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twelve-mọ̄̆nth n.
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Note: For other forms see twelve num. & month n.
(a) A period of twelve months, a year; twelve-month(es minde, a commemorative service for the soul of a deceased person, held one year after death; of ~ (of) age, of) ~ olde, of) one year of age, one year old; (b) used adverbially or in adv. constructions: a) ~, for a year; al a ~, for an entire year; ~ thre wekes lesse, during all but the last three weeks of the year; ilke ~ a turne, for a spell in each year, once a year; that ~, for that year; during that year; also, for a period of a year [quot. a1425(c1300)]; this ~, during this year; taken wei a ~ er, to take (one's) way a year before (an event); (c) in selected prep. phrases: at the twelve-month(es ende, at the end of the year, after a year's time; in a ~ while, for a period of a year, for a year's time; in the forme (formest) ~, during the first year; ever umbe ~, every year; unto that time ~ ende, until a year from that day, until a year had passed; within the ~ ende, within a ~ stage, within a year's time, before the end of one year.
With ref. to a year projected into the future from the present or from a specified day: (a) a year hence, a year later;—usu. used adverbially; a ~; this dai of ~, this date a year hence; (b) in adv. constructions: ~ after, a year later; that dai (a) ~, the same dai ~, etc., on that (the same) day a year later; that tide ~, at that time a year later; this dai (a) ~, on this day a year hence; thilke time a ~, this time (a) ~, at this (same) time a year from now; (c) in adv. prep. phrases: at estern (this time) ~, at Easter (this time) a year hence; in that dai a ~, on that day a year later; also, in constructions with comen v.: at..come ~, at (a specified time) a year hence; at..cometh ~ after, at (the Christmas) a year after (a specified day); bi..come ~ nexte after, by (the Easter) a year after (the date of a grant); unto..thanne nexte to comen a ~, until (a specified time) one year from then.
With ref. to a year that is past: the previous year, past year; also, in adv. constructions: this ~, during this past year; this ~ dai, for this past year; during the past year; at this time ~, at this time a year ago, on this day last year; ben (a) ~, ?a year ago.