The University of Michigan, as an established leader in medical education and biomedical research, is committed to preparing physician scientists for leadership roles at the bedside as well as at the bench. While there are many programs that encourage students to conduct research as an adjuvant to their curricular education, there were no established programs that train students to effectively evaluate and communicate the results of this research.

To address this aim, last year we launched the Michigan Journal of Medicine (MJM), a peer-reviewed, student­led publication for scientific and clinical research. MJM is committed to providing a vehicle for publication of student research as well as detailed critiques of all work submitted. Students supply all content and, with guidance from Medical School faculty, assume all editorial leadership roles for the journal including management of the peer review process and making final publication decisions. In its first year, as the publication process for MJM was being set up operationally, it served as an invaluable teaching tool for students to learn about journal editorial production and the “nuts and bolts” of the publishing process. We are now very pleased to present the second issue of MJM. We congratulate the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Alisha Lussiez, and the entire editorial team on the publication of this issue, and we thank them for all their hard work. Likewise, we express our gratitude to our publishing partner, Michigan Publishing Services, a unit of the University Library.

We are delighted to be working with our enthusiastic and talented students and look forward to future issues of MJM, under the leadership of the incoming editorial team.

Michael Englesbe, MD

Darling Professor of Surgery


Jasna Markovac, PhD

Senior Director, Learning Design and Publishing

Health Information Technology and Services