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wrongful adj.
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(a) Contrary to moral or religious teachings, sinful, wicked; bi ~ lines, on a wicked course; (b) of a person: given to wickedness, of an evil nature, full of vice.
(a) Contrary to what is just, inequitable, unfair; not in accordance with what is legal, unlawful, legally unjustified or impermissible; also, unjustly lodged, groundless; unmerited, false; (b) of a person, God, the heart: unjust by nature, unfair, dishonest; acting unjustly or dishonestly; also, acting without right or legal justification; of an heir: without legitimate claim [quot. ?c1430(?1383)]; (c) injurious, hurtful; (d) filled with occasions of injustice, full of injurious or unjust occurrences; (e) as adv.: unjustifiably, indefensibly.
Not in accordance with truth; mistaken, erroneous.