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wik(ke adj.
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(a) Of persons: morally perverse, iniquitous, bad; of a demon, the devil: evil; ~ hals, ?a person meant to hang by the neck, specif. one who is obdurate in villainy, or a rogue [cp. phrase: hard nol, s.v. nol n. 2.(d)]; (b) of an action, a habit, thought, etc.: prompted by an evil impulse; sinful; also, malign; also, unethical [quot. c1400]; (c) tending to spread malice; insidious in promoting evil, pernicious; ~ tonge; (d) resulting from or permeated with sin; (e) as noun: those who are wicked.
(a) Causing harm or pain, harmful, destructive; distressing; also, unwholesome; (b) fierce, violent; also, as noun: those who are fearsome [1st quot.]; (c) noisome, unpleasant; also, of a token: unfavorable; (d) tending to cause disease, pathogenic.
Difficult, hard;—usu. with inf.; also, of a cliff: treacherous, hazardous.
(a) Poor in quality, inferior; also, misplaced [last quot.]; (b) miserable, wretched; unfortunate; (c) diseased.