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1. rē̆st(e n.(1)

Additional spellings: reste
281 quotations in 9 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Rest due to sleep; repose; slumber; -- also pl.; at (in, on) rest, at rest, asleep; oute of rest, out of sleep; (b) the repose of the grave, death; rest of the ded, repose of death; at rest, dead…

2. strō̆nd(e n.(1)

Additional spellings: stronde
76 quotations in 4 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Land abutting on the sea, a river, or other body of water, a shore, bank, coast; also fig.; bi strete and strond, in lond in (and) strond, in every place; (b) in cpds. & combs.: forest strond, a…