The Babylonian Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania. Series D. Researches and treatises.
University of Pennsylvania. Babylonian Expedition., Hilprecht, H. V. ed. (Hermann Vollrat), 1859-1925,, University of Pennsylvania. Dept. of Archæology.

Page  [unnumbered] 4 *, r, o w,,... OF 2 '^ " ",THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA' 4 t- SfRIES D: RESEARCHES AND TREATISES EDITRDBY * H V. HILPRECHT '. VOLUMe V. lV-',^`'... A NXW ROQUNOARY STONrQF,4'-; -,; -., UCHADREZZAR. * Y; 'F6 ROM NIPPUR 4'. ' - *: * WM. J. HINKE., ~~;.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4 VfISD [[AH~ N RAIE k ~~. r 1, A~aELFiH 4'. bw~: UP 44. 4 44u

Page  [unnumbered] lsl l, q L}}t-U ~c(hi TIDE ~I rrur\RrYel~UHl~;,jm-F~;! — i r icM_ l-!~~ 'l -- l~~I.2I)-'' I j ~r~r lt.5JG~''T!,_

Page  [unnumbered] I

Page  [unnumbered] I i I


Page  II t') t I l CmIIIII ithl v "r P I I, II ca III, (,,I I w( Lenera: I,Ielrit, (If thet inanusvIIH i p I and au~tograph platestC '11billitte'd for puldlll(catim, l; but theC Edito, ijs n

Page  III A NEW BOUNI)AtRY STONE o, lrburartbrzzar I. FROM NIPTPUl nitl! a Cititralrtatnre of Proppr XnalBes aut a (61fssargy f tth iKuburru.3Jttrriptilnt f th!u far Itublitalebt 1-Y WM. J. HINKEt, Pr.T)., ID.). 1Vih 16 I'l(/tonew lllstrwtions ald 35 )Drawcings PHILADELPHIA I'lsished aby tle Ullivlrsity of Penlsylhali 1907

Page  IV Pll II-)il

Page  V P1 II E FA C,E. TlrA p:rt of tiis book whilc relates directly to the boundary stonrle of Nc)bchltl dir zz: u 1. from Nippur woas originally lpresrited to the Facult of l'hilosophy of tlhe Irniversity of P(clinsylvalnial, in tparItial fulfillncntlt Or tile ruiricml nts for thli degree of P'I.T). Tlhe auitlor hais l ince conltililled ] his studies of the ltablhvoltlial biolmldary stines, and now offers Chapter (I)( I as gencral l introd uction into this ilnterestiilg tield or l:Batylloian studies. Thle qcestiois whichi thle Babylvlini:uin bindry sto'nes ool ( ociill) ale so nlullrous aild varied that their coltenlts olr ilot onlyl of illitrest to the slpcialist, but tttheir il l ral:lrtrtilllcts offler material to tle studelnt of acicint:law, thelir religious featuresc arIe of interest to tile studenlt Of 'inciecnt rcligioi, whilet ttleir s!blllolsh claim tlh attenltion of tile studelnt of atlcicilnt stlroonmy. Wen iwe rctlize that thlese s'ymlols arc the oldest astronomlical chrlts which are iln xistcnclce, they Iare see to posess aln intisual importancc. Tle attempt seemed, thierer'e, warr:iitcd to secure, if possiblc, comple te cl llection of 1ll the syllmbols tall to )racstit thiemi ill thic forml of 'c atstrollolmliccal ttlacs. 'Tllis origiinal plal, c'', o awv, lid to be given upl),)ct'use thle lMulseulms of tBer lin t ied to d)(nt raiit tlIe lpubl)li(cation of tlhe l:lt('lri al ill their p)ossession, ill:asiuchll('l as it Ihacd )(('n "''reselrv'ed for publication tbi thle lMuseum'li." A' s a result thie aithoir twas eolntell'd to restrict hlilmsell to a c, ollection of all thle m aterial that lad 1be(c Ipiublished tlhus far. In thle case of tile }oiunldary stonies discovrd bly t lle irenIch at Susa, and now Ipreserved in lthe Louvre at 'Paris, 1)lhotogral.l)ihs of several originalls were securled toug he kinid assistance of D)r. I6on I eIuzccy, Director of tlhe Louvre, for whose valultble help tlhe authol r wislhes to express lpublicly his gratitude. Throughi these Ihotographs it vlwas possible to give not I 2J1 (408

Page  VI vi P'],EF. 1 CE. iily =1 impr<o(ved (Irawingi of th( iport:ant stiile, s:on No(. 1 (fig. 24), and1 to ()o(fr i'('il'rlt(' (Irawigofs ()f Solol Nos. 16 atld 20 (s(tee ig-. 10 and:30), )but lso) to,ifl)stitut(e s(ve(,l l'tollt( icture(s ill plc(of thel (ti:w\ing giv(-ll ill thl( D)(;l)ljotion) cln I'tste (s(,(e figis. 2: 17, ls). l'I ' tllt I)tlicaio of the i ti) t s l)ls l( tile li) (lt:l stoll( of ()i rodltc Lbladan lT., ilowli t Blellin. Iwn ntll:l l(e p)1sil) tihrough; t(, kiilll(.-,I' Plof. O('lt, whi() plt cl d1tit It 1 tlil)(osal;.(t1 1) I.() 1 otographIs which( h( ] 4s(cur((tol ( i. Tom B 'I'll vil)ols lI(n I 1 t.41 (1:nti 13t ('. Tll 1. 45. -No.,. I:andt 2) w(,( )'(1,t h xe II't (looltts ot t'f ti(o,' stol(w, il tht Musi f the g ltivlit rttv f tt )(,io.;~iv;t, o.v which. )r11w, I('ti.t I (']tt ti lt ((' \fttin fll )1t ()t 111 to ' tto - -t illl till IIol()111 llol(u lts ot:t-.-(.(1lr. Thez (. xc(ll(nif (it't awinis. p)r(l:-rl tl in(l(' l tic(' dire l tiof l (f I th(i:ithl t. thin itttdiht l th.t t I 1tF. 1 'I, it. it l arl i.- t ot f 'h ll-(lll)elhi:t. |ho palrctl ) l:till, il )llll ingl th( a,:w U: 1c('(ur:t(, ',- lw() s.,il)h.( The( ne(,w l)()Undliry.-t,)(, r () o N,N )uch l),h'(,zz:,' 1.. Lh, ):(, 'vih Jp(rt:tInt iltscriptio ll w.:11):it)10l1)(,(l ill 1()()1 )' 1'Pro. llonmlm( l. w -ill (loiubtl hs. fuIt'iltl lll (Xlltctalln.., thtii(' tar f'w K /ilg,r, il<lcript ion, whvlich,ullr)ns> it ill ilitc(,rct. Inlt.-mu(,h t. t(, I ), u),lllny.,toi(, o)f AIa(la uk-aho-(,rbl)ti had Il(,v(, r re(,(,ix'l,( a: th'(1 ltaa((. t'('lltI(,lnt m(l[ its inscri ption hin nd ot b n r)('(:, i'tesl t( l i 11l11l. it xx:tthou ght fitting to:1fl(1 it as:1 ti A l)(.lix. with somt( i)ri(t ' oi t(',. o its linguistic I'f(atill(s. 'I'll ('onco( '(lhlmc will bc founll(l to() (')ll til th(' ()l' )(r '1h:e tu(,which oecul il ll th, il'1,, 7r,' inscrilpti)n. )ubli.h(( thIlls far. I or(ler to mak(, it 'rs comts'('(t a- p)ossil)h' two li,-ts olf. -lmols '(..(. a(l(h(1d. A\lthough the svillb)ols qr(r giv(,l:(t hlngth in ll(o)mm(,l'., I!1f.,0/zs. I('t inttsnilnich ~ this list (do(s not ilnclud( th( lat(st tinj(m, since mad(' at Susa, m(n ats it s(('em('d (h,-irablh, to hve ( o(, pl~lac( ill which all this informlatio(n Co(ul(d I), f()une l f (on n(vni(,ntly groulp(ed tog('ther, the aulthor conl]u( ed(.( to r'('](':lt th(' list, with.,.uc]( Ia(l(litionas w(:re n(cessary, anti to ad(dl,noth(,r,a)hal)(,atical list, which brhifg.S out more promine(ntly th(' unmbe(r and vari(,ty of' tit(, sy'mbo(lrepresented.

Page  VII I'/lE' /l.1 (' E. vii 'The (lossary, while nlot aiming at absolute c(ompleteness, was prepredl to incllude all tile ords usedl ill the inscriptions and most of tlle pa sslages ill lwhich(l tih w\ordls occur, with the exception of some of tile mllost ('(0om11 wlor dsf, for which it see(led IILneessary to (I11ot I' 'l.-lge. I1n conclusion, the plelas:lilt relains to exl)ress my ud( t1o m11 teacherl s andll friendl(s whllo ha:ie t(l' 11(' in 11y1 stu(d1(y. Prof. Ililprecht. not. only wr(ltted( 1l most i ndl y to publi ssl tile imlport:lit incril)ptioll o(f Nes llucliha(lelzzarl., but 1t( has also given ll ling tilt( who ol oligts of my 1st(udy his g oll'enerou alSssistanc:1s,1l ellncr('olelenlt. e11 1 s still further illnc(,scl 1mel obllip tion hy rIetdig til(e 1)ll(l'-s1(ets a1s tle(' 1:as.- thlloug!l the piress, to which he:(((tl m1y valuable silugestiolls. the most iportlEt,,f ilhich ag r (11y:lnowlhdgedl ill tl(ir 1 'spec1tiv, I i s. 111. With I'r(t'. Cla I s( nt 1y (leliglhtfill llhours, di.,(lcussillg witlh himl the prol)tnls (ollrlnne(tel ith these insrt lliltions T owe much to his stililmhtilngl suggelios. Prof. Jastrow hIs givell le til(, belefit olf his tlho rough knoh,\l gce of tile litcrnture illnvolv-dl nld has supl)liedl nit with a nm1nb11er of refererl'cs for tlie list of the gods. Through tlhe knimal mediation of mlyv fricil. D)r. Il1a1ke. of the 'gyltologil 1i(l)epar 1(11 ht, of gth( ollylt til 't at l 0lirll 1(11i, )1r. ['rilga(dI(i killy Inlly l- took til( task of collarting I nlullll)tlr of passages t'or Imce oil tl( stolles in ll(h Berlin Museunt. Ilis readings h\ave b)ecen cred(litetl in till(') C(oln)tl l('e as wl('11 sl ill h(h (;lossary..'il:lly, I wvislh to th:l thil( I'l)li(': tion (Collllmitt(( ()f thel(' -llivC'er'sitv for generously uIll(Ihrtailln thl( )ul)licatioll of ly 1b)o(k, anld (sp(ciailly tille lileral founder (of tilis 1ulll(, M1e. '(ckl(ey -1'liit.son ('ox. 'Jr. ro,(li tils(, frie(nis I owe' much,: nt(l I ca(ll o0111 lope tlhat the resuilt. of Inv stu(lies ly I( worthli of their iInterest. V\\'TTLLTA[,J. t111NKE. ImL,.k)mL:r.jX, November 13, 1907.

Page  VIII C(O NTE N T S. I'IT 01F ILL.. 1H \ I ()ON-. X ]BILIOGRkPT'Il....... xi.LIsTl oF.AIlll.\V lvrluxs X l 1. BAI ~-LONTA',N B]COUND)AIt S1\,'N' 1. I)lS(.o'lr,n(l dlccil)ll cnltllc z. I 2. Oldler -i:lir ll lllillml]:n -,,i.I-." a. \N.tio.).al hound 'Aotr y Ione l.Ill( nn:n 3,. l)oorocl(t~.. -I 3. ()rlgll)l ]of II.)oIllo IIU U)lll(l:li\'.,1Orle: (; 4. L.)o(<'u(, 1folr piti)h n:11n' 1 Ibl; \(S l1(' oSol -. l'cligious; I'.:llrur(,,i lb(, I I)Uomtl w'y,,ton- 1 II 6. I.,(gal rn-aoltion-: in it(, Kudurru io it l- i:t36 I. oy al gr ilis........ Iti-3 l..GranI-~ to faithful official- I/ 6 U. (;:lllo to lfii s flg...... 2o 1. I)o\S i,':......: i. ( ' l iv ltdr11 ing (,l 'iito o io n-;;,, I..\ nla-. o theI | i )lln(l Ir ooipeti:3 b,. ()rinl'ti oi fl ml-. 3 s. ( o)li(,idtloi o( l 1 Ilo il ogooI l olllli.(ii)gllon 1 I/ loilln('tionl- tin M 't('l~ (l x ac (t,(,( 41;. Nal(,s,md title s of d('ii, (.51;. Cur-t's. of' tlt, l(ldllr r t i-'11.. r i l)li, n.59 gl. o'(stqtt(\' f olt l:.,(,- 70 b. l'ictoriadl r(q)'lr-:"tutti(ls o1 ' ]lll,~ v'lo w (/{(' l' t g]ra, 71 xiii

Page  IX -, 1, "I -.

Page  X Do )~orsocko of I~ll~ 2. Imgmewai-y of th" Ca1lr. ~ ()11 0` 1~( (: t" p,,k(r~(~l d:3. Cltmw lablo of E'IlIll-1n:iri ll-n-aph I F I'c a pr ll toaraph of III,,11( oliJI'al Il l I M Ar\llr('l h;w1\. d ""Y.~l!~ 1. svmbl~ol e on:t Ca-in, ]w~omid:"Il\ -1o1(1 11:1 111.I Ib~olll ) I JI, a rm J (j~lg (" t il tiwy bolm1111O' \1huy:11: oI 15( 11 II. F'o... Di ~( 111 11~. ~ 1)1( I1 byl~ll\-1t:1I;'m M.).~il:l O.Ii ~ I a f Moduk-pal- 'l.. a I O. r l'ro-o l lr:Icltll\ ti c f \IV P.- litil-, C311 1. I~. S~. L'.I B"'Indarv tone of Nlard uk (~-o lc'llll (, rl~rli( '~l)rr,,Iiin-ah ~ i\. 1, Fro-:, hoto rap W' t (a't n t, N'l-u i o A'..1'~olo y.,I of P, 'rr I ~ln n 11( ~,,-vhnnia ' \.ll:(:1)'?. (~l\~l~l! I

Page  XI LIST 5(F ILLL'STRIATI.OA. I (I rim) 'oi pat, il,-1in,12 h4ij11ichc 7 1., pl. 1. IL1) 1 6 I -cild a t 1:Ibomldary ' Ci-itI(p 11, 11. S1, 1ia No. 2(10 S1 1FTo.. b,)1,qsW15, 17 Pc-S Vol. \ 1I. pI,. 27. 28.) ~4up, N N,. 5, -1( 1From a Pphotop-ap orIl Ii' or gh ill (h 5m " 1,1. Ts, god Hu.. 1110ian Iphl:,),. 12(Itafamtr oudl. (1. '11111(~Bl1 lllnl 1 cr -~ 51n1, 5 111:1I.:ppp,5pp:I.? 1 n11:,,. SI)(~ Nop. 1,14. I,. (13 'I. F~r:I~llloml~t ~ 1, M V' I 1,51 5l No1. 7.. 15 2.. t N1 L1!ll), ( 1. 111(1,111p11?.~~ 11 il,1'1)1llI 1, 1: 1 \IN I, )( 111(~ ) I( ( h 22 1 1ablo lalhIslpl- II T', pp,a1,1 VII, ])51 Im,7 h-mB dAi....... B.ylm..) 12. 235. o,,I bo, t151. n,,,d 5 t S-o7No. I 7 F 1 1111., t5/1V17(7p,171 V P p 7 1. 1915)5. 2 1. arl I rooul dm:ll 'torl w I ou I it I Simc, I I i I h, m... or r ol h, cuodl t,:,f. N o. I......... 1.6 ('F lr rc]c~o n olll i, Scloli ad-bblnt ti, 1). IS. I~c ll f n. 10..)! 27. Boumin, No. 2, fa(,p. 18 I

Page  XII xii LIST OFI II.U,T.S'.I.TI'710,S 33. Tlhe archller, frolnI the l' Igypltit oinc of 1)enDr1:.!)9 (Dratwn fromn B~oll, pQdm'r.ll. 11.):31. l((ltangllglma zodicle l)ndll ra. 10 (l'rorm lBoll, p,u,)tr(,, 1pl1. \'.) 35 I'ollmll zoRli:o o' I)(o(](rl... 101 (Frolml 3l1,,,,,i, 1(~ 1 'I,'hl,tt )atlbi,,mtl,d, l"(rrlcc, \Vol. X\ I. P(. JI (IS.5(6. pl. 1, [:tt'ilg ]l. 10().) 36. The goattfih ((:tlwli(,orwl. llol.l I)Olllldtll' o.d O l(, (,l'.tli-shll)pak, Sii-'t,.No. 3.. 102 (IDr -tl' ifron I)(h~flario, ('l, Per.t.i Vol. ii, pl. 21.):37. Tlle goaltfi h (('tl)li( olnllo, 1''111 t fill'(,1 1 (l zolia lc o( l )('oll(l'; h.e.. o[12 (1)ran ll 1'fon Boll(1, Sp[)an, pl. 11.):{S. Tllo godl'?l og l E Xo. (i. ` Ill(J Iole 6 x: lfldi'll:tll, Il h(h ol l... 7(odia(' otf ] )Dendr(,... I (13 'The filr-;t ligip ( llC il' 'll 1'()u1:1 lllh( )R'tlhol,' l)(' (, l gip:l11 l tlh(' J.ellV-lI(, Ill( o.l'Olld ireil Bloll. 2S~ph r(I). pl. IJ i 39. Th,. —lnhol el lh( god.lhtr(luk.. I[. 1()1 {'VIxor(ll1), Ufotiot ' r.c \ ol. 1. 1. I. 1t6.),t0. Tht, godde-, (.uln. IlI..colrl)iol- o, 1-1 hll:ar:, rirll! Jhp,:dlldlx llird,1 B lln Oll Sll \. NL i i. lW5 (l rol.ll ] t ct ', V.,: \ol. V. 1 1). 111) 11. _Marll e ltlt(, ''ll lli E'gypt As o llg tilt I zl,(ll,(';1 It11(0 )o7(l(",r,.1 (lrolmt Boll,';Ih'r. pl. \ 1.) 42. East A.,inti, ('ir( h a- r(l)r('-int('din Ti I,'t I1 (lrein Boll, ldh-,,, 1.:32S.~ 43. Zodiac of a Sa\'-tl(te i):lp(agoh at Tihhisl>qlyv. Ih,lia. -J h,, g Ihe z w(ltha atll)( Ill{. ltlillll 11,I (Frol)l,pi.~(,lh '.,'-, [c -c dC, I, lt I To'"(q'l,'. ']'ol. 11I (I1, l 53,,,1pl. I,l(lg,. 27,( i 41.. gro' pl) ol rlalg l (.l..: (I ) I-,l'l')1 N l)l)lll: (2) 10llll.~ll.l..N(). l(): i3;) Ilroln.'4u.i,. Su.I 112 ([.~o111 (). 13 1.. Vol. 1, Pi. 1. pl. XI ll. If'out I)'l,~#,,,, I, 15,,',, Vol. 1, p. 179.I 45..No rthern ]]lni.l)h c(', si o'h ll~ Jh(, {'lilellr:1l(ld t"lll:lIOrl:ll clr('.-l:it 10 0( 1.('... 11 I (1Frol lR(e(lli(ch, ol( \ 0 81 (19 ()3. i). 369.( 46. lBounlar -stone ot N(]l.I('hlI(ll('ZZI I.l' 1 Nii)l)tr.(I..h.dr- r ipp. 117 (Frolim t aphlohgral) of ort l wilt],

Page  XIII 7.1~r,m 111.1 Nj.12 (I)raw\v l 'lllt 1 (I':l,.t in thle Iu5seullll ot. arcll'ology, li-erlit3 olf A Plllls) l vXnia. I '1S. S "lll)ol 1(, \llallt g aliNd a,lly(, I ol Ilato.... 122 '(n1 the ailh u h, d u.h:ttux, fig. 7, Xld '()1..t W\. s.ix Aluller, JI'!!ll'hlo fico! t ',sscur-, b,', I, t I.) 49). B O.l....llda'y Stol o[f.c})[(.ltnldl_/7llr 1.fro. \1)f1on A la:b)bat, \V I. '/ 1;I (IFronm lB,(hl, A\inerc und bl(mhtlon 1). -15 ) 5O. Figure o* at king, [roliih tlh btone olJ '.\A11r.~'ll. 13.i (["l'JOt 3Itlh'ilatngcn der Ddctschcn Oriezt 7(isellv('hu/l. X 1. 26.) 51. ]"igul-', or n l, hlg, 1".l)r, ah y NAl )uthaIldre-zzllr 1., oil H1I II. 11.1:37 tl"'om a phl(oAgraphl of a ca-t ill the:1111 ol.\r('lhtology, ['1uv(t'r-it, ol Pe)tnllsl"lv lltla.)

Page  XIV BIBLI)(OGRAPIIHY OF TIIE BABYL()NIAN K 'I)UiDU LU INSCRIPTIONS. 1. TI-:.XT E.ITIONS. I{. C. IwtNv.[Nx-ox, ' ('I11('ol Incri )tion-, ~[' \4 ( N (V n \-ia.," VoL [.I l1. r ). I 66, 70; Vol. III, 1870. l)l.. 11-13:; \(OI. I', S75. ),pl. 11; 2d (d., pl. 3,S; Vol. V, 188 1, pl. 55, 5.). 11. V. ILLPI{ECIIT, Frleibr;liri A'(ciih,,,k Inzr'.,' I.. I.(,ipzig, l1,s:i. TH. G. I'INCII.S, '"()it fl ]'(t o'.N(bocladn(aZZtr 1." 1;1 " l o(t I.- i f, Of the Sot'. for Bibl..rch.." V'ol. VI. IS-; 1, pp. 151 -1 71)). S..k. \XlrU, `"A.-.Y-'1;111 It il rarv at Nineveh." L.eil/i r. 1SSS88, 't. IX, pis. VIII IX. p1s. I-ii, Ih5to. - C. AV. BEEI.:I, 13(th.,th.' It hch"r11hi (in ],i:h',tgp ztt'.1 Ax!lrPiloyog;, \ol. I1, 1, pl)p. 1.5 —2):). II. V. I][tIt'l~E(lT. '"()h~l ]/al1yloniatl In-('rilllion..4," \'01. 1, 1'1 I.1, 193;, No:. S(0,: 3. Pt. 2, IS)(, No-. I 1', l.)0. LI. I\. IKn;, Tt"(i IT et 's T i-of, I lhrl'ish MII-1HIh V()l. IX, 1100.1 IlS.. I\ V; VoXl. X 100, p l, III; I XII. V. Scm.:t,1I)l(b dalion ern Per"c. [(qnlJlo', VoL IT. 1.)l). lI-. 16-1-.: 20:21-21: pp. '3, 97, 113, 11l. Vol. IV, 11()2, p1. 1. \',1. VI, 1 5(.., 11,. '), 10; I lt. F. DELITZSCII, VI lrdrlixlich, Slh8lrlleniljl8dlr /I, r I,,, 'i cl,(', MI/.ee-,, z/, Berlin, IIeft I, L(iplm. I~17., o-.:135. 3{;. 317. 7.57. 7(). lithgrliphd hy \ Dr..n ignacd. II. TII.\NST1TEIRV\'IO()NS, TII.\NSI. \TI( NS \N1) I)IS(I'S>I()XS. J1. 0 8: 1 clia. XIeaIm I d' t c (11/;)1rm1, i. S (. ', d Phlllsolphie (Chr(ticttne, \ol. 5:1. J10 S., 1.85j, XlV. eolmains.,t atrmll,[;1ioul of the Caillou de Mi(challux). L., Jc,ure, de loltg~dcr ('h( [cz ( 1hbt, (Cnb \ill Idtdh'itt.1 r('h(,'otl glue de Vl' lhbun, tl m [rtt [. 1850, pp. 31) t1'. ). '.TALBnll', "The Tl.ription of.Mi(hau,,." (ill "'Jotrlttl ol' Ih,( R{oyal.\Wiatlw So iety," Vol. XVIII, 1861, p- 53-75). (G. S AsITH ia, '..qyl'J.lnl l)I..vox'e'i{'s, 1875.p p). 2;7 2 1 1.

Page  XV BIBLIOGI{. IPIIY O)F KUDL'1RRU I.NSCRIPTIOS10. xv.1. ( )PPI'Ell;nld J..I:\-.x N I, I)0 ('l tt l S j, ridiq, i s Ile l' t.1syric etl (e lo ChaIlde, 1877 p)). 117-13S. 11. 1. Hii.l:.mT, I', Freibrii'.\bukadnlzllr' I., e.ipzig, 1S83. olf tile o. ol' Bibl. -\1ch., \ol. \T, SSI. pp. 111-1701. I'. t [oxt1t:r, (;,.Sch ichte l -d/I n.t!ries, 185-), pp). -I 13-1i8. \., S'. 13o-t kWI;N, 'i Bl])3: lOlti l.and (;-rttnt" (ii the "Babls onianl.ld Oriental Vleord," Vol. 1, 188S, pp. O0-(1i). 1,., Ein7 Freihri -Vebkadzaj \hn r'.s I. (in Zeil.,chriit fur.1 ssyriologie, Vol. JV, 1,SS9., p p. 02.-2C7: of. also p..1031'.). 1'. J:. PIs.fEI, Keilschriftllich. Aecn-Sl'cke, 1SS9, pp. 2-17. A\o. Volsl. III.c rcles str quclqes contr(tt. b2tb2lo2l;r, l'. Pari,, 1890, pp. 21-32. 11. \W. ],FSI.:lt11, 1/.1,lonisihe llnschri/let (i17 Beilr7le z,7r A.ssyriologie, Vo,. 1r, l19 ) pp. 11 I I-15(). 1'. 1)1;LI I;7:Hi. I)(T,' Berliller.1c rodlch-baltd/an Stein (il; Bclr(toge zl/.lssylriolo;ie, V(ol. 11.9)I, p1l. 2.58-273). V. II 11, 1()3, pl) 22l(-2244)..1. I)PMI>I l,-ll. Lt "oal~ltlt l(llaon con/ t'e/'(,tlt t (es i,'e (inl Zeits chrIl [ur - Ass!trioloyic, Vol. V II, IS!)3, 6)1). 3 (i()-37 1). 1. \, l[7Ll77('1 ' (,. l ( C(tC (l 11(S! 1, pp. 1 —.58. I- ('I..'[..o\'', dlep1igrtp #ie et d 77 rhooie.I xric7t,7c,' tit h0'7ec1 ei di, e (le tl -0. \ ol. X. 1 I 89, 1). 32'.). 11. \ IV;(ls ll:l 'h.II11Toried(ll('.she IForlchunretl r, 1I N[S}I7!, pp. 19,7-5$03. M.. S'lI.1'. I)tl\g(lDiml ('l l'cr e.. AleImoir:. Vol. I[. 1()00. pp. S 1-1. C'. It. W'. Joirts, "Babylonmian al.A-sylism, Con!tratts and lcttIe(rs," N-~,v York, 1901, pp. 191-20.5. V.. S:;lfr.[r,, Ddldjtt'liont (,it Pcr,e, Nentiti',, Vol. IV, 1U);)2, pp. 16(3-tJIl; Vol. V[, 19()0.5, pp.,31-47. 1]. ( uq, Lat proprii,'h /ot(eiire ~ Cha(bId e d'apris les p/ires-limiles (eLrait, (le It 1!()l0, pp). 701-73s). \(} l W\i.m;]], I)i, Lil(tm c1hr c IIl~!llit*, ttttd.[,s~sSr, TBeilp/,ig, 1907, pp. 21 5 -217. lIlf. I)I'-(WRIPTI~)N.\NI) I)-S('I'S<[(.) 01' THlE; SYS[MB()LS. 'I'll (G. I'SNcm.:qh, Guttide to the \ imroud (Ce1ltratl Satlo.ll," IN8(i, pp). 10-G0.!. 1)1.. olm, )f'l!l;ota ('tt 1'~1'#,~(, 1cnilloir.,, Vol. J, 1!)00, pp. 165 —182.

Page  XVI 111711 BIBLIOGRAH YI (FX U (1111, X'S1C1R11)1TI(A S. FI. J. fommr ll( \- I"l d;)), (h,.1,,i,,,Iz I 19M ppII \ I. 1!II..I)). I:;-l~:~ 236-268). A,1,-,m ic d,;,- 11,....... 1.,,, I 90 ~ l l~~/1) 1:1 17 F. Bur, Spb.,w, 19 C 03, pp. 19:, -20,.)2 () 7 B,1X.4ft.I/. [(,XK 1X)) 1, pp. 2.2 2:31 M. J 1)1, XIoXI, 1 ). 'p1/SIX III I/I/I XX II.XllSpp. 1:37 153. KX. B1113,/113XI XL I,1d, I/IXI XX111I X 411 Sc, Ii)h)Shd, Vo1/ I IXI. 2. 1, 1 l' 1/i13 'XIXd cLXVL IX.1, 2 j, 1., pp. XI h. 111IIX " ~ hl: II1' ig'.- 27, 2 ' /i XXIII, XXXXXIXI 'iI X).)\(III)l(( / ~1)~1 /1iX)ll~ XI 112.I)..1XX 11. LIST OF/1A1YI XI 111115 XX) II,() I.SHI'lIll'I ) Vs1 WITIII IlI IgI 1. XI/I I/I\)III XI I 'l 1, N111E~. 1 ~ 7 T(!,I:111,11. 1\oI.11 IIIpI I/I/I/I 'T31' -I/aIl Xi XIx. 1XXX I'G ',V2. IlI./

Page  XVII BIBLIOGRAPlHY OF KUDURRU INSCRIPTIONS. xvii Translation: Schcilol teo, p. Sy0l-ols: Nonte. Quotd as 1). I'. P1., 11, pl. 20. IV'. lldtlrrl of Itlllllll- lllll- r. l'Provenllle(,: S olo. Present localioll: Louvre, l'P:ri.. l'ext: Scliil, })'l'ffflion en lPrse, Vol. II, p. 97. Tr'lanl.sldionl: S('lwhil iJ;dere, 19 lines, fragnlintary. S oilobol,: Nollsl )reslro(od. Quoted Da ). 1E. i1. 11, )7. V. First L(lurri of. eli-Ship'tk. ' Prov(,e- n ct(r: ('?). Presen(llt localtio: Bl'ili-91 N1- (,lllll. Xo. ](0): (90,827). Text: BI(l -r, ill 1..\., \ol. IT. pp. S17-203. Trillsliopn:, K. B., Vol. 11, 1, Ipp. J51-(O;1i. Syrllols: l'pulllishvdl, dtlccrilwl b I'inclhels, "(;ide to tllhe Simroud Ci-tr:l Saloonol lS8S, p. 5 IF.. Ilonol,.lAjltze, pp. 244-2,16, No. 1; mll1r lS'r OF.0YMI0OL, 1). 2:1!. Quote(l as l.ollon, 103. \1. Seeon(l ludtrrl o[ lMeli-lhli)ll;ak. I'ro etlltll' (; (`). ]'r.ellut lot:lioln: British ltluseum, No. 1(1 (90!).29). T'tl: lclscr ill. \,, 1ol. II, lpp. 1 l5-169. \II. Thlird ludlurru o Meli-Shil)k. Provenmnce: Stltt, oulndl 1899. Proselltlo-ietion: L.ouvr, PIari-. o oext: S oloil, o(1t:qttli, cn Pc, Vol. II, pl. 21-24. 'Tr;anTslatio: S.-il, I.c.. pp. 99-1 I 1. ISlnl)ol: I'lliallc yl I)e Mlorgan, Iltl0gion, l'ePse, Vol. I, pl. 16; Koudltrrou, No. 3: dtlscriled by 1o- llommel,.Ilofsol,. 40, No. 21; OF10 SYMOIOI.S, 1). 2:321'. Qtlolt((l ot- Sl.:ol, NO.:3. 111. Fourth KIdturr oo Meli-oloipak. lro x (,litl~l(,(: Suia. ]'rse local ion: l.ouv re. Paris. 'lxt: TrPlir:oilltd byl Scheil, DlIgytio eoo PeI'oe, Vol. II., p. 112.

Page  XVIII xviii BIBLIOGRAPIIHY OF KUDIURRU 1'SCKIPT1IO.\S. Tralsantionl: Scelil, ibideml,1, 10 lilines, fragmentary. Slymbols: Broken,ff. Quotetd a 1).. P1.. II. 112. IX. First Kudurru of Mu:lruk-apal-iddin': I. Provehauce: Oppo2ite iltgEdl, fiud lby (,rg, imitlh and l)recntclid t,, tile 11Britilkl I.t:,i hy the "l )aily Tel'gralph" ill lS73. Prenllt localion: 1Britill 1., [uuln, N\o. 99. T'ext: IV I.I IIt; I' 1..2:3;. Tr'1-,latio-,,: George SmPithl, "., —ritn Dis'ov leric-." 175, pp. 23717.; Opplcr and:Menant, Documels jU;dclis, So77,,pp. 129)-13S; liodwell, " lecords of tile l'a<t," Vol. IX, pp. 31;i'.; I'ei,r K. JB., ol. IV\' pp. (1, 0-i3. Symbols: 'ublishld IV R.1 -13; (-e tal-o fig. (i o' t1in lio-:k; (d.-ilied l>y oi' bYm~L.S, 1). 23:3. Quotte( a IV\ 1.'2 3S. X. Seeondl ll.udI'ttI ' f lilltl-:i l-ixi:1 i1. P'rovenanllcle: Sll1tl. Ires-ent locationl: I[tvre, P:ris. Text: Schlil, D)l,:pgaliot cn Prse,, Vol. V1, pls. 9, 1. Translation: c7llil, 1.(., pp.:32-31). Sylmblols: IPuelil-ed b) Slceil,.c., pls. 9, 10; see also fig. 10 ol this book;; de,(ribed ill ollr lU,- of S2M2loi,s p. 23:3. Quioted as 'Su-a, No. 16. XI. Third Klud'rni of I1ardiik-a2l:l-iddi:a I. Provemnalic: S"ll:S. Presenit location: LIouvre, Paris. Text: Scilil, I)/lItlilon s* I'crse,, Vol. \'I, pl. 11. Translation: Se llil, I.., pp. 39-411; fragmlent:ry. Sytmbol,: Published by D)C Morgan, Dt(galtion cn lPcrse, Vol. VII, p. 1-10; see al-o tig. 10 of this bIook; d.- cribed ill our MI.Tlr OF S12~MoII.S, p. 234. Quoted a:s Sus, No. 1 1. XII. lFourth luidurruol 'Mardik-tqml-iddim I. Proveealnce: Susa. IPresillt localio: I.fourl, Palis. Tcxt: l'npulllilhed, trn:lslitirated by Scllcil, D)hl(altion en Vol. V1, pp..2- 13. Translattio: Scllepil, ilid, id, 1 lilies; fraglhnltarP. Symblols: Xolle preerved, (c. De M)( organ, L)D'/WptlioZl e I'lerse, \Vol. \I [, p. 145; Koutlo:irroi, -No. XVII. lQuoted as 1). E. 1'., VI, 42, 43.

Page  XIX BIBIOGRI. 111- OF K01' Il)UllI IN.V(CIPT1IONS. XiX XITI. Cassite 1) a11- 1!-, fill raglrenll Provenmtimpe: Sut-. Text: Shelil, 7)(1(fIdio. en!'2:, 1l I I, 1p3. T171 Ti'aulhl iom: Sc'lhil. dWidem. 2:1 li(e-: '1itg {.ltllr. Pyblln)ol,: i)(1 li-h [ b )- 1 )le "og;ll/, 1([)/ / ( olt? Vcs. 0 1. 1, pp. 171 t-175, tig..:3801-3S1; K,,IlOITOt,,,,.No. 1; 0e,( nl,o fig. 23. 1. 76, of tllis,book; deICel'cd y I-olmllle(l,.1 I (,, l, 1. I 131'., No. 22;our 17l.r 01 SY7MBOLS,. 231. (Qtied 1 s, 1). 1.. '.. 11, 11:3. XI\. (C-lsdie ')v-ll.,1.-. b(.o'(I Iraglllgmt. PI'VlI,1(.': TIS-t. Pi''eliet locai.ion: l.mlvre, Pari%' T('xt: 1l.'pullilh. li ler 14alt( lh.a 1,Y (lil, Dl'/pfio 'e, Vol. 11, p. 115.. Translti(,ll: hibd 7 li, l(-. (Quot(d 1). 1E. P., IT. 117. KXV. ('.a,_ite )ylvmsty. tv.lhird f1l'ltgml. P'. o(,-, tl': 1 S,-t1. loc'(,i( ot h)(,at.ic-n: lmotvr,, Pal'i-. Text: sllewi, I)7,/77li7l Ca1 / 1,7c. Vol 11. p. I 11. Trnal tion:,c(heil,ibido,. 6 lilule. (Quot/ed 7 l].' 1). 11 '. 11, I7. XxI. ('C SSit(e 1 )y- nast, f- lrtl ['i1 l' f l7l-'-. Prox elctll('(': STi-. 'r(scn7t 1o(7 Ii7 /: lou x (, lari-. T(ext: Tran- litcr7 7 17 y 07h il., I) yl/ ito e,,, 1'. 7s( 1. Vo 1. pp. I). I 1-1. Tran-l'fion: Shewill. i;bde4.5s ino s P]o]7: l'hli7)- 1D,1) 7 DMorga, D(l),'li,mp,, 777 7l77 71. I If, p. 115, lig. 136: K17,l.t.t.rr., No. 1 7S:. 1 al-o lig. 1, ). 1.1, of this book, ( 1(, 77il) in o[ ],1-I l,l7- 7 7, -. 271.1'. (Qlloh (,l 7s1 ]1). 1'.. V1, -1 1, 15. X\ 11. (':Csit, D)3 nayt. filth 'r:gnltmnl. VI I',ovt,-Itl((,:,S"llt. Pl~r,(,ntl lo(ali7om: I.ol777,l',i'i-. Text: T'ran-liltrated and tulran.t(,d byvSeh(,il, I)l(h'fftllon en PerVe, Vol. VI, p. Ii. (2V L otd,lS 1). ]';. 1 I', V. -l1i..XV [ l1. (Ca -sit e l)y nv y. ixt l I':lt'n lllt,. Ilrov-clll~.c: su-l.

Page  XX xx BIBLI/OG.I PIIY OF K//DU/'?/' I/NSClIPTIO)A'S. PrceS(llt locat:ion: ].Oll\re. ]'ari-. / P(\ H1:u(t. S1. /',I./ / q, -I, -, /.. 1.p. S"ylhol' - I'liblA(A h y - De Morgant, I)(h'l' ti/itl 'rrc. Vol. Vl, 1). l-l6i, fig. 157: Kol dourro, XNo. 191: A' 4l, fig. 39, p. /). o! thi- 1 ook1 de-eii)(,d ill Our ].1oF r),"'YMII/OI.R, 1). 2:Gi. Q[oted.'. 1). ' \. P, Vl. 12. XIX.. irst h/lttrl(w o' NI\ )lpl(pll(,l/z l, 1. 'l.)lox.'llltll(,(t..1)1 11};l11))l, I t'ill IJ)\ lHla.lli:l ill 1',2. IP'r-'ll caltion: h'ilii, h, 11/-/,,ptp. No. 11/ (/9. 5',. T(lt: Illil lt V1,,,'r,1,i,/, 1 (' f ti '" I.9 I1. 55..'(;. Tlal)ltt tio s. Slill)r ht, 'r r;] A ', ].izlg,3: 1 1..S. \, i \ ol. VlI l,). I L 1-170; i,. B. ol. III, 1, pp. tJ 1 -171: ('. 1) (ia\. in. F. llrll 1 p(r', ".A-nS n ' di llll 11111 I,tl'ni n. lt 11(, \'-Y rk, uot,,d 1, V It. 515, 516. y loXX.,'qo(,ctmd Chartertl~ ~11 ' 9 NtJwhad rJlNt~, /7 1.2 Pn-('llt lo~ation Nriti,- h \1ul. Xo. [t2. 9",71 ()l \ 2-7- I, 3 I). Tlsobli;hm I,5'lq.\. l lnil\,, -vr i an Ih 21!)1 Pl. IV, A i1% /IN\-l-. / / V. Transl'ti onq: IIS \'.259-269(cf \Vlllt rZ. \.jV, 1031; X TX. l(mluru of Neho'hadrczzar 1. Prc-'nt ]ocalio' In poq-io n o' Mr-. I lillira eld. Te /: Tr,/li ited, pp. 112 155 of thi boo. ylylN ol.N: 9 h/Iiii u, l fig. 1 \,/o this bo,ih. 12 f.; 236f. Qlloted ans (Neb. NippX l t. XII. Stowe Thll('t o\ Ellil-ldin-aphi. Present location: Mu-ti 1 o' A\'(hwo logy, ['ni\ '~r silyl of P{'1lns-\ mia. Txt-: II tilpr 'ht, ). B. I., Vol. J, Pt. 1, pl-.:3.31; No. s3.

Page  XXI BfIBLJOGffI1II V OF 16UD11 1111'S1 CJIl7JITJIIS. xxi pf1p. 1-5S:,1.. P ~'. B, o1L IV pp. 114-66 cf al- Jcio1, Z. A.; X III, 221 Quiiot~d 9 0. B. T., No. S3. NXIfI. 1.,on.d kIol (PA6 Ill)Dvl'\ P'ro,-,mmee:c~: (' T t III 1. 11 Tr fnpla t Tion,, 1,11 10 fif..1 pp. 117 12.5; 'If Recoodf the, Vo'X. I X, pp 11f 0 l.'Bo oo, If. IA.. Vol. I I.pp. 121-129 1 IN er, K. If~., V,.1 I V, pp.7-1- 79f. S ybl, III 5,N. ol, ~ilso figt ~ 1(~I( ~~~ q~:llo lF. 14 ol' t hi, hook;; 1- cribe 1, 1 m iml~.o,lutz,.,pp. 250ff.. N o... No' 1.1r'.,. S,0,0 p). 237. Qf,',fdff", II1,.N,.. 711 XXI.Smld 11,A1,. 1" Dnty ff112,a: Bagdf. aI d fof1. fifd I, Cf o.1lix,, Im1.1 111 0f ',i P Il.,.111..o.'o, P IP.?; 'J'oloio,, P.'lO..111.ffld- I.flle -JNI No. -, 0 I (Cao~ illouf df13 Tn "n IXns MIfl. Mon,1,1 jlih,f"hp... 1077 t.f.....5 on17 I/I u. 4ims 10,V17,Vpf. IX, pp.: L2icht,n1.,wh,..I.I Brm,ch..fyXXIII, 10111i, 1802;IcnhwnfP,'f,v,rIriyl,,1,,~'f.,~,f X1c pf,. 711t XI0; I q..17q1o.:. f',er R,ilfo,,drB,bym c, fIff.op~,lmg Ii', f1111, pp. 12 131.1 talf.f1f, III: XOpp fi, 130, 1c.i Af~ll-oX gi'q'f'11,'~ 1A,0 n f.'f...'oI,. de'P,'.. -p'if Chfgtinn,1 V11. 1.,,k; 1,fo 1oi,od XX I '- If'.V XI.',187f,,ppS5,fj,,.,,frdf',ofiof 2 3;PIforifiofB, \'o'. '1V, Npp. 7ll (ff,111f3 11ffo as If It.70 Iri ppo~ition, fo,u,nents. jur1idfifl.0, pp1. ~f~fI.; ''If,'or,'ofo t1 f,. Pa't,f o. X,\ppf.Offf; 1)'i','. E.I., Vo,.fIVf,fpp.i fiX6. -I

Page  XXII x 1i BIBL1;II.OG1111 OF KUD)URIIU!INSCRIPTIONS. 'rul-mbo- clll l lcc ci l~ `11. (.. \01 \T. I.ouI. (]:l(i l):I1 Provellnnaiwe: (?,~l~ Prec~cent loca~tio l. l k l('t W, Mii,111,mo \ N 1(. I 1,(6_ )l`9fllllll ))I) T'r66t III 11.42.13 Pat," V661. IX, pp. 06, 16-6'l r 1B. 161. IF. pp. I 11)- 1 25; Pci6,,r K.) 11.,))),. 1)1), p' - p. 277. luote a Ibob I. 1, Il)) XK 11) 1)1)d1 1 1) ' 1) 1d 14) h -,hi T(1)11t11 1" 1p Ih 1. B6L1).1 li,p,6)-6.N.I1) ppIX Ko 0boo95 o) 11h611book 1)1 svinbo 61 V 1pb~ll~e I1,scrIbeN b5B6.Vl 1 l.2 p XXX 5o6o'oo 11)1' i6w)))I.)I 1)(I 13ll. I). '6 o u Irm ~mlrs

Page  XXIII BIBLIOGll. IPHY OF KUI)'1RRL INSCR'IPTIONS. xxiii lPrlelt location: Bl rli, ll 1-(u, l.,. 211. Text: Vorderas;atihxe Schlri/tdelnklllcr, lefl I, Xo. 37. Tr:islation: None, tlnslitertted by Unlgn:d, l.c., p. 1Xa'. Symbols: 1.c., Bcilcijl. Vl., -ot cl'ibed b1y - lhn(1ml,.l.,1,ize, p. 25Sf'., rNo. l; Ollr i spl OF rtYl lc T.-, ] '. 23. I) (2uoted is V\.A., 211. XXXI. Kudirr oflhi-'h. 'lo vtlxxl' x le': (?) 1 Pl're,,nt hloationi: BlIitil- A.11, (IIIi. '(. 1)() 12 ().S3.)). Text: 13(l.r.1. 1.., Vol. 1F, pp. 171 -S.. 1 Tran Ll:ion: elerl. i. B. V.. I. \ 8. -3. y1N: t pll he. j1-cril 'yi)(h,-, 1). '53.; iol.m el,.1 u/s'tlze, p1. 2.53f.. N\o. >. aInd,ll ll' — ].p O 1. S m1w w-tr I 1 p. 23 af. Q( O xlol 1. p 102. XNXII. Stone T:ltht o f Nlt'l~.lpql-id{tlll. l'r elltllu e;: (?) l'le>ellt ]o(,qion: Briti-h. u[ti.....\o. 12.,01 (90.9221. Te~xt: ('. T., X, pl.:3. Ti'a-latioll: ]to,,a cvl. "'Bal 13 nialt llall ()dieltall [h'mI'. \ol-, I. pp. 61J-6$; Pei-el, k..le. 1K., VlIpp. 1 \, 9[t2-5).5..ylols: l'lillxed h,- l]o.cil 1.. acing. 65;.; -(e 'l- fig. 9 oi this Ibool.; de~-criheld 1y }Mnnl.1/,. 1p. 25.5'., Xo. 1t); and our oF SY-mBO.', 1). 2;3!9. Quoted,'1. (. T., \, pl. 3. XXI[I. Stonx Tax11b1el 11ar)tl[: —h1n1l-i1itm. [roe-ellalice: (?) Present lo'lti.o: x Berlin.[l-lxlx.. A., 2)0.. Text: l'ie(r.. 1i lhr;1/tl;/ 1.c-/kc, p1-. 1 —2; l orde,aslalische x hj,'tl, 1,x(. I j I. No.:35. Tranlllation: IPei-er-, I.c., pl). 2-6: K. 1. el. I1V, pp. 94-97. S yl-: Publi-hed in T ledro,','i<h~,ech,.i/(,lel:.mle, Ijct I, Beitlelt pl. 11; d(v'cre 1 1o'llte,.IN/'.cP. 1. 251'., Ixjo. 11; and our.,T- ol( S-y l}oi-, l ). 2.:4!11. Quoted(l a V. A.. 2 x0. XX.X[I. ]Kldtll'rll of,~,1' > 11i. P'rcelnt locatio1: 1Berlin Mil-lllll V. A.\., 2)!.5 Trext: Pei,-er, Kecilsoriilifche Ao,-.-tlau'c, photo,- 1-5; lVocderafiatische Sthri/jtdcnklrl 1e, 11t No. 0. Trn-latsioll: lxevilloxut '. l(lg.,/.!. I lo. 1; l1eiser, 1.c., pp. 6-; l'i- 17.1. \, Volx I, pp. 15S-1Gl4.

Page  XXIV xxi\v BIBIL.I)t;1.1P11)Y OF KU1)D'llf' IAS('IlPTIli(O;. '4yll-l}o. l)1J..,blie. d }I,- P('i-er. /I,. ]hlots 1-.5. I ' 7der —tiosch S(hrijlIRl.)e,, ie/ I, B he i,. A' -e:a- Jig. 15 of ti boolk; d(h,-tcriltdl hy 1 1, 11)(1..1l/js, l2(. 1 1 2II7.. No. 12.: 11'( and 1.r1,' OF' pYl M OI.',. t). 2 10. (QIlot(el l V. \.. 2((). \XXXV. ullIrllru ofi ltu -ll)ail-illl:l Il. Ir(.-I'nt l)catijlo: Brlil -h...... A..\l. 26: i. Jfxt: I 'orl h;',,;/,rhei, -/ hrjtd,,I1,,lh,', lcl I. No.:4. tln.lllhlt:raLt(( Iy ),lit/>ch. B \.. 1. A II. 11p 3...:o.5L. 111. pp. 1's-1-193;. ' I. > i.h. Z..\.. V.j VII, J.,2-190). Tr'n.]talilo - I)(lit-( h. /.(: I)i-(l.. /,.: R. F1 I lwr. l (,..\-s1 ri. t 1d ]Q:ll)!lolli; 1.11-r;..t.." N -( ol,! N)l. I)1). 14-(i.. 11 ylSol' l'llli-(. p 11 n 'Y II -ol(l. \ViN,,' 11,, B6 t,6l, p. 63; i l ful. 1 r0 1,),'lL d,/.,(;j1n/ m,lh, II( Il 11. 1?,ihj!. )1, 111. IV: also [ir.,'f Ili - 1,oo(: (hl-(.rt)ld 1)! 11, l l...l,I.. ).l. o2). Io. 1:,;,,,u. 1 Ii- Ir,)l..> -. l I.-.. 1 p. "It ).2>(). Q-llt(jld q> \V. A., 266(;:. X X 'lJ..ldllhl-rl'i o)f?,ain::.. l-h-h n l-ll, l 2. I'r 1.,l), t I(:ltlOll. B]riltJi.M11.-( 11l fI, f'). 7,,22L'). pl'xt: ( r..,, l 1 \ II. TI.ral-lltio)l: N i..1).1o;n, lo'. I.1 r.1,). f o. 17. 1,p1) )..19I7-5(p: Q.1otd as ('. T.. X. plp. 1V-VII. Il(;I.;NTA\{Y B()I'\I).klIYT '-T P)XI.:>-. AN\II().I: f1)>('1IITIO()N) ARE: BIiO()l(l.N 011: F )1F I U'NI'TBI.IS1II.1). 1 1Fr'gln(,nts of tlh (' a-it(' D)3 l.\ P'rov,('xm (n,: Su1a. IPr(.,(,ut location' [.o ux r(. I';r i.n. Sy-mbol-: l y)li.-hl'd I)! )c(.Morgaln. 1). 1:. 1'. ~oL1.. fig- 379,:3'i2 3~,9: Vol. VII, fig. 15.3, pll. 27, 2'2. 1. Su. a. No. 1, D)(. Morgan. 1). 1:. P'.. I, 1). 1I G; fi~. 379!, i "'o,1,,rr7ov XNo [:,-i(':F(iso lig. 2 t ~,f!h i' 1lol,; (',-('ril)(ql I)v 11 1 ( 'l..1 N/,(tze. i).137, No. 19; oulr L.',T or.~MII-)I.,, I 1). 2:31. 2. SU:- Xo. 5, 1)(' Norg'ul. 1). 1.. 1'.. 1. 1). 1 7(, fig.:3N2. st't, fig,. 1 7, 1X, Il). 40, 1 1olf lid 1) )ioo,:lud tll(' dc(.ril)tionlI ill I h' Ll-r olr S)-lTnol.s, 1). 2:34.:3. Su.,a, No. C. 1), Morg'tm, I). ET. P., T. 1). 177. fig.:383:.,ev Jig. 3S. 1). 103 of (ihis l)ool. qnd lI(w del,,criptil i n tlhe llsl ).r oi4 SiimIoL.s, 1). 234l. 1. Su"sa, No. 7. Dc Morgan, 1). E. I'., J, p. 178, fig.,3S1; see fig. 21, p. 73 of this book, and the dl's(ril)tion iv tile Ij' *)1 SYmIm.s, 1). 234.

Page  XXV =S-I % =;~7i I; - -I , -" t= r r' L~ 3%1 -r;j=S'h r R -r Z rt ~r 3 ~ - -- - - ~- I % I; = = -r==-. r%% 'i r- C I= I; = = I. -I I. TC r, I, = =Z '`" ' s I; n: I.; - " rl;r, 2 z =/ %% % % ,=-3 c -I I r 4 ^ Z: " 3 -1 % s, I; - = sl k f i: ^= 7T3 '. = =, =% %" -~ t~ 7:~/ 1/7 3 1 7 = - = - e~ . u;i 'li = 74 er — L~"" E -1. ~I --? e T-~ -~ 7 L1= I c=cj =-' ^3 %., 'T I= % -L = c" = --- - -~ % = s jT Z =- -~ -I r"' C r " c:? T.1 Z. tr: (1 L- r~ = = r7 r — =- =: 3 C' C -' J E C ------— ~4 3 3 1 -I r ^ r '" ~-rL. I; I I I; -- _I. I Y 4 r; -r; I; ar, 7 ': = w re C 3 -~ s c: c:;1 rj n=l —' '*==1 -R 3-1 1? rr"L I. r; J; ir, cs I; SIJ?T-:I j i Fj 71 P; - lj L ii % j; LI 5 -1 % %~ CI 1~3 it R;II: C, -r; c;

Page  XXVI XIIJMEVITA T I ONS. A. i). 1. od A..1. A ttb,,b 1 jA i fNhc, I".ivaf"i dn. ]I. A.. I Smies A. Cim(cifo,-ni To11tf Blr. MT. Ib,~itiph MU101111.,, I. i iDcitscl,, Iss~du-i,, -Nb,,-si E (P llssgsirc. dc I" 1)".flztim,, n Gfs —sIi-ss ssf fifid, Isis J.A Jirnsl 1)- I fs.1 fsui,fn 0, fiodrd 1;,,rfNtY iiK. l.. eiiif, chssp-stN Ich i Bibiolhssk. J I t Journl ol thN e il/i N io/Nstric So Iss pq K. \. I. S l,ra,!fi~r, 7 l1' ~ K,4tlscchriifip 7,,,,It,,............/ Al. 1)( ).; Ir~tillmy, Dod~ ~o~ch, n 0,ic -icnr IcIc[lckrj M1'V.N \G is 1s/ i(,f-,fss 6I s i -..I c s-s1 0 B.I Isiprh/ ON Ii, s-sNs l —,,issss, 1/. La 11. '1- ak, B bywinProw "".iO" h ls~ lh. ssiii, Ctn-,i/l/,Ni, I-cciOp,,n,, I lfsssssisfnss. Hc,-,,c X. I ssRyriolog;(,. R(,(-ordl, oj Ihe P-1.~l R. T1.... R~rcucil /,, Trc~,,ro. 111,.1. V.. Si;Iz,,n ygbcr;chI, 11'; I,-ie ~.I~ttl ~ cn; ~ 1 choft en.csctn~t xs\vi

Page  XXVII .1 BBREI'IA TlIOS. xxvii S. 0. IT...lIaplt, Strc1d B1ool',- o] the O1ld 'Tlemnl. V' A..T\..orderas;atiische.IAbleilblq de!r l.yL..1ltscee in Berlin. V. S. Iorl,,hr ScNhrijdelnkndclr dcr Kl.IJigh. lusccn zl Berlin. Z. A........ vil.chrilt fiir.ls1 iolo/ie. Z. 1). M. (i.Zilsclrift der I)elschlcit.iorgy<'tlluitlilchen (;esclsl,/chjl. Z. K..I.Zeilsc/hrijt fur Keil.sclhriflforschlnm. 1)Dlitzxse, Itsh er -= I)ic Si,,-cle der l K(oser, Le.ipzig. 1SS4. lfommnMl, A.tis,ltze =.1 ut,,tlzc md lbhmiandluiqnnd I., 1 -3. -, Milnleen, 1,S92-1901. I[olllll]l, (Geogratphic = (6urlru riss der Geo(grllphie umtl ( dsc7ti(hle des altcl Orictls, Alil( t1t,l 191) 1. Ilrozn\-,.Ih:!llelen - - Sw,-cri~ch-13,,b, lw,,,e l[the tleL lol dem Gottc.\i'nrlfg (Vinlb (itn 11illcil0,,fel der Iortder-to iatichenL Getelltsthlil, Vol. V11II,.N(. 5, 19013). Tnglono, Btiiling Insiriptiolns = - Bidding Inlscript;on, s o the \'eo-Bablloniat ]L',pirc, P]lris, 1(100.5). l(;isne'r, Illy '(nen = Siiimcris. lh-Trby/lnisrJhe 1,lynn naclh Thonla7icln, gricchischcr Zeil, J](rllin, 1S)(i. Zilnnerlln, Ilcilhtrin = lilrnflgc zur Klcnntlis.s der iab/,llonischent lReligion, Leil)zig, 1899) —1900


Page  1 1. A IBYL)NI.\N ItOV'Ni)ARY STrom'NES. 1' tI, IN I-\ aboulilttar st lone, atlnd thir inscril)tios have 1lo- 0 b((1n t(he.-lljcct of sl!l ad ill\c.-tigation. \lAmong tlhe earliest Ilhcan!lollihill tioalltelts w\\hli('l Irii('d ill l'urope )( thle now l'am)U< (t1lla d,.di/, ftld bl the Fret-Ic bItast, (t. C. Mi ch'x. at lie Tigris. i (lay's j()u.i'l(y )low(,liw Ia(ll(l, ill the Ieeils Or a la:elt, and 1 In)ouglht by hlil to I aris ill tlte yeatl 1800. Plilli<ld hv A\. J. Mil lil ill 1S02.1 its i nscriltioi lma, lat one studied a1t Irt11 at:-ate1id tihe (1'lllll e l)' o i-l('sol,.\. \. 1i. I;i(htt(llistil, of hI el tinttlt. Ilis alttit( 'pt Iwas, h( (Lceve, a:1 'lill(' fohli 11(h lll(l( i ouit tw iltil,'ripltiotI to l.\ramaic, e(ad(l it fro1 lright to l'-t, and (leIla(l it to ) a(' tlir)gi add:1r1lec( t a ct)iait Nll.trchimgtls to twatiling -oll 1 'l at ll:iciti:tll Iltiiio n~ fciixal.-t a.\ftlr tii s iitpromisi ng cg'illlfing no lp'ogres, was mah' ill t(, interpretation of Babylonillnil otmily -1coci ' lliieclp i'tioiis unitil fin'r the (loeiI-m'tki, lg docipher-, li,et of tlhe rat Bcllistull inscription y Sir Heyi- C. law-lilstt in ilS51..\lliol tihe sclolars -who it that tilile dioticd ill thiir clr('l',ic('l t Il(, (,icil ir ( iw of tl c cl( w Illigtutgc was i J ulc s ())l),,'t, 131{jlc, n lllstr ai Iliqm'~ i m l,, o ntr c[l *rll:>c,,l, ttl f.rp/ iqll,, Pa:ris, 1802, V(l. 1, 2 /'1, ltc 1 5,lae ti, a t c, t c;- Icis;to l ci-l qtitelt......1tS. pp. i111i-131; t1, III. VII\. Thlte 11-riplimtOn 1- rdndcro ill 1 I,i pO'. It, ('onItit c a:110.\p(itl~tll qllulsi tqllil /l~ l fi 1.I/';"'UgO tvrllltlllill,,s [,lli', infer Soho'o'.,',c "it c,,, ts.'..s..'r... ~/dIIt' icr Pii f i/ o,';, /l'~'tl'(,q 17[1 (t[[o,$ c(]711~t(o.q tllxf tlll, (c/ltl~tltlits 1 Ira'IIic,.''. rie ] h, p1o. -I hmn - c'q,,llI blii r)u.b detl nclo,,.v qlofll1 i..: ~'i 'tl I' ltt', inw'-rlql d..lll..,...I r(r'iltn 'Id.

Page  2 2 A A'E II' 10D'Xl.iiRY STO'INE (I who in 1856 gave the first applroximately correct relnderinll of the Michaux stolne. I)mring the next two (decades the text of the first four kudurtru inscriptionsi1 was pub)lished by Sir H. (. llawlinson in his mlonnltental work, ('itici/orm ei scoileti(ii s ofl festernl Asia, Vols. I-IV', 1861-1870. utAn iorltt stp in a(dvan e ws miadc in 1877 by the joinlt work of Op)lpcert land Mlcnot, )Documents jiuricliques de l 'Aitsyric ct de la Choldle, in whlich the ftour inscriptions referred to were tranislitelratc d and translte(d. A brief history of the' lubllic'tiol andi inllt(rprettion of Iound-;eyr stones till 1891 wa,< given 1by C. W. Belser in B.A., lI, 112-114. Since t that tilme the following scholars havce male colntrihutitions to this subject: Plrof. F1. E. Peiser furlishedil( trasliiteratioinsl1( tid ralslattions of fifteen,kudllrru inscriptions for the K(cilinchl('ri}tlicl /c Bibliotihe, Vols. Ill-IV. Prof. I. 1'. ilprechlit published two Ibounlldary stones ((). tB., I, 83, 149):Ian two fragRni ts ((). BI., 1, 8). 15()), togrether with t ill xh.tiilive (liscuissioll of tile iiis('riptioll of 1lil-nfi(inl-lliltu (A,-lsyriac, pp. 1-.58). Prof. H. \inckller g:we a tralsliteration and translation of the stonel of Slialm'sl-shuii-uikin (.llorieoi,ct e I' ForlchiinflCl, I, 4,-t7-503). )Dr. L. \\'. King pblished three bouil'ary stol'es (C. T., IX, p)ls. IV'-V: X, ils. III I'VV\ I). Finall y Prof. V. il o Schil pul)lille(l tillnre l.aru' (':site stones l Til lll().4 e(.lmllllll c ltlinet u appli(el tt Bahylh)nulll boun dary _(1 oll, ['g ab1'1-na/'/o, literally ": stone i (N..) til:lt i- engr(l t, i (/I'( )"; -o JeIin-ce, wios oloniie, I)P. 349, rote. 4110, andl K. i., 1I. 1l. I. )(; s o, *. Tlh( lilu t A.i', tl( rol, i tillll)loyelI leu i'reuelliftly with a dirct reerl' ell(rei to il(, StOi (II ll Li('l tlc il't. i-eription is w'itte'll (el. lonldont, 103. V, 39; VI 21: l.owlol, 10l, 1. I; 'lisa -t, 11I, 53; I R. 7I. 1l, si, N)i. Nippuir, heading 1.l2). ()her ll tl illt.- re. tmio. "stole (I.mslou, 101, I li, 2; LoItTI l, 03 I. 3 l ontos. 10(2. \'. (ii. o lnitl. " %l -euillptuird tlild all ii,,cribed stele" (L.oldon, 103. Vt. 2(J). hqlm. "till inleriboCi'dtie" (I it. (6(;, 11. C.; ( T., X, pl. iii, 23;'. A. 2 It3. I..i; V. A. 208. IS; V..\. 202, I,11: V, 13),; ld l'f1i, " tl"e or i"do'.r uneltt" (Nel). Nippllr V,,'; Slis ). ot t), 12: i5lLI. Sils iii, II1, 11, 15;.,ee (hap. r,,. 10). Finally- 'the ref ill kIot-. i (=Illaniit,) is it, tile swnse of,'l set ed (doIu ente t" ill lolltlon. 102. \ 1, 14.

Page  3 .\EIICIlf.11)REZZ.IR 1. 3 and twelve fralgments1 (Deet(/li tion l Pere', Vols. 11, IV, VI). For: full list of all tlhe known boulndar - stones, together with their literature, see our fibliogr) phly. At the present tillme (.June, 1'()() we have twenty whole bounl:dary stones with ilscrilptions more( or less col(le'te, together with sixteen fragmnlts of otller )oundall ry stones. They cover the pleriod froml ablout lo350-650 Bi.C., or froml the reign of NaziMaruttashl t tthat of Shaml1Sl-sohull-ukin. But 0while boutlldallr stones, i)rol)erly so calledl, (lo not nmlke thelir alpearancellle until tle Ctassite ldynasty, -we find other similar Imollumellit s at at mluch earlier perliold. The olldest miolument of this kinl( is a nlionll }ounllary stolne, 'rected by nlilt(lml(nal,2 one of the (erly rulerls of Shirpulla, aboult:3500 B.(., to markl the boulndary )twlt'en Shiitlla aodl tl(' nl(eighil)oring city (lisl-li. Its i1mportant ilns(lril)tion (los( inl )(p'fe(, t sagre(lenllt withl the ]'tder boulndaryl stO(ies, withl a series of curses: "\\(nll(ver tll( i)' l(' ol (;isil-ltt shalil crlos tll(he boundarllll (':1alnl of Ningirsu or tlhe 1)inll:t ("lml (,f iilln, in orl(ler to Ibrlillng this ]1(l n l der tlhir l)ower —whelthe thle y0 1)e th e th en of Giish-hli or the lmen of th Imo-unlilain —lma- I'nlil (hestrov tlhell, any the (great 1let oll Ningirsll o(vltlr(lo t(hem, (i1010 lhis subilimile 1i1(fand and111 sublime( foot 1be ifledl 1ll) hlighl ((wer thel(mll), l' tle warriors o f 'h, ( r- I l'ls, tglltll(l t' l( lXl: ()lI1, of tlh l-ig'. ill' 1 itihsh- u (I). E. I '.. 11, 93sf.), 1 12), to ol' 51 rtlk-[lal-iddilt 1 (1). E. I'., VI, 39-: 12, t;i), anld.six undated ('.ite lf'rag lnllt, (1).;. (1.. III 113.: 15; 111: V'I Illf.: 16: 47). A bo1 0da0l1' StOII(, f'rIgtl(llfm 1. p)erh'ap also the hllol,,q smlol-f o eli-Shillak (1). E. P'., IV, pl,. I/i. 17). Tlt, phra.seology o1 thcurlt?,(2 points in thaf (lir(,tion. It.s shape, i'ens(b[llllbl(s t11 Ston, )f A()1 durzhlk-apal-iddin:t 1.:= I 11.2, th, -one of.\gatlltl0 (Il).l. P., I1, )5) inlt lsio 1, included, forit iS a privat. d(,ed, reotordling 'a gmltlt or lttald. (Ct. blow. p). 11. 'I'llililld I, Tlmrcau-l)lnginl ill 1..\., IV, No. 1, pl. 2,. a nd translated tlherc pp. 42-.(; c('. also hli ltscliltliiolnx dle Seumer el lI'.lkkat, I'aris, 1905, pp. (i2-(i().

Page  4 4.At A"l li BU(A.\I).i Mti.~1V ()1' the (city e filled with ralger al, iII tn Illi(ist of the (city, Illel fury be, iIl their e''ll.rt. Anotlerl sries of i ln()11illl('l l e)1e rel(1ted to thle it( l }.)oun11 -a1ry Stols 'ier tlhe (tioo,,oelts of the aincienlt ]kings )' A(gale all otller elle ruler11IS. Tlie (loolcscl cet ail(l tl hresll.( ol te(f l)le were evilientl re(ardei(l;a their I outiare. A dorsoeIket of 11_rNiet lee,4 actually thl' Iha)re of i 1eI.r y l stieie, wtile ill tlh(i ilis(riptiols lclost wii tit th( i(l(lti(tl formula iof tlhe liter t unrt(lv stole insiripltions. Tlius, e.. ti( s((olu(il d(loorso(k(et ieeeeilptioe of Stihargni-hr-li,- l)rl)lisle(tlelee 'oft. ee ilN(ll' rle (it(e.: Pul)li.,hedl 1.- lh( zry ii 1..\.. I\, 97., i:,,lso Tlllll' t-l)Dl..rim, 1. S., p. 18f. * lilleht,. B.., Vol. e1.t o. 2;. Il- Xo.

Page  5 \ltlt'(1.II;ll' ZZ I' I. t 'SaSr-fti-iti-.iar-li m1r 1 lti(-fi)-aI En-lil' da-l (1- m.1 r Ao l'kadift bd-ila-li d1,l-il /b)li 1'E-/r/ bit ''EL-lil itl.\ipllm' ki a diippl,li-na ()-sa-zak, -nit ''EnI-ti 'i l.7an?6 li-zia-ha -l zCr-su li-il-gu-al —i.e., "Shlrgafili-shal-ali, the son of Ttti-Ellil, the powerful king of Akkl d andl of the (lomiliioll of 1llil, (is) the b)uilldr of Eklur, the telimle of Ellil in Nilpp)r. Whoever 1111 lter ll r tis inscribedl stone, 1may0 Ellil a01nd S}l,1 asll: t(alr out his foundle (tion 1)1r( cea0rr off his sCeed. ()thler ilscriptions of Narlal-Sin, th(e kings of Guti andl Luluhi 1and of G(1 lea lose wiith similar curses.' It see1ms in f(act that most Ji1/al'l( Illolum(,tlt s \e(re 1 placed Iby these ilnprciltliolns unlder the Iprotectionll of the gods, to guard themi agailnst (destruction by illdlispos(ld persolls. A conslpicluouls c'Xmlllt - is furnistheld })y tlhe' faimoIs stele r'al)i, conlltainling his cidle of laws, iln which tw(\\l of thle (gret grods lre invoked (c Col. XLIT,.t5-XLT, 90) to punllish aivnyon( whlo albolishes his jlludglments. overrl'ules his wordls, ~ t niers Iris statues, effaces his niame and111( lwritS lis own11 InIlaleC in its Iplce i ol. XLII. 27-35). 1 ()rl0'hps bettier )a-l'-iEln-li 1. s ulggii ti-t'g by Thnulreou-T)iagiin ((of. I. S..\. 23:3:, nlcl' 1(), ori tlle ba:li o L'. T. ('. No. 17G, D)-li-dE-,-li, as compnreld witlt C. r. 21:"35), 121. l)(a-a-i-dEln-il. l'Ior Ellil,cc artiele ol' Prof. (.lay, " 11il, thel God o' Nilpp r,' ill A.\. J. S. Ju., ly, 1907. 'l Tllrlnau-)Dantgin calls atiltlltion to tile fact (cl. I. S. A., 233) that naziikl ~allltcern'ls with nik,1,l, (snl)('tcill ins the (node, of Illl nurabii: ('ol. XTlI, 71, u-zou-r —ia t -.,-z-ia -- q; Col. N1.11,I 10), u-z-ra-li-i(l la t-t-nki-ir. For lh(a inocriptioia of Nlaram-Sin, eontalillilg cir-e, seC( (a) Ililpreicht, (. 1. I.. 120. Col. III, 5)-TV, 4; ([) S. lch il, 1). E,. P., 11, 5.5), note 1, Ciol. IV, lff.; (c) Sc(il, 1). E. '., VI 3- 1. Col.11 I20-30. F lor the incriltionl it lKing 1,asir.1 ) of l):mgin. I. S..\., 11). Similal culr(os alre folltl ollt llumlbcr of llamitel molnl20 -:0, and 1 lle ilscription ls given by, 1 Tlureau-l)lgin, l.c., pp. 252-258. An ex-:1pleI)( oi a Sullclrialn curse during tlhe Cassie period ocurs on an inlscription of Kladalisian-Turgu (llilprccit, 0. 1. I., Vol. I, 63, 14-20).

Page  6 6 I \l I V Ho(f \f1). II Y 1T.0\1/,' 0t, Turning noow to th( I)oitary f ton(,S, 1)rope(rly SOo c(all(ed, the first que.tion thalt engOages oir att(enltioo n toe il.'olllrobl origill:'it ihitrlodu(lition ol'f )houllr:11io(,s (l) lof into a i to o:.'k I l(, lilbilof )rivate prol)elty. AII thit is lnowtn for (o(rtill i. tl t tley ofi(-t make their alppl)e:arance ('e tillo tihe third or ( (-lyasiv. lBit whenl we t on.sid(ru tlh la(tt tlit,:thoflgt h thw(ti ar.< 1tmlooo tlraollr.s of lanl itl thie (larlier iperiods, 1no tllraces of 1)ot(llt y stolt. o f 'or plrivalte land have come to lighlt., anrll -whe ll (0'oi0,,itler furttht(rol ore tlhat therc wvaq no mart)h1, tbasaltt 0or lif estof e ill tlhe alluvial soil of Bablonia to protvide the mate(lrial for boundary siofl 0es, )but tiot tllty ihad to be imiportedt(, w(e arce almost forced to the (co lonchlionl that lhe ero e ction of boundarly stones on privalte, land(s lwat a foreign custom, which

Page  7 .\ l Iit (* 1 1 I)IlI:zz. I I 1. 7 onriinalte( in llo niilulillno. eouiiry whoire there wvere )lenty of -totlle.. to suppl)y tl el( iotnlnd. As tihe ('ssite riulers were folrigners, who came mllolt likely lroi the illouiit'liloui l( regiolis ("ist. of Bal)lonia,' it is n1tlrll to eollletle atht tie calse(l tlhe illltrodueiionl of tis (listt ' liI.2 'is onl( isiioll is so'oiwhat sUll)l)orte(l 1)y thle ilit'l.('stilig falt, whlli'h ough( t to() 1 (ll.liz((l, thllt. all tile twelve b)ounhtry stoll(,' of the (Cassite plieo(i wiliteh ht1v( coiei( (down to l-, iI whIol(e or iii )art,:' ( (ithtr tihe rer((l t of il roy(al grlit or te (()nfirmat ti(n (f such ao e ti grolt til earli e l ((t(,le d had bee i( '1'. I()I 1m le. (;(,)lr(tleli. tL).;6. h\\ lil( thli- hiok 1\ r );lil lil (' i(-:, I (l ' l oll))(lllunit" Of (.()- ultinl E(l.:d ardl ('llq. I.,t i,,',qtiJ(/ ( l'ot,,'ii,'e ('it ('C,/,(d ' X ',lr'C, /(S pierre.sli,;,h.. ((xtlrait. tie I:l.\V,(t(llc l'e'u(' ] l;.sloriqtlc (h ' I)roit/)llq,'s tl [l'lh' dler. (le N()\(lll) c'=] )t(el-l)(l'.. I!9(i, l)I. 7()1 7:.S1. t oIlI'()IllItt(ily 1 II i nlil(, to:glrot wilh thl ':ll hr ill n 1inn!- of his I)p-i(ionl-.\hti <(l. (l( enot (~ It. 1). 73.51 tlle il.(ll( ll(. io o1' o )otflll:tr! '-1O( "q W-:I,: 1i.4 l' ()[' it ea( 'l( 'ltloin of i1oo.,'l( o ilts c.'lui-,(l I,- tlw illlitv l' Ir( (',a —,t(e kllng, p)operly to prnit('(t mla d.i (do( lot,.>((elt 1o 1 (, t erl' oout 1 v tilt ': tl(' s. ' \ Illl. o 1 t(e I:t lr (":liii,( rll s hltl-e the ((t,',.illnativi/i, befol' ol(ir 'mlueos, whi('h iiit.)lies lhatih(hey(iiyjoi(o(i divi01 h Iipr('llo h (l(ilt Xoi, 1li3 i. 1:. XX. i)i. 1, -. i ri ). Iire y wier r(i wd,'de(l ais dixile sir(ly (heir lo (' w,c -lli('uttto pro(t(,(( l)ro)p(rly. -\gai,l sevenl' l of th(,,: kings, ce/.,.Na/i-Nl l:lt a-h (.Su.'~a 2, l, 2), Ilanlt(lutl-sllum-11~21 r (1). ],. 1', If, 97, S), leli-Slh ipal (I.on l (m, 101, 1, 1.3) /m dlil Ma:, d -' l-idll ill l (1). t,. 1'., V\ I, 12, (Mol. I,22),,1-e(rl,( ititle i. I, itri, which ilnpli i'dl aii(l 1tin. of iproelliey over lasllyl<llita,.\-,vrai: ll(l MeIol)OtilnLtia (i(''. \\inlk(l(r,. i ltoliseoelll, 1, 222-r232). If' tley( oI'lh rnle i rbatially tll ofi' W(..t'rnl -\,ia, thill d 'lleol pllrl iotecet tile iroprlty or lhowir suitljects aIt hoii,(l. T iere it,' [ )e(! a. d('gonerlation of lawxv at lh' (hlose( of till, (Cos-it e trio(d, blit thlt lnitrodutttio oI lolfll llnda stonles hlald nothilng to (lo with it. ]"i..lilll, 1no illt'er(llee(v or tlat kind (can 1( drlawn flrol the.tolw( of.Ioli-Sllipak; (ILon(on). 10)3), which (ot^l atllilL'q tiht record of' several lawsuil't. for it doe- lnot al)ear- (that lilt' emo wa.s reopened by tihe,ame party after tihe king had rt'ind-rod al ta-ll r-e (,t'isioni, but different palrtit's illide claims lndr dliffrenllt r(iglnq.:.\s tlhB liolhi)graphyl slows, o (,ighteen loundl;ary stolles of tile( Cassit: period have (een publiished hlcl lls far. Si. of tllhe:re, however, o fgl:lagtl)itary thiat tIll llalvl of tile Lking hlSli not li(eon prov:ervei, nllor is Clioughl of tlheir iscriptions left to (Illtile 1l, (o classirf theIll (ts to the n:tture of tlbe grant~s they (ontained.

Page  8 Z.1 AV/.'11 ' BO'VDAl).l STO-V7' (OF executed or when the latnd h1d been ill dispute. Gradually, however, during the se-conll Isin (IA.SHE) (dynI ty, tllese stonles were also uited to recordl tr'lsfoers of private lnt 'opery. whl lile till later their use was even further extended.- It is also interesting to note that all tlie boundairy stones published tlhuss far coe from tabyllslotia: ono n Ilae-,s vyet bt(ien foul is l.\syri. E 1i l(11e l sltone of Sargonl is d:tted in the Bialylonllian (its of D)i (Col. 11, 25. There' are a nlumber of simil.ia grants of la1 1)!- thle Ass-rilan kin- Ad(Idnirari, Tiglath-plileser II I, A ishur -bin-aptl and.1 r-i l il-iltni, ilbut they are written oln c(la tali),ltso.2 DOCUTMENITS FOR PUBLI.IC A\ND PRIVATE T'-si:. From the \evidence at iland it seems tlil at le:ast inll roial grants of land two dlocuments -were us(sl: - -oe(,:i Ilar - coi(c l 1)1s(,k, to be placed as a public monumenl t u1ponl t(he lie(hl for t(li infolrmation of tlhe pI)eople in general, the other a l)rivate dloci('ument, to lie I( A tolle. (ais,-l ill thile. riX g of N ls-)G —: h sL-istli l (1,.A. 1). (). (;., o. N,. Malrch, 1900, pp. t i-17), ia.s th( sluta of botn(l:r stolle. It Ilal alo tim 'lriois symols oil tos) (ise p. 97) a111d its i ss.(riplioll (oltali-; tlh3. uillt et — It is, lowvc-r, nlo Iboutrllds stos ll. })lit lIt (to('lllesllt rco(odilg e inl\'is l t's -i I a N(i)o pri est of B torippa, ',Tl,)i-lnlutakk1il. with c(rt;ain r ightll:tll is-illpert:aining to hi, oftice. Thle alaItlogy- of tih(e tonle of -:x'zi-Ma:lruti:l1r ((-e 1). 22/ and of the Nippur stone (see: p. 12:1) le:lds to thl i lere(e t11:i1t tL(li( rt 11ille(h' wrote tile ilse-ripltion Trd c:ulsed thll sel-etioll of tlhi 1uI(l"ouhll[ly.:t(l monlmelt l)caring thle symbols o lot o 1,(god (:t1( 11(lle tl1e tralioll wa on 1 f great importance, e t. least for hliss'- lns l ]- i s l'n tliy.l! 2 I'or thie Asqyrian land grants s( -s,e Johlls. I-s!siorn o Deedts tol-n I)c o tenls. ( da) td-nirAri, A. D. D., loq. 6.t1-656: (b) T1iglathpll.(rl 11,.\. 1). )., No-. 658s -659; (c) s.\siur-Ilis-aphl, I )1). D., Nos. ( 16 —4S; (d1).\sur-ilil -iltisi.,. 1). I)., Nos. 649-650. S c nlso leisesir,.Issqrische FIcreiiclfe, i.., it. 31i.57). sid Pei,-r, K. B. It', 142-147. 3 This sfact 1l:l(ad alrl(eady been recognized Iefore, e.g., )- T'rof. tlillprclht, O. B. I., Vol. I, pt. 1, p. 3S, note 8. The irqcriptions oni the( priiate dlocilents wl-(i. however, snot exs:ct opiesi of tsle pusllic Isou i arysistolsebs. qs to thlil lli f fer-cs su(, below, p. 13.

Page  9 EBi I 1U II.ID ZZ.I1h 1. 9} ichl 1)e the (wnler of thle field.s a pl)roof i) Ii ()wn(ershlil). ()f tihe fOrlml(l (:aiSS tltltee WaS ill c(a']i (b"s lut (11(i ( olp.t liis is (e\iilelit fromi tilhe reil)elt(l referl(lles ill tlh' ill-lril)tioln, to th(, Iaoulldary.-to e of the ficlil (I'i-dur-rei fll.u-l-la-tu); thle p'llt of kllllhrlu is l\(1'r 11(tl- ill this (oll((tioll. ile Sli, l ililerellc ('ill edrll.wn fro tilte illame of tlie stolle of Nazi-hiti't talsh: '.\ Vctli-l(ii-1il[ - e(l. lIll l rt also firomthe circsI af Mill). Thiai tile J)oul(llry itoll('c (We(e a(tually )laced o l 111f / i(e]s l a)l)(,:r llfron l the '(, whitel j hlow\ tllh t Ol(l 1 w1, ilill 1)u li( 1111,Ili'lt'-; \li('ll ('t)11(1i I )( (111V '1 fromt tiir p)l.a(,: lielie w(v find lr,'ovisi(ols tillt th(' st(lli' sh'dl not bie rllove(l froil its pllace( (londloi, 101, III, 2), tihat it. shall llt I,(,,la.e(le il s ((et,laI e el it,ier it {.imrii i e(,e( (S;usa. 3, (ol. V, 1:3, 44) tillat it s'llil not 1)(, lhi(](,nl in the t'atrthl (III 1. 41, Ii, 12). It a lil',o b1t infllric(l from the fact thit tilt e h loe-t.rt- of llm stoilns 11s ulot ((ie'(l with writinug (('f. I). E. P.., II ll. 21-23: V1, 1s. 9, It0; ill; lV Il. 432: 1 It. 70, tie). Blit tile I Th'lli is ill I'Olltl":lt to I'a yll)ti:111 ('ltilo1ll)x, v,'(( ' 1it llne1)( r ol Iho(l)ol Jl':V 'tO-ll(" 1(e l o11 a,'t (' l' -l / I e for OI ' 1('i l otl ' r I ll' lr11. I1 tt it.elti /:1/.' l r ~'-i 1 toi.t a(' tt wI -, lat ', ('lea, ' l )l '}l ' that a tll' ea-. A\ Oel. t( ry lit.\).(to,: Wll nun rkl ld 1)Jl twvo s'tla, (l1l'(e,-t d.. I nintd I r I',!/) pt, V.ol. 1I. ~ 766$ 772.\t Tell-,l-.AllIlrm:1 ll:l l'l'( fou'Ol ll''I: (llu'ln: l d,~ hto indic(t ( th(, eX(ten(l of 11(h citY (B1('. l (ld, l.c.. l1, ~8919-972. The,xll'l,. of tl jack l-nlll v-( \.-kndlirked }Lv lifl',' }otlllld~lry s(OIlm'4 (B1r1'eaqtel, I.e.. 1J ~ 632D. Eg~pltianl lolrlida-'. bt,)neb rst lenl-lh; tlJos( oif a:l 1y1loli,; il.ev,rai l.rl(,,), /.t: (11tl (. 1ri. l'( llt)Oc it('l.iill ioi I tilll('ll J -11 't 1l 011 tIhe, loullndila'i-, of iilldi (3i 'a.,ted.i 1._ IV'. ~ 3:32). (I) l Fir quitlI\-i thi - ll' t l,ll t lhtltill (lI'etl-td. /. IN -i4-9),.\ li:,t or':.1,lC litill..e- i' gi( lt Ilv.atl),ro ])~ttrll /) (r;zaion,: 3{d I'd... 129. (,r) Tll, in-(cription- of tll, Jollllndril'v..,tOlw'l {ar ull d'fuJ defhl, the(,m('lllll'lo, ' lliO hl' e oli d- oo tl l ltlr bil{'. (Bro a.-t((, I.'.. I'. ~, 1#7941s:3). (i/ ''lo, hi~-itOl'ieal. 'ir(,l:lll-atl,~ h t (dulg o tithl grt lt are Solll('tivlll'. xgi l, '1l{,h'e(ll t'l.(.,1,ttd/.. Sl, I /)i. ( 7: ill o(' ll Sl lie('l-q th( rll(e ar, allo ('ki1'r-', uttered 11 till' h, 1 o' tilt otlq Of p rohibiliollb n ot it er abe t ll il'rlp* tion (Irea,t(ed. 1.r.. gIL ~ 925. ()ILS: IN', g ls:3). (/) Not only the h Iid but al-o inililln ity' fro'n taxationl w'lS, grailled I)y /|(' linlg ill -olio,' instian(. e (] h'l', ted, l.r., I. ~~ 1-1 7-1350). All t,, t'eatl,,' aplp)etr tallo oll the 11ltl).~ loui/ll bmtluAw. V.towllls ee Il, low. pp). 37-39.

Page  10 10 1 \/I:1- B( I\'V) IIY i~7/J\I: A b' c('lfarelt l)f ('Ollsi-t ill thte rpel)(tttl rt'fl'(r l(O thl aIctu'l. rImllO\ll(tf ti.'.to(' frol tl(L fi(eld in t1h ('ur111( (of:1 lititi(llo ('f. "insa, 16(. 1 t'..i-10: L,(il oll 1(0' 3.11 I20 i ll, 2: ().. I S3., 10 14. lThi txi.ten] tl, of the -oml (ta>S of a docul Cia nts. (a i:tlitng d il H ll(t grants. (l(l)tp lts utpn the' (ll(hwling (,'itlhw(t: I'o slle (S)ol t' B1itili..111Lu ta l(ri to a fiatl lc allt((I in t1lt l(ig of Ig' alzgull I1'. 1:1,P.. I (, 91, (CL I I,.~-12). A dupl)lica:tte co)y of the t'igmiul 'gr:ilt w\\ pro)duced ih'all it a lillt i li tn() i tll '(t ir ii g ll l iitili. h IA ll..\g i l \ e( (ali tllat o)l thf (, irt ofl Xnzi-l' rlttas li \ r('rd 11a, w:1r lit' t) )11 i tll(l ()of terl':l. (cott l s(i '-,t (11l) ])(IO)l'(, th'w g( l ilot'f (.(t. 5il 'l.:) ' ll gt(b Ilt(allar I ih,.;/'. l). E. P1.I. 91: 5Mod]..1, 3: 3). 'lh(el tlat tr re(,'l's 'idemlly tO t la priva oll('ml111(wllt and111( dlo,, no ec (x(,1lttdt th( (,xistnc(l e (of:t il)ifi(' I litm larv st(OIIw. ]B th Iill' p uli' a111 tI ' )I'ie'rat(' ()eull' nlts:1'( r(l'lItl t n(n) 0 ll 61 iew.11, ll(' toll:lll(ltil-:l:-ii 1. lwhich rlg,: I(: id-din. I-tt /,-n(k T C t" ttl,/p (e(qli " '""],'u(t t,/;k di-,(i. i —tll1 S.... [z-:aia- z - (1). E. P., VI.:4, (',11o1. 11-1.,. I The g'(u) C- ("lillot he rI(':l with (,II(,il I (wtnmltth:/(l r~'nd1rl(d 1( I'm111,( 'rt ml which hi, coh('ilule, tha t lir L((, ia rl'o(,r((.l to the sealing of, thll, yardsti'k alog.-id(e of ILL(, secaling tdf tl,( tablet. This iS dehr-l ex(chdX(,l, for (,11 the, {-w sto~S of N01 'c)IhadrI(Irozzar 1. the ]phrast': Ina /;a-tt(t/' ~ (..kta-t-att. t (t. (C(1. V,,~), o,9))('(''S '~)1(l, whichl. following Sli(il's rIti(hrilig, wVold ](Iad un ISt 1loth itlipOSsit(, (o(liclhioll that no e(,alingl of' a tablet took 1)plac(. The, Irue reading of tlhe signs ill qu(stiol (call b( iltf('rr('d front Ole stole of Al*erodt(,ll-Ialxdall IJ, h(rlere Bfibili ((flen.) iswritt, H1 lli Fli ( T ) whilh ili, teS). il',, "go(Is." apl)pears as T (V. A., 266(i3, I, 26; 2I ); he(11(, ( ( T ) has the 1vlut, li lnd the sigils u (fl discussion (~ugh ~ to I)e read li-e.t While thlt ter il'tO referls t thi(, l)ublie boundary ' I owe thli., (-plalmlwlwlioln to l'lof. Ilill)pr(.ht. 111 slltpor l o1' it lie (calls 'llentiol to the ':~t that tlt, ls' of \/ flil A.I..AI i, exactly pmi'llel(. 1'1(' sinigle.\I iY of tonl raold /i, ]Ji, Ah l.\Al i- tl(ed fior ill (Br. 53.' d6) ntil,. i/r.g., ill tIle ilanlo Shama dt-ldl-.\1.\l,,- llanke, P'er.-woda! \u(,:v, 1p. 213:, note:;.

Page  11 .\ 1A l ('11.11)/.:ZZ Il /. 11 1to)n (if. 1).1.. I,11!)1t.. 12, thilt ( tlrm till )ref lrl to th( I)(rivat1 taletht,o II)oll of wvhilich1 wcNvre::l(ahl ill th,- plr'sncel of wit n(ss(s.'2 iBut, wlht i, 11or01 iml )Olrt:tt, l t(' 1xist1'c of pi'iate (oclllents recordil'.. 1a.. ntII of ' 1tl..1' ];camlot onil!y b1(, itfite,'d 'rIml the itstiriptitois: wic ar a]lo iI tiI( l)O.-ssoiioll of wtua}l copie, thit lhave c dlown to l,. Bi(ing stotr',t illn il th'ml)l (cf. 1). 1. '., 11, }1: aM(dl.,. 5) ol, hl1 itbv tit( owner, thl 11(' 1('n, ot (xl)osed to lestlructioln })y Ittralligelr an, Ihl(ntl thel( ost (charact. tistic f(at:lurl o( the publi totillt(Iev sto(n, lt lol[g-(hlawl-otiu (lrses, ae na t'lleaI waniltilng oil th 1srivat(' ml(,lunil-t. Takilng thllis abs(,('(c of the (clurs(s as oull "i(l, wvc (Ill (l:1 —if t ( l'lwfollowing,t o(,s:as (hcu(,nlts kepl) pr'iv'dt('Iv: (/1) 'Ill t )le t 1 \ l)i:l t ). f'. 1 )., 1i I. l )l.2tn11 ()1 ). rc('( )r( il1 1 tgilt io ((, n an: (t 1,llhi( (tl Ilnll [Ic Itt tit I ti/ti-ti-ti, —., I to A ttallblla, at l'ugitive( of aliaigall t. Tl ' t ) t(' t f ' T it(, t I f li(l(i'(h 'trzzar I (C. T.. 1-, l)ls. 4, 5), gr:iltin lantl:,It ilimilily friot levies to two l)ri('sts of Elri'. (3) The.,,n( ()]']1111-il-n:^(lin-:l>ll ((.). B.. 1, 83:), c,()nlirinli the gr int (of a tract ()f land to) a ttlliph, ()f thle( g()((I(,s, Nlitli t I()-r. ( i-) Thll ston of Zii, l:lt( ill (T 1. 66). granting (x(])tiol. l'rolll( hvic t to ((m, calhl(l t (1', tIs hlml lkcan. () Th, e 1grant ofil King X:n)b-a]l)a-i(lilla to the t('ml)](, ollicr Nabfi-apa]-i(ldina.' ( i) Tll r wit of l'(lo, il (, i ll tl(' (il(,vclllth y('ll,' Kii g irt I.(lkshilu-iddin. *by BIMl-i(lina to hi;,6-( loi(Kilni(\.. *). (V. A. 208). (7) To tlhis I Tlh:r ( ro ('OI1'- c(',(" i,,;~hich hlyp reft,r,.l to h, tpublic Iiullmlll('1t (:..C a1oe. t). 2. uol 1). Th,.,tcmcnl i,, tl,( txt Ih, (rely r(q'('r(,n(,c to its u,11-e {)ll h, t( of Nardu l,-:kpl-i(hlina 1.,,.'Su-a 1). 2.Aother r('f(r('( Io a I)r'iv'tt (do(cum,'t o(r-~ ill: h asto., of Mili-Shipi. l (Itondloll. 1I()3 whil ti it i l distimll tx,.tl hd Ithlh t li(i sial l dlo h liotme li l had I(l le)o)sit((l ill tll(l holluO of thl o-wn(r ol th, fihid (I,'undtl,,m i c(Ili m.a' n{t(t biti.;a WI[h'in i o.ltlm. ' J I 1J, 9- I.). aTh, r(,ad(ling ol 4 lo i, liaol(, c,(qtotill ] )y ll(e inhr(l.-ilig (li,-o(,ry of Prof. ('lay that it i, r('preJe- (dill ill h, AFrallIlic (,ldOl'lols. l lts ot the(.Mua.l'lshl]l tab)lets ym): et'. hlliS fl-th(llx illr:l'i(](' on rl.:li(' El" lol'(,ll,(, li, s )'t lbo ' Mullrashl" T'd)lets" il th, W'illialm l/. 1llmll~ r 51( 111orill Volt(Ilos. 4S(,, ('. T, N. pl. 3.

Page  12 12.1.\Eil- IOUi \I).l[' STO.\E OF th" - 'NimA t 2, I). B.I.. -No. 3)

Page  13 .\ lt l'C (' ll, I 1)'le Z. h l Il. 1,) Salm c(Iiss iof e pivate records lhmig.s nlso lthe stoi ofl Nazi-Maruttnsh (iSusa, 2 = 1). ". P.,. I. pls. 1)-19). Itt ins(cril)oli~states dislitctli that ii wa\s 1i cpy of a t 'r;l cottal tailt w\lil Ih l 1b((l set "p i' the tii, lth,, atd il l'fiect he lttotyA wvith t.iii- i nllt fact t hat it -lln 110 c'I(,s ag:Int ll il(l (Ii d t fll olh sitol(n. Nc(iltlich lss 1whe! a lw c"'" y wni- mt Ic(l it wns writtel ltpoll a b)lock lilke th1s I(i the ilpu li(i I) una(lry ll' 11t()-11. ()ig intt lle tI the l - w(' Ilnt iifel fr lm lhi.- (" -(: r iv l I(' dt1 wir e iiiltll I1pon t'eri cotta or1 lr1,.l)> 1h ty lalel.-.' Ill coulsC of tilmo slime lalletls were.l u lb'-ituted.:1t1m iUt exaceltiolml c is-s eve - itotl(, lHOC1,. stClt nis teee c)nillotil! l.,-d I(m publ)lic l b(ound(lry ston(es. 'I'll chlialtcte(istic I(:tiiturs ot tt i )rli i- lt (thl I( (h'i l gti tit (n'so 1 it il.11e )A.nIII dyI l ie, (r s f oll).li:, I i \ ith tlt, (xcep)lioi of the sitll(, )lohk of,' N'Zi-M-'l;li'tt'-lu tl.(o - art stole li}ltets 'til(t lott (olli(ial lNlodls. t2' ThtI in-crilt(i()n-i ( oni'tain l ll(r ll'(,s igan.lll.t tiihe el( Imova l of the 'l(,uinltry:-tole.. tI: ( t ' o ll'(' h ('eIIT'r.:('S c (til.t t:1nmy c]Inge ill tw(, st:tIus t)f th( fieldh, 1). 1. IP., II, d. 17: I11, I1 15). or ad(lh )iriollu ot to 1 ( lta igc I 1 loltiun(lary n or to (uirtail tl lfil ((). M I. I.,:,, I1, 221- 2 1). i3 Nt) o w itti('.ss:itt(' lIull- titoltt[. II l Therc is tIlo (tlllI'-catio-ll Ofi lh fi('tli. (5).\II })lut Illt' -Naz-i- litl tash sto e hati (eu svIl)ol-. Th,- I o htttr lr Iva (( (lee(ls. iIt undi(ler l l bal)al-i(hlilla i atthli-sh -i(hli. (i'or ill S(,vral l cs'its f 'roll ti(e Ili(,l t1d]('. 'h'1 tv, Ihotlh wit(ns.,cS 'rd (Itenrtcatiol, - 'I It ii.of ((ir. lt tibl hht i h ( IIii itr ((tl>l l ii tiled:-itt o1()l ii:- (w:utrli(. r t l:l I ho Ca,-i e p r)(Tiod. 3 h11( 11 ('%('c1 ill the (,:n'lier 1t'riod -'(o11(' t;lw llt, c W('l', ' 1-(d(. Th(w l)o( ill['(T {'1)(('- Il( (11'awln l t' il' llml(Tinl Ilow lit ollr diqi)osal. JS1il(or (1-('>()'~'llr l~l~ll I<)lll)(] p l( I, 1~ 1 m 0(]il. ('OllF MI1((lll(mlt.. S ttch lnt modification womldld (,x-n 1 1(), ])(i (-w-:11' il' thl;Il' ltl(w11 on1 th, O ll('.,tol( (,I' ]']lhl-nAdinl-apllt,('t ol. I 1I, 121 illl.i(,(l tlhal (11( go\(Yll(r of ' si l -, -l:igir too], axx/l, Ili(, origina I)t)Ull(l'lry Moll(' gralll('(l Ill('f (ill llar. 'l']u- howov t-r, i- l.)t:ttl all Ii('('osstlr; l"becttl(, hc' (i. i, l(, ll t lit (- i iltro tlll td d tl tlillig t ith (' -ll- i t( 1 t(riod. it woui l )e quit( t1tlr'll to lt\h ' ('()ll'b of II)riitt( dOllllelits lnttd. ill orler to erect thl('111 (1 llth.i ch'ltl-.

Page  14 11 A' ]W O'.\l ).11): )\-l: (S F note(l ill tl(hil inselr~iltiois, anild ill itlitiml thie oe of -Nal)i-apia1li(Idina hiis also syml)ols. ']ll, dos(, eonne(tion off all tlhese stolle tl)l(ets withl the l)uil)c1 iouit ln(lary iton(s in lpl-(med h tir, siilhrit of' laigiiuge ani( tilt [Ii tIhL t )lthl 1(cn'1I rl. i f 11in 1d, orihmlly royal g'n-ranits aln.i -' 1'1(,. 1. S.y lllle)l-. 11:I ("I-il ])O)lllu:lr y -1-)11" t-1l, V.{. ]' BIabl~l-dimlial boklmlav stolle>;1ll(1 Ibollml-a-ile, were( -arlc(\l to thle' go(l NIN.11 lih tiie h is (,111i(c, [l / r/i (1)... 1'.. II. 11:I or (Il imisri i cudirrli (N (ipp. i V. I\. Son3. i lien vin vile Gula is,nssoiet(l ith il ilm (). IB. I.. 14t: 111. 1).l I m'cillned wvitih him inr tl curse to tie.' out itlle bmii(lary st(lle (n til(, ein- (V It. 56. 39)-40). li at l'/lst on (' ase, Iowe(ve(,l'i tihe l l(lry stol(' i' laced utnl(der tlhe i)rOt.ctimi of Nal)i. tlhe gio( of.grlielte, I.' mo tllis is clearly implei(l ill thie in'(, of tili sonile of nXlazIi-Mallitl'll: 'i\ V(ti-nliie -/ln rn-eqli ik ( 'ol. I\. 31). An it('re('sting refer(mi(i to )oilil(niry sto(s iln the religiols litieriture o((cilurs in tlhe lhtirp Series. in a p)rty l whichll is reiaiirka)le for its ethical (ontnits. In tiis lrayer tihe )riesl litmlrctdesl lIo' thile nworshiperc a ind i tl)hr(es lle doiyi to flogive hi im )y 'nsning tIl followinig qu(lestiols: Ktlurrme lt Mkiili iikdodir, ]iiuirru kethn i ul iktadir, unS mi,:'ra n;ki e i-i.e."il' he h'm a I f als e im l or.Nal)l a, it god oI agric'ullu mi' ', l l tmm-l r,ei, Volt/i;. il. 1, 1. I:tml theartiecle,i Nebo Iy.\. J(elni:tin i n l ionjcht"r' [.,.rico. III. 6)

Page  15 I.\'lI' CI/.I)I{ZZ..1 I. 15 cilldarl? IT-aI:, 1h olilitte(l to( draw (. trl.l( tnil:l.' IIa, h1( rcmllov- tle t cutllfilles, tlle lilllils or thlle 101ou1lr:,'lt01(tt'' 1"A;...-~ ~ll~l ("I a: I I.;lgl..... tutry 1()lllm da,?.,~ i ow, o f N hIfli-shipak.l; (':ai-i-ied 1( Otfit b, Stitt- itahu nteIu. ( u). E te. P uV! p uo. 1i.) Shiopti-l ilt —itt. It i, Irt.IItarI ttl,, that to p intl hoo-it t - tihe rei1wva ttf the,I'tmttita tov, Ikctt'meud to, i j j theootti.r...... iulciriptml:Ield I the cui-,ttan tears dow~. (1~~i hJli (Ad hmI()11, anl d i.(ebulildl, 11t 1('. CII-, eleldin itibl) i)1w roya.:l hig wa Sab -....i ob to t i ti i a... ir bii,~,,ana q -i~i I R. 7 F 21-27. i'. Pi-,,u Aie n-tiu - ket, 1). IX,

Page  16 .I N\l: /' I| t |).I |l),',T(L\ | (1 LIE(;. it, t- 1 1\1"-. i' ' lil." l:-t Il Ion- 'I lI()\I'. \eCoI(lil, Io the various. legll trallsl'ioll r(leeord(l n th ( )ounl(lary stl(me-, hli(y e n urally grou) r theli-(l x( s illto IN'O ge(, nrl iivisionlls-lil't,, tlt-(e which r(pr(,-, lt royal gitla: se( ml. te)-(, wVhich riprtl (,-(ll. tIrams'l'les ol ' o )ri' a;t(' p v lla: 11o from omi( indiviullall or famil1y to amlth(r. ([D III the lir-t group (hre ti r{,:(gain s(,rtd stll(-dniixv'Ms: a) o(yal grants t faIitlhfu l Iand li-tilguishlt of li ials, of' whi(t N(e lh ve tIhe follow ilt, )( ''ill (gn: (lillg [ rn:.1tt1tr1 11to ti t.,(llt-tnSI at Iriti I ( (If la1l t10 ti 11 o i(,i l Lhose name 1. l11rtly ] erok,,l off(' ' (1)..1. 1 ). l, )7. Fr om t ie r(, in (f MltI(i-S il)ak w(, 1h 1(, 1thr11(',1 1te ef' e lli e kill(l: lte, loitr(,, t 1111 ltl(st i t(esting in-,('i il)ti()lon (Sus. - 1). ]. P., I, 1 )l. 21 —2-1) re('(o(rd- i,((, n (oIhIII c m s 52 -5 (1) - (60 -_ 37 _- 53 - 5I:S, 3i(,-):1 l (gr'i oI' S- m/at ]N) t () (' llivat(dl lan( oif t it(, (it of T tl llkku. t.ll, eomitllillalt l ]ltil ut /(m l ) 1 ()I the cit o Of Akkt (l (A-gt-e -(l(,, -iti t(l it 1h' r( zlyl (eaal. tI)(evlljoli to lit-lir-'l.\ mt,t1o.1 It wt,- (l(ee( (1 ) l the ki to() ]is.,on anl T lTh tr l m-lalim ~,if tI, a: "li'",y. il 1n til e I'll ((.d 11< ('it lll'ml-,n. of l.;(huar1l ('tt, 0 ll)n-d/ (in tli: ll';ll- l l.htl, t~l)('oy al fro:tll durin, 11,( C('a-if(' lj)w l r (, (s tililtlh ' t'l' o[' tIilulll lan)l lo l)l'io: ltt, I)l('rly.: f',,t j -l t(l. T 11,( lnd gl'ti (,l st-, vllw tl - ll],", ' (1 lb ( l yll l (r1 cm)o1 I1 1it ll It -Ilil(' ( 1 11it y or ( { 1 tll wi'ri it- o(,tt l I (i 1'(, -,i\. 1-., 12:11 1 at II', 1(,lnlll i ('flr- ((: (li-lr t bi, - o i -tinff o-, ' nr xl ': ll, lIlff("-, nd l()',on-:lpl)pl'l'- 1]'i' ll it- ll-lgl. Th( -[ol1 ( o t 1.\1:, l,-ll {-:ll' 11 1 ), 1 31 i '(.{( I() tw(' y!/.it of:f.ed( land, lb(' {'olllllllltll Ilnd ol.\hlir('la.:1 1 Ill l):..:i I" o 1 lnl] Zjlzirl., in,,l{'' ]'it,,.\- (1A1- Ii! oal. l, ('ho ' 'h,.a ll-, II, 1',;, tl (F,,n ll',,t,'( t)ti lI; in (;(G rilall: ] l.q... l.. zir[,' i,. I)pf('tix('d to bitdl, 1- pih,~l J];l-,,,dS" l,-,i 0-.qlt (."1-i: 2. 1, 2'qh, wici(c i< parnlhll ) to 1,,! (,,It 1l, -d{t-dt /,('ol. 11. 1f. gznin. piht l):/,li-.~ W(ol. 11. ) is pical d,:tl~ngE-ld,l, of il,;I,,i WIg;-,,, t,' it-. t O(' ol..11 ] i c. T hl'r((tlulha ly I(,. lly ({ll,'-dv ll t- lito l. l('' l.-:1,( fill ( h -lri(. -.. Il() r ho\ ('r lh( clr.-('- ('o ltlaill p)rov-iion- Ihal IlhI ladn i- wlot to })(, rImt. ll',(l to Il(. pihdO,IU 111I 1'. A]. 11, 2; N( i p) p. i)l)Iu I Ill, 29,:( '. r. x. )l. \ II,:1, (. )ll t'r(' o l'l'(lo,ktn('( O h) Ally t rih( o. Th, ( l lll h d of th( (ili(" Wl ('\l(-(-lt] pul)hc ltl.. I: otr xi(ll tl(: lkilg (olhd..lll (~ di-l)o)-i ion.

Page  17 "!" =~ \\ /Ik\\ cIj

Page  18 18.1A AL\ 11 iOU\.IR ST(\'I (OH successor Mar'duk-apal-iddina 1. The rlant c(lbraced I'(Imii tract'for whlliel a compelllsnatioin w:nt given IC(1. I. 2611. A second grant (,r.1) tir (of culli\-vld lanl, tll coie ninun: l ill tile district of Bil-"l'ir,?''t'mm'ru(MAll.T,.a- ml ade, t1 la_:tll-tdu, a ei l.l.,-(ni of Si"niur Loiitlon, 1(01'. A third -raln-t wIl. ixdel by,llhip;ik lo [Me'lli-al;l, sonI of Zuinll[n].. l'nif(ortl]iatly t bu )it a flragnenlt tlhe iiscrip)tiit) rtiains, l). lE-. 1'., i. 1 121. nwhich j (,tt not oml),l is i tto lgiv tte (x:\tct size, o loceation (il thle ihl1. (f tili reign o if 1: rdllln -:tlll-itlinl: 1. two geralnt to,1llii: lh/ve (otln tio lighlt: t)t. t lt- ill ti(l, l rlitilh MI.l lcllll l. l.!)2} -IV 1\ l1. - It. Ilic(, I:t rli ll t () i lS a. 1)L7 -- e li.I:t 1 1ih., t. 4t2lle ilill l i.ind ( til, ('itv l it-zizi. itt it, l i-lilt As th ie T' ig i- ill t ill di-tri tt of l t11.I B1 anllotlellr <oi(l1 (:Il ll-:11, lml-ihlilla 1. colnfillred a, g3'altl of Ilmld. wilicihh, lit ofigilmlly l)l(,n mad. Imd ' lNim, 11tumnfn —hum u:m' (o illanml..'ml-Il,'l-k:tl:b:1 rI-,vl T,;(/l-.;Iri. llT, ren..I. Ir Illi-, c(mlfirullatioln \ lls 1 ',11 11() s:cale (,h()'ell llll 1had,1 h,(el (rivel hv thle for~r k~ing (Sus:US, 17 -- 1).:. P'.. \V1. 42, 1,3!. )ulrlng ill perliod of ll, se(red Isin c )lvll ' nav we L.\.i. 1 tl-~) tinl s(everl -royal granlt, to di:.-lingilihlled oflialitl'.\Nemlchad(lzz:a' ]. al'mlll.d 22. ni(r:1d 170 q,( of ('cthli\xalel I:,1,,. at the(' Tigdi.i. o,1 the( comllmul ial Ilad of l}' t.}wn o)1' Ml:hiAXltttfia:tl in the (dit1ict ofl I1it-Sinl —licie., to Nu'Idq-i}ll. ithe soil (,f l)blhil-N.-llkl, a pr'iest of' I,]lil:t Nil)p)rl,. I)(rha])-; for:lid. reneredl ill the reorganizatiol ot' ftit(' lll)lp services at Nil)lpiu. Mtu'duk-nfdinl-:l,ordered the grant of' 20 gur of' cultivate(l. l mtl at fl'c Zirzir'i caalil, (,, the (.olllilllllllal laml. of A.hirota,. ill thll( (ti-triet oi l1it-.kda. to allaunn:;-zbr-iliihtt, '. s],rtfl-s]~lqpt" r, for vahutidle service- ill ': war with.\s,'ril. The lrsl'tq' of tOt,, land

Page  19 \ C(ii / )/F/ Ifl. 19 Fl".. 7. ---lTo d' ~,~ll '-.~1'... ' dulm -....lil.-' lh'.., Il H.-1:3. I

Page  20 - - 20..\/ 11' (i \ ).1'Y s7t).\ 1. O wats allade by Maalsk-il-iln)iiptri ()111. hl(, cliie of Blil-Ads (Il,.on, 106 =- 111 R. 43). Inder iea rdullil-ie-crbai 12,,e of the royal (isiniain, in tli( district Bit-Pir-"A\iurru.,was grnaltil liy Iel(, kig to Kuhiliai. at IlaJnl)ireani ((). L. L. Vol. T, N(o. -14), pls. (65)-(671). _';. S.- I vI hol, on l' I il. - ll i.nrl-l)l-i in I. I t, llio \. \. 2:;63. Fl i vll., 51.1aduk-apl l-itldina Il., tih( Bilblica il:tIh -lmhu il. geI IIelt Id f Iou ir t rc t- I)T lti Il (of lh( r al Iiai(i. i alll 1(0 9 lti, I i( I /12 to lBOl-all-(il)'h it dignlita:try! i.llll'-,/' of l oIalni\ i. 'i'h ll I:s i,sails took l)a:tce aLt lIabv'm.l, in thil s((11h!ye';l (,of Mlr(ol:achl-lmh;uI;hu (7 /14 1i1.(. iii tsite ls('ii-(i( (,f l(lii,t-:li sillt - f i ki ngi and uille highi (iiligid i(si,,rf the rmlin iV..., 2l01:l --- l.i.. 11 258-271). (hI) ot otw l Wite a s record grisits i) h l to il'gJitil;s. Aga.i)tiilt, at lgitive ofI IJaligalliat, lI((h to Kilig Biiililhliltl:nl after hItving iadtle(l for thie king soie olj(ct,f leitiher i-(,,/iiii ('1. 1s, 39: If'.;11. 20( 12 1i9.

Page  21 V\L'I( (' / I.l)lll' ZZ Ill I. 21 tlhe killn( igrlitied ]lll 10! (r of ('ltivall( 1 1.11(1 1 ill t cl cite of ',adan (). P1. 1'., 11, p 11. 20). Shaidal and Slihallai, two pri(e-ts of the god lfria. fled from 1E,1lam to X'hl)clt(llrtzzarl.., who not only re(,c(iv(,d thitn, lulit accoinpalnie,(d 1y- thl(m went to l':lait, (ldev-stated tlhe coumlittry nd transforred the s1atulics of kardllik' and Elria to:Bablylon. From the(re the statu. if Eria ilas k talk(, 1 to HLi1si, in th(1 d.istrict Bit-Sin-ashlaridu, not 1 fal from (is. Th1ere( thle 1pists \were( setttled and a tract of Iln(1l Iwas graltedlto t thoill, I to )'e 1held tythmll as temp111 le pr1operty. It was nloreo\ver freed from all imposts anId trritorial obligations (Ilon(lon, )2!. 987 - ('. T., IX. 1)1-. 4, 5). (e) T'h(! ]'lst form,: 111 ) 0l'1al tlransition to to others 0which are roya!l gran1t to templl)s. Tlie e rli(,st knilon l()loundarli stone of Nazi-:Marl'ttash, c. 1350 B.C., recol rs al granit of se\veral tracts 1' lad oi1 pposite IBaby lo)n, in all 700 g(ur, to tle god Alalrduk. But onll y 491)4 gfit', dividedl into eigllt s(ections, which w\re locat((ed in six difflerent districts (Bit-Sinmalgir. ])hr-Paplsukal, Httu(l/tlu,2 Dul)liish, Bit-Sin-lasiaridu and I[p t), 1wee( givell directtly to the god; the rlrlemaiini g 206 gir1 were givell to alilshakti-Shllugal tilh son of Aliu-bl)ni. Tll( reason for tile last let is not stated. lBut tie( two "mlledallions, " which form the distiil(ngui.lilng feature of is mo m t, ostat t his at tt "KTashaktiShugal), tile son ofl Allu-bll, wrote la memoria, l tabl(et of terral cotta3 (Oirolt.4i ha1shi):mil( s(et it 1ll) f)(of(-, hliq god. Ilt the reignTl of MI'rdukapatl-i(ddinia, tlie(.'on of Mlii-Shipak, a wall fell upon that tablet and 1 Tlh( gold -rittell 1tuI;A is wl:y!~ Ma:xl'nl], ll('\or Eollll 1)f Nippur; see Sllrnmlr, 1. T.'. 17-1: nloo itl)c Ii l'rolo. C'ln!a o11 "TlIe 0God Ellil of SNippur" ill.\A.. S. 1.., July, 19)7. ' Notl lo I( t':ll b /1 d l1 'lad i:illd. llllo. i )lt ll-tlOid, tile opposite of. 1t(t[, e.; S('(' I lon llll(l, (,(,opt')ph iC, 1)p). 2322, 3-1.5 ' Th11 m(:ilig olt 0,)bl)) i, l dl'f ilitely c-t.tlt)li-lh(t 1b a teor:r cotta dog, 'itill 1)y Scli0 l t1 t 1 Sil)p. (I l ( illl,, )' Sippt. 90, fig. 1:3), hrhli I)lcears the inbcriptiol: 1 lot dlr.ftEIE (Gu1,t) 1l)ti 7,,)71,,, a.bli tpuina aqt.: t.c, p1). 92.

Page  22 II. 22 i,' t \1 L) ',7'0\/: tI broke, it. sliulh li-lug l., O ll ol' Nilmi-Slilp]i, wr (tc ulll:t neiv ilonillle 'nt f st,.1 ('I,y I i the (oiill.n l:1llll si t it lu. T i l' i ilitn t r —ti'i qI- lt( ( itl i >, l'llh 1' hf t i d' I I lu.llt' t ('(tiiihi-;el),; the 1lw oiwntr (,t lII( laliZ. him ' wrth iqleht ](c(wll te m,il t ] ' (c( i the (' ' liat: (21 th'it he(, I)ll'l,,d it l(l,,f hli- g(O,. i.c, h l( put it into lt( lit(l>hl eite v1en l' l I tlelllil- trei - shjl-te~ti. w 1' titie 1ie-1. e it ee Ci'u cii'iiltiiil''ttl ie:tlei:lliti-Slirgl M(.l('ti rel tlhe )litecte oii Mar(Illk. H-liS blfiliy I write. his:tvxicty to In'c-eryc a vccmrdl fl' the trtl-lt Aioll, tll.t hi. -ltillg il Up in thil (e t i l< i' l 'i I ilit ill 1i dircctift)i. Tif,:tl-o (, xpllains wIhy 1w is milwiclOtlle o(n thli. dl(wlilimhi whiei l plirt-e to l, '((',l rI g:nilt to Almlletilk: IC e:s o]i, of' hi, Il'ic.l I-. T, 'I' lol 'r( l(q ~ th e il ~ ' igie l terr.t (e Ittllt lal' hl is,litlill fly 'r ict eClil lit.ll e I.-i iild y tuio l tihe nth l (),liMliiI.-Sli. l,]. becatirt<e ill' C'op' whieli h, h tlite oil stonllee i n tie lrwin.tlis(ril) of the i nl' t lti l (eiu e11, ( ('r l of til' tr' tlltel iii. Ild I(ell'e, 'el t(, lv(e. the uel(',ion1 of:t pblcl','(rll l. ol of () ll,-i (,l',tiim. Ailoill lr geralit in favoIr of a tel upt' Of tihe go(let tt il Nin. loc'at('l in thile city (et le l', which lad i riginallyli- tien ' lrm liy (;lieishA.I,' a king )Of lb,,,-(,I c( io.trlyr (.(tr /(t tim n lwli), was lpnily- -l a."sitte h-\ i'-kaitr-it ilm, tilt( tIlt l eii v r]imlo (iI ' til (lie d tri ht Bit-Sil( - iitil. ill Whic'hl tim ]qntl w'' -: lo])(cltl. Therutl)oll th(' pri.-it (ot Nilna, N-it) -seitrlti'-i(llill tl)l)C i te'll lbt (i' t io ni l;g Eli il —dil-al)ll ((. 1130 1B.C.), uau( irli]'c( tit ' )n ( (i tli p()v(r'l'Iltr t-o ru(n,. () l t ' la d tol th(ii temnipl( 0.13. I VIl I. l)i1.:30, 31) (d) Thn'II'(- a(e.i-(,(,ril otIL geltl Ints twil iiiilVOi-C Irestoltltiolsi. Kimig Na/tl-nlpal-idldina (c.;65 B.C.) grant(,(d ite re'sto(ration ()f three qur of cultivat(uid llt,(ti tnt(i i(e gll'tii's to a l)riest, N-al)apal-iddina, thi eoi (If At-ti. 'Ifttir hy hatll l)i(,e boliglit byl his lI The itealing;ULt.Ki.~1./ i se IS IiOSt likely i tn re' tutwiwi. The '(igul fir has also til e enl utl ( e,1ll n ', ie Hod, H iutof ll rl i: XI.I II. II 19, io tll l-l and Concordatwui.

Page  23 E L '(/Il. I),'I.'ZZ.I IA /. 23 F I,;. I. -tol"' 1.'blet 'I' Ril"', 1 —tw-ing land to one of' his B,-. Al. 90,922.)

Page  24 24.1. 'It' JtOU'\A).IR' S/'O.V\'t (l' uncle. Nabfi-)apal-iddina,, tlte priest, allppeale(d to the king for their restoration, basing his request Ol th fli'fa ltat the king siiold not allow a l)art of lis platlernal estatei to b)( alie(natel froml tlhe family. It ws geatel at B a b y iloi, it lht te'(t('ii'' o fit itc(o - in the twenti(eth year of Natbi-apal-iddina, tlie king olf labyhln (London. 901, 922 - (>. T., X.. 3). The, l'ttest homi(lar stoii(, of the, r(,ign of Shaini —slush -tilkn, dated iln his ninith year ('65' B.C.), recordls lI(e rtoration of a certain (ostate which had l)(,'n tak(,,l a wa y from 'Chale(.an mol~eileim, lhlzil)- utll'dllk, during thl I)olitictall distlilulblncst underlt isarliadd(lo, but which lad bee1 n restolrel to him l)iy 'l lsarhaddol(n. Before, llowevel, thlis kilR coull give him a lprollr deed, Ioth l( and lushleib-Marduk died. henc t ile t( oleillin's soin It inibni appealed to king Sevll lmma —shl-lh wh ril(,rstolod to hlil ] X. pIiS. 4 7). (e) Several ofl' the lbiol(lullary o" 'OS cotilfii ro'al g,'liti ill-volvii, law-tlits. 'li'o this class,ia' laylotg the sIofi(,,' lflitiliflih. b-, whlilch he confirnlled 120 gqur of culftlvated l:tad t tli' town llisillshagfidi o, Uzub-Shipak. 'Tifs grant had originally beelln mllade to hilml b)y KuligSalzu, for serices il a w:ull' witlh A.ssria. It wtas conlillotire blt B itiltsh u l, ithr } ittill(,o'tu t oi (if thi(, (ii glfi,(i's of tit granteet lidt contfeste('l ill(' gr:lt I), a1 l\awsilit or, ewliat is juit as likely, 1lirigiltzu lutil faliled' to ugive oi ot a s(LiucI (l du('ulll(nt,, ore' i)('rii)ps iOtll u r easolns icr'e i il'olvd, at l i lo toll\ilg ' case (Suiosa. 9= 1).;. P., IT, 93). *- A sto(te o'f Mlarduk-apal-i(ddina I. (Sus.a, 1G - 1).. 1'.. V.,, s. 9, 10) begins luy stlatiig tuil t a (rl.fin tra('t oif land siiuttltedl withtlin thl, limits oif thei town Shiaknomfil., at thf(i biks of tle ictuitil ( 1Edidllan, in the district of IludI:idlu, l(lhad beell givenl )lie lKinii flfi

Page  25 .'lBUCIt I.l I)I'EZZ I I 1. 2) Ship'tk to hli,,,itvant 11lun hl)itt tl, I.(1 ot 'O TAi)tt-Il(ll. ()llicials of tlhe kilg thavillri surc!ct((l t It( fiehl it 1:1(tl I),o.,(,l iito h II )oSsesOsio Of tulotttttittitt. t'lIIi, tot oIly tIhe kiitg oithti N t Iraw tl (Ira l):a d(>cmlul rttril)g his grantt. Atiet towhile Itttttlitll reomtaio (l ill I(ac('iful p)o., S'siot of' tl( fi((l till th(, fi. t tetar of olf larduk-lli(Willd i I., -when olle of his n(igohl)ors. A.unLa. lb(,,I(, of ] ).ai:t FI.(1. 10.-.E -11 >)l. 011 I oun(l:n'y <Con (' of %mlr(hll,-:tll)l-i' hlilm I.. dli-mo'r(,(, al slusf. (.tl<:l..\> 1(3.) Alalrduk, clilm(ld a plat of the ficl(ll 1mlyt( three ftlur alndl tweutN qa. Alunal)bittu appllealted to the ]king. who sumiii Ion(id KidiinNINI]3, tli folrer governor of UiLt(l:t(lu. lunder whorn the fiel(d h1lt be)(en grlitcnt, tti SIir-lshum-iddina. Ilis successor il ofice, andl tile

Page  26 2i l \/: -;11: \j 1/,'),I l f\l'' iO' (dl city o(icial,, t,.'.;;' /,ft',fl,'~.' xw lmill thlt, king ( e.ltiolle m;llle t th(, tfil.l. Tl'hi v w r'(, 1tlan1Z'ii u l(\s ill -:Iyili tilt tIl(, [ li(,] I);c lo()nd lo Al1.Mm ])ittul. ']']{/ kilng ilh( (1,u)L, -(,t]{o g((w(',]tTil, Sio —lv = idill,. an (l. t.,(, ~ ' il)(,, l \11.l-l^;.-hlJ6. 'loh() m,-util'(,l th e fiehll;a11 l'4)111hl it to( 1,(' 1!}il'l m.:1-1 1;l- ull:tl)i1toll ( 'h:Iillu(, l., o lirml(,dl 1l( ]ll(Il 1() Alllll;alliml. T if ill. (rili)ll giv(s us:Il jl(,r(,slillg il..-ight ilito lb, Avorkilig-,)f a ]):d)yh snhm ('l)11T' ",\ (' lti(oie llhi,.lllullm llig 1' N \\itll(, —(s;tl),l 111( a tlillipg of l(.-lil 'lNl'. T]i(, p);lrt 1;!( 1!Y Il(, (Il, - t(' co h i l l('o(d()' (,r Il;IllmlI':l;I i) rofitI4-,0,f flh, Iimd,)r,ll,ilr..\ll(t e.(q' Jl\\mslil ()f;I 1li-1('J! 11' (,1 ('oc mp)lil(';ltl Il:tll'(' (11'.g(-(' l tlrouglol ' r'ig- (1 ' l;bl( i;i l. lldw = tk- - -ilhliln'l. R1111111l.:111 -"-h lll- tl,:Il':1l.1 Mel'i->llil:l,. I 111(l'1 lllyl. 1Il',l e' I)1 l(' 1 il1 tlt('li( It 'T(-Iolll 103,(): i- llmucl l Ir(l, 11. -,),h it 1a;ly (of th(' (I ils (of 1 (, vnrii() tlu-: ti.'1I;I~("Jifo11- (-c -.:(F' ro), ll ]". ' r m1 11 \\ ]1' l '(. i 1 \\(' gtl wll ll follx, ig l[ta('t'. The h i, ' ( o,1 f T1l l''tl-aml -ili-hil l,,'i)g \ \ithollt i' ('(' lhfirssthe ql u(, st i4)n ()f-l('('(,.-iml);r()o. ] )urilg tI 1( r(,igll (4f lia i n1^ 1-,hut1u-i(hlinn ( I: cl'it \. n u, m1 al(,d for ll, pr)p(til ry1 J\ I\'. t ()- 1, ' ("1. I. 26, 27,. ]Blut a. thy!ad loot 1)(,(4 i(,(og(lizi(,d:., ollY I, lh(,ir rfthrl tl(,ir (ch:,i:( lv,je4.e.:m11(h thl( pl'r(lrlv w\as z\mni(el to T.],-I (, lil- t ),,:,lrlit.;/-,,,ilfl.; 1,,r1 ( )fo T:A]i]-;:lm-ilishil (',,l. 1, 7t —.(: )i. I)U Tllng I1' li(e igll I 11( 1(,\ 1w. kJ, i gil lg:'1o)ll(';. 11(, I 11 ]1t Io <''U' t -1,:',()' of I/(I ])n'()](rl y was mldl( I )Y:1) lh(,r Iwl)(,ls)ll x\'Nlo (lalilW(l Io I:(. mtlll 1 ),~l t of 'l'1i il-:1 1-il.i l h )lI. Io. 40-13)I.. But his eff,)rl,:I, it -(,, ms. 'v. li i(,\ i,-(, t sHI ('(,(I,,.Cf Il. I I e I wlfil(, n p)art (, th(, hind. tell f/,'. hl(I ))'t>.-(l thr4ouguh p)ulm(.h se (('()I. III, 9). 10') into t1(, h.l(-,f lHV1,6h i. }u.t.q)ll 'Ill p)})(m] t].,,r I-B1lit1The re in< /,,,',i i- o 1, 1,, t.fol'r,' Mo t,,,;.i (]'h'. 19:3(), lboc.1.s1 e it,,.,1 -II,(,s t "l d -\,,i' \itll tll(, 11-1 -l(,nl wtur, fr ehh lh,)('~11r -: 'I'llll. ill t1,(' ('4)d1 ~)1 I l lllllrll i e.g\. ( '(A. VI. 9: l\ 1.1: 9O: VI I: (;65):mnd iT t]l(. I.('{l 'rs of ]JT' /llllln l}r)bi (ling. f.1 Hh r so IjMoo.. \'.1. I I [. 1p. 2.",7. a.onll,J' p,,',II *l. 'J}(, id(log.r..ll B I R.SN '(1)) poinot-11 t I n -o ll. (li)''ti(n.

