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commū̆nen v.
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(a) To distribute (sth.) in shares, deal out; ~ to, give (sth.) to (sb.) as his share; ~ with, share (sth.) with (others); (b) to have a share (in sth.), participate; enter into partnership (with sb.).
To have something in common (with sb.); be alike (in certain respects); conform (to sth. else), harmonize (with).
(a) To associate or have dealings (with sb.); also, ~ of (sb.); ~ togeder, act in common or jointly; (b) ~ forth, to unite (one party) with (another), bring into peaceful association.
To have sexual intercourse; ~ fleshli; ~ the bodi.
(a) To communicate (sth.); tell (stories); disseminate (knowledge, the Gospel, etc.); ~ forth; (b) to communicate spiritually, meditate.
(a) To discuss (sth.); ~ of, confer about (sth.), talk about; (b) to confer or consult (with sb.); also, converse; -- often with for, in, of phrase of the matter discussed; (c) ~ among, togeder, to have a conference.
Misc. uses: (a) eccl. to administer the Holy Communion to (sb.); refl. receive Holy Communion; (b) astron. of a planet: to be in conjunction (with another planet); (c) law to graze in accordance with a (presumed) right of common pasture; (d) med. of a morbid condition: to spread.