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Title: Christianity and modern thought:
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: Christianity and modern thought:
Bellows, Henry W. (Henry Whitney), 1814-1882., Clarke, James Freeman, 1810-1888., Coquerel, Athanase, 1820-1875., Dewey, Orville, 1794-1882., Everett, Charles Carroll, 1829-1900., Hedge, Frederic Henry, 1805-1890., Martineau, James, 1805-1900., Peabody, Andrew P. (Andrew Preston), 1811-1893., Smith, George Vance, 1816?-1902., Stearns, Oliver, 1807-1885., American Unitarian Association.

Boston: American Unitarian association, 1873.
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