Page  27 I. 1; ( 1 I n11 I) I KZZ.I I '1 1. 2i,,ll lli!t:Il,, I I:ill j l I ( I I n l le i I x'II s I ( oN\ q), lle I l t () IIJ l e d I r(' r l('Id r th I1ilt Igli. 111w w 11(, I y;!l l.( t )i':1 (,rlal:l ilml l t (,l' graill (lli n;ll(, l ill vnhlc I( th1(' ]r(lI:l I )li('( pr (c ol. Ill. 21.5:(Ii'. Afterl 1iu 1de;all (), f I,-l ('li l -ii il.-i. i-i( ~ lloiier )rotli if rlTl, il ml -ilfi nn.:IV., ( 1, 12).1,1 l, tihe iM. l 1) I fi(wce, whie rn111m)0. I;I1h -I;hlI'l1- >.m'.i;( (,n1 ol' 4 'r-,i n Iil-llll lli:lt-llil(lti,;tI:d((1 1,l ' l~icl i. i( l -gII:nN ll;. i_ -. 11 nk:enIt ( ()1 l. n l iinl. i('en mini ( 1., the e (1ath ()1111.\I -(:il l. (l, in(,l l( clil;,-( ill i'a' Il of A:rdu ( '. A.\1l (of xlx ih. \\ihl 11 y I li n er (litui ils,. (),) I l(h i"lll fll( L I) h) i kh(iilili,( l. i\:, (1111 I I (, )l m.( nl)(nl t IMil t (ll( l l.\lmller l]:aw-ulli q,,m, to Iw(, 1)(,cin hwi(dv(,d ill a -tone (of.,n (ii -nll-nu l-ihtlilli 1. ISl, l 14 ---- 1). E. I1., VI, 1n 3!i)- 1n 1. in whic relt (, liml'g ni i(l- (Ito, I li (, ln ill 1():l:ll(,ul ( il()].l Tgm 'i. i( i a c,(rtaill -11111 (Il' 11n()(iv i' lnillile I:1i- havin nl ieen a]lI 'i,, a fei (atr,'i. Thl il ] ill (Ill e-ti)n \\I.-,: li]irt ( l i( (li- tli( m imwi-] )il-mlliricnl 'IIj(l)i Inmg Awiil - i '- (,:,'ril en - l~i iul(, (mmcL-u l n,hlm. ' i Se n lal (u,1 the gralint(, i- n ')o(,n (fi. t') ](,-m(m-, I lh w u(yl grail- ) ]:md(:R11(-cl, co. i(l(-ie-d, tilher i, still cl()l h(,r c s I)v \\hi(lh lomt (lir the l1l(. ill (ln(,-tioll was colv(,ye(| )ttl:but],) a el I' ' \X ( r( -('tllv(', 1.1(]t, (a Xelnlltion. r['m( l::tiX l i0'g ( r illll litm I'miO l mI'e(n(.:iitiO m' n, erilml -nO( (mtIS('ee t']i f'r-'('('m0 I' rlm l 2 t 2erril.N' d ()]iil kliimg'll, ]ing(' v',4 grailtled. ()If the, il'i kll we 1mve Il(, (,rail ()of Kilgi Meli-S"hipnk t(,o his.-.'n Ml'mluls-al]):l-i~hlil. grinmtinl to hlil not 0only fI)' itracts (of land, I)ut al-vlro(,(l()n l'rmil all territo(rial (-obligatioln. -No levi(e -(, to )( rais(, I() Imul(d Innililtill 1ll(l (dylke ill( r()val e ]lial, () guad'( the ('il ifis ()f Bit-Sikkaldud(h m(l l )fimi(l-lmlii'll~ Wnslist illulld.ation (Col. 11I, I 271). Theple()olph wre mot to l)(mq)(,l 1 to w or k Lit th(,,tl((, (f thlie r(o yl (c:l:l to () (los(, o(r (l)(n lhemll () dig p1) the 1)(,.d ol ti(, (th d (,('(.ll. 11, 2S 33). No) goverm(or of ]Bit-Pir-Aniurru hlad tih(; lrighl to () irat f'1lll(ls s(j(olilrn(rs, (iliz(li,. or (coulncilmnii (C'o]. 11,:1 —12). N(,ith(lr kilng no lor g('rllor nor 1:ll oth(q, i.... ',,-' -."

Page  28 2S.1 Il l I '.\ ( ) I Y,''l. 1(.' I 1 F I,. IL -I 111 nm In ~ 1 I;~ O Kri'q-' XI ~' I i - 1,h' I el:'...t.... z hi d 1 I- Ma'-du:Ldlkapal i -id0000000 1 V0 000: o 0 00* 00.o '0 0

Page  29 \ '1l1l H (' 11 \liitl:Z.' l{ I. 21).llici21l had( the right to f(.':t(' W ()(l~ (,r Nrv~ -s atw, wh(:tt Or ally otlher ganill (Co. 11. 4:3 -II. 3-50). Nor c(ltl(I th(, for thlis Ipurpose( d(,lnlm(! N't-ons with h12n'].,,c(,',- lo:Lw tdra 111 ()' mel(. t(o driv( lcm (,Col. ili, 51 —.5:. During t1i(h 1m(w wa'\\ lvl ](4'v1 ()ll c1('o ()lnnecting anal. lihich j()i(lll iti t c >.a l lt I l i-ill t IN 1i t llll()y ll cl tl ( ll no 1:t1(11 couil l)(, Ik tl]in I1l il. l ca1'dl (o)r r(,s1rx 1()', cou(ldli its -ll, (l irrig tiOn h)t (1liv lt( (1 to ()tl( li(, ls (gl. l, l 4-11i 2). Illl, grat: t (o)f ti( t ' i,(l cold 11( Ot 1,(i cu( t i)y iing ( 01 i!0(11i 101 11r, no ( ( tht(,:tll. wc(1 0l(' 1i, l, o 1' ] )titt,-111(1, i(i(Ol. II, 1:3 2t'). Neith('r o()al. r lbridmc.' (,()"tl(1 1)c u h e c(mit-r1(,cld fow lil, ' o (. vr(lor (Col. III, 22 27). _1(IlhVr ki Iin(to gll-)r('ot c(ltl (wdlcr:Imy ])('N V wrl (,t l(h r(tl):':ill t () tlhe () t ((OI ]. II. 28 - 111., ti.filul' imi liti(, S vm ( 1( r1:,lilet( y Ring Ma\:tdttk-nldill-al I t,) l/:;mm:,-z(Arl-i, li.hl t ~11 I R. 45, -No. 2'). No river (,) land offtiv(,ls N\01e to I':;(,:lway th(, 'cc,(lm)ll (t th(, lowt11.\liv2a fromil forced lahor. No) (roy:d.> )fi('i:dls. \\Io ap(':mint(,d ov(r Bit-=A(h,2,d the lrighto (l',lry ill.\hlir(";: l(, (ov(rlllill(lt of' Bit-Ada wvas 1ot to i->(t hit )(l111c((l thlir(: th(' (tatal as1 tl t to )t stoppl)ep d 211); ts(,s '1.d (.X:ll M(l( Ilt tO )( takll, into th( (itv ]v the tax (.2l('(tor. N(lutchucl:,h'czz'lt 1. rimlt('(I 1() th(, lpricst Nutskl-u-il~ni ('( ai' n ln - 1t11itic,.. None Nva:t, nlhvd()Ocd t lmak us( o'f the ]paslur, landds (11,I. 21): o( (,:nilu (4flic(,r xx;,. t(.-(,iz(':t (e;m:i (ligg(,r undle]' thlb pret(ext (f q ](,vv I 11 r. L 25): nO laml (olli((,r wts to (ltlt 'tny n:1,.~ (1II, 2;). The, same( king w(,mll)t(l, the ]:m1l1 gnilt'te to) h( lpri'st ShImtm1; 2111(l th:SlIlIi fro (,rll \( (1)]ie:a t i()o, ('l c rlilg that "(tfliccrs of the (c l"ml]s al od ( ]i(,,s (of Il(l land s.imll n()t g(o;i1to the {'itv: its Solrvanilts ox(,n anl(. 211d Ie,- 1lY shall IlOt bild (i.c., impress th(,m tO fOre(el ]2])()r): its Sll(h() Ilhy.-l[t]] llot s(ize: itS ('lariots 1l(,y shall nlot I]l(, 11]): fron t:,11 rorced ]al1,r1 \\I ht I(t(,verl he Ihas fi'('v d thenI" kc. 'r., x. lI. V,:, -3!)'. The t(,]-~e (f Za'aIlch r1( (ord, a: i. ilhlr g':1mt ( fic(d()mi (za'(I. }i)

Page  30 .30.1,]:11- I*i ' \/ II.i Y,T7'O.A. rIl frrom forcled lor. [ 'oI rlurm 1teil m I1(' 1u t( e 1'.i(l ill liell it was recorded al l (',l. 1. 1 \-, 1(I (I 1 (fl(N e tl ('ol. 1, J I 20). The most rial ttle chanrter,' Ii 'redtm i- tIlIt,:t l,,,il ti elihthalrezzar I. t, lhi- iditiiilgulltedl oicrti, Hittii-\:tiltinlt. it( cllh f (, lit-Ill-orzialld. He.e w fillh'e d ti the l'olhillLz, iun1 hie(s1. TIli 0 ` /4k i 1;. 12. — i lh,(I- 1n h,1' t imliilulry: i oel \I ill!,\-ll il0 -:lli. ill ll' Blili- h \ - ). i i 1.). - i. (ll.l.)1 11)1N Ilt l \I).!)().Sti.) till i ers o t l, ig nlid o(', lie gove'nu' ()I, Nniine: n1inve i( m rihll oi intre ((i l. 1,.31. 32..NX ithlar stallioals ir n' rll.el', ' lr 10 ti ilkel i o t ll ie iis ol' Bit- it'- ziabl)ku 1 ti tll e IIIl(is 't of tho i n' ho-( ('ol. 1, 5:. —.51). ITnxes o( oixn i or.tiep l)ire l lot to I)e leviei(l to the king (r governi(r ((ol. I... 1. )3. Ith au'. n!i aaiS toeg, given to

Page  31 A 1:FI C(.1 A1lilM'ZZ.AII 1.:1" tlhe tax-gatherer (Col. I, 56 —57). Thle n a-tr( of { l b oors( (".iInot elt( tile( (eitios to take out imares lor ri(dino I or-,(-('ol.,1 5, f)t. Tile ti(tlg(,s(?) of tile Ipars ill(n (late l)liln iro\-s are not to be ciut dolvil. and tl th( ioti ie ('itie( it 's B het-;lal:lish an 13it-Shlll)ali:ar (' l rt to Ib I ot (lon (oltw ti (((oth. 0 - [. 1'). Illdge(s t, (l, to l( built e l roadL-:m'(, ]ot to 1h( (coiton-lr(t(,(l (C(ol. I r 2. N,,,.iall ti,, -(lhli(,s of tlIi, king i who live in the district, have the right to imilr('i aloy ol(, into.,(rvei(c(e (Col. II,:3-5). From all i(, tril(oial obltip,.ols o)' \Naml.:Net(li)lldre(zzar lreed(! th(i eiti(is ofl itli-Mr(liuIk (ol. 11.,xtrordlol,'yil Suppr l)ltll of tiL(' go'(llror 1(n plnl:l('c (omllalnl(,r (('ol. 11, 9, Itt. hAill Ily>,is of 1it(.( ioi's lio,nit.-hellr hiat t(, o,r(Iinl:r t lerrit,,rizl ohlu'i>: ion-t in ll l)ylhi, l tir ( lhr t (,(,fld'-t(, t( i ktig, lo tilt( g')e'(irn 111( to ti(i (o(lll i nity. ti'i i ) thi kl ig c( tl lh vy 1(' 1 ( k(e'p 1'11 i he' roii l (raiie, to \\oer], iit, -lti(,(, tr ) (lig. it< I{ 1 (,i to r )u(-0,l', il, tIIl IIl1, mI, l.-I. II y - lt'I,('c d lal)fr h, vI,couh1l I)Iuihl l l'igl,-eanlldl roil(1< lid. 'll'' V (1l 'n 1(.~ ~(lon any g rlill(wil wx'rkl, 1I1l 'was 1(((1((1. ITb (co(ul(d draft 1(en for ],(,rvicc i iat' inlh1(' arnv. I-lna.-l('1r ol hlorst u' ll. (m lid dand llolts(,, for tihte iro al si.iili. 'li'l kii l i id lth( light of Ln fotg fori Which lie COUl(l (i1iilu I N:1iiii<i, i-i(,s aIlld i(,l. i(, had a:lso t(e right o)f l llturall. Hlis l)rivil(( tL or ( titi th l tril)ag( i (Nob. Nipputi. III. 21: Susa,:, Col. III, i:. I i \\,- ]lo doubt liirallel to tihe iHleerew 'king's mowOiug-" f.\ros 7: 1), whichl i:il)(ear to ha(e beenl a trilut(e le(xi(d(l iy ti(e kings i of i.- i la ot l thi('.-,'llg he(,l),lgr(g,, to i)t' lis(,d is Ir(',l(eri fori th(il h lo,',- (cf. I r (. iS:.5. (2 i) flih govrnor lhaid tl(' right to l(tv i Iln oe wood, gra, straw, i iiwheat o nv oth(er graill. Ie( had allso til(' right of:lturag(. If, eoiuhl d(mand wiia(ls and tlhir hi ' (ss, ilss( 111id e for fotr'('e(l la)or. He (' viedl taxi-,,i 0on Ox('I aol slh((et.1(l dlueS oil garl(n's. ' (3) 'ie'll c(olllllulit i could ltlake( use (of pri'ate '(f. Edoutiirl ('uq. I. eron 0t,. ont;e ei. Ch(tClde, p. 740.

Page  32 a \I i t Biii \'i.i) F i a aIn' 01 c:llal1 ttdIIltill'il til( )eriodl of low w tr lvite(rt l. 1t c(il(i uise private esrorirs ll(l a tiut i)r.]nI(a l' oln I ll r-yst(lil of iJrrigarition to vat(er iplhl)horing fi(ldl. (II) IIntvir (xlnlTtr\i tthe li. t of tl e r(ya nt, \(' ii tIIi tol tile r(,nmhillini -i ol( (l(e llten witlle ileir ( (ran lr ra l 't(a ri ]a''' ra l. (al) There.IIa(r t, o l i()iltr. tl ()noll( w-lichl r(((rd li(' (lgralt iof ]land i() (lo r,ilg in iS ti(eir (i (,ra a. Thi' tliilioi llt (i ilI(ol (l( M. Ill.h:x t llR. 70(). (eorl(l th(e l rali t o' twr('llt y of (fultivalt(,(l ]iant, of the (onlimimn.l:tl (d olf The I((xln tltr-Ntl r ai. a i tl'the I:l.a]e ()t l(at (,l i itnl e(dd\.i lia ill il( iii-lir(' lC itIiil N la 1ly ir'-u..t i, so)on (i f -ti.alt: ll, t() i his (iai t ltl It)1-.ltr li-k itii. init( ori l(' ()l hil. t)lll ti. i 1i(i ' (ler lr amlrp(f ). Ih (()tlm (tiolln wilh lif t1. ralst(ti(')ll lbt('i )irtlh l gl'()( hl'.l to).\( iar. " t)y al e g Irat g()td allo tii gr()(l,i'll, nl()i t.1a-i ~ 1 t y (.l i'e. alil.i t t t fi(at (!. A..irrmilar gr'alt ('of t '(l1 s t llm dite ili the relil o i:-tNal)-iliakhin')hit (t,rTllot, tibt 102) ' Arai(-Silitti, SOiI of Atraittahll, tli hi(laughter v o\(;-mu(li q-sharbi: wif(, ()l','4.'h lmiash-noqti~.T>lm l. This gralit of tlhro(o fmlu)r' (oultiv:it(,l lan(1 was,):t(l( Iv,\r -,)ilnti lit a t th f -)rtl t -ar i of ] tihi t:eli -mi, i-: ti a, i, t-,i' i,:i('11('(' of,.-(,Vll S.oI. But l()( al' tll(' clilehl(vih l lh l'ig l)(,(nl i)p(, (lit at 11('a tl'r llStl('itlll it i ' l r ( l() 1 tii (\ 1a) i t(n1 ( trla(i s illa 1t ( f)l()wing(' yA r i. tt(si(l(is tl is (la]ow - g nul thl( tn-llllilt:atlso (olltaril((l ta h re((or( of e (tel al n a trli. r trl.a(i(iolt s (ixt(a (li' t ltt r la fr o lla g ( e( (l year ( of XI.NlI~-4.u(h u'I —u.-.ur to tb(' fifth yon(rf ol tl)fi-mtki-llalnpl. [)arts olf which atre So t badly (h(ii ((ilea ltla t it is iml' )(.-ilhi to ii t,,, oliut tle (Itotails. It 1 is aIt e all.(g(inti ('(''vaail atilt, I 'itn:lri I 'alh(r (o',qh ttllsl).-ll[i(lhl-:..] n l ru,; (l-] A\r:Il-sil)itti v(,r(, (,ngi.g,(Id il litigatio(.. whi(u l s((t lis to ha'.:'('ll (a11((i ))v Tilh( a l:l'Jit l ( (r a 111( I t\\,,) ehilr(l(ll 1t(i it(h s(ttl(liwi tarl t(f m ttra(t of vira l u lat N the da ught ( l of.Aratl-Sii)itti,S her (r wry. (t)) rier ti,aillyi rt,'a' iiii ( l aaei d (a ill whi('h land waa, r ('tlircd thr(augih t)urehaas(e.

Page  33 NEIB lCI.IJ) I)I:ZZ.ITe 1. 33 F I(;. I 3. - (,, II, ( ':, II I, 'I" N. I, o,- i" T P. 1-0.)

Page  34 34.1 NEI O'.\ 'l).i\ Y S'To)I.7 OF A boull(dAle stone flol tl rI( e(iglf ()1(, oi tlhe k;ins of the(' s((o Isi.n (PA.SI].i.') dinistv, most like(ly.Nelnell(l rczz:tr 1. (li[l l. 41), recnordln the pi rchasive gofi-.' o,' l:em (l. I)nlllging to t1le liltrict,l lit-la- leli, by MI:l dlik-nIsir, ill officlr iof the king ('.(I,(,(,rri), from Ahi, ol-Illil o U h I.ts o e ewadlol, eVlel horses, Fiee. I. -SYeiitoee en1 III It. IH. (111 It. 15~ Lenten 11)5 it, v eti,) 90 t11 ases, oxen, lharnille, grain anlt chlohlilng. ill all worth 8ll( picies of sil)elr. Ainot(e Stolee, (late(l ill lt nreign ofl ]tetk(-shium-iddiiv (c. 850 11. ('.). rc(n(eln tlhe p' cale of v iel by Kivdhii, oon of l161ithlilati, lfro lIddifil, f olen iatee five-sixths inillees of silver.

Page  35 \ELBUC'l.IDI]EZZAR I. 35 lut lltis l)1U,'sO oe(:lpi(s only tlh' latte' 1art of th, il.-(rilptioll. he' foltrllto it ttken tip lwith a )equest of IBl-hi(lioa, a p'i(,'t of l)ilbat. to it youigor soI Ki(ldini, giving him is lhatr(e ill the p)atelrnal )prop(rty. It cO-ite(d(l of tlie'(,e part. First, an i ('oI (l(rivdl flroll lis t)()itiont as pri(este (.LT) of tlhe to('ml)l of the g s()(h(las g la e(I.o3it3,. iSeconl a(p 3I. (. i(. ('(siting of I'l;. 1, —!,,ll _ I,,,- the I,,(ml:lry s ton( e ' o:tfrgoll (Il:lt('(l 711 I B. ('. (..\. 209. ) four (tir (of llt('llltiVt('I lool a i,, or(hoiltld. Thir(, a lot w-ith ilt thouse oil it ill the ('it of l)illat. The fir't transatt ttio is datedl ill the tw (tylt-righlth Oit'cl f Nolat)h-ttlttl-idllia. lih seond i t he ci-lvnthll (Ile olf f aItr l- li -il(liiit (V.A., 21 ) ). At l ge niii s e to siti I o till l', ) ()f t s.ti s is (((((( () te stolle of

Page  36 36 I. \AYEl BO.I).f1' I'TO.. (1)1 Sargon (V. A., 209)). NaVit-ile'i, th1( sol olf VIX-Sii. i, 't i l( ('i of lind ill th,' cit! ot' DlI. Biut a il (tuesirl(l t.) (111 lrg it, -iz,, he off(,er(( to his liwighi)or'. ]lna-('esl-tir, allotlor ir,)l)rrt at I ll( t(,\ canal iii (x('hl:tr;, For tol: () C one I(xt to his Oi\Vn lot. t l' sali tilme(' 'tl-,ko(,l hint t,, Fi 1'( llhllilm I:1 l(1( (1()('l llIl('lOl1 ()l' ll is 0 11 i(I lot. Tiis tiao hav( 1)i(olon t(ohi tio Ille f(ac't tlilni-tio'll-(S ill- was i1 l'(,rnil' oV le ll, o 1;1lv i it to d(IiIli It-Nlit. 1ti(t t hl iite ir I ll ) t N:)lil('i. To thi, e(xcha(o( li, Iaig('(tlist li -( co(Is(,lil'l. wtithl tile co(n litilil thitt. Nah6-il'i iv, h-im six shl(,l(l, as a 1'(, tf co - clelillng tile trans1:. ti(ol, whlich N\va 11o)l(,..A -c(olldl pln'e('ly', tljillingl lls own, 1 ailfi-it'i 1i, )lgi l lollln Sll.ll lli fo'' il) v —ix shi(l(li, of sit(lr. A third lr(o ilr'ly,:t(Ijoillilni tlat ol' Sh ivi, Nal) l -il c'i l(iilht i'(im I-salli, ()l (i)ll( 11A1 ot e-1 I llir ilt,, a n l'(ni r sl{,(l(,l -of.ilv(, i..A fo'i lt )(l('rt,\ iljoivlii lh o ( Itlon l tolh fro Sh1' ii-, Natib -il'(i \ac oi(l.i'om I(lii t4ll( Sh lil[ii [,. -ols (tt t:;,)t. for ol(, ail oll(-tiiir lirtll. alnlo fiv'( shl(ckls. 'Th ell a})iilC'i rwo t la site ii 11 hl) iil l: O ll t iisvt4,,l )ti ii il' Iivre t eki ig, d n ot mollt(e awart(l tloi tiinIwt hcc p('('('])l(', i (i'i l 1v)t, (lilo) \ci('l BWli-us'i ltu 1)t1( ill W)i'..\llotel' (':Iili'ih1 f(lr oti 1i11i:1iil1 h iriiit(,tv sho(icls ws s(lh ini \ - milirii: wati. Natl))-il('i glv(e Ii, (i(ior(litrs fifty shie(ilts ill (x<clhlang for a hIoi' allo.t all ocll'1 ill tho( cotnfiml of tit(, city ot I)6,'. of l lls(A-(, six trz:llS:1iols a:1(, (1yIN re('('(ml(,i ( 11 this stoll. whitc(h is d:lt(vdl ill t (h olv(.tlh yvar o(}t'So Slll or{ 1, I B.(. Th(' (llllilec m lina ll ti on o t so 411:11 11't{111 cIit('i}ll, lIlgill Im( (11 1 11";ll w(,ll-known Babylonian cu-lom. wllich nll ay( 1sl\)(,(bl ({i(tate(,[ 1{y it (hosho ( oi tlt e part of XNa)f;-ihl 'i l l o /t\'(, at /)('l lltll(wqlt 1'(()o'l ( t lol: the tiransactions involving 0ll pio)rl)(tly." rl' tls at4('(,ri(/iog t(o.I t c11 '() llllli(n-i lo ol D)l.. t illl { i l l 2()2 1o g,' 2 I',r a silaiar i-lnl(n ( sm, ' 1HlIPl. 1' ]. V1. pt. 1l, pl 71.

Page  37 -\;I'B( (I.II)IlAEZZ.1l1 1. 37 Co()Nvi.:rs NIS )1'i: KTms'in) INS(CI{IPTIONS. The dlil'frlci(t parts of a kudiurru inscriltioln are usually as follows: i 1) I1 a ntiii)bcr of cases lie stone has I namle. It is calle(l '1.\V')1i-'i.irl-kl t-('qltili (Del.. I I. ilr. 17:; I I, 31. 35), or 'ARamml nltm'{tq:?)-/),tllitt-dl((?)-ri.i (ls(i()lo, 101, Col. I. 3), or '\(V'.IH-l-:tI'Vcllo-ttktl s-lhcld ri (Nebl..Nippu ll), ()r 3 i nl,'Ilirri-r dt (6ti (III. It. i ). (2) 'Th, l fll ows tlc, (I(,c il)tioll oi tite( fillh or [ie l( iil ue stionl ti1w totall 'e as ( is s ien Iati le:, lii['t't,(t i t soIles a'i e ('i artlly o)us ndred hIY c,,l', 'rigl tho ti, 'tldjotillillg lr)l)ertieq. Il:1 sfew c ases tile (xact uilng'lh f (oi ach siel; i- a(,tl'(l. (3).(Next W.' fi!ll aI slat. ii1 'lit O[ I11 cir'tcclitatiices whli('clh 1(l to lit 11: gral. 'Thi' gratli' tis l(l guistit's' aiiei Iit'Iltio()lld. []I this s t(il t'0 wi ol'tm fiin iti):)'tiec suit hiltri(il iinl'oinrmati on, as well as lh)',)ral,,( (,h )11oie, onl tilh itig fIloLt Aw-11011 tle grtaIt l)r(Ce(ic(t. (I') 'lI n(, eostaiis th( O, Most clharati( istic featutire olf tils il,cr'il)tiollt. 1uoulay. (,l.l)or:tce (cituse(s tgainiist ill kindls of o!tli.iatl- ttil w),so lt silth lighit init(lt'(e withi tit(' Illild, its airen, its )risile',,e aill its ()icie-. This sec(ti(on Itta, -iitlilc s(everal wll-m.u'tzt1 stl)h(liviSiolls: ((t).Ai (1ti, i'iratiol i of tlt idlivihtialt, at(litollisihedl lot to "rai(' 0li, ( ware(ld not to itttrfuce w Ititil tI' lld-ktiligs, prili'(s, g(v's'lmor-. l)re(fet-. judn'lgs, ovtirs(tcs, counsteo rs, mItigistrtes, relative and n(eigllhbtos. Thirty differet oftficials ti, fondil ill tlhi s,( tiolu ol tih(, variou- sitoll(4. (l) t Nxt follow tiIt acts of violen(c'e wihi(ch arl forbidden. No claimi or ltawsuit i, to be mad( aintaiist li( lail(l. It uailot be confis(c.ittdl, r it(n lo sir i ltit(e. lor' givell to at tOtl)l(c. 'The exteint of the( fitlhu is not to 1)( (clhtiged. Its ditelh( ci d lI)o Ibundut i(s are (-)t to l )(r e(umov(d. Its caiiils arecl nlot to b( (los((1 il), nor its water sUtil)l)ly to I )(' dlivsrt( to otil(, fielhs. 'i(, a)ounl(tary stou(', lnoire

Page  38 :8.1 NEW\ AoU ).\lY,v7' S \'O ' OF.... I a mi ifieial proe,-i I o. 20

Page  39 \ I~ l ('11.11)l /./\i II z1. 39) (-ver is nt to l)e touctl((itl, ]lot to l)e throw\It illitO firel, \'water ori a lark pl:atl. It i no t to )e lbroken l nor to be hidt(l'n tihe tl lst. 'rlit itlscl'iptioni fiiilll is ltot to bc' (rased. inor anythilg else ptIt il itS plaeo'. No irrot)bonsibl(t p](,rsolo is to te bellgt:o (J tg o carry oit an 11seil inlten tions lr aainst thle lainl o the boutl(l:arIy toie'. (c) 'l']en tlle grlct: gods are ignvoked', etith(l' iby (t'lricratilig theIn first tant( l (en aiclril)hill o ol(t ct'se o to thl all. Ior y givin, a. (,'pal'ti cu i -, to (:i(ih (Ieii. Tll tt it i s toie ImoreC cotlImon l ]n(,tho(l. In the ur]'s(,s th(en-m(qv(,s all kiml(, of disealses or calnil Wi"s:al'( tlIn'c:ltc(I,(i to tl( \oLttil-le ol'f(inol lers..Althou the'e is SoI eI r('tuih 'ity in:-Il;l,'il)ia til(, v:'i()ll ('ri'ses to tir(' iff(lr ItIt (.(ii(s, yet th(,r(, is vollsidl(qale variationl. 21-2) 4 - l -t s(2eti(-): ustlly.i Nio ili: l ist or t witls<. 66;s IIIsexnt (lm'ilIg tlo( ti'.:lctioll, tllid somletimoes. (vel thi lt(, iS i alel. l iles( o v:n'ious,(,(qions follow h)yI 11no,(lans in 'x set, orler, but it aels li ft to the ialixiduel ' c'ihre to artange thellm a hto es:a lit. InAs to tme itleet lte oi f ie r eti re tiOS are omitet(l. In other vc[ses new se('tion,I are added. as, e.g., the hymrn to Ellil ol t.he n(,w untcetl(lry stoeli of 'ce)tuchadrezzar from Nip l)ll (Col. I, 1-22), tleo g1oI'ifica:ltion of' a,'rdnlik o the stO(ll( o[ Ifero(laeh-l)alala la II. (V. A., 2663,,t 1 -2s4) togetherl with the upplalor lengte (tid A); onlychiahrl( sla (1i, 25-tli T, ). 5 () thi( v:ious chiarts (D. E. P)., II, I)s. 21-24: IV I1. ill,6: O., c. 'r.T X,tIls.e 4u l 11.ngth as tII R. 45, No. 2) the sectionl tlreatillg of the territorial illillunitis"mald exlnptioris is also peculiar to these stoIlnes. Sevelrall of the abov sections are ilmportant. lenoulgh to dleserve furtllher dliscussion..As to tlhe' Ol'illtatioll of ille fiells, therle is considerabll e differ(,lee onl til(' \ri(ious StoIIs(. AMost of them begin the enuImeration of the( sildes of the fi(ltls witil the upper lengtil (,;iddl elZ); onlly three stalrt with thI upp,')f width (pstu el6), nairely, D. E. P., II, 112: I\- 1.2 38, ad 0. B. L., 150. Tatking the upper length as the

Page  40 40 1.I Ni1 BO)UNDAR.liY SN7'0. Oh' determining factor, ve filnd tlha glt eigt stolles loc)ate tiat side towards northi a (irt t y), inami(ly, Lon h)rr, Im: o1: Sr1,ia, I11; Stusa, XVI; III 1'. 41: III 1. 43-15: (). B. I., 119; 1.0(). Fi'ive ston(es locate it towlalls wet ((taumr1rt). tilaln-I, (,). Nil)l)rI: 1.\ 1. 38: Lodoln, 102: Br. -1. 87,220: V. A., '20S. Thr11e locat(e it towardl t2 ],':. 17. - \ ] rio 1 -tl tbli nglcl'pl h 1 11 1)(] O{1' 'T ll[I'lllx. 1)I:1 ['Il:r ~llolr:g. ll 1])t 1unfl-:l.v ~l()1 ( 1>1x-11. \V). 5. ~.) east (i/.at l ru), mi,lv, I). 11 11. 1.., 11: 1 Br. 11. 90,922. (_n two ston(i s (V. A., 20/t, tanI V..., 2(i0i:1) nvet'ritil tiihlds are m(,n-r tiolredl, whicli aret (litl'h('frontly orient'd. Thrioe fi('' hl- \'V. A., 2()(9, ihave the t upl)er lengti ttowalds soitl ((Iil. I I, 3I; 111, 2, 19); ollte field has it towii.auls (uast (C(,. IV, 9\. and one owar(l (,st (( r ol.

Page  41 .\ C7IU(I.r 1 D)ll'/ZZ.\I I 1. 41 V. 26. Olii V. A. 263 tree i i Ireield tile]rte rLrr 1t(1113sSo th Woel. 111. 44: IV,23: IV, 351t and one tower(ts Nvet (CeL IV.7). 1.... lelele.:11.:ee,l-, h i... d:,I e. N, i5\. tiolld illthe crs(- (1w1l he b:, totleproduc] it pnssage4 thl

Page  42 -142 Ni 0)) NO ii)) STONE OP 1111 ( ulo iu thie var1ic,1 fiuI in their N l(1 llologichu-.l o-lolr i qt I iio lou 0 il too-m i K]). 1E. P., 11, N9; 111, 5 101. 2 I. IIV ill wli-io 01 ii W"llbi-71, ('0lo i.uookku NJK (i.1Al11 ) i(Diil. II, 2. Molo-11b iki Lou o ll, 11I luuououuiuql ii i ILl,) 1AD1 (11. 1-4) (1. II ulo 16( ilc In i l ool- t (-r i-0 'lrgo-7 f. E. P, I Iiii. li I VI a(bII?7 PMclio 10 plo ii olb-on u Do l.31 P, VI6. * III 1 1 MlN I Anob'/?.TA! 01 0 ii i-w p itm ii -(ai k/Oil (D. Ei~y '. P.0, V, Thtuuiii ioadiig kuh, nmoo iw givuoniii has tomg lwiiiu omt 3; el. auto -'~iii iN II Iii3

Page  43 .\1I EHII.(C11 I1>Zz.I': 1. 43 7. MIarduk-a)l-idlin I. (Susa, XI\V) fok/i,'a ita/,'le1i. a-za-at?,-n, mu-ir-,'u, s.(t-k/l t B'I-l~"PirtAmurr'tt i, I'SI.S.L.D)UL (1). E. 1'. VI, 40; If, 1-5). s Neblichauh'ezzar' I. (Nippur),(''l(.8okkm:/(t/'/e,;, akle-h Xs-pi-ru, ri-dat-i, ha-a-on-m,, ('ol. IlI, 1'), 20). 9. I'tllil-ikdi,,-aplu ((). 1. 1.. S3) ki/,u lupulttl, S12kkaimkku (Col. II, 12). 10. Scond (l Isin l)ynvsty ([I1 R1. 41') k, I'-/ut. lu i a-.l-m?-i t.u, u-,c-ri-.u u c ti-gol-lut, ki-tpu (Col. r, 31 —33). 11. Second Isin DyI)iasty (I. 70) /lapulh (. TI'I.DAi, i-lh-) / (Col. 1,.5-6). 12. Mal.rdul<-n(lii-ah / I I, R. 43) 1) 1 1ti, 1''l p1ulvi, ha-za-(an —i,.(lkit te-mi, gui-lu-kiu, lu-p:al-ltl-1i. nk-lu. ki-plu-tu tr-/tu-lu, (Col. IllI, S-14). Appendix to 1111. 4:3 (III t. 45, No. 2) (d(iaHt 1)I.K 'D) b1(l pa)l(iti, bivl b1ti, byl pahvti, ki-pu-tu, lv-v-at-vv uv vv r-uIv-lt / i-p/u-l, / saki.le-m/i, / a-za-auv-v1t (1. 5 3). 1:3. Ml(rdukl-ah-(,rla (. B1. I., 14)).l(!-/ui7, bi'l puhtliv, Li-z-u-antil, u '.'kin(-il')).c-mi', PA.TE.SI (Col. II, 2-4). 14. Mf lduk-vvq)al-i(ldin'. v 1. (V. A., 2663).(trl, mlv va', 'ki-i-pul, 'ak-tlul '.Sa-tlam, t-za-auv-vt (Col. V, 19. 20). 15. Shalia.mlih-shuiii-ukin (C. T., X, pIs. 4-7),arru. moir.Srri, v '[.a]-kanv, ',va-pi-[rv], 'h'ia-za-avn-nu (Col. II, 32-33). Here we have in fifteen inscriptions thirty officials and digniitaries from thle king dovwnwards. Arranged in alphal)etical order they are as follows:

Page  44 4.1 11 ' WU\ '/) II Y 1,:/ '\ I-' (F' I u /, li hiu, ( 3 _ lii. (4 l II1.. 3 hI hi, (6ii b e ul /) btli. (7), 1uiailh, ( uS)! h/hlt'u, (9)1 iaiu., (tI ) dil' t, (I 1) h.z, n l (I2) hta u lt/h. i 1:3) mi-iuvar pin.i-i. rr[ ( I )m rarri, (15) 'irru1, ( i t i.. t,'ii. (1 * iqi rit t 'S) I '.1.7T'.S/ i i.;.oll,' I, (19) qrp(, 20)IwhI.,il.i.ri,, (21 '. t22, i. 23),o/tlt, (21) M m1./dll (dill, i25,.g.1t/'(ttl(I/,, ~ (~1.i,;l] i,,k', [276.;'2q-. (2S) 'ar'[i. i29!)),,al'. t:3O)l.[.ad?lu. Trl.t' ht~gcst 111tlll)t'([,,' (tici:lls. toll. o(('cum" 0I 11 u,..trow of( ' haIrttila/-u imul-i~hlihmu I,1. i ip).. 1.. '.. \1,.. 10): tihe siilhsi l iI)(w,. lame-lly two, is lf/v l(l l( ('dvlou ih,.11/ich..i (1 1/. 7)). No princ(ilelc,f1' c.l'l. 1g(, lll(,11 (qtll 1,( elc t(c'h, ('\c('pI that o. h/,' ]lc(mls th{, li-t ti( tiv e:-: l ~ 1( ( o', -. I(i ll. ', o l' tilnlw i- I. c('{ollmd place, lollo'ing a-iii{r ]ia- m i/ii li/!i/iiii. iN hid ll-e. S2everal. tithl. ()~c(c'I' in l)air ---al,'[(;:m, I.;(i p 'i'r1 (.\()., 2.!, (1/'//1t 1id( IllIl l i (Nos..), ]()'.1 ttt,,i,: tm1.i,/,'i, [ [ti, t;.XiN-. 12. 13,..-;or( tl'' (l rII (^?H '.,,,ri (No,. 1-1. 13.. (Iuy a fw {fo t hlw,-i (dti(itdl-:Il/ml' i ll!( /,'t/i ' i niios o /t4i(le olf' th cia l' ss,:',lI tlhell Id i ll l aICt,f il4l silrh t ile t li I o L m. /In (C(/ i'/i (!i.()lt/i ll. i/ Ii. 1. i 2 lm t 11: 1p1 i 'i tlu.~rr 1/.l I1.2'q,iottTi ll /ttilr(i/ Ol( fi-ll. il:1rith rl 8tu>//. 3, 1. 28i-3i/) a w,..,iarr w1111 1.} lbt~tlltt -. ill:i l1.iF, r;1.a ' [1,'1tl:111(}:t 1 p.[mtlZ'/'l/ ($ISl;1(s, 1W. 11. 5-10). Inl a foe'lb71, im'(' it i- illt (I.mel ] /] ithl[,:1../,'1lt'/ Un;lli ~l/dl two other' mlnl lhoi ( 0ili/ i al /i ml/ ll i, ' lt gin-l If). I.., VL, 14: 1,!- 15 1.,:.t(q''.//, N1\., i<:aso thw I.*{ Oi'h'. alp)ears il thel same a ( III R. 143. 1. 9 -:13). wile il/ th(, i t-t inistilce oil (,('t ((). M.. 1.49., 1, 15-201 tw0 I /vo ly,~'t'o, It;,t/,'i t(eli aldl l i,1i.>itl/, lmsll ur/l..1.i/ /l ( hie l. /11 iil( i.L ( 11 l l( il.a /l/(ll(/lt Iof til(' fi'il is l~r/foril1(./- }y a r( irt' il-/ lic/,r ol' Nil)l/il, ii-l'(ICgralphiclrlyx writtll (;..\'..V A (Iondo(n-10, ll. )(' 111.2 'it. seelms (I,lI)t' 1 i, t' tl'nl,':llitl"d w'Uighlmr " ill tlis Ct,wetim u r, ipecially as it 'ipp/alr/ il/ the illi/-t i llh ii oflicial-nl 11v-I. Ii..\t al\x ralte iti o(cierrn(lc(;e alolnlf tile ofllcial- -ld,,-il/l Iw nii,d o.

Page  45 \V/1"ICII /ll )]?/'Zz.I l' /. 45 It, in ovidoil itni th ('1 nnn nnaioni of theoiials!II tho (cur.en Avas not 1ui1iblirv iiimt (lopell nnckl u polnO ac iun(' Ii mu 11inn chaiiiiteii ii o if he oficint niuwh oi ii office iII thlie (iiiiii whii- the 'nl)( grl-nited NN1 n iiu-citi-i. iWhiuiiiu- dlivii- k ofci 1l.:. I. —Ii, u:lr.! -11n,' 1uu1in h.~ t\h u ei ' (i'11mn 1 i \ueilulu: tt '\111i:ul. 11 in l 1)''In-11 -1(,1'. 1!)O1). II,,In:lt 1.,, 111l. o( l ( icho1l( t) h 1 i' (clmmllll ll ititv ill \ lli( ll li ( los llot le:'l~ a1)l)"'l, lt 11'(,ii i 1i (' 1':l('l il l I11l(' ]iiih (Ii: llte lilt ('iieItl \ithl tl('lll it in moe( lilke'ly l: th ile '!hh 1l('1 olfic ) ti(':Ih l)o ililtill(]ilt of lir kilig..\s tl i:1i ('llj(,nill(l ill th11 (cul-'s flll (I elRlg gilln ill (crt nill ui'ts. it of lIi(,suSity i'olloV lIni t 1uhiui, o i lnr diln r y il'eit1 -

Page  46 46.1 A/ l 01o.V-.l?'Y;O.M\ I. 0/. st'tllre l' (,he ioycdl e Ojertill'i rights ov(r lw l Ipllici l:ti,tL oll(l iol.'t like(ly (Iteriv(l incllol flrol themll'. Il privlate tr'o e'(r.- ol p)roplerty. ill which llthe kinlg il.,do not lappe(r, thres( olicial ar omitte(l. it1})1pt lhir )lac(i taken l1) I)rotll(,rs, sons, family, n11t(ll)(11 o llout(hohl od l1'(,;1t ie(. 111, 11l:l(1 feiln l(e servtllts (a C. n,t kl' i'. plllti. Sh11 lti. (,0/e, (,, /,',toli: io -ll (Ion, 10(3, V, 26, 29: Il t. 70: 11. 2-4: Loo(ntl. 1(02 1V..:6-:7: V..A., 2)08, -4:3, 44;. A.. 209, 1.2,:2. The: o l,.,,I( oif Mai,hdI-iliiah(' III 1. 43: Il. 2-3.8 -15. }m, b,: h lit-. IPNJL ('TIO() \'.\(IIX, T.IiS I)F \,,I.I._ 1.. The t) acti ot violn(c(e e 'in't wIhIh thin Pi icial.-: r(oarneI(li, and from whii -le comtoitt'l tlh(,\ ar1( o,,hoiheeta lljiilie. nar ho: classified lnr (eI ighlt hwaln. 1. rh, ofli(,i,l Illih i t (i(i 1 I;\\Sllit:tiii l t Ii i:im:ii. 'Il F'iv miighlt dir('t theIir ind lo lIhle o(i'' i l ('i t lid oh:l,,')i,,, t,chqhl;ii a 1wIti 7l.'t1k11./ i.;l, 'l,'.. vl. T11(, l lihlt:uc 0' ( 1rctu~, a -tfit tO I~(h mio, (ina eli c61.i'Oi,i/o,itll,,idol 1i(adlom h,.` They ight ralis( a Clililm o1 (ts( e (a l il to ii (e rlir(l u '!.;, l Iou.pqaru).'e Th(y iighit give f loli(' te-timony. villng lt(h fiehl 11Is not li(in grant(ite f Wil et i wt:::id-iii iqhbI).'or it iino ri gilt ol' the king (eqlo nidlitli.arri-mi 1/qalothl, or it lo-.'lot 1holl li:tl-,lle IlI It. ii, l, 35.3:; l I i. 71.11, 7;..\.A. 266I, V. 32. 2S tiia 11, II. — 9:,' I, \ 1. 1 1: I.ondon.. Il. 11, 16l. 17t.el'.; -:2, III. 11 —13; Iondo1, Ji. V.; 33, 31: ('. T 1, pl. \. 32: (). I. I 19. 11. i. 7; V..\:209, 1, 35-1 [, 1, I '.I." 3S, IJI. 3 -5. 3 London, 10 3, \I.:3, 5, S,";I - I l. I I ( 1 10. I11. I. I I 36.: I. 1.. 11 pl. 20, 9-IO. 4l.on)n, 103, V), 37, 3,, Lo.od(m, 101, III, I, \..2(9. 11. 2 1, (''. V..\. 20,. 46, *17. s >,u..t 1, I I, 12. 13: S,,a lL6. I 20, 21: t. L.. I 1), 11, 7, T,: ( '., X, pi. VII, 35.

Page  47 \ 1'lE (t'11I.\)I ZZ.lI I". 47 (iqnbti ciqlu il' 'i(I s(lcd(1 )cutmll(lit I11s lnot 1b(el1 gi\ve( (ttnu'tt ti t kanil /qti, nh.2 -2. r l(- ofticaials niiit imt o(liy rti-c claims it(.millst the iihlt, but thle-y.6ihlit 'tctunllv tillk it:11l lut s (I'I:IIt(m its in vl(rshilp. Th y( night turiln it mi(-' 1 tihe lo-ainll (.(l/b,1;l'ntioi/'slt ]I ibnti.i.(in gnilt),: ' pive it to a t('nil)p', th Ie killg, t(i): l(' r)lt(sl tit It () f tve( killn, t,) a re(plr.'clitativ uf t(d w(w>rnlior, to at repl(r-c'qilt'div( of llis counicil or to aii1- ()111( n)( is( (1(n ilt ll /.Il rr'i i i tri i(,(i/I'l i ~ ('lIi l tt ( /.I. t I i.. ( /./ I/a i it t.(/mi-t (I / (i ( / tm /(l ~ aIOln7(a li. (/q ).' me ighilt givt( it to i..trangm-r (lilna niitn iniar'rqn),' (xcha.lg( it lI'w:ihiiiiwh fi('hl t m' / ii t-' or alplpr(q)-li'tll( it t(, tllh il (o\ 11 is( ((ii tnl it t l t t i. il,/, l I'itO,: ' (l lhum s (II},ti-c the gm limyl r tntt / 1itill'nti.t'//i (.) o\m-ltthrow it, ntiirly (.;.(,'qi cq ('. lwd. / 1. ky1 taking it aw'y or ("l-ing: it to lb, till(m (ilabbali/..(ltIb//l."l li. Th(i oTi(, il,- nli'igl chang- tiit( (,xtint of thm tilhi. Tihey milit cuirttil it (mn cut it u11) (il'.t'r( qjinm(at im, i i.iii/i'/.'ttia l.` Th v( ih t t ( its m i i li- ditii es: mIl bmhiiis t i iiiii/ '.i:'i(//' m'i m 2 ( i thor is i (t lfim(. limit.- m 1ioilll:arv Nmt.N l inti I; -u l 111 fl. 1:3. il. 11;: 1q'rhal-ll al-o Nol). Nipllir Jlf.:33. 2ITI 1t 13. 11, ].:N(lh..i1),. II I.2,.JI 1. l It. I 11. 2: of. '-u-:t:3. V. 33.('. T., X, )1. \'11, 34. iII 1it. 1, ITi. i-:l1'. 1 It 70.11. I;Ill I. -i. iII. 1i. ('. T.. N. pi i. VI i 33. -:lt:3, V, 33. I I'. 70. 11. 12: Ill I t. 1:3. II1, 19; c '. C '. T., ". pl. \ IT,.31. /'. T. \X l. V I,. 33. NO. iti). Nippr i, II1, 20, 21. I 611>:1. 1]. 1.": 11 If. 11. 1.:37; (-1'. L.o doni. 1):3: V,:37. 3N. Su:>.t 3. V. 2. 1 I 1 70. it, 1 I5,1 Il6:. 1u,:t 2. 1I1. I 1. 15:;sli t 3. V. 29. 3i; S -a I 6i IV,i, 16. 17. 11I 1'. I. m I. i: '.T.. in pl. VI1. 31.1I II 1. IT]1.21.22. 12 Su..: 16. IV, 1,. 1:1 III 1. 13, II1. 2;: cl'. (0. 13. L., 151), IIL 1, 2.

Page  48 - Ilnighlt Stop1, 11) thecalt' ( i'; il( 11:klki I\nl1I 1 (II lll I/lllili -i5). 'n, ofiilli inis iiiigii, ('llimlj g, ()I. (im iagp, II ti i',,,,(I:I1:1 N- -tolle.\ Thev(~? IllilJ1f it ta(c it tooriir Iri m oi~.C;llt:uid chan',,xL~( it, Im-zition~l (linflih~i.wl-11?' I m throw\.l(''( it 11:11o tit( INiicr m m l'/rill(, r)ii~ or w o III(,:~. I.:~". III II II I T" illm dit " iti.t p I it I I II IN 1 m i l Iii I or btilN, il Ill d wit ii tt l'/itt IIll ii i i i I' Iii I Ii pi. II I I it. nc-n I I II or IIi I I: pIace where it ii I III ( I I I w ecn t,-l o \ I I( i mi: fI; I IIt II IIt1 so (.I.( ii I ) ItO 1/ -,.( I l I. I 112." IvnII it I 1 Om t: p Il )" r (' I c i lIll I IIZlI( IIcI )It ii'iit I,I I II itt iI'`i. T w ih III H. 1:3, 1.:12~llll~l. III It 1. 1I. IW H.1;./I 1-! /, 16 1. IV. 2 111) 3 1(1. 1.i~. j~ V / k,i V. 2 i. c i l li, IIi. I l 2I I '. 71 I" It 70 III I Ill. 1 3. 1, 33 (). B,,r1r1 I-a ll I.,-rr I 9. 11, 11. 2663, N 2) 1;. I' C T. X. V ii i 36. N(-h N I pip: I V, 1. ii 'It P.i 'N 15. V. It 'Iii t.ii. t ' t IIl t I 1. 1 0,V: 1 6 W I I ii7).11.2 ii ii i I i. 1 1 37t: ) R L. 157 1 'ttt:I,,. it pmt.t I t29 cf,, i t; d ii Ii II I t.I.I.1: i 'it, d '' ~ lt~~ it IN' U." 3l, IIi1hu21i

Page  49 \1'BU( 1.IIl) ll-:'ZZ.'1. 1. 49 think o r1' breaking the sto(ie ((ar tip ht] ob"r`nant O.w(,l i.oia'onu ouzrotat), (crus it rind thtius Idestro it ( ii.'e.i. 1111 ill tbor itrbat ittilil),'- r)(al it 1l) withi another stonel( (ira (tbm' itl(Jqqar'r0 oriti iabmi rtrbbult) b)urny it w'itlt fire (ia(e i.iiti iqj lir ).-'or tplat ally otli(r mInli(i(iolis a(t igainsit it (ia(, rimht[.a.onri.s ml(i t.O,; ira(..ot r l'illt?taltttl)ll(l)@.i 6. The oftIi(iatls miright (cIrase tlhe il.(ril)ti(on. They inghirt erane lIII ilire'1 s ofi the godi ain lthe king l( i put ortor, ill lheir )la(cs ( ii.t ii rr.1 1 3(toteui rl it co) ra.'.(to rl il i(tt).7 7. The oi('iials might ('mpIi)loy irrestul)oisilile )(p'rsons to carre out their wvishl(s.8 this the y might (lo out ofI lie, of the teirrible (lirs(, w'itt(en o1 tl(' sto()(s ((th ~;I; (ir;I' l/. litti ttorlrirt 'f l "0 tt'1)(t.ineru ilol(,t),"l or l(reau...e the hl)r.,-ons th(ey senit (lidilot iferi. thei gOds V. A.. 2663: v, 22. s,.:3. V.55, r 6.: iV It. 5:35: cl'ii.,,t / '/,ll, tIh.lliq.. I.o,lold. 10:3. V, -2. 13;;,,l(] lll r/ul n i2, r. I I I,. I i r l, 10. I1 41I I. t, I 1. 11: I I{. 70. I I. 3: II I I. 1:3. 1 i. r:a4: ].ondon, 102. ', 2: I. i III,,[i i.hhbil",'.. L.o(ll,. 1(1 ll M. 1: im/, t. 1,,t,,,d,,, > ](u. \, 2: in1a1,b),i,?,.p'-,.; V..X. 2(J;6;3 V. 3;0):. t..~,, I. 1 50. IL. 3:.-;'/,r ntil/,/li IllOdwtul, ('. T.. x.\l. I. I',:;. ' I I rII. I1 I. I l: I..:1: (I 1.. I 1. I T..2: r. I 3 L.II. 1(12, V.:': c. Tr., X, 1 1. VII 37: el, (1';, 103.. -14:,m, t' in bd, I.o1(rio. I i, III M. 3: 1) I '., \ I. 15. 0',l1. 0 11. 2,t,..../.,:dli dl(l'i. "l- a:3. V,.,1;.,,,,,,,',,, I X " 3.. 1.., 1 t.,,';,i....I *,L/ Su,4n 16, IV, 31-:32.,4Oi;,9I4,L V It. 56.:36:;,',, [',,l;;.;:,i-,' l,;;. I I [. 70. Il. I:;,i-'t i '.., 0 11. I., 1 1, 1.0 0 I 1. V, X 2(J(J3. V, 2:3, 2 1. 7 V' 1~. (;::: (;f.. ipltl,il.."ula 3;. V. 57: Su, I 6. V,:'. 1 III)t~.A( i,'l I I0. 7r0 It. i5ii, (r: 1.. (t l V. 1. 12((j: V, 3'2. F Iro 1}1ri - )orint,I1' r IV.I, 1 1 1, o.u 1 r l e1.( l, Mr1ltilit I)r 11nderlood. I it.i doul)ti r:I 1.11oo lr im l I I,, witer 6l- i ill iilld. ' So,:..3. V. 17, lS: I 1H. 7(, 11, 1 9. 21): e1'...,.,[dl] /i;p,11.., London, 102, V.::...., l iti.rr? ' i. ut i 16. IXV, 22. 2:3:...;,..,',ii. Il I1t. I1, II, S; a<^t,b (MUL =- lBr. 1226) (o....i/ i t 5n i Lo,,dkt&..,~t. I.oldol.-, 101, 1II, 5. 1

Page  50 50 1 A''l' BOUADARY.'7T(Al: OF (51 / 0117I ilni iwhiili. They ) ii/ll niU\ is t I vi1eiIIfI( (ar r lln, it-(ln lw.' r-:aw:all (mli1inbhn.t m). - Ip mlll i: -ll(ti-l c itt l A nl lil-/ nit i -i n I s t, / 1iiI | | illt.Iii(I ( Im. u(i. in ( tiw(ti,.ami2 ( tI I( t/iI oir-.i8(. pol-on n-lwiions wii/ mu mith malil(-t — liw/, Nvaik-iinilide(l aili;iiot, (.ikls (l, 1/(1l4l ), N\ho(\ (to llol 1111( ter lil d( wha]t~n1 thov:11'( (l(oimur (/t,,,,1;, 8. (/ /i- inl/ lli tll (c/ tlil ()I Ir(\v(li til fl ( ( l(/lll (i t1- 1,;t11l(l 1l)l '(0'It1111. W('I'T()06,11 ohli(n~li()loS, Tho'\,mi;Slit.>I11),jec( it a~ga~il to till' r/nngnlnn. tntxnioin ionaiii ll 1(-(t1 uri/i in- iiteriolt/ iiiki 11i *10 ||1wrIllit ];a11( m,fli off, s to ('111 ~411- and officeri( S t():(iz( (m:11 (fi-e(l S i i(/ i'll. ik d/ikll 1 ti a'(me/; hlro m,(1 { (;(1a lm,,(,,.4f1 Il sSl I" k(dh`( tl(Ri1t 1)(X1i 7:/i/.1t, (I,ciS(ld~.'on1le o)11 to) fo)~lram III(, pn:-mwl I:l / i ies (ia iii I i l en,i (,i eRiRi /l/;i/ii -(-li/i-nun '1. N. 26i6, Nn, 27: ii. I V i. iii,:32, i- ifnix |i ip)e/tltm "Sjl-il:3, V, 49(, c'. N. A, '266. V/.\ '25.; 3II.11 i i, [I. i. Th'1l (".d(,r ol the( ir~l wr n othsle S('cl':(Riou~e ill tl~i- udol v:11 kl, cfi Lom. 1\1, 11 (iw: sm i, n \-, 2i. 27: wii 11. 11, ].; ' R. 6.)t 3I; I I' I. 7,0, 11, 2 1,7 22; 11R11. 1:, I,: 1, I ol erllt le l (l. v aI-X h1(. lat -,. 4 V, i -,)Oi. - ir i- A iii K n-, V. A. 26o3, \', 2>, 2ti. a i V 1:.2:mm, 111. 11, 12: mm —mi-i mmiii Ii -iii, 1). /7. 1'. \ 1, 1. ii. \, 20, 21. 1i mm iii). Londonw /,i Vii 11i, I \', 1 2. N1/inn t ih i-ie n I )gi, n iitl n ni i -k ' -kI").i.....i it i- lway n oll-in(il 1) a rthl t,, Ivich(l may ]ii- 1 i iii, Sw n- 3, \.i; wi- 1 6. iV, 26i, 27; i, l(i V4{lli \' -56;{,:34: 1 I7.. 1-0. 11, 21, 22 ( xIliich mn\.l- w I- ), pr<\ixeo~l to tlhi, - ~i\-, L'I~ I 119) 11, 9, IO): or W,zl[,,. SlS: 1, 11. I-1, I);; o, "Illb tellz /,;,"~, Ill 1'. L: -13. T1lw( for'0( 111:./1/,11 "//'k/of1 /11 w i'f/ 1- r\)i('(t inl Ill R>. 11. ]1,.9, 9} h\! t!:w OC qil l1: Ztl1fi<Eh,dd,,, aft(, Iuh~zl V~((}\..A. 2663;, V, 25)-27 ad&{l t) lui: (Xsl> ~il,{~i;{ /Sisi; b / m,,il,10 ' / Fi))<ial! Lu,-,>]ly) 10)2. \', 1, IlII',,kl(, I,, Wmii wiiiliwh/pn flmiriii2.Iiaced sm-n mi. In N 7', i; 3I. V It. mi,:32. N7 i -). Nip -, 111. 25i 27. Nebi. Niminin, 11ii 2i, 22. mi- miii.-i minimm- mii(l 1ii..ii.mti( gn lite(i - -b- t --- kiwgi i,, II, t arious e II)(, I). 27-31

Page  51 A\ BKUCAll.l)REZZ.I I 1. 51 NA\\I:S AND TIT.I:ES OF TJII (GODS..\s to t11(, i11:i'(0s of Itll' <(ds wlli('i 11n'(' (m111)0'( ill t1l(' \va:'M10I ill his lc/lieqioo I1l3b/loninls,,id ls.o,/ricst. Vol. 1, II). 182-187,:1u(d to )11' Il, X.. t('llti(ll st A tl(e t t t il ' ]c o (llloge't list of' godIs l(1that h'I1 1)11 ( 1 ftiunl thulil1s far tlltv io td:r' ySttole. It Oc('1(s1':it.,tonm of Marldnk-aplla:l-iddin T. (Snsa, XV'), recen(tly I)l)lisIhed 'l) Pr'of. V. SS hell (I). I'. P.. \. pls. 1,( 10). It lbegins 11ith t111 11our gods, AIr. Ellil. 1';;: Ii X( NXN.IIARI.SA(i,: tit lll of1 the( Blit (f Nil)pur. Thenll follow i sI ri(s of pairs, Sill a1lld his wif' NIN.(A.\I,, h ()S ()r Ut'r: Shl1 h1 illd is wife A\ill, t1h1' gO' of Sippar1111, togll'o 11it11 t1101e lesseI olr lod! fr1 f1of Sf('nin1 the 11It s1, 1'i(' i, Ill Kittil (NIN.(I.NA.\) nd ll slish'u (XIN.SI), and two godl s tnhe ridi0ng of vl1osell nillu is lot yet c''taiii, AT.(lr.51AI.u a1\( Sll';.1II'.SIIISH. These ar'( follomed 1)y 11ardulk ad1111 iswil, Zarp)aniilrl, the gr()ls ol' ]Babyhm: Natl)1f tm(l lld his w'ife Tastlil}Itu l, thte (1)tls o)f Borsil)l)a: NX.N.1 and hi1,; wii(e NI.\..1. \.. A(1,,a ti'le of (Gula, wr-hlliplp)el chliefly at Nil)lpp': Ztl1lllllal lind his wife Biall, t11( gods 'of Kish. o The, Ilxt o IMll) ('01ists of five go1d(hs.-is, D)allm andtl (GSI ITI N.NXA N (( ISITIN is explaillned as bMlil.s't,2 see ]r. 008). Isitar, 0a1 and An/init. lltiin. Then 0followJ I'ai11m i and hlis ] ox iwI,1 l dl(' lr i I t.u l)iluil'-,illn that di r ( tiom. 2 1,0'11t s'./ o(( ill t1j (lilglll h (l)i ( p S ta v.'('rilw- of 1wi 1lmdor '%;orl. k-,,lhng bel'ore ],ilrl..igal (.ol. \', 17. (-I'. K.. VL. 1V)I. l h I\' 1V. 27, No. 5, ~29), 30, 1X.V.\V.(G11'.s TI..\'.VI D)U'I.S.1 II, 3LI eo'r,.-lpoll., to (th,-/it si-ri hyl,-J, el. ailso It 11. 1 59. leR-. 10 11, b, c, her(,ro d(/ENTINA' i' givn. as 111,o qu(livah lt of dI&I,-lit.(y.;,:l-,I(;E 7'I. A'../7.\-.l... '.\'I./V.;,'I'/I.V..V.l i l, p)ilacd alohigside of N'lna l I K 2(il3, ()bv. 11..:3, el. 1. A., V, 701. i(;.\.T1.'.. \'..I ) appi)artlS:longsideo Ao.\.\'.K.SI, t wille go({(-,- =?,ri'-il l.l 'l['/wn, IV, 64,;65. lit I Ri.13,:32, d(;.l.4.7'\A'.'..tj1 is lnontiollwd imln1lg the deitis of l:reeh (il(4ni,Ai.'bW~ U,(.

Page  52 52 1.A'Ai' Bt('UAD.IA ).s'. ', /\ 1' with Ratmmin and Shala' in I). 1:. P., VI, 46t, 111, 2'): Ncratl ai his wife Las, tihe gools o Kutiha: Itiiii:ntid SttIl)l:la, ti(I latti being kllonn na ti(n godld e s olI Stunnulta.'' IThir jiixtlitositio here proves thell husband lan wile. \Net con(, I(;A.(; IR.1t.A andl SHIT.LAI.TA.E. two forms of (crgal, hI(or per)llaps reg: rd(il as maile a(ndi feial: LIe'(I..(;ISi ' 1.A.T'.C;A1t.111I (to I)( read( 1B31-slartli)., also) t forinm o( N(rgal. t(i(' gd o(f iB, allnd l li \if( Ma-'-ine-tui, usually nam(ed a,- tie wife( o(l Nergmtl.' (Next.11i, andll NIX.AI),i tomg(til(r witlh Tililiu,' and t )r(l)ablly hii, wifl' IKA.Dt,, til godd(iess of ])ilu-ilil. iand finalti thie thrll l)airs Nillku and his wifel( Sadllari(nunn, 1 (o1r UIras) ii d t his wifl'e Il tN.'.(t.\AL (also call(-t Matiall, llaccordingll to ttie (Codel olf Ilamiinrtia)i, IT. 2')), tho g sods ()f l)il t, a is1 1,' ( Sts lit. wi sll i llm s tiliis. l t ii t ihe Tlihi ort all te goids invoked i n.i t( (t titlss e) tlhe vari()l boli(lamr stoi(, s 1 )ulIlisl((i ttliss far is fatit -( igtit. Tti.; lrgt number. is illitnli (.il to 1 ttil' linw stoln(' o( f illariduk-:)li tl-it(lil,: 1. (Susa, XVt), itliih all si(t (s'im ll. i.l'ate (rtyiet-sn(,sll (ititi(>. Jislitting thils stoll(' tit ' 1ill)(,lr ot il the o ti t i,' to(e, a is N )r t tihi rtiy-. x. and evenl of thilse ihardlI l (loze( i o(cu f rcqll tl 'tly. tlle (lili(,s invrok(ls olr the Ctaills n 111f(1t,. gin' a fair r(e l)erseinta-ttion of tih(e inm'onfist f, gostoas, )(,iiias( 'll (,f1 them occur i ls(s th:ii..ix tinies. IThes iari Ai Ellil., Ea stitl NI N.btAtH (sa titl( of th( t' hit ii l 'h(,( is —u(isi() or a -(in(''tig. ltamn., Ti-a.s.. la,. hlh.57 22:.5", 21 ('fI. 11 ()., (Is. b. Ish ul slll) i I "sisstld )tllut as( imu1( tiasi. 1oglIl(' ts ta l (i goal. of the Tigris: ain l ll)lrpi s-tos'- ( ( salg. Rhtithis'o,,s T 1a',..), 1 I. 3Ciif. iLtg(lonl, sii t.l iltis ii. 'is.tlsa:, N(1-1(. I. 1, 11. 2:, 30h. an li 9, i 1l -i1. Cf. Bolllctilhn t r. (;scbcte a s s,rn,al. No. 1I. 1, I. 20O; bill.U.I.(;I.S..Ur.GAB.iSi is phtci i lonig-l( i l d.l[,' -/i-ahsn a al-'o ill Shur'pa N, sin, H I1, I 1. d.VI.'.1. nID.A-t i s clh ld tun Nil'( s f LU;IL.IAB. i. hi. [. i t(;.,.. alld LUGA-L.A.AIB.B I. i, a till- ''f N-,rgal. (-f. 11 i. 9s, a. 3S. e: uh(nss( d.ll. must allso 1)(: title o. N(,rgal, which1 agr([('s Ner-y w(11 wLth tlh(z c(ot('xt, nu lhi('h various fornsi of `erg:t ' '(, cntllt 'rltt(i. 6I For the pronwiatioat 'i.' til -('( Rank% P'ronal.Yames, pp. 169 and 207; Tlur(su-l)hsgin, 1. S..\.. 29 i, n.t(,,.

Page  53 V'llS('Il. l)REZZ.iR I. 53 of Nippur), Mar iuk, haimih, Sill and Ishtor, NIN.B, Gula, Ramnmin and( NaIl. Besidesl thes( nearly a ll te stolnes of the Cassite )('riod m1tntion tllh Cassiit(e godls iiShiu(ltil and Shutimalia. As les.-(r godst, whicll occure t I't least thre tilmes, are invokedi Nlrgal and Nusku, N IN.I'.GAL and Zanmama, IBau andl Zarpanitum. Num(1erous titles are appllied to the god(l on the b)oundary stones..A l, tlhe fatlher of the gods ((bi il(ri),' the king, tile father iof tle god(s (.(trl'rl, tabi iliti'),2.\rn thle prince, the great lord (Alr r 11b billi rab(),:' tl( kin;li of h(eav'n (.fir tmle).4 Al,,lft, tle o0ne inhabiting lheav(R ((i.ibat [,siam(]). BClil, tIl( mlistress of thie gods whllo creates tall (belal ilini bonat itaptiari)." Ill oere, the son of' Shiamas, the (extlltd kiing. tlhe helo, tile counselor o lf his fathrll (apil Samatr.((Arrul tfic.(rl. qardu malil Ea, tie creatolr of nmll (pdtik ni.r(),q tlie creator of all (ban kala),~ tle king of thi( ocean, thle lo rd of wisldomn (.-ar apl) b(1l lasiii), air pe'haps' "the kilng of sprinrgs" (tsar naqbM().n Ellil, tlle grvat lord, the commanal( of whose mouth cannot be altered and whose grace is stea(lfast (belu rcbfi.ta qibit plsu la itmorer t o,,aiint m 1 i- ),'2 the lord of lands (bhl mnOtti), the king of all (.(1 gjimri).i tlie sublimle lord who dletermines tie f'ate of h11(i gol( (obel 'W qu muJibn.itail ildni).`' t I.otlon. 101, il, 1i9. 2 N i- pp. N ip. I.. III R. 43, IV, 30. 4 Suit 2. I\', 2. l.ondon, 1, 101, I, 15. 1). 1. 1'., IT. 113, 1. i,,t i, wrl'itt(en.V -at; cf. V. A. 2663. II,;21'. )..., II. I5, 5 6. Tll i(h(lgra:ni firon Sllniashl is A LTAMT. sre Br. 7298 anld efI'. r. 72i(. L8ondon 10, I, I, 11..9 ( 1. 1., S:, 11. 17. o Neb. Nippur, IV. 9. I). E. P., \'l, 43, I[, 4. i'. Et,, b,1 iq-bi kup-pi u ta-mir-ti, Sennach., ]lvian'l, 2,q. 12 Slisa. VTT, 1 1- 1. i3 Susa 2, IV, 4. I.,lldlon, 101, ITT, 10. 15 Neb. Nippur, IV, 5, i.

Page  54 54.1 \/' 1.'i /'i( ).1/' _ Ns'T \/A ' O Gada, the glh'iou-) mistltrcs, the itMreoss of all mlistres.-e(s t(ili,s rllul t ehilltl kala bi1 l/s i, the a ra<t mistres- ( I(1 t rghirl). 2 tlhe grctt mi-trlss, tlh( wife of NIN.IB I(bltli rabttui siolt XI V.1B),It tih grea't )phlisician ((ltau(/llatu raltllum),' hI( thylsicialn, the gret( t Silitrlss (, naltftlt)ll bl)eltt r(h)ltl),ti tll(' iri(te of Elsharra (t/,'/lt E.a'ra).' (;il,'r, the torril)h, (;ir'u (BILG.(HL lb Child of Nusku I(;irrl i~'z. m /u),~a.V \,r/>*c( ).7 l,t(/aI, the li st/rcs of victory over l1oIds ( (i/l( l0i (thndi ).' l(tre. tle mistresss of hiavon alllt. ear(/il lit.un) 5).:/ih), tI ic iasttre.-s tl( p)riness' asmong th]( g)ods () tl /Sruh/(l il(t ), t]the iIre..'T.s of ]lands (h(lt' 1d16tdli),` thle istlress of a].olds who.-e fury is lik(,e a storm flood ) (M0i wldit/i / a rI/a( u i/ /).MIardlk, the l(eler' of tl(e 'gols (((b.('l 'hii),"' tl('e leader of Iheav(eln alld earth (abkal. oO It i,.8siti), thIl(, grea t lor(l) (Wi ratia).t: thel( gr(at lord whloso, command no go(l (d:ll caimul (bahit ratlm. a..'t pt?.Oi( la t.i'llum),'" the killng of the( gods (..(Ir lanii),17 til(, king of h(S\av-e and c'arth (.Sur.,ame ut irsili,)'" til mighty oine, the lord( (owner) of this field (Tlflut. bl eqi.~'alhut)," t5 i lordl of constlructIionr s (?S l li)t li),2~0 '1)l bd l I Sl 3, VII, 11-17. oo.I (\2, 102,i 205;i). E. 1'.,\' 14,11;.7 1s Nippur, IV, 20. Ill R. 413, JV, 15; 11.. ',I. 4 usa 14, I', 5., 6. II t. 11, I.I, 29). 1). E. P., I1, 113, 13; V 1t. 5(6, 39. 7 Susa 2, IV, 1. I9. Tih renderinlg of Scleil, kiblru (=.;liir ).s.Vusku, i.e., "tlth. we tipon o r Xw itu, " is Sal.o possible. IIi R. 13, IV', 2b; called tlllius a tl(e g(odde.s of war. I It. 7), 11., 22: III R. 43, 1\V. 12. I0 I t. 11. 11, 21..1,,sa 2, IV, 16;.(,ll(,it, 1)3 VI, 18. 12 Neb. Nippur, IV, 22. 1" LA.don)il, 101, III. 13. S14Sua 4i 1. 11, 11. '5 1. 70, III, 13;111 it. 13:, I1, 1. 1' S tISI:3, V1. 2)-32. Ia'l, 1., 1 4. I 1 II..,1, 112.. I9 ua 2, J 11,:()30-32. 20. (. I., 1I1 9.I, 21.

Page  55 .\'1:'E( (11.1 1)lz1 1Z.17 7 I. 5 q./ t?- o-li.i Marduk l till Z arl nitium loeitlr arl e a(rellss('d t.e lhc lmls who it ('tat r m iiii ' fatt(t Itie'/c iaaaiiimml7 aiiii/i).-.\ahFi, tit( " ove(''s(c of a te i i (ivel'( (pa-qidl /is.[; l t]: g h o f'lcrtcer of til(, totalitye of henll ll;ian (it rii (po1i( id l( it tl'.tp gil hLI.;0i t 1.,ii (i lil i c, t ki ng of ti Eziota, the scribC 1,,l) ].' I l.l, ia I /; e ]qi..l.i111 -a t il 11 '. illl '..(iIl, to( ther vitlla i i llih a iaI, 11 rd,i N al, (1 "lI "ti(o' gods of of wi1 ar II m tlrI,(l q(,bh' ( of 1 t( l 2 i."'.\ i). t f( tlistl ess iof t i goddsses (bni lit.0tr, t( 1 l). t gos ( tilt( kjing" j ItI ~(1ll1.')12 ll,( I thl(, (,o(l s of thei kingdI o a n1t ofI, I lan" 1 ([ ihii, (trr i ite, i. i. IV.I). I th lord o the II ouli dar. limit(?) alid ollilndtt v stoll( (a (pli.tii ii. 1'u rri),3 T the lord of ti(' bounda ry stone (be1. k,'(hdrri), u tii( lord of boundarya stones (1ie la'Idduerrefti),~ tihe lord of the hmoudarv and of the })oundory st(ne (bWl misri i4 l'htri) (o uti(e ntid also itih Gulal), tl( kinig of heatven,and (,'urth (.Y(yr. ame(? u irsiti)," ilt, sth ol tlf l':3art' the sul)lime sont of l e,lil i iil E.( rra, m ir / u)i.~ i 1) 15. 1'.. I. 1.i: I liten VI,f:-t-li. 2 V.\. 2i3, a, 10-42. 3 i i Lnolliii 111i, 1 1. 4 Io io 1/)2, 1, 41. 5 ItI. 70. IV. 16i I iT.41, I IT 1. t, V4, II.3a 1. L.OldOl, 102., 45. 7/ 1 ). 1 "., V ti. 4. V. 56,.18. Ill 1t. 4:1I, 21iii-, 102..odon, 12 1, 3. (). B 1.. 8:3. 11, 15. Su.'q. sLaI 14, 1V, 11.:,1).. P.. I. -17, 5, (;.isa 3, V.11, 5-8. '1). 1. P.,11, 113.3;1, olldol, 103, 5i, 11. Ir II II. 13, IV, 1): orlndon, J02, II, 1. 17 N\o1). i\ ippur, IV. 19; ITT 1. 41,1I, 27; (. 13. I.. 119, 11T, 1. is 8.' It. 56, 39. I I ( )70, \V, 1, 2.

Page  56 56 A/.11' BO )L'A'l).ll'Y,S0.\'J 01 ' \Ausiku, the powerful lord, the' llighty scorcher (bI J.i)tnru1 a(, irl'u k 1ar1v).1 'Nuku, N'IN.E.C(AL, Shlluanmuna and( Slhumalia ar called "the gods of thle ]king"' (Marduk-altl-iddinal.) ad11 "the gods of the kilngdolm nd of hin 1land"1 (il)li.('a)nii 1 m/l li.1( ).a Paplm ]'al, the Iessenger of the g''reat gods, lwho wllks ill the( service of tlhe gods, his brothers (slkatlli ilioli roabli, 'lik' /'; ilti afl&^.y).' RantmOn, thle lead(ter of heaven andl earlth ll q!lt/ ( it.itil),' tili tleader of Ilhaltven and (cartlh, tilhe lor(l of fountini s and raill' (gtIgal.aetItt' irsili b1l onaq)l u z1tiZtI),' tlhe leader of til( gods (gtal iljitit,7 ithe son of ktt, tlhe h1(ro O(iOt. lm qardu),' the lord of right(?) (bel,'i-tta-a-ti).' 1amilaii, _N(rgal and Nanai are called " tile of Namar " (ilnii r ""'"\"Namar).'" Sis, titt terribile otrd, 'twho titontg the gret hgods iq brilliatlt (bihon itzzt 1a ina ildni rttbli Thll).' 'lTe ittihatitltml of the bright heavens (,t.s`nb.tmcl (C/llti')," the light of tlle bright heavens (inalultr sanle (ellti),'3 tlhe lihflt, tile inlabitant of the bright heavens. (nannaut d.~ib.;(-ta elhli)," the liglht delivering tlderees (I istar'i l)dri, p rlt.,' ).'') tll(' e! of i(l(leaven ttttl edarlth (in sam 1( i1.siti)n),t" the lord l of tlie crown of sllelndlor (bel a(,J nanerl tlit,e7 t tll fattlet of tt kr'at g ois (olci l tir1'o(bt'e ti)." I Net). ip5'lur. I', 25. 22 tlt 1 0, IV, 1 1. 3 1). E". P.. \'V, 17..,. 41 1/. 1:3, IV, 25, 26. 'V 1. ) I I, 1 1: I 1{l. -13, IV..,: l t. 4 1, I 32: 1 It. 70, 1\', 9: Suista 14, 111, 9. 'V I.. 5(, *). 1).. 1,, 113, 7. I R 0,. 701), IV\, 10... P. I, '17,7. ' -R. 5G, 1t8. t Sl,1 t:. \, 41-43. 12 Il 11. 4., I'.. Th, text a1 (,-,(b, but wt exwt ''I-It. (1 it w's. prol)al)y intedl(; (l ',: T '.. l70, 111, 1S.:!III[. 4i1,I, 10). I 70. 111, 18.S S,lla 14, 111, -. 1ip1. T.... 1-9. ] I, (;:.ol(oll, 102, 1, 40. 17 Nelb. Nippur, IV\. 1:3. i 1D. P., 11. 1 13, (.

Page  57 .\ /It( '.1 )DIi'EZ Z.Z I/ /I. 57 tihr, the( clil(l (~1 i I.\.1)I (' 'u M I J),.,). ' t lIo )rilIli' nt go<)(t, tiI(?n r bitlt of I) (ir i/tl.tf1i ) i mir h/Ii',o "t'" I t t ).Shaomash, tie juildt( oif ilv/l(i and eath (dtionl.tmi it '.yiti).3 lil(' jud(lg, the prineo'(f hIeavenl:an1(d nr'llh (dai.ll ralm,a(n(n irbsilitl), the j u ', l(' Sl l'j)11 e ()11h ' S (tr ' 111(ol, o lh(' Ih great o(1e ill heaven tl(l '.t lI ( ( it it.t o j(.tl '. i. 1 t [ l t irho il i. j it),' tIe gr(a t judg(g oJ' the gl'(' l. t()1 (d (ll(ltt! i'i,Oi.'(I ilim'i rabiliSi' the ('(ttor ofI 1e q,lnd erth i ( /)(j/1],~oI 8 it. il i[[l ).tjl.7 Shalasnil an(I ]{lllllllm~l toget(~her,r( called "t 1)(h(p'owrful god's, the( lofty jntdge~"s (` 0'in,!lta1rlttt &I'ml.yOrli), 'ald(J " the gd(ls. thl(' lords of right r; (ibihi.tli( dli)."r shussioli, the 1 t iStl'(sis ()o the11(' )right Ill)iiuntaiils, (tw(llitng the ouiltliil t/.ops td wrialkintig Ie) tie Sl)ering (bolit s(1 ellr i ittWat el.tti o/,t'bis(ot keuppi/ i).' S/ihuq(tsitio and Shui(tliea, th(e go(,l of thle king (lM(li-Shil)ak) (ild4i ~0. kal cri),ll c'11L thl( gods of war (il.2i qarbli 1t-4l).`" Z(ali(iilca, tlte king of t)ittle (,trle Ita7itzi),i:' tlhe pow(ierfil olle aItllOng thel gods ( iliti )Y." Zarp(tititm, the ilstress of l' sIagilai (1itil Et'lil(it),t tihe grit IlliStresis ([lbltlu] t/lluttr).L Mtrduk and Ziar lnitum, the lords wh\\/o appoinlt filte (hI )(lO l i'le. 1 1 Sl,,at 2. I', 2;3: r1 plrlhps.,;ibru.,,tt K.I.I )I. ` lIt(' w,,l)oll,,rI(,\.I)[." 2\' It. 56,- 19. I o.. oll, 101, II1. 12; [11. It, IT. 19: l,n(lon. 102. 1[, 1. ' 1 1(T. 70. III. 1. I 11. 1:3. IV ). sl 1,..; I). 1,. 1'.,.11, 1:. q Neh. pil)nr, 1 15, I(L. ~ oiolldn, 1\03. VI1..\ 1V It. 56 4, 4 4 7. t.olldon. 0(). V.1. \ J. ci f. al1o S41l,'at 1 1\. I (}. 11. and lho till( e " hie god(s of tho ],illgdoln 'Ila ol' hli< lalnd." ([ilidni].~orfil; u m,}it",:). whli('ch Ilh slitie with -lluskl anld N N.I'..G.\L, ('1 ). E. 1 '.. \1, 17, 5. 6. 12 Sulsa 2, I\', 22, o1' plrl'ha])< "tilt god- of wtr. ti,' twin,4." 'IS u',g('etl'd Jby Zitrilliri,, see Flrllak, Bid,',r und Sylliole. 1) 40. I III It. 4:3, I\, 2:/. " ],ondol, 102, 11. 6. t5 Imdoh.. 10)2. r. 13. 1 (). B. I, 11). II. 22. 1 7..\. 2063, V, t0-42.

Page  58 5'..\/1./I' l( U\V/) \1 Y,;T7'}\iV' Fi ' Aiiu. 111i anid: ]. an(i ilome ca.i. ('l a so NIN.IH.\I.SA(2 or0 NIX.M.IALI,: arc i( lle( the great gotis I ilOni c/(/tli). Marduk: obi ilrti is 'tttriltc(l lo A.\1i aiml Sin. andi.,,r.gor(m 1 irsiti to lauilk aind NIS.I. nII thi ocir cac tases t tillcs sc((m to li lve itc e frlli iilv atti hi(eil to tl, sc vel iii,is..\t least I 1 'tll 7ll-l'lr ("II i.,, [)\) o S.l1'dl. 'iil;: Cd I h1i:s ()f ill-. t l)r a I t [I-cSi( i l if " IOiois. Tr(i chtiaiilctis il( (disasters which the g(d are a- k(,(i to s(nd clipiiill i iwo l-e oie iii'(c(M '(c: rV11 eM01r llllcl(,l' s and vari(,(d th'lm thel tle, s. \e (Itlle tle utt(er the naill ol the gods wivth wholll they are ( o()llll((ite('(l. AEd is aked: 1. I3, i, 3. 3). M1. S1h (i(cstloi hi s rOui, l ('i l T il( i.i.lid, l1ibit.ln, lI1i, 1Ii 1()l 1, Mlav his command tear him out kqiblsu lisuh;.,mna, 1).1.1'., 11, 11. a. May hel give hihm ac evil fatei (,~nii.i. iiinii(iiiin, Luondon 101, Ill, ]1). c.\. 2663, V, 36t, 37: ('. T., X. pl. ll, 3s:; icldoll, 10i3, V, 48-VI, 1; Ii 1i. 4:3, III, 26, 27; i.ollon i, 1)2,1. 37: V..\. 209. IM.. 9.. I "tlsa 3, V1, 16 —20. 3 I It. 70. 11, 9,10; Ill I. *11. IT, 1,3,14.

Page  59 .\llEB't'II I)DREZZ. I 1. 59 Al. May he take teatx'y lfont hii gl:atd hl, ol ].,art. haptl)iftss ',t llil)(l. alitlltal:11i('e and l 'lh, o(s, hntll('litatiol 11mai soize hin n(,!l kutt,'bi a altl/ aa Ii/t'i [h/ a wtfatt halta.t' /lkim'.It iii.. atll lilati.', Nebl. N'ilmp. \IV. 10-12)... 1ax- thlc (the( (mt'a', ll t Ill i-s lhim. l)ut oivlt'take him, ((a i.'ell..itli /.'.i/.;/z, Su,..a 3. VI. 5)(, 51). It1 l ay i lt l or hi ' il fot- so th lli late ta Ifat ealaaillity, Illilortuile 1l tlhe wsols ol f ilait ' tyill opprec,.s him (,.ital/ (1). Nilpur), IV', (i-S). a. Mate fit fIat his tatnithielfititt tp~n ht imuau (.;,-a'i-[il-sa hi]-aaai-ie-aaa, Lo.mdon. 101, 111, 10). a(. Dlestreativ(t silckl,,- s ainay shfe fut inat his lbody, e.o thiatt hlf' tae lxa fiss ' ark id breight 1'(' fltoo(l aIs waater (.timmta lz(Za) in Z '.mr i.f li'tmmat (ah,;o.a im7at) dafmtaa,art /,1 irt lirma (lirtmnt(laa l,). I R. 70,. IV, 6-S; III 11. -13. I\, 1G-1S: 1III..l1 II,;,0, 31). b. idemi till Ibod. tlhn addliing: So that as long:i1 fit' lives he may pas l dark an(d l)ight red( blood als water (adi ftn baihu.a'rqaa e t da t' /a ' 1i1n 1 litra., Susat \. VI1. L19-25). C. id ae a. (thetn (a(lillg: An( ]ay.t' sh( lOt ('tcalse fis corps(e to have burial (,(a[lam(itaiau] qaibflea ai[va.,iar.ii.f], Lalondon, 102. II, 20-25; cl. Susa 16, VI. 21.,o-lanm-ta-,fu i-na ir.siti ai ik-ki-aier). d. A paiiftull, destructiv-e lisease, a (lepression thadt tdoes lnot go:away, ma1 y shea let loose into llis bodyl (simmaa aaksa lazza msiqtta la tlob ina nmvl i.O;tl li,;.\si, Susa 14, IV, 6-9). I shatra: Alay slie not hliar him in imighty battle (ina tahazi dannti fa i.euai.III. [II 1. 4:3, IV, 29).

Page  60 60.1 VAII lHV'\'1).11),7'O.V1 OF (a. IBefore tihe go(s ald the king ()f Ba:ylol i my,l, brinig ahim into evil ( ta m(i ihl(l' i ii v' Balrlli rah ta limilli lirledi./ l, IIII.13. I\V, 13-14). 1). Dail l)(,fore go(i alnd tl(' kilg ilay sli(' lead iiti ilio evil (tlmi.;. (t)) { aomi imtlm. ili ui.;..r ri m lino ltti lirle h.7t-0, I 1. 70, I,f 23-2 1). c. In (c i(t c if ic l i lbilttl' to tihe w(ptliii of tille (iellay llay sit(' sll'rr(lldor himi ((-. -' q(la-l.i ii l(hli:i i(a T'l.k kki iaitlri li)l.. Idlon, 10:3, V\I, 1S-20). d. ay slhe s(l, him deI'Slp.air 'and.. her l(s.,vge of aiger, (lay libtf'it(k i)i. rNhilt lv.;i, 11 lt. 11. I. 21 24). e. May s1e) clel-s(, him to soe (liff(iultivs,.o that hie may not s(al)(p from mfisfortune (n(mmltrtt.5 l' ai f( ina (,.uu, N i ')pU. IV, 23. 24). 3ardttk: a. Maliy ie pursue hI i l ililh evil ('i)u li,,itti lirdi.,1i, ixilodon, 101, III, 13). li. May hle lour out ili- life like witer (j '.itOil.aui /iu1t lilbuk', Sua 2, 111, 33-:1). c. *Iliv lie iinfilit f'iniiie as lli- s(uve( r( ltullishi(,nt ilpon hilm. Seeing ary f'aces and(s li(oldilgl (ou Iliis halnd, without being fed, e'iv h(' wanlder througthgr the str(,(!t- of his (ity (bubflot.Vr(t'rl(o.{ r7fit, limi,,.,.1Mu i1,(t 10!6l ',kanolali tiri.s qati.7i, b lepPri,oliql lili,.s(tlillr SS 3, 'i:VI, 33 —10). d. 3lv hcliie ilii im to u(i:lev ( volesy a. h1' d thallt is unilbreakable (avoliloill( rikl,.u rilv'i.s) i ] (h(>(t li'i..ii..ii., III 11. 43, 111,:31:32: I t. 70. 11, 1:3, 14: Lon(Ion, 102. 1 41).

Page  61 .\ l '('117/.1 h1)hElXZZ. \li I. 6il c. May, h( stop Ul, Iis canlills.(?') (,IaOl{('(?)-.4u h'.s4i'rma. (). B. I., 149: 11, 2L). /.. ia hi(, fill his body with (drop.)sy, who(' hmld calnnot be broken ((al(thill(. sa rilki''I lu Ipd ipaftru h'i.n /d(ra..'lu, III 1R. 41, II 2;, 2(). fl. M rhutk 'rIed /(ilu/luilm: licti tlhei- iae llhimi to }ii ll Iropsy als his s(v('(r ilinisiihment, in with thil lo}hltitg (f lhis fiesih illv his bodl lperishi ( ksar1'i, kabiitl.i alah6liclh ( i.'..ttilna ina.;hul tcri liqla 21nurii,. A., 2(i(3, A 42-44). O. 1Ma he (lie linge lhis ('(cillilles. limit. arncd )cotuildary ntolle (ic sa u i ludurra.t liSwlIni, II 11. 4:3, IV, 1-2).,. Mtl' hI( ipioiliit io li hit days of wanit iand droughlt Is hiis fait( (in/. i tc (ir ert i (ni.*u li *.iM it, III 1t. 41, I 4, 34-:3)i. c..1 11(, I biing w'ilt iand fiilin il)/,i llhim, so tihait h i v /-) not attalII whattvr hi., ti hl'lwit dile'ecs (., I(/i st 1ut ')l'St I.(/ollt(l.'.;ltln a InliN'l l o ltl[ t t/i l c tlrri 1ti.I l(i i/li,'a.(.I [ R. 70, IV, 17-20). d1. 1ay he lead(l?) hi (li]dhlrtn into famine a([irittiti ],t ti. hhi/i/ [lileddli?], Londoni, 102, 1. 45,)..\(rga(l: ci. Maiy he )bre(ik his weapon/ s (]ikai'(FIi li.Ihthir, III 1I. 4:3, IV, 22). 1,. Mayi h( sla him ic is Ilbattlc intc (thzi.ct/ j'%ii.,iu, l I,(,,/t l(din, 102, 11, )). XI.Vl\.(.ll,. rcd lBau(: M lay they not all)loint folr him cl'efuil lhilarity(?) as ]i lot (tlclca.M t.I ani,nth',0i lM inmtci. iond(on1), 103), VI, 6-6(). '(' cc cicc Mli. /).:... 1c 11i.e sickl, llay- d hop)y li /k: ti h.lilll ofd fire enielo', hiln (q(aqqt(lt [,arh('?l]-z'-tt aIqal ltilld n($[r maght li km iI Ytl]).

Page  62 62 1 \/'1'I lO A'\I) I/'RI,7'I'o.\:' O1..YLV. IC\ A R. h '...(:.; r (;I (j: 01f his< ec(l may -h1(, sn:d(ltch w 'o,/,-:'.;i ~. iI lilT, d, 1oll\, 101. 11 1. l7..\7.V./I7B: U. ''h!, son, I{: w r pool, iii I III l ta1k('10 \ fr111 l1 l, f ii I y- lie mot (caul-v ]timI to hav(, ~(,(,t:1m1(l fl'.Nh ill-,,,mpl, \'11. '- 1:3). Nip r, t. I1V, "11: 1I). 1 1'.. 1 II 1 1 l:'.i. c. lay II( de 'iv Iliv h int,of' i- m - 1\ tl Io:It(' ].,urcr,,/pil/;it nmq, mA<i., li.<6li. I I [R. -1:, IV. 20,. d. Al y v (, t{l'tt' out Iis I}<mn> t larv- t1(A l,. tl'raI,1NxNIII I' m-I><m lm' nc a {(,hilm(, h i 1 I.t/\/'lt.t ih.,.p1lt /ll'..x'/.ll li/o'1I1(.' Mli/:,, l'ti,;. ii 1R. 11, 2-, IL 2,. (..Mty h( te:1' meit Ilis c(litille. l i it ll h:m,;,llmy stun{ (?.'"! itli.?I'l'. {t i /m'bviwHl'/'(l! /[i..'/I. ] 1'.,II. 710. IV.:,. 41. /. ay h, le ar mit hi:,,I u ilMav..l(:n{,. dc(.t'ov hi, ]mumc, hli~(.cd, hiI offp'-lring. Ill- dcv>,c lald, frmn ll( ]l,(,t1lth o[ mlenl,.11(l 11mil ' h( ]lt} 111111 hil t\' ',S(,-:11 llot au r rlll(q of N\lt(l' (/k lr,,, o't'(.<H, /l'..':ll.t lll/.il/.C'i.', ]pi"'.01 I/ Il/{llt/{libe l/ i'/'(I( pi niV Ihhll liq tp[, 1i wijy m,( (ai iI.ll../. l cn,, 102(, ] 11, 103, VI, 12). h N.. V1.V.I1 tan( (;1l,: M1', they (d~,-tr(oy hi-. l)(mnId1:n'y:-t(mlw andl. almililat( hi, s(,cel (lfbutol ]Ctt/ ttti/ h al, liqt~,: r/,, <tt, V 11..6, 1(). May they (c:mse [(tstru('tiv( sicknos- to b(\ in( ili< ody and(l, is long Ias lie liv(s, lty h(, })pals (lark:m({ br'ight r{,d blood a>

Page  63 \'BI 'ClI EI I)lZZ.A I 1. (63 wat(er (.,si1r11 e la.[n c ilna] znri'eit /i.iStdlna 1/11m batlht llamlit irka/ k/itne hSes linimuk, 0).. 1. 1., 149. 111, 3-5,). n. 3lav he be Ilis (revil d(oll alnt burn up lis lroot (lit rabix.l, b. X\,/'It and NI..AL.(G. IL: Alav thev ( aull,( th kinmtlom and his land to (. lk(, him sic l (.irren)hint I mligl l.a t '?f.niu, i)r.. I'.,) 1. -1 t 7, 6). c(..Vts/Iu, \ I.\.E. (AL. N, HqSnll n mun1 ( d 111 S/l 1(:.May tlhey lill lii.s lild withl sickless (q(tqel(,,t /is ninr'/. 't, SIuls 14-, IV, 9-12). ap.,tiOkal: iMay lie bar his gate (bl) /I/ li(flrriki7, 1111. 43, I\, 271. t. AIlai he (estrov his fields with w(,ds. k ('('b Ick th( graill so tihat no blad(l of graiss may com forth (1eq/ idrin\tl] li.iu,,'hhmt li-e,,mni "A.0an oi t.W. si viqe/ll, Stisa 1t, i11, 9 -1:3). ). 1Ma: 1h( lill li,, ca Ials withl 1111, I)i'ilg 11p1)1) 11 li ll h i lgugl e111 wint, o:(l surrTuil ma1 thorns (11 o an lurlialt Wilth distress, frailty anld is(ey. so that frailty fil't/ll its grip Upon the i1111 1:mt11s of is city (ntihlili.-i liimil1a n(lilk' bl1bt1la 1 hli.iolhh(h li.,'l11t. 111l ub t mal' t lira111t urra 113.1t t lIt r7/ki., illi.Ot a (taria ib 6i.Ot re akl,' qilt,,' hil'm gu, V 1{. 56, 41- [5). c. Mlv h(, l ill hi, (1an1S witit 111111 d and ti1 acr('S 111av hl' ill with thorn"s 1may his foot tr(,'d down v(',g(tio)n 'm(l )pastturage (O(A1li,'1al'li; ' mih' 1 t tamir/iill i'mili /llutla i ''r bh'i1 li(kbbi.' ) I.II/., 11 R. 43, IV, 3-6). d1. A11Ny t(t flo(l Iis li(hlts andl1 insteadl of gre(/ll le(rbs I ayS weetds, illnste.(lt (f grain mayI thornis grow Illuxuri'atly (ug1itrht

Page  64 64 1 \ BiI UlliARYi,ITll\IL WHI Iiah/la m uq l Idii Oluu Yi. aba japliopit li~lilllb i, e. Ma lic flo Ili, fieldI. andI ilestrov his' maii fi tat hr. 1111 rw ill fhiiiaance, aiad I N iii1ie f oo~lat 3rn (o i Vieltiii:iifl 1ge lifiailahiiHm A)Ii bai lliiialliiqa ai Ionalol. su pifuqir lu air-imiiii ciw W uruita~v i li iilifo raiiii 70 IN', /1 41 /11 Mi. f ine ca-ifilsiu b r nlie- f iiuiv teadh ofi- gaiav a-1( Ni-jll, giriuliidr/tla lisab i aLndn, l02 If. 1.,- fil. (i.11 e. r neit 'lidf-iei- li, alo i auriu-i Ile iumc hnui-lui/m from Ill, lionw.

Page  65 NE!'CI/.\1)lI-EZZ/.I I I. 65 'l wil(l e.s, he imay tretch himself outat thie Al. of tllhe e ity ( i 'li( j /' i Cil( i ll' h '( I ii,'i'l I]0' ]ii v'rl[ i l'ii i /'(liAw?t. (1i. l'rbipjlmdI. I R. 70, 111, 19 21: London, 102, I, 46, 17). /. y he' darken hlis f'ace _o tha t I, mI:ly\ )t h emerrillicllt (6hiiu litt.luma hilli (i li, N\(b. Nipl))ur, 1\', 13, 14'.,'/ih mn.,h: a. hI:.x-he d(,stro his nIme (lihalliq.lumi.0tt, lo(ndo, 101, III, 12). 6. Blill([n(ss otf eyes, d("fflie~. of ("',- 'll( ]:nmclles.- of limbs Inay, lie lpeselit to lilm for 'ta 1)re(lit z iii p)et[?, 'tt(/,' il,i l t7 lir mI rci i [ana,.iii t qli,.'ii (., St u-i' 4 1, II, 4-6). c. Alyv h (t ecire te( dellinl of lhii rliht:tml (to)l)ose him with violen((c (tMli(l) ltt ui dI ii.. io par((irtk)tfi, I I1, R, 43, IV. l1), 11: I. 70, IlI. 1 17). d. lo vl' he not l('id(II lhis rigflt,Iu(t hi,- jiudgm(nt,. i.., give him ia ["ivt') trable ( t(te (do..;. uluri...ti i i ia/'pr., Lo(ndoln. 102, I 1, 2-,). c..lay h smile his lfa(ue -o llut hi., ('l(,ar (luy mI- t1rli lfolr illiii to idarklu(,s (t)(1/i.u elituiltm Ioq l tuie,;,tl l r1-i t ot-u, d(I'tmi imoli lilur ii, III R. 11, I 1, 1 ). 20). Wlel he ('sll tipole haImesh aml. M.atilik Inay til v not lhr hi ll (:: 0,1111;il;rd i [ i.1k ai;.s t ii-.-, IV IZ. 2 - 1)l. 42-11/. Mav they not let hris ('tin.,-(, stt('('eC(I (dbn.~tn 1(6?t (, rii, l( on(l( r, 1()W. vI, 1, lO). May'. thIley,poil Ilis plm"s alind witIh a judgment of jutsti('(e am[ lilhteousne(ss mllay tlhe, not judge him (/u mulam.c..(..!'.l'ra ltnttnia ([iz /dl/ il; t mnan'[i a'i idIin?'., N-el. bNi. i)i)ppu, IV, 1/3-18).

Page  66 G(.1.\V/.1'- r.0IXI).lih'Y ST0().\'. OF' Sh qan 101 al(il h n(1l ia: Atay tlhey- la('( hili beore tho killg andl the lno)l(s (as n culprit) (inla)d,vl/rri 1/ rubfi hlit ni. L.omlhm, 103. A. 1.), 16). 'rah/ and.V.V./If.(. L: 'May1 thet l)ll's(, hint willt (v il i( hi'h 1 i 11 ' ht(rh.~, LIi(0I hl. )0, V.I 1, I! 11). May lt(' not take hi-~ halil ill hattlc, Ii[t?H f aidln' [d i.yd(abt. 11 I R. 43, IV, 24). Znmama mul [t(I. 1: M31a tll, o 1(- 111ll)( i hoin illn nl(cr, o lthat thiy(ll may not let him havy( a hIm( (chilh l t l. i']i'l l'l.,'ihn/;.um2a ' hlt oi fl.l, (1(.1'f1i01, 1). 1:. 1'., \I 47, 1- l-;. Zna'padnhit 1: May i.1(e spoill his Ila s (lI(ll'pe[.i] /[lY-ilj]mman1, 0. B. 1., 149. 1, 23). Th(,re 're still a scric.~ of cuvs(ss left, utt('vcql in the nl tnlo of a Tliutll) of ( I )(IlS:, Elit' an( m ( are ask(ed: a. t\ay they in t(he anlr ol f thllir li('art 1h1(lo upo1n him1 (i11' (t1//i libblI. t 1 ii iikt'i 1 1,', ni..l, I,mlld,), 103, V, I1S-V, 2L 1). May they tea.- mit and Ilistrv hiq fll(latioll, tear out his (ffsplri(1, (1a1r ff ((( (I ll1. ( (((l(ell tS ((.itSS1( li.sutn 11 l ill(/1lhiq il pnir (h. li-na t l'.fhi i. (t. l (( t l ((i (,1 I1 I. 1 3, -:(30). C. tay th{,y ill tig(,,' look I Oll hio n (a'stroy hllis Soul 'tn(d the chilhtihcn (of his s(,cd (,'./.i.; 1//,',/ni.;uma naln'[.~la,;,u] mfit'lm z 'ri.'u lilhalliq(, (). B. 1., 1-1)9: II, S-20). d. May ti(,' clirse him with al. evil curse that calmot le 1)Crokel ([arrat] 11a napl.tri mar(i..ih lir i t/ i.ti], London, 102, 1,;iS, 39).

Page  67 \ /EB' ('CI 1 7)e,.ZZ. 1,' 1. 67 2. [ic /lod] a0 111,m111. tI ('(' 11'.1, tI('y (' r i ([(ilni] wnra lirurt.0i,: C. T., X., ) 40). /. A cure flolll whllicll t h11(( i no es('lal', l lill(lllss of es, dcleafess olf Iars', 1].Ir(111'('s of limbis, y ll. t1hey l1se11 t to him, so thatt he may ('rag along evil (.,'ral h, oaptprttu larti?ha,s/:a/l 1?0 Wna m/r m/c.;li li.mOlq(/t/'mw, li'.i0ud maru-]', V'..\., 26(}:. V, 36- 10). 2. Al/, /1'l/. E1a an,.\'I.'..11'..1(i (or..V.\.11.11.: a I. Ma th,1y look upon Ilimll w ith their ',ry f'e and w11 it ani evil Curse fro( I1 which th' is n o1 eseall)e. ay11 i tht ellrse him (t'im )lT,t~i.,.ut iezzlh/, l' / 'ilml il.O7 la arrml t I(, uri' mlqfila n. sa, 1 2:3-2s., or i:i, li//ki/,j.Olma. rl, ht 11. l[1 1.lri l l.r t i 11rl 1 1, I II i g. 1 t ( i 1 1 -1.). 1,. M'L they look ut) hims inich ro ger. teario out his fomition and (oast1oy li1s offspring (izoi.v lika/'ill(t(i.nlma i.oids (/1/lsi(?i lihrilliq u ir'i., I I{. 70, IIT. l3 -12). 3. 10, ON1Il El. l 'il \.1 JB and Gdlna: May tIhey look upon him in illrgel', Il(l wvith a 1cur1e, fronl which tllel'( iS 10 011.(100 101S0 lhill. (10tar out hlis bomd(alrv stoll(, s1natch away i li., e('('(l in mis(,ry, 1ld1(1 ill (oor bodl(lily h'lth mlay h(i (nd the few day1 s wi he 1s to li o-( (i ' /.1 i/, 'ilaO.rtt, afrot la pa.~Ori lirirt-.~u ],'udtrra.r-v lix-xuhz hri.ll lilqttt(m) in/a limltti t lh-.tbl.(1ri adi n' i i.'l / t(i.b altl liqtima, IV R 38, I1 I, 26-41). 4.,int, Shma1, I11amm1 (11.nd J[lardni: AI'h the t(ar (out lhis foulnlldti(onl (i./id./1 li/ssuhn(!), (111(11, 10:3, Vi, 4). O. ()f thell (grealt.) godls lwhich re menlltio(ned o(n this sto(me: a. lvay th('y c'(rse him wit hlll 1 vil curse, destroy his 1111 0. an111d '111y' his seed nolt have a restiug place f(or t'(lposing(?) (arrat lit(dlti lir/wto(1.,i1(in.1 lialliqft z&'/r aria(,ult. ai ir'./( niO ahi, Simi 2, 111. 23-29).

Page  68 68.- NEW IBiONAR L).l, "7TO/.VIE 1 6. May t1he( (lestrov his nilil(, an ('Ia 111( 11h to eCoim( o l n lit r.n..? l.rlli(rlq o, Co aniam. 1h (I..oV li;li[L'r,.lv(iidol, 103. \VI, 2:3- 25. C. Mav thee cur-e hill vit i (i 'l.(- tiat - i- vitlhit (es(ail)(. anl m.y1 tl(hey not 1prolou his Ilile.I illgli (.iy. mayllic y lio)t let himn. lhis jvil. hi. s(iis(l live, yiiav they il)poilit las of drourght. vearr f f'mie lin rima ii of lhis l. before god, kingr lor'(l, l lprine't imy li< whining )(g lone g id Inar Ile (111 ill uri-e(rt ((rivle I[t Nv/1.'I r.i i lt {,'!. lh1 IJt,,ld;l.' liqh, ~d,,. gltl~.;e/t 1i.~.. i) ~:',r. l.lic ':1,..,',,.,,(.':) wn? artIrtli m.; hh' 1tt 1'l.thi nt 1,.; o,, i i; t.;,1rr? [b li?] 11 11 /lh'il,'14 ri.mi1. t11(rin lira ittllhl,'. i.(i l hln, 1()1, IV. (-1 h. d. May thl( y a)lpoint foii him:1 ilr(i or lot r(.(iing (})i I(')t 'tol)l)ing 1l) of (n'in ((ualifn(/5-) and (I hrlnlns-v of liithi folrevetr r/(lt Ia itilih ako./l,'k I i I.viiv!t pi a.' ml rnl i li. -am h/h I3r/, VI, \ J 3-0). e. Mai thIi- toai: tuti hi< u 1me, his s(ed. hi., l)postelity t.liii z~?ru./ t i vi t lri ri. vr~, p ' ).1.. P., I, l. 16. II. 9. 10. / a. h lhy look upon hi ni ilv(r' ('ger(/ rive ill -tl oi,xil i ('ur',. tlhat is wvithl(ut ("...a)('., wilth a,e:alh' I(,1icp(~.. y, a.-( '0ivu: (.,dlitioll. mliay they ('c1veloh)i,})hi. bly, frm lthe gt(;l of his city,nay h (' h h driv'(,ll ("I)tiv(,, nt the wall of his rite tu/v thrvr IIulu ( lilil (1 l e )l(ri { il. IS onllg al - ( live(s ulliy i1 -elilg to('(?) thie (r (tlitri. 'tv I (, not (com(e Ir a Illr to lls p)oI )(l, may luhrv afiliet him witl d(lol)sry.v t.l lhi li.; )(( lly a not )( )urierl( ill Ilb( c'rrlh. 1lifs a {)iritl i iLv lrn l'(spr ltie ha.l oi a(hi tl l i l)i. r it. a rl(r(' llrg lif i 1lr t in r(r (rir rant his lif(f' but de,~tr'v hi, h'm,, ole l l(). hi. f m]n(ltlhm,,latnehli awav his l ((,d 1n imrll trl(\t r ot Sp)alrl hris (h lihldr(hr ~~~(iz~. ~~i3l/ lilr[/r r]rl b( r.!rimr ma r.rrli lirert.u n/er l.lril 11(rl/i (it /'iolirll _rr1rrr.itr h1llhbl)[/i.. lnJma

Page  69 .\'EB('CIf.I )REZZ. 11 I. 69 abllli t1li.1 AI kr(Ce littarid ino kamit Oli. i. li.,arbi.(u.ilma adi rnm bddlt lisi()niq mitq ana ti. S e t a ii ithi agallatilli li,,22 inca i1r2iti,ti ik22ibir [ekimmlnst1] ana ckiilmi ritli.t ai i.siql [vt].ilTn blfi b bbalazzux [liqb]f A2/.(u, lii alliq0 [id2il.>lt] lizzio i [r ( ',22] lilqlut a[i] izibfi dadda(l(,(t. Susa 16, VI, 11-27)..q. Witl a cu(re2' 111212a be222 1be c hel ieiu l 222y Im1y( l(not lhave offsprilng (ina arrat limrirfi piti i it ir.;/, Siis-' 14, I1, 17). h..M'y t2he curs(( him in an2ger, may go2(l and thd e king look upo1 himll in anger (agg,1i.2 lir1ur2.u ih1t 2 -(t 22rrt izzi. likkilm2l2l, V\ It. 56, 37, 38). In tle alnlger of their heuart may they plan evil agalin,t hlimll so that another may own the house lie built. With a dalger in his iieck and a poniard iln is e 2yes, lmay he cast ldown his face before his canptor ruand mayI 1 the latter, unmlindful of his pleading, qluickly- cut off his life. In the collapse of his house may his hanns get into the mire, as lng as he live:s nmlay lie ldrag along misery, and as long as heaven anld earth exist myv his se(ed perish (ina uzzat libbi ana lin,1l1ti lihla(ssfi.22nta btift ip)7p)2, libl 1anlumn2ma ultu pi(tr1u in( k1i.Odi.Os it kulpplt i12a 1niJ2u ana sabitldniu lilbimma unnlni.1 0 ai imiur,2iu hl(ntis likkisa napSal[su] ina hipe b7lii(s q(lt.t(i(t 1llt Irztbio adi Onm baltu mnarnSta li,(hd ((t adi.(itrlnc zi iriti ba,11 ze,1 liUiq, R. 56, 51-60). i. lMay they le(l him into (evil rand 2misfortune(, lnd may they (lest roy his n(ame, his seed, his offspring, his posterity from tlhe mouth of thle 1peopl e far and nelar (ana limultti t la.bl3ti lir2tedd l,1(2t1222 z2r.t p(C iri.'(t 2na0,rabhz ina p1 nli2o dil.ii liha'lliq0, III R. 11, I, 37-39). j. 1ayr they curse hilm w 2ith anl evil curse tltlt is without escape, nll( may tlhel destroy his seed forever (arral la napsuri

Page  70 701.1 \. II IS. Sl7i?\ cs7 o'!ulitllla lit'rtle1;iO lt ad( i m111y li h 'l,. itt '., I 1r. 70, IV, ':3-2 ). k. Mlat t1ey util( him i ithi a citirs(e lat is vitlhout csci(p (orrat it Ap.lul'vri (lim l ') lirv't I. 43, II, 2.5: 1V, 3- -35; (). B., 19. 14., It. 17. For I sill~( (Il d ay my tilhey ot grantit hlim life (/i i.;lt( 1t1/ i [t M, wt.u liqb)', ()B. 1I.. 119, III, 10, 1 ). 2(;63:1, V. -16, 47 ). IHere tlhcen l hav 1y( n1':liy hv olle 1 '11 1rtqi( ('ll..('S, ultrcd il tlilte nael( of n, arly thirty g(u i.)l It till 1(, (l itlt ili(.-t Io rc\itw( b'lif (ti the most clmtact(,risti(. of th(,-( c '.(,s.. la is akd to cl mclalcholy, Gula a destructive:ick its-, l-litllr losst otl weapon iln little, NIN.IB -iemoval of lboun(lary and death of ch ildr, Ntus-u ltu'ning floods, Sill leprosy7, S11,1anlmlI blimhl,,s, (I(afls(,s 111(1 a lamelless or unfavorable dci-ioI ill law, Zaian.111 )d(l lulck illn battl. Tlhe other curtSes ilre coiucl( l(ed inll vagu.u andtl genl('l ter'lis. It is remarkabl1le tiht thi prescnre of witnelsses iwas IlOt always recorl(el 1l)p(o tlh biouid'(lary sto,(s. h111 vicw of ITrlmnmrl),amui' s law (~~ and 123) t that a co',tract without ititnlesses was invalid, it is hardly poll ssible to nf to h infer oi ths instace(s that no witnesses were pIres(lit. \\' canll only l(-)t(, tl(' fact t]llt on some( of the fillnest boundilary stonies theirl nanmllc. are ro)ltittedl. 1IThe stone( ol-f 5lM(i-Shlip)ak (D. E. P.l, 1 )ls. 21-24), tlh( sale( of land to Matrduk-qlsir (III. -11), the Coiillon de Mlicblit(. (I R. 70), andl the stone of Sllarduk-atlccrba (0. B. I., 149) -ollit this fealture'. A ihen wiitinessecs were present and( their signatureis w-ere atl(I, th(eil numbelr v\:li(l from at least thlree (I\ 1 R2 3:8) to sixteenll (III ]R. 4:.).

Page  71 A'h'11C '('1.11 )h 77Z. li 1. 71 (eve\-(al stollns h1\ a )i('tori:al rellreselitation of thi( kinilg who ma:ll ia tlI l.hlilt. I II Il. -4L showi\ ll I)i(i ll( ur ( on) ()o ttl( finst kings oif li c(,on olii(I'A-$ i I:A dIqitiat. inlontim. 10. ipln'snitans td)vlllIl kill-:,tl11.. T. Il. ( 1. S o1. ss Na1li-a:ll):ll-il(hli:., andI V..\.. 266((:3. A tml:rnch-)'thladan It. Iinamllyt. tll( stomi of 'Airiiiim (.1.-). T). (.. N. 7.-1). 2(i; /:ass ths, liimt t]i( of ak lmisg. who risnhlill(s it(' il(' oil T11 t1. 41 o, much ltil;t t(i;ar( Illost lik l)i( tllm(' of the(',,lw kIil,' perhat m of emtliiltichadrzzar I. Fsll: Ss'ltlmi m) 'r mlili: B()t XI)ii - S -i()N 'I:s. 'I'he ].^'-l Ivir kl)hl tin feaitiit ol th a 1)ou t(lm' iiiiis m1v tihe sylill which arti sculpturiii(l itiei oil ttop or oil oll( of tihe sides of thilt( -tmlnls. 'ht(ty ar(t' folil on:'ll tl(' Imi)llti(i l)ollalr v stoll tis a ll(ml mII t Itl of the plitat( dlo(usitt ii (ithi e tollt of Nazi-ma'littath, 1). 1. '., I1, tim. IS, 19): t at o' Natil)h-aall-i(hlina, B.( ). It., 1.65; intil thei onim of itii(hf-tiii-dlliia, V. A., 2()S). Thav tlaia o((mir on tih -tosw of Nltt-m-miti-itlkmm. twhicll r(,cordsa i ti altl)ointmllenti of Na:ilt-mttal.ltkkil ts m)riati of' Nit,io t Borsiplam. \tariols tlhsori(,s have, )(,(,n l)tol)os(l, msa to tih' nvalling iand purpose o thta symblttl. kAcordinttg (to oIie tInheory (G(iide tio t/htyloni(i ii d i A s/Irin[, ii -,lntiqpitic,, 1900)(. ) 851'.) th(y isle "'(l)(,ttintatioi s of (ort'in powers tof evil from wlti(ch tihe ownrs of ilb( 1,ellid,- wishle(d to presetrv thir lp'roperty-, o( 1owvers Of good whlo,(, l'avol t lley wished t o slcure." Ac(c('or'lim to aIlloth(r theory theti are tll(, rtprestlt:ativi s of the,)lis invoki id ill ite ilslrilption. itlis is tht sview of lrof. S,,il (t- ctu/ildc Trf r(iumt. 190t, Vt()t,\mXmI.NIII, 1p)95-97/, oi t)r. Ward "T'ie ALh 'ah, A. J... Nt NX, 'I, 3., -I. of (t,mi-gm ritiiht' (iti'(' Itiiitht, Bekrlmtilm n kiu, lt9)S), a-llot partlt of t'iot..lst lro- (lclitit)ii BIb lotiittiiiii / iiii t',,sfyrisi, Val. 1i. 1) t91. A.\c(ording ti l tshird view htim represenm t th1 signs of the zoail(m. lThis was.ts first suggestted t)y Ottlt (Docnmmesints juri(tiuuesn, 177, p. t 8if.t. It was adotd by inhes ((Gtide to

Page  72 72 A NE'l I'.I)A11 ST.E O 1'l(;. 20. —Iolmil:ar.,-tols ol.tI::l(, q ll-1 il:l-iddil::: IT. V.V.\. 26i6i:z

Page  73 .\EB UCT.l I i )-ZZ.t It 1. 73 the.\imrio d Central Satloon,, 1. 1-6, 0-60), andl m(ore full d(evelol)ed 1)1' lpl)ing andIIll Stlrassllai', who il(,ntilied tihree eliblelis as I(elonging to tilhe ZodiacL (.l.ronomnihe,'as BI Ilbttlon, 1t89, )pp). I ). 150). It, wa Illost tflly ('elaboatted l)v 1'of. 1oII(iiii (.Itnf(tlze untl Abh/(nmlnitent, ])(). 1)1). 23-272. 15 ()-372, 4234-474). It lhas silln n( el). ate(ep)ted( I)- b' )f. H. \ inckler ( J(t/tr1 iicher, Vol. (10 (L)901).. 22(i) ti(tl )y F. i. (;iKnll ((c'ite'Biiic ztr.tllci Gecsclichte i, Vol. I, 1). 7f.). A fourth vil(\- rIc(c nizes ill Tlii is lieldl 1) I''Franz Boll (Sphjtear(. Lipzig. 103. 1)1)pp. 19S-20). dliscovery I)-, tihe French expedlition at Sus-t of a null)er of (new Iounary 21. —soI:lsllon wi'h the svmillb(ols arel)(l nrte ptely rferre(l to. III rit\a\- iif ttii ullae'let'inntv' it iS nll(t sullr'ialig tlltit maliml1l' Bei(,l( thit tieil tl(l(: wi s a ut. olut (l o le(eltic( to the snillbols ol IV R.t-' 3, III. 29-3l: ilani ma-la i-na na.l sr-a-tim C-ri-Ni-n- it, nt-tl-c-a-i... ''the godnls w\hoe s rliila(s l'e Ishown\ on1 this st(,l. Now we( rI('a(l oii lihe stolle of Nazi-M\lalutlttalsh (I). E. 1., IT 1)l. 17, III, W!)-22): za. l k-ti-t ktutl-tt / '-tt.ll.-.t/1(/-Il ]'tl-lu-nmt 0.M-ba

Page  74 — W sX aW =Is E 1T = 4 C: = T ~== -1. C u ~~-; 2, r. '= I = = = ~ ~.c 12. = -= )Zr. ~ t

Page  75 .\'lI{ ('l.\l)lDl:ZZ.1lR I., 5:1an11d 1il) ll(' Ie )' iii the' ]lhabit. f caling altars. That tihes Sr11'ill(,s a l luallyl I' re,llt Zi tii tuas )l(ta' ojidt oly frml t h s i: c.ll seI'(lti, Sanut i( t'ti('e.' il lch is:tlplie tO i iitl tlbut al, fro tine fnl 't that la zigg'll rit i. c'l'lc t'aNin1 on it tllr i I 3, third ro ' il figU'i'(. lTI ( ':r( g1,l ('I, llhillg 1)(. 'r( t11l(' a tIt(' ower, with: wved(g-e st Illding 1Ur'ight (mII it1 lack, (correspl)()nd(. t() the wed(e lying filt on tIh lisul' fioli l o1 'iI(s (l l(ndii 103); 1 t0; 105; II we' e('X'ille(' thi(' othI(r' nl.'ii('s 1o(re clos el we findl thlait tihev a1r c(lltlill ()' (ta lt g s(lt u r'(, s withliln ( i (l her. It i.. the gr( lil ltan f a st'ag(' tw(,r (cf. Bi(tz()hl,. \itcre t 1id Babltylon, t. 102). Th(S(, IhIII(,s, how(e(,'r, are not the statitoIs of tihe )laillits Orl of t e,(o,. 1 ()1 oinll..lll, p.., 13 ze. p '2 1 4, ' 272i I1 t), r ('lI-5. crI'tcll tie s tits ot stellr ( til. ( il ( ioll, t sph ra', 11,. 2) i. 1This i prn'ticularIl (leari il f the figure of the 'caed godde(lss Ol the Strllc. of ~(Nltcli(hlezz: it I. i 11. 7.i fifth io\),: whicih ti nt liing Nimrch:r(l'zzar, lunt the gio(lldcs (ulat, as is d(Ifinitcly state(l O i t anew.-tOlw' fom Sursa (D). E. I., VII, p). 110, fig. 452)' Here( the Shrine( evidetlt icaiidicates the dmI-ll' g t)lce(t of tlh ('( ityc: lhowever, Ot all etrtihly temple il(forI all ial)yloiniian (Mtics ar(' Stel:la' iil tihei l'tt'e), b)llu a Iheavenly Srilct Uarl-. As tIlhe {)prototylps of a:ll earthlly (oidiitios are t il bfund il ]lave., lccrdit t o1ici ti bellief of lt(' Bail)ollialls, sO eui tI'ytii I tiliel)h's l(t theilr ii' leavelily In(dul..' 'l'The sliltines a' lnot re''l)res'nt('edl ill 'coinictioin wtith ill ti(, )ls. The larg(esit iltuie of iil, iricls (in ten ) oca'S oni tl' stoniie Of Iclli-Shipak (). i. I'. II, ll. 24').' Th(, r( we haveI two shrines w ith f se fig. 6, p. 17::alun fig. 22. -('(ondl rmv. See fig. 19', p. 1 31 i g. I I-. 3 i n. 3 i12''. 1).:. tig. 213:', I. 3:3. Til upnur itg,: l'f('r o thi' 1iiiiit)('r 'i i ti(' u. y lola 0i1 th e \-in rioll- [)ltc l r's. 3 s{(,c fig. 19"TM. 1 4 $S,(, fig. 0t. p). 105. Ci'. tWincklh r. limtii'- t,! 11I' aetnt1 tir iHtr'atnumi, p. 12: ttin ck'.', Die r Wellanclrr..ctlrurtrutr td., 6d1t,1c rirrc' t, 1). II; A..Jiri., r )ii x IiMi e Teht,i,,, L c.; t( (s l, tt roi,' rtl,. ed. 1, 1p. 12. i S,.e fig. I l,.) 2.

Page  76 c' c X3:`1: -% %= I 3 " " =,F~-'-" 'i~ L; -~2 r: -J cr~ 3 W "r,;13.:I\Cj E;. t%.' = LJL 'I: i3 "~ c -= g If 5 =. = I;-,1 TT I; r~ = ~!L r; Z LL I t;r ~I = / 3 ~1; 1 5 ; ~ I Yr - c3 r w I OiIrh s'"; 3 5' i: r i,, T =~- r 7. = i =- = F~/ 7 ;,t = "r 2, I,.~ r r; =. = a r: rs JI k = g =~ " = - E zilr j z s - 79- a c~l E,;r r. 4 1: ii - = S ='j 2 i 3 r- Lj r.r "`";/~ ;~ ~; " =- -5 = -r-1 =. = r. r; '~;1. "~

Page  77 \'EBLUCI llIDi-'ZZ.I It 1. 77 head (Susa I), an( oille witll a stylis-like oblject' (V.2. A. 2(i(). 'Tle shrines occurerefor trfo thus far ill coelletion with 'ighteen s-nimols. It seetims to lhave I-,on left to the choice( of tlh artist to r(epro(duie tih shlrine or to omit it. Aeccortlingly w( finl( tho spear of Mauldu ol a shrllinle (\ It.,7),' o(r n1 a (dlragon irr R (.':t3). or alonle (rSus. Ol):' the licria' hc(alt of Ea i; on a shrtine (Lolndon 105). or on. a goaltfishl (J\ I r.' 13):" tlhe lightninrs forlk ofl Ianlinm is onl a shrine (SusaIt il,7 or on a crouching ox (Ia ' IU. 43), or it stai (ls alone (I R. 70'),' Indel(l(d clo se (examinatiaon ofI thli sylllbols revea-ls the fact iit thl(,t earl ca )crl)e(s(ilt('d ill three a\ro, correpl)otlilig to the th(rc celisear. of olrjectts nisniti(ced onl the stiol of.leli-SliiVick (slrilines, w('al)I)s an(l relifs of tih gods. VII, 23-34. Elith(rl tlh V(',aI)Oll is shown anlolm,, s(colll, til t (,Naloll nllsa the silsill(' or' tlire W'eal)Onp l acnn t lii( ' rir ll:llrll r figusr e( 1)r1s1(' ( c tog(i'tl'r, or, thil 'dl-, 1eaoll, -llr'i and il tiguire' sirs' ecac r combii(l lito oe group. In otllac r -ords, it ilhe c,'. tiwo or tll('(' figurels collstitilts tlhe A flew ex:amr)pls will saow tiihe natur(t of this variation. 1) '1'll( spacar of OM'll'ldllak is foundlll Ialonie or SIusa I1. II. risa I\V.'" iroll n t1( l '()ioi ilg ('rll'rilratiorllr: (1) Tiw s! nl)ol of,\ }l oil n otll(rwcii( I) llltl l g( ll thi, tolr ( (\ \. '.2 I663). \]il(, it o(.(r, oil(:l']v ( vtcrv oller stOeII. (2).ab11})1~ i., 'F(lll il' ( 1r l aq'u,,, (,1 n' l o al ' hdin r thl rty lrs. f.. c. r i, tinrl qi, n.ymbol of.\Itlhfl. ()11..-.yliD.. 11 111 O ill{'11 IIe.y'lmbol of.Nadfl i. 1 a.inlgh ((cik re(ie o1ir l ' xianlll (1nIl(' (lh I-cll:etlhl l I ofi (',1c(c1rli) (co liana. ()1 thl I)oull(llr-,toll( ol N:llhl-l-al: l-id(llill: t (fig. 9. 1. 23'< tl( twvo covllllSm ar joimwd,.o that th(c. f(o'll1 mill-liku ligiur(c. i- 2 f iig.iirrai' r'' 'a ir3 fi. 9'; r,. i.. 1 fig. 10';, 1p. 2.5. o S( fig. 121, 1). 30. 3S(e( fig. 6('1'. 1' 7. 71 fi'r g. 111', a1. 2i. i' s( ig. 6n:, p. 17. i Seae fig. 13l". p). 31{. f,' ig. 2 Pi, 1).,(i; fig. 2,S11, 1. 91; fig. 231 '"1). 7i.

