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withdrawing(e ger.
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Note: Cp. outdrauinge ger.
(a) The act of retreating from battle or combat; (b) hesitation, reluctance to act or to undergo some experience; (c) refl. the act of staying away from or shunning a person or thing; (d) ~ chaumbre, a room in a house designed for quiet retirement, a private room, retiring room; also, a private chamber in parliament used for special purposes such as the hearing of petitions.
In phrases: childre of ~ in-to, sones of ~ awei in-to, those who are going to (perdition).
(a) The practice of voluntary abstinence with regard to the pleasures of the flesh; an act of voluntary abstinence (in food or drink); (b) with prep. phrases: ~ from (of), the act of turning away from (worldly thoughts, spiritual love), rejection of (the good).
(a) The physical removal (of sth.), the act of taking (sth.) away; the appropriation (of someone’s goods, possessions, etc.); deprivation (of livelihood); also, loss (of material wealth or goods); (b) a deficiency (in weight, measure, etc.) or a deduction for such deficiency; (c) arith. the act or process of subtraction.
(a) The act or fact of the withdrawal of God’s grace from someone; ~ of grace; (b) the willful withholding (of alms, food for the soul, etc.); ~ of goddes word, refusal to preach God’s word; ~ of (temporal) godes, refusal to pay tithes; (c) the restriction of the flow (of moisture in a plant).
(a) A lessening, diminution, reduction, decrease; also, a division of the divine substance [quot. a1398, 1st occurrence]; also, the weakening or drying up (of devotion) [quots. a1450(a1396)]; (b) the remission of the penalty for sin.
(a) The diversion (of a river’s course); (b) the act of turning (sb. from virtue to vice); the enticing (of sb. away from his proper sphere of action).
Med. & physiol. (a) Constriction of blood flow, contraction; (b) the retraction (of a ligament); (c) the act or process of drawing out pathological matter; purgation (of blood or phlegm); (d) ~ of voice, hoarseness.