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callen v.
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(a) To cry out, call, shout; (b) to cry out (sth.), say (sth.) loudly; (c) ~ after, to call for (sb.), summon; ~ on (upon), call to (sb.), address, invoke, summon, call on (sb. for payment); ~ to (unto), call to (sb.), address, invoke; (d) ~ after, to cry out for (sth.), ask for, demand, request; ~ on (upon), call upon (the name of sb.), pray in (someone's) name; (e) law to bring formal complaint of (an offense); bring up (a suit before sb.); ~ upon, bring up (a legal matter, a suit), call up (a case); bring suit for (payment).
To call out for (sth.), ask for, pray for; demand, order; ~ ayen, take back (sth.), recall, recover; revoke (an agreement, a decree, an oath, a promise); ~ of, ask for (a quest, a pursuit); ~ of aqueintaunce, seek to be better acquainted with (sb.).
(a) To summon (sb.), call (sb. to a place), call (sb. to do sth.); (b) ~ bi name, to greet (sb.) by name, summon by name; ~ forth (up), summon; ~ to account(es, call (sb.) to give an accounting of his actions; ~ to mind (remembraunce), remember (sth.); (c) to call (sb.) to account, accuse; (d) to invoke (a deity, etc.).
(a) To invite (sb. to a feast, etc.), invite (sb. to do sth.); (b) to receive (sb.), welcome; ~ gest, receive or entertain a guest; (c) ~ faire, to greet (sb.) well, receive fairly, welcome.
(a) To call (sth. by a certain name), name (sb. sth.), call (sb. good, etc.); ppl. called, named; (b) ~ bi (to) name, to call (sb.) by (a name); ~ in covent, declare (sb.) a member of a convent; otherwise called, also known as, alias; what ~ ye him, what-do-you-call-him, what's-his-name; (c) refl. to call oneself (sth.); (d) of a name: to be (sth.); (e) to ~, by name, to be so called; ?so to speak, as it were.