Page  78 7. NEW OUL. NDA ).llY/) STO./\-' ( It appears On a.-Irine, L/(ton. 90)922:; (m ' dra:/ m, [Llloll,!}99.-' l)L ol. sl'ill(';111(1 ( spear (,1 to, a1'(' I')ill ' 11 O[ I L.,O1,I. (), 10(5. 10(6, I I{. 7()::l i t 11si l o()t (' tl ( Otiler stolles. ) 'Ile wedge ap)p)ears sttIlUt ill/g al/(m O(ll t1itU(' \V sto"/ (/ f NeblchIdreVzzAr I. (N)h. Nippur)'. (oil the' (thlU(,l ( LiI, I 9!)).' o9) l.- the 'Lh ie Awitloult the dLIraFgn (..\. 20'). (),I tlhe,llill( \withl th ' (,:u(ll, al -id' (Londou, l)0, 105, 106, I Il. )1.7 ( i/ T'h( 1'. h is 01 ' shr'ie (LoU(lohi, 90922),' onl a, poU ( ftiM 1 (l1od(1 U.!)1).' 1 La/aI 's hl(l. sil'inll tI(l g.ttfisIl ar'(',(( 'l t(g('thll(lr oi l,,ll tonl, 1.5. V.\. A. 2(13, Slisl I, tc." 1) Th(, e arrow. l)Oilitig / (lownw/ar'. O((: illlllc(' It. 70." It i, 1h(,hl l)y:l sco(.,rpion mun witlh tlbm, ( [ w,,t, lt,,. 10() 1~?. -'L Iv a cent'L -itllha )OlwLI ( l,.(ilm. t()l )I.':11 L L) 1'(, L 'L li:mlilm:l O(cur" alone (]Ilt. 1LL01. I. 70)l,( ' On the1 (cIl(,hig OX (L L(ollu, 9(, 100,. Su.'La." (I OI a ShilI/' (1.\. 20, ' 2111 s wi ith eaotwl/ing IOX LahigiLe Sus ILI These var/iatio/Is might he rlhildi(tled, but (llo(ml l 1h:t1'C 1)(Yll `iVn) t() -how t1 t,1t eCosidr )l. 1mtml)(e of symh)ols appl)(r ill thre(e p)os.ib)lh fol-1'. Froim the( shineilucs We lpasS tto a (discusioll of the weapl)on-. \ n)ler of these 1/l)olS (t// ( lih c L )/ e rcL('/ognized oil Ith(' l/OuTi// ar stones, others are mIIO~re (lifficult t) ihnlll ify\ he('lttSe the l abl)yohlia.l (li(1 ot limit the tcrni "xweap)On." to what We conlinonll iclihhle inl that teru. ()t the more O(bvios weapons oil th( l)om~h/rv stoells /Ia 1)/, Im,/iti/n(ll thIe sp(arliLeadl (fig. 221), l/(' lightli/ng ' S.e lg. 91,I.. 23. 2 So";, /fig.:, 1. 17. I S e, fig., ), I). 13t: fig. 12'2. p. 3(): ti,. 1 1, p.:3 1: fig. 1:-. 1).::3. 4S(e fig. 472, 1). 120. 5 S,, fig. (; ', I)I. 17. 1-1 l[n. - I f,dize. 1). 2.50 7 See fig. 1'1, p. 1:31; fig. 12'. 1):. fit. ] l, 1). 31: fig. i:0. p. 33. ~ fig. 9:,.) 2:3. U -S, fi;. 6(;, 1). I. f" Sec fig. 1274, p. 29: lig. S". 1). 20: fie. 2 V,,. s;6. "See fig. 131~, p. 1:3. 1! Setf ifa. t(J p). 1:3 1, ' See fig.:32, ). 9S. " Seo fla 1 Io, "p. 4 1: fig. 13n, p. 1) 33.,s See fig. 612, 1). 1-, fig. 1.)"t. ). 131: fla. 2.',t. 1). 9,1.,CSeeI tIOililel, i2 tz e, 1) 2.-)I) t],:.fig~ I:. I",).

Page  79 .\EIUL'CII.\11.1)tI:Z.\It 1. 7!) fork (fig. 2S". tile Ill(ce with til t doulle ] (ld (fig. 2 It), til: mlhiace with the Slilla top (I lig. 2 i, tIle 10il.((' \eithl thel vltVure hle(l (fig. 21'). the mnce with tlhe lion hcatl,(fig. ' 2 11 2' til' lion stadl ing heet, hold(ling two lagger ( fi(g'. 21 i, tile mace w\ith tile globular' elnd (.fig. 12]%, lig. 14"') and the arrow tig. 121', fig. 14', fig. 13"1). Th thrl( s(ceptrls or shiffts witfh round lballs oil topl. lpictued onl tihe new l)o111i)(t1y tstone firom Nii)p)ur (fig. 47, Nos. 3, 9, ), belol (rlltarls to the stialw catetory. \\lWhln we tiurnl to tile historical:nldlliious texts' Wve filid thait the B1abloniais include(l a111oiig til' weapoins of the godl a1 na. /kl,', ('. T., X I, pL.:3. s7: f., pl. (6, 211: pIl. 21, 202).." (1tllu /il taid'(alatf [c/p..s ej., K.:!344, a l{1ev. 2', cf. 1. 1I., VI, 1,:32).;lttift, 's 1 tile ('0(dss of baIttle, Ct. 'i( cric. I)MV- 't 1d 11 ( uir ('"A.lnuilim bWlit ltal.izi I(.I(olft u'"'q( i.i ( i.lhi', \ 11. 64, 11I, 22, cf. K. B., Ill, 2, 101). Ea lias a. not (q/iviparreu i, aEa, C. T., XIVLI. 34, 26). /1'.elItr is upl)l)i(.led wit it I " ipowert'ful 1(ow I l, a m ight l, whi cults downll tlhe dlisolbedient' ('"'qa.;lu tlhnlultlu ''..l'lult f/i.rlru mtt, qit llft fmoiri, Isar.ilhil(lloll stele of Sen dlchirlli, 1Rex'. 29, 30, see A.ttsgrtunen in Sf'endschirhi, p).:S). A.ssirb1Aliaplu,lln al)l), l tllce of I llt' in a drlleam ll, "lo the rihlt a(l l' t sl i, had quivlers hanlllginlg. he lhel a. lol i he hidilld.and dew a I sh'1) s word' " (i'lma tIlg,al.let 1ltt fflllt1 ina ili.i(a,alp1(t nlam,,l.q-trlt zatqttt, Cyl. B., Col. V, 53-55, cf. lK. B., II, 250). kin, s kme king illedl fou,' lims w it.1 h " th

Page  80 $).1 A:.\ll' X t'AI)VIh ' U T() \'/ STO/ OF' terribl, )m f Ilitir, the miotr, ss of alttle" i hfilpllmu izi iti J.ft a i.rta flift hfhZi, I 1. 7, N(9.. a, 2N. L,,l,,1.Mhrcadtf,1 it milti,l(,(l lw Noeu('hlllrl rzz:l' r II.. who r('fer to his (trrillh, w(,clmlls e-which iIa(re lnot tihe f(, truly adv n;lll('e:il '(r fier''., '" c(ilifll.(it 1( i!/l(ihi,ill / 'i l/ii Iti hli'li I i tiqlii, Lan'dirifi. B;ii fflii ln..'crip'imes, Nfhuchi. 2. C(L 1. 42-4:i: (fl. 3. ( 1ol. 11 lraltrelli'., w ial)onis arllt Iescertli ( i, tl' (fren tiolm Story. lff,,( hi, we(,t eito th(' figh t with i,1111at 1"t,( gifls gav' hiln a; xi(iifltl witihout iiil whii(, h oi enf w lhlf < mi oen m, iiddiii-i.,, ]t't//,t! ll t f lmto/'t f 'if,t Zf i(f, I '. 301). To,f)eare h lil ell' I'mo thei (i i fict Mai dul: f foff llf;f Iimw 'rm l:nd llapiiitf (l it ii ' hif we('l)(mI: he( htli ilt':i' r,,w. IIt it: i(, tool; l hi lit' hmi.:'-w (m'al):re ( c:(ul-(, is, rigit ]1;,l 1 (, to,iz, it. he Ilhu, a h,(n all;, (uivei(r tit hi, sid&,: h(e ple( l i ghtling )(fiim him ami l fille, hlis f}o(m y with burning firig, h 'r: lii 'l lrl i('iir a (-t t to(ien(l(m, ififmf," it. m(ibtt, (t i.,(Lt.. 1i...;I.i.. "".l;'klktkl(l, i( tt. ldtll 7hd i.[l,'lxn blirq i[na ftni.i t i f m i bl iii n tlifiiiimitf,ziun '.ii;ii loftal (]m.i;i,cpa'] tl m ' irbi. f Tiimimt. IV,:f5-41 f. T'I ll(,.- n(, w apllmS,f Mar(fuk oecur in sev(riral ioth(r liti-ageii i(f. IFrgank, il'iicr ttl,,t S!tmbole, 1). 23)) \ifbi m1ini w(jl m ttl)ot if rfwhicl it is S1ui(: "Tfie wu tl)mum is a ('m rugm froili whfmose riuout]l rimls Im l}is(m.". ('-iw-,( li/-n-! i.( i.-i-lt u i-,1ti iJJ-t1i la i-ti-(at-lfi-ku. [ 1'\ I- 21), i. X., 1.,.Vn f \, ufll a a rua 1 rf;f and rs f f1f, f 1, iieid uifr 'i the 'lif rmi-1 Iit t(d' h( r i iiii i it t t t..Ii t p l i [fll ]I l z(iqtI s; iiti I il i.; ( ml l le (rig jl. Texl.x I. 55, Col. I, 2f...Vcrwil[ is (,call( "the( lord ol Wveapol)(lis aml b vs" ( (^10 b 8 u qot(, III 1. 4:3, I.V, 21 f. ifabo v, 1). 5). Tiglathlfffh ilff-r er,h,(em m ue.lso Il ih.. ]llietlc i? i trt i.lia i.., V. \... i9 19; 327. ()b)\. Ii; 329. Obv. 10, 1.5::330. 20.:3:, ()Ob. I: '34!), 223.

Page  81 A-.\'I'H 'CI. 1 I I'A ZZ. 1 t' /. 81 tlint. i received 'r(om Xinib and Nergal "their terrible (ea!)ons and their sublitle bo-s" ('""'/ct/ak-.U(lnu ezzlti. ti '. "qshit, [ R. 14, _5,- )(, f. K. 1i., r,:ts). Agiin hc is reil'esentedl s htih linlg the' llerliiless,bi(t, w(,pit)l'lon" (tluimth, Ihlh1i (i ptd, Bt1llenim er, c ii e be in.tergal, No. Si,,,. 50). ()il X illilill(u (lji]) it is slidl, ' Ih(e presented to thee l(' weapon \\witll(rlt e'qual" a ut'""/.tllur lh }lilhiru iqt.i-k 't.\'wrmizmutd, ltlleniic(he(r. No. S,1. Ihe is "tlhe htro whost te il[crlclks"'' (?)] 1nti pe(,ople cry out. "T'h' noi.-(' of' his weapon" (qurratt 1t (/ ll.... iqtt iit/)1'll /i /,'t.iit, 61h 'is i]r, No. 5, 46t). Hit is the o>ll~ "wlo> lit-. "1' the(' w'ea1l"', who illges oil to b)lttle" t; ii "/1u-.ta i [it/,'it at lumi, l11tsltemii( htier No. -1. 13, p. 21)..\.V. l l ' we.)ons are thl o m t mitii(r kowis and l)est klloW itpre sent. 'lieols what is iertluhls thel thiild tail)l(t of tihe.r1i-/l).tim-ma surie': (lhrozil',.ltytli1 1iill (it'im Gi /ti/u' A/sus, p). 13't.) tw(1ntytwo a\-plpolns (1l(-,hImps ()riill:ll- t w(lntyt-foilr ) ar11e ('1111111rat('d. a''ile ar givl'e ill.tssyrin.ll otht'rs oltul ill Slilieriall. Naot al it th(' l.itt(' etrs l,( (ttxl/ihin(d. lThi wieali(nis giv(tn inu \ssyriam:are: "T'Ille ])("Ivy w(>l)( ( U " (o... Ik'c/c/c /(tlallu.ta 1z.Ilnum, ()ih.:30): tile wite' iliet il th' htostile tand" (tot.ilthap/ilt stit li/'i'ilt'i. ()t''. ti)' "t'he sword, thes (:lg(,Ir ()f 11 dieillity ltllMlhyl,'l(t11])El.'l (it.t[ s(l'. lti i: thle tlet' of th(t t )attle" I.;.l,[,a[ [lh<?zt', 16 (. - ): the( lng bow" - Itriktlr. ]e('v. 6') "fl: girdle elapl)illg mllell:r(i tilt, bow olf th(' storll (hlattlh') (.~ibfb..a it (iita. tett qittutl tu tll/i's Rlex'. S);:"t h( bow t 1t thle( shi(el] d r ''/i (li'(. l''1 e)s11.. 1;i'ti '1 uk 't'i/uol' Ol/lllll'lllll]e 11'Iie ii i: i 'i i ' i iii r iiiir ol' lordIs." lml/1t.St.(di[ 01x. 3): -Te( ' o lo rd,." ul a.(t/'/t'.::oiS. (-)]d. 32; -"'h ( vi('to)r i, ])atthle," lift" 1h't,,zl. ()l)v-. -: "The mu' elttlig (oif n uel(, se.".zeir 1.'i.; h1ti. 2l e-.;2. "r,, h-)rd1 fom xl.I>s( p r v l i(,l'(- i.Y 11~).-,cllape.",~t,~lttlli im,, stit 9,l,,;t ),/ r,~;dtdlu, lh \-. I: '1"(, hI('lp(,rl' Ihlcl'O('Y,s 7'(s',tl (;

Page  82 S2.1 NEW BOUN)\1).1RY STOL\' OF given in Sull('iia are: 0,(tr-ur in his ighllt and1 '11( r-laz ill hlis left Ihand (()Ov. 19-22);.Ud-k-ni-ni, " the storm1 with fifty edges" (()l)v. 23); tlUda-dt-hon-illa, "tlhe merciless stolrll" (()bv. 2;5, c(f. also 1I 1. 2(i, 3Sc-(d, and 1I 1. 57. 61a = mu Id pdut): mir-sili#-g/ (Obv. 27): the -na weap)on ()lObv. 31); Ku-.qag-ni 0t), "the (ap)Oll withi fifty head11 s" (1Rev. 11); Gi(, "1il(e we'apon with seven he1( s" (R1v. 13); Ku-.g. ag-ia, "the wat)oll with five hea.'({." (l{(Rv. 1I): /Kur-ral-.Fu-ur-nlr, " whlichl1 ltke.s the( lorIbso tl'(mll)le" (1R('v. 19); dErim-a-bi-n u-tk, `whos, enemiy has Il strength " (R(,v. 2-);:,i-1-[/-ti), "supip)ort o1f life" (Rev. 2S) and oIl('(' m)orc( Klu-o,1aq-3 ini (R('v. 2, f. Rev. 12). NIN.I B ils also call('(l "the sl)('lr, tlh( grelt hl('ro, the' so(l (f 1E:1il, with lis arrowl of l (ts t lif' '.\.V.11 ta(r. l(.hI ot q)rrwli/ rab(i 0apil E't-lil itta z./i./.) aql/i l(U/)ri' opdislim, V 1R. 9, 84-(85). In Shllurl)u I\', l75 lh l t1he titl '' "tle lord of the wv(Ieapon" (1)(l "o"l'lk/oi). 'i(abor, (' like a, hlis t net ( I)/) r/.(o.\i, C.., XVII, 3., ). (d.Ifl.-\.I]) is ('alle(d) ''tnm))))d.1)t biri, III Il. (i7, 4c-(1,:mIl tl(' elurls( of l:lmmlll~i is' thllt 1I(' Ilna strike }iiS (tll( e il(Idoer's) land with Nlifuil lightiting" (lia1mindt int( birqi limutti,rn(it. libriq, Til., VIII, S:3, N1. St. nniia is also pictorial1ly r('I'('selt('( Aith the1 lighting fork oil) )11i(' l)()1(la'r Stollies (Illost. leharly oi Ss o. 5, o fi. 18, 1). I1). Anothlerl w('ail)) oiif lllllnll, l ha }; )( 1'c i l. ll gg st(( 1 ). Zillinll( (('f. K<. A. T?1, -t44'"),,nay 1)e th(,:ix(,. ulich is o(n(,,(rki'(I to o)n, 'a frglg~(,nieary b)o(undatry stom(, ((). 1. L., No. N0, 1. hras tl sn:a(r b)v whi(ch }h( ov(rllthrows;tll hul(IS (.tdhil)t.u.,'allaImtoim r mdtt ii. IN' 1t. 17. Rev. 1 3). Th( I(et (.teAl) of Smm,1ash ( IIIcurs ill th(, illm,11,Lth ( I, 1, 11, (f. K. B.. V1, 1,

Page  83 \I'EBUCII.)IDREZZIA 1. 883 104) and t synonlyl, giparrlu, is also menotionedl (gi-sparru malnlt d,lS1na,, Elana Myth, 1, a, 12). Sibilli, they are describcd by E) sarhal(ll n s holding bow and arrow (d'Sibitti,il(Oi qarditli tomn(Ct lilp(rlu u uo.ssi, K. 2801, 12, Esarhaddoll's Battins.hriften, cf. B. A., III, 228). Cf. also IIclfn, Siebenzahl 1old Sabbll bei den Babylo iern, 1)p. 19ff. Sin, his sylbol iso ihe crescent, it.sqanru=a.qar, allso call((d tlih basket (bltgbia) 1and the ship) (maqurrit, SULsa 2, I', 10, 11). Although it is prolbble that the crescenrt 1was regtarded as Sin's weapoln, it is not ldefinitely called by that nalme in the inscripltions lpublishedl thus far. 'r-rac, "tlc f)oweirfuIl we.'ll)oll of the tlerrible lCr-ra,' iXs men1tionedl 1y Nabopolafl)lsarll (''O"/'tfll (danm,11 a dlr-ra ra.ilbbul, 0. B. I., No. 8-f, Col. 1, 24, 25)..\ fragmlentary list of divinle weapons together withl their nalmes is given III R. 6),:3, 75-83<. As it lhas not 1been usedl in tllis colnectiolln before,.as f'llar as I fknow, it is rlrollducedl entire: [''/kakiX 'E111n-lil mt1r-r-.r'"lca/,tki 't.lilrd,' i (q(ll-l-ul-ll '"kalkta 'tabtl(L fe) it-ti-il-[flt l] i"llkal l 'X I B.\.l i-hi-Mt,1 i'"likaktlll d lZa-rl(t-,[l - '"."qa,/,tikul] d \(r'/lt( U G IL ' ) pqil-.,'[u?-It?,........ pu-q1t-ltm?]1.... seit-o.t-[.Ol(?)-ll( t)] As to tho e na1ll1s onl l lf'(w sulggestiollns (a111 be venturedl at thf presenlt tilile beclaul.e 1ioll1 ol th(11, hwit1h perhal)s a single e'Xcel)tion, lle:rll cls(elwhr. It scms that 0 I sev(-all of tile 111111Cs illndicate lifferent, species of thornls. It-ti-il-li oc1culrs ill ti, (Gilgamleshi l'l)ic (XJ, 284) as th(, ")raml)le," by l Ilvll s Oif which (lilg'tmesh is

Page  84 84 1 NEI11' B1o'\D.1Y SO'()\' OF enabled to return lhome.1 Puqlttlu is also at thori, lwhi(ch occuron the boundary stones in the curses of ltamm-li (eC. p. 4f.). With hiim woe maly plerhapis com)pare i i -i-it) whliclh is mentioned as a synonlym of puqtltu (II 1..11, 58ao, b). Mfo..X (if the restoration is correct) is perhlaps tlihe miao.-ti- menitiom ed I R. 47, 14. 1), as a syn-onl of' htl;-kl'. F-or qa-ql — i,- the weapol of Marduk. 0we call offer no (exlalnation, unlessf it. las something to do with q(q-qll-ti ln pa-tc-e, "a clos'd vessel," moentio()ned in 11 incantation text, (cf,. ('. T., XVI.:35, 7. It is te1mp)ting to restore tlie tweal)po of Nerf'al to patl-s[o-], becaus( of llhe occurrelllce (o this nalll( in al o01lo-o text, to whllich wo t Sall It)lcs(fll rxefer. Thell( 13Bat1)l111iis dli(l not o(,1!y 1 ictin' ( tle' dliv-ine weapon)s o-n 1l tI boun(lary stonlie. bt tlo, — tl(ic('l that thei' (,ll Iso t(ltect thllem ill tlle markinis m10l1 ~I) slheep livers. 1-litc toe lyli)pear tI - loently i (- txles. In o l( of tlhoe (('. T.. XX, 42) wheioh has recently beIen discussed 1by rof..))l row (A. J. S..., XXXIII, (January, 1907. 1 fp)f. p1. il ) we find. a similar series of divimweoll)s. The destructive weal)ol (t"/o,l'lt i.-lt) of lllil if (ttdl(,l ha-o —ti), le weaplol of Sh'o1iio-f,t1-di-.)-o- and to( w-(apr ot oi Ela qgat-lthl-ilut.2 I to the case of tlree otlh1r w1()aotltnlls, thl1(, 1lll(s '1f. also thl goed ld-di-thm (or lt-.b-Iht tia (" Casiu< t'xt- pulblisdwl b'!y ) iPr'o - L N V.. ('oy, E.. X,.. r 1lhe o(i) tlo ) th(~ d -i\im wal)ls '(' tl wal)oll of' NIN.IB, ef. 1). 82.:'' e xi\- v,1 l'ofi..:ltrow thtl: lt ' 1 1( 1111m t of t1 s('1 x atpll)lll rell0. WIIt(')I ileogrilphi etl ot n ), 1 () li olto 1 I},, [11115 lI -qa1 li-h('. T,otr 0Il)ll0(,follldl in Col. Vl of iw tIabllt lndrer li-lis,0 ll (1 I223:) t ar ta:l l-itlon pIloctl ica:lly. Moreover il 1 1 of tl( at olt 1 l, writteu f h-, i t sarily colmeted withl hie ididc:gra G;.t I H.L. I U, forh'h tile:tdliuh g sho r oaN-dlunl.p,o111~ )rob'd)le,,r, till':trm' 1lh s'mlllO, it might ])w lrl',(g l thllt gol9., tbu i, only a s?,1oh. ylll oa Svn loffltqlunltl, Iltt...t idmmtical with it. ]Filiailly the flea l tliat four of tlhe a'w1t's (m11d ill su-zi do- '1,ot it'ce,,a<Itrily prove th{,l to 1c idogramlln-. espe<'i'lly sile( (t, I1( ideogl'aln SUt'-[,' is l tll({ ltom i bh 1p1,l l lillg catut Iw. attached to 11. For 0h(,q-, rololls I lrr(2'-M r to,egard t1(( 1 'lIIN' aIs prittn as ph(,lr - i("lly.

Page  85 N\- IH l ('/.\ l )IfEZZ.i 1. 85 of tlhe reslpective deities to whomrl the! belonged lave bieen effaced. They are: pal-su-u, di-dii-sul-it (ol i"d ktakotl III-te, perhaps to be reald witih Prof. Jastrowl,calt(lltt.. I1sides t he weaipons menil tion(ed on tllis tlablet there are numerou oether references to divine weapons in omen texts. As Prof. Jalstrow has shown-I, there is a weapon of Ishtar called di-e-pzc, '"the overthrower" (V RI. 6:3, IT. 30), a weapon of Shamash called mno-ak-tuc-rlu perhfaps "the helper," froml kaT.arlu to support. A es(col weapon of Shamash is callledt at-mtc-1i ki-c-, "the faithful w-,ord' (Rlm.2 106), an(d a (doubl-le weapon is cnameld eimltc u aqu, "the storlm' (Stele of Naboniilus, XS, X fl.). As one of the weapons ol' NIN.IB is callhed ct '-ban-iti-illa - imit la padd (cf. above 1. 82), "the m(ierciless storm," and als the double-headed club is the sy biiol of NIN.1f, it is probable that the i7m. aqcl here mentioned is also a weapon or SNX.l t. \e t also findc a " sevenfold cibic," the weapon of Shamash (C. T., XX, -, 3:3-36). '; "fifteen-fold zibul," the weapon of Islita.r (C. T., XX, 48,:3,), a "threefold zibu," the weapon of Sin (C. 'T. XX, 48, 42). Threce other namles appear on the tableut refered to above (C. T.. XX, 42, 33), nalmely, ili-.u-ru,,sltl-mi and i"Ik'tliu KU.,l'. To tihee ima- Ibe aldded a name occurccrilg in the omens of Sargon andl Nara'n-Sin, namely su-ounrt-0i (I\V 11. 3-1, lle. 4). Altogether he e omien texts have thus far fuinished us with sevent.een ncames of div-ince wealpons. Finally divine weapons appear aclso in the heavens. The IBal)lonialns spok of certain conlstcellations as the weapolns of the gods. Thuls hoth the imilmtillt stalr iand tlhe lt amlti star were called ' the wacpon of the hand of Marduk"o (i'"lkaklct ita ql d1llardukt, \ Rt. 4(i, Obv. 3, 26, a), land the star Gls.GAN..URUI was catlledt the oweaon of thh Ctld A-e(cnal), (V R. 16, 2)5, a). One of tlhe weapons of NIN.IB waS s the trrltati (V R. 9, 84), but there was also a tarluthi star, iwhiclh was identificed wcith Niiiib (II Rt. 57, 52,

Page  86 86.1.v\ 11' IIt.\A D).1\'Y,7'1(o.\: o1. o, 15. Islhtar hel(l l bow ill her li and (s(e 'l)ove, 1). 7). 7n)i tll 'er( Wr, alst a lsow arl bo St' Sl'. i(ldentified Withll l-itar.. f 1(. 6 I, 2:3. (, P, and(l Jenseii, Ko,,olott p'..J-l3, 1 19. miI-t r aid / ar-i(/t ar(, t)wo weai])ais of -a NN.lI ((e( aove, t. 82). h)ibut tlhe '!ire l so two I'r;. 2b. —S.~llm dls m tol: hmodlaryl? -em, fm \ l, qu. w ithI th, lLmIIwl(S ol' tilt( g,)(a- writtien - o iti. s iiih1oj.. ( t, Xo. 1.) stars, cf. V 1/. 46, 32,, ',and Jen( n llK(w mol)t ie,, p. 1451'.,,A review of thleser divi tvapin i aols haIls shimvi tlhat the,Babylolians did nlot only rilepresent tlit)in toriilly ul)on their bounitdary stones, but tlhey also believedl thatt they coul(l detect their I For the tartnbu stHtr (-i= nturn) se( Jitensenu, Ko,,rologie, p. 15().

Page  87 A 'Bl,'Clt )liD'EZZ I\I I. 87.-hamll( i ll ( l markings of lccl) livers:nld ili Ill( forms of certainl colIsl(Sll:htiIllts. tll(ii (:il iio lonier( 1)i(e al, question that ]ot onrly the l:al)aolis lIlt ll lh' va-v!iglf tigrill.. oil the Stoll(s( a1( S-lll)olic' r(epi')'('snalito nof cmrtaii on ti. This i no1(t (nly stnt(e(l ill tle inscril)ti(oins,:a- (qu(o(td.1boy,, lhut oi(e of the li('w ( stonl(s fioln Sosa (1).;. 1P., T, fig. 37!) lan; a(t unlly tiif(' ll.ines('of tll( go(ls OTitt(lOill(h syhlll)ols. \' l)w\ kllowI tl:l Itl( sol le cefprinillts u 1:l( r,lku, tit(, w1mi i ith a vult(, (la(l Z-i-w, th(e Illac( -itth: lio li(l hi Nergol,.-l the 11ilt('(' vwilthe th(, sill'(' () lll(l)h lim ll,.l thl(' weltlln g bird most lilv(l tt:n. tlw h..r'owi, oil tl tl( goaft-fish t (d inm's o (l(I,lan. tlhe ]atu) Niouh, l el, t nen(,ltd gtuoddess (fitl. tlIl e(ens((lnt Sinl. the( Sun lil; She:m h th(, cighlt-llt(l stal Isht:l(l thl(, sh(l)(rp'nt Silll. 1Th(, in.-(q' il)i) l.- lin t eool it, o ( on ) l l ]l i( l tl( ( ll i wil -li(n- (l edl (h:lgoll of) the (.r(ic(lile-lil( niolonst(lr witlh:It sierin, oIl its l)ack nmtl:i ' ()in its ](, nd, h:a (' Ib(('oi(n' ill(,tgill( (of. ig. 24). TI(,,'c a ot(enorw -m-llwls Nhi(l.h canll b i(l(dntifti((l oitt celtiinl gois. (II the siol of Nebuhiolnezzar I. (V tI. 57)2 we( lind three hrlii(is wil li 'iir.- inl th(' filst row. lThese (l'ot'soll() to( th two. i-inl(es follotw(,d lI thll(' villhol ifE I (a Sine'i and. goatllishl), ow Son III, Susil XV, I lt. 70, Sson XX.' This.omhkes it pioilbable tihat Ill( filst two svll)hols.ilad foI r AnI and E llil. lThe proof for 'Th, -ignl i- 4 >,:,- (h'trlino(d I)v 'Ill \ X:ni naiti ola:t phott)" gratl)h of th(' origiunil. oiuch I -s('clr'(l I()u m ligih ti' h kin t: sio.:il('(' tof )r. i lnti. z(, the ])11relowf of 1li' lo iori n. I:,11)nittid th(' pllotogr:)h 1lso to Prof). ]lill ir''ht, rw,'hO ind('ln(''tl y '''(' lt,:-11(' ionlllh. l,'-igi iS:lillt inl' (;i11) Mo)chiiwiniio. '1i e i,ie..i pon' 2No. 2)0:. Th'li. concl iuion is inllortt h (,cia e it sho. t lit ih( liob hl no', wi 1.o thie rock reliif ol I B\ ian, onlmt I)(, NIN'.113. It il ')o )ro-' lh'tt tih( lio ni stlOlliig er('t w ith ('i 1gg('i's ill hllis fore ctws, s slh.ow (i )0 I0 NuO.l (fig. 2lt t. 7)' 3) i, t sytmll)l of NO'rgal. 2 Se.' fig. l. 131.: Se fig. 11-, 1). 2S; fig. 24-; fig. 13-0r, o. 3l; fig. 3 0ti-i, i). 1, )5.

Page  88 8S.1 v/'il iOL)t.\ND.RY STOX' OF this identification is foulnd on the rock relief of Selnll:cherib at Ba:vian. In this case the svinbols agree with the go(ls entioned l ',t 25.- -Rtlck rstli o Sn t aiiiri ut la r:-in. on the stoe. A. the list is iiior tat. for our later disculsionoi ws repro(luce it: 1.] 2. Shrines vith lholed caps. t3.J 4. Shrine witli rai's head..t 5). Crescent...... Wi. inged(isk...... F. Forked lighltnil..... S. Columniiii with stpear Ic( i. 9>. Square columnl........... 1t. Column wtith two lio llh:Ms 11. Vc'us stalr.... 12. Seven stars..., A.lm', I Ellil..... Ea... Shamash... RllammAn..... Marduk...... Nabl.... [NINT.IB]...Istaar.... Sibitti.' r he gtod Silbitti is wriitltn in this:s swell as iil other illerilJtion, dvll-'11i, whilch shlloluh Ilot ine s''t(l dSitii(-bi). '['t(e Semitic re'sdilg ies titermi ned t, i 1.2 21 (B) Rev. 21-22 (= Zimlllelllri, ituio(lslfln. h o. ni5,). tI6), h.sielr to dVII-Bt i in tilt; Sumerian line corresponds ilisni Si-bil inl tll Senitic lilth. (''. all-so,'i incler. Altorientalische Forsrczhunet,, o[,, dSi-bit-ti; Zinllcrllln, (... T.A. i20T.3 O.t i eliln, Siebenzahll p. 21, notea. I: r tleillselilptionl o tlthe Btvian r eli I ee Ii it. 14.

Page  89 .\'}'BUCH. I)IliEZZ. II 1. So fIt this illS('lip)ti(). as IIme el li( Ilal re Iladl show1111 (.lfs(ize, 1). 442), Anti a(I Ellil r(e (cearly re()lres(ent((l )v thle srilnles ilith tilias. T'I'o the i(lntilicaltiolis l l(, oil Sl<,i I al' hele'(.d( lmilll'n.l itil til' lightning fork, Nabftl -ith tl(,(1:1l(, ('olimen, Fm. 26. -.'4td, f Eahadd)" I'll",K] at S-d"'hil-li, giling the -niholic repr, -nlalion, 0 th, god, ur.,W h Ilitar -ith tl(, foIlir-c(orilerel star, l whiell onl Baillhollill. Illololuiment. lpp)lears nuellily als(ighlt-cornlere(l. The( i(leitification of N [N.1B withi thei( tvill lio 1n(1 hltS lslo\- 1ea oe ow b ( o u. I,' Ib(,lclus(e Susa I lias shown tehat th il sin gl lioln te (l tl,(ls ftor Nergtl, Ilcn(,e there is no other gol(\ lt \IN.IIN left for tlh twil lion hIcds. T re gods,(pr('-(t (,d ar(I, e'.l lo: (I) Th(, sten trI., the S;ibitti; (2) tinIr (An e) letaeling on two anial- g3) B Ibite. t(l I t lion: (4) Ellii staindillg onl: dr,Oi. sin lar to n td o 1 Alill: 15) 1. illllllnen ho(ling thelighlting iforki mnil stallding e i /Ul )\: ((i' Th(,(i(s(I o" Sin I7 Th il W eged eI7i sk of Shi a.-ill; (8) Tihe sixtn n-u)Oilet(l usta, Io,~al: t 9) TIh 1, p(1:l'ht'tt(l of.otlrluidk; (10) Tlhe (eelic staff oif xNel)i; i i ) '_iI, r i( l h l,((l ol ] - ':,12) Tlh, twinl-lh:lded illace of

Page  90 90 \/El' 1 ()U.\I ).\I '.'0< \'E I /1 '

Page  91 V\I]B'CHIADI/1HZZAt 1 1. I!; ft A1 Fi,;((. N2S.-Bondm l tt e(, K! NnAi-MNlu utlaA, fulnd at Susa, No- 2, face 1).

Page  92 92.I.\ '1'-IBO\0).{Ih1) Y 0 s<\W ' 01" These re all tilt( id(entifications ltt 0can be 11r1 d' with any dogree of certailnt. Recentlyll, lowe-(er, Prof. Zilnmierl hna ~I ttlt'))ted to increase. the Ilol1 1)(l colnsidernll ty by t stuldy of thle stone of Nazi-Ilarutt'as. I should e1) gladt to toll()\w til ingenious explanation of this distinguisoohed.,(ool'r. bult it s0vills to me1 there arc falta l o)jeltionl to Ils identifications: (1) Ils whole theory i0 basodl on the suplositioll tlhat thel s eventeell ter'rible filresll ((.01ripat) of til g Fods ae Iactually rep('res('nt(otl 0( thle.to01. IBut there is no justiicatioil for this supl)osition il tlh t ext. The stronlgest arguIl1telt. tllat ca.ll b)e o0l(ll for the view tof Prof1'. Zimoln1rn is t le fact tlhat there are actually se(vent(een figrl(es o(l tle stoll,. 1But this is ill itself not siftfictillt to \warraillt theil i (leoliftio ti()ot l, (ospecially wheotll 0 e findl that onl no other hoetoodloory sto(ne dlo (the i!(0rc. tr0l tlh(e oodos qouoteold i the text agree. This point is i, o 'lot0 (loougtll too warraint. tlhe full )'resentaiion of th0 eovioc(eo of o11llotl. Lollo(,ln, 10():.....t!1:o 1t syIl)(olI.11 )5 gooIs ill tlle text.' Londlon, 101... " I 1: " L(dlon, 99()(..... ".... 7. ' ' Lon(loll, 100...... 0 12 " Lon(on, 10)...... " 19. 1 2... ' ' I 1. 70....... ' 19... 12 " London, lO..1... 1. t " " London, 102......... " 1!,. 1" " Londlon, 90922........ ' ( " " Berl. V. A. 20S....... ") ()0 lBerl. V. A. 209....... (i.. 4.. B(erl. V. A. 26(;:i...... t t " 0. B. I. 149 )......... 14 S The 11111b1)(,r o[' go(Is ntight l)()>-i})l 1{(, inlrva-(,d to S'( nllteenll b-y Cotutltmt, twice SIhawltt nol d tltIollllll1o, -o]l()(, alll(. l(. l'(,j)'(I. Til re:o 0e o l li t(iften d;ljerent god.l so lollln(trtotd ll l tih (i0.r-(,.

Page  93 \VE/ 'C( II. l)I'I/)ZZ. hI I. 93 Neb. Nipl)ur.....i/a- 20 s!yml)ol, and 1C0 gods in the text. Susa ll.......... 2 '7 ";'. i Susa. X\........ " 7 Tllis list slios that the sull)ol-itioi, thllt, tChe gods and the slymbols are identicatl i, ]lot favolCed 1by 11th othelr loundnalry stores. (2i) IBut hriC C\-e 'Ciml//ze( I'/ol'. Zill/ll('ll'S idnlltific'ltionI S w' lneet still irorlc objections. Tll tfirst two sym!lols are two identical shrilnes witlh tiaral.: lhece \cX( sCloull(d xc)toct. if vyllmbols and toxt corresponld, tllat tlhe et shouldl 1l(ve t'he saiel( o at.' le('a. t similar st/ate/l/enits Ilaboult tllhcs tCwo symbolsC/. 11But thlis is lnot the/ case. Whi l tle first i/ escribed /il:./ Cl/-ClCl/l t.Cit —l/lC/-/C,/i 1,/ 11C)m(-mC/C//C/) C*(irri CoCi/, tlhe second is saidl to be 1q' /il-//i-l /-I/i -/,l-i.( 'WF/-li' l i/Cl (CWi/tliC. Hence Prof. Zimllnl('l is forc'ed to tle asumpllll)tion/ that the second symbol s "-l I '' ill r 1 Iil(lliche/ l)(ID.,tcllHtfl/ r implicite vor//CC//dCe ist./ 'l'lli/ is ( /uivalenlt to a conlf'essio/ n tlha his tlheory does Inot Cagree ith thl( evi(lC 'cc. (3) It ll/ 'vll 1( doubted that theIl tlir// sC/ll/bol, whi/ is entire ly Crase/, Consist((l (,f t/l( sChrine an(l thel' goatfish. There is looml/ for tie sCill// with theC Ill's Ilea(l, ClCt for the goa/tfishI is hardl y IV rCoom, as a glanclce at the upper row will showC. (4) H-e1 ihdeltifies ti(e two lion hleadls withl ShiuC1/C/ui//CC, whlilh' Susa I l/-ows tIhat til Ct/llC/c Citil thl( squareCI el(l lclI'c' /ts ltclCCCl/( To call the laltCt'.Cip)l/yC/ "i '('' ctcil/cre ZI/lltllC s(Csill aalin (ll('t( thl( xigc(ci(Cs(c ol a thlleory. (5) 1Sh;ti-r' al/C ShlCl'-gaz 'e'l)re('Ct thi( lp)Crsolli/i(d w(,aI)O/CS ofl NIN.IB, of which Shir-C' is hI(ld iln his right 1and anld Slhar-gaz illn is left, (l'ra li, ilder C/d,/Cmbil, 1). l 29); but how ca/.C l t/ vulturle lhead Cdoll/e be sCid to fit Cl//t dCscrictiol'i It Idellimlds rtIlher tlhat the two lioi heads ri// l)C(Cc' t wlt 'C eapCIOns,C fC/ NIN.I. ()) ii mia-sabr-/b-ti ' o ' i('(cls(C/ of th( lC'inc/(C/s,"' ' lo aCbsent, and PIrof. ZillillCern lCll/st C.Cin 1/:ll(/' r'C'C'ls(' to til(/ sll)l)ositiol thait it is inipli|(1. (7) Il't, idIentificati(tt f th, ); - /a-su,,,,t i(-..).*a blt si-kil

Page  94 \\\\ —- --- — ` `~ I-ll U LD / B "7 i~ a L6 i. ~ ,~ T -5 ~ — Y - 1. h % r \-Y" r ~ \~C.'";i z 'Lli I _n, ~~;c;r,, ~- I I; <'~;' cL L' n v: i~, h' - ~: 2-V-~ ' ~ `~-' — ---:t2 — ~i —._ J-! cSI,7

Page  95 X]B-: ( L (' I. DlIEZZ.\ It I. 95 la with the shlrinl carr'ying the holrseshCoeike, -likke Q-li, figurc is also doubtful, and would itll' hl\ have)(,eein Iade if thle theory hadt not ldemialndedl it. It will 1i( observed that this last sytmbol occurs fr(eq(l tly it fourth p)lace after the symbols of Antu, Ellil anrld E (c. q.V. 37, Susa., Sosa NV, Ss X, a I[, I 1t. 70, Fr.:;0(). — S Iolml,4 on ilan insclil l l td Ihu aW'y 'tol- found:tt, No. 20. III It. -1).1 And as in several of theset cases (I R. 70, I[ It. 41, Susa Il[) N IN.AHI.SA ( or NINX.IAL I'ollows Am\, E1llil land Ea, it iN likely that, this symbol is a r(epre(sntationl of b.ihar.a/. Al. hough the ig(ltili(ations ol Prof. Zit,11. a I wh4.ole (:'ll ha1l 1 see lig,.-1). 131: fift. 304. 1).!9: fig. 27, 1). /i. fig. I 17, 1). 2S: fig. 1l3, 1).:3;3, fig. 1 113, 1).;34.

Page  96 96 A.\EIl' BUI i'\l).IllY ST(.\KE OFI be ieee(ptetl, there are several elwhicl 1 correct. llis, iletntification of Ishl.ra wit ll tie scorpion is very hlappy. Both have the samIe idcogram, GIR.TAB ( Br.:3L,5-316:). Tlhe lion-healded l dra(. glo undoubtedly reprosenlt Nergat l or Slhit-lal-ta-i (FI'rank, Bi'ldcr und Symble. Ip.:30). ItRccitl 1)1r. Lo(n- IIrctz-y lhas mtadeli it, ery probl)able (IlIicrie,i.trsyriologic. \I, 95-104) that the hirine witli the b)rick and ftie w(edlge, wrlilch is frequently (Sut. III. XX, 'V 1t. 57, IV It.' 4:, III It. 41, I R. 70. etc.) placeld ahlogside of thei lance oi' Marduk, is lihsy!ibol of Nabli, tilc go- of writiing; al a'chillitccturte. To sum up, w( have tlilr t lar been abl), o iinake tiwntyv( idlentifie;tions of symb!lols with their respective( deitiies; that is, nearll Ihalf of th - ilymbiols have heenl idlentificedl. Itit thi se syibols ar mlore thll godls, for all tile godls of Bal)yloni'a are astral. They represent certaiin tarls wiith whichl tlhe go(ls werlre idenltifie(d. This -heild hrave 1been plain ilong rago, foir sun, ic1o01 atndi the eightipointedl Veinus st:ri, which occur oni all these monumenlltts, clear'l ioint toile ir-eret is the tpltce where wr e shloutlh lool; or all tit(. other symibols. The nost Iprominent of the sym-llols is tle s(elrpent wlicll ieither coiled up on top of tile monumentl or ext lentls along tl! I See lig. 111 tr. 28; lig. 30, p. 9): fig. NiL r. 1131; fig. t i, t. 17;fig. I r, p.:31. 2Tllhe- ihltiliealltiols Ire' (1) The )-,rlehad tl tadul. for.:uL'mdukl; (2) tlhe ittIi urcitellli fr ( thie cithl V i ltie whlead for Nrgri:ri ( lI ili( nlll.e c witht tih, liirei top for Ietllr i lilllter; 15) tt( " ltln etr e l llm li; (eii tiln,.brine willt goatifish and ]lillm', }lelwad frl 1'Eat; (7) 1he ~-eahqd godde<s (illl dog (o' the eight-poitWed,tar (five-pilited oil Nl). Nippi.r No. 13, ix-pointd *)1 SlSiit. No. 1, seen-lpoilnted on til sto)l(e of Nail}-,dulli-ih 1d11un) for Ishltar: (11) ti( -(rpnt for Sil.; (12) tl, wa:ilkilig l)ird for aUl: (13-1 I) the two sIrille, -with tioil's for Allll alldl l;lhl; (15) the Sillinc xitlh tlhe wedg(. I)ricl, (,) or st yhi, I'orllll'; (16) tile lilae with thle twin liot heads for NIN.IB; ~7) the -),,prionl for l O-lxilra; (IZ) tlhe forlkel liglhtning alld the ox for V{lllllllll: i(19)) till',lriiic withl lh \yoke or hlorseslhoelik figure for Niilhtrag; (20) Ile se\el st:ars for the ilt ilitti.

Page  97 .II '(HI11)II:ZZ.A11' /. 07 lo(wr edge of the symb1ols or Oinds through tlhe c(ntre and hlangs (iowwar(i Nvilh iths tail. 'lle le:lingll of this serpenl t llas been dl(llrli(nedl! tll re sel)aar:atc fa:('t: (1) Inl ' list o)f rivers (II 1i. 51. 5 —47) e rir o the rive r io t s(el)iet ()l Sir) is exllained as "tlhe riverof tito' great bandr o aell (n I )Uil.-tA N.(.I,) id as"tih river ofl the r'It o('en" h r to ' ZU..\l(AL\). (2 Another text i Rll. 2S2') r(eres',nts Ellil a, dralwing thi( lpic ltre of tle great s(rl lt,. c:l(I Lal)bto. iponl tlhe' ill'illmm('nt (si(, I'ozn1 /.17, lte _~,.,,, 1,(;. 31. —> mIbol.,1 fle( sOon 1 o' King Xat-. islhkrl. Mmnow:t Berlil. ron cit (.irlt.~t inra, p). 10S, obv. '7-10). ( 3 Franz DclitzscIl lhar ld. de the olfr,rva tio llfit Ji s t ra i litiollfno i fitiio d tii s,,vivnt (l:late(l l) (vGd (.Job 23:': 1(;5 with the milky wav (so lRabbi Lvi lin (TG;rsoni; see Deliz (lch, "Commen11\tary oln Job, 2d cd., ). '3: I)'l. o'o. lloimcl was tll( first to inllftr romi tlhel first land tie. third of fl'so fc'ts thair ll, sront asri identical with 'ri/tmat artd lhr lvon hill(pers, and rcogliz(Ild ti m'iii in thoe mil)ky way and( tli( sign; of tih zodiac (ITol)ml ism,.:c:,370). ()O th11 blasis of tl is itdetification Plrof. oI llo i as atrgue tro it al al11 ltll( otier symll)ols are signs of tile zodiac. 'Tlis theor- hasl recently

Page  98 98 A NEW BO UNLXID STONE'( OF belon subjected to all able criticisn by Boll in lis valuable work, Sphacra. Leipzig, 1903. 1-e rIaiscs tw\\o stroing objectiols to Hommoel's theory: (1) Tlle sylnbols do not ocelr iln a fixed order, such as ve nI:turally expe(ct to be followed if tli(y reI)resente(c tlle ignls of thl zodiac. In all other known zodiaics the order is fixed, while the arrangement of tle snymbols on the bouIn(l:ry stolles;varis constantly. (2) Tlhere arii more sylmbols than twelve reprel'cnted i:2. -ThL, tit'tlwer i'm Ol:1 lCahyhmian })Otllldary MOIW. (a,,)ll(1Oll, (rl.) on fift(en stor'ls, whil( at lelast five hv, 4l(-4s thlial twelve sihl)ols. 1 ti ewit of tlio ovidl cit, Wet Mllt (ti(or. t the conchll( oll tll;at the zotli:l(:.1, sulll i', llot l'(l)l'(,(,lllt((l oil tl( Io)()tll(la:l' r S[folls. A eiiifferel mtiswor, ireiouwir, imu1 ii t i(;ie toi the inquiry 03).\ Tli'l( 111 11t iart,11t ((l, with 111c )(,h, bi(ill 11(ch is ll( body it Scc i~. I!}( I.1 I1. -'.q 1 2( -,. 1~,,-l-c(, L ). 21 5,

Page  99 .\]E:iUClI.1 )REZZ.\1R I. 99 1nd the tail of I' scorpion, with tihe feet of a lion. To this symbol corr(epollnd a cen(talur drawing a bo\w oil two other stones. In one case (Lonldon, 101)' he has a dlouble headll, one luman,l the other that of a dragon. IIe is also p)rovi(ded wilh winstl and a double tail, tile lower of a horse, the upper of a scorl)ion, 010d ll(ler lhis fore feet is a scorpion. Il tlie second case (1). E. P., J, p. 175, fig. 381)2 the winls are left off and there is but one tail. All these remnarkFi(-. 3:1. -Thlem ftr(llr [rol l the ill' yptiul zodi:lc-l' Ihmdm.. ii)lt rteatures ap)p)ar oil I Egyptian 1l dtll tie ('ic cl( zoliacs. ()11 the s(luar-' zolil ot It)ilcler n e', e. lictih da('itreoici the( title of tothe llii)etror ~(,ro, Cv es, th' s.lile d([ou)le-h(adt( c(,eltlil drawilln a )ow, willged al d havi 1 two l t):lils t(, lower of ' llorse and tlhe lipper ol' a seor)i(. I((,, too, th( ceorpl)ion tollow 'is I -lc i1(xt sigl of Il( zodiac. Mlorov(r. th, i(, is li scille tIransitio)n froii a centitur to a lhumai.n ormi. The s(l(ilt(Iriu.', which Boll gives fro a Latill MS. (1. 131), is ia two-leggedI satlyr with i horl o -t-ail. These ' Sce ig.:32, p. c. So('r fig. 23'2.j.). i.

Page  100 100 A A-'Il IBOUNDARY STO.E 01 t' I ~fd 4i rI (i r -:"~; I~1~:~ ~, Y. ir,.r '=.r: ~:~i~, I~.~(;I %~z, ^ i-iai;I ///..-~. ... "- '~i;3"=; C "/~~,~.~~~I ,l~li~l t " r ~~ i'r I ':* = rll ~~Is;. ~I.I C'.:a, z `i: I =L(1~ c c:;p_ '':''` 1 I,.~;. i ~t "" i "';- \c: 1~r I~:s-~~ I;~r '-"' Ibci':d F\ 1 ~..~ ~~~.~.;... fi I1 1: I. Ii

Page  101 \VEBUC(l.I )ll'llEZ.ZIi I. 101 remarkable agr(eements (cannot lbe accidlental. They rather prove eon('lusively that the ELgyptilan tzodie was influenced by the lsabylonian, and that )by this snybol oll the Babylonian boundary stones a sign of the zodliac, the saqitllaril.s or archer, is lmeant. If one symbol of the zodiac is unquestionably represented on the nv-c nc- 1 ~ i I' 6. -. Fr:. 3. —Rnound zodiac of D)eodra f1rom tlhe tilnl: of Emparor Augustus. boundary stones, it is reasonalble to suppose that there are more. In this connection the rounld zodiac of Dendcra deserves special attsention. IIHec we find along the inside circle, besides the planets, the thirty-six decani and some other stars, the signs of the zodiac in the usual order: aries, taurus, gemiti, cancer, leo, virgo, i..... -; i: i~

Page  102 102.1 AVll ()t'.\').II'I',S70.\A' 1' librac, scorpio,.qit(lar'ilas, ca(t)ricolmt., tqt arilr. anlll pi8ccs. Thle planets are arlralngil as follows': MI(tlc'(y )(,twern lion an111 virgin., Saturn between virgill: })alan('(, Mars above tl(e apricorn, FIG. 3G.-Thl, go:alfi,1, ((':1)l.i (,)rl l) I'rl a1 I:t)O I: ! ow oll ( ( f i M li-Sip:ll (S'll a, -No. 3). FIG. 37-The goatfisi (('apricrn) froIn the rountd zodiac of I)end(ra. Venus between waterman and fishes, Jupiter between twins and cancer. Several of these signs are found in similar formls on the Babylonian monuments. The goatfish, combining the head tand body: ':.:..

Page  103 .\ lBi '('11.1l)lh'lZZ.A I I. 103 of: g:t \ithll the tail olf l fish, is oll'ml repealtedlt oll tilhe boulary stons.a tIhe siymbol of l'a ( Rt. 70. London, 9!)9. Susa I, Stisa X\, Sui-a XX, etc.).' Th close siiililrit il forill absolutt(l demaids a common origin. Another symboll whichie shows close similalrit- is Ih(e lio lt o ilolg oil: serl)lt. It tlay correspoli(n d to til lt iigel(t lion wal;lling onl i s (pt on ll.M. 99.2 Again, the W:t(til )om'itilg aVtle ott tof' tw a s re min llil aUs ary mutch 1.'I~;.:Is. 'I'h gol Ea on tis.a, \o. ( The wat(erillitall fo ll roulnd odiac of I )cleldorl. of the similar fiRlgir on Susa VT, most likely El', staniding on a goat. In frot of is est h ei t i holds a vase, out of which two streams are running. A similar figure of Ea wtith -vases, out of which water is bubbling in two streamls, is published by IIeuzey in Rei:ei d'A.syriologic, Vol. \VI, p. 95. This identification, however, aenl hardly be said to be certain, because we found that the 1 See fig p.. 1 (. 1; i. 3, p. 83; fig. 22, p. 8; fi g. 302, p. 95. 2 See fig. (Is, p. 17.

Page  104 104.1 iF RlOI.V t IR)} S7i'.\-t 1) goaltfish, the symbol of Ea, corrIespolnds to tie Greek capricorn, while here we would have tle God Ea idlentilidl with the wauterm11n. It will be noticedl, Iowevert, that the goattish and wa lterman are two ldjaoining signs,,1d it might well be tihat the figure of Ea hiimsolf stood for the watermll:i, -while his sy!lmbol, tlhe goaitfishli, expressed the (neiglhboring sigil of the (ca[)ri(torn.e -- %Fro. t39. —The symblol of tllhe god larduk.l (Slu,a. No. 1().) Other identitieations that hlave tbeen proposed are still less certain. AttetiionI has been called t to le fact that in a xirilumber of ca(,es tlie spear of Marlduk opens the series of symb llols (V. A. 2663, Susa I1, Susa 10G6), nd thitt on thl Sarlon istonle tihe inscription AM, the " ox," is placed atlonisiil( or it (lliomml, Aie ufl s (ize, p. 2.57). Now when we recall the fact tlhaitat 1100 1.C., when tile bloundary ' Tlle syillbol of (;ulta seels to be al patralllel c(Iae \llic('l pril)llv st lands for tlhe /irgin, while her dlog relar selts the next zodiat / l signl, tilh lion. 'TIr( sale cobrlination of two symbols inlo onei group lllt)' i -('('ii ill t ilal eenta:lu lolling the I)ow, whl'i rep)resents tile sagittl'/llS, 111de r whose for f('et is til(, S o)iol, tile next sihl in the zodiae (see fig. 32, ). 9b).

Page  105 NA'~.1 H '('ll.l)llD'-ZZ.\I I. 105 stones were( engraved tillhe vernal( (equilx fell into the sigil of ti(' 1mll (tollur.), it may )be arguedl ith som0e degree of p)robability that the s)'eal' represents ti ( tirst zo(li;ac.ll sign or toloros. It iq oftell l)re(Iet(lted ol olloh-lwed by1! th(e slhr'ille ith the we(lge, anll, as at ghlan(c ';t tih(e northern h(mi.l)here of leavenll shows, tihe trianglhe is al part ol tit(' sign of the ral. Thll(refore the wed(1g Ir('epresellts 11)('r'l)sI tIhel( rieo. Agaill, tilhe slear of aldu il is tt alet l est tie tso(lemi0i) adtljoill tlhe1 Itll'u.': hellce tit(' twill liols 1illv stanlld for the llminTi. All tlese( i(llitifielatiolts are rellllliiler certain by1 Ilhe fact that. the sl) icald,:l stands for Matrduk. tih( wedg(e mllost Foi. 10. The goddh,, (ul.l,. time scorpion ol Tshhar, ntid the wv:aling bird of Bau ' n'-usa. No. I 1. likely for X:ali and the twin lion heads for N IN.I1. These 1s ar tlle o()ds of tie(' tllhree lanllets Jupiter, LMericury anrd Mars. IItlnce it w-olthl be( Ilolre natural to idelitif- tllhem l ithl tlhese plllets. 1r'o sil 111 ), t(' on111y Ce('taiill idelltifi'caltiolls of tlle lbolildllarl stone(' svymill)ls w\ith sigins of tll( zoliac arc, thle archer with tilhe.s-ailclarils, tIhe scolrpioln w itil t1he scorpio Ian(l the go1:tfisl withl the ctpricorn. Tle rest t canno t le1 regarded as fully establishedthe g()l g )pourinlg out water with thle aterman, the walking or sittinllg lioll (dog) with leo, the spearhel withl tal'lus, the w(ldgc with ili( (tries, the twin (drtgon hleads with thle g'lmini. Tlie( god(less Gula ma1y stand for til(, virgin. But tlhat thle mace Nwith

Page  106 106.1 I BONAY 11T.1' 011.0 (t thle( glolhulilr endl i a Sull)stitulte( f10. til(' c,('cr, tlhe liko( tigll(, oil the slhrinll for thel lihbr, lo tilte n-lllking hirlt i the l/i.hc. ()oc'., n1(t 'l[p)(': l' to h] ve11(' l)('('11 )1' \ ('(y1 )!v til(' argtllll('llt ()ol 11olinl('l.1 1But (,'(, n it f all thle t'hv.- iglls,,1 the zod(lil (,l'(, ftully (,stallli -l('hl it oll(l t1 il\o twtal, (oxllI,,t the list 11 f theillel ' ts!lle s Ithe,(,e c ('o Ill t( a vll 'r ( rl i'('r ( it si tlths. '\\'Ihat t are' ti' re(st? \\We' lnt,1l'1 111 l(xplt to finl l(csdl(1, thl(' signls (o' lite zodlioc tll(' livI' ltlle(i thalt 10 ' (ve ]llol to) tle' ale(i'nti. No\. it is lliglllyrole:l(1 that thl ('r11 re11 t sllrs1ent(. 1 \1 have ti o 11(' til ( 1t1( sl( larl(of. is a1tttril11t('(l1 t, tI:ll' (llk. \i1o;va11 ill latr' tilit'.', il(,ntifi(,l with Jtl)itt r: th(' 1 \1((lg(, is t(oist likly t1he s\(1n( l ()f Na:l.)il, ii ( tio - fi(,l with1 hrc'Ju'\': the twil li,,o, Il(,d.s a' th(' sv'lnl)l]l of X[N.IM, i(ltifiti(,d \ilh Mars: the lion-(,lad'(,l (Inth.og i, the s\i'tbol,,1' Ne(rgrtl, i(l'ntithIiel. witil,.tttrll. Satiun l(' w l(' ('ight-)(oint('(d.t,,(1 is Ir't:ily th,' 1 -1m1 l (,1f LIl1t:lr. i(1,11tifi('I \vithi \ 1(,l, th(' (ollo( anedid (,\(,(i(eg.ta. As,ivith(, r t(,1 s-igns o(' ti( z1)lia(c onil thle' pIlltIs (xilltaist tilhe list of symill)ols found i]l the' ImmidniJ:n'- <toncs. \\(' tulst look iOr othe'r c(l]st(llattiols \vhi('ch might l)(is-ilhly he, re(plrle('('nt('(l. A.t this stag(of Ol. ill'ertig:atioll:ai astrol()gi(c:l t('xt of:t ('('(rvk Writ('er al(l rl'('II('rOS htl ' t aheB lowlial, whi('ch was plibllish((l. '(,('(mtly }ly Boll,'-' s(,(,ms t 4 s ho w lJS;h(, right w(t,. III this lext wo finld each sign of the Zlo(liac asso(liltl(e \vithl.,, nillll 1llllJ', \hi(h, is (,al1((l /, These. Tll(s(, tllinimals, thJr(,f(r(,, arc s-lill>,is of a scri(,s of tw(,lv(, h(ourS. 'IN ll r I S st hav e ('1,(' (lJ)](; ho llrs..beals(, it takes twcnty-four lhouls t'or (,n( revolution of all the t wetv(; pa rts of ilh ((litic, alil c (a(ql lllialR l'(lr(s(lltS on(-tWe]if'ti. I (lo not l itS(ill to (fIe-lio)i ht, Ill( lit) 11(], d V'lbllll)bl(' ('ontril)utiolns orf P'rof. 11lo~l111l O11h t(li,.'ub)jo(ct. But ill Ih, p(,oillJ-, emlilnlwlrated he( doess not se ill to lh:ue ('tablilhd contenltion. See al) alrcltoh of ('. B(ezold ill Archh' fir '(,lig/ion.~ge.cbe.t @5XL (1!.07), p. 1151., adl IrFnik, Bildcr nd SNymbole der Babytlonischl-.issyrichen (;olr,,tr, p.:3. 2 ('f. Ball. _SptLar(l, pp. 17-21, 11-52 -

Page  107 .k\'El!'(C1. 1),tI-ZZ IIt I. 107 tpat or thirty t((gre(s. Mo(over. t o lse. t\e'(\ touble Ilhours (oitd not oririmItlly have re'rt'(red to the eclipti(. Ie((utse (each twelftih lrtal o1' l(l (ee'liptic rise( i uneqttl I ntervals of 1 hUIr 20 mini((,1 lo 2 hou',s 21 minilts ii the ltiml(l, of Ithaloylt. To securte eu(ttl.ii(;. II.-Matrle plate 'ro'I Egytpt Sllotinig tlh zodiac tnd til " l)odel:aro,." (livitiolls the t\(l\ve Ilarts must h.t1 bie(,(,rn aI)pliedtl to the hleavetldy (,(11ltol'r. Now it is \(ell klnownir that thel systlem of double hours callted k,.i(S)-bi (KA.C()IL)) w.s usedl in Babylrlonia, as the tIablt III R. I all. /.c., 1 i). 31.5.

Page  108 cct-0^14 3 z 3 ~ — = -~ r ~1. =- - C 5 5 '` ~-' -1 -r, =? r, -4. 4r~4. 4 = r: 3 1 1-^ 5 -e 7$ e s r; -~ ~1. ~1. r r~ %L? ;=~, " ~e (1. ~-; j zs~R 3 rt C! r 7 j-5=;r S =, r c = - =~ J r~ = Z i~ ;~I= ~; 5 '~ ~1. = c 5' N 3 'r ": - r' =r - - -~ - ~ 3 r -~ i r Ir ''? ~-' r r' " ~1. I ~, 7 - 3 r i s 5 = s -~ ~, -~, -- -- c % c b =% = = r~ = = C' r =- r' -1. " = 5 )f =: C` r' 7?? c F3 C c 2 'r r ~ %

Page  109 Xwns ilchil reinlimihu pr hifehi seemi to lii iilppoitod hy the Flast Ajiatic cycli. Thii ivele of' tisev lia"rprsne:( eveleIt of, twelve suec"cccive 1 ( ars~. (2) A eve(le o, twelvl\e illoilths. (:1, Te iiev( hourliiii of the ca liendar (Iv. III 1ll these relatioifut thec Ch]liwlc-v '11btituted`~ the tivelve t16(chi or1 chara1~cters~ ill theiril places wh~~lichl (li t desfigimtc ed thec tivelve ign-~l~- of the zodiac amtnt I-I(. A~alc hl, iy T~l w ~ II! E iuir', lv,. lilifi, anI vear" cei pondii g to Ile tiwelve ofi the Zoiacin, i, o oidu uu a parit of' ancient au~trohogv. hut wkiiiw Iha ith KIIluvIomaluuuuu dividduhui cl nd iilii iluiv into iiwhulvuuldouble I l h uuuha twulniinti ls ovi whuihelideuI thisaue gnus I Ball. I,_ p 333

Page  110 C3 I;;1. 1 s e r Tc, S 3 O C ' 3 O n =~ r ~I. -. ' s 'C " " I: s c I~R r = ~3C =' ' n '' e - - ~ E' u -~ 1. = c -~ 3 % -~ 1 =' 3 = i'= S, s ~1. s 79 z — r 1. 1- _5 i- e~ C 7 1. = ~I = =^. 7? — -- = ~1. 7= C "~ C? T: i- = ~1. J. r H 3 e r, ~; 1. 3

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Page  [unnumbered] 1:.- "I:,.",as,:1~p g d n m i~ 'm h I h,111,i tk it 6 -l r m th i.,d

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Page  111 A'XI.' '('1[. ll,'I/-ZZ/.11 I. l I -olle o it least simli: lal~ ill bolil lists. 1 III L )I 1v t()()ve of tit 1)( dw1(c )1 y"I -nw liatI fink wIc it thiti7tw it ci id I ll 1111111 z~tac.ispr'ovel ol N-:11Illa ngtica Tihitllopojig. Zttiliic. zodi(lcii iull --— twgill t \\ illn ---'''11 ) c'r:l) ----lim~ 1lt -— vir gil \-rjl in — Itohrellf(,( vIm l:111(.....c )l'] )J( )1 ho(\% --- se:t oInIIte ~'.(:1' 1)1( )]11...( )\ —111 x~'ll lIl)]l-ler.. Ill urn11 — fi'll li.'ll ----r-m:IIl TIIC(i it ti),'r1 ])31h (d - hul l;lii -,li ll (. tilfii l l:,\\.-t i \'l'i,,ll,,,, it ittr I iiilcl /w l/li lch '(1lell(A\{// I)' l (li(o. cat). A.\ A 1) i:t ho'-'). l).\ I)A\ (),til.(, d(O llilll., ~., 1 i m( l,:illl in ( 11 ]- \\hr fl', '. whih.llh(llet I li',cll ( \it:li(c (ih '('l. (ti lt 11I 't l ( 'I(i:, i rIt (.ltI I (,-,ul( l t(,III ' I xvoI l ih( Im l, II h,, I tI - -('lwrl I ttic ' t1u. ll it u(tuI (iirh(-. / i-,ii.. i t ]/ I i ].11 i 1 " 'i-it 111 I.ln54, i t tilti i.:.: i Ii I l 1 1i 11[ r1. 1 1i1i.. iii I [- 11t1 -i \1, rh f i 2l:lh'. 'I).:tm111 -1'( 11 r m I Il., I.,- \ 1.l. \-iplli (p.11.711',

Page  112 t12 -, l I 1ul l 1 UI/A)1 1: ' I I/u ltiu lu u l o til l - uFIu o ll uu \ 1> l N uukjOw luuulioll, W it uu - III(' 1beirngo ~(2 I II. I4. t I N II I I I uu uI u IIIuIu u I, I I I ' III.: I I 1I.( I I u I. I II Ill/u11 - 11;d / jui f u-2uuI 2- uuli iuu. ' II It lut fc 1111 /. 11 / I 1w/1v e l"I vo - a t I II - uil I/rzk I// h Iu- lI'u I I I Ile 1 zuIuIu I Il Il r I II I n /1-II-u- uI uu/ I 1/ /1l u/ /ill IIIIIII) - /uIt \-Iu/-1 v I III II Iu-/ I- I I u//uu/ I I!II l llI Ilu Vuuuu I ul/l u IH il//u /u) / ui, Iuu luI1 i//

Page  113 tillimak~l. coiIIIIIIal to 1(, difi clll'recllt circles~'. which fil Il11st. go back'1 to a; COM)11101()1 Origiill. I si ltr'ig oIootm v id(:III (,z tllh cl-mich'lngll ).\ (,1f RZ1111111"'111 Nvilh 1li'Illllilig f(m1.1I\:11")) two~( I(, tidt' corn1 po11d i1:g\ I () 1 1JI( fn~lcmi nild(]( ihi1' \ 4 Iil?' )il' and1~\ I') tit( Iwn "Illd ha\\k ml. Ille flidi:111 c\ircle (the wniking hint of Bal1 ~5; 1:111I w\il I I n Alll-ille henringill:I chli(cl; fsll I;t 11 I;, flat:I liic ~I(:~ iic pr'"d,:11 deI 111w1 -mile~( (,I, III(' Ylllhol,~1 ()II th hmll( ](, llI11 IY FOP1( 1 1-')1(' TIle'11, I. e 11) it ( d, kichard Redc'tlich` to expc's tlill ' 111 Ille-e viill)(ds n, coll-u~1~flnlI ill (4 t1Iw ('(11alm.' ('lrc`]e IIIII't he reprll.~led n, I f~lihlro.(' to Ow (~~~cllpllc;1 I.m1( 1. 111e' r ',m.[)iol: ch1 11( c(lollghJ Io the~l~cil~l! (II-Igillml Omit the ec ('(liptic(. niI1 1:s1 cmil'lellalti(,ll, (It' the e('([lunim) -MIL cli cle:if.(, 1vpI-(-('IItcI.IL ()(II the bmilidal.]:I v 1(1 mics1( l mt, howeverr,) I/ ) ther),/ iu, 121 30.h-". 113". 1, 3,( 1. I ig III`. 1, I: \),I x l!I!(), I~( I L';. 'I h_ W '. 17. fig. I I 21. lig, 2 1:1.1:- 111~\\.1'~ 1(~11 1~:1 1 16. lig 2'',1 1 III,~:. ~ i t:0 -it W, 1..:11, do-:111 11I\~~1 IIII~:.:1 )) 11-)I(e - ) 1\,h:, 5 Bird p,,h R:,-~. - G I, i Ld spti(C( II( 1~'111r\ ~ a~ I,-gm. 7 ('(~ ll~~l; r. l 1.)I

Page  114 114 A N-'ll BO()t.\U').I Y TOE()\ OF We may suminlarizo tlhe results of our ilvce(ligtigaon iol follows: (1) 'rthe sym;ibols On tile lb l i l )(1 (1 1 (t.y )11s ln'p'es(I t, /a. / x ' \\','.i [. _I_-.... ---.- -.-: -- ---—. Ii'1.5. —NoI rt io ll i-plh re i mi,' i l th 1 ('lip ti I'd 1e q(lt,.'ial (h -1 — ti1 II}00 p. ('. prim'liy c(,rtaill t ti's,:.,-: is im deiiit(ly Iku1o1wn flo'm Sussa 1, XIV 'ed X.. o The s(itis- thus Iynboulally 11epll)fiseoltlol a're

Page  115 .\EllC! IU.)l I)'/Z.Z 1l 1. 115 itldlc'(lel((nd t of thle ldeitie(, enumeratedl ill the texts. The two sleries never atcel'. rl(h sy!bols lrepreselnt tile deities either by tllheir slhrines, their lveapolls, th01ir s:(lre(1 a( ilmals or in hluman lorm. (2) 1Ba 'lonia deities being (also stell:ar ill their nature, the s y!. bohls0 rei(l)le(lt lb) illli(ctio()l ('(l certalil ((o 't(,ll'hti(n. Solle signs olf tlil zo(liae are r(res'(ct((,ed, )bult not tle( zo(liat: itself, for there is no o(,leto.-le:( we exp('(ct if tlhe zo(liac a u- l. v(hwere (1repr(esented.0. (3) There being more than forty s-ymiols. other constellations '(,(lid tloe zodia lc.'trl illluded. '1'hl1((' ''o most. likely'l the planets ~ 1ed( thle constellations of thle dodk,,ros. Here again there is no lrel)rcsentation of tile full sclries, b)ut, 's in the case of tlie zo(litacal sig(ll, o,, t e qcolcti(n i: rnl(lte. 'l'] l)roll ms ill c('lll('tioll -itll tIlhos s-llllmols wh-lichl still \: 1it lt 11'e sotliotio( 'll (: I iThe om olOil t id(lntlificatioln of all tlhe syllols i th te go( tlley ('( l)re(et. (2) Thle idenltificaltionl of the vy-nlbols wvith the'i resl)ective C(onstellations. (3) The deterInitiat(iln ' llhe 1rincilel( width (gided th( 1II)VIObyhm1ian1 Sclpltortls il their sclc tiohl l (otr!'hllteolleot (o, the svl(olf ()on the tolles. \\h(ell tloo(o pllolo'ohms aro solvted tht(, oo(-t('!' ol tlo symobools shall h:ve fotl(l its compl)hete a'd at o tislf:cty ottolo tioon. ' \(cc(( 'lilligtO 1' o'. (llO l-e l lt, thllL(l trol(ll)o 1 tt, )o l lll I( tl' otolle~.;I -atl(o l ((ll(l,tl t - n ill r ll ll(olllllll('l! (0'. illolii,,St(o' e [lt r;aoi dl i rr(t'/Ct -;.c mt l-.....t/i(r. r (l)l'er-pllltilet tillle l ll hllt e l]:t 'It -ith vari ou. wtll-ln1ownv -I11, ill l ~q ll,t1 ( 1 (('lzll. h,11~-.

Page  116 116.1 \EI' JO )'.\'Jl)Y) ST'OXI- ()1 II. A NEW' ill iNM)ARfY sTrONE\i, OF, N FB (21A I)REZZA11 1. F1'll0 M NIP PIA1 c. 1140 1B.C 1. 1001)1-r0w ON AN) OY))))))o. I'll], o1 oI' lltee0it bou r S'tot lowCloa ftor 1at f lid -Nipp r. (-1 till th 10)'rtlio'v t Sidle ) f tlhe Ziggora 1, withiln ith telllp le ill Febri- - arv. 16)6. a) tlie c'1 eof the third Bth- It tlaiollexptdotitl of oi Utliversitetl')'))o)'tvo)0.1)'O I was presentle'dIlit)hr' Im'peial Otltoman GA(01)111)00) to Prod. [it preerht for hi. Services i lolrml0'))Ztg) t ihet lek~ tIll )t 11)0d hO 1 'll the lttall ell)))or)')g('o i cll) el~ re) llt n ) rl)m)Ot ' I flt lll a)I'i (( tthe taper, tow))lardll10)l)'h)) 1)op, 1 bi I I) 6stlii) I11l)))))) r dg~, h ilcrp 30 ieteo lol l)')I5 ' line, 11tet 'I'ic Sii)6)0. g0t00 hiaged

Page  117 'L 'I.\(AlDl.Zl) Z7 1Ae /1 117

Page  118 .US.1.\' Or,.l I 1 )1h'Y 'Ol'lo -,; 01, other moo enu t t oten0ts oof ot. t ti. l tl ist, pl)ce it colltaills a drawilg of thll fiel(l ill lquestiol, togetltllr withll 1 - ccollltll! ilog de.t-riptio, wh1ich1 1pre(cs the inlleiflioll poroper. SSimilalr )lots of fiellds alnd I)pla.)'s of bhulilng- arlc, however, foulnd oln n r111111l1'ou cla- talblets.'.\ A (eil l)( euli:l11it!- is t l tl(,iutiful lihll to l'llil. at tile )(,giioing of tll illefil)ti,)n. It wa:s n(o doubo t takltl f)lll tole litulgicell eolh:(etiolln of It -llulll ill uIs(e t Ni\iplou'. It is thll llest Ellil htoon rhvliell tulb 1w,((1, f((lll l tllus fil,2 litly etelt)otillg ttle majesty land powe(r of the godt of -Nippur. In1 sone of its (,x)Iressions it approachest1 tile PsalLs of the( Old Testaiment." A similar hymn to Xanli, opening a legal do(cumenlt, is found ol a.tone tablet, ldated in tile reigll o(f NSa)i-.llhun-islllhun, which r(ec ords tlle investiture of a prioet of (Nobo Oat Bortippal) witll certain rlights 1lnd privileges.' Tlle nIl1:art:11l)().ol(le to ta. n1 -mln ) ol otltlr boullllary stones is the glorification of arlluk oil1 tle( tolne of hMerodalhbaladan II., low at l3('rliln.' The inscril)tion is also (remarkabl) for certain peculiar signs, as e.g. the sign to be read I(erhap.s o(lh ill,sah-p))-li, (I, I13), the sign for rabisu (IV, 2f6), the signl for ildu (\'. 7), aId the sign NISAG in nisakku (V, 1S). A larg(e mllll er of ideogramns is used, and several neow words occur0. Of tlhe latter tlhe following Ilay be mentioned: olaku, "to throw dowln"' (IV, 4): nclmzlenu, "mrisfortune" (IV, 7): lillu, " laughter" or "smile " (IV, 14); uaaku, " calamity" (It, 24). ()thlr( woor(ls Ittl ' writtten in a ti unrusual wayhaqdnot (because of followil g.;) - I(aqtollm (Il, 26); 1 5azuzzu (under acee(nt) - iirnal zu I. (S):.lzu1zzi (halff accent) but auzu1 Compare the full litera:ture (uoted by 'lrof. Hilprecht, 1B.E., Vol. XX, 't. 1, p. 11, note 9. 2 For other hymns to Ellil sec Dr. Jastrow's Rcligion A ssyriens und Babylotiens, 1, 488-492. 3 Seo Comlrlentary for detailed comparisons. 'Cf. M.D.O.G., No. 4, March, 1900, pp. 14-17, Col. I, 1-20. E V.A. 2663, cf. B.A., II. 258-273, Col. 1, 1-24.

Page  119 .\./I ('1 1 h- 'EZ /*Z. l h.'. 119 zatmn (JI, 1)9 iild II, 30); lihbar - maibar (II, 18); Inazaz = mianaz (II, 18); inn/i k(bilti = mig ktobitti (II, 10); banmia = b(ta (IV, 2G); itkiltu (p)rom)lyl = (lil) = akOilit (ITI, 21) as libW m ii=, 1ib t (II, 10).? 'hle st' onecuttelr l:s not always 1)(en Iaccu(at;e in engraving the inls'liltiioln. 'Tlherle i'(' s"c'c ral lrasrees, as iana written on an e(rasure of. i (IT. 2:1): the sign preceding i-tar-ra-su (11t, 24); tlie (,econd la.-t sign followiitg the ill in i-(ii-n II-J (IV, 18); SuIppar written oni ani erint-ir of bl (\.' 9). 1Even some mistakes occur —at-lpi instcead of ap-p)i (II, 10); ta instead of sa (IT, 11); SA.S.1 G instead of SA1.Dl)G(KA., II, 3); and probably also me-stl-i;s iistead f 1)tir-s -,t (I, 11) and A.LJA.ME instead of tA.A.1HE (\, 7). - 'tll(, inscrip)tion conl.i ts of tlhe folonilg divisions: (1) The IheI(lii g, containinig thice iinm of ithe stone, in two lines, Iitte'n I)t\weell the s lmbols. (2) The plot of the tield, accompanlied by a description of eight lines. (3).A hytmnl in honor of Ellil, the gotd of Nippur, Col. I, 1-22. (4) Thle historical eireumnlstlanes under which the land was given to Xusku-ibni, a hligh dignitary of E'kur, the temple of Ellil at Nipt)ur, Col. l, 23 -1T, 16. (5) The lme'asuring of tlie lantd under the supervision of Baushumlt-iddina, the governor of Bit-Sin-sheiml(, in response to a royal colmmalniiad; a more detailed description of the field and its actual transfer to Nsusku-il)ni, Col. II, 17-III, 16. (6) 'rTe cul'ss: (a) Introduction to the curses, forbidding any oflicial to apl)propriatte the land or interfere w\ith the privileges of the owner, Col. llI, 17-IV, 2. (b) In-vocaltion of tie gods and the punishments they are skied to mete out to any offender, Col. IV, ' Several of these formls (boqL, nanzaz, libCnu) occur also elsewhere, but rarely. See Commentary.

Page  120 120.1 A'Ell' I ).\'l') NT).\A' OF 3-27. (c) (trs(es directed againslit any o0e rmI( Oving ti' ( lestroying the boundary stole, (Co1. IV. 2 -\, 7. (7) The fourteen witinesses prsent lit the til transaltio, (ol. V, 8-25. (S1 The dlate o-f thie in eriptillt. Col. V. 26. F1r;. 17. — \ nmh ls oll, 1}of dtIll'VoI! -toi of Nem' cha'rIeIz/arl 1. r,), \,ppm...\s thie sylibls covering tilhe top) have nlot been dh'ertild~ very accurately 1! Prof. I)lllll,1 10vlo ]1h:1l on1! lplhotoglatl} to guile Lill, which \evidentliy dli(l nlOt shlow all the ol)jeett, a full (d(selilplion is Iherewlithi given:. l s'tze s ntlz. Abhattndtllltilgen,.illMClhll, 19!)01, 1). -135.

Page  121 .\ -EBI (11.\l)l'Z.\l zz I. 12] (1) A shrill(le ithl tile spar)(e\al of Mtar(liik, l)eforae whichni lies:a (:3) A sceplterl, cr't, withl l klol):t tihe upl),l'r el anlld t ll( l:ll oft llonitil animill ii tilhe cenite'. (4) A shrine withi a tiara oil it. till, syillbol of Alm. (5) The mleck.nd head of q lion:lhove the shrill, tIhei il) of:. I;m Ale sceptel i liek No. 3) st litim-,'ct, 't knobl onl lop nd:,lla alliml hela( ill the cee'lil. i 7).\ shrilie wvith a tialra ol it, tit, svin)ol of 1,111il. (8) The head:ild neck ol f vultaure above the h.h i.(' i. tl'he villl oaf Z:lillntitia. (.i).\.cel)teri, Still(in g (ierect, wit it o) ai d tihe l tli \o (ll allillal ():rltly- (ehl'nced)l ill ti' (ce'lr.(l (10).\ sh,'im, witlh a -oke(-sihalpe( 'ill,, reversed(l (ls o)li A' R. '.-. third smi)ol, s(eciond row an,ll aill.No. 2(). most ]iketl thein svilt i'.illlik':lag.'t (Itl) AsCorlniote tlhe svill, ol of Isillatilla. (12) Tihe c, scl( lit, - o il inl litly Su'o1, lding (1.3) i fi've-p)oilli(, stall. tlh..vml)ol of,14) g\ sitti,- (os(, tiei-tl - liol ofi (:l t." (15) T 'll( stil iskl thi '.;t (' }L(t') 1.. l). )(; I. \.. A [.!.5 1() 1. IDi. It-xe- tt\-iii. ito Ni- Yinlk.ii- call d i nthti o, to thii fa I' t lt ttl,:.y l ol.wic rii lml'ii, -Ollt i. w11{-t likely-i t t,t ( itde — \itllt- t l-ne g ((n e 1). {I..,,-how- a rt\,l rltk he.....l...I):.l..' c 1 I th'P pltit',,1' huir il d.....ilng l ht, } ']E. )ti i: goddt — ietioi. ii olrt. g!/. i l: p ic ture gnvln I)ty lit \. \\1:utiie. Mu 11h tt Ihis I'/-!ph//*hs/ssg/ic, 'e,,/rc~^.,.\\Y::hinil~ton. 19()6. p. I ' (of. fig IS. The:.illarilhrli - -Iril hlg. h) -;tx tlh 1h ' -t. 11' Ilh figure, oil Ilho Ba1l ) l)l)..l. l tl k. tl'\'-tlt'.. reallv ra 'c.ent l)th lil- ol hairtt, it t-,utd1 ti'lrl- tl-n l:itt t /t tluiteut x(hi hi, I(eu u lia,' ap.y ll)[ 9 lid lil, godvh-.til ll — lg Thl'l' r i. niut o-ti di li,' uhy itll lnexpl:um:tio n —iL it wa i- itl iih'l ) r pla tit - i oI hir. ey vt-u il r(e,(t —ti{ d e\.il []lttl, 'l ( )1. (out. f, 11::3:10: 7 7; -1 9:'Tl dog is lot only v-.ociatcd w-ith Gula on (: olll.ll:l bl'I'a)Olrllr.-.tonles, I)ut there i- de.(initc ('iel l('1('e ill th ( inse'ril)tion'~ tihlt the dog w'' st.l(,,d to her. Nel)u~vIhadr(ewz: r [..,t ilp tvo gold dogg. to -ilvcr, d ng.:ld tlwo l1l'(l/Odovg Lt thl.- (-liitnatlcq*. (oif lt'< tcnle, p —:t-bl) ill ]atl)ylott (''..\'eb. Il /i B r! /;.'. B. VI, 201-2-1; afill ill tlhf tllllp)le E-uil-la ill Si:'i)l):U' Iho l'oul.lld hIPI' nlll.. llt.t'l lipOil:t terri, cotta figtiur tt / I dof (;td-o um,. u d.\'/tl-],l.-i.x-tl- l [ 7l-. L.[ -Ulxt] 7.-'l.I.[' [.si-i-i] I,'albu ea,- h -. bT. B., III. pt. 2I I. 50. Finilyl Scelll

Page  122 122.1 A/.ll BOU("\I).11e) S,' T.\'/q t)l, ' svlllbl,,f habIvh. l e the dog. \L(;) The lightning fork of RanuiniAl, endling in two suelpents. 17) A\ curlious figure, (lllnsitiii- of soe( ], il of' a vcs,el.upportel by two aninial feet. pIr-;hall n a,1 nel'r.' t LS) A toftofis' ailove the pllitly effiacedl I 'gl (f Mardukii. (19) Tih >'irilnt,. iirlning over lh(' til of tlhe( ' t-. e. (2(): bi(, p)crche(l on a ple\ algsid ofe t. l:,' llf(-lt. j r _.rl9 j TI i. 1i. -S!rnibo l of Nilln ig nll ylllbol of fa:t or. The thrcc s(eleffers which. iplfi:f ' hl'e 'ol ti'he firn t tilnil' imay simplyf h', marks of (Ii ixi'i>ill, alS 11 Iiiiiiiel tilhnklS.2 IlwcVi', I e itt lltiOl miiust 1> c'11ldtl to th' fiact tilait the anllillil ie'lsn, place)tl ill tile Ifound alit Silpplr eFoeniils (i,ippar.,. ). fig. 1:3) t tr:ra cotta tlog itll tile iscripltiml'.Inot dM:'.M1 E. (= d(,3,l,,. cf. ~ 1. 41. c-d. 10) 1lli,,di h,1.qbi I It ii reI llk:tlhlh th at the ebi l ofi(i -111, til' go(ltll- w ilh ti i;li hi car, It ram'" hmad iS wanting. It, lpl,' m"ay hc tak.n b y this Iew symlI',]. wh ich1 m,,ay 1w inl(cmBdod, arazi~'r or ccn,,Ir (alh'l k i,,~n. Bin valhyhian. 11 thiis is true, the r(om''ks of t {Iom,1l mayt 1w com... pare'd (A ulfsitz, 1). 211) who pl'tac- the star calhtl Kimln nca r tilt ('alCr i(0orr, tlt( slnil)ol otf Ia. Z I.c., I 4). t hrI( r ihorl l q llllnlml l ni tl in 11b tir- t S(c(l)t(r is pc rlik tl)S tihat of all anIIt1oh), th,. oi (! ('i hardl y hil l(logi ~', i ll( t hlilrd ii p(rh- a lion headl. With tilese thlrc( cepters thle thlre: falls or fly flans orl tile' sotlo of Ni)i-shllu-ishkun maynn perhaps 1,(, colmprnlled. (, ( p. )97.

Page  123 \ I.f B'(I11 I)-';'ZZ. l7' 1. 12:3 center of the septers, dilffer. It is therefore more ncproballletlil thefv nla turin oiut to Ile S'll.tate soll)ols. The fiiidlig of this bouiiiidary stoIIe w-ithlin tlhe confilles of the tellple at. N-ip)ur raises the illtelreting luestion, IIow can -wei explaill its presence there? An eixamnlitiion of the ins-lriptionm.-hows tha t the prie-t to wi]hoim the land w nas granted was Nuskiuillli, tlle son of I p:f1ihbi-Nus1iitu. who wasi oflieially colnnected owithl the Nusku worship at Nipplr' tbeing tlhe pac i.t rpsi or L'U.IE.ZU.AB of Nusiku. IHence the name of this boundary stone contalins tle nale of tlie god Nusku, whliile at the samne time Niusku is invoked in tle curses. This is remalrkable, as it is thus far the only instance of a sepalrtte c e lue beilng uttered inI tile name of Nusku. ]But. the key to thel whole situation lies in the title which is nscribed to Nuskiu. It is batmulll, imy creator." Now, as thle name of the priest was Nuslku-ibnli, lie is evidently playing on his own lnamle. 'his conclusion leads us to the further inference that he himself iwrote tlhe inscriiption. This is at once the explanation of all the peculuitiiies. It expltains the repeated use of the god Nussku il the title and in t cses It furish the r eason for the plot of the lield. It was a measure of precaution, adopted by the priest to locate and describe his land as exactly as possible. It also explains \why this inscription begins with a hymn of Elil. Nusku-ibli, the priest (niak) of Ellil (Col. II, 13; 111, 11), had access to the hymnlological collections of the temple, and by its insertion wanted to glorify his god and place the land and stone under his special protection. Finally we can also infer from it why the stone was found in the temple precincts. It had evidently been deposited I The earliest reference to usku tllat has come to my notice occurs on a sn:al cylinder, dedicated to Nu-sku by a paItesi of Sippur, for tle life of )ungi, king of Ur. Collection de Clercq, No. 8(; cf. Tllureau-Dangin, Inscriptions de Sumer el d'lAkkad, p. 278, Sccau, B.

Page  124 124 A YEWi 1il7nln iii yln\ liF rezzar l lii ld i l the l ll-c iptmi o the hlid ileali v11. roIvenIsthd l nit tht 11v(erypr 11 thti h ini cik lbl(, o i N ehij c lit iiii t 11.i 111111 - The1( follow~n i lig 1 tnhh, c~1a1tzlill, the llo -I)I impm-ta~l~llt parnllol,:1~:: NL.171 ( 1i ')1IH.zzi: 1. I; p)l-/li.' 1, ii. N I i~, II, im, zz, i. I 1. / 1 *.. 1. 2 EIli I iv (a Ih,(,( I,',-b1;/ i,,?l,il;. i, 12 1.e-,;r-;. I 2:3. m1~,,l,//.-Ih I I. 1 5. *l.h- 2;-rt-t;-:.. I. 21. t. h,,,,,,,,,,;. 1/, II. 1. Mjhhlni iilIII ir-id 'I 11 1 9.1.1..1 1-,,. 11. 15., I1. 2. i 13:. 1. II: Iq,.\', 2.,. IlS 1. I.,, 1). 1. Its),-,,,,., hl-,,,, -, 11. 2' ru /l,,,LZt,,,l-I,; — -I... i.1 i- - d..... 7-, c....... h ii II -,1, 13. It, i. II: 12. I. 22. 1.1, 1, 2 t; 11. 1121 Iii. 1. 11 I il,- -, 123iii li nA I a. iS 1., i iii,in. -.5 ii th, ii n -iii Itmw it if ii i i- ii r ip i, tim, tat( ~ xplil ll tht it, - 11 m ho owpl, h'1oltlwaod liO S,-c Conmw l rtarY, 11. 15.141 Bui/ding In.. i-itioni. if then.~o13niil onii,, bnii. i so-piliem Lfmigdoin, Paiiii, 11115.

Page  125 r. L ~' I-, 3 & i3 3 IC 3 1C -- i` ~ ~= = ~r ~' z i 3 - ~, ~n = s I L _;; ' -1.. I - Z:,: I I r. Z i. - 1 1 C 3? I- IS r F: " CIY? =,J P 'I 3 3 =;3 CI ,, S ~ r,;i = -~ % = e u I: r ~I, -`=; J ~rr = z; ti X x I^ J L ;; C1 5 % u 3 " i, " '3 r( Cu3 C3 .II 5 5 23 3 ~I.u ~ I = '5 -5 J eiY 1 3 ~ 3

Page  126 126 A..YEV BOU)I\).IRLY.e''OV/A O() 2. IDENrTIT'rY OF PA.SIHE w-Tir Isix. Trhis inseription of Nimehut'r(Iirzzar 1. l)ring, rgin thie (lu',,tio(lorl( l)ro)blelils CI till surlll'o lillg til( fourth trryl,-nlliall d!-nasty to tie front. Orre of tl(o-o(' rnollei, refliers to tl, e p1roper prlolrliciitioll of tile muie ol' tic dynasty wr'itt.c!'A.-11' inl the king's li-t.' It srerms to fe( trlritl! assumedl l,- somlle r cllolar, '\\ il\reilln', ForS.ihunilen, I, 1t30, 13S)'- tlhat l'iA-. is to be rca(l pholieticrilly:rrdIl tihat it re)resentt. r tl(crcl',orc, ti c actuail of tI(' tldnarsty. Tis, however-. is far from ce'rta:in. ()On tih conltlr!ry, it i.s ost lrprobtab>le tilhat PA.SiI.; is ar i(r(deogram. Not only rr'e rrot of tile ot(lhr drnir-tir c rerrrrrs writtill r lr(':-irrrfhirr'rfir inl thl( kilig'r li-t r 7I.7V."l': h'lf'.f.Z.\(i,,i lr'f '.lI.1 accordinl to list A, aml If), burt otlhr eonrsid(ertliir-r point ill tile s:ill(, direction. A.-s early s r1I5 Savc re:garded PAl.S11;K id(nltical wvitI tihe cit.ies of Isirll allol l'at(,i.r Trhe rrr vriew war m airtinre(,-y l'inch(es. It was furtir'l rh r lrrlred by,l rtrlS(r1 r rho observed thrt (1) arcor ingl tro K(. -199.)5, 2'.'; /'...</.AL.LA.BA - a i-.iir-.rit i-riri-ld) f( I( —:-l. thll( t:l -' _, 1; ' fc'n1) is crlllr'vrrilt to iri. This ic(,- tO I>, conrlirmr('d b 'Illothrr' pis.ge7 ' rirlfcrr, U rt h/, p. I 17: Irosl, pt r,,rrrror, rl. 11I (ihr, -,, - r, wiritas y,i.t 'l' \..\Il: l, u,l lz,, (; el, (het e r t' r.rr ltl 1 Gor, n dr 1<'nftlor, Zi 11 l l., 2. I1 l l[ll t,.p. 1 -n'i X.\1h h. \ 1, G,' chichle, pp~ 1 70. 1IX'. I, lt hI I:ra -,c,, x'prvssed il[ in l'o,,n' l, [-isidig a,~yntnlyl of l'a-h; '. (;eo phralvhl,,, I' Gs,'hichte (les lie Ore r/. p. 2r 7. 3 1' RP2, V(o1. 1.,.,/, 1- (<qtlml. t 11~. I 53., 13a. Thif, l)'t —ar('. Ii(,%(,',r.',..... ll()l i)rove t' itv ]-m:o(l [ al,-i. ju-t:1, xlh:w a il))Nur (1. 'r) o, i.-11)l:' r and )ilbat (1. $), tomughl lhlcc d i"l th, -:ta... jllt pla ill,,...i.. rt,',' nof idelnt'wal. I.T.I.1A.S., 1!91. 1). 3;3. s Z \.. XI, 1' iw. I Ilaupt,.\ S.rt.'i'.. p. 1 24;.-e, rtl r) rrrlrrlnr crrrr, ',fi rd llr/rrr rer.\' errrl,. 1 3. ilaupl)t. I.e.. p). 22; Z. \, \ I, 199, 1. t.

Page  127 A-EBI('ClI.I) 1?1ZZ.t1 I. 11'i ill which I'A + X is followed by the gloes i-Si-in. (2) Thtt ill the charter of NeblulelldrczarzI I. (V t. 56, 17 —18), who was a member of the PA.SHE dlynasty, the naime of tile gov'rorol oef Ishil lpreee(les that of the governor of' 1iBabylon, which ar'gues forl tile gre(at pioliti("l im)portanre of Ishill at ttlat time. (3) Thr't accordirng to Iteissncrr, AVA.TII. t1S - L 2178, Obv. 5, A'.._E is — t -.;i-l. lFrom these facts Jense(l eon(cluded tlhat tile city of 1A.SHI':/ w\r:.llso to b(e lrollouni(edl lshiln. This col(lutsiol, hlowevl whilh: v'rv ingelliours, N'rrq lrot alrtolrttrly lrcrt reer'Sr, fior rwhat aq trill of t.he wod i.',t, ('rr r. i.wirl, rrrrnrling tihe })toss(llr rrf tile grailln, war ot lie'(-s''lily terll(r' fthe ei ' t of IsIlin. oBut as trr ttrlt)trrrrtirrsr rereee trrrrfond of prlarying writh their itdcorrgrr'tr1. it i- it p'o'i rrrr.abltt trhart th(l' sanrlil(less ol'.-roundr ill th(e two worrr s eaur('el a trllisf(elrrigr of the id(rerrerlr, oirgilialr int(lrter d fr r i, i tt, )lhosolil, t t tile rirrrre of tih city of' Ishin. This )robl)abilitd ctalle s i(r' ireer(veld in r)thl(r e vi(tl(. Iln 18)7 Cr ig trl)ti liStll(,,l two() trtl)rlst,.'- i)rers-re il tile BIitistito A rsrrrrir hotrd more lighrt orl this (lUeStiol. FJ'rolrl ttrr fiet trtl)rtt,'.q0-7-19. 126r wt h'lre ti)'t titr ltr('r l)tr(tunciartior olr A\I.fsT'.V \.;' i. 1-.i-rr r1. 9- t)), tlhatt Gutl w't s tile (l Of sill 'i (1. 1), whir is ('ealle t "b' oitv o)i' h'r (loinih nlo r" tl bfrhtli.ra. 1. 9-10)'. Th1(, t feteltrmrnrts ar f fIrl)l)l(nilted bI irotilrer irscrif)tioni, ui)lir-hd y Craigir (Srll. 2,s), ()tb. 17), ill which w'e (read: f-'G-(l l-lr.r( )l..I.. E i(i C r(mliinr( thrie(' sfrltQelr(rltr Wr a'(r lrr ttrr'rLlrty blrOergt I r) the on(clsi()n that..i1; ni llill arrer itdenti(al. Thname i f t til- ('it' is wrirf tten itre I —i-in (sto ill tilr talhet St} -7 19, 126, (ltfird alov(t ' l or l-.i-in i (V At, I. i(, 7: 11. I, 7) (i' -.tin rt(l!y/lrofi,,, ('ihron('h, IV. itS; se \Vin(rler, Fre,,t'('rruiren, I.:3():). Ir the Sumeiriani te:xt tile aie variationi o(,urrs bl)tw\ell t S it t,, siami-,-t' qli, re r,'c,, Xt11, 2i1. 2 \t.J..L., XI f, 2)0t1.\ Illot r( r (iri publi i cationi ol lhr lh'.t of lhesr tabrle, gin\ n.iy Atnolillrnr, B. \, \, ). (-I If., inn f iriri- tirrori. r 5.Ci. '* ( '1'. '7( ill Z..\ IV. 13.

Page  128 1 ' t i. \ 1).AI 1 B '} ', /' /.' l ' (F I.S'I.I.V' ('o illttyl) or.\'l.w,'l./\' ( K. tSt:-s::3 n1tl I(. (10g14, soe Bezoll, ('( t.loto (o pp. 6(16. 1lls)l. Il thiis colll((etionl it is nlotewortlhi th t flte word i.oit. "theil llissom of tihe grail", is 1l-n writtell i.tmr (IR'i..-ner lI. / int,o 7:,, ( wllr ithi ii., ip. 21], 271). Finilly it muv 1)( inltioled tlit oatrngside( of the i'so(m111 Iil l( 1 '..:', t'-( ":lo tilt' f orin /-ar'It-i tll- lit' i 1, foll(lr.(_)n thin ):i, of tll'he above il(lle lii 1t 11',(' ell e lolted a tihe poir,)(ltle irolltili(iattion of lPA.SIIS.: T'hle diln -ti Iai iallt(i l.ri-shle.o 'a(c'roring.i ti) somi(i sicholanr s,' lorin certailit t Iq il t il v of ] \-tI(hm, rht I- i i i tnferred fromi NcItitIlihh(I'ezzl. I t.t'l 1. ii' t t bri tt he iS- " il t, itt'slltril of lal)hi-( IV It. 15.2), )ant it is furilti':l-, solotr111 thltt thi n11ar- ' tlw' othe r d( - lila-ti< ( T1.\V.TII.ICI. Ilt '.1/Z.i l rit. il r titfp i tI) tlo vion. ( )II ti othierl [luild(, thiose (Lehohi.,l whL l(denLtif l'\.Sl;HE and 1, lsill:tiltr'1h' llIlrier't tlhe liI'rigrl of tlic folimil dvnaor ' (it' ans til( nlsl((.'t-tlho hllol'O} ot its rillrri. 'tiher loork fotr tile( city.oiI(wher(I iIl SoIlrlt1 'l lr o lt tlm a. Ill favolr of a citv of o.\.SrIII oL bin.s erlitil'i {litlf'ernit lfrom tlrbhrio l tihe' f)llNr iillr i'rrii'rl' irrtio lls y 1)ti c 'rge(l. The':arglil1i t e, rIrs(I li tl)ll 1]1(, title of Nch '1tI'iilt'orzzar', "trti oll'Slrilig of Bahl~vhm" is nlot:tl)solhltely rolvicileig, for thiS lwrsolmlu title may hiav-(u nothing to Ido with tihe' 'igill Oif his (ryiln:1Iy. N(iI')ubrrll('zrzti' tma have beenl 1r),n ill Bah)vh l:1. tih, sOI of a i 'oi getir royal' pril rince, prir ~inii-iwhlir-:hitit.i ho lhut a pric-tl y rilhe, for it i nrotrworthy tihat Ner'lli('ulr''ozzwn' 1)nu- '.ltr t itles '.i.rrl/il'r I b tt riprr'ht rutrd iilry, I.i'.i. IX ). Ci.; N.. I i. 2See tirlrurie,;cogrrrriher tr l (,Hr srrrhi t ir. 2917, llilprrhrt ilr Ir:. X, (iO; tirgir'. ItIrro'! ori c.t. i run tl~trrIr,,lrr ',r., r )i..125. 3 See irt,. i'rrr, trrrrtr. i. 1 r )M,ir, ' 2; \' ilrl' J,r r." ' lln'ir' t N(,or n. i-O, ' iii t/li'hqhlt"rrti-ir~ orr/rl,( ir i,'tl Vl. I1rr t 19i. d(las lm'(Mies,1). 22,i: X\N A ',i,.'Ill,,li..cle l,.h,/,,h. 1, 1). 203; 1Ihlmlnlil, (;elralsbie l `;, (; h"ihIt,, 2, ). 297, 1o, for it ilh. rrr l-.-t l r' tIl r 'figr, t lr the "Sea " or (itr r rtagda(l. 5 ('I. p. 12!. h) h

Page  129 \': 'B H (11 1 R) ElllZZ 1 91 I. l (IPl.TE.sI. crdc/c i,'i,'cfmw' Ilibili' Iacici alis) vti..l'u (N-('b. -Nil ppi. II, 121. the sa:elll title c1. )iorl1- tiey Ie i.l-t NuikIi-iblli..Mc'ver, thie lew. itoiie of Neliicidli'il(ezzal I. (di.tilictly imIplies ((C1. 11, 1-4, thailit the aIiuses which lli:tcl him oil tile throne wivere Ilc'l cv olf n religiouis Il]t'cii.:Nor i thl,:ir-gilll liit dr11i 11(fro the lii-,ii l, o1 thle (Iother dy(lnlstii(i; iniire iolliusii 'e I e.lils(v.. ( ll' l d,-Ilcitii-, tile fifth, >ixth ITId.'v lnthi, IIII lnotlig li to (l cvitlh l )!ih 1ic)n. W\\i i- sclh i(ul Ilhe folill th' ]B(si,,sit, it 11iic. oif tit(, seciiiiiI liltisty is very t.icielcil (TlhlI.-.iZ.i(l ol l.1.1[i:tc 1 ilot wtll Suit( (d to draw far-re i chl il:lic.i()cis fi()m it. (f. Kinig, "(hrnicl'," Ipp. 7101'., 107f'f. ()n (he other iillid, it lmiit h)e rcewicil)ler(e tiltt til, citv oi lsin I')l)iars lriiilillell- l IIliligng ti( Foilurth (PL\.S111i) dyll:ltIy. ()ii ill, (e]ultclr of Nci, lciilh'il(-zz:c r I. 8\ 1. 56,. I Shwiaii ll:cs-lic ill-.-hmnu, tih( son (of At ta —ihmmil1. tih (, overlilo ()of lshil, is pl{ac('d ill:t c() pl)ict 'io s position he ifor( tl i(' g ()vcri l- o if B:db l)ll. ()ii Ille Stoll ()f Za'alell ( I 1{. (66i. I1. 6- 7) Ii:=: l' i:-i(liilm tl(, th(n rIovl r - l (. 1' L..hin, i,- ill" v r fir.-t: 1mi.)ng the \\ itilne -,:nnd ()I the nI(,-\ toln( (if NilliM('lV.7dczzrl 1. (Nc-i.Ni)lu ippi. \211 '1 finl(:lil()ng liie i{iiIw s.('ls a litive (ol 1hici. ilaiulev I.A cl-lslil. TIo eomlilieitc the i (' (cr' ceiitiolling thil cit (if lcill d'ilc ilig lt(is] iod, c clicy re(cl thie fact that tit the (los' (l) the ( plcriI Ilshii ccciv clit(rc(i l)v: vcictoriolu.c Elll'itc '-ir Iylcll li'lici-IIilutrut:lcil (Bai iIcIO/i/q / ('Chric/ce, 1\ 1S). As t its l)(-tioll wc kc(icc i tiling defillite, but ith. valiolu.c }il t of citieys.-.ccnll to) leaitle it il Sotihicrll I-:)vc i nic i lc. ()11 l-:1 -,3,s;33 (1 Bezld, (_(ctcclc.., i). 51(i) NI-.SIIN l cpl)c:i.r Icc(-Icccn Shlirurli' and Girsui (= T- cil>l, cf. Il mc]ccc (co,/cr/phic. i). ll)). ()11 I Tihat il//(I)U (;c cte v-oh (,i( y." i,: t iv r ic-c aplpli(dI tco /c/l).>.hl pl)(iics frol th( c p:, l l( iv.ccr(- s iom.;-,,im' ccc i, cl,;li.:qcq)]i- t(io Nilcuc'lc-(c /z:'i I oil,(, v ow '-l(n from Nip l)ir '('ol. I1I.1. 2 Tiv (.-i, o.hl:c (ccw - th(' i o i ol \ inclhr. K 1K. ITT, pt. 1, p. I(65. not(' 2 ('i. a.l-o I V ].2 21,* No. 1 ((). ('()l. I11. I.

Page  130 130 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF K. 4541 (Catalogue, p. 640) it follows Slirpurla and Nippur. ()n K. 10844 (C'atalogule, p. 1118) it Iprecedes Larsa. In another text (Rass. 2, 417, see Cutalotue/l,. 17. 4) PIA.S 1 is preceded by Elridu, Adab (fUD..V\U\'ki) t(at 'r, hllile il.till anot(her tl sage (80-7-19, 126) it is il (, lose rat Illelis i tl l th illlr N '.:. Trl.: Sr'UCCe:ssiox orF T1ll.; IsN Is INr;S. Another problem of thet Isin I'A.SII'i (ldyna.ty is thle succession of its kings. ()ur knowledge of tle!dynasty is ba:sed ol thle kinlgs' list. thle synhrlllonistic hist(ol s'rd the ilscriptiolls of tel( variouls rul(rs belorigiig to thlis dynl-st-. I'll r kig ' r list ir frrtlmtrtelv 't'vr inlloml)ltete at this poilnt. We only rlrnow tlrlt thur e were' illn ll levell l ingls i)(lh)ririg to it, wvlo reigned' 132 yealr and( six ironthls.1 F'lI'e namlles t of tlle:lst t.lree kilngs are lpartialls l('serve(lt, only olle of whichll cal i)( 1rstored withl ce(rtainlt. This is the namll of the last king, Xarll-.,ltrr 1-[li-tir]. l(, e salu(' king i s rto whlOlLt thlie inslrl tion upon i (ulllr i - s,,ighrt forr ty lI Iy u:terd inll the Northt-W-t aldt(uc t Nirllrid })elongs. (Cr. ing in S. A.. V.. \',)l. XXIX (1907). ). 221, and (' Chronieles," Vol. II, ). 15). Of tlie eight kings whoscr names arie Irissinig e(ti rely 'ix ir' knowri to lils frolr their ro v inls(riptimss, Nail)i-k1(oirI 'ri-lu.ul, I., liI-(11I tii -rtl)i Ill, Al.(lrduik-rfirdinii-rd, tllllarluks}rl)iil-z'i nl.rllln -l)t-in l lit (l Ma(luk-i l -erbll N.l) r ulhia(r' (ezz:' I. is riw rtlre(,'rlltrd l )y titll(re I)roi(lrtry stOil(s (V I. 55-57:. T.. IX. it-. I, 5. rril th(e riew stu(rn frrri Nilil)lurl. TNo hynens gt irfy his llilitrry r lti(,v(t(nts r lr.:S426l, ])lli-h((ti 'T]o s81lll] totatl ws lhng ill d l+llbt. 1 w,ts r':l/t 72 h, 1)Pi1( l,, \Vill,, (,,' I:i1( l 'tl.',ir l rou l t(11o lIl 1s-i1s 1.... r t(.:r(l 1:32. hilh 'or t.till e)ilsiders it o is (loiiit f (Unlersi*hesonurrr.:l) ). 'ii].inia, ih(sx(or. 'ore(sirrlr itg iinto corn.ider'tioni. tri(' figure 132 (or i (rll, pg 13:t) ('lS ti}o be tile 11o.,t prltlh: and haas, th(l',for(,, I(.engir('rtllrlr uli(''enti'd.

Page  131 .]:BUCHCAIIA!)RIEZZA R I. 131 last in C.T., XIII, pI. 4, andl III I. 3S. 4: s(c Wineklcr, Forschtngen, I, 534-538). Winckler also tr:ans]lt(s two other inscriptions (K. 1,(;.-iBoundary tonc, (if Nellm.hi tr' I. lio:, \ l Habba}). V t]{.,57.

Page  132 1:32 \.'11' - I O(\',I),1Y i,'VOAE-\., 3444 - IV]. 20( aml I).T. 71-,. INi- (IIc,t, eI,,('' r'r to, N\eltn-(itCZZa" ii(i( is 10:1:, Flint,. 1ir..:i ani ills('il)tiioll hcli'le(' y )! Stli.iil;liir (B'. M1., Sp 1). -107, ill Ilhhrtic(l, \Vtl. IX p. 5) lliM l/t I Ine]ltiomtl-. [t l(f,]- to I kllig.\'t llt-i /.lifl'-IIl.(Nr ldi S 1. ~.\' l-Vll~- d -; ',, 'hli.- c.'ells to ]0'('1' t(o X,])ucllI(Irezzarl I., )b'(;latl( it (Lill nlitlfl,';1ill! t, i l) Neltiiitii(thZ'Z 11.. the -o11 of N.'a)0ti0l-;,ar. 111 tthe tl rll'er.Nil(hnntnInrezzn' ] 11. F]mli tle ]'imip if Ei;llil-1t1itdiiil-nut \-naple wt le inl onll n'1' ilnse'ilitiiln (O..1.. Vi,1. I. S:l. To, thi,,' righ ( ti(i stf Ill ( two kii ll's ()l1 l, l III IR. 41 d1 1 n.. I(,:LtI mW i t. - slow li)(iw in) i. lssilln ti, suicce(( ion thi flu ariO il'is. Tihf Igln (df MahiqulkI-mlul;li-l1h6 is rt'lr's)lt(llt(' lI tw{o 1)hI.n(l:' y StO]I(S. tl0 It,,f Zll n' ah(, fllllr.,111 11i firlst VC'. ',, ill.; I ll(.a I 1 )i. 4:3-45. tir i, i tht t ttil nr iIy ()1 ris r(ei. ill..\ll ins( ltim. (' i, thi(' fifth ve't,:n,,1 til- king' has 1,(',li-cm-'(,',l;,t Nilplpur. >.:lilmulil(t'd )y Pr',o. [lilprtBed t,-((, hli- [:',{'ttr,t'ibi ttt, [,,,,,tA-'ri [t1t Bo~l/1m1,,'[t. Tll( kin?.g fm',Jul< —h ^1il4-zirim ({,1 M):r lq-shl.lfi-zbr-tn?.;i. {f wh Iieh tlt,' li, t is 11 - nllrv vi ioni ii n'' li ii. Ilthi 'ier,/.itftnit, }. 2ti Imt( _) is rel vct'J }ii;, I 'i-mill-iar-y ill —riltith (IO.l.l.. \,,1. [.Xo. 14%. ()f Ilhlm:l'm-:l'tlml-i',tlina ", l.w h;ve,: Iht inscrilptionm. }).>,>t(r'{Vl inllb(,' l.,,r il'ht.i.\,-,,,/.ini..mP<c I1iI. 7,s miut(- 1: ci. \\'ieiktI,-. n'i —u-.,uiii tt gc(ii i 1). 2t, limit' 2i..\tA iis(.iil nli t (1,t(t, ill tt, It- itlth v,,1 (1, -liI, kilgii<i }i' i(q1 i'tmll]( t - il.p, s, l lillr(ih ] 1]r., E'.rtlto,,, /1l.i.'.'' 'r1 'u m l Bol,/l m,,,i,. 1)..319). A l1oumiitMl'- m tome ot II maIhtmk-'b-,il,.u w s,lpblithei l i}- ly',Pr. lill)ipret c./ml, Vio. I Ni. 14.). Flir ol tlis- kiing< tr' mliso llwnltionti i tlh,,Ot/t.]triiim'ni ]lislJr!l II ItR. 6 1_ a:d Ill 1 1 '.4,3: stc, ialso \Vine kt,,'.I 'nh'r.u1c,1b1#,). I [Ir t1- 11'( w iii " i mt,,, l iuor it i-mi-.i md in- -,ihu o ict o -in( l"rf P1 l 1111'1V('T' i ';lliq J itnu I l l,,i ]ii rn'nuumm l.\Jr' i i t tlll(,, I). Ii(i.

Page  133 \ I'.'B '(1 I \l l) II 1:3 )pp.' 11 -152), namely.;,Itlr —i, la httik-S, liT-s'. Sardiuksh:ilik-z6,'-l;iti:r(d ll:lllill-:ll):dl-idil). ()f ith(' I;st twto it is hillitlv st;ltted tiltt tley- foill-lc(:ll,tah tttih(l imlsellalt(el. That Is;:x( it-, t liete(mlisl tI ('I(-( f the (lti (hr fsulr kinigs. isFrom the hll-ir-iisssm o1 llil-:lltdiit-:5)lt. it, evidn ( - I1I. 1, 7-1.5) thal t li x.- tl( ismmediate t(. uc('s( or. ()i Ntt:li(ch (zz:r ' for tfsr th l ill l( climl 11:[ 1w)tllt Ior 69i); 1(\:1u' ill 1Wll( olrO-e-iomf tIhe(. temple ol' NiS:1s p11) to tihe lig:l olf N(tslschilezzar. it ill lis foilthi year I l Illit-if:ilin-::1:i it> r:(1'c tas i-tt(it1([la-w 1 ' -:':-I;:l-icjish ia. It is:1t.) cvidsitst tli tiN( 1(-igsl of lllil-titi(liil-pltlsttiv i im-.rt uirastison ~ ml xwa- [olh(vc(l immll(linl(le Ib that of aridllulill-:l-'dl-ah, folr.\tli-NXlls.,snsll of.itl ilil:-lll-l:liii l s-'cr'lis iboth ol the }l:iter oi' V\-sIls: l zz:i',l I/. 6. 13t):1ld the ' tolle of Zi'lltel tl.(6,;(; I[, 1:~1(:ltd(edill lh firlt yearof'.Mardutk-inld(in-'lih. Ta bti.-lhl)-'l:tirhfik.s-il (,f I-l';i-:igili-z(sl'-t is ticttittttti ()iti three,to:,,c. oil \ 1It. 5 -t. s22 a- t,('iio',d' Itiini, butit si I It. 70, 1, 15 am,l I 11. (;(;, I I 11 as.. w/'l//t.. o(,()ve(r, 1'-kA arra-i(qisla, son of l;:-ildina, is orIstd I- I s tissis of l',it-Siit-tisginri ill tis reip of Ellil-1fidiu-qll-z ip0.)1. 1.. s: I. L(), 1mut z.o overimor of I.,hin (I r. 66, 11., 7t) ill ti(.s reign os l t ait lthk-il:Iti-al6. I'erhapl)s Ellil-sildinaphl htIl l]:isitftlrel sitm toi:ltstioie l)rltinc as tusthe reillt of his 1hii -lisnat(s l iactimis ill ltis t -Si Mnil3 gir. i Agaii, Sir-uti-ur, 23. i< 'dso found (,t the( ( lo./11. de.1Mi(chmt.t (L It. 70, I. 1:3), while Nnlsf]-zbr-lislir. smt ol ltli-.M'nrduk-lmlfit. u and grandson of wi lti-li. wlio sii -et ta -llrtei. t oi thi-lr fi-slr. imentioneld ol the w -toru of 1 e)iuchl(h1ezzarl 1 I. (733. III, s.s 141, is nlo doubit a brathecr of S'lltpikL, son of Jtti-Al'rdulk-balf'it. alld grllds~oll of A,',li-lEa., tue(>' 1>,- (d o lch filId(t mentioned il I I f11.4t, C(ol. I, 13. AII these lillks would be( imlmossible if l'l;il-nftdin-:aplu aiid Marduk31f'idin-,ih6 had nlot -uclecded Nebuchad]'ezzar imme(liately. They -dlso lprove that IIL 1'. 11 aldl I 1. 70 wc-crm writtell ither in the

Page  134 134 A N ll' BOIUNDARY STONE OF reign of Nebuch(ldrezzar I. or his illmdiiate successor, as I onimel had alreadiy conclulid(l il hi (;,'cliiclht. p. 15!). The positiolln of Marduk-ah-ecrb.a is less (oas to (et(ermine. lost (l 'iiersucli'eii, p. 65) lilaec 11hiii with i1 (Iii<ti(oll 1lark at til' head of thl(' Isin (PA.SIIE)!dyast!. I.elial:li (Zi'ci lIH(1plli)iirblc, Tlabill I1') inserts hii l) ctween I.fiidio-olifin-fii ' d oiifluk-shf)isi-zirmiiti. Ass!rIoinl sy'i'hrolloilII (loc's 11(, fi:-ol til' I:ttcr ' ingllielit, because Tigflithf-1iihfc. tii (lt'is f ilc'ry ivof 5'irduki-i:^'iii-:lii is followed ilmlledi at(il I)f'- his soin Asflriie-(il-fi:il:a. tili' c( i(te111iporary of Ma:rdu-sfi)iii-zoer-itii. 'Ilis wo uld:i rgl thiat. a- in Assyria, so in Babyfll'lo thei flll s '1 imilldiilfe su(icesioiit oi'f the two kings in (queitioi. It is therefore minoe al:tural to plafce Miarduik-ah-er:l e ither at tihe I),giling ol' tfil dyn:l-tyi oi 'ifftr Ras ini i-a llal-iii i. Th ( i t( i'.(( a, e Is to l(' i e r fii r l', ll c fi(r tteu' niole of the 1)ficsis ti. fnc f ()II til' sto, ((ccur () ii any of thi other esboindar stoi of this lol' in(l t It wils. thlees toilr. most likedl separat ed fl oil tllhem )' t i (i' i sii (lc 'l)l(' Il iti tn r (i1 ' l ',s., 4. PLC(Ie OFI NisEBU'iii.xDUII:ZZARI 1. I. cill. i)'IN.'STY (I: 1isX. The last tiqueitiomllthit il'eds (lisc lis-ioni is til'e positionl Of N'(lliehadrezzar I. ill thi dynai-ts. It ififcaredi ill hiil lisciussioll tihait hC heads the six kiigs iho ii'me- ar.'( brokenIs f fliirmll tlhe khiogs list; biut wlhere is he to (Ie plac.c(c i'n ti N I lst y? It I Ilm g(lenerall' agreed that hel dif olf l,( o(uls tlh( first 1l)a(.c. A riil('woed examination of his firssagi ill tflu kiiigs' list seemis to hflve lla(eod that bevonlid doubt.i () tihe oth(f' h illd, thereli is strolig adl evec irresistible efvidence to i-ofw tihat hfi wi:u.stiv 'f1 cngi e (d ill f'if eing his counritr fromi tiihe fl' os iand dis(rderl such as w(v know ii irevailed 'lThis iis aloi thi j1ii dgi lll{'u 1 l ' iu..lnlllI, hio idif tilif - hili i ith tiOs ni' ihii kinig of tie l.Sli 1.; dis l:l.s i',, (, ' Iio u' lii] " l','in e s11'- ii] i i:ts fbloniss ier tumoig," in Sitzungsbersicte ir Ktiiql. Ii h. i;. ii'i'sc s i. 1.pp. to, 21. 2 Soe Prof r. Hfillmrcht', ll i.l';.. Vl. XX. I'P. 1 1). I 1, llote 1.

Page  135 -/NE7UCHI I.IDREZZ17? I. 135 at the close of the Cassite period. This appe:ars first of all in the remarkable titles that are attributed to him. He is called "the sun of his land who makes prosperous his people" ("Samals mali'su imlr.tiammihlu, V It. 55, 4)'; "the protector of boundary stones, who fixes the boundaries' ( tnlisir lkwltirrcti miklnnu able,' 1 t. 55, 5); "the king of right who judges a righteous judgnment" ("Sar kiolti t. ( dut mSnari idimo, V 11. 55, 6). The last two statements clearly imply previos lawlesslness andl isorderl, which lie brought to ani einl. 'The titles applied to hiil in tlhe new inscripttion from Nippur poitit even more strongly to a change of dynasty. It is said that " Illil broke the weapon ol hlis (Elil's) eneciy and laid the scepter of his enelmy into his (Nebuc('lhadrzzar's) hand" (Col. II, 4, 5). These statements show that the Ellil cult at Nippur had been nieglecte(d b1 thl pl rev-ious rulersl, thlis ieglect hlad roused the anger of l;llil, and tlhat tile dlonlfall of th1e Cassit(e dyn(1 sty was attrib)utedl to it. In perfect agreement with tIlis is tlie fact thatt after no 1m1oumia ueunts ol' Ca'ssite kinugs have been found( at Nipp)ur. But the 1new inslriptiol frolil N\ip)pur is evenl musore explicit in its stateiments ts to th ( causes which l Ied to tli elevation of Nebuchadrezzar to tile throne of IlBablonia. We( are told tlhat it iwas done for a threefol(l piurplosee: "thallt lie might shleplherd Siumsi(er and Akka(l, reliew the.ici(tuaries of thie city of dwellings aild regulate the tithes oof l'kur 1 itdl Nippuri" ((ol. II, 1-3). Here the religious character of thle mioveme ntl iis lainly ii ndicated. Another significant title app)liedl to Nebuelhahdrelzzar is "the one who lays the found(ation o the land," mni7,l i.( i maiti (C(ol. 1 24). As Nebuchadrezzar was not thle first of the!dynasty, it (cn11 hardlly mean "the fon(lder of tlle lylnatty." as Winckler interlpreted it,3 but perhaps I Hanlllllr'u)i 11(,s It csililr title, d,',lai BJibili mlooezi ndrii anra mdauS.' m.rim, u Akkadim, Code V, 4-1). 1 For thei meaning of obl, see G(lossary and Lau, J.A.O.S., Vol. 27, pp. 301f. s Cf. Winckler, Forschungen, 1, 519.

Page  136 136..V \/ll iV _\l).li'.'\li t.<' tl' "tilc oll whlo (,sial)li'llel tle(:alltonlolyiv o, the' hI:ld,;l folr -(e fillt tile title ised by A\ilikak imi (I.i., 111. 13(): Win"kler. Fi.cth1lle('o, 1, 5t7f.). tlhe -e'enltl ('C:lxite kin. It is als.>o u1sel )! fi i, t-e -i i l,: 7, ' Ii'.:,',?-;:-' ' ' Fio. 5). —Figulre of: a hilZ prohb:ably.X(ulldmh(llrvzz:lr I.. on tle St,.rl of '.\1l, 11, rl~wv 'tt Berlin. Nebuchadrozz'r' I. (I.Lnndlon. l3[ildiliq l.csrrillioi, l16, I, 4), neither of whlml wre fomdlcrs of I!dyn -asties. o (hlll tlis title, in the sense of foulder of at (Iynasty-. )e prollper aly- llip,l to Sa;rgo(n,

Page  137 I I\l )i'l:AZ/..\l I. 1.7 Fia. ,I' a kh,-,. N,1.... I., m JIT [,,. 11 10W.

Page  138 13:8 A A.'EV BOl'N.DARY.T'T'O.V'E e.' as we find it dolloe Iv Siha nt i-shliil-ukhi ic('.Tr., X. pl. I', 7), nor to MIer(odacl-balah(lan I1. (B.A., 11, 2li, ('ol. II, 1-4. Nabsl) olassor is the omil olne tsing tllis title iSilpar iinsril)tiol, A.II., 82, 7-14, Col. I, 5) wh(o (cFil properly )e calle(l the fomiler of a dyenasty. In view of thls(, fact s the trans latioll. "te oll( whlo estafblislres the autonlloily of the lailn", sce(i to (i, ( iroe at)l)lro)r'iate, l)ec':tlsc it hits every case. ()f great imllortanc f or tohe r(latioi of a \(Nebuchadrezzar 1. to lis t (ioet(t')(rf):ries i.e the initrestilig inscriptiron It. 2(i()0 i111 l1. 3S, 21, trlanslt t(l (1and di.-cu-scdl 1)y \Wincler (Fores., ller,. 1. 5:3-I -3S!. II(re w- filll tl;lt ZIeillllelle tlelid(filla, tihe tlext to the Il't (lasite kliig, was dritven away Ib an Elatnite kirt,. iho.(' IIml(' we now knr w from t hi illcriltiols foul( at Susart t t o h:av ) t(1l Sttruk-iliabunt, twho, it seems, rhad entrustedl his soln ll(udti-lr;lia 11111telitI thl l ('(rlli(rest of Br 11! hollia. In tlih course of tlhe following linlls, \whicll are I)adlkv Irokell,(, Ellil-11(rflinl-a. ll, the h trI t ('a-sitc Iillrg. is twe\\i iel'lrre(tl t(r, 1l(l it is stated thiat lie imot t lik(qt th e l1tr larilrrt c( rrr trllrre 1 or wf 11)t a1ll the reople of Akkta like a:.'tolrrel ftoo:ail devastat(ed l their larg ctities (ri.i;.1 '"fl/.'/, tlt[ 111, 'l-r1(t-.oi-Im, r1r-lr-ft. eI-fl-lr... [tlta-i r]-zi si-r(-ll ti t-ritril-, i-t irt It-(rc-llr ]r/r -t i.;l. (l)iv. 7- 8). By this sartre ]Elamite( ivriltril:l hrtl ll kinrg rilffle'(( l, who r'h(Ir l Eflliflrtlditr-aitu "the kingr rrry ir(h'e -4or"-r.,r e ru i -ote fill - r/-/ia, Obv. i5). Hlis mrrrs t) roe(t of f buit lhlis tit l(e. "tir offslrirg of Ba)yilol" (orrrrmirrt l(bili), still rellatill-. Willtrelhr is trd(oiul)terdly colr((.t ill restorling the mi-singr l toll( 1o.N(o)b(ll:Mdrzzar, whose wars against nllamI lformti thr(e lii of se\rr al oti(' hyiiniir. Thrris inscriptiorml, by c'mll(ctill' I';il-nrrIdinr-:1b rnu(1 N: ( 1rbrlchad'lrezzal so closely, illileslr' clearly that tilt! arle (o()llt(illortl(r I'll( I. It Collstitites, therefore(,. a vahmluiible c lrrol)boation of thle view recenltly advanced t)y Prof. liillprcht i t li theli fir-t ings of tihe Isin (PA.I Cf. S iheil, 1). 1E. 1'.,. pp. XV X\VI

Page  139 NEIUCII. lDREZZA. 1{ 1. 139 SHE) dynasty were contemlporanel(ous with the last (.assitc kilngs.r This view reconciles also thie othlerwise contradlictorv staltemecnts of t le kings' list lredl Nebuchlladrczzur'sr own inscrip)tions. lFrolm the evi(lence- no-w ret 1(hand we call (conludelL that NIbuchadrel(zz:ar was a usurper, for his father is not givecn an c, roal titles: that at first he battled in vain aga:inst the Elaitelite alndl Assyrian supremacy, but after repeated revcerses and late in hiis reig l he rwas ablel to throw off the foreign yoke, ascendll the thirolne of:lBaylonia. and even extendl his conqulests to the Lulubl)eas in te east andl the la ln Am!urru inr tihe west. This enabled hil to assume t lmi (e t 1pro title, ' kiing of the vworll" (str kissali). Tile case of Nelcbuca(ldrezzar I., fighting agRinst the Illlamites arcnd only succeed-ling in tlle latterr prIt of his reign ill defeactting themll, ias a clo.-e parallel inl tihe history of,llllammurdnab)i, iwho only in the thirtieth yea r of his reigln d(mefeted the Elaniites and ill the followinlg year c litll-Sin, kinlg of Larsa, by whicl lie was able to unite all of Babylolnial unlder his rule. If it is true thalt N(,buchadrlezzar followedl thle last Cassite king immllleiatcly, it shouldl be sie to rossibl to reoe tlhe chronological objections which have been raised,r:gaintt this view byt- Wicklcr anld others. These chrlonologiclI difici culties are caulsed amhost exclusiv-ely by assignling t to he Ass-yrian kinrgs more y(,' enrs than tie insclrip)tions t ldemand. Tlhus, e./., Wincklelr assigned at first' approxnimately twenty ycears to Ninib-apal-Ektur anrd about thirty-fiv-e years to Ashur-dAn. leccent (liscrvce-ries, however, have compelled( him' to lower the reign of thle first king to twelve years, andl that of thle lattcr to noti mIore tllln twellty. The probabilities are tlhat at Icast tiet t reign ofi Ninib-apal-Ekur rmust Ibe reduced still more. TIhe following table offers the probable synchronisms of this period: ' Hilprecht, e].E., Vol. XX, Pt. 1, pp. li4f. Cf. Forschtrngen, Vol. I, pp. 13.5-138, 266-2(iS s Cf. Forschungen, Vol. aII, p. 3-17.

