Catalogue of the officers of government and instruction,
University of Vermont.

Page  [unnumbered] 13 JLly., 1S 75. A few copies only of this Catalogue are issued now; the main edition is held back in order to make such additions and corrections as may be supplied by Alumni and others present at Commencement. Suggestions intended for use in the present edition should be sent to the Librarian by Saturday, the 17th instant. CORRIGENDA. These names should have been starred:-p. 18, Richard C. Stiles; p. 20, Zadock Thompson; p. 46, John B. Wheeler, *1865; p. 82, Edwin F. Johnson, *1872; p. 83, DeWitt C. Clarke, *1870; Rev. John A. Hicks, *1869; p. 86, Rev. Pliny H. White. P. 49, last name in class of 1849 should read: Edwin WTheelock, A. i.; Winooski,&c.; p. 50, 1. 30,for Albany read Union; p. 52, E. W. Smith is in 18th Infantry; p. 55, 1. 1 from bottom,for Wilkes read Wilkins; p. 57, A. P. Bissell is in Carlinville, Ill.; p. 59, after F. V. Hopkins, dele A. AI. and; p. 64, Francis Hickok is in Columbus, O.; p. 66, after T. VW. Huntington, dele M. D. Harv. 1875, adfo.)r- Ass't. Surg. read House Officer.

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Page  2 2NOTE. In the following pages a star (*) prefixed to a person's name indicates his decease; attached to a date, it denotes the year of his death. In this edition an attempt has been made to give, besides the academic degrees and mnore important public offices, the present residence and profession of each Alumnus. It was thought that these additions would increase both the, interest and the usefulness of the Catalogue. Special request is made that all errors and omissions which may be detected, be communicated at once to the Librarian. The last General Catalogue carried the announcemlent of a Biographical Catalogue of the Alumni, to be prepared by a member of the Class of IS39. His death interrupted this work before fairly begun, and no one has since been found willing to undertake a task requiring so much of time and patient labor.

Page  3 PRESIDENTS, ELErCTE D. RETIREnD. 1800 ~REV. DANIEL CLARKE SANDERS. D. D.. 1814 Harvar'd 1788; D. D. 1809; (*1850, it. 82.) 1815 r REV. SAMUEL AUSTIN, D. D., 1821 Yale 1783; D. D. Williatms 1807; (*18:30 lEt. 70.) 1821 *REV. DANIEL IIASKEL, A. M., 1824 Yale 1802; (*1848, iEt. C,4.) 1825 *REV. WILLARD PRESTON, D. D., 1826r Brown 180(; D. D. iUniv. Ga.; (*1857 iUt. 71.) 1826 yREV. JAMES MARSHI, D. D., 1833 Dart. 1817; D. 1). Colum. 1830 aand Amh. 1833; (*1842 it. 48.) 1833 *REV. JOIIN WHEELER, D. D., 1849 Dart. 1816; D. D. Union 1831; (*1862 igt. 64.) 1849 *REV. WORTHIINGTON SMITI[. D.., 1855 Williams 1810; D. D. Univ. Vt. 1845- (*185, iEt. 61. 1855 -REv. CALVIN PEASE, D. D., 1861 Univ. Vt. 1838; D. D. Mid(. 185C,; (*18,:3 Xt. 50. ) 1862 *REV. JOSEPII TORREY, D. D., 18t6i Dart. 1816; D. D. Harv. 1850. (*1867 iEt. 70.) 1866 JAMES BURRILL ANGELL, LL. D., 1871 Brown 184); LL. D. Brown 1870. 1871 MATTHEW IIENRY BUCKIIAM, A. M. Univ. Vt. 1851.

Page  4 CORPORATION CORPORATION OF THE UNIVEIRSITY OF VERIMONT. F,-X OFiFIICIIS. ENTERED. RETIRED. 1791 -Thomas Chittenden, Governor of Vermont, 1797 1791 *Gideon Olin, Speaker of the IIouse of Reps., 1793 1793 *Daniel Buck, Speaker, 1795 1795 *Louis Robert Morris, Sp., 1797 1797 ~Isaac Tichenor, LL. D., Governor, 1806 1797 *Abel Spencer, Sp., 1798 1798 *Daniel Farrand, Sp., 1799 1799 *Amos Marsh, Sp., 1802 1800 *Rev. Daniel Clarke Sanders, D. D., President, 1814 1802 *Abel Spencer, Sp., 1803 1803 -Theophilus Harrington, Sp.. 1804 1804 *Rev. Aaron Leland, Sp., 1808 1807 *Israel Smith, Gov., 1808 1808 *Isaac Tichenor, LL. D., Gov., 1809 1808 *Dudley Chase, Sp., 1813 1809 *Jonas Galusha, Gov., 1813 1813 *Martin Chittenden, Gov., 1815 1813 -Daniel Chipman, LL. D., Sp., 1814 1814 *George Robinson, Sp., 1815 1815 *Rev. Samuel Austin, D. D., Pres., 1821 1815 *Jonas Galusha, Gov., 1820 1815 *William Adams Griswold, Sp., 1818 1818 *Richard Skinner, Sp., 1819

Page  5 CORPORATION. 5 ENTERED. RETIRED. 1819 *William Adams Griswold, Sp., 1820 1820 -Richard Skinner, Gov., 1823 1820 *Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, Sp., 1823 1821 -Rev. Daniel Haskel, Pres.. 1824 1823 *Cornelius Peter Van Ness, LL. D., Gov.. 1826 1823 *George Edwards Wales, Sp., 1824 1824 *Isaac Fletcher, Sp., 1825 1825 -Rev. Willard Preston, D. D., Pres., 1826 1825 *Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, Sp., 1827 1826 -Rev. Ezra Butler, Gov., 1828 1'826 *Rev. James Marsh, D. D., Pres., 1833 1827 *Robert B. Bates, Sp., 1829 1828 *Samuel Chandler Crafts, Gov., 1831 1829 *-Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, Sp., 1830 1830 -Robert B. Bates, Sp., 1831 1831 *-William Adams Palmer, Gov., 1835 1831 *John Smith, Sp., 1834 1833 *Rev. John Wheeler, D. D., Pres., 1849 1834 *Ebenezer Nelson Briggs, Sp., 1836 1836 *Silas Hemenway Jenison, Gov., 1841 1836 *Carlos Coolidge, LL. D., Sp., 1837 1837,Solomon Foot, LL. D., Sp., 1839 1839 *Carlos Coolidge, LL. D., Sp., 1842 1841 *-Charles Paine, Gov., 1843 1842 WAndrew Tracy, Sp., 1845 1843'-John Mattocks, Gov., 1844 1844 *William Slade, Gov., 1846 1845 *Ebenezer Nelson Briggs, Sp., 1847 1846 *Horace Eaton, M. D., Gov., 1848 1847 -Solomon Foot, LL. D.; Sp., 1848 1848 *Carlos Coolidge,,LL. D., Gov., 1850 1848 -William Cullen Kittredge, Sp., 1850 1849 *Rev. Worthington Smith, D. D., Pres., 1855

Page  6 6 CORPORATION. ENTERED. RETIRED. 1850 *Charles Kilborn Williams, LL. D., Gov., 1852 1850 *Thomas Eleazer Powers, M. D., Sp.. 1853 1852 Erastus Fairbanks. LL. D.. Gov.. 18.53 1853 *John S. Robinson, Gov., 1854 1853 *Horatio Needham, Sp.. 1854 1854 *Stephen Royce, LL. D., Gov., 1856 1854 George Washington Grandey, Sp., 1857 1856 Ryland Fletcher, Gov., 1858 1856 *Rev. Calvin Pease, D. D., Pres., 1861 1857 George Franklin Edmunds, LL. I)., Sp., 1860 1858 IIiland Hall, LL. D., Gov., 1860 1860 *Erastus Fairlbalnks, LL. D., (4ov.. 1861 1860 Augustus Pingry Ilunton, Sp., 1862 1861 Frederick IIolbrook, Gov., 1863i 1862 *Rev. Joseph Torrey. D. D., Pres., 1866 1862 John Gregory Smith, LL. D., Sp., 1862-6;3, Gov. 1863-5, 1865 1863 Abraham B. Gardner, Sp.. 1865 1865 Paul Dillingham, Gov.. 1867 1865 John Wolcott Stewart, Sp., 186;5 1866 James Burrill Angell, LL. D.. Pres., 1871 1867 John B. Page. Gov., 1869 1869 *Peter Thacher Washburn. Gov.. 1870 1870 John Wolcott Stewart, (lov., 1872 1871 Matthew Ihenry Buckham. Pres. 1872 Julius Converse, (,ov., 1874 1874 Asalhel Peck, LL. D., (-ov. FTIF C TEi.> ELECTED. RETIRED. 1791 k-Rev. Caleb Blood, 1808 1791`KRev. Bethuel Chittendell? 1804 1791 *Rev. Asa Burton, D. D., 1810 1.791 -Ira Allen, 1804

Page  7 CORPORATION. ELECTED. IRETIRED. 1791 *Jonathan Arnold. 1796 1791 *-Enoch Woodbridge. 1805 1791'Samuel Hitchcock, 1813 1791 *Jonathan Htunt, 1807 1793 *Joshua Stanton, 1l802 1800 -William Chase Itlarrinton, 1810 1800 *David Russcll. 1810 1802 Aimos MarshL 1811 1802 Rl{oyall Tyler, 1813 1802 *AIartin Chittendlcll, 1813 1804 *Rev. Publius Virgiliuns Bloo,c: 1810 1804 -Rev. Henry Green, 1813) 1804 *Rev. Leonard Worcester, 1810 1807 *Dl)aniel Farrand, 1810 1807 *John Pomeroy, A. 1).; 1810 1810 *Samuel Chandler Crafts, 1818 1810 *Joseph Dean FarnIswortli, A. 1)., 1818 1810 *Rev. Ezra Butler, 1816 181.0 *Pliny Smith, 1816 1810 *Abraham Bronson, 1816 1810 *Williamn Adalms Griswold. 181. 5 1810 *James Fish, 1812 1810 *Rev. Tilton Eastman. 1813 1810 *Titus Hutchinson, 1825 1810 *Willianm Czar Bradley, LL. D).. 1815 1811 *Rev. Jonathan Going, ID. D. 1819 1812 *William Chase Harrington, 1813 1812 *IHeman Allen, (Burlington;) 1816 1813 -Truman Chittenden, 1839 1813 *Heman Allen, (Milton,) 1844 1813 *John Pomeroy, M. ID. 1822 1813 *Rev. Willard Preston, D. I).; 1815 1814 *Rev. Asa Lyon, 1821

Page  8 8 CORPORATION. ELECTED. RETIRED. 1815 *Rev. Henry Green, 1821 1815 *Rev. John Fitch, 1816 1816 *William Nutting, 1845 1816 *Martin Chittenden, 1818 1816 *Jabez Penniman, 1822 1816 *Rev. Samuel Clark, 1817 1816 -Rev. Daniel IHaskel, 1 21 1816 *Ezra Meech, 1825 1817 *Luther Loomis, 1818 1818 -William Adams Griswold, 1819 1818 Rev. Calvin'Yale, 1833 1818 -Guy Catlin, 1850 1818 *Samuel Hickok, 1822 1818 *Rev. Iteonard Worcester, 1821 1819 *William Baxter, 1827 1820 *William Adams Griswold, 184.3 1821 -Seth Wetmore, 1830 1821 -Rev. Joel Clapp, D. D., 1839 1822 *Rev. Rufus William Bailey, 1829 1822 *Daniel Kellogg, LL. D., 1833 1822 -Enoch Day Woodbridge, 1833 1823 -Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, 1825 1823 *Jonas Galusha, 1833 1823'Robert Pierpoint, 1833 1823 -Horace Everett, 1833 1823 *-Rev. Otto Smith Hoyt, 1833 1823 -Samuel Prentiss, LL. D., 1854 1823 *Joseph Dean Farnsworth, Al. D., 1844 1823 *Salma Hale, 1833 1823 *Isaac Fletcher, 1824 1823 *Samuel Clesson Allen, 1833 1823 *Charles Adams, 1854 1825 *Isaac Fletcher, 1833

Page  9 CORPORATION. 9 ELECTED. RE1TIRED. 1825 -Rev. John Wheeler, D. I)., 1833 1825 *Rev. Worthington Smith, D. 1)D., 1849) 1827 *Ira Hayden Allen:, 18 38 1830 *Daniel Azro Ashley Buck, 1835 1838 *Timothy Follett, 18T54 1833 Rev. Simeon Parmelee, D. D., 1855 1833 *Alvan Foote, 1854 1835 *Jacob Collalllelr, LL. D., 1849 1839 *Charles Paine. 18 5.. 18X39 *Rev. William Mitchell, 1846 1844 George Perkins Marsh; LL. D., 1849 1844 *-Erastus Fairbanks, LL. D). 1864 1845 Rev. Alvah Sabin, 1861 184'9 *Rev. John Wheeler, D. ). 18)62 1849 Rev. John Hopkins Worcesterl. D., 1.865 1849:George Bradford Shaw, 1853 1849 John Norton Pomeroy, LL. D., 18 55 184}9 -Norman Williamls, 1853 1850 *Henry Jarvis Raymond, LL. )., 1862 1852 Rev. Henry Pearl Hickok, 1865 1853 Asa Owen Aldis, 1865 1853 *Stoddard Benham Colby, 1865 1853 Rev. Ebenezer Cutler, D. UD. 1857 18054 Oliver Phelps Chandler, 1865 1854 Edward Seymour. 1856 18o54 Rev. Orlpheus Thomas Lanphear L). D.. 1857 1855 George Perkins'Marsh, LL. 1)., 1861 1855 Henry Loomis, 1865 1855 Rev. Aldace Walker. 1). D.: 1_860 1857 Rev. Clark Ela Ferrill, 1865 1857 *Portus Baxter,. 1865 1860 Rev. John Hills Woodward, 1 862 1861 John Sullivan Adams, 1865

Page  10 10 COR R PO RATION. ELECTED. RETI:E'. 1861 Worthington Curtis Smith. 1866 1862 Rev. Charles Carroll Parker, D. )., 1865 1862 Dudley Chase Denison, 1865 1863 Rev. James B. Upham, 1). ).; 1865 1865 Lawrence Barnes, 1865 1865 Albert Leonard Catlin, 1865 1865 James Kelsey Colby, 1]865 1865 George Franklin Edmunds, LL. D). 1 65

Page  11 '' R U S'1 TE E S OF THE UNWIVERSIT-Y (F VERMONT AND STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE, FROM 1865. ON THE PART OF THE ITNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. ELECTED. RETIRED. 1865 Rev. Henry Pearl IIickok, 1865 Oliver Phelps Chandler, 1865 Henry Loomis, 1865 Rev. Clark Ela Ferrin. 1865 John Sullivan Adams, 1868 1865 Rev. Charles Carroll Parker. D. D.. 1865 Lawrence Barnes, 1865 Albert Leonard Catlin,. 1866 Leverett Brush Englesby, 1868 Worthington Curtis Smith. ON THE PART OF THE STATE ACGRICULTTURAL COTLTLEF,: APPOTNTED BY THE LEGISLATURE. APPOINTED. ]RETIRED. 1865 George Grenville Benedict, 1865 Trenor William Park, 1867 1865 *Peter Thacher Washburn, *1870 1865 Rev. Horace Herrick, 1865 Justin Smith Morrill, LL. D.,

Page  12 12 TRUSTEES SECRETARIES. APPOINTED. RE TIRED. 1865 Samuel H. Stevens, 1865 Seneca M. Dorr, 1871 1865 Horace Fairbanks, 1865 Roderick Richardson, 1871 1867 William I. Johnson, 1873 1871 Frederick Billings, 1873 1871 Paul Dillingham, 1871 Henry Clark, 1873 Henry D. IIolton. SECRETARIES. APPOINTED. RETIRED. 1791 *Samuel Hitchcock, 1800 1800 *Rev. Daniel Clarke Sanders, D. D., 1804 1804 *John Fay, 1808 1808 *Charles Adams, 1811 1811 *Warren Loomis, 1817 1817 *Timothy Follett, 1823 1823 John Norton Pomeroy, LL. D., 1826 1.826 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., 1834 1834 *Alvan Foote,.1853 1853 Rev. Henry Pearl Hickok, 1865 1865 George Grenville Benedict.

Page  13 TREASURERS-LIBRARIANS. 13 TREAS UtRERS. APPOINTED. RETIRED. 1791 *Enoch Woodbridge, 1800 1800 *William Chase IHarrington, 1809 1809 *David Russell, 1811 1811.*Ozias Buell, 1832 1832 *Timothy Follett, 1834 1834 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., 1839 1839 David Read, 1842 1842 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., 1843 1843 William Warner, 1849 1849 Henry Chaney, 1853 1853 James Whelpley Hickok, 1855 1855 Chalon Ford Davey, 1855 1855 Nathan Strong Hill. LIBRARIANS. APPOINTED. RETIRED. 1833 Farrand Northrop Benedict, 1836 1836 *Rev. Joseph Torrey, D. D., 1841 1841 Henry Chaney, 1847 1847 *Rev. Calvin Pease, D. D., 1853 1853 Rev. Nathaniel George Clarke, D. D., 1863 1863 Matthew Henry Buckham, 1869 1869 Henry Williamson Haynes, 1873 1873 John Ellsworth Goodrich.

Page  14 14 P R O F E SS O RS. PlROYFESSORS. MATTIEMATICS AND NATITRAL PITTLOSOPTTY. A PPOINTED. RETIRED. 1809 *James Dean, LL. D. Dart. 1800; (*1849) 1814 1815 *Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, Brown 1809'; (-* 1870) 1817 1819 *Rev. G-amaliel Smitll Olds, Wins. 1801: (*184() 1821 1822 James Dean, LL. D.; 1824 1825 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., Wiins. 11X8, 12 9) 1854 Rev. McKendree Petty, Univ. V\t. 1849.!ANATOMY ANL SUR(IERTY. 1809 *John Pomeroy, M. D.. (*1849) 1S17 1829 *Benjamin Lincoln, M. D.. Bowd. 1.82~ and M. D. (*1835.) 1884 1835 Edward Elisha Phlelps, M. D).. LL. 1).; M. D. Yale 1 825.; 18, JURISPRIIDENCE. 1811 1 Royall Tyler, IIarv. 1776' (*18:26) 1814 (IREEK AND LATTN LANGUA(IGES. 1811:-Rev. Jason Chamberlain, Brown 1804; (*1821) 18141815 *~ Rev. James Murdock, D. 1)., Yale 17.:97 (*185,6) 1 1 ( 1819 *Rev. Lucas Ihlubbell, Univ. Vt. 181': (*1X846) 18 24 1824 *Rev. John J. Robertson, 1). l)., 1825 1_825 -Rev. William Augustus Porter, Wins. 1818: (*1830) 1827

Page  15 tOF ES SO S. 15 APPOINTED. RETI RED. 1827 IRev. Joseph Torrcy, 1). D.,Dart. 1S16; (*1867) 1842 1842 lRev. Calvin Peasc, D. I)., Univ. Vt. 1838, 1855 1855 *Leonlard Marsh, A. D.; Dart. 18-27 and M. D. 1832 ( 1870) 1857 NATURAL HI[ISTORY A NI CIIEAIISTRY. 1813 *Jairus Keniian, Univ. Vt. 1804, ~1816 18;39 -'kGeorge Wyllys 13Benedict, LL. D., 1847 1851'R1cv. Zadock Thompson, Univ. Vt. 1823, *1856 SURGERY. 1817 -;Jollun Pomeroy, 1. 1).; (1844) 1823 1823 J almnes Kent Platt, AI. 1).; Mid. 1812, — 1824 1825 kllcnry S. Waterhouse,. 1). Univ. Vt. 1824, 1827 1853 11:oratio Nelson, 1. D. Uiliv. N. Y.: (*1860) 1854 1854 Samuel White Thayer, AI. 1. Woods. 1838, 1855 1855 l)avid Sloan Conant, M. D. B3owd. 1851 1866; 1866 Alpheus Benning Crosby,; I. 1).; )at. 1853 and AI. D. 18536, 172 1872 Benjamin Howard, MA. D., 1875 1875 James Lawrence Little, M. 1). Coll. Ph1ys. and SU'rg. N. Y. 1860. CHEMISTRY ANTD PHARMACY. 1821 *Arthur Livermolrle I'ortcr. MI. 1). Dart. 1818 (~1845) 18,25 1853 Henry Erni, MI. 1).; Ph. D. Univ. Zurich.l 1857 1857 Edward Hunerford, Yale 1851, 1860 1860 Henry Martyn Seeley, AI. D. Berks 1857, Ph. B. Yale 1856 and A. M. 1860, 1867

Page  16 16 P RO F ESSO RS. BOTANY AND MATERIA MEDICA. APPOINTED. RETIREI). 1821 *William I'addock, I. 1). Dart. 1815; ("1825) 1824 ANATOMY AND PHIYSIOLOGY. 1821 Nathan Ryno Smith, AI. D1)., Yale 1817 and Al. 1).,1825 1825 *John Bell, M. D., Union 1819; MI. D. Dart. and Bowd. (*1830) 1825 1825 William Anderson, M. D. Mid. 1823, 1828 1853 Samuel White Thayer, M. 1). Woods. 1838, 1858 1873 Marshall Calkins, A. D., Union 1853, Phys. and Microscop. Antat. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF IMEDICINE. 1825 William Sweetser, MI. D., Harv. 1815 and AI. D. 1818, 1832 1835 *Joseph Marsh, M. D. Dart. 1830; (*1846) 1841 1853 Edward Kane, M. D. Univ. Vt. 1824, 1857 1857 Walter Carpenter, M. D. Dart. 1830. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND CHEMISTRY. 1829 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., 1839 1837 IIenry Chaney, Adjunct, Univ. Vt. 1831; 1839 MATHEMATICS AND CIVIL ENGINEERING. 1829 -George Russell Huntington, Univ. Vt. 1826, (*1872) 1832 1833 Farrand Northrop Benedict, Hamil. 1823; (Emeritus 1854) 1869 Volney Giles Barbour, Ph. B. Yale 1867, Civ. Eny.

Page  17 CORPORATION. 17 MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL PHILOSOPHY. APPOINTED. RETIRED. 1833 *Rev. James Marsh, D. D., Dart. 1817; *1842 1842 *Rev. Joseph Torrey, D. D., *1867 1868 Rev. Henry Augustus Pearson Torrey, Univ. Vt. 1858. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. 1838 Henry Chaney, 1853 ENGLISH LITERATURE. 1845 Rev. William Greenough Thayver Shedd, D. D., Univ. Vt. 1839, 1852 1852 Rev. Nathaniel George Clark, D. D., Univ. Vt. 1845, 1857 1863 Matthew Henry Buckham, (pro tempore.) 1871 1871 Rev. John Hopkins Worcester, Univ. Vt. 1865, (pro tempore.) 1871. 1872 Rev. Spencer Marsh, Dart. 18.49, (pro temp.) 1872 OBSTETRICS. 1853 Orrin Smith, M. D. Univ. Vt. 1831, 1858 1858 *Joseph Perkins, M. D. Phil., (Emeritus 1868) 1868 Edward Swift Dunster, A. M., M. D., 1871 1871 Albert Freeman Africanus King, M. D. MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS. 1853 Walter Carpenter, M. D. Dart. 1830, 1857 1857 *-Joseph Perkins, M. D. Phil., 1858 1873 Henry D. Holton, M. D., Mat. Med. and Gen. Path.

Page  18 18 CORPORATION. ENGLISH LITERATURE AND LATIN..PPOINTED. RETIRED. 1857 Rev. Nathaniel George Clark, D. D., 1863 1872 Rev. John Ellsworth Goodrich, Univ. Vt. 1853. GREEK LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. 1859 Matthew Henry Buckham, Univ. Vt. 1851, 1871 1871 Henry Williamson Haynes, Harv. 1851, 1873 1873 Rev. Charles Fletcher Dole, Harv. 1868, (pro tempore.) 1873 1873 William Cowper Simmons, Harv. 1868, (pro tempore.) LATIN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. 1864 Rev. Charles Wheeler Thompson, Univ. Vt. 1854, (pro tempore.) 1867 1867 Henry Williamson Haynes, Harv. 1851, 1871 VEGETABLE AND ANIMAL' PHYSIOLOGY. 1857 *Leonard Marsh, M. D., *1870 CHEMISTRY AND GEOLOGY. 1857 Edward Hungerford, Yale 1851, 1861 PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY. 1857 Richard Cresson Stiles, M. D., Yale 1831, M. D. Univ. Penns. 1854. 1865

Page  19 CORPORATION. 19 APPOINTED. RETIRED. 1865 John Ordronaux, M. D., LL. D., Dart. 1850, LL. B. Harv. 1852, M. D. Columb. Wash. 1859, Phys. and Med. Jurisp.; (Emeritus Med. Jurisp., 1873.) ANATOMY. 1868 Samuel White Thayer, M. D. Woods 1828; (Emeritus 1872.) 1872 William Darling, A. M., M. D., F. R. C. S. CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. 1866 Eli Whitney Blake. Yale 1857, (pro tempore), 1867 1867 Peter Collier, Ph. D., Yale 1861 and Ph. D. 1866,M. D. 1870, Chem. Min. and Metall. ZOOLOGY, BOTANY AND GEOLOGY. 1869 George Henry Perkins, Ph. D., Yale 1867. MODERN LANGUAGES. 1873 Rev. Spencer Marsh, Dart. 1849. MILITARY TACTICS. 1874 Frederick Robinson, Bvt. Capt. U. S. A. LECTURERS. 1808 *Rev. Samuel Williams, LL. D., Nat. Philos. and Astronomy, 1809 1822 *Nathan Smith, M. D., Med. and Surg., 1.825 1825 *George Wyllys Benedict, LL. D., Chemistry, 1831 1847 *Rev. Archibald Fleming, Chem. and Magn. Electricity. 1849

Page  20 20 CORPORATION. INSTRUCTORS. APPOINTED. RPETIRED. 1867 Samuel Huntington, C. E., Civil Engineering, 1869 1868 Louis Pollens, Modern Lanwguages, 1874 TUTORS. 1804 *Eliphalet Beecher Coleman, 1804 1807 *James Dean, LL. D., 1809 1809 FIra Hill, 1810 1815 Alexander Jones, 1816 1816 *Rev. Lucas Hubbell, 1819 1818 James Smith, 1818 1818 -Benjamin Franklin Bailey, 1819 1819 *George Bradford Shaw, 1820 1820 *Rev. Royal Washburn, 1822 1821 *Gamaliel Bradford Sawyer, 1822 1825 Rev. Zadock Thompson, 1826 1825 -Rev. Dana Lamb, 1827 1827 *Solomon Foot, LL. D., 1828 1828 *George Russell Huntington, 1829 1828 Rev. George Alledi 1830 1833 Farrand Northrop Benedict, 1833 1849 Rev. Nathaniel George Clark, D. D., 1850 1850 John Alexander Jameson, LL. D., 1853 1853 Rev. McKendree Petty, 1854 1853 Matthew Henry Buckham, 1854 1856 Rev. Charles Wheeler Thompson. 1857

Page  21 BOARD OF TRUSTEES. 21 BOARD OF TRUSTEES. 1875_ MATTHEW HENRY BUCKHAM, A. M., PRESIDENT. EX-OFFICIIS. ASAHEL PECK, LL. ]D., GOVERNOR OF THE STATE. ON THE PART OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT. Rev. Henry Pearl HIickok, Oliver Phelps Chandler, Henry Loomis, Rev. Clark Ela Ferrin, A. M., Rev. Charles Carroll Parker, D. D., Lawrence Barnes, Albert Leonard Catlin, Leverett Brush Englesby, A. M., Worthington C. Smith. ON THE PART OF TIIE STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. Rev. Horace Herrick, 1 Justin Smith Morrill, LL. D., j 1869-1875. Samuel H. Stevens, Horace Fairbanks, 1 Paul Dillingham, A. M., t 1871-1877. Henry Clark, A. M., J George Grenvillo Benedict, A. M., 1873-1879. Henry D. Holton, M. D., George Grenville Benedict, A. M., Secretary. Nathan Strong Hill, A. M., Treasurer.

