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worth n.(1)
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(a) An amount in a negotiable commodity equivalent to the value of something; also, material or monetary value; also fig.; the ~; thre times ~; (b) the equivalent of a certain sum of money in goods, land, etc.; ferthing ~ [see ferthing n. 1.(d)]; halpeni ~, moneie ~, peni ~, shilling ~, q.v.; pounde ~ [see also pound(e n.(1) 2.(d)]; (c) price; also, payment; also, money; (d) in stock phrases: mite ~, the ~ of a grot (mite, slo, etc.).
(a) Worthiness; merit;—also pl.; (b) esteem, approbation [could also be construed as word n. 6.(c)]; (c) taken at (in) ~, to consider or accept (sth.) as having merit, take as given or in the proper spirit;—also without obj. [cp. aworth adv.]; (d) a noteworthy respect.
(a) Excellence; nobility; also, intangible value; (b) reverence, worship.