Page  140 140. '/'' t()l'.\'l>.\,- 7'1 \' (1' Bitili1shu I~~g,f c"jlight ~u~ (4p4I (an I w II I. oAY- l All l~~f,-hum-alAkd... d oi, TO. ( I tti II I 36: Slyn'l...... 111I(' ilq\ L. 2DWl B'd"/j.;"I,. IV. TukuIt i=-in (b Tuktulti= Nini b llul- B:,hy -ll liz, III,"),"61, ((11ndirapu I~i(21((i~ '((((II (I~l6l Ch i \-.p Ij I. ( Vb \inib,=tukulti='ksh,1 r 1 II Bab VI II 1(.1 3( NV. 2, The As. — l~r yriti pi. ~ 11 ne-m Ih mnel tl(

Page  141 .\'1 Bl (~ I 1 ),'/ZZ I21 1. Mcli=SShipak lIh-iln of fift'(9Lo yer.. \\1rit, ettr (I\' I.':31. No. 21 to neiglhboillo l)rineo. l-i 2 dyla-ly Ilgi,,l. The fir-t tvo, wa]l w Iking-,iga 1', - (; 1a rdlk=apal=iddilla I. I'(.igli ofl tllirt e('n y-t':1'r.. Zalianla=slhut=iddina II, j, d.2XtIl (2' hy the Il..ilteEllil=n'idin=abu 1Reigni of thl.(! 2):l'1. I )reate d 1)3' I:l'mlit('-. A1I1,11 Ide, —tIatII(.2 111 21:. 12..DI ' I)' xi;. Ncbuchadlrczzar I. lh>ill ol' nt h,,t-t.ix(,weu vcar,. 1Z. 1-13). 1)rl-'( 1. o1( til2 (-its (V 1{. -5. 1o). 1)(,f1teaed h-.2 —1ilrl ling.\-h -1ll' ri-hi',hi (,/22. Il.s 2. 1,. t |,1 I"..5il). \'ict(,riomrm o-ver E.l i it (i. Mart1111] -ta:ilu' )rollght 1)1,]1 (1\' I1 20. 1, 10-1 1). C('oll(lel'S tI, 1111u222ll$ an t]l, \e(t Ladl (V 1t. 55, (J-10). Ellil=lkudur=usur.I.Il'..I.S.. 101.,11.) tl1 is Iillhd inll ar1 (S2,1'!/it ero2. Iliatot!t, I(. HO1V,". Ninib=apal=ckl r ' \\1ho1,, lighlt 1 211](2,:all 2')-i't:.2predl V-II. 57-59). ('onltqer2,...] A1lr with 12,t t,)t' 1BIl>2h1i'ul,") ki22g ('!2nh,'. Ilit 1. 1 [11[ ). A-sh lr=d an lTi.II.IT. 5\ 1 I..1 IvI 2 2i1n 01 ]Il)12, Iia 121y.\sh —2121. ile 2iti,2 Z-.;i. Iria2,.\2'-1ll.aptilredi..lueh 2),oty CaTi1ed t'. —v'ia 'S,"i. 1 Hi,.. K. -2 12I.I, ('on.ll.pls XNlblecltdr(,zzlar to gi, ulp - 1tlt('J,: o n \vrltl fortress Zlll(]l. )eftalt, \(l l:l:lhadlrezzlr. ltrlrt1'- forty 2 o2 f hiS ch:ri(ti (Sy,/t. /list., 1K. I11a: II. S.51).

Page  142 142 A NEWr- BOUNDARY STONE OF TRA SIT 5 RATIER ON.,Stm "''""inari' on-ni-i dXIX.IBA-'1 \rs/AU-v7llA-/.ln-kin-lcl-dtr2-ri.l7tm-..l.3 XXII (,itr) 170 (qa) h"'Z"'zr1 11I GANX 30 qo 1 'oimomli r ltUS' 11 US sillded ell i tlurri U,>.S.1. I)U I U'S pLit u,pla t-m'tir-p)-p- ti' II rS X (;.li I;rt 1,, 1 iti d4 l kit - nrl - diqlat la.. III US' LV;G.11 (. iddA,.,iilfi) i.SiI l i.i '.A. IA ' lit-mS-u-t)-r'-(;,tl-. d Col. 1 dEn-lil bNl,d-qn —i c-til ia.,t(-eA ) 1u irsiti rublntl bl AJim-ri s r iEl. ni rab( ti (i i i no at '(- r,),.ilit la 'i-ba-uo-.A-Si-i iltt,-i-. 5.o I-a l(A-AlaS Ar-ti-.Ali 'aI-iai-iqi ap-p)at i-lb-li-7/-1t W-taq-qlt-li patl-h i.;1 bel-l bfl.olTM,wt i-pl'.~ 1pi`d I.?i-.~(nn-.omt-/1u ()0 i[It li-AI A-OM1/ rbt-. b-li '-A-I n-m-Ai bc-el l,`At-tm t qa(/iqA"l NA. RA. A..l L,~. A T;.1 l.. 7 EN.AU R.11E.1 A Olitt(iA Ay scribe, seA, 1ll, 2. ( (lrfll(,n ltry.

Page  143 N.EBUCHA4 DREZZA R I. 143 TRANSLATION. The name of this stone: "N1N.IB 1lal Nusku establish the boutndtry, " (su(ch) is its ilaille. XXII (gur) 170 (qa) of seedfieldl -1 (;.\N (r(ckonldi at 30 (a: of seed, (e(luiva-lsllt to) a large cul)it 1 i.tIl, tpp(r ](,ngtlh, eat, adj.inin g River I [-SII, loI-(cr wthltli t-s-a il II t [l t,N (;.\ 1 Til- solt (Idljoillill ) l)P width:tadjoiln i (the propthle lnk ofi the serty o o)le ii te tt i th l o rd (' cm lt, a Tigit tt'i-s. II IU-SHI1. I ( 1[C (\Rw ' h'gth) east, dlioitiu l/it-ur-(lll(',,l. I Ellil, —the lofty {ordl, th(e rttl(,r of l(,av(,l ad1 ( ('a11tiL th( )Irille, th(, lo(( of I 11l, thte kig (,t ofl( great g()(le,. whos(s ((seual is I god (h0(s go(t (exist iasll heavel and (n c'th. 5 ul)(l the giving of whose coistst liltil it(' Igii lprostrale th(llS(,lves. re(,vrently ]pay h(lltitg(.:'ed 111)011 w.0( (,eisioll th(,.nIIIIJl 1i wa;it inl sibl)lis~ive a." Sttand i,, 111h11)1le f('l,'. tht(, lord o-f h0rnls, ti1(, word o)f witos(, m)outlt 1 110 god c, an set:t.i(le, the p)ot(en(.at(a of the Anulllilai, the lord (of tite, b lac'kheadl(,d, 1t l. 13 at, a. ) h'ni, wdl..(;.1 *-*/.'\A 11 K.l

Page  144 I - IVB I A! -I-AV, TOVPII 21,uoo-w,' q —'r c u, 4-o t-I chtl tiA. II _( _,q I Ao. I' I.AA' i- a Al-w "n ' -A,2,_I I A- i '- I I - A,r ', II A. k( IAl I t'll:,` l -k. lA Aipp A Al. AI l. ~ Ai,A a ll IA Ir;AAZAIridAI! 1 I IA IlllA IIII H a LA it.

Page  145 N\EIIUCI[. I)REZZ. 11' I. 14R tih(e sovereigni of la, the( ridl r f kinrglorrs, hlle godr, iwhose Sln(ielr is aovr ihvI lcilligr(?) iand filled with brillialncy. witit whose( glory tihe whle( e'xtent of il(vell, 1.5.l hi:l)itations anr all tiwelling. are ciotie(l, witih wehos majc.ty tih(' landsi are C(vered, Iwhos( 'e l, ('alilOt )e ri'ile(I, (livillit Cannoe t be equtaled. w-ois(, d(ciroll is erihrit, corel'lid is lofty, who.(, ]:nw i- sUpl)l~lle; whlose wa:y-s alr( wvolnd(lrfilll, 21) w11o rIlIs 1,"t:tV C1n (Mrl-th, Who.LtSt'tillS thl(' htlds. oh call.r tihe f:ithlful si('l)(,rd. ir who app.oints ta(' governor of the artil, f()'(ev'r.-with tihe lightr, t I s glrri(rS coIntena:i c, with his...hining f'ace ie1(, loedrce faitifull y clpon Ni(liiichah' ieIzzar, the ri' e, hois f:volr it,. iwho is d i'ol to i.& sanctuariies, iand C, i. II tml! ir mig-rt shlcl)h'rd Slhi' rire ciid Akilsad, hat hc cmiglihl rc(u-i lti' sci(tui ri(,, oe tii e it- (,f ci lli ngie a nd i(gulat cr lt( t i tes of I - li and Nip l)ir Itc lbrokt the( - we l)oll of his (el(,ll:111(a.the sc()tr(e of hlis c (,llyily he( i l:acd ill his hi 1i d, 1 life of cthirnal dayvis hie cranted t(o him,itnd:lv, 1 nyl ) eC('(lil kinllg hc lm gilified hl i 11,l, 1l. { C:,c1at, cf til' l'( c i1iii(ml of tih( tithil(,-e o)f ]'kur, bicrc, ii f tile Illtgific(nt sa(riliccis, 2X UA1'S 2 UR,\29&I[. )" ( higllial re,:ldq.,S'. Ii lill,(, for Si'.i./)U (i. 3t I.ALKI.:.-K K ( ll ( P., TP). T1 L.I..1',,.l)u/

Page  146 146.i 1 Iv/ IIO.V).Vi' Y S7TO.E OF inet i.' ': ll) ina )-1(1 - t-i /1/h- i 'ltt-il 10 in*l i-bi -i e /"-p i (-/ Ili 1 ) 1 10 bli.;i1 aitt *Eit-lil t 'I.\I\.IH pitl-hbi-i.l. li-tl- 1-lt inM,u-ri-ih) ZI.>.'A(.(iAG L-li t. a p,gt"l. arri J i.A./(,ki' [ 'lI. I] ". Z 1..11 \ -.: hI,,ll-]) l.l A. 1.I 15 [((-1(.g.,rri rt'i': t,'i-ni rul.~ t me-git "1.-lil i.t( t'ltl i- _ i-. /( I \ o l. i.\[. oilpl o/ h', 1)1 - 1 I '~"'ht-~i-.; i \u-i; m 1 ' ilt \1 -)ali-t A / 1i 1 t1(3-tt1-Z(I-rlz itut1-~qr.p.t0]'l ki-2u-ti.;/(t 11/h1 4l-ht 2 (/) tt-. li ' t(l-(l.'. '-~tl ~11;l-o li-"1-1- -11 I 'lli o (1-1l' 20() / /akkmtml:4` 11;bil, -"f".(i-/"i ]lkto-""lx'/.-.;c-me Ill11 I " DI'-!/I' -'I li- t(l- 11-) I 2.5 XXII (.llri 1 i, ' 'qo) ' ('l qi-t 1-,()-(,- I. (i-n o -{l-tJ-to.iol'ltt'` (-Ii 5.(lIt I/' l i ll./. Ir o - 1, i- k:l-I( -ti - k [10. tt-ll-],'t-li-H,,t,,-,t,, ule-h'-iq (t./('/,'tt1'''(-n —lI1]l.V 5. i(/tl clf' a,llol'lr(i'l I',.s.I.)1 I 37 hal. I)r l...r,.r. u, I' l ha,~,tl, W. I",.ti.lalke. l' I' xt h'll, ta, hy nulllat11('. K.i. 4 U. 1.'. "'. M. i t. 150 (,. I 4,\',l /. 17I.1 ') )Ell/ I h.I 1). S`l.,I DINIRY; KI

Page  147 NI:'BH('TI.R IDREZZ. I R 1. 147 bccnu'e of thec rich gifts and the treasure.s (laid) before Ellil, 10 1)(e(atie of the prostioatlis \iwith wihich to the lord Irld tile soil of witliwiehto 111 til llX(l..IN ]1(' hlloe hl tisel'''s't 'f l Irv('rt'le('ll('(', b((ause o tlih' litt'leranI('e ()f sul)lliialtions, l(i(alllse ( f I l(, p)raye/ r (lie I'.M11-:.Z '..VAB of Nu.-ktu, tlhe (cli',f Duri'.i, 1, t( the king. the faitl'tl,heherd, the princ(, the favoiitie o I",(a: (- o If, i., (th., kill'si ) SUtl)lli,.dtion, he l ioek(l flithful ly,'nd I:\ -shl \ l-i". i lltn, ilh(e so of nlahl ll frild oI f his lord. wIi, st)l k ('(ore the, T Ii. thleh t, ervant w e ti( t ord 'a t: tlva'i.t. weighty: im[ reiea('ted t aef(r e t aher ' i0() owiltlt( of ] lat]lo t, the ( ve'lnolt' f ]ait-eill-sh(,a, the irin('e. l is:,,fi ito, 1 ('I s(e n t a' (l Ul)olu the co manlt,d ()f the(' kill-, ()f,'riglw(,ul.less,.N(,bI('hadrezzar, Ile ]kinlg (of the worMd. wh()o hn. laid the folill(latio)n ),f the;ldm. 2.5 XXII (irrt) 170 (ta) (if,i'(,tdfield, a,'l}t,] land, whclh had(l b),('n, exp)osedl to) I n(gling, a otid(f the t 1-wn of AI,.'-AIattC', (on the bank ()f the Tig,'s ill the ('lis i(.t of' Bit-Sin-shiln, u\ here.-itlc' a:tciewl d:Ily s 11o ditch ha1 l bl),e Alug. () n,, v('g(ttioll i had glro\wl u]) and(l which had (ot beel broughlt Iui(l(. (cultivation, but had been ('xlp(oe(l th) e inroa.(, of tile v at ( '', —1r ltll1(' ]t IV I lS, Ulj)p(r len1gth. w(est,;A.I,..I\. ' ' t.VI.. ' T1 ' K 3. I.. TI K. I.;I. N5o \-.1.1I. ".1 II,' I.[. e, 13.1.M. 1 ll..

Page  148 14S A NEW B(UND./ l STONE OF Col ITT III Uii L GARl.jhddIP/-plli-.-nic I a a4 J)( w 15/ m2 hr(i /ui/-doulf VXhu''S 1 (uu2,. i(/82 (qu/ 5 f'5io' 1`-/run GA (/2 0 Sqo 1/) iu-.,u-ulh-uma 'uk-b, si' s /, Vuk"P5-sij ( '11 I.31 2i(1 '.. B / ia-r,-an, 11ipp-b/sq/ or/-,, /u o"" (u,m/ 5 I/i,,uou "I.-"8.ls1/u5i L BAiLI " ui-I' "''"'11'r-it t -w iol -b in I m ki-ll 2 5.1a d - u l s -a i?~ ''i-r - n 5(i / / '/" K I/.. 1T I 1. I 5. I(;X.5..iI I'/si.

Page  149 -VEIUC lI.liAD'IZZ.111. I. 1.9 ]lit-Sir-altpili tl(l tie listrict of Bit-Sill-silme III USII, LV (L.\l, loxwer (lngtih, (a.-t, adjoiflin g1 it-Sutlur-(i;l-(Il, II IlSTI. X (;GAlP. uI w itth, tIoth. ad)])( (ljoini 5 Bit-lt'shibtl ll ich l] ( l c (,ci given to the lor I of countries, I [S1.1 lorv( t i(itlih so.thi ot til h)oik of ti) grigiis, in ill XXII (g' r') l(;S' (~qa1 ) 5 (gin) ol' sccdfiel(, l-, (;AN (rclll,(l) at 30 (1 (of seoed. (equival(ent to) t l'l(ger Cubit, a field of t tiw town of Mr-A.lattfia. in ti (listrict of BitSill-sh(,(,. Baltl-s ot I t-iddit thii 41loverflor of 1ito-Si-scile. tihe ina'istraie itf Ni )ie, lis s( rvmit. f(,orever * rmalcl(. Th(:lltrveyors of tihis fieltt ere( Natl)-zr-lisllir,,oil of Itti-larduk-;):lldi!tI. at d('-('('lidlt of Ar(li-].'a 1-,5 tl t- 11 iatul,l t, l o o t l i. l ie( ( totlillil frl(l oi' 1Bit-Sill-shi:'. lotr all li'tlre (l tisf \hf e ievt onel (who (l.ll) ill httt.A m ~bitr tiols. I,. it t rullr o a potn(latelt, a lov)\(lo ol I l,(glit, 20:s l(hvy aster ()I' l, ilistrte, o (vh'ltrows the gra ntn ofo this til i andi in on le to s tcur te th es o tp tmuure land,(q,11(ls s()1ll( ()ol(' aillt ith vil intenit (llteuss its) S(eizle,(" strcltll(es olit tli, finger to do ev il, 25 uilur tIih obliga tion of I levy p rit a canal t.ft lailf-oflicer to seize ctllal fligger or to clit Idown ilt lt,,2 S7lL '3 \ E..I hi'.ll). 7' itt(,11 Oll, (,nlslre of,'i. 715. 70 ~It.I. L.

Page  150 150,A.EW BO() U).Ii'RY STOVE OF It.-r.-ti-ti n i[-.;-al-ho-h)lo(?]';;-ma( eqllh.i d-i-n-/l ] 'ik-li-nm ~i[-. - pa-r (-q'i?i7 (1-_l] pil'ti i-lt[ —ur-r] ii iii -tw" Ji-h.l-Ii. 30E-a...r B i,-' bIa'la —i -k-'i 1 t- noh 'nL -il/-lti m,;iir, [lpohi-. '/,'.Y... ] 1it([-i in"". i'"hiprp r' il i-q1/2-b,-(, ':h!-]ic'qlii L[.t —tit 1 ) in a- irr-ihl(.li Col. 1 V l. a-ri-iq I1I n -d, in -in il ma —li-ir-m i i-qabi —q -t/"A-nute.;.' r a1b 1i'2 ilditi a f-gi.~ li-ta-lh'-.;lu-ia l ilp-.d-tn $3 li-)al-li. l- (n-lit" ma i- i i 10 i-r-ilt il ri/i.-i-mat man-rl l i-].i-ii li-.bim-.iili- ai iib-na i-cl-c-i a a-1lw n i'.; li-fqi-sal-.i. aIE-a (.~tr (q p)s~4 bll tla- iin-ti 10 n uI-9gt kaI-b)il;-ti n _ t-j tr lihbli na-hla-.a, tia-ba-s.a h'-/; im-kim-ma AD i-i., r-t li-il I I -. fi. ",Sin8 ll I.'",, na-mr-ru-/i bta-i-.0 i ltil-!e-tia lit-h' (ti l;i.~' 15) `,Sa ma.v u 'qaint 4n tib ni ga-a(.-ru-tud daian""ti' lit tii-la-iiiie-irn i-!tir-r'i-.s(.~ti-n -1ma dti-itz kit-ti i ine-im-rii i i-di-mi-.a. NI.\'A.IB bAll mie-i.-ri it h,'Iurrrii Ikwhrra-sa li.. ';(- ). r See Comimentrtry. 7 ( 'f. ('mi. 1ll1. '9. ('li. C ll. II. 1. 0 Cf'. Col. III, 12. (' C. II. 10, and,(o t(,ntary. ' A Dl).: ku, tu. rE.LIL. 6 UNt. tIEn. i 0. 9 ' be, bad.

Page  151 N\ERIUCHIIADRIEZZAR I. 151 who [i:makes a clainli and takes that fiel( [who givcs it away or] ret unis it to tihe crown a:n11 stos it lms Ilot................................ or [ltati-shtiiti-i(lina, the gover(ilo of lrit-.ill-sielil] ltt not [given it to Nuski-itlmi, soti of Illtoihir-ii'Nu-,]k tli( inla[: trat( of Nipp) ir....... ], sa0y!s tilat [fietll lias not beenl le:sureld] (Col. IV has nlot )eell pr(scntc(l, ha-; not beeln gi(vn, liiis; not t)i(,ll receiv te(l\Mai A, ti. tc killg. tit(, fatlt'r of t!( god,l, illn angeir ovelthlrow lland annihiltte his li(e. l.:11il, tit lofty lord, who alploints the fat('e tel gods, alt)oinit for him:ti (\i t'fate. so that calamtit, mIiil'lortuliln( aml( tit( commiti(s of min may o)l)ress hii. I t:. tilhe kii of tle o ceall, tile or(l of wis(om, 10 tk, itway froill him gladiitne's of ltart, ltitiilless otf itind, altliml:n andll fltlilehs'.. o tl:lt lament'iiition Dim. size.Ihi Sin. the lord of the cr(Iwn of sl)l(ttor (:lrk(n his fiic, oit ti lit may not i avi merrilient('?). 15 Shtii:tit ani ltiiiiitii, the p)w(erfilt go(Is, the lofty ji(lgnC, give tiiii e vil p lans, and w ith a.jldg mentof juiltice and righiteousneiss may wtihy tot. jtudlge tiiiii. NIN.1I, tile lor(l of (i'colttii, aI( )ounii(IIr'ies, tear olt his toLIIdry-st olle.. T1. dXXX. IR. Uti TU. tII.tUD. O.4 '..U. o Z

Page  152 1.52 A NEll1W B 1U.DARY STOEE OF 21) (h —ma l. bll' '(IbIlE n (-11-l i1,l 1!. aki 25 ".V~Wotl~l10 g~i-(I-lw 1rill' ko- rifi' [i111 bmll-nll-li-1l Ilit1/1 l 1111l111 1-11 liq -111n1m 1,I'- ii [.;a 111 j. 11- 111- 7 iM. 11'i! Ell..I.1 Val. 1 wy-akIkw T(ll -1100 /m I -/

Page  153 \ ElI' CI. lI(.ll;.l) ' l /l 1. 153 2(0 (;ul, t11 grea1 t iit(ss, \put ling(ering sicli (, - into Ilik ldti. so Ililt d:l<rk:mi l bright r it'bl h(i h ('( may pl)tr oit itts w t(r.,1iitar, l ith, ' ist ts 1 l afbil. wxh se 1fu r i i, like I floodl. rcve('(' l dliti(lh i(s te, h Ii n,, thIa t ih( t I:V nlott s(})( l'olll c llp i o.lt1( 25 N-u,ku, t.hi, p+o(w(elrfl lorlt, thl(' mlighty -co(l'('h('l. [tflr' go 1. 1,y cr,,ator, be, lhi~ (,vil d,]ino,,:111,l m ll (, h h' n his r(oot. \Vhlotov,,r [r(emov'<I? Ihi. Stoll(, hitlos i i in tht,,i-<, (Col. V livn, it t itilh lielt, hil vs it into:tr. h ihit. - it 111) ill 111 ct,(cl]ee',, ('llIS(s: I '(f l, d:t t1i 1 a:h, t wi tl,'I ~ il:tt to t:lk( it. p)lt(ces it in 11t i invi-ilh, lace('('. 5 ]nay the (gret,od(l S 111:1;,':z1 (' n(,ntione(,l Iv th, ir ]vi iii oil this sto(e. ('1 t-ic I-n e N:itt. at. evil ('II's(', Walr out hi, fo.ll(ItiO(l:in({ ((,St1'Ov Ili, s(((l..\t tt(,.,(',aling ()o' this (l( cullm(.]lt 10 lEulJttlh, tilw glttek(eeper' (o' the p)alc;('(,' ol' it-Sill-sliculmc Slhi-tnril)ba. the(' ({ignitlary 1' 13h -SiB-sn-htm(e, Tni{l-~il.. s:.SO()II i\'1 ~l-l i-sl a-111 1lslh. tlhe atdmini.-trat,, f o l' ' ] )f'h )('rty oLr ]hil-Sill-sh(,ll(,.\t 't, l:l l S on loiK isih, the(' r('('' otf Bit-Si]-sh(,ul(', "~ 11[ L. "; lb'. -11. 'L' ZI. 117 S ('Olllll'lltll!. / i.,, X\ ritttn Oll (s,:'1-,',,of hi/. t:2 /.; 122 / (;. I, 21,"' K1., 1.',: T/.I.

Page  154 .15 NEW BOUL\ h Wl STO\E (Fl W;\ N cl-,c ii ii r i i,. i

Page  155 I;; ii r r SI? ~ zk ~ - s~ ~~ ~~ 1, 3 = =. 7 P T, r == = = = =t s~ 3 ~ n 5' -~ "? (5; —; i B 7 = x rc~ (=E3 (Z I? s rls 7- -; (rS = c i t~ = S. C — 3 C C i Y= s 1 ~;j?/. N j s CNI 1 = ?/.

Page  156 1;56.V 1 ' V OI '.). A Y,t]'),7F.' OF COMM ENTA IllY. 'll] -.: hladimg of ' I(,' ill-('rinlilln w 'itt('n lnioin thil(e,in lbol. i is:l Illolilll: (']t('ll('('i, a,.'t -' )1'0'd ('at '. l'fr elIph})h ais.1aicx(a. 1la. i( lic }:{;iat tiln h(.;. ol tl(' ('lla l l('(,. (''. tit( otl(l' n nillal.I',Ien.lI'-\ ill th'i< il. ('ril.tim. ('iol. \.\ ) 15. —1l.26.;l l)Dliz..hll, (;r.. \I I 0. Flor iilli hr em-0Illl'till,- ill el)(cw. '( (;'c ellills lii ttz lc. 1, 1hr. I(;r:,m i \ ). 1,41. 2s ~. Tlh, go(,l NIX. lB and(l \1-ku1:l ('.lllbil',l ill this hl:/(ling a.g l'a:llls )1 t1he ),)11(11llv, i ct.(111w1...1 i X('1(. alonigdi( d ol I:llil. tliw dtf~,,s w(lr dvi{~l>,.d 'd.,'itl,lngr. ' lol ('h carl'i(,t I't'i'I'i('l( -(, {)(){h of th l a;1( fomund ill tlh, reign o' D)1gi. thie ti'st king it ' h.l.11coll. l(yNlio-ty oif t 'I l. ITu11111,.ll-li) i. X I1,crip 1 'h,,d. S,1 l;,,r 11 A/'.,, 1 - 27.: 11 1: (. g i. Tl. i 'ipr w 1.h. li l. 11'omI0i ll4,, d:I it Nillppur d liZ the1 (1a-site NIl.l t. oii, l ng e lo,h ( l fi limll ii' llo voti0v1,,hj't.. h lelict011 t o N isllku (). Bil. 1.\o. 11I.. 7011. I;.-,S. 5!9. 1, T1,.13 d IN - i B.1ls,:. I, ().., \ol1..1 o,.:.1,:)2... 62.76). )ut the yv also o(c('l.l t(,otll'r ill the,,atil J'OIII1or l1;1 (a ' o co tra't tblo)(t(dat,(l it t( (I: le.-it cl' p rio)(. U",r l' x:lml}'. ('l1y I. l':.. XI\', 10. 22 -2 1) r('lads: U'.;-; 3I ) 't,-h l "EV,-t.IIt.\',.', 1; K,-r~-.qol-,~.;("rr1' (L1(i.A l.l. mt'th,,,'..;, l 1h'.B/ l /l,( fi ~ /.\'.11).1)1.h 1,', 1'.. 1) tv III, amill( of lllil. NIX.11, uskilu all(d King Killig:lzil log(eth(,r thlcy swo),'('" (('f.:1,:) B. '2., XIV. 1, IS 20: 7. 2S-3(). As tf thi(' p)r(oinciatiun (,f.\' \.V.B s(,(' thl Aramaic tr:;u,lit(,ratiorn "I.,':l (lay, BI. 1E.. X.1}). XVI,~, S)f(,rwl(,h IProf.O('l y (o)ffers I l1( ilII (li()1S ex()hlal ti():?,,-w'.t.Il ( = t.l ( I -)nqt(l( / i.,., ", L (} of the, \Ve'.t la'lnl" (ef..I..\. (..". J v. 1907). 311 '..\XE 1 = 3I..\'1 --. Br;t-.. —e~, lb'. 4,61)(),;5.33().

Page  157 .NEB':}('1c.1 D)II/.ZZARI l1. 'Thl drawing of the field is not a correct geomltrical figure, c(l.O.rc )o 1i g to t i.e ll 1'.lasurnti( ts ' s given i, till e lext, but tlle stol c.\. tt.r adap )ted it to tl, e.,iic,.,at i ls. ispo:. I o. l, (oI).t, ITrawing 1 would hv ' (A -- '. ol h ws()()( I1 I S —41) (f\tI' Thi, woutld giVe a, qt ()16 ) X =- X 7.0 (7.2 0 - ') 23.5 X (i5 -- 13,,25 (,\Itt2, il all 2247,5 (;i\1t2 \Now a-, tu lI i I I ti I ie e re tilios (If tt Ie iisttl f s lit( ll. lts ( Ii iso l', inS. Il. B. A., / S9 /. 477fan(l Z. \.. tli,. 4)) X iut'tt-l):i 1I.\., \ IIlN I p.: 1V. 1) S0, tl(d Z. A.. XI, 1). 42):.ohlis. A. 1). 1)., 11, l. 231) tlthat I gut = 300 (2\, I lA --:3 (;All. 1 gur 9() (; \ll, 1 - (;A\ f fI - 1i A 2, w(' oilthi, tfl( i'll(h)wif le sui lt: 4 t73 4 1 7f5 3: S07)5 " 291.\ This sum. 21 G 'l. 2 )1-~ Q.\. i1.ows thl,:t listtok( h.i s )(,lo mado, iith lr i, thle scriib h i I)ioossibfly ly tlby ': ttev('o. in giving tl Iongtlh of olo 0 (/(,oral of tle sidi' s. If iti'i oe possileic to takei

Page  158 .1.l, NEW IBt) '.I).R N'sTNE. (ie 1 (ii'll at 1, 000 (ll-2 wc( ViiIl w 11111( '11 Iiier 'r ii tle 22 (grur) 1(i,' ((l;,) n 5 (gilI. the I cI( it of ti e II nll siIellnlnIt Iot'I tli,c siivevor(('ol. III, 7). f'or Nw Nwul. ol)tain on tihat hasis 22 glur) 15.) (61'nl) whichli liffers oly Il 10), (1a,.5 gin fromi tlhe sum ginvc tih e scirieInsiS. lFor a similar eoin' sce the e(,illot(iti,.liic/ll.l ( I1l. 7n0) cI. Johns, A. 1). 1).. \'. 1. 1. 2:32. From tihe act tilhat thi icient iifolinti i 11.;.i.\'...' i,, nl-. it iuy bc (Olieiiitnlhil thle h lol. ent(1 ol 1(l;i inclnlllel.i i iu~i I gu r:300) (QA. in cililiyel I. Th e phrae D/I.(;A..A' in- can-ei coll 'lerabhh, ~li,. ssi)ll. l)litz-ch e Bl..\. II, 27:I amil oithre rc l:,fi,, /.-IA'..i I /NAHA ttIlmtall o'[tb{. aItl explaill tlhe whle, phn'o:sl,; llintlliiig "iiaccoilg lI th il scuilei yardil." But tiII(' iin'ctig:tiOniS (,' T'ltlll-D):mllgin htl'c.-llowlw that tOw filh- two signis arc ul,(.dl in t!h (;AN.SA\\cIt eil to,ilenote _1, (;\N e(accoiiling t. (}to lt. I (;lA I, whih.:i (dnote-:30 (le a of - ieid, us(. to -.ccl l,l < (ii.\. lie 'Iill''it-l) ii iii ill (h \ t hlhills tie ccp' ssic s i t g "c c-,',c (;.AN in riciioii l a t 30 (lt of s all t:t ql lu l it o (e iiii ii,iihi, irii /l.' Tlei latter is:12,4()10 1 2 = 1((1 (;All i I) G N cf. 1I. A., I\, 19)..\Aeoruling to tlis iiteriurlt:tion tiwo systils of c 1wti,1t1 -m{lts ]ve I){,ell collicilled ill thii (,xP.,-1'si}ll —0l)( uhlich ehqc,lni(l the iz, ( tii nte l h the nlm )tuiiit ol1 -n(ti it tiiil, i, >iiow it, tli otlil bIv gtii' lw lllli}-lc( of v iti(IiS it conlaillitl. Tg'urc Iligh oi f l -(;.G.I-it, is nlow cortill 'roml Il -toll{e of \gabl)taia 1). 1-:. P.. II, 9), 11. -1, 5), which l c'a,:ls: l() &'I'[ ~/i-,tt (lit-iliiit-I eu-li-i-;i. Ti hefihl, ltc.-cututl li) N(llmmih'llcuz/nlln to( Nlknil-ilmii. wi',t lot, situated( m ill the flighborhooIl,,f Nilppr ins imlighlt Ihc ixcctl. iti it, I:t mo,-t likelh- iui Northmrnm Iia:luyial. i This. -lnos lo i'tll(.h. ifrom tiiii fatct tlumt thle fih l \N:cs liuiill, ol its ilomthiivi-tirmn.'ili ('iltiiii) ie Ill roiaIl 'all1 iitnil on 1ihe soillihicst t;iht) Ih tile ATigris. I thr'rmcunito the "lII l ntaml" pcint ttto Normtcrl Btla ylollia. ''i i Se mimitie mlilm(' mtimi.tiif[ ii a ii:Uiics firt ill t.e

Page  159 .\IEUCHII.i I)tl EZZ. t' 1. J I. ('asite priodi. The bou1nd:Iry stofe olrf Nazi-AlaiiIttalh inforlls us t]lt tII I( coit (, l'il:'ii. in- the' gR)v(llI'(Illt of I tliudf i (('(1o. 1 I. 2 —),:IId tlhe city oft1 I;li ill the r()'o (lill(lint of 1l] ir ((ol. 11. 17-1!)). wc'(e lo(c.teld at the royil (ctnal. Fh ]:Itt('l i, tii, cls.-ic:fi ()opis at tih(' mouthi of thl( Aiflhf. river (i'f. Wiickflr, fltor. Forse/., 11. 5()!)fl'.,:il HI (ql *('le (;egr rp/ ie /it (' ic/hi/t(', -:34(iff0.). Ac(or(linrg to, tlhe 11(\ })1i111, undr stolle( f li-hil)piok from S.-a (Sus.l, (No. 3) the city Tam ikk., b(il()ginigr to( thl eri('ie()lls of Ai (ad ill t(' go (,lllle it o f' Bit-l'ir'-.\iiiii i ('ol. 1.. 3-( i) lt il the tow l Shlii i, Iflonging to the land iof lhfi gih hf-o- lfitfr oif Akkaif r(l. II. 1, 475 1). 1) d111rl,'d o1 tIhe l(' l canai. '1'T( sille inscrilption (,col('ls the iilllmmlili o/f \f1; ]op' of ( Akkad friom co.crifition to i rli,'l. tihe Slic(s o, f ItIl( rloal Caialm col. II. 2. —2 9). It ail(,'(f'oi l to() conl 'cting ca(':m t (Il.;il w,.l. h('b/;ri. hir, clh(' jOillcd( t (:I l l(.:ra l l itiA.\iial t -11it il( (l1al:. of t(he rovi:lll rvine-ll ( ('(L. ' o i' iii i i Ii..; arri. (',,1. III. A-f. ith(lr ifllrf iltio/ oif' 1icli-Shilfk (i.o(miloi, 101') l;cat. thi tiown Shalifiifiii. ill thle g v, r nini('t of 'it-'ii -'i f miu.:,t the r -,yal <,ali W(ol. IT. ' (i. The,'ovatl cal:la is al...o Illo,( likely ';ll!t hv th(e /.;t}(l,a-qa-l'.;(l}';',-'(,(f','tl[ lo oll a. 'ltgrn, lit'llly fullldary. l(, I. i. 1..P 112..f ()ii th(, cha ter of r(ibucflilrzzrll I.. graloi ti f tl I l rie:io. Sh:llila:ared Sf:im i r(f. T.. I. ipls. 4. t. I the ( fi,-trict /Bi-"It.1J -i (()I ]flrfuif, ) )(titr -ffl/->/; i )f 1 thf roy'aI can l,a is mentionc(l (pl. IV. '21{. Ti lew u Iolilaoi i tolul (,f f i fXchucN-alf Iflfzz, I. fili iiNiplf i l /(, i it(, ii t( f 5l: ir-A/i-'iffa.\ ]ttla. f i - t iiv hg,iriii'cit of l'lit-Sif-shfiiii. at the f 'oyial fcai- al and f lfaci — fit-fSir-aflffili fnd Bfi-Su lrl-(foal-dlf ill it: ilii (liati vf iillitv-. It l< o shows thllt thi e lffand w,borf I ee( on> it, 'ottt]l('wstci',r sidc,.;~l. ' 1L l( T igris..m1hi oil it, Ilorthv(,.-tel n sit(h l fv Bit-t':hlil.t whic] i-a< timle prifi O)t'or'tiy. Ie l(il,1 of uii-fu-iblli afljeifi l tfhi, tf(',lll(, i i fl, fii. 'hilf. aicco(i rtifiig to tf(h p)lt olf the fi(.ld, t(he roya l cai:i f )a-(,l th-ii righ its lforthw(I'..t(., (,mi. ()I tih( ho)utnlary -tn(i of (,t',tirduk-ahlo-(lmrh ((). 1B. I.. 1-19,

Page  160 I 60.1. I /'IV BlO('.\'l) l It )I N7 o i (lb (',1. I. 6. 11) tlhe ( n::r1,i,r I'''";'.''c-.('i-ril" i- tIl(tioll((l. whlli(lch.Stcek (D 't.,c(hli l.i'. Ze;t., 1905.1i.. 6S in lh'i ll t iolg tilt' r(1',ro(ice' to tlhe roal caial. Bilt it i sal'el to talok(,(.0(,'i:1- u(i wvort which dli nots nit cf(i the t (i;l c:1nl ltf. 1i. 1t96'). l,'tiler I(,ro(lat(h-tllL. dzinll 11. B.(C,'4- jl, B. ('. x, filll the fit l I(let'1 t,, (dl' D)mll-li-c(lilli a Il Nt' zt I l)('lr: tl)s all:II;l ilt' I,t -itll:lt('l ('11 tIel' r(ya'l ('at n;. I'lfoitilfNo th. I 7 r.l' ic it- i to. y: (n:ieal ill tli c(nitract tihl(,s t1h not o(l tlits Ill,, atotilly tog fix itS l('Ititolo. St1r1,,mai, r. tt ).. 4,'3, r(uef'i.t to tith(l e (ni. i). tih( 1 roli'rty (if Shilmu,'ii f tli, tenlitih ye( (d,' Isitg NaI);H-, 'id. Il l ill1('i xt o((,i IS tilis 1)Pa....a(,:.-di h '/I " t-'u-.-. 50 ff'',ht ),1-h;,,,. r; i,,,,i nh-hhi l..I..: "dillt 2N)41., 3. (i7 ). Tli. -tit('lcliht. which nt go) v)(yolldl tit(' l(e- houlllhtry.-tww(, f'rom Nilp)lur, (,x('el)t lh:tt it.-c(,em. t l (:lt( ti( ovilI ZlzaZiillul ill tih(' loiohlholhlo(d (if tio(, rlylI can1l. is the ilh mo-t (l(fillit- thit ( (c cul.::tll (h (o thi,rs alt e in( h iie ite. ('y-t 26.:1 7.a txt latc',l e t Sip))]r. rtl'(rs tl)ttl(',. ';ioa broken lt p)n:a.m.-a(.( 'u-1,'.1: 11. /lq. (;l,''.B.lh',/,,.j,,,,, (Cam}b. 44:.5 loc:t(- a fiel at ro)v:al catnal. but tih(' l)()unthri.~eoI ftlhe ()th(er till((,4((,:are (' tnfortilyintv brokte(,fi' ('f. allo Il):I'lls 1!9',: I.,,a(I i)ar. -il 1: 7 4. riwh lanttol, r(,fcrs to):a r(yal ('a al: ill ]']la. I( dal-lu,.t.;,..... ti, m/ w.d.i.0?l'.'-,wi). l'illyl- (,1,w (d, th M.lM'a.1h;t texts rcl('rs to( th(, rov';dl camll. Ibut aaill ill.1.('ch gt'u('': t('rl'l~ tOmit I,d filit(, il'e(l,('-c(, i. p)(ossibleh. B.]'., IX, 7:3.1 r(l:(Is: II,/10 24 q' " t '";...z.;.;.ttumu ' lll.;(i 'i r/.,,,,, -h,-,,.;(I.;..rri m.. h i.. l.t1-1.Or.;(Irri.;(( lw. polli 'Hltt'.,.t-''.\'l '.11 ~ \ opl.u.i.ll.-/'.-./it-~i. ITh, saltm i.truc(' ()' at p >a...'-a,( ill t lh larplr L[.('tt('e.., No. 2)-, Re('v. 4. F:or a r,('(,nt (i..('vu,-sioll of, th(e "r()yal (':ro al"...(l(' 11ohinil. G;or. hi, pp. 281 -(6. U.'.''.,q.-t.l)W'. Tlhw p)r(o)nmiati)lln of' tlli. (o)r(l i'-.ill tunkn(wn. ()l)l)('rt (boc{j. '., ). 9)!)) prlop'(), l c.,(hh: B(ls(,r t B. A, I 1 ). 1:' 5)

Page  161 \V-'E"UCHAl. DI)?lZZA. I. 161!th. The foril'r, h.'owever. is ai verb, whihle I.'../I) ' is hell( uised a r, oiti(ll. iThel latter i.:SlSnitti(dll (elye a hYpl)(,thli(al sc(lig. [i e f n iiii 15 1..l is t l in th ( late iA of tlh first slyIasty, pul)lish(I l y King l, /e. i) t t./ ULtsmomr(tit', Vol. III, pp. 212 253), in the o.,s( f " laf t(l '" s' " l ' ing, 311), )-, -m l;lz (Blr. 4,"93)), hli(ic Il lh id((oogram ia-alls literally "tali, g afh titl or standliig eixt. ' Seo 1;ppie io,.1 1t;s.shjl. i. Jhe ]ltl"(.] ln, II. 21, an(d thi, (eiool lii n l'o(l( ol as to tlae oI (s (f.1 t './ lii il t ('()nt;-sra t Itil)ltis () ti l ie fi t d( Ilsist (Z. A., XX, III)). 23-4 2:3,/. (lol. 1, 1. 'I'll r(,((, lt ili(-. tiioti () f lo', )f Ilo. (lay- (" Ellil. t lle (;odl of Nil)ll r" ill A... 1., XXlIIi, 1907I. 269 279) hIyv, shiow that ill tiil' ri lt aie ((el)olrs(lislts oif tihe luraIt.h^ tal)l(ets thie 1ti,11ii, -whichl \\Is l'l (ollrl5- r(:sl lht -1odi-.shlo u,- is t n 1islit r:1 t (l I l. i... El/l-/ ii w)-iddti (1f. B. E., IX, 6(;d'1. whi(ch ro)v(s that th(, g(rol gl:rd-lil is not to b)( l)ro(no(unce(d( CIM, h)ut Ellil. This i. ('oll)blrt(ld by tih(' e(uaition, llI-li = 'ii-lh/ ill ' II.:7: 2 1 aiii(l ti tra lsiteralion "i..i > f l):liscills. Mlu oel' til titlehs u)ppli(el i this li Inill to IlElil iarc iill other IlunIIsIu trausl'srri(s to othllr go(s. I'lil.itmomi ti irsiti ios:ii)lie(i to SIh:iimish Is.\giu-lalkriu(e, Col. \III. 7 9. 1, 2. 'i'( titule b(el /imi'i is also u1s)sli(d to I]'a. (t'. I\'V R.12 I1,:3. \ ith th( tithI.ir1 ili[ r(slrlsi mai l-i( (oll l)l(,(a l tile tithl s )fI Ma11(lk, s(tr?hiss i lB A., V i. No. 2. I((1. II. 1 ), bll dl? i rtl)ii Bl l A13.... 1V, 3, No. 2 l, 10), st/ i \ Is i (ll.,:2.:N2,. 1i... qttrri d il(siI (B..\., \'.: (), No. 5, 1 ). I, 4. T'o 10 i, ss.s iiu itsitt sisn.-t c(rrslisI)o(ls. I M A lak's title... niwnt to/ ill- (1.... \, 3\4.:, No. 7/. 1s):oi(.ioi lfti iboa'. II.. \., 0,:129, No. 5, 12). I. (i. 5t5/istiit[l,[ni/. Fil, sas- llt phriase is np)Ilie(l to til( Igigi lbelore NaIlif Ilis. 11I, 15 ([iio isl.l la-i-tiii I/s/it Ii-pi i-tub-bi11

Page  162 2.1 NE7l BO'A-I).\I} STOI' OFi nla-,.. (cf. Wilickl(r. Alloricitolic(hc For, ~chIn!it. I, 25 l. 1.12'). ()f N(1rgal it is s{idl op- i o b('t ---1-, i-lh( m-lo-1Sea,. BIllh' i'l( lr, ecl/c 1i.\'t eri o. N. 7, II, S(i p. 1. 44. inil arl ol Sin, c1. I\ 1.').!). 60a. Cf. 'f. i1-o Sc(lhr:tk, I'rc,.tcr,Id Bii.s. cr iln B hy,1 li,' licihl,u/tnIrt/etu 1),. iSl. Thl' (,o');-flt-pl-ii tal( Id ho(''i ili mv,.lIli,in with p,, ' illill, tii tfroil N i(,h it Illma /(:l, ted thiti i t ita. the; "i(l ' (ii' 1 st n iliiar emiln. T1 ',ii.. ri-. t t, t i h (ii t sti l n, lit c hi tr. t ' i rn, the usutal p( 1rivati)oll flrlo "7R.or P1 (,(( l)(litzsch. 11. \W.. 12:,,) isc('orroc(t. ltlv()r of])(,litz,-('h'.r(,nd(rinrit lmay h('rlleIgod that th, syltl)lari(,: (,()nn'(,t it with.c-t,.-~, "o( dient " ('in,,, 2-1 )i-l(,-/,',-t follwl,.-.1e- - 1i),.m1 with l lp-=9-pi an: no lt-lul=- qHl. "t(o pa 'l.t('lt(i()1l. t,, ) \':"i th (' i- t '()gIl':tI tii ilf ]. 1')A i(,i1 [L.ll. I ). I1..t h(;..n u ('. tu(' I in, (' c m( on by thi(,n.,(' 1. -nilSs. 11Ii,,55 5!'. But tlh, h1i-tor()cJ 1 il (lril)tiol)s (1i'l"1' y (c(o) l(,(t it with "' (o)wiTn." e..q., Nehuch. I':. l. If, (. r(,,:-,i.~-.,1n,~ it.ilt/,.-.1-,-i~ (i-t,,l,'-/,,'-. al,'.-(tw-. /:-1. —. *nh-r.-..1-i,. ] l(r(' it.t:ld(Is ill ]parallli-nm t,) the )hrl.-e,, "l)ow((,d flh('yv-t)o(I b)(,f()r ]tim." '1'o) (lTo jUl.ti('(, to ll titll I' pro(es I '..( o]m (t Ilrlq(i with tt vcr) tfp,,. wli('h corr('.-l)()w(l. t,, ilb(, Ara')i(' t5 ' to '(':fe g(d(I," whi('hi ill tilulrI is th(' ('ight1 formll ()f 5., t() l'far )r ]'('V(I'C M('(' ()(;,O(..\v(' ()ldinlly Ita(UltjI i- il(, i'Ml (11, 1) ()1 o, "-ti. and tn(,an~ t,,.Ilwle a'(, Vtl'(,tl(,(1 ()1 ' ()l)('(oi(ri ( n." If tiis (.xp)l:a ti(ll is (colr(,('t the ]phra.-(,, t,,, 5it; pflo.ohi' i lm()t 'b)s()lut(ely syll()tiylll()-w ith (lq)(I i[(l,,i, l, but rtl r('r giv'cs till(' lI'(lsoll f(or th,c ])rostratiOI: it was t o,-]low their tiv,('r('('ei(. 1, 7. The, f(orm l-nu.-n.-I,' i' (,x((l)ti(onal. It is,,(,t.inguh r' but plural. hl('m,(, Alt,.~toa,' tg ((cf. IV It. -5, 30f., iloi,.I,,tgi it'"W-q'in_ -g..(t..1-tm,- 1- ""'ll-w.. -A.k(.;. ir)ihl). Th( m('mllillg ()f the Sumlel(,rian A.X.~.'...\'.- i, giv(K,1. -l.-tS9.! R(. 5f'.- Ilh'ozl)z-, 3[ythen, III). 18. 19) ats rileD! r1l,)W, i.c.. "(flslpring of thl, gr('at," nam('ly~y...s." (_'()ifl):ti'p, with thtis I).1.1I.(;.l L..V'i'.\..\'.l "tl,(,

Page  163 NEBIl( "('/11.> IEZZ. 11' I. 163 great tIllistnc, 1- tol(' o llhOS'. 1o1' 111t1 (di0c10ssions of tdhe lgigi;n.\llllillki see 111ozllx, Mij/'n. pp. -l — 89: Zilmmrl(', K. A. T.', 4.51 5)(i: Allorglst(ci. The Dl)octir f /Sit tilt h '( Ibylol n i e lcligion, M1. \. A. (1., X 195)0). pp. 161-167.,1.. /hoh',or1O 111 A,01Vl,'.-1 t.')e ) otli )erillmsives, 3d( pl., tt(iml..z)-( =til.l('l( = 02.t-vl-: 0(t0?1 to.1\,1oV. l ' ll The metrical 1C((lIt ih1s ('1.c 1 th l'oI1m 1.ozti.- ( 1 instead of'f miltz(. Tlhe 1ral1. l al'I'ellal I 1c 1tricl fo1rm of' 11.(; ald S 1(' ('11vide. Th1,1 y;(re s lfollows: dip;(Ct il(ibbiitO, Wtt(iqpi pilthi.; 1, 9. l,1 —l 1, Piths), the:ingular Wtu(t,) agrecilln withl til(m,lill'al bltolblm ill formll, i- liscd a.,s substitut(e for it. The.ain f`Xl)1VSsi. iS IlSdied to.M:11'du11k, IN fl. 20, (No. 1. 25, bc-c[l be-l1,m!o'f. Helm. H/!/,,m,, B. A., V, 3-10. 2.5). Thi,~ title i> ls o) al)lie(l t'.\ASlir, s(( Cr ig. /l'llg'i;t,,' Trc.ct.p. ])1.34. 15. tAs to t1he il( lling lof.)l,<.iso'I, ] Wo1 '[li kee t( 1 )l(l (s( star tinll ''to l-i hIlll l-i. l," tol.-(iz(,. From, thiis 24 n 1, ih 21 (Z 'ivA.,,d the l0'lllg s t. rov. tt l(l t 1,1(l' o t t) I and l) o k.(' (k. Thell(, ll-e. ing..-lit aIll tlhe k1lon' il)',t'1 ('es of its., o1clitrIlee. It is alplpliedl: (1) To thl remo(v'al of the.,,tatu(s al(l mcilloritl tabl)hts. ('. Adld-nirari. l. Rlev'. 1(;. 17. lu I(t-rg-ict a i-.a (ttlt-,'t-]~?l t-ti(t,'(t-ath-[tt-il-t' i-tlil-tttt-d. i.('., "who 1 *ill l('lnov( mly inscribed.tAmlc a(m[ give it over to l(-truci()n." (q'. also AvsIIr-llasir-a)al, lI,,,,lilh. (ol. \',,57. 58;: Srgon, Cylinder, 7(,.:mI(l S,;,lrgoll, Buill lnscrip)tion, 1O. (,2) 1( i, apl)l)li('l tO tht' leiloval olf sin,;ul-8i-(,ttir-.'i.;.twt-si-];i hi-te-ti, Br. M]., 81, 2-4, IS8, Rovv. 21 (Z. A., V, 6R,), i.C., "hct my sickness c(o(, fortl h. rc()mov(, myl sin." (:3) It is al)l)lied tI sh(o).ti.g', Br. 'l., SI, 2- l, 18, O(Vv. l l, ri,1/-717tt, sttm -,wl.i-mat,t -1-d-(, (t b(l alati z11-utm-m1(-ktl, "i an, removed (i.t., kel)t) from

Page  164 I 64 A /.'11- 13)'O'.\D.1tll' STO\'I.': 0t shlouting. froll til(- lntiaes nilll npleanlvl3(, i of lif I:1l ~il,-ilntld." (4) It is.i/Ili(,l. to he ct i i(,t nt o, thil( in-crilioni,. 1K. 2.727. iRev.:35 t..A., 1 ii.:6f., r nitdr/i-i. h/-' li(-i pil, —lI-1.I-(,-ol, l I I —.it-,i:1 pI'iliICe/ /l// x Nill lot 1(tlmlov, ( i... st aisidilI tI. ((1it(lit- o(f tlhis (lo('lllll(ll." (C. K.:,S_. 1, 4 {.'l'., \. V., {J).). (;51 It i appli-edl to, tihe colm(n inds il' ithe ngoa. Nct1. tNilpll', 1. 9f., 'i-]l'; ]/)-.' i la li-.i'1l-.. (](- 11 i -'tt///t,i 'his (ct() ilm/ 1 i|ld I ()- (d (c:.1l set aside." V R. (6l ). 1 1,, 'l(l h l/-/// I// -/ /, /1/1 1 ii., - -..-/. '" 1)! til/ ' lriglt(o)lis ('/o1lllllil( \\lli(ll ( nnllll t i(, set t( <i/d." (il'. alIo/ /. 2/.lI -/-/ (/./I. Cli. 1, i;,l, 1(,./ l-(t /,, i-/1 t,', 1),t,-(l-.,..\Il s.tlb-titte f(r tis 1ll'. se is.?i-it /l — [.-1-),-il - Ii-i-/,i, (' ii(m 'ti ll os. VII, 13:- 2. i.11nd St..ii/,.;' l. VI. }_;./.?2-i'2 l/l-.(/ / itl iilI-( l- i i// il.t-li-el-/lI. " ll/iC i-/is l l t'shii lt/liuthl (i.e.. Iis.oliII-I lttl t l l- to l go (l I l nii iItIl (i'ti 11.1 (t." (! (t i )li t ( l. i.('. th(' l/'cJilg} )aekof Iiil)1itcTig'l. 11, 9)2. '<. -I p-,'i-i.;,,cp-,?-le. ~se bail [ -.IR-o t1tua -e/-at-1la-.u-n Iill )-."ia -$ w-Jltl-tl[ "(he l)(~werl'u} ShuIbarite:, who had kept i)'(.k thieir tqx- al twi lir tribute.",7, It i, applieo,I to the t }lotirll s in on 's h ertl. ] \' 12.2. t. I I J, ()1. ].).,.sf i1t(, lil,-ti-.;-, -ull.-1..-1'l-o, -"what is klpt hack iln (oiws hear:tt [. I1. r(~.~..hL- i '~.l111 a/,'0, lilertdly ", e whI tills i/t (' A mumafl with (lro, ', ilhilli l\h h devli/ i/l)/s tll' Ill(' g/iener/l ieai/ilig, 11}g })( lVer'uil lle, til( )(t/ t lt(c. Ill this lilIl l)eilgs; ilr lilinilg g(,ll udll iIIll, ill tl/i le-xt lil ll l i ai n h g llii s in li alct til(' ext/lIt oi tlhl go(Ii's i 1l. ] (/-t/t is tln, (I ']lsl'tit of t//l - tk ll, - vp-W(rful." II l yot Iegist(l(ed ill the oli( i i(ell' i(s. 1, it. Th l, vaini o[l thi vigil 4. in /liil.oilon. It is i '(, nimpl/ lfori of wlhi(h Br. 2,.06 is tlwl louh(. A,\< t1he Iln nl/(It l ti/ is ifr((ll wtl y I(lili inil ill( -11 Ilverb s(,/ m..., (I-t{,/-I i'r-tit-ti n/I-lla/i-I/el.saih-l i. "to l i ful fiiei tiolls lTh(v i- ic'/,i tl-ror/'" (for Itll(- iolnnlp,-ngs sene llss-Aili t l) 'l., 1). 5- 501), it i,ipi'ribable thalit tll-} vn(Irb l uvd llre 'l.t.i, ntnltii l, or I' t clast I n lli Ill i/i.

Page  165 .\'EBUH(']I.\IE)lZZ.A I. 165 I, I1. l,,-t,i-i-ipl li -m, l -me. f ll re'11 (l( e ing of tlhe or 'l- 11 -tl1) 1s (:1 t e11(l t1a1 111lto1 r (olisi(h r. )l( (ill1i lty. It oc(ul.,:.s\urim.]). (lSmith) 2l5, 7:,274 28( i —ipb O)) ti la-1(t-mtl (1-1l sIihi,-[-oli, tpi ll -rlti-((l-ll (,(t s-t'-.. T'o this p)ass1age (o sl)p(ol V l (., 44. 4.. (t(tp-hr m.oli-i() a (tl-lt(-l- t 10,t ])ti./ilt-r[-.0'. Ili tht firt l 0.-s e l)litzsh (11 II. W., 1). 1! w is inclied (to see ill i-hi-ip a (ii)l (''r()1r f (;('(olGrg( sllith. But, the t ((l ()(( ailnlil ill:t Sll tli h y lill (\. IJ. S. L., XVII. 1:4),/ (Col. 1. 20, tlt,, -l'i-, 'lr l t,-l,-,, si-hi-i'p m itath, anI(l again C(ol. 1I I,-1], /(:l...-]ji-il) (hyl-otd-m. 'I'lle l'orimlr passage i> tral l:late(l In (;ray: "I 'llv rilliall( fills and 1 (vel whl( lls (oitl1111es, tk:ilg ta l-k i -i \ i(h ntl!-s e(I u ivallitt to' ( 1hip (('If. I, l0). Bui t there ('aI l 1) little ( ltt'i(ll tihat sihli) ill t. ' l)s>(1 ('s i.. t.he (onstlfuct (). f.. ilft 2 12 ( ('lls "extenlit." The ftndaillwltal il(,ealit. of' shIf).u wou.ld, tlher(,for, 1)(' to stret(ch olit: al)l)li(l to a1ll alel( it is thlt whi(ch i, str(tched out, the extent: ill:t llohtil(,-(,l<(, it )(,('ol(es "to (rtl 1'v." Thliit i.( c()1or1o)()toat(edl l) ()l' l)asslage where lo l l(t sii1i. lllil. is ill )aralllismlll( t() tlor qimiP t/'{l 4(111dm 11(Th li.rae Ilulut therefore i)( tral)slat(,l literally: " the totality Of the extelit ol' lh ( toave." Inl 'tgre(v(,lilt with this we fil([ tie (' xl)r(', —ionls /;,.{i.! do-wl-mo ([K. 8.235') + S.23,4, C(ol. 1. 6: 'f. Z..., IV. 22, b) 1l.(.[-tit' det-(td-itl( K "1. 8,717 t- 1). T.:163, ('Col. 1,: (f. Z. A., IV', 230)i.-.l),-titut(c~[ ill t),iilhn' pns..nge-. The( ctc'('t:':C('y ( (r-. Siith is (,0 ('(, moe xil' lic (ate(I.:1ml~[ his h)tl- g (l('(O11s i)':rticuhl:I'ly' vahl:t-:ll I)( (.:al,c it slows that,.ihip act'l uly (excIhl.('S with 1utlp1i1.,.\'tlXll/ir', t'l ltll is til(' v() eriling. -(elletllc(,, wh.()o.' tihought is 'rllwtler (htl)arhlattd b)y il(l two lines that follow ((f. Ilill)relit, A...riau'. pp). 1 4). 1 61. 1. ] 5. qitnn8 is here ut,(t witi rtfer(,(l'( to) hum.hall litatiom:, t it>:ige' which i. al..o f)unil in t 0e(). T. (cf. J(,h'. 46: 16: 1,1,). 2: 9; ()l). I:lo.Jol 2!):1 '. '1T1e (tyil)logy of' dl0tl(t i.. not g'ivn b)y Ixi(,pl'.)l(,rs, as far as

Page  166 1dm66 - tivoltnll cf. TigI \.'\tI i7, /n 0 l III, 17, otc.`I. iiiIw(-IY 1r. ii d) yt I wi iI I I I IcI lIi -I I who-'~tlC rool, accordng I,, J~w,,i,r, k. A., 11. 2991,i~ i, odor.~i~l. Jl, l hi iig.!1mllci Ni-u III. ef. II, Ilm"" " il - lip l 1\\I- l II m lI 11l"O I.;rt,.........,I,, X1).146 15 III. 6 L, 1 ro ii lh-wIn pzunluI,]- I) nn- thi P1. 1 4 /n 1-2. li Iu- gI/ uh. i aInhii l iun II I,[ Ps. n L:',: I I P,: 1 1 5 iili. llNvi unI,ititilmmml 1ut IIi/ oin l II -i A -yrn 1 l( 111 i 2i\c -i-o i-i fo iuili i- uni n niti i/'N-f,,,- uu,-iu,/utii '/It' huho - (r(:IIzn nii-el:Ijin -I1c( v vl (,vh liywllc w'Il ic] w itndt Inh ~ I ilIng iiit- nii,il ig n h im:1 i hivi u ciuii lit1M Cniu.S -i - /,\(I Nooi-ii/in ii-uin - in d ii i/12 inno, olg i it."I in tloi. N/u in / I p Ci. ni — 5 -i (4) T e nwo ng ( - i/-inh in,pp in. l 1~ xllulol t

Page  167 F,)r the d /il~llq)u-iou 1((4 I IJiwo ak c411 the (wiginalla 11alling ( 1'P,'t he qu~iet. ce K. B.. V I, 1 3541A. (Cuulure lso( M~acil ra. n. I 4t II he a wtAla ii, g7 "t h ill I u II l c A; lck it lA''. Iki m (I ll4 I lll ('I l l I I A IN AB, u K in'' iu IcAA. A 1AzuA,,u.A 1olbAii, 11 81. 1iuAlv.u0 11, 2lp.cI)A(A. 'a Au` Auu AFaua lierc lpci dIh~ fu in c A Kiug, Tll I u- A Crw A uu M SWlu Au -, 1)1 lP: 19: S9:G: 11:1: A 1111 Chrmi, 6 IA. i- il - I'/;/Ill AuI( o I. T II I I z A IiuuiA A v, Alo' I v Ia cal A I Il an_ a IT(:, i c, 1. 2) mnY he wi iole,;,-,,, grzo, rl,, M E 1, lw, - tlc, (Br. i I I ie( I I 1 1.A iAl. II I ~ I II A I II I v I I I..I., 1 I I p18,1 I l~A cal I~l II. ) (A. SAI t cf K I21:1 A,81.. 11 lau- 1111TAl.

Page  168 ftoiio(It.1.ATII(FN. 111(1 1iQ(tiwi og to v 110Itt the ' oIngultor in tlE c000 hccau00 p)11111a thappllU 1 to ag il form wvilth tit( iguoarto. tor thit pla till 0001o th piolul itt11. For sjimlar g1 1r1fic1t 1110 of 1 wi( -Nor~l- of till glo( 01'. a movinn to Sin. IV 1. ft. (of. 1, 4S-(62: a 11h010 to Nergot. ho. 1111 (cf. B )dielli-i leller, G ictc Ill( r Ifyintlen. p.:3 - 2. anot tit 1 w:r1l V, 5.t9ftt. Aoilar11 (1,cifioll of till 11aw0 of Ya9ot l o 8tifo11'lm O. lX. 20 Wi(t t irw.l' "ii. 111 i cf1 ll)r it. cf1 0(ii. 24 A.V 1. )j'; N n~ za5:I1 niII'oI' 110 10111111 1h v11l-1ltkII( 11 11. l ic l 1c o p od su a111 as c1111 N itll IN' II 5 3oooo)9,t iil-pii-lit m111 "I 1111 II((111010nn: theo 1111 liII of 11h111 10111 OIsiarit~fll 1111 sidI milk111 nai -~(ighl 111 41 7,1 ()I)\, 111111 11. B. A., Vfli1012l coif. flo il(l sll a tencao to, 1241II 111 fit o l theil vlrobc-t.p2-iole-il Il Fl ll. x~llg 0111ze hi IN1111. (wte shoul111~ld expeot'cf1vso 11111 otehoo ff41111

Page  169 X.\1 'rIl(C. 1 )J{tKZZ 1I' /. Iti9 vXlpres.l'(iiO ill tlt (). 'T.. Pl'o.'(,' 1:.5. r"m jt%, 'I. I1Nz: ef. a:lso 1's.4:7: 44:-1:S!):15: )0:. Now B/l a, 1..t111) ii an i(l(ogram1 of n t4l/, "tIhe light." lhince it is e(ltiually p)osil t(o Ir (ad: Ia,,,, p,1ii.tkii dt.tatt. This i ng I r:tgta:a. itr'irallh il x'iew \f' tilw, lhllrw l)r( ssiol -iquoted abl)l ov.(allo ill(' a111 l (scll('C Ol' all' cx 'i.l[lcnc that 1ll1?.:,'I is aln i(de.ogramt' for Zif,(. 11,. 2.(-,'i i, 1)1. (Stl. = c..1r1. The 1in'i(,.t. l 1 I..;I(f I i- (l.milon ill ti(a inscrilption (f N tilchat'(lt-zzarl I 1. (I(f. 1p. 124). 11 II...l.t.i(; i c(ertali.l! al s(rilhal r(notl to.o).I1)1(;. ( 1f. 11,,'. It iS. nicw folitia tl( t-t:t ia(,iritigat ti'trti/'/tt.'NA.t)t';. (if. I )(litz(I. 11. l 51i. ite i(l iogr-ai is ai-tili(i: IlailIg Ih,:iL'Iaratlll(o (i: Suil o(,ri:all w ord Ihlt i(ltl.kk'lht ia llo doult Se(liic, l'rretcillc, I1o.rablic g',. poor tax." Talllidmdical 71P';ml.'o5'uth.\Arabic.wid(leqll. Sec lhomln. A1/..atlc. ii. 27 1,;1 l.('mh,, r. U'&,r,c1,,s'.,tcrischen Lchttt'6rl(cr i,,, A...!li..ilchen. 1).:;1..7 ','1l011I?111011l: Cxltrcsiot~:.l(-l-, / - (l(,l-(' q[-/'t-,ti -/ /o'ctct uI.i: (('cuv.' ill ( "':ti. IRcl;: /i. t,. Ty.(', '., pl. 30, 6. lii l.. 1 i1I.. Nt-, itl,. t:- iti r (lti-.' tt,t. c. )t litzs(ht (t., 1,. i-.;'.-/h'.7(-a -.... 1 Thi, ldini'(' (nol, Ole firit Iolr sentencec, coltaining the hyllil to I'llil 'rle th. apl)lpoillillnt or N(,lachuldrezzar:a< king. I1... ", /a i/i.. the ilar. is here -taill. u<('ed a-l ' f'o' tic plhural. 1f. 1.!9. The adjcctive b./,qbl i, il parall elismi h. <t n-dt~-Ii. h The ixacat mllilng of hab1q. hIs Iiecn ill disput(..h'n,l. B. VI. 1, 20_. 32:31 tnu'saslhtes "trswell. s ilzz(li"ic. "to strengthel;. l.)clitz.-ch "to fill. llti't..".X,}nblchadrczzal 11. coxlleccts - with lm( djeccti\(o' Fit it' (l)('VO6. limnt cii I 'er.,. II. 12:1). I,o-ld-il i-yli-.i-C( ra-fb(,-4-lit. (Col. 1. 10. o' witlh.. mtI11,.h.. (cf. E. 11.. II. 37,. /-fl-.-.;tt-ltt~t-m8-lt, tt.\ il l in this illcriplioln 1lmtthtly standl(l ill p,:t' llefli.l., wilit Imlo~~.;, "to e(,,ldll(nuM't." This estaldli-1.-:tl- o l'o forl,,

Page  170 th1 cnnninx (d, thll Crail Epo. I II n 3 w' liko fiti I'-I l, I 0. lw I'l-I. lil6 o, ii- ea A77It.III. 122.22 iih -le 1l c. 1KU gi~..0 'I~)1l,,'g (ro ti'o. I. 2:14. Nob) llal il~riti)1 O " ig i. e t, " lO l ito might tof 20. 1. 7. ft 12.I The) vIlrh;o~i)) ii ai, o 1w pi - l (II l f lw c t-11thn- ith II(': w deg)nl e I I th 10-c)11. il it IlwaIIil I- Il II I11." I) i i//illzch I *imid tio pill'1e " h:tligu~ish~lI~lI1l~ d, freit-o prapol~.r.f(,.(IitI, I. 11..zkt II il. eII O t 0) 7ice1 I ayer. F 7,7 0h 1. I 1;. F 1 ZI.S-l1Gt I o 01- hmilpi 11)111~ II) -il' eh A Y WftP. I. T& IllrnlN w 11 \rm 1 /, ~ /.

Page  171 .\':.'I{'('If.11 I)1I'I/ZZ. 1. I. 171 XVIII, 4-d), Ilijppi I v '] \\.'( )'iw 1;11!.t I ('v i ll. V. A ~ i. X ( I 905;.( pro Illificiz It i i ()II \\ hich wa, nctlial ('(1 1v 11 1 ed ill A - I:'m ( (, he wm-d which. ii is ill (~ e ilet-l t-ll ia lil c;Cdullm 1, t I wre accl )\. ill I pIlollllld (I. ) il he ri ht-1:11d ((I. -ill uc e( I1111 b, tl( J —Ila k. I 1 le sn I I Lel., " Vo Ih - I-c (4;' wwd to cm, -n)I1'(Imild1~ to the sllllicrli:111 U1Ll..11`.% Z(.. A B' hill:1~, 1wil has I- v Ipp II.d Il e f/r-I ZII) c Iz. x' I) n n I.l wzncr of (l) Ille p'l-ImpI), n large hn,111 - );l~ll t:lll~llgill~ ii lle 1c'll1pI(', X I I, R., P I i I ~ I I r Icu r: I I II () C C t I V; I I I I I 11 I Iw r f ' ( I I' II. I O I I II. I I I ) I.". I). I i II. I) sp llll". ccursIll 1. 13 Ill.13. tw di explll'i i exic1-gi: 11dwr " A~clrm t~II: l11rll\ate T1 II tRl1)A, I1.(.,I.lll~ \\() 1 V R(..~il( 1911111, i n l~i i ~r)n-;ll,, I,) hY iI I-'h i\ cf. IV It. 2r1-, 19, 20 lt r tI ni

Page  172 172.1.A'A 11 i B.\'D. 1l) Y,T ' f> -I i|' thle names ol thel >tagc to(er ol f tile t(mle ( h.K'1 'R itt Nill)Iur. Seat. ilprcch t, I l.r]l' a lio. iE, (A..'ip,,ml d li jl,( m, P1. 462. Tl l sa l I(Ic licam al(so ocur' ll I(l. 3t54. CI. II. 1,.I, 50. 7:? I II. 7:i icf. 1. A.. II. I (10 ): lBr. M. S(). 7- 1 1. 2( 11. 11. 12 t' f. 1. A. V., 5)ii); L\V ]. 24, No. 1. 50). )1: King. I/ialhi i.1I/fic nud SNm ('lr/, N.o i. IS: ('raig. Rh'lifi,. I Lb... 1,. l I). l1 9,.:i.'..'.I'..I.1. l)('t.A.\'.KI: I.lit'.. Ll/ imai' 't 1, 1,?i, wlcr wl( e - ( uhl Imt atll.-]latJ( J)It'ri ". a Ni) l ll] i l' t(t'((l ilil llli:lteiv. Fl"' a ilr;iSili' l('s:. illo lll( i (; (a/) I'5i(. 3.12 i' 11. 1.. ' (Il'. a.1.m'i ' ' ( r i:. ` i tihe vrh il0ttis.s..'u lv(rb elml'. Tl'e w1m>oh.-c(tion wNvtil-l to sa that. lw(.att- tltc king Wa.,-,,~ )iotls n1-.1.1mvt lii hi t r.-torntioll (of;ll th( gift, '( titll(- to tila t(mlel a a. Nusll-ilmi, tih(e Iligh pri(,t ((' l:11il, ga;tllwrl ((liltag(;ill,. ils(l li- 1( titi] t t i tlti tlh kilIg (lg1 (ilhe g)\ 1lm()1r. Iiaattl-ai-liiI. 1I. I.-W l'-wl'-.-i. ' inf. 1I. 2 ()i iN': it mtugzht Ill Ihc xxl'it, 'aIm Il a t ama). I i..). I:. 1. 1 t. I,7. lBat \\l-F11111-1(ldilla, 1 s(l )1 11 11( fu t. th 1()r er "(\ ( X 1 I (lmlr ") of Ml-.,ln-.i'm-Cc. 'tl — ]0 (l mtit i(dc11i(':l \\i tth~ IBZ -1% m-illlilll. -(.L ol ula(( t, th e g((wh Ilrl] (.;.l/' l I ' l alayhv t~. mI nti. ll: It (m t ilft, lmit( stl(. l f Ne)('ithul'zzar. V 1.t. I..S 1I. In l]v. t,(-,,-,~'.-.t wc htv(.,:ti:'i.illilhtiil ()l mI, to~ 1'. The -allw' f(or s (l((c,,r R. 5I. III, 105... -a,/, ~,'/-.;~:.-c/ Winckl(,r, F"?. ch ii/,/ ct,. I. 2 l;. I I: ais().;l i-sh mn-i- dd, tm. l'lg ', it/t'i itma/a i'lcu (1 1,0 nt'? l u/ lt (,H/'.;l/lIli Im l-MI -0-z1l, /'... "Ilt(' g~Js,a< 111"my, (s loi-.-I& to)n hav, e b(,c('tt,(, 'ld t, lal ad ph);w." iT'h<, Islst tll '11 ['f tlis tO tlt' (G( ' 'it': ()]1:. b)(it:l l tl'v:'tol.e ()[ o:lllllt.^ lshum-xt,~tt 1,, m,,,- / —, ].;.m'm. I). 1'.. I I. ) 7. 13. I../ j-/jMr i.,. 111 ll ttl tll. l\N'itill.i( Ir m.I-t../ l]Cw'r:tl)s ut. t, w:('(''llt. ' PI-'.t''.,l,'ll- IJ}(' thlat It,,' t', k l'- t,~ ".I{ ih llas / L{';I,; /( 1'',l t -)l'll). i ll —(,l', l Iltt, Illlt12tl.?', ' ' ": } lt:tll \%110't' I)}- -}llm' — I1 i, 1o b,-t:l hI. r, on(.

Page  173 ;A-E'BU(I.I DE,'E<ZZ. I7'?. 17/ If, 19. ol-t' a-a..' —ma. with ill w h omparea-a —iu/,-l.-./(, ('odr,1 Llh nmlmuli l(H arier), (40:S1: 11:! ). Votl. I 1). XXXVI". (I/lttl.ll'l, litelall-.,o lll, le mal i of tc ( ool.", like,.st!/:.- q(i. - tic mI otfl:-.rifice/"tu,'all =t,ui u. 'flll " thei man (f /ight, so.J isell, Z.\., VII. 174'. In V 1t. 5,5, 3. tll t itle is,~ phlae(d ah mgl, 4'//u i7'. 1.7'T/.,') qu(idii, whlile il orl inscri)tiion t/he king i- listinc/tly ca l(l i. u(/ulli ( 11. 12/. wlicll/ is the sameu titI a't- that of til(' priet NIi.-kl-iilmi II, 1:3). \With thi< (com.pare /lle )riestly titl/e of tihe A-/i.yrian kimts, sei M1. 1). (). (1. No. 22, 1). 74. II, 2:. For:i dli-cu-,sioi,f.(sr /['1'.'ati sec 1-ilrcll,' (0. B. 1.. Vol. P. I't. 1. pp). 23:., aIl( \\'ickleh'r. Forsuuiii (ii ti 1, 0t )-7. 140- 15)S, 222-232. Sie also C'haplteut ', 1. 1:17. 11, 2. Wi. itl qgitubi c(m iu])i' lit( Aramaic uu i1Di, "lan ai 'a that ca( 11 )'e )lowe(l ill n (a,," t'rm:u11 " to l)lpow.- ll 'view of' (pr-bi-tion. p)l. q1[r-ba-a-li antl ga-ar-l-a-lim, thl, root, must, 1)( lip in Assvriail. ' For a oilieussiell of tlhe wiord ic 'trieck, Z..\. XV II, ]7F. 1I, 2(i. W\ithi?,-tq-ti colpl)iare Ta'I'lui(i'.l N"1)n, -loo(ldilu." II. 27. 'r.Uil /i niians i iere:/i in (i)li Bal)yhaWian law (atleis.,nr, A. P.. 123) "ai't, ll(l belonging to. (city." It/ is tiherefore usually follow(d )by the name of lthel city, I 1. 70, r, 2; Ill 1. 43,, I. 2; Su;a 2. 1. 2:3. 30, 33:; 11, 2. 7, 12, etc. 11, 2!~. iHtl in(l }olpit are thle little ditches of irrigzation dratwn tlhioughl a field,,o in Shurpit, V/ VI, (63, whili(h treats of aIl ollioll, "',I)uml which a furrow and (litch is not (drawnl" (ina iki, palflti C (omnp' al<o ll( \w Arblic, and..;..l

Page  174 174.1 A/.'nW Ii'.\I).11,'Y S7(TO.IV' /,i i[tttim,(,(te,. For,1 t1 ' t ':e list c('('11 ('11('(rr f..tlr,4/;, ('(1./:r(e til stele of Nuim-Sin from )i'. ', B. I., 1 20. 111.:!-4, 11,:30. mo^ -/'i. p.ll tl'r l >(p.'i, fo "t il.";.\ ('..\ i. A II. 1.~Ii.?,to l~mit." Trih(e fmla(4ti l mm(( in of thi- verbl, a, // ropose(l 1y Iins(in Tl,. Lit. i Zci / it/l 14!)5. Spl. 2.501, i, " t irri. ( 'e," bult ilis. i7.ot ac(' pte'd <,l 1 Aim1m/,,. i/ ill/ (i!.. 51). T1 I h, A.\, A IIi( t" w, I' It,l'lorlt th A Illeanillmi "t irrigal,"a, llr thl(.\A rliai l le(6xio a i llai(ol lists. whMic girve wi-{dI~-,i - a >x'mmvn (fr e-c-(-ot (el1. V 1. 2-1, 12, 73: 9),1. whl,xtlt h i(( n4c - (1(/ itill u(lcrtn((. (can hard1 1he l,(l t,( I:wh '1,Mleflliti (othlvhiolm. II. 1.,h'-tl,-p/-1. I hil,.- "( ) ~i,. a,>xx(,r.- Ital y,. 11. 1 ol J ',~, cf. ( l-a,- lh- Iii, KIt llXl' I, 1, (m ldlz. e d Sl (;( 'lw [tt,td. ttt,,l, III.. Th1.e lA l m ariln of t l itlle St-h,-( -dt III i. 4ItT 1r'4-lly i (' lsite oal ',(ai. 1. lll( oeeI/ ill tlc (/'.it( l:hleti l'i, to Niplput. e.g.. I,'Bt-,.I —GTl-((:L B. 1.., KV, 1.54: 30;;f. al,,o ('lay, B. 1,., NI\'. lIntrotuhtion, mi). -P. 1I[,.. VIl twmtili;. Ie llil (it' -illp ir, to wh,,,(, ltXllple, tilt laml ill (l1cstioll helo g(,tl: -,(, al, pllan of, fitlol, 1.. Even this lp,'culirl, titl' of ]E;llil wva- tr:mq'trrtI tlo. l:htI'k htv Ohw alt BavlylI I K(. 3,.503. S. s('(' B..\., V.:)25: K(. 2,962, 1 I,.('(' I',..\.. V,:,:14: \: Ill. /-5. L. se(e ]B. A., V,:34-!t. ett'. ). lIf, 12. A ho(izvmttt \\1' (ogriginlly the{ ('hiMl' ol; villagl, or' townshilp. (cf. \\Vinc(klmr.F. r'htt,.qctt. 1. 21W. MII. 14..A eolmt'ison of lifi, line N~ith III It. 41, 1, 11-1;, shows th'at,{.i.BLB.LI.I.1. hau< he'e the l'. { f " gcrl.,.on," fr ill III It. l, we fill(. Shlliku. son ot' ltti-.Hortlul,-Imlfitl, Sl, O(1,iru) of.\rli-l';.a. Shpiku allot tilt, Nah(fi-Zr-li.-hir oft' our stolle,rt: m-(l- (Ioubt brothe(rs. Thi- p)la(c, I 1 11 1. 11 (,ither ill the' (,ign

Page  175 N.i:U('1C.I I)'I:ZZ IIt [. i1o <,l' Nelhuehlaltth'ezzlu' I. ho i ol lis imileli:tte IiCC(',so. ()ther lII s )}v \W\lisalch, lh/(tli,. tlich.l i.e( llc,, 1). 3:. also \Wilnckltr, ]11 1,.ihitl e. eii1,, t1,:: IS', II.(20. The Sei. ti tit l ii i,ti is tl) ihats lilidm, \whitlh lie n.I.l tI..II.lL mylll ': of grl(sl(, ":Il(l 7 (.1l1imJI,(ffl[int,,,1 1 I, gl'qt-gl, lsoll o M n.\(l-;p i,l-lir i.( )Ix..27,o\ ( (Sle,((', o(lit ill glu ' tl: so l(ttisilatilgt l)l itzelt. e.s.e,hti'tc.(e. 27, Noe. 22 1.:en 12 1, 5 2. A'.a-ti: te-me. 'tlle, 1 am( oiI f tthis I ( ii(ial is ti(it i( i -Ile,..o l,(l r (B. A.. IL I1'; S..ol II::. 10. t1. 1 I lls, I. I ), all(o still 1'0,t:liltl)y bh- S ilce l.( 1':. l.. ] I Sa "t:, V I. 91. h)ut a (). l. I., 149. 1, 1I: II.:,. ec, l Sis; lti. 1. 111, 3. has s ihx.l it is ''. I- t =.;ittlim-i, ) t,-nti.. lmt111a,111h at x,/lkt1Wi,, (' Illeallwa yI\-s "to h la t i-ol. t() hl a ((,illi:(l" l)litzieh 11. \i.. 29i)7,c I cprcftr to lra11-htc '."'.L'ii t"t,-(mmatl(e(,r" -, l l1'.) of,,-cluwcclbo. r." 111,17. lot o( tlwe Ul cls!' s, lllt's t tgi l(. s 'ti l of thec t iii tlhe I Ist, it h mgh'm.s ]n two c'e-(' (I lI |. 4:. Ill, 1: I 11.,711), 1) flll-ltttlt-l[-ll(t i< I11('(I. Two ()othe(l st()11('w illtl'()tlc('( tlhis,ect'('ioll witit c(1s1-attc (o1'-t11-ii, V'. A. 2)(i3, \', 1S: ics() ttle,toille oI ' llI)i l-. ltilllisliull 11. It: IN, 3. ( )11( la cic(-tcn-cclc(tc a't -ci), ('. T.. \. pl. V 11,:2..-A stcuc of S*un tiit —lil-i(lint I. (I, 1'.,2: ': S (ts~ mir till lill( wsitl 11iit ii',i/ alt()get th(, ii'c rlt st:llts it o((ie wvitil tl( eillillCl'rntioln oi thte ofli.ials (l' atf,'l l/l lulmh Ittci.. 1 lq. '\' 1.2S, Ill. ]). iwlialyt the 'llhllie (chirtert N(l tueIhmltlutiezzuar ((C. T1. IX. pl.. 5. 3),o)ens this sec(tion with.c(. lh, lp)hr'atst (Ota (wl t( is o.-t. f'(,lttt lstly lv ( (lJ. b)ut ito( (1tr;t! ltcime o(ccu'essix tiies (l)..'...I 11, 12.:10: 7 11. 0, (Col.I.1. I: Lol(lo, 1_02,, 29.: V..\. 202.I,:31). ()i I I R. 1:3. I I I'.w', finlivid bi, r-lm-li t(li(-Ii) a t c(ol tl. A.. 208, R(vi''. 41.3, ii, (er)-I,'ct bm)uti-sue0 11 1. To. 1'l) ( ctett1 (111tot Itei,; atti (c()rrslt()-:i o- tt- i i-.ti ah-ret-o-li oil Iln(loii 101, II, 1:1..\i.~ itlpiti is l(_'ciliactr tlo O ls'ew I)otindalry

Page  176 176.1 IEI- ).\'I). 'Y,7'I.11; IOF stoll(, front Nit)'i l, )uit th o sailt, li' ts is li l(l, illo a diffl inl c i(' nlio(timl,n in the 1ie('\w 1111 tto ]st;ar iKl, S('l(r 7'I(1,)(l.s,j (rc(lti'lo, Vol. 1,.2261. 2()71. bn o-lre Isltari i.. cail(l r-(-.I-l,lli; o.-/bo-l.iI. Ai iitymology foi- )h is ofifreI hI Ziiii.1-'.. A.. a oling t l( d, (i l i (i i l, ilc, ' at(l, i ill) tril(e )s..age iintriol uc 1, / (if. fp. 42. 4:1f. It-, 1 )fcnc nf otilcr i llil(nd:ir stolls N:11 (c1<m]n(,li(l, ol ) f Proinf.,fill )e(. 1). 1..ilc, 1 illl ta. oc(111cu ill tile 1ln(w tml of A l i-Shilak I-,U-l:'l. ( (1o. 1, 5!)i'.2.11, glt) il ' i* ( (,l) t ll 1 h I ii. t1f i whifl tlf l i 'll.g f. ifief (ii II, f tl g1)ls11 1 ill c all t o th( f rill( (,1(cl)hrl( ig o l of tf('hwi ll -(,).. " lti (/'i'll\.{la } lli 'f l If. /,t' t1. thiif -il)( ccsioll (f ' 1 )lli(.(r., i, found m K. 7, 5 i.i Ifbv.f(ff. ViniIllc liri fmisc/lflclf, f. f30l. With (t:l[ll wI, ('a ('c l)i.mr11e(' the.\Avnhi(c L.,i, [/u [l(cti. Ite //{(,r") (\Wahrmuinl. 11. \W., 1217b)' for.;.pe',, — lfhbrw ' >D).st<,Johns. DIccd. tid l),l( t.<, 11, 1Wf.: wit r fi d O, f. t( illw 1br. D':,1, I K..5'::30!)9: 23, lit(rally " ono who d'ive(s Ilhc )(,()hl. th(, hvyIna>ter.", (' Ils slinHst. I[lb h, /)icl., V(ll. V,,5!)0/: B. A., IV, $5, anl )ai(.h, ill Z. A. XVI. p. 21)2 -222. 111. 20. (i-t r-qi;i-I-hll i-lltll-dli-til/lI..s ilh('(' is l I(ol ull.l/rqfu, "Il gift," llu<(,d i l h( If)h 1 s1.pi 1 t/ 1 *.;If'Mi tl.u/ll/h'l ia. 11,,Xfi), so. this lasslg( (,stolf li-f tIh f )r11.fllfq, "th l gift. grall)." 'I'lle conltext (IIl;iz(l fI(), for Itamd,/ I h (' Ith m'll Iiln~ " t(), t ov'(,rI hrw, t o sct: fi I f. the (, (i f z't/ tIn ] i nl the curses. |). 4s. fa- i 1-ti-li h'u —lI. Tll s I wo()hlllf rI(, h(l sll n so vlll t g r(fokli figilns of this liinc. Thf mi g iii p,4i }ly c(ii 11A til(' i )erhalps ii oll iI, u)lit at ier studyinig tll( (arefiu l I I]hav(' olml( to Ifll (onl(11sio thial tif 2 ')l)osc(l r(ea'(lig, i ls il lillost lroil)e}llfh. I r(,gar(I i1.h(i (ck~ ) as Cvquivalc t I ( I.h. t,. I i')611 (Il, 10) - l(ad,(h,, h i-ri-c (fill, 2)5) =- tiort. "tto (ig, ' t(1 lih'm/',. (fromll wlich

Page  177 A Eil'~ ('I I)le1ZZ. \z I 1. 177 tl Inounill l -(I-. 1. Ic-.V., 7I) -- l (I/l (;1: l( ' i) i('( l(, 1. I 7if ( whfql s ltlil llo ill l' )Xilnflit l. ( l). I ll(l r, (['. r':lI i 1n 11, I n i(enlt, 1. ('1. hi-n( r, A.. i /ri.,,h qi. ic 1Sndli(,' i ln.1. V. A. (I'., V ol. X i 1I>()), )). 2(ii). 291. 1 1 I, '. Arl(r Xlb(, 2ord 1 2iyy~lh'-217.l)l)t'ar: tile ' tr.t(( o';a littllh w l(l. t(. )lt it is P l (t d ul)t(:Itn (':.. ill'. (tl(~ J.() o.;s (i ll l tle C di( 1 l tof,,,Oil.wise to atii I. < nt I tin nenutii ofiiit f; cf. N XV.t 48ii. CT., IiNd 1i:. Il,..)5. h,'uh il/ti ait'ilti i,-. sellsOfnlvmou. "'ith hlc il/,i'i 1>(,l oll thW..(,(o(~I[ ('hart( N(,Iellh-.t zzar I. ('. 'F., Xl-l, ( S, ). ill/; to llletlll< n tlue " > liu ltiollui,, ri it', seI Stwiit, i ZI... X I\'11 11. 2174 917.! 11:', 2)t.i(' he, fi. A-.. 2X l1. t12-2t1,. It ip, thet ltic ( i('al 'H,1 tclx, ]w N'l. -1: t-l (('f. Zinml(l]l, Ix. \. '.:', 1151). IS'of. (qay disIoe I.rtetd,," ini n tlk 11: i(' l. i or.-enlt, vlt: ( 'th m l ltalet.i ((,cl oi el)(m iele to ilk Niorter o til.(e I..., IN, I i. r, 2, n lh 1 file line of tIle Arllia ic ell(tor.cilelit is writtell oil ll:rasure O,' V. As to the li:a)ilitic._ illeliluil)ent lipo laln in ld.inyhia (ee Chap)ter 1, ppi. 27-31, t/id( JohslIl, -1-.;,/l'(1 _ )(w(,ed,, (11d I )(o-llcW'Z,', 111, 26. The l'(,q1' i ut/curs also (01 Su.'-a:S, 111. 1a, ]1-. ~;.,,tsl,tt? ulli.;u ltl bl-q(a-l,i. It i, a vari:mlit Of b(Iol(m?,, t sylloln l ly of rt.' lt'l, "to 'CLIt off": (1. l)clitz.-l, l. \\V., -,SI/). 'T'ht, iqll)p r. ouur-,s B. A., 1,. r2, ", Il-qui-uip-,~,~-. Th r change of it? to it is caused bv tilh l(,llowii., se, ( )elitzsch, (;C. ~ 4!9, 1). 11 l. /k.Il-li-c 1l1iri it f.l-ba-li. The Sa elic phIr;ase i> toui1d oil.(,evenal other boind'try.tones. I ]{. 66, 1, 6, 7, I.q7-li - 1.Ori /,'l-hIt-6u-hi: lil iR..J, No. 2, /,o-(I-h'-c,,iri /'-l-ld-li-(' ta(t —1 1i. (On lb(, sccond charter of \Nebluchatrtezzar I. (('. T., I\, pl. 5, 32f.) the 12

Page  178 178 A XElW O('iI.tL' STO' E (/' exprfssiolt is folhowc(l oiy clals: /it -Iti/A t /'l-li hi/ -lw-ll /'lAa-Au-f ''lnli(':) '.yi - hi-li-, oxilh V 1'. f.). 31. 52, siox' Ilpiainly liri< t t /li is ako all official. I'l-li-c..'r i 7;'.-/,'il!.....1".\' u-/m.' /'ar[/?Jir'I.. ('[I h, jIxtal)ositiont ot',~lk, " 'l. i tih it t/i f.r; wt H ci liiaves ntio l{tll)tl tlhat )both ar officials. O)1i the iow. to, t lt frmt Nilqir iii e seizing rl f a ca.all Aliggelr" ggoes cviklltl!y \\with the (call;l ollic(rl. (kuc llt I r i): cn, cutting of lants ' to tl1 other groull of offi(ials. This l]'ds tio il' ili lt ifill onll /si}n tihat Ilto nOti11 t2ab(h t ie tli:,aiS llI, a:li 4i ill fli:t cas(t Iilteii( l to the tilte, 4I1., 2tD, "te Norl l." h I l titis - i(ll-se tl l i i viitl( lltllv. -a v lemnlllLi or u t)til/tI, "the 4(:1y l'i.l." III, 27. 'I'll( r) followi ng i /f -(i.f.-.. l/t i 111.i t[ i fli (h t-ciln j,/, -tu t-mi of t fhe 1 t("xt li t, is eprol lliy ii-.i; li.t-l o I' ltr (1) thi- vcrt oclcur. s s l y oil th l 'y St ll(os ill thi I cfi1i e 11('c(titie n 'tIfo- i. it I. 1i;11ie l; OlII(lOln MI, V,:36: l, (loln 101. Tl. 17: IV 1.t2 S lit. I: III Rll '. 4,I 111. 6; () B. I i. 149, 111, 1: V. A. 209. I 1.!. (2) It i)utl )c natratl to hail (t taking away l:c/,'tt,) rll/,ced<,(119'd a h'ail nctio<,. III. 2S. 'I'll(, iltrase L('-tm] ][il [-l[ /-lr-r.] i~. pr'olbably p)rc1<(1,(l lby?I.a.Tttru. wvliielh i.- fo<ll(l in the p)a'llel l)pasS,,-ag,. I11 11. 41, It, 2, (- io iii-,t'i- li-tar-'u lu -ti i rea ill.... -;,- -,. C. '., X. 1). 7,:14, 7 -. n i-b(-[n]. i-.wr-r t-t-qu lo-/ tll( li-ylt i- l - )i/1-I1, *f. Ill<o \ 1l. 61 I, 40: I It. 70, I I, 10. III,:32..\As Bla-shttm-idtdiiia is the ll-.ject or till(t dp)cildent ('lau.%, atot is followed I)v.-ita '"'/[.V..\ 't/ - nI6. /fil' (.'ltljhr r-A'us/;uJ it is tweessary that, tih( Ip'rdieate b), active. and as the main act of' l~ lt-shtInI-id(lina <Col. 1 11, 13) is not mncnlti<(,nc ill the o)thor lim,0, it is l)rolblale that it, stoo(.l h,,(1 n<. wvc r( dl: [ill i-pltbFort-4. Fo t the repetit iqin el' [qIo I so<, Ill 1I. 43 i. I, 6. 7.:mtl V. A. 20)8. 45, 17. IN, 2. nm-hi-ir-mi. Th(' e('lcitic liht/it] s ]'t ])('('()111( hlit ttltlr the(,itllflu<tic olf th(, p)r(,'ceding syllabl)h,. FOIr othlr e\:1lph c,< of I ('r. M,,i —n.,r 111 Z..\, V,1. IV, 2), o(i(i.

Page  179 .\'EliC('II. I)RtEZZA.\ I. 179 tis (ichange see (. 1. 1I., 1411. 11. 7. arri-m11i: London, 103, V. 38, t-(lti'l-mi, an- d Iondon, 101. III, 1. \(e oulhlt to read i-qob-blu-i ililot -ii-lb-iii-t.:l, I -q(d-ti-i \', l) not i- bcal-l-i, 1)(ause tlh( q is IlOt o;ftened to g ill this iscriptioll, S( IHl —(?l-)1l7, IlT 19: qat-ttl11-.i1. I1, 5: qa-b/i-e, 1. 22: ba-qt(i-(t, I,. 26(: li-q(t-(in-mo. IV\, 27. IV. 3. li-tol-lii-.t/-mi, 11, 2. i)prt. of Wiloki. 'TI' sign r (tl is Br. 7. I'to its syll o)ie IIS( ((dtl) t(ol see.Teosin, Io,,molgie, -i68. The iean im of ti ( verb cannolllt I2' `t1 ((), foli the followiig r('as(olls: Tl ) he ('lltext d(ll.IIls a strongeir v('b tiIhan (iki. " to go." (2) li/, "to go." is initriansitiv(. lictiev alwavs (OImslltru(t(l with the )Ir(')pos.itio]l O. bl)ut lnot witIl the direct.ccusative, uclh as we fiul lir('. (,3) 'The(' i- atlnoth('l verb ollt', wlihose meaning al)l)elars f'o1 1V It. 2-1, 11-1:3, c-d: (t-to-/lu =- C-re-tSo: 0e-re-to =- to-du-li; i(,-(ht-li =,-l-qol-twtnm). Thi, 1passag( shIo's tlhat thlis verl) (tit/c6, ]-lhe tn eanim " to tihrow downl." l'h( prt. 1, I of this verb socii-o to occur inll a text published by Craig, Religious Texts, 1, 2:3. 31,,t iiatil t(li i-zo-ar-ri-ql iminueur' ttiqip-l)u-.t ril'lt iil-luu-tcu, i.e., "good oil they slhall slrilikhl', slc(pl) os soacrifi(es the shall offer, ierl)s thev shall lay d(own." Martin compare(s the vulgar Arabic.L., "to tlirow into tlit fire" (cf. Martinl, Textes reli'/ietl.r yi ro.,:lel / Iltabyloiie0, l1). 1)7). Iil(, titis cr(o 10 )(lrhailill)s Io(o h, 1 101. 11, 91, 1d.4-iit-hlt il(uli [l,(/-./i li-tlu(?')]-li/,'-,o or [li-u(tl]-likti 1..\galinst thi(' -Isl)i('io thit thi text (iotailis tit error, li-hal/il'-..Il-l,// illstead ll o i-lfl-t'/'-.g,-mlt (the tl sign is (qu.ite plain), it lilt' lIt urgled thalt i' li-l-liti'-.u-1mt wereo ilntell(led there Woutld het a tault~lony, f'or it is l'ollowc(t by na(tp-.~a-t??.} li-lml-'i. Th o it{ lg(, na pll)-ia-tlt. li-ool-li occurs also ill tit(, Creation EIos, I\. 1)(3: io/p-.(l-t(.s (var. tl.) -xl-l[. 1\,,. Thl titlt I.0a/lt.i(? n^otii is also iapplied to other gods,./., to Aml. M(onolith of A.ssutr-ntsir-al), I, 2; to( A.Sur, (raig,

Page  180 ISO.1 A/.11 i \i).ll/ny.s7,T.\/ i i' R]fliioii., 7. 1:12.. Nl.mItilk. l). T.. 109l).3 I('. ).\. A. \7.:;75: to XI\.ll1. Illrozni,..l!t,ci,. 1). 21S. ()1v. 1. IV. 7. ni-l-lnI1-n,111:ll florn ( li; n ( l' (ll )1I I( l',o(} Ii I.. T lI it? nils ln('('i ' / t it iiiider t lifiullll ' I, lb( In, il, Ba ll II'- In. -,.' )i-litz,(lh (;r. 174). I\'. S. [[-fi —xat-. l, pl,. 1. 1. Ilird I l. (,''. ff t,!#o. "ilhr,,m dI\VI. I l- T]'. l)r0t.{ t ll,i i tl,iv t/,!l,';.lik(,,,/, i,,f,"(,.",l'. TI[I, s I)c(lor.. i. (1din to di-. iu a ti, u,. lFr r(,l(u c(: l(,~.\>.. c N \;l,. l,,1. (1Iilprc((lht'). ('ol. 111,:. 2, ri-c-ix-.i: (cf. 1,;1., r[ —.*'-;{:,i-.;,,-,,,-..,,t i,-it If, 1!). TIe Iil l f wl y/!lJ~.u ill ti nit n- -- eis. lil t Ill)l'ex' l. "-tol opl.s.".o i li I:t. 1 t~:: I Sli ~ i. \\ itl tli- clui-o (om li)c( S,,tl- I. \Il. II 51l: l.,mlt,i ](1. (I,,1. II I. I1. 1\', 10. n, -nl11 is i i. II. 1 (,f R.. i- tr, l;t,,:l:I I, 11 111. f. )(elitz.lcl. (;r.. 1). i:I3!). l, i:(iii l h Ill/ c, i t (], i lI. f t\\( I ab/i.q/t a 'rl a.lso twi n icil, ]w](.. ic h(l, li*l 10;l,,(V'lr it (',,ll, lnc i ct- (f. I)elitzn h. (;-., 1>. 347f. TI lUt ll(li-u Nit tpa(tailla e,,tal)ii'l I('~' oIl l.'aY lIlo 11('..lIillg ' till t,, I,, r \ illx il, p. see CnoiluItliti i-tarv on I 1. t Iil illl( cl' u-o- (l'.if At1i. 'lil:mul l:; ar ecolmilid(1. (.f. (Chl~t(lr I. 1). (6fi-. IV, 14. /t-tu-.iu-u. II. 1 pr('t. if, 7tO R;, " to ulu. tii.l lf not fo ll(l ill li t(m. 'T'lle result ol t he fa(c( i)(i, (In I d;ktl]< i-. natr'ally Ilhat hle dloos not...mile, I(.m(, Ilhe nwalling olf "..-ilo,. l a u ghter,...uggest- it 'el f t',rIllit. TIh 1l)IS.ago(s (~l(,1 ('l olrl l/l-[, Iby I1uss —Anuiilt. l)/cliin,(tr!/, 4,'(1/. litatilh belhlig tOi lis wordti. ('f.,Mlarlin. Textte riliti-x.r. 1)p. 172. 76: I 1I. 21'. Ix', 1'5i. ShamllialS 11(1 -il- ll:1 a:11 a ('(,oll ill',,m ' (ti t1. Xilppr stxric,all (, n Londmo, 103). VI, ),.1(). ]"(, the otl, pralleil p'l.sages se Chaplter I, 1). 6.5. I retain the re adlilng l6:l,mS,:i, for Kal)ylvloia. bcc('au.(' livr(e i- n, proof thus far that it was lul'oull(c(.d Adw:ul, as ill.\A-sylit. (Co~m

Page  181 .\El'H''If.1\ )IEZZ'. I1 1. 181 par1' 1 tllins questio(n Zilnlllll,. K.. T.:' 411: I-lonil(, Anfu/stze, 270: ltanke, Per.wnaul Xanmen, 20()6. IV, 1(. With thle nominald s(ilitence lt li amulmel it ilen rr,-alt Il l(llt ('(lll)l(' i(' he leading (1' this inll ('riel)ti ll, IN, 2: 1. 1 I '., X, '1): 14, 1511 9: 10, 11: anti A\io, 7: 1:. R1H r.D l;'" 'D. I' 1\7. killi if m..(ltri, al:s lsprsollified(l as tilt,p('a(,mlalliOl.: 0{t','ill,]h, standing l)('[ior(' him.l (cf. V 11. (5, C. 1. 21: with whli(']t,ompare' tle Old T( ' stallln()it (Xl),'pre.-ioi.-: "lighlitco( snl(ss (pt'),onl Jiulgi('nt (/2; i i(' the ifin(l:ltioll,,f tihy lhrhll. m(leey,'nil I truth; ( o gliore t he. t 's. <9):15: Ps.!)7:2. [\'V. 20..[iHltl (im i ca tlld hale ('lill('('te(l witi the A\rantl i(' D;, n l, ti,.\r;l)i(e A I, "tie ploiolln," as BIn ls(r tn',t('1,,1..\.. 11, 14(6-7, )eeau.>ec (1 II lpoi-on in s inject(ed into ttli le.v it ula, not thane tie i/,ult. nliitationll ill IV, 21. (2) The u(', 'II.s ltire'('(\ ill the i t ili' (1' (,'e1ra11 (,tlhlr g(,od. 1x ' 'fei ti'o si M il(-:..\l;ri llk is C('lh('1d u l /o l lo /-(lnld ( ldro).> ( e1 1 /. 4:3,, 31:111 ll. 11,. 2): I It.70. 11T, 13: London1u, 102. I, -10.: V. A. (26;(3, V. 13: ('. imII 'l 1. plp. i 1. 62te. AIl. Alil I: I d 2SS a I l l shil is(d imlle(i li'll' ('<,4 lll ]lall('llc- 1\'V.....i)(, \, 36( 1( )1..,i mt t I / ((i -, 11ot!iln-i "llidln('- s, butI it is ', 3,IV.tonym ol t nm II. Br l. 1235, 9,23,; 1'. al~S,15irm' in B..\., IV. 2S7. and hJn.-{ iI K<. B., VI, 1. 113f.,4(cholzil.. h y(' a litv'{,rr(l. aboult the{ (derivatioll:all. lot- nllng o\rht-.z- u. ~l;lgml' d(,rivczS it fro'rm bi 1,' (sI,(,. i.lrt - u.,.,u =,.,',. "httaling." l'roml.,1 " to c,." B'. A..\.. II, 2>s. It is td-o d( 'ri'('(l fr(-)ln c.?l. ('f'..Mus-.\rllt, ieti.. whleih, B(lslr ('1..A., 11, 1-16-7) all The wowrd is writtnll l,,-11,\Vi('hW 1kr, ]",'..c('o/:, I.I, 1)0), or l,,-,, tSu.,.a 3, VI1. 1!9: Ill 1'. 4:1, IV. 1G). (,r 1a,-... —a (111 11. 41, IL1 30): I I. -0, IV, (;: ],L(1 n 1012, 11, 2)01,:m(l 1-. '-1 (. ll)l'tu, III..;5 1'). ()nt th, l)bo (liry.-to(n s it i.- applli(ed to si(' lietss, but ill th( ll)lartu s(q'i {- 1 a lll.,-t*rt-d[.o. /pht pl-ltil l(l-(l -.d(I?)'-lit].-,'i, Lalbart, 111.,,,.,1: /, 1I I ) Il.a (l to Iwot,,,,,,,,(A\'1) I,-,, -,

Page  182 182 A NEW BOUND'). IY STOE\' OF (Labartu. I, ta, 21: cf. Z. A., XNVI, 1I6). As to) tit(' mieaning ti( Arabic Jl, "evil," aiI t(iI verb L.t, follow oIl picr'-istItly, to pre's upoll, suillty it saiiiactory (tviliohgy. As J 11,-.irilar 22a.llincgs. it is i iimpostile to dci(h, tiit(, ature of t sililailt. I retainl thlr('(tor(' tit(' >])'lli', 1inl('r(,rr(d by D)clitz-c('h..I d(lgiLng fr ontl thl( tN.ill stoils o f ti l( l (li(, l. I it I)( ( lstilIl)()i (mil i allic( l by 1 p(,,/illo lalg err s. I\, 22. As *2arql! nwl-,- ")rIighlt r('d )loo(l, cf. th(', Suim(eria.ll BE.UD aind til(, Arabic ' e, "iigit r(d(1. fix c('oor." it r(f(Ir i)(rhat})si to (' t )i oo(li o t eill-rtc,'i('-, ill whi(i (c:,c' diim/ whlit i(.cact tilt (dark(.r' )tlo( of th(, i (,ins. As to thl(' derivatioln of rlh ill.;,. r-, 6-., *.-Im.8-6u. tlh(r(:a.(' two pos.-ibilitiis. It llcayt(' (h, ii'iv(d from ii l oi ii i. Thl former wvii(il hea(1 to titi tranii.atioin: " Whosc ralg( ic likc). St()rMlf()()(l," and( t(, D: att(t "wh()s( ( struclti(nll is (l o(i ):1 >torllfloo(L.' I favor oi th, first rnd( rinl thlc f )i( ill it.i ay 1, i'i gi: ( ) Tht(, nlgerl ol tlhe gotis is oc'tll c ('oml)acd to( a -tortlifl)(l. C'...q., King. Bahlt/miai.giti, No. 11. l]. 2:3. 1, `l'd,];/.. a -r-i.-.. (i-bui-biu. (2) The( vr(b') rd('ld, " to rag('," is al)lpli(,l to Ishtar. c.:/., ill the ie' II]nlln to I'lltar, lRe:v.. I ( King.S'','en Tabltl.' o/('rcathnt,-di,mli 'ZBelli-ia r-'-la-o[i-wtt,tz —.~a-a.,l /.,1, ta-[,,-./ / ( 11Th., writing of tice N is fri(u(lt(ullyt oilitt((ie cf. c.f t-j., llot i —'-, (l)(]., I-. W., 2.i9tt), ti-i-ti clcl ti-'-.c lI)(,1. H. \. t(iiii. [ tW -u-u and({ t-'ti-~i (I)(,l., H-. W., (l(.7a), d-(It-timl;llt(/da='a-[[ (1)('1. IJ. \., 2 ()St). (4) \e( utici; ttlc(' into (ollsic(iualtioll tit(, )(s-ibfility that. tis ill Iclr('ci, y guttillail v(i')s, and(i 13'", v(Ties htvinug tile ii,-iiii Illling,, Itl hav(, (ixistg(el si(d i )t.-i 'ilh. ('f. Ilu)cw c N-T aill( ~'{"L 'IN anl(l '13 R:.1 I~N"I ad 1 '.11;,1 INl:N;' an tit(' nollolml CW' l and '1i!, " )oiso in," l ' t a mi'ii, " t h(, pit. Il favtol of a (c(,rivatioi fciii ii m 1f, c'cuu (,(| thrgult ti t is cer) is at})p)liied to Tsltar. mc -wr-ri-tc-ot

Page  183 V\EI'HCII.l )Nl'EZZ.I 1. 183 ir.ili.i. 951., ())v. -1, (.., (1)()., H. W., (15(), Iand M. I. Iluss(,y,,S,)mc.'111ir-Rd-/ bHiio Il m., oi ti(he Berlin Collct'ions, A. J1.... XXIII (10)()7!, p. 170. ( )Ih th 'holo, tht(, lirt.ltrnativ, app)l)e'ars to me to b)( pre('ferbl)](', (l,('('iaill as tle ange(' of' tllh( g0os is (tl-l', ut)Oll ill tlh's(' ' sus('s, ('1. IV. 'l3. l o1 l ()v t('l Isli1 rs nl er woul l )(, t(rl naturaiil c.'iIse of whla1t is St;lt(tl ill the nexit lil(,. IN, 24. Th( vo)r(l tti.i'la it ('vi(dlyt usiS(-( hiW(, aSs a Syu My' of am,ml,,.lu. It i lln() (l(),Il)t to() (' (b'()llpc('t(,(l with ill' 11'I)rb(rw ]L1n1,.rs l'rof. Ililpr((htlt..uggcstcd to l)(,. It i, hereJ Is((, lilke itl(, I[(1)rw o(r( - inl Som(e cass. ill: fig(l'a iv( sII, s(, "tro2) })l, mli,['ortun(." (cf. Isa. (): 1:,J()]) 1;: 22. To the Same, root hl)(']<ngs (ir/1,1'u. 'a (l(liloll of Siclllkness '(] misforltll(,,"' (f. tlhe \s:akliku.S('ri('S (f il('alltatio(n texts ill ('. T., X VIA l irs. ]- 11, and their li:(,ussion l)v Prof..lIstrow, Religion lBabyblicn,, 1, 3 1:-351. 1I', 2(. '()i 1il11 )tl (, 1)()1lt'i1 soth 1 (,s I1 ) ('Stl.i'sl ' is littl('r(1 i1 l( 11;111m ()f Nuskil: Il' i, (,dv re'f('err('(1 to ill,usa 2, IN', 19. As to the( re(a.olnl for thle ilns(rti()ll o)f NuSku l (i(r, (ef. (Chapter II. |). 12'/, ('()I.. 1). 15. l()Ir Nusku hymn,11 se IV 1/,2 2I)(, No.; ( Craig, hclimi,,,' Tr,.r/t, 1. p19.:.35,:3. For tral'lslaltiOI)s ' (l (li.S('ll.Ssill s'('.la-trto\. l.c., I, 41N-NSS. The title al-ri-ru1 i- also als)a)li(ed to th(' fir(' g(ml (;I,4.BAI?: ef. ('railig, lleligqi,.i/s T.flI,.'. 1. 40. 1:3. "(;l,'.l llt (C-ri-ru tm-l,'.r aA1-imm: cf. also -tl, 40..A similar titl(' of Nu.,.ku is ilu qa'-(dlu qat-mut-i. limwl[, (ICraigr. Rcligimits Tex/.1' 1.:.3, 1. I1, 26. 2(L T( siim itan ill b.-,-tm-ii- ii No. I 1t;5 ill Aiau and MI(relcill(tl. 7T(ttlde. compttro: bttttttttt -- -- lbdtim. 4i'(, )hrnl.,-, ilut tbt/tlt(! (}r (thm bl~l, lt(l is o)f fr'q,(lU(,nt ()((ccurre'n(e('. ('Sl)p('inlly ill th( ill(,ril)tioIIs of N('l)hI('chah'(,zzarl 1. (St'(, (Chap)te'r 1, 1). 125). IV., 27. Ill this lill(n I assure(e thait illing is wanting, although th(, b)r(,ak hl-: (.arri(,(1 away a.-mill p)art o(' flis inI'e. IN', 254. ''ll(, s('('tion whi(ch b)(,gins h('er' is usual]ly lV ()(1l1('([ )by

Page  184 191.1.1:11 I.otAl).l/A'r STO1A-E 1F ia-wtoi (se' Nabfi-slhum-ishlkitm. (ol. IV, 13: V. A. 26. (i, V, IS), or01.ttmt-w-t (' C. T., X, pl. ' I. 32), Itut as..-t0 t is lwayv f llow(ed 1)!.(tl, ///I-/1ll/ (II. lil(o. t ~.l sth)a(v o l(.l'(. The.'c(tioll o])ll'(l. Lil( 'Itotl' NVith 't- iIl).I', siuch t s st I ill{ {). 1l. 11.. L 1.No. 1 2: 2. 12: ('.., IX, 5, tev. 1: \V.. A2(S. IR(,v. 4.). It occ(urs il(o inl (.o0!tr'ot, tbiohts Nl)k. 1)";:11: 23:19: 38,;: s;: I oo.\ -,'into itt-ciltios, lPtldi-iltl. 11.5, 6: A\(loIo-iarioi. lRe. I-: Tig1lipl)il., V 111(;1.. I\V, 2!., t.1 1..1II'. ' stanils lro(,l);ily t or i: vcrl). The lpitra ll I) -;ltr(.:I,. Itg,t ittig ] 'tl', (tll(ttll ol i(t,.o l.\. \V... 2 6:4, V. S. i- t(l-'ll-i - it. N,, t,-li-.I,: t:l) I -ihlithku. IX'. IS, itlttt/,,i tolohm lta t: I1I. 70, II. 24. 11/8"'w*o.,o ti/t//D tj-_ /-(i,-. -: o( ):so 111 I I. 41, 11. 1 0; V, 2. \W itllh ' ". lpil i.Ii 7)! i-i)i-tj,-i shlhli ll ('(lcoi)'l'; l S -;'ot. \V. 52 -51: i- t/( t q -i/- i- l-lc-i l i-i, i-t llitli t L 1.1117T) i/-lc-'i,t, 1. 2} i-ha - -; i) — hi dh- it ill tIt( ldust. s'rIollttl- it t oll (l(h.loil( olt 't tilt.. tp illt itl w ll." [tot LIIIIT c~.nlilt,',o t he rio l- [. 4 i {,ttotl to S(,lwil. oIt ' ilt,,t/l.:Is o, 111r( is II() iplurl igll. (' il ta p.-,t(g qlow\-, tlhtt i i- S(01(,ilhilig nl;/il(,,t' wvoo(t aii(l llO bri(cks. 5\'(, lilme tlll'(we tth llpre l iv ll t l l'. 1 1.9:.IB, ta io l Pl) ( 11 I.:16, 2:3-25., h..\ ioilart i("pr('so i,nl ib fjoil(o 1). 1. I '.. I I1 I, 1 tlI. l0. o/- i.i;.w - i-.i m-t0-[,i /; -.;i- l -o S -fi '',:3. For tilt 1 )('r-p ol s t (i' (i lt' ltioll(,l slt ( hall. 1.. 1). V. 7. ''ll t(,xt r('ad-.I &'-~..-ba-... In vxix\ (of thec l';uct tilhat (tbt/me,~, tt Vl l()lt~tll 11' of llt/)/w. i- iI]\v;l's u. ol' I \\',)I Nvo l ';solls; kuit l((.'r of thin~g-, \hllilh h(r( tit(, ftolmlatioll ] il ":I lth s('(d" volmd(I bo Joiln(edl h)y./,.,mi. I tlill iln lillld lo 1 (( ill l 'l. '-t: thr(,( cigtl. ' It '(eil.t] (lrlrol. Tlo this i1l..t h)(, ahh d tih( l'Zfct tllat Ilm- <(d' {l, h)l}lt'r ints(crilptionm (.losc \\ith l/ol ]; -c \ lV. 5{.;. r w.-;t/ /;-ih-liq: (). B. I., I-t! I. 20,,,/:/.r1-.; li-[h,1l]-I-[qil: (f.:,,() Su.-a 2, fIII 25: Londou, 103, VL, 23: [London]l. 101. II,!), 12: hl tl c-pcci.illy

Page  185 \'ER B'CH.I I)REZZ. 1t I. 1q5.\. 2. i:, V, 47, I7, i t, iri-', i n pa n i. ' lin O llu ( JL.AI E). The phra-0 occels;i1-,) oll A e\.svri:im l oienilicnts: I'Tukulti-Nieib, lRev. 29), 30: Adadll-ieari, ( Rev. 5. All thse pis;eige's make it IU'ol):l) tihat the scr'iibe initeh(I to write t1.l.I..IIE = lihallipii. W2 ith I slie cu'iss rom pi are tlei intlrstiing I sslge, ill t (he listorv ofl tli.\Ar;il 1ic li-t l'in li, Kite(h r.lur(i r ' l)lh(ulh)i. Paris], 1'61, p. 22f.: "'h w\ho d('ic o ('hlo lian the' sense of trids book, to remove' 4m.' (t' tie fmlil title 111)iq- 11 wiii- ichi it irs t n 1 i(t. o e. 2, I (e. clar'IS 1l' 1t. t 1, 1r.:t 1': t dol: t ii IV, I: Lassnge, 1 alt(,ration 4 1 rclival, triv iextrct tor t (.-ei11111, ent fiialiy who t l-g l ilow it to 1,c '.Vlt e il) ite toi an tielu a it Ino, i 1111 ' lh e the ~)j( (3. of divilc wrailt.. 111d 0e' meii't Dltmi -hli nsit o lti," (t 'c. V.IIli S..h i. 1,li.,) f an ( el, i-i,. Cht.. i, 1. p. V. ii. VTh, 0 titl h.a-.u- occi's ol I 1'. 66. Ao. 2, ('ol. I[. 1t: III 11. 13. 1I;30: 11, 30: Edge IN',: Lt(i \, 102, IN', 4; - 1 1, V 1, 7. By tliinsl)osi,3z tihe,c('mnllt of the 11111 I(' g.3t I'.,-iti-t.q, "illV ('l i,11lec 1."' rl'lie cadeill 1ha Iomg ('n ml Ili3t'illed Iy 3 l:ar0,.\' it. ( / ( tc.j r(/i/ c i t ii o e c. 231 /, j(.,/ (, i"ri.-, ~ 3:i. 3- ld( 'i il n l9. i ( r, /'.'ct,, cit.(, 1. 4716( It lts IIS ) l'('(}lll( 111m11'(' p)rohabl)l by the (ohser'v'atiol,,f the(' I>o'sildc ('o il('tioll })etw('(, lh(,c t wo titles (.(taq-,1ulp-po,' Illm;til-]] tlll f(lu',llauh il)lc mncd(' til lIttioll of IEzr'a I:9 allin -: 6. Irclbig 'D3l, D instead oI' ill, unililtclligib)h, 'eDDO,. sc,(, Ilohdffinm i. A.. I I. 541'.. anl MIarti, (;ram. d(hs l /1)[..Arotm.. 1). 3). 'T'hi. lmlake-s it l)rol)bl)h, litt fic 11'11:11 u iva Or ' 1}'{, wor'(d tb.;til".,lpi (('(',l)Dlitz.-ch, 1I. \W., (IS5(l has to b(, giv(,n up}. Fo(r' a full di-cu —,i t of Ille word.-'('(' Mu-s-.\Arolt ill.\..... 1,..!}04, 1). 1!2'; Jl h. Aees,.V\. ). I).. l 3. V, 10. W ilt the' 11,li.t 3. tt-b7.. -l. I.'( 3 llI w (l ll].l'(' 1.-7 - l-I. on1 tIl,, 'asitc tall)hts trollm -ilp)ur. Chly. B. I.., XV, I I S: 1.;.3, qmld the /"1''*(h, formationts (.n 1). 29:~ ~ the(' sa,, wo: (of '. also 16llanJ;e, I'( orol.\'(tmic. 1). 21".' i S:l'ca1-o T1allqui-t. ill (). 1. Z.. Vl. TX (1906), 1). 467

Page  186 SO t EW BOU.' ).I /I),7)'O.0 OF The ilterchango ~i the, iftl (0)1(1 bm, (1'l/i with omlo.'li 1)01 (/;olli (V 11. i6, 16) hiiows that alm'ht l ouhl not 1)l taken is;it dltrm'iluitive, but ':: a part of tih{ title. V. 11. 'l]Oiiti i i-niCo. "ie h las ir,-c. "( lol lo'o woith tlis nam,qi-1 It-,,-zi and,qi-ht-dtt-ri. l/anke, l'crxomtl Name.\, 1!94: alis(i I.,i-ll/-d-r-l (Tla ll(hinist.N... 1. { ()io r In -ri-bli se.(o /'r-o-ri-hi,,Johns. A. 1). I)., No. S9: cf. II 141!). A.\ dilelint fion is in.11il-hiht-ri-,i. 1(B., l. ',.\tolmo-t-roi)-ol)-l',i-tor: ill both (.l-c: it miiot 1)( o('()mn )rs(ll Sillar i ln'1(1t.; of. Tall(lquiit, N omnbliil)l., pp. l21(4. 317. \V, 12. Tawti/;. ailln rvid uiat-it lill ('1f. T-(/ii-.-`(G1t-li. ('lay, II. 1,. X, (.65. lFor sluch hyil)o('istica st(o TIlhluist, V\ o'/oomi,/c, 1). xxx. V, 15). Iti-iii-'/<-l, usuallyv regalrd(d as anl abhlrvial(l;oi](,, )ut iln viw ofi the fact that iri ()r(t. I o1 lli i,..lwllv uso((l oll thl( llotudl' rtoll(, of th(, "oralntigi olhig ]o il, m nl( als() thi ()ll o -/u { ()('(1i- 1o S ((). 1B. 1.. 14!/. 1, 2: \.. 26(12:. \,:;-; ul.-o V...i(i. 25.- P)(ri-r. Acrte-,Slic/k', l). 20) illn thi sn- of "grant. gift." I would suggest tlhat lti-oilt-t(;ilI I(nmln- the grilft ()' (lh." V, 1 1. -hl., al)l)n-viatc(ld perhapl s froi.l-1i-l- ii/i (('lay. Ii. I:.. XV, 26o),,iddiot (('ht, I. 1:.. XN or similar l1am(. V, 18. WAitit '"1;.1 the noo(.K..]..-.i-o( (1). B. I., 14-1, 1. IS) shiiiti(l I)(, ('(c i)ar c(. ' ('c:l'(' )ut '( Il nmls 01 tilh( I)(l' uliahly stol(s of tl( sco(ld I-in '.1.,111/ ) dlna.uv whichl (i'm ch:oly- l) I((ognilizu lI< ('s,.-it (, Y....\'uu-hi-'.llioihf,.r,hi (ml-l,'-. V II..56, 12: K1-.i;4,'-ti-ii,,-.-zi, \\\ 1\. 4:., 11,10:.J[-li-lh tr-bc, III 1'l. 1:i, II. 14, IS: s(t c-li-'',hlil, (). L.. 1. I,. 1 9. A..\IS. (;.(;.( is hu(. t e(l iln-i(r, ( of ' toi ii.u l.\VI i,.1(, f i. l 'i. (;/10. V. 20. If tih t(,ading l'/r-.iie is (co'rre(ct \( may ( q )1Y l 'l., /pa l'(-t)' i,i(u1,'). E. '.. I 1, (3, o( i \hi('ch it is l)(Irhal)s in l b)r(,i:ti/ll: of. ti( ri(iiimarkiS f I'r( f. Ilillir'( lht ill I:imko's irlmt[.\(onm,

Page  187 X\ ER'CII. 1>l'DIZZ\IR I. 1S 7 I). 1!), calling attnltion to Uthe 1':rlni,'((nc name 11111( K, tl';anscr1il)( ill ' aCe, ek o,,,,: sc', ldz i(l), lfndbtirh., 1). 223. '.\A'qgir, for the ideogram so' e A.\miomd, TOhell. No. 127, arl remn'irks unlder No. 126: Ilso Thurcat-l)angini, Ecril'rc, No. 91.:(or a discu-iol of this olticial se( Jollls, A. I). 1)., II,.0. V, 24. Th c:trliter li)ISSig( ( II, 1.I) in \\ lhicli tihe naien Ardi-E, occutrI '(ld bowII I thlt 1(, IIs tihe grl'alnfatheri of. i a )-zer-lair son of tIli-tlornrhdk-7t(1hte. \\hlth(' this.trdi-E( isi identica l with l(tr'IoIs or f tlhe, 11:1111' Ime nti(ood lmo ottmi('r sto, (V 1t. 5( 6,19' III II. 1:3. If. 4: I 1fl. 66( I1. 15: (\. B. L.. 14!), I, 1,5) cannot bc d((trlmirl el.

