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werreien v.
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(a) To wage war, go to war; attack, do battle, fight, harry; ~ forth; ~ samen, wage mutual war, fight each other; (b) ~ ayen (ayenes), to engage in war against (sb., a city), fight against; ~ on (up, upon, with), make war on (sb., a land, etc.), attack, fight with; also [1st quot.], ?attack (the quarry) in a hunt; ?pursue (the quarry) in order to kill it; ~ on the weke, prey upon the weak; ~ with the world, fig. ravage the world; (c) to wage war on (sb., a city, country, etc.), fight with, attack; of a pagan deity: subject (a city) to war and destruction; (d) to attack (the quarry) in a hunt; (e) fig. of love: to besiege (someone’s heart), harry; of Cupid: attack (sb.); ben werreied with, be smitten by (Cupid’s arrow).
(a) To wage spiritual war; (b) ~ ayen (upon, yen, yenes), to war against (Jesus, Jesus’ name or works, the good of one’s soul, a virtue); wage spiritual war against (pagans); also, battle (Satan, pride), fight to overcome; ~ on (with), attack (sb., God, a virtue), struggle against; war spiritually against (Adam); ~ toward, of the devil: direct an attack toward (sb.); (c) to war against (God, the Christian faith, a virtue, God’s grace, etc.); fight against (a vice, vicious living); attack (sb.).
(a) To carry on active hostility or persecution (against sb. or the church); ppl. werreiand, persecuting; also, as noun: a persecutor; (b) to subject (sb.) to hostility, persecution, malice, etc.; show enmity toward (sb., Jesus, the church); afflict (sb.); also, ?betray (sb.), turn against [quot. c1450(?a1400)]; begrudge (sth.) [quot. c1390]; fig. work against (sb.) [quot. c1450]; ppl. werreied, ill-treated, persecuted.
?To act aggressively, become bellicose.
To contradict (a teaching), contest; also, resist (an imposed penance), refuse.
(a) To disturb (the peace of a nation) by war; (b) to trouble (the understanding), disturb.