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trēden v.
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Note: Cp. itreden v., trodden v.
(a) To go by foot, walk; also in fig. context; also, climb [quot. c1390]; (b) to walk on (ground, a path, etc.); also fig.; also, pass through (a place); ~ doun, follow (a path); (c) ~ hole, to be perfect.
(a) To set a foot (on sth.), step; (b) to step on (sth.); ~ a pase, do a dance step; ~ hire sho amis, of a woman: be unchaste.
(a) To bring a foot down forcibly (on sb. or sth.), stamp; also, bring weight to bear (on part of the foot) [quot. ?a1425 Chauliac(1)]; (b) to trample (sb. or sth.), crush beneath the feet; ~ oute, rub out (sth.) with the foot; (c) to push (sth. with the feet); (d) to squeeze out juice with the feet [quot. a1382, last]; thresh grain with the feet [quot. a1398]; press (grapes, etc.) with the feet or in a press; also, squeeze (a press);—used fig.; also, thresh (grain); ~ doun; ~ over, fig. separate the good from (the wicked); (e) to beat or pack down (earth, snow, etc.) with the feet; wear (a path); also fig.; also, pack down (sth.) with a utensil [quot. ?a1425]; troden gate, a beaten path; (f) in combs.: tredes-sharn, sharn-trede, the service of carting and spreading manure.
Fig. and in fig. contexts: (a) to conquer (the devil, an evil impulse, etc.), vanquish; overcome (sb.); also, destroy (sth.); ~ doun (adoun, under fot); (b) to humble (sb., oneself); show contempt for (sth.); also, defile (sb. or sth.); ~ doun (under fot).
Fig. To seek out (an example, a weakness, etc.).
(a) Of a male bird: to copulate; copulate with (a female), cover; trede (tredinge) foul, a sexually vigorous bird;—applied jocularly to a man; (b) trede keile, a term of abuse, prob. with salacious meaning.
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