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wọ̄de-rōve n.
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Any of several plants, including: (a) woodruff (Galina odoratum or Asperula odorata); also, this plant or some part of it used medicinally; ~ garlondes; (b) ?cleavers Galium aparine; (c) ?king’s spear Asphodelus ramosus; (d) ?some variety of rue, perh. wild rue Peganum harmala or meadow rue Thalictrum flavum;—perh. through confusion with wode-rue [s.v. wode n.(2) 4.(b)]; (e) glossing, prob. erroneously: L apium ranarum: ?some member of the buttercup family, perh. the celery-leaved crowfoot Ranunculus sceleratus; L aristolochia: ?birthwort Aristolochia clematitis; L saracenica [?read: menta saracenica]: ?costmary Chrysanthemum balsamita; (f) glossing Latin plant names of uncertain identification, ?= (a).
(a) As surname; (b) in place name and street name.