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Acompañar Obediciendo: Learning to Help in Collaboration with Zapatista Communities Simonelli, Jeanne; Earle, Duncan; Story, Elizabeth vol. 10 Summer 2004
Act Local or Global?: Comparing Student Experiences in Domestic and International Service-Learning Programs Niehaus, Elizabeth; Kavaliauskas Crain, Léna vol. 20 Fall 2013
Action Research: Bridging Service and Research Harkavy, Ira; Puckett, John; Romer, Dan vol. spec 2000
Addams, Day, and Dewey: The Emergence of Community Service in American Culture Morton, Keith; Saltmarsh, John vol. 4 1997
Alumni Perspectives on Environmental Service-Learning: Implications for Instructors Smith Korfmacher, Katrina vol. 6 1999
Analyzing Institutional Commitment to Service: A Model of Key Organizational Factors Holland, Barbara vol. 4 1997
Analyzing Morton's Typology of Service Paradigms and Integrity Bringle, Robert G.; Hatcher, Julie A.; McIntosh, Rachel E. vol. 13 Fall 2006
Asking the Community: A Case Study of Community Partner Perspectives Worrall, Laurie vol. 14 Fall 2007
Assessing Institutional Support for Service-Learning: A Case Study of Organizational Sensemaking Chadwick, Scott A.; Pawlowski, Donna R. vol. 13 Spring 2007
Assessing Learning in Community Service Learning: A Social Approach Cooks, Leda; Scharrer, Erica vol. 13 Fall 2006
Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques (S. Gelmon, B. Holland, A. Driscoll, A. Spring, and S. Kerrigan) DeZure, Deborah vol. 8 Spring 2002
An Assessment Model for Service-Learning: Comprehensive Case Studies of Impact on Faculty, Students, Community, and Institution Driscoll, Amy; Holland, Barbara; Gelmon, Sherril; Kerrigan, Seanna vol. 3 1996
Assessments by Community Agencies: How "the Other Side" Sees Service-Learning Ferrari, Joseph R.; Worrall, Laurie vol. 7 2000
Ayni in the Global Village: Building Relationships of Reciprocity through International Service-Learning Porter, Maureen; Monard, Kathia vol. 8 Fall 2001