Page  188 IS8 IOU1)TA.llLY l'TOXA- ( III. 1i( )'N )DA IY ST1( )N!.\ 11F )' K-AE1 iI -IIlt_. B.. 1, Iam. 1 1I'T. 2.. 149. T ih dlic(sT-r )l tihis (I I,;l -I1 I11(t- W-:t1lIM w1II(12d it tl(' v'ac 19'!91 bY I'd. o. V. Shtil. It xI:s tlhen tfr -ale ill oll(e f tit(h }):lzailar of ('oll-talitlmle. l'thil ltI)iti-htil ' ti t i,, tlic fi'.t Ceolulli' oif ll' ill-cril)ti(o ill tlhe' hIc'(l(cil 1dc Tro,'.q, ','. XVI LJNt, 1). 12f. Ia IS!96 thl txt ila-,lf pa Ilbli-dw Iy PIilt'. Ilillpr(chit iln l s Ii, ld 1,tl/,l(mimi I /s( rilioiiR. \V(1. 1, Part 2. No. 14!l. A.' -l 11111 trt,lliter:tilt 111( sl:ltionll a hs Ilot IyeS 1t. 11'Iel,, far.t I I ol\-w. it will 1(, a'llropr'iate to )pre.- t 1 (, ill thi- voli.lnw, u,-s:llm altl)e lix. ' 1is holmdlltar.-toll (ai h1ladllk-:1-(crlt Ih(lngs e'videttly to the,-.econd ld.ill tI'A.'[I')) dynlaty. This alp)e'll, Dot oilyV Jlrlt tI(, fait thtt ll( 11111 is i - room for \Nla:'tdk-:t(-'l-er l:ta tile (' 11t o ti(h (a l l. ite d( -Iast l to l \llih it. 11 l: o t ratitllh Illiit ipo-sil)ly ) 'illit llu to place hlim. lInit o)n clNer exatminIilttiol. Nv fill(i that tl( lmhp'(,og~rapical ('\i(de~ncc ipoilns ditinctl\' to thle secoltd [,ill i1'.\.N I1') ldylt1si v. Many,If tith, sigls, lilkc/'(.t (ll, 1, I/~I. 1i5, 19: II1, lx), bit ~i, 22), f/ t ('1III, I). wi, (I1, 6. 1,~ /' (I, I 1, I I, 3) b. f., 1_9!, 1'/;S,1. 14), t,/,' (11, 9).'.(1 (I, I(i. andl ftlcrs. cc(.m' ill th'.-nm,1'r'i ~mt. the' hounlnutr vt~es of Noblicll(Iitrzzar L.. wililh otlh' sig like!//r ( I. 2 2 //, ' f I. II /, h. Ill I. ";. tc'.,:p1w:: l1. I:t 1 1. 4i l It. 4:\. \xIt cumlsti\-e caultia,m'i,:,11l tit( s lls f t hlli. iln.(.l iati il w ith t ihse t o1 t i a( t L tir tI d,'iiri illn cilptioil of tl( fo'rtiltlr dyl]:tv-..ho(,w- lh:tt, wilh Inh but few (,x(tiou, tlw.,

Page  189 11M i Il) I-. il/R-il l. 189 eail ll l)( i ' l ouni ill 8lltl-ll.. i to ih e /)tio)il, it is difi(cult to.l.a whlcIr( tlh(\ arlc dluc to til(, idiosylI(Tr.<- of tlh.-ribe or to hlis ill.)cenal'viell(- ii gl -IVginig i ll-('il)ti IIS. The signis foti il (II, 5), i< (T, 1.5, 20: II. 19i),.tir are. ( )ot found in cil xI ctly tIhi snl nC J' ii.\iliailld, Ti lu,,Cll,,r. Two otherl sin.l/ t ii ' ]'(iiilll')]/'. (.)i of tlhemii, iq (]] 1, looks innich i like 1l( (II, 7), but tliat it i< laniit l'or liq I-p'i'nrs clei-ily foimi tit( cointxt (.e- p). 199. The.t e.ll] ' lst ISimi iS I l. 1 wh i(,]l las i 'n-n etl - tie 5-. llc e i,ol] s y!(l, ((tl)i. Ni/u/, i. 19 It i- it/itr diicn to lilt rol or, wht i.i t inot r l ikely, the:c'ilw I '-ll]-(,s lIt.. by his up ) iir ii'iZOtil (ciilg( t(wo ]crlpendiilz Ii widg{-, -,s ill the ca-c oi lioi, whi( t lh upil)(rmost il, ( 2il. T ii di i,.4, 7: l1, 7) i 1, m 11. l ' (li i, 5,1 a 6. (} 1, 12. ct(.: rli,J, i2l 1 l, I.: 1(3, i tc.)lik. i 1, S.:, n t I. 15, 22: II, 2)i like (,t II 14 Il,: i I, 12) like t ill,:3 4). A\gai. tInhe -ain siin'n-n vary c(,stfltyl ill forll: c''ll1lar', c...,,' ~1, Is, 19 and II I, l.) r / J, 5 '11d T, ti and I. IO), /i IJ 5), S alld 11I, 6, (1ll (T. 7 alll II,..l, (l lI, i lld lI, 6. I I. i (II, 1-1 nld II. 2) andi,' e ill,,5 ml 111. 8). uor t general statetignt t (n f lh ll cu i lits of tlis iliscrillion.i/i ('Chal). 1. p). 20. iFor thle upo.iiol of Marduk-/(t- ril)a iln the (l in.ty sec C/hapl. It. ). 1:331'., il([ for thi e. iim o ls se, ). 23S. Ill t> h t -all-lit rati/on t/u lli-i coi-ui llnti i[('teo lluis tre liOt iiuie:lt/td in the nlot'<.

Page  190 1'39( BOU \AR).1Y l TO.\I OF TfrI% AN I,"IIIT flAIATON. Cod. I XII ",z" iraru C, GA I AAAAu( r(aU blav(-4u) al-diA H11"Wra ri-nod UAU zigir ' a1 (AU(Ir-rA ( IA 4 1 h r- lr-ri U~d —cia `kin.;a n1) l il-s AAA Al (A '.AJA A.AiAIdA J aAplhl AAIA u ba ibaioi 1 1161-iUAUA pAaIa us'1( U) AAAAAA" 1sf i-" i-i Ia I[i~ llcr ACl i rrui 15 "~r-i-E r-ll 1aAr-a i-AaA 2(1 iA-pAu-rAA-nmA rci1'i/ -u "'Kii-d,,r-rouaoir -Ili(?-ri'-.UA-ria Ija-lbir-a i arail-aa i-r i-m t ('1. II Jla-te-[n ]-oaa kt(ma-i ' BE. I rl;.C \1.I.. I'I.(',:-\,. JUV1.IN LrAL. ' St-. e, IN.

Page  191 MA.111)1 DK-A1 tH-EAII.t. 191 TRA-NSLATIO)N. Col. I XII (gur) of scctdlield -,', GAN (reckoned) at 30 ()' ( of s(el), ((lquivl(,nt to') oie lt0rg (ul)it, inclullii l J (gul') (>' sedlfield, a. gift of Sil-lH0l-ilflli, s0o of K.lldi, goveIrnor of Bit-l'ir'-'/Annilru, a field o(r the ('it!' (If ll.a-slhai.i. (:It) til(e clanal of Sasall, (at) Itt, balnlk of till(' calial o til eity of SI"a-shia-;, )l)t'p r lhng(t.II ml)rth, dlj()ining li t-St 11 - ili- hi- b ohm r lengtl, soith, t h( sluies of 10 the canal of Slhsatna, in l~,it-lq'iI-'"AIlnlITU, il)er width, tllhe ball of tilei cnal of S'h. -11 harri, hm'r wvidlth, tile alp)ro'ach of "halls.ia l'l)erty of MarduItlk-li(i'-rll1, thle lkilng, 15 (I-io) sel-t Na'lil-brisll, soI0 of IArdi-N-a, til(' lribie, and ( l-(IIushallilil, thile s r, the eeribe of tihe governor ol Bit-l'ir'-1.\(AIrII' l etslhst.I, the l('(olillaill hr, a l Slllarbli-i'Ellil, tillh p)r(f t, 20) 1:tl tooli tlhe loutlary toll(c of thil fic'll alld (1ve1 it to KutlIullra, so(l of i iriiihluttll, thIe llabiltl':l, is srvallt. For all future 'ly,-! 1t ~l,. ' (l \ll. 3 ~.tSG

Page  192 1 IO2 I'A.\/) Ih'Y,"I4T1: /.;(/-kill l-4 c-'l Iurwtl" ll-,l i l, 1,' l,-,i (I I-tII — tl /t ' 'li Iit-"I'ir'-'A cL cr.,.r-'.(c cl-/un-, i-Im,Ilh-I c'( 11i 'd-.-hl i-(..-u,/.-lc -,i-.,d-h,,-b,, v t(.,1 t/-l'-t l-h'T;,,,, -,,. qi -)I-t-t cc- l; -,(cl, cl'l! -I ( c I fi,; t*..iM.. ~.' 1,:-k a..a- -k.I,,.lt;r-,,,,, -l l'i'-I,(,,- tl,,l-. {-,i {i-~ U-ift l(l't[i(D-fw/ - i- -l{ i-ccull ow1. b/(t-u(I-/'[ i- h.-l ' - 'l;1,i,~,i - l'p? l' I @tl [ 'l'l', '- l l'l t),,t-], i-)l,,,, ' ll(11 1,,,.1'2 1.~'l'u~.-.(d-li-s:./a —l:-r. r-rc It/ tc -l)-.( i li-,lc-uc I uc-c'ullrucuj i. 2( ( I/ Icu'.i c., I'-[ 1 l]- l i-,, Il '1.,[,rdtd, LEI'" h-le-l,-(i [ua,.? -.~?)-a{, 1 -(lie. It(4 /c-c.'-l/; -/. '/.c(c'-/1/-ll i-| Ic.c Ii fll cc u /'Ic- it / 1 c /c/i ) i-,, -, c (r,-[. c cc '' l ci- c' Ic/c,, cc/I. c '/.~ l11~ lB.11 '/,~[ { rl-b~lJ'II,,;-ix-I'i cI i l,-(l [ m']~ri (11-1 i-i 5 il1o] Io-[] '-"" li-ir-11qt i 'i' i"(c-i,).c (-cc ti icccc i,-/-l i. -,-m 1o l.N.N.\.\r. '', I.N I -.TI- 1K. l'\ A.TE..1. \ v.MI..S.:..\.ll..\. 1 (;L \1. lES;.

Page  193 11.1- 1)t '- I If-11'll 1. 1 It'I-levc Il a wr' II ' thI chle- liid' li t h e i-eltrict,: t l Ic;flc' t (,';1 ('( 111l; 111/)It( T i;a plin(e - )1 fll} ( t' 5 a1 lPil-l'i -'Amiru ialt l ric:d agajiln at that li,'lal.haltll(' ri 1 ('lira oW (Cfttl:C1 a c lla io I II ) rai-("l, h;l l IIIy tIlh ficl,l i.- l(t the gift, of the killg:and sh1 ll ()nlr:;t thlm tlh"I - I l ll a l l ('1l,:1 (a i,d 1111, 1 a ill(l 11l1;1 to. lyn'0wl that ill('rib'l stole It 1-1 il th lli- it illy) tia a e w all('lr', III-] it witih t fire hilc' it, ill a ild wlere it c:11lIllt )( ((a11-i - 1a i thi('ir girat l:. a- 111a111. i aa iO il tlis i ce 13 hv thawir laail - iarc inliimle, witi-al evil ctl-' p thalt i, w ithi mt ("Cit l), cur-c ]himl. ill: llaer( k I o hula, all) ii h i ant i a Iihiitr 20 li lit. (, lld) til' chiliiii, hii c,c u d. May Ma'duk, tthe lord ~t c(striticiiis?), stop) li) hik rivers, all Zill)pallituilml. the gre-}at lllistrci'S,,i()il lhis h.ltlts. C(olI. I lay \NIX.. 11a ald (k;la, tht oi tie b)oundrtl! Iml ol' thi4i bmlxnmthrv Stolle, I'11. (' it ~h(structivc ''. tO b)(e ill hi, lw)ly,?-() that.:S 1hml::, h(, lifiveS 5 he a ~,vy tp -s dark:tll br'ight r('{l bloo(l a.S warer(. May Silt. thl: ('x'(v of 1lvll avn d (n111 c ih, (Cau-(O '_t '1I,XXX. I', cf. ', r. 77sl. 13;

Page  194 191 STOVxE OF i-na zq-uion-r-i~l f-,4l-l-( i-na ka-mat (~aii tj-it' i ibinip'. nu -I

Page  195 if I I)t.K-.I JI-EP l.. I l)ro.-y to b)e ill his lo(ly, so that. ill thIe (,1 losiii( of hi, cilt- 1h in ll m ot lit. ay tIle( geoits, aill of tihelli, ais manlly is iarte mieiltiolled I by tlheei mliemmi notl raiilt him life fmr a simiIg le iav.

Page  196 19( IUi'AI).n y 1)-.1TO.\J. 01" ('()-I DIENTA, I. tY. 1, 2. 1' thii mit( t ri ---- t. tlb( gt rlzt. gift." (' f iprllt 111-t V.\ 2663i:'. V, 3:., t'i-tl11l.... i-r'i-I l: V..\. 66. 25,) 1-(' i- or..l' 1 c,Nlii;c,', 1 ). 2 L()1, a 11I.-.-.\ m h,l l c/iit'cr.ql!l.!9([!)tl. 1. 1. I' n, lnllme,, li m111a11 liia- Ic c(,,iii:,,p l x ith (;i,It.tiit.l i tihe firt king otl tih (n t-ile '1vn:a-y. For tilhe diln 'tnt'I. (;.\i,,,,illivalntt io (i\t1-.(,1, (I Iyit. B.:., X, 1. 7f., - The N'(l. [ 'rt'. " " canal." h11(m]id a11-(, I}(. rec('(,iz II; I tl~. 1 n-)e r letis. 1-.... 1i. 76', lt h t-i'-t'-Iht-.y "tll' cana 11 f il citv Bai",,.usa:. 1. 21.,-,,-,-, (1). 1 9. '., V I. 1 I2. I:.;, 6. (The fa l tiht t aft r t u. ttrrti i xer cai t IIt-( t. 5.6, I Ill i ldte ni i ti' /i i i - It.(-I (I(,(. I,ch( ill fitviii,, r 1 I' I ci],g,,I, II h2 _ti_.i t._2. -t1, 12. I pn'cfer to read h'I-,. c-tr. ()f:1h, " tlq ulch." ~'tll,I ' t ha ll-I /. i a.. n,4 r cal y:h il, Axl ich might,w co molelt l wil tI tit 'l1)u il, ' 1 ' rutre.l>.'" 1. 1. 3' ' senllt '*l,( h<,,-ilillim,_ with,Nai) -(''i-h ] tdl(,. if }i ' a -httive st(~ltellcc witlh the. unluld',rst Mtt. h{, ti ci tit,i lli u nvtowl in th -it( /.r-t;n tit-it-iu,, 1i. 20 timlli i-r/-tit- I, t. 21..\t - othe(1 I)O,-.-itility N\olll(l N, nf take alxfi-crish and I l-mo-lm,lli,,,i- the,tut)j((ct.:ldill tim otlh, txxo p(,r~Om s:t, the olhject..\Ag.'1imt thiv,, howvtexr, llilitaht(s the fact thilt the grilt i- di(iti intly:ail, t,I he "- igift,,f thoe king (kt[-di-i-ig.''''-"I. II., amil thtnthtl c i: 'o tJtll'n'unit '(> w 11 whv the f\xo:(q'ilhc. -.11m 1,,h(l S(.Ilt two Iacit. who, to juldg{ 1)! tIlil litls, hel I.1 'llperiiolh'c. hrc(,\x(T,

Page  197 .l li il to-.A 1o o-Eglo li. 1!97 scrlil)(,. rl(' r 'er ll(t('(lly- 1 r('lferrc( to ' Is ('lall g ('( ill IiwXc stu'ilig fi('l(,s ( f 1).1 14). 1, 19. 1.-((. 1o r(.liisi for ell 1rc1 t fig il -li bi-Ellil 'is giv(ll by lIchil. 'ITh( Signi.;br lias th(' vale hir (lb. 42,r7). h2lt tlh('-r is as yct I i)rloo lfor til(he:ltl(' hol. 1. 2(). The tioila/ling r, eq(li fIr,'m A( iqlf/i iS det(elil yi(,i I1)y the lit- S(o()i of. l:1l(Jl-f -l):,l-ifi/i: o I. Stisa 16), (0of. 111, 6,7. i..-l)l-pe-,,,t -ri-. eili.ti-ct-/l, i,;-.ti-iwan. 'T'hii Ih' (b tin r('(hl'r(i 1) v Schoil, "t al(. l ha oft, t/i ttl" ltd ui t tl- but t.he Ia(licig "ir'1l-, flo frt. l, 'an. Ian, lly I)( - c-t'c,tlali-hcrl IThle ver w,(t.lS I,.lsils "t(o take (l), to lift up." nlld refer,, evide('ntlyh t 1)to a(rtabl ol)hje(t. 1lol (o\(,r, the ]phr'n,-e,i '-..) i — 1/0-1.;-.1-1/ occurs r(plfaltfdly ill 1-h11igr.- t(exts of?I.i/l('i-ee/iew'(ihr,. ijin( ti- Prof.,Jaftr-ow las sfilolt' (A..S.. 1.,.XXIII ( 1!()7, '. 1()(), i.-. 1h1ell(,el a:-: synmy-mn off z,ritfil, *,'bll,, PI,:tbutile o.-(:,i," b t il( talilig of 1/ area of '. ficll,,ul,1 hiaitlyi i ( (bti/iltihlit to gaillil,, / )c, —ioll. It a- rathIler th, ac(llifitioll of tthe - "I)u /(l,-v.tollf " which gaf (' a I all th( tillei to:/ /)r l)tq'y. IT 1i(/ trill /2..,liw-]it:ly 'L-the h(,,l(l-(-)i((e),;zt- c(ert:tinly 'lppl)l'tq)ri:t((e Imr th(, I)milidayll' stoll(c. 1, 21. Th( imml, ()f Kudurtn';'s ' althl, might l>)1)(,- r(..l T/.(.9)1.h-. -l2. It(.wh(irit( l1l:.ti- /1 l ti Itie(' ei. ]('((l lf.- (1, (i. 7 q, 9/!);id ri (r1. 2. (;, 10. 11, 22, (t(,.). T'hl( first (ch'a'acte(r, howe(v(,r, look., i),r( ile ' hi L 2: II. 5, l(1) thian an u ld bl (IH, I: Ill, - 10). hl> 1ina:l u'(,(Ir, s ar1 111()'(, l)(,wlrcnili(.tfl1ir. 1. 22. ]Jhi-b/r-(ti i' lit(,rllvy "a iliat (),o ' (Ill( c'( nl. '1) U.,l-il)[," lr()l)~ ly, h m~:l',, V1 1 1/.'-' 4. No. 2. 5. mcntioms:t lh-bir-uIi, called L r-I)/-,','/,,'-tu/,' c. (, f..J (,nllcl i,. Z ). \1. (;.. V(\o. 50, IS9)(;), 1). 2-1I(f. 11.:3. I lnlilg ai hihle, 't thc (,nc l ()f 1.:, thl(, ('rih( wr(l(,.-tc,'i;t t he 'll( end ' 1. 2. 11, T, F(r c( l). 1 7,8-;1'. ] [. ]2. In view ()f i-(t-h,,,-i (lI. S) I l)p(rfcr thc re(dtling i-(jl-l1-d ( i-,I(1-hl-,i. (Cf. 1). 179).

Page  198 ~ -u i -/r ~= -=I < 3 k;f~ '" " ~~, - I ~ - s.; = tL 7? - ` .!; = e - ~~-. ~, ~ ~~1, I —, ~ 3 7: i.=. = ~= 7 ^I L " c I- —.~ -~' = =I. j ==L Z - I- = -~) ~z 1.= . I -1. ~- Is=z3 -~n -= i.?I - I s S -I. x r. r-,L r, 3 1- rl j *; 5r -r. I- %?I — I r.= c r 5 FZ % ' bL ~r zl " I 1. ~- z C =r: H % i; % =' 'T. 'rr = % .e , c F - -= -Z-?I L -r 7 t i 5% a ' ~,.= ' 3 `C -1. -- ~ 1 I = -n ~T '= r $ -r Y "- cL I I = — ~t ` ~ r -r = 4_;cf. -I: c;u re LC =?I,,x,: g 4T r ?I LS "C '' 5L " - -! -

Page  199 _.1. 1 ' -I-. 1-i l -J-illo'A l a. I UJ ]u-(i.i;-l i-i-ile-l II dI'[-tl I at-.~a rn i-il-li iiri-.i i-.,-i];-l1i-r-'n(ta;;-/,'i-i2-Ct ~lb-bt'-lh, 'w\\ocv\c'h r.loscws ul) with ll111(1 tll( llic.('(', tile )al.c I)v whih is (IlI i,.;c II lillc, lil tl divcrts it;s ilrrig a tion" ' Sut I olxk a.t the.ilui(,e oif to11 rolwy c al, c eitll(, thilot. o(haif ch.-ig. nol tlto. of olning it. nor lo.ig thc li ed of tle,roal (alttl." Cf. allso 'odh o'j /ioru. (11.1rl er), X1,IiI: 1-Nire-,fi lirt tII-(tJ;-bi-[ltn li-i-l hei-ir. 1a 1"1( 1.]a (1111' Il) I- rivers alt Ithl,Ollitcs." 11, 2:1. With [-.l —.'i [ [-[]lz-,(h (/)llitl'( the 1,, i)I ]- 1at.,,. i-.i~ l[-lon-m(1. ].ollll. 11. 11 J. 11: antl of Shallash a]u( l'c~llltI l-llh /-[11t -it\('- t'-i'-I-gl li-ml-ltt, \Ncb. XNpilq)ll., iV, ], 17. IlI, 4. i, Ilhd-.t,. IThc h,, t F part of 1b(l i.s c lcarly vi.-ilel(,. lThe forml of.IIu. lot ivell I)v A\1ia ll, (t t(llhiatl,l, T(tIn l(t ( comtstl] e, N,,. 275, i-s fom usa. VI,. 52: VII. 2 -2.5. i1 thm id lnticail phi'ase,,I-,i th I{-utn) 1)tt[-[ ll.[ttr-/ 't It tl(t-4 lld(t ]'i-1/wt Inc-' li-ir-llm-d,'. l l.- 6. With the litl12,o -. ai t -[n,'W(-. ) or Si.y'loi,-ti)tilt) c'1mr11 (' )htltrS()Iial 1tta( '11in-i-,r-lnotl-linl, T 1 lIIlit A.\ (tCioI-.Imch, 1). 2_ 1; ant i 'lqRutt-T - i-.c., 1). 2SlV J. 111. S. 11t vicw of thlt fact that the othler parllMl )asstagv/: (cf. 1). -64f.) an([ Sii.a 16,, \ 1. 17, i-wi ','w-tit! Mli-.i;C li-..<at'-bi-.?14-.;.i-,,q co)llolill th' pl>o.itiv( 'tat(,n(lnt that the crimin'a shall It c oi utside (_if the w al l (if his citv, I-=n(/ '(t-ll(It dili-Jl; oi ir-bi -i. mustst ifileall 'in theIl ec'hlw-lur otf" 1... "with1inl hli, (:itv myN hc IIn()( lic.III. 10. Compal)e witIt the(' phra.-_e li-i i;/&, lemi~-,') Iml i buNlt (/'l)-xu, i'q-lm-I, lonhlon. 101. IV, 7. tIct(-wmt') i.i-hit, lo bol([T/)-,~u!iq-btt-ii: lo( onh) 102. V, 7, im:-,;tt l~ t-I(-t i (/-[blt - t?], aild Stlua 16. VI, 23. 24, [7mil-.I-m Ihlth ( i( [ I f)a-la-(t,-zut [liq-b~tt-zh 111. 1I. That tIll( fir.t >iqi olf i'iq-htl-ii i- i rally liq cannot be,hlu])tlfl from the( t):trllclp: saesqll ab..v( ecolntext.

Page  200 200(.AyA i E ).vi,'R S7NI OI' d., TIAl NO11 EA T T ION. 1?I ` VN III2 Vi"I \N I'" R 1. i I N I'rl O I i - )NNI I I Abl 0 0 0 hv I'rI 'l' ') It' I, b- u,H'I',I I) N) 1II ) 2 f. of B~a-4tI.,mNi, 102.. 2I, IIIto 1 I R. 13, If, 2 I, i F 0 1 I -I, IIII.13 3,t l' i l5. 17I oI 0.1 3 IV,:12 41: tb-ti'5'1 1..,11. N'A 263 IVto- Io 0. 0. 12: \,.G III H A-h ti 0 i i- tI ~o tot,';'.7,,.Nip r.1T (cf. IitiiV tII

Page  201 A6EB12C11I6111 lii 201 hY 11w I~f fnal Im"4 i wd A n-,n,-c(-a (,f.. c, - i, Tall f. o Su~ 2. F. 3 1:,,p. I 102, V], 1 6. I; I I II 4 II 2,~. 16 115 25; 6.1. I ' k 1k-i4'l1111I, 2.i. S.I. S of M III E11. 6 I. 1331 4 1 6) 31I,-1i; Lido.26311.13. IVI. 12,- 20..0. N,7, 1: e.. Id V. A. 209, 1 1. I I; V6 1 5. oU1 3 L UK... 201 11..1 N,. 3 1. Il,2.1I( n, ((1 13( I 6 \iil 1.)-; '1):'1 / 2'! ~1(IIII'1l'. Z ~. ) 1):~11)1] C. 'P, X. pl31 iTIT, hiS 26. AptIiI16 OV'.I"I I'(I,) 0 1id" III.1'''l It. W ). A-l~i-i-c- d vpw(..,12. I.,o 13"I I, 16I.1/:~ I.4IImI n inV) AI 2i9 I 6n. o.11 III 22 1 ). d U E I 1 I, N 1. 1: 1 ' ' 17 2I - ol I,-? 551 I MIM I. I IH 11,', 11 2'. II 3.6 is )11 I N 11 II~p i AI ''''III.

Page  202 I-II + z 3

Page  203 1Vi EBUCHADI )DIEZZA lR I a-z i (oF. til y 1 3: ). 1. F 'f L'-,1-.,,,;-;,1i-iddi66 a, II 1f. 13. I, 1,30. 2 f. of u lt. —Vl-. \,(.h;I-l. I.o Ln-,n. 1(2.,. 1. 3. m, I;l-Ba-z;,. 1). 2 ". 1P., r 42, 1, I:: rd p )('ll:l)V ill ('. T.. IX, pl. V. 2 1, i,.,ad (>f Bit-lUa-zi. Hl '-tl-',, i:hIsl i '\ ) itcl (r. S al- b,'l- a- ndi,-tra..,,nui*.r, \(,I,), 135,. ].,) f (,f I,1-nlh...:?,'11-n /(,,-1'-ti, lolnon, If0 3. I l: i T.,:3. 1 10, 12, 32, 3 I 1. dsl;,'l-,h(;-olH(.,; h.~ca-lu lhVih'. V.\. 2i63. 1II. 36(; Iv', 5(};, 3:1.,Ti,r- (.i, —., V.\. 26f.. I, 2.3 J,'l-rXln..-..l.i~,. u-. (alwllro. froin p(,rhaps \..\. 2(if 73, I I 1, - I. X. 55,. s (, A,l',,,,,,: -, i.. l I.\. 20.-, 50. Il-h1: Cll 1 1) I(f Br.!)S and 3:3J1. "Th(o l,lrl of,-rpelts." of.1 rdl'-dl;-,. s.,a l1(., 1 I, t. V.\ 20S, 22. dl;,'-(,r-lh,(t,f du-r-g((-zuh V..\. 20S, 27. a, I, l-;lh'it(-,,,3 1. -..f,q'i-gu-~;-Cl ('. T'., X, pl. VIT, 5(I. 2:-. ofa,,rc -z-idf, li,', - a. V. 20(). 1, 1-1. I',-19. s.,f I;.-dSt-,I;. ('. N. pr1.II,, h, (', X, 1). VII, 13. ht Bgrfi () B. r.. 1 19. 1, 16. ill lBil -B-.;'t, n-i, U,''t, V..\. 20)g, I[.(;.,21.,lBdl-fi-sa-t. "Bb3l is help." s.o —. f..201(!). 1, 1.5; IV, 2, dB6,l-uwl,;i((; \ 1L-,i, "',l1 h1a:1 cnllhll illtO " plo rexsenc." ' 3... V.. A. 2 66. I 1VI.S. 1'. V1.. 2, 111,:. 20. Bi-e-o s...of i-l-, I... \... Bi-ra- (c. Bi-)-i,". Cla. B. 1., X V) s.of.'i-d.E-( 6 1).1.'P..41, r, 13. "71('t-(~r(?)-d-ri-ib-~ilt f. of dA.,,1,,i-zr-ib-) A. 20.. 2 1. 2:3. mB2t"-(li-;i-~na l.ond(lo. 101. II. 4. Bi-til[-i-a.fl (cf. Bi-t;-li-i- a-,'i, 1). 1. P1'. 1. 11. 20, 3. 1) aret, 1).,. 1>.. I3. 65. Blur-n;,-ll-ri-0 (B l -r-1-,,,,-,i-,i,t-r..) f. of Kr-;i-,1(l-..'u: 2, r,5: 1). 1. 16.. I, r. 9.. 1. 1 1. But-ru-h (ef. 13i, 3,s;n~). 1 f. of d.Lquna-nldin-.~unz, loondon, 102 I, 1, 7. 2. s. of Ab-ba-ti, lond(lon, 102, [, 2S, 35 37. 1,:32; V', 2(, 22, 25.:30; VI1, 7,3, 1, 12, 15. Da-bi-hi, (abbl,r\-, o f. l)u-tIi-h,-ni-ir Iand',l, ) i-dii-i-. Tallliliqt,. B.1 f. of 3l-hii-,:-dIfawhlcl. V. \. 2ii663, V. S. Dai,rn Dl).l( ( 'l)'-dJ., 6ni 1. r. of.I-hi-ni-(t, SlulS 16, 1, I; I[, 1.); I1V. 11. 2. pcrhat): f. )f Eltil-na'm-il-hi, ],on103I. 1. 17. l)a-l't:-r,," 314. — /), -k tu-Ftl, (,-. l, (',Itta')fg.ue V, 1!991J. f a vd f- mt-' )U;m((;I), ('. r.. X, pl. V, 1l; VII,,15. 1),imi;q,'.N I. BlIR-~qS-d le d m,11ii I[.21.

Page  204 '01. I NEW I\A'. 'I).1I1,T'OAE O Id)t Z- 70. 1-,' / -ui -i-ti L I... JIM. 1 (;./ -. 2,11;-,. 3.o4 0iow B L. S311iha. 1 t r t i. o I: I-. I: I;. 7 (. II. 1 2-. 1 1) m' l),i[,~-t ml,' lt.on..->i2,,, 1;11il. IL... ol, i-1 -l. 10.1. II. I. 1:. I2. 1..,IJ,-,,-),,-/i/.,. " I I I.I Ih 13, i, 2i-. 1"miu~llo.... it `~lZl '- 1,rll Sts', '; r l 3'. 1 ] '','-'. '(. 1.. V. \, 2V11,t h \ h I). I,.n lU:b I I'. l l; I (, A-p V-is. 2* — 0,2',i. \iI. 1. 'l;. 2.3. t Ii /) (11 (. B, I.. I- I,., / I \' I\1'7. V N,j, 2 I 13:IIs 1n l.'l-z,'-)1i "i1. lliqili,...N.... ',.]i2 p. ll) le -R. V. -l. 11 1. 2166:tr 3. IVI t. 1 I.-s /g,-,tL-d,-4A-'.T.X l i I, LI. I o n. I l. i-l.Uur. ('. '1', X, I L.;1.-h pI.:. I I..f\r, \I. \.'. I l.. I/:,'-/-i/m/c)/,t5/-).{0 Jd}; Z. I, (l'.(. I II -., I I,, I, 1:I; 11.,.:' L-(r on, 1',.. 1. ll.9 13. Il.:2I L'-tltI-lm-t.i-,l ~-;t/ll/l f,,,:it, 7,, I.. rll, -,_/lt,.,2; 1. I o dol'/ 1 3,,, 7:. 1 1:.,/' 1, 1.,. 1.: I 1'. Iii, I\. 1:. V1 \. 1. l 1 '. 2. i6 I,ttll.ll/;z->. IX<owlm /;; I 0:3, I\ V. 29t, V, I1.,,,,,,,;,,,, I - ]~,t-' (,'. ''aii lolu I- y '. -.. p..317 7320.VI f.zs o['/x'-dm'-r, t. V.\.!)d;. V. 1 2. lrd,''l/:-w,,.sl ('. 'l'. -I. pt Illl,~ dI. {,t' )i.[l- l-ta l/, 1,: I 1, 1', 1, 2,) L-, *, o'-r,, iq;:',-(rl (-li.~>zeu, fC \ 1. -4. I;,l-h-I, Lff,.' IT, N" 2l..'). 2. <.: t, s-)-;-i111: [: It. 1;; 1I ILz l. -,;1-/,-I,*, -n 1 s,,:.....:J.. ([ Vll /l,,),~, \ ir.. q r 2: r I, '1/:10-,,,,,,1 -,-,h ', \,, o,() lI(), 1I — -;(,-e1.I1l,d,, C1.l (,, 3:; 'I. I,,;',,!,-,~,2l-i,.,h d... I I. 1 2;. * i -d It- i- 1].u o } i G -,i-;"':md 1 '.. 1 I:d-d,,; Ilh\ \.. 1-. 2:I,;Id, 210. pn 11;,, I'.'[[;rI-kw-d,'-m ', \.oildon, 103il~, IV.Is 29, V.~z 31!sj... si l W,1,,Il [ 1,-1:-t., hj,l,,ft - I J,, V. trxl.l 1, I i. { in\i"L] II,,- -11,1 p I,1 i- 1,,.IV. i. t!, 2,I;; \.. l lr i ll'-o. C(d X 1.111 111.

Page  205 .\:I;C( l'II.\ lI)IEZZ I. 1. '-X, I. V, Y1IJ2, yIi.l, \i'l "} ].1. o; A' 1'.. 2:3, 2P.1.ol I r,,,. 7), 1. 1:3. 3. 1', 2,,. ('...., Ni. 1 1, 3 2G., 4w. ill l~il-'"Ulez-I,,I (][,IM,-,,,~.RA V 1t..56, 50; ] 1Z.. 71, 1.:3. 10. 12; 1i, 3. in Ul J, lil..[,-[;-c, ('. T.. X. p,1 \ F. 1'4. L 3,,-,,,, 3,; I.. o>1' m~r[-,/llil'. I I [l I-11. I.11.2'9. 2. ill Bit-tl,"-U,-r,i-. 111 1[. 11, 12, 3, 7, (3.. lJ,,,'-,.,.... V. \. 21), lli. 5. Ll(,,-.,,,'-,l,, 1i. -.,d'.,,1-e,-,, 1,,I,l,B/,I r;,n-;-,, j,, 3, 1. 3, I 3 3 1.:22. 2. I, 3.,l/ [. 1: I. ill. 1.:3. 1). 1;'..N'1, 1:3. 1], I 1. Li i-,,,,,-.l. inl~;I-,,,l[i-ma-qli.'I-:t 16, 1, 20. l.; ' ' L-, I i-3, - ', f.,,, K\1t-,I,l,'-r,i,.B. l.. 19 lIi,1 21. ]1,-,n,,,,( t, i cV, c. A L — 3t —, ( 13. '. X.: 3(; illprecht, 1/. 1';.. X, l'..5t not,' 1. 1. of dB-13,-d;-:,u,,-;ddilt. ~ 1t..56, 1.,: N,l,. Nppur. ]1, 1,. *2. 1. t, I ntt.l-,,Nll-.;[ -in. N b..Xipll-, V. 21. 3. f of [,Nu-.:.n-., prolb. -_nmw lq _Xo. 2, Nel1l. Nipp)l'. V, 22. -1. 1'. o,,tt;u-l-z',,-i,lqia. 1)tro1).::alle:. No3. 2 an3, 3. N Ni)I), V. 2:3. 1 I,,, ) 33-l. 3r ~.33.322 --. of.[rli-,ll,;-,t I,,mdon 101. 1. 16: S '-a:3, I. 2$. I-,l-bi-it(l',. [-6,,-,,. Tl:tl]1i,(ils. N. 1:.';, ol 1,'l-, -,;-t-ht,N\. \ 211 I I. 1J: IN' 2. _1.. l///|in/t,,-lta' '.:d dlt',x'l~l' iltZ{ ~ -o I',-I V. \. 20. I. 2:3. 714v,r,in, '-ntr'.hvp,-),,,ol'.. c[! 'a\, t 1 1 '.. I V. 23X. 3.) 2 I.,. l N,?'l,' -c,-('..V. \3 333, ' 31. 37..5 1. 2. -f,rwllt 'l.;l., luil,,\. \. 20'4,.52. d,',1,.....- -,t.. \'eVl),!2 \. \ 0. \3. 3. I 1:3. /II~tn,-..?3(.nF.'4.)-,~l,*;"() (r,,dl. helpt hoil." L,olld,. 12. \12V3, 1. Ill-i,,!:tlfin'e.ialei, of.,;1-, I;;,1'_,jj, f.,f,I\'uhli-h,'l-.,,,n,.; ('. T.. N, Ill. V\I 1, l. d11/,1-O i-}' i, 3.,,1",11,, l,.-hi.. 3..- I,,,n. 3 ~,,,3,, 13333. ),3..;' 33.4-,.),l,pi,';1 d Ili, l - s. o' V\ r-.1'-,.3,l,. L l, lolil, 102, 1,. 22. I,,m,-l;i i-;,,,-,. III I 1. I1.:, 1.5. I f.-l,-,.i 0i-; u. I.,1' I'r- h. V. 6\. 21o, 11.2 ' 1. h,,l-I'-~,ql~-,'l~l-:,',., I. I.,f,3 ' z>sltal I''d-m lrti,t?''HI.). ll1.-! 1, t (-'. 3 l-,, V I. 56. 22.,.l;cl(.1)1, 1 l;F\1t. d.,,,n he has ddi x-er,'d." 3II,2.3 ''.3. 33., NV. Ill). 203...,ii3I mi -, 3t (- n 2da,,, 3., '2.3 333p3-2e33.2- i3-.i'- 3. 23In \NA L33. 3li.3g..3 (-I.3 EdtorialP, I 33. V -3 2. '2. 3IZ3..n..., d., - ' 33-3u2' -3- 3.,.. 3 'L, —. -2,3.

Page  206 206 xru oEl uInIR 7(N, 9 F - f A.. 9,. 119, 15,2. 19 25. 22.2:. 31:1. 26. V) IN 9.. 9 2 - i Iid I\ lO hl,,za, Ilil~ji.V. N 26 3.,. d;-ll I ll. B5,1, 11. I 9, 1. fo11 a1l I V, N I I I. /V A. 263..\, 9 5Ard I/dh I) 101. IL1 - I I Il 6. 111, 1:, 111. I P. 1 apI 111 9 2661,IV.57.. I. I4I(.l-hap. ll 1- - le 1,-115 3.I.wd911 —.,.1 if B l-4b-I.....A. I,:Il 93..........I, sll91 N I2. 1. 5.(o 'I. 56p., 11191, 1 - 1-lil1Lo 1d,1),,03. 12,I I. I'.l 1 1 of 1 I I.I 3 I, Ittb i II I ahhr 1v I I 51 i-I '\(d,2 hIll Al'-"w I-'I 1,5 F. I 1. I,.1

Page  207 .VI I' 'Ill. \1)REZZ I/,': 1. 2(}7;i-h.u-, il, Kur-:,,-!). \. 2 9. I 1' 1q 22. /' ' - 1)S. 1.. 1 '. V I. 1.,1,,/v)L.,-.',,-,'-,,,,/,l,/.,',.r1. /./i,,-.h,-t,,-<'...;A.,'11~,-;11 m,.. \ 20',. 2. '.:21, P l',.:2' 2 T llhui-i. S. B,:32.:3,0,. K,;-dl,'-0)u ilh,;(.l. '!.\.V I l;) $AY. I-of ),-;Ji. V. A.:2663. V.. V. \. 21 11. 1:. /,- -;, ll)l)l iatt"d) /-, ',,,rl. ' l( l of.\to - 1 _.. 1-,tl-[ 1... 209. I1. 2. dull." 2. i V.. 2.). ', - V, \. \. 2 0 1\. 1. h l l d.G.I. l-~ omlon. Il. I,. I 1. Ih l)Lt,,','r-ib>};( l IC 2.!poh,)lt?, 1). EI. P.. \[, 14. I, 9. o o lft-,-h t1. Lo m. 102. I. 12. lti-in-1,l \. I \-. L-r;;, " 1. <.,f' \;. -i t 1, II, ( 21. V... 2c. -40. 2. J.~oDmlol, 1():3 1,:3'. ].;-il,,n-n,' -l-/,', " lho '(' l rt' '. -\ —,'h. Ni ppir. V. I. 1:1, I. (, 1I I.;:: 1 [K~i~.?)Jl-n,-(t ~.u'. ](i-tltty,r ('lay. 1H. 1':-. JlI. 17.\ 1), (. 1 1..:25. i~1'i-i —,, i K;-i'-p;i (l'.l V~d~,(ttl'; (( 1. N.:2i IX'. 12.,'4;, allanl, I',. 1'. 9.?,(U ).l )~ '~-a-n1( nr'-,t.ll,,r'ht(' 1'. of' T,-qi;-4. 1 V1. i{r. \, 12. 0.m lo,. / Il. 11.. iu-t,,t-bu ( If. Ch I l 1,. 1I:, [.fi.y n / ).) / i- 1. 1 4. X\ ) 1 0/,*I{, )z: 1./1 -~ X~)* I~ ~~~o)l~ol 11};. I, 2; XI 'd too' Lol. 0).. Xi. \.G. lo: 26,,,i ' Niporo. V. 1t.2 ]K}d-da-,i (('1. (1 -da-a. (2Id-do-,l 11il- d31,i,-tfit; /'t/ I-)-,I2,'-;ddln,,,'-mt) pvre(1 in 1B. E'.. [. t2'rftT. ILondon. 102. I\, 4-. m.o,on. 102, 1[11. ). dl [,'-I,'(,jT / 1 1/.-.-1i-li Ku-t1 ttt'-ru -. oJ '.le,-I[-Uafa 1L.0lbdoll, 1):2, I\N.- 5). * ol I [)-r;-,~ i-r ). 1,. [., 11!\,1 3f[-h il[(T 7 Il;.l'-;7', -i7 n;(l( l 'I) 21..-. I "lr;-,l.ihilhi '. [ on. 1 02. 1. I9, (l1,-pu-r,-o, (y uoro'...,I'. 16 "l1, t 1'. 25 [ I.J r. I IS: I. Is. 19, 2 \., ). )1:32. I. If d/{t' [,,. J,,tloi. 11}:~. I, 21. 3[. o-/, o.-oll-r o V.. o f — hili..\. 2;63. 1, - of/;:-l'-Il,' ~.... 2663;5, 1\'. 11. 26i. 1 1. Jl-l'J-f;~,l-zt! 2. ',. of d( in-hb-ni. V. \. 2t)9, 11. 12. I.. of.V-,-.ll'r 't- 4u,-a 2. 1.;; d".l lI-,'d tdlddit/(-~ut~ 11I 2,8 1.,.-..f.11,-/,-[[.' -p,, SL a.' 2. 2. r ol', ( d. 2. 1. 2: S,":l I1~, 1[, I 1, 21)} 11, 93I, 1 6.i 1I Cid(e li('atl witl 29.: I: I\ 1,. 23. J. 20: 1[. 1,; Noi. ]}. Sli-:3,: 1 1. ):,'4 - I 1, 1,:31. 9 o- ol d~llord/l,' -(l~O[-hhh'n~t 1.o5: ). E. P'. VI. 12. T. 2;3. 1. IV I\ 2:3S, J, 25. 2.,,r I, ili, V..\. 266:L I. 2,. 13; i.. of d/,'l- 1,r1- 1'. \. 211$. 27.. lIl. 39:; I, I!): \. 17, 33. *.Ta 1lv)o('llioll '. 1r. Ta.......1..11i-1 A i,,viii ) 1. Z., IX (1I9).i p). 167.

Page  208 .20S \' / V.111.- 'l).1'tU N J\l1 (oI III I 11, dA )p 10 I I I 4.2). '11103 'N. I-,:\.9. I),.2 I) I N I,I.Ii 1,1 2 N It. -5 11. 20. '1"'ll. I P, 6)' G'. ' (, 3 ' 1 I): Ill 1: 1 H1. 2 W;,~. t I I'. 13:I1, 2.0.,. 2.. T.,I, I. )( l. 11, 1'2, 21 [11 II,,,w,- -,j ) I.2 '.2 1 V.: 1 11 11 2 12).. 7 2.11 I., 66 I, 13: 1.

Page  209 L_

Page  210 1 210 210 A NEWV BOUNDARY STONE OF dNabA2-ze'r-iddina(-na) 1. f. of dBe'l-iddina, V. A. 208, 1, 14, 18, 20, 32, 49. 2. f. of dNabul-ii-gib-i'i (identical with No. 1), V. A. 208, 20. 1. s. of Ardi-dEa, Neb. Nippur, V 24. 2.s fItti~dMiardtik-bal' tu, Neb. Nippur, III, 13. Nam-gar(SA)-du'r-dEllil* London, 103, illy 23. Nam-mu-?1-a apil l'angdl dRammaln, V. A. 2663, IV, 39. Namnri (cf. Nam-ru, Clay, B. E., XV, ''shining'') 1. f. of Ki-din-dNIN.IB, Susa 16, II, 5. 2. f. of dNabu'-nddin-ahes', I R. 66, II, 15. Na-rna-s'u f. of Er-ba, V. A. 208, 10. Na-si-bi-ilu in B it-mNa-si-bi -iht, C. T., X, PI. VI1, 20. Na-zi-d.... f. of N-mg-ab~~rdt] D. E. P., II, 93,1, 10. f. of dNIN.IB-ba'-i'u-nu, V. A. 2663, VI 1. Na-zi-dMarduk 1. s. of Sad-dak-me, V R. 56, 12. 2. s. of Z~i-i-a, London, 102, IVY 4. 3. f. of dNabil-na-~si-ir, IV R.2 38, II, 35. 4. f. of dKai'-ujtinjU-ddina-(na), London, 102, VI, 18. 5. in Bit-?mNa-zj-dMarduk, IV R.2 38, I, 10. Nazi-Marut-ta~ s. of Ku-ri -Gal-zu, Susa 2, I, 1; II, 26. dNergal-apal-usur V. A. 211, II,5 dNergal(UG UR)-a3iaridu(SAG.KA L) s. of dSin-1kardbi-isrne, C. T., X, pl. VII, 49. dNergal-epu~ (KA K-ui') V. A. 209, IV, 29. dNergal-ri-su-zi-a hs'a-kin PA.SEki, V. A. 211, III 1. d.'ergal-?i-i'ib-i'i (u3iibS'i(IG-i'i)) 1. s. of Tu(tain)-mna-l'ad(lad)-dar, C T., X, p1. III, 27. 2. V. A. 211, II, 8. Ni-bi-Si-pak f. of Su-hu-1!-Su-gab, Susa 2, Med. 2, 8. Ni-ga-zi f. of dBa-4-ahut-iddlina, I R. 66, II, 10. Nim-gi()-ra-bi d.Aar~duk] s. of Na-zi..,D. E. P., II, 93, I,9. dNIN.IB-aPa1-iddina 1. S. of dRarmmdn-na-~si-iry IV R.2 38, II, 31. 2. s. of At-rat-tai', London, 102, I, 13. d.VIN.IB(BAR)-bil —su-nu s. of Na-zi-dEllil, V. A. 2663, V, 1. dVLV.IB-kudurri-usur (SA.DU-PA P or SES) 1. S'arru, London, 102,1II, 36; Illy 21; VI, 1, 6, 8, 24. 2. rndr S'arri, London, 102, IVY 421. dNjN.IB-n('din(SE)-S'UMU London, 102, ivy 47. dNIN.IB-netsir(PAP-ir) London, 103, I, 27. dNIN.IB.... tu-zi f. of Ta-kil-a-na-ili-iu, Lodn 103 II1 2. Nu,-ur-a&&i-1u (abbreviated) in a'lu A'a mNu-ur-ahC-1'u, Susa 3, 1, 17. Nar(LAJJ)-dBunene(JJAR) f. of Sal-man-la-ti-ku, London, 102, IVY 9. Nzir-e-a (hypocor.) in Bilt-mN'r-e-a, C. T., X, pI. VI, 24, 29. It b * This name occurs as the name of a canal in the Muras1hui texts, cf. B. E., Vol. X, p. 70.

Page  211 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.21 211 Nz'r-dE-a f. of Ze'i-ia, C. T., X, pI. III, 15. Nzir-1liisir(SI.D) f. of ~Samu'a and Samai, C. T., IX, PI. IV, 2; V, 29. iVi'r-dMarduk f. of Ilu-ma-udammiq(-iq), London, 102, VI, 22. Nd'r-dSin (XXX) 1. f. of dNabz2-ile'i, V. A. 209, I, 3; III, 9, 23; IVY 1, 18. 2. f. of Sa-ba-ia, V. A. 209, II, 13, 14; V, 14. 3. f. of dA-num-nudsir, V. A. 209, IIJ, 14; V, 15 (perhaps all three identical). d-Vusku (PA + KU) -ib-ni s. of Upahl~ir-dNusku, Neb. Nippur, Pir'-dAmurru(KUR.GAL) 1. in Bit-mPir'-dAmurru, 0. B. I., 149, I, 4, 10, 13, 17; II1,5; Susa 14, I, 11; Susa 3, I, 25; II, 40, 47; III, 17, 25, 32. 2. in Bit-Pir(?)-dA murru(MAR.TU), London, 101, I, 6, 7, 12. Pir(UD)-s'a (cf. perhaps tWir(UD)-s'a-til Clay, B. E., XV, 49, or abbreviated from Pir-dSamai', see p. 186f.) hzndagiru, Neb. Nippur, V, 20. Pi-ir-dSamai' s. of Su-ma-at(?)-d~ama4', D. E. P., III 93, I, 14. 1Raba (GA L-a)-S'a-dMarduk* f. of dEllil-um-i b-ni, C. T., X, PI. III, 24. Ra-llas f. of La-ba-i'u, V. A. 209, IVY 17, 35, 36. dRammdn(IM)-be'l-ka-la iaq Sarri, D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 19. dRammadn-i b-ni s. of Mu~zib-dMarduk, C. T., X, p1. VI 14; VI, 31. dRammdn-da-an hsukkallu, C. T.,P X, pI. VII, 42. dRammdn -na-i-ir f. of dNINJIB-apal-iddina, IV R.' 38, II, 32. dRammdn-~um-eri~ s. of dSin-apal-iddina, V. A. 208, 22. dRammdn~~um-iddina Sarru, London, 103, I, 2, 4, 18, 24, 37; VIP 29. dRammadn-sum-usur (or perhaps nddina~u) 4arru, London, 103, I, 40, 45; II, 17; III, 2, 39; IV, 5, 31; VI, 30; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 18. kar kil'ati, D. E. P., IIII 97, 8. dRammdn-ze'r-iqil1a(BA-Sa) III R. 43, I, 6, 12; Edge IV, 3. mhR6I2-piJa6ti f. of Ta-ki-S'a-dBe'it, III RI. 43, III 8. Ri-lla-nu hki-i-pi 4'a E-sag-ila, C. T., X, pI. VII, 44. Ri-1.u-S'a-ildni, "The seed of the gods." madr Barri, London, 102, IV, 43. Ri-me-ni-dMarduk, "Merciful is Marduk." f. of dNabui-na-din-a~e, IV R.2 38, I, 34. Ri-mu-ta (ti) (abbreviated) s. of Be-la-ni, London, 103, III, il, 27, 31. Ri-mut-dGu-1a be'l pa1~dti, Neb. Nippur, V, 15. Rit-ti-dMarduk, "My hand (== help) is Marduk." bU biti 'a Bit -mKar-zi-a b-ku, V RI. 55, 25; 35, 45; VI, 7. Ri-zi-i n-ni hs'aq, London, 101, II, 5. Sa-a-mi-pa(?) f. of f Ur-dBe'lit-muballitat-m~itu2ti, London, 103, IV, 8. Sag-ga.... D. E. P., III 93, 9. * For this reading see Tallquist, Namenbuch, p, 173a.

Page  212 212 212A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF, fdSAG-mudammiq(SIBIR-iq)-~ar-be d. of Ardi-dSibitti, London, 101, I, 16, 27, 34. Sa-mi-du (cf. Clay, B. E., XIV, p. 51; XV, p. 4 1) S. of dMarduk-e-a, III R. 43, II, 21. dSin(XXX)-a&&erba(SU) s. of Ra-ha?, V. A. 209, IVY 16. dSin-a'pal-iddina f. of Mu-~al-li-mu, V. A. 208, 23. dSin-a-gar-idu (SAG.KAL) (abbreviated, cf. dSin-a-~a-rid and dSam~a~a-ri-id-ili(NI.NI); see Tall-. quist, N. B.; cf. also Hilprecht in Ranke's P. N., p. 129, under Nannar-SAG-KAL. 1. 0. B. I.,Y 15Q., I, 2, 3, 4. 2. in Bit-mdSin-alar-idu, Susa 2, Il, 14; C. T., IX, pI. IV, 22. s. of Ka-an-di, 0. B. IL, 149, I, 3. dSin-ib-nu hnu~atimmu(MU), V. A. 209, II, 16. dSin-ka-rab-i~-me f. of dI-~um-ba-ni, V. A. 2663, V, 12. dSin-kardbi(GAZ.GAZ)-i~-me f. of dNergal-adaridu, C. T., X, pI. VII, 49. dSin-ligir(SILDI) f. of Ba-bi-la-ai(-zi), I R. 66, II, 8; III RI. 43, II, 2. dSin-ma-gir in Bit-mdSin-ma-gir, Susa 2, I, 28; 0. B. I., 83, 1, 11, 12; 11, 4, 6, 13. dSin-mu-Ma-lim s. of Bu-ru-~a, London, 102, VI, 15. dSin-~a-du-nu f. of dMarduk-ze'-ibni, C. T., X, p1. ViI, 46. dSin-ge-me in Bi1t-mdSin-l c-me, Neb. Nippur, II, 20, 28; III, 1, 8, 9, 16 [30]; V, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20. dSin-zi'r-i b-ni h~a-za-an-nu, Neb. Nippur, V, 19. dSin-tab-ni (abbreviated, cf. Sin-tab ni-usur) f. of Mar-duk, V. A. 209, II, 12. Su-1&ur-Gal-du (cf. p. 174) in Bit-mSut-Lur-Gal-du, Neb. Nippuir, Heading 9; III, 3. Su-me-e f. of Jja-sar-du, London, 101, I, 15. Su-me-e-a f. of Kur-za-bu, D. E. P., VI, 44, I,14. Sa-ba-ia* s. of N'dr-dSin, V. A. 209, I1, 13; V, 14. Sad-dak-met f. of Na-zi-dJ1ardiik,2J R. 56, 12. Sa-ga-rak-tum (abbrev., cf. SagaraktiSurias') h' a-kin tc-me m't dluIr-ri-ha, DE.P. VI, 44, I, 11. Sal-man —la-ti-ku.... s. of Nu'r-dBunene, London, 102, IV, 8. Sa-ma-ai s. of Sa-mu-ii-a, C. T., IX, PI. IV, 1, 17;pI. V, 29. Sa-mar-d! br. of dM'r-b1'ti-i'um-ibni,Lodn 102, I, 22. d~a?nai'(UT)-erii'(PIN) f. of dB61-iddina, V. A. 208, 50. dSanmag-iddina (abbreviated) h~a-za-an-nu ga-ni, London, 101, I, 18. dSamag-na'din-gumu 1. s. of Ardi-nu-bat-ti, Susa 3, I, 30. 2. s. of At-ta-ilu-ma, V R. 56, 17. 3. s. of Bu-ru-~a, London, 102, 1, 171, 27, 36; IV. 30. d~amagnalsir(SES) (abbreviated, see Tallquist, N. B., 142, under dNabg-ndsir) h~aq-9u p-par, Neb. Nippur, V, 9. * Cf. the names Sa-bu-zi-a and dMarduk-ga-bu-9u, see Tallquist, Namenbuch. t Formerly read Kur-ka&-me, but the second sign is not KA, from which it differs by the la~st two wedges. In the Cassite texts the name Sad(Kur)-dak-me occurs; see B. E., Vol. XV, 37,8; 85:3; 90:20. That makes it probable that the doubtful sign is an older form of dak.

Page  213 NEB UCHA DREZZA R I.21 213 1. s. of At-ta-ilu-ma, London, 101, III 9. 2. s. of Ul-tu-ilu, Susa, 3, I,33. dSamai'(GISqSIR)-i'um-uki'n(GI.NA) sarru, C. T., X, pl. V, 7; VI, 29; VII, 51. Sam(L1)-el-g -la f. of Amel-E-ul-ma, III R. 43, II, 20. Sa-mu-a-a s. of Nu'r-1li~ir, C. T., IX, pi. IV, 1, 17; p1. V, 28. Sdpik(DUB-ik)-ze'ru~* (abbreviated) f. of Iddind, V. A. 208, 34, 37, 54. Sa-pi-ku (abbreviated) S. of Itti-dMarduk-bala (u III R. 41, I, 13 rnhaq-gup-par (cf. p. 201*) S. of dEllil-mugallim-aplu, III R. 43, II, 6. S~r-a-ni (abbrev., cf. dBel-ii~r-a-ni, Taliquist, N. B.) s. of In-nu-P -a, V. A. 209, II, 35; III, 8. Sar-bi dEllil t 1&azannu, 0. B. I., 149, I, 19. Sarru-ukin (DU) (P!-kin) garru, C. T., X, p1. IV, 12; V. A. 209, II, 28; V, 4. Sa-zu-?i-ti f. of dEllil-nddin-s'umu, III R. 43, III 13. Se-ki b-si-bar... f. of Mu-ra-nu, V. A. 208,2 42. Se-li-bi in 61u i'a Mdr-m&e-li-bi, Susa 3, I, 44. SES-a-pa...._ in Bit-mSES~-a-pa...,London, 103, iII, 48. Si-gu-il-a (cf. Se-gu-su, Nk. 305, 14, and.LegPl, lamentation) f. of dBe'l-iddina(-na), C. T., X, p1. ViI, 50. Si-ta-ri-ba, "She has increased" (cf. p. 186). h~aqi2, Neb. Nippur, V, 11. SPd-uh-lhu C. T.,1 X, p1. IV, 6. Su-&u-1i-Su-gab s. of Ni-bi-Si-pak, Susa 2, Med. 2, 7. 84i-la-a (cf. perhaps Sul-lu-ti-a, Tallquist, N. B.) f. of Bi-e-a, V. A. 209, IV, 9. mSu-hi-lU] D. E. P., VI, 43, Illy 2. Sul-ma-nu-agaridu(MAS) ~ar mdtuA~ur, V. A. 209, I, 1. Szi-ma-a 1. s. of Er-baIV. A. 209, Illy 24. 2. s. of dMarduk..Mr-[ildni(?)], C. T.), X, p1. VI, 25. Su-ma-at(?)-dSamad f. of Pi-ir-dSama~, D. E. P., II, 93, I, 15. Surn-ihi-a-~ip-P!-u~, "The name of the god is his diviner." 0. B. I., 149, I, 8. Siim-ukin(GI.NA) f. of Iqil4(BA-ga-a), V. A. 209, II, 19. Sti-qa-mu-na-a1~u-iddina s. of Mi-li-liar-be, III R. 43, II, 13. (Su)-qa-mu-na-aPa1-iddina(-na) s. of Kar-zi-ab-ku, London, 102, IV) 5. Su-zib-dMarduk s. of Ardi-dEa, Susa 16, II, 8. $a-ap-ri (cf. Za-a p-rum (ru, ri), in Clay, B. E.Y XIV, p. 55. Probably abbreviated, a derivation of faparu, to call) d$ir-ap-pi-li, perhaps "0 Sir, answer." in Bi1t-md$ir-ap-pi-li, Nb ipr Heading 5; III, 1. d~ir-gum-iddina(na) s. of A~u-ba-nu-?!, Susa 16, II, 24; III, 1. d$'br-usur(8ES) s. of gab-ban, I R. 70, I, 13. * Thus according to Dr. Ungnad. t For the element Sar-bi cf. in this list.

Page  214 214 214 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF Tab-ni-e-a (hypocor.) h4azannu, V. A. 209, V, 16. Tab-nu-ta (ti) s. of Be-la-mni, London, 103, III, 11, 27, 31. Ta-kil-a-na-ili-'u. "He is trusting in his god." 1. hbdr~2, London 103, I, 5, 7, 28, 39, 42;J1, 1, 7, 10, 15; III, 43; IV, 9, 22, 32,41; V, 22, 30, 33. 2. Bi't-rnTa-ki1-a-ma-ili-i'u, London, 103,1, 1,5, 36, 42; II, 7;III,43; V, 30, 33. Ta-qi-sa-dBelit(GASAN) s. of mRe~'a-pi~ydti, III, 43, II, 7. Ta-qi-~u (abbreviated) s. of Ki-im-pi'-dSamai', Neb. Nippur, V) 12. Tit(tam)-ma-s'ad(lad)-dar f. of dNergal-7i-Mi-i'i, C. T., X, pl. III, 27. 1. f. of E-ul-ma4-ma'sir, London, 102, VI, 19. 2. inBitt-rnTu-ma-mi-is-sa-ah~(sa&), IV R.' 38, I, 14; I R. 70, 1, 18; Susa 3,1,I45. Tu-um-ma-a- (cf. Tu-ma-a, Taliquist, N. B.) hMUK, V. A. 209, III 17; IVY 44. Taa-~bdadk "Good is the dwelling of Marduk" (cf. Clay, B. E.) XV, 44, note 2).* s. of (Ima)-E-sag-ila-ze'ru, V R. 56, 22; IR701, 15,18; I R. 66,, 11; Stone of Amra'n, II, 1. Tadbu(DUG.GA)-?ne-1u-zi f. of Mu-um-ma-bit-tu, Susa 16, II 7; III) 10. Tdbu(DUG)-mi-li-e f. of Marduk-mukim-aplu, V R. 56, 20. Tu-bi -ia-em-ma hs'aqtl, V R. 56, 15. IJ-bal-lit-su (abbreviated) s. of Ka-lak-ti-ia-am-zi, III R. 43,11,I9. Uba11it(T1.LA)-su-dGu-1a s. of Ardi-dEa, V R. 56, 19. U-bal-lit-su-dMardulk f. of Ri-me-mi-dMarduk, IV R.2 38,7 III 2. Ul-tu-ilu (abbreviated) f. of d'Sama'-'um-1ii9ir, Susa 3,1,34. rn arhuUldla-ai f. of dBcimiti-ereg, V. A. 209, II, 18, 32. Upa&&r(KIL)-dNusku, "N usku. gave strength' (cf. dNabz2-upa&ftir (NIGIN-ir)). f. of dNusku-ibmi, Neb. Nippur, II, Up-pa....D. E. P., III 93, II,4. Ur - dB 6lit - muballi tat ( T IN) -mit 2ti (BAD-ga)t br. of Ta-kil-a-ma-ili-4u London, 103, II6, 17, 38, 44; II, 9, 12, 19; III, 5, 14, 15, 24, 33, 38, 46; IV, 7, 1 1, 16, 25, 35; V, 25. U~-?al-li (abbreviated, cf. Nimib-u-sal-li) 1. f. of La-ba-s'u, V. A. 209, II, 20. 2. s. of I-sim-ma-ai, V. A. 209, III) 10. Ug-bu-la in Bit-rnUi'-bu-la, Neb. Nippur, III, Uz-bi-d.... D. E. P., VI, 43, III 14. U-zib-dEllil hsukkallu, Susa 16, MYI 20. * To this translation Prof. Hilprecht remarks: "It is doubtful to me whether the use of the ideogram in the passage quoted from B. E., XV, is sufficient to prove the writing with 'b,' as'dbu, 'to dwell.' In view of Su~m-ili-a-s'ip-Ti-uW it is not impossible that the scribe mixed the ideograms for ai~dbu and aladpu (the latter also pronounced aidbn in Babylonian), so that the old translation, 'Good is the exorcism (a3clbau=0adput) of Marduk,' would stand after all." t The goddess Gula is meant, cf. her name dNIN.TIN.BAD-ga =b6tum muballitat miti, see Br. 11084.

Page  215 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 21 215 L7-zib-ia (hypocor.) s. of At-rat -tag, London, 102, I, 14. U-zu-ub-Si-pak D. E. P., II, 93, I, 3. Za(?)-za-ku-1a-te-a-dMarduk London, 102, VI, 23. Ze'ri-ia (hypocor.) 1. s. of Na-zi-dMarduk, London, 102, IV, 4. 2. s. of Nu'?r-dEa, C. T., X, p1. III, 15. Ze'-i b-ni 1. s. of Ardi-dE-a, Susa 14,1,f 16. 2. s. of At-rat-a,~, London, 102, I, 14. Ze'r-ukin(GILNA) s. of Kar-zi-ab-kuI London, 102, IVY 15, 17, 26, 28, 33. Zu-me-e- (a) (cf. Su-me-e-a of this list) f. of [Me]-li-Jj-la, D. E. P., II, 112, 8; D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 3. 2. NAMES OF PLACES.,dluA-'-a-'-zi D. E.PRI VI,46, I 2~.,dluAk-ka-di(A.GA.DEki) London, 103, VI 19; London, 101, II, 10; 6luA.GA.DEki, Susa 3, 1, 4; Y R. 56, 50. mdtuAkkadi'ki(URI) V R. 55, 13, 44; 56, 12; IV R.2 38, I, 22; Neb. Nippur, II, 1; V. A. 2663, I, 17, 28, 38, 46; Illy 14; C. T., X, pl. IV, 13, 18; V, 4; VII, 32; London, 102, IV, 27; V. A. 2663, V) 21. mdtuAli-ni-ri -e-a III R. 43, 1, 2; 11111. 45, No. 2:2, 3, 5. mituA-mur-ri-i V R.55, 10. d6luA n-za-qar (cf. Hommel, Geogr., p. 350) Susa 16, I, 27. dluAn-za-qar-mes' IV R.2 38, I, 13. mituAslur III R. 43,1I, 5; II, 27; C. T., X, p1. IV, 10, [11] 12; V. A. 209,I1, 1;II, 28; V)4. Bdbilu ( IV R.2 38, I, 24; V R. 55, 2; 56, 18; C. T., X, pl. IlI, 21, 31; V. A. 208, 53; C. T., X, p1. IV, 10; V. A. 2663, 11, 9, 44; III, 13, 15, 25, 37; IV, 50, 51: V. 6, 16, 18, 34; London 102, IVY 3. (K21.DINGIR.RAki) Susa 2,1, 8; II, 29; Susa 2, Medallion 2, 4; D. E. P., HIY 97, 9; Neb. Nippur, II, 20; J R. 66, II 1; II, 17;O0. B.1I., 83, I, 7; C. T., IX, p1. IV, 12, 13; C. T., X, p1. III, 30; V. A. 208, 31; V. A. 2663, 1, 44. (K.i.DINGIR), V. A. 2663, III, 52. (Bdbi-li) V. A. 2663, I, 26. (DUG) VR. 55:3. (SU.AN.NAki) C. T., X, p1. IV, 16;' V. A. 2663, V, 33; picture, 1. 2. Bar-si pki V. A. 2663, III, 25; V, II; C. T., X, p1. VII, 47. Ba-si (the town Bas in the name of the canal narugar-ri -B a-si) Susa 3,1II 24. OluBlit-mA-da III R. 43,,3 15, 17, 2 1; III 23, 25; Illy 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14; edge, IV, 1 4,6; III R. 45, No. 2, 4,7. BIt -a-qar-nak-kan-di C. T., IX, pl. V, 25. B1't-a-~a-ni-' V. A. 2663, IV, 9. V. A. 208, 45. BIt-mAt-na-ai C. T., X, pl. III, 20. London, 102, I, 31, 32, 33; IV, 37.

Page  216 1271 6 216 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF BUt-mIBa-zi D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 14; C. T., IX, pl. IV, 24. Bit -mdB614um-i~kun(SA-un) V. A. 209, III, 6, 21. BWi-mdE-a-ma-lik, hnangaru Susa 3, I, 22. London, 103, IV), 29. d~uBit-m~fa-'-ra-&u C. T., X, pl. V, 12, 16; VI, 29. Bit-mjjfab-ban(Jffab-ba-an) (cf. Hommel, Geographie, pp. 267, 296) I R. 70,1,I 3, 10, 12; II, 5; V R. F6, 50. Bit-m&j-an-bi (Delitzsch, Kossder&p.35) III R. 41,I 2,3,7, 34. Bit-'m&~-li;-e C. T.,y X, pl. VII 17. Bift-lmJi-ma-gu Susa 16, I, 20. Bit-mlm-bi -ia-ti III R. 41, I, 5. V. A. 209, I, 34. Bit-mlr-ri-ga Susa 3, I, 13. Bit-mIs-ba-dRammin Susa 3, I, 22. Bi't-mIz-kur-dNab4 Susa 16, II, 3. B7't-mKar-zi-ia-ab-ku IV R. 55, 25, 35, 45, 47; V R. 56, 4, 30. Bift-mMuq-qut-is-sal& Susa 2, I, 12, 18. C. T., X, pl. VI, 20. Bit-mNa-zi-dAfarduk IV R.2 38, I, 10. C. T., X, pl. VI, 24, 29. Bit-mPir'-dAmurru (KUR.GAL) Susa 3, I, 6, 25, 36; II, 40, 47; III, 17, 25, 32; IV, 45; VI, 5, 8, 12;0. B. IL, 149, I, 4, 10, 13, 17; II, 5; Susa 14,1,I 11; II, 4. Bit-mPir'(?)_dAmurru(MAR.TU), London, 10 1, I, 6, 7, 12. 4IwBft-Sik-ka-mi-du, Susa 3, II, 23. Bit -mdSin-agaridu(SAG.KAL) Susa 2, II, 14; C. T., IX, p1. IV, 22; V. A. 213, I, 2, 3, 4. Bit-mdSin-ma-gir Susa 2, I, 28; 0. B. I., 83, II 11, 12; III,4, 6, 13. Bi't-mdSin-~e-me Neb. Nippur, II, 20, 28; III, 1, 8, 9, 16 [30]; V, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20. Bit-mSu-I&ur-Gal-du Neb. Nippur, Heading 1. 9; III, 3. Neb. Nippur, Heading 1. 5; III, 1. dluBit-dSamas' V R.56, 1. Bi't-mSES-a-pa... London, 103, III, 48. 0. B. I.,P 149, I, 8.B't -mTa-ki1-a-na-iti-~u London, 103, I, 1, 5, 36, 42; II, 7; IlIy 43; V, 30, 33. Bift-mTi.... London, 103, iI, 50. B't -mTu-na-mis-sali(sa-all) Susa 3,I,1 45;I1R. 70, I, 8;IV R,2 38 I, 14. Bi't-rnmU~-bu-la Neb. Nippur, III, 5. Wlu 9a rnDdmiq(-iq)-dRammdn Susa 3, II, 24. dluDe& (not Dilr-iluki, see references below and Delitzsch, Lesestuicke4, p. 151) dluDi-ri, V. A. 209, IVY 7. dluDUR.AN.KI, V. A. 209, I, 2; II, 25, 31; III, 2, 18; IV, 25. 41u{Di]-e-ri, 0. B. IL, 83, I, 2. dluDi-e-ir ma1yez dA num, V. R 55, 14, 49. Dil-batki V. A. 208, 2, 29, 49.

Page  217 -vv w NEBUCHADREiZZAR I. 21st7, 4luDi-in-du-bitu (dluDimtu-bitu) III R. 43, I, 27. C. T., PIX, p1. IV, 3, 18. -WluDuldlum D. E. P., II, 97, 2. 44luDunl-ni-edini (Hommel, Geographie, p. 286) V. A. 2663, IV) 21, 45. -Dup-li-ia-ag (not Um-li-ia-ad, see also Hommel, Geographie, p. 296) Susa 2, II, 9. DUR.AN.KI (one of the names of the zikkurat of the temple Ekur at Nippur, see Commentary, p. 171f.) Neb. Nippur, II, 14.,dluD1r-Kuri-ga1lzu (Hommel, Geographie, p. 344) Susa 3, I, 20. dluDilrANergal Susa 2, III 7. -dluDilr-Pap-sukal (Hommel, lic., p. 295) Susa 2, I, 37. 4lu'Dar-Ri'mdSin Neb. Nippur, V, 17, 19. -durd3m-~-di(AK Susa 2, II, 12. 4dluDdr-garri (Hommel, ic., p. 296) Susa 2, I, 33.,du~-aruu?, C. T., IX, pl. IV, 20, dl1uD~r-zi-zjki IV R.2 38, I, 3, 19..dluDu-ii-tu V. A. 209, IV, 25 28. mdntuPramtukci V R. 55, 41, 43; C. T., IX, pl. IV,,3, 9, 10. E-an-na (the temple of Nana' in Erech, cf. Code of Ham., II, 43-47) only in personal name, cf. E-an-na~um-iddina. E-kur (the temple of Ellil in Nippur) Neb. Nippur, II, 3, 8; IV R.2 38, I, 29. E-sag-ila (the temple of Maxduk in Babylon, cf. Code of Ham., II, 7-12) D. E. P., VI, 46, IVY 4; London, 102, I, 43; V. A. 2663, lip 2; V, 9; 0. T.,P X, p1. VII, 44. E-~ar-ra (the temple of NIN.IB in AS'ur, cf. the name Tukuiti-apila-r-rda and Gula is called: kallat E-~ar-ra-) D. E. P., 113, 13; VR. 56, 39; I R. 70, IV, 1. E-ul-maW (the temple of Anunit in Akkad, cf. Code of Hjam., IV, 49-51) D. E. P., VI, 47, 15.' E-zi-da (the temple of Nebo in Borsippa, cf. Code of Hjam., III, 12-15) IV R.2 38, II, 14; D. E. P., VI, 46, IV, 3; V. A., 2663, II, 3. clluGur-djltar(NINNI) (Hommel, Geog., 289) IV R.2 38, I, 5, 11, 18; II, 33. Ha-ni London, 101, I, 18. aiu ~a Jfa-neki, D. E. P., II, 97, 6. gfal-man (Hornmel, Gpogr., 295) V R.56, 22. dluffu-da-d~a (not Bag-da-da, see Hornmel, Geogr., pp. 252, 273, 341, 345) Susa 16, IP 4;II1, 1, 6,22, 26, 28; III, 3; IVY 7; D. E. P., VI, 46,1,I4; I R. 70, I, 6. Jffu-da-di, Susa 16, I, 28, 30. pi~dt mdt 4luffu-da-di(!), Susa 2,11, 4.. dlugfar-ri-Ka~-i-e (cf. dluKa-ri-e) D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 3. 41ugfu-u?-si C. T.) IX, p1. IV, 14, 22. dlulr-ri-e-a (cf'. dluIr-ri-ia, III R. 4, 3) D. E. P., 44, I, 71,10. m~t dluIr-ri-&a D. E. P., VI, 44, 1, 12.

Page  218 218 218 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF V R. 56 17;I1R. 66;1, 7 p1. III, 25. PAS~Eki, V. A. 2911, II, 2. dlulA-nu-nak I R. 66, III 3. mdtuKal-du C. T., X, pl. V, 5, 13; VII, dluKar-dBelit D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 2. m~dtuKar-dDu-ni-ia-a8' C. T., IX, p1. ivy 5. e1luKar-dNab~a (Delitzschi, 206) 11R. 70,1I,2. aluKa-ri-e (in the district of T-j Susa 2 III,17. Kzuwtu(GU~.DU.Aki) V. A. 2663, V, 13. elluLa-ba-si ~a Bi't-j'a-[ kin?] C.T1X, pl. Vl, 27. dluLa-rak (only in personal m dluLa-rak-z&'-ib-ni) London, 102, I, 12. mdtuLul-lu-bi-i V R. 55, 9. dluMan-d u-ti D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 9. Neb. Nippur, II, 27; Illy S dlu gaMlfr-mge-li-bi Susa 3, I, 44. dluNa-ba-ti(tu) (also in N Names, see Taliquist,I V. A. 2663, IVY 17, 19.,ndtuNa-mar V R. 55, 47, 48, 51, 52, 55; 6, 8, 10, 23, 24, 28, 29, Na-ra-ni-e D. E. P., VI, 42,1I, 7, 11.;C. T., X, Nippur(EN.LIL.KI) London, 103, I, 20, 48; III, 7, 42; Neb. Nippur, II, 3; III, 12 [32]; V. A. 2663, ily 9; III, 12. piliat Nippur, London, 103, III, 42. 61u ~a mNu-ur-a1e6-~u Susa 3,1I, 17. 33. 6luPa-da-lan D. E. P., II, p1. 20, 6. dl1uParak(BAR)-nziri(TUR)ki* London, 103, V) 15, 17. Paradies, Susa 2, II, 2. dluPur-rat-tas' D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 8. dhuRi-is-ni (at the banks of the canal Su-ri-rabti) Susa 2, I, 21. D. E. P., II, 93, I, 2. name, cf. Sip-parki V. A. 2663, II, 8; III, 12. Su-bar[-tu] (=M~esopotamia, Winckler, Forschungen, I, 154f.) D. E. P., III 93, 1, 5. dluSa-&a-neki D. E. P., II, 97, 6. dluSa-ak-na-na-a Susa 16, I, 2, 23. Nlu ~a Sal-lu (" Rampart city" Susa 3, I, 47. dlu~a-lu-lu-ni (at the Royal Canal> London, 101, I, 5. eo-Babyl. dliu~a-an-ba-~a 4.B,293) V 11.56,1. dlu~ga-sa-iki Susa 2, I, 30. V R. 56, diuga-sa-na-ki 31, 48. 0. B. I., 149, I, 6, 10, 12. clluSap-pi ~a mSa-'.... C. T.,I X, pl. VI, 23. *Cf. also Clay, B. E., XIV, 107, 3; 133, 3, 6;- 148, 31. Hommel, Geographie p. 251; and Br. 6900, Pa-rak-ma-ri.

Page  219 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.21 219 0. B. I., 149, I, 5, 6. (1luSu-bat-arri (" Royal residence") Susa 16, I, 30.?fndtusajme-rj Neb. Nippur, II, 1; V. A. 2663,1, 37. KI.EN.Gki, IV R.2 38, I, 22. mdtuEME.KU, V. A. 2663, I, 27, 46; C. T., X, p1. IV, 13; VI, 32. mnat Talmdi(A.AB.BA) London, 101, I II 3; 0. B. I., 83, I, 3, 6, 13; II, 7. N1u 9a Ta-ma-ak-ku (in the district of Akkad) Susa 3, I, 3, 10. dluTi-riqa-an (at the Talban canal) Susa 2, I, 24. dlu TUR ZA.GIN Susa 2, I, 11; II, 22. etlu 0-pi-i(e) Susa 2, II, 19; C. T., IX, p1. IV, 19. V R. 56, 21. Ug-tim, in mAme1-i~~akki'-9a-U~-tim,1 London, 101, I, 9. dluZa-rat-sim-bdbajni Susa 3, I, 23. du..... dNIN.SAR London, 103, IIIy 41. 3. NAMES OF RIVERS AND CANALS.* Ar-ra-ra Susa 16, I, 34. A4-tab-d1ar-djsita~r (cf. Dclitzsch, Paradies, 192) III R. 43, I, 16. Be-dar(?) (cf. Hommel, Geographie, p. 267, and B. E., XV, 102, 12) III R. 41, I, 2, 9. Du-9-tu (nar 61UDu-zitu) V. A. 209, IV, 25, 28. Lla-ar-ri-Ba-si, " The canal of (the city) Bas" (cf. Hommel, Geographie, p. 345). Susa 3, I, 24. Idiqiat (MAS.TIK.I~AR) IV R.' 38, I, 4, 7; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 4, 17; 0. B. I., 83, I, 2; Neb. -Nippur, Heading, IT, 28; III, 6. Kan(Sum)-di-ri C. T., IX, pl. IV, 23. Ki-ba-a-ti Susa 3, I, 50. iI~a-ge-e C. T., X, p1. III, 18. Mle-e-dan-dar& (cf. Hommel, Geographie, pp. 273, 280, 296) Susa 16, I, 3, 24;I1R. 70,1,y3. Mi-ga-ti (=ndr miqati, see Hommel, Geographie, p. 296) Susa, 2, II, S. C. T., IX, p1. IV, 21. M1in(Ni~)-ga-ti-rim-mna London, 102, I 3. Ndr S'arri Susa 2, II, 3, 18; London, 101, I, 5, 10; Susa 3, I, 5, 54; III 22, 29, 32; Neb. Nippur, Heading; V. A. 2663, iv, 22, 23, 31, 46; nar pihadti 9a g*arri, Susa 3, 1, 52; III, 3; and kis'dd na-ga-ar sarri, D. E. P., III 112, 5. (For further references to the "royal canal, see Streck, Deutsche Lit. Zeitung, March 11, 1905, 618; A. J. S. L., Vol. XXII (April, 1906), p. 223; Hommel, Geographie, pp. 284-286; Hilpr.Clay, B. E., IX, 73, 2; Tallquist, Neu-Babylonisches Namenbuch, p.299;cf also pp.158-160 above)N~i-ni-na London, 103, IV, 2; also Nin4-ni]-nca London, 103, Illy 42. * Every name is preceded by the determinative n4ru.

Page  220 220 220 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF Purattu (UD.KIB.NUNki) C. T.) X, pI. VI, 17, 28; narupu..rat-ti, C. T.,y X, pI.III, 17; V. A.208, 1 1. Ra-da-nu (cf. Hommel, Geographic, p. 293f.) Susa 14, I, 6. Ra-ki-bi D. E. P., II, 97, 5. Rdfi-An-za-nim Susa 3, illy 2.,al-ma-ni (cf. Delitzschi, Paradies, p. 192) I R. 66,fII,2. Su-ri -rabtl (GAL) Susa, 2, I, 22. 4Su-ru(ri) V. A. 2663, Illy 49-; IV, 4. -nar 4lSa~ar-riki 0. B. 1., 149, I, 6, 11. Sum (kan)-di-ri C. T., IX, p1. IV, 23. Sum-ili... D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 4, 17. Ta-ba-an (cf. Hommel, Geographic, p. 29Sf.; Delitzsch, Kossiier, p. 31, note 3) Susa 2, I, 25, 31, 34; D. E. P., IT, 97, 7. U-la-a (cf. Hommel, Geographic, p. 280) V R. 55, 28. Zi-ir-zi-ir-ri (cf. Delitzsclh, Paradies, p. 192) III R. 43, 1, 3, 14. Zu-mu-un-dI~tar Susa 2, IT, 13. 4. NAMES OF DEITIES. '-dAi(A.A) (consort of Shamash, cf. Shurpu, III, 142; worshipped chiefly at Sippar, I R. 65, II, 40, and Larsa, I R. 65, II, 42, Code of Ham., II, 23-31. For the older reading Aja see Jensen, K. B., III, 1, 20f., note *t, and Ranke, Porsonal Names, 1972. As dGAL she was "the queen of D'dlr-ilu" (Aarrat Diar-ilu), cf. B. A., III, 238, 42). Susa 16, V, 18; also in the personal names dAi (GAL) -be'l-gumdti, dAi-mutakkil..dA-MAL (first mentioned by an early king of Kish, cf. Scheil, D. E. P., II, 41; also on an ancient slab from Abu-Habba, cf. Hilprecht, 0. B. I., Pt. 1, PI. VII, Col. V, 4. Placed alongside of Nangi on the stone of Nabfl-shumishkun (V. A. 3031), Col. III, 1, 3. Discussed by Hommel, Geographic, p. 302f.). V. A. 209, IV, 27. dAmurru (called bell S'adi, cf. Reisnerl, Hymnen, No. 50, Rev. 17; identical with the "Ba'al of Lebanon," cf. Zimmern, K. A. T., 433. The consort of Ashratu, Reisner, Hymnen, No. 50, Rev. 18. For the reading dKUR.GAL = dAmurru, see Clay, B. E., Vol. X, p. 8; Vol. XIV, p. VIII. For dMAR.TU = dAmurru,see Reisner,Hymnen, No. IV (p. 139), 11. 141 and 142). Only in personal names, as dA murri.. e-a, Pir'_dAmurru(dKUR.GAL) and Pir(?)-dAmurrue (dMAR.TU). dAnu (the chief god of the first triad in the Babylonian pantheon, worshipped chiefly in the temple E.DIM.GAL.KALAM.MA at D~r, cf. Shurpu, II, 160; B. A., Illy 262, 20; V R. 55, 14; and in the temple E.AN.NA at Ereclh., cf. Code of Hjam., II, 43-46).

Page  221 NEBUCHADREZZAIR I.22 221 Anu(AN), IV R. 38, III, 26; III R. 43, IV) 30; V. A. 209, IV, 17. Anu(AN-nu), London, 103, V, 48; III R. 43, 1II, 26. Anum(AN-num), Susa 2, IV, 2, 18; D. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 19., III R. 41, II) 13; I R. 70, III, 9; 0. B. I., 149, II, 18; London, 102, I, 37; Neb. Nippur, IV, 3; V. A. 2663, V, 36. dA -num, Y R. 55, 14; J R. 70, IV, 1 0; C. T., X, p1. VII, 38; V. A. 209, 11, 8; V, 7. dA-nu-um, London, 101, illy 9; Susa 3, VI, 16; Susa 16, V, 12. Also in the personal name dA-numnasir. dA4-nu-ni-tum(ti) (a title of the Ishtar of Akkad, cf. Shurpu, II, 169; Susa 3, I, 48; worshipped in the temple E.UL.MAS, I R. 69, II, 29, Code of Hjam., IV 47, 49; called belit Akkadi,V YR. 56, 50). London, 101, Illy 15; Susa 16, V, 30; Susa 3, IlI, 48; V, 3, 24, 36; V R. 56, 50. dA-nun-na-ki(ku) (the gods -of f ate in the underworld, see Zimmern, K. A. T.y, 451-53; Morgenstern, M. V. A. G., X (1905), 161-166). Neb. Nippur, I, 7, 1 1; V. A. 2663, I, 6. d_.psil (ENGUR) (a personification of the primeval ocean., cf. Zimmern, K. A. T., 492; the mother of Ea, IV R. 1, II, 36; for the reading cf. C. T., XII, 26, Rev. 17f., and Thureau-Dangin, I. S. A., 263'). 0. B. I., 83, I, 16; II, 14, 15. d.:t-ru-ru (the mother-goddess, cf. K. B.,y VII 1, p. 41,1. 21, and p. 12 1, 11. 33, 34; identified with dNIN.MAg, IV R. 53, Illy 40, and Belit ile, IV R. 58, III, 19; called the wifeQf) of dMU.UL.LIL (= dEnlil), cf. Craig, Religious Texts, 1, 19, 6, and Zirnmern, K. A. T.' 430). Susa 2, IV, 9. dAgur (the chief deity in the Assyrian pantheon, cf. Jastrow, "The God Agur,'" Journal of Am. Oriental Soc., XXIV (1903), 281-311). Only in the personal name dA~urdA T.GI.MAJJ (a deity belonging to the court of Shamash, placed after Bunene and before Kettu and MWsharu, perhaps, with Scheil, to be read: Malku?ilru for A T.GI -= ma-likc, see Br. 4170). Susal16, V, 20. dBa-ii (the consort of NIN.GIR.SU, cf. Cyl. B of Gudea, Col. XI, 11, 12; or of Za-ma-ma, cf. III R. 68, 62, 63d; also identified with Gula, the wife of NIN.IB, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T. 3 410). London, 103, VI, 5; Susa 16, V, 27; D. E. P., VI, 47, [1]. dB/'l(EN) (a title of Marduk, the god of Babylon). Y R. 56, 14; C. T., IX, pl. IV, 11, 12; V. A. 2663, II, 37. d~u-ne-ne (the charioteer of Shamash, cf. V R. 65, 33b, forming with Ai, Kettu, M~sharu and Daianu the court of Shamash at Sippar, V R. 65, 29b,ff.). Susa 16, V, 19; D. E. P., II, 115, 4; also in the personal name NilrdBunene(dIJAR). dBu-ri-ia-a~l (the Cassite god Ubriash, identified with Ramman, cf. Cassite Vocabulary, Obv. 6). Only in the personal name Bur-radDA.MU (a Sumerian name for Bau, cf. C. T., XVII, 33 Rev. 32, 33; also identified with Gula in proper names, V R. 44, II, 19, 49; called dlipu rabal, cf. Shurpu, VII, 79). Susa 16, V, 28. dE-a (the chief god of Eridu, II R. 61, 46; worshipped in the temple

Page  222 222 222 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF E.ZU.AB, together with his consort DAM.GAL.NUN.NA, cf. Code of Hjam., III, 1; IV, 17, 18. She was also called DAM.KI.NA, cf. Shurpu, III, 140). Susa 2, ivy 6; London, 103, V, 48; London, 101, Illy 11; Susa 3, VI, 18; IV R.2 38, III, 26; Susa 16, V, 14; Neb. Nippur, IVY 9; 0. B. I., 83, 1, 22; II, 17; III R. 41, III 13; I R. 70, III, 9; III R. 43, Ill, 26; 0. B. I., 149, III 18; London, 102,1,I 38; V. A. 2663, IlI, 4; V. A. 209, II, 8; V, 7; C. T., X, pl. VII, 38. dNIN.IDI.AZAG (=dE-a S'a ni-meki, II R. 58, 56b), V. A. 2663, Illy 8. dRE, V. A. 2663, V, 36. dEn-lil L(Ellil) (the chief god of Nippur, worshipped in the temple EKUR. For the reading Ellil see above, p. 161). Susa 2, IVY 4; Susa 3, VI, 17; VII, 44; London,103, V, 48; London, 101, 111,10; IV R. 38,111,26; Susal16, V, 13; Neb. Nippur, I, 1; II, 11, II,' 13; I R. 70, III, 9; IV, 2; III R. 43, illy 26; 0. B. I., 149, II, 18; London, 102, I [37]; V. A. 209, II, 8; V, 7; C. T., X, pl. VII, 38. dNINN6O V. A. 2663, V. 36. dEr-ia (an Elamite deity, not identical with the goddess Erfia, for dEr-ia was a male deity (cf. pani-~u ii-gad-gil, C. T., IX, pl. V, 41) and his image was perma-. nently located in the town Jffufi, not in Babylon, i~c., pl. IV, 15). C. T., IX, pl. IV, 2, 11, 13, 18, 25; p1. V, 30, 40. dErila (dA.EDIN.NA) (this goddess, placed alongside of Marduk, is no doubt identical with dA. RtJ'U.A. dE-rdii-i-a, men tioned in the Bilinguis of Aamai'lum-ukin, 1. 8. She was the goddess of pregnancy, also called Aerfia, bf lit nabna'ti, cf. Lehmann, Aamai'iumukin, II, 36ff Both are names of &arpanitunm V R. 44, 34c; V R. 46cd, 40, 41). V. A. 2663, V, 41. Gal-du (doubtless a Cassite deity, sec Clay, B. E., XV, pp. 45, 54). Only in the personal name Su-1&urGat-du. dGSI.NAA (dGES TIN is identified with dBe'lit seari, the scribe of the underworld, II R. 59, Rev. l0c. A temple of dAMA.GES TIN is mentioned by Urukagina, cf. Thureau-Dangin, I. S. A., p. 92, K, Rev. II, 1, 3; also Ur-Bau built a temple (E.ANSU.DUN.UR) to dGESTIN.AN.NVA; cf. Thureau-Daiigin, i~c., p. 96a, VI, 5. She is mentioned as dGAS.TIN.NA Al among the deities of Erech, cf. I R. 43, 32. We find her also alongside of dNIN.KA.8!, a wine goddess, cf. Reisner, Hymnnen, IV, 64, 65, and as dNIN.GESTIN in a list of thirteen gods, cf. K. 26, 13, Obv. II, 12 B. A., V, 701). Susa 16, V. 28, in a group of five goddesses. dGirru(BIL.GI) (the fire god par excellence, see Zimmern, K. A. VI3 417f.). Susa, 2, IVY 19. dGU.LA (the consort of NIN.IB, III R. 43, IV, 15. That dGU.LA is Sumerian is shown by Reisner, Hymnen, IV, 49, 50, where AMA dGU.LA is rendered urnmu ra-bi-tum, hence her titles ru-ba-a-ti si-ir-ti, cf. Nebuch., 13, II, 44, and bi-el-ti ra-bi-ti, cf. Nebuch., 13, III 48, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions,

Page  223 NEBUCHADIREZZAR I.23 223 p. 106. On this question see Zimmern, K. A. T.3,1 4102. Her sacred animal was the dog, cf. p. 12 1.) Susa 3, VII, 14; IV R.2 38, III, 27; D. E. P., IIY 113, 13; D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 16; Susa 14, IV, 5; D. E. P., VI, 47 [1 1]; V R. 56, 39; Neb. Nippur, IV, 20; III R. 41, IIY 29; I RI. 70, IV, 5; III R. 43, IV, 15; 0. B. I., 149, III, 1; London, 102, III, 20. gUa-la (a Cassite goddess identified with Gula, cf. Delitzsch, Lesestiicke 4 p. 136, 6). In the personal name Me-li-Ija-la; and perh aps in Sam- (7) -eg-Ja-la. Ijar-be (a Cassite god identified with dEn-lil, cf. V R. 44, IVY 1). In the personal name Mli-li-JUar-be. dI-gi-gj (a collective name for the gods of heaven, sometimes used for the planetary gods, hence the ideogram V + II, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T.', 451-453). Neb. Nippur, I, 5; V. A. 2663, I, 5. -dlliat (for the ideogram cf. Br. 4466, perhaps to be read dgfarrdn-Sada, as suggested by Zimmern, Beitreige, p. 60, for the. title alsibu kad6 ellu'ti is applied to this deity, cf. Shurpu, VIII, 22). Only in the name mdjllat-ai. dlnin-ni (thus the doubtful signs of IV R.' 38, II, 8, are read by Peiser and others. Being placed alongside of Nabfi it is at all events a name of Nana', the consort of Nabu',cf. Shurpu, II, 156). IV R.' 38, II, 8. dIA-&ta-ra (a form of Ishtar, called djg-&a-ra tam-tim -= d1g-tar, cf. V R. 46, 31b. Some of her titles are: be'lit dinim u bin', Zimmern, Ritualtafein, 87, I, 6; be'lit dadme', Shurpu, II, 171; ummu rimn-ni-turn ga'nige', Craig, Religious Texts, I, 3, 17; 4ar-rat Ki-sur-ri-eki, II R. 60, l4ab. Her temple in Babylon was E.SAG.TUR.RA, Strassm., Nebk., 247, 7; cf. Hommel, Geographie, 31 1). Susa 2, IV, 8; D. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 8; III R. 43, IV, 28. d~l -tar (worshipped in Babylonia chiefly at Erech under the name Nana, V. R. 6, 107-122, or djltar ~a Urukki, V R. 34, II, 33; at Akkad under the name Anunitum, cf. Shurpu, II, 169, or Ishtar of Akkad, cf. Susa 3, I, 48; II, 26; at Kish in the temple E.ME.TE.UR.SAG, cf. Code of Ham_, II, 59-65, and at Babyl-on in the temple E.TUR.KALAM.MA, cf. Lehmann, Samagsumukin, PI. XXIII, 13. For her character as mother-goddess and as the goddess of love, war and hunting see Zimmern, K. A. T., 420 -432). djs'-tar, Susa 2, IV, 16; V R. 55, 40; Neb. Nippur, IV, 22; III R- 41, II, 21; I R. 70, III, 22; III RI. 43, IV, 12; dNVINNI, Susa 3, I, 48; II, 26; London, 103, VI, 18; Susa 16, V, 29. dI-s'uin (a fire and pest god and as such the messenger (sukkallu) of Nergal, IV R. 21, No. 1, Obv. 43ff. His most common titles are: na-gir ra-bu-zi ra-bi-si si-iri Aa ildni, C. T., XVI, 46, 179; na-gir su-qi Aa-qu-um-mi, C. T., XVI, 15, V, 22; na-gir mu-Ai, C. T., XVI, 49, 305. His consort was dSu-bu-la(l), IV R. 26, No. 1, 9) Susa 16, VI) 1; also in the name dI-gum-ba-ni. dKA.DI (mentioned by Entemena, cf. Thureau-Dangin, I. S.A., 62, n, I, 10; Gudea, cf. i.c., 148, Xy 26; Anu-mutabil, cf. l.c., 250, 4, and

Page  224 224 224 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF especially by Dungi, cf. l.c., '330, 7, as the goddess of De'r (Diir-ilu). On one of the boundary stones of Marduk-apaliddina I. (Susa 16) she is placed alongside of Ti~&u,.most likely her husband. She is closely associated with the serpent goddess d$ru (Susa 2, IV, 23). In Babylon dKA.DI was worshipped as one of "the daughters of Esagila," cf. Reisner, Hymnen, p. 146, 44, and Zimmern, K. A. T., 505). Susa 2., IVY 23; Susa 16, VI, 4. dKaAu-Awd (the highest god among the Cassites., as Delitzsch has made probable, cf. Delitzsch, Kossaer, P. 51). In the personal names, dKaA-~u-zimukin-aplu, dKal-Au-ti-nddina~e and dKah-Au-ii-nddin-gumu. dKittu(NIN.GI.NA) (an attendant of Shamash at Sippar, the personification of justice, cf. Zimmern, Ritualtafein, p. 104, 11. 133, 144; K. 2613, Obv. II, 15, see B. A., V, 701). Susal16, VY22. dLa-ga-ma-al (the goddess of Dilbat, V. A. 208, 2, 3. Perhaps identical with dNIN.E.GAL, the consort of dIB,.- " the gods of Dilbat," cf. Peiser, Acten-Stiicke, Nos. VII, 2; IX, 2-3. In the Code of 1-Jam., 111,29, dMA.MA takes the place of dNIN.E.GAL. She is also connected with Kisur-ri-eki, cf. II R. 60, No. 1,l5ab, and Hommel, Geographie, 397). V. A. 208, 3, 16, 26, 33. dLa-a? (the consort of Nergal, worshipped in the temple E.SIT.LAM at Kutha, Nebuch., 9, IT, 36, 37, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, p. 86). Susa 16, V, 34. dLIL (placed alongside of dNIN.BAD, "the mistress of the dead," Susa, 16, VI, 4. dNIN.BAD.NA is said to be the wife of dLUGAL.AB.BA, cf. III R. 68, 73a; but, dLUGAL.A.AB.BA is one of th6 titles of Nergal, cf. II R. 59, 37, 38e, hence dLIL must be in this. connection (Susa 16, VI, 4) one of the titles of Nergal and not of NINI1B, as suggested by Scheil on the basis of II R. 57, 66c). Susa 16, VIi, 4. dLUGAL.BAN.DA (the consort of dNIN.SUN,cf.II R.59e,24, 25,to whom Sin-gAshid built the ternpie E.KAN.KAL at Erech, IV R. 35, No. 3, 1 1. Also worshipped at Kullab, cf. V R. 46,. 27b, and at Ishnunna, cf. Hornmel, Geographie, 360, 362 3, and Gilgamesh Epos, VI, 192). IV R.2 38, II, 9. dLUGAL.GAZ (one of the deified weapons of NIN.IB3, carried in his left hand, cf. Hrozn', Myt hen. vom Gotte Ninrag, pl. V, 20. Mentioned in the Gudea inscriptions, Statue B, V, 37-39; Cyl. A, XXII, 20; Cyl. B, VIII, 2f., etc. As stars Sar-u'r and Sar-gaz appear repeatedly, cf. II R. 57, Rev. 60a; III R. 66, Rev. 31-32b, V R. 46, 32a, and Jensen, Kosmologie, 145). Susa 2, IVY 24. dLUGAL.GIR.RA (the companion of SIT.LAM.TA.Ek, "the twin gods," cf. Zimmern, Ritualtafein, Nos. 41-42, II, 2. They represented the first and third quarters of the moon, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T.3, 413. For their prominence in incantations see Morgenstern, M. V. A. G., X (1905), 175). Susa 16, VI, 2.

Page  225 NEB UCHA DREZZA R I.25 225 dLUGAL.GIS.A.TU.GAB.LIS (the god of the city Bas, cf. V R. 34, il, 29, 30. A form of Nergal, V R. 46, 18cd. The name is to be read B6l-sarbi, cf. Nebuch., 1, il, 29; 13,Ill 60, and Nebuch., 9, II, 48, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, pp. 64, 86, 106. His consort was dMa-mi-turn, cf. Shurpu, VIII, 14; Susa, 16, VI, 3. Ia Craig, Religious Texts, I, 56, 16, he is spoken of as ra-kib ndr i-li). Susa 16, VI, 3. dLUGAL.UR.UR (one of the personified weapons of NIN.IB, held in his right hand, the companion of LUGAL.GAZ (or Sar-gaz), cf. Hrozn r, Mythen, p. 12, 1. 20. For his stellar character see Jensen, Kosmologie, 145). Susa 2, IV) 24. d~a-'-me-tum (the consort of LUGAL. GIS.A.TU.GAB.LIS' or BU'-?arbi, the god of Bas, cf. K. 2866, 13. But also regarded as the consort of Nergal, cf. Bollenrticher, Gebete an Nergal, p. 20, No. III, 8, and Gilgamesh Epos, X, 6, 37). Susa 16, VI, 3. dMalr-bifti (TUR.E) (a god worshipped in Borsippa, where Nebuchadrezzar II. built him a temple, cf. I R. 55, IV, 49, which was not far from the gate of Ramma'n, cf. Strassm., Dar., 367, 1, 4. His title mugabbir kakki nakiria seems to point to a war god, cf. Weissbach in 0. L. Z.,VI (1903), 442. In Ill R. 66, Rev. lib, he appears among "the gods of Esagila," Rev. 20b). _.Occurs only in personal names, dMdr-biti-a~e-iddina, dMdr-bi'tiAa-li-ti, etc. dMarduk (AMAR.UD)_jthe chief god 15 of Babylon, worshipped in the temple E.SAG.ILA, the con.sort of &arpanitum, cf. Langdon, Building Inscriptions, Nebuch., 13, I, 27-30). Susa 2, I, 9, 15; III, 30; London, 103, VI, 3; London, 101, III, 13; Susa 3, III, 47; V, 2, 24, 35; VI, 29; IV R' 38, III, 42; D. E. P., II 113, 4; D. E. P., IIy 112, 1; Susa 14,111, 14; Susa 16,V, 23; 25; V R. 55, 11, 12; I R. 70, III,. 13; 0. B. I., 149, IIl 21; London,. 102, I [39]; V. A. 2663, I, 1; 11,. 1; 111, 9; V, 21, 40; C. T., X, ]p1.. IV, 8, 14. Marut-tash (a Cassite god identified' with NIN.IB, cf. CassiteVocabulary, Obv. 8). Only in the name Nazi -Maruttash. dMe~aru(NVIN.SI) (an attendant of' Shamnash at Sippar, together: with Kittu and Daianu, cf. V' R. 65, 29b. The personification of righteousness. Also associated with Ramma'n and Shala, cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 57, 22; 58, 24). Susa 16, V, 22, 32 (dMi-gar-ru); D. E. P., VI, 46, iI, 2, written. dMi-ga-ru. dNab~d (the chief god of Borsippa, worshipped in the temple E.ZI.DA. His consort Nanfi (cf. Nebuch., 9, il, 18-25, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, I, 84) or Tashm~tum, cf. Shurpu, II, 157; ill, 145, Pinckert, -Hymnen, pp. 1ff.). dAG = dNabt,41 Susa 2, IV, 34; London, 101, III4 14; Susa 16j, VY 24; IV R.'38,1, 8; D.E. P., VI, 46, IVY 3; III R. 41, II, 34; III R. 43, IV) 1; IR. 70, IV, 16; London, 102g, I, 44; C. T., X, p1. IV) 8, 14.

Page  226 226 226 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF dPA - dNabA~2 y V. A. 2663, II, 1; III, 8. dl~a-na-a (the goddess of Erech, worshipped in the temple E.A N.NAp cf. Code of Ham., II,,43-47, also at Borsippa as the consort of NabM, cf. Shurpul, L 156). V R. 56, 48; Susa 16, V, 29. dNannaru (dESE.KI-ru!) ("The luminary" (rt. -13, an epithet of the moon god Sin of Ur; cf. Zimmemn, K. A. T.', 362). Susa 14, III, 7; V. A. 209, V, 9 (dSES.KI-na-ra); cf. I R. 70, III, 8. dNergal (the god of Kutha, worshipped in the temple ESITLAM, cf. Nebuch., 9, i, 36, 37, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, I, 86; his consort was Las (Susa 16, V, 33) or Mame'tum (see above) or Ereshkigal (Allatu), cf. II R. 59, 33f.). 4dUGUR, London, 101, IV, 2; V R. 56, 48; III R. 43, IV, 21; London, 102, II, 3.,INE.URU.GAL, Susa 16, V, 33..dGlR =fa Br. 9189; Susa 112 (see fig. 24 12). 'dNind (originally the goddess of Nina,4 one of the component parts of Shirpurla, cf. brick of Eannatum, see Thureau-Dangin, 1..A,46, III, 1, 2. Her temple was built by Ur-NinA, cf. Thureau-Dangin, i.e., 13, I, 6. On the boundary stones she appears as the daughter of Ea, cf. 0. B. IL, 83, I, 22, and as the goddess of DMr, cf. '0. B. I.,..83, I, 4, 16). 0. B. I., 83, I, 4, 16, 22; II, 14, 15. dNIN.BAD ("The mistress of the dead,"9 a title of Allatu, the consort of Nergal, see above under dLIL). Susa 16, VI 4. dNIN.G!AL ("The great mistress," the, consort of Nannar (Sin) of Ur. cf. Thureau-Dangin, I. S. A., 282d, ip 7; V R. 64, II, 38, 39, and Shurpu, III, 141. Her Semitic name was probably Sarratu, V R. 51, 24b. Her Sumerian name was later pronounced Nikkal, hence the ~-, in the N'ra'b inscription, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T.', 363). Susa 16, V,9 17. dNIN.GIR.SU (originally the chief god of Girsu, later of Shirpurla, whose temple E-NINNC was built'by Urukagina, cf. ThureauDangin, I. S. A., 70, IV, 8, and Gudea Cyl. A, Col. V, 18. He was a god of fertility, hence his title be'l me-ri '-ti, Shurpu, IV, 80. Later identified with NIN.IB, II R. 57, 74c. His consort was Bau, cf. Cyl. A of Gudea XXIV, 5, 6). London 103, VI, 5. dNIN.E.GAL (a goddess, the consort of dIR (dUrag), worshipped in the temple (E.I.NE.A.NUM) in Dilbat, cf. Peiser, Acten-Shicle, VII, 2; 1IX 2, 3; also Reisner, Hymnen, No. 47, Rev. 7, 8, add. p. 154). London, 103, VI, 13; Susa 16, VI, 6; Susa 14, IV) 10; D. E. P., VI, 43, IVY 1; D. E.P., VI, 47, 5. dNIN.gUAR.SAG.GA ("The mistress of the mountain,"Y a title of the b~lit of Nippur.,Her temple in Nippur was E-KI.URU, cf. Shurpu, II, 145, 146; also Clay, B. E., XIV, 148, Obv. 2; in Babylon E.MAJJ, Nebuch., 15, IV, 14, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, 126). Susa 3, VI, 19; Susa 16, V, 15. dNIN.IB ("The lofty son of Ellil, " I R. 70, IVY 2, worshipped chiefly

Page  227 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.27 227 at Nippur, in the temple E.S U.ME.DU, cf. Reisner, No. 18, Obv. 9; III R. 67, 54ab; Rm. 117, Rev. 2, 3 (see M. V. A. G. VIII (1903), P. 176), and B. E., XIV, 148, Obv. 3, and at Babylon in the temple E.PA.TU.TIL.LA, Nabop. 4, 22, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, p. 58, also at Shirpurla under the name NIN.GIR.SIJ, cf. II R. 57, 74c, and at Kish under the name Zamama, cf. II R. 57, 70c). 'Susa 3, VII, 5; London, 101, III, 16; IV R. 38, III, 27; Susa 16, V, 25; D. E. P., II, 113, 3; D. E. P., VI, 46, IlI, 5; V R. 56, 39; Neb. Nippur, Heading. 1; Col. II, 1 1; IV, 19, III R. 41, II, 27; I R. 70, ivy 1; III R. 43, IV, 15, 19; 0. B. I., 149, Illy 1; London, 102, II, 14. dNIN.KAR.RA.AG (a title of Gula, "the mistress that spares (life)," which is evidently explained by the phrase, e-*ti-ra-at ga-mi-la-at na-bi-i~-ti-ia, "who spares, who preserves my life," cf. Nebuch., 15, IV, 38, 39, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, I, 126. This name exchanges with Gula and thus proves their identity, cf. Nebuch., 13, 11, 41, 44, 48y, see Langdon, U~., p. 106. Her chief temples were E.SA.BE and E.JJAR.SAG.EL.LA in Babylon, cf. Nebuch., 15, IV, 40 (Langdon, lU., 126), E.GU.LA, E.TIL.LA and E.ZI.BA.TIL.LA at Borsippa, cf. Nebuch., 15, IV) 54; 'E.GAL.MAJJ and perhaps also E.RAP.RI.RI at Isin, cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 58,,25, and Reisner,. Hymnen, No. 47, Obv. 7, 8). London, 101, IlI, 17; Susa 16, V, 26. dNIN.MAJJf ("The great mistress," originally a title of the belit of Nippur. It exchanges with NIN.gUAR.SAG, cf. Nebuch.', 6, I, 6, and Nebuch., 15, ivy 14 (Langdon, l.c., pp. 76, 126). Her temple in Nippur is enumerated in a list of fourteen Nippur shrines, cf. Clay, B. E., XIV, 148, Obv. 10). I R. 70, III) 10; III R. 41, II, 13, and perhaps London, 102, II, 26, dNIN.[MAH]. dNIN.MEN.NA ("Mistress of the tiara,"I a title of the b~lit ildni, Sargon, Cyl. 48 (K. B., II, 47), usually applied to Ishtar, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T.', 360f.1, but also to dNIN.MAg and Aruru, cf. Zimmern, l.c.., 429f.). V. A. 2663, III 52, called bdnit ildni. dNIN.SAR (mentioned by Urukagina, as "the sword carrier of NIN.GIR.SUJ," Cone A, III 14 (Thureau.-Dangin, I. S. A., 74), and Plaque ovale V, 22f. (l.c., 90), but also referred to as "the sword carrier (na~ pafri) of E-kur," cf. Reisner, Hymnen, IV, 44, and Clay, B. E., XIV, 148, Obv. 26). Only in the name of a city, London, 103, III, 41. dNisaba (SE.ELTEG) (a goddess of fertility, promin ent in early times. Lugal —zag-gi-si calishimnself the child -of Nisaba, cf. Hilprecht, 0. B. I., Vol. I, No. 87, I, 26, 27. She is also mentioned by Urukagina, Clay tablet, Rev. IV, 1 (Thureau-Dangin, I, S. A., 92), and Gudea, Cyl. A.V, 21-25; XVIII 15; XIX, 21). D. E. P~., VI, 43, III, 10; cf. also III R.41,II,33;I1R. 70, IV, 12. dNusku (PA.KU) ("The mighty son of.E-kur" and "the sublime m essenger (sukkallu ffru) of EMIl,"

Page  228 228 228 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 35, 7, 12. His consort was SA.DARNUN.NA, cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 36, Rev. 2; Susa 16, VI, 5;. V R. 64, II, 18, and Jas-. trow, Religion Babyloniens, I, 488). Susa 14, IVY, 9; Susa 16, VI, 5; Susa 2, IVY 19; D. E. P., VI, 47, 5; Neb. Nippur, Heading, 2; II, 14; III, 11; IV, 25. dPAP.NIGIN.GAR.RA (a title of ININ.IB, cf. V R. 44, 36, and Shurpu, V111, 18). London, 1031, VI, 11. dPap-.sukkal (occurs on boundary stones only once after Zamama, and is no doubt identical with the god Pap-sukkal of Kish, "who dwells in E-ak-ki-il,"y cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 58, 10, and Hommel, Geographie, 251, 387). IIjRt.'~4, IV, 25; also in the place name Dar-dPap-sukkal, Susa 2, I1,37. dRammdn(IM) (the storm god, pronounced in early times Immeru, cf. Thureau-Dangin, I. S. A., 2962, later Rammin, seep. 180f., in Assyria Adad and Addi, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T., 443f. Worshipped chiefly in the temple E.UD.GAL.GAL at Karkar (aluIMii) cf. Code of Ham., III, 59-64, in the' temple E.NAM.JJE at Babylon, cf. Nebuch., 15, IV, 36, and at Hjalm~n (Aleppo), cf. K. B., I, 173, Col. II, 87. His sacred animal was the wild ox (rtmu), cf. dRammdn Aa ri-mi, III R. 67, 46cd (also Susa 2, IV, 17, bu-rut ik-du Aa dRammdn), and see fig. 18, p. 41). Susa 2, IVY 17; London, 103, VI, 3, 9; London, 101, I, 3; IV, 1; Susa 16, V, 31; Susa 14, III, 9; D. E. P.,Y'II, 113, 8; D. E. P., VI, 46, IlI, 1; D. E. P., VI, 47, 7; V R. 55, 40; 56, 41, 48; Neb. Nippur, IVY 15; III R. 41, II, 32; I R. 70, IVY 9; III R. 43, IVY 3; London, 102, II [1 1]. dSA.DAR.NUN.NA (consort of Nusku, cf. Reisner, Hymnen, No. 48, Obv. 8, 9; II R. 59c, 15 -17; V R. 64, II, 18, Craig, Religious Texts, I, 36, Rev. 2). Susa 16, VI, 5. dSibitti (VII-BI) ("Those Seven, a group of protective deities, led by Narudu, their sister, cf. Zimmern, Ritualtafeln, No. 54, Obv. 25. Not always the same gods, cf. III R. 66, Obv. 12-19d, and IV R. 21, A, Obv. I, 43-46. For their use in incantations see Zimmern, Ritualtafeln, Nos. 41-42, IIY 13, 14; No. 45, II, 17; No. 54, Rev. 10, 22. For the reading of the ideogram see Zimmern, K. A. T.3,Y 6204); Cf. also Hehna, Siebenzahl und Sabbat bei den Babyloniern, pp. 19-34. Only in the name Ardi-dSibitti. dSin (the moon god, worshipped chiefly in the temple E.GISAIR.GAL at Ur; cf. Neb., 9, II, 44; see Langdon, B. I., Vol. I, 86, and E.gUUL.JJUL at Harran, cf. V R. 64,9 I, 46). dEN.ZU, Susa 2, IVY 11; Susa 3, VIt 41; Susa 1 6; V, 16; Susa 14, III, [7]; D. E. P., II, 113,6; D. E. P., VI, 46, III, 16. dXXX, Neb. Nippur, IV, 13; V R. 56, 50; III R. 41, II, 16; I R. 70, Illy 18; III R. 43, IVT, 7; 0. B. I., 149, III, 6; London., 102, I, [46]; V. A. 209, V, 9. ("The one shining (as silver)," a name of the consort of Marduk, cf. Reisner, Hymnen,

Page  229 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.29 229 No. 4S, 28, 29; Shurpu, III, 153. A personification of the rising.sun or of dawn, cf. Zimmern, K. A. T. I 375). Susa 16, VI 23; 0. B. I., 149, II, 22; London, 102, I, 42. d~iru (the serpent goddess, called r 8i ~ra V R. 52, 19f. Closely connected with the goddess KA.Di, cf. Susa 2, IV, 23, and Shurpu, VIII, 6, with whom she is also identified, cf. II R. 59, 21ab, and Zimmern, K. A. T. I 504f. Mentioned by Esarhaddon among the gods of Du'r-ilu as a male and female deity, cf. B. A., III, 238, 42). Susa 2, IV, 23; V R. 56, 49; I R. 70, I, 21. d~a-la (a goddess, the consort of Rammain, Craig, Religious Texts, 1, 57, 22; 58, 24; Shurpu, III, 143; III R. 14, 48; III R. 66, Obv. 27f.) Susa 16, VI 31; D. E. P., VI, 46, III, 1. d~amai'(UD) (the sun god, worshipped chiefly at Sippar and Larsa, in temples of identical name, E.BAR.RA, cf. Neb., 9, II, 40 -42, see Langdon, Building Inscriptions, I, 86. The name BI.SEBA, which is used D. E. P., II, 115, 5 (cf. Br. 7299 and 7296), is his name as a planet, cf. Jensen, Kosmologie, 108). Susa 2, IV, 13; Susa 3, III, 47; V, 2, 24,35; London, 10 1,III,12; London, 103, VI, 3, 9; IV R2 38, III, 42; Susa 14,111, 3; Susa 16, V, 17; D. E. P., 11, 113, 5; 115, 5; Neb. Nippur, IV, 15; I R. 70, III, 15; III R. 41, II, 19; III R. 43, IV) 10; London, 102, II, 1. dSE.RU.SIS (mentioned between Bunene and Kittu, the attendants of Shamash, and belonging thercfore to his court). Susa 16, VI 21. Si-pak (a Cassite god identified with Marduk, cf. V R. 44, I, 27. For the pronunciation Si-pak see Clay, B. E., XV, 34),. Only -in personal names, e.g., Ni-biSi-pak, L7-zu-ub-ASi-pak, Me-liSi-pak. dSIT.LAM.TA.Ek (or perhaps MES.LAM. TA.E,so Thureau-Dangin, I. S. A., 198, p,' 1278, z, 1. One of the twin gods, representing Nergal. Ijis, companion LUGAL.GIR.RA (see above). Treated as his female counterpart, cf. Susa 16, VI, 2. Compare the parallel forms dAl-mu and dA -la-mu oar-ri Si-bit-ti, IV R. 21 INo. 1,1A, Obv. 45; V R. 46, Obv. 21, 22b; perhaps "young man"~ (Dv) and "young woman"~(~) see the remarks of Zimmern, K. A. T. I 3631, and notice that the "Twins"' are represented on the zodiac of Trichinopoly, India (fig. 43), as male and female). Susa, 2, IV) 25; Susa 16, VI, 2. dSzi-bu-la(l) (the goddess of Shumdula, II R. 60, i8a, consort of dl-gum, cf. Shurpnu, VIII, 14. One of the lesser deities belonging to the court of Nergal, cf. IV R. 26, No. 1, 8, 9. Also referred to as the gods of the Tigris and Euphrates, cf. Craig, Religious Texts, I, 58, 11). Susa 16, VI, 1. Su.-gab (a Cassite god identified with Nergal, ef. Cassite Vocabulary,Obv. 12). Only in personal names, e.g., Su-Ilu-liSu-gab, Ka-~ak-ti-S u-gab. Sul-ma-nu (a west Semitic deity D~ or inay representing perhaps a form of NIN.IB, cf. Zinimern, K. A. TVI 474f.). Only in the personal name Sul-manu-a-~a-ri-du.

Page  230 230 230 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF dSUL.PA.E (or DUN.PA.E, literally "the hero (S~UL =edlu) that is brilliant" (PA.E == Mtpil), a name of Marduk as the god of the planet Jupiter (da-pi-nu), cf. II R. 48, 50ab; II R. 51, 62a, and Jensen, Kosmologie, 125ff. Also referred to as the husband of the be'lit ildni, cf. III R. 67, Obv. 14cd~ff.) Susa 2, IVY 7. d,gu-ma-li-ia (a Cassite goddess, "the lady of the shining (snowclad) mountains," V R. 56, 46. Her name is also written Si-i-ma-liia, V R. 44, IVY 36. The consort of Su-qa-mu-na, IV R.' 59, Illy 23; Susa 16, VI, 7). Susa 2, IVY 21; London, 103, VI, 15; Susa 16, VI, 7; -London, 101, IV, 3; Susa 14, IV, 11; D. E. P., II, 113 [10]; D. E. P., VI, 43, IV, 2; D. E. P., VI, 46, Illy 15; D. E. P., VI, 47, 4; V R. 56, 46. dgu-qa-mu-nx (the Cassite god of war, identified with Nergal-Nusku, cf. Cassite Vocabulary, Obv. 13. His consort Su-(i)-ma-li-ia, cf. Shurpu, II, 139). Susa 2, IVY 20; London, 103, VI, 15; London, 101, IVY 3; Susa 14, IVY 10; Susa 16, VI, 7; D. E. P., II, 113, 10; D. E. P., VIy 43, IV, [2]; D. E. P., VI, 47, 4. dTaA..metum. (a title of NanA, the consort of Nabl at Borsippa, cf. Shurpu, II, 156, 157; Illy 145; Craig, Religious Texts, I, 58, 13; I R. 65, II, 23, 24). Susa 16, V, 24. dTi~-6u'(a form of NINiB1, cf. III R. 67, 67cd, =dNIN.IB 9a ram-ku-ti; the god of Dupliaslh, cf. -Thu-. reau-Dangin, I. S. A., 248, 3, 2. Placed alongside of KA.DI, implying most likely that he was her husband at some place, cf. Susa 16, VI, 4. For the pronunciation of his name see Ranke, Personal Names, pp. 169, 207). Susa 16, VI, 4. d Urai' (IB) (the god of Dilbat, II R. 6 1,' Sib, worshipped with his consort dNIN.E.GAL in the temple E-im-bi-A-num (E.I.NE.A. NUM), cf. Peiser, Acten-Stucke, VIII, 1, 2, and Code of Ham., III, 18-22. Identified with NINIB,3 II R. 57, 31cd, dIB = dNlN.lB Ma ud-da-ni-e, and with NabCt, II R. 60, 39cd,dB dNabi' (AG) ilu bal-ti. One of the gates of Babylon was, called abullu dU-ra-ai', cf. Neb., Winckler, II, 9). London, 103, VI, 13; Susa 16, VI, 6; V. A. 208, 39. dZa-m&t-mat (the god of Kish, II R. 61, 52b, worshipped in the temple E.ME.TE.UR.SAG, cf. Code' of Ham., II, 62. A form of NINIB, II1R. 57, 70c. His consort BauY cf. Susa 16, V, 2, or dNIN.TU, cf. Code of Ham., III, 33-35). Susa 16, V, 27; D. E. P., VI, 47, 1; III R. 43, IV, 23; London, 102., II,1 6.

