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touail n.
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(a) A piece of cloth used to wipe something dry; washinge ~, a piece of cloth for wiping or cleansing something [see also washing(e ger. 2.]; (b) a cloth of the length of a table, chiefly for protecting a tablecloth [occas. difficult to distinguish from (a) and vice versa]; also, the fabric for such a cloth [2nd quot.]; ~ cloth; ~ long (court), long (short) ~; draught ~; maken ~, ?to lay a cloth on the table; sitten (eten) at the ~, take one's meals at a table that has been so covered; (c) a cloth used to strain liquids from food.
Eccl. (a) A cloth used to cover an altar; also, a cloth used to cover a tomb [quot. a1450 St.Editha]; auter ~; (b) a cloth used to cover the host; houselinge ~.
(a) A long, narrow piece of cloth, used for various purposes, chiefly surg. [a few quots could also be construed as (b)]; (b) a piece of cloth used as an item of clothing, freq. a scarf.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. towel.