovey Frederick Fuller Ralph Chamberlin Frederick;Fuller Westfiel(l Luther Page Luke Miller Chester Coburn fairus Stebbens WVestmore Peter Gilman:' Thomas K. Bruce JRUTLA.NID CO, Benson Chauncey Smith. Rowland P.'Cooles Philo Wilcox Loval C. IKellogg Brandon Daniel Farrington Josiah'WX. Hale Edward Jackson Josiah W. Hale Castleton John Mason ISelah I. Mexrill Benj. F. Langdon Almon Warner Chittenden Jonas Wheeler |Thos P. Leonard Alvin Randall Capen Leonard Clarendon Ozel H. Rounds Linsev Rounds Silas W. Hodges Thomas Stewart Danby Andrus Eggleston James M, Daniels Galen J. Loc'ke ( Fairhaven Moses Colton Winm. C. Kittrcdge Abramn Graves' Hubbardton David Barber Pliny Holmes C. S. Rumsey Ira Leonard Mason " Russell Fish Lester Fish, Mendon Rufus Richardson Timothy Gibson Rufus Richardson Jonas Wheeler Middletown Allen Vail Jonathan Morgan Jonas Clark " Mount Holley Nathan T. Sprague David lFrench John Crowley,John B1ryant Mount Tabor Caleb Buffun. Gideon S. Tabor Azel Kelley BenjamiuB.Britton Pawlet Joel Simonds Nathaniel Harmon Geo. W Harmon Robert H. Smith Pittsfield WWm. R1. Blossom Erastus Holt John M'Collum Pittsford Caleb Hendee (C German F. Hendee cc Poultney John Stanley Joel Beaman Henry G. Neal John Lewis Rutland Robert Pierpont Solomon Foote Jonathan C.Dexter Shrewsbury John Buckmaster Noah Johnson William Matherson; Sherburne Josiah Wood RichardEstabrooks John Johnson Sudbury Barnard Ketchum John C, Sawyer ThomasJ.Goodricbh, Tinmouth Obadiah Noble jr " Payne Gilbert- E!iada Crampton Wallingford Amos Bucklin Mosely Hall Sam. M. Edgerton Harvey Button Wells Seth Blossom Westlev Clement. Nathan Francis Westhaven: JErastus Colman Oliver Hitchcock Curtis Kelsey James Forbes Debentures $6,330 6.1 $8,967 81' 14

Page  106 106 MEMBERS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. WASHINGTON ~O. 1791 1793 181 4 1'822 Barre iAsaph Sherman James Fisk Denison minitll Berlin Bethuel Goff Matlthevw Wallace Calais Samuel Fay Benjamin Page Duxbury Walter Avery Jesse Arms Edward Crossett Faystor l)aniel \Wilder Marshfield R Pobelt Cristv Lovell Kelton /Middlesex Seth l:'tnam I Rufus Ch-asnierlin " Montpelier lacob I)avis Joseph IHowves 1)arius Boy0den.Moretown a'Eleneze Hazeltine Rufus Clalpp Northfield Gilbert Itatch (liver Avefill Pllainfield 1L,ovel Kelton Joian Vincent Roxburv i arius Spaulding JonathanF. Ruggles Waitsfield Stephen Pierce NMaitlhias S. Jores W5arren,1 oscph Wr.IEldridge A r oe s ln.ising Waterblurv Ri.ichard Holden'i)an Carp'entcr lEzla Butler W5oodbpry John Brule lJoel Cilley WVorcester John Ridlon Allen Vail WINDHIIA CO, Athens James Shafter Thad's Alexander'Samuel Bayley ihbraham Ball 13rattleboro Gardner Chaindler Samuel Knight Samuel Elliott.Jonas Mann Dover l Reuben Deane Amos Rice ]Dummerstorn Jason Duncan Alexander CathernJonathan Huntlev Mal rs hall il Ier Grafton David Palmer kAmos Fisher.EbenezerBurgessjr William Stickneyjr Guilford Peter Briggs " ]John Phelps Joseph Boyden Halifax Benjamin Henry Jloseph llerlly Jamaica, Sainmie! Beriy Nathaniel Robbins Londonderry ilEdward A iken IBeujamin Baldwin LanIIem C: Pierce Marlboro'Jonas VWhitnev Gersheom C. Lyman Joseph Olds JI I. l. Winchester Newfane lCalvin Knowlton Luke Knowvlton Sylrvanus Shdrman i' Putney Ianiel Jewett John Campbell Phinelhas White Theophl's Crawford Rockinghanlm Elijah Lovwell David Sanderson Hlenrv y lake I Etleazer Alltec Somersett Svlvanius Prnmeleys Salnll.'oritlington Stratton' Sampson Bixby 1lichard ( ('olt T'owvnshind lJoshuna Wood iEphraim Wheelocl\ Ezekiel Ransom;Dana Bayley Vernon Jonathan. RIent |'Cyrus WYashburn Wardsboro Daniel leed'Asa Wheelock Westminster Stephenl R.Bradley Lott Hall Gideon Walner;lninuel MIasonr 5Wlitinghanl Isaac Lvman.Jabez Toster James'li oberts Wilmington'Tirnothy Castle Sil'as Axtel Jesse Swift Wi ndhiam j. Luther Stowell JAmos Emery WVINDSOR COO. Andover IMoses VWarner Samuel Manning iOliver Farrar Barnard' Silas Tupper'Aaron Barlow John Foster l'homas r iceenian Bethel Michael Fllvnn Joel Mar.ih Jonathan Marsh Bridgewater Benjamin Perkins James Southgate ilsaiah lRaymond Cavendish'Asaph Fletcher Uriel C. MIatch Chester'Daicel Heald iAaron Leland'Joshlfa Leland Hartford i Johll Clark sFrederick Marther |George 1'. Wales Hartland OIiver Gallup iGeorge Denison Elihu Luce'Simeon WVillard Ludlosrw Ai iA -sahel Smith I Norwich IDaniel Buck IPanl Brigham Plymouth iEphraim Moore Pomfiret William Pecry I': Ignatius Thomson Reading IAron Kimball Jonathan Shed Rochester Enoch Emerson I Enoch Emerson John Clihaffe:Rovalton Heman Durkee!Elins Stevens I)anicl Rix jr Sharon IlZacheiis Downer Jamnes Parker Springfield Simeon Stevens lLewvisR Mor-is Sec. Asahel Powers LTeonard Walker Stockbridge [John Whitcomb Elias Keyes Norman Webber Weathersfield Nath'l StouTghlton Paul Cook Armos Hulett Windsor Bonijamin Greene Stephen Jacob Jabez Delano Ruf us Root jr ood stocek I Benjamin Emmons.Jabez Cottle Titus Hutclhinsos,Jasper Hazen

Page  107 MIEMBER1S OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. 107 WA AS11NGTON CO, 1828 18 ]36 1843 1850 Blrre Peter Nichlols Alvin Carter Webber Tilden oJohn E. Palmer 1B, rrin Ebenezer Bailey Abel Knapp SheffieldlHaywardjl Joseph Ilill Calais Thomas Cole Shubael Wheeler Nelson A. Chase " Duxbury Ira Arms D)avid Belin Luther Graves jr Ariad E. Graves laystolln Peter D)rewsv 13enjaiin Davis ~Willard B. Porter Ei —st Montpelier JlIazen Lyfbrd M l rshline!d Josialh Hollister Horace IHolliBter fames Pilkin J'onatllan Goodwin \Middldesex Rufus Ch rmberlin i fWilliam X.HI-olden O. A. Chamberlain lMontpelier Stephen Foster Nahum Kelton Jelr'h T. Marston " Moretown David Belding Ira Carpenter Levi Spaulding Roger G. Bulkley Northlield Aios Robinson a Eiijah Smith jr Jesse Averill Moses Rohinson Pllainfield NNathaniel Bancrofi James Parmer Nathaniel Bancroft Nathaniel Sherman Roxbubry [Nathan Morse I Henry S. Boyce Thomas R. Shaw Waitsfield Jason Carpenter Matihias S. Jones Norman DIurant Benjamin Reid jr Warren Joseph A. Hyzer Artemas Cushlman Gideon Goodspeed Denslow Upham Waterbury Luther Cleaves Paul Dillingham jr Win. Carpenter Eliakimn Aller Woodlhutrv Ebenezer Bruce J. Toel Cilley Ira MI'Lond WVo!rcestelr Allen Vail Daniel Adams Allen L. Vail INDHAI Co.N D Acton:Nathan Fisher Athenls Ethalston Baylecy Abraham Ball jr Nathaniel Balclh Mark Ball B3rattleboro LJemuel A;hitney Samnuel Clark Henry Clark Calvin Townsley Brookline William Perry ",dson Hi(gins Hiram Whitney ])over Ebenezer Jonpes Lewis Hall Payette Perry Asaph Haskin; Dl)mmerston Jonathan I-Iln tley Samuel Knight John Clark Asa D)utton sGrafton William Stickncvjry " Benj. IH. Bridgman Abishia Stoddard (Guilford Aaron Barney v Elisha Field Barnard Lynde John Lynjde Halifax Sanford Plumb James L. Stark Robert Collins Timothy Larabee Jamaica Timotlhy Goodale A. Alpheus Kellogg Joel Holton Londonderry Luther Stowell'Curtis I-olbinson David Arnold Sern Pierce Marlboro Simeon Adams IPhiinehas Marthe] jr ". " Newfilne Martin Field AWalter Eager Charles K Field.:'Putnev John Campbell Pliniielias White David Crawford William Houghton R]ockilrIham Mlanasseh Divoll IEleazer Albee Daniel Kelloqg Jeremiah Barton Somr Isett Charles Morse JTon tlhan Pike Ephraim Rice loseph Morse Stratton Il.iehard Scoft Benjailin Thatcler D)avid Rice Amos Parsons Townshend Waitistlll R.R.nney William R. Shafter Johln Robelits; ~ernon Joseph Franklin,ijlah Stebbins N Yathan Wood WVardsboro Asa Wiheelock nelerv Whlleelock fIenry'Rice Westminster Ellery Albee Timothv Field Nathan G. Pierce David Gorhan Wrilitinghllm Elisha Putnam l)avid Cllase 2d E.osca F. Ballou " Wilmin-rton Lanc Forbes Charles IK. Field Pelley Bartlett Eleazer Gorham jr WVind i ham n Amos Emery W i " Williamn Hariis WTINI)SOR CO. Andover'Edward Sinre)s Joel Balch'Josepih Dodge jr [ohn Adams Baltimore Joseph Atlierton jJohn Pi-per LeviPiper 3Barnard T1uomas F]reeman 1,enezerRichmondlJoseph- B. Danfortl Daniel Aikens Bethel )Daniel Lilli3 James Wallace }Averill Burnett Calvin Morse Bridgewater Jamtns Topliff David Thomipson IIsaiahI RIavmond Ovid Thompson Cavendish Levi Jackman Saimon F. Dutton John F. Deane Chester Ruofus Bruce i Phine's O.Sargeant I E. Stoughton ~Ha rtfor ld (IWillis Lvyman Andrew Tracv John L. Ioveritg'Kartland. Aarlon Willard David H. Sumaer Eben M. Stocker " Ludlow Asahel Smith i i Sewtll Fullum Albxanler Barton hNorwich Aaron Loveland John Wrigh t Allba Stimson Plymoulth Asa Bri? — John S. Fullerton IaMoses Pollard jr Levi Slack P]oreflet Henry Hewrett l Martini D. Follett A. L. Chamberlin Reading lH-enry Conant John'Watkins Rufus Forbushll Rtochester Lvnan Emersoll John Chaffee " Artemas Cushman Royalton Franklin Hunter Jacob Collanmelr John S. Marcy I; Sh4aron Rahudolpfblus Brown Alex'r F. Bea'n Wooster Dowier Warren C. French Springfield Leonard Walker Nomlas Cobb Bezaleel Wood nWm. W. Whitnev Stockbridge Norman Webber Daniel Gayv jr J ifstin IMorgan Weathersfielil William Jarvis Ebenezer Shedd Daniel Bowen Wil:ism M.Pingrey Weston |Amos N. Burton Asa B. Foster Perkins N, Willey Stephen Smith WVestWindsor Satmucl Parker Windsor HTIorace Everett Asa Aikens Darius Jones Carlos Coolid/ge Woodstock Tit-us Hutchinson 1Oliver P. ChandlerlLyndon A. Marsh Nor-man Willianms

Page  108 108 CENSUS AT DIFFERENT TIMES. AJ)DISON CO. 791 1800 1810' 1820 1830 18s40_ 18501 MZAnEnRS OF CONGRESS FROM Addison, 401 734 1100 1210 1306 1232 l279 N N AM R, S. T EnTr. Avery's Gore, 13. 29[ 78 ~Avery's Gore, 13. 29 78~ Nathaniel Niles, 179]to 1795, Bridport, 449 1124 1520 1511 1774 148C 1393 Israel Smith, 1791 1797 ~r.stol,. 211 6651'1799 1051 1274 123] 1344 Daniel Buck, 1795 1799 ~r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nwath], Lyn{7710 1l 826 1163 1279 1120 1264 1164 1155 lathewlv5on, 1797 1801 ~~Cb~~~~rnwall, ~~Lewisre SmthMorr, 1797 1803 F'errisburgh, 481 956 16471 1581 182.2 175[ 2075 Lewis RLmith, 801 18M3 Goshen, 4 86 290 555 621 486 WInm. Chamberlain, 1803 1805 Granville, 101 185 324 328 403 54W 603 1 1809 1810 t~Iancock, 56 49 311 442 472 465 43 1 arii Chittenden, 1803 1813 HI ancock, 56 1931 4 7 45 401larmes Elliott, 1803 1801 Leicester, 343 522 609 548 638 607.596 Gideon Olii, 1803 1807 Lincoln, 97 255 278 639( 77( 1057 lamines Fisk, 1805 1809 Middlebury, 395 1263 2138 2535 3468 3165 3517 " 1810 1815 ames W41310 Jaes Witherill, 1807 1808 Monkon 450 88') 1248 1152 1384 1310 246 Samuel Shaw, 1808 18]13 New Hfaven, 723 1135 1688 1566 1834 1503 1663 iJona. HI. Hubbard, 1809 1810 Orwell, 778J 1386 1849 1730 1598 1504 1470 Wim. Strong, 1810 1815 Orwell, 6, "8011 Panton, 220 363 520 546 605 671 [9 1819.1821 ~~Ripton, ~15 42 278: 357 567 WmC. Bradley, 183 1815 8p2t3, 1827 Salisbury, 446 644'709 721 907 94 1027 Ezra Butler, 1813 1815 Shoreham, 721 1447 2033 1881 2137 1674 1601 /Picliaid Skinner, 1813 1815 Starksboro', 171840 Slarksboro', 40 359 726 914 1342 1263 1400 Chae Rich, 13 1815 Waltham, 247 244 264 301 283 271 1Luther Jewett, Weybridge, 175 502 750 714 850 797 804 Chaunccy Langdon, Whiting, 250 404 565 609 653 659 629 A"a on, _____ ____ __- ~ Charles MarIsl, 7267 147451 21613 21879 26503 2508.7 26550 I ohn Noyes, i, BENNINGTON CO. Ilemai Allen, of Col., 181 1819 03 Samuel C. Crafts, 1817 182 Arlington 991 1597 1468 1354 1207 103 1084 Wi. Hunter, 1817 1819 Bennington, 2377 2243 25i24 2485 3419 3429 3923 Or'samus. C. Merrill, 1817 1819 Dorset, 958 1286 1294 1359 1507/ 1432 1700 Mak Licards, 1817 1821 Glastenbury, 34 48 76 48 52 53 52 EZ eech, 1819 181 1825 12 Landgrove, 31 117 299 341 355 345 337 Ro C. Mallary, 1820 1831 Manchester, 1276 1397 1502 1i508 1525 1590 1782 Els Keyes, 1821 1823 Peru, 71 130 239 314 455 578 567 John Mattocks, 1821 1823. (C &C ~~~1825 1823 Pownal, 1746 1692 1655 1812 1835 1613 1740 18425 18427 1825 1.8-2 Readsboro', 64 234 410 5301 662 767 85 Pines hite 1841 1843 Rupert, 1033 1648 1630 1332 1318 1091 1101 r).A.A. Buck, 1823 1829 Sandgate, 773 1020 1187 1185 933 777'8501 fenryOlin, 1824 1825 Seartsburgh, 9 40 120 201 Geo E. Wales, 1825 1829 Bchjafinnsbift, 1827 18:1 $haftsbury,. 1999 1895 1973 2022 2143 1835 1896 njaminia., 1827 1832 186Jona. Hunt, 1827 1832 Stamford, 2722 373 378 490 563 662 833 Wm. Cahon, 1827 1831 Sunderland, 414 557 575 496 463 437 479 Horace Everett, 1829 1843 Winhall, 155 202 429 428 571 576 762 eman Allen, of M., 1832 1839 William Slade, 1831 1843 Woo oc! ford) 00 138'2541' 21% 395 487 423 Hila~nd i1-Intl, 18133 1843 H Allen, or' M., ~~~~~18'33 1835 12254 14607 15893 15925 17443 16827I 18587' Boiij. F. Demning, 18:33 1835 Henry F. Janes, 1835 1837 ~~~~~CALEDONIA~ ~ CO. ~~iliaac Fletcher, 1837 1841 Bradley Yale, 21 50 107 Jo4h Smith, 1839 1841 Barnet, 477 860 1301 1488 1764 2030 2522 Agestus Young, 1841 1843 ~~~~~Burkc~~1, 985614 6 9 13Geo. P. Marsh, 1843 1849 Slmoimoot66 971103 S Fot1843 1847 Cabot, 122 349 886 1032 1304 1440 1356 William Henry, 1847 1851 Danville, 574 1514 2240 2300 2631 2633 2578 Paul Dillin'haiai, 1843 1847 Deweysburgh,, 48 152 200 Jacob Collamer, 1843 1849 ~GoshenGoreNortl, 64 105 - 142 6183 Ltci8s Bn. Peck, 1847 1851 -oshen~oeNorb Ah.imani L. Miner, 1851 it a South, 44 32 Win. slebard, 1849 Groton, 45 248 449 595 836 928 895 lames Meaham, 1849 Harris Gore, 16 8 Tlsoa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~nas Bartlett, jr..,, 1851 Harris Core 16 Tho Hardwick, 3 260 735 86`7 1216 13542 1403g s t Y g Kirby, 20 3111 312 401 520 5094 Lndon, 59 2542 1090 12 9 1822 1753 52 Newa rk, 8 88 154 257 360 434 Peacham, 365 873 1301 1294 1351 1443 1377 Ryegate,' 187 415 812 994 1119 12238 1606 St. Johnsbur, 143 615 1334 1404 1592 1887 2758 Sheffieldl, II 1 170 388 581 720 821 997 Sutton, 31l46 433 697 1005 1068 1001 W alden, 431 153 455 580 827 913 910 Waterford,. 631 565 1289 1247 1358 1388 1412 Wheelock, o 32 568 964 906 834 881 856 21 61 7556 14800 16393 19924 2389 1 23599 " " Southl / W in.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Page  109 CENSUS AT DIFFERENT TIMES. 109 CfITTESDEN CO. 1791 1800 1810 1820 lel:3 1840 1950' DAVID.OBINSO)N. Ba:cls Gore.18 18 This man was horn in HardBolton 88 220 249 306 452 470 602'1 -kc', Mass., N~ov. 22,1;1 andtl BuIrlington 332 815 1(690 2111 3226 4271 7585 i Charlotte 635 i231 1679 1526 1.702 1620 1 634: vas anearly resident of BenColchester 137 347 657 960 1489 1739'2593' uiington and a soldier in the Essex 354 7310 957 1089 1664 1824 20592 minemorable hrttle in that town, H inesburgh 454 933 1238 1332 1669l 1682 1834a hold the llunillgton 167 4015 514 732 929 914 885' A ucust 16, 17. He l the Jericho 381 728 1185 219 1651 1685 1837 fhie of Sheriff of that county Milton 282 786 1546 1746 2100 2134 241511 From 1787 to 1810, with the exRichmond 718 935 1014 11.09 1054 1453 ception of two years, making'22 Shelburne 389 723 987 936 1123 1098 1257 St. George 57 65 68 120 135 121 127i years, which is a longer time Underhill 65 2)12 490 633 1052 1441 1599i han that office Ihas been held W.estfbrd 63 647 11)7 1025 1290 1.352 145s by any other person in the Walliston -471 836j ].15 12610 W ~liston 471 836 11395 1246 11608 1554 16693 State. He was United States' 144V 15995 21292 32977 290541 Marshall eight years, a Major Averill9 ] 7 General in 1812, and a member Averill J'2'2~ 7 Blooinfield 27 144 132 150 179 2441 of the Constitutional ConvenBriahton 105 157 1931 tion of 1828. He died at BenBrunswick 66 86 143 124 160- 130 119 ninton, Dec., 1843 aced 89 Canaan 19 74 232 277 373 378 471' Concord 49 322 677 806 1031 1024 11.53 Easthaven 30 34 79 94 GEN. SAMUEL FLECHER Granby 69 120 49 97 105 127 Was born in Grafton, Mass., Guildhall 158 2196 544 529 481 47,) 501 in 1745 At the age of sevenLemnington 31 52 132 139 183 124 1871 te age of sevenLanenlburgh 119 393: 714 856 1054 1130 11231 teen hlie enlisted as a soldier in Maidstone 125'' 152 177 1.66 236 271 237 the old French war, and served VictorY 53, 140 18 Victtrv 6 53 140~ ~ 168' one year. On his return hp, Wenlock 24 28 96'~ Venlock -4 28 9~'2942 learned tile trade of a Black57 14~71 -2UT —ci 6 46501 2~~~~FRA/N~'~~KLIIN CO. 4- I0 45 smith and followed it four years. FRAN~tJrKN Co. Avery's Gore 11 2a2 35 48 8when he married a young lady Bakersfield 13 222 812 945 1087 1258 152:3 with a handsome property, and, Berkshire 172 918 831:1308 1818 1957 resigning tile sledge, removed to Eno.burgh 143 704 93 1560 2022 921).) ] Fairtfax 254 786 1301 159 1729 1918 211 Townsend to wield the axe aFairfield 1-29 991 1618 1573 2270 2448 259'21 mong the trees of the forest On Fletcher 47 200 3.2 497' 793 1014 1184 the commencement of tie war Frank!in 46 280 714 631 1129 1410 1647 in 1775, hejoined t Am ican Georgia 340 10)68 1760 1703 1897 2106 2688 id the America Highgate 103 437 1374 1250 2038 2292 9653 Standard at Bunker Hill, as orMlontgoinery 36 2'37 293 460 548 1007 derly sergeant. IHe returned to Itichford 113 440 440 704 914 1075 Townshend in January, 1776, Sheldon 110 408 883 927 1427 1734 1814 where he s chosen captarin of St. Alhans 256 91)1 1609 166 where 1 was cosen captain of St. Albans 2250 9 1636 0395 0028 357;2; Swantot 74 858 1657 1607 2158 231 Militia. Bein a prominent A137 Tl,7 14409 14635 2097n7 2ij ( Mai, he was ordered to iraise as GRAND ISLE Co. many miiute met, as possible Ahradgh 446 750 1106 112 1239 1344 1568 in his vicinity, to be ready to Grand Isle 337 680 826 898 648 724 666 Isle La Mott 47 - 135 338 312 459 435 470 arch at the beat of the dru. North Hero 125 3294 552 503 638 716.31 His whole company volunteerSooth Hero 200 600 623 842 714 664 705 ed, and in 1777 they marched -2gev i 34d5 l7e7 3701 38-3 4 to Old Ti, for the aid of the A: -1~~~~1 198 18 of the7 LANOaLLE Co. ierican army there besieged. Belvidere 217 198 185 -07 256 ercnam tir Cambrid~e 359 733 990 1176 1613 1790 1849 On this expedition with 13 voliderti r,29 224 201' 461 703 668 lunteers, he attacked a British Elimore 12 45 157 157 442 476 504 force of 40 men, killed one and Ilydepark. 43 lit 261 373 823 11)80 1107 took seven prisoners, without Johnson 93 255 494 778 1079 1410 1381 t hisownmen. He soon MAlan sfield 12 38 60 -9 2 Manrr~sfield 12 38 60 979 213 loss to his own men. He soon Morristown 10 114 550 726 1315 1502 14411 after received a Major's com~Sar~ ngr~ I 316 1~ 6502 ~131 183 193 233 mission, and continued in the Stowe'v:' 316 6190 257 1570 1371 177] service till after the capture of Waterville 15 51 19 -3 48 60 379 ~Wolco~tt 1 32l47 12 4.1231 492 910 0o9 Burgoyne. After his return l1 Wolcott 32 ~1 T -3 4 S Mg n 5 -64 ~ — 1 5153 693 410475'"-a r5ose to the office of Majuor Gen. eral of Militia. He was the first representative from Townsiend, in the first legislature holden after the adoption of the first Constitution in 1777, and was twice re-elected, and at the last election he was chosen Councillor also, and held that office till 1790, and two years afterwards, 13. In 1788 he was chosen Sheriff of thile county, and held that office in succession 18 years, the longest held by one person in the State, in succession. He was two years or more Judge of the County Court. LIe died Sept. 15, 1814, aged 69 years.

Page  110 110 CENSUS AT. DFPE]RENT T-IES. O:AP,: co. 191 M 16os'18': 18990 1 ST0 18.40 185 H L H-EMAN LOWRY, il,.adfurd, (t;'ti iw) 1e~ 2i', -52 1411 I'55 Of Jeiicho, was a member of Ilrmi'rec OMI ~~~~ ~ ~~~~~3i, 543 0 12 19 3 17 4 53(y~ 31i S5( 10 1679 1738 9.... die L egislature one car,.nd 10 Br,.,k field, 421't~~~~~ 988 135.: 57' 16-,7 178n 1'66e~ C:.'J9O8 13!>.7 1462 1955. 195 ars United States Marshall,,, 114.d 18i76 1907 1953 1970 19370 ad held the office- of Sheriff of airlee,.233 3 9112 644 7 dhe eount-i 18 years, the lon-est Newvbitry. 8 n -~~~131-4 136')' 10)2 2 2,5o 9 Newbutry, 1~3..3.t. 1 3'ti 1;23j 10125 2578 E93 of any one in that county.'Ie RaJudnip8, 8 9. q 181'2i55[ 9..7 2 t3 2378. died at Burlington, where lie re-,&;afford, 845 164'2 1805 1 9)! 1.935 1769 1543 -ided a number of years, some Thettbrd~' ~. 569 14781 17351 1.915 11 3'265 9) 9'1"6 or 8 years sin"ce.'t1) II, 16'2 344' 814 10)1 1984 1745 1 6o8e Tuedbiidg'e, 487 13'4j 1640 i2993t 1921 1811 1786 Vr'.1,: i re, 439 10311 1311 1 ) 160 119 1070 JONATHANBE Washiteton, 70 5600I 1040 1160 1:(74 1359 13:48 Of Rutland, is the next on West Fail-lee,:10 391i 493 571 841 8'4 the list and was Sheriff of the Wilbiamistown, 146 839 1 353 11 1487 169 1459 county 16 years, and has lont, 7'354 1'e~irs ~ —~7-211 5T4-'i'~ 7- occupied a small piece of land ORLEANS CO. Albany, 121 101 253 683 920 1056) in the briryinig ground a little Barton, 128 447 372 706 892 9-37 North ofRutland village. Brownington, 65 9236 2'5 41'2 486 6192 Charleston,' 7 ] O 90. 564 731.I 1038S Coventry, 7 17851'se 735 796 57 JOSEPH Craftsbury, 16 29 566 605 9'2 1151 12931 Of Craftsbury, comes in for a De.rby, 178 714 9315 1469 18811 1751 short notice, liy having held the Gl0ver, 36] -3871 549J 9102 -119j 137 ofce of Sheriff of Orlens9Cu Greensboro, 19! 89, 566 625 78.1 883 8 G ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~0:~fieo hrf fOleansboro, J~ltii,12 109 4992 605 639 for a longer term than any othIrasburgh, 2 15 392 439 6 31 er, 14 years. He was seven years.iav~'~~~~~~28 ~ 521 196! 3P 7 aue Lowell, ~0 139 t 431 617., a memnber of the Legslatusi 40, 139}:3 0 41 63 Mosr'ean, o ll 6 14 ie year a member of the Counen e, N 14l 531 716 cil of Censors and two years a a3 1.9 45 mniieroe of Constitutional ConTrov~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 3 23 3.Oi'7 60g/ 553 1[).. W'ie~tiel, 16,.2 ass/Hi Jseh T.roy, 391 23 3I 1277 611 5:,5 ventions. and Judge of Probate.1 16 1491 225-_:157 1 8 70/512' Westrield, 16 18 3.2 N.~2 15:~ six years. He died'about 1841. Westrorh, was elected 3 10904' 4593~ 5457 10347 J.3331 so5ws7lete C4Fws Clerk in 1629, in room of Benson 658 116 156.1 1481 14093 14031 305 Governor Crafts, who had held Brandon 6 37 1.180 13751 1495 19461 2194 2835 that office since 1792, and is the Castleton B 8001 1039 140 1541 1.783 1769 oresent Town Clerk The town.Chi..tlenden &Phit.I lSSI 45 651.5.01 oi _ ave had but two clerks, both'Chittenden & Phil. 198w450h651i508 610 644 G~~~ofwl~ich are novi living, 1751. Clarendon 1478 178 91 797 1 1 8 149147(01Joseph Jr., was two) years a. a~~~~ 14 8 3'7 1)anb~v' 11206 1487 1730' 1607' 362 1379) 1536 meintier of he Legislature and Faairhaven 280 411 645i 7t4i (6715[ 633 902lias held manv ibnporta~.t town Hubbardion 404 64Il 734' 810' 865i 71.9 701<offices of various k1nds. Miarira, 3121 473 519 498 4421 431 400 vey Sco't, which I pi esume is a Mendon 34 699'I 11 74 4.32) 545 504 so0 of the Sheriff, took the ofMidutletown 91066 1207' 1039 919 1 876 f cea of Sheriff ono ye father's time expired, and held i~~l~ount l~~~t,~l'lv~ 65 81 9.-22i 11oi Il','Io 1.. 6[ 153~.. Mounit TaborI16II153! 209 ~ 210 2290 it eleven year So it seems 165 153'~~~~~~~ 2092. 2,,.210 26 2 U lta ofi'3"0"9: " rb14658 153320 that office is hereditary in the,P 145819382233 9155} 1965 174858 183{:1fatally Pittsfield /9 1641 33}45131 0 Pittsford S50 14051 19 31 1916 20051 192 7 202'7 CALVIN FLETCHER, Poultniey 11!'1 1697] 1905'9-5o 1.909'-, 18'7 2''2330. Of Grand Isle County, wva. Rutland 1 J407 2124, 2 379 9 2' 3 e Sherburne 32!. 90 116i 154'402i 49 9'7 oftheLergslatureonce. WhethShrewsbury~~~~~~~~~~ 2,1 9"{8 9911 115491 7 128: r s y 33 78 18 168er dead or living, is unknown to y~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ tile cornp)lier Sifbury 268! 521 7534 809 812 796 794t 9-35! 973 1011 10 4 81 7801 7171A Wallingford 536i 912! 13861 1 0rs the frst person that caie Wells.' 622~ 988' l~iQI 9861 580 140 801 ato dl with a View of Westhaveu 2651 340. 6.79' 684 7241 774 1 ettling, ill 11766, hut soon:iban Welshae loned it In 1773 hie, eatiie0 a,I47 2248s2763, 282 29 [3"9195i33066 aine arid wyis droye twth heo'748 27'8 224 7 12.9 72,1215'36~;i.a4wsaer with I.lle

Page  111 CENSUS AT DIFFERENT TIMES. 111 WASHinGTON CO.~ 1.7911 1800 1810I 1820 1830 18 10. others in 1776. In 1784 re -turned the lhord tile, and re. lBarre 16 919 I 6691 195.5 2012 2126 18415 Hnlairled till his death in An;r Berlin 134 685 1067 1455 1664 1598 10 1 82. Ie wa9 a C; aptain in tile Calais 45 443 841[ 1111'15:39: 1.709 1411 P evolutionarv war, and, ay r 3c252 2riouns things ate amons' his 1i 68,ecolds in thi Town Clerk's (oft East. Montpelier ice. He, Joshna Hyde and Falysto n 18 149 2~" 5 458~ 635[ 684 itephen G(oodrieh, were the first Marshfield 1 172 51' 3 71 1271 11361 11 02i 4eleetnien ltchosen in town, in Middlesex 60 262 401 7 21 11551 1 270j 136.511787, and all lived till 1829. Miiontpelier 118 890 1877 7 2,30t 29853 3725 231 0:fie,as 12 years Sheriff of the Moretown 24 191 405 593 8061 1128% 1335 Ounty, and held some other of No'rthfield 401 204 496 66911 1412~ 2 0 1 3'992' icesin. town. In theote ier connPiaintield I 256 5431 66tl/ 8741 8801 b i'es the Sheriff's teri of office Roxbury 14 1 13 361! 512 7i 78 967 was shorttor, Nathan Fuller, of 5~a~~~~~~~~~~~~~~14 1itsfei 36177.3'7 410 Caledonia. held it 11 years. W ai t s fiel1 d Gi1 4 73 6471.9 O"';5 958; 1'i48 1 -I IVksaph Flatcller, jr., of Windsor, Wtirren 58 229 ~1 76 61 949, 962o 13nd Joseph Edson. of Orang1e, Waterbury 93 644 966! 1960 1650j 199l 2 3o w arWoodbury 23 2581 432 8264 1092 107o shall 6 yeatrs. Prince B. 1-Hall, Worcester 225 411 44 43) 5:9 10' l, Prattilktt Greeileaf Webb, i-____:of Essex, and John Peck' of 5529 __ 0_71 9.144. 20196 23506 24649 Washington, 8 each, and till WINDHAM- Co. N~~~~~~~~~~~i~tI oriC iti JLaiaoillc twvo each. Acton, 49 131 5Of 2904' 17'! Athens, 40 41G 45 450 47E.'5051 4. 35. Brattteboro, 1589 1861 1891 99j.2 ~341 o30 GOV. ISRAEL SMIT3H. Brooklitte. 47 43 34 1 37C A few yeats stinec I was at Dover, 079 61 81 133c 831 7. c R 1tlad ot bustness aod spent Durnmerston, 1,50 1 I69 17034[ 165[', — 1 E21.:"5ii!'s rl Girafton, 5661 1149 1355 14,q214 3!44 3: I7 nsnaI ctistornt took a walk'to the 561 1. 12 S JlahteefJ!~a sm Guilford, 9419' 93. 18'2 18'9 1791 1.535 13 I Ilalifax, 1309 1600 1758 156711 a 539 199 11il3t-ryn3" ground I s0-on Nline Jaairaiiiea,'3 582 99113litI 15)5 158C[ 1607 to the gnave stone of Ex. Gov. Londonderry, 3t.331 631/ 958/ 13a0- 111 19 Ittartharo, (i29 1087 1945 1031' 12t4, 891' [intsrael Smith, who had filled a.Marlboro, 69 1,8 25 1~,' 10')27/8.Ne, ftme~~t30[ 1, 1,_37,t l. Sh. 144! ].4:'] 1,,,-Hpag'o of his country's h.istory Newfaete, 6TO 10'W) 191 37 151.3 14431 149 136 pgeo5isCnti lttr Putncy, 184[ 1;5i4 1167' 157 1)15 I 131q/ I,: I with honor to himself. lie g'radRockini'hamr, 193)1 16,1 1951 9.., 93311 263-I iated at Yale Colle:r in 1781, Soinustt, ~~~~~~~~~~~Il 133 19 7. V 15 9 R 3, Smners'i~tit, - 111} 9/) 95 _3-' 34!istudieAt law andt removed to RuS9tratton, 9."3 271.[.').5.27~1 31) 34T I S, owitsherid, G67ii' 108'31 1. 5] 140f1 13836 15.5 5;perttin 1783,an., comm'enced his Veot, itt48ei 44 0 5'1 9~f6'po0essitli.'In 1 7 Q85, s9 W'Ili ort'11, 481? 18 1,53''1 11(11i2tat 90 lie represented the town V.1/"tiniDnste', i 1' 942 1925 197=1! 1731 15581 t tt,13'2l,of [u13ert in the, Legislature, W~hitinghiam, 6442 1(38i 868 1 ~ 18 397'1477] 19 645ti0451.; 11- 33n 1391 r 1I9. 137 Mld i 1 91 removeri to R:ZutWitidtiam, 4)-9 / 9' 847 7 76517 and and in 1797asi chosen a WINDSOR Co. 176931 03581'6314 -51 91 18 27449 -s 2.81-6 tpies en t'ati v in. the General Wt3 —5Oti o00..i, Assembly. lie was in itogh reAn'dover, 9 15 10 9 57 1ook'975 877'7 5),to as a lawrer, and sneh.was Baltitoro, 17 237 1559121 Ilainard, 67l23 1041 4 34 1 91 1) 177'-1647 the es.tin-ation of his talents t. lat BethleI, 47131 91 11.I I'tF3 1861in' 188r 173' in I 7) he was chosen, together'Bridgewater, 2931 791 1419 It. 13 131) 139 131) with such toted men as Isa a c C3aveiidisti. 491, 9321 13!)5i 1551 180 1 42/ 1786 Titcheor, Stephen R. Bradley, Chester,' 9811 1880 0)701 924919 9335', 30:' / Hartford, 98? 149 1831? 3t 2)44 219'N 2)59 Nathaniel' Chipmean, Elijah Htartland, 16521 19"59 23" 5 Ludltow, 1791 4'0"'38. 73 Paine, it Allen and Stephen udlorwic, i791 409} 77 11.4..-' loa3l 13-16:?! 1619 Jacolb Commissioners,to adrjust A~orwicb., 11.58!1t487I{ N 11[ 19 85 2 3 t; 521U [ 197.q PIin311 3. 4 3g 197 the controversy between VerPoln fret, no! no0 161 18131 177151 1109on merit and New York. In 1791 Rt e ad i itig, 7471 11913 1565 13 t. 141w.1363 1171 he was a member of the ConrRochlster, 15 5:93 911 114 [ 131 1.39f: 1493 vention, that assented to, antd alRoyaltoui, 748 1498 1738 18i) 1893 1 8 Sharon, 549 14798 13133 143) 1039 117) 1950 dopted the United States Con. Springfiehl, 1097`138 1 25.9551 7 07.'2749J 962.5 9276;0 stt'tuton, preparatory to its beStatbtide 11)9 424 71311 90 1333 1418 13727inmo admitted intto the Union asq Weathersfield, 1146 1946 6215 92332 2213 20S) 1851 85[aSae which was accomrpl ish-e'd Westoit, 1-1 620 89C 972 1039I95) was accomplishe1032 I. Windsor 1002tile'saae y ear. Vermont being W }IN 15,t~J I- 221, 4 i757 295f. 3134! 52744l I Witrttt, 1 19.2" entitled to two. representatives Woodstock, 1605 0130 267 2132601 3044 3315[ 3041)ii Contgress, Gov. Smith was.-T18 0 989 ysf 15 694 di J 3 12-1i 6ioson for the western district

Page  112 112 CENSUS. AGGREGATE BY COUNTIES. COUN'TIs. I 17911 1800 1810 1820 1830 184G 1850 Addison. 7267 14745 216i3 21879 65 03 3 25587 2655c Betlllinirton, 12254 14607 15893 15925 17443 16S27 18557 Ca~le~donia, 21.61 7556 148()0 16392 19924 21891 23599 Chitteinden, O875 9346 14497 15995 21202 22977 29054 Essex, i 567 1471 2942 3112 3948 4226 4650 Franklin, j 1372 6525 14409 14635 209 77 24531 28706 Grand Isle, 1155 2489 34/5 3727 3701 3883 4140 Lamnoille, 564 1751 4020 5153 8930 10475 10955 Orlange, 7354 16318 21 24 24114 27258 27873 27285 Orleans, 3 7 1064 4593 5457 10887 13834 15707 Rutland, 14787 22448 27638 28247 29723 29195 33066 Washington, 844 5529 10719 14413 20196 23506 24649 W indham, 17693 2'3581 26751 2.457 28788 27442 28972 Windsor, 15748 26969 34877 38233 406 23 40356 38521 Total, 85478 154;399 217921 235740 280103 292103 314441 Thle following is all I have been able to obtain in relation to the District Court and its Officers. DISTRICT JUDGES. Charles Davis ftorn 1841 to 1845 Nathaniel Chipman from 1791 to 1793 Charles Linsley froin 1845 to 1849 Elijah Paine from 1801 to 1842 Abel Underwood floem 1849 Sanuel Prentiss from 1842 - MARSHALLS. DISTRICT CLERKS. John Willard from 1801 to 1810 Frederick Hill filom 1791 to 1799 David Robinson from 1811 to 1818 Cephas Smith jr from 1801 to 1809 Heman Allen of C., fiom 1819 to i823 Jesse Gove from 181 0 to 1842 Joseph Edson from 1823 to 1829 Edward H. Prentiss from 1.842 - Heman Lowry from 1829 to 1835 DIS'rRICT ATTORNEYS. George W Barker from 1835 to 1837 David Fay from 1801 to 1809 Hleman Lowry from 1837 to 1841 C. P. Van Ness froml 1810 to 1812 William Barron fromn 1841 to 1845 Titus Hutchinson from 1813 to 1820 Jacob Kentjr from 1845 to 1849 William A. Griswold from 1821 io 1829 John Pettis from 1849 Daniel Kelloga from 1829 to 1840 in 1791, and twice afterwards. During his third term in Congress, in 1796, he became identified with the rising republican party, by voting against the appropriation of ftunds to carry into effect Jay's Treaty. This heinig unsattisfactory to a majority of his constituents, Mlathew Lyon was chosen a member in room of Gov. Smith. In 1797, the Legislature, of which he was a member. elected him Chief Judge of the Supreme Court. He was a noble looking man, and got the name of "the handsome Judge." At the Vergennes Slaughter in 1.798, Gov. Smith was not re-elected. In 1800 he was again chosen a member of Congress which he held one term. and at the end of which he took his seat in the United States Senate in March, 1803, which office he resigned on being chosen Governor of the State in October, 1807. While Governor he called the attention of the Legislature to the mode of punishment then existing, and t( his influence was the present penitentiary system adopted. He held the office but one year, during which his health was much impaired. His grave stone was worded so different from most others, that I took a copy of it, and is as follows: "The Honorable Israel Smith, born at Suffield, Connecticut, April 4th, 1759, and died at Rutland, Vermont, Dec. 2d, 1810. No lengthened scroll, no praise encumbered stone, My epitaph shall be my name alone; If that with honor fail to crown my clay, Oh! may no other fame my deeds repay. That, only that, shall single out the spot, By. that remembered,, or with that forgot."

Page  113 $STATISTICAL VIEWAV OF THE 1851 WITH A LIST OF THE LIVING COUNCILLORS AND SENATORS'OF THE - STATE, AND THE, FIRST REPRESENTATIVE OF EACH TOWN, WHO:-.ARE NOW'LIVING, AND.SOME ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS IN THE.FYOREGOING PAGES, TO WHICH THIS IS A SUPPLEMENT, AND THE COUNTY OFFICERS FOR 1851-2, AS FAR AS ARE - CHOSEN. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT:-1851lo;. -' STATE OFFICERS. Politics. Whlere and wlen born. Occupatioii. ld. g. term in le,,g. His Excellency, CIMS's K. VI'L.T- Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jan 24, LIAINt S, Rutland, Governor, w.1782, attorney Riker's 11 9 GEORGE HOWES, Treas., Mlont- Montpelier, November.14, i814, pelier, W cashier Howes' 5 FERRAND F. MERRILL, Secre- Montpelier, October, 24, 1814, tary of State, Montpelier, w a. ttorney MerilrPs 16 F. W. HOPKINS, Adj. & Inspec. Pittsford, General, Rutland, w county clerk Riker's 17 R. F. ANDREWS, Sec. of Civil & Westfield, Ohio, May 27, 1825, Military Affairs, Cavendish,.- W- attorneW Colby's 2 F. E. WOODBRIIDGE', Auditor of. Vergennes, August A 9s,'1819, Accounts, Vergennes,' w - attorney Pay. 23 3'LUTHER CRQOSS, Sergeant at Swansey, New Hampshire, October-7,.. - A Arms, Montpelier,.w 1802, m merchant Cross's 5 JOHN E. BADGER,. Assistant & Ne,wv Market, New Hampshire,,May.,4, Stationer, Montpelier, w 1795, hatte. Badger's 7 GEO. NICHOLS, Lib., Northfield, w Northfield, Apr. 17, 1827, physician, 0, Smith's 3 F.: F. HOVEY, Ass't,: Montpelier, w Thetford, Jan. 16, 1827,, mred. studefit'Ellis's 2 G.F. HOUGH TON, Ag'tfor Inter-;Guilford, May 31, 1]820,national' Exchanges, St. Alban~s, w:. attorhey Pav. 25 4 sENATE DEPARTMENT. OFFICERS. Politied. Where and whenborn. Occupation: lodg. term in leg Hon. JULIUS CONVERSE, of Strafford, Connecticut, December 27,,Woodstock, President, w 1798;: - attorne, Pay. 21 10 SAMUEL M. CONANT, Brandon, Sec- Brandon, November 22, 1890.:.:" r-retay,. -: -edi-tr.W Howes' 3 WILLIAMI M. DIcKERMAx, Cov'en. B- uB/rke, August 13, 1820,.try,'t Secretary, w attorney" Riker's 10 3' - 15

Page  114 '114 SENATE. ADDISON COJNTY-. -. —.-....SENATORS.;. i d42 i iee;inSwlien born. Oecupation. lodg. term. EDWARD SEYMITOUR, 26, 1811, farm Pav.'26 4,BELA HIIOWE, Shoreham, 30 W'Shorieha; May 7, 1804, farm Riker's 22 4 BENNINGTON COUNTYL-;...WM. BIGELOW, Berninton. 927 w MiddletoVn Nov. 1791, PhYs Pay. 20 1'-IRA K. BATCHELiDER, Peru, 28 w Mt. Vernon; N. H., Ded. 11; 1811, farm French 41 3 -CALEDONIA COUNTY. WM. MATTOCKS, Peacham, 5 fd Pecham, June 20, 1818, atty & farm Silver's 3.:E rai. C:40:ERLIN:Lypdon,.; 6:.d WheelocI, May 4, 1808, farm Union 9 2'-CHITTNDEN COUNTY. -::;!;: HEr.MAN BARSTOW, Shelburne, 24 w Shelburne,* April 11, 1i79, farm Burn. 20 3 A. G. WBITTEMORE, Milton, 25 w: White Creel, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1797, atty Pay. 31 5 ESSEX COUNTY. J}qR.;~N wE6Y, Guildhall, 7 w Hanover, N. H., Dec. 5,'94 far& phys Dewey's 10 H.a X-.E;: R E,JBer. B.kshire, 1J n l1 9,,: un.14, atty;Pav. 26 5 GEORO.rIQE:'wantop,, I" 1(;' Stwnant6 March 5s i1791, i farm French 43 a HARMON NO1iow. irfield, 1'Fa - ifleId, Jdrie I 1796"' *in French 43 1 GRAND ISLE COUNTY.................. DAVID MARVIN, West Alburgh,i d a Aiu,:'ilrgh:, ecl. 2,1813, clergy E. J. Scott's 2 LAMOIbLLE COUNTY. GEORGE W. Bi;EY, ElmOre;- 10-.fd-Belins July 27,.178,. farm Burn. 2 3 ORANGE C:U -NTY: —-....... GRo. P. BALDWIN, Bradford, -4^ - 4:B:- rd, B Jnfdd -Ja. 22,: 1i.808,'i farm Union 1 4 PHINEHA'S 6Mq'TTONWV g'nd'P 12: fld Randolph,; Feb. 22, 1790,. f:rm Union I 1 -B;N. T~r R"RJr., Washingtn, 23 fdCorinth, April4, 5.ib:O. mech Jiin I 1 ORLEANS8 COUNTY U.N M -- H':NRY;DM. HlATES, Irasburgh; 29 w Hartland; July 3, 1809,:: ca. hier Ai.:er's 12 (G.UTLAND COUNTY.oi'HN CiowLEY, Mount Holy, 18 vw i Mount:Holly, My;2,1i805, phys Fiench35 7.JAA.. K HYPDE, Sudbury, 2Q w'::Hydpark N,'ov. i1'-9 "ii i'" i & fari Pav. 20 i~IEtA' L'rA'Xi", Danby..19 w Danby, Dec. 14, 1792, farm Eagle 11 2 ASW.E GTON C- O UNT Y.:; 4i i - — t.T Y.'CHaS.G., sMAN, Montelier, 8 d Fryburg, MIe.Juine,,. 186, i.;edito Eastman's I JNO..K.-lITiHsBarre,;' 9".xbridge, Mas,-l. y:.l:i7,O - m vUnion 5 4 WIN]DHAM` C,0OU.NTY.A;i I:/NT-7WIoRTH jr.; R'ki'gh'm,:w..i Alstead.' HApil 4:1797;:meriehPav. 32 6 J.JoHNRI:Bixia-.Battejr o',.-.:.:.. rattI'boro', Feb. 3, 1794: merka-Dr Sp'ldg"s 3 itRA Gi'nhiUE, Westminsteir,' 3 i;v Westmin'tei:,'bee 20;, 0i3;: farm Riker's 24 4,..d;;r'n9,:n... "'Walpole N':" March 14. 187,..7 y Riker's 25 2 DAN!a, L. LYMAN, R6jiItoi v:.'2w:Ralta, F'b, s6,;ui"g2i8 ff de,:ist Payv. 21 2 sABtiY6.'ERa, Weston, 21 wv Nelson, N- J March.28,.1i95,' mrc'hi Rker's 27 5'-CROSBY MILLER, Pomfret, 13 Vw Ponmfret, JIune 6, i81'irm J A. Vail's I'' i'FFICERS OF'* THE SENATE. "WI1"i~'A H. LORD Montpelierii"..,Iv p hlnain,. t:- W, - -;.e N....: WH.. _..-:l..H.".........".HLord's 1 tAR'WSW'A. WEBB, Guildhall, Doord-';I'KeepeT,., "K:'(;ri:si.~' rw Jnenburg1h OcI 7 _1j802,O2 lfainiri,'fBurn. 42 2 36'AF CHANDLER, Randolph,; b -. Assistant Door-Keeper, Nw Randolph, Jan. 18, 1~830, i.;' ht:intS B.H. Snow's 1 GEORGE C. HICKS, Rutland, Messenger,,w Rlutland, April 20, 1836, student Riker's 10 2

Page  115 HOUSE OF RIEPRESENTATIVES.. 5.7e-~~~~~~JslraoasU~08 ~~~~A~~~~~~~,~~~s-~ ~Who re now know tot bo alive in Oct. Town%, tv-mberso. scOts. pol. W,'horo ond when born. ocupotion. lodgings, term. 18.51, with theiirstsyarof fheir elec..8drdiso'.o George V, ilistarth, 3i w Addis(oo. t, aio- ooro 19 31799r, frm EaqLge - 98 6.LRobert COltoiotoJs, 1817 Bloridpori, Erovwi E. Grosovenor, 1J9 wN Bridlport, July 19, 1807, joweil)erRitcr's'3 I'jhinoehas Kithel, 1801 Bi'ristol, Rolin: l)unsleo, 98 wv Bristol, Julty 29, 1820. wheelwribht Frenht 33 1 Amtnos 1Eastman t 1807 Conwaoll, Marcus O'. Porter,;31 w Tinnouth, p:h:.y 1. I1817, Jhys Riker's 21 1 Ilhos. P. Ma tbews, 1890 P"rriSboer.4rh, Noah W. Porter, 51 w ChariestoownV, h. H... Dee4, 781 kIr tagle 19 2 Theollh. MTiddeobrooks 1799 Goshent, Silas D. Gale, 84 wv Irasburg, Sept. 9, 1819, fa r TEagle 15 1 Abiatbetr Kapp. 1829 G;:reooiD, iiirarn Fold, 11 Granvilte, Nov. 7, 180,, orint Rustg 1 Joel Rice, 807 ltrancotk, AnqgUtStus Titaylor, 102 w ~tindsor, ]Dec. 8 s807l f arm Russ ] IS Zerallt Brnts, 1824 Leicestcr;'si;o. F.Wrighi, 1(11 w Leicestr,* Jail. 3, 18!7, flom Lao.?ie 14 3'Williamr Gile, 1810 Lincoln, Er es P. Hotg, 191 fd Lincoln, Jan. l, 1816, I. rm likehet' 15 1 Nathaot P 18929 liddbleblt~t, Jooepbl 1-. Darrell, 933 wv Ludlow April 15, 12,, ditore iktor i's14 3 Peter'tarr, 815.llfotdktot, lohn A. Beers, 175 lo Mlorilkton, Mbay, 6 1808, 0rotm French 91 2 Johnsono inney, 18'K9 Xoetw H tvenc, Julius L. idredge, 180 wN New iHlven, Feb. 19, 1807, fa rn Frencch 33 *2 Jonathtan Hoyt t jr., 18'1S Orwell, Chiamrlin M. Fleteherr 179 w' ltNdport, Feb. 14,o 1 8o1 fiot Pav. 3 lSamue[Youn g, 1830 Ptalaont, IHiram Allen, 99 w Bridport,;Sept. 15, 1806, farm tEngle 16 1 Saoamuel 810S heperl, 1804 Miton, John I, New, 145 wv Cornwall, July 23, 1815, farte Rikers 16 2t Sao'l HI. Iletdrick, 1841 Salisburty, John Dyer, 185 w lutland, Oct. 98, 1802, frtrm Fronch 35 I Jonathan Gibsonot, SiS.Shioriarnor, Aluonzo Bitrchard0 85 w Sloreham, J'uno 5, 1791,'- frior~toi kero%?'3 J oseph Smith 18ut.14 Sta'kboraro. Son. Da. D olcotb, 81 v Starksboro', Jone n l1 15;A7,'forin te urn. 9 1 ltyron Buslornell, 16921 Ve'retootes, George; CGrandey,'247 w Pantlom, Feb, 3, 1816, Utty Pa. Z8 4 E. 1)i. ottodridgeo 18r1J, WaltoItrt,iaz, Newlote Rose, o:2io wv New lavenct.,:et., 1ch. 10,1789 form Fretnnch 35 3 olom3 n lobbs, 1381 J;Veybrid,3e, Edwin Ilayward, 83 xr N Bridolgreoater.z&s. M1'c2[ 91'13, -farm Eale It I2 Asapih Hayward, 18t1) M/itinog, Wim, P. Wright, 44 w Shorelham, Dec. 1, 18:6, phys Rikor's 21 Ja nms ). Wolk-er, 1891.rling'tott,'Willard Holden, 941 w.Arlington, Oct. 9,1802, farmt Pay 19 1 Joshua Judson, 181 Retnintgton,t'Silas Wilcox, 16 d Stockbidge, Sept. 11, 1816, phys French 13 11 Noatdi'ah StEift, 18 14 iDorset Daniel G. Wiliitaos. 60 xV Dorcset, Feb.19 1818, f arm French 31 Reuben H1. Piackmer, 18MM (;tatot~itbtrlr?,, Johno EliNe!), 915I fil Sha!tftsbry, laty 1, 1797.0, faorIn Un]on 92 4 Asa _. llewesws, 1835 aadorovrbn, James Mflarti,, 111 l Lnnderov e, Sept.'14, 183,3;.ornitFienoh 95 3 David illey, 1814 ilanclt'tt er, Amos P. Boorn, ~492 v i2tiantchester,* Sept. 19,180(1, fiPrm:Firec 9 Jo Ptto, 1i803 Peru, ELdward Batchelder, 134 w Peru, Feb. 14, 1817, mechanic French 9 9 9 Beonj. Barnard jr., 1834 Pottnas, jddy Perkins, 1892 xv Poetna,* April 3, 1809, fitm 0iiker's 15 1 iSamuel Wright, 181l. Rleadsboroe', Jason P. Lord, 936 d East WVindsor, C. Au,25, 0'9 frmn Burn.: 26 2 Richard Carpenter 1817?iuperd, Thomas S. Booebe, 178 x-v Sogate, Nov., 29, 1810, ftaro. Frenlh 33 9 Nathan Bu rton, 1818 gau1tdatC, none. Reuben Tthom nas, 1800i Ictrsbarer,?h,' Lutlher Park, 1833 oloafrtsbury, Reuben R. Snow, 56 fit IMansfield, It's. Feb. 9, 1811, tannes: Union 18 I Gardner Barton, 18141 uatofood, Dalmon N. Stroutl, 181 fd Stattford, Jan. 98, 1791, fitrm Riker's 15 3 levi Gillmnore, 1818 ttsnderland, Ira MeLauighiilo, 137 fd Sunderland, euly 9, 1807, inechinist Union 10 Willia Landoni 1819 istoll, Setlo Tyio. 119 w Vinitall,,* Oct. 17, 1809, formn Frenchl 41 9 Asa Beei jr., ":1800'loodford, Jot n bu-gsee, 155 d XWhitinghtain, Jan. 31, 1510, farm Lagic 10 1 Elanahlt Danfbthil st, 180 larnet, Obed S. Hatch, 7 fd Thornton, N. H., MItay 15,'9, lnarm French 31 9 John Dlnaca, 1808 itrlre, Daniel iteckiwith, I13 w Acworti, N. H., July 91, 1799, mer Uniot.13' 3 Thos. Bartlett, i1t, 1805!abnt,(Datiel Gould, 195 fi3 Brolokfield, Sept. 5, 1799, farmn Union 16 9 Joseph Fisher, 1801 )mviDllci Clharles Davis, 183 w IlMansfield, Ct., Jan. 1, 17r9, atty Rikers 18 2 Wiltiam A. Palmer, 1811 enwerysburi'h:r,: Zoenas dCrossnan, 1809 irrtoI,, Robert F. Goodwin, 35 fd Newbury, Oct. 8, 1809, clergyman French 31 1 Peter hiclckli, 1813 rare*ie'cla, W1m,. Sanlborll, 4 fd iHardwick,* Jan. 3, -1798, form Badger's I Levi Goodrich,: 1800 iblt, MerIit Newvhall, 57 fdI Leominster, MIs., Dec. 25,:93, farm Creoss's 11 2 Theophilus Grout, 1809 yndodO, Jolhn D.-Miller, 37 fd D'moersi'on, Sop. 9,'19, carriege mna. Union 17 1 Job Randalal, 1897 rcnwarkl, Jabez Sinith, 157 7 Canaan, N. H., Oct. 16, 1812, farmn Rust's 4 Eteazer Pocker,..:181:1'egchanl, none. TJohn'~. (Ihandler 1797 /yeralte Wm' T Whiteaa, 6 w Rlyegate,* July 4, 109,. ri Frnchl 19,1 John Nelson,-; 1t14 he.[ield; Lab I'M. NM.. Gray, 38 fd ShelJeM,.lan. 4,.1818, Utln 17 1njCon ner, t. JlYl~?rsbzsl~~:Bi~i~~a ~n"P;~ 39 r~Ei lf arm fa 1 nUnion T17,"1 Benji: Con, nor;! t..,A/sttboorFplira Knpiopp 69 6w, N. H., Say 16, 180, mereic Uniton 9 1 Pres. West, 1805 Vtltot, Lorenzo D Hiall, 39 fd Sliedel, April 1,1801, far m Union 17 John Beckwith, 1827 tVade, Isaaic: lEastman, 3 lfd Woalden,* June 99, 1815 t frm. lust's 9 James Beil, 1815 Viaefooedl, AIrcl P. Doronney, 53 53 Littleton, N. R., Aug.:9,'1,fm 1niotn 15 0 Jo ah Carpenter j183 r'nledhck, Edwvard l. lag~oon, 1 d Acton, le., June 13, 1798, r ust 3 J sia Le, 0 1,798,~~~~~~~~ ftar-I IRUst's..3Josiah nne ianfasenrc eelzffrn~ oltso, Daniel Coltou. 929 dVershire, Nov. 5, 1895, farm Thomas's 9 John Pineo, - 188)5 0rlinaFton, lenry B. Stacy, 9235 w:Oran'gc, Aug. 23, 1804, firm I Pa..' 31 (harles Adams 1817 tarlotte, Mlildas Prindly,. 46 wv Ferrisbargh, Aug. 22, 1799, ftrm Burn. 90 1Ezra Menih, 1805 olCetester, none. lHoman Allen, of';C. 1819 sseaz, H eotlenBBatS e, 163 d Cobchetei, sepoil 6 1808: f arm Bu. ie ulr, 18,25 ioesbtiurhl, noee.. r'md tdIlo 1814 llwhti~nton, Geo. W. Bromley, 82 w Pawlet, Sept. 17, 1818, piys Burn. 91 9 Jamens Am:[oltierJ'r.? 1819 cri/ho, Lucius S. llarney, 80 fl Underllih, Oct. 18, 1797, fai'n Burn. 5 9'l'homas D. Rood, 1798 niltok;: I1tcctoc Adamnn::, 174 w Burlingon, hSe'pt.'I97,.1800, tyPayv. 1 4Pt it ichloand, Aaron'C.'Maytnarde 43 w Etlon, N. Y., Oct. 91, 1819, l a ot', a. I.9 1 WPiliathn Rhode:., 1j814,elbotr.e, Lynnan 11all,' 45 w Shiolbuitne, March' 13, 181, fotr un.. 97 Grrad rret,; 1823 ~ Getaire, Nafhit [LneLkworod, 117 vw St. George Apil:8, 799:, fote French 3 9 Leivis Higle, 183 n'ceoiol, Wio. H;Marlin, 36 d Underhill* allay 6 18i3,. fa.rm u Ior. 94 Cytsig1897 after.~ ~~~~~ ~ ~ Till H; Ubri,:,;..rmun-4 Cyus!Birge,,/:,-i8 srjbooi-, Jacob K. Tietry., 8 f d Slilton, Mlarch 30, 1808, farm Burn. 7 Ziba Woots,.'iuliston, Roswell B P1;, ay. 9213 fd- Richmond, July 5, 1808i:farm Burn. 28, Truman Chittenden, 1807'.-~s.sea,,~7o~nsty losofield, S,.[ Itolhbrook,': 32 fI Bloofimfied, Jan. 94, 18'i, farnS:Uni on 90 1 Daniel IIUlotbik: 1816'igh/con, Win;:B.Rosesbrfrok, 7, 27' w:uidbohaleus00:l l,: June 30'ar'Union'2 Ti mo hy: li, 1!832 ~~fjwlc PT W G 825;'f; iJ-n~n- irnq_ y. h ri~~y'

