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wālen v.(1)
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Note: Cp. welen v.
(a) To make a choice, choose [quot. c1400(c1390)]; choose (sb. or sth., one’s words), pick; ?accept (sth.) [last quot.]; ppl. waled as adj.: chosen; also, choice, superior, of the finest quality; (b) in inf. phrases with verbal particles at, for to, or to, modifying a noun, pron., or adj. and equivalent in sense to an adj. or adv.: to choose, to be chosen; fine, noble, excellent; also, in abundance [some exx. with at or to could also be construed as prep. phrases and belong to wal(e n.(1) (a)];—sometimes with little or no semantic force, used for alliteration or as a mere rime tag; (c) to look out, watch; see (sth.), perceive; distinguish (sb. or sth., sth. from sth. else); in inf. phrase modifying an adj.: semeli to ~, comely to look upon; (d) to be found [last quot.]; also, ?seek (sb.); ?find (sb.).