Page  22 22 FACU LT Y. FACULTY. 1875. PRESIDENT. MATTHEW HENRY BUCKHAM, A. M. PBOFESSORS. Samuel White Thayer, MI. D., Professor Emeritus of General and Special Anatomy. Walter Carpenter, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. Rev. McKendree Petty, A. M., Williams Professor of Mathematics. John Ordronaux, M. D., LL. D., Professor Emeritus of Medical Jurisprudence. Peter Collier, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and M-etallurgy. Rev. Henry Augustus Pearson Torrey, A M., Marsh Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. Volney Giles Barbour, Ph. B., Professor of Civil Engineering. George Henry Perkins, Ph. D., Professor of Zoology, Botany and (eology. Rev. John Ellsworth Goodrich, A. M., Professor of Rhetoric and Latin.

Page  23 FACULTY. 23 William Darling, A. M., M. D., F. R. C. S., Professor of General and Sp)ecial Anatomy. Albert Freeman Africanus King, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. James Lawrence Little, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. Rev. Spencer Marsh, A. M., Projessor of Modern Languages. William Cowper Simmons, A. B., Professor pro tempore of Greek. Henry D. Holton, M. D., Professor of Materia 1Medica and General Pathology. Marshall Calkins, A. M., M. D., Professor of Physiology and Microscopic Anatomy. Frederick Robinson, Bvt. Capt. U. S. A., Projfessor of Military Tactics. Edward Sprague Peck; A. M., M. ID., Assistrdt to the Professor of Surgery. Ashbel Parmelee Grinnell, M. D., Assistant to the Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, and Dean of -Medical Faculty. John Ellsworth Goodrich, Librari:n. George Henry Perkins, Vurator of Museum.

Page  24 24 - ALUMNI. ALUMNI. 1804 *Charles Adams, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer, Sec., Member of Corporation. *1861 *Wheeler Barnes; Rome, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1858 *Jairus Kennan,A. M.; Burlington; Prof. Nat. Hist. and Chem. 1813. *1816 *Justus Perry Wheeler; Janesville, Wis.; Farmer. *1872 1805 *Oliver Hubbell; Charlotte; Lawyer. *1831 *Asahel Langworthy, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. *1835 *'Warren Loomis, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer, Secretary. *1827 1806 *John Huntington Chaplin, A. M.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Lawyer. *Gardner Child, A. M. 1812; Georgia, Vt.; Lawyer. *1818 *Ezra Carter Gross, A. IM. 1813; Elizabethtown5 N. Y.; Lawyer, Member of Congress. *1829 *Cassius Francis Pomeroy,A. M; Burlington; Physician. *1813 *James Lucius Sawyer, A. AM.; New York City; Lawyer. *1850 *James Strong, A. M. 1824; Hudson, N. Y.; Lawyer, Member of Congress. *1847 1807 *Amariah Chandler, D. D. 1846; Greenfield, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *1864

Page  25 ALUMNI. 25 *Satterlee Clark, A. MI. 18*23; Green Bay, Wis.; Major U. S. A. 1848 *Louis Johnson; Phelps, N. Y.; Lawyer. 1808 *Ira Hill, A. AI.; Marylalnd; Tutor, Teacher. *1838 *Archibald Waterman Hyde, A. M.; Burlilgton; Lawyer. *1847 1809 *Williarn Atwater, A. M., M. 1). 1814; Burlingtol; Physician. * 1853' *John Armiinius Bird; Midshipmlan U. S. N. *1812 *Chauncey Brownell, A. M.; Williston; Lawyer. *1850 *Eli Brownson, A..M.; Richmond; Farmer. *Thomas Chittenden, A. M.; Granville, O.; Fanner. *1868 *Isaac Russell Harringtoni; Buffalo, N. Y.; Merchant. *1851 *Charles Gove Lester; Montreal, P. Q.; Merchant. John Norton Pomrnroy, A. M., LL. D. 1861; Burlingtol; Lawyer, Secretary, Mene. Corp. Addison Smith; Dayton, O.; Lawyer. *Alden Burton Spooner; Petersburgll, Va.; Lawyer. *1853 Joel Strong; Lawyer. *Stephen Maynard WVheelock; Rutland; Colng. Clerg. *1847 1810 John Brownson; Brooklyn, N..; Lawyer, Juldge Circuit Court La. *David Manning Camp, A. M.; Monltpelier; Lawyer, Lieut. Gov. Vt. *1871 James Dunscombe Cobb; Washington, D. C.; Lawyer.

Page  26 26 A L UMNI. *Jacob Collamer, A. M., LL. D.; Woodstock; Lawyer, Mem. Corp., Judge Sup. and Circ. Courts Vt., Prof. Med. Jurisp. Vt. Coll. Med., Mem. Cong., P. M. Gen., U. S. Sen. *1865 *David Doane, A. M. 1820; Granville, N. Y.; Lawyer. *Elijah Fletcher; Amherst, Va.; Lawyer, Fariler. *1858 *Timothy Follett, A. M. 1816; Burlington; Lawyer, Sec., Treas., Mem. Corp. *1857 *John Kilburn, A. M.; Columbus, O.; Lawyer. *1833 *Dauphin King; Providence, R. I.; Sea Captain. *1852 *William Noble, A. M. 1820; Hyde Park, Ill.; Lawyer. *1874 *Jabez Parkhurst; Fort Covington, N. Y.;Lawyer. *1865 *Quartus Parmele; Potsdam, N. Y.; Physician. *Joseph Pynchon Russell, A. M., M. [D.; New York City; Surgeon U. S. A. *1849 *Mayhew Safford, A. M.; Warsaw, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1831 *Frederick Augustus Sawyer; Burlington; Lieut. U. S. A. *1831 *Davis Stone, A. M.; Lawyer. *Norman Williams, A. M. and Dart. 1816; Woodstock; Lawyer, Prof. Med. Jurisp. Vt. Coll. Med., Mem. Corp. *1868 1811 *Luke Baldwin Foster; Rutland, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *1817 *Henry Hitchcock, A. M. 1816; Mobile, Ala.; Lawyer, Ch. Judge Sup. Court Ala. *1839 *Levi Holbrook, A.M. Univ. N. C. 1814; Danville,Va. *1872 *Oran Isham; Shelburne; Farmer. *1863 *Nathaniel Read; Cambridge; Lawyer. *1873 *Timothy Tyler; Milton; Lawyer. *Luther Wait; Sandy Hill, N. Y.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct. and Surrogate. *1857

Page  27 ALUMN I. 27 *Jarred Willson; Canandaigua,N. Y.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct. and Surrogate. *1851 1812 *Horace Allen; Potsdam, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1863 *James Clark Dutcher; St. Albans. *1813 *Abiel Fisher, D. D. 1852; Bapt. Clergyman. *1862 Horace Griswold, A. M. 1816; Bapt. Clergyman. *George Newell; Charlotte; Merchant. *1822 *Robert Steele; Virginia; Teacher. *1816 *Samuel Hunt Tupper, A. M. Mid. 1815; North Ferrisburgh; M. E. Clergyman. *1873 *Joseph Williamson, A. M. and Brown; Belfast, Me.; Lawyer; Pres. Me. Senate. *1854 1813 *Ira Bellows; Pittsford, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1855 *Groove Lawrence Brownell, A. M. and Yale; Sharon, Conn.; Cong. Clergyman. *1855 *Israel Elliot; Boston, Mass. *David French, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer, Merchant. *1872 *Ebenezer Clark Grosvenor, M. D. Harv. 1816. *1826 Samuel Gordon Hopkins. *Lucas Hubbell, A. M.; Lyons, N. Y.; Presb. Clerg., Tutor, Prof. Greek and Latin Languages. *1846 Amos Andrew Parker; Fitzwilliam, N. H.; Lawyer, Editor. *Phineas Randall; Waukeesha, Wis.; Lawyer. *1853 *Lemuel Henderson Wicker; Ticonderoga, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1829 1814 *Constantine Gilman. *Isaac Holton; Hills Grove, Ill.; Farmer. *1850 *Isaac Moore; Lawyer.

Page  28 28 ALU M NI. *Erastus Root, A. M., M. D. Dart. 1817; Physician. *1829 *Almonl Warner, A. M. 1837; Castleton; Lawyer. 1815 During the academic year 1814-15 tne College buildings were occupied by U. S. soldiers, and instruction was suspended. 1816 *Jehudi Ashmun, A. M.; New Haven, Conn.; Cong. Clerg., Prof. Class. Lit. Bangor Theo. Sem., Gov. of Liberia. *1828 Samuel Clark. 1817 Francis Bowman, D. D. Hamp. Sid. Coll.; Memphis, Tenn.; Presb. Clergyman. Earl Smith; Wolcott. *Cephas Washburn; Fort Smith, Ark.; Presb. Clerg. 11860 *Henry Woodward; Teacher. 1818 *Benjamin Franklin Bailey, A. M.; Burlington; Tutor, Lawyer. *1832 Nehemiah Dodge, A. M. 1826; Mount Joy, Pa.; Presb. Clerg., Teacher. Luman Foote, A. M.; Charlotte, Micl.; Lawyer, afterward P. E. Clergyman. *Jacob Maeck, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer. *1873 1819 *Samuel Buel, Essex. *1819 *Nahum Osgood, A. M.; Kentucky; P. E. Clerg. *1832 *James Augustus Paddock; Craftsbury; Lawyer. *1867

Page  29 ALUM NI. 29 *Thomas Knowlton Peck, A. M.; Connecticut; P. E. Clergyman. *182' *Gamaliel Bradford Sawyer, A. M.; Burlington; Tutor, Lawyer. *1868 *George Bradford Shaw, A. M.; Burlington; Tutor, Lawyer, Member Corp. *1853 *Samuel Austin Worcester, And. Theo. Sem. 1823, D. D. 1857; Park Hill, Cherokee Nation; Cong. Clergyman. *1859 1820 Seneca Austin, A. M.; Walnut Hills, 0.; Clergyman. Heman Miller Blodgett, And. Theo. Sem. 1823; Clergyman, Agent N. J. Col. Soc. George Clinton Cahoon; Lyndon; Lawyer. *Ebenezer Clapp; Lawyer. Samuel Flint. Silas C. Freeman; Clergyman. Jared Kenyon; Ohio; Teacher. Richard W. Smith; Wardsboro; Lawyer. *Royal Washburn, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1824; Amherst, Mass.; Tutor, Clergyman. *1833'1821 *Ephraim Adams, A. M.; Accomac Co., Va.; P. E. Clergyman. *1839 William Collard Htickok, M. D. Univ. State N. Y. 1825; Burlington; Farmer. *Henry Leavenworth, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer. *1854 *George Peaslee, A. M.; Hartford, Conn.; Lawyer. *1830 *Edmund Weston, A. M. 1836; West Randolph; Lawyer, Judge County Court. *1870

Page  30 30 ALUMNI. 1822 *Pliny Moore Corbin; Troy, N. Y.; Cashier. *1874 Thomas Nye; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer. Moses Rolph; Lawyer. 1823 *Frederick Hunt Allen, A. M.; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer, Judge Circ. Court Me., Prof. Jurisp. Harv. *1868 *Warren Hoxsie, A. M.; Westford; Lawyer. *1857 *Edwin Hutchinson;-Woodstock; Lawyer. *Orson Kellogg, A. M.; New York City; Clergyman. *1853 *Royal Makepeace Ransom, A. M. and Harv. 1827; Woodstock; Lawyer. *1832 *Zadock&Thompson, A. M.; Burlington; Tutor, P. E. Clerg., Prof. Nat. Hist., State Geologist Vt. *1856 *James Towner; Michigan City, Ia.; Cong. Clerg. *1847 *EbenezerJ iBancroftj Williston, A. M.; Norwich; Pres. Jeff. Coll. Miss. *1837 1824 John Alexander Ferris, A. M.; Swanton; Farmer. Lynde CatlingFerris, A. M., M. D. elsewhere; New York City; Physician. Stephen Leonard Herrick; Grinnell, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman. *George Washington Houghton, A. M. 1835; Buffalo, N. Y.; Lawyer. Orramel Hutchinson; Chester; Lawyer. George Halley Parker; New York City. *John Storrs, A. M; Augusta, Ga.; Lawyer. *1829 *William Wellington Wells, A. M.; Waterbury; Manufacturer. *1869 Boyd Hopkins Wilson, A. M.

Page  31 ALUMNI. 31 1825 *James Converse; Eatonton, Ga. *1826 *Irad C. Day; Muscatine, Iowa; Lawyer. *1850 *Joseph Adams Denison, A. M., M. D. Yale; Royalton; Physician. *1848 *Alden Emmons; Norfolk, Va. *1826 Henry Hutchinson; Woodstock; Lawyer. *Dana Lamb, A. M. and Mid. 1834; Springvale, Wis.; Tutor, Cong. Clerg. *1861 George Stone; North Troy; Cong. Clergyman. *Benjamin Swan; Colchester, Conn.; Lawyer. *1852 *Alexander Thaddeus Tuttle; Lawyer. *James Van Ness, A. M. 1831; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer. *1872 *Ira Mason Weed, And. Theo. Sem. 1829; Ypsilanti, Mich.; Presb. Clergyman. *1871 George Palmer Williams, A. M., LL. D. Keny. Coll. 1849; Ann Arbor, Mich.; P. E. Clerg., Prof. Math. and Phys. Mich. Univ. *George Richards Minot Withington, A. M. and Harv. 1828; Bolton, Mass.; Lawyer. *1853 1826 Asa Brainerd, A. M.; Clergyman; Teacher. *Alexander Catlin, A. M.; Burlington. *1851 *Martin Chittenden, A. M.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1832 Erastus Dean Culver, A. M.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Lawyer, Member of Congress, U. S. Min. to Venezuela. Leonard Mellen Fitch, A. M. *Daniel Dyer Francis, A. M.; Hartford, Conn.; Cong. Clergyman.'1872 *Enoch Hale; Clergyman. *1830

Page  32 32 ALUMNI. *George Russell Huntington, A. M.; Canandaigua, N. Y.; Tutor, Prof: Math. *1872 *Daniel Parker, A. M.; Brookfield; Cong. Clergyman. *1850 *Rotus Parmelee, A. AM., M. D. elsewhere; Shefford, P. Q.; Physician. *1870 James Franklin Robinson, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. *John Leslie Russell, A. M.; Callton, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1861 Guy Benjamin Shepard, M. D. Castl.; Physician, Judge County Ct. *William Wilson; Tallahassee, Fla.; Lawyer. *1853 1827 George Allen, A. M., LL. D. Univ. Pa. 1868; Philadelphia, Pa.; Tutor, Prof. Lat. and Greek Lang. Newark Coll., Prof. Greek Lang. and Lit. Univ. Pa. *Nicholas Baylies; Louisiana; Lawyer. *Charles Follett Deming;-Burlington; Lawyer. *1832 *-Francis Smith Eastman; Worcester, Mass. *John Quincy Adams Edgell, And. Theo. Sem. 1831; Andover, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *1867 *Anson Earl Hathon, A. M. 1846; Detroit, Mich.; Civil Engineer. Henry Pearl Hickok; Burlington; Cong. Clergyman, Mem. Corp., Secretary. *Rodney Dewey Hill; Lawyer. *1866 Byram Lawrence; Cong. Clergyman. *Percival Morse, A. M. 1831; Elizabethtown, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1841 Christopher Giles Newton;]Lawrence, Mass.; Lawyer. Charles Consider Severance; Springville, N. Y.; Lawyer *Alonzo Alpheus Wainwright; Middlebury; in business. *1848

Page  33 ALUMNI. 33 1828 Seymour Lorenzo Allerl; Fairfield; Farmner. *Archibald Fleming, A. M.; Malone, N. Y.; Cong. Clergyman, Lecturer in Chemistry. *1875 *William Fay Griswold; Burlington; Teller. *1857 *Daniel Wild; Fairfield; Cong. Clergyman. *1873 1829 Asa Owen Aldis, A. M. 1833; Washington, D. C.; Lawyer, Judge Sup. Ct. Vt., Memn. Corp., Chairman U. S. Southern Claims Comrmissioln. Chauncey Doane Bradford. John Calvin Jones; New York City; Editor. *Jonathan Lamb. Seth Chandler Sherman; Quincy, 1ll.; Lawyer. *Cornelius Van Ness; San Antonio, Ts.; Lawyer. *1842 *Oliver Wendell Withington, and Ilarv. 1833; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer. *1853 1830 James Dougherty, A. iM., D. D. 1864; Johnson;; Cong. Clergyman. Curtis Abel Emerson; Green Bay, Mich. Perry Haskell; Ascutneyville; Merchant. *Oliver Stanley Powell, A. MI. 1834; Fort Atkinson, Wis. *1855 1831 *Zenas Bliss, A. M. 1843; Amherst, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *1865 Henry Chaney, A. M.,1837; Detroit, Mich.; Adj. Prof. Nat. Phil. and Chem., Librarian, Treasurer.

Page  34 34 ALUMNI. John Fairchlild; Indiana; Presb. Clergymlan. Samuel Lee; Ohio; Clergyman. *Elon Olds Marltin; Kirkville, Ala.; Presb. Clergyman. *1845 *Benjainii Ball Newton, And. Theo. Smei. 1835; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Clergyman. *1875 *George Powellt; Madrid, N. Y. *1831 Edward Seymour, A. M. 1850; Vergennes; Farnmer, AIMem. Corp. Chauncey Taylor, A. Al. 1850; Algona, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman. 1832 *JohilIluttoll; Malone, N. Y.;ALawyer,Judge Co. Ct. i1862 Harmon Loomis, D. D. Knox Coll, 1866; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Presb. Clergyman, Sec. Seam. Fr. Soc. *Tully Cicero Tupper, A. M. 1837; Canton, Miss.; Lawyer, Maj. Gen. C. S. A. *1866 *Robert Turnbull; Belle Center, Ohio; Teacher. *1854 *Willard Wadhams; Texas; Lawyer. *1842 1833 Lorenzo Coburjl, A. M.; in business. *Orville Hosfolrd; Feliciana, La.; Lawyer. *1840 *George King Platt, A. M.; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer. *1857 1834 *Charles David Lyman Brush, A. M. 1838; Cincinnati, 0.; Lawyer. *1844 *Justin Bigelow Taylor; DeKalb, N. Y.; Cong'. Clerg.

Page  35 ALUMNI. 35 1835 *Edward Horace Billings; Woodstock; Lawyer. *1844 Samuel Breck Bostwick, D. D. Columb. 1867; Sandy Hill, N. Y.; P. E. Clergyman. Sewall Sylvester Cutting, 1866, A. M. 1840, D. D. 1860; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Bapt. Clergyman, Prof. Rhet. and Hist. Roch. Univ. Benjamin Gould, A. M.; Yanceyville, N. C.; Teacher. Henry Edmund Seymour; St. Albans; Lawyer. 1836' William Henry Augustus Bissell, A. M. 1840, D. D. Hobart; Burlington; P. E. Bishop of Vt. Franklin Butler, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1842; Wilndsor; Cong. Clergyman, Editor. Oscar Fitzallan Dana, A. M.; Kellosha City, WVris.; Lawyer. Edwin Flint; La Crosse, Wis.; Lawyer. *Edward Warren Marsh; New York City; Lawyer. *1868 Charles Wright Rich; Swanllton; Manufacturer and Farmer. Elbridge Walbridge, A. M. 1837 *George Washington Angell, A. M.; Champlain, N.Y.; Lawyer. *1866 *Charles Lee Austin; Albany, N. Y.; Lawyer, City Recorder. f 1866 Erasmus Irwin Carpenter; Cong. Clergyman. Horace Everett, A. M.; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Lawyer. *Arthur Martin Foster, A. M.; Teacher. James Whelpley Hickok; Burlington; Lawyer, Treasurer.

Page  36 36 A'L U M N I. Almon Lawrence, A. M.; Monkton, N. Y.; Farmer. Joseph Henry Myers, A. M., D. D. 1858; Princ. Theo. Sem. 1841; Milton, N. Y.; Presb. Clerg., Prof. Anc. and Mod. Lang. Tenn. Univ. Jason Niles, A. M. 1846; Kosciusko, Miss.; Mem. Cong. Aaron Gaylord Pease, And. Theo. Sern. 1841; Rutland; Cong. Clergyman. George Huntington Peck, A. M.; El Monte, California; Lawyer, Farmer, County Supt. Schools. *Joseph Scott, A. M., D. D. 1861; Dunham, C. E.; P. E. Clergyman. *1866 *Benjamin Lewis Shaw; New Orleans, La.; Merchant. *1852 Andrew Jackson Smith, A. M.; Troy, N. J.; Lawyer. Alexis Crane Stevens. Ebenezer Marvin Toof, A. M. 1841; Decatur, Mich.; Presb. Clergyman. Orville Gould Wheeler,; South Hero; Cong. Clerg. *Robert Anderson Wilson, A. M. 1844; Rpchester, N. Y.; Author. 1838 John Sullivan Adams; Jacksonville, Fla.; Lawyer, Sec. Vt. Bd. Education 1856-67, Com'r Immigration, Fla. Homer Henry Benson, And. Theo. Sem. 1844; Cong. Clergyman. George Blackman, A. M. 1844; New Orleans, La.; Teacher. *Edward Augustus Cahoon; Lyndon; Lawyer. *1862 Hugh Cameron; Buffalo, N. Y.; Lawyer. *Charles Smith Carpenter; Pennsylvania; Teacher. *1846 Rufus Chase, A. M.; Jaffrey, N. H.; Cong. Clergyman. John Franklin Deane; Cavendish; Lawyer.

Page  37 ALUMNI. 37 William Leverett Dickinson, A. M. 1842; Jersey City, N. J.; Teacher, Supt. Schools City and Co. *Zachariah Nairn Garbutt; Griggsville, Ill.; Lawyer, Editor. *1855 *Andrew Harris; Philadelphia, Pa.; Clergyman. *1841 *Henry Brown Janes; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer, Supt. City Schools. *1873 *John Boardman Johnson; Burlington; Law Student. *1843 *Alexander Mann; Rochester, N. Y.; Ed. Rochester American. *1860 *Calvin Pease, A. M., D. D. Mid. 1856; Rochester, N.. Y.; Prof. Lat. and Greek Lang., Librarian, President, Presb. Clergyman. *1863 Charles Wolcott Potwin, A. M.; Zanesville, O.; Merchant. *Albin Kendall Putnam, A. M. Hobart 1842; Bellows Falls; P. E. Clergyman. *1847 *Charles Symmons Putnam, A. M.; Wallingford, Conn; P. E. Clergyman. *1860 George Washington Reed; Montpelier; Lawyer, Sec. Nat. Life Ins. Co. Andrew Robertson, A. M.; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer. John Gregory Smith, A. M. 1842, LL. D. 1871; St. Albans; Lawyer, Speaker House of Reps. 1862-63, Gov. Vt. 1863-65, Pres. Central Vt. Railroad. *Simeon Hadley Stevens; Hardwick; Teacher. *1842 John Winslow Weed; New York City. George Hazen Wood, A. M.; Cairo, Ill.; Lawyer. 1839 Harvey Adams, A. M. 1849, And. Theo. Sem. 1843; Fairfax, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman. *Joseph William Allen, A. M.; Richmond; Lawyer. *1861 *Dudley Chase Blodgett; Oshkosh, Wis.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct. *1856

Page  38 38 ALUMNI. *Moses Parmelee Case, A. M. 1843; Pepperill, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *1859 *Edmund Trowbridge Dana, A. M., LL. B. Harv. 1841, J. U. D. Heidelb. 1854; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer. *1869 *Josiah Ambrose Fletcher; Yreka, Cal.; Lawyer. *1873 James Forsyth, A. M.; Troy, N. Y.; Lawyer, Pxes. Renss. Pol. Inst. Isaac Newton Gregory, A. M. 1843; Allentown, Pa.; Teacher. William Tyler Herrick, A. M.; W. Charleston; Cong. Clergyman. John Henry IHopkins, A. M. 1845, D. D. Racine 1873; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; P. E. Clergyman. *George Frederick Houghton, A. M.; St. Albans; Lawyer. *1870 *Charles Jarvis, LL. B. Harv. 1842; Weathersfield; Lawyer. *1863 *William Frederick Macrae, A. M.; Brattleboro. Charles Phelps Marsh; Woodstock; Lawyer. William Porter Pierson, A. M. 1847; Onarga, Ill.; Lawyer. *George Russell Robertson, A. M.; Sherbrooke, P. Q.; Lawyer., Ezekiel Hobart Sayles; Enosburgh; P. E. Clergyman. William Greenough Thayer Shedd, A. M. 1843, And. Theo. Sem. 1843, D. D. 1857; N. Y. City; Cong. Clerg., Prof. Eng. Lit., Prof. Sac. Rhet. and Past. Theol. Aub. Theo. Sem., Prof. Eccl. Hist. and Past. Theol. And. Theo. Sem., Prof. Sac. Lit. Union Theo. Sem., Prof. Systematic Theol. Union Theo. Sem. Marston Cabot Smith; Boston, Mass.; Merchant. *Charles Temple; Fort Winnebago, Wis.; Lawyer. *1858 Edward Van Sicklen, A. M.; So. Burlington; Farmer. *Charles Wells; Rockingham. *1840

Page  39 ALUMNI. 39 1840 *John Hoskins Bates, A. M. 1844; Antrim, N. 11.; Presb. Clergyman. *1871 Dudley Chase Denison, A. M.; Royalton; Lawyer, Mem. Cong. *Joseph Curtis Fowler, M. D. Woods; Stockbridge, Mass.; Physician. *1855 Henry Hale, A. M.; St. Paul, Minn.; Lawyer. William Higby; Oakland, Cal.; Lawyer, Mem. Cong. 1863-69. *Daniel Clay Houghton, A. M. and Wes. Univ., D. D. Univ. City N. Y. 1858; Batavia, N. Y.; Presb. Clerg., Prof. Lat. and Gr. Langg. and Mor. Phil. Gen. Coll. *1860 Daniel Sabin McMasters, A. M. 1851; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Lawyer, Surrogate and Judge Co. Ct. *Ira Morey, A. M. 1844; Greenville, Tenn.; Presb. Clergyman. *1864 Benjamin Franklin Mower, A. M. 1867; Cowles Station, Ala.; P. E. Clergyman. *Henry Jarvis Raymond, A. M. and Coll. of N. J. 1847; New York City; Ed. N. Y. Times, Speaker N. Y. House of Reps., Mem. Corp., Lieut. Gov. N. Y., Mem. Cong. *1869 *Thomas Rice; Lincoln, Ky. *1844 *James Reed Spaulding, A. M.; New York City; Ed. N. Y. Courier and Enquirer. *1872 *John Syng Dorsey Taylor, A. M.; St. Albans; Teacher, Editor Messenger. *1873 Benjamin Jewett Tenney, A. M.; California; Lawyer. 1841 *William Trotter Barron; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer. *1862 John Nevers Baxter; Rutland; Lawyer, Manager Rutland Marble Co.

Page  40 40 ALUMNI. *David Black; Sheridan, N. Y.; Teacher. *1843 *Henry Sterling Brewster; Malone, N. Y.; Lawyer, R. R. Conductor. *1863 *Daniel Booth Buckley; Burlington; Lawyer. *1868 *Samuel Cordis Lee Curtis; Oregon; U. S. Army. *1853 *Christopher Minot Davey, A. M. 1846; Rutland; Merchant. *1870 *Jonathan Whipple Earle, A. M.; Lemars, Iowa; Lawyer. *1874 Edward Everett; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Civil Engineer. Elliott Taplin Farr, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. Frederick Thompson Hall; Sweetsburg, P. Q.; Lawyer. William Liberty Knowles; Potsdam, N. Y.; Lawyer. *George Lee Lyman, A. M., M. D. Pitts. Med. Coll.; Jericho; Physician. *1863 *Eber Maltby; Utica, N. Y.; Physician. Warren Hunt Marsh. Edgar Meech; W. Charlotte; Farmer. Charles Carroll Parker, D. D. 1869; Parsippany, N. J.; Cong. Clergyman, Mem. Corp. William Ware Peck, LL. B. Harv. 1844; N. Y. City; Lawyer. Moses Smith Prichard, A. M.; Janesville, Wis.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct. *Douglas Smith; Mobile, Ala.; Lawyer. *1858 Torrey Englesby Wales; Burlington; Lawyer, Judge of Probate. Frederick Enoch Woodbridge, A. M.; Vergennes; Lawyer, Mem. Cong. 1842 Chalon Ford Davey, A. M.; N. Y. City; Lawyer, Treas. Marcus Dougherty, A. M.; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer. Sanford Halbert, A. M.;_Buffalo, N. Y.; M. E. Clerg.

