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werren v.(1)
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Note: Cp. guerren v.
(a) To wage war, go to war; fight, attack, do battle, harry; ~ forth; (b) to make war against one another, fight each other; ~ samen (togeder), wage mutual war; (c) ~ ayen (ayenes, on, up, upon), to wage war on (sb., a people), fight against; ~ ayenes with gold, ?finance or support a war against (a people); ~ with, war with (sb., a country, etc.), fight with (a pagan deity); (d) to engage in civil strife, undergo civil disorder; (e) of an animal: to struggle, fight; (f) to wage war against (sb., a land, etc.), fight; ravage (a land) by war, harry, pillage; of a goddess: subject (a city, the world) to war and destruction; of a beast: attack (sb.); ben werred of, be subjected to attack from (sb.), be warred on by (sb.); (g) to wage (a war); (h) ?to make (the body or class of knights) go to war, send into war; (i) to overcome by battle (the efforts and onslaught of the enemy), fight off; also, ?make forceable resistance to (sb.), fight back at.
(a) To wage spiritual war, struggle on a moral or spiritual level; of the devil: mount an attack; ~ togeder, of wit and will: fight with each other, struggle against each other; (b) ~ ayen (ayenes), of Satan, a demon, vice, etc.: to war against (sb., the soul, God, virtue, etc.); of God: war against (a vice); also, of two impulses: contend against (each other); ~ o (on), attack (sb.) spiritually, work against; also, struggle against (what is wrong); of lechery: seek to overcome (virginity); ~ toward, of the devil: direct an attack toward (sb., virginity, etc.); ~ with, struggle against (sb., God, the soul, etc.), contend with; also, of God, Mary: war with (the devil, a vice); (c) to war spiritually against (sb.), torment with inner conflict; also, war against (Jesus, the devil, sins, God’s grace, etc.); subvert (truth), suppress.
(a) To carry on active hostility or persecution, show enmity; ~ on (upon), show enmity toward (Jesus), direct persecution toward; ~ up, harass (sb., churches), persecute; ppl. werringe, persecuting; (b) to subject (sb., Jesus, the church, etc.) to hostility, harassment, persecution, etc.; afflict (sb.).
?To act aggressively, become bellicose.
Of the understanding: to become troubled or disturbed; also, confuse (sth.), disturb.