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1. sō̆lā̆sen v.

47 quotations in 2 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To entertain (sb. or sth.), amuse; please (one's heart or soul); cheer up (one's life); solasen with, amuse (sb.); also, cheer up (one's life); ben solased of, be pleased by (a sight); (b) refl.

2. chā̆r n.(1)

32 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
A 'turn' in time: (a) adv. & prep. phrs.: on char, on one occasion, once; at som char, at a certain time; som char, sometimes; thrid char, (for) a third time; at on char, all at once; etc.; (b) a…