Page  41 ALU M N I. 41 Robert Safford HIale, A. MI., LL D. 1870; Elizabeth- ~. town, N. Y.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct., Meni. Cong. Emerson John Hlamiltoln, A. AM., Ph. 1). Univ. State N. Y. 1870; Oswego, N. Y.; Teacher. Horace Hatch, A. M., M. D. IIarv. 1846; Washington, D. C.; Physician. Roland Stebbinls HIoughton, A. M., MI. D. Castl.; New York City; Physician. James Blake Howe; Lima, Ind.; Lawyer. Charles Andrew Huntington; RockfoIrdl 111.; Bookseller. John Adam Kasson; Des Moines, Iowa; Lawyer, Melll. Cong. James Byers Moore; San Francisco, Cal.; Merchanlt. *John Hoar Morse; New York City; TIleo. Student. *1814 Alonzo Berry Rich, Princ. Theo. Senl. 1845, D. D. 1868; W. Lebanon, N. H.; Collg. Clergyman. Frederick Maeck Van Sicklenl; Burlington; Merchant. Jason Foster Walker, A. M. Wesl. Unliv. 1849; Illinois; Clergyman. Francis Brown Wheeler, A. MI., I). 1). Hlan. 1868; Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Cong. Clergyman. 1843 Albert Hopson Bailey, D. D. 1867; Sheldon; P. E. Clergyman. William Caldwell Belcher, A. M. 1847; Marysville, Cal.; Lawyer. Abner Benedict, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. Joel Tyler Benedict, A. M.; New York City; Prof. Math. N. Y. Free Acad., Teacher.

Page  42 4 2 AALUMNI. Edmund Ihatch Bennett, A. M., LL D. 1872; Taunton, Mass.; Lawyer, Lect. on Law Ilarv. Univ., Prof. of Law in Boston Univ., Judge of Prob. and Insolv. *William Merritt Campbell, M. D. Univ. N. Y.; Charleston, S. C.; Merchant. *1862 Franklin IHunter Churchill; New York City; Lawyer. Israel Edson Dwinnell, A. M. Princ. Theo. Sem. 1848, D. D. 1864; Sacramento, Cal.; Cong. Clerg. Augustus Atkinson Fleming; Carbondale, 1ll.; Civil Engineer. Charles Edward Follett; St. Louis, Mo.; R. R. Agent. Francis Fowler; Worcester, Mass.; Teacher. Sylvanus Owen Goodrich. *John Brackett Hutchinson, A. M. 1848; West Randolph; Lawyer. *1867 *Allan Parkhurst Ingersoll; Keene, N. I.; Lawyer. *1859 Ezra Jones, A. M. 1849; Ravenswood, I11.; P. E. Clergyman. John William Lynde; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Merchant. Thomas Brainerd Nichols, A. M. 1856, M. D., Castl. 1850; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Physician. James O'IIallolan, A. M. 1852; Cowansville, P. Q.; Lawyer, Q. C., Ex-M. P. P., V. Pres. S. E. Railway Co. Nathaniel Wheeler Peck; St. Johnsbury.(?) Bradford Rixford; Washington, D. C.; Lawyer, Examiner of Pensions. Worthington Curtis Smith; St. Albans; Mem. Cong., Meni Corp., V. Pres. Cent. Vt. R. R. Morris Miller Townsend, A. M. 1850, M. D. elsewhere; Frostburgh, Md.; Physician. Artemas Boies Waldo; Port Henry, N. Y.; Lawyer. *Charles Burrall Wells, A. M. 1850; St. Albans; U. S. Consul at Batavia, Java. *1851

Page  43 ALUMNI. 43 David Russ Wood, A. M.; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer, Merchant. 1844 Charles Linnaeus Benedict, A. M., LL. D. Wms. 1869; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Lawyer, Judge U. S. Dist. Ct. East. Dist. N. Y. Frederick Billings, A. M.; Woodstock; Lawyer, Mem. Corp. James Smedley Blackman; N. Y. City; Police Dept. John Morgan Bue1l; Zanesville, O.; Lawyer. Henry A'lonzo Burbank, A. M.; Boston, Mass.; Bookkeeper. Lucian West Chaney, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1851; Rutland, N. Y.; Cong.. Clergyman. Moses McLellan Colburn, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1850; St. Joseph, Mich.; Cong. Clergyman. *William Collamer; Woodstock; Lawyer. *1873 *Asahel Read Gray; Coventry; Cong. Clergyman. *1870 William Bell White Howe, D. D. Columb. 1872; Charleston, S. C.; P. E. Bishop S. C. *Horace Partridge Janes; San.Francisco,Cal.; Lawyer, Supt. City Schools. *1862 Jonathan Janes Marvin; Shullsburgh, Wis.; Lawyer. David Blair Northrop, A. M.; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer, Real Estate Agent. *Moses Strong Royce; Nashville, Tenn.; P. E. Clerg. *1873 Carlos Allen Sprague; Merchant. Levi Otho Stevens, A. M.; Almoral, Iowa. 1845 Lorenzo Allis, A. M. 1849, LL. B. Univ. La.; St. Paul, Minn.; Lawyer.

Page  44 44 ALUMN I. Alanson Darius Barber, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1848;'Clarendon; Cong. Clergyman. Azro Barnes, A. M. 1849; Memphis, Tenn.; Lawyer, R. R. Agent. Jacob Merrill Clark, A. M. 1849; N. Y. City; Civil Engineer. Nathaniel George Clark, A. M., D. D. Union 1865; Boston, Mass.;. Tutor, Prof. Eng. Lit., Lib., Prof. Eng. Lit. and Latin, Prof. Rhet. and Eng. Lit. UTnion Coll., Sec. A. B. C. F. M. Ebenezer Cutler, A. M. 1849, And. Theo. Sem. 1848, D. D. 1866; Worcester, Mass.; Cong. Clerg., Mem. Corp. Charles Dewey, A. M.; Montpelier; V. Pres. National Life Ins. Co. Joseph Thompson Dodge, A. M. 1862; Madison, Wis.; Civil Engineer. Leverett Brush Englesby, A. M. 1864; Lawyer, Mem. Corp. Clark Ela Ferrin, A. M. 1849, And. Theo. Sem. 1850; Hinesburgh; Cong. Clergyman, Mem. Corp. *John James HIaile;-Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1853 John Gardner Hale, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1851; Chester; Cong. Clergyman. Harrison Stevens Haskell; Portage City, Wis.; Lawyer. Asa Lyon Hatch; Louisville, Ky. *Henry Jay Herrick; Tuskegee, Ala.; Teacher. *1854 George Goddard Ide, A. M. 1853; Claremont, N. II.; Manufacturer and Publisher. Moses Lane, A. M. 1849; Milwaukee, Wis.; Civil Engineer. Orpheus Thomas Lanphear, And. Theo. Sem. 1848, A. M. 1849, D. D. 1871; Beverly, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman, Mem. Corp. George Gaby Rice4 Princ. Thco. Sem. 1850; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman.

Page  45 ALUMNI. 45 *Charles Nelson Starbird; Chester, Ill.; Lawyer. *1858 Henry Wadhams Tenney; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer. William Henry Wallace, A. M.; Potsdam, N. Y.; Lawyer. *James Almon Warner, A. M. 1853; Baton Rouge, La.; Lawyer, Editor. *1862 Philo Beckwith Wilcox, And. Theo. Sem. 1848; Northborough, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. 1846 Isaac Sawyer Belcher, A. M. 1850; Marysville, Cal.; Lawyer, Judge Supr. Court Cal. Neziah Wright Bliss, A. M. 1852; Kingston Furnace, Washington Co. Mo.; Lawyer, Supt. St. Louis Lead Mining Co. *Horace Van Ness Bogue; Pittsford; Lawyer. *1849 William Appleton Dodge, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer, Insurance Agent. *George Mortimer Hall, A. M., M. D. Woods; Swanton; Physician. *1874 Henry Oscar Houghton, A. M. Wesleyan Univ.; Cambridge, Mass.; Printer and Publisher. John Alexander Jameson, A. M., LL. D. 1867; Chicago, Ill.; Tutor, Prof. Const. Law Univ. Chicago, Judge Sup. Court Cooke Co. Ill., Author. Royall Daniel King, A. M.; Benson; Farmer. Charles Kinney, M. D. Dart.; South Hero; Physician. *Lucius Kneeland, M. D. Woods.; Fort McCoy, Fla.; Physician. *1852 Louis Richard Lull; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer, Editor, Sec. Soc. California Pioneers. Sidney Harper Marsh, A. M., D. D. 1862; Forest Grove, Oregon; Cong. Clerg., Pres. and Prof. Math. Pacific Univ.

Page  46 46 ALUMNI. John Wilder May, A. M.; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer. Thomas Leverett Nelson; Worcester, Mass.; Lawyer. Levi-Meeker Northrop; New York City; Lawyer. *James Prentiss; Watertown, Wis.; Lawyer. *1868 Horace Richardson Stebbings; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer. *Hiram Stevens, A. M.; Enosburgh; Lawyer. *1862 *Moses Edward Vail; Danby; Law Student. *1847 JonathaniAllen Wainright, A. M., M. D. Castl.; Denver, Col.; P. E. Clerg., Teacher. John Brooks Wheeler, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer, Surveyor. *1865 1847 Hiram Hayden Atwater, A. M., M. D. Woods 1851; Burlington; Phys., Vt. Com'r. of Insane. George Grenville Benedict, A. M.; Burlington; Editor Free Press, Mem. Corp., Secretary. William Winthrop Blodget; Pawtucket,R. I.; Lawyer. George Washington Cottrill, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. Jo1hn Curtis, A. M.; North Dorset; Mechanical Engineer. *Ira Divoll, A. M., LL. B. Univ. La.; St. Louis, Mo.; Lawyer, Supt. Schools. *1871 Frederick Augustus Follett, A. M.; St. Louis, Mo.; R. R. Agent. Daniel William Gilfillan, A. M.; Trempelean, Wis.; Lawyer, Farmer. Samuel Bull Gordon; Potsdam, N. Y.; Lawyer. *Chauncey Hilan Hayden, A. M.; Randolph; Editor. *1856 John Russell Herrick, A. M., D. D. 1867 and Union; Soutn Hadley, Mass.; Prof. Christian Theology Bangor Theo. Sem. 1867-73, Cong.Clerg. *William Dorus Hitchcock, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1850; Exeter, N. H.; Cong. Clergyman. *1854

Page  47 ALUMNI. 47 Caspar Thomas Hopkins, A. M. 1855; San Francisco, Cal.; Pres. Cal. Ins. Co. Thaddeus Daniel Isham, A. M.; Lawyer. John Cincinnatus King, LL. B. Harv. 1850; Baltimore, Md.; Lawyer. Carolus Noyes, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer, City Judge 1872-73. George Howard Paul, A. M.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Editor, R. R. Com'r. *John Bulkley Perry, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1853; Cambridge, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman, Chaplain, Prof. of Geology Oberlin, Lecturer on Paleontology Harv. * 1872 Chester Prescott; Stratton; Teacher. Amos Persons Prichard; Janesville, Wis.; Lawyer, Judge Co. Ct. Charles Carroll Spalding; Boston; Reporter Boston Herald. Alfred Brown Swift, A. M., Princ. Theo. Sem. 1853; Enosburgh; Cong. Clergyman. Joseph Wetherby Taylor, A. M.; Syracuse, N. Y.; Teacher. Charles Storrow Williams, A. M.; Huntsville, Ala.; Civil Engiiieer. 1848 Robert Dewey Benedict, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. George Seymour Brush; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer, in business. Myron Buck; St. Albans; Lawyer. Edward Bingham Chamberlain, And. Theo. Sem. 1854; So. Wilbraham, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *John Clark; St. Paul's, Minnesota; Lawyer. *1853

Page  48 48 ALUMNI. *Stedman Ely Coburn; Rome, Ga,; Editor. *1855 George Leonard Everett; Council Bluffs; Iowa; Civil Engineer. *Stephen Washington Hitchcock, A. M.; Middlebury; Teacher. *1852 *Fayette Jewett, A. M., MI. D.; Syria; Physician, Missionary. *1862 *Israel Hall Levings, And. Theo. Sem. 1851; Madrid, N. Y.; Cong. Clergyman. *1871 *James Wheelock Marsh; Honolulu, Hawaian Is.; Mem. Parliament. *1859 Ira Osmore Miller; New York City; Lawyer.,*William Mitchell Miller; Saginaw City, Mich.; Lawyer. *1872 Julius Milo Noyes; New York City; Banker. *William Henry O'Grady, A. M. 1857; New York City; Supt. City Schools San Francisco, Cal., Artist. *Frederick Wheeler Powers, A. M.; Springfield, Pa.; Teacher. *1854 Alfred Rix; Safi Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer. George Sennott; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer. Erasmus Darwin Shattuck; Portland, Or.; Prof. Anc. Lang. Pacif. Univ., Judge Sup. Ct. Oregon. Charles Strong Smith; Montpelier; Cong. Clergyman,,Sec. Vt. Dom. Miss. Soc., Editor. Thomas Davis Strong, M. D. elsewhere; Buffalo, N. Y.; Physician. John Brodhead Wentworth, D. D. 1864: Buffalo, N.Y.; M. E. Clergyman. 1849 George Nelson Abbott, A. M.; Mercersburg, Pa.; Prof. Psychol. and Logic Mercersb. College. Henry Adams Burt, A. M.; Swanton; Lawyer.

Page  49 ALUMNI. 49 Melvin Dwinell, A. M.; Rome, Ga.; Editor. Roswell Farnham, A. M.; Bradford; Lawyer. John Quincy Adams Fellows, A. M., LL. B. Univ. La.; New Orleans, La.; Lawyer. Elnathan Elisha Higbee, A. M., D. D.. Franklin and Marsh.; Mercersburg, Pa.; Ger. Ref. Clerg., Pres. Mercersb. Coll. and Prof. Ethics and Esthetics, also Prof. Dogmatics an'd Ch. Hist. Theo. Dept. *James Monroe Knox, M. D. Cast. 1851; Burlington; Physician. *1875 *Charles Loomis, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. *1868 William Reed Mills, A. M., LL. B. Univ. La.; New Orleans, La.; Lawyer. Philetus Fillmore North; Chazy, N. Y.; Lawyer. McKendree Petty, A. M.; Burlington; M. E. Clerg., Tutor, Prof: Math. and Nat. Phil. William Robertson; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer. William Goodhue Shaw, A. M.: Burlington; Lawyer, Judge City Ct. 1868-72. Charles Cutler Torrey, A. M. 1855, And. Theo,. Sem. 1854; Charlotte; Cong. Clergyman. Alvah Watts. Edwin Miller Wheelock, A. M., LL. B. Harv. 1853, Harv. Theo. School 1856; WinooskiA; Cong. Clergyman. 1850 Warren Perry Adams, A. M.; Battle Creek, Mich.; Civil Engineer. John Hildreth Buck, A. M.; Lockport, N. Y.; Lawyer. Rufus Tingley Claflin; M. E. Clergyman. *Uriah Curtis Dubois; Sacramento, Cal.; last heard from in 1852.

Page  50 50 ALUMNI. Thomas Spencer Hall, A. M. 1858; Raymondville, N. Y.; Lawyer, Manufacturer. Homer Nash Hibbard, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer, U. S. Register in Bankruptcy. George Melancthon Hill; California. Theodore Austin Hopkins, A. M.: Burlington; P. E. Clergyman, Principal Vt. Ep. Inst. Edward Carter Pal.mer, A. M.; St. Paul's, Minnesota; Lawyer, Judge Sup. Ct. 1863, Judge Circuit Court 1865. Zebina Kellogg Pangborn, A. M.; Jersey City, N. J.; Editor Jersey City Journal. Edwin Porter, M. D. Dart. 1854; Northfield; Physician. Perry Munroe Sayles, A. M.; Richmond; Lawyer, Merchant. James Hubert Scott, A. M.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Lawyer. William True Sleeper,'A. M. 1855, And. Theo. Sem. 1853; Worcester, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. 1851 Ariel Anson Baker, And. Theo. Sem. 1854; Ames, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman. Orrin Lawrence Ballard, A. MI.; Detroit, Mich.; Manufacturer. George Washington Batchelder, A. M.; Faribault, Minn.; Lawyer. Matthew Henry Buckham, A. M.; Burlington; Tutor, Prof. Greek Lit. and Lang, also Rhet. and Eng. Lit., President. Byron Carpenter; Memphis, Tenn. (?) Matthew Hale, A. M.; Albany, N. Y.; Lawyer, Prof. of Law Albany Univ. Merfrlllackson Hill, A. M.; St. Albans; Lawyer. Levi Parsons Johnson; South Canton, N. Y.; Teacher. *Edward David Lowry, A. M. 1855; Lancaster, Pa.; Lawyer. *1865

Page  51 ALUMNI. 51 *Simeon Melancthon Parmelee; Burlington; Law Student. *1854 *Samnuel Henry Reed; Burlington; Lawyer. *1863 James Blanchard Ross; Essex, N. Y.; Lawyer. Julius Scriver, A. M.; Hemmingford, P. Q; Merchant, Mem..Iouse Commons Canada Joseph Warren, A. M.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Editor Buffalo Courier. Charles Carroll Webster, A. M.; Red Wing, Minn.; Lawyer. William Palmer Wells, A. M., LL. B. Harv. 1854; Detroit, Mich.; Lawyer, Prof. of Law Univ. Mich. John Joshua Wheeler, A. MI.; E. Saginaw, Mich.; Lawyer. * Alfred Benjamin Wood; White Springs, Fla.; Teacher. *1853 Orvis Danforth Wood; Waupan, Wis.; Merchant. 1852 Joshua Isham Bliss, A. M.; Burlington; P. E. Clerg. Ezra Hoyt Byington, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1857; Brunswick, Me.; Cong. Clergyman, Editor. Jedd Philo Clark Cottrill, A. M.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Lawyer. Wilbur Palmer Davis, A. M.; St. Albans; Co. Clerk. Dean Adams Fletcher, A. M.; Maquoketa, Minn.; Lawyer. William Kirkham Gordon; St. Johnsbury, Clerk. Joseph Warren Healey, A. M., M. D., D. D. Olivet, LL. D.; Chicago, 111.; Pres. Straight Univ. La, Cong. Clerg. John Denison Kingsbury, A. M., Arid. Theo. Sem. 1856; Bradford, Mass; Cong. Clergyman.

Page  52 52 ALUMNI. Selim Hobart Peabody, A. M.,; Chicago, Ill.; Prof. Math. and Civ. Eng. Polytech. Coill. Pa., Prof. Physics and Civ. Eng. Mass. Ag. Coill., Instructor in Physics Chicago High School, Author. William Coates Ritchie, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; lMbanufacturer. Edward Worthington Smith, A. M.: St. Paul, Minn.; Bvt. Lt. Col. 24th U. S. Infantry. Joseph Torrey, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1858; Yarmouth, Me.; Cong. Clergyman. 1853 Edward Daniel Atwater; St. Paul, Minn,; Surveyor. Frederick Harley Baldwin, A. M.; Hinesburgh; Merchant. Lucius Erastus Barnard, A. M.; Galesburg, Ill.; Presb. - Clergyman. Henry Barmby Buckham, A. M.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Prin. State Normal School. Hobart Butler, A. M.; Bedford, P. Q.; Lawyer and Teacher. *William Stevens Clark, A. M., M. D. elsewhere; Boston, Mass; Physician. *1863 Ezekiel Cutler; Decorah, Iowa; Lawyer. James Boardman Gilbert, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1861; Buckingham, Iowa; Cong. Clergyman. George Ingersoll Gilbert, A M.; Omaha, Neb.; Lawyer. Hiram Addison Gillett; Valparaiso, Ind.; Lawyer, Judge 31st District Ind. John Ellsworth Goodrich, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1860; Burlington; Cong. Clerg., Prof. Rhet. and Latin. Joshua Beers Hall; Elk Rapids, Mich.; Presb. Clerg. Hobart Hamilton; Petersburg, Ill.; Civil Engineer. Warner Daniels Hatch; Tarrytown, N.Y.; Engraver, business in N. Y. City.

Page  53 ALUMNI. 53 Edward Judson Hill, A. M.; Chicago. Ill.; Lawyer. *George Dimon Kellogg; New York City; Lawyer.'1868 Thaddeus Landon, A. M.; Effingham, Kansas; Farmer. Joseph Amos McLoughlin, A. M.; Sweetsburgh, P. Q.; Lawyer, Insp. Schools for District of Bedfobrd. Lawrence Myers, A. M.; New York City; Banker. Wilson Barlow Parmelee, A. M.,Aub. Theo. Sem. 1858; Westernville, N. Y; Presb. Clergyman. *James Marsh Read; Burlington; Bvt. Capt. 10th Vt. Vols. *1865 Otis David Smith; Auburn, Ala.; Prof. Eng. Lit. Ala. State Ag. and Mech. Coll., Prof. Math. in same 1874, Mem. Ala. State Board Ed. Eden Sprout; New York City; Lawyer. *George Robinson Thompson, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. *1871 Henry Martyn Wallace, A. M. 1874; New York City; Lawyer. *Lewis Hopkins Wheeler, A. M.; Towsontown, Md.; Ldwyer. *1871 1854 Charles Jonathan Alger, A.*M.; Burlington'; Lawyer, Supt. City Schools. Charles Rollin Ballard' A. M.; North Easton, Mass.; Prin. High School. Oliver Dana Barrett, A. M.; Washington, D. C.; Lawyer. Reuben Clark Benton; Minneapolis, Minn.; Lawyer. Quincy Blakely, Princ. Theo. Sem. 185.7; Campton, N. H.; Cong. Clergyman. *Martin Chittenden Bradley; Caraccas, Venezuela; Civil Engineer. *1859

Page  54 54 ALUMNI. Waldo Brigham, A. M.; Hydepark; Lawyer, Pres. Lamoille Val. R. R. George White Chamberlain, A. M.; Boston, Mass.; Lawyer. Humphrey Yearsley Cummins, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. *George Stanton Denison; New Orleans, La.; Lawyer, Collector of Customs, N. 0. O *1866 Philo Judson Farnsworth, A. M.; Iowa City, Iowa; Physician, Prof. in Med. College. *William Worthington Gadcomb; St. Albans; Merchant. *1871 Charles Merrick Gay; Boston, Mass.; Publisher Littell's Living Age. Nathaniel Porter Gilbert, A. M. And. Theo. Sem. 1859; Piura, Peru, So. Am.; Cong. Clergyman. Simeon Gilbert, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1860; Chicago, 111.; Assoc. Ed. Advance. Patrick Glynn, A. M.; E. Saginaw, Mich.; Lawyer. Charles Eenry Heath, A. M.; Montpelier; Lawyer. *Samuel Rice Henry; Westford; Teacher. *1855 *Frank David Miller; Springfield; Law Student. *1856 William Clark Sanford, A. M.; Oak Grove, Wis.; Clergyman. Rodney Smith, A. M.; St. Paul, Minn.; Paymaster U. S. A. William Smith, A. M.; Dakota; Paymaster U. S. A. *Lucius Swett, Teacher. *1860 George Taaffe; St. Louis, Mo. (?) Charles Wheeler Thompson, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1860; Danville; Tutor, Prof. pro temp. of Latin, 1864-67; Cong. Clergyman. Frederick Hubbell Waterman; San Francisco, Cal.; Lawyer. Winslow Charles Watson, A. M.; Keeseville, N. Y.; Lawyer, Author.

Page  55 ALUMNI. 55 1855 Benjamin Lincoln Benedict, A. M.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Clerk U. S. Circ. and Dist. Courts. *Harmon Proctor Bicknell; Kansas. *1856 Thomas Scott Buckham; Faribault, Minn.; Lawyer. Charles Wallace Clark, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1858; Gaysville; Cong. Clergyman. Benjamin Franklin Fifield; Montpelier; Lawyer, U.S. Dist. Attorney. Constans Liberty Goodell, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1858, D. D. 1874; St. Louis, Mo.; Cong. Clergyman. Austin Hazen, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1859; Jericho Centre; Cong. Clergyman. George Eldridge Herrick; San Francisco, Cal.; Architect. Henry Nathan HIewitt, A. M.; Keeseville, N. Y.; Lawyer. William Cyprian Hopkins; Aurora, Ill.; P. E. Clerg. James Jacob Noble, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer. Moses Payson Parmelee, A. M., Union Theo. Sem. 1861; Erzroom, Turkey; Cong. Clerg. and Miss. A. B. C. F. M. George Whiting Perry, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; Real Estate Agent. Horace Henry Powers, A. M.; Morrisville; Lawyer, Speaker Vt. House Reps. 1874, Judge Sup. Court Vt. *Thomas Russell Roberts, A. M.; Phillipsburgh, P. Q.; Lawyer. *1874 *Charles Robinson; Cuthbert, Ga.; Lawyer. *1861 Calvin Josiah Shortt, A. M.; Austin, Minn.; Lawyer. Henry Clay Stephens, A. M., New Britain, Conn.; Lawyer, Manufacturer. Josephus Booth Wilkes; Ferrisburgh; Farmer. Norman Williams, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer.

Page  56 56 ALUMNI. 1856 Edward Bradley, M. D. 1859; New York City; Physician, Lect. on Anat. Bowd. Coll. *Ira Bushnell; Waitsfield; Teacher. *1858 Isaac Newton Camp, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; Merchant. *George Henry Clark, And. Theo. Sem. 1861; St. Johnsbury Centre; Cong. Clerg. *1865 John Flanders, A. M.; New York City; Lawyer. Lewis Francis, A. M. 1863, And. Theo. Sem. 1860; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Cong. Clerg. Oscar Frisbie; New York City; Lawyer. Edward Everett Herrick; Chelsea; Cong. Clergyman. George Frederick Herrick, And. Theo. Sem. 1859; Marsovan, Turkey; Cong. Clerg. and Miss. A. B. C. F. M. Julius Herrick; Peoria, Ill.; Manufacturer. *Justus Herrick; Brunswick, N. J.; Lawyer. *1872 Rodney Holland Howard, A. M.; M. E. Clerg. N. E. Conference. Charles Artemas Kent; Detroit, Mich.; Lawyer, Prof. of Law Univ. Mich. Henry Lingan Lamb; Albany, N. Y.; Editor, Dep. Supt. Bank Dept. N. Y. Abel Edgar Leavenworth, A. M.; Randolph; Prin. State Normal School. William Wallace Livingston, And. Theo. Sem. 1859; No. Carver, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. *George Curtis Moore, A. M.; Victoria, Texas; Prof. Math. Aranama Coll. Tex., Presb. Clerg. *1867 Charles Colburne Prentiss; New York City; Lawyer. *Edward Riggs, A. M.; Glens Falls, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1865 Azrc Andrus Smith, A. M.; Irasburgh; Cong. Clerg. George Burley Spalding, And. Theo. Sem. 1861; Dover, N. H.; Cong. Clergyman.

Page  57 ALUMNI. 57 George Burder Tolman, A. M. 1863, Union Theo. Sem. 1861; Brookfield; Cong. Clergyman. 1857 Royal Jackson Bancroft; Batavia, Ohio; Gen. Ins. Agt., Recorder. George Ingersoll Bard, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1861; Meredith Village, N. H.; Cong. Clergyman. Samuel Lysander Bates, A. AM., And. Theo. Sem. 1863; Newbury; Cong. Clergyman. Oliver Phelps Chandler Billings, A. M., LL. B. liarv. 1860; New York City; Lawyer, Alderman at Large. Henry Partridge Cutting, A. M. 1862; Alton, I11.; Univ. Clergyman. Ptolemy O'Meara Edson, M. D. 1860; Boston, Mass.; Physician. Salmon Green, A. M.; Richmond; Merchant. Robert Newton Hall; Sherbrooke, P. Q.; Lawyer. Joseph Walker Marsh, A. M.; Forest Grove, Oregon; Prof. Greek and Latin Pacif. Univ. John Worthington Newton; St. Albans; Manufacturer. Thomas Huntington Pease, A. M.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Asst. Editor N. Y. Journal of Commerce. *Romeo Bush Perry, A. M.; Sandy Hill, N. Y.; Lawyer. *1865 *Rollin Marsh Richmond; Quindaro, Kan.; Banker. *1858 George Orville Robinson; Detroit, Mich.; Lawyer. Edward Adams Sowles, A. M., LL. B. Albany; St. Albans; Lawyer. Charles James Stewart Wells, M. D. 1861; Surgeon U. S. N. 1858 George Henry Bigelow, A. M.; Burlington; Editor. Allen Page Bissell, A.M.; Menominee, Mich.; Clerg.

