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Principles of Best Practice for Community-Based Research Strand, Kerry; Marullo, Sam; Cutforth, Nick; Stoecker, Randy; Donohue, Patrick PDF (52kb)
Opportunities and Pitfalls of Community-Based Research: A Case Study Polanyi, Michael; Cockburn, Lynn PDF (46kb)
Negotiating Community-Based Research: A Case Study of the "Life's Work" Project Weinberg, Adam S. PDF (46kb)
The Student's Role in Community-Based Research Willis, Jason; Peresie, Jennifer; Waldref, Vanessa; Stockmann, Deirdra PDF (40kb)
Community-Based Research Networks: Development and Lessons Learned in an Emerging Field Stoecker, Randy; Ambler, Susan H.; Cutforth, Nick; Donohue, Patrick; Dougherty, Dan; Marullo, Sam; Nelson, Kris S.; Stutts, Nancy B. PDF (60kb)
Community-Based Research Assessments: Some Principles and Practices Marullo, Sam; Cooke, Deanna; Willis, Jason; Rollins, Alexandra; Burke, Jacqueline; Bonilla, Paul; Waldref, Vanessa PDF (54kb)
Community-Based Research: Celebration and Concern Couto, Richard PDF (32kb)