Page  116 I IJBOUSE OP REPRESIENTATIVES..?j/$lVf 4C]f~;'~pg,,g.e Who ae now knom tt be livo, with Imber~ -east3. po!. t, hen and pere born. occupM, logs, term, the first year of their electio. Its nre.e.o'iCr, John B. ho:nch, 33 fd Oiford, N. i-, Mar. 9, 1818 tiarm Union 90 2 H aicesSohoff, 1819 Canaan, V/omr Trskl, 170 tl Beverly, Mass., June 14, 180, farm Calter's 2 I Oliver Ingham, M808'd Preston May, 5 w Concord, Nov. 3,1898, fitan Union 15 1 tichardsonGrave s, 1809) loast 11ao'en Horace B. Rot, 54 w Lyndon, July 99, 1817, mechanic iUnion 15 9 Jolhn Wallerjr., 1845 (L;.aoby, AbrRaham BoyAnton, 1815 0,:ldhaelt, Johsn P. Denison, 98 w Weston, Mlass.,Sopt' 0f0 1808, farm Union 4 Elijah Foot 1807 Lemiontoa, Stephen Harrise 148 w Woodstockl, Ct., July 17, 1774, farm Eagle 8 1 Abraharm Boynton, 1815'Lunenbobvrrh, Jeremiah Glineo 66 ind Loudon, N. H., Aug. 11, 1792, clef Rust's 1 S amnul Gates 1790 U.oaiestone, DPanol C. Kimbel, e 34 fd Bradlford, Feb. 3, 3820, faitm tUnion 90 9 Moody Rich, i809.ictory, Wn'. erS. Steairns, 58 fl Roclkinghlam, Feb. i8, 1814, Iarcu Ceoss's 1I 1 Loomis Wsells, 1841 BalerrqJield, Thomas Hlooker, 1:24 w Rutland, Mass., Nov. 18,'1~ merech Brn. 0 8 1 Silas B. Hazeltine, 1891 erkshiel, Winm. S. Rublee, 168 w Beihshire, Aug. 178 Iml cinerch EEagle 5 I Amherst WIillughby, 18:11Trnsb-ar-gi, none. John Adams, 1811 Fa/ifax, Homer E. Bubbell, 917 d Cambridge, Aug. 10. 18017, atty Pay. 4 8 Luther B. Hunt, 18922 Eairfield, Bradley Barlow, 294 d Fairfiell, April 1, 1814, ia Pa. 1 4 Jos. D. Farnsworth, 181)1 Fletcher, Guy Kinsley, 1692 d Cambridge, May 8, 1800, farm iBurn. 02 5 Joseph Rlobinson, 1811 l:sraetklin, Lathrop Xearshi, 121 w Sh'ldon, Oct. 7, 1780518 ferm EagRle 5 2 William Felton, 1.818 ereorria, Alvah Sabin, 198 w Georgia,* Oct. e 3, 1793, clcra Fr1oDeh 43 13 Joel Barber, 1890 1ighgnate, Jacob Carman, 9220 w Highgate,*-Jan. 1, 1800, farm Frenchl 21 1 John Averill, 1890 J'l/tfonsery: John L. Clapp, 14 w Hubbardton, Ms., May 10, 95, farm liker's 03 4 Seth Goodspeed,' 1812 Biclford, Calvin P. Dwyer, 164 d Richford, Augr 19, 1810, farm Bum. I8 I Amherst Willoughby, 1808 Oleildon, Alfred Keith, 248 d IRosseau, N. Y., Oct. 14,'17, mereh Pa'. 12 0 Stephen Royce jr., 1815,t..lbans, Wim. Byidgee, 193 d Southhero', Ms., Feb. 18,'85, scribe 1'a. 11 4 Nathan Green, 1806 Swanton, Isaac B. Bowdish, 223 d Fairfield,'Oct. 3, 118, atty Pay. 19 9 saes Brown, 17199 VW;,3 id s e E Co,:burgh, Job Babcock, jr., 123 w Alburgh, Sep). 4, 1811. far & mech Burn. 18 2 Ephraim Mott, 1816 Grand slae, Samuel B. Gordon, 59 w Grand Isle, July 26, 1800," fain furn. 18 2 Joel Allen, 1823 Isle La Molt, Peter Fleuy, 921 l1 Canada E., July 23, 1812, Ihr & moer French 91 1 Samuel Fisk, 1802 Xisortl Hiero, Jabez Hazen, 195 d North Tlereo,* Nov. 20, 1808, ferm ourn. 16 1 Irad Allen, 18292 Soth Ie ite'o, Lewis Molt, 173 w South Hero,* Aug. 19 1,802, farm Paev. 31 3 Elisha Boardman, 1822 La saksille'orassty. Belvidere, none. Josiah XV. Potter, 18538 rambridge, Elisha Bentlsy, 105 fEl Jericho, San. 17, 181.1, merch Burn. 9 1John Wires, 1817 rEdsen, none. Jeduthan Stone, 181)6 H/oaorc, Hiram P. Doty, 89 fd Montpelier, Aug. 30, 1899, farm Burn. 5 1 Martin Elmore, 181-1.4 1hedepark, none. Nathaniel P. Sawvyer, 1819 ahncnson, Stloughlton S. Pike 72 fId Randolph, July 12, 1813, tlty Burn. 9 1 David Boynton, 1812;Iorristown, none. Robert Kimball, 1815 SFerli/ng, none. Asaph Kentfield, 1834 tunowe, Jared 13. Wleellork, 8 fd Montpelier, Sept. 928, 18290, phys Wh'loek 2 Riverius Camp, 1818 Wfaterville, Eliphalet Brush. 106 fR Camhridge, Jsne 6, 1809, blacles'th Burnr. 5 2 Luther Poland, Ist, 1828 Wolcott, John Hawes, - 169 d Goffstown, N. H., Aug, 1,'97, join'r Scott's 1 Ephraim Ladd, 1824.2}aP sofi eld, heter C. Lovejoy, 1815 OBradford, none. ~~radfs d, ~~~~~~~~~~nos. ~~~~Daniel Kimball, 1809 Brantree, Whitman Howaard, 73 fd Easton, Manss., Feb. 26, 1808, farm Burn. 17 1 Isaac Nichols, 1st, 1791 Brookfield, Ariel Buenllam, 93 fed Brookfielrl, Jan. 31, 1799, tfarm Union 5 1 Frederick Griswold 1817 Chelsea, Elilhu Hyde, 144 w Chelsea, Marclh 20, 1805, ~ farm Union 6 3 Elisha Itotchkisas, 18117 ~~Cm-unOT/i~~l~~~, Slepben ~~William Spencer, 1810 Fairlee Stephen Chapman, 97 fd Newbury, Oct. 29, 1793, farm Union 18 92 Moulton Moery, 1894...Yrlewuy Moodye Chapmarln,.?tescsrybr, Moody Cha belio; 107 fdi Newbury, Sept. 12, 1787, farm Union 31 9 Simeon Stevensjr., 1817 Orsrif, O raneFifierli, Orange, OrangeFifield, 187 Orange,- April 12, 1804, merch Pav. 9 9 Luther Carpenter, 1819 Rasndolph, Ammi Burnhamn, 94 fl Randolph,* Feb. 22, 1806, farm Burn. W 2 William Nutting, 1816 ~raf~rd, Benjamin Gilm~an, 143 ws tiafford, May 24, 1801 fiaim Union 6 1 Jedediah H. Harris, 1810 Thtafford, Bejamnsilahoun, Thiefored, Josiah Coburn, 232 fdl Fairlee, May 10, 1804, saddler Un!on 5 2 Joseph Reed, 1818 Topshanm, James Chamberlin, 77 fd Topsham,* Sept.927, 1800, farm Bern. 93 1 Gilman White. 1815 msniid~e,~ Win. PutuCm, 65 w Tunbridge, Oct. 5, L99, tanner Union 21 2 Nathaniel King, 1805 Tunbrid~~~lgre, Wrn. Putnam, ~~~~Asa Smith, 180I Vershire, none. As Smith, 101 Jacob Bliss, 1823 Washnington, none. Jacob Bliss, 1893 West artee,J. Pne. Soutcwortb, 98 fd West Fairlee, Nov. 11, 1804, farm Union 18 2 Isaac Lyon, 1827 WPilliamsntowo, Milton Martin, 194 fd Williamstown, Feb. 19,'09, black'h Union 8 2 ThomasmHowe, 1813 Osrleaess C0osdy. 1813 banlt y, Hiram Moore, 79 d Plainfield, N. H., Nov. 3,'93, farm Burn. 93 1 William Rowell, 181 Barton, Lyndon Robinson, 202 fd Barton, Jan. 18 1800, farm Burn. 1'2 9 Joseph Owen, 1805 Brownington, T, C. Stewart, 199 w Coventry, Oct, 26, 1804, farm Burn. 10 9 George C. West, 1899 Chcarlestooloren W. Clarke, 19 w Weathersfield, Oct. 24,1807, merns Union 19 1 Ebenezer Cole, 1819 Coventryj, Sam'l. S. Kenda!l, 40 w Windsor, Jan. 14. 1799, plys Burs. 99 2JohnIdejr., 1805 COaftsbltriy, none. Samuel C. Crafts, 1796 Derby, Elmera Stewart, 136 d Derby, Feb. 24, 1810, farm Burn. 90 1 Benj, Himn, 1820 Glover, Joseph HI. Dwinell, 203 fd Keene, N. H., June 21,'02, cabinet Union 32 3 Charles Hardy, 1816 Greenboro', none. Levi Stevens, 1817 Holland, Levi Pinney, 11 w Canada, April 19,1818, farm Union 19 1 Jason Hinman, 1814 Irasburgh, G. Worthington, jr., 227 w Montpelier, Oct. 8, 1808, merch Worth'ton. 2 Samuel Conant, 1816 JagYcly~~~~~~~~~~~ none. - ~Madison Keith, 1828 Jay, none. fr no ~ h adn, 185 Lowell, Charles Leland, 158 fd Baltimore, Jan. 19, 1806, farm Union 992 1 John Harding, 1815 *'lorgan, Samuel Daggett, 135 w Newport, June 12, 1810, farm Burn. 20 1 William Colby, 188

Page  117 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. 17 OPrleealr. Colln.fy. 1Wh1o ore now noo to oe alive, wfth Towrns, Members seat, pol, Where ard when born, occupation- lodgings. teom. tihe yi'so year of thet election, Nbewport, Freeman Miller, 192 d Canada, April 20, 1808, firm French 19 2 Natharoniol Dagaett, 1805 Salemn, Isaac C. Smith, 901 fdl Brownington, Sept 30, 181, farm Birrn. 10 1 Noyes Hopkinson, 182:8 Thoy, A. Jidsoi Rowell, 139 fd Wiatervi!leo, Nov. 4, 1818, minerch Iolnd's I Samuel 11. lovacy, 181) Westfield, Arad Hitchcock, 160 d Westfield, Oct. 21, 1811, farm Union 22 3 Walter Stone, Wcestmoree, Wo. Gilfilan, 200. w Barnet, Jan. 13, 180)2, fin rm Burn. 10 t Peter Gilman, 1/8 H~g,ulaasd Cout~Jz,. Benson, Loyal C. Kellogg, 246 d Benson,* Feb. 13,!816, rtty Pav, 30 3 Simoeon Goochic, 1.79. 13randon, Ebenezer J. Bliss, 184 fd Shoreharm, Jan. 3, 1817, mnerch Pa. 27 1IJolin Conant, 1809 Castleton, Isaac'T. Wrihlit, 945 w Pownal, July 18, 1810, atty Pav. 30 1 Nehemiah Hoyt, 1833 Chittenden, Joseph Parker,. 243 fd Clarendlon, March 2, 1806, orm. Eagle 13 1 Jonas Wheeler 1813 Clarendoso,,Joseph Congdon.. 44 fd Clarendon,* June 17, 1807, firm Eagle 13 2 Eleoazer Flbgo 1808 Danby, Hira.m HI. Keliy, 55 d Danby, Sept. 17, 1810, fiarm Eagle 6 1 William Haint, 181 Fairhaven, Abram Graves, 13 w Rupert, July 15, 1797, firm Riker's 19 2 Artemas \~yian, 1822 liubbardtor, Perry Dikemain, 186 w Balloton, N. Y.. Mar. 18,'88, fa. rm Union 22 1 David Barber,: 813 Ira, Erwin Collins, 179 w Ira,* Aug. 15, 1790, farmr French 29 2 Lemonad Mason, 18206 Jcendon, Eben C. Frencb, 2 30 w Wallingfordr, Maarch 17, 1819, firm Eaglo 3 1 Zidon Edson, 1is13 Afiddltowrrrn Eliakim Paul, t 128 w WVells, Jan. 19, 1798, phys Freoch 17 7 onas Clark jr., 1808 &lounttllollhy Daniel Packio, 91 w Gullfold, Sept. 23, 1786, clerg French 50' 1 Nathlan. Sprue, 1816: Jlount Tabor, David Stimrnson,' 141 fe Mendon), bls., Nov. 14: 1800, tfarm Eagle 8 2 Caleb Buffiurn, 1820 Pawlet, Robert H. Smith, 189 w Pawlet, Sept. 25, 1796, firm Riker's 20 2 Oliver Iianks, 1823 Pitiladelphza, XWolcott l. Keelet, 1812 Pittsf ield, none. i: Erastus Itolt, 1816 Pittsford, Simeon Gilbert, 62 fd Pittsford,* Dec. 19, 1801, farm Riker's 27 2 Caleb Henrdee jr., 1803 Poultney, John Lewis, 88 w Poultney, Jan. 30, 1792, famre French 23 1 Hervey D. Smith, 1821 Rut!and, Marlin G. Eveits,:' 249 w. Salisbury, July 0, 1818, atty Pavy 20 2 Charles K. Willianms 1809,Shcebure, Rufuis Richardson, 231 d Mendon, SepIt. 10, 1818, inn Ierper Unions 11 Josiahli Woodjr., 1813 Slrewsbury, John P. Boworan, 2029 d Clarendon, Jan. 06, 1816, tanner Eagle 3 I Zidon Edson, 1822 Srdbrry, Tho'es. J. Goodrich, 13'2 d Benson, April 4 1801, farm EagIle 2 3 Barnard Kcetchurn, 18318'inomouth, Judah H. Round, 127 w Cl'arendon, Dec. 13, 1809, farm French 17 1 Obadiah NoMe jr., 1811 fYallinrfeord, Robinson Hall, 172 w Wallingforld,'c Nov. 5, 1797, fitrmi Pav. 20 2 John Fox. 18 Weils. lohn C. Hopson, jr., 130 w Woells,* March 20,1801, farm likers' 20 2 Aaron Mosher, 18i3 West daiaven, John 1. Wyman, 48 w West Hlaven,* Oc;rt-1, 1804, facrt Rikei's 15 2 Josish Bascomb, 12 Barre, Jesse Scott, 191 d Barre, Dec. 8, 1797, farm Union 14 1 Peter Nichols, 18'23 Berlin, Elijah 11, Covell, o2 fd Berlin,* July 9, 1809, farm Rustns 2 Jlabez iEllis, 1815 Calais, Rufus P. Moses, 103 fd Giln'anton, n. h., Sept 18,'06, f&.m Unioni 16 1 Lemuel Perry, 1804 Dirw'rbrry, Lorenzo Davis, 1532 fd'Duxbury, Nov. 2, 1819, farm Burn. 25 2 Ebenezer Corse, 180I.E..oitpelier, J. P. W. Vincent, 210 fd Middlesex, Dec. 16, 181.8, fm Union 12 1 Nathanel C. Ito' 18,19 Fayston, Willard B. Porter, 150 fd Fayston, bMarch 1,.817, farm Burn.'24 1 T'eophilas Bixby, 1820:.Mvalshifield; Asa Spencer, 196 w Woodbnry, Sept. 14, 1811, farmn Union 4 1'Wm. Martin, 18-2).lfiddlcdr pO. A. Chamberlin, 211 fd Middtlesex, Sept. 30, 1804, farmM Union 12 1 )avid HaBrington, 1891) Ionttpelier, Hezekiah d. Reed, 188 w Hlanmstad, N. I., May 5,'95 arty at home 1 Ioseph Howeas, 1813.Mforetowc, Uriah liowe, 153 fil Jericho, iay 3, 1810, mechanic Bur ln. 24 1 Cephas Carpenler, 1805.A'ortlhfield, john Gregory, 912 fd Norwalk, Ct., Nov.8,, 1810, cler. Burn. 28 2 Ceph'as Carpenter, 1807 Plaioficld, Lewis'Chamrberlin,. 189 fil Barre, Jan. 4, 1816, atty. & farm Union 14 1 Israel Goodwin, 18'9 Rezbury, Henry S. Boyce, 76fil sanaersfield, N. Y. Ap. 2,'04 farm Burn. 17 1 Samuel Robinson, 1803 W.itsfield, Roderi'k Richardson, 218 fd Stifford, Ct., Aug. 7, 1807, farm Union 5 7 Ralph Turner, 1821 Warren, Gideon G'odspeod, 151w Sharon, Aug. 5, 1868, farm Burn..25 2 Amos Rising, 1816.Wat.erbatry, Calvin Blodgett, 216 d Randolph, Jan. 5, 1798, moerch Pay. 4 3 Dan Carpenter, 1814 H'oodburjy, Stephen C. Burnham, 68 d Woodbury, March 5,1801, farm Burn. I16 1 Elisha Benjamin, jr., 1811 W'orcester,'. A. Kelly, 90 fd Pembroke, N. 11., Jan. 5, 1818, form Burn. 5 1 Allen Vail, 1822 DWisst*Iosa, Cosn.a fy. itheens, Chester D. Ingrahaln, 26 fd.qoaron, July 22, 1818, clergy Scott's 1 Timeo. I. Wiit.ney, 181.0 Brattleboro', Samuel Earl, jr.,'99 w Biattleboro', April 19, 1796, fernm Eagle 17 2 Samrfel Clothe, 1820 Brookbline, Win. Adams, 226 w Dumnerston, July 15, 1810, fr Egle 12 4 Bejamin Otnbee, 1823 Dover, Asaph Haskins, 133 fd Dover, Dec. 9, 1790, frirm Eagle 10 I Amos Rice, 1811 Dummerston, Asa Dutton, 146 wv Dummerston, May 10, 1791. farmt Eagle 9' 1 MarshallI Miller, 1824 Grafton, Ambrose Burgess, 131 w Grafton,* Oct. 7, 1798, firm Eagle 12 4 Thaddeus Taylor,'1798 ouilcbrdl, Ben. W. Stevens, 237 w Guilford, Jan. 1, 1789, phys Pae. 32 1 Gilbert Denison, 1805 Halijfax, Jonas Scott, 251 w Hal;frx, May 27, 1812, tanner Eagle 7 3 Stephen Otis, 1808 Jamaica, John E.Bntler, 1'0 fd Jamaica, Dec. 14, 1809, atty French 41 3 Peter R. Taft, 1827 Londonderry, none. Luther Stowell, 1819..Marlboro', Emory Dunklee, 139 fd Brattleboro', Nov. 10, 1804, farm Eagle 10 1 H. H. Winchester, 1828..Nrewfane. Fred 0. Burdirt, 138 d Brookline, March 7, 1821, cab. m Union 10 1 Sylvanus Sherwin, 1805 Putney, Mark Crawford, 250 w Putney,* Oct. 20, 1800, farm Carter's 2 Theophilus Crawford, 1822 Ro'ckinighamn, Russell Hyde, 225 w Guilford, Feb. 16, 1798, farm Pav. 32 4 Ellery Albee, 181 Somerset, Joseph Mlorse, 156 fd Paxton, Ms., Aug. 16, 1794, farm French 31 2 Hazleton Rice, 1821 Stratton, Rlufus Lyman, 95 fd Northfield, Ms., Sept. 3, 1815, farm Union 10 2 Richard Scott, 1824 Townsend, Francis D. Sawyer, 239 w Westminster, Ms. Apr. 7,1813, mer Riker's 24 1 Peter R. Taft, 1818 Vernon, Ebenezer Howe, jr., 197 w Vernon, Dec. 21, 1799, farm Eagle 17 8 Cyrus Wirashburn; 1812 Wardsbore', Wales A. BMidges, 96 d Medway, Ms., April 9, 1800, farm Union 10 1 Leand Fairbanks, 1826 Westminster, David C. Gorcarn, 238 w Westminster, March 9, 1818, firm Riker's 24 1 WinVm, C.. Bradley, 1806 W1hitingham, Eli Green, 252 w Whitinrgham, Oct. 9, 1812, ferrm Eagle 7 4 Amos Brown, 1818. Wilmington, none. Ephraim Tyler, 1827 Windhai, Wm. A. Chapin, 240 w Salem, N. Y., June )28, 1816, phys Riker's 24 2 Luther Stoweli, 1814

Page  118 1:18 _HOUSEF, OF REPPRESENTATIVES.'T'isald So - so ro.! *'. %t.Vho a-re now known to be alive, Towns, Members, sete. pol, Where and when born, coupatlon, Sodgins, term, the fi year of their election, tonduver, none. Samuel Blurton, 1830. 13a'timore, norione. -. -ym;an In;' ch,...:'.183.:, Barnard, none.;Apollos 1Waritler,: 1 Bethe(l, Alnon Durlkee, i9 w Stocklridgo, Aug. 12, 1808, tanner Scott's d Peleg'. Marsh, 81IBr idgcwater, none.. Isaiah R.aymon.od, - 1823: Calrendish, Wm. Smith,. 177 w Cavendish, July 31, 1800, manu Riker's 27.4 Sl Imon Duttot, iJr 8 B18' Chester, none. 18~".lrtforcd, Albert C. Dewey, 20 wu Hartford, Dec. 16, 1805, manu. Riker's 07'.lrames UTditill 181' Hartleand, Daniel Denison, 5 w Hartland, MlIay, 15, 1794, farmn Eagle 11 3 Lastan Webstter, 1810 Ludlow, 11noe.0. AsaheI: Sinith, 1806 Neorwich,. Samuel Goddard, 87 w Rovalston, Mns., June 11, 1808, farm Union 8 1 Israel Newton: 1814. Plymoutllh, John'W. Stickuey, 42 w (r,:afton Sept. 16, 1818. farin Eagle 15 1'Moses P1it, - t 1795 Poeefriet, Joshua Vail, li; w Pomfiet.* Feb. 10, 1.804, farm Vail's:2.Ebcn Snow, 1825. Readiner, Luther Carlton, 92 -w IReading, Jan. 21, 1792, farm Ealie 15' V'Wm. L'. Haikhn,- 1813 Rochesterr, David Eaton, 100 w Rochester, Rept. 29, 1805, falrm Rust's 3'ianicl Huntingteon, 1817,. RoyaltoL, D.3liel Wooelward, 12rl 2w Royalton, Alpril 15, 1894, mech Riler's 192 0 Moses Cutter, 1819 Sharon, Colcord GLuimby, 115 fit Springfield, a,. r. Aug'24 17M9, ftrm Eagle 15 1 Win. Steele,:. 182.. Sprint'field, Russell Burke, 61 w WV;estmins ter, t laaMr.28i, 1597, iron fo Eagle 23 3Josteph Seleden,:. 1i810 Stoclkbridce, ZobTvitchell,. 5 fH tocoklridge, April 10, 18095, clergy Scott's 92. Dwight Gay, 18'. WYeather.fJcid, John C. Haskell, "lI w Weathorslield,* Apr. 18, 1793, farcn Eagle 0 9 2'Oliver Whiptple, 181.4 Wi'eston, Amnos N. Burtan, 49 w Wtilton, N. [, Jan.,. 1785, farm French "3 3" Henry Gray, - 824 Weast Tindsor, 1M'. Worccster, 50) w West Windsor, June 22, i, 18, farrr Eagle 1 I Dnniel eida,:i.:18i49 Tfisndsor, Itiram itarlow, G4. w Poclinghiam, Oct. 16, 8I10, thrm Niiker's 5;6 Jabez De:luanoj:'0i. Wfoodstock, Tho's. E. Powers,- 176 w voodlstoclk, Nov. 16, 1808, farm iker's 11 6 Titus Ilutchiison,..18.04 OFFIC ER1 O'P TH.-. ltJOUSE.OF REPR.SSENLTTI1VTES..- TPI-IS' 1.AS 1. PiI, IERS, WVoodstock,,;.:: -:'poeaker, w SWoodstock, November 16, 1838,,. W.-: plhysieian t'kesba; 11'" 6" CHALON F. DAVEI, Butlington, Clerk, 1wV Fairhaven, Augaust'28th., 1817,;.attintikry ir'' 13 " 6 ELISHA F.'soADn, Iinesburgh, Ass't. Clerk, w Hinesburgh, June %lth,1824, i ttorney payili,: 5 2 CH&RnLES K. WRIGItr, Storelr ham,'2d. Assis-:; tant Clerk. wv Shoreham, June 3d, 1825~, atqorne.y Riket's 191 i PLI.NY 11. VHITE, Brattleboro', 3d. Assistant Clerk,.v Springfield, Oct. 6th, 1822, attorneys & eitor Rier';s.' 1 David C. Davenport, Lowell, Door Keeker, w Du:nmerston, April 927th., 1821, -. farrer Crosa's::' George C. Fry, Concord, w Concord,Jtnes 9th., 1831. t amer Unloi 15 " Charles II. Joyce, Northfield, w England, January 3O, 1829, law student Cadwell's Albert Barrows, Stowc, w Stoswe, December 11th., 1819,. medical:studenSt now?:': w. Charles Camp, 11ontpelier, wv Mototpolie'r, April 29th., 18.32, i Ca9mp'hs 1-. In the Senate are 6 new members, 21 wl-igs, 7 fiee Democrats, and 5 old line demnioctes, farmers, 16, atty., 4;i:mer-:. chanls 4, 4lphys., 4, clergy., 1, cashier, 1, Inl kleeeper, 1, editor 1. T'lhe oldest is Phineh's Moultbn., tha. y.oungest, Homnet: E. Roy(-e ofF rantinal, 22 were natives of Vermont. In the Holise are91 new nlmeibert, 89 of 2'yrs.i, farmers, 1ll5; attorneys, 13; merchtants, 14; physicians, 10; Inechanics, 8; tanne's, 3;'maclinist, 1; uanlfacturers,2 carriage makers, 2; scribe, 1; blacksmiths,2; inn-keeper, 1; iron-founder, 1'. Vhtigs: 112; Free:Democratsi67.; Old Line Democrats. 39; Free Soil 1; lnaependent, I The oldest, nmenmber is Mr. Harris,of Lemiigto'nj 77;7 the y'ngeost' is Mr. Ro3ebiool of Brighton 26; and 166 natives ot Vermont. Councillors that are living, and Senators which' are: dead. On pares 12 and 13 are to be found the old Councillors. In the'. first col n o;; e.s Pratt, 0. C. Merrill, Myron Clark, John S. Pettibone are the only now' liviin' Column; 2d., Gi bert. Denison, William C. Bradle', Theophilas Crawford, Charles PhIelp:' Joh ii'R ob'ets., Austin - Birchard and David Crawford. Column 3d., H1-enry F. Janes and Milton Browi.' Coiutni" 4th,., S. C. Crafts, Ira H. Allen. and E. H. Starkweather. Col. 5, S H. H Sy,. Ill S..,, Phelops Column 6th., T. Chittenden, S. C. Loveland, Job Lyman Wm. G..: Huntd, and: Allen Wardner. Page 13, column 1, George C. Cahoon and Wi alter HarvIey -.;Co.iimn 2d.,: Joseph Berry, R. Pierpoint and Zimri Howe. Column 3d, Horatio: Seymouri Jamesl;Davis,. Joseph H. Brainard and George Green. Column 4th., John'W Cgdler, ede'diah" H. Harris, Daniel Cobb and Martin Flint. Column 5th., Samuel Clarik, aild Geo"P. Miarsh. a;"st columnn, George Worthington, Richardson Graves and H.'Rt, B1adsley. Tf ren l.inder are among the dead,:; i'.......... Senators not alive'.!.,,:'...Windham County, Phineas White, Samuel F. Thompsni andJohn Phelp." Rutland County, Tho's. D. Hammond and Orson Clark. Addison county, Jesse Grandy, Jo.e.pli Si-'. monds and Harvey Bell. Franklin county, Geo. W. Foster; iLucitis. Rt.. Betrman:.aniid;: J'a.i. Wead. Caledonia county, Elias Bemis, jr. Essex county,'Willia'ai GatCs,. Oraige"olanty, Lebbeus Edgerton, Jonathan Jenness, Elijah Farr.:.

Page  119 - COUNTY COURTS, &c. 1.s E R B A T'J A. i -'6 page 5th 6th line from bottom, for Feb, 15, read Feb. 12.'-:. i: -,?:::. 4th, 14th lirre from the bottom, for Missisco leg, read Missisco Tongue. 10, before Oct. 12 1786, for Windsot, read Kutland. i, 17th line from bottom, on ]st eolumn,.for three, read two.;: 11, 15th line from bottom, after the word office, insert a town representative. 14, Ist column, near the bottonm, for Edmond Weston, read William Weston. 20: S, Under 1786, against Danhy, ~insert John Burt. ~.:..31, on the last column, for Horace Wilcox, read Roswell Bottom, jr. 1::;34, between S. C. Craft and —. Seymour, insert Giibert Denison. 34, for Mills De Forest, 1801; read Noah Sabin, 1807. 34, for Myron Clirk, 1821, read Nathan Burton and John II. Olin 181-7. 4::14 after Joshua Y.'Vail. add, and \7Villiam Nuttinrg.;:2. 3d line from bottom, for 24, read 25. Cavendish, population in 1850, is 15I7t; 53, first colunin, against Benson, insert Chauncey Smith. Stratton, 236. - "64 at the bottom, add Betsey Munson died in June 1850: Mlontgomery, 973.':55, 2nd column, change the places of Wrn. Colby, and John HIarding. Fletcher, 1086.;: 72, The first town clerk of Chester was John Goulding, 1761.:;:8, first column, against 19, for Erastus, read Erasmus. 78, The jrudges for Orange county, 1796, should lead the same as 1797. "88, Ira Kidlder, Judge of Orang, county tor'50 died, anld Carilos Carpenter appointed to his plate.;;66, between the last 7 atid 9, insert "' 8, Wm. Strong. 59, lbottom line but one,'or C, Hopson, jr., read Jolhn C. Hopson, jr. 59, The first town clelrk of Lowell was Abel Curtis, not Asahel.; 104, 2nd column, between Benson and Asaliel Smith, addl Asael Smitl.'.'Wil the'ifo.eoing pages were issued, through tle difficulty of obtaining correct and perfect rettirns from tIe hasty of-old documents and records, I omitted to Procue conmiplete returns fritom Orange and Windham counities..I hnoraddio tlibde counties some very ancient proceedings, and correct some eriors thi:t have been ifound in the work Kingsland, Glouster' The Court-meet for the first time, and the art'ty, ~rlovi nse of i ordinance and Comitions Being Read None -ork Mlay29ih,1. 70Q -'l......;!; J ohn Tlaplin Judges being appointteed Samuel Sleeper by the Government of Thomas Sumner Newyork were preset., and the Courts opened as is usual tn other Courts, also present i.:.::..B.. thtese Courts were the Courts Jnmes Pennock s: - Q: arterly sessions. and the Court Abner Fowler Justices of the Quoralt: of-. ComItnion Pleas of Said County J;ohn Peters ~.i.~!!~/.';":.:~"::.'~. 7:;'John Taplin jr Sheriff i.he. Court adjourned to the Last Tuesday in August next to ble Held in saidl inigsland. opened accordingly and appaintCed;font COnstables Simeon Stevens for Newbury, Jesse McFarlanil for M-oretown, Abner Eloward for Tihetfordt, and'Saimuel POnnoc fobr Strafobrd, and adjourned to the last Tuesdlay il N'ov.:Nov 2C7. Court opened at'Kingsland,:.alled0ove'rth docket of 8 causes only,put over, anil dismissed them and appointed Ebenezer Green Constable for Thsetf~rd jand:Samuel Pennock, Ebenezer Martin & EbecnezerGreen and James Allen Surveyors for the Counly; and.aJ'btl.r-"d to Feb next Last Tuesday'ebIF'.5! Stt out fiome Moretown fc,r Kings Land, travelled untill Knight there Being No Road, and the Snow very 1771!,lDaepo, we traveled on Snow Shoes or tacaes, on the 26th we traveled Some ways and Hleld a Council when -'.: -. iit-was Concluded it was Best to open the Court as we Sawr No Line it was not whether in Kingsland or Not.:.::B. Ut we Concltided we were fart in ihe woods we Did not:Expect to See any House unless we rmarched t.hree:-miles within Kingsland and No one lived there vhlen tile Court wits Ordered to be opened on the Spot, Pre — i," -,,'t J(ohn Taplin Judge. all Causes Continued or adjourned John Peters of the Quoram over to Next term John Taplin jr. Sheriff;: be Court if one adjourned over untill the Last Tuesday in may Next at w-hicel it was operred.:~' i:... and after disposing of one case ofbastardy, adjourned to August next.:ohn Peters Clerk i.N fou:ther records of the Tew' York Court. There "was a Court of General Sessions held at NewbTry in August. 1772. &c.: —:;:August, 1772 N17721772 Feb., 1773 1774 Judges, 1 John Taplin'. " c:..J acol0 Bailey,'' " " 2 Thomas Sumtner, 2' James Pennoek, 2 Jacob Kent, 2'" James Pennock, Jacob Kent,,!:.'2 Joel Marsh Jacob Kent, John Hatch, 2'Thomas Chamberlain, Thomas Clhamberlain, 2 Samuel Hale. Samuel Hale, 3 3 John Peters, " i if; 4John Taplin, jun.,;WINrIDRAMI COU1NTY COURT.. W'i'Fbruary, 1.781, the county of Cumberland was divided -ito three counties, Windham, Windsor and Orange.:.hine Term, 1781. 1782. May Term, 1783. Dec. Term, 1783. 1784. 1785 1 Johnt Sessions, 4C cc " "c Luke Knowlton2 Luke Knowlton, " I L' Jolhn Bridgman, 2 John Bridgman,;'Benjamin Burt: Samuel Fletcher,' " 2 Benjamin Burt,' S StephenKBradley, Benjamin Burt, " 3 Micah Townsend, 0" " " " 5 4 Jonathan Htlnt, 5 Stephen R. Bladley, " Samuel Kniglht, S. R. Bradley, *:No. l,Chief Judge-2, assistant Judges-3, Clerks-4, Sheriffs-5, States Attorney-6, Judges of Probate —7, R..egisters of Probate. t For Judgee asod Registers of Probate in Westminster district see tIhe bottom of page 6, and the 75th to the 8th..

Page  120 COUNTY OFFICERS FOR 1851-2. 120 ORANGGE COUNTY COU1RT, After its orgranization in 1781, the first session was holden at Thetford on the second Tuesday in June, 1781. 1781, present, 1 78:. 1783. 1784. 1785. 1 J.cob Bailey, ":: Israel Smith, c 1 Jacob Bailey, r2 Isracl ilnitll, 2 No:si W~hite, " 2 Israel Smlith, i Noalh White;:' o Alexander Harvey, " 2 Noah White, -2 Thomas Russell " 2 Joshua Tucker' 2 Alexander Harvey Alexanmder ilarvey 3 Davenport Phelps' 2 Benjamin Baldwin 2 Israel Moey 4 3 R Daniel Burt " 3 Nathan Goddard 5 4 Abner Chamberlain " " Is3e B:iley wv:is c!erk of OIanlg, county court fiom 1787 to 1811, and in 1814. Harris E. G. McLaughlin was clerki fiotr 1i I15 o1. 1833. H-larry Hale was cllrk in 183 and 1834. J. W. Parker was clerk in 1835 and 6. Pearly C. Joune was eclrk ill 1837, 39, 41 antl 4, John Smith-in 1838. Robbins Dinsmore in 1840. Calvin Blodgett was clerkl froir 18-13 tJ i84-, both years. Joseph Berry in 1849. Samuel M. Flint 1859. ludlee3 and Ren-i:ters of P otbate in R.andolph Districtn in addition to those in the proper place for thcm. The firs udtlge was Elijath Paine, of Vsilliamstc. wn, appointed in 1789; held the office 2 years, but no record is left of his hav in, done any Probate business, being enquired of some years afterwards for his records, he replied, that, as lie di, no business in thait line, he hsad kept no record of it, and lie found that nobody those dlays. The first case oi the records is that of' Ezra Dudslev, of Roxbury. June 15, 1792, while Israel Converse was Judge, who was of cours rappointed in 1791, and heldt the oicec till Aaron Storrs was appointed in 1796, and James Converse was Register fror 179a to 1739. David Storr was Lsitegister from 1797 to 1799. Aaron Storrs and Moses Hubbard the remainder of th year Dec. 18800, wlen Jonathan Fisk was appointed Jude and with James Converse and Joseph Roberts for Register tor two vears.'J' le Judge did his own recordin- till Dec. 1818.' Under. Frederick Griswold, Jacolb K. Parish w, Register to Dec. 1832. V m. Ilebard Register to 1833, Wyman Spooner Regiister to Dec. 1834. Win. Hebard Re, ister to Dec. 136.a Jacobi K. Paiishi Register to Dec. 1837. William Hebard Register to Dec. 1838. Calvin Bllodge to 1"39. 9 -d ard C. Redingiton to 1840; John Colby to 1842, Daniel F. ercymrouth to 1843. Philander Perrin - 1844. Gustavus Roll" to 18it5. Philander Perrin to 1846. Jonathan Smith jr. to July, 1848. Cornelius WV. Clarkl Dec. S'S. Plhilander Perlin 1849. John B. Ilutchinstnon to Dec. 1850. Corneiius W. Clark to the present time. P. S Judges of thn Sui.preme Court, (just elected,) Stephen Royce, Isaac F. Redfield, li Pierpoint Ishami. Peter T. Washburn, Woodstock, Reporter. a dci sosx ('ciY y. 4 Isaac Shieronold 4 Samuel Pennoclk WashingtoI Count: O2 is~ephli Uhay vald 5 Ldward J. Phelps 5 George Wilkins 2 David W. Hadley R2 oswell Bottmin jt. 6 Charles Adams 6'Stoughton S. Pike 2 Joseph Hancock 3 GCeorge. Swi-t 7 BradfiJrd Nixford 7 WVm. G. Ferrin 3 Slhubael SWheeler 4 David. Churchll:.sse Coualty. fOrange' Cosacty. 4 Isaac WV. Brown'5 otln V\7. SGte-niMt H2 L)avi d Hubbaid jr. 0 Gouldsbilrn Taplin jr. 5 Stoddard B. Colby 6 Ilusatlio Scymrour O iranmel Crawford 2 Alvah Smith 6 Jacob Scott 6 tarvev ilunisill a3 A s7m.I1. I-lartshol)r: 0Samuel M. Fli nt 7 Lyman Bri-s Jeil..n Bu lnel 1 4 Joseph W.. Coope)- r 4 Tohln E. Chlanberlin Wintlhadln Counatly. 7 John tierporlt 5 Win. ayward ir. Asa 1M. Dickey 2 Ellery Allbee I'e.nle iSrton CoRssr. y.'; lReubenl7 bn. Freea.. l ( Royal Hatch 2 Horace Alvord 5 Simeo'n Risi Wmin. Chandler i; Philander I'errin 3 Royal Tyler 0 C. EI.outllol - l'7eiraran Co ttrr;t. 7 Charles B. Leslie 4 Cyrus Carpenter "3 Sass'l Hi. BIlackmetr 2 Alvah Sabin 7 Cornelius W. Clark 5 Geoige B. Keilogg 4L rn>,9! ieCrrill 2 Augustus Youning ~a' 0la. Cousnty. 6 RoyalTyler 5 Hiarmon Caninlcl 3.5oseplh. Brai!ierd 2 Williarn Moorn 6 Abishai Stoddard i r',oorsdr d'ergearnt "4 Orson Carpenter 2 7 Frederick Holbrook ( Joseplh Eis 5 George F. Iougltou n 3 lIubblard iastings 7 Benjamin WV. Dean 7B Harvey C. Fowler 6 Wvilliani Brid gcs 4 Elisha White'Windsor.Cotlty. 7 A.B. Gardner 7 Jeptha Bradley 5 min. f. Dickerman 2 Hlampden Cutts bCale doe i' Conu tay. ra;.ar') "o-lsat-. 6; Isslac N. Cushlan 2 Calvin French 2 Alden E. Juderine 2 Williamlr L.Sowles 7 tenirv 5A. Bates 3 Norman Williams 9' Andrew Ms;Milllno 0 Daniel Warit ttlai. d C oanl.alty, 4 Lorenzo Richmond-:3 Gustavus A. Burbanrk 3 Elijah Haynes 2 Samluel HI'.Kellogg 5 Warren C. French 4 George Ide 4.Ciarles. Cla'k ) Barnes FrIsbie 6 Salmon F. Dutton 5 Jnosepl' Potts 5 Johllr 5i.Sovles 3 F. WV. Hopkins 6 John Potter 6 Theron Howard fC Sealand Whitney 4 Jacob Edgerton 7 -lenry Closson 7 Gustavus A. Burbhink 7 Augustus Kniglht 5 Caleb B. Harring'on 7 Lyndon A. Marsh Chleitteladea Cona'al$y. LaSolltoile 0Coua,,. 6 HI iarvey Button ~ RansomJons 0 Jnames M. HIotchkiss 6 Almon Warner For Clerks of Courts I Aaron L. Beachl, s Giles A. Balrber 7 IHenry Ilall Probate Registers, I iha, 3 D. B.' Bulkley 3.B. Saw y er 7 serted those now in. INDEX. Fxecutive and Senate Department, page, 11:3 Errata, and ancient County Officers, 119 i-louse of Represeitrtives, alphabetically by Counties,115 County Officers for 1851-2 1"0 Councillors and Senators, denotin, wshich are not living, 118 If any person wishes to purchase the whole work, they caRn have it by for waiding to Lec Detming, at Middlebury, Vt., one dollar, post paid, and two copies will be sent to theIn paid, or of his son E. C. Dering, 56 Brattle street, Boston, or requesting their Repres tives to purchase one for them during the session.

Page  121 APPENDIX TO IIEMIIIG'S CATALOGUE OF VIERMOIT ICE!S Containing the true date of the charter of each town, and by what state granted: The first settlement and settlers, when organized, first TPown Clerk, Constable and Selectmenj the first white person born in the town, and all the Town Clerks who have served twelve years-and the above officers that are now living, and were appointed during the last century. Also, the Justices of the Peace now living, who have served twelve years, and those deceased who have served twenty years. In this part of the Work inaccuracy must be expected, as the same name occurs in different towns, which may sotnetimes be the same person, and sometimes not. I have endeavored to have those cases correct, but probably have failed in some. In consequence of wrong names being printed in the Journals and Registers, I shall correct. in the last part of the Appendix, some errors in the Catalogue, not yet mentioned therein. Explanation of the Abbreviations. Gran., stands for Granted. Char., for Chartered, or dated. F. Settler, for first Settler. Org., for Organized. F. T. C., for first Town Clerk. F. Con.. for first Constable. F. Sel., for first Selectmen. F. B., or born, for first white person born in the town. Those names in Roman letters, are supposed to be dead. Those in Italic are living, and those in Small Capitals are now in office. Those in Roman and Italic, have died during the last year. Those in Roman and Small Capitals, died this year while in office. F. Rep. for first Representative in the General Assembly.'

Page  122 122 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. ACTON, was apmall town in Wind- 18; Lymnant Clark, 16; JUSTUS SMITH, 12. ham county, chartered by Vt. to Moses F. Rep. John Strong, Feb. 1784. Johnson and 32 others, Feb. 23, 1782, by ALBANY is in the southeasterly part the name of Johnson's Gore, containing of Orleans county, has one post-office. 5045 acres. It was incorporated by the Charter granted June 27, 1781, chartername of Acton, Nov. 6,1800, but with- ed June 26, 1782, by Vt. to Henry E. out the right of a representative in the Lutterloh and 64 others, by the name of legislature only in connection with Towns- Lutterloh, which was altered to Albany, hend. First Settlers, Timothy and No- Oct. 30, 1815. Fst. settled, 1798 or 9. ah Fisher, Riverius Hooker, and Eben- Org. March, 27, 1806; F. T. C. and Con. ezer Bevins in 1781. Organized March Benjanmin Neal; F. Sel. Silas Downer, 3, 1801. Fst. Town Clerk, Waitstill Eli Chamberlin, and Thomas Cogswell. Scott. In 1823 it was discovered that F. Born, Stanton Fairfield. each organized town in the State were by Luther -Delano, the present T. Clerk the Constitution entitled to a represen- has held the office 19 yrs. F. Justice, tative in the General Assembly; and in Thomas Cogswell, 1805. Others, Eli 1824 was first separately represented by Chamberlinjr. 27yrs. John, Fairmnan, Ebenezer Huntington, and was repre- 21, John Skinner, 19; Luther -Delano, sented nine years before it was annexed 17; MEDAD DARLING, 16; Riufus B. to Townshend 0ct. 29, 1840. Fst. Jus- Hovey, 15; and Aaron Chaambe'rlin, 13. tice of peace, Amos Hale, 1802. Others, F. Rep. Thomas Cogswell, 1808. Lemruel Farewell, 35 yrs. EBENEZER ALBURGH was situated in the north HUNTINGTON, 31; NATIH-AN FISHuR),23; west corner of Grand Isle county, and the and -Daniel Fisher, 14 yrs. to 1852; state; had three post-offices, Alburgh, ADDISON is on the west side of Ad- Alburgh Springs, and West Alburgh. dison county, has two post-offices, Chim- Not being able, after repeated soliciney Point and Addison. Char. Oct. 14 tations, to learn any late orancient news 1761, by N. H. with 28,800 acres. Oct- from it, I am apprehensive it has Stept 22, 1804, a part of this town was annex- out, or ran off the track. From the shape ed to Weybridge; and three days after of the town, it took the name of Missisco another part was set to Waltham. The Tongue; and by that name it was first refirst Settlers of Western Vermont were a presented in the legislature by Thomas few French families in the south-west P. Loid in 1786. It was Chartered to part of this town in 1731. The first Yan- Ira Alien and 64 others by Vt., Feb. 23 kee settlers in this town were Mr. Ward, 1781, by the name of Alburgh. But the Col. John Strong, and Capt. Zadock Ev- settlers did not recognize the right of Ira erest in 1766. They, and others who soon Allen or any other human being to take came on, were all forced to leave during possession of their lands without their the war; and on their return in 1783 consent. Lawsuits were commenced and found that their buildings were all des- continued a number of years; but the settroyed. F. Yankee born in town, John tlers held theiri lands. This grant was Strong jr. June 14, 1766. Org. March for 23,040 acres. Ira Allen and his 64 29, 1784. F. T. Clk. John Strong; F. associates obtained from Vt, another Con. David Valance; F. Selectmen John charter by the name of Woodbridge Oct. Strong, Zadock Everest and Joshua 26, 1781, lying east of, and joining A1Whitney. Gideon Seegar was T. Clk. burgh, andto contain 23,040 acres; but from 1794, 26yrs. None of the above, not finding land enough in the bounds of or any of the ancient officers of the town both grants to meet Alburgh, Woodare now living. F. Justice, Zadock Ev- bridge was not located. Nov. 1, 1792, a erest, 1787, 21yrs. Others, Henry part of Alburgh was set to Highgate. Smith, 37; Gideon Seegar, 36; Arzah Lewis Sowles was T. Clk. 39 years. Crane, 33; Henry Brevoort, 24; HE- F. Justice, Thomas P. Loid, 1786MAN CONVERSE, 17; GEORGE WILMARTH, Others, Ichabod Niles 28yrs. Joseph,

Page  123 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICER$. 123 Sewall, 28, and William L. Sowles, 17. Luther Stone T. C. from 1800 to 1821, ANDOVER, is in the south-westerly 21 yrs. John B. Lathrop from 1832part of Windsor tounty, has two post 45, 13 yrs. None of the ancient officers offices, Andov&r and Simonsville. Char. are living. F. Settlers, Simon Burton, Oct. 13, 1762, by N. H., to Nathaniel William Searles and Ebenezer Wallis, House and others, of 18,000 acres. Oct. in 1763. F. Justices, Eliakim Stoddard 26, 1799, the west part of this town was and Gideon Adams, 1781. First by the set off and incorporated into a new town State, Nathan Canfield, 1786. Others, by the name of Weston. Org. March Sylvester Deming 40 years; Jonathan 1780. F. T. C., Moses Warner; F. Baker, 30; Reu6ben Barney, 28; John Con., Frederick Rogers; F. Sel. James Barrington, 19; HARMON CANFIELD, 16; Keyes, Frederick Rogers and John Si- LEMUEL HAWLEY: 14, and Samuel Wilmonds, Jr. F. born, William Geere, mott, 14. 1768. Moses Warner was T. C. 17 yrs. First Reps. Thomas Chittenden, Ethan Samuel Burton Constable in 1798, now Allen and John Fassett, Jr., 1778. 85. James S. Parker, Selectman 1799, ASCUTNEY MOUNTAIN, Lying now 87. Jonathan Cram, a selectman in Windsor and Weathersfield, its slumin 1797-8, and T. C. in 1797, now 88, mit is 3116 feet above Connecticut river which show an uncommon case of longev- at Windsor. It is a barren waste, proity among the ancient officers of the town. ducing nothing of use, and was, thereIn 1768 Shubael Geere and Amos fore, deemed by the north town a very Babcock made a beginning among the suitable place to locate the public rights trees, but soon left the town. In 1776 a of the town. permanent settlement was made by Moses A WarnerJohn Simonds John Simonds ATHENS, lies in the north-easterly Earner, IJob Pease and Jame offc part of Windham county, has one post Jr., Eli and Jacob Pease, and James ofice, and 9328 acres, as by Charter Keyes. F. Justice, John Simonds and from Vt., Gran. March 11th, and Char. Vt.,Gran. March 1 1 th and Char. Moses Warner, 1781. Samuel Brown May 3; 1780, to Solomon Harvey, and first by the State, 1786. Others, 66 others. Oct. 30 1816, aportion of Charles W. Chandlzer, 18 years.; Ed- Athens was annexedto Grafton. Oct. ward Simonds, 17; Benjaminn Morse, 27 1794, a part of Athens and a part of 17; JOSEPH DODGE, 15; SOLOMON How- Putney was formed into Brookline, a ARD, 14; B Wniiaam aGrneR, 13; Abra- new town.INov. 2, 1846, apart of Rock-:haN Mrow n~ 123; and GERoE W. S mICK- ingham and a part of Grafton, was set off NEY, 12. IEY, 12. T 1 t)to A.thens. F. Settlers, Jonathan PertF. Rep. John Simonds, 1781. ep. ohn Sids, 1781. ham, Ephraim Holden and families, Feb. ARLINGTON, is on the west side 25, 1780, and soon after, Seth Oakes and.of Bennington County, has two post family, all of which moved into a log offices, Arlington and West Arlington. hut they had erected in 1779. F. born, Char. by N. H., July 28, 1761, and con- Dorcus Oakes, May 1780. Org. March tains 24,960 acres. Org. not far from 4, 1781. F. T. C. William Beal; F. 1768, and the famous Remember Baker, Con. Calvin Oakes; F. Sel. Daniel Fulof the Ethan Allen stamp, was the first ler, Jabez Hurd and Calvin Oakes. Town Clerk. But unfortunately for the Daniel Fuller, T. C. from 1792 to 1806, town they had Isaac Bisco for Town 14 yrs.; James Bailey from 1806-31, 25 Clerk in 1777, a noted Tory, who, after yrs.; Lyman Alexander, from 1831-45, burying the records so secure as not yet 14 yrs., and the only one living., First to be found, fled to Canada. The first Justice, Calvin Oakes. First Justice records now in the office, are dated 1781, by the State, James Shafter, 1786, held and Thomas Tolman was then T. C. F. 25 yrs. Others, Daniel Fuller, 45; Con. Elijah Galusha; Sel. no record. TIMOTHY H. WHITNEY, 44; Thaddeus F. Born, Elizabeth Seeley, April 4, 1769. Alexander, 31; Abraham Ball, 28;

Page  124 124 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. AMos DAVIS, 15; TISDALE PORTER, 12; east corner of Cavendish, Oct. 19, 1793. and Warren Tinkham 12. It has no post office. Org. March 12, F. Rep. Abel Mattoon, 1780. 1794. F. T. C., Joseph Atherton. F. AVERILL, An unorganized, and Con., Samuel Davis. Sel Waldo almost uninhabited town, in the north- Cheney, Jonathan Woodbury and Joseph easterly part of Essex county. Char Atherton. F. born, Welthy Cheney, June 29th, 1762, by N. H., 23,040 acres. March 14, 1789. The first after the Pop. in 1840, 11; in 1850, 7. town was incorporated, was John WoodAVERY'S GORE. A number of bury, April 17, 1794. Jonathan WoodAVERY'S GORE. A number of bury, T. C. from 1800-15, 15 yrs. John small tracts of land were formerly grant- Piper, from 1840-52, 12 yrs., and is the ed to Samuel Avery, by the above name, only on'e of the above now living. First and all but one that is inhabited has Justice, Isaac Chamberlain 1794.- Others been annexed to other towns; and that JONATHAN M. BOYNTON, 15 years,. and lies in the south-east corner of Franklin JOHN PIPER, 13. county. - Granted Oct. 29, 1791, by Vt., F. Rep. Benjamin Page, 1824. of 9723 acres. Pop. in 1850, 48. Gold BARNARD. This town is in the and Silver Mines reserved, in the towns Northern part of Windsor county, has in this vicinity, for the use of the State. two post offices, Barnard and East BarBAKERSFIELD, is located in the nard. Char. July 17, 1761, by the easterly part of Franklin county, one name of Bernard, by N. H., to William post office. Gran. Feb. 27th, 1787. Char. Story, Francis Barnard and others. The Jan. 25, 1791, by Vt., to Luke Knowl- town soon got the name of Barnard, ton, of 10,000 acres, by the name of without a special act. Org. April 9th, Knowlton's Gore. Oct.'25, 1792, this 1778. F. T. C., Thomas W. White. F. Gore, Smithfield and Fairfield, were form- Con. Joseph Byam and Joseph Bowman, ed into two towns, Fairfield and Bakers- F. Sel. Thomas Freeman, Asa Whitfield. Oct. 31, 1798, Knight's Gore was comb and Solomon Aikens. F. born, annexed to Bakersfield, and a part of Polly Cheedle, Aug. 11, 1774. Samuel Bakersfield was set off to Enosburgh. Topliff was T. C. 21 yrs. F. Settlers, Oct- 26, 1799, a part of Coit's Gore was Thomas and William Freeman and John annexed to Bakersfield, and it now con- Newton, in 1774. F. Justice by the tains about 26,000 acres, and is much State, Benjamin Cox and Beriah Green, noted for its flourishingAcademies. Org. 1786. Others, John Foster, 31 yrs.; March 30, 1795. F. T.C., StephenMay- Charles Walcott, 23; Alpheus Howe, nard. F. Con., Amos Cutler. F. Sel. 23; Joseph B. Dantforth, 22; Lucius Jonas Brigham, Joseph Baker and Ste- Freeman, 15; Daniel Aiken, 12, and phen Maynard. F: born, Betsey May- Calvin Green, 12. Benj. Clapp 22. nard, Jan. 13, 1793. Silas Berkley F. Rep. Edmund Iodges, 1778. HIazeltine,-T. C. from 1,821-52, 31 yrs. So elevated is this town that the canSolomon Davis, Selectman, 1798. The non fired at Bunker Hill Battle, June three last only.are now living. F. Set- 17, 1775, was distinctly heard in this tiers, Joseph Baker, Joel Brigham and town, although over 100 miles distant. Abijah Pratt, in 1789. F. Justice, BARNET, is theeast town, and south Jonas Brigham, 1795, held 26 years. but one, in Caledonia County, It has Others, SILAS B. IIAZELTINE, 29; Calvin three post offices, Stevens' Village, PasEwings, 21; WILLIAM C. WILSON, 14.; sumpsic, and McIhidoes' Falils. Char. Elijah Barns, 14; CHARLES B. MAY- by N. H., Sept. 16, 1763, to Enos, Samuel NARD) 12, and Samuel Maynard, 20. and Willard Stevens, and others. Org. F. Rep., Jonas Brigham, 1796. Narch 18, 1783. F. T. C., Walter BALTIMORE, a small triangular Brock. F. Con., James Orr and Steshaped town in the south-easterly part of vens Rider. F. Sel. James Gilchrist, Windsor county, se:t off from the south- f Thomas Smith and Bartholomew Somers.

Page  125 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 125 F. born, Sarah Hall; the 2d, Barnet uel Rogers and John Goldsbury, in 1788. Fowler, 1770; the latter received the F. Justice, Benj. Walker, 1793. Others, 100 acres of land from Enos Stevens, Stephen Freeman, 30 years; Chapin one of the proprietors, as the first born Keith, 28; PETER JOHONNETT, Jr., 25; male child in town. Walter Stuart was John Twing, 20; Newell Kin sman, 14; T. C. 20 yrs.; Rev: David Goodwillie, 20 and Jacob Scott, 14 yrs. yrs. and John Shaw, from 1827-52, 25 F. Rep. Nathan Harrington, 1793. yrs. The last one only is now living. BARTON. This town lies on the F. Settlers, Daniel, Jacob and Elijah east side of Orleans County, has two Hall, and Jonathan Fowler, 1770. F. post offices, Barton and Barton Landing. Justices by the State, Walter Brock and Gran. Oct. 20, 1781, by Vt., to William James Gilchrist, 1786. Others, Wfalter Barton and 29 others, of Rhode Island, Harvey, 36 years; Silas Harvey, 33; by the name of Providence, and Char. Win. Shearer, 29; Hugh Somers, 23; Oct., 20, 1789, by its present name, in James Gilchrist, 17; PETER LAIRD, 17; honor of the first Grantee. Org. March _Mordecai Hale, 16; JOHN SHAW, 16; 26, 1798. F. T. C. Abner Allyn, Jr. OBED S. HATCH, 15; Henry Stevens, F. Con. James Redmond. F. Sel. Jon12; and Solovzon Stevens, 12. athan Allyn, Asa Kimball and Jonathan F. Rep. Alexander Harvey, March Robinson. F. born, Amelia May, Oct, 1778. 3, 1796, whose parents are both living, BARRE. Situated in one of the in Barton. John Kimball was T. C. beSouth-east corners of Washington county, tween 1803 and 1842, 32 yrs. F. SetIt was a Gore of land, between the N. tler, Asa Kimball, 1796. F. Justice, H. and N. Y grants. It was granted Jonathan Allyn, 1797, 24 yrs. Others, Nov. 6, 1780, and Chartered Aug. 12, John Kimball, 38 yrs.; John H. Kim1781, to William Williams and 64 others, ball 20; Oliver Blodgett 22; Richard by Vt., by the name of Wildersburgh. Newton 16; Amos Robinsan 15; Sam'l Org. March 11th, 1793. F. T. C. Joseph Chamberlin 15; Jerre Mansfield 14, Dwight. F. (Con. Job Adams. F. Sel. and Josep1h Owen 14. AsaDh Sherman, Joseph Dwight and F. Rep. Jonathan Allyn, 1802. Nathan Harrington. F. born, James Hale, Jan. 7, 1791. Joseph Ripleywas BELVIDERE, is in the north end of T. Ja. 22 yrs. In consequence of many Lamoille county, has but one post office, of the citizens being dissatisfied with the and 30,100 acres, by Charter granted name of Wildersburgh, a meeting was March 5, 1787. Char. Nov. 14, 1791, called and holden Sept. 3, 1793. "Voted, by Vt., to John Kelley, of New York to petition the Legislature to alter the city. Oct. 30, 1828, twenty-one square name of the town. Voted 2d, That the miles of this town was annexed to Eden. man who will give the largest sum for First settler, Timothy (arpenter, 1800. the erection of a meeting-house shall First born, Betsey Brown, Dec. 5, 1800. select the name, and the town'will'peti- Organized March 7, 1808. First Town tion the Assembly for that name." That Clerk, John Brown. First Constable, privilege was put up at auction, and was Nathaniel Hodgkins First Sel. William struck off to Ezekiel D. Wheeler, at Beals, John Hodgkins and John Adams. sixty-two pounds, lawful money, he being John Brown was Town Clerk to 1832, the highest bidder. Wheeler chose 24 years. One only of them now living. Barre, and it was altered to Barre, Oct. First Justice, Nathaniel Hodgkins, 1806 19, 1793. This account is from the lyear. Others Moodg Shattuck to records, butit does not contradict the 30; AlvalChCuee,16years. well authenticated account givenby Z. First Representative, Moody ShatThompson; as both may be true, and tuck, 1823. done in different places, and by a widely BENNINGTON, is a half-shire town different set of men. F. Settlers, Sam- of Bennington County and lying near

Page  126 126 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. the South-west corner of the State, has Hale, born Aug. 11, 1785. Othnid three post offices, Bennington, Benning- Goodrich was selectman in 1797, Reuton Centre,and NorthBennington. This ben Parsons was town clerk 15 years. is the first chartered town in the State, John Kellogg also 12 years: First Setdated, January 3, 1749, by N. H., to tlers,.Barber, Durfee and Noble, 1783. William Williams and 61 others, mostly First Justice, Asahel Smith, 1786. from. Portsmouth. N. H. Organized Others, Chauncey Smith34 years; Jesse March 31, 1762. First Town Clerk, Parkill 26; MLO W. SMITH 18; JAMES Moses Robinson. First Constable, Sam- H. GLEASON 16; Philo Wilcox 14; uel Robinson, Jr., and Eleazer Harwood. HORACE KNAPP 14; LOYAL C. KELLOGG First Sel. Samuel Montague, Samuel 13; Isaac D)ickinson 13; CHAUNCEY Scott, James Breckenridge, Benajah HIGGINS 12, and Isaac Norton 12. Rude and Joseph Wickwire. Firstborn, First Rep. Asahel Smith, 1786. Benjamin Harwood, Jan. 12, 1762, died BENTON'S GORE was a tract of Jan. 22, 1851, aged 89. Moses Robin- 5000 acres, granted to Samuel Benton son was town clerk to 1781, 19 years. and 21 others, by Vt., Oct. 26, 1781, Williacm Haswell from 1821-49, 28 and is now the westerly part of Weston. years. Samuel Fay, a constable in 1799, a deputy sheriff 18 years, and high sheriff BERKSHIRE. A town in the 12 years, is the only ancient officer now North-easterly part of Franklin County, living, aged 80. First settlers, Peter and joining Canada, has three post offices, Eleazer Harwood, Leonard and Samuel Berkshire, East Berkshire, and West Robinson, Jr., Samuel and Timothy Berkshire. Granted March 13, 1780. Pratt, June 18, 1761. First Justice, Chartered June 22, 1781,byVt, to WilSamuel Robinson, 1763, appointed by liam Goodrich and 59 others. OrganN. H. First by Vt., Isaac Tichenor, ized March 7. 1796. First Town Clerk, Noah Smith and NathanielBrush, 1786. David Nutting. First Constable, TimOthers, William Henry 39 years; Uriah othy R. Barker. First Selectmen, SteEdgerton 25; Samuel H. Blackrner phen Royce, James Adams and Silas 23; Orsamzus C. Merrill 23; Green Pollard. First born, Elihu M. Royce, Blackmer 21; ASA DOTY 15; Henry July 19,1793. Harvey Clark was Town Robisson 14; John Hicks 14; Elijah Clerk from March 1813, to June 1842, Pllnmore 13; Pierpoint Isham 13, over 29 years. First settler, Joab BarLuther Park 12; William T. South- ber, in 1792. First Justice, Stephen worth 12; Alson. Squire i2, and Aaron Royce, 1794, 11 years. Others, WILRobinson 23. F. Reps. Nathan Clarke LIAM C. ELLSWORTH, 40 years;, Cromand John Fassett, March 1778. well Bowen 21; James C. Stone 19; Joseph Smith 15; LINUS LEAVENS 13. BENSON, Lying in the North-west First Rep. Stephen Royce, 1796. corner of Rutland County, has two post BERLIN, A town in Washington offices, Benson, and Benson Landing. county, south of, and joining Montpelier, Granted Oct. 27, 1779, and chartered has one post office. Chartered June 8, May 5, 1780, by Vt., to James Meacham, 1763, by New Hampshire, to C. Graham Ezekiel Blair and' 72 others, containing and others, of 23,040 acres. Organized 25.214 acres. Nov. 9, 1847, a small March 17, 1791. First Town Clerk, part of this town was annexed to Or- David Nye. First Constable, Micaijah well. Organized in March 1786. First Ingraham. First Selectmen, Zachariah Town Clerk, Allen Goodrich. First Perrin, Eleazer Hubbard and James Constable, Jonathan Danforth. First Sawyer. F. born unknown. Abel Knapp Sel. Asahel -Smith, Simeon Goodrich was T. C. from 1796 to 1845, except and JamesNoble. First born, Thomas two years, 47years. Simeon Dewey, a Hale, Aug. 22, 1784, and his sister Polly:~ Selectman in 1797, is the only ancient

Page  127 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 127 officer now'living. First Settlers, Eb- brook. F. born, unknown. John French enezer, Sanborn and Joseph Thurber, was T. C. 16 years. First settled 1800. 1785, near the mouth of Dog river, but First justice, Gaius Kibbe 1801. Others soon left, and in 1786 Jacob Fowler took Daniel Holbrook 17; SELDEN BURBANK, possession of the premises of Sanborn 15 years. and Thurber, and was the first permanent First Rep. Gaius Kibbe 1803. settler in town. First Justice, John- Taplin 1791. Others, Abel Knapp 50 years BOLTON, The east town in Chitin succession; Ebenezer Bailey 21, and tenden county, and on Onion river, has OSMON DEWEY 17. two post offices, Bolton and North Bolton. Chartered June 7, 1763, by New First Rep. John Taplin 1793. BETHEL, Lying in the north-west- Hampshire, and then contained 23,040 erly part of Windsor county, has two acres, besides the extra for hill-lands. ~ erly part of Windsor county, has two Oct. 27, 1794, a part of Huntington was post offices, Bethel and East Bethel. It Oct. 27, 1794, a part of Huntington was was first granted and chartered by New annexed to Bolton; but that law being.York to a company of men, the most rather deficient, and lawsuits arising in {o> oacopny o eu *h v ot consequence the same was re-annexed of which turned, or was, tories. It was e granted by Vermont, being their first Nov. 10, 1808, and the doings under the grant, March 18, 1778. Chartered Dec. former law confirmed. Oct. 25, 1804, 23, 1779, to John Payne, John House, part of Bolton was annexed to RichDudley Chase, and 43 others, of 23,040 mond. Town organized 1794. First acres. Organized May 14, 1782. First town clerk Jabez Jones. First constafTown Clerk, Barnabas Strong. First ble Robert Kennedy. First selectmen, Constable, Michael Flynn. First Se- Francis Joiner; William Rogers and lectmen, Joel Marsh, John Benjamin and Samuel Bell. First born unknown. John George Smith. ]First born, Asa Snith, Pinneo T. C. 12 years. First settlers, son of Bqnjamin Smith, Sept. 6, 1780; John and Robert Kennedy, Noah Dewey, and now resides on the farm where born. Robert Stinson, Peter Dilsie, Thomas Michael Flynn was town clerk from 1784, Palmer and James Moore. First Jus% 14 years. Jonathan Marsh from 1810 tice JabezJones, 1791. Others, Josn to 1840, except one year, and five years Pinneo 39; SAMUEL B. KENNEDY 28; before 1810, 34 years. Of the above Moses L. Colton ~,; Asa Stockwell 24, officers or ancient officers not one is left. and JOHN WriTE I2 First settler, Benjamin Smith, 1779. First Rep. SamueT Bell 1791. Joel Marsh, Samuel Peak, Seth Chase, BRADFORD, Lying on the east side 5Willard Smith and ]David. Stone, settled of Orange county, has three post offices in 1780. First Justice Michael Flynn, Bradford, South Bradford and Bradford 1786, 28 years. Others, Jonatban Centre. 3,000 acres of land on ConMarsh 39; THOMAS P. RUSSELL 27; necticut river, in. this town, was granted Stephen Cleaveland 32; WaIter Perrin by New York to Sir Harry Mffoore, and 23, Nath'l Throop 22, & Asa Brooks 15. by him conveyed to 30 settlers. The First Rep. Joel Marsh, 1780. remainder was taken by pitches. New BILLYMEAD. See Sutton. Hampshire made some grants which led BLOOMFIELD, Lying on the east to much contention among the settlers. side of Essex County, north of the cen- The Legislature finding no regular Chartre, has one post office. Chartered June ter, on the 22d Jan. 1791, appointed Is29, 1762, by New Hampshire, by the rael Smith, James Whitelaw and Alexname of Minehead, containing 23,040 ander Harvey a committee to deed the acres. It was altered to Bloomfield Nov. lands'to the settlers, which restored 9, 1830. Organized Aug. 9,18502. First peace. The first name of the town was town clerk, Gaiuns Kibbe. First Consta- Moretown, and altered to Bradford, Oct. ble, Thomas Lampkin. F. Sel., John J. 23, 1788. Organized May 4, 1773. French, Ebenezer Wright and Job Hol- First town clerk, Stevens McConnell.

