The emphatic diaglott: containing the original Greek text of what is commonly styled the New Testament, (according to the recension of Dr. J. J. Griesbach,) with an interlineary word for word English translation; a new emphatic version, based on the interlineary translation, on the renderings of eminent critics, and on the various readings of the Vatican manuscript, (no. 1209, in the Vatican library; together with illustrative and explanatory foot notes, and a copious selection of references; to the whole of which is added, a valuable alphabetical appendix. By Benjamin Wilson ...
Wilson, Benjamin, tr. b. 1817,

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Page  II Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the,ear i864, By BENJAMIN'WILSON, In thle (lerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Illinois.

Page  III PREFACE. To trouble the reaser with any lengthy remarks on the important advantages to be derived from a new translation of the Sacred Writings, is deemed altogether unnecessary. Much information on this point has been given by others, who have published modern Versions of the New Testament, with the reasons which hare induced them to do so. Those reasons will serve in a great measure also for this. It is generally admitted by all critics, that the Authorized or Common version of the Scriptures, absolutely needs revision. Obsolete words, uncouth phrases, bad grammar and punctuation, etc., all require alteration. But this is not all. There are errors of a more serious nature which need correction. The translators of the Common version were circumscribed and trammelled by royal mandate; they were required to retain certain old ecclesiastical words, which accordingly were left untranslated. Thus the minds of many who had no means of knowing-the meaning:f the original words have been misled and confused. Biblical criticism, however, during the last two hundred years, has done much to open up and elucidate the Word of God, by discovering many things which were unknown to the old translators,.,aking great improvements in the text, detecting numerous interpolations and errors, and suggesting far better renderings of many passages. Many modern versions have availed themselves of this valuable assistamne, and it is believed they have thereby been enabled to give the English reader a bette understanding of what was originally written. Without presuming to claim any superiority for this, t a translation of the New Testament, over any other modern version, it is thought that the present Work presents certain valuable features, not to be found elsewhere, and which will be of real practical utility to every one who wishes to read the books of the Evangelists and Apostles, as they were written under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These features are;-An approved Greek text, with the various Readings of the Vatican Manuscript, No. 1209; an Interlineary literal Word for Word English translation; a New Version, with the Signs of Emphasis; a copious selection of References; many appropriate, illustrative, and exegetical Foot-notes; and a valuable Alphabetical Appendix. This combination of important items cannot be found in any other book. The reader will find further remarks on this subject, on the page headed, " Plan of the Work;" and he is also invited to read the pages with the respective captions;-" To the Reader;" " History of the Greek Text;" and " History of English Versions." Also, on another page will be found the "Letters and Pronunciation of the Greek Alphabet," for the special benefit of those who may wish to obtain a rudimentary knowledge of that language. The intelligent reader will at once perceive the utility' and importance of this arrangement. Readers who are familiar with the original tongue, obtain in this Work one of the best Greek Testaments, with important ancient Readings, well worthy of ir amteatios, and, it is presmed, that there are even few Greek scholars, who ara

Page  IV ir. RtS1FACG. so far advanced, but may deriive some help from the translation given. Those whe have only a little or no knowledge of the Greek, may by careful reading, and a little attention to the Interlineary translation, soon become familiar with it. This Work, in fact, places in the hands of the intelligent English reader the means of knowing and appropriating for his own benefit, with but little labor on his part, what it has cost others years of study and severe toil to acquire. Scrupulous fidelity has been maintained throughout this version in giving the true rendering of the original text into English; no regard whatever being paid to the prevailing doctrines or prejudices of sects, or the peculiar tenets of theologians. To the Divine authority of the original Scriptures alone has there betcu the most humble and unbiassed submission. In the preparation of this Work for the press, all available help to be derived from the labors of great and learned men, has been obtained and appropriated. Lexicons, Grammars, ancient and modern Versions, Commentaries, critical and explanatory, Cyclopedias, Bible and other Dictionaries, etc., have been consulted and culled from. Also, the suggestions, opinions, and criticisms of friends, on words, phrases, and passages, have been duly considered, and sometimes adopted. It is not presumed that this Work is free from faults or errors. Infallibility is left for others to claim. seast care, however, has been exercised to make it as correct as possible. The Work is now sent forth to the public, to stand or fah on its own merits. True, it cannot boast of being the production of a council of learned men, as King James' version, but let it be remembered that TYNDALE. alone, under very disadvantageous circumstances, did far more for the English Bible than that learnecr body, for they only followed in the wake of his labors. This Volume, principally designed for the insthxuction and advantege of others, is now reverently committed to the blessing of our Father in the heavens, with an earnest and sincere desire that many of those who peruse its pages may be led by the knowledge, faith, and obedience inculcated therein, to obtain an inheritance in the aionian kingdom of Jesus the Anointed one. W. WILSON.

Page  V HISTORY OF THE GREEK TEXT. THE following condensed ac- were then known. These various Readl count of the different editions ings, with some additions, were given in * of the Greek New Testament, the Greek Testament, published by will introduce the reader to the Bishop Fell, at Oxford, in 1675. history of the Greek Text, and the va- In 1707, Dr. MtIir's Greek Testament rious steps taken by learned men for appeared. His Text is simply taken the purpose of editing it with greater from. Stephens' as given in Walton's critical accuracy. The history will cornm- olylot; his collection of various Readmence with the first printed editions. inlgs was extensive, and these were made The first psanted edition of the whole the ground for a critical amendment of of the Greek New Testament was that the Text. contained in the Complutensian Poly Dr. EDWARD WVFLLS published she first glot; published by Francis XIMENES de critical revisiosz in parts at Oxford, beCISNEROS. The principal editor of the twveen 1709 and 1719, with a translation work was Lopez de Stunica. It was and paraphrase. printed in Greek and Latin, and comr- BENGEL followed on in the same work pleted January 10th, 1514. In conse- and published his edition in 1734, and quence of the delay as to the publica- in his " Apparatus Criticus" he enlarged tion of this edition (from 1514 to 1520) tJhe stock of various Readings, that of ERAsMus was commenced and WVesSTrEN published his Greek Testacompleted, and was published in 1516, ment in 1751-2, but only indicates in being the first edition pablished of the his inner margin, the few Readings Greek New Testament. Liike the Comr- which he prefeired to those of the Elplutensian edition, this was also in zevir edition. Bat in the collection of Greek and Latin. The latter partofthe critical materials he did more than all book of Revelation being wvanting in his his predecessors put together~ MS. he supplied the same by translating Gr.IESBACH, in critical labors, excels the Latin YVulgate into Greet. by -far any who preceded him. He used The Greek Manuscripts used for these the materials others had gathered. His two editions were few in nclnber, of lit first edition was commenced in 1775; tie critical value, and therebore do not his last completed in 1806. IHe compossess much real authority. In 1535, bined the results of the collations of Erasmus published. his fifth edition, Birch, Miatthei and others, with those which is the basis of the common Text.* of Wetstein. In his Revision he often In 1546, and again in 1549, ROBERT preferred the testimony of the older STEPHENS printed, at Paris, two beauti- MSS. to the mass of modern copies. ful small editions of the Greek New Since the publication of Griesbach's Testament; and in 1550 his folio edition Text, three or four other critical ediwith various readings from several Man- tions have been published, and have reuscripts-he collated some 15 MlSS., ceived the examination and approval of'out chiefly followed the Complutensian scholars. Of these, the edition of Scholz, eopy. has passed through numerous editions. BEZA published five editions of the Ilis fundamental principle of criticism Greek Testament; the first in 1565, the was, that the great majority of copies last in 1598. decide as to the correctness of the Text; In 1624, the ELzEVIR, printers at Ley- hence, those who prefer the more ancient den, published a small and beautifsll documents, will consider the Text of Greek Testament, the editor of which is Griesbach preferable; while those whose wholly unknown. It differs little from judgment would favor the mass of testiStephens' folio edition. The printers m)nies, would prefer that of Scholz. gave to this Text the name of "Textus In addition to Scholz's collation, LachReceptus." mann, T''se-hendorf, Tregelles, &c., have In WALTON'S POLYGLOT of 1657, the given t-. the world the result of their Greek New Testament was given accor- critical labors, and which are acknow ding to the Te ct of Stephens: and in ledged to be of the highest authority. the last volume there was a collection The number of MSS. now known, and of various Readings from such I1SS. as which have been examined, is nearly 703; thus affording now a far better * Erasnas, in his third edition of 1523, in- chance, to obtain a correct Greek Text, serted, the text, 1 John v. 7, on the authority than when the authorized version was of a 51S. now in Dublin. TSyimdle used thl is editlon to revi his English versis bled

Page  VI HISTORY OF ENGLISH VERSIONS. PIE first English version of the vise the translation then in use. They New Testament was that made were ordered to use the Bishops' Bible by JOHN WICLIF, or WICLIFFE, as the basis of the new version, and to about tho year 1367. It was alter it as little as the original would translated from the Latin Bible, verba- allow; but if the prior translations of tim, without any regard to the idiom Tyndale, Coverdale, Matthew, Cranmer of the languages. Though this version or Whitchurch, and the Geneva editors was first in point of time, no part of it agreed better with the text, to adopt the was printed before the year 1731. same. This translation was perhaps the TYNDALE'S translation was published best that could be made at the time, and in 1526, either at Antwerp or Ham- if it had not been published by kingly burg. It is commonly said that Tyn- authority, it would not now be veneradale translated from the Greek, but he ted by English and American protestnever published it to be so on any title. ants, as though it had come direct from page of his Testament. One edition, not God. It has been convicted of containpublished by him, has this title-" The ing over 20,000 errors. Nearly 700 Greek Newe Testament, dylygently corrected MSS. are now known, and some of them and compared with the Greke, by Wil- very ancient; whereas the translators lyam Tyndale, and fynesshed in the of the common version had only the adyere of oure Lorde God, A. M. D. and vantage of some 8 MSS., none of which xxxiiij. in t;le moneth of Nouember." were earlier than the tenth century. It is evident he only translated from Since 1611, many translations of both Old the Vulgate Latin. and New Testaments, and portions of the COVERDALE published the~ whole Bible same, have been published. The following COVEDALE published th whole Bibl are some of the most noted. in English, in the year 1535. He " fol- The Family Expositor: or a Paraphrase and lowed his interpreters," and adopted Version of the New Testament, with Critical Tyndale's version, with the exception Notes. ByPhilip~oddridge. 1755. The Four Gospels translatedfrom the Greek. of a few alterations. ByGeorge Campbell. 1790. MATTHEw's BIBtLE was only Tyndale A New Literal Translation, from the Origiand Coverdale's, published under the nal Greek, of the Apostolical Epistles. By feigned name of Thomas Matthews. Jame alckight 175 Testament A Translation of the New Testament. By HOLLYBUSHE'S NEW TESTAMENT was Gilbert Wakefield. 1795. printed in 1538, "both in Latin and A Translation of the New Testament, from English, after the Vulgate text," to the original Greek. Humbly attempted by nNathaniel Scarlet, assisted by men of piety which Coverdale prefixed a dedic terature. 17n8. to Henry VIII. The New Testament in an Improved VerTHE GREAT BIBLE, published in 1539, sion, upon the basis ofArchbishop Newcome's purported to be " translated after the New Translation, with a corrected Text. 1808. The New Testament, in Greek and English; - veryte of the Hebrue and Grelke textes,"the Greek according to Griesbach; the Engbut it is certain that it was only a revi- lish upon the basis of the fourth London edision of Matthew's, with a few small al- tion oftheImprovedVersion, withanattempt terations. It was named'the Great to further improvement fromthetranslations Bibl.e.. beca u.of. its largesize, of Campbell, Wakefield, Scarlett, Macknight, Bible," because of its large size. and Thomson, By AbnerKneeland. 1822. CRANMER'S BIBLE, published in 1540, ANew FamilyBible, andimprovedVersion, was essentially the same as the Great from corrected Texts of the Originals, with Bible, but took his name on account of Notes Critical, &c. By B. Boothroyd. 1823. The Sacred Writings of the Apostles and a few corrections which he made in it. Evangelists, translated from the Original, by THE GENEVA BIBLE was published at Campbell, slacknight and Doddridge, with Geneva in 1560. The New Testament in various Emendations by A. Campbell. 1833. of.. t Gena A New and Corrected Version of the New 1557. Coverdale was one of the eneva Testament. By R. Dickinson. 1833. brethren who issued it. The Book of the New Covenant, a Critical THE BISHOPS' BIBLE was a revisal of Revision of the Text and Translation of Com. the English Bible, made by the bishops, mon Version, with the aid of most ancient ISS. By Granville Penn. 1816. and compared with the originals. It The BHoly Bible, with 20,000 emendations was published in 1568. By J. T. Conquest. 1841. THBE DOWAY BIBLE appeared in 1609, The Good NevTs of our Lord Jesus, the and was translated from the autlentical mnoin ted from he Critical Greek of T;tt. Lccaiss, or Vulgate. m. By N.N.Whitin 1841 Latitn, or Vulgate. A Translation of the iWew Testament, from KING JAMES' BIBLE, or the Authorized the Syriac. By James Murdock. 1852. Version, was published in 1611. In the Translation of Paul's Epistles. By Joseph year 1604, forty-seven persons learned The New Testament, translatedrom The New Testament, translated froml Gree i the languages, were appointed to re- bch's Text. By Samuel Sharps. 1.

Page  VII TO THE READER. HAT "All Scripture, divinely inspired, "'is probable were also the translatdrrf is profitable for Teaching, for Convic- "opinions. That their translation is partion, for Correction, for THAT Instruction "tial, speaking the language of, and givwhich is in Righteousness," is the truth- "ing authority to one sect." And ful testimony of the Sacred Writings according to Dr. Gell, it was wrested and about themselves. We rejoice to express partial, " and only adapted to one sect;" our conviction that the Word of God was but he imputes this, not to the translaperfect and infallible as it emanated from tors, but to those who employed them, those holy men of old, the Prophets and for even some of the translators comApostles, who " spoke, being moved by plained that they could not follow their the Holy Spirit." As arevelation of Jeho- own judgment in the matter, but were revah's will to the human race, it was requi- strained by "reasons of state." site that it should be an unerring guide. The Version in common use will appear Amid the ever conflicting strife of human more imperfect still, when the fact is known, that it was not a tralnslation from the Origiopinions, and the endless diversity of nal, but merely a revision of the Versions thought, we needed such a standard, to theninuse. This is evident from thefollow-. lead us safely through the perplexing ings directions given by Icing James to the problems of life, to counsel us under all translators, viz.: "The Bishops' Bible to be problemsfollowed, and altered as little as the Origi. circumstances, to reveal the will of our "nal will permit. And these translations to Heavenly Parent, and to lift on high a "be used when they agree better with the celestial light, which streaming through "text than the Bishops' Bible-namely, TSnthe t l hickdarkness thatbro roun,"dal's, Matthew's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch's, the thick darkness that broods around, "Geneva." None of these were made from shall guide the feet of his erring and be- the Original Greek, but only compared wittA wildered children to their loving Father's it —being all translated from the Vulgate home. We needed therefore a testimony Latin. Hence it follows, that the authorized version is simply a, revision of the Vulgate. upon which to repose our faith and hope, And the Greek Text, with which it was comfree from all error, immutable, and harmo- pared, was compiled from Eight MISS. only, nious in all its details-something to tell all of which were written since the tenth us how to escape from the evils of the century, and are now considered of comparatively slight authority. The "Textils Receppresent, and attain to a glorious future. tus," or Received Greek Text, was made from With reverence and joy wo acknowledge these MSS., and is now proved to be the very the Sacred Writings to be such, as they worst Greek Text extant, in a printed form. were originally dictated y, And there was only one MS. for the Book of were originally dictated by the Holy Revelation,and part of that wanting, which Spirit. How important then that they was supplied by translatilg the Latin of the should be correctly read and understood! Vulgate into Greek! Since the publication But can it befairly said that such is the of the " Textus Recepfus," and the Common case wit h our present English Version? Version, some 660 AISS.have been discovered, case with our present English Version? some of which are very ancient, and very We opinenot. Thoughfreely acknowledg- valuable. The best and oldest ofthese is one ing that it is sufficiently plain to teach marked B., Cod. Vatecanus, No. 120l, of the men the social an religious duties of life, fourth andfifth centuries. Thesecond markme the social ad reliious duties of life, ed A., Cod. Aleexatdrinus, of the fifth century. and the path to Immortality, yet it is a The third marked C., Cod. Ephrem., aboutthe notable fact that King James' Translation fifth century, and the fourth, marked D., Cod. is far from being a faithful reflection of CantabuJiealsis, of the seventh century, Besides valuable assistance from ancient the mind of the Spirit, as contained inthe MSS., the DIBGLOT has obtained material Original Greek in which the books of the aid from the labors ofmany eminent Biblical New Testament were written. There are Critics and Translators. Among these may some thousands of words which are either be mentioned,-Mill, Wetstein, Griesbach, Scholz, Lathmnann, Tischendorf, Tittman, mistranslated, or too obscurely rendered; Tregelies, Doddridge. MIacknight, Campbell, besides others which are now obsolete, Horne Middleton, Clark, Wakefield, Bloomthrough improvement in the language. field, Thompson, Murdock. Kneeland, BoothBesides this, it has been too highly colored Troyd, Conquest, Sharpe, Gaussen, Turnbul, in many places with the party ideas and Should any person doubt the propriety of opinions of those who made it, to be the Translation, in any particular part let worthy of futall and implicit confidence him not hastily censure or condemn till he being placed in it as a genuine record. has compared it carefully with the various authorities on which it is based; and even In the words of Dr. Macknight, "it was should he see reason to differ in some re"made a little too complaisant to the epects, a correct Greek Text is given, so that "' King, in favoring his notions of predes- the Original may be always appealed to in tination, election, witchcraft, familiar cases of doubt. However imperfect the "s iats, ilcin, ritht, fand liar i Translation may be considered by the CriS "pririts, amid kingly Aight#, and theae it [tio, it osMoIS Multto ler a l Originalo

Page  VIII PLAN OF THE WOI{K. o Greek Text and Inteflu ear'siy and Phrases intimately connected with'iLra!ustaiao n.-The left hand colunlln dlocetrial subjects, alphabetically arranged. conitains the GREEK: TEXT accordi/at to These will le critically examined, and the Dr. J. J. Griesbach, and interlined with it lilght of Biblical science thrown upon such a LITERAL WORD-IFOt-WORD T1ANSI,A- as have given rise to sectarian disputes, TIOx, wherein the corresponding English and the cavils of infidels. is placed directly under each Greek word, The Sectional Divisions are those of the Va- [lG$N OfF EMIPITASIS. tican and Alexandrian IMNSS. Greek Words The Greek article often finds its equivalent enclosed in brackets Lthus,] thougih authors in the ligtlish definite article the, but in the zed by Griesbach, are omitted by the Vat. MS. majority of cases it is evidently only a markl; The advantages to be derivedfromn such an of emphasis. It frequently precedes a subarrangement must be apparent to the Bible stantive, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, a Student. The learned have a Greek Teet ac- participle or a particle, thus pointing out the knowvledged to be one of the best extant, emphatic words. The Greek article and Emwhile the unlearned have almost an equal phatic Pi'onouns exercise a most important chance with those'acquaintea with tlhe Origi- influence on the meaning of words, and somenal, by having the meaning and grammanntical times throw light on doctrines of the highest construction given to each word. This part interest. The sacred peninen of the New of the work will be a desideratum by rmeny, Testament were, in the opinion of many em ibut more adapted for criticismn than reading. nent persons, guided by Divine inspiration in Althosugh by adhering to the arrangement o the choice of their wonlis: and in the use of the Original, the Translation may appear un- the Greek article there was clearly a remarlk couth, yet the strength and beauty of ilany able discretion displayed. In fact, the Signs passages are thereby preserved. of Emnphasis are incorporated with the words The frequent recurrence of the Greek arti- in such a manner, that the latter cannot be cle of emphasis, and an occasional ellipsis, stated without conveying at the same tinie often interfere with the sense and elegance to the intelligent mind an idea of the very inof a sentence, but this cannot well be avoided tonation with which the sentence was spoken in a word-for-word Translation. The advasn- -when it was written down. This peculitCages, however, accruido to the diligent illves-s drity of the Greek language cannot be protigator of the Divine Word by persuing this perly expressed in Engliss except by the use plan are many, and will be duly appreciated. of typographical signs; such as, Initial Capl-'2. New Version, —The column on tal letters, italics, SMALs CAPITALS, and the right hand side of the page is a NE CPITALommon Vesion of the Test The Common Version of the New TestaVERSION for general reading. This ren- ment fails to give the reader a full conception dering is based upon that in the left hand of the meaning designed to be conveyed by Column, and the labors of many talented he Geek original, ili regardColn and telabors of ayt d lst. To those Words which are connected Critics and Translators of the Scriptures. with the Greek Article; The Readings of the oldest iManuscripts 2d. To those Pronouns Substantive which now known are sometimes incorporated, are intended to carryinthemselves apeculiar and always referred to. In this Column em hasis; and, Id. To those Adjectives and Pronouns the EaMPIHATIC SIGNS are introduced, by which obtain a comparative importance, by which the Greek Words of Emphasis are reason of the position which they occupy in designated. For the use and beauty of the Greek Text, with reference to some other this arrangement, the reader is reqtested do. To remedy these deficiencies, the following to examine the annexed remarks on Signs System of Noattion is employed in the Eng - of Emphasis. lish column of the DIAGLOTT. The Chsapters and Verses of the Common 1. Those Words rendered positively emVersion have been retained, principally for phatic by the presence of the Grceek afizcle, are convenience ofreference. The readerhowever, printed in Small Capitals: as, " The rIFE was by following the paragraphs in the opposite the LIG 1' of OIEN." column, need not be governed by these arbi- 2. Those Pronouns Substantive which, i n trary divisions. Chapters and Verses were the Greek, are intended to be positively elnot introduced till the middle of the 16th cen- phatic are printed in Black Letter: as, " e tury. must increase, but IX must decrease." 3. Foot Notes and ]References. 3. Those Adjectives and Pronouns which in -Tthe variois Readings of the Vatican the Greekl are conyaracively emphatic, as indicated by their position, areprinted with an S., NKotes for the elucidation of file text, Initial Capital Letter: as, One Body, and and References, are introduced at the bot- One Spirit, even as ye are called in One Hope tom of the page. The Notes are crlitical, of your CALINsG."..illustrative, e.planatory, and su,eetive 4. All Greek Substantives, as being of more illustrative, explanatory, and suggestive. importance than other words, are a]do comOld Testament quotations are always re- mentecd with a Capital Letter. ferred to, and copious parallel passages in By adopting these Signls of Emphasis, it is the New. believed certainsty and inmtensity are given to passages where they occur, as well as vtsacity 4. Appendix.-It is intended to add and earnestniess to the discourses in which an Appendix to the Work, containing all they are found; thus rendering the reader a theoer, as it were, of the life-words of Him the Geographical and Proper Names "-who spoke as never man spoke," or whis] found in the New Testament, with Words were esounoiato by His inapired a

Page  IX LETTERS AND PRONUNCIATION OF THE REEK ALPHABET. FIGURE. NAME. SOU D, OR Powrn. REMARKS. A a Alpha a ~~~~~~~A a Alpha, a ~* ACCrNTS are said to B 8 Beta b sometimes assist the reader r? Gamma g hard, as in begin to dioriminate between 1''I' ~.ord.% Which are alike in A 6 D~elta cd~ form, bint different in meaning: but as they are by no E psilon e short, as in met means necessary, either for Zet~a, z 9the pronouncing or underZ Zeta z standing of the Greek lanH i7 Eta e long, as in keen uage, and as the earliest of T t the manuscripts of the 0 Theta9 th Greek Testament is without Iota i.accents. it has been thought Iota L ]Ot i best to omit them in the Dpp D LOTT, leaving the sense, in doubtfutl cases, to be deA x Lambda 1 termined by the context. If _~ Mau m accents favor a particular M /A L. iMu 1 sense, it may be an erroneous N Nu n1 one, and then they are injurious; and if they do not fax i 2X vor any particular sense, O o Omicron o short, as in lot then they are unnecessary. 00 Ommicron short) as in lot 171i r Pi p PRONUNCIAToN. —Consid1-1 7r Pi p erable discrepancy of opinion P p Rho r prevails among the learned concerninK the proper sound y, final s Sigma 5 of some of these letters, and mT Tau t as it is impossible at this disT w Tau t tance of timne to ascertain Uv lpsilon u the mode of pronunciation among the ancient Greeks, s ) p rmPhi ph the simplest plan is to conX X Chi ch hard, as in.thord sider each Greek letter as corresponding in sound to T t Psi P~s its correlative letter in our own alphabet, as shown in Q2 ce Omega o long, as in throne. the Table. The LETTrES are divided into seven vowels and seventeen consonants. The VOWrLS are e, o, short; v, c, long; and a, *, v, doubtful. DIPHTIuoNGs are formed of two vowels joined together, and are twelve in number; six proper, at, av, ct, e, oi, on' and six improper, a, y, p, 7s, wc,,. The little stroke under a,,, in, standing for Iota, called Iota szebscri9pt, is not sounded, but merely serves to show the derivation. The LABIALS, (wr,,,(,) the PALATALS, (K, -, X,) and the DENTALS, (T, 8, 0,) are named according to the organs of articulation employed in pronouncing them. To each of these classes belongs a double letter, so called because combining the sound of s with that, of another consonant; thus, the Labials, 7rs, Bs, cps, are equal to 4, the Palatals, Is, ys, XS, to L, and the Dentals, Ts, 8s, to f. The letter v can stand only before Dentals; before Labials it becomes us. before the liquids, (X, /A, v, p,) assimilation takes place, so that before A it becomes x, before p it becolmes p, &c. Before Palatals r is converted into y. but observe, that whenever? is found before another y, or either of the other Palatals, it is always pronounced like n; thus awyyeXos (angel) is pronounced a.gelos, not aggelos.

Page  X INTRODJUCTORY REMARKS ON GRAMMAR. Every word having a vowel or diphthong for the first letter is, in most printed books, marked at the beginning either with an aspirate, or rough breathing, ('), as halos, (sun,) pronounced as if written helios; or with a smooth one, ('), as ervs, (upon,) simply read epi. The former one of these breathings is only of necessary use, and may be considered as having the force of the English letter h. The aspirate is placed over p and v when they stand at the beginning of a word; thus APobov, (a rose,) prenouncedrhodon. In diphthongs the breathing is placed over the second vowel; thus vios, (a son,) pronounced why-os. When p is doubled, the last one takes the aspirate, as e/ppwo, pronounced errhoso. Words in Greek are of eight kinds, called Parts of Speech; viz., Article, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Participle, Adverb, Preposition, and Conjunction. The Article, Noun, Pronoun, and Participle, are declined with Gender, Number, and Case. There are three Genders; the Masculine, Feminine and Neuter. There are two Numbers; the Singular, which speaks of one, as Ao-yos, a word; and the Plural, which speaks of more than one, as Aoyoi, words. I' To these the Greeks added a third number, called the Dual, which only sp a of two, but this number was not much used, and is not found either in the Septuagint, or New Testament. There are five Cases; the Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusestive, and Vocative. The Article b, /, To, generally answers to the definite article the in English. When no article is expressed in Greek, the English indefinite article a is signified. Thus avOpoTros means a man, or man in general; and 6 avOpwo7ros, the man. It is thus declined: SINGULAR. PLURAL. Mbas. Fem. Neut. - Mase. Fern. Neut..Jom. b, i, TO, the. Nom. ol, al, Ta, the. Glen. you, eTJ,-s TO, of the. Gen. TwOV, WVr, rcV, of the. Dat. Tro, 7rv, T(,, to the. Dat. TOrs, ails, TotS, to the. Ace. TOP, T?7P', To, the. Acc. ToVS, TaS, Ta, the. The Article has no vocative; a, which sometimes precedes a noun in the vocative, is an Interjection. The Article takes the consonant T in every Case, except in the nom. sin. masc. and fern. O, fi, and in the nom. pl. masc. and fem. oi, al, where the -r is superseded by the aspirate (').The gen. pl. in all genders and in every declension, enas in-W-v. The Personal or Primitive Pronouns are three; Eyw, I, plural ihtezs, we, of the first person; av, thou, plural Vs/tEIs, you, of the second; Gen. oc, he or she, plural ocjELs, they, of the third. The Relative Pronouns are 6s, 7n, 6, who, which, and avros, avT-r' avTo, he, she, it, &c., &c., &c. To those wholly unacquainted with Greek, the foregoing remarks will give some, though perhaps but little satisfaction. If a further knowledge is desired, the reader had better procure a Granmlmar. A very good book to commence with has been published by Bagster & Sons, London, entitled, " A Practical Guide to the first Study of the Greek Testament," designed for those who have no knowledge ofthe Greek language.

Page  1 [ETArrEAAON] KATA MATA ATON] [GLAD TIDINGS]' BT IOATTHEW. ACCORDING TO MATTHEW. KE,. a. 1. CHAPTER 1. BLSBAos 7yEvveaEcEs I700ov Xpro'TOV, vtov 1 A Register of the A record of descent of Jesus Christ, soa of t Lineage of Jesus Christ dacs, viov Af3pacaqy. 2Ajpaaj E7yevvY E TOv Son of David, Son David, son of Abraam. Abraam begot the Abraham. IoaaiK loafec Be E-yEVYValte'ro ICaKewj IcaKwc 2 From i Abraham roIsaac; Isaac and begot the Jacob; Jacob ceeded ISAAC, from a saBE EYeVYl7E TOV Iovav Kaeal rous aE.eqpovs ac, JACOB; from Jacob, and begot the Judas and the brothers JUDAH and his saoavToU. 3 Iovuas B E EYEVYYr1E TorY BapeS KaL TOY THErS; of him. Judas and begot the Phares and the Zapa EK rJS Oatceap. blaps oE EYevYYr7e ToY 3 from Judah, PHAREZ Zara by the Thamar. Phares and begot the and ZARAH, by TAMAR; Erpcwe- Eapcw BE EEvYV?70E Tro Apaa. 4 Apap from Pharez, HEzRoN; Esrom; Esrom and begot the Aram; Aram from Hezron, RA1-; oe eyEyvyvoe Tov A/taeaf' ALyvaa BE and begot the Amioadab; Amiuadab and 4 from Ram, AMINATEYEvoYE Tov Nawoaov- Naao-o'ov BE Eyra DAB; fi'om Anminadab, eyevxlY'~ e roE Naafo'WY, NaaEcI ovOY Re eTevYY7Oe NAHSHON; from Nahbegot the Naasson; Naasoon and begot TroYv aAywvs 5 SaXYv oe EYEYEVrE TOY Boo a shon, SALMONB; the Salmon: Salmon and hegot the Boon 5 from Salmon, BOAZ, Etc T7iJ'PaCXCa../300oo; oe eyeVYyV7e TOPY,/3a EK by RAHAB; from Boaz, by the Rachab. Booz and begot the Obed by OBED, by RUTH; frOn rajs'PovO.,p7a6 Be e-YEVYJ7r7E TOY IEotroEa' Obed, JESSE; the Ruth. Obed and begot:the Jesse; 6IeroatL B E'yeYVYlVE TovY AavtU rov jeartea. 6 and from $Jesse, Jesse and begot the David the king. DAVID the KING. David AUav8 Re *[6 O/3CaLAEus] EYEYvI7VOE rTOV:Oycova had $ SOLOMON by the David and [the king] begot the Solomon [WIDOW] of URIAH; EK TIOS TO) OUVPLO. 7EoAooWvo' BE EYEYvIOOe 7 Solomon had tREby the ofthe Urias. Solomon and begot HOBOAI; Rehoboam had Tov'Pooay~'Po,1oapu BE eYEVVrsee Tovs A/3m A AIJAH; Abijah had the Roboam; Roboam and begot the Abia; ASA; Aj3a BE EYEYY VeOE Trov Aoaa 5Aaa RE E7EYY7sE 8 Asat had JEIeOSAAbia and begot the Asa; Asa and begot 8 Asa had JEHOShA-'ov levoaqarC' Ieblw afa ~e ehYevVrre cot IwpaL PH'AT; Jehoshaphat had theO 1 oa Ioa T E EEY-E TO Ip f JEHORAM; Jehoram the Josaphat; Josaphat ana begot the Joram; had JZZAh; Icpac BRe eEyeyrsres TroP Oclav' 90gtas e y- ha U H; Joram and begot the Ozias; Ozias and begot 9 Uzziahhad JOTHAM; uYioE'roy IwaOap' IwaOast & eYEsVVeoe'Trose AxaC. Jotham had AHIAZ; Ahaz the Jotham; Jotham and begot the Achaz; had HEZE;IAH; AXaC &E E7EYYO0E Top EC7ERLaE 10E'ElrLaEE a10 Hezekiah had MAAchaz and begot the Ezekias; Ezekias and 10 Hezekiah had Mad E-yeVVw)SE TO; Mavaonw1 Mavacra-7s BE EyevV7rE NASSE; Amnesseh had begot the Manasses; Manasses and begot; Amn had Jo-'ose AUwY'v AoWse Be ~EyeVVssEo'e ToV Iortav 11Ioas SIAH; the Amon; Amon ad-d begot the Josias; Josias 11 and + Josiah had Re EyEYY)Vr~E T'oP IEXOYLaeY aSL Tovs a8EAspovs JECEONIAH and his B110and begot the Jechonias and the brothers THEES, near the time of avtTOV, e7rt Q77S 1UETOUteIEC, Ba/3uXwvos. the CARRYING-AWAY to of him, near the removal Babylonian. Babylon. * VATICAN MANuscRIP-Title-According to Matthew. $. the KRIN —omit. t 8. By reference to 2 Chron. xxii., and following chapters, it will be seen that the names of Ahaziah, Joash, and Amaziah, the immediate descendants of Jehoram, are omitted in the text. t 11. Some MSS. read, " Josiah begot Jehoiakim, and Jehoiakim begot Jechoniah," probably inserted to make up fourteen generotions, as mentioned in verse 17. Doddridge, /gacknight, Clarke, and some others, adopt this reading. It is not found in the oldest MSS. 1. Luke iii. 23 T 2. en. xxi. 2; v. 26; xxi. 35. O 6. 1 Sam. xvi. 1; x.ii. 12 X im. LU 24 tt 7. 1 Chron. iii. 10.

Page  2 p. i1:'9.J MATTHEW.h oha. 1: 21. 12 MC' 7rJ'r ET'rolKE'a, BaU vtArosg lXoslas 12 And after the CAmR After ad the relmoval abt)loni, Jechonias LYING-AWAY to Babylon,:5civvr)Cg 7OY &ah A. Eha~ ~ln B~E~ E.Y~EreG Afi'or Jeconiah descended begot the Sal;tlliel. Salathiel and begot - ALATHIEL; from Sa1l-'oy Zopo0I3eA' l3Zopo,aS eA 3E E7YElvr E T thiel, ZERUBBA.BEL; the Zorobabel; Zorobabel and begot the 13 from Zerubbabel, AA0Lov6 A3tov e EyE1JrE Tro EX CEq EAltC LlU~ Ehra- B3IUD; from Abiud, ELIAAbiud; Abiud and begot the Eliakim; Elia- IIM; from Eliakim, AzoR; KEptU aE E'yEVYVOE'ozi ACWp. 14 A(eop 6E gEyepVVe4 1n6 from Azor, ZADOC; kim and begeot the Azor; Azor and begot from Zadoc, Acim; Trov:WontKs a: ICK 8e e'yEvVse Trov AXoel ABXEsl/ from Achim, ELIUD; the Sadok; Sadok and begot the Achim; Achim 15 from Eliud, ELEA8E E'YEVeBO`E TOY l'EAEIOVU8 15 EXIOUva ETEVl'700CE ZAR; from Eleazar, MATand begot the EliMd; Eliud and begot THAN; from Matthan,'roy Eh.e-(ap EAea(ap 8e eeEyyel'V E'ro Ma'rO-y' JACOB; the I leaztl; Eleazar and begot the ilatthane 16 and from Jacob, Ma'rT e 8E EyE'1771 E' TOY IlCtd6 16 IaTco n E JOSEPHI, the HUSBAND Of Matthan and begot the Jacob; Jacob and Mcry, of whom was born'yervv~r~e q'o IcWrrbs *7ro a~pa Maptas, EcK lS TIIAT Jesus, who is NAEEs MED Christ. begot the Joseph, the htsband of Ialry, of whom [A the GENERAE'EVV-q0 Ili-q 17 s i) hEYO)0LEYOS XPICV70S, 17' [All the XENGRawas born Jesus, thatbeing naeled Christ. 17-!_aors sov ae'}cvea ae ro Aflparap &os av, ham to David, are fourAll then the genlerations from Abraam till David, teen eneration from ay t P ree e st mDavid till the CARRYINGyevEat eKa1careo oapes~ tcat a7re Aavoi eCos'r7s AWAY to Babylon, fourgenerations fourteel; and from David till the'LE701K~b~$ B S Yteen Generations; and!tdE'rototieeras Ba/vXwros, )ceelat CtaTr'reroGapeS~ from the CARRYINGremoval Babylolian, geerltions fourteen; AWAY to BIabylon till the cat at7ro'rls Ee'olcrEtas BafivAcWYos eWs TOV MESSIAH, fouteen Genand from the remloval Babylonian till the Xpeo'rou,'yeeeu etcarErecrcrapeS. 18 Now the NATIVITY Christ, generations fourteen.sus was 18Toh ec-e -ov XpCcitOV th 7EEl'IvCs oSTees 771. thus: Mary hlis. MOTHER Ofthe now Jesus' Christ the birth thus was. had been pledged to JoMvr7r'rev Oelo0rs Tap'r77r sUpos avnrov Mapias'r4W SEPIIH bnt before they Being espoused for the mother of him Mary tothe ulited, sie was discovIeer771p, rpDlV 77 tv7JeA~etl avrovs, ElpEdrd Ev ered to be pregnant by Joseph, before either came together them, she vas found in the toly Spirit. yar'Trpl eXovara c E c 7revEua'ros ylov. 19Iwr?70 abe 19 Then Joseph, her womb having by a spirit holy. Joseph and affianced IIUSBAND, being 6 avrep av'rv7s, Pscatos opV xaet uI OeXWvt avt'r37 a just man, and unwilling the husband of her, a just man being and not willing her to expose her, pumposed to 7rapaeotyelarlTaoat, EovXA7JOl AaOpa awrov(raa $ divorce her privately. to publicly expose, was inclined secretly to release 20 But while lie was avtV'rs. 20 Tavtva e av-rov EVolOv/tuleVTOs, IaOV7 reflecting on these things, her. These but of him thinking on, lo,g behold! asl Angel of the a'YEXos Kvptov cKaTr ovap eqal'r7 avrTrp, Aeywe' Lord appeared to him in amesenger of alord in a dream appeared to him, saying; a Dreanl saying, "Joseph, Ioo7o), vies Aav6t, /xj ~o7l70.7s wapaXaey Il Ma- Son of David, fear not to Joseph, son of David, not thoushouldstfear to take Ma- take Mary, thy affianced pta Tr7Y lyUl'aCa 00 TrO -yap El avUT17 YEll770E', WIFE:; for THAT BEING ry the wife ofthee; that for in her being forled, FOMED iller is by the EIS 7rlE'SVE aTLroS EtTVl t9LOV -LT'EE'ratt 6E viov, Kat lholy Spirit: by a spirit is holy; sheshabear d son, d 21 she will bear and a on, KcaXerets T'o ooyoC. aviTOU Ir'ovl' acvros'yap 0orel and thou shalt t call his thotshaltcallthe name of him Jests; lie for shallsave NAME t Jesus; for t)e will * VATIcAN lIANUSCRIPT-18. the CnRIST Jesus. t 17. Penn omits this verse; Newreome, Pearce, and others regard it as a marginal gloss. I 18. Fifth year before the common ndso Dontini. t 21. Jesus-Heb. Yauva-SHuA, i. G., IYah-shta, or Josheua. YAn, or JAH, I shall be; and SHUA, Powerfi-l-hence the name signifies, I shall be the Poweeful. "Thou shall call his name JEsvs," for this reason, "Because HE will save his rPOPLe from their seNs." See Acts vii. 45, Iteb. iv. 8, and Appendix, word Jew&.$ 1:Lukei L...19,11. Deut. sxiv, 1;/, f I Ltfim L e 31; iiL 2,

Page  3 'Sap. 1: 22.] MATTHEW. [lCa. 2: 7. rov haoavt a'rov a7roTwvzaapTLJv P avTCOv'22(TovTo $ save his PEOPLE from the people of him from the sins of them; This their SINS." e o'XoJy eyoveYP, Iva 7rX7TpwO? ro 710es' fro 22 (All this occurred, and all was done, so that might be fulfilled the word spoken by that the WORD SPOKEN'ro KVPLOV 8La'o 7o rpOe/sTOJ, AsEyOvTros 2`318v' SO by the Lord through the the I ord through the prophet, saying;' Lo, PROPHET, might be veri27 7rapOEPOs eV yaO7 pL e~ EL, tat TEtETaL EOhE, Ka L raie v, saying: the virgin in womb shallhave, and shallbear a son, and 23 B "Behold! the viEKaOaXeovOOL T7o GPO/Oct 0/TOO E yapovol 2A " o ~e r "CGIN shall conceive, and they shall call the name of him Emmanuel;" which is "bear a Son, and his UEsEPjCor lvEUeoev/O, JALE' riuWV *[6o] NOS.) "NAME shall be called being translated, with us [the] God. "t Imma-nu-el;" which 24^Ae'yEptOrs oE 65WceP 0a710ro ToO WOrvO, ErrWOl7V E' signifies, God with us.) Being aroused and the Joseph from the sleep, he did 24 And JOSEPH, being WE 7rpOeraeau yyKOE- Kat 5 7rwe-raised from SLEEP did as &$S 7rPOdEEaaE awf 6 7/oEyy OS KPLO' aavliO W-TE tle ANGEL of the Lord as commanded to him the messenger ofalord; and took Aac3e T?7S' )ycv~aKa atCu 25Kt O e ~yt e ~2had commanded him, and.a,6E 7-rqx, yvvatta aq'Tov, a5t EaYLt W E Y oo ~Ttwttc the wife of him, but not he knew his WIFE; 5avT7S7 ~ecS oti ETEKCe * [TOS' /lOSv *t[0a3671s TOY 25 but lie knew her not, her till she broughtforth [ the ] son [of her the till (she brought forth a sicrtcoso TO.roCoO] aLae sIotoV I?7voS. JSon, and called his NAME T7rpWTOTOKOPS'1 aiE5aCE01 E TO o0ouaaVT V177O P Jesus. first-born; ] and called the name of him Jesus. KE'. 13'. 2. CHAPTER II. 1 And JEsus being born 1Tov 3E I~or'EYe'P'OEPT'os E' Bl/0AEE/L T'Ir in Bethlehem of JUDnA, The and Jesus being born in Bethleem of the in tHerod, the Iovactas, EP 0L.espats'HpWcoooV jao 13aotEwS, 1sov, KINc, behold, t Magians Judea, in days of Herod the king, lo, fron the East, came into /a7yo0 a7ro avaProXwov 7rape7e~'oT'o ets'IepoOCp, - Jerusalem; saying: wise-men from an east country came into Jerusalemc, 2 "Where is the NEWpga, AyOPS'TES 2HOUV EOLrTy 6 TEXOetsbattAeU s TOwP BORN KING of the JEWS? saying; Where is the new-born king of the for we saw his STAR at iovoatwo; et3o.180Y'yap aV'TOV TOP arTEpa ES Ti? its RISING, and are come Jews? we saw for of him the star in the to do him homage." ava'-oXp, seat lhAOo/Lv w1poOtcvTirat avurT. 3AKcov- 3 Now * Herod, the rising, and are come to do homage to him. Having KING, having heard, was Fas 8E'Hpw37rs o6 oatrXevs eTrapaXO, Kaot 7raC a alarmed, and All Jeruheard and Herod -the king was alarmed, and all salem with him.'1eepo6roXvjla UsT T aVov' 4Kat oOvPtiyay' / 7ravPTas 4 And having assembled Jerusalem with him; and having called together all All the CHIEF-PRIESTS and'roOs apxtepELts eKat paypaLL/rTELS TOv Aaov, e7rvv- Scribes of the PEOPLE, he the chief-priests and- scribes of the people, he in- inquired of them where the cavlETo rrap' avTowo, 7roo 6 XpLtTOS YeE'VPaTat. 50i MESSIAHI should be born. quihed of them, where the Anointed should be born. They 5 And THEY answered, 6t EL 7ro avrTc' Es B7OAeeX/u Trss Iovoatas' oSTw "In Bethlehem, of Ju-,and said to him; In Bethleem of the Judea; thus DAA;" for thus it is 7yap 7E'ypa7rtraIt aa'rou 7rpof(P71Tov 6"KatL ov BqO- written by the PROPHET: for itis written by the prophet "And thou Beth- 6 1 "And tbo u Bethlehem, A:eSE, yn7 Ioova, ovSa/wSw E.AsXLO'Tbr EL ESy TOtEs "Land of JUDAH, art by leem, land of Juda, by no means least art among the "no means least as to the 7yE1o01rt IovSa ec eK oU yap ESeAevOe'aCt 7I Yov0 eE- "PRINCES of Judah; for out princes of Juda; out ofthee for shlcl come forth aprince, "of thee shall come forth POos, 6o'TTS 7rot/ai/eLt'TOP Aaop /LOu, TOP} Ioparl/A." "a Prince, who shall rule who shallgovera the people of me, the Israel." (my PEOPLE ISRAEL." 7TOTS'Hpwcl32s Aadpa tcaAeras Tovs ia7yovs, 7 Then Herod, having seThen Herod privately having called the wise-men, cretly called the MAGIANS, * VATICAN MANseCRIPT-23. a God. 25. a Son. 25. of her the first-born. —n.;` so Lachmann and Tischendorf. 3. the KING Herod. t 23. ITeb. IIItA, with; Nw, us; and EL, God-the future name of Jesus; showing that he.will be "a God with us." It is not emphatically " GOD" who will be with his pReope under the namre of Imma-luel; but "God," in the same sense in which it is said' The wona was God."-John i. 1. (See Dr. MIiddleton on the GCreek Article.) 1. A Sect of Philosophers. 21. Isa. lix. 20; Rom. xi. 26, 27. $ 23. Isa. vii. 14. 25. Luke ii. 7. $. Micah v, 2

Page  4 Chap. 2: 8.] MATTHEW. [Cahp. 2: 16. 71CrtpL,8w e rap'aXvrwv TOV XpovOy Vrov0aLO/hueVoU ascertained exactly from learned exactly from them the time of the appearing them the TIME of the aorepos, 8 Kat ireLLas av'TOEVS iEs BqOdAEEU, STAR'S APPEARING; a star, and sending them into Bethleem, 8 and sending them to L7rLt' fIOPEVUEYTeCS, aIpiL$WS ExETaCZOa TE -7EpL TOV Bethlehem, he said, "Go, he said; Passing on your way, exatly inquire about the search strictly for the irachvoo exrav he; pr)SJE T raY}ayrELyAITEf /OSL CHILD; and as soon as infant; assoon as and youhavefound, bring word to me, that you have found him, bring caycW eAOWyV 7pOoKVW1/W ati. 90i &c ahKoVU afVTES me Word, that X also may I also going pay homage to him. Theyand havingheard gO andpayhimreverence." 9 And THEY, having ~rov Pa9rEWs E7ropeOlqjo Kaia hov, 6 ao.sp, heard the KING, departed; of the king departed. And lo, the star, aTES and behold! the STAR' etSO' Es' s-p asfaTo0 Af, 7pOIyYEY avo' s, cOS which they saw at its RIwhich they saw in the rising, went before them, till eAG9Yw EOX7J E~7rvC' 0o1 r1) TO iraCILhLOS. 1 IhO'TQES SING, preceded them, till it canme and stood over the going it stood over where was the infant. Seeing lacewherethe was. pf lace wvherethecmILDwas. aote sov aoea, theyapreoiacd apav /EYyaXve y fot;pa- 10 And seeing the STAR, and the star, theyrejoiced ajoy very great; they rejoiced with very ica lheiOEOTES ELsrOLclas, E610VTO 7raceshioev ezrcta great Joy. and being come into the house, they saw the infant with 11 And coming into the Mapras rTrs pA7'rpos avrov,Kai7re(roVfsesEt7rpo p EKc- HOUSE, they saw the Mary the mother of it, and fallingdown didhomage CHILD with Mary his eovaro- av'ror,cat aYottarTesTovs06oavppov savrcTW, THER; and prostrating, to it, and opening the treasuries of them,they honored im. Then 7rpoorrveycyaY avqT- hwpa, Xpvrov, KaL AXtavov Ka a opening their CASKETS, they offered to it gifts, gold and frankincense and they offered, as Presents to o',uvpas. 12 Kat Xp7ka7trOVTEVses Kar-' ovap, p7 him, Gold, Frankincense, myrrh. And being warned in a dream not and Myrrh. avaKccta/at 7rpos'Hpwrhv, t' ah.27s 68ov avEXco- 12 And being warned in to return to Herod, by another way they a Dream not to return to prl7a' ELS Tr7V, Xwpav aVTbw, Herod, they went inOME withdrew into the country of them. by Another Way. 13'AvaXcvWpclfc;TWV he aVUrWV, sho, ayyeXos x 13 But they having *reHaving withdrawn but ofthem, lo, a messenger tired into their own couNXvptov cpavEraetaL Sca' ovap qTf IWO7/q), Aeywv' TRY, behold! an Angel of of a lord appears in a dream to the Joseph, saying; the Lord *appeared to JoEyepeOess?rapahacEl3o TO ratSov rsat T7v rT-eTpa SEPrH in a Dream, saying: Arising take the infant and the mother "Arise, take the CHILD alVOV, Kcat (pEv-yE EL Ae'vyrr0's, cat tlOL EKE, and his MOTHER, and fly to of it, and fee into Egypt, and bethou there, Egypt; and remain there, Ewes aV ELtrw (OL IAXENE. ycap'Hpw81 s 7TEV TO till I speak to thee; for till Ispeak to thee; is about for Herod to seek the Herod is about to seek the 7ratL8to, Tro a7roAherat avTO.'14'0 8e EyEpOELS CHILD to DESTROY him." infant, to kill it. He then arising 14 Then HE, arising,.rapEaE70T7raZtSo V KcatT-'lu7,TEprca aVTov VK'CTOS, took the CHILD and his took the infant and the mother of it by night, MIOTHER, by night, and fcat avEXWp7l(rev er A7-yV7rTOV' 5Kat ry EKeI ECs withdrew to Egypt; and went into Egypt; and he was there till 16 and remained there T7rlsE TeXEvT7-s H pwhov',a rorwpwlp. TO prleOs till the DECEAsE of Herod; the death of Herod; that mightbefulfilled the word spoken so90 that the WORD SPOKEN 6tro r'ov tcvptov Lta Troy rpofIq-ToV, XYOsT'So by the *Lord through the by the lord through the prophet,'aying; PROPHrT might be verified. " Et ALY'VTroV EsKcaXE(ra,oV V, vo, uou. saying: t"From Egypt I "Out of Egypt Icalled the son of me." have called backmy soN." 16 TOTE'HpAWh7Es h Tas Tl EcE7arCeCXO7) slr o A TiVde 16 Then Herod, perceive Then derod seeing that hewas mocked by the ing That he had been de. VATICAN MANvSCRIPT-13. retired into their own COUNTRY. 13. appeared. 15. Lord. t 11. The homage of prostration, which is signified by this Greek word, in sacred authors as well as tn profane, was throughout all Asia, commonly paid to kings and other superiors, both by Jews and by Pagans. It was paid by Moses to his, E;zo Evii. 7, called in the E. T. "obeisance."- CamspbeL; 1i. Uoshea xi. I.

Page  5 Map. 2: 17.] MATTHEW. [lc. 2: 23. acycswv, ~EOvg,'q1 kavly Kat alroOTEreias aveLAE ceived by the MAGIANS, wise-men, was enraged much; and sending forth he slew was greatly enraged; and ravcras TOyS f7raiSas'rovs Ey B7IOAEEc/ tcat eV despatching emissaries he all the boys the in Bethleem and in Slew all lTHE MALE CHIL-?racoa rTOS 6piOiS avTrs, aro &LETOVS KCaL Kc7m- DREN in Bethlehem and all the borders of her, from two years and under, in All its VICINITY, from TIEf, Karra TroPV XpovoV 6v'icp1f38cvO E 7rapa TWrv the age of Two-years and accordingto the time which heexactlylearntfrom the under, according to the Lac-ywv. 17TorE E 7rXrpwOJ To j1rZe0 VIro'Ijepejuov TIME which he accurately kise-men. Then wasfulfilled the wordspokenby Jeremiah learnt firom the MAGIANS. TOV 7rpo(P7 To1v, AEYO VroS, s18 s'(l'V7l E'Pala 17 Thenwasverifiedthe.the prophet, saying, "A voice in Rama WORD SPOKEN * through,ov'7,Z *[Opi~7iOSK Kcayl] scvt~oa',c ovupyo~s Jeremiah the PROPHET, was heard, [lamentation and] weeping and mourning saying, roXvs,'PatloA 1Kaeovl ra TS TEKVa acrt-S Kai 18 t "A Voice was great; Rachel bewailing the children of her; and heard tin Ramah, WeepOUK 1OEAhE lrapcaKAcleJlyals' L OU6t eal."l ~"ingandgreat Mourning; not is willing to be comforted because not they a." Rachel bemoaning her " CHILDREN, and unwil" ling to be comforted, Be19TEAEU7loaSTros 8e EToY'HpWovU, tsov, aTy- "cause they are no more." Having died and of the Herod, lo, a 19 Wrhen HEROD was -yXor KVptov KcaT' ovap palvtETra Toy Iowarlc ev dead, behold! an Angel messenger ofalord in a dream appears to the Joseph in of the Lord appears in a AL7vYrwrc, XsEyc.v 20EyepOeLs 7rapaa,3e Tro Dream to JOSEPH in EEgypt, saying; Arising take the gypt, saying: raesiov Kat Tl77Y /elTErpa auvov, Kal 7ropevov Els 20 "Arise, take the infant and the mother of it, and go thou into CHILD and his MOTHER'yJVy I'0pacX TEOl7Kao- cp oi,IJTovV7TES orov' and go into the Land of land Israel; they are dead for the seeking the Israel; for THEY are dead 4vXlxn' ToY 7raittou. 21 o0 6e e'yepOes 7rapeXafe who SOUGHT the CHILD'S life of the infant. He and arising took LIFE." TO 7ra8lov SKai t r1 v urTEpa avYTov, Kait IXAOe Ets 21 Then HE, arising, the infant and the mother of it, and came into took the CHILD and his -yIlv Iopac7lA. 22AKcovtas 8E, OTt ApXEhaos MOTHER, and *entered land Israel Hearing and, that Archelaus into the Land of Israel;,aoaa EVEls Irew T7rS Iov zasas avlT'HpoAov ToY 22 but hearing That Arwas reigning over the Judea instead of Herod the chelaus was reigning over rarTpOS aUVTO, (pOf3'O7 EKES ac7C-feOESV XP1/Ea- JUDIEA instead of his FAfather of him, he was afraid there to go; being THER Herod, he was afraid TrltOEs &E KCaTr ovap, ave6Xwp'rep ELS Ts to returnthere; and being warned and in a dream, he withdrew into the warned in a )Dream, reuep7rl Tr7s PattXXatas. 23 Kat eAXOv craTt7pr7t eev tired into the DISTRICT of region of the Galilee. And coming he dwelt GALILEE; ets'roAxv Efyoeoel'V NaCapET' 0rwos wAXrpwOr 23 and coming into a Into a city named Nazareth; that mightbe fulilled City named tNazareth, he,to A70esv 8ia TwVy r'por/TV'w, 671 Na'wpcaos abode; that the WORD thewordspoken through the prophets, that a Naunite SPOKEN through the PROgKtX70-tXerat. PHETS might be verified, hewillbecalled. "That he will be called "L a Nazarite." * 17. through Jeremiah-Lachmann & Tischendorf. VATICAN IAINUSCBIPrT-18. lamentation and —omit. 21. entered into. t 16. THE MAXL-CUELDRESN. The Greek article being masculine, it defines the sex. In nine other places in this chapter, infant is in the neuter gender. 18. in Ramah. A city not far from Bethlehem in Judea, on the confines of the territory of Benjamin. Origen and Jerome say that the Hebrew term rendered in Ramah, by the LXX, should be translated, on high. Matthew, or his translator, followed the Septuagint. 23. Nazaxeth-a small city of the Zebulonites, in Galilee, about 75 miles north of the city of Jerusalem. 23. a Nazarite. Matthew evidently understood this the same as a Nazarene, or a native of Nazareth. A Nazarite was one under a vow of self-denial. In Judges xiii. 5, Samson is called a Nazarite. The apostle Paul was accused by Turtullus, before Felix, as being "a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarites," Acts xxiv. 5. Some derive the name from Ia. xi. 1, where the promised Messiah is called a Nazar,or branch. $ is. Jer. xxxi. 15,

Page  6 Chap. 3: 1. MAiTTHEWo l[ap. S: 9. KEo. y. CH.APTER III. 1 E e Tars tpats eat vals wiapayITETaL I Now in those DAYS In now the daye those comes appeased John the IMlwavv~rs 0 cCarTLT7rTr1S, K77pVDOCtVt EY T7 MERSER, in the +DESERT John the dipper, proclaiming in the desert of JUnDA, publicly anr7ls IovSatas, [IKat] Ae'yovP 2 MEcraOElTE noHncing, of the Judea, [and] saying; Reform ye; 2 1" Reform I because r3715y ycYatp 27 tf,6aa Xeea ToV oUpaOv. 30VTos the ROYAL MAJESTY Of has come nigh for the majesty of the heavens This the REAVENS hat ap-'yap eo'rTv 6 pisrOeis ero'Horamov ToV 7rpo-OTU O, proached." for is he spoken of by Esaias the prophet, 3 For thin is HE of AEtcyoVTos "Iue~v- B~ocwsVToS Ev,r (sp?7yk- wwhom Isaiah the PROPHET saying; "A voice crying out in the desert; SPOKE,Saying: T"AVoice;e'o7t oa eC'P77r1 6Soee Kcvpltov, euvecas s OLCLTL ~"proclaiming in the DESey EAYT,'Prepare the WAY make ye ready the way of a lord, straight make ye "'for the Lord, make the Tas'pi)0ov$ aVT0V." "' HIGHWAYS straight for the beaten tracks of him."YS straight for "'4him.'" 4Avros e 6 Icewactvs EXe XC o ie5vat ciV7Ov 4 - Now JOHN wore a He and the John had the outer garment of him awro'rptXwv KatzryAoU v KI, KCY Y $EPlayartvMANTLE of Camel's Hair, ~~~a7ro TpL7XoWz Kca/t7Xov Kai C''7I' &pp?7v twith a leathern Gi8rdle enfromn hairs of a camel, and a belt made of skin Tp 7 o71vO- 7U j8670~ cic5ling his WAIST; an d TrepEL VT7' leice evflei 7th of Trphot~ C'rOt 7"- Ishis FOOD was Locusts and around the loins of him; the and food ofhim as ild Honey. aKptbes lCal LeALt ayptoV. 5Tors CE5IropEVETO 6 Thlen resorted to him locusts and honey wild. Then went out Jerusalem and All Juwpos CatTor'IepoaooXvace,CL K raraoc 77 IovU DJerusalem, and A ll the couto him Jerusalem, and all, TRY along the JORudeaN ocuov T along the JORDan; Kaic 7raoa'77 — ECpIXWpoS TOf? Iopacvouv KcIal 6 and were inlmmersed and all the count.yabout ofthe Jorear' and by him in the * River E/BactrotCvovro es TCP Iopsav7p 67r' avrToJi, GeoyoAo- JORDAN, confessing their were dipped in to the Jordan by him, confessing SIS. 7,ovfLevo0 Tas aatapTtas avlTVo. 7 But seeing many of the sins ofe'tiee,. tile PHARISEES and Sad7I wv SE'TOAoVS 7T 0f1l/ apirc'az ae Kat S8ov- ducees coming to *the Seeing and many of the Pharisees and Sadducees IMaERSION, he said to iKaCZLV EpXoC,oSU EC7rl fr TO S7rITiotla avtrov, eC7rC them; "O0 Progeny of coming to the dipping of him, hesaid Vipers I who has admonaUTOLS- revvl7/aTcta CEXLtvwv rtis 6bre6egevE ished you to fly from to them; O broods ofvenomous serpents, who pointed out the APPROACIIINi ENjtULv Pv7yew acro T77rS /AEXE CovrS Op77 S; GEANCE? to yoe to flee from the coming wrath P 8 Poduce, then, Fruit 8 Io0lrraTre ovv iKap7rov actov T7rs Catravotas, wortlly of REFORIATION: Bring forth then fruit worthy of the reformation, S and presume not to 9Kcat uf) ao0l77e Aeyewv eV' JeaTots~ IraTepa say to yourselves,'We and not think to say in yourselves; A father havc a Father,-ABRACXotCErY TOY Al3paatt- Xeyw yap vittv, OTr vvaral HAM;)' for I asstue you, we have the Abraam; I say for to you, that is able That GOD is able out of 6 Oeos eCK TWV, AXtOeW' TOvTrwv eyepal TCEKVCa T, theso STONES to raise up the God out of the stones these to raise up children to the Children to ABJRAHAM. VATICAN MANUSCRIPT-6. the River JORDAN. 7. the IMMERSION. t 1. DESERT. This does not always mean an uninhabited region, but one comparatively barren, with a sparse population. See Joshua xv. 61, 62, where mention is made of "six cities with their villages," in the wilderness. 2. Reform. The word "repent" does not express the force of the original; which signifies a change of character, a permanent alteration of the dispositions and habits. The same remark may be applied to the noun of the same meaning in verse 8. —Gannett. 2. Basileia means kingly powler, author ity, royal digcity, majesty, 4c., as well as kingdom, realm, or reign. The prophet Daniel uses kings and kingdoms snonymously, (Dan. ii. 44); so also the evangelists. See Matt. xxi. 5, 9; Mark xi. 9, 10; Luke xix. 38; and Zech. ix. 9. John's mission was "to go before the face of the Lord, to prepare his ways," (Luke i. 76); and to point out the Messiah. See John i. 6 —8, 29-31, 34; Acts xiii. 24, 25. Therefore he called on the people to "RBeorm, beeause the M'ajesty of the heavens (God's Anointed) has come."; S. Is, xL 3. 7 Luke iii. 7 —

Page  7 (p. 3 10.] MATTIT EW. [Ca. 3: 17.,Bpasc/, 10H 6 8e i[LKa] s] aT/,1l 7rpoS./jj 10 Even now the Ax1 Abraam. Noew and [even] the axe to the lies at the ROOT of the tpCa' TWO beV3pcWe Keea'i rtav ouvt 8et'Spov U7 TREES; EvqrlyTree, there. root of the trees lies; every therefore tree not fore, not producteing good 7rotovy Kcap7ro, tcaXov, EfKo rTETalt, frt ELS rup Fruit, is cut down, and bearing fruit good, is cut down, and into a fire cast illto a Fire. Ba e-ratl. 11 E'YG /tet',t7rstzw ucas EN t'at-V, 11, indeed, fimmerse is cast. ie deed dip you in water, you in Water in order to IS tET7raroalv,' 6 e o7rTio' p.OU ePXOUEVOS, ]Reformation; but HE who into reformatir.l he but after of me coming, is COMING after me, is vJO-XPOTEPOeS p to O EOLTVS ou O)V EtAt ckatvos ta more powerful than I, miightier of me is, of whom not I am worthy the t Whose SANDALS I aml 70To3rl/tarta P/3a-Tcaat avTos VctIas farTrrtoes EY not worthy to carry;:te sandals to carry; he you will dip in will immerse you in holy fL Kil Ttvpl. l20v To 7rTrvoN e Spirit and in Fire. spirit holy and fire. Of whom the winnowing shovel in 12 Whose wINNOWIN T? XE CtLPL av tc, Kal dlttaieapttel Trt &w~a SHOVEL is in his HAND, the hand of him, and hewillthoroughlycleanse thethreshingfloor and he will effectually aftTOV" Kal (vvatel Tov T'rTov aVtiOV US t T) cleanse his THRESHINGof him; and hewill gather the wheat of him into the FLOOR; he will gather his catroOtcr', TO 8E a~X~vpoz' Talcavoe-t irvop WHEAT into *his GRAstorehouse, the but chaff he will burn up in fire NARY, but the CHAFF he aToBei0T twill consume with Fire it i Iinextinguishable." isostie eh hie inextinguishable." 3ToTe 7rapatyve'at 6 Ioovs aro T*7sraA- 13 Then comes JESUS Then comes the Jesus from the Galilee fiom GALILEE totheJoR. atas E7rL TOV Ioptvtv 7rpoNsO TOPN Ictavvtvs, rOu DAN, to be IMMERSED by to the Jordan to the John, of the JOHN.,a8r7rrterOal t r' av0'vlt'10 se Icasvris 8LecwOvE, 14 But *HE refused to be dipped by him; The but John refused him, saying; "1 have HatTOV Xey~Wv E'yo Xp~eav EfOW tro ffov,af T5oa - Need to be immersed by hint saying; I need to have by thee to be thee, and titja comest to Orlva, fKat l-v EpXr 7rpos e; 15 A7roKp.O lts 8e 6 mel" lipped, and thou comest to me? Answermg andthe 15 But JESUS answerITo7tous Lrme irpos avToTt Aress afTpTL Q 0 fyap ing, said to him; "Permit Jesus said to him; Permit now; thus for it no; for thus it is be7rp67rov EOr-TL tv,~tt7' w'poap 7ratraivrlOrtalruvK coming us to establish eaoming it is to us, to flfil all righteousnes. ery rdinanc Th TOys artlnt iv/ avTov 16KaL Ia-rrrto-sUts 6 10ovs John suffered him. Then he suffered him. And having been dipped the Jesus 16 And JEsus being aYE3EB? evOvs a7ro sov bSaTO s' Lat Sov, avLEoX- immersed, went up from wentup immediately from the water; and lo, were the WATER; and, behold! Ornoay *[a v-]0 oL ovpavoc, Kai eT8e ro 7rvevuat instantly the HEAVENS opened Lto him] te t he havens, and was een the spirit were opened, and * the Tov EOU o KaTa3ato o' io-st 7reptvepav, [Kat] Sphirit of God appeared, ofthe God descending like a dove, [ad] descending, like a Dove, EpXotetVot er' aVrcO. 17 Kai t8otv, (pWVl eCi TOo and $ resting on him. coming on him. And lo, avoice out of the 17 And, behold a Voice VupavHv0, 7E0yov1ra0 OV'TOS ETI 6 UOS OOV 6 from the HEAVENS, say. heavens, saying; This is the son of me the ing;: "This is my SON. the BELOVED, in whom I aila-rlTos, EN (P EVot)100-a. beloved, inr wom I deliglt. delight." * VATICAN lANbUSCRIPT-10. even —omit. 12. his GRANARY. 14. Es refused., 16. to him-omit. i1. the Spirit of God. 16. and —omit. ~ 11. immerse you in Water. Baptizo, and its root Bapto, signify to dip, to plunge, to hnmerse, and was rendered by Tertullian, tinlgere, the term used for dyeing cloth, which was by immersion. It is always construed suitably to this meaning.'lrhus it is en hudatee,n to Iordanee.-CCampbell. 11, Whose SANDALS, &c. The office alluded to, though of a servile description, was performed by disciples for their instructors, as it appears from the T.lnmudists and Ensebins. 12. The allusion in this passage is to an ancrent process in agriculture, by which the chaff was driven towards a fire prepared fox burning it, in order tiait it might not be blown back and mixed again wvith the wheat. o 11, Acts i.; ii. 2 —4 xi. 1i. t1,Isa. xi. 2; xl i. 1 17. Isro liia. liake i.i.

Page  8 Nap. 4: 1.] MATTHEW. rP. 4: 11. KE4. r. 4. CHAP. IV. Tor'e 6 I7hovs a-7lXOq eLs ~r'~ ep?7uo~v ~re 1 Then Jmsus was con. Then the Jesus was led into the desert by ducted by the SPIRIT int Trot 7rVEVaTTos, 2relpats0eaL [To rO TOU 8laoou. the DESERT, to be tempt. the spirit, to be tempted by the accuser. ed by the ENE j/J~pcts'le2pc rc evc'ces And after fasting for. 2Kat rnaTevaas 7epas eoapaKoa cat vVcas ty Days and forty Nights And fasting days forty and night Days and forty Nights, frecrapaKolv ra, ve~pov ~RE1Z/G~bE 3 Kate 7Irpo- hewas hungry. refcapasfopa, z'eov e.3 Kati - 3 Then the TEMPTER forty, after he was hungry. And coming appoching him, said; ml" approaching him, said; EAOFwV av'rcp 6 7retpawv,e, ELEt' EL voS EL TOV r If thou be a Son of to him the tempter, said; If ason thoube of the I It, ELK~ iY~t GOD, command that these Oeov, Ef7rE, lva oL XiOo1 OuToL CapTOl YEvYVTaiL. STONES become Loaves." God, speak, that the stones these loaves may become. 4 But ME answering'0 oe aclKrofplels eret'F reypa 7ra a " OUKe eir osaid; "It is written, He but answering said; It is written; "Not bylive by apTCP IAOVT (7 0-E~ai av~pcv-7ros- aNN' Enrr 7rav?-r V'MAN'shall not live by p'cp gof ~ evaL azpciros' eG rl'aerL'Breadonly, but byEvery bread alone shall live a man; but by every'Word proceeding from baf ov vpt oac'Word proceeding from PjS7/.air f zElCopevopeVgiE O a~L oro.tarros Oeov."'the Mouth of God.'" word proceeding from mouth of God." 6 Then the ENEMY con5To'e z'apakar4,egayez av'roe 6 StlaBoAos eCI Ti/P ducts him into the HOLY Then takes him the accuser into the City, and places him on ayTav rolv,, KcaL ia7T1T/LZ avTroV E7rL TO T7repv7,O the BATTLEMENT of the holy city, and places him on the wing TEMPLE, TO) IEPOur 6 Kal Ae'yet aVTc El vlOs EL TOt) OEOl, 6 and says to him, "If ef the temple and says tohim; Ifasonthoubeofthe God, thou be a Son of GOD, flaXe o'eavTro KaTCarw' yEypa7rTartL "'Op-' roT TOLS cast thyself down; for it cast thyself down; itis written for; "That to the is written, He will give ay7yeXois arov O' EITEXeCTaLL 7rept fof' Kcal E7rl'his ANGELS charge of messengers of him hewillgivecharge; and on thee; they shall uphold XELpcOW apPOvoL o'E, Jt7'roTE 7rpo KoPo~vs wrpoes'thee on their Hands, lest hands they shall raise thee, lest'thou strike thy aOOT ALOVS TOP' 7rota YouV. 7 EIPS7 av1 r t 1 6 Iroovs''against a Stone."' astone the foot ofthee." Said to him the Jesus: 7 JEsus answered; lIaAtv yeEypamratl " Ovc EKc7repa~TEs Icvpto, "Again, it is written, Agao' itis written; Not thou shlt put to the proof Lord:'Thoushaltnot try the roty eop aov."'Lord thy GoD."' the God of thee." 8 Again, the ENEMY 8IIaAiv. rapaXapB aest avprov 6 taf3oXos els takes him to a very high Again takes him the accuser into Mountain, and shows him opos fi;e!kAoy Xriav, itat 8eLK1CoVtlV aVT'P7raYas All the KINGDOMS of the amountain high exceedingly, and shows to him all WORLD, and the GLORY s'as 6aoerieias Tol KtCOT'ooV sat S rcT/ sonsa avTcw0, of them; the kingdoms of the world and the glory ofthem, 9 and says to him; KCat e-ye e auTrp' TavrTa w71avTa ol awCto, eav "All these will I give thee, and says to him: These all to thee I will give, if if prostrating thou wilt rEeowv 7pooKtwlo?7,S o t. 1~To-e Xeyety a-VTC worship me." falling down thou wilt do homage to me. Than says to hi 10 Then Jesus says to 6 Ii1rovs''Tr7raye o7rtoco.tov, oraTa''yeypar- him; "Get thee behind the Jesus: Go thoiL behind of me, adversary: itis written me, Adversary; for it is'rast yap' " Kupvpo roe OeoV foov 7rpoKrCuEhLore1s, written,:' Thou shalt for: "Lord the God of thee thoushalt worship,'worship the Lord thy fKaut iTr(icP $OV NaTpevoelE." 11 ToTe aqLisnaok GOD, and him only shalt and to him only thoushaltrender service." Then leaves thou serve."' avCTO 6 8 ta3oXos' scat tov, atyyexot 7rpoiX7A0eov 11 Then the rENEMY himn the aceusers and lo, messengers came leaves him; and beholdl ofat r 7icOvo v1U aVTt,. Angels came and minis. and ministered to him. tered to him. VATICAlN MANUSOIPTr —4. MAN. t 8. WORLD. Kosmos, here translated world, may be restricted to the Land of Palestine, as it is in Rom. iv. 13; though in Luke iv. 5, hee oikoumenee is found, which may possibly Include the Roman empire, il which acceptation it is friequently used. 4. Deut. viL S. t 0. Pea, xcL 1112. $ Y. Dentu. v, 1. t. Dut. vi. t

Page  9 Maps. 4: lI.] MATTHEYW. [fCap. 4: 23. 12Aeeove'as 8E o Izrleovs, t IWam,7rss ~rapE~o~Or, 21 Now JEsos, hearing 12A~ovocs 8E 6 17700, 6TL Ia 7 7rPE h7, That John was imprisonHearing now the Jesus, that John was deliveredup, axEvxWPpTEV EIs rT7v ra(Tizalay. 13Kai xa;ra- ed, retired intoGALILEE; he withdrew into the Galilee. And havin 13 and, having left NAZARETH, resided at XL7Trll' Tm' NciOpET, Ee~wv Ia~ryrcHTLIC7 ELS TI~tH Capernaum, by th e left the Nazareth, coming dwelt at THAT e Ka7repvaovp1 Tm7' 7rapaOaAaoLtav, EY 6pLo0s lake, in the Confines of Capernaum the by the sea-side, in borders Zebulon and Naphtali; ZaRSovhUXv KalL Netp~ahx~eql 141va iA7pw7 7o 14 so that the WORD of Zabulon and Nephthalim; that might be fulfilled the SPOKEN thl'ough Isaiah i7lger 8a'Hoaiov Tov 7rpofPrlT0V, XeToVTOS the PROPHET might be!s 770EV ILIa'HeraLo o'oo 7rpotP77To!, XE7GJ'T' verified, saying; wordspoken through Esaias the prophet, saying; Leri e, saying; I5ar" F Zcaf3oUAcOu Kac y7 Ne(pOaNeiA 6Iozo 15 "Landof Zebulon Land of Zabulon and landt Nephthtia in"iand Land of Naphtali, aLAa nds oEpab Tonv Iopa aov, erahthala wayv "situate near the lake, on of the sea by the Jordan, Galilee of the "the JORDAN, Galilee of eOsewV. 16'o0 aos O6 caO7beesos EY GfKOTEL E1IE 4s "the NATIONS; nations. The peoplewho are sitting in darkness saw alight 16 "THAT PEOPLE, fLEyft* EftI T~l I~t'El'WP~Cya'LL Iros Y K fKLC " dwelling in Darkness, teya ~ Kar 70LS Kaeyp~Yor Ey XOP~ Ka~ Q~lq I saw a greats Light; arid great; and to those sitting in a region even ashade eOavro0v, ws avYETELhAEP aVTUr01S. "to THOSE' INHABITING of death, alight has arisen to them." " aDRegion, even a Shadow 7 ArO TOTE 71p aTo0 o Ir0oovs K7pvo0oeEv, Kai "of Death, a Light arose." From thattime began the Jesus to proclaim, and 17 From tlat time JEtheYELY~ ME7 7'IJYre~ SUS began to proclaim, Xe'yEtv Me'raVoeLTE' r'K yap 2) fctfLX sus began to proclaim, to say; Reform; has come nigh for the royaldigity and to say; " Reorm;for the ROYAL MAJESTY of f the hopacv. the HEAVENS has apof e 7ravre s proached."'8IEpL7raT0V 56 trapa'Tr7v OaXaoa V T77 prcse. Walking and by the sea of the 18 And walking by the rafXiXfamL, Ee6E 10o actle~Xt/oisr,' sIyl)RWa TOP LAKE of GALILEE. he saw Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon t0 e vo Brothers, THAT Siae-YOUEPoP IIErpolilsei Avvp~ ro, Av aEXTO o' mon who is SURNAMED called Peter, and Andrew the brother and Andrew tis aVrOV, Petee,~as acod Ap8r 7G7po od Ee S Tw7y Oahab- BROTHER, casting a Drag vrevTov, 0LaAfXXoras; at. ftcttpL/3X77Trpo0, eLs TrI, Ocarao- into the LAKE; f th of him, casting a fishing-net into the sea;into the L; for they " 77v e tp LLELS. 1 KiL AE'EL a S- were Fishermen. eav- 77aap yap wXere. 19 Kaiforyyr awrots~ 19 Andhe says tothem, they were for fishers. And he says to them; 19 Andhe says tothem, 10"Follow me; and I will AEVTf 0o71LOhW $01, KaiC 7r oL7ffw bce as als makeyou FishersofMen." Come behind of me, and I will make you fishers alOpohrf)2v0. 001 Be eVcsfE afEtl/lES a T KTUa, 20 And THEY, immeof men. They andimmediately leaving the nets, diately leaving the NETS, 1K0CoXovL7O ola a'vTr. 21 KaL 7irpo,3aS EKEleV, EL8Ev followed him. followed him. And going on from thence, he saw 21 And going forward aAAouvs ovo cae3EAfPovs, cIa(c0,60os TOP TOU ZEfE- from thence, he saw Other c~hhovs ~votas~ho a v er Two Brothers, James the other two brothers, James the of the Zebe- Brothers, James the 0a10ov ifa Iwavt v lce'TrOP alxefoaV avCGo, EV Te son ofZEBEDEE,andJohn dee and John the brother of bim, in the his BROTHER, intheBoAT lrAoLC $ETaZeSEOFtou ToV wrapos auTvT, caTrap- with Zebedee their PAship with Zebedee of the father of them, menld- THEE, repairing their Trt(OTras' a oLICT7a avUTcov K aeL EKOXerEv aTUro0U. NETS; andlhe called them. ing the nets ofthem; and he called them. 22 And THEY, instantly 2201 Ie EvOecEs aPEPTEs TO 7rAoLov KaL TOP 7raT'epa leavingtheBOAT andtheir They andforthwith leaving the ship and the father FATHER, followed him. avrowv, iKTo.ovorloa, av'rT 23 And *JESUS jourofthem, followed him. neyedthroughout All GA23 KaC 7reptL77'yE' orv rq77 raXtXAaca, o I77Lous, LILEE, teaching in their And went about all the Galilee the Jesus, SYNAGOGUES, and proLtrarcwe, EP Trals va'ycwOyatL aVTWYV, KaI K77p1U- claiming the GLAD TIteaching in the synagogues of them, and preach- DINGS of the KINGDOM, ~ VATICAN MANUSCRIP —2a he went about throughout All. ~1w. Ig. iX. S.2,

Page  10 :1p.4: 241. MATTHEW. [,Map. 5: 9. Oav TO Eo evaXyeALoY'rs 3acOtslEas, eat: Oepa'revoi and healing Every kind ing the gladtidings of the kingdom, and curing of Disease and Infirmity 7ra yax sooo' scat 7rataav /cAealav Eaa V TN Ac. anamonlg the PEOPLE. every disease and every malady among the people. 24 And his FAME spread 24 Kam anralAev i7 acKorl av'roU es 5arEly Trr' through All SYRIA: and And went the report of him into all the they brought to him All 4vpiav Kcat 7rpocrh7}cPyKal avCOe T-aetas a TOVS the SICK, having Various Syria; and they brought to him all the Disorders, Rand arrested caicc.s E~o 5asI, orozKtcals s'oosts scat 3ao'avrots by Severe Complaints;sick having various diseases and toroents demoniacs, and lunatics, trvvliexo.teo vs,*[tcat] 8aqyovtoCeExEovs, eat eA.- and paralytics;-and he seized with, [and] demoniacs, and lu- healed them. vtaoeYoutEsov scat 7rapavXTtKovs S Kcat E0epaw7reVceV 25 And great Crowds naties, and paralytics; and he cured followed him from GALIauTroVs. 25 Kai qrscoXovorloas arTcP oXAOI 7roX tol LEE, and Decapolis, and them. And followed to him crowds great Jerusalem, and Judoea, ro'raSj raAtrhataE, at AcKa~roAcs, Ka'I s po-at and from the vicinity of *from the Galilee, and Decapolis, and from the Jordan. cooAvvzwv, Kat IovSatas, at rpa Trov Iopavov. CHAPTER V. Jerusalem, and Judea, and beyond of the Jordan. 1 And beholding the KEri,. E. 5. CROWDS, he ascended the TtIOUTTAIN, and having 1 Iowv se TosS oXXovs, aveG/7 e s'to opoS' Kat sat down, his DISCIPLES Seeing and the multitudes, hewentup to themoumntain; and *cae tip: KateravTos aVTov, 7rpoornXy0o *[avuTr ] oseadt- 2 And opening his having seated himself, came [to him] the disci- MIOUTH, he taught them, ~at aVTOSV' 2 at auvotas Tro orTO/.a alT'ov, e8t- saying: pies of him; and opening the mouth of hii., he 3 "Happy the $ PooR atcKEv avTovs, Xe'ywvC 3 MaKapto o 07rTwXO Tp ( t(in SPIRIT); for theirs is taught them, saying; Blessed the poor to the the KINGDOi of the HEArvevuaTtrL tT1t aCUTrV rTIV I /altlreta TrWO VE NS spirit; because of them is the kingdom of the 4 Happy the k MOURNovpavwov. 4 MaKapto o' 7reiVOOvl'Tes' 5OT aoVT ElRS; seeing that tfeQ will heavens. Blessed the mourners; for they be consoled I 7rapacAXl0r(lcrovTat. 5 Matcaptol of 7rpaCEs' 6TI 5 Happy the $ MEEK; shall be comforted. Blessed the meek; for because the will possess avTot 7 cAlpovo.Let7rovo't r7Yv 7yrv. G MaKaptot o the LAND! they shallinherit the earth. B lessed the 6 Happy: they who rELWvcv0'es Kat 5t1WvrTes rTP' tcKalootvP'al d6ts HUNGEvr and THIRST (for hungering and thirsting the righteousness; for righllteousness); since toeg xvT O T XopTrao2novoral. 7 Mascaptso ol eAXerllo- will be satisfieda they shall be satified. Blessed the merciful; 7 Happy the MERCIIVES. OTt avuoT EXEl707OcyVTrat. FUL; because tlenl will for they shall obtain mercy. receive llercies I sMascaptor ot Kasapot rrl t sapotr' t- aUTOt 8 Happy the tPURE (in Blessed the clean to the heart; for they heart); for tfie will beT70P OeO O4IOSITai. 9 Mascaptot of etp, oyrow0t hold God the God shall see. Blessed the peace-makers; 9 Happy the PEACE - ptL awVoTL vot Oe ovu Ktsc lroi-ra tl. O1Ma lcapto t o rAiKERs; because thep for they sons of God shall be called. Ilessed those will be called Sons of God o VATICA/N MANUSCRIPT-24. and-omit. 1. came up. 1. to hiin —omit. t 1. Some particular mountain in the neighborhood of Capernaumn is generally supposed to be here intended, probably Mount Tabor, or an elevation well known in that vicinity. t 3. Wetstein thinks this phrase ought to be construed-" Happy in the Spirit's account are the poor;" and Geo. Campbell renders it-" Happy the poor who repine not." Both do violence to the original. The former interferes with the arrangemert of the words, and the latter paraphrases rather than translates. In Lcuke vi. 20, we have the sentence just as our -Lord uttered it; but here it seems Matthew explains the metaphor, parenthetically, by adding " in spirit." So in verses 6 and 8. For a further illustrationl, see James ii. T. The article and noun is in the dative case, and conveys the same meaning as our preposition in. t 3. Luke vi. 20; James ii. 5. t 4. Isa. Lxi. 2, 3. X 5. PSa xxvii. 11, S2. $ 1. Isa. lv 1. t 8. 1 John iL 20,.

Page  11 C/ap. I: 10.] MATTHEW. [Ctoap.: 19. Ea&EtCyeLEVOL tE'EI lEScrt') o SV1Vsr Otr auTcOV E'TY 10 Happy the t PERbeing persecuted on accountof righllteolsness: for of them is SECUTED on account of 7i f6aortA~Ea cWOV ovpaeaz. l MascapLto EoTE, Righteousness; for theirs the kingdom of the heavens. Blessed are ye, is the KINGDOM of the o'raY otvetto-wrv ltUas KaoS 8LCOtwCOt, cal e7r HEAVENS(! whenever they reproach you and persecute, and say 11 Happy are you, when 7ra'v lrovr'poJ pp/ta CKad' uyaWV, *eVOUEIvOL, EVE KEV they revile and persecute every evil word against you, speaking falsely, because yOU, anti, on my account, E/aoU. 12 Xatpere eat a yaAAokaeO 6t ro I- rOosfalsely allege, Every kind of me. Rejoice ye and exult ye, for the reward of Evil against you. V/etv' woAtse Et' Tots ovpatOtSE 0o5Th eyap E~at~rwav 12 Rejoice and exult, of you great in the heavens; in this way for they persecuted Because your d REw ARD ~TotS 1rrpof7Tas T0oS t rpo v1c90 v. 6 130 TayLv Es Te ore will be great in the lEAthe prophets those before you. You are VENS; for thus THOSE tOo ctas'rss ers. Eat' E Tro a&?as YtwpavOdq, r PROPHIETS who preceded the salt ofthe earth. If but the salt becorme tasteless,with you were persecuted. 7TSLVJXrtaI'r06Erat; ELs ovYEV 10 Xv ~E eTI 13 Lou are the t SALT &A5017EO O V LrXof the ~ASITr. But if the what shal it be salted? for nothling is it of service any more, except of the EATH. But if the,hot1 thva eithet, edS Kfoeoooirrtitofosaieey o7ro t 7 t SALT become insipid, f3Mq?7Pat E~a, Scat tia'ralraTEtioOat vuro Tra' to be cast out, and trodden under foot by the how shall it recover its savor? Itis then wortha rmen. less, except to be cast out and trodden down by MIEN. 14'Trets eoTE TO Ps TWS To KOO*tOV. OU auvarat 14 Lou are the $ LIGHT You are the light of the world. Not possible of the WORLD. A cit 7roAts 9Kpvo3rqaL E7ravco opov0 S K9EyEtvt 15ov E being situated on a hill a city to hide upon ahill being situated; nor cannot be concealed KatovL ts.uXvov, ca TrOEaort avTrovY rro Troy 15 nor is a Lamp lightthey hglt a lamnp, and place him under the ed to be placed under the geA5to., aAo' E7r/yt T1 AvXia' Sc At /A r a ret 7rawct CORN MEASURE, but on measu:r,, but on the lamp-stand; and it giveslightto all the LAMP-STAND; and it Tots Es. 16 OTrt. J ks Aa q'a'ra ~ rs gives light to ALL the FAthose in the house. Thus let it shine the light ILY. sScsW EgtrpseO TWt atvpwarera, 6was saGtt' 16 Thus, let your LIGHT shine before E EN, that of you in tie presence of the men, that they may see MEN, that at Ta KahAa epya, SKat oaotu csJ Tot' TaTE(paC thley may see your Goon ofyou the good rorks, and mlay,'aiso the fathera vrks, and glorify THAT at' T~Ot' ESV TOtS OUpavCo1sS. TEAV~NS.FATHEn of yours in the of you that in the heavens. HEAVENS. 17 Think not, That I 17M71 tottUlrr/rTE, O'rt jXdov tKacraavrat,ry Ilave come to subvert the Not think ye, that I have come to destroy the LAl, or the PROPHIETS: I PvoYov t'7 TOUS 7rp0ooras ovi K rlSXhov ScarTaXuvra, Ihave come not to subvert, ilaw or the prophets; not I have come to destroy but to establish. aAA' 7rXArlpaoaz. AIA U-y Yyap Xeya bUjat, ECs 18 For, indeed, I say but to flfil. Indeed for I say to you, till to you, Till HEAVEN and at' rapE 6 oupat'os ~scat X y7s, ara Iv i / E.ARTH pass away, one av *rap~2~Ov 6 ovpavos teat j!'yr, tw'ra 7r 7 tta pass away the heaven and the earth, iota one or one Iota or One Tip of a letter ScE9paIa o0) zrs r rapeXp awro To) /OAtov, acs atv shall by no means pass fine point in no wise pass from tlie law, till from the LAW, till all be Irav'ra'yeylTra t. 9'Os ear ouvt AVotr? l tav T accomplished. all be fulfilled. Whoever therefore breaks one of the 19 Therefore, whoever t 13. Perhaps allusion is here made to a bituminous and fragrant species of salt, found at the Lake Asphaltites; great quantities of which were thrown by the priests over the sacrifices, to counteract the smell ofthe burning flesh, and to hasten its consumption. This substance, however, was easily damaged by exposure to the atmosphere; and the portion of it thus rendered unfit for the purpose to which it was ordinarily applied, was strewed upon the pavement of the temple, toprevent slipping in wet weather. Maundrell, in his travels, states that he tasted some that had entirely lost its savor.-Trollope. t 15. The modius was a measure, both among the Greeks and Romans, containing a little less than a peck; but it is clear that nothing here depends upon the capacity of the measure. I 10. 2 Tim. ii. 12; Acts xiv. 22; Rev. iii. 21; 12. 1om. viii. 18. I 15. Luke Xiv. K4 85. $ 14. Phil. ii. 15.

Page  12 h'&p - 6 J MATTHEW t-p tOaXGTcev, Kmt Mai U oT W 7ovs avOpWotus, shall violate one of, the least, Y-" and teach thus the men, LEASS of thiese COmOAaXtoGOS K7a0a0c-ETatL etE l a(l/ L T Ae Ir Y tAN'DS, and shall teach,}; least, he.lshnalbecalled' in the ltrinomnt ofthe MEN SO, Will lie c;lle(t oupavwva y OS' av 7ro7i7eoa7 raot W 0a;, ouTro s little inll ite KINGDOM Of heaavns i who but ever shall d. and: teaclh, ille salee t ilhEAVENS; but i neo. /Leeyas Kt 0 -rl -Ta~tl en 7rp aCe LhEe eta Ir oUpaoR ever shall practise aale great shall be called in the Idom ofnhe heavens. teacll thienl, \ill lhe callel -20ey u yap ev,'' I 7( Eav I ucaay 71rpito-et' - gteat ill thle XeINDON uf Isay for to you, that except abound';!. the the HEAVENS.,[' maiootvee7 ucozvt 7rAElOv TCrW1, 7ypat/uaTrewv Ktat 20 For I tell you, thIat righteousness of you more aie e scribes and unless vour RIGIIIEOUS-o,aapo-lalwv, ou cA7rl ELoEAOlr7rE ets T7n,ao-IesaV r N'ESS excel that of the Plharisees, by no means you may enter into the/ bingdo., SCRIBES and Pharesees,. rwxv oupatev,- you shall never enter into ofth heavens. the KIN GDO M Of the I EA- I of nhe heavens.., Y:~'\, ~~~~~`(~T. EFNS.: 21 Htovoa're," 6' E OEC rotS' apxasois.'t O 21 You haveheard That i' You have heard, that itwas said to the ancients; i, " it was said to te AN CIENTS,: Thou shalt not jpov'viets' Os S' av Joveuo, el o ExosXOs ETaf f'kill and hoever srall thou shalt kill, who and ever shall kill, liable shall be to te il e +e n to Eyn e eyi 5,, w.' till, w11I be tamenaLle to'ip Io't. " 2-n Eyw -y co e w t'Iv; 6Ti:raS Op- LKpnet. fi, *I opys-' the JUDGES. tribunal." ^ i I but say to yoe, that all the being 22 ut say to you anO/LEvos tre abreXte asfrc'''[atn evoxot cfrat That every one BEING anrry tothe brother ofahim; [without cause,] liable silallbe ANGRY Uith his BROTIER,'rp mcplt'et' S t8' av e,7r*oJ T E e a ety a urov' shall be amenable to the: tothetribunal; who and ever shallsaytothe brother.ofhim;' re: JUDGES: and whoever PiaKa, epVOXOS E4Tai Tep (iULvc8pip O's e) a i; e-tl7i shall say to his BROTHER, Tile fellow, liable shallbe to the sanhedrim; who andevershallsay; l ooll will hbe suliject te ppEs, eVOXOS eo-ral et $ TpV,7)eEVaY Tou 7rtPOSS the HIGH COUNCIL, but foolt, liable shall be to the Gehenna oftee:re..hoever sleall say, Apos-?Eav' oty 7pocppt,EppE o' o wpov 0o01 "r t TO tate wretch I will be obh If therefore thou brin g the git of thee t thoubrin the' git the to the NIN vtrtazprro v;tmop, Kt' jVterOS.; 6t 6 aserpos of GEltENN A.''..': altar,'' andthere rememberee that the:.. brother' 23 If therefore, thou -OV EXCF T4I KaTa (OU' 24 a(pes CRt TO wpov, bhrtltg tlhey aieF to thle ALf thee has somewhata:.gainst thece (- leave. there the gift Td 1t and th e e recollect aov ef7rpoaoe- Tou Oturat7rTqptVO, Kma var7aye, That thy BROTHER has ofthee before, tha ("ee: altar,',, ana,;i. g o, o? t inst t lee irpwrTov 8raAAay70, ) e" ae 01p ) aov, oKai TOT: 24 tea\e there tiy GIFT first be thou reconciled to the brther of the, and t'hn )tetore the altar, ald ego (AhOe v rpoacpep TO awpov aov. 25!te0'(/'feveO.P v filst be reconciled to thy coming' offer. the gift ofthee. Be thouwilingtoe artee BROTHIER.then come, ant re atIv lgcW.Q ou 7TaX, scos orTov 4 0 77 ba6f present thy GIFT.,,with tlle opponentof tiee quickly, avhile thouart iii thle may 5 Awtee quickly ithl gor t1 auTrou' l7'o'Te o'e w7rapa8w 8 avTltl3oS T'r thy reOSECUTOR, whtle;kith' him; lett ttee deliver ltp the opponent t the thlc arltOnthe ROA D wit Kprt7r, Kait 6 tptTlS [rCe 7rapar] " - r' tnpert?,tl hinl; lest the PROSECUjudge, and the judge thee deliver up] tothe officer, TOR delieer thee to the,ai at flr (tvAatrv. A7,l07rrl. 2"0 Au rAEyl 6ro1, JUDGE, and the JUDGE to,nd ints0 prison thou shalt be cast. Indeed I say'to thee, the OFFICER, and thou'or glv e tek S' etcetOez,, l wsiS a a'o3wrs ToY beq cast into Prison. i ]by no means thou wilt aome Oet thece " tilJ, thou baatiad th 126 Indeed, I say to thee, EoaXaTov Koopatv'rv.' Thou wilt by no means. least; farthing.... be released, till thou hnast "' -% pedlid tile LA ST Farthing. b, VATICAN MANUSCeBIPT-22, without cause —amt. -i?.:': 25, deliver thee-omit.'. 21, The Jews had a Common Court consisting of twenty-three men, which had power to sentence criminals to death, by beheading or stranlgling; tlis was called the Judyment, or Court ofJudges, The Sanhedrim or High Council consisted of seenty-teso tnen, being the Court of the Jews, before which the hb'ghest crimes were tried. This Guttlrt alone hatd poswer to punish wiih death by atoning, _Tbhi was thought a more terrible death than the former,

Page  13 , ~cisp. 5: 27.1 MATTHEW. [COap. 5: 35. 2 HIcoraa-re, 6'Ts epAeE0 6 OU Ys1XfU- 27 You have hcard That You have heard, that itwas said; " Not tho shalt conmit it was said, $' l'hou shalt If ElS.' s Ew 6E Xvyow dTL,'i'Itas 6 sxeir'r'not commit adultery;' adultery. I but say to you, that all who looking at 28 but E say to you, ysUsasicrK 7rrPOS rO E50~U/iCaL auVtslS 73roj7 C/OL- Tllat crery man GAZING awoman in order to lust after her, already has AT- a Woman, in order to XEvrEv aUT7 v fl7' Krapo7 a o 29 Es ae 6 CIEEIiSlI I SPU Et 8s - debauched her in the heart of him. Ifandtbe S, as aeady coanitted ledn css with her oeOaApuos erov. 6 8e~tos rcaya XLktxses (re, eqe iie eye. of(thee the right (' ensnare thee, tear out 29 Therefore,'if thy auTovs, icas Lahe.a7ro rouv auePepEL yap rol, GIT EYE iisnare thee, it, and eastit from thee; itis profitable for to thee, vSa aroAjrT7as iE wai' /eeWs eo, -er KaC e7 6Aose pluck it out, and throwv it that should perish one of the members.ofthee, and not whole To -Ce/a'OV (sIqOs ess X YEseaqs. 30KcL CEL' to lose one of thy tSlEM.r. Eou -YEE. BesERs, than that thy Whole the body ofthee should be cast into Gehenna. (''And if.the BOD, shoulal be cast into _BODY should be cast into &EIta Tov XeEIP eoKcaaAtiEs' e;, ~CKOoYV auTf'v, Gellenna.; right ofthee land ensnare %'k thee,'-L, cut off her, 30 And if thy NIIT kat BaXe ateo crosv: osu/aepep E yap ot'e va aero- lIand insnare thee, cut it and cast from thee;':it i protablee'for to thee that should off, and throw it away: it ASxTaL ifv'ratws leAtwv oot' ri" ats lba dAo, o ero"wJUa'is better for thee. to lose perish one ofthe members ofthee, ad hot whole the body one oftly EMERS, ta 0ov O TNO.l ELS. e~syE a.y fe ofthee should be ast into Geheea that thy Whole. BODY ~N'A" 6holltd be cast intten=6should * be cast'mhto Ge, MEp~fnt,4Os'O arCVgTM oq henna; -k... —' 31EppSeG~ FE, o't~dfr ds at' a fols' yss'at'ca Itwassai and, "'that shoever salrelease the ife 31 was said, bT7Os,)3 etiLc) ajTi7P'eeKroayO'rac'.' 2Q2Ey' 6 4(t Whoever shall dismiss of him, let him give her C.): abill of divorce," I. hat']i9s WIFE, let lim give Aeycv ~uev, dT7 L6s a' ae~roAsrp 7 y-urvaoca au-.'her a Writ of Divorce:' i say. toyou, that whoever may releas the. wife of ut say to you, That * EVIRY-ONE Who'rOt','srepeicroS?OyOs'"7POPY~tay, xorer av~r IS ISSE5 his wtIFF, CXhim, except on account Cf fornication, makes her ssrXaaeras! sas de Ens' asohefshevsesjse yasq/esp, cept on account of Whoreoao,? dost,.causes her to omniit tocommitadultery; and whoever her beinfs divorced may unar y lue -.e057( s.....-....'Adelultery; and *IZ wlho ll~oo cto sttea~ey. TMARRMES tlie divorced.commits adulterye' w onlan, commits adultery. 33HaMXY s ltov3 ca' e, cr - eppESOsl tots apXaiols' 33 f-Again, you ltave Again you have heard, that it was said tothe ancients; heaud That it was said to 6.OV: K wtOpLios'eS' aToSaerLs 8Be T'P UVpis~ tile ANCIENTS; $'TIhou " Not thou shalt swear falsely; shalt perform but to the Lord'.shalt not perjure thyself,'rOUS 6PKcOs erOUs." 3 Eya E e S -yw n yi uv ut oeorast'but shalt perfora to the the oaths ofthee." I but say to you not swear' LORD thine OATHS;' dikcos, sr're eV',ui ovpasv, 6Tr Opovos er't rTOu 34 but I tay to you, atltl; not even by thle:eavqn,. for athrone itis ofthe t Swear not-at all; neither Oeov' 31a5sre EeV'7p E Pt' C7Y'7ro70wo~5ov eo Ts Tw's, by the'EAVEN, for it is God;''sor by the eth, for afor afootool iti. bofthe GOD'S Throne; rte~tt CuTOrv /u771Te fsi'IS pscxroiAva, SIs 7'r"Ass 35 nor by the EARTH, feet ofhim; weither by erusalem,. for. a city because it is a Footstool &rTs rot'O gse veXo Pai-Xe.-sew 4361 /a1TE CY T'7 for his rEET; neither shalt itis, of the "I' great.-e.: bting;,; ), cor'y the thou swear by Jerusalem,'VATICAN lA.Us4CePT-z30. go away. 32. aVEaY-oNs who uveisce.s. 82. as'who s ARs.... -,,; -.!- t 33. The morality of the Jews in regard to oaths was truly execrable. They maintained that a man might swear with his lips, and annul it at the same moment in his heart. They also held that oaths are. binding only according to the nature of tlte thing by which a man swears; asserting that the law, which our Sav. or here cites, referred to those oaths only which were of a binding nature. Instances of this distinction, which they made between oaths'that were and were not bindiig, are expressly cited and condemned by our Lord iin MIatt. oxiii. 1B-22; and the injunctiotn here gsven against swearing by lieavert, by Jeruealem, &c.,ais in relation to a variety of frivolous adjurations whichwere constantlyin their mouthas t' 27. Exod. xx. 14. 1 31, Deut. xxiv. 1; Matt. Xi. 8-9; 3 r- k arx, 2 —13 S 38. DeU' isiS'!-:-3; Nuse. sX. 2. 84. Jamesy. 13.

Page  14 chap. 5:36. MATTHEW. [CMap. 5: 47. Sceqta?7o'ov o.o'7s, 6'r oV vuvoarata /ta'rTpiXa for it is the $ city of the, head of thee shaltthou swear, for not thou art able one hair GREAT KING; XEsrVEK 71 /EXaiLay 7rol7loat. 37 EoTW B 6 Aoyos 36 nor by thy HEAD, white or black to make. Letbe but the word because thou canst not vwY' pat YatC ov or TO 6E weppto-oov wTOorAw, make One Hair white or of you; yes yes; no no; that for over and above of these, black. EK TO) 7rOV')pOV EGTIV. 37 But let your Yes be of the evil is. yes; and your No, no: for 3 HKovraTE, OT6 EpAkEO- "0, OpakXuov ayrt whatever EXCEEDS these,, You have heard, that it was said; An eye for proceeds from E IL. opdpOaXyov, KCat o&o'Tra aVrT o0oTros." 39 Eyw 8e e 38 You have heard That an eye, and a tooth for atooth." I but it was said, $'Eye for Ae'yC b/L,,v, IA I1 atrlO1r Lat P 7rrovylpty- ah' brls' ye, and Tooth for say to you, not resist the evil; but whoever Tooth;' orE'asrto-El E7rrs T7I'V ae5taV O- Layoo t a, owaPEOe 39 but i say to you, thee shall slap upon the right of thee cheek, turn t oppose not the INJUR1auTrI Kai T17V ahXA'v 40 Kai T7C OeXotV't 0OL KpL- oUS PERSON; but if any to him also the other; and to the purposing thee to sue one strike thee on thy'rlqvaL, Ka TovY XLWYova fyou Aaf3Ev, aCc/s aVT(W RIGHT Cheek, turn to him at law, and the tunic of thee to take, give up to him also the LEFT; 4KaL TO ~iHaLOv s41 cay 6o'rs oS aYYa' vPEt /Lz AtO' o40 and WHOEVER WILL also the mantle; and whoever thee shall force to go mile sue thee for thy COAT, let EY, v7raTye /eTr avrov avo. 42hT aLTovvT1 E him have the MANTLE one, go with him twvo. To the asking thee also. CL&oos Kai TOv OEXOvTa a7ro -ov t avYELGaOaLt, 41 And if a man f press do thou give; and the wishing from thee to borrow money, thee to go one f Mile with /177 a7rootpa0'rp s. him, go two. not do thou repulse. 42 $ Give to HIM who 43 Hicovuoa7'e, oTL Ep/PeO17 AyaCrr7Y7cets TO SOLICITS thee; and HiM, You have heard, that it was said; "Thou shalt love the who WOULD borrow fronl Ar77rltoyv Sov, Kai latinmlLr s Tov EXOpov IoV." thee, do not reject. neighbor ofthee, and hate the enemy of thee." 43 You have heard That 44E-yW oe AeycyWr veYv, a'yalraTe TOVS EXOXPOVS vJCWOV, it was said, $'Thou shalt I but say toyou, love the enemies of you,'love thy NEIGHBOR, and *[EAUO YELT7E TOtS KCaTapWfoLEYVOVS iVtas, xCaWS'hate thine ENEMY;' [bless those cursing you, good 44 but IE say to you, VrOLELTE TotS /IltOV~oiLV t'ias,] Kay 7rpoSoEvXEro- Love your ENEMIES, and do to those hating you,] and pray pray for THOSE who v Wrep Tz, [er-pea.'oYTC v owV tas Katy] LIWKOYTC T PERSECUTE yOU; for those injuring you and] persecuting 45 that you may reDcas 45 7rhws yeivr(roe vIOL Tov 7raTpos VIwCv, semble THAT FATHER Of you; that you maybe sons of the father of you, yours in the HEAVENS, Tot EY oVpaYotS fTC TOY r1ALoy aLTO!) ayavTpEAAELT Who makes his SUN arise of the in heavens: for the sun of him it rises on Bad and Good, and e7rt rov71pous KaL aryaovs, Ka BPEXEI Er BKlcaHL- sends rain on Just and on evil and good, and it rains on just Unjust. ovs Kat atsKovs. 46Eav'yap a'yal7rrlrllTe TOVS 46 For if you love THEM and unjust. If for you love those only who LOVE you, What a-yairreTas iyuas, Tr1va ItlaSov EXeTe; oUvX KaBltewaxd can you expect? loving you, what reward have you? not eveA DO not even the TAXot' rEcAwpa To avwo wrotouct; 47 Kat ea'v oarra- GATHERERS the SAME? the tax-gatl.erers the same do? and if you 47 And if you salute Yr77t0e TOUS a6eAqpous 6OyWr /E1OYOI, aTI 7erTptaoY your BRETHREN only, in saotte the brothers of you only, t more what do you excel? Do * VATICAN IANUSCRIPT —44. bless THEso who CURns you, do good to THOSE who HATE you —omit. 44. PERSECUTr: you. t 41. An allusion to the Angari, or couriers of the Persians, who had authority to impress into their service men, horses, and ships, or alsy'iling that canme in their way, and which might serve to accelerate theirjourney. From toe Persians this'custom passed to the Romans, and it is still retained in the East. t 41. the Rtoman milions or mile, measured a thousand paces. 3-5. Psa. xlviii. 2./ $ 38. Exod. xxi. 24; It xix. 21. 1 3I. Prov. x. 22; xxtv 29; ROm. xii. 17-19. I 42. Deut. xv. 7-11. 4 *.,Re. oi, 18/ Beat. xxiii. &.

Page  15 UOnap. 5: 48.] MATTHEW. OtP. 6:: 7roLETrE; ovXL iKa ol EOZcLKOt o'rW 7rotovrUlV; not even the GIINTILES do you? not even the Gentiles Mo do? i the SAME. 48EOae(0E ovv Upeois'reA.eor, Wca7rEp o6 rwaTrp 48 T Be aou therefore Shall be therefore you perfect, as the father perfect, even as * your V.Cwvu, r TOLS ovPpav'o, TEXElOS E'TL. HEAVENLY FATHER is of you, who in the heavens, perfect is. perfect. KE4. s'. 6. CHAPTER VI. 1 Beware, that you peri tIpoerXete TO71i BLKaD~ovr)O 0V, vU/Y ktwl r77roLeIv form not your RELIGIOUS Take heed the righteousness, of you not to do DUT tES before MEN, ill f#erporOeV T'wv avtOpCTwrw, Trpos To Oea077'at order to be OBSERVED by in the presence of the men, so as to be exhibited twen* otherwise,youwill avpros' etL Be lU-l7e, AraLO00, OvUK EXEE 7rapa'Tf obtain no Reward from to them; if but otherwise, reward not you have wi th to THAT FATHER Ol yous in 7raTrpL VuawV, To EV, Tros ovpavos. 2'OTay ova the HEAVENS. father of you, to the in the heavens. When then 2 When, therefore, thou Wrotps Eehrlaoorv'rp', yaf0 aoaA7rao's ELATrpOrOEE t givest Alms, proclaim it thou doest alms, not sound a trumpet in the presence not by bound of truipet Tov, wr-rep oL Vroirptirat 7rolo vrv, Ev Trats (rva- as the HYPOCRITES do, in of thee, like the hypocrites do in the syna- the ASSEMBLIES and in yovyats icKa EV''ats pvuats, 6rws so&arOwoty the STREE1rS, that they gogues and in the streets, that they may havepraise may be extolled by MEN. V7ro WV, arOpcW7rCw. Aylv Aey Xe bv/til, aCrEXOv0r Indeed, I say to you, They of the men. Indeed I say to yon, they obtain have their REwARD. Trov tCILtO i fIJTlov. a 3 ou aE IrotVSrloVTOS EAE1o- 3 But thou, when givthe reward of them. Of thee but doing alms- ing Alms, let not thy avv( 7v, A yL 7VVTrW 77 aptrIrepa oov, pTI 7roLelr LEFT hand know what giving, not let it know the left of thee, what does the thy RIGHT hand does; ERe0a o rov 4 0S (o )O eAerZO(OUVv7 eV rg 4 so that Thine _LLm:L right of thee; that may be of thee the alms-giving in the may be PRIVATE; and KpvU~rTr KCLca 6o 7raTr7p (oo, 6 f3Aercv EV Frf THAT FATHER of thine, secret; and the father of thee, who seeing in the who SEES in SECRET, ill IKpU7r'rT, *[aVPos] at7ros(T EL (rol *[Ev, Ff paEpg.] recompense thee. secret [himself] will give back to thee [in the clear light.) 5 And when * you pray, 5 Ka OTfar 7rpo(evrx7, ov er7 & rep o you shall not imitate the And when thou prayest, not thou shaltbe like the IiYPOCRTTES, for they are V7rOcKpTral 6OTt ptAXovU(L eV Tats (UaTl w7O ats Kai fond of standing up in the hypocrites; for they love in the synagogues and ASSEMBLIES and at the EV Tats yoovLats TrOw 7rXaTELlV, E(r'TCTWes 7rpo(ev- CORNERS of the OPEN in the cornet, of the wideplaces standing to SQUARES to pray, so as to;)XEoOai, O7rs al (pavale TO avOpcsrors. A/;-7t be OBSERVED by MEN. pray, that they may appeao to the men. Indeed Indeed, I say to you, They ANC-yw Rev'P, 6ort a7re-XvOUOL Tol L(tOOll cicwll. have their REWARD. Isay toyou, that they have in full the reward ofthen. 6 But ttjO, when thou 6uv Se, 6Tflrl PO(TEUX?, ELEAeeE e Es r o Ta/iLr - wouldst pray, enter into Thou but, when thou prayest, enter into the retired thy PRIVATE ROOM, and ElOl (Oo, cat KAcELaS T7r)ll Ouvpatv Tov, orpoaEval having closed the DOOR, place of thee, and locking the door ofthee, pray thou pray to THAT FATHER Of TwC 7raTrpL (ov, FTo EV Tr KpO r RCP r'' 6cat o 7raTrTp tline who is INVISIBLE; to the father of thee, to the in the secret; and the father and THAT FATHER of (aov, 6 B3AE7rw EO fry tcpvUrrT, a7ro3o(eL (tot thine, ewho SEES in SEof thee who seeing in the secretplace, will give to thee CRET, Will recompense [IEv ToPd Qavepcw.] 7 IIpO(TevXo/XlEoZ aE y/07 tlT- thee. (in the clearlight.) Praying but not bab- 7 And in prayer,, use ToAoyyr07) 7TE, cOa(rep 01' EOlICOL' &oRovT -yap 6TL not foolish repetitions, as ble, like the Gentiles; they imagine for that the * HYPOCRITES; for * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT —47. the SAIME. 48. your HEAVENLY FATHER is perfect. 5. you pray, you shall not. 7. HYPOCRITES. t 2. The phrase of sounding a trumpet before them seems only a figurative expression to represent their doing it in a noisy, ostentations way.-Doddrcidye. Erasmus and Bezajustly observe, that theathanai in verse 1 is a theatrical word,; that hypokritai signifies disguised players in masks; and that sounding a trumpet fmay allude to the muic of the stage. 48. Luke vi. 86; Eph.v.l. LS iom.xiL - L t. ls, v. 2,

Page  16 chap. 6;8.] MATTHEWV. [tcap. 6.: 2 Ev 7T0 ArokuXo'ytq a~rwyv acuracovauo's7qo'orsa. they tllilnk that by using tn the wordiness of them they shall be heard. MNNY WORDS that tihey 8 Mt ovy 6doLwrO?'rTe apTrots e'yap 6d raTrTp will be accepted. Not therefore youmay beliLe tothem; hnows for the father 8 Therefore, do not imi. 6VIC st5 WV XopctaV (XETEf, 7pO Tou V'p ls tatethenm; for *GoD your of you, f whatthings need you have, before of the you FATIHER, knows your Ne. CrITait OaUtroY. O OT7tw0S OuVGt 7rp0oVeX 0E Ve6ES' cessities, before you ASE ask him. Inthisway then: pray you; hin. flasep pwv, 6 ES rot ovpavotr &yiaOrw ro 9 Thus;then, prayo: I athler ofus, who in the neavens, reverenced the TOur lather, THOU ill the ovomxa / ov OP A-heAOT 7s 7,S 5aoiAta aous r7i1t7Oc HEAVENS, Revered be thy I name ofthee; Idtcome the kingdorm ofthee; letbedone NAME - ero sArcuqpa oo0u, &s El, oupaovcp,,cra cri'rr -s - 7 10 let thy XKINGDOM the will ofthee, as in heaven, also on the earth; conme; thy WILL be done li'ro, apoV tLtrV,'ro,'7rtOUov:. osF /lv upon EARTH, even as in the bread of us the.suSficient give tnou to u I eaven. orlpscFpov' 12 Ka a~Es raw q-e o zza7s ece V7 11 Give us This-day to-day and discharge to us the,. debts of us, our NECESSARY FOOD; CsO ircr rit rEl acies yev 70lS'rOth' hF7Ce 71#tV' 12 and $ forgive us out Ws teat iqjets aoteet'roT ots EtAC'ratS )iAoV'D ns even we discharge to the' debtos ofus; DETS, as *We have for13 aOLt,Es6 st veYKcPS 371asc t S fr lPay/ ov,, a5AAa given our DEBSTORS;:-'and not bring. us into temptation,, but 13 and 4 abandon us not putrai ~jaFr; csoo'ro u'Orovo~pov. - Eav yap ac l re to Trial, but I preserve us save us from the evil.. i; if foryouforgive fOt1n EVIL, otlS avOpwsrots'a'rapairrw1a4ra aiererw, aqsb et 14 For if you. 4 forgive to the men the.: fault. ofthein, will forgive SIEN their OFFENCES, Kc t 6 wla'7p~ iucswze b6 oupavtor.15 1 M 8, t ) your HEAVENLY FATIIER rdso to you tbe father ofyou the heavenly; if'hut,ot will also forgive you; - atps7re frot aEVOpC7rosr T 7rcs pgIpawrtoaaAt aavrwv,' 15 but if you forgive forgive to the men, tle faults -.' a7i}" ofthem, not MI1EN their OFFENCES, ou~s 6 inLrar~p tao C tpv7tT(' r;Ta I5rapalrr/;rcvka' zneither will your FATHEn the father of you wifoargivo the. - aults..... forgive your OFFENCES..5Uciuta.'-? 16 Moreover, when you of yqu.' fast, ble not as the Paro'. t16'~Oran issr'Vc7'r/,' " fl yTYa~ofr crp' CRITES, of a melancholy When cn.t yu fa t, not be, t,:;g.. like tite aspect; for they distort brroKpaarat, aovtopwIrot' aprav= couva Y'ap`Ta 7rpoa- thteir FEATURES, that they I hypocrltes, of a a face; they disfigure for the fa- nmay seen fasting to MEN, w7rn aJrcosv, hOsts tpavcg o roir av~penroir Indeed, I say to you, They ees of thlem, 3o that they may seern to the )': Inear. e. have their REWARD. J Yr7TreVuotrEs. Asrn Ae'ycw bre,, 67t t a7rcEXOVo 1 17 But t)ou, when fast. to be fasting. - ldeed I say to you, that they obtaiining, anoint thy }lead, and Trov Uf0Oos' aOCrWV. 17 u e &v o.qreurco, aAtezat wvash thy face;. the rewanrd ofthem. 9 Thou but fasting, -.-:;. matoint 18 that thy fasting may Gou rTPV KeqpahAv, ail reo rpOowCrrOv oo'u vIoat' not appear to MEN, but td oftihee the head, and the.. face ) ofthee wash; THAT FATIHEIR of thine,? 67rwcs uA1 4pavpr r rots avOpeorots V17OTTw,', who is INVISoILE; B aia so tlhat not thoumalyebtseem tothe a. ien:.- fasting, TTIAT FATHER of thine aAAa'rc 7raTps OIOVu, rTp ev Trp KpUTR7' Kat 6 7ra- Wvhto SEES in SECRET, will but to tile father ofthee. ththat in the. secret; and the fa- recompense thee.'r77p aou, 6b PAc7rwv c' T(P Kpvn7rcp, aI7roco'ct ot.. 19 Do not accunmulate Lter of thee, wio seeing in the secret,., will give to thee. for yourselves $ Treasures 19M p 7 cOro'aup'l're v tlv Orla7avpovs e7rti rls y7ls, upon the EARTH, where Not tay tap to you treasures' on the earth, Moth and Rust consrune, 66rov,qr Kai fpoTuts apatvlt a, dat 6irov KcAcErari and wllele Thieves break where moth and rust destroys, and where thieves through and steal; 8topiaootatr Kai KicArTovio- 20 071rauptlEre?e 20,O but deposit for your, dig througb and steal; lay up but selves Treasures in Hea VATICaN MIANusCniPT-8. GOD your FATHER. 12. toe have forgivein. t 0. Lulke xi. 2. 5 10. Dan. ii. 44. 1 12. Mattt. xviii. 21-35.' 13. 1 CarX.x. 13 1 13. Johll xvii. 1.. 14. M:tli xi. S, 26. 156. James ii. 13. 1 1. lsa, lviii, 1;. Prov. Uiii. 4; 1 Tim. vL 10, 17-19.'

Page  17 Chap. 6: 21.]' MATTHEW. [ Cltp. 6: 29. JAlu O77caa upovs ev otpavmp, 670ro OV'Te #ls OVTe yen where neither Moth lo you treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor nor Rust can consume, (3pwrTss aeparieiL, KarI 05rov KAe7-Tat o01 8topOP- and where Thieves break rust destroys, and where thieves not dig not through, nor steal. 0rova1't ovSe IcAe7rT'ovav. 21'07roov yap eorTLv 21 For where * thy through nor steal. Where for is the TREASURE iS, there * thy cr~avuopos wv,U efcet eTratl Kcat X Kaprccepta ria WV. HEART will also be. treasure ofyou, there willbe also the heaxt ofyou. 22: Tne LAMIP of the 22 0 AVXVOS 7TOV O0LtTOE E0TLS 6 ope~axAios. BnoDY is * thine EYE; if, The lamp ofthe bdy is the e therefore, thine EYE be Ear ouv ov' 6 oeypOctat ovas c7r 7 t ov clear, thy Whole BODY will beenlightened; If therefore the eye of thee sound may be, whole e enlightened; TO 4YWI.Ca'V owr o EO L. ~23 Eav E 6 o~p~a- 23 but if thine EYE be TrO 0%ttR 001) t/O(aITELYtoZ e0TI1. 2 ar bolOaA- dim, thy Whole BonY will the body of thee enlightened willbe. If but the eye dim thy Whole B Y wi o o7 pbe darkened. If, then, -ltos 00ov r7rorpos t7, 6Xov TO gtoa -tOV o0KoTEI- THAT LIGHT which is in of thee evil may be, whole the body of thee darkness thee be Darkness, how oVV E-TTal. Et out, To fSE5 CtO el (Tot, TKOTOS great is that DARKNESS! will be. If then the light, that in. thee, darkness upI K Sr V; V24 I No man can serve CoTS, TO oKOTOS sroio,; Two Masters; for either is, the darkness how great? he wil hate ON, and love %4 oUSeas I uSt rvial 6VO-t KPLrtoS 80VAEVuelv' 7 the OTHER; or, at least, No one is able two lords to serve; either hewillattend to One, and yap TOV Eva MllodoXf, f at v Tro Tepovo aOyar7l-re neglect the OTHER. You for the one he will hate, and the other he will love cannot serve God and 77 EVos ate'rOTCT, SKat TO E'TepoV caCTaPpov7,Otre. t Mammon. Or one hewillclingto, and the other he willalight. 25 Therefore, I charge OV vvaoOe GecP ovA.evetVEI c Kat,alwva. 25 Ata you, $ Be not anxious Not you are able God to serve and mammon. For about your LIFE, what rovr'o Aeryo 1/[v i,. MV? EpLLyaT,'T7 ar/1kp v /.wVo,, you shall eat, or what you this Isany to you; N ot be over careful the life of you, shall drink; nor about i cpay77Te, sKat T / 7rL7Te' /d?~l&E T p xa'T/rt your soDY, whatyou shall what youmayeat, and whatyoumay drink;nor to the body wear. Is not the LIFE of VUWvlT, Ti evoSlOe. OvXt i7 uxl) 7rAetoV ETrT t more value than FOOD, of you, what you may put on. Not the life more is and the BODY than IsT77S T'po/77S, Kal Tr O (O cla Tou EfeV8UCtaTOS 26 Et- DMENT? the food, and the body the clothing P Look 26 Observe the BIgaos f,3AEsaT ElS T a T lreTELIV Tro0 oUpavO1v, 6TL O of HEAVEN; they sow not, attentively at the birds of the heaven, for not nor reap, nor gather into o7retpov1tV,, ovue Oept(ovurtv, ovSe ruvvayovart ets Store:-houses; $but your they sow, nor reap, nor gather into HEAVENLY FATHER feeds a7roO7Icas c Kat d6 ra7'p vi/wV 4 6 JpavtOS TpePJ)e them. Are not pou of barns; andthe father of yoa the heavenly feeds greater value than they? av1Ta. OVX 6/ELS!eaXXOV &al/oEPE7Te aVTLU; 27 Besides, which of them. Not you greatly excel them P you, by being anxious, 27 Tis ae Et VUWI, gepL.tpoW oVVo aTat 7rpooretvaL can prolong his LIFr one Which and by ofyoubeingovercareful is able to add Moment? e7rt Thi~ iALKtat abTrov 7r-7Xvv Eva; 28Kat 7rept 28 And why are you to the age of him span one? And about anxious about Raiment? Evv)/uaTros Tt TepyptfavaTe; KaTzapaOeTe Ta Kcpieva Mark the t LILIES of the clothing why be over careful? Consider the lilies FIELD. How do they Troy aypov 7rwo s avaVlt- o Ioo7ria, ouSe 7,OeL' grow? They neither laof the field how it grows; not itlabors, nor spins; bor nor spin 29Ae-yw Sett4tTY, o'T ovAe oAooCwv ev 7raoT7'Tf 29 yetl tellyou, That I say but to yoi, that not even Solomon in all the not even Solomon in All * VATICAN M3ANUSCRIPT-21. thy TREASURE. 21. thy HEART. 22. thine mpt 24. Mammon is a Syriac word for riches, which our Lord beautifully represents as a person whom the folly of men had deified. t 28. Syriae-wild lilies, or lilies of the desert. Supposed by Kitto and Sir J. E. Smith to be the amaryllis lutea, a golden lilaceouz flower, whieh grows wild in the Levant, and blooms in Autumn. Dr. Bowring thinks it ix the Martagonn lily, which grows profusely in Galilee, and is of a brilliant red color. ~ 22. Luke xi. 34.. Luk. 2 uke iLi 22; PhiUL i. S s 1X i~, j ob xxxveiii. t; P i Cv~i.L

Page  18 Chap. 6:.0.] MATTHEW. [Cap. 7: 6. otv7 arTov IrepLE3BaXETo &os ev'ro'ro. 0o Eo his SPLENDOR, was, - glory of him was clothed like e o of these. If rayed like one of these. ae TOV XOPTOPV TOV aeypov, 177/EfJOp OVTa Kai 30 If, then, GoD so then the grass of the field, to-day existing and decorate the HEB of the aepLoY Eis KEL Aactov 8aXO AEV, o 6E0V O6TOS I o FIELD, (which flourishes to-morrow into an oven is being east, the God so To-day, and To-morrow aA(/rp1evvaV~O, ou r-oAAip lAGtAAov U/as, oAzyoW7rLO- will be cast into a hu — clothes, not much more you, O you of weak nace,) how much more TOL; Mrl ovutv epbL/Ye)/rI7TsE, AhEyOTEIS TL you, 0 you distrustful! faith? Not therefore you may be over careful, saying; That 31 Therefore, be not o yeopevE, 77 sT Wr~tceP, 77rTL 7zrepsLaCt eROC anxious, saying, What qpaywlxe', 7T1 7rtrt/uEy, 7 rTI 7reptl8akct. tE a; may we eat, or what may we drink, or what may we put on? shall we eat? or, What 3 tIavTa yap TavTa ta EOPv7 E7rtv7TEL o01e?yap shall we drink? or, With All for these the Gentiles seeks knows for what shall we be clothed O 7raTrp v v 6 opaLoS, 6TL Xp7(E TO 3 for all the nations XPN7~ v~uov 6 Ovpavl require these things; and the father of you the heavenly, that you have need of these quire these tsings; and 7rOtPTgcfP. 33 Z33 eTLrE as l'p Ti'o qT7p /3gOLAEftcp your HEAVENLY FATHER all. Seek you but first the kingdom knows That you have need TOO OEOV Kai T77V aiLcatLoOP7rP aVOTOV Kai Tav'Ta of all these things. of the God and the righteousness of him; and these 33 But seek you first 7rav-a 7rporTEOra7 ETaRL 0/IP. Mr ovv /eptL/- * his RIGHTEOUSNESS and KINDOM; and all these all shallbe superadded to you. Not therefore be over INGDO; and all tese PV77r1/T77E ELIS Tr77Pr)Y fupLOP i17 Pyap IpLOP u things shall be superadded Vrlrr-qTE EtS Tr77y avpiov' 77'yap avptov tcept/A- to you. careful for the morroow; the for meorow willbe over O you. 7r7YeI *G[Ta] EavrTs. ApKeov 7n Epq 7 KaKLt 34 Be not anxious, then, LIretJ Appepro'1 teatet7 about the moRow; for careful [the] of herself. Enough tothe day the trouble th he MR OW iol; forl the oRRaow will claim aOT71S. anxiety for itself. Suflicient for each DAY is its own TROUBLE. KED. 7.' 7. CHAPTER VII. IM f KpIVere, [va 77 fcpL077TE. 2Ev'sr yap 1 Judge not, that you Not do you judge, that not you may be judged. In what for may not be judged; ptuartt KPLVETE, KEIpL0EO-fE' Kaf evY'ep /LeTps 2 for as you Judge, you judgment youjudge, youshallbejudged; and in what measure will be judged; and hby UEETPELTE, /UETp7707EWTal 6V'YL. 3Tz aE SAE7rIeLF the Measure you disyou ieasure, itshallbe measured to you. Why and seest thol pense, it will be measured To KIapdos, To ev'rT ospOaXty o ro aasApou to you. the splinter, that in the eye of the brother 3 1 And why observest ov, T77P aE ev ETy W f opfaAuyP aoKcov ou fcaTa- 1hou THAT SPLINTER in of thee, that but in thine-owvn eye beam lot per- thy BROTHER'S EYE, and voets; 774trs E wELS Tf a {eApc rooU' Aepes, perceivest not the THORN eeivest? or how wilt thou saytothe brother of thee; Allow me, in TIIINE-OWN Eye? EfiOaet TO Keap los aro rov oJopaXAoe t ov KaL 4 or, how wilt thou say I can pull the splinter from the eye ofthee; and to thy BROTHER, Let me La8o, X aOKOS Te 7st of Oahuyz aov-; 5 rroh~pr~a, take the SPLINTER from. 77ov, ao 80fOs E, ofpfle/xaTf ov'Tw'otcp'Ta, lo, the beam in the eye ofthee? O Hypocrite, thine EYE; and, behold, a EKGaAE 7rpwroy T-v &OICOOV EK rov oqp0aXu ov oov, THORN in thine-own EYE? pull first the beam out ofthe eye ofthee, 5 Hypocrite! first exKaL ToTe 8aXLQE3AEeLS Elf/3AELPo KapIPOS EK Efov tract the THORN from and then thoushaltsee clearly to pu the splinter outof the thine-own EYE, and then o0aAyov 7Tov aaEX(Pov o'ov. thou wilt see clearly to eye othe brother ofthee. take the SPLINTER from thy BROTHER'S EYE. 6 aM? 8oT~E To aoLyo'roLs fcvI0, A7ae 63eA71Tre 6 T Give not SACRED Not youmaygive tle holy to the dogs, neither cast TIHINGS to DOGS, nor rovs /,llapyaptas VI OWP E/W7pOOeEV TrcOW XotpW'- throw your PEARLS before the pearls of you before the smine; SWINE; lest they tread * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT —33. his RIGHTEOUSNESS and KrINGDOM. 34. the things of —omit. * 33. Luke xil. 31. 1. Luke vi.3?; Rom. ii. 1; xiv. 4; 1 Cor. iv. 5; James iv. 11, 12, t2. Markit, 24. Ti 8e Lutke vi.L o. Prov. Lx 7, 8; XiiL 9.

