Richardson's monitor of free-masonry; being a practical guide to the ceremonies in all the degrees conferred in masonic lodges, chapters, encampments, &c. explaning the signs, tokens and grips, and giving all the words, pass-words, sacred words, oaths, and hieroglyphics used by masons. The ineffable and historical degrees are also given in full ...
Richardson, Jabez

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Page  II INDEX TO CONTENTS. brazen Serpent, Knight of........-. 172 Knights Templars.................. Commander of the Temple.......... 174 Knights of Three Kings..........96 Chief of the Tabernacle............170 Master Mason......................27 Christian Mark, Knights of 12........3 Mark Master.40 Cross, Order of....................127 Master Elect of Nine................ 142 Entered Apprentice................. 5 Master Elect of Fifteen......... 145 Fellow Craft..................-.....9 Master of Symbolic Lodges.........168 Grand Elect and Perfect Mason.....15 Most Excellent Master.............. 58 Grand Inspector General............ 187 Ninth Arch, Knights of.-..-.-.-. 149 Grand Master Architect -...-.. 147 Order of the Cross.................. 127 Grand Master of Symbolic Lodges..168 Order of the Holy Sepulchre -----— 126 Grand Pontiff -----..................166 Order of Knights Templars......... 199 Harodim, Prince of............. 162 Past Master........................ 53 Heroine of Jericho -................94 Perfect Master..............-......134 I-istorical andPhilosophical Degrees.156 Perfect and Sublime Mason....... 152 Holy Sepulchre, Knights of..........126 Prince of Jerusalem.................156 Ineffable Degrees -1................132 Prince of Mercy....................173 Intendant of the Building. —.-..139 Prince of Rose-Croix.-..-.-. 162 Intimate Secretary................-.136 Prince of the Royal Secret. ——....183 Inspector General.................. 187 Prince of the Tabernacle.........171 Knight of the Brazen Serpent....... 172 Provost and Judge.-................ 137 Knights of the Christian Mark.......123 Royal Arch Degree......-.........64 Knight of the Eagle and Pelican..... 162 Royal Secret, Sublime Prince of-....183 Knights of the East and West.......158 Royal Master......................... 80 Knight of the East. —-..............188 Secret Master 1.................... 13 Knight of Kadosh...................177 Secret Monitor....-................ 92 Knight of the Ninth Arch...........149 Select Master....................... 82 Knights of the Red Cross........... 97 Sovereign Commander of the Temple 174 Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.......126 Sovereign Inspector General.......187 Knight of the Sun.................. 175 Super-Excellent Master............. 89 Knight of the Sword.-..............188 Sublime Knights Elected............. 146 ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS in the year 1860 by BENJAMIN H. DAY, in the Clerk's Office of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Page  III AUTHOR'S PREFACE. MOJPE sban thirty-five years have passed since WILLIAM MORGAN wrote his famous book revealing the mysteries of modern Free Masonry, and giving to the outside world a particular description of the ceremonies observed in the Lodges of the first six or seven degrees. The bare rumor that such a book was to be published created much astonishment and indignation among the Masonic fraternity of WVest. eru Novew York, and particularly those who had associated with Morgan in the meetings of the Craft. They soon ascertained the rumor to be true, and that Col. David C. Miller, the publisher of a newspaper in Batavia, was in fact then engaged in printing the book. Great efforts were immediately made by a large number of Free M[asons to stop its publication —first by arresting Morgan for debt-then by a complaint against him for larceny, during the prosecution of which his apartments were searched-and lastly by kidnapping the unfortunate man, taking him forcibly from the jail at Canandaigua, where he was confined on some pretence, carrying him il a close carriage to Fort Niagara, (then unoccupied,) and there murdering him in cold blood. These events occurred in September, 1826, but the Masonic brethren did not succeed in suppressing the book written by Morgan. Part of it had already been put to press by Col. Miller, and the remainder of the manuscript was so effectually concealed by the wife of the murdered man that it was not discovered by the Ma. sons who searched his premises. This and other outrages, among which was the firing of Miller's printing office, alarmed the citizens of the whole western section of the State. Several arrests of supposed kidnappers took place, and the personas arrested were brought to trial. Col. Edward Sawyer, and Nicholas G. Chesebro, (both of Canandaigua,) Loton Lawson, John Sheldon, and Eli Bruce, Sheriff of Ni, agara County, were each found guilty of participation in the abduction of Morgan, and were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. But still the murderers remained undetected. Meantime the whole book had been published, and its contents had made public the somewhat ferocious oaths of the Free Masons. An immense excitement was created all over the country, which lasted many years. Free Masonry became unpopular, and numerous worthy and distinguished persons, including a great number of ministers of the Gospel, withdrew from the Society. Lodges and Chapters were disbanded, while their officers and members publicly renounced all future connection with the Masonic Order. Indeed, so great was the prejudice against iMasons, caused by that inherent love of justice peculiar to American citizens, that a powerful politi. cal party was formed in the State of Newv York which threatened at one time to overcome or absorb all other party organizations. The murderers of Morgan (although known) were never prosecuted, and this fact kept alive the anti-Masonic excitement until the party almost became National, for it extended throughout the New England and Middle States, and killed off a score or two of prominent public men. But there must be an end to all things; and in the fulness of time the preju

Page  IV IV AVTrIIOI A e PiEFACPE dice against Free Masonry died away. Then it was discovered that the Masons who kidnapped William Morgan were, after all, simply ruffians, and not by any means representatives of the main body of the Masonic fraternity. And why should Masons, more than any other respectable class, be suspected of aiding the perpetration of a murder, or any other crime against society? Because, says the uninitiated reader, they bind their members by fearful and sanguinary oaths, and keep everything connected with their Lodges in such profound secrecy. This is a very natural conclusion for the unthinking multitude, but will scarcely pass current among those who possess any degree of reflection, and comprehend the promptings which govern the actions of men. These last would naturally inquire why should mankind as Masons differ from mankind as husbands, fathers, devoted friends or indeed as civilized beings? Since the issue of Morgan's book, no other entirely original work has been published on the subject, though several more elaborate volumes have appeared, in which the writers have attempted to give in detail some of the higher degrees. I3But all have failed to make their revelations fully intelligible, either because they did not understand the subject, or else were careless or incompetent. In the following pages I have endeavored to give exact descriptions of the MIasonic ceremonies as they are (or should be) performed in the Lodges, Chapters, &c., of each degree. The information is intended, not only for the public at large who have a curiosity to fathom the wonderful secrets of Free Masonry, but for newly formed Masonic Societies, who desire a printed guide to facilitate their work. Comparatively few persons among the multitudes who join the Masonic Lo(dges, extend their knowledge of the Craft beyond the Royal Arch Degree; and to such Ias have not been advanced, this work will be read with much interest. By the aid of it they may become familiar with the higher degrees of modern Masonry-with the Ineffable Degrees-and with those curious and enthusiastic Historical and Philosophical Degrees which are so mixed up with Jewish history and Christian Knight-errantry as to puzzle the matter-of-fact student of the present day. And now a few words with Masonic friends as to my object in retiring from the Society and publishing this book. I am no enemy of Masonry; and I think that if it were possible to keep unworthy men out of our Lodges, it would be an unexceptionable institution. Considering that this has not been, and probably cannot he done, I am content to leave it. And as I have always looked upon our secret ceremonies and oaths as but the relics of a past age, and continued merely to preserve the ostensible antiquity of the institution rather than to bind our'consciences, I do not hesitate to make them public. The Society of Free Masons was formed at an early age of the world, when there were no laws to protect the weak against the strong. The oaths and obligations were then undoubtedly binding, not only for the protection of the members, but for the preservation of the very imperfect arts and sciences of that period. To suppose these oaths mean anything now is simply absurd. Mankind outside a BIa. sonic Lodge does not care a straw what takes place within that secret conclave, ex. cept as a matter of curiosity. It is partly to gratify this spirit of inquisitiveness that I have written this book, and partly to give information to Free Masons themselves. More than half the persons who join Masonic Lodges do not understand anything of the principles of the Order. They go through certain ceremonies, pay their fees, and then forget it all in a short time. By having an authentic detail of the proceed. ings to read over at their leisure, they may become Masons in reality. JABEZ rPICHARDSON.

Page  5 R I C H A R D S O N'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY FIRST DEGREE. door, and gives three distinct knocks on A LODGE OF E~NTERED APPRENTICES. the inside, which are answered by three A LODE OF ENTERED PPRENTICE. knocks of the Tyler on the outside. The IN opening a Lodge of Entered Ap- Junior Deacon then again gives one prentices, it is necessary that at least six knock, (which is answered by a knock Apprentices should be present, and one from the Tyler,) when he returns to his Past Master. They can only act under station and says: "The door is tyled, a charter or warrant from the Grand Worshipful," at the same time giving the Lodge. The room in which they as- due-guard, (explained hereafter,) which semble should represent the ground floor is never omitted when the Master is adof King Solomon's Temple. The fix- dressed. tures of the room, and the seats of the Master-By whom is it tyled? officers are as in Engraving on page 6. Junior Deacon-By a brother of this On taking his seat to open the Lodge, degree without the door, armed with the the Master gives one rap with his gavel, proper imnplements of his office. and says: "Brethren, I am about to Master-His duty there? open a Lodge of Entered Apprentices, Junior Deacon-To keep off all cowfor the dispatch of business, and I will ans and cave-dropers; to see that none thank you for your attention and assist- pass or re-pass except such as are duly ance." qualified, and have permission from the Master to the Junior Wardenl-Brother Master. [Permission of the Chair, is Junior, are they all Entered Apprentice sometimes said.] Masons in the South? Master-Let us now be clothed, bre. Jlunior Warden-They are, Worshipful. thren. [Here the members present put Master to the Senior Warden-Brother on their aprons and jewels, and resume Senior, are they all Entered Apprentice their seats.] Masons in the West? The Worshipful Master then gives one Senior Warden-They are, Worshipful. rap with his gavel and addresses the The Master then declares, " They are, Junior Deacon as follows: also, in the East," and at the same time Master-Brother Junior Deacon, your he gives one rap with his gavel, which place in the Lodge? calls up the Junior Deacon, who, as he Junior Deacon-At the right hand of rises, gives a sign by opening his left the Senior Warden in the West. hand and placing the open fingers of the Master-Your business there, Brother right hand on the palm of it. The Mas- Junior? ter then says: Junior Deacon-To wait on the WVorBrother Junior Deacon, the first care shipful Master and Wardens, act as their of congregated Masons? proxy in the active duties of the Lodge, Junior Deacon-To see the Lodge and take charge of the door. tyled, Worshipful. Master-The Senior Deacon's place in Master-Perform your duty, and in- the Lodge? ibrm the Tyler that we are about to Junior Deacon-At the right hand (f open a Lodge of Entered Apprentices the Worshipful Master in the east. [The for the dispatch of business, and direct Master, while asking the last question, hira to tyle accordingly. gives two raps, which calls up all the The Junior Deacon then goes to the subordinate officers.] door of the Lodge and stations the Tyler Master (to Senior Deacon)-Your duty outside of it with a drawn sword in his there, Brother Senior? hand, at the same time whispering the Senior Deacon-To wait on the Wor. words of the Master that he is about to shipful Master and Wardens, act as their open a Lodge, &c. IRe then closes the proxy in the active duties of the Lodge,

Page  6 6 RICIHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MIASONRY. attend to the preparation and introduc- Secretary-The better to observe the tion of candidates, and welcome and Worshipful Master's will and pleasure, clothe all visiting brethren, [i. e. furnish record the proceedings of the Lodge; them with an apron.] transmit a copy of the saame to the Master (to Senior Deacon)-The Secre- Grand Lodge, if required; receive all tary's place in the Lodge, brother Senior? moneys and money bills from the hands Senior Deacon-At the left hand of of the brethren, pay them over to thel, the Worshipful Master in the east. Treasurer, and take receipts for the same. Master (to Secretary)-Your duty Master (to Secretary) —The Treas>.there, Brother Secretary? rer's place in the Lodge? Treasurer. Worshipful Master. OC<retarSenior Deacon, Altar. Junior Warden. Senior Warden. Junior Deacon. LODGE OF NIfTERED APPRENTIGES, FELLOW CRAFTS, OR MASTER MAS0NS.

Page  7 OPENING A LODGE OF ENTERED APRENT1CES. 7 Secretary-At the right hand of the the same to the Junior Warden,, that the, Worshipful Master. brethren may have timely notice thereof. Master (to Treasurer)-Your duty The Senior Warden then delivers the there, Brother Treasurer? Master's order to the Junior Warden, Treasurer-Duly to observe the Wor- who gives three raps with his gavel, and shipful Master's wrill and pleasure; re- says: "Brethren, it is our Worshipful ceive all moneys and money bills from Master's order that a Lodge of Entered the hands of the Secretary; keep a just Apprentice Masons be opened in this and true account of the same; pay them place for the dispatch of business. You out by order of the Worshipful Master will take due notice thereof, and govera and consent of the brethren. yourselves accordingly." Master (to Treasurer)-The Junior Master-Attend to the signs, brethren. WVarden's place in the Lodge, Brother Treasurer? Treasurer-In the south, Worshipful. Master (to Junior Warden)-Your business there, Brother Junior? Junior Warden-As the sun in the south at high meridian is the beauty and glory of the day, so stands the Junior Warden in the south, the better to observe the time; call the crafts from labor to refreshment; superintend them during the hours thereof; see that none convert the hours of refreshment into that of intemperance or excess; and call them on again in due season, that'/ the Worshipful Master may have honor, and they profit and pleasure thereby. Master (to Junior Warden)-The Senior Warden's place in the Lodge? - Junior Warden-In the west, Worshipful lRight Angles, or, the Horizontals, or, shipfuL Sign of Distress. Due-Guar~ Master (to Senior Warden)-Your duty Sign of Distress. Due-Guard. there, Brother Senior? The signs of this degree are now Senior Warden-As the sun sets in given by the Master and brethren, viz.: the we4t to close the day, so stands the right-angles, horizontals, and perpendiSenior Warden in the west, to assist the culars. The right-angles are shown by Worshipful Master in opening his Lodge; holding open the left hand and crossing take care of the jewels and implements; the palm of it with the open palm of the see that none be lost; pay the craft their right hand at right-angles-the hands to. wages, if any be due; and see that none be held out about twelve inches from the go away dissatisfied. body. This is called the first sign of a Master (to Senior Warden)-The Mas- Mason. It is the sign of distress in this ter's place in the Lodge? degree. To draw a horizontal, raise Sen. Warden-In the east, Worshipful your open right hand and arm to your Master-His duty there? neck, and holding the palm downwards, Senior Warden-As the sun rises in and the thumb partly under the hand, the east to open and adorn the day, so but parallel with the fingers, draw the presides the Worshipful Master in the hand from the left to the right shoulder east to open and adorn his Lodge; set by a quick motion. While you are doing his crafts to work with good and whole- this let the left hand drop perpendicu. some instruction; or cause the same to larly by your side, the palm backwarcS. be done. This to show the perpendicular sign. Master (giving three raps with his ga- The horizontal is called the due-guard. vel)-In like manner, so do I, strictly The Master, the Senior Warden and forbidding all profane language, or any the Junior Warden now, each of them, disorderly conduct whereby peace and gives one rap with the gavel, when the hsarmony may be interrupted. It is my Master says: " I now declare this Lodge will and pleasure that a Lodge of Enter- of Entered Apprentice Masons duly ed Apprentice Masons be opened in this opened for the dispatch of business." place for the dispatch of business. Bro- The Master then reads from a book the ther Senior Warden, please communicate following: Behold how good and how

Page  8 83 RICHARIDSON IS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to- The Senior Deacon brings the box gether in unity I It is like the precious containing the ballots to the Worshipful ointment upon the head that ran down Master, who, after looking into it, orders upon the beard, even Aaron's beard, him to carry it to the SeniorjWarden, who that went down to the skirts of his gar- looks at it and sends it to his Junior.'ents; as the dew of flermon, and as Master-I-ow stands the ballots in the the dew that descended upon the moun- west, Brother Senior? tain of Zion, for there the Lord corn- Senior Warden-Clear, Worshipfui. manded the blessing, evermore. Amen. The same question is put to the Junior So mote it be. as to the south, who gives the same rAfter the opening prayer, or exercise, ply, when the Mlaster declares the ball,:[ the Worshipful Mlaster gives one rap to be clear, and that the candidate is with his gavel, when all the members duly elected a member of this Lodge. If take seats. one or more black balls appear among Master-Brother Senior Warden, have the white ones, it is announced that the you anything in the west for the good candidate is rejected. of our Craft? If the candidate be outside the Lodge, Senior Warden-Nothing. Worshipful. and ready for initiation, the Senior DeaThe same question is then put to the con goes out to prepare him, while the Junior Warden as to the south, with the usual business proceeds. It is conducted same reply, when the Worshipful Master much the same as any Society business, asks if any brother present has anything if we except forms and ceremonies, such to lay before the Lodge. Some brother as saluting the Chair, &c. replies by proposing that the minutes of The Master says: Does any brother the last meeting be read. present know of a brother in distress, or Master-Brother Secretary, you will in difficulty? read the minutes. In reply to this question, sick brothers The Secretary reads the name of the are reported to the Lodge, as well as all Lodge, time and manner of opening, cases where the charities of the Lodge names of officers present, and all the are supposed to be needed, whether for a proceedings which took place, among biother Mason, or for a deceased brother's which may have been proposed a new family. The regular routine of business candidate for fellowship. If this is the being over, the initiation of the new cancase, the Master thus addresses the didate proceeds. Lodge: Master-Brethren, what is your plea- INITIATING A NEW EMBER. sure on this proposition; how shall we The candidate (if present) having been dispose of it? conducted into a small preparation room A Brother-I move the candidate be adjoining the Lodge, he is there asked the balloted for. following questions, and gives the folMtaster-If no objection is made, I lowing answers: shall now send rounld the balls, and we Senior Deacon to Candidate-Do you will proceed to ballot for John Smith to sincerely declare, upon your honor bebecome a Mason and a member of this fore these gentlemen, that, unbiassed by Lodge. Brother Senior Deacon, will friends, uninfluenced by unworthy moyou distribute them? tives, you freely and voluntarily offer The Lodge now proceeds to ballot. yourself a candidate for the mysteries of One black ball will reject a candidate. Masonry? The boxes may be passed three times, Candidate-I do. should a black ball appear. The Dea- Senior Deacon-Do you sincerely de. cons are the proper persons to pass Clare, upon your honor before these genthem; one of the boxes has black and tlemen, that you are prompted to solicit white beans or balls in it, the other is the privileges of Masonry by a favorable emnpty; the one with the balls in it goes opinion conceived of the institution, a bleore, and furnishes each member with free desire of knowledge, and a sincere a black and a white ball; the empty box wish of being serviceable to your fellow follows and receives them. There are creatures? two holes in the top of this box, with a Candidate-I do. small tube in each, one of which is black, Senior Deacon-Do you sincerely doe and the other white, with a partition in clare, upon your honor before these genthe box. The members put both their tlemen, that you will cheerfully conform balls into this box as their feelings may to all the ancient established usages and dictate. No one knows which is voted. customs of the fraternity?

Page  9 INITIATION OF AN ENTERED APPRENTICE. 9 Candidate-I do. qualifications, let him enter this worshipThe Senior Deacon now resigns the fui'l Lodge in the name of the Lord, ann candidate to the Junior Deacon, or Con- take heed on what lie enters. ductor, and returns inside the Lodge, The candidate then enters, the Senior reporting to the Master that ail is ready. Deacon at the same time pressing his Master-Brethren, at the request of lnaked left breast with the point of the Mr. John Smith, he has been proposed compass. asld accepted in regular form as a mem- Senior Deac.on (to the candidate) —. Is r of thills Lodge. I therefore recoin- Did you feel anything? ellend him as a proper candidate for the Candidate-I did. my,teries of Free Masonry, and worthy Senior Deacon-WVhat was it 1? to partake of all the privileges of the fra- Canldidate-A torture. ter:ity. Tihe Sncior Deacon then says-As this NVhlle the Master is thus speaking in- is a torture to your flesh, so mLay it ever side the Lodge, the candidate is divested be to your mind and conscience, if ever of his clothing, (shirt excepted,) and is you should attempt to reveal the secret.s made to put on a pair of red flannel of Masonry unlawfully. d(svcars. I-Ie is then blindfolded, his The canldidate is then conducted to tlhe left foot made bare, his right foot in a center of the Lodge, where he kneels, and slipp)er, his left breast and arm naked, t'le Senior Deacon kneels withhim. The anld a rope, called a cable-tow, put round Master now gives three raps with his his neck and left arm, (the rope is not put gavel. when all the brethren rise, and round the arm in some Lodges,) in which the Deacon pronounces the following posture the candidate is conducted by prayer: the Junior Deacon to the door, where he " Vouchsafe thine aid, Almighty Fais caused to give, or the Junior Deacon ther of the universe, to this our present rives, three distinct knocks, which are convention; and grant that this cauldi-. lsswered by three from within; the Ju- date for Masonry may dedicate and deerir Deacon gives one more, which is vote- his life to thy service, and become a a'..o answered by one from within. The true and faithful brother amlong ns! door is then partly opened. Induo him with a competency of Thy'esior Deacon-Weho comes there? divine wisdom, that by the secrets of 5V ho comes there? Who comes there? our art lie may be the better enabled to julnior Deacon-A poor blind canidi- display the beauties of holiness, to the date who lhas log been desirous of honor of Thy holy name. So mote it be. having and receiving5 a part of the rites Amen!" and benelits of this worshipful Lodge, Master (putting his hand on the head de:-licated (some say erected) to God and of candidate)-In whom do you put your held forth to the holy order of St. Johns, trust? as all true fellows and brothers have Candidate-In God. done who have gone this way be'ore him. iMaster (taking him by the right hand) Senior DI)acon —Is it of his ownv fiee -Your trust being in God, your faith is wvil1 and accord he makes this request? well founded. Follow your leader and Is lihe duly and truly prepared? worthy fear no danger. anld well qualified 1 and properly avouch- The Senior Deacon then conducts tihe ed for? c candidate three times regularly round the Junior Deacon-He possesses all these Lodge, and halts by the J unior Warden requisites. in the south, where the same questionis Senior Deacon-By what further rights are asked and answers returned as at oeCs lie expect to receive this benefit? the door. As the candidate and ConJunior Deacon —By being a man, free ductor are passing round the room, the 1. )rn, of lawful age, and under the tongue Master reads the following passage cf &~ good report. Scripture, and takes the same time to Tile Senior Deacon then says —Since read it, that they do to go round tihe th'is is the case, you will wait till the Lodge room three times. NVorshipful Master in the east is made " Behold how good and how pleasant acquainted with his request, and his an- it is for brethren to dwell together in. swer returned. unity! It is like the psrecious ointment The SenlliorDeacon repairs to the Mas- upon the head, that ran down upon the ter, when the same questions are asked beard, even Aaron's beard, that went anld answers returned as at the door; down to the skirts of his garment: as after which, the AM:aster says —Since he the dew of He-rmon, and as the dew that comes citowved witLh al thse necessary d descended upon the mountains of Zrina;

Page  10 10 lICiHARIDSON'S dONITORl OF FI:i~E-3MASONRY. for there the Lord commanded the bless- hereon most so!emnly and sincerely proing, even life for ever more." raise and swear, that I will always hail, The candidate is then conducted to ever conceal, and never reveal any part the Senior Warden in the west, where or parts, art or arts, point or poilts of the same questions alre asked and an- the secrets, arts and mysteries of ancient swers returned as before; from thence Free Masonry, -lwhichl I hliave receivtd, lie is conducted to thie WVorshipful MIas- am about to receive, or may hereafter t)e ter in the east, who demands of him instructed in, to any person or persons frol whence he calne, and whither he in the known woild, except it be a ttlre is traveling? and lawful brother Mason, or within the Candidate answers-From the west, body of a just and lawfully constitute(1 and traveling to the east. Lodge of such, and not unto him, nor Master-Why do you leave the west nunto them whom I shall hear so to be, and travel to the east? but unto him and thcem only whom I Candidate-lIn search of light. shall find so to be, after strict trial and Master then says-Since the candidate due examination or lawful information. is traveling in search of light, you will Furthermore do I promise and swear, please conduct him back to the wvest that I will not write, print, stamp, stain, from whence he came, and put him in hew, cut, carve, indent, paint, or enthe care of the Senior Warden, who will grave it on anything moveable or ins teach him how to approach the east, the moveable, under the whole canopy of place of light, by advancing upon one heaven, whereby, or whereon the least upright regular step, to the first step, his letter, figure, character, mark, s;ais, feet forming the right angle of an oblong shadow, or resemblance of the samen square, his body erect at the altar before may become legible or intelligible to the Master, and place him in a proper nmyself or any other person in the known position to take upon him the solemn world, whereby the secrets of:Mlaonry oath or obligation of an Entered Appren- may be unlawfully obtained. through my tice Mason. - unworthiness. To all which I do most The Senior Warden receives the can- solemnly and sincerely promise and didate, and leads him back to within swear, without the least equivocatimc.n, about two paces of the altar in the ccn- mental reservation, or self evasion of ter of the Lodge, there instructing him mind in me whatever; binding smysei;' what to do, viz.: the candidate steps off under no less penalty than to lhive niy one step with his left foot, and draws the throat cut across, imy tongue torn ol'1t heel of his right foot into the hollow by the roots, and my body buried in the thereof, making his two feet stand at rough sands of the sea at low wat(l right angles. He then steps off with his mark, where the tide ebbs and flows right foot. and kneels upon his left knee, twice in twventy-four hours; so help rile in doing which the knees must each form God, and keep me steadfast in the due a square. He places his left hand, with performance of the same." the palm up, under the Holy Bible, with Master-In token of your sincerity kiss square and compass upon it, that lays the book. [Candidate kisses it.] upon the altar, and his right hand on top Master-Brother, to you the secrets of of them. This is the position in which Masonry are about to be unveiled, and a a candidate is placed when he takes upon brighter sun never shone luster on your him the oath or obligation of an Entered eyes; while prostrate before this sacred Apprentice Mason. altar, do you not shudder at every As soon as the candidate is placed in crime? have you not confidence in every this position, the Worshipful Master ap- virtue? May these thought s ever inproaches him, and says-Mr. Smith, you spire you with the most noble sentiare now placed in a proper position to ments; may you ever feel that elevatmcie taite upon you the solemn oath or obli- of soul that shall scorn a dishonest act. gation of an Entered Apprentice IMason. Brother, what do you most desire? which I assure you is neither to affect Candidate-Light. your religion or your politics. If you Mlaster (to brethren)-Brethren, stretch are willing to take it, repeat your name forth your hands and assist in bringing and say after me:-" I, John Smith, of this new made brother from darkness to may own free will and accord, in presence light. of Almighty God, and this worshipful' The members having formed a circle Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, round the candidate, the Master saysdedicated to God and held forth to the "And God said, let there be light, and holy order of St. Johns, do hereby and there was light." At the same tinle, all

Page  11 INITIATION OF AN ENTERED APPIRENTICE. 1 1 the brethren clap their hands and stamp is to be given, for it cannot be given truly on the floor with their right foot as heavy except as he wrill explain to you. as possible, the bandage dropping from haster-What is that? the candidate's eyes at the saule instant. Candidate (instructed by Senior DeaThis great and sudden transition from con)-A grip. perfect darkness to a bright lighted room Master-What grip? after the candidate has been so long blind- Candidate-The grip of an Entered Ag el, and full of fearful apprehensions, of- prentice Mason. tLn produces the most curious effects on Master-Ilas it a name? him. Candidate-It has. After the candidate is brought to light, MIaster-WVill you give it to me? the -Master addresses him as follows: Candidate-I did not so receive it, neiBrother, on being brought to light, ther can I so impart it. you first discover three great lights in Master-What will you do with it? MIasonry by the assistance of three lesser Candidate-Letter it, or halve it. ones; they are thus explained: the three MIaster-Halve it, and begin. great lights in Masonry are the Holy Candidate —You begin. Bible, Square and Compass. The Holy iMaster-Begin you. Bible is given to us as a rule and guide Candidate-B-o for our faith and practice; the Square, Master-A-z to square our actions, and the Compass Candidate —BoAz. to keep us in due bounds with all man- Master —Right, Brother Boaz, I greet kind, but more especially with the bre- you. [Boaz is the name of the left hand thren. The three lesser lights are three pillar of the porch of IKing Solomoll'ms burning tapers, or candles placed on can- Temple.] Arise, and salute the Junior dlesticks, standing in atriangular group; and Senior Wardens as such, and conthey represent the Sun, Moon, and Mas- vince them that you have been regularly ter of the Lodge, and are thus explained: initiated as an Entered Apprentice MtaAs the sun rules the day and the moon son, and have got the sign, grip and word. governs the night, so ought the Worship- The Master returns to his seat while the fial Master with equal regularity to rule -Wardens are examining the candidate, and govern his Lodge, or cause the same and gets a larnb-skin or white apron, preto be done. sents it to the candidate, saying: The Worshipful Master now steps Master-Brother, I now present you back a few paces, when the Senior Dea- with a lamb-skin or white apron; it is an con addresses the candidate: emblem of innocence, and the badge of Senior Deacon-Brother, our Worship- a Mason; it has been worn by kings, ful Master approaches you from the east princes, and potentates of the earth, who under the step, sign and due-guard of an have never been ashamed to wear it; it Entered Apprentice Mason; observe his is more honorable than the diadems of manner of giving them, and imitate him kings, or pearls of princesses, when weoras near as you can, keeping your post- thily worn. It is more ancient than the tion. [Step off with left foot, and bring Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle; more heel of right foot into the hollow thereof, honorable than the Star and Garter; or to form a square. This is the first step any other order that can be conferred in Masonry. Then give sign and due- upon you at this, or any other time, exguard, or right-angles and horizontals, cept it be in the body of a just and fully as before explained.] constituted Lodge; you will carry it to Master (advancing)-Brother, I now the Senior Warden in the West, who will present you my right hand, in token of teach you how to wear it as an Entered friendship and brotherly love. With it -Apprentice Mason. you. will receive the true grip of an En- The candidate is conducted to the Sc-' -red Apprentice Mason. The name of nior Warden, who ties the apron on arn turns up the flap instead of letting it fall down in front of the top of the apron. This is the way Entered Apprentice MaIt.... Amp i sons wear, or ought to wear, their aprons -, At'~:~ until they are advanced. He is then con<' -''"'~f,' I ducted back to the Master, who again addresses him. Master-Brother, as you are dressed, the grip is Boaz, and the Senior Deacon it is necessary you should have tools to will instruct you in the precise manner it work with; I will now present you with

Page  12 i 2 IICIIARDSON'S MIONITOR OF FRE E-MiASONRIY. the working tools of an E:tcred Appren- we are talught in M[asonry. On this theme tice Mtason, which are the twenty-four we contemlpiate, and by its dictates eninch gnage and common gavel; they are deavor to regulate our conduct; hence, thus expliained: the twenty four inch while influeiiced by this principle, hy. guage is an instrumlllet smade unC of by pocrisy aid deceit are unknown among operative masons to measure andi lay out us, sincerity and plaiun dealing distinguish their work, but we as Free and Accepted us. and the heart and tongue join ill proMiasons, lsiake use of it for the more noble rnoting each other's welfare, and rejoicand glorious purpose of dividing our time. ing in each other's prosperity. Union, is The twenty-four inches on the guage are that lkin.d of friendship which ought to emblematical of the twenty-four hours in appear conspicuous in every 3lason's the day, which we are taught to divide conduct. It is so closely allied to the diinto three eqlual parts, whereby we find vine attribute, Truth, that he who enjoys eight hours for the service of God, and a the one, is seldom destitute of the other. worthy distressed brother; eight hours Shouhl interest, honor, prejudice, or hufor our usual vocations; and eight for man depravity, ever induce you to viorefreshment and sleep. The co:lmon late any part of the sacred trust we now gavel is an instrmnent made use of by repose in you, 1 t these two important operative masons to break off the corners words, at the earliest insinuation, teaIch of rough stones, the better to fit them for you to put on the check-line of truth, the builder's use; but we, as Free and which will infallibly direct you to pursue Accepted MIasons, use it for the more that straight and narrow path which ends noble and glorious purpose of divesting in the full enjoymlent of the Grand Lodge our hearts and consciences of all the above; where we shall all meet as M1avices and superfluities of life., thereby sons and members in the same family, in fitting our minds as living and lively peace, harmony, and love; where alldisstonles, for that spiritual building, that cord on accounlt of politics, religion, or house not made with hands, eternal in private opinion shall be unknown, and the l-eavens. I also present you with a banished from within our walls. new namle. It is CAUTION. It teaches Brot'her, it has been a custom from you, as you are barely instructed in thile time immemorial to demand, or ask from rudiments of Masonry, that you should a newly made brother something of a be cautious over all your words and ac- metallic kind, not so much on account of tions, particularly when before the ene- its intrinsic value, but that it may be demies of Mlasonry. I shall next present posited in the archives of the Lodge, as yoen with three precious jewels, wlhich a memorialthat you was herein made a are a L!STENING EALR, a SILENT TONGUE, Mlason; a small trifle will be sufficient; an.l iFAITtFUL HEART. Alisteningear anything of a metallic kind will do; if teaches you to listen to the instructions of you have no money, anything of a ucthe WVorshipful M1Iaster; but more es- tallic nature will be sufficient; even a pocialiy that you should listen to the button will do. cries of a worthy distressed brother. A Candidate (who has no clothing blct his silent tongue teaches you to be silent red drawers)-I have nothing. while in the Lodge, that the peace and MIuaster-Search yourself carefully. harmony thereof may not be disturbed, Candidate searches, but nothing is but more esecially, that you should be found. silent before the enenlecs of Masonry, Miaster-Perhaps you can borrcw a that the craft may not be brought into trifle. disrepute by your i;nprudence. A faith- Candidate tries to borrow, but n:o cear ful heart teaches you to be faithful to the will lend to him. instructions of the Worshipful Master at Master-Brother, let this ever be y' all times, but more especially, that you striking lesson to you, and teach you, if should be faithful and keep and conceal you should ever see a friend, but moere the secrets of Masonry, and those of a especially a brother, in a like pennyicess brother when given to you in charge as situation, to contribute as liberally to l:ts such, that they may remain as secure and relief as his situation may require, and inviolable in your breast as in his own your abilities will admit, without mae't before he confided them to you. I further rial injury to yourself or family. present you with check words two; their Master (to Senior Deacon)-Brothcr mamnes are TRUTHS and UNION, and are Senior, you will conduct him back fron thus explained: Truth is a divine attri- whence he came, and invest him of whiat btmte, and the foundation of every virtue. he has been divested, and let hhi return To be good and true, is the first lesson for further instruction.

Page  13 ENI'EIED A'PRENT1CECS DESiURIE: CLOSING LECM1uRE. 13 The candidate is now taken to the re-'my left hand supporting the Holy Bible, ception room, where he resumes his square and comnpasses; my right hand clothing, and when he returns into the resting thereon. l1orizontals and perLodge, he is placed in the north-east cor- pendiculars, [second figure on page 7.] ncr as the youngest Apprentice, and is allude to the penalty of the obligation, told by the Master that lie there stands when I swore I would have my throat a correct upright Mason, and must ever cut across from ealr to car, my tongue conduct himself as such. The Master torn out by tilhe roots, and mly body buhlkcwisc delivers to him a charge, where- ried in the rough sands of the sea, a cain he is cautioned never to reveal the ble's length from shore, at low water secret do'ngs inside a Lodge of Free MIa- Ilark, where the tide ebbs and flows s)nsS, and never to recommend an un- twice in twventy-four hours. worthy person as a candidate for the Master-Thank you, brother. What honors that have then and there been are tokens? conferred upon him. Senior Warden —Certain friendly grips, The initiation of a candidate usually whereby one brother can tell another in (though not necessarily) closes the busi- the dark as well as in the light. hess of a Lodge. ~ [The Worshipful Master continues to Master-If any brother has further question the Senior Warden as to tile business for this Lodge, he will present it grips of an Entered Apprentice iln nearly now; if not, the Secretary will read the tle same manner as a new candidate ils minutes. [After the reading of the mill- qclestioned on his initiation, (see page 11,) utes, the Worshipful Master proceeds to and the replies arc the same.] close, and in doing so he is bound by his Master-Where was you first prepared oath to give the whole or some part of to be made a Mason? the following.] Senior Wardens-In a room adjacent to the body of a just and lawvfuily constiCLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION. tuted Lodge. Master (to Senior Warden)-From Master-How was you prepared? whence came you as an Entered Ap- Senior Warden-I was divested of all presntice, Brother Senior? metallic substances; neither nake-d slor Senior Warden-From a Lodge of the clothed, barefoot nor shod; hood-w-inkmost holy St. Johns, of Jerusalem. ed; with a cable-tow about my neck; ill Master-WVhat came you here to do? which situation I was led to the door of Senior Warden-To improve myself thee Lodge by one whom I afterwards in Masonry, and to learn to subdue my found to be a brother. passions. Master-IIow did you know this to be Master-Are you, then, a Mason? a door, you being hood-winked? Senior Warden-I aln so accepted Senior Warden-By first meeting rcamong the brothers and fellows of the sistance, and afterwards gaining admitCraft. tance. Master-How do you prove to your- Master —How gained you admission? self that you are a Mason? Senior W~arden-By three distinct Senior Warden-By being often tried, knocks without, which were answered and never denied; and I am ready and by three fronm within. willing to be tried again. [The Master continues his inquiries as Ilaster-How shall I know you to be a to the manner that the Senior Warden Ilason? was initiated into the Lodge. The WnarSenior Warden-By signs, tokens, and den answers each question by telling, in the perfect points of entrance. precise words, what was said and done to Master-What are signs? him on his initiation. Both the questions Senior Warden-Riglht angles, hori- and answers are exactly those given on r2-ntals, and perpendiculars. pages 9 to 11, where a candidate is going Master-Give me the sign? through his initiation, except that they Senior Warden opens and holds out his are here spoken of in the past tense-the left hand, and then lays the open right Warden replying that he did so ancd so hand across it, as in the first figure on on his first entrance into the Lodge, &c. page 7., Master —After your initiationl ito the Master-To what does it allude? mysteries of our Craft, what tools were Senior Wardeil-Itight angles allude you presented with? to the manner in which my hands were Senior WVardlen-The working tools uf placed when I received the oath and obli- an Entered Apprentice Mason. gation of an Entered Apprentice Mason, Master-What were they?

Page  14 14 RICIIARDSON S MONITOR OF FPREE-MASONIY,. 8enior Warden-The twenty-four inch Senior WVarden-The Grand Master's guage and common gavel. check-word. 1lester —How were they explained? MIaster-What was that? Senior Warden-The twenty-four inch Senior Warden-'TRUTH. gut'age is an instrument made use of by Master-I-Iow explained? opercLative masons to measure and lay out Senior Warden-Truth is a divine atI:eir work; but we, as Free and Ac- tribute, and the foundation of every vis Me,td Masons, are taught to make use of tue. To be good and true, are the first i:: tr the more noble and glorious pur- lessons we are taught in Masonry. 0a o):e of dividing our time. The twenty- this theme we contemplate, and by its t j sr inches on the guage are emblemati- dictates endeavor to regulate ollr concal of the twenty-four hours of the day, duct; hence, while influenced by this which we are taught to divide into three principle, hypocrisy and deceit are unequal parts, whereby we find eight hours known amongst us. Sincerity and plainfor the service of God and a distressed dealing distinguish us; and the heart and worthy brother, eight for our usual voca- tongue join in promoting each other's tion., and eight for refreshment and sleep. welfare, and rejoicing in each other's Tle common gavel is aninstrument mnade prosperity. use of by operative masons to break off IMaster -After your full initiation into the corners of rough stones, the better the Lodge, what followed? to fit them for the builder's use, but we, Senior Warden-I was conducted to as Free and Accepted Masons, are the north-east corner thereof, and there raiught to make use of it for the more caused to stand upright like a lman, my noble and glorious purpose of divesting feet forming a square; and I then reour hearts and consciences of all the ceived a solemn inijunction, ever to walk vices and superfluities of life; thereby and act uprightly before God and manlfitting our minds, as living stones, for that to submit conscientiously and truly to spiritual building, that house not made the Government of the country, and both with hands, eternal in the Heavens. in my private relations anl outward dleMIaster-What was you next presented umeanor to be particularly careful to with? avoid censure or reproach-never to reSenior Warden-A new name. veal the secret doings inside a LodlgeMlaster — hat was that? and never to recommend an unworthy Senior Warden-CAuTiON. person as a candidate for the honors of MIaster-What does it teach? our Craft. Senior Warden —It teaches me, as I SECOND SECTION. was barely instructed in the rudiments of Master —Brother, you have satisfied Masonry, that I should be cautious over me as respects your initiation, but there all my words and actions, especially when remain many things yet unexplained: before its enemies. therefore I should like to know the REAiMaster-What was you next presented SON why you was divested of all metal. vith? lie substance? Sen. Warden-Three precious jewels. Senior Warden-Because Masonry re. Master-What were they? gards no man on account of his worldly Senior Warden-A listening ear, a si- wealth or honors; it is therefore the inlent tongue, and a faithful heart. ternal and not the external qualifications Master-What do they teach? that recommend a man to MIasons. Sellior Warden-A listening ear teach- Master-A second reason? cs moe to listen to the instructions of the Senior Warden-There was neither Worshipful Master, but more especially the sound of an ax, hammer, or any to the cries of a worthy distressed bro- other metal tool, heard at the building o! t!ler. A silent tongue teaches me to be King Solomon's temple. silent in the Lodge, that the peace and Master-How could so stupendous a harmony thereof may not be disturbed; fabric be erected without the soumd of but more especially before the enemies ax, hammer, or any other metal tool? of Masonry. A faithful heart, that I Senior Warden-All the stones Nwere should be faithful, and keep and conceal hewed, squared, and numbered in the the secrets of Masolnry, and those of a quarries where they were raised, all tho brother, when delivered to me in charge, timbers felled and prepared iin the forests as such; that they may remain as secure of Lebanosn, and carried down to Joppa and inviolable in my breast as in his own on floats, and taken from thence sp to before they were communicated to me. Jerusalemn, and set up with w-ooden Mlaster-Wilat was next given to you? nmalls, prepared for that purpose: which,

Page  15 ENTERED APPRENTICE S DEGREE: CLOSING LECTURE. 15 when completed, every part thereof fit- shall be given, seek and ye shall find, ted with that exact nicety, that it had knock and it shall be opened unto you." snore the resemblance of the handiwork- Master — How did you apply this to manship of the Supreme Architect of your then case in Masonry? the universe, than of human hands. Senior Warden-I asked the recomMaster-Why was you neither naked mendations of a friend to become a ldanor clothed? son, I sought admission through his reSenior Warden-As I was an object of commendations, and knocked, and the,distress at that time, it was to remind me, door of Masonry opened unto me. if ever I saw a friend, more especially a Master-Why was you caused to enter brother in a like distressed situation, that on the point of some sharp instrument, I should contribute as liberally to his re- pressing your naked left breast? lief as his situation required, and my Senior Warden-As this was a torture abilities would permit, without material to my flesh, so might the recollection of injury to myself or family. it ever be to my heart and conscience if Master-Why was you neither bare- ever I attempted to reveal the secrets of foot nor shod? Masonry unlawfully. Senior Warden —It was an ancient Is- Master-Why was you conducted to raelitish custom adopted among Masons: the center of the Lodge, and there caused and we read in the book of Ruth con- to kneel for the benefit of a prayer? cerning their mode and manner of re- Senior Warden-Before entering on deeming, and changing "for to confirm this, or any other great and important all things, a man plucked off his shoe undertaking, it is highly necessary to imand gave it to his neighbor, and this was plore a blessing from Deity. testimony in Israel." This then, there- Master-Why was you asked in whom fore, we do in confirmation of a token, you put your trust? and as a pledge of our fidelity; thereby Senior Warden-Agreeable to the laws signifying that we will renounce our own of our ancient institution, no atheist will in all things, and become obedient to could be made a Mason; it was there. the laws of our ancient institution. fore necessary that I should profess a MIaster-Why was you hood-winked? belief in Deity; otherwise, no oath or Senior Warden —That my heart might obligation could bind me. be taught to conceal, before my eyes be- Master —Why did the Worshipful MasIhcld the beauties of Masonry. ter take you by the right hand, and bid Master-A second reason? you rise, follow your leader, and fear no Senior Warden-As I was in darkness danger? at that time, it was to remind me that I Senior Warden-As I was in darkness should keep the whole world so respect- at that time and could neither foresee nor ing Masonry. avoid danger, it was to remind me that I Mlaster-W-hy had you a cable-tow was in the hands of an affectionate about your eck? friend, in whose fidelity I might with Senior Wardfen-For two reasons. safety confide. First, had I not submitted to the manner Master-Why was you conducted three and mode of my initiation, that I might times regularly round the Lodge? have been led out of the Lodge without Senior Warden-That the Worshipful seeing the form and beauties thereof. Master, Wardens, and brethren might Secondly, had I recanted before being see that I was duly and truly prepared. obligated, and made mly escape, the peo- Master-Why did you meet with those pile in the streets would have thought me several obstructions on the way? either a crazy or a mad man; and some Senior Warden-This and every other worthy Mason knowing my situation Lodge is, or ought to be, a true repremwould ha-ie led me immediately back to sentation of King Solomon's temple, the Lodge. which, when completed, had guards sta, ]Master-VWhy did you give three dis- tioned at the east, west and south gates. tinct knocks at the door? Master-Why had they guards stationSenior Warden-To alarm the Lodge, ed at those several gates? and let the Worshipful Master, Wardens, Senior Warden —To prevent any from and brethren know that a poor blind passing or repassing that was not duly candidate prayed admission. qualified. Master-What do these three distinct Master —Why did you kneel on your knocks allude to? left knee, and not on your right, or both? Senior Warden-A certain passage in Senior Warden-The left side has ever Scripture wherein it says, " Ask and it been considered the weakest part of the

Page  16 1D RICI-IARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. body, it was therefore to remind me that serlbled in a room, or place, with til the part I was now taking upon me was HIIoly Bible, square and compass, aind tlhe weakest part of Masounry, it being other Masonic implemeClits, with a charthat only of anl Entered Apprentice. ter iorom the Grand Lodge empowerie:~ Mlaster-W- hy was your right hand them to ork. placed on the Holy Bible, square and Master-s-Where did our ancient bret-l.npass, and not your left, or both? thren meet, before Lodges were erected? Senior Warden —The riglit hand has Senior Wardenl-On1 the highest hills, c er been considered the seat of fidelity, and in the lowest vailes. a.;d our ancient brethren worshiped a MIaster —Why on the highest hills, and dcity under the name of FIDES i which in the lowest vales? has been sometimes represented by two Senior Warden-The better to guard rig'ht hands joined together; at others, against cowans and enemies, either asby two human figures holding each other cending or descending, that the brethren by the right hand; the right hand, there- might have timely notice of their apfore, we use in this great and inlportant preach to prevent being surprised. undertaking, to signify in the strongest Master-What is the form of your manner possible the sincerity of our in- Lodge? tentions in the business we are engaged. Senior Warden-An oblong square. Master-Why did the Worshipful Mas- Master-How long? ter present you with a lamb-skin, or white Senior Warden-From east to west. apron? Master-How wide? Senior Warden —The lamb-skin has, in Senior Warden-Between north and all ages, been deemed an emblem of in- south; nocence; he, therefore, who wears the MastesV-How high? lamb-skin, as a badge of a Mason, is Senior Warden-From the surface of thereby continually reminded of that pu- the earth to the highest heaven. rity of life and rectitude of conduct Master-How deep? which is so essentially necessary to our Senior Warden-From the surface to gaining admission into the Celestial the center. Lodge above, where the Suprene Ar- Master-What supports your Lodge? chitect of the Universe presides. Senior Warden-Three large columns Master-Why did the Master make a or pillars. demand of you5 of something of a metal- Master-WNhat are their names? lie nature? Senior Warden-Wisdomn, Strength, Senior Warden-As I was in a poor and Beauty. and pennyless situation at that time, it Master-Why so? was to remind me if ever I saw a friend, Senior Warden-Because it is necesbut more especially a brother, in the like sary there should be wisdom to contrive, poor and pennyless situation, that I strength to support, and beauty to adorn should contribute as liberally to his re- all great and important undw-takings; lief as my abilities would admit and his but more especially this of ours. situation required, without injuring my- Master-Hasyour Lodge any covering? self or family. Senior Warden-It has; a clouded caMaster-Why was you conducted to nopy, or starry-decked heaven, where all the north-east corner of the Lodge, and good Masons hope to arrive. there caused to stand upright like a man, Master-How do they hope to arrive your feet forming a square, receiving at there? the same time a solemn charge ever to Senior Warden-By the assistance of walk and act uprightly before God and Jacob's ladder. man? Master-How many principal round Senior Warden-The first stone in has it got.? every Masonic edifice is, or ought to be, Senior Warden-Three. placed at the north-east corner, that be- Master-WVhat are their names? ing the place where an Entered Appren- Senior Warden - Faith, Hope, and tie. Mat;ou receives his first instructions Charity. to build his future Masonic edifice upon. Master —Wthat do they teach? THIRD SECTION. Senior Warden —Faith in God, hope in Master-We have been saying a good immortality, and charity to all mankind. deal about a Lodge. I want to know Master —Has your Lodge ally furilwhat constitutes a Lodge? ture? Senior Warden-A certain number of Senior WVarden —It has; the Holy Bi. Free and Accepted Masons, duly as- ble, square, and compasses.

Page  17 ENTERE D A'PRENTICE'S DEGRtEE: CLOSINGO LECTURE. 17 Master-To whom are they dedicated? Senior Warden —The square, level, Senior Warden-The Bible to God, and plumb. the square to the Master, and the con- Master-What do they teach? passes to the Craft. Senior Warden-The square, mortal. Master-How explained? ity; the level, equality; and the plumb, Senior Warden-The Ilible to God, it rectitude of life and conduct. being the inestimable gift of God to Master —Vhat are the three immovable man, for his instruction, to guide him jewels? through the rugged paths of life; the Senior Warden-The rough ashlar_ square to the Master, it being the proper the perfect ashlar, and the trestle-board, emblem of his office; the compasses to Master-AWhat are they? the Craft, by a due attention to which, Senior Warden-The rough ashlar is a we are taught to limit our desires, curb stone in its rough and natural state, the our ambition., subdue our irregular appe- perfect ashlar is also a stone, made ready tites, and keep our passions and preju- by the working tools of the Fellow Craft, dices in due bounds with all mankind, to be adjusted in the building; alld the lbut more especially with the brethren. trestle-board is for the master workman Master —las your Lodge any orna- to draw his plans and designs upon. ineIts? Master-What do they represent? Senior Warden-It has; the Mosaic, Senior Warden-The rough ashlar reor chequered pavement; the indented presents man in his rude and imperfect tassel, that beautiful tasselated border state by nature; the perfect ashlar also which surrounds it; with the blazing represents man in the state of perfeestar in the center. tion, to which we all hope to arrive, by Master-What do they represent? means of a virtuous life and education, Senior Warden-The Mosaic, or che- our own endeavors and the blessing of quered pavement, represents this world, God. In erecting our temporal building, which, though chequlered over with good we pursue the plans and designs laid and evil, yet brethren may walk together down by the master workman on his thereon and not stumble-the indented trestle-board; but in erecting our spirittassel, with the blazing star in the center, ual building, we pursue the plans and tile mlanilold blessings and comforts with designs laid down by the Supreme Geowhich we are surrounded in this life, but metrician of the Universe, in the book of ilmore especially those which we hope to Nature, which we. Masonically, term our enjoy hereafter-the blazing star, that spiritual trestle-board. prudence which ought to appear con- Master —Whom did you serve?,3picuons in the conduct of every Mason, Senior Warden-My master. blnt more especially commemorative of Master-How long'? the sta' which appeared in the east, to Senior Warden-Six days. guieil the wise men of Bethlehem, to Master-What did you serve him with? proclaim the birth and presence of the Senior Warden-Freedom, fervency, lion of God. and zeal. Master-H-as your Lodge any lights? Master —_What do they present Y Senior Warden-It has three. Senior Warden-Chalk, charcoal, and Master-How are they situated? clay. Senior Warden —East, west, and south. Master-Why so? Master-I-Ias it none in the north? Senior Warden-There is nothing freer Senior Warden-It has not. than chalk, the slightest touch of which Master-WVhy so? leaves a trace behind; nothing more ferSeuior. Warden-Because this and ev- vent than charcoal, for when properly ery other Lodge is, or ought to be, a true heated, it will cause the most obdurate representation of King Solomon's tm- metals to yield; nothing more zealous, pie, which was situated north of the than clay, or earth, to bring forth. ecliptic, the sun and moon, therefore, Masterl-How is your Lodge situatedt' darting their rays from the south, no Senior'Warden-Due east and west. light was to be expected froml the north; Master-Why so? wve, therefore, Masonically, term the Senior Warden-Because the sun rises north a place of darkness. in the east, and sets in the west. M1astier-Has your lodge any jewels? Master-A second reason? Senior Warden-It has six; three Senior Warden-Because the gospel mnovable, and three immovable. was first preached in the east, and is Mlaster —Vhat are those three jewels spreading to the west. that you call movable? Master-A third reason? 2

Page  18 18 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONIRS. SeniorWarden-The liberal arts and Master-Attend to that part of your sciences began in the east, and are ex- duty, and inform the Tyler that we are tending to the west. about to close this Lodge o1 Entered ApMaster-A fourth reason? prentice Masons. Senior Warden —Because all churches Junior Deacon steps to the door and and chapels are, or should be so situated. informs the Tyler that the Lodge is AMlaster-W-~hy are all churches and about to be closed, and directs him to hapeis so situated? tyle accordingly; he thsen returnls to his Senior W5 ardel-Because King Solo- seat and says-We are tyled, Worshipfuil. on's tempie was so situated. Master —How tyled? MIaster-Why was Kifng Solomon's Junior Deacon-With secresy and brotemple so situated? therly love;'also a brother of this degree Senior Warden-Because Moses, after without the door, with a drawn sword in conducting the children of Israel through his hand. the Red Sea, by divine command, erect- The same questions as at the opening ed a tabernacle to God, and placed it are now asked by the Master as to the due east and west, which was to com- respective positions and duties of the memorate, to the latest posterity, that several officers of the Lodge, and the miraculous east wind that wrought their same replies given. lIe then reads the mighty deliverance; and this was an ex- following closing charge from the 1Maact model of Solomon's temple. Since sonic Text Book: that time, every well regulated and gov- Brethren, as we are about to quit this erned Lodge is, or ought to be so situated. place and mix again with the world, I Master-To whom did our ancient bre- would warn you not to forget the duties thren dedicate their Lodges? which you have heard so frequently inSenior Warden-To King Solomon. culcated, and so forcibly recommended in Master-Why so? this Lodge. Be dilligent, prudent, temSenior Warden-Because King Solo- perate and discreet; and remember that mon was our most ancient Grand Master. around this altar you have promised to Master-To whom do modern Masons befriend and relieve every worthy brodedicate their Lodges? ther who shall need your assistance. B3e Senior Warden-To St. John the Bap- ye, then, all of one mind; live in peace; tist and St. John the Evangelist. and may the God of love and peace deMaster-Why so? light to dwell with and bless you. Senior Warden-Because they were Master (rising)-It is my will and pleathe two most eminent Christian patrons sure that this Lodge of Entered Applenof Masonry; and since their time, in tice Masons be now closed, and stand every well regulated and governed closed till our next regular communicaLodge, there has been a certain point tion, unless convened by some sudden within the circle, which circle is bound- emergency; in which case, due and ed on the east and west by two perpen- timely notice will be given. Brother dicular parallel lines, representing the Senior Warden, you will communicate anniversary of St. John the Baptist, and the same to the Junior Warden in the St. John the Evangelist, who were per- south, that the brethren present may feet parallels, as well in Masonry as have due andtinmely notice, &c. [The Christianity; on the vertex of which Senior Warden informs the Junior Warrests the book of the Holy Scriptures, den, and he the brethren, as above.] supporting Jacob's ladder, which is said Master —May the blessing of Ieaven to reach the watery clouds; and in pass- rest upon us, and all regular Masons, ing round this circle, we naturally touch may brotherly love prevail, and every on both these perpendicular parallel moral and social virtue cement us. So lines, as well as the book of the Holy mote it be. Amen. Scriptures, and while a Mason keeps Here the signs are given. [See p. 7 ] himself thus circumscribed, he cannot Master-How do Masons meet, Brother materially err. Senior? This ends the Lecture. The Worship- Senior Warden-On the level, Worful Master now gives one rap with his shipful. gavel, which brings the Junior Deacon Master-How do Masons part, Brother on his feet, and says-Brother Junior, Junior? the last, as well as the first care of con- Junior Warden-On the square, WVor. gregated Masons? shipful. Junior Deacon-To see the Lodge Master-So let us meet, and so let us Wled, Worshipful. part, in the name of the LordL

Page  19 THE FE;LLOW CRAFT DEGREE. 19 Master-The pass-word is correctly given, and I will now proceed to open a Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons. Brother Xf ~ A ts0 |S>A| Secretary, you will read the minutes of our last meeting.' If~ ~ C///./~~ tll The Secretary reads the minutes, and the business of the Lodge proceeds as in the Entered Apprentice's Degree. Should there be a candidate for advancement, the Worshipful Master directs the Deacons to instruct him. The candidate is SECOND DEGREE. taken into the preparation room by the A LODGE OF F LLOWV CRAFT MASONS. Junior Deacon, and prepared in the manner following: All his clothing taken oif, The ceremonies in opening, closing, and conducting the business of a Lodge in this degree, are precisely the same as those in an Entered Apprentice'sLodge, except that there is a difference in the signs, and in some minor details, which will be explained in due course. Five officers can open a Lodge in this degree, viz.: Master, two Wardens, and two Deacons; but it is customary to have a Secretary and Treasurer in addition. On assembling at the Lodge the Worshipful Master puts on his hat (which, indeed, is the custom in each degree,) and rising, says: t Master-Brethren, I am about to open a Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons, in this place, for the dispatch of business, and I will thank you for your assistance. Every person present who is not of this degree will please to retire. Master sits down, gives one rap with the gavel, and says: Brother Senior Warden, you will receive the pass-word hi the west, and send it up to the east, The Senior and Junior Deacons there-:pon go to the Senior Warden and whisper the pass-word of this degree in his car. [It is SHIBBOLETH I in late years, since all the doings and pass-words inside except his shirt; furnished with a pair of the Lodge have been made public, the drawers; his right breast bare; his left Lodges have peculiar modes of their own foot in a slipper; the right foot bare; a to pronounce them.] cable-tow twice round his neck; semiSenior Warden to Deacons-The word hood-winked, or the right eye blinded i is right in the west; you will receive it in which situation he is conducted to the from the brethren, and carry it up to the door of the Lodge, where he gives two east. knocks, when the Senior Warden rises The two Deacons then go round among and says: ot e brethren and receive the word by Senior Warden, to Master-Worshipo)lding one ear close to the mouth of ful, while we are peaceably at work on each person who imparts it, and it is the Second Degree of Masonry, under spoken in the lowest possible whisper. the influence of Faith, Hope and Charity, Any Fellow Craft Mason present who the door of our Lodge is alarmed. cannot pronounce it right is ordered out Master, to Senior Deacon-Brother into the other room, and must there be ex- Senior, attend to the cause of that alarm, amined to see what is the matter. After and see who comes there. receiving it from all the members pre- The Senior Deacon goes to the door sent, the Deacons go to the Worshipful and gives two raps on the inside in anMaster and whisper it in his ear. swer to those outside. Candidate (or

Page  20 20 RICHARDSOiN'S MONITOR OF FREiE-MASONRY. Junior Deacon for him) then gives a is to teach you to act upon the square single rap, and then partly opens-the with all mnankind, but more especially door. with a brother Mason. Senior Deacon-Who comes here? The candidate is then conducted twice ~Who comes here? regularly round the Lodge, and h lile he Junior Deacon-A worthy brother, is thus walking the W~orship liI i -aster who has been regularly initiated as an reads from the seventh chapter of Aslis, lEntered Apprenitice 1Mason, served a verses 7 and 8: Thus he showed iLtc, a:ld iproper time as such, andl inow wishes for behold the Lord stood upon a. wall iadie uirther light in Masonry, by being passed by a plumbT line, with a plumb line in 1: t to the degree of Fellow Craft. hand. And the Lord said unto me, Arnom:, Senior Deacon, to candidate-Is it of what seest thou? And I said, na plubl! your own free vill and accord you make line. Then the Lord said, beloild I will this request? set a plumb line in the midst of auy peoCandidate-It is. pie Israel; I will not again lpass by lhenm Senior Deacon to Junior Deacon-Is any more. he duly and truly prepared?' By the time the reading is ended, tho Junior Deacon-He is. candidate has made his second revotutioll Senior Deacon-Is he worthy and well around the Lodge, ad lihe now halts bequalified? fore the Junior Warden in the south, J anior Deacon-He is. where he gives two raps, and is answerSenior Deaconi-Has he made suitable ed by two, when the same questions are proficiency in the preceding degree? asked and answers returned as at the Junior Deacon-He has. door. From thece lihe is conducted to Senior Deacon-By what further right the Senior Warden in thio west, vwhere does he expect to obtain this benefit, and the same questions are asked, and anlgain admission to our Lodge? swers returned as before. He is then Junior Deacon —By the benefit of a conducted to the Worshipful M*aster in pass-word. the east, where the same questions are Senior Deacon-Has he a pass-word? asked, and answers returned. Junior Deacon-He has not, but I Master to Senior Deacon -FPro;Iave it for him. whence came you, and whither arc you Senior Deacon-Advance, and give it traveling? to me. Senior Deacon-From the west, and The Junior Deacon steps forward and traveling to the east. whispers SHIBBOLETH in the ear of his Mlastef —Wlhy do you leave the west Senior. and journey towards the east? Senior Deacon-The pass is right; and Senior Deaecon —Wt e are in search of since this is the case, you will wait until more light in Masonry. the Worshipful Master in the east is MIaster-Since this is the case, you will made acquainted with your request, and please conduct the candidate back to tilhe his answer returned. west, from whence lie came, and put his The Senior Deacon now goes to the in the care of the Senior Warden, who Master and gives two raps, as at the will teach him how to approach thie cast, door, which are answered by two from the place of light, by advancing upon the Master; when the same questions are two upright regular steps to the second asked, and answers returned, as at the step; [the heel of the left foot is placed floor. in the hollow of the right foot, in this deMaster to Senior Deacon-Since he gree]; his feet formilng the right angle of oiomes indued with all these necessary an oblong square, and his body elect at qualifications, let him enter this Wor- the altar before the WTorshipiul l iaister; shipful Lodge in the name of the Lord, and cause him to kneel, in due folrm, to anld take heed on what he enters. take the solemn oath or obligati(cn o a The door is now opened and the can- Fellow Craft Mlason. didate enters, conducted by the Junior The Senior Warden receives aild i'. Deacon. structs the candidate, directiis 1g lr to Senlior Deacon to candidate-Brother, step off with his left foot, a-ad then w.ith when you entered this Lodge the first his right, and then bring the heel of the tine, you entered on the point of the left foot in the hollow of the right. He Compass pressing yournaked left breast, then kneels on his right knee before t11e which was then explained to you. You altar, making his left knee florm a square. now enter it on the angle of the Square His left arm, as far as the elbow, should pressing your naked right breast, which be held in a horizontal position, and the

Page  21 THE FELLOW CRAFT DEGREE. 21 rest of the arm in a vertical position, all of which, I do most solemnly and sinforming another square-his arm sup- cerely promise and swear, without any ported by the square, held under his hesitation, mental reservation, or selfelbow. evasion of mind in me whatever, binding Master leaves his seat, approaches the myself under no less penalty than to kneeling candidate, and says-Brother, have my left breast torn open, my heart you are now placed in a proiper position and vitals taken from thence, thrown t) take on you the solemn oath, or obli- over my left shoulder, and carried to the g[ition, of a Fellow Craft Mason, which valley of Jehosaphat, there to become a I assure you, like your former obligation, prey to the wild beasts of the field, and will not interfere with your duty to your vultures of the air, should I wilftully viocountry or your Mraker. If you are late, or tramnsgress any part of this. my willing to take it, repeat your name, and solemn oath or obligation, of a Fellow say after me:-I, John Smith,' of my Csraft Mason. So help me God, a.nd keep own free will and accord, in the pre- me steadfast in the due performance of sense of Almighty God, and this Wor- the same. shipful Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons, Master-Detach your hands and kiss erected to God, and dedicated to the holy the book twice. order of St. Johns, do hereby and hereon Candidate kisses the Bible on the altar most solemnly and sincerely promise and as directed, when the Senior Deacon swear, in addition to my former obliga- moves the bandage which has blinded tion, that I will not give the secrets of candidate's right eye, so that it covers the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason to both his eyes, leaving him entirely hoodlany one of an inferior degree, nor to any winked. other being'in the known world, except Master (laying his hand on candidate's it be to a true and lawful brother, or head)-Brother, in your present situa. brethren Fellow Craft Masons, or within tion, what do you most desire i the body of a just and lawfully consti- Candidate-More light. tuted Lodge of such; and not unto him Master-Brethren, form on the square, nor unto them whom I shall hear so to stretch forth your hands, and assist in be, but unto him and unto them only bringing this new-made brother to msore whom I shall find so to be, after strict light. [A short pause, and he cotinucs.] trial and due examination, or lawful in- And God said, Let there be light, and formation. Furthermore, do I promise there was light. and swear, that I will not knowingly At this moment the Senior Deacon wrong this Lodge, nor a brother of this suddenly strips off the bandage from tihe degree, to the value of two cents, my- candidate's eyes, while the brethren preself, nor suffer it to be done by others, sent clap their hands and stamp on tfle if in my power to prevent it. Further- floor, giving the grand shock, as in tlhe more, do I promise and swear, that I will Entered Apprentice's degree. support the Constitution of the Grand Master to candidate-Brother, on beLodge of the United States, and of the ing brought to light, what do you disGrand Lodge of this State, under which cover in this degree different from what this Lodge is held, and conform to all the you saw as an Entered Apprentice? bye-laws, rules, and regulations of this, Candidate intimates that he sees noor any other Lodge, of which I may, at thing different. ally time hereafter, become a member. Miaster-There is this difference: Yoll Furthermore, do I promise and swear, behold on the altar one point of the comithat I will obey all regular signs and pass elevated above the square, whereas summronses given, handed, sent, or thrown in the former degree both points wvere to mle by the hand of a brother Fellow underneath. This signifies to you that Craft Mason, or from the body of a just you have received more light in lawvfully constituted Lodge of such; sonry; and as one point is yet hid beprovided it be within the length of my neath the square, so are you in darkness, cable-tow, or a square and angle of my as it regards one material point in Ma. work. Furthermore, do I promise and sonry. [The Master steps off from the swear, that I will be aiding and assisting candidate three or four steps, and conall poor and indigent brethren Fellow tinues.] Brother, you now discover me Crafts, their widows and orphans, where- as Master of this Lodge, approaching soever dispersed round the globe, they you froma the east, under the sign and applying to me as such, and I finding due-guard of a Fellow Craft 1Mason; do them worthy, as far as in my power, as I do, as near as you can, keeping your without injuring muyself or family. To position.

Page  22 22 RIIC~IARDSON S MONITOt. OF FREE-MASONRY. This sign is given by Sign and Due-guard of After the Worshipful Master has given taking hold of the left a Fellow-Craft. the candidate these grips in due form, he breast, with the right says —Arise,brotherJachin, froma square hand, as though you to a perpendicular; go and salute the Juintended to tear out a nior and Senior Wardens, and convincoe piece of it, then draw them that you have been regularly passyour hand, with the ed to the degree of Fellow Craft. [Th!e fingers partly clench- candidate goes and salutes the WTardeLs ed, from the left to the with the Fellow Craft sign.] right side, with some After saluting tile Wardens he is colr quickness, and drop it ducted back to the Worshipful Miaster i; down by your side.- the east, who thus addresses hin: BrnoThe due-guard is giv- ther, I now have the honor of presenting en by raising the left you with a lamb-skin apron, as before, arm until that part of which I hope you will continue to wear it betweesn the elbow 1 with honor to yourself, and satisfaction and shoulder is per- ii to the brethren; you will please carry it fectly horizontal, then to the Senior Warden in the West, who raising the rest of the will teach you how to wear it as a Felarm in a vertical posi- low Craft Mason. tion, so that that part y The candidate goes to the Senior Warof the arm below the elbow, and that den, who ties on his apron, and turns up part above it, forms a square. The two one corner of the lower end, tucking it are always given together, and are called under the apron string. the sign and due-guard of a Fellow Craft. Senior Warden-At the'building of' Master —Brother, I now present you King Solomon's Tenmple the workmen with my right hand, in token of brother- were distinguished by the manner in ly love and confidence, and with it the which they wore their aprons. Fellow pass-grip and word of a Fellow Craft Crafts wore theirs in the manner I have 31aso n. here arranged. The pass-grip is given by taking each The candidate is again conducted by other by the right hand, as though going the Senior Deacon back to the Worship. to shake hands, and each putting his ful MIaster in the east. thumb between the fore and second fin- Master-Brother, as you are dressed, it ger, where they join'the hands, and is necessary you should have tools to pressing the thumb between the Joints. work with: I will, therefore, present you with the tools of a Fellow Craft 3Ma-:son. They are the plumlb, square and level. The plumb is asn iinstrunent made,,use of by operative IsIasons to raise perpendiculars; the square, to square their -.x \X<-./,,// work i and the level, to lay horizontals: b1 ut we, as Free and Accepted MIasons, Tlhis is the regular pass-grip of a Fellow are taught to use them for more noble Craft Mason, and the name of it is SHIB-and glorious purposes. The plum; BOLETH. Its origin is explained here- teaches us to walk uprightly, in ouer seafter. Il some Lodges the Nord isgiven veral stations, before God and man; in syllables, but usually it is pronounced squaring our actions by the square oi entire. virtue; and rememlbering that we are The real grip of a Fellow Craft Mason traveling on the level of tilme to that is given by putting the thumb on the " undiscovered country, tiom whot4e joint of the second finger where it joins bourne no traveler returns." I furthsr the hand, and then each one should present you with three precious jewels; crook his thumb so he can stick the snail their names are Faith, Hope, and Cla.into the joint of the other. The name rity; they teach us to have faith in God, of the grip is JACHIN. hope in immortality, and charity to all mankind. The greatest of these three is Charity; for Faith may be lost in sight, Hope often ends in fruition, but Charity extends beyond the grave, through boundless realms of eternity. The Senior Deacon now conducts the candidate back to the preparation room,

Page  23 THE FLLOW CRAFT DEGREE. 23 where he puts on his clothes. While he hollow, the better to withstand inundais doing this the Lodge is prepared for tions and conflagrations; they were the his reception with floor cloth, columns, archives of Masonry, and contained the &c. When he is dressed, he returns, constitution, rolls, anld records. [The and as he enters the door of the Lodge, Senior Deacon having explained the cothe Senior Deacon says: " Ve are now lumns, he passes betweenl them, advances to return to the middle chamber of King a step or two, observing as he advances:] Solomon's Temple." After they get in- Brother, we will pursue our travels; the side, he continues: next thing that we come to, is a lon-, Senior Deacon-Brother, we have now winding stair-case, with three, five, sew a Worked in speculative Masonry, but our steps, or more. The three first allude to forefathers wrought both in speculative the three principal supports in Masonry, and operative Masonry. They worked viz.: Wisdomn, Strength, and Beauty; at the building of King Solomon's Tern- the five steps allude to the five orders pie, and many other masonic edifices; in architecture, and the five human they wrought six days; they did not senses. The five orders in architecture work on the seventh, because in six are, the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, days God created the heavens and the and Composite; the five human senses earth, and rested oni the seventh day. are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, The seventh, therefore, our ancient bre- and tasting; the three first of which, thren consecrated as a day of rest;;have ever been highly essential among thereby enjoying more frequent oppor- Masons: hearing, to hear the word; tunities to contemplate the glorious seeing, to see the sign; and feeling, to works of creation, and to adore their feel the grip, whereby one Mason may great Creator. [Senior Deacon now know another in the dark as well as in steps foi'ward a few steps.] Brother, the the light. The seven steps allude to the first thing that attracts our attention, are seven sabbatical years; seven years of two large colurnns, or pillars, one on the famine; seven years in building the temleft hand, and the other onthe right; the ple; seven golden candlesticks; seven name of the one on the left hand is BOAZ, wonders of the world; seven planets; and denotes strength; the name of the but, more especially, the seven liberal one on the right hand is JACHIN, and de- arts and sciences, which are grammar, notes establishment; they collectively rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, allude to a passage in Scripture, wherein music, and astronomy; for this, and many God has declared in his word, "In other reasons, the number seven has strength shall this house be established." ever been held in high estimation among These columns are eighteen cubits high, Masons. [Advancing a few steps furtwelve in circumferen'ce, and four in di- ther, the Senior Deacon continues:] alneter; they are adorned with two large Brother, the next thing we come to is chapiters, one on each, and these chapi- the outer door of the middle chamber of ters are ornamented with net work, lily King Solomnon's Temple, which is partly work, and pomegranates; they denote open, but closely tyled by the Junior UTnity, Peace, and Plenty. The net Warden. work, from its connection, denotes Junior Warden [acting as Tylerl — union; the lily work, from its whiteness, Who comes here? who comes here? purity and peace; and the pomegranate, Senior Deacon-A Fellow CraftMason. from the exuberance of its seed, denotes Junior Warden-How do you expect /plenty. They also have two large globes, to gain admission? or balls, one on each; these globes, or Senior Deacon-By a pass, and a to. balls, contain, on their convex surfaces, ken of a pass. all the maps and charts of the celestial Junior Warden-Give them. and terrestrial bodies; they are said to The candidate, prompted by the Se — be thus extensiv'e, to denote the univer- nior Deacon, gives the sign of a Fellow sality of Masonry, and that a Mason's Craft, before explained, and the pass, charity ought to be equally extensive. SHIBBOLETH. Their composition is molten, or cast Junior Warden-WThat does it denote? brass; they were cast on the banks of Senior Deacon-Plenty. the river Jordan, in the clay-ground be- Junior Warden-How is it represented? twreen Succoth and Zaradathla, where Senior Deacon-By a sheaf of wheat King Solomon ordered these and all suspended near a water-ford. other holy vessels to be cast. They were Junior Warden-Why was this pass cast hollow; and were four inches, or a instituted? hand's breadth thick; they were cast Senior Deacon-In consequence of a

Page  24 24 RICIIARDSON'S MONTITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. quarrel which had long existed between didate towards the Worshipful irastes Jephthah, Judge of Israel, and the the east, who says: EIphraimites; the latter of which had Mlaster-Who comes here? who co, s long been a stubborn, rebellious people, here? whomn Jephthah had endeavored to sub- Senior Deacon-A Fellow Craft Mason. due by lenient measures, but to no ef- Master, to the candidate-Brother, yzu feet. The Ephraimites being highly in-, have been admitted into the middle cilanulsed against Jephthah, for not being her of King Solomon's Temple, for the c-,!led to fight and share in the rich spoils sake of the letter G. It denotes Deity, o the Ammonitish war, assembled a before whom wre all ought to bow with mighty army, and passed over the river reverence, worship, and adoration. It J aidan to give Jephthah battle; but he, also denotes geometry, the fifth science; being apprised of their approach, called it being that on which this degree was together the men of Israel, and gave principally founded. By geometry, we them battle, and put them to fight; and may curiously trace Nature through her to make his victory more complete, he various windings to her most concealed ordered guards to be placed at the differ- recesses. By it we may discover the ent passes on the banks of the river Jor- power, the wisdom, and the goodness of dan, and commanded, if the Ephraimites the Grand Artificer of the Universe, and passed that way, that they should pro- view with delight the proportions which nounce the word SHIBBOLETH; but they, connect this vast machine. being of a different tribe, pronounced it This ends the advancement to the seSIBBOLETH; which trifling defect proved cond degree, alter which the Worshipful them spies, and cost them their lives: Master delivers to the new brother the and there fell that day, at the different following charge: passes on the banks of the river Jordan, Master-Brother, being advanced to forty and two thousand. This word was the second degree of Masonry, we conalso used by our ancient brethren to dis- gratulate you on your prefermuent. The tinguish a friend from *a foe, and has internal, and not the external, qailificasince been adopted as a proper pass- tions of a man are what INiasoiiry reword, to be given before entering any gards. As you increase in knowvvledge, well regulated and governed Lodge of you will improve in social inttrcourse. Fellow Craft Mlasons. [This and many It is unnecessary to recapitulaite the duother tokens, or grips, are frequently ties which, as a Mason, you are bound to given by stranger MIasons, when first in- discharge; or enlarge on the nccessity of trodueed to each other. If given to a a strict adherence to them, as your oiwn Mason, he will immediately return it. experience must have establislehd thlir They can be given in company unob- value. Our laws and regulationIs 3 cu served, when shaking hands.1 are strenuously to support; and be alJunior Warden-Since this is the case, ways ready to assist in seeing Ithemn duly you will pass on to the Senior Warden in executed. You are not to palliate or agthe west for further examination. gravate the offences of your brttlrern; As they pi-oceed towards the Senior but in the decision of every trestss Warden, the Senior Deacon says to can- against our rules, you are to judge wi th didate-3Br1otheer, the next thing we come candor,_ admonish with friendship, anid to, is the inner door of the middle cham- reprehesd with justice. The study of her of King $Solomoon's Temple, which the liberal arts, that valuable branch of we find partly open, b;ut more closely education, which tends so effectually to tyled by the Senior Warden. polish and adorn the mind, is earneist.?' Selior Warden Tyler to the recommended to your consideration; essupposed chamber] -Who.csres here I pecially the science of geometry, whn.e-. v:o comes here?' is established as the basis of our al t. SeniorDeacon —A Fellow C raft Mason. Geometry, or Masonry, origieally sySenior y.oue.pect to nonymous terms, being of a did'ione nrogain admission? ral nature, is enriched with the most Senior Deacon-By the grip and w.ard. useful knowledge; while it prov s sBe Senior Warden-Give them. wonderful properties of hNaiu:e, it d,-.Caandidate takes Senior Warden by the monstrates the more important trnls s sof Fellopw Praft grip, [see page 2P,] and mosality. Your past beha- io-.r ai d 1c-i - bays JA.cGT.N. ular deportment, have merited the hoerr Qei1hr W' arden-They afe right; you which we have now confesred; s cd, in tan pass o. your n'es character, it is exected that The Senior Deacon conducts the can- you will conform to the priueililes of thi

Page  25 THE FELLOW CRAFT DEGREE: CLOSING LECTURE. 2 Order, by steadily persevering in the Senior Warden —Six days. practice of every commendable virtue. Master —Did they work on the seventh? Such is the nature of your engagements Senior Vsardid —They did not. as a Fellow Craft, and to these duties you Alaster —'vhy so? are bound by the most sacred ties. Senior WTarden-Because in six days God created the heavens and the earth, CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION. and rested on the seventh day; the Ino many of the Lodges this first section seventh day, therefore, our ancient breis onsitted in closing, but it is neverthe- thren consecrated as a day of rest from lcs a part of the ceremony. their labors; thereby enjoying more fccMaster, to Senior Warden-Are you a quent opportunities to contemplate the Fellow Craft Mason? glorious works of creation, and adore Senior Warden-I am; try me. their great Creator. Master-By what will you be tried? 3IMaster-Did you ever return to the Senior Warden-By the Square. sanctum sanctorumi, or holy of holies, of Master —Vhy by the Square? King Solomon's Temple? Senior Warden-Because it is an em- Senior Warden-I did. blem of virtue. Master-By what way? Master-What is a Square? SeniorWarden-Throughalong porch, Senior Warden-An angle extending or alley. to ninety degrees, or the fourth part of a Master-Didanythling particular strike circle. your attention oi your return? Master-Where was you prepared to Senior Warden-There did, viz.: two be made a Fellow Craft Mason? large columns, or pillars, one on the left Senior Warden-In a room adjacent hand, and the other on the right. to the body of a just'and lawfully consti- Master —WVhat was the name of the tuted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a one on the left hand? room, or place, representing the middle Senior Warden-BOAz, which denotes chamber of King Solomon's Temple. strength. Master-How was you prepared? Master-W-vhat was the name of the Senior Warden-By being divested of one on the right hand? all metals: neither naked nor clothed; Senior Warden-JACHINT, denoting esbarefooted nor shed; hood-winked; with tablishment.. a cable-tow twice round my neck; in Master —Wvhat do they collectively alwhich situation I was conducted to the lude to? door of the Lodge, where I gave two dis- Senior Warden-A passage in Scriptinct knocks. ture, wherein God has declared in his Master-WVhat did those two distinct word, "In strength shall this house be knocks allude to? established." Senior Warden-The second degree in Master-What were their dimensions? Masonry; it being that on which I was Senior Warden-Eighteen cubits in about to enter. height, twelve in circumference, and four [The Master continues his inquiries as in diameter. to the manner in which a candidate is Master-Were they adorned with any advanced to the Fellow Craft degree. thing? The Senior Warden answers by telling Senior Warden-They were; with two what occurred during such advance- large chapiters, one on each. ment. These questions and answers are Master —Were they ornamented with but a repetition of those given on pages any thing? 20 to 22, during the initiation or advance- Senior Warden —They were; with ment alluded to.] wreaths of net work, lily work, and pomegranates. SECOND SECTION. Master-What do they denote? M-aster —Have you ever worked as a Senior WVarden —Unity, Peace, and Fellow Craft Mason? Plenty. Senior Warden-I have, in specula- Master-Why so? tive; but our forefathers wrought both Senior Warden-Net work, from its in speculative and operative Masonry. connection, denotes union lily work, Master-Where did they work? from its whiteness and purity, denotes Senior Warden-At the building of peace, and pomegranates, from the cx. King Solomen's Temple, and many other uberance of its seed, denotes plenty. Masonic edifices. Master-Were those columns adorned,Master-How long did they work.? with any:thing further?