Page  58 58 ALUMNI. Edward Clark, A. M. 1864; Brattleboro; Merchant. Job Corbin, M. D. 1859; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Physician. Daniel Dutcher; St. Albans; Druggist. John Curtis Farrar; St. Albans; Merchant. *Percival Edwards Hall; from Elliot, Me. *1865 William Skinner Hazen, A. M., And. Theo. Sem 1863; Northfield; Cong. Clergyman. *Dwight Smith Heald; Burlington; Lawyer. 41863 *James Reid Hickok, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer. *1874 Charles Albert Hoyt, A. B. Georgetown Col., A. M.; New York City; Merchant. George Mason, A. M. 1873; Washington, D. C.; Lawyer. Davis Grahame Moore, A. M.; Springfield, Ill.; R. R. Supt. Cornelius Wickware Morse, A. M.; Manitowac,Wis.; Merchant..*Henry Stanley Pitkin, A. M., M. D. 1861; Surgeon U. S. N. *1874 *William Richmond; St. Albans; Teacher. *1862 John Sawyer; Lowell; Editor. Alfred Little Smith; Chicago, Ill.; Editor. Alfred Bowers Thompson; Moberly, Mo.; Merchant. Joseph Henry Thorp; IHowland Flats, Cal.; Teacher. Henry Augustus Pearson Torrey, A. M., Union Theo. Sem. 1864; Burlington; Cong. Clerg., Prof. Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. *Jolln Paine Torrey, A. M., Union Theo. Sem. 1863; Burlington. *1863 Milton Rising Tyler; Burlington; Lawyer, Judge City Court 1874-75. *Martin Flint Vilas; Burlington; Merchant. *1865 1859 Charles Edwin Allen, A. M., LL. B. Albany 1864; Burlington; Lawyer. ---— ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Page  59 ALUMNI.,59 *Alfred Cowles Ballard; Winooski; Lawyer. *1874 Henry Eells Barnard; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Lawyer. Edward Cary Bass; Plymouth, N. H.; M. E. Clerg. Jedediah Hyde Baxter, M. D. 1860, A. M. 1871, LL. B. Columb. Univ. Wash. 1875; Washington, D. C.; Col. and Chief Medical Purveyor, U; S. A. Lewis Larned Coburn, A. M., LL. B. llarv. 1861; Chicago, I11.; Lawyer. Charles Crane; Dexter, Iowa; Lawyer, Farmer. John Ingersoll Gilbert, A. M.;- Malone, N. Y.; Lawyer. *HIiram Henry Hall, A. M.; Williston; Law Student, Capt. 1st Vt. Cav. *1864 William Spaldilig Hall; Sherbrooke, P. Q. Frederick Vincent IIopkins, A. M. and M. D. clsewhere; San Francisco, Cal.; Prof. Min. Chem. and Geol. Univ. La., Asst. State Geologist La., Prin. Sa:ita Barbara Coll. Cal., lPhysician. *William Elbridge Marrs; Chicago, 1ll.; Lawyer. *1868 *Silas Henry Pearl, A. M.; Plymouth, N. 1I.; Prin. N. IH. State Norm. School. *1873 William Corning Stacy; Providence, It. I.; Manufacturer. *Charles Dudley Swasey; Montpelier; Lawyer. *1865 Harvey Hammond Talcott; Burlington; Lawyer. Milo Latimer Templeton, A. M.; Visalia, Cal.; Teacher. *Edward Charles Terrill; Sherbrooke, P. Q. *1869 Frederick William Terrill; Montreal, P. Q.; Lawyer. John Marshall Thacher, A. M.; Washillgton, D. C.; U. S. Commissioner of Patents. Joshua Clarence Whitney; Milwaukee, Wis. 1860 Robert Nathaniel Allen, (now called Thomas N. Gill); New Orleans, La. George Petrie Beard, A. M.; Shippenburgh, Pa.

Page  60 60 ALUMNI. Hiram Carleton; Waitsfield;- Lawyer. Solon Eaton, A. M., LL. B. HIarv. 1864; W. Addison; Lawyer. David Farrand Hicks; Fruitport, Mich.; Teacher. George Field Hunting; Kilbourn City, Wis.; Presb. Clergyman. Luther Boardman Newell; Moriah, N. Y.; Teacher. Norman Paul, A. M. 1869; Woodstock; Lawyer. James Stevens Peck; Montpelier; Lawyer, Adj. Gen. Vermont. Samuel Hill Shonyo, A. M.;. Teacher. *Stephen Foster Spalding-; Derby Line; Adjt. 8th Vt. Vols. *1863 George Lewis Waterman, A. M.; Hydepark; Lawyer. 1861 Henry Ballard, A. M., LL. B. Albany; Burlington; Lawyer. George Chapman Bates; Chicago, Ill. (?) Buel Smith Bigelow, M. D. 1863; Ishpeming, Mich.; Physician and Druggist. Lucius Bigelow; Burlington; Editor. Henry Edward Butler, Princeton Theo. Sem. 1864; Keeseville, N. Y.; Presb. Clerg. George Nathaniel Carpenter; New York City; Life * Insurance. William Thomas Carpenter, M. D.; Ishpemning, Mich.; Physician. *Cornelius Augustus Chapin, M. D. 1863; Williston; Asst. Surg. 6th Vt. Vols. *1863 John Heman Converse; Philadelphia. Pa.; Locomotive Builder. John Pushee Demeritt; Meriden, Conn.; Cong. Clerg. Philander Deming, A. M.; Albany, N. Y.; Lawyer and Stenographer Supr. Court.

Page  61 ALUMNI. 61 Lester Hall Elliott, Union Theo. Sem. 1864; Bradford; Cong. Clerg. *George Albert French; Burlington; Law Student. *1864 James Bartlett Hammond, Union Theo. Semn. 1865; New York City; Teacher. Albert Sewall Kenny; Paymaster U. S. N. Philo French Leavens; Passaic, N. J.; Presb. Clerg. William Brown Lund, A. M., M. D. Univ. Mich.; Burlington; Physician. George Alpheus Marshall, A. M.; Darlington, Wis.; Lawyer. Malcolm McKillop, A. M.; Rockport, Mo.; Lawyer. John Wright Norton, A. M. 1865; Winooski; Accountant. Byron Philander Robbins; Marquette, Mich.; Merchant. George Thomas Sutton; Clergyman. Silas Newton Walker, A. M. 1866; Abington, Mass.; Clergyman. Hannibal Whitney Wood, M. D. McGill Univ. 1865; Knowlton, P. Q.; Physician. *Charles Work; Huntington. *1862 1862 John Johnson Allen, A. M., LL. B. Columb. 1866; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Lawyer. Horace Barlow, A. M. 1867; Hudson, Wis.; Merchant. *Joseph Partridge Brainerd; St. Albans; 1st Vt. Cav. *1864 Elijah Levings Burnett, Union Theo. Sem. 1865; Clerg. George Buck Cochrane, A. M., M. D. 1867; Hudson, Mass.; Druggist. James Wilson Davis, A. M., Union Theo. Sem. 1865; New York City; Lawyer. *Harrison Eaton, A. M., LL. B. Harv. 1864; Jackson, Mich.; Lawyer. *1866

Page  62 62 ALUMNI. Hubbard Clark Farrar; N. Adams, Mass; M. E. Clerg. Robert Hull Fleming; Chicago, 111.; Merchant. Hiram LeRoy Fuller, M. D. C. M. Univ. McGill 1870; Sweetsburgh, P. Q.; Phys. and Surg. *Zebina Landon; South Hero; 1st Vt. Cav. *1862 Joseph Monroe Poland; Montpelier; Publisher Vt. Watchman. John Theodore Saxe; West Troy, N. Y.; Merchant. *John Worthington Woodward; Burlington; Capt. 1st Vt. Cav. *1863 1863 Samuel Ingersoll Briant, A. M., And. Theo. Sem. 1867; Hartford; Cong. Clerg. James Artemas Brown; Grand Isle; Lawyer. George Phelps Byington, And. Theo. Sem. 1867; Westford; Cong. Clergyman. John Theophilus Drew, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer. *Albert Granville Fisher; Hopkinton, N. Y. *1865 Seneca Hyde, M. D.; Neponset, Mass.; Physician. *Osceola Hardy Kile, A. M.; Westerly, R. I.; Principal and Supt. Schools. *1873 Sumner Ladd; St. Peter, Minn.; Lawyer. Stephen Martindale Roberts, M. D. 1867; New York City; Physician, Clin. Prof. Dis. of Children Woman's Med. Col. Francis Barnard Smith; Pickwick, Minn.; Farmer. Charles Nelson Wilder; Essex, N. Y.; Presb. Clerg. 1864 Oscar Atwood, A. M.; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Principal Graded School. Erastus Franklin. Bullard, A. M.; Jacksonville, Ill.; Teacher.

Page  63 ALUMNI. 63 Franklin Denison, A. M. 1868, LL. B. Harv. 1866; Chicago, Ill.; Lawyer. Dennis Donovan, A. M.; Baptist Clergyman. Sullivan French Gale, A. M.; New Marlboro, Mass.; Cong. Clergyman. Frank Deming IHoyt, A. M.; N. Y. City; Merchant. Frank Wilfred Page, M. D. 1866, A. M. 1869; Brandon; Physician. Edward Sprague Peck, A. M., M. D. 1868; Burlington; Physician and Oculist. Julian Phelps; Atlantic, Iowa; Lawyer. Wolfred Nelson Phelps, A. M. 1871; Swanton; Principal Graded School. Earl Johnson Ward; Grafton; Cong. Clergyman. Samuel Reed Ward, M. D. elsewhere; Chicago, Ill. 1865 Orlo Henry Austin; Barton; Merchant. Albert Warren Clark, A. M., Theo. Inst. Conn. 1868; Prague, Austria; Miss. A. B. C. F. M. *Nehemiah Pierce, A. M.; Springfield, Ill.; Baptist Clergyman. *1873 George Bigelow Shaw, A. M.; Washington, D. C.; Reporter. Samuel William Torrey, M. D.; Beverly, Mass.; Physician. Lambert Lysander Wood; Ogdensburgh, N. Y.; Clerg. John Hopkins Worcester, A. M., Union Theo. Sem. 1871; So. Orange, N. J.; Presb. Clergyman. 1866 Franklin Belknap; from East Barnard. *HenryjBelknap; from East Barnard. *1870 Francis Farrell; Fort Dodge, Iowa; Lawyer.

Page  64 64 ALUMNI. 1867 Washington Spencer Cilley, LL. B. Univ. Michigan; Columbus City, Iowa. Charles Edmund Parker; New York City; with J. F. Henry & Co., Druggists. Albert Phelps; Washington, Iowa; Lawyer. *Ira Edmond Shattuck; Burlington; Merchant. *1875 Joseph Shonion; Wathena, Kansas (?). Walter Perrin Smith, A. M.; St. Johnsbury; Lawyer. Henry Orson Wheeler; Burlington; Lawyer. Albert Gallatin Whittemore; Burlington; Lawyer. 1868 Henry Clay Barnes; Addison. Mason Bill Carpenter, A. M.; Chicago, Ill.; lawyer. Joseph Dudley Denison, A. M.; Royalton; Lawyer. Leslie Munson Platt, A. M.; Burlington; Manufacturer. Albert Dana Tenney, A. M., LL. B. Columbia 1871; St. Albans; Lawyer. 1869 Charles Allen Converse; St. Albans; Railway Clerk. Edwin Charles Ferguson, A. M.; Miller's Falls, Mass.; M. E. Clergyman. Nelson Orlando Freeman; M. E. Clergyman. Henry Hale Gorton; Milton Station, Iowa; Teacher. Francis Hickok; Burlington; with C. Blodgett & Son, Lumber Merchants. Byron Thompson Holcomb, A. M.; Colchester; Farmer, Teacher. Robert Roberts; Burlington; Lawyer. Charles Herbert Tuttle; Berlin, Prussia; Editor International Gazette.

Page  65 ALUMNI. 65 James Hull Brillsmaid, A. M.; Holland Patent, N. Y.; Teacher. Chaunccy Wells Brownell, A. M., LL. B. Albany 1872; Burlington; Lawyer. Edward Page Butler, Theo. Inst. Conn. 1873; Lyme, N. H.; Cong. Clerg. Albert Richard Dow, A. M., C. E. 1872; Burlingtoll. Charles Howard Dunton; Poultney; M. E. Clergyman, Teacher. David Sherwood Kellogg, M. D. 1873; Plattsburgh, N. Y.; Physician. Daniel Kern; Burlington; Merchant. Elias Lyman, A. M.; Burlington; Merchant. Carlos Aurelius Lyon; Shelburn; Farmer. William Foote Marsh; San Francisco, Cal.; Teacher. Hamilton Sullivan Peck, A. M.; Burlington; Lawyer. George William Winch; Student in Hartford, Ct. Theo. Sem. Henry Homer Douglass, C. E., Minneapolis, Minn.; Civil Engineer. Horace Edward Stevens, C. E.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Civil Engineer. 1871. William Henry Bliss; Providence, R. I.; Lawyer. George Pierce- Bradstreet; Washington, D. C. (?); Lawyer, Clerk Com. on Pensions. David Foster Estes, A. M.; Factory Point, Manchester; Baptist Clergyman. Fred Alonzo Fay; Chelsea, Mich. Seneca Haselton, A. M., LL. B. Mich. Univ. 1874; Burlington; Lawyer.

Page  66 66 ALUM N I. Thomas Waterman Huntington, M. D. Harv. 1875; Boston, Mass.; Ass't. Surg. Mass. Gen. Hosp. Harry Edward Rustedt; Richford; Lawyer. Elihu Barber Taft; Burlington; Lawyer. Charles Kasson Wead, A. M.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Teacher. Sheldon Harley Wheeler; South Hero; Student And. Theo.' Sem. Charles Simeon Deiiison, C. E., M. S. 1874; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Instrucor in Mich. Univ. Porter Perrin Wheaton, C. E.; Minneapolis, Minn. (?) 1872 Louis Augustus Arthur; Burlington; Student in Gen. Theo. Sem. New York City. George Foote Marsh; Burlington; Lawyer. John Harvey Robinson; Chicago; Manufacturer. Edwin Eli Dickinson, Ph. B.; Bangor, N. Y.; Merchant. Albert Richard Dow, C. E.; Burlington; Asst. Supt. Light House Const'n, Lake Champlain. Edward Haight Phelps, C. E.; Burlington; City Engineer. 1873 William Parker Barker; Williamsport,Pa.; Bookkeeper. Evelyn Frank Garvin; Winooski; Teacher. James Whitcomb Griffin; Knoxville, ill.; Law Student. George Timothy Lovell, LL. B. Columb. Wash. 1875; Burlington; Lawyer.

Page  67 ALUMNI. 67 Francis Wayland Ryder; Newton, Mass.; Theo. Student. Hiram Beach Sibley; — Winooski; Medical Student. George Lewis Stow; Burlington; Law Student. Charles Albert Catlin, Ph. B.; Providence, R. I.; Chemist. Byron Olin White, Ph. B.; Easton, Pa.; Prof. in Lafayette College. Robert Mayo Catlin, C. E.; Burlington. George Moore Dodge, C. E.; Burlington; Surveyor. Thomas Peregrine White Rogers, C. E.; Burlington; Librarian. 1874 Willard Norris Armington; St. Johnsbury; Law Student. IIenry Ortan Finch; Keeseville; Law Student. Charles Francis Graves; Burlington; Teacher. Mahlon Beach Holcomb; Isle La Motte; Teacher. Jason Darwin Jenkins; East Haven; Teacher. Sealand Whitney Landon; St. Albans; Teacher. Warren HIall Landon; Keeseville; Teacher. Charles Edgar Meech; Has~tings, Mich.; Teacher. Frederick'Rustedt; Royalton; Teacher. Gaylord Beecher Smith; Newton, Mass.; Theo. Student. Frank IIaswell Parker, C. E.; St. Paul, Minn.; City Surveyor. Louis Shaw, C. E.; La Harpe, 111. Augustus Torrey, C. E.; Burlington; Surveyor.

Page  68 68 ALUMNI. Charles Farnsworth Ballou, Ph. B.; Omaha, Neb. Robert Burns Lillie, Ph. B.; Essex; Teacher. Charles Penfield Nichols, Ph. B.; Burlington; Bookkeeper. Zenas Bliss Whitney, M. E.; Williston; Surveyor. William Edward Forest, B. S.; Winooski; Medical Student. 1875 The following, members of the Senior Class, are candidates for degrees at the next Commencement. [June, 1875.] John Barker Allen; Burlington. Edward Webster Andrews; Shelburn. William Nelson Ferrin; Hinesburgh. Ellen Eliza Hamilton; Brandon. Orrin Wheeler Hard; South Burlington. Edward Michael Lee; Burlington. Fred Eugene Lucas; Burlington. *Lida Mason; Jersey City, N. J. Alfred Nathaniel Tagert; Shelburn. John Brooks Wheeler; Burlington. Frank Edward Woodruff; Underhill.

Page  69 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 69 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 1823 Jesse Haven Foster. Jamin Hamilton. *Lucius Hitchcock. Moses Chandler. Lyman T. Jenney. Elijah Cooper. Burrill Smith Miner. *Elisha Moore. *Ezra Scovel. *1827 *John Morley. *Daniel Littlefield Shaw. 4 *1842 1824 *Joel Stone. Lazarus Tousey. *Horace P] Blair. *1874 Miner Y. Turrill. Christopher Carpenter. 15 David E. Deming. 1826 Julius Yeoman Dewey. *Lewis Dorwin. Willis S. Alger. John Gallup. Anson Brackett. Edward Kane, Prof. Theory Preston Chamberlin. and Prac. Med. and Path. John C. Colby. Elias Smith. John P. Hamilton. Orange Smith. Alexander Hamilton Jones. *Alva Sprague. Samuel K. Lyon. David Ward. Ezekiel P. Minkler. *John S. Webster. Lewis Samburn. Tolman Wheeler. Rensselaer Soule. 13 10 1827 1825 Bela Bowman. *Melvin Barnes. *1860 Solon Campbell. Hosea Bliss. John B. Dousman. *Austin Bradford, A. M. John K. Hardenbrook, 1846. *1856 Columbia 1824. Pascal Paoli Brooks. Orange B. Heaton. Norman Cleveland. Frederick Johnson.

Page  70 70 MEDICAL GRADUATES. Daniel H. Onion. Levi Goodenough. William P. Porter. Isaac Hall. Benjamin Franklin Post. *Edwin W. Hopkins. *Thomas R. Powell. *1855 Oliver T. Houghton. *Laurence Proudfoot. *1862 William Towner. Henry H. Reynolds. 9 John W. Robeson. 1831 Benaiah Sanborn. 14 S. P. Barnum. 1828. Baxter Bowman. *Calvin S. Millingtol. * 1869 *Daniel Bates. *Orrin Smith, A. M. 1859, Anselm Bray. Prof. Obst. & Obst. Julis. John Brown. Charles K. Swift. Ira Day. John D. Wood. James Emery. 6 Foster Hooper. 1832 Tyler Mason. Collins R. Pierce. John Baptist Allard. David Wing Putnam..Albert Camp Butler. Joseph H. Ripley. Sylverter Cartier,Dart. 1842. 10 and Cast. *Rev. Cyril Hector Olivier 1829 Cotd. Samuel Hall. Charles C. Arms. *Reuben Young Maeck. Horace H. Bassford. *1832 Cullen Bullard. Sylvester G. Matson. Stephen C. Cady. Moses Perley. Orrin S. Campbell. Samuel Atherton Robinson. James H. Farnsworth. *Seraphin Viger. William Green. 10 Andrew L. Hayes. 1833 Sylvanus Humphrey. *John Meigs. *1862 Darius A. Beckwith. Daniel L. Porter. *S. Newell Fisk. *1856 Gary Whitney. Pliny P. Greene *John Work. Pliny Sherman. Elisha R. Wright. 4 14 1834 1.830 William Dodge. Ethan Allen. Jehiel H. Hyde. Jacob Clark. Lawrence Trembley. Amos Emerson. William Turner. Benjamin Fairchild. 4

Page  71 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 71 1836 Joseph G. W. Pike. *Martin Edward Thrasher. James Miller. *1858 *Abner M. Wilcox. *1857 14 1854 1858 James C. Dart, George S. Goodrich. Edward Thomas Belle-Isle. eorgeh S. Goodrich. Edwin Ruthven Brush. dosca L. Murray. Oscar L. Nimulet. Arthur Franklin Burdick,and Univ. State N. Y. newso A. Ticlmorid. Lewis A. Richmond. Harvey Fisk Cram. Anson 0. Taylor. Samuel Hammond Currier. Lucius Jerome Dixon. 1855 Merritt C. Edmonds. Nelson W. Fairchild. *1865 Cephas Gardlner Adams. Philo Judson Farnsworth, Thomas Staunton IIaynes. A. B. 1854. Dana Jewell Morrill. Elmore John Hall. 3 VWilliam F. Boyd Hemming. 1856 Alonzo Edward Horton. Andrew Jackson Hyde. Allen Burr Bradley. Alden Crafts Latham. Thomas Tracy Dutton. Constant Wood Manchester. Charles King Moxley. Henry Valorus Meeker. *Jacob Marsh Perkins. John G. Miller. Martin Luther Scott. Lyman Rogers. Dudley Beckwick Smith. William Root. Hiram Downer Smith. William B. Wynne. Charles Forsythe Taylor, 20 A. M. 1858. 1859 Joseph Toupin. Warner Van Steenberg. *Philo Berry. *1861 10 Virgil W. Blanchard. 1857 Edward Bradley, A.B. 1856. Theodore C. Brown. Cyrus Hamilton Allen. *William Faulkner Browne. James Huntington Bailey. Francis N. Burdick. Heman Orson Bartlitt. Charles Pitt Connell. Harvey T. Bassett. Job Corbin, A. B. 1858. Nelson Dudley Beebe. John N. Davis. *George Benedict. Benjamin Franklin Drury. Benjamin Walter Carpenter. Rufus Dunlap. Sherman Cooper. Charles I. Farley. Charles Cullis. Isidore Fregeau. Edward B. P. Kelley. John W. McDuffee. William Franklin Lazelle. Peter Reid McMonagle.

Page  72 72 MEDICAL GRADUATES. Andrew M. Mills. Ralph Erwin. James H. Platt, M. C. from Joseph Elliott Frink. Virginia. Charles Henry Giberson. Dan A. Robinson. James Christie Hurd. Anson Meigs Ruggles. Joseph-Howland Leonard. Francis A. Sanborn. Emory M. Lyon. Charles H. Shears. John H. McGregor. James B. Smith. *Henry Stanley Pitkin, Francis C. Sprague. A. B. 1858. Joel B. F. Walker. *Eli Zachariah Stearns. Henry H. Warner. *1864 Edmund Weston. George Henry Van Deusen. Urban A. Woodbury. Walter Scott Vincent. 27 Charles James Stewart 1860 Wells, A. B. 1857. William Loren White. Jedediah Hyde Baxter, Sewall B. Willman. A. B. 1859. 20 Alvin Harding Chesmore. 1862 Ellery Channing Clarke. Raffael Columbo. Theodore Smith Baldwin. Bradley W. Dodge. Robert Wellington Bennett. Ptolemy O'Meara Edson, Orvis Turman Bigelow. A. B. 1857. William Oscar Boyden. Henry S. Farnsworth. George Franklin Burnham. Morris EHenry Henry. Charles H. Carpenter. Henry Hill. Stephen Lorenzo Chilson. John Emery Hitt. Abraham T. DeWitt. Alfred Fairbanks Holt. William Franklin Eddy. Francis J. Kelly. Isaac Farrar. Prentiss IKent. Paul Chadbourn Garvin. John R. Lewis. Joseph Lysander HarringHenry Edward Mills. ton William L. Monroe. R. Walter Hibbert. David C. Moore. Almer A. Hier. Frederick Eugene Potter. Henry Augustine Kemp. Benjamin Franklin Sutton. Frank L. Kendrick. Augustus Green Walls. Irving Whitall Lyon. 20 William Fletcher McNutt. *1861 Peter Marchand. Alden Velona Marshall. Egbert Henry Allis. Godfrey R. Martin. Robert Nutting Atwood. Horace Mecorney. Julius Lucien Burroughs. Nathan R. Morse. *John F. Chapin. Charles A. Moulton. Erastus Calhoun Coy. Jay Wesley Schooley. Charles Morrill Cross. James W. Sibley.

Page  73 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 73 Allan McDean Sterling. George J. Crawley. Thomas Chapman Thornton. George Ingersol Cutler. David Joseph William George Leighton Ditson. Wiley. Edgar J. Farwell, A. B. Richard J. Williams. William IIenry Goulding. Ira Curtis Winson. Lucius C. IIerrick. 31 Thomas Jefferson I-Iolbrook. 1863 George Blake Hoskins. William E. Hunt. *David Crayton Bell. George E. Lane. Buel Smith Bigelow, Henry B. Morrill. A. B. 1863. Charles Albert Munson. *Cornelius Augustus Chap- Edward Beecher Nims, A.B. in, A. B. 1861. *1863 M Wms. 1862. Lucius Wardsworth Clarke. Maxirus W. Nulenville. Thomas R. Clement. Ienry H. Read. Benjamin Coburn. Albert Reynolds. Dan L. C. Colburn. Oscar S. Roberts. Charles Corey. Edw.ard Parker Squier. John Bradley Crandall. Alonzo D. Tagert. *Edward M. Curtis. George Thompson. Linton Judson Deming. O.iver Sanders Watson. Francis Daniels Edgerton. Asohal Arthur Wilbur. Thomas Julius Edgerton. 28 Wales Howard Ellis. 1865 Daniel Fosburgh. Henry K. Ilartzell. Archibald 0. Ameden. J. A. Jackson. Lyman 11. Annable. Frank P. Jones. Charles W. Arthur. Steel Jarvis Kimball. Charles 11. Bidwell. John Thurman Parker. Wilfred Burdon. Ferdinand M. Pasco. Patrick Cassidy. Charles Petit Pitcher. Seneca S. Clemons. Charles Everts Rider. Merrill H. Eddy. Edwin Clement Spaulding. Alfred E. Emery. Noah Tittemore. Chester M. Ferrin. Henry C. Wilson. Hosea B. Flanders. Joseph II. Wilson. David U. Fulton. 27 Arthur W. Greenleaf. 1864 HIenry F. IIall. J. Henry Jackson. Joseph Gerrish Ayers. Charles H. Johnson. Alpheus Phineas Belden. Francis Johnson. Newton Stephen Bell. Asa P. Knapen. Mirza Nestor Benjamin. Matthew J. Moore. *.Loren Chamberlain. George C. Morey.

Page  74 74 MEDICAL GRADUATES. Samuel F. Mosher. Frederick WV. Seward. Jay H. Payne. Robert F. Spier. George L. Reagan. Adelbert 1I. Taerlt. Chapman C. Smith. Lloyd P. Tocque. Charles C. Snmith. Seymour P. lWilbur. Melville C. Spaulding. 36 Charles E. Teel. 1867 Charles Paine Thaycr. William Thibault. C. S. Allen. Edwin W. Truewortlly. Stephen Bertrand. George R. Vincent. Dudley Chase Blodgett. GeorgDe Woodward. Juan Fernando Caslow. 31 George Buck Cochran, 1866 A. B. 1862. Arthur John Darrall. Edwin WV. Bartlett. James Arthur Dow. Eugene A. Benton. Charles Curtis Ellis. Joseph H. Birdseye. Charles Lovejoy Erwin. John H. Blodgett. Silas Eaton Farnsworth. Archibald WV. Burns. Nelson Moore Harris. Rufus King Clark. J. J. Itazen. J. Wesley Copeland. James Lewis. Harris Fellows. HI. HI. Martin. William H. Giddings. B. Frank Page. *James Y. Godfrey. Dudley Palmer. Frank W. Graves. Truman Abel Pease. Joel Grover. Winfield Scott Phillips. Charles Stewart Harder. Darwin Hall Roberts. James C. Harmon. Vernon Dudley Rood. J. B. Haynes. S. Walter Scott. Lewis H. Hemenway. WTilliam Emmet Stewart. Seneca T. Hyde. F. A. Tillinghast. Enoch W. Kent. Dan Peaslee Webster. Erasmus M. Kent. 24 George H. Kenyo,,. 1868 Jed S. Kingsley. William P. Kirk. Lucius Al. Barnard. Braman E. Lengfeld. Chester Manly Barton. John P. Martin. E. Lawrence' Brownell. Harrison C. Moore. A. Royce Camp. Frank W. Page, A. B. 1864. George W. Davis. Francis L. Peiro. Royal Jerome Eddy. William H. Renois. Eli Edwin Graves. Garey H. Reynolds. Barney James Kendall. Stephen Martindale Roberts, A. Mason Larkin. A. B. 1863. Charles S. L. Leach. Edward P. Russell. Horace Granville Leslie.

