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wharven v.
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Note: Cp. awherven v., blind-wharven v., ied-hwurven v., ihwerven v., towherven v.
(a) To change (sth., a name, state of mind); convert (sth. from or into sth. else); change (sb. from a fleshly to a spiritual being); also, exchange (clothing); ppl. hwerefinde as adj.: changeable; (b) to turn away [1st quot.]; also, turn (sb. from a state or course of action), divert; also, bring (sb. to a state of drunkenness); (c) to move about; wander; ppl. wharrfedd as adj.: confused; (d) to come about, happen; (e) to roll about, tumble, tussle; ~ togeder, refl. come together in battle.