Page  26 26 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Senior'Warden-They were, via.: two years; seven years of famine; seven large globes, or balls, one on each. years in building the temple; seven Master-Did they contain any thing? golden candlesticks; seven wonders of Senior Vas rden-They did, viz.: all the world; seven planets; btt morle csthe maps and charts of the celestial and pecially the seven liberal arts and sciterrestrial bodies. enccs; which are, grammar, rhetoric, Master —Why are they said to be so logic, aritlimetic, geometry, music, and extensive? astronomy. For these, and many oilt r Senior Warden-To denote the univer- reasons, the number seven has ( ev1r bti n sality of bMasonry, aid that a Alason's held in high estimation among ilasons. ciarity ought to be equally extensive. Master-What did you next come to? Mlaster-What was their composition? Senior Warden-The outer door of the Senior Warden-Molten, or cast brass. middle chamber of King Solomon's'remMiaster —Who cast them? pie, which I found party open, but closely Senior Warden-Our Grand Master, tyled by the Junior Warden. Hiram Abiff. Master-How did you gain admission 2 Miaster-WThere were they cast I Senior Warden —By a pass, and token Senior Warden —On the banks of the of a pass. river Jordan, in the clay ground between Master-What was the name of the Succoth and Zaradatha, where King So- pass? lemon ordered these, and all other holy Senior Warden-SHIBBOLETH. vessels to be cast. Master-What does it denote? Master-Were they cast solid or hol- Senior Warden-Plenty. low? Master-Why so? Senior Warden-Hollow. Senior Warden-From an ear of corn Mlaste r —What was their thickness? being placed at the water-ford. Senior Wardeun-Four inches, or a Master-Why was this pass institutecl hand's breadth. Senior e'Varden-In consequenice of a Masteri-Why were they cast hollow? quarrel which had long existed betwrte Senior Warden-The better to witlh- Jephthah, Judge of Israel, and the stanc inundatiols or conflagrations; they Ephraimites. [The rest of this answerwere the archives of Masonry, and con- is precisely the same as the answer of tained the constitution, rolls and records. the Senior Deacon to the same question Master —'hat did you next come to? on page 24.] Senior Warlden —A long, windinlg stair MIaster-MThat did you next discover? case, with thriee, five, seven steps, or Senior Warden-The inner door of the more. middle chamber of King Solomon's Master —iVhat does the three steps al- Temple. lude to? Master-H-ow did you gain admission? Senior WVarden-The three principal Senior Warden —By the grip an d woerl. sutpports in Masonry, namely: Wisdom, Master-How did the Senior Warden Strength, and Beauty. dispose of you? Master-What do the five steps al- Senior Warden-He ordered me to be lude to? conducted to the Worshipful Miaster in Senior Warden-The five orders in the east, who informed me that I hail architecture, and the five human senses. been admitted into the middle chamber BlMaster-What are the five orders in of King Solomon's Temple for the sake architecture? of the letter G. Senior Warden-The Tuscan, Doric, Master-Does it denote any thing? Io:ie, Corinthian, anld Composite. Senior Warden-It does; DEITY-beMiaster-What are the five human fore whom we should all bow with revc.senses? rence, worship, and adoration. It alto Senior Warlden —Hearing, seeing, feel- denotes geometry, the fifth science; it ing, smelling, and tasting; the first three being that on which this degree vwas of which have ever been deemed highly principally founded. essenltial among Masons; hearing, to hear This ends the Lecture, and the Lodge the word; seeing, to see the sign; and is now closed with a similar admonition feeling, to feel the grip, whereby one MIa- from the Master, and precisely the sname son1 mlla know another in tile dark as ceremonies as those observed in closing well as i the light. a Lodge of Entered Apprentices, deS:Master-What does the seven steps al- scribed on page 18, except that the signl? Jude to? given are of course those of a I'ello-w Stenior Warden-The seven sabbatical Craft (page 22)'instead ok the others.

Page  27 MASTKE MASON'S DEGREE, 27'Candidate to the door of the Lodge, where \\N\\&X\\1 1 he gives three distinct knocks. Senior Warden (rising and addressing, GuRA the Master)-Worshipful, while we are peaceably at work on the third degree of it, X S11X6X>2 x Masonry, under the influence of humanity, brotherly love, and affection. the door of onr Lodge appears to be alarmed. Master to Senior Deacon-Brother SeA//E 1 J.5\s\&0 A nior, inquire the cause of the alarm. The Senior Deacon steps to the door and answers the three knocks that have lbeen given, by three more; (the knocks 5 i g.~/,!// lfl7 fl ( " are much louder than those given on any occasion other than that of the admission of candidates in the several degrees:) one knock is then given without, and answered by one from within, when the THIRD DEGREE. door is partly opened. Senior DeacQn-W-ho comes there? OPENING A LODGE OF MASTER MASONS. who conies there? who comes there? The ceremonies of opening and con- Junior Deacon-A worthy brother, ducting the business of a Lodge in this who has been regularly initiated as an degree are the same as those of a Lodge Entered Apprentice Mason, passed to of Entered Apprentices,'dready de- the degree of a Fellow Craft, and now scribed. The arrangement of the Lodge wishes for further light ii Masony, iy is similar, and the same officers do duty. being raised to the sublime degree of a The traditional account of the death, Master Mason. several burials, and resurrections of Hi- Senior Deacon-Is it of his own free rain Abiff, the widow's son, as here de- will and accord he makes this request? veloped, is very interesting. We read Candidate answers-It is. in the Bible that Hiram Abiff was one Senior Deacon (to Junior)-Is he worof the head workmen employed at the thy and well qualified? building of King Solomon's Temple, and Junior Deacon-He is other ancient writings inform us that he was an arbiter between King Solomon and Hiram, King of Tyre; but his tragical death is nowhere recorded except in the archives of Free Masonry. The Master Mason's Lodge is represented as the santctun sanctorum, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's Tem- 1 pie, and on great occasions is, of course, ornamented different from those of pre- 2 ceding degrees. A candidate for advancement to the Master Mason's degree is prepared by the Junior and Senior Deacons, who strip him naked, and furnish him with a pair of drawers reaching just above his hips, both legs of them being rolled above the knees. His shbrt is then put over his head, and slipped down around his body, and is partly covered by his drawers- / the sleeves and collar hang dangling behind, over the waistband of his drawers. A rope, or'sable-tow, is put three times round his body, and he has a bandage over bMs eves. WYhel Ie l is ready the Senior Deacon reta;lns inside the Lodge, and resumes hi3 ciat by the Worshipful Master. The Jani.:o Deacon meantime conducts the

Page  28 28 lRICHARDSON7d MONITOR OF FREE-3MASONRY. Senior Deacon-Has he made suitable the third time, three raps. During the proficiency in the preceding degrees? time the candidate is traveling round the Junior Deacon-He has. room, the Master reads the foliowing, Senior Deacon-By what further right passage of Scripture, the traveling and does kle expect to obtain this benefit? the reading terminating at the saune Junior Deacon-By the benefit of a time: Remember now thy Creator in pass-word. the days of thy youth, while the evil Senior D1eacon-I-as he a pass-word? days come not, nor the years draw nigh, Junior Deacon-He has not, but I when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure.have it for him. in them: while the sun, or the Inoon, or Senior Deacon-Give it me. the stars be not darkened, nor the clouds The Junior Deacon whispers in the return after the iain: in the day whei ear of the Senior Deacon-TUBAL-CAIN. the keepers of the house shall tremble, Senior Deacon-The pass is right. and the strong men shall bow themselves, You will wait until the Worshipful Mas- and the grinders cease, because they are ter in the east be made acquainted with few; and those that look out of the win. his request, and his answer returned. dows be darkened, and the doors shall The Senior Deacon goes to the Mas- be shut in the streets; when tile sound of ter, gives three knocks, and the same the grinding is low, and he shall rise up questions and answers pass between at the voice of the bird, and all the daughthem relative to the candidate as were ters of music shall be brought low. Also given and answered by the Senior and when they shall be afraid of that which Junior Deacons at the door. is high, and fears shall be in the way, Master-Since he comes indued with and the almond-tree shall flourish, and all these necessary qualifications, let him the grass-hoppers shall be a burden, al d en'er this worshipful Lodge in the name desire shall fail: because man goeth to of the Loi'd, and take heed on what he his long home, and the mourners go about enters. the streets: or ever the silver cord be The Senior Deacon returns to the door loosed, or the golden bowl be broken at and repeats what the Miaster has said, the fountain, or the wheel at the cistern. when the candidate enters, and as he Then shall the dust return to the earth as goes through the door the Senior Dea- it was;. and the spirit shall return unto con stands in front holding a pair of God, who gave it. compasses in both hands. He presses The candidate now stops in front of the points of the colmpasses against the the seat of the Junior Warden in the naked right and left breasts of the candi- south. The Warden asks him the same date, saying: Brother, when you first questions that were asked at the door by entered this Lodge, you was received on the Senior Deacon when he entered the the point of the compass pressing your Lodge, and the same answers are given. naked left breast, which was then ex- He,then goes to the Senior Warden in plained to you; when you entered it the the west, where the same questions are second time, you was received on the asked, and answers given. He is then angle of the square, which was also ex- conducted to the Worshipful Master in plained to you; on entering it now, you the east, who, after asking the same are received on the two extreme points: questions again, and receiving the same of the compass pressing your naked right answers, inquires whence he came and and left breasts, which are thus explain- whither he is journeying. ed: As the most vital parts of man are Candidate-Froml the west, and tra. contained between the two breasts, so. veling to the east. are the most valuable tenets of Masonry Master-WVhy do you leave the wcst, contained between the two extreme and travel to the east? loints of the compass, which are, Vir- Candidate-In search of more light. 1 to, Morality, and Brotherly Love. Master to Senior Deacon-You will The Senior Deacon then conducts the please conduct the candidate back to the candidate three times regularly round west, from whence he came, and put him the Lodge. The Junior Warden is the in the care of the Senior Warden, who first of the three principal officers that will instruct him how to approach the the candidate passes, traveling with the east, by advancing upon three upright sun, when he starts round the Lodge;' regular steps, to the third step in Itaand as he passes the Junior Warden, sonry, his feet forming a square, his body Senior Warden, and Master, the first: erect, and cause him to kneel at the altar, time going round they each give one rap; in due form, to take upon himself the sothe second time each gives two raps, and lemn oatbh. or obligation of Master Mlason

Page  29 MASTEBi MASON'S DEGIrEiE: T1IE INITIATION. 29 The candidate being conducted to- that I will not give the grand hailing wards the Senior Warden, that officer sign of distress of this degree, except I steps forward and places him in position, am in real distress, or for the benelit of facing hin towvards the altar, and direct- the craft, when. at work; and should I ing him to step off, first with his left see that sign given, or hear the words foot, and second, with the right; each accompanying it, I will fly to the relief time folrfii:ng a square with his feet, as of the person so giving it, should there ia the Fellow Craft be a greater probability of saving his loOvenmeUt. The third l\\l, life tlan losing my own. Furthermore step is. with the left do I promise and swear, that I will not foot, bringing np the wrong this Lodge, nor a brotlher of this right, and placing the degree, to the value of one cent, klnowl!eels together in the ingly, myself, nor suffer it to be done by liosition of a soldier. others, if in my power to prevent it. The candidate then i Furthermore do I promise aind swear, knleels on both naked that I will not be at the initiating, passknces, and raises both ing, or raising a candidate at one co:nbands and arms, in munication, without a dispensation firen the manner of giving the Grand Lodge, for that purpose. Furthe grand hailing sign thermore do I promise and swear, that I of distress, and holds will not be at the initiating, passing, or them in this position z raising a candidate in a clandestine L:iltil he is directed to Lodge, nor converse upon the secrets of place them on the IIo- Free Masonry with a clandestine laside ly Bible, square and Iason, or one that has been expelled or compass. suspended, while he is under thlat senMaster, to candidate-Brother, you are tence. Furthermore do I promise and siow placed in a proper position to take swear, that I will not be at the ilsitiating, upon you the solemn oath and obligation passing, or raising of an old man in doof. a Aiaster Mason, which I assure you tage, a young man in non-age, anl atheist, as a man, as a Mason, and as Master of lreligions lihertine, madinnni, hermiallthis Lodge, will rfot interfere with the rodite, woman, or a fool. Furthermore duty you owe to your God or your coun- do I promise and swear, that I will net try. If you are willing to take this oath, speak evil of a brother Master Mason, repeat your nlame, and say after me- neither behind his back nor before hIis I, John Smith, of my own free will face, but will apprise him of all approachand accord, ilithe presence of Almighty ing danger. Furthernlore do I pronise God, and this worshipful Lodge of AMas- and swear, that I will snot violate the ter Masons, erected to God and dedicated chastity of a Master %Mason's wife, moto the holy St. Johus, do hereby ascd ther, sister, or daughter, nor suffer it to hereon, [candidate now brings both hlansds be done by others, if in my power to down on the Ioly Bible, sqluare and coin- prevent it, I knowing them to be such. pass, which lay on the altar,] most so- Iurtihermore do I promise and se-ear, lemnly and sincerely promise and swear, thalt I will support the constitution of the in addition to my former obligations, that Grand Lodge of this State, under which I a-ill not give the secrets of a bMaster this Lodge is held, and conform to all the Mason to any one of an inferior degree, by-laws, rules and regulations of this, or Inor to any being in the known world, any other Lodge of which I may hereexcept it be to a true and lawful brother after become a member. Furthermore ]Master Mason, or within the body of a do I promise and swear, that I will obey just and lawfully constituted Lodge of all due signs and sumsmouses handed, such;. and not unto him or them whom I sent, or thrown to me from a brothl-r shall hear so to be, but unto him a; d Master Mason, or from the body of a ju.. them only whom. I shall find so to be, and lawfully constituted Lodge of Master after strict trial, due examination, or Masons, if within the length of my cablelawful information received. Further- tow. Furthermore do I and norse, do I promlise and swvear, that I swear, that a Master Tlaasoil's secrets, w-ili not speak the Master Mason's word, given to me in charge as such, stiall rewhich I shall hereafter receive, in any main as secure and invioiable ii my otller mllanner except in that in which 1 breast, as in his, before communicated, shall receive it, which will be on the five murder and treason only excepted: and points of fellowship, and at low breath. they left to my only election. FurtherFurthermore do I promise and swear,, more do I promise and swear, that I will

Page  30 30 RICHFARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MlASONRY. go ok a Mlaster MIason's errand, even you from the east, under the sign, step, barefoot, and bareheaded, to save his and due-guard of a laster blasol. life or relieve his necessities. Further- The sign is the hailing sig-n of d-stress raore do I prolmise and swvear, that I will given on page 29. T'he words accnrllsl - rememsber a brothler Master Mlason, wlien lnying it are, "Is there no lelp ior tie on my lnees at my devotions. Further- widow's son?" As the last wid1( a;e mole do I prolnise ald swear, that I will uttered, you let fall your hands in a nul.'uLe aiding anid assisting all poor and indi- -er to indicate so:cm~".1t Malster Mlasmols, their widows and n nlity.'The ldue-pu C ll orphans, wheresoever dispersed round is gives bDy pestiing the the globe, (they makinlg application to open right land to the me as such, and I linding them worthy,) left side of the bow — as far as is in mny power, without injury, els, the palm of tho to myself or faimily. Furthermore do I hand flat, and downpromise and swear. that if any part of wards; then draw it t n-'i my solemn oath or obligation be q cuiclkly from the lelt omitted at this time, that I will hold to the right, and let it myself amenable thereto, whenever in- fall by your side. formed. To all which I do most solemn- After thus instructly and sincerely promise and swear, with ing the new candidate, a fixed arnd steady purpose of mind in the Master approachllmse to keep and p(lerform the same, bind- es hil, and taking him ing myself under no less penalty than to by the hand, says:have my body severed in two in the Brother, in token of midst, and divided to the North and a; colltinuiation of true South, my bowels burnt to ashes in the - - brotherly love and escenter, and the ashes scattered before teem, I present you vitlh my right hanid, the four winds of:heaven, that there and with it you wvill receive the passmight not the-,least tract or trace of re- grip and word of a tMaster Alason. Take membrance remain 4among men or AMa- me as I take you. sons of so vile and peljured a wretch as The pass-grip is given by pressing the I should be, were I ever to prove wil- thumb between the joints of the second fully guilty of violating;any part of this and third fingers wlhere they joisl the Iny solemn oath or obligation of a MIas- hand, and the word is T1'UBAL-CAIN. tcr MIason; so help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of' the same. Master, to candidate-'What do you now most desire? Candidate-Light. Mlaster-Brethrefi, please to stretch -,i forth your hands and assist in bringing this new-made brother to more light in As the Master gives the grip, the fol Masonry. " And God said, Let there be lowing dialogue ensues, the Se.nior Dealight, and there was light." con answering for the candidate: [The candidate has the bandage drop- Maister-7AWhat is that? peel fromn his eyes in the same manner Senior Deacon-The pass-grip of a as in preceding degrees, with three Master lMason. stamps on the floor, and three clapping Master-IIas it a name 1 of hallds.] Senior Deacon-It has. 2 aster, to candidate-On being brought Master-Wlill you give it me? t-o light, you first discover, as before, Senior Deacon-I did not so receive it, tl;;ilee great lights in NMasonry, by the as- neither canl I so impart it. estalccee of three lesser, with this differ- 3Master-How will you dispose of it? eioce, botll points of the compass are ele- Senior Deacon-Letter, or syllable it. v.ited above the square, which denotes Master-Syllable it, and begin. to you that you are about to receive Senior Deacon-No, you begin. all the light that call be conferred on Master-No, begin you. you in a AMason's Lodge. Senior Deacon-TU The Mlaster steps back a few steps, Master -BALandl then advances again. Senior Deacon-C(AIN. Master-Brother, you now discover MIaster - TUBAL me as Mliaster of this Lodge, approaching Seunior Deacon-TUBAL-CAIN.

Page  31 MIASTER MASON S DEGREE: TIHE IXITIATION. 31 Mater —Itight, brother Tubal-Cain, I called from libor to refreshment, and to greet you; arise from a square to a per- be on again at tlie sUllind of thie gavel. pendicular, go and salute thle Junior and The Senior Vs arden rel lats this order Senior Wtardels, and satisfy theml that to his Junior, ait(l the JrS:llo"' Vtarldenl noyo. are ans obligated Master Mason, and tifies the brethren that tihe Lodge is callalsrd in plossession of the true pass-grip ed from labor to rer-cslhenent, anld lhe and word. thereupon gives three raps, w hen all theo WiY'hile the two Wardens are examin- bretlhren leave their stats. This is done ingl the candidae, thle Miaster returns to in order that when the can;dildate rehis place il the east, and gets an apron, turns into the Lodge, he may think that Nvith vhllich he returns, when the Senior all is over, and that he has received the'Warden speaks for himself and Junior. whole degree. When he conmes in, then, Senior Warden-Worshipful, we are lhe finds some of the brethren drinkihg, satisfied that brothler Johin Smith is an some laughing and talking, and others obligated Master Mason. (as he thinks) preparing to go home. MIaster, to candidate-Brother, I now Many of the mlembers come forward, on hlave the honor to present you with a his appearance, and salute him-one lambsskin, or white apron, as before, gives the pass-grip, another the duewhich I hope you will wear with credit guard, alnd a thlird asks him how he likes to yourself, and satisfaction and advan- the degree, &c. Meantime the Mlaster tage to the brethren. You will please goes to his seat in the east unobserved, carry it to the Senior Warden in the and gives one rap with his gavel. Inwvest, who will teach you how to wear it stantly the brethren all resume their as a 3Master Mason. seats, leaving the candidate alone in the The canllidate goes again to the Senior middle of the floor, and he finds himself'Warden, who ties on the apron, and lets somewhat embarrassed until the MIaster the flap fall down before, in its natural beckons to him to come towards the and common situation. I-e then returns east. Taking up a book, the MIaster to the Master. says: Master-Brother, I perceive you are Master-Brother, you no doubt think clothed; and it is of course necessary yourself a perfect Master Mlason, a nd you should have tools to work with. I that you are entitled to all our privileges. wvill now present you with the working Is it not so? tools of a Master Mason, which are all Candidate usually answers that it is. the implements of Masonry indiscrilmii- Master-It tilen becomes rty dtuty to nately, but nlore especially the trowel. undeceive you, and to inform you that Tire trowel is an instrument made use of you are not a Master IMason, neither d.) by operative masoins to spread thte co- I know that you ever will be one, until I ment, which unites a building into one can ascertain how you withsta-nd the colnmon mass; but we as Free and Ac- amazing trials and dangers that awtait cepted Masons are taught to make use of you. You must now undergo onle of the it for the more noble and glorious pur- nIlost trying scenes that human nature pose of spreading the cement of brother- ever witnessed. You are to travel a ly love and affection, that cement which rough and rugged road, beset with danunites us into one sacred band, or society gers on every sidce, where you will meet of friends and brothers, among whom no with ruffians, and you may mreet with contention should ever exist, but that death-for some have suffereddeath who noble contention, or emulation, of who have traveled this road before you. In can best work or best agree. I also pre- your preceding degrees you had a brosenlt you with three precious jewels; ther to pray for you, but inl this one you their names are HIumanity, Friendship, must pray for yoursel'. You will 1now aid Brotherly Love. be hood-winked, and go and kneel at the The Master then reads from a Masonic altar, where you can pray eitl;her mentext-book the chatrge to a new candidate tally or orally. Whcn you get through, in this degree, and directs the Senior please to signify the same iby rising. Deacon to conduct himl back to the plre- The cantdidate is hoodl wiilked aid cOilnparation room, -where he will resume his ducted towards the altar, anld while conlusual clothing. ducting hitil, the Senior Deacon s. ays-' As soon as the candidate has gone out, Brother, it was the custom of our (trand the Lodge is called fromlabor to refiesh- Ilaster, Hiram Abiff, every day'It high ment in the following manner, viz.: twelve, when the crafts were froln ialaor Master to Senior Wardein- Brother to refieshment, to enter into thle sanctulli Senior, it is my order that this Lodge be sanctorum, and offer up his devotions to

Page  32 3,2 RIUCIiAlDSON'S BIONITOR OF FREE-MASONR1'-Y. the evecrliving God. Let us, in imitation Jubela —Talk not to me of Tsmrples or of klim, kneel and pray. [Caucidate Grand Lodges-give me the word, or kneels. and acts as if in pIray r.] die I and he thereupon strikes the candiIn Imany Lodges tills ceremlony is date a blow across the throat with a turnied inlt mn:rrlisent. a ndidates -wiill twe-tvy-i'our inch guage. frequently imake believe tlhat they are The canclidate rapidly retreats ond terribly fiightenedc, -i d that they are goes towards the west gate, which is prlaying earnestly, whien il truth they guarlded by Jubclo, (the SeniorW, arden.) are but acting a part. The rest of tlis Jubelo —Wlho comes there? dgree is founded on the murder of the Senior Deacon-Our Grand Miaster, Grand Master, liram Abiff, xwho, as he Hiram Abiff. lcit his devotions, was assassinated by Jubelo (seizing candidate roughly)three ruffians, who had stationed them- Give me the grip and word of a Blaster selves at the east, west, and south gates MIlason, or die! of King Solomon's Temple, to make The candidate is excused as before, sure of their work of murder. when Jubelo gives him a blow across his In this part of the initiation, the Master breast with the square. The candidate and thle Junior anld Senior AV ardens re- then goes to the east gate, where he en. present three rufiians, viz.: JUBEsA, counters Jubclum, (the Master.) JUBELO, and JUBELUsI. The room be- Jubelunn-Give me the grip and passing darkened, tIle candidate rises (still word of a Master Mason, or die! hood-wisnked) from the altar, is conduct- The Master thereupon strikes him on cd several timues round the Lodge, and the forehead with the gave-, when finally stops at the south gate, which is (prompted by the Senior Deacon) the guarsded by Jubela, (the Junior Warden.) candidate falls apparently lifeless uposn Jubela-s-vio comes here? the floor. Senior Deacon, actin-g as Conductor- Jubelum-W-Tlhat shall we do? W e Our Grand al-aster, IHiram Abiff. have killed our Grand lMaster, Hiram Jubela —Our Grand Miaster, I-Iiraml Abiif Abiff! lie is the very man I wanted to Jubelo-Let us carry him out at the see. [Jibela thereupon seizes the can- east gate, and cover him with the ruiibishl didate by the throat and handles him until low twelve. We casn tlshel siet t roughly. exclaiming, I Give me the Master and carry him a westerly course, and lMasoil's word, or I will take your life I bury him. Senior Deacon answers for candidate- At the place where the candidate wtas I cannot give it now, but if you will wait knocked down with the gavel, in the till the Temple is completed, and the east, a blanket had been previously Grand Lodge assembles at Jerusalem, if spread to receive him. Hie is now taken Syou are -vorlty, you shall then receive it, up in the blanket, carried back out of otherw 0ise you cannot. sight, and covered up. The Lodge con-~~~~~~~~~~~C~C~" Zr;, o

Page  33 MASTER MASON'S DEGREE: THE NIrATION. 33 Binues dark for a while, the supposed workmen missing, viz.: Jubela, Jubelo, rualans skulking about. Presently the and Jubelun.' Senior Deacon strikes twelve strokes on Master-This brings to my mind a cira bell, soon after which the three ruf- cumstance that took place this morning. fians meet at the east end of the Lodge Twelve Fellow Crafts, clothed in white and salute each other. gloves, and aprons, in token of their inJubela-The body has not been dis- nocence, came to me and confessed that covered. they twelve, with three others, had con, Jubelo-No, all is safe. spired to extort the Master Mason's word Jubelum-We must bury our Grand from their Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, Master immediately, for I perceive he and in case of refusal, to take his lifebegins to smell a little already, and we they twelve had recanted, but they fearshall be discovered. Take him up and ed the other-three had been base enough carry him to the brow of Mount Moria, to carry their atrocious designs into exewhere I have dug his grave. cution. The candidate is again taken up in the Master (still acting as King Solomon) blanket, carried several times round the to Senior Warden-You will draw twelve Lodge, and then deposited, on his back, Fellow Crafts from the banks of worknear the Senior Warden in the west, his men, clothe them in white gloves and feet towards the east, and covered up aprons in token of their innocence, and with chairs, benches, &c. send three of them east, three west, Jubelun —Let us mark his grave with three north and three south, in search this sprig of cassia. [He sticks down a of these missing men. When they are sprig of evergreennear candidate'shead.] found, cause them to be brought forward. We will now endeavor to get a passage The Senior Warden repeats this order to Ethiopia. to his Junior, who imparts it to the breWhile the supposed ruffians are look- thren, and then there is more shuffling ing for their passage, (i. e. groping round around the Lodge, while the twelve are the Lodge,) King Solomon arrives at the supposed to be in search of the missing Temple, being personified by the Wor- men. Finally some one near the Senior shipful Master, who calls the Lodge to Warden's seat addresses an old man who order by a rap with, the gavel. is dressed for the occasion, and just come Master (acting as King Solomon) to from the preparation room. Senior VWarden-What is the cause of Mason-Old maln, have you seen any all this confusion? travelers passing this way? Senior Warden-,Our Grand Master, Old man-Yes; as I was down near Hiram Abiff, is missing; and there are the coast of Joppa this morning, I saw no plans or designs laid down on the three, and from their dress and appeartrestle-board for the crafts to pursue ance I supposed them to be men of Tyre, their labors. and workmen from the Temple. They Master-Our Grand Master missing! sought a passage to Ethiopia, but could I-Ie has always been very punctual in his not obtain one, in consequence of an attendance, and I fear he may be indis- embargo recently laid on all the shipposed. Assemble the crafts, and search ping. I believe they returned into the in and about the Temple to see if he can country. be found. Master (still acting as King Solomon) The brethren now shuffle about the gives a rap with the gavel, and inquires Lodge a few minutes, as though in search — What tidings, brethren? of the missing Master, when the Wor- Some one replies-None from the east, shipful Master calls them to order by a Worshipful. rap with the gavel. Another says-None from the South. Master to Senior Warden-What sue- A third exclaims, in a loud voice —'f sess? dings from the west, my lord! Senior Warden-We cannot find our Master-What tidings from the Wc: t Grand Master, my lord. The third answers-As we three Ft'o Master-The Secretary will call the low Crafts were steering a westerly roll of workmen and see if any of them course, we fell in with a wayfaring man, are missing. who informed us he saw three men that Secretary calls the roll, and then ad- morning down near the coast of Joppt;, dresses the Master, who is still acting as and from their dress and appearance he King Solomon. supposed them to be men of Tyre, workSecretary-I have called the roll, my men from the Temple.; they sought a lord, and I find there ase three of the passage to Ethiopia, but could not lo3

Page  34 34 RICHARDSON7S MIONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. cure one in consequence of an embargo perjured a wretch as I am-Ah, Jubela which had been recently laid on all the snd Jubelo, it was I that struek him shipping, and they returned back into the harder than you both-it was I that country. gave him the fatal blow-it was I that Master-I had this embargo laid, to killed him I prevent the fugitives from making their The three brethren who are removing escape. You will go and search again, the benches and chairs, stop and overand search till you find them, if possible. hear these murmurs of the three murf they are not found, the twelve who derers. onfessed to have been originally in the One says-These are undoubtedly the lot must be considered as the murder- assassins-what shall we do? there are ers, and suffer accordingly. three of them. The shuffling around the Lodge is con- Another says-Our cause is good-let tinued under pretence of a further search, us seize them. until one of the brothers (the same who The three brothers personating the had announced the tidings in the Lodge) ruffians are thereupon seized by the three seats himself on the floor in the west, searching for the body, and the prisoners near the candidate's head, and as he are carried before King Solomon, who is rises he catches hold of the sprig of ever- represented by the Worshipfill Master in green that had been stuck there. He the east. The three prisoners are here immediately stamps his foot three times made to kneel. and exclaims, " Companions assemble I" Master, giving a rap with the gavelTwo brothers rush towards him, when What tidings from the west? he says: One of the brethren replies-Worshil)p Brothers, a very singular circumstance ful, as we three Fellow Crafts were steerhas just taken place. I was fatigued and ing a due west course, I, becoming more sat down here to rest, and on rising from weary than my companions, sat down on my seat I caught hold of this sprig of the brow of Mount Moria, to rest and cassia, and drew it out of the ground. refresh myself, and as I was rising, I acOn a close examination I find that it has cidentally caught hold of a sprig of caslately been broken off and stuck there. sia, which easily giving way, excited my The three then begin to look down at curiosity. Upon this, I hailed my cointhe spot where the candidate lays, when panions, and while we were conslllting one says-This looks like a grave I on upon the mystery of the incident, we which they prepare to remove the chairs, heard the voices of three ruffians crying benches, &c., when three other brothers, from a cleft of the rock near by; we diswho sit near by, personate the three fu- covered them to be Jubela, Jubelo and gitive ruffians. Jubelum. We rushed upon, seized and Jubela, the first murderer, murmurs- bound them, and have brought them beO that my throat had been cut across, fore you, and wait your further orders. my tongue torn out, and my body buried Master, rising-Jubela, you are:susin the rough sands of the sea at low wa- pected and accused of being accessary to ter-mark, where the tide ebbs and flows the death of our Grand Master, Hiram twice in twenty-four hours, ere I had Abiff. Are you guilty, or not guilty? been accessary to the death of so good a Jubela-Guilty, my lord. man as our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff I Master-Vile and impious wretch, hold Jubelo, the second One-O that my left up your head and hear your sentence. breast had been torn open, and my heart It is my order that you be taken without and vitals taken from thence, and thrown the walls of the Temple, and there have over my left shoulder, carried into the your throat cut across from ear to ear, valley of Jehosaphat, there to become a your tongue torn out by the roots, your prey to the wild beasts of the field, and body buried in the rough sands of the sea. vultures of the air, ere I had conspired where the tide ebbs and flows twice in le death of so good a man as our Grand twenty-four hours. Master, Hiram Abiff I Master-Jubelo, you are accused of the Jubelum, the third one-O that my same offence; are you guilty, or not body had been severed in two in the guilty? midst, and divided to the north and south, Jubelo-Guilty, my lord. my bowels burnt to ashes in the center, Master-Vile and impious wretch, hold and the ashes scattered by the four winds up your head and hear your sentence. of heaven, that there might not the least It is my order that you be taken without track or trace of remevmbrance remain the gates of the Temple, and there have among men, or Masons, of so vile and your left breast torn open, your heart

Page  35 MASTER MASON7S DoEGREE: THE INITIATION. st andl vitals taken from thence and thrown page 30,] to guard our nostrils from the over your left shoulder, and carried to effiuvia rising from the body. Wre searchthe valley of Jehosaphat, there to be- ed on and about the body for the Master come a prey to the wild beasts of the Mason's word, or a key to it, but could field, and vultures of the air. not find it, though we discovered a faint Master-Jubelum, you are suspected of resemblance to the letter G marked on tle murder of our Grand Master, Hiram the left breast.,A!)iff; are you guilty, or not guilty? Master (rising, and giving the grand Jubelum-Guilty, my lord. hailing sign of distress, as on page 29)Master-Vile and impious wretch, hold Nothing but a faint resemblance of the'p your head and hear your sentence. letter G I that is not the Master's word, It is my order that you be taken without nor a key to it. I fear the Master's word the walls of the Temple, and there have is forever lost! [Master repeats the your body severed in two, and divided sign and the words three times, and af. to the north and south, your bowels ter the third time, adds:] 0 Lord, my burnt to ashes in the center, and scatter- God, is there no help for the widow's ed to the four winds of heaven. Brother son? Senior, (to Senior Warden,) you will see Master, to Senior Warden-You will that these penalties are executed. summon twelve Fellow Crafts and go The Senior Warden gives the Master's with me to the grave, in order to raise order to his Junior, who in turn orders our Grand Master. the Deacons to execute it. The Senior Warden delivers this order The three ruffians are thereupon drag- to his Junior, who communicates it to the ged out into the preparation room with Lodge, when the members shuffle round some violence, where they stamp and as before. The Master now leaves his groan a few minutes, when the Senior seat and goes to the west, where the Deacon returns and says-Worshipful, candidate is lying, when twelve brothers the penalties of their several obligations (the Fellow Crafts aforesaid) form a cir. have been duly executed upon the three cle round him and kneel. murderers of our Grand Master, Hiram Master (standing)-Let us pray. [He Abiff. then recites, or reads from a text-book, Master-It is well. You will now go this prayer:] Thou, O God, knowest In search of the body; and it is my opi- our down-sitting and up-rising, and unnion he is buried near where his three derstandest our thoughts afar off; shield murderers were arrested, viz.: on the and defend us from the evil intentions of brow of Mount Moria. our enemies, and support us under the The brethren again shuffle about the trials and afflictions we are destined to Lodge in search of the body. One of, endure, while traveling through this vale them approaches where the candidate is of tears. Man that is born of woman, is laying, in the west, and says-Here is of few days, and full of trouble. Ile something that looks like a grave. Let cometh forth as a flower, and is cut'us dig down and see. down; he fleeth also as a shadow, and A number of brethren now come for- continueth not. Seeing his days are deward and remove the things which have termined, the number of his months are covered up the candidate. As soon as with thee; thou hast appointed his he is uncovered, they all start back, turn- bounds, that he cannot pass. Turn from ing their faces a little one side, and each him, that he may rest till he shall acholding his open right hand with the palm complish his day. For there is hope of downward, up in front, as if to guard his a tree, -if it be cut down, that it will nostrils from an offensive smell. sprout again, and that the tender branch One says-We will go back to the thereof will not cease. But man dieth Temple and inform King Solomon of our and wasteth away; yea, man giveth up csecovery. the ghost, and where is he? As the waMaster (seeing them approach)-What ters fail from the sea, and the flood de. tidings from Mount Moria? cayeth and dryeth up, so man lieth down, A Brother-Worshipful, we have found and riseth not again, till the heavens the grave of our Grand Master, Hiram shall be no more. Yet, 0 Lord, have Abiff. It is situated due east and west, compassion on the children of thy crew near the blrow of Mollnt Moria. We dug tion; give them comfort in time of trou. down six feet perpendicularly till we ble, and save them with an everlasting came to the body, and involuntarily salvation. Amen. So mote it be. raiseA our hands in this position, [he The twelve now rise, when the Master givesf the due-guard of this degree, as on directs one of them to search the body

Page  36 RiCHAItRDSON'S MONITOR OF FtEE-MASON~Y. and see if the 5Master's word cannot be The Master's grip is given by taking found. lie searches, and soon reports — hold of each other's right hand, as though No trace of it, my lord I you were going to shake hands, and The Master and brethren all give the sticking the nails of each of your fingers grand hailing sign of distress (page 29) into the joint of the other's wrist where and exclaim-O Lord, my God, I fear it unites with the hand. In this condition the Master's word is forever lost! The Master directs that the body be raised by the Entered Apprentice's grip. A brother takes the candidate by that ) grip (page 11) and pulls so as to raise him a little, then lets him back and says —My lord, the body cannot be raised by the, Entered Apprentice's grip; the skin i cleaves from the flesh. The Master and brethren again give the candidate is raised, he keeping his the grand hailing sign of distress and re- whole body stiff, as though dead. The peat aloud-O Lord, my God, I fear the Master is raising him is assisted by some Master Mason's woid is forever lost I of the brethren, who take hold of the The Master orders another of the candidate bythe arms and shoulders. As twelve to raise the body by the Fellow soon as he is raised to his feet they ste-p Craft's grip. He takes hold of the can- back, and the Master whispers the -word didate by that grip, pulls him partly up, MAH-HAH-BONE in his sear, and causes lets him fall back, and says —My lord, the candidate to repeat it, telling him at the body cannot be raised by the Fellow the same time that he must never give it Craft's grip; the flesh cleaves from the in any manner other than that in which bone. All again raise their hands, as in lie receives it. IHe is also told that Mahthe hailiing sign of distress, and exclaim, hah-bone signifies marrow in the bone. O Lord, my God, I fear the Master's word They then separate, and the MIaster is forever lost I was there no help for the makes the following explanation, respectwidow's son? ing the.five points of fellowship. MIaster-I shall now raise the body of Master to candidate-Brother, foot to our Grand Master by the lion's grip, the foot teaches you- that you should, whenstrong grip of a Master Mason; and as ever asked, go on a brother's errand, if the Master's word is now lost, the first within the length of your cable-tow, even word spoken after the body is raised, if you should have to go barefoot and shall be a substitute for the Master's bareheaded. Knee to knee, that you word, until future generations shall find should always remember a Master Maout the right one. son in your devotions to Almighty God. The Master now takes the candidate Breast to breast, that you should keep by the Master Mason's grip, (see above,) the Master Mason's secrets, when given and bracing his right foot against him, to you in charge as such, as secure and raises him upon the five points of fellow- inviolable in your breast as they were in ship. This is done his own, before communicated to you. by putting the in- Hand to back, that you will not speak side of your right evil of a Master Mason either behind his foot to the inside h.~' back or before his face. Mouth to ear, of the right foot of - that you will give a brother Master Mathe one to whom son due and timely notice of all approachyou are going to ing danger, when y6u know that such give the word, the danger threatens. iinside of your own The candidate is now further instruct. knee to his, laying ed in the signs, &c., (already given,) aid your breast close the charge in this degree is read to him against his, your -J 1.V. from a toKt-book. He is then informed left hands on each /[ [ } [ \ that he has taken the third degree in other's back, and / Masonry, and is entitled to a seat in any each one putting Master Mason's Lodge. his mouth to the Master to the candidate-Brother, you other's right ear; have on this occasion represented one of in which position alone you are permit- the greatest men that ever lived, and the te.l to give the Master's word,'vbich Is tragical catastrophe of his death, burial'I'..I-IlIAH-BONE. and resurrection; I mean Hiram Abiff,

Page  37 MASTER MASON'S DEZUREE. CLOSING LETUE. 37 the W'idow's son, who was murderccl by Senior Warden-I did not, but bid three ruffians, at the building of King them wait, with time and patience, till Solomon's Temple, and who, in his in- tie Grand Lodge assembled at Jerusaflexibility, integrity and fortitude, never lem; and then, if they were found worwas surpassed by man. The history of thy, they should receive it; otherwise that momentous event is developed in they could not. the latter part of this degree, and will Master-In what manner was you acb)e thus handed down to posterity through costed? all time. [In some Lodges the Master re- Senior Warden-In attempting to recites to the candidate a recapitulation of tire at the south gate, I was accosted by the history of the murder of the Grand one of them, who demanded of mue the MIaster, IIiram Abiif, but this repetition MIaster Mason's word, and, on my reis now usually dispensed with.] fusing to comply with his request, he gave me a blow with the twenty-four CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION. inch guage, across my throat; on which Miaster to Senior W~arden-Are you a I fled to the west gate, where I was acMaster MIason? costed by the second with more violence, Senior Warden-I am; try me. Dis- and, on my refusing to comply with his prove me if you can. request, he gave me a severe blow with _Master-Where were you prepared to the square, across my breast; on which be made a lM~aster Mason? I attempted to make my escape at the Senior Warden-In a room adjacent to east gate, where I was accosted by the the body of a just and lawfully consti- third with still more violence, and, on tuted Lodge of such, duly assembled in my refusing to conmply with his request, a room, representing the sanctum sancto- he gave me a violent blow, with the rum, or holy of holies, of IKing Solomon's common gavel, on the forehead, and Temple. brought me to the floor. iMaster-How were you prepared? M Iaster-W-unom did you represent at Senior Warden —By being divested of that time? all metals; neither naked nor clothed, Senior Warden-Our Grand Master, barefooted nor shod; with a cable tow Hiram Abiff, who was slain at the buildthree times about my naked body; in ing of King Solomon's Temple. which posture I was coqducted to the Mastcr —Was his death premeditated? door of the Lodge, where I gave three Senior Warden-It was;-by fifteen distinct knocks. Fellow Crafts, who conspired to extort Master-WVhat did those three distinct from him the Master Miason's word; knocks allude to? twelve of whom recanted; but the other Senior Warden-To the third degree three were base enough to carry their in Masonry; it being that on which I atrocious designs into execution. was about to enter. Master-What did they do with the MIaster-WVhat was said to you from body? withiun? Senior WVarden-They carried it out SenoirWVarden-Who comes there? &c. at the west gate of the Temple, and bu[lThe remainder of this lecture is a re- ried it till low twelve at night, when petition of the questions and answers they three met, agreeably to appointgiven and received in advancing a can- mlent, and carried it a westerly course didate to the Master's degree, (see pages fronm the Temple, and buried it under the 25 to 31,) the Warden answering in de- brow of a hill, in a grave six feet due tal, and explaining in a past tense ex- east and west, six feet perpendicular, and actly how he was advanced up to the they then made their escape. rtme that he resumed his usual clothing.] 1Master-What time was he slain? Senior Warden-At high twclve at SECOND SECTION. noon, when the crafts were from labct'Master-Did you ever return to the to refreshment. sanctum sanctorum, or holy of holies, of Master —Iow came he to be alone at Ktng Solomon's Temple 2 that time? Senior Warden — did. Senior Warden-Because it was the I3aster-Was there any particular usual custom of our Grand Mlaster, Hi. event that marked your return? ram Abiff, every day, at high twelve, Senior Warden-There was, viz.: I when the crafts were from labor to rewas accosted by three ruffians, who d>- freshment, to enter into the sanctum manded of me the laster tason's word. sanctorusm, or holy of holies, and offer Master —Did you ever give it to them? up his adorations to the ever living God,

Page  38 38 RICHAIlRSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. and draw out his plans and designs on which it rained not in the day time, that his tressle-board for the crafts to pursue the workmen might not be obstructed in their labor. their labor. Master-At what time was he missing i Master-What supported the Temple? Senior Warden-At low six in the SeniOr Warden-Fourteen hundred and morning, when King Solomon came up fifty-three columns, and two thousand, to the Temple, as usual, to view the nine hundred and six pilasters; allhelm work, and found the crafts all in confu- from the finest Parian marble. sion; and, on inquiring the cause, he was Master-What further supported it? Informed that their Grand Master, Hiram Senior Warden-Three grand columns, Abiff, was missing, and no plans or de- or pillars. signs were laid down on the tressle-board Master-What were they called? for the crafts to pursue their labor. Senior Warden-Wisdom, Strength, [The questions and answers in this and Beauty. lecture, relative to the disposition of the Master-What did they represent? body and its discovery, are precisely like Senior Warden-The pillar of Wisdom those on pages 32, 33 and 34. represented Solomon, King of Israel, Master-How long had the body of the whose wisdom contrived the mighty fiab Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, remained in ric; the pillar of Strength, Hiram, King of -:e grave on Mount Mloria I Tyre, who strengthened Solomon in his Senior Warden-Faurtcen days. grand undertaking; the pillar of Beauty, Master-What did they do with the Hiram Abiff, the widow's son, whoso body? cunning craft and curious workmanship Senior Warden-Raised it in a Masonic beautified and adorned the Temple. form, and carried it up to the Temple for Master-How many were there em' more decent interment. ployed in the building of King Solomon's Master-Where was it buried? Temple? Senior Warden-Under the sanctum SeniorWarden-Three Grand Masters; ranctorum, or holy of holies, of King three thousand three hundred Miasters, or Solomon's Temple, over which they overseers of the work; eighty thousand erected a marble monument, with this Fellow Crafts; and seventy -thousand inscription delineated thereon:-A vir- Entered Apprentices: all those were gin weeping over a broken column, with classed and arranged in such a manner, a book open before her; in her right by the wisdom of Solomon, that neither hand a sprig of cassia; in her left, an envy, discord, nor confusion were suf. urn-Time standing behind her, with his fered to interrupt that universal peace hands infolded in the ringlets of her hair. and tranquility that pervaded the work Master-What do they denote? at that important period. Senior Warden-The weeping virgin Master-How many constitutes an En. denotes the unfinished state of the Tem- tered Apprentice's Lodge i pie; the broken column, that one of the Senior Warden-Seven; one Master principal supporters in Masonry had and six Entered Apprentices. fallen; the book open before her, that Master-Where did they usually meet? his memory was on perpetual record; Senior Warden-On the ground floor the sprig of cassia, the timely discovery of King Solomon's Temple. of his grave; the urn in her left hand, Master-How many constitutes a Fel. that his ashes were safely deposited un- low Craft's Lodge I der the sanctum sanctorum, or holy of Senior Warden-Five; two Masters lolies, of King Solomon's Temple; and and three Fellow Crafts. Time, standing behind her with his hands Master-Where did they usually meet? infolded in the ringlets of her hair, that Senior Warden-In the middle chainm time, patience, and perseverance will ac- her of King Solomon's Temple. complish all things. Master-How many constitutes a Mas. ter's Lodge? THIRD SECTION'. Senior Warden-Thre e Master Masons. Master-What does the Master's Lodge Master-Where did they usually meet? represent? Senior Warden-In the sanctum sancSenior Warden-The sanctum sancto- torum, or holy of holies, of King Solorum, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's mon's Temple. Temple. Master-Have you any emblems in Master-How long was the Temple this degree I building? Senior Warden-We have several, and Senior Warden-Seven years; during they are divided into two classes.

Page  39 MASTER MASON'S DEGREE: CLOSING LECTURE. 39 Mlaster-What are the first class? and Europe, was initiated into several Senior Warden-The Pot of Incense, orders of priesthood, and raised to the the Bee-hive, the Book of Constitutions, sublime degree of a Master Mason. He guarded bythe Tyler's Sword, the Sword drew out many problems in Geometry, pointing to a Naked Heart, the All-seeing or Masonry, and on erecting this one he Eye, the Anchor and Ark, the Forty- exclaimed, EUREKA! signifying I /lave ecvatth Problem of Euclid, the Hour- found it. It teaches Masons to be geneglass, the Scythe, and the Three Steps ral lovers of arts and sciences. Ca the Master's Carpet. The HOUR-GLASS is an emblem of hiMaster-I-Iow are they explained? man life. As the sands run, thus wastes Senior Warden-The POT OF INCENSE man. To-day, he puts forth the tend(r Is an emblem of a pure heart, which is leaves of hope; to-morrow, blossoms, always an acceptable sacrifice to the and bears his blushing honors thick upon Deity; and as this glows with fervent him; the next day comes a frost, which heat, so should our hearts continually nips the shoot, and when he thinks his glow with gratitude to the great and be- greatness is still ripening, he falls, like neticent Author of our existence, for the autumn leaves, to enrich our mother manifold blessings and comfortswe enjoy. earth. The B.iE,-HivE is anl emblem of indlus- The SCYTHE is an emblem of Time, try, and recommends the practice of that which cuts the brittle thread of life and virtuo to all created beings, from the launches us into Eternity-showing that highest seraph in heaven to the lowest every one of us must be cut down by reptile of the dust. It teaches us, that, this all-devouring scythe, and be gatheras we came into the world rational and ed into the unknown land of shadows. intelligent beings, so we should ever be The THREnE ST:EPs usually delineated industrious ones; never sitting down on the Master's Carpet, are embl(maticontented while our fellow creatures cal of the three principal stages of huaround us are in want, when it is in our manl life, viz.: Youth, Manhshood, and power to relieve them without inconve- Age. In youth. as Entered Apprentices, nience to ourselves. we ought industriously to occupy our The BOOK OF CONSTITUTIONS, guard- minds in the attainment of useful knowed by the Tyler's Sword, reminds us ledge; in manhood, as Fellow Crafts, that we should be ever watchful and we should apply our knowledge to the guarded, in our thoughts, words, and ac- discharge of our respective duties to tions, and particularly when before the God, our neighbors, and ourselves; so enemies of 1%Masonry; ever bearing in re- that, in age, as Master Masons, we may membrance those truly Masonic virtues, enjoy the happy reflectionts consequent Silence and Circumspection. oil a well spent life, and die in the hope The SWORD POINTING TO A NAKED of a glorious immortality. HEAiRT demonstrates that justice will MIaster —What are the second class of sooner or later overtake us; and, al- emblems? though our thoughts, words and actions Senior Ward:eln-The Spade, the Cofmay be hidden from the eyes of men, fin, the Death-head and MIarrow-bones, yet, that ALL-SEEING EYE Whom the and the Sprig of Cassia. They are thus sun, moon, and stars obey, and under explained: whose watchful care even comets per- The SPADE opens the vault to receive form their stupendous revolutions, per-' our bodies, where our active limbs will vades the inmost recesses of the human soon moulder to dust. heart, and will reward us according to The COFFIN, DEATH-HEAD and MARour merits. ROW-BONI-;S are esmblematical of the The ANCHOR and ARE are emblems death and burial of our Grand Master,, of a well-grounded hope and well spent Hiram Abiff, and as such are worthy our life. They are emblematical of that Di- serious attention. vine Ark which safely wafts us over this The SPRIG OF CASSTA is emblematic:a. tempestuous sea of troubles, and that of that immortal part of mnan that nevtr Anchor which shall safely moor us in a dies, and should remind us that a correct peaceful harbor, where the wicked cease and upright life here swill enable us to from troubling, and the weary shall find enter into the. Celestial Lodge above, rest. where the Grand Mlaster of the Universe The FORTY-SEVENTH PROBLEM OF presides. EUCLID was an invention of our ancient This ends the Master Mason's degree, friend and brother, the great Pythagoras, and the whole of the first three degrees who, in his travels through Asia, Africa of Masonry. Very few Masons take

Page  40 40 RICHAR.DSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MIASONRY. enough interest to be advanced further than to become a Master, and consequently never get the pass-word that was lost by the tragical death of Hiram Abiff. The reader will wonder why this password is represented as being utterly'lost, when it must have been known to King Solomon, and to Hiram, King of Tyre, who were both Grand Masters, ranking as such, in building the Temple, equally lwith Hiram Abiff. The answer is, that by their oaths the pass-,word of a Master Mason could not be given unless the three Masters were present; and as King' Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hi-' / ram Abiff were the only Master Masons in the world, the word could not be given at all after Hiram Abiff's death, and was 3MARK MASTER'S DEGREE. therefore practically lost for all fiture OPENING A LODGE OF MARIK MIASTEns. Master Masons. King Solomon is said to hlave substituted in place of the lost Eight officers are necessary to open a one, the word now used in the Master Lodge in this degree, viz.: Right WorMason's degree, viz.: MAH-HAH-BONE. shipful Master, Master Overseer, Senior Yet the missing word was found after and Junior Overseers, Senior and Junior four hundred and seventy years, and WVardens, Senior and Junior Deacons, was then, and still is used in the Royal Secretary and Treasurer. Arch degree, as will be seen in the cere- The interior arrangements of. the monies of that degree. Lodge, and the positions of the M},!ster, Many years ago, after William Mor- WVardens, Deacons, Secretary and Treagan published his book revealing the surer, are the same as those in the Enmysteries of the three first degrees, the tered Apprentice's degree, (page 5.) The Grand Lodge of the State of Nlew York Master Overseer takes his seat on the ordained and established a new Test- right of the MRight W~orshipful Master in oath and Word for the Master Mason's the east. The Senior Overseer sits con degree, to prevent book-masons from the right of the Senior Warden in the gaining admittance into the Lodges. It west, and his Junior on the right of the was as follows:. Junior Warden in the south. A stranger who desired to visit a Right Worshipful Master [giving a rap Lodge, presented himself at the door and with his gavel]-Brethren, I am about to rapped in the usual manner. open a Lodge of Mark lMaster Masons in Tyler, looking out-Do you wish to this place, for the dispatch of business. visit this Lodge? I will thank you for your attention and Stranger-Yes, if thought worthy. assistance. If'there is any person presTyler-Bywhat are yourecommended? ent who has not taken this degree, he is Stranger-By my fidelity. requested to retire. [To Senior WarTyler(opening the door, and extending den]-Brother Senior, are you satisfied his right arm obliquely forward and up- that all present are Mark Masters? ward to an angle of about forty-five de- Senior Warden —Right AWorshipful, I grees, his hand open and thumb pointing wvkish the pass-word might be given by npward)-Prove that. the brethren. Stranger comes forward and places the The two Deacons thereupon go round Zack of his left hand against the palm of and receive the word, which is JOsPIlA,,se Tyler's extended right hand, leans in same manner as in the Fellow Craft's t)rward and whispers in his ear L-O-s, degree; (page 19.) and pronounces LOs. Master (giving one rap) -Brother Jur This word is the reverse of SOL, the nior Deacon, the first care of congre. Sun. The Grand Lodge also made each gated Masons? Master Mason, on his initiation, solemnly Junior Deacon (rising and giving the swear, in addition to his other obliga- due-guard in this degree, as on page 42) tions, not to reveal this word and sign, -To see the Lodge tyled, Right WVorunder penalty of being forever disgraced shipful. and dishonored as a man, and despised, Master-Perform that part of your degraded and expelled as a MIason. duty, and inform the Tyler that we are

Page  41 MARK MASTER'S DEGREE: OPENING CEREMONIES. 41 about to open a Lodge of Mark Master Junior Deacon-At the right, in front Masons in this place for the dispatch of of the Senior Warden. business; and direct him to tyle ac- Master-Your duty there, Brother Ju. cordingly, nior 1 The Junior Deacon then walks very Junior Deacon-To carry messages quick to the door, and gives four raps, from the Senior Warden in the west, to which are answered by four without, the Junior Warden in the south; and from the Tyler; the Junior Deacon then elsewhere about the Lodge, as he mxay gives one, which is answered by the Ty- direct. ler with one; the door is then partly Master-The Senior Deacon's place in opened, when the Junior Deacon de- the Lodge? livers his message. IIe then returns, Senior Deacon-At the right, in front of gives the due-guard again, and says- the Right Worshipful Master in the east. The door is tyled, Right Worshipful. o Master-Your duty there, Bro. Senior? Master-How tyled? Senior Deacon-To carry messages Junior Deacon-With secresy and from the Right Worshipful Master in ebrotherly love also by a brother of this the east, to the Senior Warden in the degree, with a drawn sword in his hand. west, and elsewhere about the Lodge, Master-His duty there? as he may direct. To assist in the prepaJunior Deacon-To keep off cowans ration and initiation of candidates, and to and eaves-droppers, see that none pass welcome and clothe all visiting brethren. or re-pass without due qualification, or Master-The Secretary's station in the permission from the Right Worshipful Lodge? Master. Secretary-At the left hand of the Master-Let us be clothed, brethren. Right Worshipful blaster in the cast. itHere the officers and members put on Master-Your duty there, Brother Setheir aprons and jewels.] The Aaster cretary? gives two raps with his gavel, which Secretary-To record the doings of brings all the subordinate officers on the Lodge, collect all money, pay it over their feet; and each standing in his place, to the Treasurer, and keep a true and recites his duty on being questioned. correct account of the same. Master-The Junior Overseer's station Master-The Treasurer's station in the in the Lodge? Lodge if Junior Overseer-At the south gate. Treasurer-At the right hand of the Master-Your duty there, Brother Ju- Worshipful Mlaster in the east. ntor Overseer? Master-Your duty there, ]Brother Junior Overseer-To inspect all mate- Treasurer? rials brought up for the building of the Treasurer-To receive all money from Temple; and, if approved, pass them on the hands of the Secretary, to keep a to the Senior Overseer, at the west gate, true and correct account of the same, for further inspection. and pay it out by order of the Right Master-The Senior Overseer's place Worshipful Master, with the consent ol in the Lodge? the brethren. Senior Overseer-At the west gate. Master-The Junior Warden's place in Master-Your business there, Brother the Lodge? Senior Overseer? Junior Warden-In the south, Right Senior Overseer-To inspect all mate- Worshipful. rials brought up for the building of the Master-Your duty there, Bro. Junior? Temple; and, if approved, pass them on Junior Warden-As the sun is in the to the Master Overseer, at the cast gate, south at high twelve, which is the glory for further inspection. and beauty of the day, so stands the Ju. Master-The Master OVerseer's place nior Warden in the south, to call the in the Lodge? crafts from labor to refreshment, and Master Overseer-At the east gate. from refreshment to labor, that the Right Master-Your business there, Brother Worshipful Master may have profit and Master Overseer? pleasure thereby. Master Overseer-To preside at the Master-The Senior Warden's place in inspection of all materials brought up the Lodge? for the building of the Temple; and, if Senior Warden-In the west, Right disapproved, to call a council of my bro- Worshipful. th3r Overseers. Master-Your duty there, Bro. Senior? Master-The Junior Deacon's place in Senior Warden-As the sun sets in the the Lodge? west, to close the day, so stands the Soe

Page  42 42 RICHARDSON S MONITOht OF FREE-MASONRY. nior Warden in the west, to assist the gree. You then drop your arms down, Right Worshipful Master in opening and the last two fingers of the right hand closing his Lodge, pay the crafts their clenched, the first two wages, if any be due, and see that none and thumb open, paral. go away dissatisfied; harmony being the lel with each other and strength and support of all institutions, about one inch apart.but more especially of ours. It alludes to the nmanner Master-The Right Worshipful Mas- the candidate is directed. ter's station in the Lodge? to carry the key-stone; Senior Warden-In the east, Right You then raise the righlt Worshipful. hand to your right ear; Master-His duty there, Brother Se- still holding the thumb 0ior? and the two first fingers Senior Warden-As the sun rises in open, and with a circular the east, to open and adorn the day, so motion of the hand the rises the Right Worshipful Master in the fingers should be passed east, to open and rdorn his Lodge, and / round the ear, as though set the craft to work with proper in- you were combing back structions for their labor. your ear-lock, the ear Master (rising)-After that manner so passing between the two do I. It is my will and pleasure that a Due-guard. fingers and thumb. The Lodge of Mark Master Masons be opened hand is then dropped partly down, the in this place, for the dispatch of busi- palm open and in a horizontal position, ness. Brother Senior, you will please then lift up the left communicate the same to the Junior hand and bring it Warden in the south, that the brethren down edgev.ise up. may have due and timely notice thereof. on the wrist of the Senior Warden to his Junior-Brother right. This alludes Junior, it is the Right Worshipful Mas- to the penalties of ter's order that a Lodge of Mark Master the obligation in Masons be opened in this place for the this degree, viz: to dispatch of business. You will please have both the ear inform the brethren thereof. and the right hand Junior Warden (giving three raps with cut off. The third the gavel)-Brethren, it is our Right sign is made by exWorshipful Master's order that a Lodge tending in front the of Mark Master Masons be opened in right arm at full this place for the dispatch of business. length, the thumb You are ordered to take due notice there- and two first finof, and govern yourselves accordingly. gers open, about Master-Attend to the signs, brethren. one inch apart, the The members present first give the third and little finEntered Apprentice signs, (page 7,) the gers clenched, palm of the hand up. It Fellow Craft signs, (page 22,) and the alludes to the peMlaster Mason's signs, (pages 29 and 30.) culiar manner in The Mark Master's signs which the Mark are then given as follows: Master is taught First, interlace the fingers to receive wages. of both hands, and hold The waster them down in front oppo- now reads from a site to the right hip, then text-book the foldraw them upward as if lowing: Whereyou held a weight in them, fore ry brethren, and bring them to the left lay aside all matside of the neck in a man- ice and guile, and nor to indicate that you hypocrisies, and have thrown the weight envies, and all over your left shoulder, evil speaking. If the palms of your hands so be, ye have facing the shoulder. This tasted that the is called HEAVE-OVERn and Lord is gracious; alludes to the rejection of to whom. coming, as unto a living stone the key-stone in this de- disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of Heave Over.

Page  43 MIARK MASTER S DEGREE: THE INITIATION. 43 God, and precious; ye also, as living Senior Deacon-A craftsman from the stones, be ye built up a spiri al house, an quarries, bringing up work for inspection. holy priesthood, to offer up sacrifices ac- Junior Overseer-Have you a speciceptable to God. Brethren, this is the men of your work? will of God, that with well-doing ye put Senior Deacon-I have. to silence the ignorance of foolish men. Junior Overseer-Present it. As free, and not as using your liberty for The Senior Deacon presents his stone a cloak of maliciousness, but as the ser. to the Junior Overseer, who applies his vants of God. small trying square to its different angles, The Right Worshipful Master then and they agreeing with the angles of the gives two raps with his gavel; Senior square, he says-This is good workWarden two, and Junior Warden two, square work-just such work as is want. which raps are then repeated. ed for the building, [returning the block Master-I now declare this Lodge of to the Senior Deacon.] You will pass Mark Master Masons opened in due and on to the Senior Overseer at the west,ancient form, and hereby forbid all im- gate, for further inspection. proper conduct whereby this Lodge may Senior Deacon goes only a few steps, be disturbed, under no less penalty than until the candidate has been examined. the by-laws, or a majority of the Lodge Candidate comes up to Junior Overseer may see fit to inflict. Master (to Junior in imitation of his Conductor, and gives Deacon)-Brother Junior, please to in- four raps with his heel. form the Tyler the Lodge is open. Junior Overseer-Who comes here 1? Junior Deacon informs the Tyler, and Candidate-A craftsman from the quar. returns to his seat. ries, bringing up work for inspection. The Lodge being opened and ready for Junior Overseer-Have you a specibusiness, the Right Worshipful Master men of your work? directs the Secretary to read the minutes Candidate-I have. of the last meeting, which generally Junior Overseer-Present it. brings to view the business of the present. Candidate presents the key stone. If there are any candidates to be brought Junior Overseer (applying his square forward, that is generally the first busi- to it, and finding it does not fit)-This is ness. A Master Mason wishing for fur- a curious wrought stone indeed: it is neither light in Masonry, sends a petition to ther oblong or square; square work is the Chapter, and requests to be advanced only such as we have orders to receive; to the honorary degree of Mark Master neither has it the mark of any of the Blason; he is balloted for in the same craft upon it. Isthat yourmark?" [point. manner as in the Entered Apprentice's ing to the letters on the key stone.) degree, (page 8.) Candidate-It is not. The Senior Deacon, who prepares and' Junior Overseer-Owing to its singular conducts the candidate in the first part form and beauty, I feel unwilling to re. of the ceremonies, passes out of the ject it; you will pass on to the Senior Lodge into the adjoining room, where the Overseer at the west gate for further incandidate is in waiting, pulls off his coat, spection. and rolls up his shirt sleeves to the shoul- The same scene then occurs with the der, and directs the candidate to do the Senior Overseer at the west gate, who same; he then takes in his right hand a directs both the Senior Deacon and cansmall block of white marble about four didate to the Master Overseer at the east inches square, and six inches long, weigh- gate. Senior Deacon presents his stone ing about eleven pounds, holding it be- to him. tween the thumb and two first fingers, Master Overseer (applying his square)the otner fingers clenched, the arm ex- This is good workl-square work-just tended down; the candidate is furnished such work as is wanted for the building, with a key stone, of the same material you are entitled to your wages; pat and weight, which he is directed to carry on. Conductor passes and takes his seat. in like manner; the door is then opened Candidate then presents his key stone, without ceremony, and the Junior Dea- as before. Ion, as Conductor, enters, about three Master Overseer (applying his square) Faces in advance of the candidate, and -This is a curiously wrought stone. It walks four times round the Lodge, and appears to be neither oblong nor square, halts at the Junior Overseer's station at nor is there any mark upon it. [Looking the south gate, where the Conductor sternly at candidatel-Is this your work? gives four raps with his heel on the floor. Candidate-It is not. Junior Overseer-Who comes here? Master Overseer-Where did you get itJ

Page  44 44 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FLREE-MASONRY. Candidate-I picked up this stone in it over the left shoulder of the Mastes the quarry. Overseer (in imitation of the sign ot Master Overseer-Why do you bring heave over), and throws it aside. At this another man's work to impose upon the moment all the brethren begin to shuffle Overseers? You will stand aside. around the room, leaving their seats. The Master Overseer now stamps on Master (giving one rap with his gavel) tfe floor four times with his foot, which -What is the cause of this disturbance'ltings up the other two Overseers. among the workmen? Master Overseer —Brother Junior Over- Senior Warden-It is the sixth hour of seer, did you suffer thiswork to pass your the sixth day of the week, and the craft inspection? are impatient to receive their wages. Junior Overseer-I did; I observed to Master-Brother Senior Warden, it is the, young craftsman, at the time, the my order that you assemble the craft, stone was not such as we had orders to and march in procession to the office of receive; but owing to its singular form the Senior Grand Warden, to receive and beauty, I felt unwilling to reject it, wages. and suffered it to pass to the Senior Over- The members now form two and two, soer at the west gate. (candidate behind,) and march round the Senior Overseer-I made the same ob- Lodge, singing the song, " Mark Masters, servations to the young craftsman, and all appear," &c., from the Text-book. for the same reason permitted it to pass As they finish the second verse, each to the Master Overseer at the east gate, brother walks up in his turn to the SeMmaster-Why, you see the stone is nei- nior Warden, who stands behind a latther oblong or square, neither has it the tice window, and thrusts his hand through mark of any of the craft upon it. Do the hole in the window, receives his pen. you know this mark that is upon it? ny, withdraws his hand, and passes on, Junior Overseer-I do not. and so on, until the candidate, who comes Senior Overseer-Neither do I. last, puts his hand through, for his penny. Master Overseer-What shall I do The Senior Warden seizes his hand, an4 with it 2 bracing his foot against the window. Junior Overseer-I propose we heave draws the candidate's arm through to th(i it over among the rubbish. shoulder, and exclaims vehemently, "Ass Master Overseer-Agreed: it shall be impostor I an impostor I" another perso:! done. exclaims, " Strike off his hand I" and at The Master and Senior Overseers take the same time runs up with a drawtr; up the key stone, and swinging it four sword to give the blow. Tlhe Seniol times back and forth between them, the Deacon now intercedes for the candi, fourth time the Junior Overseer catches date, and says, "Spare him; he is not

Page  45 MARK MASTER' S DEGREE: THE INITIATION. 4 an impostor; I know him to be a crafts- not one farthing your due. Your work man; I have wrought with him in the was not approved; you are not entitled quarries." to any wages, and had it not been for my Senior Warden —Ie is an impostor, timely interference, you would have lost for he has attempted to receive wages your right hand, if not your life. Let without being able to give the token, and this be a striking lesson to you, never to the penalty must be infdicted. attempt to impose upon the craft hereSenior Deacon-If you will release after. But go with me to the quarries, him, I will take him to our Right Wor- and there exhibit some specimens of your shipful Master, and state his case to him. skill and industry; and if your work is and if the penalty must be inflicted, I approved, you shall be taught how to rewill see it duly executed. ceive wages in a proper manner. Come, Senior Warden-On those conditions I I say, go with me. [Shakes the candiwill release him, provided he can satisfy date severely, and hurries him off into ie he is a Fellow Craft kMason. the preparation room.]' The candidate now withdraws his arm, The Senior Deacon returns to his seat and gives the sign of a Fellow Craft Ma- in the Lodge, and the Junior Deacon son, as on page 22. prepares the candidate for the degree, by The members of the Lodge then take divesting him of his outward apparel, and their seats. all money and valuables, his breast bare, Senior Deacon (taking candidate to and a cable-tow four times round his boiMaster)-Right Worshipful, this young dy; in which condition he is conducted to craftsman has been detected as an isis- the door, and gives four distinct knocks. postor, at the office of the Senior Grand Senior Deacon-RilhstWorshipfiul, while Warden, in attempting to receive wages we are peaceably at work on the fourth without being able to give the token. degree in Masonry, the door of our Lodge Master (looking sternly at the candi- appears to be alarmed. date)-Are you a Fellow Craft Mason? Master-Brother Senior, attend to the Candidate-I am. cause of that alarm. Master-Give me the sign of a Fellow The Senior Deacon then steps to the Craft Mason? door, and answers the alarm by four Candidate gives the sign, as before. knocks. This is responded to from tie Master to Senior Deacon-It is well. outside by one knock, which is returned IHe is undoubtedlya FellowCraft. [Turn- by the Senior Deacon. The door is then ing to candidate.] You have attempted partly opened. to receive wages without being able to Senior Deacon —WTho comes there? give the token-I am astonished that so Junior Deacon-A worthy brother, intelligent a looking young craiftsman who has been regularly initiated as a::n should thus attempt to impose upon us. Entered Apprentice Mason, served a Such conduct requires severe punish- proper time as such, passed to the degree ment. The penalty you have incurred of a Fellow Craft, raised to the sublime is to have your right hand struck off. degree of a Master Mason, and now H-ave you ever been taught how to re- wishes for further light in Masonry, by eeive wages? being advanced to the more honorable Candidate-I have not. degree of Mark Master Mason. Master-Ah, this in a measure serves Senior Deacon-Is it of his own free to mitigate your crime. If you are in- will and accord he makes this request? structed how to receive wages, will you Junior Deacon-It is. do better for the future? Senior Deacon-Is he duly and truly Candidate-I will. prepared? itMaster-On account of your youth and Junior Deacon-He is. inexperience, the penalty is remitted. Senior Deacon-Has he wrought in tl-. IBrother Senior Deacon, you will take quarries, and exhibited specimens of hi, this young craftsman, and give him a skill in the preceding degrees? severe reprimand, and take him with Junior Deacon-He has. you to the quarries, and there teach him Senior Deacon-By what further right how to bring up a regular wrought stone. or benefit does he expect this favor? Senior Deacon (taking candidate by Junior Deacon-By the benefit of a the collar)-Young man, it appears you pass-word. have come up here this evening to in- Senior Deacon-Has he a pass-word? pose upon us; first, by presenting work Junior Deacon —He has not, but I which was not fit for the building, and have it for him. then by claiming wages when there was Senior Deacon-Give it me.

Page  46 46 RIlCIHARDSON 5S MONIOR OF FIREE-MASONaY. Junior Deacon whispers in his ear the become the head of the corner 7-Gospel word JOPPA. of St. Matthew, ch. xxi. v. 42. Senior Deacon-The pass-word is right. And have you not read this Scripture, You will let him wait until the Right The stone which the builders rejected, is Worshipful Master is made acquainted become the head of the corner i-Mark, with his request, and his answer returned. chap. xii. v. 10. Senior Deace_,,UrYs to the Right What is this, then, that iswritten, The Worshipful Master, where the same ques- stone which the builders rejected, is be. lions are asked, and answers returned, as come the head of the corner.-Luke xx. at the door. verse 17. Master-Since he comes endowed with The reading is so timed as to be comthe necessary qualifications, let him en- pleted just as the candidate arrives at ter, in the name of the Lord, and take the Junior Warden's post; who gives an heed on what he enters. alarm of four knocks, and the same quesThe door is then opened, the candidate tions are asked, and answers returned, as enters, the Junior Deacon steps behind at the door. him, takes hold of his arms, draws them The Junior Warden directs him to his back, and holds them firmly behind. Senior, who, on his arrival, gives four Senior Deacon (approaching candidate raps, and the like questions are asked with a mallet and engraving chisel in his and answered. From thence he is directhands)-Brother, it becomes my duty to ed to the Right Worshipful Master in the place a mark upon you which you will east, where the same questions are asked probably carry to your grave. As an and the same answers given. The MasEntered Apprentice Mason, you were re- ter then orders that the candidate be conceived upon one point of the compasses, ducted back to the Senior Warden in the pressing your naked left breast; as a west, and be taught by him to approach Fellow Craft Mason, you were received the east by four upright regular steps, his upon the angle of a square, pressing feet forming a square, and body erect at your naked right breast: as a Master the altar. The candidate then kneels, Mason, you were received upon both and receives the obligation, as follows: points of the compasses, extending from I, John Smith, of my own free will your naked left to right breast. They and accord, in presence of Almighty were then explained to you. The chisel God, and this Right Worshipful Lodge ef and mallet [placing the edge of the chi- Mark Master Masons, do hereby and sel against his breast] are instruments hereon, in addition to my former obliga. used by operative Masons to hew, cut, tions, most solemnly and sincerely pro carve, and indent their work: but we, as mise and swear, that I will not give the Free and Accepted Masons, make use of secrets of a Mark Master Masdn to any them for a more noble and glorious pur. one of an inferior degree, nor to any pose. We use them to hew, cut, carve, other person in the known world, except and indent the mind. And as a Mark it be a true and lawful brother, or bre. Master Mason, we receive you upon the thren, of this degree; and not unto him edge of the indenting chisel, and under nor unto them whom I shall hear so to: the pressure of the mallet. be, but unto him and them only whom I As he pronounces the last words, he shall find so to be, after strict trial and' braces his feet, raises his mallet, and due examination, or lawful information makes two or three false motions, and given. Furtheriore do I promise and gives a violent blow upon the head of swear, that I will support the constituthe chisel; throws down mallet and chi- tion of the General Grand Royal Arch sel, takes hold of the cable-tow, and says Chapter of the United States of America, to candidate-Follow me. also the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of They walk four times round the Lodge, this State, under which this Lodge is,and each time as he passes the stations of held, and conform to all the by-laws, the Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, rules and regulations of this or any they each give one loud rap with their other Lodge of Mark Master Masons, of mallet. The Master, in the mean time, which I may at any time hereafter be. reads from a text-book the following pas- come a member. Furthermore do I pro, sages of Scripture: mise and swear, that I will obey all regu, The stone which the builders refused, lar signs and summons given, handed, isbecome the head stone of the corner. sent, or thrown to me from the hand of -Psalm cxviii 22. a brother Mark Master Mason, or from Did ye never read in the Scriptures, the body of a just and legally constituted The f'o' He which the builders rejected, is'Lodge of such, provided it be within the

Page  47 MARK MASTER'S DEGREE: THE INITIA'TION. 47 lengte of myv cable-tow. Furthermore accommodate Brother Jones with this do I promise and swear, that I will not money he asks the loan of? wrong this Lodge, or a brother of this Candidate receives the mark, says he degree, to the value of his wages, (or has no money about him; he cannot one penny) myself, knowingly, nor suffer grant the request. it to be done by others if in my power to Senior Warden-Right Worshipful, I prevent it. Furthermore do I promise can accommodate Brother Jones with and swear, that I will not sell, swap, twenty-five dollars, if he will leave his;',VSrter, or exchange my mark, which I mark with me, as a pledge. si~all hereafter choose, after it has been Master, to candidate-Will you return r:cordnd in the book of marks, for any the mark, then?'other one unless it be a dead mark, or Candidate hands it back. one of an older date, nor will I pledge it Master-How is this? do you return it a second time until it is lawfully redeem- without the price, and thus break your Ed from the first pledge. Furthermore oath before you rise from the altar? do I promise and swear, that, I will re- Have you not sworn that where you geive a brother's mark when offered to could not grant a brother's request, you me requesting a favor, and grant him his would return his mark with the price request if in my power; and if it is not thereof, viz.: half a Jewish shekel of silin my power to grant his request, I will ver, or the fourth of a dollar? return him his mark with the value Candidate is generally embarrassed, thereof, which is half a shekel of silver, and replies that all his money was taken or quarter of a dollar. To all of which from him in the preparation room. I do most solemnly and sincerely pro- Master-Are you sure that you have mise and swear, with a fixed and steady not even a quarter dollar about you? purpose of mind in me to keep and per- Candidate-I am. form the same, binding myself under no Master-Look further. Perhaps some less penalty than to have my right ear good friend has, in pity to your destitute smote off, that I may forever be unable situation, supplied you with that amount to hear the word, and my right hand unknown to yourself: feel in all your chopped off, as the penalty as an impos- pockets, and if you find, after a thorough tor, if I should ever prove wilfully guilty search, that you have really none, we of violating any part of this my solemn shall have less reason to think that you oath, or obligation, of a Mark BMaster meant wilfully to violate your obligation. Mason. So help me God, and make me The candidate feels in his pocket and steadfast to keep and perform the same. finds a quarter of a dollar, which some Master-Detach your hand and kiss the brother had slily placed there. He probook four times. tests he had no intention of concealing As soon as the candidate has taken the it; really supposed he had none about obligation, some brother makes an alarm him, and hands it to the Master, with the on the outside of the door. mark. Junior Deacon (rising)-There is an Master-Brother, let this scene be a alarm at the door, Right Worshipful. striking lesson to you; should you ever Master-Attend to the alarm, brother, hereafter have a mark presented you by and see who comes there. a worthy brother, asking a favor, before Junior Deacon inquires the cause of you deny him, make diligent search, and the alarm, and returns with a letter for be quite sure of your inability to serve the Right Worshipful Master, who opens him; perhaps you will then find, as in it and reads as follows, or something to the present instance, that some unknown this effect: person has befriended you, and you are To the Right Worshipful IMaster, really in a better situation than you think St. Johns JMlark Lodge: yourself. Dear Brother-I am in the immediate The Right Worshipful Master now:,ant of the loan of twenty-five dollars, takes the candidate by the hand, and.;vhich I wish to borrow of Brother Smith. says-Arise, brother, and I will invest The only security which I can offer for you with the pass-grip and word, and the same, is my mark, which 1 pledge also the real grip and word of a Mark until the money is refunded. You will MaSter Mason. please present it to him, and send the The pass-grip of this degree is made money by the bearer. by extending the right arms and claspYours fraternally, T. JONES. ing the fingers of the right hands, as one Master, to candidate, at the same time would naturally do to assist another up handing him the mark-Well, can you a steep ascent. It is said to have origi.