Page  75 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 75 Calvin Eugene Nichols. George Levi Harrington. John Calhoun Otis. Harvey Knight. Joseph Ladd Patten. Edward Beach Loomis. Edward Sprague Pcck, Henry Clay Matthews. A. B. 1864. Stephen Samuel Miller. Albert Richmond. Dennis Munroe Parker. Henry Martin Safford. Archer Russell Platt. Joseph John Tobias. HIenry Edgar Smith. LceRoy M. Wardner. 16 19 1871 1869 Edson George Blaisdell. Charles Olin Boyden. Levarit M.right Babcock. e.MIclburn Sylvester Briggs. LauristoLn M. Bcrry.eorge illiam Capbell. Charles Bushnell. eorge Wllam Capbell. James Campbell. Merritt Henry Chandler.. Charlet s Denis ohanitl~. * Rufus Asaph Crittenden. Charles Denison. Camillo Ashley Goddard. Isaac Drake. Edwin Wilbur IIigbee. Frank Benjamin Johnsol. Samuel N. Jackson. George aWebster Mlanley. Drummond T. McPherson. Jonathan Walter Martin. John Clark Patten. Albert Nott. John Clark Patten. Albert Nott. Albert Nott. Peck. Charles William Petty. Eugene Chase Peck. HIenry Harrison Pierce. Joseph L. Perkins. Heman Sheldon Rockwood. William Nichols Platt. George Barker Rowell. Ivin Allison Watson. Milan Soule. Irving Allison Watson. Mila SouleEugene S. Weston. Charles A. Sprague. 1E Truman Ransom Stiles. Edward T. Strong. 1872 George Rollin Thomas. Htiram Owen Worthen. Iucius. ake. Ad eundera. Martin Bruce. William Ralph Bell. Esbon Churchill. George Iharrison Tcnny. George P. Collins. Emory H. Davis. Charles Henry Dickenshied. 1870 John DeForest Grout. Norman Edward Hefflon. Jonas Galusha Barney. hlarrison W. Hendrick. Leroy Munroe Bingham. John Augustine Magee. George Stannard Brigham. Albinus J. Merrill. Cassius Walker Brooks. Isaac Rice. Orland Jonas Brown. Rolza Rodolph Roberts. Jed Sawyer Caswell. Aurelius Calvin Sherwin. Charles Palmer Chesley. Louis Theophilus Talbot. Fred Curtis Durant. Thomas Jackson Walker.

Page  76 76 MEDICAL GRADUATES. Philander A. Wheeler. William Shine. James Darwin Woodworth. George Foster Simpson. 18 21 1873 1874 Gilman E. Baldwin. Charles II. Barber. Merritt Alphonso Bowel. Elbridge G. Carpenter. William N. Bryant. Frank II. Cilley. Moses Dyer Carbee. Charles M. Draper. Charles Edmund Chase. Alfred C. Drury. John Murray Clark. Edgar J. Fish. Albert Faxon Eastman. George S. Foster. Charles Landon Fletcher. Warren Garfield. Daniel Reed Freeman. Willis T. Ilonsinger. Anson Joseph Golden. C. W. Howard. Vernon Clayton Goodrich. William W. IIutchinson. George Spaulding Green. Ora H. Lamb. James Buchanan IIall. George B. Packard. HIoratio Buell Holden. William S. Parsons. Harmon George Howe. William P. Robinson. David Sherwood Kellogg, Joseph C. Stillman. A. B. 18Z0. Elbridge A. Toby. Winfield Scott Nay. Henry A. Watson. Frank Ashton Packard. Willis M. Wells. Frederick Eugene Rice. 19

Page  77 HONORARY GRADUATES. 77 HONORARY GRAD1UATES. 1806 1811 *Jamnes Dean, Dart. 1800, *1ev. Abraham Bronson, A. A. M., LL. D. 1847, Tutor, M. and Columb. 1809 and Prof. Math. & Nat. Phil. Mid. 1817, Mem. Corp. *1849 *1853 1807 I*Rev. Jason Chamberlain, Brown 1804, A. M. and *Josiah Smith, Dart. 1789, Bowd. 1806, Prof. Latin A. M. *1810 and Greek Lang. *1821 *Samuel Chandler Crafts, s1808 IIarv. 1790, A. M., Merim. 1808 Corp., Mern. Congr., Gov. Vt.,U. S. Sen.'1853 *Rev. Jonathan Nyc, Brown I S. Sen. *1853 1801, A.M. & Br'n. *1843 *Rev. Joh Denson, A. *1812 *Asa Green, Winms. 1807, 1809 A.M. *1846 *Titus IIutchinson, Coll. *John Pomeroy,M. D., Prof. N. J. 1794, A. 1M., Mem. Med. Anat. & Surg., Prof. Corp., Ch. Judge Sup. Surg, Mem. Corp. *1844 Court Vt. *1857 *Truman Powell, A, B., M. *John Phelps, A. B. *1849 D. 1818. *1841 *IIorace Gates Spafford, A. M., LL. D. elsewhere. 1810 *Royall Tyler, Harvard and Yale 1776, A. M. and *Benjamin Chandler, n. D. Harv., Prof. of Law, Ch. *1818 Judge Sup. Ct. Vt., Mem. *Rev. Samuel Clark, I-Iarv. Corp. *1826 1805, A. M., Mem. Corp. *1827

Page  78 78 HONORARY GRADUATES. 1812 *Rev. Elon Galusha, A. B. A. TM. 1820 and Brown. *Francis Childs, A. M1. and *1856 Yale 1791. *1830 *James Fisk, A. M., Mim. 1817 Corp., Men. Cong., Judge Sup. Court Vt., U. S. Seln. *Win. Adams Pallner,A. M., *1844 Memr. Corp, U. S. Sen., *Rev.Jonathan Going,Brown Gov. Vt. *1860 1809, A. Ml., D. D. Brown, Mem. Corp.,, Pres. Granv. Coll. 0. *1844 1818 *Uriel Chittenden IIatch, A. B. Rev. Constant Southworth, *Rev. Asa Messer, Brown Mid. 1815, A. M. & Mid. 1790, LL. D., D. D. Brown *Rev. IIenry Pierce Strong, 1806 & Harv. 1820, Prof. Yale 1807, A. M. *1835 Anc. Lang. Brown, Prof. *Almon Wheeler, A. B. Math. & Nat. Phil. & Pres. *Rev. Samuel W. Whelpley, Brown. *1836 A. M. & Mid. 1823. *1847 * Charles Phelps, A B. *1854 Israel Putnam Richardson, Dart. 1804, A. M. 1820 *Rev. Robinson Smiley, Dart. 1798, A. M. *1856 *Rev. Eben Hill Dorman, *Joshua Youngs Vail, Mid. A. M. & Mid. 1822. *1862 1808, A. M. *1854 *Rev. Asaph Morgan, A. M. *Rev. Aaron Palmer, A. M. 1813 & Mid. 1819. *1821 Rev. Joseph Elliott, A. B. 1821 *Rev. Henry Green, A. MI., Alden Partridge, A. M. & Mlert. Corp. *Rev. Nathaniel Kendrick Dart. 1812, Supt. U. S. A. M. & Brown 1819, D.D. Mil. Acad., Pres. Jeff. Brown 1823, Prof. Theol. Coll. Miss., Pies. NorMadison Univ. *1848 wich Univ. *1854 *Henry Howard Ross, Columbia 1808, A. M., Mem. 1822 Cong. *1862 Spencer Clack, A. B. 1816 1823 John LeConte Cazier, A. B., Prof. Chem. Anat. & Phys. William Frederick Hall, Cast. Med. Coll. Mid. 1820, A. M.

Page  79 HONORARY GRADUATES. 79 *Cornelius Peter Van Ness, *Elijah Paine, Harvard LL. D., and Dart. 1825, 1781, LL. D. and Harv. Mem. Corp., Ch. Judge 1812, A. M. Harv. and Sup. Court Vt., Gov. Vt., Dart. 1786; Judge Sup. Minister to Spain. *1852 Court Vt.,U. S. Sen.,Judge *Rev. Charles Walker,A. M. U. S. Dist. Ct. Vt. *1842 & Mid. 1825 & Dart. 1825, *Rev. Micajah Townsend, D. D. 1847. *1870 A. M. *1871 *George Edwards Wales, A. M. and Dart. 1823; 1824 Mem. Cong., Mem. Corp., Speaker Vt. hIousc Reps. *IIeman Allen, A. M.,Iem. *1860 Cong., Mem. Corp. *1844 Stephen Cleveland Blythe, 1826 M. D. *Silas Bowen, M. D. and *Rev. John Bristed, A. M. Mid. 1829. *1857 *1855 James Campbell, M. D. *Alexander IIill Everett, *Joseph Dean Farnsworth, Harv. 1806 andA. M. 1814, M. D., Mem. Corp. *1857 LL. D. and Mid. 1839, *Rev. Eliphalet Gillett, Dart. Min. to Spain and China, 1791, I). D. *1848 Pres. Jeff. Coll. La. *1847 *Salma Hale, A. M., Mem. *Horatio Powell, M. D. Cong., Mem. Corp. *1851 Rev. Alvah Sabin, A. M., *Luther E. IHall, M. D. Mem. Corp., Mem. Cong. Isaac Hill,A. M.,Mem. Cong., *John Weston, Dart 1806, Gov. N. H., U. S. Senator. M. D., M. B. Dart. 1809, *1851 A. M. Dart. *1832 *Rev. IIcenry Hunter, A. M. *'1834 1827 *Henry S. TWaterhouse, M. 1)., Prof. Surg. *Elijah Baker, M. D. *1855 *Rev. Sylvester Nash, A.M. *1862 1825 Robert Nelson, M. D. & Dart. 1831, Prof: Anat. & William Atchinson, M. D. Pllys. Cast. Med. Coll. *Isaac Fletcher, Dart. 1808, A. M., Mem. Cong., Mem. 1828 Corp., Speaker Vt. House Reps. *1842 *Rev.Moore Bingham,A. M. *David Lawrence Morrill, Daniel Goodyear, M. D. LL. D., A. M. and M. B. *John Lynde, A. M. and M. D. Dart., Gov. Rev. Louis McDonald, Mid. N. H., U. S. Sen. *1849 1823, A. M.

Page  80 80 HONOBARY GRADUATES. Rev. Silas McKeen, A. M. *Rev. Roswell Shurtleff, & Dart. 1822, D. D. Dart. Dart. 1799, D. D., Prof. 1861. Theol., Prof. Phil., Prof., Rev. James Reid, A. M. Mor. Phil. & Polit. Econ. Dart. *1861 *Alvan Stewart, A. AM. 829 1835 Roswell Bates, MI. D. Jonathan Berry, M. D. Farrand Northrop Benedict, Rev. Simeon S. Bicknell, Ham. Coil. 1823, A.M., Dart. 1823, A. M. LL. D. 1868, Librarian, *HIope Lathrop Dana, Dart. Prof. Math. & Civ. Enlg., 1819, M. D. *1841 Emeritus 1854. *Joniatllanl Peckham Miller, *Carlos Coolidge, Mid. A. M1. *1847 1811, A. M., LL. D. Mlid. 1849, Mem. Corp., Gov. Vt. *1866 1830 Hiland Hall, A. M., LL.D. 1859, Mem. Cong., Judge *Samuel Strong. Wood- Sup. Court Vt., Gov. Vt. bridge, Wmms. 1827, A. M., Bernard Jacob Heineberg, *1 834 M. D. *Ilenry F. Janes, A. M., 1832- Mem. Cong. *Joseph Marsh,A. M.,M.D. Dart. 1830, Prof. Theory *Rt. Rev. John Henry and Prac. Med. *1840 Hopkins, D. D., J. C. D. Benjamin J. Mooers, M. D. Oxford, P. E. Bishop of Vt. & Univ. State N. Y. *1868 Edward Elisha Phelps, A.M., *Joseph Painchaud, M. D. M.D.Yale1825,LL.D.1857, *William Robertson, M. D., Prof. Anat. & Surg., Lect. Prof. McGill Cell. Mon- Mat. Mled. Med. Bot. & treal. Med. Jurisp. Dart., Lect. Mled. Bot. & Prof: Mat. 1833 Med. & Therap., Prof. Theory & Prac. Med. & Julius T. Ducatel, M. D., Pathol. Anat. Dart. Prof. Chem. Univ. Md. Isaac Fletcher Redfield, Dart' *Horace Wilcox, Mid. 1830, 1825, A. M. and Dart., A. M. *1839 LL. D. Trin. Coell. 1849 & Dart. 1855, Prof. Med. Jurisp. Dart.; Ch. Judge 1834 Sup.Court Vt. Benjamin Hubbard Smalley, Rev. David Russell, D. D. A. I.

Page  81 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 81 Phineas Spalding, A. I., A1. I *Stephen Royce, Mid. D. Dart. 1823, Prof. Surg. 1807, LL. D., Ch. Judge Vt. Coll. Med. Sup. Court Vt., Gov. Vt. *Andrcw. Tracy, A. M3. *1868 & Dart. 1852, Mern. Corp., Georwge Washing'ton Strong, Speaker Vt. Houlse Reps., Yale 1803, LL. D., A. 1M. Memr. Cong. *1868 1 CoIll. N. J. *1855 * Philip Crosby Tucker, A. M. and clid. 1842. *.1861 1838 *Williain Upham, A. 3M., U. S. Senator. *1853 Rev. Lucius Doolittle, A.M. *Liucius Benedict Peck, 1836 A. M. Moren. Cong. *1866 R*Robert Pierpoiut, A. lM. Retv. WMilliam 1F. Cnurre)y,: & Mid. 1826, Mem. Corp., A. M. Paul Dill.igham, A. M- Tieut. Gov. Vt., Judge Cir. Court Vt.'1861 Meon. Cong., Gov. Vt., Samuel Blake Prentiss, Mlemn. Corp. A. M. Rev. Peola Durkee, A. B., -John Smitl, A. M. and A. M. 1839 & Mid. 1843. Mid. 1829, Mlem. Coip., Rev. Samuel Gile, Dart. Mem. Con,. *1858 180'-i, D. D.' 1836 180, D. D. 183 onathan. Douglass Wood*Rcv. George YV\shington - ward, A. M., Speaker Rausloxv, A-. M. HIouse Reps. Vt.;'1870 David Read, A. M., Treas., Silas Wright, Mid. 1815, City Recorder 1865-67. LL D., MeIem. 1837 Jdg Court of Appeals N. Y., Gov. N. Y., U. S. IHermaun'. Beardslcy, A. MI. Senator. *1847 Rev. Joel Blackmer, Dart. *Ammi Burlulam Y oung, 1834, A. 14. A. MI. andcl Dart. 18i1. Julius Converse, A. M., Lieut. Gov. Vt., Gov. Vt. 1839 *Rev. Joseph Bartlett Eastman, Dart. 1821, A. M. Joseph Dana Allen, A. 1:. * 1864 Edward Henry Brown,A.M. SamueclSheldon Fitch, A. *-lRt. Rev. Carlton Clhase, *Rltev. Thomas Itall, Dart. Dart. 1817, D. D., P. E. 1823, A. M.'* 1859 ]Bislhop N. II. 1870 Rev. Dunca Macan uley,A.M. I *IIc1ry Clay, LL. D., and Edin., D.D. Transylv. 1822 and- I-arv. Roswell Marsh, A. 1I. 1825 and Jeff. Pa. 1815, Rev. Simeon Parmelee, A. Mein. ConUg. and Speaker M. & Mid. 1813, 1). 1). IHouse.of Reps., Aribass. 1860, Mem. Corp. ExtraoL. at Gllent to con

Page  82 82 MEDICAL GRADUATES. elude Treaty with Eng., Rev. John Johlnston CarU. S. Senll., Secretary of ruthers, D. D. State. *1852 John Lock Chandler, A. IM., Roswell W. Ilaskins, A. M. M. D. Mvid. 1827. Edwin Ferry Johnson, A. MI. Stephen Sewell Foster, A.., and lHam. Coll. Al. D. Vt. Coll. Med. "St. John Bull Lawrence *Samuel Hitchcock, A. Alr. Skillller, A.;A. *1872 *1851 Louis Spring Hopkins, 1840 A. M., AM. D. Yale. Rev. Howard Malcolhm,I.D. Cornelius lI. Brosnan,A.M., and Un. Coil., President Triin. Coll. Dubliin. Georgetown Coill. Ky. *Rev. Elijah Helcling, D. ID. Willina Rx', A. 1l. and Union 1837, A. M. Rev. Joln Alell Spoouer, Yale 1824. *1852 A.. Willialll Augustus Norton, A. M1., Priof. Nat. Phil. 1844 and Astr. Newark Coill., also N. Yr. Univ., Brown:Abner -Benedllict;, Rens. Pol. and Yale. Inst. 182st, A. -A.. *1854I *-Hiraln.owers, A. n1. and *'Sal non F. Dutton, A. WM. Dart. 1866. *1857 Rev. Johnlll IT. Walden, A.. Elon Farnsworth, A. M., Chancellor Micll. 1841 *Aliert Gallatin Whittemore, A. M.:-1852 -Williaml Bulrritt Benedlict, Rer. Jolhn C.'Wilder, A. 1[. A. M. *Rev. Eliplialet W. Gilbert, 1845 Un. Coll. 18113, D. D., Pres. Del. Coll.'1853 Rev. HIorace Balch hIackett, pRev. Calvin Granger, A.1l.. Amhl. 1830, D. Pr., Plof WVilliam Henry Cuyler Hos- Gr. and Lat. Lang. Brown, mer, A. 1M. Prof. Sac. Lit. Newton Rcev. Benjaimin Labtaree,Dart. Theol. Sem. 1828, ). 1)., LL. 1). Dart. *Rev. To~orthingtoll Smithl, 1864, P1es. & PrIof Anet. Wins. 1816, D. D., Mem. Lang. Jack. Cell. Tenm., Corp., P1es.:1856 Pres. Mid. Coil., Lect. Rev. Jo1hn1 Suddard, A. 1M. MLo. Phil. andll Internat. Law. Daart..1846 1843 Ciharles DeForest Kasson, A. M. *1853 Rev. William BIrowpvs A. Al.''IHenry Reed, LL. D., Prof. _Eng, Lit. TUnIiv. Pa.:;1854

Page  83 MEDICAL GRADUATES. 83 Charles Russell, A. M. *Sanmuel Mills Conant, llid. Paraclete Sheldon, A. M. 18414, A. M. *1855 David Allen Smallcy,A. ALM., *Norman Durant, A. M. J-udge U. S. Dist. Ct. Vt. Jefibrson Parish Kidder, *Willianm Weston, A. 3M. A. M., Lieut. Gov. Vt., Judge Sup. Ct. Dacotah, 1847 ViiMei Collg.AM 1847 In Virtul-oln Rich, A. MI. o te, U. 18, Rev. Eli WTilmot Taylor, *:Carlos Baxter, Un. 1830, A. M. DcWitt Clinton Clarke, Un. 1831, A.. 18Z19 Silas IT. )ouglas, A. M:A., Prof Chemi. Univ. Mich. RCV. tltiul r1oW Iodge, tRev. John A. IIicks, Cotl- A. M. & Univ. Roch. 1854. umbia 1823, I). D. Rev. Timothy M. Hopkins, Augustus Pingry I-ulluton, A. M. & AMid. 1853. A. IM. & Dart 1859,Speaker Rev. Elbri -e Kniht A House Reps. Vt. t -~Leonard Marsh, Dart. 1 8237, A. M., M.. art. 1832, 50 Prof. Lat. and G(r. Lang., Prof. Vcg. and Aniti. Philander P. Bradford, A. Phys. *1870 M., l. D. Mid. 1833. *F'crand Fassett Merrill, John L. Bucl, A. M. A. Al.' 1859 Rlev. Daniel Warren, A. lI. Asahel Peck, A. MAl., LL. 1). Rev. HI-enry Wilkes, D. D., Mid. 1872, Judge Cir. Ct. LL. D. Univ. McGill Vt., Judge Sup. Ct. Vt., 1870,Prin.Cong. Coll. Brit. Gov. Vt. N. Am., and Prof. Theol. Rev. Thomas AV. Piersonl, & Ch. IHist. A~'. AI. *Edlwarc Aug ustus Stans- JS51 bury, A. IM. Rev. Henry L. Stark, A. A. *\\Tilliami Czar Bradley, Eliakim Persons Walton, LL. D., IA. M. Yale 1817, A. Al. and Mid. 1860, Mem. Cong. *1867 Merm. Cong. Charles Dewey Day, LL. D., Judge Queen's Bench, 1848 C. E HIenry Lee Dodge, A. IM. tRev. Joel Smith Binlghall, Dorman Bridgman Eaton, A.'M. & Mid. 1817. A. AM., LL. B. IIarvard tev. Willard Child, Yale 1850, LL. D. 1874, Chair1817,'A.\,. Mid. T18'31 & man Civil Service CornYale, D. D. mission, 1873-75.

Page  84 84 MEDICAL GRADUATES. Frederlick 1Iolbrook, A. M. * Danil Back, A. A. *.18711 and Dart. 1865, Gov. Vt. Alonzo Clark, Wins. 1828, Rev. Francis Emerson Judd, LL. D., A. M. Wins. amid A. AN. Dart. 1844, M. D. Ulliv. Moses P. Kellogg, A. M. City N. Y. 1835, Prof. 1ev. Jolln Orcutt, A.. N. Mlat. Med. Berk. Meld. Ttliolias Eleazar Powers, Sell. and Prof. Theo. and A. n3., M. D. Dart. 1827, Pract. Med. Coil. Phys. Speaker House Reps. Vt. and Surg. N. NY. Rev. Frederickl Atugustus l1ev. Arteinas Deane, Amh. Ross, D. D. 1842, A. N. IIomer E. Royce, A. N., *HIorace Green, LL.D.,M.ID. Meie. Cong. Mid. 1824, aind A.. M. Rev. Henry Boynton Smlith, 1834, Prof. Theory and Bowd. 1834, D. D. & Pract. Castl. NIed. Coell. HIarv. 1858, LL. ID. West. and Pres., Prof. Theo. and Res. Coell. 1864 & Coll. Praet. N. Y. City 3Med. N. J. 1869, Prof. Int. & Coill. and Pies. *1866 Mor. Phil. A-imh. Coil., George A. Hinman, A. M. Prof. Eccl. IIist. & Prof. Rev. John Irwin, A. M. Theol. Un. Theol. Sem. *-DanielKellogg, Wins.1810, George F. Stone, A. M., LL.D., Pres. Const. Cony. M. ID. Vt. 1843, Judge Sup. Edwin Percy Whllipple, A. Conrt Vt. *1875 M. & Hlarv. 1848. IRev. Daniel Jamnes Noyes, Dart. 1832, D. D., Prof. 1852 Theol. Dart., Prof. mlit. Phil. and Polit. Econ. *Rev. Silas Aiken, Iart. Rev. Daiel. Reed, A. M. 1825, ID. D.'1869 -*Adoliraiim Judson Rowell, *Portus Baxter, A. M.,Nem. A. Corp., Mem. Cong. 1868 illi ilso, Isaac N. Cushman, A. dllge Sup. Conlrt Vt. *Charles Gamage Eastman, A. M. *1860 Calvin N. Fitch, A. NI. 1854 Thomas Hale, A. NI. Francis G. Johnson, A. N. Benjamin Alvorc, A. N. Chaurles Rich, A.. rWilliaml Wallace Blake,A.M. Chauncey Smith, A. N. Samuel Worcester Dorlman, Rev. Alvi Tabor Twing, A. o. AR. Ng. N iolCl. Joseph IIenry Green, LL. D. Rev. Hugh N. Wilson, Coil. John Howe, A.. N. J. 1830, ID. ID. Rev. Adam Lillie, D. D. Jean Baptiste Meille ur, A.M., 1853 Supt. Pub. Inst. C. E., N{. D. Mid. 1824, LL. D. Corydon Beckwick, A. M. StY. John's Coll.

Page  85 HONORARY GRADUATES. 85 MaIrtyn Paine, HIarv. 1813 George Gale, V. 3I., Pies. & AM.:)., LL. D., Prof. Galesv. Univ. Institutes Med. & M[lat. Join1 M. Johnston, MI. D. A[ed. ULtiv. N. Y., Cot. Luke P. Poland, AV. MI., TIE. Sec. Ruoyal iMedl,..Soc. 1). 1861, Ch11. Judgle Sup. Il'Prss., Fellow M:ted. Soc. Court Vt., U. S. Sen., Leips. 3leno. Cong. Alexanider l)fi' Stevens, VA. 1855 rM., M. I). SJolin Steele Tyler, A. M..SaloneiI Beautml1ont,. DP.:Rev. vAndrew \Vitllerspoon, Josiah Brigltam, A. I. PD. Lucius E. Chittenden, A. TI. George Franklinl Edmunds, A. M., LL. D. Mid. 1869, 1858 Speaker House Recps. Vt., U. S. Selln. John IL. Beckwitl, A. TI. Johin Leonard Lanipso-n, A. Joseph S. Cilley, A. I. M. W\Tarreii C. French, A. MI. John F. Miles, Mi. D. *Jamnes Melville Gilliss, LL. *Iliraml Fairchild Stevens, D. *1865 A. i., 1T. D. *1866 Rev. Edward Iungerfolrd, Levi Underwood, A. MI. & Yal. 1851, A. 31., Prof: I)art. 1865, Lient. (Gov. Chem. & Geol. Vt. Lymartn Rix, M. D. Noah Bigelow Safford(, A.M. 1856 e"lrgec I-. Tjylol, M3. I., *0. 1). Allis, A. TI. 1866 Henry Burrinrgton, A.. 1 Levi A. Dulnn, A M. 1M. Henry Erni, A. 3I., M. D, Prof. Chem., Prof. Chein. Charles Dana., A. Mi. & Dart. Univ. N-ash. 1858. Ienury Hubbard, A. 1M. John It. Graham, A. 31. Sylvester Oakes, I1. William Miller, A. -I. *Salmon Wires, A..'. *1866 Benjamin S. Nichols, 3I. D., A. M3. 1857 Edwin David Sanborn,Dart. 1832, LL. D., Prof. Lat. *George Wylly.s Benedict, Lang. & Lit. Dart., Prof: Wins. 1818, LL. D., Prof. Rhet. & Prof. Class. Lit. Math. & Nat. Phil., Prof. & Hist. Univ. Wash. Nat. Phil. & Cheim., P rof: Solomon Sias, 3I. D. Nat. IIist. & ChemL., Sec., Rev. Joseph Tracy, Dart. Treas. *1871 1814, D. D.

Page  86 86 HIONORARY GRADUATES. 1860 1866 TIiem1a Carpenter, A. M. tichalld Woodbury Lan-g, *Erastus Fairbanks, LL. D., A.., LL. D. Racine 1873. Curator, Gov. Vt. *1861 Charles A. J. Marsh, A. IM, George Folsom, Ilarv. 1822, Timothy Fletcher Pl'ker, LL. D. A. M. Hiramr Iansoln, I1. D. Edwardcl 1-igginsonWVilliams, Rinalduts L. Perkins, A. M. A. 31. Edward L. Yeomans, D. R. Rev. John Hopkins Worcester, Dart. 1833 and A. AiI. 1861 D.D. Asaph Alorgan. Butler, A.. l8. 1867 *Jeremiiah'Frenclh, A. NI.'*1868 Johnl D. Queevy, n1. D. Eli WVlhitney Blake, A. 31. Isaac Smith, 1. D. Rev. George Nyc Boar'dmnl, AMid. 1847 and A.M., D. 1)., Prof: Rhet. and Enog. Lit. 186'2 Mid., Prof. Theol. Clticago Theo. Scrn. Edwin R. Babcock, N. ID). Henry Clark, A. IM. Alfired E. Bucher, M. I). Edward Conant, A. A1. William P lerry Cantwell, *Asa Sanderson, A. M. A. M. *Thaddells Stevens, LL. D). Hlartman P. Dewees, Coell. William Alnlon Wheeler, N. J. 1835 & A. A.,LL. D. LL. D., A. M. Dart. 1865. Iiram Dow, M. D. Rev. Pliny HIolton White, Job E. Macomber, A. MI. Al. Tlhomnas W. Silloway, A. 31. 1864 1868 Rev.. Jolshn FIlavel Bi gelow, George Franklin Bailey, A. M. Univ. Roch. 1856, Rey. Edin dolphns BuckDL. D. ley, Yale 1844, D. D. Luther Loomis Dutcher, A.M. Or.ange voerris, A. M., eIno. 1865 Cong. Daniel HI. Goodwillie, M1. D., Rev. Samuel Read Iall, D. D. S. LL. D., A. N. Dart. 1839. Calvin Lewis Robinson,A.M. George J. Stannard, A.. Dennis Townsend, A. 31. I-Henry Chester Parsons, A A. William W. Wheeler, A. M1.

