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yeinen v.
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Note: Cp. geinen v.
(a) To be useful or profitable, avail, help; (b) to oppose (a bird or an animal), counter, meet.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1275(?c1150) Prov.Alf.(Trin-C B.14.39)112/370 : Ʒif þu frend bi-ʒete..loke þat þu him þeine mid alle kennes þiues.
Note: Margaret Laing has plausibly suggested that þeine here, taken by MED under theinen v., is rather a form of yeinen v., with substitution of þ for ʒ. If so, it would merit a new transitive sense that combines the senses already attested: 'to requite (sb.), reward, repay.' See "Confusion 'wrs' Confounded: Litteral Substitution Sets in Early Middle English Writing Systems," Neuophilologische Mitteilungen 100:3 (1999), 267-8.