Page  231 N' EBUCHADREZZAR I. 231 5. SYMBOLS ON THE BOUNDARY STONES. A. ARRANGED CHRONOLOGICALLY. 1. Susa I.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 24, p. 86). (1) A spearhead, inscribed dMarduk (dAM. UD); (2) a goddess, seated, inscribed dG[u-la]; (3) an eight-pointed star, inscription effaced, but representing Ishtar (cf. p. 88); (4) the crescent, the symbol of Sin; (5) a lamp, inscribed dNusku; (6) a goatfish (su-hur-ma-su, cf. Susa, 2, IV, 5) with a shrine, inscribed dE-a, and a ram's head placed on the shrine; (7) an animal figure, like a crocodile, with a shrine on its back and an open vase on its head, inscription effaced; (8) a walking bird, inscribed dBa[4i]; (9) a solar disk, ifiscription effaced, but representing Shamash; (10) a mace with a square top, inscribed d[Su-qa]mu-na; (11) a mace with twin lion heads, having a round knob between them, inscription effaced, but representing NIN.IB (cf. p. 871); (12) a mace with a lion head, inscribed dNergal (GIR); (13) a serpent, inscribed [a-la]-ri-du; (14) a mace with a vulture head, inscribed dZa-mama; (15) a scorpion, inscription effaced, but representing Ishbara (cf. p. 96). The inscription of this stone is broken off. 2. Susa II.-Reign of Nazi-Maruttash (figs. 27, 28, pp. 90, 91). (1) The crescent of Sin; (2) the sun disk of Shamash; (3) the eightpointed star of Ishtar; (4) the goddess Gula, sitting on a shrine, with a dog at her feet; (5) the lamp of Nusku; (6) the scorpion of Ishbara; (7-8) two shrines with tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil (cf. p. 89); (9) a shrine with a ram's head(?) and a goatfish(?), effaced; (10) a shrine with an Q-like object, most likely the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG (cf. pp.95, 1212); (11) the spearhead of Marduk; (12) the twin lion heads, with a mace between them, the symbol of NIN.IB; (13) a mace with a vulture head,representing Zamama; (14) a mace with a lion head, representing Nergal; (15) a bird perched on a pole; (16) the lightning fork of RammAn, placed on the back of a crouching ox; (17) the serpent, the symbol of Siru. The gods mentioned in the curses are: Anu, Ellil, Ea, SHUL.PA.E, Ishbara, Aruru, Sin, Shamash, Ishtar, RammAn, Girru (BIL.GI), Nusku, Shuqamuna, Shumalia, Siru, KA.DI, LUGAL.UR.UR, LUGAL.GAZ, SHIT.LAM.TA.E. 3. Susa IX.-Reign of BitiliAshu (fig. 21, p. 73). (1) The crescent; (2) the sun disk; (3) the six-pointed star of Ishtar; (4) the sitting dog of Gula (cf. p. 121s); (5) a lion standing erect, holding daggers in his front paws, perhaps Nergal (Hommel). The curses of the inscription have not been preserved. 4. London 103.-Reign of Meli-Shipak (symbols unpublished, described by Pinches, Guide to the Nim-: c;II '- ~~i i 1:~~1.~ii:i~-1Y;

Page  232 232 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF roud Central Saloon, London,!1886, p. 54f.). (1) The sun disk; (2) the crescent; (3) the star of Ishtar; (4) the serpent; (5) the scorpion; (6) a curved object, perhaps the yoke of NIN.HAR.SAG; (7) a fox; (8) -a winged dragon; (0)a scorpion-. man, "with a man's head, the wings of a bird, a lion's legs and a scorpion's body and tail"; (10) a shrine with a tiara, before which is a crouching animal; (11) a shrine with a tiara, before which crouches a winged bull; (12) the lamp of Nusku, mounted on a tripod table; (13) a tor-,toise; (14) the figure of a god, holding in his left hand a mace against his breast and in his right hand, which is hanging down, a boomerang (gamlu); (15) an animal with two straight horns and two curved horns or ears and a forked tongue; (16) the lightning fork of Ramman; (17) the spearhead of Marduk. The gods mentioned in the curses are: Anu, Ellil, Ea, Sin, Shamash, Ramman, Marduk, NIN.GIR.SU, Bau, Shamash, Ramman, PAP.NIGIN.GAR.RA = NIN.IB, IB (Urash), NIN.E.GAL, Shuqamuna, Shumalia, Ishtar. 5. London l01.-Reign of Meli-Shipak (symbols unpublished, but described by Pinches, I.c., pp. 50 -52). (1) The scorpion-man, represented as a centaur, holding bow and arrow (cf. fig. 32, p. 98); (2) the scorpion; (3) the dog of Gula, looking toward (4) a bird perched. on a pole; (5) a satyr, the upper part of his body human, the lower that of a horse, holding with both hands a long thick staff, whose head is wedge-shaped; (6) a short staff, with a conical top and tassels hanging down on each side; (7) the mace with the twin lion heads, the symbol of NIN.IB; (8) the sun disk; (9) a staff with a conical top, but without tassels; (10) the figure of a goddess, in her right hand, close to her breast, she holds a cup, and in the left an object with a thin handle; (11) a mace ending in a dragon's (lion's?) head; (12) the lightning fork of Ramman; (13) the crescent of Sin; (14) the lamp of Nusku; (15) a goddess with two wings; (16) a small staff with the head of some creature at the end,.bent at the neck and looking to the right; (17) a low table, the corners of the top ornamented with lion heads, on the table a tiara, ornamented with circles; (18) the star of Ishtar; (19) the serpent of Siru, coiled on top. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anum, Ellil, Ea, Shamash, Marduk, Nabi, Anunitum, NIN.IB, NIN.KAR.RA.AG = Gula, Ramman, Nergal, Shuqamuna, Shumalia. 6. Susa III.-Reign of Meli-Shipak (fig. 11, p. 28). (1) The crescent; (2) the sun disk; (3) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (4-5) two shrines with tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) a shrine with a ram's head on it and a goatfish before it, the symbol of Ea; (7) a shrine with a nail (or a dagger?) and a reversed form of the yokelike figure, most likely the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (8) a winged dragon carrying the

Page  233 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 233 twin lion heads, having a mace between them; (9) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (10) a bird looking backwards; (11) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (12) a crouching dragon with wings; (13) the spearhead of Marduk on a shrine with a dragon before it; (14) a dragon with a shrine, on which lies a brick and a wedge, the symbol of Nabu; (15) the sitting dog, with a shrine and the bust of Gula on the shrine; (16) a crouching ox with a.shrine and the lightning fork standing on the shrine, the -symbol of Ramman; (17) a crouching ram with a chisel on the shrine; (18) the lamp of Nusku; (19) a plow with a double handle; (20) a walking 'bird; (21) a bird perched on a pole;. (22) a shrine with a sea shell on it; (23) the serpent of Siru; (24) the scorpion of Ishbara. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anum, Ellil, Ea, NIN.HAR.SAG.GA, Marduk, Sin, NIN.IB, Gula. 7. London 99 (IV R.1 43).-Reign of Marduk-apal-iddina I. (fig. 6, p. 17). (1) The crescent; (2) the sun disk; (3) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (4) the lamp of Nusku; (5) the walking bird of Bau; (6) the mace with the vulture(?) head; (7) the mace with the lion(?) head; (8) the sitting dog of Gula; (9) the scorpion of Ishbara; (10) a shrine with the yoke(?)-like figure; (11) a bird perched on a pole; (12) the crouching ox with the lightning fork of Ramman; (13) the dragon with the spearhead of Marduk; (14) a dragon with the wedge standing erect on his back, crouching before a stage tower; (15) a horned serpent; (16) a tortoise; (17) a goatfish with a ram's head on its back, the symbol of Ea; (18) a winged dragoh, walking along the body of the serpent. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, NIN.IB, Gula, Shamash, Marduk. 8. Susa XVI.-Reign of Marduk-apaliddina I. (fig. 10, p. 25). (1) The crescent; (2) the eightpointed star of Ishtar; (3) the sun disk; (4-5) two shrines with tiaras on them, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) a shrine with a ram's head on it and a goatfish before it, the symbol of Ea; (7) the sitting dog of Gula; (8) the scorpion of Ishbara; (9) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (10) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (11) a shrine with four rows of bricks on it and a horned dragon before it, the symbol of Nabi; (12) the mace with the twin lion heads. having a knob between them, the symbol of NIN.IB; (13) the lamp of Nusku; (14) the crouching ox of RammAn, bearing the lightning fork on its back; (15) the spearhead of Marduk; (16) the walking bird of Bau; (17) a bird perched on a pole; (18) the serpent of Siru, coiled on top. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anum, Ellil, Ea, NIN.HAR.SAG, Sin and NIN.GAL, Shamash and Ai, Bunene, AT.GI.MAH, SHE.RU.SHISH, Kittu and MWsharu, Marduk and Zar panitum, Nabf and Tashmetum

Page  234 234 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF NIN.IB and NIN.KAR.RA.AG, Zamama and Bau, DA.MU, GESHTIN.NAM, Ishtar, NanA and Anunitum, RammAn and Shala, Mi-shar-ru, Nergal and Las, Ishum and Shubula, LUGAL.GIR.RA and SHIT.LAM.-. TA.E, LUGAL.GISH.A.TU.GAB.LISH (==Bel-sarbi) and Ma'metum, LIL and NIN.BAD, Tishbu and KA.DI, Nusku and SA.DAR.NUN.NA, IB (Urash) and NIN.E.GAL, Shuqamuna and Shumalia. 9. Susa XIV.-Reign of Marduk-apaliddina I. (fig. 40, p. 105). (1) The goddess Gula, seated on a shrine, alongside the inscription dGu-la. and (2) her dog at her. feet; (3) the walking bird of Bau; (4) the scorpion of Ishbara; (5) apparently a priest standing before the goddess. The gods mentioned in the curses: [Anu, Ellil, Ea], Shamash, [Sin], Ramman, Marduk, [NIN.IB], Gula, Nusku, NIN.E.GAL, Shuqamuna, Shumalia. 10. Susa IV.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 23, p. 76). (1) The crescent; (2) the sun disk; (3) the six-pointed star of Ishtar; (4) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (5) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (6) the scorpion of Ishbara; (?) the lamp of Nusku; (8-9) two shrines with tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (10) the spearhead of Marduk; (11) the lightning fork of Ramman; (12) a centaur shooting a bow (sagittarius); (13) indistinct traces of a figure, perhaps the ears of the dog of Gula, but hardly an altar of incense (Hommel); (14) the goddess Gula, sitting on a shrine; (15-17) the goatfish with a shrine on its back and a ram (!) over the shrine; (18) a peculiar forked object, perhaps a plow (De Morgan); (19) a winged dragon; (20-21) a crouching dragon with a shrine on its back; (22) a bird perched on a pole; (23-24) a crouching dragon with a shrine on its back. The curses containing the names of the gods have not been preserved. 11. Susa V.-Cassite dynasty (figs. 17, 18, pp. 40, 41). (1) The crescent; (2) a priest of Marduk, inscribed salam sa NITAJ dMarduk, holding in his left hand a bowl and placing his right above (3) the spearl:ead of Marduk; (4) the seven-pcinted star of Ishtar; (5) the god Ramman standing on a wild ox (rimu, cf. fig. 94 in Jeremias, Das alte Testament im Lichte des alten Orients, 1st ed., p. 280), the god holding in his right lhand the three-pronged lightning fork and in his left the reins; (6) the scorpion; (7) the serpent; (8) a dragon with two horns, crouching before (9) the spearhead of Marduk; (10) the walking bird of Bau. The inscription is broken off. 12. Susa VI.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 38, p. 103; De Morgan, D. E. P., I, p. 177, fig. 383). (1) The serpent coiled on top; (2) the crescent; (3) the solar disk; (4) the lamp of Nusku; (5) a shrine with a wedge lying on it, the symbol of Naba; (6) the god Ea standing on a goat(l), holding against his breast a cup, from which run two streams of water. The inscription is lost.

Page  235 NEBUCHADREZZAR 1. 235 13. Susa VII.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 21, p. 73). (1) The goddess Gula with the dog at her feet; (2) the serpent; (3) a dragon with a shrine and the wedge lying on the shrine, the symbol of Nabu. The inscription is broken off. 14. Susa VIII.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 21, p. 73). (1) The goddess Gula. The rest is broken off. '15. Susa X.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 44 (2), p. 112). (1) The scorpion of Ishbara; (2) the dog of Gula, with traces of the robe of Gula; (3) an animal, partly destroyed, perhaps a hare (De Morgan); (4) a lion holding a mace in his right paw, perhaps Nergal (Hommel). The inscription has not been preserved. 16. Susa XI.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 44 (3), p. 112). (1) A shrine with an indistinct figure, hardly the solar disk (Hommel), which never appears on boundary stones over a shrine; (2) the goddess Gula with her dog; (3) a shrine carrying the reversed yoke; (4-5) two staffs with indistinct objects on top. The inscription is lost. 17. Susa XIII.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 29, p. 94). (1) The crescent; (2) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (3) the sun disk; (4-5) two shrines, carrying tiaras, representing Anu and Ellil; (6) a shrine with an indistinct round figure, perhaps a tortoise (cf. fig. 1413); (7, 10) the goddess Gula with her dog; (8) the lamp of Nusku; (9) the scorpion of Ishbara; (11) a bird perched on a pole; (12) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (13) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (14) the lightning fork of Ramman; (15) the serpent of Stru; (16) the spearhead of Marduk. The inscription has been effaced. 18. Susa XV.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 2, p. 6). (1) The solar disk; (2) the crescent; (3) the star of Ishtar; (4-5) two shrines bearing tiaras, the symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) the goatfish carrying a shrine, the symbol of Ea; (7) a shrine with a round figure on it, which has two horns, probably a substitute for the yoke; (8) the spearhead of Marduk; (9) a dragon carrying a shrine with a pyramidshaped figure on top, perhaps several rows of bricks, and in that case the symbol of Nabu; (10) a dragon with a shrine on its back and a square object on the shrine which shows two wedges; (11) the serpent, the symbol of Siru. The inscription has not been preserved. 19. Susa XVIII.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 4, p. 14). (1) A crouching animal, perhaps a dog; (2) a mace with a lion(?) head; (3) a bird; (4) a mace with a vulture(?) head; (5) a crouching animal supporting a circular object; (6) a dragon with a wedge(?) on its back; (7) a dragon with the spearhead(?) on its back; (8) perhaps a plow; (9) perhaps a flying bird; (10) a shrine with a border on top, formed by two corer pieces and three knobs in the centre; (11) the walking bird of Bau; (12) the scorpion; (13) the serpent:;::.. r-~ sii-::tf ".:~ '

Page  236 236 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF stretched along the lower edge. The inscription is lost. 20. Susa XIX.-Cassite dynasty (fig. 39, p. 104). (1-2) Two shrines, carrying probably tiaras originally, which are now broken off; (3) a dragon with a shrine on its back, on which stands the spearhead of Marduk, inscribed along its side dMarduk ilu rab?!; (4) the symbol of Ramman, broken off except the name dRammdn. The inscription has not been preserved. 21. Susa XX.-Cassite dynasty (figs. 16 and 30, pp. 38, 95). (1-2) Two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (3) the goatfish with a shrine on its back and a ram's head on the shrine, the symbol of Ea; (4) a shrine with the yoke reversed, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (5) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead of Marduk; (6) a dragon with a shrine, on which are three rows of bricks, the symbol of Nabu; (7) a shrine with the bust of the goddess Gula; (8) a winged dragon; (9) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (10) a bird looking backwards; (11) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (12) a winged dragon crouching; (13) a mace with another lion head; (14) the serpent, coiled on top, with its head lying across the last lion-headed mace; (15) the solar disk; (16) the crescent; (17) the seven-pointed star of Ishtar; (18) the lamp of Nusku; (19) the scorpion; (20) the walking bird of Bau. This stone has no inscription. 22. London 100 (V R. 57).-Reign of Nebuchadrezzar I. (fig. 49, p. 131). (1) The eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (2) the crescent; (3) the solar disk; (4-6) three shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu, Ellil and Ea; (7) a dragon with a shrine bearing the spearhead of Marduk; (8) a dragon with a shrine bearing the wedge of Nabi; (9) a shrine with the yoke reversed, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (10) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (11) the mace with the twinlionheads, NIN.IB; (12) a low table with a horse head on it, enclosed in a shrine; (13) a bird perched on a pole; (14) the goddess Gula, seated on a shrine, accompanied by her dog; (15) the scorpion-man, having a human head and breast, below the belt the body and tail of a scorpion, holding bow and arrow in his hands; (16) the lightning fork of Ramman standing on the crouching ox; (17) a tortoise; (18) the scorpion of Ishbara; (19) the lamp of Nusku; (20) the serpent. The gods mentioned in the curses: "The great gods" (i.e., Anu, Ellil, Ea), NIN.IB, Gula, Ramman, Shumalia, Ramman again, Nergal, Nana, Siru, Sin and the Belit Akkadi. 23. Boundary Stone from Nippur.Reign of Nebuchadrezzar I. (fig. 47, p. 120). (1) The dragon of Marduk with the shrine and the spearhead; (2) the wedge of Nabi, standing upright; (3) a scepter, with a knob on top and an animal head in the center; (4) a shrine bearing a tiara, the symbol of Anu

Page  237 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 237 (5) the mace with the lion head, Nergal; (6) a scepter with a knob on top and an animal head in the center; (7) the mace with the vulture head, Zamama; (8) a shrine with a tiara, the symbol of Ellil; (9) a scepter (like 3 and 6) with a lion(?) head in the center; (10) a shrine with the yoke reversed, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (11) the scorpion; (12) the crescent; (13) the five-pointed star of Ishtar; (14) the dog of Gula; (15) the solar disk; (16) the lightning fork of Ramman; (17) a pedestal with a censer(?); (18) a tortoise; (19) a bird perched on a pole; (20) the serpent, the symbol of Siru. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, Sin, Shamash, Ramman, NIN.IB, Gula, Ishtar, Nusku. 24. London 105 (III R. 41).-Second Isin (PA.SHE) dynasty (fig. 14, p. 34). (1) The dragon of Marduk with the shrine and the spearhead; (2) the mace with the twin lion heads, NIN.IB; (3) a dragon with a shrine and a wedge lying on it, the symbol of Nabi; (4) the scorpion, the symbol of Ishbara; (5) a yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (6) the dog of Gula; (7) the lamp of Nusku; (8) an arrow standing upright; (9) a bird perched on a pole; (10) the lightning fork of Ramman; (11-12) two shrines bearing tiaras; symbols of Anu and Ellil; (13) a shrine with a tortoise over it; (14) the crescent; (15) the solar disk; (16) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (17) the walking bird of Bau; (18) a mace with a globular top; (19) the serpent, the symbol of Stru. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, NIN.MAH, Sin, Shamash, Ishtar, Marduk, NIN.IB, Gula, Ramman, Nabf. 25. Caillou de Michaux (I R. 70).Second Isin (PA.SHE) dynasty (fig. 13, p. 33). (1) The crescent; (2) the sun disk; (3) the star of Ishtar; (4-5) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) the goatfish with a shrine, the symbol of Ea; (7) a shrine with the yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (8) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead of Marduk; (9) a dragon with a shrine and the wedge of Nabfi lying on it; (10) the lightning fork of RammAn; (11) an arrow standing upright; (12) the serpent extending over the top; (13) the dog of Gula; (14) the lion-headed mace of Nergal; (15) the vultureheaded mace of Zamama; (16) the walking bird of Bau; (17) the lamp of Nusku; (18) a bird perched on a pole; (19) the scorpion of Ishbara. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, NIN.MAH, Marduk, Shamash, Sin, Ishtar, NIN.IB, Gula, Ramman, NabA. 26. London 106 (III R. 43).-Reign of Marduk-nAdin-ab8 (fig. 12, p. 30). (1) The solar disk; (2) the crescent; (3) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (4-5) two shrines with tiaras, representing Anu and Ellil; (6) the scorpion of Ishbara; (7) the dog of Gula; (8) the walking bird of Bau; (9) the bird perched on a pole; (10) an arrow standing upright; (11) the lamp r —~~_ t-l ~- -~-'lne -'' 1'

Page  238 238 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF of Nusku; (12) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead of Marduk; (13) a mace with a globular top; (14) the goatfish with a shrine and the ram's head on it, the symbol of Ea; (15) the lightning fork of Ramman; (16) the yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (17) the twin lion heads, the symbol of NIN.IB; (18) the dragon with the shrine and the wedge on it, the symbol of Nabi; (19) the serpent winding around the symbols, representing Siru. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, Marduk, Nabi, RammAn, Sin, Shamash, Ishtar, Gula, NIN.IB, Nergal, Zamama, Papsukkal, Ishlara, Anu rabiu. 27. Boundary Stone of 'AmrAn (Berlin V. A.).-Second Isin (PA.SHE) dynasty (fig. 19, p. 45). (1) The crescent; (2) the solar disk; (3) the star of Ishtar; (4) the scorpion of Ishhara; (5) the serpent; (6-7) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbol of Anu and Ellil; (8) a dragon with a shrine and a wedge on it, the symbol of Nabu; (9) a shrine with a ram's head on it and traces of the goatfish before it, the symbol of Ea. The inscription is still unpublished. 28. 0. B. I., No. 149.-Reign of Marduk-ab-erba (symbols unpublished, described by Prof. Hilpreoht, 0. B. I., Vol. I, Pt. 2, p. 65f.). (1) The tortoise on top; (2) the scorpion; (3) the crescent; (4) the solar disk; (5) the star of Ishtar; (6) the mace with the lion head, the symbol of Nergal; (7) the mace with the vulture head, the symbol of Zamama; (8) the bird perched on a pole; (9) a dragon with a shrine and the tiara on it, the symbol of Anu; (10) a shrine with a tiara, the symbol of Ellil; (11) the lightning fork of Ramman; (12) the goddess Gula, with uplifted hands; (13) the lamp of Nusku; (14) the serpent of Siru. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, Marduk, Zarpanitum, NIN.IB, Gula, Sin. 29. 0. B. I., No. 80.-Second Isin (PA.SHE) dynasty, (fig. 44(1) p. 112). (1) The dog of Gula; (2) the walking bird of Bau; (3) the lower part of what appears to be a pointed shaft (the rest is broken off). 30. 0. B. I., No. 150.-Second Isin (PA.SHE) dynasty (O. B. I., Vol. I, Pt. 2, pl. XXV, No. 69). (1) The crescent; (2) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (3) the solar disk (the rest is broken off). 31. Berlin V. A. 211.-(Symbols published in Vorderasiatische Schriftdenkmaler, Vol. I, Beihcft, pl. V, described by Hommel, Aufsatze, p. 258). (1) A dragon with a shrine and the wedge of Nabu; (2-3) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (4) a mace with the twin lion heads, the symbol of NIN.IB; (5) a mace with a globular top; (6) a mace with the vulture head; (7) the serpent. The curses of the inscription have not been preserved. 32. London 102.-Reign of NabAmukin-aplu (symbols unpublished, described by Pinches, Guide to the Nimroud Central Saloon, p. 53f.).

Page  239 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 239 (1) The solar disk; (2) the crescent; (3) the star of Ishtar; (4-5) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) a shrine with a tortoise on it; (7) a shrine with a yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (8) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead of Marduk; (9) a dragon with a shrine and the wedge of Nabli on it; (10) the goddess Gula, seated on a shrine, with her hands uplifted and her dog beside her; (11) the bird perched on a pole; (12) an arrow; (13) the lamp of Nusku; (14) the mace with the lion head, the symbol of Nergal; (15) the mace with the vulture head, the symbol of Zamama; (16) the lightning fork of Ramman; (17) the walking bird of Bau; (18) the scorpion of Ishbara; (19) the serpent winding alongside of the symbols. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, [Ellil], Ea, Marduk, Zarpanftu, Nabfi, Sin, Shamash, Nergal, Zamama, [Ramman], NIN.IB, Gula, Nin[-girsu?]. 33. Stone of Nabfi-shum-ishkun* (Berlin, V. A. 3031) (fig. 31, p. 97). (1) The serpent winding through the center; (2) the crescent; (3) the solar disk; (4) the star of Ishtar, seven-pointed; (5) seven stars, probably the Sibitti; (6) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead, the symbol of Marduk; (7) a dragon with a shrine and an upright wedge, the symbol of Nabi; (8) the yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (9) the goatfish with a shrine and a ram's head on it; (10) the lionheaded mace, the symbol of Nergal; (11) the scorpion; (12) the vulture-headed mace, the symbol of Zamama; (13-14) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil;'(15) aflying(?) bird; (16) the lamp of Nusku; (17) the lightning fork of Ramman; (18) a mace with a conical top; (19) the dog of Gula; (20 -22) three fly flaps or fans; (23) the figure of a god, holding in his left the reins of a winged dragon (cf. figure of RammAn in Clay, Light on the Old Testament from Babel, p. 367); (24) the figure of a god (or goddess?) with uplifted hands; (25) the figure of a god with a lion(?) crouching alongside of him; (26) a dagger close to the serpent. No gods are enumerated in the curses. We find the general statement: "The gods as many as on this inscribed stone have been caused to take a place" (ildni mala ina eli narn anni gursudu nanzazu, Edge 6, 7). 34. London 90, 922.-Reign of Nabufapal-iddina (fig. 9, p. 23). (1) A shrine with the spearhead of Marduk; (2) a shrine with a ram's head, the symbol of Ea; (3) a shrine with two staffs joined in the center, the symbol of NabA (cf. p. 771); (4-5) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (6) the mace with the vulture head, the symbol of Zamama; (7) the mace with the lion head, the symbol of Nergal; (8) the lightning fork of RammAn. The inscription contains no curses. 35. Berlin, V. A. 208.-Reign of Marduk-shum-iddina (symbols pub * No boundary stone, but inserted for the sake of comparison. s~- ~

Page  240 240 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF lished in VorderasiatischeSchriftdenkmiler, Vol. I, Beiheft, pi. II, described by Hommel, Aufsitze, p. 256f.). (1) A shrine with the wedge of Nabl; (2) a shrine with the spearhead of Marduk; (3) a shrine with the twin lion heads, between which is a mace, the symbol of NIN.IB; (4) a shrine, the lion(?)-headed dragon; (5) the dog of Gula; (6) a shrine with the lightning fork of Ramman; (7) the crescent; (8) the solar disk; (9) the star of Ishtar. The inscription contains no curses. 36. Berlin, V. A. 209.-Reign of Sargon (fig. 15, p. 35). (1) The crescent; (2) the solar disk; (3) the eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (4) the serpent coiled on top; (5) a dragon with a shrine and the spearhead of Marduk; (6) a dragon and a shrine with the stylus standing upright, the symbol of Nabi. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea and Sin. 37. Berlin, V. A. 2663.-Reign of Marduk-apal-iddina II. (fig. 8, p. 20). (1) The eight-pointed star of Ishtar; (2) the crescent; (3) the solar disk; (4) the serpent winding alongside of the inscription; (5> a dragon with a shrine and thespearhead of Marduk; (6) the goatfish with a shrine and the ram's head on it, the symbol of Ea; (7) a shrine with the yoke, the symbol of NIN.HAR.SAG; (8) a dragon with a shrine and a stylus standing upright on it, the symbol of Nabu; (9) the lamp of Nusku on a pedestal; (10) the lightning fork of Ramman; (11) the dog of Gula; (12) the walking bird of Bau; (13) the scorpion of Ishbara; (14-15) two shrines bearing tiaras, symbols of Anu and Ellil; (16) a winged dragon with a shrine. The gods mentioned in the curses: Anu, Ellil, Ea, Marduk an4 Erfa. B. ARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY. Animal figures, unclassified.* Fig. 41 (crouching animal, perhaps lion or dog); fig. 46 (crouching animal, supporting circular object); fig. 247 (crouching animal, with a shrine on its back and a vase on its head); Susa 103 (fig. 44) (perhaps a hare); London 10316 (animal with two straight horns, two curved horns or ears and a forked tongue). Arrow standing erect-Sagittarius. Fig. 1210; fig. 1311; fig. 148; London 10212. Bird. Fig. 43; fig. 49 (perhaps a flying bird); fig. 1110 (bird looking backwards); fig. 3010 (bird looking backwards); fig. 3115 (flying bird). Bird, perched on pole-Aruru(?).t Fig. 611; fig. 1017; fig. 1121; fig. 129; fig. 1318; fig. 149; fig. 2322; fig. 2815; fig. 2911; fig. 4913; London 1014; London 102"; 0. B. I., 1498. Bird walking-Ba[-u]. Fig. 411; fig. 6; fig. 82; fig. 106; fig. * The raised figures refer to the numbers given to the various symbols in the different illustrations. t So Zimmern, see Leipziger Semitistische Studien, II, 2, p. 43.

Page  241 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 241 1120; fig. 128; fig. 1316; fig. 1417; fig. 1810; fig. 248; fig. 403; 44(1)2; London 102x7; Susa 2020 (fig. 16). Censer(?)-perhaps kini2nu.* Fig. 4717 (placed on pedestal). Centaur-Sagittarius. Fig. 2312 (centaur holding bow and arrow); London 1011 (see fig. 32). Chisel, standing on a shrine.t Fig. 11'7 (before the shrine is a crouching ram). Crescent-Sin. Fig. 22; fig.; fig fig fig. 101; fig. 111; fig. 122; fig. 131; fig. 1414; fig. 15'; fig. 17'; fig. 19'; fig. 21'; fig. 231; fig. 244; fig. 271; fig. 291; fig. 3016; fig. 312; fig. 4712; fig. 492; London 10113; London 1022;London 1032; Susa 62; V. A. 2087; O. B. I., 1493; O. B. I., 150'. Curved object. London 1036 (compare perhaps yoke). Dagger. Fig. 3126 (cf. fig. 117). Dog of Gula (substitute for the goddess)-perhaps Leo. Fig. 68; fig. 811; fig. 107; fig. 127; fig. 1313; fig. 146; fig. 214; fig. 2313 (uncertain); fig. 3119; fig. 44(1)'; fig. 4714; London 1013; Susa 102 (fig. 44(2); V. A. 2085. Dragon. Fig. 29 (with a shrine which bears a pyramid-shaped object, perhaps some rows of bricks); fig. 188 (crouching before the spearhead of Marduk); fig. 2320,21 (with a shrine on its back); fig. 2323,24 (also with a shrine). Dragon, winged. Fig. 618 (walking along the body of a serpent); fig. 816 (with a shrine); fig. 118 (a double-headed mace standing on its back, perhaps twin lion heads); fig. 1112 (crouching before lion-headed mace); fig. 2319 (crouching); fig. 30.8 (crouching); London 1038. Fans (or fly flaps). Fig. 3120, 21, 22 Fox.1 London 1037. Goatfish (with ram's head) Ea-Capricor,. Fig. 26 (with a shrine on the goatfish); fig. 617 (with a ram's head over the goatfish); fig. 86 (goatfish crouching before a shrine with a ram's head); fig. 11 (idem); fig. 1214 (idem); fig. 136 (goatfish and shrine); fig. 199 (goatfish with shrine and ram's head); fig. 2315, 6,17 (idem); fig. 248 (idem, shrine inscribed dE-a); fig. 289 (ram's head and goatfish effaced); fig. 303 (goatfish with shrine and ram's head); fig. 319 (idem); fig. 92 (shrine and ram's head without goatfish). Gods. Fig. 51; fig. 3123 (holding reins of dragon); fig. 3124 (hands uplifted); fig. 3125 (with a lion(?) crouching at his side); Susa 6~ (see fig. 38), the god Ea standing on a goat, holding a cup against his breast, from which flow two streams); London 10314 (holding a mace against his breast with * For the star kinzinu, which appears near the Capricorn, see Hommel, Aufsdtze, p. 241. t This symbol can hardly be a substitute for the shrine with the stylus or the wedge, because the latter appears on the same stone at another place (cf. fig. 114, 17). t For the "fox star" (kakkab eOlibi (LUL.A), see II R. 49, 8d; III R. 53, 66, and Hommel, Aufsdtze, p. 423. 16

Page  242 242 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF the left hand and in the right hand a gamlu). Goddess. London 101~1 (holding a cup in the right and an object with a thin handle in the left hand); London 10115 (winged). Goddess Gula-perhaps Virgo. Fig. 1115 (the bust of the goddess on a shrine borne by a dog); fig. 2314 (seated on a shrine and accompanied by her dog, partly effaced); fig. 242 (seated on a shrine, inscribed dG[u-la]); fig. 274 (seated on a shrine, with the dog at her feet); fig. 297,10 (idem); fig. 307 (the bust of the goddess on a shrine); fig. 401, (the goddess with the dog and the accompanying inscription dGu-la); fig. 4914 (on a shrine, with her dog beside her); Susa 7' (see fig. 21); Susa 81 (fig. 21 only partly preserved); Susa 112 (fig. 44, with dog, partly effaced); 0. B. I., 14912; London 10210. Horse head.* Fig. 4912 (standing on a table, enclosed in a shrine). Indistinct figures. Fig. 49; fig. 2313; fig. 44(1)3; Susa 111 (fig. 44); Susa 11, 5 (fig. 44). Lamp of Nusku. Fig. 64; fig. 89 (on pedestal); fig. 1013; fig. 1118; fig. 1211; fig. 1317; fig. 147; fig. 237; fig. 245; fig. 275; fig. 298; fig. 3116; fig. 4919 (on a pedestal); London 10114; London 10213; London 10312 (mounted on a tripod); Susa 6'; Susa 2018 (see fig. 16); 0. B. I., 1491. Lightning fork of Ramman. Fig. 612 (standing on a crouching ox); fig. 810; fig. 98; fig. 10"1 (on a crouching ox); fig. 1116 (standing on a shrine borne by crouching ox); fig. 12"5; fig. 1310; fig. 1410; fig. 23"; fig. 2914; fig. 185 (held by the god Ramman who is standing on the wild ox); fig. 2816 (standing on the crouching ox); fig. 3117; fig. 394 (symbol broken off, only the name dRammdn (dIM) preserved); fig. 4716; fig. 4916 (on crouching ox); London 10112; London 10216; London 10316; 0. B. I., 1491; V. A. 2086. Lion, standing erect.t Fig. 215 (Susa 9) (holding daggers in front paws); fig. 44 (Susa 104) (holding a mace in right paw). Mace, with conical top. London 1016 (tassels hanging down on each side, probably a substitute for the spearhead of Marduk which is missing). Mace, with globular top. Fig. 12'3; fig. 14"8; fig. 31"1; London 1019; V. A. 2115. Mace, with lion head-Nergal (cf. p. 87'). Fig. 42 (doubtful); fig. 67; fig. 97; fig. 109; fig. 11"; fig. 13"; fig. 23'; fig. 2412 (inscribed dNergal (GIR)); fig. 284; fig. 2912; fig. 309; fig. 3110; fig. 475; London 101"; London 1024; 0. B. I., 1496; V. A. 2084 (shrine with the head of a dragon, perhaps = lion). Mace, with square top-Shuqamuna. Fig. 2410 (inscribed d[Shu-qa]-muna). Mace, with twin lion heads-NIN.IB (cf. pp. 87', 88)-Gemini(?). Fig. 1012 (projecting knob between the two heads); fig. 118 (mace standing on a winged dragon, * For the "horse star" see V R. 46, 20ab, and Hommel, Aufsatze, p. 262. t Perhaps a representation of Nergal (so Hommel, Aufsitze, p. 445). In that case it is a variant of the mace with the lion head.

Page  243 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 243 also a knob between the two heads); fig. 1217; fig. 142; fig. 24" (with a knob between the two heads); fig. 2812 (the same); fig. 3012, 13 (winged dragon before the mace with the lion head = twin lion heads*) (cf. fig. 118); fig. 49"; V. A. 2114; London 1017; V. A. 2083 (placed on a shrine, a knob between the two heads). Mace, with vulture head-Za-ma-mA. Fig. 44 (doubtful); fig. 66; fig. 96; fig. 1010; fig. 119; fig. 1315; fig. 234; fig. 2414 (inscribed dZa-ma-ma); fig. 2813; fig. 2913; fig. 301; fig. 3112; fig. 477; fig. 4910; 0. B. I., 1497; London 10215; V. A. 2116. Plow. Fig. 48; fig. 11'9; fig. 2318 (doubtful). Priest. Fig. 172 (standing before the spear head of Marduk in the act of anointing it, inscribed falmu Sa zikari (NITAU) dMarduk); fig. 405 (standing before the goddess Gula). Satyr. London 1015 (the upper part of the body is human, the lower that of a horse with a short tail; he holds a long thick staff in both hands). Scepter. Fig. 473,, 9 (three scepters with knobs on top and animal heads in the center). Scorpion-Ishbara. Fig. 412; fig. 69; fig. 813; fig. 108; fig. 1124; fig. 126; fig. 1319; fig. 144; fig. 186; fig. 194; fig. 236; fig. 2415; fig. 276; fig. 31"; fig. 404; fig. 471; fig. 4918; Susa 101 (cf. fig. 44(2)); Susa 2019 (cf. fig. 16); London * This identification is established by a comparison of Susa No. 3 (fig. 11) with Susa No. 20 (fig. 30). The arrangement of the symbols on these two stones is almost identical. The first four symbols of fig. 30 (Anu, Ellil, Ea and Ninbarsag) correspond to the first section of fig. 11, the next three symbols of fig. 30 (Marduk, Nabu, Gula) correspond to the third section of fig. 11, repeating even the curious bust of Gula on a shrine (fig. 1115 and 307) which is found only here. The next six symbols of fig. 30 (winged dragon, Nergal, bird looking backwards, Zamama, winged lion, followed by the mace with the lion head) correspond exactly to section 2 of fig. 11, where we find instead of the last two symbols the winged lion with the twin-headed mace standing on its back. This shows that the winged lion, followed by the lion-headed mace, exchanges with the winged lion having the twin lion heads on its back. The last three symbols of Susa No. 20 are separated from the rest and are found on fig. 16, first view. They are the lamp, the scorpion and the walking bird, which correspond to Nos. 18, 20, 24 on Susa No. 3 (fig. 11). This remarkable similarity of Susa No. 3 (a stone of Meli-Shipak) and Susa No. 20 (an uninscribed boundary stone) cannot be accidental. The latter (Susa No. 20) belongs undoubtedly to the reign of the same king and was made perhaps by the same sculptor. It may also explain why this stone (Susa No. 20) is not inscribed. Perhaps before the inscription could be engraved the invasion of Sutruk-nabunte took place, by which most likely all the boundary stones found by the French at Susa were carried away, for it should be noted that the inscription which this Elamite king put on another monument (see fig. No. 5) states distinctly: "the land of Qarin.... I took and the stele of Me-li-[Shi-pak] I found," see Scheil, D, E. P., IV, p. 146, B. 6, 7.

Page  244 4 244 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 1012; London 10218; London 1035; O. B. I., 1492. Scorpion-man-Sagittarius. Fig. 4915 (having a human head and breast, a body and tail of a scorpion, holding in his hands a bow and arrow); London 1039 (having a man's head, wings, a scorpion's body and tail, and a lion's legs). Serpent —iru. Fig. 413; fig. 615 (horned serpent); fig. 84; fig. 1018 (serpent coiled on top); fig. 1123; fig. 1219 (winding along lower edge of symbols); fig. 1312 (winding across top); fig. 1419; fig. 154; fig. 187; fig. 19s; fig. 2413 (inscribed [a-~a-]ri-du); fig. 2817; fig. 2915; fig. 3014 (coiled on top); fig. 311; fig. 4720; fig. 4920; Susa 61 (coiled on top); Susa 72 (cf. fig. 21); London 10119 (coiled on top); London 10219; London 1034; O. B. I., 14914; V. A. 2117. Shrine, with sea shell. Fig. 1122. Shrine, with two staffs-Nabu. Fig. 93 (two staffs, joined in the center, standing on a shrine, cf. fig. 2610). Shrines with tiaras-Anu, Ellil (Ea). Fig. 24'5; fig. 814',6; fig. 94,5; fig. 104'; fig. 11, 4'; fig. 124 5; fig. 134 5; fig. 1411, 12; fig. 19, 7; fig. 238 9; fig. 287'8; fig. 294',; fig. 301, 2; fig. 311' 14; fig. 39, 2 (tiaras broken off); fig. 474, 8; fig. 494 5, 6 (Anu, Ellil, Ea); London 10310 (a crouching animal alongside of the shrine); London 10311 (a winged bull alongside of shrine); London 1024 5; V. A. 2112 3; 0. B. I., 1499 (shrine with dragon); 0. B. I., 14910 (shrine without dragon). Shrines with indistinct objects. Fig. 296; Susa 111 (cf. fig. 44, 3) Shrines with various figures. Fig. 27 (a shrine with a round figure having two horns, perhaps a substitute for the yoke); fig. 21' (a dragon with a shrine, having a square object (brick?) on it, marked with two wedges; fig. 41" (a shrine with a border on top, formed by two corner pieces and three knobs in the center). Solar disk-Shamash. Fig. 21; fifi. f 10; fig. 6; fig. 8; fig 1; fig 112; fig. 121; fig. 13; fig. 14"; fig. 152; fig. 192; fig. 212 (Susa 9); fig. 232; fig. 249; fig. 272; fig. 293; fig. 301; fig. 31ig.31ig. 4715; fig. 493; Susa 63; London 1018; London 1021; London 1031; 0. B. I., 1494; 0. B. I., 1503; V. A. 2088. Spearhead of Marduk-perhaps taurus. Fig. 28; fig. 47 (crouching dragon with a spearhead(?) on its back); fig. 613 (spearhead standing on a dragon); fig. 85; fig. 91 (standing on a shrine); fig. 1015; fig. 1113; fig. 1212 (standing on a shrine flanked by a dragon); fig. 138 (idem); fig. 14' (idem); fig. 156 (idem); fig. 173 (priest standing before spearhead); fig. 2310; fig. 241 (inscribed dMarduk) (AM. UD); fig. 281; fig. 2916; fig. 305 (standing on a shrine with a dragon); fig. 316 (idem); fig. 393 (on a shrine with a dragon, inscribed dMarduk ilu rabu); fig. 47' (standing on a shrine with a dragon); fig. 497 (idem); London 103'7; London 1028; V. A. 2082. Staff. Susa 114 (cf. fig. 44, a staff with an indistinct object on top, partly broken off); Susa 115 (a staff, whose top is broken off); London 10116 (a staff with the head of some animal on top).

Page  245 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 245 Star of Ishtar-Venus. Fig. 23; fig. 63 (eight-pointed); fig. 81 (idem); fig. 102 (idem); fig. 113; fig. 123 (idem); fig. 133; fig. 1416 (idem); fig. 153 (idem); fig. 184 (idem); fig. 193; fig. 213 (Susa 9) (six-pointed); fig. 233 (idem); fig. 243 (eight-pointed); fig. 273 (idem); fig. 292 (idem); fig. 3017 (seven-pointed); fig. 314 (idem); fig. 4713 (five-pointed); fig. 491 (eight-pointed); London 10118; London 1023; London 1033; 0. B. I., 1495; 0. B. I., 1502; V. A. 2089. Stars-Sibitti. Fig. 315 (seven stars, probably representing the seven planets). Stylus (substitute for wedge)-Nabu. Fig. 88 (on a shrine with a dragon); fig. 156 (idem)., Table. London 10117 (the corners ornamented with lion heads, a tiara on the table, perhaps a substitute for the shrine with the tiara). Tortoise. Fig. 616; fig. 1413 (placed over shrine); fig. 296 (doubtful, but cf. fig. 1413); fig. 4718; fig. 4917; 0. B. I., 1491; London 1026. Wedge (and bricks)-Nabu —perhaps aries. Fig. 29 (a dragon bearing a shrine with a pyramid-shaped object, perhaps bricks); fig. 46 (a crouching dragon with awedge(?) on its back); fig. 61 (wedge on the back of a dragon, crouching before a stage tower); fig. 10"1 (a horned dragon before a shrine with four rows of bricks); fig. 1114 (a dragon carrying a shrine with a brick and a wedge); fig. 1218 (a wedge on a shrine with a dragon); fig. 139 (idem); fig. 143 (idem); fig. 198 (idem); fig. 306 (a dragon before a shrine on which are three rows of bricks); fig. 317 (wedge on a shrine with a dragon); fig. 472 (wedge alone, standing upright); fig. 498 (dragon with shrine and wedge); V. A. 2081; V. A. 2111; London 1029; Susa 65 (shrine with wedge lying on it); Susa 73 (cf. fig. 21, wedge on shrine with dragon). Yoke (perhaps plaits of hair*)-Ninbarsag (cf. fig. 48). Fig. 610 (standing on a shrine); fig. 87 (idem); fig. 117 (shrine with nail (dagger?) and reversed yoke on top); fig. 1216 (yoke alone); fig. 137 (on shrine); fig. 146 (yoke alone); fig. 2810 (on shrine); fig. 304 (on shrine, yoke reversed); fig. 318 (yoke alone); fig. 4710 (shrine with yoke reversed); fig. 499 (idem); Susa 113 (cf. fig. 44, shrine with reversed yoke, partly broken off); London 1027 (yoke on shrine). * Prof. W. Max Miller kindly informs me that the part of the Egyptian picture which corresponds to the Babylonian really represents the plaits of hair (hnskt) of the goddess Hat-hor, which, according to him, play an important part in Egyptian mythology.

Page  246 246 24G A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF GLOSSARY. abu, father. cstr., (Anu) a-bi i16[ni], London, 101, III) 9; Aarru abi (AD) ildni, Neb. Nippur, IV, 3; (Sin) a-bi jidni rabitti, D. E. P., Hy, 113, 6; zi-kir a-bi a-li-di-Au, V. A., 2663, II, 42; Aa a-bi a-bi-kzi, whose grandfather, IV R.2 38, I, 33; a-bi bMb, gatekeeper, Susa, 3, I, 19; b"It abi (AD) la-bi-ri, C. T., Xypl.V, 12; c. suff., abu (AD) - ui-a, London, 102, I, 20; IV, 13; bit abi-ia, London, 102, iv, 21; C.T., X, p1. III, 4, 6, 7; a-bu-ka, London, 103, ivy 31; (Bunene) ma-lik a-bi-Au, D. E. P., Il, 115, 6; i-na mu&-I&i abi-i-nu, V. A., 209, IV) 20; bit abi-ni, V.A., 209, IV)22; p1., blit ab6(AD.MES)-e-a, C. T.,9 X, p1. V, 2. abf~bu, storm flood. (Igtar) Aa ru-ub-ga a-bu-bu, Neb. Nippur, IV, 22.:M abibu, be clean. 1, I pret., ai i-bi-ib, III R. 41, II, 17. Pt42, abAku, turn away (Hebr. 1.071). I, 1 pret., i-bu-uk-~ii-nu-ti, he turned them off, London, 103,1,y 33. I, 2 i-na ki~itta(-ta)Aa im-qut -ma it-ta[bak-ma] i-na pdn. Aarri.... di-na 1u-~a(-ad)-buba, because of the property which he claimed he brought (his wife) and before.. the King. they (dual) instituted a lawsuit. London, 102, VI, 5. ablu, boundary. dNin-ib be-el ab-li ti-ti-mi u kudur-ri, Susa 3, VII, 6; na-?ir kudur-ri-ti mu-kin-nu ab-li-e, V R. 55, 5 (cf. il-ta-at-tu-um ib-li-ezi-ki-in-nu-um ki-su-ur-ri-im, Nabop. (Hilpr.), II, 30; 0. B. I., Vol. I, Pt. 1, p. 42', compares Hebr. ~f;see also Lau, J. A. 0. S., Vol. 27'(1906), p. 301f.). abullu, city gate. abulli(KA.GAL)-dli-gzi, Susa, 16, VI, 16. ~Kabnu, stone. abnu(TA Q) la ta-a-ra it la ra-gami..i-ba-at, London, 103,. III 30; abnu kd-a-tu i-na ag-riMl zi-nak-ka-ru, London, 101,. III, 2; i-na abni zd-ab-bit-suy. London, 101, iIIy 4; na-ra-a ~ce abni es'-ga, Susa, 2, Med., II, 9; ina abni i-naq-qa-ru, V R. 56, 35; mna abni (NA) ub-ba-tu, III R. 4 1, IIy 11; I R. 70, III, 3; III R. 43, I, 34; London, 102, V, 2, ina ab-ni ub-ba-su, Susa, 16, V, 2; mna ab-ni zi-pa-sa —su, V. A, 2663, V, 30; mna abni (an)-na-a AwnlSu-nu [zak-ru], London, 102, V, 6. ubAnu, finger. ubdni(SU'-SI)-zit a-na limutti i-tarra-?u, Neb. Nippur, III, 24. yflK, abAsu, break (cf. napA~u). II, 1 pres., i-na ab-ni ub-ba-fu, Susa, 16, VY2. abqallu, wise man, leader. (Marduk) abqal(NUN.ME) ildni,. London, 101, III, 13; abqal game' u irgiti, Susa, 14, IlI, 14; abqal V. A., 2663, I, 8. 114,abftru, enclose, bind. 1I, 1 inf., cstr., ub-bur me~-r-i-e-ti.,

Page  247 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.24 247 lameness of limbs, V. A. 2663, V) 38; Susa, 14, III, 5. ibru, friend. i-bir bgli-guy Neb. Nippur, II, 17. 11M44, eb~ru, pass over. II,1part., me Aa mu-Ae-bi-ri, the waters of the connecting canal, Susa, 3, Illy 1. ab~enu, vegetation. abge'nu(AB.SIM) la til-zu-za-atma, Neb. Nippur, II, 30. MIND1 abfttu, destroy (Hebr. 13) 1, 1 prec., i~id-su li-bit, London, 101, Illy 15; li-bu-tu ku-dur-ra-Azi, V R. 56, 40. 1, 2 pres., i-ta-ba-at uli-tal-lik, Susa, 3, V, 56. 11, 1 pret., i-ga-ru 'u-a-bit-ma 'u-hepi, Susa, 2, Med:', II, 6; pres., i-na abni ub-ba-tu, III R. 41, II, 11; I R. 70, illy 3; III R. 43, I, 34; London, 102, VI 2; gi-pir ni-kulti ub-ba-tu, C. T., X, pl. V1I, 36; i-na abni?i-ab-bit-su, London, 101, Illy 4. IV, 1. pret., in-na-bi-tu-ma, he fled, D. E. P., II, pl. 20, 3; in-na-bitu-nim-ma, they fled, C. T., IX, pl. IV, 6; part., mu-un-na-bi-itturn, a fugitive, D. E. P., II, p1. 20, 1. abtu, fallen, dilapidated. b-ita-ti(E.MES) abti2ti(GUL.MES) (cf. Br. 8954), V. A. 209, III, 17. afcrown. (Sin) be'l agei(MIR) na-me-ru-ti, Neb. Nippur, IV, 13. flK, aggu, anger. i-na ag-gi libbi-Uz-nu, London, 103, VI, 1. aggiA, angrily, in anger. ag-gil li-ru-ru-Avi, V, R. 56, 38; [ag-gil li-Iial]-liq-A vi, London,101, IlI, 9. igigallu, open-minded, wise. (Marduk) igi (81)-gal (IG) ildni, V. A,2663, I, 3. agalatillfi, dropsy. a-ga-ld (NU)-til-la 9a ri-ki-i8-su la ip-pa -f a-ru, Susa, 3,VI, 44; III R. 41, II, 25; a-ga-ld-til-la(-a) ri-kits-su la pa-f e-ra, I R. 70, III, 13; III R. 43, Illy 31; London, 102, I, 41; a-gal-la-til-kt-a li-gam-risu-kd-ma, Susa, 16, VI, 20; a-gald-til-la-a liAiI~u(-~u)-~u-ma, V. A.,1 2663, V, 43; [mna zumri-~u li~a]-aA -li-Au-ma, D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 12; D. E. P., II, 113, 18. igisfi, gift. Nippur, II, 9. 11M igirru, plan. lu mu-lam-me-nu i-gir-ri-Au Avi-numa, Neb. Nippur, IV, 17; -i-girra-[Au] l[i-la]m-man, 0. B. I., 149,1II, 23. 11R, igaru, wall. i-na i-ga-ri ip-te-16i, Susa, 3, V, 54; i-na i,-ga-ri i-p[i-l&u], D. E. P.,q II, 113, 17. ugfiru, communal land. ugdr Ohi, Susa, '2, I, 21, 24, 30, 33; II, 2, 7, 12, 17; London, 101, I, 5; London, 103, III, 41; Susa, 3, I, 4; IV R.2 38, I, 3, [19]; Susa, 16, I, 2; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, [2]; D. E. P., VI, 46, I, 2; Neb. Nippur, II, 27; III, 8; C. T., IX, pl. IV, 20, 22; 0. B. I., 83, I, [2]; I R. 70,1,I2; III R. 43, 1, 2; 0. B. I., 149, I, 5; London, 102, I, 2; V. A. 2663, IVY 19, 21, 45; ti —gari-A vi, D. E. P., II, 113, 9; ugdrkAyi D. E. P., VI, 46, III, 3; ugdr qdn appari, C~- T., IX, p1. IV, 19; ugdru ~a-nam-ma, Susa, 3, III, 10; ugdr-Ati li-ir-hi-i?-mca, III R. 41, II, 32, I R. 70, IV, 11. ~,edtA, a single one. ma-am-ma e-di-i, Susa, 3, II, 46; e-du amelu la i-zib-ma, V. A., 2663, III 26.

Page  248 248 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF T1K70,, adi, unto, including. a-di IV aldni, Susa, 2, I, 13; a-di ti-tur(!)-r-i, Susa, 14, I, 3; a-di ilm (-urn) balt-fu Susa, 3, VI, 52; ViI, 23; V R. 56, 59; London, 102, II, 22; a-di 72m(-um) bal-du, Susa, 16, VI, 18; a-di game' it irsiti ba-Ait-ii, V R. 56, 60; a-di tm (-urn) fa-a-ti, I R. 70, IV, 25; a-di dNab?2-ku-dur-ri-usur, 0. B. I., 83, I, 7; a-di XII ta-a-ani-tanap-pal, V. A. 208, 47; V. A., 209, II, 15; London, 102, IV, 40; a-di eqli-9u, C. T.y X, pI. V, 16; a-di igten(-en)?~ubadtu KUR.RA, V. A., 209, IVY 33. ~ Ix, edlu, man. ed-li qar-di, V R. 55, 21; ed-lu bd' iounarkabti, the charioteer, V R. 55, 34; ed-lu dan-nu, V. A., 2663, II, 33. fl1K1, adm~nu, dwelling. be'l ad-ma-ni, D. E. P., Vi, 45, IVY 5. dadmu, dwelling. kal da-ad-me, Neb. Nippur, 1, 15; ma-&a-az da-Iia]d-me, Neb. Nippur, III 2; da-ad-mi, D. E. P.,I VI, 45, IVY 9; dIA-lyira be'it le-ti da-ad-ma, III R. 43, IVY 28; gi-mir kal da-dd-me, V. A., 2663, I, 23; ttigc da-dd-me sap~dti(BIR.ME), V. A., 2663, III 28. I. -Jm adiru, fear. I, 1 pret., la i-dur-ma tal~izi, V R. 55, 38;' pres., ul id-dar dan-na-at eqli, V R. 55, 24; part., la a-di-ru ta~4zi, V R. 55, 8. II. ~VhadAru, be- dark. IV, 1 Perm., na-'-du-ru pan d~am.. Ai(-Ai), the face of the sun was obscured, V R. 55, 31. drftnu, weeds. ki-mu ur-ki-ti id-ra-nu, III R. 41, II, 33;,ki-mu-it me' id-ra-na, London, 102, III 13; eqldti-Mi id-ra-[nu] li-Aa-as-l&i-ma, Susa, 14, III, 10. ViSK, ed~u, be new, II, 1 inf., a-na ud-du-u.~ eg-rit, to renew the sanctuaries, Neb. Nippur, II, 2; a-na ud-du-gu [es-]-rit, V. A., 2663, III 22; part., mu-ud-dig ka-liA as'rdti(AS.ME),.V. A. 2663, III 6. e9u, new. na-ra-a Ia abni e~-'a, Sua,2 Med., III 9; dul-la el-Ia, Susa, 3, Illy 28; i-na. el-li il-la-a, shall raise up anew, Susa, 3, IIIy 39; i-na mu&-&i nalri el-l'it, V. A., 209, I, 11. IN ii, and, passim. lu-it-Uit, either —or, Susa, 2, lily, 8; it lu-it,, or, London, 103, V, 46; London, 102, I, 31, etc. PATh, isu, few. a-di iOmi(-mi) i-su-ti 1d bal-t a, IV 11.2 38, III, 40. 11N urru, light. ur-ra u mu-Id, III 1R. 41, II, 23; V R. 56, 44. flKt4, ezebu, to leave, spare. I, 1 pret., i-zi-ib, Susa, 3, IlIy 54; i-zi-bu, Susa, 3, IV, 10; e-zi-bu, Susa, 3, ivy 42; V, 7, 26; e-du amelu la i-zib-ma, V. A. 2663, MII 27; ai i-zi-bu da-ad-da-l'it, Susa, 16, VI, 27; la i-zi-bu arbu-Pi-ni, Susa, 3, ivy 25; prec., u ar-ki-i lu-zi-bu, C. T., X, PI. VI 9. azugallatu, great (lady) physician. (dGula)a-zu-gal-la-tu'rabitum, Susa, 14, IVY 5; a-zu-gal-la-tu be-el-tu rabitu(-tu), III R. 41, II, 29. TM 4, uzzu, wrath, anger. na-al-par-ta-la Ad uz-zi, III R. 41, II, 22. uzzatu, anger. i-na uz-za-at libbi(-bi), V R. 56, 51. izzu, terrible. dGirru(BIL.GI) iz-zu, Susa, 2, IVY 18; (dSin) be-lum iz-zu, Susa, 3,

Page  249 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.24 249 1,fJ 41; f., qagtu iz-zi-ti, V R. 55, 8; p1., i-na bu-ni-kii-nu iz-zu-ii-ti, Susa, 3, VI, 24. izZig, in anger, angrily. iz-zi-i.~ lik-kil-mu-kd I IV R.2 38, Illy 32; Susa, 16,VI, 1 1; D. E. P., VI, 47, 2; 0. B. I., 149, III 19; V R. 56, 38; III R. 41, II, 14; sa-ka-aic uz-ni, Susa, 3, ViI, 37; Susa, 14, IlI, 4;?!-zu-un-Sii i-Aak-lka-nu, directs his mind to, III R.. 41, I, 35; i-~ak-ka-nu uzna'(PI2)_~u, V. A., 2663, V, 23; uzna'-~u i-Aak-ka-nu, V. A., 2663, VI 35; i-Aak-ka-nu ~i-zu-u~-~ii, V. A. 211,111, 7; ba-~a-a uzna'-Au, V". A., 2663, II, 25; rap-ga uzna, V. 'clever understanding, V. A., 2663, III, 3; sa-kak uzna'(P12), V. A., 2663, V, 38; uzun(PI)-9u ib-~i-ma, V. A., 2663, 111, 14. TIN,, abu, brother. aI~i, London, 103, I, 7, 39; c. suff., a!u-zi-a, London, 103, IV) 23; a-4i-i-a, London, 103, IV, 33; p1., ahe', London, 103, I, 22;.V, 28; London, 102, IVY 36; I RI. 70, III 2; III R. 43, III 2; London, 102, I, 30; V. A., 208, 43; V. A.,I 209, I, 32; p1. c. suff, ildni a&6~-97i, III R. 43, IV, 26; i-na aLli a1e-4u, London, 102, I, 1 1, 22; i-na nazdzi (-zi) Aa a&C-~u, London, 102, I, 25. azAtu, sister. a-na a~6t(NIN),-ia a-nam-din, London, 102,1, 24; a-na a&,6ti(NIN)9U, London, 102, I, 36. abbfiftu, brotherhood. a-na ah-&.u-ti, London, 103, I, 28; a-na a&-l&u-ii-ti.... ul qu-ruub, London, 103, IVY 24; a-na ai1-hu-ii-ti la qir-bu, London, 103, JV, 42. abameA, each'other, both. it-ti a-&.a-me~, London, 103, IVY 18, 37; a-na a-lya-meA ul i-rag-gu-mu, they will not sue each other, London, 102, IV, 35; V. A. 209, II,30; II, 40; III, 16, 28; V. 2. abu, side. ai ir-~il-u ni-da a:-Ii, Susa, 2,111I,29. abAnu, another. V, 5; a-na a-&a4-nu] i-~ar-ra-[qu], C. T., X, p1. VI, 33. abfi, hostile, strange. amelu a-I&a-am, a strange man, Susa, 3, V, 47; ~i-ma-'-a-ru a-I a-a sak-ku, V. A., 2663, V, 25; na-ka-[ra(?)] lu a-Isa, IV R.2 38, III, 10; na-ka-ra a-ta-a, I R. 70, III 22; pl., par-ga-nia ba~e(-e) a-lpu-7-ti, V. A.,; 2663, III, 18.?fnK,, abAzu, take. 111, 1 mna lim-ni-ti?id-&-a-zu, Neb. Nippur, III, 23; zi-ma-'-a-ru ii-~a-a&.-&.a-zu, London, 103, V, commuissions another one, Susa, 16, IV) 25; Md-nam-ma ti-aa&-I4a-zu-ma, III R. 41, III 8; ma-am-man?I-ga-I&a-zu, V. A., 2663, V, 25; pu-uz-ru ii-~a-&a-zu, puts it in a secret place, V. A., 2663, V, 31. I1I, 2, pu-uz-ra ug-ta-a.i-iz, Susa, 3, V, 44. UUj.ME.ZU.AB, a class of priests (cf. p. 170f.). Neb. Nippur, II, 14; III, 11. nnj abrfi, future. p1. fem., a-na ni-Ai al&-ra-a-ti, London, 101, III 13; a-na a1&-rat ni~ a-pa-ti, Neb. Nippur, III, 18. abrAta, adv., in future.?i-i-ti a&.-[ra]-ta~, a late descendant, C. T., X, p1. IV. 14. abartiM, forever. a-Mar-ti-i,4 i-ri-mu, London, 101, I,

Page  250 250 250 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 15; a-liar-ti-ig i-rim-Aii, IV R.2 38, II, 29. 1ltM4,P etfi, be dark-. 11, 1 bu-ni-Azi lit-fe-Ati-ma, may he darken his face, Neb. Nippur, IV) 14. etemmu, shade, departed spirit. [etemmu-Au] a-na efemmi, Susa, 16, VI, 22. toK4R atru, support (cf. Hilprecht, Assyriaca, p. 5, f.3). a-na. af-ri ha-ma-at Aa 8'a-kin, V R. 56, 10. ~Kai, not. Neb. Nippur, IV, 14, 18, 23; Susa, 2, Ill, 28; Susa, 3, VII, 4, 13; IV R.2 38, III, 44; Susa, 16, VI, 19, 21, 22, 27; Susa, 14, III, 13; IV) 17; D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 14; III R. 41, III 17; London, 102, II, 19, etc. 6, not. e te-ti-iq, 0. B. I., 83, III 22; etusa&-&i, 0. B. IL, 83, III 23. aMumma, any one. u lu ai-um-ma, London, 101, II, 15; lu ai-am[-ma], IV R.2 38, illy 13; ai-um-ma, Susa, 16, IV, 11; Aakkanakku ai-um-[ma], 0. B. I., 83, II, 12; ai-um-ma ki-pu, III R. 41, II 33; Susa 3, II, 39; it lu-ti ai-um-ma, I R. 70, II, 6; 0. B. I., 149,11,) 4; ilu ai-um-ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 10; ai-um-ma Aa.. i-kap-pu-du limutta,V. A., 21 1, III, 1. 6, o, indeed. e be-li rutbt na-a-du, 0. B. I., 83, I, 20. THK1, aibu, enemy. a-na ai-bi li-tur-Au, London, 102, III 31. TKia'nu, there was not. ia- -nu mg sali-&i, there was no water of cisterns, V R. 55, 19. I'M4, mu, eye. qup-pu-ti i-na i-ni-Au, V R. 56, 54; dSin i'n(-in) Aamei(e) is irsi-. tim(-tim), 0. B. I., 149, III, 6; [dSin in] Aamei(-e) is ir,~itim (-tim), London, 102, I, 46; tur-ti md(S12) sa-kak uznd (SP2), V'. A., 2663, V, 38. 1111 Airu, go forth. II, 2, 7i-ta-'-ir-~ti-ma AMr ildni, sent him forth the king of the gods, (perhaps == um-ta-'-ir), V R. 55? 12. urtu, command. ur-ta ti-ma-'-ir-~ti-nu-ti-mna, 0. B. I., 83, II, 8; na-dan ur-t4i-Ai Neb. Nippur, I, 5; kii-~at nilA tm,-kan-ni-~u a-na ur-ti-9u, V. A.' 2663, I, 40; i~-te-' -u-ma [ur(?)]-ti bil ildni, V. A., 2663, II, 20. Airu, the month Iyyar. III Rt. 43, I, 27; V. A., 209, II, 25. iku, ditch of irrigation. i-kut la ~ap-ku, Neb. Nippur, II, 29; i-ka mi-is-ra it kut-dur-ra, Susal 3, II, 12; i-ka mi-is-ra it-ti-ku, Susa, 16, IVY 18. ti-ki-e. ii-ki-e bi-lam-ma, London, 102, IVY, 21 (or does the original react ii-di(!)-e, vessels?). t:)N, ekdu, powerful. bu —ru ek-du, Susa, 2, ivy 17; ik(?)di-e a-ma-ti, London, 103, iv, 46. JKaki, instead of. a-ki JI MA NA kaspi, V. A., 209? IVY 5; a-ki kaspi-ka bit6ti-icr. pa-ni-ka lid-gu-la, V. A." 209, IV, 7. ~.) flK, akAlu, consume. I11, 1 i~dti(NE) 714-a-ka-lu, 0. B. I.?, 150, II, 4. MMtl, have usufruct (cf. p. 176). 1, 1 inf., a-na i-ki -ii ri-'-ti, Neb. Nippur, III, 21. ANl, secretary, agent (cf. p. 176). ak-lu, Neb. Nippur, III, 19; III R. 41, I, 31; III R. 43, III, 14; aklu(PA), D. E. P., II, 97, 11;

Page  251 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.25 251 Susa, 16, Illy 27; IV 11.2 38; III, 1; 0. B. I., 83, II, 12. 6kallu, palace. amel bMb Ckalli(E.GAL), Neb. Nippur, V, 10; amelu 9a bdb ekalli, V R.56, 16; hndgire'kalli, V. A., 2663, V, 7; htup-gar e'kalli, V. A., 2663, V, 15; amelu 9a VII, 43. ~flK,, eklitu, darkness. bit ik-li-ti, IV R.2 38, Illy 7. DMA 4, ekemu, take. I, 1 pret., i-na da-na-ni i-ki-im-ma, London, 103, IV) 15; prec., li-kim-S'ii-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 11; Susa, 3, VII, 11; Susa, 14, Iv, 2; [naq mg li]-kim-~u, D. E. P., IV, pl. 16, I, 6; pres., eqlu Sii-a-tu ik-ki-mu, Neb. Nippur, ill, 28. &kurru, temple. p1., gi-mir e-kur-re, V. A., 2663, II, 6. ul, not. London, 103, VI 38; Neb. Nippur, IIII 29, 32, 33, IV, 1, 2; 0. B. I., 149, I, 7;- V. A., 209, 1, 28, 29, 30; III 3; III, 15, 16, 27, 28; V, 1,9 2, 3, etc. iltu, goddess. cstr., ilat ba-ri-ri-ta, III R. 41, III 22. HAW~t, deity. pa-lil ilu-ti-~u, V. A., 2663, I, 28; 9u), Neb. Nippur, I, 17..1~bt4, efi~, rise up. I, 1 pres., i-na eg-gi il-la-a, Susa, 3, III, 39; 9a il-lam-ma, London, 103, V, 32; London, 101, II, 16; Susa, 16, IVY 12; III R1. 43, IIl, 4; I R1. 70, II, 7; London, 102, IV, 38; 0. B. IL, 149, II, 5; Susa, 14, III 6; III R1. 41, I, 33; 9a illamma(DULDU-ma); V. A., 209, I, 35; V. A., 208, 45. inf., a-na dli la e-li-e, C. T., MIX pl. V. 35; a-na e-li At pa-ki-ri,. D. E. P.,I II, pl. 20, 9. II, 1 inf., ul-lu-it rub4(NUN)-us-su, to' elevate his lordship, V. A., 2663, I, 30. JII, 1 prec., apil-lti na-qa mg-~ii li~e-li, may he snatch away his. son, his libator, III R1. 43, IV, 20; 1i-~e-lu-zi na-an-nab-Mt, III R. 43, Illy 30; li-U -la-Iurn-ma,. D. E. P., IV, pl. 16,11I, 3. eli, over, above. eli Iarri a-lik ma1&-ri, Neb. Nippur,. II, 7; eli ili I'arri, before god, London, 101, IVY 12; a-na eli, on,. London, 102, IVY 22; eli ~a pani, more than before, V. A.". 2663, Illy 29; i-na eli, against,. Susa, 2, Illy 11; London, 101,. HY, 16, etc.; i-na eli na-ri-e an-nii, upon that stone, Susa, 2, IIIY` 17; Susa, 2, Med., II, 5, etc. efig, above. eliI(AN.TA) iA ~apliI(KI), IV RY2 38, I, 31. e11h, upper. in the phrases I'iddu elil, and pittu eta, passim; pl. fem., b91 e-la-ti,. lord of that which is above, V. A., 2663, II 10. WM1i, distant. ultu ul-la, from of old, Neb. Nippur, II, 18. e1gni6, upper. pa-na-at seukiri e-li-ni-i, beforethe upper orchard, V. A., 2663, IVY 34. tlitu, crop, revenue. ur-bu it te-li-tu ma-la ba-uAut V. A.,. 208, 4. MlU, city, town. su-zi-uq dli-~u, Susa, 3, VI, 39; abulli dli-~u, Susa, 16, VI, 16; ka-mat Ohi-Au, Susa, 16, VI, 17; 0. B. I., 149, 111, 8; V. A., 209,

Page  252 252 252 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF V, 12; ri-bi-it Oli-Su, III R. 41, Hy, 24; a-na Ohi ha e-li-e, C. T., IX, pI. V, 35; a-na dli(ER.KI)Au a-na. la, III R.. 45, No. 2, 6, 7; dlu Aa 'Er-ia, C. T., 1I, pI. V, 25, and passim. ~J'7Kt, alhku, go, march. 1, I pret., il-lik, London, 103, I, 3; a-na 4ur-Aa-an la il-ik, London, 103, V, 4; illiku(DU-ku), Susa, 16, II, 28; a-na mdtu~lamtiki il-li-ku-ma, C. T., IX, pi. IV, 10; pres., il-lak Aarru na-as-qu, then advances the valiant king, V R. 55, 22; imper., a-lik-ma VII a-mi-lu-ta a-na mBu4-Ar-a idin(?)], London, 102, VI, 10; part., eli Aarri a-lik ma&-ri, Neb. Nippur, II, 7; A'arru a-[lik] pa-ni-ia, Susa, 3, IV, 2; a-lik da-i-li Ati-a-tim, IV R.2 38, II, 3;h41lik(D.U)p'ni, London, 102, IVY 23; a-lik ki-Ai-ir-ri il~ni a&-AP, III R. 43, IV, *26; a-lik ar-ki, the younger, Susa, 16, I1,18. 1, 2, ~a mna tu-kul-ti ildni rab?)ti ittal-ha-ku-ma,who marches about, V. A. 2663, II, 27. III, I Perm., a-na me-riA-ti la Azi-luku-7i-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 31; prec., li-~a-li-ku-Au a-na mimma la ba-~e-e, may they cause him to come to naught, London, 103, VI, 25. alkakfttu, ways. al-ka-ka-tu-~u nak-la, Neb. Nippur, I, 19. allaku, messenger. gir-gi-lu al-la-ku Ia dEn-lil, Susa, 2, IVY 3. ~lku, tax, service (cf. p. 177). a-na il-ki ha ii-S'e-ri-bu, Susa, 3, IVY 6, 22, 33, 58, V, 31; a-na i-lik mdtUNa..mar i-ru-bu, V R. 55, 48; i-na i-lik gab-bi-9u, V R~. 5.5,51; 56, 6, 31; ut-te-ru-ma il-ka il-tak-nu, V R. 56, 32; il-ki tup-gi-ki, forced labor, C. T., IX, pI. V, 38; il-ka ma-la ba-lii-it, I RI. 66, II, 1. alaku, throw down (syn. maqdtu). I, 2, ag-giA' li-tal-lik-A u-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 3 (cf. p. 179). I. L-Lml allu, basket. zakiltum(?) i-na al(-lu) du-up-A'i-ki, freedom from the baskets of forced labor, III R.. 45, No. 2,2. aflu, powerful. dMarduk a-li-lu, Susa, 2, III, 30. II. L~71uIAfu, imbecile. sa-ma-a ut-la-la, Susa, 14, II, 15; Pd-la-la it ha Ae-ma-a, III RI. 43, I, 31. III ~~ ellu, shining. PI., Aad6 el-l-tV III. 56, 46; Aam6 ellulti(AZAGYP'), III1 B. 4,I,1;dSin a-Aab(!) Aam'(-e) el-lu-ti, III R. 43, IV, 7. a-la-la ta-a-ba, London, 103, VI, 6. alpu, ox. ~sibit alp2 u si-e-ni, V R. 55, 55; alpi-Au imc'ri-Au ha ra-ka-si, C. T., IX, pI. V, 36; I alpu libbi alpi, III B.. 41, I, 20; London, 102, III, 26; IV, 24; ime'u it al-pi, III R. 45, No. 2, 8; a-la-ad a-me-lu-ti alpe' it ~en' London, 102, II, 27. ul-lap(b) (cf. J~bt, II, 1 pres., join?) iA-ka-ra-a-ti uh-hap(b), V R. 55, 24. 1~.ele~u, rejoice. IIIi-Aa-li-is kab-ta-as-su-nu, V. A., 2663, III, 30. n*/K tfittu, despair. dlltar.... ta-li-tum lil-pur-gidma, III R. 41, II, 21. ultu, from, after. ul-tu a-na-ku si-ilA-ri-ku, London, 103, IV, 27; uh-tu... i-mu-tu, London, 103, IV, 11; V, 7; ul-tu biti, London, 103, IV, 43; uh-tu,Oh -Au, Susa, 3, II, 41; uh-tu

Page  253 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.25 253 paf-ru i-na kigddi-Au, V R. 56, 54; ul-tu Bdbili, C. T., IX, p1. IVY 13; [ul]tu GUL.KI.SAR, 0. B. I., 83, I, 6; ultu ul-la, Neb. Nippur, II, 18; ultu(TA)?Imi(-mi) pa-na, Neb. Nippur, II, 29. iltfinu, north. ideogram IM.SI.DI, passim. ema, while, with. e-ma dSamal u dMarduk i-Aa-assu-?i, IV R.2 38, Illy 42; e-ma purime' seri li-i r-pu-ud, Susa, 14, IV, 3.' 1in4, em~du, stand. 1, 2, i-te-mid kiir-Au, fate overtook him, V R. 55, 41, cf. kur~u. II, 1, Ae-ir-ta-Aii ra-bi-i-ta lim-is-suma, Susa, 3, VI, 34; his heavy punishment may he inflict upon him; Ae-ri-[it-su li-]mi-is-su, London, 101, Illy 10. I V; 1, in-nin-du-ma A'arradni, the kings stood up, i.e., gathered, V R. 55, 29. MRDK, ani0, speak. 1, 1 pret., i-mu Aarljruj, D. E. P., Il, ~93, II, 14. III, 2, Aarru ilu uA-tim(?)-mi-e-AP, the king caused him to swear by god, C. T., X, pl. V, 14. amfitu, word. la Ae-ma Aa a-ma-ti, D. E. P.) VI, 45, V, 21; cstr., a-mat ki-bi-tid-Anu, Susa, 3, VI, 21; mna a-ma-at dEn-lil, Susa, 3, VII, 43; mna ama't(KA) Aarri, because of the prayer of the king, Neb. Nippur, III 12; a-mat niA6 li-gi-sa-Ai, Neb. Nippur, IV, 8; mim-ma a-ma-at limutti(-ti),anything evil, Susa, 16, V, 9; pl., a-ma-ta iA-tu-ru-ma., Susa, 3, IVY 24; a-ma-a-ti Ad i- abnnari anni-i aA-tu-ru-ma, Susa, 3, IVY 40, 59; ik-(?)-di-e a-ma-ti, London, 103, IV) 46. atmu, word. at -mu-A v na-as-qu-rna, hig word was weighty, Neb. Nippur, II, 19; li-ma-'-i-da at-mi-Avi, may she multiply his words, cries(?), III R. 41, II, 23. hU.MUK, title of an official. V. A., 209, II1 17. amelu, man. amelu APvSusa, 3, IV, 52; V, 20; VI, 1; amelu Avi-a-tum, Susa, 3, VI, 15; IV R.2 38, II, 24; Susa, 16, IV, 21; III R. 43, I, 35; V. A.,7 2663, VI 36; III R. 41,11, 13~ I R. 70, III, 8; amelu Ad-a-Au, V R. 56, 37; e-du amelu, a single. one, v. A., 2663, III, 26; amelu. Aa bit-&al-li, master of the (riding> horse, V 13. 55, 58; amelu Aa pdn amel bdb C'kalli, Neb. Nippur, V, 10; amelu Aa b6b ekalli, V R. 56, VI, 13; amelviti 8Aa fe-mi-A ii,. Susa, 3,11,I37; a-la-ad a-me-lu-ti, London, 102, II, 27; VII a-milu-ta, London, 102, VI, 10, 12;1 a-na libbi(-bi) a[-mi-lu-ti] imru-uq(?), London, 102, VI, 13. ameltu (SAL), woman. mar mdri ameltu(SAL) Aa BitmTa-kil-a-na-ili-~ui, London, 103 -I, 42. ummu, mother. um-nm, a-A a-ra, London, 101, II, 9;urn ma-Au la zu-uk-ku-ra-[at], London, 103, I, 31. umma, thus, as follows. ki-a-am iq-bi um-ma-a, London,. 102, IVY 20; i-qa[b]-bu-j[4] urnma-a-, London, 102, I, 32; Uiq-bij: urn-ma-a, London, 102, if 20; be-el Au u[A-'-]id-rna urn-ma, C. T., X. p1. III, Obv. 3; i-qabbu-t6 urn-ma, V. A.,P 208, 46 ~ i-qahb-bu-ti urn-ma-a, London, 102 IV 38; ki-a-arniq-biurn-ma,

Page  254 254 254 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF V.A., 209Y,1,5; IV, 6,19; London, 102, VI, 10; C. T., X, p1. V, 11; urn-ma. qaq-qa-ru i-ba-aA-Ai, V. A., 209, I, 7; ti-paq-qa-ru urn-ma, V. A., 209, II, 2; urn-ma, V. A., 209, IVY 20; C. T., X, p1. V, 1. cmimu, animal.?I-ma-am?~i-ri, Susa, 3, VII, 1; enmaa si D. E. P., VI, 47, 16. iummAnu, army. ummdn(ZAB) nakr'u(PAP), the army of the enemy, V. A., 2663, III, 16..ammatu, cubit. na ammatu(li) rabitu(GAL-tu(m), passim; i-na am-ma-ti ra-bi-i-ti, D. E. P., II, p1. 20, 5. '"t4K4, emfiqu, strength. Aaa-na. e-piA ta~dzi kit-pu-da e-muqa-Au, whose resources are devoted to bhttle, V R. 55, 7; * t-a emuqdBt'l(E.N), V. A., 2663, II, 37; Aarru A'a a-na e-muq dNabti u d Marduk [it-ka-lu], Q. T., X, p1. IV, 14. nimequ, wisdom. ni-me-ki Aa dNabti, IV R.' 38,11,I 7; * ni-me-ki d Nabti itdadk C. T.,I X, p1. IV, 8; ina ni-me-ki ip-Ae-ti-Au, V. A., 2663, III, 2. amAru, see. 1, I pret., i-mu-ur-APi-[ma] i-ri -im[Ati], D. E. P., II, 93, I, 7; Aarru beli-Au i-mu-ru-Au-ma, V R. 55, 46; inf., a-Aar la a-ma-ri, a place where it cannot be seen, I'V R.2 38, III, 6; Susa, 16, IV, 35; D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 18; D. E. P., VI, 46, III, 10; III R. 41, II, 12; 0. B. IL, 150, II, 4; I R. 70, IlI,.7; Neb. Nippur, V, 4; eqlu la a-ma-ri, 0. B. IL, 149, II, 13; a-Aar la a-ma-ru ikakkanti(SA. MESS), V. A., 2663, V, 31; mna eqli la a-ma-ri i-tam-mi-ru, V 'R. 56, 36; a-gar la a-(ma!)-ri pu uz-ri [i-tam-me-ru], C. T., X, pl' VII, 37. amitru, construct. 1, 1 inf., 4arrdna it ti-tur-ra.... la a-ma-ri, Susa, 3, Illy 27; ti-turra la e-pi-Ai 1&arrdna la a-ma-ri, V R. 56, 2. imeru, ass. im'ri-Aii it ameli-Aii la na-Aee Susa, 3, II, 51; bit re'ti-tumt imr' grazing place of the asses, Susa, 16, I, 27; I ime'u amurru', III R. 41, I, 17, 18; I ime'ru KIL.DA, III R. 41, I, 19; i'meru it al-pi, III R. 45, No. 2, 8; I im' u rabi2(-?!), London, 102, IV, 24. im~ru, a measure of capacity pu-lu-uk(g) u imer burds'i, V R. 505, 56, 57; IV inmere', London, 102, IIIy 11; I ime'ru, London, 102, amurrii (IM.MAR.TU), west, passim. immeru, lamb. immere'(LU.ARAD.L?.ZUN)-A'u la fa-ba-ti, C. T., IX, pl. V, 37; immeru(LU.ARAD) Airu tanAi-e Airu Atini(UR), V. A., 208, 5. anu, condition.I an ka-bit-ta, a serious condition, Susa, 16, VI, 14. ana, prep., to, for, passim. a-na eli, concerning; a-na mu&-1&i, to, occur frequently. ina, prep., in, at, with. i-na eli, against, over; i-na libbi, of; i-na mu1&-hi, against, occur of ten. inu, time. i-nu-Au, at that time, V. A., 2663, I, 43; C. T., X, pl. V, 10; i-nu, when, V. A.,1 2663, I, 1; e-nu'-ma, when, D. E. P., II, 113, 14; D E. P., VI, 45, V, 8; VR. 55, 1. enfitu, lordship. e-nu-us-su ti-Aa-ti-ru, V. A., 2663, I, 41.

Page  255 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.25 255' ~nMP nannabu, offspring, descendant. ~itm-~u ze'r-u pi-ri-'-Ail na-an-nabAil, 11I R. 41, III 38; li-ge-lu-7i naanna-AlIII R. 43, III, 30; na-an-nab-gu i(-na) pit niAe' li-&.al-liq, London, 102, II, 17. iunuitu, vessel, property. p1., ga-tam bi"t il-na-ti, keeper of the treasury, V R. 56, 20; London, 102, IV) 9; ~a(g)-tam bit il-na-ati, I R. 66, II, 16. enK4, to annul. I, 1 pres., Aa.... aA'-tu-ru-ma e-zibu la in-ni, Susa, 3, IV, 43; mi-i?-ra in-nu-?i ku-dur-ra?i-naka-ru, 0. B. I., 150, I 1;a 'in-nu-?i ki-bi-su, D. E. P., II, 115, 6; il-9ad-ba-bu innil(BALil) il-paq-qa-rm, V. A., 209, II, 1; ~a da-ba-bi an-na-a innft(BAL7i)?i-paq-qa-ru, V. A., 209, II, 7; V. A., 2663, V, 6; inf., a-na-ku la e-nu-il At la ug-pi-lu.... la e-pu-Wi-ma, Susa, 3, IV, 11; milik[-~u-nu] la i-nu-?i, 0. B. I., 80, 3; prec., pi-lik-~u li-ni, may hie alter his plot, III R. 41, II, 28. 1, 2, s~i-il la i-te-ni At la im-ta, he does not annull and does not disregard, Susa, 3, V, 8; inf., i-ta-ni-e i-Ad-lu-ma, annulment he asked for, 0. B. IL, 83, lip 9. l V, 1, 9d ki-bit pi-i-9il la in-ni-en-nu-il, the command of whose mouth cannot be annulled, Susa, 3, ViI, 46; la in-nin-nu-ii ki-bitSin, V. A., 2663, I, 16. fl)3, tfnijju, sighing. ta-ni-hi, D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 7. anAku, I. London, 103, IV) 27; Susa, 3, IV, 11; London, 102, I, 21. annfi, this. Frequently in the phrase nari anni-i, London, 101, IVY 5; Susa, 3, ivy 41, 60; V, 23, etc.; or nard an-na-a, 0. B. I., 149, II, 8; Neb. Nippur, IV, 28; eqlu annu-7i, London, 103, V, 37; eqia an-na-a, D. 'E P., II, 97, 15; eqli an-n~t-i,, III R. 43, III) 22; ku-dur-ri an-ni-i, London, 103, VI, 22; London, 101, I, 2. fem., a-su-mi-it-tu an-ni-i -tu, London, 103, VI, 26; pl. in., ildni rabtiti an-nu-tu, V R. 56, 51; [nap]-4ar an-nm-tm hmm_ kin-nm~lt, V. A., 209, V, 20; p1, f em., ar-ra-a-tmm an-na-a-turn, Susa, III, VII,1 42; ar-ra-a-ti a-na-ti, London, 101, III, 5; qaq-qa-ra-timn an-na-tim, Susa, 2, III, 10; eqladti an-na-a-tt, C. T., X, pli. VI, 29; emphatic, annm-m-a u-i rit V. A. 2663, I, 32. jak3 anknu, be gracious. II, 2 inf., mna ut-nii-ni-A'il, because of his prayer, Neb. Nippur, II, 16. annu, grace. an-na-Ail ki-i-nm, Susa, 3, VII, 47. unninu, supplication. un-ni-ni-Ait ai im-6m-ur-Ut, V R. 56, 56. inanna, now. i-na-an-na, 0. B. I., 83, II, 3; e-nin-na, C. T., X, pl. V, 8. J )X, appu, face. ap-pa i-lab-bi-nm, Neb. Nippur, I, 6; mna li-bi-en ap-pi, Neb. Nippur, II, 10; ap-pa... li-il-bi -in, D. E. P., VI, 46,111, 19; ap-pa-Ai lil-bi-im-ma, V RI. 56, 55. WIN1 aggatu, wife. fdSAG-mmdmmiq-gar-be malrti-~u aA~ati(DAM)-~u 9a mdSamaAnddin-ummm, London, 102, I, 17; a-na ahdti-~u aU~di-Au Aa... London, 102, I) 36. aggfitu, marriage. a-na a u-Amtt i-[il-qi], London, 102, VI, 4. W.3K1 tOni~fti, mankind. muA9-te-Ai-ru te-ni-Ae-e-ti) V. A.,f 2663, IY 13.

Page  256 256 256 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF us(s)u, confines, limits. zi-sa mi-i?-ra it ku-dur-ra, I R. 70, II,. 13; ii-sa mi-if-ra it ku-durra-Ati, III R. 43, IlI, 20; IV, 1; us-su mi-sir-giu u ku-dur-ra-9u, I R. 70, IV, 3. 1l0M1, MAs, physician. hasI(A.ZU), III R. 43, II, 28. asaku, darkness (= asakku, cf. Jensen, K. B., VI, 433). a-na bit a-sa-ki a-Aar(!) la a-ma-ri, D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 17. II, 1 pret., us-siq is-ki-e-tii, possessions he granted, V. A., 2663, III, 35. isqu, portion, income, property. a-na is-ki-971 li-96-kin-nu, Susa, 3, V, 19; 9a is-ki ma-l&ir, London, 102, III, 11, 14, 15; is-qu bit dLa-ga-ma-al, income of the temple of L., V. A., 208, 3; pl., us-siq is-ki-e-td, V. A., 2663, III, 35; p1., ana tabdli esqefti(GIS.RU.BA.MES) ~a-~i-na, V. A., 211, iIIy 5. usqaru, the crescent (cf. asqaru, Del., H. W., 717b). us-qa-ru bu-gi-na ma-qur-ru ~a dSin, Susa, 2, IVY 10. nobK, esiru, street(?). e-sir mu-ta-qa-tu,V. A., 209, IV, 30. mesiru, bond. me'sir(JJU) maqlitti (= Br. 10,873) li-ik-mi-Ij9u], D. E. P., III 1 13, 19. ~zx., apftlu, pay, restore. 1,1perm., mall-ru ap-lu za-ku-i,d London, 102, IVY 34; ma-&ir a-pit, za-ku, V. A., 209, I, 27; II, 39; III, 14, 26. I, 3, a-di XII ta-a-ani-ta..nafrpal, restore,' V. A.,I 208, 48; London, 102, IVY 40; V. A., 209, II115. aplu, son. ap-la-am nct-aq me' li-ki-im-Ati-ma, Susa, 3, ViI, 9; apil-Au na-qa ml-Ati li-Ae-li, III R. 43, IVY 20; aplu it [na-a]q me' ai zi-gar-'i-su, London, 102, III 18. apsfi, abyss, ocean. dE-a ~ar apsi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 9. D M4, epiru, dust. i-na e-pi-ri?i-la-at-ma-ru, London, 103, VI 46; i-na e-pi-ri i-tamme-ru, Neb. Nippur, IV, 29; III 11. 43, I, 33; i-na epirl (IS.ZUN) i-tam-mi-ru, I R. 70, III, 2; V. A., 2663, V, 29; i-na epiri(IS) i-te[-mni-ru], 0. B. I., 150, II, 3. IIE, atpirtu, covering(?), adjoining(?)at-pi-ir-tu pa-an gi.. London, 103, IVY 4. 11R eperu, support. la e-pi-e-ri su-zi-uq alli-s'il li-is-saah-lar, without being fed may he wander through the streets, of his city, Susa, 3, VI, 38. uprfi, perhaps == epartu, cover. I Vu~ ~uuP-ru-ii, III R. 41, I, 25. apparu, thicket. qan(GI) appari(S UK), reed thicket,* C. T., IX, p1. ivy 19. MMK, eptgu, do, make. 1, 1 pret., e-pu-gii-ma (1st pers.), Susa, 3, IV, 18; pres., ip-pu-gii talldzi, they offer battle, V R. 55, 29; ip-pu-Mv (relative sentence), Susa, 3, III, 35; bitu ippu-Al li-bi-el ~d-nu-um-ma, V R. 56, 53; mna mdtuAkkadikl ip-pu-Au be-lu-fti, V. A., 2663, V, 22; inf., i-pi~ pi-APi, decree, Neb. Nippur, I, 9; ti-tur-ra la e-pi-Ai, V. R. 56, 2; la e-pi-Ai du-ul-li, Susa, 3, II, 28; dul-la Aui-a-tu lar e-pi-Ai, Susa, 3, III, 41; a-na e-pil talldzi, V R. 55, 7; II bitdti abtlti ~a na-qa-ru ii e-pi[Au], two dilapidated houses which are to be torn down and to be (re)built, V. A., 209, III, 17; bitu Ai-a-tu Aa na-qa-ru u e-pi -Au, V. A., 209, IV, 23; part.,

Page  257 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.25 257 e-pig ku-urn-mu ki-if-fi u s-maku, V. A., 2663, HY, 11. 1,2, ki-i pi-i rabilti ma-li-ki-Ail la i-te-pu-uW-ma, Susa, 3, V, 12. ip~u, built. bitu ip-gu, a built-up plot, V. A., 208, 12. epi~tu, deed. pl., i-na ni-me-ki ip-~e-ti-gu, with the wisdom of his deeds, V. A., 2663, III, 3. WfKmeditate (cf. Hebr. vnnl~ and Hilprecht, B. E., XX, 1,y p. xii'). itpe4u, prudent. ma-al-ku it-pi-gu, V. A., 2663, II, 47; [gar] ildni it-pi-Au rim-nlu-il, C. T., X, pl. IV, 15. T" 4, i~u, wood. Used frequently as determinative; lu-il if e lu-il gamme', Susa, 3, HIY 48. ~7Ptt., eqlu, field. Used frequently in the phrases eqlu ~ii-a-tum, IV R.' 38, III, 3, 15; Susa, 16, I, 11; II, 10, etc.; eqla an-na-a, III R. 43, IIIy 18; III R. 43; edge IV, 2, 5; eqlu ga-a-gu, London, 102, II, 33; beit eqli, Susa, 2, III, 31; IV R.2 38, illy 15; ba-ab eqli-ia, Susa, 16,11, 18; eqil mu-li-gi, I R. 70, I, 4; eqlu ki-i mu-lu-gi, I R. 70, II, 17; eqil pihdti, IV R.2 38, I, 17; eqil ge-pir-ti, C. T., IX, pl. IV, 15; eqlu la a-ma-ri i-te-mi-ru, 0. B. IL, 149, II, 13; itti eqli lib-bu-il eqli, V. A., 209, II, 34; III, 19; IVY 10; 'I., eqldtim(-tim), Susa, 2, Illy 11; eqldti gi-na-ti, III R. 41, II, 2; eqidti an-na-ti, III R. 41, Il 35; C. T., X, p1. VI, 29; eqldti(A.&SI'.ME) ga-Ai-na, C. T., X, p1. V, 6. aqqullu, pickaxe. ta-dant -nun?] aq-qu-ul-lu, V R. 55, 17. 17 YPH, aq~u, evil, painful.14 si-im-ma aq-?a kz-az-za, Susa,14 IV) 6. ZI. er~bu, enter. I, 1 pret., a-na i-lik mdtu14Na..mar i-ru-bu, under the tax of Namar had come, V R. 55, 48; qdtd-iu~ ti-a, li-ru-ba, may his hands get. into the mire, V R. 56, 58; inf., a-na dli la e-ri-bi, V R. 55, 52; a-na Ohi-Au a-na ha e-ri-bi, III R.. 45, No. 2, 7, 10; a-na 6ldni la e-ri-e-bi, V R. 55, 58; bit 6luga.. an-ba-ga la e{-ri-bi], V R. 56, 1. I, 2, a-na nakri bgli-til i-te-ru-ub,. against the enemy of his lord he advanced, V R. 55, 39. III, 1, a-na il-ki li[a] d-Ae-ri-bu, Susa,. 3, IV, 7, 23; a-na il-ki la il-Aer — rib, Susa, 3, IVY 33; a-na dlugfu_ uf-fi?I-e-ri-ib, C. T., IX, p1.. IVY 14; a-na bit ik-hi-ti il-e-ir.ri-bu, IV R.2 38, III, 8; a-a la a-ma-ri ti-ge-ri-bu, D. E. P., VI, 45, V) 19; inf., a-na libbi(-bi) 6l6ni la 7il-ru-bi, V R. 55, 54. III, 2, a-na il-ki uk-te-ri-ib, Susa, 3, V, 31; a-na il-ki la ug-te-rib, Susa, 3, IVY 58. irbu, income. ir-ba u ki-ga-a-ti,V. A., 2663,11I) 17. urbu, 'income. ur-bu U' te-li-tu ma-la ba-Au-il, V. A., 208, 4. ardu, servant. arad-8U.... i-ri-im, Neb. Nippur, III, 12; Susa, 3, I, 40; II, 5; D. E. P., II, 112, 9; IV R.2 38, II, 4; Susay, 16, I, 8; D. E. P. VI, 42, I, 21; D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 4; III R. 43, I, 6; edge IV, 5; 0. B. IL, 149, I, 22; C. T., X, p1. III, 22; ardi-Au, I R. 66, II, 3; III R. 43, I, 12; ardu pa-Hi&-gu, V. A., 2663, III, 37; p1., ar-di-en u ki-na-a-ti, I R. 70, II, 4.

Page  258 258 258 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF fliK, uriA, horse. hrab ti-ri-e, master of horse, V R. 55, 53; 'ii-ra-a i't urdte (,a&8,atvt), stallions and mares, V Ri. 55, 53, 59; furdlte III R. 43, edge IV, 2. fiml~,i, 1 pret., ur-ri-i1&-ra,he hastened, V R. 55, 28. TflK1, arAku, be long. I,j prec., li-rk ri-nin-kii-ra, London, 101, IV) 13. irnittu, victory. ik-At-du ir-nit -tu~, V. A., 2663, II, 28. Y'11 irsitu, earth, land. Aame' it irsiti(-ti), London, 101, III 12; Susa, 3,II1, 50; Neb. Nippur, I, 1, 20; Aa-kan irgiti, Neb. Nippar, I, 21; i-na irsiti i-qab-bi-ru, IV Rl. 38, HIPI 20; irsitirn Au-a (urn, IV R.2 38, MyI 28; mna tr~iti, Susa, 16, VI, 21; mna su-u p-pu irsitirn(-tirn) t~ugji. Aimmari ~adi, V. A., 209 II30 irgitirn(-tim), V. A., 209, III, 18. V11114D arAru, curse. 1, I pret., ar-ra-ta i-ru-ur-ma, London, 102, I, 26; prec., li-ru-ru-Ai, Susa, 2, III, 24; Neb. Nippur, V, 7; London, 101, IV, 6; III R. 43,111I, 25; IV, 35; edge II, 2; IV fl.2 38, III, 34; Susa, 16, VI, 13; Susa, 14, III, 2; III R. 41, II, 15; I Ri. 70, IV, 24; 0. B. IL, 149, II, 17; V R. 56, 38; London, 102, I, 39; C. T., X, pl. VII, 40; V. A., 209,11,I 10; V, 9; li-ru-ruWI, Susa, 3, VI, 28; pres., i-ra-ru-Au, D. E. P., III pl. 20, 11. 1, 2, li-te-ir-ru- v, Susa, 16, VI, 12. arratu, curse. ar-Irat limutti(-ti), Susa, 2, II1, 23; Neb. Nippur, V, 7; ar-rat la nap-Au-ri, London, 101, IV, 6; *III Ri. 43, MII 25; IV, 34; edge III 2; arrat(AS) la nap-Au-ru, V. A.,I 2663, V, 37; ar-rat la -na* ap-Ati-ri li-mut-ta, Susa, 14, III, 1; Susa, 3, VI, 26; I Ri. 70, IV, 23; 0. B. I., 149, II, 16; ar-ra-at la nap-Avi-ri-im ma-ru-uA(us)-ta, Susa, 16, VI, 12; III Ri. 41, III 15; London, 102, I, 38; V. A., 209; II, 9; V, 8; ar-rat la pa-A a-ri, IV R.2 IIII 33; ar-ra-ta i'-ru-urma, London, 102, I, 26; i-na ar-rat lrn-ri-ru, Susa, 14, IV, 17; p1., aAs'u(MU) ar-ra-a-ti a-na-ti, London, 101, III, 5; ar-ra-a-ti Ai-na-a-ti, Susa, 3, V, 45; Susa, 16, IV, 22; ar-ra-a-tum an-na-aturn, Susa, 3, VII, 41; ar-ra-a-ti A maabninari an-ni-i aA-turu-ma, Susa, 3, V, 22; aA-Au ar-ra-ti, III R. 41, II, 8; aA-u ar-ra-ti limutti(-ti), I R. 70, III London, 102, V, 3. arAru, burn. I, 1 part., a-ri-rum ka-ru-bu, Neb. Nippur, IV, 25. arratu, drought. uirn(-urn) su-gi-e it ar-ra-ti, III R. 41, III 34. arurtu, drought. u~rnze a-ru-ur-ti Aandti 1&u-Ad-a1&-&i, London, 101, IV, 9. irrfi, bitterness. i-na(!) ir-ri-i irn-[lu]-7!, D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 16. tib(?)-da-a a-na la e-ri-Ai, III Ri. 45, No. 2, 10. vilKtA ere~u, plant. III, I part., rnu-Ae-ri-Au lu-ti git-gal-lu, a planter, Susa, 3, VI, 10; III R. 41, I, 32. irri~u, farmer, cultivator. ir-ri-Ai Aa aui-Au, Susa, 3, III 34. m~rigtu, cultivation (cf. p. 174). a-na me-riA-ti la Aui-lu-ku-t-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 30. 0*7K, M~t%, fire. mna i Adti(NE) i-qal-lu-ii, Neb. Nippur, V, 1; C. T., X, pl., VIII

Page  259 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 29 259. 37; London, 102, V, 3; i-na igdti i-qa-al-lu-71, III R. 41, II, 11; i-na i-ga-ti i-qal-lu-vi, 0. B. I., 149, III 12; III R. 43, I, 34; i~dti?I-gaq-lu, V RI. 56, 36; i-gata ii-9a-aq-qa'[-lu], London, 103, V, 44; i-na. ildti i-lar-ra-pu, I R. 70, III, 4; ialdti ii-ga-ka-lu, 0. B. I., 150, II, 4; i-na ildti iqallz(GIBIL-ii = Br. 10,867); V. A., 2663, V, 29; a-na ildti inadz2(-z), London, 101, Illy 3; lu i-na [me'] lu a-na ildti i-na-addu-[zi], D. E. P., III 113, 16; a-na ialdti i-na-[ad-du-?!], D. E. P., ViI, 45, V, 12; a-na me-e u i'dti it-ta-di, Susa, 3, V, 51; a-na me' it ii'dti i-nam-du-zi, Susa, 16, IVY 31; a-na m6 a-na i~alti?-~-ad-da(!)-P, IV R.2 38, Illy 18; ki-i i-i'a-ti, V R. 55, 17; in-na-pi-i1& i-la-tu, V R. 55, 30. i~du, foundation. ilid-su lissu1~u(ZI-1&u), London, 103, VI, 4; Neb. Nippur, V, 7; [igid-su] li-iz-zi-1&u, Susa, 16, VI, 25; ilid-su li-bit, London, 101, Illy 15; ilid-su li-is-su-1ju, I R. 70, iIy 12; e-li-is-su li-is-su-hu, III R. 43, lIII, 27; mu-kin ig-di ma-a-ti, Neb. Nippur, II, 24; mu-kin ildi mdti, V. A., 2663, II; 44; C. T., X, pI. IV, 13. fW7Kb, egitu, disturbance, revolution. mna e-gi-tvi u sa1.-mai-ti ga matuAkkadikiI C. T.) X, pI1. V, 3. Ito'VK3, ugaku, misfortune (cf. Hebr. l)tjnf and Jensen on asakku, K. B.YVI, 433f). ai -?i-s ma vI-ga-ki, Neb. Nippur, IVY 24 (cf. p. 183). iAkaru, a span of horses. pI., ig-ka-ra-a-ti ul-lap, V R. 55, 24. usumgallu, sovereign. ulumgal(GAL.USU) dlgigg, V. A., 2663, I. 5. agamgatu, hurricane. a-gam-ga-tu i?-fa-nun-da, a burn-. cane sweeps along, V R. 55, 32. agnin, grain. ur-ki-ti, Susa, 14, III., 12. US.SA.DU, adjoining (cf. p. 160). London, 103, IlI, 48, 50; London, 101, I, 7, 9, 12; IV R.2 38, I, 9, 13, 17; Susa, 16, I, 20, 22, 26, 29; II, 2; III R. 41, I, 3, 5, 7, 9; I R. 70, I, 5, 7, 10, 12; III R. 43, I, 15, 17, 19, 21; 0. B. IL, 149, I, 7; C. T., X, pI. VI, 18, 21,22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28; V. A., 208, 9, 10, 11, 14; C. T., X, pI. III, 12, 14; London, 102, I, 4, 6, 7, 9; V. A., 2663, III, 44, 47, 54; IV, 26, 28, 35, 38. US.SA.DU, neighbor, Susa, 16, IV, 5; Susa, 14, III 5; US.SA.DU-9u, its adjoining (field), V. A., 209, I, 8, 18. i~paru, weaver. mB ll(EN) apil higparij(US - BAR), V. A., 2663, IV, 29. i~partu, female weaver. Londkrn, 102, IV, 23. ~1WH1, agru, place. i-na al-ri-im ga-ni-im-ma, Susa, 3, V, 41; a-gar la a-ma-ri, IV R., 38, IlI, 6;. Neb. Nippur, V, 4; III R. 41, II, 12; London, 101, III, 7) Susa, 3, V, 43; I R. 70, III, 7; 0. IA. I., 150, III 4; London, 102, V) 5; Susa, 16, IV, 35; D. E. P., 45, V, 18; a-Aar la a-ma-ru, V. A., 2663, V, 31; a-gar la a-(mal)-ri pu-uz-ri, C. T., X, p1. VII, 37; a-gar qa-tug u ta-&?a-zi, London, 103, VI, 18; tt-tir-ru aA-ru-uA-in, he returned them to their abodes, V. A., 2663, III 30. a~irtum, sanctuary. a-gi-ir-tum rabitum(GAL), Susa, 2, IV, 6; p1., mu~-te-'-t! ag-ra-tigu, Neb. Nippur, I, 24; PI. cstr., al-rat dVabd (PA) u dMarduk,

Page  260 260 260 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF V. A., 2663, III, 8; Aa ag-rat ildni.... C. T.)X,PI. IV, 8; mu-ud-diA ica-liA agrdti (AS.ME), V. A., 2663, II1,7. e~r~ti, sanctuaries. eA-ri-tu-Ai-nu ud-da-a, IV R.' 38, III, 31; cstr., mna eA~-rit ma-1&a-z~i, V. A., 2663,11, 45; a-na ud-du-uA eA-rit ma-I&a-az da-ad-me, Neb. Nippur, II, 2. iirubfi, leprosy(?). iA-ru-ba-a ki-ma ~?u-ba-ti pa-ga-arAil li-la-bi-iA-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 48; iA-ru-ba-a milti(BAD-ti) an kabit-ta zu-mur-Au lil-la-ib[-bia]-ma, Susa, 16, VI, 14; iA-ru-ba-a la te-ba-a, III R. 41, II, 16; ki-i lu-ba-ri li-kz-ab-bi-sumna, I R. 70, Illy 19; i~rubd(SU...,UUR.SUJ.AB-a) ki-ma lu-ba-ri li-li-bi-Aa zu-mu-ur-Ai, III R. 43, IV, 8; iA-ru-ba-a i-na zu-umri-Au li-Aab-Ail-ma, 0. B. I., 149, I11, 6; iA~-ru-ba [ki-ma lu-ba-ri li-lab-bi-iA]-Au, London, 102, I, 46; iA-ru-pa-a li-lab-bi-is-su-ma, V. A., 209, V) 10. aiaridu, first. mdru a~aridu(SAG.KAL) Aa [AAAur-aI&u-iddina], C. T., X, pI. IV, 9. ailu, concerning. a-Atil X gur, London, 103, II, 13; aA-Au ar-ra-a-ti "Ai-na-a-ti; Susa, 3, V, 45; Susa, 16, ivy 22; aA~u (MU) ar-ra-a-ti a-na-ti, London, 101, III, 5; aA-Au dldni Bit mKar-zi-ab-ku, V R. 55, 47; aA-Ail ar-ra-ti, III 1R. 41, II, 8; I R. 70, 'II, 19, London, 102, II, 3; aA-u paq-ri la ra-Ae-e, London, 102, IIy 34; aA-u la ra-ga-mu, C. T.y X, pI. V, 9; aA-Au ru-gu-um-[mi], C. T., X, PI. V, 10. 4iakku, prince, representative. lu-il &a-za-an-nu lu-ti iahakku(PA. TE-SI), Susa, 16, IV, 3; iAlakkve qar-du, V R. 55, 3; iA~ak Aarri, III R. 41, II, 3; iA~ak h~a-kin, III R. 41,11II, 4; iAaklbit fe-mi-Au, III R. 41, II, 4; lu-il h~akin(-in) fe-mi lu-il iA~akku(PA.TE.SI)? 0. B. IL, 149, Il, 4. MiU, from, since. i~tu(TA) il-lik, London, 103, I, 3; iA-tu aluDi-eir ma-Mi-az dAnum, V R. 55, 14; i~tu (TA) i-na li-ti.... a-na A kkadi i-tu-ra, V R. 55, 44; i~tu(TA) i-na i-lik mdtuNa-mar, V R. 56, 6. iftdn, one.?2ma(-ma) iA-tin, London, 101, IV, 7; ki-i i~ten 72m~i(-mi) la balaf-su liq-bu-il,, 0. B. I., 149, III, 10. iiftfniA in the same manner. fi~ra u rabd(-a) ki-i i~t' niA (I-A) i-Aa-af-bit-ma, V. A., 2663, iIIy 28. Mmar, goddess. pI., dNind be-lit eA-[t]a-ra-tu, 0. B. I., 83, II, 15. fl1K1,H att6, see. II, 1, mim-ma ut-tu-ii a-na 4ur-ri pi-Au la i-kaA-Aad, whatsoever he seeks for his throat may he not secure it, I R. 70, ivy 19; gi-mir kal da-dd-me ki-niA ut-tu-?i-ma, he paid careful attention, V. A., 2663, I, 24. itai, overseer(?). laputtil lu-il i-ti-i, I R. 70,11, 6. ita, boundary. 30 (gur) i-te-e Bit-mMa-zi ndr Aarri, C. T., IX, pI. V, 24; e te-ti-iq i-ta-[a], 0. B. I., 83, IIy 22. ~.nx, OteWN, lord. ameluc Ail-il lu-il etellu(BE) lu-il rabil ma-lik Aarri, Susa, 3, VI, 1; e-til Aame(-e) u ir~iti, Neb. Nippur, I, 1; (Nebuchadrezzar I.) e-til Aarrdini, V R. 55, 2; fem.,Y (Gula) e-til-li-it ka-la be-li-e-ti., Susa, 3, VI, 16.

Page  261 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.26 261 jPflK4 etequ, remove. I, 1 pret., a-na-ku la e-mi-e-Adi(Wbtf) zi la e-ti-qu, Susa, 3, IV, 27; e te-ti-iq i-ta-[a], 0. B. I., 83, 22; pres., i-ka mi-i?-ra it-ti-qu, Susa, 16, IVY 18. J V, 1, pres., an-na-Ati ki-i-nu la in-niti-qu, whose grace is constant and cannot be surpassed, Susa, 3, VII, 49. ni~tequ, inroad(s). a-na me-te-iq me' Aaknu (-nu), to the inroads of the waters exposed, Neb. Nippur, II, 31. m~tiqtu, road. a-di ti-tur(!)-ri mi-ti-i q-ti Aarri, Susa, 14, l, 4. iti~, prep., with, alongside of. it-ti a-lya-meA i-Aal-Ail-nu-ti, London, 103, IV, 18; it-ti a-1.a-meA, London, 103, IV, 37; it-ti, Lon-don, 103, ll, 19; V, 12; Aa-na-a Aa it-ti-Au, the companion who is with him, V R. 55, 34; lu-?! ra-ki-i8 it-ti-Au, V R. 56, 44; it-ti-Au a-na mdtu~lamtiki il~li_ ku-ma, C. T., IX, pl. IV, 9; it-ti eBll(EN) a-na Balbili ia-a-a, C. T., IX, p1. IV, 12; it-ti d Ea, 0. B. I., 83, II, 17; it(!)-ti mulu-gi, London, 102, I, 15; it-tiAu, London, 102, IIIy 1.7; it-ti mdtuAkkadiki.... ir-Aa-a sa-lime, V. A., 2663, I, 17; itti(DA), alongside of, C. T., X, p1. III, is; V. A., 208, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19; V. A., 2663, IV, 7, 11, 14, 25; V. A., 209, II, 32, 33, 35, 35; III, 3, 4, 6, 7; IV, 9, 10, 11, 12, 25, 26, 28, 30; 0. B. I., 150, 1,2, 3,4,5. ~x 4:1, u, possess. 1, 1 prec., bWu ip-pu-Au li-bi-el Aanu-um-ma, V R. 56, 53. Weu, lord, passim. pl., be-lu-ii irfitim Aii-a-tum, IVL 1R' 38, 28. beltu, mistress. (Gula) be-el-tu rabitu(-tu), III R. 41j, III 29; biltu rabitu, I R. 70, IV, 5; III R. 43, IV, 15; Neb. Nippur, IV, 20; D. E. P., VI, 47, 1 1; London, 102, II, 20; (Zarpanttum) [bgltu] rabitum(-tum), 0. B. I., 149, II, 22; b~lit E-sag-ila, London, 102, I, 42; '(Igtar) b~lit gamg(-e) At irfsiti(-ti), III R1. 43, IV, 12; I R. 70, iI, 22; (Igtar) bilit mdtd2ti, Neb. Nippur, IV., 22; Susa, 2,IV, 16; (Gula) beltu Aur-bu-tum, Susa, 3, VII, 15; (Igbara) bMUi le-ti da-ad-ma, III R. 43, IV, 28; (Aumalia) be-lit AadA' el-lu-ti, V R1. 56, 46; (Is'tar) be-el-tu ru-ba ildni, III R. 41, IIy 21; ha belti dNind, 0. B. I., 83, I, 22; [a-na] dNind be-el-ti-Ail, 0. B. I., 83, i, 4; belat(NIN-at) ildni, D. E. P., be-li-e-ti, Susa, 3, VII, 17. MAW~t, lordship, rule. Aa.. mna mdtuAkkadlki ippui be-lu-ti, V. A., 2663, V, 22; be-lut-su la iA-Aa-na-nu,1 Neb. Nippur, I, 17. ba'tilAfi, kingdoms. ka-bit mdltdti mut-tar-ru-71 ba-'4-i la -ti, Neb. Nippur, I, 12. M~u, weapon. PI., dNergal be'l be-li-e it qa-ga-ti, III R. 43, ivy 21. 1K?1, ba'Aru, catch. 1, i part., h bdliru (SO.,UA), C. T.) XI pl. III, 13. 1KMA bairu, well. a-na biri(PU) i-na-a8-8u-ku, III R. 41, III 11; a-na bfri(PU) i-(na)-a8-sU-ku,London, 102,V, 2. MC bAtu, pass night. I, 2, ki-ma kalbi li-ib-ta'-i-ta i-na b~bu, gate..du-ul-li bdb ndr Aarri, Susa, 3, II)

Page  262 262 262 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 29; ba-oh eqli-ia, Susa, 16, II, 18; bdb eqli, Susa, 16, II, 31; amelu Aa bdb 6kalli, V R. 56, 16; amel bdb tekalli, Neb. Nippur, V, 10; ba-ab-~ii li-~par-ri-ki, III R. 43, IVY 27; p1., ba-ba-at 16ar-ri 'dLuSd-sa-naki, 0. B. I., 149, I, 9. B~bilfi, the Babylonian. hBatbitl2(TIN.TIRki ME), V. A., 2663, III, 45, 48; Bdbitz2 (TIN.TIR-!) IV R. 56) 3. bubfitu, hunger. bu-bu-ta ge-ir-ta-~u ra-bi-i-ta timis-su-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 33; mursu bu-[bu]-ti, D. E. P., VI, 47, 20; bu-bu-ta it &u-~a-a&-ha liA-kun-~?!-um-ma, V R. 56 43. bugina, basket. us-qa-ru bu-gi-na maqur-ru Aa dSin., Susa, 2, IV) 10. ~11 bfilu, cattle. bu-ul ~arri u Aa-kin, Susa, 3,111,) 15. 11:3 bAru, ox. bu-rui ek-du ~a dRammdn, Susa, 2, IV, 17. ~n) bubalu, stallion. XXX sise' XXV bu-&a-tu V furdte (IsisPa), III R. 43, edge IV, 2. 17Wn, batAlu, cease. 1, 1 inf., la ba-ta-la at-ri~ a-na du-ummu-ki, IV R. 38, II, 25. j':, bAnu, give. I, 1 imper., US.SA.DU-~u mna pani-ka bi-nxam-ma, V. A., 209, I, 9; fuppa-~u ku-nut-uk-ma bi-inni, V. A., 209, I, 14; V Aiqlu kaspi bi-na-an-ita-gi-ma, give us, V. A., 209, IV, 21. Jv':, bttu, house, passim. '13' MIA(, perish; II, 1, destroy. 11, 1 prec., nap-~a-tu~ li-bat-li, Neb. Nippur, IV, 4. belai, ragged garment (Hebr. 010i2). II?ubdtu elitu be-lu-vi, III R. 41, I, 23. billudfi, command. par(?)-su-AP Ait-ru-&~u I billudi2(PA +AN)-9IP firu, Neb. Nippur, I, 18. L~,balfitu, live. I, I perm., a-di Pm(-um) bal-tu, Susa, 3, VI, 52; VII, 23; V R. 56, 59; London, 102, III 23; ftm [blaltu, 0. B. I., 149, III, 4; a-di ilm(-um) bat-du, Susa, 16, VI, 18 a-di ami(-mi) i-su-ti ~a bat-ta? IV R.2 38, III, 4 1. balfttu, life. Pama(-ma) i~-tin la baldt(TI)-su liqbu-zi, London 1 01,YIV, 7; ki-i ilt en Pami (-mi) la baltd(TI) -su liq-bu-P,d 0. B. I., 149, III, 10; [bat-a]t Pmi(-mi) ma-'-du-ti, Susa, 3, VP 17; la ba-la-az-zu [liq-b]u-vi,, Susa, 16, VI,)23; li-mat batalti(TILLA) ti-l'i-ma-lui, 0. B. I.,I 83, II, 18; Neb. Nippur, III 6; f2m'-9u, la ba-tat-su iq-[bu-zii], London, 102, V, 7. ri%, baltu, riches. nu-u&4-i At &-gal a-di bat-tu, Susa, 3, V, 19. fl3:, banfl, do, make, create. I, 1 pres., i-ban-nuit- ni-kil-ftu, (who) practices mischief, V. A., 2663, V, 24; part., cstr., dE-a ba-an ka-ta, 0. B. I., 83, III 17; muurn-mu ba-an ka-la, the prototype, the creator of all, V. A., 2663, III, 5; (Nusku) ltu] bannit-P-a, Neb. Nippur, IV, 26 (Lugal-banda) itu ba-ni-IP, IV R.2 38, 11, 10; part. fem., dAIN.MEN.NA ba-nit itdni, V. A., 2663, II, 52; beltat (NIN-at) itdni ba-na-at nap-[&a-ri], D. E. bfinu, face, features. pl., mna bu-ni-lu nam-rit-ti, Neb. Nippur, I, 22; bu-ni-lu nam-ruti(tu), C. T., X, pl. III, 9; p1. V, 15; V. A., 2663, III, 40; i-na bit ni-I i-nu iz-zu-ii-ti, Susa, 3,

Page  263 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.26 263- VI, 23; bu-ni-Uz lit-fe-Aii-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 14. nabnitu, birth. 'ii -gar-ri-1~u nab-nit-su, V. A., 2663, II., 54. IFP, baqftnu, cut off (cf. p. 177). I, 1 inf., ba-qa-an gam-mi, Neb. Nippur, III,.26; S'ammig eqli-Az la ba-qa-ni, Susa, 3, III, 14. Knibr6tu, hunger. ~um-ma, I R. 70, IVY 17. VHifl, barfi, see. I I pret., ib-ri-e-ma kul-la-tan nigg i-hi-it, he looked around and everywhere he examined men, V. A., 2663, II 20. WArf, seer. hbdrti(JJfAL), London, 103, I, 1, 39; II, 10, 15; IV, 8, 22, 32; V,22; V RI. 56, 26; Neb. Nippur, V, 14; 0. B. LI, 149, I, 16; V. A., 209, V, 18 (so acc. to Dr. Ungnad). bWrit, prep., between. bi-rit naruldiqlat u ndruSum-ili, D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 4, 17; i-na bi-ri-kd-nu, V R. 55, 30. 0T'1:, birfi, luxuriant growth, pasture. III R. 43, IVY 6. biritu, luxuriant pasture. I R. 70, IV) 14. nn;, barrubju, luxuriant. zur-S'u bar-ru-hiu, V. A., 2663, III 16. 0D,:, barAmu, seal. 1, 1 inf., i-na S'a-a-me g'a-t a-ri it ba-rame, London, 102, IVY 41; perm., jup-pi bar-mu, the tablet has been sealed, V. A., 2663, V, 50. T'fl:, bartritu, rise of the stars. (Istar) iRat ba-ri-ri-ta, III R. 41, III 22 (cf., however, Delitzsch, H. W., 188a). burrurtum, shining (Zim'mern). tUqar-ru-ur.tum bur-ru-ur-tum. 9a dIj..tar, Susa, 2, IV) 15. burftu, cypress. imir burdgi(RIM.LI) la na-ci-ni,` V R. 55 56. 11M ba~fi, be. I, 1 pret., Uildni mala] ib-gi-mu, C. T., X, p1. VII, 40; uzun (PI) -~u ib-Ai-ma,V. A., 2663, III, 14; Aumu l6(NU) ibi(IG), London, 103, I, 3; Aumu ld iWe (IG-e), relat., London, 103,11I, 9; IVY 33, Aumu ld ib72 (IG-71), relat., London, 103, IVY 23; pres., Neb. Nippur, I, 4; um-ma qaqqa-ru i-ba-al~-~i, V. A., 209, I, 8; inf., ma-la ba-9il-i, as much as there is, V R. 55, 47; 56, 8, 29; IJR. 66, III 1; C. T., IX, pl. V, 38; V. A., 2663, III 32; V, 24; V. A., 208, 4; C. T., X, pl. V, 16; London, 103, V, 32, 40; a-na may they cause him to come to naught, London, 103, VI, 24; a-du same~ A irsiti ba-Us-il, V R. 56, 60; a-na paq-ri la bade(IG), V. A., 2663, IVY 53; par-ga-nih baell(-e) a-hu-7i-ti, V. A., 2663, III, 18; a-na ud-du-gu [eg]-rit.. ba-~a-a uzn6 (PIP)-4u, V. A.,* 2663, III 25. III, 1, i-na zumri(SU)-?il li-gab-Aima, III R. 41, III 30; [i-n]a zu-um-ri-kil li-Aab-Mi-ma, 0. B. I., 149, MyI 4, 7; mna zu-um-ri~u li-~ab-Ni-ma, London, 102, III 22; ki-mu-71 mg id-ra-na li-I ab-Ai, London, 102, IIy 14;?i-gab-9i, London, 102, III 10. buOf, property. i-na eli bu~ki (SA.SU) ii-tib-vi-ma, London, 102, VI, 13. bitballu, riding horse. amelu 9a bit-4al-li, master of the (riding) horse, V R. 55, 58; urdte('fise') bit-hal-la, mares as riding horses, V R. 55, 59.

Page  264 264 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF P1'-3, batAqu, cut off. 1 1,!I perm., bu-ut-tu-qu mlq-t the drinking places were cut off, VR. 55, 19. butuqtu, inundation (Taim. 14PI.). Ad a-na bu-tuq-ti Aaknu(-hiu), Neb. Nippur, II, 26. gabbu, entire, total. i-na i-lik mndtuNa-mar gab-bi -dv, V R. 55, 51. pabarA, gabra, copy. na-ra-a Ad abni eA-Ad ga-ba-ri-e labi-ri-Au i~-fur-ma, Susa, 2, Med., II1,10; ki ga-ba-fri-i] li'i(GIS.LI), D. E. P., HY, 93, HY, 8, 11; a-suMi-it-tu an-ni-i-tu ga-ba-t-i-e Adlal-ti, London, 103, VI, 27; gabr-i(GAB.RI) kunuk Aarri, I R. 66, HY, 19. gugallu, regent, chief. gis-gal-lu Aa pi~dt Bit-mPirdAmurr, Susa, 3, VI, 11; (Ramm~n) gis-gal ildni, D. E. P., IHY 113,8;(Rammfin) gis-gal Aame'(-e), it irpitim(-tim), III R. 41, II, 32; I R. 70, IV, 9; III R. 43, IV, 3; V R. 56, 41; Susa, 14, III, 9; lu mu-Ae-ri-Aii lu gis-gal-lu, III R. 41, I,- 33. 77w, gimillu, preservation. a-na tur-r gi-mil-li, to avenge, V R. 55, 13. i17a, gamAru, complete. 1, 1 pret., pa-gu-mi a-na Ri-ti-li-ia-aAti ig-mu-ur-ma, D. E. Py,II,pl. 20, 5;.part., ga-mir kAv-luAi-11, the most perfect commande, V. A.. 2663, I, 7. gamraitu, completion, fulness. Aimi-Au gam-ru-tu, its full price, V. A., 209, II, 37; MYI 13, 26; V Aiqlu kas8pi Aim gam-ru-tu, V. A., 209, IV, 34. gimru, totality. (Marduk) AMr gi-im-ri, V. A., 2663, I, 4; (Ellil) b9l gim-ri Neb. Nippur, I, 2; M~r(?) gim(?) ri, London, 101, MYI 10; gi-mi1r la-ni -Au, III R. 41, IIY 17; gi-mir kal da-dd-me, V. A., 2663, I, 23; gi-mir e-kur-re, V. A.,2663, II, 5. GIAN, a surface measure. 9y GAN 30 qa I ammatu rabitu, S s,2, I, 26, 35' II 5, 10, 15; Neb. Nippur, p1. 1; III, 7; London, 103, MYI 40; London, 101, I, 4; Susa, 3, I, 2; Susa, 16, I, 1; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 1; D. E. P., VI, 46, I, 1; C. T., IX, pl. V, 26;- 0. B. I., 83, I, 1; III R. 41, I, 1; I R. 70, I, 1; III R. 43, I [1], 11; 0. B. I., 149, I, 1; C. T., X, pl. III 11, 19; V. A., 2663, IV, 3, 18, 20, 32, 42, 47, etc. GUU.EN.NA, title of an official. London, 103, I, 20, 48; MYI 7, 26, 35, 37. girgilu, a symbol of Ellil. gir-gi-lu al-la-ku Aa dEn..lil, Susa, 2, IVY 3. girru, road. pl., tu... Aa gir-ri-e-ti, V R. 55, 18. gurru, measure of area, Hebr. ~1Z. gur she'uze'ru, passim. GIS.BAR, rent. London, 103, MYI 19, 20; III R. 41, I, 21, 22; London, 102, IV, 25. gi~babbu, rascal. flu-a giA-lyab-ba, III R. 41, II, 9. gi~immaru, date palm. eqlu ifugi~immaru zaq-qu, a field planted- with date palms, V. A., 208, 35; t1~ukirvi(SAR) gi~immaru, V. A., 2663, IV, 21; C. T., X, pl. VI, 24; 4ugigimmaru Aadi, V. A., 209,11,)30; MYI 1; 4lukirvi ifugigimmarg 40 gigimmariu m'a bilti(GU.UN) mna lib-bi-Au, the date palm grove in which are forty date palms with fruit, V. A., 209, IVY 24.