Page  87 HONORARY GRADUATES. 87 1869 1871 Lyman Barton, M. D., A.. ev. Stephen D. Brown, Aintable Shil I-Iagophyan Garabet, M. I). 1872 Louis Pollens, A. M. Philip 1H. Sheridan, LL.D. David Blakely, A. M. Elisha French Thayer, M.D. HIenry A. Smalley, A. M. 1870 1873 Peter Collier, Y ~ale 1861 George Alvin Barrett, Ph.B. Peter Collier, Yale 1861 and Ph. D., M. D. 1874 Franklin Wlarner Gilbert, AFr.anM.klinl -\Varver Gilb~ert, Justin Sniith Morrill, LL.D., ~~A. lxi5~. 1U. S. Senator.

Page  88 88 1 N DEX. INDEX. NOT. —The first two figlures of the date of gaduation are omitted; h denotes honorary, m mldeical, graduates. Abbott 6o nobert Nathlan Ashmun 49 George Nelson 62 John Johnson 16 Jehudi 67 C. L. m? 75 Johlln Barir Adams Atchinson 04 Charles Allis 25 William h, 2t Ephraimll 38 John Sullivan 45 Lore zo 3 a O. D. h, Atwater 50 W9 area Per y 61 Egbert Henry? 09 William mn.50 WT~arre Perry Z:) 147 Hiram Hayden mi, 55 Cepa Gader 9 Alvord 53 Edward Daniel Aiki-en 54 Benjainmin h Atwoo'iken Atwood. 52 Silas! Anmeden (;1 Robert Nutting 71i 64 Oscar Aldis 65 Archibald O. m 2'9 Asa Owen Andrews A2sten 20 Seneca Alger 75 Edward WVebster 37 Chailes Lee 26 Willis S. )2 65 Orlo HIenry 54 Charles Jonathan Angell 37 Geo. Washington Ayers Allard Aye s 32 John Baptistm, Annable 64 Joseph Gerrishl i 65 Lyreart H. mz Allen Babcock 12 Horace 62 Edwin R. h, 23 Frederick Hunt Arin 69 Iceett Vrightm 24 Henian h 74 Willard Norris 27 George Arms Bailey 28 Seymour Laurent 30 Ethan m, 29 Chailes C. ini 18 benj. Franklin 39 Joseph Winm. 43 Albert Htopson 39 Joseph Dana h Arthur 57 James HIunting57 Cyrus Hamilton nm 65 Charles W. m?2 ton rz 59 Charles Edwlin 72 Louis Augustus 63 George Franklin h, - - — ~ c`- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"~

Page  89 I N D E X, 89 Baker IBarrett Bebee 27 Elijah h 54 Oliver Dana 57 Nelson Dudley m, 51 Ariel Anton 72 Lucius B. 1m Barron Beckwith 41 Wm. Trotter 33'Darius A. wm Ba5ldwin 53 Corydon h 53 Frederick Harley Bartlett 58 John H. h 62 Theodore Smith 66 Edwin W. m 73 Gilman E. mn Belcher.allarc Bart~litt 43 Win. Caldwell 46 Isaac Sawyer 52 Orrin Lawrence 57 Heman Orson m 54 Charles Rollin 59 Alfred Cowles Bartonl Belknap 6(1 Henry 68 Chester Manly 1? 66 Franklin 69 Lyrlanr h 66 Henry Ballon Bass 74 Chas. Farnsworth 59) Edward Cary Belden Alphens Phineas im Bancroft Bassett 57 Royal Jackson 57 Harvey J. In Bell Barrber Basscord 63 David Crayton m 45lslel - 8as~forcl 164 Newton Steph. m 45 Alanson Darius 29 Horace H. i 69 Willitonam tealph m 74 Charles H. 619i Batchelder BelloTs Bard 51 Geo. W\ashington I 57 George Ingersoll B;ates Belle Isle Barker 27 Daniel El 73 William Parker 29 Roswell Ed. Thomas 40 John Hoskins 57 Samuel Lysander Benedict Barlow 61 George (Chapman. 62 Horace 35 Farrand North. h 41 Win. Burritt h BaradBaxter 43 Abner p~lr~nard bl 4i John Nevers 43 Joel Tyler 53 Lucius Eirastus 47 Carlos h 41 Charles Linn-cus 59 Henry Eells 52 Portus It 44 Abner h (68 Lcilus M. )n 59 Je-lecliah Hyde iml 47 Geo. Grenville 48 Robert Dewey Barnes Ba ylies 55 Benjamin Lincoln 04 Wheeler 2' Nicolaus 57 Geo. Wyllrs It 25 Melvin',a 57 George m 45 Azro 68 Henry Clay Beardslcy Benjain ( C37 Herlman R,. itb 614 Mirza Nestor in Barney Boeard 70 Jonas Galuslha lm 60 George Petrie Bennett 43 Edmund Hatch Barnuml Beaurmont 29 Plimmon C. mn 31 S. P. in[ 55 Samuel h t 62 Robert

Page  90 90 IND E X. Benson Blackmanl Bowen 38 Homer Henry 38 George 24 Si las 1h 44 James Smedley 73 Merritt Alph. m? Benton 54 Rleuben Clark Blackmer /Boywman 66 Eugene A. im 36 Joel h 17 Francis 27 Bela m1 Berry Blair 31 Baxter m 29 Jonathan h, 24 Horace P.'m, 59 Philo J. ms Boyden 69 Lauriston M. m Blaisell 2 William )sc. m 71 Charles Olin m 71 Edson George Bertrall 67 Stephen Blake 26 Asokett 54: William 7 Bicknell (67 Eli Whitney h, 29 Siimeon Ih Bradford 55 II:irmon Proctor 25 Austin -m Blakely 29 Chauncey Donane Bicdwelcl 7254 Quincy 50 Philander D. i 72 David h' 65 Charles H. m)i Bradley Bigelow Blanchard 51 Wtlliam Czar It 56 -i CGitteoeen 6 iorge -bulry 59 Virgil W. i, 54 Martin Chittenden 5zt Beorge HIentry (56 Allen Burr m 61 Lucius Bliss 56 Edw rd t 62 Orvis Truman ll t 25 Hosea a 6j4 John ]2hl~tVel /, 25 Hosea m12 E~Bradstreet 64 John hvl l 31 Zenas 46 Neziab W righlt 71 George Pierce Billin'gs 52 Joshua Isham 35 E,,LWard HIorace 71 William Henry Brainerd tt i'1rlelderie 26 Asa P7 0. U. ~ancl tler Blodgett 62 Joseph Paitridlge Bingam2() 20 eman Miller Bingha m 39 Dudley Chase Bray 2's vloore I7 47 \Vn. Wilsthrop 28 Anselm at 46 Joel S. h G66 John HI. m1 1'7 Leroy ~ulunroe Wn 67 Dudley Chase mn Brewster 41 Itenry Sterling l3lcd 16Blythe 0d John r11 ininus I4 Stepl. Cleveland ]i 1,Briant 63 Siamuel Inge: soll Birdseye t66 Joseplh 1-. a Boardman l. 69 George Nye ih Brigha 54 Waldo Bissell,55 Josiah it, 6 \VWi. IIen. Angns. Boguo 70 Geo. Stannard m9 58 Allen Page 4u elor. Van Ness Blatck Bostwick Briggs 71 AlMelburn Sylves41 David 35 Samuel lreck ter itt

Page  91 I N D EX. 91 Brinsmnaid Buck 1Burt 70 James Hall 48 Myron 49 Henry Adams 50 John Hildreth Bristed 50 John L. sh ll 6Brohted53 Daniel h Bushnell >26 John h 63 Cornelius H.'/b 69 Charles 11 Bronson Buckhlam Butler 11 Abrallham ih 51 Matthew Henry 32 Albert Camp?n 53 Henry Baruby 36 Franklin Brooks 55 Thomas Scott 53 Hobart 25 Pascal Paoli mz 61 Henry Edward 70 Cassius Walter 1i Buckley 61 Asaph Morgan h 41 Daniel Booth 70 Idard Page Brosnan 40 Cornelius M. h Buel Byington 19 Samuel 62 lzra Hoyt Brown 63 George Phelps 28 John in Buell 39 Edward Henry h 41 John Morgan Cady 4319 W(lliarml 1Iel11;Y Z161 Jb11 AIO~g 29 Stephen C. m 59 Theodore C. 2 tephn C. m 63 James Artelmas Bulkley 70 Orland Jonas m 68 Ectwiu Adolphus/t Ca10ooi 71 Stephen D. h 20 George Clinton Bullard 38 Edward Augustus BrowIe 29 Cullen min 59 William Faulk- 61 Erastus Franklin ner?1 Catleron Bulrbank ~38 Hugo Brownell 41 Henry Alonzo 09 Chauncey Camp 13 GroveLawrence Burdick 10 )David Manning 68 E. Laivience )?n 58 Arthur Frankl.?) 56 Isaac Newton 70 Chaunncey Wells 59 Francis N. min 68 A. Royce mi JBromwnson OC3 ElBurington Campbell 10 John 56 I-enry h 24 James h 27 Solon in, Bruce Burnett 29 Orrin S. m 72 Martin m 61 Elijah Lvings 43 William Merritt 71 George William mi 71 James mt Bruslh Burns 34 Chas. David Ly- 66 Archibald W. mn man Cantwell 48 George Seymlour Burnhat 62 William P. 7 58 Edwin Huthv. mi 29 Walter B3ryant 62 Win. Franklin in( Carbee 73B Williamnt N in ~73 Moses Dyer in Burroughs 1Bucher 61 Julius Lucien 1m Carleton 62 Alfred E. b 60 Hiram

Page  92 92 IN D E X. Carpenter 23 Moses m Cillcy 24 Christopher min 43 3ohn Lockwood h 58 Joseph S. h 37 Erasmus Irvinl 56 George 7 WaVshington Spcn38 Charles Smith 69 Merritt Henry m cer 51 Byron 74 Frank H. t 57 Beni. Walter m Chitapill 6C)0 HemaLn It 61 Cornelius Angus- Claflin 61 Geo. Nathanael tus 50 Rufus Tiigley 61 William Thomas 61 John F. it 62 Carlos HI. m l 68 Mason Bill Clapp 74 Elbridge G. at Chancy 20 Ebenezer 31 Henry Carruthers 4 Lucian West Carruthers CLTl 43 John Johnston h 07 Sattlee Chaplin Hu10 Samuel h Cartier 06 John huntint 16 Samuel 32 Sylvester,i C 30 Jacob mlt Chase 415 Jacob Merrill 39 Carlton 1t 45 NathanaelC Geo. Case 73 Charles Edniundl 48 John 38 Rufus a1 53 Wnl. Stevens 39 Moses Parmelee 53 Alonzo h 55 Charles Wallace Cac ~s0low v Chesley 5(6 George HIeinry 70 Charles I'almer a 58'Edard 67 Juan Fernando 1. 65 Albert Warren Chesloro 66 Rtufus King a,11 GCcaswall.60 Alvin Harding 11 67 Ienry h 70 Jed Sawyer mn 73 John Murray 11 Cassidy Child Clarke 65 Pa!rick mi 06 Gardner 47 Dewitt Clinton h 48 Willard h 60 Elle Chan. CatlinCi 26 Alexander Ch ild Clay 73 Charles Albert 12 Francis 73 Robart Mayo Chilson Cleaveland Cazier 62 Steph. Lorenzo 7)1 25 Norman as 16 John LeConte ih Clem1entt Chamberlain Chittenden 63Cl Thomas. 11 Jason t1 09 Thomas 64 Loren t 26 Martin Clemons 55 Lucius E. h Clemon Cha erlin 65 Seneca S. Jm 26 Preston m Churchill Cobb 48 Edward Binghamnklin Hunter Cobb 64 George WNhite 43 Franlin Hunter 10 Jacob Dunscombe GereWie 2 Eslbon 9tt 63 L. Wardsworth at6 Chandler 07 Amariah Clack Coburn 10 Benjamin i1 22 Spencer hi 33 Lorenzo

Page  93 IND X. 93 48 Stedman Ely 58 Job m'Curtis 53 Lexwis Lamned 41 Sam. Cordis Lee 63 BSenjalumin i1 Corey 47 John 63 Charles,n 63 Edward M. A n Cochran 6(2 George Buck Coto Cushman 32 Cyril Hect. O. In 52 Isaac N. h Colburn 44 Moses McLellan Cottrill Cutler 47 Geo. WashingtonI 45 Ebenezer 52 Jedd Philo Clark 53 Ezekiel Colby 64 Geo. Ingresol in 26 John C. in Coy 61 Erastus Calhounm Cutting Collamner 35 Sewall Sylvester 10 Jacob Crafts 57 Henry Partridge 44 William 11 Samuel Chandler/1 Collier ana Cranl 29 Hope Lathrop h 58 Harvey Fisk m}& 36 Oscar Fitzallan 39 E. Trowbridge Collins Crandall 59 Charles H. 72'George P. 1ii 63 John Bradley Daa Darrah Columbo Crale 67 Arthur John mn 60 Raffael 5,z 69 Edward aes Dart Co.antCrittenden,54 James C. m Conant CI lttenclen 48 Samuel MI. h 71 Ruaes Asapl z y Davey 41 (ihristoph. M. ~Counne~l Crowley 42 Chalon Ford 59 Charles Pitt n 64 George J. iM Converse Cross Davis 61 Charles Morrill m 52 Wilbur Palmner ~2 ~5 Jami~e ~s ~59 John N. in 61 John Hen Culli 62 James Wilson 61 John Heman Cullis 68 George W. in 69 Carls Allen 57 Charles Allen 72 Emory Hl. Coolidge Culver Day 35 Carlos lh 26 Erastus Dean 25 Irad C. 28 Ira in 23 Elijah m Cummins 51 Charles D. h 57 Sherman in 54 Hump. Yearsley Dean Copeland Currey 06 James is 56 John Wesley mS 36 NVilliam F. h Deane Corbin Currier 38 John Franklin 22 Pliny Moore 58 Sam. Hammond cl 53 Artemas It

Page  94 94L INDEX. Demeritt Dodge D ubois 61 John Pushee 18 Nehenliah 50 Ulriah Curtis 34 William m Deominil 45 Joseph T. F..... 436 Win. Appleton Ducatel'24 David E. (3b 60 Bradley W. i } 33 Julius T. h 27 ChariLles Follett 73 George Moore 61 Philander 6(3 Linton Judson in Dunlop Donovan 59 Rlufus m Denison I64 Dennis 11 John h Dunn 25 Joseph Adams m1 Doolittle 56 Levi A. h 40 Dudley Chase 38 Lucius h 54 Geo. Stanton 614 Franklin Dunton 6S Joseph Dudley Dormarn 70 Charles HIoward 69 Charles m'20 Eben Hill h 71 Charles Simeon 54 Samuel W. h Durant 4= Norman hi Dewey Dorwin 70 Fred Curtis 1 2-1 J llius YcomLans m1 24 Lewis 11 415 Charles Durkee Douglherty 36 Peola h Dwcees 30 James 0'( llartln'llln P. h 42 Marcus Duteher 12 Jaines Clark D Aeritt Douglass 58 Daniel (;2 ALbrathamrT.'n 77 Silas H. 3; 68 Luther Loomis h 50 Henry Hlomner Dickecnshied Dutton 7i2 Char les ItHenry 1b I~Douslinan 44 Salmon F. h.27 John B. in 56 Thomas Traey mi IDickinson 38 Win. Leverett o wiell 72 Edwin Eli Dwinell 7 w Eli 62 Hiraml It 43 Israel Edson 67 James Arthur am 49 Melvin Dillinghamn 70 Albert IRichard 36 P~tauD / Earle Drake 41 Jonath. Whipple Ditson (369 Isaac at 61 Geo. Leighton m Draper Eastman Divoll 74 Charles M, in 27 Francis Smith 47.,.~ life ~~~37 Jos. Bartlett h 52 Charles G. h Drew 73 Albert Faxon at Dix'on 63 John Theophilus 58 Lucius Jerome jt Eaton Drury 51 Dorman B. lh Doane 59 Benjamin F; a 60 Solon 10 David 74 Alfred C. am 62 Harrison

Page  95 IND E X. 95 Eddy Everett Ferrin 62 Wm. Franklin mz 26 Alexander Hill It 45 Clark Ela 65 Merritt H. mn 37 Hlorace 65 Chester M. 7m 68 Royal Jerome m 41 Edward 75 William Nelson 48 George Leonard Edgell Ferris 27 John Q. Adams Fairbanks 24 John Alexander 60 Erastus h ~Ecdgertonl 24 Lynde Catlin in 63 Thomas Julius Fairchild ae 30 Benjamin in 31 John Fifield Edmunds 58 Nelson XV.,, 55 Benj.'Franlclin 55 George F. h 58 Merritt C. ub Farley Finch 59,narles I. ma 74 Henry Ortarn Edson 57 Pt,AlemyO'Mearavn Farnhlam Fish 49' Roswell 74 Edgar J. Elliott 13 Israel Farnsworth Fisher 13 Joseph h 24 Joseph Dean h 12 Abial 61 Lester Hall 29 Jnmes xI.,, 63 Albert Granville 44 Elon h Ellis 54 Philo Juclson Fisk 63 WalesHoward 60 Henry 8. at 12 James h 63 T:Wales Ho+^ward ml 67 Silas Eaton in 23 8. Newell Emerson Farr 30 Curtis Abel 51 Eliot TpUlin Fitch 30 Amos m 26 Leonard Mellen 37 Samuel Sheldon h 52 Calvin M. b Emery 58 John Cnirtis 28 James m 62 Hiubbard Clarkl 65 Alfred E. m7 62 Isaacni 1 Flanders 56 John Emmr-~11ons Farrell;65 Hosea B.') Emmoluos Farrell 25 Alden 66 Francis Fleming DE~nguleisby Far~wrell 28 Arelibald Eznglesby Farwell 43 Aug. Atkinson 4' Leverett Brush 64 Edg(ar J. 2 Robert Hull Erni Fay Fletcher 56 Henry h 71 Fred Alenzo 10 Elijah 25 Isaac h Erwin Fellows 39 Josiah Ambrose 61 Ralph P. amt 66 H-arris 1. 52 Dean AdalnS 67 Charles Lovejoymn 49 John Q. Adamls 73 Charles Landon D? Estes Ferguson Flint 71 David Foster 69) Edwin Charles 20 Samuel

Page  96 96 I N DEX. 36 Edwin. Frisbie 53 James Boardman 47 Fred. Austs 56 Oscar 53 Geo. Ingersoll 54 Nathanael Porter 54 Simeon Follett Fuller 59 John Ingersoll 10 Timothy 62 Hiram Le Roy 69 Francis h. 43 Charles Edward 47 Fred. Augustus Fulton Gile Folsom 65 Davis U. nl 36 Samuel h. 60 Geor ge h Gadcomb Gilfillan Foote 54 Wm. Wordhington 47 Dan'l William 18 LumanG Gale Forsyth 57 George h Gl 64 Sullivan French 60 Thomas Ii. 39 James F;Gallup Gillett Dnoeburgh 24 J ohn m? 24 Eliphalet h. 663 Danliel 2nl 53 Hiram Addison Galusha Foster 16 Elon 1h Gillis 11 Llucas Baldwin. 58 James Melville h. 25 Jesse Haven.i Garabet 37 Arthur Martin 43 Steph. Sewall h 169 Aintable S. H. 7h Gilman 74 George S. in 14 Constantine Garbutt Fowler 38 Zechariah Nairn Glynn 40 Joseph Curtis 1n 54 Patrick 43 Francis Garfield 74 AV arren in Goddard Francis 71 Camillo Ashley in 26 Daniel Dyer Garvin - 5G6 Lewis G62 Paul Chadbourn G-odfrey 73 Evelyn Frank 66 James Y. in Freeman 20 Silas C. (Gay Golden 69 Nelson Orlando 54 Charles Merrick 73 Anson Joseplh r 73 Daniel Reed i. Freau G-ibb Goodell 5reeu n 56 George B. h 55 Constans Liherty 59 Isidore m1 FGiberson Going 13 David 61 Charles Henry mi 12 Jonathan h. 58 Warren C. h7 61 George Albert Giddings Goodenough 61 Jeremiah b1 G6 Wllliam 11. in 30 Levi in Frink Gilbert Goodwillie 61 Joseph Elliott mn 41 Eliphalet W. /h, 68 Daniel H. h

Page  97 INDE. 97 Goodrich Gregory 38 Elmore John m 43 Sylvanus Owen 39 Isaac Newton 58 Percival Edwards 53 John Ellsworth 59 Hiram Henry 54 George S. mn 59 W-. Spalding 4Geore S. Griffin 65 Henry 1. F. 73 Vernon Clayton nm 73 James Wlhitcomb 65 Samuel Read h 73 James B. m Goodyear Griswola 28 Daniel h 12 Horace Hamilton 28 William Faty 25 Jamin nm Gordon 26 John P. im 47 Samuel Bull Gross 42 Emerson John 52 William Kirlkham 53 Hobart 75 Ellen Eliza Gorton Grosvenor Hammond 69 1-lenry Hale 13 Ebenezer Clark m 61 James Bartlet 35 lenjamin Grover Hanson 66 Joel m 60 Hiram h Goulding Grout 64 William HIemy m 72 John DeForest m 75 Orrin Wheeler JGraham Hackett Jardebrook 45 Horace Balch hn 57 John K. in Granger ile 41 Ualvin h 4 John James H arder 66 Charles Stewart rn 66 Frank W. Halbert Harmon 42 Sanford 68 Eli Edwin 2 Sanford 66 James C. 74 Charles Francis Hale H24 Haalma It Harrington Gray 26 ELnoch 0'9 Isaac Russell 44 Asahel Real 40 Henry 62 Jos. Lysander rn 42 Robert Safforl 70 George Levi im Green 45 John Gardner 11 Asa It 51 Matthew HIarris 13 Hsenry hi 52 Thomas h 67 Nelson Moore m 13 Henry h 38 Andrew 29 William in 38 Ade 53 Horace h EHall 54 Joseph Henry h 23 Win. Frederick h Hartzell 57 Salmon 24 Luther E. h 63 Henry K. m 73 Geo. Spaulding 2m-, 30 Isaac m 32 Samuel m 35 Hiland h HIaselton Greenleaf 37 T'homas h 71 Seneca 65 Arthur W. m 41 Fred. Thompson 46 Geo. Mortimer in 50 Thomas Spencer Haskell Greene 53 Joshua Beers 30 Perry 32 Pliny P. m 57 Robert Newton 45 Harr ison Stevens

Page  98 98 IN D EX. Haskins HIemming Higby 39 Roswell W. Ih 58 Win. F. Boyd?n 40 W\illiam 64 George Blake m I-Iemminway Hill I-latch 66 Lewis'l.?t 08 Ira 12 Uriel Chittenden /, 24 Isaac h 42 Horace m H enricl 27 Rodney Dewey 45 Asa Lyon r50 Geo. Melancthon 53 Warner Daniels 72 Harrison W. i, 51 Merrill Jackson 53 Edward Judson IHIathon'-Ienry 60 Henry o m 27 Anson Earl 54 baniuel rice G0 Morris IIenr m I-Iin a'Iayden I-crrick 54 George A. 1, 41 Chauncey Hilan 24 Steph. Leonard Iitchcock 39 William Tyler 11 Helry IHayes 45 HTenry Jay 25 Lucius m 1 Andrew L. m 47 John Russell 43 Samuel h. 55 George Elbriclge 47 Win. Dorns 56 ~Edlward Ever1ett 48 Stph. Washiington IIaynes 56 Geo. Frederick 5o Thomnias S.?2 56 Julius (;6 J. B. m 56 Justus HIitt 61 Lucius C. nmt 60 Johin Emery m Hazen 55 Austin Hewitt IIodoe 58 Wmn. Skinner 55 HIenry Nathan 49 xMfartin G. h 67 J. J. m Hibbard Holbrook Heald 50 Homer Nash 11 Levi 58 Dwight Snmith 51 Frederick DHibbler 64 Thos. Jefferson mn 62 It. \Walter m1 o lIealy Iolcomb 52 ooseph Warner 1-ickok (69 Byron Thompson 21 Win. Collard 73 Mahlon Beach Heath 27 Henry Pearl 54 Charles HIenry 37 James Whelpley Iolden 58 James Reid 73 1Horatio Buell )m) 69 Francis Heaton I t 27 OLrange Bi. m [Ificks 60 Alfl Fairlanks m. 47 John A. hi, IIeddiny f.6 David Farrand IIolton 40 El ij Th h2 14 Isaac [Iier IIelion 62 Alner A. ml Holsinoger 72 Norman E. mn 75 Wlllis T. liogbee iHeinebcrg 4 Elnathan E. Hooper 35 Bernard Jacob h 71 Edwin Wilbur m 28 Foster pm

Page  99 I N D E X. 99 Hopkins I-Iumphrey Irwin 1s3 Samuel Gordon 29 hylvanus m 53 John h 30 Edwin XV. m 32 John Henry h Hunne3ford Ishanm 39 John Henry 43 Lewis Spring h 58 Idward b7 11 Oran 47 Caspar Thomas 49 Timothy M. h I-IHunt 50 Theodore Austin 61 William E. mt Jackson 55 Vim. Cyprian 63 J. A. m 59 Frederick Vincent Huntcr (65 J. Henry mi n24 Henry I 71 Samuel N. m Horton 58 Alonzo Edward Hn tin Jameson 5S Anz1 tmtntinb 46 John Alexander HIosford 60 George Field 33 Orville Janes Huntington use Jn 35 Henry F. h Hliosiner George ssll 38 Henry Brown 42 Charles Andrew 44 1Horce Partridge 41 William I1. C. h 71 Tlio's Waterman Hongliton iunton Jarvis 39 Charles 24 Geo. Washington 47 Augustus P. le 30 Oliver T. m 39 Geo. Frederick Jenkins 40 Daniel Clay Hurd 74 Jason Darwin 42 Roland Stebbins 61 James Christie m 7 46 Heinr~ Oscar HIutchinson 25 Lyman T. m Howard 11 Titus h 56 Rodney IIollu-d 23 Edwin 74 C. W..m 24 Orramel Jewett 25 Henry 48 Fayette in Ho0we 43 John Brackctt 42 James Blake 74 N. Johnson 44 Win. Bell White 07 Lewis 51 John h Hutton 27 Frederick m 73 HarmL on Ge o. ma 32 John 38 John Boardman 39 Edlwin Ferry ht 51 Levi Parsons 34 Jelliel -I. in 65 Francis: n Hoyt 58 Andr'w\ Jackson in 69 Fr'nk Benjamin 5S( Charles Alhbrt 03 Seneca 64 Frank Deming 66 Seneca T. in Johnston 57 John M. h Hubbard Ide 50 Henry It 45 George Goddard Jones 26 Alex. Hamilton in H ubbell 29 John Calvin 05 OliveLr Ingersoll 43 Ezra 13 Lucas 43 Allen Parkhurst 63 Frank P. in

