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Service-Learning and White Normativity: Racial Representation in Service-Learning’s Historical Narrative Bocci, Melissa PDF (196kb)
A Case for Community: Starting with Relationships and Prioritizing Community as Method in Service-Learning Morton, Keith; Bergbauer, Samantha PDF (212kb)
Decoding Ourselves: An Inquiry into Faculty Learning About Reciprocity in Service-Learning Miller-Young, Janice; Dean, Yasmin; Rathburn, Melanie; Pettit, Jennifer; Underwood, Margot; Gleeson, Judy; Lexier, Roberta; Calvert, Victoria PDF (233kb)
Introduction: Special Section on Global Service-Learning Reflexivity in Research: Reflecting on the Borders and Boundaries of the GSL Field Kiely, Richard; Hartman, Eric PDF (91kb)
How the I Shapes the Eye: The Imperative of Reflexivity in Global Service-Learning Qualitative Research Morrison, Emily PDF (225kb)
Crossing Boundaries: Tension and Transformation in International Service-Learning Green, Patrick M.; Johnson, Mathew PDF (108kb)
Working Side by Side: Creating Alternative Breaks as Catalysts for Global Learning, Student Leadership, and Social Change Sumka, Shoshanna; Porter, Melody C.; Piacitelli, Jill PDF (122kb)
Introduction Special Section on the SLCE Future Directions Project Stanlick, Sarah; Clayton, Patti H. PDF (88kb)
Twenty Years and Counting: A Framing Essay Zlotkowski, Edward PDF (90kb)
Double Consciousness and the Future of Service-Learning Hickmon, Gabrielle PDF (88kb)
The Future of Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Asset-Based Approaches and Student Learning in First-Year Courses Bauer, Tamara; Kniffin, Lori E.; Priest, Kerry L. PDF (98kb)
Deepening Service Abroad: A Call for Reciprocal Partnerships and Ongoing Support Pisco, Kathryn PDF (94kb)
A Strategy for Community-Driven Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Fair Trade Learning Hartman, Eric PDF (93kb)
Engaging Place as Partner Siemers, Cheryl K.; Harrison, Barbara; Clayton, Patti H.; Stanley, Talmage A. PDF (98kb)
Democratic Relationships in Service-Learning: Moving Beyond Traditional Faculty, Student, and Community Partner Roles Hicks, Travis; Seymour, Liz; Puppo, Allison PDF (113kb)
Critically-Reflective Civically-Engaged Academics Shaping the Future of an Academy Striving for Social Justice Donnchadha, Brian Ó PDF (94kb)
Community Engagement Professionals in the Circle of Service-Learning and the Greater Civic Enterprise Dostilio, Lina D.; McReynolds, Mandi PDF (96kb)
Getting “Real” about Transformation: The Role of Brave Spaces in Creating Disorientation and Transformation Stanlick, Sarah PDF (106kb)
Transforming Higher Education Through and For Democratic Civic Engagement: A Model for Change Saltmarsh, John; Janke, Emily M.; Clayton, Patti H. PDF (173kb)
A Call for a National Strategic Plan Howard, Jeffrey; Stanlick, Sarah PDF (98kb)
Longing For Justice: Higher Education and Democracy’s Agenda (Jennifer S. Simpson) Keene, Arthur S. PDF (138kb)
Engaging in Social Partnerships: Democratic Practices for Campus-Community Partnerships (Novella Zell Keith) Jacoby, Barbara PDF (126kb)
Feminist Community Engagement: Achieving Praxis (Edited by Susan Van Deventer Iverson and Jennifer Hauver James) Phelps-Hillen, Johanna PDF (105kb)
Reviewers — Volume 22 PDF (51kb)