Page  128 128 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. First constable Hezekiah Silloway. First to Josiah Powers and 65 others, by the selectmen, Noah White, Stevens McCon- name of Neshobe, containing 22,756 nell and Bildad Andrus. First born, acres. October 20, 1784, the name was unknown. Andrew B. Peters was town altered to Brandon. As to the time the clerk from 1797 to 1847, except 3 years town was organized, authors do not agree. out, 47 years. Benjamin P. Baldwin Thompson's Vermont says: " The town selectman in 1796-7-9 and 1800, is the was organized about the year 1784, and only ancient one alive. First settler Gideon Horton was first town clerk." John Hosmer, 1765. First Justice Noah The present town clerk, says: " The first White. First by the state, Noah White meeting on record was holden January and Peletiah Bliss, 1786. Others, DAN- 16, 1787, and Joseph Hawley was chosen IEL MARTIN 25: Arad Stebbins 15;Moody town clerk; Joseph Barker, Constable; Grow 18; ADAM PRESTON 17; GEORGE and Simeon Avery, Moses Barnes and W. PRITCHARD 13; Benjamin P. Bald- Abraham Gilbert, were selectmen, and win 12, and J. W. D. Parker 12 years. recorded by Joseph Hawley." But as First Representative, Benjamin Bald- the name of the town was altered from win, March 1778. Neshobe to Brandon, in 1784, and repreBRADLEYVALE, Is a small unor- sented in 1786, I am inclined to believe ganized tract of 3936 acres, in the east Thompson is right, and the first record part of Caledbnia courty. Chartered to lost, or never made. First born, Stephen Thomas Pearsall Jan. 27, 1791. Popu- June, September 11, 1774, and has ever lation in 1850, 107; more than doubled resided in town. Joseph Hawley was in ten years, andwould look very well on town clerk most 19 years. Barzillai a map, if annexed to Kirby. Davenport, from 1827 to 1852, 25 years. BRAINTREE, The west town in the First settlers, John Whelan, Jedediah County of Orange. It has two post Winslow, David June, Noah Strong and offices, Braintree and West Braintree. Amos (utler,in 1775. Mr. Cutler only Granted Nov. 2, 1780. CharteredAug. remained, and alone the whole of the 1, 1781, by Vermontr to Jacob Spear. winter following, seeing no other person. Levi Davis and 63V hers, on taining F. Justice, John Mott, 1786. Others; 23,040 acres. Orged March 7inng 1788. John Conant, 31 ys. HARVEY HALL, 21, 23,040 acres. Org zd March 7,1788. EnENEZER N BRIGGs First town clerk, jah French. First EBENEZER N. BRIGGS, 21, DAVID SANconstable, Edward Bass. First select- DERSON, 20, Wolcott. Keele, 18, BARmen, Jacob Spear, Ebenezer White and ZILLAI DAVENPORT, 22, JohnA. Conanti Stephen Fuller. First born, Hiram 16, Chester Winslow, 16, Franklin Bass, June 2, 1785. Rev. Ammi Nich- Parrington 15, Albert Locke 14, Anols was town clerk from 1810-47, 37 derson G. Dana, 13, RA JUNE 12, years. Zion Copeland was constablein Sprague, 13 years. 1799. The two last only are left. First F. Rep. Thomas Tuttle, March 1778. settlers, Silas Flint, Samuel and Jacob BRATTLEBORO, Lies near the Spear and Samuel Bass, 1783. Silas south-east corner of Windham county, Flint's wife was the first woman in town, and of the State, has two post offices and received the 100 acres of land. First Brattleboro, and West Brattleboro, aind justice, Joseph French, 1789. Others, 20,000 acres, by charter from New Hamp. Jonathan Bass, 26 years; Sampson shire, dated, as all agree, Dec. 26, 1753, Nichols 23; Lyman Kidder 21; David but is not to be found among the Town Partridge 15, and Solomon Holman 14. Records. The first civilized settlement First Rep. Isaac Nichols, 1791. in this state was in 1724 in the southBRANDON, The north town in Rut- east part of this town, on the " Dummer land county. It has two post offices, Meadows" by John, Thoma David, anc Brandon, and Forest Dale. Chartered David Sargeant, jr., Nathan Willard, Octobef. 20, 1761, by New Hampshire, John Alexander, Fairbank Moore and

Page  129 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 129 son, John Arms and Samuel Wells. stable Joseph Hawkins. First selectFirst born, John Sargeant, and probably men Richard Southgate, Isaiah Shaw the first in the state. For more partic- anCa James Fletcher. First settlers, ulars of the charter, see Duzmmierston. Dea. Asa Jones and Amos MIendall, in The first records to be found in the Town 1780. Mendall married a daughter of Clerk's office, is that Stephen Greenleaf Dea. Jones, and it was the first wedding was town cleik in 1781, Richard Prouty in town, and the second family. Their and Jonathan Goodnough, Constables; daughter, Lucy 2f]endall, was the first and Stephen Greenleaf, John Sargeant person born in town, in 1781. Benjamin and Samuel Warriner, were selectmen. Perkins was town clerk 18 years. Isaiah] It does not seem very probable that Raymond 24 years. Daviid Thompson this was the first organization of the was constable in. 1799. Three of the town, considering its early settlement; above only are left. First justice, John but as the town had no representative in Hawkins 1786, 15 years. Others; James. the Vermont Legislature, till Samuel Walker 38; ISAIAH RAYMOND 37; DaWells'was chosen in 1780, and having vid Thonzpson 35; Emmanuel Sawyer' in that quarter some New York notions, 22, and RICHARD W. SOUTIGATE 17. the town might, for some reasons best First Rep. John Hawkins, 1784. known to its citizens, delay their organization some years. First justice, Sam- BRIDPO'RT, A central town on the uel Warriner, 1781. Simpson Ellas was west side of Addison County, with one town clerk from 1787, 12 years. Ste- post office. Char., Oct. 9, i761,-by N. I. phen Greenleaf, from 1799 to 1844, 45 to Ebenezer Wiswall; and 63 others. years, and died March meeting day, and 70 shares, containing 25,000 acres. 1849, and just 50 years after he was first Organized }March 29, 1785. First town elected. No ancient officers of this town clerk, John N. Bennett. First constable are now living. First justices by the Marshall Smith. First selectmen, John state, Samuel Warriner 10 years; Sam- Barber, Moses Johnson, Daniel Haskins, uel Knight 15, and Williaml Smalley in Isaac Barrows and Marshall Smith. 1786. Others, Lemuel Whitney 48 years First born, Robert Hamilton. jr., Oct. in succession; Stephen Greenleaf 35; 26,1772. Lamon& Gray was town clerk h-enry Clark 30; Samuel Elliott 27; 15 years; Gardner onverse 23 years JONATHAN D. BRADLEY 26; ASA KEYEs and ERWIN E. GROSVENOR fromo 1839 to 25; SAMUEL ROOT 25; Joseph, Goodhue 1852, and is the only one left of those 22; James Elliott 21; LAFAYETTE above, or the ancient officers. First CLARKE 17; WILLARD ARMS 17; TFran- permanent settler, Philip Stone, 1768 cis Goodhue 17; Elnathan Allen 17; others came the same year, but most all Levi Stoddard 19; Rutssell _Fitch 16; left during the war, but returned soon WTaitstill Orvis 16; Sanmuel Earle, Jr. after the close. First justice, Nathan 15; Samuel Clar'k 14; Henry Smith Manley 1786. Others, BenjamiinfMiner, 14; JOSEPH STEEN 12; ROYAL TYLER jr. 39 years; CALVIN SOLAcE 32; Gard13; LARKIN G. MEAD 12; Paul Chase ner Converse 22; REUBEN GILLETT 18; 12, and Jonathan Snmith 12 years. James Fletcher 16; SIMON Z.. WALKER 14; ERWIN E. GRosvENOR 13 years. BRIDGEWATER, A central town First Rep. Philip Stone, 1788. on the west side of Windsor County, with one post office. Char. July 10, 1761, BRIGHTON, Has its location on the by N. H., to Seth Field, 67 shares, and west side of Essex county, has one post 28,000 acres. Barnard claims a part of office, and contains 23,040 acres. Charit, and is in possession, holding by a tered August 13, 1781, by Vermont, to charter from New Hampshire of a later Josiah Nightingale and 64 others, by the date. Organized March 30, 1785. First name of Random, which was altered to town clerk, John Hawkins. First Con- Brighton, November 3. 1832. First set. 11v

Page  130 130 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. tlers, Enos Bishop, April 1824, and John Polly Stewart, April 4, 1787. She is Stevens, in 1826. Organized March 31, the wife of.JTehiel Saxton, and resides in 1832. First town clerk, William Me- Ohio. Organizod March 2, 1789. First lindy. Firstconstable, TimvothY Corey, town clerk, Henry MoLaughlin. First First selectmen, John Bishop, WillfiaCz, constable, Justin Allen. First selectWashbrn,, andc John Stevens. First men, Cyprian Eastman, Sanmuel Stewborn, Ezekiel Foste'. No town clerk art and Robert Dunshee. H-Ienry Sohas served 12 years. First Justice, Free- per was town clerk 12 years. Amnos land Roosebrook 1829, and died Febru- Eastmzan town clerk in 1792-95. Alnary 13, 1852. Elicas Alcrh'ich was jus- thony Field selectman in 1797, are now tice of the peace 8 years, and longer living. First Justice, Jonathan Eastthan any other. man, 1792, 17 years. Others, Horatio First Rep. Tibothy Corcy, 1832. Neecdhamn 28; R obert Hnolley 28; SAAUL I-. HOLLEY, 24; Rufus H. Barnard BRISTOL, Lies in the North-east 24; WTinter _'l. Hiolley 23; HAIlVEY quarter of Addison County, has one post MixUNSILL 23; Danziel JE. Par'mzalce 23; office, and 23,600 acres, by charter from Amnos Ecastmzcan 22; Amnos Edcldy 20; N. IH, 70 shares, dated June 26, 1762, HENRY C. SoPErr 16; Joseph C. Bradlcy to Samuel Averill and 63 others, by the 17; Trumcan,GCanze 1'7; J.oohn Howname of Pocock, and altered to Bristol, den, 14, and Ncathan Rider 12 years. October 21, 1789. November 18, 1824. First Rep. Jonathan Eastman, 1792. a part of this town was annexed to Lincoln. First inhabitant, John Broadt BROMLEY, See Perz. who resided here twelve years previous BROOKFIELD, A central town on to 1785, without seeing the face of any the west side of Orange county, has two other human being. First Settlers, post offices, East Brookfield and BrookSamuel Stewart and Eden Johnson, in field. Granted Nov. 6, 1780. CharJune 1786. Justin Allen soon after, tered August 5, 1781, by Vermont, to and Benjamin Griswold in 1787. Cal- Phineas Lyman and 65 others, containingf vin, Amos, Cyprian andcl::.Jonathan East- 23,040 acres. Organized March 18, man, in 1789, or soo0 after, and the two 1785. First town clerk. Timothy Cowles. first are yet living,'::Calvin is now 91, First Constable, Amasa Hyde. First and Amnos some -:nger. First born, selectmen, William Wakefieldl, Nathaniel * In the year:- 1785, John Willard, formerly he reached Skeensboro,now Whitehall. Here Marshall of the State, of Middlebury, Jona- he replenished his pack, and laid in well for than Hoit, of St. Albhans, Judge of Probate, powder and lead, fish-hooks and lines, not forand Capt. Miles Bradley, who in 1792 & 94 getting that a number of garden seeds might represented New Haven, were living in Sun- be wanted about the habitation he had conderland, and were appointed a Proprietor's temp]ated upon. This committee, ontheirreCommittee to run out the town of Pocock. turn to Sunderland,took such measures as gave While they were in the performance of that to the friends of Mr. Broadt, a knowledge of duty, about a mile south-westerly of Bristol his whereabouts. Capt. Bradley lad thatseavillage, they came across a rude habitation and son cleared off 4 or 5 acres and sowed it to found a Dutchman there by the name of John wheat, 4 or 5 miles below Broadt's settlement, Broadt, as he stated. He had made that place with a ca lculation to move his numerous family his home, and with no other company but a on to it the next season, and gave him an invidog, for twelve years, not seeing in the time tation to pay him a long visit whenever he any other human ftie till met by the committee should discover that his family had arrived, aforesaid. He came from Unadilla, N. Y;, a and that Mrs. Bradley was a Dutch woman, fugitive from justice. He and his neighbor and they could understand each other, and hadl a serious dispute concerning the line be- learn more fully his history. Capt. Bradley tween their lands, and finding his neighbor had spent the summner of 1786 on his new place trespassing upon what he, Bioadt, considered till September, when he returned to Sunderhis, and having a gun with him, and in the heat land for his family and arrived with them in. of passion shot him dea-d on the spot. Ile October. I will now give my informant's own then ishouldeired his gUn, and with his cldog fol- story. " About two weeks after our arrival, lowed in the- i'lde!rics.s to the 1iorth-east, till one Avery ple-asant day. Nwhile myself with eight

Page  131 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMIONT OFFICERS. 131 Humphrey and Hezekiah Gaylord. First has! been town clerk 12 years. The born, James Cleaveland, Oct. 28, 1784. present clerk, Joel Codding, has served Moses Hubbard was town clerk 21 years. the longest, 10 years, and is the only one Of those abovej and the ancient officers, now living of the above, or the ancient not one is left among us. First settler, officers. First settlers, Cyrus WhitShubael Cross, in 1779. whose wife re- comb, Jr., David Ayres, Samuel Skinner ceivcd the 100 acres of land, from the and Jonah Moore, in L777. First justice, proprietors, as being the first in town. John Waters, 1795. Others, SAMUEL First Justice, Timothy Cowles, 1786. STEBBENS 23 years; Peter Benson 18; Others, Nathaniel Wheatley, Jr.', 28 Ephraim Parks 17; William Perry years; Thomas Kingsbury 26; Nathan- 14; ISAAC WELLMAN 13; HIRAM WHITiel Wheatley, Sen., 25; Luther Wheat- NEY 12, and Jacob Burdett 12 years. ley 23; JoSEPI-I G. SMITH 20; Frederick First Rep. Benjamin Ormsbee, 1823. Griswol 19; HOMER HATCH 19; Waldo W. Ingalls 19; Enoch Slade 19; BROWNINGTON, Lies in the ARIEL BURNHAM 18; Elisha Allis, Jr., north-east corner of Orleans county, has 17 -; Richard Wells 16, and Simon one post office. Granted Feb. 26, 1782, Cotton 14. Chartered October 2, 1790, by Vermont; First Rep. Jonathan Pierce, 1786. to Timothy and Daniel Brown, and 63 others, containing 19,845 acres. Organized March 28, 1799. First town clerk, BROOKLINE, Is a small town in Elijah Strong. First constable, Luke the eastern part of Windham county. Gilbert. First selectmen, Elijah Strong, Incorporated Oct. 30,1794, from Athens A. Porter and Samuel Smith. First and Putney. Oct. 25, 1804, a part of born, Luke Spencer, March 7, 1800. Putney was set off to Brookline. C Putney was set off to Brookline. Elijah Strong was town clerk 26 years. a small part of Newfane, on First settled in 1796. First justice; the easterly side of West river, was an- Elijah Strong, 1798, 37 years. Others, nexed to it. It has one post office. Or- Amherst Stewart 21; Page Reick 14; ganized March 1795. First town clerk, Elijah G. Strog 3, and THOMAS C John Waters. First constable, Thomas STEWART 13 yeas. Walker. First selectmen, Peter Ben- First Rep. la1799. son, Jotham Stebbens and Lanech Blan- den. First born, unknown; and no one BRUNSWICK,'? BRUNSWICK, Li iesn the east part brothers and sisters were at play on the bank of the river, twenty or thirty rods north of the them and seemed muc*npleased with the, proshouse, our attention was attracted by the near pect of returning to his home ajnd friends. My approach of some creature we took to be the Mother had previously informed us that Mr. old D-l, or something worse. We all started Broadt was a scholar of merit." Mrs. Bradley for the house, scrambling like a flock of sheep, furnished him with aknapsack and provisions we burst in, darted under the bed, about the for hisjourney home, which he soon after comsame instant we heard our Mother salute him menced; but no information was ever received as Mr. Broadt. Father was in the woods but of him afterwards. Broadt had cleared off soon coming in, our fears were quieted. I well about b an acre, where he raised his vegetaremember his appearance; he had a fox skin bles; and a quantity of dried squashes were with a tail on for a cap, a frock coat, of the found in his hut, in the spring of 1787. His skin of a moose, hair out; trowsers of deer dwelling was about ten feet square, hemmed in skin, hair out, a short gun on his shoulder, and' with hills on 3 sides of it, near a beautiful by his side his aged dog, which had once been spring of water, and near the trodden path of black, but was now about half white. He tar- the wild beasts from their mountain habitation ried with us till the ensuing winter, when there to the river. His farm was soon covered with arrived at our house two men, strangers to bushes and trees; and about 20 years since on Broadt and my father. They presented to removing: leaves, &c., to find the fire-place, Broadt a letter, purporting to'come from his Chestnut burs were found, and near by a brother, who was sheriff of the county from I chestnut tree about two feet through, which is which Broadt fled. They also blrought a par- I upposed to be from the Dutchman's planting, don from the Exeoutive. Broadt readily read s none grow wild in this vicinity.

Page  132 132 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. of Essex county, with one post office. First settlers, Lemuel and Ira Walter, Chartered:October 13, 1761, by New and Seth Spencer, 1790. Hampshire, to.Stephen Noble and others, First Rep. ThionzasBartlett, 1805. with 70 equal shares. and about 25.000 acres. First settlers, Joseph and Na- BURLINGTON. This town is the thaniel Wait, and John Merrill, in 1780. BURLINGTON. Ths town i s the In 1791 the population was 66, being the most populous of any in Vermont. It fourth in the county. In 1850, it was is the capitolof Chittenden county. It 119 only, and the lowest but one of the lies near the centre of the county, north towns organized. Thomas G. French and south, and on the west side, on the was town clerk 13 years F. justice Lake shore. It has one post office only, was -town clerk 13 years. First justice, Joseph Wait in 1786. or David Hyde in and had one in 1792, when there were 1794. eOthers, E~isha Webster, the ohly nine in the state. Chartered June, longest, 9 years. 7, 1763, by New Hampshire, to Samuel First Rep. Joseph W~ait,` 1798,. -Willis and 63 others, 72 shares, 23,040 For more facts the reader is referred acres. On the 27th day of October to the town records and clerk, to whom * 1794, that part of Burlington lying east have sent 4 or 5 cirulars and letters, and of Muddy Brook was annexed to Willispaid the postage, with a stamp enclosed ton, leavingto thetown about 16,640 to return the answer, and received noth- acres. The first settler after the close of the war, with his family, was Stephen ing from. Ithe town. Lawrence, in the spring of 1783. FredBUEL'S GORE, Is on the south end erick Saxton, Dubartus Willard, Simon of Chittenden county; before Hunting- Tubbs, John Collins and others, came ton took any of it, it contained 4273 the same year. Organized, or first meetcres. 1.8 was the popultion in. 1840 ing for choice of town officers on record, and in 4 850 also. Increase, rather slow. March 19, 1787. Town clerk Samuel Lane. Constable, Job Boynton. SeIt was.chartered, -with Coventry, to Elias Lane. Constable, Job Boynton. SeBuel and 59 others, by Vt., ov4, 780 lectmen, Stephen Lawrence, Frederick.41780. Saxton and Samuel Allen. First born, BJR:KE, This tqnisi located in the Esther Tubbs, March 20, 1784, who marnorth-easterly Caledonia co. a ried Doctor Truman Powell. George rt *h!as two Dost,poars *countyd E Robinson was townclerk25 years. None It has two post ofiles, Burke-and East IBurke. Chpartieed by Vermontu, adeb. of the above, or any of the ancient officers are living, except Zacheus Peaslee, 26 1782, to Justus Rose, Uriah Sey. o6, r782, to 63 oustus, d, Uria Sey. who was town clerk in 1795 and 96, and mour and 63 others and contained 23 someoubts abouthim. irst jutices, 040 acres. October-28 1807 apart of. ] s 0 acres. Octoer28, 1807, a part of Samuel Lane and John Knickerbocker, Burke, called the "Tongue," was an- 1789k Others, David Russell 36 years; nered to rXirpy, and the townnas been eed toKirby, and the town has been JHN N. POMEROY 32; Alvan Foote 31; very still since the loss of: that unruly John.Johnson 31; George Robinson 26; member. Orga-nized December5,1796. CHARLES ADAMS 24; Charles Russell First town clerk, Lemuel Walter. First c * Tabl Ir.:r ter. E'ii~s's, * 24;:Nathan B. Waswell 24; ISRAEL P. constable, Ira Walter. First selectmeDow 19; RIcHARDso N 19; orohn Barstow 19; Barnabas Thxrber, Godfrey, Jones and Lman 19; Lyman Cum T~erpuel Walter. Fr b -- }mryllis Lyman 19; Lyman Cu~. Lemuel vWalter. First born, Chloe mings 19; JOHN VAN SICKLIN 18; WfilJones, 1795. George W. Denison was lianm Weston 15; Ebenezer Brown 22; town clerk $13 years. Asahe Burring- Isaac Warner 21 Phieha Lyma,DIsaac Warner 21; *Pnehas Lyuna~ tpn, from Dec. 1823 to 1$52, except 2 20; Win. F. Griswold 16; CharlesF: years, over 26 years. First just'ie, Dan Warner 14; George K. Platt 14; Guy White, 1800. Others, George W. -Den- Catlin 14; Samuel K. Isham 13; ison 27 years; Isaac Denisn-n 2-6 Elam ison 27 yeaxs; Isaac Denison 26; Elam Amos Blodgett 13, and Asahel Peck 12. White 24, Joel Trul, Jr., 14,, and AsA-.EL BOURfL.TQo, 14.:years; First Rep. Samuel Lane, I1786.

Page  133 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S WERMOINT OFFICERS. 133 CABOT, Situated on the west side from a very intelligent lady, aged 85, of Caledonia county, has one,. who was present at the time and could Granted November 6, 1780. Chartered not be mistaken, and this person was August 17, 1781, by Vermont, toJesse the mother of Freeman West, and now Levingsworth and 65 others, containing living in East Montpelier." Organized 23,040' acres. Organized March 29, March 23, 1795. First town clerk, Pe1788. First town clerk, Lyman Hitch- ter Wheelock. First Constable, Jonas cock. First constable, Jeremiah Mllc- Comins. First selectmen, Joshua Bliss, Daniels, who left the town, and Nov. 24' Edward Tucker and Jonas Comins. GidlThomas Batchelder was chosen. First eon Hlicks was town clerk 38 years. First selectn:en, Jonathan Heath, Thomas justice, Peter Wheelock, 1795. Others, Lyford and David Blanchard. First Gideon Hicks 41 years; Lemuel Perry born, David Blanchard, now in Patton, 23; NATH'L EATON 21; Shubael Wheeler Can. Thomas Osgood was town clerk 19; Asa George 17; Luther Morse 16; from 1796 to 1832, (one year out) 35 ALONZO PIERCE 15; Jabez Moore 14; years. His son, Thomas OsGooD, jr., NELSON A. CHASE. 12; ABDIEL KENT from 1832-52, 20 years, with no jr. after 12, and Enoch M. Loud 12. 1845, and died this year. Joseph Fisher First Rep. Peter Wheelock, 1795. a selectman in 1797-1800, is the; last survivor of the ancient Officers. First CALDERSBURGH. See Morgan. settlers, James Bruce, Edmond Chapman, Jonathan Heath and Benjamin CAMBRIDGE, Is located on the Webster, April 1785. First justice, west side of Lamoille county, has two Lyman Hitchcock, 1790. Others, Jo- post offices, Jeffersonvilleand Cambridge. seph Fisher 34 yrs; Thomas'Osgood sen. Granted November 7, 1780. Chartered 34; John Damon 32; Anthony Perry August 13, 1781, by Vermont, to Samuel 30; John W. Dana 28; Leonard Orcutt Robinson, John Fassett, jr., Jonathan 21; ALPHA WEBSTER 17; ROSWELL' Fassett and 73 others, and contains 28533 FARR 15; Tristran C. Hoyt 15; MAR- acres. First settlers, John Safford, 1783; cts 0. FISHER 13, and George W.: Amos:Fassett, Stephen Kinsley, John Stone 13. Fassett, jr., Samuel Montague and Noah First Rep; James Morse; 1792. Chittenden came in 1784, from Bennington county. Organized March 29, CALAIS. This town is located in 1785. First town clerk, John Fassett. the northerly part of Washington coun- First constable, Noah Chittenden. First ty, cornering on to Lamoille and Cale-' selectmen, Amos Fassett,:Stephen Kinsdonia counties, has two post offices, Ca- ley and David Safford, First born, Selais and East Calais. Granted October mantha Fassett,.Nov, 14, 1784. Abner 21, 1780. Chartered August 15, 1781, Brush was town clerk 15 years. No. by Vermont, to Jacob Davis, Stephen ancient officer, nor any of the above are Fay, and 58 others, containing 23,040 now alive. First justice, Amos Fassett, acres. First settlers, Francis West, in 1786. Others, James B. Gilmore 27 March 1787, and soon after, Abijah, Ass years; Oel Safford 22; Lewis Parker and Peter Wheelock, who went south to 21; JOSEPH B: MORGAN 14; -Henry winter. In March 1789, Francis West Stowell 13; Miles Bennett 12; Jesse returned with his family, and his son, Sears 12; Rensalear Reed 12; Clark Freeman West, was the first person born Buker 15, and Niorman AtWood 14 yrs. in Calais, October 1789. This does not First Rep. Daniel Kinsley, 1785. accord with another account, but as this was prior to the one mentioned, I have OAMEL.S HUMP,"'Is a very high authority for believing it true. Myin- hill, about 4200 feet above tide water, is formant, N. A. Chase,: Esq., town clerk in the east part of Hunfington, and may of Calais, in a letter of March 20,1852, be seen from nearly"e eviery tOwn in Versays: "I have this day had the facts Imonrt, excpt a few lying north of Maus

Page  134 134 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT -OFFICERS. field Mountain, and a few just south of HARals 14; Hyde Westover 13; TIMShrewsbury and Killington Peaks. OTHY W. RICE 13; SMITH SHERMAN 13, and.Win. B. Colburn 12 years. CANAAN, Is the north-east town in F. Rep. Zadock Remington, M'h 1778. Essex county and in Vermont, has two post offices, South Canaan, and Canaan. CAVENDISH, Lies in the southChartered by Vermont, to John Wheeler easterly part of Windsor county, has and others, February 25, 1782, It had two post offices, Cavendish and Proctorsbeen previously granted to William Wil- ville, and contains about 25,000 acres, liams, Jonathan, and Arad Hunt, and by charter from N. H. to Amos Kimball, others. October 23, 1801, the town of Oct. 12, 1761; 72 shares. It was also Norfolk, which was chartered to Bezaleel chartered by New York, June 16, 1772. Woodward, February 27, 1782, was an- First settlers, John Coffein in June, nexed to Canaan, making 18,700 acres. 1769, Noadiah Russell and Thomas GilFirst settlers, Hubbard Spencer, John bert in 1771. October 19, 1793, the Hugh and Silas Sargeant, 1785. south-east corner of this town, about First justice, Elias Gates, 1798. Others, 3000 acres was incorporated into a new WILLIAM MORRILL 15 years; l/eman town, and named Baltimore. The first Nichols 15. town meeting holden in the town, as apFor further information, see Bruns- pears from the records, was March 12, wick. 1782. Josiah Fletcher was chosen town clerk; Noadiah Rdssell, constable, and CARTURAGE. See Jay. Salmon Dutton, Ephraim Foster and Josiah Fletcher, selectmen. This is not CASTLETON, Lying in the wester- probably the first organization, as on the ly half of Rutland county, has two post book of land records is found the name qffices, Hydeville and Castleton. Char. of John Russell, as town clerk, May 26, Sep. 22, 1761, by N. H. to Sam'l Brown, 1781, and as the town was settled in 23,040 acres, 70 shares. Col.Amos Bird 1769, and represented by John Coffein became the principal proprietor, and with in March, 1778. it almost confirms it. Col. Noah Lee began' surveys in 1766. Tradition says, first book of records lost. Col. Lee and his servant were the only Otis 2Bobbins has been town clerk 12 inhabitants in town during the winter years, to 1852. First justice by the after; they erected a hut in August, state, Salmon Dutton, 1786. Others 1769. In 1770, Ephraim Buel, Eleazer SAMUEL ADAMS 27 Jesse Adams 26; Bartholomew and Zadock Remington, James Smith 25; Calvin French 16; and their families, settled in town, and Salmon F. Dutton 15; William Smith soon Cols. Bird and Lee, with their fanm- 14; ABEL GILSON 13; Levi Jackman ilies came. Col. Bird died September 26, and Jabez Proctor 25 years. 16, 1772, and Col. Lee died in May 1840, aged 97. Both were active and useful CHARLESTON, Lies in the northmen in their day. Town Org. March, eastlerly part, of Orleans county, has 1777. First town clerk, Jesse Belknap. two post offices, East and West CharlesFirst constable and selectmen, is not ton. Granted November 6; chartered known, as the first book of town records November 10, 1780, by Vermont, to. are lost. First born, Israel Buel, - 1770 Abraham Whipple and 63 of his shipor 71. Josiah G. Harris was town clerk mates, and others, by the' name of Navy, 21 years; Oliver R. Harris 20 years, in honor of the American Navy, conand the only one now living of the above. taining 23,040 acres.. Nov. 6, 1825, it First justice, Jesse Belknap, in 1777. was altered to Charleston. Organized First by the state, Eli Cogswell, 1786. March 18, 1806. First town clerk, AbOthers, ALMON WARNER 32 yrs; Chaun- ner Allyn. First constable, Orrin Perceoy'Langdon 22; Benjaminl P Lang- cival. First selectmen, Robert H. Hundon 21; Zimri Howe 16; OLIVER R. kinsi Amos Huntoon and Jonathan Rich

Page  135 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 135 ards. First born, Orrin Percival, jr., First justice, Samuel Huntington, 1789. about 1803. Abner Alliyn was town Others, JOHN W. SMITH 29 years; Harris clerk 15 years. First settler, Andrew E. G. McLaughlin 29; Urbane Lathrop, M. Gaffy2 First justices, Abner Allyn, sen. 26; Jason Steele 20; Harvey W. and Robert Hunkins, 1807. Others, Hatch 17; Joshua Dickinson 17; Stephen Cole 16 years, and Winthrop Thomas Jones 14; Amos T. Hatch 13; Cole 13. Levi B. Vilas 13; Lement Bacon 12, First Rep. Abner Allyn, 1807. and Jacob N6rris 12 years. CHARLOTTE. Situated in the First Representative, Theophilas HunCHARLOTTE. Situated in the tington, 1791. south-west corner of Chittenden county, tington, 1791. For further particulars see Brunswick. has one post office. Char. June 24, 1762, by N. H. to Benj. Ferris and 64 others, 71 shares, 23,060 acres. The first attempt CHESTER, Is the south centre town to settle this town was made by Derick in -Windsor county; it has two post Webb, in 1776, and in 1777, but his stay offices, North Chester and Chester. The was short each time. In 1784 he and first charter. dated Feb. 22, 1754 by Elijah Wolcott moved into the town, and New Hampshire, to John Baldridge otherssoon followed. Organized March and others, by the name of Flamstead; 13, 1787. First town clerk, John Mc- under this charter no settlements were Neil. First constable, Reuben Rowley made, nor is it to be found pn the town and Samuel Scovill. First selectmen, records. The 2nd charter, dated Nov. Asa Barns, John McNeil, John Hills, 3, 1761, by N. H. to Daniel Hayward and JamesHillsand Isaac Coggswell. First his associates, by the name of New born, unknown. Samuel H. Barnes was Flamstead, 74 equal shares, and 23,040 town clerk 14 years. Preserved WTTheeler, acres. Under this charter:the pronow of New Haven, was a selectman in prietors held various meetings, and in 1795, and the last survivor among the other towns and states, but none in ancient officers of the town. First jus- Chester till 1764, or after. Their clerk tice, Daniel Hosford, 1786. Others, was John Goulding, chosen in 1761, and Jeremiah Barton 29 years; Nathaniel held two years, when Thomas Chandler, Newell 25; EZRA HOLT 23; Almon At- jr., was chosen, and held it to the first wood 19; John Strong 19; Elonson Monday in June, 1767, at which time H. Wheeler 14, and Williamn Noble 12. the town was organized under the third First Rep. John McNeil, 1788. charter, which was from New York, dated July 14, 1:766, to Thomas Chandler and CHELSEA, The shire town of Or- associates, by the name of Chester, and ange county, has one post office. Gran. is the one under which the lands are now November 2, 1780. Chartered August holden. At that meeting a full quoto 4, 1781, by Vermont, to Bela Turner and of officers were appointed, but no record 70 others, by the name of Turnersburgh. is found of the name of any town officer F. char. by N. Y., name, Gageborough. till 1772; but all the records to be found October 1S, 1788, it was altered to Chel- during that time are in the hand writing sea. It contains 23,040 acres. First of Thomas Chandler, and he was no settlers, Thomas and Samuel Moore, and doubt the town clerk each year, and had Asa Bond, in 1784, and brought their their other officers also. On:the 19th families in 1785, from Winchester, N. of May, 1772, the inhabitants of CumH. Organized March 31, 1788. First berland county, Province of New York, town clerk, Enos Smith. First consta- met at the Court IHouse in said Chester ble, unknown. First selectmen, Asa and chose Thomas Chandler town clerk Bond, Joshua Lathrop and Roger Wales. and supervisor, Charles Mann and Joshua First born, Thomas P. Moore, October Church constables; Jabez Sargeant and 16, 1785. JOHN W. SMITH, the present George Earl, assessors. First'born, town clerk, has held the office 15 years. Thomas Chester Chandler, December 26,

Page  136 136 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICIERS. 1763. Daniel Heald was town clerk from 1793 to 1813, 20 years. Moses from 1779-99, 20 years. Rev. Aaron Randall from March 1828, to his death, Leland from 1799 to 1826i (one year October 1843, 15~ years. Not any of out) 26 years. Amos Heald. a son of the above or the ancient officers are now Daniel, from 1826, to his death, March living. First settled soon after the end 5, 1849, and one year previous, in all 24 of the revolutionary war. First justice, years, and at no meeting was it necessary Nathaniel Ladd, 1789, 28 years. Others, to appoint a clerk pro ternm. The present JONAS WHEELER 24 years; Reuben itarclerk, Prescott Heald, son- of Amos, is ris 15, and Capen Leonard 14. the only one mentioned in the above list First Rep. Nathaniel Ladd, 1789. that is living. Adonijah Horton, a constable in 1787, and now living in town, CLARENDI)ON, Is near the centre aged 97, is the only ancient officer that of Rutland county has four post offices, remains. First settlers, Thomas Chan- Clarendon, North dlarendon, East Clardler and 2 sons, John and Thomas, jr., endon, and Clarendon Springs. CharJabez Sargeant, Edward and Isaiah tered September 5, 1761,byNew HampJohnson, Charles Mann, William War- shire, to Caleb Willard and others, 70 ner. Icabod Ide and Ebenezer Holton, shares, 23 600 acres, and comprises in in 1764. First justices, Thomas Chan- its limits a part or all of the two former dler and Daniel Heald, 1786-D. H. 13 N. Y. grants of Socialborough and Duryears. Others. Amos Heald 40 years; ham, under which two, no settlements Joshua Leland 29;: Thomas T. Barrett, were made; and the lands are held by 24; JOSIAH DANA 13, and Thomas Rob- the first named charter, and no other. inson 12 years. The first town meeting on record is in First Representative, Thomas Chan- 1778. Stephen Arnol'd was then town dler, March 1778. clerk; first constable, Levi Colvin; first selectmen, in 1779, Silas Whitney, CHIMNEY POINT, Is in the south- Thomas Sawyer, Charles Button, Abrawest corner of Addison, opposite of ham Salesbury and Ezekiel Clark. First Crown Point Fort, and where the first born, Durham Sprague, whose mother settlers of Western Vermont, (a few was the first white woman in the town & French families) located themselves in died, aged 102, and the grandmother of 1731, and the settlements extended north, Frederick and Harvey Button of Clarennear the lake'shore, two or three miles. don & Wallingford the 2d. Stephen Arnold was town clerk 21 years. John CHITTENDEN, Lies in the north- Hills 14, and Silas W; h~odges 12 years. easterly part of Rutland county, has one None of the ancient officers of the town post office. Granted March 14, and areliving. First settlers, Elkanah Cook, chartered March 16, 1780, by Vermont, Randall Rice, Benjamin Johns, and to Gershom Beach and 65 others, of others, in 1768. First justices, Abel 26,872 acres. Nov. 2, 1816, about half Cooper, Elihu Smith and Ezra Crarey, of Philadelphia, which- was chartered in 1786,E. C. 17 yrs. Others, Thomas March 16, 1780, to Samuel Beach and Stewart, sen., 30 yrs.; SILAS W, HODGES 65 others,iby Vermont, was annexed to 22; Thomas Stewart, jr., 16; LEWIS Chittenden, making an addition of about -M. WALKER 12, and Abner H. Colvin 11,000 acres. October 29, 1829, a part' 12 years. of Chittenden was annexed to Sher- First Rep. Abner Lewis, March 1778. burne. Organized March 30 1789. -First town clerk. Nathaniel Ladd. First con- COIT'S GORE, See Waterville. stable,, Jeffrey A.. Bogue. First selectmen, Nathan Nelson, Nathaniel Ladd COLCHESTER, A town in Chittenand Solomon Taylor. First born, un- den county, on the Lake shore, north of known.- John Cowee was town clerk and joining Burlington, has two post

Page  137 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 137 offices, Colchester and Winooski. Char. CORINTH, Lies near the centre of June 7, 1763, by N. H. to Edward Orange county, has two post offices, Burling and 66 others, 70 shares, 23,040 Corinth, and East Corinth. First characres. First settlers, Ira Allen and Re- ter from N. I. Feb. 4, 1764, to Jona. member Baker, 1774, but all left in White, Taplin, and 66 others, 72 iequal 1776, till 1783, when Messrs. McClain, shares, and 24,000 acres. The sec-t Low, and Boardman, settled on Colches- ond, or confirmation charter, was from: ter Point, and Gen. Ira Allen at the New York, to Harry Moore, and others, Falls. The first meeting on record was Feb. 2, 1772, and is the one by which the holden March 18, 1793, and town clerk lands are holden. The earlytown records' Joshua Stanton, jr.; constable, William it appears, have been so much' used as to;. Munson; selectmen, Joshua Staunton, be nearly used up, but by the perseverJohn Law, and Thomas Hill. First ance of the town clerk some old docut' born, unknown. Joseph E. Rhodes was ments have been brought up from, their town clerk from 1832, 13 years. None hiding places, by which it appears that of the ancient officers are living. First the town was organized in 1781. First' justice, Thomas Butterfield, 1787. Oth- town clerk, George Bondfield. First' ers, William Munson, 21 years; Joseph constable, David McKean. First selectE. Rhodes 19; JAcoB ROLFE 17, and men, Hezekiah Silloway, and John TapMilton D. TW/ickware 13 years. lin. First born, Henry Colby, 17;78. Samuel Hazeltine was town elelrkfrom, First Representative, Thomas Butter-1786 to 1808, 22 years; Samuel Hazel-: field, in 1785. tine, a son of the former, from 1808 to CONCORD, Is at the south end of 1845, 37 years. None-of "the above or!: I 1,-,any of the ancient officers are left amongEssex county, has two post offices, Con- any of the ancient oftle rs are lekieft olb cord, and West Concord. Granted Nov. John Nutting and'JohnArman w 7:, 1780. Chartered September 15,1781, John Nutting and John'Armandj rhoa 178 Chartered September 11781came from Newbury, 12 miles, with each by Vermont, to. Reuben Jones, and 64 a fly e an Ris' head, with a others. Organized March 3, 1794. First a five pail kettle on Flis head, with a' town clerk, Joseph Ball. First consta- pocket compass, for the purpose'of itak-' ble, Solomon Babcok. First selectmen ing sugar, and so welb pleased at- the Samuel Hudson, Jonathan Woodbury prospect before themn that Colby and and Benjamin Streeter. First born Nutting soon broughttheirfamiliesinto n Be. town. In 1779 a Grist Mill was'gerected John Ball, June 27, 1789. Andrew which saved the settlers fronmothe ne — Spaulding was town clerk from 1813,15' cessity of going 12 miler for'thei grindyears. HARVEY G. FRY town clerk fromeirin1828, except 1830, to 1852, 23 years. ing. Oct. 25, 1811,the "mile square" the ancient 1830 tofficers are d23 years, eptof Vershire was annexed to to this town. All the ancient officers are dead, except First justice, Sametel HUazeltine' sen;, Benjamin Billings, a constable in 1797 and about him it is uneertai.n. First years. Underwood, Jonathan Lewis, Benjamin William Spencer 32; WVinthrop Green Underwood, Jonathan Lewis, Bcn~~amin 27 Richard Smith- 261; Joshua Merrill Streeter, Daniel Gregory, Levi Ball, John Fry, Solomon Babcock, Jonathan and 26; HENRY DEArBON 25; JOSE2 0FLJesse Woodbury, ahnd others Ey 1795 in Jr. 20; Eso tnz Wardt 20; all 17 families, mostly from Royalston, JOHN R ICHARDSON 16;- Golzdsb- Tapand Westboro, Mass. First justice, Jon- ses Sawyer 12; Gouldsr ap~ jr., 13; athan Lewis, 1794.- Others,IHARVEY G 1rs. F. Rep. FRY 21; Warner BZingham 19; Rih- 13 yrs. F. Rep. Joshua Nutting, 1778. ardson Graves 15, and: NATHAN. J. CORNWALL- Lies near the centre GRAVES 14 years. of Addison county, with two post offices, First Rep. Elijah Spafford, 1794. -Cornwall and West Cornwall. Char. 18

Page  138 138 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Nov. 3, 1761, by N. H.,to Elias Reed deeds were received for record. Ocand, others, 70 equal shares and about tober25, 1796, four or five square miles 25000 acres more or less. First settlers from the east part of this town was anThomas, James, and James Bentleyj jr, nexed to Middlebury. First justice, HiAsa Blodgett, Aaron Scott, Xldad An- land Hall, 1786. Others, JESSE ELLSdrus, William Douglass, Ebenezer Steb- WORTH 25 years; William Hamilton bins, Nathan Foot, Samuel Blodgett, and 22; Chauncey Cook 21; Darius MatJoseph Troop, in 1774, but all fled to thews 20; Asahel Bingham 19; Orren the south on the evacuation of the Fort Field 16; CALVIN G. TILDEN 15; MARat Ticonderoga, and did not return till cus 0. PORTER 14, and JOHN SANFORD after the peace. In the winter of 1783-4 12 years. about 30 families came into the town, and so rapid was the increase, that in COVENTRY, Lies a little north of 1791 the population was 826, the largest the centre of Orleans county, having in the county, and more than double to one post office. Granted and chartered that of Middlebury. Nearly all those Nov 4, 1780, by Vermont, to Major Elias that were drove off returned. Organized Buel and 59 others. Three tracts of March 2, 1784. First town clerk, Joel land in this grant,*Coventry, and Buel's Linsley. First constable, Barzillai Stick- Gores. Nov. 3, 1841, it was altered to ney. First selectmen, Samuel Benton, Orleans, and Nov. 1, 1843, altered back Jeremiah Bingham and Eldad Andrus. to Coventry. Organized March 31, 1803. First born, Ransom Andrus ----- 1784. First town clerk, Joseph Marsh. First Joel L insley was town clerk 35 years. constable, Timothy Woodbridge. First Asahel Bingham 17 years, and Marcus selectmen, Daniel Smith, Samuel Cobb, O. Porter, from 1838-52, 14 years. and John Ide, jr. First born, Betsey Timothy Squier was a selectman in Cobb, time unknown. First male born, 1789, and now resides in Orwell, aged 92. George Ide, time unknown. Peleg RedFirst Representative, Nathan Foot, in field was town clerk 19 years. SAMUEL 1778-9. This Doctor Foot had been S. KENDALL, up to 1852, 14 years. First driven from the town with the others in settlers, Samuel and T. Cobb, Samuel 1777, and during his absence, knowing Wells, James Farnsworth, Joseph Marsh, the, superior goodness of the lands he Jotham Pierce and John Ide, in 1800. made many purchases. When the legis- First justice, John Wells, jr., 1802. lature was in session in Oct; 1778, he was Others, Thomas Guild 35 years; Eben there, and in consequence of the land he M. Gr'ay 33; Peleg Redfield 24; Peowned in the town he. was admitted as rez Gardner 22; Philp Flanders 19; the member from Cornwall,'as recorded Joseph Wiggins 19; Elijah Cleavein the journals, (see Slade's State papers land 18; JOHN W. MUSSEY 18; ISAAC page 276) when at that time no person PARKER 16, and SAMUEL S. KENDALL 15 resided in Cornwall. This explains the years. difference between Thompson's Gazetteer First Rep. Joseph Marsh, 1803. and Deming's Catalogue in many other towns. Deming took from the journals, CRAFTSBURY, Lies in the southand Thompson after the towns were or- west corner of Orleans county, having ganized. Thompson is right as to Corn- three post offices, South Craftsbury, wall, Hiland Hall was the first Repro- Craftsbury, and East Craftsbury. Gran. sentative after its organization. this Nov. 6,1780. Chartered August 23, same Nathan Foot, after the Peace, re- 1781, by Vermont, to Timothy Newell, turned to Cornwall, and assuming the Ebenezer Crafts, and 62 others, by office of town clerk, recorded in a small the namne of Minden, and was altered to book a number of deeds he had pro- Craftsbury, Oct. 27, 1790. First setcured during his absence from the town; tiers, Col. Ebenezer Crafts, in 1788, and but no dates appear of the tinte such the first in the county, and during that

Page  139 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 139 summer opened a road from Cabot, 18 charters for the town. The charter is miles, cleared ten or twelve acres of land, dated August 27, 1761, by New Hampbuilt a house and sawmill, and made shire, containing 24,960 acres. First quite a preparation for a Grist-mill. In settlers, Joseph Soper, Joseph Earl, the spring of 1789, Nathan Cutler and Crispin Bull, Luther Calvin, and Micah Robert Trumb'ull, came as settlers, and Vail, in 1765. Organized March 14, their nearest neighbors were Ashbel 1769. First town clerk, Thomas RowShepherd's family, in Greensborough, 6 ley,*(who was the first in Shorehamalso.) miles. Col. Crafts and Trumbull did not winter in the town that year. Those * An invitation to the poor tenants that live two families then made the whole popu- under their patroons in the province of lation of the county, and in 1791, 18 in New York, to come and settle on our good lands under the New Hampshire Grants. Craftsbury, and 19 in Greensborough, Composed at the time when the land jobcomposed the entire population. In bers of New York, served their writs of February 1791, Col. Crafts having fin- ejectment on a number of our settlers, the ished his grist-mill, and John Corey, executionofwhich we opposed by force, Daniel Mason, Benj. Jennings, Mills bruntil we could have the matter fairly laid before the King, and Board of Trade and Mslerrifield and John Babcock, settled in Plantations, for their directions. the town with their families, from Stur- BY TiOMAS dOetEY. bridge, Mlass. Organized March 15, 1 1792. First town clerk, Samuel C. Come all you laboring hands that toil below, Crafts, a son of Col. E. Crafts. First Among the rocks & sands that plow and sow; constable, Joseph Scott. ~F~irst select- Upon your hiredlands, let out bycruel hands, men, Ebenezer pCrafts, Nathan Cutler,'Twill make you large amends to Rutland go. and Nehemiah Lyon. First born, Bet- Your patroon sey Cutler, August 2.2,;1791. Samuel Is slaves of you to make whileyou live there, C. Crafts was town clerk from 1792 to Come quit their barren lands, and leave them 4i829, 37 years. Joseph Scottjr?., from in their hands, I829-52, 23 years, but no Jr., since'Twill ease you of your bands to Rutland go. 1842, having but two town clerks for 60 3 years, and both now living in the town. For who would be a slave that may be free? yDaniel Davison, a selectman, and ti- Here you can have good land, just come & see; The soil is deep and good, here in this pleasram Mason a constable, in 1797 are the ant wood, only ancient officers living, except S. C. Where you may raise your food, & happy be. Crafts. First justice, Samuel C. Crafts 4 1792, 15 years. Others, Royal Corbin, West of the Mountain Green lies Rutland fair, 35; -William Scott 25; JAMES A. PAD- The best that e'er was seen for soil and air, OCK 22; ATHAN SL 20; saacind zephyr's pleasant breeze whispers among DOCK 22; NATHAN S. HILL 20; Isaac the trees, Ilovey 17; Alvah R. French 16; Where you may live at ease with prudent care. GEORGE F. SPRAGUE 16; Joseph, Scott 5 14; NOAH SPAULDING 13, and SILAS Here cows give milk to eat, by nature fed; GROW 13 years. Our fields afford good wheat & corn for bread; First Rep. Ebenezer Crafts, 1 792. Here sugar trees they stand, which sweeten all our land, We have them at our hand, be not afraid. DANBY, Is in the centre of the south 6 end of Rutland county, has two post Here's roots of every kind to aid long lives, offices, Danby Four Corners, and Danby. The best of anodynes and rich costives; Theo first meeting on record in relation The balsam of the tree supplies our chirgury, No safer can we be in any land. to the town, was holden at Great Nine. 7 Partners, Duchess county, N. Y., Sept. Here stands the lofty pine and makes a show, 24, 1760, when Samuel Rase was chosen As straight as gunters line their bodies grow; to go to Albany, and Jonathan Willard Their lofty heads they rear amid the atmosto go to New Hampshire, to obtain phere, LsingWhere the wing'd tribes repair and sweetly

Page  140 140 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. First constable, Daniel Van O'Lindee. First Representative; Thomas Rowley First selectmen, Stephen Calkins, Seth March, 1778. Cook, and Crispin Bull. First born, Hosac Williams, time unknown. Aaroh DANVILLE, The capital of CaledoRogers is the first born in town that is nia county, has two post offices, Danville living in town, aged-. Edward Vail and North Danville. A part of this was town clerk from 1799 to 1819, 20 town was granted by New York, by the years. None of the above officers or any name of " Old Hillsboro," but the peoof the ancient officers are living. First ple of Vermont did not show due respect justice, Daniel Sherman, 1786. Others, to the grant, nor was it entered on re-:eoath Allen 27 Rufus Bucklin 20; cord, and is now "among the things that B::enjamin. Barnes 17, and Ira Ed- were." A second charter was granted, meonds 14 years. by Vermont, to Jacob Bailey, Jesse 8 Leavenworth and 73 others, on the 27th hihe hultternut and beach and the elm tree, and dated on the 31st of October, 1786. I:they strive their heads to reach as high as they But difficulties arising between the proBut w falling much below, they make an even prietors and settlers, Nov. 6, 1801, an The pines more lofty grow to crown the act was passed appointing commissioners 9 [fail to examine into the difficulties and reHere glides a pleasant stream that doth not port a plan upon which a new charter To spread the richest cream o'er the intervale; might be issued, that would do justice toAs rich as Eden's soil; before that sin did spoil, all concerned. Nov. 6, 1802, an act auOr man was.doom'd to toil to get his bread. thorizing the Governor to issue a new Here little salmon glide so neat and fine, charter was passed, and was given Nov. Where you may be suppli'd with hook & line; 12, 1802, both of which last charters They are the finest fish to cook a dainty dish, gave it the name of Danville. Oct. 29, As good as one could wish to feed upon. 1795, Walden Gore was annexed to the.11 1795 Walden Gore wasannexed to the The pidgeon, goose &duck, they fill our beds; town; and November 2, 1810, half of The beaver coon. & fox they crown our heads, Deweysburgh was annexed to it, and now The harmless moose and deer are food and contains about 32,000 acres. Organized clothes to wear; March 20, 1787. First T. C. Abraham Nature could do no more for any land. Morril. First Con., Daniel Wheeler. 12 There's many a pleasant town lies in this vale, First selectmen, Charles Sias, Israel Where you may settle down, you need not fail Brainard, and Jeremiah Morrill. First To make a fine estate, if you are not too late; born, male, Danville Hayward, time unYou need not fear the fate, but come along. known. John Short was town clerk 13om 1792 26 years. ACHELUS SIAS We value not New Jerk with all their powers, from 1792, 26 years. ARCHELAUS SIAS For here we'll stay and work, the land is ours; from 1817-52, 35 years, and is the only And as for great Duane, with all his wicked town clerk, or ancient officer, that reThey may eject againi, we'll not resign. ttrain; mains on earth. First settlers, Charles 4 Hackett, in 1783, or in 1784. In 1785 This is that noble land byconquest won, This is that noble land ywithword and n and 6, about 50 persons from New HampTook from a savage band, with sword and gun; We drove them to the west, they could not shire and Massachusetts, who entered on stand the test, the land as " squatters," and when the And from the Gallic pest this land is free. first Vermont charter was given, those Here churchesiwe'll squatters were not allowed to hold over Here churches we'll erect, both neat and fine, 320 acres each. Firstjustice, Abraham The Gospel we'll protect, pure and divine; Tie Pope's supremacy we utterly deny, Morrill, 1789. Others, Abner Harris And Lewis we defy we are George's men, 29 years; Archelaus Sias 28; Alaron 16 Porter 27; George W. Drew 25; Samuel In. George we will rejoice, He is our King, Sias 21; *ames M. Morril 21; DAVID We will obey his voice in every thing; [land,. BATCHELDEit 20; Theron 2oward Here we,his servants stand upon our conqu7'd Good Lord may he defend our property.:18; Samuel B. ALattocks 17; Char/es

Page  141 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 141 Davis 15; Georg'e B. Chandler 15; held in Dorset, was May 23, 1769, at SAMUEL INGALLS 14; Joseph l!Morrill, 2d, which it was voted that Felix Powel 13; DAVID BROWN 12, Joseph Mori-ill, have 50 acres of land gratis. he being ist, 12, and John A. Staunton, 21 years. the first settler in town. The town was First Rep. Abraham Morlill, 1788. organized March 3, 1774. First town clerk, Asa Baldwin. First constable, DERBY, Lies on the east side of George Gage. First selectmen, Cephas Memphremagog Lake, joining Canada, Kent, John Manly and Asa Baldwin. and in Orleans county, has three post First born on record, Mary Manly, Oct. offices, Deiby, Derby Line, and West 26, 1775. John Shumnway was town Derby. First settlers, Alexander Ma- clerk from 1785 to 1815, except 1797*, goon, Henry Buzzell and Hon. Timothy 29 years; John Underhill from 1815-27 Hinlman, (a very useful and public man 12 years; HEMAN MORSE from 1834-52. in his day) in 1795. Char. Oct. 29, 1779. 18 years, and is the onaly one living of by. Vermont, to Timothy Andrus, and those above, or the ancient officers. First 59 others, and contains 23,040 acres. No settler, Felix Powell, 1768, but'soon reserve of pine trees for masting in this Isaac Lacy, Benjamin Baldwin, Abrachart'er. Organized March 29, 1798. ham Underhill, George Gage, and John First town clerk, Timothy Hinman, (died Manly, moved into the town. The first in 1850). First con., Rufus Stewart. committee of safety in this town, were First selectmen, Isaac Hinman, Elisha Cephas Kent, John Manly, Asahel HerLyman, and Henry Buzzell. First born, man, Ebenezer Morse and Ephraim ReyEunice Buzzell, Feb. 1797. First male nolds, chosen in March 1778. First born, Ezra Hinzman, son of Timothy. justice by the town, John Strong, afterMIay 4, 1797. Luther Newcomb was wards of Addison. First by the state, town clerk 13 years; NVehemniah Colby Timothy Brown and John Gray, 1786. from 1814, 15 years. All the above an- Others, John Shumway 31 years; HEeient officers are gone fromn us. First MAN MORSE 17, and Benjamin Ames justice, TimothyHinman, 1795. Others, 16 years. Charles Kingsbury 28 years; Benyamzin First Rep. Cephas Kent, March 1778. Iiinman 22; LEWIS C. BATES 21; Jacab Chase 21; ~Nehmemziah Wright 18; DOVER, Lies in the west half of John Stewart 16; Jereimiah Glines 15; Windham county, has two post offices, Chester Carpenter 14, and Orrin New- Dover and West Dover, and was forcqnzb 12 years. merly a part of Wardsboro, which was First Rep. Timothy Hinman, 1798. granted and chartered Nov. 7,'1780, by Vermont, to William Ward of Newfane, DEWEYSBURGH, was a tract of and 62 others. Oct. 18, 1788, the town land of 5310 acres in Caledonia county. of Wardsboro was divided into two disChar. to Elijah Dewey and 14 others, tricts, North and South' Wardsboro. Feb. 28, 1782. It was organized as a Oct. 30, 1810, South Wardsboro was intown, and was represented in the Legis- corporated into a town by the name of lature four years, and was annexed to Dover. They had a separate set of offiDanville and Peacham, Nov. 2, 1810; cers in each district soon after 1788, and about half to each. continued to have till the town of Dover was organized, except'for RepresentaDORSET, Lies in the centre of the tive. The town of Dover was soon ornorth end of Bennington county. -It has ganized, and Reuben Dean was T. C., four post offices, Dorset, East, Northand and Amos Rice or Asa Philips, Con. South Dorset. Chartered August 20, Reuben Dean was town clerk over 12 1761, by New Hampshire, to Gideon Ly- years; David Burr 13; and Fayette man and 63 others, 70 shares and 23,040 Perry 15 years. First justice, Nathaniel acres.'The first proprietor's meeting Stearnes, 1799;. Oth6rs, Abner Perry

Page  142 142 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFIECRS. 27 years; Reuben Dean 25; Aaron P. with that of New Hampshire, the tract Perry 23; David Burr 23; JAMES MI- of land here mentioned fell within thle NEP 22; WILLIAM H. JONES 21; Asaph limits of New Hampshire Government, Haskins 20; LABAN JONEs.20; LYMAN which incorporated the whole into three HOWE 19, and David Dexter, jr., 15. townships, including in the middle townFirst Rep. Amos Rice, 1811. ship the greatest part of the land belongFor remainder, see Brunswick. ing to the heirs of Wm. Dummer and Stoder, and called the name of it FulDRAPER, see Wilmington. lum,by virtue of which the privileges of a town are now held. Besides the town, DUMMERSTON, Lies on the east of Fullum what is known by the name side of Windham county, has two post of Dummerston including nearly one half offices, Dummerston, and West Dum- of the town of Putney." This being the merston. ChartL Dec. 26, 1753, by N. centre town a part of the grant must be -I. to Simeon Stodard, & 56 others, with in Brattleboro' It will be seen that 19360 acres. The time to fulfil some of Brattleboro', Dummerston and Putney the conditions in this charter was exten- charters are the same date and the same ded June 12, 1760, and again July 7, No- of acres. 1763; and how, or when it got the name - Org. 1771. F. T. C. Enoch Cook; of Dummerston I have no knowledge, it First constables, Rufus Sargeant, Barwas as early as 1776. The following zilla Rice, Ebenezer Haven and Daniel extract from the earliest records in the Kathan. First Sel. Ebenezer Havens, town will show some of the ancient pro- Leonard Spaulding, Thomas Holton and ceedings in relation to the town. Extract, Joseph Hildreth. First born, and first " The tract of land called Dummers- settlers, unknown. Jason Duncan was ton is a part of the tract of land on the town clerk, 28 years. and Joseph Dunwest side of Connecticut River formerly can 36 years, to 1849. First justices, granted to Connecticut government as an Alexander Kathan and Jason Duncan, Equivalent for some lands which the pro- 1786, each 14 years, Others, MARSHALL vince of-Massachusetts Bay had granted MILLER 42 years; Joseph Duncan 34; to their planters, which, upon enquiry, Samuel Knight 29; Asa Boyden 29; was found to be within the Government Rufus Moore 28; ASA DUTTON 26; ENOS of Connecticut. In order to secure the LEONARD 24; Asa Knight 24; Joseph property of ye soil to the Massachusetts Dix 24; David Bemis 21; JOHN F. planters, that government granted to STEARNES 18; Joel Chandler 16; John connecticut the property of sundry tracts Clark 14; -Isaac N. Knapp 14,; and ff their province lands, one of which was Thomas Miller 14 yrs. F. Rep. Leonthe tract here mentioned, which the gov- ard Spaulding, March, 1778. ernment of Connecticut sold to sundry private Gentlemen, among whom were DUNCANSBORO' see Newport, the late Hon. William Dummer and (Simeon) Stoder Esq. whose heirs are DURHAM, a N. Y, grant, see Clarnow the proprietors of one half of. the endon. whole tract on Connecticut River, supposed to contain 4800 acres; the said DUXBURY, located near the northWm. Dummer being the oldest proprie- west corner of Washington county, withtor, the tract was called after him, the out a post office. Char. by N. H. to name is now kept up in acknowledge- Isaac Brown and 63 others, June 7 1763, ment of the title from the original grant 71 shares, and 23040 acres. F. settlers of the Massachusetts government, Which Walter Avery and Stephen Tilden. 1786. is the title the land is now held by. On Org. March, 26, 1792, F. T. C. & Con. the settlement of the jurisdictional line Walter Avery; F. Sel. Daniel Kennan, of.the province of Massachusetts Bay John Mlorse and Stephen Tilden;F. B.