Page  100 100 INDEX. Judd Kidder Lamb 51 Francis E. h 48 Jefferson P. h 25 Dana 29 Jonathan Kane IKilburn 56 Henry Lingan 24 Edward m I0 John Kasson Adam Kile Lampson s2 John Aaile 55 John Leonard h 42 Jolhn Adanz- 63 Osceola HIardy 46 Charles D. h Landon Kimball haddeus Kellogg 63 Iliel Jarvis m 63 haneus i= 62 Zebina 23 (Ui son i74 bealand Whitney 51 Moses P. h King 74 Warren Hall 53 Daniel h 53 George Dimon 1( Dauphin 70 l)av. kherwood 46 Rloyal Daniel Lane 47 John Cincinnat4. 45 Moses Kelly 57 Edwa d B. P. m Kingsbury Lang 60 Francis J. m 52 John Denison 66 Richard W. h 64 George E. m. ~Kemp ~Kingsley 62 Hen]y Augr stusm 66 Jed S. m Langworthy 05 Asatel Kendall Kinney 68 Barney J. m 46.Charles mr Lanphear 45 Orpheus Thomas Kendrick Kirk 62 Frank L. m 66 William P. im Larkin 68 A. Mason m Kendick Inapen 13 Natbarael h 65 Asa P. m Latham 58 Alden Crafts m Kennan Ineeland 04 Jairus 46 Lucius m Lawrence 27 Byram K'enny Knight 37 Almon 61 Albert Seya-ll 49 Elbridge h 70 Harvey m Lazelle Kent 57 WNm. Franklin m Knowles 56 Charles Aitemas 41 William Liberty L 60 Prentiss 4 illiam ity each 66 Enoch W. m 66 Erastus M. mn Knox 68 Charles S. L. in 66 Erastus 3I. m Knox 49 James Monroe Leavens 20 Jared Labaree 61 Philo French 66 George H. in 41 Benjamin h Leavenworth 7e0rn, ILadd 21 Henry 70 Daniel 1 63 Suruner 56 Abel Edgar

Page  101 INDEX. 101 Lee Lyman Macrae 31 Samuel 41 George Lee 39 Win. Fred'k 75 Edward Michael 70 Elias Maeck Lengfeld Lynde 18 Jacob 66 Braman E. mr 28 John h 32 Reuben Young Mn 43 John William Leonard Magee 61 Joseph H. mn Lyon 72 John Augustine m? 26 Samuel K. h Leslie 61 Emory M. m Malcolm 6'2 Irving Whitealll~ m gHwrl 68 Horace G. m 62 Irving Whiteall mh 70 Carlos Aurelius Lester McAuley Maltby 09 Charles Gove 37 Duncan 41 Eoer m'37 Dunlcan Levings MeIcDuffee Manchester 48 Israel Hall 59 John W. m 58 Constant.Wood in Lewis lcDonald Manley 60 John R. m 28 Lewis h 69 Geo. Webster mf 67 James m McGregor Mn Mann Lillie cGregor 38 Alexander 54 Adam h 61 John H. mn 54,AdaLm h 74 Robert Burns Manson McKeen 61 Charles Albert m Livingston 28 Silas h 56 Win. Wallace Marrs MeI~illop 58 Wm. Elbridge Loomis 61 Malcolm 05 Warren 32 Harmon McLoughlinarchand Mc~~oughlin 6(2 Peterm 49 Charles 53 Joseph Amos 70 Edward Beach mn McMasters Marsh Lovell 40 Daniel Sabin 35 Joseph I 73 George Timothy 36 Edw. Warren 37 Roswell h ~Lowry McMonagle 39 Charles Phelps ~Lowry ~ 59 Peter Reid m 41 Warren Hunt 51 EIdward David 46 Sidney Harper 47 Leonard h Lucas McNutt 48 James Wheelock 75 Fred Eugene 62 Win. Fletcher mi 57 Joseph Walker 66 Charles A. J. h Macomber' m ot 70 win. Foote Lull M/acomber 72 Geo. Foote 46 Lewis Richard 62 Job E. h Marshall Lund McPherson 61 George Alpheus 61 Wm. Brown 71 Drummond Th. mi 62 Alden Velona m

Page  102 102 INDE X. Martin Miller 55 Dana Jewell m 31 Elon Olds 29 Jona. Pecklian h 61 Henry B.?B 62 Godfrey lt. in 36 Jamellle 71 Justin S. h 66 John P. in 48 Win. Mitchell 67 H. A. Mn 48 Ira Osmore Mi orse i54 Frank David 27 Percival ~Marvin ~58 John G. i 42 John Hoar 44I oaarvin Janes 59 7William h 58 Cornel. Wickware 44 JonalthLn Jlanes 70 Stephen Sam'l mii 62 Nathan It. m. ILMason Millington Mosher 28 Tyler on 31 Calvin S. l, 65 Salnuel F. 1i 58 George 75 jid.a MfIills /Moulton 4atson 5 u. Heel62 Charles A. im Ma2 tsoynlv. 59 Andrew M. in 32 Sylvester G. 1nm 60 Henry Edw. ower Matthews Miner 40 Benj. Frankliu 70 Henry Clay m 25 BLurrill Smith m I M'oxlcy tMay Minkler 56 Clarles King im 46 John 5~ilder 26 Ezekiel P. uy Mecorney 5Monroe L 5 John S. In 62 Horace in 60 William L. m Myers Mchcli Mooers u7 Joseph Henry 41 Edgar 35 Benjamin hwrence 74 Charles Edgar Nash M3~oo~re ~ 27 Sylvester h cMeeker 14 Isaac 23 Elisha Dyr 58 Henry Valorus m 42 James Nays N 56 George Curtis 7":' Winfield Scott mi nM~Ieigs 58 Davis Graham 29 John n 60 David C. ] Nelson 62 Matthew J. m1 27 Rbert 66 lHarrison C. m 4 16 Thos. Leverett Meilleur 54 John B. h Morey Newell 40 ira 65 George C. m 12 Geoge Merrill 60 Luther Boardmllan 47 Ferrand R. h 72 Albinus J. nm M2organ Newton 27 Christoph'r Giles iMe~ser Mre31 Benjamin Ball 12 Asa 23JMorley 57 Jno. Worthington Nichols Miles Morrill 43 Tho's Brainerd m 55 John F. h 25 David Laurent h 59 Benjllamin S. h

Page  103 INDE X. 103 68 Calvin Eugene qm Onion Parmele 74 Charles Penfiell 27 Daniel H. 10 Quartus mn Niles Orcutt Parmelee 57 JasonL 51 John h 26 Rotus m 37 Simeon h Nimblet OSo00ld 51 Sim. Melanctllon 51 Oscar L. in i 54 Wilson Barlow 1') Nahum 55 Moses Payson Nims Otis Parsons 61 Edw. Beeclher ime 68 John Calhoun m 74 William S. m Noblel Packard Prtridge 50 allimes Jcob 73 Frank Ashton mn 21 Alden h) 74 George B. mn North Paddock Pasco 49) Philetus Fillmoe 19 James Augustus 63 Ferdinand M. Northrop Patten 4Nr Davd Blair 68 Joseph Ladd m 46 Levi Meeker 64 Frank Wilfred 71 John Clark 7m 67 B}. Frank m Norton Painehaud Paul 40 William A. h 47 George Howard 40 3illiam A.2 Joseph h 60 Norman 6t John Wright Nott Paine Payne 69 Albert 7i, 25 Elijah h 6i Jay II. mn 54 Martyn h Noyes Palmer Peabody 41 Carolus 17 William Adams h 52 Selm Hobart 48 Julius Milo 53 Daniel James 1 20 Aaron a 50 Edwatrd Carter Pearl 6i7 Dudleyr in 59 Silas Henry Nye 08 Jonathan h Pangborn Pease 22 Thom~as 50 Zebina Kellogg 37 Aaron Gaylord 38 Calvin Numenville Parker 57 Thos. IHuntington 64 Maxime VW. 13 Amos Andrew 67 Truman Abel in 13 Amos Anidlrewr 24 George Halley Oakes 26 Daniel Peaslee 56 Sylvester h 41 Charles Carroll 21 George 63 John Thurman iz 66 Time. Fletcher h O'Grady 67 Charles Edmund Peck 48 WTni. Henry 70 Dennis Munroem 19 Thos. Knowlton 74 Frank Haswell 37 Geo. Huntington 38 Lucius Benedict h O'-Ialloran Parkhurst 41 William Ware 43 James 10 Jabez 43 Nathan. Wheeler

Page  104 104 INDEX. 47 Asahel h Pitcher Prentiss 60 James Stevens 63 Charles Petit mn 38 Samuel Blake h 64 Edw. Sprague 46 James 69 Eugene Chase n 56 Charles Colburn 70 Hamilton Sullivan Pitkin 58 Henry Statlley Prescott Peiro 66 Francis L. m Platt 47 Chester 33 George King Perkins 59 James H. m Prichard 56PJamerkin s arh G68 Leslie Munson 4d Moses Smith 56 James Marsh m 69 Win. Nichols m 47 Amos Persons 60 JosephRinald L. 70 Archer Russell 69 Joseph L. m Proudfoot Poland 27 Laurence m Perlesy 57 Luke P. h7 32 Mlloses rn 62 Joseph Monroe Putnam 28 David Wing m r7JonBkerr y Pollens 38 Albin Kendall 47 John Bulkley 69 Louis h 38 Charles Symmons 55 Ge o. Whiting 61 Jno. D. Queevey h 57 Romeo Bush Pomeroy Petty 06 Cassius Franc. in Randall 09 John Norton 13 Phineas 46 McKendree 09 John h 71 Chas. William nm Ranslow Porter 36 Geo. Washington h ~Phe~lps 27 William P. m 11 John h 29 Daniel L. m Ransom 12 Charles h Ra50 Edwin som 25 Edw. Elisha h 23 Royal Miakepeace 64 Wolfred Nelson 64 Julian POst 67 Albert 27 Benj. Franklin m 4H rJv 72 Edward Haight 40 Henry Jarvis Potter Phillips 60 Fred. Eugene m Read 67 WVinfield Scott m 11 1lathanael Potwin 36 David h Pierce 53 James Marsh Pierce 38 Charles Wolcott 64 Henry HI. m 28 Collins IR. m 65. Nehemiah 71 Henry Harrison m Powell Reagan 09 Truman h 65 George L. m Pierpoint 26 Horace h 27 Thomas R. m 30 Oliver Stanley Redfield 31 George 35 Isaac Fletcher h Pierson 39 William Porter Powers eed 47 Thomas WV. h Powers Reed 40 Hiram h 38 Geo. Washington 48 Fred. Wheeler 46 Henry Ah Pike 51 Tho's Eleazar h 51 Samuel Henry 57 Jospeh G. W. rn 55 Horace Henry 53 Daniel M. h

Page  105 IN D EX. 105 Reid Robbins Royce 28 James h 61 Byron Philander 37 Stephen h 44 Moses Strong Renois Roberts f7 Homer E. It 66 William H. m 55 Tho's Russell 63 Steph. Martindale Rowell Reynolds 64 Oscar S. mz 53 Adoniram Juds. I 2 67 Darwin Hall m 69 Geo. Barker mn 27 Henry H. m 69 Robert 64. Alberft m l~72 Rolza Rodolph m" Ruggles 59 Anrson Meigs m, Rice Robertson 40 Thomas 32 William It Russell 38 Andrew 45 George Gab 39 Ge. usell 10 Joseph Pynchon m 72 Isaac m Y 49 William 26 John Leslie 73 Fred Eugene rn 34 David Ih 46 Charles h Robeson 66 Edward P. mn ~Ri~c~h 27 John W. mn 36 Charles Wright 42 Alonzo Berry Rustedt 48 Virtulon h7 Robinson 71 Harry Edward 52 Charles h 26 James Franklin 74 Frederick 32 Sam'l Atherton m Richardson 55 Charles Ryder 12 Israel Putnam h 57 Geo. Oville 73 Francis Wayland 59 Don A. rn 69 Calvin Lewis Richmond 72 John Harvey Sabin 54 Lewis A. m 74 William P. tn 26 Alvah ih 57 Rollin Marsh 58 William Rockwood Safford 68 Albertl n 71 Heman Sheldon m 10 Mayhew 58 Noah B. ht Rider C Rogers 68 Henry Martiin m 63 Charles Everts m Lyman 58 Lyman rn 73 Tho's P. White Samburn Riggs 26 Lewis m 56 Edward Rolph Sanborn 22 Moses Ripley 27 Benaigh mn 28 Joseph H. mn 59 Francis nz Rood 59 Edwin David I Ritchie 67 Vernon W. m 52 Wm. Coates Sanderson Root 67 Asa h Rix 14 Erastus m 43 William ih 58 William m Sanford 48 Alfred 54 William Clark 58 Lyman h Ross 13 Henry Howard 7h Sawyer Rixford 51 James Blanchard 06 James Lucius 43 Bradford 51 Frederick A. ih 10 Fred. Augustus

Page  106 106 INDEX. 19 Gamal. Bradford Sheldon Smalley 58 Johtn 46 Paraclete Ih 35 Benj. Hubbard ht 46 David Allen h Sayles Shepard 72 Henry A. It 39 Ezekiel Hobart 26 Guy Beljamin m 50 Perry Munroe Smiley SSheridan 12 Robinson h Sa[xe 69 Philip HI. It 62 John Theodore Smith ~Sherma~n 07 Josiah h Schooley 09 Addison Schooley 9 Seth Chandler 09 Addison 62 Joy Wesley m 33 Pliny m 17 Earl 20 Richard W. 24 Elias m2 Scott Sherwin 24 Orange mn 37 Joseph 72 Aurelius Calvin nm 31 Orrin n 50 James Hubert 37 Andrew Jackson 56 Mlartin Luth. m. 38 John Gregory 67 S. Walter mn Shine 38 John h 73 William ma 39 Marston Cabot Scovel 41 Douglas So25 Ezra m Shonlon 43 Worthington C. Shonone~h'45 Worthington h 67 Joseph 48 Charles Strong Scriver 51 Henry Bowman h 51 Julius Shlonyo 5.2 Ed. Worthington 60 bamuel Hill 52 Chauncey h 53 Otis David Sennoftl; 54 William ~-i,' George lShortt 54 Rodney 55 Calvin Josiah 56 Azro Andrus Severance 58 Alfred Little 27 Charles Consider Shurtleff 56 Dud. Beckwith 9it 43 Roswell It 56 Hiram Downer?n 59) James 13.?m Seward. 59 O)rrin h,, Frederickli W. n ias 63 Francis Barnard 59 Solomon h1 65 Charles C. in Seymour 65 Chapman C. ie'. Et twrdcl Sibley 67 Walter Perrin 35 I-ory Ediiind 62 min(s W. 7n 70 Henry Edgar irt |1Shatt yck 73 Hirami Beach 74 Gaylord Bechber 47 Ertstnns Da;rwin Soule 67 It.a Ediund, Silloway So 71 Geotvrge w. 62 Thomas W. h 26 Rensselaer ler 69 Milan ia Shaw Simpson I, Geo. Bl.r1adford 73 George Foster a$i Southworth.o 1);ttl. Lll tttci ld 111 18 Constant II 37 1;lcj;jlninl Lewis d \\'Ill. G( o(lhue Skinner 5 G r;tgleI Bli low c39( bt. John B. IL. It 7i~ L,0115 57 Edward Adams S hcdd Sleeper Spafford 39 Wm G. Thayer 50 vWilliAmn True 11 Horace Gates Ah

Page  107 I N D E X. 107 Spalding Stebbings Sutton J5 lhlneas h 46 Hor. lRichardson 60 Benj. Franklin 40 James IReed 61 Georgeo Thomas 47 Charles Carroll Steele 56 George Burley Swan 60 Stephen Foster 12 Rober t Swan 65 Melville C.'in 25 enjamulin Stephens Spaulding 5b Henry Clay Swasey (63 Edwin Clenlent om 58 CGIarles Dudley Stevens Spier 37 Alexis Crane Swett 66 Rolert F. msw 38 Simieon Hadley 54 Lucius 44 Levi Otho 46 Hiram Spooner 55 Hitram Fairchild It Sift 0)9 Aldlen Burton 57 Alexander Duff / 31 4ChAlfes Kr mn 43 John Alden h 67 Thaddeush 47 Alfred Bruno 70 Horace Edwacrd Sprague Taafe 24 Alva m1 Stewart 54 George 44 Carlos Allen 34 Alvan A (39 Charles A.'in 67 Wnl. lEmut rn)- Taft 71 Elihu Barber Sprout Stiles 83 Eden 69 TruanRlansom11e Tgart Squier Stillan 6 Adelbert H. m 04 Edwin Parker,n'74 Joseph C. Tn Ta(ert Stacy Stone (3 Alofzo D). h 59 William Corning 75 Alfred Nathaniel 25 George Stannardcl 25 Joel i Talbot 65 George J. h 51 Geoge F. 72 Louis T. m Storrs Stansbury 2St Joh Talcott 47 Edward Aug. h 59 Harvey Iallllmmod Stow Starbird. 73 George Lewis Taylor 45 Charles Nelson 31 Chaunucey 34 Justin Bigelow Strong 40 Jno. Syng Dorsey Stark o0 Jamles 47 Joseph Wetherby 47 Henry L. h 09 Joel 48 Eli Wilmot h 18 Henrv Pierce h 54 Anson O. m 37 Geo. Washingtonh 5(6 Cha's Forsythe mn Stearling 48 Thomas Davis m 58 Charles F. It 62 Allan McLean m 69 Edward T. m 58 George H. 1 Stearns Suddard Teel 61 Eli Zachariah 7n 45 John ( 65 Charles E. m

Page  108 108 I N D E X. Temple Tittemore Tucker 39 Charles 63 Noah m 35 Philip C. h Templeton Tobias Tupper 59 Milo Latimer 68 Joseph John m lz &amuel Hunt 32 Tullius Cicero Tenney Toby 40 Benjamin Jewett 74 Elbridge A. m Turnbull 45 Henry Wadhams 32 Robert.68 Albert Dana Tocque 66 Lloyd P. mr Turner Tenny 34 William m 69 Ueo. Harrison m Tolman 56 Geo. Burder Turrill Terrill 25 Miner Y. m 59 Edw. Charles Toof 59 Frederick Win.. 37 Ebenezer Marvin Tuttle 25 Alexander T. Thacher 6Torrey 9 Charles Herbert 59 John Marshall 49 rle Cutler 49 Cnarles Cutler 52 Joseph Twing Thayer 58 Henry Aug. Pear- 52 Alvi T. h 65 C3has. P.?m son 68 Elisha French h 58 John Paine Tyler 65 Samuel Win. l Timothy Thibault 74 Augustus 11 Royall h 65 William m 57 John Steel h Toupin 58 Milton Rising Thomas 56 Joseph m 69 Geo. Rollin in Underwood Tousey 55 Levi h 25 Lazarus m Thompson Upham 23 Zadock Rbn Towner a4 William h 53 Geo. Robinson 54 Chas. Wheeler 23 James 58 Alfred Bowers 30 William m Vail 64 Georgem T 12 Joshua Young h Townsend 46 Mloses Edw. 25 Micajah h 43 Morris Miller m 62 T'hos. Chapman n. 68 Dennis h Van Dusen 61 Geo. Henry nm Thorp Tracy 58;Joseph Henry 35 Andrew h Van Ness 59 Joseph Ih 23 Cornelius Peter h 25 James Thrasher Trembly 29 Cornelius 57 Martin Ed. In T 34 Lawrence m Van Sicklen Tillinghast Trueworthy 39 Edward 67 F1. A. m 65 Edwin W. m 42 Fred'k Maeck

Page  109 INDEX. 109 Van Steenberg Walton 39 Charles 56 Warner m 47 Eliak. Persons h 43 Charles Burrall 51 William Palmer 57 Chas. J. Stewart Viger Ward 74 Willis M. in 3z Seraphin ri 24 David m 64 Earl Johnson Vilas 64 Samuel Read Wentworth 48 John Brodhead 58 Martin Flint Wardner Vincent 68 LWeston 61 W. Scott im 21 Ednund 65 George R. m Warner 26 John h 14 Almon 46 William h Wadhams 45 James Almon 59 Edmund m 32 Willard 59 Henry H. m 71 Eugene S. in Wainwright Warren Wheaton o27 Alonzo Alpheis 51 Joseph 71 Porter Perrin 46 Jonathan Allen Washburn Wheeler Wait 17 Cephas 04 Justus Perry 11 Luther 20 Royal 18 Almon h 24 Tolman m Walbridge Waterhouse 37 Orville Gould Walbridge Waterhouse 42 Fraucis Brown 36 Elbridge 24 Frederick S. h7 46 John Brooks 51 John Joshua Walden Waterman 53 Lewis Hopkins 40 John H. h 54 Fred. Hubbell 67 Henry Orson 67 Win. Almon h George Lewis 69 William W. h Waldo 71 Sheldon Harley 43 Artemas Boies Watson 72 Philander A. m 54 Winslow Charles 75 John Brooks 64 Oliver Sanders mn Wales 71 Irving Allison in 25 Geo. Edward 7h 74 Henry A. Wheelock 41 Torrey Englesby 09 Steph. Maynard 49 Edwin Webster Walker 24 John S. in 23 Charles h 52 Charles Carrcll Whipple 42 Jason Foster 67 Dan Peaslee ml 51 Edwin P. h 59 Joel B. F. in 61 Silas Newton Wead 72 Thomas JacksonnzWhite 71 Charles Kasson 61 Wm. Loren m 67 Pliny Holton h Wallace Weed 73 Byron Olin 45 Wm. Henry 25 Ira Mason 53 Henry Martyn 38 John Winslow 66 John James h Whitney 29 Gary m Walls Wells 59 Joshua Clarence 60 Augustus Green in 24 Wm. Wellington 74 Zenas Blinn

Page  110 110 IND EX. Whittemore Williston Woodbridge 44 Albert G. ft 23 Eben Bancroft 30 Samuel Strong h 67 Albert Gallatin 41 Fred. Enoch Willson Wicker 11 Jared Woodbury 13 Lem. Henderson 59 Urban A. in Willman Wilbur 51 Sewall B. mr Woodruff 64 Asahel Arthur m 75 Frank Edward 66 Seymour P. m Wilson 24 Boyd Hopkins Woodward Wilcox 26 William 17 Henry 33 Horace h 37 Robert Anderson 38 Jona. Douglas hl 45 Philo Beckwith 52 Hugo N. 1t 62 JohniWorthington 57 Abner M. m 53 William C. h 65 George m 63 Henry C. m, Wild 63 Joseph H. sn Woodworth 28 Daniel 72 James Darwin r Wilder Winch 44 John C. ft 70 George William Worcester 63 Charles Nelson 19 Samuel Austin Winsor 65 John Hopkins Wiley Ira Curtis mi 66 John Hopkins ft 62 David JosephW. mn Wires Work Wilkes 56 Salmon t7 29 John mt 50 Henry h 61 Charles Witherspoon Wilkins 57 Andrew h Worthen 69 Hiram Owen 55 Joseph Booth Withington Wright 25 Geo. R. Minot 29 Elisha R. in Williams 29 Oliver Wendell 38 Silas ft 10 Norman 25 George Palmer Wynne 47 Charles Storrow Wood Wy 55 Norman 31 John D. m 62 Richard J. mr 38 George Hazen 66 Edward H. h 43 David Russ eomans 51 Alfred Benjamin 60 Edward L. fh 51 Orvis Danforth Williamson 61 HannibalWhitney Young 12 Joseph 65 LambertLysander 38 Ammni Burnhamn h


Page  112 The first portion of this Catalogue had already gone to press, before it was decided to undertake the preparation of the following Roll of Honor. Of necessity the compilation has been hastily made, and with less of correspondence and investigation than was to be desired. It was thought to be due, both to the University and to those of her sons who responded to the call of the Country, that an attempt should be made to show what part the Alumni and Undargraduates of the University actually took in the great struggle. If those who can supply the defects and rectify the errors of this list will send their corrections to the Librarian, the next edition of the General Catalogue will present a complete and corrected Roll. No apology is believed to be needed for the present tentative publication. It was feared that a proper Roll might never be made up, unless a beginning were made now.

Page  113 ACADEMICAL DEPARTMENT. 1832 25th) Missouri Vols. 1 Sept. 1861; killed in action at Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn. 6 April 1862. *Tullius Cicero Tupper. Major Gen-, eral, C. S. A. 1850 1850 1846 Thomas Spencer Hall. Major 9cd N. Y. Vols. Royal Daniel King. Private 14th Zebina Kellogg Pangborn. PayVt. Vols. 10 Sept. 1862; mustered master U. S. A. out with regiment 3 July 1863. William Malrinus Willett. Left *I-Iiram Stevens. Adjutant 1st Vt. College Feb. 1849. U. S. N. Vols. 2 May, 1861; mustered out with regiment 15 Aug. 1861. 1851 1847 Edmund Baldwin Gray. Left College 1848. Colonel 17th Wisc.Vols. George Grenville Benedict. Private Wyllys Lyman. Left College Dec. 12th Vt. Vols. 23 Aug. 1862; 1850. Adjutant 10th Vt. Vols. 8 Second Lieutenant 23 Jan. 1863; Aug. 1862; severely wounded 19 A. D. C.; mustered out with reg- Oct. 1864; Major 2 Jan. 1865; iment 14 July 1863. Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel *John Bllkley Perry. Chaplain 10th 15 June 1865; mustered out as Vt. Vols. 23 Mtarch 1865; mustered Major 28 June 1865. Now Captain out 7 tilly 1865. 5th Infantry U. S. A. 1849 1852 Roswell Farnham. Second Lieuten- Edward Worthington Smith. First ant 1st Vt. Vols. 24 April 1.861; Lieutenant 15th Infantry U. S. A. mustered out 15 Aug. 1861; Lieu- 14 Mav 1861; Captain 17 Feb. tenant Colonel 12th Vt. Vols. 19 1863; Brevet Major 18 July 1863; Sept. 1862; mustered out with reg- Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 2 April iment 14 July 1863. 1865; Brevet Brigadier General *Jacob Munroe Knox. Surgeon as- Vols. signed to special service by Surgeon General of Vt. *Charles Loomis. Lieutenant - Ill. 1853 Vols. *Everett Peabody. Left College Ezekiel Cutler. Major - Iowa Vols. 1846. Colonel 13th (afterwards *Frederick Perkins Drew. Lett

Page  114 114 ROLL. College July 1852. Surgeon U. S. Edward Everett Herrick. Seccand A.; died 1864. Lieutenant 15th Vt. Vols. 11 Sept. John Ellsworth Goodrich. Chap- 1862; First Lieutenant 9 Jan. lain 1st Vt. Cav. 7 April 1864; 1863; mustered out with reginment mustered out with regiment 9 5 Aug. 1863. Aug. 1865. Julius Herrick. - Kentucky Vols. IIobart Hamilton. First Lieuten- Abel Edgar Leavenworth. Private ant - Ill. Vols. 9th Vt. Vols. 24 May 1862; First *James Marsh HRead. Private Sergeant 9 July 1862; First Lieu"Howard Guards" 1st Regt. Vt. tenant 17 Nov. 1862; Captain 1 Vols. 2 May 1861; mustered out Dec. 1864; mustered out 13 June with regiment 15 Aug. 1861; Pri- 1865. vate 10th Vt. Vols. 31 July 1862; George Parmelee Ranslow. Left Sergeant 1 Sept. 1862; Second College June 1854. - Iowa Vols. Lieutenant 17 June 1864; wound- *Edward Riggs. Captain 118th N, ed 19 Oct. 1864; First Lieutenant Y. Vols.; lost at sea 8 Jan. 1865. 19 Dec. 1864; Adjutant 2 Jan. William White Wheeler. Left Col1865; Brevet Captain 2 April 1865 lege 1854. Lieutenant Colonel for gallantry in the assault on - Mich. Vols. l'etersburgh, Va. 2 April 1865; Died in hospital at City Point, Va. of' wounds received in action 2 1857 April 1865. Henry Adanms Smalley. Left Col- Ptolemy O'Meala Edson. Assist;ant lege 1850. First Lieutenant 2d Surgeon 1 Vt. Cav. 5 Nov. 1861; Aitillery U. S. A. 25 April 1861; Surgeon 17th Vt. Vols. 16 March Colonel 5th Vt. Vols. 3 July 1861. 1864:; mustered out 27 Feb. 1865. Leave of absence from regular John Worthington Newton. First army revoked 10 Sept. 1862. Lieutenant 1st Vt. Car. 18 Sept. Otis David Smith. 6th Ala. teog. 1862; commissioned Caiptain 5 (C. S. A.) from MIay 1861 to 1863; Jan. 1861; resigned andcl honorin Q. Mi. Dept. from 1863 till close ably discharged as First Lieutenof war. alnt 27 Feb. 1864. Charles James Stewart Wells. Pass1854 edl Assistant Surgeon U. S. N. Olive Dana Iarett. Captain 92nd 1858 N, Y. Vols. Reuben Clark Benton. Captain 5th George HIenry Bigelow. RHegimenVt. Vols. 28 Aug. 1861; wounded tal Q M. Sergeant 12th Vt.Vols.4 29 June 1862; Lieutenant Colonel Oct. 1862; Second Lieutenant 15 11th Vt. Vols. 26 Aug. 1862; re- May 1863; ilustelrd out with regsigned 21 June 1864. iment 14 July 1863. Job oCorbin. Assistant Surgeon U. 11855 Czg;S. N. 9 May 1861; Surgeon 9 1March 1861; Resigned 9th May 1867. William Cyprian Hopkins. Chap- *Dwight SmithIleald. Second Lieulain 7th Vt. Vols. 25 Sept. 1862; tenant 9th Ill. Vols. resigned 19 Oct. 1865. Coi'nelius Wickware Morse. Private Moses Payson Parmelee. Chaplain 1st Vt. Cav. 12 Sept. 1861; Sergeant 3d Vt. Vols. 10 June 1861; re- 19 Nov. 1861; Second Lieutenant signed 18 Dec. 1861. 16 July 1862; mustered out 18 Nov. 1864.'Henrv Stanley Pitkin. Passcd 1856 Assistant Surgeon U. S N. John Sawyer. l'Pivate 1 Vt. Cav. George Chandler. Left College 23 Sept. 1861; First Sergeant 19 18r55. Lieutenant.. — I:ll. Vols. Nov. 1861S, Second LieutenaLnt 19