Page  19 Chap. 7: 7.] MATTHEW. [Chap. 7: 18. 717roTE lcaTa7rraTi70WoLiy avTovs EY 01LS TOGiY 1 them under their FEET, lest they should trample them under the feet or turning again they tear avrTwl, Kcat rowpaqelrTes pu1rcsTv d/as., YOU of them, and turning they shouldred you. 7 t Ask, and it will be 7ALTre1rE, aat hoOreiot rat vYs rer Katl given you; seek, and you Ask, and itshallbe given toyou: seek, and -vill find; knock, and it dpelr6e p KPoVerES csal awvoty7oeral d/dulv. R)IUs will be opened to you: you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. All 8 for I:EYERY-ONE who -yap 6 atlrwl Araq3avles Kat 6?jTJV evpSeKEI- AsKS, receivies; and every for the asking receives; and the eeking finds; one who SEEKS, finds; cKat Te KpoUoYVrt avotyTr1ecTai. 9H Trs *[ertYl and to HIM who KNOCKS, and to the knocking it shall be opened. Or what [i thcre the door * is opened. et U[tcy avOpcn ros, oV Eav a6t7v- e vise aterov 9 Indeed, $:What Man of you a man,,twho if askl the son of him among you, who, if his ap'roli, I/.e AXLoO E7rLFWO-EL aVTwrc; 50Kal eav %0 vV SON request Bread, will bread, not astone will give to him? or if a fish e 10 or, if he ask for a at-ralrro,7, sr/ oqt eirthatet avur; 11Es oUY 5/SEtS, Fish, ill give him a Serhe asks, not a serpent vill give to him? If then you, 1, g 7ro'vpot oYrES, 01harE ho.tcarea aya a h8hotaL TOrs 11'If sou, then, being bad ones being, know gifts good to give to the -realsts /tan', vro' coo t ahovl 6 era-ip 6 ^ e evil, know how to impart TEIc7vIS V~vv, 7roqp I ~ov O3 7raT-lp tcow,, good Gifts to your CHILchildren of you, how much more tle father ofyou, that od Gifts to your CumLE' ros~ oU~VO~loa~ot~ Ay DHREN, how - much more El rOtS o)pavOls, e Etl a-yaea TOts arTurtovT will THAT FATHER of in the heavens, give good to those asking a 12r Iaava youlrs in thse HEAVENS iavtro a a ov (a give Good things to THOSE him P All therefore, as much soever you may will that o AS hi? 7rosttv bvt oc' asvOpc7roi, ObT-rW C at UtetES erOtet 12 $Whatever you wish should do to you the men, even so also you do that hIEN should do to au-rots d oVroS yap estliY 6 vo/lOS Ical Ofi rpoeph7Lat. you, do pau the same to to them; this for is the law and the prophets. them; forthisisthe LA 53ELEAh eTE hta T7-S TEOrTS irvuXst sri and the PROPHETS. Enteryou in through the strait gate; for 13 Enter in through ria-retra l irvurs, at evpvXowpos 7) 6'os Q7 the NARRow Gate; for wide the gate, and broad the road that wideisthe GATE of DEa-rayovua ets Tr1v a7rcOXetal. acatL rsoAot ETtlV STRUCTION, and broad leading into the perdition; and many are THAT WAY LEADING thioi e~repXo/telvot h avurlse. 14Tt selevil d 7l)rvAi, ther; and MANY are they those entering through her. How strait the gate, who enter though it. Katl reOkXtlevlq 71 8oos ht a7ra'yovoa ets Tr1V 14 How narrow is the and difficult the road that leading into the GATE of LITE!ho diffifCO-YO Kcat OXAtYOL EItGV O1 ebpspsOvY's aUrT7lV. uilt THAT WAY LEADING life; and few are they finding her. thither; and how I Ew are 15 [IpooBee' e he ar-o TcOv l4evu7rpon)7Ttc', they who FIND it. Betare ye and of the false prophets, 15: Beware of FALSE oirTves epXovTrat 7rpos tLas e evShvtaor 7rpo/3a- TEACHERS, who come to who come to you in clothing ofsheep, youinthe Garb of sheep, Crco, ~oeev se E~ur AuVKaot &pirayets. 16A7ro while inwardly they are within but they are wolves ravenous. B ravenous Wolves. 7cov KxapIrcev auv-v e7rliycVCVeoe auVovs. M-qrlt 16 $ By their FRUITS the fruits of them you shall know the. Wht you will discover them. urvXXeyovotv a7ro atcavOcy n'raqv2Au li, 71 a7ro Are Grapes gathered from' do they gather from thorns a cluster of grapes, f'fm orns, Figs from rptPo eWlv rvKa; 170'r i 7racv hEYvpov ayaOos' Thistles? thistles figs? So every tree good 17 T Every good Tree Kap7rovus Kaovs 7rotE' - To he oarpov aes'pol yields good Fruit; but friits good bears; the but corrupt teee the BAD tree produces Kap7rovs wovspovs'roteL. 18 OV avvarat 6EvSpolv bad Fruit. fruits evil bears. Not is possible tree 18 A good Tree cannot V ATItCAN MANUSCRIPT-8. is opened. 9. is there —omit. -' ~ 7. Matt. xxi. 22; Mark xi. 24; Luke xi. 9; John xv. 24; James i. 5.. Prov viii 17; Jer. xxix. 12, 1S t 9. Luke xi. 11-13. $12. Luke vi. 31. t 13. Luke xiii. 24. t i5 2 Pet. i 1 —3; 1 Joh iv. 1; Acts xx. 28- 30. 16 Lak v i.4 5s 17. Matt Xi. S

Page  20 O~p.::19. MATTHEW. qfazap. 7 3. ayyas ov ap7rous. 7rovrpovs 7rotEtv, ove Esvlpov, yield bad Fruit; nor a good. fruits evil to bear, neither tree bad TreC good lMit. rratrpoi cKap7rous caAhovs'romeyv. 19 Ilnav &svpot, 19 4 (gvciy T:ec not corrupt tfruits goodl to bear. Every tree, goo it rr )l o(:uCilng goo00dt Fit, i1 JL7 rolo-OLO Kap7rot.r aAov, EKlC07-'etaL K- ai c S- 7r-vup cult do ii, ad. cast into mot *bearing. fi'uit good iseiutddown ald in o a fire iC.).j3a ETCral. 9~Apa-yE a7ro Trwv tKapirwvt av 20 Thefo t is cast. Therefore by the fruits of them 20 Therefore, by theil EweyvwticorErr~e avrovus;. FnrIJ'TS IoU wo il discover cTrt-yvw.,rEar0ce avq'ovs; thenl. you shall lnow thehem. -21rOv gs o X'eyct ot KtvptE, Kevpct, tc u- 21 Nlt EVERY-ONE Wrii'Not all who saying to me; 0 Lbrd, 0 Lod, shall enter SAYS to me, l Master, Seweat els J: oXEi3ZarI TWy oupaWoo' aAA' Q MWaster, twill enter into,into tlbe kmngdom of the hleavens; but he tire TuNGDO[n ofth.ll II FA-,r-rotWV'o 0EiveLx'roa 7rarpos PaOU,'ov ev oupraots. vEN; but ira whto Plit-.doing -tile'till ofthe father of ate, of'tlat'ia heavens; Fo OltS tlIC WIIL.'Ot1' TIIAT 22,uh0AAo pova PO l uot r E ttEiYp K rl 7!ZEpa' Kup AFe, FATrIM' of line ill' the,Many shall say to me ir that the day; OLord, IIFAYVENS. Ieupte,.ou,'e TN o oeOIoAtL 7rpoeqr?7T'evsaIY eV, eat "'r22 Many oaill say to nie O Lord" not to tile thy namee iav twe praophesied, antl in That DAY, Millster, ToIo. o'j aooiaTr raaeovia KaiTctW:ego/ c/ Eat rTe M aster, ave e we nt to the tlly name deinons larve we cast out, andl totloe lttiruItgh; in'II o Namnle:opt oo6,uarrt vauFslets.roAAas c7rora7oayEu F; K3 Kea andin auY Nlamle expelled thy n rname wonders many ihaqe we doner Atnd l Demons? hld ill TIiY trortE, ooXo-yrw aVOerrs'0TL o3Vor''OTL OVEOTE eCowv Nallc perioled ninyll tthen I-will to them; Because never I knew AVotdeCl's *,61as' ar'oXwpetre ar-'. StJ o[.p'yTo /aecvot -ra- 23 And tllen I will vo.t; delart ~ofiro nrle.those' aorking thie hl;lily declie to t avoltOray. I ner c npproved of youa. lavtlessness. D'clepat fiotllr ci -YOU a yhlo ~24 lSe, ovtr act-t - C lf c -.7eolrt-oVs Ao'yo0is:tRACTISE 1NIQUITY. All therefore nIloect. heiars of ine the., olrds.Tovrovs,. tat.7rot re avTovs, O/Odwitra aurvr e a Therefore e:C inlS (t these, anrod 4900 trlet t icrraro thimt ton he I'Sill p 11CSreim to aEiCTI' (tR 4,povitf qij ror ts';.rt0i t Ol 7QS a-aYi ouriteav acuout-tr Mlirlc,: nid olcys'.tIl it t, \.prldent,.;tO. tIoit tile hiouse of llilfrt on t l ill Ct cOniret t) ilt 7rti aren-pa-Y' 5CPtateKaT' 3r7 al I pOX7 a, 4cat 7hAOov t in, o il ltl k; rock al fielltl ou tile laili, nd cale IIS IOUSn On llC.tOCi; oft Qfralorta, cat ~a i eruerav or, ave/Aot, Ierat 7 rpo~s, 5 fort tou e nAIN tthe floods,.andl tilewe tire wvinds,.-.and bert' fell, inl t11e TORtINTS wor-eeo, a'r Ottct e eKetIVy.' eOat. ov nc ere - t-eet-;IIrcac, tnd tellv' WIt)S oagainst -the holse tllhat;:lril not itfelh. it tas ounded tlleW, maid rsllcd i1u(on o',yap ~err 7]7V 4wcTpai/ that 1rOUSi', it fell. not,, Ifor on- the e-ock:e' because it -as founlded,/26 Kait wras -6 ar ovw a a LOU o.oSu wts Xo'ouVS it-OVTOvSr on the tocK. ~And tall.ilo -hleaeirg of ne tile %words ithese, ] % BUlt l'CIElYOiFNE.V]o10 erat 77 wrotlO,avutroVu, oyotciqOrlCrEcT-ateae3ptl tApWr,t i tEraNs thellcse nrFc.lrTS arnd not.loing tihem; lshal be cornparedtot t anin:,foalis, Alinc, and disolbcvs tlellre tos'tsa- o8oOp a l'ea. -C-jT ot. 01Ic,'at-'ouart-7 ra/Ao1 r' owill e c'omlparld to a,tho:built tilCe houset ofirim.upon tlle sanfd; )oolish Man, it o utiltk 2,teat,L Rca /e3- -''POXr1, teat OXOa'.o r a' ra-eota O -" 1IS 1IoIuSC 01 the SaND; t.nd fell dowir t Ote rain, atd et c;o the loods ican Sarvoettiar' a1 a;cpmo teC IT wpieta r' 07 for aclleo tllc tAiN rat.eVr),voJaVY,e,av~tpXo~, *tc't wF~oc-troi-Oapy,'l.C fell alnd tle TOi:RENTI':T %uld 1lew tlhe wintl, and: d'.shed ngainlst tile;tLCta. ~rtLV~.':ZL: EJTElT'e:K~t~rlear. ~~W'rrs'i_,as. |canio,. and the wiAxs l~hcuse that, ard itr1r and wa tile raU her t a zinst ye aah'), X.rcat wavas:its rUIei." si- feat.m}' IC- SaTrDCrtAN L usC-en'ta —i -.oi~l.a i hela-ittx tbe comri atred- 24.-a rT(use. G.'i-is,. 1:;: a 1 at. Mat. i. 1i0' O~+ 21. Matt. sxxv. 1; Lu4cb. x:4. h d ri.55;i imir t.iL 13jlae:t3 nL;.uim Eiii,7.',aliii'-44l - -- - --- -- - -

Page  21 apk. 7:28.] MATTHEW. [Chap. 8: (J. 28 Kai e-yeVeTo, 6TE VVYErTEXCeEI' I6 OVS 28 And it happened, And it came to pass, when had finished the to pass, when JESUS had finished the Jesus'ons otYOVs T Sovrovs, es eo this DrISCOURSE, that:the the words these, were astounded the crowds PEOPLE were struck with er1'rt aaX;?t avuron. 29 Hv -yap osc awe at his mode of INSTRUCTIONat the teaching of him. He was for teaching a' atronv as egovTLtav P excel, ICaeL OcUtX icS o- 29 for he taught them WL & 01'paf-,as possessing Authority, them an authority having, and not as the cribes. not as *the ir SCRIBES andl not as their SCRIBES. CHAPTER V1II. KEd'. I. 8. 1 Being come down KaMra$av'-L& aVTY acz-rr T OPOUS,?cIKnxO- from the MOUNTAIN, folComing down and to hlm from the mountain, followed lowed by great Crowds, 0ceav avTr'o oxAot wroAXot. 2 Kat tlov, A7rpos 2 behold, 1 Leper comafter him crowds great. And lo, a leper ing, prostrated himself, EAO0Xs irpoO-eI veL a p Aetyw Kupsle, f saying, "Sir, if thou wilt, ehevo, 7rpooGEKv, Et av'rT, XcEwv. Kyple, Eezv, coming prostrated to him, saying; O sir, if 3 And JESUS extending OEX?7s, ~vvaa~a L CLE K~~a;P~ bCL(. S~ttl 3 And JEsus extending eaps, aueaeo- yee scdaOapnra. 3KaiL esEICreLas his HAND, touched hlim, thou wilt, thou art able me to cleanse. And puttingforth ~ r1p, Xetpa, ~atq'ocu-rov 6 Iajfo'ov, A.eywe,' ~e~m, saying, "I will; be thtou wrath XEtpa, 4afro avro u o Ir8ous, Aey o r (Ehewclean:" and instantly he the hand, he touched him the Jesus, saying; I will, - purifie d fiom His cKaapLroOslTt. Ka eOEWS EKaaap(r aas purifiedrom His LEPROSY. be thou cleansed. And immediately was cleansed of him the 4 Then JEsus says to Aeirpa. 4Kac Aeyes cetnt e Ir6 Thovs'Opac gy8V7V thim, "See that thou tell leprosy. And says tohien the Jesus; See no one but go, tshow ert~r aArce inrcuee oecsvi-op' ~e. cp no one; but go, $ show irpsi aAAa ay4E, ora wrov C Ef thyself to the PRIEST, and thou tell; but go, thyself show to the priest, present LATON u o c6 o M, present the kOBLATION Kae 7 nPO(te thYKE giO,WPO he,. trpoodedEre M osoS, enjoined by Moses, for and offer the gift, whirs commanded Mose, tNotifying tlle cure] to eLS /Iceap'rpLOsv aT01S. the people." for a witness to them.And having entered 5E1teAotrloe'- e aVUTc (tS Ka7crepvsovuc, 7rpol - Capernaum, a t Centurion Having entered and to him into Capernaum, came came to him, earnestly OAee, avrcp2 ecaroTap ra os, 7rapaxaAcwv, avToy, accosting him, to him a centurion, addressing him, 6 and saying, "Sir, my s6 calt ey,' Kvpse, 6 cratcs fOV f3et3A'ra-a ev ry7 SERVANT is laid in the and saying; O sir, the boy of me is laid in the HOUSE, seized with palsy, o0ctca 7rapacvtrKos, 6etzws cBacracrs'oo eeVos. 7 Kac being greatly afflicted." house a paralytic, greatly being afflicted. And 7 * He says to him, " Ae'yet av'rc 5 I6 Tovs- E-yc e 8X.O Oecpa7revotw am coming, and will cure says to him the Jesus; I coming will heal him." aVuto. 8Kai a7rospEdesLs 6 EKarosorTapXos ess1' 8 *A-' the CENTTURION him. And answering the centurion said; answered, " Sir, I am not KvpLE, ovrK eiUs LCtcaoos ilea /ov dro'rsy oTre-y7 worthy that thou shouldst Osir, not I am fit that ome unde the rof come under my RooF etareArOs. aAAa mosov eL7rE AoyyT, Kat raO7l- but only command by thou shouldst enter; but only speak a word, and will he word, and my SERVANT e'ETas o 7raLr s oov. 9 Ka l yap eyo aveOpwo7ros Elut will be cured: healed the boy of me. Even for I a man am 9 for even E am a man ~ VATICAeN MANUSCRIPT-29. their scnIBEs. 7. He says. 8. And the CENTTRtIOr. t 3. By such a sign did Moses convince the house of Israel that God had sent him; and the Jews themselves confess that leprosy is the finger of God, a disease peculiarly of his sending and removing; and that it is not lawful for the physician, or any but the priest directly appointed in his course, so much as to attempt the cure of it.-Townsos. t 4. A sinoffering, and a burnt-offering with the meat-offering, and the priest shall make atonement for him-Lev. xiv. 31. t 4. for notifying [the cure] to the people —so Geo. Campbell translates. The oblation could not be an evidence to the priest, as he had the privilege to inspect the man in private, before he was permitted to enter the temple to make an oblation. The ceremony consequent upon obtaining this permission, was the testimony of the priest to the people, that the man's leprosy was removed, and that he was no longer excluded from soeiety. t 5. A Roman officer, who had the command of one hundred soldiers. 5 28. Markl i. 22; Luke iv. 32. 2. Mask t. h; Luke v, T 12 —d $. Lo.w yvis — 92. 5. Luke ol. ~klE

Page  22 6'ap. 8: 10.] ~MATTHaEW. fcp. 8: 18. 67r0 EEoVu'av5 E, EX(S Vr7' E/tEaVTOY TpaCTLTraS | * appointed under Authonoder authority, having under myself soldiers; rity, having soldiers under tcaL E7EY'rovT0'r IopEv07rTis, Kat ropEvE'rat' Eca me, say to this one,'Go,' and I ay to this; Go, and he goes; and and he goes; to another, aXXAT EpXov, cKaL EPXETaL' siaL'Tfr aoVUhX pov' ICollle,' and he comes; to another; Come, and he comes; and to the slave of ne; and to my SERVANT,' DO IIo71oaov'TouT'o, teal 7roetE. 0L AcKOvoaS oe 6 this,' and he does it." Do this, and he does. Hearing and the 10 And JEsus listenI7rl0ovs, Ecdapaore, cKat Etre rsos ascohovoovn-/ ing, was astonished, and Jesus, was astonished, and said to those following; said to THOSE WALKING AgijV AE7YG 6VLe, OVaE EY Tcp lo'pactX Toaavwro with him, "Indeed, I say Indeed Isay toyou,notevenin the Israel so great t you, I have not found sroiar'T, ebpoy. 1AeyCw 8E ttYv, 6orT 7roXAoz a7ro So-great Faith * among faith I have found. I say but to you, that many from ony in ISRAEL: Sava'o'TAwv l'as aVtO-wv il~oVo, teas avaKsxs105STcs 11 and I assmure you, aWafroA~or IThat many will come east and west will come, and willliedon fomThat any Will come e'Ta ABpaa cat Io'aaau c Eal IaEscw3 ES Th7 3aeA- fom the lEast and from with Abraam and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom tle West, and wi re]hne eca'roSS' oVpaSo. 120m Ote VOL'ETLS IaTA.eLas with Abrahamn and Isaac of the heavens. The but sons ofthe kingdom and Jacob, in the KINGElc,(3215017~OVT0 L ELS'TO O5COTOS'TO E~tWTEp0oS EL DONI of the HEAVENS; shallbe castot out into the darkness the outer; there 12 but the SONS of the EINGDom will be EO'rat 6 ecXavOpeos scat o 3pv7yJos SS' OV OTOS. iViven into the OUTE. willbe the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. ven 13 Kat E17rev o IraLoovs,ry:E1caroVTapXr' q'Tra-ye, DARKNESS, where will be And sad the Jesus to the centurion; Go,d GNAS *[tKa] Cos erorevoasiT o 7YEvTr0'ot. Kai la of TEETH." [and] as thouhastbelieved letitbe doneto thee. Andwas healed CENTURION, Go be the CENTURION, " Go; be 6 i-rass cav~ov oottESY'Tfr 6[tpf EfCELS'. it done to thee as thou the boy of him in the hour h. ast beeved." And hast belheved." And *the 14 Kal EXOwv 6 12oVSe0ov s r1S OT l otKla FleTpoV, SERVANT was IAInEDIAnd coming the Jesus into the house of Peter, ATEL restored. fELaE rl7Sv 7rESOEpaS avTov E,(3ho AieV'qr1 cat 1Trvpe — 14 1 Then J.sus entersaw the mother-in-law of him beinglaiddown and hurning ing into Peter's HOUSE, fovfav. 15 Kait'7aT7 TnS XEIPOS avT~lt /cato aoo as. 1Kcs -aro's- Xepos avt'Trls, eat saw his wirE's MOTHER with fever. And he touched the hand of her, ond lying sick of a fever: aCPitKer avrTp o 7r peros' Keat 7fYEp0?, rcat 8tr- 15 and he touched her left her the fever; and arose, and minis- HAND, andthe EVEE left OYSEL av'Tois. 1600o'as oE''EYOjUESV'S, 7rpO vS'E7Y- her; and she arose, and tered to them. Evening now being come, they brought entertained *4im. sas' avopsy &aAsoSr'o0eES'ovs 7roAAous- sea ete/,aAE 116 1 Nowv, in the evento him beg possessed many j a hcast ot ing, they bronght to him ra 7rYSevjuaTa Aoye, ecat 7ravras Tovs KaKcOs many demoniacs; and he the spirits by a word, and all those sickthess expelled thle SPIRITS with EXOS"Tas eOepa7revo-evy 17 67rws rAlprl 07'To a Word, and cured ALT having he healed; that might be folfilled the SICK; prOeS aha'Ho-atov UroV 7rpoQl'Tov, Xeyovpros' 17 that the woRD SPOword spoken h Esaias ths prophet, uying; EN tsrough Isaiah the " Avos Tas aOEYE, as 7)LWSV' eAaBe, raL Tas PROPHET might be veri"Himself the weako.esses ofus hetookaway, and the fied, saying, It"He has YOeovs eiaoaTatrey." "himself carried off our diseases he removed." "- INTIRMITIES, and borne!8Iwt' aE 6 I6ro ovs 7roAAovs oXAovs Wept "our DISTRESSES." Seeing and the Jesuo great multitudes about 18 And JEsus seeing * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT-9. appointed under. 10. among any in. 13. and-omit. 13. the SERVANT. 15. him. t 12. Our Lord continues the image of a feast,: the banqueting room was in the night ilMu minated with many lamps. He who is driven out of it and the house, is in darkness, and- the further he is removed, the grosser the darkness. —Wetstein. t 17. "This man beareth away our sins, and for us he is in sorrow."-Thomso's Septuagint translation of Isa. liii. 4. $ 11. Luke xiii. 29. t 12. MNatt. xxi. 43. 1., Mark i. 29 —21; utite iv. $16. Mark i. 32; Luke iv, 40., 1t, Ia. liii. 4, -

Page  23 Ctap. 8: 19.] MATTHEW.: \i" A s -!8 Vr'oTr, EceAeureEY aireXei ElS 7TO repRa. 19 KOa *a Crowd about him, g9ave him, he gave orders to depart to the otherside. And orders to pass to the foP7rpooEeAwCY ELs ypa/l.taTEUS, el7rEV avTCP AsbaG- POSITE-SIDE. coming one scribe, said to him; Oteacler, 19 And a certain Scribe KaXe, aKscsoAsoujo To, 7rov eav a7rEp[X1. H WKal,approaching, said to him, I willfollew thee, where ever thougoest. And T"Rabbi, Iwillfollow theo AE'et avrTr- o Iarlrovss Al aNol reCES WCAeoUs wherever thou goest." says to him the Jesus; The foxes dens 20 And JEsus says to EXOVOz KaiTeta 7TrereTa TOlV ovpavoJ KaTas a-77c- bhim, "The fPOES have theyhave, and the birds of the heaven nests; Holes, and te BIRD of OLtS' o oe ULIOS rov a siOpcorOV OUK EXEI, T7rov arr HEAVEN places of shelter, but the soe of SIAN has thebut son of the man not he has, where the Kf(aX7Y sALsY'. 21'ETFPOS 8e rWY Eareps not where he may recline head he may rest. Another and of the disciples avIov ETwlE a) rcp- Kvple, e9V7pTE0v 9lA 7rp TO v 21 And another, one of of him said tohim; O master, perlittllou me first awriE tv, cal Oa Tai rovy 7TraTepa l/ov. 220 E shim, "I"Master, permitme to go, and to bry the father of inme. Thile but first to go and bury my, FATHER." 17aesovs Ei7rev avsc- AicoAovOes Lol, KaL a(pEs F THERt " Jesus said to him; Follow me, and leave JEsus says T levhim, "Follow me; and TOVS VECKPOVS BOaya. Tos leaveCv sYEpovs. leave the DEAD ONES to the dead ones to bury the of thelmselves dead ones. 23 KaL E/s/3'Tt aVTpr Ets To 7rAotov, 71coXov0Wr- 23 Then going onboard And entering to him into the ship, followed - Asr estecig te his h ihe,hip,24 (eie *5'a Boat, Ihis DISCIPLES ras avusrT ot' IaOr`rat avTOu. 24Kai laou, etre os followed him to him the disciples ofhllim. And lo, a conmotion 24 And belld, there [EZeTaS ees' e'TO EV T'r Oakao'Ol, WoTTE TO 7rkoLo' esEYtS fElty'ffO ~ev i71 t aiacs, cobsre th h AiOV arose a violent Tempest in great arose in the sea, so as the ship the LAKE, SO that tle CaXVorr7Ei a-;vrO T COV KU5a.ta;cV' aUVTS 86 E Ka- BOAT was being covered to cover by the waves; he bet was by the BILLOWS but eas Oev3e. 25 Kat 7rporeAOo'Vres of paOqralTl 7YELpa l was asleep. asleep. And coming the dssciples asoke 25 And 5tlley came and aurov', Aeyovtres' KUvpt, icrwsros, 5[a as,] a-roX- awoke him, saying, "Save, him, saying; O master, do thou save [us,] we aster; we perish I AVueEOa. 260 KT AEEL avTOLS TEt leAot E,OTE, 26 And lie says to them, perih. And.he says to them: How timid youare, "Wlhy are you afraid, 0 oALyo'roGTOl; ToTre E'yepOELs ewreTrti0rre rots you distrustful?" Then O you ot weak faith? Then arising he rebuked thle arising, lie relulaked the avseoss at TrL Oaa aoar'- Kat eyeverEo'yaXarv' waINDS and the SEA, and winds and the sea; and there was a cal there was a great Calm. /eEyak7or. 70 e 8e avOpawroz eOavFcaoam, AeyovT'Es' 27 And the 3rEN were great. The and men were astonished,' saying, How lo-ra7rcrs ecrsTv obros, o6' tsca oh aveuot scat a7 great is this man! for What se this, that even the winds and the even the rinds a nd the Oacao-oa v7raKovovo l'v av'ryi; sEA obey hini." sea hearken to himsP 28 $ And coming to tl 2 Kas EA0ovrTt avuTI Els TO 7repas, els Tr1v OPPOSITE-SIDE, into the And coming to him to the otherside, into tle REGION of tlse * GADAXwpa) TrNc repyerIs'wsV,'rralYrvlhsaY avUrT 8vo RENES, there met him two countly of the Gergesenes, met him two DelOlloniacs, coming forth 5attlovirojUeVot, eK TEOV tYwVpUtEWY etepxOIeysOt, from the XIONUMENTS, SO being demonized. olt of the sepulchres coming forth, very furious, that no one xaxe7roi AXav, &o's-e elu Ls'xUEI' TtsOa 7rapeA0etv was able to pass fierce very, so that not to be able any one to pass along that ROAD. V VATICAN IANvUSCRIPTT-18. a Crowd. 21. the DIscIPLES. 22. says. i O. a Boat-so Lachnmall and Tischendorf. 25. they came. 25. us —omit. 28. i...)Aae.s —so Tlschendorf; but Lachmann reads GERASENsES. 18. Opposite side or shore of the Lake Gennesareth. Crossing this lake does not always denote sailing trom the east side to the vest, or inversely; though the river Jordan, both above and below the lake. ran southwards. The lakle was ofsuch a form, that, without any impropriety, it might be said to be crossed in other directions, even by those who kept on the same side of the Jordan.-Camspbell. 1 19. Luke ix. 57. 1 21. Luke ix, 59. 1 24. Mark iv. 37; Luke vitL 5. t 28. Ma'k v 1; Luke viii. 26

Page  24 hap. 8: 29.]i MATTHEW. [6 hap.9: 2. 8La'ry' JOV EKEetVrlOS. 29 Kari rov, espaca, 29 And, behold, they by the y that. And lo, they cried out cried out, saying, "'What AfEyo'res Ti'57/dO KaEL v'O, ViE YOU OEOP; HA- hast thou to do with us, saying; Whattous and tothee,Oson ofthe God? Comest OES CiA)aE'i-ps 5frpoi9 jBaores'io'rct tlfets; S Ho ac Cthou hither before the apOEs woe 7rpo taLpoe jpaoavio-ai nlas; 30 H Eoe thou here before adestinedtime to torment us? There was no oited Time, to torment p/atepay aT " amTc(O ayEA xroAAv 30 Now there was at some distance from them a herd of swine many 0some istance from the,1 91 s b osome distance from them oo'KO/eErrl. m Ot oauI/oVE s rCpekaAov aEa great aerd of Swine feeding. The and demons implored him, 2tE-YOTo},~'ES- Ei eK/3aXXE13 TEI' S feeding. hAeyoo'-es- EL eic/3acAEA s?tactS, -OOTa ELa oS o 7/taS 31 And the DEMONS saying; If thou cast out s, send us c-iE9 T'njs a'yeX7sP T'CO XOsPao.'5 Kas Evc ou is implored him, saying, " If EIS 7r Y~?y.VXopv. 3 GL thou dismiss us, send us to the herd of the swine. And he said to them; to dismiss s, send s TsracyerE. 0 IaE eEAXooVTEs ari7A.Ooo cia rovs away to the hERD Of Go; They and coming out they went to the co 7c7m y v j~y~'5'j ayahsl e c, 32 And he said to them, Xo epovs. Kacd ito, chd te 7haea atie Ate7 Tadoe " Go." And THEY, going swine. And lo, rushed whole the herd down ort, ent away to the forth, went away to the'o- KP'7UVOUV ELS T'sr7 Oaroy,, sKac arrE oo Eco SWINE; and behold, the the steep place into the lake, and died in Whole HERD rushed down TonS VCanC. o 01' aE 13orcKOPTES eP'V'yoov, Ka t the PRECIPICE into the the waters. They and feeding them fed, and LAKE, and perished in the a7reArovTes i LS T'7 Y'i 7roki, avrrryye eav 7rarT, ar WATERS. arriving at the city, related all, 33 Then the SWINErcatira'cwv i a1Yaovogo/.l oeVV. 34Kal tiov, 7rao'a }ERDS fled, and reaching and that ofthose being demonized. And lo, whole the CITY, related al this -77 ror As e t5Oeoy Els o'vvaTrro'tiv'i Ii7o'ov' Ica and the THINGS concernthe city went out to a meeting to the Jesus; aud ing the DEMONIACS.,iOo'rTeS CaVri-o,'raptcareracr, &drwOs /UETa47p 34 And presently the seeing him, they entreeted, that he would depart Whole CITY came forth to al7rO'WiV opiW avT'WY. meet JEsus, and seeing from the coasts of them. him, they entreated that he would retire from their KEP. 0'. 9 VICINITY. 1Kas Sts eIs TO e rXlOO,'i7reepaooe, eatO CHAPTER IX. And stepping into the boat, he passed over, and 1 Then stepping on'qOe-Y IFEs'7tv i&sav 7roAiv. 2Kai taov, 7rpooE(ipepo board *a Boat, he crossed came to the own city. And lo, they brought the lake, and came to his av'w, irapaA+vi-soo, scAie o lv'Is Be/3Arymeoo. owN City. to him, a paralytic, ucon a bed lying. 2 And they brought to Ka rcaws 6 Ir6o7ovs Tr-7 r'i-Ttv avu'CV, E7ire Tr( him a paralytic, lying on And seeingthe Jesus the faith ofthem, hesaidtothe a Bed: and JEsus per7rapaAvuTKcF Orapo'ei, TeticoYo aCqPEWtco'at *[r[o ] ceiving their FAITH, said paralytie; Take courage, son; are forgiven [thee] to the PA ALYTIC, " Son, * VATICAN lANUSCRIPT —1. a Boat. 2. thee —omit t 32. The following extract from "IHackett's Tour in the Holy Land," will serve as an illustration:-"CoUeTRY 0o1 Tnl: GADmRE NES.-I spent a night, and part of two days, in the vicinity of the Lake of Tiberias. My tent was pitched near the Hot Baths, about a mile south of the town of Tiberias, and, consequently, near the south end of the la1e. In looking across the water to the other side, I-had before me the country of the Gadarenes, where the swine, impelled by an evil spirit, plunged into the sea. I was struck with a mark of accuracyin the sacred writers, which had never occurred to me till then. They state that'the swine ran violently down the steep place or precipice,' (the article being required by the Greek,)'and were choked in the waters.' It is implied here, first, the hills in that region approach near the water; and, secondly, that they fall off so abruptly along the shore, that it would be natural for a writer, familiar with that fact, to refer to it as well known. Both these implicae tions are correct. A mass of rocky hills overlook the sea on that side, so near the water, that one sees their dark outline reflected from its surface, while their sides, in general, are so steep, that a person familiar with the scenery would hardly think of speaking of a'steep place or precipice, where so much of the coast formis but one continuous precipice. Our translators omit the definite article, and show, ly this inadvertence, how naturallytne more exact knowledge of the Evangelists influenced their language." -' 1. Matt iv. 13. i L 2. Mdark ii. 3; Luke v. l&

Page  25 Chap. 9: 3.] MATTHEWv [Chap. 9: 13. ai ap4apTrLal OOV. 3Kai 1sov, rLYES ese -ypa erua- take courage; Thy sINrl the sins ofthee. And 1o, some of the scribes are forgiven."? TEwcy EL7ro eYv E' easVos Oi-Tos f3Aaoiupaje1. 4 KaL 3 And behold, some of said amongthemselves; This blasphemes. And the SCRIBES said among'3cI& o 107aous Tras EePOV/d -Eis av'rijY, EL7rEV' themselves, "This man knowing the Jesus the thoughts of them, says; blasphemes."'IT-aTr, ueIs EseVOVU/ELOE iro-lpaC EY TrSLS KapLapLs 4 But JESUS discerning Why you thinmk evils in the hearts their THOUGiTS, said, [v; 5T'yap erarEV EUvco7rCsTEpoY; E7rE - "Whly do you think evil -youP Whlch Pfr is easier? to say; [things] in your HEARTS? AqpeWTa'r aouv at &a'ap'rtat; 71 et7retV' Eyetpat lflo lichiseasier? Are forgiven ofthee the sins? or to say: Arise to say, *Thy sINs are for-;aL 7rEpL7raTEL; 6'Isa 8E E10rTE 5TI EgOVOaU V given; or to say, [with and walk? That but you may know that authority effect,] Arise, and walk? eXEL o vBos'roy avrpeoersu enrs'rS'Y71s arpevai 6 But that you may hat the son of the man on the earth to forgive know that the sN of MAN agtaprsas~ (ro'e AhEyES' irapaxvurucE)) Eyep- has Authority on EARTH sms; (then he says to the paralytic;) Arisin to forgive Sins, (then he CEIls apov a-ov r T VcAxvsr, Kai t7nraye ELS e OL says to the P.ARALYTIC,) take up of thee the bed, and go into the "Misetake up T1y ED, OaicKOi aOU. 7 KaL EnYspOets aw-7AOeV eIS T OLKOYt and go to thy sIous.>" house of thee. And arisig he went ts the house 7 And arising, he went av o. 8 Iose'res Ie oXAoL eaasaa, Kat to his HOUSE. tV'r1ov. 18ovr~s 8E 01 OXXO1 E~avyaaav, Kai 8 And the PEOPLE seeof him. Seeing and the crowvds wondered, and it *feared and praise E osao'al/a woE Oeo ovovae,,ra ~o~'r~ ing it, *feared and praised e6o5ease'rose Cease,'rose 3y7/Ta E~OU' -aLai'r7e. TIIAT GOD who had nIVEN glorified the God, that having given authority so great sh Auth to hd:'I. 7TOS avOpw7roLS. such Authority to Yv.. to the men. 9: And JESUS, padssing 9 KaL'rapa-yev 6 I77ovs EKELeEls, eLee' avepe- on firom thence, saV a And passing on the Jesus from thence, lle saw a man Man, named Matthew,'ro KaO77xYeVoV E7'r To reXAWvov, Ma'rOaeov sitting at the t TAX-OFsitting at the custom-house, Mattheew ICE; and he says to him, Ae'yoAeevovs sat Ae'yeL avur- AmosovOeI JuOL. "Foilow me." And he being named; and he says to him; Follow me. arose, and followeed him. Kat avar'ras Kohtov07oresv av'rT. 1~Kat E'yeee'ro, 10 And it came to pass, And rising up he followed him. And ithappened, as hlie was reclining at taauTro ayaKcettyeAoU e'r7 OLtKLC, calr. tov, 7roAAot ble in his HOUSE, behold, ofltm recliningattable in the house, and lo, muany $ Many Tribute-takers reAsWYeat caL a &apT'r oL eAOosTres ovvaveetetsro and t Sinners coming, publicans and sinners comiing reclhed reclined with JESUS and'r Ir7oov KaL't roS taO77rais avTov. 1lKat his DISCIPLES. with the Jesus and the disciples of him. And 11 And the PIHARISEES sove'res oa'iaptoao eLrov r ots O aOdq'rats av'rov- observing it, said to his seeing the Pharisees said tothe disciples of him; DISCIPLES, " Why does Alat'r /e'ra'rew e'wreAeWV Kai aeapTrAaOV ee0dze your TEACHER -.t with Why with the publicans and sinners eats TRIBUTE TAKERS and 6 &taocaxaos bEtywv; 12'O 8e Irl-0ovs aKcovaas, Sinners,' the teacher of you? The and Jesus beariag 12 But * IIE hearing i%, etLress*[avr'ots'] Ov Xpetav eXovurv oa to-xvoT'res says, " THEY who are in says [to them;J No need have those being well I-IEALTH have no need of taTpov, aXA' ol KaKcw s eX/'OYTES. 13 opEvOevres a Physician, but THEY ofaphlysician, but those sick being. You are oing who are SICR. Ofe taOe're, rI e orTsY' "EEXeoV OeAw, Ksat OV 13 But go, and learn but learn what is; MSercy I wish, and not whllat that is,'JI desire ~ VATICAN{ MANUSCRIPT-5. Thy SINS. 8. feared-so Lach. and Tisch. 12. ui hearing. 12. to them-omit. t 9. Probably an office erected on the side of the lake for collecting toll of passengers, and receiving the customs for goods carried by water. t 10. The word hamartoolos, sinner, is generally ised in the Gospels, and indeed throughout the N. T., either to signify a Gentile, or such of the Jews who, from their illicit practices, were looked upon in the same light with the Gentiles. See Gal. ii. 15. t.ark ii. 14; Lkev.27. 1M. ark ii. 15; LLuie v. 29 t I. Luke xv.:1, Hos, vi. 6; M att. xii. a.

Page  26 cp. 9: 14.1 MATTHEW. Csap. 9: I. Ovaoiav." Ov'yap lkA0os caE'ral tr o icatovs, a''Compasion, an not a sacrifice." Not for I lncome to call justpersons, but'a Sacrifice;' for I came atcap~ ashous. not to call Righteous men, sinners. but Sinners." 14To IT e PO nEP OzraL aUvcY OL Fladr71TaL I st~a~su 14 Then John's DIScI14T0'en IFP~tTEPXOH~rtL ftt~i-~)00 gtft&S~i-aL Twit. PLES accosting him, said, Then came to him the disciples of John, XeCyoPETes. AI'ES K"Gt 01 Ntpltts I" Mel V' and the PHtARIsaying; Why we and the Pharisees fast, w OltEP V[ IroA a,] 00 & LtHOI7TH ao o ygTEL)OVOL Cthy DISCIPLES?" Dj~v [roAAaj] OF oe ya0r-0Ta1 ~o-u ov V1TEVOVI; 15 Anlq JESUS say-; t [much,J the but disciples oftheenot fast? 15 AP h 4 JESUS say Cc l5Kal e7re' av'ros o Irlroovs' Mr &vavaral o' Viol iem o 1 "Can thie IEothE. And says tothem the Jesus Not are able the sons is with A0V VU~/BRI) 9 lIDEGiOOM is with T0ou P t/SpWHvosT 7rEcZtEcY, ELS 0Pozo /.tuE~r atVTWv them? But the Time will of the bridal chamber to mourn, in as much with them come, when the 3RIDE~eoTLv 6 sevvrpios; EAEsVGoitr aL 7e cUEpaL, ovav GlROOM will be taken from is the bridegroom P Shallcome but days, when them, i and then they Mi"' a7rap6p a7r' rav'te o P lOS, latl TOTE 1,IaTrEV- fast. maybetaken from them the bridegroom, and then they shae 16 No one puts a Piece J5OVaIY. 6U O&E1s ac E7rL/3OaAXel es7rz3Arha paicovs of undressed sloth on anl fast. No one now puts apatch of cloth ld Garmellt;lber;l sethle ayvapou e7rtL [FdaTri wrakatc' aLpei yap 7To 7rA7/- PATCH itself w uld tear unfulled on to amantle old; takes away for the patch the GARMEENT,andaworse pwya aTouv anro TOU IOaTLovt, KatLi X'EIPOV %XLOUa2 Rent be made. of it from the mantle, and worte a rent 17 Neither do persons ryLE~ral. 17 OvaE,BaXAovs oLPvov PEoQ ELS put new Wine into old becomes. Nor dothey put wine new o SHirie; forf they do,tlie atrOKovS 7raAa1ovs' et 8E G?1yye,,-1yvvT'raL Ol atkOi SKIT, burst, and thle bottles old; if but not, burst the bottles, WINE l spilled, and the scal 6 oivos eKXELaL, sKaL o' awoi arOXOVVU'aiL SKINiS are destroyed: but and the wine isspilled, and the bottles are deetroyed; they put new Wine into aXAra.SaAAovrtv otvov 0 sooe Ets atcovs tcauvovs, new Skins, and both are but they put wine new nto bottles net, preserved." Kat apGL.PorepoL ovvTrpovTat. 18 $ While he was thus and both arepreserved together. speakiucg to them, a cer18TaV'rat avToukOAatsovU os, avrois, Laov, apxv, tain Ruter coming, prosThese of him speaking, to them, lo, a ruler trated to him, saying, ELs EeAOw, 7rposetvOet avLrT:, AeTywCe'O -sL' My DAUGHItTER lS by certain coming prostrated to him, saying; That the ttis tome dead; but come, Ovuyart-p ytou apTr- Cekevr77arev,' aAka eAwc, lay thy HAND on her, daughter of me now is dead; but comingo and sle will revive." 7riOes'rsq Xetpa (rov ear' acvi'T, icat C7ei-Tat. 19 And JESUS artsing lay the hand ofthee cpon her, and shelshalllive. with his DISCIPLES, fol] KaL eyepOets 6 I/o'oUs K1oCouVr6OeOE arc-,T, lowed him. And arising the Jesu. went after him, 2O0 And, behold, a Wcecal Ol yai77a al atroU, 20 Kai Loov, pyvar avrop- man, having been afflicted and the disciples of him.;ld lo, awoman havinga with an hemllorrhage for poovoTa awescKa ei-l, 7rpooeX0oovo`a ori-oOev, Twelve Years, coming beflow of blood twelve years, approaching behind, Ihind, touched the TUFT of Isa77iro roU tcpa'rareouV OsV Utaitou avrou. 21EX- his MANTLE; touched the tuft of the mantle of him. She 21 for she said within eye yap cee davi-a Ea V etOT ovss, tt aL.-U ~taiL-ov herself, "If I can only said for within herselfe; If only I an touch the mantle touch his MANTLE, I shall avTwov, rwceorl-rotaz. 22'O NE Ilrsous e7rtri-papets be cured." of him, I shallbehealed. The but Jesus turnin'g 2 Jxsus turning, and * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT-14. much —omit. 1 13. " I desire mercy, rather than sacrifice."-Septuagint. t 15. The force of our Lord's answer will appear more appropriate firoso the feact that John was now in prison, so that his followers were fasting in consequence of their master's removal from them. t 17. Skins of the kid were very mulch used by the ancients for their wine. They were used whole, and the openings for the legs and head were tied up with strings. They were net strong enough to be used a second time for the same purpose.-Sa7nuel Sharpe. J 14. Mark ii. 18 Luke v. 33. 15. John iii. 29. t 18. Mark v. 22; Luke viii, 41, t. Mark v. 2; Luke viii. 4..

Page  27 Caar. 9: 23.] MATTHEW. -[Csap. 9: 33. KaL Cot L aHC vT77, eLvre OapaeL, Ov-yacTep 7 seeing her, said, "Tak, and seeing her, said; Take courge, daughter; the courage, Daughter; tllh 7rTLr'rTS (fOV oaei- oE. Kai Eaw(07 77 yvvr? arro FAITH has cured thee." faith of thee hassaved thee. And was well the woman from All A the WO1N was wet ~I7rs cOpas eKcetYs7. 23Kat etOcov, 6 I70oVs ELs from that eSou the hour ofthat. And coming the Jesus into 23 4 JESUS being come rl7' oLKcay Trov apXoTros, eat Woo, Trovs avtr7'as, into the RULERS FLUSE, the house of the ruler, and seelng the flute-players, ant seeig the FLUTECKa TOPv oXAov 0opv3ovelsEov, 24 AhEYEL [aRolTOS' j PLAYERS and the caOWD and the crowd maling a nolse, says [to them;] naking lamentation, AVaEX6aPE1TE o0u 7yap cae7rEaVE TO icopaBoo, aA~a 24 says to them, "Leave Withdraw; not for is dead the girl, but the place; for the GIRI, IKaCEvOEtE. Ka iaTeyeAcvv a~oU* 25aT OV is not dead, but sleeps."' And they derided him. sleeps. And they derided him. When but 25 But when the com. ste,132trl7r 5 oxAos, eto'e2flawy etcpa'rrlo~'rIs 25 13ut when the COat-~eX-0010 6 OXXoS, ElanreXOWu EecpaT77Os T77t PANY was excluded, he they put out the crowd, he entering took hold of the Xetpos av'7rs',tat lYyepO72TO KcoparoY. 2AKn entering in, grasped her XEP0 aT?'trat 77YEP7 TOKaiHAND, and the GISRL was hand ot her: and was raised the girl. And raised.,S17A1 etr 77 )rlL77 oa2 r EES 6Arl7v 77 7yr7v eKeLSY. 26 And the REPORT of went forth the report this ite all the land that. this [mfracle] went forth through All that REGION. 27 And JESUS passing 27Kac wrapca orayrt eKetOey rTe I77?ov, 7kcoAoou- from thence, Two Blind And passing on fromthere the Jesus, went men followed, exclaiming, 07crav *[avTo] &vo.rvtVAo, tKpa'ovTeS Kat " Son of David, have after fhim] two blind men, crying out and compassion on u,!" Ae'yoyTes' EXAEsy/o'Y /eass vle AaUXvi. 28 EAOovr 28 And being comrlento saying; Have plty o us, Oson of David. Being come the HOUSE, the B3LIa.D 8 1 eTS' plv oiscLaV, 7rpo(rTrltXov av'rC or TtrvAot, men came o hihn; and and into the house, caime to lhim the blind nen, JESUS says to them, "Do fa eye avrots y I7TO r us6 ov nireeTV eTC, O'rT uVVa- you believe That I can do and says to them the Jesus; Do you believe, that I am this?" They reply to him, ua 0 TovTo 7roi'qrat; Aeyouvor' avTcg Nat ecupIt. "Yes, Master." able this to do P? They say to him; Yes O master; 29 Then he touched I'3ToTr rlJ4aTo TrcO, avTrwCV, AeyCvs' their EYES, saying, "Be it Then he touched the eyes of them, saying done to you according to KaTsa r, qrsilo'r b'I/.wv ye7rO7qTrw vl)v, 30 K3 L your FAITH." Accordingto the faith of you be it done to you.. 30 And Their EYES aErX077Oaav' avTc v oC opOaXl/oi. Kat eVeL3ptiivj- were opened; and JESUS were opened of them the eyes. And strictly strictly charged them,:Faro avrots o Ia177ovs, AE.ycv-'Opacre, tLrlEits saying, "See that you inslcarged them the Jesus. saying; See, no one form no one." y1vCoVfKET~C 31 OG 0 f e feAEovoes T lESequlntiuav 31 But THEY, having knows. They but having gone published departed, spread his fame avTrov EV 6oX T T77 y?7 eKiEKE7. 32AvUTWP 8 ESep- through All that LAND. him in all the land that. These and going 32 KOW, as these rler, XOIYeVW, ISov?, 7rpoo7-YVEyKaRv avwTc avtOpwsrouv were going out, behold, away, lo, they brought to him a man 4there was brought to ccpove, SOtLyoSSotEevOP. 33 Kam ecAr0eT0ES TO?)v him a Dumb man, being dumb, being demonized. And having cast out the demonized. aetlovliov, e.atXlro:; a' sewopos. Kal eOav/.ao' aP 33 And the DEMON demon, spoke tle dumb. And sere astonishe having been expelled, the ol oXAot, Xhyo. Tes OuE'reoTe eOpaevq ovTOs EV DUMB man spole, and the the crowds, saying; Never was it seen thus in PEOPLE were astonished, saying, "Never was it thus seen inl ISRAEL!" VATICANS MANUSCRIPT-24. to them —omit. 27. him —onzit. t 23. Servius on Virgil says, "The funerals of the elder sort with the trumpet, and those of the younger with the flute." Lightfoot remarks, "On the death of his wife even the poorest Jew will afford not less than two pipes (or flutes,) and one woman to make laratse tionm" See 2 Chron. xxxv. 25; Eccles. xii. 5; Jer. ix. 17; xlviii. 36. 23, MIak v. 88; Luo fiiiO. 5 32. Ma& xii. 22; Luke xsi. 1

Page  28 Caup. 9: 54.]' MATTHEW., I Cpv, 10: 6.,r, Io'pacX. 34 O e & 4apaLo:Lo eAe'yov' Ev T;'' 34 But the PHARISiEES to the Israel. The but Pharisees said; By the said, " He expels the aPXovytL Trv oalsovrtwv eKca/XAAet Tra aaOLVLCta. DEM5ONS by the FPLINCE prince of the demons he casts out the demons. of the DEMIONS."f 35Kai 7rEplS1yEV 6d I7r(rovs Tras 7roheLs 7raoas 35 +And JEsus went And wentabout thle Josu the cities all throeLcl all the CITIES Ka Tfas Kte cVas, ta3LaaTov El/ rats (rUawcyats anl7ld VILLAGES teaclhing and the villages, teaching in the synagogles il their SYNAGOGUES, aii(l avTrwv, Kai Kropuvacoov To eUTvaeyyeALoY Tr7S /achX- announcing the GLAD TIof them, and publishing the glad tldings of the kingdom, DINGS of tllC INGDOIM, eLas, Kat Oepasrevuv rwaeav orrozv KcaL 7raotay and curing Every Disease and healing every disease and every and Every Malady. uah.aKiav. 36 + And beholdin, the malady. CRLOWDS, he deeply pitied 36 Icbwv Se TOVS oXhAeO, eo7rAyXatXvtIOrl0 7rep- them, Because they were Seeing and the crowds, he was rnoved with pity for being harassed and disavTrwv, Ort 37ca0 ZoCvKUXA/eVO L Kea EpfP'La.tevoL, persed, as Sheep having them, becaue they vwcre jaded and scattered, no Shepherd. cOEl 7rpoCacFlc 5?7t EXXorTa 7ro zLfeva. 37TorTE AE'yEL 37 Then he says to his like sheep not haxviu a snepherd. Then he say DISCIPLES, + "The HARTots /SaO'rTa:s avTov-'0 feLEY 6EpLt/os 7rohvs, oz VEST indeed is great, but to the disciples of him; The indeed harvest plenteous, he the REAPELS are few; SE Ep'yacrac oALyoL. -38AE7?rlJTE OUV TOV KfVPLOV 38 beseech, therefore, but laborers few. Implore then the lord the LORD of the IART70U) )EDPLo/OU, 7roWS, E1KChX? EoPaTaS EIS TO! VEST, that he would send ofthe harvest, that hewould send out laborers into the Laborers to tEAP it." OEpyrloov auTvO. KE4. i. 10. 1 Kat 7rpoGharvest of him. And having CHAPTER X. KaXeEafLEVo s Trovs awAeICa yaOrlrTas a'Tro, eoWenalled the twelve disciples ofhim, he 1 And having sunmmon, fcev arUTOLs eovo'Lav 7rvev/uaTwv ateOapTC'w, Go'rTE ed llis TWELVE Disciples, gave to them authority spirits unclean, so as l$ e gave them Authority elf'ahXeLV avTra, KaL Oepa7reveLv 7rarar ro'oov to expel impure Spirits, to cast out them, and to heal every disease and to cure Diseases and K0al ToOav uaaKiClav. iMaladies of Every kind. and every malady. 2 Now these are the 2 Twv oE WEKa C ro roT0OXcv r Tra ovoaTra, NAMES of thle TWELVE Of the now twelve apostles the names Apostles; Thle first, TIHAT E.T1 TravTa' 7rpW0ros, I2LICOV 6 XAeyaQe[o s Simon, NASMED Peter, and are these; first, Simon that being called Andrew his BROTHEI;'IETPOS, isca AvopEas o a6 EA/os aUTov- Iao- THAT James, sonf ZEBEPeter, and Andrew the brother of him; James DEE, and John his BOO8os 6 To!) ZESE3LOU V, KaL Ioavvq7s 5 aOENS1os THESt; that ofthe Zebedee, and John the brother 3 Philip and DartholoavCTov' 34'tL7r7ros, Kal BapOootalos' Owt.Oas, Kai mew; Thomas, and Matofhim; Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and tlew the TRIBUTE TAMasrOalos o TeAWYvls' IOaKw3os 6 TOy AXAatovu, iERL; TIAT James, son Matthew the tax-gatherer; James that of the Alpheus, of ALH US; andThadKa0 *[XAEI3IBaos 6 e7rLChXrl Oel] ~OaiaiosE 4LytW/c dells; and [Lebbeus that surnamed] Thaddeus; Simon C KavavL~rs KL Cos T I qs, C 4 Simon the Canaanite; 6o Kai aOVT7sE, Kaf0 I!o)OEs 6o IOC~apWTS7Es, o0 K05 and THAT Judas Iscariot, the Canaanite, and Judas that Iscariot, who even who even delivered him 7rapa0ovs avro. up. delivered up him. 5 Tov!ovS TrOVS Eo I e 0 a7rEOTELAEV o 7OIyrovs, 5 These TWELVE J3EUS$ Theee the twelve sent forth the Jesus commissioned, instructing 7raparyyEeras avOoTs, XehycwO Els 6IeO' EOYWYO yl them, saying, "Go not commanding the.m, saying; Into a;oad of Gentiles not Away to the Gentiles, and 0aEeAOr7Te, Kal ELES roAhLO Eay&O-.c yei T u ELvEA- ~enter not any city of the you may go, aznd into a city of Samaritans not you may Samaritans; * VATICAn MANUSCEIPT -. TRAT Lebb eus, surnanmed —osit.; 34. Mark iii. 22;' - 35. larkl vi. 6; Lukl xiii. 22. $ 36. Mark vi. 34; Ezek..xxiv. t; Jor. J L 1 —4,' - 1, Luv xW 2; John iv., I ar ii 15; ix.,

Page  29 tap. 10 6.] MATTHEWo ~ ap.:0 17. 077'r. 6 IIopEvEE OeE. taXAov,rpos s a rpo3aTas 6 $ But go rather to the 2nter. Go you but rather to the shees PERISHING SI-EEP of the Ta arroAwAorae oKrcosv IpaA. 7 TIfOpevUOjtYVL oE Stock of Israel. the perishing houscof Israel. Passing on yo Li.vay and 7 And as you go, pro, Kc7pVUoE7TE, AE'yoVTES'OTIt'JyIyLKE 7 jaOcLAElraN claim, saying,'Z'he KINGpreach you, saying; That h- come nigh th kingdom DOM of the:EAVYENS has TWC ovpaevco,. 8h AOOevovvTad Oepa7reve're VEKC- approached.' of the heavens. Those being sick heal, dead 8 Heal the Sick, t[raise povs EyeIpETrE, XAErpoUv KicaOapt(ETE, aatuoYtLa the kIead,'cleanse Lepers, ones raise up, lepers cleanse, demons expe;, Demons; freely you EKcBaXXh ee' wpeav fEaE7-El &pEale 60TE. have received, freely give. castiout; freely you have received, freely give. 9 Provide neither Gold, 9 Mr CTrvOrlJoe0 Xpva-oi, wr67E ap-yvpoV, JrAU7e nor Silver, nor Copper, in Not provide gold nor silver, nor your t GIRDLES; XahNcov Eis TaS Ccavas bwv-e 10'q sr T7paNv elS 0aov, 10 carry no Traveling copper in the belts ofyou; not abag forajourney,, a no spare Clothes, jIcae VsO XL-Wrcras, r7aEe buroS7rlLthaTa,,LlaE pa,8aov. Slhoes, or Staff; T Sor tile nor two tenics, nor santals, nor a staff. WORKMAN is worthy of Areos -yap d Ep7yaT7rs T77rs rpo(Pr7 ab'rov EoLv. his l-AINTENANCE. Worthy for the laborer of the food of him is. 11 And whatever City 11Eis E 77 a' av 7roALE'v r7 Ice/.1 eto'eFXr T7e, or Village you enter, inInto what and ever city or county-town you may enter, quire whlat worthy person EEeTNaOa'E, Tr1S E' aNvlr aOios EOTL aEL /ELvaTE resides there; and remain search out, who in her worthy is; andthere abide, with hilll till you leave eWEs otv ESeXr/7Te. 12 E~L~p~ ogesoL ae eS TrTV the place. till you go thence. Entering and into the 12 When you enter the olKav, as7rao-asoe auTr)vV. 13 Kat eCuav tEV V MOusE, salute the family house, salute hler. And if indeed maybe 13 And if the FAMI:I, 7) OLciaN aCta, EXOEThCW Elp-PO7 t'yl/ E7r' avrUTV. lie worthy, let the PEACE the house worthy, let come the peace of you on her; yOU wish conic upOn Eav oe,uru V7 atia,I vl ftprYV Vv 7rpOS uCas cmthem; but if =worthy, if but notmaybeaworthy, the peace ofyou to you let your PELxCY return E7rLTrpasqSTC. 14Kat os f6av fe 7 aE77Tal v as, * upon yone'selves. letit turn. And who if not may receive you, 14 And whoever will 71o7e aK Tov ovS Aohyovs v, et pXoiEvozL r71S not receive you, nor hear nor hear of you, co the ord, e o youir WORDS, in departing OLICLas 7 Tr77s w7roXEWs EiKcEL'7r, EKCivaNa7-cT:o' from tllhat HOUSE or CITY, house or efthe city that, rhake off the shake the DUST off your KOVLop0rov rWov 7roacv vY.oSv. 15AkieS AECyW Vz2ptV, PEET. dust of the feet of you. GInd ed I say toyou, 15 Indeed, I say to you, ~vE5cTv'oepo T' L &rsat y Oa ~O/Odae,iat PrOsopf, e'v E it will be more endurable more tolerable willbe land of Sodom and Gomorrah in for the land of Sodom flreUEp KpO'EWPS, 77 Ty 7ror~e EICEEIVI. FIaov, Eywo and Gomorrah, in a lay aday of tial, tha the citye -!,a Lot I of Judgment, than for a7ro0oTEAXW VtNaS Cits 7rpoaNraN Evl' Juebl AuKWcv. that CITY. send you as sheep in midst of wolves. 16 t Behold! I send rweso- Ovv 4ipoviIYoe cIs 01t O/PeS, ICaL e aWcepaoot you forth as Sheep *into Be ye therefore wise as the serpents, and artless the Midst of Wolves; be, cs. s at rEptoepat. therefore, sagacious as as the doves. SERPENTS, and innocent 171Ipo rEXE e aE o rcov avOpw7rov. rlapa- as DO'ES. Take heed and of the men, They will 17 But beware of these awcoovot yap VYas els O-VVEapla, Katl Trsrals MEN; t for they will dehand over for you to sanhedrims, and in the liver you up to High ~ VATICANF IANUSCRIPT —13. upon you. 16. into 1 8. [Raise the Dead.] This cla-ru, though found in the Vatican, is wanting in a greal number of MSS. Griesbach excluded i-' from his first edition of the Greek text, but inserted it in subsequent editions, miarled as doubtful. Campbell, Wetstein, and Walefield reject it. 1Macknight, Whitby, and Doddridge think it better to retain the clause, as it is evident some passages in this discourse refer to events which did not immediately take place. See verses 18, 21, 23. t 9. Their purses were commonly in their girdles. G. Isa. l ii. 6-.cti xiiS i. 1 7. $ ark vi.; Luke ix. 8; *. 7.0 10.1 Tim. v. 1% -:15. Va. xi. I ~,' 1C, Lunke.3. $ 17, Mat. xxiv. 9.

Page  30 ap. 10: 183 MATTHEW. 01aap. 10: 2i Tvva~yoytaLs ace67'cv yaea~ryw o vouos' vficas isKa Councils, and scourge you synagogues ot them they shall scourge you; and l edr sYNAGOGUeS; EWTL -YElUOpVCas 3E KCai jBaoAh Eis aX~r0?7 ea -eeKEv 18 and they will bring before governors and also kings you shallbelead onaccount you before Governos an OV/, sEL ts Lafp uOp5O aUTo rs Kcat TOLS EOVEV. Kings, on my account, to bear Testimony to thenm of me, for a witness to them and to the nations. m y o e 19`OTeav otttte OOrapaO conJ v'Aa3, /-07 uE~pL4V7qE9 and the GENTILES. 15'O'rces' as 7apceSL3wcdlt' duae, gesj /.tbpL/.t5011O, 19 tBut when they deWhen but they shall deliver up you, not you maybe anxious, liveryou up, be not aiT7WF 77 T5 XOaX IObT1E- Olo5ETatL -yap 5yV/E fV liver you up, be not anxilow or what yot must speak; it shall be given for toyou in ow, or what yo EKelv? &Op w, T1 Aah77 ~ErE. 20 u -yap vyrs slhall speak, because what ESCELZp'T17 ep9''CL aXsjO`Ers. 20Ov'MPVE5Fyou should say shall be that the hour, what youshallspeak. Not for you in That ~ suggested to you in That 075e o AaXoVrYTS, CaAa ro 70 1/eU/Ea TOyU lraerpoS Mw OMENT. are the speaking, but the spirit ofthe father / ye't ov21 2apteA.E a 20 For it is not iou 6VIAs, rTO AaAoov Ets VtLPv. 21Ifapa0C0Et O that shall SPEAK; but the of you, that is speaking in you. Will give up and SPIRIT of your FATHER iS a~asXos aaeA(pov EfLS OaYaTO, cKal 7raT7p TeCKVOY' THAT which SPEAKS by a brother a brotler to death, and a father a child;.taL Elral'OITT7OOyTOL' 75Etay 5r7t yO/ELS, scar Oara- you nKad 7ra roopVoTa hi beKVa eo7rioo poveotse, ai Oava- o'i, 1:TThen Brother will and sha.lrise tp child'enagainst parents, and deliver elier p rotller to deliver up Brother to w0ouv0LLv av-rUovs. scat Ea05E5 /CLLOUvE5yTevo iVro Death, and a Father his to death them; and you vill be being hated by Child; and Children will 7rasvTra ata'o OvoI/ta EovU.'O aE Vrdogestvas ElS rise up against Parents, all for the name of me. The but persevering to and cause tien to die. TrXAos, OT)70 S oWO77PrETaL. 22 And you will be and, the same shallbe saved, hated by all on account of my NA-ME. But SIE who PATIENTLY ENDURES to the End, will be saved. 23 OTrav aE aLwIc&JO-LJ /ENs1 ea VT IVoAEL'Pau Tr 23 But when they perWhen but theypersecute you in the city this secute you in this CITY, YE'TE ELS'TOV e'-sEpaso' 1a(v EcK TNT7Os atcowctl'V fly to the OTIER; t[and flee into the other, and if out of this they persecute from tllat, if they perse6j/as, sEpE'TE ELS'T77r aAA7)1 AU7iYmY'ap Aeycs cute you, take refuge in you, flee into the other. Indeed foI I say ANOTIlER;] for indeed I 00uv, ou /Elq'. SCEOe77TE Tas 7roXELEs Tov Icrpa-A, declare to you, you will to you, in no wise ou may finish the cities of the Israel, not have gone through Cos as' EAOl 6 od usor'TO avsOparovu 24 OUK Ev 7 the CITIES of *Israel, till till maycomethe son ofthe man. Not is the SON of SIAN be come. EaOrfrr s ir7rep To r aaoGcKaAov, ovEa 8ovAos 6lrsp 24 T A Disciple is not adisciple above the teacher, nor aslave above aove is TEACER, nor TOY teUptOV ar'Tov. 25 ApKCTOv' To 2 N?7 a Servant above his LMASthe lord ofhiln. Sufficient to the disciple' that R. 6ytxora zs o' Foa~Kah os a070o0, gf5L 6 3o0os ~s 25. It is sufficient for ys',rirat &~ ~~t~rrtr~to errr, ca~the DISCIPLE that he be he be as tlte teacher ofhibn, and the slae asPLE tat l 6 tupOS aUrou. El'To otcoeoCworv7' BEEAEOs A as his TEACIIER, and the SERVANT as his MIASTER. thi lord of lim. If the master ofthehouse Beelzebul RVANT as his cASd tE. If they have ealled the ETIEKoX;) raP, 7ro)0o /cuaXos' 70oVS OlR 0e0ovs avr7ov; IIOUSEHOLDERBeelzebu l, tLey have named, howv much more the domestics of him? 26 M7 o'J (pof3ri1r7e avovs. OV8- ap E how much mlore TItOSE Of 26 Moj 001 ~Op77J7E LUo700. Goa' yap E~ his HOUS~HOLD? Not therefore you may fear them. Nothing for is his HOUSHOLD far tKc,-taxUUE yevov, O ovic a7rOKaXUVp00ifarl~ Kai 26 $ Therefore, fear au o them not; for there is noving been covered, which not shallbe uncovered; and tiem nceal ed, wlich nothing concealed, which will not be discoveredl; *VATICAN lMANUSCeIPeT-23. Israel. t 23. This sentence is not found in the Vatican MS., though it is approved by Griesbaei,. Clarke says-"This clause is found in IMISS D L, and eight others; the Armenian, Saxon, all the ftalaexcept three; Athan., Theodor., Tertul., August., Ambr., Ililab., and Juvenous. Bengel in his gnomeon, a proves of this reading. OI1 the above authorities, Griesbach has inserted it in hs text. it probably made a portion of this gospel as written by Matthew." t 19. Mark xtiiL 15; Luke xii. 11. $ 21. Luke xxi. 16. l. F ohn xiil 16; 2v. Q t 20a Mark V. 22; Luke viii. 17; xi.2.

Page  31 M/ap. 10: 27.] MATTHEW. Chaap. 10: 37. 6KpUrTv, O ) o7yvwrU017rOeT. 7' 0 AEy v Ef and hid, which will not eecret, ohich not shallbe knoon: What Isay to you in Trr 1c~OTta EL7raTE Ev TPr cpwT' Kamt 6 ELs To ous 27 What I tell you in the darkness, speak In the light; andwhat in the ear the DARK, publish in the I speaVETE k ic7lt)vOT eir TOW Titot/.it0o' 1SKaL k LIGHT; and what is whisalcoveTe, mclpvtaTE EYrt TWp oWl~a'pC'V 28Kat tur pieredi your 1EAR, pro you hear, preach you on the house-tops. And not pered in your EA, proclaim from the I HOUSEpo,3Bo0e atto Trwy a7rotcTeoV'TwZ v T'o oWCtat, 717V TOPS. be afraid of those kilhong the body, the 28 Be not afraid of Tie vX7rn 77 I U vapelpEto a7rOlcElta J)o870r77E THOSEr who KILL tihe but life not being able to killt; be afraid.ODY, but cannot destroy e.ttAAoiYn TOY TVVOa/EVOe KCat yvrlJ Sat T W/,Ua the [future] t LIFE; b)ut but rather thae. being able both Jite and body EP 2 rather fear Him who CAN airoreat 7ES'yeeep. t50vXt OVO fspoVu la utterly destroy both Life to destroy in Gehenna. Not two sparrows and Body in 1 Gelenna. atrtraptov 7roteltract; at ER ESt av-rtW ov 7reotEL- 29 Are not Two Sparan assarius are sold? and one of them not shall rows sold for an t ssaTIar E~7rt TrI 7Yr1 aPEOJ TOLU 7aC1PTOS U'CV4. O~tgcgu Prius? Yet neither of them fall upon the earth without the father of you. Of you shall fall on tle GROUND Te tat att TPIXES Tr7S cKEtaOAis Irta7rat 17plpt1L7rtyatl without tyour FATHER. and even the hairs of the head all being numbered 30 And even the HAIra El tM. 317M ovu dpo/I1Orr7Te'?rooAAXcot rpovOltw of Your HEAD are all are. Not therefore lear you; many sparrows numbered. OlatpepETE V'/EIS. 31 Fear not, then; pou are better you. are of more value titan 32 1IaS ouV 63-TIs 6bIoNoy ea, EV Cevt e ECorpo_- Many Sparrows. All therefore whoever shallconfess to me in presence 32 Wlloever, therefore, 0el vwr aTtOpyFfrct, 6toX oYrfoot att'yO Ev aUT shall acknowledge me beof the men, I willconfess even I to him fore mEN, P also will acEarPOO 0ev' ToU 7raT'poS, o knowledge him before in presence of the father of me, ofthat in heavens. THAT FATHER of ine ill S3'0c rLs 8' av apv*1qraL UE cI7rpoTEY cov *the HE.AVE:NS. Whoever but if may deny me in presence of the 33 But whoever slall a~pOwx7roy, a,lo'o/tai avToY KEa'yc eLrpoEv renounce me before arEN, avPw~~rwv 8pyrl~o~ 7 I, E EUP oo t also will renounce him men, I willdeny him even I in presence eo TH ro e itido bi, erec tpeeev ebefore THAT FATSIER Of Tovl 7rarpos ItOU, Tou E' oUpalOLS. mine in * the HEAVENS. nofthe fatheer of me, of that in heavens. 34 m Think not That I 33 4 Think not That I 34 M1 louttL7rTE, oTt 0 7A001 0 Coa.v e rtpt7Y E7rt am come to send fortIt Notyou mustsuppose thatl1 am come to send peace upon Peace on this LAND; I T7 yrl v 7 " ovt C 7120ov faXetv ELetpr17, aXAa amn come not to send the earth; not I amcome to send peace, but Peace,,but War. ItaXatpav. 35 HAdov -yap TtXaalt aveOp7ro KcaTar 35 For my coming will a sword. I alncone for to set a man against set 2 a Man against his 70o 7rapost avrov, Kat OvRyaTep a Ka'a 7rls T7E1r- FATHER, and a Daughter the fatther of tlim, and a daughter against the mo- against lelr MOTHER, and Trpos aT'17s, Kat vvypur17 Kaa r71s 7repOepas a Daughter-in-law against ther of her, and a daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law her Mother-in-law; auTwys 36 scat exOpot roU aPOpW7rov, of ottrtatlco 36 so tltat a HAN'S Enof her; and enemies of the man, the household emies will be found in his aUTOv. own FA3IILY. of him. 37:IHE wlho LOVES Father or Mother more than 37t'0 Xcv 7rarEpa 17 tr1Trepa V7yrep eC/L, ovK me, is not worthy of me; He loving father or mother above me, not and HE who LOVES Son ert /olov atLos'. mat o6 JtlwSY vpov 1 Ovya7repa or Daughter more than is of me worthy; and he loving son or daughter me, is not wortty of me. * VATICAN 1ANUSCRIPT —32. the HEAVErNS. 33. the IEAVENS. t 27. The houses were flat-roofed. Compare Deut. xxii. 8, Josh. ii. 6, Neh. viii. 16, Isa. xv. 8. Jer. xxxii. 29, Acts x. 9. t 28. See Appendix and verse 3S t 29. Assarionin voalue about one cent and five mills, or three farthings sterling.' t 29. Some Greek copies read in this place tees boulees —the will of. t 32. Luke xii. 8: ix. 26; ark viii. 38; Rom. x. 9; 2 Tim. ii. 12. t 34, Luke xii. 51 t 35. Miic ah vii. 6&. 37. Luke xiv. 12

Page  32 Clap. 10; 38.) MATTHEW. Chap. 11: 7. ~refp EfEoe OUKf eTL ytoV atLoS' s KcaL ds ov Aag8- 38 t And he who does not above me, not is ofme worthy; and who not takes take his cnoss, and follow kzcC'ropy r'ravpov au'rov, Kao asco vovOe o7rto'w me, is not worthy of me. the cross ofhimself, and follows after 39 HE who PRESERVES (0o)9 OvU EoTLt eov atlos. 39 0 fupwsl? /vxV his LIFE shalllose it; but me, not is of me worthy. He finding the life ItE who LOSES his LIFE, a'rovu, abroXEoeL awvtrV Ka 6o airohXeaas 7lvY on my account, will preof himself, shalllose her; and he having lost the serve it. 4vXlqv abTroU eVeKEC EtOV, eupre avvn 077p. o40v 40 THe who RERCEIVES life ofhimselfon accountofme, shallfnd her. He you, receives me, and HE /tL v, ewho RECEIVS me, re&EX0OLEpos UiVas, E/JAE UEXETaLt Kasi EMUE X0W-Eivms me, rereceiving you, me receives; and he me receiv- CeleS HTM who SENT me. EvOS, EXETaL T'roy a7roTfr'rE Aa y Ta,/e. 41 o 41 HE who ENTER' ing, receives him sending me. He TAINS a, Prophet, because 8EXOFEVoS 7rposp17/TSY EIS OVO/Ua 7rpop7'ro7v, Ugt- he is a Prophet, will obreceiving aprophet in aname of aprophet, are- tain a Prophet's Reward; 00ov rpop77Tsov A3?ETai-E KL a 6 E V and HE who ENTERTAINS ward ofa prophet shall obtain; and he r a Righteous man, because ilKaiol' els ovoyta Icaiov, ultoOov ittcatov lie is a Righteous man, ajustman in aname of ajustman, areward ofajustman Wll obtain a Righteous ArIETOaL. 42 Kat 6s EavY ro'rlap era 7fe tmKpvs man's Reward. shellohatis. An whsea, mroieetsr Ea e-w e poes 42 And whoever shall shall obtain. And whoever maygiveto one of the little-ones give a single Cup of Cold ov'wTY ~,'o~-qp~oY, /vUx~pov o~vov,, els ovopa ya- vwater, to refresh one of these a cup of cold only, in a name of LOWLY ONES, be-a tlhese LOWLY ONES, be/7eVx, a/JLry' Ae'y~ca 6tiv,~ ov /13r aro~a~eop'roe cause he is my Disciple, eisciple, indeed I say to you not not may lose the assure you, that by no I assure you, that by no LLIoov aut'rou. means will he lose his RIEreward of himself. WARD. KEis. La'. 11CHAPTE X CHAPTER XI. 1 Kal eyvE7'ro, 6'rE E'E~ErE y I6 13ovs Lar'aca- 1 And it occurred when And it happened, when had finished the Jesus cbarg- JEsus had concluded inarW'rOLS 8woeKta /UaC07Orals al'roU, paeTfrjEI stlructing his TWELVE Dising to the twelve disciples of himself, he departed ciples, he departed thence EKFteOEE', TOV t6aKElv /iCL Kr7pVrEL' Ev'rfY als to TEACH and to proclaim thenc, of the to teach and to preach in the in their CITIES. 7roAEIPv aurwv. 3'0 2 e IOcPwav,.s a/covaas E'rW 2 $ Now JOHW, having cities of them. The and John having heard in the heard in PRISON of the 3EerwS'r-plc'rTa epyTa Trov XpLtrov, 7rE/Atlas avo WORKS of the MESSIAH; prison the works ofthe Anointed, having sent two sending *by his DlSCIaOrc77wv aO'To0, 3 eIwrE avTfJ' Iv EL 6 EPXoUeros, PLES, disciples of himself, said to him; Thouartthe coming one, 3 said to him, t" Art - E'repoe rpPOr0oecw.yev; 4 Kai a7rotcpLOEis o tbou the COMING ONE, or or another arewe to lookfor? And ansering the are we to expect anotherr" 1rloovs ELrEv, av'oLS' rIopeEVO es7rE arayyetActrE 4 And JEsus answering, Jesus said to them; Going away relate said to them, "Go, tell Iware'V aK yove're Icat XE7reTe- 5' rvtioL aYva- John what you have heard to John what you hear and see; blind ones see and seen;,BXErovoL, Kat XWAoi 7repiwra0'rouv, Xe7rpoL 5 tthe Blind are maae again, and lame ones are walking about, lepers to see, and the Lame to caoaptorVTI, Kat KCwpOL afvOUvItL, yEKPeO eye1- walk; Lepers are cleansare cleansed, and deaf ones are hearing, deadones are ed; the Deaf hear; the poY'arC, Kal 7rTCXOI Eva-yyEANo"Tval 6cKal uaKf- Dead are raised; and glad raised up, and poor ones are addressed with joyful news; and blessed tidings are announced to aploS EtCrrTI, os Eal.73 osKavlarta70?1 E eP oE. the Poor; is, whoever not may be offended in me. 6 And happy Is he, who 7 Tovrewi aE 7ropEvoEYlcop 7p7a1TO b r130y0ovs shallnot stumble at me." These and going away, began the Jesus 7 And as they were o VATICAN MsIAXrUsIo T. —2. by his DISCIPLES. $ 38. Matt. xvi. 24; ~Mark viii. 34; Luke ix. 23; xvii. 33; John xii. 25. 40. Luke x. 16/; John xiii. 20. t,- $ 42. Mark xi. 41.,,$. L ~. n 18,. en. lix. ~10; Dan. ix. 24.,5. lsa. xxxv. _llxi -1

Page  33 Aeyc'Y' OIe OXXO 1e'repi I wapoe'u Ti E~iJXOCr departing,' $JJsus proto say to the crowds concerning Joh; Whnt x'intyio ouutceeded to say to the ELS T?7V EP~~L/OY Ce~OoO0OO~ KnXu~o' euro aCv (c11O'DS concelrnin'Johln, into the tesert'; see: a reed by. wind *Wily went you out into tll~ DiEs~ivr? To see at (TaXvoyevoy' 58AAXn\ T1 Et1XOETI 1ieEIi; avdpn, the i err? To see i being saken? e Bat hat owentyouout to see? a man Reed shaken by the Wind? TOpgy Ey eUauKOIS~ I LOLs we1sE0.Tety, ~8 -But'why Went you: in soft garinents having been clothed; Ls, OUt? To see'a man robed of Ta udce ct c/)OPOUs'Tc, e s~l~0K6 ~J, inSofttai nlent? BIiold! I 7-a pd~aca 00pov'e~s' C'lOIS 1ots TfY those the soft (garnments) wearing, i'the. house of the THOStE WEARINGO FIN E Sa oivv w''. ~AA~ac Ti Ch ETE ISe' ~clothing arce in eOYA. kings ae. But what wenty6oi out to see? PALACES.. rpoqbuqT'rn; Nas, Ayo 6/ALv, Ha t 7TfpluOOTeo 9 Put:hly went you aprophet? Yes, t say toyo, otd much msore out? To see a Prophet? w~poepvqrov,,!~06.os *[-yap].rr~TL,'WEp,''.'; Iob es tl Xes, I tenyo and one aSP~rpoepUpo 15O0 o *[}tl0pj cOTSP ~ I, IIefSL'K ee~ e lento taone~ of a prophet. This [for] is, coficerning whosm Do re excellent't'n, a'ye~yl~rTnri' "lrso, E7W GY O SCAAW'ros'7h 7' Prophet.'...... "I~pattl 1ou, eywt ar7roo'~eAAcv'rot/a'yyT~/ot) itis writte, "Lo, I nd. the esenger 10 This is' hre concernLo, the Imstessenge r flag wh onMit is written,!.too ~rpo rpoo'W71`o 0'0%) 6s niaracrKreuaa'et'rrlv,d~) tpo rp~~sur~ufro, ix O~ctTK~ctYEL75)'$'BeholdllIsend mvstrs, sf me before tbi oaen ofthee, who shall prepore- the t'Behol I I sento re niEs' 8 01 i o.rp o o ov." Ct1-1t A11s'r15ER heore th.y Fdae, siG."..A....t /i'who will prepare thy waI tay of the pin,eaetce ofthee." Indtd I say toyou, OVKf EYYt)f'Ep'7st cV 7ESyvJToS Yis oiveeV /r CI(t,'leefore'ileel'' sot sos eisett tetoog hoot of etoos ereoer, II indeed, I sayto you ~lot'na% rIse, amiong -born'of womianl gre ater, Aogthsbrnf 0 leotnvvi 7Among those born of We, lwavvou~ 7ot, j3axrr'ro'~ov' 6 8e bu1CPoTEP0Y ~iv'r Pwavvv so SaIT1~70~ 6 ~ ~UIP07FPS ~E'Pn men, tltere hlas not ariseft of Jonn the dippe; the but less in the en, the les not arisen naoertAe''ravv otpavwvnt, jxt~nirs'r ngrou a greater than John the j~ao-ie&1 Tw oupaPM, J.LlccvaT'Vrou'., ee0-r0'V. imrEt h ES kingdom' i, ne h eaven s grea tsr of him i M6anEsERS; yet tile LEAST' in the IlKINGDOM of the 122Afro 6e?rwvv'AepOov lWcavvoU Tou ~aw'rtr16ov EWS t2Aom Ic rae 7[iepev ltcee'ou Tn am OG c te HEAVENS is superior to From and the days of John the dipper tiltl him., apTrs1 ) fruriksr'rwv oupaw' (3saae'rat, rl 12 4Andfromthcuxs U jnd'omt'hc,,.Y now, the kingdotp, ofXtlee. heavens has been invaded, and of Jolla tile MEtRSERt (JFao7i &piuonuOve eitvaer')s.' sevize on''J ei till now, the KIN G0o0 ( of ototaooers seize on ber. All for the the HEAE S e tile 11EAVFINs bas beeln urpo"urniT eras 6 vogeos lEts lartvvov, 7rpoitP'rEJv- forcibly,tsisailedt aund the prophets and the lawi till Joie, propha violet eize t, 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~violent seize. it.,'-. tav. jQKa Ki ci OEkEr-e le~aTOai, aquroa'Eer7 13 f tk:or All ile Co-. And if youare illing to receo,, this. is POETS and the toW in. HiAtas, 6 /te'hhotv X PXM' rou. XW" fXrtt'r structed till.John.' Eliao. that. being about to come. lie havine ears And if i 14, And if yf,, aro dis. atOcucOUVis,1 acVOsteCO. posed to receive it. lie i. _fto hearj let'hima hear.. ~to hear,] Iethisthos~ea..`TH!AT Elijialh who is to comet. (:'i.( ) 15 He HAVING Ears, let hint lear. h ( e' ar 5Tss'L 86c 6YeOsrsssv T7 /eV ev-'raCVT7)'V;'Optata 16 But to what shall I To whatbutshallicompare the generation this? Like compare tins GENERAo'rT.ratctoss V a'YopaLS caO07ru.evots,- KirP- TKa p. rION? It is like Boys it is boys in markets sltting, and cal- sitting in Public Places. pce-oe.ovT'rotS E'ratpots abTrcv, 17 *[Cai] XA')you- and cailing to *OrHEiRS; ing tothe companions of them, - [d saying; 17 saying, We lthave Csv* vHuXl1ot'ag~e fig.v, cat ovic wpx rao r-0E played to yu ol thelle lule, Wehavebityedon theftte toyou, and not you have danced; hut you have not danced; COpYluhrLo'at ev E, ci c a5 o oK iEKOta sOE. H /e we lave sung llstrnluI stehave mourned toyou, and snot youhavelamented.. Came songs to you, but youl lohave not 1anliened. ~,TICANV M3ANUSCRIPTT. —7. Why went you out into the DElstt? Tosee a Reed shaken byth WiVid? 8. But why went you out? To see a Man, &e 5. But why wont vou-out? To see a Prophet'? 10.'For-omi.t, 15. to hear —omit. 10. 1uouas. 17. Anid-omit. 13. It was a common saying with- the Jews before the birth of Christ, that ite prophets prophesied only till the times of the Messiah..... - - 7. Luke vii. 24. 10. Mat. iii. i; Mark i. 2; Luke i. 70. 12., Luke xvi. 160, ~, lMal, iv.t; Mat~.vil. vII 19.; - Luke vii._ 1.,.

Page  34 cap. ii: 18.] MATTHEW. mCup. 11: 6. yap IIwavtvs, /r7Te E(OLwV a/ Cre 7rtvwrl' icaL AEY- 18 For John came abfor John, neither eating aldr drinking; and they staining from meat and overt. AaedLovYo' EXEL. 19 HAdee' 6 toos rov drink, and they say, He say A demon he has. Came the son ofthe has a Demon; avOponrou, ecr0tiwy Kat 7rrttvwy Kat e'yovoYLV'- I8ou, 19 the soN of MAN came man, eating and drinking; and they say; Lo, partaking of meat and',Oporos r paTo s o at otvo7roTrr7s, TreAXwvwv ptaos drink, and they say, Bea man glutton and awine drinker, of tax-gatherers a friend hold, a Glutton and aWine Icait catapfrwAwv. Kai F8LKace)0l-q X rompta aro Twv drinker! an Associate of and sinners. But is justified the wisdom by the Tribute-takers and Sinre twCVtV airT7s. nlers? But WISDOMisvinchildren of her. dicated by her CHILDREN. N0'ore 7qptaTao OVeL'3L'Ets 7raS roXELS, ev aLs 20 $Then he began to Then he began to reproach the cities, in which censure the CITIES isa eyfEvoY7ro at 7rtrTat vova.ctets an'ov, r rL OU WlhiCls MOST Of his MIRAwere done the most mighty works of him, because not CLES had been performed, AETESr7o7raav 21 Oval (rot, XopaSct, ovar (or, Because they did not rethey reformed; Woe to thee, Chorazin, woe to thee, form. 11Or1l5sa aR5 ort EL ES Tupp Kas >tretJ't EtEvOVTo 21 Woe to thee ChoraBethsaida; for if in Tyre andc Sidon had been done in! woe *to thee, Betha Pvv21AEts, a't Sy'eo/Ycesat es l iv v -r ar av saida! For if THOSE the mighty works, those beingperformed in you, long ago would MIRACLES which are BEe' xascscp Kat afro3op AETE1f1oIJaU. 22 rI7ltV ING PE-RFORMED in yon. in sackcloth and ashes they have reformed. But had been done in Tyre AEyco blEY't Tvyp KcaLt tawvt tVEKTOTEpo and Sidon, they would Isay to you: Tyre and Sidon more tolerable long since have reformed el-atl EN beepsp KcptE~trcaSe, 97 5tets. 23 Kat y, in Sackcloth and Ashes. will be in a day of trial, than you. And thou, 22 Therefore, I say to Kasrepvaouvy, 71 teos'roy oupatvoU ocEloa, you, it will be more enduCapernaum, which even to the heaven art being exalted, raible for Tyre and Sidon, ecos'agov KaIra/tlair/rl' ort et Er EOOO Ls in a Day of Judgment, to invisibility shalt be brought dowon for if in Sodom than for you. EEyvoVT'o att uta/est, at'yoleyeL EN 5Ot, 3 Alld tlou, Capernahad been done the mighty works, those being done in thee, un, THOU which art BEAcErEav av UECXpt Tr13s (r]EPOYV 24 rI/e AEoyW ING EXALTED to HEAVEN, ithadremained till this day. But Isay wilt be brought down to;53ry, EV't'yf ZootI C a E tl Hades; for if THOSE tigetIsV, 0't I q:4oao1AOIN aPEsc-rOTEPOV Et-rTatLE MIRACLEs which are iBEto you, that land of Sodom more tolerable will be in aELB day ", of ts than theINGt PERFORMED in thee,.EP day cpttEas 9 7 tr't* had been done in Sodom, a day oftonl, then thee. nit had remained till THISDAY. 24 But I say to you, That it wsill be more endurable for the Land of Sodom, in a Day of Judg25 E' fcEtld,rpo Ka'p. a7roptOets I rlarovs1 o ment, than for thee." On that the occasion answering the Jesus 25 1On That oCCASION, EL1arE E~opto.XoyoUvatl (rot, 7raTep, ICUptE 7-ou JESUS said, "Iadorethee said; Iadore thee, O father, O lord of the OFather, Lord of HEAVEN ovpavov scat r7ES'y7s, o-t arrtespvtas r avlra aaro and EARTH, Because, harheaven and of the earth, because thou hast hid these from ing concealed these things tot)/tv scat crvvETfrv, sat a7reKaXvsas avra from the Wise and Intelwise men and discerning men, and then hast revealed them ligent, thou hast revealed vsnrtots. 26 Nat, 6 7rarrp, o1t ObTrWS E/YEVETO them to Babes. to babes. Yes, the father, for even so it was 26 Yes, FATHER, For eVsOKscta E7rupotrdet troY. 27 Iavra 1ot srapeaoo0l thus it was well pleasing good - in presence of thee. All to me are given in thy sight." t 23. Hades-from a, not, and idein, to see; and literally means htdden, obscure, invisible.,It is found eleven times in the New Testament. In the Common Version, it is rendered grave in 1 Cor. xv.55, and in all other places hell; but the latter is now universally admitted to be an incorrect translation. See Appendix-word hades.' o20. Luke x. i,' 23. ITs. xiv. 15; Ezek. xxviii. 8 $:, oLuke x. 21,

Page  35 ;'p. 11: M7.1 -MATTHIEW. iap:. 12:, ntO TOt) 70 TCapOC Mo Kar OtU86I(S irrLIytao. TOV 27 + All things are im-n. by thec fater of me tlad ooone knoe the parlted to mne by my eAVuov, et /tral O6 rrarp' ouSeF 7rO 7aTrepa Tls CrT-'rLER; and no one, net the feli.... t-he tthe tATIER, knows tlhe son, if nut te fatier. neither the father any one ylVWOKEL, El pAi 6 Uloy, Rt9aL e o( P F p ovz at k SON; nor does any one III@N~el Tf U7 0 lO Kt'y a at know the l'ATHER. txcept knows, if nut the son, and to whom inay be wllng excpt the SON, alnd he to w'hom O vios aroicah vta#c. AeUres IrTpOS 5 7raVES OL ti e soNls pleased to re the son to reveal. Comne to -me all thie s lesed KoerieovT1E tal 7riepoprTL,'O7.Levo, Kgcyw c vaoraurro v toiling and teeil, btir.lened, andl 1 ill cause to rest,B, 29 D, LABORING antid burdened Vusaas. 9 Apasre 1ov (vyov 0ov es) iV5ao, iaa ones and L will cause you.''ake the yole of le upol you, ald you to rest.' laOsere a7r' sCtou-' 6T1 rpaos elapt, is aC lvos 29 Tke my -r on be.l.for.edh by mne; for.l.eek. I.ln, and humble 29 Take ty YowE on you, and be taught by me;' K9eapiice. ia caes eb pe-Te saaceiauo Tv lrats lxeas'or I amn meek and lowly to the hieat; and you shall find a rest to tlhe lives; I S~ InA~~. 111 tiEA.RT and yosr LIVES Vlswv. O 7yafO (cvyoc ieou Xp7alOTs, ICcL To will find:t Resting-place. of. you. The toc yolke of Ine easy. aud the id J YKl ah 30: For mly -OKE m bopTrov cYC Y eAapov l EOTIV. easy, and my BUDoEN l burder of ule li6glt is. Bght., KE.',/'. 12. CIIAPTER IXI. Ev eret. T- rcaipp f opsuvo 6 1ove ro/ T AtTlltT TsotJEsus At that tile season passed the Jesus tolhe tra/3/3awl 61 0 TW IO OtIO/llUsWs' o/ a~ /5005?TOL CT0 through the stIZLSn or,raBBat ri oa rcov -7roptywv' of' 8~e. a9r'ra avTou t;13'O *, ntl t Is DS O sabbath thlough the corn-tields; the and disclyles of hm OtAIN, and hIs sTL:S were hungry, anl E-wfr aoaaav, rat rypiawrea'rT lhXA o'Taxuas, CeagL began to pluck uff'~ars of were hungry, and began to plck:: ears of corn, anet Gain, o to eat. Grain, nild to cat. 0ltetl,. 20/ be, piail bao OTC5o EIr)Oa rotv 2 Now' the'IIARIS;E9, to eat. The and Pharisees seeingt, sdalt sa to iim, I8ov, of tsO arr oou 7eroiovoiv, o6 OuK ceeor " Behold, thV DIsCIPLES Lo, tihe disciples ofthee are doi.g, that not is lawfl -ire doing what is nAot law7rotE ev cO-ra,83$aTc. 3o tQ E b tflTEV auodS' OVK f nUltdo a Sabbath." to do on a sabbatlh. Ile but said to them; Not 3 But IE si1 to tlem aVEOyO WT, TI ErOl77oCe Aavlr, OTe 7reiloore, ar evHaeeoun notread what have you kanotn, what did David, when he wa hlutngry, and David did, when *bie was o0 /ST' COTwOV; 50rC 5 ELreiOiAf Cit TOOM OttCrO hlungry, and T'lOSE who thlose with hiin? how he enteredl into the house u gere'vitBl lint? TOU 6eon,, Kat'Ov ap-oveS erTs-7etrpoO~eotc eiaoy, 4 llow he t entered into of the God, and tile onves of the presence.:. did eat, the TABERNACLE of GOD, ous ovUe e4.o 70V aU'rt QpayeLV, ov8B TrOis LAET and ate the LOAVES of the whict, not lavlrfl was to him to eat, netlher to those th P ENCE, which were avTov, Cl A717 TOtI 1epEtVte gsOVOSe; 61' Iove not lawful for bin to eat, him, except tile priests a alone? Or not nor for THOSE wio were VEEYWrTE eV T4tt YOOLYtt, Ots T Ots o'a/L3 1V O with him, but for tho have yol read in the law, that to the sabbatehs the PIRIESTS alonet iepers sov'rrq ieppi w ar'alpaorovee 13eBiaA3otrl otta 5 +Or, have you not priests in the temple the sabbatll violate, and read in the LAW, fhat avatriotol e'; 0AycE 8be BU.v, 6t TOU lEPOv t the PRIESTS in the TEMblamelona are? I say but to you, that ofthe temph PLE profane tle REST to be observed on tile SABBATHIS and are blameless? 6But 1 say to you, VATICAN MaNUSCRIPT. —3. he was. t 1. SAB3ATn —with us, Satlrday, or rather Friday at sun-set to Saturdhty at sun-et, for so the Jews reckoned +. + y. comparing 1 Sam.xxi.1 —6, and Lev. xxv.5-9, it will yppear that Ctis also transpired on a Sabbath. t 5. From Num. xxviii. 9, it appears that two additional lambs were sacrificed on the Sabbath, by which the ordinary work ot, the week was doubled. Compare Exod. xxix. 38. t 27. MIatt. xxviii. 18; John iii.,5; vi. 46; x. 15. t 29. John xiv. 3; Heb, iv -I1L. I. 30. 7 John v... t 1, ark ii. 23; Luke vi. DUt, D Ti i, 25.,_. 3. 1 Sam. xxi. 1 —3 5. Lev. xxiv. 5, Num. xxviii. -

Page  36 Map. 12: MATTHEW... I.: _ tELO,6LZ(TL I S8E. 7 ELLEt s t7oy TE'eT ET TLY' That one greater than tho 9* 4er fia here. If but you had known, what in; TEMPLE is here. 6 EAsEov OEXW, Cat ov OvrUav. " oV c aV caT-E- 7 If, then, you had'C"Tercy Idesire, and not asacrifice;" not would you known what this is; i'1 bLcCzoatrE TOys aCvaLTLovs. Kvptos yaep EO-T'desire Compassion, and leee condemned the blameless. A lord for is'not a Sacrifice,' you Tov ua(farStou 6t VloS Tfl OiVPO7i-oU. would not have consthe cabbath the,on of the maam. demned the INNOCENT; 8 for the soN of MAN is Master of the SABBATH." RKat fxEraas EcKteLOt,, eL2,Y tS T'rlV (OVVa- 9 $ And having left that And esing on fiom thence, h came into the nyna- place, he went into their,c,'ys7, av'rUV. 10Kat tlOUv, avOpw7rOS /' T'rV SYNAGOGUU; gogue of thert. And lo, Peman there was the 10 and behold, there xeLpa EXcov srpavy. Knat el7rnpcW77ov avToP, was a Man who had *a hand having withered. And they asked him, withered Hand. They Xe-yose~ss El EtETITrl -OtS oaX33,ctoL OepalrEVE; asked JESUS, with a deSaying; If it is lawful tothe sabbaths to heal? sign to accuse him, 4:"Is va iaTr77,yop7(crwttv avIrov. 11'0 aE Et7riE ai TOLS it lawful to heal on the that they might accuse him. le but said tothem; SABBATH?" TLs EirCat sE iccY' atOpwnros, (s dEt 7rp3Oaov 11 And n answered What shall be among you a man, who shall have sheep them, "What Manis ilere s a, a,7 C/ aE-orEp7 TrOUT TtrS rra[3/aLY t Is among you, who, having one, and if shouldfall this no the sabbath into one Sheep, [if it fall into BoOevvov, ovXl tcpar7Ocat avTo, scat eycpEl; a pit on the SABBATH, a pit, not seize it, and raise it up? will not lay hold on it, 12lHooy0p ovv' &appet avOpw7ros 7rpofarov;'oE a;nd lift it out? Itowmuch then is superior a man of a sheep? So tht 12 Does not a Man eGt1 TOISl oaf3/3ao icaAcos wroIev. 13ToTE greatlysurpass a Sheep? it ialawful to the sabbath good to do. Then Therefore, it is lawfal to Xc"eLt Trcq avOpcwqro' EwretoV -7l/ XEtpa 0ov. do good on the sa". he sayz to the man; Stretch out the hand of thee. Kalt E, 7TCe'e Kcai a7rofKarserTa0l3 dyts, -st 13 Then he says to the And he stretched it out; and It was restored whole, as MAN, Stretch out Thine C atA,. HAND." And he stretched the other. it out; and it was restored to soundness, like the ~~~14 ~~~0t',~ asother. 140 8''aptratot a Vot vpFBOtovo, eAa/or a' 14 Then the PHARIThe then Phariseea acouncil held against SEES, departing, held a avTrou Cse~XOOVTES, S6rooS aTro a7rOXEtTevoLl. Council concerning him, him going out, how himn they wightdestroy. how they might destroy. 15'0 e ITrrovs,yvous aveXwprlaev EKELtEY' scat him. The but knowing withdrewr from thence; and 15 BUt JESUS knowing ltcoAov07rlolav avrt, oXXot 7roAAotl Kal EOepa- it, withdrew from them, followed him erowds great; and he and * many followed him, fevo'ev av-ovus rav'Tas, 1s6 cat re'rt.97-0'E and he healed them all; healed. them all. and charged 16 and charged them aTrots, itva grl (pSavepo' aU'roT wot oelw iv' 1776wrows not to make him known: them, that not known him they should mae; so that 17 so that the woRD rA7rpwc0p r eo f10Y a8ta'HcratoV TOy Tpo- SPOKEN through Isaiah 1wmightbehulfilled the wordspoken through Eanias the pro- the PROPHET might be cr70TOU), AEYOVTOS- 18 I8ov, 6 7rats Itov, d' verified, saying; If plhet saying; " Lo, the servant of me, whowm 18 4:" Behold, my SEEVATICAN MANUSCRIPT. —10. a withered Hand. 15. many followed. t 18. The following is from the Septuagint version of Isa. xlii. 1, translated by Thompson:-"Jacob is my servant, I will uphold him; Israel is my cho.sen one, my soul hath embraced him. I have put my spirit upon him; he will publish judgment to the naglens: he will not cry aloud, nor urge with vehemence, nor will his voice be heard abroad. A bruised reed he will not break, nor will he quench smoking flax, but will bring forth Judgment unto truth,-and in his name shall the nations trusi (or hope),, The words;iraSob and Israel, added by the authors of the Septuagint, have obscured this mprophecy. Mt. Eos vI. 6a- Matt. iX. 13. $ 0. iark iii. I Luke fvL t 10. Luke xsiiL j liv,. g; Johnllx. l 11. Exod. xxiii. 4, S. D)- i4 4..D 1. 1a. Txii. 1.

Page  37 cOap. 12: 19.1 MATTHEW.,hap. 12 28.'vCpEltr&a, B OtYawr IZOV, C1S uovs 6St5~,~ a~ y i "rANT, whom I have cho. ihaveechosen, the beloved of me, io whmn takes delight the "sen, nty BELOVED, II aUX7 1Aovf- 0m2e; -O leP~t~ct s A eOrW' aOVTOP, "whom 1? take delight: I 0oul of me; I willput the spirit of me upon him, "w d KU K ltob t Tot s c-'vEoI atra-yyEAeAC. 190 cco"him, and he shall pro"claim Justice to the NA. and judgment to the nations he shal declare. Not i e e A"'TIONS. EpItiel, ov6e xpaae Et, otS)e 0 KOU#ti'hS 7t 19 "He will not strive heshallstrive, nor cry out, nor shallhear anyone in 19 "c will not strive,rals trXaTEtals CPy (Pcoyrv av7.-ov 2tKaXa~bV " nor cry out, nor will any "one hear his vowct in the wide places the voice of him; a reed OPE SQUARFS. o'UPT,.r`,rpUl.Apyov ov lca~c-cg~C-1, -mesa A11100 TU "thre OPEN SqUARES. avgU 7wE1pobju~Ee 0 ~ O~ V P ~er>OtstS 07 g'rVD "9OP' 20 "He will not break bhainghbeen brused not heshallbhreak, und fa sm. ing a bruised ed, and a evov eov (r$8E(refe''to 0' OK$A svia oh7 ("dimly burning Taper he not heshallquenc, till he blingforth to avictory "Wll not extioguish, till T77te CpairLV. li Ho ipal Ott, ctJ1'e #trOV e(e "ihe send forthll te JUDVthe judgment. And to the name of hiB nations iat~k~rionsrr"'"MENT to Victory. ehXtOU ter"' 21 "The nations also ill hope." "' will hope in his name." 22 +Thlen *they brought _22TOre rpo o'fCX7 f f, Co AOl souerosg to lnm a demonlac, bllnd Then was brought to him a demoniaoc, and dumb; and he cured revg/os mat IclP~osh 1cl KOL TeptVYrev aUoTOV, wltare him, so that *the DUMB blind and dumb; and he ihealed him, ao that man spake and saw. ro, rvh.Aoor Cat1 KWce/oY t(a AOAho mat AXereiyv. 23 And All the PEOPLE the blind and dumb both to speak and to see. with anlazement, asked, a' eatTr'raVqro rav'res oX oXot,:nat cAeyo,' "ls this the sox of DaAnd were amunied, all the. crowds, and said; lid.?' SIlfT ouros;5oeSLv 6 VeOS iU 24 OJ, gE 24 But the PHARISEES Not this is the seon David? The and hearing them, said, "This iapOteolo aKovtca TEns, snroe' VTOS OiUT EK- man could not expel DEPhariseen hearing, said; This not aIONvS, except through, AACe-'rc alOeieoyea, es Ctl c'( P'n sEXE's3ovAh Beelzebul, the Prince of castfiout the demons, if not by the Beelzebul, the DEMONS." popXorrT'raT Ialeovi'ircs, 2;B3ElS e b I6 covUs 25 And * he knowing a prince of the dilons. iKnowmg but the Jesus their tloughts. said unto a5S YJU 70EltSh (aiTCOV,7efi0 SEreY UTOnSt' 1 — a- them, "Ei cry Kingdom the thougtts -of them. naid to them; Every bein divided against it-iAeia etUltraOfeLrcta ~ K~2 DToSa, EP71401Tat- KtaO, self, is desolated; and No ingtdoe being divided againt te!f, laid te d City or House being diwaaa s rohs-s n otm.aa eFptalc tloa cza' oaursh79, aO vided against itself, caa every city or houoe beingdivided against itself, not tand. TraO-7iheiTat. Kea it 6 E 6'avrcw.aS To o's'rays, 26 Now if the ADVERmill stand. And if the advee;ary tthe adversary SATY expel tile ADVEEseK,3aAAsE eC(p' ZvT~OVr E/tLE~P61 ir WNS ony Ta - SARY, lie is at variance cnaat out, with himself he it at vriee, how then wiith Riself; Iow thend? Otoerari~~t r eirzcanron;27 ~i' 7 Besides, if I through yeillstand the kingdom of himn And if I by h Belzebuly, e MogS BCEA/dlreou A sX~aA a. 8a~tjtBeelzebul expel DEMONS, BteA'he~ouhX'taUro Tqa iFadpoai, ot vloC bL(v throutigh whom do your Beelzebul eaot out the demecz, the cons ofyou soaS expeyo enl? ThereSir TYlv E~arhAAhO sn; lato -nruo ao-7sos ng>eire fore, ttel will be Your by whom do theyeast out? In this they of you Jud,s nuq'aT at Kptrat. 2s EL 6 1 7'.yEvlzaTr 0600 O?wo cone-~rot KpLTCO. 20 Hi ge,, teet/tet, i (leon 5YOt 28 Baut, if it be by Dil ahali be.udges. If but by spirit of God L vine co-operation that b vine co-operation that Af,a[ANk Ta 8sa haoMvao, apa eqSaarre ~({P' cast out DEbMONs, then oast out the demons, then has suddenly come among t GOD'S ROYAL MAJESTY VATIeCAN lANUSCarPT.-22. they brought. 22. the DoMn man spake and saw. 25. he knowing. t 28. See note on Basileia, Matt. iii. 2. It is not acording to fact, to make Jesus say, that "the kingdom of God has come unto you,' as rendered in the Common Version, and fe,llowed 1by modern translators. The context shows that our Lord is speaking of lhinlselt'keaie r-niracle were proofs of his Messiaflship. See John iii. 2; v. St vii. 31.; 22. tukoo zi, 1 $t 234. ark iii. 22,

Page  38 ,Chap. 12: 29.] MATTHEW. [ap. 12: 7., uas Xj Bac(rtleE10, T7o Oeov. 29 H 7rcrs hvvaTrai has unexpectedly appear.:you the majesty of the God. Or how is able ed among you. T s etE'heAOL El ts "rm OLtCtLay'ro LeOXVpOV, Kcat 29 Moreover, how can any one to enter into the house of the strong man, and any one enter the STRON G'ra 1rKev? avcTov ro aprnaaoe, eav ju' 7 rpcor0o one's HOUSE, and plunder the househod stuff of him to plunder, if not first his GOODS, unless he first.83717'To 1yXvpOV; iCal TOTS burovbind the STRONG one? he sholdbind the strongman? and then the house of him and then indeed he may 8iap7r'aeEL. 30'0 IOtZ WV IA'' Eov, y ear' TE'zo V plunder his HOUSE. he shallplunder. He not being with me, against me 30 HIE who IS not with SearL' ca 6 rcqou aY au fLET' EfUov, O'iO1rirLc~'Si me, is against me; and HE is; and he not gathering with me, scatters. who GATHERS not with 31 BAa TOVTO XE-Y u (,5Y'tv J A aUa ayap~Ta ica me, scatters. Therefore this I say to you; All sin and 31 1 Therefore, I say to Aar(crlp/ta aeOyei7'Eat'rots avOpro7ros' 7 6E you, Though every other evil-speaking shall be forgiven to the men; the but Sin and Blasphemy will To) 7rVrEV/uaTtOS (3aNCXCI1t( ovK aJpear737. be forgiven *to YOU A xN; of the spirit evil-speaking not shall be forgiven yet the BIASPHEMY OE'[TOts aOpwc7rots' ] 32icat cs a n the SPIaIT will not be [to the men;] and who ever may speak a wd ford given. ac'rcz T0OO LOu To) avdpsnrov, 037momEfr avrG9 32 For whoever may against of the son of the man, it shall be forgiven to him; speaO a Word aN ainst the SON of MAN, it % t will be Os 8' av EtL'r qca'ra V'rotEw garos Trov &tou, who but ever mayspealh against of the spirit of the holy, ovic apeOrle e'rTat aium s, ovPTE E' TTovrT Tr auvvi, may speak against the not it shall be forgiven to hin, neither in this the ge, OLY SIIT, it will in ovTS Ey Tc UE H WO7relyeaTr To O no wise be forgiven him, vLeS.X 7 hOPTi-..3 rlbU 7 E neither in this nor in the nor in the coming. Either make you the tree 3poc KacXoV, Kal TO c apTOv avTov caIXvX X coming AGE. good, and the fruits of him good; or TOi fill TO good, and its FEUIT good; rorlcrTSE so Ss8PO/ 0a7rpov, If tY KaprovT orcall the TREE bad and make you the tree corrupt, and the fruits its nB.UIT bad; for we aLTou 0oa'rpoUo' fSIC -yap TOO vc7rov TO eV8pOc know the TREE, by the of him corrupt by for th fruit the tree yvPfOICTal. g34'EvLgeaTct EX LVCOV, a r, s 340 Progeny of Vipers l is knlown. O(broods of venomous serpents, how thow can you, beingevil, 8vvaOOe ayaea dAac Xev, ror'slpol o Tres; r'yap speak good things? for areyouable good (things) to speak, evil (men) being; out of for out of the EXUBERANCE fTO 7reptSC~vO'Eo /aTQS Ty!cap o as Tr fsToloca AahtX. of the HEART the mouth the fullless of the hea't the month speaks. speaks.'0O a'yaOos a'Opwtrrcs erC T'o3 aoyaOov ravpov out The good man out of the good treasure of his GOOD Treasure prolc[ Tr ayaaao Ifeat O wrovrpos avOpwTros duces *good things; and brings forth the good (things); and the evil man the EVIL Man out of his eSIC you rou V pcvG )favpov eac,BaXet 7rovqpa. BAD Treasure produces out of the evil treasure brings forth evil (things). evil things. 36e wyo 8e 8ett gV, g 6 I ray l/t/a apeyo, o eaP 36 But I say to you, I say but to you, that every word idle, which if Tat for Every pernicious Aa?Jov'frwv ol avOporol, aro'oewaov'ot, repI Word which iMEN may mamy speak the men, they shall give account, concerning utter, they shnat be Reavrovo X oyoP y e dyLEPa IcpLoeSc 37 EcK yap 7rCO sponsible, on a Day of this word in aday of trial. By for the Judgment. O^ fwv o' 8CtKatwOa o)f, f Kal IeC T Xoywv atPcov' 37 For by thy WORDS words of thee thou shalt be acquitted, and by the words of thee thou wilt be acquitted; ICa'TaSIaCraIc'OSf'o and by thy WORDS thou thou shalt be corc',,-,lcd.v wilt be condemned." V ATICAN ANUTSCRIP. —31. t O MEN. to. 31. to MiEN-0o7it. 32. not be forgiven him..32. in no wise be forgiven him. 35. of the ro5.r —emit. 35. good things. t 32. The Vt. MSS. here reads, "it shall not be forgiven him," which is contrary to what is stated in verse 31 and the parallel passage in Luke xii. 10. Probably it is an error of the transcriber. Por this reason it has not he. inoserted in the text. 31. Mark iii. 28; Luke xii. 10; 1 John v. 16.'" 3.: a85 M Vt. ii. tl 4 L'o. vi 43, 44, xt 8 W, M.aoiii. 7;;xiii.; ~. Luke i. 45i;

Page  39 7Mclp l. 38.] MATTHEXW5 dicp. 12: 48. 38Tore a7reKpt0?iav TIYWES TV -pa.U~a0T~c- o 38 tThen some of thi Then answered some of the scribes SCRIBES: answered him, *[Koai 4aptLawiwv,] AEyo'rES' AimTLa aAE, OCX- saycing, "Teacher, we dc[and Pharisees,] saying Oteacher, ve sire to witness t a Sign O/EV 00rrO o00 OIaf.ELsOY LELV. ~39'~ ae a'rotteptlOes from thee." wiah froot thee a sigu to see. He but answering 39 utst em answering, eL7rev azUoso l'a lorpa 0 -uoXas l- said to them, $ "A wicked EvEttompae ccci Aoiieec and faithless Generation said to thetn; A generation evil and adulterous a ands a Si butno eOlV -E7ri 7TeC - Bal 0 F7t/ELLO oP - 0 o6e1 rnT av, C demands a Sign; but no Sign demoa.nds; and a sign not shall be given toller, Sign will be glvFn it, exEl /r)1 TO 0,lr ELOV IWVea OU t poTrO 0 40'lo rrEp cept the SIGN of Jonah if not the sign of Jonas, the prophet. Like as PROPHET. 40 $For as Joilah was -yap -Y Lwvas eYv 7T?7 01. / TO?) ITtVS) TgEIS Three Days and Thlee for was Jonas in ti-m belly of the fish three i cI eR S N'loigllts in the STOrIAcH 7 pas Kai TpElS V Ta,- orTS ETrat o VlOS Oof the GREAT FISH; SO days and three nights; so shall be the on will the so SON of AN be Tov acOpwcro Ev T'apa w lthe sop of A be ofo thPe OUe Eoo tt7he1 K Tup' 7f7 yyls vpezs {/uepaPs Three Days and Three of the man in the heart oftho earth three cays Nights in the hEART of PKat TpEIS vicTras. 41 AvapEs Nwevitrat i(ZikbCT?7r the EARTH. anl three nights. Men Neite allc itand The Ninevites will aovTalt El T?,7 IpCtOp fIAETa T77S r'YElIE!i a5TfS, stand ulp in the JUDGup in the judgmrent against the generatijo ofihis, ISENT against this GENKat rKaaTRKprlovfLiv alTjrr)vl OTt EYcH EVatr'1 ERATION, and cause it to and shall give judgment against her; for Ihey reformed be condemned; $For they ELS rTO IcrqpvtyYa Isva- Kai Pt tou TALop I wvw WE, reformed at the WARNING at the preaching of Jonas; and lo a greater of Joias here. of Jonah; and behold, 42 Bao'lt(ua YIoTo U E7YEpOrOETL tEi T1? tICfOEL something greater than QGeen of south shallrise up in the juldgment Jonah is here. [eC'a Tr7s YeT eaS TaUTrls, KaT Ka ea,.sptLEet 42 tThe Queen of the against the generation of this, and shaol give judgmlent against I Soutll ill rise up at the av~rrlv- 6,rt -qXOEP VC ou i wirepalluv r-s y-qs South ill. ise up at the cvTfly' drT 7)X3e.0 Etc TO'Y )repaRTWl, Tr'es 7,s JUDGIMENT against this her; for she came from the ends of the earth GENEtATION, and cause aKlouoa aiR T7i votoqiav 8olAloYwvos- COt L8ov, 7rXEtOpV it to be condemned; for to lhear the wisdom of Solomon; acnd lo, a greater slle caine from a DISTANT YoAko/(WVoIs Wje. 43'0-a, E TO araOeaproV LAND to hear the wlsof Solomon here. When but the unclean )JOI of Solomon* and bervevpFa eteXOui ar0o Tov alOpwt7rov, 8LEp XET'a hold, something greater spirit may conme out from the macl, it wanders about tllan Solomon i; here.' avvRupwv r TOw fli (TroUv ava7ratvy, 5cat CvX 43 $ When the IMPURE threnegh dry places seeking a resting-place, and cot Spirit is gone out of the EbploaKel. 44TorE XAeyeL Esr~o-rpetcw els roi MAhN, it roves through it finds. Then it says; I willreturn inlto the Parcled Deserts, seeking orteog IAou, 6Oev e~,lXOvo. Kal e0Xov EebpltrCet a Place of Rest, and finds house of me, whence I came. And coming it ficcis it not. arXOAaovyra, o'eaapClf.tElO,, KtaL IICtecoo/?jteClEoO' 44 Then it says, I will it being empty, having been swept, and havinghbeensetin order. retuin to my HOUSE, 45Tore,ropevesata, SCKa 7rapaXa/aBaver AleO' 6avrovU whelnce I came. And Then it goes, and takes owith itself coming, it finds it empty, WT7ra ETrpa V7rVev.a-ra, WrolIr)poTepa Eav'TOU, al swept, and furnished. seven otheir spirits, more wicked of itself, andt 435 It then departs, and EIE-AO PTOa KCaTOLKCCL EIEt' KCai'yLC7CTela Ta takes with itself Seven they entering finds an abode tcere; and becomes the Other Spirits, nlore wicked * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT. —38. and Plharisees —ozit. 38. ans-ered him, saying. I' 38. This was a demand often made-see MIatt. xvi. 1; M3ark viii. 11; LuBe xi. 0 —and probably founded on the prophecy of Dan. vii. 13, which describes the Son of Man as coming in the clotuds of heaven. It was almost a characteristic of the Jews to ask a sign. See 1 Cor. i. 22. They demanded one from heaven-socme celestial phenomernon-which would be She strongest test of Jesus' pretensions.-13lomJlie eld. t 40. That is, simply, in the earth. So Tyre is said to be icn the hea ft of the sect, Ezek..xviii. 2, although it was so near the continent, that, when Alexander beseiged it, he carried a causeway from the land to the city.-Trollope. t 42. In thle Old Lestamerit-Shebai 38. Lauke xi. 29.: 39. SMatt. xvi. 4. I 40. Jonah i. 17. $ 41. Jonall iii. 5. t 41. 1 Kings x. 1; 2 Chron. ix. ]. H 43. Luke xi. 24

Page  40 t'ap; 12: 46.J] ~MATTHEWV. [Cafap, is: 4.,o-Xara -0U a&oep6rov EKeLssoU XEIxpOa rooy than itself, and entering, last (state) ofthe man that rse the they abide there; and rpTi-w/. OCGrws CTra R y t tthe LAST state of that Ka,,P,YEVEa Ta'rar, tirst. Thus will be and the generation this MAN IS worse than the rlRST. Thus wvill it also th7 i701'Pr. hbe witih this EVIL GENEthe wicked, LRATION. 40 Ess BE arroV Aahovosrog wr oXsoe s, rov, 46 While he was yet Whileand he is tkig c oX,' alking to tile crowDs, 1/ hlTe bc~ OS s talokin to thle crowdCs lo,: +JbeWold, h6is MOTHIER and /. IA7-triTe,, oL a3EX.pot arVeyU CAGYT71I-eettC ~~OJ~i, his BROTH ERS stood withtlce uloteer anld tlhe brothers of his stood without, irlroo~,rEs avEnay XakrlraL ~[473E/rr 3e S out, desiring to speak to seeking to him to spealr [Said then one 47 *[Asnd one said to 0:)TO. I ou, 77 JAc7777 Ocu icat oc aaEAj)o0 aov hint, "Behold, thy IoTnrtJ hlim, Lo. St'e mother of thee aud the brothers of thsee h, T CgW E0TS7ICR1 a, g57T0VlT~ h 001 AtZA7/TRS. 3 4Q(s'Els and thy BROTIEnSa are it Eou sTRltlood, seolki,' tSot tee Aasori' a.' 4 He standing without, wishing without stand, seeking to thee to sleali;. Ne to speak to thec.'] to speak to thee."] E t aCvrOpsCPI oEzols f ii FLTOlTI avrry'Tseap7w 48 But,iE answering, but answering said to the mtn informling him; Who iS said to the PERSON IN 77 rl?7Trlp iyoe; ~al TSS'es ClIi' o[ alSX. Cos iaou; FORMOIN hios, tI " Wiho is the mother of ce? and who are the brothers of ine? m 5OTTI? and who 4 Koa tCKT~ElaS' rai'q XEp aVoV 07r t7o00s are my 1BRiOTltERS?" Ant stretching out the cand. f hin towards thle 49 And extending aOras aurtle, Etz7rvO' 1ou, 71 1/7rr7p 100v, Ltea IrAND towards his roDSCclisciples of Licn, said; Lo, the mother olf ne, and PLxS, le. said, " Belleld ol a8EAqot laovd. 50'OO'ris.yap at' 7rot77trl To my n Iy OTHER, and my the brothers of me. U'loever for Inayclo the OROTHEIS OeA77Ja Tou iraepos l0ov, TO El' Oupat5iS, aIeTOS 50 1 For whoever shall will of the father. of ne, that in heavens, th'ame do the WILL of THAT,0ou aEhAos K.aC aeAp7 Ktca /It7Tr97p EITt,', FATHIER of mine in the ofme a brother and asister and alclotlcer is. HEAVENS, that one is my Brother, or Sister, or MIothler." KEQ,. ty'. 13. CHAPTER XIII, 7Ev e 7217 aVep fesfcesp -EAOt qtes o v157O/ S treo I On that DAY, JEsus, In but thle day that departing the Jesus from hating gone out of thle'ryS ollKeas esfKa a0iTr O iarpa ravy aoAaoa~ r Kajl IIOUSE, I sat by the SIDDs the house, he sat by the sea, and Of' te LAKIE; auv01P5XO -ralc wrpos arTovs oXXos 7roA1Ao, fal fe 2 but so many People wel-egatl.recl to hitm crowds great, so that gathered around him, that au0ro, ES TO 7reotorI E jU e av70e tca7OrltOat teat 7rtxs lie entered *a Boat, and he into the ship en terlile tobesealed; and all sat down;.and All the PEO1 oXAos E 55 TOs' a t AkO V Et-e1KTI. 3 KaCt PLE stood or the SHORE. the crowd on tlce shore. sttccl. An4 3 Then hc discoursed AEaoqO-v' auroLs rroXAXa es wraapaAaLs, CeyWv- muchl to them in Parahcspake to them much in parables, saying; bles, saying; $ "Behold, I5oU, Et7XOesV' o5 7rIPWs' 7TQV oreItpFL'. 4 Kai the sowE:' went forth to Lo, went out the sower ofthe (seed) tosow. And SOW'. Es' reTf OrielpefV aUvO, a fsE' CExEC 7rapa Ti7iO 4 And in SOwTNG, some in the scvwing it, someindeed fell oi the seeds fell by the ROAD; dsov' sCat alAh3 ira 1ECfs-7'Ya, teas K a~Tes~a's C aand tile BItDS came and path; and cacch the bircts and ate thbire. picked tlen up. VA.TICAN MAN.USCRIPT. —47. And one said to him, "Behold, thy IOTTIER and thy caoo cuEns Lare standing without, wishing to speak to thee"-omit. 2. a IBoat. 5. RAnTH. t 48. To sluppose thnt our Lord here intends to put any slight, on his mother would be Very absulrd; he only took the opportunity of expressing his affection to hlis ccbecliclt disciples in a peculiarly endearing manner; which could not but be a great comfort to them, I t apnears from Luke viii. 2, Susainna, Joanna, Mar y Magdalene, and others were then with hitm.' t 4. The ordinary roads or paths it the Eacst lead oftent along the edge ofthe fields, which are unenclosed. Hence, as the sower scatters hcis seed, some of it is liable to fall bed yond the ploughed portion, on the hard beaten ground, which f)rms the way-side. —lackett. 1 45. Heb. vi. 4 x, 26; 2 Peter ii. 20-22. t 45. Mark iii. S1 Luke iciiil.. $ 56, John xv. 14: Gal. lii. 28; Heb. li, 11, 1 1, 3Iark iv. 1, 1, 3.Luke viii. 5.

Page  41 ,trkap13tl7 MA~T'HEW& dkhap 19,?W AAXta 8E ~reas' etrle ra rrpwSrln rSrou owve 5 And others fell on Others and fell on thle rocky ground, suerce not RO KY GROUND, where they had not much Soil; IXE Y'y5V 7roAAv' Kaict EVOewi eSavToErLAhE a and ininemediately vegetaIt had earth much; and immediately spn'-g up, through ted. tlllourh ot HAVING ro et77 eXeit/. 3aOo s' -yS 6'; 2 Ito cava'sE- a )epth of * ART; - the not to have a depth ofearth; sun and having 6 t and when the Sun Aave os, EKaeaogTfoTLn RaIL 8aR To f7?7 exey had risen, they -were arisen, it was scorched. and through the not to have scorched, and HAVING o10 pAk^a e7pavf 7AA Na 8~ ea~rec~ep r Root, tlley withered. a root, ws dricel up. Others and fell among the TI 7 And others fell aong'atavOas~ IcaLtavef7or'a al aicavrOai, tat areirrvttav choked t em. thorons and sprung up the thorns, aud choXed 8 But others fell oa atbrV. 8AAXa e CtwiEEGe Er1. iT 77V y7tv Tl?7 GOOD GROUND, andyy!eld. them. Others' and fell on tihe ground the' ed Increase; ONE a hO.n.i.aEkOT 6 dred, ONE sixty, and oaFn a tY ato' Ep e. oVR ctpirbP, e caTo~, thirty. good, and bore fruit the one ahbudred, the 9 lIE HAVING Ears to'8e 4tr7ovra, 6'e rptatoVrTa`_ 9r'O E XWv C-ra hear, let him hear. other sixty, the othe' lthirty: tIe having cars 10 Then the DIssci PLES approaching, said to to hear, let him hear. And coming the hin,, W ilhy dost thou attt <r' c Ala speak to them in Para-;AaO'o~ra&t ctLo ~ au~T' Atar- cy/ 7rapaBoXats bles?". disciples uaid to him; J Why in parable ansring, i AaAei vos n rl' 0 8e'aroteplr0is e'rev as- to thenl, "Because You speakestthou to themro He and answering said to are permitted to know the'ToISOt l I 8o&Tal'}cval ra -' SECRETS of the EKINGDO. them; Becauseto yo itisgiven.tokno te secret of te AVENS; ut t tljemt this privilege is not'Tl-s arrthclras'Ts ovpavwv''teivoIts;8 OV given. ofthe' hingdom of the lheavenls; to them but not 12 For whoever has, to 6o0at.r 1 l2'0ort~'yap Eoei, 800oGCEroat auV'Te,) him more will be given, it is given. Whoever. for las, it shall be given to him, and lie shall abound; but Rat werpirtreot-Vi0ra [; o'Sras8e OUKRXl t wat whoever has not, from and he will be gifted with abundance;whoever but not ha h will e take even that which he has. d eXi, apdrlo'GeraT Irara oV. A3iam'ro'ro 13 For this reason I khat he has, shall hbe taken from him. Therefore this I speak to them ir Paraev 7rapa/oXalr autrolr haarAw, or h,3Aerovers ou bles; Because seeing, they ia parables to themn I speak, for.seeing not do not perceive; and hearPAeuroquac, Rat arouoflOVTFS OuRc CRoUOBUGeaOVuG e lrIg, they do not understand; nir do they regard they see, and hearing.: not they hear, neither 14 And in thenl is ful-!IvvLouvOl. 4 Ka avcA7fpovrat avros 7 7rpoe filled THAT PROPHECY Of do they understand. And is fulfilled to them the Isaiah, which says; 1'By prpuTea'HRatov, rt Aeyovla' 6 AfOer acoteo'S're'Hearing you will hear, prophecy of Esaias, that saying; "Byrhearingyou shallhear,' thOUgl you may not unda rstando; and seeing, you ~ar ou P! ouvvqRre' ta; keiA t'roes lhEete.e,'will see, thoughl you nmay and not not you may understand; and seeing you willsee, not perceive. eaM ov OUr 8U 7 tiFe, 15ErraxvvO7i yap? teaprta Tro 15'For the UINrDFnand noot notyou may see. Itns grown fat for the- heart oftlhe'STANDING of tilis PEO. VATICAN IBIANUSCRIPT-5. EARTIT. t 6. In Palestine, during the seed time, (which is in November,) the sky is generally overspread with clouds. T'he seed then springs up even in stony ground; but when the sun dissipates the clouds, having outgrown its strength, it is quickly dried away. —Rosenmtller. I 7. among THonNs —or rather, upon thorny ground." The field sown may be consideLed to, consist of the different varieties of soil specified; viz., the roohy, the tIorly, alad the good ground. 1 10. Mark iv. 10; Luke viii. 9. 14. Isa. vi. 9; Johrl 4 i. 9; Act$:.xviii. 26; otRom. xi., 8...-'.

Page  42 lop. 13: 16. MATTHEW. [(64,.,l: 38. Kaov T'roVrov, Kact.tS co OIapews 7lKcovUraCY at'FLE i5 ttnpiftied; they leople this, and with tisf easa heavily they hear, and'hear heavily with their rot s otpOaXpovs aves-ri eKa//vcray, qrre'EARS, and their EYEoS':Aas, and their r.~s the eyes of them they shut, lest'they close; lest seei n'with their EYES, and ~r~/O'tr TrOtS OpaOAyo~LEs Wscu T7otS WOlt aIcoV'-' hearing with their EARS, they should see with the eyes, and with the eaes they should'and comprehending with cio-t, Kat'r1 Kaptc ovyceo', scat erto'rpe-'their INOD, they should kear, and with the hea;t shouldunderstand, and they should'retrace their steps, and c Kai a sat taoqrce2Aat aivTovs."2 16'T5rwov 8' I shoulld restore them.' turn, and I should heal them. Of yoe but 16 $ But blessed are Your EYES, because they,uaicaptot of oqdpaAk/ot 6rT fAiX7rova, Kcat Ta C0Wra see; and EARs, because blessed the eyes for they see; and the ears they hear. *[vucC,] oiL alcovet. 137Agcrv -yap Xseyco Lg., 17 For indeed I say to [ofyou,] for theyhear. Indeed for Isay toyou, you, $That Many Pro-rt w'oAAot arpors1raLt eat LtKcatoL epr~eOVss av phets and Righteous men that r any have desired to see what that meny prophets and righteous men have d esired to see hat t ~~see~ ~L~ ct'sa sosayou behold, but have not teEtv, a B3Ae7reTE, teat oUvc E8ov' 5Kai arcovoat, seen; and to hear what to aee what you see, and not saw; and tc hear, you hear, but have not a aKovere, Kat ovlc tjKoverac'. heard. what you hear, and not heard. 18 S Understand alt, 18'TrLes ovv atsovsiarE Trjs 7rapa/3o,7rn' Trov therefore the the RABL 01o o therefore hear the parabme of the e Yew theeefee hese CIKO 0Se p e he olhe 119 When any one hears urweporos. 19iiavTros ascovov'ros'rToP AoyooY the WLoaD of the RINGsower. Any one hearing the word DO3i, but considers it not, rals aartXrctas, Kats pq (rUveV-ros, EpXerat o6 the EVIL one comes and o the hungdom, and not understanding, comes the snatches away THAT having been sown in his,rov,7pos, cat ap7rwaetl Tro ewap/eVo, eV T'r capa g been sown i is ehedlose,) sad seahe, that haC he sa he IEART. This explains wrclked (one,) and snatches that having been sown in the heart THAT which was sowN THAT which was lowE av'rou' Ouros Eo'rtL, 6 7rapa Trr'y 6O0o ou7rapets. by the ROAD. of him; this is, that on the path beings. 20 TRAT which was ao o'0 Ert TrO rerpWe7T ou7rapets, OV'TOS oTtiY, sown On ROCKY GROUND, That but on the rocky ground being sown, this is, denotes him, WHO HEARC iNrot Aoyo' ascovees scat evdves tT onv the woRD, receives o TOP AOwyoy atKoUe KCa EVOUS pUE7a Xapas it immediately with Joy; who the word hearing and forthwith with joyha g no 21 yet, it having no A 3acanvwy avTro' 21 ovc eXetL E PLtaEv ev eawrp, Root in his mind, he rereceiving it; noset he asbut aroot in hlmself, tains it only a short time; aXXa 7'pooKatpos Eort''yeveEseis 8e OXAI4eWs 7 for when Affliction or Perbut transient is; arising and trial or secution arises, on ac. tw'yF.ov ts ia'roy o-yoy, evOvs cisc av Xt count of the WORD, he persecution through the word, immediately he is offended. instantly stumbles. 22 THAT which wts 22'O 8E EtS ias aicavOas a7rcrpets, orros eoGrtvs, sown among THORNS, deThat but into the thorns being sown, this is, notes THAT HEARER, in 6 roVy XoyoY aKovUw, scatl 71 LepLEUVa ro aiwsos whom the CARES of *the, who the word hedeing, and the care of the age AGE and the DECEPTIYE F NESS of RICrES, chok Tovrov, scat a7ra-r7 rots arAorouT otv1Ave1Y'et the WORD, and render id this, and the delu sion of t he hokes uproductive. ~roy AoyooY Ksat ascapros ytseerat. 23'0 &e ert 23 But THAT which was the word; and unfruitful becomes. That but on sown On GOOD SOIL, and TrrlY yr7V Trv Ka7vY o'7rapets ovTros ELrt V, o roY produced f'uit, ONE a the ground the good being sown, this is, who the hunemed, ONE sixty, and koyor aKocvov, scat ouvvwov Os r1 tecap7rocfopet, ONE thirty, denotes HI/, word hearing, and understanding; whoreally bears fruit, who not only hears and ~ VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-16. your-otsit. 22. the AGS. 16. Luke x. 23. S 17. 1 Peter. 10, 11. 8. Mttark W. 14 Lae Vii. 11, I M.At. iv. 23.

Page  43 Charp. 13: -4.] MATTHEW. Mdap. 18: 81. lCKaOL trowels o a, 6 cov 0, 6 bet l1ecoVra, 6o: considers, but obeys the and yields, the one ahundred, the other sixty, the WO D.Se Tphacosi y. 24 He proposed to them other thirty. another Parable, saying, 24AXXayv 7rapaC,3oAlv 7rapeO7Kices avTOLt, AEYoy.v The KINGDOM of the Another parable he proposed to them, saying; HEATENS may be com-'n/oLorl7 c7 faa`Ea Trev ovpavcv avp, pared to the FIELD in May be compared the kingdom of the heavens to a man which tie Owner sowed tTr'ELPOV-TL falAov o'7rEplat EV Tfp alYpT afOdG. Good Grain:'rT r 25 but while the M sowing good seed in the field of him. i25Ei E, Ti taeev8e, y tovs aYOpOwovT, 7OEY SLEPT, His ENEMY came b5 Ee rt zadevoev as'Opwirou f Je and soled tDarnel sllong In and the to sleep the men, came owed f ] arnelaaong avuo v 0 EXpos, Kiat e'erEpE tlaylta ava yo the WHErAT, and wert of him the enemy, and sowed darnel through midst ToU iLTOVo' mat air-OeOYV. 26'OTE 6E E~ka(7TnO- 26 When the jmADs roe tfrl'rs intf ner'siAdev. 111'Ore be C/3A (TT'57CTC5' shot up, and put forth tele ofthe wheat; and wentforth. When and was sprungup ar then appeared also 6 oo a s oa T E l7m Ear, then appeared also o XOPTGT K101 IfIPhROtr ET01lCPEc TOTE Etlp5/ Kill the DARNEL. the blade and fruit yielded, then appeared also 27 And the SELT ANTs tra LaVOla. 2 I1poeAGoovTs aE 01o 6oUo TOV of the HOUSEHOLDER, the darnel. Coming nd the slaves ofthe cormina said tO him, Mao. OLKoBEf7roToO, ElTOC OU7rYt KCplC, OVUX KClaOY ter, thou didst sow Good householder, said to him; 0 lord, not good Seed in THY Field; riep/ta e7rwetpas Cv rY lic a~Oyprp; wode' ovv U exe whence, then, has it DIar seed didst thou sow in the thy field? whencethen hasitnel? (l Oavia; 28'0 &c e qC7 avWroIts EXOpos avOpw7ros 28 He replied, an Ene. darnel? He and said to them; An enemy a man my has done this. aAnd TOVTO Ev7otlfrev. O01 6e ovAos Et7rol avurw, THEY say to him, Dost this has done. The and slaves said to him; thou wish then, that we ()EAEIs owv a7rr AoeT OvCAAe'VAA eeesv a'vra; should weed them out? Dost thou wish then going forth we should gather them? 29 And IE said, No; 29'0 be en-PI' Or' rto7roTE, o(rvhXEyovTres a liaYlla, lest in weeding out the He and said; No; lest, gathering the darnel, DARNEE, you also tear up Kfptl(WOa'lTEe / a avTOLS TOP OITOZV. 30 AOeTE the WHEAT. you shouldroot up with them the wheat. Leave them 0 Let both grow to. wvvavuavEarOat ajtApoTrEpa jUEXPL TroO Oeplo'/ov' gether till the HARVEST; to grow together both till the harvest; and in the TIME of HARKatl ev Katpty TOo OeptlO/tov Epw'rots0l ptIo"ats VEST, I will say to the and in time of the harvest Iwillsaytothe harvesters; REAPERS, First gatherthe vAXXeOaTe 7rpW7lTOY Tl T Cavia, Krar a at re o a a DARINEL, and bind it in Gather you first the darnel, and bindyoa them Bundles for isurNseo; Cts elatias, 7rpos ro Ka aKtavffat aVTra' ToN Be then bring together the into bundles, for the to burn them; the but wheat into my GEANroIToro' vvayaTyey Fr ets CTry awrodrqt 71rv,ov. ABVY." wheat bring together into the barn of me. 31 T Another Paable 31AAXX7Y 7rapaGoh3rlv 7rapeOrlKCev laTros, ACywov' he proposed to them, say. Another parable he proposed to them, saying; ing; The KINGDOM of the'O0olIa EtI rtIV 7/1 artEXta cratL ovpiavco o KKICo HEAVENS is like to a Like is the kingdom of the heavens to a grain Grain of Mustard, which atva7reos, ov Aalwv avOpo7ros e(r7retpe eVe T a Man planted in his of mustard, which taking a man sowed in the FIELD; VATICAN lMANUSCRIPT. —28. And THEY say to him. t 25. A plant which bears a striking resemblance to wheat. The following remarks by II. B. Hackett, will fully illustrate this: —"In passing through the fertile country of the ancient Philistines, on the south of Palestine, I asked the guide, one day, a native Syrian, it he knew of a plant which was apt to make its appearance among the wheat, and which resembled it so much that it could hardly be distinguished from it. He replied that it was very common, and that he would soon show me a specimen of it. Soon after this he pointed out to me some of this grass, growing near our path; and aftelnwards, having once seen it, I found it in almost every field where I searched for it. Except that the stalk wao not so high, it appeared otherwise precisely like wheat, just as the cars begin to show themselves, and the kernels are swelling out into shape. I collected somne specimens of this deceitful weed. and have found, on shoowing them to friends, that thej have mistaken theem quite in axriably for some speeies of grain, such as wheat or barley. 30. HIatt. iii. 12. $ 31. MIark iv. 80t Luke xiii. 18

Page  44 Mat.lt3. 32 ~ M;ATE'rHEW-. ta-p ": cypq an7bro. 8 O "( ucpPo-rIepoz pfEv C(rre 7ratrc P 329 which indeed is ong field of him, Which less mldeed to of alil Oe the f leastof AllSEEnSs -SPrt c7rfep/caTcrv' 6rav 6 e at70p, etoV a. I-rcop bult when grown it is ofthe seeds;. lwen but itmaybe grown, agreater of tho lager than any HIERB,,aXavcwv E-rTt, KaL'ywcetas 6evSpos, co-rTe eAOeY I arnd becomes a Tree, so herbs. is, and becomes. atree, sthat tocoe that thle BIRDS Of HEAVTa ETrelya TOO ovpavov, Kanr KaTcaarK7rvovP ey EN come and build theit the birds of the lieaven, and to make nuests Oin iets BRANCHES. lhe KAanches aruit. 33 $ Another Parable he spake to them-; "The 33 AAklv 7rapaoeAg:AaA.71aev avrTO[s'Oo10ta KINGDOAI of tle HFAVAnother parable heepake to thesm; Like NS cesemlles Leavesl IsF otAecora wonpnz weup, ( v?ina,63ouvta whlllch a Wonlan taking is the kingdoe oftbe heavens toieavee,ehich the kakingdom inftled ian tlllee t MeaYuy1 EvescpUvEY etfS aneupouv onra rpine, eiS 0ov Sllures of Meal, till tbho aemouan mtxed in of meal measures three, till ofit Wlole fermented." ef.utw0c fi 6Aor.: Tavna eAAao'e 6 31 All these things SE. gas leavened whole. These all spake'.-, tihe teousesd whole, i-beet oil e th sue communicated to teK E7rovns eS'v rapnf3aXass -OtLS oXAOtsa sctat X'Ps cRownS in Parables, anth Jeaus in- parables to the crowds. andl without sr'wpanoA9s oc ehAaAet auc otsT 35 Cvwithout a Comparison he omiros "r") - taughlt them not; n parable not hespake tothewn; to that it moiglt prOP iao P0eev &ta TOu WrpO'7TOV, AE'YOTroS' 35 so that the woma he filliled the word spoken through the' prophct, saying, SPOKEN through the PRO* "4AvoitE ce Fapa3odals oroui U epevr PHSiT might be verified, w'I ill opeis< In poarablee the muuth of me, Iill saying;' t "I will open oesan KE5CKPOMtEVaL airo7 canTa eowleA "ny onluthll in parable.% Dpenly declare thingahaving been hid - from a begnaling'. I will openly deelare 1*ooEl -AZU."7' "thillgs having, been hid fo'the worlld." _ _,,,. "from the beginting.' 6'To7e a(PetS'ioS OXAOVS, MA'4Ose ",rSrS!7 36o Then E JESUs leaV. Then leaving the erowds, wmut into the mtg the PEOPLE, retired to -m1tat 6 170Eros. Kain rpoae's7A,c am,o the HOUSE; and his dishouse the Jesus.. And, came tio, irm tiL ciples approached hinm, faO?7Tra avrov, AeVya'TreS "paona'? UIVtR:.'> saying, "Explain to usa diciplea of him, saying; Explain toum e t thle PARABLE of the DAR. -rapa3BoAeqv'rwcv i S-cp avlioov'to nypou.. eO N EL in the FIELD." parable of the darnel, of the field. eI anrid 7 He answering, said, arwoCptOetlS ErLtSV *X[airots. ]'O V'respaes i-) i He who sows tile GOOD anseeri. e said [to themil] He aowing'. the Seed is the SON of IAN;:canoyv otrrep/ca, eci- 6 vloy woe evOpara' 88 the FI.ELD is the'good ( seed, q i. the eou.-' ofthe';.' man; as 6 ae aypos' cors-, 6 ecoar/os 7r 8e i-aa o D h e ooa Seed the and field, is~ the Pvorli a-re the SONs of the K INGthe and fie.ld,',. i, - the world;, the and' goo e shthel D noAl; the -D ^ kklF.L are the oiirepfa, obhrov etatow okl vdoft'ris Oa-Ai S ONS of thile TEL areth teed, they are the sona of the hingdon.; the one; ne rctvlam- Ela' v Ge on, d: vim'rarnOt - r9ov p o o' 39 THAT ENEMY W1O'and darnel, are the o.i of the wicked (one); the and SOWED them is the ADeXOpos, 6 o'wetpas avUT' wge'Rw b6 niaRoAos- 6 e vE1asARS; the UARVEST eieemy, Se bavingeown them, - i th nadveraa; theanudl is the End of the * Age; 6eptrlpaos', OIeI:iaAew o iov,'GtvoF Eirrv-t oe' 8e and the REAPErS are Mes. harvest, end *s;: ofthe age is; the and sengera. a VATICAS4 4IUSbnC3PTa. —5. ofthe World —omit.- 5. he left. 87. to them —ouret. V9. Age. 832. That is, of al those eeeds with thich the p~nple of Judea were then acquainted' Our Lord's words are to be interpreted by popular use. And we learn from Iatt. xvii. n0 that lake a grain of mustard seed was become proverbial for expressinT a very small qUaen. tity.-Geo. Campbell. t 32. And becomes a tree. t attains a large size in Judea.' Light. foot says, R. Simeon Ben Chalaphta menrtions one "into whieh he was wont to climb, a. rn0- are wont to climb irlto a tig-tre. Trench quotes a traveler in Chili who had ridden eaner one. t 83. A measure containing about a peck and a half, wanting a littIl moro thin a ipint. Three of them made an ephah. t 35. " wrvill open my mouth in narafit es. I will utter-dark sayings which have been from the bining,'-Si? L. C. L draentoee f Scefet. snte ranslation of Psa. xxviii. 2. -,leuke iii, i2. 1; 35. Psa. lx.ixvit p.