Page  48 a48 RLIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRT. nated from the fact that the banks of the tion, but it being neither oblong nok riiel at Joppa were so steep that the square, nor having the mark of any of workmen on the Temple had to assist the craft upon it, and we not knowing each other up them while conveying the the mark that was upon it, supposed it tiniber from the forests of Lebanon. The unfit for the building, and it was thrown bass-word is JOPPA. over among the rubbish. Master-Let immediate search be made for it,; the Temiple cannot be finishe:d without it; it is one of the most valuabiX stones in the whole building. [The brcthren then shuffle about the Lodge again, and find the key stone, and bring st up to the east.] The Master receives the stone and then reads to the Overseers from text-bookMaster, to candidate-Will you be off, This is the stone which was set at naught orfrom? by you builders, which is become the Candidate-From. head of the corner-Acts iv. 11. Master-From what? The Overseers retire confounded. Candidate-From the pass-grip to the Master reads to candidate from texttrue grip of a Mark Master Mason. book-To him that overcometh will I Master-Pass on. give to eat of the hidden manna, and I The grip is made by locking the little will give him a white stone, and in the fingers of the right hands, turning the stone a new name written, which no nlan backs of them together, and 1llacilng the knoweth, saving him that receiveth it.nuds of the thumbs against each other; [Rev. xi. 17.] Come forward, and re. its name is SIROC, or MARK WELL, and ceive the new name. when properly made forms the initials of Candidate steps forward. those two words, mark well. Master-Brother, I will now invest you with the new name that none but a Mark Master can receive. It is a circle of let/r3~ 2 c~.ters which are the general maclk of this T THW degree, and are the in't;ials of the following words: 11 I A. 51 TrY1r A N, S SWIDOW'S SON, SENT TO KINt1 T S SOLOM0AlON. Within this circle of letters every Mark Master Mason must place his on n private mark, which may be any device he The Right Worshipful Master, after chooses to select. admonishing the candidate never to give Master reads to candidate-I-He that the words in any way but that in which hath an ear to ear, let him hear.-Rexv. he received them, resumes his seat, when chap. iii. v. 13. the brethren shuffle about their feet. The Master further instructs the candinMaster-What means this disturbance date in the signs of the penalties of this amoti the workmen, Brother Senior? degree. (page 42,) and then presents, or Senior Warden (rising)-Right Wor- points out to him on the chart, the workshipful, the workmen are at a stand for ing tools of a Mark 3Master Mason, viz.: the want of a certain key stone to one of a mallet and chisel, the use of N wthich he the principal arches, which no one has explains as follows:-The clisel nloraly had orders to make. demonstrates the advantages of dis(i Master-A key stone to one of the pline and education. The mind, like ti.e principal arches? I gave our Grand diamond in its original state, is rude nrd Master, Hiram Abiff, strict orders to unpolished, but as the effect of tile cl i make that key stone, previous to his as- sel on the external coat soon presents o0 sassination. [Gives two raps with his view the latent beauties of the diamond, gavel, which brings the three Overseers so education discovers the latent beauties efore him.] Brothers Overseers, has of themind, anddrawsthem forth tota. been a stone of this description the large field of matter and space, to dis-:,rought up for inspection? [exhibiting playthe smnmit of human knowledge, our ihe figure of a key stone. duty to God and man. The mallet moral. Master Overseer-There was a stone ly teaches tocorrect irregularities, and to Af that description brought up for inspec- reduce man to a proper level; so that by

Page  49 MARK MASTiR'S DEGREE: TEll: INTIATIONi. 49 quiet deportment, he may, in the school and passed on; and so on, each in his of discipline, learn to be content. What turn, until all were paid off. If any perthe mallet is to the workman, enlightened son attempted to receive wages without reason is to the passions; it curbs ambi- being able to give the token, the Setion, it depresses envy, it moderates anl- nior Grand Warden seized him by the ger, and it encourages good dispositions, hand, drew his arm through the window, whence arises among good Masons that held him fast, and exclaimed immediatecomlely order "which nothing earthly ly, "An impostor I" Upon this signal, gives, or can destroy." an officer who was stationed there for Master, to candidate-Brother, in ta- that purpose, would immediately strike king this degree, you have represented his arm off. one of the Fellow Craft Masons who The following charge is then given to wrought at the building of King Solo- the candidate, by the Right Worshipful mon's Temple. It was their custom on Master: the eve of the sixth day of the week to Brother, I congratulate you on having carry up their work for inspection. This been thought worthy of being advanced young craftsman discovered in the quar- to this honorable degree of Masonry. ries the key stone to one of the principal Permit me to impress it on your mind, arches that had been wrought by the that your assiduity should ever be comGrand Master, Hiram Abiff, and, throw- mensurate with your duties, which being away his own work, he took it up to come more and more extensive as you the Temple, where it was inspected by advance in Masonry. In the honorable the Overseers, rejected as of no account, character of Mark Master Mason, it. is and thrown over among the rubbish. He more particularly your duty to endeavor then repaired to the office of the Senior to let your conduct in the Lodge and Grand Warden to receive his wages; among your brethren, be such as may but not being able to give the token, he stand the test of the Grand Overseer's was detected as an impostor, which like square: that you may not, like the unto have cost him his right hand; but finished and imperfect work of the negliKing Solomon pardoned him, and after a gent and unfaithful of former times, be severe reprimand he was taken back to rejected, and thrown aside, as unfit for the quarries. Previous to the comple- that spiritual building, that house not tion of the Temple, the progress of the made with hands, eternal in the heavens. work was interrupted for want of the While such is your conduct, should miskey stone, which circumstance being com- fortunes assail you, should friends formunicated to King Solomon, he gave or- sake you, should envy traduce your good ders that search should be made for it name, and malice persecute you: yet among the rubbish, where it was found, mpy you have confidence, that among and aiterwards applied to its intended Mark Master Masons you will find friends use. ITow it was disposed of, we cannot who will administer to your distresses, now inform you. You must advance fur- and comfort your afflictions; ever bearther in the mysteries of Masonry, before ing in mind, as a consolation under the you can knowv. frowns of fortune, and as an encourageOn the sixth hour of the sixth day of ment to hope for better prospects, that every week, the craft, being eighty thou- the stone wahich the builders rejected, possand in number, formed in procession, sessing nferits to them unknown, became and repaired to the office of the Senior the chief stone of the corner. Grand Wardens, to receive their wages; The brethren shuffle round the Lodge and in order to prevent the craft being again, as before. imposed upon by unskilful workmen, each Master, giving one rap-Brother Secraftsman claiming wages was made to nior, what is the cause of this disturbs thrust his hand through a lattice window, ance? and at the same time give this token, Senior Warden-Right Worshipful, holding under the two last fingers of his is the sixth hour of the sixth day of tl.e hand, a copy of his mark. week, and the crafts are impatient to re.The Senior Grand Warden cast his ceive their wages. eye upon the corresponding mark in the Master —:You will form them in probook, (where all the marks of the craft, cession, and let them repair to the office eighty thousand in number, were record- of the Senior Grand Wardens and reed,) and seeing how much money was ceive their wages. due to that particular mark, placed it be- Members form two and two and march tween the thumb and two fore-fingers of around the Lodge against the sun, and the craftsman, who withdrew his hand sing from the text-book the last three 4

Page  50 50 RICIIARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. verses of the Mark Master's Song. The murmured against the good man of the ceremony of paying the wages is gone house, saying, These last have wrought throughl at the 5Master's seat in the east, but one hour. and thou hast made them the Master acting as Senior Grand War- equal unto us, which have borne the den, and paying " every man a penny." burden and heat of the dlay. But he anThe members then inquire, each of swered one of them, and said, Friend, I the other, " How much have youl" The do thee no wrong: didst thou not agree answer is given, "A penny." Some one with me for a penny i Take that thine asks the candidate the. question, and he is, and go thy way; I will give unto this — iplies, "A penny." At this informa- last, even as unto thee. Is it not lawful tion, all the brethren pretend to be in a for me to do what I will with mine own? -great rage, and hurl their pennies on Is thine eye evil, because I am good? the floor with violence, each protesting So the last shall be first, and the first against the manner of paying the craft. last: for many are called, but few chosen. Master, giving one rap-Brethren, what MATTHEW Xx: 1 to 16. is the cause of this confusion? Master-Are you content? Senior Deacon-The craft are dissatis- Brethren (picking up their pennies)fled with the manner in which you pay We are satisfied. them. Here is a young craftsman, who has just past the square, and has received CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION. as much as we, who have borne the bur- Master, to Senior Warden-Are you a den and fatigue of the day; and we don't Mark Master Mason? think it is right and just; and we will Senior Warden-I am; try me. not put up with it. Master-By what will you be tried? Master-This is the law, and it is per- Senior Warden-By the engraving chifectly right. sel and mallet. Junior Deacon-I don't know of any Master-Why by the engraving chisel law that will justify any such proceed- and mallet? ing. If there is any such law, I should Senior Warden-Because they are the be glad if you would show it. true and proper Masonic implements of Master-If you will be patient, you this degree. shall hear the law. [Reads.] For the Master-On what was the degree kingdom of heaven is like unto a man founded I that is an householder, which went out Senior Warden-On a certain hey eart in the morning, to hire laborers stone which belonged to the principal into, his vineyard. And when he had arch of King Solomon's Temple. agreed with the laborers for a penny a Master-Who formed this key stone? day, he sent them into his vineyard. Selior WVarden-Our worthy GCranid And he went out about the third hour, Master, Hiram Abiff. and saw others standing idle in the mar- Master-What were the preparatory ket-place, and said unto them, Go ye also steps relative to your advancement to into the vineyard; and whatsoever is this degree? right, I will give you. And they went Senior Warden-I was calsed to repretheir way. And he again went out, sent one of the Fellow Crafts at tlhe buildabout the sixth and ninth hour, and did ing of King Solomon's Temple, whose likewise; and about the eleventh hour, custom itwas, on the eve of every sixth he went out and found others standing day, to carry up their work for inspection. idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye Master-Why was you caused to reprehere all the day idle? They say unto sent these Fellow Crafts? him, Because no man hath hired us. HI-e Senior Warden-Because our worthy saith unto them, Go ye also into the vine- Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, had comnyard, and whatsoever is right, that shall plcted this key stone, agreeable to the ye receive. So when even was come, original plan; and before he gave orders the lord of the vineyard saith unto his to have it carried up to the Temple, was steward, Call the laborers, and give them slain by three ruffians; and it so haptheir hire, beginning from the last unto pened that on the eve of a certain sixth the first. And when they came that day, as the craft were carrying up work were hired about the eleventh hour, they for inspection, a young Fellow Craft disreceived every man a penny. But when covered this stone in the quarry, and the first came, they supposed that they from its singular form and beauty, sup' should have received more; and they posing it to belong to some part of the likewise received, every man a penny. Temple, carried it up for inspection. And when they had received it, they Master-W-Vho inspected it?

Page  51 MAIRC MASTEIt S DEGREE: CLOSING LECTURE. -51 SeniorWtarden-The Overseers, placed Senior Warden holds out his right at the east, west, and south gates. hand with the little finger and the next Master —Iow did they inspect it? middle finger to it, clenched. (Page 42.) Senior Warden-On its being present- Master-What did it allude to? ed to the Junior Overseer at the south Senior Warden-To the manner of regate, he observed that it was neither an ceiving wages; it was also to distinguish oblong or a square, neither had it the a true craftsman from an impostor.,sgular mark of the craft upon it; but Master-What is the,penalty on an from its singular form and beauty was impostor?'unwilling to reject it therefore ordered it Senior Warden-To have his right to be passed to the Senior Overseer at hand chopped off. the west gate, for further inspection; who, for similar reasons, suffered it to SECOND SECTION. pass to the Master Overseer at the east Master-Where was you prepared to gate, who held a consultation with his be madle a Mark Master Mason? brother Overseers, and they observed, as Senior Warden-In the roomu adjoining before, that it was neither an oblong or the body of a just and lawfully constisquare, neither had it the regular mark tuted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a of the craft upon it; and neither of them room, or place, representing a work shop being MIark Master Masons, supposed it that was erected near the rui,.s of King of no use in the building, and hove it Solomon's Temple. over among the rubbish. Master-How was you prepared? Master-How many Fellow Crafts Senior Warden-By being divested of were there engaged at the building of my outward apparel and all money; my the Temple? breast bare, with a cable-tow four times Senior Warden-E ighty thousand. about my body; in which situation I Master-W- ere not the Master Over- was conducted to the door of a Lodge, seers liable to be imposed upon by re- where I gave four distinct knocks. ceiving bad work from the hands of such Master-WVhat do those four distinct a vast number of workmen? knocks allude to 1? Senior Warden-They were not. Senior Warden-To the fourth degree Master-I-ow was this imposition pre- of Masonry; it being that on which I vented? was about to enter. Senior Warden-By the wisdom of Master-What was said to you from Kingl Solomon, who wisely ordered, that within? the craftsman who worked, should choose Senior Warden-Who comes here, &c. him a particular mark and place it upon The Master continues his questions as all his work; by which it was known to the manner of initiating a Mark Mlasand distinguished when carried up to the ter. These, and the answers to them, building, and if approved, to receive are precisely the same as the questions wages. and answers on page 43 at the initiation Master-What was the wages of a Fel-'of a candidate, except that they ale low Craft? given and answered in the past tense, Senior Warden-A penny a day. the Master asking what was done, and Master-Who paid the craftsmen? the Senior Warden telling him. Senior Warden-The Senior Grand Master-After your initiation into the Warden. Mark Master's degree, what followed? Master-Was not the Senior Grand Senior Warden-I was more fully in* Warden liable to be imposed upon by structed in its mysteries. impostors, in paying off such a vast Master-Of what do they consist? number of workmen? Senior Warden-Of signs andl tokens. Senior Warden-He was not. Master-Have you a sign? MIaster-How was this imposition pre- Senior Warden-I have. Tented? Master-WVhat is it called? Senior Warden-By the wisdom of Senior Warden-Heave over. King Solomon, who also ordered that Master-What does it allude to? every craftsman applying to receive Senior Warden-To the manner of wages, should present his right hand heaving over work that the Overseers through a lattice window of the door of said was unfit for the Temple; also, the the Junior Grand Warden's apartment, manner the key stone was love over. with a copy of his mark in the palm Master —tave you any other sign T thereof, at the same time giving a token. Senior Warden-I have, tgiving thy Master-What was that token? due-guard, as on page 42)

Page  52 52 3uA.1cH t8eo:'Sa MONPIOR OF F.,E-MASOlr'RY. Master-What is that? impossible for a brother to suffer for the Senior Warden-The due-guard of a immediate necessities of life, when tle Mark Master Mason. price of his mark will procure them for Master-What does it allude to? him. Senior WVarden —To the penalty of my Master-A brother, pledging his mark, obligation; which is, that my right ear and asking for a favor, who does he re.c should be smote off, that I might forever present? be unable to hear the word, and my right Senior Warden-Our worthy Gra-:d land be chopped off, as the penalty of Master, Hiram Abiff, who was a I)ocn an impostor, if I should ever prove wil- man, but on account of his great sk..l fully guilty of revealing any part of my and mysterious conduct at the buildil.g obligation. of King Solomon's Temple, was mto.t Master-Have you any further sign? eminently distinguished. Senior Wardens-I have. Master-A brother receiving a pledge, Master-What is that? and granting a favor, whom does he reSenior Warden-The grand sign, or present? sign of distress. Senior Warden-King Solomon, vwho Master —What does it allude to? was a rich man, but renowned for his beSenior Warden-To the smannaer the nevolence. Fellow Crafts carry their work up to the'lemple for inspection; also the manner NOTE.-The following is the Song beI was tauglt to carry my work, on my fore alluded to, and eithsr the whole or advancement to this degree. a few verses of it are always sung befoire Mlaster-a-Iave you any other sign i closing a Lodge of Miark Miasters. Senior Warden-I have not; but I MARn MAsTER'S SONG. have a token. (Gives the pass-grip.) Miastec-iWhat is this? Mark Mi-sters, all appear, Senior Warden —The pass-grip of a Before the Clhief O'elseer: MIark Master Mason. In concert mo se; Master- What is the name of it? Let Iim yosr volk ispect, SeLnior Warden-JoPls's. For the Chief Architcct, 3Iaster-W- hat does it allude to If there be no defectc Senior'Warden-The City of Joppa. le will -ppioe. Mlaste —Have you anjy other token? You wvho halve passed the square, Senior Wa:rden I have. lFor your rewards r le pare, MaIster —What is this? Join heart and halnd; Senior Warden-lThe real grip of a Ench with his mark in view, Marln Master 7N-ason. Marlch with the just and true, MIaster —What is the name of it? Wage(s to you ire due, Senior WTarden-MARI t VEIL. At your command. laster —What does it allude to? Senior Warden-'iTo a passage of Scrip- Hiram, the widow's son, ture, where it says, " Then Le brought Sent unto Solomon me back the way of the gate of the out- Our great key-stone; ward sanctuary, which looketh towards On it appears the name the east, and it wvas shut; and the Lold Which raises high the fame said unto Ile, son of man, umark well, and Of all to whom the same behold vith thuine eyes, and hear with Is truly known. thine ears, all that I say unto thee con- Now to the westward move, erlling all the ordinances of the house Where, full of streigtls and love, Df the Lord, and the laws thereof, nnd Tiram doth stand; mark well tl-e entering in of the hlouse, Bst if imposters are wsith the going forth of the sanctuary." Lfix'd witll the worthy there, lMaste — Who founded this degree Caution them o beware Senior WV arden —Our three ancient Of the right hand. Grand iasters, viz.: Solomon, King of Israel, Iiramn, King of Tyre, asnd Hiram Now to the praise cf those Abiff. Who triumph'd o'er the foes MIastersT, hy was it founded? Of Mason's arts: Senior Warilen —Not ollly as an hon- To the praiseworthy three orary reward, to be conferred on all who'Who founded this degree, have proved themselves meritorious in MIay all their virtues be the preceding degrees, but to render it Deep in our hearts.

Page  53 PAST MASTER S DE3REE: THE INITIATION, 53 Dear Husband-I am in great distress. tlZttL,i~~CUAP.XIt Our little boy has upset a tea-kettle of l,' / \ l boiling water, and scalded himself so shockingly, that I fear for his life. You must come home immediately. / |!1tl I From your loving wife, JULIE. Master (addressing the Lodge)-Bre-! /\'/\ ~ thren, you see by the tenor of this letter to me that it is necessary I should leave immediately. You must appoint some one to fill the chair, for I cannot stay to confer this degree. PAST M1IASTE~R'S D6EG;rEE]. - Junior Warden-Right Worshipful, I certainly sympathise with you for the After having received the degree of afflicting calamity which has befallen 5Master Mason, you cannot yet preside your family, and am sorry that it seems ever a Lodge of such until the Past las- so urgently necessary for you to leave; ter's Degree is conferred upon you. Ma- but could you not stop a few moments? sons usually take this degree before of- Brother Smith has come on purpose to fering themselves as a candidate for pre- receive this degree, and expects to residing in a Master's Lodge, but should it ceive it. I believe he is in the room, and so happen that a Master is elected Master can speak for himself; and unless be is of a Lodge who is not a Past Master, the willing to put off the ceremony, I do not Past Master's degree may be conferred see how you can avoid staying. upon him without any other ceremony The candidate, sympathising with the than that of administering the obligation. Master, says he consents to wait, and by In such a case it is usually done by a no means desires the Right Worshipful Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. to stay one moment on his account. Tie Past Master's Lodge consists of Junior Warden-I thank our brother seven officers, as follows: for his courtesy, but I have other reasons, 1. Right Worshipful Master; 2. Senior Right Worshipful, why I desire you Warden; 3. Junior Warden; 4. Secre- should stay to confer this degree to-night. tary; 5. Treasurer; 6. Senior Deacon; In the first place, it is uncertain when I 7. Junior Deacon. myself shall be able to attend againThe interior arrangement is the same then we might not get so many brethren as in the first degrees, and the officers together at another meeting; and as this are similarly seated. [See page 6.] All is a very difficult degree to confer, I feel tile officers and members keep their hats that you ought to stay. on while at work in this degree. They Master-Brethren, it is impossible for open and close their Lodge in the same me to stay. You will therefore appoint manner as in the Entered Apprentice's some one to fill the chair. There are a Degree. number of brethren present who are A Master Mason wishing to enter on well qualified to confer the degree; you the degree of Past Master, petitions the will therefore please to nominate. Lodge and is balloted for in the same Junior Warden —I nominate our Broway that a candidate would be in one of ther Senior Warden to fill the chair. the first degrees; but he is received very Master-Brethren, it is moved and sec differently. Having had the requisite conded that Brother Senior WVarden fill ballot. the Junior Deacon conducts him the chair this evening, to confer this deinto the Lodge, places him on a seat, gree on Brother Smith. All those in faan:dl then repairs to his own station near vor, will signify it by saying aye. [Two t'le Senior WVarden in the west. Soon or three of the members respond by say, after a heavy alarm is given at the outer ing aye.], Those opposed will say no. door. [Nearly all the members exclaim, No!] Junior Deacon, to the (Master rising)- It is not a vote. Brethren will please There is an alarm at the outer door, nominate a new Master. Right Worshipful. Senior Warden-I nominate Brother Master-Attend to the alarm, and see Junior Warden to fill the chair. vwho comens there. The Master puts the question with a Junior Deaccon goes to the door, and similar result, when some member nornisoon returns, bringing a letter to the nates Brother Smsith, (the candidate,) Mhiaster. who opens it, and reads aloud to who is unanimously voted for and detne Lldgge as follows: clared duly elected.

Page  54 54 MRICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FRPEE-MASONRY. Master-Brother Smith, you are elect- 13. You admit that no new Lodge can ed Master of this Lodge. Will you please be formed without permission of the to step this way and take the chair? Grand Lodge, and that no countenance The candidate goes forward to take be given to any irregular Lodge, or to the chair, when the Right Worshipful any person clandestinely initiated thereMaster pushes him back and says: in, being contrary to the ancient charges Master-Before you occupy the Mas- of the Order? ter's chair you must first assent to the 14. You admit that no person cah be ancient regulations, and take an obliga- regularly made a Mason in, or admitted tion to discharge with fidelity the duty of a member of, any regular Lodge, withMaster of the Lodge. out previous notice, and due inquiry into The candidate, having no objection, his character? the Master addresses him as follows: 15. You agree that no visitors shall be 1. You agree to be a good man, and received into your Lodge without due true, and strictly to obey the moral law? examination, andproducing propervouch2. You agree to be a peaceable subject, ers of their having been initiated into a and cheerfully to conform to the laws of regular Lodge? the country in which you reside? Do you submit to these charges, and 3. You promise not to be concerned in promise to support these regulations, as any plots or conspiracies against govern- Masters have done in all ages before you? ment; but patiently to submit to the de- Candidate-I do. cisions of the supreme legislature? Master-You will now take upon your4. You agree to pay a proper respect self the obligation of this degree. Please to the civil magistrates, to work diligent- to kneel at the altar. ly, live creditably, and act honorably by The candidate is conducted to the alall men? tar, kneels on both knees, lays both 5. You agree to hold in veneration the hands on the Holy Bible, square and original rules and patrons of Masonry, compasses, and takes the following oath: and their regular successors, supreme I, John Smith, of my own free will and subordinate, according to their sta- and accord, in presence of Almighty God, tions, and to submit to the awards and and this Worshipful Lodge of Past R{asresolutions of your brethren, when con- ter Masons, do hereby and hereon, most vened, in every case consistent with the solemnly and sincerely promise and constitution of the Order? swear, in addition to my former obliga6. You agree to avoid private piques tions, that I will not give the secrets of and quarrels, and to guard against intem- Past Master Mason, or any of the secrets perance and excess? pertaining thereto, to any one of an in7. You agree to be cautious in carriage ferior degree, nor to any person in the and behaviour, cautious to your brethren, known world, except it be to a true and and faithful to your Lodge? lawful brother, or brethren, Past Master 8. You promise to respect genuine bre- Masons, or within the body of a just and thren; and discountenance impostors, and lawfully constituted Lodge of such; and all dissenters from the original plan of not unto him or unto thetm whom I shall Masonry? hear so to be, but unto haln and them 9. You agree to promote the general only whom I shall find so to be, after good of society, to cultivate the social strict trial and examination, or lawful v;rtues, and to propagate the knowledge information. of the arts? Furthermore do I promise and swear, 10. You promise to pay homage to the that I will obey all regular signs and Grand Master for the time being, and to summonses sent, thrown, handed or given his office when duly installed, strictly to from the hand of a brother of this deconforln to every edict of the Grand gree, or from the body of a just and law. Lodge, or general assembly of Masons, fully constituted Lodge of Past Masters. tVlat is not subversive of the principles Furthermore do I promise and swear, and groundwork of Masonry? that I will support the constitution (:C 11. You admit that it is not in the pow. the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter er of any man, or body of men, to make of the United States; also, that of the innovations in the body of Masonry? Grand Chapter of the State in which this 12. You promise a regular attendance Lodge is located, and under which it is on the committees and communications held, and conform to all the by-laws, of the Grand Lodge, on receiving proper rules and regulations of this, or any other lotice, and to pay attention to the duties Lodge of which I may at any time become of MdasoAry on all convenient occasions? a member, so far as in my power.

Page  55 PAST MASTERS DEGREE: THE INITIATION. Furthermore do I promise and swear, Master to candidate-Kiss the book'that I will not assist, or be present at the five times. conferring of this degree upon any per- The obligation having been administerson. who has not. to the best of my know- ed, the candidate rises, when the Master ledge and belief, regularly received (in proceeds to give him the sign, word and addition to the degrees of Entered Ap- grip of this degree, as follows: prentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Ma- Master to candidate-You now behold son), the degree of Mark Master, or been me approaching you from the east, under elected Master of a regular Lodge of Mas- the step, sign, and due-guard cf a PaL tor Masons. Master Mason. Furthermore do I promise and swear, The Master now steps that I will aid and assist all poor and in- off with his left foot, and digent Past Master Masons, their widows then places the heel of his and orphans, wherever dispersed round right foot at the toe of the the globe, they applying to me as such, left so as to bring the two and I findinig them worthy, so -far as is: feet at right angles, and in my power without material injury to make them the right anmyself or family gle of a square. He then Furthermore do I promise and swear, gives this sign, placing that the secrets of a brother of this de- the thumb of his right gree, delivered to me in charge as such, hand (fingers clenched) shall remain as secure and inviolable in upon his lips. It alludes my breast, as they were in his own be- to the penalty to have his fore communicated to me, murder and tongue split from tip to treason excepted, and those left to my root. He gives a second own election. sign by placing his right Furthermore do I pro:mise and swear, hand upon the left side that I will not wrong this Lodge, nor a of his neck, and drawling brother of this degree, to the value of it edgewise downward in a diagonal direcone cent, knowingly, myself, nor suffer it tion towards the right to be done by others, if in my power to side, so as to cross the prevent it. three former penalties. Furthermore do I promise and swear,,e_ Master-Brother, let that I will not govern this Lodge, or any me now have the pleaother over which I may be called to pro- sure of conducting you side, in a haughty and arbitrary manner; into the oriental chair of but will, at all times, use my utmost en- King Solomon. [Places deavors to preserve peace and harmony a large cocked hat on among the brethren. his head, and seats him Furthermore do I promise and swear, in a chair in front of the that I will never open a Lodge of Mas- Master's chair.] That ter Masons unless there be present three wvise king, when old and regular Master Masons, besides the Ty- decrepit, was attended!lr; nor close the same without giving a by his two friends, Hilecture, or some section, or part of a lec- ram, King of Tyre, and ture, for the instruction of the Lodge. Iiram Abiff, who raised Furthermore do I promise and swear, and seated him in his that I will not sit in a Lodge where the chair by means of the Past Master's grip. presiding officer has not taken the degree The Master and Senior Warden now of Past Master Mason. To all of which take the candidate by this grip and raise I do most solemnly and sincerely promise him on his feet several timles, each time and swear, with a fixed and steady pur- letting him sit back in the chair again. pose of mind to keep and perform the The Senior Warden then goes back to same; binding myself under no less pen- his seat, the candidate rises, and thb alty than (in addition to all my former Right Worshipful Master instructs him penalties) to have my tongue split from in thie grip and word of a Past Master tip to root, that I might for ever there- Mason. They first take each other by after be unable to pronounce the word, the Master M3asou1' grip, [page 36,1 thp should I ever prove wi.Iflly guilty of uiaster saying, and tuhe c altidatl ripeatviolatinlg any part of this, my solemn iilg, "froln a glip to a ip)r'a, ~A t,iat oath, or obligation, of a Past Mast r i- moment tlhey slip ctuheila.'..rlSiti: r.o3s -)1n. So heiip me Gode, ad ma e m t catch each other..itt ld teadfast to keep and perftormi the sam e. their left hands, c'at:'.h;iitform he sme. ais~e their le~thulc~~~~~~t

Page  56 RICHARDSONIS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY, er's right elbow. This is the regular Past All the brethren present, headed by Master's grip. the Master, now walk in front of the Master-A chair, give the sign of an Entered Ap, three-fold cord ~ prentice, and pass on. This is repeated is strong with the sign of each degree in Masonry Candidate-A up to that of Past Master. four-fold cord is \ Master to candidate-I now leave yon aot easily bro. to the government of your Lodge. [AMasien. f ter takes his seat with the brethren.] The Rt, Wor- The Senior Warden now steps fors:ipful BMaster ward and delivers up his jewel and his seats the candi- / gavel to the new Master, and each of date in the Mas- the other officers of the Lodge does the ter's chair, pla- i same, taking his turn according to rank. ces a hat on his Presently the retired Master rises. head, and then Retired Master (addressing the Chair)comes down in Right Worshipful, in consequence of my front, and says: resignation, and the election of a new Worshipful bro- Master, 4the seats of the Wardens have ther, I now pre- become vacant. It is necessary you sent you with the furniture and various should have Wardens to assist you in Masonic implements of our profession; the government of your Lodge. I pre. they are emblematical of our conduct in sume the brethren who have held these life, and will now be enumerated and ex- stations will continue to serve if you so plained as presented. request. [The new Master requests the The Holy Writings, that great light in Senior Warden to resume his jewel and Masonry, will guide you to all truth; it gavel, when the other officers (who had will direct your path to the temple of left their places) also resume their seats.] happiness, and point out to you the whole Retired Master-MRight Worshipful, I duty of man. would respectfilly suggest to you that The Square teaches to regulate our as the office of Treasurer is one of conactions by rule and line, and to harmno- siderabie responsibility-he holding all nize our conduct by the principles of mo- the funds and property of the Lodgerality and virtue. you should direct that he be nominated The Compass teaches to limit our de- and elected by the members present. sires in every station; thus rising to emi- This has been customary, and if you nence by merit, we may live respected, order a nomination to be made in this and die regretted. manner, I have 1?o doubt that wa shall The Rule directs, that we should punc- select some one who will be satiotactory tually observe our duty; press forward to you. in the path of virtue, and, neither in- Candidate (acting as Mastere —The bre dining to the right nor to the left, in all thren will please nominate a l'leasu.rerfoe our actions have eternity in view. this Lodge. The Tine teaches the criterion of mo- Here a scene of confusion takes place, ral rectitude; to avoid ditsimulation in which is not easily described. The l:ew conversation and action, and to direct ly installed Worshipful is made thle butt our steps to the path that leads to immor- ior every worlthy brother to exercise his tality. wit upon. Half a-dozen are up at a tilne, The Book of Constitutions you are to soliciting the Master to nominate the;n, searlch at all times; cause it to be read in urging their several claims, and decryie g your Lodge, that none may pretendigno- the merits of others with much zeai rance of the excellent precepts it enjoins. crying out —' Order, Worshipful I kcep Lastly, you receive in charge the By- order I" Others propose to dance, al.e Laws of your Lodge, which you are to request the MsIatter to sing for them; oth. see carefully and punctually executed. ers whistle, or sing, or jump about the I will also present you with the Mallet; room; or scuffle, and hnockl down chairs it is anll emblem of power. One stroke or benches. One proposes to call frciw of the mallet calls to order, and calls up labor to refreshmenlt; another conilpli the Junior and Senior Deacons; two imects the Worsbhipful!aster oin his digstrokes call up all the subordinate offi-;ificed appearance, and knocks off his sers: and three, the whole Lodge. hat, or pulls it (lown over his face, and Master —Brethren, please to salute sometimes lie is even dragged from his your new Master. chair on the pre-,cna that a lady wishes

Page  57 PA.ST TAST' S JIorG:EM: THE INITIATION. 7 to see him. The Senior Warden, or by rapping with his gavel, and deelaring some other brother, makes a long speech it closed. Should he do so, the retired about reducing the price of the Chapter Master stops him as follows: degrees, fromn twenty dollars to twelve, Retired Master-Right Worshipful,you and recommends that it be paid in coun- swore in your obligation, that you would try produce, &c. His motion is seconded, not close this or ally other Lodge over and the new Master is pressed on all which you should be called to preside, sides to put the question. If the ques- without giving a lecture or solme part tion is put, the brethren all vote against thereof. Do you intend to break youi it, and accuse the new Master of break- oath? ing his oath, when he swore he would Candidate-I had forgotten that in this support the Constitution of the General confusion. I hope the brethren will exGrand Royal Arch Chapter, which es- cuse me. tablishes the price of the four Chapter A brother goes and whispers to the degrees, at twenty dollars. If the Mas- candidate, telling him that lie cain resign ter attempts to exercise the power of the the chair to the old Master, and have him gavel, it often has the contrary effect; close the Lodge, if he so prefers. The for if he gives more than one rap, and candidate is very glad to do this, and calls to order, every one obeys tihe sig- cheerfully abdicates his seat. nal, with the utmost promptness, and Master (resuming the chair)-Brother, drops on the nearest seat. The next in- the lesson we have just given, notsvithst aut, before the Master can utter a standing its apparent confusion, is de. w.ord, all are on their feet again, and as signed to convey to you, in a striking r isy as ever. Some brother now pro- manner, the necessity of at all times ab. s )3es that the Lodge be closed; another staining from soliciting, or accepting any uvle hopes it will be closed in ashort way. office or station that you do not know Retired M-aster, to candidate-Right yourself amply qualified to fill. Worshipful, it is moved and seconded The Master now delivers the Lecture that this Lodge be closed. You can close in this degree. It is divided into five it as you please. You can merely declare sections. The first treats of the manner the Lodge closed, or in any other way. of constituting a Lodge of Master Ma. The candidate, being much embarrass- sons. The second treats of the ceremony ed, will often attempt to close the Lodge of installation. ilhmluding the mamnner of

Page  58 58 tICHABDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. receiving candidates to this degree, as Junior Warden-They are, Most Exgivein above. ihe third treats cf the cellent. ceremonies observed at laying the found- Master to the Senior Warden-B-rother ation stones of public structures. The Senior, are they all Most Excellent lasfourtth section, of the ceremony observed ters in the west? at the ciedications of Masonic Ha-ils. The Senior Warden —They are, Most Exfifth, of the ccremony observed at fune- cellent. rals, according to the ancient custom, Master —They are also in the east. with the service used on the occasion. Master gives one rap, which calls l0) The L-ecture is usually read from a MIoni- the two Deacons. tor whlich is kept in every Lodge. Master to Junior Deacon-Brother JuThe foregoi::g includes all the cereimo- nior, the first care of a Masoin' nius ever used in conferring the degree of Junior Deacon-To see the door tyled, Past Master; but the ceremonies are fre- Most Excellent. quently shortened by the omission of Master-Attend to that part of your some part of them; the presenting of duty and inform the Tyler that we are the various implements of the profes- about to open this Lodge of Most Exsion, and their explanations, are often collent Masters, and direct him to tyle dispensed with; and still more often, the accordingly. charge, Junior Deacon goes to the door and gives six knocks, which the Tyler from without answers by six nlore. lIe then gives one knock, which the Tyler answers with one, and he then partly cpenls the door and informs the Tyler that Ly order of the Most Excellent Master a Lodge of Most Excellent Masters is now about to be opened in this place, and lihe must tyle accordingly. -Ie then returns to his place and addresses the Master: Junior Deacon-The Lodge is tyled, Most Excellent. Master-By whom I Junior Deacon —By a Most Excelhent =aMster Mason without the door, armed -~osT with the plroper implemeuts of his office. MOST EXCELLENIT MASTIBER Mlaster —1iis duty there? No Mason caln receive the degree of Junior Deaceon-To keep offall cowans Most Excellent AMaster until after he has and eaves-droppers, and see that nlone brcosne a Past Master, and presided in a pass or repass without permission of the Lodge, or in other -words, been inducted Mlost Excellent Mlaster. in to the Oriental Chair of King Solomon. The MIaster now questions each officer VWhlen the Temple of Jerusalem was fin- of the Lodge as to his duties, whiclh are islhed, those who had proved themselves recited by them as in the other degrees. worthy by their virtue, skill, and fidelity, Master to Senior Warden —Brother were installed as Most Excellent Mas- Senior, you will assemble the brethren ters; and even at this date none but round the altar for our opening. those who have a perfect knowledge of Senior Warden-Brethren, please to all preceding degrees are (or should not assemble round the altar for the purpose be) admitted. of opening this Lodge of 3Most lxcellent A Lodge of lMost Excellent Masters is Master Masons. opened in nearly the same manner as The brethren now assemble round tl 3 Lodges in the preceding degrees. The altar, and form a circle, and stand in su tc officers are a Master, Senior and Junior a position as to touch each other, l-iavi g WVardens and Deacons, Secretary and a space for the Mlosat Exceellent staste-'; Treaesuer, and of course a Tyler. They they then all kneel on their left knee, ar;, stationed as in the Entered Appren- andl join hands, each giving his right tVe's Degree. 4-serib 5' on page 6. The hand brother lis iAt hand, and his left in lster presi'il-, eai the Lodge to or- halld brother lh s riht hard; their left de., anlld saS arms uppermlot, and the ir heads iniaster to he Junior Wrar1den-Broth1er clining downwavrd: al1 being thus situJlunior, ri they all Most Excellent las- ated, the AMost EIxcellert Alaster reado atr; ia tile south j the following verses frosm P'salmn x-r v

Page  59 MOST 1GEXCLLENT -MASTER$S DEGREE: TIIE OPENING. 5 The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness mony of the same may be interrupted, thereof; the world, and they that dwell while engaged in their lawful pursuits, trherein. For he hath founded it upon under no less penalty than the by-laws the seas, and established it upon the enjoin, or a majority of the brethren floods. WVho shall ascend into the hill may see cause to inflict. of the Lord? and who shall stand in his The Senior Warden repeats this to his holy place? I- e that hath clean hands, Junior, and the Junior announces it to and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up the Lodge as follows: Iis soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceit- Junior W~arden —Brethren, you have fully. He shall receive the blessing from heard our Most Excellent Master's lwill the Lord, and righteousness from the God and pleasure as just communicated to of his salvation. This is the generation me-so let it be done. of them that seek him, that seek thy The Lodge being opened, the ordinary face, O Jacob. Selah. Lift up your business of the evening is gone through heads, O ye gates; [here the kneeling with, as in the former degrees. If a cenm brethren alternately raise and bow their didate is to be initiated, the Junior Dea heads as the reading proceeds] and be ye con goes to the preparation room, wlher( lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the lie is in waiting, and prepares hhim He King of glory shall come in. Who is takes off the candidate's coat;,,ps',;, a this King of glory? The Lord, strong cable-tow six times round his body'rud and mighty; the Lord, mighty in battle. conducts him to the door of the Lodge, Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift where he gives six distinct knlociKEs (w hieh. tlem up, ye everlasting doors; and the are answered by the Senior Deas.o:a fy-eo King of glory shall come in. Who is within,) and then one knock, which is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts; answered in the same manner. h3 is the King of glory. Selah. Senior Deacon (partly opening the While reading these verses the Most door) —NVho comes there? Excellent Master advances towards the Junior Deacon —A worthy brother. circle of kneeling brethren, taking his who has been regularly initiated as an steps only when reading those passages Entered Apprentice Mlason; passed to rclative to the King of glory. the legr-ee of Fellow Craft; raised to The reading being ended, the Most Ex- the su;,ine degree of Master Mason; celint {Master then kneels, joins hands advan.;ed to the honorary degree of a with the others, which closes the circle, Mark Master Mason; presided in the and they all lift their hands, as joined to- chair as Past Master; and now wishes gebter, up and down, six times, keeping for further light in Masonry, by being retime with the words, bs the M.ost Excel- ceived and acknowledged as a Most Exlont Master repeats them: "one, two, cellent Master. three; one, two, three." This is Mlasoni- Senior L'e.con-Is it of his own free cally called balancing. They then rise, will and ass.-ord he makes this request? disenagre their hands, and lift them up Junior Deacon-It is. above their heads, with a moderate and Senior Deacon-Is he duly and truly somewhat graceful motion, and cast up prepared? their eyes; turning at the same time to Junior Deacon-He is. the right, they extend their arms, and Senior Deacon-Is he worthy and well then suffer them to fall loose and some- qualified? what nerveless by their sides. This sign Junior Deacon-He is. is said by Masons to represent the sign Senior Deacon-Has he made suitable of astonishment made by the Queen proficiency in the preceding degrees? of Sheba, on first viewing Solomon's Junior Deacon-lIe has. Temple. Senior Deacon -By what further right, The Most Excellent Master resumes or benefit, does he expect to obtain thei his seat and says-Brethren, attend to favor? thle signs. He himself then gives all the Junior Deacon-By the benefit of;igns from an Entered Aprentice up to pass-word. this degree, and the brethren join and Senior Deacon-Has lie a pass-word? imitate him. Junior Deacon-He has it not: but I MIaster to the Senior Warden-Brother have it for him. Senior, it is my will and pleasure that Senior Deacon —Give it to me. this Lodge of Moest Excellent Masters be Junior Deacon whispers in the ear of now opened for dispatch of business, the Senior Deacon the word RABONL Btrictly forbidding all private committees, [In many Lodges, the Past Master's or profane language, whereby the har- woxd, Giblem, is used as pass.word fox

Page  60 60 RIOIIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FRE.-MASONRY, this degree, and the word Raboni, as the Our feet shall stand within thy gates, 0 real word.] Jerusalem. Jerusalem is builded as a Senior Deacon-The word is right. city that is compact together: Whithel You will wait until the Most Excellent the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lordl, Master is made acquainted with your re- unto the testimony of Israel, to give quest, and his answer returned. thanks unto the name of the Lord. Fof Senior Deacon repairs to the Most Ex- there are set thrones of judgment, the cflent Master in the east, and gives six thrones of the house of David. Pray fol rlTps at the door. the peace of Jerusalem: they shall pros Maste rV-Who comes there? per that love thee. Peace be within thy Senior Deacon-A worthy brother who walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. has been regularly initiated as an Enter- For my brethren and companions' sakes, ed Apprentice; passed to the degree of a I will now say, Peace be within thee.:Fellow Craft; raised to the sublime de- Because of the house of the Lord, our gree of a Master Mat;son; advanced to God, I will seek thy good. the honorary degree of Mark Master; The reading of the foregoing is so presided as MIaster in the chair, and now timed, as not to be fully ended until the wishes for further light in Masonry, by Senior Deacon and candidate have pcrbeing received and acknowledged as a formed the sixth revolution. ImnmediMost Excellent Master. ately after this the Senior Deacon and Master-Is it of his own free will and candidate arrive at the Junior Warden's accord he makes this request? station in the south, when the same quesSenior Deacon-It is. tions are asked and the same answers reMaster-Is he duly and truly prepared? turned, as at the door: (Who comers Senior Deacon-He is. there? &c.) The Junior ~Warden then Master-Is he worthy and qualified? directs the candidate to pass on to the Senior Deacon —He is. Senior Warden in the west, for further Master-lIas he made suitable profi- examination; where the same questions ciency in the preceding degrees? are asked and answers returned as beSenior Deacon —Ie has.' fore. The Senior WTYarden directs liim to Master-By what further right or ben- be conducted to the Right Wvorshipful efit does he expect to obtain this favor? Master in the east, for further examinaSenior Deacon-By the benefit of a tion. The Right Worshipful Masterasks pass-word. the sanime questions and receives the same Master-Has he a pass-word? answers, as before. Senior Deacon-He has not; but I Master to Senior Deacon-Please to have it for him, conduct the candidate back to the wv.est, AMaster-Give it. from whence he came, and put him in Senior Deacon whispers in the ear, the the care of the Senior Warden, and rceword RABONI. quest him to teach the candidate how to Master-The pass is right. Since lie approach the east, by advancing upon comes endowed with all these necessary six upright regular steps to the sixth qualifications, let him enter this Lodge of step, and place him in a position to take Most Excelient Masters, in the name of upon him the solemn oath, or obligation the Lord. of a Most Excellent Master:Mason. The door is then flung open, and the The candidate is conducted back to Senior Deacon receives the candidate the west, and the Senior Warden teaches upon the Key-Stone. The candidate is him how to approach the east in this dethen walked six times round the Lodge, glee. First, by taking the first step in by the Senior Deacon, moving wvith the Masonry, as in the Entered Apprentice's sun.'The first time they pass round the degree, that is, stepAing off with the le~t Lodge, when opposite the Junior WTrar- foot, and bringing up the right foot so.-s den, he gives one rap with the gavel; to form a square; then taking the steops when opposite the Senior Warden, he as directed in the Fellow Craft degree, does the, same; and likewise when oppo- and so on up to this one-beginning alsite the Most Excellent Master. The ways with the Entered Apprentice's step. second time round, each gives two On arriving at the altar the candidate blows; the third, three; and so on, un- kneels on both knees, and places both til they arrive to six. During this time, hands on the Bible, square and compasses, the Most Excellent BMaster reads the fol- The Master then comes forward and adlowing verses from Psalm cxxii.: dresses him: I was glad when they said unto me, Master-Brother, you are now placed Let tis go into the house of the Lord. in a proper position to take upon yonu he

Page  61 MOIST EXCELLENT MASTE 1S DEGREE: THE INITIATION. ~] solemn oath or obligation of a Most Ex- at all times, as far as is in my power, ceiluent Master Mason, which I assure without material injury to myself or fayou, as before, is neither to affect your smily. To all which I do most solemnly religion or politics. If you are willing swear, with a fixed and steady purposS to take it, repeat your name and say af- of mind in me to keep and perform the ter me: same; binding myself under no less penI, John Smith, of my own free will alty than to have my breast torn open, and accord, in presence of Almighty God, and my heart and vitals taken Iroet and this Lodge of Most Excellent MIas- thence, and exposed to rot on the dung. tar Masons, do hereby and hereon, most hill, if ever I violate any part of this, my solemnly and sincerely promise and solemn oath, or obligation, of a MBost Exswear, in addition to my former oblige- cellent Master Mason. So help me God, {ions, that I will not give the secrets of and keep me steadfast in the due performMost Excellent Master to any one of an ance of the same. inferior degree, nor to any person in the rMaster to the candidate-Detach your k'nown world, except it be to a true and hands and kiss the book six times [Canlawfal brother of this degree, and within didate obeys.] You the body of a just and lawfully consti- will now rise and tuted Lodge of such; and not nnto him receive from ime the nor them whom I shall hear so to be, but sign, grip and word unto him and them only whom I shall of a Most Exoellent find so to be, after strict trial and due A Master Mason. eixamination, or lawful information. - The sign is given Furthermore do I promise and swear, by placing your two that I will obey all regular signs and hands, one on each summonses handed, sent, or thrown to breast, the fingers me from a brother of this degree, or from meeting in the centhe body of a just and lawsluly consti- tre of the body, and toted Lodge of such; provided it be with- jerking them apart in the length of lmy cable-tow. as though you were Furthermore do I promise and swear, trying to tear open that I will support the constitution of your breast: it il. the General Grand lPoyal Arch Chapter _ ludes to the penalty of the United States; also, that of the of the obligation. Grand Chapter of this State, under which The grip is given by tailing each other this Lodge is held, and conform to all the by the right hand, and clasping them so by-laws, rules and regulations of this, or that each compress the third finger of any other Lodge of which I may hereafter the other with his thumb. [If one hand become a member. is large fnd the other small, they cannot Furthermore do I promise and swear, both give the grip at the same time.] It that I will aid and assist all poor and in- is calleil the grip of all grips, because it digent brethren of this degree, their is said It cover all the preceding grips. widosvs and orphans, wheresoever dispersed around the globe, as far as in my power, without injuring myself or family i Furtllermo re do I promise and swear, that the secrets of a brother of this degree, given to me in charge as such, and I knowing thenm to be such, shall remain as secret and inviolable in my breast, as inl his own, murder and treason excepted, and the same left to my own free will 3IM.+ter (holding candidate by his hand and choice. and.:lacing the inside of his right foot to Furthermore do I promise and swear, the Inside of candidate's right foot) whisthat I will not wrong this Lodge of Most pers ill his ear-R-IABOr. Excellent Master Masons, nor.a brother Should there be more than one candiof this degree, to the value of anything, t.l'e for initiation, the ceremony stops knowingly, myself, nor suffer it to be here until the others are advanced thus done by others, if in my.power to pre. Par, and then they all receive the re. vent it. mainder together. Furthermore do I promise and swear, A noise of shuffling feet is now heard liat I will dispense light and knowlerge in the Lodge, which is purposely made %o all ignorant and uninformed bresh',en by some of the members.

Page  62 62 RICIARDSON"S MONITOR. OF FREE;E-MASONRY. Master to Senior Warden-What is the date to come forward and join in the co, cause of all this confusion? emonies, which he does. Senior VsVarden —ls not this the day set Ve accept and receive them, apart for the celebration of the cope- Iost Excellent Masters stone. MAost Excellet? -Invested with honor Master —Ah, I had forgotten. [To And power to preside, ecretary.] Is it so, Brother Secretary Among worthy craftsmen, Seecretary (looking at his book)-It is, Where'r assembled, lost Excellent. The knowledge of bMasons, Master to Senior WVarden-Brother To spread far and wide. Senior, assemble the brethren and form a procession for the purpose of celebrating they begin the cope-stone. the next verses, each one throws The candidate now stands aside, while eal ns thronvs the brethren assemble and form a pro- up his hands and cession, double file, and march six times rolls his eyes spround the Lodge, against the course of ards, —-— givin sun, singing from the text-book the first a sign of admirathree verses of the 5Most Excellent Mas-tion or astonishter's Song, "All hail to the morning," ment like that &c. T'he Key-Stone is now brought for- described (p. 59) ward, and placed in its proper place; that as having been is, two pillars or columns, called Jachin expressed by the and Boaz, each about five feet high, are Queen of Sheba set up, and an arch placed on them, on first viewing Solomon's Temmade of plank, or boards, in imitation of Solomond Temblock work, in the centre of which is a ple- nad keeps mortice left for the reception of a key- them ile that po- sistone; the MIost Excellent B'aster takes itionwhile singstone,; the Most Excellent Master- lukes ing these two verses of the song: the key-stone and steps up into a chair, and places it into the arch, and drives it Almighty Jehovah, down to its place by giving it six raps Descend now, and fill with his gavel. This Lodge with thy glory, As soon as this ceremony is through, Our hearts with good-will i all the brethren move around as before, Preside at our meetings, continuing the song: Assist us to find There is no more occasion True pleasure in teaching For level or plum line, to mankind. For trowel or gavel, Thy wisdom inspired For compass or square; The great Institution, As they come to these words, all the Thy strength shall support It brethren divest themselves of their jew- Till Nature expire, els, aprons, sashes, &c., and hang them on And when the creation the arch as they pass round. Shall fall into ruin, Our works are completed, Its beauty shall rise The ark safely seated, Througih the midst of the fire. And we shall be greeted The brothers now all join hands as in As workmen most rare, opening, and while in this attitude the The Ark, which all this time has been Master reads the first four verses of the carried round by four of the brethrn-en, is seventh chapter of Chronicles, as follows: Now when Solomon had made an er-d brought forwvard and placed on the altar, Now when olo mon had made an and a pot of incense is placed on the ark.ying, the fire came down fro Heaven, and consumed the burlnt-offerNow those that are worthy, ing and the sacrifices; and the glory cl Our toils who have shared, the Lord filled the house. And the priests And proved themselves fsiithful, could not enter into the house of the Shall meet their reward; Lord, because the glory of the Lord had Their virtue and knowledge, filledl the Lord's house. And when all Industry and skill, - the children of Israel saw how the filo Have our approbation — came down, and the glory of the Lord Have gained our good will. upon the house, they bowed themselveu The brethren now all halt, and face in- with their faces to the ground upon the ward to the altar, and beckon the candi- pavement, and worshipped, and praised

Page  63 MOST EXCELLENT BASTER'1S IDEGREI: TIIE CLOSING. 63 the Lord, saying, For He is good, [here and information as shall enable you to the Master, who is 1High Priest of the discharge with propriety the various dnChapter, kneels and jOins hands with the ties incumbent on you, and to preserve rest,] for his me rcy eldurcth f or ever. unsullied the title now conferred upon They all thulnl repeat in concert the you of a Most Excellent Master. words, "For UIe is good, for his merl y This charge closes the initiation, and, a enldureth for ever,"' six times, each time motion is generally mnadt to adjourn, and bowving their heads low towards the floor. close the Lodge. The members now balance six times, as Master to the Jlunior W'le:1 Brot'llcr ia opening, rise and balance six times Junior, you will please assernble the more, then disengaging themselves from brethren round the altar, for the purpose each other, take their seats. of closing this Lodge of Most Excellent Master to candidate-Brother, your ad- BMasters. mittance to this degree of Masonry is a The brethren immediately assemble proof of the good opinion the brethren of round the altar in a circle, and kneel on this Lodge entertain of your Masonic the right knee, put their left arms over abilities. Let this consideration induce and join hands, as before. While kneelyou to be careful of forfeiting, by mis- lug in this position, the Master reads the conduct and inattention to our rules, that followving verses fromn the one hundred esteem which has raised you to the rank and thirty-fourth Psalho: you now possess. It is one of your great Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye ser. duties, as a Mlost Excellent Master, to vants of the Lord, which by night stand dispense lig:ht and truth to the uninform- in the house of the Lord. Lilt up your ed Mason; and I need not remind you of hands in the sanctuary and bless the the impossibility of complying with this Lord. The Lord that made heaven and obligation without possessing an accu- earth bless thee out of Zion. rate acquaintance with the lectures of The Master then closes the circle as in each degree. If you are not already opening, when they balance six times, completely conversant in all the degrees rise and balance six times more, dislenheretofore conferred on you, remember gaging their hands, and giving the signs that an indulgence, prompted by a belief from this degree downwards, and lie that you will apply yourself with double then declares the Lodge closed. diligence to make yourself so, has in- The engraving below shows the posiduced the brethren to accept you. Let tion of the brethren as they prostrate it, therefore, be your unremitting study themselves round the altar previoetS te to acquire such a degree of knowledge the delivery of the charge, r-~ >~

Page  64 RICUIARDSON S MiONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY,. The veils were parted in the centre, and guarded by four guards, with drawn swords. At the east end of the Tabernacle, HI-Iggai, Joshua, and Zerubbabel usually,/____ \ sat in grand council, to examine all who wished to be employed in the noble and glorious work of rebuidlilg the Tenple. Since that time, every Chajitcr of I'oycl Arch Masons, if properly formed, is a correct representation of the Tabernacle, and our engraving shows the interior an. rangement of a Chapter of the lRoyal Arch Degree. These three Miost Excellent Masters, on their arrival, were introduced to the Gralnd Council, (consisting of the SIigh Priest, Kinihg and Scribe,) and employed, furnished with tools, aud directed to commence their labors at the north-east cor, ner of the ruins of the old Temple, and to clear away and remove the rubbish, in order to lny the foundation of the new. ROYAL ARCH DEGREEz. The Grand Council also gave them strict orders to preserve whatever should fall in A society of Royal Arch Masons is their way, (such as specimens of ancient called a Chapter, and not a Lodge, as in architecture, &c.) and bring it up for the previous degrees. The several de- their inspection. grees of Mark Miaster, Present or Past Amioieg the discoveries made by the Master, and Most Excellent Mlaster are three Plastcrs was a secret vault ill given only under the sanction of the vhich tlhey found treasurcs of great benRoyal Arch Chapter, and a Master 5Ma- efit to the craft, &c. The ceremony of sonwho applies for these degrees, uesually cxalting conpani..iCs to this degnr(ec is a enters the Chapter also, and sometimes recapitulaticn of the adventures of these the four degrees are given at orce. If he thre MIost Excelert 5lasters, and hence takes the four he is ol]y balloted for it is that tihree candidates are necessary once, viz., in the Mark 5Mastcr's degree. for an initiation. It is a point of the Royal Arch degree A Chapter of l oyal Arch Masons con not to assist, or be present, at the con- sis+s of nire officers, as follows: fearring of this degree upon more or less 1. Iigh Priest, or Mlaster. than three candidates at one tim'e. If 2. Kiig, or Senior Warden. there a e not three candidates present, 3. Scribe, or Junior Warden. one or two companioses, as the case may 4. Captain of the Host, (as 5Marshal, or be, voluenteer to represent candidates, so Master of Ceremonies,) or Senior Deacon. as to make the requisite number, or a 5. Princip-al Sojourner, who represents teall," as it is technically styled, and the Junior Deacon. accompany the candidate or candidates 6. Royal Arch Captain, who represents through all the stages of exaltation. the Mlaster Overseer. At the destruction of Jerusalem by 7. Grand lMaster of the Third Veil, or Nebuchadnezzar, three 5Most Excellent Senior Overseer. BMasters wvere -carried captives to Baby- 8. Grand Master of the Second Veil, ct Ion, where they remained seventy years, Junior Overseer. and were liberated by Cyrus, KIng of 9. Grand IMaster of the First Veil. Persia. They returned to Jerusalem to In addition to these, three other offi assist in rebuilding the Temple, after cers are usually present, viz., a Secretraveling over rugged roads on foot. tary, a Treasurer and a Tyler. They arrived at the outer veil of the Ta- The officers and companions of the bernacle, which was erected near the Chapter being stationed as in the enruins of the Temple. This tabernacle graving, the Iligh Priest proceeds to busiwvas an oblong square, inclosed by four ness as follows: veils, or ciurtains, and divided into sepa- IHigh Priest —Companions, I am about rate apartments, by four cross veils, in- to open a Chapter of Royal Arch Ma eludinkg the west end veil, or entrance. sons in this place, for the dispatch oi

Page  65 ROYAL AP.RCH DEGREE: TIE OrENING. 65 businesS, and vill thank you for your ther not of this degree, to retire, he gives attention and assistance. If there is any one rap with the gavel, which brings up person present who is not a companion the Captain of the Host. Royal Arch Masonl he is requested to re- High Priest-Companion Captain, the tire fromr the room. first care of congregated Masons? After waiting for any stranger, or bro- Captain (placing the palm of his right Li Treasurer Secretary Sojourner Captain of Sojourner Host Third Veil Burning Bush Grtnd Master of Second Veil Grand Master of First Veil Altar A ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER.

Page  66 t66 ItICAIARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. hand to his forehead as if to shade his tumrn sanctorum. His duty, with the King eyes-To see the Tabernacle duly guar- and Scribe, is to sit in the Grand Coutlicil, rdel, Most Excellent. [This due-guard to form plans, and give directions to the is explained hereafter.] workmen. High Priest-Attend to that part of your High Priest-The King's station and duty, and inform the Guard that we are duty? about to open a Chapter of Royal Arch Captain-Station, at the right hand of I{asons in this place for the dispatch of the High Priest; duty, to aid him by his usiness; direct him to guard accordingly. advice and counsel, and in his absence, The Captain of the Host stations the to preside. G.iard at the outside of the door, gives High Priest-The Scribe's station and him his orders, closes the door, and makes duty? an alarm of three times three, on the in- Captain-Station, at the left hand of side, to ascertain that the Guard is on the high priest; duty, to assist him and his post; the Guard answers by nine cor- the King in the discharge of their duties, responding raps; the Captain of the Host and to preside, in their absence. then gives one, and Guard does the same. High Priest-The Captain of the Host's The Captain then returns to his post. station and duty? Captain to High Priest-The Chapter Captain —Station, at the right hand in is duly guarded, Most Excellent. front of Grand Council; duty, to receive High Priest-How guarded? orders, and see them duly executed. Captain-By a conipanion of this de- HighPriest-ThePrincipalSojourner's gree at the outer avenue, with a drawn station and duty? sword in his hand. Captain-Station, at the left hand in High Priest-His duty there? front of Grand Council; duty. to bring Captain-To observe the approach of the blind by a way that they know not; to all cowans, and eaves-droppers, and see lead them in paths they have not knon;l; that none pass or repass, but such as to make darkness light before them, aLd are duly qualified. crooked things straight. High Priest-Companions, we will be High Priest-The Royal Arch Capclothed. tain's station and duty? The companions place the furniture of Captain —Station, at the inner veil, or the Chapter in proper order, clothe with entrance to the sanctum sanctorum: their various jewels, robes, and badges duty, to guard the same, and see that of this degree, and draw aside the veils, nonle pass but such as are duly qualifitd, which brings the hall into one apart- and have the proper pass-words, and the ment, and resume their seats. The High signet of truth. Priest then gives two raps with the gavel, High Priest-What is the color of his which brings all the officers on their feet, banner? while the following lecture is given, or Captain-White, and is emblematical questions asked by the High Priest, and of that purity of heart, and rectitude of answered by the Captain of the Host. conduct, which is essential to obtain adHigh Priest-Companion Captain of the mission into the divine sanctum sanctoHost, are you a Royal Arch Mason? rum above. Captain-I am, that 1 am. High Priest-The stations and duties Htigh Priest-Howt shall I know you to of the three Grand Masters of the veils? be a Royal Arch Mason? Captain-Station, at the entrance of Captain-By three times three. their respective veils; duty, to guard the High Priest-Where was you made a same, and see that none pass but such as Royal Arch Mason? are duly qualified, and in possession of the Captain-In a just and legally consti- proper pass-words and tokens. tlated Chapter of Royal Arch:Masons, High Priest-W- hat are the colors of consisting of Most Excellent High Priest, their banners? King and Scribe, Captain of the Host, Captain-That of the third, scarlet; Principal Sojourner, Royal Arch Cap- which is emblematical of fervency and tain, and the three Grand Masters of the zeal, and the appropriate color of the veils, assembled in a room or place, repre- Royal Arch degree. It admonishes us to senting the Tabernacle erected by our be fervent in the exercise of our devoancient brethren, near the ruins of King tions to God, and zealous in our endeaSolomon's Temple. vors to promote the happiness of men. High Priest-Where is the High Priest Of the second, purple; which being prostationed, and what are his duties? duced by a due mixture of blue and scarCaptain —H is stationed in the sane- let, tho former of which is the character.

Page  67 ROYAL AICIH DIGREE: THE OPENING, 67 istic color of the symbolic, or three first of you; not because we have not power, degrees. It teaches us to cultivate and but to make ourselves an ensample unto improve that spirit of harmony between you to follow us, &c. the brethren of the symbolic degrees, and After the reading, the High Priest, the the companions of the sublime degrees, King and the Scribe approach the altar which should ever distinguish the mem- and take their places in the circle, kneelL; mrs of a society founded upon the prin- ing with the rest, the King on the right, c Ales of everlasting truth and universal and the Scribe on the left of the IHigh p milauthropy. Of the first, blue; the Priest. Each one now crosses his arms plculiar color of the three ancient, or and gives his right hand to his left hand symbolical degrees. It is an emblem of companion, and his left hand to his right universal friendship and benevolence, hand companion. This constitutes the aad instructs us, that in the mind of a living arch under which the Grand OmMIason, those virtues should be as expan- nific Royal Arch Word must be given, sive as the blue arch of heaven itself. but it must also be given by three times High Priest-The Treasurer's station three, as hereafter explained. and duty? The High Priest now whispers in the Captain-Station, at the right hand in King's ear the pass-word, RABONI. rear of the Captain of the Host; his duty, The King whispers it to the companion to keep a just and regular account of all on his right, and he to the next one, and the property and funds of the Chapter, so on until it comes round to the Scribe, placed in his hands, and exhibit them to who whispers it to the High Priest. the Chapter, when called upon for that High Priest-The word is right. purpose. The companions now all balance three High Priest-The Secretary's place in times three with their arms; that is, they the Chapter? raise their arms and let them fall upon Captain-Station, at the left in rear of their knees three times in concert, after the Principal Sojourner; his duty, to issue a short pause three times more, and af. the orders and notifications of his supe- ter another pause, three times more. ieor officers, record the proceedings of They then rise and give all the signs the Chapter proper to be written, to re- from the Entered Apprentice up to this ceive all moneys due the Chapter, and degree, after which they join in squads of pay them over to the Treasurer. three for giving the Grand Omnific Royal High Priest-Guard's place and duty? Arch Word, as follows: Each one takes Captain-His station is at the outer hold with his right hand of the right avenue of the Chapter; his duty to guard wrist of his companion on the left, and against the approach of cowans and with his left hand takes hold of the left eaves-droppers, and suffer none to pass, wrist of his companion on the right or repass, but such as are duly qualified. High Priest (addressing the Chapter)Companions, you will assemble round the altar for the purpose of assisting me in opening a Chapter of Royal Arch Miasons. All the members present (except the three principal officers) approach the altar, and, forming a circle, kneel, each upon his right knee. An opening in the circle is left for the High Priest, the King, and the Scribe. The High Priest rises and r.:ads from the Second Epistle of Paul to tie Thessalonians, chapter iii., v. 6 to 18. Now we command you, brethren, in the nnme of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which ye received of us. For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us; for we behaved not ourselves disor- Each one then places his right foot for. derly among you; neither did we eat any ward with the hollow in front so that the man's bread for naught; but wrought toe touches the heel of his companion on with Jabor and travail night and day, the right. This is called "three times that we might not be chargeable to any three," that is, three right feet forming a

Page  68 GSt RKICIHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MIASONRY. _tiargle, three left hands forming a tri- three of them, a companion ov companangle, and three right hands forming a ions volunteer to make the trio, as not triangle. In this position each repeats less than three can perform the ceremothe following: nies. The three take off their coats, As we three did agree, when the Principal Sojourner ties banIn peace, love, and unity, dages over their eyes, and taking a long The Sacred Word to keep, rope, coils it seven times round the body So we three do agree of each, leaving about three feet slack, In peace, love, and unity,: between. He then proceeds with them The Sacred Word to search; to the door of the Chapter and gives, Until we three, seven distinct knocks. Or three such as we, shall agree Captain (rising)-There is an alarm at To close this Royal Arch. the door, Most Excellent. They then balance three times three, High Priest-Attend to the cause of it, bringing the right hand with some vio- and see who comes there. lence down upon the left. The right The Captain of the- Host goes to the hands are then raised above their heads, door and raps on it nine times. The and the word, Jah-buh-lun Je-ho-vah, PrincipalSojourner, outside, answers this G-o-d, are given at low breath, each com- by three times three, and then gives one pauion pronouncing the syllables or let- rap, which the Captain answers by one, ters alternately, as follows: and then partly opens the door. Jah..........buh......... lun. Captain-WVho comes there?............. Jah.......... buh Principal Sojourner-Three worthy lun.h.............. brothers, who have been initiated, pass-.....ah...........h ed, and raised to the sublime degree of buh......... lun. Master Masons, advanced to the honorJe..........he........... vah. ary degree of Mark Master, presided as............. Je...........ho. Master in the chair, and, at the comple. vah.......... tion and dedication of the Temple, were................. Je. received and acknowledged Most Excelho..vah. lent-Masters; and now wish for further G. —-—..-o.......~. ci... light in Masonry, by being exalted to the.....-..G..-..G............ o august sublime degree of the Holy Royal d................ Arch............ G Captain to candidates-Is it of your o.........d. own free will and accord you make this After the word is thus given, the High request? Priest inquires if the word is right? First Candidate-It is. Each squad replies that it is right. Captain to Principal Sojourner-Are The officers and companions resume they duly and truly prepared? their seats. The High Priest raps three Principal Sojourner-They are. t:mes with his gavel, the King repeats it, Captain-Have they made suitable pro. as also the Scribe; this is done three ficiency in the preceding degrees? times. Principal Sojourner-They have. Itigh Priest (rising)-I now declare this Captain-By what further right, or Chapter of Royal Arch Masons opened benefit, do they expect to gain admission in due and ancient form: and I hereby to this Chapter of Royal Arch Masons? forbid all improper conduct whereby the Principal Sojourner-By the benefit of peace and harmony of this Chapter may a pass. be disturbed, under no less penalties than Captain-Have they that pass? the by-laws, or a majority of the Chapter Principal Sojourner-They have it noty may see fit to inflict. but I have it for them. High Priest to Captain of the Host- Captain-Advance, and give it. Companion Captain, please to inform the Principal Sojourner whispers in his et. Gu, (O that the Chapter is open. the word RABONI. T. e Captain proceeds on this duty, Captain-The word- is right; you will while the Secretary reads the minutes of wait a time, until the Most Excellent the last meetiing. Should there be any High Priest be informed of their request, candidates to ballot for, this is the first and his answer returned. business in order. If one or more candi- The Captain of the Host closes the dates are waiting without, the Principal door, and returns to his place in the Sojourner goes to the preparation room Chapter, gives the alarm, which is anto get them ready. If there are not 1 swered by the High Priest, who asks the

Page  69 ROYAL ARCH DEGREE: THI INITIATION; 69 same questions, and receives the same and never unto him, or thein, whop, l answers from the Captain of the -lost, as shall hear so to be, but him and theml were asked and given at the door, only whom I shall find so to be, after HIigh Priest-Since this is the case, you strict trial and due examination, or lawwill let them enter this Chapter of Royal ful information given. Arch Masons, and be received under a I furthermore promise and swear, that [ivxing Arch. I will not wrong this Chapter of Royal The Captain of the Host goes to the Arch Masons, or a companion of this de. door, opens it and says-It is our Most gree, out of the value of anything, my. Excellent High Priest's order, that the self, nor suffer it to be done by others, it candidates enter this Chapter. of Royal in my power to prevent it. Arch Masons, and be received under a I furthermore promise and swear, that Living Arch. I will not reveal the key to the ineffable Principal Sojourner (leading the candi. characters of this degree, nor retain'it in dates by the rope)-Compani.ons, you will my possession, but will destroy it when. follow me. [Leads them in.] I wviil bring ever it comes to my sight. tlhe blind by a way they know not; I will I furthermore promise and swear, that lead them in paths they have not known; I will not speak the Grand Omnific Royal I vill make darkness light before them, Arch word, which I shall hereafter re. and crooked things straight. These things ceive, in any manner, except in that in will I do unto them. and will not forsake which I shall receive it, which will be in tlxem. Stoop low, brethren: he,that humn- the presence of three companions Roy.l bleth himself, shall be exalted. Arch Masons, myself making one of ti-e Meantime the brethren, or companions number; and then by three thiles three, of the Chapter, form two lines facing each under a living arch, and at low breath. other, from the door to the centre of the I furthermore promise and swear, that room, and each one takes hold and locks I will not be at the exaltation of candi. his fingers with those of his opposite com- dates in a clandestine Chapter, nor conpanion. As the candidates pass under verse upon the secrets of this degree this Living Arch, each couple place their with a clandestine made Mason, or with knuckles upon the necks and backs of one who has been expelled or suspended, the candidates, kneading them pretty while under thatisentence. hard sometimes, and prostrating them on I furthermore promise and swear, that the-floor. Thus they have a good deal I will:not assist, or be present at the exof difficulty in forcing their way through. altation of a candidate to this degree, WThen they do get through they are first who has not received the degrees of Enconducted round the Chapter, and then tored Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master to the altar, where they must kneel to Mason, Mark Master, Past lMaEter, and receive the obligation. Most Excellent Master. Principal Sojourner to the candidates- I furthermore promise and slvear, that Brethren, as you advance in Masonry, I will not be at the exaltation of more nor your obligation becomes more binding. less than three candidates, at one and the You are now kneeling at the altar for the same time. seventh time; and about to take a so- I furthermore promise and swear, that lemn oath, or obligation, which, like your I will not be at the forming or opening of former obligations, is not to interfere with a CllhaptQr of Royal Arch Masons, unless tlie duty you owe to your country, or there be iresent nlne Royal Arch Ma. Maker. If you are willing to proceed, sons, myself makin g one of that number. you will repeat your christian and sur- I furthermore pronise anc swear, that names, and say after me: I will not speak evil of a companion I, John Smith, of my own free will Royal Arch Mason, behind his back, nor a.,d accord, in presence of Almighty God, before his face, but vwill apprise him (o a ld this Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, all approaching danger, if in my power. crected to God, and dedicated to Zerub' I furthermore promise and swear, that babel. do hereby and hereon, most so- I will support the Constitution of the l;,mnlv and sincerely promise and swear, Genecal Gral Grand Royal Arch Chapter cf in addcition to my former obligations, that the United States of Amcerica; together I xvill not reveal the secrets of this de- with that of the Grand Cha,ter of tOhis gree to any of an inferior degree, nor to State, under which this Chapter is holden; any being in the known world, except it that I will stand to,l and abide by all the bid to a true and lawful companion Royal by-laXvs, rules, aed reg'ulations of this cArch IMason, or wvithlin the body of a just Chapter, or of any other Chapter of which anm leg'ally constituted Chapter of such; I may hereafter become a member.

Page  70 70 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. I furthermore promise and swear, that I around the Chapter, and then again di. I will answer and obey all due signs and rected to kneel, while the Principal So. summonses, handed, sent, or thrown to journer reads the following prayer: me from a Chapter of Royal Arch Ma- Supreme and inscrutible Architect of sons, or from a companion Royal Arch universal Nature, who, by thine Almighty Mason, if within the length of my cable- word, didst speak into being the stupentow. dous arch of heaven, and for the instrucI furthermore promise and swear, that tion and pleasure of thy rational creaIwill not strike a companion Royal Arch tures, didst adorn us with greater atdliason, so as -to draw his blood, in anger. lesser lights, thereby magnify-ing thy. I furthermore promise and swear, that power, and endearing thy goodness unto I will employ a companion Royal Arch the sons of men, we humbly adore and Mason, in preference to any other person worship thine unspeakable perfection. of equal qualifications. We bless thee, that, when man had fallen I furthermore promise and swear, that from his innocence and his happiness, I will assist a companion Royal Arch thou didst leave him the powers of reaMason when I see him engaged in any soning, and capacity of improvement and difficulty, and Nvill espouse his cause so pleasure. We thank thee, that, amidst far as to extricate him from the same, the pains and calamities of our present whether he be right or wrong. state, so many means of refreshment and I furthermore promise and swear, that satisfaction are reserved to us, while traI will keep all the secrets of a companion veling the rugged path of life; especialRoyal Arch AMason (when communicated ly would we, at this time, render thee to me as such, or I knowing them to be our thanksgiving and praise for the instisuch,) without exceptions. tution, as members of which we are, at I ifurthermore promise and swear, that this time, assembled, and for all the pleaI will be aiding and assisting all poor and sures we have derived from it. We indigent companions Royal Arch Masons, thank thee, that the few here assembled their widows and orphans wheresoever before thee, have been favored with new dispersed around the globe; they making inducements, and been laid under new application to me as such, and I finding and stronger obligations of virtue and them worthy, and can do it without any holiness. May these obligations, 0 blessmat-rial injury to myself or family. ed Father I have their full effect upon us. To allwhich I do most solemnlyand sin- Teach us, we pray thee, the true roev-ecerely promise and swear, with a firm and rence of thy great, mighty, and terrible steadfast resolution to keep and perform name. Inspire us With a filrm and unthe same, without any equivocation, men- shaken resolution in our virtuous purtal reservation, or self-evasion of mind in suits. Give us grace diligently to search me whatever; binding myself under no thy word in the book of nature, wherein less penalty, than to have my skull smote the duties of our high vocation are inculoff, and my brains exposed to the scorch- cated with divine authority. May the soing rays of the meridian sun, should I lemnity of the ceremonies of our instituknowingly or wilfully violate or trans- tion be duly impressed on our minds, and gress any part of this my solemn oath or have a happy assd lasting effect on our obligation of a Royal Arch Masoic. So lives I 0, thou, who didst aforetime aphelp me God, and keep me steadfast in pear unto thy servant Moses in a flame of the due performance of the same. fire out of the midst of a bush, enkindle, Principal Sojourner-Kiss the book we beseech thee, in each of our hearts, a seven times. flame of devotion to thee, of love to The candidate kisses the book as di- each other, and of charity to all manrected. kindl May all thy miracles and mighty Principal Sojourner —Companions, you works fill us with thy dread, and tl 5Y will arise and follow me. 1-or although goodness impress us with a love olf ii you are obligated Royal Arch Masons, holy name! May Holiness to the Loed yet as the secrets of this degree are of be engraven upon all our thoughts, SItinitely more imlportance than any that words, and actions I May the incense of precede it, it is necessary chatl you should piety ascend continually unto thee, from Gavel through rough anca rugged ways, the altar of our hearts, and burn day and snd pass through many trials, in testi- night, as a sacrifice of a sweet smelling mony of your fidelity to the Order, be- savor, well pleasing unto thee! And fore yeu can be instructed in the more since sin has destroyed within us the tm-portazit secrets of this degree. first temple of purity and innocence, may T'he gccadidates are conducted once thy heavenly grace guide and assist us ts

Page  71 ROYAL ARCH DEGREE: THE LNITIATION. 71 rebuilding a second temple of reforma- sent to them by his messengers, because tion, and may the glory of this latter he had compassion on his people. and on house be greater than the glory of the his dwelling place. But they mocked former! Amen, so mote it be. the messengers of God, and despised his Principal Sojourner-Companions, arise word, and misused his prophets, until the and follow me. wrath of the Lord arose against his peoI{e now conducts them once around the ple, till there was no remedy. Therefore Chapter, during which time he reads from he brought upon them the King, of the the text-book the first six verses of the Chaldees, who slew their young men wvii third chapter of Exodus: the sword, in the house of their sanctuNow Moses kept the flock of Jethro his ary, and had no compassion upon youno father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and men or maidens, old men, or him thiat he led the flock to the back side of the stooped for age; ihe gave them all iuto desert, and came to the mountain of God, his hand. And all the vessels of the house even to Horeb. And the angel of the of God, great and small, and the treasures Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire of the house of the Lord, and the treaout of the midst of a bush; and he look- sures of the king, and his princes; all ed, and behold, the bush burned with fire, these he brought to Babylon. And they and the bush was not consumed, &c. burnt the house of God, and brake down The reading of these verses is so timed the wall of Jerusalem, and burnt all the that just when they are finished the can- palaces thereof with fire, and destroyed didates have arrived in front of a repre- all the goodly vessels thereof. And them sentation of the burning bush, placed in that had escaped from the sword carried a corner of the Chapter: when the Prin- he away to Babylon; where they were cipal Sojourner directs them to halt, and servalts to him and his sons, until the slips up the bandages from their eyes. reign of the kingdom of Persia. One of tile members now personates When the Principal Sojourner arrives the Deity, behind the bush, and calls out at that part of the above r eadinlg which Moses I Moses i alludes to the Chaldees killing the young Principal Sojourner (answering for men with the sword, the companions of candidates)-Here I am. the Chapter begin to make all sorts of Companion behind the bush-Drawnot queer and unearthly noises, such as rollnigh hither: put off thy shoes froml off thy ing cannon balls on the floor, clashing old feet, for the place whereon thou standest swords, discharging pistols, shouting, is holy ground. I am the God of thy fa- groaning, whistling, stamping, throwing thers, the God of Abraham, the God of down benches, &e. This noise continues Isaac, and the God of Jacob. during the remainder of the reading, the Principal Sojourner directs the candi- object being to represent the siege and dates to kneel, and he covers their faces destruction of Jerusalem.: During this again, and then says-And Moses hid his confusion the three candidates are siezed, face, for he was afraid to look upon God. thrown upon the floor, bound hand and Principal Sojourner to candidates- foot and carried bodily into the preparaArise, and follow me. tion room, when the door is closed.. He then leads them three times around In a few minutes the comnpanions bethe Chapter, during which time he reads gin to shout, " Hurrah for the captives 1" from the text-book Chronicles, chapter repeating it several times. xxvi., verses 11 to 20: " Captain of the Host goes and opens the Zedekiah was one-and-twenty years old door and says-Come forth.I you are at when he began to reign, anid he reigned liberty to return! for Cyrus has issued eleven years in Jerusalem. And he did his proclamnation to build a second Temthat which was evil in the sight of the pie at Jerusalem. Lord his God, and humbled nIot himself Principal Sojourner (who is witll thi before Jeremiah the prophet, speaking candidates)-Will you read the procie fromi thi mouth- of the Lord. And he mation? - also rebulled against King Nebulchadnez- Captain of the HIost reads the firs zar, and stiffened his neck, and hardened three verses of the first chapter of Ezra, Isis lerl-rt fromci turninlg unto the Lord GCod as follows: of Israel. Isioreover, all thile chief of the Now in the first vear of Cyrus, King of pries,ts and thle people tranisgrcssed very Persia, the Lord stirred up the spir;i of much. safter all the abomintatiols of the Cyrus, King of Persia, that he made a proheathen. and pollnted the house of the clmcination tihroughout all his kingdom. Lord, which he had hallowed in Jerusa- I and put it also in writing, saying: Thus lmn. And the Lord God of their fathers saith Cyrus, King of Persia, the Lord

Page  72 RICHARlDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MAS$ONRY, God of Heaven hath given me all the ahead, which lays directly in our way. kingdoms of the earth, and he hath Before we attempt to pass it, we must charged me to build hilm an house at Je- kneel down and pray. [ReadsPsalm exi.] rusalem, which is in Judah. Who is Lord, I cry unto thee, make baste unthere among you of all his people? His to me; give ear unto my voice. Let my Grod be with him, and let him go up to prayer be set forth before the( as incense: Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build the house of the Lord God of Israel, 1 which is in Jerusalem. -_ Captain of the Host-What say you to Me proclamation? are you willing to go up to Jerusalem? Principal Sojourner (consulting candidates)-Yes, we are willing to go, but we have no pass-word whereby to make ourselves known to the brethren when we get there. What shall we say to them? Captain of the Host reads verses 13 and 14 of the third chapter of Exodus: And Moses said unto God, Behold when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you, and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say to them? And God said unto Moses, I AMr THAT I ASI: And thus thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, I I Aml hath sent me unto you. We -were directed to use the words, "I AM THAT I AM," as a pass-word. i Principal Sojourner-WVe will go up. ( Companions, you will follow me: our pass-word is, I AM THAT I AM. As they enter the Chapter, they again pass under the Living Arlch. -Principal Sojourner —Stoop low, brethren. He that humbleth himself shall be exalted. On one side of the hall or Chapter, the Living Arch is formed, as before described; on the other side is what is called the rugged road. This is generally made of blocks and logs of wood, old N chairs, benches, &c. The companions who form the Living Arch press harder on the candidates each time they go through, and they now go through three times. While passing through, the Principal Sojourner says: Principal Sojourner-'This is the way many great and good men have traveled i!efore you; never deeming it derogatory 1) their dignity to level themselves with (te fraternity. I have often traveled this road froln Babylon to Jerusalem, and generally find it rough and rugged. However, I think I never saw it much smoother than it is at the present tnile. The candidates after passing the Living.G Arch, stumble over the rugged road, and arrive again at the entrance of the arch. " V. Principal Sojourner-Companions, here is a very difficult and dangerous place

Page  73 ROYAL ARCH DEGREE: THIE INITIATION. 3 and the liftingup of my hands as the even- not have come thus: far unless you were ing sacrifice. tint a watch, 0 Lord, be- three Most Excellent Masters; but furfore mly mouth; keep the door of my lips. ther you cannot go. without my words, Illcline not my heart to any evil thing, to sign, and word of exhortationl. Miy words practice wickied work 0s with men that are, Shem, Hamll and Japlihet; lly sign is work iniquity. Let the righteous smite this. [holding out a cane,] in imitation of me; it shall be a kindness: and let himn one given by God to Moses, when Ilh reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil. commanded him to cast his rod upon the Uline eyes are unto thee' 0 God, the ground thus, [casting down the cane,j Lord: ia thee is my trust; leave not my and it became a serp::it; but putting soul destitute, Keep me from the snare forth his hand, and taking it up by the which they have laid before me, and the tail, it became a rod in his hand as be gins of the workers of iniquity. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape. The candidates rise and again pass unOier the Living Arch and over the rugged road. They then kneel again. Principal Sojourner-Let us pray. [Reads from text-book Psalm cxlii.] I cried unto the Lord with msy voice; with my voice unto the Lord did I macke my supplication, &c. They then pass round the third time as before, when the candidates again kneel. Principal Sojourner reads Psalm cxliii. fore. My word of exholrttion is ex. from the text-book: planatory of this sign, and is to be founld Hear my prayer, 0 Lord, give ear to ini the writings of Moses, viz.: the first my supplications; in thy faithfulness an- verses of the fourth chapter of Exodus: swer me, and in thy righteousness, &c.. And the Lord said unto Moses, Whalt is. Principal Sojourner-We have now ar- that in thy hand? And he said, A rod. rived in sight of the ruins of the old Tem- And the Lordsaild, Cast it on the ground, pie, near the outer veil of the Taberlnacle. and he cast it, and it became a serpent, The companions now put up the veils and Moses fled fronm before it, &c. throughout the hall, as seen in the engra- Principal Sojourlner-Comipanions. iwt ving, andthe officcrs (except the Princi- have passed the first gulard, and svill pal Sojourner) take their seats. make an alarm at the Second Veil. Principal Sojourner makes an alarm by [Stamps on the floor, as before.] stamping nine times on the floor, which Master of Second Veil —NTVho comes brings out the Master frorm the First Veil. there? Who dares aipproach this Second Master of First Veil-Who comes there? Veil of our sacred Tabernacle? W~ho dares approach this outer Veil of Principal Sojornecr —Three weary soour sacred Tabernacle? Who are you? journers from Babylon, who have comne Principal Sojourne —-Three wvearytra- to assist in rebuilding the house of the velers from Babylon. Lord, without the hope of fee or reward. Master of First Veil-What are your Master of Second Veil —Iow do you intentions? expect to enter the Second Veil? Principal Sojourner-We have coime to Principal Sojourner-By the words, assist in the noble'and glorious work of sign, andi word of exhortation of the Masrebuilding the house of the Lord, without ter of the First Veil. the hope of fee or reward. Master of Second Veil-Give them. Master of First Veil-How do you ex- Principal Sojourner-Shem, Ham and ct to enter here? Japhet. [Gives the sign by casting down Principal Sojourner —By a pass-word a cane and taking it up by the end, as bethat we received in Babylon. fore explained. ] Master of First Veil-Give it to me. Mas*tr of Second Veil-They are righlit. Principal Sojourner-I AM THAT I AM. You have my permission to enter ine SeItaster of First Veil —The pass is right. cond Veil. You have my permission to enter. Tle candidates, led by the Principal The candidates now enter the First Soj'ourner, pass in. Veil, when the bandages are removed Master of Second Veil-Three Most from their eyes. Excellent Masters you must have been, Master of First Veil-You surely could or thus far you could not have conie;

Page  74 74 RICHIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. but further you cannot go without my not believe in the two former signs, thou words, sign, and word of exhortation. shalt take the water of the river and pMy words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoni- pour it upon dry land; and the watex ram; my sign is this, [thrusting his hand shall become blood upon the dry land. in his bosom;] it is in Master of Third Veil-I also present imitation of one given you with the Signet of Truth, which is by God to Moses, when. that of Zerubbabel. [Prsents a trian. he commanded him to gular piece of metal with ZER-UBBA-BEL4 thrust his hand into his engraved on it.] bosom, and taking it out PriinCipal Sojourner to candidatesit became as leprous as. Companions, we have now passed the snoiw. My word of ex- - Third Veil; let us make an alarm at the hortation is explanatory Fourth. [Stamps as before.] of this sign, and is found Royal Arch Captain —YWho comes there? in the writings of Moses, Who dares approach the Fourth Veil of viz.: fourth chapter of j our sacred Tabernacle, where incense Exodus: burns, day and night, upon the holy alAnd the Lord said un- tar? Who are you, and what are your to Moses, Put now thine intentions? halnd into thy bosom;- Principal Sojourner-Three weary so. and he put his hand in journers from Babylon, who have come his bosonm; and when he up thus far to aid and assist in the noble took it out, behold his. and glorious work of rebuilding the house hand was leprous as snow, &c. of the Lord, without the hope of fee or Principal Sojourner-Conipanions, we reward. will pass on, and make an alarm at the Royal Arch Captain-How do you exThird Veil. [Stamps nine times.] pect to enter this Fourth Veil of our saMaster of the Third Veil-Who comes cred Tabernacle? there? Who dare approach this Third Principal Sojourner-By the words, Veil of our sacred Tabernacle? sign, and word of exhortation of the Mlase Prilcipal Sojourner-Three weary so- ter of the Third Veil. ji urners from Babylon. who have come Royal Arch Captain-Give them. t; assist in the rebuilding of the house of Principal Sojourner-I-aggai, Joshua tile Lord, without the hope of fee or re- and Zerubbabel. [Pours a little wlaate ward. from a tumbler, or cup, upon the door, lMaster of Third Veil-How do you ex- for the sign.] pect to enter? Principal Sojourner-By the words, signl, and word of exhortation of the Master of the Second Veil. Master of Third Veil-Give them. Principal Sojourner-Shemn, Japhet and l Adoniram. [Thrusts his hand into his bosom as Master of Second Veil had done.] Master of Third Veil-They are right. 1YOU can enter the Third Veil The candidates enter. IMaster of Third Veil to candidates — Three Most Excellent Masters you must have been, or thus far you could not have conme. But you cannot go further with. oilt my words, sign, and word of exhortation. Myv words are Haggai, Joshua and. Zcrtbbabel. Aly sign is this: [Holds out a tunlbler of water and pours out a little Royal Arch Captain-They are tight onil the floor.] It is in imitaltion of one You have my permission to enter the given by God to Moses, when he con- Fourth Veil. isandeus hie to pour water uposs the dry The Veils are now drawn asid, and lard, and it becalne blood. AMy word of the candidates enter amidst a dazzling exhortation is exilaanatolr of this sign, light, and behold tle HI-igh Priest, Kirg and is fouind in the writlings of Moses, I ansd Scribe sitting in Grand Council. Thie viz.: the fourth chlapter of iixodus: light is usually made by igniting guma 4,bdi it shall coime to pass, if they will I camphor in an urn uvon the altar.

