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1. almes(se n.

Additional spellings: almesse
144 quotations in 7 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Anything given to relieve those in poverty or distress, any charitable gift or offering, alms; an allotment of alms; eten almes, be dependent on alms; gan on almes, liven bi, of almes, live on…

2. celidoine n.(1)

33 quotations in 3 senses
Sense / Definition
The greater celandine (Chelidonium majus); also, any of its parts used medicinally.

3. cunel n.

3 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
A garden herb of the mint family: marjoram, thyme, or savory.

4. miltestre n.

3 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
A prostitute.

5. nept(e n.

Additional spellings: nepte
23 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) Catnip, catmint (Nepeta cataria), often used in cooking or in medecines; nept roial; (b) ?one of various plants (including Teucrium chamædrys, Arum colocasia, and Asarum europeæum).

6. petrosilī(e n.

Additional spellings: petrosilie
3 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
A European herb (Petroselinum crispum), parsley.

7. pilten v.

126 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To thrust, push, strike; thrust in [quot.: c1330(?a1300)]; strike (sb. or sth.), strike down; push away; of the wind: buffet (sth.); pilten on, beat (sb.); pilten with wo, afflict (sb.) with woe…