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cork n.(2)
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A purple or red dye-stuff obtained from lichens; ~ litester, one who dyes with cork; ~ maker, one who prepares it.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Limn.Bks.(Brog 2.1)90 : The korke is a settynge up, and a masterynge.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Belongs to sense (a). (See note below.)
  • a1475 Limn.Bks.(Brog 2.1)90 : Let make a new flote of clene water, and whenne hit is alle-moste at boylynge, caste in ȝour corke, and..ȝour clothe, and..ȝe schalle make fayre crymsons.
  • Note: Supplemental material
    Note: Belongs to sense (a).
  • a1475 Limn.Bks.(Brog 2.1)90 : Yf ȝe wolle make crymsons withowte corke in clothe or wolle, ȝe most browne heme in blake flote.
  • a1475 Limn.Bks.(Brog 2.1)90 : Yf ȝe wolle make ȝour lystes blewe..ȝe moste..have korke y-noȝe.
  • Note: Additional quotes
    Note: Belong to sense (a).
Note: Form section: Also corke, korke; (in surname) corke-.
Note: Add sense (b) for surnames. Move the first (1279) and the last a1525(?1471) quots. to this sense.
Note: Move the two bold-faced cpds. and their glosses to sense (b).
Note: Gloss: in surnames; ~ litester (maker(e), one who dyes with (prepares) cork.--notes per MLL