Page  45 *r'aIiop=~40 V3-~S A 4MATETIHEW-V. c/ap. 13: 49.'OyEPairoa, any-yeosL EIoV. 40'er-E7p ouv avrA- 40 As thlerefore the irepers,' messenrersI are. As.. therefore e I)rARNEL iS gathered and iAhyETaEL -a ~(tavta, CaUL 7rVPL KaCTL W OUTcS6 6IurIned'in a Fire, so will gathelel. the:alnel, and n; ti sre bulneed o t be in tile END of " the Es —rat <ES' fV ej17 T VTEaLta TO t' alWVOS TO VTOV. AGE.,tiilit be - i. tin t (- 4 ed SON of eIAN will ~1 Awroo-reAc' vios -To avOpwuroV rot's cyyeAsos seiid forth his riESiENWillbend s the son oftlie Ulan th nessengers GERS, Who ( ill atlIel' trot X~JTOV, KtL Ut'AAEtovtCiS'i tcE C Ta) o EifS ahs aTOV Oft' liS ItNGDO.M All S1tof hli.n, ant they will gathler outof the h kingdom of him DUCERS and INIQUIT:)US rauTa -Ta ScavSa' a Ka TOUS 75ro0ovTa' s T77G aSEo- PERSONS; all the h se'thcers;. and tose workilng tile law- 42 + and lwill ilk ow ES av UaL a 3Aotro'W avrotV Eti 7qv l tSatio thienm into the FURN. C: icssness,?sand /they Will cast %- them, into tile fulntace of FIRE; there will 1)e tlie rTou 7rupots EKEL ETCtL 0 1CXt'aVX01os KaEL O fpSU-yAOS OVEEPING and thleGNl.$HZ LVW fiie; itte emhelilitebthe weepin and the gnashing ING of T ETH. rTwy 0o5SoTCS'. TOTE 01i iKaEOl EKoAQovVr0Oi, 43 TTl-en will thle aRt mof tile teeth,' Then tile i'iglteous salle resplenent as is 6 aAse, et -e 3 daTAER -ou 7raTpos aCtcv. thle SUN in loie KING0'oOM as the']sun, [; in thle t- kingdloli ofthe fathe.ofthem. of teir FAThIE. H1i'O EXOW CWT'*[aiKoste,,] aGcoue.wl, who HAS ears, let hlim ie a, in cals (- [to hear,] iet lhiui bhe-a. hear.,49; [Ta A o za sEa71v;1,1a~r a Sv 14.4 The KINGDOh Oetll( [AgaiLS] -'liL is the t'.N kingdom of the J-~~~ n~HEAVENs is like a hidoJparvwv, 0rqoatvpeT EEPUE',ugeYW i ESY Trw aypoi, OV den Treasure in a FIELD, )leavens! to atr ur a vine l een l hil.;'ir tihe field, which which, a Man linding, he EtpcW aYOpI W ro S.fpve, Kat aro r77S XapOas covers up, and, frollt his.finding' ) an lie hi.les, nnd fromn the joy JOY, e goes and sells all joh lie goes and sells all avrouv n7ra-yeL, Kai 7raw'a dera' XeL,rCw AE, rKa that hlle has, and buys tiat of lim lie gues, and:. all as much as e hllas sells, and FIELD. aWOpaDCl Toy a-ypoy "tCEtVOY, FL i ayop tl5'le fypel, tEEat.O 45' Again, the XING45 UahA, Ly ET'i-tY i7 83ao-LA a rwv ovpavwv DoGM of tle HEAVENS iS Again like is the kingdoin of the heavens like a Pearl of Great *[avOpco7r] e.TropcT, qTo'vvSr tcaXous,uapa-yp- value; [to a onan] a merchant,ee. eeking choice pearls. 46 which f a Merchant, ras. 46 Ebupcov 8E Yac -7roXvrtTu oS JEap-yapir-vJ, who was-seeking Clhoice Finding anl one costly peal, Pearls, having found, went a7rkEXOtY TE7rEK-ae 7ravSr'T - La Xe, EEL Ka' 71yopaR- and sold all that he lad, going lie sold all,asmuch ashehad, and bought and bought it, cy-S atV'O. 47 Again, the KINGt. of tile HEAVENS rS47 lhaAuy /.OLa- I s-orti I1 aas o lAhl a -rn ovpaEVS', senl'lecs a D)rag-net, ibeing Again like is the kingdoam ofthe heavens cast into the SEA, and eny'aytvp7,,3Ah77OeI EL els T77S OaAca.rTSav, aEL EC closing'fishes of Every to a drag-net, being cast into the sea, and. of ind; riav'ros-yevovs ot'v -yayot'-er 40 eu, 6E' 7rx7- 4 s ~i~aY~os'yevovs avvayatyou 7 47vYwich, 48 whch wer it is every kind blingingtogetlher; which, whet, it is -hi, h pteOej, &LS/3i/ias-cTes Ce~r'~rot a'ytaAow, EELi full, they draw to the spout, o anl sitting down, full, drawing to the shore, and i w, )CCno-ayvrcs VVJVE2~Ea al/ Ta icaka cis a-yT~ia, Ta gather the GOOD into vesEul~a~icrfs OJUVS'EAE4E' aY a REAR flS atyry Ta sels, but throw tle Js;sitting down they collected the good into vessels,, the sels, but throv t u 8e o-aerpa Efw ej3axov.' 06Tras EOrTal Eu 7 L7.uit bad saway they cast.: So it the 49 So will it he et1 the VATICAe N iANURScaIPT.-40. thCe AGE. 43. to hIear-omit. 45-. Again —omlt. 45. Man —omit. t 40. To translate aioon, by the word Uorls, has a'tendency, to lead the reader astray, -No less than thirteen different meanings are attached to this word, in the Common Velsionl, The'mearning is age, and this rendering can always be understood.. The context will deter,i minie, geherally, swhat age is yeferred to-the Jwish, Christian, Messianic, or the endlesa succession of ages. For further remarks, see Appendix. t 40. Such as those found ip the East, who travel about buying or exchanging jewels, pearls, or other valu ablejv.41. Matt.,, -. 42. liai t. iii, 12 - -, 43. Dan. xii. 3

Page  46 lap 1i; t)0 V IA TTHEW. C6vp.: T 3. a0tVTEAclq TOV CUCOIStO S C~eC-o ITvCU 0' a-yTe- END of the aGE. Th cnd of thc ae. Sleall go forth'the messen- MESSENGERE S V3il t let, i Co e OcV.'opu ov iOUemJ orpoJs e roooo'aCet forth, and will separa gers, and simtll teparate t i om aong the the WICKED from among K1calceve, "dcact [a3OVC CZVTOJS CILS'T7 KaCCLLVOY the RIGItTEOUS; just, a.ld zhallcast them into the furnace 50 andwill throw them Tov 7rVpos' lrct CTTas 6a icXuv0eos tcat 6 pvyte os into the FURNACE of efthe fire; thera willbe the weeping and the gnashing FIBRE; there will be the rtwv 0o0VTrc, 51 *[AeYEl aVTUOLS 6 oT0Vs.] WEEPING and the GNASHof the teeth. [Says to them the Jesus.] ING of TEETII. uvyelKCtE TavTa vavcra; Aeyouvic aVTVcp 51 Have you underHave you under things all? stood these things?e Nat sKvple.] 52'0 a ve E7rE' a olsT Ata ToVrO They answered, "Yes." Yeos [Olord.] Dc then zaid to themr; Thereforec this 52 Then HE said to ircs'ypaka/.raevS, uCatOlTevtelS's7p atrieita mrc e, them, "Every Scribe. every ecribe, being instructed to the kingdom of the therefore, being instrur' ovpavcov, oIotos eC-rTv avOpw7rq otKco6oe'ro'r7 ed *in the KINGDOM of heavens, like is to a man an householder, the HEAVENS, is like a Jris E1c3aAXES eeIC ou O;o-avupov av'Tou KaCva Householder, who proVaho brings out of the treasury Of him ner duces fr(il his TREASfcal raxaraio URY, new things and a-d old old. old 53 And it occurred. JKa6~ EjYEe'%E &C C eTeXIee, l6 rItovo eas when JEsus had co,o And it camo to pass, when had concluded the Jesus the cluded these PA ELE, rapaBohxas ravuras1 jaerpeE eKeiteV. Kat he departed thence. parable thesce, he departed thence. JAnd phe~l ohiSr %~th e hQ e deparoted tlrencer r o vs 54 $ An2 comie into coming intoe the ontriy l illim rec taught there taglZt oiau CfTY hte in e'r Tr l fca-yp svTcsv,,co'rs ee7rX7's-TeY tiCught theCinhabitants in in tho ynoagogue ofthcm, so as oaotonisi teir YNGOGU, that catur'ouI ical ~Aeyslefo 7JaoBje *ovtrI XJ Coa a ~ they were astonished, ant them, 5<a 1) 3lay. ene s the t sdo taid, "Whence has this at7fl, C, a Ji ivyECS, 55mUv ovtrS EaTzv o:lan, this wIsaoM, and oTh Cat, 31 Out'a Oe VX 5 OU E et -mO 0E,these MIRCULOUS POWthis and the poewers? Not thi is the TOV ~e'rovos VioS; ov(X? X7 p CZV' rG TOU Aeye'r-E at l V W27E70Y S DiO~ O~g'77P GV55 T Is noe this lae ofthe carpenter on- not c the mother of tim is called CAR PENTER'S SON? is not Mapscije; cciiie.01 usGe-poe: ci~Ttut llatcw/o scat his lioT~rtE called Mary? liary? and ec brothers rI riin Jaomce, and Rwor, scat o t/Xtce y at Im' fOVzCS9 ict ~C i AEpa and do not his BROTHERS, j-oses, an? imon, d Judas? and e sistere Simon, an Smo and udas? s, and avrov ovxe e'aus,rpos q/zasq Simon, and Judas, aus-oo ouxi wa~cti Erpes 1/cal loto;;rote, out' o' him not al with uc are P whellce then 56 and all his I SISTeRS, rcvTCw TavTa 7rapC'a; 57Kat eo'cav6aAkit)o ee live vith us? Whence, this these all? And they found a difficulty in then, has he al these c,vrTq,'O 6E I17o0US E7rer af7oTsO OVuC Eso7 things." him. The and Jesus said to thel.; Not is 57 Antd they tstumbled'TpoprlTrrls aT-ffos, Et [F7l es Trl 7raTrpLI acTrouc at him. But JeSUs said aprophet unhonored, if not in the country of him, to them, "A Prophet is scag te T?7' oiciLc iaToV. 58Kat ovuc E7ro,!rotef not without honor, except and in the house of him. And enot he did do in his OWN COUNTRY, and eKee OvvaleLs t oAAasf & T?1 ce aet7rT-aaJ iin his own FAMtILY." thero mightyworkh many, becauw of tko unbeliefof 58 And he did not U'tT7,o perform many Miracles ~tics02. there, because of their UNBELIEF.''V T ICtN MANUSCruiPT-51F, Jss says to them —emft. 51. Lord-omit. 52. in. 5T. Lhat is, Nazareth, where le had been brought up; Luke iv. 16, 23. t 55. Jo, "eph-so read tl.lerlacntn, Tisehendor f, and'ittmalr. - 56. According to Theophylact, tie raimoes of the sisters of Jesierl were Mary and Salomem 1 5-'Mtt. ii. 23; MarL vri. 1 55. John vi. 42. t 57. t 7 at, xio.; Is. viii 14; bfol. ix. 32, 33; 1 Poterii. 8, I 58. ]lark vi., I,

Page  47 4aut. 14: i.] MATTHEW. p. 14: A1. C1PTER XIV. KE 1. L 14. CI4. 1 At That TIME, I Her. 1EV EKEWVp 7T) KaCitpYp IcoVO-El HpW87is o6 od the t TETRARCH, hearAt that the time heard Herod the ingr of the FAME of Jesus, TETPaPXr7S Tr'iv atKO-r' Isqoov, 2cat E17rE roIS 2 said to his SEEtvS'IA S, tetrarch the fame of Jesus, and said to the "This is John the Iat. ratriv aVTov' Ob'ros ErrtV Iwavv'ls o6 ay7rTror7s-' MERSER; l) is raised from servants of him; This is John the dipper; the DEAD; and therefore aVuos 717yepOrl ayro TrOc VeEKPWv, Kait ata rovTo at MIRACLES at'e performed lhe is raised from the' dead, and therefore this the by him." 8va.eLts EvepTYOVUL Ev avTrgo. 3 0 yap'Hpwsrc s, 3 For.IHEROD * then mighty powers work in him. The for Herod, had caused JOHN to be KpaTrlro as T o lwavvys V, E8l7OEV avTOV, cata EOETO seized, bound, and put in seizing the Jolln, had bound him, and put ItPRISON, on account of ev (pUXaK, aia'HpwrtaSa TrV' yvtvatiKa (BlA- +Herodias, his BROTnEaE in prison, on account of Herodias the wife of Pllilip's WVIFr; ro7rov TOU asEAtPov avTOv. 4 EXy yap avTr 6o 4 for John had said to Pitlip the brother of him. Had said for to him the him, 1 "It is not lawful IOOavv'ls- OVK E5E-TTL 0fot EXEiv aUTrevS 5 Kat for thee to have her." John; Not it is lawful to thee to have her. And 5 And wishing to kill OeAWYs aVTOt a7ro7CTEivat, espora7 To10 o oxAov, him, he feared the PEOwishing him to destroy, lhefeared the peopleE,PLE, Because they es. EL 6tS, SrpoclwPl'7lv auvo, eLXoV. 6 reyEcoLW e oe teemed lim as a Prophet. for as a prophet him they esteemed. Birth-day of but 6 But when HEROD'S a-yo.EVWS' Tov TO Hpc XouV, cePXCaTo 7 Ovyar777p 1Birth-day was kept, the was being held of the Herod, danced the daughter + DAUGHTER of HIERODITrls'liHp wotaoos ev Tep sCecp scat'7pEoE Tq) AS danced in the MIDST, of thhe idt; erd oias ied the and pl cased HERO;'Hpcos?7 7 o6fev pc0' OpKoV &cLeoAo6y7otr aUTr 7 ~lwhereon lie promised Herod; whereupon with an oath he promised to her wVith an Oath to give her Fovvae, o6 SaS aOr8tT7hSl ras. ~ H e, rp3 — w-hatever she might reto give, what soever she might ask. She and, being quleSt. f3o0e10ra viro T-S /AeIrTPOS avT?1s, Aos po 8 And SHE, being insti. incited by the mother of her, Give to me, gated by her MOTIlER, (p tv, FAie cors orn'asct TmY scerPaAolv Ieavvov TrOO said, " Give me here, on a erL0V, &3E eyri 7rtiatet1 T'71!En qval ~' Iwcavvov rToy ihe said, here llpon a plate the head of John the Platter, te HEAD of JOHN ~,airTtrfrou. 9 Kat ehv7riqOsl 6 f aerAevs' &La e tBhe ItIe ERSER." dipper. And wassorry the king; becauseofbut 9 Aad t )le 5KING, beTOVS OpiKovS Kat TOUS yoviavaCKEtES'OUES esce- inSng sorry on account of the the oaths and those reclining at table, he com- OATHS and the GUESTS, Aevew aoomrlva. i. KaL Wrelas awretcetaXT E cromnmanded that it should manded it to be given. And seoding lie ctt off tle tead of 1 be given her. TOP heat/Pm' CE' T77 jhascq' 1 KaL m'v~x0~ ~ R1h Accordingly, by his Tov oabev to Ev 7 pet. vAaK AcKd oc t heooeXhh 71 order, JOHN was beheadthe John in the prison. And was broughtthe ed in the PRISON. scepaAhrl avTrov eo 7r rvaKe, sKat oo To) scopa- 11 AndI is oEAD was head of him on a plate, and it was given to the little rtq ~ t scat au presented to the GtRL; (r KaT roteleKe e, yrrpI au7rtS. 13Raz rrpOb- boeOllgllton a Platter, and girl; and shebroughtittothe mother of hier. And coming l 1 I IR;cod titehetogttttttheand s ae craried it to her eAOoVYes o' tAa07'rai av'rov 7.payro rcoya, Kal c-MOTE0 ga'5a VO ppav' To roe/a, scat OtOTHEr. the disciples of him took the body, and they 12 And his DISCIPLES ac4cav auTro Kat EAIOVTEs a7r-yyetAaV TO Irouv rcomilg, carried off *the buried it; and departing they told it to the Jesus. ), DEAD-BODY, and buried * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-3. then had. 3. PrIsoN. 9. KING, being sorry on accoult of the OATUS and the GUESTS, commanded. 12. the DEAD-BODY. t 1. Properly, the governor of the fourth part of a country commonly tesed as a title inferior to a KING, and denoting chiefrulero The person here spoken of was Antipas, a son of Herod the Great. The name IING is sometimes given to tetrarlchs. See verse 9.-Geo. Camnpbell. t 3. He had married a dau-nhter of Aretas, an Arabian prince, whom he put away, after he had induced Herodias to qtltt her husband; this occasioned a war between Herod and Aretas. t 6. Named Salome, daughter of EIerodias by her former husband.-Josephus, Ant. xviii. v. 4. t 1. Mark vi. 14; Lule ix. 7. t 3. Mark vi. 17; Luke iii. 19, 2... L xwvii fi; xx. 21. I 5. ]Matt. xxi. 26; Luke xx. 6.

Page  48 9p4. 14: 13.] MATTHEW. [cha. 14: V. 13Kai arcourEas 6 Ioovs, avexCOwpleV EIcELOeV it; and departing, told And e:atingheardthe Jesus, withdrew from thence JESUS. e 7rAo'. EoL fl EI7tOV TO iOv KaTa' LtaaI' Kai atov- 13 T And JESUS having in aseip into adesert place by himself; and having heard, privately withdrew OTrTE-S 01'5 OXX51,?jrooov0?ao-a av- r aro E from thence, by Boat, into of oXAO;,?lleOAan~ll~eard OVTL r aDesert Place; of which neard the crowds, they followed him by land from Desert P lace e informTrC iroXEwy. 14 Ka; ee2AOcv 6 Ir)oovs EIE the bPEOPLl b eing i nformthe cities. And eoming out the Jesus saw ed, followed hinlby Land from tile caTays. rooAkvv oXAov' Kai EoWa-r ayVito3 E7r' avwlois, 14 And Icoming out, he great a crowd; and he was moved withpity towards them; saw a Great Crowd; and Kai EEpaF-rrEnEE rousE appwle~-rons av7r-. he had compassion on and healed the sick ofthem. them, and healed their SICK. 15 Oitas 8E yevouev'S, lrpoorXhA0oo av'rep of 135:And tEvening havEvening and having eome, came to him the ing arrived, * the DiscIgaOr77at av7ov, AeyovresE Epsreos EoTV' 6 Trowos, PLES canie to him, saying, disciples ofihim, saying; A desert is the place, "The PLACE is a Desert, fcat &7 &pa 73rl 7rapTlXOeE a7roAvrov Tovs and the HOUn is now and the hour already has passed by; dismiss the past; dismiss the crowds, oXxAos, Iva arreA0ov'res etS ras, ayo- that they may go to the erowds, that going into the villages, they VILLAGES, and buy thempao-waov eavwrots /pwylara. 16'0 e Iloovs selves Provisions." may buy themselves victuals. The but Jesus 16 But JEsus said to EL7rE' avroIss Ou Xpelav eXovalv a7reAXeOtv- orE them, "They need not desaid tothem; No need they have to go away; give part; aou supply them." avors /vets tpayetv. 1701 oe Aeyovov av-y' 17 THEY, however, reto them you to eat; They and say to him; plied to him, " We have OeK EXOgEV &dsE, Et /ut7 7rEere apTovs Kai &o Ishere only Five Loaves and Not we have here, except five loaves and two Two Fishes." tXvas. 1S'8 0 oE E MrE - 4'EPETE YtO anUroS &Es 18 And HE said, "Bring fishes. He and said; Bring to me them here. them here to me." 9 KaL Kehevas TOVS o ovs araKLeAt7vaL E7r 19 And commanding the And directing the crowdsP LE to recline on the TOVS xOPTOUS, Aa/3Crv Tovs 7rEPTE aPTOVS KaI grass, he took the FIVE the grass, taking the five loaves and Loaves and tle TWO rovs ouo txdvas, EaLaFle as -rs oupavov Fishes, and looking towthe svo tXOvras, a$apArfas e o pavo', a the two fishes, looking up to the heaven, ards HEAVEN, 1praised evXo7Y71' le Ka KiAaras, edsKee -rots eaflp-ais God; then tbreakingthe he gve praise; and breaking, hegave tothe disciples LOAVES, he gave them to'ros acprous, o oe eadraI ros oXAoIS. 2, Kai the DISCIPLES, and the the loaves, the and disciples to the crowds. And disciples distributed to ~epayov 7raPTEs, Kat eXopraerOqrrav,. Iat the cRowDs. they ate all, and were filled; and they took up ~fi rr>pla6~vov 70V Kwere satisfied; and of the rto 7repter-euoI, Tr ar, A/aTarv, w leca locpPovS NEMAtNING FRAGMENTS that over and above of the fragments, twelve baskets INING FrAGiENTS 7rkrhp~~s. a1O FOyEe r l a pes jE they gathered i Twelve 7I-X-llpeEI. Ie EOOLOPTEE l~traP andpes 0)051 Baskets foil. full. Those and eating wer.e men aboht 21 Now TIEY who had 7rievratcXtanoi, Xcopis -yvva1K6VV Kai 7rai8i. EATEN, were about five five-thouide we d hilde. t sandden, besides wo-men and children woKai evOEes y-ea~eatrEe' rovs ~7TaaS ey/377vat men and children. And immediately he urged the disciples to enter 22 And immediately * le constrained the DISCIPLES to enter * a Boat, VATICA MANUSCRIPTe.-14. he went. 15. the DIsCIPLES. 22. he constrained. 22. a Boat. t 15. Thefirst evening, which commenced at three o'clock. The second evening, which began at sunset, is that mentioned in verse 23. t 19. The Jewvish loaves were broad, thln, and brittle; so that a kniife was not required for dividing tihem. t 20. Thesl were small wicker baskets, which the Jews carried their victuals in, when from home; and by the number here particularized, it would seem that each apostle filled his own bas ket.-IPearce. I 13. Mark vi. 32; Luke ix. 10; John vi. 1, 2. 15. l3ark vi. 35; Lske ix. 1; loan vi. S. * A19. Matt. xv. 86..

Page  49 2314: 23) MATTHEW. hMap. 14: 83. S O r ao repav, and precede him to the'rs ro,rXotlo, icat 7rpoayF aetv awrov c 0,r'vO hR SIDE, while he dts, into the ship, and to go before him to the otbeside, - 23 a -nltssed the CsOWDS. ewcs o a UroA Turp TOUS OXAoVS. 23 Raclu oo- 23 And having dis, while he shoulddismiss the crowds. And" having missed the caowDs, he Avoas TOvS oXXovs, Ct&eLlO Ets -TO opos -laT' privately ascended the centaway the crowds,,hewrentup into the mountain by SIOUN'AAIN to pray; anid tOMain' rpo eutoaoOaL.. OtsLs a& a yEVo~ OSl/.... oS o' reemained there alone tilt. hlmoelf to pray. Evening and havingcome, alone it was Late. e' EcEt. 24'TO aos rirov r 3oo1,e6oo z 7gS 24 By this time the he was there. The and ship now in the midat ofthe was many Fur longs distant from the OaXaarea-s 7rw, BaoavortYC PoL bvsoroow KVciar LbD, tossed by the ea. was, having been tossed by the waves; WAVES; for thee WID qv, yap ezavrtos o BEesoS. eat's~ro a S3vh.aicp was contrary. was for contrary the wind. Infourtl and natch 25 And in the + Fourth TttS VVTOS caar-AlO srpos asvsouso a-'ps'a-r'o, er Watch of the NIGHT, ihe of the night he weot to them, alkung upon went towards them. walk:.r-s 0a~acra /s. Kat iaovae aTY v'urna'rtqc GaAaoo1sj. 25 Kas aoYme' avotVet cC /.dO79Ta, ingo on the IAKE. the sea. And seeing him the disciples 26 And wlen the DIs, s. O e r tc r CIPLE S saw him t walk, c xrl TIV Oahaao-at, -rc-,ptraTo VV'P, CcTapaXO1T, inog on the LAKE., they upon the esa walking, they were terrified, ere terrified, and ex were terrified, and ex, A;eyovrse''OTi PaYTalat *TTr' atl1 as0o TOU Miaimned, "It is an Ap. saying; That an apparitton is; and foome the parition I" and they criei posBov elcpatav. 27 Euoecos Be asAXAoe auv-roats aloud, throughS fear. fear they cied aloud;.Immediately but: spake to them 27 But Jesus immedi, 6 Ircrous, A'7ycpvm' (ap-crTre, syct ClIl' / 7 tPo- ately spoke to them, say, the Jesus, oaying, Takecourage, [ am; not be ing, "T'ake courage, it ia fEtcrE06. 23A7aroucpO0cls aE awVt 6 nrPQS 1oete FI; be notafraid.". 28 Anld PETER MMwePr afraid.'Answering and him the Peter said; ing, said to htm, "Mas. Kvpte, st'f e1, Eaea.ov o te 7pos acE X~AsOt ~art ter, if it be t)ou, bid me Olord, t( thou art, bid me to thee to come upon e to thee o the WA~ra baara. 29o,0 8c Star' EAOE. Kaot catajfas TER.".the water.; e and said. Come. And descending 29 And JEsus said, a7ro oss 7irXolou o6.Tpos, lr4E.p1tse7rasrtEM Tart rot "Come." Then *PeterdeCrom the boat.the eoter,.( he walked upon the scending fronl the BOAT, aa Ae rpoS ro i BAs walked on the WATER, bva~ra, EXOEtv W;pos:rap 1V'OuVVr,; 30 e'0 Me r Be aSter, to come tO -the Jeus Seeiug but and came to J Esus. o4 s.a p s a o- 30 But perceiving the aItE~OV 1 P~OY7 Ef0,19 s aptajrvo XVTWIND strong, he was the wintd ntrong,;4: he was afraid; and egiig fr and beginning to #Cararot'VrtI0a, sF(paeS5,F Asycu"v KvptIE, sacaoV sink, he exclaimed, "Masto sink, he ried,n oaying; 0 lord, nave ter, save me!"'ue. 31 EvUewcs as 6 Iro'ovUs EcetvaS r71Y XePia, 31 And JEsus instantly me. Iinimedi.;telyandthe Jesus stretchingout th'e hand; extending his HAND, took eareXaSrE auwrovu, Kar AEyzt aurce- OAtyor7so-re, hold of him, and said to took hold of him, and says to him; O distrustful man, him, "0 distrustful man * tC'rt t o taoas; ovwhy didst thou doubt?" CIS aT E -ooraC-ay; eg/ f3as'r>We c EfS 32 And * going up into for why didst thou doubt? t And entering ofthem into tle BOAT, the WInD subo0 orA.otovs, eKsoaraoev 6 acue/.os. "330t as El, Tf, sided. ithe ship, ceased the wind, They and in the 33 Then THOSE in the VATCAN MANUSCRMPT.-24. many Furlongs distant from the LAtND, tossed. 29. Peter, 29. and came to. 82. going up intoM. t 25. Between the hours of three and six in thbe morning. Grotius observes, that this was the Roman division of the night, taken by them from the Greeks; and that the Jews from the ti me of Pompey, after titey were become a dependent people, had adopted this mode of reckoning,-instead of their own; which originally eollsisted of three watches only. t 20. In Jobix. 8, this is a prero'ative ascribed to God, and which is freely rendered by the LXX, thus; "WaVlkinl upon the sea, as upon a pvrenment." An Egyptian hieroglyphic for ex pressing imposslbility was, a picture of twvo feet walkinS on the is!s' 62a Aarck i, Z6; John vi. 182

Page  50 Cap. 14: 34.] IVIIATTHEW. [CCuap. 15: 8. IrAOupt, *[EAXoPTES] wrpoGrEKVI ictvla aUrp, Aey- BOAT, did homage to him, ship, [coming] prostrated to him, say- saying,:"Assuredly,thou oP,'Tes' AArlOws eov vieLs el. 34 Ka La7rE- a't God's Son." ing; Certainly of aGod ason thou art. And havilg 34 T And laving passed pabOaTES, OAov EIS T77r5'ylv rEPVPlyapeT. 35 Kai over they came *to LAND passed over, they came to the land Gennesaret. And at Gennesaret. EL7voYv7ES aVTOp 0 avSpes TOU ToBrov EKCELYOV, 35 And the MEr of that knowing him the men of the place that, PLACE recognizing him, a7reoTe'relav s o A trIY' r 7' Er reptxoopo V- sent through All that they sent into all the scuntry roundabout that; COUNTRY, and broughst to KcaL 7pOO_7ivEylyK avT 7ravTas T rovs T i alcRcos im h nLL the diseased; and they broughit to lim.nil those disease 36 and inlplored him, EXorTas, 36 tcaL rapeIcaAovi, avrTOy va Juovo that they might only havinlg, and besought him tcat only touch the TUFT of his'aIC OPT aL TOOV iKfpao-r350 TOOV;aTiLOi alTOO- SMANTALE; and as many they might touch the tuft o oftC!: mantle ofh im. as touched, were cured. cal 5o-oL 7aR'iro, 3erWo-orlra. CIHAPTER XV. and as many as touched, were made whole. 1.Then calne to JESUS KEs, oe. 15. * Plharisees and Scribes 1TOTE 7rPO0CPXOI/TaI P51 Isr0ov U? a1Rc'IEPO- from Jerusalem, saying, Then came 0J the Jesus thosetfrom Jcru 2 y do thy DICPLES violate the f TRADIsoXIuwce 7ypayfciC eRLs Ifl aptpoaioi,?t~y~cES o S TIONARY PRECEPT of the salem sclibes and Phm'isees,.ayiuln TEIOSR? for tlleY do noth 2 Alose ol' seeehesral, eed 7rvpI~atyoVis TIOV',-Ulpa,~ ELDERS? for they do not 2 aLRt ot'f /.LRaO at R ou lPolraPalvoiuio Tale:8capR, wash *their HANDS beWhy the disciples oftllee -ansgress tIhe eadi- fore Meali~ fore Meals." 3oorv TcIL TpECUvTEp(5'o.v'yap VLTTroIcacI TCsS 3 But ICE answering, tion ofthe elders? lot for they aeeh the said to them, "Wlly d XEtpas aTCOrO, OT6Rav apTOr Eao Tipvo. o a' You also violate the COMthands ofthem, wheuever bread they may eat. He but BIANDIENT of GOD by a7rocpptOet tI7reV auots T' aTl ifct VR Eis 7rapa- your TRADITION? answering said tothetn; Why also you trans- 4 For GOD said, 4'HoialveTE T717v eyTOA7rl7 TOr Oeou, &ta Tr/. 7rapa-'nor FATHIER alod LMOTHgress the commandment ofthe God, through the tradi-'ERt' and tHE who REoowrv v, tov; 4V O yap 6o60 eveetiXaTo, Aeoywv-'VILEs Father cr Mother, tion of you The for Od c has comnlmaded, saying;'shall be pushed with "T qta Tt ro 7ratrepa Kta: TT23Y nTepa2 crar~' al 0 (Death.' aHonor the father and theo iother;` lC1 Ile 5 But hoU assert,'U;catcoXooywv 7TrcTepSa 3 T r,epa, OavarT TeAev any one say to FATHER reviling fathce Ce rmOtheqr death let him or MOTRER, An Offering raro> C V'T/tue" s IS S CeeC ~ eOs av erLT7 To0 is that by which thou die." Yeou buht say; Whoever may say to the m itest derive assistraTtpT 771 Tr A? rpi~' AWpCsV 0 ear eC, epov ance from mc; father or the mother; A gift, ewhatever out of me 6 then *he shall by no feh) lrsCX2O cRaot OiP eC l7 Tl.tl77rp1 Tot TraHTepa means honor his FATHER.' thou mightest be profito15 then not lot mayhouor the father T1us, by your TRADI7VTroT' *[?7 T"r'1 ldTrepa' Trovto] G Kat 77lcvp OWORa TION, you annul the of him [or the mother of him.] And you annul * WORD of GOD. ri17 eEVLTOX27V ToO eoU Sa T t7r wiapaeooa't VuoV. 7 tI-ypocrites! well did the co0umandment oftec Godlbrough the tradition ofyou. Isaiah prophesy concern-'Ty7roppltral, KCDacCJS Dpoep7CTEeTu r'epl vlOlWv ing you, saying, Ohypeorites, well prophesied concerning you 8 T'This people t[draw o VATICANx 3ANUSCnRIr.-34. to LAND at Gennesaret, 1. Pharisees and Scribes from Jerusalem. 2. the EIaNDSo 4. said,'Honor._ naBe' 6. He shall by no means honor his FATHnte. Thus. 6. or his MoTIEn —omit. 6. 0. onD. t 2. He that eateth with unlvashed hands is guilty of death. —Rabbi dbiba. t 8. The words in braclkets are found in the prophec.y from which they are taken, both in the Hebrew and Septuaginlt. They are omlitted by the Vatican and several other excellenet MSS., and by some ancient versions. Erasmus, Mill, iruFius, and Bengel, approve of the omission; and Gtiesbach hl- left it out of tle text. But as tihey re found in the place from which they are quoted, it ha. been thought best to insert them in the text. t 33. BIatt. xxvii. 54 1 34. Ma.rk vi. 53. $ 1. Mark vii. 1. t 4. Exod. xx. 12; Deut. v. 16; Eph. vL 2. t 4. Exodo xxL 17e Lev. xx. 9 I Dut. xnviL I1; Prov.x. 9. t7. klc vid.8. $8. Loa.z

Page  51 Chap. 15: 9.3 MATTHEW. MCap. 15: o0.'HoC-aast AXE'ywv'Vc) tO Aaos OGbTOS T70S XE5E0L'nigh to nre with tkeie Esaias, sayin g; "The people this with the lips'MOUTHI, and] honor Me 1Ee rTLra-. 1 p e taptsaa avw'cv 7r0opw a7rEXE a7r''with their LIPS; but me honor; the but heart of them far off is removedfrom'their heart is far removEov. 9 9MaCtv oE tEloVTat tE, BLarCKorPTES'Ged from mle. me. Withoutprofit but theyreverence me, teachin g 9'iBut in vain do they taaoscatasaS, EvYTaXAaTfa asGpcorcnv." 10 KaL'worship me, teaching as doctrines, commandments of men." And'Doctrines, the Precepts 7rpoKscaXe'aUeVoS TOP oXoX, E7rEov aV'oLs''of Menl."' having called the crowd, he said to them; 10:i And having called AIcoueTe cat IyUvlETE. 10v TO eE1TEpXO/Je1Cov ELS the cRowD, he 2aid to Hear you and be instructed. Not that entering into them,'G -Iear and be inqTO 0rTO/fa KOtfOY0 TOy avOpowrov' aXXa To c7rop- atructod: the mouth pollutes the manu but that proceed- 7)1 Not THAT IENTEREVO/LEVO1Y EtC TO)v 0TO/ta-TOS rOVTO KO)OTO OV INC- the ItOUTH, pollutes ing outof the mouth this pollutes the tll- SIAN, but THAT PRLOae'Opowrov. 12To'e crpooeXdovTes ca HaOq-L CEEDIN Gfromnthe MouTH, man. Then having com.le the disciples poles the SAN." tavrov, es-rov av7T-c OWas, oT1 o'h _'apHlNL, ]2 Then'tlee DISCIPLES of him, said to him; Knowest thou, that the Phaiees, approcig, say to him, a~ova5'HfaV'TES TOV X hl yOV, E ItO.aVaaX1 1 13'c0 "l)idst thou observe That vAo~yos~, e voe LO7O v, flethe PHeATSEES were ofhearing that saying, found a dliiiculty? lie fe wP ten they heard 3E aIrotyiOELS EirrE' rlaTC4 VTEILZ, OVIC EePV- feuded, wthen they heard os acrotcptOots stlres r elo' v a c ovt 7 et n tisat SATIHOv" but answering said; Every'oantation, whllich not has 61 1p U OOpfi EIp4WO'slswTHL, 13 But HEi answering, TaeteVo' 7ra6tThp Mo!, 0 oupaVos) ECP1W0qGETaL. said, "Every Plantation, plated the father of mc t' heavenly, shall berooted up. HEAEY P 14AS r2 0 *_0-1 Twhich mly HEAVEiNILY F'A4A~spee avUovsTOV. 6PIJyoS EL TvAoL TvIoTvAxwv."] TIHIE has not planted, Let alone them; guides they art blind [of blind.] shall be extirpated.'TtAoss as Ttv4Aoov seav osyX7, ay5POTEpoL lS 1, Leave theml; $they Blind and blind if may lead, both into are blind Gnides; and if sOnvvoc' wraso'vsral. 5 AcroKcpOEls ase o6 IeTpos the Blind lead the Blind, a pit will fall. Answeing and the. Peter bOth will fall into the Pit." Sz fE!' avfrtsu'paOov r/Lvt TJ1/ O'fpa1o2sYA Tfafv f1'.15 Then PETER replysaid to him; Explain to ns the comparison this. iug, sail to him, "Explain 10'0 8E Iro'ovs EtrEv-y' A crlv Kat tUES H'VeE rO to us *that SAYING." The and Jesus said; Yet also you unintelligen 16 And IiE said, "Are EITeT; 17 ov`*["r3 lVOELftT, OTt'raY tOs EITOTOopGV- poU also yet without Unare? Not [yetl perceiveyou,that -ll that euter- derStaiodi-lle OEov YO ELS TO T0oftlaS, ets T'tv cKOILNta XW'pcZ 17 Do you not perceive, ing into the mouth, into the belly passes, That WITATEVER ENTERS Kat Ets apE6pspwvae scaCXXaL'at; 8TaE f Etc7ropev- the MOUTH, passes into and into a prtvy is cast; Those but proceed- theBELLYandisejected? o5/eva eK T'rodu oTro/aTros, eTc T)s capoas$ Ecep- 18 But $ those THINGS ing out of the mouth, from the hea't issPts PROCEEDING out Of the XETalt, CIaKetla COVOL'rot0 avOpworov. 19Ec -yap MrOUTH, issue fven fs forth, and tiley pollute the man.. From for IEARTE; and tle_ pollute Tr'Ss tcapOtas EfEPXOYTatL staXoyto'yot aroVepot' the SIAN. the heart comes foro purposes evil; 19 For out of tht q o'ot, /oLXetat, 7ropuelat, Kco7raL, IoEVa.o.0apTv- HEAnT proceed itiquimurders, adtlteries, fornications, thefts, false testimo- tous Designs; —'xr ders, ptaL, BI3Aatp/ttalo. 20TavTa E(rrc ET Ta coLvov ta Adulteries, FornicatioIls, nies, evilspeakinegs. Ttlese is the (things) polluting Thefts, false Testimonies, TOr, atpoflo'sv TO asE a't7rLrots XEPOl (pa-ye'Y OV Calumnies. the man; that but tvith ualwavshd hands to eat not 20 These are the THIN GS KOLVOL TO, aOvOprov. which POLLUTE the MAN; pollutes the man. but to'AT with Unwashed Hands pollutes not the MAN." * VATICAN MANUSCeIrT.-12. the DISCIPrES approaching, say. 14. ofthe l3eind —omit. 15. that sAYING. 16. uE said. 17. yet-omtit. $ 10 3N1ark Iii4. I. Isa. ix. 16; Mal. ii. 8; Matt. xxiki. 16; L.V 8.; t 15. M5ar i., l,; XIa Jamxa ii, o. 6 1 0. MarkI viL 21.

Page  52 Zp. 1t: 21.] MATTHEW. [C. 1e: 31 a K ear IEXOwv eateksti 6 Istrovs avXopyr2ev 21l An JOsusa depart. And departing thence the Jesus withdrew in- tlence, withdrew into EaS'Trs Lepr- Tupov tal wvoeos. 22 Kas i6oU the coNyiNES of Tyrs ito the confinle ofTyre and Sidon. And lo, ani Sidon. /tnV7j Xsavayaia, a10o TwCO opIcVl IreltCVV E4EAOovP'2 And behold, a Ca. t woman Canaaniishll, of the parts'tIose coming naanitish Woman coming cea, etcpavyaaee avtrTq, AEyovoa' Eh1EIro V ixe, from tho.,c CARTS, cried Dut, cried out to him, sayinge Pity me, out to him, saying, "lIavo CUpL E, V[E Aauta8 - Ovu7a-Cr iOtv raKr S 6a.CtigV Compassion on me, 0 Mas. )lord, Oson David; the dauglhter v..ll sadly i, ter, Sol of David! my (ETai. 23'0 ae OVKI a7rerKPL0i? CVT7 Ao7o5, La& DAUGHTER iS sadly deized, He but not answvered,ter asword. And monized." crpoboeXoVToEs o0 /Aas0loGt aVTOV, 9MPCO_1T6V a1IG6TOV 239 Bu t he answered her coming the disciples of1dim, besougl.l him, not a Word. And his dis. AtEyovEcso AlroAuooz av'71r'v, 6o7'rpr~Ec oc~Ed ciiples coming entreated saying; Send away her, for sle cries at le bac; lil, saying, "Jismiss her; 24'0 oe aworptOeLS eneRE' Oncr aCretoEreo For she cries after us." of us. He but answering s-id; Not E am 24 But HE answering, t7oy, El LC77 etS 7a rrpo/Bara tha arooA0T orfcov said, $ "I ant only sent to thE PERISHING SHEEP of sect, except to the sheep the perishing Iroccee fof Is e IoparrA. 25'H ae eAOova 7r v he Stock of Israel." Israel. She then cocning prostrated to'i-;,.5 Yct advancin2, sH, Aoeyovoa Kvple, 0 EfioE /tO 26 0 o 66 OKP' prostrated to him, saying, saying; 0 lord, give aid to me. H, but anc Master, help m " ELI1050 EO'TL 6 2 ut xw, answering, earEV- OwVK AET/ 3oAOZ Xa,8ELV TC''p CZTOV C said, "It is not proper said; Not it is right to take t'le bread oftlhe TEKYe, a,, fart Ja2e' TotE v tap 7'H E to take the CHILDREN'S children, and to throw to tho dogs. She but AD, and throw it to ELSEe. EL E the DOGS." F7E. Nai, KvpiLE ai -YEp a Kvvap ELEL 27 nBut she said, "tI beS said; True, O lord; cyre: for the dogs cateoG seech thee, Sir for even seech thee, Sir; for even' 7o r'cwy'LXtLo rWy 7r1'rTOyrwTlJ a7o UgS Trpa7reo the DOGS eat THosE C the crumbs of the falling from the table c 092 OHUIA cauRIS which FALL from i wI TO V UpLV canwV? o l TOTE EacoKpLsILEs 6 their MASTERS' TABLE." of the masters of them. Then answering the 28 Then Jesus answerltr~ovs Eln7rez avoT' lb PyvvaEL, 1.E'yaEAi7s 0o0? ing, said to her, "O WoJesus said to her O e womano great of thee the man! great is Thy FAITH 7rio-fLsF 7oV?)0OfTCW OOL, rVxS dOAEXe,~ Ka, EL LEOa be it to thee as thou defaith; let it be to thee, as thou wilt. And washcalcd sihest." Andher DAUGHj7 OvyaTrlp EOUr?7s aESo'rEys &pas etetsr1s. TEE was cured from that the daughter of her from the hour that. very MOMENT. 2K Kat yeraas EKe6e 0 I?7ryT, Aou 7p 29 And Jess, e 7rahaving And departing thence the Jesuo, came eear left that place, came to 7Sv' OaXaoc'Eaf T77S7 raPrEaLasE ICaL avaEas EIs the LAKLE of GALILEE; the sea of the Galilee; and ascending into and ascending the mouNto opos, EIcar7To ElcEt. 30 KaEt rpoorlA.0o av7y, TAIN sat down there. the mountain, he sat down there. And came to him 30 And great Crowds oxXAo 7roAXoL, EXOTTes tetO' EavTCO7 XAovs, came to him, bringing erowds great, having with tcem lame, witl them tle lame, *the TvAovs, KCewqOus, KucXovs, Kal ETepovS rwoAAou' t crippled, the blind, the blind, deaf, maimed, and others many; deaf, aod many others, ~cat EpptLa, avETovs rapa Tovs 7robas To v IT77O ov, and laid them at *his aad tceylaid them at yth feet ofthe JesusT,mEET, and he cumed them: IaL EOepa7revcrev avTousV C' OrTE TOVS OXXoUS 31 so that the CROWDS and he healed them; so that the crowds beheld, with wonder, sthe Oartuaioar, OAe7rorTas Icwf)ovs AatovvTas, cvA- Deaf *hearing, the Cripto wonder, beholding deaf speaking, maimed pled restored, the I o —le * VATICAN MAcNUSCIcr. —30. crippled, blind, deaf, and. 30. his FEET. 31. hearing. t 25. The Jews likened the heathen nations to dogs.-Lightfoot. t 30. The origrinal word sfullos, properly signifies, one whose hand or arm has been cut off; (see Mark ix. 43.) but it is sometimes applied to those who were only disabled in those parts. To supply a lost'unb was a creation, as.d therefore an costonishing miracle. t 21. Mark vii. 24, g 24. Iatt. x. 6; Acts iiL 26; sm. xv. 8. & 26. Malt, Yio 6', Mark vr 31. 31. Isa. a. V 5 v., 6.

Page  53 ~hap. i'- 32.] 9MATT HEW;,. fap:;16 1. Xovs 5y7E5s, XwAovs rrEprLSra~Tolas, caUt TOvSoXs walking, and the Blind sound, lame walking, anld blind seeing; and they glorifed 3AE7rovTas Kai ELSaotaav TroeP OEOSV IpaAX_.l 3'0,the GOD of Israel. seeing; and they glorified the God of Israel. The 32 lfhlenJEsus having ae Is71tovs, TOVErpo~fcah~~ae(Jayev wvS 1Uaer]Tus av- calledhis DISCIPLES, said, then Jesus, having called the disciples of thI have compassion on 7011v ElfrE- SraeYX v yar e7rz 7y OXAOY oi rthe CaOWD, because they haV, caid;:7a-yXyt~ouat e rt ToP ozxod, O'ri have continued with me him, said; I hlave colmpassioll onl the crowd, for three Days, and have no*[Eleed] dIUspal rPELS, 7r POh,EOU, ith,,Cad Oc thing to eat; and I do not [already] days three, they have remained with me, and not wish to dismiss them fastEXov 1 rz a-ywcV Kait a7roAvtraL avrovs ing, lest they should faint they have any thing they may eat; and to send away them 5TY T 5 on the iOADo." **tGTELs ov OeAoe, /AseroT5E ~EcKvtUdwov TE *p soar. 33 And his DISCIPLES fasting not I vill, lest they may faint in the way. say to him, I " How can 33 Kai ALhsyovG'Lv aVTC o0' plaO-lqr~a a;vrov- 11o0E c we glet so many Loaves in And they say to him the disciples of him; Whioence e a Desert-place, to satisfl L. Ytt s ev epyl/.L ap*i*ot *To0oo ot, O r XOpRaa such a Crowd?" to us in a desert placc loaves so many, so as to satisfy OXXOTI TO-OVTO7/; 4 Kai CE'yt Tv 34 And JESUS says to OXTOf of uov; 14 KO* AEy;L VoS o IOoSs themlll, "IIow mnany Loaves a crowd so great? And says tothem thlle Jesus; hlave you?" And THEY Ioovs apOTovs EX~'E; 0 8E Et7LroZ''ETra, tat said, "Seven, and a lew How many loaves haveyou? They and said; Seven, and Samallfishes." OAL'ya O XOUIa. H35 Kass eKceAsu-E'rOLS oXXoIs 35 Then he commanded a few small fishes And lie directed te crods the PEOPLE to recline on ava7reo'etP E7rL T1)' V'V. V rKCa Aa*r T70ovs the GROUND; to recline uponl the ground. Ad tahing the 36gro aAnid taking the sEvE7rTa ap*Tovs Ktea rovs tXOvas, EvXapLtOT'**asa s Pe Loaves and the FISiseven loaves and thle fishes,,ivilg tha,,s 11S, The offered thanks, EKXaOare eKal ewKIe rots LaOrqTaRs avUov, o01 e and broke them, and gave he broke and he gave to the disciples of him, the aad to is DIsCIPLES, and the aOO1Tae L T91 oxhX. 37KaO Epa-yov 7ravTEs, ICar DISCIPLES distributed to disciples to the crowd. And they ate all, and the CROWD. eXOpTairrOqrlaOv' Kai 7pav To 7repLtooevov Twv 37 And they all ate and were filled; and they tookap that overandabove oftlhe were satisfied; and of the acXaaycaT7wv, E7rTTa o7rvpL3as 7rXA1pets. 3s 0 ase REMAINING FRAGMENTS fragments, seven large basketa fil. They aad thegffathered Seven large ESO-ovTeS 7l'aY E TSpacSLOXLtAoLL CaVpes, X(WPISs Baskets full. eating were four thousand mea. besides 38 Now THEY who had yvUaitcCl Ktiat i7raLtatwy. EATEN were * about Four women and children. thousand Men, besides Women and Children. 39 $ And having dis39 Kal aSroAvaas O Tovs oXAovs, asY'E/s, EI5 missed the CROWDS, he And having sent away the crowods, he went into went into tile BOAT, and TO 7rAoToSz, Kai rlXeJAO els TOa dpla Maysaka. came to the COAST Of the ship, mad came to the coasts of iagdala. *Magdala. KE'I. is'. 1Gb Kai 7rpoG'eXOoTEEs el (Papioaoi CIHAPTEIR XVI. And coming the Plha-isees tKas a8ovaoratoC, 7retpao,*T*eS e7rlpWT1o'av av**ooV, 1 $ Then the PHARIand Sadducees, tempting they asked Ihim, SEES and SADDUCEES 7rlyc/oE S EK TOSV ovpcsov e7riaE-Lr al avrTOLs. 2'0 drew near, and tempting asign from the heaven to show to them. He asked him to show them a Sign from HEAVEN. ~ VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-32. already-omit. 38. about. 39. Magadan —so also Lachmann and Tischemdorf. 1 t 37. Baskets of larger capacity than the wicker baskets mentioned in Chap. xiv. 20 —large enough to contain a man's body. See Acts ix. 25. t 39 The modern name is lrd elMesdel, field or coast of Ilejdel. Mejdel, from which the plain takes its name, is a paltry village, about an hour from Tiberias, near where a line of high rocks overhangs the lake. This -ras the ancient Magdala, called in Mlarlk viii. 10, Dalmanltha; the birth place of that Mary, out of whom were expelled seven demons. t 82. Mark viii. 1.: 33. 2 Kings iv. 43. 5. Matt. x2iv, 519' ulc xxii. 1t $ tM. Mark i. 10 1. MaItt. xii. 88.

Page  54 6;ap. 1 i: MATTHEW. [hap. 16: 12. r a~wroicLOEsl EL7rEV avoTLS [OlaS -yEVOYU~EP-s g 2 But he answerin, but answering said to them, ["o In tie aL"J~7E',vara~ wv rEvening, you say,'It will E-ETEe Euoia MwvpeabEc lyap 6 ovpavos. Kai be Fair weather, for the yousay; Fair weather; reddena for the heaven. And SKY iS red;' arpcot,~ 2,LyepoYV Xe/LYwv 7rvuppacet yap orvT- 3 and in the Morning, in themorning; To-day a storm; is red for lo-'There will be a Storml racav, 6 ovpavos.'rrTroKp rat, 7Te 7r PT Oo To-day, for the sKY is 2ring the heaven. Hypocrites, thle truly face red and lowering.' H-Iypo. crites! you can correctly roy ovpaeov ytpcteKETce TaKptIVeLe T' a aE 0rillUa judge as to the APPEARofthe heaven you knoaw to judge, the but signs ANCE ofthe sIY, butcanrw7o Kaipci ov avaaseO;] 4rEYc a wrovmrpa;car not discern the SIGNS of of the times not canyou?]' Ageneration evil and the TIlIES.] (aoXacts -rfl/ c0Eoi EMriTErV KaL (rsqUEeov ov O o- 4 TA wicked and faithadulterous a sign seeks; and a sign not shal less Generation demands a Sign; but no Sign will aqe07Tai aVT7', eL T'to o7[LetoL, IWCes ['[ou be given it, except the be given to hler, except the Sign df Jonas [the SIGN of Jonals." And leafrpos1rTOV.] lKCas KcTarAiwtcJ avarovs, a7rsqAOs. ving them, hle went away. prophet.] - And leaving them, he wventaway. 5 +Now, * the DISCIKat eXOsrerC o0 /taOyrTai aVTov Ets TO 7repaV,'LEs passing to the OTIAnd coming the disciples of him to the other side, Eac SIDE, had forgotten to take Loaves with them. e7reAaOorTo aptrovs Aa/Bet. 6'0 Pe Isr-ovs Ec7rer 6 And Jesus said to fad forgotten loa ke. ha and Jesus said them, I"Observe, and beav'TOIsE'OpaeT KCte' prpoo-EXETE awo Trs Cvxs ware of the LEAVEN Of to them; Look and take heed of the leaven tile PIIARISEES and Sad-'ra' (aploaeivi[ua l Zcc asaovicaieei. 701 O c e lEXo- ducees." afthe Pharisees ancl Sadducea. Tihey and rca- 7 And T'rIE reasoned among themselves, sayylOVTr0 EC EavuTols, XAEyoe'esT'OTrI apTovs oV ins, "Because we have soned among themselves, saying; Because lonves not brought no Loaves." EAas,80gce. 58EPOVS fE B 1 0ouVS (icrEmv Ti ia- 8 But Jesus knowing we ave brought. KInowiaidg d tb Jesus said; Why rea- it, said, "0 you distrustyLCE0-EO cEi Ecavrots, ceAiVyowo-Toi, o'Ti aproves full Why do you reason son you among YaUr',iA;) 0 you ork faith, because loav, amOng yourselves, BeO OrW OELT, O [ a;I cause you have no Bread? arOVK ~~~~~~~~t ea6'6lo ovoe )o you not yet pernot [ouhaaveiraou5tt Notyetperceiveyou, loar icmem- ceivc, Cr recollcet $ the FUEvE rovS WYrEmTE tXp'OVTS Tc'V 7repTatctXiAtPr, FrI-v Loaves of the aIVEher you the five ioaee- of the five-thound, THOUSAND, and How ascam 7roCVu tcoqseovUs eafOecre; 10 Ove -ovus ny Baskets;youtook up? and how many baskets you took up? Nor the 10 nor 4: the SEVEN Errca ap'rovs Twe, Trspaico-xrLo.,, Kcat'ronas Loaves of the FouR Tou- - seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many SAND, and How nlan;-am-vpidaa c1eh ISO tlce o ~ ecie large Baskets you tookupt cr7rwvptas ekajere; 1leS OV poetre, rTi ov 11 I-low is it that you large baskets you took up? Why not do yopereive, haarot do not comprehend, Thlat arept aprov etnrolv mllV rpooexe' z a-7ro T?7/s'vfArs I spoke not to you about about bread I spoke to you to take heed of the leaven Bread, *but beware you of TeWn ehaapos-aWV caL Icai ddPovscacanY; 1SToTe s'v- the LEAVEN of tle PIARofthe Pharisees and Sadducees? Then they ISEES and Sadducees?" Virca', Or7 OVK 1Xii 7rpOscEXEci a7ro 1 T77S'vyvIYS 12 Then they underunderstood that not he dsay beware of the leaven stood That he did not tell them to beware of the oynv apTov, ax.' a 0so Trls 8iaXqs rcTWO abapiscratw LEAVEN of 1BREAD, but of the bread, but Qe the doctrine of the DOCTRIN:E f the icai:a sovicaicov, "*SADDUCEES and Phariand Sadducees. sees. a VATICA Sl MNUSaRIPT.-2 a'd i:-omit. 4. the PI-raPIIET —o2it. 5. the DISCIPZL8. S. brought —omit. 11. but beware you of. 12. SanDDUCRE and Pharisees. t 4. Matt. xii. 395 t 5. Maark iriS. 14. I 6. LuT,lie i,. 1i, L 9. Matt. xiv. 1, t10 Matt. Xv. 84.

Page  55 oM.:. 13.J MATTHEW. MP. 16: 21. 13ENAOy8MI I1 VS Cels Tca yuep77 Kaurcapeias 13 And JESUS corning Coming andthe Jesu into the parts of Cesarea into the PARTS of t Cesa. T7s *LXA7rIrovU, Ppwrc -rovu-s uaOrTas a'Trou, Ae- rea PHILIPPI, questioned of the Philip, asked the disciples of him, say- DISCIPLES, saying, ycvu Twva,uee Xeyov~rrs o av4pfprc l LIvaSL, Tro, t"VWho do TrIN say that')'wy,' Ttia AG XE-YOVITtvo oJ a~,Opc7rot Eta, at, T the soNv of MANv is?" bog; Who me say the men to be, the v Tov roo av~pwrrolv 1406 &e F~TOY 01 0,vA 14 And THEY replied, son of the psman? The1 snd aid- tme, SOME, John the IatmitER sono ofoanrr? aThey aud said; Some, SEE; * So1IE, Elijah; and IcwoavvYP Tov [aWTl'orTI)" ahAAot E, H av E'eOi others Jeremih, or one John the dipper; others and, Elias; others, eremiah, or one of the PROPHETS." 6e,'IapeeUrav, - eva Twv 7rpo T-rwv. 16 AEE 15 He says to them, and Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He says "ut who do avrots' T'TJLss &e TItZau e AGEy-TE evaLt; 16A7roK-. say ~~~av~os rois- V U EEE E~I that I am?" to them; You but who me say to be? Ans- answer -IETPOS C- ~' 16 Simon Peter answer, p10e6t 1 E 9 lEsu'W fle'pos otx-e' Et 6 XIpt-oIS, ing, said, ++"Stbou art the wvering the Simon Peter said; Thllo art the Anointed, CH, S tl SO+ of the CHRIST, the SON of the 6 viOS o? uO. EOv TroU COPTos. 17 KaL a7woKp eLOs LIVING God." the son of the Cod the living. Acd answering 17 And Jesus answer6 I)71Tous evers auT4V Matapios CEL, =li/J j3ap ing, saidtohim, "Happy the Jesus said to him; Blessed art hoe, Simon so art thou, Simon, son of Icvae 05TL Trap&t it af1 4/ oveC a7reKaa*u 01e t, Jonah; for Fllesh and ofJonas; for gleh and blood cot ithasrevealed to tiee, Blood has not revealed CaAA' 6 7raT77p OUV, 6& CV TOlS ovparoIs. 55Kayw this to thee, but THAT but the father of me, tat {n the heavens. Also I FATHER of mine in the 5e arot AEwy, PTL erV EC rIerpos, tKaL C7El Travtp lHeavens. andto thee may, that thoe a;t arock, and upon this 18 Moreover, I also say rr7p,7lEpa oL~ooICO rO.; l too'rr4d TP cICA lTfLa,, scat to thee, That tbtou art ta the rock I willbuild qfLe thle church, and Rock, and on $this tOCK 7rvAai'aoov ou KarTaXvtouovt o aoVTS. 19Kat, I will build My CHURCH, gates of hades not shallprevailagaiosit her. And and - the Gates of Hades 6cTo ~(Y0ol 7Tas KAIELS Tr77S,wJlEELatS COV s Ou- shall not triumph over it. I will give to thee the keys ofthe okingdom ofthe hea- 19 And I will give thee c tlle KEYS of the KING(3 pavrwov scat 6 eaO d7(7s h-l?T)S y7ys, C/aTtt D0oM of the HEAVENS; vens; and whateverthoumayestbindupon tho earth, shallbe and whatever thou shalt Seaeo~Vov E Trots oUpavots' scat 6 cEa A1v)o7s tind on the EARTH, shall bound in the heavens; and whatever thou mayestloose be bound in the EATveCrt T71S Y'/rs, Eftrat AeXvUevov V EY rTOS oupavolS. ENS; and whatever thou upon the earth, shallbe loosed in the heavens. shalt loose on the EARTH, 20 ToTre 1E tTCaoTo Tr01oss /LOuIITCS s tJuTcU, lCp shall be loosed in the Then he charged the disciples of htm, that HIEAVENS." ptnepC L cEtwo-ev - ( T a'UOS T rO C 6O XpT -ros. 20 $ Then he commanded * the DISCIPLES that no one they shouldtell that he is the Anointed. ed * tlle DISCIPLES tn at, they should tell no one, that te is the MESSIAH. 2 Aro Tree iqptaTro o I-l0oovs 8EIK)USm, Tols 21 From that time, JE. From that time began the Jeosu to show to the SUS began to disclose to VATICAN MA-UIscaIPT.-13. the sox of MiA is l 14. somE. 17. HIeavens.?0. the DISCIPLErS. t 13. This town was sHear to the spring-head of the Jordan, and was built by Philip, tetrarch of Galilee, in honor of Tiberius Cxesar; and to distinguish it from the sea-port town of Oesarea, mentioned frequently in the Acts of the Apostles, it was called Cesarea Philippi. See Josephus, AnIt. xviii. 2, 1, and xx. 8, 4. - 18. Parkhurst says, "This expression seems allusive to the form of the Jewish sepulchres, which were large subterraneous caves, with a narrow mouth or eltrrance, many of which are to be found in Judea, to this day. The LXX render the corresponding phrase from the Heb. of Isa. xxxviii. 10, the gates of the sepulchre. The full meaning of our Lord's romise seems to be, that his church on earth, however persecuted and distressed, should never fail till the consummation of all things, and should then, at the resurrection ofthe just, finally triumph over death and the grave." Compare I Cor. xv. 54, 55. t 19. It is said, that when the Jews made a man a doctor of the law, they used to put into his hands the key of the closet in the temple, where the sacred booki wore deposited, and also tablets to write upon; signifying that they gavC him author. ity to teach and to explain the scriptures and law of God to the people. 13. Mark viii. 27 Luke ix. 18. $ 16. Mark viii. 29; Luke ix 20; John i. 49; vi. 69; 5i. 27-M t 18. Joh i. 4-. t 18. Jph. ii. 20. 1 l9. Qatt.:0l -i. 1 Q ohu; 2& 0. M[att, tvli. 9;!t'4t;;Sii 30; Luke ix. 21.

Page  56 Map. 16: 02.] MATTHEVW.. 17: 1. LaEOrTats av'Tov, O6t 8EL aVToy a7reOElY EIS'Iepo- his DISCIPLES, * That he disciples of him, thatmust ho to go to Jeru- must go to Jerusalem, and roXAvga, ca 7roAAa 7raoevp atro rtCUY rpEtrBVTe- siffer much fiom the ELC amlem, and many (things) to suffer from the elders DERS, alld Hligh-priests, pcv Kac apxlepew) KaE?ypaAtlatTEc'w, tcaL aroiK- anti Scribes, and be killed, and high-priests and scribes, and to be and that on the THIll TavE7PZrn, eEaL TV7 TrpT 717 e?.Epq E-YEPOIPat. -2 KaL SDay he nmust be raised up. killed, and the third day to be raised. And 22 And PETER taking 7rpo-'Aa8o1,eEvos avTroyv IIETPOS, Tp~aaro e7rtrisyay him aside, and *rebulkin taking aside him the Peter, began to reprove him, said, "Be this far aVT'c, Ae-YwyV'IAeWos rot, KtvptE' OuV /l eCu-TaL fiom thee, Master; this him, saying; Be it farfrom thee, Olord; not not shallbe sllallnot be to thee." 001 TOUVTO. 23'0 8E OrTpa(PEES LtEWr TCt nf-pT?- 23 ButHE tfurning, said to thee this. He but turning said to the Petere be-'T7raye o7roTLOW FOVr, aTraVa' oslCaY ako, Ou lcinrld nie, Adversary; thou Go thou behind of me, adversary; a stumbling-block of me art a Stumbling-block to Et' o6T ov ppoePLs Ta Tov ov, aAAaa Ta nc; for thou regardest thou art; for not thou regardestthe (things)of the God, but those IlOt the THINGS of GOD T7W aEOpW 7rcv. 24 To 6Ee o Io7rovs el7rE TroLs a- but THOSE Of MEN." of the men. Then the Jesus said to the dis. frlT7as avTOV' EL TLS T EE L C rITc, OV EXOE hisDC24 Then JIEsus said to eiples of him; If any one wish after me to come,. wDISCIPLES, "f any Otto wish to come after arapvaaEO-w EaVTOV, Kal apaTW 70VTO O-TrapoV nle, let him renounce let him deny himself, and let him bear the cross av u Kcai aicoxoVOCEIO.OL. ~25'OS a himself, and take up his VT~Pov, -ll a~ohoveE170 EL-OI. 25~0s yap ap cRoss, and follow rue. of him, and follow me. Whoever for heA. TIOY vUXtrlY abov ~Eroorat, a troXeret avrTv'y 25 tFor whoever would maywish the life of him to sato', shalllose her; sae IltS LIFE, SllSa lose 6s 8' av ar;oAc-O? Trel t4XrY aVt' EVEICEY it; and whoever loses his whoever and may lose tile life of llim ol accolent LIFE on ny account, shall eC/ov, Elsp?7ELi avTr-tf 26 Tt Eyap 0weAEtrELat av- fild it. ofrl,,hallfnd her. What for is lrofited a 26 For what is a Mlan OpwQ:os, EaV TOV KO/DOV 6ov Cepk71o,' rSy ae profited, if he should gain man, if thle world whole he lay win, the and the whole WORLD, alltd 4vXax7v auTrou /.tto7O; ) T rt dwrret afOpwOrros forfeit hllis LIE? or what lifo of him hemay forfeit? or what shall give a man will a man give in RanavfaAAaEua T`Es tUX7lS aETOv; 27 MEAXEt yap son for his LIFE? in exchangefor the life of him? Isabobut for 27:F0orthesoN ofaAN 6 vios 0Tou COaOpc7rou PXET-Oal e y E Tl o about to COlme in the the son of the man to come in the glory ofthe GLORY of his FATHER, 7raTpos aTrovy, ueTra Tvw ayTyeAriw abTovr, ical with his ANGELS; and father of him, with the messengers of him, and t]len le will recompense T aroTE t OTO oe EL ecao -To KaTa TrIv rpativ ".o each one according to then he will render to each one according to the behavior 2iS CONDUCT. of him. 28 TIndeed I say to you, ~~~~~~~~~~jof him. E),Et ETW EO *That thtere are SORE of 28Ind AI EeyW bjUl ep l tz- ES y T E' those SeTANDINC- here,who Indeed I say to you, thereare some of tlhose here having ill tastef De, till will not taste of Beath, till T&)V, OIrTIEs 0ov 7EV Oy`CvsrcoaL 0avaTOU,~Ws aY th ey see thl -"ON of MAN stood, who not not shall taste ofdeatll, till they l tee titS ROYAL MAN L&,tO't T~fl~ vioi' TO!) ~ cotinng in Ilis ROYAL 3IA' 6wtt T'oy UvIOy ToV ayEporrtIOV) ou A/EYOV ER Tr)7 JEySTY." they may see the son of the man coming in the EBaoAEta abWrov. KEP. sL'. 17. 1 Kai UeO' CHAPTER XTII eoyalmajesty of him. And after 41fepas E~ ITrapakaLp avEr I6r ovs Toy HITEpoY, 1 TAnd after six days, days six takes the Jesus thle Peter, JESUS took PETER,Janles, KaE Iat$cco vo, eKa IwaEviy T oy aSOEho, auvrovu anid John tlhe sROTHER Of and James, and John the brother of him; James, and privately con. VATICAN MANUSCRIPTe.-22. rebuking him, said. 28. That there are. t 21. Matt xvii. 22; xx. 17; Mark viii. 31; ix. 31; x. 33; Lulke ix. 22, 44; xviii. 31; xxiv 6, 7. 24. Matt. x. 38; llark Tiii. 34; Luke ix. 23; xiv. 27. 25. Luke xvii 83l John xii. 2 26. Psa. xlix. 7, 8. 1 27. Matt. xxv. 31-46: Mark viii. 38; Luke ix. 26. 5 28 Mark Ix 1; Luke ix. 27. 1. Mark ix. 2; Luke ix. 26.

Page  57 Chlap. 17: 2.] MATTHEW. [chap. 17: 12. rai avacepet aTrous eLs opos 6v4lXov taT' titav. ducted them up a loft2 and Seads up them into a mountain high privately. Mountain; KKai CETEretuoppweo7 E. TrpoorOE avurTv, Kcat 2 and he was trans. And he was transfigured in the presence ot them, and formed in their presence; cEXaei!E ro 7rpoawr7ro, aVTov'os 6.7;tos' Ta oe his FACE shone as thle shone tile face of him as the SUI; the and SUNT, and his GARMENTS /p.a-ta a avTov elyEVETO AevICa rVs TO (pWOS. 3 Kat became white as the garments of him became white as the light. And LIGHT. lOV, wc)rlorav, au-rots Mworos tcaL HAtas, /AET' 3 And behold, Moses lo, appeared to them Mose. anld Elias, vith and Elijah appeared to auTov aovAAaAovTes. 4 ArrorptOetS 6e r'leTpos them, conversing with him talking. Anlswering and tle Peter himlll. eL7re Try Ij7oov- Kvpte, Kasov, ErrOTIPv as C8 E 4 Then PETER addresssaid to the Jesus; O lord, good it is us here ing JESUS, said, "Master, elvai' el OeXetLs, 7roi7LoCwxe 6C3E TPELES oKtcvas, it is good for us to be to be; if thou wibt, we may make here three tents, here; if thou wilt, * I uwill Go'o Auav, Kat Macrtp /eas, eal /lav HALa. 5 ETrL mlake here three Booths; to thee one, and Moses one, and one Elias. Still oine for thee, one for Moaunro AoaAOvTos, 16oV, Ve)EA) (pwoTS e7rEF- ses, and one for Elljah.." of him speaking, lo, a cloud of light over- While he was speak Kiacrev avToUs' Katl lov, tpWVr Et T'7rS VeFpeAhrS, ing, behold, $a Cloud of Shadoe the, and lo, voce out oedt the cloud, light coveree them; and hAeyonuva "OTa i OVTOS oe.Oio 6LOU c tyuIr7iots, itbehold, a Voice from the saying; "Thes is the aon oftmethe beloved, CLOUD, declaring, L"Thls El'Y qt cLgOKoio CiUTOI OaKtOOETE. 6 Kau aKon- 5is my SON, the BELOVED, in whom t delight; of hlm hear you." And having in whom I delight; hear ravrES ot AuaOlat;, erreFoo, e7rt 7rpo0oW7roV a't v, 6him!" heard the disciples, thev fell tlpon face f them, 6 And the DnsciPtess Ica; etpo 7G1avs oqiospa. 7 Kau r eApob eev 6 Ihaving heard it, fell on teat E(ofi6j-rlrra-a, o'po~pa. 7 Kai rpoat X~wv their Faces, and we-re and were frightened greatly. And coming near the their laces, and were I7aovos, jlhaTo avrTwv, eKa; ewrev EEyp SDTE, taE greatly frightened. Jesus, touched tllem, and said; Be you raised, and 7 And JESUS approachbobeto'O.0 5E irapavTes E OA0VS O AO ing,:tonched them, and (. b be afraid. Lifting p then the e said, "Arise, and be not ei eei. fgp ic th'e raid." auTcos, OnEs ELOV, e l fekll To I7ouovy Aovov. 8 Then raising their ofttlets, no one tlley saw, except the Jesus aloe. they saw no one, 9Kau KaTa,3aivoTov avtTv, etc O EES, they saw noe E oneUS And descending ofthe, from the mountain, d as they were veereTia~To avrois o Irhcrovs, XAetyW M77EV El- de9 s And as they were charged them the Jesus, saying; To no one you ng e rSTE TO Ipuu, dette ovt 6 IoC TOT uOpeo TAIN, JESUS commanded y77liE To ipaua, til o h veos t ov avOpw7rov etc them, saying. Tell the VTmmay tell the vision, till the son ofthe man from SION to no one, till the yeKpo, avalr1u p. SON of MAN be risen from'dead (ones) should be raised. 10 Kau e,7r7pceTilouav avTrov ot eaOhT1r GTralToO 10 And the De SCaPLES And asked him the disciples of him, asked Alin, sayin, t' Why.~yovres- Tt ouv ot ypa1a7tets 2e7oUv'L, ten do te sclfs sa OI then do the SCRiemS sa3 saying; Why then the scribes say, that That Elijah mus firs HAav Be; eXOetv 7rpwTrol; 110 oe Irlovs e' cole Elias must to come first? Tie but Jesus 11 *1E answering, said, a7rocptOets etireY lX[avTros-] HAtas ieeY epxeruat "Elijah indeed *comes, answering said [to them;] Elias truly comes ald will restore all thiigs. 7rpWcT0YO, ICea a7roaTratrO'T7ret raeTag 12AXEy/c be 12 But I say to you, first, and shall restore all thlings; Isay but That Elijah has already vtyLI, 6st HAuas rl6rl 71AOE, teat ovIK E7reyVlwav colle, and they did not to you, that ]6lias just now came, and not they knew recognize him, but have vJTol,, aAA' e7roLrtoav ev avrTc &6a rl7OeX7orav done to him whatever him, but have done to him as much as they wished; they wished. Thus also * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.- -4. I will make here three Booths. S1. Hu answering. 11. comes, and will restore. 5. 2 Peter i. 17; Matt. iii. 1 Mark i. 1I1 Luke iii. 22. t 7. Dan. viii. 18; x. 9, 10, 18: Rev. i. 17. O. Marl ix, 9. 0t. Mal. iv. 5. i 12. Matt. xi. 14; Mark ix. 1613.

Page  58 Sep. 17: 13.], MATTHEW. [Cal. 17: 23. t7'c tscat 6 vies roTv acVTpworov tuehEI 7raaXCeer the soN of oMAN is abi; thus also the son of the man is about to suffer to suffer by them." vr' atu'TY. 13Tor-e rrVoKCaY, O17TOtxaOl'r, &7p 13 Then tle DISCIPrLs by them. Then understood the disciples, that understood Thllat e spol;e.rEPL Iwayvov Tot S3arTIOTOV sL7reV avUTOLs. to them concerning John concerning John the dipper he spoke to them. the Ix3ERSF.R. 14 e XKa, EOovWnTcp arTop 7rpoS ToV oX~ov, rp' 14 4:And they having And having come ofthem to the crowd, come to the cnowi, a tXAOEzr uraVT avOp5crose yovvi'ireTcu avurov, 5Ka(s Man came to him. kneelcane to him aman, nee-falling him, and Igand aying, efywv' Kvp e, ete7rrov otov TO VlOV-' 0ot'EXh- 15 "0O Sir, have com& aying; Olord, havepityonofme the son; for heis sion n ly SON; for "ra'ye Oat, Ka h Keitcs RaCmXeth rroAeci Ce h e is a lunatic, and *siclkmoon-struck, and sadly suffers; often for srLT5.L <sI TO 7TvO Scat rOX S sIn To du, into the FIMrE, and freIri7rTei C-19 TOS 7rvp, XaL 7roX~amis ELS TO VO8Wp. quently into the WATER. he falls into the fire, and often into the water. 6ientl into theb WT. 16 See,., d~EKI aed] cr t16 And I brought him Ka 7rpotjlVE'ylcta C0W 5 TOtS geztdaptLs aov maL to thy DISCIPLES, but And I brought him to the disciples ofthee, and t ould not cure Him." OVfC -708vvql' aJcaat acVTO' Opa7r~E~UG'atL. 17Asromcp- 17 Then Jdsvs answernot they were able him to heal. Answer ing. said, "O unlelievOatS ~S 6?ISJBOOS 517r51r 12 )tSS/Stt ct;LSTTOS sccu iug said, "0 unbelievCOas oe 6 r1o-ovs elifev- Q' Yretea acriaTos h cat ing and perverse Generaing andthe Jesus said; Ogeneration unfaithful and owong must lion! how long must I be $strrerpaCtxge'. Wces 7rotTe erroT.0at /LeO /tUwJ); with you? how long must Laving been perverted; till when: shallI be with you? bring im Ecos 7rOTe aCeteoytat /vFL,; epeTrE /1ot avToV70' &e. here to me." till when shall I bear you? bring youto me him here. 18 Andlesus rebued tKart sE7rErT7i7s-qe avr( 6o I)rsovs, tcal Er27AE5v' him, andthe iaemoN came And rebuked him the Jesus, and rcmeout out of him; and the iout ar' a7ro0V TO cattOVlOY' I/clt E0epa7rvOrOrl o ra-ts was restored from that of him the demon; and was cured the boy IIOU,.arto 7)s (pars ScELv1S. 1 TOTS 7rpooeA.OS,Tes 19 Then t.l..DISCIPLES from the hour that. Then ccing ng to Jsus private' of ua1O7Tcrat Ty Irouv tcKa' 3,avr,.-et7ro'r ALtar ly, said, "Why were toe the disciples to the Jesus by himself, said; Whg not able to cast it out?" Oets ov: 716vV717Ottev EajiosAELY a.r7o; 20' 0 oe 20 And * itE says to we not were able to cast out' it? Theand them, "On account of I7/arovs etfEv aVTO71S' Altla T'7V aCt7rrTiar, u' eos'. Yolr *LITTLE-FAITH; For Jesus said to them; On account of the unbelief ofyou.; sndeed I say to you,: If A1Pr7 -yap XEycsr VLY, SEa EXr''5101e -'WS mOKO- you have Faith, as a Grain Indeed for l. say to you, if youhae faith as a of Mustard, you might mIcop nYaTcErSc, sEP1 7f T ( OPEL 0TU79T. METa- say to this nOUNTAIN, grain of mustard, youw villsay to the mountain; this Bcthou Remove there from here, 870Lt EyVTeVOe eaKE, SCal ctxeTa(riloeatL' MCa oVUEv and it would remove; and removed from here there, wad it will reove; and nothing nothing would be impos. acvvatcrToe bfiPtv.-.21'f[TovTe se To Tyeos ov:C sible to you. will be impossible to you. [This but the kind, not 1 01 1- [This KIND, tioWao eK7ropeUeTrac t 1.7 e55 7poPev0 Xp tXat K1,a oeta.] ever, goes not out but by goes out, if not in prayer and' fasting.] Prayer and Fasting."] r 2Avars'r-peqo/zee su au''/ euCe En7 ra2l atA,:Xa 22 4 Now, while they Were traveling and of them in thte Galilee, - were traveling in GALIEtr~5 a0vO5 o0 I6 Jrr'Uvs' MeAXet vOSs70rov ac- LEE, JESUS said to them, said to them the Jesus; Isaabout -the son of the "Thle SON of MAN is about Opwo7iro sapartB orOadt ets,Xtpas avOpwarcu', to be delivered up.into man o be delivered up into hands of men, the IHands of Men i, Si3 0arrOCTrVOUvo V au7TOV} Sca 7rr7l 1 rT- TprIT spi -:, 23 and they will kill and;.:1; theyi wllkill him; and the third day him, and the THIRD Day esyEppO ea0o,''Kart ev7rXlTrl'ao, rcpo0pca. he will *rise. Ald they he will hbe raised. / And they ere grieved exceediagly. were exceedi.gly grieved dingly. ~ VATICAN MANUSCIerPT.-15. sickly. 20. aE says. 20. LITTLI-IeATII. 21. —osit. 28. rise. t 21. This verse is wanting in the Coptic, Ethiopic, Syriac hicros, and in one ItalawIfSS0 t 14. Mark ix. 14;.Luke ix. 37. 1 20. Matt. xxi. 21; Mark xi. 23; Lake xvii, 6; 1 Cot xiii. 2..t 2. Miatt. xvi, 21; xx 18; Mark ix. 30, 31; Luke ix. 44, -

Page  59 Map. 17: 24. MATTHEW. C. 18a.: 4. 24 EAXov'Twv le uv'wrY Ets KarepvaouiC, 24 tAnd having arrived Having arrived and of them at Capernaum, at Capernaum, the COL7rpoor7Aov y o' rcs &lspaX/ca AautavoTles eS a ECTORS of tDIDcHAMs came those the didrachmas receiving to the came to PETER, and said, TleeTpcI, iKcl EIlOV''O 8sae-caKXOS e uwv ou'TfAEL "Does not your TEACHER Peter, and said; The teacher of you not pays pay the DIDBACHMS?" asr sL'pa Xc(/a, 25Ajey~e Na:. Ka t orE rloA-' 25 Hesays,"Yes." And the didrachmas? Hesays; Yes. And when he was when *they were colme Oet Els T'rY outlap, 7rpoE(pOa0ezE auroy I176oov s, into the HOUSE, JESUS come into the house, anticipated him the Jesus, anticipated him, saying, AEycV'- Tt (goL 80KE1, L aWV;* 01 tatlAeLs " What is thy opinion, Sisaying; Whichto theeseemsright, Simon? The kings mon? From whom do the rrS~'YlSE aGo7l TLYVV Aactt/3acl'oUoL TEi A7 K OY;~ KINGS of the EARTH take oftheearth from whom do they take taxes or census? Tax or Census? from alro Tc7O VIE' a0To0rv, 71 a7uro 7TV O aA67tp v; their own SONS, or from from the sons ofthem, or from the aliens P OTHERS?" "26AE/ aVT(P O1 nfeTpOS Aaro TSv aAcAXoTpLWV. 26 *And when he said, Says to him the Peter, From the aliens. "Of OTHE.RS," Jesus says, Ecpl c amu/ 6 Ipoeovts Apaye "Tie SONS then are exa Says to him the Jesus, Then exempt are the empt. uiot. 27'Iva Se /u- ciceavara tEY v aroust, 27 But lest we should offend them, go to the sons. That but not we may offend them, offend them, go to the LAKE, throw a Hook, and orpseOEzLS C-IS'T7p OaAattrava,,8aXEe a "'POP' take the first FISH COMgoing to the sea, cast thou a hook, catL TOr aval3awTa 7rpC wT'o Lx05U/ apove KaI y O- aNG UP, and opening its MOUTH, thou wilt find t a and the ascending first fish take up; and open- Stater take That, and (s akup~an openv Stater; take That, and EETO -To/ita (VTOtV, ECbPfCEiS O'TaeTtpa- EKEIVOY give it to them, for me ing the mouth of him, thou wilt find a stater; that and thee." Aa?9wv, 0os atrois aITr EClo). Ocnat -oU. taking, give to them for me and thee. CHAPTER XVIII. KEd,. al'. 18. 1 *And at That TIME the DISCIPLES came to CY freIYV Tr.7 &p5 CrpoeoSa77AXo o' C/aarTealt Trq JESUs, saying, 5j"Who In that the hour camle the disciples to the then is greatest in the 1-rlov, AEcYOvTEs Tis apa tEtCwv EroTPl CIY T', KINGDOM of the Hcz~r - Jesus, oaying; Who then greater is in the ENS?" 8acr'tCiEa T'wv ovpaCc)v; 2Kat 7rpoetcaXcrcat/oos 2 And *he having called kingdom of the heavens? And having called a Little child, placed him A I7br OVs 7ratt0rov e~o'7l7e avTO Ev' IEOO- aVTWUY, in the Midst of them, the Jocus alittle child placed it in midst of them, 3 and said, "Indeea I 3Kat ealret' Ay7sv AX-Eyo vIvt, earv lA77 oTpat)-ar4e say to you, t Unless you and aenid; Indeed Isay toyou, if not youbechanged be changed, and become;cat?yern7a Oe'cs Ta wraiaa, ov t-71 ei'oAeO7Tle Els as LITTLE CHILDREN, yOU and become as the little children, not not you may enter into will never enter the KINGT7lV' iaelAsltei TallV ovpasvss. 4'00-T Ovu DOM of tile HEAVENS. the kingdom of the heavens. Whtoever therefore 4 Whoever, therefore, e VATIcArN MANUSCRIPT.-25. they were come. 26. And when he said, "Of OTnens," Jesus says. 1. And at. 2. he having called. t 24. A half shekel, in value about 30 cents, or Is. 3d. It appears from Exodus xxx. 13, 14, that every male among the Jews, of twenty yea's old and upwards, was commanded to give a certain sum every year, as an offering to the Lord, for the service of the temple at Jerusalem. Scott refers to Jos. Ant. xviii. 0, 1, to show that the Jews continued to send the same sum every year, wherever they lived; which Philo too particularly mentions, de Monarch. ii. 615, ed. col. "Sums of money, on account of the Jews, were carried every year out of Italy and all your provinces to Jerusalem." Cic. pro Flac. 8. "Every Jew, despising the rellgion of the country in which he lived, sent his donations and tribute to Jerusalem and the temple." Tac. Hist. lib. 5. Josephus (B. J. vii. 27) says, "the Roman emperor Vespasian Imposed upon every Jew the same contribution for the Capitol, as they had before paid to the Temple." "Ttus imposed on them a yearly tribute of a didrachm to Capitoline Jupiter." Xsphil. Dion. lib. lxvi. These tribute gatherers must have been sent by the supertn. tendents of the Temple, and have acted by the authority of the high priest; for the force of uar Lord b arsunlnent depends upon this particular.-Wakefield. t 27. A shekel, or hall an ounce of slver, in value about 60 cents, or 2s. 6d., at 5s. per ounce. 1 14 Mark ix. bS, t. HIark ix. 33; Luke ix. 46, xxii. 24. 5 3. Matt. xix. 14 atk a N 15: LeKe rtili 17; 1 Cor. xiv 20; 1 Peter ii. L,

Page  60 Mapz&. 180 toJ lV_ ll-..V, MA TH W,'. 1 ~ o 11, ra7rELvwwop eavtro Cos r o fra6to'v Touro, otiros may hunble himself like may humble himself as the little child this, he tlliS LITTLE CHILD, he o'Tarv 6 tLzeLc, ep',' arAEIa'cfV' OVpaCtIV Wo. ill be tile GREATEST in is the greater in the kingdom ofthe heavens. the KINGDOI of the REA-:Kai 6s ea' 6E7T.atI 7ratSoV rotoov oV e' E 7rE8 Trq YENS. And whoever may receive alittle child such one on the 5 4 And whoever may,ovoeaTI,uov, EEC 6EXETraI, 6'Os o' av aKav8a- receive one such Little name of me, me receives. Who butever mayin- Child in llly NiA3IE, re-'Aop eva c'wv /tcrpwv Tovtrwv, T~ lre'revo p'.TiV ceives Me..nare one ofthe little-ones these, ofthe believing 6 1 But whoever shall EIS CC, e'e av6UfepeI auCTfgY ila KpE/ea6el,uuAos insnare one of the LEAST Into me, itis appropriate to him, that ehouldbe hung a millstone of THIESE WhO BELIEVE ill o.vios 0er Trov TpaXIAeoy aVlTOU, Kae KaTaerov- I me, it would be better for unpper on the neck of him, and he should be him that an f upper Mill T~IrTO7 EiV T4C wEha'YE L 7'J f OaAa~oes., stone were hang6d about sunk in the depth of the sea. his NECK, and that lie OUai Tf ICeit aeo TC 0K l'A El' |were sunk i:i the DEPTH 7 Oval,w i Koo,,w arro Tco mrcaySaXop' o:Avay-' f of the SEA. Woe to the world from the snares. Neces7 Alas for the WORLD, Kn71 feap Ei-sOY iEn E Te a t rKahanaeaen hT Y cOct because of SNARES! for ary for it is to come tlhe snares- but woeit USt e that SNARE ~~T91(P~~~ (p' i e T a'it must be that SNARES e) the We EK Eintht th e Oih hee nth KaeVOenOe come; but alas for that to the mR& to that through whom the snare MN through hom t StAN through whom thi epXE'Tal. 8Et E XEiP rOU 7t OUS (OV. SNARE comes. comes. If therefore the hand ofthee or the foot of thee 8 $ If, then, th lK'av6atr~LE (le, EKKO*lcel =UTaS KaRi IaX ao, or thy YOOT inlsnare thee, insnares thee, cut off thoem, and cast from t it off and throw it )ov' Kahov a'o 1 E(rTTV Ef1i-EAOEii ilS TVl' 7 ColV' away; it is better for thee thee; good to thee iti to enter into the life to enter LIFntoE crippled or XEXov po ICvAAov, 77 6vo Xetpar. 7 vo 7roaas lame, than having Two lame or aceripple, than to ha fee nds or Two eet, to be EXOVTEa 6AB710711r L ELI Tro 7r-p To aitriOl. 9KGL east into the +AIONIAN having to be cast into the fire the age-lasting. And E it oi(pOaA/uos oev a'ctKavaAI(el o-E, eeAe aVTOV, 9 And if thine vsYE inl if the eye of thee insnares thee, tear out it, snare thee, pluck it out,;cai,BaXE a7ro'ov' tKaAol' 00ot Ef`T' ioeo'pO)aAkjAlovl and throw it away; it is and cast from thee; good to thee it is one-eyed better to enter LIFE oneelS trhV lirp EL~TeOE Ll', il vo od(paAAeovS eXOVTa eyed, than having Two into tle life toenter, thantwo eyes having, Eyes to be cast into the,3Ar7O7l'a ElIS Trr''yEElvav Tou 7yrvpos. 10'Opare, BURNING of GEHENNA. to be east into the Gehenna ofthe fire. See, 10 Take care, that you t77 KaTaeppo'rl`i7TeE EPos Tl' /1cr 4pwlv TOUTvp" do not despise one of th6 not you may despise one of the little-ones these; LEAST of these; for I as, Ae'y00'yap i/lrv, Ti o0l ayyEAOi aVrTwv E' ovpa- sure you, that $tlieir ANI say for to you, that the messengers of tiem in hea- GELS in * the HEAVENS vots,5a7ravrTos l3AE7roor ro0 7rporco7ro, ToT) ccontinually behold the vens perpetually see the face ofthe FACE of THAT FATIIER O f 7raTpos /ov, Tov E' ovpavotso *[ilHX0e yap 6 milne in the Heavens. father of me, that in leavenes. [Is come for the 11 * *: [For the soN of vIoS Trov aV'OpwlroUv (rCOaL To airo owhso,] 12 TI tAN is cometosaveTHAT son of the man tosave the havingibeeulost.] What wlich was LOST.] * VATICAN MANUSCRrPT.-8. crippled or lame. 10, the HEAVENS, 11-oemit. See also Lachmann and Tischendorf. t 6. A mill-stone turned by an ass, and consequently much larger than one turned by the hand. The punishment of death by drowning, though not in use by the Jews; was so among bhe surrounding nations. It seems to have grown into a proverb for dreadful and inevitable ruin. t 8. Aioonion. This word is the adjective of aioon, age, and as we have no word in English which exactly conveys the idea attached to it in the original, it has been left untranslated. The adjective form of the word, however, cannot rise higher in Ineaniln than the iloun from which it is derived, and nlust always be governed by it. See Note on Mlatt. xiii. 40, and Appendix. t 11. Thin verse is omitted in the Vatican and several other ISS.. and marked as doubtful by Griesbach. In Boothroyd's translation it is ap. pended to the fourteenth verse, as making a better connection. a. Matt. x.4l; Luke itx. -48. 6. tMark ix. 42; Luke xvii. 1, e. S. 8 att. n, i, 9l: Ma r Ik ix 4, 45. I 10. Psa, I xxxiv.. 7:Lutka i. 19,;l1, Luke ix. 56; xix, 15.

Page  61 ,Iap. 18:12.7: MATTHEVV trce..18 26, VSXsi SOwIeet capl yev7ra1s TipVS apepcwrtp) faTOY /' 12 What do you think. to you seems right P if, should have any an.f a hHundred 7'po8awa, Kar 7rravlqOp ev e~ avTw'rw' ouxi t esat aey, *will e not lea sheer, and should go astray one from them; not leaving stray will he not lave' hea evves'icote'nes'sa eears,7.r,' the NINETY-NINE Sheep the W inety-nine themountins, on the MOUNTAins, and go f* Io 7a avp eyov; 13Kat cav -yev-tra neta gia vpheiv and seek the STRAY O.NE? 13 And if he happen to seeks that having strayed? And if he should happen to find find i lee p I ay to aurao, agsAsa?he'YW tjnse, aTIr Xaspes ear atlrep find it, indeed I say to you, 0, a1v Afyco tbv, dr %Xaclpee 6 avT Lthat he rejoices more over it, indeed I say to you, that he rejoicc Oever itOSE NINe it, than over THOSE NINEo,eanAovs, 7? ears TOSS 5VEV1e7)KOYTOCzaVOt, 7TOS' TY-NINBWhiChWENTNOT more, than over the ninety-nine, those not rearXAav77FlevoS. 4 0i'ras CQUiK eo OexA??ua 14 Thus it ins not the tavting been led astray. - Thus not it is il Will * of THAT FATHER f ArpoO0ev 6 TOteU Tarpos b6tti', ToV EC ovpavots, mine in the Heavens, that in the presence of the father ofyou, of that in heaven, i is resence one of the v5cR aaroq'rat eIs Toe( s V /lpw,e TOv'rC7t. 15 Eavs LEAST of these should be that should perish one ofthe little-ones ofthem, If lost. 8e &c/apra)T7r [[S e a'e] aSeAepos o'eo, t7ra/ye, 15 ]Now, if thy Bno. andshouldbeinerror [agsinttbee,]the brother of thee, eo, THEe. be in. error, go, con. fAe'ytov aUTov /,ReTapv o'ov ta aUT'ov Aoeov. vict him, between thee test him between thee and him alo If h Eav ovo atsovor1, eKcepto'a'E TOO, aCeXqaoV o'rOu loear thee, thou hast gainIt thee hemayhear, thou hastwo the brother ofthee; eLthyvsuTtIE. eav 8e ut7 atcovo, arapahale,te16a rot EC 1 But if he hear then ft but not he may hear, take with th'ie besides not, take witl tlee one or Eva r7 ~vo' ia eanrt o-ro/.arTo 5vo /oap'rvecv 17 tsvo nlote; tthat hy the one ow two; that by mouth two ofwitnesses or TcstimoMy of Two or t.lree icuv aT'-aO? 7ra'v 1lpla,. 17 Ear 3e ara- Witnesses, Every'Thing ofthllree may be proved every word. If and he may be proved. paoov'7 avTwv, etare Tr emKcAhorlt, eas 8e 17 But if he disregalrd ehould diroegard them, tell thou to the congregation; If and thflem, inform the cow. rat Tns eKKA7r l'Oas wapaicova p, (eTW C 0ot GREGATION; and if he also ofthe congregation heshoulddisregard, lethimhe to thee disregard tile CONcREQaAao'arep 6 eOvtcos Kras b rTeACwv7s. ~s AIA7s TION also, $ let hlmn be to as.- the G0dntile and the tax-gatherer. Indeed tltee as a PAGAN alnd a Ae'yco btttv, 6o'a cas 6r71'7rTe e7rt T77s'y7S, TRIIBUTE-TAXER. I say to yo-u, whatever you may bind on the earth, 18 Indeed, I say to you, CerTas 6e.s~eva e( re ovpavqt' Kai toara ea tiWhateveryou may bind hall be having been bound in the heaven; and whatever t01 EARTH, will be as lba.uo'77re e7r& 77,S'y7S, eaiTal XAEtf.cad a er ing been bound in * Hiea tou may loos0 ou the earth, hall be having boca loosed iqe) Ven; and whaltever yout rTP oUpaPV. - may loose on EARTH, wil1 the heaven.. be as blaving been loosed ~.<~-,- in Heaven. 19 naxsv Asyw tutlY, Srt eav 5vo b/wcs a'vsupwc- L9 *Again, indeed, I say Again I Bay to you, that it two of you may to ou. Thallt if two o vr1770'V ea'rs T77S'yas, 7rept'ravros 7rpayla'tos, you on EATa? may agree, s aree upoe the earth, sbout any matter, about any thing which os eav az'77r'oo'Trart'yerelo'TSat asTores rapa ToUe they may ask, it will ba whatever. they may ask, it shall be totheui from the done for them, by THA' WraTpoS flOe, TOtv eV OvpYLots. 20 0'yap to's FATHER of mine in the father of me, ofthat in heavens. Where for are lceavells. svo 71 TpP5S O'VFT7)7yY eVEo1 CS TO CSU Os OsOe s, Cee 20 For where twon or two 0 -thrat havlng come together in the my name, there three are assemlaled in MY eisev lc ea'p avTev. 91 TOTE 7rpoareAcwvse a-trp Nanae, I am there in the I am In the mldat ofthem. Then coming to him Midst of tllenl."'; ATrCAN MAnrUscaRIT. —12. will he not leave the NINETY-NINK Slheep on tile Iasoo nATaqo, and go and seek. 14. of TraT? rATHEIt.Of minte. 1. against thee —aau'. its. IiS aven. 5,r h. lleaven..19. Againl, indeed, I say., I Luke xv. 4. I 15. Lev. xix. 17; Luke xvi;. 3. I 15. James v. 19. 20 16. I)ellt. axt. 15: John vili. 17; Cotr. xih, 1. - 1 17. Ren. xvi. 17'I hess. i1l. 6,1I I 51 laett, Xvt, 19i9Ohli.s a;

Page  62 Map. 18: 2l.3 MATTHEW. [Chap. 18: 31. 6 nfTrpos, ctEC' Kvp;E, roo-aKLs agtap'rso0et LIS 21 Then Peter coming, the Peter, said; 0 lord, how often shall sin against * said to hlit, " Lord, eyJE 6 a8EJX(os yIov, KSaL a(pq7o- auwrk;'E show often shall I forgive me the brother of me, and I shallforgive him? till Illy 5 BROTHER, if he reb7rTaKts; 22AzEyE aVrT e I-OoOst- OV, AEyO peatedly trespass against reven times? Says tohim the Jesus; Not, I say me? till seven times?" os0e, fws C:Trates, aAA' Lws 4eMOIAsKOYTaKiS 22 JEsus says to him, to thee, till seven times, but till seventy times "I say to thee, Not till r-rTa. 23- Aa 3 OnTO OtaO y tatLata seven times only, but till seven. Therefore this has been compared the kingdom seventy times seven. TcoS ovpasvwv avOpwsrq J~BatrlAe, us 10eAajeOsE -U- 23 In this, the KING. of the heavens to a man kinig, who wished to DOM of the HEAVENS has 2apa4. Apa- been compared to a King, settle an account with the slaves ofhim. Having determined to settle EVaOU n be aws-ta an auzpew, r7casXls'eX f aun t Es'inAccounts with his SErbegun and of him to settle, they brought to him one VANTS. O5Etr/A.rrjs uvptET co r TavY 25 M7r rxow os- 24 And having begun a debtor often thousand talents. Not having but to settle, they brought to awrou arosovvai, KEhAE v-e C alTV oV o KvUOS avu- Ihim one Debtor of Ten of him to pay, ordered him the lord of thousand t Talents. TroS 7rpaOrYa, scat aiTv'ytvatica awUs, Ka, Ta 25 But he nlot having his-pri'a means to refund, aa o a t him to be sold, and the wife ofhim, and the means to refund, *the 7refKta, Kat rarQ'Ya o vaLE eKaL a~rooerraz. MASTER, toobtain {paychildren, and all as much as he had, and payment to be made. ent, ordered that he, 26rI7EGWv ou 8oVO 6~s 7 K r and his WIFE and CHIL-!our 6 8ou~os ~rpooevv taTt REN and all that he Palling down therefore the slave he prostrated to hi, DREN, should all tha he.E'Ycov' *[Kvpte,] AaKrpodOtxjos-oV e7~' E/tot, Kai 26 The SERVANT, then, saying; [O lord,] have patience with me thend as'av'ra ost aa'oowcro. 27 YrsayXvaoetls 6e 2 falling down, prostrated 7raY~all a-oi aro~wa-w. -'-:~7r~a-y~vio-O~is 8E to him, saying,' Have paall to thee I will pay. Being moved with pity then th i e m i, aiave p uKVPIOS o0 &ovA0ov A ceLrov, a7rs-AvnraE aTO, tiene with me, and I will lord of the slave of that, loosed himo, and pay'Os asv'Uov a(p7escdsE aver. 28 5EhtA sv be t 2e SERVANThe being comthe debt remitted to him. Going out but the Tbeingc 50nAss *[EKvsevosl, cspcs Tna s-wv CO P sn ws' passionate, loosed him, sore *[etlot fooeod oea othe fovovto and remitted the DEBT. slave [tat,] found one of the fellow-slaves 28 Butthe SERVANT gO cetprov uss ascplIfY dV7 t cKason napta ma o ing out, found one of his of him, who owed to him a hundred denasii; and FELLOW-SERVANTS, who cpaTs-7ras avToo eyre'ry, Aeywso, AsroSos plot t e owedhim a undred+lDeseizing him he choked him, saying; Pay to me if narii; and seizing himlle TI OEpEtAStS. 21IHeacw ourn 0 a58oUAOS choked him, saying,'Pay any thing thou owest. Falling down therefore the fellow-slave whatever thou owest.' avtTov, 7rapeKaeXet avTro, AEf'yA)V MacpoOvyp-o a-to 29 And his FELLOWof him, besought him, saying; Have patience SERVANT falling down, eCT' fo.I, Scar *[rrana] aSroaatcs yoL. a30o bes entreated him, saying, with me, and [al] I will pay tothee. He and'l ave patience with me ovtcK a7es aa' and I will pay thee.' nloEXCt aXA' cmreX~caue ef~a~en 30 But HE would not; not hewould; but going away he cast him int But HE would not and departing, committed pvAaKc, de aws o ao 5705s so ouexaLOae/ os'. 3IosV- him to Prison, till he prison, till hoeshouldpaythat he wasowing. See- should pay the DEBT. s-rS e of Va-vovvAot av'roV a'yeyo,.eta, eXvrT7- 31 * When, therefore, ing and the fellow-slaves of him thathavingbeen done, were His FELLOW-SERVANTS Braacr ao'poSpa' Kayt eXNosres aeraacp77o-ar -p seeing WHAT was DONE, grieved much; and going they related to the they were indignant; anO 0 * VATICAN MANUSCIPtrT-21. said to him,"Lord." 25. the tAsTER. 26. q lord —omit. 27. the SERVANT. 28. that-omit. 28. whatever thou owest 29. all-omit. 31. When, therefore, His FBLOW-SxEVANTS. t 24. Of silver; gold is never to be supposed, unless mentioned. —Bloontfield. t 25. I1 was usual among the Jews for the family of the debtor to be sold for the benefit of the cred, itor. See 2 Kings iv. 1; Neh. v. 8. This bondage, however, only extended to six years 28. This was a Roman coin worth about 14 cents, or 7d. t 21. Luke xvii. 3. 4.

Page  63 MFap. 18: 32.] MATTHEW. h CeMap. 19: 9, tcvpt2 abucrv r'avCra ra PyevoIevCa. 3 To-re going to their IASTER, lord of them all that having been done. Then they related ALL that lhad 7rpotaAEyot.AeYos awrov 6 KvpLos ap rov, Ateyer OCCURRED. having called him the lord of him, says 32 Then his SIASTEE at'Tf AovuXe roI7lpe, 7raayV TSr lv oqeLA71r EteEl1Y, having called him, said to to him; O slave wicked, all the debt that hinl,'0 wicked SERVANT! asPhea atot, 7rct 7rwapEtca ocaas /Ue 33OURK Eset All that DEBT I forgave I remitted to thee, because thou besought me; not wasit btnding thee, because thou didst Kaf e eAelrat rotv oruSovAot tov, cs Kat. YCo entreat me; also thee to have pitied the fellow-slave ofthee, as also I 33 was it not binding oW 71Aer7tra; 34KKai op zetOLMs o6 KyUtos avTo) on thee also to have had thee pitied? And being provoked the lord of him pity on tly FELLOW-SEItrapE8&iEev aUTO1V T1- 701 Saoavto-tals, ese oiu acrooc VANT, as I also had pity delivered him tothle jailers, till hemaypay on thee?' 7rav ro o(pEtAoAEvoP *[OcUVTC.] 3 OUTC Kaa o 34 And his MASTER beall that owing [to him.] So alo the ing provoked, delivered 7ra7r7Jp tuou 6 E7TOU~PaCvOS rrowl77e W~Ul), EGVl,U'z him to the JAILORS, till father of me the heavenly will do to you, if not lie slould discharge the UprlTe Etraa7Tos Tqp aSEAt/ty carrov Cro CWV DEBT. you forgive each one the brother of him from aJs 35 Thus also will my capazrl bwvy IIHEAVENLY FATHER treat hearts tfyou. you, unless you from your HEA RT, each one $:forgive 19llis BROTHER." CHAPTER XIX. Kal EYeveTro, 6TE SreAePTre 6 Iflo'ovs,ove And it came to pass, -when ended the Jesus 1 And it happened,,o-yovs ForTrovS, iUET77peg ey f amre. a s when JESUS ended these words these, he departed from the Galilee, WORDS, le departed from Ke'a8v IsE T opla 7r7 Iouvsas, Ep.a0 eov Galilee,and came into the tad came into the confines of'he Judea, beyond tho CONFINES of JUDEA, belop~avov.;Kat 7EKotovuOqlaO avE c oXE p yond the JORDAN. Jordan. And followed him crowda 2 And great Crowds folwoAXor' at eepairfvcEv tTrovtr PKEL lowed him, and he cured great; and lie healed them there. their sick. 3 Kai srpoo-tlX0ov auwrq oZ 4baptratot, 7rElpa- 3 And the *Phariseen And came to him the Pharisees try- came to him, trying him, COrPTEs aVTOV, KaiL AEyovTEFs * [awvUr] Et EtEYTle and saying, +"Is i' lawtog him, and saying [to him;] If itislawful ful for a man to dismiss avOpco7ryc a7roAvtratl 7rv'yvvallca avtov Kta his WIFE for Any Cause?" to a man to release the wife of him upon 4 And He answering, raoav arira;v 4'0 8e awrotcplOEs et7tre aveTo.s' said to them, "Have you ev.ery cause; He and answering said to them; not read, That the CREAOuw avePyVwTE, OTt 6 7roqt7as alr' aPXsis aptrev TOR, at the first, made a Not have you read, that the Creator from a beginning a male male and a female; EKa 8OjAu e7rors7tPL avTsoS; 5Kal Er7rev' "'Evl/rev 5 and said, I'On acand afemale he made them? and sayss "On ac count of this a man shall TOVTrou KeaTaXiLetL avOpWoo7 s Tro 7raTrepa te leave FATHER and MOTMof this shall leave a man the father and ER, and adhere to his T77rY,77.Epa, KaL TrppOKOAAr ofXqtrLea T7.'yVtattIt WIFE; and they TWO shall the mother, and shall be closely united to the wife become one Flesh?' abrov' KaE EaovrTat o0' uo iS PI apEca /Aiav.2 6 So that they are no of him; and shall be the two into tlesh one." 6 y.trr OVETL Pt vo, aAa aap. _'o longer Two, but one Flesh. So that nolonger they are two, but flesh one. What WhatGoD, then, has niovP 6 8Oos owtPCEVPEv, av~pcvnroy M-0 XWPIETrCO. ted, let no man sever." then the God hasjoinedtogether, atman not disunites. 7 They say to him, iAPyovurv avorw' t Tt ovv Mor rv1 IEreTsEAaTo:"Why then did Moses They say to him; Why then Moses did enjoin command to give a Writ VATICAN M.AlUSCRIPT.-34. to him-omit. 3. Pharisees. 3. to him-omit. 35. Prov. xxi. 13; Matt. vii. 1, 2. t 1. Mark x. 1.: 3. 3Mark x.. t 4. Gern 1. 27; lala it. is. G e.. i, 24; 1 Cor. vi. 10; Eph. v. 31. 7. Doutb xxiv. a1

Page  64 ap. 19: 8l. MATTHEW. ic,~lp. 19: 16. of Divorce, and dismlis 0ovvat [( fXtoo aTroita'ofOV, eat aroXvmrL aTu'rlv; ber to give roll ofseparation, and to release herP er 6Ac-,Yc''OTt M()ouqS irpoS "in' 8 He says to them, ReAyse ay srs t 0s McS rrpos to1t (7KX1- "Moses, indeed, permitHe says to thc~l. i That Moses for the hardness eo to thy Tt o oo t ted you to divorce your poKcapoiap dttw E7E.peF e yEV L a6 rogvL ar t aS wavEs, on accounvt of your ofheaxt of you suffered you to release the - y o STUBBORN DISPOSITION; -y1vvaiLtcas Vu/l. a07r' apX77PXs JE ou eYEY'ove ~o ) but from the Beginninning it wives ofyou; from a beginning but not it was so. ot so gAeyCI E ttULVt, ol d S~ a ru' P7rT~OXVT Tr 7VyvYaltca 9 $ But I say to you, I say but to you, that whoevcr may release the vife Whoever dismisses his aVT'ro, f.3l 7rLt'WiopELa, t nKat 7ayCsixEl a rlX7, WIFE, except*on Account of him, except for fornication, and may marry another, of Whoredom, causes bel oiX&aata KaC 6 a7troAcXvj.LEJr'7 yaty7jas, - to conumoit adultery; and commitsadultery; and he her being released marrying, corn- at who sMAutRIES the diXaBaT. mAlieyOU iou U atTft OS MarXC sa7at aCUtTV't vorced woman, comnlits mits adultery. They say to him the disciples of him; adultere." Et OlTUWS eo.tV 71 C aLT4La 5roy ayOpwc7rov ETra TrS7 10 *The DISCIPLES say If thus is the case of the man with the to him, "If the CASE of -yvvatKos, ov a0vut)ept'yat7rlcati. 11,0 E ELTweY the HUSBAND with his woman, not itisprofitable to marry. He but said WIFE be tsus, it is not avTroLs OUi 7IravrTE X00pOV1 "r0 Xo'YOy TOVUTO, good to marry." to them; Not all admit the word this, 1 But iE answered aAXX' oLs 6EOT7at. 12ELtrtL yap evUovXOl, t"None can admit *the but to whom it has been given. There are for eunuchs, WORD, but those to whom oLT'lVES EfK KtotAXas.1tTpoS Eyevvrq0o770aY oUrW'1 it is given. who fromn womb of mother were born some calt eratSl e5ovIXoX oLrtLeS eUv/oUXtoq'077raB'J7ro ]Euluclhs, by latural conand there are eunuclls, who were made eunucllcs by stitution; others have Twv avOpw7rwv' Kat Eltl'y EVYovUXO, oSTtyVe evov- been made Eunuchs by the men; and thereare eun.tchls, who made -lIEN; and 1 Totsers have Xtotay auvrovs ata Tr'y a0oLtXetav/ TrY ovpa- madethemselvesEunuchs eunuchs tllemselveson accountof the kingdom of the heav- on account of the KINGvWv,'O' v0 alYeVos XCpeLV, XWPELT'W. DOw of the HEAVE NS. sns. He being able to adumit, let him adumit. I-IE llwho is ABLE to dto 13 TOT'- 7'poo'rlveX 0- a'r wo 7ra iLia, fva aTas this, let him do it." Then were brought to him little children, that the 13 IThen they broughi to hint Little children, tpas 7r~ avrors, Kar 7rpo~e~v a or that he might place his hands he might lay on them, and en might pray; the 1E 4LaD 140 Ne I AD S on l tlhem, andpray; aC FeaOalat drTcples77toap aVTT1t.'a 71 and tle DISCIPLES rebucuot di.ciples rebuked them. The and Jesu ked them. Ei71C' AOETE'Cra 7rata, sat I7 5 WXvErE L aE Ta 14 But Jesus said, "Let said; Suffer the little children, and not hinder them tile LITTLE CIIILDRE]N cAeOlv 7rpos C e- Totv yap TOLO)TvOt Ef0Tt5 77 alone, and forbid theni to come to me; of the for suchlike is the not to co me; 10 l r, A not to come to me;:be-,arLetrLa rCOV oupavWV. c Ka E7roe vs av,ros cause to SUCH as THESE kingdom of the heavens. And laying on them belongs the KINGDO} t Oe Tas XEtpaiS, E7rOpEV 77 ECO EtEV. the HEAVENS." the hands, he departed thence. 15 And havin laid his 16 Kai tLaov,'Ei irpooeAdclt/, etlICS' a1)Tfy At- hands on them, he deparAo t EroI, 000 7poac-NOOY Ese avto h rAoo - ted thence. And lo, one coming, said to him; 16 And ehold, on aalo;scahe Tyae~, 7L CIY~lellY 7~017/16 tknd behold, one 0aa 7aCe C-y0E, rL a-yaOov 7rot7twc, Iva EXW approaching, said *tohim, teacher good, what good must I do, that I may have *VATICAN M3ANUSCRIPT. —9. on Account of Whoredom, causes her to commit adultery; and HE who MASRRES. 10. The DISCIPLES. 11. the woRD. 16. to him, said, "O Teacher!" t 12. A highly figurative mode of expression, similar to what is found in.Matt. v. 29, 30; xviii. 8, 9. The amputation of the desire, not of the member, is here intended, as is evident from the two species of eunuchism previously mentioned. It was so utderstood by Justin Martyr, Chr[sostom, Tertullian, &c., except Origen, who:lot only intorwreted the words literally, but is said to have exemplified them upon himself.-See Analecta Theologica. t g9. Matt..32; Mark x.11; Luke xvi. 18; 1 Cor.vii.r; I11. 1 Cr vii. 2,7,,17 21. 1 Cor. vii. 32-34. $13. Mark x. 13. $ 14. Slatt. 3; xviii. 3. 16. Mark x. 17; tLuke xviii. 18.

Page  65 M9so1ap. 19 17. MATTHEW. j: [G;p. 19. - 2. S;wv aicoLov; 17'0 ae eE7rety av'rt' Tt te "Good Teacher! what good life age-lasting? He and hesaid to him; Why me thing must I do, that I EpWrras 7wept'rov acaOov; ELI eTIv O atyaOos. may obtain aionian Life?" asl'estthou concerning the good? one is the good. 17 And HE said to him, Et Be OEXELS ErsOEAOELV e'rIT' i erC v, T'rP7 loV, *o' t"WhydostthoucallMe If but thou wishest to enter into the life, keep sttictly GOOD? GOD alone is good4,7ras E 0rToAas. I8 AEyE aU'Trt IIoitars;'O 8e If, however, thou desirest the commandments. He says to him; Which 9 The and to enter that LIFE, keep Ilroovs Elfre To' " Ov )ovevats-L Ov eoi- the cot MMANDn tsNTS." Jesus said; This; Not thoushaltkill; Nct thoushalt 18 He says to him, Eufels' On KIAeSeLES On 4 eVs0o,13Ce P77- " Which?" J 5sus anscommitadultery; Not thou shaltsteal; Not thoushaltteptify wered, "These; +' Thou o mtadlterypR.; o shalt not commit murder; rers' 19T tia'oV 7rarepa C at'rtlY? /77T Epa." cat' Thou shalt not commit falsely; Honor the father and the mother;" atd;'adultery; Thou shalt not "Aya7r7rlo~eOs roP 7r trL70roy oV oyS eonavroTy."'steal; Thou shalt not "Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself."'testify falsely; 20fAE'yE avnrc d tVeaviT' os. tavrTa Tav eta etPV- 19'Honor thy FPATHER Says to him the young man; All these I'and thy MOTHER;' and $' Thou shalt love thy Aa~a~lxv 1ffEfmK vyo'r)iros lpov']'TI E'T L~r'EPrW; kept Ffrom childhood of me:' what more do I want? EIGBOR as thyself.' Io E ES'reAto 20 The YOUNG MAN 21 E(P-4 aVTyl O' Lqo s Et Ohers TrEor10 says fo. him, "All these Said to him the Jesus: If thou wishest perfect have I kept; what want I,freas, V7raye, 7rWXa ro'o Lov'r a 7rapXov ra, Ka te more?" to be, go, setl ofthee the possessions, and 21 JEsvs replied, "If hos 7rrcoxois Kai teat S 97o'aupov et' onpa- thou desirest to be perfect, give to poor: and thou shalt have treasure in hea- go. sell thy POSSESSIONS, yge: Kao 5epo s aKoAondet tloL. 2 AKovoas he 6 and give to the * POOTrea-; ven: and hither, follow me. Having heard and the and thou shalt have Treasure in Heaven; and come, yvearsoieos'ro o7o, Cat'7rlAe Av7rou Prlyo O' r7Y follow me." young man the word, went away sorrowing: he was 22 But the YOUNG SIAN yap eXWvr Kte'r1a'ra 7roAka. 23'0 Be io'ovs having heard this WORD, for having possessions many. The and Jesus went away sorrowing; for ELra'rotis FlaaOr'rats av'rosu AyrvP AE'yw V'Iew, O'r he had great * Riches. said tothe disciples ofhimself: Indeed Isay toyou, that 23 Then JEsus said to his DIsCIPLES,: "Indeed hawuo Xohxs 7rutos f rAhovLT1'TaI ES T' 8aon-I say to you, That it will with difficulty a rich man shall enter into the kin- e difficult for a Rich manI eia,'rwt ovpaV'tV. 24 laltv 8he AEYJ l buto. to enter the KIINGDOr of dom of the heavens. Again and I say to you: the HEAVENS. EUKcorrCTWepOs EIYr, Tat a IAo. oia,rpvnr7LaT'ros ca- 24 And again I say to eaier it is a eamel through a hole of a you, It is easier for a (pO6s EIeAOetVY, X1 t'Aovo'iO V e6LS T'r?7y ao'XeIet Camel to pass through a nesdle to pass, than a rich man into the kingdom Needle's:Eye than for a'ron OeOV eeAOeIP. 25AK ovnoRTres 6 Of Aa077-R Iich man to enter the ofthe God to enter. Having heard and the dieci_ IINGDOM tof GOD."'at, er~ r70ro'o'Tro o'qoopa, XAeyovres' TLs apa 25 And the DISCIPLES pies, were amazed exceedingly, saying: Who then hearing, were greatly as* VATcaN MANUSCRIPT.-17. "Why askest thou Me concerning THAT which is GOOP? One is the GOOD: but if thou wilt." 20. from my childhood-omit. 21. root. 22. this wonD. 22. Riches. t 17. The Common reading has been preferred to either Griesbach's text, or the Vatican MS. George CampbeElregards the evidence for it from the majority of MSS., to be vastly superior. The versions on both sides nearly balance each other; but the internal evidence arising from the connection of the thoughts, is decisive on the point. Besides it corres. ponds with both Mark and Luke, who record the same conversation, in nearly the same words, and no different reading is noted. t 24. Rabbins, as well as Arabs, were accus. tomed, in describing an impossibility, or a high degree of improbability, to say, "It will not happen before a camel, or an'elephant, has crept through the eye of a needle."-Marst's FTranslation of Micha2li.. o v 24. VEN.-La chmaen ef Tschendorf. 18, Exod. xx. 13; Deut. v. 17. 19. Lev. xix. 18. 23 Mark x. 24; Luke xviii. 24; 1Tim. vi. 9, 10.

Page  66 0iap. 19: 26.] MATTIHEW. Chtap. 20: 4. 6vva'arL owOeOvai; 26 Egp[3Xea as be o I6 ioovs tonished, saying, "Whi is able to be saved? Looking but the Jesus then can be saved?" ELtrEY avroLs' Ilapa avOpwerots T'royTo avva'rov 26 JESUS looking at said to him: With man this impossible them, answered, "Witb EartL' rapa 6e 6oe t i Ura T'a livaTO'a. IMen this is impossible; is: with but God all possible. but with God everything is possible." 27 To'e aCroKpteIs 6 IIT'rpoS eLrEY a.vui' I8ov, 27 Then PETER replyThen answering the Peter said to him; Lo, ing, said to him, "BeholtI, 7/LeLs aQ(P7I7KCdEtcy TaWrna, KaCit -KOhAoV0-oaEV vto(t Ce have forsaken all, we left all, and followed thee; and followed thee; what, Ti apa e(rTrat 7l,; 28 0 Be Ionovs EflyrfE av- therefore, shall btc obhwhat then shallbe tous? The and Jesus said to tain?" rOsLe Ai'Yv Ae'yW Utr/t, o6- v/AEts oh axcoAouv01- 28 And JEsus said to them; Indeed Isay to you, that you the havingfol- them, "Indeed, I say to taavres,,oi, EVl 7r? ra Ly'yEvcit 6-rat ca6erio7 6 you, That in tle RENOVAlowed me, in the new birth day when may sit the TION, t svhen the soN of vies Trov avOpcorov E7rL Opovov 8o0 qs a6-rov, MAN shall sit on the son of the man upon a throne of glory of him, throne of his Glory, cKactieafe scat 6uierrs at eceKa Opovovs, cKpwo- $ iu, my FOLLOWERS, hall sit also you upon twelve thrones, judg- shall also sit on Twelve'res 0rans wSewKa nvAac Pro Io'pa7Aj 29 Ka ra Thrones, judging the ing the twelve tribes of the Israel. And all TWELVE Tribes of IsO6S ac(?PIEC olKiasc, 1 aCEEppovUs, 77 LaEAf/Pas, 7 RAEL. who left houses, or brothere, or isters, or 29$ And whoever has raTrcpa, 7)1 Lr7qepa, *[a7 -yvvatica,] 77 rescvaa 77 forsaken, *on account of father, or mother, [or wife,] or children, or M YName, Houses, or Bro. a'ypovs,,veceY'rov osoar'os ytovu, EKaToTraa- thers, or Sisters, or Fafelds, on account of the name of me, a hundred ther, or Mother, or Wife, rAaoriovca A71qernai scat CwSlv aicwvov KcApo- or Children, or Lands, fold shallreceive, and life age-lasting shall shall receive *Manifold,'O/IA74TELt. anld shall inherit aionian inherit. Life. 30 $But many shall be 30 IoAAoi Be oCrovrTai tirptro, ec'XaFroL, al first, that are last; and Many but hall be first, last; and last, that are first. frxa'rot, 7rpwT0Ot. KE'. ic. 20.'Otoia -yap CHAPTER XX. last, - first. Like for Er-Tiv af3aoiAeia Twv ovpavwv avOpworfp oiaoiet- 1 For the KINGDOM of is the kingdom of the heavens to a man a house- the nIEAVENS resembles a 7-,,orr, 01 Sle c P UbO a LHouseholder, who went,wo, 6c'riss E.Oe ttnA,ua rpwt titcrowt ao'Oat out early in the Morning, holder, who went out with morning to hire t a b e oring, to hire Laborers for his epyTaras eti'roY aUrerXwt' abWroV. 2Vpo a- VINEYARD. laborers into the vineyard of him. Hating 2 And having agreed forac Ble ~Agee-ra roty EepyaTlV K Yqlvapiot''T-v with some LABORERS for agreed and with the laborers for a denarius the a ftDenarius a DAY, he iJEEpapt, anreoreiAsE av7ros EIS Tor aG7treAWVa' sent them into his VINEday, he sent them into the vineyard YARD. arov, 3 Kai eeAOcov rept lrpirip' WCpav, etIet 3 And going out about the +Third Hour, he saw of him. And going out about third hour, he saw saw others standing unemc anovs os lEras et rp anyopa apTyovs. 4 cIaKel- ployed in the marketothers standing in the market-place idle: and to place; VoIS eiw'ev'TIra'yeTe scat byets ets -roy a/reAootva' 4 and he said to THEM, them lheo aid: Go also yea into the vineyard:'Go YOU also into tho * VATICAN MlANUSCRIPT. —2. on account of mY Name. 29. or Wife-omit. 29.'Manifold. t 8. That glorious moral, social, political, religious, and physical change which will le introduced by the Messiah, who says, "Behold, I make all things new," Rev. xxi. 5. t 2. A enariius is She eighth part of an ounce-value 14 cents, or 7d. t 3. Nine in the morning, 1 27. Mark x.- 28; Luke xviii. 28. I 27. Matt. iv. 20; Luke v. 11. J 28. Luke %xii. 30 $ 29. Mark x. 29, 30; Luke xviii. 29, 30, S30. Matt. xx. 16; LO xliii..

Page  67 (cap. 2 0: i.j MATTHEW. 0dap. o20: 6. 6 tKai o e dL 7 8LraoYs, &wbw;ulv. O t E VINEYARD, and whatever and whatever may be just, I will give tonou. They and is reasonable, I will give a-rrlAoovo. 5s Iai v, eewOrw wrept lC T1Y1 ICal you.' And THEY went. went away..gain going out about sitll and 5 Again having gone coua'retp 6pr, E7151190EV WOPtVT S. 6 lpi dE out about the +sixth hour, and about the fninth, he ninth hour, he did in like manner. About and aout tn e maninth, he did in like manner,'rJ-1 EIY8EalcTH'7 *[04pay] eteAdaW, E;PEV aIXovs 6 And about the TELEvthe eleventh [hour] goingout, hefound others ENTH, going out, he found eTrTrOras, IKat Aeyer a'rots' TI wce Eo'rT71ca're others standing, asnd says staaNLing, end he says to them: Why here stood you to them,'Why stood you'r75?v 7 77r rspaY apCyol; 7Ae-yOVoUsL a'TrW,'OrL here All the day uneTma11 the day idle? They say to him: Because ployed?' o evsEs'ljgas E~0Oew ocaT'o. AeYet aU'rots''Twra- 7 They say to him,'Beno one us hired. He says to them: Go cause no one has hired EyrIE KML /iJELS ELfS rTO arlrEwsva' *[/scal 6 eav us." He says to them, also you into the vineyard: [and whatever'Go you also into the?7 tKaov, AlE~-01e.] s Oftas 8E y Eo- VINEYARD. 1? dlI~alolI, A~~o~osiree~j e~oyLOF OS yes's- 8 And Evening having may be just, you shlallreceive.] Evening and hointhaving rOImle On, the OWNER of ger*7s, AeyeL b CtUP1os'ro a7rewOXvos Trp thc VINEYARD says to his come on, says the lord of the vineyard to the STEWAD,'Call the LA-'7r'rporp a'Trou- KaXEooe'rovUS EP-yaTras, tcat BORERs, and give theni steward of him; Call the laborers, and their WAGES, beginning asrosos avTroLs TroPe tUoOo,, ap/ayEIvos a7ro'ra0 with the LAST, and end. give to them the hire, beginning frorn the ing with tle FIRST.' esXa'rcev, ~ess'rt' rrpW'rco' 9 KcU cAOo-res O And TIOSE who came last, till the first. r.;old having ome those asoun the ELEVENTh rhor, Ieceived, each one,'repL r'r5, &ySetCaO'rSJV &pas,, eha/3ov cyc: o aLvcptO,. a Denarius. bshout the eleventh hour, received cacl. denariuo, 10 Thlen iNOs5 who HEXOSove's 8E o''rPW 0rol evOLttuas, 60'T wAretova camctIRsrT, expectedthat Having come then those first, supposed, thao more they should receive more; Ar/M4oP'rat ict eAc(3ov;ca n'croa avc'a oo appovps, and ti)ep also received, they shall receivee and receivedo also they each denarius. each one, a Denarius. 2Aa/tOerTes sE Fe yoyeynUos tcu'rCL' rUO)OCO8sr'rOTOV 11 But having received leaving received but they tmurmurec againot the Ikooseholdr, it, they murmured against 512 Nyv'rTES''O'rt OchT L 04 C-0-X" ~ the HOUSEHOLDER, 12k4o w.~s o'OzT 0 ob'rot Oh 0XCat d'aP' C~paV 12 saying,'These LAST aylng7 That thetc ^ tc oNt 03sC thour have worked One Hour, Sa'oLroaoav, cKai Ltovs 71ILV CU'trOs cO'rolr/as'0'rots and thlou hast made them worked,:ctd equal to tu hIem Ltou hllast made, to the equal to us, who have ENfaeraYo'aa t rO fOapos TrS 7tYIepas, [cat'ro, scav- DURED the BURDEN and having endured the burden ofthe day, and She burn- the.:tCOIRCING HE:AT of ooa,vao 13'0 8e a7roKptOels ESLrrSE t anvrw, the DArj.' ing heat. Ho bt answecring said to one ofthem; 3 Hzi answering s;aid #'E~aLP, OVI 81fCO f t' one _.o theIn,'Flriend,'E'rrupe, 0S~ X1 dflectplsn tr'Elt oI do not injulre thee; didst Friend, not Iwron,, thec; not ofctlonariuo didtt thou not Mhou agree with me Y7rlras eoL; 1'Apoy T'o g'oz, i al bTrawyE. OeAco for a Denarius? agree to me?'T'ac the thinc, and go. I wish 14 Take THAT which is 6E To'Vrn W' TP ecXa'trp ovYal' tS Ka o'e O 15 H THINE, and go thy way; and to this the last to rivc as also to toce. Or * I will give to This LAST, OVK eeo'rt oc01 wol?7lbo 6 OEAaw eE'rotS -E/doIS; even as to thee. not isit lawfultolne tolo tlrt-o I ill with tiC my own? 15 Is it not lawful for 6l 6 ooxpOccAgeoi 001) FrovPOe fC 9 6'rt f6 O me to do wlhat I please I/ (P0 J 0 o'r'noWpoS e0"TLP,r e'i E with:ty owN? Is thine or the eye ofthee ceil bocause I H1> e > e ~~z:EYE envious, Because E a-yaOos el/Il; 1'06t'c,1S Ceo0rct o1 ESo'rOl, anl liberal?' good aml Thus sall be tho last, 16 Ttus the LAST shall V VATICAN MAoNU SCRIPT.-B. hour-omit. 7. and whatever may be right, you shall receive. —omit, 14. H will. 5t. Noon. i' 5. Throe o'clock in the afternoon.' 6. Five o'clock ln tas afternoon,

Page  68 Cap. dO 17o/] ViATTIi-EW'o,[apo 20:.25o r'pwroe Kal o 7rpwTroi, EoxaTrot. *fIhoNNoI be first; and tile FIRST, first; and the first, last. [Many last." -yap EKtL acJL71-ro, oA-.yoL 6e eK Selwrol7] 17 T And * when J t sus for are called, few but chosen.] was about to go up to,17Kai ava,8airvwv O 177ovg Els f'LQp0oC(Xja, Jerusalem, lie took thec And going up the Jesus to Jcrusalem,' EV D * cipe p tf5i~~!,,~~, vately, * and said to thom rapexa,8e'roVs oaEKa pa-/ras eurnt' ZraCZ EV on the WAY, he took the twelve dicciplee privately in e'17 6T t, KM L To7ts, U 7oi' 18I16ao, ij/ajoalvhioCEY' 18 t"Behold,'we go up'T ~ T, tcaL et7rev av'Tots~ ls IJove vaafiawo e 1 "g the way, and said to themj Lo, we go up to Jerusalem; and die sls' Ispoaoh vfoa Kas Q viOs Tov a6~ psov torapc- 9SON Gof MAN will be de. to Jerusalem, and the eon of te man wsillbe livered to tloc HIGr6o0C-ETraL T09S capbXLEPEUO ca'ypajttaTsvev teat PaRIeST aand Scribes, and delivercl up to toire igh-priete an cribe; d the ll conden him fcaTeatp1voLVW ci.vTo' *Lt 0Co T wo 2) tcV, 7rapa- 19 and will deliver him they will condcou h to i e. rttO aco they wil to the GENTILES, to be ~co~ttor:; tiuNOV. FoS COrCm'e' cs'P0 ejotgraceue MOCKED, and scourged, dclivor slp fiurP 1totim ientilce, ore C0'O mock and crucified, and on the OcaOt jUCZeeyeoG7C en(Caes~ oG:C xC3 C JE C edC;G 53 ~rpGe THIRemD Day he wtll rise. and to)cotalrge, Cd l1 Cnlw;,o ilL tho third 20 + Then the MOTHER e17fLEpgr aC;t1yOielGG'O?to of Zcbedee's CHILDREN day he cillatat: le.' camnc to him with her To~ra Cpor0qAOGV cP- rcov: ooNS, prostrating, and reThel tee~ to hiea moths: of the roe ~questing something from Thca ca~~o to hilz lo naothcc ofthe 3ons i. Ze,MeoaLLOV U.teTC) fTCt' hiV'V Cr3 lpoO'cu'Kvvovoa1 gi Ancd HE said to her, of Zebedee, with the none of!er, prostrating, Wh dost thou wist " CUTOUG'ovba re 1 1 "I'O 6E E17rE "What dost thou wish?" cfa15 etixooect Ti ircpcaiouro gO' E 0 E asivE * And she said, "Comand asking something from him. He and s ai d avn[d r ] e E i, Aa mand,that in thy KINGthr;?hatwl to he'ays0*aVW Lje TohiL 6Nu;] DOM:, one of These my to her; Whatwiltthob2? Sire es y tohian;] Say, that TWO Sons may sit at thy icKa0eo-o- aboL0 ot1 vO vio eOV, El's e K 8EtR'I Right hand, and the other may sit trelse the two sona of me, one at right at tiy Left." 00oV, Ifat ElS 5 PlO'JCe)tlo (o00, EN'T7 faoiatlsit 2g But Jesus answer. of thee, and ono a' left of thoer in tire kingdom in-, said, " You know not ofOn. 2A7wotpeatsz 8& o' IAcrswO cering Oe 0 w vhat you request. Can ofthee. Acoorrieg butthee. Ans e Nt ou you drink of but the cup, SaTrf, we cavnr1 e. AuuvactOE 7rLEtP'TO R'e OT'lpo/ 0of which I amn about tnow, wh:t you ask. Ac you.ble to drink the cup, to drink?" They say to 6 sEywo,.tEAAho isTert: AEoyeovo-'i citvr AV- him, " We can." which I am about to drink o Thcey se to im; We 23 He says to them, va/eEOa. 23*[Karl Aefs avotz'o To eyt 1ro3-:r"Youwill, indeed, drink are able. [Andl he say Co them;'rhe indeed of my cUP; but to sit at TrlJploP )Uov 7reo0e- Ti-o ae scaOaae eC aestrWct my IRight hand, and at cup of me you shalldrink; the but to sit ao right t*o Left, is not mine to giov Kfcc ES evwtv1rt UO U9o CUv EsTctY- c-Ito,' 8ovUyat, give, except for whom it of me and at loft of me, not is mirSO oiec, has been priepaed by my aXA' otEs 77Tro01zyafrat ro'70 TOV 7reD$0S lUOl FATHER."2 but to whom it has been prepared by the ~atheza ofmc. o4 T And the TEN, lav24 Kai aiKovUaTaviE oo &Esca, q'yava1cT'qrra V c s'Tpi ing heard, were indignant And having heard the ten, were angry I account of agaicou nt tl TWO Brothers. coW a6vo as8 vrNOC 275'0 as I1s0ovs, qrpocscaAe- 25 But JEsus, havinm the two brothers. Tihe but Jesus, having called them, said, " T VATICAN MAfurcnr.IreT.-1O. For many are called, but few chosen —omit. 17. when Jesus was hbout to oo up to Jerusalem, he took. 17. and said to them on the waY. 18. to Death —onit. 21, And suR said. 21. to him —omit. 23. And —omt. 23. the Left. t 23. This was fulfilled, when "Herod killed James, the BRoTrIEn of John, with a sword," Acts xii. 2; and when John was banished to " TIrIAl OLE which is CALLED Patnmos, for the woRD of GOD, and for the TESTIMIONY.f Jesus Chlrist," Rev. i. 5. t 16. Matt. xix. 30. 7 17; Matt. xvi. 21i Mark x. 32; Luke xviii. 31; John xii. 12. $ 20. Matt. iv. 21; Mark x. 35. + 22. Slatt. xxvi. 39, 42; larlk xiv. 36; Luke xxii. 42; John xviii.l. 7 23,. Acts xii. 2; Room.viii 17; 2 Cor. i. 7; Rev. i. 9. 24.Mar x. 41; Lukec xxil. 24.

