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cǒntrẹ̄(e n.
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Any geographic area or physiographic province, whatever its size: region, district, area, place; also, with implication of political organization: territory, country, land; ~ and coste; of ~, regional.
Any politically organized area, whatever its size: realm, domain, country, province, county, town, etc.; ~ of Grece, ~ of Kent; Israel ~; senden out ~, to exile (sb.).
(One's) native country or district; homeland, fatherland; his (ouen) ~, his (own) country; comen to ~, to come home; etc.; man of ~, a native.
(a) The area surrounding a walled city or other stronghold; countryside, environs; the ~ aboute (biside); (b) the open country, back-country; the wide ~; bi ~, overland.
The realm (of the air, the stars, heaven).
(a) The people of a region or country; al the ~, all the inhabitants, everybody; (b) law a jury consisting of inhabitants of a judicial district.
Cpds. & phrs. (a) est ~, the Near East; north ~, south ~, west ~, the North (South, West) Country of England; (b) marsh ~; mountain ~, ~ upland, hill country; (c) fer, straunge ~, distant, foreign country; ~ biyond the se.
Cpds. countre folk, the natives or inhabitants of a particular district; ~ hous, residence, home; ~ langage, native language, mother tongue; ~ man, ~ woman, q.v.; ~ side, a district or neighborhood; ~ werk, any service rendered by the inhabitants of a town or country.