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wē̆t adj.
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(a) Consisting of moisture, flowing, fluid, wet, liquid;—freq. used pleonastically of liquid substances: ~ se (teres), reines (teres, wateres, etc.) ~; (b) full of moisture; of cheese: ?fresh; ?error for swete adj.; (c) found in or by water, aquatic.
(a) Damp or sodden from exposure to the elements, bedewed, rain-soaked; also, drenched from immersion in a body of water; (b) of land, soil, a place, etc.: supplied with water, well watered; also, irrigated; also, saturated with water, water-logged, marshy, boggy; maken ~, to irrigate (land), water (the earth); (c) moist or damp from being sprinkled with, smeared with, or dipped in liquid or a semiliquid substance [some quots. difficult to distinguish from wet, p.ppl. of weten v.]; also, moist (with a thin coat of gold) [quot. ?a1475]; also [quot. ?c1425], of a medicinal preparation: ?moist; ?error for swete adj.; (d) of fabric, a piece of cloth: soaked in water, saturated, sodden; ~ cloth, cloth that has been wetted down or soaked during the process of fulling; (e) fig. ?dampened, subdued; ?also, error for swete adj. [1st quot.].
(a) Of wood: full of sap, not dried or cured, unseasoned, green; (b) fig. vigorous.
Of the weather, a season, day, etc.: rainy, wet; of the world: ?suffering rainy or wet weather, stormy; ?fig. dismal; ~ air, damp air, humidity; ~ windes, windes ~, moisture-laden winds, wind-driven rains.
(a) Phys. & physiol. Dominated by the quality of wetness, characterized by or associated with the primary quality of wetness; (b) astron. of a star, planet, etc.: wet in quality; also, bringing rain, associated with storms [quots. c1425 & a1450].
(a) Wet with tears, tear-stained; of the eyes: tear-filled, weeping; also, watery, runny; also, fig. of well-being: extinguished (by weeping woe) [quot. a1450]; ~ with teres; (b) covered with sweat, sweaty; wet (with perspiration); bicomen ~ with swot, of the earth: to exude moisture like sweat; (c) covered with drool, beslobbered; (d) wet with blood, bloody, gory; also, exuding blood, bleeding; blod (blodi) ~; waxen ~, of soil: to become saturated with blood; of a wound: bleed; (e) ?saturated with pus, soaked with matter; (f) hawk. ~ craie, craie ~, diarrhea; med. ~ scabbe, a morbid condition of the skin characterized by formation of pustules, suppuration, etc.; ~ scabbes, scabbes ~, pustules.
In phrase: ~ of wine, intoxicated with wine, wine-drunk [cp. weten v. 4.(a)].
In surnames and place names [see Smith PNElem. 2.230,238,257].

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Note: Med., etc. (sense 6.(f)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. wet scab.