Page  265 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.26 265 ga rl, ru, strong. aNusku bil ga-aA-rum, Neb. Nippur, IV, 25; i-na e-muq dB il(EN) gag-rat, V. A., 2663, III 38; pl., d~amaA u dRammdn ildni ga-aA-ru-tu, Neb. Nippur, IV, 15. gaArfitu, strength, power. Aa ina dun-ni u [ga,~]-ru-tti la [i-]Atiu tam-Aul-Au, V. A., 2663, II, 32. igutaku, title of an official. gu-ta-ku Aa Bift-mA-da, III R. 43, III, 12. Dftzu, month of Tammuz. Y R. 55,1 16; V. A., 2663, V, 16. Mt 1, da'ummatu, darkness. fimi-At nam-ru a-na da-um-ma-ti li-tur(?)-Ati, III R. 41, II, 20. M31 dabAbu, raise a claim. 1, 1 pret., id-bu-bu, London, 103, I, 16; i-na mu-u4 [eqli APi-a-tul id-bu-um-ma, London, 103, I, 43; id-Ins-urn-ma, Susa, 16, II, 17; pres., i-na eli eqlatim(-tim) Ai-na-a-tim i-dib-bu-bu-ma, Susa, 2, III, 13; i-na mu-uI& Bit-tmTakil-a-na-ili-Ati i-da-ab-bu-bu irag-gu-mu, London, 103, V) 34; i-na eli eqlu Ati-a-tum i-da-ab-bubu, London, 101, II, 17; Susa, 16, IVY 14; Susa, 14,11, 8; III R. 43, III, 5; ga' eqlu Ati-a-tum i-dabba-[bu], IVR238, III, 4; mu&IX, pl. V, 32; i-na mu&u-&i i-da-bu-bu, 0. B. I., 149, III 6; i-na mu&j-&i [bittd]ti Ati-a-tu i-dib-bu-bu, V. A., 209, I, 36; inf., bPda-ba-bi, impostor, Susa, 2, IVY 31; fuppu la ta-a-ru it la da-ba-bu ik-nu-uk-ma, V.A. 209, IVY 14, 37; Aa. da-ba-bi an-na-a, V. A., 209, III 6; VI 6; part I lu-ti b9l da-ba-bi da-bi-bi, Susa, 2, IVY 32. III, 1 pret., di-na lu-Aa-(ad)-bu-ba, London, 102, VI, 8; pres., ti-AaaI&-&a-zu ti-Aad-ba-bu ti-Aat-ba-lu eqlu an-nU-t, London, 1031, V, 36; Aa rubtl ti-~ad-ba[bu~] eqia an-na-a, D. E. P., II, 97, 14; i-na eli eqlu ti-a-tum i-da-ab-buIns ii-Aad-ba-bu, London, 101, II, 17; Susa, 14, II, 9; i-dab-ba-bu ti-Aad-ba[-bu], IV R.2 38, III, 5; 0. B. I., 149, II, 7IIR. 43 III, 6; ti-fjad-ba-bu(?)]-ma eqlu Ati-a-tu ik-ki-mu, Neb. Nippur, iIy 27; i-dib-bu-bu ti-ad-ba-bu, V. A., 209, II, 1; part., mu-Ae-idbi-bi, plotters, seducers, Susa, 3, IVY 17; mu-Aad-bi-bi, Susa, 3, ivy 38; V, 12. dibbu, lawsuit. di-ib-bi tap-qir-ta At ru-gu-um-ma-a, Susa, 31, III 15. ~11 dag~lu, see. I, 1 prec., pa-ni-ka lid-gu-1a, V. A., 209, IVY 8. 1II, 1, pa-ni-Au tl-Aad-gil, to him he entrusted, C. T., IX, pl. V, 41; pa-ni tmKi-di-ni mdri-u kut-tinnu ti-ad-gil, V. A., 208, 6, 21; pa-ni MUb ki-din-nu...t-A gadgil, V. A., 2663, iI, 26; ti-Aadgil pa-n i-Au], C. T., X, pl. VI 6; pa-ni -ka nu-Aad-gi-[il]-ma, V. A., 209, IVY 22. daddu, child. a[i] i-zi-Ins da-ad-da-At, Susa, 16, VI, 27. dfiru, wall. dtiru Aa ldtuB7itiIamaA, V R. 56, 1. 11W1, dAr6, everlasting. zeru da-ru-ti Aa [Aarrtlt, of ancient royal seed, C. T.y X, pl. IV, 13; ziru Aarru-u-ti da-ru-ti, V. A., 2663, III 41; p1., baldt itmg daru-ti-ti, *Neb. Nippur, II, 6; ana timO -me) da-ru-ti-ti, Neb. Nippur, III, 17; p1. fern., a-na ku-dur da-ra-a-ti, for an everlasting boundary stone, Susa, 3, iI, 53; miu-ki-in ku-dur-,ri dara-ti, III R. 41, heading 3, III 40;

Page  266 2(')'(; 266 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF a-na da-ra-a-ti, forever, Susa, 3, V, 39. dArig, forever. dRammdn limuttu(?) pa-at -ti-nu da(?)-riA, London, 101, I, 3. 1flm, dabftdu, be abundant. II, 1 part., mu-dah-6i-id Ai-gar-Au-nu, who fills with plenty their gates, V. A., 2663, II, 4. dubdu, plenty. Aandte du4-di, Susa, 3, V, 18. dailu (=daialu), title of official. a-lik da-i-li 18W-a-tim, IV R 2. 38, II, 30.. j'"1, Mmn, judge. 1, 1 pret., di-in kit-ti u me4a-ri ai i-di-nu-Au, Neb. Nippur, IV, 18; Aa di-in mi4a-ri i-din-nu, V R. 55, 6; prec., lu-ii-di-in kul dini(DI)-gu, may he decree the denial(?) of his right, I R. 70, III, 16; lu-7i-di (-in) kul di'ni (DI) - Az-ma, III R. 43, IVY 11. dinu, right, lawsuit. di-in mi-ga-ri, V RI. 55, 6; di-in kit-ti u me-ga-ri, Neb. Nippur, IV, 17; (Aamas' and Ramma'n) be'le di-ni, London, 103, VI, 9; di-in-Mz la uA-te-eA-~e-ru, London, 103, VI, 10; di-in-Au it purussi(ES.BAR)-gu ai ip-ru-us, London, 102, II, 2; di-na lu-A a-(ad)bu-ba, they brought suit, London, 102, VI, 8; di-ni il(?)[-li-ku], V. A., 209, IV) 2; ka-nik di-nim, London, 103, VI, 28; pl. cstr., di-na-at, D. E. P., 43, IV, 10. dainu (~= daianu), judge. (SamaA) daianu rabil, Susa, 2, IVY 13; Susa, 14, III, 3; daianu(DI.KUD) rabit ~amei(e) u irfidaianu kaA-ka niae, III R. 43, IVY 10; dSama, daian gamg u irpiti, London, 101, IIIy 12; III R. 41, III 19; London, 102, II, 1; (gamas and Ramm,4n) daiang MEAS), Neb. Nippur, IV, 16; lu-si daianu lu-ud be'l pa1&dti, III R. 45, No. 2., 3; lu laputtu lu dai[anu], D. E. P., II, 97, 11. fl:31, dakfi, overthrow. I, 2, gzi-zi id-di-ki-ma i-na aA-ri-im ga-ni-im-m-a ki-i limutti(-ti) ilta-ka-an, Susa, 3, V) 40. illY, dikhw, levy, be ready. 1, 1 pret., [mna] bu-ni-Uz nam-ru-tu id-ki-ma, with shining face he was ready (willing), C. T., X, pl. V, 15; inf., la di-ki-im-ma, not to levy, Susa, 3, II, 27. dikfh, levymaster. lu-7i di-ku-zi lu na-gi-ru, D. E. P." II, 97, 12. dikfitu, levy, conscription. i-na il-ki di-ku-ti, Neb. Nippur, Illy 25; it-ti di-ku-tu fa-bit al6ni, Susa, 3, II, 25. Ydaltu, door. dal-[ti] it as'ar(KI) mi-il-ti n6ri-As'i i-si-ik-ki-ru-ma, the sluice, th(e place of filling his canal, Susa, 16, VI 6. ~,dullu, work. du-ul-li pit-ki mi-i4-ri nam-ba-'-i., Susa, 3, III 18; du-ul-li bdb ndr garri, Susa, 3, III 29; du-ul-la eA-Aa, Susa, 3, illy 28, 36; du-ul-la 97i-a-lu, Susa, 3, III, 40. dAmu, blood. ddma(BE) u Aarqa(BE. UD) kimat me l-ir-muk, Neb. Nippur, IV 21; London, 102, II, 23; da-ma u Aar-ka, J R. 70, ivy 7; 0. B. I.,1 149, iIy 4; 8'ar-ka u da-ma, Susa, 3, VII, 24; garqa (BE. UD) it ddma(BE), III R. 41, II, 31; ga-ar-ka u da-~ma, III R. 43, IV., 17; da-a u gar-ka, IY. E. P., IVJ* pl. 16, II, 4. P?7l, damiqu, be merciful. II, 1 inf., at-riA a-na du-um-mu-ki., for an exceedingly great favor,

Page  267 INEBUCHADREZZAR I.26 267 IV R.' 38, II, 26; part., muwho keeps unstained the name of the father, his begetter, V. A.;2663, HY, 41. damqu, gracious. ina ni~tr p6ln?2(SI.MES)4u damqgti(SI.-BIR.MES), Neb. Nippur, I, 22. damqi~, graciously. [damqiA] lip-pal-su-til-ma, Susa, 3, V, 16. damiqtu, favor. i-na [f~b lib]-bi u da[miqti i~]-pur, Susa, 16, I, 10. 131, danftnu,. force. mna da-na-ni, by force, London, 103, ivy 14. dannu, powerful, mighty. ~arru dan-nu, V R. 55, 28; C. T., X, pl. IVY 10, 12; ed-lu dan-nu, V. A., 2663,9 II, 33; i-na ta-ha-zi da-an-ni, III R. 43, IV, 29; dan-na mdtLullu-bi-i V R. 55, 9; [ta]-i&a-zi dan-ni, ID. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 14. dannatu, difficulty. ul id-dar dan-na-at eqli, V R. 55, 24. dunnu, strength. mna dun-ni u [gad]-ru-tzi, V. A., 2663, II, 31. dannu, document (cf. dannitu). a-na garri dan(-an)-ni iq-bi -ma, III R. 43, I, 10; dan(-an) [-ni] ka-ni-ki, the document was sealed, III R. 43, I, 23. r'l, diriktu, diminution (cf. dirku, small). i-na di-ri-ik-ti me', at the low water level, Susa, 3, IIY 54. MWIh digi, widely extended. nigg(UN) di-ga-a-ti, people far and near, III R. 41, II, 39. V.~1 Adu, inform. III; 1 pret., garru ugA-d-ma it-ti a-lla meg i-Aal-Mi-nu-ti-ma, London., 103, IVY 18; garru... Ws-idma, Susa, 16, II, 21; ~arru~ b~liAu.. is-id-ma, V R. 55Y, 49; ~arru be-el-u ulIA-'-]id-ma um[-ma], C. T., X, pl. III, 3. 17ni, abftlu, carry, bring.. I, 1 prec., li-ib-bi-el, D. E. P., VI, 47, 8; imper., ti-ki-e bi-lam-ma, London, 102, IVY 21. II, 1 pres., Ai-ki-iz-zu ub-ba-lu, (who) diverts its irrigation, Susa, 16, V, 8. III, 2 pres., pdn be'l eqli uA-ta-ba-lu, in the presence of the owner of the field causes it to be taken,, London, 101, III, 8. biltu, (1) tribute, (2) fruit. (1) tribute, bilat(GUN)-su kabittim (D UGUD-tim),V. A., 2663,1 1, 14; (2) fruit, XL isugaimmaru mna bilti (GU. UN), V. A., 209, IV, 24. MY, adfi, fix, appoint. II, 1 part., mu-ad-du-zi Aa-kan irfiti, Neb. Nippur, I, 21. adfi, law. a-na la a-di-Au-nu, contrary to, their law, V R. 55, 48..Y61, alftdu, beget. 1, 1 inf., a-la-ad a-me-lu-ti alpA it fAne', the birth of men, oxen and sheep, London, 102, II, 27; part., a-bi a-li-di-Au, V. A., 2663, II, 42. i1ittu, child,'offspring. i-lit-ti mEr-bafldMarduk, V. A., 2663, II, 43. ODI, asumittu, a sculptured and engraved stele. a-su-mi-it-tu an-ni-i-tu, London, 103, VI, 26. simtu, decoration. ildni rabtlti iA-tak-ka-nu si-matu, works of art, V. A., 2663, II), 47.

Page  268 263 263 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF AlDpifp6, brilliant. (Sin) Ad i-na jidni rabilti ti-pu-u, Susa, 3, VI, 43; ilu'Fru ilu Au1 -pu-ti mdlr biti Aa OlIuDi-e-ir, V. R., 56, 49. 71D0, aptu, dwelling. p1., nisg a-pa-ti, Neb. Nippur, III, 18; a-pa-a-ti i-na nap-Liar falmat qaqqadi, V. A., 2663,1,y21. tYa~(1, go forth. 1I pret., ai ti-?i ia ui-Aa-ki, Neb. Nippur, IV, 23; pres., ana gi-i-ti la up-f, C. T., X, pl. III, 8; inf., mg la a-zi-im-ma, Susa, 3, III" 7. 11, 2, i-na qlt md~Marduk-zdkir-humu it zgri-Au 1d-tu-?u-ui, IV R.2 38, lily 22. II,1, ai it-Ae-gi ur-ki-ti, Susa, 14, liI, 13; lu-ti a-na naUi(ZI.GA) i —i-uiI R. 70, II, 11; i-na zu-urn-ri -di li-ge-gi, Susa, 14, IV, 9; inf., ul-tu Oli-Au la gAu-ziim-ma, Susa, 3, II, 42.:~ttu, that which goes forth.?i-it pi-Au, command, Susa, 3, VI, 30; Aa fi-it pi-i-Au la uA-te-pi-il, V. A., 2663, I, 14; iq-bi mna?i-it pi-i-Au, V. A., 2663, I, 31; fsi-it Bclbili, offspring of B., V R. 55, 2;?i-i-ti a4-[ra]-taA, late offspring, C. T., X, pl. IV, 14; a-na fi-i-ti lu uf-fg, may he not let go out (of my hands), C. T.y xypl. III, 8. *Atu, eternity. a-di umm(-um)?a-a-ti,I R.70, IV, 25; a-na almA' pa-a-ti, Neb. Nippur, iIy 12; I R. 66, II, 4; a-na 4m (-urn)?a-a-ti, London, 103, V, 26; Susa, 16, III, 25; I R. 70, I, 17; London, 102, I, 29; C. T., IX, p1. IV, 16; a-na ulmA(-me) -pa-a-tu, V.A,2663, IV, 55; C. T., X, p1. VIy 30; a-na AmA fa-ti, III R. 43, edge IV, 6; a-na -gm(-mu) pa-ti, V. R. 56, 9; a-na qua-a-at ulmi(-mi), Susa, 3, VII, 39; a-na fa-a-ti, Susa, 3, III, 55; a-na $a-ti, III R. 43, I, 13. ~',arAdu, go down. I, 2, it-ta-rad a-na hnakri, V R. 55, 38. rill, art), lead. I, 2 part., mut-tar-ru-i! ba-'-ii-la-ti, ruler of kingdoms, Neb. Nippur, I, 12. 11, 1 part., mu-ir-ru, captain, Susa, 16, IV, 4; Susa 14, III 3. III, 2, muA-ta-ru-ii Stp-parkt, who rules S., V. A., 2663, 11, 8. fl~, arbu, month. ar-&hf a Ai-fa-ru-da, months that hasten, IV R.2 38, II, 21. f~,arki, afterwards. ar-ki.... iq-bi-ma, III R. 43, edge IV, 3; ar-ki, London, 103, I, 34; II, 5; Aa ar-ki-Az, his successor, Susa, 16, II, 26. arkfi, a later one. be'l biti Aa Bift-mA -da ar-ku-al, III R. 43, iIy 8; edge IV, 1; mannu arkuI(EGIR-ti), V. A., 2663, V, 18; C. T., X, pl. VII, 32; D. E. P., II, 97, 10; fuppu biti ar-ku-ii it ma&-ru-ai, V. A., 209, I, 24; u ar-ki-i lu-zi-bu, C. T., X, pl. V, 9; ha i-zi-bu ar-[ki-i], C. T., X, pl. V, 7; pl., ark?2ti, ki-pu-tu Aa Bit-mA-da ar-ku-tu, III R. 43, iIy 15; III R. 45, No. 2, 4; pl. fem., arkdtu, future, a-na arkdt almeA, Susa, 2y, III) 2; London~ 101, II, 12; D. E. P., V,4,V, 8; London, 102, IV, 36; a-na ar-kat ulmi (-mi), London, 103, V, 27; V R. 56, 26; 31; i-na ar-kat almA, Susa, 3, III, 29; i-na ar kdt(EGIR) itm~, D. E. P., II, 112, 10; V. A., 209, I, 31; I R. 70, II, 1; London, 102, it 29; i-na (ar)-kat alma(-ma), V. A.,P 208, 43; i-na ar-ka-ti

Page  269 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.26 269 itmi(-mi), III R. 43, III, 1; likkiea. arkdt(EGIR)-8u, V. A., 2663, V, 47. arkAnu, adv., later. ar-ka-nu Aattu V mdaamkn aplu, London, 102, I, 18. arkftni~. i,-n~a ar-ka-niA, in later times, C. T., IX, p1. V, 31. jIurqttu, green herbs. ai 7i-ge-fi ur-ki-ti, Susa, 14, III, 13; ki-mu ur-ki-ti id-ra-nu, III R. 41,1H1,33. cLi71, a~Abu, dwell. I, part., lu-ud qa-at-ti-ni lu-ii a-sib MlY Susa, 3, II, 36; a-Aib dli-AzZ, his citi zenV R. 56,y 45; a-Aib gam 9(-e) elldti, I R. 70, ily 18; Sin a-gab (Aib?) Aamei(-e) el-lu-ti, III R. 43, IVY 7; fdbe' a-gib didni Au-a-turn, V R. 56, 9; dA-nu-ni-tum a-gibat [gamef], London, 101, III, 15; a-gi-bat gam e(-e), D. E. P., VI, 45, IVY 12; (Sumalia) a-gi-bat ri-ge-e-ti, V R. 56, '47; perm., ma-la mna didni.... aA-bu, V R. 56, 4. III, 1 inf., ~u-~u[-ub ma]-&la-zi, the preservation of cities, V. A., 2663, II, 23. Aubtu, seat. Aub-tum iA 9ui-ku-zu ga dA..num, Susa, 2, IVY 1; ti-na-ka-:ru 'ina gub-ti-~u, V. A., 266,3, V, 28; pl., Aii-ba-tum-gti-nu 'ud-da-a, Susa, 2, iI, 21; 9?1-ba-at-gu-nu ud-da-a, Susa, 3, VII, 30; Asiba-tu-~u-nu ud(!)-da-a, D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, II, 7. 1r1i, a~ri~, submissively. aA-riA 971-I&ar-ru-ru, Neb. Nippur, I, 8. ~1, Wmru exceed. IIJ, 1, ii-ga-tir gitm-~u, he magnified his name, Neb. Nippur, II, 7; e-nu-u8-8u ii-Aa-ti-ru, V. A., 2663, I, 41; eli Aa pa-ni ti-ga — tir-ma, he enlarged more than it was beforeV.A., 2663,111,30. atru, earnest money. ki-i pi-i atr-i(DIR) lud-dak-ka, as. earnest money I will give theer V. A., 209, i, 15, 21; ki-i pi-i at-ru, V. A., 209, IVY 33; Eiql &urdfi atru (DIR), Susa, 14,1,y 14. atrM, exceedingly. at-riA a-na du-um-mu-ki, IV R.r 38, II, 26. atarta, powerfully. i-te-ru-ub a-tar-ta, V R. 55, 39. atartu, that which has been addedr property. a-tar-ti eqli Bit-mlr-ri-ga, Susa, 3, I, 12; a-tar-ta, eqli dlu Aa... Susa, 3, I, 16. tit, zizu, divide. 1, 1 pret., tup-pi zitti Aa... a-na mdri-Au i-zu-zu, the tablet of the share which N. assigned to his son, V. A., 208, 3. zu'9uztu, allotment. Ae-pi-it zu-'-uz-tu Aa. mEr-ba..d~ar.duk, V. A., 2663, III, 51. zfitu, blindness. zu-ut pa-ni sa-ka-ak uz-ni, Susa, 14, III, 4..1-IT, W~u, hate. 1, 1, imp., limutta(-ta) zi-ir-ma kit-ta ra-[am], 0. B. I., 83, II, 24. I, 2 pres., ki-it-ta ir-tam-m-a qu-ullul-ta iz-zi-ir, Susa, 3, ivy 54; ki-it-te iz-zi-ir-ma, V, 20. 1l.3?, zakfi, be free. I, I pret., Ind~ Marduk-kudur-uvur izkam-ma, London, 103, V) 18; mZer-ukln iz-kam-ma, London., 102, IVY 17; perm., Aa mna Aarri pa-na za-ku-ma, which under a former king had been freed, V R. 55, 48; malj-ru ap-lu za-ku-i,d London, 102, IVY 34; ma-l&r a-pil za-ku, it has been received.

Page  270 270 270 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF it has been paid, he is freed, V A., 209, I, 27; IIy 39; IIIy 14, 26; V, 1. 11, 1 pret., a-na 71m(-um)?a-ti?i-zakki, forever he freed, Y R. 56, 31; id.zak-ku-i,d I R. 66, I, 5; zI-za-kiAt-nu-ti-rna, he freed them, C. T., IX, p1. V., 39; inf., zu-uk-ki 9a dlufit-Sik-ka-rni-du, the safety of....., Susa, 3, II, 22; perm., ra-ga-a ul zak-ki, the creditor has not been satisfied, London, 102, IVY 39. zakfitu, freedom. za-ku-ut dli-gu.... -ku-nu-ma, Susa, 3, Illy 43; za-ku-tu ig-kunu, Susa, 3, IVY 5, 21; za-ku-tzi ad-ku-nu, Susa, 3, IVY 32, 57; V, 31; za-ku-us-su igl-kun, Susa, 3, II, 7; i-na za-ku-ut dldni hi-aturn, V R. 56, 11; za-ku-tu-~u-nu, V R. 55, 50; za-ku-tu 9a... ii-zak-ku-il, I R. 66, l, 1; perhaps also III R. 45, No. 2,. 1. I. 11Y3, zakAru, name., mention. I, 1 perm., Aimr-gu-nu za-ak-ru, Susa, 2, III, 19; Susa, 3, VII, 29; I R. 70, IV) 23; London, 103, VI, 22; London, 102, V, 6; London, 101, ivy [5]; V R. 56, 37; 0. B. I., II, 36; V. A., 2663, V, 46; Ati-unAzi-nu za-ak-ru, III R. 43, III, 24; IV, 33; III R. 43, edge II, 1; Aurndti-AW~nu za-ak-ru, Susa, 16, VI, 10;. D. E. P., VI, 43, IV, 9; i-[na nari] za-ak-ru, D. E. P., II, 113, 21. 11, 1 urn-ra-Ad la zu-uk-ku-ra-[at], London, 103, I, 31. zikru, name, naming. 83, II,' 14; a-na zi-kir Aurni-Au, at the mention of his name, V. A'. 2663, II, 34; mu-dam-rne-iq zi-lcir a-bi, V. A., 2663, II, 42. II. I:)?, zikru, hero. zi-i k-ru qar-du, V R. 55, 7. 0V0?, zamai, bar, keep back. II, 1 prec., b"It-su li-za-mi-ma, from his house may he bar him, Susa, 3, VI, 53; li-za-arn-rni dAg-na-an, may he keep back the grain., Susa, 14, IIIy 12. ~D?3, zumru, body. i-na zu-urn-ri-il lia-ku-un-ma, Susa, 3, VII, 21; i-na zu-urn-ri~u lig-kurn-ma, I R. 70, IVY 6; D. E. P., VI, 47, 13; i-na zu-'uri-Mz li-i ~-kum-rna, III R. 43, IVY 16; i-na zumrni(SU)-9u ligkun (ASA)-rna, Neb. Nippur, IV, 21; i-na zumrni(SU)-4z li-gab-~i-ma, III R. 41, II,1 30; [i-n]a zu-umIlly 3, 7; mna zu-um-ri-gu li-~abgi-ma, London, 102, IIy 21; liq-ta-a zumur(SU)-~u, V. A., 2663, V, 44; zu-mur-ku lil-la(!)ib-[bi,~]-ma, Susa, 16, VI, 15; li-bi-bi-ga zu-mu-ur-Mu, III R. 43, IV, 9; i-na zu-um-ri-Mu li-gefi, Susa, 14, IV, 8. I. P?, zanAnu, preserve. II prec., li-za-nin-ma 4a-zi-ni-971, 0. B. IL, 80, 1. II. P?, zunnu, rain. (Ramma'n) be'l naq-bi it zu-un-ni, V R. 56, 41. ~rT, zaqpu, cultivated. a-di 4ukirni zaq-pi1, V. A., 208, 8; eqlu l"ugigimmraru zaq-pu, V. A., 208, 35; 4ukirl 24ugigirnraru pl. VI, 24. 'IT tizqaru, sublime. garru ti-iz-qa-ru, D. E. P., II, 115, 5. K4f, zara, beget, create. I, part., za-ri-i-Au, V. A., 2663, 1,10. zeru, (1) seedfield. *he'uzgru, passirn.

Page  271 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.27 271 (2) seed, offspring. Susa, 2, Illy 26; Susa, 3, IVY 3, 19, 30, 55; V, 28; London, 101, III, 17; IV, 8; IV R.' 38, III, 22, 37; zi-i-ri-s'u, Susa, 14, IVY 14; D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, II, 9; V R. 56, 40, 60; III R. 41,II, 38; I R. 70, IV, 25; 0. B. I., 149, II, 20; V. A., 2663, II, 40; V, 46; C. T., X, p1. IV, 13; Neb. Nippur, V, 7. fl~, zarAbu, be pressed (cf. p. 170). 11, 1 inf., ina zu-ru-ub ZI-SAG-GALii, because of the utterance of supplication, Neb. Nippur, II, 12. VIT? zur~u, abundance, plenty. zur-~u ba-ru-hu, V. A., 2663, II, 16. Z 1.9A6.G AL-1i, suppli cation (cf.p. 170). ik-ri-bi u ZI.SAG.GAL-li, 0. B. I., 83, I, 17; m',a zu-ru-ub ZI.SAG.GAL-li, Neb. Nippur, II, 12. zittu, share. fup-pi zitti(gUA.LA), V. A., 208, 1; a-na zittu (UA.[LA]) qi-tir-amma, to the (original) possession (owners) he returned them, V. A., 2663, iIIy 23; zi-it-ti mana[-ma], no share, C. T., X, pl. V, 13. T~n bab&~u, be abundant. 1, 1 inf., na-1ia-a &a-ba-sa li-kim-tima, abundance and overflowing may he take -from him, Neb. Nippur, IV, 11. bab~u, rich (cf. p. 169). Nippur, II, 9. Yjabirai, the. Habirean. Ku-dur-ra mdr mji(?)-ri-Mt-ru ifabir-ai, 0. B. I.,9 149, I, 22. begallu, affluence. years of plenty, abundance and affluence, Susa, 3, V, 18; Mar &6 -gdl-lim, D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 7; D. E. P., II? 116, 6. Tinn, badfi, to rejoice. II, I inf., libbi be-li-gii. u-uddi-i, to gladden the heart of his lord, IV R.2 38, II, 19; i-n.t ud 1ibbi(-bi)4~u, V. A., 209, I, 23; i-na li-ti u 1&u-ud libbi(-bi), V R. 55, 44. badig, joyfully. IlI, 10; ha-dig ip-pal-su-~u-ma, V. A., 2663, I, 29; &a-did ip-palis-su-ma, V. A., 2663, III, 41. TIfl, nmabizu, city. daluDi-eir ma-ta-az dA-num, V R. 55, 14; ma-ta-az da-[a]d-me, Neb. Nippur, II, 2; pl., i-na ma-&a-ze rabtiti, V. A., 2663, II 13; ~u-~u-[ub ma]-&a-ze, V. A., 2663, II, 23; mna e~-rit ma-6a-ze, V. A.,? 2663, III 45. Tln, fbazannu, magistrate. h~a-zaan-nu ga-ni, London, 101, 1, 18; h-za-anBit-mPirfldAmurru, Susa, 14, I, 10; Susa, 3, I, 35; ha-za-an pihdti 9a Bilt-mPirdAmurru, Susa, 3, VI, 7; h~aza-an Bit-mA-da, III R. 43, II, 25; lu-ti ha-za-an-ni 9a Blit-mAda, III R. 43, IlI, 10; III R. 45, No. 2, 4; lu-ti lia-za-an-na Aa mdtuAl1ni-ie-a, III R. 45, No. 2, 5; 'dluNippurki, Neb.,Nippur, Illy 12, 32; ha-za-an 'dluDtIr.Rim..dSin, Neb. Nippur, V, 19; la-za-an-nu, Susa, 14,1I, 2; III R. 41, I, 32; IV R.' 38,111, 2; Neb. Nippur, III, 20; 0. B. I., 149, I, 19; II, 3; V. A., an-nu(na), 208, 41; 'V. A., 2663, V, 6, 20; C. T., X, pl. VII, 33; V. A., 209, V, 16; pl.,, Susa, 2, I, 17; 1ya-za-an-na,-tim, Susa, 2, III, 7. tnon, battu, scepter. SiUMyj4tfu i-Aar-ti, V. A., 2663, I, 34. Ltfl, bitu, inspect, examine. I, I pret., kul-la-tan nigg -4-~ V.

Page  272 272 272 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF A., 2663, I,7 21; L Aiqlu ka~pi Aa i-4i-if-ma id-da-aA-Au-nu, V. A., 209, IVY 32; V Aiqlu kaspi Aim gam-ru-tu ha... i-&~-it-ma id-din, V. A., 209, IV, 35. *Vfl, btrtu, consort. dGutla btltu rabftu(-tu) l&i-rat dNIN.IB, III R. 43, IV, 15; 4i-rat SamaA-Aitut(UD.GAL.LU), I R. 70, IV, 5. j~n nablaptu, mantle. IX #ubdtuna~laptu(TIK.UD.DU), III R. 41, I, 24. P9rn; bai~qu, destroy. I, I prec., ze'ra-ku li-ibl-liq, Y R. 56,60. 1 1, I pres., ku-dur-ri eqlu Ati-a-tu.. ti-na-ak-ka-ru i-bal-liq-qu, London, 103, V, 43; prec., Aitm-Azi li-I6al-li-qu, Susa, 2, III, 25; * Susa, 16, VI, 24; London, 103, Vil 23; D. E. P., VI, 47, 14; liMa-iqh Mim-8u, London, 101, III, 12; li-IAal-li-qu z&a-Aii, V R. 56, 40; [aggiA li-Ll)~T-liq-Ai, London, 101, HII 9; zra-Au li~alliqd(ffA.AME, for which text has A.,A.ME), Neb. Nippur, V, 7; li-1&al-li-qu piri'A, IJR. 70,111, 43,111,28; dNisaba(SE.ELTEK) li-I&al-li-qa, I R. 70, IV, 12; mdrg ze~ri-~u l[4]li[u,0. B. I,149, IL, 20; ina pi niA4 diAa-a-ti li-bal-i-qu, III R. 41, HI, 39; i-(na) pi nigg li-Wal-liq, London, 102, II, 18; mna pi nihe' lilyalliqd(UMA.ME),V. A., 2663, V, 47. 11, 2 (abnfunar12) i-ta-bat u&l-tal-liq, Susa, 3, V, 56. I. VWr, jjamAtu, hasten. 1, 1 inf., a-na a5-ri I&a-ma-at, Y R.56, 10, for the support (cf. Hilprecht, Aes8yriaca, p. 5f, note 3). 111, 1 inf., 9ti-uI&-mu-tu ma-bar b~l bMl il-e-'-u-ma, V. A., 2663, II, 18. banti~, quickly. ba-an-fi-iA lik-ki-sa na-ap-Aat-[8uj, V R. 56, 57. IL. MM~f, bamktu, be hot. 1, I pres., i-ba-am-ma-luj ki nab-li, V R. 551,18.:311 ban~bu, grow up in abundance. I, prec., pu-qut-tu li-i b-nu-bi, III R41, HI, 33. 001 basftsu, think, remember. 1, 2, a-na limuti(ti li-i b-ta-as-su — Az-ma, V R. 56, 52. basisu, understanding. ba-si-sa pal-Ica, V., 2663, III, 6. monf, bapt6, break, destroy. 1, I pret., lu i-i&-pu-?i, D. E. P., II,. 113, 15; lu i&-p[i-i], D. E. P., VI,. 45, V, 11; il&-pi mdtuplamtu, C. T.) IX, pl. IV, 10; inf., ana bapi-e abnunar~l Ai-a-tu, V. A.,. 2663, V, 22; i-na bi-pi-e biti-Azik V R. 56, 58. 11, I i-na eli na-ri-e Azi-a-turn i-ga-ru'u-a-bit-ma 'u-be pi, Susa, 2 ~ Med., II, 6. 3yn basbu, terra cotta (cf. p. 211). na-ra-a Aa &a-a?-bi, Susa,12; Med., 1, 3. bisbu, wealth. bi-fib tam-tim rapagtim (DAGALtim), V. A., 2663, IH, 15. jynl, bazinnu, axe. hi-za-nin-ma ba-zi-ni-Au, 0. B. I.." 80, 1. yyn, biqlatu, enclosure, dyke. ku-Ad-ar-ti i' bi-is-?a-ti Ad n~r Aarri, Susa,3 HI, 21. t"nn, birfi, dig. I, I inf., bi-ru-ut nor Aarri la i-r-i-el Susa, 3, II, 33; ame~lj~i-ri-e ndra, a canal-digger, Neb'._Nippur, III, 25. birfi, canE4. a-na eli bi-ru7MdlUMan-du-u, D. E. P., VI, 42, It 9.

Page  273 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.27 273 birtitu, digging, excavation. hi-ru-ut ndr garri la hi-ri-e, Susa, 3, II, 32. birttu, canal. lu a-na na-ri i-na(-ad-du-ti] lu a-na hi-ri-ti i-na[-as-su-ku], D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 15. barrftnu, road. harrdna(KAS) iA ti-tur-ra... la a-ma-ri, Susa, 3, II,2;i-a bat ha-ra-a-na, V R. 55, 16; harrdna(KAS) la a-ma-ri, V R. 56, 2; har-ra-an-na pa-ri -i k-ta li-ge-is-bi-su, III R. 43, IV, 30. burAsu, gold. Sim MAYNA ~a hurdsiLondon,103, III, 21; ~iqlu hurdlni, Susa, 14, I, 12, 14; S'u~u(KU) hur6si(AZAG. GI), London, 102, ivy 25. ~,inn barru, canal. ba-ba-at har-ri d11uSd-sa-naki, 0. B. I., 149, I, 10; ha-ar-ri dlu~dsa-naki Y 0. B.. I, 149, I, 5; Xy pl. VI, 22; har-ri ~a mNdxdin., C. T., X, pl. VI, 26; cf. also Jfa-ar-ri-Ba-si, Susa, 3, I, 24. burru, hole. hur-ri pi-~u, his throat, I R. 70, IVY 19. burdAnu, compromnise(?). tuppdni(?) a-na hur-ga-an il-tu-raaA-Azi-nu-tim-ma,London,103JIV, 38; fuppd6ni (?) a-na hur-ga-an a-na dluParak..mdriki il-tu-ra-aW_ kit-um-ma, London, 103, V, 14; a-na hur-~d-an la il-lik, London, 103, V, 4; i-na hur-~a-an i-na dluParak-mdri mMarduk..kudur.. u-~ur iz-kam-ma, London, 103, VI 17; a-na hur-ga-an ia-pur-ma m~ir-ukln iz-kam-ma, London, 102, IVY 16 (cf. K. B., IVY 168, Hy,6-7, di-in-Au-nu u-par-su-ma hur-Aa-an irvi mub-bi-Au-nu ipru-SU). 18 nvnf, bu~abbu, famine, want. Aandteh&u-9a-ah-hi, London, 101, IV, 10; bu-bu-ta u hu-~a-ah-ha, V R. 56, 43; [mdr6]4~u a-na bu-Aah-hi [li-i r-te-id-di(?)], London, 102, I, 45.,in batfi, defeat. I, 1 pret., 9a mdtuA~ur(AS) ihtdN?) III R. 43,1,I5; II1,27. OK44Li, temu, report, command. te-im-glt... ii-tir-ma, he brought his report; London, 103, III, 1; V, 10, 19; te-im-g>ti-nu a9-tir-ruma, London, 103, III, 38; te-ema ig-kun-kd-ma, he gave him command, London, 103, Illy 8; arneliti SAa te-mi-gzi, men of its council, Susa, 3, II, 38; hga-kin te-mi mdt aluIr-ri..ha, D. E. P.,_ VI, 44, I, 12; hY~inf -m, commander, Neb. Nippur, III,Susa, 16, Illy 30; h~akin(GAR — in) te-mi, 0. B. I., 149, II, 3;:~akin(GAR) fe-mi mdti, V R... 56, 13; gakin(GA4R) fe-mi Aa BitmA-dla, III. R. 43, III, 43, 11.:110, tAbu, be good. 11 I pret., i-na eli bu~i il-fib-u-ma, regarding the property they made good, London, 102, VI, 13; inf., i-na li-mu-ut-ti t& la 14tb(DUG-ub) U~ri, in misery and discomfort of body, IV R3z 38, Illy 39; i-na (ftlb lib}.bi 4~ da~miqti ia]-pur, Susa, 16, 1, 9. tftbu, good. a-la-la ta-a-ba a-na Ri-im-ti-~tl la i-man-nu-vi, London, 103, VI, 6. tftbtu, prosperity. a-n~a limutti(-ti) it 14 fdbti(DUG-ti) li-i r-te-id-du-~ii, III R. 41, II) 37. i1r1L, tibfi, approach. 1, 1 pret., a-na ni-Ai-Av ai if-Ili, Susa, 16, VI, 19; ma-har Aarr-i bt1i-at iq-&i-ma, 0. B. I:y 83, it 19.

Page  274 274 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 00,titu, mire. qdtd-Au ti-ta li-ru-ba, V R. 56, 58; ni-is-&1 ~a ti-i-ti, extract of the clay (tablet), C. T., IX, pl. V, 42. tuppu, tablet. i-na ka-na-ak li-t u tup-pi eqli, Susa, 16, IMy 11, 15; i-na ka-nak tup-pi 9ti-a-tu, I R. 66, II, 5; i-na ka-nak abnuluppi(DUB) Ati-a-tu, C. T., X, pl. III, 23; V. A., 208, 48; i-na ka-nak tuppi(IM.DUB) Ati-a-tu, V. A., 209, II, 11; V, 13; mna ka-nak tuppi(IM) Aumdtu(MU.MES9), V. A., 2663, IVY 56; C. T.y X, p1. VII, 41; tuppdni a-na llur-Ia-an i1-tu-ra-`a8-~?!-nu-tim-ma, London, 103, IV, 38; V, 14; tup-pi zitti(gfA.LA), V. A., 208;, 1; ~a-tir abnutuppu(DUB),I V A., 208, 52; tup-pi eqli, V. A., 208, 32; tup-pi bar-mu, V. A., 2663, V, 50; tuppa(IM.DUB)Itu ku-nu-uk-ma bi-in-ni, V. A., 209, I, 14; tuppu(IM.DUB) biti ar-ku-ti u nma&-ru-71, V. A., 209, I, 24; fuppu(IM.DUB) la ta-a-ru u la da-ba-bu ik-nu-uk'MaV. A.,209,IV,13,36. (For * the reading tuppu. cf. Hebr. '10DL; Sab. ~P (Hommel, Auf* sdtze, p. 141); see also Zimmern, K. A. T. I p. 4005, and Hilprecht, B. E., XX, Pt. 1, P. 17'). tup~ikku, forced labor. il-ki tup-li-ki, C. T., TX, pl. V, 38; al-(lu) du-up-Ai-ki, III R. 45, No. 2, 2 (cf. tu-up-Ai-kam and tu-uphi-ka-a-ti, 0. B. I., Vol. I, No. 84, cols. II" 58; III 5, 22). tuplarru, scribe (Hebr. VWrn). tup-gar Ia mdti, London, 101, I, 19; * up-lar harri, Susa, 16,II, 9; tupgar, Susa, 16, MII 5; Neb..Nippur, V, 18; 0. B. I., 149, I, 16.,17; (Nabifk) tup-lar E-sag-ika, D, E. P., VI, 46,. IV, 4; tup-gar Aa-ti-ir abnunari an-ni-i, V R. 56, 25; la-fir abnuttsp. pu(DUB), V. A., 208, 28, 52; V. A., 209, III 22; h~up-Iar kllV. A., 2663, V, 15. 1"u, tar~du, drive away. I,2, 71mi(-mi) 14 na-ka-da ar-ti 9d li-f a-ru-da, days that pass quickly(?), months that hurry on(?), IV R.2 38, II, 21. IV, 1 prec., abulli dli-~u ka-me~ litta-rid, may he be driven away, Susa, 16, VI, 16; mna pdni-gu lim-ni~ if-f a-ra-du, V. A., 2663, II, 36. T, idu, side. a-na i-di li-mut-ti iz-za-az-zu-ma, III R. 41, II, 1; a-na i-di ramni-~u-nu ti-tir-ru-ma, they turned them (the fields) to their own use, C. T.,I X, pl.V, 5; a-na i-di ram-niAu ti-tar-ru, C. T.) X, pl. VI, 34. K 4V,4 idft, to know. II, 1 perm., 4ti-ba-tum-glt-nu ud-da-a, whose seats are made visible., gti-ba-at-Au-nu ud-da-a, Susa, 3, VII, 30; e~-ri-tu-lzi-nu ud-da-a, IV R.2 38,I III, 31; gu-ba-tu-9unu ud(!)-da-a, D: E. P., IV, pl. 16, II, 7; ni-li-ir-ti gi-is-fa-a-tu ud-da~a], C. T., X, pl. VII, 34. II1, 1, ti-I e-id-di-1ti-nu-ti, inform., London, 103, I, 35; ti-Ae-id-di, London, 103, II, 6;- aI&iO-u i-lalma ti-ld-ad-di-ma, London, 1031, VI 3 (Cf. 7K"41).mfidti, intelligent. ld mu-da-a, a witless man, London, 103, V, 42; Susa, 3, V, 50; Susa, 16, IV, 27; Susa, 14, II, 16; I R. 70, II, 23; V. A., 2663, V, 26; mu-du-u kal lip-ri, who understands everything, V. A., 2663, II1,49. 01y A~mu, day, passim. tlmilamma, daily. t4mi (-mi)-l am-ma, I R. 70, III, 23.

Page  275 INERUCHA DREZZA R I.27 275 77, iniittu, right hand. AarriV R. 55, 26, 36. ~Xelru, form, sculpture. 11, I Perm., til-?u-ra-tu-Au-nu uf-fura, Susa, 3, ViI, 34; D. E. P., III 113, 21; D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, III,8. Ujurtu, picture, bas relief. p1., ii-?um-ra-tu-9u-nu u?-su-ra, Susa, 3, ViI, 33; D. E. P., III 113, 21; ra, D. E. P., IV, pl. 16, Ill 8. ia-a-Ai, me. ~u-ud ia-a-~i la u-qal-la-la, Susa, 3, IVY 28. ciflt'M, have. 1, I pret., 9dninu la(NU) iU~(TUK), relat., V R. 55, 23; i-na i-lik mtu Na-mar i~1i(AN.TUK-i) gab-bi-Wi, V R. 56, 6; lil-li ai iVi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 14; na-dana ul i-Ai-ma, London, 102, ivy 19; ru-gu-um-ma-a ia i-921-u, pl., London, 102, IV, 34; ~a.. la ti]-h!~-u tam-Au-Au, V.A., 2663, III 32; ru-gain-ma-a ul i-Ai, V. A., 209, I, 28; II, 39; III, 15, 27; V, 1. ~.iv', a~Aru, to be right. 11I, 2, di-in-Aui la uA-te-eA-Ae-ru, may they not let his *cause succeed, London, 103, VI, 10; part., muA-te-Ai-ru te-ni-Ae-e-ti, the ruler of mankind, V. A., 2663, I, 12. i~aru, righteous. f., 4uaf(A i-Aar-ti, V. A., 2663, I, 34. m~aru, righteousness. di-in me-Aa-ri, V R. 55, 6; di-in * kit-ti u me-Aa-ri, Neb. Nippur, IVY 18; AMr me-Aa-ri, Neb. Nippur, IV, 18; Aanati mi-Aa-ri, 0. B.I., 83, II, 19. X3) kabftbu, burn. I, I pres'., i-kab-ba-bu ki-i i-Aa-ti, V *R. 55, 17 Dkabisu, tread, walk. 1I pret., ri-bi-it dli-At ai ik-ni-us, Susa, 3, ViI, 4; part., (~umalia) ka-bi-sa-at kup-pa-a-ti, V R. 56, 47. I1 prec., mi-?ir-Ail li-ka-bis, III R. 41, III 28; li-kab-bi-sa Agpd-Au I R. 70, IV, 15; Ai-ir bi-ra-a likab-bi-sa (dual) Ae-pa-Aii, III R. 43, IV, 6. MDJ, kabtu, heavy, mighty. ka-bit mdtdti, Neb. Nippur, I, 12; f., il-ru-ba-a mu~'ti(BAD-ti) an ka-bit-ta, a serious condition, Susa, 16, VI, 14; bilat(GUN)-s8u kabittim(DUGUD-tim), V. A., 2663, ip 15; Ae-rit-su kabittu(DUGUD-tu), V. A., 2663 V, 42. kabittu, mind. nu-gu ka-bit-ti nu-mur lib-bi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 10; ii-Aa-li-i$ kabta-as-su-nu, V. A., 2663, III, 31.. hKAD, title of an official. London, 101, I, 22. kidfiUd, temples, shrines. a-na ud-du-Au (eA-]rit... u Aullum ki-du-di-e, V. A., 2663, II, 24. F'D, kidin(n)u, protection. $dbe' ki-di-nu, clients, V. A., 2663, III, 11, 24, 32..Vkudurru, boundary stone. dNabg4-njr.kudur-eqldti, Susa, 2, IV, 34; b61 ku-dur-ri, London, 103, VI, 11; D. E. P., II, 113, 3; be'l mi-i?-ri it ku-dur-ri, 0. B. I., 149, Illy,2; III R. 41,1II,27; D. E. P., Iiv, pl. 16, I, 7; Neb. NiPpur, IV 19; ku-du~r-ri eqlu Azi-a-tu, London, 103, V, 39; kudurra-Au lissuh(ZI-uV), ~Neb. Nippur, IV, 19; ku-du~r-ra-[~u] li-is-su-llu, IV R.' 38, III, 35; ku-dur-ra-kA 4 l8-8u-ub&, Ill R. 4.1, III 27; ku-dur-ri an-ni-i, London, 103, VI, 21; I R. 70,

Page  276 276 276 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF I,8; dt-sa mi-is?-ra it ku-dur-ra, III R. 43, III,20;IV1'. 2; IR. 70, III 13; us-su mi-gr-kai u ku-durra-gu, I R. 70, IVY 4; ku-dur-ra ti-na-ka-ru, 0. B. I., 150, III 1; kudurri GSA.DU)-Ai-na nu-ukku-ru-ma, V. A., 2663, III, 21; ku-dur-ra it-na-ak-ka-ru, Susa, 16, ivy 19; ku-dur-ra-ga ul utta~k-kjar, 0. B. I., 83, II, 2; kudur-ra-Aa ut-tak-kir, 0. B. I., 83, III 5; li-bu-tu ku-dur-ra-Ai, V R. 56, 40; ku-dur-ra-~u li-na-qir, London, 103, VI, 12; be-el ab-1i Au-it-mi it ku-dur-ri, Susa, 3, ViI, 8; ~itm ku-dur-jjri], London, 101, I, 1; dNIN.IB u d~yusku mu-kin ku-dur-ri ~umilu(MU.NE), Neb. Nippur, heading 2; a-na ku-dur da-ra-a-ti, Susa, 3, III, 53; p1., be't ku-dur-ri-e-ti, III R. 43, IV, 19; na-sir ku-durr&-ti, V R. 55, 5. ~I, MAu, hold, sustain. 11, I part., mu-kit mdtalti, Neb. Nippur, I, 20. OIDY kf~m, prep., instead of. ku-urn 887 ka~spg, London, 102, IV, 29. k~mu, place, instead of. ki-mu eqtu la i-narn-di-na-aA-Aumma (kimit == ina klrni), Susa, 3, iv, 48; eqlu ki-mu in u~-ta-anna-na-Aum-ma, Susa, 3, VI 13; ki-rnu ur-qi-ti id-ra-nu, III R. 41, II, 33; [ki]-ru-71 SE.BAR ina-r-, London, 102, II, 11; ki-rnu-ii mg id-ra-na, London, 102, III 12. kummu, sanctuary. e-pi~ ku-urn-mu ki-if-fi u si~-ma-ku, V.. A., 2663, II, 11. II:,. kftnu, establish, fix. II, I pret., i~-tur-ma it-kin, Susa, 2; Med., II, 11; a-na da-ra-a-ti ul-ki-in-nu, relat., Susa, 3, V) 39; a-na mM u-un-na-bit-ti ti-kin-nu, Susa, 16, II, 12;?i-kin kudurru, V. A., 2663, III, 29; part., mtukin ig-di ma-a-ti, Neb. Nipltur, III 24; V. A., 2663, II, 44; C. T., X, p1. IV, 13; mu-ki-in ku-du~r-ri da-ra-ti, III R. 41, heading 2, 11, 40; mu-kin-nu ab-ti-e, V R. 55, 5; aNIN.IB u dtNusku mu-kin ku-dur-ri- Neb. Nippur, heading 2. k~nu, faithful. rl'i k'nu(GI.NA), V. A., 2663, II, 25; rtet ki-nu, Neb. Nippur, I, 21; re'i ki-ni, Neb. Nippur, II, 15; an-na-Wi ki-i-nu, Susa, 3, VII, 48; p1., M~r ki-na-a-ti, king of justice, V R. 55, 6. kinig, faithfully. ki-nig ip-pa-lis-ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 24; ki-nig ippalis(~SI.BAR)su-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 16; ki-ni lip-pal-sa-Mi-ma, 0. B. I., 83, III 16; ki-ni~ ut-tu-it-ma, V. A., 2663, I, 24; ~um-gu ki-nig iM-bu-u, V. A., 2663, II, 55; ki-nil i~[-'-a1-]l~u, C. T., X, pl. V, 11. kittu, righteousness. ki-it-ta ir-tam-ma, Susa, 3, IV, 53; ki-it-te iz-zi-ir-ma, Susa, 3, V), 20; kit-ta ra-[arn], 0. B. I., 83, II, 23. mukinnu, witness. an-nu-tu mu-kin-nuP1, V. A. Y29 V, 20. kizik, bodyguard, servant. na-an-za-az ma&l-&ar garri ki-z~-it, Neb. Nippur, II, 18. 14, kt, as. kit-i] a-na]-ku, Susa 3, IV, 1; ki-i pi-i, according to the word, Susa, 3, IV, 13, 34, 44; V, 10; III R. 43, I, 10, 22; London, 102, III, 10; ki-i pi-i atri(DIR), as earnest money, V. A., 2091, I, 15; ki-i pi-i at-ru, V. A., 209, iv, 33; ki-i mg, I R. 70, IV, 8;

Page  277 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.27 27 7 * ag-ri-im ki-i limutti(-ti), Susa, 3, V, 42; ki-i purimi, London, 102, I, 47; ki-i I MA (-NA), for, V. A.,I 208, 38; ki-i Aiqlu kaspi, London, 102, IVY 23, 24, 25; * V. A., 209, I, 6; II, 36; bilta ki-i(!) biti, house for house, V. A., 209, I, 10, 20; ki-i i~tenig(I-ia), alike, V. A., 2663, III, 28. kiAm, thus. ki-a-am iq-bu-il, D. E. P., II, 93, II, 17; V. A., 209, IV, 18; ki-am, iq-bi, London, 103, IV, 21; ki-a-am iq-bi urn-ma, London, 102, IV, 20; VI, 9; C. T., X, pi. V) 11; V. A., 209, I, 5; IV, 6; ki-a-am iq-bi-gii, 0. B. I., 83, I, 19; ki-a-am ig-kun, Susa, 3,11I, 8. kima, as. ki-ma me-e, Susa, 3, VII, 25; D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, II, 4; III R. 43, IVY 18; London, 102, II, 23; Neb. Nippur, IV, 21; Susa, 2, III, 34; 1II R. 41, II, 31; ki-ma.,i-ti-ir game'(-e), IV R.2 38,11, 27; ki-ma su-ba-ti, Susa, 3, VI, 49; ki-ma ti-ma-am si-ri, Susa, 3, ViI, 1; ki-ma im~rupurimi, III RI. 41, III 18; V. A., 209, V, 11; ki-ma lu-ba-ri, III R. 43, IV, 8; ki-ma iii, V. A., '2663, III, 41; fu-pur kima (GIM) abnukunukki(DUB)-gu, V. A., 208, 55; V. A., 209, II, 27. kakliti, weapon. i1$ukakku(KU)4-d-nu kul-lu-mu, Susa, 2, Illy 20; 4uak'4!n ku-ul-lu-mu, Susa, 3, VII, 31; ina 4ukakki, V R. 55, 9; ii-gatba-a 4ukakke'.~t! V R. 55, 13; ka-ak-ke-~d li-Ae-bir, III R. 43, IV, 22. fl'7.), kalbu, dog. ki-ma kalbi(UR.KU), III R. 41, III 24. I. "fl17, kalfi, drive forward(?). II, 2, %?Uma-~4-ra-Wi uk-tit-la, V R. 55, 27, 37. II. fl1-7, ka1(i, end, cease. Is 1 prec., 'ina limutti(-ti) li-i k-7a, London, 101, IV, 14. kaja, all. e-til-li-it ka-la be-li-e-ti, Susa, 3, VII, 17; ka-la si-1.i-ip ga-ma-me, Neb. Nippur, I, 14; dE-a ba-an ka-la, 0. B. I., 83,1II, 17; mu-urnmu ba-an ka-la, V A., 2663, III, 5; ildni ka-li-gii-nu, 0. B. I., 149, III, 9; cstr., gi-mir kal dadd-me, V A., 2663, I, 23; kal da-ad-me, Neb. Nippur, I, 15; mu-du-u kal gip-ri, V. A., 2663, III 49; ~~r kal garrdni, C. T., X, -PI. IV, 10. Waig, altogether. mu-ud-diA ka-lig agrdte(AASPI-), V. A., 2663, II, 7. kullu, deniial(?), end(?). lu-ti-di-in kul dinMi(DI)-~u, I R. 70, IlI, 16; lu-7i-di(-in) kusl d~ini (DI)-~ii-ma, III R. 43, IV, 1 1. WW1I~, name of an official (cf. p. 177). kal-li-e garri, V R. 55, 51; kat-li-e n6ri u' ta-ba-li, Neb. Nippur, iI, 26; kal-li ndri kal-li ta-ba-li, C. T., IX, pl. V, 33; kal-li-e ndri kal-li-e ta-ba-li, I R. 66, I, 6, 7; ka-al-li-e ndri ka-al-li-e ta-ba-li, III R. 45, No. 2, 2. kallatu, bride. dGu-1a kal-lat E-Aar-ra, D. E. P., II, 113, 13; V R. 56, 39: kallat(E.GE.A) mTdb-a-Aab4dMarduk, I R. 70,1, 15; kal-kat-i-Au Aa mBu-r-u-Aa, London, 102, i, 28; kal-lat-Au, London, 102, I, 35. ~~D kilallkn, roundabout. V R;55, 29. kullathn, everywhere. kul-la-tan ni~9 i-li-it, V. A., 2663, I, 20.

Page  278 278 278 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF Dkalimu, see. II1 prec., nam-ra-fa li-kal-lim-~uma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 23; Perm., i~ukakk6Ad-nu ku-ul-lumu, Susa, 3, VII, 32; kul-lu-mu, Susa, 2, III, 20; si-[kal-lim], D. E. P., II) 93, II, 10. xn~~)Y IVY 1, look upon. i-na ag-gi lib-bi-Ati-nu li-ik-kil-muAsi, London, 103, VI, 2; i-na bu-. ni-A z-nu iz-zu-si-ti li-ik-ki-el-muAu-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 25; iz-zi-iA lik-kil-mu-Au1, IV R.' 38, III, 32; D. E. P., VI, 47, 2; V R. 56, 38; III R. 41, II, 14; I R. 70, I. fl71fl, kamfi, enclose.11, 1 perm., ku-um-ma 696 Aandte, 696 years had passed, 0. B. IL, 83, 1, 8 (but see Winckler, Forschungen, I, 1303, 2672; Jensen, z. A., VIII, 2213). kamAtu, enclosure, wall. i-na ka-mat dli-9u, Susa, 16, VI) 17; III R. 41, IIY 18; I R. 70, Illy 20; 0. B. I., 149, III, 8; V. A., 209, V, 12. kameA, bound, captive. abulli dli-Aui ka-meg lit-ta-rid, Susa, 16, VI) 16. II Lf, kimtu, family. i-na abg mdre kimti (IMRI.A), I R. 70, II, 2; III R. 43, III, 3; London, 102, I, 30; IV, 37; V A., 208, 43 (IM.RI); V. A., 209, IY 32. '73:, kammalu, anger. mna na-ta-al ka-am-ma-li, Susa, 3, VI, 36. kimiltu,. anger, Aa ki-mil-tuA (==ina kimilti-Au) i8-bu-8uy V. A., 2663, I, 18. ID kinftu, female servant. PI., ar-di-en u ki-na-a-ti, I R. 70, XI, 4. on., kanhiu, subject. II 1pret., ii-kan-ni-Au a-na ur-ti-Au, V. A., 2663, I, 39. Kisillmu, Kislev, ninth month. V. A., 208, 53. 90D, kaspu, silver. London, 103, IlI, 22; III R. 41, I, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,- 23, 24, 25, 26, 27; London, 102, III, 25, 26; IV, 23, 24, 25, 27; V. A., 208, 46; C. T., X, pl. V, 2; V, A., 209, I, 6, 15, 21; II, 3, 4; IV, 5, 19, 20, 32, 33. l1fl, kisurru, boundary. ki-sur-ri-Ai-na im-nma-u-ma, V. A.,* 2663, illy 19. ID kapAdu, plan, devise. I, 1 pres., mim-ma a-ma-at limutti(-ti) i-ka-ap —pa-du, Susa, 16, V,10 Aa lib-bu-uA -Au i-kap-pu-du limutta, V. A. 211, ily 3, I, 2, Aa a-na epe'A talyizi kit-put-da e-my-qa-Au, whose forces are devoted to battle, V R, 55, 7. kuppu, spring. PLY, ka-bi-sa-at kup-pa-a-ti, V R. 56, 47. kissu, dwelling, temple. e-pig ku-um-mu ki-is-?i u si —ma-ku, V. A., 2663, IIY 12; PLY, adi eqli ki-is-fa-a-ti 9a i-na libbi Na-raneD. E. P., VI, 42, I, 6. kir6i, garden. t4ukira(SAR) Susa, 16, I, 23; 4~ukire' u Aagguldni, V R. 55, 60; 4ukire'(SAR, MEAS) eqli Bit-mAt-na-ai, C. T.,# Xy pl. I11, 20; a-di Wfukiri zaq-pi, V. A.,Y 208, 8; 4uskiril gilimmarul V. A., 2663, iv, 21; i~ukird, V. A., 2663, IVY 29, 33, 36,43; C. T., X, pl. VI, 24; V. A., 209, IV, 24. nfikribu, prayer. i-na ik-ri-bi it ZISAG.GAL-li, 0 B. IL, 83, I, 17. kartibu, powerful. (Nusku) a-ri-rum ka-ru-bu, Neb. Nippur, IV, 25.

Page  279 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.27 270 flkarfi, undertake. I, pres., i-kir-ru-ma ip-pu-Wz it lu-9 du-ul-la... i-na eg-~i illa-a, Susa, 3, MYI 34. KUR.RA, a kind of garment. a-di ilte'n fubdtuKUR.RA, V. A., 209, IVY 33. I. W'iJ kar(a)gu, body, mind. li-sa-an ka-ra-as-su(= karagi-~u), III R. 41, III 26; ka-ral &itul-ti, of thoughtful mind, V. A., 2663, II, 50. IL. ID, kurgu(= karAgu), ruin. i-te-mid lcitr-~u, fate overtook him, V R. 55, 41 (cf. Sennach., prism, II, 37; Allurb. Annals, II, 81; Synchronistic History, II, 30; III [8], 26; and Winckier, Forschungen, I, 105, 241; Delitzsch, Lesestucke 4I p. 170b). K.A9.BU(KA9.Q1D), double mile. li-i&1-ta il-ta-ka-an a-na XXX KAS. BUIVR. 55,15; i-ni-is-su-u 3660 KA S.B U,V. A., 2663,11,p37. kigAdu, (1) bank of river. Susa, 2, I, 22, 25, 31, 34; II, 3, 8, 13, 18; London, 103, III, 42; IV, 2; London, 101, I, 5; Susa, 3, I, 5, 24, 50, 54; IV-R.2 38, I, 4; Susa, 16, I, 3, 24; C. T., IX, p1. IV, 21, 23; III R. 41, I, 2, 9; I R. 70, I, 3; London, 102, I, 2; C. T.,I X, pl. III, 17; V. A., 2663, IV, 16, 22, 23, 31, 46, etc. (2) neck, pat-ru i-na kilddi(TIK)-Au, V R. 56, 54.,Ij) kagidu, reach, overtake. I, 1 pret., ik-ka-du ir-nit-tu, he gained his victories, V. A., 2663, III 27; prec., li-ik-lsi-da-lui, Susa, 3, la i-kaA-ad, I R. 70, IV) 20; part., ka-lid mdtuA.-mur-ri..i, V R. 55, 10; perm., ld kul-du (=.kuldu), had not been taken, London, 103, I, 29; ku-la-ad Iaai-ma-a —ni, London, 103, III, 17. I, 2, ik-ta-lad a-na kWMd ndrue..laa V R.55, 28. ki~ttu, property. i-na kilitta(KUR-ta) ~a im-qut-ma, because of the property which he claimed, London, 102, VI, 5. Oultb, MAW, grove. kigtu(TIR) 9a, mMar..duk, V. A., 2663, IV, 26. katkat~)u, most powerful. d,gamal daianu kal~-kal nill III R. 43, IV) 10; dZa-mai-mA kag-kah ildni, London, 102, II, 6. li,: kigirru, perhaps support. a-lik ki-~i-ir-ri ildni a~e-luM, III R, 43, IV, 26. ku-M-ri. D. E. P., II, 113, 23. kugartu, preservation. ku-la-ar-ti it hi-i?-fa-ti Ia ndr larri, Susa, 3, II, 20. Ka~~6, the Cassite. Id-li-lu KaI-i-i, V R. 55, 10. WVD kiggatu, universe, world. (Nazi-Marutta-sh) ~a'rkillati(KLS), Susa, 2, I, 2; (SAR.RA), Susa, 2, II, 27; (Marduk-apal-iddina I.), Susa, 2; Med., II, 3; IV R." 38, I, 21; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 24; (RammAn-slum-usur), D. E. P., II, 97, 8; (Meli-Shipak), London, 101, I, 13; (Nebukudurri-usur), Neb. Nippur, II, 23; (Nabft-muktn-aplu), London, 102, IV, 2, 12; C. T., X, pl. IV, 10, 11p 12; rl'u ki-il-lat, D. E. P., VI, 46, iv, 5; abkal kil-lat lamel(-e) u irfitim(-tim), V. A., 2663, I, 8; puru-ssit(ES.BAR) kil-lat nill, V. A., 2663, I, 38. ki-ta-a-fi. dRammdn b91 ki-ta-a-ti, D. E. P., VI, 47, 7. CDI~ katimu, cover. I, I perm., Ia-qum-mat-su m~tdti ka-at-ma, Neb. Nippur,j., 16. kuttinnu, younger (cf. Hebr. p.

Page  280 280 2S0 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF mnKi-di-ni mdri-Au kut-tin-nu, 'V. A., 208, 3,21; mdri-gu kut-tin-nu, placed between mdt-i-Au rabl(-i) and mdri-gu gal-ga-ai, London, 102, Iv, 32. I&, not, passim. IPA, tablet (of. p. 10). li( T )-ti i t uppi eqli, Susa, 16, III, 11; i-na ka-na-ak li( T )-7i t jup-pi eqli, Susa, 16, III, 15; i-na ka-nak li( T )-ti kdi-a-tu, Neb. Nippur, V, 8; i5uli1i2 (LI), D. E. P., II, 93, II, 9, 12. flW1, 11tu, power, victory. it-ta4i-iz i-na li-ti, he stood in triumph, V R. 55, 42; i-na li-ti u &u-ud libbi (-bi),y V R. 55, 44; lit-ti par-si-e i-ta-ni-e i4a-lu-ma, he asked for the annulment of the decrees in f orce, 0. B. I.,I 83, II, 9; i-na le-ti, III R. 43, 1, 5; aI~qia-ra b~lit le-ti da-ad-ma, III R. 43, IV, 28; tal-bi-i~ mna ke-ti, V. A., 2663, II, 40. Z'7, libbu, heart. nu-mur libbi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 10; it-na bu-ud libbi-~u, V. A., 209, I, 23; ma-la 1ib-bu-u~( = mna lib* bi~u) im-fu-u, V. A., 2663, III 38; i-na ag-g-i libbi-Av-nu, London, 103, Vi, 2; libbi be-li-Myi IV R.2 38, II, 17; used as prep., a-na libbi(-bi) eqlu Aa-a-Au, * against, London, 102, II, 33; i-na libbi, of, from, Susa, 3, I, 7; V. A., 208, 5; VR. 55,59; IR. 70, II, 16; C. T., X, pl. VII, 35, a-na libIbi(-bi) elldni, into, V R. 55, 54; mna lib-bi-~u, within it, V.A., 209, IVY,24; Aa 1ib-bu-u~-~u s-kap-pu-du, V. A. 211, IIIy 2. Iibbu, young(?).I alpu libbu alpi, III R. 41, I, 20; * I alpu libbu alpi Ma rit-ti, ILondon, 102, III, 26; IV, 24. libbfi,. demarcation (?). itti lib-bu-il eqli, V. A., 2663, IV, 25; pa-na-at l"ukir~i e-li-ni-i lib-bu-ii eqli, V. A., 2663, IV, 34; US.SA.DU lib-bu-zi eqli, V. A., 2663, IVY 37; itti(DA) eqli libbil(bu) eqli, V. A., 209, II, 34; itti eqli (lib!)-bu-ti eqli, V. A., 209, IlIy 19; itti eqli lib-bu-ti eqli, V. A., 209, IV, 10; US.SA.DU libbu-ii eqli, London, 102, it 5, 8,9. labAnu, fib~nu, throw down, prostrate. 1prec., ap-pa li-il-bi-in, D. E. P., VI, 46, III, 20; ap-pa-Aii lil-biim-ma, V R. 56, 55; pres., ap-pa i-lab-bi-nu, Neb. Nippur, I, 6; inf., mna li-bi -en ap-pi, Neb. Nippur, II, 10. 1,~ Iubnu, calamity. lu-ub-nu ma-ku-7i u li-mi-nu, V R. 56, 44; lu-ub-na ni-el-me-na amat ni~ e li-gi-sa-~ii, Neb. Nippur, IV, 7. labiru, become old. I, 1 inf., a-na la-bar timi(-mi), to distant days, Susa, 16, III, 26; ilme la-ba-ri, old age, 0. B. I., 83, II, 19. labiru, old. ga-ba-ri-e la-bi-rigu, a copy of its original, Susa, 2; Med., III 10; ul-tu la-bi-ri, from of old, Susa, 3, IlI, 37; bit abi(AD) la-bi-ri 12; ki i-na la-bi-ri, as was of old, V R. 55, 50; p1.., parse'(BAR.SUD) la-bi-ru-ti, Susa, 16, II, 27; fem., egldti mdrg Babiliki la-bi-rat, V. A., 2663, IlI, 15; eqldti b"it abe'-e-a labirdti(UI.RA.ME), C. T., X, pl. V, 2. lub~ru, garment. ia-ru-ba-a ki-i lu-ba-ri, I R. 70, IlI, 19; i~rubd (-a) ki-ma lu-ba-ri, III R. 43, IV, 8; ig-ru-ba[-a ki

Page  281 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.28 '281 ma' lu-ba-ri li-lab-biA-]Au, London, 102, I, 46. l abigu, clothe. I 1, 1 prec., iA-ru-ba-a.. pa-gaar-Aii li-ta-bi-iA-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 51; zu-mur-Ati lil-la-ib-[biA]-ma, Susa, 16, VI, 15; la-ni-Azi li-labbil-ma, III R. 41, II, 17; ki-i lu-ba-ri li-la-ab-bi-su-ma, I R. 70, III, 19; li-li-bi-Aa zu-mu-urAti III R. 43, IV, 9; ia-ru-ba[-a ki-ma lu-ba-ri li-lab-bif]-Au, London, 102., I, 47; iA-ru-pa-a li-labbi-is-su-ma, V. A., 209, V, 11. talbi~u, garment. tal-bi-i~ ina le-ti, clothed in strength, V. A., 2663, II, 39. ),1t0, (1) adv., truly. Neb. Nippur, IV, 16, 26; Susa, 2, IV, 31, etc. (2) conj., either, or. lu-1i...UYt Susa, 2, IIII, 4; lu-qi lu-ti, London, 102, V, 1, 2, 3; London, 101, II, 13-15; III, 3, 6, etc. l azzu, destructive, evil (cf. p. 181). si-i rn-ma la-az-za, Susa, 14, IVY 6; D. E. P.,Y IV, pl. 16, II, 3; D. E. P., VI, 47, 12; Neb. Nippur, IV, 20; III R. 41, II, 30; London, 102, II, 21; si-im-ma ta-az, Susa, 3, VII, 19; III R. 43, IV) 16. 11Hpu, descendant. li-pu ri-bu-ti, fourth descendant, I RA38, II, 1. llu, laughter(?), merriment(?). lil-li ai iUi(TUK), Neb. Nippur, IV, 14. l~ amAnu, lim~nu, be evil. I, 1 inf., lu-ub-nu ma-ku-ti u li-mi-nuI distress, frailty and evil, V R. 56, 44. 11, I prec., Almti-u li-lam-mmn, make his fate evil, London, 101, MYI 11; i-gir-ra[Au] lli-l]am-min, 0. B~. I., 149, II, 23; part.,,daiane?Artti lu mu-lam-me-nu i-'gir-riAu, Neb.,-Nippur, IV, 16. limnu, evil. fem.,Iina tim-ni-ti 71-Aa-Wa-zu ubdniAu, Neb. Nippur, III, 23. 1imniA, miserably, with evil intent. mna pdni -Au lim-niA i(-tar-r~a-du, V. A., 2663, III 35; nu-'-a.. lim-nil is-ma-' -a-,ru, V. A., 2663, VI 27. limuttu, the evil. ar-rat limutti(JJfUL-ti) li-,ru-ru-Au, Susa, 2, III, 23; Neb. Nippur, V, 6; ar-rat la nap-A t-ri timutta(-ta), I R. 70, IV, 24.; Susa, 14, III, 2; li-e-mu-ut-ta, Susa, 3, VI, 27; li-mut-ta, 0. B. IL, 149, II, 16; ar-ra-ti limutti(gffUL-ti), I R. 70, II, 19; mna limutti(,ff UL) li-ir-di-Au, London, 101, III, 13; a-na limutti('-ti) li-ir-te-id-di-Au, I R. 70, III, 24; III R. 43, IV, 14; London, 103, VI, 14; i-na limu-ut-ti... Aa bal-'fa liq-ti-ma, IV R.2 38, III, 38; ul -te-is-&i-ir limutte(-te), V R. 55, 41; a-na limutti(-ti) li-il-ta-as-su-Ati-ma, V R. 56, 52; limutta(-ta) zi-ir-ma, 0. B. IL, 83, II, 24; i-di li-mut-ti, III R. 41, III 1; a-na limutti(-ti) u la t6bti(DUG-ti) li-ir-te-id-dukAti III R. 41, II, 37; ki-i limutti(-ti) il-ta-ka-an, Susa, 3, V, 42; ubdni-A-u a-na limutti(-ti) i-tarra-su, Neb. Nippur, III, 24; (Nusku) lu uabi~u limutti-Au Ati-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 26; dRam,~n limuttu pa-at -ti-nu da(?)-riA, London, 101,1I,3; i-kappu-du limutta(JJUL.MES), V. A. 211,I III, 4. lamassu, tutelary deity. ilu Aarri it dlamassu(KAL) Aarri, Susa, 16, VI, 8. If&nu, body. gi-mir ta-ni -At, III R. 41, II, 17. m6 liptu, work, construction (cf.p.198).

Page  282 -282 282 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF pl., dMarduk bel lip-te-ti, 0. B. 1., 149, II, 21. lipittu, enclosure (cf. p. 184). i-na lipitti(LIBIT) it-te-'i, Susa, 3, VP 53; ina i~ulipitti(LIBIT) Ia(u)puttit, chief (cf. p. 171). lu-pu-ut-tu-ii, III R. 43, III, 13; NU`.TUR, London, 101, II, 14; IV R.' 38, III, 1; Susa, 16,111I, 28; D. E. P., III 97, 11; 0. B. I., 83, III 12; NU.TUR.DA, III R. 41, I, 32; IR. 70, II, 5. Kj',laqA, seize, take. I, 1 prec., ni-is-sa-tu li-ilqiG(Li.TI)A1i, Neb. Nippur, IV, 12; a-na aA-u-ti i[-il-qi], London, 102, VI, 4; pres.,' Aa ultu libbi ndr pi~dti 9a Aarri i-liq-qa-a, Susa, 3, l, 52. 1, 2, eqlu bit abi-Ijia al-ti]-ki, C. T., X,. p1.. III, 4. rIP'~, laqfttu, snatch away. 1, 1 prec., i-na zeri -dv lil-qut, London, 101, III, 17; ziri-Au lil-qu-tum, IV R.2 38, IlI, 37; [ze'riAu] li — ku-turn, Susa, 16, VI, 26. ma, part. of emphasis, passim. mi, na-din-mi, London, 101, III, 1; London, 103, V, 38; Aarri-mi, 0. B. I., 149, II, 7; iii -mi, Susa, 16, II, 32; ma-4i-ir-mi, Neb. Nippur. IV, 2. mu, [maII-ka ib-Ai-mu, C. T., X, pl. VII, 40; iA-me-e-mu, V. A., 209, I, 17; i-tur-ru-mft v. A., 209, II, 39; III, 27; ik-nu-ku-ti-mu, V. A., 209, IV, 37. m6, water.. a-na mg i-nam-du-u, I R. 70,111,I 1; III R, 43, I, 33; Susa, 16, IV, 31; 0. B. I., 149, II, 11; V. A., 2663, VP 28; IV R.2 38,111,18;- London, 103, V, 45; London, 101, III, 3; Neb. Nippur, V, 1; C. T., X, p1. VII, 36; ki-i mg li-ir-muk, I R. 70, IV, 8; Neb.~ Nippur, IVP 21; Susa, 3, VII, 25; III R. 41? II, 31; 0. B. I., 149, IIl, 5; D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, II, 4; ki-ma me' iit-bu-uk, Susa, 2, III, 34; me' sail-hi, V R. 55, 19; apil-Au na-qa me-Au, III R. 43, IV? 20; aplu u [na-a]q mA, London, 102,11,I19; na-aq me, Susa, 3, VII, 10; D. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 10; ki-mu-vi me' id-ra-na, London, 102, II,` 13; me' 9a mu-Ae-bi-ri, Susa, 3, IlI, 1; mg ndr Ai-qi-ti-Asi, Susa, 3, Illy 4; me' la a-zi-im-ma, Susa, 3, III, 7.,lKt1, ma'Adu, be much. I,1 prec., li-ma-'-i-da at-mi-Avi, may he multiply his wordsIII R. 41, III 23. ma'du, much.?2mi(-mi) ma-'-du-ti, 'many days, Susa, 3, V, 17.,lt7 ma'!&ru, send. 11, 1 pret., me-gir-Av i sma-ir-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 21; ti-ma-'-irAui1-nu-ti, 0. B. I., 83, II, 8; pres., ii-ma-'-a-ru Aa-nam-ma, Neb. Nippur, III, 22; ui-ma- -a — ru, London, 103, v) 35; Susa, 16, IVY 28; V R. 56, 35; Neb. Nippur, III, 22; III R. 41, II, 9; I R. 70, II, 23; V. A., 2.663, V, 25, 27; ui-ma-a-ru-vi-ma, III R. 43, I, 32; part., mu-ma-'-ir ~ame(-e) vi ir~iti, Neb. Nippur, I1P20. 1I, 2 pret., la mu-qa-a um-ta-'-ir-ma, Susa, 3, V, 50. mAru, son, passim. mArtu, daughter. marti(TUR.SAL)-Au aflati(DAM)"' Au Aa London, 102, I, 17; a-na mdr-ti-Au id-di-nu, London, 102?1 I, 21. m6ru, child. dGirm iz-zu me-ru Aa iNusku, Susa, 2, IVY 19; d,1ume-ru Aa dKA.DI, Susa, 2, IV, 23.:

Page  283 NEBR/'CHADRRZZAR I.2S WHO?, m~tu, disregard. I, 1 pret., a-ma-ta ig-tu-ru-ma a-n~a-ku la e-mi-e-kii, Susa, 3, IV, 26. 1, 2, 9ku-7i la i-te-ni ti la im-tag, Susa, 3, V, 9. ~,magfiru, be gracious. 1, 1 pret., dAgAur-a4-iddina AMr WUiAu im-gur-~u-ma, C. T., X, pl.V, 6. migru, favorite. rubti me-gir-9zi, Neb. Nippur, I, 23; 1I, 21; me-gir dEn..lil, Neb. Nippur, II, 15. mitgurtu, agreement. i-.n mi-it-gur-ti-gii, London, 103, 16. flu,0 mad~du, measure. I, 1 pret., GCJ.EN.NA in-du-ud-ma, London,7 103, III, 26. rTmAtu, die. 1, 1 pret., i-mu-ut-ma, London, 103, VI 6; i-mu-tu, London, 103, IV, 12; V, 8. mi~tu, death. ig-ru-ba-a milti(BAD-ti) an kabit-ta, Susa, 16, VI, 14. mebfi, storm. i-sa-ar me-liu-ui, a storm rages, V R. 55, 32; i-na me-4i-e ta-I&a-ziAzi-nu, V R. 55, 33. nmubbu, prep. j-na mu1&-1f, against, III R. 43, III, 23;IV, 32; edge 11, 1;0. B. I., 149, II, 6; V. A., 209, I, 35; IV, 20; i-na -mu&-?iivndri el-it, at, V. A., 209, I, 10; i-na mu&-4ikzi-nu, in their behalf, C. T., IX, pI. IV, 8; a-na. muIA-li, to, C. T., IX, pI. IV, 4; D. E. P., II, pI. 20, 2. no?~ mahApu, smite~, break. I, I prec., pa-ni-kai lim.-M?-ma, III R. 41, II, 19. I, 2 p art. p1., inun-dalk.?u-ti, warriors, V R. 55, 46. 1,1perm., ku-dur-ri-gi-na ~nu-uk-kuru-ma la mu -u&Iu-fa,, their boundary stones were changed, but not broken, V. A., 2663, HIII 22. Inn mabftru, receive. I, 1 pret., im-&.ur, London, 103, III, 36; V. A., 209, II,- 4; London, 102, IV, 26; im-&u-ru, relat., London, 102, IV, 40; -v. A., 208., 47; III R. 41, I, 12; ai im-&u-urAla, V R. 56, 56; im-&ur[-kul, D. E. P., II, 93, III 7; amn-Iu-ru, C. T., X, pI. V, 3; an-Ibu-r-u, V. A., 209, I, 13; part., ka is-ki ma-4ir, London, 102, III, 11, 14,1 15; perm., kaspu ul ma-Ikir, V. A., 208, 46; V. A., 209, -II, 3; ma-Ik-ir-mi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 2; kaspu mnah-ru, V. A., 208, 38; ma1&-ru aptu' za-ku-u, London,, 102, IVY 34; ma-l&ir a-pil za-ku, V. A., 209,, 27; II, 39~; III, 14, 26; IV, 39, V, 1. I, 2, mna qdtd... im-talA-lu-ru, V. A., 208, 34; ki-i LV giqlu kaspi [am-]da-4ar, V. A., 209, I, 7; perm., a-na kimi V she'uz&tU mi-taA-l&u-ru, he received, I II R. 41, I, 30. mabru, before.. malA-ri En-lil, Neb. Nippur, II, 9,; mna malk-ri kakkanakki, Neb. Nippur, II, 19; eli karri a-lik ma4-ri, Neb. Nippur, II, 7; maMar bWl bWl, V. A., 2663, II, 18; ma-Mar-iti-Az, Susa, 2; Med., t., 5; ma-Mar dsamak, Susa, 3, III, 47; V. 2, 24, 35; mna-Mr karri, 0.' B. I., 83, I, 18; na-an-zaz mall-Mr karri, Neb. Nippur, II, 18; a-na ma-all-ri ildni, III R. 43, IVY 13; a-na ma-Mar ili us karri, I R. 70, III, 23; a-na ma!Mar karri, C. T., X, P1. v, 10. mabrfi, former. ka-kin dluHu-ada_& ma-lya-ra.-;a, Susa, 16, MI 23;- juppu b!4C-aiku-si si mall-ruv-tiV. A., 209t Ir25.

Page  284 ~284 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF -mibru, bulwark. m-i4-ri rtam-ba-'-i, Susa, 3, II, 19. mibirtu, front. eqldti Aa mi~&irti(SI-ti) 61lUBdbili, opposite, Susa, 2, I, 7. anabtru, price. SE.BAR ma~irel(KI.LAM.MES) md~uAkkadi, London, 102, IV, * 27; ameli-lu ma-&~-ri kaspi, C. T., * X, pl. VI, 24; ki-i LVI liqlu kaspi mabilri(KI.LAM) im-bi-ema i-lam, V. A., 209, II, 37; 5 liqlu libirtu(AZAG.PAD.DU) mallri im-bi-e-ma i-lam, V. A., 209, III? 25;.4 liqlu kaspi ma4,iru im-bi-e-ma i-lam, V. A.,v 209, III, 12; eqldti bit abe'-e-a labirdti(tJ.RA.ME) u mahlrdti * (KI.LAM.ME) kaspi, C. T., X, * p1. V, 2; b"it abi (A D) la-bi-ri u V, 12. Iniabaraitu. V urdte i-na libbi(-bi) II ma-ha-rutu, IV R. 43, edge IV, 3..'4MUK, title of an official. 'London, 102, I, 17, 28, 35, 37; Ily 32; IV, 29, 30; VI, 3, 7; V. A., 209, II) 33. 71,makfi, frailty. * lu-ub-nu ma-ku-ti u li-mi-nu, V R. 56, 44; ma-ki-i qdt-s-u lim-gu-ug, V R.56, 45. 'makkaltu, perhaps enclosure or hedge. [ma]-ak-kal-ti ssUkir lta na-ka-si, V R. 55, 60 (cf. ma-kal-li-e, dam, Neb., 760; B. A., IV, 21; Winckler, Forschungen, I, 453; Peiser, Vertrage, 231; makalltl, sIuburb). 0Y3, mAkisu, tax-gatherer. a-na hma-ki-8i la na-da-ni, V R. 55, 57; ma-ki-su a-na 61i-lti a-na la e-ri-bi, III R. 45, No. 2, 9. I. 11D, mlk~ru, irrigate..1, I Wn., la -mi-ki-e-ri, Susa, 3, III, 11. II. 11M makkC~ru, possession. *..i-il-ta-tat makktira(S1A.GA), V R. * 55,,43. mala, as many as, as much as. *Sus86`2, III, 16; London, 103,V,~32, 40; Susa, 3, VI, 14; VII, 27; IV R.' 38, III, 29; Susa, 16, VI,~ 9; Susa, 14, IV, 15; D. E. P., IHP * 11 3, 2, 20; D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, Ily 5; V R. 55, 47; 56, 4, 8;Neb. Nippur, V, 5; C. T., IX, pl. V, 38; III R. 41, II, 36; IR. IV, 22; III R. 43, MII 23, 24; IV, 33; 0. B. I., 149, II, 14; III, 9; V. A., 208,4; London, 102, V, 6; V. A., 2663, II, 38; III, 32;V,, 24, 45; C. T., X, pl. VII, 40. R 1%, malfi, be full. I, 1, lu i-na(!) ir-ri-i im-[lu]-ti, D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 16. II, 1 prec., ndrdte-lt li-mit-la-a saki-ki, V R. 56, 42; nalrdte sa-ki-ki li-mi-li, III R. 43, IV, 4; ta-mira-ti-lti li-mi-ta-a pu-qut-ta, III R. 43, IV, 5; li-ma-li-lzi, Susa, 14, III, 8. miltu, filling. dal-[ti] agar mi-it-ti nadri-lt, Susa, 16, V, 6. tamiltu, terrace. pi~tu laplti lr III US.SA.DU ta[m]-ti-taPl', V. A., 2663, IV, 1. %,muli(u)gu, dowry. eqil ~nu-li-gi, I R. 70, I, 4; eqlu ki-i mu-tu-gi, I R. 70, II, 17; it-ti mu-lu-gi it nu-dun-ni-e, London, 102, I, 15. ~,melultu, pleasure, ha-ppiness. me-lul[-ta?Ini-me-ki Ia. dNabg,1 IV R.2 38, II, 7. 1-M malftku, counsel. I, I part., ma-li-ku ram-ni-lu, V. A., 2663, II, 51; ma-li- ki-ia, Susa, 3, IV, 14; ma-li-ki-lit, Susa, 3, IV, 35; V, 10; ma-lik garri, Susa, 3, VI, 2; ma-tik a-bi-lu,

Page  285 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. t 8 '285 D. E. P., III 115, 6; (Marduk) ma-lik ildni, V. A., 2663, II 9. 1, 2 part., mun-tal-ku, the wise, V. A., 2663, I, 45. malku, prince. ma-al-ku it-pi-~u, V. A., 2663, II, 47; ina pu-1&ur gu-ut ma-al-ku ( = malk4), V. A., 2663, I, 42. milku, counsel. mi-lik mdltu,97ime-ri u Akkadikt, V. A., 2663, I, 37; mi-lik[-gu-nu], 0. B. I., 80, 2. melammu, splendor. ilu 9a melammi (ME.LAM)-gil sa6.-(?)-pu-,a, Neb. Nippur, I, 13. MU-Urn. mu-urn u su-&ur-rna-kii... 9 dE-a, Susa, 2, IV, 5. mummu, prototype. mu-urn-mu ba-an ka-la, V. A., 2663, Illy 5 (cf. B. A., V, 280). flmanfi, count. I, I prec., a-na 2~ukakki na-ki-ri liim-nu-ug, may she surrender him to the weapon of the enemy, London, 103, VI, 20; pres., a-na. gi-im-ti-gil la i-rnan-nu-ti, London, 103, VI, 8; lu-ua a-na pi-1&at i-man-nu-za, C. T., X, pl. VII, 34. mink~u, number. mi-nu-ut Aandti, D. E. P., VI, 46, IVY 7. manca, mine. Rmn MA.NA 4urd~i, London, 103, illy 21; a-ki I MA.NA kaspi I MA.NA V Aiqli pa-ri-?i, V. A., 209, IV, 5; I MA.NA XIII Aiqlu kaspuka, V. A., 209, IVY 1, 19; II MA.NA V Aiqlu kaspi, V. A., 209, IVY 34. mu-ne. sRis 9 mu-ne(MU.NE), III R. 43, edge IV, 1. mamma, anyone. ma-am-ma e-di-.e, Susa, 3, III 46; ilu ma-am-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 31; ma-am-ma ~a-nu-um-ma, any other one, V R. 56, 27; III R.' 41, II, 5; London, 102, 1, 31, mammAna, anyone. lu ai-arn-[rna] lu ma-am-ma-nta, IV R.2 38, III, 14. manAma, anyone. ma-na-ma arkd(-ti), C. T., X, pl. VII, 32; zi-it-ti ma-na[-ma], C. T.,I X, pl. V, 13. mamman, anyone. ni-kil-tu ma-am-man!a-azJ V. A., 2663, V, 24. mammanftma, anyone whatsoever. lu ai-rnu-ma mdr ma-arn-ma-na-mall London, 101, II, 15; na-ka-ra mdr ma-am-ma-na-ma, Susa, 3, V, 48. mimma, any whatsoever. lu-ti mirn-ma mag-gi-ta, any harvest, Susa, 3, II, 50; mirn-mu id-di-nu-til, whatever he gave him, Susa, 3, III, 45; rnim-mna Ad i-na abnundri-u ia-tu-ru-ma, Susa, 3, IV, 8; ut mirn-ma a-ma-at limutti(-ti), Susa, 16, V, 9; a-na London, 103, VI, 24; mna mim-ma karni-u, ma-la b~a-gu-u, V. A., 2663, V, 23. mannu, whoever. man-nut arka (-'t), V.A., 2663,V, 18. mu-ni-ri. hukkallu mu-ni-ri, 'London, 101, I, 14. masabbu, censer (Zimmern) ma-sab ru-ba-ti, Susa, 2, IV, 26. Ion masftku, set aside, annul (cf. p. 163). ilu ai-um-ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 9. ma-su-u~-~e-e. 30 ugdr Dh4r-4arru-ukfn ma-8u-u9-~ Ae-e, C. T., IX, pi. IV, 20. KRX'D, maw6, find, gain. I, I pret., ma-la lib-bu-uW, he gained all that was in his heart, V. A., 2663, UP, 39.

Page  286 286 280 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF -1y, mi~ru, boundary. be mi-if-ri, Neb. Nippur, IV, 19; bet mi-i?-r-i At ku-dur-ri, 0. B. I., 149,9 Illy 1; III R. 41, II, 27; i-/ca mi-if-ra iA ku-dur-ra, Susa, 3, III 12; i-/ca mi-if-ra it-ti-qu, Susa, 16, IV, 18;.mi-?ir-Aa us8a1&-Ii, 0. B. I., 83, II 5; e tusa&-I&i mi'-i-ra, 0. B. I., 83, II, 23; mi-?-,ir-Aa ut us-8a1&-1y, 0. B. I., 83, II, 1; mi-gr-Asi ti-ka-bis, III R. 41, II, 28; ti-sa mi-i?-ra it ku-dur-ra, I R. 70, II, 13; III R. 43, III, 20; IV, 1; us-su mi-fir-Ail ku-dur-ra-Au, I R. 70, IVY 3; mi-i?-ra in-nu-ii, 0. B. I., 150, II, 1. pprM, magftgu, fasten. 1, I prec., ma-Ici-i qdt-su lim-gu-ug, may frailty fasten its grip, V R. 56, 45. anaqurru, ship (Zimmern). * ma-qur-ru Aa dSin, Susa, 2, IV, 11. I. TjIP0, maq~tu, fall down. 1, 1 perm., Aa ul-tu ta-bi-ri i-na qa-ti ma-aq-tu-ma, which from of old had completely fallen down, Susa, 3, III, 38. 111, I pret., AM dan-na mdt'uLu4.tu. bi-i tl-Aam-ki-tu, overthrew, Y R. * 55, 9. niiqtu, fall. mi-iq-ta la ta-ba-a, a fall without rising, Susa, 14, IV, 7. I, I pret., i-na ki~itta (-ta) Aa imqut-m-a, London, 102, VI, 5. h&miR.aAL, title of an official. * London, 101, III 11. I. Yfl?3, mnarA~u, be sick. III, 1, a-ga-14-tit-ta-a li-Aam-ri-?u-Aiima, may they afflict him with leprosy, Susa, 16, VI, 20; qaqqads-u(SAG.NI) li-A am-rif u-*u, Susa, 14, IV, 12; li-Aam11- 8-suf D. E. P., Vi, 43, IV, 11; [itdni] Aarrtiti u mdti-Au li-Aamri-?u-Au (?), D. E. P., VI, 47, 6. marsu, sick. qaqqadu(SAIG) [mar]-zi-ma a-ga-id[til-la-a] me'sir maqititi li-i/c-mi[Au], D. E. P., II, 113, 18. mursu, sickness. mu-ur-?a, D. E. P., Vi, 45, VI 5; mursu bu[-bu]-ti, D. E. P., VI, 47, I20. II. fT'1, namrasu, difficulty. nam-ra-?a li-kal-lim-Au-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 23. P~10, marAqu, pay in full (Aram. P~r?, finish). I, I pret., a-na libbi(-bi) a[-mi-luti] im-ru-uq, London, 102, VI, 14 (cf. B. E., IX, Nos. 48: 19; 82: 20, II, 1, 7i-mar-raq-qa-amma, and IV, 1, im-me-ri-ik-ku-u, B. E., IX, 64:9). 11,, marAru, be bitter. 1, 1 prec., i-na ar-rat tim-ri-ru, Susa, 14, IV, 17. rilo maru~tu, marustu, evil. ma-ru-u~-ta 1i-iA-du-ud, V R. 56, 59; Ai-mat ma-ru-ug-ti li-AimAd-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 6; ar(-rat) la nap-Ad-ri ma-ru-uA-ta li-rd-mt-Adl III R. 41, II, 15; London, 102, I, 39; ar-rat ta nap-Aur marultaQSA.GIG) tiru-ru-Au, V. A., 209, II, 10; V, 8; ar-ra-at la nap-Adi-ri-im ma-ruus-ta li-ru-ru-Ad, Susa, 16, VI, 13; lil-du-ud ma-ru-uA-ti, V. A., 2663, V, 40. MA9.DA.MES. I R. 66, I, 4. I. fl?07T3, ma~fi, forget. IV, 1, ki-sur-ri-Ai-na im-mia-Au-ma, V. A., 2663, III, 19. II. flTe, mfi~u, night. ur-ra it mu-Aa, V R. 56, 44; III R. 41, III 23. nco ma~fbu, measure. I, 11 pret.. eqlu Ad-a-turn im-Ad-1&u-ma,

Page  287 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.28 2 08 7 London, 101, I, 21; Susa, 16, II, 10; III, 8; D. E. P., VI, 44,1I, 15; iA-pur-ma im-Ati-&u-ma, Susa, 3, I, 38; C. T., IX, pl. V, 28; eqlu im-~?!-u&-ma, Susa, 14, I, 17; im-Ati-ulA-ma a-na sa-ti i-rien-Au, III R. 43, 1, 13; inf., i-na ma-Aa-Ili eqli, Susa, 14, I, 8; perm., eqlu [Au-a-turn ul ma-AiiI&], Neb. Nippur, III, 33. magibAnu, surveyor. ma-Ai-lya-an eqli, III R. 41, I, 14. 4,rjo~ ma~Aflu, be equal. 11, 2, la um-daA-a-lu ilu-su, whose divinity cannot be equaled, Neb. Nippur, I, 17. tam~flu, equal. la Ci]-At-u tam-Au-Au, V. A., 2663, IIY 33; (kunukku) Aa la tam-Aul (the royal seal), which has no like, V. A., 2663, V, 49; abnuku.. nukku Aarru-titi-Au Aa la tamAi-li, C. T., X, pl. V, 8; VI, 30. ma~Aitu, harvest (?). lu-ti tibnu(IN.NU) lu-ii SE.BAR it lu-ti mim-ma maA-Ai-ta, Susa, 3, II, 50. niktu, land, passim. 'Vmatima, whenever. Susa, 2, III, 1; London, 103, V, 27; London, 101, II, 12; Susa, 3, III, 55; Susa, 16, Illy 24; D. E. P., II, 112, 10; V R. 56, 26; Neb. Nippur, III, 17; 0. B. I., 83, II, 1 1; III R. 41, I, 31; V. A., 208, 43; London, 102, IV, 36; V. A., 209, I, 31; matima(UD.ME.DA), D. E. P., 11, 97, 10; 'tm-ma-ti-ma, I R. 70, IIy 1; III R. 43, Illy 1; ma-te-ma, 0. B. IL, 149, IIy 1. 11Kg, W~u, lofty, sublime. rubti na-a-du, V R. 55, 1; 0. B. IL, 83, I, 20; rubti [na]-'i-du, V. A., 2663, II, 31. 'It23 Mmr, river. a-na- ndri i-na-du-ti(i-nam-du-ti), 0. B. I., 150, II, 2; Londoni, 102, V, 1; III R. 41, IIy 10; hI i-rie udra, Neb. Nippur, III, 25; ndr pi&6ti Aa Aarri, Susa, 3, I, 52; III, 3; for the ndr Aarri cf. p. 219; for kigdd ndri cf. ki~ddu; ndri-At i-si-ik-ki-ru-ma, Susa, 16, V, 7; ndri-Ati a-na la sa-ka-ri, III R. 45, No. 2, 8; [ndratle-Ati li-i-kir-ma, 0. B. IL, 149, II, 21; ndrdte sa-ki-ki li-mi-li, III R. 43, IVY 3; V R. 56, 42; ka-alli-e ndr'i ka-al-li-e ta-ba-li, III R. 45, No. 2, 2; cf. C. T., IX, pl. V, 33; Neb. -Nippur, III, 26; I R. 66, I, 6,' 7; i-na mull-1&i ndri eA-Ai, V. A., 209, I, 11; itti ndri dluDu4.itu, V. A., 20%, IVY 25. I. RIZ, nabfi, call. I, I pret., Aiim-Au ke-niA im-bu-u, V. A.,y 2663, I1l1,1; V Aiqlu Aibir~tu ma~iri im-bi-e-ma i-Aam, for five sheqels as purchase price he offered to buy, V.A., 209,III, 25, cf. V. A., 209, II, 37; IIIy 12; pres., i-nam-bu-Ati-ma a-na ri-'-ut miati i-na-aA-Ati-At, Susa, 3, IIl, 58; dMarduk Aiim-Au i-nam-bu-u, V. A., 2663, V, 21; part., na-bu-ti rHYti ki-nu, relat., Neb. Nippur, I, 21; perm., lu-ti a-mi-lu-ti-turn ma-la Ati-ma na-bi-a-at, Susa, 3, VI, 14. II. MK 1, namba'u, inundation. mi-i4-,ri nam-ba-'-i ku-Aa-ar-ti u hi-i?-8a-ti Ad ndr Aarri, Susa, 3, II, 19. 03, nab&tu, light up. II, 1' tmi(-mi)-i8 nu-ub-bu-ti, lit up like day, IV R.' 38, II, 16. 7.33, nablu, flame. &a-am-ma-fu ki nab-li, V R. 55, 18. R213, nigft, be light. II, 1, nu-gu ka-bit-ti, cheerfulness of heart, Neb. Nippur, IV, 10.

Page  288 288 288 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF nhgiru, commander. lu-ti di-ku-ti lu na-gi-ru, D. E. P., Il, 97, 12; hn~giru(LIGIR) a-na dli la e-ri-bi, V R. 55, 52; Ia-kin mdlu.Na-mar "ndgiru, V R. 56, 10, 24; hnogir(LIGIR) 9kalli (E.GAL), V. A., 2663, V, 7. nangaru, carpenter. Susa, 3, I, 22; V. A., 208, 9. W71, nagftlu, oppress, overwhelm. 1, 1 prec., a-mat nill6 li-gi-sa-It, Neb. Nippur, IV, 8 (cf. p. 180). I'U, nad6i, throw, overthrow. 1,1pres., a-na mi it ildti i-nam-du-ti, Susa, 16, IV, 32; a-na me-e lu a-na ialdti inamdit (RU-ti), London, 101, IlI, 3; a-na me'inamdtl (R U-u), Neb. Nippur, V, 1; V. A., 2663, V, 28; a-na m~ i-namdu-ti, I R. 70, Illy 1; 0. B. I., 149, II, 1 1; C. T.yX, pl. VII [36]; a-na ndri i-nam-du-ti, London, 102, V, 1; III R. 41, II, 10; a-na ndri i-na-du-ti, 0. B. IL, 150, II, 2; D. E. P., VI, 45, V) 14; a-na m6 i-na-du-ti, III R. 43, i, 33; lu a-na ilditi i-na-du-[i], D. E. P., 11,.113, 16; D. E. P., VI, 45, V) 12; ha-ar-qi eqlu gii-a.. turn i-nam-du-ma, who overthrows the grant of this field, Neb. Nippur, III, 21. 1, 2, a-na me-e u ildti it-ta-di, Susa, 3, V) 51. III, 1, a-na me-e?I-ga-ad-du-ti, London, 103, V, 45; a-na me' a-na ildti (NE) ii-gad-du-t, IV R.2 38, III, 19. nidCi, throwing down. zlr-It a-na Iti-li-i ai ir-lu-ti ni-da a-I&i, throwing down of side, i.e., rest may he not have, Susa, 2., III, 29. J1, nadAnu, give. 1, I pret., id-din, London, 103, III, 5, 14, 28; IV, 10; V, 26; London, 102, I, 18, 29, 35, 37; IV, 25; V. A., 209, I, 22, 26; IVP, 15; id-di-in-ma, Susa, 2, I, 10; Susa, 16, III, 14; iddin(SE)-ma., Susa, 2, I, 15; I R. 70, I, 18;~ id-di-nu, C. T., IX, pL. V, 30;~ V. A., 209, IVY 38; i-din-nu, D. E. P., II, pl. 20, 8; id-di-innu-ma, London, 103, II, 11; eqlu ad-di-nu (relat.), Susa, 3, IV, 50; C. suff., id-di-nu-9u., Susa, 3, Illy 45; id-di-nu-nii-_ lum-ma, C. T.,y X, pl. V, 7;~ ad-di-na-a~-gu, Susa, 3, VP 14, 33; pret., iddan; c. suiff., id-daal-li, V. A., 209, I, 19; id-da-algu-nu, V. A., 209, IVY 32; prec., lid-di-nam-ma, C. T., X, P1. V,9; bitu ki-i biti... lud-dak-ka., V. A., 209, I, i1, 16; pres., a-na~ alidt-ia a-nam-din, London, 102, I, 24; pres., c. suff., i-nam-dina-al-lum-ma, Susa, 3, IV, 49; imper., a-na mnBu-[ru-l'a] i-din, London, 102, VI, 11; inf., nada-an kaspi, Susa, 14, I, 14; na-dan ur-ti-Iti, Neb. Nippur, I, 5; la na-da-ni, V R. 55, 56, 57;~ eqlu ul na-dan i-qa-bu-?i, III R. 43, III, 6; na-da-na ul i-li-mal London, 102, Iv, 19; na-da-na, London, 102, VI, 11; a-na nadan eqldti, V. A., 2663, III, 10; perm., ul na-din-mi i-qab-bu-7i, London, 103, V, 38.; London., 101, IlI, 1; I R. 70, Il, 17; ut na-di-in ul ma-hi-ir-mi i-qab — but-ti, Neb. Nippur, IV, 1; bitdti kasput ul mna-Air, V. A., 209, ilI, 3; kaspu ul nadin(SE-in), London, 102, IVY 39; eqlu, ul na-din, V. A., 208, 46; Ia a-naz gimi eqli nad-nu(?), Londonl, 102, IV, 23; Ia a-na na-ad-nu, London, 103, III, 4; a-na gimi na-ad-nu-ma, London, 103, III, 45; Ia a-na bIt mdtdti

Page  289 NEBUCHADREZZ4R I.28 289 nadnu (SE-nu), Neb. Nippur, III, 5. 2, arad-su...i-ta-ad-di-nu, III, R. 43, edge IV, 6; it-ta-din, London, 102, IVY 14; garru it-tadin, C. T., X, p1. MyI 6. nadinftnu, seller. na-di-na-an eqli, Susa., 16, II, 23; na-din-an, London, 102, III, 3. nidintu, nidittu, gift. ul ni-di-it-ti garrdni, Susa, 16, IVY 20; ul ni-di-it-ti Aarri, Susa, 14, 149, II, 7; eqlu ul ni-di-it Aarri, III R. 439, edge IV, 2; 9a ni-din-ti lti-a-tu ii-I a-an-nu-ti, C. T.,X, PI1. VII, 33; ul ni-din-ti ~arri-im-ma i-gab-bu-[zi], C. T., X, pI. VII, 35. Rudunfll, dowry. it(!)-ti mu-lu-gi it nu-dun-ni-e, London, 102, Ty 16. TU, nazAzu, stand. 1,1 res., iz-za-az-zu, are present, Susa, 16, MYI 23; I R. 66, II, 16; III R. 41, II, 1; D. E. P., VI, 43, II, 19; C. T., X, p1. III, 30; London, 102, IV) 10; I R. 70, II, 9; iz-za-zu, Neb. Nippur, V, 25; iz-za-zi, V. A., 2663, VI 15; izzazzi(DU.MES-zu), V R. 56, 24; London, 101, II, 11; prec., mna pa-ri k-ti li-iz-zis-su, with violence proceed against him, I R. 70, HIPI 17; inf., i-na nazdzi 7(GUB.BA), III R. 43, II 210; II, 1, 5, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 29; i-na naz6zi(GUB-zi) Ia ahgI-u, London, 102, I, 25. III pret.', ma-j&ar ili-Ati uI-zi-iz, before his god he set up, Susa, 2; Med., I, 5; perm., ti-zu-uz-zu mna mat-ri Aakkanak B6bili, (whose word) had standing before the potentate of B., Neb. Nippur, II, 19; abhlnu(AB.SIM) la gtizu-za-at-ma, vegetation had not grown up, Neb. Nippur, II, 30. 19 IV, 1 Perm., na-zu-uz-zu ga-aI&-ti4, Neb. Nippur, I, 8. usuzzu, stand. IV, 2, ni-is-qu 9a rabtlti *isg it-ta-liiz-zu, the excellence of the horses stood still, i.e., disappeared, V R. 55, 20; it-ta-Ai-iz i-na li-ti, he stood in might, i.e., he triumphed, V R. 55, 42. nianzazu, nanzazu (p. 172), highest dignitary. ma-an-za-az pdn (SI) garri, D. E. P., II, 97, 13; na-an-za-az maI&-har garri, Neb. Nippur, II, 18 (cf. NabiA-shum-ishkun, edge 7, il~ni mia-la mna eli nari an-ni-i gurgu-du na-an-za-zu; IV R.' 31*, No. 1(c), Col. III, 11, ti-,ru u. na-an-za-z[u])., 16, I, 32. Wri, nab~lu, be full. I, I, na-l&a-ga lla-ba-fal li-kim-Mt-ma,. Neb. Nippur, IV, 10. nub$u, abundance. Ianadte dult-di nu-u1&-~i it Iegalli' (gPO.GAL), Susa,'3, V, 18. 7 1V; natAlu, see. I, I inf., i-na na-ta-al ka-am-ma-li,. Susa, 3, VI, 35; li-ma-at la na — ta-li, a fate of not seeing, i.e.,. blindness, Susa, 3, VII, 36; part., la -na,.tit I a pdni-Aa, a s~hortsighted man, V.. A., 2663, V, 26 (cf., Sippar tablet of Nab4t-apaliddina, I, 12, la na-lu ma'-na-ma, not seeing anything). nubatimmu, -baker. hnu~atimmu(MU),V.A., 209,11,16. kC4,4I nt'u, enclose. 1, 2, i-na lipitti it-te-'i, Susa, 3, V, 53. nu'9u, weakling, feeble. nu-P-a gig-Ivab-ba, III R. 41, II, 9; flu-?-a la p~a-lil3 iltlni, VL A., 2663, V, 27; sak-la -sak-ka nu-'- a, V. A., 211, III, 9,

Page  290 290 290 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF v.2, nakidu, pass quickly(?). timi(-mi) ha nai-ka-da ar1~i Ia gi-taru-da, IV R.2 38, II, 20. 5z nakftlu, be skilful, wonderful. II Perm., aL-ka-ka-tu-~u nak-La, Neb. Nippur, I, 19. naklu, skilful. par-su-u nak-Lu., V. A., 2663,1, 48. nikiltu, cleverness, mischief. ti-zu-un ni-kil-tti a mind of cleverness, V. A., 2663, MyI 4; i-bannlu-?! ni-kil-tti, he practices MISchief, V. A., 2663, V, 24;;i-prir ni-kit-ti, by a mischievous deed, C. T., X, p1. VII, 36. CZ], nakintu, treasure (cf. p. 170). ina na-kin-ti ma&k-ri dEn-lit, Neb. Nippur, II, 9. 0M, nak~su, cut off. I, I prec., tik-ki-sa na-ap-~at-(su], V R. 56, 57; inf., i~ukire' u iPlugag.. guldni la na-ka-8i, V R. 55, 60. II 1prec., lunakkiAz (TAR.ME) arkat(EGIR)-su, V. A., 2663, V, 47. 11M nakAru, change. II, 1 pres., i-na a~-ri-4ti s-nak-ka-ruma, London, 101,I11,3; ti-na-akka-ru ti-bjal-liq-qu, London, 103, V,.43; ku-dur-ra ti-na-ak-ka-r-u, susa, 16,1 IVY 19; ku-dur-ra ti-naJca-ru, 0. B. IL, 150, IIP 2; ti-naka-ru mna ~ub-ti-~u, V. A., 2663,1 V) 28; perm., kudurri-li-na nu-ulc-ku-ru-ma, V. A., 2663,P III) 22. 1I, 2 pres., a-mat ki4-i-ti-~t!-nu la ut-ta-ak-ka-ru, Susa, 3, VI, 22; Icu-dur-ra-ga ul ut-14~k-k]ar, 0. B.I., 83,1II,2; pret., ku-dur-ra-la ut-tak-kir, 0, B. IL, 83,11,) 5. ankaru, enemy. na-ka-ra a-ta-a la mu-da-adt-ma-'a-ru-ma, I 1R. 70, II, 22; a-lja-am na-ka-ra... urn-ta-'-ir-ma, Susa, 3, V, 48; Lu na-ka (-ra) lu a-lva, IV R.' 3s, III) 1 0. nakiru, enemy. l*ukakku na-ki-ri, London, 103, VI, bir-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 4. nakru, hostile, enemy. a-na nakri(K (JR) b6ti-~u i-te-ru-ub, V R. 55, 39; it-ta-rad a-na kna~ri, V R. 55, 38; sir-rit nakri-lt, Neb. Nippur, II, 5; hnakrnju mna pdni-lu tim-nil it-tar-ra-du, V. A., 2663, II, 35; ummdn(ZAB) nakri, V. A., 2663, MyI 16; p1., i-na nakru-ti-ti i& mun-da&-?u-ti, V R. 55, 46, 48. ~1.3, namiru, shine. I, I pres., bit i-mit-ti larri bgli-lu la im-mir-lti-ma, V R. 55, 27, 37. II1, I part., mu-nam-mir gi-mir e-kurre, who makes brilliant all temples, V. A., 2663, II, 5. namru, shining. tlmi-~u nam-ru., III R. 41, II, 20; p1., i-na bu-ni-li! nam-ru~-ti, Neb. Nippur, I, 22; C. T., X, pi. III, 9; V. A., 2663, III 41; 0. T., X, pi. V, 15. namerfttu, splendor. dSin b6t age' na-me —ru-ti, Neb. Nippur, IV, 13. numru, gladness. nu-mur tibbi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 10. namrir(r)u, glory. ni-ip-&u nam-ri-ru, flaming disk, Susa, 2, IV, 12; itu Ia melammiIti.. nam-ri-ir-ri?a-'-nu, Neb. Nippur, I, 13. nannaru, lamp. dSin na-an-a~r lamg ettliti, III R. 41, II, 16; dSin na-an-na-ru a-lib gamO (-e) ettilti, I R. 70,9 III1,18; dSin nanara(dSES.KI.. na-ra) gamO(-e) u irpitim(-tim), V. A., 209, V., 9. M40i, nis6i, depart, move away. I, I pres., i-ni,-is-8u-u 3660 Icag-bu i-na e-muq dl3O(EN)., V. A., 2663, II, 36.

Page  291 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.29 291 Nisaba, grain. ki-mu dNisaba(SE.ELTEG) puqut-tu li-ill-nu-bi, III R. 41, II, 33; dNi8aba li-alyz-li-qa pu-qut-tu 1i-i~-mu-u&, I R. 70, IV, 12. MI~, nasAhu, tear out. I, 1 prec., ku-dur-ra-[~Au] li-is-su-llu, IV R.2 38, III) 36; ku-dur-ra-~zi li-is-su-u&., I R. 70, IV, 4; III R'. 41, II, 27; li-is-suh, London, 102, HIY 16; kudurra-gu lissu&(ZI-ui&), Neb. Nippur, IV, 19; i~id-su li-is-su-hu, I R. 70, III, 12; e-Ai-is-su li-is-su-1hu, III R. 43, MyI 27; i~id-su lissuz2(ZI-I&u), Neb. Nippur, V, 7; [i~id-su] li-iz-zi-llu, Susa, 16, VI, 25; pi-ri-i1.4-u li-is-su-ull4u, III R. 43, III, 29; pir'4~u li-is-su-Iiuy D. E. P., ivy pl. 16, II, 10; 1i-8u-uI&-~u-ma, D. E. P., II, 115, 7; li-su-hu-~ii-ma, D. E. P., III 113, 22; inf., na-sa&j kudur-ri an-ni-i, I R. 70, II, 8. nisbu, extract. a-na pi-i ni-is-l&i Aa tiitC. T., IX, p1. V, 42. $03, nasAku, appoint, put. 1, 1 pres.,a-na ndri i-na-su-ku (relat.), V R. 56, 36; a-na bri i-na-assu-ku, III R. 41, III 11; London, 102, V, 2; part., na-sik garrdni, V R. 55, 11. nisakku, priest. nisak(NU.AB) iii be'l biti, London, 103, I, 47; nisak(NU.AB) dEn.. lii, Neb. Nippur, II, 13; mna amdt Aarri nisakki, Neb. Nippur, II, 12; mKa~-~7i-ti fup-Aar nisak (NISAG.GA) BUt~mdSin_~eme, Neb. Ni ppur, V, 18. Ntsannu, first Babylonian month. C. T., X, p1. III, 30. 03., nlssatu, lamentation. ni-is-sa-tu li-ilqi(S9U.TI)-~ii Neb. Nippur, IV, 12. P303, nasiqu, respect. IIperm., at-mu-?il na-s-qu-Ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 19. nasqu, noble. rubA na-a-du na-a8-qu, V R. 55, 2; garru na-as-qu, V R. 55, 22. nisqu, excellence. ni-is-qu ~a rabtfli sis39, V R. 55, 20. hNI.SUR, title of an official. V. A., 209, HIPI 20. nlD3, napAbu, kindle. IV, I, in-na-pi-itA i-Aa-tu, V R. 55, 30. nipbu, flaming rise (of sun). ni-ip-&u na-is-i-ru, flaming sun disk, Susa, 2, IVY 12. hnlappabu, smith. V. A., 209, III, 6, 21. YM napAsu, crush, destroy. 1, 1 prec., lip-pu-su zgr-~u, I R. 70, IVY 25. Ni ppurfO, the Nippurian. fdbg Nippur-2 (EN.LIL-zi), V R. 56, 3. ttJ03, napiktu, soul, life. Susa, 2, MyI 33; lik-ki-sa na-ap~at-[su], V R. 56, 57; nap-Aa-tuh li-bat-li, Neb. Nippur, IV, 4; na-phi-iA-ta-Au] aplO zMi-Azi iiIM3 nas&ru, guard, protect. I, 1 part., dNabA ndpir(SESO) ku-dur eqldti,, Susa, 2, IV, 34; ilu n~a-pirri-w, Susa, 14, IV? 13; na-?ir ku-dur- ri-ti., V R. 55, 5i. flP3, naqbu, fountain. gar naqbg, D. E. P., VI, 43, IV, 4; (Rammin) bWt naq-bi u zlu-i V R.56, 41. olp], naqA, pour out water.,, 1, I part., na-aq me-e, libator, Susan, 3, VII, 10; D. E. P., VI, 45, IVp 10; aplu i4 nla-.a]q mA, London, 102, II, -19; apil-Au na-ga mg li-A e-ti, III R. 43, IV, 20. niqfi, libation. mna niqA(SIGIS) Aum-du-li, Neb.' Nippur, II, 8.

Page  292 292 292 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 7,naq~ru, destroy. 1, I prec., ku-dur-ra-Iu li-na-qir, London, 103, VI, 12; pres., it-a-aq-qa-ru i-na-aq-qa-ru, IV R.238,y IlI, 17; ina abni i-na-aqqa-ru, V R. 56, 35; inf., II bltdti abtitti(GUL.MES) Ia na-qa-ra u e-pi-Ij~u], V. A., 209, III, 17; bitu Iit-a-tu Ia. na-qa-ru it e-pi-~u, V. A., 209, IV, 23. I, 2, it-ta-qar i-ta-bat u&-tal-liq, Susa, 3, V) 55. 111, I pres., it-la-aq-qa-ru, London, 103, V) 42; IV R.' 38, III, 16. narfi, inscribed stone. na-ri-i, Susa, 2, IlI, 17; na-ri-e, Susa, 2, IVY 33; Susa, 2; Med.,y II, 5; III R. 43, IV, 32;- na-ra-a, Susa, 2; Med.,* I, 3; Med., II, 9; III R. 43, illy 32; D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 9; abnuNA.RU'.A, London, 101, IV, 5; Susa, 3, III, 51; IV, 9; VII, 28; IV R.2 38, III, 9, 30; Susa, 14, IV, 16; Susa, 16, IVY 29; VI, 9; D. E. P., VI, 43, ivy 8; D. E. P., II, 113, 20; D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 9; D. E. P., VI., 47, 19; V R. 56, 25, 35; III R. 41, II, 36, 40; I R. 70, II, 24, IVY 22; III R. 43, III, 23; 0. B. I.J? 149, IIy 8, 14; London, 102, Vf 1; V. A., 2663, V, 45; V. A., 209, v, 5; Neb. Nippur, heading 1; IV, 28; V, 5; abnuRUJ.A, Susa, 3, IV, 9, 41, 60; V, 22, 34, 46; C. T., X, p1. VII, 36. nurzu, nu-ur-zu kisdd ndr larri, V. A, 2663, IV, 31. niiu, spirit. ni-~il kni rabtti is-qur, I R. 70, I 21. nilu, people.. pl., nill, a-na ni-li a&-ra-a-ti London, 101, II, 13; dE~a pa-tiik ni-li, London, 101, III,' 11; a-na ni-li-lit ai it-Iji, Susa, 16, VI, 19; mu-gam-mil-&u ni-li-?it, V R. 55, 4; nilei(UN.MES0) a-pa-ti, Neb. Nippur, III, 18; a-mat nige' li-gi-sa-lit, Neb. Nippur, IV, 8; nilel di-la-a-ti, III R. 41, II, 39; (Samal) kalkal nih,' III R.. 43, IV, 10; i(na) pi nihe li-lhal-liq, London, 102, II, 17; V. A., 2663, V, 47; nile(UN.ME) i-1&i-it, V. A., 2663, I, 21; li-bir-ru mu-hal-lrn nile' (UN.ME), V. A., 2663, I, 36; kus-hat nihe, V. A., 2663, I, 39; nihe da-ad-me.;aphdti(BIR.ME), V. A., 2663, II, 28. XV3, nalfi, take up. I, 1 pret., ri-el~ eqli lit-a-turn il-lit-ma7 Susa, 16, illy 6; rel(SACG) eqli il-li-ma, 0. B. IL, 149, i, 20; rel (SAG) eqlu lit-a-tu [ill-li-ma, London, 103, ip 46; rgl (SAG) eqldti Ia Bit-mnSin-ma-gir.. il-i-ma, 0. B. I., 83, I, 13; dEr-ia it-ti d~hl (EN) a-na Bdbiliki il-la-a (Dual), C. T., IX, pi. IVY 12; mdrh-i Ia mBe-la-ni il-Id-am-ma (Dual), they brought, London, 103, III, 13; pres., i-na-al4-li-u a-nari-u mMti they raised him, Susa, 3, illy 60; inf., ime'ri-Ii it am~fi-lu la na-Ie-e, Susa, 3, II, 53; a-na la na-I e-e Ia mdtluAl-ni-ri-ea 111 R. 45, No. 2, 3; a-na naMl (ZI.GA) it-le-is-~u-it, I R. 70, II, 11; part., na-al ~Uij(Jtj izzi-ti, V R. 55, 8; ildni na-l64itlt the gods 'urging him on, V R, 55, 22; la na-Ie-lit-nu, I R. 66, 1, 8. II,1, it-Ia-al-It-ma, London, 101, IlI, 7; Susa, 16, IV, 30; Neb. Nippur, V, 3; London, 102, V, 5; III R. 41,11I, 10; 0. B. 1., 149, II, 10; it-Ia-ald-li-i, III R. 43, I,' 32; Neb. Nippur, III, 27; -I R. 70, IIy 24; prec., ri-ki-is-u la

Page  293 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.29 293 pa-f i-ra li-AA-i-i, I R. 70, III, 14; a-ga-16-til-la-a ligig~u(GA. TU-A'u)-gu-ma, V. A., 2663, V, 43; Aa ri-ki-i~s-su la ip-pa f-f a-ru li-Ae-eA-~i-~u, Susa, 3, VI, 47; ri-ik-su la pa-fte-ra [li-Mi-9i-Azi], III R. 43, MyI 32; London, 102, I [41]; 1i-~a-aA-Ai-~u, D. E. P., ivy p1. 16, I, 2. III, 2, uA-ta~-~i-ma a-na me-e u i~dti it-ta-di, Susa, 3, V) 5, 13. III, 3, eqlu ki-mu uA-ta-an-na-aAA um-ma, Susa, 3, V, 13. IV,3, eqlu ki-mu it-ta-na-ag-gum-ma, Susa, 3, VI 32. ni~fitu, nisfitu, relatives, family. a~e mdre' niSitti(IM.RI.A) u sala-ti, London, 103, V, 29; i-na kimti(IM.RI.A) ni~71ti(IM.RI.A) iA saldti(IMRI.A), III R. 43, MyI 3; London, 102, I, 30; IVY 37; V. A., 209, I, 33; kimti (IM.RI.A) ni-Au-ti u sa-la-ti, I R. 70, II, 3; ni-su'-ta iA sa-la-ti, V. A., 208, 44. nisru, diminution. cstr., [ni-Ali-er ehe'uzeru ig-zu-uzMa, 0. B. I.,I 83, I, 14. *'W.3 ni~rtu, diminution. ni-Air-ta qi-za-ta i-Aak-ka-nu, Susa, 2,III, 14; ni-Ai-ir-ta u qi-is-?a-ta la Aa-ka-ni, Susa, 3, II, 9; ni-(Ai)Air-tu il-ta-kan, Susa, 3, V. 29; ni-Air-ta qi-is-sa-tu, Susa, 16, IVY 16; qi-is-sa-ta ni-Air-ta i-Aak-kanu, III R. 41, II, 6; ni-Air-ta qi-is-sa-ta i-na lib-bi i-Aak-ka-nu, I R. 70, II, 15; ni-Ai-ir-ta qj.i?~a-ta, III R. 43, III, 21;.ni-Ai-irti- gi-is-sa-a-tu ud-daf a], C. T., X, p1. VII, 34. nugurrfi, diminution. nu-Aur-ra-a la Aa-ka-ni, Susa., 3, IBU,, London, 102, III 20; [nu-Air-ti-Au-nu ultu Aatti Vkan adi Aatti 241can, London, 102, III, 12. hSA, probably a worker in leather. D. E. P., II, pl. 20, 8 (cf dlu (Aa) hSA.MES, B. E-.,- IX, 70, 7; 97, 4, 6; etc.). OnD sabftsu, turn away, be -angry. I, 1 pret., Aa ki-mil-tuA. is-bu-su, V. A., 2663, I, 18 (cf. Nabia-apaliddina, Sippar tablet, III, 14, is-bu-su ki~dd-su). 11D sugfi, want. 7im(-um) su-gi-e u ar-ra-ti, III R. 41, II, 34; su-ga-a u ni-ib-ri-ft li~-ku-na-aA-Aum-ma, I R. 70, IV, 17. 1V1D, sadAru, set in order. I, I inf., mna sa-dar satuk E-kur, Neb. Nippur, II, 3, 8. JID sfinu, thigh. Ai'r ta1.~-i-e Air sulni(UR), V. A., 208, 5. PID, sfiqu, street. su-u-uq diaM47, Susa, 3, VI, 39; itti stgqi(SILA) kad-ni, V. A.,v 208, 13; itti sitqi(SILA) u biti, V. A., 208, 16, 17.;lflD, sab6i, destroy. II, I pret., e tu-sah-hi mi-i?-[ra], 0. B. IL, 83, II, 23; inf., ku-dur-ra la su-ul.-l&-i, Susa, 3,. II, 14. II, 2, mi-sir-Aa ul us-sail-hfa], 0. B. I., 83, II, 1; mi-?ir-Aa us-8a&k.-I, 0. B. I., 83, III 5. III, 1, eqldti-Azi id-ra-[nu] ma, Susa, 14, III, 1 1. sabbu, cistern (Hebr. f1t~in ) (Haupt). ia-'-nu me' sail-&, V R. 55, 19. sabmaku, revolt. i-na e-Ai-tti u sail-maA-ti Aa mdtuA kka,4iki, G. T.,y X, p1. ~V, 3. Ino, sijjpu, extent (cf. p, 165). ka-la si-&l-ip Aa-ma-me, Neb. Nippur, I, 14. 1fno, sabAru, turn. I, 2, su-?I-uq 61-Avid li-is-sa-ail-iar, Susa,. 3, VI, 40.

