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trust n.
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Note: Cp. traist(e n.
(a) Confidence (in sb. or sth.), reliance (on sb. or sth.), trust; haven ~, to have confidence (in sb. or sth.), rely (on sb. or sth.); with inf.: haven more ~..thanne, think it preferable (to do sth.) rather than (to do sth. else); leien (setten, etc.) ~, place reliance (on sb. or sth.); putten in ~, place reliance on (sb.); also, take (sb.) into one's confidence [quot. a1500 When nettuls]; senden on ~, ?commit (sth. to sb.) with confidence that repayment will be made or service rendered; taken ~, take courage, take heart; (b) religious belief, religious faith, devotion; ben of god ~, to believe, have faith; (c) presumptuous trust, misplaced confidence, overconfidence.
(a) Confident expectation (of sth., that sth. will occur, etc.), virtual certainty, well-grounded hope; (b) credence, belief; a belief; haven (leien, yeven, etc.) ~, to put credence (in sb. or sth.), believe (sth. is so); (c) in conjunctive phrase: up ~ that, provided that (sb. would do sth.).
(a) Reliability, trustworthiness; trustiness, fidelity, faithfulness; also fig.; of ivel ~, faithless; (b) security, safety; also, an object of trust, a source of security, that in which one has faith; also fig.; also in apostrophe.
In proverbs & prov. expressions.
Law (a) The confidence placed in a grantee or feoffee who holds or enjoys the use of property entrusted to him by its legal owner; (b) the condition of having confidence reposed in one or of being legally entrusted; ben put in ~.