Page  75 ROYAL ARCH DEGREE: THE INITIATION, 75 Rtoyal Arch Captain-Three Most Ex- Temple, were acknowledged as Most Excldent Masters you must have been, or cellent Masters. We were present at its thllls far you could not have come. I destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, and by wil present you to the Grand Couucil. him were carried away captives to Baby[Stamps his foot nine times.] lon; where we remained servants to him High Priest-Whocomeshere? and his successors, until the reign of CyPrincipal Sojourner-Three weary so- rus, King df Persia, by whose proclamna journers from Babylon, who have come tion we were liberated, and have come up thus far to aid and assist in rebuilding up thuc far to aid and assist in the noble the house of the Lord, without the hope and glorious work of rebuilding the house of fee or reward. of the Lord, without the hope of fee or High Priest-Have you the signet of reward. Zerubbabel? High Priest-Let the captives be unPrincipal Sojourner~WeTo have. [Pre- bound, and brought to light Conlpanion seats the signet given him by Master of King, I think we had better employ these Third Veil.] sojourners. They look like good hardy High Priest takes it, and reads from the men: just such men as we want about second chapter of Haggai: the building. What say you? In that day will I take thee, 0 Zerub- King-It is my opinion, Most Excelbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, lent, they are very expert workmen. I saith the Lord, and will make thee a sig- wish they might be examined. net: for I have chosen thee. High Priest-What is your opinion, High Priest to King (showing him the companion Scribe? signet)-Companion, are you satisfied Scribe-If they can satisfy us they are that this is the signet of Zerubbabel? Free Masons, I shall be in favor of eruKing (taking the signet, and scrutinizing ploying them immediately. it)-I am satisfied, Most Excellent, that High Priest-You say you are Entered it is. Apprentice Masons? Satisfy the Grand High Priest (showing signet to Scribe) Council. -Companion Scribe, think you this is The three candidates give the signs of the true signet of Zerubbabel? Entered Apprentice, as on page 7. Scribe (looking shrewdly at it)-I am High Priest to King and Scribe-Cora. satisfied that it is, Most Excellent. panions, are you satisfied? High Priest (drawing signet across his The King bows gracefully, and the forehead in imitation of the penalty, or Scribe answers-We are satisfied, Most due-guard)-Signet of Truth, and Holi- Excellent. ness to the Lord! Iigh Priest to candidates-The Grand The King and the Scribe each in turn Council are satisfied that you are Enterputs his hand to his forehead, repeating- ed Apprentice Masons. Have you been Holiness to the Lord. advanced to the Fellow Craft's degree? High Priest to candidates-It is the Candidates give the Fellow Craft signs opinion of the Grand Council, that you as on page 22, when the High Priest asks have presented the true signet of Zerub- his companions of the Grand Council if babel. But owing to difficulties having they are satisfied, as before. and then inarisen from the introduction of strangers forms the candidates that the Grand amoong the workmen, none are allowed Council approves them as true Fellow to undertake in the noble and glorious Crafts, &c. work, but the true descendants of the The same questions and answers are twelve tribes. It is necessary you should given in like manner as to each degree up be very particular in tracing your gene- to, and including that of MBost Excellent alogy. Who are you, and what arq-your Master, and the candidates give all the, intentions? signs of those degrees to the Grand Count' Principal Sojourner-We are your own cil in detail. / kicndced, the descendants of those noble High Priest (after consultation with th families of Giblemites, who wrought so King and Scribe)-Companions, we a%, hard at-the building of the first Temple. satisfied that you are three worthy Most We have been regularly initiated as En- Excellent Masters. As such, we will tered Apprentice 5Masons, passed to the employ you on the Temple. What part degree of Fellow Ccaft, raised to the sub- of the work will you undertake? lime degree of Master MIason, advanced Principal Sojourner-We will take any to the honorary degree of AMark Master, service, however servile or dangelous, presided as Master in the chair, and at for the sake of forwarding so great and the completion and dedication of the noble an undertaking.

Page  76 76 RICHARDSON7S MONITOR OF FRPEE-MASONRTI High Priest to Royal Arch Captain- Companion King, this is a very valuable You will furnish them with the working discovery indeed. It must be a key tools, and direct them to r:,pair to the stone of a Mark Master-Mason. north-east corner of the ruins of the old King-I think that is the stone wrought Temple, with orders to remove the rub- by our Grand Master, Hiram Abift. bish, preparatory to laying the founda- Iligh Priest-What think you of it, tion of the new Temple. Advise them Companion Scribe? l) carefully preserve everything of ser- Scribe-It is undoubtedly the stone iice to the craft that falls in their way, wrought by our Grand Master, Hiram and bring it to the Grand Council. Abiff. The candidates are presented, one with High Priest (drawing key-stone across a pick-ax, one with a crow, and the other his forehead, and giving the sign)-The wNfith a shovel, which are generally made Key-stone of a Mark Masterl Holiness of wood, and kept for the purpose in the to the Lord. Lodge or Chapter. King and Scribe do and say the same. Principal Sojourner to the candidates- High Priest to candidates-This is a Follow me. very valuable discovery indeed. No doubt Each candidate shoulders his working it will lead to some important treasure, of tool and follows the Principal Sojourner, inestimable value to the craft. Are you going single file to a corner of the room willing to pursue your labors, and enwhere a quantity of blocks, or bricks are deavor to penetrate this secret vault? scattered around. These they stir up a Principal Sojourner, (after consulting little, when they come to a ring in a trap candidates) —We are, even to the risk of door, which they pull up and find it our lives. shaped like a key-stone of an arch. Each High Priest-Go: and may the God of orne examines it, and then looks down the your fathers be with you. Preserve evteap, when the Principal Sojourner sug- erything that falls in your way. gests that it be at once taken up to the The Principal Sojourner returns with Grand Council. He then leads the can- the candidates to the place where they didates back. lifted the trap, and they there consult toHigh Priest-Companiots King, have gether as to who shall descend into the you further business to lay before this vault. One of the candidates agreeing Grand Council? to go, they put a rope seven times around King-I have nothing, Most Excellent. his body, leaving two long ends. High Priest to Scribe-Have you any- Principal Sojourner to candidate who thing, worthy companion? is about to descend-Companion, it is neScribe-I know of nothing, Most Ex- cessary you should take a little precaucellent. tion. Should you wish to descend still High Priest-I know of nothing, un- lower, pull the rope in your left hand: if less the workmen from the ruins have you wish to ascend, pull that in your articles for inspection. The workmen right hand. will please come forward and give an Two companions take hold of each account of their labors. end of the rope, letting the candidate Principal Sojourner-Most Excellent, down eight or ten:feet, to another trapin pursuance of orders of this Grand door, where he finds three small trying Council, we repaired to the ruins and squares; and giving the signal of as. commenced our labors. After laboring cending, is drawn up. several days, we discovered what seem- Each candidate taking a square, they ed a rock, but on striking it with a crow, repair to the Grand Council. As they it gave a hollow sound, and upon closer present themselves, the High Priest reads examination, we discovered in it an iron the following passage from the fourth ring, by help of which we succeeded in chapter of Zacharialh: removing it from its place, when we The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the found it to be the key-stone of an arch, foundation of this house; his hands shall and through the aperture there appeared also finish it; and thou shalt know that to be an imlmense vault curiously arched. tile Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you. We have brought this key-stone up, that For who hath despised the day of small it lmay be examined by the Grand things? for they shall rejoice, and shall Council. see the plummet of Zerubbabel, with High Priest-You will present it. those seven. Principal Sojourner presents the key- High Priest to the King —Companions, stone, or trap. have you any further business for the High Priest (looking closely at it)- Grand Council?

Page  77 ROYAL ARCII DEGREE: THE INLTIATION. 77 King-I have nothing, Most Excellent. here is what we have fosund in it, [pre. Hi-h Priest to Scribe-Have you any- senting the three trying squares.] thing, worthy companion? High Priest (drawing one of the squares Scribe-Nothing, Most Excellent. across his forehead)-The jewels of our High Priest-I know of nothing, un- ancient Grand Masters, King Solomon, less the workmen from the ruins have Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff I something for our inspection. Holiness to the Lord. Principal Sojourner-We have exam- The King and the Scribe each take oner -hied the secretyvault, Most Excellent, and and imitate the High Priest. L —

Page  78 78 RICIIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MIASONRY. Higk Priest to candidates-Are you bare the Ark of the Lord, saying, Taki willing to continue your labors and still this book of the law, and put it in the faurther penetrate this secret vault? side of the Ark of the Covenant of thi Principal Sojourner-We are, even to Lord your God, that it may be there foi the risk of our lives. a witness against thee. High Priest-Go, and may the God of The High Priest then turns back td your fathers be with you; and remember Exodus xx. and reads the 21st verse, as,hat your labors shall not go unrewarded. follows: *4The Principal Sojournerleads the can- And thou shalt put the mercy seal?idates back as before, and winds the above, upon the Ark; and in the Ark ope round one of them, who is let down thou shalt put the testimony that I shall the trap, still further down than before, give thee. where he finds the Ark, when he gives High Priest-This is a book of the the signal and is drawn up. law-long lost, but now found. Holiness The party immediately returns to the to the Lord. [He repeats this again Grand Council, two of them carrying the twice.] Ark, where they present themselves in King-A book of the law-long lost, the same manner as before, and the High but now found.'Holiness to the Lord I Priest directs them to come forward and Scribe repeats the same. give an account of their labors. High Priest to candidates-You now Principal Sojourner-Most Excellent, see that the world is indebted to Masonry in pursuance of your orders, we repair- for the preservation of this sacred voled to the secret vault, and let down one ume. Had it not been for the wisdom of our companions. The sun at this time and precaution of our ancient brethren, was at its meridian height, the rays of this, the only remaining copy of the law, which enabled him to discover a small would have been destroyed, at- the debox, or chest, standing on a pedestal, cu- struction of Jerusalem. riously wrought, and overlaid with gold. High Priest (taking a little pot out of On discovering it, he involuntarily found the Ark) —Companion King, what can this his hands raised in this position, [giving be? a pot of manna? We will read in due-guald, as on page 79,] to guard his the book of the law and see what that eyes from the intense light and heat re- says. [Reads Hebrews ix., v. 2 to 5:] flected from it. The air becoming of- For there was a tabernacle made: the fensive, he gave the signal for ascending, first wherein was the candlesticks, and and was immediately drawn out. We the table, and the shew-bread, which is have brought this chest up for the ex- called the sanctuary: and after the seamination of the Grand Council. cond veil, the tabernacle, which is called High Priest (looking with surprise at the holiest of all: which had the golden the Ark)-Companion King, this is the censer, and the ark of the covenant, Ark of the Covenant of God. overlaid round about with gold; whereKing (looking at it)-It is undoubtedly in was the golden pot that had manna; the true Ark of the Covenant, Most Ex- and Aaron's rod, that budded, and the cellent. tables of the covenant; and over it the Scribe (looking at the Ark)-That is cherubims of glory, overshadowing the also my opinion. mercy seat; of which we cannot now High Priest (taking the Ark)-Let us speak particularly. open it, an. see what valuable treasure igh Priest-A Pot of Manna I Holiit may contain. [Opens the Ark, and neas to the Lord I takes out a Look.] King-A Pot of Manna I Holiness to High Priest to King — Companion, here the Lord I is a very ancient lookins book; what can Scribe repeats the same. it be? Let us r(:act in it. [Reads first High Priest-Companions, -we read in three verses of first chapter of Genesis:] the book of the law, that He that overIn the beginning God created the hea- cometh, will I give to eat of the hidden ven and the earth, &c. manna. Come forward, companions, you After reading these verses, the High are entitled to it. [Each one receives a Priest turns over to Deuteronomy xxxi., small lump of sugar.] But how it came and reads from the 24th to the 26th deposited here, we cannot now particuverses, as follows: larly speak. You must gc. higher in MIaAnd it came to pass, when Moses had sonry before you can know. made an end of writing the words of this The High Priest looks again into the law in a book, until they were finished, Ark, and finds a stick with some buds tri'at Moses commanded the Leviteswhich upon it, which he shows to the King and

Page  79 RPOYAL ARCH DEGr.EE: TIE INITIATION. 79 Scribe, and after a consultation, they de- his companion on the right. This is cide that it is Aaron's Rod, and the fact called " three times three." that is, three is thus proclaimed in the same manner as right feet forming a triangle, three left the discovery of the manna. hands forming a triangle, and three right Looking again into the Ark, the High hands forming a triangle. They balance Priest takes out four pieces of paper, in the same manner, and then, with hands which he examines closely, consults with raised, repeat the words Jah-buh-lun, Je. the KBing and Scribe, and then puts to- ho-vah, G-o-d, at low breath, as described gether so as to show a key to the ineffa- at length on page 68. ble characters of this degree. The signs of this degree are now given to the candidates, as follows: a b c d e f g h i j k 1 m First, raise the right hand to the fore' I- UL -' ]-'lf]l -v'/>< /\ head, the hand and arm horizontal, the thumb towards the forehead; draw- it briskly across the forehead, and drop it n o p q r s t U V W X y Z perpendicularly by the side. This con- -L, l3 m,, i-i r * -, A/ stitutes the due-guard u,. this degree, a1:d ~J IC. J 1LU ELL. -I!', X \ refers not only to the penalty of the obligation, but alludes als( to the manner in After examining the Key, he proceeds which the brother who descended into to reaa, by the aid of it, the characters the vault, and found the Ark, found his on the four sides of the Ark. hands involuntarily placed to protect his High Priest (reading first side) —Depo- head from the rays of the meridian sun. sited in the year three thousand. Second side-By Solomon, King of Israel. Third side-HIiram, King of Tyre, and IHiram Abiff. Fourth side —For the Good of - -Masonry, generally, but the Jewish nation in particular. High Priest to candidates-Companions, here are three mysterious words, in a triangular form, upon the Ark, which, when first found, was covered with three squares, the jewels of our three ancient Grand Masters; and from this circumstance, we supposed it to be the long lost Master Mason's word; and on applying the Key to it, it proved our suspicions to be correct. It is the name of Deity in three languages, viz.: Chaldeac, Hebrew, and Syriac, which is the long lost Master Mason's word, and has now becomo the Grand Omnific Royal Arch word. This Due-guard. (;rand Sign word was anciently written only in these The grand sign is made by locking the sacred characters, and thus preserved fingers of both hands together, and carfrom one generation to another. It was rying them to the top of the head, the lost by the death of Hiram Abiff, was palme upward. This alludes to the pen. found again at the building of the Tem- alty of having the scull clove off, &c. pie, and will now be given to you; and High Priest (placing crowns upon the you will remember the manner you re- heads of candidates)-Companions, you ceive it, and that you have sworn never are now invested with all the important to give it to others except in that particu- secrets of this degree, and crowned and lar manner. received as worthy companions Royal The candidates, instructed by the Prin- Arch Masons. cipal Sojourner, now learn the Grand The High Priest then reads to them Omnific Royal Arch Word, as follows: from a book the charge in this degree, Each one takes hold with his right hand informing them that the degree owes its of the right wrist of his companion on origin to Zerubbabcl and his associates, the left, and with his left hand takes who rebuilt the Temple by order of Cyhold of the left wrist of his companion rus, King of Persia. He likewise in. on the right. Each one then places his forms them that the discovery of lhe se. right foot forward with the hollow in cret vault and the inestimable treasures, front so that the toe touches the heel of with the long lost word, actually took

Page  80 s0 RICHARDSONYS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRYo place in the manner represented in conferring this degree, and that it is the circumstance upon which the degree is principally founded. The initiation being over, the High: Priest begins the closing lecture, which is - a repetition, by questions and answers,: -- of the opening of a Chapter, and the adRasncement of a companion of this degree. It begins as follows': High Priest to Captain of the Host — Are you -.. Royal Arch Mason? _ _ —_. Captain-I am, that I am. High'ricst-How shall I know you to - be a R(ryal Arch Mason? Captain of Host-By three times three. High Priest-Where was you made a ROYAL MASTER'S DEGREE. Royal Arch Mason? Captain of the Host-In a just and le- This degree can only be conferred on a gally constituted Chapter of Royal Arch perfect Roval Arch Mason-one who has MIasons, consisting of Most ExcellentHigh not only taken all the preceding degrees, Priest, KIing, and Scribe, Captain of the but is well posted in them. It originated Host, Principal Sojourner, Royal Arch in the following manner: Captain, and the three Grand Masters of At the building of the Temple, King the Veils, assembled in a room or place Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and representing the Tabernacle erected by Hiram Abiff, the three ancient Grand our ancient brethren, near the ruins of Masters, resolved to reward all those King Solomon's Temple. Master Masons whose fidelity, industry The High Priest continues his ques- and skill placed them above their conitions as to the station and duties of each panions, by communicating to them the officer of the Chapter, and every particu- Omnific Word. After several cons.ltalar relative to the organization thereof, tions as to when this word should be conthe initiation or advancement of candi- ferred, it was proposed by Hiram AbifP dates, &c. The Captain of' the Host re- that'it should not be given until the Tem. hearses, or describes the whole precisely ple was completed, and'then only in the as we have given it. These closing lee- presence of all three, and by their free tures are intended to perfect members in consent then to be expressed. This plan the full understanding of each degree. was adopted, and the three Grand MasAfter the lecture the Chapter is closed ters bound themselves by solemn oaths in the same manner as the opening, up to to a strict observance of it. the raising of the Living Arch.'The' One day, soon after this agreement, companions join hands by threes, in the Hiram Abiff went into the: sanctum sancsame manner, and say in concert — torum, as was his usual custom at high As we three did agree, 12, to offer prayers, and to draw designs The Sacred Word to keep- on the tressle-board. As he was returnAs we three did agree ing, he was accosted near the entrance by The Sacred Word to search; Adoniram, a worthy Master, as follows: So we three do agree Adoniram-Most Excellent, at what To close this Royal Arch. time shall 1 receive the Omnific Word? They then break, and the High Priest Hiram Abiff —My worthy fiiend, it is reads the following prayer: uncertain when, or whether you will ev( By the wisdom of the Supreme High receive it at all; for the Omnific Vorld Priest may we be directed, by his strength cannot be given until the Temple is com may we be enabled, and by the beauty pleted, and then only'by the free cdnseLt of virtue may we be: incited, to perform of the three Grand Masters. the obligations here enjoined upon us, to Adoniram-Supposingone of you three keen inviolable the mysteries here un- were removed hence by death, how then folded to us, and invariably to practice shall I expect to receive it? -ll those duties out of the Chapter, which Hiram Abiff (tapping the floor three fire inculcated in it. times with his foot)-When I die, they'l Companions —So mote it be. Amen. bury it there. [He alluded to his own High Priest-I now declare this Chap- violent death, the details of which are re, tG- of Royal Arch Masons closed. corded in the Master Mason's degree]

Page  81 RXOYAL MAlSTELRS 1)EQREE: THE INITIATION. 81 The Lodge, or Chapter, in this degree, Master —My worthy friend, it is unceris organized similar to that in the Royal tain when, or whether you will ever reArch, only arranged differently. The ceive it at all; for the Omnific Word Ark is set in the middle of the inner veil, cannot be given except by the free conand the members assemble round it at sent of three Grand Masters, and at a the opening, each one taking his cor- time only when they together shall agree panion by the wrist, as hereafter explain- to give it. ed, when the presiding officer reads the The Master passes to his seat, and the 27th verse of 1 Kings vi. as follows: candidate approaches the altarand kneels, And he set the cherubims within the when the following promise is adminisinner house, and they stretched forth the tered: wings of the cherubims, so that the wing Master-Companion, do you solemnly of the one touched the one wall, and the promise, on the oath of a Royal Arch wing of the other touched the other wall, Mason, to keep sacred the secrets of this and their wings touched one another in degree? the midst of the house. Candidate-I do. * When a companion is to be advanced The candidate is then instructed in the to this degree, the members assemble grip, which is as follows: Each takes round the altar, taking each other's hold of his left wrist with his right hand, wrists in the same manner as at the open- and with his left hand takes hold of his ing. While in this position, the Grand companion's right wrist. This forms a Master, or presiding officer, enters and square. It is the same as when we see goes to the altar, kneels, [meantime the two children making a seat for a third candidate has been led in,] and reads the with their hands. following prayer: Thou, 0 God, knowest our downsitting and uprising, and understandest our thoughts afar off: shield and defend us from the evil intentions of our enemies, and support us under the trials and afflictions we are destined to endure while / traves;ling this vale of tears. Man that is born of woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth as the flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not; seeing IT" his days are determined, the number of Ihis months are with Thee; Thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass: turn from him, that he may rest, till he shall accomplish his day; for there is hope of a tree, if it be not cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branches thereof will not cease. But man dieth and wasteth away; Rioyal Master's Grip. Due-guard. yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where The words are given in this manner: is he? As the waters fail from the sea, let go your own wrist, and let your left and the flood decayeth and drieth up, so hand fall at your side, keeping hold of mnan lieth down, and riseth not up till the your companion's right wrist, and placing heavens shall be no more. Yet, 0 Lord, your right feet together, toe to heel, so have compassion on the children of thy as to form two sides of a triangle. Look.l creation; administer them comfort in time ing down at the feet, one says in a lcl*, of trouble, and save them with an ever- voice, "Alas, poor Hiram. The casi lasting salvation. Amen, so mote it be. didate repeats the same words. TI The Grand Master then rises, and sign, or due-guard, is made by placirs,! passes out of the circle under the ex- the fore finger of the right hand upon tended arms of the companions. [He the lips. It is a caution to a conmpanion personates Hiram Abiff, who came in at when you wish him to keep silent. high noon to pray ] As he goes out, the Master to candidate (tapping the floor candidate accosts him thus: three times with his toe)-Do you know Candidate (prompted by conductor)- about this? Most' Excellent, at what time shall I re- Candidate (instructed)-I know somccive the Omnific Word? thing about it. 6

Page  82 82 RICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREEY-MASONRY. Master —What do you know about it? into captivity, and thus the know'ledge of Candidate-I know something about the arts and sciences, together with tle the beginning of it. [Taps three times patterns and valuable models, which with his toe.] were contained in the Temple, and tte The samne questions are repeated, when writings of Mioses, would be for ever last. the candidate answers that he also knows To prevent such a catastrophe, trcy gom:(tliing about the ending of it. agreed to build a seclet vault unLder MPaster-What is the beginning? ground, leading from King Sololnoli's Candidate (instructed)-Alpha. most retired apartment, a due we st lMaster —What is the ending? course, and ending under the sanctums Candidate — Omega. sanctorum, to be divided into nine sepaMaster-I am Alpha and Omega, the rate apartments, or arches, the ninth to beginning and the end. be under the sanctum sanctoruin, all of The Master then reads verses 12 to 14 which were to be erected or built by of the twenty-second chapter of Revela- themselves, and such companions as the2c tions, as follows: should select, for the special purpose. And behold I come quickly; and my The Ninth Arch was to be the place for reward is with me, to give every man ac- holding their Grand Council, and also a cording as his work shall be. I am Al- deposit for a true copy of all those this gs pha and Omega, the beginning and the which were contained in the saictuln end, the first and the last..Blessed are sanctorum above. There were selected they that do his commandments, that to work inl the other eight arches, twentythey may have a right to the tree of life, three from Gebul, a city in Phelicia, lo ho and Inay enter in at the gates of the city. were stone squarers, who, togethe.r with There is little formality in this degree, Adoniram, were well skilled in the arts and different Lodges or Chapters give it and sciences. particularly sculpture their in different ways. The above is the hours of labor were 1omm nine at night to usual manner of giving it in New York. twelve, when they retired to rest. Buring the erection of this secret vault, a cirl'CIinstasce occurred which characterizes ithis ____ _ _;! ~ L degree. A particular friend of King' Soloinon, whose name was Izabud, discovered that a secret work was going on about the Temple, of which he was not informed by his friend; and he for some tinols grieved in silence: at length he comnunicated his suspicions to King Solomon, OELECT MASTER'S DEGREE. and begged to know how he had forfeited his confidence. The king told him At the building of the Temple, the that his confidence in him remained the Grand Masters entered into a solemn same, and desired him to be contented agreement that they would not confer for the present, for the time would soon the Master's Degree until the Temple arrive when a door would be left opesn should be completed, and then only on for his reception, (meanling when the such as should have rendered themselves Temple should be finished and he ceworthy, by their kiill, their virtue and ceived the Master's degree.) This for so their inflexible fidel'_t;, to the craft. Their time satisfied him, but one evening, hayagreement was such, tne':- all three must ing some particular business with Kiig be present when it should be conferred, Solomon, he went as usual to seek loins lest partiality for a friend might occasion in his most retired room, and finding the t e admission of an unworthy member; door of the secret vault open and nolt toeny also caused their obligation to be guarded as usual, by the Grand Stewardl Eitch, that if either should be taken away Ahishar, he took it for granted that it by death prior to the finishing of the was left open for his reception, agreeably Temple, the Master's degree would of to the king's promise. I-He therefore course be lost. They also possessed a boldly entered, but was soon accosted firm belief, that if the children of Israel by Adoniram, the captain of the guards, continued not in the belief of the Supreme who sternly challenged him, and took him Judge, to obey his commands, their ene- into custody. mies would be let loose against them, With this historical explanation, the their city and Temple would be sacked, conferring of this degree will be under -li destroyed, and themselves' carried I tood as described in the following pages

Page  83 SELECT 3MASTER'S DEGREE: THE OrENING. 83 the Council are seated as in the en- ple,where Solomon deposited his choicest graving, which represents the interior ar- treasures. The first, or presiding officer, rangement of a Lodge or Chapter in this represents King Solomon, and is styled degree, with the Ark curtained round in Thrice Illustrious Grand MIaster. He.'I the centre. The place of meeting is sup- dressed in purple robes, a golden posed to be a secret vault under the Tem- on his head, a sceptre in his hand, anu B Altar Treasuser Secretary. ra Steward

Page  84 84 R5ICHiARDSON S MONITOR OF FrEIE-MASONRY. gold trimmed collar on his neck, to which Grand Master-Such being the hour, it is suspended a gold trowel. is my pleasure that a Council of Select The second officer sits on his right, Masters be now opened for the dispatch with the same dress and decorations. HIe of business. Companion Conductor, you relresents Hiram, King of Tyre, and is will order the companions to their sevestyled Deputy Illustrious Grand Master. ral stations, and after the regular alarm The third officer is seated on the left of shall be given, let them proceed in their the first. He is dressed in yellow robes, labors, according to the directions they tlimmed with blue; a collar on his neck, have received. and a gold hammer in his hand. I-e re- Conductor-Companions, it is our I! presents Hiram Abiff, and is called Plin- lustrious Grand Master's orders that a cipal Conductor of the work. Council of Select Masters be now opened Before each of the three first officers for the dispatch of business; and after is a triangular table, upon each angle of the regular alarm of the mysterious rumwhich is a burning taper; and in the ber nine is given, each will resume his centre, a triangular plate of gold. A veil labor. or curtain separates them from the rest Grand Master knocks eight quick and of the officers and companions, as is re- one slow, and all the officers imitate himn presented in the engraving. in their turn, according to rank. The next three officers in rank, are Then all the companions knock eight seated in other parts of the hall, so as to quick and one slow, with their hands. form a triangle, viz.: Grand Master-Attend to giving the The Secretary, who is the fourth offi- signs, companions. cer, in the south. All the companions rise on their feet, The fifth, Treasurer, in the north. and give the signs from Entered ApprenThe sixth is seated in the west, with a tice to Royal Mlaster, as before described. drawn sword, representing Adouniram, the The signs of a Select Master are then Grand Steward. He acts as Tyler, an-l given as follows: The first is similar to is to guard the inside of the door. the sign of distress of a Master Al ason. The officers being seated, the veil is The fists are both clenched, in allusion to drawn aside, making the room one apart- one of the penalties of the obligation, mernt, with the Ark (veiled) in the centre. which is to have both hands chopped off GrandMaster-Companions, I am about to the stumps. to open a Council of Select Masters. If there are any present not of this degree, they will please to retire. 1 After waiting to ascertain if all pres-. ent are Select Masters, he addresses the Deputy Grand Master on his right: Grand Master-Worthy Companion of Tyre, shall we resume our labors, and complete the secret work which has been so happily begun? Deputy-Thrice Illustrious, it is my most ardent wish to see it completed, and the sacred treasure therein safely deposited; that I may return to my own country with the satisfaction of having faithfully discharged my duty to the craft. Grand Master to Conductor, on his left -Companion Conductor, are our numbers complete? - Conductor —Thrice Illustrious, I findd. Second Sign. the number of three times nine. First Sign,r Due guard. Second Sign. Grand Master-You will see that the The second sign is made by crossil g secret vault is made secure. the hands and arms, as in the engraving; Conductor goes out, returns, and says- with a quick motion draw the hands edgeThrice Illustrious, all is in security. wise across the body downwards, as Grand Master to Deputy-What is it though you were in the act of quartering o'clock? the body, and let them drop by your sides. Deputy-Nine at night, Thrice Illustri- This is in imitation of a part of the penous, when all prying eyes are closed in alty of this degree, which is to have the sleep, and Atillness pervades all nature. body quartered.

Page  85 SELECT MASTMt'S DEGREE: THE IxITATION. The'third sign is, Grand Master-I declare this Colmcil given by placing the A: t of Select Masters opened in due and at} lhands over each eye,,I cient form; the companions will govern as in the engraving, - [ themselves accordingly. He then gives and with a quick mo- a heavy rap with his gavel, and his right tion, throw the arms and left hand companions do the same,,dwnvwards at an an- and each resumes his seat. gc of forty-five de- I In an initiation in this degree, the can. rees, as though you didate is conducted to an antechamber; sr,'as tearing the eye- and is told to remain there until he sees Lulls from the sockets, - \ the door open, when he must walk into and dashing them on - the Council. the ground, then drop [ The Tyler (or Grand Steward) takes the arms by the sides. his post on the inside of the door to guard This is also a part of the same, and after walking ba'ck and the penalty.- I. - - forth, sits down by the door, and feigns The fourth sign alludes to that part of himself sleeping. [This is a very difficult the penalty of being thrown among the part to act: the loudestsnorers are always rubbish of the Temple. It is made by selected.] The door is now thrown open, placin.s the left hand upon the upper part and the candidate (who represents Iza. bud) enters. / Captain of Guards-Who comes there? - Candidate-A zealous brother, who wishes to partake of your labors. Captain-Give me the word, sign, and -F't I:a3 QJtoken of your entrance. d-.. Candidate-I have none. Captain-An intruder I an intruder! Companions all exclaim-Put him to death instantly I Grand Master-What is the cause of this confusion? Captain of Guards-An intruder has invaded our secret vault. k' Grand Master-Put him to death immediately. Captain of the Guards seizes candidate Ad by the collar, and placing the point of his of the forehead, the palm downwards, sword at his breast, looks him in the face, and cover it with the right, the body and then drops the point of it. erect, heels together, step olf with the Captain to Grand Master-Thrice I1right foot, and plant it about eighteen in- lustrious, consider for a moment on whom inches in front with a stamp, at the same you are about to inflict this awful pentime dart the hands forward. alty. This is your particular friend The most popular signs Izabud. of this decree among Ma Grand Master-Bind him fast, then, sons are made in this man-/.' —~ and see that he is forthcoming when call. ner: Place the palm of the (7; ed- for. Your life shall answer for his the right hand upon the escape. heart, and pronounce the Captain of the Guards binds candidate -word SECRESY, and imme- and takes him out of the room. e ately raise the left hand, The three presiding officers leave their i:d place the palm over seats, and are supposed to go to the Ninth 1.e mouth, the first finger Arch. against the upper lip, the Grand Master to his Deputy-W-orthy ethers a little off from it, Companion, I do not see how we can pre the thumb against the side vent this sacrifice. of the nose, and speak the Deputy-It is impossible, Thrice Illus. wvord SILENCE; raise the trious. Only three can be employed in right hand from the breast' each arch-twenty-seven in all. None and place it over the eyes, x can pass beyond, and none can enter unand p'onounce, SILENCF less they know our secret, and thus for. and DARKNESS. / felt their lives.

Page  86 $6 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Grand Master-It is, then, out of my Captain of the Guards conducts canpower to pardon my friend. didate to the altar, and makes him kneel, Conductor-Itis truly out of yournpow- when the Grand Mlaster directs him to er, Thrice Illustrious. take the oath, which he does as follows: The Grand Master and his aids now re- I, John Smith, in the presence of the turn to their seats. Grand Architect of the Universe, and beGrand Master to Captain of Guards- fore this illustrious assembly, dedicated Bring in your prisoner. to the most puissant, most terrible, mo:i Candidate is brought forward. merciful Creator, do solemnly sweal; Grand Master to candidate-Alas, my that I will never discover the signs, to. unfortunate friend Izabud, your disobe- kens, and words belonging to a Select dience and curiosity have forfeited your AMaster, nor to any one living, the secret life. I have consulted with my colleagues, of this royal vault, neither by speaking. and find them inflexible. My obligation, writing, engraving, carving, or painting; also, is of such a nature, that I have not or by any dumb sign, or motion, in any the power to pardon you. unlawful way, whereby the least hint Candidate-Thrice Illustrious, I pray might be taken, that in this place existed you to remember how great and sincere a secret work, or that any secrets are demy attachment has ever been to your posited here. sacred person, to your services and se- I furthermore swear that I never will crets. Of late, finding a private work penetrate into the secrets of the ninth going on, with which I was not made ac- arch, unless legally authorized by our quainted, I feared I had lost all the con- Thrice Illustrious Grand MIasters. All fidence of my sovereign, and grieved in this 1 swear, with a firm and steady reso, silence. At length I took the liberty of lution, without ally mental reservation mentioning the matter to your majesty, or self-evasion of mind ill me whatever; and you directed me to rest contented; binding myself under no less penalty, be, for the time would soon arrive when a sides all my former penalties, to have lry door would be left open for my reception. hands chopped off to the stumps, my This assurance satisfied me; and this eyes plucked out from the sockets, nmy evening, having some particular business body quartered, and then thrown among with your majesty, I sought you in the the rubbish of the Temple; that there retired room; and finding the door open may remain no more remembrance of and unguarded, I took it for granted it such a vile wretch, if ever I should wil. was for my reception, and entered ac- fully violate this my obligation. So help cordingly. But I beg your majesty. to me God, and keep me steadfast in the believe that it was not a spirit of disobe- same. Amen. dience or curiosity which prompted me Grand Master to candidate-Kiss the to do it. book nine times. Deputy to Grand Master-Thrice Illus- Candidate obeys. trious, I find your friend is not guilty of ~- Grand Master (takingi the charge alleged against him. His of-. id' him by the hand and rats. fence is rather owing to some imprudent ing him up)-I now greet observation of your own; he must there- 4 \~... you a Companion Select; fore be pardoned, and admitted. 1'- therefore, in future, be cvGrand Master-Worthy Companion of er blind and dumb to eveTyre, how can that be done? is not our rything you have seen or nutihbor already full?'. heard in this Council, ard Conductor-Thrice Illustrious, it is true x keep in mind the words our numbers are full; but Ahishar, the SECRESY and SILENCE, as Guard, is no longer worthy of our confi-, they will now be given to deence. He was found sleeping at his you, [placing his hands is. post, and he alone is guilty. Let him in the engraving.] be discharged and immediately executed; Candidate is instructed and let Izabud be placed in his stead. in the signs, &c., as given Grand Blaster-I thank you, my wor- /on pages 84-85. thy comrpaniosn, for your advice: it shall The Grand Master then be done. Izabud, are you willing to take reads to him the following a solemn obligation to keep inviolable -- history: the secrets of our Order? After the Ninth Arch was completed, Candidate-I am willing. the three Grand Mlasters deposited thereGrand Master-Free him of his shac- in a true copy of those things which were kles, and eonduct hita to the altar. of importance to thie Craft, and to the

Page  87 SELECT MASTERIS DEGREE: THS INITIATION. 87 Jewish nation-such as the Ark of the When the reading is finished, four comCovenant, the Pot of Mlanna, the Mod of panions bearing the Ark advance to the Aaron, the Book of the Law, &c.; and centre of the Council, and place it upon that they might be known aind duly ap- the altar, open it, and put the Book of the preciated, if ever found, by future gen- Law into it, and return to their seats. erations, they agreed to place their names The Grand Mlaster reads verses 33 and on three of the sides of the Ark, and on 34 of xvi. Exodus: the fourth side they placed the date of, And MIoses said unto Aaron, Take a by whom, alld for what purpose they pot, and put an omer full of manna thereTiere thus deposited; which was for the in, and lay it up before the Lord, to keep g'ood of the craft in general, and the Jew- for your generations. As the Lord comnish nation in particular; and that, should manded lMoses, so Aaron laid it up be-. the Temple be destroyed, and the people fore the testimony to be kept. carried away into captivity, yet on their A companion brings the Pot of Manna release, and rebuilding the house of their and puts it into the Ark. God, they might possibly discover these The Grand Master reads verie 10 of valuable treasures. xvii. chapter of Numbers: After this deposit was made, and prior - And threLord said unto Moses, Bring to the completion of the Temple, our Aaron's Iod again before the testimony, Grand Master Hiram Abiff was assassin- to be kept for a token. ated, in a manner related in a preceding In like manner Aaron's Rod is ded2gree; and by his death, the Master's posited. word was lost. The two kings were wil- The Grand Master reads 89th verse of ling to do all in their power to preserve vii. chapter of Numbers: the sacred wor.d, and as they could not And when Mhoses was gone into the communicat.o it to any, by reason of the tabernacle of the congregation to speak death of their friend Hiram Abinf, they with him, then he heard the voice of one agreed to place it in the secret vault, that speaking unto him from oft the mercy if the other treasures were ever brought seat, that was upon the ark of the testito light, tthe word might be found also; mony, flrom between the two cherubims they t1lerciore placed it on the top of the and lie spake unto im. Ark of the Covenant, in the lIHebrew, The Thrice Illustrious Grand Master, Syriac, and Chlaldaic languages; anld Deputy Grand ~Master and Grmnd Coeathat it might be known as the true word, ductor, (personating Solomon, HIirani, when discovered, they placed the three King of Tyre, and Iliram Abiff,) now Grand lIaster's jewels, one on each las- approach the altar, and place the name gua;,e, well knowing that a description of God upon three sides of the Ark in of those jewsels would be handed down three languages, viz., Iebrew, Chaldaic to the latest posterity; and by these means and Syriac. They also place upon it the the Rloyal Arch, or rather the ancient date it was deposited, who by, and for Ma-ster's word, was finally discovered; what purpose, &c., written in the ineffabeing the same which was communicated ble characters before described, upon its bsy God himself to Enoch, and in use sides and top. They put into the Ark a'airee thousand years, when it was lost key to the ineffable characters, (as on by the death of Hiram Abiff, and after- page 79).) They then place their three s-vards brought to light at rebuilding the jewels (or squares) in a triangular form vncond Temple, and has been in use ever upon it. The Ark is then put through a SinC c, and will continue to be the same trap in the floor and placed in the posit1il time shall be no more. tion described as having been found, in Tile ceremony of receiving the candi- the Royal Arch Degree. date being through, the officers and com- This finishes the business, and the companions all resume their seats, as before panions take their proper stations, when d.isclibed, and the Grand Master reads the charge is, read to the candidate, go 21thl to 20th verses xxxi. Deuteronomy: follows: And it canme to pass, whl.en Moses had Grand Master —Companion, having atmade an end of writing the words of this tained to this degree, you have passed the lawv ii a book, until they were finishied, circle of perfection in ancient Mlasonry. tlat lioses cormmnanded the Levites which In the capacity of Select Miaster, you bore the Ark of thes Covenn, t of the Lord must be sesnsible that your obligations saying, Take this Boolk of the Law, and are increased in proportion to your priviput it in the side of the Ark' of thle Cove- legses. Let it be your constaent care to ialt of tile Lord your God, that it may prove yourself worthy of the confidence be there for a witness against thee. reposed in you, and the high honor con

Page  88 88 XIOHARDISON S MONITOR OF rFEX-MASONRg. ferred on you, in admitting you to this gether with Ahishar, Adoniram, and our select degree. Let uprightness and in- three Grand Masters; making in all, tegrity attend your steps; let justice and twenty-seven, and no more. mercy mark your conduct. Let fervency Grand Master-Why but twenty-seven? and zeal stimulate you in the discharge Captain-Because there were but nine of the various duties incumbent on you: arches, and three only could be employed but suffer not an idle, or impertinent cu- in each. t osity to lead you astray, or betray you Grand Master-Where did this royal J to danger. Be deaf to every insinua- vault begin? I in which would have a tendency to Captain-At King Solomon's most ret-,lken your resolution, or tempt you to tired room. tas act of disobedience. Be voluntarily Grand Master-Where did it end? dinmb and blind, when the exercise of Captain-Under the sanctum sanctor those faculties would endanger the peace rum, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's of your mind, or the probity of your con- Temple. duct; and let silence and secresy, those Grand Master-When were you to be cardinal virtues of a Select Master, on admitted into the Ninth Arch? all necessary occasions, be scrupulously Captain-When the Temple should be observed. By a steady adherence to the completed; but owing to the death of important instructions contained in this Hiram Abiff, it was then closed from our degree, you will merit the approbation of eyes. the select number with whom you are as- Grand Master-What countryman are so,ciated, and will enjoy the high satisfac- you? tion of having acted well your part in Captain-A Phoenician. the important enterprise in which you Grand Master-In what city was you are engaged; and after having wroukht born? your regular hours, you may be admitted Captain-In Gebal. to participate in all the privileges of a Grand Master-What is your name 2 Select Master. Captain-Giblem, or stone squarer. The Grand Master then proceeds to Grand Master-What is it o'clock? close the Council, as follows: Captain-Low twelve; the usual time Grand Mlaster to Captain of Guards- to call from labor to refreshment. Companion Captain, are you a Select Grand Master-What remains now to Master? be done? Captain-I am acknowledged as such, Captain-To retire in peace, practice and have wrought my regular hours in virtue, and meditate in silence. the secret vault. Grand Master —Companion Captain of Grand Master-What are the regular the Guards, you will give notice to the hours? companions by the mysterious Number Captain-From nine at night until mid- Nine that this Council is now about to be night. closed. Grand Master-How gained you ad- Captain of the Guards knocks eight mission there? quick and one slow, which is repeated by Captain-Through fervency and zeal, the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand which was mistaken for curiosity and Conductor. disobedience, and had well nigh cost me Grand Master knocks one, and calls to my life; but justice and mercy prevailed, order, and gives the sign of Silence, with and I was admitted. his left hand on his mouth, and his right Grand Master-How was that? hand on his breast, which is repeated by Captain —iy fervency and zeal led me all the companions, and Ish Soudy is reinto a place, through a misconstruction peated by all. of I(ing Solomon's promise; by which I Grand Master-Companions, this Come.:J)rfeited my life; but mercy triumphed cil is closed. ever justice, and I was admitted a member among them. In some Lodges this degree is made Granid Master-What is meant by a more of than here described; for instead Select Master? of disposing of the unfaithful Guard, Captain-Those who are selected to Ahishar, so summarily, he is brought forbuild the royal vault. Men whose skill, ward and has his trial and sentence beintegrity and secresy were well known fore the Grand Malster. Other incidents, to our Grand M[aster. too, are more fully illustrated. But vwe Grand Mlaster-How many were there? have made our description from the conCaptain-Twenty-two, from Gebal, to- densed mode now practiced.

Page  89 SUPER-tEXCELLENT MASTER'S DEIGREEI: TIE OPENTING. Ss SUPER-EXCELLENT MASTER. Third Keeper of the Temple is seated A Lodge of *Super-Excellent 1Masters at the door inside the hall, to guard it. consists of the following officers, viz.: Three Helalds, stationed outside the Most Excellent King (representing Ze- door, with bugles in their hands. dekiah, the last King of Israel) presides hree Poyal Guards, (including Capand sits in the east. tai,) stationed near the King. Companion Gedaliah (so called) is the A Recorder, or Secretary, sitting at the g cond officer, and is seated in the west. right in front of the King. First Keeper of the Temple is seated on The Altar is placed in the centre of thle t:l., right of Gedaliah. hall, and the general business is conduct Second Keeper of the Temple takes his ed similar to that in other degrees. The seat on the left of Gedaliallh. Council is opened as follows: Captain. ~~~..Royal Gu. rds. AA Kiing. Recorder.. -. Altar. a:I Keeper. 2d Keeper. Gedadiah. 1st Keeper.

Page  90 90 RICHARDSON;M MONITOR OF FREE]-VMASONRY. The King does not take his seat at first, First Keeper of the Temple-The King anmd the business of opening devolves on approaches. Gedaliah, who calls the Council to order Gedaliah gives three raps, when all the Withl one rap of the:avel. companions rise and face the Kinig, who Gcdalialh to First Keeper of the Tem- then takes his seat in the east. pI; —Clorpanion First Keeper, are all Gedaliah (adclressing the King,)-M-ost present`:;uper-Excellent Masters? Excellent, the Council is asselmbled, the First Kceper-They are. officers stationed, and we all await your G daliah —As a Super-Excellent Mas- orders. ter, Keeper of the'emple, let it be your King (rising)-I proclaim this Coune:l first dily and last care, to see the Sane- of Super-Excellent 3Isters d'ity organss t uary duly guardled. ized. [Pauses, and then sny-:] —Compan, First to Third Keeper of the Temple — ion Recorder, is there any business be, Cornpanion, are we duly guarded? fore the Council? Thi rd Keeper —We are: the Sanctuary Recorderl-Ieost Excellent. a worthy is secure. companion of the Royal Arch is desirous First Keeper-Companion Gedaliah, of being advanced to the degree of Suthe Ssanctuary is duly guarded. per-Excellent 1,laster. Ge daliah-SV here is the King?'King-Let him come forward. First Keeper-In one of the apartments The candidate (hoodwinked) is brought of the TemrJle. in, when just as he gets in front of the Gcdaliah-What is the hour? KIing, the First Herald sounds. First Keeper-It is the time of the se- Third Keeper of'Temple-A Herald I coend Nwatch. First KeeperlA IHerald? Gedalia!h gives three raps with the ga- Third Keeper-A Herald approaches. vel, when the compalions all rise. First Herald (comning in' and advancing Gedaliah — Companiois, since it is the towards the KIng) - Nebuchadnezzar, time of the secondl wtch, I t us repair to King of Babylon, with battering ralls tile holytaes altal, ad there otf'(r up our for- assaults the'emple, and the Courts are vent aspirations to D ity, that he woulid flld with carriage. be ple ase-d to vouchsale to us, as hereto- King —Companion Gedaliah, is there fore, his lprcteo tir g care rnd favo. no wc y of cscape? T -lre colnpa-io' s asserible round the Gedaliah-There is none, /MIost Excelaltrr, k1n1eel ol tihe left klice, tle riclrt lent, excipt by way cf tle King's gr., cibow r'stirl g o! the iig-ht knee, and the deln, by the pr-ivate entrance betwecen the foi-hread 1( on the right hand, in walls, le-a(di-g out to the pllains of Jericho. imitationl of silent devotion. They re- Kiing-Let us make our escape. rfil a short time in this position. T-e companlions now make a great Gelaliall (risi-g)-Let us arise and at- noise by stamping, throwing over bench, tend to giving the signs. es, and running about; the King goes''he coipanions give all-tile signs from out, and then the ncise ceases. an E:teredApp rcntice nptoand includirg First Ilcrald sounds. thosr o(f this degree, hereafter described. Third Keeper of Teniple-A Herald I G-cdaliah —Let each take his station. First Keeper-A IHerald c'irst Ileraldl sounds. Third Keeper-A HIerald approaches. Third Keeper of Temple-A I-erald! Icerald enters and comes forward. First KeeperA H-Irald approaches. Gedaliah- That tidings -fronm the King? Ierald (coming in at the dloor and ad- I-Ierald-The King, and all the men cf vanLci-g towarcds Gedaliah)-)Nebuchad- war fled by night, by the way of tlhe gate nczzar, King of Babylon, approaches betwveen tvo walls, whichis bythe'$ wvith imnurncrable forces, and fills the garden, and the King went the way tocity: they are formicnable and victorious, wards the plain, anld the army of the Chalappirochingrg the king's palace, and within dees pursued after tire Kiing and overtock a f.-w furlorlgs of the Teminle; and every- him on the plains of Jericho, and all hi-'lhe reie may be seen unhallowcced ravage army was scattered froes him; so they.rd dev - at ation. took the Kin-g, and brought lim up to the rl'ie S.;eoodr I Ierald sounds, and comes i -ng of Babylon, to tliblahi, ard they in -ndl -ivces tho.saime inteliigencec. ave judriment. iu on him, a:d tiL y shle w Tlhlr5d Ielra-i sounds. his sons before lis cyes, and they put out T-!'ir, l Ke-eper of Temle —A Iteraid! thle eyes of our tiost Excellent K-ing,'Tl'e Kl LO no-w enters, protectcd by liis and bound hi- i-n fetters of brass, and Geuards, teo Cantaeil.of tole Guards in carried h'm to 13abylun. fro t of him, and one Guard on each side. Gedaiiah-Companie.ns, the se' ocv. of

Page  91 SUPER-EXCELLENT MASTERlS DEGREE: TlME INITIATIO. 9D1 the enemy prevails; our young men are panions, who had assembled for thE. purcaptives, and our old men slaves. In this pose outside, such as huzzaing, shosidng extremity what remains to be done?- and stamping. They rush in, led by the Let us repair to the holy altar, and there Captain of the Guards, seize the candidate pledge our faith and renew our vows. with violence, and carry him out of the The companions now form a circle hall into the preparation room. around the altar; the candidate is caused First Keeper of the Temple (tal.irg to kneel at the altar within the circle- bandage from candidate's eyes, and lea'dboth hands on the Holy Bible, square and ilug him into the hall)-I wsill now introcoumpasses-and take the following obli- duce you to our Colnpanion Gedali:ih, gation: who wvill instruct you in your duties. I, John Smith, of mly own free will and Gedaliah cornes forward, takes the canaccord, in the presence of the most puis- didate by the hand, and explains to him alnt, most holy, and most merciful Crea- the signs, pass word and grand word of tor, and this Council of Super-Excellent this degree. Masters, dedicated to him, do hereby and The pass-word is SAUL, THE FIRST hereon, most solemnly and sincerely pro- IKING OF ISRA:Ir,. mrise and swear, that I will not bow down First sign-Cross the arms at right to other gods, nor pay religious adoration angles in front, on your body, the right to idols. And I promise and swear, that one uppermost, the fingers clenched, and v will not worship the sun, moon, or stars the thumnbs pointing upward. It alludes of heaven; but in good faith and con- to the penalty of the obligation. sc:ence, to the best of my abilities, will serve and worship the only true and living, God: And I promise and swear, that I xvill always hail and conceal the secrets or this degree, and never reveal them ex- \ / c pt it b2 to a true and lawvful companion', olu:r-Excellent Master, or in a legally c: )stituted Council of such; and neither un.ito him nor them till first by strict trial / and due examinination or lawful informiation I shall have found him, or them, as' law-fully entitled to the same as I am, or shall be myself: And I promise and r-vcar, that I will give meat, drink, asnd lodg:lg to a poor but worthy brother in necessity; will defend him in danger, and vindlicate his character, so far as honor, justice and good faith may war- - cm rant. And I promise and swear, that I wvill not derogate from the character of a Second sign-lRaise the right hand and Suaper-Excellent Master, now about to elbow as high as the eyes, extending the be conferred on me. To all this I do two first fingers like a fork, the thnumb most solemnly promise anld swear, withl and other fingers being clenche(d —then iixed and steadfast resolution to keep draw it back over tile right shoulder, anld ai:d perform the same, without any hesi- with a quick motion dart the extended atiion, equivocation, or seif-evasion of fingers forward in a horizontal direction. mind in me whatever; binding myself It alludes to tlhe penalty of gouging out under no less penalty than to have my the eyes of a traitor. tIliumbs cut off, my eyes put out. my body Grand Word is NIAHOD ZABOI) BONE. bound in fetters of brass, and conveyed This finish-is the initiationi. The Coun captive to a strange land. So help hie cil is theln closed, as follows: God, and keep me steadfast in this my Gedaliah to First Keeper of the Tern s)iemn oath and obligation of a Super- plie-Comnpaiio n Keeper, where do Su Excellent IMaster. er. xcellecellentMasterl convence in counlcit As soon as the obligation is pronounced, First Keeper —In a place representing the First Herald sounds. the Sanctuary. Thild Keeper of the Temple-A I-Ier- Gedaliah —' heir first and last care? ald approacices! First Keeper-To see the Sanctuary Herald (coming forward)-The enemy duly guarded. Is upon us! Gedaliah —Please to attend to that part A great noise is now made by the coin- of your duty.

Page  92 92 IRCHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FRnEE-MASONRY. First to Third Keeper-Companion I furthermore promise and swear, that Third Keeper, are we duly guarded? when I am so cautioned myself by a bro. Third Keeper-We are duly guarded, ther Secret Monitor, I will pause anld reand the Sanctuary is secure. flect on the course I am pursuing. Gedaliah —Companion First Keeper, I furthermore promise and swear, thai where is the King? I will assist a brother Secret Monitor, in First Keeper-In the prison of Baby- preference to any other person, by intro],n: his thumbs have been cut off, his ducing him to business, by sending him t -es put out, and his body bound in fet- custom, or in any other manner in whiche.1rs of brass. He has been conveyed I can throw a penny in his way. C:aptive to a strange land as the penalty I furthermore promise and. swear, that of perjury. I will immediately commit this obligation Gedaliah —What is the hour? to memory. First Keeper-It is the third watch. To all of which I do most solemnly Gedaliahb-Companions, since it is the and sincerely promise and swear, without time of the third watch, let us repair to any mental reservation or self-evasion of the holy altar, and offer our fervent as- mind in me whatever; binding niy elf pirations to Deity, for his protecting care under no less penalty than that of having and favor. my heart thrust through with the arrow The companions assemble round the of an enemy, and to be without frienDss in altar as at the opening; each kneels on the hour of trouble. So help me Godl, his left knee, places his elbow on his and keep me steadfast in this my solemn right knee, and bows his head on the oath and obligation of a Secret Monitor. right hand in imitation of secret prayer. [Kisses the book.] They remain in this position a momecnt. The history of this degree is then usuGedaliah (rising)-Let us arise. ally given to the new member by reading They all rise and give the signs, begin- to him the following passages from thie nilg with that of this degree, and going text-book, taken from the twentieth back in detail to the sign of Entered Ap- chapter of 1st Samuel: prentice. So Jonathan made a covenant with the Gedaliah resumes his seat and gives house of David, saying, Let the Lord ten raps with the gavel. even require it at the hands of David's First Keeper of the Temple raps ten. enemies. And Jonathan cansed David Second Keeper gives ten raps. to swear again, because he loved him: Gedaliah-I declare this Council closed. for he loved him as he loved his own soul. Then Jonathan said to David, To-morSECIRET MONITORI, row is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty. And when thou hast stayed thl ee days, This is a side degree that may be con- then thou shalt go down quickly, andl ferred by a single brother upon any wor- come to the place where thou didst hidle thy brother Master Mason. There is no thyself when the business was in hauld, form of initiation, the candidate merely and shalt remain bythe stone Ezcl. And taking an oath on the Bible, or on the Iwill shoot three arrows on the side thlreBible, square and compasses on the altar. of, as though I shot at a mark. And beThe following is the obligation: hold, I will send a lad, saying, Go, findd I, John Smith, in presence of Almighty out the Arrows. If I expressly say unto God and this witness, do hereby and here- the lad, Behold, the arrows on this side on, solemnly and sincerely swear, in ad- of thee, take them; then come thou: for dition to my former obligations, that I there is peace to thee, and no hurt; as will not confer this degree of Secret Mion- the Lord liveth. But if I say thus unto i xr on any person in the known world, the young man, Behold, the arrows aro: cept it be a worthy Master Mason. beyond thee; go thy way, for the Lord I furthermore promise and swear, that bath sent thee away. And as touching: cvill caution a brother Secret Monitor, the matter which thou and I have spoken by sign, word, or token, wherever I see of, behold, the Lord be between thee and bhin doing, or about to do, anything con- me for ever. * *' * * * trary to the true principles of Masonry. And it came to pass in the morning, that I furthermore promise and swear, that Jonathan went out into the field at the I will caution a brother Secret Moonitor time appointed with David, and a little by sign, word, or token, wherever I see lad with him. And he said unto the lad, hinm doing, or about to do, anything con- Run, find out now the arrows which I trary to bis interest in buying or selling. shoot. And as the lad ran, he shot an

Page  93 StCBET MONITOR: TIt IN'ITIATION. 93 arrow beyond him. And when the lad ceives the sign, is bound by his oath to was come to the place of the arrow which pause and reflect. Jonathan had shot, Jonathan cried after The sign of approbation is given by the lad, and said, Is not the arrow be- holding up one finger in same manner. yond thee? And Jonathan cried after It is given whenever you wish secretly the lad, Make speed, haste, stay not. And to advise a brother in any traffic or dealJonathan's lad gathered up the arrows, ing to his profit or interest. It means and came to his master. But the lad proceed. knew not any thing: only Jonathan and Grips are given and received in the David knew the matter. And Jonathan same admonishing way. When you take gave his artillery unto his lad, and said the hand of a brother, if you grip him ia nato him, Go, carry them to the city. the centre of the hand, with two fingers, And as soon as the lad was gone, David it means desist; if you grip with one fin. arose out of a place toward the south, ger, it means proceed. and fell on his face to the ground, and To caution a brother by word. If you bvwed himself three times: and they see a brother doing anything contrary to Jkicsed one another, and wept one with his interest, in buying or selling, say to another, until David exceeded. And him, You had better buy two; two is betJonathan said to David, Go in peace, ter than one. It means desist. If you forasmuch as we have sworn both of us say to him, One is as good as two, it in the name of the Lord, saying, The means proceed, and he will directly unLord be between me and thee, and be- deistand you, and act accordingly. tween my seed and thy seed for ever. Thus you can caution a brother, by And he arose and departed; and Jona- sign, token, or word, whenever you see than went into the city. him doing anything contrary to the prinBrother to candidate-I am David. ciples of 5Masonry, or his interest; and Candidate-I am Jonathan. he, so cautioned, is bound to pause and Brother-David and Jonathan knew reflect, before he further goes, under the the matter. penalties of having the arrow of an enCandidate- The lad knew nothing. emy thrust through his heart, &c. There The signs, words and tokens are now is also another way to caution a brother. explained to the candidate. They are If you say to him, The arrows are benegatives and affirmatives, as follows: yond thee, it means desist. If you say to him, The arrows are this side of thee, it A".,, means proceed. - f i. f i -4 The due-guard of this degree is given by placing yourself in the attitude of springing a bow. It is in imitation of Jonathan shooting his arrows, and al4.. I \ Boludes to the penalty of the obligation. The negative sign is made by extendThe negative sign is made by extending the right arm, forming a square at the elbow, holding the hand pointing upwards, the two first fingers extended, and the other fingers and thumb clenched. It is given whenever you see a brother doing, or about to do, anything contrary to his interest in buying or selling, &c. It means desist; and the brother who re

Page  94 94 RICHARDSON~S MONITOR' OF FiREE-M-ASONRY. I will keep the secrets of a brother oi,5->' sister Heroine of Jericho, when they are communicated to mne as such, or when. ever their interest or safety shall re' quire it. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will answer and obey all due signs and summonses, handed, sent, or thrown to me from a brother or sister Hleroine of Jericho. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will not give the hailing sign of distress of a IIeroine of Jericho, unless I am in real distress; and should I s e this sign given, I will fly to the relief of the person 3w Mfll ~\ \ giving it, and extricate them from difii-'I j<. culty, if in my power. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will not speak the word of I-eroine of'hI-EROINE OF' JERICHIO. Jericho, which I shall hereafter receive This is a side degree, which may be in any manner, except in that in whicA given to Royal Arch Masons, their wives, I shall receive it. or their widows; and it can only be ad- I furthermore promise and swear, that ministered by a Royal Arch Mason. It 1 will not speak evil of a brother or sisis seldom conferred in a Lodge, but usu- ter HIeroine behind their backs, or before ally at the residence of some Royal Arch their faces; but will give them due aid IMason. It cannot be given by any:-a- timely notice of all approaching danger. son to his own wife. The parties as- To all of which do I solemnlv and sin, semble in different rooms-the Heroines cercly promise and swear, with a firm in one room, and those who have not and steady purpose to keep anid perform taken the degree in another. Only one the same; bindirg myself under no less can receive the degree at the same time. penalty than to have my head sthucl off The candidate (if a- female) is conduct- ard carried to the highest mountain. So ed into the Lodge of Heroines, eind eated help inme God, and keep nme steadfast in in a chair near the cecntre of the room. the due performance of the same. [Kisses A brother of the degree (not her hus- the book.] band) comes forward and addresses her, After the oath is administered, the broextolling the beauties of Masonry, and ther opens the tible at the second chapthen seats him before her, laying a-Bible ter of the book of Joshua, and reads as in his lap. iollows: Brother to candidate-Sister Smith, And Joshua, the son of N>un, sent out You will fined this a beautiful degree, to Shittim two men to spy secretly, saytioough not at all like Masonry in any of ing, Go, viexw the land, even Jericho. its bearings. There is an obligation to And they went, and canie into aharlot's take before you can be made acquainted house, named Rahab, and lodged there. with its mysteries. Are you willing to And it wias told the king of Jericho, saytake it? ing, Behold, there came men in hither Candidate-I am. to-night of the children of Israel, to Brother-Yen will please to repeat search out the country. And the KIIng your nacne, and say after me: of Jericho sent unto Rahab, saying, I, Sarai Simith, of my own free will Bring forth the men that are cocme to and accord, in the presence of Almighty thee, which are entered into thy house: (lail, aid these Heroines of Jericho, do for they be come to search out all tle Xlere by and hereon, solemnly and sin- country. And the woman tools the two crrely promise and swear, that I will not men, and hid them, anid said thus, There coincmunicate the secrets of Heroine of came men unto me, but I wist not whence Jericho to any person in the known thcey were: And it canie to pass about wvorld, except it be to a true and lawful the time of shutting the gate, wheil it brother or sister Heroine of Jericho. was dark, that the men went out; whithI furthermore promise and swear, that er the men -woent, I wot not: ipursue alter I will not confer this degree upon any them qulickly; for ye shall overtake person in the knlown world. them. But she had brought them up to I furthermore promise and swear, that the roof of the house, and hid them with

Page  95 HEROINE OF JERICI-IO. 95 the stalks of flax, which she had laid in escape of the spies. She takes a red order upon the roof. And the men pur- handkerchief, places one corner of it in sued alter them the way to Jordan unto lher moeth, lets it hang down in front, and thie lords: and as soon as they whlich crosses her hands oil her breast over it. pursued after themn were gone out, they Second sign —She takes the haInder. shut the gate. And before they were chief by the corner between her righl laid down, she came up unto them upon thumb and fore finger, and holds it up the roof: And she said unito the nmen, I even with the corner of her right eye., a know that tile Lord hlath given you thle little distance off from the eye, the other lacd. and that your terror i-, fallen upon corner hanging down. us, and that all the inhabita:ts of the land faint because of you. For we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of thle Red Sea for you, when ye came out of Egypt; and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites that were on pthe other side of Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom ye utterly destroyed. And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any- man, because of i you: for the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above and in earth beneath. Now therefore, I pray you swear unto me by the Lord, since I have showed you kindness, that ye will also show kindness unto my father's house, and give me a true token: And that ye shall save alive mny father, and my mother, and my brethren, and my sisters, and all that they / slave, and deliver our lives froml death. The grand hailing sign of distress is And the men answered her, Our life for given by holding your arm olut sidewise yours, if ye utter not this our business. and upward fromn the body at an angle ci And it shall be, when the Lord hath given forty-five degrees, and holding the hanldas the land, that we will deal kindtly and kerchief by a corner between the thumb t.ruly with thee. Then she let them donwn and finger, letting a corner hang dow-n. by a cord through the window: for her'The word is thus given: The inlitiating house was upon the town wall, aend she brother places the inside of his right foot dwelt upon the wall, &c. against the inside of the lady candidate's The initiating brother now rises and foot-toe to heel-then putting Ihis right instructs the candidate in giving the hand on her left shoulder, bends forward signs, and in the Word, as follows: and speaks in her ear, My life I She replies bly putting her right hand on his shoulder, bending forward and saying, For yours. The srother then puts Iis ileft hand onl tile lady's other shouldcer,'c/ U|'!iA t 2 g S/h|2 )i~ and says, If ye utter not. Shle does the samne, and says, This is our busineses. He then wvhispelrs in her ear, fIiAIe, wv-hich ""s~ t!//~~ S1 1l wis the word in this degree.'Brother —t is very dark to-night. that I call n see. IiY ll!\ jl \ Brother-What can you see? /i~ (I It~ I ~~\\'1 Candidate-A scarlet line. Broter-WVhy a scarlet line Candidate —Because it saved my life in the hour of danger. ___ __ 14' This usually closes this degree, when K: "J! -,-~ I. the initiating brother mak(es some re,First sign is in imitation of the scarlet marks alluding to the history of the'Ieline that Rahab let down from the willn- gree, and assures the cancdidate that it ds0t of her father's house to assist in- the was actually founded by Rahab, &6,

Page  96 96 1 rRICHtAiDSON $ MONITORL O(F FInE-MASONRY. KNIGHTS OF THREE KINGS. honest in dealing, that I speak disrespeet. fully of Masonry, &c., &c.J All Master Masons are entitled to this The candidate generally promptly des degree if they are in good standing. It is nies ever making any such statements, usually conferred in a Lodge or Chapter and demands the name of the author. after the other business is finished. The He is told it came from Brother —, initiation is as follows: (naming some Mason who is not present.) A brother, duly qualified, leaves the The candidate says it is an absolute Lodge and goes into the preparation falsehood, circulated to injure him. room. The candidate then kneels at the The objecting brother says lie believes altar, when the following obligation is the candidate has reported the story; it administered to him: is just like him, he is always meddling I, John Smith, of my own free will and with other men's affairs. accord, il the presence of Almighty God, A general war of words now ensues, and these witnesses, do hereby and here- and not unfrequently hard names are onl solemnly and sincerely promise and called-the candidate by this time being swnear, that I wsill not confer the degree nearly worked up into a passion, and the of Knights cf Three KIings upon any per- other brother feigning himself so. son except it be a worthy Mlaster Mason. Some brother now makes a proposition I furthermore promiso and swear, that that all shall leave the room, and leave I will not be offended at any of the cere- them alone to settle their difficulty. monies of this degree. The candidate and his antagonist being I furthermore promise and swear, that left alone, they dispute the matter a little I will not confer this degree, unless by while, when a brother comes in and inthe unanimous consent of all present. quires, Have you agreed? Here an interruption occurs. The offending or objecting brother reBrother (returning from preparation plies-The difficulty is not settled, neither room) —Iosv is this? I have not con- is it likely to be. sented that this degree should be confer- They are again left alone for a short red on Brother Smith to-night. time, when the brother conies a second Brother (who was administering the time and inquires, Have you agreed? oath)-I did not expect that you had any The objecting brother replies, No. objection to the candidate, and therefore I-Ie now cffers to submit their case to a I-commenced givingthe oath. You should third person to decide, and abide his decihave made your objection before you left dion, which being acceded to on the part the room. of the'andidate, the rest of the brethren Objecting Brother (vehemently)-I did return to the hall. make imy objection known before I left A brother inquires-Havo you agreed? the room! 1 stated to you and the rest Objecting brother-We choose Brother of the brethren that there was difficulty - as an umpire to settle our differences. existing of a very serious nature between Brother named as umpire-If you can Brother Smith and myself, and unless he agree in the dark, you can in the light. promptly gave me satisfaction, I should He then takes his seat, and directs the oppose him. candidate to kneel at the altar and reAll the brethren now interpose to set- ceive the remaining part of the obligatie the difficulty. They say they are tion. The candidate kneels again at the very sorry that two brother Masons altar, and repeats as fellows: should quarrel, especially at this time; I furthermore promise and swear, that it is very wrong to carry their prejudices I will not confer this degree upon any into the Lodge. one without the hope of fee or reward. The candidate rises from the altar ap- To all of which 1 do solemnly and sin, parently much surprised, says he was not cerely promise and swear, with a firli aware until the present smoment that and steady resolution to keep andl perBrother - was offended at him; he form the same, binding myself uinder l o wishes lie would tell wlherein he had less penalty than crucifixion, and to die done him any injury, and if it is in his a lingering death upon the cross. So power he will give him satisfaction. help me God and keep me steadfast. The offended brother then very grave- [LKisses the book cnce.] ly relates his aggrievances; he accuses After the candidate has taken the oblithe candidate of slandering him in vari- gatin, the person who was chosen judge ous ways. You have reported, says he, gives his opinion as follows: The candithat I am a common drunkard, [or that'date, and the brother who opposed his' I quarrel with muy wife, that I am dis. taking the degree, shall approach each

Page  97 onRDIE OF THIE RED CROSS: TnE IIISTORY. 97 other upon the five points of fellowship, and give the Master Mason's word, which balances all difficulties. HISTORY OF THIS DEGREE.-Miasonic tradition informs us/ that the circumstances upon which the degree of Three Kings was founded, are briefly these: At the dedication of the Temple, King Solomon invited all the eastern Kings and Princes to attend and assist in the ceremonies. It so happened that two of the kings were at war. Solomon repeatedly attempted to effect a reconciliation between them, but to no purpose; whereupon he wisely determined to effect by force what he could not by argument. IIe therefore invited them into a small KNIGHTS OF THE RED CROSS. apartment in the Temple, locked the door, and left them to meditate in silence, The history of this degree is briefly as telling them that whenever they settled follows: After the death of Cyrus, King their difficulties and agreed to live in of Persia, who had ordered the rebuildpeace, they would be liberated, and un- ing of the Temple at Jerusalem, the enetil that time they would be shut up in to- mies of the Jews found means to pretal darkness, and kept on bread and waa- vent the progress of that glorious underter. The next day King Solomon went taking, and the work upon it ceased. in to see them, and inquired if they had Zerubbabel, a prince of Judah, and a agreed. They informed him they had personal friend of Darius, the new king, not, neither was there a probability they thereupon resolved to make his way would. King Solomon again left them, through the Persian dominions to the and on the next day went in as before, capital, to obtain an interview with Daand received a like answer. On the third rius, and persuade him to direct that the day he went in, when they informed him work on the Temple should be continued they had agreed., to completion. Notwithstanding the danKing Solomon advancing towards them, gers of the journey, he made it successholding in each hand a lighted taper, said filly, obtained the desired ix:terview, and -If you can agree in the dark, you can Darius not only accorded permission to in the light, bowing at the same time. rebuild the city and Temple of Jerusalem, but he restored to the Jews all the holy vessels remaining at Babylon since X,'T 1the destruction of the first Temple. Being desirous also of perpetuating a remembrance of this renewal of his friendship with Zerubbabel, Darius then instituted a new Order called Order of the Knights of the East, the name of which was subsequently altered to Knights of the Red Cross, in Palestine-the banner of the Knights having a red cross conspicuously upon it. The Council chamber of this degree is arranged as follows: The Sovereign Master sits on a throne in the east; and above it is suspended a green banner, with a red cross in tt-3 \ i -— ~ centre, and also a triple triangle; under-. neath are arranged other emblems of the Order. On his right sits the Chancellor, This, then, is the sign in this degree, and the Prelate, and on his left is thle viz.: Holding your arms out straight Master of the Palace. On the right and from your body, with a candle in each left in front of the throne are the Treashand. Alludes to the penalty, crucifixion. urer and Secretary, who in this degree The watch-word, and the word of cau- are called Master of Finances and lMastion is AGPRED. ter of Dis-patches. Past Sovereign Mas-'7.

Page  98 RItIARi'RDSON'S MONITOR OF FRRE-MASONRY. ters who may be present usually sit at The Master of Infantry, accompanied the right of the Prelate. by the Sword Bearer and Warder, gces The Standard Bearer sits in the west, up in front and informs the Sovereign at the end of the room opposite to the Master that the lines are formed, waiting throne. At his right sits the Sword his pleasure. Bearer, and the Warder sits on his left. As'the Sovereign Master rises, the The duties of the several officers are trumpet sounds. He passes doywn befully detailed in opening the Council. tween the two divisions uncovered, inAt the sound of the trumpet the line is structing the first as he goes, and the formed on the left from east to west, with second on his return. tihe Master of Cavalry on the right to- Master of Cavalry-Recover arms; wards the throsie, and Master of Infantry poise arms. on the left. Sovereign Master, with Chancellor and Master of Cavalry to Warder-Sir Prelate on his right, and Master of PalKnight Warder, when a Council of Red ace on his left, form a line across from Cross Knights is about to be opened, the right of the second to the front of the what is the first- duty? first division. Warder-To see that the Sentinels are Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir at their respective posts, and the Council Knights: give your attention to the sevchamber duly guarded. eral signs of Masonry. As I do, so do Master of Cavalry-Attend to that you. part of your duty, and inform the Cap- The signs are now given from Entered tain of the Guards that we are about to Apprentice up to, and including those of open a Council of Red Cross Knights for Sel1ct Master. the dispatch of business. Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir The Warder goes and stations the Knights: handle sword: draw sword: QGuard (Tyler) and returns to his post. Sir Knights, you will attend to giving the Warder to Master of Cavalry-Sir signs of the Red Cross degree. Knight, the Sentinels are at their re- Sovereign Master says to Chancellorspective posts, and the Council chamber Attention, Sir Knight, [Chancellor faces is duly guarded. him and recovers sword:] advance and Master of Cavalry-Are all present communicate the Jewish Pass. This is Knights of the Red Cross? given with three cuts, over an arch of Warder-All present are true Red steel, as follows: Master and Charcellor Cross Knights. bring their swords to a recover, advance Master of Cavalry-Attention, Sir with the right foot, and at the same time Knights; handle sword; draw sword; clash their swords together with scme carry sword. You will count yourselves violence. This is the first cut. They into' first and second divisions, beginning then cut one and four as in infantry exeron the right. cise, holding their swords together at cut The Knights count themselves into four, and then stepping forward with the two divisions, as follows: The first one left foot, each raises his left hand and says First, the second one Second, third seizes the other by the shoulder, their poone First, fourth one Second, fifth one sition being as in the engraving. First, sixth one Second, and so on all through the line. The persons who' counted First, are the first division, and those who counted Second are the second division. Master of Cavalry-Attention, first division; you will form a line three paces i~ front-forward, march. Those of the first division step three tpaces in front of the line. Master of Cavalry-Halt!-to the right about-face. The first division faces the second, and Master of Cavalry takes his station on the right of it. Master of Cavalry to Master of Infantry-Sir Knight, you will inform our Sovereign Master that the lines are formed far inspection and review.

Page  99 ORDER OF THE RED CROSS: THE OPENING. 99 Chancellor says-JUDAH. seiZing each other by the shaulder, as in Sovereign Master-BENJAtMIN. the engraving. Chaincellor-BENJAMIN. Sovereign Master-JUDAH. They then resume their former positions, and the Sovereign Master pauses a L.r:)ment, and then turns to Chancellor. Sovereign Master to Chancellor-The third is right: you will receive it from Sir Knight on your right. Chancellor to Knlight on his right-Attention, Sir Knight, [Knight faces him:] advance and communicate the Jewish Pass. The pass is communicated in the same way as by the Chancellor to the Master, before described. Sir Knight, who has thus communicated the pass, makes the same demand from the Knight on his right, and he from the next, and so on until it reaches the Master of Cavalry on the right of the first division. Meantime the Sovereign Master de-. mands and receives the Jewish pass in the same manner from the Master of the Master of Palace-TETNAI. Palace on his left; the Master of the Sovereign Master-SHETHARBOZNA*. Palace demands and receives it from Sir Master of Palace-SHETHARBOZNAI. Knight at his left, the Knight from his Sovereign Master-TETNAI. neighbor on the left, and so on, until it They then resume their places. reaches the Master of Infantry'at the Sovereign Master to Master of Palace left of the second division. -The word is right: you will receive it Master of Infantry says-Attention, Sir from Sir Knight on your left. Knight Master of Cavalry: advance' and The Master of the Palace demands and communicate the Jewish Pass. receives the pass in the same manner Both Masters advance to the centre of from the Knight on his left, this Knight the. space between the two divisions, from the next one, and so on down to when the Master of Cavalry communi- the Master of Infantry. cates the pass in the same manner as be- Meantime the Sovereign Master refore described, and returns to his post. ceives it from the Chancellor on his Master of Infantry (standing in centre) right, and the Chancellor from the Knight -Sovereign Master, I have the Jewish on. his right, and so it passes down the Pass. division line to the Master of Cavalry. Sovereign Master-Sir Knight, you Master of Cavalry says-Attention, Sir will advance and communicate it. Knight Master of Infantry: advance and Master of Infantry advances towards communicate the Persian Pass. Sovereign Master, and when within three The two step out in the centre of the paces, brings his sword to a recover, and space, as before, when the pass is given, communicates the pass in the manner be- and the Master of Infantry returns to his fore described. post. Sovereign Master-Theword has come Master of Cavalry to Sovereign Mas V p right.. Attention, Sir Knight-to the taer —Most Illustrious, I have the Persian WIght about face-to your post-march I Pass. Master of Infantry goes to-his post on Sovereign Master-Sir Knight, you she left of second'division. will advance and communicate it. Sovereign Master (turning to his left) Mas'ter of Cavalry advances within -Attention, Sir Knight, Master of the three paces of Sovereign Master, and Palace. Advance and communicate the then' gives the Persian Ps as'as described. Persian Pass.. Sovereign Master-The pass is right. Master of Palace and Sovereign Master Attention, Sir Knighit —to the' right about meet with'drawn swords, and cut, as in face —to your post-march I infantry exercise, two, one, four, two, and Master of Cavalry goes to his pest on the word is givcn Under an arch of steel, tih right of the first division.

