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wisp(e n.
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(a) A small gathering or bundle of cut grass, straw, or grain stalks; ~ of hei (strau); (b) a bundle of straw, hay, or similar material twisted together for use as a torch; ~ of fir; (c) a bundle of cut grass or straw used for wiping, esp. for wiping an animal; ~ of strau; ars ~, a bundle of such grass, etc. for wiping the anus; (d) a small bundle of cut grass, straw, or some other flexible material twisted together so that it forms a wreath or ring; also, ?a figure of twisted straw [last quot.]; (e) some sort of item made from fabric; (f) a unit of measure for commodities, esp. glass, a bundle; ~ strele, ?= ~ straile, bedding material sold in bundles; ?= ~ stele, steel sold in bundles; (g) in surname and place name [see Smith PNElem. 2.270].