Page  69 '., MATTHIEW~ [.iap, e/ OSetos aVTioVs, E;7eCp OtbaTe'E: ot apXOv'Tes know That th- PulmCXP Called theem, said.; You know, that the rulers -f the 1IATIODEI 1u1l im.,TC1, EOCoYi c aTavKUpLEUvOouyT v, KIVLW 1 o/ teatXo periously ater;hcm' and of the nations domineer over them, and the great the GREAT exercise an, KRaTEeOUVLaOLOVLC av'cvW. 26 OUc ObV.'S EcO'Tal thority over them~ exercise authority over - them. Not,hus it shall be 26 TIt *is not so amang eY b, y' aAA' ods reaCv OeC?) eC vt/,yeTC as you but whoever may among you; but whoever maywish among you great desire to become great )etevESoat, fCO r~UWl ft aKOt OSv 27 tcGL S eao among you, let him bhe to become, let him be of you a servant; and whoever Your Servant; 0eAp eCC /tLy eCIaC I rpWq'oi, eftrT0 t/ItCV 27 land whoever may may wish among you to be first, let him be of you desire to be chief, let him bouhoso 28 cbo'ep t vios'ro avOpWeroir outc s Aer be Your Slave; a slave: even as the son ofthle man not came 28 Teven as the SON bLarCoCO7rl VaL aXAa bLaKoVorIat, Kat botvieal T1 of MAN came not to bo to be served but to serve, and to give'he served, but to serve, and t4'vXv aTouC XvTpl v avrCT roAAcovt. to give his RIFE a Ran. life of him aransoo for r any. som for many. 29 Kat et7roppvo/AeCCv av'TcOv aro'Ieptxo, 29 TAndUdepartingfrom And departiug of them from Jerichos Jericho, a great Crowd?rtohAouOJo'eC atvrT oxAos IroXvs. 30Kacl rov, followed him. followed him a,lowdv great. And lo, 30 And behold, Two 8to rTuVNAo, ICaOrLCCEOLV t 7rapa'T-VC 0C, Gacaaav-K blind men sitting by the two blind (men,) sitting by the y, eay ar OAD, hearing That Je-'TES d'TL IJttTcOs 7rapatyEl, EKpactav C, XE7OCY'E's sus passed by, cried out, ing that Jcsuz passes by, cried out, aig; saying, " Master, Son o 3Er7ErWrov onas0 ovptE, vios ADauv. 31'O ae %Xkos David, have pity on us 1" EA~er/q-o'o q//as, imptc-, vios Aavta.;o'O ~ ox2,.oS 31 And the PEOPLLE rePity us, O lord, son of David. The and crowd nd the PEOPLE yeEe'eT/L7lo'ev aveols, ia owt7rctl3 O'I proved them, that they thut theyoight heGottou. I mntght be silent; but THEY reproved them, that theymightbesilent. They ut cried the louder, saying, ~LEL~OY 44E t( OY~ hEYOY7ES' Eh~77ao v jl~as, Kvplcried the louder, sayinT E y~e~~t~~OC CKpR ~oC Ae1yoC's E tasS CVp "0 Master, Son of David, more did cry out, saying; Pity us, O 1-rd, hav'on vlos LAa32avt8.s Irca e O67 Q 70ovs e.' c-e- 32 1 JEsus stoppin, son of David. And having stopped the Jesus oe called them, and sahe C7oEeyC aU'TOVS, Kait Et7re' Tt 0XEsr- 7roltflW ""What do you wish I valled them, and said, What do you wish i shouldo Sdo LCR aCoLXOKO55 should do for you? " vtotI; 3aEyyovCL c av'rp. Kvp8E3 iva avoLX6cev 33 They say to him, to you? They say tohim; Oord, that maybe opened tuSir. hattourxEvsmay )71WOY 0C ot axiot Xo 34. rX-ayXvICreOIs I 6o be opened'. of us the eyes, Being movetlodithpity and hh 34 And Jesus beinta I!qoovs, s1atro rTw avw'~TO roat ou" moved with comypassiol Jesus, he touched the;;yes of ttems nu o tot- touched Tlleir EYE; and OEs acVCEIBXCa oct avtcCWy OL O+(jORA/Ot KC,?1tcO- *they received sight, and noediately saw again of them thle -ye; and hey followed him. Aov0e77sav av7-i;r- - followed. him followed him. CHAPT. I1KE4. sc& 2r1 i 1 SAnd when they were F at 6,rs,7fqttOC Y CaS'IepCrovOXVta, KaLt'rlOov igh to Jerusalnm, anc And when the'- t t;vc yc h ", Jecrusalem, and hadcome had come to Bethphagea Bstt B7lqany?q 7rp:',- o: 00,'wC EXalwvY, T07Te 6 near to the MOUNT of te BIethphagc by the mountain of the olive-trees, then the OLIVES, then Josus sent Iqrrovs a7rEcr'TeANE avo /aOrj'Tas, XEyWc aCuTOtst Two Disciples, saying to Jesus sent awayy two disciples, saying to them: them, 2 Iopev071Tre ELS r't; ccoWU77V'71C ta7rEaCTi ft/vCW, 2 " Go to THAT VILesu may go to the village the over against you, LAGE which is OYER-AKat EuOcEws EbprlErE'E ovoC, 8e3eC'EVCC, icaL 7roeOY GAINST you, and you will and immediately you willfind an ass having been bound, and a foal immediately find an Ass * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT —26. is not so 33. our meYS. 34. Their Yezs, 34. they received sight. 26. Matt. Ixxiii 11; 1Pet.v, 3. - 27 ttatt. xvii. 4; Mark t 85 x.-43. 1 28. Lukq Exil. 27; Jothn xiii.: lIl Phii.?7o 2$P&Isa. lii,!0,511 Dan. ix.24,2i; Matt. Xvi.:;i I Wim.. 0; Tites ito, l 5. tx,2 i - lo Markxl Luke s',k.

Page  70 Chap. 21. 3.] MATTH. EWo. tLap. 21: 11. eETr' av'T-qs' Avo-aV7ES gt-ya7yErf 57 O. 3 KaL ea tied,' aid a Colt w ith her; with her; having loosed bring to me. And if loose theri, and bring'. e E' them to me.'TLS Volgee' fT - TS EpFTTE, Tt 6 3 Anld if any one quesany (one) to you should say any (tiing,) youshallsay; That the tiOlS yon, reply'hai lions you, reply,'That KCvptos ar'v T Xpeta'r esXet' evOewos e 71ro0- thle LMASTER wants them;' lord ofthem need has; immediately and he will andll lie will send them TreAeL aVrUovS. 4Tov'to 6e hAom 7eTyyovev, Iva promptly." send them. This and all has been done, that 4 Now all this was performed, that thle WORD lrAlpWof'TO P-OOEV atm Trov 7rpOsuTovT, SPoKEN thllOUgh the sRomight be fulfilled thc word spoken through the prophet, PHET miglt be verified, Ae'yo'ros' 5 l Etrare'?1 Ovya-rpt itwC~ I8ov) saying, saying; "Say tothe daughter ofZion; Lo, 5 T"Say tothe DAUJGJI6 $BasrAEus oU EPXpE'rat 01o 7rpaus, Kat crt1Fe- "TEER of Zion, Behold thy the king ofthee comes to thee meek, and having "X(ING coes to tllee,, q77KSteS E71't 00oq teat; 7 ~ K reon vi eol wIo~vytov." "lowly, being seated (li been set on an ass, even afoal ason ofa beastofbtrden." ofan Ass, evenon a Colt " of a Laboring Beast.";IlopevOerTes oe os ]aOrla alt Kat 7 rotrloavrcs 6 SAnd the DISCIPLES Having gone and the disciples, and having done went, and having done as Kaacos 7rpoo'seratev aurors o Irlqoovs, 7 rlya7yo JEsus directed them, as commanded to them the Jesus, they led 7 they led the Ass, and'r7Pe o'voz Kal'rol erwcAov, Kcat s yrreqKa' Eraoa the COLT, and:pnt their the ass and the foal, and they placed upon BIANTLES over tlsem, altd teat X eyete ^atel6EY ET made him ride. au'Trc as''15 tgarti ao'Tcm' r cat slrsleaatirstewas 8 Asnd aK GEAT a PRT of them the mantles ofthem; and theycausedto it on (one) 8 AC d a GRAT PART o the Crowd spread *Their avTrwg. 8'O Be 7h. ter'r~os oxAos eo''rpwa eau- o1 GARIOENTS on the *of them,. The and greater crowd spread ofthem- ROAD; and otters cut TWo Ta r a T/ta eY 6ar r,a-' aAot a e eo7rTrovT Branches from the TREES, selves the mantles in the way; others and cut off and scattered them on KASxaovs a7ro rwV, aeapwo, Ktat es'TpwvoUovy E the ROAD. branches from the trees, and scattered in 9 And THOSE CROWDS T7 6aP. 90z e oXhot oa'poeY'over s Kat of *PRECEDING him, and the wVay. The and crowds those goingbefore andthose THOSE that FOLLOWED, cassohoovuovs o ete pa!rS';, h A57OY7ES ( C'7~ sltoisted, saying, j- t"ofollowing did cry, saying; Hosanna to the sanna to tile SON of Davidl t'Blessed be RHE who vrIe Aoaavla- eu-oy771AiEVOs 6 EpXo0UEos sV OVOtaTt'COr:ES in the Name of son of David; worthy of blessing ie coming in name'Jellovah.' iosanna in Kvptov' c6aarI a eV sro s' tatu'rotS. 10Kat etrEA- the IIGHEST Iheaven!" of Lord: hosanna in the highest. Anld having 10 IAnd having enterOor'os av'ro sti'IspoaoXnvya, seo' 0etrOl 7raora ed Jerusalem, the Whole entered of them into Jerusalem, was moved all CITY was il commotion, q'roXts, XsEyovoa Tts so-Tip ov'Tos; 1 0i asking, "Who is this?" the eity, saying: Who is this? The 11 And the CROwDS 8E oXhyot e2eyYOV 06TOS faT't I-qoovs o 7rpod?- answered, "This is Jeand crowds said: This is Jesus the prophet, SUS, THAT PROPHET Who10 * VATCAN 3nANUSCaIPT.-5. on a Colt. 8. Their-own GaRnIrNtTS. 9. aceaDIs him, and. t 5. Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem riding on an ass, has been objected to as mean and ridiculous, but it ought to be remembered that this circumstance was an exact fulfillment of Ezel. ix. 9, and exemplified at the same time his strict observanee of the divine law. Eastern asses are much larger and more beautiful than ours, and kings and patriarchs did not disdain to ride on them. Compare Gen xxii. i; Exod. iv. 20; Num. xxii. 21- Judges v. 10; x. 4; 2 Sam. vi. 2; xvii. 23; xix. 26; I(Kings i. 33, 34. When Solomon and succeedlng princes multiplied horses they were rebuked by the prophets, and chastised by God for it. See Isa. ii. 6, 7 xxxi.; Hos. xiv. 3. Compare also llos. i.7; 3icahv. lO, 11 Zech. ix. 10. t 9. fosainna, is a Hebrew word, signifying, " Save, we beseech thee! " and in this place is similar to the French "vive lero-i," or the English "God save the king." "Hosanna to the soN of David," is equivalant to "God preserve the soN of David.'" 1 5. Isa. lxii. 11; Zech ix. 9; John xii. 31. I 5. MT 6. ark xi. 4. I 7. 2 Kings ix. 18; 5 U. Psa. cxviii. 26. $ 10. Mark xi. 15.

Page  71 CMap. 21: 12.] MATTHEW. "21 21, 7rs, 6 aoro NaCaper Trs raFaXLAaaS. 12 Kvf I is from Nazareth in GALV. that from Nazareth of the Galilee. And 1 LEE." eIrJAOe, o Io o710s els s e T pO Eo *[TOV Oeov,] 12 TAnd JESUs went entered the Jesus into the temple [ofthe God,] into tthe TEMPLE, and ex-, Kat ee/3ahXe 1raTas'TOUS 7rwAhoUvTas Kat aTyope pelledAll THOSE SELLING and cast out all tile selling and buy- and buying, and overo5rTras EV T(P lfp'y, Sait TEas Trpa7rEas t.TL KoAXu- turned the TABLES of the intug in the temple, and tlhe tables of the money- BANKERS, and the SEATS,3o Orc OT KaETEpPE4E, mKat TOras icaepaOs Tco' of the SELLERS of DOVES; ehangers overturned anl the seats of the 13 and said to them,;cAotlr'Tcv 7as TO fpE r r pasTOE 13 Kat XAyL av- "It is written, T'My sellinig the doves: and he says to'HOUSE shall be called a TO7S' reYparTTa-' "' OitcOS OV, OIcos 7TpoSEvXi s'House of Prayer;' but them: Itiswritten: "The house of me, a heouse of prayer;0U * make it a Den of KAllIraeqTOL t'VezIs oE aVo701 E7rol?1OaTE t7r7IAalO' Robbers." shalibecalled: you but it have made a den 14 And and eX b Ic'." 14 KaL 7rpoorrhAOeO au'Tr, TvUphot LKa Lame came to him in the of r obb er." And came to hiem blind and TEMPLE, and he healed XWAoL Ev T7W LEpCP, Kai EOepa7reveOE avTOvS. them. lame in the temple, and he healed them. 15 But when thle HIGHLi Ioos'TE oE O aP5XLEpEIS Kal Ot typaOr/yaTELS Ta PRIESTS and SCRIBES SaW Having seen but the high-prlests and the scribes the the WONDERS which he Oavluaeoa, a E6r7o101E, ICaL TOvUS 7aloas Kpa- performed, and * THOSE wonders, which he did, an d the boys cry- BOS who were CRYING OVTaS EV TIC LEpO P1 Kai XE/OvTOas-'o-av'va in the TEMPLE, I"Hosanna ~bv~as Es'y LEPYKai E~oyGGS'rd~aVQ 7 to the SON of BIavidl" ing in the temple, aed saying; Hosanna to tle Aic avi8ou -y Tavatrr'y 1- 16 al E7rO avTI they were exasperated, te tIflaidavheyee ee ed O 16 and said to him, Pon o. David; they were angry, and said to hlim; a a t m AKOVIEr 7b o z AhEtYOvs'0 b"e IroS Dost thou hear what AICOVJELSY Tt OZ5TOI AE-YOVOII;'0 &E h77TOoS these are saying?" And Hearestthou what these are saying? The and Jesus these are saying?" Ad Na' JE;sUS says to them, says to theln; Yes; never haveyou read "That "Yes; have you never fK TolCaCTros Pw71 ri Z cot Ka 607 oAa'ThcevT f taKT7P- read, $'Out of the Mouth of Infants and Nurseout f mouth oel babes and of sucking (ones) thou hast Igsthou hastperfected,, lings thou hast perfected TGI CO aLvov;" 17 KaO KaTaALTrh v a1TUovs, Praise.'" perfected praise?" And havingleft them, 17 And having left E~rIXO~ei Eoo rT71s roAEICs els BlOoavla%, Kal them, he went out of the he ent out oe the city into Bethany, and CiTY, Ito Bethany; and helodged tbeye. passed the night there. 15 npwuias c ~E, s7ra'awO'yIc ElS T71o wTOXL, ETEL- 18:t Returning to th6 Early but, returning into the city, he was CITY, in the Morning, ha VaoGe. 19KaL t*Iv veC7rl /5av 10 EsL T7)5 5 wassun gry; hungry. And seeing afig-tree one by the way, 19 and seeing a single 7qEev e7r' aU7vTY', eac ot OEV pevp eY aV7T7 el P71 I E'ig-tree by the ROAD, he he name to her, and nothing found in her except went to it; but finding vVAAa PPovov' ICKa AeyeE avurll M7SETL Elf ~ov nothing on it, except leaves alone; and he says to her; No more by thee Leaves, he said, " May no cap7ros EyEr)TaL ELS TrolY acLICa. Kai E417-'fruit grow on thee to the fruit may be produced to the age. And with- AGE!" And the PIG-TREE poavOe7q apoxpsea 71 ovfuct. 20 Ko1 LoVTES oa instantly withered. ered immediately the fig-tree. And seeing the 20 tAnd the DISCIPLES laO7aTral edavpuaoaa, EAsyoVTres. HICs 7rapaXP77/ra seeing it, were astonished, disciples wondered, sayin g: How soon saying, "How soon is the Eftspavovq1 r7, Ucs 7; 21 AroKicpOeSs be 6 Io'ovs'IG-TREE withered!" withered the fig-tree? Answering and the Jesus 21 Jesus answering, * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-12. of GOD —omit. 13. make it. 15. THOSE1 BOYs who were CRYING. - 5 t 12. The TEMPLE —tO hieron. This was not the naos, house, or Temple strictly so called,' including only the vestibule, the sanctuary, and the holy of holies. To this our Lord himself had not access, because not ofthe posterity of Aaron. The traffic was carried ~n in the outer courts. These courts the Pharisees did not account holy... -- t 12. Luke xix. 45; John ii. 15.; 13. Isa. lvi. 7. I 16. Psa. viii. 2. John xi. 18. 2 18. Mark ix. 12, I 20. Mlark xi. 20.

Page  72 Map. 21i 22.1 MATTHEW. [Cap. 21. o30 l'7rev CWTrots AxIApv AE.ywo /LlV, earv EX71Te said to them, "Indeed, 1 said to them: Indeed I say to you, if youmay have say to you, If you have Tr'rT1vS, icKat I l &atccpr'7Tre, ov Ioov O To an unshaken Faith, you faith, and not sholld doubt, not only the (miracle) will not only do THIS'TllS 0UK71S 7r1017TETE, aAAa icKa 741 OPE1 TOVT-4 miracle of the FIG-TREE, ofthe fig-tree you shall do, but also if to the mountain this but also, if you should EL7h7lTE Ap0?'rs, KaeL th37)07TL ELS u7, say to this MOUNTAIN, youshouldsay; Bethoaliftedup, and becast into the'Be thou lifted up, and OaAaao-tavp' y/Err1CTCrai. 22 KaR 7raVra, toaO- aY thrown into the sEA,' it sea; it shall be done. And atl, whatever will be done." artT707lTE ES T7 7rpoEUt'7, 7r1rEvor0ES, 22 $ And whatever yo! you shall ask in the prayer, believing, shall ask In PRAYER, beAX7*lEI TE. lieviug, you will receive." you tsallt receive. 23 $ And having en23 Kai EAOor' a1741 Els TO IEpo, 7rpolrA7of tered the TEMPLE, the *And having cometohim into the temple, came HlGH-PRIESTS and ELav'T4 3IIaotKov't oL apX0 epeEPE Kat oa 0 pe rvI TepoL DaERS of the PEOPLE, to him teaching the high-priests and the elders i canie near, as he was?rou Xaov, AE'YOV'es' Ev 7rola eS ovrtLa TrauTa teaching, and said, "By ef the people, saying; By what authorlty these (things) What Authority dost thou Wofeis; t at rTs (OL EoWICE 7-wae Cegovrtav,'raTr-t~; | perform tllese thingsr and doestthou? and who to thee gave the authority this? who EMPOs ERED theep 24A7roKpr e5s 8E o Irlovs et7rev avqrols Ep2o74oa i 24 Jesus replying, said Answering andthe Jesus said to them; I Willask you one Question, whask tC1~cls Kayo Aoyov'va. you one Question, which vouIas asco Aoyov woer on eaI EL7'77e; if you answer me, 3E also you also word one; whichl if you may say to me, will iiforn yau by Vliat will inform y~ u by h at'atyc2 Vlztv pWCe, EY 7ro011a Eov0aiq Tatva Authority I do these also I to you will tell, by what authority these (things) things. rolCe 25To efa7r't0lfa IwaYvov 7roOEv 77v; E 25 Whence was * THAT 1 do; the dipping of John wlence eas? from I*aTESION WLiCL was of ovpapvo, 771 e afOpcW1ev; Ot Be 3tErXoylov O John? From Heaven, or heaven, or from men? They and reasoned from Men?" And THEY 7rap' Eav'rOs,; eyoyrTesE Eav elirw/.te e, ovpa- reasoned thus among among themselves, saying; If weshlouldsay,from hea- thelseives, "lf we say, vouW E~p, i Le 7LYV- lati ouv o0c E7r1-TEVaPt7-E | Frotm Heaven, he will reen; he willsay tous: Why thlen not did you believe tort, Why then did you avrlT; 26Ea, 8oe eL7rwuetE, E aVOpcw7rWv' /epof3ov- not believe him? to him: If but we shouldsay,from men: we 26 And t we say, From,eEOa Tov, oxAo v 7raTTes yap eXovrTl TroP IWaY7r7Y Men, we dread the fear the crowd: all for hold the John CROWD; for they all rees 7rpoq0s77T7V. LKai a p7rOKpelres TE 74 I)0roU gard JOHN as a Prophet." as a prophet: And they answering to the Jesus 27 They, therefore, said ELroV- Ovuc OLetaLeVs. Epr7 aV'rots ica dvreios' to JE:sus, in reply, "WXe said: Not we know. Said to them and le: cannot tell." And be said Ovoe E'yw AE'YOW iltI eY E 7ro EtovnCla TavTa to them, "Neither do *E Neither I say to you by what authority these (things) tell you by What Au7101W. 28Tt sf tiv, ooeEl; ApOpcs7ros EtXe thority I perform these I do. What but to you seems right? A man had things. retKca SVO' KatL 7rporEAcOS 74T1 7rpoto'I, e'7re 28 But what is your children two: and coming to the first, le said: opinion of tllis? A Mlail TEcYO S, obra'yE, T7rl/epo epCyaOV e ETrW ala/trehAWV haIld* ti o Sons; and coInSon, go, to-day work in the vineyard ing to thle IRST, lie said, 0yo. 29'0 8e a7rotcptOeLs etrE-v Ov OEAw''Son, go work To-day in of me. Re and answering said: Not I wil: my VINEYARD.'.bEpOV oCE UEcTatEX-7tjOELs, a7rr77A0. 30 Rat 29 HE answered, *'IE afterward but havingehanged his mind, he ment. And will, sir,' but went not. 7rpoaoeAOw''TrC E'rep4t, e7hErv c&'oavT7W s.'O 8e 30 And coming to the coming to the other, he said just the same. Hle and SECOND, lie said the same. VATIcAN MtANUasCIPT.-25. THAT ImImlEtioN which was of John. 28. Two Sons. 29.'3E will, sir;' but went not. 30. And coming to the SEcoND, he said the same. And uH answering, said,'I will not;' but afterwards he repented and went. + 21. Matt. xvii. 20; Luke xvii. 6; James i. 6; 1 Cor. xiii. 2. I 22. Iatt. vii. 8; Mark, 54; James v. 16; 1 John iii. 22; v. 14, I 23. Mark xi. 27; Luke xx. 1.

Page  73 Chap. 21: 31.] MATTHEW. [OCap. 21: t8. an7roKpesee rEY' Eyw Kcvpt teat ovaK as r |Oe. And HE answering, said, answering said; I lord, and not went.'I will not;' but afterml Tis e r v 7roTe r TO o EAqa Troy wra' po; wards repenting, he went. Who of the two did the will ofthe father? 31 Which o the TWO A'yYovJv P*[avaTn]'0 7pCos. AeyEL aUTross 6 performed the FATHER'S They say to him;] The first. Says to them the WILL los Al y l', TL o Efea a *LATTER." JESUS said Jesus; Indeed I say toyou, that the tax-gatherers and to them, "I ndeed, I say cf'wopvat 7poayo~osl f~saz EL'i-s~v (aos~ce to you, That the TaRal ropyvai poa~yoaty yas o ers rto 1v te aiogetav fBUTE-TAKERS and the the harlots go before you into the kingdom 32 e _. }ISARLOTS precede you inTro OEOv.;5 HAGe Tyap 7rpos 6/uas Iwav7s fv to the KINGDOM of GOD. of the God. Came for to you John in 32 For:John came to dCp 5tcasoovus7', leat OUK e7rTLoTEvcIa'TE avT'~' OL you in a Wav of Righta way of righteousness, and not you believed him; the o aY of n ightbge we~cvas laf e ov nOTreVfrav vy eousness, and you beE Tfcov a al aropvai e'ra a- aVT- lieved him not; but the but tax-gatherers and the harlots believed him; TRIBUTE-TAK(ERS and the se BEe MoviebS OV /ewe/eA7X10071Te lV'TwEpOV, 1T0) HARLOTS believed him; you and seeing not repented afterwards, ofthe yet you, having seen it, 7r1aTrEvoaa a aut)T.. did not afterwards repent, to believe him. so as TO BELIEVE hlim. 33AAA7sv 71apa3oA7r l aK uoCaTE' X [AyVOpW ros] 33 Hear Another Para. Another parable hear you; [A mau] ble. There was a House p, o01KObeoro0T s, 7 o TIS eUVTevIoeV au7r.EAkwa, holder, fwho planted a was a householder, who planted a vineyard Vineyard, and enclosed it oat fppayEovp aovuT 7repIeOr7ce, cat cOpvE, El' with a Hedge, and digged and a hedge to it placed around, and digged in - a Wine-press in it, and aVTco An7voV, Kai cptKo8sioboao E 5Vpyov 1ma Er- huilt a Tower, and leased it a wine-press, and built a tower; ad let it to Cultivators, and left eboto avu'ov Yfwpyo0s, eat asrebn/ri7reP. 34'0c e the countrv. out it to husbandmen, and went abroad. When 34 And when the vINbe 7yy-esY 6 KaaLP or TYP Kaprwv,, are(oTeIAE TAGE approached, he sent and drew near the time of the fruits, he sent his SERVANTS to the CULTOUS bovAovs abTou, rpos TOVs'yecWp'ovs, Aa- TIVATORS, to receive the the slaves of him, to the husbandmen, to FRUITS. Bets 70VS lcap7rovs aVTOVo 35 Kai Aa3o9VTEr~ of 35 But the ICULTIVAreceive the fruits of it. And having taken the TORS having seized his yeewpPyot TOVs BovAovs avTuov, 6Y pev esetpav, SERVANTS, severely beat husbandmen the slaves of him, him indeed they flayed, one, and murdered ano6ov e arLEKcTEIVa, 6v be eXeOol3oN0a rav. 36Tlaivp ther, and stoned another. him and they killed, him and they pelted with stones. Again 36 Again, he sent Otlher areOTrerAep aAAovs bovkovs, 7rAetoiva TrOP Servants, nore honorable he sent other slaves, greater the than the FIRST, and they 7rpwTcoc' Kai ewrotsra' avtrots cooavrcos. 37'Tr- treated them in a similar first; and they did to them in like manner. After- manner. rTepo, be a7'reoErAe. 7rpos alvTous TOY vio aroV, 37 Finally, F he sent wards and he sent to them the son of him, his SON to them, saying, A.eywv' Evrpa7rl'oy'a TO'vr viov oyov. 3Ou'They w,ill respect my saying; They willregard the son ofme. The SON.' be yewpYot, IB3OT'ES TOV VioLS, ElrroY ev EaVTOLS' 38 But the CULTIVAbut husbandmen, seeing the son, said among themselves; TORS seeing the SON, said OdTOS eoaTY b 6,c7poyobtos' beuTe, CaCrOcTeL- among themselves,'This This is the heir; come, we may is the HEIR; I come, let PC/teLP aVrTOp, Katc KTctaTaXW/ueP' T'P cX7KpoVo/PlaV us kill him, and forcibly kill him, and may retain the inheritance hold thle INHERITANCE.' ~ VATIcAN i ANUSCRcrPT.-81. to him —omit. 31. LATTER. 33, A man-omit. 33. Leenon, wine-press, is the word used by Matthew, while hupoleenion, wine-vat, is used by Mark, ch. xii. 1. Dr. Robinson saw a wine-press at Ilebleh, which was hewn out of a rock, and divided into two parts. The upper and more shallow part was the place where the grapes were put, the lower and deeper one was the place for receiving the liquid pressed out of them. These two places served for both and wine-vat. This fact will serve to illustrate the words of Jesus as recorded by the two historians. 81. Luke vii. 29. I 32. Matt, xi. 18; Luke vii. 33. t 33. Cant. viii. 11 Isa v. 1 Mfarkxii.I; Lukexx.l. $ 35. Ieb. xi. t, 37. X 87. Hbi. i. 2; 1 John iv.'. % 58. Matt. xxvi. 2i;- Jolm ii. 58.

Page  74 oap. 2i: 39.] MiATTHEW. fCMap. 2: 3. aV`UTOV. 3 Kai Aajo8'rEs OIaTov, EpERaXOV CC 39 Then seizing him, of him. And having taken i, they cast out they cthrust him out of T?~OV~ a~krrEov vos, cr anruTEiv 40the VINEYARD and killed`Too a]g7rcwo$vos, ca a7rtNEITfeIap. 400ray 0 him. of the vineyard, and killed. When therefore e C~.Oy~~~~~~~~ 40 When, therefore, the eAOp O KUpIoS 7ov a.treACwvos, TL 7roil7cet OWNER of thle VINEYARD may come the lord t he he vineyard, what will he do to TotS 1YEWP-y0IS CKEIVO IS 41 AE-yovnpr av~r COlleS, what will he do to'rots yewp'yots csecepots; 41 Ae.ysv5, c)T9 those OCCUPANTS?" to the husbandmen to those? They say to him; 41 Tley reply to him aKoKVs KacOws alroXscr-e avoTsOS Kat ToV atel- t' He will put those Wretches wretchedly destroy them; and the vine- wretches to a wretched Aw'a EK6cWoETai aAAsos weECpOyoOls, OITIVEf auro- death, and will lease the yard willlet out to other husbandmen, who will NEYARD to Other Culwo00ounr avlTJ TOUS icap7r-oUS Ev TOtS KalpOIS tiS ators, who will render render to him the fruits in the seasons im the FRUITS in their a Ocz)V. 42 AEyet aVTOIS 6 I7Tovs' OvoesroTe SEASONS." of them. He says to them ehe Jesus; Never 42 JESU says to tlsem avE'ylywTe eV TaLs ypadcats' "Atdov 6: arTaotet- "Have you never read have youread in the writings: "A stone which rejec- in the SCRIPTURES, t' A /iaoav of oLico6oyovTes', o06oS E-yEVr'0l EtS'Stone, which tlle BUILDted they building, the same was made into'ERS rejecte, the same cKEpaXrAyv ywvtas' 7rapa Kvptov y YE7ETo aVTrl,'is made the Head-stone j a head of a corner; from Lord was this,'of the Corner; this JeKat EoTr Oavcuaor` 7T ey o(p0ah.X4ots i.CtYv;" 43 Ata'hovah has effected, and and itis wouderful in eyes ofus?" On accountof it is wonderful in our TOUTO Ae'ycw Vt'V, oTi apO71re`Tat a(p' 6vcv 17'Eyes?' this I say to you, that shailbe tken from you the 43 Because of this, I,SaaotXeta TOo OEOU, Kal 5oOroeTrat EoVEL 7rotvvTI tell you,. That the KINGkingdom ofthe God, and shall te given to anation making DOat of GOD Will be taken TroU Kaprovs av`T?)s. 44Kalt 6 r~awY e t ri To from you, and given to a the fruits of her. And he falling on the People wlio will produce A10ov TOUTOV 0VuY0A0'8tG7(JET"c El)' 0V a' aY its proper FRUITS. store this, shall be broken: on whome but 44: And HE who FA LLS TrEfo, Altc7l)OrEi avTov. on this STONE, will be it shall fall, it will crush to pie. him. bruised; and him, on whom it shall fall, it will crush to pieces." 4. Katt atovca TES ot apxtepEty Kait O5 4aept- 45 And the HIGH45 Ka~ arovav s Orl EP~E' Kal oi a PRIESTS and PHARISEES And having heard the high-priests and the Phari-d Ao'stot'Tay 7apaoohs avsToy, Eyywo'aa, &'1 atving beard his PARATE ircpaf3sAar auoO eyl, ort Tr~Ep BLES, knew that he was sees the parables of him, knew, that about atrTwP XE'yEt. 41Kai'rCot'TE auTO' pN~lltral, speaking about them. av`Tw~, the'yet. 46Kat ~'`tovyTes av'Toy tips'io'at, 46 And seeking to apthem he says. And seeking him to seize, pehend seeking to ap-,erpofir -a'ay`Toys oxh.ovseehig' prehend him, they feared eo/3X70a 7 s 0%AOUS' Enre7 WS IPPO<177"' thle CROWDS, for they esthey feared the crowds: since as a prophet teemed him as a Prophet. avuTov etXOY. KEsI. scf'. 22. Kal a lrocptOets CHAPTER X II him they held. And answering CHAPTER XXI. 6 Ibooovs 7rahXyv crep CaUToiS Ev 7rapaf9oAls, 1 And JESUS continthe Jesus again said to them in parables, uing to discourse to thllen eycY 2',njjojC0rj7 7 8~ao-XELa Tac~y ovpavwvin Parables, said, kE'ywvP 7'CLoeoswO 7 I Jaortxea Tan' OpVcev~ 9 "The rINODOr of the sying: Has been likened the kingdom of the heavens HEAVENS may be comHEAVENS may be comavOpcwrw jaotAet, o`Ttrs e7rotrlofE ya/ovs` T6E pared to a Royal Person, to a man a king, who made marriage-feasts to the Wllo prepared a Mauriage vicp avtrov, 3 cat arreoTetAE Wovs aov.ovs ac`Tov, festival for his SON, son ofhim, and he sent the slaves of him, 3 and he sent his SERt 42. "A Stone, which the BUILDERS rejected." An expression borrowed from masons, who, finding a stone, which being tried in a particular place, and appearing improper for it, is thrown aside, and another taken: however, at last, it may happen that the very stfone which had been before rejected, may be found the most suitable as tlie head stone of the corner.-Clarke. I 39. John xix. 17, 18, Heb. xii-'. 11-13. S 41. Mark xii. 9; Luke xx. 16.; 42. Psa. exviii. 22; Acts iv. 11; 1 Pet. ii. i. t 43. Mat-. viii. 12; Luke xiii. 28, 20.. 44. Isa. viii. 14, 15; Dan. ii. 34, 44, 45.

Page  75 dp. 2: 4.] MATTHIEW. [Chap. 22: 13. K OV VANTS to call THOSE who ecaA,~e -.4 TOSS KEICAIJtEl/OU r ELY ~OUlS Ye/HLtOlY llhad been INVITED to the to call the having been invited to the marriage-feasts cai OVi 106\EovY eNOfzv. 4 HnaN ara~EO'Tv E yFESTIVITIES; and they and not theywould tocomne. Again he sent acXovs 8ovkovs, A-yws' ErrTre TOLY KEKA3/.L5 4 Again, he sent Other other slaves, saying; Say to the havingbeen Servants, Saying,'Inform ^vots~ Ho, To ap'io-Tv ~ov'L~ Of eaupoi 3 THOSE who are INVITED, votr* laoov i-o aptor,uov geos ToLgtaO'a' ot eravpot Behold, I lhave prepared called; Lo, the dinner of me I prepared; tho bullocks ou v ct KairTa crrrc rE~OvjtEyva, Kar -rav'ra &os/.c' my ENTERTAINMENT; my,uov Kat r' a trevea, c rav rota' OXEN and FATLINGS are of me and the fatlings having been killed, andall (things) ready, killed, and all i ready TEJE E ls TOUS ya/,Ovus. 5 0C a/.nEA1o'awrTs, come to the FESTIVAL.' come to the marriage-feasts. They but neglecting, 5 But TIEY, disregardari7rAOov- 6 IIV eLs ToL la8oJ a-ypov, 6 aE Ets ingit, went away, ONE to wentaway; he indeed to the own field, he and to 01v a' Se his LWN Farm, and ONE 7T)t' EiLropta' ctdrov. 6c O oe AotrrOL Kparr1- to his MERCHANDISE; the traffic of him. The and remlainder having 6 d the EST e 6 and the REST seizing OavTeY TOfS T O IUS SOS tTOV, V)pLav Ka ar EKT EL- Ihis SERVANTS, insulted, seized the slaves ofhim, insulted and illed. andd killed them. vaY'. 7AP couaas ae 6 SaoLAEvus, wp-ytoO07 KaI 7 *And the KIN.w as Having heard and the king, was wroth: and indignast; and having E A/as Ta a roTpaT tejuaTa atTov, arcwA.~ioe Tous sent this MILITARY FORhaving sent the armies of him, destroyed the CES, destroyedthose mURPoveis eKcELvovs, Ka Tr77yP rOXtv aTCz/ EVE7rp7oE. DERERs, and burned their murderers those, and the city ofthem ourned. CITY. TToTe XEY6L TOtS BovXouv a7TOU''O /A t ~ 8 He then says to his Then hesays to the slaves of him: The indeed SERVANTS,'The ENTEBTya0os fOLTMtOS ETVLY, OL SE KEK5Aq)EVOt OU 1 TAINMIENT indeed is reamarriage-feast ready is, they but having been called not dy, but THOSE who hlave ra'av aitom. 9InopveaoOe ovv E7rL Tas r tEoSovs been INVITED, were S:unwere worthy. Go you therefore to the outlets worthy. TWrV 6B6V, KaL 6oouvs atY Epq-, 5aA5fRaE ElY 9 Go, therefore, into of the ways, and whoever you may find, call you to the PUBLIC ROADS, and TOVS'yaptovr. 10 Kai 6EeAOotTE O oi aoUos whoever you may find, invite to the NUPTIALthe marriage-feasts. And having gone forth the slaves EASTS. FEASTS.' cELtvot ELs ras $6ovs, ovvr17ya-yov ravrTas, 10 And those SERVANTS those into the ways, they brought together all, went out into the ROADS, 6oouvs vpov, TroY)qpovS TE scat ayaOovs' Oat and. brought together all as many as they found, bad ones both and good ones: and thlat they met, Good and E7rAro0/ 6$ yajtos avaKtglyevvv. 11EtoeA0cov Bad; and the FEAST was was filled the marriage-feast ofreclining ones. Having entered well supplied with guests. aS 6 aeriXevs g EaaaaSOa X TOvs avaKCe-IIfVOVS, 11 Now the KING havand -the king to see the reclining ones, ing entered to view the GUESTS, saw there a Man er ev e cei azvOpe7ro OUK EvAe8UVtLEvov EVtauIa $ nllt clothed with a Wedsaw there a man not having been clothed a garment; yatov ~12 sai XE-yeft avwCre'Eratpe, rcos 12 and he says to him, ofmarriage: and he says to him: Friend, how'Friend, how camest thou EOr3AqXOES 6e5, u-) cXeXwv Ersvtua -yagyov;'0 I here, not ilaving a Weddidstthouenter here, not having a garment of marriage: He ding Garment?' And HE SE 1E(tlyO1q.l 13 TOTE EL1rEv 6' 3a -Xevsr was struck speechless. 13 The KING then said but wae struck speechless. Then said the king to the SERVANTS,'Bind 7rotS tatcototr' A1)TOavTEs alvTov 7reoas Kat his Hands and Feet; take to the servants: Having bound of him feet and him, and thrust *him Xetpa$, apaTe aovTOY Ktat EK/3aXeTe ELS TO IOKOTOS into the OUTER DARKhands, take him, and cast into the darkness NESS;' there will be the rTO cFW esTpOyt' eKCEL EOTat 6 mXaucos Kat 6 WEEPING and the GNASHthe outer: there shallbe the weeping and the ING of TEETH. ~ VATICAN MANUSC rIPT. —7. And the iNGa was indignant. 13. him. + 4. Prov. ix. 2. t 7. Dan. ix. 2. 8. Ac 8. xlii. 46. I 11. 2 Cor, V.3; Rev. iWi. 4; xvi, 15; xtx. 8.

Page  76 GMtp. 22: 14.] MATTHEW. Ec/ahp. 22: 24. ApuyyLos Trav 6o0vTOeu. 141Ioxo\X'yap EcaL 14 For there are Many gnashing of the teeth. Many for are invited, but Few selected. kCX'70s, ooLyOL Se Eic2KeKTOL 15 $Then the PHARIe called, few but pickad out. SEES having withdrawn, 15TorE 7ropeUneVrTES os 4apceaos avV,430ouALov consulted how. they might Then having gone the Pharisees counsel entrap him in Conversa- Waov, Srws avrovp 7raryt8etr-oe'v EV Ao'}ty. tioll. took, how him thoy might insnare in word. 16 And they sent to'~Kat arrofTEhAAovff' anTfp 7Tos IL~aerlda as r him their DISCIPLES with And they sent away to him the disciples of them tile HELODIANS, saying, er~a Trwv'Hpw;avwvie, Aesyotres. AkaaoXIcaxe c"Teacher, we know That with the Herodlans, saying; O teacher, thou art sincere, and orsaycel,, bo7 ar0rS7 Et, Kal'y 6BOV T7oVT teachest the WAY of GOD we know, that true thou att, and the way of the in Truth, neither carest eouv EY ahAreita aoafrfKes,, Kar onv CeAe1 001o thou for any one; for God In truth thou teachest, and ot there is care to thee thaOU lookest not to the 7rept ov8cvos- ov yap flS 7rpo-wro- A1pearance of Men. about no one; not for thonlookest into lace 17 Tell us, thereforle, avOpw7rwv,. 17Et7ve ovr pp, qt rot Ke thy opinion; Is it lawful o men,. Say therefore to us, what to thee seems right? to pay Tax to Cesar, or setrit 8ov'aL alvo'or-o Kasoapt, 7q ov 18 rIots not is it lawful to give' tribute ta Cesar, or not? Knowing E o Iaouss Trr' 7trovsl~ptav avJTlv, ELrTe Ti LE their WICKEDNESS, said, out the Jesus the wickedness ot them, said; Why me "IIypocrites! why doyou treipaeTE're pV'roptza 1 E7r;te:tae Th 19 Show me the TAXtempt you hypocrite3? Show you to me the And e handed proza Tov v_~_, O c o e rpCORN." Alld TEY handed eoletojua TToron ic??vro, 01' E 7rpoa-vvE-yKiav aui him a Denarius. coin of the tribute. They and brought to hme 20 And he says to them, Br7vapiov. 2~Kat XEyei avuois' Tivos 77 ELKWV ~Whose LtKKNEss aud a denarins. And hesays to them; Otwhom the iZkeness Sts'r57 icaz 71 eoriypat; *2 AEysYOVnrV *[[anrcoe-] INscaRITION is this?" this and the inscription? They say Ito him;] 21 They say, "Cesar's." KIairoapos. Tore AEhyt aurots- A7roaore ovv Then he replies to them, Of Cesar. Then he says tothemr Give you back then,'"Render, therefore, tle'a Kasoapos Kaioaps ial ra T rov OEo THINGS of Cesar, to Cethe (things) of Cesar to Cesar; and tie (things) of the God sar; and the THINGS of.TYp Oe. 22 Kat aKovo-at'res eOavaao rar i'at Gon, to GOD." to the God. And having heard they wondered; and 22 And having heard aIE'rTE es avrTo' actlr7/XOov. tlhis, they wondered; and leaving him they departed. leaving hin, they went 23Ev etreepJ'p 27/!epoa lrpotr/lhAOo avrq Eae - aw-ay. In that the day came to him Sad. 23 On that day, *SadnsovKacoi, oi AEyoVTres, Ul9) EtvaiZ at'aaO iT' Lscat ducees camle to him, who duceee, they saying, not to be a resurrection; and say there is 0o 1 ResurCEl7PWT0 Y an-rot7, 24 XeCyosVle p At[ aoaXE, lcection, and asked him, they asked him, saying; O teacher, 24 saying, " Teacher, I Mworas fl7tre' " Eatr rts acroOvrlp yr eXwv + Moses said, tIf a man Moset said; "If any one should die not laving die, having iso Chilhden,:. TEKvCta, ei7riyc 3peUOet 6o aCeApos aUnro 7e1y his BROTHER shlall marry children, shall marry the brother of him the his WIDOW, and raise up * VATICAN MANUSCIPT.-21. to him-omit. 23. Sadducees came to him, who sayt 20. Dr. Lightfoot tells us that the Jews hase a tradition among them, that to admit o! the title of any prince on their current coin, was an acknowledgment of subjection to him. Their acceptance of this coin when offered to thenl in payment, was in effect a confession that they were conquered by the Romans, and that the emperor had a right to their tribute. t 23. This is renderedfoture life bgy some modern translators; which is, as Dr. Bloomfield veryjustly observes, "no version at all, but merely an explanation." Anastasis can only mean future life, by implication; its primary signification being a standing or rising up. If a future lite De understood by the term, then it evidently depends upon, and follows a resurrection.. T 24.. The words of the Law are not quoted verbatim, but according to their sense. The intention was that childrenl by the second marriage. -hould be reckoned in the genealogy of the deceased brother, and inherit his property. + 15. Mark xii. 13; Llke xx. 20. + 21. Rom. xiii. 7. t 23. Mark xii. 18; Luke xx; 27; Acts xxiii. 8. 1 24. Deut. xxv. 5.

Page  77 Chap. 22: 25.] MATTHEW. rCtap. 2: 38.'yvvcealoa caurov, KaeL acevafcr77rLe OEnp/0a 4,y Offspring to'his Ro.wife of him, and shall raise seed to the THER. O3EX~q, c/ool.' 5HOO rae ~' 7~ ~ 25 Now, there -were a8EXPw av'TOV." 2 H~av oe 7rap' 7),Y EsrTa with us Seven Brothers; brother' of him." There were now with us s ev e n Brothers; a ndi the FIRST, having aoeXAILot- Kat 6 7pw'TOs, 7a/A7(ras, TEXEVTee married ied anha' brothers: and the first, having married, died married, died an hava ap no issue, left his WIFE and not having seed, left the wife of him ool ot a 26 oi od, loft OhS ifo ofho 26 Thus also the sFrc-,'fL a5EAI4qEP aiTOV. LO. SS S1 6 bEOO6TEpOS, oeD and thle TIRED, even to the brother of him. Likewise also the second,'cat o'rpLTos, EcEs'Tr erra. 27'Trepov e 27 Ad last of a, the and the third, till the seven. After and A last of all, the C v 28Ev WOMtAN also died. 7ravvTC x a7redaemE Kai 71 -UY7 Ev Tp ~OV 28 At the RESURRFCof all died also the woman. In the therefore a r v e~~rra~~~ eTTION, therefore, To which avaoSTa'EL, 7T0S 701 E671Ta EO-TH'y!11; 71ralTES E of the SEVEN will she be resurrection, of whom ofthe seven shallbe awife? all 15 L 3E~ 6 1-0-OVSa WIFE? for they all mar. Pyap eaxov a1)77)1v' AroKpsess e o I7Thoss ried her." for had her. Answering and the Jesus 29 JE ansering 29 JEsUs answering) EL7rC-E avElTOts. Ih ava0eOE, /171 ELoTrES Tas 7ypa- said to them, "You err, said to them; You go astray, not knowing the writnot knowing the scairspas, A'1-e Tr77V 6vOaptP Tov OeoV' 30 E, 7yap TURES, nor the PowER of ings,, neither the power of the God. In for GOD -rp aarra0eT E OVTE -ya/UOLS/, o-7 E EKayaIu- 30 for in the REsvUthe oresurrection neither they marry, nor are give in RECTION [state, they ne ItECTION [state], they nei-.oV/rat, aAAX' ls ayyeXo' *[-ov OEov] v ther mlarry, nor are given mnarriage, but are as ovpaOw ElOL.. 31 Lepi oe'r-s apacoTamecos Twv ANGELS in *HEAVEN. heaven are. About but the resurrection of the 31 But concerning the efscpcv OUK Ca'ezyvW'e TO ~rEV UelV V71O RESURRECTION of the dead (ones) not haveyou read that havingbeenspbken toyou by DED, pokve you not read TroU OEOv, AEtyoV"ros' " EyCw El/L OE ~OS the wORD SPOKEN to you the God, saying: I am the God by GOD, Sayng AjBpaaxe, cKa 6 Bfos I(raaK, Ka 6 O0eos IaKwl;" 32 T'hi am the GOD of of Abraam, and the God of Isaac, and the God ofJacobP"'Abraham, and tle GOD OVK: ETTO' 6 OeOS, OEOS veKcpWo, aXXa (iWVTvy.'of Isaac, and the GoD of Not is the God, aGod of dead (ones,) but of living (ones.)'Jacob?' *Heis notthe 33I at aCovo'VTES ol oxAoL, ete1X70ao foVTOv o e7r1 GOD of the Dead, but of And having heard the crowds, were astonished at the Living." T77 BLsaXlOl avTov. 33 And the CROWDS the teaching of him. hearing this, were amlazed at his TEACHING. 0 E t340 Cao, ovaES 4Ta Ep])roE 34 t Now the PHAri34L ~ O Papi ao!aYTrEE dTL EI/tLU1rEr SEES hearing That he had The and Pharisces, hearing that he silenced S EES hearing That he had silenced tie SADDUCEES, TOVS ja8soKMaLOLSE, Yv71X0-710aa E7rL To avTo, flocked about Him. the Sadducees, were assembled on the same; 35 And one of them, i Kat E7r7rlpwo'r71aEV'E E aT'w, POIOs, 7rElpaV- IKOSa Lawyer, trying him, and asked one out ofthem, a layer, tempt- proposed this question; Cow av'orTOv *[KCal XEy/CO'] 36AiLancasXE, 71-0oa 36 " Teacher, which is tng him [and saying;] O teacher, wnhich the great Commandment ETON7I7 ~JAEYaAC7j EV T* VO~fyr; 37'0 O E IJ71~ovs in the LAW?" commandment great in the law? The a And NE said to him, +"'Thou shalt love EP71 aUVT' "T Ayaarr7oELs KvpLO, oy 0o, ov'Jehovah thy GoD witb sad to him; "Thou shalt love Lord the God ofthee'All thy HEART, and with fEV 6X 7?7 caplFt fOf, KaL Ev 6oq T19 74'Xa Iov,':All thy SOUL, and witlb in whole the heart of thee, and in whole the soul ofthee,'All thy MIND.' Eat Ev 6A} Tp 8lavola o'ov." 38A7~1 E'TL 7epcf7 38 This is *the GR1EA oand in whole the mind ofthee." This i, first and First Commandmenf' VATICAN MANUSCRIPTe. —30. of GOD —omit. 30. HIEAVEN. 32. He is not the GoD 55. and saying —omit. 37. And Hn said. 38. the GREAT and First Commandmenf 5 32. Exod. iii. 6- Mark xii. 16; Luke xx. 37 Acts vii. 32; Heb. xi. 16. 2 34. Maro Tii. 28. t 85.- Luke x5.2. 37. Deut, vi. 5; Luke x. 27

Page  78 MOI 220 39.3. MACTHEW. [Chap. 23. S gsrryas71 stO~o~GP~ 039 hOcvp O 2ieC 6Jpobsg ce a7* 39 *The Second is simi. md gmrc2, comrzmcr&cnM. Secend and like to it: lar; $' Thou shalt love A yTa' ol'czs co0y 7Xit1o GOV eos eeavwrov.''th NEIGHBOR aa thye"Tho ho~t loe 4>o s3eighbor oithcD tu thyself."' 40 Jl:'rG Cu$S ci S t Uevn fV'w Oheae'o OS VOs OS 40 $ On These TWO In hc o whole the Commandments * depend nca oZ Iwpor>,as ccpsutvrar o. the Whole LAW and the and thc prophets are hung. 4 A we.'lEuvvptzevfwp oe w Iaptoalctw, rFT77pW'Tnro' 41 And while the 0tuvyAEvwsI 8e Tan' 4'apteasasn', PHEPES were asseu.Ilavini been assemblcd and ofthe Pharisees, asked HASES were assematuVoVs 6 17bovUs, 42 Acywvc Ti bUIl 8OKei 7rEpi bled, Js:sus asked them, them the Jesus, saying; Whattoyou thinks about 42 oaying,' at iS ~ov Xpla~ g ~sos~ voes rz; lzour your opmlion albout the -eu~ XpITr Ti-e ies 4EITi; AeYeueT~' MEssIAH? Whose Sonis the Anointed? of whom a son is he? They say aureCP Tov Aauvi&. 43 Ae}eIE auroes s ou he?" They say to him, o him; Of the David. He says tothem; How then 43 He says to them, AaviuS es 7rtVEu/ycal KVpiLO aluoT KtaXeL; AhEyw- "How then does David, David in spirit Lord of him calls? sying; by Inspiration, calls? sayim 4"4 "E Ere 6 O iKVe oS'r KuPifp Feu, Kaeu K his Lord? saying, "Said the Lord to the Lord of ne; Sitthou at i1'JEorl O saying, BEicoVV,uov, ECOS av OWG TrOus EXdpOuS O`UV Vto- my LoaRD, Sit thou at my right of ms, till I mayplace the enemies ofthee afoot-', i *'u 4 LY T~ OWZ O.) jELOy~CUO KhL'ligh-t hand, till I *put 7roio0V'ie 7roaXwv arov." 45 Et ovv Aauo' KaAlEt'tn ett understool of the feet of thee." If then David calls'neath thy E:ET?' uv-rVO Icuproi, 7riss vios auTou EeiT-; 64Kai ouaeis 45 If, therefore, David him Lord, how a son of him is he; And no one call hn Lord, how is he euvvaT'o avTrcs aeroKpt1rlatL AoyoV OVE6 o veet trrE his Son?" was able to him to answer a worC nor dared 46 And no one was Tsr a' 7rl eteivs TrT-5 qefEpas CwrwpCOrsla't aumor ablle to answer him a ally one from that the day to ask hwm Word; nor did any olle OVKeTtI from That DAY presume any more. to question him any more. KEl. Ky. 23. CHAPTER XXIII. ITo~e 6 Isotovrs a&A-TC) io-s oXAoIs tcat 1 Then JEsus spoke to Thert the Jesus:;peol to the crofds and the CROWD,-' and to hlls aoets a7OT'iS csi u'Trou, 2Ateywvo E7ri'77s Mc:Tec:ss DISCIPLES, so the disciples of kim, s aying; Upon the 1io3co 2 saying, eIT hcciBEs KaOeSpaS SaFo00casv oel Tpa/.AacEIts icat of 4aps- and PHAmISES sit in the rsea.t sit the scribes and the Phari- Chair ofMosEs; a'aoe. flaem our, 6aeerCo ay esii v AIV J3 therefore All things sees. All therefore, whatever they say to you 3 thereforey erinS k,'i1pi'i-E iCat 7i-eiEfrE' Kcara Se'i-a whatever they command *,TIrOPeGWoc -7pEie Kai 7roelseT rcara aEc Trayou, *do an(d observe; to observc;] observe you and do you; accordingto but the you, observ no'y aUvo'~ jt 7i-rotetrEiE Aeyouvl 0yap, u u ou bullt do not accordling to en),ya aVTWV An WOLEITV AE-yeuos( yap, xaz ou their WOtRKS; for they workoe ofthero not doyou; theyosy for, not tform. tOfOVsl. 5 ~Aeeevova't ycap (qopTra pe Ka say and do not porforn. they do, They bin2 sor burdeno heavy and 4 * And they prepare bu3oTeracTrc,m c Kai etT'rTOeat&tuV eVrL ToUS wLous heavyandoppresslveB&toppressive. and place upon the ahoulders dens, for otiher MEN'S rQV; as'pwwv~ r T e Sao 8iCuVP auireV OV u SlOUlDtsirS, hut *tijeo of'.c? me:: of the and finger of thm not will not Imovc them n-ith OLe ovu cxcsvpas avua, azrIi-a Se ia ep'ya their FiNGEn. ehcb yio to move ther. All but the works 5 And they performr all atdrorrT'solvoe'o rpos'T0 OeaOYvaz Trols cvOpwrots. their WORKS to be OBss.Rafthem they de to the tob tothe tob e men. VED by smEIT; * for this; t tATICAIT MANrUSCRIPT.-39. Thc Second.s similar. 40. depends. 4', -rut thinc rnsuxrni un; erneath thy FEET. 3. observe-omit.?,. do utd observe. 4 Aind shey. 4. tje! will not move thom with their Fxiorn. 5. for'.ey. 3. ieV tix. ix. 18; ark xii. 31;,uke a. 27; iOo'". 9; OGal. v. li,; Jas. ii.. SO. Matt. vii. T i 5. 1. Marlsxii.35; ~L.-. 1-. t sao.l At.4; Hcb. i. 1. -t 4. Luke xi. 46; Act. av. 1t

Page  79 0hap. 23: 6. MATTHEW. [Chap. 23: 1S. hakTrvvouo 1 E TOa TpvkawrXrlpla avn'wv, Kal they widen Ttheir tPHY) They widen and the phylacteries of them, and LACTERIES, and enlarge FE'yaAvvov'L TOa Kpai7reBa *[rTW iractrwv ab- their TUFTS. they enlarge the tufts [ofthe mantles of 6 t and love the UPPER 7rwvl'] 6 LXovol -re TrE 7 7rpWT0KoAllaov eVS rots COUCH at FSASTS, and them;] they love and the upper eouch in the the PRLINCIPAL SEATS in ELItvoLs, KaL TraO 7rpwro0KaOEpias ev raLs vva- the SYNAGOGUES, feasts, and the first seats en.the syna- 7 and SALUTATIONS ill yw'yats, 7 Tar srov aTrraluov1s ev TraLs ayopats, the PUBLIC PLACES; and gogues, and the salutations markets, to be called by IEiN, Cal sIcaewi'as vhire TWYi avOpwsrv' Rabbi.' and to be called by ttle men rabbi, 8 S But you should not'*[paaSoB t.]'Tr ELIs E l/-0 KCAlO7S0TSE Pa,3,i E' S be called Rabbi; because [rabbi.] You but not may be called rabbi; one one is Your * TEACHER,'ya4p e'TMrv VaV M d KaS 07ry??raV)ts I OEE el and all You are Brethren.'Yap EO'TLY V~bwv E ttaOllTqs'l 9 And style no man on for is of you the leader; all but you 9 And style no man on a~sApo t eoart. 9 Kao 7rat Epa r L KaXerr*Ire b v Uy the EARTH your Father; a5EA.Pot 9Ka 7rTOEp.?jh tcaXEO?7TE V/tOY for one * is Your HEAbrethren aree And father not you may call ofyou Y Efrl'1T7S 71E EEIs yap eT'7-V 6 7raTrlp Vbcov, 6 VFNLY FATHER. on the earth: one for is the father of you, he 10 Nor assume the title 71Os~ oupa ~ro1s. o~M?1e Kcr7wre7 Ka07lYr Taz of Leaders; because one ES' TOtE ovpavot'O. 10 M'c56 IE JCXSJTE ICaq'y?)Tat is Your LEADER, the in the heavens: Neither be ye called leaders: S our LEAE the 1EI 72 irtos EOLY 6 S IY?17- 6 XPi l ~MESSIAH. cis'yap VAwvO ero''rT 6 KcaOr1y*FrqiS, 6 XpTO'. 11 $Butlet the GREATone for ofyou is the leader, the anointed: ES Bu let thi GREAT1l po Be (W eWP q ElEST of you, become Your tt'O 56 1AEi(WV blACel, EOYTal b6S'Cet lKOVOI. Servant. The but greater of you, shall be of you a servant.'O-Tr'rs F ViOWtEt bavTov, 07ret1vElY 7(TEaT' 12 e And he who shall'0TrS~. 4WOCs eT~ov TaVEIVC00 ETa- exalt himself, will be Who and hall exalt himself, hall be humbled: humbled; and e who at o'rts 7rareYvwo'eL Eauo, a vhovar umbled; and lie who scaL 66-TIS Ta~rctPWO-EL ZaVTOP, 6tIIW010ETai. shall humble himself, will ted who shall humble himself, shall be exalted. shall h le imself, will ~ Ova~l e Lt,?pO TE~S~ St eapio'oi, 67rosc- be exalted. Woval he yueslv, ypcayuareS Kar d apheario, VOK- 13 tWoe to you, Scribes Woe but to you, scribes and Pharisees, YPo- and Pharisees, ypoand Pharisees, Hypoprrars otl KareoE'OETE 7ra oIKCiaS rwv XIlPWV, crites! Because youpluncrites: because you devour the houses ofthe widows, dee the FAMILIESOfWIDkat 7rpodpaGEt aaKpa 7rpo0evxo peVo l' &la TrovTo aL pO p Tpo ows, and for a Disgulse and for a show long are praying: throake long Prayers terc-.X'qeo-OE rEptto'orOspov KepLta. fore, you will receive a you shall receive heavier judgment. Reavier Judgment. 14 *[Ottval tlV; ypauaaTEris eaot 4,apLarolot, 14*[Woetoyou, Scribes [Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, and Pharisees, Hypolirocpitrat. 6Tr KXELETE r)V f3a6LXELOaS'rcewe crites! Because you shut hypocrites. because you shut the kingdom ofhe the KINGDOM of the BEAovpavwv E7TrpoOOGEv'Tco avOpworoov' bltEs'yap VENS against MEN; gOU heavens in presence of the men: you for neither enter yourselves, OVKI EL0o'pXE0rOe, OUeE'7rov EITePXoYevovs aOptIETE nor permit THOSE APnot enter, nor the entering you permit PROACHING to enter.] EL('exOElV.] 15 Oval Vits'v, pypaltaTrels Krat leapt- 15 Woe to you, Scribes to enter.] Woe to you, scribes and Phari- and Pharisees, Hyporaato, vlroicpiraTl 67re 7rE'yE rv Oaxaatav crites! Because you travsees, hypocrites: because you go about the sea erse SEA and RAND to KaL TE7rr'qpap, ro7rleal E'va' rpoorlAvTovT Kas make One iProselyte, and and the dry, to make one proselyte: ant when he is gained, you * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-5. of their MIANTLES —iit. 7. Rabbi —omit. 8. TEACHER. 9. is Your SLOAVENLY FATHER. 14.-omit. t 5. These were small slips of parchment or v'ellum, on which certain portions of the law were written. The Jews tied them about their foreheads and arms, for three purposes.I. To put them in mind of those precepts which they should constantly observe. 2. To procure them reverence and respect in the sight of the heathen. And 3. To act as amulets or charms to drive away evil spirits.-Clarke. t 13. Lachmann and Tischendorf omit this verse. t 15. A convert to Judaism. + 5. Num. xv.38; Deut. vt. 8; xxii. 12. B 5. Mark xii. 38, 39; Luke xi. 43; xx. 4. S 8. James iii. I. 11. M at. xx. 12, 17 2 11. Luke xiv. 11; xviii. 14; James iv. Us 1 PeLter v. 5.

Page  80 tsul. $3:.] MAe TTHJEWx khaM. HtE: sa T'rav',,yratl, roLet'r aUvTov' vOE, 7YEEY/S mako him o Son of Gc. when he becomes, you make himn a so, of C;eenna hcnn'. doubly more that GS7rAoTrepov C6/Vo. 16 Ovai /xl6t 3y77eo'vIoAolt yourc'oodo. double ofyou, Woe toyou, guides blind, IG Woe t you, Tblind ot 2COYote So'Oi Guides; you -10ho SAY, Te the apying5 Whoever mayswear by the oemple. nothing Ewear by the TEMIPLII, it 1o'TL'S~ ds h' av oo'7 er p i T nothling, ut to swear itis; who but ever mayswearby the gold ofthc temple, b'tZlC GOLD Of the TSIo o~pet~e, 17 Mwpo; scat'rixpko~'trts yap /zctLwu PL~ oti binding, PLE, it is bindinp;. heois bould. Ofools and blind which for greate 117 Foolish and Blind!' feC5rss o' XpU'os, oj 6 vaOs, O6 6ytl s 3a for which is mo're. sacred, ioP tho gold, or the temple, that sanctifying the -the GOLD, 4 or- THAT' XPvCor; 18 Kaa'Os co olLos$O ee T, OuCTla0- TEMPLE *which coNSggold r Also, Whoever may swear by the - ltar ATED tie GOLD'rlptlp5 OVUEV et7ftY~ 6s O' av' oOy o 1 nd, to ewearbythe nothing itis; who bu" ever mayswear by The ALTA it nothing; but 5rpy TO eraywO~ a~VT~ OV, OIpE)EN 1" MWopoI Keae to sweaLr lby'rIAT OFFERgift thaE upon it, ho is bound. Ofool0 and ING WhiCh is upon- it 1G 1uV(poPA Irt yap IusoezO; To aWOPOv, - rO binding. blind; which for greater? the gift, or the 19 Foolish and Blind, OvaoLabOr`po, To &ayta7ov To GapoP *; 20 ov for which is more sacrecd, — the OFFERIrNG, $ o altar,' hat sanctifying the gift i Hc then e OFFERING, 4: ON THAT ALTAR which CON. so/oo'as so'rTY Ovo'taoTr7pLp, OivvUt Ey av' rm scat SI!CRATE tleO PERIN 0 seearing by the altar, swears by it and e raoT'rots erayco avTov' 21 Kai o60as 20 HE therefore who by all the (things) upon it; and he swearing A S S by te h LTAR, by c I f oev~l s~ear ~ K tog~ ~makes oath by it, adl byV Y'Tlp vacW, O/ItvEi te aVTCp Ka,,,t E'rfP KaTot- all things on it; by. the temple, swears by it and by the (one) having 21 altd HE who SWEARS KrCloatrt av'To' scat 6 0 oo(ras e,'Tw oUpavcv, )ey the TEMIPLE, a'akes, inhabited it; and he swearing by the heaven, oath by it, and by 1IM oVVEu et TeC OpoVC,'roU Oeov Kas& C TC) Kadn' Wlo0 DWELT ill it swears by the throne of the God and by the (one) oito 22 and HE who SWEAS t7moeW eravoW avTov. by NIEAvRN, makes oath tinog o pon;t. by tthle THRONE of GOD, and by Him who sits on it. 23 Ovai jUtr, ypcqUUa retLs Kalt iapo/caeot, v nroE- 23 Woe to you, Scribes Woe to you, scribes cnd Pharisees, hypo-, and Phlarisees, Hypo. ptrat- 6Tgr arOtEKCaTovTe TO 7jo8000'coeV KCa'ro clites!:$Because'ou pay eritea; becauae you tithe thle.mnint, and the tithe of IINT, ane DILL aP710ooe, rcat TO KV/ULLOY' Kaa afK7EaTe ra,/3apiu- and cuMxtN "':but negdill, andl the cummin; and pas; by the woiglitie, lect the wOe0 I MLORTe T~epa'OV VdOUtCU rI7V Kpioio, Kat TOv cAcovs, KCts ANT mattels of thle -AW, (things) of the lat sy,the jutice, ercy, anct -JUSTICI, COMPASSION, Tr'I)v'rL0'trWrt Tavra sc cel rote0'at, c z and PAITI. These things'~jJV 7r.Tav'a 6- et 7tro7ai, Kac, scbra the faith. These butits binlding to do, and tlhoe you ugllt to practise and yr afpterati 2I'0'0 yotb'rvPo t' 0 o 0 t1VXtcE'SE E not to omit those. not to omit. Guides blind; the straining oun 24 Blind Guides! iwho rop Kscoea7ra TrPY ae s aA'7Aov Kara7rtYvoTSeso filter out the GNAT, yet' ~he gnat the lot camel swallowing do-a.. swallow the CAsMEL. S2 Woo to -ou, Scribes 25 Oval tflvr, ypa/.a'rets sat ckaplao'tot, bo-' and Phlarisee-c, HypoWoe to you, scribe and harisees,! crites, +r Because you puPsLTao 6'Tr scaGaplt(cE'ro cEe,6cEi'rOU 7rovqpIOu rify the OUTSIDE of the laites; because you cleanse the outside oftho cup CUP and the DISH, but VA2ICAN M]A~1JSCrIPT.-17o which coNSECLuATEDo t 24. An allusion to the ouston of the Jews (also Greeks and Romans) of passing their,.vines through a strainer, The Jewr did it from religious Loruplea, the Gentiles from tleanliness. tI 16. Matt. xv 14. 1 1'7. Exod. xxxE 29. t 19. Exod, xiixo "i 22. Matt v. 34. t 23. Luke xi. 419. 2[ 231 - Sac xv, - I22t Xicl vi.L Matt. xii... 2:lark vii. 4; Luke xi, 30.

Page  81 Chap. 23: 26.] MATTHEW. [.Cbap. 23. 35. cal T71c 7rapO+i8os, EOC0E' 8oe'YE/jOV'LtV t aE p- within, they are full of and of the dish, within but they are full of ra- Rapine and Injustice. 7ray?;s KCat a8cLLas. 26g4aplaaLe TvPAE, KaOapt-ov 26 Blind Pharisee! first pine and injustice. O Pharisee blind, cleanse purify the INSIDE of the 7rpTOVYTO EVYTOS TOV 7r5T'IptOV Kat T'S 7rapoqtoss, cuP and the DISH, that first the inside of the cup and of the dish, the OUTSIDE Of them may iva )y'ES7'Tt lalt To e rCos avur7a IcaOarpov. also become clean. that may become also the outside ofthem clean. 27 Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypo270ovalt, tv, ypa/lAtaT'eLs maLoPaplariot, b7rotc- critesl tBecause you reWoe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo- semble whitened SepulpLtral' 6r 7rapo/totaoeaTe Taspots cEKOto;IaU evots, chres, which indeed, outeritea; because yot are like to tombs having been whitened, wardly, appear beautiful; o-tives ESWCOeV tev (pauvov'tat &paLte, ecrOev oe but within, are full of the which without indeed.appear beautiful, within but Bones of the Dead, and of 1y/E.outLrv os'rseCv sE'pY Ical K racrcTt aKaOeapLaso'o All Impurity. am full ofbones ofdead and of all uncleanness. 28 Thus also pou, inO,'w RaLt v/LELS e Oe, /.tev c]atverOe rots deed, outwardly appear So also. you without indeed appear to the righteous to MEN; but avOpwa'ros 3tiKato, ewcowev'Trot Eos7rE v7roKc- inwardly you are full of men just, within but fiull are of hy- Hypocrisy and Iniquity. ptlcrws Sat avo/.tas. 29 Woe to you, Scribes pocrisy and of lawlessness. and Pharisees, Hypo2 Ovat5gl e', ypa/,sO'TstS Iat,O, api,o crites! Because you - Ova' u-lv, ypaulyaTELs mat cPaplaoaio, V7rOK- build the SePULCHRES of Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo th POP and rn pr~a'r'7. KOUE 7 70 & O W rp the PROPIRTtS, and ornapt'aLt' &Tt oztKo3o[lE'et OSSre T''Ttov'rv Wrp~ o ment the MONUMENTS of hritesr because yoel bluild the tombs of the prophoe, the JUST% TY, icad aCo0esr'TE' TOLrV7'TELa e'Tt'm Kao entsf the 30 and say, If we had and adorn the monuments of the just, of our,,'cat ke ee'l' lived in the DAYS of our m0at XA Tes Et 77 rU a etJ sais 7~e-Pa1S TC'' I 1aFATHERS, we would not and say* If we lladbeen in the days o-tho,wr ic hodheeo Ce tl~e dope oS~bo have been Participators 7ra'TEpwv 7/Auv, Od OU av rlEOa KOtVCVOt av7TWV with them in the ruofathers of ua, not we had been partakers ofthem a 7rpo(wv. 31e _ aPv- IDER of the PROPHE}TS. evt' a'Tt'Tt' rpoq'TV. t'T e p'Tv- 31 Thus you testify in the blood of the prophets: So that you against yo urselves, That PtE'TE EaUTOtS, o'Tt vlOt E'TE'Tt' (POPEVUaTa WV you are the soNS of testify to yourselves, that sons you are of the having killed who MURDEBED oos 7?rpo371'TSas. 32Ka 5vIELS 7r'XipvaOTe'To IO SE wheo DEREDETS. the prophets. Anl yoe fillyou the 32: et also will fill e'Tpo'wT01v 7rat'epWY /tA. 330(petS,'tevvya7L a up the REASURE of your measure ofthe fathers ofyou. 0 serpents, 0 broods ATHERS. eXtVe'wo' wcWS )UY7yTe a7rO'r7TS KptIleWS'r71s 33 Serpents, tProgenv of vipers how canyou flee from the judgment ofthe a of vipers! how can yet yEeeV7S; 34 A a'TO'TO tov, Eyw aroorE'eAA I escape the JUDGMENT of GehennaP Because of tis, lo, I send the GEHENNA. rpos rpos uuas STrparTas, tat 0oq0ovs, ea t ypatu.a- 34 On account of this, to you prophets, ancd wise..en, and scrites: 1Behol, send to you'TetS' Sat e aVTCtY a7rorCTeveEte Cat o'T7avpc- Prophets, and Wise men, and out of them y o- will kill and willcl- and Instructors; and some eETrr, at i e avEw, o cat r Tt-ywcre'Te e'raLt of them you will kill and tify, and olt of theao yoe wiltscorge in the crucify; and others yen o'vaycoayts guwv iat 8tseTee a7ro 7roeCOS ets will scourge in your SYNsynagogues of you and pursue from city to AGOGUES, and persecute roity' 35 7rces eNOp e(p4 vaS 7rao aoLta from City to City; * city: so that may come upon you all blood 35 sO that All the inStratov, etrXVVoe.vov FT E TiS Yr 7S 7r ao'To nocent Blood being shed righteous, being shed ulpon the earth frorn the upon the LAND, may aftia'Sos A8eA'ToU 8ttcOtotl ewS Tov aLaT'os collme upon you, from the blood of Abel the just to the blood B LOOD of Abel the JUST, t 27. Luke xi. 44; Acts xxiii. 3. 1 29. Luke xi. 47. I 31. Acts vii. 51, 52 1 Thess,. ii. 15.; 32. 1 Thess,. ii 160.t 33. -Matt. iii. 7; xii. 34,. t 34c. Matt, xxi, a3 85; LuDke xi. 4.

Page  82 Maap. 23: 36.] MATTHEW. [Chap. 248 S. ZaXapiov viov BapaXLov,'v epovevoTarE p4LETaNu to the BLOOD of $ Zechaof Zecharia ason of Barachias, whom you killed between riah, t Son of Barachiah,,Tro vaov Kal TOV'r vao 7puLOu 36i. ALtv XE7yoW whom you will murder the temple and the altar. Indeed I say between the SANCTUARY U1!iV, 5OT L SeI TNT 7rra ewr To y ea/an 1 the ALTAR. toyou, thatshallcomethese (things) all upon the generation 36 Indeed, I say to you, 1'IepvcrNXJ'Iepouvahr gc,~'Iepva;r,1 aroi - w That all these things will this. - Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the kill- come upon this GNETEIPOYITN TOYS lrcpyse/OSJT, KIfN AIeoAOYoNa TO)S RATION. TeEWovta zous'rpoP7kras, iat A.toBo.Aovt- grows 3 ing _ the prophets, and stoning the 37 a O Jerusalem, Jerua7rEoTraA./evovs 7rpos abT-7qV rTOoaLCIS 7s)eASX salemiO DESTaOaYING the having been sent to her; how often I desired PIOPHETS, and stoning f y TN TeIC' a ~ OTHOSE SENT to thee; o7riawayayeLV 051K ) GOV, OgaPTh Erlr - how often have I desired to gather the children of thee, what manner gathers to assemble thy CsILDaaiyer odp Ta tN Oeia EaVT'S 6bro0 TaS 7rTEpuyas; REN, as a Bird collectL abird the brood orherself under the wings h Kai eye ~7710eX1aoareo a8Ioov, aqpierai b.4lv 0 her YOUNG under her ICrI oV5C?765Xfl0NTC, 3 IaO1), NIprIETNI Prtt' 0 wINGS! but you would and not you were willing. Lo, is left to you the Vo/os {UCwV1 *[epstos.] 39 Aeyac yap vi 01) 3G Behold, your HABIhouse of you [a desert.] Isay for to you; Not TATION i left to you; iX17 /Ae llTre aNr' apTpL, EOs av er77rTE. EvhAoye- 39 for I tell you, You not me you may see from now, till you may say; Having been shallnot see mefrom this yevos 6 epXogtevos ECv ooITarL /CVpLoi. time, till you shall say, blessed he coming ir name of Lord. +' Blessed be HE who'COMES in the Name of Jehovah."' KE'', scoi', 24. CHAPTER XXIV. Ka.s eEAOwcv 6 I7oovrs 7ropevero aNo'roy 1 T. And JEsUs being And being come out the Jesus was going from the comC out was going from,epOE' ICa7r'porlXAOo o, NxaO7TNrat aNrov e1rct&e aN the TEMPLE; and his temples and came the disciples of him to poincout DISCIPLES came to show avOw ras' o01o o0Las N cov ZepoU. 2 0 Se Ir1oovs him thll BUILDINGS of to him Ihe buildings of the temple. Tlo and Jesu-, the TEMPLE. cezrrcy aOvoiLS, 0b fAfEr1ETe Nram.~a TauaT; ae 2 And *HE answering, said to themc Not c.c you aG5 thoees indeecl oaid to them, "1Do you 7etycl bilvs o1 t /uA) NapeOp dos AMos:'r' nlot See all these things? I I nay toyou, no c not.lholcebeh left cmr C.stone upoe I assure you, $There shall AsOop, 6s ovu NaNaAvrlaOe'j0a, not be left here a Stone 3tonoc which not. -c. d bhro:uwn owao upon a Stone; all will be overthrown." KacOL77evotU &1 cZvTou ezwri TOw opoUs ATo 3 And as he was sitting Sitting aOn of him upon Ihe mountain ofthe on the MOUNT of OLIVES, V VATICAN MI aNUSCRIP. —38 a desert-omit. 2. Hu answering, said. v 85. There aro. variety of opinions among critics, as to w-ho is here meant. Some thlnm t is the Zechariah, son of Jehoiadah, mentioned in 2 Chron. xxiv. 20, 21; but this leaves tha Jows innocent of Sthe blood shed during nearly nine centuries of the most scandalous years of their history. Others think reference is here made to " Zechariah, the son of Berechiab and the grandson ofIddo," Zech. i. 1; of whose murder mention is made in the Targum, of Chaldee paraphrase of Jonathan Ben-Uziel, (said to be a cotemporary of Jesus Christ.) In reply to this complaint of Jeremiah, ( Lam. ii. 20,) "Shall the priest and the prophet be slain in the sanctuary oithe Lord?" he says, cWas it well in you to slay a prophet as you did Zechariah, the sol of Hiddo, in the House ofthe Lord's sanctuary, because he endeavored to withdraw you from your evil ways?" This Zechariah lived some 320 years after the one previously mentioned, yet c. )eriod of over 500 years of Jewish history is left out. Were not,he Jews more responsiblcthainnocent blood shed during the last preceding five centuries of their history than they could be for blood ehed befgre the deluge? Others are of opinion that Jesuc spo-? this prophetically of that Zechariah who was massacred "in the middle of the holy place,' three years before the final destruction of Jerusalem. Of him, Josephus asas, he was ajust man. Thus Abel was the first, and this Zechariah, the last just person, whose blood being spilt upon the land, should be required of that generation, This view carees with the context, and recorded focts; and in ag eeTncement with the same, ephoneusate, word in she first aorist tense, has been thrown into th. future, instead of the past. t 35. 2 Chron. xxiv. 20, 21. ++ 17 Luke xiii. 34.:t -. Psa. cxviiii X; Matt, sxi, t'J 1. Mark xiii. 1; Luke sxi.L. 2. Lulk; xix. 44

Page  83 *J9,ap. 214 4.1 MATTHEW. [Chap. 24: 16 EAatlwv, arpoea71AOov aurpo o0 l-a1r sTa c Kat' t la, the DISCIPLES came to olhve trees, came t to him the disciples privately, im prately, saying, E V'NOTC~'t "Tell us, when these keTyOyTes. Et-re I -, Eroa're a. art E6 raL; K at " S aeyine; Tell to ue, when these (things) shall be? and things will be?" and 7 p1 What will be the SIGN what the ign of the thy presence and of the of TIIY pr eselce, and of O'VVTekeSt r,TOV aILwVOS; — 4 a at thle CONSUMMATION of AdciyT O N ay rocpOetes b end ofthe ea~e?:.-And answering the the AGE?" 4 And JEsus replying Lqajoos c.?PE5P aVTOLS- BAhrETE, /t-4 PIS feas to them said Jesus said to them; Take heed, not anyone you to them, said, I" Becvare, foAavrXrA. iIo'o tyap cAEre'eloTae eIrT,e,., r that no one deceive you; tmay deceive. l~any. for - hallcome in the 5 for many vill assu ovoa~Tsi poUU, ^A'yOV'rSS E7ye sietpe v Xptcrroe. my NAME, saying,' l am ev~oj~ta7,t [loveits-yovrcs —1.E-oe eixo' Lo-s Eo s' name of me, - an; I am the Aointed; tile M SSIA1;' and wll KLat aroANovus hAtryavr'ocrT. -6 MeAAXa'ETe BE deceive many. noL many they shall deceive.',Yot tll be aout and 6 And you will soon hear of Conflicts, and Re-.tcoue lv 7PoXE,te'0e scat iroeor l. 0farol'eC:t'-aTe, ports of Battles; but take to hear tears, and report5 ofw;ars;car seeyo e not pe OPpoEaOe- act'Yap *[ir(aiTa]'yeveo-Oa alarmed; for tlese ttins,ot you be disturbed; it bdhove for [all, to te pc nust occralarmed; forut thie ngs aAA' oU7rcr aTOL Yo. 7 7EPOp-rl~'rTa~ Tap.nust occmu'; but the END taXA'onswee~'rO TSE OC EyEpel'E~ai yap otetis not yet. but uotyet is the end.' Shall be raised up for hvot Ee ~ot stthe tedahohattLd e 7 For Nation will rise eOfls ee rr S e~voscat faotAsta e7il Pa(aErt lavti Ka against Nation, and Kingratiohnagainst natiou, and kingdom against kingdom;'and agaist tind - XI-CCL i-,cc ted hgo ott kd~oe-1 dent against Kingdom; oOt5Ti Xtl oLt *Vat woyt/dlst] scat cPeitot Kansa and there willble in varithere shall be faminea, Lead plagues,] and earthquakes 0OUS places, Famines and qTo7roVS. 8 11aV7.a 86 TaiVJTa Y ap X1 0s'1) Earthquakes. places. All but these aleghnling ofsorrowa. 8 Yet tltese are only a T ToTr rapawiowototi uiuas els iOh.Ltsv, scat arotK- Beginning of Sorrows. Then they shalldeliver up you to.aficeio n, aul sliall 9'l'hen they,will do-'PesotvJ'tY Ui't5a$e e cat SF(~eEi etrO}lpOtUEVoi iJro livertyou up to aflictionll kill yous[. and you slhallbe hbeing hated by and;will destroy you; and rtZV7WV TrWr EOVtoV 6ta TO ovota eyov you wll be detested by all.' ofthe nations on accounut of the naome f me. All th NATIONS, on ac10 KaL TroT'E otical;63aA.t'Orl(rovrTat 7reoNoL I e count of my NAME. 10 Kas TOTS o'scaielav~ah ~laoSOas IroX u scat 10 And then $Many And then slt1ll be caused to tttuhble many; and wil1)C ISnareCt 11a( wiil act/h7 ovs w7apaa&ouol't, tc. ltlanoOVlto' aXAri - betray their associates,' each other. lhll deliver up, and.lnall hate each and abhor tllem. Aos. Si tKa, 7roXAoL aevoerpop1sjlalTt CsytpOa-0.11 Aird Many False eth.. And many false-prtophet tiihallbe Prophets Will auise, and 6 r.....a(, ealr av71ovat roAhous' 1'2 -m W will deceive Maly; 2'aiid because [icB raised up, and shall dccexve liany: - and beca use t L of twill ahounIt(, tIle LOVE Of TPC irA7,)OVOVi0 T Yv avouta'r, V'y7a Ta l 7t le MANY vill cool. th to heincrers thoe lawlessness, ahall becooled the 13' But II E wilo PAc.-yaa7rq tcon wAAewvs. 13 0 Be virouLEIVaS E1S TIENTLY ENDUtIES to the love ofthe many. Ite but holding out to End, willbe saedW. rTEOS, S6TOS c CeO0Qre'XI. l4Kal c77pvuX07 rerTas 14 And These $GLAD end, thesame tallbctavetl. And shall be published TIDINGS Of the KINGC])Ol TroTe ro esaiT.y'yShlOV ror jBao'aAsEsas v 6A/, r/7 wI be published in tlOe tlhis the gladtidingr. of the kingdom in whole the Wiole HABITABLE, for a testimony to all the, N.AotEco5lvUMP, Ct' l.apTrvpov ra'iL rots ~Ov0o'' ja& TIONS; and then will tile habitable, for atesttmony to all the nations; and D come. END Come. TOTE~ 5 / ~r T OSe 1@ T O' a OVus V 0 s5 T 7 To 15 When, therefore, you then ehallicome t.e end. Wlen thereforeyoumayseetilie shall see, stationed on'03,XvXyjea T77S EpoertusffS, PSO 770eSe holy Ground, TIIAT DEabominatiot ofthe desolation, the tvordhavln6been'spoken.S''ltUCTIVE ABOeMINA, V ~ATICAN MANUaueB5rP'.-. 7. afid plagues —-omt.,4. v6 1 John vl.. 1.. Mark xiii.O; Luke xx. 12; John xv.20..10, fIi.. i. Acts xx. 21 * 3 Pet. ii... 13. Matt. x. 22. $ 14. att. iv. i3; ~.aaos i ie. 3$t; o5l B W. IDa 1 i. 27; xUii 11

Page  84 Clap. 24 16f MATTHEW [Char. 24: 271 TION, which is'S{OXEN 5ta AavuqX Tsou 7rpoPrTOu, Er'Ows eV Tro7rT, hih 5 through Daniel the prophet having stood in of through Daniel the theW.) 16 CP]OPHET," (READER% at-, afyw~ (o aita-ytyofficwr So et- T) owrTOTE 01 EV tend!) holy: (he reading let him think:) then they in 16 tth6tn let,TOHSa T r Iosvata, pEYTferWrrar earl Ta oplo 176 in JuDnA escape to the the Judea, let them flee to the mountains: he MOUNTAINS; Ei7r TOU TwyaS /a aos /3KaaY ETw, apat Ta Ec 17 let not aIM rwho'i upon the roof, not let him go down, totakethe tf on the thROOF descend td 18' take the things from his TrTs ot:tias aTou v' Kal 6 Ev Tqr aypcp /07 HOUSE; the house of him; and he in the field, not 18 and let not rIM who eLrtrTpE aaTrc o7r-r0,.foi fi Ta i0 a7ta aubrov. is in the FIELD, return to let hbm turn back, to take the mantle of him. take his MANTLE. 190vuat e r ats ev a yaTpt ov ras 19 S But alas for. the Woe and to the in womb having and to theusINGO WOMEN in Those 071ka('ouvaEs eV EKtFIYais TalS 77lepalt. DAYS! givingsock in those the days. Pray 20 Pray, therefore, that everrXOe be1, ivta /? z tY i v your FLIGHT be not in you and, that not may be the flight of you the Winter, nor on a Sabxesf>XE1 os,, u A15E -a0,f/a-. 2la 1 Enr ai -ylap Toe,21 for-thoen there will of winter, nor in sabbath. Shall be for then +wll Ohrts unahq oa o yEyotEv ar' be great Distresa, such as OtqAtS tle-yaA.7, oLa oV 7yed yo0er ai r apX7rs never happened from the nffliction great, such as not has been from a egnni beginning of the world till KoOU eo Ews TOl lVV, OUA oV 0rl /yA7 Ye Tat 22Kait NOW, nc,nor ever will be. of world till the now, nor not not may be. And 22 T And unless those -e I17 EKOoAoWO7noa-OV at' ntElpatL EKEIca tti OVK av DAYS were cut short, No except were shortened the days those, not should One could survive; but eoswOG 7ratra crapo ata aE To0V EACEKCTOV on account of the clHone saved all fleshl on accountot of bt the chosen SEN, tose DAYS will b limited. Koh Br.oOfrloaraat at 7lepat eKEtCato 23 Tore Ear 23:;If any one should shall be shortened the days tltose. Then if say to you then,'Behold TIES 15/UftSl' lW rI66O, gE 6 XpriaTos, X77 I-E-77 m here is the MESSIAH,' of, any toyou shoued.ay; Lo, here the anointed, or here; not'thlere;' believe it not 7i-UtrTEVI71TE. 24E-yEp0roYVat -yap lEsvOXpilaoia 24 because False Mesbelieve you. Shall be raised for false anointed ones siahs and False Prophets Ka EV rpo( eat 8ooovat o77 a etya~ a will arise, who will protat 400uao trpof~t7actt O?/It /I~ya~a p1uose great Signs and and false prophets, and shall give signs great rodigies as to deprodigies; so as to detat Trepara, WO-Te 7rAarV(rai, et vuPaTor teat lude, if possible, even thle and wonders, eo as to deceive, if possible even CHOSEN roes etEKEroVSo 25 Iov, Trpoetpr7Kta 5/ill. 26EaW 25 Remember, I have the chosen. Lo, I havs foettld to you. If forewarned yto you. I ovS et17rorlv it vzvt Iaov, evr Tr ep7ly4C eo'7t' /77 26 If, therefore, they then theyshould say to you; Lo, in the desert he is; not say to you,'Behold, lhe is eeAX7OTreo Iaov, ev TotS TsaIetOlso if7 7i-r(Trev- in the DESERTI' go not youshouldgooaie; Lo, in the retiredplaces. not youshould forth; or,'Behold, he is a' TE.27, la-ry yap 7' ao-Tpanry7 E~CXE-ra aro in SECRET APARTMENTS I' fteTreo ~7 rt-p yap X1 acrpari- e7epxe'raT arol believe it not. believe. As for the lightning comes ou from 27 For as the G 27 $ For as the LIGHT-I aCvas'ThAW, Kali ndt Ta EW, ou s NING emerges from tlhe cast, and shines to crest, East, and shines to the t l6. Not only the temple, and the mountain on which it stood, but the whole city of Jerusalem, and several furlongs of land round about it, were accounted holy. t 160 Josephus and Eusebius inform us that when the Romans under Cestius made their first advance towards Jerusalem, they suddenly withdrew again, in a most unexpected and indeed impolitic manner; at which Josephus testifies his surprise, since the city might then nave been easily taken. By this means they gave as it were a signal to the Christians to retire; which, mi regard to this admonition, they did, some to Pella, and others to Mount LIbanus, and thereby preserved their lives.-Doddridge, I 19, Luke xxiii. 29~. 21. Dan. ix. 26. T 22. Iea. lxvi. 8, 9. 2o as xtii. 21 Luke xvii. 23; rxi.o +.270 Iake xvii. 24.

Page  85 ras JcacL 7 7 rap0ovuta5'rov vtvO rotai~a/petron. 5West; so will lb thl _ha:1 te a~so the ee fth! so e ofthe ulan.'I}ESENCE dof te sO' O0' 07roto'"'vatpp] Eat T -rolr7'wta, etKE auvaO X- MAN \t;ere [ for) ever Lm y he -thbe caccass, thel-e -i-ro ~23 Wherevr the DEAtD VOsovrs0 as ozi aroe. J5EnsT E Eceu.CARCs 7Y1VOl4/i CAteASS mla-y ihe, there gathered the eagles. lnlmmedtiatly but after the affliction thte IEAGLES will be col.,rCO'? pCewtV EKELIVWY5 6 jiALos -'OlcoTrs7Or'eOETratl lected. oftlhe d;ys those, the sue a scall be darkened, 29 And speedily after seCt 7 ETE' 7)VS7 OV Ce-I ET O(isEkyOS ars7J, seats tle APFFLICTiON -of those ad thei moon not shill;ive the light of her, and DAYS,:tlhe SUN will beo Cobscured, and the mcuri eC aT'repes wErovra c;ro o opaov, ca a osure and the e starc shall fall from tile heaven, and tile'Vill wcitlhold her LIGHIT, &swa Ets'ra' OUePpaeve -aXaEVe0n7rsos-ra.:30 Kat atid the s'TRSs will faill tiloere ofthe hCBVenc shacll be shakee. And fiom: HlEAVEN, and the.roT' (tnaTJ775E't r1O O(7j7/E10O'rOU VOV'roU- i'OwEnRS of the HAVENSS httlll sialnppear thile. sign of til, E of li ill le Shal;en. ase~pTi7-vs fVs'r) onpav' seats W re seo4iovsra $ 30 And the SIGN ofthl0 alln in the lheaven: and then challiau. -r' SON-of iA N vill then ap. 7ractl at ipn e'ba r 7 - wY7), tan ojVetras'rose Untce cpear in' IIcavenR; and. tltcr All thie TnRIBs cf all the trilbes oftlhe earth, and theyshallsee the o t T'Uro asOpero.i epXo/otEs er:/ E;TL roe' s eAov TroV.the LAND will lanient; oflho 11iDn ciming upon the clouds ohe and they ill see tile SON oupaYvov, erc'a &uvalcws icaC r te to7s 7roAArss of MAN. COlning on tile lheavenl,,ith. power alld glory much; CLOUDS Of E;AVEN,'ith 31 tca a7roreTser Atoe s aYr YEovs ayonU pACETa, great;Majesty and Power. and lhe will send lie messengers ofhim withl 31 tAnd lie will send at is.ESSENGEcx RS itil a vaX 7ri-yyoy WP,'VS p.&TaArls' teat en'riovaK o ua't. loud-sounding Trumpet, 6ftrmilnpet a voice great; an they siall gather loud-sounding let and they will,assemble'oUS EICs'KTroooat nt-CIC TkV T~o- uiap iP aQAiY, his CIHIOSEN fromnt tihe the chosellc(onc) otlhim from the four winds, 7r' cKpav ovpavw -se s acpwsp avs wv. n -Auro rOs Arlds,-frois oti from exitiecnities ofileavens to exteetmities ofthelli. IFrom t ty of eavcn t thec other. 8e'TS (rTUK7 s fLa0e rTe 7rapa7r o7 6rav 32 Now learn a rARAlut the fig-tree lcarn you thle plarable; hen 1~5~) 6 Kaos a- ~a ~BLE from tile FIG-TREK,'5l;51 05 Keaos atD'rl s"teV7'rat traAos, icat sa VWhen its, ANCH is yet already tile' branchl of ller Inay he te nde r, and tputs orth te~vhh'K~V~ YIYWtender, afnd pfus fiorthr ~-.gvkkA~A eircpivsprl zx, 7voK'r-E t S 70 leaves, you Entno that eaves ay liput for:h, you know, tihat near the -fpos a~0;7w Kar;~Eis, I ISUAMiE-R is Inear. pOs, 3O3 rw Rs tIceat c, enoraa ts77rE i-ract'ra 33 Thus also, when tntt usncimere So also you, wien you may see all sllal see Alltulese thinL'rav'ra, 7Yvoao'ce~E, 6rs 7y1yc- E'rlt E7t1 Ovpa lts. know, That hlle is niglt these, know you, that near it is at doors. at tie Doors. iAge7s'AehE7 vhyzIg, ov' 7l irapeXOq 7 TyEs'vc 3b Ilndeed, say to you,, Indeed I say. to you, not not -cmay pass away. the generation *Tliat this +GENEtATION abr71, ios at 7rasTa r'auva'yev. rat. 3j0 ANill not p;ss away, till this, till all these may bhe done. Tle 11A these tIlings Le acovpavos Ktat 1 s e /7 I' p raPeA eeTra O E Ao'yot comrplislied. leaven andc the earth shall passawayi the but'weords 35 le.IIEAVEN ani uieo oUv I7 7rape.OAco. thLe EARTHI will fail; bIut of ine n nonot nay pass aiay. illy WORns cantot fail. 33 rIEpt 8s'r7-S sE)Ppas EKeiY7S icat c6paCS OVFetS 36 t But no one knows About and tle day that and ieour no one concerling that DAY andl osleS, ovUsl of a-yys-OL'rs ovpavwv, cL 6-' Ilour; no, not tile ANLkuows, nor the mesengecrs ofthe heavens, except the GES of tile 11EA'ENS, 3 ie~ excn *iltinor tile SONe bUt tile 7arr77p ioors. 37',nlorep Ie at'r;spat'rot Nwe, FATHER onlv. father alone, Ac and the days oft I -Noe, 37 * Fo' as tile DAYS V ~ATICAN MANUSCtRIPT.-28 for-omit. 30. Iteaven. 84.'That this. -3 Htour. 3. nor the s'ON, but the FATHER only. 7;. For as. t 28. Dest. xxviii. 49. t 29. Mark xiii. 24 Lukl;e xxi. 25; Acts ii. 20. Ttev. i. 7. I 31. Matt. Axiii. 41; 1 Cor. xv. 52; 1 Thess. iv,16. 33. James v. 3: I 345 Matt. xxiii 36; (iark xiii. 30 i LuQo i. a.; A i

Page  86 I4. 24: 8.] NiATTHEWV. lhc,. 24: 49. orTatS -Tat * E[catl] i7 7rapovlra rOv vIou -OV of NOAH, thus Will be the evenoso willbe [also] the presence of the son ofthe PRESENCE Of the soN of atOpfecLrOve 38'io'7rep yap nerav E crats al/tEpats MAN. man. As for they were in the days 38: For as in those rats arpo TOU KaTatcAvqtov 7rpwCyoTres Kai DAYS, THOSE before the the before the flood eating and DELUGE, theywere eating drinknES, )ya/eonerTs Kic - EK yauiVTcotE-r, aGpt and drinking, marrying, drinking, and pledging in marriage, aZs a7jeecpas tttrh7AGE Nte cts T713 KlZtefOYes till the Day that Noah of which day entered Noe into the ark, e red tie ARK, ~39Kar IVIPEYIW~Ol fS a~Aect 6 teat-cicntO 32 and understood not, scat ovuie E-yvceerav, USW SqAO 6 Ka8JaAvO'llos till the DELUGE came, and not they knew, till came the Hflood eyc tie cocoa the trod and swept them all away; at nd peu ehrae-ras. orws o'a' tca]?! titus will be the P[ESand tookaway all; even so will be Calso] th e SON Of MANs 7rapov'rta roU vIov'oe aCOp7rov. 4 Tore uo ENCE40 thmen shall the presence of the son of the man. Then two L T i Ol then shall t* en eo'ov-rat Ev ~'o2 aYpop'~ d EiS aapaha~pav~7a be it the rItLl; otte co-otTat cU -re aypq 6 Eds rapaXafave-ayta, will be taken, and the shall be in the field: the one is taken away, * rntha n th eid the one ic token aocy, 3 other left. tat 0 e's adp>e'al. 41 Auo aX00ova EV T othaer left. eat 6 tEI aq~C1as 41 a tl~onoa ( s 41 Two women shall ano, the one isleft. Two grindiog in tre begrinding at the MILL; eAfwvvL /.tia 7rapaxaiu4avc-Tat, tKat Ita afoterat. one will be taken, and the mill; ont; is taken away, and one islef. other left. 4 irp77jyopETre onUt, 6rL oUK otaar E, 7roia iwpa 429 $Watch, therefore, Watch you therefore, because not you know, in what hout Because,you donotkno 4 KUpLOS 6uwv fPXeepxrat. EKcEc o oe Pyt otc-re, at what* S.y your MAS-,he Lord of you comes. This but know you, TER will come. 4rT pa 6 otteoaco'roms aS, 7lOea pvaKte 6 43 But you know this, that if had kr:own the householder, intllh watch the that if the HOUSEHOLDER KEXer-rSjs epXeCrat, eyp-ryoparcoev at, teal oVK knew at What Hour of thief comes, he wvould have watched, and no', the niglt + the: THIEF ap ettaoe topvyolvat Tr-V otKtlay air'ov. would come, he would he would have allowcd to bedug-through the house of him. watch, and not suffer hoim 44 A1a roOe-r tcat NlUeCS -ytIeToOe'rotlfot 6O'rt to break into his HOUSE. On account of this also you be ready; because, 44 Therefre, be tsst,7 copa ov ao0KEcre, 6 viOs -rou avOpUMroV also prepared; Because in wvhich hour not youthink, the son of tLe mae the SON of MAN Willcome fpXErat. at an Hour, when you do ~nome,. not expect him. 45 T Who then is the -5t Tts apa ~c~,"v 6? 7os OovASo Ktat cPpcyotOS, [FAITHFUL a1sd prudent Who; hen in thov faithfl slnave and prude nt, is iv seaa-cor-sjec 6 c6upiOS anUoU fCrL ptS -EPO.- TER has placed over his Whonm placed'he lord of him over ofthe domes- HOUSEHOLD, to GIVE a'~ar aT'ou,'oy 8ova av~o~s ~rlls so them FOOD in due SeamteS' a-on, -rV lon ovaLa an-ot.''fp, -rpoqp,/ El son?'Acr ofhim, ofthe to give tothem the food in tcaipyp; 46 MaiKaptos d6 5vAosecuoevvo s, d' eENOesv 46 Happy that sEE., season P Blessed the clave that, whom his MASTin cptos an-ro Jp —ct 7roeto-vra obws. A47A on coming, siall find thuI t Kvptos avrov ebp7i o'et 47r s. A~u^ emplo ed! the lord of hiom shall find doing so. Indeed Indeed, I say to 47 tIndeed, I say to,E-ycw,UAy1 6TI e7riT 7raO- ToIS brapXouvarv avTov you, Tiat hlie will appoint I say toyou, that over all the possessions of him Iim over All his iossEscaraerct anre. 45Eat c carp 6 taicos SIONS. he willplace him. If but should say the.d 48 B if tha Servant Vavo't' (XIEIVOhb t-aeo 48 But if that Servant svnAos e:cetrvoe e -rp Kap8tr a-rov' Xpor'et 6 should WICvEcDnLY say in tlL-e that in the heart of him; Delays the llS HART,'fMy MASTER vuplos povn *[eXOet'.] 4Kteat aprlras Trvnrretv -rovs delays; lord of me [to come;] and should begin to strike the 49 ad shlld begin to VATCAN MANUSCRIPT. —37. a0. also —omit. 40. one. 40. otheo 42. Day, 48. to come-omit. 8 i8. Gen. vi. 3-5; vii. 5; Luke xvii. 26; 1 Pet. iii. 20. $ 42. Matt xxv. 13; MarI: iii 83' Lukexxi. 36. I 43. Luke xii. 89; 1 Thess.',;.f Pt. iii.i 1 ev.iii. 3; Zvi, lq Me1 at 1XV 21 18 LtekeOXAI-S9l

Page  87 MCap. 42 $o] MATTHEW. [ap, 25 7. rvvsouoAos, eoVtrp oe Kal 7'l0 /E570rTIWJeOvoc- beat his FELLOW-SE tR fellow-slaves, may eat and also may drink with thlose getting VANTS, and should eat and drinlk with the INqTVf. 50 ]1El 6 cUIPIOS Tt0 6o0hou EKEdIOt O S TE IPERATE; drunk; shallcome the lord of the slave that in 50 the MASTER of that /LAepa,'r ov 7rpco'&oKaC, calt ec &p,'p7 oV SERVANT Will come ill a aday, in whichnot heexpects, and in an hour, in which not Day when he does not -ycvwotoKE1 51 Kai eiXOTOuLOEt auvrtc, Kei TO expect him, and at an he knows; and shall cut asunder him, and the HIour of which he is not aware, uepos avTou Ute'ra TJ tW bTrotcptWc): OnEt' 61 EL 51 and Wili cut him off, part of him with the hypocrite wtill pla e; thoro and will ozppointhis Port e0wT7, o CreavO oCs Kaso o j3,puyutos'cov otolXo TIOlq with the HnYoO,will be the weeping and the gnashing ofthe tee" REITES; 4there will be the WEEPINo and tite ONASHING of TEETH. KE'1, Ke'. 25, CHAPTER XXV. 1 The KINGDOM of the P ToTE 60ol&)0?rEl ai 77,3ara- C TWv ouvpayovl HEAVENS, at that time, Thlen willbcompared the kingdom ofthe heaves a llay bh compared to Ten EKOca irapOEvois' atcTes, XAaou'ao Oas T;aga7raC'cts t Yirgins, who, having tell virgins, who, having taen the lamps taken thleir LAMPS, went aOTrwoV,9 e/AcY ess 7rarc71Lo T'ou cvy lOQv.i out t to meet Ithe BRIDEofthem, went out to a meeting ofthe brideg'room GROOM. 2rHEce iEc 7f(ra oc4 aVrTcW rpO t1, icai 7recr 2 Now five of them Five and were of them prudent, and fivo wre * foolish, and live at -A'TIVC V a 8 0, Swere prudent. PypCO. 3AMr'vtesceotpat, Ao/3ovcaro T AgaeraosQ 3 * For the FOOLISH foolish. Who foolish, having the tompe took their LAPS, bult ab'rwc, ovir ealov u3o eO' EavrTwe eAaocr.'?iA carried no Oil with them. ofthem, not took with themselvcs oil. The 4 The PRUDENT, how6e ppoctlot eAafovC eCaloz, eO Trote ayTet1)sS ever, besides *their own but prudent took oil il the vesses LAPS, took Oil in the -*ra[ vc] Lera Tcocv Xoaracwcr abrwoc.;Xpv- VESSELo lioth with the lamps of them]. Detoy- While the BRIDESocroIs e'royv VVcOptlOVt9 scver'rtcav 7raoali, i;t GRooM delayed, T they ing and the bridegroom, nodded all, -'' all became drowsy, and etcKaev8o., 6NMeorrs e vo'VOres tcpaUvy'ye'yoeV'/o fell asleep. did sleep. Oftmiddle andnight a cry was raieerl 6 And at Midnight a Ioov, 6 cywULtos *[ [EpXeTaols EtEpXESOE ELs a7rm' Cry was raised,'Behold, Lo, the brideguoom oseic:3:;] go out to ameet- tlle BlIDEGROOM3; gO OUt?trlc't avOtou, 7Tore rlyep07rac 7rratal at 7rapOeE'ot and *meet him!' ing of him. Then arose all the virgis~ 7 Tien All thoss EKetlaLt, Kat ecoo'.?r1ac rasT Aa.untraocs oaTvT, GINS arose, S and those, and putin order the lamps of them. their LAMPS in order. * VATICA_ MANIUSCRIPT.-2. foolish, and five were prudent. 3. For the rooLnSu. 4: their own, 60 comes —omit. 6. to the3 eetting. i:'. Pirgyin signifies a chaste or pure person, and is apL'iied to both sexes in hhe sacred writingso See Rev. xiv. 4. It has been thoughtbet to retain the word here. t 1. An eyc-wituess of a Hindoo marriage, gives the following,,;triking illustration of this cus-'rm --' The bride lived at Serampore to which place the bridegroom was to come by water. Aftor waiting two or three hours, at length, near midnight, it was announced in the very -rd,' ofScrpture, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go Se out to neet him.' All the per-. employed now lighted their lamps, and ran with them in their hands to fill up their stations in the procession; some of them had lost their li hbtso and were unprepared, but it -a then too late to seek them, and the cavalcade moved olwvard to the house of the bride; at which place the company entered, large and splenthdly illuminated area, before thh house, covered with an awning, where a great multittdo offriends, dressed in their best ap. -tarel, were seated upon mats.'the bridegroom was carl-ed in the arms of a friend, and r)lacedin a superb seat in the midst of the company, u-were he sat a short time, and then went into the house, the door of which was imnnediately thut, and guarded by sepoys. I and others exposteloated with the door-keepers, but in vain. Never was I so truck with our Lord': beautiful paxable as at this moment-' And the door was shut~' " 51. Matt.viii. 12, xiii. 42; xxv.0. 2, lit30" Rev3; ev.ix 7' xxti.2. 9 ( 3 1 Thsso. v. 6. I 7 Lluke xii, 3Si

Page  88 Cvep.: 8.1] MATTHEW. [Cap. 26: 20. AL Be,fcpat'rais cqpOvloltoz ferTOvY AOTe?LZ 8 And the vooLmsu The br'. 1oolish to the prudent said; Give to us said to tlle PRUDENT, ECt -O1 EAv aiov 6ftOP,'r7T atL Aac-7raaes {ljv'Give Us of your oIL; for but o. the ciC C you, because the lamps of us our LAMPS are going out? j,3e:vvvrovrOa? 9 A~rrecptOro'a/- *X[Ee] CLI qpoVLAoL, 9 But the PRUDENO' reare xtinguished. Answered [butl the prudent, plied, saying,'Lest there yo -aL~ Wi,7rOE OUIK apo EczJ u-1 Y' L IV.Y" be not enough for us and saying: Leot not itmightsuffice to us and toyon; OU, go mLather to THOSE copev-Efss aXAAo' 7rpos reovs 7rXAovvr as waL \who SELL, and buy for go you satlhcr to the selling, nd yourselves I' a~y<lpaaaxe 6avUrTaLsE AECPXo/wH BE uTVWaY 10 Alid while tley were buy to yourselves. Going aoay and of te goinlg away to buy, the aT~~pa ratL,,/X0~e~y o y oss Kal ax; UL0 IIIBRIDEGROOM came; and ay-LpatltaL, sjXdesv 6 vtzdtgs~ scat cat ET0OL Tow to buy, came th: bridegroom; and thoe prepared TIIBY, who were PREa S OVS ov Ka PAED, entered with him EtrlalAo00' toeT' erov ELI aotS ya~ttovs' cat to the NUPTIAL-FEASTS entered with hin. into the nuptial-feasts; and was to the NUPTIAL-FEASTS; AEie'OC )0 Otparo 1' "is`rpo t 6Ed EpXOVTat Kat * and the DooU was shut. Ieio~e th oot. A o t rpoo to e oa oil 11 Afterwards came closed the door. Aff*_wards and came also a4t Aouiotrc 7,apOetV'1e, yu1Kp9 ve also the OTIIER Virgins, ic reoiroiog:0 Ae~yov~alo Kvp, scpte~, saying,:'I: aster, Master, the remaining — irFrins, Liayillg, Olord, Olord, avs'. y,' iE tvL, 12O Be a(CromptOess EiLTEY AIA21 vopenit for us' avoided, {//lt~% i2 0 80 a7ro~cp~O~~s evn'e~'1 ABut yl answeringfl open to uo. ic h'but answering d; d But E answering, _;t~o'y~ v eviLY c o s6otejas, 14 FpOlrypET Out' said,'Indeed, I say to X'cs you I recognize you not.'.;"r.- to you n':t J..:':"~w yru. Watclh you therefor 13 W tC, terefore item to pou o'AL, I JCo. orel 13 W Watch, therefore, 6Tc oVc otdXiE sTyV 6tte pa'v, ovo o 7,y a I."'because you know neither because n' t you know the day, nor the hour. the DAY nor the 11OR. 1.'nlrEpp yap sOdppwreos an7ro68.wv EtIMNtP E TOVS 14 $ Again, [it is] like iLike for L lan going abroad Calld c alled 11 a Man, who, intending to 1i1ous 8ovsovs, Kat lrapeOWKE' aUITOLi Ta 5os5I11P travel, called his owrV own slaves,. nd delivered to them tilh good3trv, called h'oot, od deoted to to Servants, and delivered to XorTa alrovos c sca c /EV eW6OKe 7rEVTe them his GooDs. oLI hit. and tohim indeed le gave iic 15 Andto ON-E he gave wraXvJc5T 5 8e Suo,',E,i 8 eKaHo'Tf Five t Talents, to ANOtalents, to him and towo, tohllim and one; to each THR two, and to ANORKaToa T-v s8tay auvvayvP icat arr3ehArql]Oev THEI one;: to each aceordtig:o the own power; and went abroad accordin to his RESPECuVOEWos, 16 IopEvOets *[8e] 65 Ta 7rev-e TIVE Capacity; and iminmediatelyo Going [ald] he the five nediately depated. vraAavTa AcSw,8, etlpya'aTo el/ avTots, icat 16 Hc who had REtalents having received, traded with tlhen, ald CIEVED the FIVE Talents, e'roitloe' akAa c reTre *[TaAaPT'a.] 17'1 av- went and traded writlh made other five [talents.o Lihe them, and * gained Otiler wrs *[scat b] Ta 6vo, EscEp sbse scat aTros aXAa five. wisoe [also he] thc two, gained also le other 17 And in like manner uvo. 18'O BE ro Ey Aah8coW a7reA0cPo wpv3.^ HFE who had received the two. He but the one havingrcceived havinttretired digged TWO. gained Other two. 18 But HE who had rev?'p77, sica anrCKPV*E To apyvp.OV TOV ceivedthe ONE, went and [int, the earth, and hid t ofhe s iver ofthe ONE, went and 19s Me-ca ~~digged the EARTI, and tvptOV abTov. 19 Me-ra Be Xpovo, 7reo vv epXe'aI hi" KcuplOU cdrocu Me E a xBe %possot' 7ro~ur fp~eral lid lois hrASTER'S SIONrY. lord of him. After but time much comeo 1]9 After a long Time 6 uvpos TWP 8ovUtXrW cetKEr' C Kcat OtvUatpet tile MASTER of those tho lord of the slaves those, and adjusts SERVANTS returned, and uET' avrws AXoyoV. 20 Kat 7rpooeXOw v o' rTa reckoned with them. with them an accounto And coming he the 20 Then usE, who hlad VATICAN X[ANUSClRIPTo-9o but-omit. 16. And-omit. 10o gained Other five. 16. Talents-omtt. 17. he also —omit 18. in —oritt. t 15. A talent Is estimated by different writers to be in value somewhere between 700 and 2.250 dollars, or ~140 and ~500. I 10. Luke xiii. 25. I 12. Matt. vii, V, 220 13. Matt xxivo 42, 44* Mark xiii! S3. 35. $ 14. Luke xix. 12. + 15LO. oi. xi 1 Cor. xis 7,11, 29; Eph. iv. 11.

Page  89 C7,ap. 25: Al.] iATTHE i W. [CWap. 25: 29. TreEE THaOara L Aac,3cer, 7rpoO7yPEYKEP axha RECEIVED the FivE Tal. five talents having received, brought other eilts, came and presented Five Talents more, sayfEVTE raXaPTa) X (YCou' KutLE,?rE-PrE Tla-avTa ing,'Sir, thou gavest over five talents, saying; O lord, five talents to me Five talents; see,,Lot wrapeawrOas~ aSe, aXXa 7reTre'raXayra I have gained Five other to me thou deliveredst; see, other five talents Talents.' CEKEpJSrl0O *[e7r' awuroTsJ] 21 Eqb/ avrT 6o KUpiOs 21 His MASTER said to I gained [upon them,] Said to him the lord him,'Well done, good and faithful Servant I thou aurov' Ev, aouhe aHyaOe Kat 7rLrTre' e7r oAtya hast been faithful in a of him; Well, Oslave good and faithful; overafer(things) Few things,: I will ap71S lrteToI,, etrl 7roAt.wv ee caTar'eOrro' point thee over Many; thou wast faithful, over many thee I willplace: partake of thy MASTER'S es-EeOE eIs TlPV XtapaP Tov lcVp1ov o-oV. JOY.' enter into the joy ofthe lord ofthee. 22 HE also who had 22Hpo eOWO asPo IH mcat o eTa avo TratavX *[A.- thc TWO Talents, comig, Coming and also he the two talents [having said,'Sir, tou gayest Coi over to me Two Talents; wv, Ei] L7Ere' Icype, aUo Taravra AuoL 7rapesaWcas seee, I have gained Two received,] said: O lord, two talents tome tho deliveredst. OtoerTalents.' iae, aAAa avo TraXa epa EcEpal *[e7r' avwrots'] 23 His MASTER said to lo, other two talents I gained [upon themo:] him,'Well done, good and 23 Eqnrl aurY b scuptos avTouV Ev, aouXe ayaOe faithfiul Servant! thou Said to him the lord of lim: Well, 0 slave good hlast been faithful in. KaicL rtre-TE ELr oLya 71s5 7r ros, ErL FeFew things, I will apand faithf; over a feo (things) thou wast faithful, over point thee over Many; partake of thy MASTER'S 7roXhwov e cKaraO`TOejr'- eL-EXOEt ELs T?7'1 Xapav JOY.' many thee Iwillplace; enter into the joy 21 Then HE who had roru KUPIOV -OU. 214 Ipod0eA0Wv E as Kal 6 TO Ei RECEIVED the SINLGF, ofthe lord ofthee. Coming and also he the one Talent, approaching, said, Ta ca7rovP ElX77oCVs, Ei7re' mupIE, EPWVP O-, 6TLr'Sir, I knew thee that talent having taken, said; O lord, I knew thee, that thou art a Severe Man, alohqpos EL, GLIS~ SYO um E0-EEL- reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering hard thou art a man, reaping where not thou O where thou hast not scat pas, maL -VVa-Y60PY OWEVOV 0 E 25 wiere thou hast not2 scatered - edst, and gathering whence not th ou scatteredst; and ~25 and being afraid, I fo,77OEIres, acrEXOCw EKPViaG TO THaXhaTOI OOV C-n mwent and bid thy TALENT being afraid, going away I lid the talent of thee in ill the EARTH; see, thou ~'Y7 Las, EXEA Tro 0-OP. 2 cptOes ehast THINE own.',7h tot ioes eXetS h o ros. 2AOKPoeiS o 26 His SMASTER answerthe earth; lo, thou hast the thine. Answering and ing, said to im,'Wicked ing, said to him,'Wicked 6 Kcvpos aurov etrep avwTr7 Hoevrpe ovuxe cat and indolent Servant, thz lord of him said to llim: O icked slave and didst thou know That I KycPE, 0astLS,' Ori lptp 6s7rou oeuc Esrstpa, reap where I have not lot'lful, didstthou know, tlhat reap where not I sowed, sown, and gather where I Ieai C'VVa-yw ff0EP OV &Ea-Kopop 2T7EaE OV lhave not scattered? seas 0-nua'yw 6ose ou ats-KopE-L0H; ^ E t ouY 27 Thou oughtest then and gather whence not I scattered? It bhoved then 27 Thou oughtest then to have given my MOoNEY ere 3aXePr To apyUvptoL /LoUv rots rpa7reCLTats to the BANKERS, that at thee to ast the silver of me to the bankers: my return, iE mighlt have Kcat NeAwv E7yCO EICo/Ilal/7rP ao tro s/EUOP 0-u received mino owN with and coming I might hllave received the mine with Interest.!,ro:t. H 28 Take from him, OKfct 2ApaTE OUSP aHrE puou TVO7 aT PToP therefore, the TALENT, hnterest. Take you therefore from him the talent, and give it to HIM who sKat 02OE Tfr EXOPTL Ta aEsa TaXaC ra. 29 Ttp has the TEN Talents;'and give tohim having the ten talents. Tothe 29 4for to EVERY ONE * VAtIcaN MANUScRIPT. —20. upon them-omit. 22. having received- t 22. upon thcer —ont. t 21. Matt. xxiv. 47; Luke xii. 44; xix. [I; xxii. 29, 30.: 29. Matt. xiii. 12; Mark iv. 25,: Luke viii, 15; xiS. 20,

Page  90 tAap. 2s: 30.] MA TT EW.;ap.. ho a 0,, _ more _sh. ll,yap eXovT1 7ravPT 800rl —Tat, V, ag n1Elo OEV- wobe given, and he shall for having all Jhalll be given, and he shall 0r97elra' a7ro Te'oe, I7 EXO'T'rS, fac EXEI, abound; but from HIM who HEAS not, even thatabound: from but the not having, evelln what he has,, n RpOr77-at arr' avTrov 30 Ka a which lie has shc7. l ho shall be taken away from him. And'he useleosn y,.,eaEr S T x cs 30 And thrust Mhc uN. bovxav eIc~daAere ELS To.CTOCES TO eeC3TEpiN' PROFITABLE Servant int0 slave cast you into he darkn, he douter: Pe OUTE. SArvKNESS' EXEt Ecr'~al b K~VO Kthe OUTER DARKNESS! EEL ~eO"al 0 KiAa GVOyOS~ ECEL e'3 Y:V OS'TCtWN thore shall be the WEEPthere shall be the teveping,hi,"o1 thh,narahi.nU of t he INC' and the G4NASHING oaovtwv. TEETH. teSetWh. 31 I:Now when the soN'Otrcav 8t t i v6 s r u ov~, i ceOpT7irol eN,,r7 of oMAN shall come in his When and maycomethe son of the:an in teN oGLOSY, and All the A~NoSp abrjov, eaL TravTres o0 ayyeXoL ter' auTou, GELS with him, then will glory ofhim, and all the messengers with hin, lie sit upon his Glorious'TroE eKaErOLEi Ee Op~ou aoirls avTrov 32tai Thronel then shallhesit on a throne of glory ofhim, od 2 D and All the NArTvvaXOOr'era t et.7rpoo-'Oe avrTou rarCta TeC EfV7' TIONS will be assembled will be gathered in presence of him all the steions; hefore him; and he will cat apopiet cUtrous an7 aXl7AhwY,'VT7rEp b separate them from each and he will separate them from eachother, as the other, aas a SHEPHERD 7roLzeu7, a~opleti rrC: 7rpoBa3ca a7ro' rw eptOpwv,': eparates the SHEEP from shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; thc GOATS; 33eKat (r' ELt T' /.o, 7TpoBaTca etc a etWv a'Trov, 33 and he will place tho and hewillplace the indeed sheep by right of lim, SHEEP at liS Right hand, Ta E etplpta Et EVCWovIwU. 34 ToTe epet O buht tht GOATS at his Left. he and goats by left, Then willy tie hen will the KING,Sar,.vAsS TOLS EiC 6Etcv av'Tcv' Aevore of soy tO THOSE at his Right king to the by right of him- Come the hand,' Come, you BLESevAioyrhltEVOL Tov 7raTrpcs utov, iKA9XpOYrtLtUaSe S:'D ones of my TFATIlRE, hmving been blessed of the father of me, illerit inherit the KINGDOSi'r~T9 9/7T tao/tyEtrNv 6lurv l3aozAtav euro saeT:a: prepared for you from the Fsrmation of the tlhe haviugbeen prepared to you kingdom from _ Oldoun- 5World; B3A71S e KoouOv 35 EsrtEvaora yap, eKat EtCe aTr 35 for I was hungry, dation of world. I hungered for, Ind you gae and you gave me food; I OL't (a'yetY' ECl4tqa, eKa et7orTlaaTe /ue' was thirsty, and you gave tome to eat; I thirsted, and you gave drink to; me drink; I was a Stran~eos nIA77l9 Kae o'vuN'ya'yETe /E' 36 yvtvos, gel', and you entertained a tranger I wa, and you entertained me; naked, n1e; Kai 7rrpleEaXEtE ete' 7'0tEVltra, Kat E7rtE(lctEaaO e 36 I was naked, and and you clothed me, I was sick,.nd:,;ou visited you clothed lne; I was sick, and you assisted /tEt EY fVAoXaKl r.S9V, xaL,'7AOXETE.epoS mUE. me; Iwas in Prison, and me: in Uprison I was, an yo c me. youu cvisite; o mme.' 37TOTE aTrolEpTOK 0?'rT7aL aUT9 01o' 7LECaCo AEy-ov- 37 The RtIGHTEOUS will Then shall answer to him the i ust onlle; saying; t eply, saying,'Lord, rTes Kuple, 7roe'e GE 8otEN qrE 7TrSIv Ta7, EaE when did we tee thee O lord, when thea we ss;t hungerintg, and lthungry, and feed thee eOpEtOa)tEV; 9?7 iWNVT2a, EEl Gae7roTL0aLEV;.'nIorE or thirsty, and give thee nourlshed? or thirsting, and we gave drink? When drink? 33 And whlen did we tE TE EOIh0UEVt rtNOZ E KCU O'GO-n-yayidly 97 see thee a Stranger, ana and thee n-e sa a stranger, and we entertainedP orornaked, teO~t entertain thee? or naked~ y/uYvov, EaL 7repLeaXolEV'; 3"IIoTE 3e (TE and clothe thee? naked, and we clothed P When and thee 39 And when did we ELBOL.EV aCerOerq, ri EN (puiaKc, tEal rAX0o/.At rpos see thee sick, or in Prison, We saw sick, or' in prison, and wecame to and caine to thee?7 I 31. Zeelh. xiv. 5; Matt. xvi. 27; xix. 28; Malar viii. 38; 1 Thess. iv. 16; 2 Thess. i. 7; flide 14; Rev.i. 7. 32. Rom. xiv. 10; 2 Cor. v. 10t Rev. xx, 12.. 31. Matt. xx. 23; Iark x, 4; I1 Cor. i1. 9; Hob. xi, W,

Page  91 Chap. 25, 4o0. MATTHEW. [eCap. 26; A. Ye; 40 Kai aCroLptletr 6 Saostkevs epeI aV'ots' 40 And the KING ansthee? And answering the king willsay to them; wering, will say to them. AuV71 A~SyC ui~uv, e~ig roe ~eoLa vl St'Indeed, I say to you, Indeed I say to you, in whatever you did to one That since you have done it to one of These the of these of the brothers of me ofthe least, tome LEAST f my BRETHREN, Enrois-aT7E. you have done it to me.' you did. 41 He will then also 41ToTE EpEt: Kat Tots 4 Ev wSvOUIwv HopEvEerTE say to THOSE at his Left Then he will say also to the of left; Go hand, +'Depart from me, aTr' qEOV O Kasar'qpa/eevot ELs TO p TO aevrov, you CURSED ones, into aw' ep~ov Ot teaTr71paAEVot eIs Toe 7rvp To ai THAT AIONIAN FIRE, fron me the having been cursed into the Sfire the age-lasting, THAT AIONIAN TIRE, To Io~ l/ e~Yo' wri atafoAc t TO ayeXo which is PREPARED for that having been prepared to tho accuser and to the messengers <GUTOV. 42 EreLvara yap, KaC OvK Ef6WKa7OeT got ESSENERS; Gof hoim. yap, 42 for I was hungry, of him. I hungered for, and not you gave to me n aa-YE. E6*?a-,Ka ot Eoaoa, u but you gave me no food; awyeto E d eKas oe E71oTLaTE /alUKEro I was thirsty, hut you to eat; I thirsted, and not you gave drink to me; nodrink; 43 EVos -4/7/V, teat ov Ovv-'lya'yETe I/e' yv/tvos, teat g ave me no drink; astranger I was, and not you entertained me; naked, and ~ou 7'eptE~aXE're pe - atTOEV77S, Kai E?'.but you did not entertain 00 7rEprle/3aAETf eu a~e2l5s' teas Ev 4phalep,,me; naked, but you did not you clothed me; sick, and in prison, not clothe me; sick, and Kai ovic arEO~e~ao 44 TOT a 1 0 not clothe me; sick, and Kat OVK Ee7reKet4ao'( E y2e. 44ToTe awroeplu7 Trop- in Prison,butyoudidnot and not you visited me. Then willanswer relieve me.' wat Kas acsotA, XEyOVTESE KuptE, 7OTe yE q44 Then will THEY also and they, saying; Olord, when thee answer, saying,'Lord, stoEP ErEtit'awvta, 77 tJieovTa, X77 4EvO' 77 when did we see thee we saw hungering, or thirsting, or a stranger o nger, or thirsting, tyvlvos, Xs aoevr, r1 cE tPVAasKe, eaL ou 8t1- or a Stranger, or naked, naked, or sick, or in prison, and not we sick,r inPrison,and eovvjoaa/.Ev ero0; 45 TOTGe a7roiKptO7701sTat auTos did not assist thee' served thee; Then he will answer them, 45 Then he will reply Xeywc' AU7)s XEyfw a/clt, edf' roso ov E7roz-Ol to them, saying,'Indeed, saying: Indeed say toyou, in as much not youI say to you, That since OaTe EVI TOVUTWV Tr W EaXtyoTctv, oUve eUOLt you did it not to one of ttd to one ofthese ofthe least, neither tome the LEAST of These, you E7rsot`)aTE. 46~ Kai a7EXEtooTat rob'ot Ets did it not to me.' you did. And shall go away these into 46 T And these shall go KoAaOLv atwvnovs of oE trxaeot Ely Sl77V forth to the aionian f cuto cutting-off age-lasting: the and just ones into life ting-off; but the RIGHatce'tOvn TEOUS to aionian Life." oge-liating. KEa4, tcs'. 26, CHAPTER XXVI. 1 1 And it happened, 1Kat ESYEVETO, TE 7ETENeSJ 6 I 7)o'ovs 7ravTas when JEsus had finished And it happened, when had finished the Jesus all this DISCOURSE, he said Trovs Ao'ouv TOVTOUS, ere TotS T UtE aO atts aCrovo to his DISCIPLES, the words these, he said to the disciples of him: 2 "You know That Two 2 OtoaTe, 6Tt te.'Ta Ovo 7pfepas To 7rao-xa ylvte'Tat Days hence comes the You know, that after two days the passover comeson: PASSOVER; then thoe SON Kat 6 voes Tro avOptW7rou 7rapaatforoat ELf TO of HAN will be delivered and the son of the man is delivered into the Up to be CRUCIFIED.' t 46. That is, in the fire mentioned in verse 41. The Common Version, and many modern ones, render kolasin aionioon, everlasting punishment, conveying the idea, as generally interpreted, of basinos, torment. Kolasin in its various forms only occurs in three other places in the New Testament,-Acts iv. 21; 2 Peter ii. 9; 1 John iv. 18. It is derived from kolazoo, which signifies 1. To cut off; as lopping off branches of trees, to prune. 2. To restrain, to repress. The Greeks write,-"The charioteer (kalazei) restrains his fiery steeds." 3. To chastise, topuonish. To cut off an indivdual from life, or society, or even to restrain, is enteemed as punishment;-hence has arisen this third metaphorical use of the word. The primary signification has been adopted, because it agrees better with the second member of the sentence, thus preserving the force andc beauty of the antithtesis. The righteous go to lift the wicked to the cuttino off from life, or death. See 2 Thess. i. 0. t 40. Mark ix. Al 4 41. Matt. vii. 23; Luke xiii. 27. 1 46. Dan. xi. 2; John R. t0 Rom. ii 7,, 1 o o r; W ].ol. l:us.enii. tI John xii, L,

Page  92 Cieap. 26-3.] MATTHEW.V [Cqapo. 26- 15. o'raupor.tOa. 3To're ov'iXO77rXaO or0 apXtepets, 3 tAbout this time, the to be crueifled. Then were assembled the high-priests, HIGH-PRIESTS, and the ical o0'ypa$,arLtass r ca ol 0rp! Pv7rpor/ T Ov O aov, SCRIBES, and the ELDERS and the scribes, and the elders ofthe people, Of the PEOPLE, were conlOs Tr)/~ avX','u vened in the PALACE ELS T77fZ CaXfl77l TO) apXLEPECO, TOV XE-YOIUEV0U Of THAT HIGH-PRIEST,'nto the aourt of the high-priest, that being called Kata(pa, 4 Kai au-E3ovAevaao rol O va TOP NAMED Caiaphas, Kaiaphas: and they consulted, that the 4 where they cosulted I7floovvV 8A KpaT-rir'lt Kma aWolcrTe1(rlV. how they might seize JEJesus with deceit they might seize and might kill. SUS by Stratagem and 5EXEyov 16 514 El) 7T1 eQoP71, n/a /s3 OopvfBos destroy him. They said but; Not in the feast, that not a tumvlt 5 i3Ut they said, "Not ~~ T~~~~ during thle FEAST, lest'yEV7'Ti? EVc I T a(P Xaqothere should be a Tumult there shouldbe among he people, among the PEOPLE." among the PEOPLE." 6 Tou oe Iel7yov TyEoGteoV Ey l3t0Oarla, Ev oKICCa 6 $ Now while JEsus'he and Jesus having arrived in Bethany, in a house was at Bethany, in the IgCetvoS TOTV As7rpOU, 77rpoorlAkOev au;TrC 7yuPV, House of Simon the of Simon tho leper, came tohim awoman, LEPER, ahaajaarTpov Itvpou eXovtca,apvTrrTLo v, reat 7 a Woman came to an alabaster box of balsm having great value, and him, having an Alallaster afTEXEEf ECrl T71V' Ke:PjaA77 aRuTOV aVaKcELuElvou. box of Balsam, very val she poured upon the head of him being reclined. uable, which she poured'IS/TCes 8E Ot g)rTat avTrov,?iyavaKTn01all, on his IEAD while re-.' ng and the disciples ofhim, were displeased, clining at table. AE7Y''es- ELt TIZ? a7rwEXetaaULTr: 9'H8v- 8 tAnd *the DISCIsmying; On account oi;hat the loss this? She was PLES seeing it, were disvaTo yap TrouTo 7paOrlqvat 7woAou, Kat 8oOOraL pleased, saying, "Why able for this to have sold of much, and to have given tils EXTRAVAGANCE? 7rFTXCOLS 10 FtoUs be o IrlooUs eEr7rev aurfoe S 9 For This might havc to poor. Knowing and the Jesus said to theml been sold at a great price, Tt 07orous 7prapeXETe Tr yvt, atte; E;yot'yap and given to the PooR." Tpyo,'yap 10 apXTEV yam; po -l Why troubles present rou to the woman? a work for 10 JESUS knowing it, KaXoP eLp7yaarTO oLs E/E. llIlat/TOTE yap TOuS said to them, "Why do good shehaswroughtfor me. Always for the yohas trouble the WOmzAN? 7TWXOTuS EXET IUECO' E'aTTWtv ECe 8oE ou 7raCtToTe She has rendered me a poor you have with yourselves: me butnot n alays kind Office. EXETE. 12BaAovaoa yap abvT?) TO 1Jpo,- ToVT)To 11 For you have the you have. Having cast for she the balsam this POOB always among yo-i; YEVtO sou wtaTosq poe, rpos ro Eafaoaa jue but Me you have not ESTL TOT) ebSl/JCaTOI [tCOl, 7POS TO Et/T~lCOCmt~ IE always. upon the body of me, to the to preparc for burial me ways. O77r07-EP IXAu71V Ae-yw v/tuv, &7rov cal K ]7- 12 For in pouring thik Et BALSAM On mlly BODY, 2hrC,he did. Indeed I say to you, - wherever may be did it to Emy BA DY, e did it to ]~MBALaI nie. pUXO"? TO eEvayy-yEAiOl TOV)TO El OXO Tc(t KROGeit, 13 Indeed, I say to published the glad tidings this, in whole the world, AaA-l077Oe-Tat KaLz o E7rolrTEt/ aureTp, Os St/So- yOU, Wherevei tllec~ GLAD TIDINGS may be shallbespoken also what did she, for a memo-poa dn e l shellh~~or epehee Met/ proclainled in the whole aOwov aslT77S). WORLD, wha'I she has tial ofher. done will also be spoken of to her Rememlbrance " T1 TOTE SrOpCEVUS CIS TOOP 8AOEK O ANC'YOOCtOS 14 14 Theln THAT one of Then going one ofthe twelvec re beingnamed tle TWELVE, NAMED J11lovuas IoK'cap'Tqrs, 7rpo TouS CaPXL-PELS, 15 Elf7fE das lRscariot, proceeding Judas Iscariot, to the high-priests, said; to tile HIGH-PRIESTS, Te OEXETEsf loi ouvat, ca-yc R D/ v arapascr W 15 sail, "What are you What areyou williag to me to give, andl to you willing to give me, and iF t uwill dooer op will deliver him up to avTTOvo; 01 8e eCr7Toa, T avU. T rplaKorTa ap- you?" And THEY paid him? They and paid to him thirty pieceo him Thirty Shekels. VATICAN I-ANUSCRIPTr-8, the DISCIPLES. t 3. John xi. 47; Actsiv. 25. $ O. 3MalkxilV.; John xi. 1,; -it. 1-,So S-. John ii. 4. 114. tMark xiv. 11Q; LuIe xxii. 3; Jchn xsiii. 3 O,.