Page  143 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 143 unknown. Ebenezer Corse a selectman worth; F. Con. Archibal Harwood. F. in 1796, is the last one living of the an- Sel. Isaac Brown, Thomas McCIenathan cient officers. Ira Arms T. C. 25 yrs. and William Hudson. Jonas Stone was F; Justice, Benjamin Davis, 1794. Oth- T. C. the longest of any and very near ers, Ebenezer Cogrse, 26 yrs. NATHAN- or quite 12 years. None of the above HUNTLEY, 20; DAVID BELDING, 20; Ira are living. F. Settlers, Thomas H. ParArms, 19; and Rutta Lewis, 12 years. ker, Moses Wentworth and Isaac Brown, F. Rep. Benjamin Davis, 1794. 1800. F. Justice, Thomas H. Parker, 1800, others, Jedutthan Stone, 22; Abel EAST HAVEN, lies on the west side Smith, 18; and SAMUEL PLUMLEY, 17 of the central part of Essex county, has years. one post office. Gran. Nov. 8, 1780, F. Rep. Thomas H. Parker, 1802. Char. Oct. 22, 1790, by Vt. to Timothy Andrus and 62 others, with 23040 acres. ELMORE, Is located in the southOrg. July 28, 1845, F. T. C. Haines east corner of Lamoille county, has one gTV. Belden; F- Con. Hezekiah 1H1. post office. Town gran. Nov. 7, 1780. Lund; F. Sel. Russell Hosford,.Jere- Char. Aug. 21, 1781, by Vermont, to miah Lund and Abner Clogston. F. B. Samuel Elmore and 64 others, of 23,040 Manning Walter, Feb. 3, 1806, and acres. Org. July 23,1792. First town has held the office of justice longer than clerk and first constable, Joseph Leach. any other in the town, 6 yrs. F. justice, F. Sel. Job Gibbs, Joseph Leach, and John Walter,jr. 1832. First Rep. John James Olmsted. First born, Harry Walter,jr. 1845. Olmsted, May 14, 1793. Martin Elmore was town clerk from 1797 to 1838: EAST MONTPELIER, lies in the 41 years. First settlers, 2M/artin and easterly half of Washington county, has Jesse Gilmore, James and'Seth Olmtwo post offices, East and North Mont- sted, and Aaron Keeler, in 1790. First pelier. It was chartered with Montpel- justice, M1Iartin Elmore, 1782, 18 years. ier and set off a new town Nov. 9, 1848. Others, Jonathan Bridge 29 years, and Org. January 1, 1849; F. T. C. ROY- GEORGE W. BAILEY, 14 years. AL WHEELER,F.,Con. JOHN P. W. VIN- First Rep. Martin Elrnoare, 1814. CENT; F. Sel. Stephen F. Stevens, Isaac Cate and JOEL C. NICHOLS,. F. settler, ENOS/BURGH is in the north-eastern Gen. Parley Davis, 1788, died April 14, part of Franklin county, has two post 1848. F. Justice, after the division, offices, Enosburgh, and Enosburgh Falls. John Vincent and 17 others. Justices Gran. March 12, and chartered, May 15, in this part of the town before the divis- 1780, by Vermont, to Roger Enos, and ion, Parley Davis 27 yrs. Nathaniel C. 59 others. Oct. 31, 1798, a part of Ba. K~ing 26; Darius Boyden 24; Nahumn kersfield, was annexed to Enosburgh. Kelton 21; ROYAL WHEELER 19; JOhn Org. March 1798. First town clerk, Vincent 14; and Israel Goodwin 12ys. Isaac B. Farrar. First constable, Moses F. Rep. Nathaniel C. King, 1849. Farrar. First Sel., Charles Follett, Samuel Little, and Martin Deming. F. EDEN, lies in the northeast corner born, Anna Fish Farrar, June 4, 1798. of Lamoille county, has one post office. Eliphaz Eaton was town clerk 16 years; Gran. Nov. 7,1780. Char. Aug. 28,1781, his son, Horace Eaton, was town clerk by Vermont to Col. Seth Warner and 71 18 years, and the only one above now others of his officers and soldiers in his living. First settlers, Amos Fassett, regiment in the continental army, con- Stephen House, and Martin D. Follett, taining.23040 acres. Oct. 30, 1828, in 1797. F. justice, Thomas Richards, 13440 acres were annexed to it from 1797. Others, William Barber 34 yrs; Belvidere, in all 36480 acres. Org.] Charles Stevens 22; THEOPHILASMANSMarch 18, 1802. F. T. C., Moses Went- FIELD 17; Bennett Eaton 16; Horace

Page  144 144 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Eaton 13; Samuel Kendall 12, and First Rep. Thomas Russell, 1787. HORATIO N. BARBER 12 years. Nov. 1, 1841, a small part of this town First Rep. William Barber, 1798. was annexed to Cambridge, if sanctioned by the towns, and Fletcher. ESSEX, Situated in the central part of Chittenden county, with two post FAIRFIELD, Is in the centre of offices, Essex, and Painesville. Char. Franklin county, with two post offices, June 7, 1763, by N. H. to Edward Bur- Fairfield, and East Fairfield. Chartered ling and others, 72 shares, and 23,040 Aug. 18, 1763, by New Hampshire, to acres. First settlers, were Smiths, Win- Samuel Hungerford, and 63 others, 70 chels and Willards, in 1783. Organized shares and 23.040 acres. On the same March 22, 1786. First town clerk, El- day Smithfield was chartered by New kanah Billings. First Con., Abraham Hampshire, to the same person, shares Stevens. First Sel., Dubartus Willard, and acres the same, and Oct. 25, 1792, Justin Day and Joel Woodworth. First- the towns of Fairfield, Smithfield, and born, Frances Hall, Aug. 23, 1783; first Bakersfield, alias Knowlton's Gore, were male born, Eli Smith, Nov. 19, 1784, made into two towns. Fairfield, and Banow living in Essex. Nathan Castle, kersfield. giving to Fairfield about 38,000 was town clerk from 1793 to 1808. 15 acres. First settlers, Joseph Wheeler years, Andrew Morgan from 1817, 12 and family, 1788. Hubbard Barlow,, years. AMASA BRYANT from 1829-52, Andrew Bradley, and many others, in 23 years. None of the above officers or 1789. First born,. Smithfield Beaden. in any of the ancient ones, except the pres- that part then called Smithfield, and the ent town clerk, are living. First jus- proprietors gave him 100 acres of land. tices, Joel Woodworth and Timothy Joseph D. Farnsworth T. C. over 21 Bliss, 1787. Others. Samuel Page 26 yrs., JOSEPH.SOULE,from 1824 —52,29 yrs. years; Ezr'a Slater 24; AMASA BaY- Org. March 1790. F. T. C., Edmond ANT 20; BILLE B. BUTLER 16; JAMES Town. F. justice, Hubbard Barlow, 1789. H. DELANO 16; Fletcher TV Joyner 14, Others, JoSEPH SoULE 32 years; Joab and PEARL L. CASTLE 13 years. Smith 32; John Leach 31; Ira Foot F. Rep. Dubartus Willard, 1786. 22; Aaron Burr 22; Samuel T. Hull 21; Jehiel Hull 21; Joseph D: Far'nsFAIRFAX, Is located at the south wortbh 20; Joel Barber 19; Hargmon end of Franklin county, has three post North-rop 17, and Lyman Royce 12 yrs. offioes, North Fairfax, Fairfax, and Buck First Rep. Clark Burlingame, from Hollow. Chartered Aug. 18, 1763, by the Smithfield part, 1791, and David New Hampshire, to Edward Burling and Davis, from Fairfield, 1792. 63 others, 70 shares, 23,040 acres. First For the rest, see Brunswick. settlers, Broadstreet Spafford and two sons, Asa, and Nathan, in 1783. Org. FAIRHAVEN, Lies on the westerly March 22, 1787. First T. C. Thomas part of Rutland county, has one post Russell. First constable, Nathan Spaf- office. It formerly comprised the town ford. First Sel., Broadstreet Spafford, of West Haven also. Char. Oct. 27, Robert Barnet, and Thomas Russell. 1779, by Vermont, to Ebenezer' Allen First born, Martha Powers, June 10, and 76 others. First settlers, John and. 1784. Hampton Lovegrove was town William Meacham, Joseph Ballard. Oliclerk from 1807, 23 years, and died in ver Cleveland, and Joseph Haskins, with' July, 1847. First justice, Broadstreet their families, 1779. Oct. 20, 1792, the Spafford, 1787. Others, Joseph Hunt west part was incorporated into a sepa28 years; Joseph Parmalee 20; Church- rate town, named West Haven, except ill Sampson 20; Homer E. Hubbell 17; I they were not to have but one member of Aaron S. Beamant 16, and AARON HT. the Legislature in each year, till 1823.. ORTON 14 years. nhus. the Representatives in the catat

Page  145 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 145 logue were all set to Fairhaven, as they Amasa Woodworth, and Samuel Smith, were so found in the Journals and Reg- selectmen, which show beyond a doubt isters. Organized Aug. 28, 1783. First than the town was organized previous to town clerk, Eleazer Dudley. First Con. thit time, and about 1775, as stated by Michael Merrill. First Sel., Philip Thompson, as all agree that Samuel Priest, John Meacham, and Heman Bar- Smith was the first town clerk. low. First born, unknown. Tilly Gil- First Rep. Icabod Ormsby, 1778. bert was town clerk from 1803-33, with the exception of 6 or 7 years. BENJA- FAYSTON, is in the West patt of' MIN F. GILBERT from 1833 till now, 19 Washington county, no post office. Gran. years, and is the!only one among the old Feb. 25, and Char. 27, 1782, by Vt. to officers, or new town clerks, that is living. Ebenezer Walbridge,. and 64 others. First justice, Silas Safford, 1786, and Org. Aug. 6, 1805, F. T.- Clerk,. James held the same till i823. Others, Bar- Wait; F. Con. Thomas Green; F. Sel. nabas Ellis 24 years; WILLIALMV. KIT- Lynde Wait, Rufus Barrett and WillTRIDGE 15; Harvey Howard 15; BEN- iam Williams. F. Born,.ucia Wait, JAMIN F. GILBERT 13, and Seth J. Hitch- May 30: 1801. Peter Drew was T. C.- 13; cock 13 years. years, or more. First settler,.Lynds First Rep. Mathew Lyon, 1783. Wait, 1798. F. justice, Lynde Wait,; 1803, 23yrs. Others. Eli Bruce, 13; FAIRLEE, Is situated near the cen- Pcter Drew- 12; and Thieophilas Bixby tre of the east towns in Orange county, 12. F.Rep. Theophilas Bixby, 1823. has one post office. Chartered Sept. 9, 1761, by New Hampshire, to Josiah FERDINAND, an uninhabited town Channey, Joseph Hubbard and 62 others, near the centre of Essex county, Char. 70 shares, and about 24,000 acres. Feb. by N. H. Oct. 13, 1761, to Thomas 25, 1792, a new town was taken from the Hungerford and others, 70 shares, about; west part, and named West Fairlee, but'25,000 acres, half mountain, half swamp, were represented in connexion till 1823. and the ballance is tolerable good land; First settlers, Mr. Baldwin, in 1766, but lies in very small quantities in places Samuel Miller, Samuel Bentley, Joel too small for settlements, White, Noah Dewey, William, and David Thompson, 1768., Samuel Smith FERRISBURGH, Is the North-west, was town clerk from 1775 to 1820, 45 town in Addison county, has two post years. Grant Smith, 17 years. JEROME offices, Ferrisburgh, and North FerrisB. BAILEY 14years, to this time. First burgh. Chartered June 24, 1762 by justice, Samuel Smith, 1786. Others, N. H., to Daniel Merrill and 66 others, Moulton Morey 28 yrs.; Thomas Strat- 70 shares and 24,600 acres. Over half of ton 26; Phinehas Bailey 16; Samuel the city of Vergennes was taken from Bliss 15, and Solomon Bliss 14 years. this town, Oct. 23. 1783. Org. March First born, on record, Martha Morey, 29, 1785. First town clerk, Jonathan Dec. 20, 1767, but some dispute it, and Saxton.: First constable, Jeremiah Reysay she was born in Orford, N. H. Jed- nolds. First Sel. Abel Thompson, Isaac ediah Smith born Jan. 19, 1776, is the Gage, and Silas Bingham. F'iat born, first on record undisputed. Moulton Eunice Webster, March 22, 1773. JonVfMorey was a selectman in 1797-99, and athan Saxton was town clerk 25 years. living. The first meeting, for choice of: Theophilas Middlebrooks,a native of Vttown officers, to be found on the record, was town clerk from 1812, 30 years) rewas holden in March 1780, when Samuel sides in the town, aged 87. First per- Smith was chosen town clerk, William manent settlers, were Mr.; Ward, Abel Marston, constable, and PeIetiah Bliss Thompson Gideon Hawley, Timothy Icabod Ormsby and Jacob Marston, se- Rogers. Jonathan Saxton, Joseph Chillectmen. This meeting was warned by son, Zuril and Absalom Tupper, ii 19

Page  146 146 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 1784. First justice, Abel Thompson, Bridgeman, 1789. Org. probably in 1787. Others, Theophilas Miiddlebrooks 1793. First town clerk, Ebenezer San35 years; STODDARD MARTIN 25; Noah ders. Samuel Hubbard was town clerk W. Porter 18; ZURIEL WALKER l16; 315 years. PHILIP S. GATES, 18 years. LANSING HARD 14; HEMAN BARNUM 13; First justice. Samuel Peckham, 1791. Samuel H. Tupper 12, and Seth War- Others, PHILIP S. GATES 23 years; Enos her 12 yeat. Pearsons 22; PETER CHASE 19; JONAFirst Rep. Abel Thompson, in 1786. THAN H. HUBBARD 13; NAHAM TEMPLE 12, and Dolphus Dewing 12 years. FLAMSTEAD, See Chester. First Rep. Samuel Peckham, 1794. For remainder, see Brunswick. FLETCHER, Lies in the south-east corner of Franklin county, has one post FULLUM, See Dummerston. office.' Gran. Nov. 7, 1780. Char. Aug. 20, 1781, by Vt., to Moses Robinson, GAGEBOROUGH, A N. Y. grant John Fay, and 63 others, and 23,040 where Chelsea now is. acres. A small part of this town was annexed to Cambridge, Nov. 1, 1841. GEORGIA, Is the south-west corner Org. March 16, 1790. F. T. C. Elisha town in Franklin county, has two post Woodworth. F. Con., Elijah Dailey. offices, East Georgia, and, Georgia. Char. F. Sel. Peter Thurston, Lemuel Scott, Aug. 17, 1763, by N. H. to Richard and Elijah Dailey. First born, Jona- Emery and 64 others, 70 shares. and than Scott, Oct. 28, 1787. Lemuel 23,040 acres. First settler, Andrew Scott was town clerk 18 years. Elias Guilder 1784, and William Farrand, in Blair 18 years. Samuel Kinsley was 1785. Org. March 31, 1788. F. T. C. constable in 1794, and now resides in Reuben Evarts. F. Con. Fredr'k Bliss. Fletcher. First settled in 1784. First F. Sel. Stephen Davis, Stephen Holmes, justice, Levi Comstock, 1795. Others, and Richard Sylvester. First born, Joseph Rabinson 33;.Joseph Ellsworth, Ezekiel Guilder, time unknown. Luman jr., 16, and ROYAL T. BINGHAM 13 years. Graves was town clerk from 1795 to First Rep. Daniel Bayley, 1797. 1809, 14 years. Ira Hinckley from 1820-34, 14 yrs. Lorenzo Janes from FOUR BROTHERS, are four small 1837-50, 13 years. First justice, Daniel Islands in Lake Champlain, 6 or 7 miles Stannard, 1786. Others, IRA HINCELEY south-westlerly of Burlington, and in 30 years; Solomon Bliss 19, and LoNew York, and noted as being taken to renzo Janes 12 years. be four British armed vessels coming up First Rep. James Everts. 1788. the Lake, in the spring of 1814,which caused the militia to be called out en GLASTENBURY, Is near the cenmasse, and marched to Vergennes to pre- tre of Bennington county, and the east vent the destruction of the American fleet town' in the county, has no post office. in that harbor and vessels building. Char. Aug. 20, 1761, by N. H. to Capt. Samuel REobinson and 61 others, 68 FRANKLIN, The north and west shares, arid 23,040 acres. Org. March town but one in Franklin county, has two 31, 1834. First town clerk, Lzmean post offies, East Franklin, and Franklin Hewes. First constable, Asa G. Hewes. Centre. Gran. Oct. 24, 1787. Char. First selectmen, Lumhan Hewes, Elijah March 19, 1789, by Vermont, to Jona- Hewes,jr., and Mark Hotchkiss. First than Hunt and 5 others, and 23,040 acres. born, unknown. JEREMIAH MCDONAtLD by the name of Huntsburgh, which was has been town clerk 13 yrs. The above altered to Franklin, October 25, 1817. are all living. First settlers, Henry and First settlers, Samuel Hubbard, Samuel Francis Matteson, a long time ago, but Peckham, David Sanders, and John few followed, as the highest population

Page  147 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 147 was only 76 in 1810, and 52 in 1850. holden, but it has undergone the orFirst \juStices, JEREMIAH MCDONALD, deal of multiplication, division, addition Harrington Elwelland Mark Hotchlkiss and substraction so thoroughly since 1834. J. M. 15 years. that time, that an old acquaintance would F.liRep. Mark Hotchkiss, 1834. hardly recognize it. On the 9th day of Nov. 1814, the north half of PhiladelGLOVER, Is in the south-easterly phia was annexed to Goshen, adding to part of Orleans county, has but one post it about 11,000 acres. the office. Gran. June 27, 1781. Char. north part of Goshen was annexed to Nov. 20, 1783, by Vt., to Gen. John Ripton, and Nov. 10, 1847, a part of Glover and 62 others, and contains 23,- Goshen was annexed to Rochester. Org. 040 acres. First settlers, Ralph Parker, March 29, 1814. First town clerk, N&Samuel Cook, James Vance, and Samuel than Capen,. First Con. Anthony BaConant, in 1797. On the 6th of June, ker. F. Sel. Grindall Davis, Noah 1810. about 60 men went to the north Allen, and Anthony Baker. First born, end of'a long pond lying in this town and in the original bounds, -- Olmstead Greensboro, for the purpose of changing in 1801. Nathan Capen was T. C. from the outlet in part, from the south to the March 29, 1814, to March 1842, 28 grs. north, in order to help the mills on Bar- First settler on the charter bounds, Naton river. No sooner had they got the than Carpenter 1797, and Mr. Olmstead water running, than it began to wash 1799. First justice, GrindaZl Dcvis, away its former boundary, composed of 1814. Others, Nathan Capen, 33 yrs. quick-sand, and a thin crust of clay and FRANCIS BROWN 18; SILAS D. GALEr 14; gravel next to the water. The washing Williai, Carlisle, jr. 13,. and Justus away of the sand left the crust too weak N. Dart 13 years. to hold the water of a pond 1 miles First Rep. Phinehas Blood, 1815. long, and half a mile broad, it broke, and in fifteen minutes the whole water of the GOSHEN GORES, Two gores are pond was on a quick time march for left of this name, and both in Caledonia Canada, and sweeping the valley of every county. The one in the south-west corthing movable, taking many horses, cat- ner had 32 inhabitants in 1850, and 2828 tle and sheep, to the Canada market. acres of land. The other has 7339 acres, One rock, supposed to weigh 100 tons, and the population 183; it lies in the was removed half a mile. The'channel west part of the county, was first settled at the outlet is 127 feet deep. The in 1802, by Elihu Sabin, whose daughter water on its passage in some places was Mary was the first person born in the 60 feet high, and twenty rods wide, Gore, and he was justice of the peace 26 and reached Memphremagog Lake, 27 years. These Gores were chartered by miles, in about 6 hours. See Thomp- Vt., Nov. 1, 1798, with Goshen 2nd son's Gazeteer, page 74. charter. Charles Hardy was town clerk 20 years. F. justice, Ralph Parker, 1798. GRAFTON, Is located in the centre Others, Charles Hardy 26 years: John of the north end of Windham county, Boardman 26, and JOSEPH H. DWINNELL has two post offices, Grafton, and Hough18 years. F. Rep. Ralph Parker, 1803. tonsville. Char. April 8, 1754, by N. For more, see Brunswick. H., to Jonathan Whitney and 64 others, and 23,040 acres. by the name of ThomGOSHEN, Is in the south-east corner linson. July 9, 1761, the time to fulfil of Addison county, with one post office. some of the conditions of the charter Gran. Feb. 23, 17821. Char. Feb. 2, was extended. Sept. 11 1763, a new 1792, by Vt., to John Powell, William charter was given by N. I. to the same Douglass and 63 othrers, containing 14,- persons, and by the same name and no. 000 acres, and had a new clarter Nov. 1 asorcs. Oct. 3 t 1791, it was altered to.798 i.nder which the 1',ill are onow Grafton. October 30. 1816'apart of

Page  148 148 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Athens and Avery's Gore, was annexed GRAND ISLE, is the south town,to this town. Nov. 2, 1846, a part of but one in Grand Isle county, has one this town was set to Athens. First set- post office. Char. with North and South tiers, that remained long, were Amos Hero, by V:t., to Ethan Allen, Samuel Fisher, Benjamin Latherbee, Edward Herrick, and 363 others, Oct. 27, 1779,.Putnam, and Samuel Spring, in 1780. by the name of the "Two Heros" with First born, unknown. Org. 1781. F. 25,002 acres. Oct. 21, 1788, it was T. C. Aaron Putnam. F. Con., Amos made into two towns, South Hero, and'Fisher. F. Sel. Miles Putnam, Samuel North Hero, giving to North Hero, Spring, and Aaron Putnam. BENJAMIN 6272acres. November 7, 1798, South H. BRIDGMAN town clerk from 1833-52, Hero was again divided, and the north 19 years and over. F. justice, Charles part was named Middle Hero, and ReuPerkins, 1786. Others, Thaddeus Tay- ben Clapp was appointed justice of the /mr 43 years; Benjamin Dwinnell 32; peace, but it was not separately rep-,BENJAMIN H. BRIDGMAN 16; ASHER resented till Asa Lyon was chosen in PUTNAM 16; Samuel Walker 16; AM-' 1810, and Nov. 5, of that year, the name )aROSE BURGESS 13; Peter WS: Dean 13; was changed to Grand Isle. F. settlers, David L. Putnam 13, and Gideon Alexander Gordon, Aug. 25, 1783. Lam_Palmer 13 years. berton Allen and William Hazen, same First Rep. Miles Putnam, 1780. year. Org. March 7, 1799. F. T. C. James Brown, who held the office 36 GRANBY, Lies near the centre of years. First Con. John Thomas. First thbe south half of Essex county, has one Sel. Thomas Cooper, Abel Bishop, and post office. Char. Oct. 10, 1761, by N/ Reuben Clapp. First born, unknown.. to Elihu Hall, 70 shares and 23,040 First Justice, Alexander Gordon, 1786, acres, and no other charter is known of (while two Hero's). Others, SAMUEL B. the town. Org. Feb. 27, 1798. First GoRDON 21 years; LEWIs LoADD 19; town clerk, Samuel Hart. First Con., GEORGE W. HYDE 12 years. Zadock- Herrick. First Sel. Nathaniel Herrick. jr., Robert Pike, and Benjamin First Rep. Rev. Asa Lyon, 1810. Cheney. Although this town has its usual quantity of land, its population GRANVILLE, Is the east town in -was never over 127 at any census taken. Addison county, has one post office. It Soon after the great Eclipse of 1806, is the only town in the county in which and the cold seasons that followed, the any part of the Central Railroad is locitizens so far left the town, that in 1816, cated. Granted Nov. 7, 1780. Char. only three families were left, and seldom Aug. 2, 1781, by Vt., to Reuben King, were Freeman, or March meetings hold- and 6'3 others, by the name of Kingston, en, and the town lost its organization. which was altered to Granville, Nov. 6, In 1818 they began to increase, and Jan. 1834. Nov. 6, 1833, a part of Avery's 10, 1822, the town was re-organized. Gore was annexed to this town. Org. T. C. Martin Joslin. Con. Benjamin S. July 8, 1788. F. T. C. Joseph Patrick. Clark. Sel. Joel Bassett, Noah Sabin, First Con. Gideon Abbott. First Sel.. and James Waide. F. born, unknown. Israel Ball, Asa Wood and Moses King. Joseph Herrick was town clerk 15 years First born, Henry King, July 6, 1788, under the first organization. and the Joseph Patrick was town clerk from present clerk, GuRsHoM CARPENTER, has 1788 to 1832, except in 1793, 43 years. served longest under the last, 10 yrs. and Joel Rice selectman in 1799, and conis the last left of those mentioned above. stable in 1789-91-92, is the only ancient First justice, Nathaniel Herrick, jr., officer now living, aged 88.'F. settler, 1798. Others, ASHLEY APPLETON 16 Reuben King, in 1785. First justice, years. Daniel King, 1787. Others, Joseph First Rep. Clark Curtis, 1798 Patrick 36 years; Thomas King 16;

Page  149 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 145 JOSEPH P. BALL 15; ALONZO G. ALLEN:utterfield & 77 others, & 28,300 acres. 13, and JOSEPH FLINT 12 years. Org. March 27, 1797, F- T. C. NathanFirst Rep. Joel Rice, 1807. iel Knight; F. Con. William Frost; F. Sel. Samuel Bacon, Nathaniel Knight GREENSBOROUGH, Lies in the and James Abbott; F. B. John James, south-east corner of Orleans county, has July 25, 1780. John Emery a Consta23040 acres of land, and one post office. ble in 1789 is the only ancient officer of Gran. Nov. 6, 1780. Char. August 20, the town now living. John Darlingjr. 1781, by Vt., to Harris Colt, and 66 was T. C. to 1838, 16 yrs. ISAAC N. others. F. settlers, Ashbel and Aaron HALL, to 1852, 12 years. F. settlers,: Shepherd, with their families, in 1789, Osmore, James, Morse & Abbott'87. F. consisting of five. When they ca~ne all Justice, Nathaniel Knight, 1.797, 35yrs. the furniture was drawn on three hand- others, John Darling, 28; Reuben sleds on the crust, and the two women Whittier. 20; Jacob Abbott, 17; IsaAC came on foot from Cabot, over 12 miles. N. HALL, 14; John Heath 14; DanieZ Aaron Shepherd, wife and child, went Roberts, 13; Peter ifc. Lacklin, 13; back to Coos in August, and did not re- and THOMAS WASSON, 13 years. F. Rep. turn till March, when his brother Horace Jonathan McCumber, 1803. and family came' with him. Ashbel Shepherd and his wife remained through GUILDHALL, The capital of Essex that winter, solitary and alone in the county, joining New Hampshire, has one town, and their nearest neighbors were post office. Char. by N. H. Oct. 10, a Mr. Cutler, in Craftsbury, 6 miles, and 1761, to Elihu Hall and 64 others, 70 Mr. Webster, in Cabot much farther. shares and 23,040 acres. F. settlers,Geo. Miarch 25, 1 790, Mrs. Ashbel Shepherd Wheeler, David Page and Timothy Nash was delivered of a son, William Scott 1764, supposing theywere in Lunenburg. Shepherd, the first birth in town, and the James Roosebrook, Enoch Hall and Miproprietors gave him 100 acres of land. cah Amy in 1775, Samuel Page and EleIn consequence of a fire in this town Au- azer Roosebrook in 1778, David Hopgust, 30, 1831, by which the town records kinson, Simeon and Reuben Jones 1779, were all destroyed, it is difficult to ascer- They suffered many hardships and crueltain who the first officers were for some ties from the Indians during the war, & years, except the town clerks and con- had to bring much of their provisions stables, by the examination of ancient from Massachusetts, 150 miles in canoes. deeds that have been recorded, and old Daniel Dana was T. clerk 15 yrs. Erasjustices files in the county clerks office. tus Cutler, 13; and JOHN DODGE, 18 ys. Thompson says the town was organized F. justice, Ward Bailey, 1786; others, March 29, 1792, but gives no officers John Dodge;,24; William Heywood, 19 names. That he obtained before the Reuben W. Freeman, 19; John Dewey fire for his first Gazeteer, and is no doubt 15; and Jonathan Benjamin, 12 years. correct. NTathan zCutler town clerk 12 F. Rep. Ward Bailey, 1780. For more years. First justice, Timothy Stanley, call on the Town Clerk, & see Brunsw'k,. 1791, and the first in the county; others, SAMUEL HILL 24 years; Stephen Sher- GUILFORD, lies near the southeast man 20; Ashbel ailde 19; Ezekiel corner of Windham county,. & the state, Rand 17; George H. Page 16; Levi has three post offices, Guilford, Guilford Stevens 14, and JOHN SAWYER 12 years. centre, and Green River. Char. April 2 First Rep. Timothy Stanley, 1795. 1754, by N. H. to Elijah Williams and 58 others, 64 shares and 23040 acres. GROTON, is the south town, and The proprietors, finding they could notl east but one, in Caledonia county, has fulfil the terms of the charter, proone post office. Gran. Nov. 7, 1780, cured an extentionthree tinres; one July Char. Oct. 206 1789, by Vt. to Thomas 6, 1761, and one March 20, 1764; ani

Page  150 150 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFIECRS. again, June 7, 1764. Such was the state Justices, Benjamin Henry 30 years, and of parties in the town between the New Edward Harris, in 1786; others, Darius Hampshire men and Yorkers that neith- Bullock 40 years; ISAAC WARDEN 25; er party dare keep any record of their SANFORD PLUMB 22; Elisha HAGAR 21; doings as to public affairs till 1791. In Rufus K. HENRY 18; Stephen Otis 15; March that year the town was first org- JAMES L. STARK 15; Amos Tucker 15, anized under the Vermont Constitution and Reuben Hatch 12 years. T. C. William Bigelow; Con. Samuel F. Reps. Edward Harris, and Hubbel Shepherdson; Sel. William Bigelow, Wells, March 1778. Benjamin Bucklin and Elihu.Root; F. B6rn,Silence Rice, F. male B. Lemuel HANCOCK, Lies in the south-east Lynde, now aged 86. William Bigelow corner of Addison county, has one post was town clerk to 1810, 19 years. Ward office, and 23,040% acres, by charter, Bullock 14, and JOHN LYNDE,13 years, granted Nov. 7, 1780. Char. July 31, and the only officer above named that is 1781, by Vt. to Samuel Wilcox and 129 living, or among the ancient ones. others. Oct. 28, 1834, a part of this F. settler, Micah Rice, 1760. F. Jus- town was set off to Rochester. Nov. 1, tices, John Shepherdson, Winm. Bigelow 1847, another small part was annexed and William Bullock. First by the state, to Rochester. Organized June 18, 1792. William Bigelow 1786, 22yrs. after'86 First town clerk, Zenas Robbins; first -Others, Samuel Sikes, 33; Ward Bul- constable, Noah Cady; first sel. Daniel lock, 28; Peter Briggs, 26; JAMES Claflin, John Bellows, and James Claflin. NOYES, 26; Aaron Barney, 26; Benja- First born, Ebenezer Claflin, Sept. 1788. ain W. Stevens, 24;.Barnard Lynde, Zenus Robbins was town clerk 13 years; 20; NATHAN P. CHAPIN, 16; Isaac ZERAH BARNES from 1833-52, and two Brown,jr., 15; Elihu Pield, 13; and previous years, 21 years, and is the last JOHN LYNDE, 13 yrs. F. Reps. Benja- one; living of the above named, or among min Carpenter and John Shepherdson, the ancient officers of the town. First'March, 1778. settlers, Joseph Butts, Daniel Claflin, and John Bellows, 1788. First justice, HALIFAX, Lies in the centre of the Esaias Butts, 1799, 24 years. Others, south end of Windham county, has three ZERAI- BARNES 33, and CHARLES G. post offices, Halifax, West Halifax, and ROBBINS 12 years. South Halifax. Char. May 11, 1750, First Rep. Esaias Butts, 1800.'by N. H., to Oliver and Samuel Partridge and 57 others, 64 shares and 23,040 HARDWICK, Is the west town in acres, and was the 2nd charter granted Caledonia county, has three post offices, in the State, by N. H: The first record Hardwick, South Hardwick, and East of a meeting was holden March 3, 1778, Hardwick, and contains 23,040 acres, by at which it was voted to accept the Con- charter, which was granted Nov. 7, 1780. stitution of the Stateof Vermont. Jas. Chartered Aug. 19, 1781, by Vt.. to.Gray was chosen town clerk; William IDanforth Keyes and 66 others. First Hill and Amos Peabody, constables; settlers, Norris Sabins and Porter Page, Hubbel Wells, William Hill, and Isaac in 1790-91. The wife of Gideon Sabin GCuilde, selectmen. First born, Sally was the mother of 26 children, but as Pratt, Feb. 7, 1767, and died Oct. 1850. the population of the town in 1791 was Hubbel-Wells was town clerk from 1779 but 3, it. is probable that in some publi-92), 12 years; Darius Bullock from. cations it should have been 1791 and not 1797 till his death, Oct. 1833; Rufus R. 1790. First born, James B. H. Norris HENRY, from 1834-52, 18 years, and he Sept. 16, 1792. Org. March 7, 1795. has gone this year the way all the above 1 First town clerk, Paul Spooner; first ]have gone before him, to his long home. \ constable, Mark Norris; first selectinen First swttl AIner BRiei176. First Elijah True, Nath'l Norrissn Tin othy

Page  151 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 151 tHastury. Daniel French was T. C. HARTLAND, Lies a little north of from 1811'30, 19 years. None of the the centre of the east part of Windsor ancient officers are living. First justice county, has two post offices, North HartPaul Spooner, 1795. Others, Levi land, and Hartland, and contains by the Goodrich, a representative in 1800, and charter 25,350 acres. Char. July 10, 8 other years, and a justice of the peace 1761, by N. H., to Samuel Hunt, 71 30 years, is still living; -Daniel French shares, by the name of Hertford. It was 23; Samuel French 25; ORRA CROSBY confirmed by N. Y., to Oliver Willard 24; Enoch Bailey 19; Bliss N. Davis and others, July 23, 1766. June 15, 17 Jonathan Foster 17 yrs.; Lyman 1782, the name was altered to lartland. Brownson 14; Silas Underwood 14; First settler, Timothy Lull, from DumJacob Paine 13, and David Tuttle 12 merston, Vt., 1763. His son, Timothy years. Lull, Jr., was the first birth, in Dec. 1764, First Rep. Paul Spooner, 1797. on which occasion the Doctress was drawn on the ice 23 miles, from Charleston, on HARRIS' GORE, Lies near the a hand sled. The first town meeting south-west corner of Caledonia county. holden in town was March 11, 1767, but Gran. Feb. 25, 1781. Char. Oct. 30, it does not appear that town officers were 1801, by Vermont, to Edward Harris, chosen till 1770. First T. C. William containing 6026 acres. Population in Syms; first constables, Zadook Wright, 1840, 16; in 1850, 8. Timothy Lull, Ebenezer Call, and Joel Mathews; first sel. Jonathan Burk, Dan HARTFORD, Lies near the north- Spooner, and Zebulon Lee. EBEN M. east corner of Windsor county, has three STOCKER, has been town clerk from 1838post offices, Quechee Village, Hartford, 1852. Nene living but the last named. and West Hartford, and has by charter First Justices, Elias Weld, and Thomas 27,000 acres. Char. July 4, 1761, by Cotton, 1786; Others, WAR:D COTTON 19, N. H., to Prince Tracy, and 60 others, DANIEL DENISON 17; Moses T. Swan 14, 68 shares. First settlers, Solomon, Ben- and EBEN M. STOCKER 12 years. ajah, and Elijah Strong, with their fam- F. Rep. William Gallup, March 1778. ilies, from Lebanon, Ct., in 1764. Org. March 8,1768. F. T. C., Elijah Strong. HARWICH, altered to Mount Tabor. The records, I am informed, are not in the office, or cannot be found till 1803, HAZEN'S ROAD. Gee Peacham. and of course it is not known who the officers were during the last century, ex- IIAZEN'S NOTCHl, a noted notch in cept the town clerks, who were ascer- the mountain between Lowell and Monttained from the book of record of deeds. gomery, through which Hazen's road is First born, Roger Gillett, Aug. 6, 1767. located. Freegrace Leavett was town clerk from 1803-38, 35 years; Hon. GEORGE E. HERTFORD altered to Hartland. WALES from 1840-52, and the last survivor of those above named. F. justice, HIGHGATE lies in the northwest Joshua Hazen, 1786.' Others, famres corner of Franklin county, has fhree Udall 33 years; Freegrace Leavett 30, post offices, Sax's Mills, Highgate and John Downer 29; JOHN STRoNG 29; East Highgate, and contains 23040 acres GEORGE E. WALES 24; JOHN PORTER. by the charter which was issued by New 22; Zebulon Delano 22; Samuel Nutt Hampshire, Aug. 17, 1763, to Samuel 20; SHIBAEL RUSS 21; Daniel Hazen Huntand 64 others, 70 shares. F. Set19; Allen Hazen 18; Jonathan Bugbee tlers, John Hilliler and John Waggon17; ALFRED NEAL 15, and Lucius -Hia er, 1784. John Sax built the first saw zen 13 years. mill and gristmill. Nov. 1, 1792, a part First Rep. Stephen Tilden, Oct. 1778. of Alburgh was annexed to Highgate.

Page  152 152 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OPFICERS. Oct. 23, 1806, Marvin's Gore was an- she gave her husband. F. justice, Elisha riexed to HIighgate. Nov. 3, 1836, a part Barber, 1787; others, William B. Marsh -of Highgate was annexed to Swanton. 27 yrs. or more; Edlmond Baldwin, 26; No person has been town clerk 12 years. Erastus Bostwick, 23; NAHUM PECK, F. Justice, John Knickerbocker, 1787. 23; Lemuel Bostwick, 20; STEPHEN Others, CGorad Sax, 23 yrs.; William BYINGTON, 18; JOHN WHEELOCK, 18; Skeele, 20; Jc,sep B. Cutler, 15 Lu- NATHANIEL MILES, 18; and JOHN S. PATTHEIL MEIGS, 13; and Heleay Stinchotur, RICK 13 ys. F. Rep. Lem'l Bostwick'89. 13 yrs. F. Rep., Thomas Butterfield, 1786. HOG ISLAND, lies in Highgate For further particulars, call on the town and Swanton. clerk, and you may succeed better than I have. See Brunswick. HOLLAND, is the north-east corner HINESBURGH, is the middle south town in Orleans county, has one post oftown in Chittenden county, has one post fice, and 23.040 acres by the charter, by office, and 23040 acres, by the charter, Vt. Gran. March, 8, 1787, Char. Oct. dated June 24, 1762, by New Hamp- 26, 1789, to Timothy Andrus and others. zhi're to David Ferris, Abel Hines and F. Settlers, Edmond Elliott and Joseph 63 others, 70 shares F. settler, Isaac Cowell in 1800. Org. March, 14, 1805, Lawrence from Canaan, Conn., and his F. T. C. Eber Robinson; F. Con. Asa wife, who lived there ten months without Goodnoe; F. Sel. Eber Robinson, Joseeing the face of any other woman, and seph Cowell and Jesse Welles; F. Born, at one time the family subsisted some Ruby Hatch, (time unknown). Jason weeks with no other food but dried Hrinz~nan was T. C. from 1809-27, 18 pumpkin. This was before the war, oth- years, and the last one living of those ers came also, but all left soon after the above named. F. justice, Eber Robinthe war commenced. Mr. Lawrence re- son, 1805; others, MICAH FERRIN, 24 ys. turned in 1783. Jacob Meacham, Amos Jaason.Hinnan, 22;Ezr'a Hinmaan 16; Andrews and Hezekiah Tuttle, came in Josiah C. Robinson, 16; and ORSON A. 1784, George M. Ewen, Eliphaz and Gnow, 13. F. Rep. Eber Robinson,'06. George Steele, in 1785. F. born, Hine Meacham, son of Jacob, April 1st, 1785. IOPKINSVILLE, altered to Kirby. Org. March 20, 1787. F. T. C., Elisha Barber. F. Con., Jacob Meacham. F. HUBBARDTON, Lies in the northSel., Elisha Barber, George McEwen westerly part of Rutland county, has and Eliphaz Steele. Erastus Bostwick one post office, and 23,040 acres. Char. was T. C. from 1798 to 1838, 40 years, by N. H., June 14, 1784, to Isaac Searle and is the last survivor among the an- and 66 others, 72 shares. On the same cient officers. Among the very aged day another charter was granted to the ones who have died in town, are Andrew same persons, by N. H., and the same No. Burritt and his wife, after living togeth- of acres, lying north of, and joining Huber over 70 years. He was blind a num- bardton,- by the name of Dunbar, being bher of years before his death, which took the same spot now constituting the town place before that of his wife, at the age of Sudbury, which had previously been of 96 years, 3 months, and she at 95 chartered to other persons; but Dunbar years and 8 months. Not long before was not to interfere with any other forer death, she remarked that she had mer grant, and the town was not located, lived so long she was almost ashamed of nor was Hubbardton successful in obherself, and sometimes concluded the taining her quoto by about 5000 acres, as Lord had forgotten her, but thought she other towns of older grants had extended should fare well in the next life, on ac- their lines a leetle to far. Nov. 7, 1806, count of her being so good to Dada a part of this town was annexed to Sudwhile he was blind and helpless, the name bury. Org. March 22, 1785. F. T...

Page  153 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 153 David Hickok; firstconstable, Benjamin Ambler, Ozum Brewster, and Perley Hickok; first sel. Ezra Hickok, William Starr. F. born, Peleg Bradley. son of Spaulding, and Janna Churchill. First Elisha Bradley,; Nov. 6, 1786. William born, Elizabeth Hickok, Aug. 1, 1774, Hill was town clerk 19 years. James and died Sept. 1776, and was the first Ambler; Jr., 31 years, and no Jr. added death in town. Elisha Walker was town after 1838,, but the same person, and is clerk 20 years; Samuel B. Walker 13; the only survivor among those named and James Flagg 12 years, and the only above, or the ancient officers. F. Justone living of those above, or the ancient ice, Jehiel Johns, 1790, Others, Jamzes officers of the town. F. settlers, Wim. Ambler Jr., 33 yrs.: Nathaniel Norton Trowbridge and Uriah 1lickok, 1774; 28; Lyman Hall 23; Jeremiah RemBenajah Boardman, Benjamin Hickok, ington 22; Lumnan E. Loveland 20,; William Spaulding, Samuel, and Jesse and John Snyder 17 yrs. Churchill, John Sellick and Abdiel Web- First Rep. Jehiel Johns, 1791. ster, 1775..The above nine families composed the population of the town at HUNTSBURGH, altered to Franklin the time Hubbardton was attacked by the British and tories, in July 1777. HYDEPARK, is the shire town of which ended after a hard fought battle, Lamnoille County, has two post offices, in breaking up the settlement; they Hydepark and North Hydepark. Gransuffered almost every thing but death, ted Nov. 6, 1780, Chartered Aug. 27, and some did not escape that. First 1781, by Vermont, to Jedediah Hyde Justice, David Hickok, 1786. Others, and 64 others, and 23,040 acres. First' JTames Flcag-, 19 years; PLINY EHOLMES settler. John McDaniel anq family July 18; Samzuel Cheever 17; Perry Dike- 4, 1787, from Northfield, N. H. anid zan 15;.;istinz Jenznings 15; David William Norton from N. Y. the satm Barber 13; James FV. Barber 12, and year. No neighbors short of Johnson, 8 Seth St. John 12 years. miles one way, and Cabot, 26 miles tihe First Rep. David Hickok, 1786. other. In thespring of 1788 Capt. Jedediah Hyde, Peter Martin, E iraim HUNGERFORD, now Sheldon. Garvin, Jabez Fitch and Sons. John McDaniel was a very useful man among HUNTINGTON, lies in the south- the early settlers, his house ever open to eastern part of Chittenden county, has the poor and distressed, and lived to see one post office. Char. by N. H. June, the town in a prosperous condition, and 7,1763, to Edward Burling and 66 others, died August 12, 1834, aged 85. Capt. 72 shares,23040 acs. by the name of New Jedediah Hyde, the first on the charter, Huntington. By the act passed Oct. 27, was a Capt. during the revolution, and 1794, which took the easterly part of served in the Navy also, was much noted Burlington, the southerly part of Jeri- and respected for his unusal politeness; cho, the towns of Williston and New he died May 29, 1822, aged 85. Capt. Huntington, part of Avery and Buel's Jabez Fitch another grantee and early Gores, and forming three towns, it took settler, was a man of a strong mind, and a part of this town for the new town of much given to useful reading; he served Richmond, and another part was annexed in the revolutionary war a number of to Bolton, and taking on the south a part campaigns, was captured and kept eighof the Gores mentioned. Oct. 27, 1795, teen months, and on several of their pristhe name was altered to Huntington. on ships, underwent almost every thing First settlers Jehiel Johns, and Elisha but death; he died Feb. 29, 1812, aged Bradley, in 1786, from Manchester, and 75. Org. 1791; F. town clerk, Jabez Sunderland, Vt. Org. March 29, 1790. F'itch; first Constable, Darius Fitch; F. T. C., Charles Brewster; first con., first selectmen, John McDaniel, Peter Amos Brownson; first sel., Ebenezer Martin and Ephraim Garvin; first born, 20

Page  154 154 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Diedama Hyde, June, 1, 1789; first Jesse Cooper 16; THOMAS JAMESON 14, male born, Jabez Perkins Hyde, June and Bela Jones, 13 years. 12, 1791. Lucius H. NoYEs, now town First Rep, Caleb Leach, 1804. clerkhas held the office 13 years. First justice, John McDaniel, 1790; others, ISLE LA MOTT, Is an Island on JOHN C. PAGE, 17 years; Lucius H. the west side of Grand Isle county, has.Noyes, 17; Joshuca Sawyer, 15; and one post office, and 4620 acres of land. Harlow P. Smith, 14 years. F. Rep. In consequence of some new arrangeNathaniel P. Sawycr, 1812. ment of South Hero charter, this totwn was again chartered to Benjamin Wait IRA, Is a singular shaped town and 95 others, by Vt., Oct.'27, 1779. about 14 miles long, and from a point to Nov. 1, 1802, it was altered to Vineyard, about 2 miles wide, and isnear the centre and altered back to Isle La Mott, Nov. of Rutland county, has one post office, 6, 1830. First settlers were Ebenezer and 14,800 acres of land. It joins eight Hyde, Enoch Hall, William Blanchard, towns, Tinmouth, Clarendon, Rutland and Icabod Fish, in 1785-6. Org. Pittsford, Hubbardton, Castleton Ploult- March 24, 1791. First T. C. Abramn ney, and Middletown. From the irreg Knapp; first con. Wm. Blanchard; first ular shape it has no charter, and probably sel. Ebenezer Hyde, Enoch Hyde, and from the fact that it was no small matter Nath'l Wales. First born, Lora Blanto fix a charter to such a shape. Oct. chard, Sept. 17,1792. Charles Carron 28, 1784, 1825 acres was taken from Ira was town clerk 17 years; IRA HILL from to help form Middletown. Org. MIay 1828-52, 24 yrs. Samuel Flish, a con31, 1779. F. T. C., Isaac Clark; first stable in 1798, and Ira Hill are all that Con., Nathaniel Mallory; first sel., Na-is left ofthe ancient officers and town than Lee, Amos Herrick & Isaac Clark; clerks. F. Justice, William UIley, 1792. First born, Madena Clark, daughter of Others, Williag7 WZait 15 yrs.; and HiIsaac Clark. Cephas Carpenter was RAM HALL 12 years. town clerk from 1792 to 1819, 27 years; First Rep. Nathaniel Wales, 1791. JOHN MASON from 1820. except 21 & 22. to 1852, 30 years, and is the last one left JACKSON'S GORE, worked into of the town clerks or ancient officers. Mount Holly, in part. First settler, unknown. First Justice, George Sherman, 1786; others, Pre- JAMAICA, Lies in the westerly side served Fish 31 years; Russell Fish 28; of Windham county, not far from the Whipple MZlartin 16; Erwin Collins centre, has one post office, and 29,01.7 14, and BRADLEY FISH 12 years. acres of land. Char. Nov. 7, 17807 by Vt., to Samuel Fletcher and 65 others. First settlers, William, Benjamin, and Caleb -layward, and others, from MenIRASBUTRGH, Is the shire town, don, lass.,, in 1780. Organized Sept. and near the centre of Orleans county, 3, 1781. First town clerk Win. Harrison has one post office, and 23,040 acres. Church; first constable Calvin HayChartered Feb. 23, 1781, by Vt. to Tra ward; first selectmen, Benj. Hayward, Allen and 62 others. First settled in William Hayward, and Winm. H. Church. 1799. Organized March 21, 1803. First First born, Banyard Hayward Dec. 26, town clerk, Amos Conant; first constable 1778, died July 16, 1850. Ezra LiverSamuel Conant; first selectmen, Caleb more was town clerk from 1790, 42 yrs. Leach, Levi Sylvester, and Foster Page. and between 1790 and 1800 he was first No town clerk has served 12 yrs. First selectman 7 years also; Samuel Vial, Justice, Amos Conant, 1802, 23 years. a selectman in 1790, is the last survivor Others, John Killam 21 years; MooDY of those above named. First Justice, B. KIMBALL 21; Joseph Chapman 16; 1 Phinehas Freeman, 1786, or Silas Hay

Page  155 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 155 ward in 1787; others, Ezra Livermore 1792, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and town clerk in 37 years; Amos Howard, 2d, 29; Timt- 1798-9, and 1800, and John Thomnpso othy Goodale 29; Nathaniel Robbins 25; a selectman in 1795, are still living of ALPHEUS KELLOGG 25; Zelostes Skinner the officers of the last century. F.: set24; Jamzes Brown 22; HAMTIOND LIv- tlers, Messrs. Messenger, Rood and ERMORE 19; Peter Rf. Taft 18; Ziba Brown, with their families, in 1774, but Ch/apin 17; Savmuel Barry 17; Joel were drove off, or carried off prisoners, Holton 14, & Samzuel T. ]. Cheney 12. and endured hardships before they reFirst Rep. William gH. Church, 1781. turned back to their possessions in 1784. First Justices, James Farnsworth, 1787. JAY, Is in the north-west corner of Others, Oliver'Lowry 27 years; Arthur Orleans county, has one post office, and Bostzwick 18; Truzman Barney 16; 23,040 acres of land. Gran. March 13, H.osEA SPAULDING 16; Thomas D. Rood 1780, by Vt., by the name of Carthrage. 15; Samuel BlacEkman 14; DAVID About one-third of the town was char- FISH 14; ORVILLE SHAW 13; ERASTUS tered to Thomas Chittenden, Nov. 7, FIELD 12, and JOHN T. CLAPP 12 years. 1792, and the remainder to John Jay First Rep. Jedediah Lane, 1786. and John Cozine, of New York, Dec. 28, 1792, by the name of Jay. As the east JOHNSON, lies very near the centre part of the town is good land and the of Lamoille county, has one post office, west part all mountain, would a shrewd and 23,040 acres of land, by charter yankee be at a loss to guess which way granted Feb. 27, 1782, and chartered the division line ran? F. settled, just January 2, 1792, by Vt., to Jonathan before the last war of 1812, but nearly Edwards, William S Johnson, and 63 all left, and come in slowly since. Org. others. First settlers, Samuel Eaton, a March 29, 1828. First T. C., Abner revolutionary hero in 1784, Jonathan Whitcher; first con. Nathan Hunt: F. and Jeremiah McC(onnell and others, in sel. Abel Alton, Madison i Keith, and 1785. Org. March 4, 1789. F. T. C. Joseph Haddock. F. born, Jay English Jonathan McConnell; first constable NeF. Justice Mcadison Kfeitfh, 1818; others hemiah Burnett; first Sel. Jonathan Eli Hunt 15, and Tzilliam Williacgns McC(onnell, Samuel Eaton, and Jeremiah 13 years. McConnell. F. born, Samuel J. Smith, First Rep. Micadison Keith, 1828. time unknown. Amos Dodge was town clerk from 1802-16, 14 years. None of JERICHO, Lies in the east part of the above or any of the ancient officers Chittenden county, has two post offices, are now living. First Justice, Jonathan Jericho, and Jericho Centre, and by McConnell, 1790; others, Andrew Dow charter, had 23,040 acres ofland, but has 16 years; William Simonzds 15, and been some reduced since. Char. June, Thozmas Waterman 14 years. 7, 1763, by N. H. to Edward Burling First Rep. Noah Smith, 1789. Thomas Chittenden and 64 others, 72 shares. Oct. 27, 1794, a part of this JOHNSON'S GORE, 5045 acres, town was taken to aid in the formation chartered by Vt. to Moses Johnson and of the town of Richmond. Org March 32 others Feb. 23, 1782. It was made 22, 1786. F. T. C. Lewis Chapin; first into Acton Nov. 6, 1800, and annexed to con. Peter McArthur; first sel. Azariah Townshend Oct. 29, 1840. Rood, Joseph Hall, and Jedediah Lane. F. born, unknown. -Lewis Chapin was JUNIPER ISLAND, lies in Lake town clerk 19 years; Pliny Blackman Champlain, and contains 10 or 12 acres 14, and JOHN LYMAN from 1837-52, 15 of land and a Light House, and is three years. The above are all dead except miles south-westerly of Burlington. the present clerk. Thomas D. Rood a constable in 1791-2, and selectman in KELLYVALE, altered to Lowell:

Page  156 156 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. KEMPTON, A grant by New York Sel. Asa Utley, David Carpenter, and where Orange now is. Joshua Dale. First born, Polly Utley, Aug. 15, 1780. Daniel Tuthil was town KILLINGTON,alteredto Sherburne. clerk 13 years; Reuben Holt from 1817 to his death. in Nov 1836, nearly 20 yrs. KILLINGTON PEAK, The highest First Justice, David Carpenter, 1800. land in Sherburne, 3924 feet above tide Others, GIDEON DAVIS 30, and AMo.I water, so says Capt. Partridge. BENSON 20 years. First Rep. David Carpenter, 1800. KINGSLAND, A New York grant, and shire town of Gloucester county, now Washington, and near where the New LEICESTE Lies in the southart York Court got lost in the woods, in Feb. of Addison county, has two post offices, 25 and 6, 1771. See page 119. Leicester, and Otter Creek. Char. Oct. 20, 1761, by N. IH., to Aaron Brown KINGSTON, Altered to Granville. and 66 others, 72shares, and 23,000 See Granville. See Granville. acres, but could not obtain over twothirds of it, being but eight miles wide IKIRBY, Lies near the east side of for Salisbury and Leicester, and much Caledonia county, has no post office, but dispute arose, each claiming according has by the charter 11,264 acres. Gran. to their charter. For mode of settleOct. 20,1786. Char. Oct. 27, 1790, by ment see Salisbury. First settler, JerVt. to Roswell Hopkins, by the name emiah Parker, in 1773, whose daughter, of Hopkinsville. Oct. 28, 1807, Burke Chl/oe Pa'rker born 1777, was the first Tongue,. containing 2527 acres, was an- person born in the town, and is now the nexed to this town, and the name altered wife of Capt. Ebenezer Jenny. Not to Kirby. Org. Aug. 29, 1807. First many settlers till the war closed. Org. time unknown. William Gile was town T. C. Jonathan Lewi; s first con. Phile- clerk 21 years. First Ju e was town mon Brown; first sel. Benj. Esterbrooks Smith 1786 y ears. F irst Justic Joh Samuel Burt, and Joel G. Whi2pple. Smth, 1786; others, Benjamin WhitF. born, James Grout, Nov. 1800, son of man 25 years; William Gile 28; EbThleophilas Grout. Jonathan Lewis was enezer B. Jenny 14, and Silas W. Stantown clerk 17 years, and Jazmes Chlurch/ ley 12 yrs. F. Rep. John Smith, 1786. 14 years. First settlers, Phinehas Page See Maidstone. and Theophilas Grout, in 1799. First Justice, Josiah Joslin, 1803. Others, LEMINGTON,. Lies in the northTimothy Locke 31 years; James Church eastern part of Essex county, has one 28; MERIT NEWHALL 25; Theophilas post office, and 23,040 acres per charter, Grout 17, and Jonathan Lewis 14 yrs. which was given by N. H. June 29th, First Rep. Theophilas Grout, 1809. 1762, to Samuel Averill and 64 others, 70 shares. When the town was settled KNIGHT'S, OR KNOWLTON'S or organized and who were the first offiGORE, altered to Bakersfield. cers, &c., is more than the town clerk has informed me, although often requestLANDGROVE, Is the north-east ed. The first town clerk I find, was town in Bennington county, has one post Mills De Forest, in 1802, but as he was office, and 4646 acres. Gran. Nov. 6, the first representative in 1798, the town Char. Nov. 8, 1780, by Vt., to William was pr6bably organized before 1802. Utley and 21 others. F. settler, Wm. F. Justice, Eben W. Judd, 1789; others, Utley and family, a wife and six child- Mills De Forest 26 years; JOHN BAILEY ren, from Ashford, Conn., 1769. Org. 18; Thomas Holbrook 16, and Abdiel March 25, 1800. First T. C. Daniel Blodgett 12 years. Abdiel Blodgett was Tuthill; first con. Joseph Holt; first town clerk to 1850, 17 years.

Page  157 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 157 LEWIS, A good sized town in the again for the other half, and alledging as northerly part of Essex county, has 23,- a reason, that if it was right that he 040 acres. Char. June 29, 1762, by N. should have one half, it was rightthat he H. to Eleazer Hinman and 64 others, 70 should have the whole and his petition shares, but not to any person in the town, was granted. F. settlers, James Rogers, and for a good reason, no pers6n lives Samuel Thompson, and James Patterin it. son, 1774; Glazier, HIellick, Eddy, Montgomery, Allyn, Aiken, and Miller, soon LINCOLN, Lies in the east part, after. Oct. 22, 1795, this town was diand north of the centre of Addison county vided, and the eastern part named Windhas one post office, and by charter 23,040 ham. Oct. 217 1797, a part of Windham acres. Gran. Nov. 7, chartered Nov. 9, was annexed to Londonderry. The first 1780, by Vermont, to Benjamin Simonds records of the town show that Robert and 63 others. Nov. 12, 1824, a part of McCormick was town clerk in 1780, and Lincoln was set to Warren, and Nov. 18. in - 1793 Rufus Thayer was constable, 1824, a part of Bristol was set off to and Peter Aiken. James Mack, and Lincoln, and Nov. 12, 1847, a part of Abial Whitman, were selectmen. It is Avery's Gore was annexed to Lincoln. not to be supposed that those were the Org. March 13, 1798. F. T. C. How- first officers appointed, but that the early land Delong; first con. Samuel East- records have gone a journey and forgot man; first Sel. Loren Orvis, now 84, to return. First born, David Rogers, James Varney, and Jedediah Durfey. son of Col. James Rogers, about 1775. First born, Harley fHeddig, 1796, re. None of the above or any of the ancient sides in Lawrence, N. Y. WILLIAM W. officers are now living. Dr. John GibPOPE was town clerk 12 years, up to son was town clerk to 1821, 12 years. 1852. First settlers, in 1790, by a num First Justice, Edward Aiken, 1786. ber of Quakers whose descendants still Others, Luther Stowoell 38 yrs.; THOMAS remain in town. First Justices, Jede- S. VAILms 27; John Wakefield 20-, Tyler diah Durfey and Ebenezer Durfey, in Tinkhamn 19; BArNET WAiT, Jr., 18; 1801, E. D. 20 years. Others, JOHN Abial Whitman 14; ALFRED PIErCE BvsH 20, and William W. Pope 19 yrs. 13, and Lawrence Pierce 13 years. First Rep. Jedediah Durfey, 1801. F. Rep. Edward Aiken, March 1778. LITTLETON, altered to Waterford. LONG or runaway 2lond, see Glover. LONDONDERRY, Lies in the LOWELL, has its location in the north-west corner of Windham county, north-westerly part of Orleans county, has one post office. Char. by New York, has one post office. Gran. March 5, 1787, Feb. 13, 1770, by the name of Kent, Char. June 6 and 7, 1791, in two charwith 28,459 acres. In 1778, the princi- ters, containing 39,000 acres to John pal proprietor, James Rogers, became a Kelly of New York city, by the name of tory and fled to Canada, by which act Kellyvale, which was altered to Lowell the lands were confiscated. April 20, Nov. 1, 1831 Gold and Silver mines 1780, the state of Vermont chartered are reserved i:these grants for the use the town to Edward Aiken, Samuel of the State. F. settler, Maj. William Fletcher, and Joseph Tyler, a committee Caldwell and family, in 1805-6. Org. to carry out a resolve of the Legislature March31, 1812; F. T. C. Abel Curtis; of March, 1780. In this charter the F. Con. John Harding; F. Sel. Asatown is named Londonderry. In 1795, hel Curtis, William Caldwell and Joiht James Rogers, Jr., petitioned the legis-l Harding; F. Born, John Harding, jr, lature to grant him one half of the lands Jan. 5, 1809. Abel Curtis was T. clerk of the town that remained unsold, and it 12 years. F. justice, Calvin Eaton, was granted. In 1797, he petitioned 1810; others. JOHN HARDING, 31 yearS;

Page  158 158 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFIECRS. Daniel Sanbozn, 28; Elijah Buxton on the 20th. 1780, by Vt. to Jonathan 14; Otis Leland, 12; and Wheelock G. Arnold and 51 others, and 23,040 acres. Aldrich, 12yrs. F. Rep. Asahel Curtis, This was the first town surveyed in the 1812. vicinity, and was made square, which causes the others to be of various shapes LUDLOWT, lies in the south-westerly as may be seen on the Map. F. settler, part of Windsor county, has one post of- Daniel Cahoon, jr. in 1788, and died fice. Char. Sept. 16, 1761, by N, H. June, 11, 1793, and was the first death to Jared Lee, Esqr. and 65 others, 71 in the town. F. Born, Lyndon Hines, shares and about 24,000 acres. F. set- time,'unknown. Org., July, 4, 1791; tlers, Simeon Read, James Whitney. Jo- F. T. C. Daniel Cahoon; F. Con. Nasiah and Jesse Fletcher, from Mass. in than Hines; F. Sel, James Spooner, 1784-5. Org. March, 31, 1792; F. T. Daniel Reniff and Daniel Cahoon, which C. Jesse Fletcher; F. Con. Simeon last, held the office of town clerk 17 yrs. Read; F. Sel. Jesse Fletcher, Jonas William Cahoon 21, and Elias Bemis, jr. Hadley and Elihu Ives; F. Born, Sam- 14 years, are all dead, and the ancient uel A. Read, now in Ohio. Jesse officers also. F. justice, Daniel Cahoon, Fletcher was T. Clerk 16 years. Asahel 1791, 15 yrs. others, George C. Cahoon Smith, from 1809, 15 yrs. ARTEMAS 27; Ephraim Chamnberlin 20; STEPHqN SPAFFORD, from 1831-52, andin 25 & 6, MCGAFFY, 19; Daniel Boawker, 16; 23 years. F. justice; Jesse Fletcher, Philip Goss, 16; Thomas Bartlett,jr. 1789, 25 yrs. others, Asahel Smith 35; 15; and JOHN T. G. CUNNINGHAM, 14ys. Artemas Spafford, 25; Asa Fletcher, 20: F. Rep. Josiah Arnold, in 1793. Sewall Fullumn, 19; Reuben Washburn 19;ASA S. BARTON, 17; Pliny Parker, MAIDSTONE, lies in the east side 14; and Emaery Burfee, 13 years. of Essex county, north of, and joining F. Rep. Rev. Peter Read, 1795. Guildhall, has one post office. Char. Oct. 12, 1761, by N. H. to Agur JudLUNENBURGH, is near the south son and 64 others, 70 shares, and about end of Essex county, has one post office. 25,000 acres. This town was settled beChar. by N. H. July 5, 1763, to David fore the revolutionary war; but when, Page, Jonathan Grout and 68 others, 76 or whom by, when organized, its first of: shares, and 23,040 acres. Settled about ficers &c. you may learn by enquiring 1770. Org. Sept. 11, 1781; F. T. C. of the Town Clerk, if you succeed you David Hopkinson; F. Con. Thomas Gus- will beat me at it, for I have tried and tin; F. Sel. Eliezer Roosebrooks, Eb- given it up. No person has been town enezer Rice and SimonHowe; F. Born, clerk 12 years since 1802. F. justice Joshua Hopkinson, April 18, 1773. Sam- David Gaskill, 1789, 28 years. others, uelPhelps was town clerk from 1791, 12 MOODY RICH, 26 years. F. Rep. Abra. years, STEPHEN HOWE, jr. from 1825-52 ham Gild, 1781. See Brunswick. 27 years, no jr. after'35, and is the only one living of those above named,or of the MIANCHESTER, Is located in the ancient officers. F. justice, Sam'l Howe centre of the north shire, and is the half 1786; others. Stephen Howe, jr. 26yrs. shire town of Bennington county, has Mitchel Silsby, 20; and Reuben C. Ben- two post offices. IVanchester, and Factory ton, 15ys. F. Rep. Reuben Howe, 1781. Point, and 23,040 acres, and 70 shares. Chartered Aug. 11, 1761, by' N. H., to LUTTERLOH, altered to Albany. Ephraim Cowen and 63 others, First settlers, Samuel Rose, and others, from LYNDON, has its location a little Duchess Co., N. Y., 1763. Org. in 1764. north-east of the centre of Caledonia F. T. C., Jonathan Ormsby; first Con., county, has two post offices, Lyndon and Asa Alger; first Sel. Samuel Rose JonLyndon'iCentre. Gran. Nov. 2, Char. athan Ormsby, and Joseph Smith. The

Page  159 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 159 f. b. male child was Samuel Purdy, Feb- Benjamin Olds, 1786; others, Jonas 1771. Some say a female was born pre- Whitney 36 years;.Phinehas Mather vious, but the records do not show it. 15;'Ebenezer Tucker 14; IRA ADAMS Martin Powell was town clerk from 14; EBENEZER PARSONS 14; Pliny 1772-95, 23 years; Joel Pratt 23, from Higley 13; Daniel Ilalladay 13; Hub1800-26, and is the only one living of bard H. Winchester 12; Joseph Olds those above named. F. Justice, Gideon 12, and Oshea Smith 12 years. First Ormsby, Martin, Powell, and Timothy Rep. Samuel King, March 1778. Pearl, 1786; others, JomN S. PETTIBONE Joseph Olds was town clerk to 1821, 24; LORING DEAN 21; Joel Pratt 19; 14 years. For the remainder see MaidJanmes Hfickox 19; William Benedict stone and Brunswick. 15, and Leonard Sargeant i3 years. First Reps. Stephen Washburn, and MARSHFIELD, Lies in the northGideon Ormsby, March 1778. east corner of Washington county, has one post office, and 23,040 acres. Gran. MANSFIELD, A strong town, for- Oct. 18, 1782. Char. June 22, 1790, merly, as it held the highest Mountain by Vermont, to the Stockbridge Tribe in the State with great ease, 4274 feet of Indians, and was purchased of them above tide water, but fearing what might by Isaac Marsh, of Stockbridge, Mass. happen a part of the town was annexed for ~140 lawful money, and was'deeded, to Underhill, Nov. 15, 1839, and Nov. to him by 18 of the Tribe, July29, 1789. 11, 1848, the ballance of it was annexed First settlers, Martin and Calvin Pitkin, to Stowe. It was chartered by N. H., in 1790, but their practice was like the June 8, 1763, to Jeremiah Travise and birds, leave in the fall and return in the 64 others, 70 shares, and 23,040 acres. spring, till 1794, when Caleb Pitkin, First Justice, Moses Luce, 1803; others Gideon Spencer, and Aaron Elmore N2atAcaniel Butts 17, and Peter C. Love- came with their families when the snow joy 13 years. was over four feet deep, and in the sumFirst Rep. Peter C. Lovejoy, 1815. mer Ebenezer Dodge and family came, when the' bird practice was abandoned. MARLBOROUGH, is situated in the First born, John P.: D. Dodge, son of southerly part of Windham county, has Ebenezer Dodge, Sept. 17, 1794. Org. one post office, and 23,040 acres. Char. March 10, 1800. First T. C. Stephen by N. H., April 29, 1751, to Timothy Rich; first Con. Gideon Spencer; first Dwight and 64 others. The charter was Sel. Stephen Rich, Stephen Pitkin, and renewed Sept. 21, 1761, and again re- Samuel Patterson. Martin Bullock was newed April 17,'64, by the name of New town clerk 13 years; Jacob Putnam Marlborough, but by some means it soon town clerk 15 yrs. First justice,,Joshua got the name of Marlborough without Pitkin 1798; others, WILLIAM MARTIN an act of Vermont legislature. First 24 yrs.; Jacob Putnam 23, and Horace settlers, Abel Stockwell and Thomas 1HIollister 16 years. Whitmore in 1763. They came into First Rep. Stephen Pitkin, 1804. town by different routes about the same time, and settled so far apart that each MEDWAY, see Parkerstown and one supposed his family the only Mendon. settlers in town for nearly a year. Mrs. Whitmore was a hearty and robust wo- MENDON, Is located in-the easterly man! and being both nurse and midwife, part of Rutland county, joining Rutland, often traveled many miles on snow-shoes, has one post office, and 21,180 acres, by by -night as well as day, to relieve the the charter. dated Feb. 23, 1781, by Vt. sufferings of others. She officiated at to Joseph Bowker and 33 others, by the more than 2000 births, & did not loose' a name of Medway. Nov. 7, 1804, Parpatient. She died aged 87. F. justice, ker's Gore was annexed to it andaltered

Page  160 160 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. to Parkerstown. In Parker's Gore Gold man, a selectman, Joseph McDonald, a and Silver mines reserved for the State. constable in 1796. and Erastus Hawley Nov. 6~, 1827, the name was changed to a constable in 1799, are all now living Mendon. Org. March 11, 1806. First and in theitown, except Erastus Hawley, town clerk, John Page; first Con. Minott now of Cambridge, Vt. First Justice, Farmer; first Sel. Benjamin Farmer, John Chipman, 1786. Others, Seth Johnson Richardson and Daniel Bra- Storrs, 36 years; Peter Starr 35; Samdish. First born, John C. Hunt, June uel Swift 31; NORMAN TUPPER 26; 20, 1800. First settlers, unknown. F. Daniel Chipman 25; OZIAs SEYMOUR 25; Justice, BenjaminFarmer, 1806; others, Hir am lMlunger 25; Horatio Seymour Zidon Edson 25 yrs.; Edwarld Il/uzzy 24; DORASTUS WOOSTER 24; Thomas 17; Amos Robinson 17, and JAMES K. M. Fitch 22; Charles Linsley 21; PEARSON 12 years. JEDEDIAH S. ]BUSHNELL 21;.lbseplh WarFirst Rep. Benjamin Farmer, 1807. nzer 21; EDWIN HA oMMOND 20; Joel Doolittle 20; H'arvey Bell 20; NAHuM MIDDLEBURY, Is the centre and PARKER 19; Jaznes Jewett 18; EDWrD shire town of Addison county, has two D. BARnBER 16; Oliver Hyde 13; Samnuel post offices, Middlebury, and East Middlebury, and 25,040 acres, as per charter, to the extent of those of this town. The first given by N. H. Nov. 2, 1761, to John second and fourth town clerks, Joshua Hyde, ~Evarts, and: 62 others, 68 shares. Oct. Robert Houston and Seth Storrs lived to near 80 years of age. The three first Selectmen, 25, 1796, 5 or 6 square miles from the chosen in March 1788, Stephen Goodrich died east part of Cornwall were annexed to Sept. 23, 1823, Joshua Hyde in, 1832, and Middlebury. Nov. 11, 1814, 7 or 8 John Chipanin i 1829. The Selectmen of 1796 square miles of this town were annexed were Joel Boardman now 86, Stephen Goodto Ripton, and Oct. 29, 1829, one farm riclh, Janmes Crane, died April, 3, 3845, aged tor. Ripton, ol.83, William B. Sumner, died about 1849, near from Middlebury was set off to Ripton, 90, and Daniel Chipman, died April 23, 1850, so by changing, the town has lost in aged 85. Amos Goodrich, a Lister in 1792, quantity, bift made up in quality. First aged 87, Dudley /Inger, a Lister in 1796, settlers, John Chipman, in 1766, com- aged 86, Paql Champlain, a Lister in 1799, menced chopping, but being so far from and a Hayward in 1798, aged 79, Asa Preston - Bela Sawyer and Benjawin Lawrence, Hayneighbors, 50 miles, his stay was short. wards in 1796 and 8, all very near or quite 80. In 1773, he and Gamaliel Painter came Paul Chca1nplain and Bela Sawyer are now and effected a settlement; Benjamin living with the same wife they at that time Smalley came a short time before them married; anc Benjamin Lawrence, buried his and ha~d erected what was called a house, in February 1852. Not over 5 or 6 such cases are to be found in the town. Oxt of the and the first that had that name. Many Constables appointed previous to 1809, there others came but the war soon caused the are Six now living from 80 to 91 years of age. town to be without inhabitants, as all Out of the eleven Constables which have been left in 1777, and did not return till 1783. elected since the end of 1816, the whole are living, and from 87 to 35 years age. Of the 15 Org. March 29, 1786. F. T.C. Joshua Selectmen chosen since 1833, the first and KIyde; first Con. Thomas Hinman; first the only one deceased was Austin Johnson, Sel., chosen in March 1788, Stephen June 4th. 1852. The Census of the tovn in Goodrich, Joshua Hyde, and John Chip- 1791 was 395, and out of the persons that comman, First born, a child of Eleazer posed that No. 19are now living inthe town. Slasson, 1773; first death Zerah Smalley The following are their names: —Jemima Sumner aged 94 years; Martin Foot 91; John in 1776, aged 18. Col. Seth Storrs was Tillottson 89; Amos Goodrich 87; Joel Boardtown clerk 23 years, and in Addison 4 man 86; Dudley Munger 86; Paul Champlain years. JAMES MCI)DONALD has received 79; Asa Preston 78; Esther Champlain 75; 12 elections as town clerk. Martin Mary Torrance 74; Abner Evarts 71; Sally.Foot* a constable in 1787, Joel Board- Olmstead 70; Betsey Cogsweil 69; William Foot 69; Leonard Deming 64; Polly Tucker *Perhaps there is not a town in the State 64; James Sumner 63; Altha Deming 62; whose officers have been blest with long life David B3uttolph 61.

