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bōst n.
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(a) A brag, a boast; boastful speech, bragging, self-praise; (b) casten ~ at, be boastful toward (sb.), insult; maken ~ (of), brag (of, about); more ~ is, etc., a pot of wine causes more boasting than a flitch of dried beef; on ~, boastingly; (c) praise of someone else.
(a) Arrogance, presumption, pride, vanity; (b) for ~, through pride, because of pride; withouten ~, without arrogance, meekly; (c) abaten (baten, beten) ~, diminish (someone's) pride, humble (sb.); fallen (leien) ~, cast down (someone's) pride, overcome (sb.); slaken ~, reduce (someone's) pride.
Ostentation; an ostentatious action or thing; display, pomp, parade, show; kepen (maken) ~, make a display, put on a show.
(a) Loud talk, outcry, noise; ?also, impetuosity, violence; (b) maken ~, make a noise, cry out; of ~, ?speedily; with ~, ?violently, ?impetuously.
Menacing, threatening, threats; a threat; craken ~, utter a threat, speak menacingly.
blouen ~, to make loud boasts or threats.
~ of soudioures, a band of soldiers.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475(c1450) ?Scrope Mirror World (Bod 283)3252 : To his power he lesseth the goodnes of oothir, and trewly with his boost [F: par boidie] he reyseth and encresceth the evilles of oothir.
Note: The phrase 'with his boost' here has the meaning "with deceptive or fraudulent speech" apparently translating French par boidie. Assuming this is an example of MED bost (n.), this sense of 'deceptive speech' does not appear in MED. New sense.