Page  93 Meap, 26: 16.] MATTHEW. [Chap. 26 26.?-upra. up Kah a-ro mire4 E 7fl ~acfratpiav, iva 16 And from that time' iopta. 16Kat aro'roTE el'ret uaLpta, va he sought a fit Occasicz ofsilver. And from then he did seek opportunity, that he sought a fit Occasi au-roe raptarp. to deliver him up. allTOP wrapasqo. 17 1 Now on the PrBs him lhemight deliverup.17: ow on the:IsE T h7T of the t UNLEAVENED'7Tp F e 7rpsorp -wV avgu wve 7rpoo'a AOe m IBREAD, the DISCIPLES The and first ofthe fests of unleavened bread came came to JESUS, saying, 1 ueaOp7TraL'y I-r7o v, AE'yOVTES-i *aii-] Mos "Whetre dost thou wish the disciples to the Jesus, saying to him;] Where that we prepare for thee OEAELt e'IotIaeoCWUEV o'ot epayev'To 7racXa; 18'0 the PASCHAL SUPPER?" wilt thou we make ready to thee to eat the passover? He 18 HE answered, "Go be tneari'TTP7rayre fIe -XXV ioAY rpoS'OY into the CITY to a CERand said; Go you into the city to the TAIN person, and say to 8Elva, scat etlra're auvr-i'O SaaoKaxos Ae'y}et him, The TEACHER says, certain one, and say tohim, The teacher says,'My TIME is near; I will.O Katpos geoU EsyJYUS CO —i-I' ~ ~ i-~ celebrate the PASSOVER The season ofme nigh is; to thee Iwillmake the at thy house, with my 7raox Ea gET-r'i-uP ea71-Tr geyou. 19 Kat e7rolro-avI DISCIPLES.-' passover with the dssciples of me. And did 19 And the DISCIPLES ot pad'e-rat us o'vey-ra5es, au-rots 6'I-oUs- Ia did as JESUS had ordered the disciples as commanded to them the Jesus; and them; and they prepared j7i-outgeavae To'IaraO-XO the PASSOVER. ~0 tNow Evening bethey prepared the passover.vening being come, he reclined at 20 O as E'yevoetYrvjs aesK eTro geE'ra TW'y table with the TWELVE; Ofevening and beingcome he reclined with the 21 and as they were 8weEKa. 21 Kat eCOtlosvwov avurwv, ei7rev' Agyre eating, he said, "Indeed, twelve. And ofeating ofthem, hesaid; Illdeed I tell you, That one of AeyCw vaIst, b'rt Els Et vc 7riapaawo'et geE. 22Kat you will deliver me up." I say to you, that one of you will deliver up me. And 22 And being extremely vU7roveEyE o oyuoapa,'optavrto Aeyrv avrp sorrowful, they began, being grieved exceedingly, they began to say to him each one, to ask him, escao-'os *[aurcwyv ] M7Lrt e'yW tU1t, IKCpte; "Master, is it? 7" each one [ofthem;] Not I am, Olord? 23 And HE answering, 3'0 Be airotcptOets Etirev''O eluBatay te-T' said, 1""HE who has xcen He but answering said; le dipping with DIPPING lhis HAND with E4ou ey'iTo - rpU3X Tarny XEtpa, o5'os yee 7rapa- mine in the DISH, this me in the bowl the hand, this me will de- olle will deliver me up. 8wO'El. 24'0 gEy vios'rou avOpw7rov v7ra'yet, 24 The sON of MAN lierup. The indeed son oftllthe man goes, indeed goes away [to rKaOws yeypa7rT'al -rept avwrov oval 8e'ir death], I as it has been as ithas been written about him; woe but to the written concerning him; avOpwnrp eetyc, 8' oo 6 t'os i-S TOv a vp7rou but alas for that MAN man that, through whom theson of the ma.n through whom the SON 7rapasto'a-a KaXov 7vy avu'iP, eI ouVc E'yeYrV770s of MAN is delivered up! is deliveredup; good itwas to him, if not was born t Good were it for that 6 alOpw7ros eteEos. 25 AiroKcptets ae Iovas, MAN if he were not the man that. Answering and Judas, born.'" d iriapasrtous au-roy, cEure Mort c'ycs csget, 25 Then THAT Judas he deliveringup him, said: Not I am, who delivered him up, CaBo; AE'yst aT'iV- UV Etuias. inquired, "Rabbi, is it rabbi He says tohim: Thou hast said. E?" He says to him, i" bjou hast said." E26oETO1oVTCV iE avrcv, ka1ov o IrlcroVs -rTo ) 26 tAnd as they were Eating and ofthem,havingtakenthe Jesus the eating, JEsus taking *a VATICAN MANUscRIPT. —17. to him-omit, 22. of them-omit. 26. a Loaf. t 17. The Passover feast began yearly on the fourteenth day of the first moon in the Jewish month Nisan, and it lasted only one day; but it was immediately followed by the days ot unleavened bread, which were seven. See Josephus, Ant. iii. 10, 5. So that the whole lasted eight days, and all the eight days are sometimes called, "the feast of the passover," and sometimes "the feast (or days) of unleavened bread." See Luke xxii. 1, 7. t 17.'lxod. xii. 6, 181 Mark xiv. 12; Luke xxiiL 7.: 20. Mark xiv. 17-21; Luke xxii. 14; John xiii. 21. I 23. Psa. xli. 9 Luke xxii. 21 John xiiio 18. 24. Psao xxii; Isa. liii; Dan. ix. 26; Mark ix. 12; Luke xxiv. 25, 20, 46 l Acts xvii, I; xxvi. 22 23-.tor. xv. 3. 24, John xvii. 12 1. 26o Mark xiv. 22 Luke xxii. 19,

Page  94 ,tap. 23: 27. Ik MATTHEW. [ap. [i. ~ sb. apToV, KaCi OvhoypOcas, ou Xae, 0Kai fe81OV TOtS Loaf, and giving praise, loaf, and having blessed, broke, aud did give to the he broke, and gave it tc 1adbq7ra, ECLB fPE't AC9ETCE, fatswrfsE t s the DISCIPLES, and said, disciples, and said: akoe you, oatyou: tis "Take, eat; Sthia is my eaTi TO ectW a Pu ou. 27 Kait a,Sco To 7 roTs7pLo, BODY." is the body of me. And having taken the cup, 27 Then taking a Cup, aiL evX~apt~oeTT/a9 cOctjr v C aroisC, NE'ye' rILC-TE and giving thanks, he and having given thanks, le gave to thecr,.aying; Drink you gave it to them, saying, t "avrov crauTes"' 28u)VTo'yap Eoot To at/Act "IDrinr. all of you out out of it all; this for it the blood Lov, To "5 KacvjS &0tq14rl7S, TO T7rEPCL 7roxovv 28 for * this is my of me, that of the new covenant, that about many BLOOD f te COENANT, fK~XVVOj Cei cetEaiV AapTtV. 209 A~Eyco E THAT which is POURED being shed for Sforgivenus7 of sins; say but of Sins. T~tTOR TOV el ~giveness of Sins. VIA~LV, 6ori ov jun,r &co a7r'TV TV ~9:Bnt I tell you, to you, that not not 1:illdrinlt from low of this the 7~mq"rlF~a~Pos'a"?$7 cau v, e. o That I will not henceprodLuc of the vine, till the day DUCT of the VINE, tit CICZr)lS7 GTctL OTO 71vow1 tL LeO' 6gZ.P IrsLwOTE., e, Tr that DAY when I drin;. that, whea it I drink cith you new i_ the it uco; with you in my,t3arlteta'rov 7rtarpos poeO 30 R,_a uuri'a,'res3 it nct- with you in my ~a0tX61a TOt 7ITITOS )~ 3 Kai vL V/TES, BFATHE'S KINGDOM. kingdom of the father of me. And having sung a hymn, ez~iqXOov cis To opos TelL' cActica 30 Ard having,ung, strlA~ov El Sro OPOS Trwv eQ al^O thcy departed to the they departed to the mountain of the olive-trees. thy departed to the 3IOUNT of OLIVES. 3EToTI Aehyee 0U1TOLS 6 IHooUs' P7.TES VAELS 31 Then JEsus,aye Then he says to them the Jesu.; All you to them, 6E ti All grltavr~eAbaA XlbrCOe ElfY t1CL C' Ta OU'KTe TavI77 stumble on my account, willbestumbled at mon in the night this; thls 2JIGIIT1 "Oar it is lyc-PTa7r/aT yap' "f'lTaraS Tov 7roL/ACvEa,?IaL written, ~ 1 will smite it is written for: "I willsmite the.hepherd, and'the zHEPHERD and the 5Laowtop7rOcr10 reTaCTe T ra tpof3aTa T'l'SHEEP of the FLOCK will will be scattered the sheep of the fold." be d1ispersed.' 32 MTa e To'yepOrIvLt /C, w7poa1ow O yas cis 32 But after I am After but tho to be raised me, igoetore you to RAISED, $EA will precede r7zI r'atALaictla', 33A7irnicpt0ts e / rECPOS you to GALILEE." the Galilee. Answering and the Peter 33 And Peter answerCe7rev avu74 Ec tavO'CeS t7xCavyaaXtoOeriovaTL Ev ing, said to him, "If aR said to him: if all.-hallbcestuebled at should stunlile with re. tot, e-ycn ovUerO'rT-' Tct XlaflOo'ooago e 34 Eqp spect to thee, JE never will Scc, I iever will be stumbled. Sail be made to stumnblec. av &qo x trovs' A/ s rjeeyo o e rL c eT CY TCUT7 34 JEsus said to him, tohim the Jes.ts: Indee y tothee,th i thios " Indeed, I say to thee, T7 PvUc'CT, rpLZ e OeICTropo O pwv7raar, TrpLs a7rapvrI- That This NIGHT, before the:light, before',.cock to have crowed, thrice thou wilt j tle Cock crow, thou -) c.EC 35Ae'yect avyT 6 IaeTPOS' KEae 5ep wilt thrice disown me."')eny me. 8Say tohitthe Peter. Aodit tmny ehove 35 PETER says to him,, eE GUV aro0o aroOaveyv, ou trAq ae a7rapvYloro!gaco "Though doomed to die, me with thee to die, no6 -not thee I wil deny. With thee, I will not dis-'OAotoos iccKa raTores oe.uaO!rat c7roo 36 ToTe own Thee." And All tb In like manner al all thc disciples aaid. Then DISCIPLES said the satme * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT,-2Vo, a Cup. 28. this is my BLOOD of the covElANta, reHLe which is POUnLo oUT. t 34. That is, " before a watch trumpet will t:ound," etc. It is well known that no cocks weere allowed to remain in Jerusalem during the passover feast. The Romans, who had a strong guard in the castle of Antonia, which overlooked the temple, divided the night int, four watches, beginning at six, nine, twelve, and three..lark xii. 35, alludes to this divi, sion oftime. The two last watches were both called cock-crowings._ The Romane relieved guard at; each watch by sound of trumpet: the trumpet of the third watch was called the, ttd. that of the fourth the second cock, Anct when it was said the cock crew, the meaninj is, tIhat the trumpet of the third wtatch souronde.; wThich rlways happencd at midnig'b. + 20G. Cor. xo 10. 1 27. Mark xiv. 23. + 28. Exo. xilo. 8; Lev. xvii. 1'7 Matt, X. 28-; Heb. ix. 22. I 2S. Mark xiv. 25, Luko _-ii. 13. i; 31. 3latt, xi.; 11 art s. 27; John xvi. 32. + 3i. Zech. xiii. 7. + 32. 1la81:viiiL 7 MlO 3Mark 2I /:.. 57; 5, Mark xiv. 30 i Ltke t 1ii. 8J; 0ol. itii. 88.,~'mar X.~. Vke_ 3 J 1

Page  95 Chap. 26: 36. MATTHEW. faap. 26: 4. eEPXETaL YET' aV'TWV 6o Iqrlovs ELI XC-ptoLV XEYO- 36 +Then comes JEsvs comes with them the Jesus into aplace being with them into a Place tuEvoV rE~'o1CLaVlY, teaL XeYeL TOlS juaO7t'ats' called Gethsemane, and talled Gethsemane, and he says to the disciples: says to his DISCIPLES, KaOLtarcE aTOVu, ceos ov aHrExAwv 7rpOO'EttPs~tctaL " Remain here, whlile I go Sit you here, while going away I shall pray there and pray." ~eEL 37 KaL 7rapAra3a. TroY rIfETpoY Kati rovs 37 And taking with there. And having taken the Peter and the him PETER, and the ITWO avo ulovs ZEPEsaLov, 7ptaTro Av7retLoOar KaL aSl?- Sons of Zebedee, he be. two sone of Zebedee, he began to be sorrowful and to be gan to be filled with sor-;.oVt'EY. 38 TOTE AEyEL aUrois rIlEpLv7ros row and anguish. in anguish. Then he says to them; Extremely sorrowful 38 Then lie says to 60ErTV 77 tIvux' iUOU EcWs Oav'arovu' yeEvare LEfE them, I "My souL is is the soul of mec to death; remain you here surrounded with a deadly KatL 7yp77yopelrTE /ET' E/ov. 39 Ka 7rpOEA.Oe' anguish; stay here, andl and watch you with me. And going forward watch with me." 1r1KpOV, E7Tfa6Y fErZ rPofrcsIroY avrv, 7TPo~EV 8 39 And going forward a little, h fell on face of him, pray- a littl he fell on his XojuEvos, KaiL 2EtyW' IHaTEp /LOV, El VVT a little, he fell on his iOneg, dOS, Ka t Aeyeg OetheP ftOVe, it peeaih:e Face, jsupplicatin$ and ing, and saying; Ofather of me, if possible ayig O my later saying, "0 my iather, ~EG1T1, 7rapEAhe61Er a~rr fEI#OV TO rOT77plO1 TOUUTO-' if it be possible, let this it is,. let pass from me the cup this e removed f ovX LE E7w OEXw, c' s c s.,' CUP b. removed from mc c irXAlv ovX W"s E'y. OEA' aAA &s rv. do Kat yet not as 1E will, but as but not as I will, but as thou. And yet not as will, t as tiju wilt." EPXETraL 7rpos TOVS taOrltas, Kat EUvptoKEL aVrouse returns t he comes to the disciples, and finds them 40 And he returns to KaEvsoOVTas, KarN AE7EL 7trP, fETPV- O cTWS OVKC the DISCIPLES, and finds sleeping, and he says to the Peter; So not them sleeping, and says LXtvaaTE utlav cepav -yp 7qyopsrrat uiET' EtOV; to PETER, "It is SO, then, could you one hour to watch with me? that you could not keep 41 Fp7iopftqE tCat'pooe~xeo'~, t'a ELSE/- awake with me a Single IPp-OYpELTE ifcaL 7rpoo-EVXEOrOE, I'Va 1.77 Hour t Mratcelyou and pray you, that not you may 04rTC ELs 7rELpao'/1oV TO /LEY 7rvyEv/u a 7rpOtou1O v, 41 t Watch and pray, enter into temptatlon; the indeed spirit ready, that you enter not into' 6s oetapt a EC0flvs.' Trial; the SPIRIT indeed the but flesh weak. is willing, but the FLESH 42 HaXIV, EK OevTEPOU arwehCowy, 7rpooravU aTo, is weak." Again, a econd time going away, he prayed, 42 A second time reti*t[Ceywv] lHarep Aov, EL OV 8vtvataL TOUvT rng, he supplicated, "0 [saying;] father ofme, if not itis possible this my Father, if it cannot *[TO VrOqTlpLOV] 7rapE/AeEL1 * [asr' E1OU5,] EavY /*1 be that This be removed; [the cup] to pass [from me,] except if I must drink it,-thy adJTo 7rLf, E510yerl7TW TO (rOU. 43 Kat WILL be done." it I drink, be done the will of thec. And 43 And returnine, he E/Crev EfvptrIcEL avrovs r7ra1hCLv IfcHOsEoU76VT finds thlem still sleeping; coming he finds them again sleeping; YES were overc-o-ap yap avco f 0pa~ i 8E,8apLEV~l' (for Their E YEs were overeaee teP avefthe o the eyes a weighed dPeow;L powered.) (were for of them the eyes weighed down;),4 4at a)Ets aVTOvs, a4Te/cWv 7aXtr, 7rpoO7ivlarTo 44 Again, leaving them, and leaving them, going away again, he prayed he went and prayed a ElfK TpTOV, ToP aVTOV /OyOtY EvLrWv. 45 TorE third tinc, using *again a third tie, the same word speaking; Then the SAmne Words. EPXETaL 7rpos qTovs uaOl7ras a'Tror, KeaL AE.EL 45 Hc then comes to he comes to the disciples of him, aud says * tile DISCIPLE,, and says av7TOts KaOeuv ETE TO /CoL7rOv Lat aearravearGE; to them, "Do you Sleep to them; Sleep you the remainder and rest youe NOW, and take your rest? iZov, -qyy7LKEv'7 c pa, Kaf 6o viOs TOuv aCOpw7rov * for behold, the Hova is lo, has comenigh the hour, t hethe sor. th the man arrived, and the SON of * VATICAN IANUSCRIePT. —42. sayin — omit. 42. cuP-omit..2. fron ms —omet. 44. again the sAME Words. 45. the DIxscerEes. 45. for behold. 1 36. Mark xiv. 32-35; Luke xxii. 39; John xviii. 1. 3 37. Matt. iv. 21. $ 38. John xii. 27. * 39. Mark xiv. 36; Luke xxii. 42; Heb. v. 7.. 39. JohrDv.o,30; vi. 38; Phil. ii.. 41. Mark xiii. 3; -:iv. 38 8 Luke xxii. 40, 461; EDh. vi. 18.

Page  96 CIhap. 26 4a3 MATEETH, [Clapl, @s3.\ rapaSlbo7raL Ets Xelpas aeeolP.c prwoZ. 4GJeEyespE00Es, MAN is delivered into thg i deliveredup into hands ofsinners. Arise, Hands of Sinners. a-GYWYIEW/' L80UV X'7Y-YIK-E y 7rapaai~oU s suE. 46 Arise, let us go; be. let us go) lo, has come nigh he delivering up me, hold! HE, who BETRAYS me, has come." 47Ka er'r aurTou AaAooTros, osov, Iovas, E's 47 Now,:while Jesus And while of him speaking, to, Judas, one was.peakino, behold, Juot' MwCEKa, 7AhOe, Kait teT' aUwrou oXXos 7roAvs das, one of the TWELVE, efthe twelve, came, and with him a crowd great came, accompanied with,IE'Ta 1laxapwvs scat,uvXas, aoro roV epXtEpEc' a great Crowd, armed with swords and clubs, from the high-priests with Swords and Clubs. sai tspcrp c vrepowv Troyt aou. 48,O Be 7rapastovus from the H-IGHPRIESTS and elders of the people. He and deliverinar, 1 and Elders of the PEOPLE. UTo270t ococes, ats'ros -o' trteIto2, AE'ywo'0s as 48 And HE, who DE. him, gave to them a sign, oaying; Who ever LIVEItED him lp, had PiXrA'qO' arTos Eo'T' Icpa's7rl'aTe aVtOV 43 Kas given them a Sign, sayI may kiss, h e it ihe. seize hin. And ing, "qep it is, whom I COuOSews rpooeXGowo 9: I77sov, et7re' Xatpe paa/3to may kiss; hold him fast." immediatcly approachinra- tohe Jesus, hesaid; hail rabbi; 4A9 And immediately apo KaL ica'TErhLASJ'eV CvTO,, o500 ae I-qsovs e7reirE proaching JEsus, he said, and kissed hirt. The but Jesus oaid "Hail, Rabbi[" and re. av7ro.,'ETraipe, E' &' wapeL; Tore 7rpoOekX- peatedly kissed him. o him; Companion, forwhat artthou present? Then coming 50 But JESUS said to ovrTEs sErej3aAos ras eX pas sz 7roy' Ioeovuy, him, "Companion, for they laid the! ando on the Jesus, whllat purpose art thoin sat eKparlav avso. 5 Kai tbov, 0s TrWV present?" Then coming, and they seized him. And lo, one ofthe they laid HANDS on JETecra l77oou ecteTELtas rr T) Xetpa, a7rer raoTe'r.- sus, and secured him. mlth Jesus, stretching the hand, drew out the 51 And behold, $one of ftaXaipav catsrTov KcaL 7raTatas TOv aovAov'-Ov THIOSE who were'with sword of him: and oitrikina the slave of the him, laying his HAND on apXELpecss, alxEIsa aTsroUr To c'r)Tov'. 52TOTe his swoRD, drew it, and high-priest, cut off ofhim the ear.'~hen striking the SElRVANT of Nesyse avTs 6, I5,ovst AwlOo'rpEsOVs (vOU T.O MhC HItlGH-PRIEST, CUt Ofl nays to him the Jesus: Lteturt thee the Hii. LAR. t' 9 Thei JESUS ussys to,word into the place of here all for the him, "ReturnThy aw oRD AaJovres sxaXaspavs, Erc aaXsapl aaroXovvt-ra. to itt; PLACE;. for All takin.g a sword, by ashyord ~.hallperish. WHO have RECOUBSE tq t3H notcclS, oTt o u d vvahlly *apl] 7rapaKa- the Sword, shallperishby Or thinkest thou, that not I am abl [now to en- te Sword. XEG'al TOM wa-rpae Slov, xa& reaptaG7r7soEs 1oz 53 Or, dost thov thinlk treat the father ofme, an illfurnish to me Tht I cannot entreat m wrxeiovs'7 McvEKsa AsEye'as 1 ay-yEcNwsv; 54 s 1 F'ATHER, and he will send more than twelve legions of messenogers? How to my ielief more than ous' sr~r~pc8wo' ci typapas, 6Tt ts'crs aeL Twelvc LegionsofAngels? then should be fulilled the writings,, thus it must 54 But, in that case,'fyss'sse~rF as. bhow could the scRIP-'ybe doneo. TURES be verified, $ That thus it must be P" 55E es EL'Yv t) &pa esev 6 Itootss Tross 55 JESUS at the same In that the hour said the Jesus oo the TIME said to the CECWrDs, oXosC''QTs CErs XpO'T'iv JTI AeO05ETC JAETa jua~aXpw' "As in pursuit of a Robcrowds. Ao upon arobber cameyouout with swords ber, have you come with seat vAwr,, ovtAAaX e~ E/L' seO-''a, espas, *[7rpos Swords and Clubs to take and clubs, tothakc nc: cvery day [with me? 3I sat teaching in tixtas seaoKa EK bCoo0 Y saatc v E5' E TV r spr, eKas ovte the TEMPLE every day, you] I did sit teaching in the tenple, and not and you did t arrest me. scKpaTrrta'XTe Yte' cToVtsO at 6Xo' CyeyoVse, va 56 All this, however, s-oseized mo. Chin but all hahbeendone, that has been done, thaI the o V.TIC.ns MAlNUSCRIaIR. —1. with him, 53. now-omit. + 4+7. MIark L iv. 43; Luke -txii, 47; John xviiio'' Acts i. 1C: t 51. John xvlii 105,, 2o Gen. is. GO Rev. xiii. 10. 4. Is,,. ii i.C; Luko zxiv. 25, 44, 4

Page  97 Map. -'-,-..'. 1_ _- 2L e t.~....-.. uvHE.., A.qpottnozti aZ ypablat'rWe wrpoql77TYov Tore WPRITINGS of tile PaRO. right be fulfilled the writings of the prophets. Then PHETS light be verified." oL fa8O7rlTat ra~r'ss aqy~SeS a o0,s~ ~EqupYo.| TThen all *his DISCIPLEs the disciples all, leaving him, they fled. serting hi, fle d. 17 Oie c prT10crvaoTES e o l Il7lTouv,,xr6yayov 567 Anld THOSE who APThev and seeing the Jesus, thPyled [REJIENDED JESUS, con-'po$ Kazeaqbaj e' apxtepea, 6rou of taxaleds! ducted him to Caiaphas t-pos Kata~pay ov app~trpp a, d0r v`-' /cpaegguaTels the HIIGH-PRIEST, where to Caiaphas the high-priest. where the scribes eat A n U t the SCRI]B S anld rLD~Ss Kftai ofl rpe wroTEpos p ovlX0ro-aov. 8'O Eo were assembled. and the elders were assem.bled. The but 68 But PEismt followed I1eTpoS rscoXou0ez aVTfr a7ro fatcpoOe, 4SS'T11S him at a distance, te Peter followed him at a distance, to the tile PALACE of tile HIGH. avAX7s rov apXlepews$ Kat Eio'e.Ow EoWc tcKaol'To PRIEST; and having en. palace of the high-priest; and having gone in, sat tered, sat itl tile ATfC6Ta TrWY bVlU7flipeOOP td8eIl TO TEXSO. TENDANTS to see tho WltIl the attendants, to see the end. 59 0' 8e apXLepES *[lcat o' 7rpE~0 O vTEpoL] ctE LT he The and high-priests [alnd the elders] and PRIESTS and thle wole ~TO vJe6plOfv 6oAo' E41Trouv *evUoapTOvplaT Y ~caa SAN IIEDR51I sought False. tlhe high-council whole oulght frlse testimony agai nst J 6 "' testimony against JESUS,'TOV I-7rroV, 7rws avTrov OavaTrwo'ctl. 0 Kat so that they bmight deliver the Jesus, so that him they might deliverto death, And hint to deati n oUX e6pov, wroXAoaw sJoevSo apTupav 7ooear X- 60 aid they did not find not they found, many false-witnesses having it, though: Many FalseOOVTfo/,'T7oE pOv de 7Ipo TOES duo *[4ev- e witnesses canle. But at come, Afterwards but comi;g two [false- last, Two appoaching, 5oteaprvpes, ] 61 Eilrol OUb70S te'o AUvaAGaL 61 said, "lThis man dewitnesess,] said; This affirlied; I an able elared, 1'I can destroy tile ocaTaAUTat TOP Paov TOu OeOU, Kait lta TPIWlI TEMPLE of GOD, and in to destroy the temple of the (cod, and in three Tlree Days rebuild it.'" u1]CepcW, oIKoo01la& aUTo,' 62 Ka avaOTas 62 And the HIGH-PRIES? days to build it. And risongup the answering, said to him, -pXtepevs et1Tre av'Tyf' OvuE aTroircpvy; t T "Answerest thou fitlling bigh-priest said to him; Nothing answerest thou? what to what these teslify ob'ros oLou icaTraapTurpovolP, 63'O 6e Iroovs against thee?" these o.thee testify against? The but Jesus 63 But Jesus was si. Eo'tgcJrol. Kai *[arroKcpetOs] 6 apXLepevF et7re, lent. A the HIGHo;ao stent. And [answering] the high-priest saod PRIEST said to him, t "I avlTr E&opKlCo oe ftrTa TOU OEou TOL CwVTos, adjure thev q7 the LIVING -, I adjure tlhee by the God of the living, GOD, that tnou inform us, t"a IpI e7,7rn, El OLU ELt XoWFTOS9 6 vL'OS TOLu whether itousrt the MEs. tb,, to us thou tell, if thou art the Aonointed, the son ofthe SIAH, the ON of GOD." Oeov. t4Ae-ye avTU. b 1,1'OUvs) U ELtraS. 64 JESUs says to him. God. Says to him the Jesus; Thou hastsaid. "2`sDOu hast said; more1Ih)1 Aeyo v'?115oo ar' apCtL otIeOoe TrfJ vio, TOVL over I declare to you, Besides I say to you, fromn now youshallsee the son o'the 4: Hereafter you shalla see avepwnrou ca077/erct cV c tw scIe r z, 6uvapews,[ the soN of SIAN sitting on maa sitting at rig!,t o/the power, the Right hand of POWER, tta EpXO.ueo o7t Trwy vEq) - Ikwv Tou Oupavco. and coming on the CLOUDs and coming upon the clouda ofthe heaven. Of HEAVEN." 65ToTe 6 a6 EpEvs PS BepA71 e <a I/LariaT abrov, 65 Then the m1G11e Then the high-priest g-at th.e.'lst, of him, PRIEST rent his CLOTHES, VATICAN MANUSCRIPT. —50. his DISCIPLES deserting. 59. and the elders-oite; so Lachmann and Tischendorf. 600 false-witnesses-omit. Wt. answering —omit. t 53. A solemn adjuration, which a Jew was lound to answer. Lev. v. 1. &fter such an adjuration by:, magistrate or superior, the answer returned was an answei upon oath; h false answex was perjury. and even the silence of the person adjured was not deemed inno. cent. Hence it was that the high-priest had recourse to this measure upon our Lord's dis. daining to answer the unfounded accusations which were brought against him, from the eouviction that his judgee were predetermined, and that every thing he could say would be of no avail.: 57. Mark xiv. 53; Luke xxii. d4; John xvIl.2. 1 4. t 0M. Mark xiv, 56 —, 01 Matt. xxvii. 40; John ii 19 —22. 1 63. Is a. lii att. xvii. 12,14. I 64. Da vit I'; Mast.;vi.27; xxisv. 0; xxv.& Lukoxxi.1/I JoWih l 1 Thsei iv 10: lae..A,,t

Page  98 &,p. 28, 6. l MATTHEW. Clap. 26:?7 Aeywv''OTr eBXaoa p7e~ E,ri E'crT petp v saying, "He has spokee saying; That heblaspnennes; shatfurther need blasphemy; what furthes ~EXo/J,aprvpcw; 1E, V I TP Need have we of Wit. ~XoEpcr!,aptupwv; Lo~, v rlCOvCase IrY n ss s? beholdr now e ou have we of witnesses? see, now you heard the nesses? behold, y,Aef/ajgpeav atv~urou. 66TL WtLs aOiEIz Ol5 0 E ahave heard *the 3LASblasphemy of him. What to you thinks? they and pi. rotple~rv s~rov EroXO~s avaov fEQ. 66 $ What is your opin ion F, And THEY aniswe. answering said; iiable to death he is. 67 TOTO CVE7rTvfoa5 ci5s fTo 7rpoffwtro5 aVsTous~ E luing, said, "He deserves t Then theyspat into ths face of him, and drteokadptoav avwo~,' oi ~ ept8a~rw~a;,, B6 $ Then they spat ins tscoAcc/z)af afTovTP oS U5 -epjaV7roeav, his FACE, and beat hisa beat with the fist him; they anti struck with palms oftheir hands, with their fists; and so i ~a' e o'es. with their fists; and soarx: Ce' y Aeos1res nlpofi77'T~1E,0o 7l/tLv, XpLoTE, TLS struck him on the cheek saying; Propheas to us, O anointed, who with the open hand, Eo-TiL b 7raiiasE 6e; 68 saying, t " Divine to is he striking thee? us, 0 Messiah, Who is nx STRIKING thee?" 69'0 ~e Ue-rpos EfO EccaO7To eTO TV. avXAp. 69 T Now PETER sat The and Peter without sat in the court-yard. without in the COURTKas 7rpoor'7AOel avsrot /&a 7raiazgtK, Ae youac' YARD; and a Maid-ser. And came to him one maid-servant, saying, Kat 0ov c0a AETfa ao r I rou'rotu ralXAalov., " fj)ou also wast with JaAlso thou wast with Jesus ofthe Galilee. He SUS the GALILEAN." 6e 7lpy7PcraT0 eu7rpoo OeP, avt'rowv 7rarvWYs, Aeyw 70 But 1cs denied it be. but denied in presence ofthem all, saying; fore theu all, saying, "I OvC o0sa, TL AXeY s. 71E~eSAovwOTa ae aVoT0 Ets know not what thou may. Not I know,whatthousayest. Gxoingout and he into est." Top wruAcova, ei8he 1, Top a aXl, Kai AEyEL rOLs 71 And passing out inte the portico, saw him another, and says tothose the PORTICO, anotler saw EICEU Kai obvTOs r5.eJT Itrlsrou.rou Na'wpaLov. him, and says to THEar, there; Also this was with Jestus of the Nazareth.'"This person was also Kai 7ratzv 7pvlaoc'aro ue6' 6ptcou''Ort o0Uy ola there with Jesus the NAAnd again hedenied witE rn oath; That not I know ZARITE." trov aOpo7rov. 73 MeEra $lWpovs as TrpOeAO ose'sS 72 And again lie denied the man. After alittle and approaching with an Oath, "I know os fEcOTES, E-ros' 4 h'IETpcw AA77/Ors Kat not the SMAN." those having stood by, said to tll Peter: Certainly also 73 And after a while, tuv ET aVTlW e I Kal yap 7 XaaX o'toov a7Aov t0e THOSE who STOOD BY, apthou of them art: even for the speech of thee manifest thee proaching, said to PETER, rOlftt. 74 ToTre 7ppa'ro 4carae/ar ltetiV, Kai "Certainly, tf)ot also art makesa Then he begau to curse, and one of tilem; for -even otsvetvV',Or' o oi ea Trov avOpw7rov. (at thy DIALECT makes Thee to swear. Tlat uot I know the man. And known. evOews aAecTwK p ecvja-ce 75 Kai E/v77q07l 6 74 Then he began to instantly a cock. crew. And remembered the curse and to swear. "1 iE7TpoS T ro p57fl7a oS'ro Irtosv, elprlcoTros know not the MAN" Anfd Peter of the word of the Jesus, declaring instantly ta CocE crew. *'[av'rw]'Owt rpti, ahe'Topa Cwvtlo'ait,'rpS 75 And Peter recodlected stohim:l That before a eock crows, thrice the DECLARATION of JB. arapvrsp,7 t E. Kat steAXOev Etw, esAavo'e sus, $"That befo.e a Cock thoe wilt deny me. And going out, he wept crows, thou wvlt thrice rtKpscw.. disown me." And going bitterly. out, he wept bittemy. * VATICAN lANUSCRIPrT.-65. the BLASPHEaMY. 75. to him-omit. t 68. In this insulting taunt there seems to be an indirect sneer at the popular belief Ia our Lord's Messiahship; which is rendered still more apparent by the sarcastic use o the word propheetelein. T his word is sometimes used generally in relation to things unknown, so as to correspond with the English guess. -It should be remembered that Christ was now blindfolded, as appears from Mark xiv. 65; Luke xxi i..-Kuianeel t 74, see Note on verse 34. 6. ark x6v. Mak x. 4. 1. Isa. 1. 6; liii. 3; Luke xxii. 63, 64. S 60 Mark xi. 06: Luke xxii.55; John x ii. 53-18, 25-27. 75.. e vcrse 34 Mark xiv. t; L.ask arxi. 1, 62; John xiii. -S.

Page  99 t0. 27? 11] -MATT'HEW. [ eap. 27: 9. KE'). ICC. 27. CHAPTEB I XXVII. fIprscas 8e EPOeFIYJES, OnL43OVALov eXAeBov 1 SNow, at tile Dawn of Morning anc having come, a rouncil held lay, All the IIHIGH-PRIESTS 2raTrES o0 apPX6ELS Kal Of 7rpeZO1rVepo1 Tro and the ELDERS of the all the high-priests and the elders of the PEOPLE, held a Council Aaov Kara'oU I-OV, 5TefT Oa'aT(0(ratc c aUTor'. against JESUS, in order to biaon c'r ro ~oo, c&.,T'rsE Oarcrta ~.deliver him to death. elople against the Jesus, so as to deliverto death him. Anlve in him, they D) And binding him, they Kal Soea'rves anroe, ae7relaTyoV, teat 1trapeSwttav led and delivelred himnt up And binding him, they led, and delivered up to Pilate, the l OVERNOR. av'rov [flo,/ rtw] fILhaTr,'reW 7yeoEtelO. 3 Then Then IAT Judas him [to Pontius] Pilate the governor. who DELIYERED him up, 3To're LtwP Iovsas, 6 7rapatSbovs avsro, ort perceiving That he was Then seeing Judas, that betraying him, that condemned, repented; and KaTreKp1 r, uErajuE~X-0Eis a7rEG-Tp66 TM Trpia- returned the THIRTY She. a pt071 ttet, ~ E~Ta~sEj.etP tero''rpeifsE'rpLft- Icels to the HIGH-PEIESTS he was condemned, repenting he returned the thirty and teELDERS, and the ELDERS, Kov'rt appyvpla TroLs OepxtepesvCo t at Tros 7rptEov- 4 saying, "I have sinpieces ofsilverto the high-priests and to the elders, ned in betraying innocent'epoIs, 4AeTyWI.'Hyap'rov, 7rapaaovs alJAea Blood." But THEY said, saying; Isioned, having delivered up blood " What is that to us? aeOwo,. O' Se el7rov' Tt 7rpos lFyas; * v o4e1. bou wilt see to that." nnocent, They but said; What to usP Thou wilt see 6 And hurling the sHe-;Kac aS'Tare ap'ynpiL et' rTC tao, aPvexcwpa( EKELS inl the TEMPLE, he And hurling the pieces of silverin the temple, hewithdrew ste htrew, $ and having gone away, strangled hint fca at recOlwv a7rySaC'ro. 0t 8e apxtepets self. and having gone fortli strangled himlself. The and bigh-priests, 6 And the HIGH-PRIESTE S baoere'es Ta apyvpta, et7rov, OVUn eeo'rt,BaAe taking the MroNEY, said, taking thel pieces ofsilver, said; iNot itis lawful toput "'It is not lawful to put it avTa r,$s ov' copBava', e7ret'rtLJq atEaaros eo'T. into the ftCORBANAN, seethem into the treasury, since price of blood it is. ingit is the Price of Blood. 7nt3 tV Se AeIaoVTreV,7 And taking Coutsol 7EuvA,(3oviov -8 Aalov7es, 71YopasaY Et aE they bought wlth lt tfie Counsel rld taking, they bought waitr them i t they~ ~ t t POTTER'S FIELD, as a Trope aypO'TOV IEpLjLECS, ElS'aIvl r fa r'r ots r o's. burial-place for - STRANthe field of the potter, to bury the strangers. GERS. aBaLo ecXlO7 6 a'ypos eIeLtYos, a'ypos atla'ros 8 Therefore that FIELD Thereforeiscalled the field that, a field of blood, is called, $ The field of EWS t71S a71AEpoP. 9To're e7rA77pw01q To 1A 0ev Blood, evenl to THIS-DAY. to the day. Then was fultilled the word spoken 9 Then was verified thee: ATICAN iAU 8UscRIPT.-2. Pontius —onit. -t 0. The sacred treasury for the gifts which had been vowed to the temple. It was so named from Corban, a gift. See Mark vii. 11. It was a large chest with a hole in the lid, and it stood in the court of the altar, on the right side as you face the house of the Lord, See 2 Wings xii. 9. This chest was ott ofthe reach of those who brouglht their loney to it. They delivered their enoney to the priest, who plaeed it in tle chest. IIellce J tdas, when his mreoney was refnsed, had to throw it on to the ground. The Corbarnal, or chlest in the court of the altar, must be distinguished from the gazophultakioln, the treasury, nlentionled in Mark xii. 41, and John viii. 20. This was a name given to the court of the wollela, because therein were placed chests for voluntary gifts to the temiple. They were therie ilaced be. cause the crowd was greatest in that court; and it was itlto these chests thit a Jew could drop a gift so privately that his left hand should not know whiat his right did.-S. Sharcpe. 7. It was just without the wall of Jerusalem, south of mounlt Zion, and was originaliv called thepotter's field, because it furnisled a sort of clay suritable for plotteets ware. Ace-. dama, as late as the seventeenth century, was used as a burying-place by the Armenian Christians in Jerusalem. But according to Robinson, it has long been abandoned for selpul chral purposes. It isnot fenced in, and the charnel house, now a rin, is all that remains topoint out the site. J 7. The article is significarnt in the original, though our lan.. guage willnot bear it. Fo. it shows that stralgeis s in general, people o f a dilfrerent country and religion, are not meant,t but stranoe Jews only; Jews who were not natives of:ierqsa. tem, but might come ther4 to woroship at the tempie, or on other business. Where;-<, isih specification is intended, the article is omitted: Eph. ii. 12; Heb. xi. 13. —Wakefield - 1. Mark xv. 1 Luke xxIL 66 John asvil, 28. t 3. Ma:t. xxvi, 14, 15. W 5 r.1. So: 8S. Aet* i, 19

Page  100 Cmtp. 2'7: L0.] M ATTHE-W. Cvalp. 2'7 1. c.a'IEpEtYov TroV ipoqb'orov, Xeyo7o'os' " Kat wOnD sPOKEr througa through Jeremiah the prophet, saying; "And s Jeremiah the PROPHET, seayrng, ~."And I took C-aMfloy T7a,Tptatcov-a ap-yvpta, T771 V'rtqv, rou, "th e THIITY Shekels, (the i took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of e " he tr~'rtlUA1;CLt~ ov E~t7~U av'roY aa'o vuG9 Io'pa~yX, "price at wvhich they valTi-ETLItOEV-, 6 eu-1c0-aVio aro Uvl Ipa7 "ned the PRECIOUS ONF,) having been values, whom they rallod from sons of Israel, "fom the Son of Israel 10 Kas e rEsat avra I-cs )Vr i-ypoP 7TOT IKcpaEcCos' 10 "and gave them and gave them for the field of the _potteri "for the POTTER'S FIELD, Kcata CVVECTate /OL KUpLOS." c even as the Lord directed even as directed me alord." "me.r 11'O SE Ir7OOtVS CorT7T Et trpoOEV TOU 77e')YE0VOP' 11 And JEsvs stood be. The and Jesus stood in presence of the governor; fore the GOVERNOR; Earflpw r'i-o'E aviop oe 5ye g,,c~yceOwve u nE as7nked him, saying, and asked him the governor, taying; Thos."Art tiott the KING of Et 6 aciAeUvs'wv IoUCovSwcn;'O 6e IreoOUS the JEWS?" And JESUS art the king ofthe Jewvs? The and Jesus replied, " JT)u sayest." Eep? avtI-:u AeyEES. 12rKa eyr KaTrYO- 12 But lie made no re. said to him; Thiou sayest. And in tle to beae- ply to the accusations of petfrfat a&U7o vIro S rv aapxepeXop ~gto ba- the HIGH-PRIESTS and the eused him by the high-priests and the ELDERS. rrp~ecBv-ppUC, ov8eV aO7repizpLao. 13 ToTe AeyesL 13 Then PILATE says to elders, nothing heanswered Tlen says him, "Dost thou not hear avr b nra tros in Oihe anovwered.s Then Oays how many things they au-reo 6 rhXa~-ous' Ove caucovser, IroPa -ou' testify against thee?" to him the Pilate; Not thou hearest, how many things ofthee esi agans ee c appu; 14 K o c areicprl auor 14 And he gave him they bear witness against? And not he answered him o e, no even one wpos ov8e ZI P? pgca' c4u- 6Ug w i-g jOYE-' Word; so that the Tovo to noteven one wordi eo as to astonish the gov- was greatly sur.,nova Aeay. prised. urnor greatly. ~ 15 t And at each Feast telnor greatly. the GOVERNOR was atC15 KaTa7a Se opTr7nv reOer b 6,yeejrwv airo- customed to release to At and afeast weasaccustomedthe governor to the CROWD one Prisoner, Avewy Eva i-y oXAP &oeL/toP, Op O0eXov. whom they wished. felease one tothe crowd prisoner, whom they vished. 16 And they had then 16EtXou'e T'oi-e eo'ltoy eario'rIov, Ae-yo/etEov a well-klnownr Prisoner, They had and then a prisoner noted, being called named t Barabbas. BapaBSavo. 17evvrlyjievco ov e avwror, elrez 17 Therefore, being as. Barabbas. Hiavingbeingassembled thea ofthem, said sembled, PILAT'E said to auTO-SI 6 fltAaros' Tiva OeAC-e arsoAuv-w l6p;v them, "Which do you to them the Pilate& Which wish you I release to voun wish that I release to you? 9Q. This quotation from the prophet has greatly puzzled the critics. The passage is not found in Jeremoiah * and only something very like it in Zechariah. Several solutions of the difficulty have been offered. 1. A corruption of the names arising from iMS. abbreviationst C. g., some copyist mistaking Zou, Zechariah, for Iou, Jeremiah. 2. That Matthew simply wrote, througoh tfeerophet, omitting, as he often did, the name of the prophet. The ancient Syrian and Persian versions omit the name, and some Greek MSS., but a large majority of tMSS.insert it. 3. Mede and Kidder suppose that Jeremiah in the first instance wrote the chapter from ahich thesewords are taken as well as the two former, and that the Evan. gelist was influenced by this opinion. 4. Whitby says, " We know from Jerome, that there was still extant in his time, an apocryphal book of the prophet Jeremiah, in which was found every letter of the words quoted by Matthiew." Dr. Gtttssen, remarks on this:-" We know also that the Second Book of Maccabees (ii. 1 —) relates many of the actions and words of Jeremiah, which are taken from another book than that of his canonical prophe. cies. Why, then might not the words quoted by the evangelist have been pronounced really by Jeremiah, an3 have remained in the memory of the Church to the days of Zechariah,who might then have again given them a place theopneustically in holy Scripture, (as is the case with the unwritten words of Enoch, quoted in the Epistle of Jude, (verses 14 and 15,) or the unwritten words of Jesus Christ, quoted by St. Paul in the Book of Acts? (xx. 35.} What confirms this supposition is, that part only of the words quoted by St. Matthew are found in Zechariah. Bes'des, it is known that this prophet was ford ofrecalling the words of Jere. miah. (See Zech. i. 4, and Jer. xviii. 11; Zech. iii. 8, asnd Jer. xxiii.5.) t 16. Some very anelent authorities cited by Origen, read "Jesus, the son of Abbas;" which MichielV' says is undoubtedly the originalreading. The word "Jesus" was omitted in later copie4 in honor to the name. j 9. Zech, xi. 12, 13. 11. Mark xv, 2; Luke xxiii, 3 John xviii. 83.' it tark xv.6 uMke xxiii. 17; John xviii 39

Page  101 (ap. 27: 18.1 MATTHEW. C7ap. 27: 27. Bapa~,8ap, O IEovo,'top Aeyo/yeyoV Xpot'ov; Barabbas? Or THAT Jesut BarabbhaP or Jesus, the being called Christ? who is lame knew Tha l5Hsbe'y7ap dqt Stoc cpOoo' irapeicootcu- avsdov. 18 For he knew That 18HL668 -1-ap, b~r 6TI 8LU (POOVOY 7MIPEa coxap 11T they had deli' ered him up Ble knew for, that through envy they had delivered up him. theyrough eerey. 19L KaOtt [3iyoToS, a~ a'o- ethrough Envy. 9KaceO evoV Be aedTov E7r1 T01V )70aTOS, a7rE(r 19 And while he was Beingseated and of him upon the tribunals, sent sitting on the TRI;BUAL TeLA~e 7rpo$ dr'oy s v~ri v'rov A~yoo'a'sitting on the Tya omnVAn, s-tiAe rpos avi-ov 7) 7y1)r a5U101 A0 you his WI0rE sent to hi.:n, say. to him;.the wife of him, saying, "ive nothing to Mrliey 0'0 gtz~'r~o Bt e~etyt 7rAo 7zp ~iave nothing tod-hat jus M-B3V 001,L Kai T itrtKaitp EKE1Vt0,' 7roAArs yap aug. reatmn; Nothing to thee and to the just one that; many things for for have suffere much Ewraeov o'O7tpOV aT' OC v yap' VTO. 201 for I havesuffee t0 th ad ah at t this-day, in a Dream, beI suffered this day in a dream because of him. The of him." Be apX0epeLS Kai o' 7rpeo'13vTEpot w7retarV rovUS 20 t But the o ys but high-priests and the PRI, eldESTS and the LDERS oXAovs, iJva aOt'To-tIral7iOS BapatBaV','TOP BE persuaded the CROWDS to crowds, that theyshould ask the Barabbas, the and ask for BARABBAS, and to Dl14roo ot r.!:lop e ask for BABA BBAS, and to 1~00u51 ac7loXe0Wcrt~lv. 2t1Awoicrpies oe 6 YyE/.w destroy JEsuso.lexils they might destroy. Answering and the governor 21 And the GOVERNO E~rey av0ro0s7 Tra QeAsE-Te aowo i-W 80O ~r'oAivw anwering, said to them, said to them; Which wish you of the two I shallrelease ", Which of the Two do VCe~v; 0 8fe e7ros" BBe aparl33. 22Aeyel a0- you wish me to release toyeou They and said; Barabbas. e says to toyou" A they said, TOlS b iIthaTOS' TC OUV 7rOLrio'co IrcTOuv, Troy *"BARABBAs.' them the Pilate; What then shallIdo Jesus, the 22 PILATE says tothem Ae-yotevoJV XpLITo; AqEyovritv *[avfl rT7r/s'ES "What then shall I do to beingealled Christ?P They say ito him) all; HATJeSUS,WliOis nanled'Travpwo0Tl't. 23'O 8e 7'ye/wcZ eQr' Tt -yap Christ P" They all say, Let him be erucified. The and governor said; What for "Let himbe crucified." Katcoi e7row ITEV; 0 s IB tEJPltO-WEs ElKfPfOY1, 23 And * HE said, (No;) evil has he done? They but vehemently cried, "for what Evil has he XeoyOv'es, 2'TaupvpwO7fO. done?" But THREY vehesaying; Let him becratifed. mently cried, saying, "Let 24 I8uwv Be 6 11XaT0ros 6TI OU8IEv WopeXet, him be crucified." Seeing and the Pilate that nothing profits, 24 And Pilate, perceiv. aXca. ttaAAov Oopvf3os 7yrYe'Ta,.AaBwv vowp, ing that he had no inflUbut rather a tumult is made, taking water, ence, but rather a Tumult a7revt/aTo'ras XEtpas a7reYa'iT troy oXXov, was made, Staking Water, he washed the hands before the crowvd, he washed his hands be. XAyotg AOcios cettL awo'poe aitxa'Tos *['ToU fore the caoWD, saying, saying: Innocent I am from the blood Lofthe "I am innocent of this KrtoU]'TOVTOVU lEteIS o' eeoOe 25 Kat arwoCpt- BLOOD; see sU toit." just] ofthisn you shallsee. And answer- 25 And A11 the PEOPLE eIts was b?eaos twrE' To alya adrov eip9 ltgas, answering, said, "1 His ing all thepeople said, The blood of him upon us, BLOOD rest on us, and on Kcat EwR'T TeKca Awv. 26 Tore aw7reAuel our CHILDREN." and upon the ehildren of us. Then he released 26 He then released to avsrots'ro" Bapa[36avy, T-oP Be I7)rovv cppayeA- them BARABAAS; and to them the Barabbas, the and Jesus having having scourged JESUS, wAtas 7rapesotLcev,Oiva r'Tavpt1%. he delivered him up to be scourged he delivered up, that he might be crucified. crucified. 27ToTe 01o 7TpaC'tLWTaL U'o 7ye.oyos 7SrapaXa- 27 Then the SOLDIER.S Then the soldierst h e the governor taking of the GOVER'NOR having, VATICA*N cATAUSCRIPT.-21. BAIBnBAS. 22. tohim-omit. 23. uE said. 24. JusT-omit. 24. this BLOOD; see. I lS. It is to be observed, that by this day is meant this night. This may seem a strange interpretation, till it is considered, that the day, according to the reckoning in Judea, began on the evening before Pilate's wife sent this message to her husband; and that therefore the neght in which she had her dream, was a constituent part of what she meant by this day. Tilis is agreeable to what we read in Gen. i. 5;'the evening and the morning were the first day."-Bishop Pearce. $ 20. Mark xv. 11 Luke xxiii. 18; John xviu. 40; &cts iii.14. 2 24. Deut. xxi. 25. Deat. XI. 10; Aeta v. 28.

Page  102 Map. 27 28s. MATTHEW. [Chaa. 27: 37. 0ovT'es Toy lIra0UOv CLS r70 rpep cs ptor, ovrVlya- led JEsus into the t rrathe Jesus into the judgment hall, they gathered TOIFUMI, gathered togethel eyop en'r aUrovp 6NXa'T?7vverpacl. 2#a Kai eKSv- against him the Whole togethel to him whole the company. And having COIPANIY. eoaTres avtroT, 7repts0?Cliat avOf XAaIcvS a ~OKKOI- 28 And *clothing him, stripped him, they put on to him a soldier's cloak scar- thley put on him a solyjv. 29 Kai TrAc~avses f'Tecpavo f e aCKavaOWc, dier's t scarlet Cloak. let. And braiding acrovwn of thorns, 29 T And wreathing a EareO!t7cav Ei' 7rV tcecpfaArl avTov, Keat icKaAeuo Crown of Acanthus, they placed upon the head of him, and areed placed it on his HEAD, an( 7r Tr 77V etlavc acvrov' e at yoveo7rE'Ts'a Tes put a Reed in his aIGtnt on the right of him; and bending the knee land; anld kneeling before Ety7rpoo'Oei aUrov, evE7raitcov avTcp, AEYOVT'S' him, they mocked him., in presence of him, mocked him, eaying; saying,'"Hail, * King of Xatpe, 6 PaoisXevs rwv IovSaawv. 30Kat et c'rtv- the JTws i" Ilail, the king ofthe Jews. And spit- 30 T And spitting on him, o'avres ets alUoT, eAa3ov'roP scaAaeov, tcal they took the REE:D, and ting on him, theytook the reed, and struck him on the HEAD. E7r1r'Ol EciS r?7tv tcEIcJaAI avrov. 31K Ia 6OrE 81 Anld when they had struck on the head of him. And when insulted him, they divest. evewratSav avU'T, SeEvcratv av'rov' 7r) XXayvSa, ed him of the SOLDI't'S they had mocked him, they toolkoff him the soldier'scloak, CLOAI, and clothed him cat eOEo'Uo;av atVTo''a ZacQrta oCrTOu' icat a7r'l- with his own RAI]SENT, and put on him the garments ofhim; and led and led him away to be ~ya7yoy awUor elS TO V'TaupWco'a. 32 EepXO EevoL CRUCImP1ED. away hlim into the tobecrucified. Going out 32 TAnd goingout, they 5E, oeipoe aleOpwsrot' Kuvppraaov, otoga'T Zj;weval met a Cyrenian, named anod, tiey met a man a Cyrenian, byname Simon; Simon; tjint they compebl rTOV7rO rl7yyapevo'ar, va ap T'roe o'ravpose led to carry his caoss. him they compelled, that he might carry the cross 33 And having arrived avurov. 33Ka ehAOoTres elS'o7rov Ae'yoguevov at a Place called Golgo. of hiim. And coming into a place being called tha, Whilch is ealled, a roAyo0a, 6 eart Ae-yoiyeoY Kpavtov'ro7ros, Place of a Skull, Golgotha, which is being called of askull aplace, 34 $ they gave him 34 e8wscat' auv'r'retv otos E7'era XoAX7s Yue'tY- *Wine to drink, mixed they gaoe to him todrink vinegar whth gall havingbeen with Gall; which, having tasted, he would not pEOY' cai 7evo-atxevos, ovac 770eXe 7riez. drink. 4mixed; and having tasted, not he would drink.' r'r And after nailing gs'5Tavupo'am'es s av' or, 8lepepwavr' o ca him to the cross, they Crucifying and him, they divided the distributed his GARMENTS ea'rnta auvron, ahhAAose's icAXlpo'. 36 K.i:t caOr1- by Lot. t' garments ofhim, casting alot. And being 36 And sitting down, IelteVo eT'rposv aarot' aclo. 37 Kait ereo7cKav they watched him there. seated they watched him there. And they placed 37 And over his HEAD VATICAN MlNTTSCRIPT.-28. clothing him, they put onI him. 29. IKing of the Jorws. 34. Wine. <e t 27. The palace of the Roman governor was so called. But here the court-yard in front of the Pr etorium seems meant. The lRmnan Pr etoriuln had been Herod's palace. It stood to the west of the temlple. The rood from the Pretonriutot entered tle temple by a bridge over the valley at the south-west corner. t 28. The color distingouishled it as suitable for a man of lhghn rank in the army; but in shape the claimys was the same for the emperor and for the common soldier. This was put oln hlil to ridicule his pretensions to the title of a oking, t 29. It does not appear, that this crown was intended to torture his head, but rather to mock his claim to royalty. Dr. Clalrke s':ys, " Mark, chap. xv. 17; and Johl, chap. xix. 5, term it stephanlon akanthioton, wlhich mniy very well be translated an acanth/;ine cercwe, ol wreath formed out ofthe brlanches of the herb acathzts, or bear's foot. This, however, is a prickly plant, thougjh nothing like thorns, in the common meaning of thant word." + 35. The clause found on the Common Version, "that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet,'They parted my garmenots among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots,"' 1s found in comparatively few MSS., and has no place in the ancient versiotns. 4 27. Mark xv. 16; John xix. 2. i 28. Luke xxiii. 11. 4 29. Pea. 1xix Il9 3 0O. sa. 1.6. t 32. Mark xv. 21; Luke xxiii. 26. t 34. Psa. lxix. 21. t b Psa xxii. 18. John xix. 23.

Page  103 clp. 27: 38.],MATTHEW. [Caap. 27:.48 e7ravs, rr Es r'KE al o ys au roU Tra, aL'rTCr aCv'Uov: theyplaced his ACCUSA. above the head of him the accusation of him TION in writing, "This iJ -esypaFxLtE vl,. "OUroS EOrtLV IrlOOVU s 6 atXkEUvs Jesus, the KING of thaI having been written; "This is Jesus the king JEWS." rWv IoraGOWYv." 88 T At the same time, of the Jews." Two Robbers were cruci. 3TrVe o0raVpov'rat oyvv aVT'T 8Vo AT-rTal' fied with him, one at his Then were crucified with him two robbers; Right hand, and the other EfS CK SEtEWy, scal ESL cE Evw /vvyLwv. 39 Ol at his Left. one by right, and one hr, left. Those 39 SNow those passing SE waparopEVostevoI e?, ia(Pr leouy au0rov, by, reviled him, shaking md passing along reviled him, their heads, ICovres Tras'ICE PaAas aU'TWV, 45Ia Ae'y1O- 40 and saying, "lt sshaking the heads of them, and say- TROYER of the TEMPLE ses''O kaTraXuVv roM Yaoe',.M? pE'pt11I' and Builder of it in Three ing; He overthrowing the temple, and in thee i~11~Pats' orttosot~w~, o'wo'o~ o'~av'rov' ei vies Days, asreethyself. If thou euEpats oitcootcsivS, oseOt'O eEeaiTovrs El uos art a Son of * God cone days building, save thyself; if ason down from the CROSS." EL rov OEov, icara7)3OL aewo -rotU rTatpov. thou art of the God, come down from the cross. 41 In like maner alsow 41'Ototws 8oe icaR of apxtepets, e7raLCTres ET the IGL-PRESTS with Likewise and also the highl-priests, mocking with Elders, rT'.ypatateraTEWV Kat 7rpeOsvYeTpclyV, e.FE-yoev deriding, said, the scribes and elders, said; 42 " He saved Others; 42AXAovs ajacr ev, favwrov ov 5va'ras cawoari Et Himself he callnot save. Others lie saved, himself not is able to sav r f *V Is he the King of Is, /a3oievs loipa77i eEot, Ka'ralaarw, vv, aro Trov rael? let him now descend a king of Israel he is, let him come down now from the fro the CRoss, and we OT-avpov, stat rrr'Trevno0 ev avrTrc. 3 IleVoOIes will believe *on him. cross, and wewill give credit to him. He trusted - le confided in GoD E7rt'ro 0EOPy pkvoaoeee vv' auwroe, E EEl XE letl him rescue now, if he in the God, let him rescue now him, if hewishes delights in him; for lis ev'ro~ EtarE?yap''OTL OeoV t/sl vios. 44 To said,'I am God's Son."' him l hesaid for; Tieat of God I am a son. That 4 THOSE ROBBERS alsi,' av7ro Kae ot Aqp'7rat, or ovor'avpwOe'rves who were CRUCIFIED witK ehrough it also the robbers, those being crucified him, reproached him. avyfP, wVree8ltoP auov. 45 tNow fiom the Sixthl wiJb him, seproached him. Hour there was fIDarliness 4' Aa7ro Se KTri7S epas ricoTos E75tBTO e7rL on AU the LAND till tile From now sixth hour darkness was on ninth Hour. Wraoat r'lY yamv, Ews &pas EvCaT'r7s. 46lepL Se 4GAndaboutthe NINTH all the land, till hour ninth. About and Hour JEsus exclaimed arat epeYac'ra' /pav aPE/3orla Ee, 6 I77aov's (Pwv? with a loud Voice, saying, the ninth hour cried out the Jesus with a voice,Eli, Eli, lama sabachlJEya.a, 7 Ae'yw" HAt,,7At' Aaya oaaa;XOavL; thani?" that is, "My Godl g eat, saying; Eli, Eli; lama sabaehthani? my Godl why hast thou rovT' o'q'rt' Oee LaoV, EOC ItOV' v a'rST te eYKt7're- fo saken meP" that is; OGodofme,OGodofme: why me hast thou kltFESc 47TlEs SE cr eKEL, asot- 47 And some of THOSR STANDING thPere, hearhiw forsaken? Some andofthose there standing, having TADI there, hear eavTSEE, EXE7yov' 0'S HIAta (cpa'es o oS~. 42KaL him, said, "He calls for heard, said: For Elias he crie this. And Elijah. euOeWs 8pattw, Els e c avrCwv, aCoeY 48 t And immediately Immediately running one of them, and taking one of them ran, and taktrroy'yov, rXa'as Te o0oVs, tcan vreptOLes ing a Sponge filled it with asponge, filling and of vinegar, and attaching Vinegar, and putting it * VATICAN MAUSCErIPT. —40. God. 42. Is he the King oflsruel? 42. on him. t 45. The darkness which occurred at this time was noticed as a prodigy by the heathens themselves. Tertullian appeals in Apol. e. 21, to the record of it in the Roman archives. It is highly improbable that it extended any further than the land of Judea. j 37. Mark xv. 28, Luke xxiii. 38; John xix. 19. 558. Isa. liii. 12. 4 5.o Prt. tx12. 7; etx. 25. $ 45. Merk xv. 33; Luke,aiii. 4. 48. Psa. lxix. 21.

Page  104 apr. ~I: 4.] I[iATTHEW. [Chp. 27: 57. EaAaqpy, e7rOTt(ev aTopS. 49 01 e As7rOst on a Reed, gave him t( to areed, gave to drink him. The but others drink. eAeyov' A (peS' i csCeC, EI EpXEETaL HAtas, 49 But OTHERS said. said; L.ea lone; w y see, if comes Elias,'Let him alone; let us see, ac6Vcsr aVTOV. 50'O bE 171OV-sl, 7raats Kpatas whether Elijah will come willbe saving him. The then Jesus, again crying to save hllim." PCv7p /tEyaAp, al77KE TO 7rvEvUUa. 10 Then JEsvs crying with a voice great, resigned the breath. out again with a loud 51 Kai izou, To KaTarweraoCLya TOv vaou o'a0oXlO1 Voice, expired. And lo, the curtain ofthetemple wae rent 51: And, behold, the els 3vo, a7ro avOer EMws KaTr'cV KaL s Y77 6- VEIL of the TE5PLR was into tee, from ahove to belos; and the wo,arth rent in To from top to efsO, 0 te Kai at 7rETrpaL e7o(sOql(rap, 62 aL Tat bottom; and the EARTH shaken, and the rocks were rent, and the trembled, and the ROCKS,vL1U.teta avFewx toav' car t 7roAha oawtLaTa Tr wererent; tombs were opened; and many bodies of the KceoqyeuY vw aylowv'yfepOe,, 63Kaat eeAdOvrSes 52 and the TOMBS were KfK. A'' v.,a L wY 7Yopened; and Many BodTies hsvingbeenasLeep holyones wereraised, and coming forth opened; and Many Bodies of the SLEEPING SAINTS Elt Trw}'.LpVI7/tELt,,. Ceira Trltv EEPctV, weV rra lrom the tombs, after the resurrection of him ere raised; eas71Ao ov ets T77VY yitav r'oAtv, Kai eveqPbat' ioaav 53 and coming forth went into the holy city, and appeared from tile TOMBS, after his wrosAos. RESURRECTION went into to many. the IOOLY City, and ap54 1'0 E eIaTsVrapXos Kat O S 1CT' avroupeared to Many. The and eenturion and those with him 54 T Now the CENTUT7JpOVFTES TO5V I7(soUV, IOiTES TO70' -El/O RVnON and THOSE with ewatching the Jesus, seeing the earthquake him WATCHING JESUS, Kai TIa yEvol/e-va, Erpo~,8r3077OVraY a+ospa, Seeing the rEARTHQUAKE. and the things beingdone, they were afraid much, and the EVENTS occurring, Ae'yoreS' AAl7Ows OeOV viOs 97~ o'Os. were greatly afraid, saysaying; Truly of God ason was this. ing, "This was certainly a 55 Hav Se et /yvzvalhees 7roAAat a7ro laK- SonofGod." Were and there women many from dis- 55 And many Women poese Oewpovsrat' afi7ives?17oXovOTraa, T'9 Iij'vsV were there, t beholding at tance beholding; who followed the Jesus a distance; these had folarO T77s ralaXtAaas, tatoovLa V atL avrep' 56e' lowed JESUS from GALI. from the Galilee, ministering to him; among LEE, ministering to hill; als 7'y Mapta ) Ma'yaaAX7v 7, Kait Mapta 71 TOv 56 among them were Rhomwas Mary the Magdalene, and Mary thofthe Mary of MAGI)ALA, and latcweov Kat IwGOO7 IJ71T7p, Kait ) /t77T7P'Wi T1' Mary the MOTHER of James and Joses mother, and the mother ofthe J Aes and Joses, and the vl'wv Zefe6sasov. -IOTriEB of the sONS of ons of dee. Zebedee. 57 O~/as Bae yESO1'sAi1s, 77Neie avsOpwros 57 And Evening being Evening and being come, came a man rwAosv ros a7ro Apiadatas, Trovospa Iwoqpe 6S from Arimathean, named rich from Arimathea, by name Joseph, who * VATICAN MANIcscarP. —49. him. And another took a spear, and pierced his SIDX and there came out Blood and Water. t 51. In Solomon's Temple the sanctuary was divided from the holy of holies by a wall, beyond which the veil fell; but in Herod's Temple, as Maimonides relates, a second veil, at the distance ofa cubit from the first, supplied the place of the wall. That it.was the interior veil, belonfing to the holy of holies, which was rent at the crucifixion is clearly intimated in Heb. ix. 8; x. 19, as well as by the term which the Evangelist has employed to designate it. t 55. So Mark and Luke; nor are they inconsistent with John xix. 25, where our Lord's mother and the other two women are said to have stood beside the cross. They kept at a distance for a while; and afterwards as the darkness came over, gathered courage, and came so near that Jesus had an opportunity to speak to them before he e xpired,-Macknight,, 50. Mark xv, 57; Luke xxiii. 47. l 511. Exod. xxvi. 31; I Chron. ill. 14, 54. Mark xv. 42; Luke xxiii. 50; John xix. 38.

Page  105 tnp. 27: 58.1 MATTHEW. [hcop. 27: 66. Aeat avrTs e/AcaOrlTrevse'qo Iroov. $s OQve$s T Joseph, who also himseli also himself was discipled to the Jesus, lie was discipled to JESUs. 7rpooeAOwv, rIILkaT) pT7'r1aTao 7o T'co 7w'TOU 58 le going to PILATX coming to the Pilate requested the body of the requested the BODY Of JE. 17orov. ToTe 6 IIAa7rTo eIKeAevUore acrooo0np'at sus. Then PILATE orJesus. Then the Pilate ordered to bhe given dered * it to be given. 7o oWtCa, O9KaL aPolw T7o'cwFua b Iwr71l, 69 And JOSEPH, taking the body. And taking the body the Joseph, tlle BODY, wrapped it in EvETvAt evavto tlopzt icacOapta 60tKat ee0Kce' pure, fine Linen, wrapped it fnelinen cloth cleano and laid it in his aVTO CY TP ical'p ad'tov /uVLl7/dECi, 6 CAarobeLl- own NEW Tomb, which it in the new of himself tomb, which he hd he had excavated in the E? EV T77 WeTpact Kairt 7rpo0'K Ao'as AiOot ttEyaCtY ROCK; and having rolled hewn In the rock; and having rolled a stone great a great Stone to the DOOR 717 dOVpq TOU /1l/te1lOV, Ct7r-XOCoV. 61 Hyi BC of the TOMB, he departed. of the door of the tomb, he wenteeway. Was and MARY fceL Mapla ~ Ma'y7 aAx.m, t at 7i aA.r Mapre, o6 And MARY of MACM tKE1 Maprc ia Mccy' a rn at, aat 17 ctXkq MWapic, DALA was there, and the there Mary the MIagdalene, and the other.Mary, OTHER Mary, sitting opcaOtceytat are'a'T'rotv TraPov. posite the TOMB. sitting over against the sepulchre. 62 Now on the YoR. 62eT? Se elravptoyr, 77TL CS jET er ET 71v 7rapa- ROw, which is after t the The now next day, which is after the prepa- PREPARATION, the HIGHoKEV7ewP, o-'V1xO0rlar oa apxtepeS C aP oi apt- PRIESTS and PHARISEES ration, were assembled the hig-priests sad the Phiga-p r i- convened before Pilate, farott lrpos Ilra-To7P, 63 Ae-YowreS KpIE, fi63 s,.ying, "Sir, we resreaes.)yw to Pilate, sayioing 0v 7Sir collect that that imposter,Cvno'LV77OeEVV, 6-r vcEtvos 6 7rgavos rEITC?-TI 7said, while living, $'Afwe remember, that that the deceiver eaid while ing, aov' Metra T4pes'yepas EyEpotal. 14 Ks- ter Three Days I will living; After three days I will arise. Do ACUIEOt' GOml a'a~ T07pat TrOV Taaoo- IxEecs e 64 Command, therefore,.Ivo~u ovuaa 17h a Top'taev I tile TOMB be made sethou command therefore to be made fast the tomb till cure til the THD Day cure till the THIRD Day, T7qS TpIT17-S aepctSpas, /Ceroe eAoYteEs Oa ltaOr?- lest*the DlSCIPLES ome the tlird day, lest coming the disciand steal him, and say Tat aUToi, irAE aiwoP aUTOV, scat etrwOrL'1T to the PEOPLE,'He is ples of him, mightsteal him, and might say to the raised from the dead;' Xaap. HWyepO alro Trwv treKcpCwp' ecat co'ral and so thle LAST Error people; Hehasbeenraised from. the dead; and willbe'11 EcOrT1~7~'t-qc7 X65 Eq~ would be worse than the.l ~ffXaT'l 7rAavq XEtpwv T7 S wpwT71s. EP FIRST. the last fraud worse of tle first. Said av)ots 6 ltAare-os EXeie KlcOu fWlBi'a. 6 7i-yEar, 65 PILATE Said to them, to them tihe Pilate; You have a guard; go you, t" You have a Guard; go, aoNa seraaoOe, c's oo5aTe. 66 Oi Be 7ropevOCEPTs make it as secure as you make fast, as you know. They and going know how." 7lo'paAeravT'o TroP'taq.o', crpapyroa'Tes Top 66 And departing, THEY.. made fast the tomb, having sealed the secured the TOMB with the ktOo', pera TJS KievoTwdtas. GUARD, having sealed toine, with the guard. the STONE. $ YATICAsI M1lUSCRIPT. —58. it to be given. 64. the mDscIPtEs. t 62. Parasketee denoted the day preceding any sabbath or festival, as being that on whieo the preparatios for its celebration was to be made. t 65. The Jews had a Roman guard appointed them for the security of the temple. It was usually stationed in the castle of Antono, but removed dulring festivals to the outer court of the temple, to quell any tu. mult that might arise in the city. Pilate gave them leave to employ this guard for their present prpose.. _ 6. A mode of security in use from the earliest times, and which supplied the place oflocks. See Dar. vi. 17. It was usual to affix the seal to the extremities of a cord or leathern band, passing over the stonle. But how futile were the machinations of his enemies in order to prove him to be an impostor! Letit be remembered thatthetorme was new, and excavated out of the rock —was contiguous to Jerusalem-a great stone wea placed at the entrance, and was sealed to prevent deception-and a guard toprotectthebody All these facts are strong presumptive proofs of the reality of the resurrection. t 57. Mark xv. 42; Luke xxiii. 50; John xix. 38. t 60. Isa. liii. 9. t 63. Matt xvi. 21 xvii.23; xx.19; xxvi.61; Markviii.l1; x.34; Lukeix.22;; xxiv.6,71r John ii. 19. t 66. Dan. vi. 17,

Page  106 Chap. 08: 1.] MVIATTHEW. f[lap. 28: 10 KE4. Krs/. 28. CHAPTER XXVIII. 104 8e sE rafa7'wv,'rT7 e:rtpwKoUVo'p etS 1 S Now after the Sab. After now sabbath, to the dawning into bath as it was DAWNING feew~ o'rbeJa'rco%,?AOI e Mapsca 71 May ak,l, to the first day of the first of week, came Mary the Magdalene, Week Mary of MAGDALA Kat 71 aOXXA Mapla, ewplral'roP,'raqeov. I Kas and the OTHEt Mary, and the other Mary, to see the tomb. And went to see the TO B. 18ov, OLet(r/os E-ETo0 tEytas' aYYEAoS yap lo, a shaking occurred great; a messenger for 2 And, behold, a great etrpovt, earasas e4 oupasov, 7poereXOore a'rEKV- Shaking occurred; for an ofalord, descending feeom heaven, approaching rolled Angel of the Lord descendAeO- r'op 1o0sY *L[a3o TrIs OBpas,] scat FsKaO'o ing from Heaven, came away the stone [from tlce door,] and sat and rolled back the STONE; E7ravw aterov. 3 Hvy 6E 77 sea aurrov is ca'rpa- and sat Lpon it. upon it. Was and the aspect of him like light- 3 $ And his APPEAR-'7r?, Ka'rT EYUIvla aUwrov AxerUoe, CfOE XCi'V. AN'CE r was like Lightning, ting, and the garments of him white as snow. and lhis vEST'ENTS white ~Aaro Be TOV PO3ov avtroU eo'eltrO0traa o0 asSnow; Frem and the fear of hin shook the I-poUerres, Kal e'yesovro e /El e VEpOs. 5 AaroK- 4 and from FEAR of him keepers, and became as dead (men.) An- the GUARDS tremhbled, and ptOets 8e 6 a'yye.os et7re rats tyvvatrl' M7 became as Dead men. swering and the messenger said to the women; Not 5 And the ANGEL anpoBeloee r V1es' OLea -yap, sOr Iraosv'ov swering, said to the wobe afraid you;. I know for, that Jesus that MEN, " Be not nou afraid; EsoTavpw 4erVso ayreLse. 6. OCe e-rrsv 8&e. for I know That you seek having been crucified you seek. Not lie is here; THAT Jesus who was cau71yepOfi yap, KaOws st7rs. AEUTe, 1eTre CIEIED.'he has been raised for, even as he said. Come, see 7or rore O,''ov seEO KPOS. EKa eaXU 6 lie is not here; for he TOMO6 Kuptos. 7Kas'raXe has been raised, even as the place, where lay the Lord. And quickly aoperOe aa r e osra se etrs OyaOrlrass queei Tyr he said. Come, see the aropcrOe~o-ri Es raTE TOIS Ua0yqa a au-os, errs PLACE where *che lay going tell the disciples of lim, t PLACE where he lay. -tytepOrl aro Trsv Y esKpCsp' at tov, rpoayet 7 And immediately go he has been raised from the dead; and lo, he goes before and tell his DISCIPLES bleas EIS''Tr rahhtAata, eKEt avuTos o*eo-OE' T'hat lie has been raised yoet into the Galilee; there him yoeu wll see; fronl the DEAD; and, betOU, fiO V sU/tI. Ihold, l he precedes you to lo, I told yeo. GALILEE; there you will 8 Kat eeAXOov-at'raXv aro -ros ei.reuestov see Ilim; behold, I have And coming out quickly from the tomb told you." cE'ra sPoSo v oeat xapas 1utEyaAras, ecpa/eov, a7ray- 8 And coming out imwith fear and joy great, they ran toin- nediately from the Ton,,yctAat Tots ieaO7rlreti auvrou. 9 *[', s 6E -,rop- with Fear and great Joy, form the disciples of him. [As and they they ran to tell his DIscVOeTo a.ra'yyEtat'rots eaOr l'rats avTrov,] ceat CIPLES. went to inform the disciples of him,] anld rsovs, 6o laovos wC7ajeraJ7ersf avu'-ats, Aeycovs 9 And, behold, JEsus lo, the Jesus met tleem, sig; met tle, aying, "ReXatpe're. Al se 7rpooeA-Oouvat eKpaTlaeav avNTov joicel" And THEY Ilaving Hail you. They and havingapproached laid hld ofhin approached, claspeid hod his rotevs rolae, seas rpoosseKvvraoas aurco. 10To-.e FEET, and prostrated to the feet, and prostrated to him. Then AetyE auvrats o I1rJovs' M77 (po/3eo- Oe' 67rayeTe, 10 Then JESUS says to says tothem the Jesus; Not be afraid; go you, thenm, " Be not afraid; go a7rayyessiars a-ots aseX)poss eov, iva a7reAdsotev Sinform my brethren, sc inform to the brethren of me, so that they may go that they may go to GAL[e1s Tr-sj raXLtata, se KasKe YE ooserat. ILEE, and there they will into the Galilee, and there me they shall see. see Me." * VATICAN MSANUSCRIP.-2; from the )ooR-omit. 6. Ihe lay; so Tischendbort 9. -as they were going to tell his disciples —omit: so Lachmann and Tischendorf. - 1., Mark xvi. 1; Luke xxiv. 1; Johin xx. - - 3. Dan x. 6. + 7. Matt. xxvi. 32. ]lack xvi. 7, t 5. Mark xvi. Si 4d 01h xx. 14. $ 10. John xX. 17; Rom. viii, 20.

Page  107 Mlap. 2S: MATTHEW. ltap. 8: M. 1. nopeuogevCwv e avTsOw, 1tou, TIVYES'rTjs 11 And as they were Going away anld ofthem, lo, soine ofthe going a!vay, sole of thl lCovoO'wET&s t, eAOOVYES els TrV 7roXtv, acr7yye.iXav' GUARD, enltering tlhe CITY, lieepers, oming in-to the city, told told tol-to thle l1c1i-IIpRIESTS'TOS apXlepevtVL aT7ravrc Tra yeoIoeeVa.!I2 Kai' Alllthe TIINGS sL w nIch hla to the high priests all the (things) having bcen done. And IIAl'PENED. orvvaXOEYVTs etuTrC 7YO'r 7rpear3VEpWy, cur,4PBo',- 1i And bcing assemblled -being assembled wtith the elders, counsel litll tile ELDES, and talcAOVr Te Xa3ovr'es, apoyvpia e scaca e&wICav TrolS ing Counsel, they gave aand taking, pieces of silver Fufticient.they gave to the good nlany Shekels to tle owrpaTrCtcIZS, AeYOVPTrS' 13 E!7raiTe, OTt 01 SOLDIEnRS, soldles, saying;, Sayyou, That thb 13 saying, "0 Sy aou, ~ItaOiq~at arveO, PvKOCTO.EXOO-T7ES, EXe~~.av' that Hlis DISCIPLES Cmne disciples ot hum by night coming, e y nd stole l1 aUTvY, 71WAl'Ov Ko0LUcvUevWv. i4 Kai eaY, cKovUoOr7 while we slept;' luIm, ol us being asleep. And if should bereported 14 and if this silouid be YO1O ears YOU 7Jl3~LOVOS,, a~ez~els 7r53t1aOufME RIdYTOv Ireported to tle GovERNOR, this to the governor, te -i'.l persuade hlim, be sill persuade hlinl, ans C uav as/ LepqFWovos wroLy57 /Elcv. 15 0s Be A Ia,9- imake you safe." and you free from care esC e.ill make. They and. h11ving oY-Es Ta apT yupa, 0 cor' cT'rav cos r SEBaXB 0'aX. cc c. d ilY Ia li IC-. received the pieces of.Eilver, did as they sere tauegit. ei dd i E~L-Lr6 6 AO}Ss orS~ eapa Iseasots at they were instructed; Kai ~teqbltr~ yrl ~ Xoyo$ees OJSraps Iovatot nd tis s x s cSS xTN ItSCLurAnd is spread abroad the worel this:amIong Jews ently reported among thie,AEXPI Y7lS 0177/AepO'. Jess to PT.Is day. till the day. 1 th Er 16 And the LTEvr.N DisG O.6 EveKa C.tS7YaO7Tat eiropev'0iocai tS TY77V ciples went; to GALTLE1,: The and eleven disciples'ent to thle to tle MIOUNTAIN lWheire factiacav, eIr TOo opas, o6 eTOaYo aioariot 6 JEsus had oridered theni. Galitee; to. the mountain,i'here had appointed them the 17 And secin lim, te 177i ous. 17 Kat.isovres pavTo ov, KL? a (npee)prsstr tcdolin; Iawou. 7 es.SOV7poocvfoRav (indeed) pristratcdto hi; Jes3. And,eingo him, they lt.ostrated uit SOmX doubled. avirs' o eS ESioTnao'a. 18 Kai 7rpoaeO0cvv 6apprcl Io him; they but doulted. And approaching the bj4-oous, OunAeo'EV UVTOIS XE'ye' EBO- ~ ing, spoke.tot{ieni sayeing, leauovs, hCakt~ Ev aV'mOs, XEwy' E-Bo1 /0i A u"ll Aetloorit iai sbernt'esus, spoke to them, taying; Has been giveer to mne t A2 tme, n Ihseen 7rtara etovrocs Elv ovpavw, Kaic Vart 7'1yS. 19 llopC- imparted to me, in Ie ave ra~a ee~ovbla E oppal Kar El ys. l opcv- and on Ealrth. all authoriry in heaven and on earth. Going. O!eVTlES LAt50r0SPaTE 7Wa1 ra CatI.EcOi7,,j8RrTCO5'.19 JGo, disciple All thll orth disciple you all the nattons, inmers- NATIONS, Immersing thell into thie NIlE of tile FA -.res avrovs lS TO0 ovoLa TOV XrarPOS Kap.Tov To n of tl:a Sng them into the name ot fthe r and orfti i THEE, and of the SON, and itOv teat 00o1 aT ylot 7rr veta0s =293 BtxaTaovT.ES of the IlOLY Spirit; son nod ofthe lholy epirit; teaching 20 teaching them to,avrous T'7pvL 7ra'Tca, 6&ras iver'eXaca v blAv. observe-.all things which them to observe all, bhaltever I lave chtargedl yeo. 1 liave ~enjoined upon Ra rov, cyco /Ae' ib o Eiu 7ra(ras YTaS lajspas, 011o; andl. belholdl IE ant uid io. I with yeo am all the Clays, with'oIt all the DAYS:, teS T77l OtVYTEtAetaiS Tou atwvos. tll tlie COiSUIiMASION ol b11 the end of the age, tile AGE." ACCORDDING TO MATTHEW * VATICAN MaNvscRIPT. —15. Tris Day. Subseription-AccosRDIen eo MATTITEW. $; 1$. Mlatt. xt. SI J ohn iii. 35; v. 22; iii. 3 xvii. 2; Rom. xiv.; I Cor. xv. 27 p: EIe,. i 10, 21; Phil. ii 9 10 1 Pet. iii. 22. 13. bIark xvi. 15; Lukexxvi. 47; Rinom. x.'tI ol, i, 23., 20. Acts ii, 42,.

Page  108 *rETAt I'EAAIC.N] KIATA MAPKOXr [GLAD TIDINGS] BY MARK. *ACCORDING TO MARK. KE-. a'. 1o CHAPTER I.'ApX?,'a cr,-;,yy7eAovu Jr-0ov Xpio'rporov, vLOv' The Beginning of the Abeginning of the t7ladttidings o Jestus Chrl, t, a*eon GLAD TIDINGS of Jesus'roe Oeou. 2' Sis yE'yp_.:;r7raiEv'Haala'Tp 7rpo- Christ, the Son of *God; oftha God. As i;ls written in Esaias he pro- 2 as it is written in ) 7-tr7 C I8ovs, e-yco a7rotreAo?Tov ayyeAcrv the PROPHETS, $ "Behold, phet; "Lo, I send the messeget I send my gIESSENGER tOU t rpo 7rpoo-wro0U Toe, Od Ka'raotcevaoE&t Triv "before thyFace, who will of me before face ot thee, who will prepare the $8ov o'ou. o P'E- "p0OV7 Srepare thy WAY. way ofthee. Avoice:ryiungout in the desert; Make 3 1'"A Voice proclaim.,aoarae'rltv 68ov icvpiou, EvOeLtas 7rolelT'rTas "ing in theDESERT,'Preyou ready the way of alord, straight make you the "pare the WAY f(r' the'TplOUS aVuroV' 4 EYsVeT ICOasvav s,Baa7r7'tP "Lord, make the HIGHbeaten ways of him;" Was John dipping "WAYS straight for him." Ev'rp eFPruL, cat Ictj;vUoo-wv BaWrTLty/a.LETa- 4 TJohn was immersing in the deaert, and pabiin a dipping efee- in the DESERT, and pub. OtaO cvre a(peaow a/apTtwvf. 5 Kat E4eropevUET lishing an Immersion of mation info forgiveneos of sins, And went out Reformation for Forgive 7rpos areTov 7raa?j IovSata Xcepa, t cat of'Iepo- ness of Sins. to him all the Judea country, and the Jeru- 5 $ And resorted to hira ao-AvT'rat 7rares' ceat eca'7rTi'ovro ~E~ Tt All the COUNTRY of Ju. salem all; and were dipped in the iopsarr'o~ra/,t~ yr 9 s ore ~otoXoy yov D;A, and all THOSg ot Jopoardvp ro'ra 7r aunroU, eouooverAoyouelVo Jerusalem, and were ir-. Jordan river by him, confessg in te TaE.I.tlaprtas aTwv. 6 Hp 6e lwat,,'ts ev',~_v- niersed by hiln in the ras >Myaprp~r as exU70. HI oe lGcraVV7S f>Of0V- RNVER JORDAN' confessing the sin of them. Was now John having been their JINOe YEVOS TplXcaS icatlmAou, eKas wyv, thepeua lv SINS. ~loth' Itair, of a camei, and a belt miade of skin 6 1 Now John was clothWr-pt.-7r orvUwv eawrov, scas EuOGw eptKClaaS Eai ed in Camel's Hair, with around the loins cf him, and eating locnsts and a Leathern Girdle enrir1A;Sh a'>piov. -Ka t Ka EKqpv E AE7Wyv EpXETai cling his WAIST; r-o d honay wild. And he cied out saying; Comes etig ocusts ad ild t oXvUpO7Epor S oto eor(rw *[otou,] ov out, Honey. the mightier of me after [me,] of whom not 7 And he proclaimed, eiAs Kavos KIUas Avoat TOt iMdatra 4 Wr saying, "The POwEhIJL I am worthy bowed down to loose the string ofthe ONE comes after mne; for b7ror/Lear'co auwrov. 8 E-yw *[/evl] csa7rrioa whom I am not worthy sandals of him. I [indeed] dipped to stoep down and untie @Ieas ey blart' avQosr E,/3asrrlfree a thle STrINGS of his SAN. you in water; he btt will dip you in DALS.:xvevzar a&ylw. 8.t immerse yc-.: in 9pilit holy. Water, but te will itmmerse you in holy Spirit." 9 *[Kat] IESEvero ev CKEgtsa Trai tepags, 9 TAnd it occurred, in [And] it cameto pass in those the days, Thlose DAYS, that Jesus l 7AOe' Iroovs afro NaapeTs rrJs raltiaias, at at came from Nazareth of came Jesus from Nazareth ofthe Galilee, and GALILEE, and was im* VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-Title-ACCORDIlNG TO 3IARK. 1. God. 2. ISAIAH the PROPHET. 2. I send. 7. me —omtlt. 8. indeed-omit. 9. And —onit. t 2. As the common reading has an immense majority in its favor, and some noted ver. sions; as the quotation es frotl two different prophecies, Mal. iii. 1, and Isa. xl. 2, 8, ofwhich the nearest is not from Isaiah, but from MIalachi; and as the Jews often say, "'As it es writ. ten in the Prphets," yetit is never saidin the N. T. written in a prophet, but by him, there seems to be no just ground for departing from the:eceived text.-Campbell, Whttby, Lighffoot. I 2. Mal. iii. Matt. xi. 10; 3luke viiIsa. $ x. Isa x. 3Matt. iii. 3 Iuke iii. 4; John i. 23. ~ 4. Matt. iii. 1; Luke iii. 3; John ii. 23.. Mattit. i. t Matt. iii. 4 17. Matt. iii. 11; John i.27; Acts xiii.. 25. AAts i.; ii. 2-4 i,. 16; xix. 4 1 Gor. xii. 13. 1 9. Matt. iii. 13; Luke iiiL 21.

Page  109 CtaP. 1 10 MARXC. [(Ctap. 1: 20. f aTrtr7Oi Urero IdwaoV ~lt'rov Ioplamqv. 1~Kat rmerscd by John LtD the was dipped by John into the Jordan. And JORDAN. uoeceS e vac3a ov atro o ToJt 6u3a'ro,. Ecl8 oXL(o- 10 tAnd ascending from immediately asconding from the water, he saw rend- the WATER, instantly he tgwvovs' fout ovpavouT, teat ro 7rvEvt.a, C S saw tle RFtAV.ENS open. ing tile heavens, aud the spirit, as ing, alld the SPIRIT, like 7rFplwTtpav, teaT a/3avov f-' au._rov. 1\1 Kci a Dove descending upon a dove, descending upon him. And him. tfavPy C7EPEeo7 tcM'Wrie oupapcOYvce "I 11 And a Voice camn avoice ce e outof the hieavens; "'Thou art the flom the HEANENS, sayuee 6yr o es o. ing, " li)ou art my SON, ulos ytov o a-ya7r77Tos, f) EV5oKce1a.Xt ing, t )ou nrt neyoso, on of ne the beloved, in whom 1 delight." the BELOVED; in thee I l21at evOvt'Tro rveSV a de ro TO tcfakXeaAs't delight." nd itn ediately thie epirit him. asts it 12 And inmnediately 1 ipm)e~o. da 13 *IaL s7,V eop*, f l/t1 pa$y the SPIRIT sent Him. forth 1'SJP cpq/Aovt. 3 into the DESRET. thd desert. And lhe was in the desert. day t T(0eerapao1rVTa, aeipaotvos U7ro rou oCT aTavat, 13 And he was in the' forty, being tempted by the adversary, DESERT forty Days, being,KCt 7rV u.7trCt TCr1W Oyptwp' ica oa a-yeXot I8I1- tempted by tle Al)DElrald was with the wild beasti and the mesengere min- SAILY; and was amonIg KOvlOVP atTVtt. the VWILD BEASTS; andl hutered to him. the A'NGELS served luhm. 14 ME-Ta 8e -a vrapa v0flatL rope leas1ev, 14 T Noiw aftet JonN After now the to be delivernd up the John, was.mprisoned, JEsUS 7,jXOev 6 lqr0ovs eLs,rlt rClAtAaat, tKcspuetro-wv came into GALILEE, PUb. came the Jesus -into the GCalilee,. preaching lishing the GLAD'TIDINCS To evty'yeA1ov *:[CE1s fEiacrAlcas].roy Ofou, of GOD, the glad tidings oflthe kingdom of tho God, 15 and saying, t"Thle 15KaL AEcywv'O-r& 7'e7rj.lpwrTat 6 CacpoS, Kai TIME' has been accom. and saying; ihat has been ulflled the seamon, and plished, and GOD'S ROYAl y77 EI LEY 4 8n1EAtEi'co ON [OWATraI'OEITCE KEL MAJESTY hlas pSmroached; has come nigh the najesty ofthe God; relorm ou,'and IReform, and Iehevo in 71LTEUE'CI *r, Ys, evuayy1terp. 16 IIeptrracwv Be the GOOD MESSAGE." believe you in the good message. Walking:V. and 16: * And as he was' wapa Tgtv OeaXao'oav T7)S raAXaiasl, eie ZIutwYa passing along by the LAIKE by the ea of the Galilee, he saw Simon of GALILEE, he saw Si. rcin Avtpeav T'o c keXtPov ravTeov, Pa~tcnlzcaAAkoVrTas mon, and Andrew * thle and Andrew the brothecr of him, casting BROTHEB of Simon, castEX/.ttPJLqtGpov Ce'rT 6anaop, leaav yop intag a Drag into the a ftihing net in the sea; they were eor LAKE; for they were Fish. aALE&I. 17 sa& et'epv aVTOLS I6 o'ovs' Aitrre ermnen. fishlere. and said tothein the Jesus; Come 17 And JESUS said to o07row o, o u, KaL 7rOlOrcW tcas 9yeCeOato &3Aeis them, "Come, follow me, after me, ant I vill make you to be fishers anld I will make you Fish. avOpwCrwv. 18Kat fvOewe aq)ewres T a'r rva ers of Men. of men, And immediately leaving the nets 18 And instantly tleav. c.,TcWv, 7tokovOtlo7 av avo'rp. 19 Kai 7rpo3as ing *the'NETS, they foloftbem, they foRlowed him. And going lowed him. *[EKeiOyE orAyoV, Ese IatcZ lov'roe' rots 19 And going forward [thence] a;little, heoaw James the of the a little, he saw THAT ZeBactovu, Kas Iwatvvrlv ros asexcpov av.uov, James who is the son of Zebedee, and John the brother ofhim, ZEBEDEE, and John hins Krel atrous rEv -rip XAoi9 Kcraapratop os v'ira BROTHER; they also were e.nd themselves in the ship were mnending the in the BOAT repairing the 6:cTva'' O EKaL eveOwes etcaXea ev aue ous. Kal i ETS; nets; ated immediately he called them. And 20 and he immediately VateICN MANUSCn PTx.-1l. thee I delight. 14. of the KTronO —omit. 1, And as he waE passinlg along by. 16. the taoenes of Simon, castintg. 18. the se Es. 1i. thence —o it. 1 o. Ts1att iii, 10; John i. S2. 11. Mark ix. 7., 12..lati. iv. I Luke iv. t. 14. Matt. iv. 12, 23.,15. Dan. ix. 25; Gal. iv. 4; Eph. i. 115, Matt. iv. 17. 1- t latU iv. lO; Lukc v. 6 S 18 iaA,:ix., 27; Luke v. 11. 19. Matt. iv. 21.

Page  110 (Apl. 1, 21.] MARK. [(ap. II. 3i C/ETES TOP 7raTCepaZ aSrwuV Ze,/3e-alo, ev called them; and leaving leaving the father of them Zebedee in their FATHERB Zebedee in Tr) irAot fLETCtI TCWo /LLar00WTwv, a7r7A8ov the BOAT with the HIRED the ship with the hirelings, tlley went SERVANTS, they followed 07r1LOc avTOv. 1i,]. after him. 21 t And they went to 21 Kai E1O7ropcETvov7al EIs Ka7rEppaoIY KaOL Capernawn; and on the And they went into Capernaum; and SABBATH, entering the evOews Tots oa,,3afir ELiTEAOW Eis T7r o/vva- SYNAGOGUE, he taught immediately to the sabbath going into tele syna- the people; yasyv-7l, et;aoce. 22 Kai eiewTA71rooVTO e 7rC 2: and they were gogue, he taught. And they were amazed at struck with awe at his T75 oanX? a0aV0O 70 MyaCp SaatKow orCTovs Vs *mode of INSTRUCTION; the teaching ot hem; he was for teaching them as for he taught them, as CeovoiaV EcXWoS, sai o7 cKs o0' -ypO aqtfaTeis. possessing Authority, and authority having, and not as the scribes. not as 0he SCRIBES. 23Kai 710 vt 717 0Vva'yteyfl 00700ctvo ptsrOs CV 23 S Now there was in And was in the synagogue of them a mnan in their SYNAGOGUE, a Mian.rvev/uart aKaesapT, Kat avEKcpa5E, 24 Afy with an impure Spirit; -ZpiritOTI asca~apT2, a0EI~pR4E, A~yWO and he excmaimed, spirit unclean, and hecried out, sayine, an, he sxcaige, *[Ea, I t T I,'7jU IV Kai o-ot, I-qo-ou Nacap-OVe, tlou to'o with us, Jesus [Let alone,] what to us and to thee, Jesus O Nazarene, on o de with us, Jesus 7lh es a7roXeoat 7/tas; ot3a ae`s e, C Nazarene? Comest thou somest t hou to destroy us; I know thee who thou artthe'ytos E rTO Oeov. 25Kat eererEeae thee who thou art, the HOLY ONE Of' GOD." holy of the God. And rebuked himn the 5 And rebuked Ir'ovs, Aeytw} (I'tp0rl'1, Kte' e1/teee e alvrov. it, saying,, "B silent1, Jesus, saying; Be silent, ad come out of him., e s 26Kat o7rrapat o aO TO ~7roevtVAa Tro acadaparoT, nGand conie out of him." And convulsing him the spirit the unclean. the......t'rpa>ao ]pceso tt~yo~p, ceo SPIRIT,:having convulsed Kal Kpatav q uv'p f; eaAp, frlAa e et av'rov. him and haaing cried and crying a voice great, came out of him.him and having c 27 Kai EOauB8Ooao 7raRTCEs, &GTCS,TC wille a loud Voice, came And they were astonished all, so as to reason 27 And they were all so.rpos atTrovs, AEtyortEs$ T frfT 70T7TO, Trs 71 astonished, as to reason among themselve,, saying; What is this? w hat the *with themselves, saying I n8aX7?7 rcaiv"I avU7t7; h75 Kaat' CtOVa'taV Kal "What is this? *A new teaching the new this; that with authority tven Doctrine? With AuthorTOts rvEvyoao0 Trots attaOaproits e7r'aoeto tcat ityhecommands even the tn the spirits to the unclean he enjoins and IMPURE SPIRITS, and they bsraovoovartv avrp.. 2 sER7Oe Be 7, aocr obey him." they hearken to him. Went out and the report 28 And his FANE soon avnrov CvOvs eIT dArp 5r0Y 7reptXwpov P' 77Ts spread abroad * everyof him forthwith into whole the country ef the where throughout the En. rcalilaeas. tire REGION of GALILEE. Gealilee. 2!9 O And being come 29Kat evOews, EKc T71ss Oovva-yw'yrls eCEAOO TCes ou of the SY:NAGOGUE, And instantly, out of the synagogue being come, he immediately went into 70o5 eS' Ci T77 otKItat ZwoV0S Kat AovpeoU, the HOUSE of Simon and he went into the house of Simon and Andrew, Andrew with James and ETra IaKccwSov cKat Iwavyov. 30'H E erEcervlpa John. with James and John. The and mother-in-law 30 Now Simon's MOTHtpwvoS KraCreIcetTo 7rUpeaoovuoa' KCat EVOeWS EBR-IN-LAW lay sick of a efSimon was lad down having a fever; and immediately fever, and forthwith they AXcyovatv awvrt TEp! aS7 7~s. 31 Kait rpooeAXOoy spoke to him about her. they spoke to him about her. And coming 31 And approaching, he * VATTCAN MAlNUSCRIP. —24. Let alone —omit. 27. with themselves. 27. 4 tiew Doctrine? With Althority. 28. everywhere throughout. * 21. Mlatt. iv. 13; Luke iv. 31. t 22. Matt. vii. 28. t 23..auke lv, 33, t 24 43att. viii. 29. $ 25. ver. 34; I Mark iii. 12. 2 a6. Mark ix.2. 20. 20o Mr. viii. 14 Luke iYv,

Page  111 ltap. 1: 32.3 MARK.,fOhap. 1 43. lyeCLpEy atrrl7p, KpaT7'TaS'Tr7s XetpOs avrt7s' took hold of her HtAND, he raised her, having laid hold cfthe hand of er; raised her up, and the Kat aqlcKvE auvr e 6 7rvperos *[evOews.] KaL FEVER left her, and she and left her the fever [immediately;] a served them. tl7rKove. aV'roLs. 32: And Evening being ministered to them. come, when the SUN was 32 Otias 5e yEYS'EvoGtE-s, iT - fEU 6'jAtos, set, they brought to him Evening and teing come, when set the sun, ALL the sicK, and the e(pepov 7rpos aaUrov 7racwas rovs Kalcacs eXOV7TaS, DEMIONIACS; they brought to hims all those siekness having, 33 and the whole caITn Kat'rovS aLpAovrtOl0,Cvovs 33 Irca 7 roXs assembled at the Doot. and those being demonized; and the city 34 And he cured Many'A e-q f rtovyvisypctie -v 7rpos'rflv Opav. 34Ka sick of Various Disorders, owhole having been asbembled was at the door. And and expelled many Di. Oedpa7revte wrohAovs KcaKws eXovTas 7rotLcXaLs mons; tandpermittednot lhe healed many sick having various the DEMONS to speak, beevocoLs Keai 6a&t v.ova 7roAAa e6EfaAe, Keal OvIC cause they knew *him to diseases; and demons wany he cast out, and not be th. Csrist. 7plte XaAXev'ra c8aitov.a, oTr,.8eLcrav avTrov. 35 tAnd having arisen allowed to speak khe demoes, because they knew hinm. very early in the Morning eat 1rpwL, evvvXOV Atav, avar'Tas etA.Oe, he went out into a Desert And early, night much, having arisen he went out, Place, and there prayed. *[KaL asriAOev EfS LFp/OVY To70OVj KaICL 36 And * Simon and [and dena'tedj into & desert place, and tlhre THOSE with him eagerly TpOO3VXETro. 36 Kat KaTESolvtPa av!uToYv 0:Ltlwv followed hinm. prayed. And eagerly oltowed him the Simon 37 And having found rKal OL 7F' CaoIU7. 37 KcL ePOVTrES aVtTOV, him, they say to him, "All and those with him. And havlng found htam, seek tlee." e'yovror aUTL''O~'rs 7trares.r7lTovot Ee. 88 And Ithe says to them, they say to him; That all seek thee. I" We nust go * else38 Ka& Aeyet avTros' Aywcev efts ras eXOpe- where, into the ADJAAnd he says to thes; We must go into the!eigh- CFNT Torns, that I may erLls cwZ007roAeLt, bia Kaet EKte K10pvteP' ELS proclaim thlere also; for boring towns, that also there I may preach; for this I have come forth." Tovro -yap efeAX7AvOa. 9 Kai 77 K7pvU o-V 39) t And * Se went this becalse I have come out. And he was proclaiooeo and prolaimned to them sts -as avvayw-yas avTfwv, EI bXA7v'r1Tv 1reA- in their SYNAGOGUES in thle synagogues of themn, in whole the atali-t'aav Kr a arLora E~~aho. h througlhout All GAILZEE, Xaiav, Keat'rr SatpoVLm EKa aAXceP. 40 Kea t at and cast out the Delee, and the demons castolg out. oxd ONS MONS. epXEart 7rpos a'rovT XAerpos, 7rapaKaAcwv atow'. 40 T And a Leper comnes comes to him a leper, beseeching hue0 to him, beseeching him, *[Kat 7yovv7rerwv avTrov, Kcea] AeTyW av'-,' saying, "Ifthouwilt,thou [and kneeling him, and] saying toah.. canst cleanse Me."'0-'L ear OeAps, vvaat e aapra. 41 And he, being moe That if thout wilt, thou art able me to cleanse. be 41 And he, extending moCe, ~e Iritrov$ o'~r~aeyxmo'ets, f~et~'vas "r~lv Xepa,~ xrwith pity, extending *hd 5E Iqaoos 0-7rrAYXvioOEis, tEICrTtvaS 7377' XCPlL 4 HAND, touched Iino, and and Jesus being moved with pity, stretching out the han lta'ro av'Tov, Ka ye a eA, KaO- says to him, "Iwill; be touched oflhil, and says to him: I will, be tho cleansed." plerO7lTL. 42 KaiL [e17roVr0 s aTrovo.] CUoeo s 42 And imnlediately the cleansed. And [having said ofhim,l immediately LEPROSY departed from g77rX1JEv anr' avTou qi Aerpa, KaL aKadapvrtp l r0. hinm, and he was cleansed. departed from him the leprosy, and he was cleansed. 43 And having strictly 43 Kat etx8pqL7?a/evoF avwT, evOew s eSefa3Aev charged hin, he forthwith And havingstrictly charged him, immediately hesentforth senttlinl away, * VATICAs MANUscaIPT. —31. immediately —omit. 34. him to be the Christ. i5. and departed —omit. 36. Simoos. 38. elsewhere, into. 39. he went and proclaimed to them in. 40, and kneeling dowa to him, and —omit. 41. he, being moved. 41. his HAND. 32. Matt. vi a ii. 1; Luke iv. 41. Ats 34. Mak ii. Luke v 41 Acts xv 17, la t 5. Luke iv. 42. I 38. Luke iv. 43. t 89. Matt, iv. 23; Luke iv. 41, t 40. MatS. viii. 2; Luke v. 3.

Page  112 hap 1: 44.1 MI AE Ke, C[tap. 2: 8. vuTo,, 44 Kai AEyE1 aVrT'Opa,,L-qerv,uto6ev 44 and says to him, him, and says to him; See, to no one anything J"See, tl at tlou say nog honr5s' ahA' a rnaye, sy eav'rov 6eltov r9, Lepe, thing to any one; but thou tell; but go, thyself show to the priest go, show Thyself to tha Kat 7rpoOEVEEcKE 7rept TrotU caOapiLosu roov a PRIEST, and present for and offer for the purification of thee what thy PURIFICATION, those VE0poMa" 7 Mco-7smS, EIS AapUTvpIov aOUTOCS. O45 things which Moses conmenjoined Moses, for a witness to thtm. He manded, t for Notifying Se tnAned p npoa'o KrJpvso, etv wroAha Kat ltaspl- (the cure) to the people." but going out hegan to publish many (things) and spread 45 $ But ab going out, aterilY 0Vr (osyo lovT Se OUTOKE Vf ctu tr otuva began to publicly pro. t'etTOP XOyos T o.rtrlKCe'Ti a sro~ avvatOai claim and divulge the abroad the word, so as no longer lim to b leabl THIN SO tat he could 4pay'eprss ets 7roXV EUtoeAOEZV' aAA' E.tca e no longer openly enter a publicly into a city to enter; but without in City, but was without in fpa7)lor TOroiS 71?, Kscat?PXovYro 7rpos aUTov Desert Places; and they desert places he was, and they went to him resorted to him from all s'avrTaXO0EV. parts. from all parts. KEri,B'~9. 2. CHAPTER II. 1 And after some Days, 1Kai wTaAXw 6EsA1eAE cisi KaIsepaov/. t $1' the again entered CaperAnd again lhe went into Capernaum after naurn; and it was re7~lepwve Kcat lscou(rOl, Tt eIs OtKOl EoTw'. ported That le was in a days; and it nas reported, that into a house he is. House. 2Ka *[EuOeCeS] ouvvylX0?7las 7rosXoi, &oT''E 2 And Many were gathAnd [immediately] were gathered together many, so as ered together; so that (the!t6K1eCrt XWpes, /A.tle Ta 7rpos TIrO Ovpav, Kca house) could not contain no longer to contain not even the places near the door; and thelll, nor tile PARTS at the hAaAet avTors To, Aoyov. 3 Kai EpXOV7aT 7rpos Dooa; and he spake the ha spake to them the word. And they come to WORD to thlenl. auTov rapaAvtiKo sv ~epo vTrs, atpoYevo, vr'o 3 Andtheycome bringhim a paralytic bringing, being carried by ing to him a Paralytic, Teorapwov. 4 Kait l vtstageE, ot o'rpooey'ytati carried by Four. four. And not being able to come nigh 4 And being unable to au'e. 6ria TOV OXAo~, alreOreyao'aV T7J1Y approach him, because of to him through the crowd, they uncovered the the CROWD, they uncovT'e'y77Y, 607rOV )V' Kcat EopvUarCTes Xaoa-t ered the ROOn where he roof, where he was; and having dug thlrough they let down Ias; and having dug ToY KpajB,3arov, efs''9 o 7rapaXAvrTaos KaTrE- through, they lowered the the bed, upon which the paralytic was t COUCH on which the fE1iTO. 5 laOY 5e b Ia1srous T7ri 7riLorTi aVTrWr, PARALYTIC was laid. laid. Seeing and tlhe Jeslls the faith ofthem, 5 Now JEsus perceiv. Af'yet'Tf 7rapaAvTicq TFKvoy, atEaOuTai a-ot ing their FAITH, says to says to the paralytic; Son, are forgiven of thee the PARALYTIC, "'Son, thy at au.ap'rat. 6 Hoav e s TVES TCO, ypaJueuaTaEwY SINS are forgiven." the sins. Were but some of the scribes 6 But there were some eKel catlgteol Kscat 8iaXoahoyL0o/ eELoot Ev Tas of the SCRIBES sitting, there sitting and reasoning in the and reasoning in their scapSita au'Tw,' 7 Tt ov'To ObTrW aXe /3Aao'- HEARTS, hearts of them; Why this thlls speaks blas- 7 " Whly tllus speaks pr/laSa. Trs ava'ratt apIteai /tap'rtas, Et /Ir this man? He blasphemesl pliemy? swho is able to forgive sins, if not Who can forgive Sins, but i S d oso; s Kat evOecs earuyvovs 6 Irloovs the One GODu " sue the God? And immediately knowing tilhe Jesus 8 And JESUS, immedi* VATICAN MAUSCRIPT. —2. inlmediately —omit. 3. bringing to him. 7. That this man thus speaks? He blasphemes I Who can. t 44. See Notes on Matt. viii, 3, 4. t 4. Eastern beds are light and moveabls, con. 6i ting of a mattrass and two quilts. Dr. Russell tells us, that their beds consist of a mint, trass laid on the floor, and over this a sheet, (in winter a carpet, or some such woolen covering,) the other sheet being sewed to the quilt. A divan cushion often serves foi a pillow. t 44. Lev. xiv. 8, 4, 10; MIatt. viii. 4; Luke v 14 45. Luke v. 1. t 1. mat4 x. Luke v..18.

Page  113 q v' -. Vp. P( ia 2. 1 to sle opi~ri o0Ri5',lh ~lDhmr tiny,ea- SPiRIT, that they reattn. 7tov'ac ev tcau 5reOz g eeOv O.uVroaoS i Tav'a ed among themseivcs, "'he Doned aamoun'ghtmeivea, 3aid to them; Whythse (things) says to them, "6Why dO 6alc SeaxOa ev'ra$s iapI ams'uw; 9 T', fp U reason thus in your easo HEARTS OrTlNS EUo rwrvspovtF e~:~,,rc ~rc~;a, vvsc? 9 JtWhich is easie-r to earsnPP enra~o~ ies atmPy Scrm sqa u ityy TV say to the PARALYTIC, Af~twasaS Yeou al &iapTac; T u7w ~resow.e'Thy sINS are forgivaen' Areforgivc a ofthee the ainc- o t - e, or to say (with effect, apeoa og i on v tih rp8the t s oirm mac aep' rare e,'Arise, take Thy coucH, take up oftbhe the ha;4 and walk?' l''TR 8e?7JTe1dT mOVCa EXeT ougOS u 10 But that you may 10'1r~ 8e et~7-re, &r e~ovo, EX~~ 6 uoS ToV knowv That the SoN of Th ta t t yon may know, that authority haz the 3on eohihe avGOco~rv EVIrt m qi S 7ctt aq aeg auapTa~ ( ~ AN has Authority on tpq cmsi T36a Y7lI CtIIE/HI r (Xs'ssi E ATII to forgive Sins," Lmsos on the earth to forgive is, hea (h s aays to the ogi,R at6FgP'Kt' 4L'' ) n Eoo, EYEZp Vpoy (ho says to the PAR.z-;o the ptralytic~} To thee I[:~aC; Asec, take up ), the [oraiafyfii M gT thee I.3ay; Arisee, tako up O " I say to thee, Arise, ~ot' cxpao$aoep fovw Eal vtra'y eas'Foy 0HKao take up thly coucH, and gth- bed of thee, and go into thn house go to thy OuSE." arouO 2 Eae~a 7^yepd71 eUgEcssr, cuce apas; ~ugov'g thy HOUSE. " cc1 pryepq sdEos, tt c~past it' 12 And he was raised fth o. And he we raiesd nminediately, and taking p th e immediately, and taking bpaoOftr p e?1AOeNb EvaSrTiov 7l'pco C'0 W -T up the couvesH, ent out obed, won', on in presence of l1 so as ss e in presence of at.1 1 o that aloo8afalcrVa urayrsm Kai bota5eeiv 7er OsOv, they were all amased. and C6o as4'ou0:1 an, rcd Qe glol.7 eho glofied GOD,n3YP- 4e Ystyo.1e s~'Otft oTa neirov e OV. is h ethOfi1Eid. never say anyt kig like mmJjIUi That never Ohm~ wemsr. this!'7 a33 Kc:c trAOe ar'a.e irapea rr'v OtaAao'av. 13 And he went. out And he wene Soui agama by the sea. again by the %T]AKE; and O9 slra-S b OXXOS POPXETO sipOS auoN, Kcal E8s1 All the ctowH resorted macd all the crowd came to him, and he to him, and he'aught haOctKt' a uOOUs, 14 Ka 7rapaycep e&8e Aevuv eor them. iaught them. And passingon he saw Levi the 14 1 And passin~ along, TOv A~aiouv, KaO7etpov EraI TO TsEAeWvioL, riat he saw THAT Lev-. who ai: of tem Alpheus, sitting at the customhouse, and the son of ALrPHEUs, SitAeJyes aVT'o~ AcoA.ovOea iot. Kat aaaToAS ting at the VAX-OF ICE, cayc to him: Poilnos me. And risingup ab'says to him, "Follow ~6rKo0ov~0qrc, aurt. me." And. rising, ho io.. he followed him. lowell him, 5 KaL EXEVE'TO e Trtp KCaTaKtceiObat aUrTOr ev 15, And it occred, And ithappenedl in the to recline.t Sable him in -while he RECLINED AT T7 OKLa auTOvtt Kac iroAAoL TActr Kma aap- TABLE in his rEoUSE, Lhme hoaee of him, and many plblicans and,in- Many Tribtie-takers and oeXwo osatvv-tceuos 517TO TJ 1710-/ Cual TOK S osa0ga ratas Sinnero also rectin&e. with mers x'eeillod with the Jesus and the disciples JESUS and his.YISCP:LE'Su u1Tovo' i-caIv y'/ap wro3koto, tcas 7.joAovu07p-av for they were safy, nad ofhir: theyc wree; on many, mmmd they flowie, they foll owed hiim, avtrtot 16 Kuil 0o ypaytLatreLs icae os 4,apLtoateo 16 And the scaSiEzs *'o him.' id ltie eribes and tmo Pharisec: tile PHIARISEES observinp ao10TEs cVTO' ETr0;ov'Ta ISETa 7 T TACWWYvIN KCai him eating wi. the RaEID seeing Henm aating with the publicans; and UTE-TA.KEMRS anl i int a;tapTlr'eAWt E sYeNeo Tocs yatOTtrais av-ouv'; iL[Tt] ners, raild to h~ia wIscte sinners, said tothe disciple; oi him: [Why] PLES, C lie eats wit. &ss eTrcd rCS6v EtWkdzcwy icat aaaprctp wAN c~orel TTIB UT —VTA-ItEER =1'ais, hat twith cC Uae plvb' casn acd ainnerc he eats e laersI ~ VATECAl }IANU: 2CEPO-8. -Pu —it C.. he says to them. 16.e& "'Jir PtAMskmfEs saw him eat. 0. NWhT —om::.,': 16. By amnartoloi, sinrers, the Gentiles or heaathen are generally understood itk syr e pels, t:r tis was a term the Jewc never applied to any f %hemselves.,-Clake..t Oat. tas,. I; I A %,;. u r. - I7. X 1, 19.

Page  114 ?uop.~ 2: 17.] MARK. 2[Cap. 2.24., [scat 7rl et;] 17 1Lat aCcoCeas 6 I-77oovs AEyet 17 And JEaSTS having [and drinks?) And hearing thle,]e au rna heard it, says to them, VTrows' OV Xpelav eXVou'WL oS Ia'XOvres.;"THYr being ill lIEALTII to them; No need have those being well have no Need of a Physitc'rpou, aeA.' of kIatccW s eC xores. OVK 7AOov: cian, but THEY who are sf plhysician, but those sick being. qiot I came SICi. I came not to call tcaXeo'at 8tlcatovus aAXa acLaprTw Xovt._ the Righteous, -but Sinto call juct (ones) but sinners. i ncrs.' 3I Ki 7oav of a0Tarl ra'IawVot). ciaotief enapt- 18 And wtere the disciples of John and the. Phari- of SJoln and the. lDteAnIralof Clc7rO'TvoYrTes- fct epXoTrat, Ktt AtyoUovo SEES were fastilg; and sbes fasting;'and they come, nd tiey eay they colle aced say to c.vTrr/ Aler:T of eaOrlrat I.avvov CtI oel Srwv T l him, "Why do the Dsscahi; WhVby the disciples' - of John and those of the CeI'LoS of Joln, *and tilc q)aptorraiw t Yroeuovoss', -o 2O e of' ot 4 IuaOj'rata DISCIPLES of the PNAR.,,e *, those but to thee t disciples 8SEES fast, but THINI fast cv tV7o-reuvovO; 19Kat e'gre, avotes 6 IJ(rou' not" not fast? And. caid i to them the.. Jesus; ~Mr 6ult>h'at o[z riot rossrv., x s,'~ ej'go. t~' 19 And JEsous replied, - 4 r' r YLv y I Cal thll.4 B.IDEMEN fs15t, Not are alile- the soms ofthe brlde-c)lamber, I in:which the I'5 OS w4T~ ATW CTI, J v while the aRIDEGs OOI is with them? During the bridegroom with them.' c is, s i to fa t tleym ae tso len Blk,t time they hcave the alorsXpo'vov jth's eauTe,' eXOVot TfoV vUtl)PtO, SoU ca003os withl then, thcy a tme cith themselves they have tlih bridegroom, not cannot f t. vsavoryat v7ierT'YEev. ~`'EkAvooviat e epa cann fast. are able to fast.; Wil comrne t but, days, l2 eHut the Days will OC s a7rapO7 aor' i-'t)rWcc v'6 eotu.ptos, teat conie, when the ne rDE-' bhen may hbe taken awray from. tem "the' bridegroenh, and GROOM will be taken from TOTeE VTEVrefUoUoS fV e' C elceEIVZ T P LPepan. 2iO0Uelt them, anld then they will then they wilfaoet in thlat the d y. No one fast in Tihat DAY. ~, ferf[Anyha parlous atyvacfou e7rtplSarTer ert 21 No one sews a Piece opeaich of cloth ounfulled,, sews:c-;t on Of undressed Cloth on to caCCrp 7nraat1 EI,I e 77, - a,.p'et To rAX7pcwp.a an old Garment; if so, the q 4 niantlo old4; if but not, takes oway the?4 patch., NEW PIE.C.E of itself takes aVTou ro Icat/v,- Trov raAaltou, cat- C etpoy away from the OD, annd a ofitself the pew 4fthe old, lte' and, worse worse Rent is made. c'XtOPr.a Y'V)eI". 2& 2' l Ks.ois;-: flaX OlwOY 2. And no one puts new a rent becomes, And -no one,-~ puts wine into d vtou E,~,;~,,oUS,;.x.,ovsr e wine into fold Skins; if o s cus o e s r, 7ye the WINE *wvill burst new into bottles oldt;, if but et,.k burhts the see ssor icottico ecu5 4r. the siiNs; and the ivINE olosr 6 *[vPeo] wTOiC l'fot7CJ5 v ft 6'o'eS will be lost, and the wine the [cne te ( bottles'.d t wine SKINS; U ll cK.etr'att t ca.t oS acrifot aroAouv.sgt, a3. x otvov into new Skins.' es e.illeet, and the bottle;:s oarelost.but wine CoC, tsC,JOKOtV Katawovs,COXVE o$,IO.4 23: And It happened. PEOPth at heS *cric0Y was gasstag neh,ito bottles. new must be put. that he * was passing.3 Kat seye7vero'rapa ropeve a Q at-as6jrFirors through thle FEm1jis or And it came to pass. to 6go'.. Lm is RAIN o the SABBATH E cqBfa(o'.t $ a'TCCV oaopitt, "kat' -qp7na o ci of and his DIscIPr,ES segan. shbth th trough the. co-fiields, and began' the as they *made ihelr tray, aotrc7ao LtvTroi S3ov - rol;eit'.'rTAAo're$ ovs to pluck the HEADS ot dlsclle' oflhii away _ o m am e plucking s the GRAIN frraxvar. 24IKat of oaptfrazos E\hEOYr, aUre.' 2. An1 tie P nctlSLES' eare r cern. And the Pharisees'I said to h im; said to hin, " See, wily do I8e, TL 7roOVtov Crf roCtls ataE 3an v,` 6 oUce thlly ono t.le SA8BATH what See, why do tliey to the sabbatli, what not is not lawvful?" * VeATICAN sIA:;SCRIPT. —I. and drik.-ominit. iS. 1,an the DtcCPLses ofthe l1nAIsE,.s fast, I) It TUlNop last not?' 22.?ow —omit. 22. will bur3t the sKi'NB n11d t1ie 1VINI willibe lost, aind thie SIoNS; bLt new Wine into pew Skins, 2A w[A 4 passing thlrough. 23, miiade their wtay, to pluck. * 22. See Ntote in hMatt. ix. 17. t 17 Mall ix,12, 13; Luke v,.31.2 1.-M.latt i5. i4-' Lu!:e v., s I atti- ls I, Ltuka vt l.

Page  115 Mah-p.-:25. 1MARI. heraXp. 8 8 Eeo5E6tl *; Kao" avros ehYEfYe a nS' OvU~Eroq'I 25 And *he'said to E eoTL; 21 Kai cavros EAE'YEI aIJTOIS. Ous them ++". Have vou never is lawful? And he said to them Never them, "Iae ou never iloTf' Ard hef'' IAHUL3, OTE Xlawa ful eread what David did, when aVEc'yVWTE, ) L ErrlrE a 8, TiE 6PEEe he had Need, and was oave youknown, what did David, when need he had, RL EWLEOY 00 t o Ib~ a n;hungry, Ije, and_-aosE tcai EwEL~aagEY I aVTO$ Kai 01 PET' aUTO0; with him|. tand was hungry, he and those with him; H he int 26 *-[Fre ftjA&)fl OIKOV TOO 2euj6 How the went into 26,:[yI s] L Ltr.ei, ~t$'ro OtOCO/' rOE Osov, theTAbE.RNACLE of GOD, [How] he went into the house of the od, Abiathar (son) of the E~r, api~a ~vaXLPE), a Tto Abiathar son) of the e-ro A/3alap TrOv apxEpews, rcac rvs ap rovs IIIoH-PIuE ST and ate tthe t; Abiathar of the high-priest, and the loaves LOAVES of the PaiSENCE, rs 7rpo00eurecs E(paiyE', ouEs o0 EtT e "'rt (Patye 1 wLOhich none but the of the presence did eat, which not is lawfu to eat iPRIESTS could lawfully Lt rl rTOLS tepevot, cael eWKtce ta1 TOLS OVTY'eat; and he gave if not the priests, and he gave also to those with THOSEa ith hlm." aUTTj) oust; 27Ke T27 He also said tothern, him being? And he said to the; The - "The SABBATE sas made (3ao70' sIta'ro aCytopcoroz CYEE'o, OrX5 6 {for MrAN, and not hMAN for bath because of the man was made, not the tle SABBATH I; aveOpwros aLa TO otaft3aTro'. 28sl0TE vpLos: 28 ts- that the SON of man because of the sabbath. So that a lord SAN is Lord even of the EO`rTL 6 ViOS Tot,ctOpeesrou tKa TOV o-atf3r8atov. SABBATII," is the son of the man even of the sabbath. i CHAPTER III. KE'!. y'. 38 1 1 And again he entered into the SYNAGOGUE, I Kai ctrXrlAOe 7rakt etS T'r7yv rvuvaywyrlv" where was a Man who had And he entered again into the synagogue; a Withered HAND. Kalt'V Eet at tOpwaros etrlpapttern/v eXyv Tr77 2 An11 they watched lim and was there a man having been withered having the closely, (to see) if he would -&etpa 2 fKai 7raperrlpovv avTro, es Trots oa/- ccure him ontheSABBATH; hand; and theyclosely watched him, if to the sab- that they might accuse Bao-t OepasrEuvoe avTO'r, iva Kar7leyop7o(rcotv him. bath he will heal him, that they mig,'t accuse 3 And he says to THIA avTou. 3 Kal AeyeL'rT avOpcWo7rp, rYP Er7lpa/F- MAN HAVING the Withhim. And he says to the man to that having been ered HAND, "Arise in the EsV7er7v EXovTI Ts'V XetpaH Eyetp e LS To 7i.EtooV. MInDST." withered having the hand; Arise in the midst. 4 And lie says to them, 4 Kas AE'YELt aTOLSt Eeo'~t TroLs crat3arttv "Is it lawful to do good And he says to them; Isitlawful tothe sabbath on the SABBATH, or to do a-yaeoorotioat -7 tlatcobro, ro-at; tvXrlV ocwseoat, evil? to save Life, or to to do good or to do evil? alife to save, destroy?" But THEY were 1 awrosretva; 01 Oe eratwCrwrv. 5Kat wrept3Be- silent. or to destroy? They but wee ilento And looking 5 And oeurveying them,alEvos avrous ieST' opyy1s, ov'uAXrouvevos ErL with Indignation, being tound them with anger, being grieved at grieved at the HARDNESS Trs) swpwo? E rrIs ceaptaos anov',?A -ye; 7c of their HEARTS, he says the hardness of the hearts of them, he says to the to the N, "Stretcl out avOpcwrTp EcretvOY Tr7u' Xetpa orov. Kat *thline RIAND." And he man; Stretch out the hand of thee. And stretched it out, and his eTELetVsE KOai acEKarTEoTaOl 7 X etp avTov. HAND was restored. hestretchedit out; and was restored the hand of him. 6 tAndthe PHA RISEE4 6 KaL eSeXOOVTe, s Of 4aptIaatot, EVOEWS /tETa TWy going out, immediately And coming out the Pharisees, immediately owithl the * held a Council xtlth tths VATrcAN MauNscSIoTv.-25. he atid. 26. How-omit. 5. the HAND. $. gave Counsel. t 26. David went to the house of Ahimelech at Nob, with whom the tabernacle then waa and the ephod, and other holy things. See 1 Sam. xxi. t 26. These loaves werc placed cn a table on the north side, and at the right hand of him who entered the.leonpm cle. Exod xxv 30; Lev. xxiv. 5,6, 8. T 6. The Herodians were a political party who began to become eminent in the days of Herod the Great, as favoring his claims, cati those of his patrons, the Romans, to the sovereignty of J udea. t?5 1 Soam. xxl. 6, 26 Exod. xxix. 32, 33.. 28. Blatt. ii, xi. i MSa i.i u; Luke Y-i. O O. Matt. xii, 14t

Page  116 oMr s f 7 fARK. [hagu a: 18. iHpwtlayrwv ovpBovAIov croov, tcar' avTovu Herodians, against, him, Herodian' a eouncil held against him, how they might destroy bVces aVToP 7rose a ata. him. )loo him they might destroy. 7 But Jisus with his DISCIPLES retired to the -' Ka 6 Is1oous zerTa TVt paOrfrTo a/ro'TO LAKE; and a Great Mul. And the Jesus with the disciples of him titude followed him from aveXwpqacETe els Ttly OaAaoavo' rat'roXv rAu /- iGALILEE, land from Juo withdrew to the see; and a great multi- DEA, Oos arro Trrs rahtAatas qrKoAov0r7o'av avrpe,' at a 8 and from Jerusalem, tude from the Galilee followed him; and and from IDUMEA, and a'o 7qS Iovratas, Icat- arro IeprsoAhvucov, 8 cat! from beyond the JoaDAN; from the Judea, and from Jerusalem, and also a great Company from aro TrrS IoovtiasLos, ecat 7repat' rou lopavou, Ceat about Tyre and Sidon, havfrom the Idumes, and beyond the Jordan, and ing heard what * he had *[ot] rept Tvpov sat Wlovaa, XrAlOos roAv, done, came to him. [those] about Tyre and Sidon, a multitude great, 9 And he spake to his atovhra'TrEs er#a Erolet, rl.0ov 7rpos aV'ov. DISCIPLES, that *a Small having heard what things he did, came to him. boat should attend him;Kat EyrSe rots taOrl7rais avtrov, hya rAXotaplto because of the cROwD, And he spake to the disciples of him, that a small vessel that they might not press (rKaprTEpp avrcp, 8a To/ oXAoVs, ~va 1 q upon him. should attend him, because of the crowd, that not 10 For he had cured OAtBwaoiv avTroV. 10loAAovs-yap eOepa7rsevosE, Many; so that as many they might throng him. Many for he cured, as had Diseases rushed to-.r're e7r7rlrT'etlV aurrT, iva avTou a/coT'rat, wards him in order to so as to rnsh to him, that him they might touch, touch him. ooos eLXO'op jaTrtyas. 11 Kat Ta 7rvevyaTaa T-a 11 $ And the IarPURE as many as had scourges. And the spirits thle SPIRITS, when they beaKcaOaprTa, 6-at aVTo' CeOEwpel, 7rpose7rtrrsEv held him, fell before him, unclean, when him gazing on, fell before and cried, saying,'";lstt auV4T, Kat ecpa~e, AEsy-vTa'OrI aV Ct 6 VoOS art the soN of G'OD." him, and cried, saying; That thou art the son 12 And he repeatedly roi, E 1ou. 2 Kal rroAA.a ecreTrla avTrols, va charged them, that they of the God. And many times he charged them, that sitould not make Him iL7 4Spaepo aUTdos 70ro70rwo't. 13Kat avaBat- known. not known him they should make. And he goes 13 $ And he ascended v/et etS o oposS, Kalt rpoofcaAteTrat ous 1esfev thte MOUNTAIN, and callet lip into the mountain, and calls whom would whonl t)e would; and tile alros' scKat alrAo ps auTor. ~went to him. av7os- Kai ar7qNeov 7rpos awrov. 14 And he appointei he; and they came to him. 14 And he appointe8 he;Katd threy57(rs 75camesto Evaim.ef * twelve, that they should 4Kat e7erotrae 8cetoca, ta wOn h UET'e avovU, accompany him, and that And he appointed twelve, that they shouldbe with him, le might send them forth Kat *['va] avrooTAA vs K7l v clpv1crr6, 15 Kca to proclaim, and [that] he might send them to preach, and 15 and to have AuthorexetV tEov(ertav *L[Oea7rEustu iras voovs, sca] ityto expel DIDExos. to have authority [to ce the diseases, and] 16 * Now the TWELVE eKsaAAEtX Tra atatovia. 16 Kat e7reOIEC Tcr he appointed, were Srto cast out the demons. And he put on to the aiON) to whom lie gave the 2ttiwcvt ovoeta fIeTpo' 17 CaL laCO0Ov iOM TOv Name of PETER; Simon aname Peter; and James that of the 17 and THAT James, son Ze,3eatou, Kat lcaVWV7s iosY LEapeXO]V TO of ZEBEDEE, and John Zebedee, and John the brotler ofthe the brother of JAsrES; to lacw9sov' cat ereOa7rcEY avtTros ovo/ara Boav- whonm he gave the Names James; and he put on them namees loan- of Boanerges, that is, Sons Lp7ys$, O6 e6ryt, violt povT7S 18CaL A/vOpcav, of Thunder; orges, that is, sons ofthunder; and Andrew, 18 and Andrew, and ~ VATICAn MANUSCRIPT.-8. THOSE —Onlit. 8. he does. 9. Small vessels. 14. twelve, whom also he named Apostles, that. 14. that —omit. 15. to curG DISEASEs, and-omit. 16. And he appointed TWELVE; both SIxoin whom he sur. named PsTRa. i.7. ukevi. $17 11. MaAk i. 32, 34; Luke iv. 41. 1l3. Mat. x. 1! Lhske os 2i; x.., J tha L,.

