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brẹ̄ n.
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Note: Cp. bro n.(2).
(a) Porridge, pulse; (b) broth (of meat), liquor (of vegetables); (c) ?a type of ale or beer; ?some sort of broth, juice, or liquor;~ mongere, a seller of such a commodity; ale ~, a drink made from ale boiled with spices and sugar, aleberry.
The water of the sea [?confused with brīn(e brine].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1440) PParv.(Hrl 221)9 : Alberey, vel alebrey: Alebrodium, fictum est.
  • Note: New forms: Also..(in cpds.) -b(e)rei.
    Note: Quot. belongs to sense (c).
    Note: Additional etymological information: the the epenthetic vowel in the form -berei may be due to its unstressed position and to some degree reflect a folk-etymological association with berie n.
  • a1475 Liber Cocorum (Sln 1986)53 : Ale bre þus make þou schalle, With grotes and safroune and good ale.
  • Note: Needed for both for date and (explanatory) content of quot. in sense (c).--notes per MLL