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twelfth num.
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Ordinal number as adj.: (a) twelfth;—sometimes in adv. phrases: the ~ dai (month, yer, capitle), on the twelfth day, in the twelfth month (year, chapter); (b) in cpds. and combs.: ~ dai, the twelfth day after Christmas, day of the Epiphany; also, the feast of Epiphany; ~ hous, the twelfth of the twelve sections of the celestial sphere; ~ indiccioun, the twelfth year of a fifteen-year period; ~ night (even), the evening before Twelfth Day, Twelfth Night.
Ordinal number as noun: the twelfth man, astrological sign, case, etc.; the twelfth apostle, Judas; Twelfth Day [quot. 1472]; also [quot. a1450(a1338)], ?a group of twelve people; ?error for twelve num. 2.(a); mus. the interval between two tones twelve steps apart on the diatonic scale.