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1. arēren, arẹ̄ren v.

132 quotations in 15 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To raise (sth.) to a vertical position; to set upright; areren up; (b) of a horse: to rear.

2. bī̆nden v.

371 quotations in 19 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To tie (sth.) up, as with a cord; bind (sheaves); gather or hold together, as with a girdle; tie (a bag, purse) shut; tie off, as with a tourniquet; (b) to tie or fasten (sb., sth. to sth. else)…

3. bresten v.

175 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To be broken, fall apart, break, shatter; bresten atwo, bresten atwinne, bresten in peces, bresten in sunder; (b) to break (sth.), shatter, crush; break (one's arm); ppl. brosten, of grain or…

4. clensen v.

101 quotations in 4 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To separate (the grain) from the chaff and other refuse, sift, winnow; (b) to free (liquid, etc.) from sediment and impurities, clarify, strain; (c) to free (metal) of dross, refine; refl. be…

5. crampen v.

10 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) To bend (sth.), curl, curve, twist; (b) to bend, genuflect; (c) med. to afflict (part of the body) with spasms.

6. crẹ̄pen v.

148 quotations in 8 senses
Sense / Definition
To crawl like a snake or worm; ppl. cropen, crawled, having crawled, that has (have) crawled; icropen in drit, crawling in filth.

7. dighten v.

278 quotations in 12 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To prepare (sth.), get ready for use; dig (a grave), tune (one's voice), polish (arrows, instruments), repair (equipment); (b) to ornament (sth.), adorn; dye (a cloth) [quot.St.Anne]; (c) to…

8. drauen v.

766 quotations in 21 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To pull, tug, draw; pull in harness; (b) to pull (sb. or sth.), drag, tug at; pull up (a drawbridge); (c) to draw or withdraw (a part of the body); (d) to pull (a vehicle), tow (a ship), turn…

9. drīen v.(1)

100 quotations in 7 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To make (sth.) dry; dry (oneself, one's clothes); evaporate the moisture from (sth.); (b) to dry (sth.) by wiping, wipe dry; wipe away (tears); dry (one's eyes); (c) to make (moisture) evaporate…

10. flẹ̄n v.(1)

251 quotations in 9 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To retreat, run away, flee; flen awei, awei flen; also fig., of the sea: to roll back; (b) to flee (an enemy), run away from; (c) as inflected infin. (?also as ppl.) preceded by to; (d) flen fro

11. flēn v.(2)

76 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To strip the skin from (a person, a part of someone's body); also, to tear the skin to shreds (by blows, scourging, etc.); to strip (the skin from the flesh); flen of, to flay off (the skin); flen

12. forbẹ̄den v.

191 quotations in 8 senses
Sense / Definition
To prohibit (an action, a practice, a sin), to forbid (someone to do something);--usually with personal indirect object: (a) with that clause, usually neg. & subjunctive, as direct object; (b) with…

13. forkerven v.

20 quotations in 3 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To cut or split (something) in two, cut to pieces, cut severely; forkerven a two; (b) to cut off (something), to cut down (a tree).

14. frēten v.(1)

138 quotations in 6 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To devour (something), to eat up; (b) to eat (something); esp., to eat hungrily or greedily; freten fil, to eat (one's) fill; freten of, to partake of, eat of; freten up, to eat up, devour; (c) to…

15. gaderen v.

213 quotations in 12 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Of people: to come together, assemble, congregate; meet, have a meeting; gaderen abouten, gaderen unto, crowd around (sb.), surround; (b) refl. to come together, assemble; gaderen samen, gaderen

16. gnauen v.

105 quotations in 6 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To gnaw (sth.) with the teeth or other biting organs; bite, chew, nibble; freten and gnauen; gnauen sharp, chew (sth.) to a point; (b) to gnaw; gnauen at (on, upon), gnaw on (sth.); of horses…

17. harden v.

51 quotations in 4 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To make (sth.) physically hard or rigid, harden; provide (sth.) with a hard edge or point; harden into, change (sth.) into (sth. else) by hardening; (b) to make (sth.) encrusted or hardened (on to…

18. hē̆vīen v.

52 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To make (sth.) heavy in weight or specific gravity; (b) to weigh (sb.) down; (c) to make (the eyes) heavy with sleep; make (the wits) unapprehending.

19. hīden v.

199 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To conceal (sb. or sth.), hide, put in a secret place; also fig.; hiden face, disappear; (b) refl. to conceal oneself, hide; disappear; (c) to protect (sb. or sth.), shelter; hiden hed, hide…

20. hōlen v.(2)

29 quotations in 2 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) To make a hole; pierce (sth.); bore through (sth.); (b) ppl. holed, provided with a hole or holes, pierced, perforated; (c) med. to cause (skin) to ulcerate; ppl. holed, ulcerated, festered.