Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

On behalf of the editors, reviewers, faculty advisors, colleagues at Michigan Publishing Services, and the University of Michigan Library, we proudly present the fourth issue of the Michigan Journal of Medicine (MJM). The editorial board and reviewers who made this issue possible are all drawn from the University of Michigan Medical School student body. All manuscripts in this issue are authored by graduate students in the University of Michigan’s biomedical community.

This issue is yet another step toward what we hope will be the Michigan Journal of Medicine’s lasting legacy: to create an open access, publication bias-free venue for methodologically sound research produced at the University of Michigan. We also strive to give medical students an unparalleled training experience to develop the skillsets necessary for successful academic careers.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the authors who submitted their work to MJM. In addition, the hard work of our editorial staff, reviewers, faculty advisors, Michigan Publishing Services, and the University of Michigan Library has been unparalleled. We look forward to the continued development of MJM in the capable hands of the incoming Editors-in-Chief, Whit Froehlich and Kayla Marcotte.

Warm regards,

Sagar Deshpande and Lynze Franko