Page  161 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 161 s. Phelps 12; Zacheus Bass 12; and was the first in Washington county, in Clark Foot 12 years.* 1782 or 1783. Jonah Harrington, Seth, First Rep. Gamaliel Painter, 1786. Levi and Jacob Putnam, soon came in. MIDDLE HERO, altered to Grand October 30, 1850, a part of this town was set to Waterbury. Org. March 29, 1790. F. T. C., Seth Putnam; first Con., MIDDLESEX, is located near the Edmond HIolden; first Sel., Thomas Meads, Levi Putnam and Seth Putnam. centre of Washington county, has one post office and 23,040 acres per charter, F. born Asa Harrington, March 15, granted by N. I., and dated June 8, 1785. Seth Putnam was T. C. 13 yrs. 1763, to Jacob Rezeau & 64 others, 71 HoRAcE HoLnEN, from 1822 to 1852, 3 shares. F. settler,t Thomas Meads, who years,and the last survivor of those above named,or of the ancient officers. F.justice, *In consequence of working off a part of the Mr last form wrong as to the death of Esq. Hyde, Mr. Jonah Harrington had made a pitch and I have taken from his tombstone. "JosHUA commenced chopping about two miles below HYDE was born at Lebanon, Conn., Nov. 11, Moutpelier village, where he tarried till morn1750, was one of the first settlers in this town, ing, when he went down the river about three and was honofred by its inhabitants -for a long miles to the farm now owned by Thomas Stowseries of years, in confiding to his manage- ell. where was formerly a Tavern. Here he ment many of its important interests. He made his pitch, and a very good one too, for a was an unwavering believer in God, as the Sa- farmer; but had he continued down to the viour of all men. He fell asleep Oct. 14, village of Middlesex,itmighthavebeenmuch 1'828, aged 78 years." better around the falls in that plsce. He was ESTHER, his wife, was born at Salisbury, so pleased while swinging his axe among the Conn., July 19, 1750. She left the place of trees on his own land, subsisting on such game her nativity in early life, and shared, with her as he took with wooden traps and his gun, that husband the hardships and privations of the his promise to his Wvife to return was not fulwilderness. Was an affectionate wife and filed. His wife became alarmed about himmother, possessing a mind and the means to procured a horse, loaded it- with provisions relieve the distresses of the unfortunate. She and set forth to find her husband. She foltrusted in Good, as the Saviour of all men. lowed up White river to its source in GranFell asleep, Dec. 19, 1827, aged 77 years." ville, thence down Mad river, through Warren, Daniel Foot, one of the first settlers of the Waitsfield and Moretown, to its junction with town, had 12 children, trwo of which died Winooski about half a mile below Middlesex young. His eldest son,l)aniel, born Oct. 1748, village,and crossed that river and travelled up had 2 wives, died aged 84. George, it aboutone mile, where, to her joy and his born Oct., 1749, one wife, died aged 81. Phil- surprise, found her husband in the afternoon ip, born July 1762, three wives, died aged 75. of the third day, doing a good business among Martha, June, 1754, two husbands, died aged the Maples, Elms and Butternuts. From 77. Huldah, Feb., 1756, one husband, died Royalton to Rochester she had a bridle path, aged 42. Freeman, Sept., 1769, 2 wives, died then to Middlesex were only marked, aged 83. Iarti, Oct., Oct., 1761, two wives, liv- or spotted trees; was often under the necessiing, 91. Stillman, Sept., 1763, two wives,died ty of unloading her horse to get him past aged 71. John, Nov. 1765, two wives, died fallen timber, and often had to lead him some aged 7 1. A tohn og., 1765, won wives, died distance. Mr. Meads and family soon moved aged 84. Appleton, Aug., 1767, one wife,died intothetown. Mr. Meads' third son,':Jel, aged 64. Nearly all had lived in this town. was born in Lebanan, N.., January 175,. aas born in Lebanan, N. H., January 1I,1786, tThomas Meads was the first settler in the she having gone there for better accommodatown, and the first in the county. He- came tions than Middlesex then afforded. from Westford, Mass., having purchased a Sometime in June,1785, Mr. Meads was gone right of land in Middlesex. He came as far from home, and on a very cloudy afternoon, as Royalton, with his wife and two or three Mrs. Meads had to look for her cows, which children. Here he shouldered his gun, knap- ran in the woods. at large. She started in sack and axe, and set forward, alone, to find good season, leaviig three small children, one Middlesex on Winooski river. He went from a nursing infant, five months old, alone in the Brookfield through the woods to the head of house, not hearing the bell on the cows, she Dog river, following that down to its junction took their track and followed down the river with the Winooski, and over that river to Mid- about 1 1-2 miles, found where they had apdlesex, having informed his wife that in a giv- parently fed most of the day, but no bell to be en time he should return, unless he sent her heard, she then sought their: tracks, and found word ts the contrary. OOn his arrival he found they had gone down the rivr" in lien of up, 21

Page  162 162 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Seth Putnam, 1789, 26 years. Others, from N. H., dated June 8, 1763, to HORACE HOLDEN 28 years; David Har- Samuel Rogers & 64 others, 71 shares. rington 15; John Poor 14, and THOMAS F. settlers, Leonard and William Irish, STOWELL 12 years. Amos Mansfield, Leonard Owen, Gideon F. Rep., Samuel Harris, 1791. Hoxie,and others, in 1782-3. Org. March 25. 1788. First T. C. Enoch MIDDLETOWN, lies west of the Ashley; first Con. Jesse Phelps; first centre of the south half of Rutland Sel., Amos Mansfield, Elisha Ashley, county, has one post office. It was in- and Gideon Hoxie. F. Born on record, corporated into a town, Oct. 28, 1784 by Hannah Hoxie, Dec. 13, 1789. Gideon taking 3510 acres from Tinmouth, 6118 Hoxie was town clerk from 1798 to 1837, acres from Wells, 2388 acres from except one year 38 yrs. No one living Poultney, and 1825 acres from Ira, being of the above named, or any of the an13841 acres, and as it took the centre cient officers. First Justice, Aaron corners of the four towns it was called- Mathews, 1788; others, Gideon Hoxie Middletown. F. settler, Thomas Mor- 36 years; Jacob Davis 24; Albert G. gan, who built mills before the revolu- Whittemore 22; Phelps Smnith 19; InA tionarywar, and others came also, but WITTERS 18; Ephraim Herrick 18;'left during the war, but soon returned Hector Adams 15; Gideon H. Rice 15; after its close. Org. in 1786. F. T. C. Benjamin Fairchild 14; John Hyde Joseph Rockwell; first Con., Elisha 14. and Daniel H. Onion 13 years. Clark; first Sel., Joseph Spaulding,John First Rep. Aaron Mathews, 1788.,Sunderlin and -Phinehas Clough. F. born unknown. No T. C. has served 12 MINDON, Altered to Craftsbury, years. First Justice, Edmond Bigelow, Oct. 26, 1790. 1786, 16 years; others, Jonas Clark 43, and Jacob Burnham 28 years. MINEHEAD, Altered to Bloomfield, First Rep. Joseph Spaulding, 1785. Nov. 9, 1830. MILTON, Has its location in the -MISSISCO, Altered to Troy, Oct. north-west corner of Chittenden county, 26, 1803. has two post offices. Milton, and West Milton, and 23,040 acres, per charter, MONKTON, Is situated in the centre of the north end of Addison county, has to their homes. She found they had gone one post office, and 24,000 acres, as per over " Hog Back Mountain " to Waterbury, charter from N. H., dated June 24, 1762, one of the roughest places in all creation, al-. 76 most. The cows must be found, or the chil- toAbraham Dow, and 63 others, 70 dren must go to bed supperless. In this di- shares. March 4, 1797, a part of this lema she made up her mind to " go ahead," town was annexed to Starksboro. Org. and crossing the almost impassable mountain March 28, 1786. First Town Clerk, and following on, found her cows near the Samuel Barnum; first Con. John Allen; presentrailroad depot in Waterbury, six orrst Con. John Al seven miles from home. By this time it had first Sel. John Bishop, Jr., John Fergubecome dark, and backed up by atremendous son, and Samuel Barnum. First Born, thunder shower, rendered it so dark, that:re- Ebenezer Stearns, October 17, 1775. turning over that mountain in the night was Samuel Barnum was town clerk from out of the question. In this unpleasant situ- 1786-98 yrs.Edmond Cllins f ation she found her way to Mr. James Marsh's, 1786-98,12 yrs.; Edmond Collis from the only hutin that village, and staid till the 1813, 14 years; Stoddard Hollis 17 yrs. first appearance of day light, then started her'The above and all the ancient officers cows for home on a double quick time tune, not one living.'First settlers, Barnabas where she safely arrived before any of her Burnham, John Bishop, John, and Ebenchildren had completed their morning nap. zer Stearns in 1774, ho left again, She concluded thather children had so long a 1774, Who left. again, crying spell before sleep, that they and returned soon after the war closed did not awake as early Ais usualI in 1784. First Justice, Samuel Barnum,

Page  163 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMO!,T OFFICERS. 163 1787; others, Johnson Finney 34 yrs.; Davis settled in the centre of the town,: ROSWELL ATWOOD 20; NATHAN SMITH now East Montpelier, where he died 20; RODERIcK BALDWIN 19; ARZA C. April 14, 1848. Nov. 9, 1848,the'eastDEAN 18; Alson Collins 17; William ern part of this townwas incorporated Elliott 16; Ira.Ladd 14; Oliver Sher- into a new town and named C, East Mont#nan 14, and John Barnuem 12 years. pelier." First Born, Clarissa Davis, First Rep. Ebenezer Barnuni, 1787. daughter of Jacob Davis, Sept. 22, 1789, and is now the wife of George WorthingMONTGOMERY, Is the east town, ton, Esq., of Montpelier. Org. March and north but one in Franklin county, 29, 1791. F. T.G., Ziba Woodworth; has one post office, and 23,040 acres, as first Con. Parley Davis; first Sel. James per charter, granted March 15, 1780. Hawkins, James Taggart, and Hiram Char. by Vermont, to Stephen R. Brad- Peck. Clark Stevens, town clerk in ley, and 58 others, Oct. 8, 1789. First 1792, is the only ancient officer now livsettlers, Capt JoshuaClapp, from Mass., ing. David Wing, Jr., town clerk to and his family, in March 1793, and was 1806, 13 years. Joseph Wing to 1834, the only family in the town for two yrs. 24 years. First Justice, David Wing, Hion. Samuel Barnard, Reuben Clapp, & 1791; others, Aruznah Waterman 33 James Upham, were early settlers. Rev. years; Cyrus Ware 33; Joseph Wing Joel Clapp. now of Bellows Falls, was 32; Joel Bassett 30; Salvin Collins 22; the first person born in this town, Sept.'Daniel P. Tzomnpson 22; John Spauld14, 1793. He preached the first Fast ing 22; George Worthington 20; day, the first Thanksgiving day, and the WILLIAM V. CADWELL 20; Daniel first M[other's funeral sermons, that were Baldwin 19; Orameel H. Smith 19; preached in town. Org. Aug. 12, 1802. Th]omas Reed 18; Lucius B. Peck 18;. T. C. Samuel Barnard; first Con., Joshua. Y Vail 18; Silas C. French 17; Trajan Richmond; first Sel., James Up- Azel Spauldizng 15; Jeremiah T. Miarham, Elijah Learned, and Stephen Gates. ston 15; HOMERi W. HIEATON 15; Alfred Rufus Smith was town cnlerk from 1815- Wainwright 14; Lyman Briggs 13; 29, 14 years; Benj. W. Fuller from Rawsell R. Keith 12, & Joseph Howes 1831-50, 19 yrs. First Justice, Samuel 12 years. Barnard, 1800; others, RUFUS HAMIL- First Rep. Jacob Davis, 1791. TON 19 years; Lorenzo Fassett 16, and BETHUEL W. FULLER 15 yearS. MORETOWN, is a little west of the First Rep. Joshua Clapp, 1803. centre of Washington county, has one post office. Char. by N. HI., June 7, MONROE, Altered back to Wood- 1763, to Jonah Forster and 64 others, 71 bury, Oct. 31, 1843.' shares, and 23,040 acres. First settled about 1790, and organized 3 or 4 years MONTPELIER, Is the Capitol of -after. But who the first settlers were, Washington county, near the centre, and and when organized, who the first officers the Capitol of the State, has one post were, and the first born, &c., &c., I must office, and by charter 23,040 acres, which refer you to the Town Clerk, and I hope was granted by Vermont, Oct. 21,1780; you will succeed altogether better than and chartered Aug. 14, 1781, to Timothy I have done in obtaining the information. Bigelow and 58 others. It was re-char- No person has been town clerk 12 years tered by Vermont, Feb. 6, 1804. First since 1802. F. Justice, LutherMoseley settlers, Joel Frizzle, a hunter and trap- 1794; others, Cephas Cai:penter 34 yrs.; per, came in 1786, and carried on his MICAH B. TAPLIN 15; JOSEPH Sawyer business for a year without any opposi- 14, and Horace HIeaton 13 yrs. tion. May 4, 17877 Col. Jacob Davis -First Rep. Luther 1~Mosely, 1794. and Gen. Parley Davis came. The Col. settled in lMontpeliervilla-ge, and Gen.- MORGAN, Is the east town, and

Page  164 164 APPE'NDIX',O DIEMING'S VERtMONT OFFICERS. north butone, n Orleans county, has MOUNT HOLLY, Is one of the one post office, and 20,135 acres, per south-east corner towns in Rutlandcouncharter, granted by Vermont, Nov. 6, ty, has two post offices, Mount Holly, 1780,to Jedediah Elderkin & 63 others, and Mechanicsyille, and 25,796 acres. by the name of Caldersburgh. Oct. 19, This town has no separate charter. It 1801, Brownington & Whitelaws' Gores was incorporated into a town by taking were annexed to this town, and a part of Jackson's Gore, 10,669 acres,(which was this town set off to Wenlock, and altered chartered by Vermont, to Abraham Jackto Morgan. First settlers, Nathan Wil- son and 30 others, Feb. 23, 1791.) from cox in 1800. First Born, John Morgan Ludlow 11,739 acres, and from WallingWilcox, Oct. 7, 1805. Org. March 25, ford 3,388 acres, Oct. 31, 1792. First 1807; F. T. C., Christopher Bartlett; settlers, Icabod G., Stephen, and John first Con. William D. Weeks; first Sel., Clark; Jonah, Ebenezer and Amos Ives, Elon Wilcox, Nathan Wilcox, and Eb- Jacob Wilcox, Joseph Green, David enezer Bailey. Ira Leavens was town Bent, Abraham Crowley, and Abraham dlerk 22 years. First Justice, Nathan Jackson, in 1780-81. Org. Nov. 19, Wilcox, 1807; others, Jotham Cum- 1792. F. T. C., Stephen Clark; first mings 35 yrs.; Ira Leavens 29; CHARLES Con. John Randall; first Sel. Abraham CUMMINGS 21; Ruel Cobb 18, & SIMEON Jackson, Stephen Clark, and Silas ProcALBEE 12 years. tor. First born, unknown. Rev. Daniel First Rep. Rufus Stewart, 1811. Packer was town clerk from 1815-46, except one year, 30 years. First justices Stephen Clark, and Abraham Jackson, MORRISTOWN, Is near the centre 1793; others, John White 23 years; of Lamoille cqunty, has two post offices, Abijah Cole 21; Homer Earle 17; Morristown, and Morrisville, and 23,040 JOHN CROWLEY 15; Marvel Johnson 15, acres, as per charter, granted Nov. 6, and JOHN BRYANT 12 years. 1780, and chartered Aug. 24, 1781, by First Rep. Abraham Jackson, 1793. Vermont, to Moses Morse and 64 others. Organized in 1796. F. T. C., Comfort MOUNT TABOR Is the other Olds. The records do not show who south-east corner town in Rutland county, were constable and selectmen. First has no post office, but 23,040 acres of born, Lemira Walker (now Sears) Sept. land as per charter, granted by N. H., 14, 1792. Denison Cook was town clerk Aug. 28, 1761, to Jonathan Willard and from 1812-36, 24 years. First settlers, 61 others, 68 shares, by the name of Jacob Walker, from Bennington, in Harwich, and altered to Mount Tabor, 1790; Comfort Olds and wife, in 1792; -. Oct. 25, 1805, a part of Mr. Walker and family removed to Fair- Peru was annexed to this town, and N ov. fax in the fall of 1792, his practice 17, 1825, that part from Peru, except had been to summer in Morristown, and one farm, was set to Dorset. Organized winter in Bennington, and Mrs. Olds March 13, 1788. F. T. C., John Jenwas the first woman that wintered in the kins; first Con. Elihu Allen; first Sel. town, with no neighbors short of 8 or 10 John Safford, John Jenkins, and Gideon miles. First Justice, Micajah Dunham, Baker. First born, unknown. Gideon 1796; others, Luther Bingham 34yrs.; Tabor was town clerk 29 years. None Joseph Sears 21; David P. Noyes 20; of the above officers are living. First JOHN MILES 18; Isaac Allen 18; Be- justice: John Stafford, 1788; others, noni Shaw 17; John Perrin 16; George CALEB BUFFUM 29 years; Gideon Tabor W. Gates 14; HORACE POWERS 14; 26; GIDEON S. TABOR 18, Benjamin HIRAM EARLE 13; Calvin Burnett 13; Britton 17 years. Samuel A. Willard 13; George Small. First Rep. John Stafford, 1788. 13, and VERNON W. WATERMAN 1 2 yrs NAVY, Altered to Charleston, Nov. First Rep. Elisha Boardman, 1804. 16, 1825.

Page  165 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS 165 NESHOBE, Altered to Brandon, of John H., in 1763. She was the wife Oct. 20, 1784. of the famous Nehemiah Lovewell, who bravely fought at Bunker'hill and other NEWARK, Is in the north-east cor- places, and she died Nov. 19, 1850, aged ner of Caledonia county, has one post 87. Jacob Kent was town clerk till office, and 23,040 acres, as per charter, 1798, 34 years; Isaac Bayley from 1798 granted by Vermont, Nov. 6, 1780, and to 1835, 3 years out, 34 yrs. The present dated Aug. 15, 1781, to William Wall clerk IDAVID JOHNSON, aged 73, 13. yrs., and 64 others. First settled about 1800. and is the only one above named, or of For other facts you will have to call on the ancient officers/ now living. First the town clerk, where I hope you will settlers, Samuel Sleeper and family in succeed, and get what I have not been 1762, Thomas and Richard Chamberlin, able to do. No person has been town and John Hazeltine and their families, clerk 12 years. First justice, Eleazer 1762. Thomas Chamberlin's son, Jacob Packer 1808, 20 years; others, LAUREN Bailey C., was the first male born in the M. SLEEPER 17; Amos Parker 15; town,in 1763, and received the 100 acres, Philernon Hartwell 13, and Mliles Coe as promised by the proprietors. Jacob 12years. See Maidstone and Bruns- Bayley, Jacob Kent, Thomas Johnson, wick. James Abbott, John Taplin, Frye BayFirst Rep. Eleazer Packer, 1811. iey.Ebenezer and Noah White, were very early settlers. This was the first settleNEWBURY, Is the north-east cor- ment on Connecticut river above Charlesner town in Orange county, has three town 60 miles, and at Concord, N. H., post offices, Wells River, Newbury, and on the south-east. They had to go for South Newbury. It has 36,450 acres, a few years, 60 miles to get grinding by charter given by N H., MIarch 18, done, in summer on the water and in 1763, to Gen. Jacob Bayley and 74 others, winter on the ice, to Charlestown, N. H. 81 shares. This charter was surrendered First justices, Jacob Kent, and Dudley and a confirmation charter was granted Carlton, 1785; others, Isaac Bailey 34 by William Tryon, under N. Y.. dated years: Jonas Tucker 27; CHARLES HALE March 17, 1772, to Gen. Jacob Bayley 25; JosEPI BERRY 24; Abel Underand 24 others, in trust for the proprie- wood 18; John E. Chamber'lin 16; tors and settlers under the N. H. char- and Simeon Stevens jr., 1.5. ter. The 24 others quit claimed to Gen. First Reps. Jacob Kent, and John G. Bayley in trust, he giving a bond to deed Bayley, March 1778. to the owners of hands under the New Extracts from the records:-June 25 Hampshire Charter. The first meeting 1776, Voted, That Col. Jacob Bayley for the choice of town officers for New- and Peter Olcott, representatives to send bury, was held at Plaistow, N. H., June to York. Voted, That Reuben Foster 13, 1763. Jesse Johnson was chosen give them their instructions. June 23, town clerk; Caleb Johnson constable; 1777, Voted, Col. Jacob Bayley and Jacob Kent, Benjamin Emerson, and Reuben Foster members of Convention John Hazen, selectmen; and the meet- agreeably to the advice of a Convention ing was adjourned to be holden in New- held at Windsor. on the first Wednesday bury June 12, 1764. The aforesaid of June instant." This was the Conmeeting was most probably a proprietor's vention that formed our first Constituonly. At the adjourned meeting, the tion in 1777. first one holden in the town.of New-bury for the election of town officers, NEWFANE, Lies in the centre, and Jacob Kent was chosen town clerk; is the shire town of Windham county, constable, John Hazeltine; Sel. Jacob has two post offices, Fayetteville, and Bayley, Jacob Kent, and James Abbott. Williamsville. Charter by N. H. June First Born, Betsey Hazeltine, daughter 19,1753, to Abner Sawyer and 67 others,

Page  166 166 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 74 shares, and 23.040 acres, by the name 1796. The first settlers were of Fane. Nov. 3, 1761. N. H. gave an- in that part of the town now Waltham, other charter to Benjamin Flagg and 65 before the war, and among them were others, 72 shares, and 23.040 acres, by Phinehas Brown, Joshua Hyde, -- the name of New Fane. The township Griswold, and others, but the settlement was chartered by New York for the third was broken up, and the records destroyed, time, May 1 1, 1772, to Walter Franklin by the noted Jacob Sherwood, a tory and and 20 others, mostly of New York city, Yorker, of revolutionary memory. Aby the name of New Fane, and the next mong the first permanent settlers were day was conveyed to Luke Knowlton and those above, except Joshua Hyde, with John Taylor, of Worcester county, Mass. Cook, and Andrew Barton, in the WaltBy the last charter the lands are holden. ham part, and Capt. Miles Bradley, Enos, that part of Newfane on Peck, Elijah Foot, Elisha Fuller, Bezathe east side of West river, was annexed deel Rudd, William Eno, and others, in to Brookline. First settlers, Nathaniel 1785-6-7, in the New Haven part. Org. Stedman, Ebenezer Dyer, and Jonathan or first meeting for choice of town officers Park, May 1766. First born, Lucy was holden March 20, 1787, when Elijah.Park, Aug. 15, 1769. Organized May Foot was chosen town clerk; Luther 17, 1774. First T. C., Luke Knowlton, Evarts and Asa Wheeler, constables; which he held till 1790, 16 yrs.; -Nathan and Ebenezer Field, Eli Roberts, and Stone was town clerk from 1792 to 1834, Enos Peck, selectmen. Bezaleel Rudd 42 years, and OTIS WARREN, from 1839- had been the proprietors clerk for two 52, 13 years. First justice, William years, 1785 and 6, and had recorded some Ward, 1786; others, Sylvanus Sherwin deeds in the beginning of the first book 40 years; Martin Field 32; Benjamin of records, and signed his name as town Ormsbee 31; William H. Williams 29; clerk, and no other name appears on that Ebenezer Morse 29; CHARLES K. FIELD book as town clerk, except said Rudd's, 22; Nathan Stone 21; NAHUM HOUGH- till Elijah Foot's is down after March TON 16; Pardon T. Kimball14; Jon- 1787. First born, on record, Hannah atlhan Hall 14, and Sir Isaac Newton Sherman, daughter of Amos P. Sher12 years. First Rep. Ebenezer Myrick, man, July 20, 1786, and from the record 1779. For the remainder call on the it does not make it certain that she was town clerk as I have often done, and got born in New Haven. The first person nothing from him. born in town, and n6w living in town, is F. Rep., Ebenezer Myrick, 1779. BMarti`tn Eno, in 1786 or 7, but I have no doubt but others in the vicinity of the NEW FLAMSTEAD, now Chester. Fort,fnear Vetgennes falls, were born before any of those mentioned. Jonathan NEW. HAVEN, Lies near the centre Hoyt was town clerk to 1843, 17 years. of Addison county, has two post offices, Seth Langdon was a selectman in 1791, New Haven, and East Mills. Char. by died Dec.'5l.,agedt92. *Andrew Squiera N. H., Nov. 2 1761, to John Evarts, and *This family is such a striking case of LON61 others, 68 shares, and 25,040 acres. GtVITY that I have concluded to notice it. This town has undergone the operation Andrew Squier, Sen., died at the age of 93. of multiplication and division. Oct. 29, He had seven children, five sons and two 1789, New Haven Gore was annexed to daughters. His daughter, Elenor, born Dec. t 1hi s town. Oct. 28, 1791, a part ofthe8, 1757, died in Charlotte not far from 1817. this town. Oct. 28, 1791, a part of the Timothy Squier, born Oct. 1, 1759, now living town was annexed to Weybridge. Oct. in Orwell, nearly 93. Andrew Squier, born 23, 1783, a corner of the town was taken June 5, 1763, now living in New Haven, aged to aid in the incorporation of the City 89. Wait Squier, born July 5, 1767, now livof Vergennes. About 9 square miles ingin New Haven, aged85. Ebenezer Squier ofthis V en were set offu and incrporated m born July 22, 1769, now living in Pittsfield, of this i.n were-set off and incorporated Mass., aged 83. Amos Squier, born Aug. 7, into a new town, and named Waltham, 1772, now living in Pittsfield, Mass, aged 80.

Page  167 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 167 selectman in 1793, aged 89, is the only NEWPORT, Lies near the centre of ancient officer now living. First justice, the north end of Orleans county, has two Elijah Foot, 1787; others, JONATHAN post offices, Newport, and West NewIHOYT 35 yrs.; ELIAS BOTTOM 32; Dan- port, has 23,040 acres by charter, granted iel Twitchell 30; Othniel Jewett 28; by Vermont, Oct. 26, 1781, and dated William Nash 20; JABEZ W. LANGDON Oct. 30, 1802. to Nathan Fisk, George 18; Samuel E. Chalker 18; Calvin Duncan and 63 others, by the name of Squier 16; James Saxton 15; Alfred Duncansborough, which was altered Oct. P. Roscoe 12; Horatio Plumley 12, & 30, 1816, to Newport. Nov. 16, 1816, a Lliorace P. Birge 12 years. small part of Coventry, and of Salem, First Rep. Phinehas Brown, 1786. was annexed to Newport. Org. March In July, 1830, a heavy rain fell over 11, 1800. -First T. C., Amos Sawyer; the towns comprising the heads of the first Con. Luther Chapin; first Sel. Enos streams of New Haven river,.continuing Bartlett, James C. Adams, and Amos for 2 or 3 days, swelling the river much Sawyer. First born, unknown. SEYabove its former freshets. During the MOUR LANE. the present clerk, has served last day of the rain many of its inhabi- 25 years, and is the only one named now tants becomd alarmed for the safety living. First settlers about 1798-9. F. of their own lives, in houses which had justice, Luther Chapin, 1800; others. ever been safe from any previous freshet. Seymour Lane 21 years; Orville Dag — At the lower falls on the river, at a place gett 18; Jonathan Frost 17, and Peter then called." Beaman's Hollow, " now Wheelock 13 years. "Brooksville," just above the high Rail First Rep. Luther Chapin, 1800. Road bridge over that river, suffered the most severely. Between the Rail Road NEW HUNTINGTON, Altered to and the village is a very narrow gulf, not Huntington Oct. 27, 1795. over 15 or 20 feet wide, with a perpendicular bank of solid rock on the south NORFOLK, Was a small town of side, and a very abrupt bank'on the north, 3340 acres, in the north-east corner of to the heighth of 20 or 25 feet. The Essex county' and the State, granted night came on with intense darkness, Feb. 26, 1782, by Vermont, and annexed rain falling in torrents, one heavy bridge to Canaan, Oct. 23, 1801. and a smaller one were carried down the current, and more than probable some of NORTHFIELD, Lies near the south the long heavy strilgs got entangled from end of Washington county, has one post bank to bank, and other timber and flood- office, and 18,515 acres by charter, granwood accumulating against it in such ted Nov. 6, 1780, and Char. by Vt., Aug. quantities as to raise the water above to 10, 1781, to Maj. Joel Mathews, and 64 that height that it caused the mills, others. Nov. 7, 1822, a part of Waitsbuildings, houses, &c., to float down field was annexed to this town, and Oct. stream. Many had exposed their lives 26, 1846, another piece of Waitsfield in aid of others by being in the water was annexed to it. F. settlers, Staunwhile rising by the operation of the tem- ton Richardson, Amos and Ezekiel Robporary dam, which dam gave way, and inson, May 1785, but Judge Paine 19 persons were carried through the gulf, cleared the first lanfd in the town. Org. five only of which were found alive, the March 25, 1794. First T. C. Nathaniel other 14 perished, and some were never Robinson; first Con. David Denny; first found. Sel. Staunton Richardson, Amos Robinson, and Ezekiel Robinson. First born, Sarah Squier, born March l3, 1775, Vied July Lois Ashcroft, Jan. 22, 1790. Nath'l 12, 1793, aged 18. It will be seen, that no Robinson was town clerk from 1794 to death has occurred in the male part of theatch from old gentleman's family, and their ages united 1813, 9 years. amount to 430 years, and al now living: 1:813, 13 years; Elijah Smith, Jr., from to 480 years, and v,11 now living, ~ ~ ~.

Page  168 108 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 1823, 12 years; VOLNEY H. AVERILL F. T. C,, Eleazer Wales; first Con., from 1839-52, 13 years. First justice, Andrew Crocker; F. Sel., Samuel West, Amos Robinson, 1797; others, ELIJAH Abner Barker, and Joseph Storrs. This SMITH, Jr. 22 years; John. L. Buck 20; organization, took place two years preCalvin Cady 14, and SAMUEL U. RICH- vious to any person settling in the town, MOND 13 years. and was unquestionably a proprietor's First Rep. Amos Robinson, 1801. meeting only. The first meeting held in the town for the choice of town officers NORTH HERO, Is the shire town was in 1768, but who were elected is in Grand Isle county, has one post office, more than I have been informed, and I and 6272 acres by charter. All the did not discover the error till too late to county, except Alburgh, and Isle La send back to the town clerk for a correcMott, was included in one charter, by tion. F. born,unknown. John Hatch was Vermont, to Ethan -Allen. Samuel Her- town clerk 12 years; Lieut. Gov. Paul rick and 363 others, dated Oct. 27, 1779, Brigham 22 years; Jeremiah Bissell 15 by the name of " Two Heros." Oct. 21, years. Not one of the above, or any of 1788, this town was set off as a separate the ancient officers are now living. First town,.and named North Hero. First justice, Elisha Burton, 1786, 28 years; settlers, Enos, and Samuel Wood, Aug. others, Pierce Burton 23 years; Aaron 25, 1783, from Bennington, Vt., and Loveland 17; JOHN WRIGHT 17; Calvin Norwich, Conn. Organized in 1789. Seaver 15, and Ebenezer B. Brown 12 F. T. C., Nathan Hutchins; first Con., years. First Reps. Peter Olcott, and and selectmen, &c., the Town Clerk has Thomas Moredock, March 1778, and not informed me. Nathan Hutchins, and both being chosen Councillors, in Oct. Jr., town clerk from 1789 to 1828, 39 the town. sent Abel Curtis and Joseph years; Joel Allen 18 years. First jus- Hatch. tice, Nathan Hutchins, jr., 24 years; others, Jedediah S. Ladd 21, and John ORANGE, Is the north west corner Knights 18years. First Rep. Nathan town of Orange county, has two post Hutchins, jr., 1791, who died at the age offices, Orange, and East Orange, and of 90. 23,040 acres, by charter, granted Nov. NORTON, is in the north-west corner 6, 1780, by Vermont, and Char. Aug. of Essex county, Char. by Vt., Oct. 26, 11, 1781, to Amos Robinson, Wand 64 1779, to Timothy Andrus and 58 others others First settlers, Joseph Williams. and 23,040 acres, and charter burned. and wife, in 1793. First born unknown Good land and well timbered, with con- Organized March 12, 1796. First town siderable pine, but no one will buy, as no clerk, John Sloane; first Con., Ezra one can sell and give a good title. Paine, now living in Barre; first Sel, Goold Camp, Thomas S. Paine, and NORWICH, Is located in the north- Fairbanks Bush. John Stacy was town east corner of Windsor county, has two clerk from 1800-13, 13 years; Thadpost offices, Norwich, and Pompanoosuc, deus Clapp from 1813-30;. Reu&er and 23,000 acres, by charter, granted by White from 1830-46,.16 years. FairN. H., July 4 or 5,1761,to Eleazer Wales banks Bush was town clerk in 1798-9, and 62 others, by the name of Norwhich, and constable in 1798, making three anbut finding the middle " h " of no sound cient officers now living. First justice, or use, it was left out by common con- Abel Skinner, 1795; others, Luther sent, without a legislative act. First Carpenter 31 years; John Stacy 26; settlers, Jacob Fenton, Ebenezer:Smith, MosEs SARGEANT 24; Thaddeus Clapp and John Shafter, from Mansfield, Conn., | 18; Reuen White 16; Horace ifieZld 1763. Org. Aug. 26, 1761, -in Con- 14; LATHROP FmS 14, and Christopher necticut, (and probably as a charter con- Richardson 14 years. dition,) as some early charters were so. First Rep. Eras Goodell, 1798.

Page  169 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 169 ORLEANS, Altered from and to Strong; first selectmen, Noah Ferris, Coventry, in 1841 and 1843. Benjamin IHolcomb, and Henry Spaulding. First born, Lois Farr, Dec. 24, ORVWELL, lHas its location in the 1764. Samuel Shepherd, was T. C. to south-west corner of Addison county, 1817, 14 vears, Jesse Grandey was has two post offices, Centre Village, and from 1817-33, 16 years; George SpenChipman's Point, and 23,500 acres, by cer from 1839-52, 13 years. Savzuel charter granted by N. H. Aug. 18, 1763, Shepherd, constable from 1795 to 1802, to Benjamin Underhill and 63 others, 70 is the only ancient officer now living. F. shares. Nov. 9, 1847, a small part of justices, - Williams, before 1786,and Benson was annexed to Orwell. First Peter Ferris, 1786; others, Sanzuel settler, John Charter, some years before Shepherd, 40 years; Silas Tap.pan, 30; the revolution. First permanent settlers SILAS POND 23, & Joseph tHayward, 22 were Amos Spafford, Ebenezer Murry, yrs. First Rep, Zadock Everest, 1785. Shadrach Hathaway, John Charter came back, Ephraim and William Fisher, Hon. PARKERSTOWN, Altered to MenPliny Smith and others, in 1783-4. don, Nov. 6, 1827. Organized Dec. 12, 1787. F. T.. C., David Leonard; first Con., Cyrus Clark; PAWLET, Lies in the south-west first Sel. Capt. Ebenezer Wilson, Lieut. William Smith and Amos Spaford. F. corner of Rutland county, has one post I lliam Smit, and Bmos pafford., and 23 040 acres by charter, from, born, unknown. Pliny Smith was townfic and 23,040 acres7 by charter, from " ) n IS,\ <N. H., Aug. 26 1761- to Jonathan clerk from 1799, 26 years; ROSWELL WVillard and 61 others 68 shares. The BOTTUM, jr., from 1833-52. 19 yrs., and Willard and 61 others 68 shares. The'l l.r m 19'rs. a first meeting on record, was holden )Dec. is the last survivor above named,: or 22 1775 at ohich meeting whdeon Adamong the ancient officers of the town. 221775 at which meeting Gideon AdFirst justice, Eenezer Wilson, 1787 ams w~as chosen town clerk, and this meetothers, Joab Smith, 44 years; Doras ing was called by Simeon Burton as town B3ascomb 28; ROSwELL BOTTUSM jr. 26; clerk, which show strongly that an orIRA YOUNG 26; Rulef'White, 2d 25; ganization of the town was previous to David Cutting, jr. 20; Julius C. Thomas the one on record, and without much 17; Joseph H. Chittenden 17, and Is- doubt it was in 1769, as Thompson's Gazetteer states. First settlers, Simeon First Rep. Ebenezer Wilson, 1786. Burton, William Fairfield, 1761, Jonathan Willard, with 8 or 10 hired men, in PANTON, Lies in the north-west 1762; Rush and Fitch soon after, which part of Addison county, has one post confirm to a probability of an early, about 25,000 acres by charter, ganization. March 12, 1776, Samuel by N. HI. to James Nichols, & 69 others, Willard was chosen constable, and John dated Nov. 3, 1761. Some contention Thompson, David' Castle, and Joel Har. in law arose between this town and Ad- mon, were chosen'Townsmen,' same as dison, in relation to their charter bounds, selectmen, probably. First born, Titus which lasted many yrs.,but is now settled, A. Cook, July 22, 1768. Gideon Adams and the town much reduced in its size. was town clerk from 1775 to 1814, 39 A part of this town was taken, Oct. 23. years; John Edgerton, from 1815-27, 1783, to aid in forming the city of Ver- 12 years; Elisha Allen from 1827-46, I I w or 19 years. First justice, Gideon Adams gennes, and a part was annexed to Wey- 19 yea rs. First justic Gideon Adams, bridge, Oct. 28, 1806. First settlers, 1786,27years; others, OLIVER HANKS John Pangborn, Odle Squire and Peter 44 years; Elisha A/len 23; JosIAH ToFerris, 1770, which was broken up during BEY 18, and JONATtHAN RANDALL 13 yrs. the war, but they returned soon after the First Rep. Zadock Everest, March peace. Organized IMarch 30, 1784. F. 1778, and was the first from Panton also, T, C., Elijah Grandy; first Con., Asa in 1785. 22

Page  170 170 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. PEACHAM, Is located in the south- chard 30; John TV. Chandler 27; erly part of Caledonia county, has one HAZEN MERRILL 19; SIMON BLANCHARD post office, and 23,040 acres, by the char- 19; EZRA C. CHAMBERLIN 18; Sanuexl ter, granted by N. H. Dec. 31, 1763, to A. Chandler 15; Chester T1. Bloss 13; David Smith and 69 others, 76 shares, DAVID W. CHOATE 13, and Jacob Blanbut the charter is not among the town chard 13 years. records. Nov. 2, 1810, one half of Dew- First Rep. James Bailey, 1780. eysburgh, about 2650 acres, was annexed to Peachamn. First settlers, Jonathan PERU, Is situated near the northElkins in 1775, John. Skeel and Arch- east corner of Bennington county, has ibald McLacklin, in 1776, Asher Cham- one post office, and 23,040 acres, by berlain, James Baily and Noah Holly- charter granted by N. H. Oct. 13, 1761, day, and families, in 1777. First born, to William Sumner, and 65 others, 72 Henry Elkins, Oct. 1.5, 1777. Org. shares. by the name of Bromley, and March 18, 1783. First town clerk, James was changed to Peru, Feb. 3, 1804. A Bailey; first constable, John Way; first part of this town was annexed to Mount selectmen, James Bailey and Simeon Tabor, Oct. 25, 1805. First settler, Walker. Lieut. Gov. Wm. Chamberlin William B]arlow, from Woodstock, Conn., was town clerk 12 years; Rev. Leonard in 1773, First born, Thomas Wyman, Worcester 34 years. In this town a May 5, 1801. Org. March 1, 1802. Mr. Walker, aged 84, lost one of his First town clerk, John Brock; first con. great toes by frost, June 8, or 9, 1816, John Colson; first sel. David White, being lost in the woods over night. Aaron Killamn, and Ebenezer Hulbert. The early settlers were much harrassed Reuben Bigelow was town clerk from by the enemy during the war. In 1774, 1812. till his death in 1834, 22 years. a line was run from Connecticut river in First justice, Reuben Bigelow, 1802; Barnet, through Peacham to Missisco others, Peter Dudley 22 years; Israel ]Bay, which was an aid to all in passing Batchelder 19. and FREEMAN LYON 13 to and from those places, of which the yrs. First Rep. Reuben Bigelow, 1803. enemy afterwards took advantage. In 1776, Gen. Bayley had orders to open a PHILADELPHIA, See Goshen and road from Newbury to St. Johns, for the C(hittenden, to which it was annexed. purpose of conveying troops, provisions, &c., into Canada. When he had made it PITTSFIELD, Is raised ztp in the 6 miles above Peacham, found our army extreme north-east corner of Rutland had retreated from Canada, and the county, has one post office, and. 12,769 opening of the road was discontinued. acres, by charter granted Nov. 8, 1780, In 1779, Gen. Hazen came to Peacham by Vermont, and chartered July 29, with a part of his regiment, for the pur- 1781, to Samuel Wilcox and 129 others. pose, as he said, of completing the-afore- Oct. 29, 1806, a part of this town was said road. He made apassable road for annexed to Rochester. Nov. 15, 1824, 50 miles above Peacham, through Ca- a second slice was added to Rochester. bot. Walden, Hardwick, Greensborough: Oct. 22, 1822, a part of Stockbridge and Craftsbury, Albany and Lowell, to Ha- a part of Sherburne was annexed to Pittszen's Notch, between Lowell and Mont- field. Nov. 15, 1813, lot No. 56, in gomery. This is still called the "Hazen Stockbridge was set to Pittsfield. And road " and is on the same ground gene- to conclude, Nov. 3, 1827, that part took rally that the present roacd?:h traveled, from Sherburne, Oct. 22, 1822, was rebetween those two places. First justices, annexed to Sherburne. First settlers, William Chamberlin, 1786, 24 yrs., and Thomas Hodgkins, Stephen Holt, Mr. James Bailey, 1786; others, Nehemiahf Woodard, George Martin. Daniel and Bradlee 33 years; Nicholas C. Buswell Jacob Bowe, in 1786. It is said that 32 j Jonathan Elkins 32. Reuben Blan- one legged milking stools were first made

Page  171 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 171 and used in this town, as any other was 23; Isaac Wheaton 22; German Fa. very unfit for use, on account of the sur- IHendee 20; Jefrey Barnes 19; DAVID face of the land being so uneven. Org. HALL 17; Abram Owen 15; Thomas March 13, 1793. F. T. C. Thomas Hodg- H. Palmer 15; Artemas Carpenter 15; kins; first constable, Anthony Whit- Allen Penfield 15, and CHARLES T. COLcomb; first selectmen, George Martin, BURN 12 years. Stephen Holt, and Joseph Adams. First F. Rep. Jonathan Fassett, March 1778. born, Anna Hodgkins, April 16, 1781. Thomas Hodgkins' was town clerk from PLAINFIELD, Is in the centre of 1793 to 1806, 13 years; William Rf. the east side of Washington county, one Blossom from 1818-33, 15 years, and is post office, and 10,000 acres, by charter the only survivor of those named, or of from Vermont, to Gen. James Whitelaw the ancient officers. F. justice, Thomas and others, Oct. 26, 1788, by the name Hodgkins, 1790; others, W1LLIAM R. of St. Andrews Gore. It was incorporaBLossoM 32 years; ELEAZER B. ROCK- ted into a town and named Plainfield WELL 32; ERASTUS HOLT 32, and Cal- Nov. 6, 1797. First settlers, Theodore vin Joysliln 13 years. Perkins, Seth Freeman, and Joseph First Rep. Thomas Hodgkins, 1796. Batchelder, in 1794, Jonathan, & Bradford Kinne, Moulton Batchelder, and PITTSFORD, Is verynear thecentre John Moore, in 1795. It-was first orof the north half of Rutland county, has ganized under the Gore, April 6, 1796, one post office, and 23,040 acres, by char- and Harvey Bancroft was the first town ter, granted by N. H., to Ephraim Doo- clerk, and he was killed by the fall of a little and 63 others, 70 shares, Oct. 12, tree, in August of that year. Nov. 6, 1761, not one of which ever settled in 1797, it was altered to Plainfield. Org. the town. First settlers, George and March 20, 1798. First T. C., Thomas Benjamin Cooley, Roger Stevens, Felix Vincent; first Con. Moulton Batchelder; Powell, Ebenezer Hopkins, Stephen F. Sel. Ebenezer Freeman, Isaac WashMead, Moses Olmsted, Edward Owen, burn, and Joseph Batchelder. F. born. Joshua Woodard, and others, from Mass. unknown. Silas Williams was T. C. and Conn., in 1769. Many of the early from 1816-33, 17 yrs. Of those above records were destroyed by fire in 1789 named not one is living. First justices, or 90, and the time the town was organ- Thomas Chatman, and Joseph Batchelized, or its first officers, will not probably der, 1796; others, D)uren Whittlesey, be known. It was about 1772 or 3. by 18 years. the first book of records of deeds not First Rep. Bradford Kinne, 1800. burned, it is found that Ebenezer Drury was town clerk in 1780, and that Benj. PLYMOUTH, Lies near the centre Cooley was town clerk from 1786 to of the west side of Windsor county, has 1800, 14 years; Caleb Hendee jr., was two post offices, Plymouth, and Tyson town clerk from 1800, 25 years; he was Furnace, and 25,600 acres, by charter a constable in 1793, and selectman in from N. H., dated July 6, 1761, to Jer1796. Andrew Leach was constable in emiah Iall and 63 others, 70 shares, by 1797. SAMUEL II. KELLOGG was T. C. the name of Saltash. This town was from 1826-52. First born, Alfred Buck, granted by New York, to Icabod Fisher March 18, 1771, and lived in town till and others, May 13, 1772, but I do not his death in 1842. A daughter of Felix learn that a charter was taken out under Powell, it is said, was born before A. the New Yorkgrant. Feb. 23, 1797, it Buck. First justice, Ebenezer Drury, was altered to Plymouth. Oct. 21, 1823, 1786; others, Gordon Newell 30 years; a part of this town was set off to ShrewsAmos Kellogg 26; Samuel H. Iellogg j bury. First settlers, John Mudge and 26; Isaac Bressee 26; Caleb Hendee Ifamily, in 1777, and soon after, Aaron 27; Thomnas P. Bogue 23; John Barnes Hewett, and others. F. born, William

Page  172 172 APPENDIX TO DEMIN(G'S TERMONT OFFICERS. NMIudge, time unknown, and got the 100 23; John MLtViller, 13, and Otis Charnacres. Organized about 1787, some say, berlin 13 years. - First Rep., John and Adam Brown was first town clerk. Winchester Dana, March 1778. I have not been informed by the town clerk as to any thing, and you can call POTTIER'S POINT, Is the northon him for the ballance. Mfoses Priest west corner of Shelburne, on which is was town clerk 19 yrs.; Cephas Moore, the Steamboat harbor, and is between 2 was also, 12 years, and THOMrAs MOORE and 3 miles from Burlington wharf. to 1852, 13 years. First justice, Asa Briggs, 1792, 26 years; others, Ephraim POULTNEY, Lies on the west side, Moore 23 years; MOSES POLLARD 20; and near the centre of Rutland county, Levi Slack 19; Samuel Page 18; Jo- has two post offices, East and West SEPr KENNEDY 16; E'noch Wetherbee Poultney, and has 20,652 acres, since the 14, and Asa Briggs, Jr., 14 years. 2388 acres was set to Middletown. Char, First Rep. Moses Priest, 1795. Sept. 21, 1761, by N. H., to Samuel Brown and 63 others,'70 shares. First POCOCK, Altered to Bristol, Oct. settlers, Thomas Ashley, and Ebenezer 21, 1789. Allen, 1771. Organized, or first meeting on record, was held March 8, 1775. First POMFRET, Is located in the north town clerk, Heber Allen; first constable half of Windsor county, and near the Joam Ashley; first selectmen, Nehemiah centre, has three post offices, Pomfret, Haven, Zeb Richards, & Cotton Fletcher. South Pormfret, and Snow's Store, con- First born, a son of Ebenezer Allen, and tains 23,500 acres. Char. July 8, 1761, is supposed to be living in western New by N. H., to Isaac Dana, and 65 others, York. Isaac Hosford& was town clerk 72 shares. This town was somewhat from 1794 to 1810, 16 years; HJarvey actuated by New York customs. At their D. Smith town clerk 12 years; HENRY first meeting, held in March 1773, they G. NEAL, the present clerk, 15 yrs. First chose John W. Dana Supervisor. First justice, William Ward, 1786, 28 years; town clerk, John W. Dana; first Cons., others, HENRY G. NTEAL 20; TVilliam Abida Smith, Benjamin Bugbee, Darius Ward, Jr. 14; HENRY J. RUGGLES 13; Sessions, and John Bacon; no selectmen MEiRRITT CLARK 13, and James S. Iiarwere chosen. In addition, John W. ris 12 yrs. First Rep. William Ward, Dana was chosen Moderator, Overseer of March 1778. the Poor, Commissioner of Highways, and one of the committee to lay out a POWNAL, Is the south-west corner Burying Ground. First born, Rachel town in Bennington county &the State, Cheedle, Nov. 18, 1770. John Throop it has two post offices, Pownal, and North was town clerk 13 yrs.; Frederick Ware Pownal, and 23,000 acres. Char. Jan. from 1789 to 1806, 17 yrs.; Jokhnz Mgiller 8, 1760, by N. H., to Seth Hudson and from 1806-21, 15 years; OTIS CHAMBERI- 55 others, 62 shares. First settlers, LIN from 1834-52. The two last only are were a few Dutch families who claimed living. F. settlers, Bartholomew Durkee, as being in Hoosac before 1762. Among and John Cheedle, in the spring of 1770, the early; settlers were Wrights, Gardboth of which had an addition to their ners, Morgans, Dunham and Nobles, and families that year, and as John Durkee, so rapid was the increase of settlers that born Dec. 25, 1770, was the first male in 1791 its population was more than it child born in the town he received the was in 1850, and the largest in the State proprietors bounty of 100 acres of land. exeept four. Organized, or the first First justice, John Throop, 1773, by the meeting on record for choice of town town; first-by the state, John W. D)ana, officers, was held March 8, 1763. First and John Throop, 1786; others, Isaiah town clerk, Asa Alger; first con. John Tinkham 27 years; GaiRDIM WnSLO.W Yanernum; first sel. Edmond Town,

Page  173 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS 173 Asa Alger, and Jabez Warren. First WAY 19; ISRAEL KEYES 15; Thomas born, unknown. Erastus Jewett was White 14; David Foster 14; Prseston town clerk 13 yrs. SILVANUS DANFORTHTI W. Taft 13; JOHN KIMBALL 13, and the present clerk, 17 years, and the only Jonathan Cutler 12 years. First Rep. one among those above named, or the Abner Miles, Oct. 1778. ancient officers now living. F. justices,. Thomas Jewett, Joseph Williams, and RANDOLPH, Lies in the southerly Eli Noble, 1786. E. N. 18 yrs. Others, part of Orange county, has three post JOSIAH WRIGHT 24years; Obadiah Dun- offices, Randolph, East, and West Ranham 20; Nathan Varien 19; Silvanus do]ph, and 28,596 acres. Gran. Nov. 2, Danforth 16; Sebastian WVager 16; 1780. Char. June 29, 1781, by Vt., to Samzuel Wright 15; and Blackmer E. Aaron Storrs and 70 others. First setBrownell 12 yrs. First Rep. Thomas tlers, William Evans and family, ExpeJewett, March 1778. rience Davis, John Parks, and Edward April 18, 1767, New York granted Evans, were the first who wintered in 11,000 acres, lyipg in Pownal and Ben- the town, about 1777. First born, Rannington, to Philip Steers and others, but dolph Parmalee, time unknown. Org. I do not learn that they ever found their March 31, 1783. First T. C., Jehiel land. See Readsboro'. Woodard; first Con., Lemuel Payne; first Sel., David Woodard, John Bacon, PUTNEY, Is located on the east and Joshua Hendee. Win. Nutting,ide of Windham county, has one post was town clerk from 1811-30, 19 years; office, and 18,115 acres, after a part of it Benjamin T. Blodgett from 1833-51, was taken to help form the town of 18 years, and the two last mentioned Brookline, Oct. 30, 1794. Anotherpart only, and none of the ancient officers, are was annexed, to Brookline Oct. 25, 1804, living. First justices, James Steele, and Oct. 28, 1846, a part of Dummers- and Asa Edgerton, 1786; others, Wilton was set to Putney. Char. Dec. 26, liama Nutting 23 years; l'Iartin Flint 1753, by N. H., to Josiah Willard, but 21; Enochl Llebard 19; BELCHE4..... the charter by which the lands are now ISBURY 17; Jacob K. Parish 14; Piinholden, was granted by New York, July ehas M3oulton 14, and Edmond Weston 30, 1766, Char. Nov. 14, 1766, to Jo- 14yrs. First Rep. AsaEdgerton, 1784. siah Willard and others. Org. May 8, To a judge of land it would appear a 1770. First town clerk, Noah Sabin, wonder that in all their eagerness to obSen.; first constable, Amos Hale; first tain charters of towns, in 1761-2, that selectmen, Abijah Moore, Daniel Read, such a town as Randolph should be left, and Amos Hale. First born, Aaron and such as Ferdinand, Lewis, GlastenAlexander, time unknown. Noah Sabin, bury, and many others be taken. Jr., was town clerk about 40 years, upto 1825-6; WM. HOUGHTON, the present RANDOM, altered to Brighton, Nov. clerk, 15 years. No one except the last, 3 1832. mentioned above, and none of the ancient officers are living. First settlers READING, Is near the centre of were a few men who built a fort on the Windsor county, has three post offices, "Great Meadow," about 1742 or 3, but Reading, South Reading, and Felchabandoned it on the breaking out of the ville, and 23,000 acres. Chartered old French war. First permanent set- July 6, 1761, by N. H., to Zedekiah tiers were John Perry, Michael Gilson, Stone, Israel Stowell, Jonathan Hamand Philip Alexander, in 1754. First mond, and 59 others, 68 shares. Reading justices, Noah Sabin, Jr., 40 years, and'was granted also by New York, to SiLucas Wilson, 1786; others, Asa Wash- mon Stevens and others, March 6, 1772, burn 43 years; Phinehas White 24; with 20,800 acres, but the records, I beDavid Crawford 24; JosEPH T. RA-'lieve, do not show any charter given by

Page  174 174 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. New York. First settler, Andrew Spear, en town clerk; Henry Davidson, consta1772, whose family were the only ones ble; Simeon Thayer, Elijah Bailey and for 5 or 6 years, and their son Ezra, Ezra Amidon, selectmeu. gihe town has born in 1773, was the first birth among had so many good clerks that none have the settlers. It is said that Captive been permitted to hold it 12 years. Johnson, born August 30, 1754, as de- First settled, about 1787 or 8. scribed in Thompson's Vermont, third F. justice, SamuelThayer, 1793; others, part, page 47, under Cavendish, was born Richard Carpenter, 24 years, Jacob in Reading, and the monument men- Hicks, 18; and Henry Holbrook,jr. 14 tioned, is in Reading. Org. March 30, years. F. Rep. Samuel Thayer, 1793. 1780. F. T. C. Jedediah Leavens, but no record of any other officers are to be RICHFORD, islocated in the northfound in the office for 3 or 4 yrs. Win. east corner of Franklin county, has one.L. Hawkins was town clerk 18 years. post office, and 23,040 acres. Granted First justices, Thomas Hapgood, and March 13, and chartered Aug. 21, 1780 John Weld, 1786; others, SOLOMON by Vt. to Jonathan Wells, and 59 othKEYES 45 years; Jonathan Shedd 21; ers. F. settlers, Hugh Miller and TheSHUBAEL C. SHEDD 20; Benoni Buck ophilas Hastings, 1796; F. Born, The19; William L. Hawkins l6; HIRAM ophilas Hastingsjr. 1798. Org. March, GODDARD 15; John Wheeler 14; BRIDG- 30, 1799!; F. T. C. Chester Wells; MAN HAPGOOD 14, and Galo B. Ralph F. Con, Theophilas Hastings; F. Sel. 12yrs. First Rep. Andrew Spear, 1779. Jonathan Janes, Daniel Janes and Robert Canady. Joseph Parker was T, C. READSBORO' is in the south-east 14 years, and.Tohnz Huse, 16 years.. F. corner of Bennington county, has two justice, Eliakim Simmons, 1796; others post offices, Readsboro' and West Reads- Caleb Royce, 31 yrs. Jonathan Carboro', and 20,480 acres. By what grant penter, 22; JESSE WOODRUFiF, 18; John,or charter the lands are holden except Huse, 16; Samnuel Heath, 16; Arid the fifteen years peaceable possession, is Parker, 15; Amherst Willoug]hby, 15; not known. New Hampshire nor Ver- and Zopher Fletcher, 12 years. mont ever gave any charter of this town. F. Rep. Benjamin Barnett, 1796. It is possible that New York made a grant of the town, as I find their grants RICHtMOND, Lies in the southwere sufficient to cover 1061 towns of the easterly quarter of Chittenden county, usual size, in grants of over 2000 acres has two post offices; Richmond, and each, beside an extensive number of a Jonesville. It has no separate charter, less amount; but where they all are being taken from the adjoining towns of would puzzle any person of usualpatience Jericho, Bolton, Huntington, and Willisto find out one quarter of them if he had ton, Oct. 27, 1794. Another addition the records. As anumberof their gran- from Bolton was made to Richmond, tees found rather poor encouragement Oct. 25, 1804. The first attempt to setamong the Green Moountain Boys in the tle the town was made in 1775, by John days of Viewing and Beach Seals, it is Chamberlin, and Amos Brownson and not probable that many Charters were families, but the war soon commencing, ever issued on those grants. they left in the fall, and returned in 1784, The records of the town were destroy- with Asa, and Joel Brownson, Jesse ed by fire in 1794, and the first records McFarland, James Holly, Joseph Wilnow found in the office are dated in 1794, son, Joshua, and Samuel Chamberlin. which show that Joseph Hartwell and Org. March 1795. F. T. C. Joshua Throop Chapman, Selectmen, warned a Chamberlin; F. Con., Constant C. Halmeeting to be holden March, 17, 1794, leek; first Sel. Felen Augar, Benjamin for the choice of town officers; and at Farnsworth, and Peter Crane. First said meeting, John Fairbanks was chos- born, unknown. EzRa B. GREEN, the

