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clẹ̄ven v.(2)
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Note: Cp. to-clẹ̄ven v.
(a) To split (sth.); cut open or apart; -- also without obj.; (b) to slash (sb.); ~ doun, slice from top to bottom; (c) ~ atwo, in two, in sonder, to cut (sb., the head, a shield, etc.) apart or to pieces; ~ smal, chop up; (d) to cut (sth.) off, sever (from sth. else); ~ adoun.
(a) To crack, split, crumble; of rocks, the ground, a building: crack, split, crumble; of the firmament: come apart, open; of ships: break up; of seeds: burst open; of the sea: part; (b) cleven atwo, ~ in two, ~ in sonder; ~ in cloutes.
(a) To make an incision or slit (in sth.); cut into (sth.); (b) to develop cracks, be cracked.
To break (sth.) up; dismember (a kingdom), rout (an enemy); wreck, destroy (a ship, castle).
(a) To pierce (the heart, as with a lance); slay by piercing (the heart); (b) of the heart: to break (as in death or anguish); (c) [see quot.].
Misc. uses: (a) to slay (sb.); (b) ben cloved, to be stunned; (c) to detach or take away (from).