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bǒun adj.
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(a) Of persons: ready, prepared; also, armed; ~ in, clothed in (sth.); expert in (astronomy); of things: in readiness, prepared; of a weapon: drawn; of parts of buildings: made, built; of wages or hire: arranged for; of a deer carcass: arranged, put in order; ?also, dressed; (b) al ~, ful ~, redi ~, wel ~, all prepared, entirely ready, completely equipped or supplied; (c) busken, maken ~, to get ready, be ready, prepare; maken ~, make or prepare (sth. for sb.), make (sb.) ready (for sth.); (d) ~ of bounte, ready in giving, generous; ~ to, ~ til, ~ until, prepared for (sth.), ready for; ?also, active in [quot.Cursor].
(a) Ready (to do sth.), prepared; eager, willing; having the purpose or intention (of doing sth.); al ~; busken, maken ~; (b) ready to serve, obedient, submissive; ~ at (to) bidding (bode, wil), obedient to (someone's) command or wishes; maken ~, be obedient; (c) about (to do sth.), on the point of (doing or undergoing sth.); ~ til ending, close to death.
At hand, near; present; ~ at hond, near at hand; ~ upon bere, resting on the bier.
Ready to go (to a place or person), going (to a place), bound (for somewhere), coming toward (sb.); ~ after, going to get (sb.); ~ out of, going out of (a place); -- also with to, thider, whider.
As noun: preparation, condition; ivel (wel) o ~, in poor (good) condition.