Page  100 1-00 itICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Sovereign Master-Attention, first di-. hand, and he of the second division provision: you will advande and communi- nounces the word LIBERTAS. The Knight late to the second division the Red Cross of the first division replies, "the word is Word. right" The Knights of the first division ad-ance as directed, and each gives the word to his opposite companion, as follows: Give the cuts one, two and four, as in infantry exercise, and step forward with the left foot, placing it side by side, parallel with the left foot of your companion; at the same time seize each other by the right shoulder, and draw back your sword with a quick, threatening motion, as though you intended to stab your companion to the heart: then he of the first division whispers VERITAS, and he of the second division answers, RIGHT. Sovereign Master-Sir Knights, you will form around the altar for the purpose of opening this Council of Red Cross Knights. The Sovereign Master takes his seat on the throne, with his officers each side, while the Masters of Cavalry and Infantry form their divisions round the altar, facing inward. Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir Knights: to the right about, face-deposit swords. Knights take off their swords. They then step back with the left foot, Sovereign Master-Deposit helmets. and bring up the right. Knights obey. Sovereign Master-Attention, second Sovereign Master-To the right about, division: you will advance and commu- face —to your devotions. nicate to the first division the sign, grip The Knights all kneel round the altar, and word of a Red Cross Knight. each on his left knee: they then cross The Knights all advance towards each their arms and each interlaces his fingers other, as did the Sovereign Master and with his right and left hand companion, Chancellor when giving the Jewish Pass, They then all repeat the Lord's prayer, (page 98,) and meet on the guard, or first after which each Knight whispers the cut, clashing their swords together. Each word VERITAS in the ear of his left hand then raises his left hand, places the thumb companion. and fore finger against his lips, the other Sovereign Master says-Attention, S e fingers spread open towards the left eye Knights; [all the Knights rise upon the4e in a similar position to the hand of a per- feet:] to the right about, face-recovw! son who is giving a'blast with a horn. helmets. Carry off the hand in a horizontal direc- The Knights take their helmets. tion to the left, till it sweeps a semi-cir- Sovereign Master-Recover swords: cle, then drop it by your side: then give [Knights take their swords:] return, three other cuts, viz., one, four, two, as swords: to your posts, march I in infantry exercise, advance, and place Each one now takes his proper place. your left foot by the side of your com- when the Sovereign Master addresses pa'~.on's, interlace the fingers of the left some one Knight, chosen for the purpose,

Page  101 ORDER OF THE RED CRosS: THE OrENING.: 101 as to the station and duties of the officers Sovereign Master-Standard Bearer's of the Council, as follows: station? Sovereign Master-Sir Knight, are you Knight-In the west. a Knight of the Red Cross? Sovereign Master-His duty there? Knight-That is my profession. Knight-To display, support, and pro Sovereign Master-By what will you tect the banners of our Order. be tried? Sovereign Master-VWhy is the StandKnight-By the test of truth. ard Bearer's station in the west, Sovereign Master-Why by the test of Knight-That the brilliant rays of the truth? rising sun, shedding their lustre upon the Knight-Because none but good men banners of our Order, may encourage and true, are entitled to the honors of and animate all true and courteous the Order. Knights, and dismay and confound their Sovereign Master-Where did you re- enemies. ceive the honors? Sovereign Master-Station "of Master Knight-In a just and regular Council of Dispatches? of Knights of the Red Cross. Knight-In front of the Master of the Sovereign Master-What number com- Palace. pose a Council? Sovereign Master-His duty? Knight-There is an indispensable Knight-To observe with attention the number, and a constitutional number. transactions of the Council; to keep a Sovereign Master-What is the indis- just and. regular record thereof, collect pensable number? the revenue, and pay the same over to Knight-Three. the Master of Finance. Sovereign Master-Underwhat circum- Sovereign Master-Station of Mlaster etances are they authorized to'form a of Finance? Council of Knights of the Red Cross? Knight-In front of the Chancellor. Knight-Three Knights of the Red Sovereign Master-His duty? Cross, being also Knighlts Templars, and Knight-To receive in clharge the funds hailing from three different commande- and property of the Council, pay all orries, may, under the sanction of a war- ders drawn upon the Treasurer, and I enrant or charter from a Grand Encamp- der a just and regular account -when call ment, form and open a Council of Red ed for. Cross Knights, for dispatch of business. Sovereign Master-Station of the Mas Sovereign Master —What is the consti- ter of Infantry? tutional number? Knight-On the left of the second di. Knight-Five, seven, nine, eleven, or vision, when separately formed; on the more. left of the whole, when formed in line. Sovereign Master-When composed of Sovereign Master-His duty? eleven, of whom does it consist? Knight-To con-lmuand the second divi. K.night-Sovereign Master, Chancellor, sion or line of infantry, teach them their Master of Palace, Prelate, Master of duty andexerci:e; also to prepare allcanCavalry, Master of Inf'antry, Master of didates, attend them on their journey, anFinance, Master of Dispatches, Standard swer all questions for them, and finally Bearer, Sword Bearer, and Warder. introduce them into the Council clhamber. Sovereign Master-Warder's station in Sovereign Master-Station of Miaster the Council? of Cavalry? Knight-On the left of the Standard Knight-On the right of the first diviBearer in the west. sion, when separately formed, and on tho Sovereign Master —His duty there? right of the whole, when formed in line. Knight-To announce the approach of Sovereign Master-His duty? I e Sovereign Master, to see that the Sen- Knight-To command the first division t els are at their respective posts, and or line of cavalry, teach them their duty t.e Council chamber duly guarded. and exercise, to form the avenue for the Sovereign Master-Sword Bearer's sta- reception and departure of the Sovereign tion? Master, and prepare the lines for inspecKnight-On the right of the Standard tion and review. Bearer in the west. Sovereign Master-Prelate's station? Sovereign Master-His duty there? Knight-On the right of the Chancellor. Knight-To assist in the protection of Sovereign Master —H1is duty? the banners of our Order, to watch all Knight-To preside in the Royal Arch signals from the Sovereign Master, and Council; administer at the altar; to offer see his orders duly executed. up prayers and adorations to the Deity.

Page  102 1,02 RHARDSON'S MONIrroR OF FRtEE-MASONRY. Sovereign Master-Station of Master by the Sovereign Master through the of. of the Palace? ficers of the line. Knight-On the left of the Sovereign Sovereign Master-Chancellor's sta. Master in the east. tion? Sovereign Master-His duty? Knight-On the right of the Sovereign Knight-To see that the proper offi- Master. cers make all due preparations'for the Sovereign Master-His duty? several meetings of the Council; to take Knight-To receive and communicate special care that the Council chamber is all orders and petitions, to assist the Soy. in suitable array for the reception of can. ereign MIaster in the discharge of his vadidates, and dispatch of business; to re- rious duties, and in his absence to preside, ceive and communicate all orders issued in the Council. Preliate Chancellor Sovereign Master Master of Palace Master of Finances. Master of Dispatches. Altar. vardex Sw'd Bearer Stan'd Bearer

Page  103 ORDER OF TIE RED CROSS: THE INITIATION. 103 Sovereign Master-Sovereign Master's Master of Infantry-A worthy ccrnmitation? panion, who has been regularly initiated, Knight-In the east. passed, and raised to the sublime degree Sovereign Master-His duty? of Master Mason-advanced to the honKnight-To preside in the Grand Coun- orary degree of Mark Master, presided iJl; confer this Order of Knighthood upon as Master in the chair-has been received ihose whom his Councilmay approve; to and acknowledged as Most Excellent proeserve inviolate the laws and constitu- Master, and exalted to the more august Lion of our Order; to dispense justice, sublime degree of Royal Arch Masonreward merit, encourage truth, and dif- now solicits the honor of being created -, fase the sublime principles of universal Knight of the Illustrious Order of the b nevolence. Red Cross. Sovereign Master-Sir Knight Chan- Warder-Is it of his own free will and cellor, it is my will and pleasure that a accord he makes this request? Council of Knights of the Red Cross be Master of Infantry-It is. now opened, and stand open for the dis- Warder-Is he worthy and well qualpatch of such business as may regularly ified? come before it at this time, requiring all Master of Infantry-He is. Sir Knights now assembled, or who may Warder-Has he made suitable proficome at talis time, to govern themselves ciency in the preceding degrees I according to the sublime principles of our Master of Infantry —He has. Order. Warder-By what further right and Chancellor to Master of Palace-Sir benefit does he expect to gain admitKnightt, it is the will and pleasure of our tance here? Sovereign Master that a Council of Master of Infantry-By the benefit of Knights of the Red Cross be now opened a pass; and with your assistance we will for the dispatch of business. You will give it. com:nunicate it to the Sir Knights, that Warder-Advance and give it. thily may govern themselves accordingly. The pass is JAH-B3U-LUN, and is now The Master of the Palace addresses the given in same mlanner as the Royal Arch Knights in same manner. Word, (page 68.) Sovereign Master-Sir Knights, this Warder-The pass is right: let the canCouncil is now opened for the dispatch didate wait a time with patience, until of business. the Most Excellent Prelate be informed The chamber is now divided into two of his request, and his answer returned. apartments by a veil. In some halls The Warder closes the door and goes three rooms are made. The King, Chan- to the Prelate, who 1he informs that a cellor, and Master of Palace remain in worthy companion of the Royal Arch is their seats, but the Prelate goes and sits craving admittance. in a seat prepared for him behind the al- IThe Prelate asks the sane questions of tar, which is in the outer apartment, the Warder that the Warder had asked where he presides over the Royal Arch the Master of Inlfantry, and receives the Council. The division commanlded by same answers relative to the candidate. the Master of Infantry is stationed in this Prelate —Let him be admitted. apartment, the Knights seating then- Master of Infantry conducts candidate selves in a semi-circle with their hats on. to the centre of the hall, seats him in a The division of the Master of Cavalry chair, and takes a seat by his side. guards the Council chamber, and repro- Prelate (addressing candidate)-Com-.ents the Persian Guards, while that in panion, the Council you here see assemthe outer chamber represents the Jewish bled, represents the Grand,Council asGuards. sembled at Jerusalem in the first year of If a candidate is to be advanced to the Darius, King of Persia, to deliberate degree of Red Cross Knight, the Master upon their unhappy situationl. and to de.,f Infantry goes out into a side room to vise means whereby they could obtaiu plcpare him, and then comes and raps the favor and assistance of their ne~c Ahrea tin::s three upon the door. sovereign, in rebuilding the house of til Warlcr to Prelate-Most Excellent, Lord. If you are desirous of joining u: there is an alarm at the door. in our deliberations, you must assume Prelate-Attend to the alarm, and see the na:me and character of Zerubbabel, who comes there. one of tle'princes of the houses of JuWarder goes to the door, raps three dah, svihose hands laid the foundation of times three, opens the door and says- the first Temple, and whose hands the Who eomes there? Lord promised should finish it.

Page  104 1 04 RICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Candidate signifies his assent, bowing. King of Persia hath commanded us, &c. Prelate-Companions, we will attend [See text-book.] -to a lesson from the records of our fa- Master of Infantry (rising and intro there. ducing candidate to Prelate) —Iost 1x. The companions, sitting in a semi-cir- cellent, in consequence of our sovereign ele, as in the engraving, take off their lord Darius the King, having ascended hats, drop their elbows on their knees, the throne of Persia, newf hopes are inand support their heads, each with his spired of protection and support in the right hand. noble and glorious undertaking of re. building the House of the Lord, in wn-hicll we have been so long and so often iltel,!- 7 B 1 ( ";33 EhYrupted by our adversaries on the'othel'k0!-_ @ __i side of the river; for Darius, when a private man in life, made a vow to God, that should he ever ascend the throne of Persia, he would send all the holy vessels remaining in Babylon back to Jerusalenl. Our most excellent and faithful compaisV ion Zerubbabel, who was formerly honored with the favorable notice and friendship of the sovereign, now offers his ser-'[ItI l%,~ O r vices to encounter the hazardous enterprise of traversing the Persian dominions, and seeking admission to the presence of the sovereign, where the first favorable moment will be seized to remind the king of his vow, and impress on his mind the. - almighty force and importance of truths; and from his known piety, no doubt can be entertained of obtaining his consent, l U i' Togs t~r~q~i']g;,that our enemies be removed far hence, --— 010-Ha_~s ~and that we be no longer hindered or impeded in the noble and glorious underPrelate now reads from text-bookverses taking of rebuilding the House of the 8 to 11 of Ezra iii.: Lord, in which we have so laudably enNow in the second year of their coming gaged. unto the house of God at Jerusalem, in Prelate-Companion Zerubbabel, the the second month, began Zerubbabel the Council with great joy accept your noble son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua the son of and generous offer, and will invest you Jozadak, and the remnant of their bre- with the necessary passports, by the t'hren, the priests and the Levites, and all means of which you will be enabled to they that were come out of the captivity make yourself known to the friends of unto Jerusalem; and appointed the Le- our cause, wherever you may find them; vites, from twenty years old and upward, but on entering upon an undertaking of to set forward the work of the house of such vast importance to the craft, it is the Lord, &c. necessary that you take a solemn obligaPrelate then reads from Ezra iv.: tion to be faithful to the trust reposed in Now when the adversaries of Judah you. I will invest youl with this sword, and Benjamin heard that the children of [presents him with a sword,] by the use the captivity builded the Temple unto of which you will be enabled to defend the Lord God of Israel; then they came yourself against your enemies: you uwill to Zerubbabel, and to the chief of the fa- now kneel at the altar, and receive your ihers, and said unto them, Let us build obligation. svith you: for we seek your God, as ye The candidate kneels at the altar on do; and we do sacrifice unto him since his left knee, his body erect, his right the days of Esarhaddon, King of Assur, hand grasping the hilt of his sword, his who brought us up hither. But Zerub- left resting on the HIoly Bible, square and babel, and Jeshua, and the rest of the compass, on which are placed two swords chief of the fathers of Israel, said unto at right angles. them, Ye have nothing to do with us to Prelate-Companion, you are now build an house unto our God; but we about to take an obligation appertaining ourselves together will build unto the to this degree, which, like your former Lord God of Israel, as King Cyrus the obligations, will not interfere with your

Page  105 ORDER OF THE RED CROSs: THE INITIATION. 105 duty to your countly or Maker; if you the General Grand Encampment of the are willing to proceed, you will repeat United States of America, so far as the y'our christian and surname, and say af- same shall come to my knowledge. ter me: To all which I do most solemnly proI, John Smith, of my own free will mrise and swear, binding myself under no and accord, in the presence of the Su- less penalty than of having my house preme Architect of the Universe, and torn down, the timbers thereof set up, these witnesses, do hereby and hereon, and I hanged thereon; and when the most solemnly and sincerely promise and last trump shall blow, that I be forever swear, that I will always hail, forever excluded from the society of all true and conceal, and never reveal, any of the courteous Knights, should I ever wilfully secret arts, parts or points of the myste- or knowingly violate any part of this sories appertaining to this Order of Knight lemn obligation of Knight of the Red of the Red Cross, unless it be to a true Cross. So help me God, and keep men and lawful companion Sir Knight of the steadfast to keep and perform the same. Order, or within the body of a just and The candidate is directed to kiss the ltwvful Council of such; and not unto book, which he does, and then rises. him or them, until by true trial, strict ex- Prelate-Companion Zerubbabel, the amination or lawful information, I find Master of Infantry will now invest you him or them lawfully entitled to receive with the Jewish Pass, by means of whichl the same. you will be able to make yourself knouwn I furthermore promise and swear, that to friends of our cause wherever you may I will answer and obey all due signs and find them, and which will insure to you regular summonses, which shall be sent their friendship and protection. to me from a regular Council of Knights Master of infantry gives him the Jewof the Red Cross, or given to me from ish Pass, as on page 28. the hands of a companion Sir Knight of Prelate (preseinting candidate with a the Red Cross, if within the distance of green sash)-Coimlpianion, I now invest forty miles, natural infirmities and una- you with this sash, as a mark of our pevoidable accidents only excusing me. culiar friendship and esteem: you will I furthermore promise and swear, that wear it as a constant memorial to stimluv will not be present at the conferring of late you to the perfornmance of every this Order of Knighthood upon any per- duty. Its color is green, and will reminrd son, unless he shall have previously regu- you that the memory of him who falls in larly received the several degrees of En- a just and virtuous cause is blessed, andl tered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master will flourish like the green bay tree. Mason, Mark Master, Past Master, Most Fare you well, companion; may success Excellent Master, and Royal Arch de- attend your enterprise. gree, to the best of my knowledge and Master of Infantry to candidate-Folbelief. low me. I furthermore promise and swear, that The candidate is (or should be) conI' will not assist or be present at the form- ducted through several doors into differing and opening of a Council of Knights ent apartments. On arriving at the first of the Red Cross, unless there be present door, and giving the alari — at least five regular Knights of the Order, First Guard says-Who comes there? o: the representatives of three different Master of Infantry-A friend. Encampments, acting under the sanction Guard-Advance and give the pass. of a legal warrant. Master of Infantry gives the Jewish I furthermore promise and swear, that Pass, as on page 98. I will vindicate the character of a cour- Candidate is also examined and gives t ous Sir Knight of the Red Cross, when the pass, when.they pass on to the second v-rongfully traduced: that I will help door, wxvhere they are challenged, and each J;.n On a lawful occasion in preference gives the pass in the same manner. t, any brother of an inferior degree, and They pow approach the third door, a) far as truth, honor and justice may which is open, and before it is placed a warrant. little frame in imitation of an arched I furthermore promise and swear, that bridge. I will support and maintain the by-laws Master of Infantry-Cor mpanion, we of the Council of which I may hereafter have now arrived in sight of the Perbecome a member, the laws and regula- sian domiuions: I can accompany you tions of the Grand Encampment under no further. This bridge you see hIere, Which the same may be holden, together over which you have to pass alone, sei)awith the constitution and ordinances of rates the Jewish from the Pealsian di

Page  106 1.06 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FIMEM-MASONRY. minions. Fare you well; may success Sovereign Master will soon return his attend your enterprise. orders. Candidate walks over the bridge, gives Warder returns and reports to the an alarm, and is accosted by a guard. Sovereign Master the same that has passGuard-Who comes there? ed at the veil. Candidate gives three cuts with his Sovereign Master-Having ascertained sword, and advances to give the Jewish that he is armed with no hostile weapon, Pass: guard throws up candidate's you may let him enter. sword: candidate whispers Judah. Warder returns and inquires-Is he Guard (as if not understanding him)- armed with any hostile weapon 1 What? Master of Cavalry-He is not. Candidate (louder)-JUDAH I Warder-He has the sovereign's perGuard (looking sternly)-What? mission to enter the Council chamber. Candidate (very loud)-JUDAH I The veil or curtain is now parted in Guard-An enemy I an enemy I seize the middle, and the candidate is conducthim! ed before the'Sovereign Master, guarded The guards lay hold of the candidate, on his right by the Master of Cavalry, disarm him and divest him of his green with drawn sword, and on his left by sash: hand-cuffs and fetters are put on Master of Infantry. his hands and feet: these are made of Sovereign Master to Council, on seeing chains of four parts, each about eighteen him enter-This is no enemy, but a friend inches long, fastened in the middle: at and companion of my youth. the ends are rings like hand-cuffs, which Sovereign Master to candidate-Zerubare fastened around the ankles and wrists babel, having now gained admittance into with bolts. our presence, we demand that you immeMaster of Infantry (coming forward as diately declare the particular motives prompter to candidate)-Why do you use which induced you, without our permisthis violence? Why trleat me thus? I sion, and with force and arms, to pass the am no enemy: I am a prince of the house lines of our dominions? of Judah, and demand an audience with Master of Infantry (answering for canyour sovereign. didate)-Sovereign Master, the tears and Master of Cavalry (acting as Captain complaints of my companions at Jerusaof Persian Guards)-You a prince of the lem, who have been so long and so often house of Judah I You are my slave, and impeded in the noble and glorious undleryou can only appear in the presence of taking in which they were permitted to our sovereignas such. Do you yield engage by our late Sovereign Lord Cyrus yourself? the King; but our enemies having made Candidate (instructed) after a pause- that great work to cease by force and I consent to be your slave: talke me be- power, I have now come up to implore fore your king. your majesty's clemency, that you would Master of Cavalry puts a sackcloth be pleased to restore me to favor, and over candidate's head, and leads him to grant me employment among the servants the door of the Council chamber, where of your household. he raps four times two, Sovereign Master-Zerubbabel, I have The Warder, who at this timne is in the often reflected with much pleasure upon Council chamber, draws the curtains our early intimacy and friendship, and I apart in the centre, and demands-Who have fiequently heard, with great satiscomes there? faction, of your fame as a wise and acMaster of Cavalry-A detachment of complished Mason, and having myself a his majesty's guards, having made pris- profound veneration for that ancient and 9ner of one, who says he is a prince of honorable institution, and having a sinthe house of Judah. cere desire to become a member of the Warder-Where is he from? same, I will this moment grant your reMaster of Infantry-From Jerusalem. quest, on condition that you will reveal Warder-What is his name? to me the secrets of Free Masonry, which Master of Infantry-Zerubbabel, the distinguish the architects of the Jews from first among his equals, a Mason, free by those of all other nations. rank, but a captive and slave by mis- Master of Infantry (for candidate)fortune. Sovereign Master, when our Grand MasW~arder-What does be desire? ter Solomon, King of Israel, first instiMaster of Infantry-An audience with tuted the Fraternity of Free and Achis majesty, if possible. cepted Masons, he taught us that truth Warder-Wait with patience, and the was a divine attribute, and the founda

Page  107 ORDER OF TIlE RED CROSS: THE INITIATION. 107 tion of every virtue: to be good and true Master of Infantry (speaking for can. is the first lesson we are taught in la- didate)-Sovereign Master, I think wosonry. My engagements are sacred and men are stronger; but above all things, inviolable; I cannot reveal our secrets. truth beareth the victory. If I can obtain your Majesty's favor only Sovereign Master to candidate-Comat the expense of my integrity, I humbly panion Zerubbabel, you have made a beg leave to decline your royal protec- very important addition to the question, tion, and will cheerfully submit to an which needs further consideration: it behonorable exile, or a glorious death. ing late at night, we will retire. To-momo Sovereign Master-Zerubbabel, your row you will assemble in the Council virtue and integrity are truly commend- chamber to hear the question debated. able, and your fidelity to your engage- Master of Cavalry-Attention, Sir ments is worthy of imitation; from this Knights: you will form an avenue to esmoment you are free —-my guards will cort the Sovereign Master and his corndlvest you of those chains and that garb panion Zerubbabel to the Council chaminof slavery, and clothe you in suitable ha- ber. blliments to attend me at the banquet The lines are formed as before, and the hall. Zerubbabel, you are free: guards, Sovereign Master and his officers, acstrike off those chains; and may those companied by candidate, return to their emblems of slavery never again disgrace seats in Council. the hands of a Mason, more particularly After a pause (until next day) the Soa prince of the house of Judah; Zerub- vereign Master says-Sir Knight, I will babel, we assign you a seat of rank and now hear from each his defence of Ihe po. honor among the princes and rulers of sition taken last evening in certain quesour assembly. tions proposed by me in accordance with While this conversation with the So- the ancient custom. Sir Knight ChanVtereign Master has been passing in the cellor, yours first. Council, the Sir Knights prepare a ban- Chancellor (rising)-O ye princes and quet (refreshments) in the other room. rulers, how exceeding strong is wine r It Warder to Sovereign Master-We are causeth all men to err that drink it: it ready, Most Illustrious, to escort you to maketh the mind of the king and the the banquet hall. beggar to be all one; of the bondman and The Sovereign Master and his officers the freeman, of the poor man and of the now pass out between two lines of Sir rich; it turneth, also, every thought into Knights, accompanied by candidate.- jollity and mlirth, so that a man remnemSovereign Master sits at the head of the bereth neither sorrow nor debt; it chang. table, Chancellor on his right, Master of eth and elevateth the spirits, and enlivenPalace on his left; on the right of the eth the heavy hearts of the miserable. It Ci:- ncellor sits Zerubbabel and Master of maketh a man forget his brethren, and Infantry. The Knights being all seated draw his sword against his best friends. at the table, commence eating and drink- 0 ye princes and rulers, is not wise the iug. After having participated in tliere- strongest, that forceth us to do these freshments for ten or fifteen minutes, the things? Sir Knights begin to withdraw, one by Sovereign Master-Sir Knight Master one, until they have all left but the offi- of the Palace, we will now hear your cers and candidate. defence. Sovereign Master-It has been the cus- Master of Palace-It is beyond distom, from time immemorial, among the pute, 0 princes and rulers, that- God has kings and sovereigns of this realm, on made man master of all things under the Dccasions like this, to propose certain sun; to command them, to make use of questions; and he who should be found them, and apply them to his service as 1o give the most satisfactory answer, he pleases: but whereas men have only ihould be clothed in purple, drink in a dominion over other sublunary creatures golden cup, wear a silken tiara, and a kings have an authority even over msnq golden chain about his neck. There has themselves, and a right of ruling the.s a question occurred to mly mind, which I by will and pleasure. Now, he that is will propose for discussion, viz.: Which master of those who are masters of all is the greatest, the strength of wine, of things else, hath no earthly thing above the king, or of women? him. Chancellor (rising)-Sovereign Master, Sovereign Master-We will now hear I think wine is the strongest. you, my friend, Zerubbabel. Master of Palace-Sovereign Master, I Master of Infantry (for candidate)-Gthink the king is the strongest. princes and rulers, the force of wine is

Page  108 108;RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. not to be denied; neither is that of kings, that truth is a divine attribute, and shall: that unites so many men in one common prevail, and shall for ever flourish in imallegiance; but the super-eminency of mortal green. I will now confer on you woamen is yet above all this; for kings the highest honor in our power at this are but the gifts of women, and they are time to bestow, and will create you the also the mothers of those that cultivate first Knight of an Order, instituted for our vineyards. Women have the power purpose of inculcating the to make us abandon our very - country almighty force and importance of truth. and relations, and many times to forget Sovereign Master then directs the canthe best friends we have in the world, didate to kneel, which he does. and forsake all other comforts, to live Sovereign Master-By virtue of thA and die with them. But when all is said, high power in me vested, as the succes neither they, nor wine, nor kings, are sor and representative of Darius, King comparable to the almighty force of of Persia, I now constitute and create truth. As for all other things, they are you a Knight of the illustrious Order of mortal and transient; but truth alone is the Red Cross. [Lays the blade of his unchangeable and everlasting; the bene- sword first upon the right shoulder, then fits we receive from it are subject to no upon the left, and then upon the head of variations or vicissitudes of time and for- the candidate.] tune. In her, judgment is no unright- Sovereign Master (taking candidate by eousness, andsheis the Wisdom, Strength, the hand) —'lhis sword, of which you Beauty, Power, and Majesty of all ages. was deprived by my guards, I now with Blessed be the God of Truth. pleasure restore to you, in the hand of a Sovereign Master and companions then true and courteous Knight. It is en exclaim —Great is truth, and mighty dowed with three most excellent qiualiabove all things. ties: its hilt with Faith, its blade with Sovereign Master then says-Zerubba- Hope, and its point with Charity wihich bel, ask what thou wilt, and I will give teaches this important lesson, that when thee; because thou are found the wisest we draw our swords in a just and virtu-.ouong thy companions. ous cause, having faith in God, ne may Master of Infantry (for candidate)-O reasonably hope for victory, ever remeomking, remember thy vow which thou bering to extend the hand of charity to hast vowed, to build Jerusalem in the a fallen foe. Take it, and return it to dlay when thou shouldst come to thy its scabbard, and there let it remain until kingdom, and to restore the holy vessels it is consumed by rust, rather than to which were taken away out of Jerusa- draw it in the cause of injustice and op. lem. Thou hast also vowed to build up pression. the Temple which was burned, when Ju- The Sovereign Master now instructs dah was made desolate by the Chaldecs. candidate in the Persian Pass and ccunAnd now, O king, this is that I desire of tersign, under the arch of steel, (page D9),) thee, that thou make good the vow, the then invests him with the Red Cross performance whereof with tbine own Word, VERITAS, (page 100,) then with mouth thou hast vowed to the KIING OF the grand sign, grip and word of Knight I:EAVEN. of the Red Cross, as follows: The grand Sovereign Master-Zerubbabel, it shall sign is given by bringing the thumb and be d(lone. I will punctually fulfil my vow: finger of the left hand to the mouthi, and letters and passports shall be inmmediate- carrying it off in an oblique direction, as ly issued to my officers throughout the though you were blowing a trumpet —the realm, and they shall give you and those grip is given by interlacing the fingers of who accompanly you, safe conveyance to the left hands-the word is LIBERTAS. Jerusalem, and you shall be no longer The sign, grip and word is given under hindered or impeded in rebuilding your the arch of steel. [See page 100.] city and Temple, until they shall be com- The Sovereign Master explains to can-.ilcted. didate that the grand sign alludes to the The Sovereign 5{aster then invests the blowing of the trumpet upon the walls candidate with a green sash, and says- and watch-towers of the Council, but This green sash, of which you were de- more particularly to that part of the prived by my guards, I now with plea- obligation which says that " when the sure restore to you, and will make it one last trump shall sound, 1 shall be for of the insignia of a new Order, calculated ever excluded from the society of all to perpetuate the remembrance of the true and faithful Sir Knights," &c. event which caused the renewal of our This ends the initiation, and the Counfriendship. Its color will remind you cil is now closed with a lecture.

Page  109 )nRDEIt OF NwIGHTiS TEMIPLARS: THEii OPENING. 109 The trumpet sounds, and the Knights Swo~d Bearer, on his right, and on the resume their stations as at the opening. right of the Third Division. The Sovereign MIaster begins tile lec- Warder, on the left of the Standard ture by questioning one of the Sir Knights Bearer, and left of the Third Division. selected for the purpose as to his being a In front eof the throne is a triangle, as true Knight of the Red Cross, the man- in the engraving, and above it is suspendner of his reception into the Illustrious ed a banner with a cross surmounted by Order,- &c. The questions and answers rays of light. On each side are sky-blue are a repetition of the initiation into this banners-that on the right having on' degree, and the lecture is given to perfect the paschal lamb and a Maltese cross, each Knight in his part. The Council is with the motto "The Will of God," ar (d then closed as follows: the other having emblems of the Order Sovereign Master —Sir Knight Chan- upon it. cellor, it is my will and pleasure that this The Knights are usually dressed iul Council of Knights of the Red Cross be black, and wear black velvet sashes trim. now closed. med with silver lace. The sash hangs The Chancellor communicates this to from a black rose on the right shoulder -the Master of the Palace, who in turn across to the left side, and suspended to proclaims to the Sir Knights that the it is a poinard, or small dirk, and a IMalCouncil is closed. tese cross. On the left breast is worn a nine-pointed star, having in its centre a cross and serpent of gold surmounted by a circle on which is engraved "In h( c signo vinces." The apron is of black UKNO IG~eE 11 velvet, trimmed with silverlace. It is of triangular form, and has on it a cross with a serpent entwined thereon, and a skull and cross-bones, and stars arranged in the triangular form, with the red cross in the centre of each. The organization is somewhat similar to the opening of a Council in the Rced ------- --— i~N, ~_.~ A Cross Degree, except that the Knights Templars are counted off into three di. visions, the third one stationed across the end of the hall in front of the Standard ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS. Bearer in the west, and the other two formed down from the base of the triThree Knights Templars, from three angle. After the Knights have formed different Commanderies, may form an the lines, the Senior Warden addresses Encampment; but the constitutional the Warder as follows: number is not less than seven, and eleven Senior Warden-Sir Knight'Warder, is the required number to form a regular you will inform the Captain of the Guards En campment. The officers are named that we are about to open a Council of and stationed as follows: Knights Templars, for the dispatch of Most Eminent Grand Commander, seat- business, and direct that he will station ed on a throne in the east. the Sentinels at their respective posts, Generalissimo, seated at the right of and see that the Council is duly guarded. the throne. Warder goes out, and returns and says: Captain General, seated on the left. Warder to SeniorWarden-Sir Knight, Prelate, on the right of Generalissimo. the Sentinels are at their posts, and v. a Treasurer, on the right, in front of are duly guarded. Generalissimo. SeniorWarden-Are all present KnigitS Recorder, on the left, in front of the Templars? Captain General. Warder-All present are true Knights Senior Warden, at the north-west angle Templars. of the triangle, and on the left of the Senior Warden then instructs Junior Second Division. Warden, who informs the Mlost Emineunt Junior Warden, at the south-west angle Grand Commander that the Council is of the triangle, and on the right of the duly guarded, the lines formed, and that First Division. the Sir Knights await his pleasure. Standard Bearer is stationed in the Grand Commander inspects tVe Lines, west, holding his standard aloft and then returns to his seat.

Page  110 110 RICHARDSON)S 4MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Grand Commander-Attention, Sir and the proceedings of opening are sinrr. Knights: you will now give the signs. lar to those in a Council of Red Cross All the signs in Masonry are given by Knights. After all is ready, the Grand each Knight, from Entered Apprentice Commander says: up to those of Red Cross Knights. Grand Commander-Sir Knights, this The signs in this degree are then given Council of Knights Templars is now in detail, as explained hereafter. open for the dispatch of business, and Grand Commander-Attention, Sir you will govern yourselves according to Knights: you will form around the altar, the sublime principles of our Order. for the purpose of opening this Council The veil is now drawn, and the hall diof Knights Templars. vided. That part occupied by the Grand The Knights kneel arouind the altar, Commander is called the Assilum, and I. Altar, Warder Sw'd Bearer tan'd Bearer

Page  111 ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS: THE INMISATION. 111 the other prt the Council chamber. bones facing him on the table I This will When initiations take place, it is doubly often disconcert him not a little, if he is a divided, two veils being drawn, unless timid man. He proceeds to read the there are different rooms used. The three questions, as follows: Warder sits at the right in front of the First-Should you ever be called upon Grand Commander during the ceremonies to draw your sword, will you wield it in of initiation. defence of the Christian religion? When a candidate is to be admitted to The answer should be-Yes! and this degree, he is first put in charge: of signed with the candidate's name-John the Junior Warden, who conducts him Smith. (hoodwinked) to the'chamber of refiec- Second-Does your conscience upbraid tion, a small adjoining apartment, the you for any known or overt act sunrewalls and furniture painted black, and pented of? lighted with a small taper. Here he is As the candidate is presumed to have requested to sit down, and he sits in a nothing heavy on his conscience, he chair beside a table, when the Junior would answer-No! John Smith. WVarden says to him: Third-Do you solemnly promise to Junior Warden-Companion, you are conform to all the ceremonies, rules, and now seated in the chamber of reflection; regulations of this Encampment, as all before you, on the table, youwill find the valiant and magnanimous Sir Knights Holy Bible, that great light in Masonry, have done who have traveled this way and also a paper upon which is written before you? three questions: you are required to Candidate writes-Yes John Smith. write answers to these questions-yes, or Candidate washes his hands as directed, no, as you see fit, and to sign your name wipes them on the napkin, and then raps t3 each answer. You will likewise find three times on the door. on the table a bowl of pure water, and a Junior-Waiden (coming in)-Have you napkin: wash your hands in the water written down the answers to the quesand wvipe them on the napkin, in token of tions proposed? the purity of your intentions in the busi- Candidate-Yes. ness in which you are engaged. When I Junior Warden-Please to give them go out, I will give three distinct knocks to me. Presuming them to be satisfactoon the door, and you will then remove ry, I will present them at once to the the bandage from your eyes, and pro- Most Eminent Grand Commander in the ceed in the duties I have pointed out. east, and will return you his answer. When you are through with them, please Junior Warden takes the paper, goes to give me the same signal, and I will re- out and shuts the door. He then repairs turn to you. to the Veil, which separates the hall, Junior Warden leaves the room, and and stamps four times on the floor, recandidate removes the bandage and dis- peating this twice, (called three times covers in addition to the Bible, bowl of four.) water, &c,} a human skull and cross- Grand Commander-Sir Knight War. der, attend to the cause of that alarm, and see who iJ'l~ e comes there. Warder (going up close to the Veil)-Who comes there? Junior Warden-A worthy companion, who, havij luJ >9ting taken all the necessary preceding degrees, now solicits the honor of being dubbed and created in this Encampment a Knight of e mougis l l; r,,the valiant and magnanimous Order of the Knights Templars, or Knights of Malta, or the Order of St. Johns of Jerusalem. Warder —Has he given answers to the usual questtons propolsdd

Page  112 -112 RICILARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRPY. Junior Wardenl-He has made them in candidate in pilgrim's weeds as in the en, writing, and, in token of his sincerity, has graving)-Follow me. performed the necessary ablution. He goes out followed by the candidate. Warder-You will present them, and In some Lodges there are several difwait a time until the Most EminentGrand ferent rooms erected suitable to the con. Commander be informed of your request, ferring of this degree. Where there are and his answer returned. not, a second curtain is suspended in Warder returns to his post. the hall. The Junior Warden and candl, Grand Commander-Sir Knight War- date come to the door of the first room. dler, what is the cause of that alarm? Guard-Who comes there? who comes there? Junior Warden-A weary pilgrim, tra. Warder-A worthy companion, who, veling from afar, to join with those who having taken all the necessary preceding oft have gone before him, to offer his dedegrees, now solicits the honor of being votions at the holy shrine. dubbed and created in this Encampment Guard-Pilgrim, I greet thee: uwalk a Knight of the valiant and magnanimous into my tent; sit down: silver and gold Order of Knights Templars, and Knights have I none; but such as I have I give of Malta, or Order of St. Johns of Je- thee: here is some good bread and pure rusalenm. water, just such as pilgrims need; help Grand Commander-Has he given an- yourself. [Pilgrim eats.] Iwill examine swers to the questions proposed? your scrip, and see how you- bread holds Warder-He has made them in writing, out; [feeling in his scrip,] your bread is and, in token of his sincerity, has per- almost gone, 1 will put in some; your formed the necessary ablution. water is also almost spent, I will replenGrand Commander-Present the ques- ish your bottle. Help yourself, brother tions. pilgrim, to what you like best. Warder reads the questions and an- The candidate having sufficiently reswers. freshed himself, the Guard says-Pilgrim, ~ Grand Commander-The questions are hearken now to a lesson to cheer thee on answered satisfactorily; but as a trial of thy way, and assure thee of success. his patience and perseverance, I enjoin Reads from Text Book. upon himn seven years' pilgrimage, which And Abraham rose up early in the be will perform under the direction of morning, and took bread, and a bottle of the Junior Warden dressed in pilgrim's water, and gave it unto Haga' (putting weeds. it on her shoulder), and the child, and Warder returns to the Veil, and ad- sent her away, and.she departed, a}nd dresses the Junior Warden-Our Most wandered in the wilderness; and the waExcellent Grand Commander is pleased ter was spent in the bottle, and she cast to decide that the questions are answered the child under one of the shrubs; and satisfactorily; but as a trial of the pa- the angel of God called to IHagar out of tience and perseverance of the worthy heaven, saying, Arise, lift up the lad, and companion, he enjoins upon him a seven hold him in thine hand; for I will make years' pilgrimage, him a great nation: and God opened her which he will per-, l eyes and she saw a well of water. By form under your di- -~ faith, Abraham sojourned in the land of rection, dressed in 2~ promise asin a strange country, dwelling pilgrim's weeds. in tabernacles; for he looked for a city'The Junior War- which hatl foundations, whose builder den returns to the /I F\and maker is God. Be ve therefore fcle,hamber of reflec-) - lowers of God as dear children, rejoici, g tion, and gives the I in the Lord always; and again I sa,; answer to candi- rejoice. date, at the same @ I i1 Guard-Farewell, Pilgrim. God spec time informing him r thee. that in addition to J1, Junior Warden and pilgrim pass into his sandals, staff [ another room, where they are again acand scrip, he must lcosted: take some bread Il Second Guard-Who comes there? and a bottle of wa- L Junior Warden-A weary pilgrim, trea. ter to sutsltai him. e, veling froln afar, to offer his devotions at oen his journey. the holy shrine. junior Warden _ Second Guard-Pilgrim, I greet thee: (after dressing the come thou into my tent and refresh yoteu

Page  113 ORDER OF 1E:V.'C-1i'V L~EMPLARS: TRE ISITIATION. 1.13 Si: [Examines his scrip, and offers lim Junior Warden, who recommends to the broad and water as the other Guard had Grand Commander a remission of the done.] Hearken now to a lesson to cheer four remaining years of pilgrimage. thee on thy journey. Warder-Let him wait a time with paReads from Text Book. tience and perseverance, and soon an anIf a brother or sister be naked and des- swer will be returned to his request. titute of daily food, and one of you say, Warder returns to his post. Depart in peace, be ye warmed and Grand Commander-Who comes there? filled, and ye give them not of those The Warder replies in same mannee things which are needful for the body, that Junior Warden had replied-A weea what doth it profit? To do good and to ry pilgrim, traveling from afar, &c. communicate, forget not, for with such Grand Commander-This being true, sacrifices God is well pleased. Beware Sir Knight, our Prelate, you will take lest any man spoil you through philoso- this weary pilgrim to the holy altar, phy and vain deceit, after the traditions where, having sworn him for ever to be of men; after the rcdiments of the world, faithful, forthwith invest him with the and not after Christ: For in him dwelleth sword and buckler, that as a pilgrim all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. warrior he may perform seven years of Second Guard-Farewell, Pilgrim. God warfare. speed thee. Senior W arden-Attention, Sir Knights; They pass into a third room, where the you will form an avenue, to escort our third Guard treats them with bread and Most Excellent Prelate to the holy altar. water as before, and reads the following The Veil is drawn aside, and the avelesson from the Text Book: nue is formed by the Sir Knights, standHe that receiveth you, receiveth me, ing in two lines, and forming an arch and he that receiveth me receiveth him, with their swords; the Prelate takes the that sent me: Come unto me all ye that candidate by the arm, leading him down labor and are heavy laden, and I will the avenue to the lower end of the Coungive you rest. Take my yoke upon you cil chamber. The candidate kneels at and learn of me, for 1 am meek and low-: the altar, upon two cross swords, places ly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto his hands upon the Holy Bible, on which your souls; for my yoke is easy and my is placed two cross swords; the Senior burden is light. Whosoever shall give Warden stands on the right and the Juto drink unto one of these little ones a nior Warden on the left of the candidate, cup of cold water only, in the name of a with drawn swords. The Prelate takes disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in his place in front of the candidate, in an no wise lose his reward. elevated seat, and addresses him as folThird Guard-Farewell, Pilgrim. God lows: speed thee. Prelate-Companion, you are kneeling They then pass on and the Junior War- at the altar for the purpose of taking a den makes an alarm at the entrance of solemn oath and obligation appertaining the assilum. to the-degree of Knight Templar, which Grand Commander-Sir Knight WVar- is not to interfere with the duty you owe der, attend to that alarm, and see who to your country or Maker. If you are comes there. xwilling to proceed, you may repeat your Warder (going to the Veil)-Who comes christian and surname, and say after me: there? I, John Smith, of my own free will and Junior Warden-A weary pilgrim, tra- accord, in the presence of Almighty God, veling from afar, who having passed full and this Encampment of Knights Temrnthree long years of pilgrimage, is most plars, do hereby and hereon most solemndesirous, if it please the Grand Com- ly promise and swear that I will always meander, forthwith to dedicate the four hail, for ever conceal, and never revea4 remaining years to deeds of more exalt- any of the secret arts, part or points rp. ed usefulness: and if found worthy, his pertaining to the mysteries of this Ordeat strong desire is to be now admitted of Knights Templars, unless it be to a trua acnong those valiant Knigihts, whose and lawful companion Sir Knight, or we ll-earned fame has spread both far and xvithin the body of a just and lawful Enwide for acts of charity and pure be- campment of such; and not unto him, or neficence. them, until by due trial, strict examinaWarder-What surety does he offer tion, or lawful information, I find they are that he is no impostor 1 lawfully entitled to receive the same. Junior Warden-The commendation of Furthermore do I promise and swear, a valiant and magnanimous Knight, our that I will answer and obey all due signs

Page  114 114 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONI~Y. and regular summonses which shall be grand characteristics of this magntel.. given or sent to me from a regular En- mous Order. In the character of Knights campment of Knights Templars, if with- Templars, we are bofind to give alms to in tile distance of forty miles, natural in- poor and weary pilgrims traveling from firmities and unavoidable accidents only afar, to succor the needy, feed the hunexcusing me. gry, clothe the naked, and bind up the Furthermore do I promise and swear, wounds of the afflicted. We here wage that I will help, aid and assist with my war against the enemies of innocent c)unsel, my purse, and my sword, all maidens, destitute widows, helpless orV)ior and indigent Knights Templars, their phans, and the Christian religion. If yon widows and orphans, they making appli- are desirous of enlisting in this noble and cation to me as such, and I finding them glorious warfare, lay aside thy staff, and worthy, so far as I can do it without ma- take up the sword, fighting manfully thy terial injury to myself, and so far as truth, way, and with valor running thy course: honor, and justice may warrant. and may the Almighty, who is a strong Furthermore do I promise and swear, tower and defence to all those who put that I will not assist, or be present at the their trust in him, be~thy support and thy forming and opening of an Encampment salvation. of Knights Templars, unless there be Prelate here invests candidate with present seven Knights of the Order, or sword and buckler, as in the engraving. the representatives of three different En- Prelate-Pilcampments, acting under the sanction of grim, having laid a legal warrant. aside the staff, Furthermore do I promise and swear, and taken up the that I will go to the distance of forty sword, we expect miles, even barefoot and on frosty ground, you will make a to save the life, and relieve the necessi- public declaration ties of a worthy Knight, should I know of the cause in that his necessities required it, and my which you wield abilities permit. it. You will now Furthermore do I promise and swear, repeat after me, that I will wield my sword in the defence and do as I do. of innocent maidens, destitute widows, Prelate makes helpless orphans, and the Christian re- this declarationligion. I will wield mFurthermore do I promise and swear, sword in defence that I will support and maintain the by- of innocent mailaws of the Encampment of which 1 dens, of destitute may hereafter become a member, the widows, helpless edicts and regulations of the Grand En- orphans, and the campment of the United States of Ame- christian religion. rica, so far as the same shall come to my The candidate knowledge. repeats the same, To all this I most solemnly and sin- A word by word, afcerely promise and swear, with a firm ter the Prelate, and steady resolution to perform and and at each pause gives his sword a flourkeep the same, without any hesitation, ish above his head. equivocation, mental reservation or self- Prelate-With confidence in this your evasion of mind in me whatever; bind- profession, our Senior Warden will ining myself under no less penalty than to vest you with the Pilgrim Warrior's have my head struck off and placed on Pass; and under his direction, we assign lime highest spire in christendom, should you seven years' warfare, which you,knowingly or willingly violate any part will perform as a token of your con. of this my solemn obligation of a Knight stancy and courage. May success and Templar. So help me God, and keep me victory attend you. steadfast to perform and keep the sane. The Senior Warden then invests the Candidate kisses the book and rises. candidate with the Pilgrim Warrior'q Prelate-Pilgrim, thou hast craved per- Pass, which is MiIAHER-sHALAL-HASHBAZ. nisSiton to pass through our solemn cere- It is given by four cuts of the sword and monies and enter the assilum of our En- under an arch of steel, as in the Red eampment; by thy sandals, staff, and Cross degree, on page 99. scrip, I judge thee to be a child of hu- Senior Warden-Pilgrim, you will folamility: charity, and hospitality, are the low me, and repeat what I say. They

Page  115 ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS: TIHE INITIATION. 115 then start on their tour of warfare, both den)-Most Eminent, I now declare in wielding their swords, and saying: truth and soberness, that I entertain no I will wield my sword in defence of in- enmity or ill will to a soul on earth that nocent maidens, destitute widows, help- I would not freely reconcile, in case I less orphans, and the Christian religion. found in him a corresponding disposition. Presently they come to the first Guard. Grand Commander-Pilgrim, the seaGuard-WVho comes there? timents you utter are truly commendable, Senior Warden-A Pilgrim Warrior. and are worthy of imitaion; but yet woGuard-Advance and communicate the require some stronger proof of you.Pilgrim Warrior's Pass. fidelity to us. The proofs that we deThey both give the Pass with four cuts mand are, that you participate with us as before described, and pass on to the in five libations, which being performed, second, and then the third Guard, both of we will receive you a Knight among our whom challenge them and receive the number.. The elements of these libaPass as the first Guard had done. tions are for the four first, wine and waThe Senior Warden and candidate now ter; the fifth is pure wine. Have you earrive at the assilum, when the Senior any repugnance to participate? Warden stamps three times four on the Candidate (prompted by Senior WVarfloor. den)-Most Eminent, I am willing to conGrand Commander-Sir Knight War- form to the rules of the Order. der, attend to the cause of that alarm, Grand Commander takes a wine-glass and see who comes there. of wine and water from the triangle, and Warder(going to the Veil)-Who comes directs the candidate to do the same, and there? repeat after him, as follows: Senior Wardeh-A pilgrim warrior, First Libation-To the memory of traveling from afar, who, having passed Solomon, King of Israel, our ancient full three long years of warfare, is most Grand Master. [Both drink, and then desirous, if it please the Grand Com- give the drinking sign by drawing the mander, to be now admitted to the hon- glass across their throats.] ors and rewards that await the valiant Second Libation-To the memory of Templar. Hiram, King of Tyre, our ancient Grand Warder-What surety does he offer Master. [Both drink, and give the sign.] that.. is no impostor? Third Libation-To the memory of Senior Warden-The commendations Hiram Abiff, the widow's son, who lost of a valiant and magnaniumous Knight, his life ill defence of his integrity. [Both our Senior Warden, who recommends to drink and give the sign.] the Grand Commander a remission of the Grand Commander-Pilgrim, the Or. four remaining years of warfare. der to which you wish to unite yourself, IWarder-By what further right or ben- is founded upon the Christian religion. efit, does he expect to gain admission to We will therefore attend to a lesson from the assilurn? the holy evangelist. Sir Knight, our PreSenior Warden-By the benefit of the late, you will read. Pilgrim Warrior's Pass. The Prelate reads the 14th to 26th Warder-Let him communicate it to verses of Matthew xxvi.: the Sir Knight on his right. Then one of the twelve, called Judas The Pass is given as before described. Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, and Warder-Let him wait a time with said unto them, What wTil ye give me, constancy and courage; and soon an an- and I will deliver him unto you? And swer will be returned to his request. they covenanted with him for thirty The Warder returns, and reports to pieces of silver. And from that time he the Grand Commander, who asks the sought opportunity to betray him. Now,lmine questions and receives the same the first day of the feast of unleavened a iswers as the Warder had done at the bread, the disciples came to Jesus, sa'ing Vril. Grand Commander then orders the unto him, Where wilt thou that we precaldidate to enter. The veil is then pare for thee to eat the passover? And drawn aside, and the candidate advances he said, Go into the city to such a man, near to the base of the triangle. and say unto him, The Master saith, My Grand Commander-Pilgrim, having time is at hand; I will keep the passover gained admission to the assiluin, what at thy house with my disciples. And the -profession have you to make in testimony disciples did as Jesus had appointed of your fitness to become a Knightaamong them; and they made ready the passour number? over. Now, when the even was come, Candidate (prompted by SeniorWar- he sat down with the twelve. And a#

Page  116 7.16 RICITARDSON S MONMTOR Or FrREE-MASONRY. they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto it be possible, let this cup pass from me: you, That one of you shall betray me. nevertheless, not as I will, but as thlou And they were exceeding sorrowful, and wilt. And he cometh unto the disciples, began every one of themn to say unto and findeth them asleep, and saith unto him, Lord, is it I And he answered Peter, What l could ye not watch with and said, He that dippeth his hand with me one hour? Watch and pray, that ye ine in the dish, the same shall betray me. enter not into temptation: the spirit inThe Son of man goeth, as it is written of deed is willing, but the flesh is weak. He him: but woe unto that man by whom went away again the second time, and lie Son of man is betrayed I It had prayed, saying, O my father, if this cup keen good for that man if he had not may not pass from me except I drink it, been born. Then Judas, which betrayed thy will be done. And he came and him, answered and said, Matter, is it I? found them asleep again; for their eyes I-He said unto him, Thou hast said. were heavy. And he left them, and went GrandCommander-Pilgrim, the twelve away again, and prayed a third time, sayburning tapers you here see upon the tri- ing the same words. Then cometh he to angle, correspond in number with the his disciples, and saith unto them, Sleep twelve disciples of our Saviour while on on now, and take your rest: behold, the earth; one of whom fell by transgres- hour is at hand, and the Son of man is sion, and betrayed his Lord and Malster. betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise, And as a constant admonition to you, let us be going: behold, he is at hand always to persevere in the paths of hon- that doth betray me. And while he yet or, integrity, and truth, and as a perpet- spake, lo, Judas, one-of the twelve, came; nal memorial of the apostasy of Judas with him a great multitude with swords,scariot, you are required by the rules of and staves, from the chief priests and el. our Order to extinguish one of those ders of the people. Now he that betrayburning tapers. ed him gave them a sign, saying, WhcmnCandidate extinguishes one. soever I shall kiss, that same is he; hold Graind Commander-Thus may perish him fast. And forthwith he came to Jothe enemies of our Order; and may you sus, and said, Hail, Mlaster; and kissed ever bear it in mind, that he who basely him. violates his vow, is worthy of no better Grand Commander (rising and taking fate. the skull in his hand)-Pilgrim, how The relies are now uncovered, which striking is this emblem of mortality I exhibits to the candidate, in the centre of once it was animated like ourselves, but the triangle, a black coffin, supporting now it ceases to act or think; its vital the Holy Bible, on which rests a human energies are extinct, and all the powers skull, and cross bones. The skull is of life have ceased their operations. To called Old Simon. such a state, Sir Knights, we all are hastGrand Commander-Pilgrim, you here ening; therefore let us gratefully imsee mortality resting on divinity, a hu- prove this present opportunity, that man skull resting on the Holy Bible, when our weak and frail bodies, like which is to teach you that a faithful re- this memento, shall become cold and inliance in the truth herein revealed will animate, our disembodied spirits may afford you consolation in the gloomy soar aloft to the blessed regions of light hour of death, and will assure you inev- and life eternal. Sir Knight, our Preitable happiness in the world that is to late, we will attend to another lesson come. Sir Knight, our Prelate, you will from the holy evangelist. read another lesson from the holy evan- Prelate ieads verses 24 to 38 of Matgelist. thew xxvii.: Prelate reads verses 36 to 50 of Mat- When Pilate saw that he could prevail thew xxvi.: nothing, but that rather a tumult was Then cometh Jesus with them unto a made, he took water. and washed his' place called Gethsemane, and saith unto hands before the multitude, saying, I am his disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and innocent of the blood of this just persor; pray yonder. And he toolk with him Pe- see ye to it. Then answered all the peoter and the two sons of Zel)edee, and be- ple, and said, His blood be on us and on gan to be sorrowful and very heavy. our children. Then released he Barabbas Then saith he unto them, My soul is unto them: and when he had scourged exceeding sorrowful. even unto death:i Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified. here, and watch with me. And Then the soldiers of the governor took te went a little farther, and fell on his Jesus into the common hall, and gather. )ace, and piraj.d, saying, 0Omy father, if ed unto him the whole band of soidier&

Page  117 ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS: THE INITIATION. 1 7, And they stripped him, and put on him a Senior Warden-He has it not; I have searlet robe. And when they had plat- it for him. ted a crown of thorns, they put it upon Guard-Advance and give it. his head, and a reed in his right hand: This word, or pass, is GOLGOTHA, and aild they bowed the knee before him, is given by five cuts under an arch of and mocked him, saying, Hail, king of steel, as on page 99. the Jews I And they spit upon him, and The pass being given, the Guard says took the reed and smote him on the head. — Right; you have my permission to enAnd after that they had mocked him, ter the Sepulchre of our Saviour. they took the robe off from him, and put The' candidate steps along, and is direct. his own raiment on him, and led him ed to kneel'at the entrance of the Sepulaway to crucify him. And as they came chre, and the Senior Warden reads to out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon him as follows: by name; him they compelled to bear his Although it is appointed unto all men cross. And when they were come unto once to die, yet as the Scriptures inform a place'called Golgotha, that is' to say, us, the Saviour of the world arose from #A place of the skull, they gave him vine- the dead, and ascended up into heaven, gar to drink mingled with gall: and when there for ever seated on the throne of the he had tasted thereof, he would not drink. majesty on high,, so they also assure us, And they crucified him, and parted his that all who have received him for their garments, casting lots: that it might be righteousness, and put their trust in him, fulfilled which was spoken by the pro- shall rise to life everlasting. * * * * phet; They parted my garments among In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to them, and upon my vesture did they cast dawn'towards the first day of the week, lots. And sitting down, they watched calue Mary Magdalene, and the other him there: And set up over his head his Mary, to see the sepulchre. And behold accusation written, THIS IS JESUS, THE there was a great earthquake: for the KING OF THE JEWS. angel of the Lord descended from heaven, Grand Commander-Pilgrim, we will and came and rolled back the stone from now participate in the fourth libation. the door, and sat upon it. His counteFourth Libation-To the memory of nance was like lightning, and his raiment Simon, of Cyrene, the friend of our Sa- white as snow: and for fear of him the viour, who bore his cross, and fell a mar- keepers did shake, and became as dead tyr to his faith. [Both drink and give men. And the angel answered and said the sign.j| unto the women, Fear not ye; for I Grand Commander-Pilgrim, before know that ye seek Jesus, which was cruyou will be permitted to participate in cified. He is not here; for he is risen. as the fifth libation, I shall enjoin upon you he said. Come, see the place where the one year's penance, which you will per- Lord lay: and go quickly, and tell his form as a token of your faith and hu- disciples that he is risen from the dead; reility, under the direction of the Senior and, behold, he goeth before you into and Junior Wardens, with this emblem of Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I humility [a skull] in one hand, and this have told you. And they departed quickemblem of faith [a lighted taper] in the ly from the sepulchre with fear and great other: you will take them, and travel to joy; and did run to bring his disciples the Sepulchre of our Saviour. word. And as they went to tell his disThe candidate commences his journey, ciples, behold Jesus met them, saying, accompanied by the two Wardens, and All hail. And they came and held him after traveling around the hall a while, by the feet, and worshipped him. And they are accosted by a Guard, stationed he led them out as far as to Bethany; and at the entrance of a dark room, repre- he lifted up his hands, and blessed them. denting the Sepulchre of our Saviour. And it came to pass, while he blessed Guard-Who comes there? them, he was parted from them, andtcarSenior Warden-A pilgrim penitent, ried up into heaven. And they worshiptraveling from afar, craves your percmis- ped him, and returned to Jerusalem with sioll here awhile to wait, and at the shrine great joy. of oucr departed Lord to offerup his pray- As soon as the reading is ended, the ers and meditations. rooms or hall is darkened, and the candiGuard-How does he expect to obtain date rises, and beholds in another part; this favor? of the Encampment, a transpatrency, brildbenior Warden-By the benefit of the liantly lighted, represeting the resurreePilgrim Penitent's Pass. tion and ascension of the Saviour. In uo.rid-fHas he that pass? Lodges where no properties of this kind

Page  118 118 ICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. exist, this part is omitted. The following mility. Of this, our Lord and Savioni words are now sung: has left us a bright example. For though he was the eternal Son of God, he hum. The rising God forsakes cthe ltomh- bled himself to be born of a woman, to Up to his eFather's court he flies; endure the pains and afflictions incident And shouCherubic him welcome to the skies to human nature, and finally to suffer a cruel and ignominious death upon the Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell cross: it is also a trial of that faith which How high our great deliv'rer reigns; will conduct you safely over the darki Sing how he spoil'd the hosts of hell, gulf of everlasting death, and land your And led the monster, death, in chains. enfranchised spirit in the peaceful abodes Say live for ever, ondrous king, of the blessed. Pilgrim, keep ever in Say " live for ever, wond'rous king, your memory this awful truth. Ton Born to redeem, and strong to save 1" know not m o w s oon yo u may be called hen ask the tyrant, where's thy sting? upon to render up an account to that And where's thy viot'ry, boasting Supreme Judge, from whom not even the grave?" most minute act of your life is hidden: The singing being ended, the Prelate for although you now stand erect in all takes the candidate by the arm, and the strength of manhood and pride of walks near the transparency, and thus beauty, in a few short moments, you addresses him: may become a pale and lifeless corpse. Prelate-Pilgrim, the scene before you This moment, even while I am yet speak. represents the splendid conclusion of the ing, the angel of death may receive the hallowed sacrifice offered by the Re- fatal mandate to strike you from the roll deemer of the world, to propitiate the of human existence; and the friends who anger of an offended Deity. This sacred now surround you, may be called upon volume informs us, [showing him the to perform the last sad office of layilg Bible,] that our Saviour, after having you in the earth, a banquet for worms, suffered the pains of death, descended andthisfair body become as the misera. into the place of departed spirits, and ble relic you now hold in your hand. that on the third day, he burst the bands Man, that is born of a woman, is of few of death, triumphed over the grave, and days and full of sorrow: he cometh up in due time, ascended with transcendent and is cut down as a flower; he fieeth as majesty to heaven, where he now sits on a shadow, and continueth not. In the the right hand of our heavenly Father, a midst of life, we are in death: of whom mediator and intercessor, for all those may we seek succor, but of thee, 0 Lord, who have faith in him. I now invest who for our sins art justly displeased I you with an emblem of that faith. [Sus- Yet, 0 God, most holy, thou God most pends from his neck a black cross.] It is mighty, 0 holy and most merciful Sa, also an emblem of our Order, which you viour, deliver us from the pains of eterwill wear as a constant memorial, for nal death. I heard a voice from heaven, you to imitate the virtues of the immac- saying unto me, Write from henceforth, ulate Jesus, who died that you might live. blessed are the dead that die in the Lord; Pilgrim, the ceremonies in which you are even so, saith the spirit, for they rest from now engaged, are calculated deeply to their labors. Be ye also ready, and rest impress your mind; and I trust will have assured, that a firm faith in the truths a happy and lasting effect upon your fu- here revealed, will afford you consolation ture character. You were first, as a trial in the gloomy hour of dissolution, and of your faith and humility, enjoined to insure you ineffable and eternal hapiiperform seven years' pilgrimage; it re- ness in the world to come. Amen, and presents the great pilgrimage of life amen. thro-gh which we are all passing. W e The hall is again lighted up, and ti:e are all weary pilgrims, anxiously look- candidate, accompanied by the Senitr ing forward to that asylum, where we and Junior Wardens, makes anothtr shall rest from our labors, alnd be at rest alarm at the assilum. for ever. You were then directed, as a Grand Commander-Sir Knight Wartrial of your courage and constancy, to der, attend to that alarm, and see who perform seven years' warfare; it repre- comes there. sents to you the constant warfare with Warder-Who comes there? who dares the lying vanities and deceits of this approach this sacred assilum of our Enworld, in which it is necessary for us al- campment, to disturb our holy medita ways to be engaged. You are now per- tions? Who are you? forming penance as a trial of your hu. Senior Wardea —A pilgrim penitent,

Page  119 ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS: raE INITIATION. 119 traveling from afar, who, having per- Grand Commander-Pilgrim, the fifth formed his term of penance, seeks now libation is taken in a very solemn way. to participate in the fifth libation, there- It is emblematical~ of the bitter cup qf by to seal his faith. death, of which we must'all, sooner or Warder-What surety does he offer, later, taste; and even the Saviour of the that he is no impostor? world was not exempted, notwithstandSenior Warden-The commendation of ing his repeated prayers and solicitatwo valiant and magnanimous Knights, tions. It is taken of pure wine, and our Senior and Junior Wardens. from this cup. [Exhibiting a humas Warder-By what further right or ben- skull, he pours the wine into it, and say:, efit does he expect to obtain this favor? -To show you that we here practice noi Senior Warden-By the benefit of the imposition, I give you this pledge. [Drinks Pilgrim Penitent's Pass. from the skull.] He then pours more wine Warder-Has he that pass? into the skull, and presents it to the canSenior Warden-He has it not; I have didate, telling him that the fifth libation It for him. is called the sealed obligation, as it is to * Warder-Advance and communicate it seal all his former engagements in Mato the Sir Knight on your left. sonry. The pass, GOLGOTHA, is then given by The Grand Commander here also gives the two Wardens, and the Warder re- a short history of the degree. The subturns and reports the same to the Most stance of it is, that the object of the deEminent Grand Commander, who directs gree of Knight Templar was originally the candidate to enter. The veil is then instituted to preserve Masonry, which drawn aside, and the candidate enters had become much corrupted, &c. the assilum. Sometimes the candidate hesitates to Grand Commander (rising)-Who have drink out of the skull, in which case he you there in charge, Sir Knights? is intimidated as follows: Senior Warden-A pilgrim penitent, Grand Commander- Attention, Sir who, having performed his term of pen- Knights: [Knights form around the canance, seeks now to participate in the fifth didate:] Handle sword-draw swordlibation, thereby to seal his faith. charge I Grand Commander-Pilgrim, in grant- The Knights charge, as in the ening your request, and admitting you a graving. Knight among our number, we can only Grand Commander-Pilgrim, you here offer you a rough habit, coarse diet, and see the swords of your companions, all se vere duty. If, upon these conditions, drawn, ready to defend you in the disyou are still desirous of enlisting under charge of every duty we require of you. our banners, you will advance, and kneel They are also drawn to avenge any vioat the base of the triangle. lation of the rules of our Order. You Candidate kneels at base of triangle. promised, when you entered the chaos-'If n~r~5 C_2z-;9 TCS~ E~,. /, I-i~~ ill"

Page  120 12 0 tRICHARDSONYS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. ber of reflection, that you would conform unto that same day that he was tae-n. to all the ceremonies, rules, and regula- up from us, must one be ordained to be tions of this Encampment. We here a witness with us of his resurrection. have your promise in writing. We ex- And they appointed two, Joseph, called peet you will proceed. All Sir Knights Barsabas, who was surnamed Justus, and who have taken this degree, have parti- Matthias. And they prayed, and said, pated in the fifth libation; and if there is Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of anything in it that you do not perfectly all men, show whether of these two thou ntderstand, it will be qualified and ex- hast chosen, that he may take part of iained to your satisfaction. this ministry and apostleship, from which Candidate takes the skull in his hand, Judas by transgression fell, that he might and repeats after the Grand Commander go to his own place. And they gave forth as follows: This pure wine, I take from their lots, and the lot fell upon Matthias: this cup, in testimony of my belief of the and he was numbered with the eleven mortality of the body and the immortality apostles. of the soul; and as the sins of the whole Generalissimo to Grand Commanderworld were laid upon the head of our IMost Eminent, by the extinguished taper Saviour, so may the sins of the person upon the triangle, I perceive there is a whose skull this once was, be heaped vacancy in our Encampment, which I upon my head, in addition to my own; propose should be filled by some valiant and may they appear in judgment against Knight, who has passed through the cereme, both here and hereafter, should I vi- monies of our Order. elate or transgress any obligation in Ma- Grand Commander-Sir Knights, you sonry, or the Orders of Knighthood which will cast lots to fill this vacancy. I have heretofore taken, take at this time, Knights cast lots, and candidate is or may hereafter be instructed in. So chosen to fill the vacancy. help me God. [Drinks of the wine.] Grand Commander-Pilgrim, you are Grand Commander (taking skull from elected to fill the vacancy in our Encandidate)-This is called the sealed ob- campment made vacant by the death of ligation, because any promise of secresy, Judas Iscariot; and in testimony of yours made in reference to this obligation, is acceptance of that appointment, you Mwill considered by Knights Templars to be relight that extinguished taper, pon the more binding than any other obligation triangle. [Candidate lights it.] Thus can be. may the Lord lift upon yoll the light of The Grand Commander then resumes his reconciled countenance, and preserve his seat, and directs the Prelate to read you from falling. a lesson from the holy evangelist. The candidate then arises from the tri Prelate reads verses 15 to 27 of Acts i.: angle, and kneels before the Most Emi And in those days, Peter stood up in nent Grand Commander, who draws his the midst of the disciples, and said, (the sword, and laying it first on the candinumber of the names together were about date's left shoulder, then on his right, and an hundred and twenty,) Men and bre- on his head, says-By the high power in thren, this scripture must needs have me vested, as the successor and repre. been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost, by sentative of IIugho de Paganis, and Godthe mouth of David, spako before con- frey Adelman, I now dub and create you cerning Judaes, which was guide to them a Knight of the Valiant and Alagnasiithat took JesTus. For he was numbered mous Order of Knights T-implars, and with us, and had obtained part of this Knights of Malta, or Order of St. Jolinsa ministry. lNow this man purchased a of Jerusalem; field with the reward of iniquity; and Grand Commander (taking candidate falling headlong, he burst asunder in the by the hand)-Arise, Sir Knight, anld'midst, atnd all his bowels gushed out.. with this hand receive a helmty welcolme.And it was known to all the dwellers at into the bosom of a society which xvill be J;rusalem; insomuch as that field is call- ever readyto defend and protect you. 1 ed in their proper tongue, Aceldama, that will now present you with this swold, in is to say, The field of blood. For it is the hand of a valiant and mnagl arinrnou written in the book of Psalms, Let his Knight. It is endowed with threk. nelst habitation be desolate, aril let no man excellent qualities, viz.: its hilt with jJu. dwell therein: and his bishopric, let ano- lice, its blade with fortitude. auld its 1oirt ther take. Wherefore, of thesemenuwhich with mercy; aend it teaches us tlis im have companied with us, all *.he time that portant lesson. I-Having faith in the jus the Lord Jesus went in and out among tice of our cause, we must press forward us, beginning from the baptism of John, with undaunted fortitude, ever remea

Page  121 ORDEIR OF KNIGATS TEMPLARS: THE INITIATION. 121 bering to extend the point of mercy to Melita. And the barbarous people showa fallen foe. ed us no little kindness: for they kindled Grand Commander then instructs can- a fire, and received us every one, bedidate in the Pilgrim Penitent's Pass, as cause of the present rain, and because of described on page 117; and also in the the cold. And when Paul had gathered signs, grip and word in this degree, as a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the followvs: fire, there came a viper out of the heat, The due-guard is given by: and fastened on his hand. And when p.acing the end of the thumb - the barbarians saw the venomous beast of the right hand under the hang on his hand, they said amongthemchin, the fingers clenched. It selves, No doubt this man is a murderalludes to the penalty of the er, whom, though he hath escaped the obligation, impaling the head sea, yet vengeance suffereth not- to live. on the highest spire in chris- And he shook off the beast into the fire, tendom. and felt no harm. The cross is given by draw- This sign is then made mg the hand horizontally a- by holding out both hands, cross the throat, and darting as though you were warmit up perpendicularly before i ing them, to the fire, and the face, the edge of the hand ~! immediately seize hold of towards the mouth. the lower edge of the left The grand hailing sign of -/ l hand, near the main joint distress is given by placing \ of the little finger, with the the right foot over the left, thumb and fore finger of extend both arms and incline "- the right; raise them in head to the right. It is the manner that this position, as high as the the Saviour was nailed to the cross. The chin, disengage them with motto of the Order, IN HOC SIGNO VIN- a quick motion, and exCES, is given in this position. tend them downwards on each side, at an angle of forty-five degrees from the the body, the fingersmexten2.' Aded, and palms downward. S7 _-. —.- ~ The Prelate reads verse 19 of St. John, chapter xix.: And Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross. And the writing was JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS. This is the grand word of a Knight of Malta. INRI. It is formed by the initials of the four words that Pilate put on thea cross, viz.: Iasus Nazaresi Rex Iudaorulm. The grip is given by interlacing the fingers of the right and left hands, and;eich, as he crosses his arms, pronounces v It i word EMMANUEL. Grand Commander then tells candid tte that in America the degrees of R:lights Templars and Knights of Malta are given together; and that he has received the two degrees, except a few signs, which belong to the;Knights of Malta, which will be then explained. The Prelate now reads verses 1 to 6 of Acts xxviii..: And when they were escaped, then iisesy knew that the island was called ight Templar's Grip.

Page  122 -22 IRWCHARDSONS' MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. The Prelate reads verses 24 to 28 of St. Senior Warden —His duty? John, chapter xx.: Knight-To observe the orders and di. But Thomas, one of the twelve, called rections of the Grand Commander; to P)idymus, was not with them when Je- see that the Sentinels are at their re.,bus came; The other disciples therefore spective posts, and that the Encampment said unto him, We have seen the Lord. is duly guarded. But he said unto them, Except I shall Senior Warden-You will proceed, and see in his hands the print of the nails, describe to me the Sword Bearer's staand put my finger into the print of the tion in the Encampment? nails, and thrust my hand into his side, Knight-On the right of the Standard; will not believe. And after eight days, Bearer fs the west, and on the right of again his disciples were within, and Tho- the third division. mas with them. Then came Jesus, the Senior Warden-His duty? doors being shut, and stood in the midst, Knight-To assist in the protection of and said, Peace be unto you. Then saith the banners of our Order, to watch all he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, signals fi'om the Grand Commander, and and behold my hands; and reach hither see his orders duly executed. thy hand, and thrust it into my side; and Senior Warden-Standard Bearer's stabe not faithless, but believing. And tion in the Encampment? Thomas answered and said unto him, Knight-In the west, and in the centre Bly Lord, and my God. of the third division. Grand Commander now explains the Senior Warden —His duty? grip and word of a Knight of Malta. He Knight-To display, support, and pro says to candidate tect the banners of our Order. -Thomas, reach n Senior Warden-Why is the Standar4 hither thy finger, c-' > Bearer's station in the west? and feel the print Knight-That the brilliant rays of the of the nails; [they rising sun, shedding their lustre apon the join right hands, banners of our Ord3r, may encourage and force the first / ad animate all true and courteous fingerinto the cen-' Knights, and dismay and confound their tre of the palm;] enemies. riach hither thy Senior Warden-Recorder's station in hland, and thrust the Encampment? it into my side.- Knight-On the left, in front of the Each extends out Captain General. his left hand, and Senior Warden-His duty? presses his fingers Knight-To observe with attention the into the left side order of the Encampment, keep a just of his companion, and regular record of the same; collect still holding on by the revenue, and pay the same over to the grip. With the Treasurer. arms thus crossed, Senior Warden-Treasurer's station in one pronounces the words 5My Lord I the the Encampment? sther says, And my God I Knight-In front of the Generalissimo. The candidate is informed that he has Senior Warden-His duty? taken the degree of Knights Templars, Knight-To receive in charge all funds and Knights of Malta, and is directed to and property of the Encampment; pay take a seat. all orders drawn upon him, and render a If there is no more business before the just and faithful account when required. Encampment, the ceremonies of closing Senior Warden-Station of the J'lnior commence, the Senior Warden first giv- Warden in -the Encampment? ing a lecture. HIe interrogates one of Knight-At the south-west angle of tl-o lhe Sir Knights as to what constitutes a triangle, and on the left of the first di Knight Templar, the number of Knights vision. requisite to form an Encampment, names Senior Warden-His duty? of the officers, &c. He then asks the Knight-To attend to all poor and stltions and duties of the officers, viz.: weary pilgrims traveling from afar; to Senior Warden-Where, is the Warder's accompany them on their journey; anstation in the Encampment? swer all questions for them, and finally Knsight —On the left of the Standard introduce them into the assillm. Bearer in the west, and on the left of the Senior Warden-Senior Warde,'s sta, third division., tion in the Encampme.nt?

Page  123 iKCHIGHTS OF THE CHRISTTAN MARK: THE OPENING. 123 Knight —At the north-west angle of KNIGHTS OF CHRISTIAN MARK. the triangle, and on the right of the second division. Senior Warden —His duty there? Knight-To attend on pilgrim warriors traveling from afar; to comfort and support pilgrims penitent, and, after due trial, to recommend them to the hospitality of the Generalissimo. Senior Warden-Prelate's station in the Encampment? Knight-Right of the Generalissimo. AND GUARDS OF THE CONCLAVE. Senior Warden-His duty there? Knight-To administer at the altar, This is a Conclave, governed by an and offer up prayers and adorations to Invincible Knight of the Order of St. the Deity. Johns of Jerusalem. Senior Warden-The Captain Gene- The officers are as follows: ral's station? Invincible Knight, presiding, sits in Knight-On the left of the Grand Com- the east. mander. Senior and Junior Knights on his right Senior Warden-His duty? and left in front. Knight-To see that the proper offi- Six Grand Ministers, who are stationed cers make all suitable preparations for in the north. the several meetings of the Encamp- Conductor and Guard in the west. mnent, and take special care that the assi- Invincible to the Junior Knight-Sir lhln is in a suitable array for the intro- Knight, are we all secret and secure duction of candidates and dispatch of from the prying eyes of the profane? business, also, to receive and communi- Junior Knight-We are, Invincibie. cate all orders from the Grand Com- Invincible to Senior Knight-Sir Semnander to the officers of the line. nior, you will instruct the Knights to as.. Senior Warden-The Generalissimo's semble in due form for the purpose of station? opening this Invincible Order. Knight-On the right of the Grand Senior Knight-Attention, Sir Knightc C(Iumander. -form the circle for devotion. Senior Warden-H-is duty? Knights kneel on both knees in a cirKnight-To receive and communicate cle, each with his right hand on his heart, all orders, signals and petitions, and as- and his left hand on his forehead. sist the Grand Commander in the dis- Invincible Knight now offers the folcharge of his various duties, and in his lowing prayer: absence to govern the Encampment. Eternal source of life, of light, and per. Senior Warden-Grand Commander's fection, Supreme God and Governor of station I all things, liberal dispenser of every blessKnight-In the east. ing I We adore and magnify thy holy Senior Warden-His duty? name for the many blessings we have reKnight-To distribute alms, and pro- ceived from thy hands, and acknowledge tect weary pilgrims, traveling from afar; our unworthiness to appear before thee; ta encourage pilgrim warriors, to sus- but for the sake and in the name of thy tain pilgrims penitent; feed the hungry, atoning Son, we approach thee as lost clothe the naked, bind up the wounds of and undone children of wrath; but the afflicted; to inculcate hospitality, and through the blood of sprinkling, and the govern his Encampment with justice and sanctification of t' A Holy Ghost, we muoderation. come imploring e continuation of thy This ends the first section. The second favors, for thou hast said, that he who scction recapitulates the manner of initi- cometh to thee through faith in the Sca ating a candidate into the illustrious Or- of thy love, thou wilt in no wise casti der, the Junior Warden inquiring how it out; therefore, at the foot of the cross was done, and the Knight describing, in we come, supplicating pardon for our detail, in reply to questions, the whole past offences, that they may be blotted ceremony. out from the book of thy remembrance, After the lecture, the Encampment is and be seen no more, and that the re. close d by giving the signs, kneeling at mainder of our days may be spent as bethe altar, &c., similar to the ceremonies cometh the followers of the Holy One of in the RUe, Cross Degree. Israel; and graciously grant that lobes

Page  124 124 MIcasLRDSON1s MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. harmony, peace,, and unity may reign in with this same volume clasped in my this Council; that one spirit may ani- hands, [takingnup Bible,] that I will keep mate us-one God reign over us-and secret the words, signs, tokens, and grips one heaven receive us, there to dwell in of this Order of Knighthood, from all but thine adorable presence, for ever and those Knights of St. Johns of Jerusalem, ever. Amen. who have shown a Christian disposition Invincible Knight takes the Bible, and to their fellow-men, are professors of tha waves it four times over his head, say- Christian faith, and have passed through lng, Rex Regnantium et Dominus Do- the degrees of symbolic Masonry, anid mxinantium, [King of Kings and Lord of that I will protect rind support, as far as Lords.] Kisses the book and passes it to in me lies, the followers of the Lord Jethe Knight on his right. sus Christ, feed them, if hungry, give Each Knight takes the Bible, waves them drink, if thirsty; if naked, clothe and kisses it in the same manner, repeat- them with garments; teach them, if ig. ing the same words, until it comes round norant, and advise them for their good the circle to the Invincihle Knight, who and their advantage: All this I promise takes it again andreads from Matthew v.: in the name of the Father, of the Son, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs and of the Holy Ghost; and, if I perform is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are it not, LET ME BE ANATHEMA MARAthey that mourn, for they shall be com- NATHA I ANATHEMA MARANATHA I [acforted, &c. cursed at the comning of the Lord.] Invincible Knight orders the sign to be The Invincible Knight then interlaces given, viz.: each Knight interlaces the the fingers of his left hand with those of fingers of his left hand with the left hand the candidate, who lays his right hand on of a companion, when each draws his his heart. The Invincible Knight draws sword, and presenting it towards his his sword; the Senior Knight does the heart, pronounces the words TAIMUZ same; they cross them on the back of TOULIMETH. the candidate's neck. Invincible Knight-I pronounce this Invincible Knight-By virtue of the Convention opened in ample form. Let high power' in ime vested, by a bull of His us repair to our several stations, and Holiness, Pope Sylvester, I dub you a strictly observe silence. K night'of the Christian Mark, member of If a candidate is to be admitted, he is the Grand Council, and Guard of the shown into a side room by the Conductor, Grand Conclave. [Whispers in his ear who clothes him in a gown of brown stuff, TAMMUZ TOULIMETH.] and leads him to the door of the Council The Knights resume their places, and chamber, where he knocks two, six and the Senior Knight takes his seat. The two-2, 6 and 2. candidate continues standing, while the Junior Knight-Invincible, some one Conductor goes and brings a white robe. knocks for admission. Senior Knight reads from text-book as Invincible Knight-See who it is, and follows: make report. Thus saith the Lord, he that believeth Junior Knight (after going to the door and endureth to the end shall overcome, and back)-One that is faithful in good and I will cause his iniquities to pass from works, wishes admission here. him, and he shall dwell in my presence Invincible Knight-What good works for'ever and ever. Take away his filthy bath he performed? garments from him, and clothe him with Junior Knight-He hath given food to a change of raiment. For he that overthe hungry, drink to the thirsty, and cometh, the same shall be clothed in white clothed the naked with a garment. raiment, and his name shall be written in Invincible Knight-Thus far he hath the book of life, and I will confess his done well; but there is still much for him name before my father and his holy an>| to do. To be faithful in my house, saith gels. He that hath an ear to hear, let the Lord, he should be filled with love for him hear what the Spirit saith to the true my people. If so, let him enter under the believer. Set ye a fair mitre upon his penalties of his symbolic obligation. head, place a palm in his hand, for he Candidate enters with Conductor, and shall go in and out and minister before Junior Knight conducts him to the altar, me, saith the Lord of hosts; and he shall making the signs meanwhile. be a disciple of that rod taken from the Candidate kneels, the Knights assem- branch of the stem of Jesse. Forabranch ble round himl, and the Invincible Knight has grown out of his root, and the Spirit administers to him the following vow: of the Lord hat, rested upon it; the spi i, John Smith, do promise and vow, rit of hit wisdom, and aighlt, and right,

Page  125 RNIGHTS OF THE CHRISTIAN MARK: THE INITIATION. 125 eousness, is the girdle of his loins, and who sitteth upon the throne of heaven, faithfulness the girdle of his vine; and and unto the Lamb. he stands as an Insignia to the people, Knights (falling on their faces)-Amen, and him shall the Gentiles seek, and his Blessing, honor, glory, wisdom, thanksrest shall be glorious. Cause them that giving, and power, might, majesty, and have charge over the city to draw near, dominion, be unto our God, for ever and every one with the destroying weapon in ever, Amen. his hand. Knights now cast down crowns andi The six Grand Ministers come forward palm branches, and rise up and sayfrom the north with swords and shields. Great and numberless are thy works, The first is clothed in white, and has an thou King of Saints. Behold, the star inkhorn in his hand, and stands before the which I laid before Joshua, on which is Invincible. engraved seven eyes, as the engraving Invincible Knight-Go through the of a signet, shall be set as a seal on thine city; run in the midst thereof and smite; arm-as a seal on thine heart; for love is let not thine eye spare, neither have stronger than death; many waters canpity; for they have not executed my not quench it: If a man would give all judgments with clean hands, saith the the treasures of his house for love, he Lord of Hosts. cannot obtain it: It is the gift of God, Candidate (instructed)-Wo is me, for through Jesus Christ, our Lord. I am a man of unclean lips, and my Invincible Knigiht now delivers the foldwelling has been in the tents of Kedar, lowing charge to candidate-Sir Knight, and among the children of Meshec. I congratulate you on your having been First Minister (taking a live coal in the found worthy to be promoted to this hontongs from the altar, and touching candi- orable Order of Knighthood. It is highly date's lips with it)-If ye believe, thine honorable to all those worthy Knights, iniquities shall be taken away, thy sins who, with good faith and diligence, pershall be purged: I will that these be form its many important duties. The clean with the branch that shall be given honorable situation to which you are up before me. All thy sins are removed, now advanced, and the illustrious office and thiine iniquities blotted out. For I which you now fill, is one that was much have trodden the wine press alone, and desired by the first noblemen of Italy; with me was none of my people: For but ambition and jealousy caused his behold, I come with dyed garments from Highness, Pope Alexander, to call on his Bozrah, mighty to save. Refuse not, ancient friend, the Grand Master of the therefore, to hearken; draw not away Knights of St. Johns, of Jerusalem, to thy shoulders; shut not thine ear that guard his person and the Holy See, as thou shouldest not hear. those knights were known to be well The six Ministers now flourish their grounded in the faith, and zealous folswords as if they were about to com- lowers of the Lord. The members of mnence a great slaughter. this guard were chosen by their counteSenior Knight to First Minister-Stay nances, for it is believed that a plain thine hand: proceed no further until thou countenance is an indication of the heart; hast set a mark on those that are faithful and that no stranger should gain admisin the house of the Lord, and trust in the sion and discover the secrets of this aupower of his might. Take ye the signet, gust assembly, this Order of the Chrisand set a mark on the forehead of my tian Mark was conferred on those who people that have passed through -great went about doing good, and following tribulation, and have washed their robes, the example of their Illustrious Master, and have made them white in the blood Jesus Christ. Go thou and do likewise. of the Lamb which was,slain, from the This ends the initiation, and if there foundation of the world. is no business before the Knights, they First Minister takes the signet and form round the altar, give signs, &c., the presses it on candidate's forehead, leav- closing ceremonies being similar to those lug an impression in red letters, "King of opening. of Kings, and Lord of Lords." The Min- The Motto of the Order is-Christus ister then opens a scroll. regnat, vincit, triumphat: Rex regnanFirst Minister to Invincible Knight- tium, et Dominus dominantium. [Christ Sir Knight, the nomber of sealed are one rules, conquers, triumphs, &c.] hundred and forty-four thousand. Insignia-On the left breast a trianglInvincible Knight raps four, and all lar plate of gold, seven eyes engraved the Knights stand up before him, when on one side, on the other the letter G in he says —Salvation belongeth to our'God, the five points.