Page  117 tChap. S bI I MARKI-. ~Vaap. 8: 28. KIat 4LAt7r'roy, Kma BapOoXogaLovs, Kag MarOaov 1 Philip, and Bartholomew. and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, 1 and Matthew, and Tho. Ycat Owjuat, meat IacwOo~ T0roe.ot AAqapLO, atnas, and THAT James, soa and Thomase, and James that ofthe Alpheus, and Of ALPHEUS, and ThadOar ariov, Kat: cvrwa'TO icaval1r7Iv, 19 KCa dens, and Simon, the CA. Thaddeus, and Simon the Canaanite, and NNANITE, loulal Io'canpLrvcl7, 6 s Kai 7rapE;KEP aTOV. 19 and Judas Iscariot, Judas Iscariot, who even delivere up him up. 20 Kar CpXovTaS CLs OLKOV. Kali re:EpXE/ati 20 $ And they went into 0Kad ePXOViraL Els OLJOJo. Kca oV: EPXErat a House And the Crowd And they come into ahouse. And came together i House. And the Crowd araAwl oXAoS, CTore 4 u Oat aOs Tee assembled again, so that aahrv o~ho,;~7e ~7 Gvi'r~as';l, the could not even eat again a crowd so as not to be able them not even they could not even cat apTov pa'~yeIV 21 Kai aicovo-ares O' ap' Bread. bread to eat. And having heard those with 21 And THOSE with h P /aTahaL nfvrS~ea fetfyO 7w t having heard, went out to auusOV, eS'qXsov paTIO ra' awrov, iE v yap',ov yap, him, went out to restrain him; they said for; restrain him; for they hOTL, -rC meet oc.:2 Ka: Of -ypafitlaeTES O' said. "HlHe is transported'o0:, e5eo'r. p2 $Leldft-rELE~, Oi aro~ too far." That heis outofplace. And the scribes, those from'Ihepoo'oAVeWs' Ka ra,3avr ES eAe-yos'OIT Bec- e22 And THOSE SCRIBES -' rafa rs,. 0. who had COME uDOWN from Jerusalem having come down, said; That Beel~E,(0A EXE ~Kal'OT1 E Ta ap[oPT TV Jerusalem said, $"He has Se/ovA e(Xe~' ica''Or: Ec'q apXOi'rtL'i Beelzebol,,and "By the zebul he has; also; That by the chief of the "By te'- W' ~ T B 23Ka rp - _RULER of the DEMONS, he la!iios e Kaii L' a Ear3orl. 23 Kar LatVa expels the DEMONS." demons he casts out the demons. And havingi ep Ans hang called rcaXeoaae'os avrovs, eY 7rapa3ohAals EXE'YEV them, he said to them, called them, in parables he said X -"How can an Adversary aUvsOLS fCes osuaraTai oa-araas sasavav eic(ak- expel an Adversary? to them; Hiow is able an adversary an adversary to cast 24 And it Kingdom is?Aet~,'; 24 Kat sayI/ ~go'tlketc& edt) eoav~rT]/ pept'-! 4 And it a Klngdom is iv; 24 KairE: ease I -aer a cq''aVT77'j IEPIs- divided T a-ast stsef that out?. And if a kingdom against herself should he di- divided aainst tself, tha KINGDOM cannot stand; 0-q, ov Cvraatr aTaOrqvat 5 faniiXe a 2 d if a ouse is vided, not is able to stand the kingdom that; l 5 and if a House i 25 Ka:l eay ocKia e)p' 6avUrrp' toL'rcOr, ov avvara, divided against itself, that and if a house against herself should be devided, not is able HOUSE cannot stand; -ragOv al S1 olKia eKerY71' 26 at e o aaraaSas 26 and if the ADVERto stand the house that; and if the adversary SARY rises up against himavrEo'r- C()' EavTor Oeat e/leptC lTral, OV 8vOaratC self, and is divided, he has risen up against himself and have been divided, not is able cannot stand, but has an o'raOrYvat, aAXa TreXs eXEL. 27 OvEetS vUvaral end. to stand, but an end he has. No one is able 7 * But no one can Ta o'KE eu TroV LoXvpov, eLOeXOaew ELs zrtV enter the STaONG man's the household goods of the strong man, entering into the HOUSE, and plunder liS oLKLai avrov, 83apWrao'a, ear ucp r7rpor e roV GOODS, uiless he first house of him, to plunder, if not first tie bind the STRONG nlan;:oavpor ar71)o al i o're'rsjs ouelia avroV and then he may plunder strong man heshouldbind; and then the house of him hls HOUSE. 6tap7rareL. 28 AIs' Aeyer 5yco vit, 6r' 7ravra 28 Indeed, I say to you, he will plunder. Indeed I say to you, that all That All sINs will be for. apbeOrl0oeTa1 ots viots TrW aYeOpeW7rW, Cra naappr — given the SONS of'MEN, willbe forgiven to the sons of the men the sins, and the BLASPHEMIES eaara, Katl a2 j3anfrrltkla, oL'as anv n at3Xao-cp - with which they may re. and the evilspeakings, whatever they may vile; * VATICAN IMANUSCRIPT.-27. but no one. t 2'. Doddridge remarks, "Our manner of rendering these words, He is besides himsetlf, or He is mad, is very offensive. One can hardly think Christ's friends would speak so contemptibly and impiously of him; and if that sense must necessarily be retained, it would be much more decent to render the clause, It (that is, the mucltitufde,) is maed, thus unseasonably to break in upon him." Schotengen contends, that the multitude, and not Christ is here in. tended. Christ was in the house; the multitude, ochlos, verse 20, went out, krateenai auton to restrain it, (viz. ochlon, the multitude.) to prevent them from rushing iuto the house and disturbing their Master, who was taking some refreshment. This conjecture should not be lightly regarded.-Clarke. 20. ark vi. 31. 22. Matt. ix. 34; x. 25; Luke xi, 15; John vii. 20; viii. 48, 5'4 x. 22. t 23. Matt. xii. 2b

Page  118 oap. 3::2 9.1 MARK I. [cap. 4: 4 20' 29's 8' a f 8xAab yre(? c1s To 29 1 but whoever may who but eves may speak evil to the blaspheme against the rv'EV/ta TO a ytov, aOe11 ECExe arC/Lt t S 7001 TO IIOLY SPIRIT, has no For. spirit the holy, no!. has forgivness to the giveness to the AGE, but atwiva, oIAA' Eo0xsO eerewvt aloeovu cplacreos. is exposed to Aionian age, Fat liable.8 of ae-lasting judgment. * tJudgnent." 30'r- eXeyorV' rIlveva atcaOap-ro eXEL. 31 Ep- 30 Because they said, Because they said; A epirit unclean he has. "He has an impure Spi. Xo'Tat ovp l 9 r 77r77p eUTO, r at oi aresotL rit." Comes the e the mother of him and the brothehers 31 His:sOTHEI and auTov' Kalt 6Ew eerorees a7reers'rtAav arpos auvrov, BROTIHERS then camle, and ofhim; and without standing they sent to him, standing without, selt tO (pwvovzrTes au'roO. 3,2 Ktt EIca7Oo' ox os, 7repL hinm, Calling bhim. calling himo Dnd sat acrowd abou' 32 And a Crowd sat awrVTo Et7roy Be aUVTr' IaoU, a p71' rp aov round him, and they said him; said and to him; Lo, the mother of thee to him, "Behold, thy mortai ot at 8eXebos 0-ou E4w C-qOVO'L aE. -3 KatI TIlER and thy BROTIIERS and the brothers of thee without are seeking thee. And are without seeking thee." a7reKrptO a au-ro, Aeywov-' Tts cE-lW a1 rdrrlp 33 And he answered he answered to them, saying; Who is the mother tlheni, sayin0, " Who is tov, a oL a5exqpot zcuv; s43 4[Kal] 7refpsXe- Illy MIOTllE or lnly BaOofsme. or the brothers of le? [And] looking THElS?'" 1atEE Os KcuvxXqe TOUS 7TErfpt alU TOV KaEOSrE OVS 34 And looking about about sound those about him sitting, on TH E sitti round AheYe' IMe j Prtojrr/p eOUr, Ktatl o aeAX(pot,uov. him, lie said, "BeClold smy he says; Lo the mother of rne, and the brothers of me. OITEn, and nay BRoG'5 Os *[yeap] a 0 aro1loao To OeAcSX7a TOO Oou, T'2THEsr Who [fir] ever may do the will of the God, 35 Whoever shall do OUTCS ahtEXos,uou, tcwt aexp7 *[Itov,]3 Kalic the WOLL of GOD, thisi is thia a brother of me, and a sister [of mes, and %'uJTap E (UTff my ABrother, and Sister, a mother is. KEq. 3'. 4. CICHAPTER IV. 1 1 And again hie began i Ka i TraAct 7qpTaro aoetKlv 7rat a T',p to teach by the LAKE; And again he begat, to teach by the' and so t very great a OaAaa~-, teat aerai l *7X h', -pos avTov oXXos 7roAvs, Crowd gathered about sea; and was assemblSJ to him a crowd great, him, that entering the Wor-T avl'ot E6/1tavTr c eT s To 7rAoto', KaOrio7Oat BOGAT, 11e sat on the cs as him entering lAto tile ship,'o sit LAKE; anld All the caown e' T7 OaAhaera7s Kca, r -as 6 oxAos 7rpos Trv was by the LAKE On the ist tie aea:'and at') the crowd hy the LAND. 9atarera~ E rl T7s ys 771V. 2KaLt s- aoKCev 2 And lie taught them sea' on the land was. And he taghlt many things in Parables, cvU'rou e arapeaoAats 7roAAa, Eat ehAEyev aUToWs a11ld saud to tliem, in his thelm In parables mrany, aun said to hem TEA CIGTNG; CE'17, da-p, aThrov: AKcove'rh IGov, ETXA0eF 3 "Hearken I Behold, in the teaclllg of hims: Hearyou: Lo, wvent out the sow K went forth to b a7retpwc, Tov O'rretpat, 4 Kat eyev7ero et Te *sow. tie sowver of the (seed) tosowo And it halpened in the 4 And it happened, in ~ VATICAl MANUSCRIPT.-29. Transgression. 34. And —omit. 35. For-oiomt. 35. my-ontit. 1. very. 3. sow. t 29. The Pat. 1MSS. reads Traisyressloit, and Griesbach has placed the word anarteeieia tos, sin, or transgressiont, in the margin, with his mark of strong probability. Grotius, Mill, and Bengel prefer this reading. It is also the reading of the Coptic, ilirnenian, Gothic, Voil. pate, and althe Itala but two. It is a Hebraism for punishment, the effect of sin. The sill against tile Itoly Spirit is plainll stated to be, ascribing the mniracles of Christ and his apostles to demoniacal agency. Il hey wlio acted thus, could not be converted to the Clhris tain faith, hecause thev resisted tlhe strongest possible evidence. They remainee thetlefre [n the same forlorn rtate in wfviceh Christiantlly foud them; which is explessed by the phrase, " he h as no forgi venerse.'f!. il. 59, J.uke zii..0; 1 John v. 18., t 91 Matt t. 40: Lbke Vit, te, I 1. Matt. xiii, 1 t Luke viii..

Page  119 4: b-1' MARK. j[Yap. 4: 18. o'7retpev, 6 kLEY ErEo' 7reapra T7'v bdov' Kar soWING, some seed fell sowing, this indeed fell on the path: and by the ROAD and the tAOE'ra 7re'rettva, at cKaTrepaTyeV av'ro. 5AAAo BIRDS came and picked came the birds, and ate it, Another it up. Be EVrEOe ESrlt frTO rETP sCE, &Orov OVK EIXE nyr1V 5 And some fell on the and fell on the rocky ground, where not it had earth ROCKY GROUND, where it ~roAXkslz' Scat EvOezws e~teav'e'et, o a a - ~I'had not much Soil; and much; and immediately it sprungup, through the not immediately it vegetated, EXcilt $ayos'y}Os. 6 HAiov 6E avaTetAavTos, because it had no Depth to have a depth of earth. Sun and having arisen, of Soil; EKavta~rc Tt1 O's rcat iLa r TO7 fyt EX5E1 ~PIa, a- 6 * and the sUN having it was scorched, and through the not to have a root, was arisen, t was scorched; pavoy7. 7Kat aA. o e7rEo'Ev Et acarOas' Ka nd because it HAD no dried up. And another fell into thorns; and Root, it withered. avesro'aY at ac Oaa t o'Kac rve7rvtav avTo, tcaL 7 And some fell among sprung up the thorns, and choked it, and Thornsll; and the THORNS map7rov ovcK EfacKc. 8 Ka ahho ere'EV ELts Trp grew up, and choked it, fruit not it gave. And another fell into the and it bore no Fruit.'Y77V Tr'v KCaOvI' KCat etlv ctapsrov av'aatve, ov'ra 8 And some fell on ground the good; and itbore firuit springing up GOOD GROUND, and yieldtat avuavovTra{ Kat e(pepeY erV ptpl acovTa, Kiat ed Fruit, springing up and and increasing; and bore one thirty, and increasing; and one bore Y lJKoPTaa, Ratr E EKaCTo. 9 Kao EA.YEv'O thirty, and one sixty, and one sixty, and one ahundred. And hesaid; He one a hundred." eXoW wTra aKovELv, aKovETCO. 9 And he said, * "He eaving ears to hear, let him hear. HAVING Ears to hear, let him hear." 0'OTe e Fyeve'ETO KaTaCraoas9 q7pwT7o'aVY 10 S And when he had When and he was alone, asked retired, THOSE about him, avTroJ oi irept aToVr, VV ots I ES amEK, T77' with the TWELVE, asked him those about him, with the twelve, the him concerning the * PAa~rapajBoA7vY. 11 Katt eAEyEV arUSTOL'Tete ME' O- ABLE. parables. And he said to them; To you it is 11 nd he said to them, * " To you is given the.fat yvlyat,TO /vo'TJptov T'nS IlairthAsEaCs TOU SECRET of the KINGDOO given to know the secret ofthe kingdom ofthe of GODS; ut to $ THOSE Geove' IeKELVOLS aS Tos Ebv EV rTapa/,ohaLs ra WVITnOUT, ALL things are -e-; to them butto those without in parables the done in Parables; W'v'Ta y/veTatr 12iva 1AE7TroVTreS 3Xe7rvo't, 12 t that seeing, they all (things) are done; that seeing they may see, may see, and not perceive; Kat ~str) tcarte afCoRoOrTsES atovctc, Cat y ~and hearing, they may K tai?7to't hear, and not and; and not they maysee: and hearing they m ayhed hear, and n o t undestand; lest they should turn, and sultwertaO'x / orS eTrOtTE EWpeyTP, 4 at aipe.~7. it should b:. forgiven they may hear: lest they should turn and should be forgiven them." aVTroLs Ta auapTr7/yaTa. 3 Kat AEyEt avroTs' 13 And he savs to them, to them the sins. And he says to them: "to you not understand OUK OaTe T-l 7'Y rapa/3OAtJlIJr TarT7r icat 7rcs this PARABLE? How then Not know you the parable this?.,nd how will you know All the 7raa'as ras rapal3oXas vwyreoe'Oe; 14'0 O'7repCOu PARABIES? all the parables will you know? He sowing. 14 T The SOWER sows Sow15 n the WORD. 701' oyov O lpet. OUTOs as s(To o 7iOL r 15 And these are THOSE the word sows. These and are they by where the WORD is Sown r77V 68o, 6wov o'rrretpEraL 6 Aoyos, Kat OTaY by the ROAD; and when the path, where is sown the word, and when they have heard, the AD' aKOVO'wO'tv, EOECOS EPXETra 6 o aTraias, scat VERSARY comes immedi they may hear, immediately comes the adversary, and ately, and takes away * VATICAN ]ANUSCRIePT. —6. and the sUN having arisen. 0. Who has ears. 10. PARABLES. 11. is given the SECRET, 12. it should be. 10. Matt. xii. 10; luke viii 9. I 11. 1 Cor. v. 12; Col. iv.,; l Thess. iv. 12, I Tim. iii. 7. I 12. Isa. vi. 9 Matt. xiii. l4; Luke viii. 10; John xii. 40d; A mnii. 26; Ren, xi. 1.i attt. Xii. 19.

Page  120 Pf.ap 1MARK. (CaP. 4: 28* alpE TO' P o0yoe' Tro' Eo7rapyEVo E' craTs Kapota~t THAT WORD which- was takes the word that having been sown in the hearts SOWN *lpon them. Cau'rc. I Kal6 oCr~ot elte d/l.OLO5S Ot Efl 7a 16 And these in like oarwx., 16Kai ob'roi Eia-iv L'IA01CVS 01 E mannor aee ToOSE SOWN of them. And these are like those on the on the ROCKY GROUND; 7reTrpWo77 o7reLpo etEotO, Ofi, oTrae atcou o'W L'ro v who, when they hear the rocky ground being sown, who, when they may hear the WYOR, receive tt immediAo'yoe, evOecs Iee-ra XapaS, avurov' ately with Joy; word, immediately with joy they receive it; 17 And having no Root 17 Kai ovc EfXOUva Pinav ev e'a VOS, aAAa WrpoG- in themselves, they are and not they have aroot in themselves, but for n but temporary; then Trial or Persecution occurring Katpot etstrt' etra yevoieUrl7s 0 Anfkecs a SiOsrhcoV on eccont of the WORD, season they are; then occurring trial or persecution tey instantly fall away. they instantly fall away. 3la rov e o' yov, VeOews (rcavaA.(oPreat. 18;at 18 And others are THOSE througk the word, immediately they e offended. And who are SOWN among the aAAot ertev o ECts Tras aKcavOe'a2 retpo[oeYot' i THORNS; *theseareTHNt others are those into the theorns being sown; who have HEARD thc os''roz Erie't ol'oe.Aoyoe' ascovoyTre$, 17 tat a WORD; these are those the word hearing, and the 19 and the CARES oftha ctspt ee'a -roe atcee'oeAGE, $ and the DECEIT. peruval noU ateCvtse, KCad th aa-ra)77 osv 7rAovTou, FULNESS of RICHES, and aores of the age, a;3d the delusion of the wealth, tile STRONG DESIRES f0o Kat at 7rep a Acotra e7rOrJtlat Eto'7ropEvoeoeVaL OTHER things entering in, and the abou% the ot H'u (things) strong desires entering in choke the WORD, and renyLr,&-oyvo'1 rov o Xoyo' Kae t atrapyros ytrve'rat. der it unproductive. choka the word; and unfruitful it becomes. 20 And *tlhose are THEY, Kaot ov-rot etLOlt Of Care orTY'yp r re' icarXv who are sown on the GooD Anc these are those;pon tire ground the good GROUHND, W10 hear the t1)VCycVE5-FC- o'r[te~s atcovovuo'oe Xoyoe, icai WORD, and accept it, and a e or'pt,'eS atCovovg't'pop A.o'yov) cat bear fruit; onethirty, one bc;u, nwho hear the word, and bear fruit; nethirty, ne sisty, and one ahundired." 7rapaeXo o'rat' Kae c ap7rotopovrrv, e' rpatcoV'ra, 21 And he said to them, acceptt and bear fruit, one thirty, t Is a lamp brought, to cat EX' EIr/tco'VTa, teat ev E -caTrO7 21 Kai cAeyEev be put under the CORNand one sixty, and one a hundced. And he said 3IEASURE, or under the avurotsc Mwr7c 6 XuXvos p)E(aat, ~iva t Uro tflo coucH? sothatitmaynot to them5 Neither the lamp comes, that under the be placed on the LAMPeoUSoJ TsE0y, 7 7l'uro T'r7Y ICtAIr7P; ouX'',a STANDo r.aeasr: it may be placed, or under the couch? not that 1 For enotlung Ws hidden, except that it exrst're' A,.uXet' crat'rxr]7; 22 v yap esort slould be mlanifested; nor on the itrm.'stand it may be placed? Not for is it concealed, but that Trc cpvurfroP, o eav' rl t a, cpwE'pc ov8e it should come to light. nnyti:.q hiddoe, swhich if not it maye disclosed; nor 23 If any one has Ears eyeC'VO C aaroTKpvuoe, aAA' [va ets avepo, ee0?7. to hear, let him hear." nV' stored away, but thatinto light it may come. 24 And he said to them, 23 Et TIS EXEt Wra atuCOvte, atcoverW. 24Kat I "Considerwhatyou hear; If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear. And by the Measure you disee'yep aVuolts BXAsrere, T alcoveTE. EP, pense, it will be measured he said tothemen Consideryou, wthat youhear. In what to* you, and shall be ad. ded to you; teE-rpt4 terpetre, MeTrpr~erhEo'al /e1Yt. 25'Os yap measure you measure, it shall be measured to you. Who for 25 1 for whoever has, to * VaTICAN MANUSC RIT. —15. upon them. 18. these are THEY who have HEARD the weonD. 20. those are TrEY. 22. nothing was hidden, except that it should be manifested; nor was it concealed, but that it should come to light. 24. you, and shall be added to you. t 21. By kleteen must be understood the couchl, (like our sofa,) which, as Grotius observes, had such a cavity as to admit of a candelaber7ts beinm put under it; nay, it seems, anything much larger; indeed, by the citationls adduced by WVetstein, it appears to have been used by the ancients as a common hiding place.-Bloon field. 19. 1 Tim. vi. 9,17. t 21. Iatt. v. 15; Luke oviiil, 16 xi. 83., 22. Matt. x, 26; Luke xii. 2., 24. Matt, vii. 2; Luke vi. 38. $ 25. IXatt. xii 12 xxvo r 2Sa ukke viii. 19; x. 20.

Page  121 map 4: 2O MARK. [ramp. 4': 1. av cXr, 8o0'ejrETaL avrTp Kaat bs ovc EXEL, tc him will be given; and ever a: haeit shallbe given to him- and who not has, even hc who has not, even'what 6o eX-lt ap0'-q Lc aor' avTroU. 26 Kat EASyE' he has will be taken fi om whathehas will betaken from him. And he said I: m." cs r 3aAe ao 6 And he said, "' The D'roos eo-riv 7l Pao'te.a,roV OEOv, &co s cap ai, Thus is the kingdom of the God, as if KINGDO of G-OD is, as BOpcnros OraA cv o7rnp~ elrt rsls'rls, a tThough a Man sShould cast man shouldcast *ehe seed on the eaxth, and sr;~) o1n the GROUIND; KaOelv.r teat yetyElprlal vura tKal CL, fepar / r, 6 7 rnn sholld sleep bj should sleop andl wake night and day and wae by Day, ropos and the SE:ED should gel. seed should geinate an grow up, as not kno inate, a gro p, knows not howr. avuros. Auvwotuawr l -[yap] y 7y:sapwrro'oTt, 28 The EARTH produces he. (Of its own acccrd [for] the earth bearsr spontaneously; first the 7rpW'ToY, Xop'roT,9 ELt'a trwoTXXV, Elta 7rA7 rpa r1 —o- o, Plant, then the Ear, afterfint, a ploant, then an ear, then full gr-i wards the Perfect Grain in EY TrC, CrPTaxeL. 29'00ap Be 7rapatp 6 tcaparos, the AR. in the Gar. When buo mnay bc r-e — he ffruit, 29 But wisaf- the GRAIN EveENs -E7ro0E TC-Vr k TO7:7ravov,, 6Ts~ r7rap TE Is natlured, immlediately ~vO~eos oow''r~ae razsose5 Lwa arap't ie sends the siCIna', Be, immediately hereencs the sickle, for is ready cause the HARVEST is 6 0epetrtoa. t~Kat XAey-, Ttive 0.toweFWeE' ready." the harvest. And hsaid; To what ms-we compa e 30 And he said, $ 6: To w7Tv acAsXeva, trou aov; rj` v ota 7rapa 3,?oA7 whlat may we comlpare the the kingdom of:he God? or by what,arable IKTINGDOM of GOD? or *lby 7racpactaAcc eri awrT,''3l'12s teOteosV' 0iEe,oro Al, l Whlat Parable maiy w: i. may we compare her' As a grain of mustai,. lustlate it', ~6s & w r'aatCi t pa, T7I7~ p 7,fa, tpo,, e(K osP O raC- 31 It resembles a eGrain which oetn Y37G YG~ r'bM ICP07EPS Q5 1of 0Mustard, which Vlea which,when Otme,)e;a', On sec aot:', less of wr wR sown en. the AtRLTH'2,i rCYV TcOPi rarEp'p7a;cI'v ETL ~TCI' earc rt wrOs r?7S' thoe;e"st of All THEoS aU oft'le wedse i.i$s cfaSrse on the earth trrOI that are on tVe 1 5Ka wrav c' 71ra9, aia'ECi'E4 lCeal'LY/iEwTa 7ra/y- EA RTIIH and wlienitmwaybeasa;r, isripAi;gcup &nd becomes of 32 but when it is sown, Ao0' aXC,o:;, peIa,(civ, Kma; 7rolt, KAalovs eTya-:~ grows up, and beconles all herbs greater, and e'oduces branches great, greater than All other ovays, wot'e SvvaoeotGG vrrr3 nr77 fI-'c3r aurour fa V V EarBS, and produces great ao as'4b$ truder the shd t th ntTCHES' so that the shadow of it the BRANCHES; SO BIRIDS of HEAVEN can rE7retOa wV oo6 eaaov;earC:wo:;rlovey.. 3 Kat wroet build their nests under the birds ofthe heaven to bhildnests. And aueh SHADOWV ol it." avrass arapafoAaes roAAa.s c'.aAXe avTeols Tro 83: And with many like parabeas many he spole to t!z-m the Such Parables he spolke.oYyov, craOcWs rw,-cwwo aKcove,. 34 XCp ts 86 "he woaD to them, even as word, evlrca* a hey were able to hear. WVithout!.Oh they were able to LnderTapa,3ot,ls o;c EoAaAEt avrwots' KT',8l1, E stand. a parable not hespoke to themi privtely b t 3l *And without a Parae tom; private t ble he did not address TOSS.Uecea6jass avuoi exoAvee aravwa. lthemn bul privately he to the disciples ofhimself he explained all. epine. llthings to his 35 Kai Ae7yEl avuOLs c Ci' e 1 7c ep w AepC, o Aiseiln That ies Y,'.3n. hesays'othem in that the daye eve i on Tat DAY, IEvening having come, he'yEEoPEYs'7s ALEAOewCEyE CLs rTO rE 36iO K., says to them, "Let us pass beingcome; rmay pass ovar to the otherside. And Over to tie OTHER SIDE. acpEV'res oV oXAor,rapaXacP faio'rA'v avwo'Y, &C 86 And having left the having left the crowd theytook him, as CRavnD, they took him as * VrICAN MANUSCRIT?. —28. For-eOnit. SO. in What Comoparison shall we place It? 34. And without,' 31. See Note on M3att. xiii. 32. 26. Mat. xiii. 24. t 30. MIatt. xiii. 81; Luke xiii. 18. 3. Mlatt.xiii. 34; Johb xvi. 18. t 6. Mat viii. 18, 28; Lk wiii..

Page  122 ecW. 4: 37.3 MARK. [Map. 5: 4. 71; Er T 2 rotro0 *[rccatl aXxa oe 7rAota qv he wasin the Bo AT. And he wasin the ship; t alsol other and ships was Other Boats were with uerT' aVTroY. 37 Kat tylVeTra; Aalha' a Eerov ieya- him. with him. And arose a squall of wind great; 37 And there arose a Arl''ra oe Icvua'ra E7rer, eAAXEV ELS Oe T'XorAov, great Gale of Wind, and the and waves daihed into the ship, the WAVES dashed into the OTE aVUTO 78 7YE/.LjULef0ai. 38 Kmai r ev avTros ey BOAT, SO tllhat *the BOAT so as it now to fill. And n-as he in was now full. 7rp 7rpvvy?7, Es7r TO 70rpocricepaXaatov seaOevwv' 38 And tie was in the the ste-n, on the pillow sleeping; STEEN, asleep on lie PIlKat Ltyesepovurt avTror, Kat Ae.yovrv avTrw' LOW; and thcy awoke him, and they awoke him, and they said tohim; andsaidtohir, "Teachler, Art8artKah E, ov teXetL VoL, dTL a7roAAvuEOa; does it not concern thee O teacher, not it concerns thee, that se perislhP That we perish P"'1 Kaml te-yEpOe9s ECE7rcTLSOyE T9 aOVIeA, Kcaie E7rE 39 Alnd arising, he reAnd having arisen he rebuked the winsd, ad said buked thi wIn, and said TrR OaAae?7yp ~ aln7ra, Vreopw eo-o. Kma Esxo -leOvC to the sEA, "Be silent! be to the sea;;c silent, be still. And cease d Sti' the WN easo avyCoso, tcaLt SEyeOTo yTprlV7 eTyaxrE. Ka ed, and there was a great the wind and vwas scalm great. And Caim. ELT-EV aTOseOL Tt aelXAoL''C * [o rj s;] 7rs ~ 40 And he said to them, he said to them; Why timi e crc- ou [so?} how OVtC EXETE rtLTIP j Ka;1 epoBrea077a' (Poo "Why are you afraid?,8or How distrustful you are!" not youhave faitht' te -hey feared a feare izetyav, Kat wAe'7o rp 9 h.liAous' Tts ape 41 Anld they were exgreat, and said tS onc another; k'ho then ceedingly afraid, and said 0QoTS SorT, ~ t trant iJ.i /U.Os scat 77 Oataoroa to one another, "Whotthen this is, for vwen thre ind and the sea is this, That even the WIND and the sEA obey him?" vnraiovorip avrtT hawkhen to him. CHAPTER V. I SAnd they came to I Kal 7.AX: eLs TO 7repaa Tr's Vaf aorort s, ets the other side of the LAKE, And Lhe'w came to the othieraid ofwthc sea, jto into the IEGION of the,7rxp XWPaO TwO rPa&a C'f O~, 2 KaiL 4AeXOoTr * GERASENES. the country of:w;ie Gae'zeaneex An d havingcome 2 And Iaving come out SavTp EC To 7rA toy, EK *[? -cEs] a7r'IjvT7Oez' av7rr of the BOAT, ther. met f., him out of the ship, [-amcioly] met him him out of the r MONUEtc TWO eUYv7lxptLvo avOpposU CsY 7rweUveaTi atKaOap- RIENTS, a Manwithan im. Ont of the tombs a mal in spirit unclean, pure Spirit,,s 3 & ~r- tCa'o0tlcKOC ECE-,XvE' e T'rots atrap.artal 3 who had his RABITAwho the dwelling had in the tombs; TION in tle TOMBS; atd. at o ovTs aA C:I Ov s vYaTr aVrov 8ro7aat, no one could bind *him add not, vcn witl chains 30 one was able him to bind, any longer with Chains; 4 ea To aOVTGO 7roAXasciS wwEaats sal at -XvEo 4 for many times he had for the him many time, witi fetters and chains been BOUND with Fetters EdeerOai, cat a teo7rarOal 7r' avTov ras and Chains, and the to have been bound, and to have been burst by him the CIHAINS had been wrenchXVUOeLt, Kcatr Tas rebars o(vrTTptrIOat' Kcal ovfEts ed off by him, and the chains, and the fetters to have been broken; and no one FETTERS broken; and no * VATICAN I{ANOSCIPTo —36. also —onit. 37. the BOAT was. 40. so —omit.. (&ReASaENS. 2. immediately —omit. 3. him any longer with. t 2. The sepulchres oe the Jews were formerly amongst rocks, mountains, and other un. frequented places, in order that there might be as little danger as possible of that pollution whlich touching any thing dead prodwuced. They were often as large as a commodious room, and are now often resorted to as places of shelter for thle night. Sometimes the wandering Arabs, during tie winter siason, take up their permanent abode in them. It appears that at a very early period, some ofthese tombs were used for sue ha purpose; as Isaiah speaks ot some. "wlto renlain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments," chap. lxv. 4. Burch. hardt reports, that he found mesnv sepulchres in the rocks at Um Keis, (supposed to be the ancient Gadara,) showing how Aturally the wonditions of this narrative could have beep ilfilled in that region. 1, taa J. krii. 28; )~R i6

Page  123 CaP. 5: ] MARK. cMap. 6: 18. avTro 1XV6 5ac/aoarat' 5K cait da7rasros, syvros one was able to subdue him was able to tame; and always, night him. rial 74ltepas, E7'rOts yi7l)aac t sKait EV TroLS OPoEttL 5 And he was always, and day, in the tombs and in the mountains Night and Day, in the l77 KpaCvu, Kat sa'ascowrwsc EaVToV A1OoS. SEPULCRoES and in thle he was crying out, and cuttin g himself with stones, MIOUNTAINS, Crying out, 6 IOwV oe'ro IO/t'ovv a7ro AuaKpoOeV, E3paeE, ratl and cutting himself with Seeing and the Jesus from a distance, he ran, and Stones. TrpotbE /7)515 eIVld'r l KtcaL Kpatas (vW7 Ateyailr, 6 And seeing JEsns at prostrated to bim; and crying outwithlavoice great, a distance, lie ran aind EL7rE, T 5L JOt scat ITo, Ir)ou, VLIE TOV OEOV ToV prostrated to him, said, what to me and to thee, Jesus, O son ofthe God of the 7 and crying out with a ~410'Ton; 6psctiW 0E TOV GEOn, It7) YtE $Bao-ai- loud Voice, said, "What highest? I willadjure thee the God, not me thou mayst last thou to do with me, 0s. 8 (EhXEyE yap avUTcp ESEAOE TO 7rveU/Cia TO Jesus,-O Son of GODtorment. (He had said for to him; Come out the spirit the tile HIGHESTr? I implore aKaOaproY K TOV avOpwrov.) 9 Kat enpra thee-GOD,-torment Me unclean out of thie man.) And he asked llOt. avTos' Ti o-ot ovola; scaL XAe'YEL aUT(r' lAey-Eov 8 (For le had said to him: What thy name? and he says tohim; Leion him, " IMPURE SPI RIT, OPvG/Jl gtori TL woAAot CO/ASP. 10 Kat wrapstaceLt Come out of the rMAIN.") name to me; for many we are. And he beaought 9 And he ailhed him, avto 7rohAAa, iva Ixrl av7 ovs a7rot'et7nT ec Ti i What is thy Iame?" him many times, that not them he would send out Ande ys to nio, "My TriS xwpas. l Hv 8e Kcet 7rpos T( opei ayeX Namr e Many or we of the country. Was and there near to the mountain aherd b EyaA) ~O~cO/sEI/'7. 1 Kat wapscahanae 10 Anrd he earnestly enXotpVwV /AE-yCA7,80aKoto.EyVr. 12 Kat 7rapeKaAeo-aP, treated him. that lie *would of swine great feeding. And besought not sd them out of a a hetaaght not send them out of the a'rao v es' l, Aeyo'res' EeiAo y, L $as FtS COUNTRY. him the demons, saying; Disl.liss us into 11 Noow there was by rovs Xotpovs, ivGa ets avrtoVs et(reAOW. eV. 13 Ka the MOUNTAIN, a great the swine, that into them we may go. And Herd of Swine feeding, ECrETpeEPV aV'rot evOEWrs o Irro'ovs. KUi aEA- 12 And "the neMONsbe gaveleave tothem immediately the Jesus. And having sought him, saying, " Disrmiss us to the SwiNE, that oiVTa ta 7rvmEcuara 7Ta a0caeap ra eiario r 0 Tvwe macy g(, rJit, themti." come out the spirits the unclean enlteed leto 13 ayd agje gave them.rovs xoLpovs s Kat WPIAe71 c aTe. r KeR'a T rov leave. And the IMaPURae the swine; and rushed the herd down The -PIRITS hating come cut spflepov EIS Trrv OaXaaootay' "*[qoay e c &s to,- went isto the SWINE precipice into the sea; [thlley were and abou vo a:ndth HiERT)D ushed down XthAot] slcat clr EIrPoVTo Ev -rn7 GaAa-oeN. 140 t the PRECIPTCE into the thousand;] and were choked in the sea. Those tAKE, anld were dLowned in the LAXE. BostroY'reS avrovs ePvyov, tKa arrrlyetav i hen the swl and feeding them fled, and reported I ted, and eported HERIDS fled. and reported EIS 7T)Y 7roXAy, Kat eIS Tovs aypovs. Kat ~rlA- it in the clX, aund in the to the city, and to the villages. nd theycame vitlages. And they came oo' tSeSEt, Ert eItt 0 TYEyoVOS. 15 Kat K pxov'rat out to see what THAT was out to see, what is that having been done. And they come which had been DONE. irpos V Ioe'b7,o~uyve, s Ocat L 7OeecLpon't TO - 15 And they came to to tihe Jesns, and they behold the being demonized JESUS, and beheld the DEsiIONRAC, MIZt IMAVYNG roy fcata ue-ooy' X[teat] itzaTL'teyov, teat Ka wd(ppo- 310NIAC, 11.f HAVING s to *[scai] tgat.t1 e'sy', oeetltPO- HAD the LEotOte, sittuig sitting [and] having been clothed, and being of down, clothed, and in his vorvVTa, TOV eC'XlCKotra TroP AteTYEOyava iat right mind; andtheywere nane mind, the having been possessed by thle legion; and afraid. eipo/3rlO77lrav. 16 Kat atil-ey7r1avro av0otS ot toov- 16 And THOSE SEEING they were afraid. And related to them thosehaving it, related to them what VATICAN MANeSCIPT. —7 nays. s ays. 12. they besought. 13. he gave thoq leave. 13. and they were about Two Thotsaad-omito 15..d'-Osntg. sl. se JlIst il Matt. Vl,a

Page  124 Clap. 5: 17.] MVIARK. r6'hap.: 27. Tes, 7r10s Ef7VET,O Tot/ alaO Oyl'tEty, KaLt 7EpL had happened to the DEMOseen, how it happened to the one being demonized, and about NIAC, and concerning tile'rwV XoLPWo. 17 Kai 7paVT0ro 7rapaKaXet, aUnroy SWINE. the swine. And they began to entreat him 17 k And they began to a7rwtA6ei a7ro TwV o pceo avcrwr. 1s Kat Eht,/a3- entreat him to depart from to depart from the coasts ofthem. And entering their BORDERS. Tos aVTroU Els TO 7rAoLoov, 7rapElfaXt atusoO d 18 And he having enof him into the ship, besought him he tered the BOAT, HE W10ho 8altlovLO-etas, ~a,I 19 Kai had bet a DEMONIAC, enhaving been demonized, that he might be with him. Aud treated him that he mighb ou0 aQ/p7cKEv aVroY, aXhar AyeEL aVTc'Twa-E be with him; not he suffered him, but he says to him; Go 19 And yet he did not ElS TOv otcoV 01ou 7tOS TO Sl v otvS, KaSC avaO-y-e- permit hIim, I-ut says to into the house of thee to the friends, and relate him, "Go HOME to thy Xov avoLs, bo-a ao o6 KV plOS 7rE7TOLrte, cKar FttRIEnDS, and tell them to them, how much to thee the Lord has done, a how much tle LORD has?J)rltaTE OE. 20 Kai a7r E, at e, tKai 7pjaoT0 Kcpv- done for thee, and has had has pitied thee. And he went, and began to pub- pity on tllee. OSLO EOrw 7 aEKaTrOrL, olra errot7)IEO atopo ob 20 And he went away, iih in the Decapolis, how much had donae to him the and began to proclaim in T ~r~aous Zz,savrfs E h. 1 DECAPOILIS, how nouch JEilqOUS-ea S 7rvTC~EE oXa~ooV~. ~ sus had dorne for him; and Jesus; and all were astonished. 21 Kai 5a7reTpaTaVT0os Toy IO'ov T E, TTr rXozT all wuere astonished. And having passed over the Jesus in the ship ag And JErss having ~raArv eS TO 7repav, Tvv7qxOrl oXkos 7ro.vs er' Boat to tle OTH- X SIDE, again to the otherside, were gathered a crod great to a >lOT~" Stt 702 2 a great Crowd gathlered to arro' fKat 71P 7rapa Tr' Oakao-o'a'. 22Kat him, and he was by the hio, and he was by the ea. Aod him, and he was by the *[itov,] epXeraL ELs Twov apXLOvvayoy rv, o0o- 2B2 And one of the SN(lo,] eomes one of the synagogue-rulers, by AGOGUE-2 ULEIAS, naeo ted AGOGUE-RULERS, Bailed tLyaT IaEposs Kait Sowv avuro, 7Lr7TEL 7rpos ToVs Jairus, came, and seeing nalne Jairus; and seeing him, he fell to the him, he fell at his FEET, robas avrov, 23 Kat rEperKa. E aVTOV 7roXs a, 23 and earnestly enfeet of him, and besought him much, treated him, saying, "My Ae-yao'Ort TO Oiucya-pirov /tov ETXarT(As EXEf LITTLE DAUGHTE 1is at saying; That the little-daughter of me last end is; the point of death; come, and put thy HIANOS on her va eAdOrv E7rOe7s auTv7 Tar Xetpas, 07WS that she may be restored, that coming thou mayest put to her the hands, so that and she will live." acwO' e aLt i7rerat. 24 Kat ar7lXOCe fETr 24 And he went with she may be saved; and sheshalllive. And hewent with him, atd a great Crowd avTrov- Ka l 7KO1coovOe avuT OX. oS 7roXvs, Eat followed him, and pressed him; and followed him a crowd great, and on him. eavedAith ov asuroe. 25 Kai 7yvv0, *[Tts] ovTa 25 And a Woman, fhavpressed on him. And awoman [certain] being ing had a Hemorrhage ev Pv(JELt aflaTos CrT?7 8WeKa, 26KaL TwoAXa for twelve Years, in a flow of blood years twelve, and many things 26 and hlaving suffered raOovtra bro 7roAAwv ta7pwv, Kai aaravnroTacoa much under Many Physihaving sufferedunder many physicians, and having spent cians, and having ex/K71aEP pended ALL her property, Ta rlap avur)s 7vrars, Scat p el' wZteAO- and not being benefited, the things of her all, and nothing having been bt had rather beconme OEtra, aAAa a.tAAov ers TO XetpoW e2ov oa, WORSE, benefited, but rather into the worsee tate having come, 27 having heard * the 2, Kovtaaca 7rept ToU I7(T0ov, eA0ovo'a Ey Tfo things concerning JESUS having heard about the Jesus, having come in the came in tile caowD be, ~ VATICAN MAaUSCRIPrT.-21. a Boat-omit. 22. lo-omit. 25. certain —omit. 27. the things concerning JEsus. t 17. Matt. viii. 34; Acts xvi. 39. 4 18. Luke viii. 38. 1 21. Matt. ix. 1; Luke Yiii. 40, + 22. Matt. ix. 18; Luke viii, 4l. t 25, Lev. xv. 25; Matt. ix. 20,

Page  125 6baP. 3: 28e. MARK 89 oXkA o'7rtoOev, ln'aTro fTOv ~rgaTrLov atvsov. hind, and touched his crowd behind, touched the mantle ofhim. MANTLE. 28(EXEy-E -yap'c0T Kat 7TSY fl/arTWo aUoov 28 For she said, "If I She said for; That even if the clothes ofhim can blot toch his GARa+Zwjatai (wNo/a), o oa. 29 Kat EvOes erlpav'Ol MENTS, I shall be cured." I may touch, I shall be saved.) And immediately was dried up 29 And immediately her ) 7F7}ry7'rovo aiua-ss avls KCalt Eyvcw crP FLOW of B LOOD was dried the source of the blood of her; and knew to the lip; and she felt in her oweaTrl,'cT tabait a7ro T'S a'GeLo'rrsyos.. 30 Kat Body That she was cured body, that was saved from the scourge. And of that SCOURGE. evOOes 6 Iriovts e7rtyvovs ev Eavcrp'Trlv et 30 And immediately; immediately the Jesus knowing in himself the out of JESUS knowing in himself a6'ov 8vvaftv eSEeXou voav, e7rto'pa~PEts ev y P'T the POWER proceeding himself power having gone out, having turnedround in the from him, having turned oXXA, eAeTye Tts ypov'7a'ro rWov ~Ua-tWC,; round in the CROWD, said, crowd, soid; Who of me touched the clothes? "Who touched My GAR31 Kat eEyOV avo'cr, of' /ad'1 rat avT'ov BAe7relt 3sENTS?" And said to him the disciples ofhim; Thou seest 31 And his DISCIPLES coov oXAov oOvve0Xovra oe' o cat Aeyets' Tss eovo said to him, "Thou seest the crowd pressing on thee; and sayestthou; Who me tile CROwD pressing on ja?0o; 32 Kait repteBAe7'rero Ltetv'rcV roV'o thee, and dost thou say, touched? And he was looking round to see the (woman) this Who touched Me?'" 7rorlta'aaoav. 33'H &e 7y0v', (po/3'eoa scatl cpsE- 32 And he was looking having done. The but woman, fearing and trem- round to see HERw who had ovfra, etovta 6 TyrYoVer er' aovo',';je scatDONE this. bling, having known what was done on he, came and 33 Then the WOMAN, being conscious of what IcpocrEr~Eo' aCe cp, scat ceatre av'cr 7rasral,'71; was wroughlt upon her, felldown to him, and told to him all the fearing an tremblin 3410' fearing and trembling, akrlOerav. 34'0 e stcre avo'rp' ~Ovyarep, X came and fell down before truth. He but said to her; Daughter, the hi-n, and told him All the fC'tSES coo atCcEsc0e fO71 V'rayE /Es Et EpI77YY, ICa TiUTT. faith of thee hao saved thee; go in peace, and 34 And THE said to her, E'lOt yLtrls. a7ro s Trs Juar-t7yos cooU. 35 E-t avT'ov "Danghter, thy VAIT'L be thou well from the scourge of thee. While of him has cured thee; go in peace, and be entirely free AaAovvrsos, epxovTat auro'ou apXtolvvaywyov, from thv DISmEASE." Speaking, they came from the synagogue-rulers, 35 While he was still AEyoOES 0-'Oct'I Oe7yarlp orou arcOaVE' -ct speaking, some came from saying; That the daughter ofthee it dead; why tle SYTNAGOGUE-RULER'S EsrC fcvAAEIts Pros tbLaGeo[ oe,; 3'0 e I77o'ovs house, who said, "Thy yet troublestthou the teacher? The but Jesur; DAUGHTER is dead; why (evOfcsf,acova-a srov Ao wyo AaXoulvoy, NE-yet trouble the TEACHER?" immediately having heard the ord being poen, a 36 *But JEUs, having heard the WORD that was ~wcop apxtfrzUaywyT' Mri cpo/ov, poro, 7rtcrq'evo spoken, immediately said to the synagogue-ruler: Not fear, only believe thou. to the STNAGOGUE-BULEE, 57 Kat oovc aP7ttcvE ovaoeva avrcTy avaicoAoov 6oloat, " Fear not; only believe." And not he suffered no one him to follow, 37 And he permitted no et Ieul nIT'poo, scat Iaca/aoero, scat Iwavov, Iroy one to accompany *him, aocept Peter, and James, and John Cihe except Peter, and James, Ve&XcoVo IaKw1C ov. 38Kat epXEsat ElS ToV OeOV and John the BROTHER of brother ofJames. And he comes into the house Jans. 38 And *they come to troo apxtorvvaywoyov, Kat Oewpet 0opvoov, scat the ROUSE of the SYNA~ of the synagogue-ruler, and he Bees a tumult, and GOGUE-RULER, and he sees KcXatovTas Kat aXaXacov'ras roAAa, 39 Kat the Confusion, and much weeping and wailing much. And weeping and lamenting. OsEA OWcv AEcyEt aTotEs' Tt Oopouf3cpEe scat 39 And having entered, having entered he says to them: Why meyoutronbled and Ihe says to them, "Why do ~ VATICAN MANUSCRoIPT.-3-. But JESUs, neglecting to hear the woad whica waso po, ken, says. 870 with him. 38. they come too 30. Luke vi. l0; viii. 4. 34. Matt. ix. 22; lmak x, 52; Atcs xio,.

Page  126 e.hp:40.1f MARK. ap. ir. rCAaMe'rE; rO7 raiOV'ay oCl arrCeaievt-, hAAa acaf0EvEue. you weep and make confuil doyosuweep? the chill not isdead, but sleeps. sion? the CtllI is uot dead, but sleeps.", 40n ua KarEyeAW v anuro. O ie, eApaAsv Xi" CavTa~ de40An bdt t slyees.r' And they decrided tfili. le but, hav teent out all, nd they artle him.: But pulltting" t tlae" 7rapahayxavct'Jrot 7ra'repa'70o trltov, 3ta T'a v all out, * fie takes thle Zahe takes the Cfather of thl child, and the'HEa and thee MOTHER. Of,.aT'epla, teat Srovs /eS r auTOV, Kat eo'7rOpeverat, the CHILD, and THOSE plother, and those with him, had goes in. - with hinm, and goes in 7rov 4y' TO 7alo lOV. 41 Ka tpaTroas Tr7s XetPO * where the CH i.LD was. where was the child. And having grasped the hand 41 And having grasped 7ot, watitov, Aeyeti at'rr TIaAt, KOVugt 6 eOTt the HAND of tllhe CHILD, ol thp chid, he ays t her Talitha, cuti; hic is lie says to her, Talith cuacumi,n'which, being transjceO0puav veVoueeCov To kopao'tov, noe AFyw, fated, signifies,' You No being translated; The girl, to thee I say,. i blIADF.N, I say to tl1ec ey'wtpe. 42 KRa evOewc avet7rl TO opaoiov, Kat arise." arise, And immediately arose the girl, and 42 And immediately the irepte'raret' ae yap e'rtp v 3WeeEKa. Kat eCe-O- YOUNG MAIDEN a-l'Ose ntl walked about; hle was for years twelve., And they were walked about, for she!;is'rc7rav eK0Tatr.r )eah-ap. 43 Kai ate1Te7a~ TO twelve years old. And astonished-with an astonishment great. And he charged tlty were exceedingly as. tonished. avtros 7roNha, va yE - /taS 7 r rouTo' ta,'43 And She strictly them much, that no one might know thisi and chared them that no oie cIre 60oTvai avTp payetev. should know this thing; epake to havegiven to her to eat. and directed to give hcl food. KE 4. s'. 6, CHAPTER V1. Irat EcrXOev eIl~eOev, teat'Adev c lS rpvy far- 1 And tl he depr'ted And he went out thence, and came into the country thence, andl " COilles into pe8n aurTov Kai aooveoulv v'aUToe o0 e juaOT lat his OWN COUNT1'Y; and ofhimself and follow him the disciples hiS DISCIPLES follow ltinl. 2 And the Sabbalth haycurou' f Kat yevlo/evou napp8rout,'pesaTo fV inc come, lie beean to ofhim.. And being come tabbath, hle began in t in i YN teach in the SYNAGOGUE, Tn owvvayw-oyt laoe etlV' Kait 7rokAot aKvovT'7s and *aIAN' hearing, were the synagogue to teach. And mauy bearing, astonished, and said, e7rXl7a'ovro, Aeyov7'res nTeloev rovur vrav a; "" lWhence has this nman were astonished, sayingi Whence to this these tings? these things? and What carts Tl r'octa'oij eO t'a avTwe; Icat 8Va/u.afas S TIAT WISDOM 5 htichl is and what the wisdom that being given to him? and miracles in)parted to 11i1t? and how are such MIRACLES,rotauritt ta r WP X ipwO av'rou ye vorai. pelforned through his to great. through the - hands of hm are doe. HN 3OvX ovUos c-rvp 6 reK'rte'V, vios Maptas, 3 Is not this the CAnNot this is the carpenter, the son of Dary, PENTEF? tile SON of atseqXcos 8e Iat, Ka I, cac l ovsa, teat * MAY, and I Brothter of brother and ofJames, and Joses, and Juda, and James, and Joses, anl( JuVATICAN MANUSCRIPT-40. I)e takes. 1. comes into. 2. MANX. 2. t~ him? and such nIlaacCEs. 3. MARY, and Brother of. t 40 The persons or crowd here spoken of, were probably a set of people nsually hired on tlhese occasions to attend the funeral, and foliow the processionl with their lamentaltions. This custom prevailed East.'These are the mournie woomen nmentionted by Jeremialh, chapter hx.17 —1; and by Amos, chapter v. 16. They were called Preficae by the liomans, because they presided over, an d began, the funeral dirge. But nien seenm to hiae attended amongst them, as well as women. br. Sliawi nentions this clstann to be still continued in the East and observes, that the( womn en emplloye on these occasiens, )erform their pa.rts with such proper sounds, gestures, and ir,)tions, that they rarelv fall to work up the assembly to an extraordinary pitch ofthouglhtfulness and sorrow. —W'achfell. ~ 30. John xi. 11. I:v-: 40. Acts ix. 40.'-'3-/' I 43. Matt. viii. 4i' ix. 80.; ii. 16; xvit 9; Mark iil. 12, Lu;e v 14. 1. Matt. xiii. 5s, Luke iv. L6.' J. Juhu vi. 42, 3. Mliatt. Xsii. 4, Gal I. 19. -

Page  127 Chap. 6: 4. MARK. mT-cpO. 6: it4. lq.w;/os; tal outc eto'w aO a6EAqai aurov &bE das, and Simon? and are aInducvvos; not his SISTi;nS here with s Sicmon and not are. the sisters of him here were per-.,av'r w. us?' And they were perwrpoS jL/C.S; Kra EfaKosav'oa iovh~ ot, vT/ plexed with him. with us? And they were stumbled in him. But JESUS sid to' 4 But JESUS said to 4 Ehe-yc e aVToLS b6 Ixi0oU -'Ort ovI EO'TO c i Q thom, r"A Prophet is not ) Said but tothem the'Jesus; That not is a pro- itout onor, except in 4P7jTrqS CCTIUOS, e E IA - q E 1) rrp -r gL aS:7; rwithout lienor, except in 7T7 TO, E T p TOU, his OWN COUNTRY, and phet without honor, except in the country of llimself, among his RELATIVES, Kg e, TrolS OrvUyEV,eo It, i cae ev Tr7 0oKta aUTrov. and illn his owN FAMILY anr.l among the relatives, and in the house ofhilnself. 5. Aiid he was unwil6 Kal OVK rlouVa7o (KEt OU~~BctZ ~Vl o a u v l- ling to do any MlrAC;.ES And not vas able there no one miracle to e, eto dcept a Few MIACL to there, except a Few Sick ata, El o;. O.YOlS apPthW TOS ElrOS i aS X~paSs persons he cured by lay do, except a few sick having put on the hallds, ing is HANDS on them. eOeparevuoe. o Kat EOavtae 8Sa Srrv' a7rl'0Tiav 6 And lie was surprised were cured. And he wonderedt because ofthe ubelief on account of their UNR=UTWCV. BELIEF. + And lhe went of thetm. round thle VILLAOES teachKait irepitwyEe ras tco tas cvKXe, i8aaotI'tc. in,. And hewent round the vdilages round atl6ut, teaching. And lhe called the 7Kai wrpoaaAheeral ToySs Stceca, ns. 7lpfarTO TWELVE, and sent Them And lhe call the;wele, oe' and hi began forth in pairs; aild gave.avrov s'7roTrqAAe L. uo seto -at eS&Sov altTOLs them Authority over the them,::: to ea d:eo twool and he gavo to them IMPURE SPIRITS; fovlfftav Uv'p 7rverriLarWtr t WY' aKa0apowci,, 8nat 8 and lle charged them, authority of the spiritn. of the unclean, co l that they should take Novrap7r?7T-yt.~, aVrots, Imva fLe718v aipwcrev is thinge for tile Journey, ex he chlarged then, tihat uothing tieyishouldtake for cept a Sinlle Stall; *1 8o,3 el tUq Sa,'Sope tovov' 37l 7rrapav, /L71 apro0, Brcad, no Traveling Bag. away, excepL a staff only; 110 bag, no bread, no Copper in the GInDILE; 57 EC$'C)l (tR7V XOAKco' 9'aAA', vrroSESceu ovs 9 but to wear SANDALS, r or intD the beu copper mnoney: but having been sbhod and not Dut on Two Coats. VJayaatart ICat /I- cvivc7JaoOE 8vo XiTwvas. 10Kaw 1( And he said to them, oandals anod not yoa may put on two coats. And "Whatever house you en. thAeyei aTorots''Orov cua etoeA077TcE l c OIIutav,, ter, there remain, till you he sai to themt; Vhere if youmayenter into ahouse, leave tie place. <iteL jeeVte isw asv ~eth60/r'e tclOev. all iae i And *whatever Place ithere remain tilt you may go away from thence. And will not receive you, nor Zaoe actp 8e~ttWuVaL b(tas, pti8e tcuctWovCoo C b, e, hear you, in departing not may receive you, nor hear yotl, telnce, 1- T Slake nit thlal ET'OpEVO IAEYO Ct 6tCE IEV, Eu'traC4TE TOG XOUY' TOr DUS'T which is UNDER going awa, from thence, chake out, the ditst that your FEET, for a Testi. SroKaarfCo TcsOl 7otWy it vtcs, ECis taprvpTIO aelTOiS. mlony to them. under the feet of you, for u witlnes tothlem. 1l) And having gono 12Kat E.eA.0ovQret eK?7pvooYov, Iva ALTO'a'o to-i'' forth, they proclaimed And havinggone out they published, that thev shouldreformn that men should reforl,. 13 Kat taizovla 7roAAca eft8aAAo', Kat 77Ac~tpov 13 And they expelled and demons many they cast out, and anointed many Demons, and T an.'EXalt,roAAitov adppaorovTs, tcL eBFpaVrEvov. ointed many sick persons with oil many sick ones, and they were cured. with Oil, and curedthem. 14 Kaa lKovO'Eb 6d faoWiAoevs'Hpte8-ls (pas'epoe 14 t And Herod the And heard the king Herod, (well-known. KING heard, (for JEsus -yap cEyEvero To OVOiad auITOu, ) Raet Ayev'OTI had becosne well-known,). nr was the name of hiu,) and hesaid; That and *he. said, "John tile 4 VATICA.N MAN tISCRoPT.-8. no Bread, no traveling Bag.' 11. whatever Placo will not. 14. they said. t / t11. An emblematical action, signifying a renunciation of all furlher concern witL them. It was very usual among the people of the East to express thei: intentions by cx. tcrnal signs. Many singular examples of this species of language occur both iu 01 and New Testaments. See a Kings xi. 29; xxii. 11; 2 Kings xiil. 15. [4, 4Mntat. iii 57; JohA iv. 44. 1 5. Mltt. xiii. 7; JoTark ix. 123. 6 Mat. ix. S5 lulte aiij.22. 7. Matt. x.. Marki iii. i, 14; luke ixs 1. 1. Acts \xi.SlX.vlii!,,,. 1 1, James v, 1, - 14. 1.att. xiv. 1; Luke YtX.

Page  128 Chap. 6: 1g.] MARK. t[Cap. 6: 2. Ioaavvls 6 GaT7rwrlwv EIC VEooWV 71YEpO7rl, cal IIMaERSERs*has isenffrom John he baptizing out of dead has been ralsed, and the Dead, and therefore 5ta TroVrO EyepTyovo-tv at 6vUvaeis Ey av'rqt. MIRACLES are 1performed through this work the mighty powers in him. by hint." 1 AAAot EXsYeo'Oct HXtas effetv- AAX2ot SE 15 Others saia,$" Heis Others said: That Elias he is; Others and Elijah;" and others said, eAeyoy''OtL 7rpo(pr-TJs esitvy, cs Eis Twcyv rpo- "lIe is a Prophe', like one said: Tlhat a prophet he is, like one ofthe pro- of the PROPHETS.-' r7TO)wy. 16 AKcovo-as ~e o Hpwsels, etirey'O(t 16 $But HEIROD having phlets. Having heard but the Herod, said; That heard, said, "Th at John. ov eyst aTreaepaAkca IwaYvv71j, obiros'yEpO?7 whonml I beheaded; te is whsom I beheaded John, he i raised raised." *[eCK VepCyv.] 17 AUvTs yap 6'HpwSos aroo- 17 For HERO) himself [ from dead.] Himself for the HIerod send- had sent and seized JOHN, retAas EKpar-lcre ToY Icwavwve7, Kat e71o'Er aUvrov and bound him in Prison, Ing seized.he John: and bound him On account of Herodias, fV E pvUhKr7 ta'Hpw~taa, i-Yv yUvascKa SLeXtr- the WIFE of Prilip his in prison, through HIerodias, th? wife of Pslilip BROTHER; for he had mar7rov rov a8euptov abTov, 6Tt av77rv e-yauAelrey. ried Her. of the brotler of himself, for her he had married. 18 For JOHN had said s18 EXe'YE yap 6 Iwavvrls eLP'HpwS7''Oirt ovt: e- to HERoD,:' it is not Said for the John to the Herod; That not it is lawful for thee to have thy e(-t ott xetXv isrly'yvvatLKa rov a6eXp)oU sou. BROTIIEI'LS WI]E." laweful to thee to have the wife of the brother of thee. 19 Therefore. ERODIAS 19'H 8e'HpcWtaS eyetxev avr Kcat 1desey was incensed against him, The and Herodias had a grudge against him ad wished and wished to kill him, av'rov aw7oKtievat tcat ovec lv~va'o. 20'O yap and could not. him to destroy; and not vas able. The for 20 For I-ltEO,:feared'Hpwre s e iot3evTro roy Iavvvrly etcWs aUToy av- JOHN, knowing that he Herod feared the John, knoving him a was a just and holy Man; spa SKcattov ital &ylov scat eU-vEiptE aviov Kat allnd protected him; anld man just and holy; and protected him; and having heard him, lie *did aKove-as avno v, 7roAAa E7rotEl, Kaet 8Ews avnro manly things, and heard hearing him, manythlings he did, and gladly him E gladl. ovne. 21 Kat fye~vote~ vs t7ppas evKalapovtX he 21 And a convenient he heard. And having come a day convenient, when Day having come, when ~'Hpcosos rOts -yYerVEo-si ao ov aT oV Ei7rvo h E er OlEllHerod, on his BIITIIH-DAY, S otyvrtv eWottt nmade a Feast for his NOHierod to the birthday ofllimself a feast hle made TOtS YEteyti-Tactv aVtov, sKaLt oto xtAXapXos, tcat BAIEs, and for the coMto the nobles ofllimself, and totle commanders, and I-ots pwco-tos Tr-7s FaAXiatas' 22 KCat EloTeAOv`?s of GALILEE3; to tile chiefs of the Galilee; and having entered 22 * the DAUGHTIiP of r-s OUTyaTrpos avi'rs Tr-s'Hprcetasos, Kat opXr — tle is ERlODIAS having enof the daughter of her ofthe Herodias, and dnc- the Hed, and danced, * she raaeVrtls, eat apeo-atrls -Wcp'HpwdS at irots pleased HERtOD and the ung, and ha-'ing pleased the Hierod and those tGUESTS, * and the KING teruava~ c, iet srev I f,3ao evs -y pa said to the GIRL, " Ask me vavasc iEVISt, C47rEV 0 3awitkEax trw eopaoia' reclining at table, said the tkineg to tee little girl; whatever thou wilt, and I Artir-lotv yte, b eay CAps, Ksat Swece eo. will give it to thee." Ask me, whatever thou wilt, and I willgive totehee. 23 And he swore to her, 3Kaitn uoe-Ev anUi-'Oi-t 6 eay fiE ati7-qa7VS,:j:"Whatever thon mayst And he swore to her; That whatever me thlou mayst ask, ask Me, I will give to thee, aCttsw rOt, Eais -ifltOSOV i-S TE /datAetXlaS lO. even to the Half of my I will giveto thee, till half oftho kingdom of me. SKINGDOM." VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-14. has arisen. 16. from the dead —omit. 20. was much perplexed, and heard. 220 his DAUGHTER IIerodias. 22. she pleased. 22. and the KeING. t 21. The custom of celebrating stated solemnities, and the anniversary of the birth-day in particular, was very general in the East, and migrht be transferred from them to the Greels and lRomans. The solemnization of thebirth-dae by a festival is frequently mens tioned, or alluded to, in ancient auLthors. —Wakefield. 1 15. Matt xvi. I4; Maark viii. 28. J 16. Matt. xiv. 2;- Luke iii.l S. 19 le xviii.16S; x.x21. 21 20. Matt. xiv.; 5xio, t 23. Esther v. 3,6; vii. 2.

Page  129 dop. 6 a4.] MARK. 24'H 3~ E teAovsoa, EtrE'n7 /tJlTc aSptTr?' Tt 24 An Hd SE going out, The and going out, said to the mother of herself; What Said to her Mo TITHER," "What cITl)ou/dae;'H ae ELtre Tly KEsPaXIAO ICeIPlVYOV shallIask?" Andshesaid, shallI ask? She and said; The head of John "The HEAD of John the Tou fa3rtTL-Tro v. KiLt ErSe.o vta evOecEs [TETa IAIE'RSEoR." the dipper. And comingin in immediately with 25 And coming in imf7tr"roS J iPSo 7rp TS SLXEaC, TrO7Toa, AhEysOSUWa mediately with Haste to haste to the king, she asked, saying; the KING, she asked, sayeh.e oCa MI/oLt tsp EctaT' rlr's7T s7rlY in g "I desire that thou I will that to me thowouldst give instantly on a plate the wouldst give me instantly, tE(aA 77V Iwa/Zvov Tou 6Ba~rr 10TVo. 26 Ka o 7rIpL- on a Platter, the HnEAD hcead'l'StJ /3air~tsTOU. KITL it~pL- of John the IrMNsER'." head of John the dipper. And very of John the IMbERSER. Atnrss Ystesf~eetsc 6 JPctcrshEos, ~trt'rVsu dPtCsVS 26 $ And the ICING, beAVkros ~Eo1~EVoV 5 B3ao1Xevs, atLa toys Opipovs ing extremely sorry on sorry having become the king, because of the oaths ing extremely sorry on account of the OAT5S and KaE T7oS TVVaVaKEL1E JSVT OVU?70EX rEV avVY n the GUESTS, woeld not reand those reclining at table not he would her aesnio-L.r 27 Ka sv EVOeW airoTELra Fi~ 0 fIaatr- fuse her. reject. And immediately sending the king 27 And the KING, imEVS irsrEsovh arwpa, EirETa7 El EveXOJvyac e'V mediately sending one of vs o~re~ov~rwpa ~rea~re etex urwt v this Guards. ordered his a guardsman, he ordered to be brought the rds, ordered his tcE~phaA T aSoUv'O L a-s rehNO-C y OCE1CEg aXLO- EAD tobe brought. And head of him. He andgoingtorth cutofftheheadof RE having gone forth beUVToJ ~V' tep' 2sKaL KEe Ttee h'e /akSe, headed him in the PrIsoN; avrov -Ey Pu xal 7EtylE T CEt7Y 28 t and brought his him in the prison; and brought the head IEAD on a Platter, and avTov erEL 7ri/catc, K atl EcOKE aCrVTI TC KopacrtTp gave it to the GIRL; and of him on aplate, and gave her to the little girl; the GIRL gave it to her cKa TO r opatGLto E3coIce, aUVT7r T3 [Lrept aCbTSirS. StOTIIER. and the little girl gave her to the mother of herself. 29 And his disiple 29 And his disciples 29 Kat a/covcravrEs oS ya/OrITat aTrov, hA0Oov, {at; having heard, came and And having heard the disciples ofhim, came, and carried off the DEADSipaP'r TO rrTctku aVTro, Kai Ea77tOle' drTS E' I~L/ - BODy, and placed it in a took the dead boly of him, and placed it in a Tomb. teeot. 30 J And the APOSTTI1S tomb. were assembled to Jesus, )Kat cTv, a'yoY'at of arrooEsTo t rpoS TOY and related to him all And were assembled the apostles to the things, both what they I7i(rov, Ka/ a7r7-y-yetXala a Ev-, ra-Tc, Kat 6oa had done, and what thev Jesus, and reported tohlm all, and what ihadtaught. etroLrl7av, Keat dera E8gtatlV. 31Kat Et7r, gav'ors ( 31 And he*saidtothem, they did, and what they taught. And he said to them; i" Come aTu, retire by AevrE VUEtis avTot CaT' ttalaV ets eptSuov Trorolv, yourselves into a Desert Come you yourselves privately into a desert place, Place, and rest a little;" Eeat aa7rave0el oXEAyo. Ho-al yap oi EpXo/ueYo It,for many were THOSE and rest you a little; Were for those coming who were COMIENG and GO* VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-31. says. t 27. The term, spekodtsatoora from the Latin speculator, denotes one of the body-guards, pVho were so called, because their principal duty was that of sentinels. They had, however, other confidental duties, and among these, that of acting, like Turkish soldiers of the present,ay, as executioners. 1 28. Note here, that very remarkable seems the providence of Sod, in avenging the death ofthis holy man upon Herod, Herodias, and her daughter. For Ist, As the war betwixt H-erod and Aretas king of Petrea was caused by lIerod's wickedlcontract withHerodias to reject the daughter of Aretas, his lawful wife, and to marry with Herodias his brother Philip's wife; so Josephus declares that the Jews looked upon the putting John to death, as the cause of the miscarriage of Herod's army'God being angry with him for the death of John the Baptist." 2dly, aerodias envying the glory of klng Agrippa, who had that honour given him by Caius, prevailed with her husband to go to Rome, and accuse Agrippa; whereupon Calus deprivedHerod of his government, and her of her money; and gave them both to Agrippa, banishing Herod and Herodias to Lyons in France "which (says Josephus) was done in punishment of her envy, and of his readiness to hearkento her solicitations." And 3dly, of her daughter it is related, that she going over the ice in winter, the ice broke, and she slipped in to the head, which at last was severed from her body by the sharpness of the ice, God requiring her head for that of the Baptist's she desired; which, if true, was a wonderful providence. —hitby. 3 26. Matt. xiv. 9. 1 34. Luke ix. 10. T 31. Matt. xiv. 13; John vi. 1, 2, 31. Mlark in. 20.

Page  130 tsp. P: 3 MAR 1~1..: 4. eaL o tSirayovtres Iroh.b' Ktat ouse 0 aty'v rlvfarc - ING, and they had no lei and those going many; and not even to eat they had sure, not even to eat. povv. 32KaiL a7rsAjotv EIS Ep'l/LOvY T7rOV TO) 32 And they went away, leisure. And they went into a desert place to the by the BOAT, into a Desert'Xrhot ar a 33 Kat eeo antons' raaosr3as' Place,: to be by themship privately. And they saw them going away; selves. cat e7reTV/Wav 7roAAot- scat 7re( a7ro 7raoa 33 But they saw them nd kew many; p r. departin,, and many knew and ke many; and on foot from all e, an ay ew TeWy rroXEW' CVsE~paos EK1.'34 eW Ihera; and they ran togeof the cities theyran together there. And comingout ther there on foot from All EVev roAvv OXAov, scait eo-wRayyXviO7 E the CITIES. he s.a great a crond, and was moved with pity townards 34s 1 And coming out, he ae0rst, dri 5)00';SC rpo/ara, /5') EXOYTB 75- saw a Great Crowd; and he anVrots, o5TI r710a-a Cs,rpo,3ara, tr7 eXOVTra 7ro deeply pitied them Bethem, for theywere as sheep, not having causdeeply pitied them, BeUEva teat paTro taOeset VTOVS a s roAAa. case they were likeno Sheeperd shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. h-uing no Shepherd; and 35 Kai 7r371 Copas 7roAXrls 7Eo.IevrlE s, 7rpooeEAOV- I he taught them many And already time muc.h having 35 oe, nd mucomig tings. TES aVTng oS /taM07Tat aVToV, AEyovotiv'Or1 Epl h:And much Time tes auT o~ ~arat auro u, theouisci pOlet epr- having already gone, hm to him the disciples of him, they say; That a dy ge, - i ir DISCIPLES COleing to hinm, det io s the, he enods ta lorl p aledy Si' a dro-, say, "The 1LACE is a desert is the platce, and already time much: dismiss Desert and now mesch Avovw aurovs, Lva arEeA0ovTes ELS rovUS sKcA4V Time has pissed; them, that going into the surouding 36 disiss them, that 36 disumiss them, that aypovs Keat, ayopaowotev eavroLs aprorsa they may go to the adjacountry and villages, they may buy themseles loaves;cent A ad Villages TL 7ap (Pa'y0)i~iV oVK 6X0Vt~jV. 37 10 8E arro cent YAPUfNS alld Villages, T'?yap ]>aty~t~C, ov: e~Xoesio. 37 0 oe a7rotpY- andhbuytlhemselves*wha; any for they might eat not they have. lie but sering they should eat OELS Et7rfV avoLS' Ao7s acvrois v/itis eayet1. j 37 But HE answering said to thethem; Gyou said to them, "you supKat Ae~yovrvLie ccpv- AreAXosVres a7~oPaGaSCcEs |ply them." And they say And they say to him; Going. Iay we buy to him, "Should we go and a77r'aptco' 8taKoow'V aprous, seat 8eW/CE aurots for Two lundlred Denarii denarii two hundred loaves, and give to tlem Uy Toaves, and give them d buy Loaves, and give them Q)a-yea,; 3'O0 8e h Xeyet aVtrots' Flooovs aprTUs to eat?" to eat? He but says to them: How many loaves 38 And HE says to them EXETE; v7rayere Iscat tEre. Kait Tyo'res, "How Many Loaves have have you? go you and see you. And havingascertained, you? Go and see." And AEyovort' FIesr-e, scat uo txOtlas. 39 Kae ew7r- having ascertained, they they say: Five, and two fishes. And he or- say, $ "Five, and Two ~atev avrots a'alcAtvat 7ra'ras, oVTyrosota Fishes." dered them to make recline all, 39 And he commanded s(rv7rosar, Efrt -rw XAwp XpTs. 40 Kat ave- them to snake all recline in company, on the green grass. And they Companies on the GREEN 7rEo'Y 7rpaoat l rpaotal, ava eKaro,, scat aYa Grass. reclined squares squalres, by a hllred, and 40 And they lay down 7r-vOT7Koa. 411 Kai h.awv tovs rEY7Te apToTst in Squares, by 1und'eds by fift. And taking the five loaves and by Fifties. Ka'roVs 8UO tX~Oas, asa, e teaSis's-os7 oepavos, 41 And taking the frve and the two fishes, looking up to the heaven, Loae es and tle TWO FlSles, and looking towards euho r7~E, tcai KarEnch a se 7ous ap'ovs, Kat IrAVEN, he praised God, he gave praise, and broke the loaves, and, d EN, he praised God, and broke the LOAVES, edtLOV rotS.aOl77rats abroU, va 7rapadcwo'r and gave to *the DmSCIgave to the disciples oflcim, that theymightset before nLEa to set before them; avTols Kecat tos Uvo sXOvaY eEspLoes 7raart. and the Two Fishes he tlhem: and the two fishes he divided to all. distributed to all. VATICAN MATNUSCRIPT. —35. The PLACE is a Desert. 36. what they should eat, B1ut oE. 41. the nISCIPLES. + 38. Matth. 1iv. 1 34. Matt. ix. 36; xiv. 14. 4 34. Luke ix. 11. 35. Matt. xiv. 15; Luke ix. 12. 4: 38. Matt. xiv. 17; Luke ix. 13; John vi. 9.

Page  131 ~p. 6t~ 42a~.3~ MARK. [-p. 6: M$. 12 Kat E/ayoov 7rayves, scai EXopTaoOrlcav. 42 And they all ate and And they ate all, and were filled. were satisfied. 3 Kai 77pav tKcXa aTa w Sw8enca ICotnpovs 7rwx,- 43 And they took Uop And they took up of fragments twelve baskets full, welve Baskets full of pELS, KL ae 17'r-OWY LXUo. 44 KaL /(crav of (pa- Fragments[of the Bread, and of the fishes. And were those having and of the FISHES. YOYrES'rovs apTous, 7reyrCaKeLTXlLO L aoSpeS. 44 Now THOSE who ATE eaten the loaves, five thousand men. of the LOAVES were Five 45Kalt esOEs )zva'yKayre'rovs [taO*r1Tas aUbro thousand Men. And immediately he urged the disciples of himself 45 $ And immediately,egro7val ELS TO 7rAOlov, KcaL rrpoayet ELS TO 7rE- he constrained his DIceIto step into the ship, and togobefore to the other PLES to go into tle BOAT, paY' orpos B7l70aLoav, ecws avros arohuor7 7so and precede him to the side to Bethsaida, while he should dismiss the OTIHIR SIDE, towards oXXov. 46 Kae a7rora 1ay0EosV auTots, ar71lXev Boethsaida, while be should crowd. And havingsent away them, he went send away the CROWD. ELs TO opos 7rpoTevarOai. 4. Kat o as yEvo- 46 And having dismissed 47Ktthem lie retired to the into the mountain to pray. And evening having them, he retireo to the. EV*rls, r*y70 To rXoto Es' koeepy rrls OaAasrro-s nJIOUNTAIN to pray. come, was the ship in middle ofthe sea; 47 And Evening having eKai avTros,uovos e~rr 5 rS YrlS 48 Kac eL eY come, the BOAT was inthe and hs alone upon the ilad. And he alone upon the LAKE, and be avrovs Oo,(O3 d Oaaavh.oluerous ev sx e~aurel2J 71 was alone on the LAND. OThioE J3oaOLOgEVOUS 5T0 ETmfp' V U 48 And lie saw them them tormented in the rowing; was for n e a the o aeos Evav'rlTos avUrots. Kat 7reptOrL toilingat the oAR; for the the wind opposite to them. And about fourth a INb wtas against them; (pvXaftrc?7y's VuKT~os epXea 7randpos about the f Fourth watcih of the night comes towards them, walkcomes towards them walk.'r(awv er7r Sls OaiaAacr*)s~ zcat lOeXe irapeAOevy ing on the LAKE, and ing on the sea; and wished to pass wished to pa ss by them. avTrovs. 49 Of 6e, Lo1r'es avro, 7'epL7ra oUvTa 49 she t s eeing him them. They but, seeing him whg alking on the LAKE, they E7rl T7rlS OaNaC60-0-0S, Eaooav (paVTaoua Ell/at, Kai walking on the LAEx, they, Eyrt,rrlS Oah. arro'*)s, e~o~av ~av~ao~La Ervai, hought it was at Appari on the sea, theythought aphantom to be, and t ht it was an Appari a OVeKpaa,. 5i hIaVyres hyap aiVroV eohi, [Cad tion, and they cried out; they cried out. All for him saw, and 50 for they all saw him, ET-apaXO7oqav. Kai evOeWs eU' avTw,, and were terrified. And were teified. meditely hespoke ith them, immediately he spoke with teal se Yed a.VoAsd' idapeOlye' ieypW e it, rl hso- them, saying, "Take couranS says tothem; Takecourage; I am,.Ot he age, it is 1t; be not afraid." /eEtrOe. 51Kat avel) 7rpos avTrovs etS ro 7rXotoy' 51 And he went np to afraid. And to them iwent the boat them into the into the BAT; and Kat esKo7raoe 6 a1e-/os. Kat Atav *[ICeK 7re- thewiND ceased; andthey and ceased the wind. And greatly [out of mea- were exceedingly amazed pe'ov] e EavUrols etorTav TO, *[tat e0avjua(oy.] in themselves. sure] in themselves they were amazed [and wondered.J 52 For4they understoo 52 OV ytap v77 0lca e7rL 7rotS apTOLS' 77v yap i'not about the LOAVES; Not for they understood about the loaves; was for the because their HEART was tcaptla avrwO 7re7rcopwzeVezr. stupified. heart of them having been stupified. 53 And having passed 53 oal 6&aorEpao0iTvSe -tqA0oV 571l T'7q yo' PE - over, they came to the 3s Kat 3tawrepoarray'es r7k~oy wtc v7/Y'y,~ rey- LaND of Gennessaret, and And havingpassedover they came to the land Gen- pUt tO the shore. Yv7orapeT' Catl 7rpoocWpgtoOo-r ayv. 54 Kaot eeAsov- 5put to the shore of oesaret: and drew to the shore. And com 54 And coing out of TrCY, auToY eiC Trov 7rXoov evOew ycoS [LyvoVS S the BOAT, inmediately of them out of the ship, immediately klnowing ecognized him, 1SVTO0, 55 7repilpaovTes 6A7rv T77rv reptPLXWPO 55 and running through him, ntnning about whole the adjacentcountry, that Whole SURaouNDING VATICAN MANuSCIeIPT.-51. out of measul'e-oiit. 51, and wondered —omt. t 48. See Notes on Matt. xiv. 2 26 t 4. Matt. iX,.22; John svl. t 52. llak viii. 17,O

Page  132 7a. af 5d0J MAR(. X[c. 7s O.4 CIcelv7lV, 77paVTO elrt'r01S tcpaSBfaTros Trovs REGION, carried about th that, they began on the couches those SICK on COIJCHES; Icaroes eXOP"ras'7reptiepewv, bdrov 7Kcovov, 6dt where they heard he was.' sickness having to carry about, where they heard, th:at EKEl E(drt. 156 Kait drov aiv elcerrOpeVEro Ets 56 And wherever he enthere he is, A.n wherever he entered into tered, into Towns, or Cicceruas, 1 7roAets, rj aPYpous, e'ats aTYopats ties, or Villages, they towns, er cities, or villages, in the markets placed the sIic in the e'rtbvvi'revs arrevo gvserrs, scat asrpe ahouv ueARETS, and implored they placed thmoe being siek, and they besought him, that theymigit but avrov, eva ta iv'ro icp rc eov t ov sreooU touch the TUFT of his him, that if even the tuft of the mantle MANTLE; and as many as avrou0V a~~~L~cry'Trr~aL i atouched him were cwaed. av'rou a l/raet' t at st r0o a 77r'roTo aCVToUV, of hirl they might touchi and whoover touched him, e o0a,4v oro. CHAPTER VII. were oaved. 1 I And the PRARISEES, AEM. " a 7and some of the SCRaBES, Ka vvayoa rpos aro having come from Jerusa. tKai; 5ru)a/o57/7a5 irs au'r7 io o'qapto'0Lo, let, resorted to him. And were gathered'o him the Pharisees, rt rtves IES TrwV'ypautaearEoW, eA0ores` a7ro'Iepo- 2 And observing some and some oftlle zcribes, having come from Jeru- of his DISCIPLES eating aoXLneLvy 2 sCae teSveS T7vaS /'rc ua017'rW7V BREAD with common, the:t, Balem; and sZaing some of the disciples is, with Unwashed Handsav'roU 5O13S5 XPi%'rl, vOUTr E'7/V a/r'r70lS, 3 (for the PHARISEESS sfhim withicommon hands, that is unwashed, and All the Jw holdig 60-01OV7-a epTOS, ~oi' Yap4,aptand All the JEws holding ertovsTas p7'ous' 3 of yap 3,ba ptl5aot cKat rwa7- the TRPADITION of the eatin g loaves; the for Pharisees and all ELDLERS, eat not, unless,res os ILvSateru, cav t/JeL irvyrT/~ ty W,7Tat Tas they wash their HAIe the Jecws, if not writh t they may wash the withthe ist; %eipas, OVKc e010vou l, Kp0Tozvres TX71 rapaaowr t. hands, not they eat, holding the tradition 4 and coming l from a'.row irpetr3v'repove stcat aeo ayopas, eay /r7 Market, unless they imeithe elders, and from a market, if not merse themselves, they eat,acrTirrrflv at, orTe eolTouney scat caAAac roe a not. And many other they Ieight dip, not they eat; and other many things things there are which eOtiv, a 7rapeAt/3osrc'paTeV, /,3aw7rTovs $7ro~r- they have received to main* is, which they eceived to hold, dippings of tain,-Immersionsof Cups, pIoV1, Kra 1 E5 rcW, te at XaAKctw/v, *[cat 1cAtc, W r"]) and of Pots, and of Copper cups, and ofpots, and ofcoppervessels, [and ofcouches;J) vessels;) 5ErEiTa eirepw'Tcre v avro' op 4Iaptioatow ict of 5 5*both the PHARISEES then. asked him the Pharisees and the and the SCRIBES aaked ypafuga7rets aiaart ofi yaO7rlat srov ov 7rept7ra- him, "Why do not thy - scribes: Why the disciples ofthee not walk DISCIPLEO walk according rouvot icaTa'7/v wapa0oftL,'roVw 7rpetr6vTepnrv, to the TRADITION of the accordingto the tradition of the elders, ELDERS, but eat BREAD aAha toroats XepG(Y' EfOtslG'ovroa ap7oul; 6 0 with common Hands?" but with common hands they eat the loaf? He *[8e a7roCpi0Etes ELteY avrots''Ort KaAcos 7rpoe- 6 HE sald to them, "Well abut answering] said to them: That well pro- did Isaiah prophesy conq7'r evoeV,'H-atas 7Epi EVre''r To7/ &irotptr pv, s ermning you, HYPOCRITES, phesied Ectez-s about you the hypocrites, as as it is written,'This'yeypai'rat " Ob7'rS b Aaos'oLs xelAeot,ue'PEOPLE honor me with itis written, "This the people with the lips me'their LIPS, but their * VATICAN MANUSCeRIPT.-4. besprinlcle themselves, they eat not. 4. and of couches-omit. 5. both the PHARIs EES. 6. but answering' —omit. t 3. The Pharisees, (says Josephus,) delivered many doctrines of the people as belonging to the law, wvhocJh were handed down by the fathers, but not written in the law of Moses; and.for this iOeaOon, the sect of tle Sadducees rejects them; maintaining that those things which. are written, ought to be accounted parts of the law, and that such asare only reoeived ty tradition fiiom the fathers ought not to be observed. —nt t xiii 18. J 56. Matt. ix. 20; sIark v. 27, 28; Actr aix,1., 1. Nat;. x. 1.. L, Isa. xxix. 13,

Page  133 r'. 7o 7.1,. MARX.KS tdar. 7s 16 r'ta,' ~ 8 ie tca a; avcT'Wv ropSoW acriXei t7" ~' HE T is far removed honor, the but heart of them far off isrmovedom from me. e.tov. 7 Marl')'e E O'el30o Ca&, p tsalCloTeS 7 But in vain do they me. In vain but they worship me, teaching' wors idp me, teaching as BLaaal Xtas, EvTraXaatra avOpwrcuv." 8A(pevTes'Doctrines, the Precepts teachings, commandments of men." ILeaving'of Men.' [7Cyap]j'Vl elEToAXIY ToV Oeov, KcpaTescTre v 8 Laying aside the [for] the commandment ofthe God, you hold the COaMMANDMENT of GOD, rapaaooLv Tcv avOpcorxwv, *[t3an rLtrpuo vs [Eaorse' you retain the TRADITION tradition of the men, [dippings of pots of lIEN" ira 7roT7rptLWV' rat aAXa 7rapo teea Totav'ra WroMhAa 9 And he said to them, and of cas; and other similar suchlikemanythings "Well do you annul;he rtcL're.j' 9 Kat EYcev otVwotS Karcos aeOct'rt~ COMMANDMENT of GoD, you do.] And henaid to them. Well you set aside that yoU may keep your T?;v /EVTO"XaIVV OEOVoL tcva T711 rapareoop ~ vetrtW own TRADITION. the commanament ofthe God, tht the tradition ofyou 10 For Moses said, anHoh:17pP77rIT71. 10 Mcojq7s'yap EL:;e- " TeLta'roev nOr thyATIIR anc thy you may keep Mloses for said; "Honor the MOTHE IIE and t hr who aTE'cpa eot Kast'T7rs /A7Epa 6onv" /at, C* "' o REVILES Father or Mo7faepat (rote la, tt [rrrEp a him be punished faher ofthee and the mst':e ofthee;" and; "(He le let hin e punished Kascoro-o ytv areCpa P 71a.aepn,9 Oawart f ith'Death.' 11 But ou assert,'Ifa cursiug father or notiher, a death let him man say to FATHEROrIo-'rn'r" o r'u/ls aE XE'y'rse' Eat emarpf avepat- THER, "Be that Corban, die." You but s.y; If shouldsay ama tat is, an Offering, tby 71os Tr, ftrpl 1 rp yltfrpl' Iopf3av (6 eTrL, which thou mightest de. to the father or the mother; Corban (which is, ive h sistance from me awpov,) L e'av o G E5o Wale0,s' 12 [[at] rive assistancefrome a gift,) whatever out of mu thou mightest beprofited; [and 12 you no more permit OVKeTtL Ctdte'r aVT0' OVi' eac 7IrolaLr 7r him to do any thing for A.eo more y,, suffer him anything to do for'he fa:ner *[anbrov,]' r *[nb'Pt rov7 13arCupovva —s 13 nmaking void the Lof himself, or for the mother [ofhimself,] making vo- ORD of e byyou TRA'rov AoY::s'roV i eT V'r1 arapasoeLt WY ION, which you have the word of the God or the tra-2ition of you, which delivered; and many such 7rapea c- -Er KUl erapt01oXa'rtaT'ra 7roAAa Xro - like Things you do.' youc(iavered; and similar suc'-like manythings,nou 14;And having *again crL C 4 4KaL 7KrpoocKasera jee:'s rauI r 7a'oe called All of the CROWD, ao. And havin called:i the lie said to them, "Let all XXA.-'' EAcEyetv anvots~ ACevGTsEe LeO3 2'anTres, listen to me, and be incrwd, he said to them; He'? me all, structed. rest ntue'rcE. II OcU8acw ZEe'. zi Ce TOen aeOpc- 15 Thereisnothingfroom an.d boinstructed. Nothing i, ou i'- o -.e moan without the:AN, which rov,, ecrrr'pevoYevov eteS.x'rovJt, d vvanc; aI,rov entering in *POLLUTES entering into himn,;siCh; - able him him; but the THINoGS profoLt'odialnt aAAa ra etc7ropevoptecea tlr' avr'Uv, ceeding from *the MAN,.o make common; but the things proceec.;g from him, are the THINGS which ltetYa ECTTIL Trt fcoivovTra'ro avOpwTrot. 16*[Et PPLLUTE him. those is'aethingsmakingcommonthe man. [if 16 *;[If any one has: VATICAN MAN1SCRo PT.-S. For-omit. 8. dippings of Pots and oe Cups; and many other such like thilgs you do-ontit. 12. And-onait. —omnt. I.2. his-omii 14. again uAlled. 15. POLLUTES iim. 15. the mAN, are the 0UIcGS which rOLUTV him. 16. If any one has Ears to hear, let him heear —oit. t 11. A piece of history, delivered in the Talmud, willillustrate this subject, and at the same time exhibit in a clear light the profligacy, superstition, and casuistry of the Jews. A man of Betil- oron had made a vow, and declaredthathis fatther shouldreap no benefit from his property. Afterwards, on the occasion of his son's marriage, hewished to invite his ftatherte thle entertainmeent; and, to evadethe obligation of his vow, he transferred his right and property in the room and feast to a friend, who was entgaged to invite his fathler. This, however, wav Judged to be ulswful, unless he had transferred entirely and truly this part o; his property to his friend, without interposing any condition with respect to the invitation of his father. whom he was bound by allmeans not to profit. How can bM 60 surprised, the snverity with which our Savior rebuked such vile casuistry, such mnt; otf iral afsection, rnd sue' abominable hypocrisy -Wa7sefiel&c + 1.i. Exod. xx 12; De2ut. V. 16 Iatt. V. Vod. 1O x. 17f x-n x..rov x. tII. att1. a'. xxii 1.. It. Mat. 0o. I. 16 Mat. i. L

Page  134 Map. 7: 17.3 MARK. C[Mp. 7: 27. T7. EXEI CVTa atcovuL, ae oUEST.] 17 Kal Ears to hear, let him anyone has ears to hlea, let him hear.] And hear."] 67rE E~trlOAeV ELs oKucov afro Tou oXAou, 17 T And when he went hvlen he entered into a house from the ccrowd, into a e7r1pw'Tov avro, oi eaOrlt'at au'ov wefpt T'S I-Iouse, his DISCrPLES as'ed him the disciples ofllin eoncerin the askedhim concerning the arapa13ohXs. Kai Ae-yeL auTors- Ou cW Kat PARABLE. parable. And lhesays to tl em; Thus also 18 And he says to them, uVets aCuvvErot ecore; OU PoeITE, o6' 7ra, To "Are potu also so destitute youwithout detoadingare? Not knoe you, that all that f understanding? Not you eco0eP, e~O7ropevooevov ets 70' aVOOpcW7ro,, ov not perceive, that nothing owithout, entering into the man, not from without, ENTERING u'Tvarai aUOro KmotIcoaLat; OTL OVfC EIO7rop- INTO the MAN, can pollute is able him to make common? that not goes Hsi? eETSral avItTO EIS rT11 mTO atlLIav, aAA' EL Trl K01OI- 19 because it enters not oflt into the heart, but into the belly; into the HEART, hut into Alav, teaLt ets'ro auetpwra cv tcK7rOpEVTaI the BELLY, andpassesinto and into the privy goesout, eINc, purifyingAll the KaOaptioov 7ravla' ra Bpw/$ aTra. 20 EASEyS e- FOOD." cleansing alil the foods. Hesaid and, 20 And he said, "THAT'Otrl To C -70V aVYOpW7Trot eKrrOpevoP/ePoV, EICIElV whlch PROCEEDS OUT O0P That the oot o! th n man proceedingforth, that the MAN, tiat pollutes the tCOLVOt TOpY atvOpwrov' 21Eow0ev'ap IK T'S MAN. makes common ihe man; Within fto utoe the 21 For from within, rcapSLas TWMv avOpc7rcWs of &BaA.oyiot ot oi Katcoi out of the HEART Of MEN, heart of thear t of the menpurposes the evil enlanate EViL PURPOSES; etc7ropevovtraL' otTXelroa, V ]opI/lat, eovoi, -Adulteries, Fornications, proceeds; adulteries, fornications, mucrders, Murders, 2KkAo7rati, r';ov Ial, 7 o rovl7pta, 6okoe, o OccA'ye a, 22 Thefts, Covetousness, thefts, covetouslesses, villaies. deceit, Illteilperance, Villanies, Deceit, IntemoqsOaAh los 7rorlpos, SAacyp)reLia, t7rSep tparza, pel-ance, Envy, Calumnies, eye evil, evil speakings, pride, Pride, and Folly; aQppoovv-,77u'ra vT'a TtTa Tra rovpa cowCes, 23 AllThleseEvuLthings folly; all these thethings evil within emanate from within, and 6KropevErTal, Kact KYOVOlt TO avOpwarov. pollute the MaAN." coones forth. an t makes common the man. 24 + And arising thence, 24 Kai ceKEicv avarTas, a7rrr7jAOv els Tra i.eO- Ihe retired into the CONAnd thence arising, he wen, into the bor- irINES of Tyre and Sidon; opia Tupov tca tEwvos- Kac iorAdc es'rsi and having entered into ders of Tyre and Sidon; and entering tnto the the IOUSE, he desired no oIclavl', ov6sva 70AE'yvlovaM v Kaci oviK n6uuee0s one to know it; but he house, no one he wishlled to know; and not he was able could not be concealed. AaOeo. 25AKova-eoa'yap'yvv,7 7rsepi vrTov, 7s 25 For a Woman, whose tobe concealed. Having heard for awoman about him,ofwvhom LITTLE DAUGIITEIR had cTXe'ro Ouyaptpov aTrl77s 7rVevta acaOapTov, an unclean Spirit, *immehad the littledaugllter ofherself a spirit unclean, diately heard of him; and eXOovsoa rrpos oe7rcer 7rOS TO o8as aUTovU' havlng come fell down at havingcome fell down to the feet of him. his FEET; 256 (qpe &E sW'yo TEAA7YvTis, uppoiLvut a 7TI 26 (now the woMarN (was now the'woman a Greek, a Syroplenician to the was +an Hellenist, a NAyeYei') Kat 1pwora avTrov, Iva To eato.oztov eKc- TIVE Of SyropIenicia:) birth:) and she besought him, that the demion he and shle entreated him to,BaA ecK T71S Ouvya-rpos aVrTls. 27'0 6E I70oeros expel the DEMON fr'om ber would east out oftthe daughter ofherself. The but Jesus DAUGHTEIR. ei7reIaur)' A2Es 7rpwro0, XopraKOer1at TBa sECCta' 27 * And he said to her, said toher; Letalone first to be filled the children; "Loet the CHILDREN first ov'yap KaXov EsTT, Aa,8ev' Tor apTro Tw'r TCEK- be satisfied; for it is not not for good itis, totake the bread oflh, chil- proper to take thle CHILVCWV, Kat 3arAIv Trots Kvvaplots. 8'H 6E DBEN'S BREAD, and throw dren, and to cast to the dogs. She but it tO the DOGS." * VAoTICAN MANUSCRIPT.-25. immediately heard. 27. And he said. t 26. O0 e vlic, spoke the Greek language. 17 M 1att.v. 1e, 2g1, Gen. vi, 56; iii. 21; Matt, xv. 19, $ 24, )Iatt. xv. 21.

Page  135 Cflap. 7: 28.] MARK.E o aa. 7: 37. a7refptLOr, Kcat Aetyer avTcy Nat, Kvpie' sat 7yap 28 But she answered, answered, ad says to him; Yes, sir; even fot and says to him, "True, a sc'vopqta Vnr7scarTC Tr7s Tpa7reC7s 0EelEl aE7ro Sir; yet even the DOGS the dogs under the table eatest from under the TABLE eat of the TrWY tlXLCWo 7e ral8tctlw. 29 KaL Et7rEr ay'oyr CHILDRIEN'S CRUMBS." ofthe cumbc Oct the children. And hesaid toahe6i 29 And he said to her, ALa ToUTro'ro AO'yo 5'7ra'YE' eeArlAvyOe,' o "For Tllis REMiARK, go; Through this the word go; has come out the the DEMON has departed 8atuovov el T'rls Ovya'rpos aov. 30 Kat a xAs,- from thy DAUGHTER." demon from the daughter of tlee. Aod havins 30 And departing to her Oovnoa ets Troy otscov abTr77s, Ep e TO aatopzoYe HOUSE, she found * her gone into tie house of her, she found the demoia DAUGHTER laid upon the eAhrlh.AvosO, scat Tr-qV Uv'ya-repa /3e/3tXqfevr/ SVf7rt BED, and the DE1MON exhaving gone out, and the daughter having been laid "n pelled. TI)e K5bUetS. 31 + And again leaving 31 Kai 7ralt, eteAw ov e!~ rcor Opltw Tupov daza the CONFINES of Tyre, *he came by Sidon to the LAKE And again coming out from the borders of Tyre d O by Sidon to the LArE A4 d giao hgatoc li od Ty' tA of GAL1LEE, through the i8twv'os, 772e' els Tr7' OaAaoarav Trs raytZA ata', s Midst of the BORDERS Ot Sidon, hecame to the sea of the Galilee, Decapolis. ava LEroV Trcw optiwe AEtca7roXecos. 32 Ka p- eapo through mnldst of the borders ot Decapolis. And they 32: And they bring to ovo'rv avTc Itcwcov, toytAnAOv, Kat 7rapaKcaAov- him a deaf man who stambring to hllim adeat man. stamnerer, and they entreat mered, and they entreat ttV' aV 7osv ela eE7rtri av-rep TIVe Xepae. 33 Kat him to place his HAND on lim thatClemightplace to him the hand. And him. aroAaBoyeEvos av-rov a7ro Trov oXAov tca' t8tar, 33 And having privately havlng taken him from the crowd privately, takenhim fromthe CROWD, e/3aAe ToyS alc-TvAovs abToou Els Ta eo-ra avrov, t he put his FINGERS into he put the fi ngers of himselfmeto the ears of him, his EARS, and spitting, rat 7rTrvORas eta'o'r77s 7S yAo(rs avrovv 34 Ksa touched his TONGUe; and eplttgltl he touched the tongue of him: and 3 and looking up to ava3BXeijas EFIS TOV oupasYOV, ETTEV/Cre, Kail HaEAVEN, he groaned, and looktng up to the heaven, he h eaved, he and sas to lim, "'phphatha," Nteyet avTrt- E0QaJ a, b6 S'Tt BtlaVotXO1Tt. thatis, Be opened. says to Lim: e, phphllatlla, that is, be opened. 35 KRat *X[eVOeWs] 3b1YOeXpoxfeO Xae aVw0-o a a 35 And His EARS were opened, and the coRD of And timmediatelyl were opened ofhim the ears, opeed, and the OR: of eAvfOr 6o oeos1s cn-on, his TONGUE was loosed, sKat rl i 8'O g yW'l av'erov'.El{Tt and he spoke plainly. and was loosed the boed ofthe bod of th tongue of him, and aAa2ti opOwss 6Kait oE0ToelXaTo avro tsa Iea 36 t And he charged he poke plainly. And he chlarged them, that them that thev should tell r7ievLt etrcworv' doranv'e av'Tos avrots $ leer-rTTX- no one; but tle more'he no one thev sholldtell; what but hq'i o them chariged charged them, the more AeTo-, peTRXAAoe'rEptLr0oepo'TEOl/EXV, O 3EO 7'1 tat abundantly * thea pubmore abundantly they published. And lished it. b7rep7rWEptocrs esrlrjo'r'roV, AeyoerTes' KaAcss 37 And they were asbeyond measure thcy were aatoCished, saying; Well tonished beyond measure, 7ra/rTa e7rE7otlCKE' eaL,roUS iceioovs 7rotet aGov- saying, "He has done all all(things) baeiasdone; and the deafened hemakes ~i things well; hemakes both e'a, iat TOVS aXaaovSs aEctv' the DEAF to hear, and the hear, and the dumb ones to speal * Dumb to speak. * VATecaN MANuSCRIP. —30. her DAvJGOTER laid upon the BED, and the DmaoN expelled. 31. he caine by Sidon to. 35. immediately-omit. g36. he charged. 3A. tbeU publlshea 37. Dumb. + 33. Doddridge well observes about this miracle, "'f any should aslk Why our Lord usek these actions, when a word alone would have been sufficient and such means (if they can be c;lled means) could in themselves do nothinIg at all to answer the end,-I frankly confess I cannot tell, nor amn I at all concerned to know. * * * * Had Christ's patients, like Naaman, (2 IKings v. 11, 2, been too nice in their exceptions on these occasions, I fear they would hlave l ost their cure. and the indulgence of a curious, or a petulant mind, would have been but a poor equiva.lent for such a lose." t 31. lI:ett. xv. 29, i,:t: atA i, 32; L ukoxi. l- 35 K a] v. 435 vi.

Page  136 did- ". f, _. KED. 1'. 8. CHAPTER VIII. I Eefty EIFvat; 70a5 7l/cpaLs, rarohhov oxAou 1 In Those DAYS the In those tle days, very great: crowa Crowd * again hurng great, O nYOSe tCat. tU71 EOV t t' tha'ywor, drrpoo'- andlhllaving nothing to eat, being, alld ot hv anything theycold eat, aving call his DISCIPLES, he says t o thetom, caAEoieuEEvoOf TOUY /aOtTas a- ou Aa ey auroLs says to tlem, called the disciples of lmnself e says to them 1 have compassion on the cnoWD, Because 2rr.XAayxvSjo1.a E7r TOY Ox;ov' 6o7 7187l 7l6pat' ncow they have continnetl I have pity on tile crowd; becausenow days three Lays, and have no7rpFts, 7rpo EVOfVO'V *LO[P.l,1 KX OU:C EXOVCt'1 thing to eat; three, theycontinuue [with mu,] and not they haveanything 3 and if I dismiss them QsaywarL. 3 Ka cay a7rokuoe' arosevrsv' r107ES fasting to their Homes, Ct e'y call vat. Autd if I (diSinns5 theta fastin g they will fl nt on the ciE oicop acrwj Et'VT a pr RoAD; for sosie of them mis v 1O ance 6Av3cala p- r vEs have conse from a great inlto hIouse of tlleselves, theywafilfaint on the way; some distance. -yap aluTwv t acpoOelV'ceovfrt. Kas asrErfpti77aTav 4 Arnd his DrscIPLIt for ofthem a great distancehave coue. Anld wered answered hiam, "Wlence aUTeP oi 1aOrl0Tat avrUTOU- HI)OeE' roUToS uvIo' Fe- wil1l any one be abile to sto nnn the disciples of himi Whence these will be able satisfy These with Bread sat TtE wS xaE paO X atL apTa E', c7r' eprgeaS; a Kat 1here in a Desert place?' ny ne here to Antibfy ofitaves ia adesert place? And 5 Arid he asked them, ens-alpwice~ra.~ vs O ess EXETE a1prons; c, E-" Hoew Many Loaves have yoo t?" Anld THEY said, eo asketL thleni; tlowmany haveyou luaves? They and n d T said, tsIro:,''E7rra. 6 Ka 7rapayyeie 7t oXAf) ava- 6 And he commanded.said; Sevep. And he gave orders Io the crowel to the CRo0wD to recline on oreeiv, esr- TrSl yra s e at Aaw~ s,'roves erTa the GROUniD; and taking stinee upon the ground; and taking the seven the SEVEN Loaves, an aprous, uvXaplirrloEaS cIcAaoe, seae esoV. ro ts l having given thanks, he loaves,. iving thanks Ie hrok'p, and gave to the broke themi, and gave them Ie7r 27i a 7PZ 1 a7P K to his DISCIPLES for disa~e~Oarats avTaeur, Iva srapawoat- sas 7rape077tav trihution, and they placed disciples ofhicnself, thattheymightsctbefore: and theysetbifore thenl efore the CROWe. s oxAeP. 7Kna EsXot' LXOuv ia oAsya'eatl evAo- 7 And they had a few the crowd. And they had tsmllliishes afew: d an ig Small fishes; and having -irl'as, el7rr 7rapaOewvL scat otva. 8 EPayov 8e, offered praise for them, he praise, he said place before also them. They ate and, said, " Place * These also Kal cXopraacOrl'07aC Ras.c pav r'sptoprs esara before thenl." and wete filled: andtheytookup'overandabovc 8 Thus tlrey ate, and KXaacidaTwvn f-rra s-ruvpttas. 9 Ho-at' e sZ et-a were satisfied; and they of fagments, even large baskets. Were and those hav- took lip of the remaining Yoevreo, L & TErPas o'XXtAtt' seas atsebVo'el Fragnients Seven larego -yovTC-S, ws TrETrpaixiAgov -fear a~reAvaev Baskets full. ing eaten, about four thousand; and he dilmisted Baskets. ere 9 And 5 they were about eToUetSo. Four thousand; and he them.: dismissed them. 10 Kas es0oete ei.3as ets'ro rXotolo aera Trw 10: And immediately And immediately entering into the ship Witt the *5!e entered into the BOAT.taOrrirv au'rov,'rAOev et'ra, lteprt AaAXavou0a. with hiS DISCIPLES, and disciples of himself, he cme into the parte of Dalmanutha. came into tile RaEGIOrN of 11 HKa e-riA.0ov oel 4,apteatot, sat s ptav'o ovi7-. Dalmanutha. And came forte the Pharisees, and began to 11 tAnd the PnATLISEES l esv avnTe, CyrOtVVTTeS 7rap' autrov aml.etOV asro came forth, and began to egrue vnth him, beekintg mf hi a sign from argue with him, seeking ~ VATICAra AhvnscRIPT. —. again being great.., These. 9. And they were about. 10 he entered. 10. The same as Magdala; see Matt. xv. 39.'I. Matt, kv. 52. 8 5.. Matt. xv. 34,; Mark vi. 88. t 6. Matt. xtv, 1; Mark i. 41.; 10. VLst~t. xv,:. u 11, Mlatt. xii.3; xvi, 1 John vi. 80.

Page  137 &. oa z...lpL.i.. Lt,>,.~po u,.a rou ovpaeov, 7retpa VT'LeeS aVToV. 12 Kai ava- of him a Sign from IrzA. the heaven, tempting him. And groan~ VEN, trying him. ~yactaS T) 7rT11.veuSaM t aJT'ov, AEyEL~ T; /'YEVEa 12 And groaning deeply ng deply irn the spirit onehimself, he says: Whythe genoration in his SPIRIT, he says, VT1Tl 0r77EEtoI, e7rLCIrTEL; AuT7Y AEyWco *[[tb,/t] EL "Whly does this GENERAthis a sign seeks? Indeed I say [toyou,] if TION seek a Sign? Indeed, ooi07e' L vaT r yevE Ol ea O'e71elOae I say to you, no Sign shall zOnallbe given to the generation this'.. sign. be given to this GENERATION."'3 Ka apelst aw-ovs, yq/3as 7raAtv xralS Tro 13 And leaving them, And leaving thton, entering again [into the re-embarking, he passed aroiov,,] ayr7!AOey Eas TO 7EPav, I4Kut EvrEAO- to thle OTHIIE SIDE. gt:p] hedeparted Lo tho otheu nide. And they 14 $ Now they forgot to Oo'Tro A0 aev ap'rovs, atet e fi iva ap'rov ovc take Bread, and had but forgot to take loaves, cntd except cne lca' reot One Loaf with them in ELXOW gEeO' E'OnUTC E r f Trc 7rrAolC. 5 Kate BSe- the BOAT.?eynadwith themselveo in the ehip. Aad he 15 1 And he charged'eRAE-o aVurtaOS, Acoyz.'Opaeeg,Ae7re'EE aCro them, saying, "Obscrve I charged them, saying; Loot you, beware you of Bewareof the LEEAVEN of r7as vjt?7s TCV, 4apito'aaw,, tcatr'rTrs,;~ps'Hpv- tile PHIARISErs and of the the leaven ofthe Pharisees, a: ofthsI leaven of He- LEA:EN of Herod.".o 1. 16 Kait teeXoyioo-o 7rfos aAqXTAvs, *[Ae- 16 And they reasoned rod. And they reasoned With one aneother, [say- with one another, " BeyoVeW'Ee]'O-t aprovns ovpi eaXAe o lV Kae -yzovs cause they had no Bread.:n;i] Because loaves not i!a Nve, And knowing 17 And he knew it, b Iereovsn, Xeyet avnonso Tt baeXoy7seo0e, r-t and says to them, " Why v.'s Jesus, henaye tothem; why reason you, because do you reason, Because apTCvs OovC eXEre; Ovwre, C oevT% oDvE you have no Bread? $ Do iotvet not youll havee Notyet perceiveyov, neither you not yet perceive, nor JitvTre; *[ertl] relrpc9peeUsZrnV/ eXSere'r`V Icap- understand? Is your [yet] having bcenstupified have yo the heart HEART stupified? avY ArCVs; 18 SIO0aXajevs eXl"O1qs EX v [Xs8rsre; 18 Having Ey do you of you? Eyecs eaving not gsocouP not see? and having Ears, ta' WTa eXOTres ovlc ascowETe; rat ouv ev-,qov- do you not hear? and da And ears having not nearyon? and not remember you not recollect? r ememe r 19 IWhen I broke the eveTe; 19'Ore Toos 7e~.Le apreOs vX aLra EIS FIV, ILoaves among the you? When 5hc five tloves I broke to IVE THOUSAND, How TovS 7revTaKL'exLAItovs, 7rwouotS o'd) Go S 7rtri- many Baskets fullof ragthe fie thousand, haow many basketz full ments tookyouaup?" They peLT rkaGotarTCwv'7rlpasT Aeyovoty aVo2ro say to him, "Twelve." offragment took you np? Theyeay to him; 20 t "And when the ACaseca. 15'OTe 60o TOiUS reFa sas ronVs TeTpe- SEVFN among the, FOUE Twelve. When ann ihc seven e the four THOUSAND, How many large Baskets full of _thrXteXovs,, roowv e 7rvpylwv ir rAnolar Ta AXay- Fragments took you up?" thousand, howv many largebaskets tll of And * they say to him,'-TaW0r0 rlpaTe; e O e F6 Etro''EyrTCo 21 KEZ " Seven." ngmentz tooknyou up? They and.said. Seven, And 21 And he said to them, AeXyev aVTOLS' WIs ov ervVLeTe; " How is it you do not he asid to them; How is it not youeunderctand? understand?" 22 Kal EpXETat Ets B aOeaLdaav. Kai +EPOVnl'e 22 And *they come to And he comes to Bethsaida. And they bring Bethsaida; and they bring * VTICAN MANIvSChIPT.-12. to yo-n-omit. 13. into the BOAT —oilit. 16. say. ing —omit. 16. Because they had no Bread. 17. he knew it, and says, 17. yet-omit. 20. they say to him. 2:. they come. t 15. dIatthew joins the Sadducees with the Pharisees, and makes no mention of Herod. BHlt there is no real discrepancy, since Herod and the HIerodiains (i. e. his adherents and courtiers) were, no doubt, Sadducees, andthereis every reason to think that their doctrines and norals we:e such as to justify the caution of our Lord. Zumee, by a striking metaphor, denotes the infectiont offalse doctrines, (no Hiatt. xvi, 12,) as well as corrulpt morals. —Btlsem field. 14. Matt. xvl.. 15. Matt. xvi. 6; Lukexi. + 17. Mark vi. S t 19. laO. xiv. Mearke v. 48; Lukes.L U1; Jolehvi. 3. 13a0 Er.. 37; axk viiui

Page  138 &wp, 8:. MARTK.o a P: 8S. auet,'T;hPAriv Kat wrapaicahovo', av'or, V a a Blind man to him, and to hm ablind and m and beseech him, that beseech him to touch Him. ahTov 0 darT al. 23 KaL E7rita,3o30ey os TIrs 23 Andtakingthe HND him he wouldtouch. And having taken the of the aLIND man, he con. XELPOs TOV T0UqAo v, eli7yaOyev avrov e, EW T7rS ducted him out of the VILhand of the blind man, heled him outside of the LAGE;.and having spit KCoy7tl/S' 1Kat IrTvTras etS Ts odAOeaara av0ov, e7rt- on his EYES, and placed'village; and having spit into the eyes ofhim, having his SANDS on him, he OELts Tas Xetpas av7'rT, errripwTa avToS,' EL asked him whether he saw placed the hands to him, he asko him, if any thing. TL /3A7TrEL. 24 KaL av0C4BAe4as.-Ee'E BAETco ceyt P~~htcg I~~EL.~ 2~ ~ say24 And looking up, he anything lie sees. And looking up he says; I see A ovs avp rous, cs oeopa? rzp rcvas. said, "I see SrEN as Trees, OSIOpceottovE, wS eEVep, 7L'Qpga7TCVTUrsaT walking." the men, like trees, walking. ELTa 7raht e7re0rlKce Tra XeSpas erl Trous 25 Then he placed his Then again he placed the hands u:on the HANDS on his EYES again, loqOaa u~OscO av0ov, Ical ErTOL7JTEE a0ToY ava- O.nd *he s-.w plainly, and eyes of him, and he made him look was restored, alld saw 1AeIOL'o ICOL atOxK7 aTEoT-t7O, 1Ka2 eveEA8EE every object clearly. lip; anld lie was restoled, ad he saw 28 And lse sent him TrlAXav'ycs &7ravr as. 26 KaL E7rTE TSiTEAEW OURTOV' away to hlis I House, sayplainly every one. And he sent him ing, " Go not into the VILELS OrfCO 1 OVaTOU ) Ae'yC"v MJrlE Eis'TrP' IC/Ar1P LAGE." to houee of him, saying; Neither into the village 27 $ And JEsus and his ESOEAhpE,,*[43 EL7E e TLLJLs ESY e f Sp?C1-. DISCIPLES went out to i^:ysc thou enter, [nor mayestthoutell anyone in the village. the VILLAGES of Cesarea 7 Krat E7AOEfPer o IrOovs icaL 0' o izaOLrca acTov PDILIPP:I; and, on the And departed the jesus and the disciples of him RAD, he ased his DISCIELs Tas Ktouas KaoSapetas TPEs RILt7r7roSt, K a 1IPS, saying to them, into the villages of Cesarea ofthe Philip. Anc: "Who do MEN say that I ES'r7 To) E7rT7pCTa'TOS aOr)O aST avTrov, E'ywv am?" on the way hea sked the discip'es of himself, saying 00vTo0s Toa /SE? EYOU~V o1 av01 pw or pc vat; 28 And THEY * spoke to to them; Who me they say the nen to be? him, salng, "John the Oc e aTOEEprleray~ Icoavv o7/ S ro I:raERSER; and others, Thoy and answered; John th- dipper; llijall; and otlers, One of,yat aA.oL, HAlavO aAAot 8e, &U ToYr 7rp),77rwovO the PROnPIETS." and others, Elms otho..s cd, cO n of the prophete. 29 And t e * asked them, 29Kait avros Xe'yi avOTOIsE 8E2, TIErita jUe "WhosaysouthatIam~'" And C 8s8ys to U",em;'ou bhr- who me And PETEP answering, XE'YCTL- ELOvat; Aoeap^3 sas 6E 6 CTcpOS AEyIEL says to him, T" M)ou art you say to be h? Aswenng and the Peter says [he CElIST." aVTI;o L ctL c6 Xpe1.OSo t0Kc2 E7TraIttL vE 30 S And he strictly "ohiim; Thou cat he Az;oentA And he strietiy clargec chargeed them that they clSTroLS, ivLa /JOUlept ov/L-yL O7 rEpt aVov. 3 uaL'should tellnoone concernWhom, that no or, they shouldtell aso3ut hist Ald in him.?/p~oL'e &,,cao ELE apTors, b~c 3E t LIE'r, TfoO, ro erpiaegeO tuaate I avToes, Tt aEi TO7V VO0V eTOV 31 And T he began to he began to teah them, that mus, the son of the t inform thlem That the soN aOSOpHrcv L 7oAhAa 7raOTeLv,,at Oaro8icicuaar077a1L of aiAN lmust suffer many man many things to suffer, and to be rejected things, and be rejected by lrC TOu TrpEo-,TvESry'y 11a0 TtoE apXIEPECESO Ca1 thlneELDus, andthe Icxre G'.hc eLdersTS, and the sc-pr,sts and OE'yp i WPI~IESTSo a10d thTe SCRTIBOS0 ToY ypa/aT-, eatv Kai aolrT'avYOr)atx Kat JUera andbelu tto eath, and a 9f the sr.e, and to bo killed, and after ndbe putDaystodeath,ad OEOCTTSS'O32 0 ter Three Days to rise up, rpe rlp.Qp;s aao-Trvaj. -2 taT wappqrlota Tro three day-, 0 o'anC.:p; and plainly' the 32 And joe spoku this VATICA YAeNUSCra;:P T. —5. l.e saw plainly, and was restored, and saw every object clearly, 26. House, saying, "Go not into." 26. nor mnayest thou tcll any one'n the VILLAC2 —Omit. 2E suole to him, saying, "John the ImasusrEI." 29. asokd them, saying. cW ho say.' I 23 lark vii., 33. 97.. Matt. xvi. 13; Luke ix. 8 28. eInttt x1 9 t 29 Alatt xvi.6; Johnvi.69; xi.17- t Sa Maatt.xvi.20. i3.'att. xv 21.e-i 52; Lukeix.22.

Page  139 (ihalp. 8: 33.j MARK. [ aep. 9: 6. Aoyov eAaXeL. Kai 7rpo pra/3ageoE'os av'rov o Ie- wo oD so plainly, that PEword he spolke. And talking aside him the Pe- TER, taking him aside, be~Upos, rlp5a'ro E7ra7-'ltat avT-co. 33'O oe e7rto-pa- gan to remonstrate with ter, he began to rebuke him. He but turning him. cpe1s, teat IL, L Tovs FaL7OTras a'Trev, e7re'strtE s 33 13t ITE, turning.round, and seeing tile disciples ofhimself, he rebuked round and loolking on his'rc IIeTpW, AEyTrYv' Trraye o07ilOrw lov, raTraava' DISCIPLES, rebuked *Pethe Peter, saying; Go thou behind me, adversary; ter, and says, "Get beort ov (ppoVELS s'rT3U Oeov, aAAa Tra hind me, Adversary; for because not thlou thinkest the things of the God, but the things thllou regardest not the rwv avOpw'rwv. 4 Kat 7rpoTICa oEalteaEos T'ro TIIINGS of GOD,but THOSE of the men. And having called the of IMEN." oXAov ~avv Tos eaOra Leras a~TOV, E7re' avRTOLS' 3-4 Andhavingcalled the crowd with the disciples oflhimself, he said to them; CROWD With hiS DISCI-'Otsie OeXELt Ol7rti-I) aOV aiKOAovdetLY, aarapsrJpae — PLES, he said, * $" If any Whoever wishes after me to follow, let him deny one wish to come after me, Ow eavtrov, Kat aparw TO ro Tp Tavspov aV, Kat let him renounce himself, himself, and let hili bear the cross of himself, and' and take up his cnoss, and aKoAouOet'rw Luot. a'Os yap as GeAy Tlv OX vXr. o follow nlxe let him follow'me. Whllo. for ever may ish tihe life 3 For + whoever would abrov s-wcat, a7rol Ea-ezi avs7Tq' bs 6' av aroXeo?,7 save his LIFE shall lose it; of himself to save, shalllose her; who but ever may lose but whoever may lose his Tls eaUVTOVl iVXriXi E'VEICE etaOV Sat TOV Evay — LIFE on lmy account, and tie of himself life on account of me and of the glad tllat of the GLAD TIDINGS, ysAiLov, s-WaTEL RavqT. 36 (TL yap ci(pEX7s-sEt skall save it. tidlngs, shallsave her. (What for willitsprofit 36 For what * does it avpOpc,7roP, oav ltEPo31r7 Tso KTOOCOl osAov, Kal profit a Man to gain the a mean, if hesiouldwin the wtorld.whole, and wrlole WOORLD, and forfeit SrtiwO3 T71' tt UiXr aetrov; 37sXooc37'Lis LIaFEP. hlouldforfeit t!e life ofhimnself? or.what sh llgive 37 iFor wrhat could a ars'pwros avTraAAaylea Tr-s b aTaor;) MrAN give to ltedeem his a man in exchsange for the life ofhinselIfP) LIFE? S1'OS yap ay earra-Xv'O). e Kat rro Vs eous 38:If, therefore, any Whlo for ever maybeashaised me and tie lly soe shall e ashamed of Aaoyovs EY T7i yesec TaUTi P7 jOX t Kal iLte, anid of these xY wol'ds in tle generation this the adulteroua ald Words, among this ADULTEr0ous and sinlful GENaa&ap'cvAc, eat o vios rov avOpcowrov e7ratLrXvF- ATIOEOI thl SON Of MAN sinful, aw also the son of the m aan Nvill be TION; the SON of AN o ill also be ashamed of q TOV hiiii, when he conies in the asll..aed hir.., when hemaycome in the glory of the im, he co s inthe i GLORY of his FATHER, raTpos abr-ov /uETa Trw, ayyeAYw' Trw aytoLv. with the O eLY ANGELs." fathler of hiself wvith tlhe messenge-s of the holyones. KEl. 0'. 9, 1 K:t eXEyev avTolts A,euel AEyEow CHAPTER IX. And le said to them; Indeed I say v 0Tv, Lt5 EIeT 7rV-S Tco csE esrlCorc~Y v OtzvES 1 An i he said to them, to you, that are e of those hllere having tood, who 4 "Indeed I say to you, ov tr yse cov-w'rat OavarTov, Lws as iw-r t T7s' That there are some of not not shalltaste of death, till they may see the TIIOSE STANDING here, 0aaAh eavs TOV OEOV EhA-AvOU taV Ev aVOatjLEL. vwho will nottaste ofDeath, royalmajesty of the God having come in power. till tlle see Gon's ROYAL 3IAJESTY having come 2 Iat leEO' lueEpas 6E 7rapaXautBave't o Iqosovs with power. Alld after days six takes the Jesus 2 $ And after six Days, ~roy hITpOV, CKat Tro IaKcowBo, eaL Iwaye V, KaIct JEsUS takes PETER, and ttle Peter, and the Jalmes, ansd John, andi.JAIlES, anl Johln, and prttevaepdE, athoves Ee S OpOS ee rlsos v IaCT' rLLas vately condlucts them, by leads up them into aEmountain high privately themselves, to a lofty VATICAN MANerSCrIPT.-33. Peter, and says. 34. If any one wish. 56. does it profit a Man to gain. 37. For what could a MAI give. 34. MattU. x. 8 xvi. 24; Lukeix a3: xiv. 27. 1 85. Johnxii. 25. I s. hIatt, x. 3: Luke ix. 26: xii. 53 Rom. t I 6 2 Tim. i. 8; ii. 12 1. Ml/att. xvi. 28 Lulw i, 27. 4 2. Matt xvii.1 Lukleji 2

Page  140 &1-c~p. 9; 3s. MARK. t p.. 12. opovsu' Kat ueETra1cop(pw0or l 7erpoo 0E, avrwv. Mountain; and he was alone; and he was transfigured in the presence ofthem. transformed in their pres. Kal Ta luaLrta avtrov eYeve'To C'rtAl3osa, Aea encGA NTe. Add the garments ofhimn became glittering, white became littering, exceedI became glittering, exceed-?xav *[,ts XtWv,] oeta yvaXEVs er1 T7ls Ty7Js ovI ingly white; such as no extremely [as snow,] such a afuller upon the earth not Fuller on the EARTH is auvaTral AevKavat. 4Kae w0vO aVuvro01,s HlXas able * thus to make white. ic abie to make white. And appeared to them Elias 4 And there appeared to aSvV Moao-Er' Kait 7av' ovAXaAovr'Tes ry I!o'ov. them Elijah, with Moses; with Moses; and were talking withthe Jeste. and they were conversing Kai t7mLO EtS 6 IIETpos XEyet Tq o with JESUS. Kat arotcptezr s o lEsrpos XeYel 7'q Ilo'ou' 5 And PETER answerAnd answering the Peter says to the Jesus.. ing says to JEsus, "Rab-'Pat,8 KataXo'v EfrTY Ul as Moc eivaie Kat 7rol?7- bi, it is good for us to be Rabbi, good itis us here tobe; atd weteay here; and wemayt us make r/UEt' iK7crvas'ipets, oTL /ulae, Kail Mco6ei IEAtas, *Three Booths; one for make tents three, to thee one, and Meses one, thee, and one for Moses, ies HXa t/tav. 6 Ou'yap rsEvt TrI XaXN0' and one for Elijah." and Elias one. Not for hehknewanythinghemightsay; 6 For he knew not what rlaeav peKqee3es. 7 KEac feey qeghtghte ftf * say; for they were 7leav yap EtoBot. 7 K, o aitE11EkET EElt-i'_ terrified. they wre rcfor terrified. And therecame am cloud ever7 And there came a ocza(ovoar avuroLs Kait 77hAOepwv7 c TEK lS,e()EXAIS' Cloud, covering them; shadowing Shem; and eame avoiceoutofthe cloudm andd *there was a Votce 07'Tos E~-'iv o vUos,uou 6o aya7r7rro7s avu'ov came out of the CLOUD, This is the son of me the beioved; him "This is my BELOVED aKOVere. 8 Kas ea'lrcssa 7rep1$AEseatY esO1, oVKEers SON; hear him." hear yot. And auddenly looking round, nolonger ^ And suddenly looking soVs6a Et osi, aN\e TOt' 10eue Moses' LEAO' ) t round, they saw no one -vea tov A~ ovllyv Eeau-. any longer with themno one the saw but tb Jesuns aore with thim- e selves, except Jesus only. TWY. 9 K.raRatLOrcToV,?e avTrwv a7ro TIv opovs, 9 t And as they were selves. Comlua down and of them from the mountain, descending from the.LeTrE XaTq'o avTross, iya t03e5,L 5L7-yqoewvsras a 1IOUNTAIN, hecommanded he charged them, that to no one they shouldrelate what them that they should retetoo. E. Iue brai 6 vioes Trou avOpen7rov fl VEKPWV late to no one what they e'sa excep when the son of the man out of dead ones had seen, till the so(N of CvaG'T 10 Kai TOP N O-YOF crpa-rgqa'aw 7pos KaAN should have risen sae f l~Kat7, rov Ayoeoe eicpar7erc, Irpos from the Dead, ahoutd boraised. And the word " eteyt kert to 10 And they kept the eav-oTLs at0'-vCTovTrEs, Tr eorI TO EK r'ecpwr e iATTEM to themselves, themselves, arguin, what thatoutofde anxiously inquirng, what avaeTT77Va. 21 Ka l e?1pWrWY au-rov, AEyo7TaSxi THE sRIING FROgM THE to be rair.i An they asked him, eyi;i DEAD could mean.'O'i-s Xye~YOIue OLv YP1~ypyyap~ a7rtzs, 6tH' Y H js. s a1 And they asked him Thaet.tay the scribes, that Elias m.a2 saying, " Why do the LENOE?rpWTO; 1210 8e aKoKPl~EIS auTris' SCRIBES say, That Elijah Adess' prpweroie; a12O0 ~ ao7rOecpstets s',r avSisY miUSt first come?" o come firse; He and answering said to the?; 12 And HE *said to EAats IEVY AOcoW 7rpeiro, aw7rocaaOseTrq'7rara' them, "Elijah, indeed, is Ehai indeed coming first, re etorestore allthngs;l coning first* to restore all Kat 7rws'yeypawrral e7rt Trol vos -rov avopwwov, things: t and (as it is and how itis written about the son of the mron, written of the SON of * VATeCAN XIANUSCRIPT. —3 as saow-omit. 3. thus to make white, 5. Three Booths. 0. answer; for. 7. there was a Voice. 8. any longer with themselves, excert Jesus only 12. said to them. 12. to restore. 11. Ibls con ectured by Bloomfield that hoti ought to be separated, and to read he ti. ile has thus edited his text. t 12. There is considerable.ambiguity about the reading af this and iollowin~ verse, as it stands in the Greek. The critics have all been puzzled, and nome have sueggestew an amendment of the text. If read, however, with the parenthetical clauses. and the transposition of the last clause oferseol8% the pagaeo makes good sens, and agrees with the account in Miatthew xvii.' O X al. zvi',?

Page  141 fieOs. 9: 13. MAR KC [Capi. 9: 22. tsvae'orAa'raO?7, scat etovSEsuooOp. l3AA1 a IAN,) that he must suffer that many things heshouldsuffer, and should be despised. But much, and be despised. Xe',w bIlv, Ort Kcai HXras ErXsAXvOe, Nai erotrl'r-av 13 But I say to you, Isay toyoo, that both Elias has come, andtheyhavedone $ That Elijah has even avu'r daa rOeqr(Joav, cKasos'yeypa7r'al 7r' e come, (as it is written of to him whatever theyvlshed, even as it is written about him,) and they have done aUvTov. 14 Kai eAcOwv 7pos rovs icaCrs-as, e1oEY to him whatever they him. And coming tCo the disciples, he saw pleased." oXhor -rohvv r-pt avtwrovs, scKa'ypayatcirets fvX- 14 + And * coming to a crowd great about them, and scribes dis- the DISCIPLES, * they saw'rovvTas avrots. 15 Kai evOeces ras o oXoV, a great Crowd aboutthem, puting nwith them; And immediately all the crowd ane the Scribes disputing itwv avrov, e~eOagB10Br17, Kcat 7rpo'Tpexo'res with them. oeein g him, were awe-struck, and running to And immediately All 17fa7raol/To avToy. 16 Kat e7r-pW'r-qeE aVurovs' the CnOWD seeing him, sauted him. And lhe asked them; were struck with awe, and s'soted 1ioo,'running to him, saluted TL soUrle-07' e 7rpos avrovs; 17 Kae acroscptOets els him. What dispute you woth them? And answering one 16 And he asked them, ei'rov oxAOU etsre' At8aCtsKaAe, yeTVeySca'roy "About what are you disout of the crowd oaid; O Teacher, I brought the puting with them'" veov oUev arpos o'e, exora 7rvevUpa ahaXoa o 1l8Kat 17 And one of the son of me to thee, having a spirit dumb. And CROWD * answered him, rev a" aurov Ka'arAal3rp1 jPoet arseeY tratl "Teacher, Ihave brought wherever him it may seize, it convulse6i hir:; and to thee my Sos, who has i a dumb Spirit. aps, itt, scat TrpItet'oUS ooS'yras aurTov, scat 18 And wherever it he'oas, and grinds the teeth of him, and seizes Him it convulses ta!patve'rat. Kaat esro' 1rots ]uaG07Tats eov, tv'a him; and he foams, and pines away. And I spoke to he o:ci'nes of thee, that grinds * his TEETH, and av.cro EclaAwoot, cai ovi C lxvoav. 19'0 E becomes emaciated. And st th.-y might cast out, and:o~t;.syj-:ad pozer. He ans. I spoke to thy DlSClPLES asroKplests avrots AseysEt l -YE'se a7rtorosw, ESe to expel it, and they could answering them says: O generation without faith, notill." 19 And IaE answering, 7ro-e 7rpos 6as eo-oeat; Ews 7rore aZesO,aCt says to them, "0 unbewhen with you shall r be till when ahall I bcr lieving Generation how ivBrWe; (PepETs av7ovy 7rpoeS e. % Ka s rveKysca, long must I be with youP you? Bring you him to me. And they brought how long must I endure avrov 7rpos aurov. Kat tLSw avUTO, e sErWs'o you? bring him to me." him to him. And seei-ag him, teamediatelythe 20 And they brought rs'rvevta o-(7rcpasev aVuToe at srECJ eGs' r sP him to him; and seeing splrt conit-olsed him: and aling upon the the SPI i edif21 Kas pcerra e vuy ately convulsed him; and hYe, roiVAledo aPp tvviog. A pwho 7oh ~ Th, roP falling on the GROUND, he ground, herolled, foaming. And he askad the rolled about, foaming. 7ra-epa auvrov' Iooos XpoPo ETr1T01, &s rovuro 21 And he asked his father of hir; How long atime it it, since this FATHER, "HOW long a't)eyoVe' av'rc;'O SE enrtO 1IatlStoOeY' Kat time is it since this befell happened to him? He and saite; Fznom a child: and him?" And HE said, o-oAAals auoy Kscat ELS srvp estaXe Kcat ets 6raTs " from childhood. often him both into fire has cast and into waters, 22 And often it has thrown Him into Fire and ya asroXAsei avuroy' aX, ct't Svuaoat, into Waters to destroy'hat it might destroy him, but if any thing thou canst do, him; but if thou canst do o301017q ov 7ItvY, asrrayXtvt0Oets Est',uas. any thing, have pity onus, give aid to us, having pity on us. and help us." * VTATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-14. they came. 14. they saw. 17. answeredhim. "Teacher." 18. the TEsTH. t 17. The child wvas subject to epileptic fits, which were supposed to be brought on bythe power ofdemons.-See Farmer on Detonology, p. 107. The particulars described inverses 18, 20 and 2'I. are, indeed, all symptous of epilepsy. But if we even should suppose the man swao an epileptic; it would not follow that the disorder was not induced by demoniacal influenm. -Bloomfield. - 1 14. Matt. xvii 14; Luke ix. 37. $ 20. Lake ix. 42.