Page  115 ACADEMICAL DEPARTMEAIF:NT. 115 Feb. 1863; First Lieutenant 1 1859; Major C. S. A.; died 1866. April 1863; mustered out 18 Nov. *Darius Mason Parsons. Left Col1864. lege 1857; Captain - N.Y. Vols.; Alftred Bowers Thompsonl. Private died in 1862. 13th Vt. Vols. 25 Aug. 186:2; Ser-.James Stevens Peck. Second Liengeant; Promoted First Sergeant 2' tenant 13th Vt. Vols. 23 Sept. Jan. 1863; Imustetred out with reg- 1862 Adjutant 22 Jan. 1863; musimeut 21 July 1863. tered out with regiment 21 July 1863; Private 17th Vt. Vols. 23 Dec. 1863; Adjiutant 12 April 18Y59 1864; Commissloned MIjor 10 July 1865; mustered out with reg-:'Alf red Cowles Ballard. Second iment as Adjutant 14 July 1865. Lieutenlant 9th Vt. Vols. 20 June Eugene Alletl Smalley. Left Col1862; First Lieutenant I May lege Dec. 1858. First Lieutenant 1863 resigned 27 June 1864. Marine Corps 25 Nov. 1861; reJedediah Hyde Baxter. Surgeon signied 26 July 1866. 12th Mass. Vols. 26 June 1861; *Stephen Foster Spaulding. First Surgeon tU. S. Vols. 16 April 1862 Lieutenant 8th Vt. Vols. 19 Dec. Lewid LLrned Coburn. Captain l 1861; killed in wa.tion at Port lIud1.3th Vt. Vols. 29 Aug. 1862; iuns- son, La. 14 June 1863. teLred out with regiment 21 July 1863. -Ilrail'Helnry Hall. Private 1st Vt. 1861 Cavalry 15 August 1862; Second Lieutenant 1 Feb. 1863; First Henry Ballard. Second Lieutenant Lieu enant 17 March 18630; Cap- 5th Vt. Vols. 12 Sept. 1861; retaiu i Jtne 1864; killed in action signed 30 July 1862. 23 Jtune 186- at Nottaw[ay Court George Chapman Bates. Private 8th HI-ouse, Va. Vt. Vols. 1 March 1862; discharged *Ch1arles Dudley Swasey. Private 19 Sept. 1863. 13th Vt. Vols.'25 Aug. 1862; mus- Abner RIaleigh Benedict. Left Coltered out witll regiment 21 JLly lege June 1860. Private, l2th N. 1 63. Y. Vols. April 1861; First LieuH-Iarvev HIlIamiond Talcott. Private tenlant 4th Infantry U. S. A. 5 13'tl Vt Vols. 6 Sept, 1862; dts- Aug. 1861; severely wounded 1:3 chit ged 2 Ma.y 1863. Dec. 1862; Brevet Major 13 Dec. John Marshall Thacher. Captalin 1862; Captain 8 June 1863; died 13th Vt. Vols. 23 Sept. 1862; itlus- of effects of his wound 1867. tered out with regiment 21 July Lucius Bigelow. Sergeant 5th Vt. 18(S63. -Vols. 21 Aug. 1861 clischarge d 30 Luthler Parish Wetherby. Left Col- Sept. 186-1. lege Jule 1856; Surgeonl C. S. A. George Nathaniel Carpenter. Private 8th Vt. Vols. 1 Feb. 1862; Sergeant Major 18 Feb. 1862; First 1860 Lieutenant 1 June, 1862'; Captain 15 Aug. 1863; resigned 2 July liobert Nathaniel llen,nsow called 1861 to accept appointment as Thomas Nathaniel Gill). Captain Captain and A. C. S., U. S. Vols. C. S. A. William Thomas Carpenter. Assist-'Ciarles Denling Blaxter. Left Col. alnt Surgeon 76th Ohio Vols. lege July 1858. Assistalllt P,Lymas- Cornelius Augustus Chapin. Aster U. S. N.; died 1863. sistant Surgeon 6th Vt. Vols. 8 Solon Eaton. claptai 2lld Vt. Vols. July 1863; died of disease inl New K28 M[ay 1861; resignLed 4 Aug. York City 14 Sept. 1863. 1862. John Pushee Demeritt. Lieutenanlt George Field Hunting. Lielutenant 29th Wise. Vols. 3rl U. S. Artillery. Charles Ornlibee French. Left Col*Lewis Maverick. Left College June lege 1858; Corporal 12h11 Vt. Vols.

Page  116 116 R O L L. 23 Aug. 1862; mustered out with John Theophilus Drew. Captain regimnent 14 July 1863. 2nd Vt. Vols. 20 May 1861; taken *Georg; Albert French. Left Col- prisoner at Bull Rlun 21 July 1861 lege 1360; 22d N. Y. Vols e died andc confined at Richmiond, Va.; 1861. paroled July 1862; resigned 8 Oct. Albert Se vall Kenny. Paymaster 1862; Captain Vet. lReserve Corlps U. S. N. July 1863; resigned 21 Oct. 1865. William Brown Lund. Private 12th Joel Benedict lErhlardt. Lelt ColVt. Vols.'3 Aug. 1862; mustered lege 1861. First Lieutenant 1 Vt. out with regiment 14 July 1863; Cav. 11 Oct. 1861; Captain 16 Acting Assistant Surgeon U. S. A. July 1862; resigned 7 Feb. 1863. April 1864 to July 1865. *Albert CGranville Fisher. Lieutenant John Wright Norton. Private 8th -— N. Y. Vols.; died 18 Feb. 1865. Vt. Vols. 11 Nov. 1863; mustered Henry Warren Harmlon. Left Colout with regiment 28 June, 1865. lege 1862; 129th Ill. Vols. Bradbury Wallace Hight. Left College 1861. Private 2nd Vt. Vols. 1869" 20 May 1861; Corporal 20 June 1861; Sergeant Major 22 Feb. Horace Barlow. Private 12th Vt. 1862; Second Lieutenant 17 March: Vols. 23 Aug. 1862; lmustered out 1863; mustered out 29 June 1864. with regiment 14 July, 1863. William Loomis. Left College 1862. *Joseph Partridge Brainerd. Priv- Second Lieutenant 12th Vt. Volq. ate 1st Vt.Cav.15 Aug.;L62: "mis- 23 Aug. 1862; First Lieute,;ant sing in action" 5 May, 13'.64: died 23 Jan. 1863; mustered out with at Andersonville, Ga. 12 S(pt. regiment 14 July 1863. 1864. Willham Henry Harrison McAllaster. Ova Sylvenus Hurlbut. Lcft Col- Left College 1860. Private 4th lege 1860, Lieutenant N. Y. Vols. Vt. Vols. 31 Aug. 1861; promoted *Zebina Lancton. Corporal 1 Vt. Sergeant; mustered out 30 Sept. Cav. 2 Oct. 1861; died in Itich- 1864. mond, Va. 22 Aug. 1862. Henry Chester Parsons. Left U(ollege 1860. Captain 1 Vt. Cay. 18 1864 Sept. 1862; Honorably discharged 4 Jan. 1864 for wounds received in Henry Holmes Bard. Left College action at Gettysburgh, Pa. 3 Jtlly June 1861. C. S. A. 1863. Caleb Henry Benton. Left College Joseph Munroe Poland. Adjut ant 1861. Private 5th Vt. Vols. 29 15th Vt. Vols. 2 Oct. 1862; unus- Aug. 1861; Sergeant Major 1 Dec. tered out with regiment 5 Aug. 1861; Second Lieutenant 9 July 1863. 1862; First Lieutenant 24 Jan. *John Worthington Woodward. Cap- 1863; mustered out 15 Sept. 1864. tain 1 Vt. Cav. 19 Nov. 1862; Lucian Harvey Binghaml. Left Colkilled in action at Hagerstown, lege Nov. 1863. Private 17th Vt. Md. 6 July 1863. *Vols. 16 Dec. 1863; Corporal; died 28 May 1864 of wounds received in -i1863 QAaction 6 May 1864. 1863 Charles Frederick Burnett. Left College 1861. - Penn. Vols.; died Henry Guy Catlin. Left College in hospital. 1862. Corporal 12th Vt. Vols. 23 Henry \\Vhite Conro. Left College Aug. 1862; mustered out with 1861. Private 2nd Vt. Vols. 7 regiment 14 July 1863. May 1861; promoted Corporal' Henry Adams Curtis. Left College taken prisoner at Bull Run and 1860. CoLporal I Vt. Cav. 25 Aug. confined at Rlichmlond, Va.; mnus1862; legimental Q. M. Sergeant tered out 29 June 1864. 30 April 1865; mustered out with Flavius Josephus Dalton. Left Colregiment 9 Aug. 1865. lege 1863. Private 15th Vt. Vols.

Page  117 ACADEMICAL E1AS11'ITMENT. 117 28 Aug. 1862; Corpors01 13 Nov. IChauncey Langdon Church. Left 1862; mnustered out with regiment College, 1862; Private 2d Vt. Vols. 5 Aug. 186(3. 20 Aug. 1862; killed':at Banks Franklin Denison. 1Private 12th Vt. Ford 4 Mgiay 1863. Vols. 26 Aug. 1862; mustered out with regiment.1. Jly 13. A8lbeit Wlrren1 Clark. P'ivate 12th Silas Wriht Edlgerton. Left Col- Vt. Vols. 30 Aug. 18(2; Setgeat; leoe M cht, I. l'~iv~ te il xmustered out with regiment 14 Mass. Vols.; Lieutenant 23rd U. Jly 1863. S. C. T. IChester Fairbanks Nye. Left ColSullivan French Gale. Serleatt lege 1862; First Lietenalit 10th 13thl Vt. Vols. 29 Aug. 1862; 1s- Vt. Vols. 6 u. 16 il terud out with regimlent 21 July Jlule 1861; onc l t. 4; June 1864:'wounded 19 Oct. 18(4; 18(33. cdischargecd 27 Dec. 1864 on acFrank Delingi Hoyt. Private 12th coult of woullds Vt. Vols. 23 Aug. 1862; mustered out with regiment 14 July 1863, Alvin Tenney Ptomenroy. Left ColAlfred Horton Keith. Left College lege 1862. Private 7th Vt. Vols. 1862. Secout Lieutenant Gth Vt. 1 ilarlch 1862; discharged 25 Feb. Vols. 21 March 18(;2; First Lieu- 1863. tenant 28 Dec. 1862; Captain 18th March 1863; honorably disciharloe d Gideon Dean I'indle. Ieft College for wouncl received iln c~tiol t 180(2; Sergeant 14th Vt. Vols. 16 Wildernesis, Va. 10 May 1864. Sept. 186'2; First SergeaLnt 31 Dec. 1862; Imusteredc out with re-gimlent Jalian Phelps. Private 11th Vt. 0 n 18 Vols. 21 March 1864; discharged ly 26 June 1865. Holmer Edgar RIaTd. Left College Edward ry Powl. Lft College 1862; Assistalll;t Paymaster U.S.N. Edwlart HIIenry Pow ell. Left Collcte a Left Collegec 1861. Sergeanlt 10th V It. Vols. 17 Ogden uenedict end. Left College July 1802; P'rivate 10th Vt. Vols. July 1862; discharged 7 Dec. 1863. July 1862; Privite 10th t. Vol. Lieutenant Colonel 10th U. S. C. T. C. T. 5 April 1861-; severely wounded at Petersburg Mine, Va. 30 Alexander George Watson. Left July 186(1; Brevet Major Vols. 23 College 1862. Second Lieutenant March 1865; mustered out 4 Dec. 1st Vt. Cav. 18 Sept. 1862; Flirst 1865. Now First Lieutenant 11th Lieutenant 5 Jan. 1864; Captain Inft:try U. S. A. 28 Feb. 1864; wounded 11 May *Osnan lKassander Seaver. Left 1861 and 19 Oct. 1S84; mlustered College 1862; returned 1863. Priout 21 June 1865. vate 12th Vt. Vols. 23 Aug. 1862; Noah Wood Vincent. Left College mustered out with regiment 14 1861. Private 1st Vt;. Cav. 13 July 1863; died 20 Dec. 1863. Dec. 1861; mustered out 13 Dcc. Oakley Hale Smith. Left College 1864. 1862. Private 11Sth N. Y. Vols.; Thomas Pitman Wells. Left College taken prisoner anld died in hospiJune 1861. C. S. A. tal at ltichmnond, Va. Aug. 1864. Charles Paine Thayer. Left College 1862. Private 13th Vt. Vols. 1 1 865 Oct. 18()2; imiustered out with reginment 21 July 1863. Byron Chandler Wood. Left ColOrlo Henry Austin. Entered Col- lege 1862. Private 2nd Vt. Vols. lege 1859; Second Lieutenant 11th 26 Aug. lb!62; wountded 5 May Vt. Vols. 12 Aug. 1862; First Lieu- 1864; Sergeant 1 Sept. 1864; First tenant 22 Nov. 1862; Captain 2 Sergeanit 24 Dec. 1864; First LieuSept. 1864; mustered out 24 June tenant 24 Dec. 1864; mustered 1865. out 19 June 1865.

Page  118 118 It L L. 1866 1867 Stephen Brown. Left College 1862. Henry Orson Wheeler. Entered ColPrivate 9th Vt. Vols. 25 Junle lege 1860. Private 1st Vt. Cav. 1862; discharged 14 March 1863. 2 Oct. 1861; Corporal 19 Nov. Ward Gordon Piper. Left College 1861; Sergeant 1 Dec. 1862; First 1862. Private 13th Vt. Vols. 20 Lieutenant 24 Sept. 1863; woundSept, 1862; Fifer. ed 5 May 1864; taken prisoner 7 *Erastus Powell. Left College 1862. Oct. 1864; paroled; musteredl out Private 13th Vt. Vols. 10 Sept. 8 March 1865. 1862; died 25 May 1863.

Page  119 MEI)ICAL DEPARTMENT. 1855' Q Lucius Jerome Dixon. Surgeon -Ill. Vols., and subsequently Surgeon -- Ky. Vols. Cephas Gardner Adams. Surgeon Elmore John Hall. Private 1st Vt, assigned to special service by Sur- Cav, 21 Aug. 1862; Assistant Surgeon General of Vt. geon 1 Jan. 1863; resigned 15 Sept. 1864. 1856 1859 Warner Van Steenberg. Surgeon - N. Y. Vols. Job Corbin. See previous list, 1858. James H. Platt. Captain 4th Vt. Vols. 30 Aug. 1861; taken prison18d57 er 30 May 1864; paroled and mustered out of service 21 ov. 1864. CyruLs Hamilton Allen. Assistant Urban A. Woodbury. Sergeant 2d Surgeon 8th Vt, Vols. 1 Oct. 1862; Vt. Vols. 25 May 1861; discharged Surgeon 5th Vt. Vols. 1 Oct. 1861; 18 Oct. 1861; Captain 11th Vt. mustered out with regiment 29 Vols. 17 Nov. 1862; transferred June 1865. to Vet. Res. Corps 17 June 1863. Benjamin Walter Carpenter. Assistant Surgeon 2d Vt. Vols. 11 June 1861; Surgeon 9th Vt. Vols. 1860 21 June 1862; re.signed 4 Nov. 1864. Jedediah HIyde Baxter. See previous list, 1859. 1858 QAlvin Harding Chesmore. Assistant 1858 oSurgeon 5th Vt. Vols. 25 Sept. 1862; Surgeon 1 March 1863; Edwin Ruth-ven Brush. Drafted 17 mustered out 15 Sept. 1864. July 1863, and assigned to Co. I-I, Ptolemy O'Meara Edson. See pre2d Vt. Vols.; promoted Assistant vious list, 1857. Surgeon 2d Vt. Vols. 15 Oct. 1863; Francis W. Kelley. Surgeon 7th mustered out with regiment 15 Vt. Vols. 25 Jan. 1862; resigned July 1865. 8 Sept. 1862. Arthur Franklin Burdick. Assist- John Randolph Lewis. Sergeant ant Surgeon 5th Vt.Vols, 23 Sept. "' IIoward Guards" 1st Vt. Vols. 2 1862; resigned 26 May 1863. May 1861 to 15 Aug.1861; Captain Samuel Hammond Currier. Hospi- 5th Vt. Vols. 12 Sept. 1861; Major tal Steward 8th Vt. Vols. 18 Feb. 15 July 1862; Lieutenant Colonel 1862; Assistant Surgeon 25 July 6 Oct. 1862; severely wounde-d 5 1862; resigned 20 Oct. 1862. May 1864; honorably discharged

Page  120 120 R L L. 11 Sept. 1864 to accept appoint- Cornelius Augustius Chapin. See ment as Colonel in Vet. RIes. previous list, 1861. Corps; ]Bvt. Brigadier General for Dan L. C. Colburn. Assistanlt Surgallant service ill battle of Wilder- geon 5th Vt. Vols. 18 Anug. 1863 ness, Va., to date from 13 March mllustered out with regimlent 29 1865. June 1865. John Bradley Crandall. Hospital Steward 6th Vt. Vols.; mustered 18 "61. 15 Oct. 1861; discharged for promotion 7 Oct. 18(32; Assistant E'ggbert Henry Allis. Assistant Sur- Surgeon 13th Vt. Vols. 2 Oct. geon U. S. N.; lost at sea. 1862; mustered out with regiment Charles lHenry Gibecson. Passed 21. July 1863. Assistant Sungeon U. S. N. Edclward M. Curtis. Hospital StewHenry Stanley Pitkin. See previous ard 4th Vt. Vols. 7 Aug. 1861 list, 1858, dischlarged for promotion 26 Aug. George Henry Vain Dusen. Surgeon 1.862; Assistant Surgeon 6th Vt. assigned to special service by Sur- Tols. 29) Jan. 18;3; Surgeon 4th geon General of Vt. Vt. Vols. 24 Oct. 1864; inustered Walter Scott Vincent. Assistant out with regiment 13 July 1865. Surgeon 9th Vt,Vols. 2 April 1863; Surgeon 15'Nov. 1864; mustered out 13 June 1865. 1864 Charle s James Stewart Wells. See, l'revious list, 1857. Edward Beecher Nims. Assistant Surgeon 1 st Vt. Cav. 9 May 186'4; L1862 r lmustered out with regiment 9 Aug. 186. Joseplh Lysander IHalilington. Pri- Alonzo D. Tagert. Surgeon assigned vrto 4th l t. Vols. 11.elpt. 186(; to spec.ial service by Surgeon GetnAssistanlt Surgeon 11th Vt. Vols. eral of Vt. I March 1 865; llmustleredl out, w\ith regimelot 25 A,-t. 1865 186 1863 Edwin W. Trueworthy. Assistant David C (rayton Bell. Assistant Sur- Su1'eon 7th Vt. Vols. 17 July geon. on specal ci d-lty in New Or- 18(S5; Sirgeon l Oct. 1865; mllslean; sti;r'e oll il. chrge of Med- tered out with regimienlt 14 March icel Cmops Sh(-man' s Army 186 86 to 1865.

Page  121 [APPENDIX.] ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS. MIEDICAL CLASS, 1875. [Graduated after Catalogue was printed.] Joel Allen, Frederick Edwards, Albert Gallatin Anthony, James Monroe Fay, Albert Lemando Bingham, Merritt Sidney Ferguson, Harvey Leister Blair, Albion Hubbard French, Bether Willard Braley, Theophil Augustus Friedel, Leonard Bright, John Powell Hinckley, Charles Peter Burns, Chauncey Nathan Hunt, Edward Raymond Campbell, Edwin Darius Hutchinson, Payson Martin Chadwick, Reuben Sherman Myers, Martin Dutton Cook, Sandford Hamilton Newton, Homer Cutler Crowell, James O'Reilly, Bateman Willard Davis, John Campbell Quinn, Mahlon Cottrill Dix, Stephen Eastman Root, Sidney Wallis Dodge, Hiram Beach Sibley, A.B.'73, Alfred Clark Downing, Frederick Arnold Vinton. To the roll of members of the Academical Department in the service of the U. S. durin g the war, add: — Class of 1846: Charles Kinney. Surgeon. Class of 1847: Charles Carroll Spaulding. Sergeant Major 5th Vt. Vols. 3 Sept. 1861; First Lieutenant 5 Nov. 1861; discharged 10 Oct. 1862 for disability. To the roll of Medical Graduates add these two names of the class of 1864:Edgar J. Farwell. Private 12th Vt. Vols. 6 Sept. 1862; mustered out with regiment 14 July 1863. Lucius C. Herrick. Assistant Surgeon 4th U. S. Colored Cavalry, 1863 -1866. These names should have been starred: p. 18, R. C. Stiles; p. 20, Z. Thompson; p. 34, Samuel Lee; p. 42, Ezra Jones, *1873; p. 45, Charles Kinney, Surgeon in the army, died in Kansas during the rebellion; p. 72, E. H. Allis; p. 82, E. F. Johnson, *1872; p. 83, D. W. C. Clarke, *1870; Rev. J. A. Hicks, *1869; p. 85, Rev. J. Tracy; p. 86, Rev. P. H. White.

Page  122 122 A P P E N D I X. Class of 1826: L. MI. Fitch is in Boston, Mass.; Dentist. 1835: S. S. Cutting has been Secretary Am. Baptist Educational Commission since 1868. 1838: H. H. Benson is said to be in iowa. 1842: C. A. Huntington is at Neah Bay, W. T.; Indian Agent. 1843: A. Benedict is in Penn. F. Fowler is in Washington, D. C.; Examiner in Patent Office. S. O. Goodrich is in Sarcoxie, Mo.; M. E. Clergyman. 1844: J. M. Buell is in Rockford, Ill. L. W. Chaney is in Mankato, Minn. C. A. Sprague is in Watertown, Wis. J. J. Marvin is in California; Judge. 1845: A. Barnes is in Knoxville, Tenn. L. B. Englesby is in Burlington, Vt. A. L. Hatch is in New York City. 1848: E. B. Chamberlain is in Sharon, Vt. F. Jewett was a Miss. of A. B. C. F. M. in Turkey. 1850: G. M. Hill " has not been heard from since 1852." 1852: E. WV. Smith is in 18th Infantry. 1856: G. F. Herrick is in Constantinople. 1858: A. P. Bissell, Union Theo. Sem. 1868, is in Carlinville, Ill.; Prof. of Hebrew in Blackburn Univ. 1860: S. HI. Shonyo is said to be in Coaticook, P.Q.; Lawyer. 1865: 0. H. Austin was graduated A. B. out of course. A. W. Clark is in Gratz, Austria. 1868: H. C. Barnes is in David City, Neb.; Lawyer. 1869: F. Hickok is in Columbus, Ohio; Manufacturer. R. Roberts is in Chicago, Ill. 1870: HI. H. Douglass and H. E. Stevens have their headquarters at St. Paul, Minn. 1873: B. 0. White is in Williamsport, Pa.; Instructor in Physics in Dickinson Sem. R. M. Catlin is in Elko, Nev.; Mining Engineer. [Some of the changes noted above have taken place since the Catalogue went to press.]

Page  123 A P P E N D I. 123 P. 14, 1. 11,for *1849 read *1844; p. 16, to the name of Prof. F. N. Benedict add LL. D.; pp. 17-20, running title, for Corporation read Professors; p. 18, i. 21,for 1831 read 1851; p. 34, 1. 15,for Tully read Tullius; p. 36, 1. 32, for Chase read Case; p. 42. 1. 8,for Dwinnell read Dwinell; p. 44, to name of N. G. Clark add Aub. Theo. Sem. 1852; p. 45, 1. 24, for Cooke read Cook; p. 46, to name of J. R. Herrick add Aub. Theo. Sem. 1852; p. 47, 1. 33,for Paul's read Paul; so p. 50, 1. 8; p. 49, last name in Class of 1849 should read: Edwin Wheelock, A. M., Winooski, &c.; p. 50, 1. 30,for Albany Univ.- read Union Univ.; p. 51, 1. 17, for Waupan read Waupun; p 53, 1. 30, for Princ. read Union; p. 55, 1. 14, for Eldridge read Elbridge; 1. 35, for Josephus Booth Wilkes read Joseph Booth Wilkins; p. 56, Class 1856, add George Chandler, Chicago; 1. 16, insert New before Brunswick; p. 58, 1. 15, for Supt. read Clerk; 1. 16, for Manitowac read Manitowoc; p. 59, 1. 15, erase A. MA. and; p. 61, to name of P. IH. Leavens add Union Theo. Sem.; p. 66, 1. 1, erase M. D. Harv. 1875, and for Ass't Surg. read House Officer; p. 68, Class 1874, add John Williams, B. S., Lebanon Falls, N. H.; p. 70, Class 1829, add Plimmon C. Bennett and Walter Burnham; p. 73, 2d col., line 1,for Crawley read Crowley; 1. 8, for Hoskins read Haskins; 1. 12,for Munson read Manson; 1. 22, for Sanders read Landers; 1. 29,for Burdon read Bourdon; p. 45, 1. 2, for Wadhams read W. [These last six names are given in Catalogue precisely as in edition of 1867.] SUMMARY. Whole number of Academic Alumni, 859, *284; Clergymen, 185, *47; Lawyers, 332, *129; Physicians, graduates from the academic course, 51; Editors, 30; Members of Congress; 13; Professors in Colleges and Theological Seminaries, 40; College Presidents, 6. None living of these Classes: 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1811, 1814, 1819, 1823, 1834. Number of Medical Graduates from 1823 to 1836, 116; number from 1854 to 1875, 460; total, 576, *39. One M. C. Number of Honorary Graduates, not Alumni of the University, and not including those of 1875, 331, *127. Number of Members of the Academic Department in the service of the United States during the Rebellion, 123; of the Medical Department, not counting those on the Academic Roll, 28. Total Graduates in Course, 1,435; aggregate, 1,766.

Page  124 124 A P P' E NT D I X. The Compiler of the foregoing pages very cheerfully assumes the responsibility for all errors, though some of them were derived from the "best" sour ces. Many of them would have been avoided if more time had been allowed him, or it other duties had been less exacting; in particular, certain errors of the press might have been obviated, if the printing had not been so rapidly pushed, or if the pressure of other engagements had permitted him to scan the proof -sleets more carefully. For many of the corrections given above thanks are due to various graduates who have kindly examined advance copies of the Catalogue. Further corrections are earnestly solicited, and especially such in'ormation in regard to residence, profession, academic and other honors, decease, and year of death, as will serve to complete the record against each name in the Roll of Academic Alumni. The College authorities are specially desirous to know the P. 0. address of every gresduate; and when changes of address occur, they ask that they be promptly notified to the Librarian. Let no one think it strange if he receive no College documents, when the Faculty is left in ignorance of his whereabouts-nay, of his continued existence. A careful record is kept here of addresses, so far as they can be ascertained; and every A lumnus should hear from his Alma Mater certainly once, generally thrice, a year. And particularly, the names and addresses of Class Secretaries are wanted. A list of these Class Officers would be given here, if only they were known to the Librarlan. Will not some of the older graduates help us to make up a complete file of College documents? The Library has no Annual Catalogues back of I835, except those of 1822 and 1823; none of the years 1837, 1840, 1842. Schedules are wanted of the different exhibitions, especially of those before 1847; also Programmes of Commencement Exercises previous to 1851. It is of no use to say these should have been preserved in the Library: they are not there. Address, THE LIBRARIAN, University of Vt., Burlington, Vt. Commencement will occur in 1876 and thereafter on the last Wednesday in June.