Page  126 126 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY ORDER OF KNIGHTS OF THE Verger goes to the door, opens it a lib HOLY SEPULCHRE. tie, looks out, and then returns to his place. The histoly of this degree is briefly as Verger-Right Reverend Prelate, there follows: St. Helen, mother of Constan- are seven brethren who solicit admission tine the Great, made a journey to the to this Grand Council. Holy Land in the year 296, to search out Prelate-On what is their desire -I e true cross. After considerable search founded?:ree crosses were found, but it was dif- Verger-On a true Christian principle, 4icult to determine which was the true to serve the church and its members, by one. Pope Marcellimus, in order to test performing the seven corporeal works of the matter, had the three conveyed to mercy, and to protect and guard the Holy the bed of a dying woman. Touching Sepulchre from the destroying hands of the first, nor the second, did not affect our enemies. her, but the moment she laid her hand Prelate-Admit them, if you please, upon the third, she was almost instantly that we may know them. restored to perfect health. This, then, Candidates come forward. was the true cross. In gratitude for her Prelate-Are you followers of the Cap, own success, St. Helen erected a church tain of our salvation? on the spot where the crosses were found, Verger-We are, Right Reverend Preand instituted the Order of Knights of late. the Holy Sepulchre. The Knights were Prelate-Attend, then, to the sayings bound by a sacred vow to guard the Holy of our Master, Jesus Christ. Thou shalt Sepulchre, protect pilgrims, and fight in- love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, fidels, and enemies of the Cross of Christ. with all thy mind, with all thy soul, and A Council of Knights of the Holy Se- with all thy might. This is the first great Fulchre represents a cathedral church, commandment, and the second is like the altar covered with black, and upon unto it; thou shalt love thy neighbor as which is placed three large candles, a thyself: on these two commandments cross, and in the centre a skull and cross hang all the law and the prophets. Will bones. you take the vows of our Order? The Principal, or Prelate, stands on Candidates assent by bowing. the right side of the altar, with a Bible The Verger and Beadle now hold the in one hand, and a staff in the other; Bible, on which each of the seven places soft music plays, and the veil is drawn his right hand, and repeats after the Pre. up, and discovers the altar. The choir late as follows: recite: 1, John Smith, in the name of the high Hush, hush, the heavenly choir, and undivided Trinity, do promise and They cleave the air in bright attire: vow to keep and conceal the high mysteSee, see, the lute each angel brings, ries of this noble and invincible Order of And hark divinely thus they sing: Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, from all' but such as are ready and willing to serve To the power divine, the church of Christ, by acts of valor All glory be given, and charity, and its members, by perBy man upon earth, forming all the corporeal works of.merAnd angels in heaven. cy; and that, as far as in me lies, I will Prelate (stepping before the altar)- defend the church of the Holy Sepulchre Kyrie Elieson; Christe Elieson; Kyrie from pillage and violence, and guard and Elieson; Amen: Gloria Sibi Domino I I protect pilgrims on their way to and from declare this Grand Council opened, and the Holy Land; and if I perform not ready to proceed to business. this, my vow, to the best of my abilitie4 The Priests and Ministers now take let me become inanimatus, [dead.] their several stations. By direction of the Prelate the seven When one or more candidates are to interlace their fingers, cross their arms be admitted, they are prepared in the and say, De mortuis, nil nisi bonum; outer room by the Verger, who leaves [concerning the dead, say nothing but them and returns to his place. good. I If there are less than seven, a number Prelate to candidates-Take the sword, of the brethren make up the number to and travel onward-guard the Holy Seseven; and they all go to the door, x and pulchre-defeat our enemies-unfurl the they rap seven times. banner of our cross-protect the Roman Prelate to Verger-See the cause of Eagle-return with victory and safety. that alarm, and report. The candidates depart, going towards

Page  127 ORDER OF TIIE CROSS: THIE OPENING. 127 the south, where they meet a band of ORDER OF THE CROSS. Turks —a desperate conflict ensues-the Knights are victorious-they seize the None but Knights Templars can take crescent, and return to the Cathedral in this degree. The officers are lM'ost Illus, triumph, and place the banner, eagle, trious Sovereign Pretect, seated in the and crescent before the altar, and take east; Worshipul Provost, Senior and their seats. Junior Inductor, Herald, Guards, &c. The Prelate reads a chapter from the The Council having assembled, the New Testament, and the choir sings: Sovereign Prefect says: Creator of the radiant light, Prefect-Most Worshipful Provost, Dividing day from sable night, what is the hour? Who, with the light, bright origin, Provost (rising, facing the east, and The world's creation didst begin. raising his mark in his right hand)-Most Prelate then says-Let our prayer Illustrious, it is now the first hour of the come before thee, and let our exercise be day, the time when our Lord suffered, acceptable iL thy sight. [Candidates and the veil of the temple was rent asunkneel at the foot of the altar.] der; when darkness and consternation w Prelate (offering them bread) —Breth- was spread over the earth, when the ren, eat ye all of this bread in love, that confusion of the old covenant was made ye may learn to support each other. light in the new, in the temple of the [Taking a cup]-Drink ye all of this cross. It is the third watch, when the cup to ratify the vow that ye have made, implements of Masonry were brokenand-learn to sustain one another. when the flame, which led the wise men The Prelate'now raises candidates up of the east, reappeared —when the cuby the grip (interlace the fingers). bic stone was broken, and the word was Prelate to first candidate-Sir, I greet given. thee a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre; Sovereign Prefect to Herald-Worthy go feed the hungry. Herald, it is my will that this House or To second candidate-Give drink to God be closed, and the remembrance of the thirsty. those solemn and sacred events, be here To third candidate-Clothe the naked commemorated: make this known to the with a garment. Most Worshipful Provost, in due and anTo fourth candidate-Visit and ran- cient form. som the captives. Herald bows to Sovereign Prefect, reTo fifth candidate-Harbor the har- tires, and approaches the Provost, to borless, give the orphan and widow whom he bows thrice, and then faces wvhere to lay their heads. about and gives a blast with his horn. To sixth candidate-Visit and relieve This calls up the Sir Knights, who file in the sick. threes around him. To seventh candidate-Go and bury Herald-Most Worshipful Provost, it the dead. is the sovereign will of Count Albertus, Candidates all make crosses, and say- of Pergamus, that this House of God be In nomini patria filio et spiritus sancto. closed, and that those solemn and sacred Amen. events in the new covenant be here Prelate-Brethren, let us recommend commemorated: you will observe this. to each other the practice of the four [Herald bows.] cardinal virtues-prudence, justice, tem- Provost to Senior Inductor (rising)perance, fortitude. Worthy Senior Inductor, it is the will or This ends the initiation. the Most Illustrious Prefect that here In closing the Council, the Knights all now be opened a Council of Knights of rise, stand in a circle, interlace theif fin- the Cross: what therein becomes your gers, and say-Sepulchrum. duty? Prelate —Gloria patri, et filio, et spiri- Senior Inductor-To receive the comtus sancto. [Glory to father, son, and mands of my superiors in the Order, and holy spirit.] pay obedience thereto-to conduct and Knights —Sicut erat in principio, et instruct my ignorant pass-brethren; and nunc, et semper et in secula seculorum. to revere, and inculcate reverence in othAmen. [As it was in the beginning, is ers, for the Most Holy and Almighty God, now, and shall be, world without end.] Provost (speaking fiercely)-By what Prelate then pronounces the benedic- right do you claim this duty? tion as follows-Blessed be thou, 0 Lord, Senior Inductor-By the right of a our God! Great first cause and governor- sign, and the mark of a sign. of all things! &c.-which closes Provost-Will you give me a sign t

Page  128 I,28 RICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Senior Inductor-I could if I should. of the Provost, and says-Most Worthy Most Worshipful Provost partly ex- Provost, by order of our Sovereign Pre. tends both arms, pointing dbwnwards to feet, I here bring you to be marked a proan angle of about forty degrees, with the fessing brother of the Cross. palms open, and upwards, to show they Provost-Know you the Cross of our are not sullied with iniquity and oppres- Council? slon, and says-Worthy Senior Inductor, Candidate-I am a Christian. you mnay give it. Provost-No more. Administer the ol, Senior Inductor looks him full in the ligation. face, and with his fore finger touches his The first obligation is then administer right temple, and lets fall his hand, and ed, as follows: says-This is a sign. You, John Smith, do now, by your Provost-A sign of what? honor, and in view of the powei' and Senior Inductor-Aye, a sign of what? union of the Thrice Illustrious Order of Provost-A penal sign. the Cross, now first made known to you, Senior Indlictor-Your sign is and in the dread presence of the Most Provost-The last sign of my induc- Holy and Almighty God, solemnly and tion. But you have the mark of a sign. sincerely swear and declare, that, to the Senior Inductor-The sign whereof my end of your life, you will not, either in mark is a mark, I hope is in the Council consideration of gain, interest, or honor, above. nor with good or bad design, ever take Provost-But the mark - any, the least, step or measure, or be inSenior Inductor-Is in my bosom. strumental in any such object, to betray Senior inductor produces his mark in or communicate to any person, or being, his left hand, and with the fore finger of or number of the same, in the known his right on the letter S, on the cross, world, not thereto of cross and craft enasks-What's that? titled, any secret or secrets, or ceremony Provost-Lisha. or ceremonies, or any part thereof apWorshipful Provost puts his finger on pertaining to the Order and Degree the letter H, and asks-What is this? known among Masons as the Thrice Ii Senior Inductor-Sha. lustrious Order of the Cross. That you Worthy Senior Inductor then puts his will not, at any time or times whatever, finger on the letter 1, and asks-What is either now or hereafter, directly or indithis 1? rectly, by letter, figure, or character, how. Provost-Baal. What is your mark? ever or by whoever made, ever commuSenior Inductor-Baal, Sha-Lisha; nicate anyof the information and secret [Lord of the three;] I am the Lord. mysteries heretofore alluded to. That Provost-You are my brother. and the you will never speak on or upon, or duty is yours of ancient right; please breathe high or low, any ceremony or announce the Council open. secret appertaining thereto, out of CounWhen a new member is to receive this cil, where there shall not be two or more Order, the following are the ceremonies: Knights companions of the Order presThe Senior Inductor steps to the door ent, besides yourself, and that in a safe and gives three raps, and is answered by and sure place, whereby any opinion, some Knight from without, who is then even of the nature and general princiadmitted, and the Senior Inductor gives ples of the institution, can be formed by the conditional sign, (which is by partly any other person, be he Mason or otherextending both arms, as before de- wise. than a true Knight companion of scribed;) the Knight answering by put- the Cross; nothing herein going to interting his finger to his right temple, as be- fere with the prudent practice of the dufore shown. ties enjoined by the Order, or arrang~ Senior Inductor-to Sovereign Prefect- ment for their enforcement. Most Illustrious, a professing brother is You further swear, that,'should yct within the Council by virtue of a sign. know another to violate any essentia Prefect-Worthy Herald, go to this part of this obligation, you will use your professing brother, and see him marked most decided endeavors, by the blessing before the chair of the most Worshipful of God, to bring such person to the Provost; condtct him thither strictest and most condign punislilhltit, Herald to candidate-WViorthy Sir know agreeably to the rules and usages of our you the sacred cross of our Council? ancient fraternity, and this by pointing Candidate-I am a Christian. him out to the world as an unworthy Herald-Follow me. vagabond; by opposing his interest, by IIerald conducts the candidate in front deranging his business, by transferring

Page  129 ORDER OF THE CROSS: THE INIrIATION. 129 his character after him wherever he many up to this time, lived according to the go, and by exposing him to the contempt principles of that religion, bv acting upon of the whole fraternity and the wolld, the squale of virtue with all men, nor but of outr illustrious Older mole espe- defieuding any, nor defamed the good cially, during his whole natural life: name of any, nor indulged sensual appenottling herein going to prevent yourself, tites unreasonably, but more especially or any other, when elected to the dignity to the dishonor of the matrimonial tie, of Thrice Illustrious, from retaining the nor extorted on, or oppressed the poor. ritual of the Order, if prudence and cau- Candidate-I have not been guilty of tioa appear to be the governing princi- these things. I)le in so retaining it, such dignity anu- Provost-You have then entitled yourthorizing the elected to be governed by self to our highest confidence, by obeyso lrule but the dictates of his own judo- ing the injunctions of our Thrice Illusrenut, in regard to what will best con- trious Prefect in Heaven, of "doing to duce to the interest of the Order; but all men even as you would that they that he be responsible for the character should do unto you." Can you so conft' those whom he may induct, and for tinue to act, that yearly on the anniverthe conceallnent of the said ritual. sary of St. Albert, you can solemnly Should any Thrice Illustrious Knight, swear for the past season you have not or acting officer of any Council which been guilty of the crimes enumerated ir tay have them iu hand, ever require these questions? sour aid in any emergency in defence of Candidate-By the help of God, I can. the recovery of his said charge, you swear Provost-Be it so, then, that annually, cheerfully to exercise all assistance in his on the anniversary of St. Albert, yot favor, which the nature of the time and swear to these great questions; and the place will admit, even to the sacrifice of confidence of the Knights Companions life, liberty, an(d property. of the Order in you, rests on your being To all, and every part thereof, we then able so to do. [Provost pauses, and then bind you, and by ancient usage you bind continuesJ-For the future, then, you yourself, under the no less infamous pen- promise to be a good man, and to be govalty than dying the death of a traitor, by erned by the moral laws of God and the having a spear, or other sharp instru- rules of the Order, in always dealing nmellt, like as our divine Master, thrust in openly, honorably, and above deceit, esyour left side, bearing testimony, even in pecially with the Knights Companions of death, of the power and justice of the the Order? maik or the holy cross. Candidate-I do. Provcst —Mr. Smith, before you can Provost-You promise so to act with be admitted to the benefits of this Thrice all mankind, but especially with the fraIllustrious Order, it becomes my duty to ternity, as that you shall never be justly ask you certain questions relative to your called a bad paymaster, ungrateful, a lpast life, and resolutions for the future. liar, a rake, or a libertine, a man careWe shall expect true and candid an- less in the business of your vocation, a swers from you. Have you given me drunkard, or a tyrant? your true baptismal and family name, Candidate-I do. your correct age, birth-place, and present Provost-You promise to lead a life as residencel upright and just in relation to all manCandidate-I have. kind as you are capable of, but in matProvost-It is well. Were your pa- ters of difference to preserve the interest rents free, and not slaves; and had they of a companion of the Order, or of a cornright or title in the soil of the earth, and panion's friend for whom he pleads, to were they devoted to the religion of the any mere man of the world? Cross? Candidate-I do. Candidate-They were free, and de- Provost-You promise never to engage voted to the true religion, and thus was in mean party strife, nor conspirac -s I educated. against the government or religion )f Provost-Have you searched the spir- your country, whereby your reputation Itual claims of that religion on your grati- may suffer, nor ever to associate with tude and your affections; anid have you dishonorable men even for a moment, continued steadfast it that faith from except it be to secure the interest of such choice and a conviction of your duty to person, his family or friends, to a coImhleaven, or from education? panion, whose necessities require this Candidate-From dutv and choice. degradation at your hands 1 Provost-It is vwell. Ilave you ever, Candidate-I do, 9

Page  130 130 RICHARDSONTS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Provost-Yor promise to act honora- the protector of the poor a.nd unfortubly in all matters of office or vocation, nate; and ever to observe the corlmmon even to the value of the one-third part of rights of human nature without (cncroacha Roman penny, and never to take any ient, or permitting encroachment thereadvantage therein, unworthy the best on, if in my power to prevteit or lessen countenance of your companions, and it. I will, mioreover, act in subordination this, that they shall not, by your unwor- to the laws of my country, and never thiness, be brought into disrepute? countenance any change in the govern. Candidate-I do. ment under which I live, without good?rovost-It is well. Administer the and answerable reasons for so doing,;bath. that ancient usages and immemorial cus. The candidate now takes the following toms be not overturned. final oath, or obligation: 3d. I swear to venerate the mark as I, John Smith, do now, by the honor the wisdom and decree of Heaven, to and power of the mark of the Holy and unite our hands and hearts in the wnoi k Illustrious Order of the Cross, which I of the holy clrusade, and as an encouragedo now hold to Heaven in my right hand ment to act with zeal and efficacy, a. d as an earnest of my faith, and in the dread I swear to consider its testimonies as the presence of the most holy and Almighty true and only proper test of an iliustriGod, solemnly swear and declare, that 1 ous brother of the cross. do hereby accept of, and for ever will 4th. I swear to wear the mark of this consider the cross and mark of this Or- Order, without any the least addition, exder as my only hope: that I will make it cept what I shall be legally entitled to by' the test of faith and fellowship; and that induction, for ever, if not without the I will effect its objects and defend its physical means of doing so, or it beilng mysteries to the end of my days, with my contrary to propriety; and even then, if life and with my property-and first, that possible, to wear the holy cross; andl I in the state of collision and misunder- swear to put a chief dependence for the standing impiously existing among the said worthy and pious objects therein. princes and pilgrims, defenders and chamin- 5th. I swear to put confidence unlimit, pions of the Holy Cross of Jesus our ed in every illustrious brother of the Lord, now assembled in the land and city cross, as a true and worthy follower of of their peace, and considering that the the blessed Jesus, who has sought this glory of the Most High requires the laud, not for private good, but pity, and greatest and strictest unanimity of mea- the glory of the religion of the Most sures and arms, the most sacred union of High and Holy God. sentiment and brotherly love in the sol- 6th. I swear never to permit political diers who there thus devote themselves principles nor personal interest to come to his cause and banner, I swear strictly counter to a brother's, if forbearance and to dedicate myself, my life and my prop- brotherly kindness can operate to treerty for ever hereafter to his holy name vent it; and never to meet him if I kl;low and the purposes of our mark, and to it, in war or in peace, under such circumthe best interest of all those who thus stances that I may not, in justice to mywith me become Knights of the Cross: self, my cross, and my country, wish hlut I swear for ever to give myself to this unqualified success; and if perchance it holy and illustrious Order, confiding fully should happen without my knowledge, and unreservedly in the purity of their on being informed thereof, that I will ulse morals and the ardor of their. pious en- my best endeavors to satisfy him, even to thusiasm, for the recovery of the land of the relinquishing of my arms and purtheir fathers, and the blessed clime of pose. I will never shed a brother's blood our Lord's sufferings, and never to re- nor thwart his good fortune, knowling &ounce the mark of the Order nor the him to be such, nor see it done by others tiainms and welfare of my brethren. if in my power to prevent it. 2d. And that the holy and pious enthu- 7th. I swear to advance my brother's siasm of my brethren may not have interest, by always supporting his milislander or disgrace at my hands, or the tary fame and political preferment in opOrder be injured by my unworthiness, I position to another; and by employing swear for ever to renounce tyranny and his arms or his aid in his vocation under oppression in my own persson and place, all circumstances where I shall not subwhatever it may be, and to stand forth fer more by doing so, than he, by my against it in others, whether public. or neglecting to do so, but this never to the private; to become the champion of the sacrifice of any vital interest in our holy cross; to observe the common good. be religion, or in the welfare of my country.

Page  131 ORDER OF THE CROSS: THE INITIATION. 131 Pth. I swear to look on his enemies as contained within the apartment of Coun.,ny enemies, his friends as my friends, cil, as also the Holy Bible; nor will I N.nd stand forth to mete out tender kind- ever see a Council opened for business, ness orvengeance accordingly; butnever without the ceremony of testing the to intrude on his social or domestic rela- mark, exercised on the character of evtions to his hurt'or dishonor, by claiming ery brother, prayers, and the reading of h.: privileges, or by debauching or de- the 35th Psalm of David; nor will I ever fa ning his female relations or friends. see, consentto, or countenance, more than Jath. I svwear never to see calmly, nor two persons of the same business or callwithout earnest desires and decided mea- ing in life, to belong to, or be incdimted sures to prevent, the ill treatment, slan- and advanced in any one Council of which der, or defamation, of any brother Knight, I am a member, at the same time; no. nor ever to view danger or the least sha- thing therein going to exclude members dow of injury about to fall on his head, from other parts of the country., or from without well and truly apprising him foreign parts, from joining us, if they thereof; and, if in my power to prevent consent formally and truly to stand in it, never to fail, by my sword or counsel, deference and defence, first, of their speto defend his welfare and good name. cial bar-brethren in the council, nor to 10th. I do swear never to prosecute a prevent advancements to fill vacancies, brother before those who know not our occasioned by death or removal. To all Order, till theremonstrancesof a Council this, and every part thereof, I do now, as shall be inadequate to do me justice. before, by the honor and power of the 11th. I swear to keep sacred my bro- mark, as by an honorable and awful ther's cecrets, both when delivered to oath, which confirmeth all things in the me as such, and when the nature of the dread presence of the Most Holy and information is such as to require secresy Almighty God, solemnly and in truth, fo, his welfare. bind and obligate my soul; and in the 12th. I swear to hold myself bound to earthly penalties, to wit, that, for the vihilu, especially in affliction and adversity, olation of the least matter or particle of to contribute to his necessities my prayers, any of the here taken obligations, I be my influence, and my purse. comle the silent and mute subject of the 13th. I swear to be under the control of displeasure of the Illustrious Order, and my Council, or, if belonging to none, to have their power and wrath turned on that which is nearest to me, and never to my head, to my destruction and dishonor, demur to, or complain at, any decree which, like the nail of Jael, may be tho concerning me, which my brethren, as a sure end of an unworthy wretch, by Council, shall conceive me to deserve, piercing my temples with a true sense of knd enforce on my head, to my hurt and my ingratitude-and for a breach of sidis-lhonor. I lence in case of such an unhappy event, 14th. I swear to obey all summonses that I shall die the infamous death of a sent from any Council to me, or from ally traitor, by having a spear, or other sharp Mot Illustrious Knight, whether Illustri- weapon, like as my Lord, thrust in my ous Counsellor for the time being, or by left side-bearing testimony, even in induction, and to be governed by the con- death, of the power of the mark of the stitation, usages, and customs of the Or- Holy and Illustrious Cross, before I. H. der without variation or change. S. our Thrice Illustrious Counsellor in 15th. I swear never to see nor permit Heaven, the Grand Council of the good. more than two candidates, who, with the To this I swear. Senior Inductor. will make three, to be The closing of the Council is somewhat advanced at the same time, in any Coun- similar to the opening ceremonies —the cii wvhere I shall be, nor shall any candi- Most Illustrious Prefect first inquiring it:, by suffrage, be inducted without a the duties of the several officers, as in Ianimous vote of the illustrious breth- other degrees.. ito Council; nor shall any Council ad- Herald then faces the Worthy Pro-,V suce any member, there not being three vost, bows, turns and gives a blast with Iiustrious Knights, or one Most Illustri- his horn, and says-Most Worthy Proous and four Illustrious Knights of the vost, it is the will of the Most Illustrious Cross present, which latter may be sub- Prefect that this Council be now closed. stituted by Most Illustrious Induction;' Give notice accordingly. nor yet where there shall not be a full The Provost notifies Senior Inductor, and proper mark of the Order, such as when the signs are given, with the usual usage had adopted to our altar, of metal, ceremony, and the Council is then door other durable and worthy material, clared closed.

Page  132 132 RICHARDSONIS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. INEFFABLE I)DEGREES, golden eye upon it. The Lodge should be enlightened by eighty-one candles, distributed by nine times nine. OR, THE LODGE OF PERFECTION. At the opening of the Lodge the Thrice Potent Master raps five, when the Grand Brothers or Companions of these de- Marshal rises. grees receive the name of God as it was Master-Your place in the Lodge? tevealed to Enoch, and are sworn not to GrandMarshalIn the north, Thrice Potent. pronounce it but once in their lives. Potent. Your busine Master-Your business there? Grand Marshal- To see that the Saneturn Sanctorum is duly guarded. - 0hNeiB\10Master-Please to attend to your duty, and inform the guards that we are about to open a Lodge of Secret Masters by the mysterious number. Grand Marshal goes to the door, returns and says-It is done, Most Powerful. Master-How are we guarded? Grand Master-By sevenl Secret Mas. ters stationed before the veil of the Sance turn Sanctorum. Master raps six. Adoniram, the Inspector, rises. SECRET MASTER. Master-Brother Adoniram, are you a Secret Master? Soon after the completion of the Tem- Inspector-I have passed from the ple, King Solomon selected seven worthy square to the compasses: I have seen the and expert brethren from the Craft, and tomb of our respectful Master, Hiram appointed then Secret Masters, or guards Abiff, and shed tears at the same. of the sanctum sanctorum, and the sa- Master-What is the hour? cred furniture of the holy place. Inspector-The dawn of day has driven A Lodge of Secret Masters represents away darkness, and the great light begins the Sanctuary of King Solomon's Tem- to shine in this Lodge. pie, adjoining the Sanctum Sanctorum. Master raps seven, when all the breIt is hung with black, sprinkled with thren rise. white tears. The furniture is covered Master-If the great light is a token of with black crape. There should be nine the dawn of day, and we are all Secret candlebras of nine lights each, but this Masters, it is timeto begin ourlabors. Bronumber is generally reduced to three ther Adoniram, you will give notice that times three. I am about to open a Lodge of Secret The Master is seated in the east, be- Masters by the mysterious number. fore a triangular table, and represents Adoniram proclaims this to the breKing Solomon. He is dressed in royal thren, when the signs are given by them robes, with a sceptre in his hand. He from' Entered Apprentice up to and inalso wears a large blue ribbon, extend- eluding Royal Arch, and also that of Siing from the right shoulder to the left lence, which belongs to this degree, as hip. at the end of which is suspended a follows: golden triangle. He is styled Thrice Master places the two fore fingers of Potent. his right hand on his lips, and the breThe second officer is seated in the west, thren all answer this sign by each placing and represents Adoniram, son of Abda, the two fore fingers of his left haed cn, who had the inspection of the work on his lips. Mount Lebanon. He is styled Grand In- All clap their hands seven times. spector, and is clothed in a black robe Master-I declare this Lodge of Se.! and cap, and is decorated with a white cret Masters open, and in order for busiribbon, bordered with black, with a black ness. Brother Grand Marshal, please to rosette on it, and an ivory key suspended inform the Guards. therefrom, with a figure of Z upon it. When a candidate for this degree is to All the other brethren wear black be admitted, he is prepared by the Masrobes and caps, with white arpons and ter of Ceremonies in an outer room and gloves, the strings of the aprons black led to the door of the Lodge, where seven the (lap of the apron is blue, with a distinct knocks are given.

Page  133 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: SECRET MASTER. 133 Adoniram (goes to the door and knocks ductors of the works which are raising seven times, then opens the door a little) to the divinity. The eye upon your — Who is there? apron is to remind you to have a careful Master of Ceremonies-A brother, who swatch over the conduct of the Craft in is well qualified, wishes to receive the general. degree of Secret Master. After the initiation, if there Is no other Adoniram-You will wait until the business, the Master begins a lecture, pleasure of our Thrice Potent Master is prior to closing. censulted. Master to Adoniram-Your duty as a Adoniram goes to Master in the east, Secret Master? and says, that a brother, well qualified, Adoniram-To guard the sanctum &c., desires to receive the degree of Se- sanctorum, and sacred furniture of the aret Master. holy place. Master-Is his integrity, zeal and good Master-What is that furniture? conduct, duly vouched for 1 Adoniram — The altar of incense, the Adoniram-It is. two tables of shew-bread, and the golden Master-Let him be admitted. candlesticks. Candidate is led in, and advances to Master-How are they placed? the altar; his right knee on the floor; Adoniraml-The altar of incense stands hesad bound, and a square fastened on his nearest the Sanctum Sanctorum, and the forehead by the bandage; a great light tables and candlesticks are placed, five in the right hand. A crown of laurel and on the north, and five on the south of the olive leaves lays upon the altar. holy place. The obligation is now administered. Master-What is meant by the eye of It enjoins secresy, and to obey the or our Lodge? d3rs and decrees of Council of Princes Adoniram-That Secret Masters should of Jerusalem, under penalties of all for- keep a careful watch over the conduct of mer degrees. the Craft in general. After the obligation, the Master (taking Master-What is your age? the crown of laurel and olive from the Adoniram-Three times twenty-seven, altar) says-My brother, you are now and accomplished, eighty-one. received as a Secret Master. Master raps five, and Grand Marshal The words and signs are now given to rises. the candidate. The words are SHAD- Master-Brother Grand Marshal, what AIA, ADONAI, and JUHA. The pass- is the last as well as the first care of a word is ZIzoN. The sign is given by Lodge of Secret Masters? placing the two fore fingers Grand Marshal-To see that the Sang of right hand on the lips. tumn Sanctorum is duly guarded. The token is thus given: L Master-Please attend to your duty, join hands as in the Master and inform the Guards that we are about lMason's grip, (page 36,) at to close this Lodge of Secret Masters by same time crossing the legs. the mysterious number. Master to the candidate- Grand Marshal goes and informs the Brother, you have hitherto 1 Guards, and returns and says-It is done only seen the thick veil that Most Potent. covers the sanctum sancto- Master raps six. Adoniran rises. rum of God's Temple your Master-Brother Adoniram, what 1i fidelity, zeal and constancy the hour? have gained you the favor Adoniram-The end of the day. that I now grant of show- Master-What remains to do? iLn, you our treasure, and Adoniram —To practice virtue, fly from - oducing you into the vice, and remain in silence., ret place. Master-Since there remains nothing Candidate is now inves- to do but to practice virtue and fly vice, t.,d with the decorations of let us enter again into silence, that the the degree, before describ- wvill of God may be accomplished. ed, blue ribbon, scarf, &c. The signs are now given of Secresy BMaster to candidate-As an approved and Silence, by placing the two fore-fin, Secret Master you now take rank among gers on their lips, as in the opening, and the Levites. In this quality you are to the brethren all clap their hands seven become the faithful guardian of the sanc- times. it:b sanctorum, and I put you in thes Master-I declare this Lodge of Secret number of seven, to be one of the con- iMasters duly closed.

Page  134 134 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. PERFECT MASTER Grand Marshal inforibs the Tyler, and then reports that the. Lodge is duly tyled. ~ —4B. nMaster raps three, and the Warden and iaster of Ceremonies rise. Master —Brother Stolkyn, are you a Perfect Master? Warden-1 have seen the tomb of our respectable Master, Hiram Abiff, arc have in company with my brethren sherl tears at the same. n" cI~ ~ IMaster —What is the hour? Warden-It is four. The Lodge is hung with green tapes- Master then knocks four, upon which try, on eight columns, four on each side, all the brethren rise. placed at equal distances; illuminated Master-If it is four, it is time to set with sixteen lights, placed at the four the workmen to labor. Give notice that cardinal points. A table stands before I am going to open a Lodge of Perfect the canopy covered with black. A pyra- Masters by four times four. mid in the north with open compasses Warden gives notice, when the breth. on it. One at the south with a blazing ren give the signs of all the degrees, with star upon it. those of this one, hereafter explained. Right Worshipful and Respectable!Master raps four, Warden four, Master Miaster, seated under a canopy in the of Ceremonies four, and Grand Marshal east, represents Adonirain, he being the four-then all the brethren clap their first of the seven who was chosen Secret hands four times four. Master by King Solomon. He command- Master-I declare this Lodge of Per. ed the works of the Temple before Hi- feet Masters open for business. Brother ram Abiff arrived'at Jerusalem, and af- Marshal, please to inform the Tyler that tcewards had the inspection of the works the Lodge is open. at Mount Libanus. He is decorated with Grand Marshal goes and informs the the ornaments of perfection, and is a Tyler, and returns to his seat and reports Prinae of Jerusalem. that the Lodge is duly tyled. Warden sits in the west, and repre- When a candidate is to be advanced to sents Stolkyn as Grand Inspector. this degree, he puts on the dress of a SeMaster of Ceremonies represents Zer- cret Master, and is prepared outside by bal, and is seated in the south. the Master of Ceremonies, who places a Grand Marshal in the north. green cord round his neck, a green sprig The assistants, being at least Perfect in his left hand, and leads him to the Masters, ought to be decorated with a door of the Lodge, where he gives four large green ribbon hung to the neck, distinct knocks. with a jewvel suspen.ded thereto, being Warden answers the knocks, and recompasses extended to sixty degrees. ports to the Master-Right Worshipful, The brethren wear black robes and while the Craft are engaged il lamenting caps, and have aprons of white leather the death of our Grand Master, Hiram with green flaps; on the middle of the Abiff, an alarm is heard at the inner door apron must be embroidered a square of the Lodge. stone, surrounded by three circles. with Master-Attend to the cause of it. the letter J in the centre. Warden orders the Tyler to open the On opening, the Master raps two, when door. Tyler raps four, and opens it; then the Grand Marshal rises. reports to Warden, who reports to lM{asMaster-Brother Grand Marshal, are ter, that there is in the ante-chamber a we all Perfect Masters? Secret Master, desirous of being raised'o Grand Marshal-We are, Right Wor- this degree. shipful and Respectable. Master-Is he worthy and qualified? Master-Your place in the Lodge? Warden-He is. Marshal-In the north, Right Worship- Master-Let him be introduced accordful and Respectable. ing to the ancient due form. Master-Your business there? Candidate is then conducted into the Marshal-To see that the Lodge is duly Lodge by the MaLster of Ceremonies, and tyled. brought before the lMkaster. Master-Please to attend to your duty Master-What is your request I and inform the Tyler that we are about Candidate-To receive the I.-bnorable to open a Lodge of Perfect Masters. degree of Perfect Master.

Page  135 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: PERFECT MASTER. 135 MIXaster-Before you can be admitted let the right arm fall perpendicularly on to this privilege, it will be necessary for the right side. This alludes to the penyou to join the funeral procession of Hi- alty of being smitten down with a maul. ram Abiff. Second sign is that of admirationCandidate is then conducted several Raise the hands and eyes upwards, as in tirues round the Lodge, the brethren join- the engraving, then let the hands fall ing ial the procession, and singing a dirge crossed in front, at the same time casting fie'um text-book, after which he passes to the eyes downwards. the tomb of Hiram Abiff, joined by the The pass-word is ACCASSIA. Master, (personating King Solomon.) The token is that of a Mark Master Master (looking at inscription J. M. B. given on the five points of fellowship; on the tomb, and making sign of admira- [page 42.J Mysterious word, JEvA, protion) — It is accomplished and complete. nounced Je-vau. The brethren now Master then invests candidate with the make the same sign \ jewel and apron of a Perfect Master, and of admiration, viz.: informs him that the jewel should remind faise hands and eyes, him to measure his conduct by the exact upward, and then let rule of equity. the armls fall crossed {X,.t/, Master then instructs candidate in the upon the abdomen, history of the degree, as follows: looking cownwards. After the b'ody of Hiram Abiff had been Master and breth- found, Solomon requested Adonilam to ren now resume their make suitable arrangements for his burial. proper places, while The brethren were ordered to attend with the Master of Cere- \ white aprons and gloves, and he forbade monies instructs the that the marks of blood, which had been candidate how to ap- i \\ spilled in the Temple, should be effaced proach the east, and \ untilthe assassiis had been punished. In to take upon himself the meantime, Adoniram furnished a plan the obligation in this for a superb tomlb and obelisk of white degree, as follows: by four times four and black marble, which were finitlhed in steps from a pair of compasses, extended nine days. The tomb was entered by from an angle of seven to that of sixty passing between twvo pillars, supporting degrees Candidate then takes the obli- a square stone surrounded by three cirgation, which enjoins secresy, and to cles. Onl the stone wvas engraved the letobey the orders and decrees of Council of ter J. On the tomb was a device reprethe Princes of Jerusalem. under penalties senting a virgin, &c., (as in third degree.) in all formcer degrees, and of bc:ing smit- Tbhe heart of Hiram Abiff was enclosed tell to the earth with a setting maul, &c. in a golden urn, which was pierced with Master (drawing green cord from can- a sword to denote the desire of the bredidate's neck)-I now draaw you from tllren to punlish the assassins. A trianyour vicious life. and, by the favor I gular stone was affixed to the side of the have received from the most powrerful of urn, and on it were the letters J. M. B. kings, I raise you to the degree of Perfect surrounded by a wreath of cassia. This Master, oil condition urn was placed on the top of the obethat you strictly ad- lisk which was erected on the tomb. here to what shall Three days after the interment, Solomon be presented to you repaired with his court to the Temple, by our laws. N and all the brethren being arranged as The M!aster nonw at the funeral, he directed his prayer to. instructs the candi- heaven, examlined the tomb and the in sdate in all the signs, \ scription on the urn: struck wesitl admi words, tokens and ration, he raised his hands and eyes It history of this de- 1 / heaven, and said ill thes joy of his lheart,. cree, a, follows: / "It is accomplished and cormplete.'' First sign-Place Is elosing the Lodge, the Master raps the palm of the left two, as in the opening, when the Grand hand upon the right M, arshal rises. temple, at the same Master.-The last as well as the first time stepping back care of a Perfect iMaster? &.c. with the right loot; The Master continues, and asks all the then bring the foot questionss as in opening, and then declares forward again, and I the Lodge duly closed.

Page  136 .36i: ~ ICIHAnDSO'N S MONITOR OF FREE-MIASOONRY. INTIMATE SECRETARY. this degree, he is placed by th: tientezant of the Guards outside the veil or The Lodge is hung in black, spangled door of the hall of audielce, which is lefl with white tears, and represents the Hall partly open, or drawn, and is directed to of Audience of King Solomon. It should listen to what is going on inside. be lighted with three candlebras, each Hiram turils his head, sees candidate, with nine branches, and each constaining and speaks to Mlaster in an agitated man-:audle-one in the east, one in the west, ner-1My brother, there is a listener I g.,Jl one in the south. Master-It is impossible, since the Most Illustrious Master, representing guards are without. King Solomon, and Hiram, King of Tyre, Hiram (rushing to the door, and dragaeated in the hall of audience in the east, ging candidate in) —Here he is! behind a triangular table on which is a Master-What shall we do with hinm? scroll and two cross swords. Theywear Hiram (drawing his.sword)-We must long blue robeS"and caps, and their aprons kill him. are white, lined and bordered with red, Master leaves his seat and goes to Hiand a scroll and golden triangle on each ram, places his hand on I-Iiram's, and -the letters A P P in the corners of the says-Stop, brother. triangle: a red ribbon, with a golden Master raps nine, and Guards enter triangle suspended, same letters engraved and salute him. on each corner, which is the jewel in this Master-Take this prisoner, keep him degree: white gloves, bordered with red. secure, and let him be forthcoming whesn MA.aster raps nine, Grand IsMarshal rises. called for. lMaster-Are allIntimate Secretaries? Guards go out with prisoner, leaving BIarshal-We are, Most Illustrious. Master and Hilam alone a few minutes. Master-Your place, Brother Grand Master raps sine, and Guards bring in Marshal? candidate and take seats near the foot of Marshal-In the ante-chamber, at the the triangle in the east. head, of the Guards, Most Illustrious. MIaster to candidate-I have, by my Master-Your business there? entreaties, prevailed upon my worthy Marshal-To see that the hall of audi- ally, Hiram, King of Tyre, whom your ence is duly guarded. vain curiosity had offended, to remuit the Master-How are we guarded? sentence of death which he pronounced Marshal-By a full guard of Perfect upon you. I have not only obtainec. Masters. your pardon, but have gained his conMaster-I appoint Brother Terbel Lieu- sent to receive you an Intimate Sccretenant of the Guards to aid you in your tary to the alliance we have contracted, duties: repair to your station, and see Do you promise to keep inviolate the that none approach without permission. secrets entrusted to yous in this degree, The brethren now fall, each on his and will you take an obligation for that right knee, and they cross their hands purpose, in the most solemin manner? and hold them up so that the thumb of Candidate-I promise, and will take the right hand touches the left temple, the obligation. and left thumb the right temple, when The obligation in this degree is nown each speaks the word JEVA in a low sadministered. Candidate kneels before voice, pronouncing it Je-vau, and repeats the altar, and promises to obey the man. it three times. dates and decrees of the Grand Council Master raps twice nine. of Princes of Jerusalem, under penalty Hiram rises, and, together with the of having his body dissected, his bowels brethren, make all the signs up to this and vitals taken out, his heart cut to one, and then the signs of this degree as pieces, and the whole thrown out to be } seeafter explained. devoured by the wild beasts of the field.! - [In the Ineffable - Degrees, when the Master (raising up candidate from hiig.jigns are given, they begin with Entered knees)-I now receive you an Intiliate Apprentice, and go usually up to Master Secretary, on your promise to be faithftel Mason, when they skip over to Secret to the Order in which you have just now MIaster, the first of the Ineffable grade. I entered. We hope, brolher, th'at your Master raps three times nine, and de- fidelity will be proof to every trial, a- nd clares the Lodge open for the dispatch of that this sword, with which we arm you, business. will defend you from the attacks of thoesi Grand IMarshal places a triple triangle who may try to extort from you thiose on the Bible, which lays on the altar. secrets which we are now about to con When a candidate is to be advanced to fer upon you.

Page  137 THE INEFFABLEU DEGREES: INTIMATE SECRETARY..137 Master then instructs candidate in the PROVOST AND JUDGE. signs, pass-word, &c., as follows: First sign-Close the The Lodge in this degrec is hung with riht hilhand, and, draw it ered tapestry, and five candle(bras are from the left shoulder placed therein, each with five lights. to the right hip. It al- One light is placed in each corner, and Indes to the penalty of the fifth in the centre. d ssecting the body, &c. Thrice Illustrious Master, representing Second sign-Cross Tito Zadoc, Prince of Harodimn, is seated your arms in front, and in the east under a blue canopy surhold up your hands so rounded with stars. Prince Tito was the that the right thumb eldest of the Perfect Grand Masters, and touches the left temple, Intimate Secretary. He was First Grand and yourleft thumb the Warden, and inspector of the three hunright temple, and speak dred architects who drew plans for the jn a low voice J1EVA- workmen. pronouncing it Je-vau. Grand Marshal sits in the north. This is the mysterious Senior and Junior Wardens represent word. Adoniram and Abda, his father, and are Grip-Join the right seated in the West. hands, and turn them The brethren wear black robes and downward thrice, say- - caps: white apron trimmed with red, ing, the first time, Berith-second time, and a red and white rosette, pocket in Nedir-and the third time, Shelemoth. centre, in which to carry plans; onil the Pass-words-Joabert-response, Ter- flap, a gold key: a red collar, from which bel, being the names of the listener, and is suspended a gold key, the jewel of this the Lieutenant of the Guards. degree. Master now invests candidate with the In opening, the Master raps three, jewel and apron of this degree, and says: when the Grand Marshal rises. Master —Brother, the color of your Master-Brother Grand Marshal, are ribbon is intended to remind you of the we all Provosts and Judges? blood of Iiram Abiff, the last drop of Marshal-We are, Thrice Illustrious. which he chose to spill, rather than be- Master-Your place in the Lodge? tray his trust; may you be equally faith- Marshal-In the north. ful. The triple triangle is emblematical Master-Your business there? of the three theological virtues, faith, Marshal-To see that the middle chamhope, and charity; it is also emblemati- ber is duly tyled. cal of the three Masons who were pres- Master-Attend to your duty, and inelt at the opening of the first Lodge of form the Tyler that we are about to openl Intimate Secretaries, to wit: Solomon, this Lodge of Provosts and Judges. King of Israel; Hiram, King of Tyre, Marshal goes and informs the Tyler lnd Joabert, a favorite Master Mason in outside the door, and returns to his place. the employ of King Solomon. Master raps four, and the Wardens This closes the initiation. The meet- both rise. ing is closed with a lecture, as in the Master-BrotherJuniorWarden,where other degrees. The Master asks the is the Master placed? qtlestions as to the organization and ini- Junior Warden-Everywhere. tiation in this degree, the Grand Marshal Master-Why so? answering. Junior Warden-To superintend the In closing the Lodge, the Master raps workmen, direct the work, and render nine, and Grand al.rshal rises, when he justice to every man.,is interrogated as to the general duties of Master to Senior Warden-What is the I tintate Secretary, whether the place is hour? d:aly guarded, &c., as in the opening. Senior Warden-Break of day: eight, lie then notifies the Lieutenant of tle two and seven. Guards that he is about to close, and di- Master raps five, and brethren all rise. rects him to repair to his station, and at- Master-It is time to begin our labors: tend to giving the signs, &c. take notice that I am about to open a Master raps twice nine, Hiram rises, Lodge of Provosts and Judges by four and the signs are given from those of and one. this degree backward. The brethren give all the signs, up to MIaster raps three times nine, and de- Intimate Secretary, and then the signs dares the Lodge to be duly closed. of this degree, hereafter explained.

Page  138 138 RIHOARDSON' S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Master, two Wardens, and Grand Mar- Second sign, or response-Place first shal each rap four and one in succession, finger of right hand on tip of the'aose, anid the brethren clap four and one with and the thumb under the chin. their hands, when the Master declares Token-Clench the three first fingers the Lodge duly opened. of the right hand over the thumb, ani.d If a candidate is to be advanced, he join hands by interlacing the little fin. is prepared outside by the Master of gers. In some Lodges the hands are Ceremonies, who conducts him to the kept open while the little fingers arri door and knocks four and one. locked, and each taps the other seven Senior Warden to Master (rising)- times with his thumb in the palm. Thrice Illustrious, while the Provosts Pass-word is TITO: other words are and Judges are here engaged in render- Jova, Civi, Ky, Hiram, Stokin, Geome. ing justice to all men without distinction, tros, Xinchen, Yzire, Ivan, &c. an alarm is heard at the door of the lodge. iMaster invests candidate with the jew. Master-Attend to the cause of it. el, apron and gloves of this degree, and Senior Warden goes to the door, raps addresses him as follows: four and one, partly opens the door, and Respectable Brother, it gives me joy, inquires who is there. Master of Cere- that I am now about to recompense. &c. monies informs him that a brother duly This key opens a small ebony box, in qualified craves the honor of a seat which are contained the plans for the among the Provosts and Judges. building of the Temple, and this key Senior Warden-By what further right opens a small ivory box containing all does he claim this honor? the keys of the Temple. I clothe you Master of Cerenmonies-By the right of with a white apron, lined with red, hava pass. [Whispers Tito.] ing a pocket in its centre, and in which Senior Warden-The pass is right. you are intended to carry the plans for You will wait'until our Thrice Illustri- the building of the Temlple, that they ous Master is informed of your request, may be laid out on the tressel-board for and his answer returned. the use of the workmsen when wanted. Senior Warden goes and informs the I also give you a balance in equilibrio, Master that a brother is without who de- as a badge of your office. Let it remind sires a seat with the Provosts and Judges. you of that equity of judgment which Master-You will see that he is well should characterize your decisions. examined, and if found worthy, intro- Master gives candidate a rap on each duce him in due and ancient form, shoulder and says-By the power with Senior Warden goes and directs the which I am invested, I constitute you Master of Ceremonies to examine him Provost and Judge over all the works further, and then introduce him. IHe and wvorikmen of the Temple. Be imthen. resumes his seat. partial, just, prudent, discreet, and merMaster of Ceremonies conducts candi- ciful. Go salute the Junior and Senior date to the south-west corner of the Wardens as a Provost and Judge, and Lodge, where [under instructions] he return here for further instruction. kneels on his right knee and pronounces This closes the initiation. the word Beroke. The Lecture is then given, in two seeMaster-Kumli, [meaning rise.] tions. The first recapitulates tihe initiaCandidate rises, and is conducted three tion. The second is historical of th de r times round the Lodge, at the sameu time gree, as follows: giving the signs in the previous degrees. Master-W- hat did you observe in the He is then led to the altar, and tales the middle chamber obligation in this degree, which is the Senior Warcden-A curtain. besind sumen as that in Perfect Master, with thei whch was s spen.ded a snla ebony ieox aditdition that lie will justly and icupar- containing the plans for the construction tially decide all matters of difference be- of tli- Temple. tween brethren of this degree, if in his Master —Wlhat else did you see? power to do so, unsder penalty of being Selior XVarden-A triangle enclosing punished as an unjust judge, by having the letters G. A. his nose cut oil". Iaster — Thir mseaning and use? Master now gives candidate the signs, Senior Wardenl-Grsand Architect, and tokens and worlds as follows: are designed to ncake us relelmember hin First sign —Place the two first fingers in all our decisionis and actions. of your right hand up to the side of t'he Master-Did you see any thing more? nose, the thumb unlder the clhin, forming Selior Wardenll-I saw the letters I XH a square with the fingers and thumb. S. with the sprig of cassia.

Page  139 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: PROVOST AND JUDGE. 139 Master-What is meant thereby? INTENDANT OF THE BUILDING, Senior Warden-Imitate Hiram's Silence,'and Justice, Humanity and Se- I. B. crecy, which are designed to teach Pro- A Lodge in this degree is hung with veosts and Judges that while their decisions red, and has three candlebras of nine are just, they should be tempered with lights each, and an additional one with humanity, or mercy, and that all differ- five lights in the east. It should also ences which may arise among the Craft, have an illuminated transparent triangle should be kept secret from the world. in the east, with a circle in the centre of Master-What was the intention of it, and the letters J A I N around the cil Solomon in instituting this degree? cle, and three Js on a blazing star in its Senior Warden-To strengthen the centre. means of preserving order among such a Thrice Potent Master (represents King vast number of workmen; the duty of Solomon,) is seated in the east, dressed Provosts and Judges being, to decide all in royal robes, with crown and sceptre. differences arising among the brethren. Thrice Illustrious Inspector, or Senior Master-Who was the first that was Warden, (representing Tito Zadoc,) in made Provost and Judge? the west. Senior Warden-Joabert, being honor- Junior Warden (representing Adoni. ed with the intimate confidence of King ram, son of Abda,) is the Conductor. and Solomon, received this new mark of dis- is seated in the south. tinction. Solomon first created Tito, Grand Marshal in the north. Adoniram, and Abda, his father, Pro- The junior officers and brethren are vosts and Judges, and gave them orders dressed in black robes and caps: white to initiate Joabert into the mysteries of apron lined with red and bordered with this degree, and to give him all the keys green; on the apron is a star with nine of the Temple, which were inclosed in a points, a sprig of cassia, and a balance; small ivory box suspended in the Sanc- it also has a triangular flap with the lettumrn Sanctorum, under a rich canopy. ters B A J, one at each angle. The col. When Joabert was first admitted into lar is a broad red ribbon, from which is this sacred place, he involuntarily fell in suspended a golden triangle with the a kneeling posture, and said, Beroke; same letters in each corner, and J J J in Solomon seeing him, said Kumi, (rise.) the centre: on the reverse side three Js Master —WVhence came you as a Pro- in the corners and letter G in the centre. vost and Judge? In opening, Thrice Potent Master raps Senior Warden-I came from, and am three, and Grand Marshal rises. going everywhere. Master-Brother Grand Marshal, are Master in closing the Lodge, raps three, we all I. Bs.? and Grand Marshal rises. Marshal-We are. Thrice Potent. Master-The last as well as the first Master-Your place in the Lodge I care of a Provost and -Judge? Marshal-In the north. Marshal-To see that tmhe middle chain- Master-Your business there? ber is duly tyled. Marshal-To see the Lodge duly tyled. Master-Attend to your duty, and in- Master-Attend to your duty, and inform the Tyler that we are about to form the brethren that, wre are about to close this Lodge of Provosts and Judges open a Lodge of I. B. by the number five. by four and one. Marshal proclaims to the Lodge what Marshal goes and informs the Tyler the Master has ordered. Master raps four, and Wardens rise. Master raps four, and Wardens rise. Master-What is the hour? Master-Brother Senior Warden, w-lat Senior Warden-Break of day-eight, is the hour? two and seven. Senior Warden-Break of day. Master-Brother Junior, how so? Master raps five. and brethren all rise, JuniorWarden-Because Provosts and Master-If it is break of day, it is tin.e Judges should be ready at all times to to begin our labors; Brother Senior render justice to all men. Warden, you will give notice that I am Master raps four and one, and brethren about to open a Lodge of I. B. all rise and give the signs fi om this de- Senior Warden proclaims that it is gree back to Enterad Apprentice. break of day, and that our Thrice Po. Master raps four and one, then each tent Master is about to open a Lodge, &c. officer four and one, and the brethren The signs are now given by the breclap four and ore with their hands, when thren as in the other degrees, and then the Master declines the Lodge closed. those of this degree, hereafter described,

Page  140 140 RICHARDSON S IMONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. All the officers now rap five, and the Senior Warden-G-ive it to me. brethren clap five with their hands, when Junior Warden-Bonahim, [pronounc. the Master declares the Lodge to be duly ed Bo-nau-heem.] opened. Senior WMarden —You will wait until A candidate admitted to this degree our Thrice Potent Master is informed of represents Joabert, and is introduced as the request, and his answer returned. follows: Senior Warden now repairs to the east, Master raps seven, and Senior War- and informs Master of what has occurred den rises, when the Master says-My at the door. excellent brother, how shall we repair Master-Let Joabert be introduced in the loss of our worthy Hiram Abiff? he due form. is now removed from us, and we are Senior Warden goes and opens the thereby deprived of his counsel and ser- door and admits the candidate, who is vices: can you give me any advice in conducted to the altar, when (under inthis important matter? struction) he recedes five steps, and then Senior Warden-The method I would advances to the altar again by five regupropose, would be to select a chief from lar steps. the five Orders of Architecture, upon Junior Warden then lays down the whom we may confer the degree of I. B. candidate, and Senior Warden puts a and by his assistance fill the secret chamin- sprig of cassia in his right hand, in which ber of the third story. position (lying prostrate) he takes the obMaster-I approve of your advice, and ligation in this degree. to convince you of my readiness to fol- The obligation enjoins secrecy, and low it, I appoint you and Brother Ado- obedience to orders of the Grand Counniram to carry the same into execution. cil of Princes of Jerusalem, under penExcellent brothers, let Adoniraml go into alty of having his eyes put out, body cut the middle chamber and see if he can in two, and bowels taken out. find a chief of the five Orders of Archi- Master to candidate-Your present tecture. posture is that of a dead man, and is deJunior Warden goes out of the Lodge signed to remind you of the fate of our into the ante-chamber, and finding the worthy Hiram Abiff. I shall now raise candidate, thus addresses him: you in the same manner he was raised, Junior Warden-Is there here a chief under the sprig of cassia. [Master raises of the five Orders of Architecture? him by the Master Mason's grip.] By Candidate-I am one. your being raised, our hope is signified, Junior Warden-My dear brother, have that in some measure you will repair his you the zeal to apply yourself with at- loss, by imitating his bright example. tention to that which our Thrice Potent Master now gives candidate the signs, Mlaster shall request of you? token and pass-word in this degree, as Candidate-I have, and will comply follows: with his request,:and raise this edifice to First sign is that of surprise —Place his honor and glory. the thumbs on the temples, the hands Junior Warden-Give me the signs, open and resting on the forehead so as words and tokens of preceding degrees. to form a square: step back two paces, Candidate gives them. then forward two paces, then lower the Junior Warden then conducts candi- hands till they touch the eyelids, and date to the door of the Lodge, and gives say BENCHORIaM. five distinct knocks. Second sign is one of admiration-InSenior Warden (inside) rises and says terlace the fingers, turn the palms up. — Thrice Potent, we are disturbed in ward above the head, let the hands fall our deliberations by an alarm at the in- on the wrist, (being still interlaced.) look s.r door of the secret chamber. upward and say, AcHARD, or -IAKAR Master-See to the cause of the alarm. Third sign is that of grief, and is given Senior Warden goes to the door, raps by two at the same timnc-Place the right five, partly opens it, and says —Who hand on the heart, the left on the left hip, comnes there? I balance thrice with the Lnees-one says Junior Warden-A chief of the five KIY, the otiher replies, JEA. Instead of Orders of Architecture, who is to be erm- these words, some substitute the words ployed in works of the secret chamber. CHAI, and JAH, (the Lord liveth.) Senior Warden-By what further right Token-Strike a light blow with the does he claim admittance? right hand over the heart, pass hands to Junior Warden-By the right and ben- the middle of the fore-arm, placing left efit of a pass-word. hands on the elbow; this is repeated

Page  141 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: INTENDANT OF THE BUILDING. 141 three times, one brother saying JAKINAI, Master-WVhat is signified by the letand the other responding JUDAH. ters J. A. I. N.? The pass-word is JUDAH, and the sa- Senior Warden-They are the initials cred word JAKINAL of the four Hebrew words, Jad, Ail, JotMaster now invests candidate with the sare, and Nogah, which are expressive of apron, gloves and jewel of this degree, four attributes of the Deity; power, ounand thus addresses himu:-I decorate you nipresence, creation, and splendor. with a red ribbon, to be worn crossing Master-What is signified by the letthe breast from the right shoulder to the ters J. J. J. 1 left hip, to which is suspended a triangle Senior Warden-Jah, Jokayn, and Ji, fastened with green ribbon. I also pre- reh, [" The Lord, the Creator seeth." sent you with a white apron, lined with Master-What else did you see? red, and bordered with green. The red Senior Warden-A blazing star with is emblematical of that zealwhich should five beams, in the centre of which ap. characterize you as an I. of B., and the peared the letter J. *green, of the hope we entertain that you Master-What signify the five beams? will supply the place of our lamented Senior Warden-The five equal lights Hiranm Abiff. of Masonry, the Bible, the square, the The first section of the closing lecture compasses, the key, and the triangle. ini this degree recapitulates the initia- Master-What is signified by the lettion; the second section is as follows: ter Jr.? Master-Are you an Intendant of the Senior Warden-It is the Initial of the Building? ineffable name, as known by us. Senior Warden-I have made the five Master-Are you in darkness? steps of exactness; I have penetrated Senior Warden-No, the blazing star is the inmost part of the. Temple; and I my guide. have seen the great light, in the middle Master-What is your age? of which were three mysterious letters, Senior Warden-27, or 5, 7 and 15. or characters, in Hebrew, without know- Master-To what do those three numing what they meant. bers allude? Master-How came you to be received Senior Warden-To the five chiefs of therein? the five Orders of Architecture, to seven Senior Warden-By confessing my ig- cubits, which was the breadth of the norance. golden candlestick with seven branches, Master-Why were you received? and'the fifteen Fellow Crafts, who conSenior Warden-To point out to me spired against the life of our Grand Masthe darkness in which I was, and to pro- ter, Hiram Abiff. cure me a true light to regulate my In closing, the Master raps three, when heart, and regulate my understanding. Grand Marshal rises. Master-Where were you introduced? Master-Brother Grand Marshal, the Senior Warden-In a place full of last as well as the first care of I. of B.? wounder and beauty, where truth and Marshal-To see that the Ledge is duly wisdom reside. tyled, Thrice Potent. Master-What was your duty? Master-Attend to your duty, and iriSenior Warden-To superintend the form the brethren that we are about to work. close this Lodge of I. B. Master-Why were you made to walk Master raps four, and Wardens rise. backward and forward in the Lodge? Master-Brother Senior Warden, whas Senior Warden-To show me, that, in is the hour? advancing to virtue, I should set human- Senior Warden-Seven at night. ity in opposition to the pride so natural *Master raps five, the brethren all rise. to us. Master-As it is seven at night, it'. 5Master-What did you see there in the time to retire: Brother Junior Warder, Lodge? give notice that I am going to close this Senior Warden-A triangle enclosing Lodge of Intendant of the Building. a circle, having on its circumference the The signs are now given-first those ol letters J. A. I. N. and in its centre the this degree, then the others in rotation lottors J. J. J. back to Entered Apprentice. Master-What is signified by the circle Master raps five, Junior Warden raps in the triangle? seven, Senior Warden fifteen, and the Senior Warden-The eternity of the brethren clap their hands five, seven and p,mwvers of God, which hath neither be- fifteen alternately, when the Master deginning nor end, clares the Lodge closed.

Page  142 142 RICIIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. There is only one Warden, who represents Stolkyn, and is called the Inspector, he sits in the west, with seven brethren around him. Grand Marshal sits in the north. The Inspector and brethren are dressed in black robes, and with their hats flapped. They wear white aprons sprinkled with blood red, and lined and bor-,T 8 _.idered with black; on the flap of the apron a bloody arm,. holding a dagger, and on the apron a bloody arm holding a bloody head by the hair. They also wear scarfs of wide black ribbon from the left shoulder to the right hip, with four rosettes near the extremity in front, four behind, and one at the bottom, to which is attached the Jewel of the Order, viz., a gold-handled dagger. with silver blade. MASTER'S ELECT OF NINE. The brethren sit with knees crossed, and lean their heads on their right hands. BIome of the Societies call this degree Most Potent Master raps seven, when "] lected Knights of Nine," but we have the Grand Marshal rises. given its original name according to the Master-Brother Grand Marshal, are Franch Rituals. It is founded on the we all Masters Elect? award of punishment to the principal Marshal-We are, Most Potent. mi rderer of Hiram Abiff. After that Master-Your place in the Chapter? murder was perpetrated, a great assem- Marshal-In the north. bljr of Masters was convened to take Master-Your business there? mtasures to apprehend the murderers. Marshal-To see that the Chapter is A stranger came and disclosed the fact duly guarded. that he had discovered a person conceal- Master-Please to inform the Sentinel ed in a cave near Joppa, who answered that we are about to open a Chapter of tht description of one of the supposed Masters Elect, and charge him to keep murderers. Solomon appointed nine Mas- guard accordingly. tel s to proceed to the spot with the stran- Marshal-goes to the door, informs the ge r as guide. On their way, Joabert, one Sentinel, and returns to his post. Of the nine, learned from the guide the Master raps eight, and Inspector rises. lot:ation of the cavern, and he made his Master-Brother Stolkyn, are you a wuty there apart from the rest, where, Master Elect? by the light of a lamp, he discovered the Inspector-One cavern received me, murderer fast asleep, with a poinard at one lamp gave me light, and one founhil feet. He took the poinard and stab- tain refreshed me. bed him, first in the head, and then in the Master-What is the hour? heart. The villain exclaimed, "Y Ven- Inspector-Break of day. ge ance is takenI" and then expired. Jo- Master raps eight and one, and the abert then cut off the murderer's head, companions all rise. and, taking it in his hand, and the bloody Master-If it is break of day, it is time knife in the other, returned to Jerusalem to open a Chapter of Masters Elect. with his companions. Solomon was at Brother Stolkyn, you will inform the first offended at this summary vengeance, companions that we are about to open a bhut at the intercession of the others he Chapter of Masters Elect of Nine, for became reconciled. the dispatch of business, and I will thanll The meeting is called a Chapter, and them for their assistance. represents the audience chamber of King Inspector repeats this order, when the Solomon, hung with red and white hang- brethren give the signs up to and ininls-the red representingflames. There eluding those of this degree, hereafter is a group of nine lights in the east, and described. one in the WIvest, Master raps eight and one, which is reMaster (representing King Solomon, peated by the Inspector and Marshal, and and dressed in royal robes) sits in the all the companions clap eight and one east before a table covered with black, with their hands, when the laster- de ard is styled Most Potent. clares the Chapter duly open,

Page  143 TIHE INEFFABLE DEGREES: MASTER ELECT OF NINE. 143 It a candidate is to be admitted, he is Candidate-I will follow. pL-epared in an outer room by one of the Master of Ceremonies leads candidate companions, who is detailed as Master of out, and through several passages, or Ceremonies, and who hoodwinks him, rough roads, and then into a room lighted conducts him to the door of the Chapter, by a single taper, seats him on a block, and raps eight and one. representing a stone, and says-I am Inspector raps the same from the in- now going to leave you: after I have side, and demands-Who comes there? gone you can remove the bandage from Master of Ceremonies-A companion, your eyes and drink some water from who is desirous of going in search of the the spring to refresh yourself after so assassins of Hiram Abiff. fatiguing a journey. Inspector opens the door, and the can- Candidate removes the bandage, and didate is led in and placed in the west discovers a basin of water with a tumbehind the Inspector's seat. bler beside it. He is also astonished to Master to candidate-What do you de- see a human head lying on the floor, and sire of us? a bloody knife,'or poinard, beside it. Candidate-To be installed as a Master The Master of Ceremonies returns and Floct, and avenge the death of our late directs candidate to take lip the knife in G4rand Master, Hiram Abiff. his right hand and the head in his left. Master-Have you the courage to re- Candidate takes them and (under invenge his death? struction) goes to the door of the Chap. Candidate-I have. ter and raps eight and one. Master-Then you shall have the op-'Master of Ceremonies (who has gone portunity. in, and raps eight and one from inside)Can didate-I am ready. Who comes there-what do you want? Master-You shall now be shown the Candidate-An Intendant of the Buildplace where one of the murderers lies ing, who desires to enter this Chapter of concealed: a stranger has discovered it Masters Elect of Nine. to me, and if you have the resolution, Master of Ceremonies-By what right follow the stranger. do you claim this privilege? a ) K.

Page  144 144 RICHARDSON'S M)ONITOR OF FREI-MASONRY. Candidate-I have performed a feat ion answers by putting his hand to his for the honor of the Craft, which I hope forehead as if feeling the wound. Strike will entitle me to receive this degree. at the breast as though plunging in a Master of Ceremonies orders him to poinard, crying NF.KEUM, (vengeance:) wait until the Mlost Potent is apprised of companion answers by pressing his hand his wish, and his answer returned. on his breast, and crying NECAR. Master of Ceremonies informs the. Inspector, Stolkyn, who informs the Master of what has occurred at the door. Master orders candidate to be admitted, when he comes forward towards the altar with eight quick steps and one slow \ one, holding the head in one hand and brandishing the knife in the other. The ninth step brings him to the front of the altar, when he falls on his knees. Master (speaking'fiercely)-Wretch I what have you done? Do you not know that by this rash act, you have deprived me of the opportunity of making a public example of the vile assassin? Stolkyn, let him be immediately put to death. The companions all fall on their knees, and one of them addresses the MasterMost Potent, we ask forgiveness for our worthy companion: his offence was but a mistaken zeal for the good of the Craft. Token-Clench the fingers of the right Mlaster —He is forgiven; but let him be- hand, and elevate the thumb: the conm ware for the future. On his next irregu- panion clenches the fingels of his right lality he will certainly suffer death. hand around the elevated thumb, and'The obligation in this degree is now elevates his thumb. The eight clenched given to the candidate in the usual form. fingers together represent the eight comWhile candidate is taking it, kneeling at panions of Joabert who went in search the altar, the companions all stand over of the assassins, and the one elevated him with raised poinards, as if about to thumb represents Joabert himself. Ftab him. Meantime the bloody head is standing on the altar, facing him with ghastly grin. See engraving, page 143.1 The obligation is as follows:I do solemnly swear, in the presence of Almighty God, that I will revenge the assassination of our worthy Master, Hiram Abiff, not only on the murderers, but also on all who may betray the secrets of this degree; and furthermore, that I Ivill keep and protect this Order with all my might, and the brethren, in general, with all my power, and furthermore, that I will obey the decrees of the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem; and, if i violate this, my obligation, I consent to be struck with the dreadful poinard of vengeance, now -'eued to me, and to have my head cut off, and stuck on the highest pole, or pinnacle, in the eastern part of the world, as a monu ment of my villanyl Amen I amen I Pass-words —Bugelkal, Naukam. Joa amen! amen I bert, AbiTam, and Akirop. The signs, token, and words of this de- Sacred Words-Naukam, Necar, Bu gree are now given to the candidate, as gelkal. follown: - Mysterious Word- Jeva. Sitns-Strike towards the forehead as Candidate is now investe-d with the k staditiing with a poinard: the compan: requisite clothing and jewel, when tIhe

Page  145 THE INEFFABLE DEGRES: MASTER ELEOCT OF FIFIEEN. 145 Mlaster gives him a short history of the salem) showing three gates, and over degree, as before explained. each gate a human head impaled on a The lecture is then given, which is a spike. The apron is lined and bordered repetition of the opening, initiation, &c., with black. They wear scarfs of wide when the Chapter is closed with ceremo- black ribbon, with three human heads, nies similar to the opening ones. impaled on spikes, painted or embroider. Master-Brother Stolkyn, what is the ed on them where they cross the breast, hour 1 and a golden poinard, with silver blade, Inspector-Evening, Most Potent. hanging pendant, which is the jewel of Master raps eight and one, when the the Order. companions rise, and he says-If it is The Chapter is opened in precisely the evening, it is time to close this Chapter same manner as in the preceding degrees, of Masters Elect: Brother Stolkyn, you except that the Thrice Illustrious Master will inform the companions that we are raps five. twice five, or three times five. about to close the Chapter. If a candidate is to be admitted, all the Inspector gives notice that the Most members except fifteen (without officers) Potent Master is about to close the retire outside. Candidate is prepared by Chapter. a Master of Ceremonies, who places in Master raps eight and one, Inspector his hand a human head, which he takes repeats, and companions clap eight and in his left hand by the hair, and a poinone with their hands, when the Chapter ard in his right. He is then conducted to is declared duly closed. the door of the Chapter, when Master of Ceremonies raps three times five. MASTERS ELECT OF FIFTEEN. Junior Warden raps three times five from within, opens the door a crack and This degree is founded on the capture asks-Who comes there? of the two assassins of Hiram Abiff who Master of Ceremonies —A Master Elect, had not been discovered at the arrest who is desirous of joining the other Masand punishment of the first one, de- ters to go in search of the remaining asscribed in the preceding degree. Their sassins of our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff. nameswereJubelaandJubelo. Through Junior Warden-You will wait until one of his intendants, Solomon learned our Thrice Illustrious Master is informed that two persons answering their de- of his request, and his answer returned. scription had come to the couintry of Junior Warden reports to his Senior, Cheth, and gone to work in the quarries who informs the Master that a Master of Bendaca. He thereupon wrote to Elect craves admittance to join in the MAaacha, King of Cheth, that he should search for the murderers of Hiram Abiff. send for them. and requested his assist- Master- Let him be introduced in due ance in making the arrests. Fifteen Mas- form. ters were selected for this duty, and they Junior Warden again raps three times specnt five days in the search, when Zer- five on the door, opens it, and introduces bal and Eliham discovered the two mur- the candidate by instructing him to ad derers cutting stone in the quarries. vance to the altar by fifteen triangular They were immediately seized, bound in steps. On his arrival at the altar, he chains, and brought to Jerusalem, where kneels, and companions surround him, they were first imprisoned in the Tower interlacing their hands and holding them of Achizar, and then executed for their on their foreheads with palms outward. crime, by having their bodies cut open, One brother says-Thrice Illustrious, and their heads taken off, as described we ask pardon for our companion. in the penalty of the obligation. I The pardon here asked, and to be The Chapter in this degree represents given, alludes to the rashness of JoabecS the audience chamber of King So'omon, in decapitating Jubelum, one of the a." hung with red and white. sassins of the Grand Mastcr', HItiral thrice Illustrious Master, (represent- Abiff, as described and set forth in the ing Kilng Solomon,) seated in the east. preceding degree I Senior Warden, or Inspector, seated in Master- Why do you ask pardon? lhe vest. Brother- Becaulse he is not guilty. Junior Warden, or Introductor, seated, Master-Is a pardon necessary for the In the south. guiltless? In front of each of the above officers Brother-It is necessary, to qualify Is a candlebra with five lights. him for a Grand Master Elect. The brethren wear white aprons, on Master-Is he well qualifiedl I which is represented a square city (Jeru- Brother-He is. 10

Page  146 146 RICHARDSON7S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Master to candidate-My brother, the SUBLIME KNIGHTS ELECTED. Grand Masters Elect here present, wish me to admit you to this degree: willyou This degree was instituted by King take the obligation appertaining to it? Solomon to reward the Masters iElect of Candidate —I will. Fifteen for their prompt, zealous and Master now administers the obligation, successful efforts to apprehend the mur~which is similar to the one in the previ- derers of Hiram Abiff, and for their valcaus degree, the penalty being to have uable services rendered in the erection of tle body opened perpendicularly and the Temple. He selected twelve from horizontally, and exposed to the air for among these Masters Elect, on whom he eight hours, that the flies may prey on conferred the,degree, and gave them his entrails, also to have his head cut off command over the work of the Twelve and impaled on the highest pinnacle in Tribes. the world; and that he (the candidate) The Lodge, or Chapter, represents the will be at all times ready to inflict the ante-chamber of the Palace of King Solsame penalty on all who are guilty of dis- omon. It is hung with red and white closing the secrets of this degree. curtains, and is lighted by twelve candles The candidate is then instructed in the on four triangular branches. signs, words and token in this degree, as The officers consist of Thrice Potent follows: Master, representing King Solomon, sitSigns-Place the point of a poinard ting in the east: Grand inspector in the under your chin, and draw it downward west, and Master of Ceremonies. to the waist, as if in the act of ripping The brethren wear white aprons, each open the body, speaking the word ZER- with an inflamed heart embroidered or BUL. The brother will answer by giving painted upon it, and lined and bordered the Entered Apprentice's sign as on page with black. The ribbon, or Order, is 7, and saying ELIHAM. Another way similarto that in the preceding degree, is to clench the fingers of the right hand, except that in place of three heads, thiee extend the thumb, place it on the abdo- hearts appear upon it. The jewel is the men, and move it upwards to the chin, ame. as if ripping open the body with a knife. In opening the Chapter, Thrice Potent The brother answers as before. Master raps ten, and Grand Inspector rises. Master makes the usual inquiries as to whether the Chapter is duly guarded, and the duties of the several officers, as in former degrees, which are answered by the Inspector. Master raps eleven, and inquires ol Grand Inspector-What is the hour? Grand Inspector-It is twelve, Thrice Potent. Master raps twelve, which is repeated by the officers, and the brethren clap twelve with their hands: Master saysIf it is twelve it is time to labor by the greatest of lights. I pronounce this Grand Chapter open. The brethren now give the signs of the different degrees, and then those oi this degree, hereafter described. If a candidate is to be admitted, he is Words-The pass-words are Eliham prepared outside by the Master of Cere, and Zerbal. Sacred words, Zerbal, Be- monies, who brings him hoodwinked to niah, Benhakar, Bendaka, &c. the door, and gives twelve raps, which Candidate is now clothed as a compan- are answered by twelve by the Inspecion of this degree, and salates the Senior tor, who demands, who comes there? &c. Warden as a Master Elect of Fifteen. Master of Ceremonies-A Master Elect If there is no other business before the of Fifteen desires to receive the degree Clapter, it is then closed'n same man- of Sublime Knight. ner as in the preceding degree, except Candidate gets admittance in the same that the Master and other officers rap manner as in the previous degree, and three times five, and the companions clap is led to the Grand Inspector in the west, three times five with their hands, &c. who examines him in all former degrees.

Page  147 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: SUBLIME KNIGHTIS ELECTED. 147 3aster-Companion Grand Inspector, GRAND MASTER ARCHITECT. what does this candidate desire? Inspector-To be admitted to the de- This degree was established by King gree of Sublime Knight, as a reward of Solomon as a School of Architecture te his former zeal and labor. perfect ingenious and deserving craftsMaster to candidate-My brother, you men in their calling, and animate them cannot receive this degree until we are with a desire of arriving at distinction in assured that you were not an accom- the royal art. It was given to the Sub, plice in the death of our Grand Master, lime Knights Elected. Iiranl Abiff. To prove this, I shall of- The assembly is called a Chapter, and fer you a portion of his heart, which has the room is decorated with white hang. been preserved since his assassination: ings, sprinkled with red flames. The you are to swallow it: every faithful Ma- five orders of architecture should be ap. son may do this without injury, but it propriately represented among the deco. cannot remain in the body of one who rations. In the north should be placed a is perjured. Are you disposed to submit representation of the north star, with to the trial? seven surrounding stars: it is emblemati. Candidate-I am. cal of a guiding star of the Order. The candidate is now conducted to the Most Potent Master (representing King altar by twelve upright regular steps, Solomon) is seated in the east. and kneels, when the Master presents to Senior Warden (called Grand Inspechim on a trowel the symbolic piece of a tor) in the west, and Grand Marshal in healt, (a little cake,) which he swallows. the south. Master-This mystic oblation which, The brethren, or companions, wear like you, we have received, forms a tie stone colored aprons and scarfs; the so strong that nothing can break it: woe apron has a star upon it, and in some to him who attempts to disunite us I cases a square and rule: the jewel is a. The obligation in the degree Is then gold medal, with the five orders of archiadministered. It is similar to those of tecture, a star, and a case of mathems'i. former degrees, the penalty being to have cal instruments delineated on each side. the hands nailed to the In the opening, Most Potent Macter breast, &ec. raps one, and Grankd Marshal rises. The candidate is now Master inquires if the Chapter is duly instructed in the sign, -l guarded, &c., the same as in the former token, and words, &ec., \ degrees. viz.: Cross the arms Master raps two, when the Grand In. on the stomach, the - spector rises. fingers clenched, and Master-What is the hour? thumbs elevated, and I Inspector-A star indicates the first inraise the eyes upward. stant, the first hour, and the first day in It alludes to the penal- which the Grand Architect commenced ty of having the hands the creation of the Universe. nailed, &c. Master raps one and two, when the The token is exactly companions all rise. the same as that in In- Master-Companions, it is the first in. timate Secretary. The v stant, the first hour, the first day, the pass - words are Stol- first year, when Solomon commenced kyn, Emerh, Emeth, the Temple; the first day, the first hour, and Armuriah. The sa- the first instant for opening this Chapter. cred word is Adonia. It is time to commence our labors. This ends the initiation Master raps one and two, the other of. The closing ceremonies are similar to fleers do the same, and the colnpanlions tl )se in previous degrees. Master raps clap one and two with their hands, when t.:a and inquires about the duties of the the Master declares the Chapter duly cfficers:he then rapseleven and inquires opened for the dispatch of business. of the Inspector-What is the hour? When a companion is to receive this Inspector-Low six. degree he is prepared outside by the MasMaster raps twelve, and brethren rise, ter of Ceremonies, who conducts him to the signs are given, &c. the door of the Chapter and raps one and Master again raps tswelve, the officers two, which is answered by the same from twelve, and the brethren all clap twelve within. He is admitted through the door with their hands, when the Master de- by the same ceremonies as in the former olares the Chapter to be duly closed. degrees, and conducted to the east, whero

Page  148 148 RICHARDSON B MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. he is thus addressed by the Most Potent ligations, as to secrecy, &c., the pencalty Master: being to have the hand cut in twain. Master-Brother, it has become neces- Most Potent Master then addresses sary to form a School of Architecture for candidate on his proficiency in Geomthe instruction of the brethren employed etry, and in the Masonic art, and instructs in the Temple, as none but skillful ar- him in the sign, word, and tokens, viz.: chitects can bring the same to perfection. Sign-Slide the right hand into the Int order to prevent some brethren from palm of the left, pause a moment, clench receiving the honors and rewards due the fingers of the right hand, extend the only to brethren of talents, we have thumb, and with it make the motion of deemed it expedient to prove and test tracing a plan in the palm of the left, diall those who present themselves as can- recting your eyes to the brother, as if didates for this degree. We therefore drawing from his dictation. This sign is require you to make the tour of the varied in some Chapters, by using the Temple. for the purpose of examining fore-finger in place of the thumb. tle work, and to procuce a plan drawn Token-Join right hand to the browith exactness which you must present ther's left, interlacing the fingers, place for inspection, that we may judge whe- the left hand on your hip; the brother tiler you are entitled to this degree. will do the same with his right hand. Master of Ceremonies conducts candidate round the Chapter, and into several side rooms, (if there are any.) Hie finally halts in the west, by the Grand Inspector, where candidate draws certain plans, or is supposed to do so. Master of Ceremonies then informs the Master that candidate has completed the labor assigned to him. Master-My brother, what are the fruits of your travels? Candidate (instructed)-M-3ost Potent, I have brought a plan of the works of the Temple, which I am ready to present for your inspection. Master-Present it. Master of Ceremonies conducts candidate to the Master, who receives and exaemines his plan, then hands it to some of the companions, who examine it approvingly, and lhand it back to the Master. Some give the following token, viz.: Master-It is with pleasure we witness join right hands, interlacing the three the skill you have manifested in fulfilling last fingers, and fixing them so as to form the conditions prescribed to you, but we a square; place the left hand on your require further proof before you can be brother's shoulder. admitted among us. We again require Pass-word-R ABACIM or RAB-BANAIN. you to travel. Sacred word-ADONAI. Master of Ceremonies again conducts In closing, Most Potent Master raps candidate round the Chapter, stopping one, when Grand Marshal rises, and the at the north, and explaining to him that Master enquires the duties of the several the North Star, there represented, being officers, &c., which questions are answer, a guide to mariners, so ought virtue to ed in detail. bo a guide to every Grand Master Archi- Master raps two, and Inspector rises.'tect Stopping again at the west, the Master-What is the hour? candidate is instructed to approach the Inspector-The Temple is completed. east by one and two steps, which brings Most Potent. himn in front of the altar. Master raps one and two, and all the MIaster to candidate-What have you brethren rise, when he says-As we have learned in your travels? finished the great work, our labors are Candidate (instrueted)-That virtue, ended, and we will close this Chapter. as well as talints, should be possessed The signs are now given as in previous by every one admitted to this degree. degrees, when the officers rap one and The obligation in this degree is then two, the brethren clap one and two with administered. It is similar to former ob- their hands, and the Chapter is closed;

Page  149 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: KNIGHT OF THE NINTH ARCH. 149 descend, and a rope was fastened round his body, and he was let down. He found this cavern to consist of Nine Arches, and at the bottom of the Ninth Arch he found a triangular plate of gold, with some mysterious characters en. graved thereon. This was brought to King Solomon, who, with Hiram, King ce Tyre, examined it closely. The inscription proved to be the mysterious word, KNIGIHT OF THE, NINTH ARCII. the true pronunciation of which hadt been lost, and was until then unknown. The history of this degree places its The meeting of the Knights is called a origin in the Vision of Enoch, which is Chapter, and the room represents the thus given: A mountain seemed to him audience chamber of King Solomon. It to rise in the heavens, and he was trans- is hung with red and white curtains, and ferred to the top of it. He there saw a lighted by three candlebras of three triangular plate of gold upon which were lights each, viz.: one in the east, one in some characters which he was command- the west, and one in the south. A seed never to pronounce. Presently he cond apartment is also necessary to repseemed to be lowered perpendicularly resent the cavern of Enoch. into the bowels of the earth through Nine Thrice Potent Grand Master (repreArches, and at the bottom of the Ninth, senting King Solomon) is seated under a he saw the same triangular plate. He canopy in the east. He is dressed in soon after built a temple under ground, royal robes of yellow and blue, with a similar to the Nine Arches seen in his sceptre in his hand, and a crown upon vision, being assisted by Methuselah, his his head. son. After completing this temple, he Senior Warden (representing Hiram, caused to be made a triangular plate of King of Tyre) is clothed in royal robes gold, and engraved upon it the ineffable of purple and yellow, with a crtown on characters which he had been command- his head, and a sword in his hand. ed not to pronounce. This plate he en- Senior Graud Warden (or Gland In riched with precious stones, and placed spector, representing Gibulum) is seated it on a triangular pedestal of white mar- ill the west. He dresses in a blue robe, ble, which he deposited in the Ninth with sword in hand. Arch of his subterranean edifice. The Junior Grand Warden (representing access to this Temple of Enoch was by Stolkyn) is seated ill the south. a trap door of stone, or key-stone, with Grand Treasurer (representing Joaan iron ring at the top, by which it could bert) is seated in the north, and wears a be raised. No one knew of the treasures blue robe. deposited in the Ninth Arch, except The brethren are clothed in black Enoch himself. Enoch then built two robes and caps, and each cwears the great pillars on a high mountain near by: apron, the order, and the jewel of this one of brass to withstand water, and the degree. The officers likewise all wear other of marble to withstand fire. On the the order and the jewel. marble pillar he engraved certain hiero- The Order is a broad purple ribbon, glyphics, disclosing the concealment of extending from the right shoulder to the the goldefi plate, &c., under ground; on left hip, at the end of which is attached the pillar of brass he engraved the prin- a golden triangle, with the mysterious ciples of Geometry, or Masonry. These word engraved thereon, enclosed in rays. events occurred before the flood, in the The apron is of purple silk, bordered with iart of the world known afterwards as white: on it a triangle. tile Land of Canaan. In opening the Chapter, Thrice PoSome treasure having been discovered tent Master raps seven, and Gra nd Inamong ancient ruins by the workmen of spector rises. King Solomon, he requested three Grand Master-Are we all Knights of the Master Architects (Gibulum, Joabert and Ninth Arch? Stolkyn) to make a further search. They Inspector-We are, Thrice Potent. went; and while at work Gibulum stuck Master then inquires the places and duhis pick-ax through aa iron ring fastened ties of the different officers, as in former to f. stone. This proved to be a cubic degrees. stome, or trap, and on removing it a cav- Master raps eight, and Junior Grand woan \was discovered. Gibulumn offered to Warden rises.

