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1. barri adj.

3 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) Cook. Decorated with strips of metal foil; (b) Her. divided equally by horizontal stripes of two alternating colors; also as noun: blazon so constituted.

2. dǒuce adj. & n.

23 quotations in 3 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Dear, beloved; douce amour, sweetheart; (b) douce Fraunce, beloved France; (c) douce vie, luxurious life; (d) as noun: paramour; foul douce, filthy harlot; (e) in surnames.

3. whīt adj.

655 quotations in 18 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Of a substance, structure, an object: white in color; whitish, pale-colored, light-colored; of the moon, a star: silvery-white; of a book or register: bound in a white or light-colored binding; of…