Page  142 Map. 9: 23.7 MARK. [owp. O: 3S. 230 ~8 ltOo ovs 17yr5 avwrqo To, Es vv'aotalt 23 And JESUS said tt The and Jesus said o him; That, if thou art able him, * "IF THOU CANST P lrITTEuVrcat' t7rawra Eevvatra T(r W TEVOVTl. ++ All things can for the to believe; allthings arepossible tothe believing. BEL1EVINOG." S*[KCa] evOews Kpatas 6 7raT71p TOv irarttov, 24 The FATHrER of the [And] immediatelycryingout the father ofthe child, CIID immediately ex. [/ETIA 6atCpuvwv] EAEye' loIr7revc 3o077OetL tuov claiming, said, "I do be[with tears25 hesaid; I believe; helpthou of me lieve; help My UNBErt aweiffa. 1258Wy e b I?)7rovs, o-t Eyrtirvv- L1EP." the unbelief. Seeing and the Jesus, that runs to- 25 And JESus perceiv. TPEXEI oXAos, ErETIrE o 7tE 7rVevYlar t.Tr, aT ra- ing That the Crowd was gethller a crowd, he rebuked the spirit the un-e rerunning together, he reOapyT', Xtycov avTroy To 7rvevca Qo acaAov tea buked the IMPURE SPIRIT, clean, saying to it; The spirit the dumb and saying to it, "l1)uaB and Xcwetor, etW e rO ErlTaortc E er e Ete avTov, U *DA SPIRIT, lcomman d deaf, I to thee comma-ld; Come out of him, thee cole out of him, ald KCI I etrtCETL EtteAdpS Eis a 2v5o Kai 1Capa'av, enter him no mnore." and no more enter into him. And crying out, ictt 7roXAa tr7rapayas, egrqAOE. Ka eyEVETO 26 And crying out, and altd malny times convulsing, ic came out. And he became greatly convulsing him, it -TEe teIrpos, cLotE 7ro0AXes AEy'Ew, Or a l'El. came out; and he became C~et velcposX coC~e zroA~uus Ae~yetvX orz a~redavev. ike one dead, so that many as dead, so that many to say, that he is dead. like one dead, o that many 7'O aE Il7rovs tKpa'rloas aVT'op Tris XeIpos, said, "lHeis dead." The but Jesus taking him of the hand, 27 But JESUS taking r7yEpep, avrov' Kaat ave'Tt. * his HAND, raised him, raLsed up him; and he stood up. and he stood up. 28 Kai EcreXOoevra, avTror EIS OteKOV, of yeaOJTrat 28 J And having entered And ltaving comle him into a house, the disciples a I-Holse, his DISCIPLES avTov eirjpwTcow aeTov Ko a rt titav''Ot ]UOets asked himprivately, "Why of him askled him privttely; That we could not bne cast it out?" OVl?7lvdOeV lJE eK]a3teiv avlTro; 29 Kat etrEv 29 And he said to them, not were able to cast out it? And he said' This KIND can go out avTots. T O e'EvOS E' eo V OvEvt vUva'atL EoeA- b)y nothing, except by to them; This the kind by nothing is able to go Prayer." OeV,, Elt TI eA 7rpott et, 1 *[as,lreta.] 30 And departing from out, if not in prayer land fasting. departing from that place, they passed Kai eKceIOev EeXAOov'res, I rape~ropEvo'To ita tllrough GALILEE, and he And thence departing, he passed through desired that no one should rT7s IraAXrAatas Kal ova: t EAeiV, Iva rts E T~ Y. know it; the Galilee; and not wanewilling,that anyoneshouldlowv. 31 for he tauht his 3 Erta(rKe -yap'ovsua'as a bsova, teKal EEy- D1 for he taught his He taugilt for the diseiples ofhidiself, and said DSCIPLES; and e said Etehe foeI theL Ottoitet tft if rOtd id to them, $"The soN of E,7 *[avrots']'Ot 6 tos To) aOprov 7rap- A is -eing del-vered [to thlem; That the son of the man is deli- iAN s being delivered Tinto the HIands of Mon, Gtrowat els Xetpas agvpwo lr/v, tcat awoKt~eovrrty and they will kill him; vered tlp into hands of men, and thley willkill and l him; allTOTaOE~SC, 1and having been put to auvrov, Kta afrfo0t1cra ets~,1r p10t'r 77)xepa avTa- death, * after Three Days him; and having been killed, tie third lay he rTT7TerETai. 3 O e 7yi00U tO p theia, Krise." will rise. They bint did not understand the word, and 32 But THEY did not E(poi30vvTo aUrto E7rEPCOrT-00al. understand the woRD, and were afrai T him to ask. were afraid to ask Him. 33 Kart l eOE elts Kayrepvaovltt Ka0 e1, T7 OtCla 33 And he came to CaAnd became to Oapernaum; and in the house pernaum; and being in the T VATICAN MANUSCRaPT.-23. "Ip TIIOU CANST? All things." 24. And-omit. 24. with tears —omit. 25. and DEaP. 27. his HAND. 29. and Fasting.-omlt. 31. to hlim —omit. 31 after Three Days he will rise. + 31. The parallel pass ge in tMatt. xvii. 22, reads —" The soS of MAN is about to be de. livered into the IIanlds of IeL'." + 23. Miatt. x vii. 20; Mark si. 23. Luke xvii.6; John xi. h. $ 28 Matt xvii. 1i 31. Matt. xvii. 22; Lukeix. 4

Page  143 Meap. 9: 34.1 MARK. [Clap. a: 43_ Tes'ofevos, e7r71pwcTa aVTOVS' Tt evy. d00 eOUSE, he asked the>*, being, he asked then; What on the way +"What did you dispute *[7rpos Etav'ovs] 8teAsoytte((rPC; 34 Ocl 8e eroh- about on the ROAD?" ramong yourselves] were you disputing? They but were 34 But THEY were si-'7rcv rpos aXrlXovs yap 8teAexO'lo-av E, erp lent; fortheyhaddisputed silent; with one another for they had disputed on the with each other, on the T80, rtLs EL'CwV. 35 Kat caGtoeas, EWEsCrl- ROAD, as to who would be way, who greater. And sitting down, he called greatest. TOus 86weKa, ca hAeyeti aVTrois Et.TLS eeI l 35 And sitting down, lihe the twelve, and says to them; If any one desires called the TWELVE, and 7rpco0OS ElyCal, eC-Tal 7raVTcV EfXaXros, Kat irav- says to them; $If anyone fiist to be, he willbe of all last, and of desires to be first, he will ToC taatKovos. 36 Ka at Aa3cu' artov, e~-Tr7oEJV be last of all, and a Serall a servant. And taking a little child, he placed vant of all." avuTo EV' Eea auTcvYs, caL eV'tYKatc aA.eerSos 36 And $ taking a little it in midst ofthem, and embracing in his arms Child, he placed it in the aVTO, CtELre actTOiS' 37'Os ear EV TCV TOIOVTIVW Ilidst of thenm, and emit, he said to them; Whoever one of the such bracing it in his arms, he waatwcov, E77Ta. ea r Et TO Ot'o/.aT-t eou, e.Le 8EXE- said to them, little children mayreceive in the same ofme, me receives: 37 "Whoever may reTr at 1 o6s eas' CeIE 6E7}TaL OVK evI/E EXECTal, ceive one sucH little and whoever me mayreceive, not me receives, C1hild in my NAME, reacAa TOs' a7rorTetAa'VTa yeE. 6A7resCKpLr - aE ceives Me; Sand whoever but the having sent me. Answered and * receives Me, receives not avTrT IoCavOs, Xe~ywv' ALsaaKaAE, EtdogieV TIM' Me, but HIMS who SENT to him John, saying: O teacher, I saw one me." rP osvotuaQtL aaV EfC[OXX0o T atalAovba Kat eIcCW- 38 T And John * spoke to the name of thee casting out demons: and we to him, saying, "Teacher,.Auaveazee, avTrovT,.rLt ovic aicoIovOet {y. 39'O we saw one expelling Deforbad him, because not he follows us. He nons in tlly NABtE, and we forbad him, Because 8e I0rovs ELre' Mrl cwhAve7e avTOV. OUvets yap hle does not follow us." but Jesus said: Not do youforbid him. No one for 39 But JESUS said, " Do.-Ti, OS 7ronlo aet v'af. tt, e7rt Tr 00 oU/voaTrt /Aov, not forbid hiln; forthere is, who will do a mighty work in the name of me, is no one who will do a Kar tdvs0-CETaa l TraXv ica Koh Aoylh7at le. 0'Os Miracle in my NAME, and and will be able readily to speak evil of me. Who be able rashly to reproach yap ovc E(r-Tt caO' V/ews', Vfrep b/tw, E7rL'V. 41'Os noe. for not is against you, for you is.'Who 40 For he who is noti againsi you, is for you. -yap av'o7rTrla o iltas 7roTrTlptov o aTro s' V V 41 lor whoever may for ever may give drink to you acup oftwter, ivo you a cup of water ooa'rtTt, o5t XPL7Tov ~6rTE, CatIyV A.eyew AtIVY oV to drink in * the NAME, name, becauseof Anointed youare, indeed I say to yo, not That you are CHRIST'S, /a77 a7roAAE(ai TOO gtosr7' a3OPU. 42 Kat ds av' lindeed I say to you, He not he maylose the reward of himself. And whoever shall by no means lose his tcavoaAtr~ eva.av tcKpWC% T 7rttr'evo.rwco REWARD. may ins.are one of the littte ones, of the believing 42 $ And whoever may insnare one of * THESE ELS YE, Kahos ECaTis' aVTicaJ /1 h, El I LITTLE-ONES BELIE VIN into me, good it is to him rather, if hangs LITTLE-ONES be better ill me, it would be better At0os vAtKos 7rept Trov rpaXrlAov av'rov, Kat for him if a Millstone a stone of amill around the neck ofhim, and should be fastened to his 3eCAj6 TaL ECs TlyV OaXaaravY. 43 Kat eav s'tca- N1ECR, and he should be has been cast into the sea. And if may thrown illtO the SEA. aa-aCl( XCIPr a-up aowos COio' aUsV7r' sc av osO 43 SAnd if thy HAND ilsnare thee the hand of thee, cutthouoff her: good insnare thee, cut it off; it o VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-33. among themselves —onitf 37. receives Me3 38. spoke to him. 41. the NADME, That you are CHnRIST's. 42. TH ESs LITTLE-ON$S. + 33. Matt. xviii. 1; Luke ix. 46; xiiL 24. [k 35. Matt. xx. 26, 27; Mark x. 43,' 30. MItt. xviii. 2; Mark x. 16.: 37. Matt. x. 40; Luke ix. 48. 1 38. Luke ix. 40 39. 1 Cor. xii. 3. 1 41. Matt.x. 42.; 42. Matt. xviii. 6; Lakko sxvl, l i 4. Deut. xii 6; Matt. v. 20; xvii

Page  144 ,flap. 9: 44.] MAR. Chap. 10i: 2. o'r eOrt KcvAhov EIS T~71 CSwO71Y EtLOeAOezL, -1 Tas is better for thee to enter' to thee it is crippled into the life to enter, than the LIFE crippled, than having Vuo Xelpas eXOhra a OreAS E es T7Vr/yee/vav1/, TWO Hands to depart to two hands having to go nto the Gehenna, t GEHENNA, into THAT INELS TO 7rvp TO aOOj3EOT'o, 44*[o7rov 06 O'cwA)T EXTINGUISHABLE TIRE; into the fire the inextinguishable, [wsere the worm 44 tC wlere the WORM avTrw1 ov TeAevTra, KCat To rvp ov or/evvTatL.] dies not, and the FIRE iS ofthem not dies, and the fire not is quenched.] not quenched.] 5Kam EaV 6 7rous asov oScavceAi(; (rE, a7rofKorov 45 And if thy FOOT illAnd if the foot of the foot of thee may isnae thee, cutthouoff sare thee, cut it off; it is av'rvo KaAov eETL oLs ElSOEAeLE5 ETIS 7 OI5 Air~v better for thee to enter him; good it is to thee to enter into the life lame into LIFE, than havARAov, 1 TOVS &vo 7roFas EXOVTOa 38AXn0?l7at ELS ing TWO Feet, to be cast lame, than the two feet llaving to be cast nto into GEHENNA, t nto the T71/V yEEVlcae, *[ElS To 71rvp TO actfo3EeTo, 46 07rOU UNQUENCHABLE FIRE; the Gehlenna, [into the fire theinextinguishable, where Si rrss, [sr isOss1ssrirrs ~, shr 46 where the WORM dies o6 hKWeA1 aVO 0! OV TEAEUVT, wKal To 7rUp ov not, and the FIRE is not the worm of them not dies, and the fire not /,8ErvvE TaL.] 47 Kat Eav 6 oeopaAhoos srov orcav- qlenhed.] is quenched.] And if the eye of thee may 47 And if thine EYR inEah. roe, EKIcaaE avTov' scaaov s oi e0ErOTL ovo- snare thee, pluck it out; insnare thee, cast thou out him; good to thee itis one- it is better for thee to enip OaAlor ELOOEAOEV ELS TI)!'v $aoAeZav TO!V OEOU, ter one-eyed into the eyed to enter iato the kingdom of the God, KINGDOM of GOD, than i ovo oephaxpovs exovE Ta /ABG aI els ELF T YI - 7E.having Two Eyes to be cast thantwo eyes having tobe cast into the Ge- into * Gehenna; evaOv *X[Tov 7rvpos,] 48s6rov 6 oicWA14 avWTco 48 $ where their woRa henna [ofthe fire,] where the worm of them dies not, and the FIRE is ov 7TEAEVTa, /cat TO rvp ov 43OE!vvvWac. 49 Ifasl not quenched. not dies, and the fire not is quenched. Every one 49 For everv one shall yap irvpit &ALAOISETaal- *[Kcal 7raa Ovusra be salted withdfie; t[and for with fire shallbe salted; [and every sacrifice every Sacrifice shall be &AL atro07o0ETOal.] 50 KaoA Tro T aasE Eav be seasoned with Salt.] witl salt shallhbe salted.] Good; but ~To &Aas airaAo''PYEeTaL, eVy ltvL av0o ap5?!- if the SALT becomne tastethe salt withouttastc maybecome, with whas t ima wilyb less, how will you restore aETe; ExeTe eS EavroTs aAas, /cal ELp7l)eveETE Its saltness? Have Salt hi season? Have you in ourselve, d byouatpeae yourselves, and be at Ei aAk71Aolts peace with one another." with one another. CHAPTER X. 1: And arising from 1 Kait eceLOev avaoTas EPXE'TaL ELtS Tr bpta thence, he comes into the And from thence arising he comes into theborders CONFINES OfJUDEA,*even r)7s Iovubaas, ata TOV T7rEpaV TOv IOPbavOV' ecal bevond the JORDAN; and of the Judea, by the otherside ofthe Jordan; and again Crowds come togevTr/e7ropevovrTa 7raXLv oXAoL TFpos aVTro0' cat, tiler to him, and again, as come together again crowds to him; and, he had been accustomed, cPSF' ESCOOEL, 7raAtv ESoaiaOE! aT0oVs. 2KKal he taught them. ashehadbeenaccustomed, again hetaurght th.em. And 2 4 And Pharisees aporporsXeOorr0 sc 4apioraol E771rpcWTI)5av a(UXToS Es preaching, asked him, to approaching Pharisees asked bim; if try him, "Is it lawful for EtEO7Lr avbps -yvialKca a7rohueaiL; respac(sesES a Man to dismiss his it is lawful for a man a wife to release? tryin g Wife?" * VATICAN IANUSCnIPT.-44. where the wonMr dies not, and the FI5R5 is not quenchedomit. 45 & 46. into t he I NEXTIN GUI S IIABLE FIrnE where their woRaM dies not, and the FIRE is not quenclhed-omit. 47. Gehenna. 47. of FrE —omt. 49. and every Sacrifice shall be seasoned with Salt-omit. 1. even beyond the JORDAN. t 43. A sebrew term, meaning the valley of the son of Hinnom. For futher remarks see Appendix. t 44, 4.5, 46, 4;1.'Tbe c!:ouses bracketed in these verses, are nor tiroid in the Fatican. They are marked as dou!ltfuIl by Griesbach, and aie expunged by Tischendorf. 1 48. Isa. lxvi. 24. t bO. Matt. v, 13; Luke xiv. 1. Mat.t, xix, 1; John x. 4i L.7 $ 2. datt.xix. --

Page  145 eap. 10: 8.J I MARK. lCp 10: 15. aV0Sov. 3'O 3E a7roKcpiOes eire, avnro s' Tt 3 And HE: answering him. He and answering said to them; What said to them, " What did itLrv EVe-reiLa'o Mworls; 4 Oi 3e cturov, Mworaqs Moses command You?" to you did enooin MosesP They and said; Moses 4 And THEY said, $" Mo. E7rETpe4E t3BlXtov aerogoraoo0v ypa/ai, Kat acro- ses permitted a Writ of alloowed a scroll of separation tobe written, and to re- Divorce to be written, and Xvorat. 5 *cl *[a-osicp1Oeis] o It7ouVs eLrEY to dismiss her.";ease. And [answering] the Jesus said to avros' flipos'rny' ecteXJpoKapLaV' VF.WcV eypaeV' them, "Because of your to them; For the hardness of heart of you he wrote STUBBORN DISPOSITION LtLv Tryiv el'okV'ravtUl)T. 6 Arto oe apXg3 s he wrote you this costo you the commandment this. From but a beginning MAND. KrT-IEWs aptoE KaGL 01Av e7rolqtrlEv avtrovs o Oeos. 6 But from the Beginof creation a male and afemale he made them the God. ning of Creation, * he made 7 "'E aeKE, TOVTOV icTaAEL4*Et cavOpo7ros TOP them Male and Female. "On account ofthis shallleave a man the 7 t On account of this.irwreptia cson scat 12' f)TEpa, *[KaL irpocoX- a Man shall leave his TAfather of himselfan& the mother, [and shallbe closely THER and tOTHER, * and A0rlr0'erat wrpos r)ey yvvaLtKa are tou-j 8 K adhere to his wIFE; united to thSe wife of himself;] and 8 and the TWO shall become one l'lesh; so that e eoeT'aot ol no eS orapica zta.0''nTe oVErT they are no longer Two, shallbe the two into flesh one." So tlhat nolonger but One Flesh. ElZo' 5 vo, aAAa lAia oap,. 9' oev o OEos rvve- 9 What GoD, then, has theyaretwo, but one flesh. What then the God hasjoin- united, let no Man sever." 7evU ev, aveOpwaros 7 XWptLE w. 10 Kai Es Tr), 10 And, in the RousE, edtogether, a man not disunites. And in the I the DISCIPLES again asked him * concerning oLicia'ra/ls of /gaeOrait aro v c rep, oy thi house again the disciples of him concerning of the 11 And he says to them, 11 Kai 11 And he says to them, avTrov E7rIlpWT7liav avos. E KCI AEYEI t"T Whoever shall dismiss him asked him. And hasay' hliS WIT'E, and marry aloavTOLs''Os eav a7ro ohvp Trl' yvvaica 6aTOV, thler, commits adultery to them; Whoever may release the wcle o: n.mseif with her. cat 7yatlqar aAX27v, oTLXa Latl err' avT7)y. 12 And if * zie who and maymarry another, commits adultery with her. t dismisses her HUSBAND, 12 KaL eav'yve7s arorvnrl Sov' avspa av'r-ls, tKai shall nmarry another, she And if a'woman mayrelease the husband ofherself, and commits adultery. 7yat)r077 aXkr, L3oXa'aT. 13 Kat 7rposeqepov 13: And they brought may bemarriedto another, commitsadultery. And they brought little Children to him, 7aVrT 7rai~riz, t va1-WI O a ucv Z ie Fae-q-raL that he might touch them; do7e9) Lrre ctloaa, t oI vE a Ct*oyrCta and the DISCIPLES reto himlittle hildrcn thathemightttouchthem and the buSCIPLESt discipes buked them. ena'i~rertcws 7ogs?rpOerzpEPO veIv. 14Ioc BE b 14 But Jesvs seeing it, rebuked these bringing. Seeing but thesus seeingit, was displeased, and said to Irsovs?7yaraOT7OC'?e, cKai EClre aVUOiS'O ApeTe them, "Allow the LITTLE Jesus was dlsrleased, and said to them; Allow CHILDREN to collle to me, 1ra 7raLrla epXeoOact rpos MAe, M7 KWeoXEve eaTrea' and fobhid them not; for thelittlechildren to come to me, not hinder them; to suCH LIKE belongs the TrcfP'yap To0 ovTrWO eC- 1 CTI,' 7 a)t-r ea Tro Oeov. KINGDOM of GOD. of the for sur,h like is the kingdom ofthe God. 1 5 Indeed I say to you, 15 AM?7Sv Ae-yceW Ovv, os eavo jMl e7Trltl 1-7Y' j3ra - lWhoever does not receive Indeed I say toyou, whoever not mayreceive the king- the KiINGDOMn of GoD, like * VATICAN MANUSCeIPT.-5. answering-omit. 6. he made them. 7. and adhere to his wIYE —omtt. 10. the DISCIrLES. 10. concerning this. 12. I) t who dismisses her HUssBAND, shall marry another. 13. them. But. f 12. Strictly speaking, a Jewish wife could not divorce her husband therefore, apolusee may be considered as used with some license, and perhaps, too, with reference to the customs of tle Gentiles rather lan the Jews, and intended as a rule to the Apostles tor geneli application, and which should put both sexes on the same tooting. 4. Deut. xxiv. 1, Matt. v. 31 xix. 7. 7. Gen. ii. 24 1 Cor. vi. 16: Eph. Sv. 81 ++ 11. Matt. v. 82: six. 9; Luke sxI. 18; Rom. vii, 8; 1 Cor. vii. 10,11, i 1s. malt Xi. 13 Lack xviii. 15,

Page  146 ces-. 10o 16.] MARRK. [MCap. 10: S4. XELaV rro OEOU cds traltiov, ev /r! etteXXOrl eLs aalittle Child, he villbyno dom -ofthe God like alittle child, net not may enter into means enter it." av'rvP,: 16,'Kat eva/tCaiUrauevos am-a,'TOELs 15} Int CtIycnAte /os~ aVTn, s 16 And taking them in her.. And embracing in his arms them, havingsplaced arms, and placing his his arms, and placing his Tas Xetpas e7r avTa, rlvhoyEt aVTa. HANDS on them,heblessed the hands upon them, he blessed them. them. 17Kat eslcropeEvyevoo wrverov els osO', 7rpoe- 17 t And going out into And going out of him into away, run- the Road, one running up, 8panAwY' els, iceal yov-7rerloa as avrov, e7rrpr'ra and kneeling before him, ng up' one, and kneeling toefore him, he asked asked lins, " Good Teach. avnrov- Atkan ncae aTyaOe-, rt 7roetriw, iva'w3rlY er! whatmusIdotldothat him; O teacher good, what must I do, that life maV inherit nionian Life." antv'oev scArpepovo 18;'0 oe Iri(rovs et7rev age-lasting I may inherit? The and Jesus said 18 And JESus said to avnT'- Tt.te Ae/yEts aeya6ov; ovrees ayaOos, ec him, Whly dost thou call to hlm; Why me callestthou god? no one good, if Me good? No one is good, 1 ES, 60 O eOs. 19 Tas cTroAas on tas' 6 "M except one, GOD. not one, the God. The com'mandmentsthouknoest; Not j 19 Thou knowest the potXevrs-' May qo, evris' Ma! tcAeles' COMMAN)a'ENTS; * * Do thouemlostcommitadultery; Not thou must kill; Notthou muststeal; aot colll1llit murder; De Mi 4enho/aprnpeaos' -[Mri anrooraepfotq'7] not conimit adultery; Do Not thou musttestifyfalsely; [Not tho mustdefraud 1 not steal; Do not testify TLta rOv 7rarEpa eOV, cal T77 rV eatrepa. 20 0 falsely' IlonorthyFATHERa Honor the father ofthee, ted the mother.". He and orToHERx." E -n[a7rotcptOets] res'nv aVl' Ataie-caAe, rcavra 20 And HE said to him, but [answering] said to hilm, O teacher, these 7rav-ra eqvnaSaIrL' etc YSoTri'7ros,uov. 21'0 E "Teacher, all these have all I kept from hildhood ofme. He but!I kept from my Child. 171,oOVS e/L,3Xieras avTnc, ayaUr7tr eev avTor, Ka hood." Je s.. looking on him, loved him, a, d 21 And JF'svs looking circeV avro''Ev oat vrT'repet' rarnay, otra on him, loved him, and said to him: One to thee lachs: go, whatever said to hinm, "One thing e,-eis 7rwArptrov, ant oos ros 7rTcwXoots' Kac thou lackest; go, sell thou hast sell, and give tothe poor: and v whatever thou hast, and ieEs Osreavpo' ev oupatep' taCt bevpo, atcoA- givetothe*Poor, andthou thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and hitller, fol- shalt have $ Treasure in ovOe /Yot, *[apas'roe' oravU oeo.] 220 be'rnY- Heaven; and come, follow low me, [taking up the cross.] He but looking me." vatas e7rl Tsr Aoyrp, a7r77AXe AvnrovnrWvose' a7 22 But aE, was gieved sad at the wod, te s atay Solrowing hews at the word, and went -yap eXce' ricTr'ara 7roXa. 23 KaL srepileXca- away sorrowing; for he for g possessions any. And lookin hadving reat Possessions.".tEVOS o I6 lGOens, AEYEL rot01 (.a%-TalS aresU' 23 Then JEsus looking round the Jesus, says to the disciples oflhimself. Tiws bnecrsco,.ws oi re Xparinr, c~exovrca cts'rye' round, says to his arsciHow hardly those the rches having into the laarXeina' Tron OEOV EeXCn'evTro al. s 24 t cllaty will TiHOSE tAVING iCI CH:S enter the KING' kingdom of the God shallenter. They and DOfaI of GOD." taOl'rsal eOat3ovvTro e7rt rot01S A.yooLs avTou.'O disciples were astonished act the words of him. The 24 And the DISCIPLE$S 3e IZarovns 7rat'v a7reocptOEiAS s yl avnrols TEicva, were astonished at his I.. Jesus again ansoering say tothem: Children, WORDS. But Jsus againtem: Children, WORDS. a's bvno'ov EtrsL t[roavs' rereotdeornaS ci7srotS answvering, says to them, how difficult itis [th.~se havingconfidence in the "' Children, how difficult ~Xpi7 sls',] etLS 7ra /3TaeletVEtn ronU deoU EcOeAhesv. it is to enter the aINGDOMa riches,] into the kingdom of the God to enter. Of GOD. VATIcAN MIANVSCRIPT. —19. Do not commit murder; Do not commit adultery. 19, Do not defraud-onzit. 20. answering-onlit, 21. Poor. 21. taking up the cnoss-osmit. 24. those having confidence in ntcuEs —otit. I 17. Matt. xix. 16; Luke xvail. 18. $ 13. Exod. xx. 13. Rom. xiii. 9. I 21. Matt. Vi. i, 20; xix. 21- Luke xii. 33, xvi. 9. t 23. Matt. xix. 23; Luk xiiL.. delo yaxit l's. \, YL Iii.V71xiL e H.

Page  147 tzp. 10: 25.3 MARKA.6o jeh. Rs 1 83. 25 EvcosyTrepoV er7Tt Icca/x7Aov lca T71s Trpv/a- 25 It is easier for a Easier it is a camel t'roughl the hole Camel to pass through the las T771 p'a(pl8os 8LeXElv', 71 rTAovoItov ets Trv, NEEDLE'S EYE, than for a of the needle to pa2s, tllan arich man into the Rich man to enter the 8aotle.ELa TOV ouV EtleXOelvE. 26 OI OE weptrL- KItNGDO: of GOD." kingdom ofthe God to enter. They and greatly 26 And they were exows elE7rA7tqr0t'oTo AEyYO7rES 7rpos dEavrous' ceedingly astonished, saywere amazed, saying among themselves; ing *to himI, "Who then Kas TIs lvoUvaTas oCr0vaL; 27 Epe3XtEtas Ie can be saved?" And who is able to be saved? Loolking on and 27 And JESUS looking aOuTOLs 6 I7ao005, XEyEl' pIapa avOpwsrots auvva- on them, says, " With Men them the Jesus, says; With men impossi- it may be impossible, but rov aXAA' ou rapa Trep, OeJ TravTa -yap vvaea rnot with GoD; for with ble. but not with the God: all for possible a God everything is possiCO`s arapa'rep Oep. 28 HparTo 6 HeTpos Ae yeV ble." is with the God. Began the Peter to say 28 T PETER began to say au2rep I8ov'Ylues atl77KarpeV, rasTa, tat 7rcokA- to him, "Behold, tec have to him: Lo, we left all, and fol- forsaken all, and followed ov77otra/eEv aoro. 20 *[A7wrolcptOes] 6 171,oUS thee." lowed, thee. [Answering] the Jesus 29 JEses said, "Indeed ElvrEse AIU77c AhEytW NIV, OVoELIS EO-T7L os aCP71- I say to you, There is no said: Indeed I say to you, no one is, who has one who has left House, or est) 01Ksar, 37 Ta]EXiOSe, 77 a5eXtpes, 7 s7ralepa, n Brothers, or Sisters, orlfaleft houses, or brotlers, or sisters, or father, or tiler, or, Mother, * or Wife, MrL -cpa, *[-7 yuvvalmKc]ij - -rEKcva, 7 aeypovs, or Children, or Lands, on mother, [or wife,] or children, or fields, my account, adl'on acIveKcEs /rOUi teas evKee TOU eUy1YeAsOv, 30 saV COUntoftIleGLAD TIDINGS, on account of me and on account t of the glad tidings, if 30 who will not receive,T77 AaB- EcaToovtrarAaoi'a, cvV sEV'To $ a hunndred-fold, now, is not he may receive a thundred fold, noar in the this TIMI, —Houses, and Kapqo TroTrwS olKlas, Kal a6eArpovs, Kas aleA- Brothers, and Sisters, and season this, houses, and brothers, and sis- Mothers, and Children, and (pas, Kasl prepas, tcatL TeKeca, tcas aypovs, /ETa Lands,-but with Perseters, and mothers, and children, and fields, wit cutionlS; and in the AGE as1WyjA(eeV, KaIrL -v eo aeovic T1 EPpXOlAEcq) C5J77q to coME, aionian Life. persecutions, and in the age to come, life 31: But many will be atWlvLOc. 31 hToihot e e eI oovTal Irporot, eaXa- first, who are last; and age-lasting. MIany but shall be first, last; last, who are fuist." 70L' KaL ~eXaTOt, 7rpc()Tot. 32 E H e cT 32 "And they were on and last, first. They were and in tle the ROAD goin, up to Je66Ir avaascsc'Tr`s sIS'IEpoEo0v efla- teaR 77y rusalem; and JEsUs was way going up to Jerusalem: and was preceding them; and they 7rpoayOc avuovs 6 I7lrovTS K eas EOajutovcr o, were' amazed. And THEY going before them tie Jesus: and they were amazed, who FOLLOWED him were teat acKos2ovsov'rs eposovYrTo. Kat 7rapaAaw3ev afraid as the took aside and following they were afraid. And taking aside again the TWELVE, and be-'raXsv TOvs wSteKa, rlptaro avTols XCyEssc TCr gan to tell them the again the twelve, he began to them to tell the things THINGS BEING ABOUT to feeXeovtra avroe ovpL8aLVeLv' 33'OTt slOV, egva- befall him.: being about to him to happen: For lo, we 33 "Behold, we are go3ascosevc Els'Iepoco'ovlya, Kait o v1os ToU avOpoe- ing up to Jerusalem, and go up to Jerusalem, and the son of the man the soN of oMAN Vill be wov 7-apaoOrEt7rEat 7ots apxLEpeuOt Ktea Tots delivered up to the IGmHwill be delivered up to the high-priests and tothee PRIESTS, and to the ypa/epuarcVo tre at caTtstrplpvo'lv avTroc OavaTcV, SCRIBES; and they will scribes: and they will condemn him to death, condemn him to death, -as 7srapacisurovrscv aVtrov Toss Oe eC, 34 Kcnl and will deliver him up to and they will deliver up him to the Gentiles, and tile GENTILES; V VAT1CAtM.tNUSCtRIP.-26. tO him, "Who." 27. God. 29. answerln —-omit. B. or Wife —otit, 32. amazed. And TEan who FOLLOWD himwere afraid, ashetook, t 28. Matt. xix. 27; Luke xviii. 28. $ 30. Lulne xviiL 30. + 31. Matt. xix. 30; Luke xiii 30. $ 32. l 5 at 17; l Luke xviii. 0. T $O. Xlars vhii. 31; ix. 1.;;t Ln. 22- z v;- --.

Page  148 Mahop. l10 34.] MAlR ICo [aCc p. 10: 4i. Ej7'raitovoJiv aurpT, tcat IaaoTrL-ytrover0V cv avrov, 34 and they will mock they will mock him, and they willscourgo him, him, and *spit on lliil, tKaL Et T'TVrrutoOLVy atCrq, Ecal a7rotc'rEovlvrrvyauTo and scourge him, and put and theywillspitupon him, and they willkill i'm; him to death, and *after araL 7q Tpo 7'' otepqa aaOrrT'-at.- 5 Kaa =,oo- Three Days he willrise." and the third day he willstand up. And' ome 35 And James andJohn, 7ropevo'rat avroi Iacewf3os iCat Iwavvs' or vol t.he* TWo Sons of Zebedee, to him Jamec ancd Joln,'tho ono come to him, * saying to Zefe8aoU, A'yoevres' AecaoKocaXE, 0EAo0EH, 9 Isa him, "O Teacher, we wish of Zebedee, nnyingr. O teacher, ove wish, tat that thou wouldst do fo) eav Cn7T10C'i d eo', J opo iY. 360'O e Ewr e, us whatever we may * ask 362S' O Vr thee." whatever wemayask,'hourany(.~doforua. He but Inid e 3 6 And uE said to them, ave'ols' Tt OeAete- 7ero?7ooter e t.l'Zi O' I 8e "What do you desire me to them; Whatdoyouwish to do me for-7ouP They r.nd to do for you?" Etqrov av-rw' Aos t/l~esv, iva EsE eC 6etWo' osov, 37 AndrTIEsYsaidtohlm, said to him; Give to us, that one at right o~thee "Grantto us that we may ical es e eavwvvtuoe ovu tcaoeiroYets eV 7r1 o~7 sit, one at *thy Right and one at left ofthee wemaysit in th- glory hand, and the other at arov. 3s'0 ae I1orovs strer awvrots' OUK ols3ae, *thy Left, in thy GLORY." ofthee. The and Jesus aaidd o them; Not youknow, 38 But JEsus said to rt atT det. IvvacEO qrtet' to so' ripto1 o tthem. "You know not' ai'T~ia. AvaeOE wrries'i-a rowTpo', 0what you ask. Can you what you ask. Areyouable ts,' dink the cup, which di-ink the cup which E e5yw 7retvo, Calt To arTa7rtrya, 0 E'yS,Ba7rSto OYaL, drink? *or undergo the I drink, anlo the dippins? which I am dipped. IMFRSION with wllich atr'rterOg rae 9 0s 8e etroy av'r7'p AUateOca. am being overwhelnled!" to be dipped P They d said tohim We are able. 39 And THEY said to'O 8e I1ooUS wrrevE awviots' To *[lev] rorT/ — him,"Wecan." And JEThe and Jesus said to them i The [indeedl cup, SUS said to them, You will p'ov, o6'ceY r'tvw,'orteee(' cat'- 3e'ar'rtca drink the cuP which Hi which I drink, you will drink; and the dipping, drink, and undergo the in6 5Ey e' WT5 /,w /3wqtorr Oc e' 4/5a ~a M'asetoN with which I o Eycw,a7rrtoyat, Ba7r7 —0r7e ~ o-6s-'40 Tso 8E am being 0verwhelmed which I am dipped, yosu-lltc di.pendl ~,e -.t 40 but to SIT at my caetsaat EIc &e-tiw ftov KICat Es EUWcvvwVg ore Eo'- Right hand,:or at the to sit at right ofme and at left,:,*. + to sit a it of me and at left, 0 it Left, ir not mine to give, TrI segVn B8ouvat, aAA' oes q'oltuaccrlat. except for whom it is preis mine to give, but to whom ithas beenprepared. pared." 41 Kag aKovua-,aY-es of SeKra, 77paavr-o a-yaaocrete 41 SAnd the TEN, havAnd having heard the ten, they bcyan to be anrry ing heard, were indignant 7repi IaKecov cat Ic''wavvo, 42 1' 9'f Ir(rovs against James and John, about Jamer. and John. Rho':t Jeous ae And Jesus, having calked them, lie says to 7rporCKapAeAeraeveeos a'usrovs, Xeye awuovso Os3a- them, 1"You know That having called them, lcays ft, them; Youknohv TIHOSE presuming to rule'E, 6' o f 8orcotvres apXEtv'To E0V' wev', ca'iec- the NATIONS domineer that those presuming to rule he nationes, ord it over them, and their GREo AT pEuoVe aeu'sr-ev, cat ot eyeAoe av'wrs-aer'oct-eu- ones exercise authority over them, and the great of'hem exercise m. WVieSoerte 0157305. 43 OVX 0oTW ae e ea0 43'But': it is not so ria~omriv aVT 43 V ou ~ e among you; but whoever authority over them. Not eo but itshall be amo ng may desire to become reat /gtse'. cAA' de see' yee'ea-Oas psas may desire to become ~reat vbfv' aAh. os ear OeA?7 yeVeao Oat yas ev among you, shall be Your you; but whoever mayveish tobecome great among Servant; etey', sor'at v e tacoe'os' 44 cat 6s sav 0e'OA 44 and whoever*among you, shallbe ofyou aservant; and whoever may wish you may desire to becollle ~ YAT1CA[ MBTAVNUSCRIT. —34. spit on him, and scourge him~ 34. after Three Days he. 35. TWO SoteS. 35. saying to him, "O Teacher." 35. ask thee. 37. the Ctight. 37. the Left. 38. or. 39. indeed-omit,. 40. or at the Left. 42. And Jesus. 43.: tis not so among you. 44. among you. 2 65. Matt. xx. 20,: 41. Matt. xx. 24. s 42. Luke xxii. 43 Xx. 20, 28; Sark ix. 85; Lue ix, 48,

Page  149 Lticp. 1h: 41.) IM ARK. [.A. 11: 1..,uaWv yEovEOal a7rpros, Eo-at 7ravTrwv SovAosS Chief, shallbe the Slave of of you to become first, shallbe of all aslave; All. cat -yap 6 vLos'rov avOpCwrov ovIc rAOte Ltatcov- 45 tFor even the so of and for the son of the man not came to be bAN came not to be served, JrJllcai, aAXa LaKNcovr/l-ra, sca 0ov/vaL T?71*vXrqv but to serve, and to give served, but to serve, and to give the life his LIr0E a Ransom for aeT5ov AvTipov avT 7'rotAXce. many." of himself.aransom for many. 46 And they came to 46 Kai E.pXov~r ai E1'IEPLXWo 1CaL E1rropEvoY6 Jericho. And as he was - Khat EPXoOTat EsL'IEpXW' Kct e~71'iopvop e/ov departing from Jericho And they come into Jericho; and going outs, and a with his DISCIPL!E8, and a auVTOv a7o'IEPLXaW, KCL ca TWY la9rOT aUTO U, Cal great Crowd, * a Blind wBegofhim feom Jericho, and the disciples of him, and gar f Bartimens, (the soN oXAOv bcKaov, vies Ttuatov, BaprTtyaos 6 T'v- of TimeusI a crowd great, a son of Timeus, Bartime the blind, Timeus,) sat by the Nos, EKcaOlrTO 7ripa Ti; 60' ov1i-a5-tco. 47 Kat ROAn. eate by the way becggin. Aned 47 And hearing That it, satwby Jhe way begging.he ccovo'as, -T I'7qrovs O Na(WpaLOS E~'rTI, 7p~aGTO was Jesus the Nazarite, he a~lcoS-aO,;oT lB-srous 6 NaWpalss eS-Tb, 7lptaTO began to cry out, and say, hearing, that Jesue the Nazarite it is, he began e sory out, and savi *"'Jesus, soN of David, KCpaEv KalC AEYE1t-'O vios AaviS, IrS-ov, ENEBl- have pity on me!" to ery out and to say; The son of David, Jesus, have pity 48 And tnany clarged S-Ov E. ~4 Kat Er7-ETWOs avir rOAoL, tva him to be silent; but NHf an me. And rebuked him many, so that cried out much more, "Son SlIW77rfl 6 Se TroxAr yaxAAxov EcpaEl'ev Tie of David, have pity on hemightbesilent; hebet much more cried out; O son me" AavS,l EAe7~'oO UE. 49 Kat o-Tas 6 IlBovs, 49 And JFss stopping, f David, have pity on me. And stoppingthe Jesus, *said, "Call him." And t7ir-E aVTOO (WOrBOBat' SCaS fiW)OW VzO-l TOO TUV(r- they calledtheBLIoNDman, told him to be ealled; and they called the blind, sayingtodlim, "TakecourAov, AE7YO7Tres avrT' OapOret, eyetpE' fJOWet age,arise; he calls thee." saying to him; Take courage, rise up; he calls 60 Al id sE, throwing 0'e. 0 OE a7rojBa3wv To re leroO abTeor, ao' a- off his.trMANTLE,X leaping thee. He aud throwingoff the mantle ofhimself, arising Up, came toJESUS. Tras BlAXOE rpos TOO I7rvUOv. 51 Kat a7ro1cpleEts 51 And JESUS addresscame to the Jesus. And anstering inl him, said, "What dost AEy7E avrT o I6laovs- Ti OEAEIS 7rotl7erSw Sot; thou wish I may do for says tohim the Jesus; What dost thou Nish I ay do to tee? thee " The BLIND man'O 8E ToUSePos ElirEO aUTS''Pal33ovvt, ova ava- said to him, ft"Rabbonil Theand blind said to him; Rabboni, that I may that I may receive my,BE4cW. 52'o Ic 171S-os ElarTE avTrP'r7rTaye 7 sight." see again. The and Jesus said to him; Go; the 12 And JEsus said to 7rtTrts -oS S-eo'wice SE. Kat EvOews ave/3Ael/, him, $"Go; thy FAITH faith ofthee has saved thee. Andimmediately hesavet again, has restored thee." And icat 7)coAovOet avr'Tev Er d g. he immediately received end foleowed him in the way, sight, and followed *him on the ROAD. KEq'. ta'. 11. CHAPTERI XI. 1 Kai 6TE EyyLtooSUtv, ets'IEpovo-ax7yC, ElS I And Twhentheydrew And when they drewear to Jectsalem, to near to Jerusalem, to BethBq0QPaTyq7 Kat BlOaviav, 7/pos To opos rwv EoAt- phage, alnd Bethany, near Bethphage and Bethany, to the mountain oftlle olivee the MIOUNTOf OLIVES,he wv, a7ro(rTe et AE 00 LTWO taOB7rTW abvTOV, tCat sends Two of his DISCItrees, he sends two ofthe disciples ofhimself, and PLES, *VATICAN MANUSCriPT. —46. Bartimeus, a Blind Beggar, the soN of Timeus, sat by the ROAD. AIld. 47. Son of David, Jesus, have. 49. said, "Call him." And. 50. leaping up, came. 52. him on the OADe. 1. T1. A MOUNI which is. t- 40. Bartimens, is consideredby many to be a real stame, and not an explication of heo lhyoe Timaion. t 50. Or upper garment. Thtis was of considerable dimensions, and enveloped the whole body. In those hot countries, they threw ii aside when they were at work, or ploughinginthe field. —Wakefield. t 51. R ab boi, an intensified silnification ofRab b i, meamnng My Master; the highest title of honor in the Jewish schools. ft ie onlyusedinone other passage in the New Testament-John xx. 16. 14. Matt. xx. 28. $ 4. Matt. xx. 29 Luke xviiM 5. 1 52. Matt. ix. 22; MaItj v. 34. t1. iatt. sxxi; Ltu kxi. 29; Jun xii. 14.

Page  150 &aeep.1 1t. 2J MARK.] ap. 1: 12. Xet-ye avrois- 2'TwraTye els', Ic rWyv 7P Tl 2 and says to them, "Ga says to them: Go you into the town that to TIIAT VILLAGE which is Ka'revavTt ncow Kcat evOecos eiL7ropeVo/tetVoL OVER AGAINST yoa, and opposite you; and immediately entering as soon as you enter it, you ElS auTr/-1 eVp77OetrE'ra 7Orwto, 8etreE'o,, qb' od will find a Colt tied, on into her, you willfind acolt having been tied,uponwhich WlliCie no Man has *yet ovoets apvOporrwau tecaOtce' Avoravres av)TroP sat: loose him, and bring no one of men has sat; having loosed him him. a'ya'yerE. 3 Kat enas, rts, eLtrpV' To 7rot- 3 And if any one should lead you. And if anyone toyotushouldsay;Why do say to you,'Why do you sire ro0Uo; etlraTE' ['Ot &] 6 KVpIOS aUrou tlliso' say, The MASTER you thisP nayyou; [That] the master of him needs it; and he will inxpetav cXet' Keat evOes ros avTo, arooreAAet stantlysend it hither." need has; and immediately him hewill send 4 A they went and cjeE. AuS~yAOos oe, scal EtUpO 7rcoaAov SeBECEsY o' found a Colt fastened at hero. 2hey went and, and found a colt having beentied tle DOOa outside, int e 7rpoS <:t', Cupagr EW eyrt 7'O-V aUoo3ovU' Kal STREET; and they loosed near Cie doer without in the street; and it. AvouwLY aeVoO' Kam'rt-ses ao-j eLcet Est 6o- And tome of THOST they loose him. And some of those there stand-'rceou EAEyov a'rois. Tt ar'oeTsE AVuoereS' TOP STANDING there, said,c ing said to them; What do you loosing the them, Why do you untie 7roe.og; 601 tr eo' avrotS U ors eaOa$ serettA'ro the COLT?" colt? They and said tothem even as commaded 6 And THEY said to thenm 6 I7rlovs Kcat ai(pycas' au'rous. 7 Kat 71Tyayov as JESus had *directed; the Jesus; and they Fuffered them. And theyled and they allowed them. ros 7rrAwov,rpos TO I7lirovs, Katl e7rtlbactXXoU t 7 And they *led the the colt to the Jeeus, and they threw upon COLT to JESUS, and threw av-c, a-a f/tarTat av we' teat ecadOare er' atrcle. onit their':MANTLES; and him the mantles of themselves; and he sat upon him. lie sat on it. fIoAAol 7a-a iulart ar s etr'pwora' EtS Tl t' 8 SAnd many spread Mfany and tho mantles of themoselves spread in the their GARMENTS 0on the 65o,' aAot Be ir'oLtOlaas excoarroe ec 7w llROAD; and others cut,way: others and branches cut off from the * Branches, from the elpacv, * [scaU etr'rpwvvoY es T77v 63o0] TREES, and scattered the trees, [and scattered in the way.) on the ROAD. 9 Kat of 7rpoayosres scat of a]coXovouv'res 9 And THOSE PRECEDAnd those going before and those following IeNG and TIIOSE FOLLOWEKpa(ov, *[A2EyoJTeSo]'e2eaPYa' evUAoyt eeo, INGea, shouted, " Hosanna 1" did cry, [saying. Hosanna; worthy of bl essed be HE who 6 epXOevEeos X*[ee o,ofart scVptov'] ~10 euAo'y- COaES in the Name of he coming [in name of Lord;] worthy of Jehovah "'" / 1 7) ePXXoye'7r] 3aotXtta TOV 7ra'rpos l/e1A, 10 "Blessedbethecomblessing the coming kingdom ofthe father of us ig KINGDO of our A Aa ~avva Ey rots Km. I tojA tog MeNin O x vo of our TATHER Davidl" 5"IHosanna David; Hosanna in the highest ~ And enee in the 1IIGREST heaven I" OeV eIS'icpoooUXva 6 Irlaeovus,0 [iral eetS TO tered into Jerusalem thQ Jeaua, [and' into the 11 TAnd *JEsus went lepoe' scat reIpiA. Fa/xesos rravra, oj as r/ into Jerusalem, and into temple; and haviuglookedround o. all, evening now the TEPLE. And having looked round on all thlas, ooS -ls 7S c Epas, set7A.OE' eSt B9rOav'tav Yt'Fra it now being Evening0 he being the hour, he went out to Bethany t ith went ont to Bethany, with Trw' a esKtca. the TWELVE. the twvelea 12 $ And the NEXT DAT, 12 Kat T-V e7raevptov ehcoveNovm avTrwF aro as th:zey were coming from And tlhe next day coming out of thllem from athany, he was hun cy; * VA'TIC.N MiANUSCRIPT.-2. yet sat. 2. Tlhat-omit. 6. said; and. 7 bring. 8. Branches, cut dovwn out of the PrEStiS. And TlnEY, 8. l nd scattered in tile wA —Ontit. 9. sytillg —ot it. 9. in the name of the Lord —omit. 11. ho entered. 11. and —omit. 8. Matt, xi.. 8. 9. Psa. cxviii. 56. 10. Psa exlvii. l i, 11. Mat. txxi. 1 1j i; 12 a. 3~at.,_

Page  151 8iCp. 11:i 13.] MAR K.' [1P. I1:- 9t Bqreavtas, E1rTELraTE 13 KlL Lat Sov oUKv FUcaKpO- 13 and observing a Fig.. Bethany, he was hungry; and seeing afigtree atadis- tree, at a distance, having OyEV, eXOVOie ~)vAAa, lXOAev, EL apa EtpajoEL Leaves, he went to search tance, having leaves, he weat, if perhaps he will find for' fruit on it, (for it: TL Ev aUrp a eW Eat' aUVT17, OvU5'R was not yet'the *SEASON any thing on her; and conaing to, her nothing for Pigs.) And having ebpEY elt j77 (PvfAAsa' ov yap Vp tcalpos aovcoov. come toit, he found nothhefound except leaves: not for itwas season of figs. ing but Leaves. 14 Ka a7rolcpOels et7rEr avrs'' Ma7KErL eK ooV 14 Then he said to its And answering he said to her: - No more of thee i-"Let no one eat Fruit ELs Tov acLvta y-eOats ceap7rov cpaayot. Kai oftheetothe A -l!" Anl to the aae. noone fruit may eat.' And his DISCIPLES heard him. Yljrovov oi ptaOrqrat aUrovO 15 Kal EpXoTrat ets 15 tAnd they came to. heard the disciples of him. And they come to Jerusalem; and ging into'IepororoAvte a' eCa EIteAOEcv ECs Tro iepov 71paTro thle TEIMPLE, he drove out Jerusalem: and going into the temple he began THOSE SLLING and buy. tcEaAXelv TroVs 7rcAovvras eKa ayopa ovpras EV ing, and overturned the to cast out those selling and buying in TABLES of the BANKERS, cp tiEp' a ICtCl Tas Tpa7rEaS TrOv KCoAAkutoLrTWV, and the SEATS of THOSE the temple: and the tables the money-changers, SELLING DOVES; Ka Teas Katepas To, 7Xrw.ovtTwv aas T repatTre- 16 andwouldnotpermit: and the seat ofthose sellig the dseov any one to carry an thArticle pas KarE~eTpsE/E' 16 aL OUtC 17piEV, iEa tIs through the TEMPLE. he overturned: and not suffered, thatan-one also 8LEVe-YKcr aKEVO? 17C "oU -fpo7J. EF1-at G8al - 17 Ilealso taught and 6t~~~Tyep rireVos 8La To) l'Epov. at; StEaLo- said "Is it not written', Bhouldcarry r.narticlethroughthe temple. And he taught, s it llt written K E V a Or$' My nousn shall be E, AeXyCoY *[avnots'] Ov?yeepartat' tt Iney OSE saying [tc them:] Not is it written: " That called a Hose of Paver ~~6 OLC5 S~, tOSB~tEV)7 ~a~a for All NATIOSs?' but Pou 5 OK kOv, otCOS oopo'vXE r tc.O 1oS'q'rleratr lve made it a Den of the house of me, ahouse oaprayer shallbe called i t e - raccol gtog evr e$ (zz,~ VUs; O~ Es7rot7oaTre avuqo0 Ro bbers." for all the nations'i you but have made it i3: And the * Httt At'aa)AoY ArorW."~ K aOUEYoaa PRIESTS and the scEIB 5s a,7r7Aatov po-ew,.''Kgi?teovo'av ol 7pay-heard, and sou ght B'h a den of robbers." And heard the scribes ard, aid so iSIZTeLS RaEL Oof Cprets LaI e(/T'OVF uv to gUToY they might destroy him; and the high-.prieAts, and they sought how him they feared him, Be a7rfo rovoLY" eSloj7.5U)To -ycap aEroY, fTr ras zt cause All the CRowD was they might destroy: they fared for him, because all the astonished at his TEACUP oxA.Ios 5srktYaaj's T ql T7 t lSMaXri aTrov. 19 Kar ING. crowd wvas amazed at the teaching of him. And 19 And when it was brE ofre EsyEYTO, e7r'opEVETO ECoW T e 7troAeots. Evening, he went out of when evening it became, he went out of tlle city. the CITY. 20 KaE 7rpott 7rapaaropevo eeYVot, terOV Tr77l 20 SAnd passing along And in the morning passing along, they saw the Iin the Morning, they saw ~ VATrCAN LMANUSCRIPT.-13. SEASON. 17. and said, "Is it not." 17. to them'-osit, 18. sIGEI-PBIEST and the sCRIBESs. t 13. That Jesus had a right to gather figs from this tree, if there had been any upon it, appears from the law of Moses, mentioned sn Dent. xxiii, 24, 25. Josephus alluding to this law, mentions ripe fruits in general, not grapes and corn only. His words are-" Let not passengers, (whether natives or strangers,) be hindered from touching the ripe fruits. Let them be permitted to fill themselves with them, but not to carry any away." That some ripe figs tmight be expected on fig-trees at that time of the year will appear, says Pearce, from the following considerations *- Jesus went up to this fig-tree on the 11th day of the month NSi. an, i. e. three days before the Passover, which was always on the 14th day of it.'On the morrow after the Sabbath' which followed the Passover, the first-fruits were to be offered to God in the temple.' Lev. xxiii. 11. The leaves on the tree indicated that summer was nigh, Matt. xxiv. 32, and that fruit might be reasonably expected, especially as the fig-tree shoots forthits fruit before the leaves. If, therefore, tiae tree bore figs, now was the period to find ndeat them. t 13. Tlhatis,theseasonforgaltheringthlenm. t 14. Somecavilleri Object to this miracle of our Savior, and asko, What right had ie to destroy this fig-tree? In answer, observe, that the tree was evidently barren, and therefore of no use to aly one; that it could hardly be private property, forit was on the pablicrload, a sd that it was mad; the means ofinculcating a great moral truth on the minds of his disciples. t 13. Matt. xxi. 10. 15.;Iatt. xxi. 12; Luke xix. 45: John ii. 14. t lT. INe vi. 7. t 18. Siatt. xxi. -15, 40: Luke xix. 47. X 20. Mtatt. xxi. 19.

Page  152 ....p..1:..1.1 lVl..l MAR M, L',to'. 11: 29~ o'VKlsV 1EfpaltCtV7lY eSIC AI WV' 21 Kat CVae. tlle FIG-TREE withered fig-tree having been witheredfrom roots; And ceraem- away fronlthe Roots. l'70OEtEs 6 IHETpos, AeyEL avU'oY'PaB,, te,, 21 And PETER remembering the Peter, Eays to him; Rabbi, lo, the bering, says tohim, "RabOCVK71, 7' Ia-r7paoa~i,'E`77pav7al. 22 Kat bi, behold, the FIG-TRiE fig-tree, which thou didst cu se, h.a been withered. And which thou didst curse, is a7rotspOes 6 I71arovs Aseyei avrots- ExeTe 7rtro- withered away." answering the Jesus says to themo Have yu faith 2 And JEsu s answerin g,r4v Ocov. 23 AMl7s yap AeycOw vY,'rt ds alv says to them, " Have Faith of God. Indeed for Isay toyou, that whoever in God. el71? TrT4 OpE3 Fou'7c Apdri7r, KCal /As?-Jt 123 For indeed 1 say to may say to the mountain this; Be lifted up, and east you, ~ That whoever should ueS 7rsv OaAaooasa scat,al a aKtoplO e7 y / n saytothisMrouNTAIN,'Be into the seao and not should doubt in the raised up, and thrown into Kapslta aitrov, aAAXot r7erreuvrorl'rT Asyet the SEA;' and should not heart of himself, but should believe tllat what he says doubt in his IHEART, but'ytvteaOL eoTraL atvsrct o eos' sErp. 24 Asa Tovs) believe that * what he says ose,t etopass;itshallbetohiimwhateverlhe maysay. Through thih is being done; he shall e-yw ibgttr, lraTa' tra av 7rpooEtxoee.ot atrtelr- have it. i say to)you, allthings whatever praying you d 24 For this reason I Oe, tITEVETUE 6-g AatC3aos'ETE KsCat eo7aCI 6eUs' say to you, +All things lelieve you that you receive, and w. shil hbe t- you. whatever you *pray for, 26 KEa bTav orT7lKTre 7'poosuXo0Xesvot, aCptere, El and desire, believe That And when you stand praying, forgive, if you will receive, and you Tl fXE7T Kia-are t TIYOES ta lFC- 0 2raIsp shallhave them. any thing youhave against any one; that also the father 205'And when you stan'. gcws', 6 o' TIrtE oupavosa, ali daisv'a 7r1tapaor- Ipraying, forgive, if:ou of you, that in the heavens,mayforgiveyou the faults have any thing against any Tawea'a iur/sv. 26Et aE beeis OVKei aqtee Otae one; that also THAT FAofyou. If but you not forgive,. neither THER of yours L' the HEAVENS may forgive you b 7rar'lp b/sov, 6 e Trots ovpavots, a0l770Elt you OENCES Ihe father ofyou, that in the heaven, will fogive the 6 OFFEButNCESif dont?7apar'rcouaTa 6vs. 237 KaL spxov'rat'ahiv forgrive, neit>:.r will TntiA faults of you. And they come aOain FATHER of yourAs in thsis'IEpoooAv/ja. Kat Es TCI- tepf, 7rena)s70ov'- HEAVENS f rgiie your oito Jerusalcm, And in the temple walking FENCES."].ros avwrov, epxo'rat 7rpos av'ro or apXtepets TOE OVTU7tt1 EpXO/TEU rrPOS ~i-7s' 01 CsPXL L 27 2tAnd they came of him, come to him the high-priests again to Jerusalem. And os ypag rsts sat oi rrp tre 2s as he Wtas walking about in Kai ol eypa ftua'E$S Kal oa 7rpc'v~Tepots I s tca the TEMPLE, the HIGHand the scribes and the elders, and PRIESTS, and the SCRIBES Ae'yovrrs av'rcp Es 7rota eovU Cta TrayTa 7rsrotEts, and the ELDERS, cam- to they say to him; By what authority these thingsdoestthou' him, ica rtI is ot 71r EovUI'av TaVUrTs eacWrEsV, tva 28 and * they said to and who to thee the authority this gave, that him, " By What Authority TrVTra -ro rns; 29 o 8ae Iqa-ous *FeoiraolpteIS] doest thou these things? thesethingsthoumayestdo. The but Jesls Oanswerin Or Who EMPOWERED thec et7rev aVLois' E7r'epcr0To'w V'pas *[ma-yco] eva to dothem?" E171Es' 0IUT51 ErrEPw7jeent d~eeoE *[Eayw ] Ea 29 And JEsIs said to said to them; I willask you [alto I] one tem, " I ill ask yo One Ao-yos' Kat atroKp07C1-re totI, Kat epTo dUtI, Ev Question; and if you anword; and answer tyo e, and u, by swer me, I alsowilli sfor lroot EovtZa'ratcctra rotw. 30 To 3aar-oiza you by What Authority 1 what authority these-things I do. The dipping do these things. * VATICAN MANUSCBIPT.-23. what he says is being done; he shall have it. For this, 24. pray for, and desire, believe you That you did receive. 28. they said, 28. or who. 29. answering-omit. 29. also I-omit. t 28. This verse is wanting in Dr. Birch's collation of the Vat. MS., and is omitted by several MSS. and Versions. 2t Matt. xvii. 20; xxi. 21; Luke xvii. 6. T 24. Matt. vii. 7 Luke xi.; John xiv 13; James i 5. 6. 1 25. Matt. vi. 14; Col. iii. 13. 1 25.. Matt. xvliL 55' 27. Mat. xxi. 23; Luke xx. 1.

Page  153 .a p. 11 30. MARK. [rcap. 12: 7. ciwaravou e OVparov -r, E Ev avOpwrwe; aro'c- 30 Was the lmam':-RSION ofJohn' from heaven was, or from men? answer f * JOHN from Heaven, pOTqre'ot~s, 31 Kat eAoyItovro 7rpos eavTroJs, or from Men? Answer you to me. And they reasoned among themselves, meo) AE'YOVOYfrs Eav EL7rC4OUEV E5 oUpavov, epe1 31 And they reasoned,eayinm; If we should say; From heaven, he willsay; among themselves, saying, ArlaT ou V OUr E7rrTuOaTr E avTrc; 32 AAA' eav "If we should say, From Why then not did you believe him; But if Heaven; he will say, Why Et7rwlLe,' E~ avedpcnrcv e(povvra roP Aaov' then did you not believe we shouldsay; From men; they feared the people; hil? 7ra7sres'yap E I're j oercos 32 But * should we say, I~PEett TP1 lV,'rt Frm en all for held the John, that really From Men;"-they feared 7rp0oe77S JVe'. 833 Kai a7rolcpOdev"rss Ae'yov'ct.t the PEOPLErJ for all maina prophet was. And anscwering they say to t ainthat JOHN was really IIr.ov. OUK o01adeE. Kat 6 Iiroves [a7roKcp - aProphet. Jesus. Not we know. And the Jesus [answer- 33 And answering they deLs] )e eyet aVrot1S OUBe Esyce ANyas 1VS/et, CV say to JaESUS, "We do not ing he says to them; Neither I say to you, by theknow," neither do tell 7rola E ~ OLG~a TaV~a 7r01W. to them, "neither do hI tell what authority these things I do. do these things." do these things." KEE, t/3. 12. KaIEP.P~a7'0 aVT 1' 12.paO CHAPTER XI. Kam rlpea?'o av'rors e, 7rapaeoXcats;ehyc I+e A And lhe began to them in parables to talk I +And he began to ad. Avu7reACw a esvTEv eree avcpwc7os, Icat 7erepte0lqce dress them in Parables. A vineyard planted a mani, and placed around' A Man planted a Vine. papygto', IcatL pv~e' l7rrot7Sltov', icKaes ycodogjere yard, and placed a Hedge a hedge, and dug a wine-vat, and built aLoutit, and duga Winervp-yov' aLat e8o7'ro avUT'oro YeCpYOS, e Ka a7ree - vat, and built a Tower, and a tower; and let out it to husbandmen and went leased ittO CULTIN ATOIS, jgatea. 2 Kam a7rEeresAE 7rpos'orvs'yeWp'Y}ovs r and left the country. abroad. And he sent to the husbandmen in tlhe 2 And he sent a Servant catprpw ovkoe, iva 7rapa'rTw yeCwp'ywv Aa/B3 to the CULTIVATORS, at season aslave, tllat from tlhe husbandmen, he mightreceive tile SEASON, thathe night aero rtOV reap7rov Tov aCreAEceS os. 3 Oi oe Aa3aov- receive from the CULTIVaof the fruit of the vineyard. Theyhbut taking TORS Of the *aILUITs of TES aeV'Or, EELPaVe, Kcal aire're a o KceVoV. 4 Kaei the VINEYARD. him, they feayed, and sent away emlspty. And 3 But * seizinghim,they 7raXv a7reecr'reL 7rpos avreovs aNeov 8ovov-' beat Him, and sent him again he sent to them another slave; away empty. KCaceLVOY tAsOojl3o1oE'arTsS eKce(pakatw(rav, Kat 4 And again he sent to and this pelting with stone:'hy swousnded on the sead, and them another Servant; x*[a7rEoareXaa ] -'rnlq uccoc. 5 Kar aXoov a7re- snd * bim they wounded [sent awvay] h1tssina dis.onored. And another he in the head and disgrace-`TeL.Ae' Kaicesvoto a7rsEKc'eLva' K"al ros7 ovs fully treated. sent, ancdl,;is Ihey killed: and many 5 And he sent Another, axAovsq rtovs Ues>' 6eporres,'rovs 3e a7roK're-. and binm they killed; and others, somee indeed flaying, some but killisg. Many Others, beating'OY'TeS. 6 ET' * [OUYe dYe UVOe eXWv, a'YerJ7'ro * some. and killing * some.' [et [therefore] one son having, beloved *ab'rov,] aweretekA [Flaoq (uVOY 7r 0 5 e'TOr;, e6 *[ Having yet One belofhiosel af, ]TE' - *[ica,]-av7-ov 7POS h ~TOIIS loved Son,helsen-.::him last nofhimself,l he sent [andl] him to them last ~ Y'-og k,'O07yw c-,rpa7r-Go'oVTrat'ro~ vo~ to them, saying, aThey eoxT'roC v, AIEYW(e"'O' eV'PeVopleet)r05're vseov wili respect my ON.' last, saying; That they wil regard the son MAov. 9 E:cerot v e - yewpyot eLroev rpos av'rovus 7 But Those CULTlVAof me.'Those butthe husbandmen said to themselves: TORS said among them. * VAT1CAN MATNUSCRIPT.-30. J01tN. 32~ should we say. 33. answeringomit. 2. nvRUITS of. 4. I) i they wounded in the head. 4. sent awayomnit. 5. some. 5c some. 6. tie had yet one Son, beloved; he sent. 6. therefore-omit. 6. of himself-omit. 6. also —omit, t 1. See Note on Matt. xxi. 33. $ 32. Matt. iii. 5 xiv. 5; 1eark vi. 20, l, Matt, ax i. 23; Lukel xxil. 9 g Ia, Y' 1-7,

Page  154 cbaa. 12: 8. MARIK. fMCap. 12: 16.'Ott O-TOS e'1- O K6 sc7.povo/IOS' EVTite, aWrosc- selves;'This is th, NElR; Ihat this is'he heir; come, w come, let us kill f-'m, and I7 EV:CtUEV av'rov, meat?77egev er'Tal 71 cAt7povotla. the INHEBITANCE will be kill him, and of us shal.'. be the inheritance. ours.' BKai Aacovones av"ou ar, arErElVcJ, Kat etfE3a- 8 Then seizing him, they And having taken him, they killed, and cast killed him, and cast him eov ew'Trov apl7reAWvos. 9 Ta *[ovv] 7rot07 El out of t"- VYIN!YARD. out ofthe vineyard. What [therefore] willdo D Wllat5 will the toRD 6 Knpsos'rot ayrEAezos; EA.EV'E'rLa Kaie asroe- of the VINEYARD do? He the lord ofthe vineyard? Ite willcome and destroy will comol and destroy (rEL'rOVS'yacWPyoVS, cal 3wereL'tV e,/UtreAwt those CULTIVATORS, and the husbandmen, and will give thte vineyard giv.i the VINEhYARD to aAoIs. 10 Ovbe r771V ypaprqv'ravT7-t aveyrw're' others. to others. Noteven the writing tllis ave you read 10 I-ave you not even "AtOove devea reoctlya a oe ool tKscoLovoi e ovsyoos r read this SCRIPTURE?IA stone which rejected those building, this J k' A Stone whicl the eyeY?7l0? Er S KcetaAr77 ywviaS' 11 7rapa scvplov BUILDEasrejected,has be. was made into a head of a corner. by a Lord collle the Head of the e-yevero avtT77, cat EOrLT Oav/1aTrr eT oOaEAaXtAts Corner; was done this, and it is wonderful in eyes 11 this was performed ItwcoV;" 13 Kal e~'r~' atrte' IKpa'r77tOL9 by Jehovah, and it is wonof "s?" And they sought him to seize, but derful in our Eyes. etpo$q077ae'aP'ro oXAov- Eyvwoee.yap, 6 L 1rpos 12 $ And they sought to they feared the crowd; they knew for, that to apIprehenld Him, bult they aVtO'VS r77z 7rapa/hX77se etori. RKa aPEvTES feared the CROWD; for them the parable he spoke. And leaving tey knew that lie ad po uVlTro0, a7Xrtoen. ken the PARABLE respect. tehime, t 7hey wentaway. ing th em; al d leaving him, him, they ent ythey went away. they wellt away. Kat a7ror'TeAXovL'7rpos aurro'rtvas crco, 13 T'lhen they send to And they send to him some of the htim some of tile PHARItapLo'atlw teat'rw''Hpwotavwv, iv' av'rre cypev- SEES, aiidofthetIerodians, Pharisees and ofthe Herodians, that him they might tllat they might ensnare 9'atL AoTyt. 14 01r E EAoVrCgS AsEyoUvov aVN,' Him in Conversation. latch in word. They and having come they say to him: 14 And hlaving come, A3eSao'tcaAe, otSatev, o'rt aArlOrs el, Kat ou THFY say to hisl, "Teacher, O teacher, we know, that true thouaro:, and not we know- that thou art sinAfEXe 0-oL 7rEIpt ovtEvos' OV Ytap 3Ae7rELs Ets cer', and carestforno one; cares thee about no one: not for thoulookeet into for thou lookest not to the 7rpoo'wroe aveOpwrou, aAX' Er" aA77ietas'rO, 63ov Appearance of Men, but face of men, but in truth the way teachest the WAY of GOD'rov eov 6t1aveots' Eeo-'rL KItetoeo, Katirapt in Trllth. tIsitlawfulto of the God thou teachest: isitlawful tribute to Cesar pay'.ax to Cesar, or not? SovpatL 77 OV; Yet, 77 tr- a&eWEV; 5'O 15 Shalltl- we pay, or to give, or not? should we give, or not should we give? Hie should we nu: pay?" But eHE, knowil giheir HYpoc8e EtL5oS aveTcu:'r7v 6rotcptt, eTre' av'rots T IIS~, said lohem "C Why but knowing ofthem the hypocrisy, said to them,: "Why by do you try Me? Bring tAe retlpa'~r'c; 4sepe're oL 8a77vaptov, loea 36w. me a Denarius, that I may me doyoutempt? bringyou tome adenarius, thatI maysee. seeit." 160 8e!veyKmav. Kat Aeye1 av'rots Trvos, 16 Ald THEY brought They and brought. And he says to them: Ofwhomthe one. Andlie says to them, *VVtrItAN M/AaNUscaIPT.-9. therefore-omit. t pi. The Jews, whose religious system was theocracy, were of opinion, that they could not, eonsistently with their alleglance to God their king, comp)lywith paying an acknowledgment of subordination to an earthly sovereign. Judas of Galilee was the first who endeavored to persuade the Jews of the unlawfulness of paying tribute to a foreign potentate. See Jose. phius Ant. xviii.i. and B. J. ii. 12. The primitive Christians also helda similar opinion, and fondly thought, that their subjection to Jesus Christ exempted them from all allegiance to the power ofthe magistrate. This idea is the proper clue to lead us to ariglht undelstanding of all those passages in the epistolary writings of the New Testament, which relate to civil government.-Wakefield. t 10 Psa. exviii.22. +. 12. Matt. xxi., 4. 46; Mark xi. 18; John vii. 85, 8, /4.t l. at{ xxii. 5; Luke xx. 20,

Page  155 eat: 12:?.1!W hARK. t p. 12: 26.:egwv'Vt7', Icat 71 errtypapSf; Ot ae etL'ro avury' "Whose LIKENEss andIN' likeness this, and the inscription? They and said to him; SCtIPTION is this?" And Kaatsapos. 17 Kari *[arocpteets] 6 Iirlaovs so7reV THEY said to him, "Cei: Of Cesar. And [answering] the Jesus said sar's." *[avT'rots] A7roo're'ra Kalctapos Karuoapi, 17 And JESUS said' [to them;] Give you back the things of Cesar to Cesar, " Render the THINGS Of,car'ra'rou Oov,'rep Oq,. Kat eOavC faoFe Cesar, to Cesar; and the andthethings ofthe God, tothe God. And they wondered THINGS of GOD, to God." sE7t avTr. 18 Ka it eipXov'rai:a ovKuao 7rpos And they *wondered at at him. And come 8adduceso to him. avuoO, o'rives Ae'yovrtv avao'raatv /L7 EI/tal' 18:Then the Sadducees, him, who say aresurrection not to be; who say there is no Resurea[ E'7rXpw'7roavt avtov, AeyoV'res' 19 AtLaLo'KaXa, rection, came to him, and and they asked him, saying; O teacher, asked him, saying, Mwo(sl e'ypa,/eV 741lI, "'tL eaE,'rtos aseA(Pos 19 "Teacher, Moses Moses wrote for us, "that if any brother wrote for us,'That if one's ro.eavt7, tl K at'arA7rp yvvualKa, Kai rEIma U77'Brother should die, and should die, and shouldleaye behind awoife, and children not'leave a Wife behind, and app, e'ea oAar 6o a6eAspos avrov 7rV'yUal-'leaveno Children, that his hhouldleave, that shouldtake the brother of him the wife' BROTHER should take his ceat av'rov1, Kcal ecavt Tb77r' o7rEpjae e r, a'SretAq'WIFE, and raise up Off. of him, and should raise up seed, to the brother ~spring for his BIROTHER.' Vrov.u" ~20'E7rra aEsfApoI 70avL cat 6 rpo'ros 20 There were Seven of himself." Seven brothers were; and the first Brothers; and the FIRST eXa/3e 7yvvaulca, cKal atroleoaoKccv oVK atp7rnKE took a Wife, and dying, took a wife, aud dying not left left no Child. atrcptcta. 21 KaetI 6 SeurTepos EA/,E t arVT7, 21 AndtheSECONDtook seed. And the second took her, her, and died, *leaving no cKa a'~reOav', Kat ovSe aUvros atpc77KE a7rEpae Keat Child; and the THIRD in and died, and neither he left seed: and like manner.'prTOWS WoIavTws. 22 tft *[eAajBoP atUr77v] 22 And the SEVEN left the third in like manner. And [took her] no Offspring. Last of all ot bfrra, Kai ov0c ae77av l7rep/ua. EXatr77 the WOvMAN also died. the seven, and not left seed. Last 23 At tie RESIxRECfwavowv atreave Kst l'yvtvl. 23 Ev'r7 *[ov ] TION, Whose Wife will she of all died also thle woman. In the [therefore] l e ofthem? for thesEYvEN avarorao'et, *[6'0avY aVYaoTW-tl,]'7YOS awVrCW hadher for a Wife." resurrection, lwhen they shall rise,] of whom of them 21 And JEsus answering oErat 7yUvVl; oEi yap Er'ra aTXoY avlv'yvvat- said to them, "S you not shall be a wife? the for seven had her a wife sad to t m, you not ce. 24 Kai arotpyOEts 6 1770rovs elaEva ur).err tlhrough this,-not KICa. 24 Kat aTrolptOfzs ~ I7rrov$ ~tzr~~ aVtS' knowing the SCRIPTURES And answering the Jesus said to them; knowing the SCRIPTURES, Ov 6etBa'ov oro krAavarOe, q ethoxfs' ~ 7padpas, l nor the POWER of GoD? Not through thii do you err, not knowing the writings, 25 For when they shall, 77Eoe a T ava/zlv'ou OEou 25'O'av yap fK rise from the Dead, they neither the power ofthe God? When for outof will neither marry, nor be vooipcv ag0-Cwotrl,, oVU'E 7Y'auouVa, OUSe given in marriage; tbut dead (ones) they may rise, neither they marry, nor he as * THOSE ANGELS in?ya)tI oVrat, aAA' eli-tv &i at-oyoyEAo Ev oI the HAVEN-S. are given in marriage, but ate as messengers in the 26 But concerning the oupaevos. 26 IIEp Lr S'rWV'ECpCWV,, rt e'yELpoV,- DEAD, that they will rise, heavens. Concerningbut the dead (ones,) that they rise have you not read in the Tat, ouei aveyVWTE eVY'I/- $BAep M o'eOws, 7rTl BOOK Of Moses, at the not haveyouread in the book ofMoses, at BUSH, how GOD spoke to rov atrou ca s eotwre avorw b 0eos, NAsywU' him, saying, $'[E am the the bush as said to him the God, seying;'GOD of Abraham, and the " E'yw 6 Oos Appaatp, Kat 6 Oeos Io-aaK, rai *'God of Isaac, and the I the God ofAbraham, and the God ofIsaac, and *' Godof Jacob?' * VaTICA MANuscaIPTe. — 17. answering-omit. 17. to them-omit. 17. greatly wondered at him. 21. leaving no Child, 22. took her-omit. IS. therefore-. emit. 3 whentheyshallrise-omit. 25. TnosE ANOcLs. 26. God. 26. God. 311 M att. xii. 29; Luke xx. 2n. S i Cor. Y- 42, 40,,. asod iti.t

Page  156 hap. 12: 27.] MARK. [Cap. 12: 35. 6 Oeos IatKca."1 27 OvKc ET'rLv 6 OeS MtecpWv, 27 He is not the *God tle God of Jacob." Not is the God ofdead (one,) of the dead, but of the aNNa (CeYTctt.'Tu/eLCS *[ovt] 7roAv 7rXavaoOe Living; *you do greatly but ofliving (ones.) You [therefore] greatly err. err." 28 Kat 7rpooeANOwt Ets /Wo a ypatxae ao 28 fAnd one of the And appreaching one of the scribes, having heard;TGwv TU577ouTWV, C E-1S 6oT KahXA S aVTo1s scRIbEs, havinig heard an'rruy o'n{'rl'roUP'rwv, et~cos 6'rt icre anrote them disputing, and per. them disputing, knowing that well to them ceivingThat he had ably a7reKptlJ7, e7r3)pw'r7reoE avTroy' -Iota esrt 7rpWTr7 answeredtlthem, askedl him, he answered, asked him: Which is first is th e Chief Com7ravTrwv eCVTrol; 29't0 *tse] Irloous a'7rEK'p90r mandlenst of all?" of all commandment; The [and] Jesus repled aV'rr-'Ort 7rpoT'rl *[7rarC wv evoXr'] "A scoUe 29 J.susreolied to him, to lin; That first [of all comman.dment;]'Heartllou H The. first *is,-+'HearIopa'rA, cvptos, 6 Oeos ipLoYc, lcuposs eES e oTi'ken, Israel; Jellovah our Israel, a Lord, the God ofus, Lord one is'GO is one 3 ehovall; 3 Kat a-ya7r llo'ELS Kcnpe ov ry Osov 0o0 ES 6X7S 30'and thou shalt love and thou shalt love a Lord the God ofthee out of wholec 7S Kaap3tas oov, Cat e 6his 7'r1S VX o'oV, ehoevah th y Goand -with All ofthe heart ofthee, and outof whole ofthe soul f thee, th * earSoul, and with All tat e, oA'qs Ir7ls &iavoas trou, KaS e 0 rs'th. *Mind,and with All and out of whole ofthe mind of tlee. and eutof wehole'th ST r71S nTXVOS'OV. *[AT7f 7rPW'7Tr EvTrosA. of the strength of tlee." [This firse Commandment 31. And the second, this, 31 Kat EVTurpa *[dpsota,] abi'J "' Ayawl7r7 tel -':Tlou shalt love thy And second Llike,' tlhis: Thou hal love'NEIGIBOR 6E tlyself. TO' 7Irol0otVY 00o ) 6C oEaUnroV." ME1( rTOrUvCT These is no Other Comn the neighbor of thee a thyself." Greater of these manldmellt greater than aANX'q EyroA71 ov0C eTT 32. 32 *[Kai] Etmru ascp these." another commandment not is. [And] said to hem 32 The SCRIBE said to 6 ypay/.taTevs' KaAws, 3SaLKaae, e7r, aAN7lsEas him, "Of a truth, Teacher. the scBibe: Well, O teacher? ic trutb. thli last spoken well et7ras, b't ehS eo'rt, Kteat ovUa EOTGt aXXos 7rX?JV for he is One, I and be, thouspeakest,that one eis, aed not is another besideon sides him tiere is no other aU'rov 33 at'T ayarav av'rov e Arl1s ss hi him: and the to love him outoe'whole rfthe 03 and to LOYE him Kapitas, Kait 6AN'r7s,rs areveTEws, *[Keat e withAlltne UNDERSTAsND heart, and out of whole ofthe understanding, [and out of mu, and wift All ifte STRENGTH, andil to lovE 6AlS'rrls qs/nvxrs, teat ~ b3.d!'IlS trXL'o s one's SEOHBOIL as one's whole ofthe soul,] and outofw chol C- tL' strength, OC,.. * EIGHBon as one'l tat rto ayarr'aY TrOY lrArlotv 0' y avo Aeslov self, is* aoundantly sore 6acT ayarq TV V Q)rov, than Allthe WHOLE BURNT and the to love the neighbor as himse more SacriE~T't 7raT'rwTl'ro 6Xol CaVUrcea r euKai OurtWv. O1 RIcesNG S alld acriis of all ofthe wlole burnt offerings and sacrifices. 34 Kat o I)oqovs, tcwv auvrov, OTr vovveXWS apresC- [4 AndJEsusperceivin_ And the Jesas, seeing tim, that discreetly hean- That lie had answered pLrOI, et7re avrtr' Ov ueaKpav et acro'r7s Ba- wisely, saidtohim, "Thou eswered, said to him: Not far thou art from the king- art not far fromn tle KING, o'Aetas T'ro OEOV. Kat ovssEs OVKE'r EToA/ea DOe of GOD." e Andc no dom ofthe God. And no one no longer presumed one presumled to question him any further. av oY EVerfp 0071rat. 3a5 Ka arOKPlOeIS O' 7o0oUS him to ask. And anscwering the Jesus 35: And Jesus said, exe'ye, MaaKcov ES T) I'epO [ r'IWSs AXyoVutV 01 while teachinginthe TE-t said, teaching in the temple: How say the PLE, " Why dothe S3CRIBES V* ATIxcA MhANUscIPT.-27. God. 27. therefore-omit. 27. youdo greatly err; - 29. And —omit. 23. Commandment of all-omit. 29. is. 30. Heart. 30. Soul, 30. Mind. 30. This the First Commandment-omit. 31. likeomit. 32. And-omit. 33. and with All the soUL —onit. 33. abundantly more. 33. Sacrifices. t 28. Matt. xxii. 35. + 29. Deut. vi. 4; Luke x. 27. t 31. Lev. xix. 18; Matt. xxii. 30; Rom. xiii. 9; Gal. v. 14; James ii. 8. t 32. Deut. iv. 39: Isa, xlv. 6, 14; xlvi. 0. $ 33. 1 Sam. xv. 22; Hoshea vi6: Micah vi. 6 —8. 34. Matt. xxii. 49 t 35. lMatt. xxii. 41; Luke xx. 41.

Page  157 Mhap. 12. 36 1 MARK. fCzeap. 12: 44.,ypCEy0aTrEL5, 6-TL 6 XpoTros vios fae-r A&avut; say, That the MESSIAH is "eribea, that the Anointed a son is ofDavidP a Son of David?P Av7ro -yap Aavut el7rEt e, 7rvevUaTa a-yute' 36 For David himself H;mself for David said by aspirit holy; said, by the Holy Spirit, " AETyEt 6 Kvptos T'r Ivupt pusov KaOov fEC &e~t- St'Jehovah said to my Says the Lord to the Lord of me; Sit thou at right'LoRD, Sit thou at my wv 1OUv, eWs aV Ow T'ovs EXOpoUs tov b7roiro3tovs'Right hand, till I put of me. till I mayplace the enemies of thee a footstool thine ENEMIES undler., IMwP 7rowco' oQo." 37 AuTos our,ava& AE y~e'lleath thy FEET.' of the feet ofthee." Himself therefore David calls 37 David himself, there' av'ro, Kuvpo' Kat'roOev vios avTrov eaTr; Kat fore, calls him Lord, And him Lord; and whence ason of him is he? And how then is he* His Son?" sroAvs oXAos tjicveY allrolu JE3ows. 38 Kaz And the GREAT Crowd the great crowd heard him gladly. And heard him with pleasure. EAE.YEV *[aurots] cv Tr 6taaXp abTov' Be 7re're 38 And he said in his he said [to them] in the teaching ofhimself; Bewareyoo TEACHIN G, * " Beware of a7ro wCOV -ypaCtgaTEeE t, 7cst OCE-OVTr w V EF sroat THOSE SCRIBES who DEof the scribes, those desiring in longrobes SIRE to walk about in rEpL7raT're, Kati aratr7 adovs Ey'rats ayopams, tLong robes, and +love to walk about, and salutations in the markets, Salutations in the MAB39 Kat 7rpro'rcKa0eaptas etI Tats vyvawycsyasS, c at KETS, and first seats in the synagogues, d 31 and the Principal 7pw'rolAtcrtas E TOrtS 8a1tirYOts 4~oe o a7 certovoTEt' seats in the SYNAGOGUES, upper couches at the feasts; those devouring atd the Upper couch at Tras outras rc7Ov Xflpwv, Kat 7rpo(Pao~e!atpap lrpoe- FEAS3s; ths houses ofthe widows, and fora how ong are hose:VXOo/xEVOL' ObETO A. lovY-aL 7rEPto',roTFpo V Kpitua. 40 1 Lhose rLUNDERING suoeftEveL' eb'reo A-tfreov'raL itptep erepet' scpya. the FAMILIES of WIDOWs, oraying; these willreceive heavier judgment atd for a Show make long 41 Kas cKaO(ras *[6 Iraovs] KCa'revaVL ov erayers these willreceive And[ sitting [tbe Jesusl over against, the Prayers; th,yaCoevAasteuov COEWpE A ra, s 6 oXAos 3aAAcit a Heavier Judgment." treasury, be boebld how the crowd casts 41 TAndsittingopposite yaiKo els s'ro ryaCoePtlXamote. KaL oeAAeo to the TREASURY, he becopper into the treasury. And:nany held how the CROWD cast wAeuov)ot e3AAt'o 7roAeAa. 42 Kat eAXOov a a a Money into athe TEIcASriah cast much. And coming one UEY; and Many Richmen X??pa wTo71WX, e,3aXe Xe7rTa Svo, 6 eerT Koe- cast in much.,.dow poor, cast m.tes two, which is a 42 And a poor Widow PaviTS. 43 KaL 7rpooKahXetragetpo s rovs,aaOrTas approaching, cast in two oarthing. And havmre caled the disciples Lepta, that is, a tFarthing. a'rov, etErev aVUTors A etjy 7Eyw 5Let, OTI 7i 43 And having called to of himself, hesaid to them; Indeed I say to you. that the him his DISCIPLES, he said X-7pa a'Tr s 7 7rTWXl wrAetoe 7rayrTWsv eBA71KCe tothem,"Indeedl say to widow this the poor more of all las ecas you, f That this voox WIDrw f3aXov'rct eis T'rO yaOUvxAalOVt. 44 flav- ow has cast in more than ofthose casting into the treasury. Ali All of THOSE CASTING into 7Es yap eK To'v reptroaEuvoTros avTots E/aXov' tIhe TREASURY; for out of the abounding fulness to them have east; 44 for they All cast in auTr) Be EK T'rr rETreprleEWs ac'r-ts 7ravra 6o'a out of their SUPERFLUITY, this butout of the poverty ofhlerself all asmuchas but SHE oUt of her PoveoXEtY (CjPaXe, o6AoV'etO P eO a-ri1s. ERTY cast in all that she she hao cast, whole the living ofhersell. had,-her Whole LI ING." * VaTICAN MIANUCRIr. —67. His Son. 38. to them-omit. 41. JEss —omit. f 36. In the original (Psa. ex.1) it is Jehovah. But the Evangelist has adoptedthe version of the LXX, who, I suppose, could not venture to translate that word which every Jew reoarded with the profoundest reverence, and could not pronounce it without dasnger of for. oeiting his claim to a future state.-Wakeficld. t 38. The stolee was an Oriental garment descending to the aacles, and worn by persons of distinction, as Kings, Priests and honorable persons, and were afsected by the JuriSts of the Pharisaical sect. —Bloomfielrd t 42. Or rather three-fourths of a farthing, orfour mills. A kod-antees (Lat.quadrans,) was a hloman copper coia, equivalent to the fourth part of an assarioa, or two Lepta. t 30. 1sa. Ps. as 8. Mart. xxiil, Luke xx. 48. I 38. huke xi. 43. t 4 Matt. xxiii. 14. 41. Luke xxi. 1. 41. 2 Kin ILux 04. 43 2 c Car. vii. l.e

Page  158 (zap. 13: 1.]'MAUR. tMap..13: 8. KE4. vy'. 13. CHAPTER XII. 1 t And as he was going Ka EI KTopEvoteov avrov oV Lepov, out ofthe TEMPL, one of And departing of him out of the temple, his DISCIPLES says to him, AVEy6L aIUT(p E'cS V.LelaT?7c'v 70aTov Ato-iciaAel, "Teacher, see; tWhat says to him one ofthe disciples of him; O teacher, Stones I and What Build eo,'rorarot AMlot Kcat 7roTa7roL oucoKo/at. insl" see, what stones and what buildings. And JEsus said to 2 Kai 6 I!arovs *[arroKcpLeLs] Ur0EV aOUT9 him, "Seest thou These And the Jesus (answering] said to him; GREAT Buildings? I there BAewls s,raS a. yacas oa ya oAa oI ooas; ov U7rl shall not be *left here a Seest thou these the great buildings? not uot Stone upon a Stone; te ar'epe`Ap ALOoE E7r1L ALtO, os o0 /la Klara@hT7I. O. will he overthrown." may be left astone upon astone, whichnotnotmaybethrowndown. 3 And as he was sitting Kai tcv0rnEVo v avr-ov eS'rT opos Tcoe eatcw,, on tthe ImoOUY;; of OLeVsa And sitting of bhim on t';e mountain ofthe olive trees, opposite the TMrPLE, Pe. IacTreya'rt Trov epov, e7rrlpwWTwo av'roY ICa" tt 8aY ter, and James, and John, over against the temple, asked him privately and Andrew asked him nsITpos, tKaL Iatw3os, icat Iwavv7s, c at Aevpeas. privately, Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew; 4 < Tell us, when these E4 re )pt,, roTE'raIUa ct oTat, c Kal Tr rTO things will be?" and Say to n, when thesethiugs shallbe, and what the "What will Ic the s8IG 07)/ceeov, bo'Tae eeAXAl? 7rav'rTt,TtlU.vTa'vuvEeAeiG'- when all these things are sign, when are about all tk. se t:fngs to be ended? abouttohbe accomplisihed?'l Oat, 5'0 aE I2)ovs *[aroOKpLOfEs avJTOs,] 71ptaTo 6 And JESUs began to The and Jesus [answering aem,] began * say to them.'"Beware, AfyetV' BXe7reTe /02) t.J 6stas wrhava7oe. tha no ones eeive You. to say; Take heed not any one you may deceive 6 Many will come In my hFok/toL *[yap] EXEVTovTa C f. c oeocoyaTc /UOV, NAME, saying,'I am he;' Many Ifor] shallcomie n the name of me, and wll deceive Many. A(Yeoe-reS'OT -t 7y ellt'i at 7roAAovs 7raave- 7 And when you shall sayings That I am: and many they will hea;. o Conflicts, and Re. 6ovc0,'. 7'Ora, ae acovarOlT' 7roAe.ovs icaL porta o! Battles, be not deceive. When and ye;3iall hear wars and alarmed; for these things arcoas wroAScw, jru- Opoei'Oe' aet *[3yapl rnustoccur, but the NaD reports of wars, not be disturbed; it behoves [for] iS not yet. -yeiee0air aAA' ou7rW 7O Eros. 8 E-yep0eorerat 8 For Nation will rise to take place; but notyet the end. Shallb: raisedup against Nation, and King. -yap CeOos oErtl EOOS, Ka 8ao'tAltcta Ert /3aotr- dom against Kingdom; for nation against nation, and kingdom against king- there will be Earthquakes A,a' *[cKai] eo'oVTat olerAeot icaTra'rorous, in various places, and there dom; [and] shall be earthquakes in places, will be Famines; these are *tcKatr ] scoor at AgotL *[Ka'Tapaxat.] ApXat the *Beginnmugs of Sor. I and] ahalt be famines (and commotions.) Beginnings rows. * VATICAN MANUSRIPT.-2. answering-omit. 2. leSt here. B. answering them —omit. 5. say to them, "Beware." B. for-omit. 7. for —omtt. 8. and-omit. 8. and-omit. 8. and commotions-omit. 8. a Beginning of. t 1. Josephus says that the stones with which Herod built the temple, were "of a white snd firm substance," and that " every one of them was about twenty-five cubits in length, eight in heighth, and twelve in breadth." A cubit was nearly twenty-two inches of our measure. t 2. How exactlythisprediction was fulfilledmaybe known from Josephus. -He says, Ccsar ordered the soldiers to dig up the whole city and the temple; bu+ to leave t!lree of the highest turrets standing; and a part of the wall, as a security to th e garrison. But they so entirely dug up andlevelled all the restof the city,that none who saw t,would think at to have ever been inhabited." Eleazar, in his animated speech to his countrymen, thus exclaims: C' Where is that great city, the metropolis ofth e Jewish people, defended by such walls and such mightytowers? Where is that city, whichwasthoughttobe inhabited by GCOD It is torn up from its foundations; and the only memorial that remains of it, is the camp of its destroyers, which is stationed in the ruins." Itis alsorelatedintheTaanith of Idaimonides, that according to Roman custom, the very foundations of the temple were dug up, and that T. Rifus, aRoman commander, carriedaploughoverthem. t 3. From this spot the whole of Jerusalem was spread before the eye; and its situattion, iorm, build. ings, boundaries, and different parts, distinctly and individually seenl more especiallj Y;ount ioraah and Solomon's Temple, together with its spacious area. I 1. I';j, v. 1; Luke zxi. 5. $ 2. Luke xix. 44 $ 6. Jer. X-six. 8; Eph,. a; 2.. sea 2... 9

Page  159 Chp. 13: 9.] MARKI. (Chp. 13: 18. w vwl ar. 9tw. B.ErErtE e'iJEeIS Eav'rov' 9 But $take heed to of sorrows these. Take heed but yon yourselves your selves. They will de. Irapaowaouao * [yap] fblas els avve3pia, caJ esLS liver you up to High Coun-'the will deliver up' [for] you to sauhedrims, a.d lnto CilS and to Synagogues; vvwayayas rapl7oeoOfe, tear eri?yeAovwv Kar and you will be beaten, synagogues youwillbe beaten, and before governors and and will stand before Gov8aoatcfw c r'TaOrcetrOeY, eteEO /too, els ctap'rvpo0, ernors and Kings on my kings you will stand, on account of me, for a testimony account, for a Testimony avTros. 10 KaLs EL raTa Tra e-Ovrl Siei E, to them. to them. And among all the nations itbeboves- 10 tAnd the OLAD TIrpWTro' l77pvUXOwatL To0 EVatyryeAo,. 11'OT Eam 8o DINGS must first be pubfirst to be published the glad tidings. When but lished among All the NeAaycrotv bgtas raprcasro oTes, py 7rpopueptilacre TIONS. they may lead you delivering up, not be anxious befoe.hand 11 $ But when they conT1 XaOX3O-ETE, ~*E?[7 e /LEXaTaTE.] aAA' o Fav duct you to deliver you up, whatyou should speak, rnor be concerned;] but whatever be not anxious beforehand 5bo0r0p ZL v E6y EKELV7 Tf1 Cip, rTOVTO AOAELTE what you should speak; may be given to you in that the hour, this speakyou; but whatevermay be given ov ycap EcTE i/UESs oi AaXotvrTes, aAAa TO 7rsvevta you in That HouR, tlfis kot for are you the speaking, but the spirit speak; for it is not xou To70 tyov. 12 lapa~woet oe aSeA.pos a& o00v who will sPEAxI, but the the holy. Willdeliver up and a brother a braoher HOLY SPIRIT. _ES OavraTro, ica 7raT7qp TEKOV' Kfat e7raCaYOOT7- 12 And tBrother will to death, and father a child; and they hall deliver up Brother to.:oyrat're:E a eT7rE t yoeSS, Ka0 Ooavarcwoouvo-t, Death, and a Father his rise up children against parents, and deliver to death Child; and Children will CaYtTOUS. 13Kat ~'aeo0s /ZOUOV.EOI VxO 7ravTrwv, rise up against Parents, them. And youwillbe being hated by all, and cause tlem to die. a OO U. 13 +And you will be throughthle name ofme. He but persevering to end, hated by all on account of COToS ac<71Eaeosa. 14'OTa, 8s L)T7e TO /38e- my NAME; but HE, who this will be saved. When but youmay- ee the abomi- PATIENTLY EN DURES to,v'ypua r77S fP71y(CfEcoS e~TxS E rOV ou 6ToU (0 Z the End, he will be saved. Nu'yla rTs ep~l.twows s o''WS brov ov Se' { nation ofthe desolation havingstoodohere notitought; ae 14 T3ut when you shall 0va0y7vaowctv VoCEsT) TOTE O Ev T-p'Iovuarm, see THAT DEST UCT'IVE reading let him think;) then those in the Judea, ABOMINATION, standing IevfyEetrac flS ELY TO Op7 5 c.a *[8E] ir] ou lswhere it ought not"let them flee to the mountains; he [andj on th (READER, attend!)-"then awftatos, g?71 KrCT7CciTW *[ECets T~71OsKita,1 gt~LJ n let THOSE in Judea ESCAPE; roof, not let him go down [into the house,] nc r te NTA e ozae rae 15 fletnot Ia who is ELOcrEAOETW, ap.t TI eic T-qs oclica aV'Ttl' on the xooir descend, nor enter, totakeanythingoutof the house of himself; enter his sE, to take i~ Icaz z ftS 7w0JJ azpov coxr, g71 r a enter his HOUS}, to takce c0 6t EL Y cis 5ov P0' iwV, /171 ErlTicTPE- TIr ec' Anything out of it; and he in the field being, not let him turn,i:to TO or'Stw, s1paL0 TrO iTa'to aUGrov. 17 Ouva e 16 and let not HiM who the back, to take the mantle ofhimn. Woe but is in the FIELD return TOras elv yao'CTpt eXOVOaOLs cat TaOSs O7ACatovtazbs BACK to take his MANTLE. to the in womb having and to the giving such 17 But alas for the fEl EfcE vaOS TaS s 7lEpais. 18 IlpoEv xeoOe 8, PHEGNANT and NURSING in those the days. Pray you hut, WOMEN in Those DAYS! Zvao.7l yer!7'aTL 7i qv!A71 VCWov XEIUWYoOS. 18 But pray that *it that not maybe the flight of you of wiotoe. may not be in Winter; * VATcCA MANuscnIEr. —9. for-omit. 11. nor be concerned-omit. 15. and — amit. 15. into the Hous —omit. 18. it may nout be. t 15. The peculiar construction of Eastern houses is here referred to. They were all of the same helghth, so that a person could walk at the top of a range of buildings, without inconvenience, from one end to the other. In Palestine thoer are st.ll built on this plan. A staircase is carried on the outside from the top of the house to the bottom. The injunction in this verse is delivered in a figure, expressive of great eagerness and expedition; so that if a man was walking on the roof, he was directed to go straight forwards, till he got out of the city; and not to delay even to go down into the house be take the most necessary articles of food and raiment for his flight. $ 9. Matt. x.17, 18; xxiv. 9; Revi. ii10. 10. Luke xxiv. 14. + 11. Matt. x 19; Luke xii. II: xxi. 14. 12. HMatt. x. 21; Xxiv.IC; Luke xxi. 16. + 13. Matb t.; Lnke xxi.17. 14. Dan.ix. 27; Matt. xxivY 12t Luae tx. 20. 17. 7.Lke xJ ii.,.t

Page  160 Chap. 13: 19.] MAIT{h. [MClap. 13: 28. 19 Eov'raL -yap at 7lhEpaL eKELValt OXLJs, oZ a 19 for in those DAYS Shallbe for the days those affliction, such as will be Distress, t such as o0 yE7yoVE'rotaVTn7 air' apxvrs XesTEml,'S hasnot been from the Be. not has been so great from a beginning of creation, which ginning of the Creation, ErICTIOEv O' 0OS, EiS TroU vUY, Kat ou /.f7l yeq7Tal. which GOD created, till creat4d the God, till the now, and not nt may be, NOW, nor ever will be. 0 Kat fCr /tr l KUPOS EKOXoWaOE TOaS rjFpaS, OVK we 20 Anld except the Lord And if net aLord shortened the days, not cut short tile DAYS, No apv EsO?ira(wra erap4, aAXa at6a TroS Ee- Person could survive; but should be saved all flesh, but on account oftihe cho- on account of the cHOSEN, AesKovs, ovs e5EXEtaTro, eKOAoo3W0E oe pa s. whom lie has selected, he sen (ones,) whom he has closen, he has shortened the days. has cut short the DAYS. 21 Kat rTOTrE ea rtis b l Et7rn7' Iouv,&ae 6 21 And then if any one And then if any one to you should say; Lo, here the shouldsayto you,'Behold, %XPsJTOES- I~Oou, EKELe yE7 7E1ETE. 2" EYep- the MESSIAH is here!' or Anointed; or; Lo, here; not believe you. Shall'Behold,-therel' believe Oro'sovrrat yap evaoxptrirot teait tevao7rpoq7Tra, it not; be raised for false anointed ones and false prophets 22 because False MesKat acW-oVOt (errlEat Keat TEpaTa, 7rpOS Tfo a7ro- siahs and F'alse Prophets an llgive sig, e and wonders sha, t the tode- il arise, and exhibit; wXrava', et hvva'ov, *[cKa] Tros EKXEKtrovs. Signs antd Wonders, to DEn ceive, if possible, [even] the chosen. CEIVEeifpOSSible the CHO23'T/ers oE BAere7'TE *[iaov,] trpoetp?7Ka cVt + o SEN. You but take heed; [lo,] Ihaveforetold toyou 23 But be tuon your ra'ra1. 24 AAA' EV EctetLaOs rats sl7uespats, IETra guard; I have forewarned all. But in those the days, after yOu. T77Y 0Ot EKEVtlV1, o'6 -'sXtOS GaKe OTir071eETat 24 f But in Those DAYS, the affliction that, the sun shall be darkened, at AFFLICTION, the Kai' ov 8~Wo'E TOfpe-7?YOs a5Se iMthe SUN will be obscured, teat ij OTEA7l'fl 01) o~Et'T~OyEfYYO &aU7JE and the stooe will withand the moon not shall give the light of herself; and he N will hold her LIGIIT, Kat5 Lat aOTepOS YOU ovpavov EoOrVTat EK7rlt7TO l 25 and * the STArS will and the stars of the heaven shall be fal- 25 an e s K aL a 3 olvva'O/iEtEs, Ta' tErons oupa fall out of HEAOxEN, and TES, te ta Ea TO S Ovpa,/ts THOSE roWERs in the ling, and the powers, those in the heavens, oaAEv)6qO-vTa1. 20 Kat TOTE.i~OL't TOO vo HIEAVENS will be shaken shall be shaken. And then theyshallsee the son 26 t And then they will Yov avOpw' 7ov ePXO/El./OV El o PE(pEAals, iE7T see the soN of tAN coming ofthe man coming on clouds, with in Clouds, witl greatPowlvvay/Ews 71roXAAs Kait Oo7ns. 27 Kat TOTE a7roo- er and Glory. power much and glory. And then he wil 27 And then he will send TEAXE TOvs ay7fAovs abrou, Kteat E7rtilvvaet Tov forth *the MESSENGERS, send the messengers of himself, and he will gather the and assemble his CHiOSEN XEcEKTrovs a'TOV EK TrWl Treoapwv avecwOl, fromntheerouRWinds, from cheosen (ones) ofhimself from the four winds, tile Extremity of Earth to air' a0po3v -Y7s ecEs arpouv o1pd'ov. 28 A7ro the utmost bound of Hea. from an extremity of earth to an extremity of heaven. From ven. 5e TrIs ItVKlES aOerETE Tr7V 7rapaf3oXAi' bCtav 28 Now learn arARABLE but the fig-tree learn you the parable: when fromthe FIG-TREE, When avT77sE 18 K eXaaos a&raXos YeVl'prat, tat its BRANCH now becomes of her now the branch tender may become, and tender, and puts forth EKUopu TO ev/Ca, 7tIWKEETE, I7t TEoVS To LEAVES, *itisknownThat may put forth the leaves, you know, that near the SUMSIMER iS near. ~ VAT1iCA MANUSCRIPT.-22. even —omit, 23. lo —omi'. 25. the STAnS will fall out of HBAVEN, and THOSE POWERS. 27. the IESSENGEnit. 28. it is known That. 1 24. In Isaiah xiii. I, 10, 13, when the destruction of Babylon is threatened, it is thus expressed, "the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the un shall be darkened in his going forth, and the nimoon shall not cause her light to shine. I will shake the heavens, &c." And the reader may find the same eastern manner of speaking in the following places of scripture: —Job xx. 28: Eccl. xii. 1, 2; Isa. xxiv. 23; xxxiv. 4; Ix. 20; Jer. iv. 23; xv. 9; Ezek. xxxii. 7, 8; Dan. viii. 10; Joel ii. 10, 30, 31; iii. 15; Arnos v. 20; viii. 9 j 2 Pet. iii. 10, 12; Rev. vi. 12-14. + 1U. Dan. xii. 1; Matt. xxiv. 21. t 23. 2 Pet. iii. 17. t 24. Matt. xxiv. 29; Luke xi. 2. S $ 26, Dan. vii. 13, 14; Matt. xxvi. 64; Mark xiv. 02; Rev.i. 7.

Page  161 Map. 13: 29.] MARK. [ hap. 14: g. iOpos eo'w.V 290 TZ gaL 6/deL, 6wav'i-ama 09 Thus also, when pott Oepos er'Ttv. 290V'w Kat 6/AEtS, 6Tav Tav'a summer is. So also you, when them thinga shall see these things trantl~7iE ytIolyEysa, ylYWcKreTe, 6T E7yUyS e,'TTr spiring, know That he is youmayseecomintgtopass, know you, that near heis near at the Doors. e7rL OvpaLs. 30 Aju-v XFy co3v, 6oT I 30 Indeed, I say to yeou, Oepais. A~mo?a~yial l'J/.tlV, That this OENERATION at doors. Indeed I say to you, that not not 7rapeXA0 yesrEa av-7, /IEXPLS Oi a a U will not pass away, till All maypass awaythe generation this, till of whom all these things e accom i-aurTa 31evel'rat.,~ opavosplished. rav va'y~Ercla. 31 0 oupavoS Ka3 -q -y7 7rapE- 31 The HEAVEn and these maybe done. The heaven and the earth shall EA filhut n uAaTH willfail; but $ my Xevt7rv'i-L OifE XAoyo L /10v 01) /57 7r-apEXVeOrL. WOADS cannot fail. pais away; the but words ofme not not maypassaway. 32 But concerning that 32 Ilep e 8 TE 7rs 7l7tepas EKEIV7~ S 771 r s &paS DAY, *or iouR, kntows no Concerning but tlhe day that or the hour man; not even all Angel ovuEIS o01ev, ovUS oL a'y'yeXol, o0 Ev oupavy, in Heaven, nor the soN, no one knows, nor the messengers, thoae in heaven, but the FATIER. otye 6 V'OS, EL /577 b 7ra'77i p. 33 BAe yEre, ay- 33 +Take heed, watch; nor the son, if not the father. Take heed, watch for you know nottwhen the pvyrYelT' e *[Kact 7poo-EVXEoOec'] OVIc O3CtaTE yap SEASON is. you [and pray you;] not youknow for 34 T As a Man going 7rore 6 Ktapos eoTsT. 34'Os avOpcW7ros a7rorl- abroad, leavinghisllmusx,'when the season is. As aman going and having given the AU-,uos a)ElIs Tr-V olKlav a5TOV, KCa BoVUS Tois TIIORITY tOliiS SERAN'rS, abroad leaving the house of himself, and having givento tthe to each his WORK, lhe also 8ovAots at'rovt TrO7 etouiaV, *[cai] oKaTTW, comnmandedthePoaRTER to slaves ofainlself the authority, [and] to each one watch. Two ep'yov abrovt Katl Tp OUPCOPd eVeTElX.aTro iva 35 Watch, therefore; for the work of limself and to the porter he comlnanded that you know not when tile Typrlyop1.' 35 rpIpryopetEre ova' o t re yap, *IASTER of the HOUSE he should watch. Watch you therefore; not you know for, comes; *wlether at Evenrorfe 6 ICUplOS'i-S OucKlaS EpXE7rLx, O~ie, 77 ing, or at Midnight, or at when the lord of tle house comes, evening, or COC-crowing, or in the JfEO'OVUKTIOU, 77 aeKKTopopwvvafs, 1 WpwL' 36 le i Morning; r midnight, or cock-crowing, or morning: lest 36 lest comingunexpectcAEoo, eSctlatYatrs, euvpmi 6as aciaOevSovra.. edly he should find you coming suddenly, he may find you sleeping. sleeping. 33'A,e 8vLV AEyew,'atrO AXey rp-iyopeLrE. 37 And what I say to What andto yo I ay, to all I say: Watch you. you, say to all, Watc." KEc4. as'. 14. CHAPTER XIV. -HzSE TO 7rao-Xa ical T ava tva, tora 3O 1 S Now after Two Days Was nowthe passover and the unleavenedcakes after two was tile PASSOVER ai;d thle feast of UJNLEAVENO:D ltEppas' tat es' rrov of apXKepers icat ol ypai- 0BREAD; and the ocN - days: and sought the high-.riests and the scribes. PRIESTS and sCRIBES /aw-flvS, 7rws avdroy cv soEAy cpratyia-vrrs a7roK- scudlithimhowtheymigllt how him by deceit seizing they take him by Deception, elyEVsI lV. 2 EAeyos 8es M7 ~' op fOpq, and kill him. might kill. They said but; Not in the feast, 2 * For they said, "Not /07- 7rowe Oopuvl~os ewesai wov eaov. during thePFAsT,lestthe're lest atumult shallbe ofthe people. e a Tumult of tl PEOPIE." 3 Kam ovEos averO ev B7rOava ev wTp oUcUa 3 4 And he being at And being of him in Bethany in the house Bethany, in the IoJsF, of:rl,/vos O TOe Aeyrpov, ca aV 7 Sillon the i.EpxR,wlilelie of Simon the leper, reclining ofham, came was reclining at table, a * VaTICAN MANUSCBIPT.-32. or ntoUt knows no man; not even an Angel in Heaven. 33. and pray-omit. 34. and-omit. 35. whether at Evening. 2. For they said.;t 1. Isa L 8XI.. 33. Matt. xxiv. 42; xxv. 13; Luke xii. 405; xxi. 31; Rom. xiii. li: 1 Thess. v. 6. 4. Matt. xxiv.4b xxv. 14. 1. Matt. xxvi. 2; Luke xxii. 1. John xi. 3b; xiii, 1 8. Matt. xxvl. 0; John xii. 1, 3; See Luke vii. 37.

Page  162 tlayp. 14t 4.] MARKo [Ctap. 14: I2. yvr'l eXovrra aAa,Bao-rpov.uvpov, Yapovu Winhan came, having an a omluan aviing an alabaster box of balsam, ofspikenard Alabaster box of Bal sanm 7r1OTt1C7Js 7rohvT-EAOVS *[KaL] aovvnrpt'aaO T0 of genuine Spikenard, very genuine very costly: [and] breaking the costly; and breaking the aAa/anr-pov, KaCteX-ee aUvTo KaTa TrIss KeqaA?1S. BOX, she poured it on his alabaster box, she poured of it down on the head. HEAD. 4 Ho-ar Be TlPfS ayaratrouvPEs rpos eaUToVS, 4 And some were disWere and some being angry to them elves, pleased, sayin among [Kare Edtovress hEIrgory a toAia ahr seleve, TOUthemselves, " Why has this,*[Knd A-yio s]_ For wat ~1the n7-s\ ti 77 TOO LOSS of the BALSAM taken [and.aying;] Fee what she tlos tshie of-the U.pov ye-YeV; 5H naro -yap Trv-o o TO peO Ph 6 For * This BALSAM b.lsame has been made? Could for this the balsam could have been sold for arpaO7raL E7ravcw TrpaKocotawv rslvapewv, Kai more than t Three hundred. to be sold more three hundred denarii, a nd aofi7va lT0 7rnwXots. Kai,,~7, Denarii, and given to the oo a. POOn" Andtheycensured to be given to the poor. And they censured her. 6'o a bvss s AeTe anU' - aw 6 But JEsus said, "Let The but Jesus said; Let alone her; why to her her alone why do you K07rons 7rapEXETE; scaAov Cp-yov ELp-yacaTo cE trouble the WOMAN? She troubles presentyou? good awork shehaswrought in done a Good Work e/dot. 7IlavwroTE yap TovS r 7rwXovs EXErE,eeO for me. me. Always for the poor you have withe EaUc,es, Kant, oanv OEM7TE, vVa'rnOe anVonUS fn sPOOR always among you, yoerselves, and, when you will, you can them good ad hen you wil, you 7roto'ant' -IE 5e ov 7watTOTe eXE-re.?'0 EO'XeV can * do Them good-; ut to do me butnot not always you have. th having e you have not alays. abur77, E7rot077E' 7rpoeXa3,e ucnvptat,uou -r OwyC a 8 POssEssING rhis (Balthis, shehasdote; heforehand toanoint ofethe body sam,) Rhe has done it, to ts TroPn CVTta(plano ve. 9 AuJv AE-yw bUtYvs, b7ron anoint my BODY beforefor the burial. Indeed I say to you, wherever hand for the BUIsAL. av c-7pvxOp 7'0o Tvanyy? ltos TrOVTO ELS Ao0e TOP 9 *And indeed I say to may be published the glad tidings this in whole the yOu, Whereverthese GLAD Kcovoeo, cat o E7X o-tre, auTr7 Aak7eO7oeTrant, EtS TIDINGS may be proworld, also what she did this shall be spoken, for claimed in the Whole /.cv7'floeunivo aU-r77s. WORLD, this also which she a memorial ofher. lhas done shall be spoken 10 Kai 6 Ionsas 6 ITnaptwrT7s, eCs'rwv of in Memory of her." And the Judas the, Iscariot, one of the. 10 $And *THAT Judas SAEeKan, a-sonsE roS T s apXi^pEis, ~ Iscariot, who was one of twelve, went to the high-priests, that tle TWFLVE, wet to tlle HIH-PRIESTS, to deliver 7rapa8nc awrov av-rots''10 ae aovo'aPTes Him up to them. he msght deliver up him to them:. They and hearing 11 And l-earng it they exapl7oav' Kan eiri7YYELAavro anVecr apyvptoo rejoiced, and promised to were glad; and promised him silver give him Money. And he eovvat. Kat eC-7reLt, 7rWs EUvatpcPs aVuron sought how he might conto give. And he sought,. how conveniently him veniently deliver Him up. 7repaST. 12 Kat -7 7pss7p 7pLFe 7TcW 12 Now on the FIRST he might deliver up. And the first day of the DAy of UNLEAVENs oteBREAD, when the PASanvgwv,, 6re To 7raTrxa ceOvon, AE'YOn- CHAL LAMBS were sacriunieavened eaken, whenthe pascehallamb weresacrifliced, theyfie, his )ISCIPLS 6a to ttIseeeesdse.he whtethe paorhettemh we sises y ficed, his DISCIPLESsav to atvn aVTsc oa Iuafo77rna anvon Hlov 0Asets awrA- him, "Where dost thou tay to him the detypiee oe hm; where wiltthou having wish that we go and preOorSeCs'roitao'/anyt ev, ira anyps To' raT xa;, pare that thou mayest eat gone we make ready. tiat thoumayest eatthe passover? the PASSOVEE i" VATrcAN MANUvsc RIPT.-3. and-omit. 4. andsaying-omit. 5. This BALsAS oould. 7. always do them. 9. And indeed. 10. TaHT Judas Iscariot. t 5. A Denarius being in value about 14 cents, or 7d. English, the value of tile box of bal sam would be forty-two dollars, or ~8. 15s. t 7. Deut. xv. 11. I 10. Math. xxvi. 14; Luke xxii. 3, 4. 12. Matt. xavi. 14 Luke xxit. 7,

Page  163 Map. lt: 13.3 MARTC. [C'hap.TIA: 2. 13 Ka 1 yMtooreAeE L vo irT tUa?1trwYW avroTu, Kat 13 And hlie sends two of And hb sends two ofthe disciples ofllimself, and his DISCIPLES, and says to.AEyeL avroILS''T7rayETe CtS T7PI woAtv' KaR them, "Go into tile CITY, h esays totlhea; Go you into the city; and and a Man carrying a alrav7YT1Ecl Nutv avOpnros tcEpa/tov fBa-os Pitcher of Water will nleet villmlieet you a man apitcher of water you; follow him; a'rcvtes-t a-oovAvO ~are avwr2' 14 Ieal t7rov Pal1 14 and whereverhe may carrying; follow him; and wherever enter, say to thle HIOUSEElIoeEOl7, eltro; s t'O oto weoITroT7' 0- HOLDER, The TEACHER le may enter, say to the honseholder; That the says, Wllere is *the GUEST8taoicaXos Ae-eiE HoV ETTL TO KaTaX/R CA, where I may teacher says; Where is the guest-ch amber, eat the PASSOVER with my o6roy ho 7ra cXa'WheTa T i)V Sahe l geJ l ov e hty DISCIPLES? where the passover withl the disciples of me l may eat? 15 And be will show lSKat aK Vos c uttv it t aVa'yaeLOV tiEya oe(rTpo - you a large Upper-room And he to you willehaw an upper room large having - furnished ready; *there fJtEVOV ETOIJ0oVo s et d-Toti~aeraTs 771ly.I IILevov E7olf~CYor OfKEI j70oLyAabL~dTe ytUL"cprepare for us." been lfunished ready; there prepare yo forus. 16 And *the DISCIPLES 6 Kat EI~XoV Ol 01a z Tat OV av t t0ov f l went forth, and came into /caa ~rOflerat~ Othe CITY, and found every And went forth the disciElet of him, and.ame into t thing even as he had said Tl5V 7roXtY, Kat epop tcaOws m ttrd avrowsO r aT to them; and they prethe city, and round even ao he sa to them; and I7Tst/.aIIa 7 Pba 17 at o /o/E i pared'the PASSOVER. 7Totaa TO 7raoXa. 17 ITal 0o aS yEVoEVS, 17 1 And Evening being they prepared the passover. And evenie~ being come. comte, 1e comes with the EpXETaL jUETra 7Twv 5SAeKa. l3 Kat a'::LJCet/.e.w TWELYE. ie comes with the twelve. And reclining Andas they were reXUC'wEI Kcat ecolooreo, etyrEr 6 Irloovs' A/rhi cliningattable, andeating, of them and eating, said the Jesus; Indeed JESUS said,"IndeedIsay?tcyrc h/lvt', 6rt t S Eia v M 6j7t apatos Ce E 0E to you, That *one of YOU 1 ay to you, that one of you vwilldeliv eru- m. who me Ca0cWV LET' eIOUV. I9 ~* aw8e] 7pSavseo Av'rcEo- will deliver me up." I eatalla with me. Thley [a(de bhegan to be sor- 19 And* they began to Oat, Kat AeyElv avrT e's KcaO' rlsa NIMT' tsy'; be sorrowful, and to say to rowful, and tosa t m one bsay to e oe; Not I? him, one by one, "Is it P"' *[ictD axAosl M rTl c'ye;W Is' 0 E *La7rOlKPr. 20 And E said totlhem, [and another; Not I?) ie but [anscar- "it is THAT ONE of the 0ctLS1 EMEr avTOLs' Els EIC TOOV 5WEIia, TWELVE DIPPING in with ing] saad to them; One of the twelve, that,Ba7rwToFslros cE tT' EoV ts EL o TpvBtoV. 21'O e into the Dnr H. dippinglla with me into the bowl. The I1t *The soN of MAN tEV vios -ous avOpwaroe 6vlra-yEt, raOa1 YE hpatr- mindeed;goes away [to indeed on of the man goes away, even as it llas beeneen i-at -repnt aVTOV Ovat 6'T-a avOptcwrTr E WC9', * written concerning him; writtenconcerning him; woe but to the man that, )ut woe to that 3AN atL od 6 viOS TOV avOp7vrov eraparoTat tltrorgh whom the SON of through whom the son of the man is deliv ered up S delvered up! Good thaeov eii av~, El OVKC E-IErV017 o' avOp rros were it for that MtAN if he good it was to him, if not was born the man EcetZvoS. 22 KaL eG0loTwv aVTat'V, Aa/Bcvs 6 22 $A~ud as they weie that. And eating oftlem, takifeg the eatin, * lie took a Loaf, 17hreovs apTro, EvXoy-lras EKtXaoe, ieal EcvaWeiv and W~aving given praise, Jesus a loaf, having blessed he iroke, and gave lie broke it,. and gave to au-rots, cat tELr'E Aae3re' rovTro e' tro rcoua them, and said, "Take; to them, and said: Take;' t s tiils is tey BODY. * VA 1CA MIANUSCBIPTn.-14. my cGUET-CHANIBER. 15. and there prepare. 16. the DISCIPLES. 18. one of oU who are EATING with me. 19. and-omit. 19, they. 19. and another; not I? —omt. 20. answering —omit. 21. Be cause the soe. 22. he took. f 15. Furnished ready, probably alludes to the manner of making the room ready for the celebration ot the passover which was examined in every hole and corner by the light aflva candles, and cleared from the smallest crumb of leaven with a scrupulous icety.dinsworth. t 17. lMatt. xxvi. 20. 4 21. hMatt, xxvi. 24; Luke xxii. 22; John Yii. 83.

Page  164 Caap. 14 23.] MARK. [U/ap. 14:'o.,tou. 23 Kal Aavv To ro 7Trrlpov, EvxapLTJtltras 23 And taking *a Cup, of me. And taking the cup, having given thanks having given thlanks, ihe EfoWcer avlTrs' ical errtoV E~ avov 7raVTres. gaveittothemn and they he gave to them; and they drank out of it all. all drank out of it. 24Kat etrev * [avTots. Tovro eTrT tro at/uatuov, 24 And he said, o"This And hesaid [to them.] This is the blood ofme, is THAT BLOOD of mine To T'7S avaT7iS LCaOrJlK7ls, TO 7rept 7roAAcW whllichll is of the COVENANT, that ofthe new covenant, that concerning many TIIAT WlliC iS POURED EKXVOOUEYo,. 25 A e'yw Y u LtSY, o'T OVICET OUT for ansaly. being shed. Indeed I say to you, thllat no oloe 25 Indeed I say to you, ov 7r TrBIW EK TOlV 1yeVVr'saT7Os T7Js at.7reAou, Lcos * That I will drink of the not not Jwilldrinkof the product the vine, till PtODUCT of tile VINE no Tr/S 771.EpaS EKEISV77S, oJTa aVro 7Nico lmazvosi Esv more, till that DAY when the. day that, when it I drik I drink n ew in tht e OING-'I OO LXaaEfa T1ov Oeou. 36 Kai iyvr/th aVSTE DOr Of GOD." the kingdom of the God. And having sung a lym on, titleo kio 7 *OSdoooCCWY 26 +And having sung, E~,XOOS, EIS TO OpOS TWJ' e~atwaus. thev went out to tilhe they departed to the mountain of the olive trees. 27~~ Ka E/iatI 5I7-v-'T MOUNT of OLIVES. 27 Kat Aey EL aUvos o I6 boovs''O( t 7ra'TrES 27 And JEsus says te And says tothem the Jesus; That all tn You will all he them, "You will all be sKcavYaAtTolon-eOE- 0 [eao y 7 qVEt1 VE' T3 ZiVt t-O ] stumbled; because it is will be stumbled [at me in the night this;] written,' I will smite the OTt'ye'yparrat' " ITaraSow Tro rot/.tEa, Sa01 SIISEPHIERD, alsd the for it is written: 1 vill smite the shepherd, and _tacO~f~p~rtoO~loe~at TB TpO/3ct re.' 25 AA(a 5SIEEP will he dispersed.' &taaKoprig0r10 e'a l ra 7rpo/:ara." 2 AAa will be scattered the sheep." But 28: But after 1 am lfEra To0 EcE-pOlat. te, 7rpoauw Lytas ers T'V RAISED, I will precede you after the to be raised me, I will go before you into the to GALILEE. raAtxatav. 29'0 ae rIETpOS Effl aVT'y' Kai Et 29: And PETER said to Galilee. The bnt teter saidt to him; Even if him, "Even if all shall be 7ravTres crKaSaXatO`77O07aVTat, aAA' ov0c Ec)yw. stumbled, yet U wll! not.' all shall be stumbied, yet not 1. 30 And Jesvs says to 3 Kat AeTye avTr o I6cJ ovso A/yiv AXeycw a o, hin, "Indeed I say to thee, And says to him the Jesus; Indeed I say to thee, T]lhat tjtels This-day, in 67T trO or/.LepoP EYV T71? SVlCT TaU7T7, Trptl, p This NIGHT, before a that thou this-day in the night tllis, before Cock crows twsice, wilt dis. tls aAescTopa (puwvlo-rat, Tpts aorapvrl(rp /.te. own Me thrice." twvice acock to have crowed, tllrlce thlon wvilt denly me. 31 But ItE spoke with S1'0 e etc 7reptoroov o eAye eaAXAov, Eav te Imore vehemence, "If I He but with vehemence spokle more; If me must die witl thee, I will e7rl trvaroOaVeV soot0, ovt erl toe asrapPrtro/oat. bynomeans disown Thee." must to die with thee, not not thee I wilt deny. And they all said the samle.'1bavTrcws se rat 7rav'Tes eAe'yov. 32 Kat epXov- 32 And they came to In like manner and also all they said. And they aPlacenanledGetllsanane, Taat EtS XWplOS, o0 TO oS'otla reos'lx77/Eau. Ka01 and he says to his DlSCIsame to a place, of which the name Gethsemane; and PLES Si ere lile PLES, "Sit, here, while I Xe'yet ToiS AaO-q~ats a aTro' aOtrae e, go away and pray." he says to the disciples of himself; Sit you here, 11soa~vSO~uar. Kat wapahapla~,Et 33 And he takes with EE 9WpooelVwftat. 3 Kat srapaoAallae/3lia PETER, and * JAMES, till I shall pray. And he takes the, and _flePOl Sf01 haCfatfOs Sf0t JWOS'Vs/' IteG e and JO TIN, and began to 1~tV7"V robe greatly amazedand full Peter and James and John with himself greatly amazed and full Sfa0 rlp/aro EKOa/.,BettOat af t a71yoSoVe,. 34 Kat of Anguish. and began to be greatly amazed and to be in anguish. And o4 And he says to them, Ae'es avrots' rleptlvyros etotS' / ~71x'sl getv e~C' 4";My SOUL is eneomAE-yei aUToIS' Nepiv7ros ETT7I 71 AUX7,(1OV EcWrS passe XOL a elly nh he says to them; Extremely sorrowful is the soul ofmeevento passed with a deadly An. V ~ATICAN MANUSCnIPT. —22. a Cup, 24. to them —omit. 24. THAT BLOOD.Of mine, which is of the covENAoNT, TIAT which is POURED OUT. 27. at me in this xIG:nr -omit. 32. go away and pray. 33. JAMES, and JOHNi. 4 24. Luke xxii. 20; 1 Cor: xi. 25.: 20. Matt. xxvi. 30. - $ 27. Zech. xtii. 7. 1 28. Matt. xvi. 7. + 29. Matt. xxvi. 33, 34: Luke xxii. 33, 34, John xiii. 87, 85,; 32. Matt. xxvi 386; Luke xxii. 39: John xviii.,. J 34. John xii, 27,

Page  165 Chap. 14: 31 5fMAR I. [Ciap. 14.: 4. avaTr-ov u tueTva'e &r, Kat yptjyopeTre. 35 Kal guish; stay here and death; remain you here, and watch. And watch." nrpoeOcwv prL5 pOt, EVrerTEv Ewrt Tt3S yrs' caSL 35 And going forward going forward a little, he fell on the ground; and a little, he fell on the 7rpoc00'vXeTo0, La, EL uVleTOV Ei-ri, -7rCPEX a-' GRIOUND, and praved,that prayed, that, if possible it is, light pass from, if possible the Houa umight avroUv 71 rpa. 36 Ka eAeyev' y At3a 6 7raT7ip, pass from him. himl the hour. And he said; Abba the father, 36 And ke said, " Abba, -ra-ira uva-C t(rotl 7rapeeyce iTa 7roT'7)plOv a7r' FATHEi, all things are all (things) possible to thee; take the cup from possible with thee; remove saou T-ou'o. AXA' ov, tr e6yw OEAw, aAXa't this cuP from me; tyet me this. But not, what I will, but what not what IE will, but what Orr. 37 Kai epxeTra4, 1Kat EbOprtcE avtovU ICaOev- tou wilt." thou. And he comes, and finds them sleep- 37 And he comes and 6ovTas' cat Ae'yeI'Tto IIeTrpt' L.iCOY, cKaOevreIs; finds them sleeping; and ing: and hesaystothe Peter: Simon, stleepest thou? le says to PETER, "Simon, OvKa LtrXVJaaS /50av pay yp?'yOPfaL; 3a Fp-'yop- sleepestthou? couldsttlthou not couldstthou one hour to watch? Watch tot keep awake a Single ELTE (t 7rIi-po(revXEfOE, Za L 17 ELoeXO77T're ls Hour? you and pray you, that not you enter into 38 Watcll and pray, that 7rElpaS.0v- T'iO tEV 7irvEv/tryat rpoOvdtov, ) 8aE you * enter not into Trial; temptation: the indeed spirit ready, the but tilte SPIRIT indeed is will. a-ap6 aTteiV7s. 39 Kas 7rakiv areAOw,v 7rpo-otv- ing, but the FLESH is tlesh weak. And again going away he prayed, teak." a'ro,'ro aUvro Ao-yov e-lrWlP. 40 Kai Ve7rO'i-pE- 39 And going again, he the same words saying. And having returned prayed, speaking the SAME cas, eLpev aovTous raAlv ca0evoovta S' T a Words. he fund them again sleeping: were 40 And * again he came,yap of optoaAtot auTWV 3Ef3apnJdeoL 1 mcaOt ec and found them sleeping; for the eyes ofthem weighed down and not (for Their EYES were overp6ELcoa0, Tri aic- a7raoKpLOwa-. 41IKaI EPXET0r powered;) and they knew they knew, what to him they might answer. And he comes not what to answer him. To T7pTov, mCai AqysE av7rois RKaOevEs7e To 41 And le comes the the third, and he says to them: Do you sleep the THIRD time, and says to Xos7rov iKa ava1 rav0 re1; a'r EXE, 71AOer' 7 Wpa ( them, "Do you sleep Now, now and restyou7 Itis-enough, iscome the hour: and take your rest? It is letSapert Stier nough, i ethe rouR is iovu, crapaLoTai 6o vlos Trou avOpW7rov rsI Tas enough, the HOUR is lo, is deliveredup the son of the man into the conle; behold the soN of X CLpas sCv aap ~wcv. 42 Eyye wpe'E, syCwOev' MsAN is delivered up into hands of the sinners. Arise, let us go' the HANDS of SINNERS. heeds rlthe sie'eArAse, letwsgo; he. I8ov, O 7raparsovs JE?14y-YCE. 42 JAriseletusgo; be. lo, he delivering up me hascomenear. hold! E, Wha o DELIVERS 43 Kat evOEcs, E-TL0 aVT&V AaXoVVToS, 7rapa)t- me up, has come." And emmedlate y, while ot him speaking, comes 43 iAnid immediately, ETaL Iovsias, eis wv rcov BAEma, Ka 0eTTW' atou Owhile he was yet speaking, Judas, nlle being oilhe twelve, and with hinm coms *JUA, eig n of the TWELVE, and with oXrXOS'[rohvs].eT'a /taXaipcpwv tat tAwv, hIim aCrowd, armed with;crwd [great] with swords asd clubs, Swords and Clubs, from rapa TrWOv apXtEpeWPv tat Twv pag/ATEV mat thes'IGH-PRI/S a, ans, flom the high-priests and the scribes and 7TvW aipeoff,8lTEpcP. 44 &e&OKEe w e I 7rapao1ovs SCRIBES, ancl t1~o ELDER8S. the elders. Had given and he deliveringup 44 And the BETRAYER amlTOV IvfCOr)L/o aSTOLS, AEoYCv''Ov arv 4- had given them a Signal, him a signal to them, saying: Whoever I saying, " Te it is, whom I A7rlfw, avyoTs E~r'T spaprTao'7a e UavTroP (0 may kiss; seize him, and may kiss, he itbis: seize him and lead him away safely." a7ralyayTE Te aaAows. 45 Kai EkcoWV, evOews 45 And coming, and lead away safely. And coming, immediately immediately approaching VATICAON MfANUSCxIPT. —38. come into. 40. againlhe came. 4. JUDAs, being one of the twelve. 43. great-osntt. S 3s. Jshn v. SO; vi. 38. 41. John xiii. 1. $ 42. Matt. xxvi. 46 John xviii. 1, 2. 48. Matt. xxvi, 47; Luke x:ii, 47 s John xviii. 3

Page  166 Chap. 14: 46.] MAIR K. [lhap.14e -I 8. rpoowexAwv avrcp, Aeyke'Paafft, *[pafi3Lt] him, he says, "Rabbi," approaching to him, he s:'b: Rabbi, [rabbi:l and repeatedly kissed him. Kal KcTE(PlAE av'ro 460. O ere/3aAoV e'r' 46 Then THEY laid and. kissed lim. They then laid on ItANDS on him, and seized avTror ras Xelpas *[aforcv,] cal EKtpaTrz t'iav him. him the hands L[f them,] and seized 47 And one of THOSE aurov. 47 E's oe TIs Tev'7rapeoTrio'rwv, STANDING by drew a him. One and a cerealn ofthose standing, SWORD, and struck a SERbrra-al/.teY os Trl' ftaXCeXpaL, e7rao'e TroP sovAov VANT of the HIG-PRIEST, drawing the sword, struck the slave and cut off His *E1AR-TIP. TOU apxIepeCos, KCat aq)EAekE aurov Ie o r ovr. 48 +And JEsuS answer. ofthe high-priest, and cut off of him the ear. ing said to thlem, "Z.s in Ka K anoKptdels os Izairovs etre' avtoTs'QTs pursuit of a Robber, have And answering the;esus said to them; As you come with Swords and 5r75 Aor;71 E43AOeTE T era taXaLpwv Kap Clubs to take me? upon a robber came you out with swords and 49 I was with you every UvA.wye, aOvAXaev / e 49 2KaO' 7saepaev zlev' day in the TEMPLE teachclubs, to take 11m1. Every day I was ing, and you did not arrest WYpos doas CeV 7Tf iepq aelraalKc, Kait OK ume. T But the SCRIPTURES with yoU- in the temple teaching, and not must be verified." EKCpaTr7eaTCs U.Ef aA'g Iva arrA-pwdco-tv al 7ypa- 50 And leaving him, you seized me; but, that must b fulfilled the wnrit they all f-ed Pat. O0 Kact aqcp S avoY 7raG S e)yov. the And a cerd. ain Youth ings. And leaving:im all they fled. 51 An a certain Youth 51:Ke es ris eay/'o s frfoot;e1 avT, 7rept- followed him, with aLinen And one aertain young man ollonwed him, wrap- clothwrapped aboti his $eirkzievoS o'te, Sc' a lir,,,yvt/ov' ca, tparovo'vnaked body; and they ped about a linencloth on naked; and they seized seized him; avTrTo *[jot e'ale'rKoi.] 520 3. TOaJL71rcev Trle 52 butleavingthc sINEN him [the young men.- He -u'. leaving the CLOTH, he fled naked. te'dv8oae, yOUeos CfXf - O V aXr' aVTre'V.] 53: And they conducted linen cloth, nakced he fled Lfrozn them.] JESUS to the HIGH5 a5K3 mai7rqyali yo Cf u1OoV 7rpo!50 TC apPX5e- PRIEST; and allthc rIGHAnd they.ed the Jesus to the highe- PRIESTS, and tho ELDERS, peaO Klal 5. T L O: O a siJT 7rarrrfes o' a0PXiePE0Sf and the SCRIBEn, camo topriest; and cametogethev' no lhm all the high-priests, gether to him. Kai ol 7rp-k,6u 7TpOcr Kat 4'1 -ypaygareTC3. 54 Ka, 54 And PETEnI followed and the clders, alc tle scribes. And him at a distance, even fIerpos aeero etc podsv tKcAovOzroev' avT'ws into the PALACE Of the the Pcter at a:listant f ollowed him even HIGH-PRIEST; and sat in eo'W eLt T'7rl auAe',TO.; -XItepeos' Kait 77y vu'y- company with the ATTENto into the palace of the nigh-priest; and was sit- DANTS, warming himself KaOr/p.eyos /erT Tsewv bri7pervTCe, Kcai 9ep/aReo- before the FIRE. tingln company with the attendants, and warming 55 iAnd the HIGH-. evos wrpos e TO qs. t5 Oe oe aXptEPeps Kai PRIESTS and hec Whole himself to the light. The and highpriests and SATNHEDRIM so0Ugh' testi6oy Teo T vye'bptoev' E7'TOv' K,arT, T rov 177T o uomosny against JEsus, in whole the high council sought against the Jesus order TO KILL him; but jlaprvptra. Ct s TO Oavarswatg r soY' irat o9vX they found none. testimony for- the no:uttodeath him; and not 56 For many testified uVptI'KOov. S/ oio tAol ya etIeUIO/dappeJp'Fov7 falsely against him, but they fonnd. Mlany ior;:tified falsely tlseir TESTIMONIES were icar av7Tov, Ktal loal ait apPTvpO, ov0cK )ca'. insufficient. against him, but,-onsistent tho testimonies not were. =7 Kas 5rtI'5ff.10 TR>eTE e7istebO~tnp~npUOY, 57 And some standing 57 Kal irlvES av!aTa7TrES, CBlvM:-O!oaIPTVP0V2Y KaT' up, testified falsely against And some hav;'gtAodup, teesified falsely agaist him, sying Xe'yov'rna 071 A~tS Si c him, saying, aVTOV, AeyovTz~' 58'~,rT I /nets 4xovua'at?1 CCw'ov n! him, saying; That we heard him 58 heard im de* VATICAN Ml;IUIeRsctIPr.-O. rabbi-iomit. 46. of them-omit. 47. EAR-TIt: 51. the young men-emit. la. from the m-somit. i 48. Matt. xxvi. 55: Lu-kesxti. 52. t 49. Psa. xxii. 6; Isa. liii. 7; Luke xxii. SI; xxiv. 44. Y 5g. s3atto xv;tv 7; Luke xxii. 54; John xviii. 13. 1 55. Matt. xxvi. 59.

