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umbe prep.
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(a) With ref. to location or position: around (sth.), about; surrounding (sb. or sth.), encircling; waiten ~, to look around (oneself); (b) with ref. to time: about (a time, period of time), at about, in about; also, after (a time, period of time), after about; ~ throu, at times, sometimes; ever ~, habitually during (a specific period of time), every (twelve months); (c) concerning (sb., sth., God), with regard to, about; ~ nought, to no avail; ben ~, to be concerned with (sb. or sth.); don ~, behave toward (sb.), deal with.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Sidrak & B.in NQ n.s.20 (Trin-C O.5.6)372 : May a man ought vmbithrowe [LdMisc: by any þrowe] The gode men fro the wikkid knowe?.
Note: Postdates sense (b).