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Advisors' Letter Englesbe, Michael; Markovac, Jasna
Editor's Letter Lussiez, Alisha
Combating the Opioid Epidemic After Surgery Howard, Ryan; Englesbe, Michael
Transforming Medical Education Novice, Taylor; Parikh, Adish; Iyengar, Rahul
Disrupting Homophily Through SmallWorld Brannon, Elliott; Cesaro, Robert; Froehlich, Whit
Surgical Management of Recurrent Infectious Perivisceral Aortitis With Expanding Aortic Stump Pseudoaneurysm Sherman, Matthew A.; Knepper, Jordan P.; Eliason, Jonathan L.; Coleman, Dawn M.
Cold Urticaria With an Unusual Response to 
Cold Stimulation Test Sagher, Ethan; Holland, Christine
The Missing Inferior Loop: Aberrant Ansa Cervicalis Discovered During Left Recurrent Laryngeal Re-Innervation Black, Kristian M.; Ha, Jennifer F.; Brown, David J.
Chest Radiograph Primer: The Utility of Dedicated Radiology Small Group Learning to the Medical School Curriculum Stamm, Brian; Smith, Ethan; Klein, Katherine
Using Device Data to Improve Identification of Intraoperative Femur Fractures in Total Hip Arthroplasty Omari, Amro; Hughes, Richard E.; Hallstrom, Brian R.; Singal, Bonita M.; Igrisan, Rochelle M.; McCardel, Brian R.
Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap for Bilateral Breast Reconstruction: Simultaneous Vs Staged Escudero, Ezequiel; Grassano, Ludmila; Angrigiani, Claudio; Rancati, Alberto; Khouri, Jr., Roger K.
Analytic Morphomics Describes Body Composition Associated With Diabetes Juntila, Olivia; Friedman, Jeffrey; Cron, David; Terjimanian, Michael; Englesbe, Michael; Wang, Stewart; Sonnenday, Christopher
Value of Cardiothoracic Rotations for General Surgeons Rosin, Vadim; Plaska, Andrew W.; Bevins, Jack S.; Lussiez, Alisha D.; Reddy, Rishindra M.