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wọ̄de-wax n.
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Note: Cp. wode-wexen n.
Dyer’s greenweed (Genista tinctoria), as a commodity.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Sln.122 Artist.Recipes (Sln 122) 87/24 : Forto make yelwe water, take pynkenys if þu may get hit, yif no take Englis wolde and woldewexe.
  • c1475 Yale-BA.Artist.Recipes (Yale-BA R486.M43 1450) 98/5 : And whan thow wolte make ʒalow heer, take ʒalow water made of woodwex and of rede leede and medyl hem togyder.
  • a1500 Jul.Artist.Recipes (Jul D.8) 141/25,26 : Forto make ʒolew. Tak wodewixn and wolde, but lat þe wodewixn haue þe maystrye.
  • a1500 Rwl.C.506 Artist.Recipes (Rwl C.506) 166/5 : To make ʒelowe water in anoþer maner, take wolde or wodewexen as muche as þu wilt make, and þat must be gadird at Missomer whan þei bloweþe.
  • a1500 Pmb-O.21 Artist.Recipes (Pmb-O 21) 271/28 : To mak grene water, take wodewexs and hak it small, and after seþe it in water a lityl..and tak vertgres a quantite and put it into þe water.
  • Note: Glossary: "wodewexe, wodewexs, wodewix, wodewixn, wodewyx, wodwexe, woodwex(e, wodewexen n. 'a plant producing yellow dye, almost certainly dyer's broom (Genista tinctoria L.)'."
    Note: Cf. OED woodwaxen, n. 'The plant dyer's broom or greenweed, Genista tinctoria.'
    Note: Cf. MED wode-wise n.
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    Note: ?Modify sense to specify yellow dye-producing trait of plant.