Page  175 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 175 present clerk, has been town clerk 12 10, 1824. A part of Hancock was anyears, and is the only one that has, or is nexed to it, Oct. 28, 1834, and Nov. 1, living of those above named, or of the 1847, Another stice was taken for the ancient officers.'F. justices, JoelBrown- same use, and-Nov. 10, 1847, a part of so0s Asa Brownson, Asa Brownson, Jr., Goshen was added also. Org. May 15, and Benjamin Farnsworth, 1795; others, 1788. F. T. C. Timothy Clements; F. AMos B. COOPER 36 years; Eli Brown- Con., Moses Currier; first Sel. Timothy son 31; Edward Jones 27; Benoni Clements, Enoch Emerson, and Aaron Thompson 27; Artermas F'lagg 21; EZRA Wilber. F. born, Frederick, andl William B. GREEN 20; RANSOM- JONES 19' Wil- Currier, twins, in Nov. 1783. JoHNr iam P. Briggs 15; Joseph Whipple TRASK, the present town clerk, has held 14, & JOSEPH A. HALL 12 yrs. IF. Rep. the office 25 yrs., and the last one living Jonathan Chamberlin, 1796. of the above named, or the ancient officers. First settled soon after the close RIPTON, Is in the easterly part of of the revolutionary war. First justice, Addison county, joining Middlebury, has Enoch Emerson, 1788,28 years; others, one post office, and 24,000 acres, as per EPHRAIM D. BRIGGs 35 years; Lymai charter. from Vt., to Abel Thompson, Emerson 24; John Thask 17; JOEL & 59 others, dated April 13, 1781, by the COOPER 17; SUMNER A. WEBBER 17, &* name of Riptown, and soon got by com- Artemas Cushman 12 years. mon consent, Ripton. A part of Goshen -First Rep. Enoch Emerson, 1788. was annexed to Ripton about 1820, but no law can I find to tell the exact time. ROCKINGHAM, Lies in the northNov. 1, 1824. about 71 square miles was east corner of Windham county, has five set to Ripton from Middlebury, and Oct. post offices, Bellows Falls, Rockingham, 29, 1829, another small piece from Mid- Saxton's River, Cambridgeport, and Bardlebury was added on, and an addition tonsville; and 23.040 acres. Char. Dec. from Salisbury was made to Ripton, 28, 1752, by N. H., to Samuel Johnson Nov. 1, 1832. The first settlers within and 73 others. First settlers, Joel Bigthe charter bounds, were Ebenezer, and elow, Simeon Knight, and Moses Wright, Asa Coller,in 1801. Firstborn, Fanny, 1753. First male born, Solomon Wright, daughter of Ebenezer -Coller, Nov. 11, probably about 1754 or 5. Org. last 1801, and is now the wife of Amasa Wednesday in March, 1761. F. T. C. Piper, of Ripton, Org. March 3, 1828. Moses Wright; first Con., William SiFirst town clerk, Calvin Pier; first monds; first Sel., Andrew Gardner, Con. William Arnold; first Sel. Lucius Samuel Burr, and MIoses Wright. JonAbbey, Ethan Owen, and Nathaniel Mc- athan Burt was town clerk from 1795 to Quivey. So many good clerks in town 1813, 18 years; ALEXANDER S. CAMPr that no one has been permitted to be in BELL Was town clerk from I824-45, and the office only time enough to learn its in 1852 also, 22 years, and is the only duties. First justices, Calvin Pier and one now living of the above named, or of Jonathan Gleason, 1821; other, George the ancient officers, except Jonathan Chiipman 14 years. Barron, who was a constable in 1794. First Rep. Samuel H. Hendrick, 1843. First justice, Reuben Jones, 1778; first by the State, John Lovell,, and Jehie1 ROCHESTER, Is the north-west Webb, 1786; J. W. 21 years; others, corner town in Windsor county, has two Horace Baxter 26 yrs.; ALEXANDER S. post offices, Rochester, and West Roch- CAMPEBELL 24; Calvin Webb 24; Davic ester, and 23,040 acres, by charter, from Chandler 24; Henry Lake, Jr. 22; ArVermont. Gran. Nov. 6, 1780, dated.temasRob6ins 22; DavidCamphbef22; Aug. 30, 1781, to Asa Whitcomb, Dud- BENJAMIN SMITH 21; Elias DPulsipher ley Chase, and 63 others. A part of'21; JOHN 1H. CAMPBELL 20; Peter IilBraintree was set off to Rochester, Nov. lard 19; RUSSELL HYDE 18; Daniel

Page  176 176 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. KLelogg 18; Ezekiel Weston 17; Wil- C. 17 years, from 1788 to 1805; Jacolb iam H.enry 15; Samuel L. Billings Safford from 1805. to his death April 20 14; JOHN WILLEY, 2nd, 13, and Cyrus 1829, 24 years; CALVIN SKINN.ER from Locke.13 years. First Reps. Joshua 1839-52, 13 years, and is the only one Webb, and Reuben Jones, March 1778. living of those named above. Josiah Lyon, a constable in 1798, is the only ROXBURY, Lies in the south-east ancient officer living, and some doubts of corner of Washington county, has two his being alive, having removed from the post offices, Roxbury, and East Roxbury, town. First justices, Comfort Seaver, and 23,040 acres. Gran. Nov. 6, 1780. and Abel Stevens, 1786, A. S. 15 years; Char. Aug. 6, 1781. by Vt., to Benjamin others, Elias Stevens 35; Daniel Rix Emnonds and 64 others. First settler, 30; Jonathan Kinney 26; Rodolphus Christopher Huntington, in 1789. First Dewey 26; Elisha Rix 20; John Marborn, unknown. Org. March 24, 1796. shall 14; Moses Cutter 14; JOHN COY'. T. C. Thomas Huntington; first con. 12, and Elisha Wilcldt 12. years. Jonathan Huntington; first Sel. Samuel F. Rep. Joseph Parkhurst, Oct. 1778. Richardson, Isaac Lewis, and Jedediah Huntington. Samuel 111. Orcott was RUPERT, Is in the north-west cortown clerk after 1817, 20 years, and the ner of Bennington county, has three post -only one above named, or of the ancient offices, East, and West Rupert, and Ruofficers now living. First justice, Isaac pert, and 23.040 acres. Char. Aug. 20; Lewis, 1799; others, Jonathan F. Rug- 1761, by N. HI. to Samuel Robinson and gles 29 years; CHARLES SAMPsoN 28; 61 others. 68 shares. F. settlers, Isaac; Samuel M. Orcott 21 Isaiah Shawz 12 Blood, Reuben Harmon, Oliver Scott, Henry S. Boyce 12, and Darius -Hatch and Mr. Eastman, in 1767. The early 12 yrs. F. Rep. Zebediah Butler, 1804. records of this town are not to be found, were carried off or destroyed by the ROYALTON, Is in the centre of the clerk, Josiah Cass, a noted tory. The north end of Windsor county, has two records show that Enos Harmon was post offices, Royalton, and South Royal- town clerk in 1780; but who were the tmn, and 22,320 acres. As to the char- other officers, or the first born, is not ter, it is believed that the first settlers known. Josiah Graves was: town clerk commenced under a charter from New from 1791 to 1824, except one year, 32 York, but the land holders finding that years; HENRY SHIELDON from 1824, one Vermont was of the opinion that the year out, to 1852, 27 years, and the only charter was void, and were about to re- one living of the above. Of the ancient charter it to others, they obtained the officers, Amos Curtis a selectman, is the charter for the citizens and land holders, last left alive. F. justice, by the state, from Vermont, Dec. 20, 1781, and signed Ex-Gov. Israel Smith, and David Shelby Thomas Chittenden, Gov., at Arling- don, 1786, D. S. 28 years; others, Grove ton, to Comfort Seaver and 62 others. Moore 40 years; HENRY SHELDON 24; The New York charter is not among the NATIHAN BURTON 20; Josiah Rising 20; town records. First settlers, Robert JosEPHi PARKER 19; John Moore 17; Havens and family, in 1771, and Elisha David Sheldon 16; Joseph Hastings Kent and'family, soon after. Some of 15, and SETH SHELDON 13 yrs. F. Rep. the early records are missing. The first Moses Robinson, March 1778. to be found is Dec. 1, 1778, and the next for March meeting, the 23d, 1779, when RUTLAND, Is near the centre, and Comfort Seaver was chosen town clerk, is the shire town of Rutland county, has Elias Stevens, constable, Isaac Morgan, three, post offices, Rutland, West RutTimothy Durkee, and Comfort Seaver, land, and Centre, and 26,500 acres. selectmen. First born, Elias Stevens, Char. by N. H. Sept. 7, 1761, to John jr., about 1777. Abel Stevens was T. Murrey and 63 others, 70 shares. First

Page  177 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS.:177 settlers, James Mead 1770, and Simeon James Whitel~w; F. Cons. John WilPowers same year. First born, William son and Robert Orr, F. Sel. John Shaw Powers Sept. 29, 1770,. The first records Patrick. Lang and Alexander Lyme; F. to be found show that in March 1780, Born, Jenny Hyndman, (time unknown) officers we're chosen for the first time None of the above are living. John but from old documents, it is found that Wallace, a selectman in 1791, and John John Smith was town clerk in 1779; Nelson, a constable in 1800 are the only Thomas Hale, constable; Moses Hale, ancient officers now alive; and some say Roswell Post, James Claghorn,. and that Nelson was appointed the present Zebulon Mead, selectmen. Benjamin Century. James Whitelaw was town Lord was town clerk from 1803-27, one clerk between 1778, and 1829, 45 years. year out, 23 years; AMBROSE L. BROWN William.6ray was town clerk before from 1827-52, 25~ years, and is the only 1844, 15 years. First justice, Josiah one named above, or of the ancient offi- Page, 1786, 19 years; others, Jo/hn Nelcers now alive. First justices, by the son 43 years; Jabez Bigelow 31; ArchiState, Samuel Williams and Benjamin bald Parks 28: William Gray 23, and Whipple, 1786; others, Nathan Osgood Robert Whitelaw 19 years. 39 yrs. William Page, 33; Chauncey First Rep. James Whitelaw, 1786. Thrall, 32; Robert Temple, 29; Moses Strong, 29; Gershom Cheney, 29;Fran- ST. ALBANS, Is'the capitol of cis Slason, 26; Moses Watkins, 25; Franklin county, and lies on the west Darius Chipman, 24; Ambrose L. Brown side of it; has two post offices, St. Albans, 24; Edgar L. Ormsbee, 17 William and St. Albans Bay, and by charter has Y. Ripley, 16; Robert Pierpoint, 15; 23,040 acres. Char. by N. H. Aug. 17, Benzjcamin Smith, 15; Frederick W. 1763, to Stephen Pomeroy and 63 others) IIopkcins, 13, and Charles K. Williams, 70 shares. Oct. 28, 1842, Johnson's 12 years. F.'Rep., and the first Speak. Island, and Oct. 27, 1845, Wood Island, er of the House, Joseph Bowker, March, were both annexed to this town. First 1778, and the first Councillor in the settlers, Jesse Weldon, during the war, county, being elected at that session. but soon after its close, Andrew Potter, Morrill, Gibbs, Green, Meigs, and RYEGATE, Is located in the south- others came, and the town rapidly settled. east corner of Caledonia county, has two Org. July 28, 1788. F. T. C. Jonathan post offices, RIyegate, and South Ryegate. b1Hoit; first Con. Daniel B. Meigs; first Char. by N. I. Sept. 8, 1763, to Richard Sel. Jesse Weldon, David Olds, and AnJenness and 93 others, 100 shares, and drew Potter. F. born, Limna' Potter, 23.040 acres, First settler, Aaron Hos- now Limna Wead, F. males, John. mer and family, in 1773, and a number Meigs, & Heman Green, time unknown. of others came in 1774. The first offi- WILLIAI BRIDGES the present clerk has' cers chosen in the town, was May 19, held the office since March 1836, and is 1776, a day appointed by the govern- the only clerk that has held 12 years, ment of New York, for that purpose; and the only officer named above that when John Gray and James Whitelaw is now living. This, I regret to say, were chosen Assessors: Andrew Brock, contradicts a statement on page 6, as to Treasurer; Robert Tweedle and John Jonathan Hoit serving 26 years. I had' Orr, Overseers of highways; Patrick that information from another, and supLang and John Shaw, Overseers of the posed it correct. I now fin d-that JonPoor; John Scott, Collector; Archibald athan Hoit was in but 1 l yrs. Nathan Taylor, James Smith, William Nelson Green a selectman in 1797., is the only and David Reid, Constables. The above one living among the ancient officcrs. officers were rechosen in May, 1777. F. justice, Jonathan Hoit, 1786; others, April 2, 1778 a meeting was holden un- Abijah Stone 26 years; -JAMrES DAVIS' der Vermont Constitution, F. T. Clerk' 24; Avgguistus YoU7ng 24; W~ILLIAM 23

Page  178 178 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. B3tDaES 20; Bosnjamin H; Smalley 20; buildings. It has three post offices, St. Ralph Lazell 21; Luther B. Hunt 19; Johnsbury, St. J.. Centre. & St. J. East, Heman Green 1; JosEPH H. BRAIN- and 21,167 acres. Granted Oct. 27, and ARD 17; Jvseph eeks 17; William chartered Nov. 1, 1786, by Vermont, to I.R Wilkins 16; avid Read 13; Asa Jonathan Arnold and 21 others. First 0. Aldis 13; Stephen S. Brown 13; settlers, James Adams, and his son, Heman R. Beardsky 13; ALONSON L; Martin and families, and Simeon Cole, WRIGHT 13, and John Smith 12 years. 1786. OrganizedJune 21, 1790. First First Rep. Jonathan Hoit, 1788. town clerk, Jonathan Arnold; first Con. Asa Daggett; first Sel. Joel Roberts, ST. ANDREWS GORE, Altered Joseph Lord, and Martin Adams. Luto Plainfield, Nov. 6, 1797. ther Clark town clerk from 1809-26, 17 years; JERRY DICKERMANfrom 1827-52, ST. GEORGE, Is a small town near and one previous year in Burke, 26 yrs. the centre of the south half of Chitten- The two last named only are living. F. den county, has one post office, and 2200 justice, Jonathan Arnold, 1788; others, acres, and a slice from Shelburne added Luther Clark 34 years; Leonard HarNov, 9, 1848. Char. Aug. 18,1763, by rington 28; JERRY DICKERMAN 27; Lu. N. H. to Jesse Hallock and 63 others, ther Tewett 22; Wnm. P. Stoughton 18; 70 shares, 23,040 acres. But other towns Ephzraim Paddock 17; Isaac Harringchartered previous to this being located ton 15; Pres West,15, and David Goss, first, left this a small town side ways, Jr., 12 yrs. F. Rep. Joel Roberts, 1791. but in the language of one of her representatives in the hall of the House, in SALEM, Lies in the north-easterly answer to an insinuation that he came part of Orleans county, has no post office, from a very small town, said: " I am but 17,330 acres, as per charter, granted willing to admit, Mr. Speaker, thatmy Nov. 7, 1780, by Vermont, to Jacob town is small sideways, but up & down Davis, and 64 others, and dated Aug. 13, it is as large as other towns represented 1781. Nov. 5, 1816, a part of this town here by men claiming very superior tal- was annexed to Newport. First settler, cuts to the member from St. George." Ephraim Blake, March 1798, and no First settler, Joshua Isham, 1784. F. others till 1801, when Amasa Spencer, born, a daughter of the first settler, a and in 1802 David Hopkins, jr., came. -short time previous to the birth of the Organized April 30, 1822. First town first male, Lewis Higbee, Sept. 23, 1787, clerk SAMUEL BLAKE, and the only one and who was the first Representative, to the present time, 30 years; first Con. also. Org. March 9, 1813. F. T. C., Ja- John Houghton; first Sel. Ephraim red Higbee; first Con. Shserman Beach; Blake, Josiah Lyon & Nathaniel Cobb. first Sel. Reuben Lockwood, Sen., Lewis First born, Thomas C. Blake, Sept. 20, Higbee, and Levi Higbee. Horace 1803. First justice, Ephraim Blake, Ferris was townclerk 12 years; REUBEN 181 1 18 years; others, NOYES HEOPKIrNLoCewool 19 yrs., to 1852. F. justice, soN 28, and SAMUEL BLAKE 15 years. Reuben Lockwood, 1808; others, REU- First Rep. Ephraim Blake, 1827. BEN LOCKWOOD, jr. 28 years; Shermran Beach 17; Horace Ferris 14, and Lewis SALISBURY, Lies near the centre Higbee 13 years. of the south half of Addison county, has First Rep. Lewis Hi/bee, 1813. two post offices, Salisbury, and West Salisbury. This town and Leicester ST. JOHNSBURY, Lies a little were chartered the usual size, six miles east of the centre of Caledonia county, square; but'after the towns on the north but so near as to be sometimes a little and south of them were located and troublesome to the inhabitants of the bounded, it was found that only about shire town. who wish to retain the county | eight miles were left between Middlebu

Page  179 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 179 Ty and Brandon on which to locate the SALTASH, Altered toPlymouth. two towns; each claiming six miles, and leaving the other but two. This created SANDGATE, is the north-west cormuch disturbance in the disputed terri- ner town in Bennington county, has one tory for a number of years, till April, post office. Char. by NM H. Aug. 11, 18, 1796, when the following committee, 1761, to John Park and 65 others, 72 John Smith, Benjamin Garfield, Joseph shares, and 23,040 acres. F. settler, a Woodward, Eleazer Claghorn, Salathiel Mr. Bristol, 1771. F. born, Samuel Bump, Stephen HIard, Holland Weeks Thomas, Dec. 18, 1772. The old reand Elias Kelsey; the three first from corIs of meetings are gone, and later Leicester, the others from Salisbury. onds much defaced; but by the records This Committee reported on a line so de- of deeds and the memory of the aged, scribed, that each town would have about s6me facts have been rescued from the'four miles in width. The Report was rbad to oblivion. Abner Hurd Was T. accepted by each town, and harmony re- clerk-from 1778 to 1800, 22 years, and stored, giving to each about 16,000 acres. Richard Hurd was town clerk previous, Nov. 1, 1832, a part of this town was an- to that, but for a short time only. The nexed to Ripton. Chartered by N. H. first constable was Edward Hurd; seNov. 3, 1761, to John Everts and 61 lectmen, unknown, George Peck was others, 68 shares, and 23,040 acres. F. town clerk from 1801-28, 27 yrs. WALborn, Joshua Graves, July, 9, 1785. F. TER RANDALL from 1834-52, 18 years. settlers, Joshua Graves, in 1774, Amos First justices, Reuben Thomas, and JoStory made a beginning and built a log seph Bristol, 1786; others, George:Peck hut, which was burned, and he was killed 29 years; John H. Sanderson 14;HoRbyv the fall of a tree the same year; but ACE HURD 13, and Samuzel T'homas 12 his widow, with 8 or 10 children, came years. First Rep. Reuben Thomas, into town and settled Feb. 22, 1775, and October 1778. was the second family in town, and received the proprietors bounty, 100 acres, SEARSBURGH, Lies in the southshe being the first female settler in the easterly part of Bennington county, has town. The third family was Abbe Wa- one post office, and 10,240 acres. Gran. terhouse, whose widow, after his death and Char. by Vt., to William Williams, married Maj. Christopher Johnson, and and 25 others, Feb. 23, 1781. Org. she died in April, 1850, aged 90. Mrs. March 18, 1833. F. town clerk, Josepb Story married Mr. Benjamin Smalley,.Eames; first Con., John Knapp;first the first settler of Middlebury, and after Sel. Joseph Crozier, Hiram Weld, and his death she married Capt Stephen David Crozier. F. born, unknown. Goodrich, the first chosen selectman of Joseph Eames was T. clerk the longest, Middlebury. For a more particular ac- 9 years. First justices, Joseph Eames count of the Old Lady, read Thompson's (16 years) and Oliver Harris, in 1831. " Green Mountain Boys". Organized First Rep. Luther Park, 1833. March 17, 1788; F. T. Clerk. Eleazer Claghorn; F..Con. Stephen Hard; F. SHAFTSBURY, Is near the centre Sel. Eleazer Claghorn, Stephen Hard of the west side of Bennington county, and James Waterous. Reuben Saxton has two post offices, Shaftsbury, and was T. C. from 1798-28, 30 years. F. South Shaftsbury, and 23,040 acres. justice, Eleazer Claghorn, 1788; others, Char. Aug. 20, 1761, by N. H., to John Stephen HIard, 31 years, AARON BAR- Brown and 61 others, 68 shares. N. Y. Rows 30; John M. Weeks 30; John granted 1794 acres in this town. First Morton 17; MARSHALL S. DOTY 17, settlers, were Messrs. Willoughby, Cole, JOHN PROUT 13; NATHANIEL SPENCER several Mattisons, Doolittle, Waldo, and 12; and OSCAR P. SHELDON 12 years. Clark, someas early as 1763, and Gov. F. Rep. Stephen Hard, 1788. Galusha in 1775. First born, Nathar ~See page 20 of the Catalogue. Draper, Jan. 7, 1776. When Org., no

Page  180 180 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. record. The first meeting on record was Con.; Joseph Parkhurst, Daniel Gilbert holden by adjournment, April 13, 1779, and Joel Marsh, selectmen. March 10, when Thomas Mattison was chosen town 1778, William Hunter, Capt. Ebenezer clerk; Abner Rice, Con.; Reuben Ellis, Parkhurst, and Lieut. Elias. Stevens, Joshua Batbs, Icabod Cross, Nathan were chosen a" Committee of Safety." Salesbury, and Thomas Mattison, select- Benjamin Spaulding was town clerk 16 men. The town, no doubt, was organized years; Joel Marsh 26 yrs., and SAMUEL some years before, but not in season to SHUTTLEWORTH from 1825, one year out, have Thomas Mattison be their town to 1852, 26 years, and is the only one of clerk over 40 years, as has been stated, the officers above named that is living. for Jacob Galusha was their town clerk Jared Parkhurst, a constable in 1796, is from 1784 to 1825, 41 years, and HIRAM the only ancient officer left. The first BARTON from 1825-52, and is'the only record of a Freemen's meeting, was holdone living of those mentioned, or of the en March 3, 1778, when 12 persons took ancient officers. First justices, Peter the freeman's oath, and elected Daniel Wright, Nathan Leonard, and William Gilbert to represent the town in the first Ward, in 1786; others, HIRAM BARTON Legislature, to be holden at Windsor on 27 years; Jacob Galusha 20; Samuel the 12th instant, and although it does Ames 19; Jeremieah Mattison 13; John not appear in this catalogue that'he atM. Olin 13, and Aaron Deneio 12 yrs. tended, he Was there, and got dismissed First Reps. John Burnham, and Gid- on the 19th. See Slade's State papers, eon Olin, March 1778. page 262. First justice, by the state, In this town, as in many others, the Joel Marsh, 1786, 25 years; others, ReuYorkers made pitc/hes of land in viola- ben Spaulding 45 years; JOHN BALDtion of the N. H. charters, but were WIN 29; FREEMAN HOLT 28; Jared driven off by Yankee, or beach seals. Parkhurst 26; SAMUEL SHUTTLEWORTIE Tradition says that Isaiah Carpenter 26; DAVID FALES 15; William Steele bought a lot under N. H. and was drove 14, and Henry Hitchcock 12 years. off, and continued away 6 months or F. Rep. Daniel Gilbert, March 1778. more, when he returned, andbpskulking about the premises fired a number of.shots near the Yorker, and at length sent SHEFFIELD, Lies in the northa ball through his hat. The Yorker con- westerly part of Caledonia county, has eluded he, might as well be off, as to re- one post office, and 22,607 acres. Gran. main, as the next ball might go through Nov. 7, 1780, by Vermont. Char. Oct. his head, which he did, and Carpenter 25, 1793, to Stephen Kingsbury and.73 took possession of the premises. others. First settled in 1792. First born, William Gray, July 28, 1794. SHARON, Is the north town, and Org. March31, 1796. Firsttown clerk..east but one, in Windsor county, has one Archelaus- Miles, Jr.; first Con.,: Jonapost office, and 22,000 acres. Char. than Gray; firstSel., Archelaus Miles, Aug. 17, 1761, by N. H. to John Taylor Jr., Stephen Drown, and Isaac Kenaston. Aug. 17, 1761, by N. Ht. to John Taylor Archelaus Miles, Jr.,-was town clerk 12 and 61 others, 68 shares. Oct. 20, 1807 Archelaus Miles, Jr., was town clerk 12 a part of Pomefret was set to Sharon. years; Stephen Drown from 1810-32, rst settlers, Robert Havens and far- 22 years, and James Townsend Ifrom ily, the first that wintered in the town, 1832-50, 18 years. First jutice, Archin 1766. First born, Elias Marsh claus Miles, Jr., 1800; others, Moses March 25, 1768. The time of organiza- Davis 28 years; JAMES TOWNSEND 22; tion does not appear on the records, but Joseph H. Ingalls 20; BENJAMIN CONN-R the first meeting holden in town for 1.9; Sewall Bradley 15; JOHN P. INchoice of town officers, was March 12, GALLS 15; Reuben Miles 14; Ezekiel 1776, when Benjamin Spaulding was Miles 13, and Elisha Davis, Jr. 12 yrs.:chosen town clerkl; owell Morgan, First Rep. Stephen Drown, 1806.

Page  181 APPENDIX TO IEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 181 SHELBURNE, Is situated on the so rapidly that in 1791 its population was west side of Chittenden county, has one above that of Burlington. Nov. 9,1848. post office, and 15,120 acres. Char. a part of this town was set off to St. Aug. 18, 1763, by N. H., to Jesse Hal — George. Org. March 29, 1787. First lock, and 63 others, 70 shares, and 23,500 town clerk, Caleb Smith; first Con., acres. First settlers, two Germans, Lo- Aaron Rowley; first Sel., Moses Piergan and Pottier, for the purpose of lum- son, Timothy Holabird, and Dudley bering for the Canada market, and tra- Hamilton. First born, unknown. Joshua dition says they were both murdered by Isham was town clerk from 1793 to 1813, some soldiers sent to protect them from 20 years; Levi Comstoekfrom 1819-37, the Indians on their return with the 18 years; LYMAN HALL from 1839-52, avails of a raft of lumber. Thomas and 13 years, and is the only one living of Moses Pierson; with 6 or 8 others, set- those named, or of the ancient officers. tied near the Lake shore before the war, First justice, Caleb Smith, 1787; others, but left, or was seared off, so that the Asahel Nash 20 years; Levi Comstock town was abandoned, and continued so 20; Samzuel Fletcher 16; RALPH H, till the war ended.* It was then settled REED 14, and LYMAN HALL 13 years. *When the Piersons left in 1777, they had First Rep. Caleb Smith, 1787. harvested a large crop-of wheat, and returned during the winter to thrash and secure it. SHELDON near the centrq of They were attacked by the. British and Indians, when a battle ensued on the ground Franklin county, has two post offices, now the residence of Hon. Ezra Meach and in Sheldon, and East Sheldon, and 23,040 his now elegant garden. The commander, acres. Char. Aug.!S, 1763, by N. 1H., Sawyer, afterwards represented Leicester, in to Samuel Hungerford and 63 others, 70 1788-9. The following lines composed on shares, by the name of Hungerford. and the occasion gives a history of the transaction: On the twelfth day of March in the year sev- was changed to Sheldon, Nov. 8, 792. enty-eight, First settlers, Elisha and Samuel B. The Britons and Indians invaded our State, Sheldon, 1790. First born, unknown.'Twas in Shelburne, brave Sawyer, these Organized in 1791. First town clerk, wretches did meet, Samuel B. Sheldon; first Con., James And fully determined not to retreat. Herrick; first Sel., Elisha Sheldon, Sen., The first in command was Thomas Sawyer,by James Hawley, and Elisha Sheldon, Jr. name, -Samuel B. Sheldon and Samuel Wead In the next unto him were the elements of S e eon a Sm en fame; wereeachtown clerks 12years. None T'was young Barnum the Hero, he fought like of the ancient officers are living. First a man, justice, Samuel B. Sheldon, 1791; others, Saying, ". fight on brave boys," but he quickly Andrew -Durkee 19, and AUGUSTUS BuRT was slain. 13 years. Our men numbered twelve, & the enemy fifty- First Rep. Samuel B. Sheldon, 1791. seven, But with this vast odds, when aided from SHERBURNE, Is the east town in Heaven, We drove them, we beat them, and caused Rutland count has two post offices, some to fly, Sherburne, and North Sherburne, and While others lay wounded & left there to die. 24,640 acres. Char. July 7, 1761, by There is three of our men lying dead on the N, H., to Samuel Yeates, Ezra Stiles, ground, and 64 others, by the name of KillingThe rest have return'd & are yet safe & sound; ton, and changed to Sherburne Nov. 4, The enemy lost twelve, and the rest they soon 1800. Parker's Gore was annexed to fled, Somewent on their feet, others drawn ona sled Sherburne Nov. 4,1822. Apart of Sherburne was annexed to Pittsfield, Oct. 22, Way the name of the Hero, be never fo!got, 1822, and set back Nov. 3, 1827. Oct. Who determin'd to beat, or to die on the' spot; Let the youth of our land his example pursue; 29, 1829 a part of Chittenden: was anGive the glory to God, and to whom it is due. nexed to- Sherburne, conditionally. F.

Page  182 182 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. settler, Isaiah Washburn, 1785. First WRIGHT 15; Kent Wright 15; Azel born, Ira Eddy, March 31, 1796. Org. Ch4ipman 14, & Asa Sunderlin 14 yrs. March 2, 1795. F. town clerk, Albro First Rep. Josiah Pond, 1788. Anthony; first Con., Nathan Eddy, Jr.; New York granted 3000.acres to Cortfirst Sel., John Anthony, Nathan Eddy, landt Schuyler, and 3000 acres to Henry sen., and Seth Fuller. When a person Cuyler, April 23, 1767, lying opposite of gets familiar with the duties of town Ticonderoga, and probably in Shoreham, clerk,, he soon gets dismissed, and no one but it is doubtful whether charters were has served 12 yrs. First justice, John given, or the grantees got possession, if Anthony, 1795; others,.Tosiah Wood they were given. 19 years; SILAS COLTON 16; Richard Easterbrooks 15, and George W;. Topliff S'HREWSBURY, Is near the centre 12 yrs. F. Rep. John Anthony, 1798. of the east side of Rutland county, has two post offices, Cuttingsville, & ShrewsSHOREHAM, Lies near the south- bury, and 25,392 acres. Char. Sept. 4, west corner of Addison county, has two 1761, by N. H., to Samuel Ashley and post offices, Shoreham, and Larrabee's 63 others, 70 shares, and about 24,000 Point, and 26,319 acres. Char. Oct. 8, acres. Only one of the proprietors ever 1761, by N. H., to John Chandler, and settled in the town. Oct. 21, 1823, 63 others, 70 shares, and 25,000 acres one mile square from Plymouth was anonly. F. settlers,-Paul Moore, Ephraim nexed to thistown. Org. March 20, 1781. Doolittle, and Marshall Newton, in 1766, F. T. clerk, Aaron Esty; F. Con. Zebwho adopted the Moravian plan, allthings ediah Green; first Sel. Lemuel White, common, till the war broke up the settle- Nehemiah Smith, and Benedict Webber. ment. First born, Paul S. Crego, 1769. F. born, Jonathan Smith, May 4, 1780. Org. Nov. 20, 1786. F. T. C., Thomas John Kilburnwas T. C. 39 yrs.; LOWELL Rowley,* who was the first in Dankby W. GUERNSEY,' the present clerk, from also; first Con., Elijah Kellogg; first 1840-52, 12years, and is the only one Sel., Amos Callender, Ebenezer Turrill,- now living among those above named, or and Eli Smith. Ebenezer Bush was the ancient officers. First justice, Icatown clerk from 1810-27, except two bod Robinson, 1787; others, John Kilmonths that Samuel H. Holley held the burn 31 years; John Buckmaster 22; office previous to his appointment in the Harry Holden 21 3 Benjamin T. Needarmy, 17 yrs.; LEvI O. BIRCHAARD from ham 15, & JEFFREY A. BARNEY 14 yrs. 1827-52, 25 yrs. First justice, Thomas First Rep. Benedict Webber, 1781. Rowley, 1783; Amos Callender, first by the state, 1787; others, JOSEPH SMITH, SMITHFIELD, Incorporated with 2d, 38 yrs.; Ebenezer Bush 34; Elisha Fairfield. ]Bascom 29; LEVI O. BIRCHARD 25; Isaac Chipman 25; Davis Rich 23; SOCIALBOROUGH, A New York Aaron Lawrence 22; Lewis Hunt 21; grant, and formerly a part of Clarendon. Alonzo Birchard 17; MYRON W. C. *Thomas Rowley, Esq., was rather eccentric SOMERSET, Wha i left f it, and something of a Poet, and rather negligent lies in the west part of Windham county,'in dress also. Being solicited to purchase a has no post office, nor anreharter to be new hat, as the old one was much worn, and found in the town clerk's office, or elsenot becoming an officer of justice to wear. He where, but the ancient Registers give it held out the old hat to the merchant, and ex- 23,040 acres of land. The town has claimed:'-'There's my old hat, and what of that I been reduced in size at various times, by It is as good as the rest of my raiment; annexing part of it to other towns, and -If I should buy better, you would put me Nov. 5, 1838, a part of it was annexed down debtor, to Wardsboro. Nov. 11, 1851, it wag And send me to ail for the payment."arge share

Page  183 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 183 of it to Dover and Wardsborough. Org. Constant Reynolds was town clerk 17 Nov. 19, 1792. First town clerk, James years, or more. First settler,* Ebenezer Parmelee; first Con., Perez Rice; first Allen, Aug. 25, 1783. First justice, Sel., John Parmelee, Perez Rice, ahd Ebenezer Allen, 1786; others, Wallis Bezeleel Waste.' First born, Gale Cobb, Mott 23 years; Lorenzo Hall 20; Alson Nov. 28, 1787. Hazeltine Rice was Landon 17, and Orange Phelps 13 yrs. town clerk 14 years, and Ephraim Rice First Rep. Ebenezer Allen, 1788. and son 12 years, and the only two now *Ebenezer Allen was born at Northampton, living of the above named, and none Mass., Oct. 17, 1743. Married a Miss Richamong the ancient officers remain. First ards when he was 19 or 20 years of age, in justice, Daniel Rice, 1799; others, HAz- Berkshire county, Mass., where his parents ELTINE RICE 36 yrs.; EPHRAIM RICE 19; had removed. After he had 2 or 3 children,.Jotham Pike 17; HOLLIS TOWN1 15; *he with Thomas Ashley, a brother-in-law, reo moved to Poultney, Vt., in 1771, and comand MOSES PIKE 15 years. menced the first improvements in that town. First Rep. Daniel Rice, 1799 to 1802, Here he had a son added to his family, which and no other till Hazeltine Rice was is supposed to be living, and was the first child representative in 1821. born in Poultney.. It was not long before he was appointed Capt. in the very famous Regiment of Rangers commanded by Col. Herrick, SOUTH HERO, Lies at the south and soon after removed his family to Tinend of Grand Isle county, has one post mouth, where he and Maj. Thomas Rice, were office, and 9065 acres. Char. Oct. 27, appointed delegates to the convention at Dor1779, by Vermont, together'with North set, Sept. 25, 1776, which ended after several Hero and Grand Isle, to Ethan Alen, adjournments, in declaring Vermont indepenH —ero- and Grand Isle, to Ethan Allen,d~ dent. He and Charles Brewster were chosen Samuel Herrick, and 363 others. That delegates to the Convention at Windsor, in part of the grant which is now North 1777, that -formed our first Constitution. He Hero, South Hero, and Grand Isle, was was engaged in many skirmishes with the called " the Two Heroes." Oct. 21st, enemy, and signalized himself in the battle of Ad1788, they e divided intotwo separat.e Bennington. At one time during that battle, 1 1788, they were divided into two separate he with only 30 men, taking the advantage of towns, North Hero, and South Hero. a natural breast-work of rocks, successfully Nov. 7, 1798, South Hero was again di- contendded against the main body of Col. vided, and the north town was called Baum's troops of Burgoyne's army, causing Middle Hero, till Nov. 5, 1810, it took great slaughter among them, and a temporary I. retreat. In Sept. 1777, 500 men under Col. its present name, Grand Isle. Brown were sent from Pawlet to attack TiconI received in Feb. a letter from this deroga, Mount Defiance, and Mount Hope. town without any signer, which stated The taking of Mount Defiance, defended by that the town was organized in 1779. 200 British Regulars andArtillery, was alFPirst town clerk, Jonathan Knicker- lotted to Capt. Allen, Lieut. Isaac Clark, (Old bocker fs Co. A e H c Rifle,) and40 men. The work was accombooker; first Con., Alexander Hoye; plished by surprise, Sept. 18, 1777, not losing first Sel., Timothy Pearl, Ephraim Duel a man. He commanded the fortat Vergennes, and Thomas P. Loid. Historical facts then New Haven, and many other important contradict all this, for the first settler in services he rendered during the war. Aug. he town or on the Island, was Ebeneer 25, 1783, he landed on the south end of South the town, or on the Island, was Ebenezer Hero, with his frame for a house, and lumber Allen, Aug. 25, 1783. It is therefore for other buildings, of which he made a raft evident that the above was an organiza- at Shelburne Point, on which he took his tion of the proprietors only, and what' family. He kept a public house and a ferry confirms it more fully, I find that Eben- while on the Island. He continued to reside Alen wa appointed the proprietors on'the Island and prospered, till about 1800, ezer Allen was appointed the proprietors when he removed to Burlington, and opened a clerk after J. Knickerbocker, and this public house near the south wharf. He died meeting was very soon after the date of March 26, 1806, aged 63, and was buried with the charter. I wrote to the town clerk Masonic'honors. His widow died on the Islands 10 days ago, but have received no ans- aged88. Whileheresided onthe Island ie v ould relate to his guests, (pointing towards wer. I shall have to refer you to him Essex Landing, N. Y.) " With about the same for any further fact. number of Gleen Mountain Boys, I captured

Page  184 184 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. SPRINGFIELD, Is the south-east held to its first name, as no act has been corner town in Windsor county, has two passed to alter it. First settler, tradipost otfices, North Springfield, &, Spring- tion says a man by the name of Raymond field.. Char. Aug. 20, 1761, by N. H., was the first person in the town; he to Gideon Lyman, and 61 others, 68 built a cabin against a large rock 14 feet shares, about 25,000 acres. A grant of high, 25 wide, and 33 feet long. about a this town was made by New York, to mile south of the centre of the town, Gideon Lyman, March 16, 1772, with. and against that rock he baked the first -28,200 acres. First settlers, Lewis R. Johnny-cake ever baked in the town, and Morris, and Simeon.Stevens. from that he ever after went by the name Samuel M. Lewis was T. clerk to 1817, of Rock Raymond. The first town meet15 years or over; Nomlas Cobb 13 yrs. ing to be found on record, was held First justices, Samuel Cobb, and Simeon March 14, 1780, when Israel Mead was Stevens, 1786, 17 years each; others, chosen town clerk; Amos Mead, Con.; Asahel Powers 31 years; Samuel M. and Edward Higley, Benjamin Tupper, Lewis 25; Noah Safford 23; WILLIAM and Israel Mead, selectmen. This is not DYER 21; WILLIAM W. WHITNEY 19; probably the first organization, as many Simuel W. Porter 16; Henry Closson of the old records are lost, and all the 15; Clar'k Nichols 15; ORMUs M. proprietors' records also. First born, on WHIPPLE 15; ABNER FIELD 14; DANIEL record, was Josiah Tupper, May 2,1772. DAVIS 14; Ellis Damon 13, and John Otis Phillips was town clerk to 1846, 32 Boynton, Jr., 12 years. F.- Rep., John yrs. First justice, Oliver Smith, 1786; Barrett, March 1778. others, Otis Phillips 41 years; Stephen You will have to get the remainder C. ]/Iillerd 20; JOHN L. WILMARTH 19, from the Town Clerk, I could not do it. and Jamzes Houghton 12 years. First Rep. Jonathan Munger 1781. STAMFORD, Lies in the centre of the south tier of towns in Bennington STARKSBOROUGHI, Is in the county, has one post office. Char. by north-east corner of Addison county, has N. H., March 6, 1753, to Elisha Cook, one post office. Gran. Nov. 7, chartered and 55 others, 62 shares, 23,040 acres. Nov. 9, 1780, to Daniel Bridia and 67 On the 9th of June, 1764, it was char- others, and 18,500. acres. A part of tered again by N. H., to Francis Ber- Monkton was annexed to this town, nard, Esq., and 65 others, 72 shares, and March 4, 1797. First settlers, George 23040 acres, by the name of New Stam- Bidwell and Henry Kellogg, and famiford, but it appears that the town has lies, April, 1788, and from that part anabout 50 of the rear guard of the British my Command, and according to a Resolve army, on their retreat to Canada; also, their Past by the Honnorable Continental Congress boats, horses, cows, goats, and I suppose all that all Prisses belong to the Captivators the equippage of Old Ti, and Crown Point." thereof-therefore She and her Child became It was done, he'said, by a Ruse, representing the just Property of the Captivators thereof the woods to be filled with ierrick's Rangers, -I being Conscihentious that it is not Right which struck a terror to all the British troops, in the Sight of god to keep Slaves-I thereif they were supposed in be near. fore obtaining Leave of the Detachment under The following is from the records of Ben- my Command to give her and her Child their nington, verbatim, which shows that some irr freedom I do therefore give the said Dinah ancient times were more willing to yield up mattis and Nancey her ChildShere freedom to their rights, than to aid in perpetual Slavery. pass and Repass any where through the UniRHEAD QUARTERS POLL.ET t ted States of America with her Behaving as 28th of November 1777. becometh and to Trade and to Traffick for her To whom it may Concern Know ye Whereas Self and Child as tho' She was Born free Dinah Mattis, a negro woman with nancey her without beingMlollested by any Person or Child of two months old was taken Prisnor on Persons. Lake Champlain, withthe British Troops Some In witness whereunto I have Set. my hand where near Cbl Gillinner's Patten the Twelth ofr subscribed my name. day of Instant November by a Seoutt under (Signd) BBENEZ'Ri ALLENI CArT.

Page  185 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 185 nexed from Monkton, John Ferguson, two post offices, Gaysville, and Stockand Thomas V. Ratenburgh. settled the bridge. Char. by N. H., July 21, 1761, same year. George Bidwell died April to William Dodge, and 65 others, 72 13, 1840, aged 84, leaving a large landed shares, and 28,100 acres. It was granted estate to his children. First male born, by New York, to Willian Story and Cyrus Bidwell, son of George, Dec. l 1, others, in 1761 and the first grant in the 1790. It is contended by some that State, by New York. Whether a charter Hannah Kellogg was born in the town was given is doubtful. The town clerk before C. Bidwell. Org. March, 1796. says there is none but the N. H. charter. First town clerk, Warner Pierce; first First settlers, Elias Keyes, Joshua BartCon., Solomon Holcomb; first Sel., Jo- lett, Asa Whitcomb, and John Durkee, seph Bostwick, Abram Bushnell, and and their families, in 1784 and 5. Org. Luman Brunson; (some doubt of those March 27, 1792, First town clerk, Elihu, being the first officers elected, except the Holland; first Con., Branch Whitcombb; town clerk.) Richard TForth was town first Sel., Joseph Durkee, John Whitclerk, to 1835, 20 yrs.; his son, WILLIAM comb, and Samuel Wiley. First born, WORTHI, 2nd, from 1835-52, 17 years. Joseph Wiley, May 3, 1784. Rufus Not any of the ancient officers are living. Lyon was town clerk to 1832, 35 years;' First justice, Samuel Darrow, 1790, by MERRICK GAY, from 1832-52, 20 years. the state, but from his taking the ac- F. justice, Asa Whitcomb, 1786; others, knowledgment of deeds in 1783 & 4, he Rufus Lyon, 30 years; JUSTIN MORGAN, was probably appointed by the town; 26; Norman Webber, 22; Samu el Belothers, Elisha Ferguson, 30 years; IRA cher, 20; Asa Partridge, 18:; John BUSHNELL 22; John Ferguson 20; Wil- Leonard, 15, and Samuel Eaton, 12 yrs. /ia m Worth, 2nd, 18; David Kellogg, First Rep. John Whitcombj 1792. 15; SAMUEL D. HOLCOMB, 14; SIDNEY SAYLES 13, and Isaac Stowell 12 years. STOWE, Is the South town in LaFirst Rep.-, John Ferguson, 1798. moille county, has one post ofce. Char. June 8, 1763, by N. H., to Joshua SimSTERLING, Is a little s3uth of the mons and 63 others, 70 shares, & 23,040 centre of Lamoille county, has no post acres. Nov. 11, 1848, the town of Mansoffice. Gran. Feb. 25, 1782. Char. same field, except a small part that had been day, to Samuel Safford and 62 others; before set to Underhill, was annexed to but it appears from the town records that Stowe. Mansfield was chartered by N. a charter iS there, dated Oct. 18, 1805, H., to Jeremiah T'ravise and 64 others, and signed by Isaac Tichenor, at ]Dan- 71 shares, & 23,040 acres, June 8, 1763. ville, and given to Samuel Safford and 62 Those two grants are the only ones made others, and 23,040 acres. Oct. 30, 1828, in that county by New Hampshire; and a part of this town was annexed to Cam- to a land speculator of the present day, bridge. First settler, Peter McAllaster, it may seem very strange that a town about 1800. Organized March 14, 1806. like Mansfield should be taken, and such First town clerk, William McAllaster; towns as Cambridge, Johnson, and Morfirst Con., David Mc Connell; first Sel. ristown, left to be chartered many years George Kentfield, Peter McAllaster, and afterwards. Stowe was first settled about Augustus Young. First born, Sterling 1793. Org., as reported, in March 1797. MlcAllaster, about 1800. Moses Vilas First town clerk, Josiah Hurlbert. If was town clerk 12 years. First justice, you can get the other facts from the town William;McAllaster, 1803; others, Moses clerk, you will do what I have been unVilas, 41 years. able to do. Riveriuzs Camp was town First Rep. Asaph Kentfield, 1834. clerk to 1837, 27 yrs.; JOSEPH H. BENNETT from 1837 —52, 15 yrs. F. justice, STOCKBRIDGE, Lies in the north- William Utley, 1796, l1 years; others, ~westerly'part of Windsor county, has Nathan Robinson, Sen., 26 yrs.; ArNERi 24

Page  186 186 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. FULLER, 24; ORION W. BUTLER, 21; zier, 12 years. First Rep. Samuel BouRiverius Canmp, 19; Lemuvel Thomas, tell, 1799, and 17 years, next follow17; Nathanz Ro6inson, Jr., 17; NATHAN ing, 18 years. FOSTER, 16; Zebina W. Bennett, 15; JOSEPH HI. BENNETT, 14; Marvin Dut- STRATTON GORE, For which no ton, 13, and ALONSON C. BURKE, 12 yrs. charter is found, was annexed to StratFirst Rep. Nathan Robinson, 1801. ton, October 28, 1799. STRAFFORD, Is in the south-east- SUD:BURY, Lies in the north-westerly part of Orange county,has two post erly part of -Rutland county, has one offices, Strafford, and South Strafford. post office. Char. by N. II., August 6, Char. Aug. 12, 1761, by N. H., to Solo- 1763, to Capt. Silas Brown, and 47 othmon Phelps, and 63 others, 70 shares, & ers, 54 shares, and 15,424 acres. Nov. 23,040 acres. First settled, just before 7, 1806, a part of Hubbardton was anthe revolutionary war. The first town nexed to this town. When and by'whom meeting for choice of town officers, was first settled. is unknown. Org. March holden March 18 1779. F. town clerk, 17, 1789. First town clerk, Benoni FarDavid.Chamberfin; first Con., Elias rand; first constable, Joseph Warner; Chamberlin; first Selectmen, John Al- first selectmen, Benoni Farrand, Jereger, Frederick Smith, & Joshua Tucker. miah Stone, and Abel Wood. First born, First born, unknown. Samuel Bliss was HannahSanders, Aug. 22, 1784. Ely town clerk to 1811, 17 years; Stephen Royce, a constable in 1794, is the only Morrill, from 1812 to his death, Dec. 8, ancient officer now living. Joseph War1848, almost 37 years. Not one of the ner was town clerk nearly 20 yrs. JAMES ancient officers of the town are now liv- K. HYDE, 15 years next March. First ing. First justice, Heber Gilbert, 1786; justice, John Hall, 1789; others, JAMES others, Stephen Morrill, 38 years; Jede- K. HYDE, 22 years; WILLIAM A. WILdiah IH Harris, 32; PLINY DAY, 24; LIAMS, 20; Joseph Warner, 20; JOHN Daniel Cobb, 20; Leonard Walker, 20; C. SAWYE8, 18,; Henry J. Horton, 15; Thomas Hazeltine, 17; David Morrill, and Isaac Ketchum, 15 years. 17; John Burnham, 16; Mlartin Bar- First Rep. John Hall, 1789. r-ett, 16' Samuel S. Ki~blinger, 14, and New Hampshire gave a charter to Royal Hiatch, 12 yrs. Isaac Searle, and 66 others, 73 shares. F. Rep., Frederick Smith, Oct. 1778. and 23,040 acres, June 15, 1764, by the name of Dunbar, and covering the same STRATTON, Is one of the west land that is now Sudbury, but was not towns in Windham county, has one post to interfere with any former Grant. office. Char. by N. H.,- July 30, 1761, to Isaac Searl and 62 others, 69 shares. SUNDERLAND, Lies near the cenand 23,040 acres. Stratton Gore was tre of Bennington county, has one post annexed to this town, October 28, 1799. office. Char. by N. H., July 29, 1761, First settlers, Timothy Morsman, in to Isaac Searle, and 61 others, 68 shares, 1784; others of the same name. and the and 23,040 acres. Firstsettlers, Messrs. name of Patch, soon followed. Org. Warrens, Evarts, Brownson, Chiprnan, in 1788. First town clerk, Asa Phillips, Webb, and Bradley, from Connecticut, first (onstable, Joseph Patch; first Se- in 1766. Organized in' 1769. First lectmen, Timothy Morsman, Solomon town clerk, Gideon Brownson; other Gale, and Benjamin Hobbs.' First born, officers unknown., Edmond Graves was Asa Phillips, Jr., in 1785. Richard town clerk 11 or 12 years; James A. Scott was town clerk to 1825, 15 years. Graves. to 1841, 20 yrs. First justice. First justice, Samuel Boutell, 1799, 22 Samuel Bartlett 1]789, 13 years; others, years; others, R -ichard Scott 25 years; James A. Graves, 20, and Joel Kinney5 losecs Forrester 14, and John N, Gla. 19 years. First Rep., Joseph Bradley,

Page  187 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 187 October, 1778. As the town clerk does 3Miead, 13; GEORGE BULLARD, 12; and not give me any information, though often Cornelius Wood, 12 years. requested, you will have to call on him First Rep. Daniel Stannard, 1790. for the remainder. THETFORD, Is the south-east corSUTTON, Lies in the north end of ner town in Orange county, has five post Caledofiia county, has one post office. offices, Theiford, East Thetford, South Char. by Vermont, Feb. 6, 1782, to Jon- Thetford, Post Mills, and Union Village. athan Arnold and 11 others, and 23,040 Char. by N. E., Aug. 12, 1761, to John acres, by the name of Billymead. which Phelps. Esq., and 61 others, 68 shares, was altered to Sutton, Oct. 19 1812. F. and 23,200 acres. First settlers, John settlers, a Mr. Hackett, 1791, and soon Chamberlin, 1764. Two others, Baldwin, had neighbors. Org., in 1794. First and Hosford, 1765. First born, Susantown clerk, James Cahoon; first Con., nah Chamberlin, Dec. 13, 1764. First Jeremiah Washburn; first sel., John male, Samuel (Chamberlin, April8, 1766. Anthony, Samuel Cahoon, and Samuel Org. MIay 10, 1768. First town clerk, Orcott; first born, Thomnas WiTashburn, Abner Howard; first Con., Abner HowJanuary 17, 1795. Caleb Fisk was town ard. elected Aug. 31, 1769; first Proclerk 12 years, and Jacob C. Morrill 12 prietor's Committee, or Selectmen, John years. First justice, Samuel Cahoon, Chamberlin, Zebedee Howard, Ebenezer 1794, 12 years; others, THADDEUS CUR- Green, Benjamin Chamberlin, & Samuel TIs, 23 years; David Stoddard, 21; A~e- Wise. I am of the opinion that the hemialz Shaw, 17, and John Beckwith, above were proprietors officers only, and 15 years. First Rep. Caleb Fisk, 1805. that the town was not so soon organized. Abner Howard was town clerk to Oct. SWANTON, Is in the north-westerly 11, 1791, 21 years; Thomas lopkins,to -part of Franklin county, has two post 1828, 18 years. First justices, Timtothy offices, Swanton Falls, and Swanton Cen- Bartholomew, and Beriah Loomis, 1786, tre. Char. by N. H., August 17, 1763, T. B., 32 years; others, Timothy P. to Josiah Goodrich, and 63 others, 70 Bartholomeo, 32 years; SIMEON SHORT, shares, and 23,040 acres. Nov. 3, 1836, 29;,John Hall, 22; William Heaton, a part of Highgate was annexed to this 20; John C. Hacmmond, 18 Jonathan town. Before the old French war, the Emerson, 14; Stephen Eastman, 14; French and -Indians had quite a settle- Henry H. Niles, 13, and John Judd, 12: ment at Swanton Falls, which they con- F. Rep. Timothy Bartholomew, M'ch'78. tinued to occupy till the American Revolution commenced. First permanent TINMOUTH,; Is in the sou3th-westsettler here was John Hilliker and farm- erly part of Rutland county, has one ily, about 1'787, but were soon joined by post office. Char. by N. H., Sept. 15, other settlers. Org. in 1790. First 1761, to Joseph Hooker, Esq., and 63 town clerk, Thomas Butterfield; first others, 70 shares, and 23040 acres. Oct. Con., John Azeltine; first Sel., Coonrod 28, 1784, 3510 acres of this town was Azeltine, John Knox, and Jonathan taken as their share in theincorporation Butterfield. First born, on record, Or- of Middletown. Another part was anrimal Griffin, March 26, 1794; this is nexed to Wallingford, Oct. 21, 1793, so not, probably, the first yankee birth, 7 that the town is reduced to about twoyears after it was settled. Jarib Jack- thirds of their chartered territory. Org. son was town clerk to 1816, 18 years; iTarch 8, 1774. First town clerk Charles George Bullard to 1844, 12 yrs: First Brewster; first Con., in 1776, Orange justice, Thomas Butterfield, 1788; oth- Train; first Sel., in 1774, James Adams, ers, SIIADRACK HATHAWAY. 38 years; Charles Brewster, and John McNeil. George Green, 28; Hiramc' Tuller, 17; First born, Isaac White, Aug. 17, 1772. Jeremiah Savndborn, 16; Ceasar A. Thomas Porter was town clerk, from

Page  188 188 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 1780-98, 18 years; George Capron, to town was Org. in 1753, F. T. C. Wil1846. 25 years, and the only one of the liam Young; F. Con. Abner Hazeltine; above named, or of the ancient officers F. Sel. John Hazeltine, Isaac Barnard, Dow living. First justices, Gideon War- Benjamin Woodbury, Benjamin Mark ren, 1778; first by the state, Obadiah and William Young. F. born. unknown. Noble, sen., 1-786, 19 yrs.; others, Oba- None of the ancient officers are living. diah Noble, jr., 38 years; Thomas Por- On comparing this statement with the.ter, jr., 35; CALVIN BREWER, 18; Noah fact, that the town had no inhabitants W. Sawyer.1i7; HARvEY SHIAW, 16, and till 1761; I concluded that in case such,John Norton, 13 years. First Rep., an organization and choice of officers was Charles Brewster, March 1778. on the records, it was a Proprietors meeting only. Eight days ago I wrote THOMLINSON, name changed to to the Clerk for an explanation. but have Grafton, Oct. 31, 1791. not received any answer. Z. Thompson says, " the first town meeting was on the TOPSHAM, Is the centre town, in 30,of May, 1771, Joseph Tyler, F. T. C." the north end of Orange county, has two Ephraim Wheelock was town clerk 12 post offices. Topsham, and West Tops- years; Silas Ball 12 years. F. justice, ham. Char. by N. H., Aug. 17, 1763, Joseph Tyler, by the town; first by the to George Frost, & 81 others, 88 shares, state, Joseph Tyler, 1786, 20 years after and 23,040 aeres. First settlers, Thomas 1786, and Joshua Wood, 1786; others, Chamberlin, Thomas McKeith, and Sam- Dana Bailey, 32 years; Joseph Tyler. uel Farnum, in 1781; Robert Mann, jr., 31; Zadock Sawyer, 26; Waitstell John Crown, and Samuel Thompson, in R. Rannzey, 24; JOHN H. BRIGHAM, 23; 1783; Lemuel Tabor, in 1784, who built Barnzard Salisbury 21; Charles PPhelps the first saw-mill, the same year, and a 18; JOHN BLADEN, 17; William R. grist-mill in 1787. Firstborn, unknown. Shafter, 17; NVathaniel Cheney, 17; Org. March 15, 1790. First town clerk, Oliver Wilkinsonz, 16; Crhapin HowLemuel Tabor; first Con. Samuel Car — ard, 16; John Roberts, 15, and Samuel ter; first Sel., Lemuel Tabor, Robert Gray, 15 years. First Rep., Samuel Mann, and William Carter. Lemuel Fletcher, March, 1778. Tabor was town clerk for 33 years out of 34, and his son, Levi Tabor, 23 years TROY, Lies in the north-west part,Out of 24, to 1848. First justice, Lemuel of Orleans county, has two post offices, Tabor, 1791, 33 years; others, Samuel Troy, and North Troy. Char. by Vt., Butterfield, 27 years; Edmond George, the south part to John Kelly, of New 27; Levi Tabor, 25; Aaron Sandborn, York City, October 30, 1792, containing 23; Samuel Batchelder, 18; Moses 12,000 acres. The north part was Char. Wallace, 18; Gilman White, 15; Hale by Vermont, to Samuel Avery, Oct. 27, Groeo, 153 Ca&los. Bill, 13; John 1792, with 11,040 acres. Gold and SilFellotos, 13, & Jazes F. George, 12 yrs. ver mines on the grant to Kelly, are reFirst Rep., William Thompson,. 1801. served for the State. First settled, about 1800. Oct. 28. 1801, the two grants TOWNSHEND, Is a little north of were incorporated into a town by the the centre of Windham county, h'a two name of Missisquoi, which was organized post offices, Townshend, & West Towns- March 30, 1802. First town clerk, Cur-'hend. Ot. 29, 1840, the town of Ac- tis Elkins. If the town clerk should ton was annexed to this town. First send me any further facts, that I have settlers, Joseph Tyler, John Hazeltine, often requested him to do; you shall -and others, in 1761. Char. by N. H., have them by calling on me, or, if more June 20, 1753, to John Hazeltine, and convenient, you can call on him. 63 others, 70 shares, and 23,040 acres. Altered to Troy, Oct. 2.6, 1803.:The:Town Clerk wrote me that the Rotation:in office it seems has been

Page  189 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 189 the "order of the day" as to town clerks, years; Peter Martin, to 1824, 12 years, none have served 12 years, nor near it. Not one of the above officers, or the anF. justice, Alpheus Moore, 1801; others, cient officers are now left among the livJosiah Lyon, 28 years; Ezra Johnson, ing. F. justice, William Barney, 1795, 26; Samuel H. Hovey, 22; Samuel 31 years; others, Peter Martin, 34 yrs.; Suvmner, 17; THOMAS SARTELL, 14; ALFRED BICKNELL, 14;.Luther ChainHenry Corey, 14; R1alph Chamberlin, berlin 13, and JOHN EI. TowER, 12 yrs. 13, and William Billings, 12 years. First Rep. William Barney, 1795. First Rep., Alpheus Moore, 1802. VERGENNES. Is the only incorpoTUNBRIDGE, Is in the centre of rated City in the State, it lies in the the south end of Orange county, has one north-westerly corner of Addison county, post office. Char. by N. H., Sept. 3, has one post office. Itwasincorporated 1761, to Abraham Root, and 64 others, into a City by the Legislature of Ver71 shares, and 23,040 acres. F. settlers, mont, Oct. 23, 1788, by taking the corJames Lyon, Moses Ordway, and others, ners of three towns, Ferrisburgh, New in 1776. Org. March 21, 1786. First Haven, and Panton, and contains nearly town clerk, Alexander Stedman; first two square miles. This statement,I reCon., Abel Camp; first Sel., Moses Ord- gret to say, not only differs from histoway, Elijah Tracy, and James Gray. rians, but it differs from my own also, in First born, James Lyon, jr., January, Ferrisburgh, New Haven, and Panton; 25, 1780. Jonathan Whitney, a select- for in each of those towns I took the man in 1798, Nathaniel King do. in statement of history, which is, that Ver1799, are all the ancient officers now liv- gennes City was incorporated from those ing. Samuel Austin was town clerk to towns, Oct. 23, 1783. When I found 1828, 22 years; Charles B. Chancler, that the clerk's letter, which facts he had to 1848, 15 years. First justice, Seth from Philip C. Tucker, Esq,, and excelAustin, 1788; others, Samzuel Austin, lent authority, on ancient facts, stated it 34 years; Ebenezer Hackett 32; ELIJAH Oct. 23, 1788, I was inclined to think DICKIERMAN, 23; Cyrus Chaprman, 18; he had substituted an 8 for a 3; but on Zebina Whitney, 15; Eli Austin, 14; turning to the Journals of the LegislaELISHA L. TRACY 12, and James Hutch- ture under the 23d day of Oct., 1788, inson, 12 years. there I found it, as the clerk had stated, First Rep. Seth Austin, 1788. 1788, and no mistake. First settlers, Donald McIntosh, a Scotchman, about TURNERSBURGH, Altered to 1766-7. First born, supposed to be a Chelsea. daughter of his, about 1770. Vergennes was first organized as a town, March 12, UNDERHILL, Is in the north-east 1789.' First town clerk, Samuel Chipcorner of Chittenden County, has three man; first Con., Durand Roburds; first post offices, Underhill, Pleasant Valley, Sel, Ebenezer Mann, Alexander Brush, and Underhill Centre. Char. by N. IE., and Richard Burling. It was organized June 8, 1763, to Joseph Sackett. jr., and under the City;/ charter July 1, 1794. 64 others, 71 shares, and 23,040 acres. First Mayor, Enoch XVoodbridge; first Nov. 15, 1839, it took some pity upon city clerk, Josias Smith; first Common Mansfield, by taking a part of its high Council, Sam'l Chipman, Elkanah Mountain on to her shoulders. Org. Brush, Oliver Pier, Eli Roburds, March 9, 1795. First town clerk, Wil- Ebenezer Huntington, and Jacob Redliam Barney; first Con., Caleb Sheldon; ington. Not one of the above hamed, first Sel., Abner Eaton, Archibald Dix- or any of the ancient officers are now on, and Cyrus Stevens. F. born, Polly living, except Calvin Harmon a constaDixon, Nov. 28, 1792. William Barney ble in 1797-8. William H. White was was town clerk from 1795 to 1811, 16 town clerk to 1850, 17 yrs. F. justice,

Page  190 190 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. William Brush, 1787 and 8; others, VERSHIRE, Is near the centre of Enoch D. Woodbridge, 41 years in suc- Orange county, has one post office. Gran. cession; PHILIP C. TUCKER, 26; John Nov. 7, 1780. Char. Aug. 3, 1781, by Thompson, 21; JoHN PIERPOINT, 20; Vt., to Abner Seelye, and 64 others; Isaiah'Scott, 19; William H. White, with 21,961 acres. Oct. 23, 181 1, a mile 18; Villie Lawrence, 17; GEORGE W. square was annexed to Corinth. First GRANDEY 14; Cyrus Smith 14; Samuel settler, a Mr. Knight, in 1779. First Wilson, 13; Rodmnan Chapman, 12; born, Rosanna Titus, January 1, 1780. and Jaredl M. Taylor, 12 years. Some of the early papers belonging to the First Rep., Samuel Chipman; 1789. office were burned. The town clerk says, " It appears from the records that Jona- VERNON Is the south-east corner town in tdham County, and of te than Maltby was the first town clerk," town in Windham County, and of the but does not give any date. Thompson State, has one post office. Char. by N. says te town was organized in 1783. H., Sept. 3, 1753, to Ebenezer Alexan- sys, the town as organized in 1783. *., Se. 3, 15,o E e ex Andrew Peters was first town clerk, and der, and 94 others, 101 shares, & 23,040 Ebenezer Pest first tepsentltive a acres, including land on both sides of Connecticut river. An alterationinthis But it does not appear from the Journals that West was a representative till 1790; Sharter was mad e, or another issuedn but which is right as to town clerk I canSept 266, 1753 which made the land into None of those two towns, dividing them by the west not say, both may be. None of those n o Connei v, andvidinamthed y * wesabove named, or any of the ancient offibankslf Connecticut river, anw narked cers are living. Thomas Porter was town each charter.' New York clerk from 1792 to 1813 21 yrs. Thomas granted some part of this -town by the name of insdale, and Fal Town Gore, Keyes, before 1847, 31 yrs. F. justice, name of Hinsdale and Fall Town Gore I ) n.e fd Ot 7. Ebenezer West, 1786; others, Thomas no date's found. Oct. 21, 1802, it was Keyes, 35 yrs.; S-,~N ]3aon 31; Asa altered to Vernon. This was one of the f:rst settled..towns in the state, and the Svmith, Jr., 24; Thomas Porter 23; Rusettlers suffered many hardships from the uus BLANC-ARD, 21; WiLLIA, BoART,..'.,,. lMAN 20' PLINY ]DWIGHT 20 George Indians, for many years. The town was;, 20 2.W. 1.. 1 > TiY. Maltby, 19; Nathan 81var, 17; early organized, but by the loss of the 1; n, 17; ~ - ~-Ira Corse 1.5 William Prio' 15; records by fire in 1789. it cannot be foundcl ilriaG S. 1nhei 15, and SteP hen when. By old Deeds found, and re-re- Wi liambalS 13 years. corded, it appears that John Bridgman First ep. Joel aler 1785. First Rep., Joel Walker, 1785. was town clerk as soon as 1785, and was the first one elected, but probably some VICTORY Lies in the south-westyears before 1785, he served till his elv pat of Essex County, has no post death in 1803, 18 years or more; Cyrus office Gran.ov. 780. Char. ept. Washburn was town clerk from 1804, some ou, to 1842 28 years; arshal6, 1781 by Vt., to Ebenezer Fisk, and -, to, 78 Srs; l ~z * *64 others, and 23 040 acres. First setWhithed 1 1 or 12 yrs. Jarijah, T1zayer, tler es f, 1811. orn, Curtis a selectman in 1799, is the only ancient Eiot time unknotn. 8rg. M. 3, 1841. e nw l, ad 9, ad w s Elliot. time unknown. Org. May 3, 1841. officer aged 90 and-walks 5.First town clerk, Loomis Wells first or 6 miles in a day during the past year, Con., Hubbard Gates; first Sel., fonaand said to be the last Revolutionary t pensioner left in that county.F justice,. n nsioner left in that cont.. jusice, and Chelsea Hildreth. There has been Arad Hunt, 1786; others, CYRUS WASHRN o1852 4 years insucce 8 town clerks since 1841, and all living.and, to 1852h, 47 years in moccession, but one: rotation prevails in this town. and has probably married more persons....' hnaother justice of the pers n s I First justice Eliphalet C.. Wvorth, 1829. than any-other. justice of te hpeace in I e logest in offe.l oraves Topali 8 yrs. Vermont; Nathan Wood 20; Elija The longes p. office aes Towel, 81 rs41. Stebbins, 19; Eli Lee,' 8; JOSEPH E. FRANKLIN,' 15; and EBENEZER I HOWE, VINEYARD, Altered to Isle La Jr, 1:3 yrs. F. Rep. Arad Hunt, 1780. Mott.