Page  167 Mhap. 14:.9]3 MAR K. C.ap. 14: 68. esyovTros''OI eycow caTaAvaw ToP v aov TrVro clare, $' will destroy saying; That I will destroy the temple this THiS TEM]PLE MADE WITH TOP XEPOTOL17TOVYs KiCaL ala TpLWv l/.pcLEv aAhov HANDS, andinThree Days, the made with hands, and in three days another I will build Another made aXELPOIrovL'TOV onleoaowLrnrw. 59 Kae ove8 oi'rTs without hands."' wnade without hands I will build. And not even thus 59 But not even thus -ll7 7 C7y HapTupla DUToCIV. 60 Kat avae as was their TESTIMONY sufeonsistentwas the testimony ofthemu. Aadl arising ficient. 6 ap xepevs cLS pE60o0, e7r?7pCTlrE TO IT-OoOv, 60 Andthe bIGH-PRInST the high priest in midst, he asked the Jesus, standing up in the MIDST, AEyIwv OUic ar7OKpLV7 OU TLV j 7 ouro sOV askedJEsus,saying, "Ansaying; Not answverest thou nothing? what these of tlee swrerest thlou nothing * to tKaTlajlapTvpouO-1v; s i''o 6E EO, al o veEY what these testify against testify against? He but was silent, and nothing thee?" avretpkaaro. Ia t~v o apXtepevs eErlpw~ra av'roi 61t tBt EE nras silent, trpct. IaX1 Mi' 6 llPXLEPETJE ElIS~pwT61 O But HE was silent, he answered. Again the high-priest asked him and answered lothing. Ka:l eyel aVTr' tLv el 6o XpTros, O6 TOS TOI, And thie HIGH-PIIEsT and says to him; Thou art the Anointed, the son of the asked him, an says euvoy7,rov; 62'0 6e I7t(rovs eTE~7re' Eye et/z' t him; "Art tfJout the MESblessed? The and Jesus said; I am- H, the soN of the er1 o~EC TO' VOP TOv aOpwTov C 5E BLESSED One?" Kat olC~~a ea 0e viov 7ov aflpw~rrov EK 3Etlcxv 62 AnaJEsls said, "1 and youshallsee the son ofthe man at ri sa, ht KaOnPleVOP "s vuyaleWs, tcaL pe XOLEV, oLe am; and you shall see the sJ oaUYRecs~, t ep~Xo/eYv soer' of MAAN sitting at the sitting of the power, and coming with y tE(Pig V T oupavo. wad 8Ei aPX iPEVS Right hand of the MIGHTY T Zepe~A& TOt OftO u pvo. oe apXLepeus One, and coming with the the clouds ofthe heaven. The and hlgh-priest, CLOUDS of aippalSas TOvs XLTrOas av'TOv, Aeyer' Ti ET 63 And theO no-PENEsT having rent the clothes of himself, says; What further X O T 64 HOPTE havin renthllis GARtENTS, XptEan eEsOfE yasPeUP;? HrO TE says, "What further need need have ofw You have heard the have we of Witnesses? AnaO`rqs mans Ti It/ vtiv eaLvETOa; L0 S 6 YraVTES 64 You have heard the blasphemy; ewhat to you appears? They but all BLASPHEMY~; What is your caTEKpivav avTo elVal ~EoXov OalTro. u 65 Kat opinion?" Andthey ALL condemned him t be deervieg odeath. And condemned him toas of dorthy?patav'To'TLVes e/LjrTvetL avrsw, teat 7repifcaAvXrTelv of Death. begn some toand tocover 65 Atd some to spit poeg him, and to TO 7rpolrrrot atrTOV, iKat KeoAaph IeY av'roY, spit upon him, and to the face of him, and to beat withthe fist him, cover l is PACE, and to teKat Xeyenv aVTap Irpo(tlP-revsrov. Kae o'I v7rr7- beat him with the fist, and and to say to him; Prophesy. And the at to say to him, " Divine to pErait a5ritrLtaotv avTOY e3akXov. 6e Kat OVTOs us;" and the ATTENDANTS tendants with open hands him beat. And being strul Him on the cheek TO rI7ETpO) Ev t'Tp avAh tcawr, EPXEfTUa ypLa with the Open Hand. the Peter in the eourt-yard below, coes - one 66 And PETER being ~TW 7ratLacotye ou apXEPCeWS 67 Mal L6oVuOa below in the COUvT-YARD, ofthe maid-servants ofthe high priest: and seeing AIcomes one of te AlD-SERtANTS of the'TOP IlE-rpo, Oepenaovo.,eYov e.eA3efao'ac auVrT HIGH.PRIEST; fhe Peter warming himself. ehe looking to him 67 and seeing PETER Aeyet. Ka OUv /ET7a 7ToV NaSapapvov I7rlrov Io0Ora. warming himself, earnestly says: And thou with the Nazarene Jesus wast. looking at him, she says, 68'O -'0 f'pvsriraTro, XAe-ye Owu otsa, oune " tosu also wast with tie Ule but denied, sayings Not Iknow, nor N3AZARENE, *JESUS." 68 But HIs denied, say. e7rLO ll/atat Ti ev etit.S Kai E~77hx Ey Ew cis ing," I *neither know nor comprehend what thou sayest. And he went out into understand what thon To 7rpoavALOi''*[Ka aAesh.ei0p Estespwvro'e.] sayest." And he went out the outer cGbrt: [and a coc; crew.] into the OUTER COURT: * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT. —-. Because these. 67. JESUS. 60 neither know nor understand. 68. and a Cock Crew —omnt. 8. Mark xv. 29: John ii. 1. 1 60. Matt. xxvi. 62.! I Mlatt: xxiv Q1 I,i1att. xxvi. Sit Luks xxii.. t C6. Matt. xxyi. 58,,6.: Luke xxil. ts- John xvxii It.

Page  168 eap. 14: 69.] MAR K. ['Map. 15: 6. 69 Kai' 7ra81,r,,l ovtaa avrov *[wraAv]'qptcco 69 $ and the tAID-SER. And the maid-servant seeing him [again] began VANT seeing him, * said EetyEL' ToLs 7rapeo'T-7 Oo'v' O'rT Ob'rCs cE avTcrv to THOSE STANDING BY, to say to those having stood by; That this of them "This is one of them." EfrT'v. 70 0 0e 7raAitv lpYeiro. Kat,etra 70 And HE denied it is. He and again denied. And after again. And after a little, cKpOYV 7Ta~sV' 01 7wap~I fY~ res nAehzyov e, f'Esp4~ THOSE STANDING BY said a little again those having stood by said to the Peter; again to PETER, "CerAA10Gcws ej aurcw' i-'car -yap raAtratos fl tainlly, thou art one of Truly of them thou art; also for a Galilean thou art, thenl; for thou art also a [tCKai j haasia ore o duoiaEt.] 71'0 ae 71plaTo Galilean." [and the speech of thee is like.] He then began 71 Then HE began to avyav eaarTiEtv Kal otvu'vait'OTr OVK ot8a Tov curse and swear, "I know to curse and swear; That not I know the not this MAN of whom you avepOw7rov'TfOJTO, OdY AsEyre. 72 Kal EC 8EV- speak." man this, ofwhom yousay. And of sec- 72: And *immediatel rEpou aAescrrtp efpwvrire. Kat avejvr-loe'O o for a second time t-a Cock ond cock crew. And reemmbered the crew. And PETER recolI1ETpOS'ToVt 5. 0aros, oVS Y avtr ar 6 I6F ovso lected the WORD which Peter the word, of whieh said to him the Jesus JESUS spoke to hlim, "That Ori'O pwp aXssc'rpa ePwvrmrqat Sts, arapv-crp before a Cock crows twice,'f7 ~rplv aAe'opa 4 ~rt~laat l, a jcapvrir p thou wilt disown nme That before a cock to have crowed twice, thou wilt deny me thrice." And reflecting o thrice." And reflecting on'rpls. Kat e7rtjahwv eKcXaE. it he wept. thrice. And reflecting he wept. KEg'. le'. 15. CHAPTER XV. 1 tAnd immediately in Kai evOEWos e7rl TrO 7rpwit crv1,ovXlov, 7rorl- the *Morning, the HIGHAnd immediately on the morning a council having PRIESTS, with the ELDERS ravTres o[ apXtepets /e'ra'rov 7rpeo3v'repcov scat and Scribes, even the been held the high-priests with the elders and Whole SANHEDRIM, held -ypa/ua'reswlv, Ican dAor ro ervvEsptov, B-o'avrSeS a Council; and having scribes, even whole the sanhedrim, binding bound JESUS, they carriec TOh IJoaovs, ea7rnjVedy1aV Kan 7rapfewKcav sce Hi- and delivered him up to the Je2us, carried and delivered up to the Pi- 2 $ And PILATE asked 29Kai e~r77pcvr77a-Ev aVTOV O' 171L~a~os- 2 $And PILATE asked Aa'rt. Ka r ro' 6 HlXaros~ him, "Art tlou the KING late. And aekehc him the Pilate; of the JEWS " And uE Etv eL 6 itaoAtevs'rov Iov3atwv;'O 8e aroscpl- answering, * says to him, Thou art the kinr of the Jews? He and answer- " iot0U sayest it." Oels et7re' avrcp'' vu Xe yets. 3 Kati caryopovv 3 AndtheRIGH-PIBIESTS ing said tc him; Thou sayest. And accsed accused him of many avuou eo apXtepet 7XroAAa. 4'0 e IL1.aros things. him tce high-priest- many things. The and Pilate. i Then PILATE asked him again, saying, "An7caAtv e7rT7pw7VToev av'ror, Aeycv' OVK a7coKcpt'p swerest thou nothing? See again asked him, saying: Not answereat thou lOW many things they * acovSev; ise, sro ra rov sa'raucp'rcvpotvoVi. cuse thee of." nothing? see, how many things of thee they testify against. 5 i But JESUS answered h'0 he IsIoous ousce'rt ouEv areEptO7s &io'Tcs no more, so that PILATE The but Jesus nolonger nothing answered: eso a was astonished. Oavpa'etrv'roy lItAa'coe, 6 Ka'ra Be Eop'rrov 6: Now at each Feast to surprise the Pilate. At now feast he used to release to thema a7ceAtv ateots de e r osyutoe dvtep 7 ovvro. One Prisoner, whoeverthey heusedto released to them one prisoner whoever they asked. asked. * VATICAN MAeUvSCPIPT. —69. again-omst. 69. said to Te OSE. 70. and thy sPEcue is like it-omit. 72. immediately for a second. 1. MIorning. 1. Pilate, 2. says to him. 4. accuse thee of,: 72. or a watch-trumpet sounded. See Note on Matt. xxvi. 384 ~ 69. Matt. xxvi. 71, 73; Luke xxii. 58, 59; John xviii. 25, 26. $ 72. Matt. xxvi. 75. 1. Psa. ii. 2; Matt. xxvii. 1 Luke xxii. 66: xxiii. 1: John xviii. 28; Acts iii 13; iv. 21,,2. Matt. xxvii. 11. 4. iatt. xxvii. 1& 5. Isa. liii. 7; John xix. 9. 1. MaC xxva 15; Ltkoe xxi'l. 17; John xviiioh

Page  169 6ehap. IS: 7.1 J l~l}. I v. MA RK,,f -HvP e o Ae'yogeI'os BapaBas /era'srv'vro'a- 7 And there was HE Was and he being named Barabbas with the incur- who was NAMED Barabbas, diacrtCowv Me~eYFos, o'tes PES'rl oT'Tao'Et epovo having been imprisoned gents having been bound, who in the sedition murder With the INSURGENTS,,rearso7KE sav'. 8 Kia ava32o-ras 6 oXAos who had committed Mur. had committed. And crying out the crowd der in the INSURRECTION. npraTro aLTCLie0aL, KacOws act eyroLEc avrots. 8 And the CROWD *goo began to demand, as always he did to them. ing up began to demand 9'0 ae clAa'ros asreeptqrl avrrois,.Aeycv,' OeXe- whathe wasaccustomed to The but Pilate answered them, saying; Do you grant them. Te a7rosvow NLY TOPv 3aoiAea ewve Iousarwv; 9 But PILATE answered wish I shallrelease to you the king ofthe Jeest them, saying, "Do you 10 E'yLVwoKe'yap, 6r StLa 0ov0ov 7rapaSe5oKew'aa, wish me to release to you He knew for, thatthrough envy had deliveredup the KING of the JEWS?" O' pepel O e apxtepes aee- i0 For he knew That him the high-priest. The and high-plteats stiried *they had delivered him tas'ToV OXAOY, iva tAAov sov Bapa,3/3av up from Envy. up the crowd, that rather the Barabbas 11 1 But the iGii a7rovap av s. 12'O se Jlsa'os axrKpiOELS PRIESTS stirred up the he shouldrelease to them. Ihe but Pilate answering CROWD that he should raAt ete turos T os' eAere cotwetogv rather release BARABBAS I'raht~ eta'e; agvrots' Tt oVr OEkE rE 7rovrlntrW Os to them. again said to them; What then do you wish I shalldo whom 12 AndPILATEanswer1 And PILA TE answerAheyere 3aeO[Aeta icOv IovUatcWv; 301 Se 7raXlv ing again, said to them, you call a king ofthe Jews? They but again "What * then shall I do to lcpatav' T'ravpwo-ov avrov. 14'QO e rflAiafos him you call the KING of cried out; Crucify him. The and Pilate the JEWS?" eXe'yeve avTrois Tt -yap Kaeov 0s' 7rO es'? O Se 13 And THEY again said tothem; What for evil has he done? They but cried out, "Crucify him." Vrepmciyos ecpata-:7avpwaov asvov.'50o 14 And PILATE said to vehemently cried out; Crucify him. The them, " For what as he done Evil?" But they Se tXAa'ro7, f3ouAVXF svO S OXX( o'TO Kavov vehementlycried out, saythel Pilate, being willing to the cxowd thecatisfaction ing, "Crucify him." arOlqoat, areXauvev avroIs Tro BapaBtav, Kat 15 $ThenPILATE,being to make, released to them the Barabbas, and willing t3 GRATIFY the rtapeSwcKe TroP 7lc0rov, cppayeAAwcsoaa,) ya CROWD, released BARABdelivered up the Jesus, having scourged, that BAS to them; and having scourged JEsus, delivered saraupceOp. him up to be crucified. b mtight be crcified. 16 TAnd the SOLDIERS 16 O 6Se'rpariw7,rat a7rnryayov averov eo'TIrs led him away into the The and soldiers led away him within the COURT, which is the Prue. avsAXs, 6 e`tL& IrpaTe'WPLoV' KeaL yU7KaAonvri torium; and they called court, which is a judgment hall; and theycalltogether together the Whole coMB6A.rv T'Iv oaretpas. 17 Kat evUvovoULr aVTo PANYo whole the company. And they clothed him 17 Andthey arrayed him in a Purple garment, and sropfpvpas, eat?reps'rtOear'r v aviro 7rAdtavy'es intertwining an Acanthine purple, aod placed it around htm braiding Wreath, placed it around aKavOsvos 0frTEpasovs. IsKati 7pavaTo ~arasero. his head; an acanthine wreath. And theybegan tosalute 18 and began to salute Oat av'rov~ Xatpe b fashAevs ircws IouvSaowv. him,-" Hail, xING o f the him; Hail the king ofthe Jews. JEWS 19 Kat cv7tuos' auVTou T7ns Kee~llaAn7s KCaeatGlyr, 15 And they struck his And they struck of him the bead with areed, READ with a Reed, and cat esveYr'roP aVt'P, eat TstOVTeve Ta yova'ra spit on him, and KNEEL' and spit upon him, and placing the knees ING, did hlmnage to him. ~ VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-8. goin up began. 10. they had: 12. then shall 1 do to him you call the KIN G ol the J Ws? I11. Maut. xxvhl. 20: Act liiL 14. 5 15. Matt. xxvii. 26: John xix. 1, 1i. $ 1l. }att. xxvii. 27.

Page  170 dMap. 15:.] IMARK. eL0tp. 1S. pOGEtKUvvovv avnrp. 20 Kai 67~E Ev7eratOaLv eaTu, 20 And when they had' did homage to him. And when -they mocked his-, mocked him, they stripped E5E~va-OV auorv'rrV, 7roFppav, Icat E'EVoUaV hills of the PURPLE garthey took off him the purple, aod put on nlent, and put on him * his oUTOP ra TO ra id T l a tOLctr Kat EfaOyovolv aOTov, Own CLOTHES, andledhim him the clothes the own; and theyled out hisl, out. *X[Ya oTravpwwo(rLv aVTo,.] 21 Kat aoyyapevovurs 21 tAnd One Simon, a [that they might crucify him.] And they compel Cyrenian, thle FATHEiR Of rapayOVTra'Trva /Lztwva Kvp7vatovY, epXOLEVYOV t Alexallder and Rufus, passing by one Sitnon a Cyrenian, coming conmilg from the Country, anr' aypov, (ToT 7rarTpa AXAeavopov Kat'Pov- was passing by, anid they from country, (the father ofAlexander and ltu- compel him to carry his o,) va ap7y TOP TaUpov aUTOU. 22 Kal CROSS. fus,) that he migsllt bear the.Jross ofhiim. And 22 + And they bring him (epovutG aUoTO' e7rL roAtyoa To07rovY' 6 e(rT to * GoLGOTHA, which, bethey bring him to Golgotha place; which is illg translated, is, a Place eOep.EY71tvevo6e,o,, icpavov'ro7os. 23 Kat dsrlovv of a Skull. being translated, ota skil aplace. Asd they gave 23 And they presented cavv *[7rELt] eo'Avpv(rYEVosY oeios' 6 ae him Wine mingled with him [to drink] havingbeen aisoed withmyrrh wine; he but Myrrh; but * H.E did not ovc eaBE. receive it. not received. 24 Anti *they nail him 24 KOS GTOvpwGOOTES 50oP, GLO/i pIGvTOL A to the Cross, $ and part his Kai o'ravpwcraTr1es aVtoV,, 8taueplYTalc Tra GzRAIEN-rs castin Lots And crucifying rn, thsey divide te, castn for thenm, what each should paTrla auTro, aAAovsre~ s.A71hpo' EI' avTa, O Ts T take clothes of him, casting lots on tl.ei,. who L apots o. 2 C5 ly oE ts so Soot W 21 And it was the third T sp?7 y' 2 Hoe tpa'rpsTY, SC at CT Pt O Hour when they nailed whatshouldtake. It wasand hour third, and they crucified him to tle Cross. aU7UO. 26 Kat 73y 77l ESrtly- *ps7 T7'7 aITCIOS aOUTGV 26 And tle IiSCRIPTION him. An d wasthe inscroptiod bfthe ccusation of him isiso.passdEP?1-'O OaCTIAEVS TWV 10V~a1CVV. o)af his ACCUSATION NWas EwsYE7PesAeL~E~ sr" 00( PoesshEUS Tte IOtoCeY.~) written over him, "The was writtetn over, The king of the Jews." wi inG Of tle JEWS." 27 Ka svv aGu' T 0raTpop(1r's 8uo A70asT e0va EKc 27 Anld with him they And with himit they crucify two robbers; one at * crocified Two Robbers; ttLoVW, Kait Ea Ef EUvwoO/w p avTrov. s[Kat one a Ihis Right hand, and right, and one at lost ofhim.. Aand tle other at tis Left. esArXpcWOl i -yparOl l Xe'yovoa' " KaLt.eEra.28 *f[AndTHATSCRIPwa fultilled the writing that saying; And with T'URE was verified, which avoCyosw) e.oycrO7."] 29 GKa o reaparopr voeu yoe sAYs,$1 "-5 eltasnnumbelred lawless ones he was numbered."] And those passing along s with LAW-BITEAKEIS."] e,3AaOteprovy avUroG, IovT'es Tras KepaAas 29 And THosE PASSINO reviled him, soaking thle headt AONG reviled him, olsa-.PaTwr, sot Areyo7 sE OVva 6 Icarah UvW Tsrov'kinig their HEnADs, and afthem, and saying; Ah; he destroying the STROYER of the TEMPLE, proOr, -Kat E r tptStV 711yepats ollcotoyw.S and Builder of it in Three temp)e, and in three days building; ays,k5I T U O UTeavT'ov, Kal IcaTaa aOro TOV YTaUpou. 30 save thyself, and save thyself, and come down from the cross. conle down from the a310 0oiws Kai O apXLEpet., ey7ral0VreS gpos CROSS!" Inlike ilanneralso the bigh-pieatsis mocking to 31 Islie nsanner also, aeAArlovs /CsTa srTw *ypa/t.Tawr,, eAeo' the ItIGHI-PRifESTsderiding one another with the scribes, said; Lhims, with tile Scrilbes, said ~. ~aTcaN M.aNUSCIPnT.-20. his CIOTHFs.: 20. that they might crucify him — omit. 22. GOLGOTHA. 23. to drink-omit. 23. 1on. 24 they nail him to the Cross, and part his GARRM2 Ts. 27. crucified. 28. —omit. t 21. Persons probably w'll known, and then living at Rome; since Paul, Rom. xvi. —13, salutes Rufus there. f 28. Fs itz. and Tischendorf cancel this verse, and Griesbach marks it for omission; yet Bloomfield.t.i nks injudiciously, as it is a remarkable fulfilment of pro, phecy, andis o0ntted only by a -ew MSS. * 21. Miatt. xxvii. 82; Luke xsii. 26- a 22. John xix. 17.: 24. Psa. xxii. lS8 Luke xxiii.84; John xix.. 93. i.12; Luke xxii.. 29. Psa. xxii.7

Page  171 oap. 15: 2.2 MA. tap. 1: Ut. AhAous sowo'et, iau'ov oav uvaa'rt oatal; to each other, "He saved Othere he saved, himself not is able to save? others; cannot he save''0 XpttrSos, 6 Siao'tA:uvs'ro IopacX, Kara- himself? The Anointed, the king of the Israel, let him 82 The MF.SSIAH I the,Bart vvv a7ro troo crravpov, iva tSwce/ Kacat rKING of *Israel! let him descend now from the cross, that we maysee and come down now from the Eirfa7 eva'o -.dE5 Kai at o vvso-E avpwuYevo aVUrp CGROSS, that we may see may believe. And those having been crucified with him and believe." Even those, wvere ov avTrov. w33reyo/.F7vs 5E &pas cTwr7Is, +who were crucified with reproached him. Being come and hour sixth, him, reproached him. hrsowos E7EvYEO E4P' b yr'rs7v vyr'/, ews &pas 33 And the stxth Hour darkness was on whole the land, till hlour being come, there was vvat7771. 34 Kir t' opa r.'7 eVYaT?7',Soj71rev 6 Darkness over the Whole ninth. And the hour the ninth cried the LAND, tillthe ninth Hour. l7ruovs (PwVl7 iE'yaXp,, *[e -ywv'] EXAw, eXwt- 34 And at the *NINTH -Jeus with a voice loud, [saying;] Rloi, eloi; Hour JESus cried with Xacitoi oa08atXOlv; 6 Eorl ieOepp.,evvo~orev' a loud Voice, "Eloi, lammina sabachthani? which is being translated; Eloi, lamma sabacdhthani P"'0 O(teos iou, *[6 OeOs iOv'-] E1S TI r e fjCtaT're- which, being translated, the God ofme, [thle God ofme;J to what me hast thou is, " My GOD! to what hast Atrwes; 35 Ksa TrtlES T(V' 7rapefor'KoTfWrV aKsov- thou surrendered me?" lefti And some ofttiose standing by hear- 35 And some of THOSs srTCes, eAeyovw I8ov, HAaav awvrce. 36,paftWY STANDING BY, hearing ing, said: Lo, Elias he calls. Running this, said, "Behold, he be Els, Sat L yeyi'as 7royyov o~ ovs, 7rEooeSE callslija." and one, and filling a sponge ofvinegar, attaching and 36 And one ran, and KaXa/if, EroTLEY avCTov, XAcEywv- AI(e'rE' ia tev, filled a Sponge with Vineto areed, gave to drink him, saying: Let alone: we may see, gar, and putting it on a tl fpXErat HAtas KaOEXeiv autrov. 37' 8, Reed, gave him to drink, It comes Elias to take down him. The thea saying, "Let him alone; I-qaous, aipfes 4pwvr77P,uewyaXA7v, Efvte~va-,. let us see whether Elijah IqWV77V, /.L5'wv~ ryOa?1/, Erent't'. will come to take him Jesus, uttering a voice loud, breathed out. dowll." come 2.8 Kat'ro KaTaVreTaCoua rov raotu EarXitOl eiS 37 Then JEsus uttering And the eurtain ofthe temple was rent into a loud Voice, expired. uo, anro aivwOet, fwS KaTrw. 39 I8wv be 6 Kev'rV- 38 tAndtheVYILofthe two, from above to below. Seeing but the centu- TEMPLE was rent in Two pLqcO e, 7VapeTK C0S et cavTIiaS aTrou, 6ds from top to bottoan. 6iw~', n r'apetr'rnacos ~~ ~,yra'o,6tf39 And THAT CENTUOrion, that having stood by over against him, that RION who STOOD BY over abT'w *[Kpatas] eliEV'se"V, ErleV' AX710sl 6 against him, seeing that thus having criedl hebreathed out, said: Truly the thus he expired, said, "Cer. avOepwaros obros Vt'os',sY OeoV. 4~ Haav 5ef iat tainly, *This )aAN was a man this ason was ofat god. Were and also Son of God." yuvvamcs ant'o IaCKpoOe OecoWpovoal' ey asis 7V 5Kai 40 $And Women also - women from adistance beholding: among whom was also were beholding from a disMapia YJ May6raAr77v, KaL Mapla j'rot laIacov tance; among whom was Mary the MSagdalene, and Mary the ofthe James Mary of MAGDALA, an Mary the MOTHER Of TOu,UIiKpOe Ktat Iwo'nal liT7'p, scat ~aAw' dl ai JAMES tile YOUNGER, and the little and Jones mother, and Silome: who * of Joses, and Salome; *[C at,] 6ye 71V EY T-. raXlXataL, 1oXouX ovV 41 whowhen he wasin [also,] when he was in the Galilee, followed GALILEE, $followed him, auvra, Kat t1l7ncotovv ar(y'' Kat aAXat'roXXat, and ministered to him; him, and served him: and others many, and MANYl Others, who at' trtva'a~,aaaa av'rq Ets'1Epo'oXvfia. CASE vUP with him tQ those having comeup with him to Jerusalem. Jerusalem. ~ VATICAN MAUSCueP.T.-32. Israel. 54. XINTU Hour. $4. saying —omnt..84. my Go —oD-0it. 90. having cried-omit, 39, This mAN. 40. the mo. ther of. 41. also-omit. t 12. Matt. xxvii. 44; Luke xxiii. 39. t 34. Pia. xxii. 1 Matt. xxvii. 4t. i 56. Psa. lxLx. 21. 88. Matt. xxvii. 51; Luke xxiii. 45. $ 40. Pea. xxxviii. 11. t 41. Luke sbl.5,5.'

Page  172 ,/po, 1t5: 40.3 MARk...a4p. i6: 5, 42 Kn4 And Focning cing 4' Kai 77-87 oipias 7yEfo/e17s, (7ret 7O 7rrapa 42 And oe, sninc i;,'e And now evening being come,.;(since it was preps- nOw CoTle, (since it 554s:anEKvI7, ob EOTl?rpoo'a/ia'rov,) 43.OSVe IXcrO37~ the Prparalion, tilhat is, rationi, that is before sabbath,)' cane Joseph Da tl th)e S s aoro Apit.edOatas, Xvx; c/WY, 8ouXiUtrr,, 6d 43 THAT TJosep1 came,.hat from Arimathea, ofralnk asenator,. who W]-hO swas of Arinmatlca,' ari kanti aov'ros?lV rpoo'SXOL.tvoS'r)V,Saalhetao'roy honorable Senator, h rli( also himself was expecting, the kingdom otithe hliniself llso was + expect; COov,'roA. oaos Eo' o7rl0 7rpos' rIhlAa. ov, Kat ing the IINGDOa of G;oi, God, asumingcourage wentin to Pilate, and talking courage, swelt to r717Ta700'ro Ol a TOt I3O0U). ~4io 8E 6hiT4 * T5 T PJILAT:, andi asked for 44?T?7 O TO 8U rhxaTros tile BoDY of J'ESUS, asked for the, body of the -Jesus.. The and Pilate 44 Anld PI!,A'rF on.l..OavUaoeTv, et 3773'rEl0a7kE' Icait 7ipooKZ'akEta- dered that.ll ea s already wondered, it already hewas dead; and haiving delad; and llas ving call;tEvoS'rT6O IC~vrTvpova, EfrZpw7hTeo' a,sreo, t. ~ the CENTURION, lie in'*.alled tile centurion, Ic asked limt, if qniired of l]in *.if lie was,7raha a7reOav,, 45 Kal'yvovs atro Tro KEv7- alh'eady dead. already helladdied. And knowing frot the centu- 4'5 And hal ing ascerpwvoS, etop3r tta r Iw_ q. at faincd froni the CENTU'. iptwvos, eowpra'a6'ro rd wa'Po2 I(rVOld?.' 4Ka. VoChe gave the *DEADJiUON, hC 6e -the *DEiAD-.aiou, ihe gave the body to Joseph..' And -BOY OS nBOiY -toJ GSP11.,ayopaioas t rs8oo a, *" [Kcai] taOeA.rWv aviO, 46 And having boutg!i,iasving bought -liten, and] having taken' ddwn him, I Linen, taling' hin downli EV'lAtXar] e'rat1 alovove' aL T KarE71OKv auroe.v lle uwrapped himn in -the oe wrapped! tie linen; aid laid:'him. in I.iNEN, and * put hint in a F,"uV3ELtep,'i5 ivJ XAXaro/7.rtAevo.-Etc rr' pas' a:t Tooi which was. liwn out atomb, which was havingbeen-htewn outoof sock;h and of the Rock, and' rolled mt,rpooKicatX~ a,0o0 7rt Tv 7 p1aV' Op v u. Stone to the ENTRANCE Of rolled a stone against the door ofthe tonmb. tile TMBn. "'4'H ae Mapta 1 MaynaAWvrl:at Mapta IW-r37 47 And Mary of llAGThe btt Ial:y the Madgdalene and Slary olJoses DALA, and *TIiAT Mar;',*e0Earpovv, 7roV rT0Ir-ai. the niotlier of Joses, saaw Lbeheldl, where lie was laid. twhere lie s-as laid,,KEo. ie'.. ]G, CH'APTER XVI. i SAnd the SsnnATIf 4} rIat 8say eEoi pvov'ToU oraBBa'r6v, Mapta?7 being p;ast, Mary of MlIAto Anl beings past;tlle sabbath, Mary tile IDALA, and TIIAT Maly tile ~ Ma:y aA7l7v,; tat Mapta?t Toe Iawicov, Kait nother of JArEsanl SJO Magdalene,.and tary that ofthe...Jatesc,anti loIc,.tbought Aronnmatics'~aAhop7r.7yopaoar apcwyarTa,,iva;XOovaa thfllat tlcy night conle antI Salone.bought aromatics, that coming anoint tine. Al~ahEtwnivY ~aUT~o. 2 Kai Atav rpcOo'r3.,uieaI s 2 And very early oni the.they Inightanoino him..And. very early ofthe firstfirst day of the WsEEK, i;otaBaTCoY t pXovT'ra rit TO'r.iv7lEtov, avaate- (about sunrise,) they canim of weekt they came to the tomb, having to tile TOMBI. Anavros Tou'A:ov...3 Kait Aeyovr rpos''ayras 3 And tlheysaidto tllenlitsen tile sun. And they said to themselves; selves, "Who' will rol] its. anotcUtO' )It. t' kao c ~tc o evpao'ov a Way thle STONE Por uiS 1vilso wltollaway.ft us tlhe stone from the door of the fron11 tlhe ENTRANCE of f the,wpvrlteou;' 4Kar' aYalA. eao'C at Oec poePOVoV, 67ir TOMB?" tomb;And.looking np they saw, that 4 (for it was ve-cry largc.y.cTCfoitezAto'at - AltOws',71'yapf.teyas or(poSpa. And looking. up, they saw; had been h olled away the stone; it was for great very. tIlitt the STOINE had been a. Kai FeAdoeovtoa& c1s'TO /v/,EILOv, i6lOVo ve- rolled away. Anld having entered into the tomb, they sav a 5 4 And * coming to thet'VATICAN MANtUSCnIPT. —43. PILATE, 44. if he was already dead. 45. DEAD BO0DY. 40. and-nmit. 40. put hlim. 47. THAT Mary the snother.'2. firs' day of the wEscV. 5. coming to. ~ 42. Matt. xxvil. 57; Luke xxiii. 50; John xix. S3. 4 43;'Luke ii. 25, 38. 1 1. Batt.;ixviii. 1 I.uke xxiv. l; John xx. 1.' 1. Luke xxiii. 10, "5. Luke xriv. at o!hn xx.l, 1 12.

Page  173 Yisap. 16: 6.1 MARITK. lap. 16: 1 VIcrtICO' KanOilPEyVO' EV Tots 3c~ io5, o7rEpLj r hP - TOMBV, they saw a Youth youth sitting on the right, having been sitting at the RIGIIT side, jA T EOnaOovn -o.. rX clothed with a white Robe;,UfVOY bo'0roX S EJV lcYv KaXsI lJ ERESaF 87lu ac. and they were awe-struck. clothed a robe white; an d they were awe-struck. 6 t And HE says to then; 6'O s Xe'yEt au'als' Me EK;ayouBetarmed' I; 7osouv "Be not alarmed; you He but says tothem; Not be youamazed; Jesus seek Jesus, THAT NAZA77'rCe'Ire'roV Nauapr1vo', Tro Eoa-TaUpWVOV~ evo ENEwlOiwaSCRnICIFIED you seek the Nazi rene, the haviug been crucified; le has been raised; he is 771yepe,, OVeC EO'rTV CiE- LFE o'T7TrOS, S07rOV not here. Seethe PLACE hehas been raised, not heis here; see the place, where where they laid him! EC1qKav avTos. 9 AN?' brwnyETE, Ei7raTre TrOIs 7 But go, say to his they laid him. Hut go, say to the DISCIPLES, and to PF.TER, /uaOG-raTR atHL Ov, Kai'rT& IrE'pw, 6rL 7rpoaYEL That he precedes you to disciples of him, and to the Peter, that he goesee GALILEE; there you will btaas r7N ranara9' EKee auaraY o/4esoe, see Him, *as he said to yot into the Galilee; there him you will see, you. IeaO ce L Ep7rEI 6LIY. 8 Kai e~eXOoVuart, E-y5ov 0 And coming out, they as he said to you. And having gone out, they fled fled from the TOMB; for C'7ro,TOV!V71Aetov' ELXE 6e av'ras TrpoIos Kai trembling and astonishfrom the tomb; hadseizedand them trembling and menthadseizedthem; and EKf'Tao'l, Kat ov8et o0V3U Eet7ro' E(poj3oVVT'r they said nothing to any aatonishment, and to no one nothing they aid; they were afraid one, for they were afraid.,yap. 9 *[And having risen Yfor. early on the first day of the Week, ++he appeared first 9CAvabas ose 7rpct ^7r~Pc.W a7 o la7TrV C( r to Mary Of MAGDALA, from [Having risen and early first of week he appeared whom he had expelled orp'rose Mapla,'r7 MayahAvr, aSp' gs OK:[e- Seven Demons. first to Iary tie Mag d:lee, from whlom he had 10:$ bte went and told A~eet brrna la0eovsae 1O EaKrew xropevdec.a THOSE,who hadBEMrN with cast seven demons. She going hil, as they were mourna7r'1le'yErA ots r YeTS aVTO TV'r oYOJ/xE~'1s, relI- ing and weeping. brought back word to those with him havingbeen,...ourn- 11 And ttep, having OoUt micat miaoovrOi. I KaKELTVO aKeovavSrT$ S heard that he was alive, ing ad weepig. A tse having he and had been seen by her, 67rL. K ai faOr 7r' avsosrl, 5r'niLro'T?7G'-, did notbelieve it. that le wia% alive and had been seen by her, they did hot believe. 12 And after THESE 12 Me-ra nE 3 aVTia 8V0iv fE aSv7TWV rCEp17r3TirVV s things, le appeared in AnAfter butheethingstotwo of them other Aspect to two of e-iRpa,epoot* ev, E-repa ISOpipJS, TropU$v'.-yts 1t? them, as they were walk he appeared in another aspect, going into ing, going into the country. naypsov. KaKeivo.e anreXos0rV a7r _ryytiXav 13 And tftb returning otn try. Ad those havig gone brought bak word announced it to the OTHER Trose No7rois~ ovae seEVOIE E7ri'reCvo'av. disciples; neithertoTnEIS, to the rest; neither to them did they give credit. did they give credit. 14'Torepos, anaeeI,teO auTvroip O - otS Vseca 14 +Afterwards he apAfterwards, reclinling with thcr:l to the eleven peared to the ELEVEN, as eSpav epw 01t' Ka; cvCel86E Th7' Cr tLrTtcav, Y aVuroY they were reclining, anld he appeared; and reproached the unhelief o'them censured their UNBELIEF tcat (iKe7poKaps5av, brt'roles OCnaotc/czOS' aV'ToY and OBSTINACY, Because and hardnessofheart, becausetothose havingseen him they believed not THOSE ey?)ySpl.S'VOVl OVKi E7rt'reVurav. 15 Kati etre who had SEEN him after haviug been raised not they gave credit. And said Ilhi resurrection, * VATICAN MANUSCRIPT. —3-20-omit. t 9. From this verse to the end of the chapter is wanting in the Vat. MS., and in many other ancient espies. Grieshach marh the whole passage of very doubtful authenticeity, bt retains it in the text. Tischendorfrejects the wholeclause. Butjudging fromthc evidence with regard to this passage, it is probably an authentic fragment, placed as a completion of the Gospel in very early times; and therefore comin, to us with strong claims on _ur rcception and reverence. It 6 Matt. xxvii. 5-7. 7. Itt. xxvi. 32; Mark xiv. 28. + 5. JoIn 1x. ]4. I 10. Lukesxxiv.l10( John x. 18. 12. Luke xxiv. 13. 14!. Luk..;xiv. lohnxx. I9a lGol xI b.

Page  174 oMap. 16:15. MARK. [Chap 16; 4). taVTOLS' lopevOEV7reS ~ES'rol KOOOV t oTraRTa, 15 l And he said to to them i Having gone into the world all. them, "Go into all the Kiinqpt tE TrO elia-y-yEtov 7?afcp 1 ETIa EI. 16 C' WORLD, and proclaim the ~71pvtae I E. OGLAD TIDINGS to the publish the glad tidings to all the creation. He hllole CIEATION. 7rt7rEevaas icat BatrrterOeis, owOea'rat 6 6e 16 Hli who BELIEVES havingbelieved and havingbeendipped. shallbesaved; he but and is immersed will be a7rio-rras, Ka, a-pralpl0soenTat. 17>77Ea 8E rots saved; but lIE wiho BEnot having believed, shall be condemned. Signs and to those JIEVES NOT will be condemned. r'oevoa raTrr TavTa 7rapatcotte 0vE7roele EV T 17 And these Signs will having believed these shall attend; In the accompany the BELIEVV0o0aT ov aOV taltoVIC ec3RaXovoTL' yXwToaLs EnS; in my NAME they name of me demons they shall cast out; with tongues will expel Demoiis; I tlley NaA1raovot Kalvais'L s 18opers -apoUvmT taC' r will speak in new Lanthey llall speak new: aerpents they shalltakeup;. andif guages; Oavao'al-ov TI711100Wbl, 01) bt77 RO atE $AlFvs 18!they will take up deadl~rtyo rtr, oy IA77 awrois PAa*Ei Serpents; and if they deadly thing they may drink, not not them it may hurt: Serpenld acd if they should drink any deadly e7ri aplWwoTSovs Xetpas ~ e7rlb Sovr-, cKat tcaAws poison, it will not injure upon sick ones honds theyshallytace, and well Them; tley shallill lay ~eovrrv. 19'O /dEV oV1' tVPLOS, aETRa TO AaANs- Ilands on Sick persons, they will be. The indeed then Lord, after the tohave and they will be well." {oat auTross, avEAXrlpO77 Etl Tro ovpavov, cKa 19 Then, indeed, after spoken to them, he was taken np inte the heaven, and the LORD had SPOKEN to e 10E Cicadsog V Ev sic0 a EEIIse TOO EII C C — them, Ihle was taken up sat at rich' efthe God: those and havingat g down at the Right hand of OOVTES eKtcPpvuctl ravTaxove, TOV KrCpIOLV (o vEp- GOD. gone forth published everywhere, the Lord working 20 And THOSE having'yOUvTOS, Kl TOPr ANtyo- / EalalovvTos a Twl' gone forth, proclaimed with, and the word ratifying through the everywhere, tthe LOlti e7raKOAovuooTWvI' 0r7eeU Ew,. ] co-operating, and ratifylng accompaying signs.] the WORD through the ACCOMPANYING Signs. * ACCORDING TO MARK. * VATICAN Ml uscRBIP Te.-S$ubacraption-ACCORneDI) To MARK. 15. ]Katt. xxviii. 10; Rom. x. a5-18; Col. i 23. 16. Acts ii. 38; viii. 12; xvi. 81 -33. 17. Acts v. 16; viii. 7; xv,. 18. I 17. Acts ii. 4; x. 46; xix.6. I 18. Acts xxviii. 5. t 18. Acts xxviii. 8; James v. 14, 1. t 19. Luke xxiv. 51; Acta i. 9; ii 4,:35. 1' 20 Actav.12: xiv. 3; I Cor. ii.4,5; Heb. ii. 4.

Page  175 : ETArrEAION3 KATA AOTKAN. S. LAD T1DING1B BY LURN. ACCORDING TO L U K E. KED. a'. 1. CHAPTER I. 1 Since many have unSn ErrayX nyP ioXoL ehtreaedp-Yn)av aYvara7 aOai dertaken to prepare a HisSince many have undertaken to prepare tory of those F ACTS, which Si7i1ya7iotv'rept rvy 7re/r\Apopopw7.eewcv EV 471ItP have been FULLY ESTABa narrative about those having been fully established among us, LISHED among us, wrpay/tarwv, 2 KaOws 7rapepoo-av a Ctt of an' 2 $Teven as THOSE, who facto, eveu as delivered to us those from WERE from the Beginning apXqsr avTrorraT Ka a dvrppETrat tycvoyEVOo Tov Eye-witnesses and Dl)ispena beginning eye-witnesses and ministers having been of the sers of tlle OBaD, delivered Aoyov- 3E8o0t Kauoi 7raP7qKOX0V KOTta them to us; weed; o Eapuot, waprio k IO~o~Ov'wot avceev 3 it seemed proper for word; itseemedrightalsotome, having traced fromthefirst e also, la-in accurately rao'tv acplIws, KaOe~~qs oat ypal4at, Kpa- traced all things fromn the all accurately, in an orderlymannertothee to write, O most- first, to write to Thee in TiO'TE OEocq/tXe, 4 a 6WrLtV'SE 7rept &jy, consecutive order, tiMost excellent Theophilus, that thoumayestknowconcerningwhich excellent Theophilus, EKa1n1X7JnS Xy ycnIw Tojs aaopttPXeav. 4 that thou mayest knou' ehou hart been taugkt ofwords the certainty. _ the CERTAINTY of the Words, concerning which 5 E'YEE'To fv'aSs'Iucipats'HpW3ov, Tou po3al- thou hast been taught. Wax in the days of Herod, the king the DAYSof 5 $In the DAYSOf ecWs TSqs Iov5atas, tepEv r TEV ovotua'rt Zaxaptas, Herod, * King of JUDFA, ofthe Jews, apriest certain name Zacharias, there was a certain Priest fE eip7EPeptas A,3ra' Kait 7i yuvl avTov CE TIcW named Zachariah, $ of the of course ofAbia; and the wife of him of the Course of Abijah; and his Ovya'repwv Aaprw, Kat ro ovo.a avT7rs EXtraoaer. *Wife was of the DAUGHdaughters of Aaron, andthe name of her Elisabeth. TERS of Aaron, and her tHerav tE 8 tKaOsCt ay0TECO-pO EVcorio' TroV Eou, ASmE was Elizabeth. They were and righteous both in presence of the God, 6 And they were both righteous in the sight of 7ropEvoAgYot e 7rarats'rats eroXats tras &Kat- GoD, walking in all the walking in all the commandments and erdi- COMMANDMENTS and Idnwyaort Tov Kvptov a/uLtrsTot. 7KaC ovU KV a'rots stitutions of the LORD nances of the Lord blameless. And not was to therm blameless. TrCEOv, KE&0OTlr 7 EhAtaafeEr Wv o'TeLpaC, Eat 7 Andtheyhadno Child, a child, becare the isabeth was barre, and because *Elizabeth was a opo poE 7C E 7 S a barren, and both were far a.Ao'epot 7rpoalcBjl.cores s'rats ogLtepats aTiws advanced in YEARS. abot having been advanced in tre days of them ow it occurred, while 8 now it occurred, while 9s.7ay. 8Eyevero a6 7Cy T to lCpaTCEVEtv aCtor he was PERFORMING THE were. It happened now in theto perform sacredrites him PRIEST'S OFFICE before ~v'rp Ta'aEt TrrOs Ec(]qWepLas av'Too C'YaTt TOv GOD, in the ORDERI of his in the order of the coure of him before of the CLASS, oeov, E 9KaTa TO eOOS T?7S jpaTetas CAaXE 9 t that it fell to him by God, according to the eastom ofthe priesthood itfellto hilo lot, according to tile cus. ~ VATICAN MANUSCaPT. —Title-ACCORDING To LUKE. 5. King. 5. Wife.,. Elizabeth. t 3. This epithet proves that Theophilus was a man ef Senatorian rank; probably a prefect, or governor; the same Greek title being applied to the Roman governor Felix, in Acts xxiii. 26, and elsewhere. It was equivalent;o the Latin title opotimus, bestowed by the Romans on their principal senators. T 9. Prideaux, referring to Lightfoot's Temple Service, says, that the priests, accordingto David's institution, were divided into twenty-four courses, that each course attended at Jerusalem its week; and every course being divided into seven classes, each class served its day at tile temple; and each priest of that class had his part in the service appointed by lot. And Josephus gives much the same account, adding that the priests enltered upon their office on the sabbath-day at noon, and left it at the same time on the sabbathl-day following; and that this practice, first settled by David, continued to hie own days.-Pearce.. i 2. Heb. ii. 3; 1 Pet. v. 1; 2 Pet.. 1651 John i. 1 Mark i. 1; John xv 27. $ 3. Acts i. t 4. John ix. 81. 5. Mat ii. 1. 5. 1 Chra x;Xiv. 1, 19; Neh. zli 4,17

Page  176 ap. 1: 10.] LUKE. (C[ ap. 1: 19. rou OvLtaa-aiL, coEAOcoP els' TOP PaoV ToVy KcVPOU' TOM of the PRIESTHOOD, oftheto burnincense, entering into the temple ofthe Lord; +to gO into the t SANCTU10 Ka& 7rav TO 7rXA70os YP T'ov Aaov 7rpooEvOXoOEYo P ARY of the LORD to burn and whole the multitude was ofthepeople praying INCENSE. ecw C rp n oppa rov OvLrtayaros. "1n0n 8e 10 iAndtheWhloleMuLwithout tothe hour of the incense burning. Appeared and TITUDE of the PEOPLE was auTrr atyyAos Kvplov, (errws eK afetwY Tov praying without, at the toahim a messenger ofalord, standing at right ofthe HOUR Of tile INCENSE u-Lta(rT7pr1ouv TOv OuttaIaTros. 12 Kai erapaXO7r BURNINO. alter ofthe incense. And was troubled il And there appeared ZaXeptraz Lfs)v KftL ~ Te- ~to him an Angel of tihe Zaoxapias iwv, cat Oo,8os ewT7rSerYEv e~r' av'ov. Lord, standingat the right Zacharias seeing, and fear fell upon him. side of the ALTAR of IN13 Etre ae 7rpos avT'or a6 yyEXoS M?) ePoo0v, CENSE. Said but to him the messenger; Not fear, 12 And Zachariall seeZaxapta' to07rT eto-rlICOvOtO?) 7 6Ec7-qS a-oU, tcat 1 ing him, T was agitated, Zacharias; because has been heard the prayer of thee, and the and Fear fell on him. -yvv s ao-ov E taap,83er -yf- Vl-e c 10! Ol Ka001 lcal 13 But tile ANGEL said wife of thee Elisabeth shallbear ason to thee; and to him, "Fear not, ZaclaKahXEascis TrO ovoa aroVT IoOavv7v. 14 Kat riah; because thy PRAYER has been heard; and thy thou shaltcall the name of him John. And WIFE i eth will bear WIPE Elizabeth will hear eoaTat xapa aor calt ayaAAXtas, Kat 7roAAol thee aSon, andthoushalt heshallbe ajoy to thee and exultation, and many call his NAME John. 1 qr T' 7E 0EoE1t aUv'o Xap77l-oTraL. 15 E-al 14 And he will be to at the birth of him shallbe glad. Heshallbe thee a Joy and Exultation; yap LLFyas EVW7lrLO KPUplOU' t I OLYO KaLOt (TtIC6pat and many will rejoice on for great in sightof a lord; and wine and strongdrink account of his BIRTH.!OV /217 Irvp. SCar 7rPEv/faRT7o ayLov 1rAX~rSws-r curar 15 For he will be great aotuothemaydrink;and aspirit of holy shall be filled and Iwill ott of th e LORD and twill not partake of r EfC KOIcotAlas I/7TlrpOS arTOv. 10 Kai roAAovs Wine and + Strong drink; yet out o womb of mother of limself. And many buthe will be filled vill rcoP vt'ty I-pa)XA ertsrrpetez t Er KUptO TOPyl T holy Spirit, even from lis ofthe sons ef Israel shallhe turn to alord the Birth. OEoy aVTrcO. 17 Kai avros 7TrpoeXhEv'eTrat Ecrtotv 16 And many of the God of them. And he shall precede in the sight SONS of Israel will lie turn to the Lold their GOD. at'rov EP 7YevtE.a'rt tat 6vatzEt HfA.oV, EIsT1po- 17: And lje will come ofhim in spirit and poweer ofElias, to first into tis sigll come 4at Kapoiat 7raTpOT W E TtFKYO, iat K t a7r-tEdets cEP Spirit andePowerofiElijah, turn hearts of fathers to children, and disobedient by to turn the Hearts of la4(povl-oeL 8Ka1aP,, Eotot sao'at KIcvptf 2 AXaov RcaTe- thiers to Children, and the wisdom ofjast (ones,) to make ready for alord apeople having Disobedient, by the WissIetva'o-/EoP. 18Kart evre ZaXapias Trpos To tdoem of the Righteous; to been prepared. And said Zacllaias to the mnlake ready for the Lord a aly~-YENOW~ Ka~ T yvo- -apprepared People. ayyoXovi Kara 7T'yarso-aoe t To o; 6y7w yap 18 And Zachariah said messenger; By what shall I know this? I for to t AnEL, Z a By ltat to tile AN GFL,;" By whliat,t/ 7rpe-o',8u7vs, RKat 7 yuvvPr oev 7rpoe3rltcvta shallI know this? for 3E am an old man, and the wife of me far advanced am old, and my WIFE iS eV Trats letLEpas ar7s. 1 Kai a7oplptOets 6 far advanced in YEARS." in the days of herself. And ausweaeilg the 19 And the ANGEL anayyEAos rE 7rEr avt'P E-yw Eti ra/p7lh A, 6 swering, said to hinil, " E messenger said to him, I am Gabriel, the aIL THAT Gabriel, ATTENDt 9. The holy place where the altar of incense stood, before the veil. Exod. xxx. 1, 6-8S xl. 26. t 15. The original word is derived from a root which signifies to inebriate; ani4 denotes wine made from fruits, and particularly from the palm. John was to be a Nazarite. Jerome says, " Any inebriating liquor is called siceeta, whether made of corn, apples, honey, dates, or any other fruits." The English word ceider comes from the same word. I 9. Exod. xxx. 7, 8; 1 Sam. ii. 28; 1 Chron. xxiii. 13; 2 Chron. xxix.l. I 10. Lev. Xvi. 17. 11. Dan. x. 8; Lake i. 29; ii. 9 Acts x. 4; Rev. i. 17. 1 13. ver. 80, 63. I 15. Num. vi, 3; Judges xiii. 4; arkl vii. 33.' 17. Mal. iv. 5; Matt. xi. 14. Matark ix. 12. 18 Gen. xvii. 17. 2 19. Dan. viii. 16; ix. 21-23- Matt. xviii. 10.

Page  177 Map. 1: 0.] LUKE. [Caap.: 29. 7rapeo`7rIes eWtrcLro.,DV NeoV' ta1 a7rerT'raA7v ING ill the presence ol having attended in presence of the God; and I am sent GOD; and I am sent to AaA1aas rpos iJe, 0 at seva7yyyatoao0at o0 Ispeak with thee, and to to speak to thee, and to tell glad tidings to thee tell thee these glad tidings. TanrTa. eo Kai tov, E tw7roWv,, Kat /trl 20 And behold, thou these. And lo, thol shaltbehavingbee dumo, td not shalt be silent, and unable 8tvva/tEvos t AaXAqaL, axpL rps leAFEpas eyEerrat to speak, till the Day when being able to speak, till of which day may be done these things are accomTaVTar arP' v OVK E7r'Tsvras TU 01S - A*oyos plished; becausethouhast these; because ofwhia not thouthastbelieved the words not believed my WonDs, uLOV), o01LTES'7rAIpcSO'Or 0'raL EIs TOt tcaipot which will be fulfilled in of me, which shall be fulfilled into the season their SEASON." aTonv. 21 KaLr ov Aaos rpoorowv'ro ZaXe- 21 And the PEOPLE of them. And was the people waitint for the Zacha- were waiting for ZACHApra'v Kecat eavcUtaoy EV T XPOt'el' aCVro, CE RIAH, and wondered at rias; and wondering in the to delay him in his CONTINUING SO long Tep rap4. 2E E h.A0W BE E ouc 7avao, AaAoa-o in the SANCTUARY. the temple. Coming out but not he was able to speak 22 And coming out, he aurorsa Kas En7rsyrewtrat, 6sL oiorraogsao't a couldnot speak to them; to them; and they perceived, that a vision he has seen and they perceived That et, etp Yaq' sea avTos r laLvec as Tov s, Kai he had seen a Vision in in the temple; and he was makingsigns to the SANCTUARY; for be adlfyt' seuOOSs. 23 mKa eyeyerso &s e7rArilo07oat' made Signs to them, and remained dumb. And it happened as were filled continued t speechless. ei lL~pat T'lS Aessrovpysas avuron, airrAdet ess 23 Anditoccurred, when the days offthe ministration of him, he went to lthe DAYS of hls PUBLIC'Vr oeK' O auu. 2s4 Meva 4 E aU' rasn as lrp epa s SERVICE were completed, 24 ME~a as?ipas she returned to his own the house of himself. After and these the days HOUSE,ure~aaBeY E oaBe7r ~ 7yvrtd aurov' Kal p HOSE. onvvE~aJPEt' EAsoa/3sT 7 ynVV- an'Toer seas 7rc-pi- 0,4 And after These DAYS conceived Ellisabeth the wife ofhim; and hid E4 Anaftc rTheseas fepvnYev eanr7jY /.Jtas erstE, AeyoUta6' 25'0r ~Elizabeth his WIFE conherself months five, saying: That ceived, andconcealed her ob'rec ~ tOs irsiros~' 6 sePsos sPe' ~ILPepaS, ae, e self five Months, saying, thus to me has done the Lord in days, 2hich 25 "Thus has the LoRD E7rvEi&Ev adekiP To OVE1sO0 tXov E, apOp~crois. done for me, in the Days eirssaet' ape~Asst''ro ot'ssloo geon sz' azOpcc vhenhei r eh arde dme to helooked on to take away the reproach oemeamong nlen. en he regarded me, to 26EP acs Ti~p gu0Vs'reP 6sE'r air<Eor-raA, take away my REPROACH;26E Ev 7*'rT4 I.lTM o eK:r a7rerp'arh. o among Men." In now the month the sixth was sent the 26 Now, in the SIXTH a'yyTXos rafptrA vr'ro ny Oveov eIs'o.v s7SP 31ONTHOT,th eANGELGabriel messenger Gabriel by the God to acity of the was sent by GOD to a City FratRalas,'p ovoea Nabape'r, 27 irpos 7rap- of GALILEE, named NazaGalilee, to wllich a name Nazareth, to a reth, 6Oevos F1/'0GTrV/.LEv V avsps,'ep ovoeGa I5o-711, 27 to aVirgin +betrothed virgin having been betrothed to a man, to whom a name Joseph, toa Manwhosename Et OKOn Aau se-as K r 7o0 ovoja'T17S 7rapr-Feov, Joseph, of the HIouse of of house ofDavid: and the name ofthe virgin, David; and the VIRgIN'S Mapay.e 2s Kai ELrE'AOWv 6 a-yyseos wrpos NAME was Mary. Mary. And coming the messenger to anUr77t, ei7rE' Xaipe, eeXapsWope'r' 6 sepos 28 And cominginto her, her, said: Hail, having been favored: the Lord he said,:" lIail, favored get-ra oU' *[enAovy'lgt'l on sE'ynvaLSY] one! the LoaRD is with thee i, with thee: [having been blessed thou among women.] thee.9'H ae e7rt Trp AoyP 8te'rapaUx7O, Keat asEXoyt- 29 But SHE was greatly She but at the word was greatly agitated, and pon- agitated atthe WORD; and EsTo, rOTa7rOS p l 1 6 ao'iraoj~os o-r5oS. 30 Ka slhe pondered whlat this dered, what could be the salutation this. And SALUTrATON could mean. VATICAN MANUSCa IPT. —28. blessed art thou among women —omit. t 22. or deaf and dumb, for the original word has this double meaning. That Zachariah was deprived for a time o fboth these senses is evident from verse 62, where it is said, " they made signs to the father." t 23. 2 Kings xi. 5 1 Chron. ix. 25. $ 25. Gent. xx. 23; Isa. iv. 1; liv. 1, 4. 1, 27 iatt, i. 18; Mark ii. 4,'

Page  178 Chtp. 1' u. L K. rUi C7i a 1: 41_. eTrev 6 ayyeXAos avr?' M P7 o/3ov, Mdapia/ 30 And the ANGFL said said the messenger to her; Not fear,.ary; to her, "Fear not, Mary; edpes'yap XapL, rrapa Tt ef et. 31 Kat isov, for thou hast found Favor thou hastfound for favor with the God. And lo, witll GOD. ovAX774p a ev tya'rpt, ELKaL Te) sEot, t~ 31 tAnd behold, thou thoushaltconceive in w womb, and shaltbear a son, and Son, and +thou shalt call CKahXeret$' YTo 6,ola av'ov Ir1ovu. 32 OTOSS his NAIME TJCSUS. thou shalt call the name of him Jesus. This 32 e -ill be great, ad erqTaa e'AyaS, eKat vos Vtt'(rTOU ICN.O2J7rETaV' Kal will be called a Son of the shallbe word, and ason ofhllighest hethallbecalled; and MostHigh; and++theLord waoet av'rT KvpLos O OEov Top Opo;o, Aavao Tov GOD will give him tile shallgivetohim alord the God the throne of David the TIIRONE of David his rAa 33 Kar,Sabrh susez frZ 70O OrOy THER; wa'~pos aorov~ Eat aot TOO 33 and the will reign father of him; and he shallreign over the house 33 a over the housr. of Jacob to IaKccsw ets toy s atwtas, EKa T77S faot.Eas avaTov thleAGES; andofhiSKtNGofJacob to the ages, and ofthe kingdom of him DOMtlierewillbeno End." OVC: E(ral'rTEos. 34-Erne oe Maptau/ 7rpovs roy 34 Then Mary said to net shallbe an end. Said but hIay to the the ANGEL, "How can this ayyeAo' 1Wxos eTai TouTo, E7ret avopa ov y- hbe, since I know not a messenger; How shallbe this, since a man not I Man?" 35 And the ANGEL anwOrKcw; 35 Kai awoicprOetspLGLS os E' swerio g, said to her, know? And answering the messengter said to her; s"Holy Spirit will come lnvevjua &aytov e7reXecreat es7rt (rf, Kat evvaAt/s uponthee, andPower from A spirit holy shall come upon thee, and a power the Most Iigh will overs4to'roo ElrtorKtatoet trot 8to Kat TO YEtVV' fEwtylo, shadow thee; and thereof highest shallovershadowthcc therefore and the being begotten fOretlhatBEGOTTEN, BEING ~at7oO, hicrlr7lo77Cra veos Oeov. 36 Kat t8ov, tOI.Y, will be called a Son holy, shall be called a son of God. Aod 1o, of God. EAsnra3~ET 77 0tyb ysEt7S trov, Ecar atu7 LOT vJA - ~ 36 And behold, ElizaElisabeth the kinswoman ofthee, even she having betl, tlhy KlNSWOMAN,'even sDe has conceived a pvta vIoo Ev'y7peC aVT'7s' KaL orTos i77' EKETOS Son in her Old age; and conceived ason in old age ofher: and this month Aixth this is the sixth Month o-'rt.aop Tr' Eacak.eovpe;Vp oetpa. 37 O OUt oc witlt HER who is CALLED is toher the being called barren. For not barren. a6ovaTP7rlet 7rapa rTc OeCpy rayv prlpa. 38Etre 8E 37 tFor *No Declarashallbeimpossible with the God every word. Said and tion is impossible with Maptay' Ioov, l ovoux77 KUvptov-'yeooro lot GOD." Mary: lo, the handmaid ofalord: mayitbedoneto me 38 And Mary said, "BeKarTa To pltya crov. Kat a7reAeo, a7r' av'rRs 6 hold, tile HANDMAID of according to the word ofthee. And went from her the thle Lord I May it be done a/y-yeAos. to nme according to thy messenger. WORD." And the ANGEL 39 AoaoTaoa a 8e Mapta oepas departed from her. Arising and Mary in Phe days 39 And Mary arising in ~Tavfaos, tltropevO1 ClS Ti7 OPELVJlM Eafiathose DAYs, went to + the those, site went into the illy country with OUNTAINOUS COUNTRY crarovr77s, ers wrohr Iovsa. 40 Kat etcrl.e7, ets with haste, to a City of Ju-. haste, into a city of Juda. And entered into daa; TOO OltKOY ZaXCaptov KaLt 77CrTaeraTo fT77 EhAta- 40 and entered into the the house ofZacharias, and saluted the Elisa- HOUSE of Zachariah, and BteT. 41 Kat E7yEOETo, ('S 7KCOVOEV 7'7 EAtfCafjeT saluted ELIZABETH. beth. And it happened, as heard the Elisabeth 41 And when ELIZAVAT1CAX MIANUSCRIPT.-37. of God No Declaration is. 31. See Note on Matt. i. 21. t 31. Isa. vii. 14; Matt. i. 21. 31. Luke ii. 21. 32. Sa. viam. 11vii., 12 Psa cxxxii. ll11; Isa. ix.6; xvi. 5; Jer. xxiii 5; Acts ii. 30.: 33. Isa, xxiT. 23: Dan.i1t. 44: vii. 14,27; Micah iv.7; Heb.i.88. i + 85. Matt. i. 20. t 3, Gen.xviii. 14; Jor, xxxii. 17; Mat. xix. 26; Mark x. 27; Luke xviii. 27; Rom. iv. l,- g. Josh. xM. 7; xcl. -1-1.

Page  179 isep. 1: 42. LUKE. [hap. 1: 55. rovl ao0-ra-o/O P 77rs Maplas, EoLp7rJo'E To i3pe- BETH heard the SALUTAthe salutation of the Mary, leaped the babe TION of MARY, the BABE vos el' T77 Ko tAIa aVTrS. Kal 7raloO7 rveVLuaTos leaped in her WOMB; and in the womb' ofher; and was filled aspirit ELIZABETH was filled with &tylov ~ EAl~aI ewT, KaL avEcpwv7l'e qcwvp Leyah holy Spirit. of holy the Elisabeth, and sle cried out vith avoice great 42 And she exclaimed tait etlrel" 4' EvAoy?/R7Ev7 ev E' yvvatUtl' Kat with a loud *Voice, and and said; Having been blessed thou among women; and said, "Blessed art tlot; EVsuXoyrfevos 6t Ktap7ros T7S KoCOIas siov. 43 Kat among Womiien i and bles haing been blessedthe fruit of the womb'ofthee. Abid sed is the FRUIT of thy WOMaBI 7ro0cv.ot Toro, O a eX0 71.TP OV ICVPIOVy vpov w Bo t h whence tome this, thatshouldcomethe mother of the Lord But ow happens; 44 V y c E this to me, that the io. /dOV 7rpos Yee; lOO'yap, 1S1 EYPe-VE ro 71 fV57l THENR of my LORD should ofme to meP Lo for, - as came the voce should come to'me? 701o a7TrarrYov ao0 Ets 7ra wTa Y0ov, EffCrpT7ae 44 For behold, when the ofthe salutation ofthee into the ears ofme, leaped voicE of thy SALUTATION 7o0 Gpe(pOS Ev aTaAAXXtao Ev?77 KOAlotZ 0iov. came to my EARS, ths the babe in exultation in the womb of me. 45 Kat - BABE leaed in my mwo Kaad hyacappy chc 7r07TEvoaa, EoT 0E7TaL TEALeeC- for Joy. And happy she having believed, that shall be a fulfill- 45 And happy S! HAVats 701S. AhcAaA)01uE Sos avUT7 7rapa ICVplOV. ING BELIEVED that tlsere ment to those having been told to her from a lord. will 1)e a Fulfillment of the 46 Kai f-crE Map'ta. Me'yaXvvel 4v7 /vxq 4uov woaOR SPOJE.N to her by And taid Mary; magnifies the soul of me tile Lord." ToP KVtepLO, 47 KaL JyaXALa'ce 70 wre1vc /0ov eal 46 AndMarysaid,+"My the Lord, and has exulted the spirit of me in SOUL extols the LORD, r51 00e T) oT0Tlpt pov' 4/set 7sre;hAe1eJcv fEt 47 and my SPIRIT ex. the God the savior ofme; for helooked upon ults in Gon my SAVIOR; 77rP rTeEtrECelP 7)r7S aoU1AT S aCr1)V. IoV'yap, 48 because he kindly the low state of the handmaid ofhimself. Lo for, viewed the lUMBL.! CONaro TE o a' DITION of his lANDMAID; afro th70U VUP /KapHLO)L L e no a-ie a'yEPvapy for, beholdl tron TllS from the now willcallhappy me all the generations; TIaIE: All GENERATIONS OTL Caor01770 /Ot.eLyhaXEla O6 uva1)ros ttat will pronounce me happy; for has done tome greatthings the mighty ona; and 49 for tIle 1T1G0T1 Ons -tloy To oPyo4a av'Tov0 b t5al TO eAeo0 avToV hasdone Wonders for sace holy the name of him, and the mercy of him I and Ilolyis his NAME; fLs tyeve!s'yvevctv 701lS tiOf3O1U)/y4cLS OUTOP 50 $ and his MERCY exto generations of generations to those fearing him. tends to Generations of 51 nEarovqe kcparTOl,E paX oytopi a6T01E* Generations of THOSE who Elr~ror~e cKpa7s E PPOXY av oEeOP- EAR him He has showed strength with arm of hima elf: he has He shows St th ar-tev 7a-cprqpPavovs rlaPola capStas wav0r. twith his Arm; he dis. dispersed arrogant ones in thought ofhearts ofthem. perses those Proud in the 52 KaderAc 8PvaO7eas a7ro Opovwv, tcat 4Ivo-'e Thoughlt of their hearts. He has cast down mighty ones from thrones, and lifted up 52 $ He casts down PoTa-rLEvovs. 53n HfEVlC, as ae'rA-oEv a'aOcswv, tentates from Thrones, and humble ones. Itomgering ones he filled ofgood things, raises up thle;ow ly. cat 7raAov TovuTv as eta7reaTeXe IcEovs. 54ATee- 53 He fills the Hungry and being rich he sent away empty.hins, and the Rich he sends away empty. kae3ero Iopa7X 7aratIos a'Tov, YlaVo067lat EAEovs, 54 He supports Israel, aided Israel a child of imself, torememher mercy, hisown Clild, remember5 (ca0wcs eAaAtrce wrpos trovs 7raTepas l4cwP,) ing Mercy, (as hespoke to the fathers of us,) 55 (i as he spoke to oui * VaTMcAN MANUSCRIPT.-42. Cry. 51. Grotius observes, that God's efficacy is represented by his finger, his?eatnpower by his!.and, and his onnipotence by his arm. The plague of lice was the finger of God, Exod. vii. 18, The plagues in general were wrought by his hanod, Exod. iii. 30. And the destruction ol Pharoah's host in the Red Sea, is called the act of his arm, Exod. xv. 16. t 46. 1 Sam. ii... t 48. I uke xi. 27. + 49. Psa. cxi. 9. * 50. Psa. cili.17, 18. Ian I. Psa. xviii. 1. 52.! Sam. ii. 8; Psa esxiii. 7, E6S. alu. vix 10; Psa. exxxii. It.

Page  180 Map. 1: 56.] LUKE. [Cmap. 1: 66.'Tep Afpaau Kat rep o'7repl.aT1 oVTOoV Iwr w aooVOT. FATHERS,) to ABRAHAM, to the Abraam and to the seed of him even to an age. and to his POSTERITY, even 56 ELeLvJE BE Mapap iYovv avT7 &oerl Yas'rpe, s' to the Age." Abode and Mary with her about months three: 56 And Mary remained with her a'cut three KeaL U'7frEtTpEOYd/ EOS TOP O1KOO aVCrZ Months, and returned to and returned to the house of her. HOUSE. her H OLSsE. 57 Tv 5e6 Ekvajc- c7rqahO 57 Now ELIZABETH'S 57 Tq be EAXrOI3e' eirXrlo'Or f 6 XpoVOs Tov TIME to be DELIVERED To the now Elisabeth was fulfilled the time of the was fulfilled; and she TEKcIEP attr77,T' KICl EEVVYI7irfV luO. 58 KatL 7tOV- brought forth a Son. to bear her; andshebroughtforthason. And heard 58 And lter NEIGHORS 00a' o 7reptoOKoL KaI oc av'ylyeVets av'T s,'t and RELATIVES heardThat the neighbors and the kindred ofller, that the Lord -had magnified Cte-yauvoe Kvptos to eXo$ adTroV rET' avrT7s' his MERCY towards her; had magnified alord the mercy of himself towards her; and theyrejoiced with her. 59 And, on tthe EIGHTH /af onv~exalpo' avTr. 59 Kat eeV'ETO, eV, Tir Day, t when they came to and theyrejoicedwith her. And it came to pass, in the circumcisethe o O')'603,~~.t~p~,1 LTE TOcircumcise the CHIILD, they o0o07;uepa 77Oov 5rept-relEtflv ro 7raitiv' Kai0 were about to call him eeghth day they came tocircumcise the littlechild; and Zachariah, after the NAME EKtaAowv auto, E7rt Tro ovo/.arT Too 7raTTpoS avTOu, of his FATHER; called it, after the oname ofthe father of hin, 60 but his MOTHER in. Zaxaptav. 6 Kat a7roKpLOEltoa 7 t7p37P aVTOv terposing, said, "No; but Zacharias. And ansneering the mother of Ilim + he shall be called John." e7rEv' OvXt aAca KA.O`rloe7'at vIwaos. 61 Kae 61 And they said to her, maid; No: but he shall be called John. And "There is no one anmong,e7rov 7rpos avT7o7V' OTL EvElIS eTLVY El r thy RELATIVES, who is they said to her; That no one is among the called by this NAME." O-vyyrEVeta oov, os iKa.XeTatt Tw oVoYaTtt TOvTc. 62 Then they asked his ki.dred ofthee, who is called to the name this. FATHER, by Sigons, WHAT f EYeVevov E TO 2T) raTOpL aVTo, TO Ti ft OFAol OOE WISHED HIM TO BE They made signs then t9 the father of him, the whathe would desire CALLED. taAeoOlaO aVTroy. 63 Kai alr7sas 7rLrvactoSrLO, 63 And requesting a to be called him. And havinrequested a tablet, TABLET, lee wrote, saying, eypaeoE, AseywYv Iwavers eTTL TO OP ovota afPTOu. +,"His NA-ME is John." hewrote, saying: John is the name ofh:m. Andthey allwondered Kat EOavuaaa~v 7ravres. 64 AvEcpoXO67 O 64 forhisTouT And they wondered all. Was opened and the instantly opened, and his OrTO/ aatvoT rOaplr Xpslra, KRa ) wyAcf averov' instantly opened, and his mouth of him immediately, and the tongue ofani heim KaiL EXaEL EvuAoycP Tro' OEOP. 65 Katr eY ePEo spoke, praising GoD. and hespoke blessing the God. And came 65 And Fear came on EOL 7 rct ap s co30s rTOUS rEptlOKcovvaS aVOTOVSE ALL their NEIGIHBORS. on all al ear those dwellin g around them-; And All these THINGS were K1a ev 6AT7O) opPevL? T?7ES IoU aa S aoeAaXelTO talked of through All the and in whole the hilly-country of the Judea talkedofthroughout.3 IOUNTAINOUS COUtNTRY Pa U1I fra s 66K Kat ~Oe~,'ro EraOrT es of JUDEA. 7raVTca Tct T TSa.a Taye 66 K 07 E IOOPTCES all the things these. And placed all 66 And All THOSE o' aKVouavTEs El TS 7 lCap3Lc ctTcv, AeyOPVTES HEARING, pondered thens thlose having heard in the hearts ofthemselves, saying; in their HEARTS, saying, t 59. Not before that day, because the mother was unclean seven days, Lev. xii. 1l, 2; and so was the child, by touching her, andtherefore he was notthen fitto be admittedinto cove. nant. The law appointedno certain place in which circumcision was to be done, nor any certain person to perform it, and there fore it was sometimes done by women, Exod. iv. 25 i and here in the house of Elizabeth, as appears by her presence at it, verse 60. The Jews did it sometimesin their schools, forthe sake of the number of the witnesses. Then also they aramedthe infant; because, when GOD instituted circumcision, he changed the names of Abraham and Sarah. —Whitby. Among the Jews, the child was named when it was circumcised, and ordinarily the name of the father was given to the first-born son.-A. Clarke. t 63. A thin board, made out of the pine-tree, smeared over with wax, was used among the ancients, as a writing-tablet. I 50. Gen. xvii. 12; Lev. xii. 35 + 60. ver. 13. 03 ver. 13. 1 64. vero. 65. T.ver.03

Page  181 oap. 1: 67 ] LU KE. [ e7p. I 79. TL apa'To 7'atKtoS,'Tm'UTO Ef t; KatL XEl "What then will this What then the child this will be? And hand CIIILD be?" * And the Hand of the Lord was with sVIptov ji'!.E'T avtrov.'him. Lored eease with hien. 67 And Zachariah, his 67 KaC ZaXaplar o 7raTrp avtrov -srA a6o0 FATHER, was filled with And Zacharias the father of him was filled holy Spirit, andprophesied, Klct 1Tpoe'Tese~l~, h saying,'rr/,e v/a'ros atyiov, scat rpoeC~ Vre, Aeycw, 68 "Blessed be the aspirit of holy, and prophesied, saying; Lord, the GOD of ISRAEL, EuNo'yq'ros IcUpos, 6 OeOS TOu ITpatlA' 6dtl because he has visited and Blessed Lord, the God ofthe Israel; for wrought Redemption for E7To'KEceaTro KaL tETOLI7o'E Aw'TpoL'tV Tr P Aac his PEoPLE; he has vssited and wrought redemption to the people 69 and l has raised up DC9 t 7'lp ept fl'lpcS tsf a Horn of Salvation for ct5Tov, saL 77-YELPe Kepas OW7Tplas 71LUlV EV TW Us, in the * House of Da. of hiaself, and raisedup aheor ofsalvation tons in the vid'lhis SERVANT; oLKc Aavtui'oU 7ralRos avtrove 70(caOcws EAcaA?7re 70 (teven as he spoke house of David the sertant ofhimself; (even as he spoke by the Mouth of THOSE ia c tTOttaTros TWVY aiPY, T7ws alT' aLscvos, HOLY ones, his Prophets through mouth ofthe holyones, ofthosefrosm an age, ofthe Age;) 71 a Salvation from our 7'pol17'rWS, a5'rov') 7 CoTw'rlptaP, E5 EXPWYv X lt7wv, Enemies, and from the of prophets of himself;) asalvation from enemies ofus, Hand of ALL who RATE IaL eK XEIPOS Tra'TCu,'TW, /ttlbovU Tw Y dlaS' us and from hand of all those hating us: 72 to perform his Mercy R,,72r l Ea l ME~'Ts'sTafrIv ~7a'TEpo' ~ic, Kar writh our FATHERS; and to 7'TSrQL770'at EXE~s uc-7,a TWV WaTEPWV'1ACI, Kairemember his holy Coveto perform mercy with the fathers ofus, aed remen ber his holy Coenant; ~ytrP~ffT1l' ~raerlctls tytays aIfoT,73 Opscoh', 5, 73 the Oath which he to reember covenant holy of himself, an oath, which swore to Abraham, our ozLoaoe 7rpos ABpaat'Troy 7raTC EpA?hWV,'il FATHER,he swore to Abraam the father of us, of the 74 to permit us, being 8ovvat 1?tv, 74 aqoocosl, EK XELPOS T'TV1 EXCPfL' rescued from the Hand of ~tio our ENEmIES, fearlessly to to give to us, without fear, from hand of the enemiesworship him, worship him, 77twR fSJVO'OEY'Tras, Na'pEVEL, avr'Tf71 E7 6d&to'Tl77T 75 by Holiness and of us having been rescued, to worship him in holiness Righteousness in his sight, KilL ati OlOcaVoo Ef7lO V7l o, ra TO E ras All our DAYS. and righteousness in presence of him, all the 76 And tlou, Child, Cerpas z~ov. 76 wilt be called a Prophet of 77/tpas 77/UtRV. 7Kai ifu 7rctv, OY5'T7 J fllTeS the Mo s t High; for thou days of us. And thou, little child, a prophet shalt go High; e fore the Lord 67rciov sKockrla77',rpo7ropevlop'yap,rpo x[srpo- to prepare his Ways; of highest shalt be called; thou shalt go for before [face] 77 to impart a Knowfcrwrovl KcUPtOU, E'TotttaOar oifous l'TOVl 77 Tov ledge of Salvation to his of alord, to prepare ways of him, of the PEOPLE in the forgiveness of their Sins, &ovvat yvYoliv wffT77ptas'T., AaCrp,. aw'ro E-, of their Sins to give knowledge of salvation to the people of him, in forgive- 78 on accolnt of tile tender Compassions of our O'er atlapTLRw atTslW, 78 BLa o7rAayXvta EAeovs God, by which he has ness of sins ofthem, ouaccountof tender mercies visited us; a Day-dawn Oeov Y.ctWovY, ev oiS E7reoTKErQaa'To 1las avaToA7r e, from on high, of God of us, bywhich he hasvisited us arising from 79 to Illuminate THOSE 4lrovs, 79 E7rtvalat'TOt eP osKOTELet aL Ot SITTING in Darkness and on high, to shine to those in darkness and shade Death-shade; to DIRECT ~ VATICAN MANUSCRIPT.-66. For also the Hand. 69. the House of David. 76. face — omit. t 69. A horn in Scripture is frequently a symbol o fipower or principalhty, and hence this expression will signify, a mighty Savior, or Prince of Salvation. T 6). Psa. xviii. 2; cxxxii. 17. l 70. Acts iii. 21; HRom. 1.2. 73. Gen. xii. S: xviii. 4; xxii. 16,17; Heb. vi. 13,17. 1 76. Isa. xl. i; Mal. iii. 1; iv.; MatL xi. 10, ver. 17.

Page  182 ~,ap. 1; 80.] LUK E. [CaP. 2:?7 avarTrov caO/.uevo Ls, TOV 1caTEeuuPat TOVS 7rooas our fEET into tile Way of of death i ttin g, ofthe to guide tile feet Peace." 7w7eC S ELi Sov 0EP77vI7S. 80To e rtaL3iov qviava, 80 Now the CHILD grew, ofus into a way of peace. The now little child grew, and acqnired streIgth of KaL EfKPaOaoltOU o 7rPev.ItaT Kai 1/5 ESV TaiTS Ep71- Mind andlhe was in the and became strong ia 4pirit; and was in the des- DESETStithewayofilis DESEILTS till the Day of his goAos, ieWS 71/dpav aOva3FtIEWs avTou 7rpoS TO publ)lic appearance to Iserts, till day of manifestation of him to the RAEL. IcrparA. Israel. CHAPTER II. KE eI. e'. 2, 1 Now it occurred in Ey/eEr~ o E EP Trats 71dEpaLS EKeLvaLs1 eIqXOCe those DAYS, that an Edict ltcametopassand a tohe days those, wentforth Nwent forth from Cesar aoyAta wapa Kasoapos Avyovo'rou, a7royp qeo- Augustus, to register All adecree from Cesar Augustus, to register the SIHABITABLE. Oat wra(traSvT71l o0cffOUvIerv. 2(AvrTa 17 a7ro'ypaOp1 2 (+ This * was the first - all the habitable. (This thle registry Registry of Quirinus, GovTrpCa77 E7YEVOTO 7l7E/ELOVEVOVTOS T77S 3 vpas l ernorof SYRa.) first was made being govenor of the Syria Kvpa7viov.) K Kat e7opEVovT0 7rares a7ro-ypa- 3 And they all went to Cyrenius.) And they went all to e be registered, each into his eaEOaL, otcarTros fEl Tp'v iLtaY roxtl. 4 AvEBr OWN City. registered, each into the his own city. Went up 4 And Joseph also went 5e catL IwtT1rf a~ro Tr7s ratiAatas, eK 7roXEWS up from GALILEE, out Of and also JoseIp from the Galilee, out of city the City of Nazareth, into Nabaper, es rl77 lovSarav, efs aroAIv Aavot, JUDEA, into the $ City of Nazareth, Into the Judea, into a city of David, David, whichl is called 71TtI Katc EtLra BrOAEEtl, (3ta'o e.vat avUroev E Bethlehem, (+because he which is called Bethleem. (becausethe to be him of WAAS of the House and oiCov Kat a Craptpas Aaut,) 5 a7royparaorOat aUv Family of David,) house and family of David, to be registered with to be registered with Maptap?7 UEY petrlrEUaevU avTrY *'[eyvalct, ] Mary, 4his BETROTHED, MIary the having been espolsed to him la wife, being pregnant. OUVo1 eyvK U. 6 E-yeVeTo 3e EP To eL, va U avrovs being withchild. It happened but in the to be them 6 And came to pass EICEl, ErAXo0r/a-av at' T)pal rov TeKCEiPv aUTv. mwhile they WERE there, EIEI~ ~rrhrI,~ erI6C~1/ at a~tepat 70v 7EKELY aU~r. the fATSof hor DELIVERT there were fulfilled the days of the to bear her. 7 Kat ETEKCE TOP vUoP a'r'Ts Tot 7rpwTorotsOP, were accomplished. Andshebroughtforth the son of her the first-born, 7 SAnd she brought Kcat efarapyamyo'-EP aUToP, Ecat aPEScAtEP U avTo forth her FIRST-BORN SON, and swathed him, and laid him and swathed him, and laid EP'T1.7 arp~' 8otTt ovUc a17 auf rots 07ros eV Tro2 him in *ta Manger; bein the manger; because not was to them a place in the cause tilere was no Place kcaTaXh vjtaT. for them in the GUOESTguest-chamber. CHAM B ER. VATICAN MBSS.-2. This was the first Registry. 5. Wife-tomit. 7. a Manger. t 1. Oikountmeee literally means the inhabited earth, and is applied in this place, by some recent translators, to the ltoman Empire. But as no historian mentions agenteralceests at this time, the meaning of the word must be restricted to the laId of Judea, where this enrollment took place. Oikoumenee is used by Luke in chap. xxi. 26, and Acts xi. 28, an d applied in this restricted sense. t 7. Wetsein has shown from a multitude of instances, thatphatfee means not merely the omlanger, but the whole stable. The room for gues ts being already full, Joseph and Mary retired to a more homely receptacle, called a stabulumn, the middle of which afforded room for cattle, atld the sides accommodation for persons. It was not properly a stable, but was formed for the convenient lodging of both men and cattle. Bishop Pearce, however, has a note on this verse, which is worthy of consideration. He says, Upon the whole, it seems to me probable, that Mary was delivered in aguest-chamber, or lodging-roont, (whether it were in a public house, or that of some friend, is not said,) in some chamber of a house, and not of a stable; and that then, for want o fa bed in thatguestchamber, wherein to lay her Son JEsIJs, she made use of one of the Eastern mangers, made of coarse cloth, andfastened, like our seamen's hammocks, to some part of thie chamber where she was; and there laid him, as having no other placefor him. This afforded a circumstaance by which the shepherds were directed to find him out, and distinguish this holy babe from all others. See verses 12, 16." 1 2. Acts v. 37. t 4. 1 Sam. xvi. 1, 4, John vii. 42.. 4. n4att. i. 1.;, Luks i 2t7 5. MaLt. i. 18; Luke i27. 1 7. Matt. i. 25.

Page  183 Mha. 2: 8.J ILUKE. [Map. 2:.] UKE. [ 19. 8KaL rOL.Lyeves rO'aap E, 7r7 Xopa p l avrn 8 And there were Shep. And shepherds were in the country the this herds in THAT COUNTRY, aypavkovv-Tes, Ktear cpvao'o'oy'rEs vAatcas T'7s residing in the fields, and abiding in the fields, and keeping watches ofthe keeping over their ]FLOCK r,) TOS erl Tr7Y OroL.eyr'V au'rv,. 9 Ka, * [aov, ] the Watches of the NIGHT. might over the fiock of them. And [lo,] 9 And an Angel of the ayyeXos Cup1o0) e7rEr-T7 aVTrosS, KaL &ota KvpjoU tLo'd stood by them, and amessenger ofalord stood near tothem, and glory of a lord the Glory of the Lord shone EpCLEAace4eV autOUs: teat sEfor8o )av' tpo/3v round them; and they shone round them; and they feared a fear were greatly afraid..4eyaRY. 1o KaL et7rey av'roLs 6 ayyeAos' M/ 10 And the ANGEL said great. And said to theth ehe messenger; Not to them, "Fear nlot; for po0,e1-re aSov yap, euaoyyCeALo'.at icc xapa behold, I bring you glad fear you; lo for, I bng glad tidings to you a joy tidings, $ which will be a fJe'yaAY7v,. O7S Euta L TOVTl 7Tcp Ahyr' OL great Joy to All the PEogreat, which shallbe to all the people: that PLE; ETEXO01 tUpen O_10AEPOV Tarm-p, 0S eOa'r1 Xpo''ros 11 $becauseTo-day was was born to you toyou to-day a savior, who is anoin:.ed born for you, in David's KeudPo, es' 7woAE; hArv. 12 KaOL TrOvUTSo u City, a Savior, who is the Lord, in 6ity of David. And this to you,he Lord Messiah. o7rAeiov' EUpol0erTe 3pe(pos Eoorapyacvuele: ov 12 And this will be a sign; You shall find a babe having been sthe.ou; you wll KEeLEYO'V EV parvu7. 13 Kat Eat(pyrVlS eyVCye-ro find a Babe swathed, lying lying in a manger. And suddenly was in a Manger." tuvV T9r) 1ay-yEAc) wr70os (parias ovpaviov, i3 And suddenly there oyyeto~'Ta7os O'rpowas with the ANGEL a with the measenger a multitude of host of heaven,as with the A airovoTWP ToeP Geo, UCal AeyorTcov, 14 it Aora Multitude of the heavenly praising the Clod, and saying; "Glory Host, praising GoD, and ev fbt'LTolS Oe, Kal e't'ys e7S Eprp rl' v e avpw- sayin, inhighestheavenstoGod, and on earth peace; among men 14 "Glory to Godin the OgleS EVO oL.,l, highest heavens, on Earth good 0 will." Peace, and among Men Good will." 15 Kat eyeveTO, Us a07rlXov ao7r' avtwy ELS TOV 15 Now it occurred, Anditcameto pass,when went from them into the wlenthe ANGELS departed wentvou or ayy~hoi, Kar oi from them to HEAVEN, the ovpaovov So a CL'y e Kof avpwrott, o 7roL5ue- from them to HEAVE N, the heaven the messengers, and the men, the slep- MEN, the SHEPHERDS, said YeeS1 ELOIr' TOSt SaAgoJsU ael~o, tees-e iat9) A to one another, "Let us herds, said to one another; We should go now to go now to Bethlehem, and,r s77Xeee, Kai 1teCvt TO kpuea TOUTO TO -yeCyYOV'SE see this THING which has Bethleem, and see the thing Ohio the havingbeen done, transpired, whichthe LORD 6 O KoprOS Ery5fpLEV 7y0t0. 16 KIat 7kov has made known to us." which the Lbrd has made known to us. And they came 16 And they came in TEreUvoavTfs, Scat aYevpo/v Tr7Y Te Mapmap Kas 7ro haste, and found both having madehaste, and theyfound the both Mary and the TMARY and JOSEPH, and ICcOLTO Ka o peEpos aeLtevot C' Tp 7-t7 OT). the BABE lying in the Joseph, and the babe lying in the manger. IANGER. 17 8ovTes 6E, 8tLEyY ptapLav *[7rep] ]ro TOu 70aTos 17 And having seen it, Havingseen and, they published [around] the declaration they published THAT DEC7ro) AaA0EVTos avuTors L reCpt roO 7OratOLon ToVTuro. LARCATION which had been that having been told to themconceining the little child this. SPOIcEN to them about 18 Kat 7rav'TEs of aSc ot,'aS Tes EOavtJarrav 7rept this CHILD. And all those having heard wondered about 18 And All THOSE HIAYToe' AaArtOeY'rTW V7ro t TS T 7rotpePor y 7rpoS avuous. ING HEARD, wondered at those having been told by the shepherds to them. the THINGS RE.LATED to 19'H 8e Maplarp 7rayTa OrvpeTrlpEL Ta'?S)taTa themby the SHEPHERDS. The but Mary all kept the words 19 But MARY kept All *[Ta aT,]a, ] Ujft3aAAUovoa eV Tp K7 apatt aVTr/S. these words, pondering [these,] pondering in the heart' ofheeelf them in her HEART. * VATIeCAN MANUSCRIPT.-O. lo —omit. 12. Sign. 17. around-omit. 19, these -omnif. 10. Gsen. xsii. 3; Psa. xxii. 17; Jor. iv. 7 1l. lOs.iE.O,

Page  184 Meap.: 20.] LUKE. [ocap. 2: 28. 90 Kal TE5To'rpeCav ol WrOL/eLCE S o0aCov'Tes teaE 20 And the SHEPHBRDS And returned the shepherds glorifying and returned, glorifying and atv roovves y T O eo r 7 cral os vOUCraV Kat praising GOD for all which praising the God for all which they hadheard and they had heard and seen, isoov, cKaeOs EAaEAS7J) 7rpos aVTovs. even as it had been deseen, even as it had been told to them. clared to them. 21 Kai doE e7rArr-ersr-av LEpaoL cKTCw rOv 21 1 And when eight And when were fulfilled days eight of the Days were ended, thle r`pLreTCEJAV av-rov, KaEL EcA0 ro ovoya avrov [tiose] to cIrcuaIsCIsE hin, to circumcise him, and he was sailed the name of him liS NATIE was called Jesus, I71OVUS, TO- CAJ0GEV vi-o -ov ay'ycAov 7rpo 7TO THIIAT NAME given him by Jesus, that being clled by the messenger before of the the ANGEL before his CONo-vAXr7<fr??va a~ov - ev r 7 KoLALC. CEPTION. was conceived him in the womh. 22 And wlen tthe 22Kar 6o'e e7rAr)aOrl'aav at ie,uEpa ronv scasaper — * Days of her Purification And when werefulfilled the days of the purifica- were completed, according to the LAW of Moses, they ptn covi-e, oll- i-e E'nne MavcrSn, casa,rayoot carried him ato Jerus tion ofthem,accordingto the law of Moses, they brought him pto aavnTov i- s E IEporo'.vpa, 7rapa'roat TrT scvpt lent, to present him to the av IcpEnohVI i-EP~ i70 ~L ip EKvptp, LORD;him to Jerusalem, to present to the Lord, 23~ (Kaoos eyeypar ac,ev VeLeoy vpOsov "Th0'at 23 (even as it is written 2(KCrce~OWS y'Yypawri-nl EV V%~ KVPIOV- "'O in the Law of the Lord, las it is written in law of Lord; That tat " Every Male, being rrav ap~Ev GiavoleyolJ yr/~pav, atyov 7 KVPl(:t) that $" E very lale, being i-ne' apO-eV 5scee'nt-YOe f~sali-pav', a'tysoe'rip Kvpi2J a first-born, shall be called every male opening awomb, holy to the Lord:Tav 1r ) 24scm1 i-n EOi-E U(L1holy to the Lord;"),cKaOtroav) o tve Omverteav', KCata 24 and to OFFER a Sacshallbe called;") and of tle to offer a sacrifice, accordingto wat i i-s) cp52/AFLt'Ot ce e p EvPtOv " Zc ns 7 o enjoined in *the LAW of that having beens.aidn law of Lord; "Apair ofturtle t - Pa h ih td to d the. Lord, —,+ "A Pair of cVC, r 1v0 veoo'rovs 7reptCLi-poe'. Turtle-doves, or Two dovesj or twvo young pigeons." Kal onv, le'v aveGpcsros Cer' Ipov'rcac e, 4 25 And behold, there And lo, was a man in Jerusalem, to hom was a Man in Jersalem, ovonEa:v,2vcwv KaC 6 aovO pwros OVTOS steKaOS whose Name was Simeon; a name of Simeon; and the man this just and he was a righteous and Kal EvAaj61s, 7rpo5ECXnodCtvos OS apaKAffJWr i-n pions MAN, expecting thle and pious, waiting for consolation of the Consolation of ISnAEL lerpa~rrA. KWaE 7s-'rv/SEua -ov ainov Ec)' avoncv' 2cai and the holy Spirit was on Israel. And aspirit was holy upon him; and him. ae' avTrc KEXPO)I-rTi-TogeEe'ne van i-nv rvevuaosr- 26 And he was divinely it was to him having been informed by the spirit 2 ed the HOLY ~rov aT'ov, 5r5) lbECl GaEai-o, e'rpvW 5i t7 informed by the o srPnIRIT that he would not of the holy, not to see death, before he should see, till he wou no Tof XpSe,htotdte. 27 K ieeEv E die, tihll.os should see the i-se' XptOe' Evpv. 27 Ktm eAxev ev' i-w irvev- Lord's MESSIAH. the anointed of Lord. And be came by the spirit rAaTs-r LE Tio 1epoe' Eat ev'rp eL~anryayetv To-vS 27 And he came by the into the temple; and in the to bring the SPIRIT into the TEMPtLE; yoVe'ts i-no i-E7rat0t joVv, iO-v iro-tC Uvoovs and when the PARENTS parents the little child Jesus, of the to do them BROUGHT TN the CHIntD EKt-ada i-n i-n~el6taEYev v eoou Trp Jesus, t to DO according to accordingto that having bheeninstituted of the law concerning avi-ov' E8 Ka v a v a o CEs ras nayKa- concerning hin, him; also he took it into the arms 2O8 te also took him in Aas aiT-ov, KaL EvAo'ysmne T-O eone, cat FL Er-C' hisARalS, andpraisedGOD, ofhimself, and blessed the God, and said; and said, * VAT1CAN MANUSCRIPe.-22. Days of her Purification. 24. the LAW of. t 22. That is, thirty-three days after what was termed the seven days of her uncleanness -forty days in all; tile timne appoinlted by the law, after the birth of a male child. See Lev. xii. 2, 6. t 24. One f)r a burtnt-offering, and tlie other for a sin-offering; See Lev. xi. 8. These were the offerings of the poorer Jewish mothers. t 27. To present him to the Lord, and then redeem him by payingfive shekels, Num. xviiL 15,1 &. 21. Luke i. 59. t 21. Matt.. 25; Lke i. 31. + 22. Le7. xii. 2-6, T 23. Exod. xiii. 2; xxii, 29; xxxiv. 19; Num. iii. 13; viii. 17; xviii. 15. 2a4. Lev. xii. 8

Page  185 Ch6ap. 2: 29.] LUKEJ- E. [Cap. 2: 40. P NvY a7roXvets'Tot' 0ovot, YroV, Eo-7roTa, 29 "Now, 0 sovereign Now dost thou dismiss the servant of thee, O sovereign, Lord, disliss thy SERVA N T caCTa TOe p3r/a rov, eY etp't1rp 30 &OTL EtO0 01 according to thy WORD, in accordingto the word of thee, in peace; forhaveseen the Peace; ocpOa2Xtot [ov TO oTrWTpO V CrOUn, 31 o6 7TOla- 30 becalasemyEYEshave eyes of me the salvation ofthee, which thou hast SeCll thy SALVATION, Ors KarTa 7rpoo7rov 7ravoTro TCOJ Acot/ 12 mcots 31 which thOUhast made prepared before face of all the people; a light ready in the Presence of Eis a7rotcaAv0 eOvwOV, tKat 6ooav Aaov o'u All the PEOPLE; for a revelation of nations, and aglory ofpeopleoftiee of ation Jo-paA. 33 Ual 17y 6 CI~a7~p dV70U Kal;7 IUT]T77P 3~ 4a Li-lit of Nations Iop A. Kat 7L tra Tr/p a Syov I1a /.?rTrp for enliclhtcnleant, and a Israel. And wasthe fatter oft im andthe mother Glory onligy People Israel." 0avUa(,0vTES Enr 1 TS h AaXEVLLEVOIS 7EPL aVTOU. Glory of thy People Israel." Oatvpa/.orTes part Trots XnXov/etots tSept avroSo. wondering at those being spoken about hitm. 33 And his FATTIER and 34 Kact evAotyrltes aoTrovs vuewV, KCat el7re wrpos MOTHER were wondering And blessed them Simeon, and said to at tile WVORD SPOREN COnMaplta T7rWy Ftlrepa aUvrov Iov, o'Oras tc Lat ceOniing hinl. Mary the mother of him; Lo, this is placed 34 And Simeon blessed ets 7rTcfiY KaI aYvao'Taot'7roAXT csr E 7- them, and said to Mary iis for a fall and rising of many in the I()OTHIER, "'iellold, this IopalX, tat ets eiL/aeto, avrTtXeyouevov-' 35 (Kcat c:ild is destined for the Israel, and for asign beingspoken against; t(also;: Fall and lRising of many oou ot aVTIrs T-7q StX3VNrl 8tEACv eCTa t p'oftqaoa) in IS1RAEL; and for la oftheeandofthyself the soul shallpiercetlthrough asvolrd;) Mark of contradiction;67cos av a7rotcaXvbOwoIV Exc 7rohAcoNv KapSlwv 35 (and indeed, a Sword so that may be disolosed of many hearts will pierce thlroug]l the 8arh.oytrcuoti. SOUL of Thee Tihysef,) that reasonings. the Rcasoitnngs of Many 36 Kait *Y ANva 7rpoqrlqtS, Ov'ya'r-p dbavov-uA, Hearts mlay be disclosed." And was Anna aprophetess, a daughtec ofPhaugel, 36 Tlere was also a EKc vuArls Aor'7p' avTrT 7rpo6serjIctvla eV?jiutpals Prophetess, Anna, Daughof tribe of Aser; she having been advanced in days ter of llalc of tle trilse 7roAAats, iaoa e' 7 ea T E avpos E7rTra a7ro of Ashier; Me was far admany, havin glived years with ahlusband seven friomtn ncedinAge, havinglived TrTl 7rapOfeVas arTls' 37 t cat aVOur X77pa os ET(cuV w -ith *a Inslband seven the virginity ofherself; also she acwidlowabout years Yearsfromhev.crVRGNITY; oyIo53ov7 a T TeoapwN, 3) OVK atf OttaT o aTO O o T 37 lfte was also a Widow eighty four, who not withdrew from the *abollt ci-ltty —lour Years, tepou, Vr70TELats KactL E71t7e0 AaTpFuVouToa VVCTa nrwho depalted not from the temple, fastings and prayers serving night in God Kat rxeypap. 38 Kat av7Sr, avTp'r? C&pa e'ra-D SoTVN K O ONNTight and Day with and day. And she, this the hour t- and rayer. F astings and Prayers. 7aaa, avewoA40Aotyezo 7y K~py /car ehah z ~rrepr 38 4nd sle standing by ing by, acknowledged the Lord, and spoke about 8 And se standin by aviov 7 Tora 7r te OY7POGFa6XO yEE 01S VT7(,d(l1 EN at'a1THAT very lime, praised avTrov iratrt rots 7rpoo'8exo/tsots Av'rpwtert, 5Go, and him to all those looking for redemption in GOD, d spoe of hi to All THOSE EXPECTING JIeporu s aleAm. 4lDeliverance in Jerusalem. Jerusalem. 39 Kat (Is TEXr C-aN &7ravNra sa aTa Trov 39 And when they had And when they finished all the things according to the finished all thlings accorldNYOtON pCro~ptt, t~rcrTrpstaON tES T?7N raPh aiao, ilng to theLAW f the itord, law of Lord, theyreturned into the Galilee, tiey retlllned to GALILEE, ElS T7V 7 roLiv aOTotv, NanapET. 40 To aE 7rathotv totlteirown City Nazareth. into the city ofthemselves, Nazareth. Thle and little child 40.AItc the CHILD 711vavE KaN, EcTpaao0u-Tro *[irvEva/riT,] 7rA7potu- grew, and became strong, grew, and was strengthened rill spirit,] being filled wNith Wisdom, as(lI Aevov roottast Kat Xapis OEOV 77NJ e7r avro. the Favor of God was on filled with wisdom; and favor ofGod was on it. limll. * VATICA MANeUSCRIPT.-36. a HvUSBAND. 37. till eigity-four. 38. GOD, and spoke. 40. in Spirit-onit. 8 32. Isa. xlii. 0; xlix. 6; Ix.; Acts xiii. 47; xxviii. 28. 4 34. Isa. viii. 14; Matt. -xi. 44; Rom. ix. 32; 1 Cor. i. 23, 24; 1 Pet. ii. 7, 8. 34. TReh. xii 3. 37. Act; XXc;. 7; 3 Tim. v, 5. 38. Luke xxiv 21. 40,. Luke i- 80, var, 52,

Page  186 Chap. 2: 41.3 \ LUKE. [ ap. 51. KatL TropEvorsTo o' 7'ovets aVTOV tCaT' ETOS LtS 41 And his PARENTS And went the parents of him every year to went yearly to Jerusalem'Ipoiova part Tfl eOpTr7 TOU araoax. to the + fEAST of the PASSJerusalem of the feast of the passover. OVER. 42 Kai 6dE ECVYEVTO ECrTv daeEca, a doa'rrcov 42 And when he was And when he was years twelve, oavinggoneup twelve Yearavings old, they avr~cwv *[ELS'IepsOTrovUa] la-ra TO EOOS Tr7s went up according to the ofthem [to Jerusalem] accordingtothe custom of the CUSTOM of the FEAST. csPr.S 43 aL TEACLWOOV0ceS' 43 And having t com. feast i and having ended the days, in ETU es, oT1 feot;s07~PI c7U;rLE1 R0RETURN, JeSUStheYOuTu, T9/ bTroO'TpcEpCEv avr-ovs, V7retstE, 1 IV oovs 0 remained in Jerusalem. the to return them, remained Jesus the,And.* his PABENTS knew 7rELs Ce' I(EPOUOaXh l-e KaL OVIc e-yvW IWo'q ICaI it not. boy in Jerusalem; and not knew Joseph and soobe CTorsO. C44 No4toatves de aote, e 44 And supposing him 7) /77T?71p aVTrOV. NOPLO T~EtobeinthecoaPANY, they the mother of him. Having supposed and him in in the'r7 ovvsgnil Cven, 7hsz' jepos ddov, Al e wentaDay'sJourney; and ~ry7 o'VoVOOa evaLt, qAOlov?l/xepas O'ov, teal they sought him, among the company to be, they went ofaday ajourney, and theiry souRht him, among their RELATIVES and ACEVYE7To0v/ aUTOV EV TOIS ffU-'yyeveOt Ka TOIS QUAINTANCES. they sought him among the kinsmen and thenot finding him yPvCO'TOLS.' Kai un C ECpovTCES, 7rlEGTpetaJv they returned to Jerusaacquaintances. And not fnding, they retuded lem seeking him. ftlS'IEpovOaX7)t, TUTOVVTES auToV. 4 Kat 46 And it happened, to J erusalem, seeking him. And after three Days they 6yeV/eTO, /eO' /tzepas p Tpets ebpo avTov ev To7 found him in the TEMPLE, it happened, after days three they foend him in the sittig in t the Midst of Lrpof KaOeOoluevo v ev [ECOfT Twv t8o'aaascwaXt, the TEACHERS, both heartemple sitting in middle of the teachers, log them, and asking them KaL aeleOUOVTa aVTWV, caL EC7rpcsEPT Ta auTOUS. questions. and hearing of tlem, and asking them. 47 And ALL were as47 E4erTauo sE rralCT5e X [t aKOeoUovTEs avTov,] Ttonished at his INTELLIWere amazed and all [those hearing him,] GENCE and REPLIES. e7t 79' OVYVEOEt LeKat Tas a7roKeptrOCtl avTov. 48 And seeing him, they upon the understanlding and the ansoers of him. were amazed; and his IO48 Kao LSovTEs avUTOS, eter}a'yrirav' teal e rpos TIHER said to him, "Child, And seeing him, they were amazed; and to why hast thou done thus avTov 7C 7r)Tlp avTov Et7re' TeavoC,'T e7roTr- to ns? beholdthyFATHEa him the mother of him said; Ochild, why hastthou and E* tseek thee sorrowTras 517/y orTws; taov, b 7raTip oV ly[W ing." done to us thus? lo, the father of thee andI 49 And le said to them, oaVuOsVW Cvot CCS7TsoVeVC TCE. 49 t Ka C EtrE 7rpos "Why did you seek me? being in distress have sought thee. And he said to Did you not know that I avTousI T Tt C r/7eTCE CE; O al rECtT e, nmustbein tthe [COURvaTS] them; Why for did youseek me? not know you, ofmy FATHER?" OTt Ev TOtS TOV 7raTrOp TO ov OeE ECvar pe; os Kas 60 And tea did not that in the otthe father of me must to be me? And d i the no avTot ov'oVVrleCa/ To pr7l/a, o eCaO57Oev avTois. which he spoke to them. they not understood the word, which he spoke to them. 51 Kat eEaTeC37 1EUT' avTcwv, meat 7XOev eLS Naca- 51 And he went down And he went down with them, and came into Naza- with them, and came to peT- leaL'57!) trro~a~~ofTu e'oE avetoist. KRt l YNazareth, and was subject reth; and was being subject to them. And the to them. And his MOTHEl * VATICAN MANUSCBIPT.-42. to Jerusalem —omit. 43. his PARE NTS knew, 47. those hearing him —omzt. 48. seek thee. t 42. All the males were required to attend at the three festivals at Jerusalem; and females, though not commaonded, yet used often to attend, especially at the Passover. Childoen were excused; butthe Rabbinical writers say, that the above obligation was thought binding at twelve years of age. t 43. That os, been there eight days, of which the feast of the Passover was one, and the rest were the seven days of unleavened bread. t 46. They sat on benches in a half circle, and their scholars at their feet, Acts xxii. 3. t 4). in th courts or house of my Father, is now generally admitted as correct. A similar ellipsis weieors in Msrk v. 85, and Acts xvi. 40. 41. Exod. xxiii. 15,7 1i Si. 23; Dent. Xvio 1. 1,

Page  187 Cap. 2: 62.] LUKE. [eCap.: 7..r7jri7p anTov be'rlpet Ta'a T ra Tra A1acTar avTa kept All*these TlHINGS in mother of him treasured all the word, these her HEART. EV 7r7 Kap Zta a7rs. 52 Kae Iq1oovns?rpoEKo7rTE 52 $ AndJesus advanced in the heart of herself. And Jesus advanced *in aWISDOM, and in Manaoo(pta, Katet jltAea, Kteat xaptrt rapa OoE teat liness, and in Favor with in wisdom, and in vigor, and infavor with God and God and Men. avOpw7rois. men. CHAPTER III. KEd'.'. 30 1 Now in the fifteenth Year of the GOVERNMENT EZ E'ree e 7rEVTreteataetKacr'1s?1lyE/AOVLas of Tiberius Cesar, Pontius In year now iifteenth of the government Pilate being Governor of TtLepmov KatLapos,?-ye/tovevorVTos flov-oU r-I- JUDEA, and Herod teof Tiberias Cesar, being governor Pontius Pi- tralch of GALILEE, and AaTov rTs IouOatGtas, Kteat TerpapXOVU os r7Ss Phlilip his BROTHIE: telate of the Judea, and being tetrarch ofthe tarc of TUREA, andtte PaRtAatas'Hpcobov, lhltwrrov be roU aOehtov Province of Trachonitis, Galilee Herod, Philip and the brother and Lysanias, the tetrarch avrou erpaPXovyeros Trs Irovpatas Kal TpaxOw- of ABILESE, ofhim bein g tetrarch of the Ituria and Tracho- 2 4in tre * High-priest YttO8oS Xwpas, tcat AuOveavov 7771 AlXr7vpes hood of t Annas, and Cainitis region, and Lysanias of the Abilene aphas, a Coonland from rerpapXoVVTos, 2e7rr apXLepecws Ayva Kat Kai- God came to John. the being tetrarch, under high priests Annas and Cai- SON of Zachariah, in the anpa, EeyeVero tlyea eOeov ert IwavvJle, roV DESERT. aphas, came a word of God to John, the 3 $And he went into A11 ZaXaplov viov, ev r, eprlnr. 3Kait rdAe' els the adjacent *Country of of Zaeharias son, in the desert. And'e went Onto theJORDAN, publishing ax raoav 7 r 7 repLXwpoe TroV IopSaeov, Kolpvuo'sav Imnmersion of Reformation all the country about the Jordan preaching Ifor Forgiveness of Sins. $,a7rti1ea eTraveotan els anpelve &aaprtte, 4 s 4 As it is written in the a dipping ofreformation into aforgiveness ofS'ns; as Book of the Words of yeypa7rrTa e, tfl3ArY AWytWY'Healto Tron rpo- Isaiah,thePRoPrET; I"A itis wrvitten in a book ofevords ofEsaias the pro- " Voice proclaiming in the S770roV, *X[Ae-yoVesI] C" 4wrVl o0vTros e, rp "ODEsERT, PreparethewAY phet, [sayinlg: "Avoice crying in the "for the Lord, make the epry''E'roLt/ararse T dolV 6o KtPLOv, eUvOetas " IIIG WAYS straight for desert; Make you eady the way of alord, straight'"liim. 7roere C as T rpiloovs avUoV' 5 Ilana Japay4 6 "Every Ravine shall make you the beatentracks of lim; Every ravine "be filled up, and Every 7rA?)pw07170rera, Ka 7ra, opos tcal D0ovos a7relt- " Mountain and Hill shall shallbe filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be "be made low; and the vClo07oerTatr Kait e-at ra lKoAta EI eVELeav, "CROOrKED roads shall bewnade low; and shall be the crooked into straight, "cCOale straighlt, and the len t paXEi l 56ous Atas- Kal Aetaat "RouoGH Ways smooth; Kai rpn~cat a&szes oeTfrn 6 t" and All Fleso shall and the rough cnto ways smooth; and shall see the SALVATION Of "see the SALVATION of 7raa o ap~ ro'rWT7wpytov ron Oeov." Z EAEyee "GOD." all flesh the salvation of the God." He said 7 Then he said to the ove rotS etc7ropECvofe0Eot oxAots ia7rrtrolGe,,at br' CROW'DS COatING FORTH then to those coming out of crowds to be dipped by to be immersed by him, anrov' rPeviryaTra eXtaere,,rts b7reeLtet, dwelz $"O Progeny of Vipers him; O broods osvenomousserpents, who pointed out to you who adnlonished you to fly * VATICAN MANUSCI -lT. —51. the SAYINGS. 52. in wIsDoOm and. 2. Highpriest. 3. Country. 4. saying-omit. t 2. Doddridge says, " I cannot suppose, as some have done, that Annas was high-priest the former part of this year. and Caiaphas the latter; much less that Luke knew so little of the Jewish constitution, as to suppose there could be two high-priests properly so called. The easiest solution is, that one was the high-priest, and the other his sagan or deputy, so that the title might, with a very pardonable liberty, be applied to bothl." 1 52. 1 Sam. nl. 26; ver. 40. t 2. John xi. 49, 51; xviii.13; Atsiv. 6. 3. mIatt. ii t 1, stark i. 4. 3 3. Lulke i. 77. 1 4. Isa, xl. 3; Matt. iii. I;'lark i. 3; John i, 23,, 0. Psa, xcviii, 3 Isa, lii. 10; Ltke ii, 10, Matt. i.

Page  188 C.(ap. 3: 8.) LUKE. [Chap. S; 17. ftv-yeL a7ro'rSS jFeXAovoU7s oPYSrs; 8sLors'ac'rE from the APPROACHING to flee from the coming wrath? Bring forth VENGEANCE? OUr eapsrous aLbovs Tr7ls E'rTavoas' Ka'E t /1 8 Produce, therefore, then fruits worthy of the reformation; and not Fruits worthy of REFORMaplo'fO~e kAeoyevY ev' 6sToL fTepa elolo' TOO' ~ oATION; and begin not to apprqG-OE NE-yEIV EP E'av7-ois 0[T a-rEpa EX01EOV TOY iO you should begin to say in yourselves; A father whe the t ay among yourselves,'We AI3paan. Aeyw'yap ft/ev,'rt us'ctraa 6 o eos have a Father-AnBRAAbraam. I say for to you, that is able the God HAMI;' for I asslre you, eK,rvW 2OwZ 7rovroo eyELpaL TEfKVa Tr Alpaa/. That GoD is able from outofthe stones oftthese to raise up children to the Abraam. tese STONES to raise uP H3s7 oE KaiL 7l allvrl 7rpos'Trv pt,an TWoY 6EYVpWO CHrILDREN to AnnSAAle Now and even the axe to the root ofthe trees. At eve R o AXE Kca, 7rav ovv EVpov q 7rov rap7ro lies at the ROOT of the ECTa't' waY OeO' 6E'pO' F!'TOIOUV Orap' T0rro hes isplaced; every therefore tree not bearing fruit TREES; naskO', tieORTCOTa leat ELs Tp IaAET( therefore, not bearing good Katoe, eKKOweEdat, Kat ~tS ruvp 1aAketat. Fruitis cutdown, andcas t good, is cut down, and into a fire is cast. Fruit is cut down, and ast 10'KaL e~Wrlppoo'rw avrov or oXhoi, AeY yoES' T1 10 And the. l5-Kat E7r177pCTCVY aV70o' o kO' )/ AEo'yOTES' Ti into the Fire." And asked him the crowds, saying; What 10 And the caowDS ovO' 7tTro Ocr yF; 11 ArwoKpdess oe Ae'Elt ravrots' asked hi n, saying, "What then should we do? Answering and he says to them; then should we do?"'O EXWOV Uv XiTWOvas L, eT'aooTW TC, /yrl EXovT- 11 He *answered and He having two tunies, rethimsharewtitlthenot having; said to them, +" Let HIN ct 6 EXcWV 13pwoeuara, 6uosovs 7roIELTCw. who HAS Two Coats give to'and he having meats, inlike mannerlethim do. HIMI who HAS none; and 12 HAOov Se cal TeAcovat 0awrTLtrrOrvat, Kat let HIsA who HAS Food do Came and also tax-gatherers to be dipped, and the same." EtLroOv rpos a'rov' ALa-ticanXe, Tr 7iroLtrooUEV; 195 IAnd Tribute-takers, said to hin; 0 teacher, what sliouldwedo? also, came to be imnlersed, 3'O 8e ECTE 7rpos aVOrovs MrlSE w7rAEov 7rapa and said to him, "Teacher, He and said to them; Nothing more from what should we do?" To 86aTeTa'yraIO vo vL,utv 7rpaooeTe. 14E7rpWTWOV 13 And SnE said to them, tlhathavinglbeenappointed'ovou collect you. Asked "Collectnothingmorethan Be anroO' KaL e oTpCaTeVOeVo'L, 4EyOOT'ES' Kat WHIAT 1S APPOINTED for and him also soldiers, eaying; And yOU." 7/lUEIS Tt 7rotrlTooY tEO; Kat esre rpos avwrovs' 14 And Soldiers; also, we what should we do? And le said to them: asked him, * " What also Mrl77 va hta'eorITre,,LYr. oVKoqtav7rTr?70ore' teat should tue do?" And he No one mayvouo xtoltfrom,neithermayyonaccusewrongfully: and said to tlle d, "Oppress apmolde TI,rols orwv5o's /tywv. and falselyaccuse, No one; beyoucontentwith the wages ofyou. and be satisfied with your a Hipot-8o COVTOS hE TOV Aaov, KatL 8aAo'Yl-to- WAGES." Expecting and of the people, and reasonTOV 15 And the PEOPLE were /.LE'WO raOrwO EP TOLE le&/tlatl OVT~wY TErrL 7 waiting, and all were reaing all in ttie hearts of them about the Iao, 7ro o Xp To,6 E- soning in their HEARTS cwavov, eoncerning JouE, whether John, whether he were the Anointed, an- be were not the MEsIAh; pipwro b lwuvv-qs' 7ran, lE-Y oIt be were not the MESSIAH; ptvalso b Iwootvv7s 7rasrt, AeTywv' Kyco, 16, swered the John to all, saying: I indeed 16 JOHN answered all,'53alnt Ba7rTLtc ivtas- EPXETaL he 6 to"lvOS saying, I"4* indeed -imin water dip you: comes bit the mightier merse you in Water; but ov, OV OVK TEOOL'KOS va T WOa a IGHTIER than I is comFore, ov oVIc Etlit Lctavos LvTOat T'oaT inre f awo of me, ofwhomnot I am worthy to loose the strap ofthe ing, for whom I al not fit to untie the STRAP of his v7ro5,lpaTwv av'ov- avros vlas ia7'rt1eL E1 SAC NDALS; tewillim mer se sandals of him: he you will dip in ALS; wii erse 7rO'ev/.atrt ayt42 Kal 7rvpl. 17 0 t O 7rT Vov you in holy Spiri; and Fire. spirit holy and fire. Of whom the winnowing shovel 17 Whose XVINNOWING eY T' XEtpt av rov, l SHTOVEL in his hAND will in the hand of him, and he will thoroughly cleanse the effectually cleanse hli. * VATICAN MaUsctRIPT.-11. answered and said. 14. What also should 30E dot + 9, Matt. vii. 19. 4 11. Luke xi. 41; 2 Cor. viii. 14 James ii. 15,16 1 John iii 17 iv. 20. 12. iatt. xxi. 332; Luke vii. 29. $ 16. Matt. iii. 1t; ark i, 7,

Page  189 6hap. 3: 18.) LUTKE. [a. s: Aacwva abrov' Ka ovnae T-roy al-rov E1s T71r *TnRESeINOG-FLOOR; +he floor efhim: and he will gather the wheat into the willgather the WHEAT into his GRANARY, but the aroOrlr7Krp a'ron, -ro 8E OtXUpOV KaIr aTa uaeE irupt CHA F he will consume storehouse ofhimself the but chaff he willburnup in fire with an inextinguishable atrd TeTT, 18 rIoANa fis/e ovy Kaeat erpa Fire." inextinguishable. Many indeed then also otherthings 18 And exhorting many 7rapatcaNat' EVs-y-YEsAt1E o -roV Aaov. 19'0 a otherthings, heproclaimed exhorting he preached gladtidings the people. The but glad tidings to tle PEOPLE.'Hp 6 rr Xs r 19 + But HEROD the'Hpwo7-s o fre rpa6PX7s, EhezXOF vOS v~rr~ (Tbti TETRARCII being reproved Herod the tetrarch, being reproved by him obv him on account of He7rEpi'Hpcsiataos'raXs'ynaucos TroV a6sEXon rodias, his BROTrHEn' about Herodias ef the wife of the brother WIFE, and about a11 tle avTov, eat wrept 7rayTCrV &,y E7rotl7ae 7rovrlpvy 6 Crimes which Herod had ol him, and about all of which had done evils the done,'Hpcv8ss, 20 rpoo'e07Ee Kteat rovro Erl 7raart, Ctea 20 added alsothis to all, Herod, added also this to all, and — he shut up John ia * Prison. trareKAotIEa'ro' Ioavvacsv E5'l tvnAarp7. 21 Anditoceurred, when shutup the John in the prison. All the PEOPE were n All the PEOPLE were IMas21~ yF70 cc'rep'roIPaP76erV( T y t': IEtSED, $ Jesus also havlE'-yecsEo ae ev r,rrtcrOrlat Laarara Top ing been immersed, and It occurred and in the to have been dipped all the praying, the HArvEN was Aaov, Kat Iaorov Baar-rtoOevTo s eKat rpoo'evXo- opened, people, and Jesus having been dipped and pray- 22 andltheHOLY SPIRIT, ecEov, avcrpX0la at or opanvov, 22 cat Ka'ra,3- in a Bodily Form like a ing, to have been opened the heaven, and to den- Dove, descended upon him, vat T'o 7rvevya'ro &ayto' aoWGta'rtot e her, &Otet and there came a Voice send the spirit the holy in abodily form, like fiom Heaven, saying, caPEr' an-ot', Kat~ "iou art my SON, the repto'repat,, e y t so' E ovpaCov BELOVED; In thee I de. a dove, upon him, and a voice outof heaven light." ytevsoOai, *[.kyovaoav' ] " 2v et 6 vZos eOnV o 23 And te, JESus was to have come, [saying;] "Thou art the son ofmethe about t thirty years old, aya7rrl'ros, et, o'eo alnvoKc'ila." when he began [his work,1 beloved, in thee I delight. being, Tas was allowed, a * Son of JOSEPH, the t son 23Kat av'ros l7v 6 17tlovs &or set saT'o'rptaKtoV' a, of EL, And he wasthe Jesus about years thirty, 24 the son of MATTHAT. e A apXOIAE WV, kS EVOIAL(ET0, VIOI IC,10` the son of LEVI, the son of apxo/evos, at', as evottes'ro, vnos Iaoalq),'rov MELCHTi the ton of JAN, beginning, being. as was allowed, a son ofJoseph, of the MAI, tLe son O rJOAP 2_NAI, the son of JosEHrn,'HAt, 24'ro MarOar,'ro Aevn,'rov MeAXL, 25 the son of MATTA, Heli, ofthe Matthat, ofthe Levi, afthe Melchi, THIAE. the son of Amos rov Iavva,'ron Icwoa7p,?5'roy Ma'r'raOtov, rov the sonof NAHUM, the son efthe Janna, ofthe Joseph, ofthe llattathias, ofsthe of ESLI, the son of NACG. Aeuws,'ro Naovt,'rov EoAr, rov Nayyat, 26TO GAov T, Amos, of the Naoum, ofthe Esli, of the Naggai, of the 26 the son of MAATH, the son of MATTATHIAH, MaaO,'ron Mar'laOUo'rov ef.te,'ron Iaorlp, the sonof SHIEI, the so laath, ofthe Mattathias, of the Semei, of the of JosxaPH, the son of JUi rov Iovaa, 27'rTo lwaaca,'rou'PP1oCa,,roV Zopo- DAH, i the Juda, of the Joanna, ofthoe Ihess, ofthe Zoro- 27 the son of JOHANAI,.Ba/eA, the son of RESA, the son babel, of ZERIUBBABEL, the soa VATICAN MNUSCIPT. —17. tothoroughly cleansehis TaERES aING-IOOR, andto gather. 20. Prison, 22. saying-omit. 23. a Son (as was allowed) of JosEP n. t?3 or son-in-law of Eli, the father of Maryo. uke gives Mary's ancestry, and Matthew that of Joseph. See Appendix. t 17.. Micah vi. 12; Matt. xiii. 30. I T. Matt. ioiv. 3; Mark vi17. 21. Mats iii. 13; Mark i. 9; John i. 32. t 23. See Num. iv,3. 355, 43,47. t 23. Matt, %iii M; Johnvi. 42

Page  190 Map. S3 2. LUKE. p. 4:. roe 7' Ea~ zrV7A,'roe Nr7p:, 28 rov MeAX Tot of SALATHIEL, the son of ToV 1akaOIIO, TOY N-qpt, STov MECAXL, TOV NERI, ofthe Salathiel, ofthb Neri, ofthe Melchi, of the 28 the son of MALCHI,'o6~o, Tov KwoCau, Tov EXAooSoat, rov Hp, 9TOV the son of ADDI, the son of Addi, of the Cosam, ofthe Elmod-mo, cfite Er, of the KOSAMI, the son of ALO.DAM, thile son of Ei, twa To, roy EAtteip, TOe IWopeL', Tov MaraT, 29 the sonof JosEs, the Jose, of the Eliezer, ofthe Jorem, of the Matthat, son Of ELIEZER, tile son TOv AeUL, w30'OV:tEWV, rov Ioea, roV IGOtnp, of JORAM, the son of MATofthe Levi, ofthe Simeon, of the Juda, of the Joseph, TATH, the son of LEVI,' 30 the son of SIMEON,'rou Iwvrav,'roe EALaKEOL., tle so, of JUDAIt, the son ofthe Jonan, ofthe Eliakim, of the MYelea, of the of JOSEPH, tile son of JoMo~a',a,'roe M~a7'raIa, NAN, tile son of ELIAKIM, alinan, ofthe 2vlattatha, 31 the son ef MELrAIT, the son of MAINAN, the son of MATTATHAMi, the'oe Nadar, Toeu avra, 32 Toe Ilecar i TOV Sn of', tro, the son of ofthe Nathan, ofthe David, of the Jesse, of the DAVID, 32 the son of JESSE, the'frol, Tov Boo(,'roev:aXowv, Tov Naaorwz, son of OBED, the son of -Obed, of the Booz, f the Salmon, ofthe Salmasson, OAZ, ths son of SALMON,'3 TroU AjALvaa j3, roe Apaau, roe EOpwY, rov the son of NATISHON, ~ of the Aminadab, of the Aram, of the Esrom, ofthe 33 the son of AMINA DAB, the son of RAM, the 4Yapes, Toe IeOUa, 34 roV Olac/B, TOv 10aaFc, son of HiEZRON, the son Fharee, of the Juda, of the Jacob, of the Israel, of PHAREZ, the son of JuDAH, 34 the son of JACOB, the'rou Alpaaju, rov Oapa, rov NaXwp, 3 TOY soon of ISAAC, the son of of the Abraam, of the Thioa, of the Nachor, of the ABRAHAM, the son of TEZspovX, ov'Payav, rou PaXeK, rov Ejfep, -oe RAU, tie son of NAHOR, Saruch, of the Ragau, ofthe Phalec, of the Eber, of the 35 the son of SERUG, the'roea,' 36 T~v K ApDpa rou son of REu, the son of PEaka,'r6 To Karvat, T Ov Ap 0pa0a,'rOT 27I, LFGthe son of EBER, the Sala, of the Cainan, ofthe Arphaxad, ofthe Sem, son Of SALAI, Tro Nwe TOV AoajeoX, 37 TOU MaOoveraAa,'ro 36 tile son of CAINAN, ofthe Noe, ofthe Lailech, of the Mathusala, of the the son of ARPHAXAD, the EvwX, rov TXpeS,'Ov MaEXEAeA,'roe Ka'vav, son of SHEM, tile son of Enoch, of the Jared, of the Maleleel, of the Cainan, NOAH, thesonofLAMoECH,'~ roe ETJ~WI, r8e'roe'roe e 37 the son of M TISUSE38 rou EmWS, -o)U:ErO, rOUv AMay, rOU 01OV. LAH, the son of ENOCH, oefthe Enos, eofthe Seth, of the Adam, of the God. the son of JAREL. tle son of MAHALALALEET. the son of CAINAN, KE 8. a'. 4. 38 the son of wios, the I ~C~0t ~ eson of SETH, tile son of 1 bl07ovs AE wPevY aos 0ayto7V 7r Ep7Ps 5er0- ADA, the son of GOD. Jesus and spirit of holy full re CHAPTER IV. Tpe4ev'ro'TO IopSavov' Kat?77 o0 O'raV T turned from the Jordan o andwasledaboutby thte 1 And $Jesus, full ti'0'rLpas 011'r27t' ea holy Spirit, returned from rvevVUaT, EIs Tr7i eprnT/ov, 71/epas Te'roapaKoVra the JORDAN, and was car. spirit into the desert, days forty ried about by the SPIRIT 7repao0,uevos t7ro TroU tao/3 ov. Kal ovK in the DESERT being tempted by the accuser. And not 2 forty Days, being eqatyEP oUveV Ev'rats l/.tpats EKcelVaLI' Ical tempted by the rNlElY. he ate nothing in the days those; and Aind he ate nothili, in th'ose DAYS; and wrhen vrTXefereOio'wtv auTWV, *[vo'rTepoV] E~rtcao-E. they wece completed, hl being ended ofthem, [afterwards] hew ashlullgry. Was hungry. *VAT1CANh MANUSCRIPT.-1. inthe DESiRT. 2. afterwards —omit. 1. Matt. iv. 1 ~ Mark i. 12. $ 2. Exod. xxxiv. 28; 1 Kings xix. 8.

Page  191 'hap. 4; 3.] ITJKE. [Cphap. 4: 14i Ka et7rev av'rTP 6 CaBoXos' Et Vtos EL rov 3 And the ENEMY saa4 And said to him the accuser; If asonthouartofthe to hint, " If thou art a Son ROVY, EIrE ret Ai0ep reTrpY, a E'-yq-r7Lat apeS. of GoD, command this God, say to the stone this, thatit may become aloa. STONE to become Bread." 4Kai a7retcpilOr Ioaeuovs 7rpos avuroe, *[Ateyzw.] 4 And *JEsus answered And answered Jesus to him, [saying;] him, " It is written, I'MAN lPeIypa7wrat-'OI OUK c 7r' apTrWp eovrp Cuse-at'shall not live on Bread Itie written; That not on bread alone shalllive'Only.'" o avOpw7ros, *[axx' E7ri 7raPvr plyartu O-ou."] 5 And *takinghim up, the man, [but on every word of God."] he slloed him A' its 6 Kat avayaaywcv au'ov o 8a/oAeos eIs opos KINGDOIls of the o-AISo And havingledup him the accuser into mountain TABLE ill a Mon "lnt Oa 4/j1Aov, ezFe'v aurep 7raTras as aor-iAELas T'rs Time. high, he showed to him all the kingdoms of the 6 And the ENEm v said ocKOVaUtEFcS cfV OT —rt p XPOVOU. 6 Kai EitrEv to hinm, "I will give Thea habitable in a moment of time. And said All this AUTHIORITY, and aur'p b 8taoR Aos ot o aocrw'r7v etousr-iav rau- the GLORY of these; T:For to him the accusir; To thee I will give the authority this it has been delivered to me, TrtP a7rat-as, al, Tt'rt 8oa avarwv-' o-ri EfOt and I give it to whom I all, and the glory of them; that to me please. arapabe3orat, Kcat'e eav OeAx, dw iti avur7V' 7 If, then, teou wilt it has been prepared, and to whoever I will, I give her; render homage before me, 7 (rv out eadv 7rpoesr-uwelt7s EVCortov, 11ou, er'rat all shall be thine." thou then if thou wilt do iomage before me, shall be 8 And *Jesus answer ovu 7rasa. 8 Kat a7roKpiOecs avrey E'T e o ing said, to him, t It t9 to,see all. And answering to him said the written'Thou shlall wor Ir'ovs- rEypanrail'" lpoaKvvtcvuyets splov''roy'ship the Lord thy Gon, Jesus; It is written; "Thou slllord the and Him only shalt thou Eoe tcOv, iKat avrUp ovpW Aatrpev oets.'serve. " God ofthee, und tohim alone thou shalt render service." 9 SAnd he brought 9 Kat y-yayeY av