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1. bō̆nd n.

177 quotations in 10 senses
Sense / Definition
Something used for tying, binding, wrapping, fastening, joining: (a) a cord, string (also fig.); a strap, halter, leash; a bowstring; (b) a twist of straw; a tendril; (c) a bandage or wrapping; (d) a…

2. rein-dẹ̄r n.

Additional spellings: reinder
9 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) The European reindeer (Rangifer tarandus); (b) her. rein-der hed, a stag's head with two sets of antlers (double attires), the front pair turned down.

3. scopperel n.

3 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) A toy that spins around, a top, whirligig, perh. consisting of a disc of some sort with a pointed peg passed through its center; (b) her. ?a badge in the form of a disc.