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wō̆nden v.
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(a) To hold back because of doubt or indecision, hesitate, delay; also, hesitate to speak (to sb.) [quot. a1375, 2nd]; with inf. or that clause: hesitate (to do sth.); (b) to hold back because of fear, be afraid; shrink back (on account of sb. or sth.); also, fear (to do sth.); fear (sth.) [quots. c1400(?a1300) & c1400(?c1380) Cleanness]; (c) to refrain from doing a particular thing, forbear; forbear (to do sth.); also, spare (sb.) [quot. a1225(c1200), 2nd]; (d) to desist, stop; cease (from crying); also, cease (to do sth.) [occas. difficult to distinguish from (c) and vice versa]; (e) ?to stand in awe or amazement [cp. wondren v. 1.(a)].
To restrain (words), check; withhold (a name).
(a) To be absent; (b) to avoid (sb. or sth.); ben wonded, be neglected;—with that clause as subj.; (c) to repudiate (sth.), renounce; abandon (work); also, forsake (sb.).