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tọ̄ adv.(2)
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Note: Cp. al-to adv. (with additional evidence in Suppl.).
(a) Excessively, overly, beyond what is appropriate or right; (b) in selected phrases and combs.: ~ fele (feue, mani); ~ late (lite, litel, long); ~ longe (sone); ~ muche (muchel, swithe); ~ selde; alles ~ fele (swithe), all too many (much); (c) very, extremely; ~ and ~, more and more; also, ?frequently [quot. ?1440]; ~ ful, very fully, very completely; (d) also, likewise, additionally; (e) in surnames.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (c1390) Chaucer CT.Pars.(Manly-Rickert)I.828 : The seconde is whan a man gete hym to delicate mete or drynke.
  • Note: Additional quote(s)
    Note: Belongs to sense (a).--per MLL