Page  150 150 RICIIARKLSON) S MONITOR OF F'RE-MASONRY. Master —What is the hour I ready discovered much treasure which Warden-The rising of the sun. has been deposited in the secret vault. Master raps three times three, when Are you willing to make farther re. the companions all rise, and he says-If searches among the ancient ruins, and it is the rising of the sun, it is time to report to us your discoveries? commence our labors. Brother Stolkyn, Master of Cercmonies —We are. you will please to give notice that we Master-Go, and may success attend are about to open in this place a Chapter your labors. of Knights of the Ninth Arch, &c. Candidate and his two companions are The signs are now given in former de- conducted into a side room, where search grees, and then in this degree, as hereaf- is made among certain rubbish, when a ter explained. ring is discovered in the floor, and a trap The two kings kneel at a pedestal in hoisted. One of the three, representing the centre of the Chapter, and iaise each Stolkyn, addresses the candidate. other by interlacing the fingers of the Stolkyn-This is evidently an entrance left hand, which is the token in this de- to a secret cavern. Are you willing to gree. The brethren kneel and raise each descend? other in the same manner. Candidate-Yes. Thrice Potent Master raps three times Stolkyn and Joabert tie a rope round three, the other officers each rap the his body, leaving two ends upward, and same, and the companions clap three let him down, cautioning him that if he times three with their hands. desires to ascend, to pull on his right; Master-I declare this Chapter open. and if he wishes to descend lower, to pull If a candidate is to be admitted, he is lon his left. In this way the candidate is prepared in an outer room in company lowered and raised twice, because he can with two of the brethren, three being see nothing. The third time they give necessary for the ceremonies. They first him a light in his hand, and he descends go to the door in company with several and discovers the triangular plate of other brothers, when the Master of Cere- Enoch, described in the history of this monies raps three times three on the door. degree. At this moment one of the perStolkyn raps three times three from sons above drops doewn something onl the withicn, partly opens the door, and in- light, which extinguishes it, and candiquires-WVho comes there? date pulls to be drawn up. After he is Mlaster-Several Inrtendants of tlhe drawn up, Joabert goes down on a knotBuilding, Elected Knights, and Grand ted rope, and brings up the plate, when M:laster Architects, who solicit the honor they all retulun to the Lodge and present of being admitted into the secret vault the plate to the Master. under the Sanctum Sanctorumn. Master of Ccl monici s-Tchrice Potent, Junior Grand Warden-You will wait we have obyced your commands, and awhile- until our Thrice Potent Master is.herewith presesnt you with the fruits of informed of your request, and his an- our labors, and solicit the honor of besev(r returned. ing made acquainted with the inseripThe Warden (Stolkyn) goes and in- tion on this cubic stone [meaning the trap forms the Master, who gives him the an- with the ring in it] and this golden triswer, which be tabkes to the door, raps angle. three times three- partly opens it, and Mlaster (raising his hands)-Gibulum s;:yl-My brethren, your request cannot ishtov I [Gibulum is a good man-the now bc granted. grand woirl in this degree.] Candlidate is amy conducted back to Senior Warden raises his hands and tlhe preparation room, wheni presently makes the saule exclamation. nine brothers present tlieruselves, and Master (examining the plate() —My bre. bricg Vword as follows-It is the Thrice thren, your request cannot now be gralntPotenLt Mcaster's request that Grand Mas- ed. God has bestowed upon you a pa, ter Architects Joabert, Stolk'yn, anod Gi- Iicular favor, in permitting you to dis. bulumn attend at once in the audience cover the most precious jewel of,a.zcllalmber. sonry. The promise which God made to Can!.didte and two companions are some of the ancient patriarchs, that in lvow irntroduced into the Chapter and fulness of time his name should be distaken before the Thrice Potenit Master. covered, is now accomplished. As a reMtaMter —My brethren, you knowv that oward for your zeal, constancy, and fidelIn diggring for a foundation for the Tem- ity, I shall now constitute you Knights pil, we found the ruins of an ancient of the Ninth Arch, and I promise you an edfioe. Among the rains, we have al- explanation of the mysterious characters

Page  151 TIlE INEFiABLE DEGREES: [NIGHT OF THwE NINTH ARCH. 151 on the golden plate, when it is fixed in Token-The brothers raise each other the place designed for it, and I will then from the position given in the sign by inconfer on you the most sublime and mys- terlacing the fingers of the left hand. terious degree of Perfection. The one raising says, Tob, Banai, AmaMfiaster directs the candidate and his labec. The one being raised says, Gibucompanions to be conducted to the south- lurm ishtov. west, ant fro-n tlsence to approach the There are nine pass-words, one for altar by three times three steps, and each arch, viz.: 1st, Jovy; 2d. Jeho; 3d, there take the obligation in this degree. Juha; 4th, Havah; 5th, Elgibbor; tih, Master of Ceremonies instructs candi- Adonai; 7th, Joken; 8th, Eloah; 9tih, date, when the three approach the altar, Elzeboath. and the following obligation is admin- Grand Word-Gibulum ishtov-signiistered:- fying, Gibulunn is a good man. I, John Smith, do promise and vow, in Candidate is now invested with the the most soleni e manner, and in the pre- regalia of this degree, and is directed to sence of the most holy and ]uiisant, and salute the Senior Warden as a Knight of enost terrible, just aild merciftl God, that the Ninth Arch, which he does. I will doublle my assiduity, zeal an!.: love The Chapter is closed with a lecture, for my fellow brethren who hate taken recapitulating the initiation. alid by the this d grec of K. A. Thrice Potent reciting the history of the I prominse further never to assist at degree. He adds, that the great flood of th3 initiation of any brother into this Noah, which took place in the year of de-gree, nor to give my consent that lie the world 16.56, destroyed most of the sube initiated, unless he shall regularly perb monuments of antiquity, including have received all the foregoing degrees the marble pillar of Enoch. But the pilin a just and regular Lodge, and unless lar of brass was preserved, by means of he shows a charitable disposition for Ma- which the great institution of Masonry sonry, and also obtains a permission from has been handed down to us. By this under the hands and seals of the officers means the wisest man who ever lived, of a just and regular Lodge, according King Solomon, was enabled to erect the to ancient laws. magnificent Temple which bore his name. I furthermore promise never to give to He began the building in the fourth year nly number less than three, and those to of his reign, having selected for the site be well examined, this degree, unless of it the most beautiful and healthy spot when authorized for that purpose by a in alil Jerusalem, and by governing the particular patent, and with a view of Craft with diligence and wisdom, he was constituting a Ch1apter of K. A. Masons enabled to present to a wondering world — wvhich I will never consent to be holden so perfect an edifice that its equal was within twenty-five leagues of one already never known, nor is it probable ever regularly constituted. will be, in all future time. I further promise carefully to observe Master then raps seven, and inquires and pay due obedience to all the laws, the duties of the several officers, which rules and regulations, established and is answered by Senior Warden. appointed by this K. A. Chapter, as also Master raps eight and inquires of Junto keep inviolable the secrets communi- ior Warden-What is the hour? eated in it. Junior Warden-The setting of the I furthermore promise that I will not sun, Thrice Potent. lebauclh any females related to a bro- Mlaster-If it is sunset, it is time to ther, knowing them to be such. close our labors. All this I promise under the penalties Master (rapping three times'three, and of lay former obligations, and in case of companions all rising)-Brother Junior failtue, that my body may be exposed to Wardc:n, you wvill please to give noticea the beasts of the forest as a prey; so that I am about to close this Chapter by God maintain me in my present obli- three times three. [Notice given.] Tie gation. brethren will attend to giving the signs. Thrice Potent Master now instructs The signs are now given, first those of candidate in the sign, token and words this degree, and then all the others, back. of this degree, as follows: ward. Sign-Kneel on the left knee, the right Master and all the officers rap three hand turned and placed on the back, the times three in successiomn, the brethren left hand raised above the head, (palm clap three tihne.s three with their hands, upwards,) the body leaning forward. It when the Master declares the Chapter alludes to the penalty. duly closed.

Page  152 152 RICHARDSON'S bMONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. ID)EGRa EE1 {O3P PERFECG TION; hduring his absence. THe wears. as an official jewel, a crowned comnpass, with a moon in the centre. Senior Grand Warden, representing Adonilram, soil of Abda, sits in the west, and wears a golden trowel for L-is jewei. Junior Grand Warden sits in the south, alid wears a golden sw ordl for lhi j...el. Grand Knuight of the Seals sits at the left of the Senior Grand Warden ill the west, with an ivory key for ajewel: his duty is to take care of the archives of the Lodge. Geaed Treasurer sits in the lortlu, ____.......... wearin a golden key for a jewel: duty, to keep the funds of the Lodge. OR, GRAND ELECT, PERFECT, AND GGrand Secretary is stationed in the SUBLIsE MASON. south, wearing for his jewel a golden pen: duty, to keep a record of the proThe Lodge in this degr ee rep esents a ceedings. subterranean vault, hul-g with red cur- Grand Orator sits in the south, betains, and the walls painted the same tween the Junior Warden and Secrecolor. A part of Enoch's Pillar, found tary: he wears a golden scroll: his duty among the ruils, with pedestal broken, is to make discourses in illustration of is placed in the west. In the east is Sol- the Order, instruct new brethren, and omon's Pillar of Beauty, the Burning explain the Ineffable Degrees. Bush, and a transparent triangle repre- Grand Master of Ceremonies sits in senting the Golden Triangle of Enoch the north, between the Treasurer and found in the Ninth Arch, with the He- Captain of the Guards: his jewel, a brew letters JOD-HE-VAU-HE inscribed golden staff: his duty, to prepare asnd thereon. When not at work, the Lodge conduct candidates. is illuminated by the Burning Bush, and Grand Captain of the Guards, reprewhen at work by twenty-four lights, serltiig Zerubbabel, is stationed in the viz.: three in the north, five in the south, north, between Master of Ceremonies seven in the west, and nine in the east. and Knight of the Seals: his jewel, a The furniture of the Lodge consists of golden spear: his duty to see thlat the Holy Bible, Square, Compasses and Tri- Guards are at their proper stations, and angle, Altar of Incense, Altar of Sacri- to provide for the accommodation of flee, Table of Shew Bread, Brazen La- members and visitisg-blethren. ver, Ark of the Covenant, Tables of the In addition to the above is the Grand Law, Golden Candlesticks, two Brazen Tyler, stationed at the door: jewel, a Columns,'Golden Urn of Oil, Golden golden flaming sword: his duty is to Vase, filled with walter, Golden Goblet guard the entrance to the secret vault. of wine, Gold Ring and Trowel, Silver Likewise, in some Lodges, the HospiHod of ointment, and the Cubical Stone. table Brother, stationed in the north: Before each of the officers is a white jewel, a winged rod: his duty is to visit triangular table. the sick brethren, and take charge of tile The assembly is called a Grand Lodge charity funds of the Lodge. of Perfection. It must consist of only The officers wear collars of broad twenty-seven working members. If a white watered silk ribbon, witlh white greater number join the Lodge, and are and red rosettes at the bottom, from present at any meeting, the excess of, which the jewel is suspended. t.venty-seven take no part in the pro. Each of the brethren wears a sword: caedings, but. remain as spectators, or a triangular black apron bordered with honorary members. gold lace and lined with white, in the There are ten officers, as follows: centre of which is a golden delta with * Thrice Potent Grand, Master, repre- the Hebrew claracters JOD-HE-VAU-HE senting King Solomon, sits in the east, thereon: a collar of flame colored riband wears, as an official jewel, a crown- bon, with white and red rosette at the ed compass, with blazing sun in its centre. bottom, from which hangs golden colnDeputy Grand Master, representing passes, crowned, the points extended to Hiram, King of Tyre, sits on the right of ninety degrees: between the points a the Thrice Potent, and is to preside medal, with sun, blazing star, &c., on it.

Page  153 THE INEFFABLE DEGREES: PERFECTION. 153 In opening the Lodge, Thrice Potent gives three distinct knocks, which are Master raps three, Grand Marshal rises. answered by three from within by the Master-Are we all Perfect and Sub- Master of Ceremonies, who partly opens lime Masons? the door and asks-Who comes there? Marshal-We are, Thrice Potent. Candidate-A Knight of the Ninth Master raps five, Junior Warden rises. Arch, who wishes to be admitted into the Master-Brother Junior Warden, what sacred vault.,is the hour Master of Ceremonies-Give the pass. Junior Warden-High twelve. Candidate-Shibboleth. Msaster-What do you understand by Master of Ceremonies-The pass is hith twelve? right-you may enter here. Junior Warden-That the sun has Candidate (conducted by Master of gained its meridian height, and darts its Ceremonies) goes to the second door of rays with greatest force on this Lodge. the ante-chamber and raps three, five Master-It is theia time that we should and seven, which are answered by simiprofit by its light. lar raps from within. The door is partMaster raps seven, Senior Warden rises. ly opened, the pass, Elhanon, is given, Master —My venerable Brother Senior when he passes to the door of the Lodge,,Warden, what brings you here? and raps three, five, seven and nine. Senior Warden-Love of Masonry, my Junior Warden-Thrice Potent, there obligation, and a desire for perfection. is an alarm at the door of the sacred Master-flow are you to conduct your- vault. self il this place? Master-See who knocks there. Senior Warden —With the most pro- Junior Warden goes to the door and found respect. raps three, five, seven and nine, partly Master-Why is it that men of all con- oeuns the door, and inquires-Who comes ditions assembled in this place, are called there? brethren, aud'are all equal? Candidate-A Knight of the Ninth Senior Warden-Because the ineffable Arch, who is desirous of being admitted name puts us in mind that there is one into the sacred vault and arriving at per. being superior to us all. fection. Master-Why is respect paid to the Junior Warden-Give me the pass. triangle? Candidate-Adonai. Senior Warden-Because it contains Junior Warden-The pass is right: the name of the Grand Architect of the you will wait until our Thrice Potent Universe. Master is informed of your request, and Master raps nine, the brethren all rise. his answer returned. Master-Brother Senior Warden, you Junior Warden shuts the door, and will give notice that I am about to open goes and informs the Master of what has a Lodge of Perfect Grand Elect and occurred. Sublime Masons, by the mysterious num- Master-Let the Knight be introduced ber 3, 5, 7 and 9. in ancient form. Senior Warden makes proclamation Junior Warden opens the door, when that a Lodge of Perfect and Sublime the Master of Ceremonies conducts canMasons is about to be opened, &c. didate to the west end of the Lodge, beThe signs of all former degrees, up to tween the Wardens, and he makes the this one, are now given. sign of admiration, as on page 135. Master raps three, when all the breth- Master to candidate-My brother, what reun give the first sign in this degree, as is your desire? hereafter explained. Candidate-To be made a Grand Elect, The second and third signs are given Perfect and Sublime Mason. i likte manner. Master-Before I can initiate you, you iItaster raps three, five, seven and must satisfy us that you are well skilled m': e; Senior Warden the: same; Junior in Masonry, otherwise you must be sent Wrarden the same; and then all the breth- back until you are better qualified. Are rman clap their hands the same, and the you a Mason?;iaster declares the Lodge open. Candidate-My brethren all know me The brethren seat themselves in a tri- as such. angular form round the altar. Master-Give me the sign, token, and If a candidate is to be admitted, he word. first gains admittance to the door of the Candidate gives those of Entered Ap. al techamber by the nine pass-words of prentice, as on pages 7 and 11. 4 Knight of the Ninth Arch: here he Master-Are you a Fellow Craft?

Page  154 154 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Candidate-I have seen the letter G, examined this Knight in the various de. and know the pass. grees of Masonry, and find him perfect; Master-Give me the sign, token and do you consent that he shall be exalted words. to the sublime and mysterious degree of Candidate gives signs, &c., of the Fel- Perfection? If any brother present oblow Craft degree. jects, let him state his objection. MLaster-Are you a Master Mason? A Brother (rising)-Thrice Potent, IL Candidate —I have seen the sprig of have objections to him, which I will cassia, and know what it means. [Gives communicate, if the candidate retires. signs, &c., of the Master Masoi's degree.] Master orders candidate to retire into Master-Are you a Secret Master? the ante-chamber, and he leaves the Candidate-I have passed from the room with the Master of Ceremonies. square to the compasses opened to seven Presently the door of the Lodge is degrees. [Gives the signs, &c., of a Secret opened, and candidate is conducted back, iMaster. and placed in the west. Master-Are you a Perfect Master? Master to candidate —Before you can Candidate-I have seen the tomb of be exalted to this sublime degree, I must our respectable Master, Hiram Abiff, ask you certain questions relative to and have, in company with my brethren, your past life, and I trust you will anshed tears at the same. [Gives sign, &c., swer them sincerely and satisfactorily. of a Perfect Master.] Master then asks candidate the followMaster-Are you an Intimate Secre- ing questions, which he answers in detary? tail: —lst. Have you never wilfully reCandidate-My curiosity is satisfied, vealed any of the Secrets of Masonry? but it nearly cost me my life. [Gives the 2d. Have you always been charitable tosigns, &c., of an Intimate Secretary.] wards your brethren? 3d. Have you _Master-Are you a Provost and Judge? never defrauded a brother? 4th. Are Candidate-I am, and render justice to you in the habit of using the name of all men, without distinction. [Gives the God profanely? 5th. Does your consigns, &c., of a Provost and Judge.] science accuse you of having committed Miaster-Are you an Intendant of the any offence against your brethren, which Building? ought to debar you from receiving this Cand(idate-I have made the five steps degree? of exactness, I penetrated the inmost All these questions having been anpart of the Temple, and have seen the swered in the negative, the Master says great light in which was three mnysteri- -Brethren, do you consent that this canous characters, J. J. J. [Gives signs, &c., didate be admitted among us? If so, of an Intendant of the Building ] please to raise your right hands. Master-Are you an Elected Knight? The brethren all raise their right hands. Candidate —One cavern received me, Master —We accept you, my brother, one lamp gave me light, and one foun- as a Perfect and Sublime Mason. You, tain refreshed me. [Gives signs, &c., of uwill approach the altar and take the oban Elected Knight.] ligation. AMaster-Are you a Master Elect of Candidate (instructed by Master of Fifteen? Ceremonies) approaches the altar by Candidate-My zeal and works have three, five, seven and nine steps, and procured me that honor. [Gives signs, kneels on his left knee, when the Master &c, of a Master Elect of Fifteen] administers the obligation-ist. Secrecy..Master-Are you anIllustrious Knight? 2d. To conceal the laws and regulations Candidate —My name will inform you. of this degree. 3d. To assist brethren in [Gives signs, &c., of Illustrious Knight.] sickness with his counsel, purse, and Master-Are you a Grand Master Ar- arms. 4th. Not to assist in making a chitect? brother of this degree, unless he shall be Candidate-I know the use of the ma- of good moral character, and who has theinatical instruments. [Gives the signs, been an officer of some regular Lodge, &co, of that degree.] and to receive him by virtue of a power Master-Are yru a Knight of the Ninth granted by proper authority. 5th. To Arch? endeavor, on all occasions, to observe Candidate-T have penetrated the bow- strictly duties to God and the colusli els of thle earth through Nine Arches, nity. 6th. That he will not be concerned have seen the brilliant triangle. [Gives in conferring this degree upon any Mas.gns. &c., of the Ninth Arch degree.] son whose character and knowledge he Mastcr-My brethren, I have carefully disapproves, nor umless he has been elect.

Page  155 TIlE INEFFABLE DEGREES: PERFECTION. 15.5 ed and Installed as an officer in some reg- Second covered word-IsAHABIN. Ular Lodge, Chapter, Encampment, or Third covered word-ADONAL Council. 7th. That he will never fully Grand word-JEHOVAH. This word pronounce, more than once in his life, the is given by repeating alternately, the mysterious word of this degree. The names of the Hebrew letters used in the penalty is to have the body cut open, and word Jehdoah-JOD-HE-VAU-HE. the bowels torn out and given to the vul- Master to candidate-You will now tures for food. pronounce to me the mysterious word. After administering the obligation, the Candidate-I cannot but once in life. Master makes a prayer, as in the text- Master-l-Hoo will you then give it? book. Caudidate-JOD-HE-VAU-HE. [Hebrwc% Master of Ceremonies now presents the Jehovah.] Thrice Potent Milaster with a trowel, and Master-I will now give you the true a hod of ointment. pronunciation of the name of the Deity, Master to candidate —\y brother, I as revealed to Enoch, and he eingraved Fshall now proceed to anoint you with the the letters composing it on a triangular holy oil wherewith Aaron, David, and plate of gold, which was hidden for many the wise Solomon were anointed. ages in the bowels of the earth, and lost Master touches candidate with the to mankind. The mysterious words trowel, on the head, the lips, and the which you received in the preceding deheart, saying at the same time: Behold grees, are all so many corruptions of the. how good and how pleasant it is for bre- true name (of God) which was engraved thren to dwell together in unity, &c. on the triangle of Enoch. In this en. Master then offers candidate bread and graving, the vowel points are so arranged wine, and raises him from his kneeling as to give the pronunciation thus-Yowposture: the brethren all take wine, &c. Ho. This word, when thus pronounced, Master now instructs candidate in the is called the ineffable word, which cansigils, tokens and pass-words of this de- not be altered as other words are, and gr,es as follows: the degrees which you have received, First sign-Same as the due-guard of a are called, on this account, Ineffable DeMaster Mason. [Page 30.] grees. This word you will recollect was Second sign-Bring your right hand to not found until after the death of Hiram your left cheek, extending it as though Abiff,. consequently the word engraved to guarcd that side of the face; your left by him on the ark, is not the true name is to support the right elbow apply the of God. left hand in the same manner to the right Most Potent Master instructs candicheek, supporting the left elbow with the date with the secret characters, and then right hand. It is pretended that Moses invests him with the jewel, apron, &c., placed himself in these attitudes when saying-I now salute you as a Grand he saw the burning bcush. Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason, &c., Third sign —Give the sign of admira- [reading the charge from a text-book.] tion, [page 135,] and then place three In closing the Lodge, Thrice Potent fingers of the right hand on the lips. Master raps three, when Grand Marshal First token-Same as that of the En- rises, and Master inquires the duties of tered Apprentice. [Page 7.] the various officers. Second token-Same as the Master's Master raps five, and says to Junior grip. [Page 36.] Having given it, say, Warden-What is the hour?' Can you go farther?" he will slip his Junior Warden-It is midnight. hand above your wrist, to the middle of Master-If it is midnight, it is time to the arm, and so to the elbow; he then close our labors. [Raps seven, and Se. puts his left hand to your shoulder, and nior Warden rises.] presses thrice. Master-Brother Senior Warden, hov Third token-Seize each other's el-. should Perfect and Sublime Masters par.! bows with the left hand, and put the right Senior Warden-They should part i4 hand on each other's neck, as if in the act peace, love and unity. of raising one up Master raps nine, when all the brethren First pass-word-SHIBBOLETH, repeat- rise, and the signs are given, beginning ed thrice. with those of this degree. and going backSecond pass-word-HELENIHAIM. ward through the other degrees. Third pass-wvord-MAHIAK-MAKAIRA- All the officers rap three, five, seven BAI(. This is translated, God be praised, and nine, and the brethren clap the same we have finished it. with their hands, when the Thrice Po)te.t First covered word-G]BULUM. Master declares the Lodge duly closed.

Page  156 156 RICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. IHistorical and Philosophical buckler, a triangle and a hand t on the flap is abalance, and the letters D. Z. D E G R E BE- S. [Darius and Zerubbabel.] The jewel is a golden medal-on one side a hand holding a balance; on the other a two-edged sword with five stars around the edg s and point, and the letters D. Z. above. The other officers are clothed in yellow robes and caps, wear red gloves, and each carries a sword. They areMost Enlightened Senior and Junior Grand Wardens. Valiant Grand Treasurer. /~ \ + t / \Valiant Grand Master of Ceremonies. Valiant Grand Marshal. Valiant Grand Tyler. The brethren are Valiant Princes, and it takes five to open a Convention. In opening, Master raps one, and says PRINCE OF JERUSALEM. -Valiant Grand Master of Ceremonies, what is the first business of a Grand This degree is historical, and is found- Council of Princes of Jerusalem? ed on the rebuilding of the Temple, af- Master of Ceremonies-To see that the ter the encouragement given by Darius, Guards are at their proper stations. King of Persia, to Zerubbabel, a Prince Master-Attend to that duty, and in of Judah, who journeyed to Babylon, as form the Guards that we are about to described in the degree of Knights of the open a Council of Princes of Jerusalem. Red Cross. Those who accompanied Master of Ceremonies gees and sta. Zerubbabel on that journey were styled tions the Guards, returns, and says-The Knights of the East. Guards are set, Most Equitable. After the work of rebuilding had been Master (raps two, and Junior Warden commenced, Zerubbabel was much an- rises)-Enlightened Junior Warden, what nosed by the Samaritans, and finally is our next business? forced to abandon the enterprise. He Junior Warden-To see that all presthereupon sent an embassy to Darius, the ent are Princes of Jerusalem. successor of Cyrus, who issued a decree Master-Attend to that duty. prohibiting all persons, on pain of death, Junior Warden (scrutinizing the brefrom interfering with the work, and the thresn)-We are all Princes of JerusaTemple was then completed. lem, Most Equitable. Princes of Jerusalem have a right to Master (raps three)-Most Enlighteninspect all Lodges or Councils of an infe- ed Senior Warden, what is the hour? rior degree, and can revoke and annul all Senior Wardenl-The rising of the sun the work done in such Councils or Lodges, Master-What remains to be done? if the same shall be inconsistent with the Senior Warden-Arrange the Princes regulations of Masonry. They must lead in two columns, for the proper discharge irreproachable lives, and if guilty of un- of their duties. masonic conduct, they are punished at Master-Attend to that duty. the discretion of the Grand Council. The brethren now form in columns The meeting is termed a Convention, across the room from west to east-the or Grand Council. There are two apart- Senior Warden on the left of the right ments, one in the west, and the other in column, and the Junior Warden on the the east; and they should be connected right of the left column. by a hall. The one in the west repre- Master-Enlightened Senior and Ju.. sents the Court of Zerubbabel, at Jeru- nior Wardens, inform your respective salem. It is hung with yellow drapery. columns that I am about to open this The eastern apartment represents the Convention of Princes of Jerusalem by Cabinet of Darius. three and two. Most Equitable Sovereign Grand Mas- Senior and Junior Wardens repeat the ter, representing Zerubbabel, sits on a orders of the Master. throne in the western apartment, and Master-Attention, Valiant Princes, wears a yellow robe and turban, and a we will give the signs. red apron with yellow flap: on the apron The signs are now given in other deis a picture of the Temple, a square, a grees, and then in this degree, see p. 158.

Page  157 mISTORICAL DEGREES: PRlNCE OF JERUSALEM. 157 Master raps three and two, which is they fight their way until they are met repeated by the two Wardens, when the by brothers with lighted torches, who Master declares the Grand Council duly conduct them safely to the presence of opened and in order for business. the Master. If a candidate is to be admitted to this Candidate (handing the decree)-I dedegree, he is prepared outside by the liver to you the decree of Darius, King Master of Ceremonies, hoodwinked, and of Persia, which we have obtained after led to the door of the Council chamber, defeating our enemies, and encountering where an alarm is given by rapping three many dangers in our journey. and one. Master reads the decree, as follows: The door is opened without ceremony, We, Darius, King, &c., willing to favor and the candidate is led to the east in and protect our people at Jerusalem, affront of the Master. ter the example of our illustrious predeMaster-What is your desire? cessor, King Cyrus, do will and ordain, Candidate (instructed)-I come in be- that the Samaritans, against whom comhalf of the people of Israel to complain plaints have been made, shall punctually of the Samaritans, who refuse to pay the pay the tribute money which they owe tribute imposed upon them for defraying for the sacrifices of the Temple-otherthe expense of the sacrifices offered to wise they shall receive the punishment God in the Temple. due to their disobedience. Given at ShuMaster-I have no power over the Sa- shan, the palace, this 4th day of the 2d maritans: they are subject to King Do- month, in the year 3534, and of our reign rius, who is at Babylon; it is to him that the third, under the seal of our faithful such complaints must be preferred; but Darius. SANDRAM, Minister of State. as we are all interested in this thing, I Master-The people of Jerusalem are will arm you, and cause you to be ac- under, great obligations to you for the companied by four Knights, that you zeal and courage you have displayed in may more easily surmount any difficulty prosecuting so difficult ajourney, and for which may present itself in yourjourney the success which has attended your nisto the Court of the King of Persia. sion. As a reward for the service, we The bandage is now removed from the propose to confer upon you the mysteeyes of the candidate; he is armed with ries of the degree of Prince of Jerusaa sword and buckler, and decorated as a lem. Are you willing to take the obliKnight of the East. The four Knights gation, which binds you to an exact obwho accompany him are armed in a simi- servance of our laws, and a careful conlar manner. They commence theirjour- cealment of those mysteries? ney, and are attacked by some armed Candidate-I am willing. ruffians, whom they repulse. They ar- Master-You will then kneel before rive at the door of the Cabinet of Da- the altar for that purpose. rius. Meantime one of the Wardens has Candidate kneels, when the Master seated himself in the eastern- apartment comes forward and administers the folto personate Darius, and in front sits a lowing obligation: brother as Minister of State. Candidate I, John Smith, do solemnly promise and the four Knights enter. and swear, in the presence of Almighty Candidate-Mighty King I the Samari- God, the Great Architect of heaven and tans refuse to pay the tribute imposed on earth, and of these Valiant Princes of them by Cyrus, King of Persia, for de- Jerusalem, that I will never reveal the fraying the expenses of the sacrifices mysteries of the degree of Prince of Jewhich are offered in the Temple which rusalem to any one of an inferior de. we are rebuilding: the people of Israel gree, or to any other person whatever. euntreat that you will compel the Samari- I promise and swear, as a Prince of Jetans to perform their duty. rusalem, to do justice'to my brethren, Darius-Your request is just and equi- and not to rule them tyrannically, but in table; I order that the Samaritans shall love. I promise and swear that I will immediately pay the tribute imposed on never, by word or deed, attack the honor them. My Chief Minister shall deliver of any Prince of Jerusalem; and that I to you my decree for this purpose. Go svill not assist in conferring this degree in peace I except in a lawful Grand Council of Candidate retires, and Minister of State Princes of Jerusalem. All this I profollows, and delivers the decree to him. mise and swear, under the penalty of beIn returning to the western apartment, ing stripped naked, and having my heart candidate and his Knights protectors are pierced with a poinard. So help me God. again obstructed by lurking ruffians, but Amen I amen I amen I

Page  158 158 RICHARDSONB'MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Master raises candidate, and then in- Master-What is signified by the five structs him in the signs, tokens and words stars on the sash? of this degree, as follows: Senior Warden-They are emblematic First Sign —Extend the right arm hori- of the five Knights who journeyed from zontally at the height of the shoulder. Jerusalem to Babylon. This is termed the sign of command. Master-What is the age of a Prince First Token-Each places his left hand of Jerusalem? e;n his left hip, and the right hand on his Senior Warden-Five times fifteen. brother's left shoulder. In closing the Council the Master raps Second Token-Join left hands, placing five, and says-Most Enlightened Junior the thumb on the second joint of the little and Senior Wardens, please to announce finger; with the thumb strike five times to your respective columns that I am on that joint. about to close this Grand Council by Pass-word-TEBETH. The name of five times fifteen. the Jewish month in which the Ambas- Senior Warden (raps five)-Attention, sadors entered Jerusalem. Valiant Princes: it is the will of our Sacred Word-ADAR. The name of Most Equitable Sovereign Grand Master the month in which thanks were given that this Grand Council be now closed. to God for the completion of the Temple. Junior Warden raps five and repeats In some Councils the following sign is the same order. given, viz.: Present yourself before your Master (rising)-Attention, Valiant brother with your sword advanced, and Princes, we will now give the signs. your left hand resting on your hip, as if The signs are given backward. to commence a combat. He will answer Master raps five times fifteen, which is the sign by extending his arm at the repeated by the two Wardens. height of the shoulder, the right foot Master-Be just, merciful and wise! I forming a square with the toe of the left. declare this Grand Council duly closed. The March-Five steps on the diagonal of the square towards the throne. Age-The age of a Prince of Jerusalem is 5 times 15. Master to candidate-I now appoint - and constitute you, with your four companions, Princes and Governors of Jerusalem, that you may render justice to all the people. I decorate you with a yel-. low sash, to which is attached a gold \ medal. The Balance on it is to admonish you to make equity and justice your guides. The Hand of Justice is a mark of your authority over the people. The Emblems of the Apron with which I now invest you, have reference to the works and virtues of Masons, and to your KNIGHTS OF THE EAST AND WEST. duty in the high office with which you are invested. As Princes of Jerusalem, This degree originated in Palestine, you will assemble in two chambers of and was brought to the west by the the Temple. Be just, merciful. and wise. Knights, eleven of whom made their The Lecture is now given, and is a re- vows of secrecy, friendship and discrepetition of the initiation, the Master ask- tion before a patriarch and Prince of Je. ing Senior Warden all the circumstances rusalem. The meeting is called a Council. of his journey to Babylon, and interview The Council Chamber is hung wity red with Darius, and the Warden answering drapery, sprinkled with gold stars. In the questions. It closes as follows: the east is a throne, or canopy, elevated Master-How are Princes of Jerusa- by seven steps, supported by four lions, lem clothed? four eagles, aold between them an angel, Senior Warden-In cloth of gold. or seraphim, with six wings: on one side Master-What are their decorations? is a transparency of the sun, and on the Senior Warden-A yellow sash trim- other side, one of the moon: below is a med with gold from right to left; to rainbow, and in front a basin of perwhich was attached a golden medal, on fumed water and a skull and cross bones. which was engraved a balance, a sword, Six elevated canopies of three steps each five stars, and the letters D. Z. are placed in the north, and six in the

Page  159 HISTORICAL DEGREES: KNIGHT OF THIE EAST AND WEST. 159 sRtb. Eleven of these are occupied by Senior Warden (goes to the door and the eleven Venerable Ancients, and the returns)-Most Puissant, we are in pertwelfth, at the right of the Master, is feet security. left vacant. At the west are two cano- Master (rapping seven)-IRespectable pies of five steps each for the Venerable Knights Princes, our Grand Council is Wardens. now open, and I claim your attention to A pedestal stands in front of the the business thereof. throne, on which lays a large Bible, with Senior Warden-WVe promise obedi-'seven seals suspended therefrom. ence to all the commands of our MJost Most Puissant Venerable Master sits on Puissant Venerable Master. the throne in the east. The Knights all rise and salute the Grand Senior and Grand Junior War- Master, when he returns the compli. dens sit on the two canopies in the west. ment, and requests them to be seated. Twenty-four Knights (including offi- If a candidate is to be admitted, he is cers) comprise the Council, and (except- prepared by the Master of Ceremonies log the Venerable Ancients seated on in an ante-chamber hung with red, and canopies) are called Respectable An- lighted with seven lights. He is clothed cients. If there are any more brethren in a white robe, and is led, barefoot, to present, they are called Respectable the door of the Council Chamber, where Knights; and must stand behind the Ven- he gives seven raps. erable Ancients. Master (rapping seven)-The youngest All the brethre-n are clothed in white, Knight present will go to the door and dewith a zone of gold round the waist, long mand who knocks. white beards, and golden crowns on their A Knight steps forward, knocks seven heads. The Knights, in their ordinary times on the door, and asks-Who comes habits, wear a broad white ribbon from there? the right shoulder to the left hip, with Master of Ceremonies-It is a valiant the jewel suspended thereto. They also brother and Mlost Excellent Prince of wear a cross of the Order, suspended by Jerusalem, who requests to be admitted a black ribbon, round their necks. to the Venerable and Most Puissant. There is a carpet on the floor called a The Knight reports to the Master, who draft-a heptagon in a circle-over the says-Let him be introduced. angles of which are the letters B D s P Senior Warden goes and ope!s the H F: in the centre, a man clothed in a door, and taking candidate by the hand, white robe, with a girdle of gold round says-Come, my. dear brother, I will his waist-his right hand extended, and show you mysteries worthy of contealsurrounded with seven stars-he has a plation. Give me the sign, token, and long white beard, his head surrounded word of a Prince of Jerusalem. with a glory, and a two-edged sword Candidate gives sign, &c., [page 158,] in his mouth-with seven candlesticks and is then directed to kneel a short disround him, and over them the following tance off in front of the Most Puissant letters: H D P I P R C. Master, which he does. The Jewel is an heptagon of silver- Senior Warden —Brother, you no doubt at each angle a star of gold with one of have always borne in memory the oblithe letters B D S P H G S thereon: in the gations of your former degrees, and that centre a lamb on a book with ser-en seals. you have, as far as in the power of hlu. On reverse, same letters in the angles, man nature, lived agreeably to them? and in the centre a two-cesg~d sword Candidate-I have ever made it my between a balance. study, and, I trust, my actions and life The Apron is white, lined with red, will prove it. b)rdered with yellow, or gold; on the Senior Warden-Have you particularfli.t is painted a two-edged sword, sur- ly regarded your obligations as a Subr uuded with the seven holy letters-or lime Knight of Perfection. Knight of the tile apron may have the plan of the draft East, and Prince of Jerusalem? Do youe painted on it. recollect having injured a brother in any Il opening the Council the Masterlays respect whatsoever? or have you seen his right hand on the Bible with seven or known of his being injured by others, seals. without giving him timely notice, as far Master-Venerable Knights Princes, as was in your power? I pray you anwhat is your duty? swer me with candor. Senior Warden-To know if we are Candidate-I have in all respects done secure. my duty, and acted with integrity to the Master-See that we are so. best of my abilities.

Page  160 160 ItICHAtlDSOzO S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONeRY Master-You will be pleased to recol- that I never will fight or combat with lcct, my brother, that the questions which my brother Knights, but will, at all times, have now been put to you, are absolutely when he has justice on his side, be ready necessary for us to demand, in order that to draw my sword in his defence, or the purity of our Most Respectable Coun- against such of his enemies who seek the cil may not be sullied; and it behooves destruction of his person, his honor, you to be particular in your recollection, peace, or prosperity; that I never will as the indispensable ties which we are revile a brother, or suffer others to rcgoing to lay you under, will, in case of flect on his character in his absence, your default, only increase your sins, without informing him thereof, or noand serve to hurl you sooner to destrue- ticing it myself, at my option; that. I tion, should you have deviated fromyour will remember, on all occasions, to obdalty: answer me, my dear brother. serve my former obligations, and be just, Candidate-I never have. upright, and benevolent to all my fellow Mlaster-We are happy, my brother, creatures, as far as in my power. that your declaration coincides with our I further solemnly promise and swear, opinion, and we are rejoiced to have it in that I will pay due obedience and subour power to introduce you into our so- mission to all the degrees of MIasonry; cicty. Increase our joy by complying and that I will do all in my power to with our rules, and declare if you are support them in all justifiable measures willing to be united to us by taking a for the good of the Craft, a.Id advantage most solemn obligation. thereof, agreeably to the Grand ConstiCandidate-I ardently wlaish to receive tutions. it, and to have the honor of being united All this I solemnly swear and sincerely to so respectable and virtuous a society. promise, upon nly sacred word of honor, Master orders the basin of perfumed under the penalty of the severe wrath of water and a clean napkin to be brought the Almighty Creator of heaven and to him, and directs candidate to wash his earth; and may Hie have mercy on my hands, which he does. soul, on the great and awful day ci, Master reads the first six verses of judgment, agreeably to my conformity Psalm xxiv. thereto. Amen. Amen. Amen. Candidate is raised and brought close Mcaster takes a box of perfumed ointto the foot of the throne, where lie kneels ment and anoints candidate on his head, on both knees, and placing his right hand eyes, mouth, heart, the tip of his right on the Bible, his left hand between the ear, hand, and foot, and says —You are hands cf the Most Puissant Mlaster, he now, my dear brother, received a memtakes the following obligation: ber of our society; you will recollect to I, John Smith, do promise and solemn- live up to the precepts of it, and also rely swear and declare, in the awful pre- member that those parts of your body, Eence of the only One Most Holy Puis- which have the greatest power of assistEant Almighty and Most Merciful Grand ing you in good or evil, have this day Architect of Heaven and Earth —who been made holy I created the universe and myself through Candidate rises and is conducted to the his infinite goodness, and conducts it with west, where he is placed between the wisdom andjustice-and in the presence two Wardens, the draft, or carpet, lying of the BMost Excellent and upright before him. - Princes and Knights of the East and Senior Warden-Brother, you will exWVest here present in convocation and amine closely everything which our Most council, on my sacred word of honor and Puissant Venerable Master is about to rinder every tie, both moral and religious, show you. that I wvill never reveal to any pereon Senior Warden (addressing the Coun-. whomsoever below me, or to whom the cil)-Is there a mortal here worthy tw same may not belong, by being legal'y open the book with the seven seals 1 an& lawfully initiated, the secrets of this The brethren all cast down their eyes degree which is now about to be commu- and sigh. -nicated t nlme, under the penalty of not Senior Warden-Venerable and reonly being dishonored, but to consider spectable brethren, be not afflicted; here my life as the immedire forfeiture, and ls a victim (pointing to candidate) whose that to be taken from me with trll the courage will give you content. tortures and pains to be inflicted il man- Senior Warden to candidate-Do you hler as I have consented to in my pre- know why our Ancients have long white ceding degrees. beards? I further promise and solemnly swear, Candidate-I do not know, but you do,

Page  161 RISTORICAL DI)EGRE: KNIGHT OF TIlE EAST AND WEST. 1.(1 Senior Warden-They are those who The two FWardens seize candidate's came here, after passing through great arms and take from him his apron and tribulation, and having washed their jewel of the previous degree. robes in their ownvi blood: will you pur- The winds again move, and a second chase such robes at so great a price? trumpet sounds, when the- Junior WarCandidate-Yes, I am willing. den gives candidate the apron and jewel The two Wardens conduct candidate of this degree. tup in front of the basin, bare both his Agitation of the winds, and a third arms, and each ties a string around one, trumpet sounds, when the Senior Waras in the operation of blood-letting: then den gives candidate a long white beard. each Warden takes out a lancet and Bladders of wind whisked, and fourth pierces the arm just deep enough to draw trumpet sounds, when Junior Warden a drop of blood, which is wiped off on a gives candidate a crown of gold. napkin and shown to the brethren. Winds move, and fifth trumpet sounds, Senior Warden-See, my brethren, a when Senior Warden gives candidate a,mau who has spilled his blood to acquire girdle of gold. a knowledge of our mysteries, and shrunk Winds are agitated, when sixth trumnot from the trial. pet sounds, and Junior Warden gives Master now opens the first seal of the candidate the signs, tokens and words of great book, and takes from thence a bone this degree, as follows: quiver, filled with arrows, and a crown, Sign-Look at your right shoulder; it gives them to one of the Ancients, and will be answered by looking at the left says-Depart, and continue the conquest. shoulder. One says, ABADDON, the othHe opens the second seal, and takes er, JUBULUM. out a sword, and gives it to the next An- First tokncu-Place your left hand in cient, and says-Go, and destroy peace the right hand of your brother, who will. among' the profane and wicked brethren, cover it with his left; both at the same that they may not appear in our Council. time look over their right shoulders. He opens the third seal; and takes a Second token-Touch your brother's balance, and gives it to the next Ancient, left shoulder with your left hand; he reand says-Dispense rigid justice to the plies by touching your right shoulder profane and wicked brethren. with his right hand. lie opens the fourth seal, and takes out Sign for entering the Lodge-Place a skull, and gives it to the next Ancient, your right hand on the brother's forcand says-Go, and endeavor to convince head, (i. e. the Tyler's,) he will do the the wicked that death is the reward of same. their guilt. Pass-word-JuBULAI, or according to He opens the fifth seal, and takes out some, PERIGNAN and GADAON. a cloth, stained with blood, and gives it Sacred word-ABADDON. to the next Ancient, and says-When is The winds now fly about very brisk, the time (or, the time will arrive,) that when the seventh tlumnpet sounds, andwe shall revenge and punish the profane then all the trumpets sound together, and wicked, who have destroyed so many when the Senior Warden conducts canof their brethren by false accusations. didate to the vacant raised canopy on I-Ie opens the sixth seal, and at that the right of the Master. [This last de. rnosent the sun is darkened and the monstration is intended to represent the mo)on stained with blood I end of the world, when all true Miasons He opens the seventh seal, and takes are to receive their reward by being con-. out incense, which he gives to a brother; ducted to a throne at the right hand of and also a vase, W'ith seven trumpets. the Deity, having first been purified by and gives one to each of seven of the washing their robes in their own bloo,.} Venerable Ancients. This ends the initiation, and a lectu:The four remaining Venerable An- is then given which explains the wh y cients, in the four corners, whisk about and wherefore- of the peculiar cerem,-.: inflated bladders of wind (the four winds.) nies in this degree-showing them all -' Master-Here is seen the fulfilment of be to the credit and glorification of Ma-1 a prophecy (Revelations vii. 3.) Strike sonry. It is not particularly interesting.. not, nor punish the profane and wicked In closing, the Master raps seven and of our Order, until I have selected the says to Warden-W-hat is the tine? true and worthy Masons I Senior Warden-Time is no more I The four winds are again agitated, and Master (raps seven times) —Venerable one of the Venerable Ancients with a Knights and Princes, as time is now no trumpet blows a blast. more, I declare this Council closed. It

Page  162 1,62 RICHARI)SON S MONITO — OF FREE-MASONRY. SOVEREIGN PRINCE dered with black, and on it a red cro:. OF two inches wide, and reaching from tol ROSE-CROIX DE HARODIM, to bottom. The Master wears a brilliant star oj A ND seven points over his heart: it has a cir. KNIGHT OF THE EAGLE AND cle in its centre with the letter J on it, PELICAN. and around the edge the words Faith, Hope, Charity. The Senior Warde-': This Order is called Rose-Croix from wears a triangle, and the Junior Warded M]e rose on the cross of the Jewel being wears the square and compasses. emblematical of the Son of God, who is The Aprons are white, lined and bor, compared to a rose by the evangelist. deredwith black: on the flap are three Harodim, because the first Chapter of the red roses placed triangularly, and a hul. degree was held on a mountain of that man skull and cross-bones: at the but, name. Knight of the Eagle, because of tom, a globe surrounded by a serpent: the eagle on the jewel; and of the Peli- on the Docket lid, the letter J. The brecan, which is emblematical of Christ, thren in the second chamber have their who shed his blood for mankind. aprons lined and bordered with red: t: iThree apartments are necessary for a ple triangles and three squares within Chapter in this degree. The first one three circles, in each circle the letter J, represents Mount Calvary, and is hung on the flap: on one side compasses stan d. with black: it is lighted by three candle- ing upright on a triangle, on the other the bras, each having eleven branches, and same standing on a square within a circle. each branch holding a yellow wax can- The jewel is a golden cross, suspended dle-thirty three lights in all. The can- by a scarf of black ribbon, a black and dlebras are placed on three columns, or a red rose just above it on the scarf: oil pillars, six feet high, in the west end of the breast, a small cross of red ribbon. the room: on one is the word FAITH, on Most Wise and Perfect Master is seatthe second HOPE, and on the third CHA- ed on a step of the altar in the principal RITY-the inscriptions being in letters of apartment, having before him a small gold. At the east end is a hill, or bank, table, on which is a lighted yellow wax raised to represent Calvary; on it are candle, a Bible, square and compasses. three crosses, and on each cross isa skull and a triangle. There are no chairs at and cross-bones. In front of this bank all in the place, the brethren seating stands the altar, covered with black themselves on the floor. cloth: on it a cross, and two lighted can- Most Excellent and Perfect Senior dies of yellow- waxs: behind it a black Warden in the north, Junior Warden in curtain, extending to the ceiling, to in- the south, and Secretary, Treasurer, and tercept the view of the Mount. The Captain of the Guards, (all styled Most Master's seat is on the Step of the altar, Excellent and Perfect,) comprise the reas hereafter shown. maining officers. The second apartment should contain The brethren are styled Most Respecta transparency of Christ ascending to able and Perfect Knights. Heaven: over it a transparent triangle In opening, the Master says —My Persurrounded with rays. The Altar stands fect Brothers, Knights Princes Masons, in front of the transparency, and is light- please to assist me to open this Chapter. ed by the transparency, as no naked The two Wardens repeat this. lights are permitted in the room. Behind Master raps three and four, and the the transparencies should be an organ, or two Wardens rap the same. some solemn music. Master-Most Excellent and Perfect The third apartment represents HELL.. Wardens, what is our care i This is shown by transparencies of mon- Senior Warden-To ascertain whether sters and human beings suffering the tor- the Chapter is well covered, and if all ments of the damned, with devils stirring the brethren present are true Knights. them up with pitchforks, &c., and flamnes Master-Convince yourselves, my perencircling them. On each side of the en- fect brethren, one from the south and one trance, human skeletons representing from the north. death, with arrows in their hands. The The two Wardens examine all the apartments are connected by one door. brethren present in the sign, word and The Knights are clothed in black, and token of this degree, and report to the wear swords. They have on over their Master that all present are true Knights clothes a white chasuble (similar to those of Rose-Croix, and of the Eagle. worn by Catholic priests at mass) bor- Master to Warden-What is the hour t

Page  163 HISTORICAL DEGREES: PRINCE OF ROBE-CROIX. 163 Senior Warden-It is the moment that him, nor those who were present at his the veil of the Temple was rent; when reception. 5th. He solemnly promises darkness and consternation covered the to conform to all the ordinances of the earth; when the stars disappeared, and Chapter, and keep himself uniformly the lamp of d'sy was darkened; when clothed as far as he is able. 61th. He the implements of Masonry were lost, must promise to acknowledge his Mastef a id the cubic stone sweated blood and at all times and in all places; never to: Ater; that was the moment when the confer this degree without permission, gceat Masonic word was lost. and to answer for the probity and reMaster —Since Masonry has sustained spectability of those whom he proposes. so great a loss, let us endeavor, by new 7th. That he will be extremely cautious works. to recover the lost word, for in granting this degree, that it may not which purpose we will open this Chap- be multiplied unnecessarily. If the canter of Rose-Croix. didate promises to perform these requisiSenior Warden-Brethren, the Sove- tions he may be admitted. reign Chlspter of Rose-Croix is open; After these conditions are complied let us do our duty. with, the Chapter is usually ready to reJunior Warden repeats the same, and ceive him. the Knights kneel on their right knee at Master to Senior 7Warden-What is the altar and repeat the words, "Let us the cause of our assembling here? do our duty,-" seven times, making a Senior Warden-The propagation of pause before the seventh. the Order, and the perfection of a Knight This ends the opening. and the busi- of the East and West, who demands to ness of the Chapter proceeds. If a can- be received among us. didate is to be admitted, he is obliged Candidate is now balloted for, and'f first to obtain permission to become a no black ball appears, he is at once candidate, in the following manner: He placed in the Chamber of Reflection. presents his certificate that he is in good This is an apartment painted black, a standing as a Prince of Jerusalem and a small table in the centre, on which is a Knight of the East and West,- and at the Bible, and a skull and cross-bones; and same time a written petition for admis- the only light in the room is from within sion to this degree. The certificate and the skull. petition he must bring personally to the, Master of Ceremonies goes in to the door of the Chapter, and kneel there candidate, dresses him as a Kn'lght of the while they are read. He must then East and West, and puts on a sword and sign the petition, and remain on his knees -white gloves. He then says to tim —All until an answer to it is thrown out of the the temples are demolished; our tools loor, when he rises and reads it. In the are destroyed, with our crlumns; the enswer he will find a day appointed to sacred word is lost, notwithstanding all veceive him, and the name of the Knight our precaution; and we are in ignorance who is to give him necessary instruction. of the means of recovering it, or of knowThe Knight who is named in the an- ing each other. The Order, in general, swer, directs the candidate to procure is in the greatest consternation I Will three pairs of gloves, (one pair of which you assist us in recovering the word? must be women's,) and two sticks of fine Candidate-Most cheerfully. sealing wax for the seals. 2d. He is or- Master of Ceremonies-Follow me. dered to present to each of the brethren, Candidate is conducted to the door of one pair of men's, and one pair of wo- the Chapter, where Master of Ceremo. men's gloves, and two sticks of sealing nies raps three and four. wvax. 3d. He must make a donation of Senior Warden (from within)-What at last - dollars to the Superior Lodge, do you want? Chapter, or Council of the Sublime De- Master of Ceremonies-It is a brother goees, which must be done before he is Knight of the East and West, who is I,ceived, and may be appropriated either wandering in the woods and mountains, to defray the expenses of the Order, or and who, at the destruction of the second be given to the poor. He must also pre- Temple, lost the word, and humbly sosent to the Chapter three white wax licits your assistance to recover it. candles for the Master, and two to each The door is opened and the candidate of the Knights, at his reception, previ- is introduced. All tee brethren are seatous to his entering into the third apart- ed on the floor, the right hand on their ment. 4th. He must solemnly engage necks, their left cov,oring their face, their on his honor, never to reveal the place heads down, elbows on their knees, andi -where he was received, who received their jewels covered wlith blaek arapes.

Page  164 J1634 RIIOHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Master sits at the foot of the altar in ther of an inferior degree, nor to any in the same position. the world besides, who is not justly and Senior Warden raps three and four, lawfully entitled to the same, under the and introduces candidate to the Master penalty of being forever deprived of the as a Knight of the East and West, who true word, to be perpetually in darkness, -~as wandering in the woods, &c, my blood continually running from my Mlaster to candidate-My brother, con- body, to suffer without intermission the fusion has come on our works, and it is most cruel remorse of soul; that the bitno longer in our power to continue terest gall, mixed with vinegar, be my them; you must perceive from our looks, constant drink; the sharpest thorns f(r and the consternation which prevails my pillow; and that the death of tl.e among us, what confusion reigns on the cross may complete my punishment, earth. The veil of the Temple is rent, should I ever infringe or violate, in any [at this moment the black curtain in manner or form, the laws and rules which front of Mount Calvary is withdrawn,] have been, are now, or may be hereafter the obscured, and darkness made known or prescribed to me; and I spreads over the earth; the flaming star do furthermore swear, promise and enhas disappeared, the cubic stone sweats gage on my sacred word of honor, to obblood and water, and the sacred word is serve and obey all the decrees which raay lost; therefore it is impossible we can be transmitted to me by the Grand Ingive it to you, nevertheless it is not our spectors General, in Supreme Council, of intention to remain inactive: we will the thirty-third degree; that I never will endeavor to recover it. Are you dis- reveal the place where I have been reposed to follow us? ceived, nor the ceremony u2ed at my reCandidate-Yes, I am. ception, to any person on earth but to a Mater —Brother Wardens, it is neces- lawful Prince of Rose Croix; that I nevsary that this worthy Knight, our bro- er will initiate any person into this aether, should travel for thirty-three years, gree but by a lawful patent obtained for to learn the beauties of the new law, that purpose, either from this Chapter. The two Wardens now lead candidate or from a Superior Council: so help me slowly round the room, and when he God, and keep me steadfast in this my passes before the altar he must kneel, solemn obligation. Amen. and when passing in the west he bends Candidate kisses the Bible. his right knee, they make him observe Master-Brethren, all is accomplished. the columns and repeat the name of each The brethren all place themselves on as he passes them. the floor and cover their faces with their After passing several times round the hands, except the Wardens, who continue room, the thirty-three years are supposed with the Master, and the candidate, whom to have expired, and the Wardens stop they deprive of his apron and order. before the Master. The Master now invests candidate with MIaster to candidate-My brother, what the chasuble and says-This habit, my hava you learned on your journey? brother, teaches you the uniformity of Candidate (instructed)-I have learned our manners, and our belief, and will rethree virtues by which to conduct myself call to your recollection the principal in future, Faith, Hope, Charity; inform points of our mysteries. The black apron me if there are any others? with which I invest you, is to mark our M1aster-No, my brother, they are the sincere repentance of those evils which principles and the pillars of our new was the cause of all our misfortunes, and mystery. Approach near to us and make it will also serve to show you those who an engagement never to depart from that are in search of the true word; the ribfaith. bon is the mark of our constant mournThe brethren all rise. ing, till we have found it. Pass to the Candidate now kneels on the step of west and assist us to search for it. /J the altar, places his hand on the Bible, Wardens take candidate to the west. and takes tihe following obligation: Master knocks six and one, as a Knight,' I, John Smith, do most solemnly and Wardens repeat it. All the brethren rise sincerely promise and swear, under the and place themselves under the sign of penalty of all my former obligations, the good pastor, as on page 166. whichl I have taken in the preceding de- Master-Brother Wardens, what is the grees, never to reveal, either directly or motive of our assembling i indilectly, the secrets or mysteries of Senior Warden —The loss of the wo.'d, Knight of the Eagle and Pelican, Sove- which, with your assistance, we hope to' reign Primoe of Rose Croix, to any bro- recover.

Page  165 HISTORICAL DEFREES: PRINCE OF ROSE-CROIX. 165 Master-What must we do to obtain it? who, after having passed through the Senior Warden-To be fully convinced most profound and difficult places, hopes of the three virtues which are the basis to procure the real word as a recompense of our columns and our principles. for his labor. tMaster-What are they? The Wardens report this to the Mastelr. Senior Warden-Faith, Hope, Charity. Master-Introduce him to the wvest of Master-How shall we find those three the Chapter with his eyes open. columns? The Wardens bring in candidate, and Senior Warden-By traveling three then cover him again with his veil. days in the most profound obscurity. Master-From whence came you? Miaster —Let us travel, brethren, from Candidate —From Judea. east to north, and from west to south. Master-By what road have you - All the brethren travel in silence, bend- passed? ing their knees as they pass the altar in Candidate-By Nazareth. the east, and go seven times round. At Master-Who conducted you? the third time of going round the Master Candidate-Raphael. passes to the second apartment; at the Master-What tribe are you of? fourth time, the Wardens; at the fifth Candidate-Of the tribe of Judah. time, all the officers, at the sixth time, Master-Take the initial letters of each all the brethren; at the seventh time, of these words; what do they form? the Master of Ceremonies stops the can- Candidate-J, N, R, J. didate and says-You cannot enter un- Master-M- y brethren, what happiness I less you give me the word. the word is recovered; give him the light. Candidate-I am in search of the word, The veil is taken off, and all the bre. by the help of the new law and the three thren, striking with their hands seven columns of Masonry. times, cry-HIosanna in the highest; on During this time the brethren in the earth peace, good will towards men! second apartment take off their black The music immediately plays the foldecorations, and put on the red, and also lowing anthem, which is devoutly sung uncover their jewels. by all the Knights: Candidate knocks on the door, and the Grateful notes and numbers bring, Warden for answer, shuts the door in While the "name of God " we sing his face. Master of Ceremonies-These marks Holy, holy, holy Lord, of indignity are not sufficiently humili- Men on earth and saints above ating; you must pass through more rig- Sing the great Redeemer's love. orous proofs, before you can find it. [He then takes off the candidate the chasuble Lord, thy mercies never fail, and black apron, and puts over him a While on earth ordained to stay, black cloth covered with ashes and dust, GuWhile our footsteps in to stay, and says]-I am going to conduct you ortls raise your footsteps i high, sMortals raise your voices high, into the darkest and most dismal place, Till they reach the echoing sky. from whence the word shall triumphantly come to the glory and advantage of After the anthem is sung, Master says Masonry; place your confidence in me. to candidate-Approach, my brother, I Master of Ceremonies now takes can- will coirnmunicate to you our perfect didate into the third apartment, and mysteries. takes from him his covering, and makes Wardens conduct candidate to Master, him to go three times around, (showing, who continues-I congratulate you, my him the representation of the torments brother, on the recovery of the wvord, of the damned,) when he is led to the which entitles you to this degree of Perd,or of the Chapter and the Master of feet Masonry. I shall make no comment tml Ceremonies says-The horrors which or eulogium on it. Its sublimity will, no y:)1a have just now seen, are but a faint doubt, be duly appreciated by you. The representation of those you shall suffer, impression which, no doubt, it has made if you break through our laws, or infringe on your mind, will convince you that the obligation you have taken. you were not deceived when you was inMaster of Ceremonies raps three and formed that the ultimatum of Masonic four, and Senior Warden reports to Alas- perfection was to be acquired by this deter that there is an alarm at the door. gree. It certainly will be a source of VIaster-See who knocks. very considerable satisfaction to you, Senior Warden-Who knocks there? that your merit alone has entitled you to Master of Ceremonies-It is a Knight, it. And I hope, my brother, that your

Page  166 166 RICHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. good conduct, your zeal, your virtue and In closing, the Master raps seven on discretion, may always render you de- the step of the altar. serving of the high honor which you Both WVardens rap seven, when all the have received, and I sincerely wish that Knights rise. your life may long be preserved, to en- Master —Most Excellent Brother Seable you to continue an useful member, nior Warden, what is the hour? and an ornament to our Societv. Senior Warden-The moment when Master now instructs candidate in the the word was recovered; when the cusigns, token, and words of this degree, bic stone was changed into a mystic rose; as follows: when the flaming star appeared in all its First sign-termed the sign of the good splendor; when our altars resumed their Shepherd. Cross the arms on the breast, ordinary form; when the true light diswith hands extended and eyes raised to pelled darkness, and the new law beheaven. comes visible in all our works. Second sign-the sign of reconciliation. Master now passes round a charity box Raise the right hand, and with the fore for the brethren to contribute for brefinger point to heaven. It is answered thren in necessity. by pointing to the earth with the fore fin- Master-Has any of the Respectable ger. This sign and answer are given al- Knights present anything to offer for the ternately. good of the Order, or of this Chapter? Third sign-that of help. Cross the If nothing offers, Master says-Brother legs, the right behind the left. Answer: Wardens, give notice that this Chapter is cross the legs, the left behind the right. now going to be closed. Token-Give the sign of the good Pas- Wardens each rap seven, and proclaim, tor; face each other; bow; place reci- respectively, that the Chapter is going to procally the hands on the breast crossed; be closed. give the fraternal kiss, pronouncing at The Master leaves his place, makes his the same time the pass-word. obeisance, embraces all the Knights, and Pass-word-EMMANUEL. says-Profound peace. Sacred word-INRI. This is given by All the brethren do the same. pronouncing its letters alternately. They Master (who resumes his place and raps are initials of the words Jesus, Naza- three and four)-My brethren, this Soverenus, Rex, Judoeorum. Jesus of Naza- reign Chapter of Rose-Croix is closed; reth, King of the Jews. let us do our duty. Master to candidate-Go, my brother, All exclaim, Vivat. and make yourself known to all the Master-Let us go, my brethren. and members of the Sovereign Chapter, and make the reflection which our work rereturn again. quires; let us go, and return in peace. The candidate goes and whispers in the ears of the Knights the pass-word; he GRAND PONTIFF. then returns, and kneels before the altar. All the brethren place their right hands This degree is founded on certain apoon him. calyptic mysteries in the Revelations of The Sovereign Master now takes the St. John, relating to the New Jerusalem. ribbon, to which is suspended the true The meeting is termed a Chapter, the jeweluncovered, and says-By the power room being hung with blue, sprinkled which I have received from the Sovereign with gold stars. In the east is a transChapter of Rose-Croix de Harodim, I re- parency representing the Sun, and the ceive and constitute you Prince Knight New Jerusalem. Through this comes all of the Eagle and Pelican, Perfect Free the light which illuminates the Chapter. Mason de Harodim, under the title of the The-draft, or carpet on the floor, repreRose-Croix, that you may enjoy, now sents a square city (celestial Jerusalem) and for ever, all the privileges, preroga- with twelve gates, three on each side; tives and titles attached to that sublime and in the midst of the city a tree beardegree, as virtue and humanity are the ing twelve different kinds of fruit. The foundations of it. I hope, my brother, city appears to be elevated, or suspended never to see you dishonor the ribbon in the clouds, and under it is represented with which you have been invested, and the Old Jerusalem in ruins, and on the which a perfect Mason should never quit ruins is the hydra serpent with three but at his death. heads, in chains. The New Jerusalem The Lecture is now given, which mere- appears to be descending upon the old ly describes the cerenonies of initiating one, and crushing the hydra. On one side ~ candidate in this degree. of the draft is represented a mountain,

Page  167 HISTORICAL DIIGXES: GRAND PONTIFF. 167 Thrice Potent Master is seated on a three steps, which brings him to the bot throne in the east, under a canopy of tom of the draft, where he instructs him. blue and gold, and is clothed in white. in the sign, tokens and word of the deFaithful Warden, clothed in white, is gree, as follows: seated in the west, with a golden staff in Sign-Elevate right hand horizontally, his hand. fingers extended: cross the three last finThese two are the only officers. The gels perpendicularly. Aembers are styled Faithful and True Token-Each places the palm of the Brethren, and are clothed in white, each right hand on his lorehead: one says, wearing a blue cap, or fillet, with twelve Hallelujah I the other says, Praise the gold stars on it. They (as well as the Lord! The first now says, Emmanuel.; officers) also wear the order, which is a the second savs, God bless you! broad crimson scarf, with twelve gold Pass-word-EEMMANuEtL. stars in front, and attached to which, Sacred Word-HALLELUJAH, or somehanging down at the side, is a square times, ALLELUIA. golden plate, with ALPHA engraved on Candidate is now invested with the one side and OMEGA on the other. Order of the degree, which closes the In opening the Chapter, Thrice Po- ceremony. tent Master raps twelve in a slow and Before closing the Chapter, the Lecture measured manner, and says to the War- is given as follows: den —l'aithful brother, what is the hour? Master-My faithful brother Warden, Warden-The hour is foretold. what are you? Master-Faith ful brethren, the whole Warden-I am a true Sublime Grand is Alpha, Omega and Emmanuel; let us Pontiff. Work. Master-Where have you received this Warden raps twelve in same manner degree? as the Mlaster, and says-Faithful bre- Warden-In a place where there is thren, the Chapter is open. neither sun nor moon to light it. When a candidate is admitted to this Master —Explain this to me t Order ihe must come decorated as a Wardn —As the Grand Pontiff never Knight of the East and West, and have wants any artificial light, the Faithful on a blue satin cap, or fillet, with twelve and True Brothers, the Sublime Grand gold stars in front. He is introduced into Pontiffs, do not want riches or titles to the Chapter without ceremony, and the be admitted into the Sublime Degrees, Warden places him on the top of the as they prove themselves worthy of admoutlain (oll the draft) and says: mittance by their attachment to Masonry Warden-Brother, do you detest what -the faithful discharge of their several is perfidious? do you promise that you obligations-their virtue, and true and will break all communications, corre- sincere friendship for their brethren in spondence and friendship with those who general are so? Master-What does the draft of this Candidate-I promise and swear. Lodge represent? Warden now backs down the moun- Warden-A square city of four equal tain towards the New Jerusalem, and sides, with three gates on each side; in then takes a surveyor's chain and inca- the middle of which is a tree, which sures the four sides of it. He then ad- bears twelve different kinds of fruit -vances to candidate agai. The city is suspended as on clouds, and Warden-Brother, that city (pointing seems to crush a three-headed serpent. to Jerusalem) measures twelve thousand Master-Explain this to me. furlongs on each side. Warden-The square city represents Warden(leading candidate) again backs ancient Free Masonry, under the title of down the mountain, and places him be- Grand Pontiff, which comes dowvn from fore the draft facing the M~astcr. Pans- Ieaven to replace the ancient Temple — ing a moment, he directs him to take represented by the ruins and the three; three square steps towards the chained headed serpent underneath. three-headed serpent, thlen one step on 5Master —low comes Masonry to have each side of the three headls-then causes fallen into ruin, since we are bound to him to kneel three times with his right support it, and are attached to it by our knee, at the same time holding his right obligations, which cannot be equivocal 7 hand horizontally towards the Master. W~arden-It was so decreed in old Master —Resunme your position. and re- times, which we learn from the writings receive the sign, token and words. of St. John, whom we know was the first Warden now leads candidate back Mason who held a Lodge of Perfection.

Page  168 168 RICHARDSONIS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Master-Where does St. John say this? G R A N D MI A S T R Warden-In his Revelation, where he I OF speaks of Babylon and the celestial Je- A LL Y M B O L I C L O D G E S. rusalem. Masterl-What signifies the tree with The Master of a Lodge in this degree the twelve different fruits, which stands represents Cyrus Artaxerxes, and holds hi the centre of the square city? his office for life. The ceremonies go Wrarden-Tuhe tree of life is placed back to the building of the second Temthere to make us understand where the ple. The Lodge is hung with blue and w:veets of life are to be found; and the yellow drapery. A throne in the east is twelve fruits signify that we meet in elevated nine steps, and is covered with every month to instruct ourselves mu- a blue canopy: in front of the throne is tually, and sustain each other against the a table, and on it lies a sword, a BI.Llc, attacks of our enemies. square and compasses, and a mallet. In Master-What is the meaning of the the south is a candlestick with nine lights. satin fillet, with the twelve golden stars, Grand Master is seated on the thllrone which the candidate wore round his fore- in the east, wearing royal robe, crlown, head? two scarfs, or orders, one blue and the Warden-It procures those who wear other yellow; and they cross each other it an entrance into our Lodge. as it like- on the breast. wise procures the entrance of those who Junior and Senior Wardens are both wear it into the celestial Jerusalem, as seated in the west, wearing blue and yelSt. John himself informs us. low scarfs, crossed in front and rear, and Master-What is the meaning of the the jewel of the degree suspended from twelve golden stars on the fillet of the the yellow one. It is a golden triangular candidate and on those of the brethren? plate, with the word SECRET engraved on Warden-They represent the twelve one side, and the letter R o0 the other. angels who watched at the twelve gates The brethren dress as Princes of Je ruof the celestial Jerusalem. salem, and all of them wear blue and yelMaster-What signifies the blue hang- low scarfs. ings, with the golden stars thereon? In opening the Lodge, the Grand Warden-The blue is the symbol of Master says-I desire to open this Lodge lenity, fidelity, and sweetness, which of Symbolic Grand Masters. [Descends ought to be the share of every faithful to the lowest step of the throne in front and true brother; and the stars repre- of the table.] sent those Masons who have given proof Master inquires of the Senior Warden of their attachment to the statutes and if the Lodge is duly tyled. Senior Warrules of the Order; which, in the end, den ascertains that it is, and so reports. will make them deserving of entering Master raps one and two with the rnalinto the celestial Jerusalem. let on the table, and Junior and Senior Mhaster-What age are you? Wardens both repeat the raps, which to7Warden-I reckon no more. gether make nine. Master-What remains for you to ac- Master to Senior SWarden-Where is quire? your Master placed? Warden-The sublime truths of the Senior Warden-In the east. degree above this. Master —Why in the east? Master-W-Vhat is your name? Senior Warden-Because the glorious Warden-Faithful and true brother. sun rises in the east to illumine the In closing the Chapter, Thrice Potent world. Master inquires of Warden-What is Master-As I sit in the east, I open this the hour? Lodge of Symbolic Grand Mlasters. Warden-The hour is accomplished. Senior Warden-I sit in the west to Master-Alpha and Omega I Faithful assist our Grand Master to open this 2nd true brethren, let us rejoice. Lodge. Master now raps twelve, as in the Junior Warden says the same. opening, and says —It is time to close our Each officer now raps one and two, labors. and the brethren clap one and two with Warden raps twelve in same manner, their hands, when the Lodge is declared and notifies the brethren that the Thrice to be duly opened. Potent Master is now about to close the When a candidate is to be adminitted to Chapter. this degree, he represents Zerubbabel, The Master then says-I declare this and enters the Lodge by himself I ith; Chapter closed, out being introduced, having first deco

Page  169 IHISTORICAL DEGREES: GRAND MASTER OF SYMBOLIC LODGE&i 169 rated himself with the jewels and badges uty, and then to such only as have been of the highest degrees he hastaken. The Masters of a regular Lodge. All this I Wardens take him by the hand, and swear under the penalties of being forplace him in a blue elbow chair, oppo- ever despised and dishonored by the Craft site to the Grand Master, who demands in general. [Kisses the Bible.1 from him all the words, from an Entered Master then gives candidate the signs, Apprentice up to this degree, and then token, and words of this degree, viz.: interrogates him as follows: First sign-Form four squares, thus: Master-From whence came you? with the fingers joined, and the thumb Caadidate-From the sacred vault at elevated, place your right hand on your (Jerusalem. heart-[this forms two squares.] Plaee Master-What come you to do here? the left hand on the lips, thumb elevated Caadidate-I am come to see and visit so as to form a third square; place the your works, and show you mine, that we heels so as to form a square with the feet. may work together and rectify our mo- Second sign-Place yourself on your rals, and, if possible, sanctify the pro- knees, elbows on the ground, the head fane —)ut only by permission of a Prince inclined towards the left. Adept, or Prince of the Royal Secret. Third sign-Cross the hands on the Master-WVhat have you brought? breast, the right over the left, fingers exCanudidate-Glory, grandeur, beauty. tended, thumbs elevated, and the feet Master-Why do you give the name of forming a square. SI. John to our Lodge? Token-Take reciprocally the right Candlidate-Formerly all the Lodges elbow with the right halnd, the thumb on were under the name of Solomon's Lodge, the outside, the fingers joined, and onl as the founder of Masonry; but since the the inside; press the elbow thus four crusades we have agreed with the Ksights times, slip the hands down to the wrists, Templers, or Hospitallers, to dedicate raising the three last fingers, and press themn to St. John, as he was the support the index on the wrist. of the Christians and the new laws. Sacred word-RAZABASSI, or RAZAMNaster-Vhat do you ask more? HAZ BETZI-YAH. Candidate-Your will and pleasure as Pass-words-J1cCHSON, JUBELLU.MI, ZAyou may find me worthy, obedient, and NABOSAN. Some, however, give Jehovirtuous. vah as the sacred word, and Belshazzar The Wardens now lead candidate nine as the pass-word. times round the Lodge, beginning at the The Lecture is now given. The first south, and then by nine square steps he part of it is nistorical of the degree, and advances to the throne, and walks over is usually omitted. It closes as follows: two'drawn swords, laid across. There Masterto Senior Warden —What means must be a pot with burning charcoal the fire in our Lodge? close by the throne, that the candidate Senior Warden-Submission, psurificamay feel the heat of the fire while taking tion of morals, and equality among the the obligation. brethren. OL arriving at the table in front of the Master —-Vhat signifies the air? throne, the candidate lays his right hand Senior Warden-The purity, virtue, oil the Bible: the Master covers it with aud truth of this degree. his right hand, and then administers the Master-What does the sign of the sun obligation as follows, the candidate re- mean? peating after him: Senior Warden-It signifies that some I, John Smith, do solemnly and sin- of us are more enlightened than others cerely swear and promise, under the pen- ii the mysteries of Masonry; and for alties of all my former obligations, to that reason we are often called Knights p'otect the Craft and my brethren with of the Sun. all my might, and not to acknowledge Master —Iow many signs have you in anly one for a true Mason who was not this degree of Grand Pontiff, which is smni,, in a regularly constituted and law- Grand Master of all Lodges? fal Lodge. I furthermore do swear, that Senior Warden-l-st, The sign of the I will strictly observe and obey all the earth, or Apprentice; 2d, of water-Felstatutes ant regulations of the Lodge; low Craft; 3d, of terror-the Master; and that I never will disclose or discover 4th, of fire; 5th, of air; 6th, of the point the secrets of this degree, either directly in view; 7th, of the sun; 8th, of-astonor indirectly, except by virtue of a full ishment; 9th, of honor; 10th, of stench, power in writing, given me for that pur- or strong smell; l1th, of admiration; pose by she Grand Inspector or his.dep- 12th, of consterLation.

Page  170 170 RICHARDSON9S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. In closing, the Grand Master says to The brethren (Levitets) are clothed in Senior Warden-My brother, enter into white robes, over which they wear the the cave of SILOL-work with Grand order of this degree, viz., a scarlet sash ROFADAS —measure your steps to the trimmed with gold fringe; at the bottom, sun, and then the great black eagle will on right hip, a black rosette, from which cover you with his wings, to the end of hangs the jewel, which is a golden cen. what you desire, by the help of the Most sor, or pot of incense. The apron ia Sublime Princes Grand Commanders. white, lined with scarlet, bordered with Master now raps four and two, and red, blue and purple ribbons: on it is makes the sign of the four squares; the pictured a golden chandelier with seven two Wardens rap the same, and make branches: on the flap of the apron is a the same signs, and the brethren also violet-colored myrtle. make the signs and clap four and two In opening, Grand Sacrificer raps six with their hands, when the Lodge is de- and one, and inquires-What is the hour % clared closed. Senior Grand Priest-It is the moment when the children of Hiram come here CHIEF OF THE TABERNACLE. to sacrifice. Grand Sacrificer-Let us tnen begin This degree commemorates the Jewish our sacrifices. Order of Priesthood-of Aaron and his Fires are now kindled on the altars of two sons, Eleazar and Ithamar-and the sacrifice and incense, and the business Lodge is designated a Hierarchy. of the evening proceeds. The hall is hung with white hangings, A candidate for this degree is intro. sustained by red and black columns ar- duced with his hat on, sandals on his ranged at equal distances in pairs. The feet, and clothed in white linen small east is termed the Sanctuary, and is clothes. He represents Hamar, and is separated fiom the rest of the hall by a taken into a dark apartment with an balustrade, and red curtains looped up altar in the centre, over which a light is on each side. Opposite to the curtains suspended. Upon the altar are thrie is a platform of seven steps on which is human skulls and a Bible, and there i- a a throne, and in front of it an altar cov- human skeleton standing in front of it. (-red with red: on the altar lies a Bible A fire, or sacrifice, is kindled on the and a poinard: above the throne is the altar, and when it is consumed, the canArk of Alliance, and above that the inef- didate kneels and takes the obligation of fable name in Hebrew, JOD-HE-VAU-HE the Levites, as follows: (God, or Jehovah) with rays radiating I, John Smith, do promise and swear therefromn. On the right of this is a trans never to reveal the secrets of this de. parelcy of the sun, and on the left of it gree to any person in the world, except is one of the moon. In front of the sun he has acquired all the preceding dec is placed the altar of sacrifices, and in grees, and then, not uuless within the front of the moon the altar of incense. body of a Sovereign Council of this de. Thlese two side altars are on the platform gree of Chief of the Tabernacle, regua little further in front than the centre larly holding its authority from some leone. In the west there are two candle- gally established Supreme Council of the sticks with five branches each, in the thirty-third degree: nor will I be presform of a pyramid-in the east there is ent, or aid, or assist at the communicating one candlestick with two branches. The them, unless with the above-named au officers are as follows: thority, regularly obtained. And in caso Sovereign Grand Sacrificer, seated on I should violate this my sacred obligatihe throne in the east, wearing a long tion, I perjure myself: I consent that the dark robe, and over it a short yellow earth should be openled before my eyes, robe, without sleeves. He also wears a and that I should be engulfed (swallowed mitre of golden tissue, with a red delta up) even to my neck, and thus miserably iln front, the ineffable name in Hebrewv perish. To the fulfilment of which, may:. characters upon it: also a black scarf, God preserve me in my senses. Amen. from left shoulder to right hip, fringed Grand Sacrilieer —In token of your with silver, with a red rosette at the bot- sincerity in taking this obligation, you toam, from which is suspended a poinard. will kiss the Bible. The two Wardens are called Grand Candidate kisses the Bible. Priests, and are seated in front of the The candidate is now conducted into al1ii, on the platform, dressed the same the eastern apartment, where the sign, as the, Grand Sacrificer, except that they token and words are given him by the hl- no cltas in friont on their mitres, Grand Sacrificer, as follows:

Page  171 HISTORICAL DEGREES: PRINCE OF THE TABERNACLE. 1 7 Sign-Advance the right foot, make Chief Priest-It is the first hour of the the motion of taking a censor with the first day of the seven, for building this right liand. Hierarchy; it is the first of the day of Token-Seize mutually the left elbow life, and the sweetness of the seven. with the right hand, bending the arm so Most Potent-Since it is so, you will as to form a kind of circle. give notice that I am about to open this Sacred word-JEHOVAH. Sovereign Council of the Hierarchy. Pass-word-URIEL. The answer to it Chief Priest-Brothers Bezaleel ard Is-The Tabernacle of Revealed Truth. Aholiab, you will notify the brethre't In closing, the Grand Sacrificer in- that this Sovereign Council is about to quires-Is the sacrifice consummated? be opened by six and one. Senior Grand Priest-It is, most Gra- Wardens notify the brethren. cious Sovereign. Most Potent raps six distinctly, and Grand Sacrificer then raps six slowly, then one, Wardens repeat, one after the and then one. The Priests rap the same, other, when the Most Potent says-I deand the ceremies are thus closed. clare this Sovereign Council duly opened. A candidate in this degree represents PRINCE OF THE TABERNACLE. Eleazer, who succeeded Aaron in the duties of the Tabernacle. When about to This degree is intended to illustrate bb admitted, he is washed in water, and the directions given to Moses for build- is led to the altar by six equal steps, and iag a Tabernacle in the promised land, then one long step, where he kneels, and as described in the twenty-fifth chapter the Most Potent administers to him the of Exodus. There are two apartments following obligation: adjoining each other. The first, termed I, John Smith, do promise and swear the Vestibule, is where the brethren that I will never reveal to any person in clothe themselves; and it is ornamented the world whatever, the secrets of this with various emblems of Free Masonry. Degree of Prince of the Tabernacle; The second is made perfectly circular by and that I will never confer thefn, nor means of the hangings, which are usually aid, or assist in conferring them on any blue and red. In the middle is a chan- person or persons, by my presence, ol delier with seven branches, and each otherwise, except under an authority branch with seven lights —forty-nine regularly obtained from some Supreme lights in all. Also a round table, in the Council of the thirty-third degree, which centre of which is a cluster of inflamed has been constitutionally established, givhearts, and some incense. One side is ing full power so to do. That Iwillstand the altar. The Lodge is called a I-ierar- to, and abide by, all the laws, rules, and chy, and the officers are as follows: regulations which belong to this degree, Most Potent and Powerful Prince, rep- or may regularly emanate from the Sureseuting Moses the lawgiver, stationed preme Council of the thirty-third Degree, in the east. I-e is dressed in a surplice under which we are now acting; and in sprinkled with gold stars; wears a blue case I should violate this sacred obligasilk tunic, the collar decorated with gold- tion, I consent to be stoned to death, (as en: rays, a sosh of'broad watered scarlet St. Stephen was,) and that my body be ribbon from right shoulder to left side, left to rot above ground, deprived of buwith a golden letter A suspended from rial. For the faithful performance of it, which is the jewel in this degree. which, may the Almighty Architect oi There are-three Wardens called Pow- the Universe preserve me. Amen. erful Princes, stationed in the south, west Most Potent —In token of your sinand north, according to their respective cerity you will kiss the book. ranks, as follows-Aaroi, the Chief Priest, Candidate kisses the book, and remains in the south;' Bezaleel, the son of Uri, in on his knees. the west; Aholiab, the son of Ahisa- Most Potent now takes a hod of oil1 macch, in the north. and a trowel, and says-I anoint, EleaIn opening, the Most Potent inquires zer, thy right ear, thy right eye, and thy of the Chief Priest-Are we well tyled, right thumb, with the holy oil, in token and in perfect security? of thy being separated from the foibles Chief Priest —Ve uae in safe security. of the world, and to set thee apart of Most Potent-Are all present Princes well doers in this tabernacle of clay, to Of the Tabernacle? be raised at the great and awful day of Chief Priest-All are true and regular judgment, as a shining monument of Princes. God's glory, in the house not imade with Most Potent-What is the hour? hands, eternal in the heavens.