Page  191 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 191 VIRGIN HALL, or AIKEN'S vails in this town as" to town clerks, none GORE, Is a tract of land of 800 acres, have served over 10 years. None of the joining Londonderry, Landgrove, and above officers, or the ancient officers are Winhall, on the Mountain. Gran. by living. First justice, Benjamin Wait, Vt., to Edward Aiken, & 5 others, Feb. 1791; others, JENNISON JONES 36, and 25, 1782. I think it has not been an- Mathias S. Jones, 35 years. nexed to any town, but is in Windham First Rep. Benjamin Wait, 1795. County, on' the west side. WALDEN, Ts near the west side of WAITSFIELID, Lies in the south- Caledonia County, has two post offices, west part of Washington County, has Walden, and South Walden. Granted one post office. Gran. and Char. by Vt. Nov. 6, 1780. Char. Aug. 18, 1781, by Feb. 25, 1782, to Roger Enos, Benjamin Vermont, to Moses Robinson, and 65 Wait, and 68 others, and 23,200 acres. others, and 23,040 acres. First settler, Nov. 7, 1822, a part of this town was Nathaniel Perkins, in 1789, and wasthe annexed to Northfield, and Oct. 26, 1846, only family in town for 3 years, remained another part was set to Northfield. First on the same farm, and died in 1842, aged settler,* Benjamin Wait, 1789. First 90. Org. March 24: 1794. First town born, on the records, is Lucy Rider. now clerk, Nathaniel Perkins; first Con., Lucy Itarris, born May 11, 1794. Org. Elisha Cate; first Sel., Nathan Barker, March 25, 1794. First town clerk, Moses Nathaniel Perkins, and Joseph Burley. Heaton; first Con., Ezra Wait; first First born, Jesse Perkins, 1791. None Sel., Benjamin Wait, James Heaton,and of the above named, or any of the anMoses Chase. Rotation in office pre- cient officers are living. DANIEL-WOOsTER has been town clerk since 1821, ex*Gen. Benjamin Wait was born in Sudbury, cept one year, to 1852, 30 years. First Mass., Feb. 13. 1737; was blessed with a vig-aniel Pei yrs. orous constitution, and while a youth gaveustice, Nathan. evidence of a talent for military exploits. Others, DANIEL WOOSTER, 29.years; When at the age of 18, he entered the service Jamzes Bell, 29; Adamn:Amsden, 21; of his country under the brave Gen. Amherst. Hanson Rogers, 1 9; John Gould, 16 In 1756, he was taken by the French, carried Thomas Farring2, ton, 14, and Natleaiet to Quebec, and to France, or near the coast Peki, r.'a years. when he was retaken by the British' and car- PeeA'izs, Jr., 13 years. ried to England. In the spring of 1757, he First Rep Nathaniel Perkius, 1795. returned to America, and 1758 assisted at the capture of Louisburgh. The two next yeai.s WALLINGFORD, Lies in-thesouth-. he aided to reduce Canada to submission. He easterly quarter of Rutland Cnty, as was in many important and dangerous enter- of l-.,. prises, but generally successful. At the age two post offices, Wallingford, and South of 25, he had been engaged in 40 battles and W~allingford. Char. by N. H., Noy. 27, slkirmishes, often receiving the enemy's balls 1761, to Capt. Eliakim Hall, and 65 oththrough his clothing, but never received a ers, 72 shares, and 23,040 acres. It was wound. In 1767, lie and his family removed also granted by New York,* March IS to Windsor, Vt. He acted the part of a true Greexn Mountain Boy in their controversy 1772, to Eliakim Hall with21,900 acres. with New York. In1776, hbentered theU.,S. Also, in Jun6, 1771. Oct. 31, 1.792, service as Capt., and fought under the' ban- 2388 acres of this town was taken to ners of Washington till the war closed. He help form the town of Mount Holly. had been promoted to a Col., and after his re- Oct 21 1793 art of moth turn home was made a Brigadier General of, a part of Tinmouth was Militia. Was seven years high sheriff of Wind- annexed to this town. First'settlers, sor County; three years represented Windsor, Abraham Jackson, and family, in 1773. and seven years Waitsfield, in the Legislature. Organized, or first town meeting held in He purchased largely in his new town, and the town, March 10, 1778. First town lived to see the wilderness subdued into fruit- cle fu! fields, and having a competence sufficient rk, Abraham Jackson; first Con., Steto satisfy every worldly appetite. He died phen Clark; first Sel., Abrahan Jackin 1822, abed 86, son, and Joseph Jackson,'chosen April

Page  192 192 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 9, 1778. First born, Lorane Jackson, Fisher, 15 years. First Rep., Christotime unknown; Pamelia Clark, first on pher Denison, Jr., 1824. record, Dec. 7, 1778. William Fox was town clerk after 1797, 22 years. An- WARDSBOROUGH, Lies a little drew Hewett, a selectman in 1797, aged west of the centre of Windham County, 90, is the last one living of those men- has three post offices, Wardsboro', West tioned above, or the last century officers. Wardsboro', and North Wardsboro'. First j-istice, Abraham Jackson, 1786; Gran. and Char. by Vermont, Nov. 7, others. William Fox, 28 years; William 1780, to William Ward, and 62 others, Kent 24; Eliakimi H. Johnson 22; SAM- and 33,944 acres. Oct. 18, 1788, an act UEL M. EDGERTON, 21; Howacld 1arri'is was passed for dividing the town into 19. and Nathaniel Ives, 13 years. two districts, called North, and South First Rep., Abraham Jackson, March Districts. The south district was incor12, 1778. porated into a new town, Oct. 30, 1810, and named Dover. Nov. 11, 1151, a part WALTHAM, Is a small town in the of Somerset was annexed to Wardsboro. north-west part of Addison County, con- F. settlers, John Jones, Ithamer Allen, taining about nine square miles, taken and others, in June, 1780. Organized, from the north-west corner of New Ha- as some say, March 14, 1786. F. T. C., ven, (after Vergennes was incorporated) Aaron Hudson. Who were the other Oct. or Nov. 1796. and was named Walt- officers, &c., &c., the town clerk has not ham, by Phinehas Brown, Esq., who came yet informed me; perhaps he would give from Waltham, Mass. It has no post you the information on enquiring of him. office, nor any separate charter. Oct. Asa Wheelock was town clerk from 25, 1804, a part of Addison was annexed 1807-40, 33 yrs. First justice, Aaron to this town. First settlers, Mr. Gris- Hudson, 1786; others, Asa W heelock, wold and others, previous to the war, but 52 years: Pearley Fairbanks, 34; Silas the settlement was broken up. At the Dexter, 20; Emzery Wheelock 13, and close of the war, Messrs. Griswold, Phin- JO-IN TUFTS, 12 years. ehas Brown, Cook: and others came, and First Rep., Aaron Hudson, 1786. the town soon had a large population. First born, unknown. Org. March 30, WARNER'S GORE, Is a tract of 1797. First town clerk, Andrew Bar- 2000 acres, on the west side of Essex ton, Jr.; first Con., Doctor Griswold; County, joining Morgan. Granted Oct. first Sel., Phinehas Brown, Joseph Lang- 20, 1787. Char. Nov. 29, 1791, by Vt., worthy, and Moses Pier. Daniel Chip- to Hester, the widow of Col. Seth Warman was town clerk to 1823, 13 years; ner, one of the Green 2lIountain Boys. George Fisher, to 1836, 13 years. and It has no inhabitants. Peleg Fisher, to 1850, 14 years. This town had no representative in the legis- WARREN, Is in the south-west corlature only in connexion with Vergennes, ner of Washington County, has one post till 1824, as was the case with a number office. Granted Nov. 9, 1780. Char. of small towns. In 1823, some person Oct. 20, 1789, by Vt., to John Throop, came across the Constitutidn of the and 67 others, with 16,660 acres. Nov. State, and there discovered that every 12, 1824, a part of Lincoln was annexed organized town in the State were enti- to Warren. First settlers, Samuel Lard'tled to a Representative in the General & Seth Leavitt, 1797. F. born, Cynthia Assembly, and a number of towns took Sherman, Oct. 17, 1798. First male, the advantage of that wise man's dis- Warren Wead, (time unknown). Org. covery, and have sent on their represen- Sept. 20, 1798. F. T. C., Samuel Lard; tatives since. Firstjustice, Andrew Bar- first Con., Ruel Sherlnan; first Sel. Ruel ton, Jr., 1791; others, George Fisher, ShermWan, Joseph Raymond, and Seth, 30 years; Chester Ward 17; and Peleg Leavitt. Rotation in town clerks rule

Page  193 APPENDIX TODEMING'S VERMQNT OFFICERS. 193 so strong that no one has served 12 yrs. cob Bliss, 36 years;KPhilip Sargeant, First justice, Samuel Lard, 1799; others, 20, and John Colby, 15 years. Joseph W. Eldridge, 24 yrs.; Franklin First Rep., Thaddeus White, 1794, A. Wright 15; Thomas Sargeant, 15;.James Richardson 14, and William B. WATERBURY, Lies in the northTyler, 13 years. west corner of Washington County, has First Rep., Thomas Gerald, 1809. one post office.. Char. by N. H., June 7, 1763, to John Stiles, Esq., and 65 WARREN GORE, Is an uninhab- others, 72 shares, and 23,040acres. 04, ited tract of land in the north-westerly 30, 1850, a part of Middlesex was ancorner of Essex County, containing 6380 nexed to this town. F. settlers, James acres, and belongs to the town of War- Marsh, wife, and eight children, came in ren, and unless it was chartered with 1784, and remained a year or two, with Warren, I find no authority to tell when neighbors no nearer than 7 miles, Bolton it was chartered. and MIiddlesex. In Sept. 1786, Gov. ""Ezra Bdtler came with his family; and WASHINGTON, Lies north-west of in 1788, Caleb Munson and family, and the centre of Orange County, has one was soon followed by many others. Org, post office. Gran. Nov. 6, 1780. Char. March 31, 1790. First town clerk. Ezra Aug. 8, 1781, to Elisha Burton and 64 Butler. As to other officers, &c., I have others, with 23,040 acres. New York not been fortunate enough to get any ingranted the land in this town, by the formation from the town clerk; you can name of Kingsland, and it was made the can call on him for the ballance. Dan capitol of Gloucester county. The grant Carpenter was town clerk 17 years, to was previous to 5May 29, 1770, (see page 1829; Paul Dilli..gham, Jr., 15 years, 119,) and as the only grant made in that county by N.'Y., before May 1770, was *Elder Ezra Butler was one of the first settlers in this town. He caine fres fWeathersmade to William Kelly and others, of field, Vt., Sept. 1786, and settled on the farm 24,000 acres, but no name given to it, where he died, about 1834. He officiated over presumption is very strong that Wash- the Baptist Ch-u'ch over 30 years. He was a ington was the town granted by New firm man in his opinion to whatever subject York, as stated. A number of sessions he madeup his mind to be right. He had a hand in many of the political movements of of Courts were held in this town, and it the day; was of the Jeffersonian school in contained a log Jail also. But it being politics, and remained so as long as that diso difficult for the court to find the town vision of parties lasted. He was honored. by and court house, in 1771, that they soon the town in being appointed to many of its important offices. le was 11 years a Represenabandoed the idea of trying, and the tative in the House of Assembly, and 15 years courts were held at Newbury and Thet- a member of the Council. In 1803, he was ford. It appears that the inhabitants appointed first Assistant Judge of Chittenden soon after the courts held their sessions County Court, which he held till 1806, when in other towns, abandoned it also. It is he was elected Chief Judge, & held the same said that Daniel, and John Morse, were to 1811, when Waterbury was put into Washsaid that Daniel, and Joh n Mors were ington, then Jefibrson, County, where he was the first settlers in 1785, and that a son again promoted to first Judge, and held that of John Morse was the first person born office 12 years, ending Dec. 1st, 1826. October in the town, and received 50 acres of 1826, he was chosen Governor of the State, land, and that the town was organized and held the office two years. In 1822 he was Mfarchn 1,d179, and that Jhetownwacob n a member of the Constitutional Convention. iMxarch 1, 1792, and that Jacob Burton In 1806, was a member of the Council of Cenwas the first town clerk. As I have been sors, and from 1813-15, was amemnber of Conunable to get from the town clerk any- gress, making 53 years services in the various thing whatever, I do not warrant all the offices, beside the town offices at home. This, above to be true. No person has been added to his religious duties, might be supaboe o b tue Nopeso ha benposed would keep him tolerable busy. He town clerk 12 years since 1802. First was true and faithful in all the various duties justice; Abel Skinner, 1793; others, Ja- assigned him. 26i

Page  194 194 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. to 1844. First jus/te, Richard Holden, First Rep., Luther Poland, 1828. 1792; others, CALVIN BLODGETT 22 yrs.; Dan Carpenter 18; P;aul Dillingham, WEATHERSFIELD, Is in the Jr. 18; THADDEUS CLOUGH 17; WILLIAM south-east part of Windsor County, has WXV. WELLS 16, and Henr'y F. Janes, 12 four post offices, Corners, Weathersfield, yrs. First Rep. Daniel Bliss, 1792. Upper Falls, and Perkinsville. Char. by N. H., to Gideon Lyman, Esq., and WATERFORD, Lies on the east 61 others, 68 shares, and 23,000 acres, side of Caledonia County, and near the Aug. 20, 1761. New York granted this centre from north to south, has two post town to Gideon Lyman, & others, 20,000 offices, Waterford, and Lower Water- acres, April 8, 1772. First settled about ford. Granted Nov. 7, and Char. Nov. 1772 or 3. Org. in March 1778. First 8, 1780, by Vermont, to Benjamin Whip- town clerk, Benoni Tuttle. Other offipie and 64 others, and 23,040 acres, by cers, &c., I do not know, as the town the name of Littleton, and was altered clerk has not informed me; but he has to Waterford, March 9, 1797. First behaved like a gentleman, and in the settled in 1787. Org. May 6, 1793. room of keeping the stamp I sent him First town clerk, Selah Howe; first Con., to return the answer with, as a number Samuel Fletcher; first Sel., Peter Syl- have done and gave no answer, he has vester, Daniel Pike, and Nehemiah Had- informed me that he could not give me ley. First born, William Morgan, time the information asked. Jonathan Whipunknown. Sylvanus Hemingway was ple was town clerk 13 years, after 1802, town clerk to 1842, 32 years. None of and probably some before that; Joshzua the above, or of the last century officers Upham to 1840, 23 yrs. First justices, are living. First justice, Nathan Pike, Waters Chilson, and Joseph Hubbard, 1793, 18 years; otkers, Sylvanus Hem- 1786; others, Thomas Prentiss 33 yrs.; ingway 31; JONAH CARPENTEiR 26; Jo- Joshua Upham 30; BARNABAS DEANE, seph Armington 24; Robert Taggard, 30; Jbseph R. Willianzs 27; Ebeneze 19; Eben Farnum, 16; Joseph Ide 16, Shedd, 24; Amos Hulett, 22; Daniel and JOHN FELCH, 15 years. Bowen 18; CHAUNCEY M. CHAMBERLIN First Rep., Jonathan Grow, 1795. 17; John Sherwin 17; Sewall Clemzent 16; Jacob Perkins 15; Jonathan LawWATERVILLE, Lies in the north- rence 13; Asa Upham 13, and Alvah west corner of Lamoille County, has one Chamberlin, 12 yrs. First Rep., Israel post office. Char. by Vermont, to James Burlingame, March 1778. Whitelaw, James Savage, and William Coit, Oct. 26, 1788, by the name of WELLS, Lies near the south-west Coit's Gore, with 10,000 acres. Oct. 26, corner of Rutland County, with one post 1799, a part of this Gore was annexed office. Char. by N. H., Sept. 15, 1761, to Bakersfield. Nov. 15, 1824, the re- to Capt. Eliakim Hall, and 63 others, 70 maindger;of.Coit's Gore, and a part of shares,and23,040 acres. Oct. 28, 1784, the'towns of Bakersfield, and Belvidere, 6118 acres were taken to help form Midwere incorporatedinto a town, and named dletown, and Oct. 31, 1798, a part of it Waterville. First settled about 1789. was annexed to Poultney. First settlers, Org. soon after it was incorporated. F. Ogden Mallary, 1768; Samuel, and DanT. C., Moses Fisk, held it 24 yrs.'; first iel Culver, in 1771. Org. March 9, 1773. Con., Sylvanus Eaton; first Sel., Jesse First town clerk, John Ward; first Sel., C. Holmes, Luther Poland, and Anti- chosen Nov. 1, 1773, Ogden Mallary, pass Fletcher. First born, Ira Church, Daniel Culver, Joseph Lawrence, Abner Aug. 16, 1788. First justice, Thomas Howe, and John Ward; first Con., chosen Page, 1803; others, JESSE C. HOLMES, March 8, 1774, Caleb Lewis. First born, 26 years; Luther Poland, 24; Moses unknown. Ansel Goodspeed was town Fisk 24, and Eliphalet Brush, 12 yrs. clerk from 1799 to 1845, 46 yrs. Not

Page  195 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 195 any of the above named, or any of the cock was town clerk.from 1809-35, 26 ancient officers are living. First justice, years. First justice, Jesse Olds, 1802; Thomas Lathrop, 1786; others, DAVID others, JERRI1 HODGKINS, 30 yrs.; JAIRTS B. LEwis, 19 years; Westley Clemens, STEBBINS, 26; James Brown, 24; Lu17; Allen Grover 16; Josevh Parks 15, THER PAGE 18; Chester Coburn 13, and and Almon Hopson, 12 yrs. First Rep., Orlando Winslow, 13 years. Daniel Culver, March, 1778. First Rep., Jesse Olds, 1802. WENLOCK, Is a long and narrow WESTFORD, Lies in the centre of town extending nearly across the centre of the north end of Chittenden County, of Essex County, no post office, and only has one post office. Char. by N. H., 26 inhabitants in 1850, being a loss of 2 June 8, 1763, to Henry Franklin and 64 in ten years. Char. by N. H., Oct. 13, others, 71 shares, and 23,040 acres. First i761, to Israel Woodward, & 63 others, settlers, Henry Parmelee, and others, 70 shares, and about 25,000 acres. It 1783-4. First born, on record, Alethea is unorganized. First justice, John Car- Nells, March 20, 1793. Org., in 1793. gill, 1827, 19 years; one more, James First town clerk, Martin Powell; frst Corey, 14 years.rst Corey, 14 years. Con., Ebenezer Burdick; first Sel.:,J;ohin Seeley, Levi Farnsworth, and Shubael WEST FAIRLEE, Is in the easterly Woodruff. Martin Powell, and Paul part of Orange County, has one post Eager were town clerks to 1817-18, 12 office. Char. together with Fairlee, by or 13 years each, but rotation has preN. H., Sept. 9, 1761, to Josiah Channey, vailed since, and none have served over and 63 others, 70 shares, and about 6 or 8 years. First justice, Jeremiah 24,000 acres. Feb. 25, 1797, Fairlee Stone, 1793; others, Danforth Wales, was divided, and the west part named23 years; Levi Farnsworth 21; DANIEL West Fairlee. First settlers, probably MACUMBER 18; ISAAC CHASE 17; Ziba some of those set to Fairlee. F. born, Woods 15, and AMos IJOBARTR 12 years. unknown. Org. March 31, 1797. First town clerk, Asa May, held three years; First Rep., Jeremiah Stone, 1793. first Con., Calvin Morse; first Sl., Reuben Dickinson, Samuel Robinson, and WEST HAVEN, Is the west town George Bixby. Elisha Thayer was town in Rutland County, and near Whitehall, clerk to 1847, 47 years. First justice, N. Y., has one post office. This town Elisha Thayer, 1792 to 1848, 51 years; was chartered with Fairhaven and divided others, ELISHA MAY. 24 years; William into two towns. Oct: 20, 1792, and the Niles 20; AZArIAH WILD 17; JABEZ west part was named West Haven. First LAMPHEAR 14, & Darius Child, 12 yrs. settler, Elijah Tryon, April 1783. Org. First Rep., (not connected with Fair- in 1792. First town clerk, Nathan Barlee,) Samuel Graves, 1823. low; first Con., Henry Cramer; first Sel., Maj. Lemuel Hyde, Capt. CorneWESTFIELD, Is in the north-west- lius Brownson, and Doct. Simeon Smith. erly part of Orleans County, has one William Wyman was town clerk from post office. Char. by Vermont, May 15, 1798 to 1812, 14 years; Artemas Wy1780, to Daniel Owen, and 59 others man, from 1817-45, (2 yrs. out,) 26 yrs., and 23,040 acres, First settlers, Mr. and was a constable in 1799, and 5 or 6 Hobbs, Jesse Olds; and others, 1799. years following, and is the only ancient Org. March 29, 1802. First town clerk, officer now living. First born, on record, Jesse Olds; first Con., Anthony Bur- Sophia Barlow, April 22, 1792. First gess; first Sel., William Hobbs,Anthony justice, Simeon Smith, 1788, 14 years; Burgess, and Warham Mason. F. born, others, Erastus Coleman, 26 yrs.;. Oliver on record, Lucina Barber, now Lucina -Church 21; Artemas Wymac n 20; SALGilman, May 31,1804. Thomas Hitch- MON P. ABEL 15; Johnt Ofensend 12,

Page  196 191 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. and David Downm 12 yrs. First Rep., known when the town was organized. Josiah Bascomb, 1823. Elkinah Day was town clerk in 1781. and When the town of Fairhaven was di- traditional proof that he had been such vided, and not to have but one represen- for a number of years. In 1777, Day tatioe, it was so understood between the was town clerk, and Medad Wright coninhabitants that each town should have stable the same year, and how long beone every other year. In the Catalogue, fore, it is unknown. First settlers, John the Representatives are placed to Fair-l Harney, James Washburn, and Joseph haven each year, being so placed on the Eddy, in 1739. First born, so long ago Journals and Registers. Had they been that none remember who or when. Oct. placed as the citizens understood it, 19, 1787, the town was divided into two Simeon Smith in 1792 and 97, Oliver parishes, and by a, stipulation it was Church in 1803-6-7-10-11 & 19, James agreed that the town clerk should be W, Rosman 1815, and Erastus Coleman changed yearly to the other parish. From in 1818, would have been set to West- 1810-43, the Rev.* Sylvester Sage of Haven, who were all citizens of West Haven at the time they were elected. *Rev. Sylvester Sage was settled over the West Haven claimed Salmon Norton Congregational Church in the east part of this mWest Haven claimed Salmon Morton town, Oct. 13, 1790, and what very few have and Thomas Christie also, but Fairhaven done, he lived in the town to preach his halfdisputed the two last only, admitting the century sermon to his parishioners, Oct. 13, others to be correct, as claimed by West 1840, and died in Jan. 1841. He was a branch Haven. of a very numerous family. His Grandfa.ther, Capt. David Sage, of Berlin, Conn., died near the close of the last century, at Berlin, aged WESTMINSTER, Lies in the north- 96. His old family Bible which he left to his easterly corner of Windham County, has widow, who was my Grandmother, on my two post offices, Westminster, and West- Mother's side, came into my Father's family minster West. First grant of this town with the owner, and that part remaining is Massachusetts* in now in my possession at Middlebury, Vt. The was by Massachusetts in 1736, by the first and last part are missing, and nothing in name of "Number one," to 36 persons, itto show when a.nd where published. I recmostly from Taunton, at which place the ollect of seeing in it some 40 or 50 years ago, proprietors meetings were holden till as follows, or very near it: "Died Capt. 1742, under that grant at that meeting David Sage,aged 96. He had had at his death, 9 children; 80 grandchildren; 150 great grandsteps were taken to procure a recognition children, and one great great grandchild, -of their grant from New Hampshire, and Total 240. Living 191, dead 49." I have never no further records are to be found till kept any record of the family, and can give 1753. Nov. 9. 1752, IN. H. gave t char- no further account, except that Hon. Titus ter of the town to John Halbirt and 66 Hutcllhinson, of Woodstock, Vt., married a sister of Sylvester Sage, and she has been others, 73 shares, and 23>040 acres, by dead six or eight years. the name of Westminster.. A further In looking over the list of settled ministers extention of the time to fulfil the condi-. in Vt., in 1802, I do not find over one that is tions of the charter were given June 11, now living in the same town, and but 2 or 3 1760. The first Proprietors clerk under that are living in 1852. But among the list Mass., was James Williams. The first of attornies of 1802, I find 13 or 14 of them under New Hampshire, was Josiah Wil- are still living. In 1775, a difficulty arose between many of lard in 1753, and their meetings were held at Westminste e r eightyrs. New the citizens of Cumberland County, and the York gave a confirmation charter of this Court of King George 3d, which were about ~town March 16, 1772, to Michael Met- assembling for a session at Westminster; firing ~calf and others, 23,500 acres. No records ensued, and one of the citizens were slain, as are found from 1761-81. This was at appears from a Tomb Stone, now in the grave-the time that records were not esteemed yard at Wesminster, though somewhat deso highly as usual, being considered dan- cayed. This was the first blood shed in the gerous for adversaries to have. It is un- American Revolution. For a more particular

Page  197 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 197 the east parish, and the Rev. Timothy WESTON, Is the south-west corner Field of the west, were the town clerks. town in Windsor County, has one post, but Mr. Field got rather more than half, office. Oct. 26. 1799, the town of An — and are the only town clerks that have dover was divided. and the west part, toheld 12 yrs. First justices, by the state, gether with 5000 acres lying west of it John Norton, and Elijah Ranney, 1786; called Benton's Gore, was called Weston. others, Ephraim Ranney, Jr., 32 years; Andover was Char. by N. H., Oct. 13, ELLERY ALBEE 27; Joseph Ranney 25; 1761, to Nathaniel House, and65 others, John Sessions 25; Stephen Tuthil 20; 23,500 acres, and not in 1762, with 18,Samuel Chipman 18; fames Titcomb 000 acres, as stated in Andover, which I 17; ALVAN GOODALE 15; IRA GOODHUE had from the town clerk of Andover, 14,; Nathan Tracy Sheafe 12, and JOHN previous to my examining the'records of McNEIL, 12 yrs. First Rep.,Nathaniel the Charters at Concord, N. H. [BenRobinson, March, 1778. ton's Gore was Char. to Samuel Benton, and 21 others, Oct. 25, 1781, (not 26,as WESTMORE, Is in the east part of stated in the proper place,) by Vt., with Orleans County, has no post office. Gran. 5000 acres. Org. in 1800. First town Nov. 7, 1780. Char. Aug. 17, 1781, by clerk, Alvin Simonds; first Con.. ChrisVermont, to Uriah Seymour, and 64 topher Martin; first Sel., Amasa Piper, others, and 23,040 acres, by the name of Augustus Pease. and Harvey Hall. F. Westford, and how or when it got its born, William Geere, 1768, while in Anpresent name I have no means of know, dover. Amzos N. Burton was town clerk ing, but I believe it was before it was from 1819-43, 24 years. None of the inhabited. I find it was as early as 1802. above, except the last, are living. The First settled in 1800. First born, David first settlers are those set to Andover in Hunter, time unknown. Org. March 1768. First justice, after the town was 19, 1805. First town clerk, Jabez Hun- set off, Alvin Simonds, 1800; others, ter; first Con., Lott P. Woodruff; first Henr'y Lovejoy, 32 years; Amos N. Sel., Jerathmel Cummings, Allen Wait, Burton 29; DAVID STERLIN 22; Henry and Lott P. Woodruff. As the town Gray 16; AsA B. FOSTER 12, and clerk did not inform me who of the above Thomas B. Wakefield, 12 years. named are living, I cannot inform the First Rep., Alvin Simonds, 1803. reader as to that. First justice, Jabez Hunter, 1803; others. PETER GILLMAN, WEST WINDSOR, Is near the east 15, and Ethan Blodgett, 12 years. side of Windsor County, has one post First Rep., John C. Page, 1833. office. Brownsville. It was chartered with Windsor, from which it was divided, account of the transaction see Slade's State in 181 andsored in 1815 dct. 26, in 1814, and restored in 1815. Oct.267 Papers, pages 5G5 to9. ~1848, the town of Windsor was agaim EPITAPH, divided, and the west part named West In Memory of Windsor. Org. Jan. 1849. First town William French, Son to Mr Nathaniel French, clerk, GILMAN H. SHEDD; first constable, Sor to Mr Nathaniel French, Who Was Shot at Westmiinster, MARCUS WVORCESTER; first Sel., Daniel March ye 13th, 1775. Read, JOEL HALE, and Thomas Bagley. by the hands of Cruel Ministerial tools of First settlers, and frst born, unknown. Georg ye 3d, in the Cort House, First justice, after the last division, GILat a 11, a clock at night MAN H. SHEDD, 1848, and ten others, of 22d year of his age. which LUTHER KENDALL iS now in office. Here William French his body lies, Others, that have been in West Windsor For Murder his blood for Vengeance cries, previous to the last division, DANIEL King George the third his Tory Crew, 5 yr.; THOMA F. AMMOND, Tha with a bawl his head Shot threw, 2y For Liberty and his Countrys Good, 23; Rufus Root, Sen., 22; 1a4iirs He Lost his Life his LDearest Blood. Leavens 16, and JOpL HALE, 14 yrs.

Page  198 198 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. First Rep., undaj the first division, but I think it should be 1795, as 85 Jabez JDelano, 181i5. He represented would' be before the first settlement. Windsor in 1806, and was the first per- Org. March 29, 1792. First town clerk, son born in Woodstock. F. Rep. under Abraham Morrill, who was the first one,the:last division, Daniel Read, 1849. in Danville, in 1787; first Con., Gideon Leavitt; first Sel. Dudley Swazey, AbraWEYBRIDGE, Is located near the ham Morrill, and Joseph Venon. Abracentre of Addison County, has one post ham Morrill was town clerk 13 years in office. Char. by N. H., Nov. 3, 1761,to Wheelock; Josiah Lane, to 1837, 21 Joseph Gilbert, and 63 others, 70 shares, years; JOhN W. BROWN, to 1852, 15 yrs. and 25,000 acres; but in locating the First justice, Abraham Morrill, 1788,21 town the proprietors were unable to ob- years others, Jonathan Taylor 24 yrs.; tain but a little over one-third of their Josiah Zane, 19; Ward Bradley, 18; land, as chartered. Oct. 28, 1791, a Edward M. M/~a1oon 15; Abner Hloyt, part of New Haven, Oct. 22, 1804, al 15; Dudley Clark 14, and John W. part of Addison, and Oct. 28,'1806, a Brown, 13 yrs. First Rep., John Beane, part of Panton, were annexed to WVey- 1794. No ancient officers except the bridge. First settlers, Thomas Sanford, first Constable, are living. David Stowe and others. 1775, but were soon gone or made prisoners of. Soon WHITING,'Is near the south-west after the peace a permanent settlement corner of Addison Connty, has one post was commenced, by people from Mass., office. Char. by N. H., Aug. 6, 1763, and Conn. First born, Ira Sanford, to Daniel Pond, and 47 others, one of time unknown. Org in 1789. F. T. C., which may be John Whiting, as has been Samuel Jewett-; first Con., Zillai Stick- stated, 54 shares, 14,424 acres. First ney, in 1790; and was the first Con. in settlers, John Willson. and a Mr. BolsCornwall also; first Sel., Abel Wright, ter, and families,. and others, in 1772, 3, Joseph Plumb, and Joseph McKee. and 4. They all abandoned the town Samuel Jewett was town clerk between soon after the war commenced, but re1789 and 1817, 26 years; Elijah G. turned soon after its close, with a large.Drake, from 1825-40, (one year out of addition of settlers. A Mr. Marshall, town,) 14 years; Isaac Drake, from Joseph Williams, Joel Foster, Ezra 1840-52,'12 years. The ancient officers Allen, Henry Wiswall, Jehiel Hull, Benare all gone. First justice, Aaron Par- jamin Andrus, Gideon Walker, Daniel ~malee, 1788; others, Asaph Ihayward, Washburn & Samuel Beach. Org. Oct. 25 years; TIMOTHY W. TWVITCIELL, 23; 16, 1783. First town clerk, John Smith; Samuel Jewett 22; Samuel Jamnes, 19; first Con., Jehiel Smith; first Sel., Gideon Elijah G. Drake 15; Moses Sargeant Walker, John Wilson, and Ezra Allen. 14, and JOHN BRITTOL, 12 years. First born, unknown. No one has served First Rep., Abel Wright, 1789. as town clerk 12 yrs. Ezra Allen served 11 yrs., and more than any other. First WHERLOCK, Lies in the north- justice, Samuel Beach. 1788; others, westerly part of Caledonia County, has Ebenezer Wheelock, 31 years; James one post office. Granted and Char. by O. Walker, 29; Ephraim Moulton 24; Vt., June 14, 1785, to Dartmouth Col- Ezra Allen 21, and Arnon Needhanm, lege, and Moore's Charity School, and 13 yrs. First Rep., Samuel Beach, 1784. Teceived its present name in honor of the'Rev. John Wheelock, who was then' WHITINGHAM, Lies in the south-President of said College. F. settlers, west corner of Windham County, has Joseph Page in 1790, Abraham lMorrill, two post offices, Whitingham, and Jackand Dudley Swazey, in 1791, F. born, sonville. It does not appear that this John Wheelock Leach, time unknown. town was ever chartered by New I-amp' First on the records is Henry Sherburn, shire, or Vermont. There are four grants March 7 1785, so says the town clerk,. of land by N. Y., amounting to 9000

Page  199 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OIUICERS. 1199 iYLY~I-Y LY-IU -— ____~. ~~' acres, to different persons, and different first wdmen that settled in town; and dates, by the name of Cumberland,which Mrs. Crane took the third lot. There was formerly the name of Whitingham. was some strife between her and other One dated Dec. 3, 1766, the others April women, and Mrs. Crane aroset early, 23, 1767, but whether these grants were buckled on her snow shoes, took a " bee for land in Whitingham, I have not the line " through the snow, on foot, and outmeans of knowing. I find three other stripped all competitors, and obtained grants, of about 75,000 acres in Cum- the prize. Org. Sept. 4, 1787. F. T. C., berland County, but no name to the Cornelius Lynde; first Con., Jo~seph towns; granted July 17 and 27, 1770, Crane; first Sel., Joseph Crane, Benand June 13, 1771. I think it probable jamin Clark, and James Smith. Pearley that some of the grants mentioned are Howe was town clerk 12 years; Dari'us now Whitingham, but how or when the Pride, to 1845, 24 years, and is the only name of the town was changed I cannot one named above, or of the last century find. First settlers, Silas Hamilton, and officers, that is living. F. justice, CorneMoses Bratton, 1770. Messrs. Gustin, lius Lynde, 1788; others, Aaron S. MarLamphere, Angel, Pike and Nelson, in tin 22 years; Joel Bass 22; JONATHAN 1773. Org. March 23, 1780. First town LEWIS 18; Darius Pri'de 18; AnIUL clerk, Eliphalet Hyde. First born, un- CRANE 17; Horaice Ware 15; Andrew known; but in consequence of Mr. Pike Burnham 14, and Hlenry C. Weeden, having 28 children, presumption is strong 13 years. that it was one of them. I have got First Rep., Elijah Paine, 1787. nothing from the town clerk, and for the other facts, call on him. Jabez Foster WILLISTON, Is in the centre of was town clerk before 1820, 15 years, or Chittenden County, has one post office. more; HOSEA F. BALLOU. from 1840-52, Char. by N. H., June 7, 1763. to Samuel 12vears. First justice, Silas Hamilton; Willis, and 64 others, 71 shares, and first by the state, James Roberts, 1786, 23,040 acres. Oct. 27, 1794, that part of 20 years; others, Amos Brown, 43 yrs.; Burlington lying west of XMuddy Brook Elishat Putnami 27; Reuben. WiVnn 13, was annexed to Williston, and the east and LEONARD BRowrN, 13 years. part of Williston was set to the new F. Rep., Silas Hamilton, March, 1778. town of Richmond. F. settlers: Thomas Chittenden, with a large family of chlldWILDERSBURGH, Altered to ren, in 1774: one of which only is now Barre, Oct. 19, 1793. living, Trzuman, and he now resides in the town, aged 82. Jonathan Spafford, WILLIAMSTOWN, Lies in the Elihu Allen, John Chamberlin, and north-west corner of Orange County, has Abijah Pratt, in 1775-6, but soon the one post office. Granted Nov. 6, 1780. horrors of war broke up the settlement. Char. Aug. 9, 1781, by Vt., to Samuel They returned soon after the peace, and Clark and 74 others, and 23,040 acres. others soon followed. First born, Cyrus First settlers, were Hon.. Elijah and Bradlciy, now of Berkshire, August 4, John Paine, Josiah Lyman, John Smith, 1786. Org. March 28, 1786. F. T. C., and Joseph Crane, in June, 1784. Pe- Robert Donnelly; first Con., Joel Brownnuel Deming, and family, came in Feb. son; first Sel., in 1787, Jonathan Spaf1785, and Mrs. Deming was the first ford, David Tolcott, and Asa Brownson. woman in tdwn. Josiah Lyman and Solomon Miller was town clerk from family came next, and Lucy Deming was 1794 to 1815, 21 yrs.; Chauncey Brownthe first birth in town, May 10, 1785, ell, from 1815-30, and from 1839-50, and the next was Louis, daughter of J. 26 years. No officer mentioned above, and Eunice Lyman, born Aug. 2, 1785, or any of the ancient ones are now livand each received a 100 acres of land, ing. F. F. justice, Amos Brownson, 1786; as voted by the proprietors to the three others, Chauncey Brownell, 34 years,;

Page  200 ;200 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. IDAVID FRENCH 33; T3ruman C/hitten- WINDHAM, Lies in the north-west-,den 30; John Brown. Jr., 25; Solomon erly part of Windham County, has two,Miller 23; DAVID A. MURRY 19; Ezborn post offices, South Windham, and WindSanford 17; JONAS G. CHITTENDEN 13, ham. Oct. 22, 1795, this town was inand Roswell B. Fay, 13 years. corporated, by taking Mack's Leg, and First Rep. Jonathan Spafford, 1786. the eastern part of Iondonderry, and forming a new town; of course it has no WILMINGTON, Is in the south- separate charter, but is under the N. Y. -west part of Windham County, has one charter to Londonderry. Oct. 21, 1797, post office. Clhar. by N. H., April 29 a part of Windham was annexed to Lon1751, to Phinehas Lyman, and 57 others. donderry. First settlers, John Wood164 shares, 23,040 acres, by the name of burn, Edward Aiken. and James McCorWVilmington. This town was chartered mick, & before the division. Org. March by N. Y.. by the name of Draper; but 14, 1796. F. T. C., james Aiken; first when, is not ascertained, as no trace of Con., Peter Aiken; first Sel.. James it is to be found on the town records. It Aiken, John Burnap, and Benjamin was chartered again, by N. H., June 17, Pierce. John Aiken was town clerk 1763, to his Exl. Francis Barnard, and from 1797 to 1818, 21 years; WILLIAM 66 others, 73 shares, and 23.040 acres HRRIS, from 1829-52, 2 years out, 22 by the name of Draper. But the settlers, years. Lther Stowell, a selectman in it appears, did not recognize this grant 1800, is the only ancient officer living. as it is not on the records, and although First born, unknown. F. justice, James some difficulty arose under so many Aiken, 1797; others John Woodburn, charters, but all had to submit to the 33 years; Samuel Godard 31; Richazrd one first mentioned. The first settle- Kelp 29; TIMOTHY BURTON 28; WILment was before the war, and the first LIAMI HARRIS 23; John Ailen 20; Joliorn, was Rev. Zepheniah Swift, Jan. EPi WTOOD 18; Jnaes White 15, and 20, 1771. The first town meeting on Ezra Pierce; 14 years. record was holden Jan. 19, 1778, and First Rep., John Aiken, 1805. Caleb Alverd was their town clerk; when he was first chosen does not appear. The WINDSOR, Is the south centre town first for choice of town officers on record of the east range of towns in Windsor was held March 2, 1778, when Caleb County, has one post office. Char. by Alverd was chosen town clerk; John N. H., July 6, 1761, to Samuel Ashley, Pierce, and Caleb Alverd, Cons.; John and 58 others, 65 shares, and 23,500 G4ibbs. Phinehas Smith, Samuel Mur- acres. It was granted by N. Y. July 7, dock, Elihu Bascomb, and Eleazer Good- 1766, to David Stone, 2d, and others,. man, were chosen a "Committee of with 24,300 acres. Another grant was Safety. April 9, 1778, John Gibbs, Phin- made of the same, by N.Y., March 2d, ehas Smith, Bezaleel Waste, Josiah 1772, to Zed. and David Stone,& others) Locke & Eleazer Goodman, were chosen with 23,000 acres; and to complete it Selectmen. Jairus Hall was town clerk N. Y. gave a charter of the town March from 1791 to 1834, 43 years; STEPHEN 28, 1772, to Nathan Stone. & 22 others.. P. FLAGG, from 1836-52, 16 years. No It appears that the land holders in Windancient officer is living. First justice, sor, during the controversy between the Jesse Cook, 1786; others, Jairus Hall, settlers on the 1V. Hi grants and Newa 38 years; Chipman Swift 22; Lancey York, became a little frightened about For~es 22; Timothy Castle 19; STE- their N. H. title; they deeded their lands, TiHEN P.:FLAGG 18; Azor Smith 17; in trust, to Col. Nathan Stone, who surAlonson, Parmralee 14; OSCAR L. SIAF- I rendered them to Gov. Tryon, of N. Y., eR 14, and Jorohn C. WilsonS 14 years. and received in return the last mentioned charter. Under the allotment of shares F. Rep., Elijah Alverd, March, 1778. of the first Charter, the public rights

Page  201 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT QFFIEBS., 201 were so located as to be of some use to bly some before. No one has served 12 those for whom they were intended; but years since. Of the ancient officers, under the last charter, by the operation whether living or dead, I have no inforof some different mode of allotment mation, except as I have noted them,which was resorted to, all those public First justices, Thomas Cooper, & Briant rights are very near together, and on Brown, 1786; others, CharZes Leavens; the almost unapproachable part of As- 34 years; CARLOS COOLIDGE 27; Asa cutney Mountain, and the land worthless Aiken 25; Allen Wait 17; Edward when you get to it. It is said to be "an B. Campbell 15'; Francis E.. Phelps: ill wind that blows no where," and if 12; William Tileson 12, and William certain individuals have been enabled by H. Sabin, 12 years. the operation to pocket a few more First Reps., Ebenezer Curtis, and' dollars. does it not follow that they will Thomas Cooper, March, 1778. have to pay out more for the purposes those lands were to aid, in consequence WINIHALL, Lies in the north-east' of their being useless? In 1814, this part of Bennington County, has two post town was divided, and the west part offices, Bondsville, and WinhalL Char. named West Windsor, but in 1815 that by N. H., Sept. 15, 1761, to Osee Weblaw was repealed. On the 26th of QOct. ster, and 61 others, 68 shares, & 23,040 1848, the town was again divided, and acres. First settler, Nathaniel Brown, the west part named West Windsor. F. about 1780. First born, Recine'Taylor, settlers, Capt. Steele Smith, and family, July 13, 1783, now residing in Manches. in August, 1764; Deacons Hezekiah ter. Org. March 1796. First town clerk; Thompson, and Thomas Cooper, Maj. Asa Bebee, Jr.; F. Con;, Isaac Sprague; Elisha Hawley, and Capt. Israel Curtis, first Sel., Asa Bebee, Sen., Russel Day, in 1765. A Mr. Solomon Emmons and and John Brooks. Asa Bebee, Jr., was wife, were here previous to the arrival of town clerk from 1796 to, 1821', 25 years;Capt. Smith. He lived in a hut, and no REUBEN BtOOKS, to 1852, 19'; First ~improvements about it. She became a justice, Russel Day,1 1796; others, Reuvery useful person as the county settled, ben Brooks, 29 yrs.; Asa Blebee; Jr., 23; being a midwife, and the only one in Francis K]idder 14; Beria/i Wheeler, those regions for a great distance. She 14, and Benjamin Thatcher, 12 years: lived till 1833, and was a town pauper First Rep., Asa Bebee, Jr., 1796, for many years. F. born, Samuel Smith, son of Steele Smith, July 2, 1765, and WOLCOTT, Is the' east town in Ladied in 1842, aged 77. The first female moille County, has one post office. Gran. born in town was Polly, a daughter of Nov. 7, 1780. Char. Aug. 22, 1781, by Nathan and Mary Stone, April 26, 1767, Vt., to Joshua Staunton, and 64 others, and now living. The first death in town, and 23,040 acres. Settled about 1788. was Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of William First born, Charlotte Hubbell; in 1790. Dean, Dec. 22, 1766. The town clerk Org. March 31, 1791. First town clerk, informs me that the first town records Robert Wmin. Taylor; first Con., Thomas he finds commence Feb. 17, 1786, and Taylor; first Sel., Hezekialh Whitney, Briant Brown was town clerk; Benjamin Thomas T aylor, and Seth Hubbell. Cady, and Oliver Barrett, Cons.; and Thomas Taylor was town clerk from 1794 ~Briant Brown, Benjamin Wait, Stephen to 1824,. 30 yrs. First justice. Thomas Jacob, Charles Leavens, and Thomas Taylor, 1794, 30' yrs-; others, Ephraim, Cooper, selectmen. It is not to be pre- Ladd, 23 years; Gilbert Noyes 21, and sumed that this was the first organiza- Toel Davenpsrt, 16 years. tion, far Z. Thompson says the town was First Rep., Thomas Taylor, 1801. rapidly settled, and soon organized, and that Thomas Cooper was the first town! WOODBURY, Lies in the north end clerk. William Hunter was town clerk of VWashington County, has one post in 1802, and 18 years after, and proba- office. Gran. Nov. 6, 1780. Char. Aug. 26

Page  202 202 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 16, 1781, by Vt., to William Lyman, July' 10, 1761, to David Page, and 61 and 64 others, and 23,040 acres. Nov. others, 68 shares, & 24,900 acres.' New 5, 1838,thename of the town was changed York granted this town to Oliver Wilto Monroe. Oct. 29, 1840, a part of the lard, or Williams, and others, Feb. 28, town was annexed to Walden. Oct. 31, 1771, and Chartered June 3, 1772, with 1843, the name of the town was altered 23,200 acres. First settler, was James to Woodbury. First settled, just before Sanderson, and family, in 1768. Joab 1800. I have been unable to procure Hoisington was the first settler in Woodone line of information from the town stock "Green "' and built a grist mill in clerk, and shall have to direct you to 1776, and a saw mill soon after. Doct. him for what is lacking. Asaph Town Stephen Powers, first Physician, settled was town clerk 17 years. First justice, in the town, in 1774. Org. May, 1773. William West, 1807; others, Joel Cilley, First town clerk, Joab IHoisington; first 28 years; EBENEZER BRUCE 22; ASAPH (Cons. Daniel'Waldo, Joseph Cottle, TOWN 19; Stephen Chapman 17; David Ezra Drew, and Joseph Call; first Sel., Herrick, 17; JACOB T. JACKSON, 16; Benjamin Emmons, Nathan Howland, Stephen C. Burnhamn 13, and James and Phinehas Williams. Firpt born, JR. Norcross, 12 years. Jabez Delano, June 3, 1772, is supposed F. Rep., Elisha Benjamin, Jr., 1812. to be now living in West Windsor. Oliver Williams was town clerk from 1784 to WOODFORD, Is in the centre of 1824. 40 years;,NAHAM HASIKELL, from the south half of Bennington County 1835-52,17 or 18 yrs. Samuel Damon has one post office. Char. by N.' H., a constable in 1792, and a selectman in March 6, 1753, to Elihu Chauncey, and 1796, is the only ancient officer now liv59 others, 66 shares, and 23,040 acres. ing. First justices, Benjamin Emmons, Aug. 12, 1762, the time to fulfil some of 17 years, and Jabez Cottle 16, 1786; the conditions of the charter was extend- others, Benjamin Swan, 41 y-rs.; tenry ed. First settled, soon after the close C. Denison 35; WALTER PALMER 29; of the revolutionary war. First born, Sanmuel Damon 27; GAiUS PERINS 23;.Phebe Eddy, April 22, 1793, now living OEL BILL1NGS 22;'Job Lyman 2; Eliin Woodford. Org. Feb. 111,1789. F phalet Dunhamn 21; Edwin IHutchinT. C., Mathew Scott; first Con., John son 20; Tituzs Jtlutchinson. 19; Billy Safford, chosen June 19, 1789; first Sel., Brown 19; Jamqes C. Slayton 19; NAto be found on record, Elkanah Danforth, THAN T. CHURCIIILL 18; Na4ham tIascsell David Lyman, Jr., and Robert HIill,,: 17; DANIEL TAFT, Jr.. 16; RICHARD chosen in 1802. All the above meetings, HAYES 16; Samuel WVood 15; Julius held previous to 1802, were proprietors Converse 15; John Bement 15; HENRY meetings, and held in Bennington. Wil- W. ENGLISH 15; BENJAMIN G. BIGELOW liam Park was town clerk from 1814-33, 14; Tracy Bingham 14; Norman 19 years. It appears that Benjamin TVilliams 13; Ammzi Willard 13; OliReed was proprietors and town clerk from ver P. Chandler 12, & Lysander Ray1792 to 1803; it is therefore sure that nond, 12 years. he was the first town clerk, chosen when First Rep., John Strong, March 1778. the first selectmen were, in 1802, which was probably the time the town was org. WORCESTER, Lies in the north as a town. First justice, Elkanah Dan- part of Washington County, has one post forth, 1800; others, TTilliamu Park 19, office. Char. by N. H., June 8, 1763, and JOSEPII KNAPP, 12 years. to Joshua Mason, and 64 others, 71 First Rep., Elkanah Danforth, 1800. shares, and.23,040 acres, by the name of Worster, and was altered by the imWOODSTOCK, Lies in the centre, provement in spelling in modern times. and is the shire town of Windsor'Coun- First settlers, George Martin, and John 1y, has two post offices, Wro'odstock, and Ridlan, in 1797. Org. March 3, 1803. South Woodstock. Char., by N. H., First town clerk. John Young. This

Page  203 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 203 town, like some others at the north, was by N. Y. to Nathan Whitney Aug. 14, nearly deserted during the 10 cold sea- 1766. sons following the great eclipse of the NEWBURY, was granted by N. Y., Sun June 16,1806. In 1816, threefam- to Benjamin Whitney and others, Feb. ilies only were left in the town, and the 25, 1772 and 23,500 acres. town lost their'organization; but the warm seasons following, the citizens re- NEWFANE, was granted by N. Y., turned, and the town re-organized in to Jacob Hallet and others Feb. 17,1772, March 1821, and Amasa Brown chosen with 20,000 acres. town clerk. The town clerk of this,and LEIGESTER, was granted by N. a few other towns, remind me of the old Y. to Garret Hoppen June 21, 1771, and Indian's dog. He said, " I have,an ex- 30, 000 acres. cellent dog, but still he has one failing, he has so much business of his own to GOSHEN,and RIPTON. The first attend to, that he cannot get time to at- settler in Goshen as per charter bounds tend to mine at all," and I shall have to was Nathan Carpenter, 1797; and the refer you to the town clerk for what is first born was William Goyd, in 1797; lacking. Amos Rice was town clerk to where they settled is now Ripton. Lu1847, 16 years. First justice, James cius Abbey, the first selectman of RipGreen, 1807; Amos Rice, 33 yrs.; Allen ton should be in Italics as he is living. Tail 21, and MILTON BROWN, 16 years. WARDSBORO. South District F. First Rep., James Green, 1808. Under C(on., Ebenezer Sears. F.:Sel. David the last organization, First Rep., Allen Johnson, Aaron' Thompson and Luther Vail, 1822. Johnson. F. T. C., Reuben Dean about 1796. F. born, Sarah Sparks, Sept. P. S. A:DD.ITIONAL. 29, 1782. Dover, org. 1811. F. T. C., ADDISON, was chartered to Simon Reuben Dean; F. Con., Asa Philips; Ely and 63 others, 70 shares and 25- F. Sel., Elijah Stearns, Samuel Miller:000 acres. - tand Ebenezer Sears. By the Town 000 acres. Clerk I find that Reuben Dean was T. ANIbOVER, Char. Oct. 13, 1761 not C. from 1796, 17 years, and Fayette 1762; 23,500 acres. Perry 16 years, but says nothing of DaARLINGTON, Char. to John Searl vid Burr, nor whether Fayette Perry, is and 61 others, 68 shares 23,040 acres. dead or alive. BARNARD, Char. to Winm. Story and 61 others 68 shares, 26,000 acres, First Constitution of Vermont. BARNET, Char. Simons Stevens & I have used much exertion and expense in 66 others, 73 shares 23,040 acres. trying to obtain a list of the delegates who BENNINGTON, Char. 23,040 acres. formed our first Constitution in July, 1777, BRATTLEBORO' was granted by and the following is all that I have been able New York, June 6, 1766, to Samuel to obtain. There'were others, no doubt, and Wells and others with 19,500 acres. probably many were the same persons who a CASTLETON, 5000 acres in this short tilne previous declared Vermont indetown was granted by New York to Sam- pendent. See page 7 for the list of members. uel Cleaveland, July 4, 1774. Bradford, Benjamin Baldwin and Bildad CORINTH, was granted by New Andrus, Chester, Thomas ChandlerandJabez York to Samuel Ward, Feb. 19, 1771, Sargeant, Danby, Col. Thomas Chittenden 21 000 acres no charter then given, and William Gage, Guilford, Benjamin Car721,t0u acres no charter then given, penter, Hartford, Joseph Marsh, Marlboro, DUMMERSTON, was granted by Francis Whitmore, Newbury, Jacob Bayley N. Y. to John Kathan, Nov. 10, 1766 and Reuben Foster, Rockingham, Joshua 18000 abcres, by the nalme of Fullaum. Webb and Reuben Jones, Ruqtland, Joseph Bowlker, Pres., Tinmqouth, Ebenezer Allen HALIFAX, 3000 acres was granted and Charles Bre ivster.

Page  204 204 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. LEGISLATURE OF VERMONT, 1862. BENNINGTON COUNTY. SENATE; Arlington, Harry Gray, w Counties. Bennington, none. Addison, EDWARD SEYMOUR, BEZLA Dorset, Marcius B. Bates, op HowE —whigs. Glastenbury, John H. Mattison, op Bennington, THOMAS M'DANIELS, JAMES Landgrove, Gideon I)avis, w MARTIN. op Manchester, Darwin Andrews, w CaledoniaJosHnA STEVENS, MORDICAI Peru, Mark Batchelder, w HALE, W Pownal, Noel Barber, op Chittenden, ROLLA GLEASON-whig — Readsboro', Clark Bellows, op IRA WITTERS, JOHN PARKER. op Rupert, S Sheldon, w Essex, HENRY L. WATSON, Op Sandgate, none. Franklin, HARMON NORTHROP, GEORGE Searsburgh, Simon Doane, op GREENE, SILAS P. CARPENTER-Whigs. Shaftsbury, Hiram Matteson, op Grand Isle, IRA HILL-whig. Stamford, John Pratt, op Lamoille, GEORGE W. BAILEY. op Sunderland, Ambrose Williams, op Orange, GEORGE P. BALDWIN, BENJA- Winhall, Horace Gale, op MIN THURBER, JR. op Woodford, Lyman Bowles, w Orleans-HENRY M. BATES-whig. Rutland, THOMAS F. BOGUE, AMON CALEDONIA COUNTY. BAILEY, HARVEY SHAW-whig. Barnet, James K. Remick, w Washington, CHARLES G. EASTMAN, d. Burke, Denison Fyler, w ROYAL WHEELER. OP Cabot, none. Danville, none. WTndham, JOHN R. BLAKE, IRA GOOD- Groton, none. Hardwick, none. HUE, ASHLEY 0STONE- whigs. Kirby, Arunah Leach. op Windsor, CROSBY MILLER, ASA B. Fos- Lyndon, Epaphras B. Chase, op TER, THOMAS B. HARVEY,. BENONI Newark, Abijah L. Gustin, w BUcI; -whigs. Peacham, none Ryegate, none. REPRESENTATIVES. Sheffield, Laban M. M. Gray, op ADDISON COUNTY. St. Johnsbury, Hiram Knapp, w Addison, Asaph D. Hayward, w Sutton, George Mason. op Bridport, Erwin E. Grosvenor, w Walden, Joseph Houston, Jr., op Bristol, Horatio Needham, f d Waterford, Alfre4 P. Bonney, w Cornwall, Marcus O. Porter, w Wheelock, Charles Rogers, Jr., w Ferrisburgh, James Barnes, w CHITTENDEN COUNTY. Goshen, Silas D. Gale, w Bolton. F.D. Colton, d Granville, Hiram Ford, w Burlington, Henry P. Hickok, w Hancock, Augustus';,Taylor, w Charlotte, Midas Prindle, w Leicester, Ira B. Farr, W Colchester George P. Mayo, op Lincoln, Enos P. Hoag, op Essex, Isaiah Huntley, w Middlebury, Joseph H. Barrett, w Hinesburgh, Peter J. Boynton, op Monkton, none. iMonkton, none. Doud, w Huntington, none, Jericho, none. New Haven, Sylvester Doud,. w Milton, O. M. Clarke, w Orwell, Champlin M, Fletcher, w Richmond. Thomas Browning, op Panton, Hiram Allen, w Shelburne, Lyman Hall, w Salisponbury, John Dyer, w St. George, Smith Wright, w W Underhill, none. Williston, none. Shoreham, Alonzo Birchard, w I Westford, Jacob K. lrury, op Starksboro, Sidney Sayles, f d Vergennes, George W. Grandey, w Waltham Nathan Griswold, d ESSEX COUNTY. X 7altham, NdBloomfield, Samuel -N. Silver, op Weybridge, John Child, W Brighton, W~hiting, William P. Wright, w Brunswic, Henry D. Shoff, op wd Bloomfield, Samuel N.PSlvr

Page  205 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 205 Canaan, William Rich. op ORLEANS COUNTY. CEoncord, none. Albany, none. Craftsbury, none. East Haven, Jeremiah Lund, w Barton, Edward Barnard, op. Granby, William Hartshorn, w Brownington, iram Streeter, w Guildhall, Pliny Rosebrook, w Charleston, Loren W. Clark, w Lemington, Lewis Smeridge, w Coventry, Horace S. Jones, w Lunenburgh, Hubbard W. Bedell, w Derby, Zenas Cobb, w Maidstone, PutnWey R. Follansby, op Glover. Joseph H. Dwinnell, op Victory, William M. Stearns, op Greensboro', John Summers, op FRANKLIN COUNTY. Holland, Henry C. Pinney, op Bakersfield, none. Enosburg, none. Irasburgh, George W. Hardy, w Berkshire, WilliamS. Rublee, w Jay, McDaniels: op Fairfax, Anson Soule, d Lowell, none. Fairfield, Bradley Barlow, d Morgan, Samuel Daggett, w Fletcher, none. Highgate, none. Newport, Roswell T. Prouty, w Franklin, John P. Olds, w Salem, Porter Lyon, w Georgia, David P. Clark, w Troy, iAdonLram Judson Rowell, f d Montgomery, E. W. Sherman, op Westfield, Chester Coburn, op Richford, Calvin P. Dwyer, d Westmore, Calvin Gibson, op Sheldon, Milton H. Bliss, d St. Albans, Chauncey H. Hayden, w Swanton, L, L. Cushman, d Benson, R. D. King. w Brandon, Ebenezer J. Bliss, f d GCastleton, Isaac T. Wright, w Alburah, Hiram L. Bullis, w Chittenden, Joseph Parker, f d Grand Isle, Benjamin Macomber, w Clarendon, Thomas Stewart, op Isle La Mott, Dorus V. Goodsell, d Danby. Amasa J. Bancroft. w North Hero, Jabez Hamen, d Fairhaven, Artemas S. Cushman, w South Hero, w Hubbardton, Perry Dikeman, w LAMOILLE COUNTY. Ira, F- ish, w Belvidere, none. Cambridge, none. Mendon, Eben C. French, w Eden, Richard T. Cull, op Middletown, Eliakim Paul, w Elmore, none. Sterling, none. Mt. Holly, Alva Pierce, Hydepark, Ira Hendricks, d Mount Tabor, Johnson, Stoughton S. Pike, Pawlet, w MIorristown, Almond Boardman, op Pittsfield, William R. Blossom, w Stowe, none. Wolcott, none Pittsford, German F. Hendee, d Waterville, James M. Hotchkiss, op Poultney, Joseph Joslin, w Rutland, John B. Page, w ORANGE COUNTY. Sherburnie, Rufus Richardson, d Bradford, none. Brookfield, none. Shrewsbury, none. Braintree, Whitman Howard, op Sudbury, Thomas J. Goodrich, d Chelsea, none. Randolph, none. Tinmouth, Judah H. Round, w Corinth, H - Fellows, op Wallingford, William C. Fox,. w Fairlee, Thomas Stratton, op Wells, Nathan Francis, d Newbury. Oscar C. Hale w Westhaven, Reuben S. Armstrong, w Orange, Willis Lane, op WASHINGTON COUNTY. Strafford, Benjamin Gilman, w Thetford, George Garey, op Barre, Jesse Scott, d Topsham. William Bayley, op Berlin, Hubbard Hancock, w Tunbridge, Charles B. Chandler, w Calais, Rufus P. Moses, fd Vershire, none. Williamstown, none. Duxbury, none. Washington, Thaddeus G. White, w East Montpelier, J. P. W. Vincent, f d: West Fairlee, J Buswell, op Fayston, Willard B. Porter, f d

Page  206 206 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. Marshfield, Asa Spencer, w Royalton, A. E. Hutchins, op Middlesex, 0. A. Chamberlin, f d Sharol, Chester Bater,w Montpelier, H. H. Reed, w Springfield, Horace Weston w Moretown, Uriah Howe, op Stockbridge, none. Northfield, none. Weathersfield, James Weston, w Plainfield, Lewis Chamberlin, op Weston, Cushing Barrett, op Roxbury. Allen Spaulding, opWest Windsor, Marcus Worcester, w Waitsfield, none Windsor, George Wardner, w XWarren, Paschal P. Raymond, w Woodstock, Thomas E. Powers, w Waterbury, Calvin Blodgett, d There is a whig majority of 8 to 12 in each Woodbury, Ira McLoud, op house, 9 new members in the Senate & 13 of Worcester, Nathaniel A. Kelley, f d last years; House, 92 new, & 60 of last years. WINDHAM COUNTY. I have endeavored to lmake a correct list of Athens, Mark Ball, op the Legislature as possible in the time, and Brattleboro, Roswell Hunt w have to put it to press with some omissions, TBrookline, oirm W hitney, and some wrong names no doubt, but I have Brooklilne, iram Whiltneyv- op left the blanks to insert the right ones when Dover, Laban Jones, op it is ascertained. Dummerston, none. When I took from the Legislative Journals Grafton, Lewis S. Walker, w and Registers, the list of Representatives, at Guilford, Dr.:Benjamnlipn WI. Stevens, w Montpelier, in January, 1851, with the therGuilford, Dr. nW. Seven, mometer 20 degrees below zero, I did expect Halifax, Elisha Hagar, op that if people represented a town they would Jamaica, Ira S. Field, op be on hand some time in the first two weeks of JLondonderry, E. Ara Whitman, w the session,which was about as far as I thought Marlboro, E. Halladay, W fit to examine in such weather. But some I Newfane, Frederick O. Burditt, d found claimed as being members for themselves, or friends, on years that I had not inPutney, Charles Blood, w serted their names in the Catalogue. I therefRockingham, Quartus Durant, w fore took a warmer time at Montpelier, for Somerset. Hollis Town, op examination of Representatives, Charters and Stratton, John N. Glazier, opJustices, and the result is that I have to add TIowrnshend, O(scar R. Glarfield w a long ERRATA, some of which is occasioned Towshend, Oscar R. Garfield, by those who drew the names off for the Vernon, Jarvis F. Burrows, op printer of the Journals; some of which make WVardsboro, Wales A. Bridges, d all the short letters in the shape of a fishWestminster, William C. Bradley, d hook, so that no compositor can tell Jacob Whitingham, Parley Starr, Jr., w from Josiah or Jonah. Wilmington, none. Windham, William Harris, Jr. w I N D R x. WINDSOR COUNTY. Legislature of 1851, page 113 "R 1852, 204 Andover, none. John Broadt (a Hermet,) 130 Baltimore, none. Thomas Rowley's Ancient Song. 139, 182 Barnard, Harrison O. Slocumb, op Middlebury, aged officers, of, 160 Joshua Hyde and wife's grave stone, 161 Bethel, none. Daniel Foots family, 161 Bridgewater, Gilbert Whirten nielFoots family, o161 ridwater, Gilbert White, O Thomas Meads and wife, 161 Cavendish, John F. Deane, w Andrew Squier's family, 166 Chester, Mason C. Richardson, d Col, Thomas Sawyer, 181 Hartford,' George Lyman, Col. Ebenezer Allen, 183 Hartford, George Lyman, w Elder Ezra Butler 193 Elder Ezra Butler, 193 Hartland, Daniel Denison, W Rev. Sylvester Sage, 196 Ludlow, none. Gen. Benjamin Wait, 191 Norwich, Lewis S. Partridge, op Corrections from later information, 203 Plyimouth, John W. Stickney, w William French's grave stone, 196 P lymouth, Errata,. 5, 119 and 206 Pomfret, William Gibson, W Index, 3, 120 and 206 Reading, Hiram Goddard, op First Vermont Constitution, 203 Rochester, David Eaton. w County officers for 1852-3, 208

Page  207 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT O FICERS. 207 E E R A T A. See pages 6 and 119. Page 6 last column, St. Albans. Jona. Hoit, 11 years, and not 26. " 1st " Danville, Archelaus Sias, for 1819 read 1817. " 17 " 1780, Grafton, for Miles Oatiman read Miles Putnam. 18 5th " against Chester, or 7, insert Daniel Heald. " " " " " Rockingham, or 14, insert Samuel Taylor. Hattlan&d, or 9, " J. Lovell. " 2nd " above Phinehas Thomas " Benj'imin Wait. " " " against Hartford, or 8,. " Israel Smith. " 1st " between B. Gardner and M. Robinson, insert Joseph Williams. T. Moredock and A. Spear Abida Smith. " above Bridgwater insert John Benjamin. " " " against two 18s " George Hubbard, and Simeon Stevens.... " " " " 12; Ryegate, " James Gilchrist. "20 2 " between 1, Addison and 1, John Strong, insert John Strong. "22 1796 " after Asa Bebee add Junior. 24 1802 after the middle 7, insert Peru, and the first 7, Granville. 1805 and 6, Walden Representative should be Nathaniel Farrington.' 27 1817 after the first 7, add Joseph Patrick. " for 17, Luther Park, read 17, William Park. 1" 818 after Pownal, read Benjamin Gardner. 1819 for 1, Addison,'add Aaron Merrill. " 1820 " 9, Readsboro, for Jeremiah, read Jedediah. "28 1822 " 1, Arlington, add Cyrus Canfield. " 29 1830 15 Sutton, for Jacob C. Merrill, read Jacob C. Morrill. 18" 127 for Win. A. Griswold " William A. Palmer. 30 1832 after the last 8, for Joseph Joslin " Josiah Joslin.' 31 1840 3 Cabot, after Robert Lance, add Junior. "34 1788 Shelburn, for Charles Smith, read Caleb Smith. " 1790 add Ebenezer Allen, Col. Pearl being appointed sheriff. Against Windham Co., for Jairus Hall 1810, read Gilbert Denison and Johnl Roberts, 1817. Against Caledonia Co., for W. A. Palmer 1826; read John W. Chandler,1800. "37 1802-5 Essex, for Simeon Tubbs read Simon Tubbs. 37 1806, 8 Jericho insert James A. Potter. it" CC " 4 Canaan, " Samuel Beach. 38 1809 Westford should be Ebenezer Bowman. "39 1814 13 St. Albans add Jonatllan Hoit. " 41 1825 for 6 Johnson for D. Dodge read Thomas Waterman. " 42l 1827 7 Mansfield, insert Samuel Harris. 1828 7 Mansfield, add Ivory Luce. " 46 1849 6 Easthtven, for Horatio L. Walter, read Horace L. Walter. " 47 1790 8 Hubbardton, add Ephraim Churchill. " 1788 17 Poultney, add William Ward. "48 1795 18 Rutland, should be Nathan Osgood. Williams in the Council. C 49 1800 6 Danby, for Abel Norton read Abel Horton. 1 " 797 After 19, addl Sherbxrne. "50 1804.9 Randolph, insert James Tarbox. 51 1809 to 1 Benson, add Chauncey Smith. " to 7 Derby, add Timothy Hinman. " to 8 Glover, " Ralph Parker. " 52 1813 at bottom add Wolcott H. Keeler, and in 1816, add Howard Mitchell. "C 53 1817 1 Benson, insert Chauncy Smith. " 58 1846 13 Mt. Tabor, add David Bolster. ~C 60 1788 7 Chester for David Heald read Daniel tHeald. "61 1794 4 Bethel, for Joseph Marsh read Joel Marsh. "62 1800 17 Townshend for E, Wolcott read E. Wheelock.' 63 1805 20 Westminster should be Ephraim Ranney, Jr. ",' " 4 Bethel, for Eli Noble, read Nehemiah Noble. " 64 1807 11 Norwich add Daniel Buck. " 1810 18 Worcester " Carpus Clark.,," " 21 Whitingham, for Amasa Brown read Amos Brown. C CC 1809 11 Northfield, add Amos Robinson. "66 1817 8 Hartford, insert William Strong.