Page  294 00A AWVr3C 294 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 11 I, 2, ul-te-i8-I&i-ir limutte (-te) -lu ana A6r mndtuAlmti, he caused disaster to enclose the king of Elam, V R. 55, 41. suburmaiu, goatfish (Zimmern). mu-urn u su-&ur-ma4ti a-Ai-ir-turn rabiturn Aa dE-a Psusa, 2, IV, 5. PD rage. 1, 1 pres., i-sa-ar me-1bu-ti, V R. 55, 32. 1-D, sakAku, stop up. I, 1 inf., sa-ka-ak uz-ni, stopping up of ears, i.e., deafness, Susa, 3, VII, 37; Susa, 14, Illy 4; sa-kaalk, D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 4; sa-ka-ak [uz-ni], D. E. P., II, 116, 3; ga-kak uznd (Pf), V. A. 2663, V) 38. sakku, deaf. hs-akla sa-ak-ka, London, 103, VI 41; Susa, 14, II, 14; Neb. Nippur, V, 3; Susa, 16, IV, 26;. 0. B. I., 149, III 9; salt-la lu salt[ka], IV R.2 38, III, 11; saltl sak-ka, III R. 41, II, 9; I R. 70, III 21; III R. 43, I, 31; V R. 56, 34; V. A. 21 1,II, 9; sa-alt-ka salt-la, D. E. P.,VI, 45, V, 20; 8alt-ka gak-ka, Suisa, 3, V, 49; salt-ku salt-lu, V. A., 2663, V, 25. sukkuku, a deaf man. lu saklt-km lu suk-ku-ka, London, 101, MyI 6. sakike, Aaktkt, mud. ndrdte-Au li-miu-la-a sa-ki-ke, V R. 56, 42; ndrdte sa-ki-ke li-mi-li, III R. 43, IVY 4; lu-71 Ad-lti-i-ilt-ki dal4-ti] it ahar(KI) mi-il-ti ndriAti i-si-ilt-ki-ru-rna, Susa, 16, V) 5. ~7X saklu, fool. 8a-azk-lta, London, 103, V, 41; Susa, 16, IV, 26; Susa, 14, III 14; 0. B. I., 149, II, 9; Nippur, V, 2; sak-la lu salt[-ka], IV R.2 38, III, 1 1; 8alt-lam lu suk-ku-ka, London, 101, HIPI 6; salt-la sa-ma, Susa, 3, V, 49; lu-ii sak-ka. lu-ii sak-ka, V R. 561, 34; sak-ka sak-ka sa-rna-a, I R. 70, II, 21; III R. 43, I, 31; sa-ak-ka sak-la, D. E. P.,yVI, 45, V, 20; sak-la la Ae-rna-a, London, 102, V, 4; salt-la sak-ka, III R. 41,II 9; V. A.211, III, 9; salt-ku salt-lu, V. A., 2663, V, 26. suk(k)allu, minister. dPap-sukal su-kal-li ildni rabtiti, III R. 43, IVY 25; hsukallu (Lugf), IV R. 38, I [11]; II, 35; Susa, 16, III, 18; V R. 56, 14; I R. 70, I, 17, 19, I R. 66, III 12; III R. 43, I, 9; edge IV, 4, 5; London, 102, ivy 5; VI, 19; C. T.) X, p1. Illy 27; pl. VII, 42; hsukallu mu-ni-ri, London, 101, I, 14; 'Nabti sukallu?i-ru, III R. 41, III 34; III R. 43, IV, 1; suk-kal-lu fti-i-ru, I R. 70, IV, 16. si-kit-la. mar-ka-su rabti(-ti) Aa bit si-kil-la (Zimmern suggests that it may stand for E-sag-ila), Susa, 2P, IV, 28. IM sakftpu, throw down. I, 1 pret., is-ki p-A u-ma, D. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 6. 'flM, sakAru, siktru, stop up, dam. I,1prec., [ndrdt]e-~?i li-i-s-ki r-ma., 0. B. IL, 149, III 22; pres., adar mi-il-ti ndri-Ati i-si-ik-ki-ru-rna, Susa, 16, V, 7; inf., ndri-gti a-na lai sa-ka-ri, III R. 45, No. 2, 8; lu-u Aa si-ki-e-ri lu-ti ha pi-te(!)-e, Susa, 3, II, 30. M~C, saltmu, favor. Aa... ir-ga-a sa-li-me, who granted favor, V. A., 2663, I, 19 (cf. NapO-apal-iddina, Sippar tablet, III, 17, 8a-li-ma ir-Ai-ma). salatu, household. ni~titi u sa-la-ti, London, 103, V, 29; ni-Au-ti u sa-ka-ti, I R. 70, II, 3; ni-su-ta it sa-ka-ti, V. A.,, 208, 44; kirnti(IM.RI.A) niA~it

Page  295 -NEBUCHADREZZAR I.29 295 III R. 43, III, 4; London, 102, I, 30; IV, 37; V. A., 209,1, 33.,1T00, samfi, blind. sak-lam lu suk-ku-ka lu sa-ma-a, London, 101, III, 6; sak-la sakka sa-ma, Susa, 3, V, 49; sak-ka. ca-ma-a, Susa, 16, IVY 27; V R. 56, 34; 1 R. 70, II, 21; III R. 43, I, 31; sa-ak-ka ca-ma-a, Susa, 14, II, 15; 0. B. I., 149, II, 9. simaku, shrine. e-piA ku-urn-mu ki-if-pi u si-ma-ku, V. A., 2663, II, 12. Slmm", sickness (cf. p. 181). si-im-ma la-az-za, Neb. Nippur, IVY,20; III R. 41,IIY 30; IR. 70, IVY 6; ci-im-ma la[-az-za], 0. B. I., 149, MII 3; 8i-im-ma aq-fa laaz-za, Susa, 14, IV) 6; si-im-ma la-az, Susa, 3, VII, 19; III R. 43, IV, 16. PID, sanAqu, press. I, I pret., rit-ti-gu ai ic-ni-iq, Susa, 16, VI, 22; prec., a-di ilm(-um) bal-du lit(!)-niq (= lisniq?) maa-ta, Susa, 16, VI, 18. MAs, horse. ni-is-qu Aa ralblti sisg (imerKUR.RA.MES), V R. 55, 20; eaci, see urdte, 'V R. 55, 53, 59; rakkab 8icrg, riding saddles(?), III 1R. 41, I, 16; sicg mu-ne(MU.IVE), III R. 43, edge IV, 1; XXX 8isc, III R. 43, edge, IV, 2; ri'tl sic, London, 102, III', 11, 13, 15, 23. nDD, sapjju, scattered. mu-pa-a&-&i-ru sap~&Oti(BIR.ME), i.e., nigg, V. A., 2663, I, 33; ni~6 da-ad-me sap$Oti, V. A., 2663, II, 29..SUPpu. inascu-up-pu irfitim(-tim) ifugi.. Aimma'ru Aadl, V. A., 209, II, 30. '1O, saq~ru, swear (perhaps Z= ) I, 1 pret., ni-is ildni rab~ti.... i8-qur, I R. 70, I, 22. surtu, wickedness (Aram. i-na 8u-ur-ti ma-la ba-4t!-si, Lon-, do,103, V, 40..110 satukku, temple dues, tithes. satuk(SIA.DUG) Ekur, Nell. Nipi pur, II, 3, 8. III, 11, I pret., a-na-ku la e-nu-ti 41 la uA~-pi-lu, I have not annulled, have not revoked, Susa, 3, IV, 12; Aa?i-it Pi-z ilu ma-am-ma la uW-pi-el-lum, Susa, 3, VI, 32; W- pi-lurn, 0. B. I., 150,11, 1. III, III 2 pret., Aa?i-it pi-i-Au la uA-tepil-lu, V. A., 2663, I, 15. pagumu, object made of leather. pa-gu-mi a-na Ri-ti-li-ia-a-Au ig mu-ur-ma, D. E. P., II, p1. 20, 4 (cf. mdehkapa-gu-mu, Amarna Letters, Berl. 26, I, 48). Ili, pagru, body. iA-ru-ba-a... pa-ga-ar-Au li-labi-igl-mal_, usa, 3, VI, 50. pfitu, front. patu(SAG) elzl and pzitu Aaplil, pasmim. For orientation of fields cf. pp. 39-41. 11W, puzru, concealment. pu-uz-ra uA-ta-ui-iz, Susa, 3, V, 43; pu-uz-ru 44a-Aa —zu, V. A., 2663, V) 30; a-Aar la a-(ma-)ri pu-uz-ri [i-tam-me-ru], C. T., X, p1. VII, 37. 1, 1 pres., main ulipit~ti(LIBIT) 'I-pia~u-'a, (relat.), Neb. Nippur, V, 2; i-na i-ga-ri i-p~i-&u-ziJ, D. E. I, 2 i-na i-ga-ri ip-te-If, SusA, 3, V, 54. II. S"IriD, pabitu, provincial district. b61 pah~ti(EN.NAM),governor,Susal, 16, IIIy 23; lV, 1; Neb. Nippur, V) 15; V R. 56, 19; I R. 66, II 1, — 6, -,, — ideal-. __

Page  296 296 296 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 14; III R. 43, II, 4; III, 9;- 0. B, I., 149, II, 2; London, 102, IV. 8; VI, 21,;IV ER.2 38,1, 28; V. A., 2663, V, 3; WUl pal&dti(EN.NAM.MES), Susa, 2, III, 6. Ptb tu, district, province. pi1&tarri, V. A., 2663, IV, 14, * 49; ana pi-bat i-man-nu-ti, C. T., X, p1. VII, 34; pi~htu(NAM), Susa, 2, I, 28, 37; II, 9, 14, 19; London, 103, III, 42; London, 101,1 I, 6; Susa, 3, I, 52;. III, 3, 16, 24, 31; IVy 16, 37, 51; V, 11, 14, 33; VI, 4, 7, 12; D.'E. P., II, 112, 7;_ IV ER2 38, I, 5; Susa, 16, I, 4; IV, 6; Neb. Nippur, III 28; III, 1, 8; 0. B. I., 83, I, 15; * 0. B. I., 83, II, edge; III R. 41, II, 2; III ER. 43, II, 23. WWD, pabftru, gather, collect. I,1pret., ni~e da-ad-me sapbdti * z-pa&-&if-ru, V, A., 2663, II, 29;, mu-pa-a1&-1f-ru 8apbdti, V. A., 2663, I, 33. pubru, assembly. ina pu-l&ur gu-ut ma-al-ku, V. A., 2663, I, 42. nap baru, totality, all. nap-&a~r qin-ni-e u kal da-dd-m'e, Neb. Nippur, I, 15; ba-na-at nap&-[Mr], D. E. P., III 113, 1; ina nap-b~ar fal-mat qaqqadi, V. A., 2663, I, 22; nap~ar(PAP), * Susa, 2, I, 26, 35; Neb. Nippur, III, 7; C. T., IX, p1. V, 26; III ER. 41, I, 27; C. T., X, plh III, 19; V. A., 102, IVY 27; V. A., 2663, IVY 2, 17, 42; V. A., 209, IV, 34; C. T., X, pl. VI, 29; naplbar naplyar, V. A., 2663, IV, 46. *10D, patftru, break, free. 1, I pret., eqlu gtt -a-tu ip-tu-ur, London, 103, III, 29; mUrLondon, 103, III, 6 n.,r-i I8-&Ula pa-ft-ra, anunrabl * ond, I R. 70, III, 14; ri-ik-8u la pa-te-ra, III ER. 43, III, 32; Iarik-su la pa[fe-ra], London, 1.02, I, 41. IV, 1, 9a ri-ki-is-su la ip-pat-fa-ru Susa, 3, VI, 46; III ER'. 41, II' 26 patru, dagger. ult-u pat-ru ind kilddi-~u, V ER. 56, 54. ',pfi, mouth. gn-it pi-Wa, command, Susa, 3, VI, 30;?i-it pi-i-~u, V. A., 2663, I, 14, 31;; qi-bit pi-i-Avi Susa, 3,VII, 45; i-pi~ pi-Au, Neb. Nippur, 1, 9 ki-i pi-i, according to the word of, S usa, 3, IV, 13, 34, 44, V, 10; London, 102, IV, 27; III ER. 43j, I, 10; a-na pi-i ni-is-1.i, according to the extract, C. T., IX, pl. V, 42; i-na pi-i nige' li-al~n-liqu, from the mouth of men, III R. 41, II, 39; London, 102, II, 17; V. A., 2663, V, 47;?i-bit pi-i, the holding of the mouth, i.e., dumbness, Susa, 3, VII, 38; ~a pi-i, the mouth of the river S., I ER. 66, II, 2. in the phrase pi-i At-ul-pi, V. A., 208, 36, uncultivated -or pasture land; the opposite is eqlu zaq-pu, cf. V. A., 208,7,8, 35,36; t~ukira 4Ugi~immarI zaqp up-i [Aulpi], C. T., X, p1. VI, 24. 1fl7B palfi, reign. i-na pall (BAL-e) dMarduk-a pal.. idna, Susa, 2; Med., II, 1;mina ttml4(-me) pal l-A[u], C. T., X, p1. IV, 15. n*~ palfbu, fear. IIpres., a~-Au ar-r[a-ti] i-pal-ta-lhuma, London, 102, V, 4; aA~gu (MU) ar-ra-ti a-na-ti i-pal-hilbu-ma, London, 101, III, 5; zikrdENGUR dNin6 -a-i iKJu], 0. B. I., 83, II, 14; part., pa-li-ltu ildni-Aii, 0. B. I., 83,

Page  297 'NEBUCHADREZZAR I.29 297 1, 21; pa-li1h ilu-ti-gu, V. A., ~663, I, 28; pa-liI& dNabA u dMarduk, V. A., 2663, II, 1; ardu pa-lill-gu, V. A., 2663, Illy 37; la pa-till ildni, V. A., 2663, V, 27. V, 27; ~a ijna abnunari ga-at-ra ip-ta-la4-ma, Susa, 3, V, 47; garru u ildni-lu la ip-tal-llu-ma (relat.), V R. 56, 32. palbi~, reverently. zi-taq-qu-ti pal-ligi, Neb. Nippur, I, 6; ana dEn-lilt u "dNIN.IB pal-Ai-il?I-taq-qu-'ti, Neb. Nip-. pur, II, 1 1. IT7, palftku, fix limits. 1, 1 pret., pil-Ici ip-lu-uk-ma, 0. B. I., 83, I, 5; part., pa-lilk eqlu lti-a-tu, Neb. Nippur, III, 13. pilku, plot. ki-i pil-ki ip-lu-uk-mna, 0. B. I., 83, I, 5; a-na pil-[ki]-lvi t-tir-ru, 0. B. IL, 83, II, 10; pi-lik-lt li-ni, III R. 41,II,28. pulukku, boundary. pu-lu-uk-ku la lit-ku-nu, V. A., 2663, Illy 20; pu-luk-ka-lu-un il-ni-ma, C. TM, X, p1. V,'4. pu=1u-uk(g), perhaps a measure. pu-lu-uk(g) u im&ru burdli, V R. 55, 56..16) palkA, wide, comprehensive. ba-si-sa pal-ka, of wide intelligence, V. A., 2663, III, 7. t~') palAsu, look. IV, 1 pret., ki-nil', ip-pa-lis-ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 24; ki-nig ippalis(SILBAR)-su-ma, Neb. Nippur, III 16; arad-su ip-pa-li-is-ma,.111 R. 43, I, 7; lia-dig ip-pa-lismna, C. T., X, pi. III, 11; ha-di ip-pal-su-gu-ma, V. A., 2663, I, 29; 4a-di~ ip-pa-lis-su-ma, V. A., 2663, IlI, 42; prec., lip-pal-suMi-ma, Susa, 3, V, 16; ki-nig iip-pal-sa-hsi-ma, 0.B.I., 83, 11, 16; pres., ul ip-pal-la-~sa Aa' na-a-la it-ti-lu, V R. 55, 34. p~nu. (1) face, zu-ut pa-ni, blindness, Susa, 14, IlI, 4; la na-l ha pdni(SI)-ga, V. A., 2663, V, 26; parni-li lim-Ila?-ma, III R. 41, II. 19; pdn dSamli(..l), V R.. 55, 31; (2) presence, pdn, before, in presence of, Susa,'16, 1, 25; London, 101, III, 8; London, 102, VI, 6; V. A., 208, 22, 49, 50, 51; i-na pa-an, before, in presence ofI London, 103, III, 23, 24; VI, 16; i-na pa-ni, from his presence, C. T., IX,.p1. IV, 3; V. A., 2663, II, 35; mna pa-nika, at thy disposal, V. A., 209, I, 9; pa-an iltdnu (litu, amurrti, ladii), towards north, etc., London, 103, III, 47, 49; IV, 1, 3, 4; London, 101, I, 7, 8, 10, 11; Susa, 14, I, 2, 7; D. E. P., II, 112, 2, 6; with the verb dag6lu, cf. pdni-lu si-lad-gil, he entrusted to him, C, T., IX, PI. V, 41; C. T., X, p1. V, 6; V. A., 209, IV, 8, 22; V. A., 2663, III$ 24; V. A., 208, 6, 21; (3) former time, ultuaimi(-mi) pa-na, from former days, Neb. Nippur, II, 29; larru pa-na, a former king, V R. 55, 48; cf. harru a[j-likI pa-ni-ia, my predecessor, Susa, 3,IV, 2; eli ha pa-ni, more than formerly, V. A., 2663, III, 29; also in the titles: man-za-az pdn harri, D. E. P., II, 97, 13; and amelu ha peln(SI) hicall~i, C. T., X, p1. VII, 43. p~nfttu, in front of, before. tap-tu-u pa-'na-at "utkirtl, V. A., 2663, IV, 33; a-di tap-te-e ha pa-na-at 14~ukiri2, V. A,,~ 2663, IV, 44. pftnA, title of pn official. hpa-nu_71 ij ant2(?), C. T., IX, PI. V, 34.,

Page  298 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF Ops, pasisu, destroy. II, 1 pres., ti-pa-sa-na, 0. B. I., 150, II) 3; mna abni ti-pa-sa-su, V. A., 2663, V) 30. 11, 2, up-te-i8-si-is-ma it-ta-qar, Susa,3, V, 55. i1PD, paq~du, govern, establish. 1, 1 pret., Ai-bir-ru... ip-qid qalisA-u, a scepter he handed over to his hand, V. A., 2663, I, 36; inf., pi-ig-da... la pa-qa-di, a government not to establish, III R. 45, No. 2, 7; part., d~b pa-qid ki[gat] ni-Ai, who governs all men', London, 101, II,1;dNa~bi pa-[qid ham' ir.~iti(?)], London, 102, I, 44. plqdu, government. pi-iq-da Aa Bzit-mA-da a-na dli-Ai la pa-qa-da, III R. 45, No. 2, 7. puquttu, thorn. ki-mu dNisaba pu-qut-tu li-i&-nubi, III R. 41, II, 33; dNisaba liI R. 70, IV 13; ta-mi-ra-ti-Athi li-mi-La-a pu-qut-ta, III R. 43, IV, 5. 11M paqftru, raise a claim. I, 1 pret., ~arr-u ip-qir-ma a-na, the king reclaimed (the field) and gave it to London, 103, III, 4; pres., i-paq-qi-ru d-Aap-qa-ru,)reclaims, III R. 41, I, 36; inf., ku-nu-uk Aarri Aa la pa-qa-ru, C. T., X, pl1. Vy 7; ha la tam-Ai-li At la pa-qa-ra, C. T., X, pl. V) 9; VI, 30; ha la tam-Aul u la pa-qa-ri, V. A., 2663, V, 49; a-na e-li u pa-ki-ri, for the purpose of opposing and reclaiming, D. E. P., II, pl. 20, 9. 11I, I pres., ti-ad-bxa-bu innig(BAL-Mi vL-paq-qa-ru, V. A., 209, II, 1, 7. 11I pres., i&-paq-qi-rus ii-Aap-qa-ru, III R. 41, I, 36. paqru, reclamation. a-na paq-ri la a-e-e, I R. 70,I, 20; aA-4u paq-ri la ra-ge-e, London, 102, II, 34; a-na paq-ri la baA.(IG), V. A., 2663, IV, 52; [pa]-ak(?)-ri iluk It id-bu-um-ma Susa, 16, HIy 17. tapqirtu, claim. tap-qir-ta At ru-gu-um-ma-a, Susa, 3, HIy 15. bt'b pir'u, offspring. she euzn ut pi-ir-a, Susa, 3, VII, 12; pi-ri ai ir-Au, Susa, 14, IV,.17; zer-gu 'u pir'Q1)-~u li-is-su-I&u, D. E. P.,P IV, pl. 16, II, 9; pi-ir-'A4,y D. E. P., II, 1113, 2; pi-ir-Au, D. E. P., VI, 4,5~ IV, 16; Ze-Au pi-ri-'-hi na-an-nab-At, III R 41, IIy 38; zr-~u' pir'-Au u naan-nab-Au, London, 102, II, 16; V. A., 2663, V, 46; li-Mil-li-gte pir'i-Au, I R. 70, III, 12. pargAniA, undisturbed(?). par-ga-na bahi(e) a-&ju-ti-ti, V. A., 2663, III, 18. purldu, leg. Aa ed-li qar-di pu-ri-da-Ati it-tu-rau the legs of the valiant man turned, i.e., failed, V R. 55, 21 (cf. Jensen, K. B.,y VI, 1, 428., 508). mb~, pirbu, offspring. pi-ri-i&4-At li-is-su-ull-Iu, III R. 43, III, 29. IWD par~ku, lock, bolt., II, 1 prec., ba-ab-A i Wl-par-r-i-ki, III R. 43, IVY 27. parku, barred. War-ra-an-na pa-ri-ik-ta (fern.) liAe-if-bi-8U, may he cause him -to take a road that is barred, III R. 43, IV, 31. parlktu, violence. ina pa-rik-ti li-iz-zis-su, with violence proceed against him, I R. 70, Illy 16; i-na pa.-ar(-ik)-ti li-iz-zi-su, III R. 43, IV, 11.

Page  299 NEBUCHADREZZAR 1. IDI9cease. IV, 1, -la na-par-ka-a, without fail, IV R.2 38,. II, 23. Purimu, wild ass. e'-m imtrupurfmg firi li-ir-pu-ud, Susa, 14, IV, 3; ki-ma im~rupurimi(EDIN.NA), III R1. 41, II, 18; V. A., 209, V, 11; ki-i purimi(-mi), I R. 70, III) 20; London, 102,, 47. DID, Parftsu, decide. I, I pret., di-in-Au u purussi -Au *ai ip-ru-u8, London, 102, II, 3; prec., ina biti (-ti) -~u [li]-i p-ru-us, D. E. P., II, 115, 3; part., pa-ri-is purusse, Susa, 14, III, 7. parsu,. decision. par(?) -su-Au Ait-ru-bu, Neb. Nippur, I, 18; pl., lit-ti pdr-si-e i-ta-ni-e i-Ad-lu-ma, 0. B. IL, 83, II, 9. parsft, decider, judge. Aarru pars i (BA RS UD.MES) i-alma, the king asked the judges, V R. 55, 50; parsei(BAR.SUD) la-bi-ru-ti illikti Aarru.. i-AalAvi-nu-ti-ma, Susa, 16, li, 27; par-su-u nak-lu, skilful arbitrator, V.T A., 2663, II, 48. purussOi, judgment, decision. pa-ri-is purusse(ES.BAR.MES), Susa, 14, III, 7; di-in-Au fi purussi'(ES.BAR)-~u ai ip-ruus, London, 102, II, 2; purussti (ES.BAR) ki-Aat nise, V. A.,? 2663, I, 28; -bali purussi", C. T., X, pl1. VII, 39. 'Y"D, parA~u, decide. 1, 1 perm., a-ki I ma-na kaspi fl mana V Aiqlu pa-ri-fi, V. A., 209, IV) 5. parpu, command. a-na para?(GARZA) Aarri, Susa, 3, 1I, 43; paras ha-kin, Susa, 3, Up, 44; para? ma-am-ma, Susa, 3,11, 45. tOWm, paitu, efface. 1, 1 pres., At!-mi Ad-at-ra i-pa-aA-i-fu (relat.), Susa, 16, V, 4; Ai4m Aat-ru i-pa-aA-i-;u, V. A., 2663, V, 32. I, 2, Au-mi Aat-ra ip-ta-Ai-if, Susa, 3, V, 57. II, 1, li-pa-aA-Aa-u-ma Aa-nam-ma i-Aat-ta-ru (relat.), I R. 70,III, 5. It, 2, Ati-um ili t4 Aarri ha Aaf-ru up-taA-Ai-tu-ma, V R. 56, 33. 1100, palftru, loosen. I, I inf., ar-rat la pa-A a-ri,. IV R.' 38, III) 33. IV, 1, ar-rat la nap-Ati(gu)-ri, London, 101, IV, 6; Susa, 3, VI, 26; Susa, 16, VI, 12; I R. 70, IV, 23; III R. 43,Y III, 25; IV, 34; III R. 43, edge II, 2; 0. B. I., 149, 1116; London, 102, I,1 39; arrat(AS) la nap-Au-ru, V. A., 2603, V. 37; ar-rat la nap-Aur maru~ta li —ruru-Au, V. A., 209, II, 9; V, 8. flfl, pitil, open.' I, 1 inf., lu-ti Ad si-ki-e-ri lu-ti Ad pite(!)-e hi-ut ndr Aarri la hi-ri-e., Susa, 3, II, 31. 11D, Patknu, keep off. HI, Iimp., dRammdn limuttu(?) paat-ti-nu da(?)-riA, London, 101k I1,3. patlnnu, some kind of dress. I vubd4tupa-tin-nu, III R. 41,1 I, 26. j'nD, patiqu, make, create. I, I part., (Ea) pa-ti-iq ni-Ai, London., Aam O(e) u [iroritim] (-tim), D. E. P., ip, 113, 5. pltqu, building. du-ul-li pit-ici, Susa, 3, II, 18. ittlY, g~nul sheep. fibit alpg u?i-e-ni, V R. 55, 56; ma-ki-su a-na dli-Ati la e-re-bi., III R. 45, No. 2, 9; a-la-ad a-melu-ti alpt u gine ('U.LU.ZUN.MES), London, 102,11II28. KXt, $~nu, ffill. I, I prec., li-fa-an ka-m-ao*-i III R*

Page  300 eoo A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF 4.1, III 26; perm., nam-ri-ir-ri Oa-'-nu, Neb. Nippur, I, 13. ~62, ru, field. it-ma-am. fi-ri, Susa, 2, VII, 1; * i-ma -am ~ogri(EDIN), D. E. P., VI, 47, 11~ O-ra li-i r-pu-ud, Susa, 2 VII, 2; pa-an sgri (EDIN), Susa, 16, I, 25; purtme, f 6ri, Susa, 14, IV) 4; i-na dli it ~tru, lofty. billudI(GARZA)-Ai gi-ru, Neb. Nippur, I, 18; dNabit sukallu firMY III R. 41, II, 34; I R. 70, IV, 16; III R. 43, IV, 1; (Ninib) and Rammfin) daianeg firitti (MAUgMEfS), Neb. Nippur, IV, 16.;Wy *Abu, soldier.?db (ZA B) Aarril V R. 56, 3; pl., fdb~ (ZAB.MES) dluNippur72(-7), V R. 56, 3;?dbg a-sib dldni gu-a* turn V R. 56, 9;?dbe'(ZAB.ME) Ici-din-nu, V. A., 2663, III 11; pa-ni fdbe' ki-din-nu... Aad-gil, V. A., 2663; III, 24, 31..2v Vfmbu, wagon. zFu pmlyj (MAR.GID.DA)-4a i4ufimitti(LAL)-A i, Susa, 3, II, 51. 1f3y, *abift, desire, want. I, I pret., a,-na ma-ta is-bi-i, IV R.2 * 3&, II, 28. 2hn, *abAtu, seize. I, pret., i?-ba-at, he took, London, 103, MYI 33; qdt dBC'1(EN) i?ba-ta (Dual),. C. T., IX, p1. IV, 11; pres., i-na ta-iha-zi qdt-s-u la i-fa-bat, III R. 43, IV, 24; inf., mna il-ki di-ku-ti?a-bat * amelu &i-ri-e ndra, Neb. Nippur, MYI 25; i-na dli it?ri?a-bat amelu, V R. 56, 5; la?a-ba-ti, V R..55, 55, 59; C. T., IX, p1. V, 37; perm.,?a-bit didni Aa mdt dI~tarA.GA.DEki, Susa, 3,II, 26; #a-a~u, London, 10.3 IV, 30 I, 2, i?-?a-bat I.a-ra-a-na, he undertook the march, V R. 55, 16; is-?a-bat rndtu~lamtu, V R, 55, 43. II,1prec., 4ar-ra-an-na pa-n'-ik-ta li-~e-is-bi-su ( ligefbit-su), III R. 43, IVY 31; ki-i i~teni~ (I-ig) ti-~a-as-bit-ma, V. A., 2663, III, 28. ~ibtu, holding, increase. (1)?~i-bit pi-i, holding of the mouth(= dumbness), Susa, 3, VII, 38; (2) revenue, increase, fibit(BIR) alpe' it?i-e-ni, V R. 55, 55; mna fibit si-en-ni(?eni) Ill R. 45, No. 2, 9. ~ubAtu, garment. ki-ma. su-ba-ti pa-ga-ar-8'7 li-ta-biig-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 49; subdtu e1litu(MJUHf) be-lu-il, III R. 41, I, 23; I subdtu 9a qab-lu, III RI. 41, I, 24; fubdtuna&1aptu(TIK... UD.DU), III R. 41, I, 24; fubdtuup(b)-ru-Uj III R. 41, I, 25; fubdtupa-tin-nu, III R. 41, I,. 26; a-di ilte'n subadtu KUR.RA, V. A., 209, IV,33. sabitAnu, captor. a-na fa-bi-ta-ni-lzi ap-pa-lil lil-biim-ma, V R. 56, 55. Illy, ~Adu, chase. I, 3, a-Iam-~a-tu is-sa-nun-da, V R. 55, 32. ~ubilu, title of an official. hsu1&-ili C. T., IX, p1. V, 34. '~iny, seberu, be little. I, 1, ul-tu a-na,,ku fi-i1.-ri-ku, since I was little, London, 103, IV, 27. A mru little. iltu si-&fr ra-bi, great or small, V R. 56,29, ~i1.ra (T UR) u rabd (-a), V. A., 2663, III, 27, fl, *iHtu, war. zi-na vi-il[-tu] 9a Su-ba4j-tu], D. E. P., II, 93, I, 3. ~X i1Iu, protection. 9a inai~upilli(MIl) &l-~a z~~ C. T., X, pl. V, 3.

Page  301 YVEBUCHADREZZAR I. 301 sulfaIu, protection. eli sdbe' ki-din-nu... ig-ta-kan fu-lu-li, V. A., 2663, IlIy 33. I. O~ salmu, picture. sa-lam mA rdi_4Sibitti, London, 102, III, 1,I 4;?a-lam d b mu in.. aplu London, 102, IV, 1; salam dMarduk-apal-iddina, V. A., 2663, at picture, 1. 1. II. D* ~a~mu, black. sal-mat (sc. nige') qaqqadi(SAG.DU), Neb. Nippur, I, 11; ina nap-tar sal-mat qaqqadi, V. A., 2663, I, 22; fal-mat qaqqadi, V. A.,. 2663,9 IL, 55. 111:Y ~imittu, team. i~U~umbi(MAR.GIJJDA)A~d?u~i.' mitti(LAL)-Ati Susa, 3, I, 51. ~uppfti, orchards. su-up-pa-a-ti 9a, hNa-&, Susa, 16, I, 31. 11DY, *upru, finger-nail. fu-pu-ri-9ti, D). E. P., II, 113, 7; fu-pur mlddind,YV A., 208, 54; fu-pur mIna-e~'e'A6ir(-ir), V. A., 2093, II, 26. Ily ~arru, opponent, enemy. (Gula), za-ar-ri-ga si-im-ma laa.. i-na zu-urn-ri -A z liA-kuun-ma, Susa, 3, viI, 18; za-ar-ri-Aa si-irn-ma la-az-za li-Ae-laAum-ma, D. E. P., IV) pl., 16, II, 1. siffu, opponent. air-ri -Au, D. E. P., 43, IV, 5. *irritu# scepter. fir-r Ihnakri~i qa-tu-u~-Ail itmu4, Neb. Nippur, II, 5. ~urru, heart, mind.?7ur-ru Aad-lu, of broad mind, V. A., 2663j, III 49. k4311, qabfi, speak. 1,1 pret., ki-a-am ig-bi (urn-ma-a), London, 102, IV, 20; VI, 9; C. T., X, pl. V, 11; V. A., 209, I, 5; IV, 6; London, 103, IV, 21; ki-a-am iq-bi-~il, O, B. I., 83, I, 19; a-na ~arri i-iq-bi-nza, III R. '1143, edge IV, 4; iq-bi-ma, HII R. 43, 1, 10; Susa, 16, II, 18; la ba-lat-su iq-[bu-ii], London, 102, V, 7; iq-bi ina?i-it pi-i-Au, V. A., 2663, I, 31; ki-a-am iq-bu-7i, D. E. P., II, 93, II, 18; V. A., 209, IVY 19; iq-bu-si-rna, Susa, 16, II, 33; prec., la baldt-su liqbu-si, 0. B. I., 149, III, 11; London, 101, IV, 7; la ba-la-az-zu [liq-bju-ii, Susa, 16, VI, 24; pres.,i ul na-din-mi i-qab-bu-si, London, 103, V, 38; London, 101, III, 1; ul ni-di-it-ti Aarrdni i-qa-ab-bu-ii, Susa, 16, IVY 21; Susa, 14,11,y13; i-qa-bu-zi, III R. 43, III, 6, 7, 16, 17; edge IV, 3; 0. B. I., 149, II, 8; i-qab-bu-si, III R. 41,11,I7; I R. 70, II, 18; London, 102, it 32; IV, 38; Neb. Nippur, IV, 2; III [32]; V. A., 209, II, 4; V. A.,* 208, 45, 47; C. T., X, p1. VII, 35; inf., mna qa-bi-e Mdr rne-a-ri, Neb. Nippur, II, 22. HI, I prec., lu-il -qa-bu-vi, London, 101, IV, 4. qibttu, command. Ad a;Mat qi-bi-ti-Ail-nu, Susa, 3, VI, 21; Ad qi-bit pi-i-As, Susa, 3, VII, 45; Aa in-nu-ti qi-bi-su, D. E. P. II, 1 15, 7; i-na qibit(KA) aIgtar, V R. 55, 40; la in-nin-nu-uqbit-sut, V. A., 2663, i, 16. ~3p, qablu, midst, battle. (1) midst, i-na qabal(MURU) arh~uD71zu, V R. 55, 16. (2) li-ia ildni qabli ta-mu, Susa, 2, IV, 22;?ubdtu Aa qab-lu, III R. 41, I, 24; b~1 qab-li is ta-&a-zi, London, 102, II#,4, qabaltu, midst. mna qa-bal-ti dli, V. A., 208, 12'..'1P, qabAru, bur~y. I, 1 pres., i-na irfiff.,-qab-bi-ru, IV R.2 38 Hip 20.

Page  302 302 302 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF IV IWpet., [Aalamta]-~t! ai iq-qi-bir, D.E 'PVI, 43, III, 14; Aa-lamta-At i-na ir~iti ai iq-qi-bir, susal 16,9 VI,- 21. qibtru, prave. qi-bi-ra ai [ti-har-~i-~u], London, 102, II, 25. ~jqlpu, official. qi-pu ai-um-nma Susa, 3, II, 39; ai-um-ma qi-pu, III R. 41,1,I 33; hqi..i-pi Aa E-sag-ila, C. T., X, pl. VII, 44; hqjjipu lu-ti, V. A., 2663,1 V, 19; p1., qi-pu-?!tim Aa qaq-qa-ra-tim, Susa, 2, III, 8; qi-pu-tu ~a Bit-mA-da ar-ku-tu, III R. 43, MyI 14; qipu-tu lu-ti 4a-za-an-nuBit-mA-da ar-ku-tu, III R. 45, No. 2, 4, 5; qi-pu-4 MdtuNa-mr, V 1R. 56, 29 (cf. "The K(5pu, A. J. S. L., -XXII (1905), pp. 81-88). V',q~u, present. I, I pret., Aa dE~.a i-qi_~u~gu, V. A., 2663, MyI 6; qi-Aa-a-tu i-qissu-nu-ti-maVA. 2663, III, 34. qtitu, present. pl., ir-ba u qi-Aa-a-ti, V. A., 2663, III 17; qi-Aa-a-tti i-qis-8u-nu-tima, V. A., 2663, III, 34. nLp, qalai, burn. I, I pres., i-na i~dti(i-~a-ti) i-gal-lu-ti, Neb. Nippur, V. 1; 0. B. IL, 149, III 12; London, 102, V, 3; C. T., X, p1. VII, 37; i-na ihdti(NE) iqallt(SU`+A9-ii), V. A., 2663, VI 29; i-na i-Aa-ti i-qa-lu-ti, III R. 43,1,I 34. III, I ildti ti-Mga-lu, -V R. 56, 36; i-Aa-ft iti-a-aq-ga-(lu], London, 103, V, 44. '7p qatIu, despise. 11, I pres., Ati-t ia-a-Ai la ti-gal-la-la, Susa, 3, IV, 29. qutlultu, wrongdoing. q9&-u.4u-ul-ta i'z-ti-r, Susa, 3, IV, 54; V, 21. fjqamfi, burn. II 1prec., li-qa-am-me Aur-Ai-Mt, Neb. Nippur, IV, 27. I. 1up. qanfi, perhaps acquire. 1I, 1 prec., li-ga-an-ni-ma, D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 8. II. r1#p, qanA, reed. qan (GI) appari (S UK),reed thicket, C. T., IX, p1. IV, 19. jpj, qinnu, habitation, family. (1) habitation, nap-lyar qin-ni-e u kal da-ad-me, Neb. Nippur, I, 15; (2) family, qin-ni mA~u-ni-e-a, Susa, 16, IVY 9; gin-ni, D. E. P., 46, IV, 11. PaP, kanftku, seal. I, 1 pret., ik-nu-uk-ma, Londond, 103, MyI 36; IV, 6, 34, V, 23; Susa, 16, II, 13; III, 12; C. T.y IX, p 1. IVY 16; V. A., 209, I, 25; IV, 14; C. T., X, pl. VI, 30; V. A., 2663, ivy 54; ik-nu-uk, D. E. P., VI, 42, 1, 24; i-ik-nu-uk-ma, III R. 43; edge IV, 5; ik-nu-kam-ma, London, 102, I, 15, 26, 34; ik-nu-kuma, London, 102, I, 21; ik-nuku-ti-ma, V. A., 209, IV, 37; pres., a-kan-nak-ma, London, 102, I, 24; imper., fuppa-iu ku-nu-uk-ma bi-in-ni, V. A., 209, I, 14; inf., i-na ka-nak fuppi Ati-a-tu, I R. 66, II, 5; V. A., 209, IIy 11; V, 13; C. T. X, pl. VII, 41; V. A., 2663, IV, 56; C. T., X, pl. III, 23; i-na ksankli( T) -ti it tup-pi eqli, Susa, 16, III 14; i-na ka-nak abntstup.. pi Au-ma-tu(?) (so Dr. Ungnad), V. AL., 208, 48; i-na ka-nak kangi Au-a-tu, London, 102, VI, 14; i-na ka-nak. liT-ti Ati-a-tu, Neb. Nippur, V, 8; perm., kunukku ul ka-nik-ma i-ga-Ins-ti, III R. 43, III, 7; kunukku ul ka-ni-ki i-qa-bu-ti, III R. 43, III, 17; dan(an)[-ni] ksa-ni-ksi, III R. 43,

Page  303 -NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 3003 I, 23; ul ka-nik-ma, D. E. P., VI) 42, I, 22. kfn(i)ku, document. ka-nik di-ni, Susa, 16, IIl, 11; i-na ka-nak kan-gi Au-a-tu, London, 102, VI, 14; ka-nik di-nim, London, 103, VI, 28. kunukku, seal. ku-nu-uk Aimi eqli, London, 103, IIl, 9; abnkuknuk(DUB)- di-ni kd-a-turn, Susa, 16, 'Illy 16; ku-nu-uk Aarri, C. T., X, p1. III) 32, V 7; abnukunluk harruti-i-Au, C. T., X, pl. V, 8; VI, 30; i-na abfluI-nuk(DUB) Aarri Aa Aip-ri-e-ti, V. A., 2663, VP 48; I R. 66, II, 19; kunukku ul kanik-ma i-qa-bu-71, III R. 43, III, 7; kunukku ul ka-ni-ki i-qa-bu-ti, III R. 43r III, 17; klrna abnuku.. nukki -Au. V., 208, 55; V. A., 209, II, 27; abnukunukku Ai-ir AurniAu ik-nu-uk-ma, V. A., 2663, IV, 53. quppfi, poniard, knife. ul-tu paf-ru i-na kiAddi-Au it quppu-ti i-na i-ni-Au, V R. 56, 54. fYP, qasA~u, cut off. I, 1 pret., [ni-Ali-er she'uz~ru ig-zu-uzma, 0. B. IL, 83, I, 14. qi~*atu, curtailment. ni-Air-ta qi-pa-ta i-Aak-ka-nu, Susa, 2, III, 14; ni-Ai-ir-ta it qi-i?-{ia-ta la Aa-ka-ni, Susa, 3, II, 10; niAir-ta qi-i?-?a-tu, Susa, 16, IV, 16; ni-Air-ta qi-ip-fa-ta i-na libbi(-bi) i-Aak-ka-nu, I R. 70, III 15; III R. 43, III, 21; ni-AiX, p1. VII, 34; qi-if-?a-ta it ni(Ai)-ir-tu, Susa, 3, V, 29; qi-i?ia-ta ni-Air-ta i-Aak-ka-nu, III R. 41, II, 6. qaqqa4u, head. qaqqad(SAG)-su li-Aam-ri-?u-Au, Susa, 14, IV, 12; qaqqadu(SAG) [mar(?)}.zi-ma... li-ik-mi.{AuJ; D. E. P., III 113, 18; pa2.-mat qaqqadi, the blackheaded, Neb. Nippur, I, 11; V. A., 2663,1,I22; II, 55. ~pqaqqaru, piece of land. i-na qaq-qa-,ri it-te-mi-ir, Susa, 3, V, 52; i-na qaq-qa-ri i-ta-im-me-ru, Susa, 16, IV, 33; qaq-qar mndttNa.. mar, V R. 55, 47; 56, 8; qaq(?)qar-Au, I R. 66, I, 1 1; qaqqa-ru Au-ti, V. A., 209, I, 5; urn-ma qaq-qa-ru i-ba-aA-Ai, V. A., 209, I, 7; qaq-qar Aa i-na qdtaSU2) m~dnada an4u-ru, V. A., 209, I, 12; pl., qipu-ti-tim Ad qag-qa-ra-tim, Susa, 2, III, 9. I. 3-p qarftbu, approach. I, 1 perm., a-na aI&-Iu-ti... la qirbuy London, 103, I, 29; IV, 42. HI, 1, pres.,ti-qar-ra-bu-ma ti-Aa-aA-Atima, 0. B. I., 149, III 10; perm., a-na alA-Iu-ti-ti... ul qu-ru-ub, London, 103, IV, 26; qu-ru-ub ib~ei(-e), London, 103, III, 20. qirbu, midst. a-na ki-rib BO~bili i-tur-ma], C. T., X, p1. IV, 16; Aa ki-rib D~riki, V. A., 209, II, 31; III, 2, 18; IVP 25. II. x'p, qiruhfi, arable land. (Aram. NMI:fl of. p. 173). eqlu qi-ru-ba-a Ad a-na bu-tuq-ti Aaknu(-nu), Neb. N'ippur,, II,25. qarbftti, plowed fields. qar-ba-ti kudurri(SA.DU)-Ai-na nu-uk-ku-itu-ma, V. A,~, 26630, lIII 21. T'j', qardu, strong, powerful. ti-i z-qa-ru qar-du, D. E. P., III 115, 5; iAlakku qar-du, V R. 55, 3; zi-ik-ru qar-du, V R. 55, 7; ed-li qar-di, V R. 65, 21;, dPOm_. mdn.. mdr dA-num qasr-dts I 70IV, 10.,

Page  304 304 304 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF qarrurtum, torch (?) (Zimmern). if aar-ru-ur-tum bur-ru-ur-tum Aa dl9tar, Susa, 2, IV, 14. qa~tu, bow. na-aA '8Yqa~tu(BAN) iz-zi-ti, V R. 55, 8;P P1., dNergal b9l be-li-e is qa-Aa-ti, III R. 43, IV, 21. qht u, hand. qa-ti. i-tir-ru, compensate, Susa, 2,. I, 18; ana qdti... iddin, London, 103, III, 5; i-na qdt tnMarduk-zdkir-kumu, IV R.2 38, III, 21; q~t d l(EN)i-a ta, C. T., IX, pl. IV,.11; i-na qdt, from the hand of, III R. 41, I, 10; V. A., 208, 33, 37; London, 102,y IV, 28, 30; mna qt U) V. A., 209, I, 6, 12; c. suff., qatu-uA-Au (= mna qdti-Au) it-muI&, Neb. Nippur, II, 5; qdt-su la i-fa-bat., III R. 43, IVY 24; a-Aar qa-tuA, London, 103, VI, 18; qa-az-zu tur-rat, compensation has been given, Susa, 3, I, 26; ti-ri-if qa-ti-Au, V. A., 2663, I, 27; III, 38; Ai-bir-ru ip-qid qatuA -Au, V. A., 2663, I, 36; qdtd-Au ti-fa li-ru-ba (Dual), V R. 56, 58. MlJP, qatfh, complete, end. I, I. prec., timi (-mi) i-?u-ti Ad bal-ta liq-ti-ma, IV R.2 38, III, 41; liq-ta-a zumur(SU)-Au, may his body perish, V. -A., 2663, V, 44. qati, adv., completely. i-na qa-ti ma-aq-tu-ma, Susa, 3, III, 38. 111P, qattinu. a class of farmers. ir-ri-Ai Aa dli-Ati lu-71 qa-at-ti-ni lu-ti a-Aib Mli Susa, 3,11L35 (cf. B. E., XV, 37: 1). Kir~bitu, street. -ri-bi-it dli-At, Susa, 3, VII, 3; li-ib-ta-'-i-ta i-na ri-bi-it Oli-Ati, III R. 41,1 III 24. W*4', rd'u, feed, pasture. J, I inf., Aammij.a ri-'-e. Susa, 3, III, 21. r6'fi, shepherd. u ir-~tim, D. E. P., VI, 46, IV., 5; na-bu-7i ri'?I (SIB) ki-nu: Neb. Nippur, I, 21, [a]-na Aarrt rei'i ki-ni, Neb. Nippur, I, 151; lu-ti re"?I(SIB) lu-ti Aakkanakku, Neb. Nippur, III, 19; re~'ti(SIB) mu-pa-a&-&i-ru saplidti,, V. A., 2663, I, 32; rg'ti ke'nu(GI.NA), V. A., 2663, II, 25; re'ti sise, London, 102, III, 11,1 13, 15, 23. rO'fitu, rule. a-na. re"ti-ut m1dtuS?!me-ri u AkkadikiI Neb. Nippur, II, 1; ri-'-ut ma-ti, Susa, 3, III, 59; a-na rg'il-utt sal-mat qaqqadi, V. A., 2663, III 54; mna la rg'tl-tu, in the rulerless time, V. A., 26631, MyI 17. rI'u, rittu, pasture. a-na i-ki-li ri-'-ti, Neb. Nippur, MyI 21; al-pu libbu alpi Aa rit-ti, London, 102, III, 26; IV, 24 (cf. Clay, B. E., XIV, 123: 1 alpu ri-it-ti). MP rMm, (1) love, (2) present, give. I, 1 (1) love, imper., kit-ta ra-[-am], 0. B. I., 83, II, 24. (2) present, I, 1 pret., i-ru-urn, Susa, 2, II, 24; arad-su i-ri-mu, Susa, 2, II) 33; D. E. P., II, 97, 10; D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 4; 0. B. I., 149, I, 22; C. T., X, p1. III, 22; i-ri-mu, V. A., 2663, V, 35; arad-su i-ri-im, Susa, 3, II 40; Susa, 16, I, 8; V. A., 2663, IV, 52; arad-zu i-ri-e-mu, D. E. P., II, 112, 9; arad-su i-ri-im-ma, D. E. P., VI, 42, i, 21; ana timi (-me)?a-a-ti i-ri-im, Neb. Nippur, III, 13; a-na timg?a-ti i-ri-in-Ati, III R. 43, edge IV, 6; a-Mir-ti-iA i-ri-mu, London, 1014. I, 15; a-ijar-ti-iA i-rim-Ati, IV R'.,y 38, II, 29; i-ri-im-[At1-ma], D. E.. P.,I II, 93,1, 8~; i-ri-en-hi, III R.

Page  305 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. O '305 43, I, 13; i-ri-mu-kdi, D. E. P., III pl. 20, 6; Aa... i-ri-mu, Susa, 3, III 5; prec.,.larru li-riman-ni-ma, C. T., X, p1. III, 7. 1, 2, ki-it-ta ir-tam-ma, (who) loves righteousness, Susa, 3, IVY 53; qu-ul-lu-ul-ta ir-tam, Susa, 3, V, 21. rimfitu, grant, gift. II she'uze'ru ri-mut md~Sin-b61 -ildni, 0. B. I., 149, I, 2; a-na tabal eqli ri-mut dMarduk-apal.. iddina.. uznd-~u i-~ak-ka-nu, V. A., 2663, V) 33. rimna), merciful. X, pi. ivy 15. narAmu, beloved. na-ra-am dMarduk, V R. 55, 11; na-ram-~u, C. TMy X, pl. IV, 17. p ry, qu, distant. pl., a-na ilme' ru-qu-ii-ti, Susa, 3, III, 56. WHOJ, regu, (1) head, (2) boundary stone. (1) head, am#elu ~a re'~i (SAG) Ia mdttdti, III R. 43, II, 2. (2) boundary stone (cf. p. 197), re~(SAG) eqli lil-a-tu i~-li-ma, London, 103, II, 21; ri-el eqli lu-a-turn il-lU-ma, Susa, -16,111I, 6; rH~(SAG) eqldti ~a mdti tdmdi il-li-ma, 0. B. I., 83, I, 12; reI (SAG) eqli il-tI-ma, 0. B. IL, 149, I, 20. rektu, top. p1., (dSumalia) a-li-bat ri-le-e-ti, V R.56, 47. rMt(, first. i-na latti r6Mti Susa, 16, II, 13; lak-ku-lu ril-tu-ti, Neb. Nippur, I, 19; dNabi [mdru] re~-tu-ui Ia E-sag-ila, London, 102, I, 44. flX11, rabA, great, prince. daianu rabu2, Susa., 2, IV) 13; Susa, 14, III, 3; rabu2 ma-ik larri, Susa, 3, VI, 2; (dS~ama~) rlMb lame(-e) u irfiti (-Ii), III R. 43, 20 IV, 10; Anu rabul blu rabt,II R. 43, IVY 30; mar-ka-8u rabl(-u), Susa, 2, IVY 27; mdri-lu rabi(-i), London, 102, ivy 31; iltu ~i-kir ra-bi, V R. 56, 29; hraib ut-ri-e, master of the horse, -V R. 55, 53; fern., rabitum, a-li-ir-turn rabiturn Ia dE.-a, Susa, 2, IVY 6; a-zu-gal-la-tu rabitum. Susa, 14, IV, 6; le-7ir-ta-li ra-bi-i-ta, Susa, 3, VI, 34; i-na am-ma-ti ra-bi-i-ti, D. E. P.,II, p1. 20, 6, and passim; bMlt rabltu, Neb. Nippur, IV) 20; be-el-tu rabitu(-tu), III R. 41, III 29; dNina mdrat dE-a rabf.' ti(-ti), 0. B. IL, 83, I, 22; p1., ildni rabilti, Susa, 2, III,' 16; IVY 30; Susa, 14, III, 3; London, 103, VI, 1, etc. rubfi, prince. (Ellil) rubl (NUN) be'l gim-ri, Neb.. Nippur, I, 2; rubO, me-gir-9u, Neb. Nippur, I, 23; II, 21,. rubu2 me-gir dEn~lilI Neb. Nippur, II, 15; r-ubil mun-tal-ku, V. A.r 2663, I, 45; p1., i-na pa-awm larri it rubudti(NUN.MES)r London, 103, VI, 47; eli larre' [be'li?] it rubi, London, 101, IV,. 12; rubu2, D. E. P., II, 97, 14. rubil na-a-du, V R. 55, 1; V. A., 2663, III 31; 0. B. I., 83, I, 20~ dIj..tar be-el-tu ru-ba ildrni, III RI. 41, III 21; fern., ma-sab ru-ba-ti', Susa, 2, IV, 26. rubfitu, lordship. ut-lu-tl rubu(NUN)-us-su ig-bi, V. A., 2663, I, 30. Aurbif, sublime, glorious. Susa, 3, VII, 15. ]'X", rabk~u, crouch. I, I pret., i-na ka-mad dti-zit ern irU&ipy 0. B. IL, 149, III 8. III, 1 prec., 1i-~ar-bi-~u-I t-ma, Suat 16, VI) 17.

Page  306 306 306 A NVEW BOUNDARY STONE OF rabi~u, demon. lu rabifu(MASKIM) Limutti-hu Ati-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 26. tarba~ul, court. bitu Attu tar-ba-{~u, V. A., 209, II, 29. 011 rag~mu, raise a claim. 1, 1 pres., i-da-ab-bu-bu i-rag-gu-mu, London, 103, V) 34; i-rag-gu-mu "iar-ga-mu, Susa, 14, II, 10; a-na a-lya-meA ul i-rag-gu-mu, London, 102, IV) 35; V. A., 209, 1I, 30; II, 40; III, 16, 28; V, 3; inf., aA-u la ra-ga-mu, C. T., X, pl. V, 9; la ta-a-ra u la ra-ga-mi, London, 103., III, 30. II1, 1 pres., ti -Aar-ga-mu, London, 103, V, 35; Susa, 14, II, 11. rugummai, reclamation. tap-qir-ta At ru-gu-um-ma-a, Susa, 3, Il, 16; ru-gu-um-ma-a 1i i-Ati-ii, London, 102, IVY 34; ru-gainma-a ul i-Ai, V. A.29 I1,28; II, 39; III, 14, 27; V, 1; aA-Au ru-gu-um-[mi-i] an-ni-i kiniA iA-[ -al-]~u, C. T., X, p1. V, 10. ITVridil, march. 1, I pres., il-lak Aarru...i-rid-di dNabilkudurri-upur, V R. 55, 23. MI. flT', ridt, drive, lead. 1,1prec., i-na limutti(-ti) li-ir-di-Ati, London, 101, III, 13. II, 2 prec., a-na limutti(-ti) it la fdbti(-ti) li-ir-te-id-du-Ati, III R. 41, IIP 37; a-na li-mut-ti li-ir-te-di-"i, III R. 43, IVY 14; i-na limutti(-ti) lirtedt2Au(US-US-Ati), London, 103, VI, 14; a-na limutti(-ti) li-ir-te-id-di-Au, I R. 70,9 III), 24. III, I inf., a-na ta-mi-ir-ti-tit la Atiru-i-im-ma, Susa, 3, Ill, 20. rldik, leader, captain (cf. p. 176). lu ri-du-ti lut &a-za-an-nu, Neb. Nippur, III, 20. ridtitu, government. IV R.2 38, I, 15. II,. 1 inf., Aa ru-ub-Aa a-bu-bu, whose destruction (or perhaps anger, 30 is a stormflood, Neb. Nippur, IV. 22 (cf. p. 182). TVl, resu, helper. rip-A~-u-ma, D. E. P., VI, 47, 21. rM rab&~u, flood. I, I prec., dRammdn... ugdr-~Ail iir-bi-is-ma, III R. 41, II, 32; I R. 70, ivy 11. rl1, hu, remaining. 20O6 she'uziru ri-1.u, Susa, 2, II 25; ul ri-1&u..., Neb. Nippur, III, 29; it ri-hi eqli bit abi-ia, C. T., X, pl. III, 6. 301 rakkabu, saddle(?). rak-kab sisg, III R. 41, i, 16; rakkab im6ru amurri2, III R. 41, I, 18. narkabtu, chariot. b~l l4unarkabti, charioteer, V R. 55, 34; i.?Unarkabtu la ra-/ca-si, C. T., IX, pl. V, 37; III R. 41, I) 15. DY1, rakftsu, hitch up, attach. I,' 1 inf., imbri-Au la ra-ka-si, ifunar.. kabtu la ra-/ca-s-i, C. T., IX, pl. VP 36, 37; [im&~]-Au-nu a-na la ra-ka-si-im-ma, I R. 66, I, 9; is it-ti-Au, V R. 56, 44. riksu, bond, hold. Aa ri-/ci-is-su la ip-pat-/a-ru, Susa, 3, VI, 45; III R. 41, II, 25; ri-/ci-is8-su la pa-ti-ra, I H. 70, III, 14; ri4-i/-u la pa-te-ra, III H. 43, MyI 32; Aa ri/c-eu la pa[te-ra], London, 102, I, 41. markasu, band. mar-/ca-eu rabit(-s), Susa, 2, IVY 27. ramnAku, pour out. I, 1 prec., ki-ma mt li-ir-mu-u/c, Susa, 3, VII, 25; kima mA li-ir-mu/c,

Page  307 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.30 307 D. E. P., IV, pl. 16, II, 4; ki-[ma] mg li-ir-muk, 0. B. I., 149, III, 5; London, 102, II, 24; ki-i-ma mg li-ir(-mu)-muk, III R. 43, iv, 18; ki-i me' li-irmuk, I R. 70, IVY 8. 1, 2 prec., ki-ma me' li-ir-tam-muk, ramAnu, ramnu, self. a-na ra-ma-ni-lu i-lak-ka-nu, I R. 70, IHY 12; III R. 43, IIIy 19; ma-li-ku ram-ni-lu, V. A., 2663, HY, 51; a-na i-di ram-ni-lu-flu -ii-tir-ru-ma, C. T., X, p1. V, 5; a-na i-di ram-ni-gu ii-tar-ru, C. T., X, p1. VII, 34. Ir, rintn, whining. li-rk ri-nm-lit-ma, London, 101, IV, 13. 1:0, rapfidu, lie down. 1, 1 prec.., ki-ma?i-ma-am si-ri?i-ra li-ir-pu-ud, Susa, 3, VII, 2; e-ma purime' seri li-i r-pu-ud, Susa, 14, IVY 4. I, 2 prec., i-na ka-mat M4i-i li-irtap-pu-ud, III R. 41, II, 18; I R. 70, III, 21; li-ir-ta-pu-ud, D. E. P., VI, 43, Illy 15; i-na ka-mat dli-~u 1iA-tap-pu-ud, V. A., 209, V, 12. Wdi, raplu, wide. rap-la uznd(P1P), broad minded, V. A., 2663, II, 48; fern., hi-fib tam-tim rapaltim(DAGAL-tim), V. A., 2663,. II 16. rlqqu, ',gardener. hriqqu Ia iii rabi, V. A., 209, IV, 17. (For the ideogr. cf. Clay, B. E., XIV, List of Signs, No. 129.) 101 ralubbu, powerful. ra-lub-bi, Neb. Nippur, I, 1 1. foliU, ralI6, take possession, have. 1, 1 pret., ai itrd-li-i ni-da a-Ai~, may he not 'have a resting place, Susa, 2, III, 27; pi-ri ai ir-lu, Susa, 14, IV, 17; ir-la-a sa-li-me (relat.), granted favor, V. A., 2663, I1,19.; inf., a-na paq-ri la ra-le-e, not to m~ake reclamation, I R. 70, I, 20; ru-gu-umma-a la ra-le-e, Susa, 3, II, 17; al-lu paq-ri la -ra-le-e, London, 102, IIY 34. III pret., she'uze'ra u pi-ir-a ai itlar-li-li, may he not let him have, Susa, 3, VII, 13; n'a-aq mg [ai it]-lar-lu, D. E. P., VI, 45, IV, 11; ai ij-a]u-iJD. E. P., VI, 46, IlI, 4, 7; lumu ai u-lar-lu-lu, D. E. P., VI, 47, 3; [na-a]q me' ai it-lar-li-lu, London, 102, II, 19., MM~, creditor. mZgr-ukin mdr ~nKar-zi-ab-ku rali-it, London, 102, IV, 33; rala-a ul zak-ki, the creditor has not been satisfied, London, 1021, iv, 39. rittu, hand. [elemmi-ulu a-na efemmi rit-ti-li ai is-ni-iq, Susa, 16, VI, 22. Aa, (1) who, (2) of, passim. IA"u, that, he. i-na latti la-a-li, London, 103, V, 5; Ia i-na eqli la-lu la-aA{-nu], D. E. P., VI, 45, V, 10; la-a-lu lumi-u iA Zlni-lit, he himself, London, 101, IVY 8; amelu la-alAt V R. 56, 37; a-na libbi(-bi) eqlu la-a-Au, London, 102, IIy 33; pl. fern., eqldti ia-li-na, C. T., X, pl. V, 6; esqlti la-li-na, V. A. 21 1, III, 5.. Au'atu, that, passim. Usiually lit-a-tu, Neb. Nippur, III., 13, 20, 27, etc.; i-na Allt-'-a-tip whereupon, London, 103, IVY Dr. Ungnad), V. A.,y 208, 48; mna ka-naik tuppi(IM) Aumdt(MU.MESS), V. A., 2668, IV, 56. I .j..,11 'i. 414t 1, 1-4 '; " M I. , - 7,,-, " P

Page  308 30.8 308 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF It'61, ~attu, eternity.. a-na Aat-i, forever, Neb., Nippur, I, 22. ie'u, seed. Only found as a determinative for ahe'uzdru, seedfleld, Susa, 2, I, 14; Neb. Nippur, II, 25, Illy 7, etc., and in she'uBAR., London, 103, III, 18, 19, etc. AK7 WU, to see. I, 2 pret., aA-rat dNaba u dMarduk iA-te-e-ma, he looked after (cared for) the sanctuaries, V. A., 2663, III, 10; iA-te-'-u-ma, [ur(?)]-ti be-1 ilani, he paid attention to the law of the lord of the gods', V. A., 2663, II, 19; part., muA~-te-'-vi a.*-ra-ti-~u, Neb. Nippur, I, 24. M71,~'Alu, ask. 1, 1 pret., it-ti a-4a-me-9 i-gal-9vi-nuti-ma, London, 103, IVY 19; i-gal-~?i-nu-ti-ma, London, 103, l, 25; a~ed-9i i-~al-ma, London, 103,9 V) 2; parse'(BAR.S UD) Susa, 16, Hy, 30; Aarru pars i-al-rn4, V iR. 55, 50; i-ta-ni-e i44-4u-ma, 0. B. IL, 83,1 II, 9. Aitultu, decision. a-n~a Ai-tul-ti-Ail dA-nun-na-ku allrig Ati-Mnr-ru-ru, Neb. Nippur, J, 7; ka-rag Ai-tul-ti, of thoughtful mind, V. A., 2663, Hy, 50. IN ri~, Mru, cardinal point. Atlru(IM) I,V. A., 2663,1III, 44; IV, 15,23, 35;Adru(IM)II,V.A.,2663, III, 47; IV, 14, 25, 36; Adru(IM) III, V. A., 2663, III, 54; IV, 11, 30, 41; *Anlu(IM) IV, V. A., 2663, III, 50, IV, 6, 28, 38. 111tJ9, Atru, (1) flesh, (2) body. (1) Ain(UZU) tal&-A-e Air si~ni, the meat of a ram, the meat of the thigh,. V. A., 208, 5; (2) ld-p6b(-ub) A'tri,ill health of body, IV R.' 38, III, 39; ina hi-at Urni, with the bloating of the body, V. A. 2663, V., 44. 'lKt~i, lMrtu, punishment. bu-bu-ta Ae-ir-ta-lli ra-bi-i-ta, Susa, 3, VI, 33; Ae-nit-su kabittu (DUGUD-tu) a-ga-id -til-la-a li~iA~(GA.TU)-lu-llu-ma, V.. A., 2663, V) 42. 99t7 tu, leave, escape. I,1pres., ar-ra-a-tum an-na-a-turn la i-Ae-it-ta-Ml li-ik-llzi-da914~ may these curses not miss him, but overtake him, Susa, 3, VII, 50. SabAtu, the month Shieb~t. J R. 661 I, 2; II, 17; V~.A., 208, 30. SA.BAL.BAL, grandson, descendant. Neb. Nippur, III, 14; Susa, 2, I, 3; IV R.2 38, I, 25; II, 3; C. T.y X, p1. IV, 12 (cf. p. 174f.). nzj Aabftru, break. 11, 1 pret., i-ukakku na-ki-ni-~tiziP-llibbir-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 4; prec., ka-ak-ke-llii li-lle-bir, III R. 431, IVY 22. Mibirtu, purchase price (Hebr. 1-lV, buy). V Aiqlu Aibirtu(AZAG.PAD.DU) mahiri (KI.LA M) im-bi-e-ma, V. A., 209, III, 25. gibirru, staff. ~i-bin-ru mu-Aa-lim nige', V. A., 2663,, 35. SE.BAR, barley. (The meaning of this word is definitely determined by the rendering flIt? pl., which - found in the Aramaic endorsements of the Murashft tablets., according to Prof. Clay), London, 103, Illy 18, 19; Susa, 3, 11, 49; London, 102, IV, 27. Aaggu11u, palm grove(?). pl., "ukird u tSuagguldni (SAG.KAL, cf. Br. 8046), parks and palm groves(?), V R., 55, 60'. '10 Aigaru, lock, gate. mu-da&-&li-id Ai-gan-A u-nlu, who fills

Page  309 0 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 309.1 with plenty their gates, V. A., 2663, II, 4. ~rrt adidu, draw, drag. 1,I prec., ma-ru-ul-ta li-i~-du-ud, may he drag along misery, V R. 56, 59; lig-du-ud ma-ru-ug-ti, V. A., 2663, V) 40; ld-di-id eqli, probably "the one who drew the line,"y i.e., measured the field, London, 101, I, 17. Aiddui, side of a field, passim. giddu (US) el4 and giddu (US) gaplt2. THWAd, (1) mountain. dS!m-l-a be-lit lade'(K URMES) el-lu-ti, mistress of the shining (i.e., snowclad) mountains, V R. 56, 46. (2) east, passim. 9achl(IM.KUR.RA). g adlu, wide. sur-ru lad-lu, of broad intelligence, V. A., 2663, II 0 gumdulu, magnificent. niqg l'um-du-li, Neb. Nippur, II, 8. 96 he. 14-ma, he is, Neb. Nippur, IV, 26; 14i-mi (emph. mi), Susa, 16, II, 32; 14,-4i, he, Susa, 3, IV, 28; V, 8; used as adj., amelu 1d-71, Susa, 3, ivy 52; V, 20; VI, 1; qaq-qa-ru 14-4, V. A., 209, I, 5; pl., eqldti li-na-ti, these fields, III R. 41, iI, 2; ar-ra-a-ti li-naa-ti, Susa, 3, V, 45; Susa, 16, IV, 23.. Mmu, boundary, limit. be-el ab-li 14-zl-mi At ku-dur-ri, Susa, 3, VII, 7. T1W, Ompu foot. Dual. li-kab-bi-sa ge-pa-14l, III R. 43, ivy 6; li-kab-bi-sa llpd (NER 2 P1) 14d, I R. 70, IV, 15. Opitu, foot end. le-pi -it zu-'-uz-tu, V. A., 2663, III, 51. ~1~,magftru, wheel. Ia ~uma-ga.ra9d, whose charioteer, V R. 55, 26; Ia i~uma-~a(ma).. ra-4d,V R. 55, 36; uk-til-la, V R. 55, 27, 37. Wfiu, south, passim. ~4t(i~sM.ER.LU). ot genetive particle, of. mna pu-i&ur lu-ut ma-al-ku, V. A., 2663, I, 42; mdirg Sippar... u lu-ut ma-1&a-zi 9a mdtuAkkadi~ki, V. A., 2663, III, 13. Mi-hi. itti(DA) gi-lhi Ia dIR (Peiser proposes the reading papa1.i(-l&i), which cannot be substantiated thus far), V. A., 208, 39. Lonrl, Mbtu, march. li-ill-ta i~-ta-ka-an, a march he made, V R. 55, 15; lili(?)-fa mna mul-&-Il-au i-pu-ul-ma, an expedition(?) he -made in their behalf, C. T., IX, p1. IV, 7. (c)witr~i, Aabkt(t)u, fear, reverence. I, 1 pret., be'l ildni [i]l-llu-fu (cf. the adj. la-all-f u, Delitzsch, H. W., 651a), V. A. 2663,11, 21. ~abti~, submissively. rna-zu-uz-zu la-all-til, Neb. Nippur, 1, 8.,vinlV) ~ubarruru, tremble. I, I perm., al-ri~i 14-lar-ru-ru, Neb. Nippur, I, 8. ~lu, AatAru, write. I, I pret., il-fur-ma, Susa; 2; Med., I, 4; II1,11; il-fur-ma, Susa, 3,111, 51; il-tu-ru-ma, Susa, 3, IV, 10, 24; al-tu-ru-ma, Susa, 3, IV) 42; V, 1; V, 23,34; il-tu-ra-al -1!nu-ti-ma, London, 103, IVY 39; il-tu-ru-tl-ma, D. E. P., IIY p1. 20,7; il-tu-ra-aI-u-um-ma, London, 103, V, 16; pres., Aa-namma i-la f-a-ru, I R. 70, MII 6; inf., i-na la-a-me la-fa-ri it bara-me, London, 102, IV, 41; part., hfup..lar la-fir abnutuppu, V. A., 208, 28, 52; V. A., 209,

Page  310 310 310 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF II, 22; Aa-ti-ir abnunarf an-ni-i, V R. 56, 25; perm., A,9-mi Aat-ra, Susa, 3, V, 57; Susa, 16, VI 3; AMm Aa-at-ra, Susa, 14, IV, 16; Aa Aat-ru, V R. 56, 33; Ad i-na annarl A-at-ra, Susa, 3, V, 46; p1. fern., Aism Aat-ru i-pa-aA-Ai-tu, V. A., 2663, V) 32. 1, 2, Aa-nam il-ta-at —nt, V R. 56, 33. II, I pres., lu a-na iii lu a-na rubi'(?) ti-Aa-ta-ra-ma, IV R.2 38, 111,25. Aitru, writing. ki-ma Ai-ti-ir Aam g(-e), IV R.2 38, I,2;abnukunuk Ai-tir Aumi-Aa' ik-nu-uk-ma, V. A., 2663, IV) 53. ina Ai-Mat Au-i liq-ta-a zumur(-SU)Au, V. A., 2663, V, 44. I. DIV) Mmu, fix, determine (cf. Hebr. 1,1prec., a-na Ai-ma-ti-Ati li-Aim-Azi, III R. 41,111, 35; a-na Ai-ma-ti-Azi li-Ai-mu, London, 101, iv, 11; iiAi-mu-Azi, Susa, 3, ViI, 40; Ai-mat baldti li-Ai-ma-Azi (Dual), 0. B. I.,. 83, II 18; Ai-mat ma-ru-uA-ti li-imAu-aNeb. Nippur, IV, 7. II, I part., mu-Aim Ai-mat ilzini, who determines the fate of the gods, Neb. Nippur, IV, 5; b 61 muAim-mu Aim-ti, V. A.,1 2663, VI 41. itmtu, fate. WUl mu-Aim-mu Aim-ti, V. A., 2663, V, 42; a-na Ai-im-ti-Au,.London, 103, Vi, 7; Aimti(NAM.TAR)Au li-lam-mmn, London, 101, III, 11; a-na Ai-im-[ti], D. E. P., VI, 46, IV, 10; pl.,Almmete, a-na Ai-mati-Audili-Ai-mu, London, 101, IVY 11; III R. 41, II, 35; Aa Aima-ti, D. E. P., IV, p1. 16, I, 3; Ai-mat baldti(TI.LA) li-Ai-maAu (Dual), 0. B. I., 83, III 18; Ai-ma-at la na-ta-li, Susa, 3, VII, 35; Ai-mat ildni, Neb. Nippur, IV, 6; hi-mat ma-r-u-n-ti, Neb. Nippur, IV, 6. tasimtu, wisdom. (Ea) be- ta-Aim-ti, Neb. Nipptir, IV, 9. II. DIV AAmu, pay (cf. Taim. 0It?). 1, 1 pret., i-dam Almi-Au gain-ru-tu, he paid its full price, V. A., 209, HII 37; III, 13, 26; Aa.. i-Aa-a-mu, c. T., X, p1. III, 16; inf., i-na Aa-a-me Aa-ta-a-ri u bara-mne, during the paying of the price, writing and sealing, Londoni, 102, IV) 41. simu, price. ku-nu-uk Aim eqli, London, 103, III) 9; Aim MA.NA Ia &uralsi, London, 103, III, 21; a-na Zimi na-ad-nu-ma, London, 103, III,. 45; Aa a'-na Aimi eqli nad-nu, London, 102, IV, 22; a-na Aimi im-hu-ru, III R. 41,1I, 12,30; Aimu gam-ru-tu, full price, V. A., 209, IV, 34; Aimi-sIu gam-ru-tu ma-Ilir a-pit za-ku, V. A., 209, iI, 37; III, 13, 26. gai(a) mAnu, taxer, valuer. ku-A a-ad Aa-ai -ma-a-ni, London, 103, iIy 17. gakkA, law. Aak-ku-Az rus-tn-u, Neb. Nippur, I, 19. jDVJ, akAnu. 1, 1 pret., za-ku-ns-sn ki-a-am ig-kun, its freedom he thus established, Susa, 3, II, 8; za-ku-tu i~-ku-nu', Susa, 3, iv, 5, 21; za-ku-tu al~ku-nu, Susa, 3, IVY 32, 57; zaku-ut dli-Azi... iA-ku-un-ma, Susa, 3, iIy 46; Aarru te-e-ma il-kun-Azi-ma, the king gave him a command, London, 103,7 IIII 8; ia-knn-ma, London, 102, IV, 18; prec., Isi-im-ma la-az i -na zu-um-ri-Au hA-ku-un-ma, S'usa, 3, ViI, 22; i-na zu-'-ri-Aui li-iAkum-ma, may she put into his body, III R. 43, IV, 17; i-na

Page  311 NEBUCHADREZZAJR I.31 311 zu-um-ri -Au liA-kum-ma, I R. 70, IV, 7; mna zumri-~u li~kun(SA)-ma, Neb. Nippur, IV, 21; su-ga-a ut ni-ib-ri-ta lig-ku-na-aAAum-ma, may he bring want and famine upon him, I R. 70, IV, 18; 4u-~a-a&-1ya liA~-kun-~u-umma, V R. 56), 43; pres., ni-Air-ta ki-za-ta i-Aak-ka-nu, who shall cause dismemberment and diminution, Susa, 2, Illy 15; cf. I R. 70, II, 16; III R. 43, III, 22; C. T., X, pl. VII, 35; Susa, 16, IVY 17; III R. 41, II, 6; a-Aar la a-ma-ri i-Aa-ka-nu, places it in an invisible place, Neb. Nippur, V, 4; I R. 70, Illy 8; Susa, 16, V, 1; a-Aar laamau ilakkanu(SA.MES), V. A., 2663, V, 31; i-Aak-ka-nu ii-zu-un-guP who puts his mind to, III R. 41, I, 36; V. A., 2663, V, 23, 35; i-gak-ka-nu 71zit-ug-uAA, V. A. 211, III, 6; a-na ra-ma-ni-~u i-Aak-ka-nu, puts it to his own use, I R. 70, II, 12; III R. 43, 111, 19; inf., ni-Ai-ir-ta P' qi-ip-?a-ta la ~a-ka-ni, Susa, 3, II, 11; nu-~urra-a la Aa-ka-ni, Susa, 3, IlI, 5; sa-bat amelu la Aa-ka-na, V R. 56, 5; perm., a-na bit Ad tmBe-la-ni Aa-ak-nu, it had been placed, London, 103, Illy 10; bitu Aa a-na US.SA.DU-Au Aak-nu, V. A., 209, I, 18; na-ra-a Aa i-na eqli Aa-Au Aa-ak[-nu], D. E.. P., VIP 45, V, 10; Ad a-na bu-tuq-ti Aaknu(SA-nu), which had been exposed to flooding, Neb.- Nippur, II, 26; a-na 'me-te-iq me Aaknu(-nu), Neb. Nippur, III 31. I, 2, Ai-i4-(a iA-ta-ka-an, an advance he made,V R. 55,15; ia-ta-kan?ulu-li, he established protection, V. A., 2663, Illy 33; iA-tak-ka-nu si-ma-tu, he puts works of art (in the temples), V. A., 2663, II1,46; ni- (Ai) -Air-tP i-na libbi (-bi) il-ta-ka-an, he inflicts diminution upon it, Susa, 3, V) 30; i-na a~-ri-im Ad-ni-im-ma... il-taka-an, puts it in another place, Susa, 3, V) 42; il-ka il-tak-nu, imposes taxes, V R. 56, 32; perm., pu-lu-uk-ku la Ait-ku-nu, the boundary had not been established, V. A., 2663, III) 20. 11, 1 pres., a-Aar la a-ma-ri Aa-namma?i-Aa-ka-nu, 0. B. IL, 150, II), 5; prec., a-na is-ki-AP li-Aa-kinnu, as his portion may they appoint, Susa, 3, V,7 19. III, 1 pres., P-Aa-al-A-ma a-Aar la a-ma-ri ula~kanu(SA-nu), London, 101, Illy 7; prec., i-na pa-an Aarri At rabi~ti li-Aa-aA(!)ki-nu-Aii, before king and princes may they cause him to stand, London, 103, VI, 17. IV, 1 pret., b~l biti... Aa iA-Ala-kinu-ma, (who) has been appointed, III R. 43, edge IV, 1; III R. 45, No. 2, 6; cf:- III R. 43, III, 15; London, 102, I, 32; V R. 56, 28; pres., i~-Aa-ka-numa, (who) will be appointed, III R. 41, I, 34; Susa, 3, III, 18, 26, 33; IV, 46; VI, 6; Susa, 16, IV, 8. gaknu, governor., V. A., 2663, V, 20; often followed by name of city or country, hha-kin.,Susa, 16, II, 6, 22, 25; III, 3; Susa, 14, II1,4; D. E. P., VI, 43, II, 18; D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 7; IV R.2 38, II, 33; VR. 55, 52, 55; VR. 56, 10, 18; Neb. Nippur, II, 20; III, 9; 0. B. I., 83, I, 11; II, 4, 6, 7; 0. B. I., 149, I, 4, 17; C. T., X, pl.1III, 25; V. A., 209,1,2; I R. 66, II, 7; this title occurs also in the list of officials, lu-ti Aa-kin lu-?! bel pahdti, 0. B. I., 149

Page  312 312 312 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF II, 2; cf. C. T., X, pi. V, 4, 13; VII, 32; Susa, 3, VI, 4; cstr., either Aa-kin, Susa, 3, II, 44; III, 15, 24, 30; IV, 44; VI, 4; C. T.,I X, p1. VII, 42, 49; or.~a-kan, C. T., X, p1. V, 4, 13; VII, 32; Neb. Nippur, I, 21; in titles of.officials, as.~a-kin mdti, Susa, 2, III, 5; h~a-kin fe-mi, commander., D. E. P., VI, 44, I, 12; h~a-kin fe-me, Neb. Nippur, III, 15; V, 16; Aakin(GARin) fe-mi, Susa, 16, III, 30; 0. B. I., 149, I, 18; II, 3; III R. 43, III 11; Susa, 3, VI, 9; IR. 66, II, 13; Aakin(GAR) fe-mi mdti, V R. 56, 13; ~akin(GAR) fe-mi ~1a ma'tdti, III R. 43, III 6; hga. kin bu-~i, Neb. Nippur, V, 13; (Aaknu is represented by IM in the Aramaic endorsements of the Murashii tablets, according to Prof. Clay). gak(i)nfitu, government. Aa a-na ga-kin-z-ti 9a mdtuN~a-mar ig-Aak-ki-nu, V R. 56, 28; eqil bit ~a-ak-nu-ti, III R. 43, I, 15. Aakkanak(k)u, potentate. Aakkanak(NER.ARAD) Bd4 b ii1i, Neb. Nippur, II, 20; C. T., X, p1. IV, 10 [12]; glakkanak dZluDUG (=Bdbili), V R. 55, 3; Xakkanak mdtuSume'ri u Akkadiki,. V. A., 2663, I, 27; Aakkanak A.GA.DEkiI London, 101, II, 10, lu-ti Aakkanakku, Susa, 14, II, 1; Neb. Nippur, III, 19; lu-7i Aakkanakku Ma i-na pih14t (llugfu. da-da ia-ak-ka-nu, Susa, 16, IV, 6; gakkanakkg ~a pilidti, Susa, 3, IV, 15, 36, V, 11; Aakkanak-ni-lti, 0. B. I., 83, I, 20; Aakkanakku ai-muFrina], 0. B. I., 83.,II, 12. II, 1 inf., a-na ~ii-li-i ai ir-Au-u ni-.da a-i for reposing(?) he shall not have a resting place, Susa,. 2, III, 27. Aulubbu, command, commander. ga-mir Ati-lu&l-li, the most perfect commander, V. A., 2663, 1,7. Y MI' a1&u, spoil. 1, 1 part., ~a-li-lu Kag-gi-i, V R. 55, 10. I, 2 pret., i-i~l-ta-lal makktira(SA.GJA)-gd, he carried off as spoil its possessions, V R. 55, 43. o'7Lj, salAmu, be whole. II, 1 part., Ai-bir-ru mu-gal-lim nige') a scepter which prospers people, V. A., 2663, I, 35; mu-gal-lim par-si-gu-nu, he carries out their lwV. A., 2663, II 10; inf., Mu-lum ki-du-di-e, the care of shrines, V. A., 2663, II, 24. galamtu, i-na irsiti ai iq-qi-bir, Susa, 16, VI, 21; [~a-lam-ta]-S'71 ai iq-qi-bir, D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 14. gulpu. in pi-i gu-ul-pi, uncultivated or pasture land, V. A., 208, 7, 36; C. T., X, p1. VI [24]. Its opposite is eqlu zaq-pu, q.v. WIW ga1gai, third in order. mdri-gu Aal-~a-ai, following mdri~u rabi(-i) and mdri-gu kut-tinnu, London, 102, IVY 32. ~alaltu, three. ga-ba-ri-e Aa-lal-ti, London, 103, VI, 27. Dv? ~umnu, name, passim. The most common phrases are: Ailm abnunari an-ni-i, Neb. Nippur, heading 1; ~umi(-mi) na-ri-e, Susa, 2, IV, 33; Mim ku-dur4-ri] an-ni-i, London, 101, I, 1; cf. III R. 41., I, 3; ~Aim-gtinu za-ak-ru, D. E. P., VI, 43, IV, 9; Susa, 3, VII, 29; Susa, 16, VI, 10; London, 103, VI, 22; III

Page  313 NEBUCHADREZZAR I.33 3i3 R. 41,1 III 36; I R. 70, IV, 23; 0. B. I., 149, II, 15; III, 9; London, 102, V, 6; V. A., 2663, V) 46; also gti-un-Ati-nu za-ak-,ru, III R. 43, lily 24; IV, 33; 971 -mu-un-ti -flu za-ak-ru, III R. 43, edge II, 1; gu-urn ili u A arri, V R. 56, 33; li-aly-liq gumi-gu, London, 101, liI, 12; cf. Susa, 16, VI, 24; III R. 41, III 38; London, 102, II, 16; Ati-mi gak-ra, Susa, 3, V, 57; Susa, 16, V, 3; Susa, 414, IV,7 16; Aurnu la ibs'4i(-d), relat., London, 103, IV, 23; cf. London, 103, I,' 3; II, 9; gumi-gu(MU.NI), London, 101, IV, 8; A'umi-gu(MU.NE), Neb. Nippur, heading, 2. K ~emu7,, hear. 1,I pret., ig-me-e-mu, V. A., 209, I, '17; i~-me-e-A'd-nu-ti-ma, V. A., 209, IVY 31; ig-mi-ma, Susa, 14, I, 15; ai ig(!)-MU_~ti, IV R.2 38, 111, 44; pres., la i-Ae-mi-Azi, III R. 43, ivy 29. III, 1 pret., ui-se-e~-mi-ma, he announced, London, 103, liI, 35..0mo, intelligent. la A'e-rna-a la na-til ga pdni-ga, an irtprudent man, V. A., 2663, V) 26; sak-la la ge-ma-a, London, 102, V, 4; III R. 43, I, 31; la Ie-rna ~a a-ma-ti,D.EPVI 45, V, 21; 16 ~emd,(S9I.NU.T UK), IV R.' 38, III, 12; V R. 56, 34;,Neb. Nippur, V, 3; III R. 41, IIY 9; 0. B. I., 149, II, 9; ld gi6M6(,I.NU.GAL.LA), I R. 70, III 22.;r:,Aamfi, heaven, passim. AamAmu, heaven. ka-la si-&i-ip Ia-ma-me, Neb. Nippur, I, 14. nori, MamAbu, be prosperous, luxuriant. I, 1 prec., dNisaba- li-1bal-li-qa pu-' qut-tu li-ig-mu-u16, may thorns grow luxuriantly, I R. 70, IV, 13. II, 1 part., mu-Aam-mi-llu ni-Ai-Ai, who makes prosperous his people, V R. 55, 4. iammu, plant, herb. lu-ti ifeI lu-li Aammei(SAM.MEAS), Susa, 3, II, 48; gamm6 eqli-Ati, Susa, 3, iI, 13; Aamm6 la ri-'-e, Susa, 3, lily 21; ba-qa-an MamMi, Neb. Nippur, III, 26. Aumma, if. Susa, 3, IVY 52; V, 20. F'I', ~amnu, oil. 40 (qa) gamni (NI), III R. 41, I, 22. ri b Vj dgam1~u, sun. pdn dSamli(4~i), V R. 55, 31; dSamag mdti-At, V R. 55, 4. ~W attu, year. i-na Aatti(MU.ANNA') ga-a-li, London, 103, V, 5; ina Aatti rI~ti, Susa, 16,11,I 13; Aandte &u-Aa-a&Ai, London, 101, IV, 10; gandte du&-di, Susa, 3, V, 18; Aattu, I R. 66,1,I2; II, 17; III R. 43,1,t28; Neb. Nippur, V, 26; London, 102, I, 9, 18; II, 35, 36, 37; VI, 1, 24; III, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 22; V. A., 209, I, 1; II, 28; V, 4; C. T., X, p1. III, 31; V. A., 208, 30, 53. Watisam, yearly. ga-at-ti-Aam, IV R.' 38, II, 22; Aat -ti-I am-ma, V. A., 2663,11,) 14. gangfi, priest. AangtI(E.MAS) dEr..ia, C. T., IX, pl. IV, 2, 18; V, 30; Aangsl dENGUR u dJ\infl, 0. B. IL, 83, I, 16; Aang?, dMarduk, V. A., 208, 52; hE.MAS dA..e, V. A., 209, IVY 27; hgangi(SID) dRammdn, V. A., 2663, IVY 40. 0-i3ty, lanA, change. I, I pret., pu-lu4-uk-ka-Au-un ig-nima, C. T., X, p1. V, 4. II, 1 pres., Aa ni-din-ti Ati-a-tu ti-gaan-nu-ti, C. T., X, p1. VII, 33; ku-dur-ra ti-A a-an-nu-ti, L R. 70,

Page  314 314 - 314 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF Hy, 14; III R. 43, III, 21; prec., ku-dur-ra-14 li-~e-in-ni, III R. 43, IVY 2; inf., li-qit-ta la 14-unnim-ma, Susa, 3, IlI, 9; part., mu-~a-na an-ni-i, 0. B. I., 83, II, 21.' anfi, the second. hlang' (cf. Br. 4821), Su~sa, 16, III, 18; C. T.,y IX, pl1. V, 34; and perhaps also I R. 66, I, 4. ~anfa, the other one. la-na-a ~a it-ti-u, the companion that was with him, V R. 55, 34. sanamma, any other one. la-nam-ma, Susa, 3, Illy 10; Susa, 16, IV) 24; III R. 41, II, 8; 0. B. IL, 150, II, 5; Neb. Nippur, Illy 22; ~a-nam, V R., 56, 33; ~a-nam-ma i-laf-f a-ru, (who) writes anything else, I R. 70, IIl, 6. ~animma, any other. ~a-ni-im-ma, Susa, 3, V, 41. fanumma, another, any other. ~a-nu-um-ma, V R. 56, 53; ma-amma ~a-nu-um-ma, V R. 56, 27; III R. 41, II, 5; London, 102, 1, 31. pr', lanAnu, be equal. 1, 1 part., la i-ba-al-lii-i iun ~anin-~ti, Neb. Nippur, I, 4; laninu(GAR.RI) l4 i~il(NU.TUK), V R. 55, 23; inf., ~arru la la-naan, the king without equal, IV R.2 38, l, 26; [larru la] la -na-an, C. T., X, pi. IV, 1 1. IV, 1, be-lut-su la i~-~a-na-nlu, whose rule will not be equaled, Neb.. Nippur, I, 17. Me ~asfi, call. I, I pret., a-na ma-l&ar larri il-su-ma, C. T.,I X, pl. V, 1 0; pres., e-ma i-la-as-su-9, when he calls, IV R.2 8 III, 43..1DW, lapiku, throw up. 1, I pfrm., i-ku la ~ap-ku, a ditch had not been thrown up, Neb,, Nippur, II, 29. 7zrj, 1apIf, lower. in the phrase's 8liddu ~apl4O(KI. TA) and pittu lapl, pass'im; p1. f em., b~t e-la-ti u lap-la-a-ti, lord of all that, is above and below, V. A., 2663, I, 11. gapli, below. elil(AN.TA) it ~apli~(KI.TA), IV R.2 38, I, 31; D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 9; D. E. P., II, 93, l, 14. IDW lpAru, send. I, 1 pret., i~-pur-ma, Susa, 3, 1, 37; Susa, 16, Illy 6; C. T., IX, p1. V, 27; London, 102, IV, 16; [il]-pur, Susa, 16, I, 10; isi-pur14-ma, London, 103, II, 20; i~-pur-kd-nu-ti-ma, Susa, 16, II, 9; il-pu-ru-ma (relat.), 0. B. I., 149, I, 20; prec., lig-pur-li-ma, III R. 41, II, 22. Aipru, work. mu-du-u kal lip-ri, V. A., 2663, iI, 49; li-pir ni-kul-ti, a mischievous deed,C.T., X, plIVII,36. llpiru, scribe (cf. p. 176). aklu lu ld-pi-ru, D. E. P., I1, 97, 11t Lu-ti hlaputtti lu-ti ld-pi-ru, Susa, 16, ily 29; lu ak- lu lu Ia-pi-ru, Neb. Nippur, III, 19; hla-kan hla-pi-ru, C. T., X, p1. V, 4, 13; ViI, 32. Aepirtu, disposition, gift. eqlu le-pir-ti dNabd-kudurr.i-usur, C. T., IX, p1. IV, 15; le-pir-ti, C. T., X, p1. VI, 31; pl., kunuk larri Ia lip-ri-e-ti, the administrative(?) seal of' the king, C. T., X, pl. III, 32; V. A., 2663, V) 48; I R. 66, II, 20. nalpartu, message. na-al-par-ta-la Ia uz-zi, III R. 41, II, 22. r1Wp~, ~aqft, lofty. b6L ~a-qu-zi, Neb. Nippur, IV, 5; hlaq4(SAG), Neb. Nippur, V,

Page  315 NEBUCHADREZZAR I. *35 *315, 1 1; D. E. P., VI, 43, II, 8, 13; V R. 56, 15; I R. 66, II, 8; London, 101, II, 5, 6, 13; London, 102, VI, 16; hlaq biti, Susa, 16, III, 19; hlaq garri, London, 101, 1, 20,Susa, 3,I1, 14, 32; VI, 3; D. E. P., VI, 42, I,20; III R. 41, I, 11, 29; hlaq.. sup-par, Neb. Nippur, V, 9; I R. 66, II, 10; III R. 43, I, 30; II, 6; III R. 43, edge IV, 4; London, 102, IVY 48; VI, 17; la-ku mdti, London, 102, IV, 6; hga..ku mdti, C. T., YX pl. IlIy 28; hla-ku Dil-bat, V. A., 208, 2, 49; hga-ku Bdbili, V. A., 2663, III, 36; IV, 51; V, 34; hla-ku Bar-sipki, y V A., 2663, V, 11; C. T., X, p1. VII, 47; hga-ku Kati, V. A., 2663, v, 13. fl gaq6i, irrigate. la mi-ki-e-ri u la ~a[-qi-e] gamma eqli-I, Susa, 3, III, 12. giqttu, irrigation. m~ ndr liq-iISusa, 3, III, 4; 9i-qi-iz-zu ub-ba-lu, Susa, 16, V, 8; Ai-qit-ta, Susa 3, III, 9. magqfi, drinking place. bu-ut-tu-qu mag-qu-ii, the drinking place was cut off, V R. 55, 19. magqttu, place of irrigation. ina nadri ma~-qi-ti-~zi, Susa, 3, IIIy 6. Aj~i iqlu, shekel. Susa, 14, I, 12; London, 102, III, 25; IV, 23, 25, 26; V. A., 209, I, 6, 15, 21; IV, 5, 19, 20, 32, 33. DP?7, Aaqummatu, majesty (cf. p. 166). sa-qum-mat-su mdtdti ka-at -ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 16. MYp7, Aukuzu, cap(?) (Zimmern). lub-tum A Mz-ku-zu Aa dA-num, Susa, 2, IV, 1. Ilypt AaqA~u, destroy. I,1pr~ec., -i-na ta1hOzi-Au liA-gi-is-su, London, 102, II, 5. Aaqagtu, destruction. dNergal i-na Ad-ga-a~-ti pir'i..AP London, 101, IV, 2. siqiltu, bloodshed. ina gi-qil-ti it-ba-lu-ma, with bloodshed they had taken away, -V.A., 2663, III, 16. WIV ~er'fi, vegetation. gi-ir bi-ra-a li-kab-bi-sa ge-pa-lzir III R. 43, IVY 6; gi-ir-a bi-ri-ta,. I R. 70, IVY 14. giri~, fruitful. [kill-mu-P SE.BAR la li-ri-il, instead of grain unfruitfulness,. London, 102, II, 12. me~r~ti, limbs. ub-bur me~-ri-e-ti, paralysis of' limbs, V. A., 2663, V, 39; Susa,. 14, III, 5.:lv Auribtu, terror. pl., xvii lti-ri-pat 9a jidni rabtlti, Susa, 2, IVY 29. flv?, lar~bu, be exceedingly large. 1, 2 perm., par(?)-su-'u, Ait-ru-hu,. whose law is powerful, Neb. Nippur, I, 18. II1, I pret., ba-nit jidni 7i-har-ri-&u *ab-nit-su, (B~lit) the creator of the gods made glorious hisbirth, V. A., 2663, II, 53. TV, garipu, burn. I, 1 pres., i-na ildti (NE) i-har-ra-pur I R. 70, III, 4. PIC7, garAqu, present, give. I, 1 pret., il-ru-ku, Susa, 3, IV, 3, 19; i~[-ru-uq], D. E. P., II, 93, II, 2;. i~-ruq-lum-ma, Neb. Nippur, II, 6; i~-ru-uq-lii-nu-ti, C. T., IX,. p1. V, 40; al-ru-ku, Susa, 3, IV, 30, 55; V, 28; prec., li-i~-ru-uq,. -D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 6; ti~-ri-iq,. D. E. P., VI,' 47, 9; li~-ruq-lt!, Susa, 14,'III, 6; D. E. P., II, 116, 5; D. E. P., VI, 46, IV, 2.' li~-ru-ku-lum-ma, V. A., 2663k* V, 39; a-na li-riq-ti liA-ru-qa-Aii (Dual), 0. B. I., 83, II, 20;.

Page  316 316 316 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF pres., i-~ar-ra-qu, III R. 41, II, 5; C. T., X, pI. VII, 33; a-na i~i i-Aar-ra-ku, III R. 43, III, 18; perm., ul ~a-ri-iq, Neb. Nippur, IVY 1. I, 2, iA-tar-ra-ku a-&a-nu, C. T., X, pI. V, 5. III. I pres., a-na iii ii-a-a.~-ra-ku, I R. 70, II, 10. sarqu, gift. Aa-ar-qi eqlu ~zi-a-tu i-nam-du-ma, Neb. Nippur, III, 20. geriqtu, gift. Ai-ri-iq-ti li-ruk-9u, D. E. P., II, 116, 4; a-na Ae-r'i-iq-ti li~-J-u[uqjJ-Au, D. E. P., VI, 46, IV, 1; a-na ~i-riq-ti 1i~-ru-qa-Mi, 0. B. I., 83, II 20; [~i]-riq-ti 1iA-ruq-~u, Susa, 14, IIIy 6. iarqu, bright red blood (cf. p. 182). Aa-ar-ka u da-ma, III R. 43, IVY 17; Aar-ka, u da-ma, Susa, 3, VI, 4 Aarqa(BE.UD) it da-ma, III R. 41, II, 31; da-ma iA Aar-ka, I R. 70,1 IVY 7; 0. B. I., 149, III, 4; da-a u Mar-ka, D. E. P., IV, p1. 16,1III4; dalma,(BE) u garqa(BE.UD), Neb. Nippur, IV, 21. Mmt, ar, king, passim. Aarru(LUGAL.E), I R. 66, I, 3; IIY 18; III R. 43, I, 4, 10, 23, 28; II, 27; IV, 13; III IR. 43, edge IV, 2; 0. B. I., 149, I 14; AMr apsi, Neb Nippur, IV, 9; Mir E-zi-da, D. E. P., VI) 46, IVY 3; gaxr ildni, D. E. P., III 93, IIY 16; Y'R. 55, 12; Neb. Nippur, I, 3; M1r Bdbili, Susa, 2, IIY 29; D. E. P., II, 97, 9; 0. B. I., 83,1I, 7; London, 102, ivy 3; V. A., 2663, IY, 26; M~r gim-ri, V. A., 2663, I, 4; Ab &e-gal-lim, D. E. P., II, 116, 6; D. E. P., VI, 43, III, 7; M~r ki-na-a-ti, V R. 55, 6; gair kiggati, Susa, 2, I, 2; II, 27; Med., II, 3; D. E. P., II, 97, 8; IV R.' 38,1I, 21; D. E. P., VI, 42, I, 24; C. T., IX, p1. IVY 15; Neb. Nippur, II, 23; V R. 56, 7; London, 102, IV, 2, 12; 91tr megla-ri, Neb. Nippur, II, 22; M~r mdt tdmdi, 0. B. I., 83, I, 3, 6; A9tr naqbg, D. E. P., VI, 43, IV, 4; gazr gam t, Susa, 2, IV, 2; M5r game' u irsiti, V R. 56, 39; III R. 41, II, 25; V. A., 2663, III, 1; M~r Sume'i u Akkadi, IV R.' 38, I, 22; 94'r ta-&a-zi, III R. 43, IVY 23. Aarrfitu, kingdom. Aarru-u-tu a-na zi-i-ri-~i! li-tir-ru-.lvi, Susa, 14, IV, 14; [iladni] garrilti u mdti-9u, D. E. P., VI, 47, 6; abnukufluk(DUB) s'arru7i-ti-guy C. T., X, PI. V, 8; zc'r garru-?i-ti da-ru-zi, V. A., 2663, II, 40; gar-ru-ti, IV R.' 38, II, 5. garfiru, glory. S'd-ru-ru-Wa ika-la si-1&i-ip ~a-ma-me..lit-bu-ui'-ma, Neb. Nippur, I, 14.?Zfft7 gurgu, root. li-qa-am-me gurN-li-li, Neb. Nippur, IVY 27. ~u9u a soss, sixty. lu~~u(I ~SC1) 8he'uz'ru, Susa, 2, IIY 1; Au~llu(KU) 1.urds~i, London, 102, iv, 25. gatammu, a title of an official, perhaps overseer. ga-tam bit ii-na-ti, keeper of the treasure house, V R. 56, 20; London, 102, IV, 9; la,(g~tam bit ii-na-a-ti, I RI. 66, III 16; h14.tam E-sag-ila, V. A., 2663, V, 9; hga-tam,V. A. I2663, VI20; C. T., X, pI. VII, 48; ~a(?)-tam Bit-di-bi-na, London, 101, III 4. til'iitu, equipment(?). I ~$unarkabtu a-di ti-'-ii-ti-ga, III R. 41, I, 15. 0DK2, fl tmtu, tAmdu, sea. it-la-ta tdmdi(A.AB.BA) it la mu-da-a, Susa, 14, III 16; mna

Page  317 NEBUCIIADREZZAR I.31 317 libbi tdmdi, D. E. P., VIY 42, I, 5; Aatr mdt tdmdi, 0. B3. I., 83, I, 3, 6; Aa malt tdmdi, 0. B. I., 83, I, 13; &i-fib tam-tim, rapagtim(-tim), V. A., 2663, III 15. hTU biti, a title of a class of priests. mA-qar-dNab4 TU biti, C. T., XI PI. Illy 2; TU d~-am-l V. A., 208, 26; hT Itdaga ma-al, V. A., 208, 33; hTU [bit] C. T., X, p1. VII, 46 (cf. "The Assyrian-Babylonian ameluTU biti,"Y in A.J.S.L., XXII (1905), October, pp. 46-62). NK21l, tebai, tabfi, come out, rise. 1, I part., si-im'-ma la te-e-ba-a, Susa, 3, viI, 20; ig-ru-ba-a la te-ba-a, III R. 41, II, 16; w'i-iq-ta la taba-a, a fall without rising, Susa, 14, iv, 7. III, 1 pret., zi-gat-ba-a tSukakkg~i!, he caused him to draw his weapons, V R. 55, 13. tfbu, approach.,k B. I., 149, I, 12. tibdfi. tib-da-a a-na la e-ri-Ai, III R. 45, No. 2, 10. 1-11 tabAku, pour out. 1, 1 prec., ki-ma mg lit-bu-uk, Susa, 2, Illy 35. tabku, poured out, perhaps stored. GIS.BAR tab-ki, London, 103, III, 20(cf. Clay, B.E., XV, 10: 7; XV, 29:5; 115: 1, 4;tab-ku,B.E.XIxV, 37: 2; 125: 1; XV, 80: 11; tu-buuk-ku-t,d. B. -E., XIV, 144: 4). %fl, tabftlu, take away.,: 1, I pret., at-ba-lu (relat.), Susa, 3, IV, 4, 20; fr!a Ai-qil-ti it-ba-lu-ma, V. A,2663, III, 17; -pres., eqlu. la i-tab-ba-lu ti-4 at-ba-lu (relat.), Susa, 16, IVY 15; III R. 41, 1,37; inf., la ta-bal eqli-Ati, Susa, 3 IIY 6; II1, 42; a-na ta-bal eqli-9u, I RI. 70, II, 7; a-n'a ta-bal eqldti an na-ti, III R. 41, I, 35; a-na ta-bal eqli.... uznA-Au i-Aakka-nu, V. A., 2663, V, 32; ana tabdli(TlIAM, cf. Br. 9062) esq4ti Aa-9A1-na, V. A., 211, III, 4. 1, 2 pres., eqlu a-na zrin-ia aA-ru-ku. la it-ta-bal, Susa, 3, ivy 56; V,, 28. I II, 1 pres., i-tab-ba-lu ii-gat-ba-lu, Susa, 16, IV, 15; III R. 41, I, 37; ti-Aat-ba-lu eqlu an-nu-ti, London., 103, V, 37. tabalu, land (Hebr. ~DI~) (cf. p. 178). kal-li-e ndri u ta-ba-li, Neb. Nippur, Illy 26; C. T., IX pI. V, 33; IR. 66, I, 7; III R.. 45, No. 2, 2. "X tibnu, straw. lu-?i tibnu(IN.NU) lu-ti AE.BARJ, Susa, 3, II, 49. '1fl1, Wku, return. I, 1 pret., a-na A kkadi i-tu-ra, V R. 55, 44; i-tur-ma.. i-na nazdzi(GUB-zi) Aa aI~A-~u eqlu ik-nukam-ma, London, 102, I, 24;. i-tur-ma, London, 102, II, 32; pres., ul i-tur-ru-ti-mu, V., A., 209; II, 39; III, 15, 27; V, 2; ul i-tur-ru-zii-ma, V. A.,I 209,I, 29; ul i-tur-ru-ma, they shall not reopen the case, London, 102, IV, 35; ana piIbAti(NAM) i-t(uur-ru], secularize, Neb. Nippur, IlI, 28; prec., ana da-um-ma-ti li-tur(?)-Au, III R. 41, II, 20; a-na ai-bi li-tur-Au, London, 102J, II, 31; inf., la ta-a-ra u la ra-gami, London, 103, III, 30; -[la) ta-a-ri,' D. E. P., Iivy pI. 16, I, 4; fuppu la ta-a-ru u la dia-babu(bi) ik-nu-uk-ma, V. A., 209, IVY 13, 36. 1, 2, 9a ed-li qar-di pu-ri-cia-Au it-tura, the legs of the strong man turned, i.e., failed, V R. 55, 21. II, I pret., a-na pi~hti u-te-ir, to the crown hie returned, 0. B. I., 83,I, 15; te-irn-At tl-tir-ina,. his

Page  318 '318 318 A NEW BOUNDARY STONE OF report he brought, London, 103, III, 2; V,. 11, 21; te-im-Au-nu ti-tir-ru-ma, London, 103, III, 39; d-tir-ru aA-ru-uA-Ain, V. A., 2663,1II, 30; a-na zitti(gA.LA)?I-tir-am-ma, V. A., 2663, MyI 23; a-na i-di ram-ni-Au-nu ii-tirru-ma, they turned them to their own use, C. T., X, p1. V, 5; eqldti Aa-Ai-na ii-tir-am-ma, those fields he returned, C. T., X, p1. V, 6; q6ti...?I-tir-ru, they compensated, Susa, 2, I, 19; prec., li-tir-ru-Aui, Susa, 14, IV, 15; pres., eqlu a-di-nu a-na pi~~dti la ri-tar, Susa, 3, IV, 51; anra pilylti-Ai-na u-tar-nt, III R. 41, Hy, 2; [ri]-ta-[ra], 0. B. I., 83, Hy, edge; a-na i-di ram-ni-Au tdtar-ru, C. T., X, p1. VII, 34; inf., eli bit abi-ia a-na -tur-riji], to make restitution to the house of my father, C. T., X, pl. III, 5; a-na tur-r-i gi-mil-li, to avenge, V R. 55j, 13. 1I, 2, ut-te-nt-ma il-ka il-tak-nu, again lays taxes, V R. 56, 32; a-na pil~dti ut-te-ir, Susa, 3, V, 14; a-na pi~dti ut-tir, Susa, 3, V, 33. tab Azu, battle..a-ar qa-tuA iA ta-ha-zi, London, 103, VI, 19; a-na e-pil ta~dzi, V R. 55, 7; la a-di-nt ta~dzu, V R. 55, 8, 38; ip-pu-Au tal&Ozu, V R. 55,9 29; be'19 talylzi, V R. 55, 40; i-na mi-&if-e ka-Iba-zi-971-nu, V R. 551, 33; (Zamama) Acr ta-&a-zi, III R. 43, IV 23; i-na ta-&.a-zi, III R. 43, IVY 24, 29; (Nergal) b41 qabli it ta-b~a-zi, London, 102, IIJ,4; i-na ta~dzi-Au lza-gi-is-su, London,, 102, II) 5. tbikd~ ramn (Hebr.WfJ) hir(UZU) taj-Ai-e Utr suni(UR), mutton, V. A., 20, 5. ~?flIn, tukultu, help. Aa mna tu-kul-ti ildni rabu'ti it-tal-laku-ma, V. A., 2663, II) 26. D~fl talAmu, present. III, 1 pret., &a-si-sa pal-ka ui-Aat-limu-Au, the wide understanding which, he imparted to him, V. A., 26631, MyI 7. tallmu, twin brother. (SamaA-Aum-ukin) aiu ta-li-mu Aa dAAgur-b6n-apal, C. T., X, pl. iv, 1 1. ~173P, tama, speak, call. I, 1 pret., it-ma, spoke, London, 103, I, 45; perm.,; ila'ni qabli ta-mu, Susa, 2, IVY 22 (according to Zimmern = tu'amti, twins). nnn~I, tamftbu, take. gir-rit hnki-? qa-tu-uA-Au it-muim, Neb. Nippur, II, 5. ~D",tamAru, hide. I, I pres., mna eqli la a-ma-ri i-tammi-nt, V R. 56, 36; 0. B. I., 149, II, 13; i-na e-pi-ri i-tam-me-nt, Neb. Nippur, IV, 30; III R. 43, I, 33; i-na epiri(IS) i-te[-mi-nt], 0. B. I., 150, II, 3; i-na epirg (IS.Z UN) i-tam-mi-nt, I R. 70, III, 2; V. A., 2663, V, 29; i-na qaq-qa-ri i-ta(!).4'm-me-nt, Susa, 16, IVY 34; i-na irfiti i-tam-mi-nt, III R. 41, IHy 12; (mna) a-Aar la a-ma-ri i-[tam-mi-nt], London, 102, V, 5. 1, 2, i-na qaq-qa-ri it-te-mi-ir, Susa, 3, V, 52. HI pres., i-na e-pi-r-idt-Aa-at -ma-ru, London, 103, V, 47. tamnirtu, environs of a city. ta-mir-ti Ohi...,y D. E. P., II, 97, 2, 3, 6; ta-mi-ir-ti dli, Susa, 3, I, 9; a-na ta-mi-ir-ti-At, Susa, 3, III, 19, 44; pl., ta-mi-ra-ti-Ati li-mi-la-a pu-gut-ta, III R. 43, IV) 4.

Page  319 .NEBUCHADREZZAR I. 319 tapti), cultivated field(?) (perhaps from flJM, to open, cultivate). tap-tu-ti pa-na-at ifukirO, V. A., 2663, IVY 33; a-di tap-te-e ~a pa-na-at i-Ukirg, V. A., 2663, IV, 44. 1iPI), taqai, pay homage (cf. p. 162). I,1,?I-taq-qu-ii pal-&~a, Neb. Nippur, I,.6; pal-1.f-ig ii-taq-qu-ti, Neb. Nippur, II, 11. turpu'tu, tumult. i-na tur-pu-'-ti-~u-nu, V R. 55, 31. TIP tarA~u, stretch out. 1, 1 pres., ubdni-?v a-na limti-ti) i-tar-ra-su, Neb. Nippur, III, 24. tarsu, direction. a-na tar-si dluNa-bati, towards, V. A., 2663, IVY 17. tirmu stretching (of the hand). i-na ti-i-i-i? qa-ti, Susa, 3, VI, 37; ti-i —i? qa-ti-9u, guided by his hand, V. A., 2663, I, 26; III 38. turtu, blindness. tur-ti nd(SIP) sa-kak uznA(PI2) ub-bur meg-ri-e-ti li~-ru-ku-Aum.. ma, V. A.,Y 2663, Y, 38 (cf. the parallel expression: zu-ut pa-'ni sa-ka-ak uz-ni, Susa, 14, III) 4). Tagritu, the month Tishri. London, 102, IV, 11. titurru, bridge. &arrdna iA ti-tur-ra.. la a-ma-ri, Susa, 3, III, 22; a-di ti-tur(!)-ri mi-ti-iq-ti garri, Susa, 14, I, 3; ti-tur-ra la e-pi-?-i, V R. 56, 2.

Page  320 320.1.VEIl B-/) \1' ). 'Y,TO.\ E' OF AD))ITIO NS AND ) (101'(1)E( 1'TiON's. ). XXli. N,..\XXIX. "]'erhap- Ni ppll m.l " ll'. ilr t- Io.- d Oillt ol ofl)ll iOlt 1l I() I} [ |linc' \.1he( h i- -lolo \x:L- i-c(o\()x lt'.,\ Iilb, llh,;allt1)1h of i,h,'il d i:l C; lld glt,,1l th e Lx al [l \11 Olllll. ( I t(h R-/., i I',,d, I,.;,,/l'(1.c/en 11cr "r 1.d' ll"",\ 1;IIll,.+ Iel'lin 19.,! i6i.'. 2131,:ta-tll. Ilis,,Ii(llI tI ' -X~,Itlit' l lt- ' Ill.s \//,111' r.1,11I", \l'/ '1 5 ll,;,,I'.1-/,, IZt., il llil,( Il~tilIllg 1' lI,,X( ll ol' 11: \ ll:ll'llri/~'d t'll\(11; O 1 l tld- {h1) lll.,ll \ l')11.X ]':ac('o l'dlllg t o I: lll'ol ',l1 1mlil I.('':pl'.....)ll, (' oI I(, (dI6'l:d- of.111 h 1u.111 -111't' ( recently;,}lln,' J!)O55.i till -llllt(lll('llt Jll Ih,(' (':11 tal,~.Zu' I'Z'O-.. s1,'I IlT11 ll.. l.ii.. lt, e(,(:1 er Ixll -y 1olI 91m5...I,,lu 1I, i lt ] tlhl, 1,I1 1 111, '1.1., -fJid.\1, '(',); v(' ' )te'7'dljl=rl 1( I!1l' l'(,(ol~d.. iH' llt \111-,llll,. lh,, -ln xi c *,,,,i nled I1,y l et hoo:ll d I ilt lrha I0 h I l h x II thl.n:n 111i. -llltl dll ('t Il li ll I.ill.'llt \ ld ll( ".l(. ltl-ll flltltlll o '\ i-: I']X i-:d. l, p. 5. 1. 2. alld 1). 1 l1 '. I:, 1 5. llFt'e (:t!,,ptll, Ge(;1o, -,\ \. pI. II, I. 2. 1Th1( "-.:liug" o, ' t11, w hlom1d: u'\ -It)'1 - i- (bidtlll\. o1 -,lp'C tl,d I1Ih:ra( (hII'i\d, 11'( I ll tl, I),'l'1od \\1, 11 e,1:1\ l:lble- \\er r t ill Il) 1I-'. (41ll] ill ~,11(' (': l- \\( Ill l\'1 7,, —i bl x h a, a ll il-l) lt',',,I tl;Ill.Iqlltgl. dl) [ <igllltllll '. 'l'hpw IlllllO l lxin g 1,h - hl ll, i -eIr atche. Ill(l r i,( ill'l'al.l..iltll (,1 'II -:l. \o. 2. I 27,, 1 2 1 rol, 1,el,\\. n -lead- (;oi —:11 v l,IIl;'tl, I.a..i. 1.2 'ro,,I 1ni-,t I orh\l ]'rl,, a r Il,, (r,:( 1 11,l,, -. ". 9' 916. 1 115 \A 11II, -:111( pI)I,ti(r i xalu,,,, I ll \' — 'illll. Ihi(h t is rpquil'e, I..1.l.i'lt I ill lilt ho1 (> p1ll>-:lfe. ( 1'. al-.o l),lit'z-hl... (;,. 1. p 0 [ Ilr ' l- Ill I,'cli. 1c T >,: oll (,( l 1. ll' ' oIl: 1- 1,l 2.1, 1) I 1:. 1 2,. 2 I: 9. 1 9 II ilI). I I. 1). 6i.I. 11. 3. I Inwta':d, ol i,,mlt r c;td. 1~,,,,;,. 1 For e -,I-,d,,-,,,,-1-;, l;-,, atlll -(,'.1I-nl, —... ni., nT... ( I. VoL [ p~. \ III1. aS-d Z.1o.1\11 ' 11 ill l'itll, ert. 1,l,,,aw,1 g,'ebcl e \Il,b, I 1. Th', \\111111<,1!,h,-,i;-l:1ll(1a lls-, -/lN (\ull-.-A.\l lo. l. 2)6c..:d," -!'1hy11p i a o1r:l'l 1,:d:l,,1. 1]. 7S. i(f, 11). FJ r 12ig 2" 1). 2!1." 12",l pIi-. 12" t7.?~).' 1).!2,1. () l or "l.oo lon I t ltli 6" read "l.ond(lo1 10.." Al-o p~. 17. 1:- hmll, p. 92. 1. 22. I",71 "].illOlTol 10.5" ' a(,LdI "I. on It6.p. )97. ig.:31..\long-id t orlhe [iwilmlr.. fou)nd o) t'l( I:ll)lolminl 1,1,,un1:u'x -l*m, t1y h1 1wpl:a(edl i1wt figill'(': OI tll..../,1!\(1 (lill(l(ler \} i(dl \ 1'. o11] \ 1',lllbv Mr. Mnc.\li-t(r nl (;mG.-, ill d Ibri- helonigilng lo t l l \I l lll'it leriiod.:Mlld I>lp lildl bi hlilll ill 11 (, ( tolw( r 1111111m)o(r o4 lw "( itrtprl\ l...1t \ {ll l(l otf l)( Il'ile'-ti ( I \plo:ltiot 1Fmidc." 1). 2}2. It.-.ho'\- two 1:,t.. - 1d' figilt's iu rlil',44 111dt' biv lhe( rolling of:l,-ealelin r -er > llt, ela\'. Trl, (o1lmpll,( designl l:tlllatr- ie illt eauch hUld. It n rep:ll.-.. c-rl:ain on-tll:nl ion-....ol ol xhlit.] exrllilallv l)lonlz lo tilw zodiac, Ill~t (:l- "ll lh(' 1lJnb1 1 ia.. Io 1lldmlv,toml("<) l1h":lr(' llot:lrt":l.l.g(,d ill r,'gulllr or d r ll.'gilnilt:Il ll- h'i't h:]..n1 r,,,,,r ol,11 1,'(,'r },:an \\, find, lll, rl:1 Iplolial lpictur, Of lhe -o,, t l wh lt

Page  321 Al,"UCHDRA'ZAI 1.321 I~,oks~ like a: tlc,1e, I'lit i, prol'ablyl? irlMcndid~d for an ~u ~,I p gin andlt thus repre-,o,,ILs IhI'', ii I(",t tnrlil~ll~ ~ l iI 1li(. rirfjo. Belmo it is thle smorplon; fig"Imr is al I nirlcd miiiilllnl, p)(llrhall, tli, I..... olll(diately ab oveO~. it is a -ma:llllll L -hl(.l di be(t,( id(~lnttli(d. Ahl~ngg~ide is i t bird with a little iljitendl(: d for 1- I,,~ tmwus.n This i-3 'ollowed bv an imimal whi ~li(' looks like vit0('pc(lo '. I t is peflitip, nuluc`wit f(,r thle Capricorn. Ilcwlicathl it is a figure,,vssc~nnblijig li n -vei-wd.~ T, wh]i(-h maliy stanld fm- theI( librac. Ablove thlc~ 1"litel(,p is an1 iitdi~linclt, fl~- iguro?, whic~h tlI~: tist intc(rnded perhaps, for dw trr limwecJ'i mitc(, nltclope andt liml is niII(ALIier T-shapled fignrte. lil-k- I A.\long~lit h~ II' ii lh, 1~ erel('~cenlt and l 11(w im1, beneaC:th %,hich ara 1-i(. 52. — Thc -odiacl tablel, lrom Gl CIIMc~r. tljc (~~ fi giur- of a W1 i-l:,it( 1 it scorpion. In:ll fliere are tight(tc(c,, figures,, jwdiap;11' ('i1?y iiircei-wdt to f~ill mit.,pacce. OfI tle remaining fignirellr s - ( c~:r Fil~a ~ ml lv thl(zc tlr ~ ladd(~cll ~c r w Fill., im-er led the,: "ll Inal. lld W11111A Iwt%),,,cn ran, and nn~ licor mid thle b~ird wit], tlie: trit.rgle ulnid(~r it aLre,til wktir hll they may1\ stanrd ill -ome r rrlatively to Ile -yitfnirhm, Mumsru M5\'~, la~ llct Xlu~. K,,ghl~~r in hi, ~c~sxvell-~rt w(11, St-,01ndet~ und Stlerndil"I't 0I 11(,(1. It aly, 1907~l~!))i I~,\-, pp. 261l-26i3, that iii the late clut1 I......tll h,( appllict ('d III lh Iic~tur,: ol' thee goddrs Gula on tl,(, homidarn

Page  322 322 A NEW BOUAI. h1' SMEOA' 01,' btoln('-,, \xlhicl iS alxy\\:!- a-:c~:lt(dl \\xlthl thlie (dog.,Now tlhe "g''at dog," callehd URe.O('.LU. A 'Jdlcllltlx:al{., a play oll tile Tmill"ll' ol tlh( goldde.-)j, x identical ~lllh lo, til, zodiacilcal,igi Oif Ih, fie otlilt.1lb1m hence thle godde ss (Gula;. O01 thlt' )lllnll'ary t(1ll.' iS boiilh(r.11 exlaelull~,ry!:lddli(ll to tIhe o:u l l o[ til "'lio or I1: 11,d fox. ilt(' n.'t Ziodilac('al.,ign, tlhe " \l'rl-l.' lh tilt; llts giNeln by l.ughr'l 01 1). 229 tilt(, zodIneal.signl it(,' mo(utIlht i Nlh i,. either eltllet, B/7.ql_11(;cr) dor, ', hi.t'. l(clhlrtl), lhi('h i, ide'micu'l x it l, spi((, or,irqbiui (.ulr.. 2. 51 ). Tim,, ['rll ho-(,,i', tile lpl(^tillr ' of fal l {,r of g['i ll I llt >])tltl'tl 011I lilt z)po tlllttwl' y Stlullt'b. it is, the'l'lorl'. o.~ible thlait tlhe piul lle >ol' (\ it( I('-t'1|S lilt' "% ilrgill.)) Th'a:ll thef 1{:11 1y(n11 -llll. i.-)(M'i:lted a g(.ldlt-.- \itl 111( mlOllnll I'hl:0 i- e\idlnlll ['ollli 1it' li-l (,t il11h.'. sxilil 1ih,l r }alr:o ll,lt -1. w-I:re wve rc l,,: arhul7,-.I,,,;'Iur ( -l.. 1. l [.1. lor, 1, 1:3. I-or XlN.I rea..i'~. I'. l ol 1. 14. For N(,,r', l ( 'td NIN.X.I.2 '. Tihle ixe. ligatiOln (f Jigl'r (.x1(rg, - btnde und S'hrn,li('n,! in llbc1, pp. 215 —22.5) have( silon Iltl the IlalllS ol l1il'w lah y1on ian phli -lll'- and t hei wgodsll,-,~Ot';lled i t l (ltclll wer e tie! e'('llu tg ed,:1: has I(,' arlglt'(, I, 11,,:,,;,n,,tl \inckl(,r. 1. 202, ('ol. 11, I. of l-.I;O)_;U, o Pr'of. llilprtehl lrh'r' tim( r (:lndinlg l-~,p1-;u inl x tesx ol' ISt/-i'// }-,/n- i-/,-;'ip-)-/i ~.' p. 20!), (CoL. 11, 1..Il-llelnd of'.YIobi-[,'ri;](- ofb.l'l'' llil pr(hlit -ufg(,-t, \V(d-ct [,pt]-ml/" " IS, 1b(': I'Z t w l Thcdi n ' ll ll(. )01]o'111. \, t,ll,I-[,rt<](-[.) illt o -l(,(, 1 Cio.-'ll i 1 ll o( I[)t -/. /,[l'l \ -i; ),,Sit-/r;. (ll \ -iL, NI. '/ 'r;:(l'l \ -:.;b (, f)lid ill ('lY. 13. 1.. Vokn. l\1, \NV. p. 21:3, (oL [1. 1 -wla,l (,.;r-[,t~-I,;-h ' l'rol. llilprm'h t,bu d~t.', th( remling.s';r-,z ~ip-ld-Ll(.', H'I;1- 1t po-,lljditv. 1,1 j_ i(,bfrnl~l for el. r thr('roo. lprobIably atb o to 1/, / " 1,..Io -khinilhg'"; h('nt...(, ) `0 Si,, inia],t: ill3' lac(. shmin~g," i.eJ.. "o'lul"). 217., Col. T, 1 l'<) (ill[-tn-,,,,h, - - " l'~l)[n,-I~;It = `H' l)ii-,-b-lu Ivl', Pol. llJll)r(eelL reIlt:ll']s '' "l'r ([Itdll - d, ttdtl ('1'. (1 dlu/i- n-,, a m~rSt-[~l-O-i, Notnl):l(4., 1\',,i{i (2) 11(Jl....l(,. (;c,',qr~pbW. 1).:'.50r': (:3' IIdll."',Wtfl,,l/,',lnt,,, n(l/,'(Itcli,/, cf. tile liEAt o 1). 21.5: HB;l1-a - s i...../t-],/i1I-/i." p. 21S, 1. G( t'rot Ielo w (", I'r dranu n'(,,{ idranu. p. 2i;1. Col. If, 19. IFor 6~ J,'./ V. V I -(,, A-Io ('I:,\, B.:., XIV.:3): 1 136: l. 1). 277.1'ol. I I, al'( r 'o. 5, il rl ~ kalfil, m: ieianl, l)ri,',t. hl,'-hl,, ({. r., X, pll. I[I, 2;: /,,-/,, V P. allt, 12. p. 277. ('0 l 11,:I' lr 1.lalflt- i,,r t: iO euKIl..D)A, Ill I/ 11, 1, 10). 1). 29}5, (Col. 11, 1 22. I l ' m'i(shkupl,-111- IIIII rf':d ma')hli/ls/-!ll-m9/. 1). 29}q. ('ol. I1 1 ttr rl,;r,, ins.'rt: pitu(bitu?), 1 th, e t)1lu:ts( p (h ll t,-mil-li {~trr. V 1t..', 26,:31(. p,'rl-hn - \ilh Mu-,-\rn,ll, l)i<'t., p). '-i5:{, to 1h l r(,ldrt&: "Ill Ireo t (f the rithl' 11 }lid of tilh( kin," " O.:1f0, ('ol. 1. I. 1:3, nppll olIr~ "t o~r tlie id(entity ofl'ath I. all~ll dll:l hl, Ilzl {tti, a,"x.t, w -li]l 1 ]'r >f'. hlIrl'(' l, 1R(r(n t'il; "(1 (1. Ilebr. ',, (/t1 cA.l.. (2) In 190,l, whih '.t Niplpur, I ('mlxi:(el luvl'lf hy r(.lmwale, olh.'(et' tion lh:t ofu (l ':lr (l:lx- tl:.-tern..l.l.I... I mvw,(,nd th(e Tignris are( etailv xi Mhh, ill l>: ItX hill;l Ihe aiiltld( l. l.. ( olnailudt( o[' Nippur. "

Page  323 .'h,'(I. I!)hi'EZZ 'I, I. 323. '312, Col.. 1. 1,:'r it hl. l'rfol'. lIillrec'lit, i-l/i-i dliffr('rmtlly. "In \-ik\, (1' tl, fa'('t that eltl in the ollrttcl. lit'r'alltre is ltso Ised of the ('tqllpor-(.hli(...('l, IItl'?'h('11, wtl_('1hson.' r I lIants (i/h q(tqqari) and Of frait 011l Itrco~. (;ilr, q7is;,,/m;'?,, T p propo~, to, ttl.:Lnsltt(.iol/lt, st:tlndling h(rl ill connectioll,ith!l zirt, ' TI1' TIT. 1 ol elhl: ".lay thley (](7tl-oy,vhis 111m1f( Ind r ( so that) hi s-od llot lat( (find) a ro.tinz plo whore one his it growv u1) "

Page  324

Page  325 A.I))[TI)ONA., (C)RREC.('I'10NS. p., 1.4.1. 4. 1fr?p,'ni. rne.d lm, ll,. F1). 1. 1. (;. "ro "'on.~ulnl>hin retld 'o-u... l[liol. I) 1~1, 1. 1. ]',)r ai.i-(-,l rotd (l,,;-a,-~tt-mr, 2S1. ('.o I, 1. 11 Irom lr.1ow. IFor Hlu rend lillu. ). 2N:L ('tol. 1.1. 7 frolml ))low. For- n r-,ad 1'n:. 1). 1S, (.ol. 11. 1. 12 I,.l"l 1), -. i-" ha'., drl'oFp,-d out.

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Page  327 THE BABYLONIAN EXPEI)ITION oF TI lE 1NINVI IISITY OF PEINNSYLVANIA D. V. Rilprecbt Thie ollwl;in5 5olue hale been published or ore in pres,: Series A, Cuneiform Cexcts: Vol. I Old Babylonian Inscriptions, chiefly from Nippur, by 11. V. llilprccht. Part 1, 1893,.5V.0( (only a few copies left). Part 2, 1896, $.5.00. Vol. VI Babylonian Legal and Business Documents from the Time of the First Dynasty of Babylon. Part 1, chieflo flro SIPrAR, I)y H. Ranlke, 1906, $6.00. Vol. VIII Legal and Commercial Transactions, dated in the Assyrian, NeoBabylonian and Persian Periods. Part 1, chiefly from Nippur, by A. T. Clay (in press). Vol. IX Business Documents of Murashf Sons of Nippur, dated in the Reign of Artaxerxes I, by I-I. V. Ililpreclit and A. T. Clay, 18)98, $6.00. Vol. X Business Documents of Murashli Sons of Nippur, dated in the Reign of Darius II, Iby A'.. la, 190, (16.00. Vol. XIV Documents from the Temple Archives of Nippur, dated in the Reigns of Cassite Rulers, with complete dates, by A. T. (lay, 19(6, 8(i.00. Vol. XV Documents from the Temple Archives of Nippur, dated in the Reigns of Cassite Rulers, with incomplete dates, by.. T. Clay, 1906, $(.00. Vol. XVII Letters to Cassite Kings from the Temple Archives of Nippur. Part I, by Hugo Radau (in press). Vol. XIX Model Texts and Exercises from the Temple School of Nippur. Part 1, by H. V. Ililpreclt (in press).

Page  328 Vol. XX Mathematical, Metrological and Chronological Texts from tile Temple Library of Nippur. Part 1, by 1I. V. Ifilprecht, 190>., 95.)0). beries D, Researches and Creatises: Vol. I 'he Excavations ill E ss ria and Blablonia (withl 12) illltltltions mtild 2 Nias), 1b- I1. \'. lilpreelht, 7tih (litioll, 1()01, 82 5(). NOTE: Entil.lhl revisel (l'rllGl- l ttaltd F'r/l('hl ((liti1ons1'(' ill till' (coilrs )f r),,parwtion. Tl, first part oo tt, (tbrill:nill esli (his zr.,l flretpn f)e Sarzecs) ipp(c,:-d iln D)eeemicr, 1)()1 (.1. (. llinrils. I(,ipoig:.\.2. 1Hol)la & (o., lhil'l()sphit, Pll.. -,lie a0('ntS [0 r AIcri'l), I'rice 4 Mark in p:per covers, 5 lMatrk in clo,. Tlc second part is in pr,',-s. Vol. III Early Babylonian Personal Names from the published Tablets of the so=called Hammurabi Dynasty, by 11. ISnlc,,. 0, S2.00. Vol. IV A New Boundary Stone of Nebtchadrezzar 1. from Nippur (witi 16 Im:lftone illhstrations and 36 dravings), by W\illilm,J. IHinke, 1907, 92.50. ((,IIIER VOLlIJIgS Wl.l. ILL1 ANNOIUNCI.D LT.ErEIL.) \11 orders for these books t.o be addressedl to THE MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY, University of Pennsylvania, PHILADELPHIA, PA. R)OLdE AGE MT FOE1 E aITI()I'F. Rudolf Merkel, Erlangen, Germany.

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Page  [unnumbered] THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DATE DUE SEP 2 11995 '40V F, ZOO'

Page  [unnumbered] 1111111111 1i '1 11 ii111 1111111111 3 9015 03411 4945 ' DO NOT REMOVE OR MUTILATE CARD /

Page  [unnumbered] r. ^.*" ' THE BABYLONIAN EXPEDITION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. EDITED BY D. V. Dilprvecht The f/olowing volWos have ben publihed or are in press: serie H, Cuneiform Cext:.. Vol. Old Babylonian Inscription, chiefly from Nippur, by H. V. Hilpreoht.. Part 1, 1893, S5.00 (only a few oopies left). Part 2, 1896, $5.00. Vol. VI Babylonian Lel and Busines Documents fro. tile Time of the First Dynast! of Babylon. Part 1, chiefly I',.,,,:1'ii,, Iy i-i. lanl, 0)G6. $6.00). Vol. VII Legal and Commrcial Traasactions, dated In tkie nM, i a- N; Babyloian and Perdsan Periods. ' Part 1, iaedy tppwr, by A. T. Clay (In preois). Vol. IX BUiona t fnirabshl So of Nippur, dated ia the eg. y. ) ad A S w.; BP i reht and A. T. Clay, 1898, Ws. *,::: ' Vol. X DlBwo; p a sta sfSi ofMInha Sona of Nipar, dated h tho I,by B9199 5 i es 100#WliU by k. t. dClay, 19I*, 86.00.; r VEoL VIY.Documents from tha Temple Archies.of Nippur, dated ('i': ': ~ gns of Cassitc, witl complte dates,< ly A. T. Clayt ib<t 'tO '! *1.oo. ' lmIo. Vd. XV )ocunabtsfrom the Temple Archivte of Nippur, dated in ' '., '. t.ui of CWi Ruler, with incomplete d*t, by A. T.'Clay, 190 Vol. XVII,t t. Na Caite_ Kinl from the Teaipl 4rchtes of Nippur. 'Prt i, by jtB a (ain press). Vol. XIX Model Texta and Exercises from the Tempte SAio NpPW. f Part 1, by H.V. ilpreobt (in pres). ':, (omao D OaO ow eot PAB.o,a.ej.