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unnen v.
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Note: Cp. iunnen v.
(a) To grant custodianship of (sth. to sb.); with gen.: give (sth. material to sb.), proffer; (b) to grant or allot (sth. immaterial to sb.), bestow (sth. immaterial upon sb.); (c) ben unen, of days: to be assigned (to Eastertide), be given over.
(a) In direct appeals: to give leave (to sb. that he might do sth.); allow (sb. to do sth.); with gen.: allow (sb.) to have (his request) [1st quot.]; (b) in indirect appeals or statements of fact: to permit (sth., sth. to sb.); let (sb. be of a certain disposition); bring it about (that sth. might occur); also, without obj.: permit something (to sb.) [quots. a1121; 1st quot. could also be construed as sense 1.(b)]; (c) in a verbal concession: to be willing (that sb. should know sth.), give consent; also, without obj.: acquiesce that someone’s demand should be met; ~ wel; (d) ?to allow (sth.) to be included for consideration.
(a) To wish (sth. to or for sb.); also, regard (sb., a good deed) with favor; ~ blisse (god, ivel, wel); (b) to wish (that sth. should or would be the case); also, ordain (that sth. will occur), provide [quots. could also be construed as sense 2.(b)].

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Note: The gloss and single quot. for sense 2.(d) has been moved to unēthe adv. (but will remain under unnen v. in the print MED until that edition is emended).--per MLL