Page  208 068 APPENDIX TO DEMING'S VERMONT OFFICERS. 67 1822 George E. Wales, was Speaker three or four of the last days. " 68 1831 19 Stratton insert Abel Grout.;68 1830 against 2 Brattleboro, insert Samuel Root. "' 1831 & 38 8 Middlesex for William H.and Win. J. Holden read William X. Holden. T 70 1837 8 Jamaica, for Nathan Adams, read Nathan Ames" " 1838-9 17 Sharon, for A. F. Dean, read A. F. Bean. "'" 1839 15 Warreni for W. B. Taylor read Wm. B. Tyler. " " 1837 17 Townshend, for J. H. Bingham read J. H. Brigham. " " 1839 9 Hartland add Daniel Ashley. "" 1837 8 Hartford for Andrew Tray read Andrew Tracy. " 72 1850 20 Weathersfield, for J. C. Harkell read John C. Haskell. "75 1781 to 6, 4 Windsor Co. insert Benjamin Wait. "76 1788 add 6 Elijah Paine for Randolph Probate District, new that year. " 80 1809 near the bottomn for James Fish read James Fisk. "81 1815 Addison Co. for Samuel Strong read Charles Rich. "86 1837 Rutland Co for Asa Parsons read Ira Parsons. "88 1849 Orange Co. for L. D. Whitcomb, read Carlos Carpenter. " 89 Orleans Co. officers first elected in 1799, and about the same as those of 1800. " 90 Essex Co. officers for 1801 were elected also in 1800. This mark on pages 114, to 18 denote that such persons live on the farm where born.', 115 against Rupert, for Nathan Burton 1818, read Amos Harmon, jr., 1812. " " " Woodford for Elkanah Danforth 1800, read William Park 1809. " 116 " Braintree, for Isaac Nichols 1791, read Isaac Nichols, jr., 1800. " 117 " Northfield, for Cephas Carpenter 1807, read Joel Winch 1822.' " "' Londonderry for Luther Stowell 1819, read John Gibson 1809. " 118 after Elijah Farr at the bottom, add, and Henry Keyes. " 123 Andover Charter should be October 13, 1761. "168 6th line in Norwich, after July 4, leave out "or 5." " 177 First Rep. of Ryegate was James Gilchrist, in 1782. County Officers for 1852-3, as far as ascertained. 2 Judges, 8 County Clerk, 4 Sheriff, 6 State's Attorney. 6 Judges of Probate, 7 Registers of Probate, ADDISON COUNTY. 8 D. B. Buckley, 2.6 Almon Warner, 2 Joseph Hayward, 4 M. P. Bowman, 8 7 Henry Hall,.2 Roswell Bottum, jr. 5 Levi Underwood, 4 7 3 George S. Swift, 6 Willia;m H. French, 5 WASHINGTON COUNTY. 4 David S. Church, 7 Bradford Rixford. 6 -2 Denslow Upham, 5 John W. Stewart, ESsEx COUNTY. 7 2 Alonzo Pierce, 6 Horatio Seymour, 2 ORANGE COUNTY. 3 ShubaelWheeler, 6 Harvey Munsill, 2 2 Alvin Smith, 4 Isaac W. Brown, 7 Jed. S. Bushnell, 8 Wm, H. Hartshorn, 2 John W. Batchelder, 6 M. H. Sessions, 7 John Pierpont. 4 3 Samuel M. Flint, 6 Joseph Poland, BENNINGTON COUNTY. 5 4 J. E. Chamberlin, 7 Lyman Briggs. 2 6 5 Burnam Martin, WINDHAM COUNTY. 32 7 William Chandler, 6 Royal Hatch, 2 Ellery Albee, 8 FRANKLIN COUNTY. 6 Philander Perrin, 2 Horace Alvord, 4 2 Augustus Young, 7 Charles B. Leslie, 3 Royal Tyler, 6 2 Preston Taylor, 7 Cornelius W. Clark, 4 Cyrus Carpenter,.6 3 Joseph H. Brainard, ORLEANS COUNTY. 5 R. W. Clark, 6 4 Addison Burr, 2 William Moon, 6 Royal Tyler, 7 5 George F.Houghton, 2 John M. Robinson. 6 Abishai Stoddard, 7 6 James Davis, 3 Hubbard Hastings, 7 F. Holbrook, CALEDONIA COUNTY. 7 Jepthah Bradley. 4 Elisha' White, 7 Benjamin W. Dean. 2 Orra Crosby, GRAND ISLE COUNTY. 5 Wm. M. Dickerman, WINDSOR COUNTY. 2 Albert W.Burroughs, 2 Albert C. Butler, 6 Isaac N. Cushman, 2 Gardner Winslow, 8 Gustavus A.Burbank 2 Gideon H. Rice, 7 Henry M. Bates. 2 Barnabas Dean. 4 George Ide, 8 Elijah Haynes, RUTLAND COUNTY. 3 Norman Williams, 5 Henry S. Bartlett, 4 Charles H. Clark, 2 Samuel H. Kellogg, 4 Lorenzo Richmond,. e Charles S. Dana, 5 John M. Sowles, 2 Benj. F. Langdon, 5 Warren C. French, 7 Gustavus A,Burbank 6 Sealand Whitney, 8 F. W. Hopkins, 6 Salmon P. Dutton,: PCHrTTENDEN COUNTY. 7 Augustus Knight. 4 Jacob Edgerton, 6 John Porter, 2 Aaron L. Beach, LAMOILLE COUNTY. 5 Martin G. Everts, 7 Henry Clossonr 2 John Lyman, 2 6 Harvey Button, 7 Lyndon A. Marsh.

Page  209 DEMING'S STATISTICAL'VIEW OF HE WITH OTHER ANCIENT MATTEE-.I. EXECUTIVE DEPARTHIE1NT. STATE OFFICERS. Politics. Where and whenoborn. Ocouiitn. Laigdg. pe te'_is::Excellency1 - IERAs'i'US:FAilB1BANK:S,-St, Johnsbury, w Brimfield, Mass., Oct. 28, 1792.,. Lyman's 5 Governor, - Balance'.: m'anufacturer. 0EORGE ilOWES, Treas., Mont- w Montpelier, Nov. 14, 1814, cashier. Howes' 6 pelier, FERRAND F. MERRILL, Secreta- w. Montpelier, Oct. 24,1814,. attorney. Metrill's.17 ry of S.tate, Mlontpelier B. FRANK" S'TPVEN, Barnet, w Barnet,-Feb. 19, 1833, BuinhamB6 1 Deputy Secretary of State, GEORGE. W.: GRANDEY, Ver- w Panton, Feb. 3.1816, attorney Pavilion 28 5 gennes, Quarter Master General, ~' PLINY H. V'/HITE, Sec. ofiCivil& wv Springfield, Oct. 6, i82, atty & editor'Riker's 10 2, Military Afftia'rs, " — rati'eb:ro', P. E. WOODBRIDGE, Auditor of w Veigennes, Aug.29, 1819, attorney. Pavilion' 10 4 Accounts, Vergonnes, -;' - BEMAN: R. S;MITH, Hitesburgh, w Adjutan't General" SAM UEL' W. SL'ADE, St. Johnsbu- w ry., Ju dge Advoceate General, GEORGE C. WES:T, Hartland, w Bank Commnissioner, -MARCUS, it. PO R' ER, Cornwall, wv Tinmouth, May:16, 1807, phys Riker's 21 2 Commissioner of Insane. 1UTHER CROSS, Serg't at Arms, w Swanzey, N,H., Oct. 7,1802, merchant Cross' 6 Montpelier,: - -: JOHN E. BADGER, Ass't. and Sta- w New Market N.H, May 4,1795, hatter Badger's 8 tioner,, Monjpeier,'' 0E:ORGE N.LCIX OLS, Librarian, w. Northfield, Aplil 17, 1827, physician 0. Smith's' 4 Northfield,.' F. HOVEY, Asssistant, Montpe- w Thetford, Jan. 16, 1827, medstudent llis's 3 lier.. ", SENATE DEPAITIENT'T. OFIMCERS. - Politics. Where and shen born. Ooeupaton. Adgtsln. In Le on. Win. C.:' Kittredge, w Dalto.n, Mass., Feb. 23, 1800, attorney Riker's 28 9 Pairhavon Lt. GOv andi Preesident,':.'1AMUEL M. CONANT, of Bran- w Brandon, Nov. 22, 1820, attorneysJ. W.IHowes' 4'don, Secretary, WM. M. DICKER IMAN, of Coven- w Burke, Aug..13, 1820, attorney:Riker's 17 4 try, Asisttant Secretary,'.AD:DISOx"COUNTY. SE- SBINAT'QiSA:-T- - seats. per t - W"heresad witrabn. Octupst. I4te. Ter' EDW'). SEYMouR, Vergenses, 26 W Vergennes Oct 26 1N11 faymde' PsVtli~n Met 5 BELia HWbw, Shoreham, 14 w fhoreham,i 31ay 7, 1804, farm-e Riker'- 22 5 BENNIINGTON COUNTY TIjsd.;' Mc'DANJ-Ls, Bennington, 29.d Danby, Oct. 15, 1807, exchange-broker Pavilion 19. 1 J asiss:.Mart.r,Landgrove, 30 d Lia'dgrove,? Seopt.:14, 1813,.'.:.5. 4..,................. -....-...d;C CALEDONIA COUNTY. Jos.H.v'ISTyiVEiss. fiardwick, - 4 w Lyman, N.,TH.jFeb,- 18,1807, farmer Riker's 29. 1 M..RDs'ZaE1Ai LALE,: Barnet, 5 -wi' aidw.ick,-Massayd,:ay.180, atty. Fiencli's,4 1.*Lie o'.tb0'farm. where horn. 27

Page  210 210 SENATE DEPARTMENT. CHITT S' N DEN COUNTY SENATORS- Seats. Pol- Where and when born, Occupation, Lodgin"e, Te,, ROLLA t.LEASON1 ltichthond, 28 w kiclhnoud, June.2: 187J, farmer tavijiou. i I. IRsa WITTERS, hilton, 20 d Georgia, D)ec. 7, 1797, farmer lnrl.utam20 1 JOHN PARKER, Westford, 19 fd Greenfield, Ct., Aug. 5, 1796, farmer Burivhau 0O 1 ]ESS F X COUNTY. TIRNRY L. WATSor, Guildhall, 6 d Salisbury, N. L1., Feb. 10, 1811, phys'n Burnham 17. i FRANKLIN COUrNTY. HARMON NoRIHROP, Fairfield, 16 w Fairfield, June 16, 1796, farmer French's 43 2 GEORGE GRErN, St. Albans, 15 w 1wanton, March 15, 1791, farmer Fiernch's 43 8 SILas P. CA(RPENTER, Richfordt, 17 w Richford, Jan. 3,18-1, merchant Flench's 43 3 GRAND ISLE COUNTY. Iaa HILL, I;:le la Mott, 7 w Granville, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1793, fanmer Fibnch's 15 2.LAIIr, LLE COUNTY. GEoRGz W. BAILEY, Elmore, 13 fd Berlin, July 27,1798, farmer Burnham 2 4 ORANGE COUNTY. GaOtute P. t'ALDWiN. Bladtbrd, 8 d Bradford, Jan.'2'2, 1808, farmer Un'on 1 5 BaNJ. THURBERj, Washington, 9 d Corinth, April 4, 1805, merchant Union 1 2 ORLEANS COUNTY, HBaNRY M. BATES, Irasburgh, 27 w Hartland, July 3, 1809, cashier Riker', 12 7 ]RUTLAND COUNTY. THOMAs F. BoGUE, Pittsford, 25 w Chittenden, June 17, 1795, farmer Riker's 27 2 HARVEY SHAW, Tinmouthl, 24 w:Vaillingford,July 6,1795. farmier lik. i's 27 3 AYON BALEY, East Poultney, 23 w Iladdalm Ct., Aug. 29, 1;92, manufac.Pavilion 19 6 fWA SHI NOTON COUNTY CH&s G. EiSTMAN, Milontpeier, 22 d Fryeburg, Me., June 1, 1816, editor at homo, 2 ROYAL WHEELER, E Moaltpelier, 21 d Montpelier,* Dec. 15, 1799, farmer Burlham 5 3 WIND~IUM COUNTY. JesH11,R. BLeKE, Brattlobrro', I w Brattleboro', Feb. 3, 1794, merchant Riker's 14 4 IRA GOODHUE, W. Westmninster, 2 w Westminster, Dec. 20, 180:3, farmer Blikets' 21 5 ASHLEY oTUNE, Wilminlgton, 3 w 1insdtlle, N.H., July 7, 1816 mecchant Itiker's 25 3 WIN DSOR COUNTY. CaosBY'MILLER, Pomfiet, 13 w Pomfret, June 6, 1811, farmer J3. A. Vail's 2 Ava B. Fos'aES, Weston, 12 w Nelson, N.H., MaIar 28 1795, merchant liket's 27 6 Tros. B. IlaRVEY, Rochester, 11 w Rocle.-ter,* April 6, 1813, fa mer Kinihalls 11 2f SorSonI BUCK, Loutbh Reading, 10 w Reading, Oct. 24, 1799, farmer tiker's 20 3 OFFICERS OF THE SENATE, W~M. H. LORD, Montpelier, Amherst, N. II., March'1, 1E23, at home, 2 Clmaptain. J. P. C. COTTRELL, Reporter, w Montpelier, April 15, 1832, student Pavilion 1 VI,,E. RILLIN,ae Mount Holly, w Shrewsbury, May 27, 1801, farmer Gunnisor.'s 5 Door Kieeper. CraoaR (J. Hccxs, Rutland, w Rutland, April 20,1836, student Riker's 10 3 isAsistaant Door Keeper, 4onORGR C. BATXS, Irasburgh, w lrasburgh, April 28, 1839, Riker's 12 1 ieasenger, IIOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Addison CQunty. Xddisna, Asaph D. lhayward, 122 w Bridlort, July 20, 1823, farmerRiker's 23 1 Bridport, Erwin E. Grosvenor-, 129 w Bridpolt, July 19, 1807, jeweler' Riker's 22 2 Bristol, Horatio Needham, 218 fd'Whiti.,g, April 21, 1797, attorney ISibe.'s 30 7 Corntwali, Marcui 0 Porter, 246 w Tinmouth, May 16, 1807, physician Riker's 21 2 Ferrisburgl, James Barnes, 221 w Ferrisbulgh,* Sept. 7, 1797, farmer French's 35 1 Goshen, Silas D. Gale, 116 w lrahliurgl, Sep,. 9, 1809,. fiarm, lrinhain21 2'Granvitle, IHiram Ford., 112 w Granville, Nov.7, 1802, farmer Slack's 3 Hancock, Augustus Taylor, 102 w Windsor, Dec. 8, 1807, farmer Slack's 2 Leoriater, Ira R. Farr, 163 w Brandon, Oct.29, 1805, farm$j Kimnballs 12 2'necidln, Elios P. Hoag, 97 fd Lincoln, Jan. 18, 1816, fSrmer.Riker's 15 2.Mldd.tbury, Joseph It. Barrett, 251 w ludlow, April 5, 1824, editor Riker's 11 4.fMiok- n, nore. Newo Haven-,sylvester Doud,- 28 w' New Haven, Nov. 14, 1808, farmer Rikel's 19 1 OrtoU, Chamnplin M. Fletcher, 169 w IBridport, teb -14, 1822, firmer Pa.vt::ion 20 2 Pastoas, Hiram'Allen, 136 w B.lidport, Sept. 15., 1806, faurmer Frenchl's 33 2 Rpton, Johnt R. New, 142 w Cornwall, July 23, 1815, farnmer lliker's 5 3 aiebtury, John Dyer, 234 w Rutland, Oct. 28. 1802, firmer French's 35 5

Page  211 HOUSE OF' REPRBSENTA'TIVE.. 121 Towns. Members, BEts. ps. l Where and when horn. OrcupaUon. Lodgings. Term,;or,.ehalm, Alonzo Birchaiud, 130 w,:loreham, ouole 5, 1796, freier Itiker's 22 1 Starksboro', Sidney Sayles, 48 fil Rhode island, June 20, 1800, farmer Kilsballs 11 2 Veroennes, Ge,,rge W. Grandey,247 w Panton, Feb 3,!816, attorney Pavilion 28 2 Waltham, Nathan Griswold, -214 d Waltham, J;n- 23, li95, farnmer French's 41 4 Wreybredgfe John Child, 135 w Wevblidge, Dec. 8, 1797, farmer French'e 33 2 whit/ilg, Wmin. P. Wright, 140 w Shorehamn, Dec. 1, 1816, physician Riker's 21 1 lennington County. Jllinrton, Hlarry Gray, 184 w Wel!s, Jan. 23, 1805, mechanic Union 11 1 Benninrlton, none, Drs'et, MaJc:us 14. Roberts, ]33 d Manchester, Aug. 20, 1799, farmer French's 23 1 Glasateibury, John H. lMatteson, 92 d Sh;,ftsbnry, March 017, 1816, farmer UuioIn 8 2 Santdorruove, Gi(leon Davis, 119 w Merrimack, N.ll. Nov 25, 1784, ftriner French's 31 5.lanehr.ster, Dtarwin 4%ndrews, 50 w Sandgate, March 4, 1810, merchant Pavilion 9 1 Peru, Marlt Batcheldter, 117 w Amhierst, N.H. Jain 2. 1803, b'acksmth French's 31 2 Peownal, Noel Barber. 91 d Pownal, lMaly 19, 1805, ml wright Usion 8 2 Readeboro', ChlLrk Bellows, 4-1 d Malbono', Sept. 12, 1l17, fermer Union 22 1 Rupeqrt, Simelm Shelidon, 173 w Rupeit,* March:7, 1806, farmer French's 23 1 Staldllote, Wmin. G. Hanlton, 69 d Sandgate, Feb, 14, 1811, farmer French's 24 1 Searsburgr, Simon Doane, 157 d Royals:ons.lass Augt24, 1808, mechanic Kimsballs 19 1 Shatftsbatry, Ifiram Matteson, 183 l dshattsbury,* Dec. 3, 1799, farmer Union 8 1 Stariford, John Pratt, 41 d Clarksburg, Msq, M'r!.h 16 1816, faimer Union 22 3 Susderltnal, Ambro4e Williams, 95 d Sunderland,* Aipril 23, 1809, fairmer Union 10 1 JWinhall, iorace Gale, 118 fd Warwick, Mass., Jan. 8, 1807, farmer French's 31 1 Woodftord, Lyman Bolles, 159 w Williamstown, Feb. 8, 1808, f. & lumb Kimballs 19 2 Caledonia County. Barnet, James K. R-,micrk, 10 ()w Madbury, N. 11., Feb. 18, 1808, manu French's 19 1 Burke, George D. Fyler, 86 wv Burke, Feb. 5, 1810, farmer Union 14 1 Cabot, Davz'llle, -Groton, Hardwick, none, Kirby. Atunah Leach, 73 d Kirby,* Dec. 6,1813, fairmer Union 32 3 Lyndlon,Epaphras B. Chase, 199 d BraIdf;rd,'Oct.V'7, 1800, firmer Pevilion 23 2.Ntowa'k, Abijah L. Gustin, 125 w Mlarlow, N. H. Nov, 18, 1820, farmer Union 19 1. Peqcchlia, Ryegats, none. Shefieldd, Laban M.. M. Gray, 37 d Sheffield, Jan:4. 1818; farmer Union 17 2 St. Johtsbury,, Hiram Knapp, 101 w Alttead, N. H., May 16, 1804, merchant Union 9 2 Suttou,s, George Mason, 64 d Paisley, Scotland, DecS25, 1799, manif Uliion 17 1 Walden, Joseph lluiton,jr., 3 d Walden.* June 24, 1810, farmer C. White's 1 Waterfird, Alfred P. Bonney, 54 w Littleton, N. I1., Aug M9,1821, merclt Union 9 2 Wiaeelock, Charles Rogers, jr., 38 w Alton, N. H., Aug. 28, 1823, farmer Union 17'1 Chittenden County. Bolfon, Franklin D. Colton, 158 fA Jericho, Oct. 28, 1823, mechanic Burnham 52 1. BuSlintrton, Henry P. Hickok, 238 w Burlinglors, Aug. 27, 1804, Riker's 26 1 Chtrlotte, Midas Ptindle, 180( w Ferrisburgh, Aullg.22, 1799, farmer BSunham2t 2 Colchester, Geoge P. Mayo, 27 d Burlington, Aug.2;3, 1818, farlner lisurnh.m20 1 Esaer, Isaiah Huntley, 123 w Mahlow, N. H., Nov. 20, 1787, clergy. Kinmbll's 3 1 liaesbaurgh, Peter J. Boynton, 45 d Burlington, Ju.y 5, 1786, larruer burnhans27 1 Iftntingeton, Jericho, Williston, none. n.iiton, Orvi le M. Clark l16 w Georgia, AMay 4, 1800, farmer Pavilion 21 1 Richmond, Thomas Browhing, 46 lob Rutlanld, Mass, Match 21, 1787, clergy. Lturnu hm 28 1 Shelburne, Lyman Hall, 175 w 6helhbure, Moarch 13, 1812, faooer I1 urnham27 2 St. (Oeoreff,, mith Wright, 43 w Williston, Malch 8, 1823, farmner Burnlham 27 1 Underhill, Alfred Bicknell, 167 fd Enfield, N H.,Mlareh 11, 1812, millwi't Fr. nch's 29 1, Jacob K. Drury, 36 fd Milton, Match 30, 1808, farner Mrs. Brown's 2 Essex County. Bloomfield, Samuel N. Silver, 61 d Bloomfie'd, Nov. 27, 1816, farmer Union 15 2 Brighton, John Ftevens, 72' fd Maidstone, Alr'l 22, 1793, farmer Usnion 33 4 Brunsawick, Henry D. Shoff, 109 d Maidslone, May 29, 1790, farmer Buinham 17 1 Canaan, William Rich, 15 d Maidstone, Dec. 1, J8810, farmer Biurnhall 17 1. Concord, East Haver, Jeremiahl Lund, 4 w Groton, April 10, 1791, farmer Campbell't 1 (ranby. Henry Hartshorn, 178 w Lunesnbnrgh, July 12. 1811, farmer Union 15 3 (uildhall, Pirny Rosebrook, 177 w Gooildhall, Au,6, 1799, farmner Union 15 1 Lemington, Lewis iSmeridge, aw [Not to attend.] Luosenburgh, Htlubbard W. Bedell, 52 w B;th, N. H., May 26, 1817, farmer Union 19 2.Maid to ne, P. R. Follansby, 16 d Hill. N. H., July 25. 1826, farmer 13runham 17 2 Victory, William M. Steans, 76_fd Rocki.nghlam, E&b. 18, 1814, farmer Union 4 1 - Franklin County. Bakr.cjiecld, EnlosburgR, none. Berkshire, Wm. S. Subhle, 211 w IBerkshire, Aug. 17, 1815, merchant Kimballs 17 A Fletcher, Hioghgate, none. Faeirfax, Anson Soule, 215 d Fairfax, Sept. 4, 1801, attorney Mlrs Browns 1 Fairfield, Bradley Barlow, 216 d Fairfield, Aril 12, 1614, farmer Pavilion 12.4 Fhranklin, John P. Olds, 84 w Essex? Aug. 3, 1803, farmer French's 33 1:(eorgia, David P. Clark..131 w Georgra,* Nov. 7, 17 03, farmer Btfunhaum28 1 Jl.ontgomery, Ezra W. Sherman,21l fit.he`ldon, Jan. 2:, 1814, f!rmer hIrs. Brown's I Ric9hfrd, Calvin P. Dwyer, -161 d Richford, Aug. 19, 1810, franier lturnhanm 16 2 Sheldln. Milton H. Bliis, 166 d'Sheldon, Fel,. 20, 1810, former Kinbhallo 17 1 St. 4lbans, C. H. Hayden,'240: w Ratidolph, Jan. 13. 1824, editor J %V Howes' 1 Swaston, Leander L. Cushman, 168 d tSchroon N.Y. M'ch 14 1819, farm & mer Pavilion 12 1

Page  212 212 ItOUSE OF REPRESENTAT[VES. Towns. Memners, Seats. pil, Whereand bn oe mn..OnepSonU, Lodgiugs, Te.n Grand Isle. County. Adlburgh, Hiram L. Bullis, 53 w Champlain, N Y., Oct. 26, 1800, farmer:Kimballs 16 11 Grand isle, Wessoo Macomber,. 80 w Gland Isle,* Aug. 5, 1801, -'farmer Burnham 18 1 Isle La JllMtt, Doruo V. Goodsell,162 d Montreal, Sep'. 7, 1811,:'farnmer Burnhlsam.16 I.North Hero, Jabez Hazen, 160 d North IHero,* Nov 21, 1808, farmer Burnham 16 2 8outh Hero, Orange Phelps, 77 w South Hero, March 27, 1806, farmer Kitbails 16 1 Lamoille County. Belvidere, none. Cambridre, none. Eden,- Richard T. Cull, 164 d Hatley, C.E., March 21,1812, merchant. Burnham 12 1 Elmore, none.. HydpaUrk, Ira Herrick. 190 d Hopkinton, N.H., Apr 13,1803, fisremer. Union - 16 Johtnson, Stoughton S. Pike, 5' fd Raindolph, July 12, 1413, -attoriley Ltnrnham 2 2.iorristozon, Almondl Boardman, 57 fs Morristown, May 16, 1s07, farnmer'Burnhamn21 l Sterling, none.'SBto0e, none. Waterville, James M. Hotchkiss, 194 fd Georgia, May 27, 1812, inn keeper Burnham 2 1 W}olcott, none. Orange County.. Bradfo7d, n vie. Braisbtree, Wliltman Howard, 40 fd Easton, Mass., Feb. 26, 1808, farmer Burnham 18'2 Brookliyeld, none. Chelsea, ntone. Curinth, Hubbard Fellows, 189 d Corinth, May 6, 1800, farmer Union I I Fairlee, T'lhomas "tratton, 126 fs Firlee, July11, 1794,. frner Kimalls 3 1 fNetwbury, Osnar C. Hale, 185 w Newbury, July 26, 1816,.:cashier. HRikerl 18 1 Orange, W'il;is Lane, 151 fd Barre, June 30, 1810, fainler Union 6 1 Randolph, noene. Strefford, Benjamin Gilman, 143 w Straffold, May 24,1FO01, farmer Union~ 16 2 ~ Theteird, George Garey, 32 d'J'hetford, Sept. 11, 1804, farmer U!nion 3 1 Topsham, Win. A. Ilagley, 15'0 d Topsham, June 24, 1814, mechanic Union 6 1 Tuabridge, Charles 11. Chandler, 31 w Chester, April24, 1796, ~ physician burnham 7. Verashire, none. Wash'irgton,'Thad. G. White, 33 w Washington, Nov.30, 1812,.. farmer fHuntington's I West Fairlee,. laltd Buzzell, 145 fd'Strafford, Dec. 29, 1806, blacksmith.Union 6 -1 Williamstown, none. Orleans &County..Ilban?., none. Barton, Edwaid Barnard, 82 fd Troy, N. H., Aug.-23, 1817, farm &:join Btirnham 5 1 Browninatl oT. lHiram Streeter, 5 w Chesterfield, N.H.i Apr-28, 1796, farmer Union 20 1 Charles'i tn, Loren. W. Clark, 6 w Weathersfield, Oct 21, 1807, mereliant Union 20 2 Coventry, 1Horace S. Jones, 81 w Waitsfield, Mlay 10,1813, farmer Burnham 5 1 LCraftsbury, none. Derby, Zenas Cobb, 56 w lartland, Dec. 9, 1785, farmer Union 5 1 Glover, Joseph H Dwinell,'62 d' e eene, N. H,June 21, 1802, cabiiltl tm Union 32 4,Greensboro', John Fomels, 198 d Barnet, Msay5, 1815, farm,:r. French's 29 1 Holland, Henry Pinney, 63 d Canada, Sept. 9, 1814, farner UInion 32 3 Irasburgh, Gerge W. Ilardy, 196 w Irasburgh,* Sept. 13, 1812, farmer Riker's 16 1 Jay, David,;cDaiel1, 34 d Rockinrgham, N.i., Jan. 1'01792,Sfaimer liker's 16 t Lowoell, none. Jl,,rgan, Samuel Da-,gett, 55 w Newport, June 12, 1810, fairmer Ueion 5 0' XN'ewport. lRoswell Prouty,..165 w Newporst, April 22, 1809, fariner French's 29 3 Salem, Porfer Lyon, 170.w Troy, Feb. 27,1806,''failer Union 5 1 Troy, A. Jridset Rovsell,'193 fd Waterville, Nov.4, 1818, mercliant Poland's 2 Westfield, Chester Coburn,-: 195 Id Sturbridge,. Mass., Jan. 3, 1789, farmer Riker's 16 4 Westmore, Calvin Gibson, 124 fd Shrewsbury, Aug. 8, 1815, farmer Union 5 2 Rutland (County. Benson, R;,yal D. King, -'88 w.. Benson, Nov. 17. 1825,. farmerjliker's 20 1 Brarndae, Ebenezer J. Bliss,.244. d -Shoreham, Jan. 3, 1817,.'. merchant Pavi!ion 4 2 Ctstleton, Isaac T. Wright, - 245 w Pownal, July 18, 1810, attorney P;ivilion 21 2 Chittenden, JIsepb Parkeri 243' fd Clarendon, March 2, 1806,.fa'rmr Kinballs 15 2 Clarendoaa, Tihomas Steward, 24.: IfI Clarendon, Feb. 3, 1806,' farlier Kimballs 15 1 Danby, Amasa Bancroft, 49 w Plainfield, March 4, 181'1,' fariner' (CW Bancr'ft Fairhaven, A. S. Cushman, 252 w Fairhaven, Dec. 28, 1807, iren manuf Riker's 27 1 Hubbardtor, Perry Dikeman, 186 w Baliston, N. Y., Marclh 18, 1788'faime'r Union 22.2'Ira, EnoC C. Fish,.'C33:w Ira. Dec. 26, 1809,.: farmter French's 35 1 Mendown, Eben C. Frehch, 182 w Wallingford, March 17, 1819, fiarrner Ki'toballs 10 2.XeJ.ddletouen, Eliakim Pul,..28. 8w Wells, Jan. 19, 1798,. phys'ician Ri1'ter's 15 8.MiountHo ll!, Alva Pierce, 181 w Brattleboro,' Dec. 1, 1799, mechanic Kimiballs 10 1.Ml.unt Tabor, Benj B. B. Bitton, 93 fd Springfield, March 27, 1810,'falnier French's 21 3 Pawelet, none.. Pittsfield, Wmin. R. Blossom, 227 w Pittsfield, Mass,, Apr. 28,1789, farmer Kimball's 7 4 Pittsford, German F.Headeei. 7 d Pittsford, Oct. 2, 1794,.'falmer Riker's 29 2 Poul;ney, Joseph Jostin,.250 w Pooltney, Dec. 12, 1799, - ftrme6r F,4hcl's 17 9 -Rstlatnd, John B. Page,. 248. w Rutland, Feb.25, 1825,.. cashier. Pavilion32 1'SA'rrburne, Rufus:Relhardson,. 231 d Mendon, Sept. 10, 1818,. inn keeper U-fion 18 4 SArewssbury, no'.. Sedbury,'lho-:.' J. Goodrich, 132 d Benason, April 4 1801, farmer Kimball's 2 4 Tiamouth, Judah H. Rouend, 127 w Clarendon, Dec. 13, 1809, -farmer Rikras 15

Page  213 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE.. 213 -T.s.wn Members. - cats, pol. Where and when born. Occupation. Lodgings, Teirm' -HallogJcoCrd, V IIliaam C. O'tx, 8 w5 Wallinglbrd,* Jul.,4, 1811' Lphyslcian. Kimball';i.21 Wells, Nathan Fbrancis, 242 d "Wel.s, Aug. 14, 1809 farmer Kliball'i 3 1 WeRst avelza. SR.. Armstrong, 87 w Shoreham, J ly 30, 1799, farmler Riker's.29 1 Washington County. Barrs, Jesse ccott, 191 d IBarre,'Dec. 8, 1797, farmer Union 14 2 Berlin, fHubbard Hllncock, 113 w Winchendon, Mss Apr 10, 1802, farmer at home I Calais, Ruluhs P. Moses, 139 Id Gilmanton, N.H, Sept. 18, 1806, farmner::burnham 25 2 Duzbbury, none. Eaot J.Mitspcd er,J WP Vincent, 209 fd Middlesex, Dec. 16, 1818, fa mer Union 12 2 Fqlston, Willat d B. Porter, 116 f..l Fayston, March I, 1147,. frmer:; Bhliham26 2 MJarshfield, Asa:spencer, 68.w W'oodbury,Sept. 14, 1811, falller Union 4 2 sffiddlesix, O.A. Chamnberlin, 210 fd Middlesex, Sept. 30, 1-_04, fariner Union 1'2 2 XIontpelier, hi. II. Reed, 187 w Hamstead, N.H., AMay 25 1795, attorney at home 2 JMoretow2n, Urial lHowe, 153 d Jericho, lay 3, 1810, mechanic Buinham'28 1.lY.orthfield, none. Plaitifield, Le is Chamberlin, 188 fd Bane, Jan. 4, 1816, farmer and atity`' Burnham' 5 9 Rozbury, Allen Spaulding, 74 d Roxbury, Aug 12, 1804, farm& drover Union 32 3 Ifait.field, none. Warren, Pase;hal P. Raymond, 107 w Warren, July 15,1809, farmer Burnham25 1 W.aterbury, Cdlvil Bltodget.t, 192 d Randolph, Jan.: 5, 1798, merchant'avilion 23 4 Wooduury, Ira A,,cLoud, 65 fs Plainfield, Sept. 5, 1803, farmer Wahlibuin's 6 Worcester, Nathaniel A. Kelley,108 fd Pembroke, N. l1., Jan, 5, 1818, farmer Mrs Brown's 2 Windhnm County. t/hens, Maark Ball, 59 fd Athens,* April 15, 1806, farmer Union 10 2 Brattleboro', Roswell Hfunt, 237 w Vernon, Jan. 27,1813, manufacturer Pavilion 30 1 Brookline,. Daniel E. WhitneyS, 29 fd- Springfield, Dec. 21, 1812, fainer Union 10 1 Dover, Laban Jones, 25 fs IDover,'Oct. 12, 1796, farmer.,Kimball's 7 3 ~DLhmmerstcnt, none. Graftors, Lewis S. Walker, 224'w Grafton, April 5 1817, farmer. Riker's 24 1 Guilford, Henj'. Stevens, 249 w Guilford, Jan. 1, 1789, physician. P1uvilioi 30 2 Halijax. E isla Hager, 174 d Weston, Mass., Jan. 21,1781, farmner, Kimballs 12 1 Jamaica,.Ira S. Fiell., 96 fd New Salem Mss -Jan 25.1813, bl'ksnriith L. J. Scott's 1 ~Londonderry, Ara Whitman, ]7i w Windham, Dec. 5, 1802, fartner Fr'ench's 31 1 Marlboro', Elliot Haalladay, 222 w Marlboro',* FPle. 16, 1821, farmer Kimball's 5 1.ewofane, lFredterick (). BIuditt, 13t'd Brookfine, M'ch 7, 18)1, cabinet muk'r Unlion 10 2 -Putcccy, l('ha les rlood, 179 w Putney, Ju'y 17, 1802, faimer Firenchls 33 1 Rockinghama, Quiirtus ML. Dorand,172 w Rockingham, May 2 1804, masor Fre,-ch's 31 1 SomersEt, lIolils Town, 156 fd Rockingham, Feb. 19, 1808, carpenter Slack's 4 Stratton, John N. Glazier, 60 fil Stratton, July 29, 1805, farmer- Union 10 2:Toswnshectd, Oscar R. Garfield, 225 w Townsihend, Aag. 22, 18':4, faimer Riker's 24 1 F.errnn, Jarvis. F. Burrows, 235 d Leydon. Mass., Jan. 16, 1812, farmer Union 21 3 ~ estminster, Win. C. Bradley, 245 fd Westminster, Mlarch 23. 1782, attort ey S. Lvman's 5 Ward.buro', Wales A. Bridges, 137 d Medway, Mass., Aprl 9, 1m00, farmer Union 10 2.W/hitigrhlam, Parley Starr jr., 223 w Colchester; Aug. 20, 1813, tan and cur Kimball's 5 1 Wilmington, noue. Windham, Wn. tlarris, jr,, 2126 w Newburgh, O., Jan. 3, 1819, merchant Riker's 24 1 W- W.indsor County. n-dover,: none. lBaltimore, none..Barnard, Halrison 0. Slocomb, 103 fd Lynn, Mass., June 25, 1811, farmer E. J. Scott's I Bethel, none. /Bridgewater, Gilbert Wlhite, 232 d Bridgewater,* June-19, 1804, farmer Union. 18 1 Cavendiab,VJhn F. Deane, 217 w.Weathersfield, June 29, 1817, attorney Riker's 17 4 Chester, Mason C. Richardson, 121 d. Medway, Mass. Dec. 10,1810, farmer Pavilion, 9 1 Hartford, George lyman, 30' w Hartford, April 6,:1806,. merch' S: Lyman's i Hartland, Daniel Denison, 28 w Hartland, May 15, 1794, -farmer Pavilion 31 4 Ludloio, nlone..Nortoich, Lewis S. Partridge, 236 d Norwich, March 10, 1818, merchant Union parlor 1 Plymouth, John W Stickney, 239 w Graftoi, Sept. 16, 1818, farmer Kimballs 11 2 Pomfret, -m, Gibson,. 26 w 1topkinton,Mass, Sept. 29 1794,farmer Kimball's 7 1.Reading, Hiram Godard, 89 d e"R ading,* March 5, 1804,'farmer Burnhlarn 25 1 Rochester, David Eaton, 147 w Rochester, Sept. 29, 1805, farmer Slack's 4 Royalton, Azro D. Hutchins, ~ 144 d. T'unbridge, Sept. 2,1820, merchant Burnham 11 1 Sharon, Chester Baxter, w Elected-, and sick at home, Springfield, florace Weston, 230 w Springfield, Dec. 27, 1802, ifarmer Kimball's 2 1 Stockbridge, none. Weathersfield, James Weston, 229 w Springfield, Jan 24, 1808,'' farmer Kimball's 2 1'Weston, Cushing Barrett, 94 fd Ash!by, Alass., Aug. 20, 1813,:!l farner French's 21 1 West Windsor, hN. Woreste., 90 w.West Windsor.,June22, 1815,: farmer Burnham%25 2 ~Windsor, George Wardnei, 134.w Windsor, Aug. 14, 1816, melclhant J. W.Howes' 1 "Woodstock, Thomas E. Powers, w'oodlstock, Nov. 16, 1808, physician Riker's 11 7 OFFICERS OF.THE HOUSE..ql'0S. g. POWvERS, Wood- w Woodstock, Nov. 16, 1808, pbysician Riker's 11 7 stock, Speaker, 3 years. U HAL'.:)N F. DAVEY, llurlington, W Fairhaven, Aug, 28, 1817,,attorneylRiker's 14 7 C!erk, - CaAaRLsB K. WRIGHT) Shoreham, w Shoreham, June 3, 1825, ntttorasy Riker's 19 2 Aset. Clerk, -.

Page  214 914 I'OUSE OF REPRESENTATIVEO.-COU' NTY OFFIPERn... _... _ _ emball'.ii, seats. pt". Where and when hrn Oeestinn Lodiins,. r. S M.'J'. tU.H tLa hLUt.ala, tl Asslt. W'ulelt ul., u Ai h 44, 16219, tILolUIJy i'.st'a);Os 2 - (,lerk, CHARR.f 4 I. L I)~rYE, Woodstock, w Randolph, June -15, 1830, attorney Burnhamn 4- 1 3d Ast., ('lerk, NEWTOi. i osE, WVTltham, Door- w New Ilaven,Ct, March 10 1789 farmer French's 4t 4 Keeper,' tiltont.Cul It. Guillhall, w- uildhall, Aug 27, 1821, farmer Union 15 1 Charles fi. lo.ce, Norltfield,' w England, Janl.30, 1829 law student lw'iiows 2 Luther V1. ross, blontp'.lier, w Alontpelier,. Slept. 30, 183n, Cr'.oss' I Lucius A. H ubbard, Bridgewater, w BIridgewater, ci;t,?), 183.J, medstu Enow's 1. SUIMMARY. The Fenal e has 7 new memhbers, 20 whigs, 8 democrats, and 2 free democrats, 19 farmers, 5 merchants. I attorney, 1 physiciai I e(li:or, I exchange ltol;er, I ( ashier aind I manufacturer. The H. use has 104 new mlembers 100 wlthis, 53 demcrats, 35 free (leinoerats, 6 free soil, and I libeity.. 1' 14 farnmets. 6 phtysicilns, 8 attoriey-. 6 nierchatts, 6 mechanics, 4,m;inuflictulersi 9 cabioei mal ert, 2 millwrigihts, 2 (ditlos, 2 ctab-hiess, 2 (l rgsnmen, 2 joiners andl e irlentets, blacksmitls, 2 Inn leep!ers, luilbetnian, masen, d over, jewtl:er a-dd tatiner;nd currier, one each.'I lie 4Idest minelber is Elisha 1taga, of lalif.x, 71 the yuuc.gest is Putne:y It. Follaettby of Aiaid.-toi ie, 26. EAR] LY M-EMBERS OF THE LEGISLATURE. The first me mberofthe present- Leg;isature who was elected to a former LegiPl;tuiep is Wm. C. BradlI'y of " estminster, in l'06. at which -time, 123 membhers of t his.,egielature -wete not borr..' The second -is G deon Davis of laindgrove. in 182:);';he third is WVilliam R. Bflosqom (if] "ittsfietl i'n 1828.'I he 4. h is Eliakin PRtil of.V iddletown, in 1830.'IThe 4th is' W illiHam C. I (ittredge, Lieut. Governor. ol Fairhaveii, in I131.'Ihe 6th, are Epaphras B. Chase. l.yndo i, (eorge Gretn, Fenatoi fiom Franklin c. unty, and Asa it. Foster, ienastor from Wilds,,r ( ountv. 1834-'1 lihe 7th, are lioratio l\ eediham f Bristol, Germnan P. Ilendee, Pittsford, in 18; 35 Thlie8th are Malk Bntcheliler, Peru, l'astus Goveriior, St. Johnsbury. and Feiriid F. AMerrill,''ecretary of St:te, 1836.'1 le 9th is Ilavid t aton!, 1i ochester, 1837.'T lie l0th, Rtoyal A heeler, Senaitor of Washington'o, I~alb;n Jones, Ilover, 1638 The Ilth, Noee I Barber of'ownal, tarvey S:haw, Senator fiom Ruttand( Co., and Benoili Ituck, Senator from V ~'iidsor Co., 1830. ilie 112th are Jolin -'tevens, Brighton, Ira slcLoud, Woodbary, Calvin 1H sidgett, W'atcrtJury, and Alark Ball, Athens, 1841. T'he 13th are A ien Spaulding, Roxhury,J olim N. Glazier, l.iattoi, nd Daniel Denison, Hartland, 1842.'Ihe k4th are George W. tCral adev, Vergtinnes, George P. Baldiwin, emttlaor from (Orange Co., Jaivis F. Burrows, Vernon,. Ind Ira ioodlhue,`en,'tor frvm V indham, 1843't'he 15hli is lelt lowe, Senator trom Addis on Co,:844.'I le 16l aire Bradley Baltow, Fairfield,'I Tomas F. IBogu, Sen-. ~ator frotm Rutlar id Co., antl' homas P. Harvey, Senator from \ inlasor to., le4;.',lhe 17th are Hirant Ford, G(;inille,Jolin f'ratt, Stimnfordi, teo-well Piouwy, Ni wport, t homas E.. Pwers, Woodst,ck, ('hi Ion F. Davey, l Bulington, and tlerry Nt. Bates, Senator fioni O-rleans Co., 1846.'T'he 18 t; tare l'dward' e)l',our, Senator fiom Addison (o, Alonzo Birchald, Shoreham, Aruniah Leach, Kirby, Amen Buailey, Senator Ironm Co., Joini 1I. Blt:s1e. Senator trolr Windham Co., I;erge Itowes. TIeauFrer, iand John F..Deane, (;,, 1847. The 19th are "ilas 1'. Call )enter,'enator from l; inFkiti Co.,antl B.. I. ritain, iNountit'abor,: 1848,'T'h h20lh ire Joseph It. Barrett, of Mliddlbnit y, andl Frederick E. Woodbridge, of Vergennes,.James Martin,':, Senalor, fimon, leeaningon C:,unty, S inuel 1M. Conant, Brandlon, Wim. 1M. Dickermnan (C'o entry, ind lenry Pinnev, Holl tid, 1849. The 2:st are John 1.. New, tipton, Samucl N. ilve: r, Lloomfield, Calvin Gibsan, Westmore, and Josepl Joelia, Poulhtiey, LE50. VEtRMONT CONSTITUTION. The 8th sectiot - of part second is as fo!lows " The House of Representatives of the freemen of this state, shal I consist ofpersons most noted for wisdoirm aid virtue, to as CHossr by billot by the freemiien of evety town ifi this state, ie'spectively, ON THE FirsT Tuesday of September, antiually, fo ever.. Fiomin this alone it appears plainly that when an act mustbe done on a certairin day, y the Constitution, no 4 i:her day will answer io do that duty on, nor can it be made so by any statute law wltitterer, on less that law is inaccordance with the Constitution oflthe state. The law relie I upon to hold i,he eltection fot weeks atlI ininths, is the 14th section of ch ipter l'of the Revised Statutes wh ichlsays that tlie voting sht 1 be contiru';d "until an electiou is tnale." Here the Con.t tution t ind the law clash, anld as the. l.egislaiure have not the power to make the Conatitution uccord M ith the law, it is their duty'to alter tihe law so as not to conflict with the Coustitution. According t9 th a precedents by the,,egislat.kre, no freemn's meeting can lbe dissolved till a Represent,;tive is closen, if one person, dilnsk oi sober, objects to dissolvillg th. tr!eeting, but the seaie'mui tbe continued l! imon!hs.. Such a statit of things ought not to exist, as more.evil than' gool gro',Rs out of it. Bet iftlothing better -can be dlttie, make a law so thit the n:ajjerltyof thie freeten 1,resent can dissolIve the. meeting after midnight, anrd go home tind toelt satifigt that the towa will aot be misraeptese/itesl hty a'vite of the minority, befot they awake.i

Page  215 CTTYNTYV OPFICES, —JTTN1RS. OP Cn.(TRTt., Are. f.' - _. -, Tf ADVICE GBATIS. If you wish t.o keep ro;d, free from mudl, Feep the wate r troln hem, which is eadi!y don:eby leaviig rlo hol,wf thereoll tohold the water and if l- ICows do occur, draw the vattfr frfom'them soo!l aitr tt rain, and then fill the same ull with grave. If you'wltl4 to pievent the water from ruening into yout wooden houses. you can doe4ty making the clir.boards the lo, est on the Outside. so th it the water will not follow downz togr. holes'tal;rle by lhe nails to hold up the c(I.pllpoaRd white clalpboaird(na, but will drop so nea;ttheltbottom ot tLhe,one!blow, and no water will run down in those ntail holes. [n 18'13, I tlied the exrpriment to good effect, and have stited it to In;in ju)iiers, who havr all approved of the theory,-but do not practice accordingly. Just try it, and I'll be hound you will opprtove of it. DISTRICT CO)URTt, FROM PAGE 112. (F R1MER ()FFICXh,.).rnudges-Nathaniel Chipman, was first Judga till 1793 or 4. Samuel Hitclcockl, 2rl Ju- to 1&0l. ~. tac'1801. 4{loswrneyn —Stephen Jacob, first attorney; Amos Marsh, 2d Chartes AMarsh, 3d to 1801.oeJUarshIalls —Lewis R. NJorris, Ist Maralrall; Ja'sez Fitch, 21 to 1801. Coteclcoris of 4U0nstrdten-Stephen Keyes, lt; DIavid Russell, 2d, to 1801; Jahbsr Patnniman, 3d; Samuel Buei 4th,; C. P. Ness 5th; James Fisk 6th Chlatrles K. Willinem 71t. frim 1.f6 to 1829; Archib.rild W. 1Hyde 8th. froli 18299; William P'. Briggs 9th, from l41t4, Archibald W. Hyde 1Oth, from 1843; Russell G. Hfopkinsuno ltit, 1845; Albert L. Catiriu 12tl*. irom 1849. Hon. irAAC F. RlEI)FILI). Rtnd. lph, (tief Ju ttce. " PIERPf)INT1 i1IA ii, Benrington,.4 rtaaJaces. NI It LL. B EN NETY1'T, Ho li gton, " J(OiN F. D)EANE,Caverldish, Repoter, CeUgcuT17' lUDGE1S. 1st Circuit —Ion. ROBERt PIELtPOIX7T, Rutlnd. 2d' " JAitC B ('OLLtAMER, V' \oodstoek, 3d "' A-AHEL PECK, Burlington. 4th " " LUKE P.-POLAND. St. Johnsbury. COUNTY OFFICERS FOR 185? —3. S Judges, 3 County Clerk, 4 Sheriff, 5 Stalte's Attorney, 6 Judges of Probate, 7 Register ow;' tblatre.'~leras alrd lRegisters now in office are inserted. Aoor[oN C( UNiv..5 William Hayward. 3 IH-lulbbard f.astings, I Joseirh Il )ward, i Reuben W. F'reemaul, t Elislh a White, 2 R:owell Bottum, jr., 7 WVilliant Chandler, i Wi. M. DIic'erman, 3- George -. wift, Ilsaac N. Cushman, 4':Dav.d S. Chlurc, FRS.NKLINN COUNTY. 7 Henry M. Bates. 6 John W. Stewart, - 3 Augusriu; Yotirg, 6.oratiao'eymoul, i Peeston Taylor, RUTXD COUVr. 6.H-lvey.Munhill,. JoIspth I. tlainard,! Samuel H. Kellogg, 7 Jed. 8, lu-Ihnell, d Addison tKlrr,' Benljanmis F. Langwuon, 7 John Pierpoint. i George F. Houghton, 3 F. Wt. llopkinas Janies Davis, t Jacob Edgerton, BaNNINaTON COUNTy. 7 Jopthah Bradpley,.5 tartin G. Evertsi. Simeon Risir.lg,.i Harvey Blutton, D2 ennis J; George, GRASND Isr COUtnTY.;; Almon Warner, 3 Sanmut. H. Backnmer,! Albeit C. 13utlr, 7!He.nry IHnlt 4 Janlesi. Merrill,' Gideon H. rlce, 7 Almou Warner, 5 FEliaa B. f'urton,. Elijah Haynes, WV6HRNuTox Coper. d8 harvey Klr fi'owrle,;, I - t u'hles H. Il:rrk 1' Denslow Upham, Q Elijah lIarber. Z John XI. Sowles Alonzo Pierce 7 Harvey K. Fowler,; Elijah Haynes, 3 tlubael Wheeler 7 A.B. Ga.uner. 7 Augustus Knight, ish;c W. Brown, CALEDONIA COUNTY. LA5HOILLE COUNTY. Joseph Polands, P Orra (Crosby, ~ 3 Jameis Pb. totchkiss, i Jos7 h BPoland, Albirrt W'.i.~mtoug h's,? N hLyman Briggs.'2 Altbert tWt. Ui::....uttoui-hs! Giles A. Barber, 3 Gustavus A. Burbank, 3 E B. Swynr, W!NDHAM CQVJNTr. 4 -George Ide, I Samuel Ni. Pennock, I El'ey Albee, (deed.) 5 Hlernry S. tartlett, 5 George Wilkins, 2 -lotace Alvord, 0 Challe.o 8. Dana,' i Stoughton l. Iike, 3 Rtoyal Tyler, 7 Gustavus A. tiurhank, 7 William C. Ferritr. 4 Cyrus Carpenter,...r~snD~n.. ~ 5 R. WA. Cl a; k, CHITTErNDMN COUNTY. ORbANGE COUNTY. 6 Royal Tyler, 2 John Lyman, Alvn mith, 6 Aishai Stodard 2 Aarol L. Beacl, 2 J6lln'. batcheller, 7 Frederick Holbrook, 3,.I B. Buckley, 3 ISamuel J. Fl,nt, 7 Benrjamin W. Dean, 4 -N. P. Piowman, I John E. Chambertin, WIND8oR C'OUx.nT.Y 5 Levi Underwood, 5 lurtluham,lartias 2 a rduler Winslow, 6 Win. 1, French, iRoyal IlitchI, 2 Barnalbas Ithat, 7 Bradford RIixford.; Pllilandel Pectin,. Norman Williams, 7 Charles B. Ivslie, 1 Lo)renzo Rlihmolid, Es.ex COUNTY.'. ( ornelius W;. Clark. - 5 Warren C. French, vP rv'. Fr~.. 6} Salriou F. t)utton, 2 lyalmT.T. i handler, ~IRLBANS: COUtI 6 Jllhn Puoter, 3 i..'-. tsehuola I William Moon, jr., 7 Heng t:lorson, 4 Widisam Rich, Jobhn Mi Robinson, 7 Lyndon A. iMaash..~~~~~~~~~i JonPe,'

Page  216 e216 _ Lt.A'-PRj-1NfVORMATTON, CORR1tTION -q'&'c. LA-TER.INFOR'MATION: AND CO:.RRECTION$S..,BL.1t ilGL. —y" vl a letter fom cleik, mailed (cl. ist, s85S, whichi was:aft. the.Appe idix w.s printed, I learn that, the town: is o. THE TRaXC. anild that i'-lholnias Rey.noldsa was, first townv cleik,- hosen in 1_792. Fihst Constable, Win. Sowles, in!1793. 1 First-lee then, Samuel Mott, Jacoi Cook, Ricbard Mott and Joshua Manning, in 1793, and nolrpe.of: tm living.!';',...... ~ Jwa".. bO..-O-ltiver..Blodgett, is dead.' (See page 125) j11/:b ~'TIL'-i'.H:E iram Bas~stho first boin, is now living. Oil j -:'ti/i liZJV l a part of Ne'wf'aie annexed to, Nov.l'3 182]8. (See pages 131'aid:l-, jtJU1, IJ'.GWP JA'. —Zaclieus Peaslee, town clerk in 179.:, has beeii dead many yeiar:. GOiEi'J*. — The e;oftli part of Goshen was annexed to Itipton, Nov.' 1st, 1520;.:., f the blank on pgel 147 and 175.) - - -.. - OIT-:. r-J' -'.%IIBQ. altered from Hlarwich, Nov. 17, 1803. (See dash page:164.)i:: -OMr/1tigRs3E qP. —'l"he' la.w annexing ap.rt ofSibmerset to Doverurnd Waidsaloro, so a: vembe'r I.1851, was made conditional, and conditions not sanctioned by the towns inteIrestae no nlteratio9 in town lines have been made bv said'act....f:.. S UIf~lE'O!JO':.-'t!ihe firsi persoi, but an infant that died young, born in town, wos G:-e.. Gieen-te.taitorfroln.Frankliii county, born''.M'arch,'15, 1791.: o!.*sI " i'E' — i he.'filst person born'in the town was a daughter of Gen; Samuel Flenh"er,.and.slep was tihe mothler of Epaphroditus'Ransom, late.Governor of Michigan, and she: diedwa ew years sice, a KalnlaZod, about 90 years of age. - -. - -,.... 6I tl. H,,lt', was first. Vergennes made so Nov. lst, 1791 Repealed Oct. 31, 1796, and was incorporated'ilto":Waltha.n, at the same. tinie. I.ItJIMR t.7-C;ynthia'hlerinan, ihe first born, is living in Waitsfield. Wty.,~ASg tIAJ'GTOJi' —Paiitip Sargeant, a jusicq of the peace many years, is not living, as stated on page 193. E1'!U J.SV'8 1. — First born, -Anna Averiil, and she was the first person that was niarried by Wi liai C. Bradley, in 1803 or 4, she being some years older than isq. dradley.-'lhe exact date *f her hirt h is uhk!Iown,. i IIsffTIJW'GM.IJf7 GO;O E,'-This'Gore is not:mentioned in.the Appendix. It was chartered by Veriroit, Oct.-20, 1.96. It is:290 chains east and wet, and 174 chains, 5 links north and south, with 506) acres and over;:and is now the south-west corner of Whitingham, —bounded south on Afaissachusetts, east on.Col Wlititigs piatent, noith on Col Fitch's pa lent, and weston Readsboro'. How it becatne Wliitingliam, I have yet to learn.. Having examined the Catalogue of Vtrmont Officers apd the Appendix annexiedtby'Leonard Deming, of Aliddlebury,- we inst cheerfily' r.ecoinmend it to every" man in- Vermont, as a:.val uable work fobr efereence, as to any statement therein made. The Cataio uu containk,.55 we have reason to believe, an accurate list of all the Ex'cutive, Leglelative sind Judiciary o':fficers:, from 177d to. 1852, —the council of Censors, oilstitutional Conventions, with: the population.of the State by towns, at eacli census. T'he. Appendix gives the true date and origin of thechara-:: ter of each townl, —tho first settle ment, orga nization and officers of each town, -and much other useful information.. It will he found a useftil work for every citizen of Vermont.' Erastus Fairbanks, Harvey Shaw, E. P. Walton, jri, Polornon Foot, Miason C;. Richardson, Hiram Haldow. Win. (:. Kittredge, -Belj. W. Stevens,. l'homas dlclarinie!s, Wm. C. Bradlty,: Rufus F. Antdrews, Crosby Mi ler, Isaac B. Bowdlish, John F. Deane, Wm P. Wright, Charles K. Field, Hi, am Knapp, Jefferson P. Kidlder, Norman Williams,. Oscar C. tlale,. enj. F. Langdon,: Elijahl Cl,.veland,. John W. Stickney, Timhothy F. Hall, Zelotes Dickinson, len C. F ench, Stoddard B. Colhby kphraini Kice, Charles Dewey, Hiram iMatteson, David MB. Camp, Alfred P. Bonney, Caleb B. -lHaringten, Ambrose L. Brown, A. Judson Rowell, Pliny H. White,.. Halry Giray, Bradtord Rixford, Chalon F. Pavey,' 1). W. C. Clarke Philip Battell/; Loren W.. Clarke, B. D. Htarris, ~ David A. Smalley, Henry M. Bates, F. E. Woodbridge,:'Calvin-Blodgelt,.. Josepb.Jslin,i Chauncey Giod'rich, Darwin AndreWs,. EbenezerJ. Bliss., Homer 1 Royce, Charles G. Eastnian, Lyman.Cumming, Bradley lailow,! Horatio Needham, Ed ward D -Barber,, James L. Stark,jr. / William -Hebard,.' Daniel I. Thonslpsou, Merritt Clart, Ebenezer Howe, jr.,' George Wardie:g, John B. Page, Thomas Stewart, Samuel M. Con'an, Loyal C. Klellogg, Erwin E. Grosvenor, ira til.-, lienry Stevens, Wn. Wm..Dikerman, )Daniel Roberfts, Ferrand F. Mleriill,: Epaphras B. Chase, George-:t-Hulnt, Chauncey H.. Hayden, Daniel Denison, Wm. P. Briggs,.' Stouoghton S. Pike, Lucius B. reck, Eliakim Paul,:. Edward Seymour, Ameon Bailey, Heman Carpenter, James Martin, Marcius P1. Roberts, Joseph Hayward,. George Nichols, Royal Wlheeler, Harmon Northrop, F. F. lHovey, Henry P. lickok, Silas P. Caipenter, Rolla (jleason, ~A' Aasa Bancroft, Marcus O. Porter, lloratio' Seymoui', Asa 13. Foster,. Oiram Allen. Nathan B. lHaswell, Alonzo Blirchard,. Bela Howe,.: George P. Baldwin, Giles Harrington, Thomas B. a'r.vey, A. D. Hutchins, George W. Bailey,. Benjamin Thurber, jr.-, Henry 1B. Btacy,

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