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adrēden v.
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Note: Cp. ofdreden & dreden.
To have fear, be or become afraid; to fear or dread (sth.); -- (a) refl. or intr.; (b) with obj.; (c) with obj. clause.
To frighten (sb.), make (sb.) fear (for his own life).
Ppl. adrad, adred: (a) afraid, frightened; ben adrad, to fear, be afraid; maken adrad, to frighten (sb.); waxen adrad, become afraid; (b) ?humble, reverent; (c) adrad of, afraid of (sb.), frightened by (sth.), in dread of; (d) ben adrad of (one's) lif, to fear for one's life, be in fear of dying; ben adrad of (someone's) lif, to fear that someone will die; ben adrad for (sb.), to fear for someone's safety; (e) with inf.: afraid (to do or be sth.); (f) with inf.: afraid (that sth. will happen, that one will suffer sth.); (g) with clause: afraid (that sth. is true, that sth. will happen, lest sb. do sth.).