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yẹ̄ten v.(3)
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Note: Cp. ayeten v., biʒeten v., inyeten v., outyeten v., toyeten v.
(a) To pour out (a fluid or liquid) from a container, pour onto a surface or into a receptacle; pour (a fluid over a surface or into a container, a bodily orifice, etc.); also fig. and in fig. context;—also without obj.; also, empty (a container full of liquid into sth.) [quot. c1275]; ~ adoun (in, on, oute); (b) med. to let (a medicine) drip (on or into a body part, wound, etc);—also without obj; ~ in, inject or introduce medication into the rectum; (c) ben yoten, of food, nourishment: be introduced (into a person or the brain); (d) in hyperbolic expression: to pour (money into storage containers).
(a) To emit (blood, a fluid, etc.) from the body, shed; also, spill out (one’s entrails); ~ oute; (b) to cause (streams) to issue forth, send out;—used in fig. context.
(a) To flow, gush, pour out in a stream; of rain: come down in torrents; ~ adoun (doun, oute); (b) to be awash (with or in a fluid); also, be copiously supplied (with sth.); ppl. yoten, drenched [quot. a1425]; (c) refl. to overflow, spill over;—used fig.
(a) To send (sth. immaterial) forth, give out; send (the Holy Spirit, divine blessing, etc. to, upon, or into persons or the soul), impart; also with partitive gen. [quot. c1425, 1st]; ~ adoun (doun, oute); (b) to vent (emotions); give free expression to (praise, prayers), shower someone with; pour out (one’s heart, feelings); ~ oute to gret, burst out weeping.
To give freely of (one’s inheritance), expend; ben yoten, fig. of someone’s allotted years: be expended, be used up.
(a) To release (urine) so that it is diffused; (b) to place (tiles) over a surface, lay; allow (a salve) to spread out; ~ braunch, branch, spread, extend outward; (c) to disperse (sth.), scatter; also, break (sth.) up into fragments; (d) ben) yoten, ?to be) confounded, be) brought to ruin.
To take out (a sword), brandish.
(a) To combine (ingredients) by melting or softening; ?also, dissolve (a substance) in a medium [1st quot.]; (b) med. ?to soften (tissue); ~ oute.
(a) To melt (metal), refine; also fig.; melt down (a metal object) for recasting; ppl. yoten, molten, refined; yoten werk, ?the craft of founding; (b) to cast (metal); form (a metal object) by casting, found; ~ togeder (togederes); ppl. yoten, cast; also, as noun: a cast object, graven image [quot. a1382, last]; (c) yoten abouten with led, sealed or fixed in place with molten lead, soldered into position.