Page  172 172 J RIClAIARDSON'S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. After the ceremony of initiation is over, I The officers and brethren wear a red the brethren seat themselves at the round i scarf fromn the left shoulder to the right table, where they are served with re- hip, upon which is painted or embroiderfreshments and wine; the refreshments ed the words Virtue and Valor, wbhere it are not placed on the table, but are hand- crosses the breast. The jewel is a gol(l( n ed to them as they order. After the eat- serpent entwined onil a cross in the forlIl ing, the Most Potent Prince takes a glass of the letter T standing upon a triangle of wine, and says-T'he warm mid-day of with the ineffable name in Hebrew encur solemnities invite our inclinations to graved upon it. It is suspended by a lieiV libations: let us charge, and drink white ribbon. The apron is white, sprinto the grandeur of the glorious destiny kled with blackt tears: on the flap a tliwhich associates us! LThe brethren drink angle with rays radiating from it: in ti e off the cup at one draught.] centre, the Hebrew letter II (pron. HE.j The second toast is introduced in the In opening, the laster raps five, three same manner by the Chief Priest, who and one, and inquires of the first t'Warsays-Powerful Brothers of the Hierar- denl-What is the hour? chal Lodge, I give you the health of all Warden-It is one past meridian. Free Masons, elected or to be elected, for Master-If it is one. it is time to attend the unity of the seven and of three. to the wants of our brethren. The third toast is given by Most Po- liaster repeats his raps, and the Wrartent, who says —Powerful Brothers, let dells do the same, when the Lodge is dens drink to the health of the President of dared to be open. the United States, and to allin iauthority: If a candidate is to be admitted, he may the Sovereign Master of the Universe represents a traveler-a captive loaded fill them and us with joy and prosperity. with chains who is to be delivered by In closing, the Most Potent gives thce Ioses. He is introduced into the Lodge usual lecture, and then inquires the hour. by five slow, three hlurried, and one soliChief Priest-It is the day of life and tary rap on the door-advances to the of tranquility. u te altar by nine serpentine steps, and the Most Potent —Let us then retire. following obligation is administered: The brethren now march round the I, John Smith, do solemnly promise circular room by six equal steps-and one and swear, in the presence of Almiglity long step, and Most Potent then declares God, the Gransd Architect of the Ullithe Council closed.. verse, that I will never reveal the sccre ts of this Degree of Knight of the Brazen DEGREE OF KNIGHT OF THE Serpent; nor, by my presence, aid or assist in revealing them to any person or BRAZEN SERPENT. persons whatsoever, unless the candidate shall have taken all the preceding deThis degree illustrates the Brazen Ser- grees in a regular manner, nor without a pent set up by Moses, as described in the legal authority. I now swear allegiance twenty-first chapter of Numbers. The and true faith. In case I should transLodge is hung in red and blue drapery, gress this my solemn obligation, and thus and represents Moses's Tent: it is called perjure myself, I freely consent to have -the Court of Sinai: over head, the arch my heart eaten by the most venomous of is sprinkled with stars. A throne is serpents, and thus to perish most mise raerected in the east, and over it is a trans- bly; from which may the Almighty Cre, parency of the burning bush, in the ator of the Universe defend me I [Kisses centre of which Hebrew characters are the Bible.] seen which signify ONE WHO SHIALL The Master instructs candidate in the LIVE. In the centre of the Lodge there signs, token and words of this degree, as $si a Mount, elevated by five steps, and in follows:'the form of a truncated cone. One bright Sign-Cross the arms on the breast, light only is used to light the room. and incline the body as if to kneel on one BMost Powerful Grand Master, repre- knee. Entering Sign-Point to the earth Renting Moses, is seated on the throne in as if showing a plant. the east. Token —Place yourself on the right of Two Wardens, called Ministers, repre- your companion, and take his left wrist senting Aaron and Joshua, are stationed in your right hand. He answers by in the west and north. taking your left wrist with his right hand, Besides these there is a Grand Orator, Covered word-JOHN RALP. or Pontiff-a Secretary, or Grand in- Sacred word —MosEs. quirer- and an Examiner. Pass-word -INRI, [given by letters.]

Page  173 HISTORICAL DEGREE: PRINCE OF MERCY. 173 In closing, the Master raps five, three of the Universe, and this respectable asand one, and inquires the hour. Warden sembly, and by the most sacred of oblianswers, Four past meridian. Master gations, that I never will reveal the oethen closes the Lodge with similar cere- crets of this sublime degree of Plince of monies to those in previous historical Mercy to any pe on or persons whatsodegrees. ever in the world, except they h ave received all the degrees below this in a correct manner, and so thereby I shall knowi PRINCE~ OF MIERCY; them to be regularly entitled to the same. OIt, SCOTTISH TRINITARIAN DIEGREE. I furthermore promise and swear never to entrust this degree to any person, nor This is founded on the triple Covenant assist at any reception, unless I or they which God made-first with Abraham, by shall have been or are authorized by a circumcision; next with the Israelites in particular permission or warrant for that the wilderness, by the intermediation of purpose, from some Supreme Council of Moses; third with all mankind by the the thirty-third degree, regularly and'death and suffering of Jesus Christ. constitutionally established, to whose an-?From these three acts of mercy the thority, laws, rules, and regulations, I name of this degree is derived. now swear true faith and allegiance The meeting is called a Chapter, and and in that case I promise and swear, the place of meeting the Third Heaven. never to give mly consent before I have The hangings of the room are green, been plainly informed of the life, mansupported by nine columns, alternately ners and morals of the candidate. Should white and red, upon each of which is an I violate or transgress this, my solemn arm of a chandelier, sustaining nine obligation, I consent to be condemned, lights, forming in all eighty-one lights. cast out, and despised by the whole usniThe canopy is green, white, and red; verse. And may the Supreme Architect under which is a green colored throne. of heaven and earth, guide, guard, and The Most Excellent Chief Prince uses an protect me, to fulfil the same. Anmen. arrow, whose plume is on one side green, Amen. Amen. and on the other side red, the spear being Chief Prince-In token of your sinwhite and the point gilded. By the altar cerity in this obligation, kiss the Bible. is a statue which represents Truth, cov- Candidate kisses the book. ered with the aforesaid three colors. Chief Prince now instructs candidate This statue is the palladium of the Order. in the signs, token and words, as follows: The officers consist of Most Excellent Sign of Entrance-Place the right hand Chief Prince, representing Moses, seated above the eyes so as to form a triangle on the throne in the east, and diessed in with the forehead. a tri-colored tunic of green, white and red. Second sign-Form a triangle with the Senior Warden, representing Aaron; Ju- thumbs and the two fore fingers, and place:lior Warden, representing Eleazer. A them on the abdomen. fourth officer is called the Sacrificer, and Sign of Help-Place the arms on the a fifth, Guard of the Palladium: head, the hands open, the palmns outward, The officers and brethren wear red and say-With me are -the Children of aprons with sky-blue flaps, the aprons Truth. bordered with a white fringe, and a Token and Word-Take your companfigure of the jewel of this degree em- ion's shoulders with your hands, press broidered thereon. Each wears a collar them slightly, saying-GONIEI,. of broad tri-colored ribbon, from which Sacred words —JEHOVAH JAKIN, [Sois suspended the jewel, which is a golden vereign Master of all things.l equilateral triangle: in the centre of the Common words-GHIItIttI, (ELxcellenttriangle is a heart with the Hebrew let- Master,) and GABAON, (chamber of third ter HI (he) upon it. heaven.) In opening the Chapter, Most Excel- Pass-word-GOMEL. In some Lodges lent Chief Prince raps three, five and it is MIAGACACIA, and in others, ABI, and seven. JAKINAI. A candidate being initiated into this A Lecture is usually given in this dedegree represents Joshua, and simply gree, as follows: approaches the altar by three equal Chief Prince to Senior Warden-Are steps, beginning with his left foot, and you a Prince of Mercy? takes the following oath: Warden-I have seen the Great Light 1, John Smith, do promise and swear, in Triple Alliance of the blood of Jesus in the presenee of the Grand Arctaitset Christ, of which you and I have the mark.

Page  174 174 iICHARDSON8B MONITOR OF FIEE-MASONRY. Chief Prince —V hat is the Triple Al- Warden-It is ten. fiance 1 The Master then declares the Court Senior Warden-It is that which the open for business. If a candidate is to Eternal made with Abraham by circum- be admitted, he is introduced and marchcision; that which he made with his ed three times round the room, when ho people in the desert, by the intercession pauses in front of the altar, kneels, and of Moses; and that which he made with takes the following obligation: nmortals, by the death and suffering of I, John Smith, in the presence of the iur Saviour, Jesus Christ, his dearly be- one Almighty and only true God, the loved son. Grand Architect of the Universe, and of Chief Prince-What is the age of a this Venerable Court of Sovereign ComPrince of Mercy m? anders of the Temple, do, of my own Senior Warden-Eighty-one years. free will and accord, most solemnly and There is no particular formality in sincerely vow, promise, and swear, never closing a Chapter in this degree. to reveal the secrets of this degree -which I am now receiving, to any person or SOVEREIG}N; COMMANDER OF lawfulpersons below me, except in a Court SOVEREIGN COMMANE OF lawfully holden, with a warrant or auTHE TEMPLE. thority from some regularly established Supreme Council of the thirty-third DeThe meeting in this degree is styled a -gree, empowering me, and them with me, Court. The room is hung with red dra- to work in this Sublime Degree. I furpery on black columns, from each of thermore promise and swear, that I never which projects a bracket, or branch, will confer, nor assist in conferring this holding a light. In the centre is a chan- degree, upon any person who has not, in delier with three rows of lights, viz.: a legal and regular manner, taken all the twelve on the lower row,' nine on the foregoing degrees of Free Masonry. I middle, and six on the upper row-twen- furthermore promise and swear, that I ty-seven in all. Twenty-seven lights are will pay due regard and submission to also placed on a round table in the cen- the Supreme Council, under whose autre, at which the Commanders are seat- thority we are now acting; and that I ed. The officers are as follows: will always govern myself by their laws, Most Potent Master Commander, seat- rules, and regulations, so far as the same ed on a throne in the east, the throne shall come to my knowledge; and will covered with red drapery, sprinkled with do all in my power to support them, for tears He wears a white robe; over it the good of the Crhft and the advantage a red mantle lined with ermine, and on of Free Masonry, agreeable to the Conhis head a pointed crown. stitutions of the Order. To all this I soTwo Wardens are seated in the west lemnly swear, under the penalty of havand styled Most Sovereign Commanders. ing the severe wrath of Almighty God Each wears the Order of this degree inflicted on me; and may He have mercy around his neck, which is a white ribbon on my soul in the day of judgment, agreeedged with red, and having embroidered ably to my performance of this sacred upon it, in red, four Teutonic crosses: obligation. Amen. Amen. Amen. from it hangs a golden triangle, (the jewel Master-In token of your sincerity, of this degree,) upon which is engraved you will kiss the Bible. the Tetragrammaton, or sacred word, in Candidate kisses the book. Hebrew. Most Potent Master Commander then The members (Sovereign Command- instructs candidate in the signs, token ers) are seated at a round table in the and words of this degree, as follows: centre of the Court. They, as well as Sign, used only in the Court-Make a the officers, wear white gloves, lined and cross on the forehead of your brother bordered with red. Each wears a red with the thumb of your right hand. The sash, bordered with black, firom the right answer consists in kissing the forehead shoulder to the left hip, from which is on the place where the cross was made. suspended a Teutonic golden cross. The Ordinary sign-Place the two first fin. apron is flesh-colored, lined and bordered gers of the right hand on the mouth, the with black: on the flap a cross encircled others closed and towards the examiner. in a laurel wreath: on the apron a key. Token-Give three blows with the In opening the Court, Most Potent right hand upon the left shoulder of the Master raps twelve, repeats, and then brother-he will answer by taking your raps three. Addressing the Senior War- right hand and giving it three light den, he then inquires the hour. peculiar shakes (not describable )

Page  175 HIISTORICAL DEGREES: K NIGIHT YF TIIE SUN. 175 Pass-word —SoLOMON. Master-My dear children, let us proSacred word-I. N. I. I. fit by its light, and it will conduct us in There is no lecture in this degree. In the path of virtue, and enable us to folelosing, the Master raps, as in opening, low that law by which we cannot fail to and inquires-What is the hour? come to the knowledge of Pure Truth. Senior Warden-it is four. Master makes a sign by putting his The Court is then closed. right hand on his left breast. The brethren respond by pointing upwards with the fore finger of their right hands, holdNIGHT OF THE SUN; inug the hand above the head. This is OR, PRINCE ADEPT. to indicate that there is but one God, who is the personification of Truth. This degree is called the Key of His- Master-This Council is open: let us torical and Philosophical Masonry. Its proceed with our duties. ceremonies and lectures give a history of If a candidate is to be introduced, he the preceding degrees and explain the first presents himself in the anlte-chamemblems. Its object is declared to be ber, where there are a number of Sylphs, the inculcation of Truth. each with a bellows, blowing a large pot The meeting is called a Council, and of fire. At first they take no notice of the room (called the Sanctuary) is illu- him, but presently the most ancient minated by a single bright light, which Sylph goes up to the candidate, covers is made by a glass globe placed in the his face with black crape, and tells him south: the globe is filled with clear wa- to go to the door of the Sanctuary and ter and there are lights placed behind it knock on it six times with his open hand. enough to make it look like a brilliant Candidate goes and knocks. sun. There are no hangings, but the Warden (opening the door a little)walls are painted to represent mountains What do you desire? and forest trees. The officers are- Candidate (instructed by Sylph)-I deThrice Puissant Grand Master, repre- sire to go out of darkness to see the true senting Father Adam, is stationed in the light, and to know the true light in all its east. He wears a robe of pale yellow, purity. the color of the morning, his hat on, and Warden-What do you desire more? holding in his right hand a golden seep- Candidate-To divest myself of origitre, on, the top of which is a globe of nal sin, and destroy the juvenile prejaugold. He represents the Sovereign Mas- dices of error, which all men are liable ter of the World, and Father of all Men. to, namely, the desire of all worldly atHe wears around his neck a golden tachments and praise. chain, from which is suspended a golden Warden closes the door, and goes and sun, with a globe engraved thereon, reports to the Master, who says-Introlvhic'a is the jewel of the degree. duce him to the true happiness. There is but one Warden, who sits in Warden returns, opens the door, and the west, and represents Brother Truth. taking candidate by the hand, conducts He wears the same ornaments as the him to the middle of the Sanctuary, Master: also the Order of the degree, which is covered with black cloth. which is a broad white watered ribbon Master to candidate-My son, seeing with an Eye of gold embroidered there- by your labor in the royal art, you are on: it is worn as a collar. now come to the desire of knowledge There are seven other officers, viz.: of the pure and holy truth, we shall lay Zaphriel, Zabriel, Camiel, Uriel, Michael, it open to you without any disguise or Zaphael, and Gabriel. These are the covering. But, before we do this, con. names of Cherubims,,and they are dress- suit your heart, and see at this moment 04 and decorated similar to Father Adam,. if you feel yourself disposed to obey her The remaining members are called (namely, Truth,) in all things which she t ylphs, and all assist in the ceremonies commands. If you are disposed, I am of the Council. They wear the jewel, sure she is ready in your heart, and you suspended by a fiery red ribbon to the must feel an emotion that was unknown third button-hole of the coat. to you before. This being the case, you In opening, the Master says to War- must hope that she will not be long to den-Brother Truth, what is the time on manifest herself to you. But have a earth? care not to defile the Sanctuary by a Warden —Mighty father, it is midnight spirit of curiosity; and take care not to among the p-ofahne, or cowans; but the increase the number of the vulgar and sun is at it& meridian hero. profane, that have for so long a time ill.

Page  176 .1 76 aICIUIADSON' MONITOR OF F1tEE-MASONRtY, treated her, until Truth was obliged to tachment for the Order, and a sublrisdepart the earth, and now can hardly sion at all times to the tribunal of the trace any of her footsteps. But she al- Sovereign Princes of the Roy'al Secret. ways appears in her greatest glory, with- I promise never to confer the degree of out disguise, to the true, good, and honest the Knights of the Sun, without having Free Masons; that is to say, to the zeal- a permission in writing from the Grand ous extirpators of superstition and lies. Council of Princes of the Royal Secret, I hope, my dear brother, you will be one or from the Grand Inspector or his depof her intimate favorites. The proofs uty, known by their titles and authority. that you have given, assure me of every- I promise also and swear, that I will not thing I have to expect of your zeal; for assist any, through any means, to form as nothing now can be more a secret or raise a Lodge of the Sublime Orders, among us, I shall order Brother Truth, in this country, "without proper authat hie will instruct you what you are to thority." I promise and swear to redo in order to come to true happiness. double my zeal for all my brethren, Candidate is now unveiled. Knights, and Princes, that are present Warden to candidate-Brother, by my or absent; and if I fail in this my oblimouth holy Truth speaketh to you. gation, I consent for all my brethren, The Warden now instructs candidate when they are convinced of my infidelin the principles of all former degrees, ity, to seize me, and thrust my tongue and in all the symbols and signs from through with a red hot iron; to pluck Entered Apprentice upward. He ex- out both my eyes, and to deprive me of plains the objects and ends of each de- smelling and hearing; to cut off both my gree, as fully set forth in the text-books. hands, and to expose me in that condiMaster —My dear son, what you have tion in the field, to be devoured by the hcard from the mouth of Truth is an voracious animals; and if none can be abridgment of all the consequences of found, I wish the lightning of Heaven all the degrees you have gone through, might execute on me the same venIn order to come to the knowledge of the geance. O God, maintain me in right holy truth, contracted in your last en- and equity. Amen. Amen. Amen. gagemeoits. Do you persist in your de- The obligation is repeated three times wand of coming to the holy brother, and in all, and the Master then raises calldiis that what you desire, with a clear date, and gives him a kiss on the foreheart?-answer me. head. He then decorates him with the Candidate-I persist. collar and jewel of this degree, and gives Master-Brother Truth, as the candi- him the sign, token and words, viz: date persists, approach with him to the Sign —Place the right hand flat upon Sanctuary, in order that he may take a the heart, the thumb formirg a square. solemn obligation to follow our laws, The answer-raise the hand, and with principles, and morals, and to attach him- the index, point to heaven. This is to self to us forever. show there is but one God, the source of Candidate now kneels, when the Mas- all truth. ter takes both his hands between his Token-Take in your hands those of own and administers the following obli- your brother, and press them gently. gatien: Some Knights in addition to this, kiss I, John Smith, promise in the face of the forehead of the brother, saying, - God, and between the hands of my So- ALPHA, to which he answers, OMiEGA. vereign, and ill presence of all the bre- Sacred word-ADONAI. This word is thren now presment, never to take arms answered by ALBRA, or ABBRAAK, against my country, directly or indirect- (king without reproach.) ly, in any conspiracy against the Govern- Pass-word-STIBIUM, (antimony.) Toi mlent thereof. I promise never to reveal this pass-word some add HELIOS, M:ENEr, alny of the degrees of the Knight of the and TETRAGRAMMATON. Sun, which is now on the point of be- After receiving the signs, token-and ing intrusted to me, to any person or words, the candidate goes round and persons whatsoever, who are not dauly gives them to all the brethren, after qualified to receive the same; and never which he sits down among them. to give my consent to any one to be The Warden (Truth) now rises and atdmitted into our mysteries, only after gives a lucid explanation of the emblems the most sclrmipulous circumspection, and of Philosophical Masonry, and of those full knowledge of his life and conver- represented in the Moral Lodge. sation and who has given at all times The general lecture in this degree is full proof of his zeal and fervent at- next given, and then the closing lectured

Page  177 HISTORICAL DEGitEFgn: KNIGHT OF KADOSH. 177 but except on extra occasions, either of lons: the cross of the Order is suspendthem are seldom gone through with. ed by a black ribbon from the neck of They explain the why and wherefore of the eagle: on its breast is an equilateral the many implements used, and the cu- triangle, with the name of the Deity, in rious ceremonies observed. Hebrew, on it; and around the edge of In closing, the Master says to Warden the triangle is this inscription-NEC PRO— Brother Truth, what progress have DITOR, INNOCENS FERET: the throne is men made on the earth to come to true ornamented with red Teutonic crosses, happiness? and behind it are three banners of the Warden-M-en have always fallen on'Order, viz.: one white, with a green the vulgar prejudices, which are nothing cross, and the words "The Will of but falsehood; very few have struggled, God;" a second green, with a red cross and less have knocked at the door of this one side, and a double-headed black eagle holy place, to attain the full light of real on the other, surrounded by the motto truth, which we all ought to acquire. "Victory or Death," embroidered in silMaster-My dear children, depart and ver: the third is the ancient war banner go) among men, endeavor to inspire them of the Knights Templars, half black and with the desire of knowing holy truth, half white. This last named banner is the pure source of all perfection. also used in the fourth apartment.. The Master now puts his right hand on his meeting is termed a Chapter, and the left breast, when all the brethren raise officers are as follows: the first fingers of their right hands, In the first apartment, called the Chainpointing upwards, as in opening. ber of Judges, the Senior Warden preMaster raps seven, which is repeated sides: he is called the Grand Chancellor, by the Warden, and the Council is de- and is assisted by two Judges, who sit on cdared closed. either side of him: besides the usual dress of a Knight of Kadosh, he has emKNIGHT OF KIADOSII. broidered in gold on his left breast an emblem of Truth. The assembly in the'his degree is intimately connected third apartment is termed an Areopagus: with the ancient Order of Knights Tem- Thrice Potent Grand Commander (repreplars, as it commemorates their old cere- senting King Frederick, of Prussia) is monies of initiation, and recounts the seated on the throne in the east, and previcissitudes to which those Knights Were sides here during the introduction of a subjected. It is quite a popular degree candidate. The fifth apartment is called amnong the Masons of the United States. the Senate Chamber, and in transacting The meeting is called a Chapter, and the ordinary business of the Chapter, the brethren are termed Grand Elected the meeting is here only. The other Knights. apartments are solely used during the Five apartments are necessary when reception of candidates. initiating a candidate. The first is hung In the usual meetings, the Grand Comwvith black, lighted by a single lamp, of mander sits in the east, the Grand Chantriangutlar form, suspended from the ceil- cellor on his right, Grand Architect on ing.' The second apartment (called the his left; and besides, there are present, a Chamber of Reflection) represents a cav- Master of Ceremonies, a Secretary, Treaern, or grotto, with a mausoleum in the surer, Captain of the Guards and Expert centre: it is connected with the first Brother. apartment by a passage, or hall-way. The officers are Knights, each wearing The third apartment is hung with red a white woolen cloak, with a red cross drapery: a throne is in the east, and a on the left breast: white cap, with black black veil is drawn in front of it: in and white feathers: a sword, and a dagfront of the veil stands the altar, and on ger stuck in the left side of the swor4s it lays two cross-swords, a dagger, a belt. In some meetings they dress it Bible, square and compasses: in front of black, and dispense with the white cloak. the altar is the mysterious ladder, veiled The Jewel in this degree is a red enainin black. The fourth apartment should eled Teutonic cross, which is suspended represent wild natural scenery, such as from, a collar of red ribbon, or else atmountains, valleys, coasts, and a mili- tached to the button-hole of the coat on tesry encampment. The fifth apartment the left side. On the centre of the cross is also hung with red drapery: in the is a white pearl medallion with the leteast is a throne, and over it a crowned ters J M on one side, and on the other a double-headed eagle with wings extend- skull pierced with a dagger. ed, holding a two-edged sword in his ta- In opening the Chapter, Thrice Potent ]2

Page  178 178 RICHARDSON MS MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. Grand Commander says to Senior War- cret of our Order, shall suffer death, and den (or Grand Chancellor)-Illustrious shall have his body buried under the Knight, are you elected? throne of this Illustrious Assembly. So Wardell-I am a true Elected Knight. God protect us in our design, and InainCommander-How came you so? tain us in equity and right. Amen. Warden-Fortune decided in my favor. The candidate is now introduced bly Comcnander —What proof can you give the two Knights outside, and is left alone me of your reception? in the room with the Thr'l ice Potent Grand Warden-A cavern was the witness Commander: but he sees him not, as the of it. Commander is behind a black veil. The Commander-What did you do in the candidate prostrates his face to the cavern? ground, when the Commander addresses Warden-I executed a commission that him on the principal points of Masonry, had been entrusted to me. from its beginning, to the epoch of the Commander-Have you ever penetra- assassination of Hiram Abiff; Solomon's ted further? design of punishing the traitors, in the Warden-I have, Most Potent. most exemplary manner; the method he Commander-How shall I believe you? took in disposing the Masters who went Warden —My name is Knight of Ka- in search of the three villains, in order to dosh; you understand me? execute his vengeance; he repeats to Commander-What is the hour? him the zeal, constancy, and fervency of Warden-That of silence. Joabert, Stokin, and Gibulum, who, alf Commander-Give me, then, the sign ter the most painful search, (by Soloto convince me of your knowledge. mon's order,) had the happiness of findlWarden takes' his sword in his left ing among the ruins of Enoch's tenlple in hand, and holds his right hand on the red the Ninth Arch, the precious treasure of cross on his left breast: the brethren all the Perfect Mlasons, &c. IHe continues draw their swords and do the same. to remind him of the firmness of the This is called the Saluting sign. Grand Elect end Perfect Masons, t theo Commander (rapping one, very loud) time of the Temple's destruction, when -Elected Knights, the Chapter is open. they passed through the encmy, at ail If a candidate is to be admitted, only risks, till they obtained an entrance into five brothers can take part in the cere- the sacred vault, to find the pillar of mony. It must first have been ascer- beauty, that they might, by effacerg the tained to a certainty that he is of good ineffable word, hinder its being exposed character, and has always been active to the profane. lie then reminds hinl cf and conscientious in his duties towards the seventy-two years' captivity, n t theo the Craft in general. Two of the bro- clemency of Cyrus, King of Persia, who, thers remain outside with the candidate by the request of Zerubbabel, not only until he is introduced. One of them gave the Israelites their freedom, but orgoes to the door and knocks. One of the dered that all the treasure of the Te'o\mthree brothers inside goes and opens the ple, taken by elebuchadnezzar, shlould door and inquires-What do you want? be restored to them, in order to decoranto Outside brother-A servant Knight de- the new Temple, which he ordered thesr mands to be admitted to the degree of to build to the infinite God, and created Grand Elected, as he has all the neces- them Knights. Then he repeats the sary qualifications. clemency of Darius to Zernbbabcl, (at Inside brother goes and reports this to the head of the embassy from Jcrusalerm the Commander. to Babylocn,) with the coumplaints ag;;inst Commander-Brother Knights, can we the Samaritans, who refused to con'triadmit this Free Mason among us without bute to the sacrifices of the new TeIpsle,'isk of indiscretion from him? according to the proclamation of lis I,reTwo Knights come forward, and one decessor, Cyrus, in favor of the Knliglts says-Most Potent, we are readyto swear of the East, when they received Da' and promise for him. rius' letter to all the governors of Samsrna Commander then administers to them ria, &c.; how the ambassadors were lre w.Ae following oath-each taking the oth- ceived on their return to Jerusalem; and er by the hand: elected princes by the people. Ile then We promise and swear, by the living reminds him that, after this, the secoind God, always supreme, to revenge the Temple being destroyed, how the most death of our ancestor; and which of us zealous Alasocs united under Chiefs, an L that should in any manner commit the worked to the reformation of manners, most light indiscretion, touching the se- and elevated in their hearts some spirit'

Page  179 HiSTOICtCAL DEGRESI:s: KNUIGHT OF ItAIDOSI. 179 ual edifice, and rendered themselves wor- an authority given to me by a Grand thy by their works. They were more Commander or Deputy Inspector, under particularly esteemed and distinguished his hand and seal. I promise to be ready in the time of Manchin, who was the at all times to conquer the HIoly Land, most remarkable arnong them. A great when I shall be suimmoned to appear; many others embraced Christianity, and to pay due obedience at all times to the communicated their secrets to those Chris- Princes of the Royal Sic-ret; and if I tians, whom they found had the good fail in this my obligation, I desire that qualities of it, living in common, and all the penalties of my former obligations forming themselves as one family; which may be inflicted on me. Amen. shows how the brilliant Order of Masons Commander-In token of your sincerisustained themselves until the sixth age, ty, you will kiss the book. and how it fell into a state of lethargy Candidate kisses the Bible. after that; notwvithstanding which, there Commander-iMy dear brother, it is have been always found some faithful necessary for those to whom the secrets Masons; which is clearly proved by the of the Elected Knights are confided, to brilliant manner in which the Order of be very circumspect, always attentive, Masonry was received in the year 1118, and never to breathe a suspicion relative when eleven Grand Elect and Perfect thereto, or to the mysteries and end of Masons, the most zealous, presented themin- Masonry. The imprudence and indiscreselves to Garinous, Prince of Jerusalem, tion of many brothers have given knowPatriarch and Knight Mason, and pro- ledge to the world of many of our em. nounced theirpromises betweenlhishands. blems, by which Masonry has greatly They taught him the succession of the suffered, and will be repaired with dit-itime, and progress to the time that the culty. Their indiscretion has caunsed the princes went to conquer the Holy Land. loss and retreat of many puissant broThe alliance and obligations that were thers, who would have been all ornaformed between those princes, was, that ment and support of our Lodge. Such they would spill the last drop of their indiscretion in this degree, my dear broblood, in order to establish in Jerusalem ther, would be without any recoverly, as the worship of the Most High. I-Ie in- there are no more emblems; vhblen every forms him that the peace which took matter shall be discovered and disclosed place after these wars, hindered them to you, that will give room for somen from accomplishing their design, and events of which you will see the consetherefore have continued in theory what quences when you shall have heard all they had sworn to do practically, never mny instructions. rihe word which our admitting in their Order only those who brothers place at the end of their oblit had given proofs of friendship, constancy gations, viz., Amen, signifies this is no and discretion. He then gives candidate more, that shall be no more; if this shall a general history, in chronological detail, be again. This ought no longer to be a of the Masonic Order, its progress, its secret to you, who are going to have an decline, and the manner how it was sus- explanation of the origin of Masonry, tained, till the epoch of the Crusaders, and what has occasioned the Society. and until the historical circumstances Truth penetrates the cloud and the shade, that have given occasion to the degree which we can leave to come to the knowwhich the candidate expects; a degree ledge of what we were before in quality that will give him a perfect knowledge of Knights of Kadosh, White and Black of the precedent degrees, and the man- Eagle, and what we are as Symbolic ner how Masonry has come to us. Masons, and what we can be by the deAfter the address, candidate kneels, struction of our enemies. Let us pray. and lays his right hand on the Bible, Commander then kneels with candiand, with his left between the hands of date and reads from text-book the folt'ie Commander, he takes the following lowing prayer: obligations: 0 most eternal, beneficial and all graI, John Smith, hereby promise and cious, great Architect of the universe swear, never to reveal tile secrets of the we from the secret depths of our hearts Grand Elected Knights of Kadosh, or offer thee a living sacrifice. We beseech White and Black Eagle, to any person. thee to inspire our enernies with a just I swear to take revenge on the traitors sense of the evil they have done us, and of Masonry; and never to receive in this from their having a conviction of their degree, none but a brother who has come wrongs, they might atone for their mani. to the degrees of Prince of Jerusalem fold injuries, which do not belong to us and Knight of the Sun, and then only by thy servants to redress ourselves, but by

Page  180 180 RICHIARDSON S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. their eyes being opened we might be tions, in consequence never to receive in reconciled, and by a hearty union take this degree any brother who is not your poss(-ssioil of those blessed lands where most intimate friend, and then by the the origiual Temple was first established, consent of two Grand Elected Inspectors, where wve might be gathered into one if to be met with, or by a patent givenL band, there to celebrate thy holy praises you for that purpose. once more on the holy mount, in whose Candidate —I )romise and swear. bowels was deposited thy ever glorious, Commander-Shorlaban, (or white cx, respectable, ever blessed, and awful figuratively.) name. Amen. Candidate repeats Shorlaban. The black veil is now removed, when Commander-Thirdly, you promi;e the Commander says to candidate-Bear and swear at all times to possess a swcv t in mind, my brother, that the slightest ness of mind, as mnuch as you are capa indiscretion will infallibly undermine us ble, to love and cherish your brothers as and throw us into an horrible abyss, yourself, to help them in their necessiwhere we should see buried the whole ties, to visit and assist them when they Order of Masonry, the remains of an il- are sick, and never draw arms agaihat lustrions and glorious Order. By its he- them on any pretence whatsoever. roism. in favor of the unfortunate, how Ca!didate-1 promise and swear. great it has been ii the times when its Comimander-A-athok, (sweetness.) power, authority and riches were arrived Candidate repeats Mathok. to the highest pitch, when the distin- Cominander-Fourthly, you promise guished birth of those who were mem- and swear to regulate your discourse bly bers of it, celebrated its glory. Our aim truth, and to keep wvitlm great ciiceum is to regain that enviable position; and spection and regard the degree of the while we would not intirmidatte those White and Black Eagle or Kadosh. worthy brethren of the Craft who aspire Candidate-I promise and swear. to this degree, yet we fear to confer it Commander —Say with me, Eiunlah. with too nmuch confidence on an ordinary Candidate repeats Emunah. flriend lest his discretion should not be all Commnandcr-l,'ifthly, you promise and we coull desire. To you we are about swear that you will travel for the adto confide our mysteries; and if you have vancement of heaven, and to follow at thus far made any remark that would all times, and in all points, every matter keep you from pronouncing the obliga- that you are ordered and prescribed by tion or vow we are obliged to take from the Illustrious Knights, and Grand Comyon, before we can give yoit greater imander, to whose orders you swvear sub ernowledge of the dclgree of Grand Elect- mission and obedience, on all occasions. ed Knight of Kadosh, consult youreself without any restrictions. and see if you are disposed to penetrate Candidate — promise and swear. farther, and fulfil exactly all the points Commander-Say witix me, liamal of the obligation you are going to pro- saggi, (great labor.) nounce with me, in order to link you to Candidate repeats IIHamal saggi. us for ever Comiiandelr-Sixthly, you promise and Commander pauses a while, and if the swear to me, to have patience in advercandidate wvants to back out, at this stage, sity, and you swear never to receive a he is at liberty, and is so inolrmed. brother in this degree, on any pretext Candidate again kneels before the al- whatsoever, whose will is not fr~:e, as tar, and lays his right hand on the Bible, religious monks and all those who hlave and his left between the hands of the made vows without restriction to their Commander, who says —You swear and superiors. promise to me, on that you hold most Candidate-I promise and swear. dear and sacred, First, that you will Commander-Say with me, Sabbal, practice the wrorlks of corporeal mercy, burden, or patience.) and live and die in your religion, never Candidate repeats Sabbal. declaring to any Ilan who received you, Comnmander-Seventhly, you promnise, or assisted at your, reception in this sub- in the end, and swear to keep inviolably lime degree. secret, what I am going to confide to Candidate —I promise and swear. you-to sacrifice the traitors of Mlasonry, Commander-Say with me, Tsedakah, and to look upon the Knights of Mlalta as (righteousness.) our enemies-to renounce for ever to be Candidate repeats Tsedakah. in that Order, and regard them as the unCommander-Secondly, you promise just usurpers of the rights, titles, anco snd swear to have'eandor il all your ac- dignities, of the Knights Temiplars, i

Page  181 ISTORICAL D:GRE:ES: KNIGHT Ot.ADOSH. 18s1 whose possession you hope to enter with serve to instruct you in the mysteries of the help of the Almighty. our Order, and it is absolutely necessary Candidate-I promise and swear. that you should have a true knowledge Commander-Then say with me, Ge- of it. The candidate then ascends the mulah, Binah, Tebunah, (retribution, in- ladder. When he is on the seventh or telligence, prudence.) highest step, and has pronounced the Candidate repeats the words, when three last words, the ladder is lowered. t e Commander relieves him, and says- aid the candidate passes over it. Ile canBy the seven conditions, and by the not retire the same way, because he has power that is transmitted to me, which I taken an obligation never to turn back have acquired by my discretion, my un- contrary to the interests and views of tired travels, zeal, fervor, and constancy, the Order: hence the ladder is lowered I receive you Grand Inspector of all and he passes over it. He then reads the Lodges, Grand Elect Knight Templar, words at the bottom of the ladder, Ne and take rank among the Knights of Ka- plus ultra. dosh, or White and BIack Eagle, which Commander —The Mysterious Ladder we bear the name of; I desire you not of seven steps Which you have just passto forget it. It is indispensable fbl you, ed is emblematical of the seven points of my brother, to mount the Mysterious your obligation, and which are connectLadder, which you see there; it will ed with the history of this degree. Gemulah, Blnaht Tebunah. i IIedakah.

Page  182 182 RIOHARDSON'S MONITOR OF FRxE-MASONlY. Commander now recites or reads to Commander-How can I believe you t candidate a detailed history of the suffer- Warden —My name, which I leave, lhgs, burnings and final extirpation of will convince you. the Knights Templars through the influ- Commander —What is your name? rnee of the Catholic band of Knights of Warden —Kadosh, or Knight of the Mdalta, (not the Masonic Knights of that Black Eagle. tame.) Commander-Was anything else done Commander gives one loud rap, and with you? four Knights enter. He then gives to Warden-The Deputy Inspector adorn. candidate the signs and token of the de- ed me with the habit, ribbon, and jewel gree, as follows: of the Order. Sign-Place the right hand on the Commander-Where have you receivheart, the fingers separated; let the hand ed the prize of your election? fall on the right thigh, bend the right Warden-I have received it in a very knee, seize your poinard, raise it to the deep grotto, in the silence of the night. height of the shoulder as if to strike, and Commander-To what do you apply? say NEKAM ADONAI. In some Chapters Warden-I work with all my might they merely let the hand fall from the and strength to raise an edifice worthy heart to the right knee, which they grasp. of my brothers. Order, or Saluting Signt-Hold your Commander-What progress have you sword in the left hand, and place the made? right hand, with fingers separated, on Warden-I have conquered the knowthe red cross which covers the heart. ledge of the Mysterious Ladder. Token-Place right foot to right foot, Commander-Of what is that ladder and knee to knee, present the right fist, composed? the thumb elevated; companion seizes Warden-Two supporters and steps. the fist, then presents his own, which Commander-What are the names of you seize in like manner. Each now the two supporters? steps back a pace, and lifts his left arm as ~Warden-Oheb Eloah, Oheb Kerobo. though to strike: one says NEKAMAH Commander-What design have these BEALIM, the other responds, PHARASLOL. two supporters? Some Chapters use the token of Elect Warden-The first is the love of God, Nine. Others substitute for the words and the other the love of our neighbors. the question —Are you Kadosh? and the Commander-What are the seven steps response, Yes I am. of the Mysterious Ladder? Commander now arms the candidate Warden-The virtues which I must and decorates him with the attributes, practice, conformable to smy obligations. and communicates the name he must Commander-Nalle them to me. take in future, which is uncommon to all Warden-Tsedakah, (or righteousness) others, and is Knight Kadosh, or Knight practice or works of mercy. 2d. Shorof the White and Black Eagle. laban, (white ox, figuratively,) candor of The Jewel is a red cross, as before de- our actions. 3d. Ilathok. (sweetness,) scribed, but in the room of that now it is sweetness of character, which all bretha black spread eagle with two heads, ren must follow. 4th. Emunah, (truth in suspended to a broad order of fiery discourse.) 5th. HIamal saggi, (great labloody color, worn from the left shoul- bor,) advancement to the practice of der to right hip. The eagle, as if going Heaven. 6th. Sabbal, (a burden, or pato fly, with a naked sword in its claws. tience,) patience in adversity. 7th. GoThis closes the initiation, and the Lec- mulah, Binah, Tebunah, (retribution, inture in this degree is then given-Thrice telligence, prudence,) signifies that w-e Potent Grand Commander asking the must be prudent to keep secret every questions, and Grand Chancellor, or Se- matter confided to us. aior Warden, answering them. Commande r-What are your ordinary Commander-Are you a Grand Elect- pass-words? ed Knight? Warden-Manchin, name of the Grand Warden-I am. Master most renowned among the SolitaConrmander-Who received you in this ries, known by the name of Kadosh. degree? Commander-What signifies that name? Warden-A worthy Deputy Grand In- Warden-Solitary, or separate. spector, by consent of two others. Commander-W-7hat was the answer of Commander-What was then done the Solitaries, when they were asked to wi4th you? what they pretended? Warden-He crteted me a Knight Warden-Abarekah, eth Adonat beeoa

Page  183 HIISTORICAL DEGREES: KNIGHT OF KRADOSH 183 beth, thamid tehillatho bepi, (see Psalm Warden-To show to my brother that xxxiv. 1,) which is, I will bless God at he is welcome to all in my power, and to all times, and will praise him with my encourage him to vengeance I mouth. Commander-How came you to let Commander-Do they never say any- your hand fall on your right knee? thing else? Warden-To show we must bend our Warden-Yes, they say, also, Baaha- knees to adore God. bah achullek him heani; which is, I will In closing, Commander says-What is assist the poor, and always sustain them the hour? with all my might and power. Warden-The break of day demor. Commander-How comes the cross sur- strates. mounted with the eagle and the sword? Commander-If the break of day deWarden-That is, That I shall remem- monstrates, let us depart for revenge. ber to employ my sword, in the fulness Grand Commander now puts his hand of time, under the banner of the black on his heart; then lets it fall on his right eagle, to support the Order. knee, which is answered by all; then Commander-Where did you work? the Grand Commander embraces each, Warden-In a place of security, to re- and each the other all around, and then establish secretly the edifice ruined by the Chapter is declared closed. the tirators. Commander-What success do you expect from it? Warden-The right of virtue, the accord of brothers, the possessions of our forefathers, and everlasting happiness. Commander-Havy you shed tears i Warden-I have. Commander-Have you ever worn the mourning Warden-Yes, I we-tr It still. Commander-Why do you wear it? Warden-Because virtue is despised, and as long as vice reign, innocence will be oppressed, and crimes will be left unpunished. Compimder-What is it that will punish vice and reward virtue I SUBLIME -PRINCE OF THE Warden-The Great Architect of the ROYAL SECRET..Universe alone. Coimmander-How so? The meeting in this degree is termed a Warden-To favor our designs and de- Sovereign Grand Consistory, and three sires. [Here every brothel says three apartments are necessary. They should times, God favor our designs.] be situated at least one story above the Commander-l-Iave you ally other name ground. and always on the top floor of than that of Kadosh, or Knight of the the building. The first apartment is the Black Eagle? guard room, and the second is the prepaWardeoi-I have still the name of Adam ration room. The third apartment is oc-o teach me, that from the mo,st low I cupied by members of the Consistory, is must go tsp to the most high. hung with black, sprinkled with tears, Commander —Give me the sign of and has arranged in it death's heads, knowledge against surprise. cross-bones, and skeletons. The throne Warden —Here it is. [Gives it in the is in the east, elevated by seven steps.. following manner: he puts hid right On the throne is the chair of state, lined( hand on the heart of a brother, in the with black satin, flamed with red. Besame manner as with the poinard in the fore the chair is a table covered with degree of Nine Elected-then gives the black satin, strewed with tears. On this token of the Grand Elected, and then cloth, in front, is a death's head and both strike the knee.] cross-bones; over the death's head is Commnander-How came you to carry the letter I; and under the cross-bones your fiigers extended on your heart? is the letter At. On the table is placed W~arden —That iyiv trust is in God. a nitked sword, a buckler, a sceptre, a Commander-How canme you arier that balance, and a book containing the to extend your hand? statutes of the Order. Ia the west is

Page  184 :184 RICHARDSON' MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY. placed another table, covered with crim- crowned, holding a sword in his right son, bordered with black, and strewed claw, and in his left a bloody heart, with tears; on the front of this cloth are Ground is sea-green. The flag 1: has on the letters N K AI K, in gold. it a black ox, (sable,) on a golden ground. Sovereign Grand Commander, repre- On the sides of the nonagon are ninie senting Frederick the Great, King of tents, and on its angles nine pendants,.Prussia, is seated in a chair of State, on each belonging to its appropriate tent.'the throne. I-ls dress is similar to that The pendants are distinguished by nun of a modern potentate, and he is armed merals, and the tents by the letters I N O Weith a sword and shield. On a table'be- N X I L A S disposed from right to left. i)re him is a sceptre and a balance. The These tents signify the different grades Lieutenant Commanders are dressed like of Masonry. Thus: the moderi princes of Europe, and seated Tent S is Malachi-pendant, white, at the table in the west; their swords spotted with red; represents Knights of are crossed on the table. The Minister the East and West, and Princes of Jeof State is placed at the Sovereign's right rusalem.'hand. The Grand Chancellor stands on Tent A is Zerubbabel-pendant, light the left hand of the Sovereign. Next to green; represents Knights of the East. the Minister of State is placed the Grand Tent L is Neamiah-pendant, red; reSecretary. Next to the Grand Chancel- presents Grand Elect, Perfect, and Sublor is placed the Grand Treasurer. Be- lime Masons. low the last named officers are placed on Tent I is IHobben or Johaben-penone side the Standard Bearer, the Grand dallt, black and red; represents Sublime Master Architect, and the Captain of the Elect, and Elect of Fifteen. Guards. Below these officers are placed Tent X is Peleg-pendant, black; resix members dressed in red, without presents Elect of Nine. or Grand Master aprons, wearing the jewel of the Order, Architect. suspended in front by a black ribbon. Tent N is Joiada-pendant, red and The collar of the Order is black, edged black in lozenges; represents Provost with silver. On its point is embroidered and Judges. in red a Teutonic-cross. On the middle Tent O is Aholiab-pendant, red and of the cross is a double headed eagle in green; represents Intendant of the Buildsilver. The collar is lined with scarlet, ings and Intimate Secretary. on which is embroidered a black Teu- Tent N is Joshua-pendant, green; tonic ci'oss. Around the waist is girded represents Perfect Master. a black sash, embroidered with silver. Tent I is Ezra-pendant, blue; repre-. A Teutonic cross is embroidered on the sents Mlaster, Fellow Craft, and Entered girdle to come in front. The jewel is Apprentice. a golden Teutonic cross. The collar, sash The equilateral triangle in the middle and jewel are worn by all the members. represents the centre of the arliy, and The carpet representing the Camp is shows where the Knights of Malta are tI a nonagon, in which is inscribed a hep- be placed who have been admitted to our tagon; in the heptagon is a pentagon; mysteries, and have proved theinselves within this is an equilateral triangle, and faithful guardians. They are to be joill in the triangle a circle. Between the ed with the Knights of Kadosh. Tle heptagon and pentagon, upon the sides corps in the Ccntre is to be commanh Ud of the latter, are placed the standards of by live Princes, who conmland jointly or the five Standard Bearers, and the pa: in rotation, according to their degrees, vilions inscribed by the letters T E N G U. and receive their orders inlmediatlIly The emblems on the standard T are the fi-om the Sovereign Grand Commander. Ark of the Covenant, an olive tree, and These live Princes must place their a lighted'candlestick, on each side. The standards in the five angles of the pentagrround color of this standard is purple. gon, as above described. Their names, -On the ark is written the motto, Laus as Standard Bearers, are as follows: Deo. The standard E bears a golden Standard T-Bezalcel. lion, holding ini his mouth a golden key, Standard E-Aholiab. wearing around his neck a golden collar, Standard N-Mahuzen. on which is engraved 515.. The ground Standard G-Garimont. is azure; the motto, Admajorem Dei glo- Standard U-Amaariah. rium. On the standard N is an inflamed The heptagon points out the Encampheart, in red, with two wings, surrounded ment destined for the Princes of Libaby a laurel crown. The ground is white. nus, Jerusalem, &c., and these are to reThe flag G bsars a double headed eaigle, ceive their orders from the five Princes.

Page  185 HISTORICAL DEGREES: PRINCE OF TIHE ROYIL SEiCRET. 185 In opening the Consistory, the Sove- which are to be read backward around reign Commander says —Salix. the circle from right to left, thus: ODe Lieutenant Commanders all respond- says Salix, and the other Noni; both then Noni. repeat (by letters) the word Tengu. All together then say-Tengu. Pass-words-Phual Kol, Pharas Kol, Sovereign Commander gives the signs Nekam Makah, both pronounce (by letof this degree, and then of the other de- tering) the word Shaddai. grees, and all the members do the same. The Sovereign Commander then deSovereign Commander-Let us imi- livers to candidate the charge: tate our Grand Master Jacques de Mo- My dear brother: The Saracens havlay, Hiram Abiff, who to the last placed ing taken possession of the Holy Land, Will his hopes in the Great Architect of those who were engaged in the Crusades the Universe; and pronounced the fol- not being able to expel them, agreed lowing words just as he passed from this with Godfrey de Bouillon, the conductor transient life into eternal bliss:-Spes and chief of the Crusaders, to veil the mea in Deo est, (My hope is in God.) mysteries of religion under emblems by If a candidate is to be admitted, he which they would be able to maintain must first be faithfully examined as a the devotion of the soldier, and protect Knight of Kadosh. If the examination themselves firom the incursion of those prove satisfactory, the Master of Cere- who were their enemies, after the cxmonies gives him the pass-word, which ample of the Scriptures, the style of he repeats to the Lieutenant Commander which is figurative. Those zealous breat the door of the Consistory. The door thren chose Solomon's Temple for their is then opened, and Master of Ceremo- model. This buildjng has strong allunies leads candidate up in front of the sions to the Christian church. Since that Sovereign Commander, who questions period they (Masons) have been known him as to his motives and desire to re- by the name of Master Architect; and ceive this degree, after which he admin- they have employed themselves in imisters the following obligation: provilng the law of that admirable Mas. I, John Smith, do, of my own free will ter. From hence it appears that the and accord, in the presence of the Grand mysteries of the Craft are the mysteries Architect of the Universe, and in this of religion. Those brethren were careConsistory of Sovereign Princes of the ful not to entrust this important secret Royal Secret, or Knights of St. Andrew, to any whose discretion they had not faithful guardians of the faithful trea- proved. For this reason they invented sure; most solemnly vow and swear, different degrees to try those who enterunder all-the different penalties of my ed among them; and only gave them former obligations, that I will never di- symbolic secrets, without explanation, to rectly or indirectly reveal or make known prevent treachery, and to make themto any person or persons whatsoever, any selves known only to each other. For or the least part of this Royal degree, this purpose it was resolved to use difunless to one duly qualified in the body ferent signs, words, and tokens, in every of a regularly constituted Consistory of degree, by which they would be secured the same, or to him or them whom I shall against cowans and Saracens The diffind such after strict and due trial. I ferent degrees were fixed first to the furthermore vow and swear, under the number of seven by the example of the above penalties, to always abide and Grand Architect of the Universe, who regulate myself agreeably to the statutes built all things in six days and rested on rnd regulations now before me; and the seventh. This is distinguished by when in a Consistory to behave and de- the seven points of reception in the Masmean myself as one worthy of being ter's degree. Enoch employed six days honored with so high a degree, that no to construct the arches, and on the sev/part of my conduct may in the least re- enth, having deposited the secret trea-`i-ect discredit on the Royal Consistory, sure in the lowest arch, was translated or(lisgrace onmyself. Somay Godmain- to the abodes of the blessed. Solomon tain me in equity and justice I Amen I employed six years in constructing his Amen! Amen I Amen I Temple; and celebrated its dedication The signs and words in this degree are on the seventh, with all the solemnity then given to candidate, as follows: worthy of the divinity himself. This Sign-Place the right hand on the sacred edifice we choose to make the babeart; extend it forward, the palm down- sis of figurative MIasonry. In the first Nwards let it fall by the right side. degree are three symbols to be applied. Sacred words-Those of the Carpet, First, the first of the creation, which was

Page  186 1 86 RICHARDSON S MONITOR OF FRIE-MASONIIY. only chaos, is figured by the candidate's the blood of Christ. The sprig of cawcoming out of the black chamber, nei- sia is the figure of the cross, because of ther caked nor clothed, deprived, &e.; this wood was the cross made. The capand his suffering the painful trial at his tivity of the Grand Elect and Sublime reception, &c. The candidate sees no- Masons, (i. e. by the Chaldeans.) shows thing before he is brought to light; and us the persecution of the Christian rclihis powers of imagination relative to gion under the Roman emperors, and its what ihe is to go through are suspended, liberty under Constantine the Great. It which alludes to the figure of the crea- also calls to our remembrance the persction of that vast luminous body confused cution of the Templars, and the situation among the other parts of creation before of Jacques de Molay, who, lying in irons it wvas extracted from darlkness and fix- nearly seven years, at the end of which ed by the Almighty FIAT. Secondly, the our worthy Grand Master was burnt candidate approaches the footstool of the alive with his four companions, on the Master, and there renounces all cowans; eleventh of March 1314, creating pity he hpromises to subdue his passions, by and tears in the people, who saw him which means he is united to virtue, and, die with firmness and heroic constancy, by his regularity of life, demonstrates sealing his'innocence with his blood. -what he proposes. This is figured to My dear brother, in passing to the de, hinl by the steps that he takes in ap- grce of Perfect Master, in which you shed proaching the altar; the symbolic mean- tears at the tomb of Hiramis Abitf, and in ing of which is the separation of the fir- some other degrees, has ciot your heart minaient from the earth and water on been led to revenge? I-Ias not the crime the second day of creation. [The charge of Jubelum Akirop been represented in proceeds by giving a figurative interpre- the most hideous light? WVould it be untation of tlhe ceremonies. &c. of the first just to compare the conduct of Philip the anid second parts of thl third degree.] Fair to his, and the infamous accusers of In the Mlaster's degree is repsresented the Templats to the two ruff.ans who the assassination of Hiriam by'alse bre- h were accomplices with Akirop? Do they thren. This ought to l: ut us in mird of xnot kindle in your heart an equal aver. the fate of Adam, occasioned by perverse- sion? l'he different stages you inave tianess in hli disobeyinlg his great and an — veled, and the time you have taken in ful Creator. The symb'olic mystery of learning these historical events, no doubt the death of Hiram Abitf represents to will lead you to make tile proper applius that of the Messiah; for the three cations; and by the degree of Master blows which were given to Hilam Abiff, Elect and Ivaclosh, you are properly disat the three gates of the Temple, allude posed to fulfil all your engagements, and to the three points of condemnationl to bear an implacable hatred to the eigailst Christ, at the I-ligh Priest's Cai- Knights of Malta, and to avenge the phas, tIirod, and Pilate. It was from death of Jacques de Mfolay. Your -xtie last that he was led to that most vio- tensive acquaintance with symbolic l aient and excruciatiig death. The said sonry, which you have attained by your three blows with the square, guage, and discretion, leaves you nothing more to gavel, are symbols of the blow on the desire here. Yon see, my dear brother, nhcek, the flagellation, and the crown of how, and by whom, Masonry has come thorns. The brethren assembled around to ns. You are to endeavor by every the tomb -of Hiram, is a representation just means to regain our sights, a:ld to tf the disciples lamenting the death of remember that we are joined by a sociChrist on the Cross. The Mlaster's word, ety of men, whose courage nlerit, and which is said to be lost since the death good conduct, hold out to Ws that rxank of Hiram Abiff, is the same that Christ that birth sltone gave to our ancestors. pronouni cd on the c oss, and which the You are now on the same level with the m.;Jews did not comprehend, "Eli, Eli, Avoid every evil by keeping your obligalamna sabactbani," " My God, my God, tions, and carefully conceal from the nulatNly hxst thou,forsaken me? have pity gar what you are, and vait that 1 -lppy oD and forgive my enemies"-Instead of inoirleit when we all shall be ireunit.ed oxhich words were substituted, t. 13. N. under the same Sovereign in the mant (liac-be-iac,) which, in Arabian, sig-i- seions of eternal bliss. Let us imitate the fi-s, " The son of the widow is dead." examp;le of cur G sand iMaster, Jacques''he false brethren represexnt Judas Isca- de 31olay, siho to the ead put his hl;)e ire wri is, evho sold Christ.'1he red collar God, and at his last dying riomeants eedworn by ths Grand Elect PexIest and ed his life saying, Spes amea in D-o est Sublime Masons, calls to remembrance In closing the Cousistory, thie Sw7,

Page  187 IIISTORIXAL DEGREES: PRINCTE: OF THE: ROYAL SECRET. 1t' reign Commander inquires the hour, The members are styled Illustrious which is reported to be the fifth after Sovereign Grand Inspectors General; sunset. He then says-Salix. I and all, including officers, wear the OrThe Lieutenant Commanders and mem- der and Jewel of the dt-gree, and in adbers respond as in the opening. dition, a red Teutonic Cross a ttached to Sovereign Commander-S)pes mea in the left side of the coat. Deo est I Lot us depart. Tile Order (worn as a scarf) is a broad white watered silk ribbon, trimmnned with SOVEREIGN GRAND NSPECTOR gold, and with a white, red and green roSOVER.EIGN G;RANUD INSPECTCOR sette (.also trimmed with gold) lt the botGENERAL. tom. Where it crosses the breast there is a golden Delta embroidered oil it, surThis degree is conferred only on elect- rounded witll rays, and in its centre the ed mnembers of a Supreme Council, which figures 33: on each side a golden dagger is the governing body of Masons in any l(:!inting towards the centre. The Jewel country. In the United States twvo Su- is a two-headed black eagle, crowned, preme Councils are allowed, which is an Nwith wings extended, and holding a exception to the generalrule. The lum- sword in its talons: the beak, claws and ber of working Inspector Generals can- dagger are of gold. It is worn suspendnot exceed nine, tlhough there may be ed fronm the Order. any number of honorary members. In opening, the Sovereign Commander A Supreme Council in this degree is raps four and one, two and one, then one, hlng with purple, with skeletons, skulls, and then two, which raps are repeated cross-bones, &c. painted or embroidered by the Warden. He then gives the order thereon. The throne in the east is un- that the Supreme Council shall now be der a purple canopy, which is trimmed opened for the dispatch of business. The Wvith gold. Over it, and beneath the Warden thereupon declares the Council canopy, is a transplarency representing a open. DeIlta, in the centre of which is seen the In admitting a candidate to this doineifrble ilame in Hebrew. Near the gree, no particular ceremony is perforlmcentre of the -room is a quadrangular pe- ed. He must be balloted for after a vadestal covered with scarlet cloth, on cancy among working members has ocwhich rests an open Bible, with a na- cursed. He is introduced by the Master 1ked sword across it. NoIah of this pe- of Ceremonies, kneels at the altar and destal stands a skeleton holding in its left takes the following oath: Itande the white banner of the Order, and I, John Smith, do hereby swear and in its right hand a poinard in the attitude promise on my word of honor, on the of striking. Over the door of entrance, faith of an honest man, in the presence ietside, is the motto of the Order, em- of the Grand Architect of the llniverse, i)roidered on a blue scarf, viz.: " Deus and before this assernbly, to guard and ioenIque jus." preserve the mysteries of this degree In the east there is a chandelier of five which has been conlferred on me, not branches; inl the south osne of two bran- only from the profane, but from all of an chlcs; in the west one of three; and in inferior degree, undler the penalties of all the north a single bracket —making ele- my former obligations; and I consent, if vetn lights in all. I violate this obligation, to have my iMtost Potent Sovereign Grand Com- tongue torn out by the roots. Ilay God mander, representing lrederilk the keep me in this, or destroy me. Amen. G'e-at, Ki!ng of PrussSia, is seated on the The candidate is then instructed in the throne in the east. Hle is dressed in a signs and words of the degree. crilsson satin robe, trimlmed with white, First sign-Hold the hanld to the moutll wears a crown, and holds a naked sword as if about to grasp the tongue. Second in hlis right hand. sign-Throw off the hand, opening it at T!here is but one Warden, seated in the same instant. thie west, and he is styled the Illustrious Sacred words —Nekamalh Baelim; tile Lieutenant Grand Commander. He is brother answers, Begoal Kol. The brodressed in a blue satin robe, wears a thers then embrace, at the same time dsucal crown, and he also holds a naked saying Adonai. sword in his right hand. Pass-words-For entry, Nekam; the The other officers are an Illustrious brother answers, Menachem. For reTreasurer of the -loly EImpire — Secre- tiring, Phual Kol; the brother answers, tary, Master of Ceremonies, and Captain Plharas Kol. af'the Guards, all styled Illustrious. In closing, the Sovereign Commander

Page  188 188 ItICHAERDSON MONITOR Or FrJEE-1MASONrIY. raps as in the opening, and inquires of is hung with red. The carpet represents the Warden — WYhat is the hour? the furniture of the holy and most holy Warden-The morning sun has ap- places. Above the ark, the Shekinah, peared in the east, and illumines the (symbol of the presence of Jehovah.) Council. is represented by a lamb reposing on a Sov-ereign-It is then time to close our book sealed with seven seals. Aet the Council. Our Illustrious Lieutenant will corner of the Temple is the column please to notify the Grand Inspectors Boaz, broken. The carpet is covered that we are about to adjourn. The War- with black, which is removed at the proden gives the notice, the signs, &c., are per time for its being uncovered. given, and the Council is then closed. In the first apartment the presiding officer dresses in royal robes, and repre. sents Cyrus, King of Persia, and is called K NIG HIT OF T HE E AS T, Sovereign: Senior Warden represclIts OR SWORD. Nebuzaradan, and is styled First General: Junior Warden (representing AtithThis degree is seldom conferred, and ridates) is called Second General. The is therefore left out of its proper order, other officers are a Chancellor, Grand which is introductory to that of Prince MIaster of Ceremonies, Mlaster of Disof Jerusalem. It is founded upon Zerub- patches, and Captain of the Guards. babel's first journey to Persia, when he The brethren in this apartment are dressobtained permission and mieans from Cy- ed in yellow or red robes, and wear turrus, the King, (father of Darius,) to re- bans with suns embroidered in front. build the Temple at Jerusalem. Those The Sovereign carries a sceptre. Warwho accompanied him were called dens and brethren have naked swords in Knights of the East, or Knights of the their hands, and -wear green ribbon scarfs Sword. and they were afterwards cre- without any jewel. Apron, white, lined ated Princes of Jerusalem. and bordered with green, without any There are two apartments used in this emblems. degree. The first is hung with green on In the second apartment the presiding the east, west, and north sides, so as to officer represents Ananias, and is styled leave a space of six feet between the Mlost Excellent Grand Master. lie is hangings and the wall. The space en- seated in the east, wears a crowni, and closed is an oblong square. It represents holds a gavel in his hand. The Senior the apartment of Cyrus, King of Persia: Warden is seated in the west, and wears the ikhrone is in the east, two arm chairs as ajewel a square within three triangles. in the west, and the seats for the mem- The Junior Warden, in the south, wears bers in the south. Behind the throne is a level within three triangles. In addia transparency, representing the dream tion to these there is in this apartment a of Cyrus, (mentioned hereafter,) and Grand Captain of the Guards, who ditsFsabove, near the ceiling, is a triangular es like the other brethren. The Master glory, and in it the ineffable name (Jeho- and officers wear their jewels suspended ctah) in Hebrew. The glory rests on a from the neck, by green ribbons, and the luminous cloud, from which an eagle is brethren from the bottom of green corissuing, with a label in its beak, and on dons. The jewel of the Mfaster is a triit the words, "Give liberty to the cap- pie triangle enclosed in a circle. The tives." Below appear Nebuchadnezzar other officers wear the usual jewel in a and Belshazzar, as captives loaded with triple triangle, which is a gold medal chains. There should be an imitation with the five orders of architecture upon wall around within this apartment, form- it, and covered by two steel cross-swords. ing a long square. On each corner, and The brethren wear the triple triangle, on each side of the wall, there should be crossed by two swords, the hilts restirg towers, six in all. At the foot of the on the level. The jewels are of gold.;quare, in the west, there should be a Each brother has a trowel suspended large tower, with two doors, one open- from the string of his apron. ing within the enclosure, and one outside Council is opened in first apaatment. In the space between the wall and the Sovereign —My brethren, assist nme to Fecond apartment.. There should be an open a Council of Knights of the Sword. arched bridge between this tower and First General (or Warden)-Attention, the door of the second apartment, which Knights, you -will assist our Sovereign is supposed to cross the river Euphrates. in opening the Council. The second apartment represents the Second General repeats this order. Court of the Temple, at Jerusalem, and Sovesoiga to First Gcncral-Brother

Page  189 II.STORXCWAL DEGRE'S: t'SICGIT Or, TIiE swoRs. ]..) Senior, you will see that our Council Captain of Guards-WVho, we you? chamber is well guarded, and that all Candidate-The first amongmyequals. present are true Knights. I by rank a 3Mason, and by misfortulne a First General goes and questions the captive. Capntain of the Guards-returns and says Captain of the Guards-What is your — Sovereign 5laster, we are well guarded naime 1 froin the eyes of the profane, and I ob- Candidate-Zerubbabel. F:-rve that all present are true Knights of Captain of Guards-What is your age? the Swoolr(L Candidate-Seventy years. Sovereign-What is the time? Captain of Guards-What is the cause First General-This day completes the of this application? seventy years of captivity. Candidate-The tears and misery of Sovereign —Generals, Princes, and my brethren. Knights, I have long since resolved to Captain of Guards-We will endeavor liberate the Jews who are in captivity: to make your sad request known to our I am wenried with seeing them in chains; Sovereign. but before I liberate them I wish to con- The Captain of the Guards knocks sult you respecting a dreamn. wIhich I have five and two at the door of the tower. hIad tlis night, and which requires an in- This is repeated; one by the Second terlretation. I imagined I saw a fero- General, twvo by the First General, and ciouns lion about to throw himself on me three by the Sovereign. mid devour mne-his appearance terrified The Sconud General says-The Guard se, and I hastily looked for some shelter knoclks at the door of the tower, ill the from his fury; but at that instant I saw mainner of a Knight of the Sword. msy two predecessors, habited as slaves, First General-Sovereign Master, the beneath a glory, which Masons designate Guard knocks at the towaer. by the name of the Grand Architect of Sovereign-Brother Senior, probably the Universe. I was made to understand some one is to be introduced; be prut-vo wvords which I saw issuing fromn a dent; ill my present embarrassed state blazing star: they signified, Liberate the the least advice is not to be disregarded. captives; and I understood if I did not The Second General goes to the door do this my crown would pass from me of the tower, knocks, and it is opened. to strangers. I remained speechless and The Captain of the Guards lays aside confused, and suddenly awoke. From his spear, comes before the Sovereign, that instant my tranquility fled. It re- crosses his arms, bows, and says-The mains for you, Princes, to assist me with first asisong Mlasons, his equals, aged sevyour advice on this occasion. enty years, wishes to appear before you. While the Sovereign is speaking, the Sovereign-WVhen he shall have been brethren cast their eyes downwards: introduced into tile tower of the palace, when he is done they look at the First we will examine him. General, who draws his sword, and ele- The Guard bows, retires, and makes sates the point, with his arm extended in the candidate enter the tower, which is front. The brethren draw their swords, closed on him. The Sovereign questions placing them in the same position. The candidate through the door, which is shut. First General now points his sword down- Sovereign-W-'hat is the cause of this wards to signify his agreement with the application? Sovereign, then upwards again to signify Candidate-I come to implore the jusliberty. The brethren all imitate him. tice and benevolence of the Sovereign. Sovereign-Let the Captivity be fin- Sovereign —For what purpose? ished. Generals, Princes and Knights, Candidate-That mercy may be shown this Council is open. to my brethren, who have been in capFirst and- Second Generals each pro- tivity seventy years. claim that the-Council is open. Sovereign —What is your name? If a candidate is to be admitted, his Candidate-Zerubbabel; I ami tile first hands are first bound with a chain of tri- among my equals; by rank a lMason, by anlgular links. He represents Zerubba- misfortune a captive. lri as a captive. The Master of Cere- Sovereign-What is that mercy which monies leads him to the door of the tow- you demand of me? er, where he is thus interrogated by the Candidate-That, under the protection Guards:, of the Grand Architect of the Universe, Captain of Guards-WVhat do you wish? the King will restore our liberty and alCandidate-I wish, if possible, to speak low us to return and rebuild the Temple witlh your Sovereign. of our God.

Page  190 190 RICHAlIDSON 7 MONITOt OQF FIetE-MASO'NEtY. Sovereign-Since motives so just have render you assistance as though it were conducted you hither, you are permitted to myself; I wili only exact a tribute to appear in our presence. from you c~_ three lallbs, five slheep, and The Guards open the door of the tow- seven rams, which I will receive uinder er, and cause the captive to prostrate the porch of the new Temple: if I dehimself in the west. mand this, it is rather in remembrance of Sovereign-Zerubbabel, I have, like the friendship which I have promised. Tnu. lamented the severity of your cap- you, than as a reward. Come hither. ~ivity. I promise to grant you liberty The Generals place candidate at thd Jilstantly, if you will communicate to me foot of the throne. the secrets of Masonry, for which I have Sovereign-I arm you with this sword 1lways entertained profound veneration. as a mark of your superiority over youl Candidate-Sovereign Master, when equals; I am persuaded you will employ Solomon communicated to us the first it only in their defence, and I create you principles of Masonry, he informed us a Knight of the Sword. that equality was its foundation. Equali- In saying these last words, the Sove, ty does not reign here; and your rank, reign strikes him with his sword on the your titles, and your court, are not ad- shoulders, and then raises him. lHe gives missible in the place where instruction is candidate the apron, and green cordon, given in our mysteries. Besides, our ex- which passes from left to right, and says terior marks are unknown to you; my -As a mark of my esteem, I decorate engagements are inviolable; I am un- you with an apron and sash, which I able to reveal our secrets, and if liberty have adopted in imitation of the workis to be obtained at this price, I prefer men of your Temple. Though these captivity decorations are not accompanied with Sovereign-I admire the discretion and any mysteries, yet I coifer them on the the virtue of Zerubbabel; he deserves princes of my court as marks of honor; liberty as a reward for his firmness. henceforth you enjoy the same honor. I The brethren assent, by pointing their inow commit you to the care of INebuzaswords downwards, and then upwards. radan, (Master of Ceremonies,) who will Sovereign to Second General-Cause give you guides to conduct you ins safety Zerubbabel to undergo the seventy tri- to your brethren, in the place where to als, which I reduce to three, viz., 1st- found the new Temple. Thus I decree! That of the body; 2d. That of his cour- The First General leads the candidate age; 3d. That of his mind;' after which, and places him in the tower, where ha perhaps, he may merit the favor which remains while the brethren silentlv pass he demands. into the second apartment. After they The Seccnd General causes him to go are in order, the candidate is led out and round the Lodge three times. The first then conducted to the bridge. At its entime, a small shell is exploded; the see- trance he is opposed by guards, who rob ond time, he is examined to ascertain him of his apron canid sash, and endeavor whether he persists in his demand; the to prevent his passage; he attacks, driveS third time, he holds his hands at the top them off, and arrives at the door of the of his forehead. After this, the Second second apartment, where the MIaster of General knocks seven, and the First Ceremonies knocks seven at the door. General says-WVhat do you wish? When the brethren hear the alarm, they Second General-The candidate has detach the trowel from their aprons, and submitted to his trials with firmness and hold it in the left hand, and the sword in constancy. the right. The Second General (or Ju, Sovereign-Zerubbabel, I grant to you nior Warden as lie is now called) knockSl the favor which you solicit, and consent seven. This is repeated by the Firsi that you shall be set at liberty. General (or Senior Warden,) Sovereign knocks seven, which is the Junior Warden-I hear a knocking at signal at which the Generals divest Ze- the door of the Lodge, in the manner o~ ruibbabel of his chains. Knights of the Sword. Sovereign-Return to your own coun- Senior Warden-Most Excellent Mastry; I permit you to rebuild the Temlple ter, some one knlocks at the door of the destroyed by my ancestors; its treasures Lodge, after the manner of the Knights shall be sent to you before the setting of of the Sword. the sun: you shall be acknowledged chief Mastelr-Brother Junior Warden, see over your brethren. I ordain that all who knocks. shall obey you in the country through Junior Warden goes, knocks, and openwhich you shall pass; that they shall ing the door, says-What do you wvii

Page  191 eISTORICAL DEGREES': iNIGHT OF THE SWORDo. 191 Candidatec-I wish to see my brethren, ed, but you have preserved those of true that I may inform them of my deliver- Masonry; but before I can communicate ance froml Babylon, and that of the un- to you those secrets, which, since our happy reinnabit of the fraternity, which captivity have been preserved among the has been freed from captivity. re-nnant of our fiaternity, vwe must reJunior Warden shuts the door and re- quire of you assurances that you have ports to the Master, who says-The not lost the sentiments, or the knowledge news which the captive brings is true: of Miasonry, during your servitude. seventy years are expire(l, and the day Candidate-Examine me; I am prehas arrived for rebuilding the Temple. pared to answer. Ask the captive his name, his age, and Master-What degree in Masonry have country, for fear of surprise. you received? Junior Warden knocks seven, opens Candidate-The degree of Most Excelthe door, and says-What is your name? lent Master. Candidate-Z',rubbabel. Master-Give me the sign. Junior Warden-What is your age? Candidate gives the sign of Most ExCandidate —Seventy years. cellent Master, as on page 61. Junior Warden —Where is your coun- Master-Give me the grip. try situated? Grip given as on page 61. Candidate-On this side of the river Master-My brethren Knights, I beStaburzania, to the west of Assyria. lieve Zerubbabel is worthy to participate Junior Warden shuts the door, reports in our new mysteries. to Senior Warden, who reports to the The brethren assent by elevating their Master, who says-His name is Zerub- swords. babel, his country lies on this side of the Master-Most Powerful Senior Warriver Staburzania, his age seventy years; den, cause the candidate to advance by yes, my brethren, the captivity is ended! three steps; and at the third, let him The captive is truly the Prince of the kneel at the foot of the throne of the sovereign tribe which is to rebuild the Grand and Sublime Architect, where he Temple. Let him be admitted among us swill make the engagements whiiih we and acknowledged as the one who is to require. direct and assist our labors. Candidate advances by three Fteps to Junior Warden knocks, opens the door, the altar, kneels, and takes the folioewing and conducts the candidate to the west. obligation: Senior Warden-Most Excellent Alas- I, John Smith, do hereby T),emise, enter, behold Zerubbabel, who demands to der the same obligations 1 have be admitted into our fraternity I contracted in the different ]degrees of Master-Zerubbabel, give us an exact Masonry, never to reveal the secrets of relation of your deliverance. the Knights of the Sword, os Free AMaCandidate —Cyrus gave me permission sons, to any one of an inferior degree, or to approach the foot of his throne, he to any one who is not a Mason, under the was touched with the miseries of the penalty of enduring a captivity so rigorfraternity, he armed me with this sword, ous that my chains shall never be broken, for the defence of my brethren, and hon- and that my body be exposed to the ored me with the title of brother among beasts of the forest, and that a thunderllis companions. He finally granted me bolt may dash me to atoms, as an exmy freedom, and committed Ine to the ample to others who are indiscreet. So care of his faithful subjects, who con- mote it be. ducted me on myjourney, arid assisted The Master raises the candidate, and me in conquering our enemies at the pas- (while he and the brethren are sheathing sago of the river Staburzania, where, their swords) says-My brethreen, the deceAtwithstaudig our victory, we lost the struction of th'l' Temple subjected Malons onarks of distinction which had been to such severe cmlamaities, we have teared given to us by the king, our deliverer. lest their captivity and dispersion mnight Master —My brother, the loss which have impaired their fidelity to their enyou have met with shows that the jLs- gagements; for this reason, we have tice of our fraternity would not endure been obliged, while rebuilding thl( Telnthe triumph of pomp and grandeur. In ple, tI remain in a secret and letired decorating you with these honors, Cyrus place, where we carefully preserve some was not guided by that spirit of equality ruins of the anc.ient Tenlmple. We tlo not whllich has always characterized you. By introduce any to that place, unlless we this loss, all the marks of distinction re- know them to be true and worthy Maceived from that prince have disappear- sons, not alone by their,sigr, words, and

Page  192 192 ]ITCIIARDI)SON'S MONITOR OF FR'IE-MASONEP..-. grips, but also by their conduct; to such Master (giving the gloves) —We pro, we communicate our new secrets with ceed to proclaim you a Knight of the pleasure, but we require, as a pledge, Sword. My brethren, see that Zerubbathat they should bring with them some bel shall hereafter rule the labors of remaimn or monuments of the ancient Mlasonry! Temple; those which Cyrus has given They assent by saluting with swords to you are sufficient. Candidate is then conducted to a chair While tliese last words are pronounced, designed for him, the MaT)ster sayingthe captive is uncovered. My brother. ascend the throne of the Master —Most Powverful Senior War- Sovereigns of our Lodges; preserve the den, cause the candidate to recede three triangular stone of this edi'fice, and rule steps, that lie may learn that we esteem the laborers as Solomon, Hirarrm of Tyre, perfe ct resignation as a Masonic virtue. and Joabert have done before you. Candidate recedes towards the west. When the candidate is seated, the breAMaster —My brother, the object or our thren sheath their swords, clap their labors is to rebuildl the Temple of the hands three times, crying Zerubbabel Grand Architect of the Universe; this each time. sublime work has been reserved for Ze- The Lecture is now given. rubbabel. The engagements into which In closing, the Master says to the Seyou with us have entered under that nior Warden-Are you a Knight of the name, require you to aid us in rebuilding Sword? the Tremple in its splendor. Tile sword Senior WNearden-Look I (places his which Cyrus has given you, is to be used hand on his sword.) in defending your brethren, and punish- Mlaster-Give me the sign. ing those who would profane the august Senior Warden gives the sign, as folTemple which we raise to the glory of lows: Carry the right hand to the left the Holy, One of Israel. It is on these shoulder, and move it downwards to the conditions you participate in our secrets. right hip with a serpentine motion; this The pass-word is LIBERTAS. GO give represents the motion of waves. Draw the brethren of this Lodge the signs, your sword and bring it to the guard. grips, and words, and return to me. Master-Give me the words and the Candidate goes by the north, and re- pass-word. turns by the south. Senior Warden-Juldah, Benjamin, and Master-My brother, after your deliv- Libertas. erance Cyrus had you created a Masonic Master-Give the grip to the Junior Knight, and I now present you with the IVarden. trowel, the symbol of your new dignity, Given as on page 61. that hereafter you may labor with the Master-Where have you labored? trowel in one hand, and use the sword Senior Warden-At the rebuilding of with the other, if the Temple should the Temple. ever be destroyed, for it is irn that man- Master —WVhat hour is it? ner we have proceeded to rebuild it. Senior Warden-'The hour of comMaster gives the girdle and says-This mencirg that work. scarf ought alwvays to accompany you ill Master-AMy brethren, since wee have all Lodges: you will have a marlk of sufficient time to rebuild the Temple of true Knighthood, which you acquired at the Lord, let us remember these things the river Staburzania, by the victory ob- in silence. It is -time to reIpose. Birotainerl over those who opposed your pas- thers Senior and Junior Wardens, ansage! Master gives the green rosette, nounce in the south and ill the north, rlnd says-Though we do not admit that I am about to close this Lodge of among our ceremonies any of the deco- Knights of the Sword. rations given you by Cyrus, yet ywe are Senior Warden makes proclamati(rt willing to preserve their remembrance that the Most Excellent Grand Master i. by a rosette of that color whiclh he had about to close the Lodge. chosen, and wre affix it to your cordon. Junior 5Warden does the same. [Gives the Jewel.] This Jewel is a Master (rapping seven)-The Lodge Is badgle of the Knights of the Svord; closed. Retire in peace. may justice and equity, represented by Warder-s repeat this, and the Lodge is the sword, be your guides I then closed. THE xND.

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